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The Express 1906-09-28

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 nay niiii (Irt'OT
The lembers   of  the  North
Vancour Board of Trade  and
cltizenienerally were surprised
to   lean  ol    the    curt    reply
of Manfer Quin of  the  ferry
compan  to   the   very   lengthy
commutation of thc board   of
trade Harding   improved   ferry
service. The letter   referred   to
containe this sentence:   "Should
it    be  nconvenient    for    your
compan] to reply to this   com*
municatin within one week from
date herol (September list), we
would esecially request that you
continued present  half-hourly
service util you have  sufficient
time to tply in detail thereto."
The frry company in replying t. this modest request
acknowledged on September aand
receipt o letter containing the
resolutions and suggestions, and
conclude- that "same shall be
brought o the attention of the
board of lirectors ol the company
at the ne* meeting."
The lurhcr fact that the municipal councl received on September
34th the proposed new time table,
whiclipro'idesa45-minute service
'on the sienna St. George, must
be lantaiiont to au emphatic
aad «trai«l.t refusal not only to
.the hoard jf trade but the council.
demands of all interested in the
upbuilding of the Ambitious City
when they so ably insist upon an
improved ferry service.
The EXPRESS took tbe grounds
last week that the ferry company
was alive to its best interests, and
went so lar as to state that we
believed that it would grant all the
reasonable requests made by the
citizens.   We also stated that we
regretted   the   absence   of    Mr.
Hamersley,  who is president   of
thc board of trade as well as being
the chief head of the ferry company.
But we thought that   those   in
charge during hss sojourn at Atlin,
if  only  to    preserve   the   best
interests of the  company,   even
though at a slight financial loss,
would readily comply with the request of the citizens to continue
the half-fourly service until   his
return.   The ferry system, though
controlled by a private corporation,
is a public utility and therefore
aud assisting them, there is, we
believe no doubt. In districts 1
which are purely agricultural, the
fall fair is the event of the season,
the meeting place of town and
country, ol the old residenter, and
of the stranger that is within  the
By a judicious employment of
independent and   expert   judges
from other centres,   having   no
prejudices, superstitions, nor axes
that    have    become    blunt-thc
awards given,  become naturally,
the stamp of excellence-thc hall
mark of success, encouraging that
friendly rivalry and competition,
so necessary to progress.    Hie,,,
too, the fall fairs become a more
direct   and   effective   means   ol
advertisement,     and     of     com
munica'tiori with the great public
than even the public press,  and
they provide opportunity for the
interchange of opinion   and   information   not   otherwise   to   be
The municipal counci convened
in special session on Wednesday
evem„g to consider the propo ed
clmnge i„ the tit"'' table of the
lerry 1 ts, and also to ta e up
the matter Of locating fire halls.
Reeve Kealy, Councillors May
Church Notice.
Sundav is Children's day in the
Presbyterian Church of Canada
and the munii,," service (, i a. ,„ I
will be devoted to them in Si.
Andrew's church. A choir ol
children will lead the praise.
The subject   will  be   ''Looking
lieeve   '""".""—„',,    ,,h:,:n| Unto Jesus." ■■■R
:U1, cornish, and   Clerk   lump    ,fh(J ugua, ,.,,.,,,,„, Bervice   at
New Athletic Club.
The Nortli Vancouver Athletic
Club was formed on Wednesday
night for the purpose of promoting
athletics and general good fellowship among the young men ol
this place. During the autumn
and lung winter seasons a series of
entertainments, etc., will be held
as well. Commodious rooms will
be opened forthwith in Burns'
hall.    The new organization starts
is a public utility aim incn.«.
must needs be operated to   the I-   But, just  as   it   w
' Tin. I unwise,   say,   in   the
,vould   seem
satisfaction of the public. Tb
day is gone forever in Canada
when a transportation company,
on whose actions depend entirely
the destinies of the community in
which it operates, can with safety
to itsell run things high-handed.
The directors ol the ferry company must see this, ami, iu the
face of what has transpired of
late, we do not at all mean a threat
As uuy be seen elsewhere   n I ^ m wy| ,|iat i| it docs not co
this issue the council objects to> ,e   with  aml  accommodate
«|,e new schedue as being "too L dtiz,ns 0| North Vancouver
.complicated tomemorize," and in- wilh wMt ,|1Ly consider to be
convenient as regards the e^Y | lea,o,,able and just demands, tha,
•ii,,r.iii.-* and evening services fori ;g|)|||et *erry service wli be in*
Vancouver and return in getting I la|(odi
to and from their places ol busi- .	
ne**, I   The B-  C.   Electric   Rwl«m>
The hoard of tra.le also vesotvi-d C)mpa|iy lias installed a strictly
"liit as the ferry company has
seen lit lo absolutely ignore its re-
<Jlie<t to retain tlie present service
iintil such time as the company
•will reply to the board's letter,
and in order to save the situation
^ill recommend and support thej
immediate formation of another
company to operate a fast ami
f rci'ui'Ui passenger service."
We dn uot always see eye to
eye with the municipal council and
board of trade, but we recognize
that these two bodies directly
represent tbe vast property and
financial interests of North Van
couver, and for a company or anyone to adopt a policy of abruptly
modern system ol electric railway
at a tremendous cost, and are alive
to corporate   Interests  and   tin
great possibilities iif Nortli Van
I COUVer,   The ferry system hold,
I the key to the situation, inasmuch,
that   an   inadequate   service   to
meet   the  tramway   means   thai
the    people    cannot     take     full
advantage of the car lines hen
Virtually,   then,   an   inadequate
ferry service means a broken link
iu the chain of communication
between     the     Terminal      ail,
Ambitious Cities.   The outlay ol
one company is more than double
that of the other, and thus it  wil
be seen that unless an uninte,
unwise,   say,   in   the  district ol
Brandon, Manitoba, to offer large
premiums for exhibits of lumbei
and minerals, where none are produced—so in our judggement, it
is a wasting of   opportunity   in
North   Vancouver,   to   omit   to
recognize the lumber and minerals
of that vicinity and the various
arts, trades and   mysteries   that
grow out of them, and which in
the future, may not   impossibly
lie among the chief feeders of the
future city.
lt would seem to us, althouhg
the fall fair is held tinder the
auspices of the agricultural association, that it is intended for the
general public good, and while ,,
' is far from our wish, to Beem tt
sneer ai those staple ptodiuts. tin
crazy quilt, and the giant squash.
yet wc cannot at the moment recall, any instance of the foundation
ami progress ol a modern sea-pur
town, upon the base of such pro
ductiuu and manufacture,
Vfter a vtv lengthy discussion
thc lollowing motion was passed:
..Resolved-That the time
schedule sent by the Ferry and
Power company to the reel,
dated 24th instant, and received
[his morning (afith instant), which
they propose to bring .into effect
on ist ol October, u, «J »•
opinion of the conned, in Jo *
Anient aa regards the early morn.
ing aod evening boats and
altogether were inadequate for the
requirements of the commi. 1 >.
the chief factor to be considered for
the convenience of residents is the
arrival ol the morning boats at
the Vancouv, r side in tune to
allow  ol  them  getting   to   tl Ul
regular places of business at he
hours of 7, 8 and 9 «'cl"ck' P""
ticularly, and similarly on return
7:3o"wilfbe conducted   by   thc If wiutfi i,1,oui 3° members   and
I the charier will not be closed fur
Sunday school, 3,30 p m,
Christian Endeavoi on Wednesday, ii o'clo, k,
Service on Sundaj a, 7:30 p, in.
iu Moodyville school buns.'.
Strangers cordially welcomed,
Pastor: Rev, J. 1). Gillam, M.A,
, few days, so that a number
,„„,-,. members may be added to
"cIlcKeuzie and W. Green
elected president and secretary
firo tern. , ,
The meeting adjourned to meet
on Monday night in Bums hall,
l'ost cards have been sent out so
that no member should be absent.
Anyone desiring of becoming a
member may do so by making
application to the secretary at or
before the next meeting.
Mr. Duncanson's Farewell.
I„ spite of a disagreeable night
a jovial crowd ol young people
gathered in St. Andrew's church
on Wednesday evenl    to spend a
eVe„t,   Mr, Duncan leaves lor serious accident yeiteg j
K„ox college,  T$nto.   ...tta tmon    1    -u ffg       ^
^mn?fMJeriMffiiK^ 3   chopping, when by   some
  Slim,m' ,; ' , ,„ s on tins, unaccountable way be almost cut
ticularly, and similarly on ........, among ! ,,    ,  ^""YpraCcahhis (00, in two with a sharp ax
3S»lSSS?S T'^^KSiE??*^-^ i.--gr1— he was  us,n,   He  waa
'. .    .   i.. .,:.:.nro and tourists, nrcaui/.ation
places ui uuiai-a. ..
o'clock; for visitors and tourists,
the time table is too complicated
to memorize: these points seem to
have been totally ignored in
preparating the schedule."
lt was also decided to purchase
lots 3 and 4, block 131. 1). L, 174
inr Si.ooo. Tins proprty is
located at the corner of St,
deurgo's road and   Foutth street.
The Color Line.
To the Editor of Tut. EXPRESS:
expression of the interest ol every wn.cn ne w»   -»*»■
organization of,he congregation n:taken   °        r™  aml Dr.
hi« mission has been given: and|quite a distanct away, •
£t« crowned by the hearty Dyer ^SSSSkSSA
11 ..;,.,.„ t.a  the missionary. 1 iiiesseiigi'rjttas Rout-iui*>*>
farewell g"*"1 Ul '"e ./,,        1 i„r il,e nnfoitunale man aud
The social element was providd     ^«Kk^'
by the young ladies of the
Christian Endeavor society, whose
endeavors met with gratifying
results. Addresses expressing
appreciation of Ins work and good
wishes lot his future were
delivered   by   the    pastor,    and
, _.    Messrs. McBain, Bain and Philip.
Sir,- With your consent I willIrepresenting   the     congregation
,|,,v, attention to the great object 8M8,°"' U,ns,l;'" L'.u,,J»m and
kept him from bleeding to death.
When the doctor arrived he was
in a weak condition. Tbe 'wound
was dressed and now the patient
is doing as well as can be expected.
All kinds of coal may be had at
the Western Corporation on and
after October 1st.
Lawyer   J.    (VDonoghue,    ol
The speeches made at tin
meeting of the Canadian Forestr;
Association regarding the lac,
that the forests preserve the
supply of water in the mountains
will give the municipal councils ol
North Vancouver and Vancouvei
something tu think about.
Sir,   With jour consent iwi.r.      c,,ristial> ElldBavor ana      Lawyer    .       7, "Caniulian
ai, .*- attention to the great obje d    solaool .. -p*. lively. Tor,»to>      -« jt>£
lu8SU„ the .'i'i S0.1tl.eru States are    .    ;[u, „ .ron)^romme's can,,. Trades Cong™ , end n,
uw producing in their race wars.  „,, „,„,  spra„g   a D. ]. 0 Donogll   , t c
;    one   wind,   will   do mo. \        J ,„-,„  bj   presenting   a U,b;,r ba er rfjJJJt
towatds 'demonstrating   1-*   our       (lsilln,   ,„„„• and address   0 wiled a  .iikU'"-   0 j
a,,,„   th,   • I of the proper J»        ^ ,vh„ hu Md. B,   Q^J&^SEWg
lM    harmonious   nation- ■   ft  headquarters during the, fter visiting every^P'™        (
iling'   I' Ihey wi" but reitl «s ^   ,,„> ^^   -s'citv in tbejbmimo^ kn.« -
they ..... H'« I « ""«"" u", , ,m..de by Mr. Hurley, and suitably „„ place wj» ■J«g   , {act
.„,;,«„, tl,.:.. tlu uni'gi.'atque noni        ,. '    ,     „„   „.,,,,„,„,  who  thl(„ our Anb.tlOUU
,v,.v good citiaen must ask liim-\\J lij.st with him ndt only hepredicts tha in a compan
!     \^  How can we best fil «p>ff£L. ., ation lo  Bh„rttime> «» ^ *&
our country with a popt.lat.on that I ,illtal!i0[(irlh, rner. country goes, tltejholem
lUlUss„:,„„.e and evade the race, „   , . ,„,.,,.  Iltanj   |u.  M1,ro„ndcd  1 >   a fcr.
,„,!,  :,-  prevail among the un*,       ^ , coining When theF"Essence ^
happy mixed colors ol   south- . „.., ,i:,, ..,,„ our midst, „ meana th at vanco ,
«p,i^'v^.=..»..:lli-;tt|     ^^iaBrSoftlirJr
The Ferry Schedule.
At a special meeting of the Ex
ecutive   Council   of   the   Noi ih
ack Again'"
The following is the address
.1 j,- ks Vai.'lkv, B. C,
pteiiiber 24, l')06,
one tu adopt a policy of abruptly •■» «— _
antagonizing them without giving rupted line of travel cannot  be
cogent reasons whatsoever for so established the efforts of a struggl-
.doing must be considered at once i"g community are thwarted.
as being both suicidal and unwise.
On due consideration everyone
must agree that the urgent request
dor aa half-hourly service is nol
out of the way. The ferry coin
jiiny must know that by running
ttt boats at least every 30 minutes
it will result iu greatly increased
The interests of business men
and residents ol this dislriel now
demand a swift and frequent lerry
service, and the whole community
is now aroused to an agitation |
which  cau   never  be   squelched
until the steamship communication with Vancouver is brought up
it will result in greatly increased I""" -	
.travel, and lie a great convenience l0 tlle requirements ol the hour
lo   tho   public.     The   revenues'
thcrelrott. must  continue to  in
«aras« and tead toward guaran
teeing the future success not only
»a-a.«.B .    -
ol live town but the company.
Take into consideration that the
taxable realty and improvements
of tins municipality amount  upwards of (3,000,000, with a resident and transient population ol
1,400; a quarter of a million doll at
tramway;   a (75,000 waterworks;
a debt ol some {113,000 for public
improvements; the only means ol
•egress and ingress (or commerce
and passengers is by thc ferry, the
only direct connecting  link we
have with the outside world, the
reeve and council aud the board
ol trade only voice the  desires,
ajtubitions and  fair  and modest
Vancouvei Board of Trade,
last night in the municipal hall,
the   following   resolution   was
unanimously passed:
11 Resolved—Thatinviev. ol thi
fact that the North Vadcom 1
Ferry & l'"w,r Company ban
Men fit i» absolutely ignore llu
reql,e8l ol the North Vancou\ 11
Boiird of Trade, as to retaining thi
present service until such time Bl
the (crry company replies to tin
board of trade's letter of Septembei
3„t ,,,,,', as shown by the »'v
gchedule officially sent to th,
reeve thi board ol trade cannol
come to an) othei conclusion thai
ihai the North Vancouvi l-'errj S
I'uwer Company have not , «
■idered the requirements ol Nortl,
Vancouver! and in order to avi
the situation, they will recommend
and support the immediate loi
ination of another company to
up,,,,1. B last and (reque.ll
passenger service, unless the [err*
company can advise the secrctarj
sei.-v  -- of the board of trade before noon
fleuncing large numbers to locate ^ sii|||(hiv    ^   ^   j|is,.   ,,
here and so aid in the budding up ^ l|](,y nill,m| tn continue th,
of a'ttrcat city.   Nothing less than      s(,,„ lervica until such time as
:',;.!,„ J„„«:i.u...,,,.a,;,.,:!;.;irt.:'-:;
l-ln  ,,ei|;iii...,.,.     .
right in hisuwn country ami among
his own people   the same as gunpowder and »,<: are.    Each are
good in their own places, but you
cannot harmonizt nor bin;; ilu m
in com.ni with eat I, oilier without
di iastrous lesults.   So it is with
a il, 1   in ,     11 '■ question I
wish to pul here is:   If the Hindu
nrothei noi -assimilating ra, 1 s are
,,. a- a i trance into ( anada
how long will ,1 be 1" fore wi. too,
have 0111   iai ■   wars?   li   don't. BU111
need a prophet nor the son ol ., ,,,„„„ ,,   yJJti liave bi
prophet to pfophecj  thi   results!1'- .. n.„i
1 he slave owm ra ol the old South
argued just the name as the wage-
la' '   Ruers of 1 ,daj dfl, namely,
that  worl mi 11   are   s, a,a a,  and
been in bad health for some time,
I;;;,,,, partly owing toth,s and
Bome business .natters   that   he
"S-P ^^Xe|SoSSndt.^>V»
Mr. Duncauson, Knox College, 1 Xe Imperial limited for the east in
Toronto: ,     evening.   He   will   go   to
i^DrarSir,   Wi   ask yon to CalRary and Edmonton en route
,„,,p, ,1 ipanying ,Pl,r'e' home.   It mav be added that Mi-
as   showing    in   a   small   di   0,DonoghUe is one ol the   best
 ,  our  appicciation   "I  your . fl( the old school of re-
;„rK amongst „s this past g .„ Canad„( having it one
mm r, Vou have been insistent .e beM a member of the
in season and out ol season, in rio Le(.Wature. lhc Hon.
breaking unto us the Bread ol |0Mp|, Martin first made His debu
,,,,.. and, whii,   witnessing voui'J    ."      . ••  • < 1,.. l«moua
walk and convi, lation, wc have
^^^^^^^^^ . been led to think more and more
unless cheap labor   is   admitted of those things tl it make foi  the
iul     industries will iiifier,   Wit)  Christian lil,      I'hal  He,  whom
ill   this hurry   at   present?   If you arc and whom you serve, ma)
le resources of our|,|wc.|| with Vou richly in Christ
.The best interests ol the company arc closely allied with those
ol the community, and it there.
lore behoves the ferry directors to
do all they can to promote travel
and encourage people to settle
here, more particularly at this
critical period when a better ferry
service   means  so  much   in   in
1 ,
an un  H.'u.n.,., .
, .1 ntrj arc  al    , d within   the
■a .11 . what will l" conn
ol future g, nerations? Aro we
living only toi oui elves, or ate
v.' living loi our   lamilii .   an I
and ih,   nation ol which
wc form a part?   Ci, ainly, thoie
wilh ,1 at,, 1 -'I "i paii 1 nal blood
1   --.'	
Uwiii    nt...     .
Jesus, is the h, .ml. It prayer."
[Then  lollow tin   ,:',,.iiures of
the nn 11 j
Bank ot British North
The   ai r, porl   ol   th,
■In. Mail-, ol ibis bank   I
"">"„   published      0."   pa
1 '' """   » ' th,  yea.
a   - ■   ,Vai    OI,       1     ' ., ,     ..... ' 1 ,
Vi     j   1 1 'i'!     11'"' ire has
OUI      I"   .aa'.'  al       I   .1   ..lal.l.        Ill  H'tilli   .      . .        , .
I been del Ian   .   ; 1; ll ,    11, loot I
tisfy North Vancouver
lllev c.iii f I".' — ••- --„
board uf trade, of date September
11, 100G."
ill       I,'   I". ■   ■.        ■
lark w, II tie ' ■ • ,   ol an open
door tu an uud, ,sol im
1   ■. ,a-, 1 1 rn, Canadians,
North Van, uver, B I ,' Sept
27th, 1906.
Mr. Jas. Copeland, ol Capilanc
canyon, has been the victim ol alrrancisc,  „
large beat tearing up his orchard. Ino direct lo 1 beyond compenaat
"   :-'--'••-ti'iiii-i I jng the stall foi the loss ol then
personal, ffei (■-. bul then thu final
01 the benefits conferred on
districts, by the holding of (all
lairs by the various agricultural
siociations, and oi the wisdom ol
u' >	
1 sili. In ing ai tb. rati  "I six per
cent., leaving a ba     e of
mu 11 ,a.|. 1,1 b, ' arrii J 1", ward
This uiisual laTgi  s  has been
* arricd forward to the new at, ount,
owing to tin   unci rtanti, a whii I
still   exist ,'  pi 1 ting ,1 n •
qui 'aa 1'. ol the disaster al   San
"i.   I,.IS  Ull  l|l|. a
Tuesday nighi llruin took 1 diilike
toalineappl, ""•'"" " »P 1,v
the root . and the nexl night re-
  viaitedthcoi hard, repeating hn
The-North Vancouver Rowing-tici JS^'SK
Club met Ml night ind de« ed ;      ' ,,, Ml   p„,,r, but
to luue fifty '-bares nl de      ur      '       ,„
stock a. M? per share wb...  ij      I   .^       I As
■ confidently flxpected
.   . 1 ...'.1.
ssoctations, nuti ui ....
lie government la  encouraging I taken up fortiiwitii
yetheha    ot put in an a
aalaa  ,11,111'  ■
iettlcmcnt! between tl« insuran
officenand the insured have no
„b.   It will thin b,   »eei
thai H,'  l"' '""'  "''""   '    '"'
another ol tin  mosl satis actor;
stutements  "I   tbc   '""" ■    ''"
profitabh  h    '      '""
thislcadim , ;   u ''■"
Jiis.-jiii mm,  -.
to tin- public in one oi his famous
1 ampaigni.
' Charley" Levi, bartender at
thc Hotel North Vancouver, has
severed his connection with that
Several of nut townsmen took
iii the reception to liarl tirey on
Fifti. ml, street will be opened
lium    Chesterfield    to    Fotbe's
venues.   This   work   is   being
:  in  01 i'i   to   extend   lhe
b rworki tysti m.
Hi. Worship Reeve Kealy sent
l a 1 Quong, the Chink that raised
the row at the cannery on Sept.
it, to New Westminster fm three
months, alsu fined blm the costs ol
the couit, and f25.    Tiie China-
man'iintention was to chop oil his
bms lead with a lish knife because
the latter,  it was alleged, owed
Inn, J51.
Miss Wilson, Calgary, made a
trip to North Vancouver tha
Work will be commenced on
Fourteenth street immediately by
\skew& Kennedy, the contractor!,
1 hi s.- improvements in street
(railingand excavating will extend
from Lonsdale lo Bewickc avi nues,
1 diilam ■■ ol ni arl) .1 mile. Water
pipe will also be laid billowing this
B, ('
V 'lil. Now paper.   ■   Published b}
■ : I3XPRKSS PRINT1NII C'oinpanj
I I'lmii One Doll,,, ; er *t i sr
.R, I. IIAR'I 1.KV, liditoi
Sorts and Conditions of Men nnd
Women to Be Observed In World's
Vetropolis — The Official and the
Layman, the Neat and Sp"y and the
Tawdry and thc Homely — An Ally
Sloper Crowd That Surged.
a.''-. 1    a
-    .     . '. ..a ; I; K
it tho 1 ■  ■
e policeman
I ,i  ,vho power
lorlty ol
mi iroi  Ils '   ; iw and 1 rdi 1
ideed pc, 1 uplifted
. . is
dated. ,1
9 must I
nli .' a
or a hi 1 with
0 proud 1 ■■■ al > r,
■ -   ■ Shi    ick Ho mi
1- ordeal
a   I'   .
.•■ . ■ ■■
I U-nB
:'- ■ a       '
,   1   will
1 before liis 1
-   '   .a
from tl
pr- - -
■• s'a!,'.
I low-travelers were compelled to take
their ."land on tlieir fellow-travelers'
toes and hi t] a a ■ ts ihe only man
on the ridiculous cr if- .-. 1,1 tva a ah s
to sn Ing hi, arm .ar und wlthoul pushing a h in .-"■ h Ing Into tho river, ', ...
n 4 In tl no spot all the way
[       ai Bi : -   10 Iv--.'.. and thoy
look up the Km illes, [i isslb e amount
of deck si 0 bi uise of ll r aa"- nu.
ateil lliru, On ■ ill, ho ot! 1
!■■■ thin 10 poin,
oa . , .ai- an i if ihelr (cun.- had been
freed fr m tht, maty clothes that hung
limply from ihelr I 01 y framowork. Th 1
short man ■.;- , 'a gnlfl ant tn lu ika
ze, and so 1 pass htm by. Uut
K» companion w.i ■ the m it roma -
ible   ;    Im n 1 race that 1 had
senn iai all L ndoe •' ,r vi rl ■■ r «ms
a green man. by      y of Li
ter all tl,    ,-a,        nts ol    rva
tho 11:11,1   lount,      ■ . fr m thebronae
[ an In     , to iho 1 ill ar of .1 - aasl fit
woman, this ) grci n was ,1 fas-
0 n .'a .- 1 irror,   All   heothe  pass ,n-
■   (org "      the aa*" •■
i mi        ■ , the hat waa as
; ■        f a :■ ! as his long Iro ik coat,
on which you c il, see the Li 1 ,nta
a-- by years *,' brushing in the
to   ■ ib  t- ■    lability Into  Its
Is; the shoes were poverty-stricken, an 1 aa for the   nnatom*   • (  the
■ I on ature, It caved  in  03  If
empty tor all Its yeara of any,hln? In
ire ol f  i.   But tba-t green
face, the grei n eyi , al a ling off Into a
discolored marble brow!   And I speak
the truth that tl    nightmare In color
laughed—repeatedly : mghed, a nolsc-
less, shrinking pi   ei ; ■  ,: spread over
the whola wrinkled surface of the green
teeth so  diseolore.l
as to take tho 1. a le of green a- well,
ighed as tho short one tossed   a remark up Into the oar of the
:   ..hen lhat smile would
Inl a thc  :- en  es Ji
tall one would drop a Jest tl '\vn to the
Thus, In spite    .  one's
■ a.a.  -vialoai.' ■
ti   '. 1 .- -' ngi ■ ins a.llve.
a-    ,.- !,, • ;. nd n -i   1 rule
r  own  woiUl  of  sordid
'.' I '     !. aai.-v  -.    ■-'; .".■ !    up
-   r     ■   aa-. ■  !,       ., .1! ipg |lkj
i'..       wa. .    . .    Wltl,
B      . eli p 'n a dingy
restau, only cu itomi r       a *
tod on by 0 surly brute
1 looki        tough moat he
■,.    pangs ol a deep-
failed before tl p-
• '. 'ia-- la ' tnoutl       ■.  '■
;. ii'' In ''•■■■ ■      I   and
n my 1        ugh,
1 * unt
hi '.'a'   I hair       I   in
Irosa I tho do ,r,
iblo an   I i i
"1 ■      T.   a-''..   '
r?" and
>her '     "-
ed the remnant     I I     1      .As
hur,      ■       '     :    .
ished after tor-
iuso. Itonl]   ■ irlof-
il lime, b 11
I been I a picture
lerworld life ,n
I, benl I, tlv* i*
I, tho v
in who
-Frank Yclgh In Toronto |
We are always told Unit a cow will
bring tbe most money if she comes
fre.-.l, in the full, miti she will if wa
have a good, war,'.!, clean place to keep
ber In und give hor good f I, Biich as
clov, r buy, oats 1 ud 1 ho il br .. with
en ,'i. li barley air corn to balance the
ra1:10, keep ln'f .,:.'!, novor chasing
be* or ri .: .-• her I'Siel -1. a- -ie I illy at
ml itiiic i m, ,1111 a it letting her stand
out In the i lil
It was so cnhi in niy barn 11 few days
last winter that it froze 1 little, and
on a.- my cows Uml waa giving over
thirty pounds of mill, a day went almost down to twouiy pounds, and ull
Uie other cows iii ippcd -:' in proportion,   If I had tur 1 them outdoors
ami left ilieni oul for some I 11 '., or.
worse yet, sent litem out to hunt tor
cornstalks, and some time about dark
or maybe nfter let there Into a cold,
damp, dirty burn und fed theni a little
wire -":i-s - r Jeserl nnd touched U,em
up it little with u pit* lifo, l; ir the uiilk-
bit; siool, Just to show them who was
"running tho estublk-btnenl you know,"
why, I don'l , '-.'. It would have paid
mo very well ,n have uij cows come
fresh in the (all,
The war 1 look at tbe question is
tliis: If you have the fed and can
and are willing 10 give the cows Uio
proper care you can make money it
Uii'.v drop their calves in iho full. But
If you or" going to feed them a ration
composed of dry cornstalks, straw and
wire grass, with plenty of northwest
wind a* an appetizer, you ' id bettei
let them have their calves In iln ng
but I om afraid your returns will Im
small in cither case.—C. Sk-Ui In Kim
ball's I'airy Farmer.
The Ayrshire tntilr.
Tlie Ayrshire 1 0 d ,f I receives
much less consl. ,r Ion ,ra American dairyman than m I Bays
Hoard's Dairy,nau. This Is largely
duo ; • ti:" fact, In our il
1   no y, nrs . c , Ayrsl,     b, eders as a
class surrendered to sl 1 ind
ards and bred on. ban lied their nni-
i more with a 1 ;
low ring pi       tli      • -  a id
cows that could s-how large |   Ut aa
1! ipplly (here wns .1 ri mnanl both
'■i America and S nd 1 li, di 1 1101
■ rook the pregnant   binge-  of   the
r    „      ' ■ '      'An
ed on
y, In -■'
'    :
■  ■ .
a     .
.:. '
glory ol
t, the strugs
.   :l 1'
.'■!.'. -1
in, v
■a a
'.    ■ llglll I1
I      •     .
Man Eater's Friend Pleads Before 9  I-
ish House of Commcns.
... ...
II a rs.   pi and  ' ■   L  ■: lids
tbe 1 r   ■
llr. I'.ei ■■'-.:;    ihe Hoi,
... ... a
n-fer to the , f India the
id  ffa -  it
lestroyed , -.     Is,
Ur   Ri mod Unl  man-eatora
lions a rs, and
1 no
I danger I life,
"Pity ihi ■
>-.. • c ip.
I th   - iti .■        nd'.a, 1
could not tltc'i
'    ■ -.   ' I     a- n [I -"■" •■
■ .   a,    rmnent   of
od by   Mr.
Ila      nor do I expect that thi
is to    1 pre -tv.a', u
■   or."
Mr Rias, l: iwi ver, explained toarep-
■    t The E   :      thai   "no
1     or ever thinks of at-
■ 1' ihen,   '." li
on pal
■      ■-.. ,m|     lively vi ry
■ 1 ■  • ■    iro kn iwn to av
I hai ra than or
In iod, 1 ' • In in 1 ■ Is the agr
oulturlal's t Tl, * slays I
(! or an, '■■   I a, Btroy  '
it ■-. le,     baUncoa all
II wish I      ■ pui lown 11 .
t tigers foi : The sy.«.
nl paying thirty ro,   is for an or-
id ■ ger and     '.rami'
-a- ult, al in tl ■    ; ringing '.1
t n f prof,
iry d, ad  'ic- r will ltee;    .
> for a s
Mr. Ri        I not men       the po
t an onl :.■ try live sl   r 11
.   a j iut the cattle ol
v hole f ■ .   '.
vtif Ha-itim.- Coeata Getting <• Be ■
Serlou. i|iii--i,<iit.
Dr. Andrew Wilson writes: "Year by
year the subject of the lost land of
Britain grows in Importance, If, ns thu
1 geologists tell us, wo lose annually a
mass of land equal to Gibraltar, It may
bo an easy mutter to calculate the pe-
,'io.l it will bike well nigh to nnul-
dilate certain areas of our country.
Wo are told lhat on our east const
I alone thero Is swept away every year
a land mass equal to thc island of
Helgoland, The rate at rablck erosion
lake; place depcuds on lli? nature of
; the materials o„ which tho waves
wreak iha'ir force anil vengeance, When
th" materials consist ol Bofl day, gruv-
fl and chalk the rate of sea Inroad la
very rapid, Where we tin,] hard rocks
the rate ol wear ami tear Is appreciably lessi'iiei'i. The sea. inorenver, In
dealing with even bard rocks has a
very distinct plan of Invasion, lt will
undermine ,1 cliff, fur example, it
will use the detached bowlders ns a
kind of marine artillery, the wnves
seizing thom und burling them against
the rocks. The undermined cliff topples over nnd falls, and the waves
play nrouiid Iho detached mass until It
worn away. Sometimes the attack assumes a different guise. Tho waves
beat against 11 cliff nnd tunnel 't
through, leaving thus a natural archway such its lhe locality around T'or-
quny Illustrates very aptly. Then In
time the top of the arch falls in, and
the outer side appears as the lone sea
stuck or pillar. This In duo season Is
nlso worn down by degrees until it appears us tho tangle covered rock over
wh ch the waves are ever breaking,
"To bo convinced of Uie Immense
lo-* of land for which tbe sea Is responsible one has only to consult goo-
loi nl works and ordnance survey records. Take the case of Yorkshire, for
example. Professor Phillips said that
the rate ut which the cliffs recede from
Bi dl ngton to Spurn, it dislaneo of
,!, rty-sls miles. P'liiuls on an average
two yards and a quarter yearly. Estimated fair tlllrty-sls miles of coast,
thc total amount of loss Is ubout thirty
acres. Further calculated, tbo loss
■ tl ■■ Norman conquest amounts to
one tnlle In breadth uml more 'ban two
:: les --ini- York, tho old '..! oracum,
woa occupied by tlio Romans.
"In old Yorkshire maps mere nre
sites of towns marked as Auburn,
Hurtburn and Hyde. Todaj these sites
are represented by sand banks. Near
Hornsea there was a iitrcet called
Hornsea Peck, which bas long ago
been swallowed up, Kavenspur, or
llavensburgh, ,1 rival ns a port to Hull,
was well known In 11132, for Edward
Bnlllol unl the English borons soiled
from it to Invade Scotland. In 13110
Henry IV, landed here to adjust matters with HI hard II. Now not a trace
of ltuvcn-i ur remains."
How Eczema
Is Recognized
How it is Promptly Relieved and Thoroqhly
Cured by
Dr.  Chase's  Ointmerr.
if** ir-
iTiisniRB new. on .» p ■-..
kn   "    : ■ the I  por  Id     ,   ihal
.lit (oil iw     • ■:, .-.: '    Ut, Ig
;       ■ ihe Bh iw ring ant!
kepi ■ '1     ' .       "!'        -I
■ :. ro   ■
this breed is co      ■
m ol It li pron as
irthy 1    ■ '. lhe other ill*
1 yd needs,    Ilie   bull
..',,. '    ' 1   -a',
ii', a- • milk rei ird fo , .'ear waa
;..::'  p if  m  ...   J   Idlug  021
pounds of butter.
Waaliliiu llir Sonltrntor.
".        I     prnC       0      >'f       V     a .   j |'.   '     'llllj
■ bowls polls .1:    other
utensils with thc A sl, ■ 1 ,r even
v th a cloth kepi for thai pui
be c mdi mnod and always Ion so bad
0 ior which is transmitted to the ream
- ok Is sure to creep out as n dlsa-
gi bio flavor In Uio butter,   Brushes
1 :!),,' be used, and nfter wash.
lug thom II ■ ■■ Bhoul l bo r isod   id
, ling v.    t, ivbl '- w part
: beat, 1,   ,..' '' y  .   i dry
then solves  withe it lhe 11, Ity ol
wi|i ug .viili a cloth, 'I 01 iwb* should
ho . •■ bcI squarely down m 1 , table
or shell, but Bhoul 1 be In -I . I
sl inttng position, so that the    r   in
.' • in and ar 1 md them - P,o-
feasor Moore Wis 'onsln S, it, 1
'     E
■ r!
summer 1 iiniforl I'or 1 nlvea,
.    .
I sun
I lowed I 1
Iho hol su
drink nl      ler nl    mn
ni   ".  ,
]*]  , .    _.,■,!..
'"■ ll        ■ 11 lllelll I
dny,    ;        hoiild
much nl a time, a
I up clean befoi I 1
Hum In mii
II - ,
(tl. boundary of tho slave territory
Tlie   llulr.   Tlir-tnmii-tiT.
Tie lime aif ,li" yar i- nguln at hand
wl ■;; tbo 1 ,ewlfe as well .is nn am-
sl iai 'Trail -'i*' buttermnker becomes
,,'., 10 Impatient and nil oul of s irts be.
.., :.-e il takes so IctiR to eburn , ie but
ter ami for the bIi pie reason Ihai 111*7
I'ontlnually insist upon gues up it the
t ,p, r;i,uro of Iho cream li i of
,1 ing a dairy tliermomoter, which Is
■ of the most esscntl, I, rumentj
In ila-' ripening of croiaic mil el 1 ■.,:
I Umos aaf the yc 1 b 11
.   or to ecu!* and will vu    you 1, inj
lira a,f unnecessary lab ,r sad I upa
A Fine Holstein Cow.
lolsteln a iw Julli 1    la Kol nt
a • of Iwo yi nrs and ■ •
It. 0, test, produced 22 pn'inds 9.5
I '. 1 . >' I
.1 lor
:.    :.    .       Hog       *,
Thero nro mnny kind*   of   e-cucma,
1 oi  nil hnve sucl, sympton i ns rod-
1 ncss "i 'Ic -bin, \aoh .1 yollot! tingo,
.,a-  ..   1 , Hi,   mntion,   •\,y\n.'.. tlis-
Imi p. iai initii, v   iiiii,te    and   tlio
I'oi'iiiiiton 'a: ai crust,
I'ln* 1111 ustnnl    nul    Irnnl'lc-
11110 a, nl ma, is ilia itching and burn-
liel, I'lirio*  1  thai  "Inch    ,..
1 that which Is pus-
a 111(111      ll'lllllo,
Tl en then tin* tontlei oy for oc-
■/. mi.1 iai la, con e olininio nud spread to
itber 1 in"- oi tlio body,
I'd-.-,, 11 tn 11,a. on1 is always noc-
essui'j. Imi you enn tlopentl 011 it. Iliat
Dr. ( Imse's Ointinoiil nil] cue you,
I!, lid uill ciiiiie nfter the lirsl low
iipnlications, and tho healing process
will he (iriulniil nml natural,
It ,- tine to ii.- remarkable record
an the euro nl eonoiiia ,laa. Dr. I I nso s
Oititincnl hnsbocomu known tho world
I over. 1'or every form 01 itching
skin disease or skin irritation it
a is of incalculable worth.
Mrs.   Joseph    Hriokinan,     Gilborl
Plains, Man., n'rites: "1 lie used
Dr. Clinso's Ointtment with gtl success, Ker hl'lccn years I wa* oilblod
with itching hurning -kin disso  1
tried many remedies nil to 1 otfoll,
until I iisod Dr. Cltaso's Otmeiit.
This propnriition guvo itnmedto and
lasting relief and I would note without il for anything na i, ia-u-th its
weight in gold."
Mi. .I0I111 Cumining. CilnoWa,
Snsk., writes:- "I was trolled for
some lime with disfiguring notches
on tho fnco and though I till many
roinotlios both intornally ancoxtorn-
ully could not got rid of tlm, , A
friend of mine neon,,nerd Br.
1 linso'a ointment and this priarntion
.n't.' I almost like magio in ,y case.
Alter using it for sonic tne tho
blotches entirely tlisnnponrodand my
>kin was lelt soft ami smoot'"
Mothers uso Dr, Clinso's lintn out
for tho chilling anil skin ttiihles of
their hobicB ill prcforoaco 1 iinsan-
jilury pni'i'-clogging powders;iiO cents
■j box, al nil tlealors, or Bmnnson,
Hates & Compony, Toronto,
K  Trl-liitr   lliitttitiiiil.
Probably In no oilier part of the
United Btates, excopt lu Enst Liver
pool, 0., Is thee a baseball 1
fiiini which It is possible to bat a ball
Into any one of throe states, Sud, a
CO, ll tl ci actually exists at the
grounds which have been leased for
the Klontllko club there. The d - 1
Is laid out 0,1 a lot which is known us
"Slate Line corner," if n batsn an
makes a hit over third base the ball
will be sent Into West Virginia, Should
a foul tip result Iho catcher would
havo lo c!,:i-.' the bnll Into Pennsylva
Hln, If „ Btralght drive or 11 bunt is
mad.o tht bull will bowl Into tho Btuto
of 01, 0, Taking advantage of this
freak of nature, the Klondike club la
going to advertise lhe fact that its
club Will play ball in three stales simultaneously.
ll.ila,- and Haasagf Orange.
"You can learn 11 thing or two nbou*
fruit," said lhe foreign fruit ston
clerk, "by living In the country tin,,
produces It, The natives general!)
know best bow to preserve nud keep I,
fresh. Persons ordering fruit foi
steamer parlies often wonder why 0111
oranges look so fresh nud bright. The}
ure willing to pay u good price Just foi
the tempting looks of Uie fruit. Well
wo bathe them und massage tbeui Jus,
as the Chinese do; Hint's why. 1 havi
lived In lhe Celestial Kingdom nud gol
some valuable lessons from our almond
eyed cousins. On n first class orangl
plan,ation In China, when harvest tlnn
comes, bamboo vessels tilled with wa
tor are held under the on,nge tr -
and as the fruit falls from Uio brand
II go >a Into tho wntcr and gets „ gooil
ba.Ui. Aii ornuge ,>"i treated this waj
loses iis oil Irom having been sinlili'ii
iy cul off, and it sn ,n begins to grou
brown uud shrivel. The chine, oollci
brush the oranges to open the pores ol
tbo skill nnd let the air lu.   This get!
the dust all out and helps to prcservi
thom, California people learned tin
trick from the Mongolian farmer!
there."- Now Vork Press,
Minard's Liniment Cures Burns, etc.
I ,■       ■ area
Sum  Ill    :
   lor cm-
Ivuiim      II  -qua
II ituiii could I
.    . .. ,   anal  alio  bo   ■
1,'evrr l.iilinri-il.
"Ilere's n man," said the dfondnnt'fl
counsel, with a tremulous vice, "bora
Is a mnn handicapped nt th very beginning of his life, prom to time hi
lay a helpless Infant lu thr cradle to
this day, when ho sits helpesa under
lhe pressure of years and nlllctlon, ho
has labored under the name'( Isliinael
Amimiliiid Skeels."
He wns about to say mon when the
plaintiff arose from her seiitnnd shook
a work worn forefinger In hi- direction.
"I expected 1 wai golt* to hear
strange, things In Ihls co*"*' sho cried.   *
State 01 Ohio. City of Toledo,
Locals County,
Frank   J    Cheney   mokes oith thnt he
Is   senior  partner of  ihe ihm of v. .,.
,v Co,   dolr.s business In the eliy
'ai  'i'.aiao,,   County  anal Stnti  aforesaid,
ind Urn, said llrm will pay  he sum ol
"Ni: HUNDltED D0LLAII8 loreachand
every'   case   of   Catarrh tha: cannot ba
cured hv ihe uso aa: Kail's 1 t-'uiu
Bworn to ,'• tore rue and * ibsi rlbed ,n
mv pii,-• ■,,, u.is iiiii day a.i ,'.,,-,'ti r.
V !•   !--', A. W  0LEA8 ,N,
(Seal . Notar*  Public.
11.,:, > Catarrh Cure ,* Inkea Internnlly
ti 1 .01" 'in" rty on tie- hi , and ini'c-
■-,.•' 11 -1 ..'  un- system.     **a nd foi
testimonials tree.
>■- J CHENEY & CO., Toledo. 0.
Bold by n„ Dnigglsta, 1 ■■:
Take Hall's Family l'ills for constipation
1 -
li net aa
1   :
- .-ii.
The Professional Itckcunr,
Owen Seaman, tho new editor of
London Pun. h. bas studied all sorts ol
mill things, Among others ho bns devoted much nttention lo the profeasiou.
al beggar, tor whose ingenuity ho bas
Immense admiration. Uo tells of a
woman beggar who, with ber seven-
year-old girl, was admitted to tht
home of an Knulish aristocrat As Uie
two waited in tho hall the mother was
beard to say, "What will you say
when you come Into tbe drawing room
where the countess is?" The child,
smiling, whispered In replyi "1 know.
I'll put 0,1 ,1 beautiful, lost look mid
bn'st out- 'Uh, mother I is th's lieav.
ci/ "
On. Mu.t iie I'urefni in Germany,
German punishment for leze majesty
falls especially heavy upon ibe soldier,
If he Bays anv thing thut ecu lie twisted
slightly in reference to n certain august nnd Imperial personage It goei
hnrd wlih him. A private was recently
drill,,,,,ed out of the army and scntenc-
ed to seven years' Imprisonment for
laying to 11 comrade that the kaiser
night have slowed down the train in
which he wns traveling In order lo Boa
tho salute of the soldiers who were
lining the route.
:ii-"-anri'i-, aif llcnllu,
The editor looked ovor ,he manuscript submitted hy the village poet
and frowned,
"lleie Is one lino," bo said, "In which
ynu 'jai'i.!. of Tbo music of lhe elder
press.' I! ■'" wonid you undertake to
Imitate the 'mu ■ -' of lhe elder pr, cO"
"I should  think  il  wight  be dom
1th n Juli.':. -a;-" answered th  | ,
' uio im 1,1..
Cold ball 1 1 ■
doubicdly boiit'thiul, b     nly lo
'a--:   Ilia Who ',        .
od I .'■' Iho eel tiled
■ d :". , ur llireo !. m
■ .'-,■. should
leave llu* cold b.uh severely nioiie.
-tho   Ti     II      a"   IVi   -        l'ink
l'ills -   . - He,  I), ai ;hter.
.  ai-: -■ mime ior
ia- an allll enl  thai
. ! ,    . . ■ .a
U    ' •     ,     doiun ,dt i,|t-
iii hi'i* blm       .. ' uu
...       > in    al ■      n "■' Ii    ller
length   her very    lite,    aro    In
ru   , So '■    :    Ild ll
a   Hi    ...    |     !     ...   . Illlllll
medic,ni   a nil    nv,   . a..      Slu     ■■
.   in!      , in j
In in i    ivnmnii ol hor, I)
l'ink  l'ills iictunl!*, mnki
>.a I,     I lia,  i    ivhj  they nuvi r luii
a    CUl',      .a"    •        I  ,, T',.a'      l-     I  Oil      till  1
avo If on   a    e ai'v grave   si on
ii, -a i oso In ad,Ii and s* length
dop a iip'o   i ■ r blooxl - ipply.   Mis
tnson Clark, Allien,    Onl .    in
Hi. IVillinm'i l'ink l'ills hnvo boon i
> .a, blessing in my familj aa two ol
my datigliti is havo used   t-lipiu   with
a : siicrcs!      When   mj   eldest
■ liuighier wus about sovontoon site boil, '.a Fail in health.       Her   Moml
-, oinetl to have tiirnotl to water,   She
was troiihled with headaches and dis-
in—. 'In- lens, exertion would causa
or liearl to palpitate rlolontly ond
o could nol v* ti 11. up s'uiis »i,Inn,,
topping t" rt st. Slat- doctored tor up-
area oi b yonr, nud tho doctor -am!
did oo, hnvo as much lilmsl in her
body aa i Ilnarily hoolthy person
i,"old have in one nrui,   Tl e doctol -
' tatmont did not do be n particle
..i goodi sin- seemed slowly hiding
nwaj'i     Thon -lie   hecamo   arlliclod
.nh -ul,  ih a und her hands ivcro
almoirl raw, About >h,s time n nolgh-
boi advised the use ol Dr. Willimm's
Pink Pills uml sho began taking lluon.
tiler using the pills for u lew wcg s
.'• could Bi*e ,in improvomo it, hor ap-
 ito he:.in to improve and ai trac,
nl color ciuie in her   cheeks.       She
continued inking tho pills until she
had i,-ed thi,,. .a boxes when she wns
us well and strong as over, every truce
, both anaemia and suit rheum hud
disiippoarod nm! slie litis since enjoyed
tho hot oi Iiiil'h.l.uii'i on my young
■st tlatightol agod Afteon   began   to
,so Iai r licalthj hut , hunks to our ox-
orienct with    In.   William's   l'ink
l'ills ivo knew where lo loot foi n cun
hi 1 after using .four hoxds   of   pills
:i- ui! rigid again.   I havo nl o
lhc pills   inysoll   for   nervous
nli'. ■      li con pleto   ian''
llii-h re.   'a1 | is   tho   i '
,1:1,    D".   William's I'inli    l'i]
a '   "I   rich red la'ood.      'I!. ■
', ,kc , iai, rod blood, thnl i
iv   ho  '   o   nunc  ia,   hoatlachi
-    ;  a      lies,   iiidigi Minn,    in Iv, a
ia,   a. ii Itntion,
:   Uti   I       Sciati, :a.   St.    \ ill!
llll       me,        :''..'     ' ii! •
■    ,        i a       nil    t
Ri l '■ bv   nil
■ liv Medicine J-ifo Mny   Ro   Pro-
s.,      iroto      Shakespenio
three liiindrctl years ago,   It
i tn-* ac      Medicine will prolong
'll   lie  -llie a,I   tlic l'|lt.il|t|e> all,
io,   Lifo i ■ pi ilon led hi keeping the botli lie from disease.     Ur.
I -ia a * :a- ihi used intornally
iro c ■   ■
is,lima,    "■' come i
th to I "   respiratory   or| ans.
Ilivo it ii trial.
Cu,:, In ha   Hip largest wheat Bold
in ilu- wo   ■ 0 miles.
a A      ,     a
■        .
I .,.     .. .. ,
Or  Willh       \!i ''
Hi • .villo, Out.
Minard's Liniment for sale everywhere.
fa,  'I.i   ranks   tenth   among   tlio
client i nuntri, s, Tlio
a    -a      no irly double thai    dI
Iho I'nitod Kingdom.
No >'i<" iii-ilni'i,"n.
"Ethel," bt whispered, "will yo«
marry me?"
"I don't know, Charles," she replied
"Well, when you And out," h« aald,
rising, "send mo word, will you? I
Bhall be at Mabel Hicks' until 10
O'clock. If I don't hear from you by
10, I'm going to ask hor."-Loudoa Tlt-
Limited Dethlnf,
Ut. Somorvlllo Hastings, lecturing sl
tbe Loudon lultltute'ol Hygiene on
"Cleanliness Is .Next lo Godliness,"
Baid that people were much cleaner
now lhan In lhe reigns of Queen Mary
and Elizabeth, whch' the washing of
clothes was unknown. Cotton wut
hardly In use. and linen was expensive.
The poor woro rough woolen garments,
which wt're never washed, and Iho better classes adornod themselves with
Bilks and velvets, which were dyed
when they would no longer pnss muster In regard to eleanllnoia, lt la recorded, continued It. Hastings, that
James I. uover washed either hands or
face during the period he posed ns Un
wisest fool In rhristcidom. but eon-
Dned hit cleanliness within the narrow
limits of wiping his finger tips upou a
dump napkiii.-I.omlon Telegraph.
I,a,line   I'or  Sheep.
When sheep wero lirst Introduced
Into Cornwall, England, „ flock which
bad strayed from llie Upland) on to
Gwllliian sand* were caught there by
Uio tide nml ulllmnloly carried Into
St. Ives bay during Ihe night. There
tho floating lio'k was observed from
lb* St. Ives fishing boats, whose crews,
never bavin:; seen sheep, took theni for
some liiiw kind fcf lish uud did their
best to secure thim both by hocks and
lines and by netting, Those Ihey se-
. e, bey broughl home trliunphnuily
-,' morning ,n u cntch to which even
I'ilchards woro os nothing,
E ■ '  ppy und perhaps you'll get to
tii .
mil w'i'ah nn nir of fl       I in
■'   l) ..   lo   Uli the   burl rt
.   ■ ..:  a a.   a,. I.
Cash or Cure    \
K Shiloh'i Comumption Cure (till to eon
your Cold or ( miji, you get Uck ill you
paid (or il.   You ate tuic o( a due ot
the Cadi*
II it wasn't & mie cure, thii offa would
not be made.
Cm anything be faiia ?
li you have a Cold, Cough, or any diseaM
ol lhe Throat, Lungj or Air Pauagei, by
25c, pfr bolllf.    All dejtlcri guarantee it
Khc'i, taught ,.c that I mustn't bark
At little iMi-a's nfter dark,
lint just refrain from amy fuss
Villi! I'm sum they'll' iluiiKerou-.
This would ,a'- easier, I've felt,
If noises could be seen or smelt.
She's very wise, I hnvo no doubt,
Ami plans ahend what Bhe's about.
Yd utter eating every day
Sho throws ber nicest hones nwuy.
If she were really less obtuse
She'd bury them for future use.
But thut whun makes me doubt the
Tnoso   higher  powers   Unit   humans
Is not so much a fnutt like that.
Nor yet her fomIm ss for the cat,
Hut on oui' pleasant country strolls ■
Hor dull Indifference to holes!
Oh, If I once hail time to spend
To reach a hole's a-xtremost end,
I'd grub It fast, without a doubt,
Anil promptly null It insltle out,
Then lira,; It homo with nil my power
To chew on It in a lelsuro hour!
Of nil the mistresses there aro
Mine is the loveliest by far.
Fain would 1 wan myself apart
If I conlal thus reveal my heart,
But or snme things, I must conclude.
Mine is the s.ui.'i- attitude.
—Burges Johnson in Harper's Magazine.
The Servian Swineherd,
19 nn.T liervlan village there Is only
ono swineherd, und lie leads nil the
pig* of tho community, In the mora-
iug bo goes through the streets blowing his born, und the pigs como out of
their own accord and full lu behind
blm nnd follow blm to the pasture. At
night he brings them home, nnil they
disperse to their sties In tho same order,)' wuy as tliey pass the houses to
which they helouj. They require no
attention and no singling out.
Berries of the  llrautlful nml Pr«.
tti'iuit pimento Tree.
Tbe plmeuto, or allspice, tree Is cultivated iu the t^est Indies and Jamaica, This beautiful tree usually grows
to a height of about thirty feet. It
has a straight trunk, much branched
above aud covered with a very smooth
brown bark. Tbo leaves vary lu size
nnd shape, but are always of a dark,
shining green color. 1 luring the months
of July nnd .August lhe tree Is lu full
bloom, the blossoms consisting ot very
fragrant small white Dowers,
Wheu a new plantation of pimento
trees Is to be formed no regular sowing or planting takes place, because it
is next to Impossible to propagate the
young plants or In raise Ihein from
seeds lu purls of the country where
they are not found growing spontaneously, Usually a piece of laud la selected either close to a plantation already formed or in „ part of the wood-
laud where pimento trees nre growing
lu a native Btate, The chosen piece of
land la then cleared of ull wood except these trees, und UlO felled timber
is allowed to remain on the ground fur
tho purpose of protecting tho very
young pimento plants.
At tho end uf two years the land Is
thoroughly cleared, and only tbe most
vigorous pimento trees and plants are j
left standing.  'I'he plants come to ma- '
turlty In about seven years.
In favorable seasons the pimento
crop la enormous, a single tree often l
yielding a hundred or more pouiida of
the dried spice. The berries are picked
while green, becauso If left on the tree
until ripe tbey lose their pungent taste
and arc valueless. The green berries
ate exposed lo the sun for a week or
ten days, when ihey loso their green
color and turn a reddish brown, When
perfectly dry ihey ure put III bags nud
casks for exportation,
Tho odor and tho taste of tho plnien- '
to berries are thought to resemble ,t
combination of those of ehinamon, nutmeg and cloves; hence tho familiar '
uunio "allspice."
Removel Burial Enlargement.,
TtilVkeni-al   Tfi.ue,, Intlltrnt.il
1'ili-t a, llinl nil)-I'utt  nr Sue,ling, I
Cure.   Lamen.B.i  Allt-Tl  t'atn
Without lay,iir lhe home up. Par, nni
tillatt-r, stain er remiaveUie hair. ,-.'■, *
bottle,ak-ilvt-ia-il. r.iii|,tilct 1-0 tree.
AllSOnlllXK, ,111., lor mankind, |I.*0
1 bottle, ajur-l Synovilli, Weiuniit! Sinew,
sirMni, lioti,y or Rhe-ttnaU* Deposits,
reduce, vari.-.„o Venn. Varicocele, liyiirotel..
All-va-illD. Uook free Uenutii.mfd.ouly If
W.F.Young, P.D.F., 137 Monmouth St
Springfield, Mass.
Can. ia'ti:Lyman Soni *< Co., Montreal
The primer re M her upon his knee,
A- talr u type us you'd wish to see.
To objection he saiiil with derision,
" 'Tin r.caw Ibe hour nt Bolng lo press,
Cut 1 can hold the form, 1 guess,
To aivuit an Important decision,"
Breakfast Food.
First Prcsbmnn-IIow's the board
over „t your place?
Second Freshman—Oh, nil right. I
guess. Tastes just like hoard, any-
ivuy.-upi'incott's Mngujiim.
Electric Pig Iron Sample..
Dr. Haanel, Superintendent of Mines,
has sent to the Governor-General a specimen of pig Iron smelied by electric
process during the recent experiments
at Sauit Ste. Marie. Tho pig Iron has
been beautifully ground and bevelled
and enclosed *>n an ebonlzed frame, Its
smooth and shining surface, which liwks
like steel, bears a suitable Inscription
In red letters. Samples of the pig Iron
In the form of paper weights with suitable Inscriptions have been forwarded
to the Prime Minister aji4 monit-tH of
Ju Cabinet
Oiyff.n n, n t'nltlnK Taol.
A Jet of burning oxygen from a blow>
pipe Is now successfully employed to
cut sheet Iron, Iron tubes and small
bnrs, The cut made is almost ns sharp
and thin ns that made by n saw. In
tbe earlier experiments 'difficulty wns
encountered In clonriii:, Iliu cut of '.fluid metal nml In preventing the spread
of the melting effect beyond lhe borders of ihe cut. In iho process as now
practiced two blowpipes are employed.
The first has nn ordinary oxyhydr igen
llaine, which bonis the Iron to tedncss
nt the place where the out la to lis
made. 'This (s- followed Immediately
by the second Jet, composed of pure
oxygen, which hvlastly burns ihe metal without melting. The liquidized
iron la blowu swiftly from the lissure.
so that thoro ia no Borlops spreading ot
tbe beat to the surrounding parte,
Suffer N" More.'—Ther1*! arc thousands ivho live miserable lives because
dyspepsia dull- ilm faculties and
shailmvs existence with a cloud ot do-
la:' sioii. i'n way tn dispel tlic vapors
thai besot tlic victims oi this disorder
i- in ordor tliom n course nt I'nrmo-
lee's Vegetable l'ills. which are
among the heat vegetable pills knoiiii,
being easy to take ami nre inns, elli
-1 aa'i" is iii tlieir action, A trial ol
,l'i ni uill provo this.
Tlie Bast oi Franco Is somewhat influenced by the neighborhood ol Germany. The beverage is chielly bct-i,
nml ihe cooking bus a decided Teutonic bias. The people show the propensities to heaviness and slow ml which
chnVactorito ihe nation boyond the
Rhine, Wostorn Franco produce!
little wine, nnd still less beer. Tbo
inhabitants generally rjtiollch their
tluist with cider, They ure as ruddy
in complexion as their native apples.
--"Success .Muganiue."
'■'titluv  „s "tliey   Were  In  the
Seventeenth Century,
In the manufacture of wax matches
nnd the long ami slender tapers which
arc known „x rata de cave (collar rats,
the method Introduced Into France by
I'lerre Blesmnlro in ihe middle of the
seventeenth century is still In use.
Tho method is practiced today In the
Carriers factory at Uouvg lae Bine,
near Paris, The cords of which the
wick la composed pass intu a basin of
mejted wax heated by a small furnace,
from which they are drawn through a
perforated plate to' u largo wooden
drum which is uirjied slowly by baud.
The operation is repented two or throe
limes, the size ol lhe hole through
which tho cord passes being Increased
each lime.   WAun Iha' waxeal cord baa
attained the required size it is wound
on large reels iu skeins of 400 or ,*■'",
meters (about 1,600 feet,, which are
boxed und shipped to wholesalers, It
is also furnished l„ lengths of from
three to ten meters (ten tn thirty-three
feet), folded us oftcil ns may be required for convenient packing, These
tapers are uow used chiefly by wine
merchants nnd by sextons in lighting
Church candles.
The very short nnil thick caudles,
called vellleuses, or night candles, are
composed of a mixture of wax nnd
stearin. The molding machine differs
considerably from tho apparatus used
for ordinary candles, although the principle of the operation la unchanged,
After tbo little candles have cooled
tho attendant removes thuui from the
molds nud conveys llieni to women,
who put them In tin cups, which prevent the escape of melted wax during
combustion, and pass them to other
women, who label aud pack thom.
I'lirufllncd paper la made simply by I
drawing long rolls of paper by meant
of ii series of cylinders through n steam
heated trough containing a sol,,,im, nf
paraffin nnd stearic acid and thence to
a large wooden cylinder, on which it Is
rolled.—Scientific American,
Ul. Iliina a -tunillnl,
Walter Kason, livhig In Newport,
Me., baa the mysterious ability of being
able to tell the accurate time of day
by simply lookiug In tbe palm of his
baud us another would look at hia
watch. Xo one has beeu nhle to learn
bis method, and In fact ue himself cannot explain tbe source of bis power.
Many of the people of tbe village who
doubted bis power uud who looked
upon It as n "fairy story" have by
their own observation nnd experiments
become convinced of Its truth.--Thurs-
tou (Me.) Journal.
U. llenllr l-tl.i,-ii and Got a "Plea*,"
bnt Wa. Not a Hood Dor,
;    Jack Iloruer of tho Christmas pis
I really existed, though whether he de-
served the title of "good boy" ia ex.
ceedingly doubtful.  Uo waa, however,,
a fortunate rogue.
Wheu  Henry VIII, suppressed the ;
monasteries ami drove the monks from
tlieir nests the title deeds of tbe Abbey
of Mella were demanded by the com-'
mlssiom-rs. The abbot of Glastonbury
determined that ho would send them
to London, nud as the documents were
very valuable and the road Infested
with thieves It was difficult to ge' i
them to the metropolis safely.
To accomplish this end bo devised a i
very Ingenious plan, He ordered a I
savory pie to bo made, ntnl inside bs j
put the documents, the finest tilling a
pie over bad, and Intrusted this dainty |
to a lad named Horner to carry up to I
London to deliver safely Into tho hand*
for whom It was Intended.
But the Journey waa long and tlie
day cold, and the boy waa hungry, and
thc pie waa tempting, aud the chance ol
detection was small.
So the hoy broke off a piece of the
pie and beheld a parchment within. IU
pulled it forth, Innocent enough, wondering how it could have found ita way
there tied up In pastry, and arrived lo
The parcel wns delivered, but thi
title deeds of Mella abbey were missing.
Tho fact was that Jack had thom In
his pocket. Those were the Juiciest
plunis in tlie pie. Great waa tho rage
of tho commissioners and heavy tin
vengeance tbey dealt out to tin* monks.
But Master Jack Horner kept his
secret, and when peaceable times wore
restored he claimed the estates aud received them.
you will never return to the adulterated
teas of Japan.
Highest Award at St, Louie 1904.
Ayers Pills
Ayers Pills
Keep saying it, over and over again.
Ayer's Pills. Aycr's Pills. Ayer's
Pills. The best liver pills ever mads.
They cure constipation, inJis-.tion,
biliousness, alck-beadicbe. All veto-
table, sugar-coated, mildly laxative.
'          J.O.l-aiOa,
W.li.a-MMCT.i.1   »'a avWIak
lb. farwal'l .1 all nr MtdtH.
The Flying Mnetilii--.
Snntos-Duruont has constructed a flying machine with which be expects to
win tbe Dtutscb-Archdeacon $10,000
prize for machines heavier than the
nir. This new machine Is to be s
"hcllooptere," or screw flier, an apparatus which will mise, support and
propel itself through the nir solely by
tbe power of horizontal and vertical
Element. Tlmt Un to  M.J.r  l „
Ordinary Hainan llclm*.
A person weighing about 100 pounds
ta made up of the following elements:
Tounals. rouml*.
Osygen    SS.OO Carbon  11.0"
Hydrogen  14.00 Calcium  3.:*
Nitrogen  3..''* Phosphorus  1.0*
Chlorine    1.00 Rulphur  I
Vluorlne  M Potassium  II
  Bodlum  II
Cascj w*," Magnesium  if
Iron    01
Some |ici>ains have periodical attacks of Canadian cholera, dysentery
ne diarrhoea, and have to use great
precautions to avoid the disease,
Chango ol water, cooking, and green
fruit is sure to bring on the attacks,
To such persons ive would recommend
Dr. .1. I). Kellogg'o Dysentery Cordial
a- hem.; tha best medicino in tie
ket Inr all Bummer eon,plaints.
lew drop- arc taken in water when
the symptoms aro noticed no further
trouble "ill bo experienced,
Canada lias tha richest wheat soil
iu the world,
Bollils  <9.It
The gaseous elements exist In our
body in a state of very great condensation, since under ordinary conditions
of temperature and pressure eighty-
eight pounds of oxygen would occupy
a volume of more than 1,000 cubic feet
and fourteeu pounds of hydrogeu one
of 2.1.00 cubic feet. The ubove mentioned elements forming un Infinite
variety of compounds and constantly
undergoing chemical transformation go
to make up the human body, which Is
In u constant Btate of decay and renovation. Tliisi. however, la not apparent
to the eye, and one ol the great cnlg-
iiiui- mas of animal life Is the permanence
If n of form maintained despite the coutln.
ual change of substance. This changl
la so rapid thai, according to the calculations of l.lehlg, Molosehott and
other eminent physiologists; the grout-
er part of the material of the body Is
renewed every twenty or thirty days
aud not, as generally assumed, only
once lu seven years.
Tin- rat-.
Is there anything so wonderful as
tlie eye! I do not core bow cold the
weather may be tbo eye never fulls. In
a the wildest of Montana blizzards, when
J the thermometer registers no degrees
. below zero, when the feet and lingers
I freeze, When the throat freezes, when
even the torso, swathed in sweaters
and chamois ski„ve.sti„gs,freezes;wln'ii
i the nose ami ears are frost bitten, when
tho hair oven crackles In the blast—
j when all Is lost apparently, the eyes
' suffer no pain, but continue to perform
their normal functions. The people of
tho most Inclement, most frigid regions of the extreme north bundle up
everything but their eyes. In Canada
you may have a man to rush nt you all
ot a sudden and sl.ip a handful of
snow on your ears or nose or mouth,
but he never attacks your eyes. The
eyes nre never frost bitten, Tbey seem
to suffer only In a strong wind which
carries In Its current snme Irritating
substance, ns Band In the desert nr
fine "coriander seed" in Ibo polar regions. And yet, notwithstanding this,
tlie eyes are the most sensitive of our
several organ*.
Shllllnl the Illume,
It Is the custom of the Khondl In tbe
Madras presidency to offer a buffalo
In sacrifice In substitution for the human victim, but In lining so they make
long apologies to the deity, explaining
that they themselves would willingly
moke tbe customary sucrillee, but nre
prevented by the British government,
on whose head thoy pray that any anger at their neglect ut duty n;.j be
St, had  P, Q.. Aug. 18, 1 04,
Mm.ml'- 1.1,i,inert t ii. Limited,
Gentlemen.-"] have Frequently
u-eil MINAIllis LINIMENT andalao
prescribe it for my patients, and I
consider it the host all-round Liniment extant.
Ya.an. truly,
1)11. JUS. Al',.. Sll!,,|S,
Fterrooi Polka nnd met.
As a rule, suit meat la not adapted to
the requirements of nervous people, as
nutritious Juices go Into tbo brine to
a great extent, l'lsli of nil kinds Is
good for them. Haw eggs, contrary to
the common opinion, nre not as digestible as tlioso that hnvo been well cooked,
(iood bread, SWCCt butter und lean
meat nre the best fooal for the nerves.
l'ooplo troubled with Insomnia ond
nervous starting from sleep nnd sensations of falling can often bo cured by
limiting themselves to a diet of milk
alone for n time.  An adult should take
The Word "Kntllr."
Very curious has been llie history of
the word "Kallir." Sir Henry Itawlln-
sou once said that the loveliest oriental
lady he had ever seen waa u Kallir
slave at Kabul. When she had loosen.
oil her gadib'ti hair slie could cover herself completely as with a veil. This
name of Kutllr Is aa worldwide aa
Isluinism, for It Is the minie of "unbeliever" applied by true Mohammedans 10 those that refuse the faith
The Portuguese lound ,t applied to the
negroes iif east Africa by their Arab
predecessors and banded It on to the
Dutch and to the English, The Kallir
slave at Kabul belonged lo one of
those black dad mountain tribes In
the heart of Afghanistan, who till I8U3
deiied their Moslem neighbors and on
their dlssy precipices gloated on their
Idolatry.   These Afghan Kaffirs claim
lo be descended from tbe Greeks who
came with Alexander in bis conquest
of tlic east.
Jusi  the Same.
In pleadlnc before the House ol
Lords one day Mr Scott, afterward
l.nr.l Eldon, happened to say in his
board accent,
"In plaan English, man lor.ls," upon
which cue nf ,h" lords reninrlicl:
''In plain Beotch. you mean. Mr.
Bcott." And tho prompt advocate Instantly rej. lined:
"X.ie matter. In plaan common sense,
moa lord, an' that a the same in a'
Canada's wheat yield, 1" yean
busholl In llie uel'c; I'. S. 13.
Canada'! So, i haul wheal contains! a pint nt a meal and tako four meals
a day.   People wilh weakened nerves
A lady writes:   1 was enabled to re-
luilvo the corns, root and branch, bilbo use nl Holloway'a Corn   Curo.
tit hers who hnve triad   it   havo   the
saino experience.
Manitoba Nt.. l Hani i- tha lughin
priced wheat In the World,
Minard's Liniment Cures Dandruff.
grains grown iu Canada wero ihown al
tho Bt, Louis Fair.
It Quiets
the Cough
This is one reason why Ayer's
Cherry Pectoral is so valuable in consumption. It stops
the wear and tear of useless
coughing. But it docs more
—it controls ihe inflammation,
quiets Ihe lever, soothes, and
heals.   Sold for 60 years.
** Aaer'l Ch.rry r-ftnr», h.. H..-.. n-jf".!
Ill, pi-aarref lefii-.  Il -.reitBttl in, tl.ia.iiuh
. ,-v-ra m,na- ol paenn-iala, .nil , f**1
thai I '"-• hit Iif. ' > 111 a... alrtf.il ."'at!..
,p.rta,a."- Willi.m 11. Tallin, W.»»,
tte-ult nr lnl-„.<. Cmotlon.
A young cat waa seen to catch his
lirst mouse.   As he was carrying It In
triumph to the house ho suddenly became paralyzed In Uie hind quarters,
nml for nn hour remained stretched <*u
the ground. Then movement returned,
but it was observed frem the wny bo
knocked himself against the furniture
im.t luudu no effort lo lake food which
was given lo blm Hint ho was blind.
I'or two hours be remained In Ihls condition. Finally ihe blindness suddenly
vanished and pussy was hlmoolf again,
Ilia was n case of hysterical paralysis,
brought on by the Intense dilution of
bis tlrst mouse.
Worms derange the a-hole system,
Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator
deranges n-orms and gives rest te tho
sufferer. It only costs -'• nuts to try
trouble trill bo oxporienced.
more nllmminimis than the best
ropean kinds,
Minard's Liniment Relieves Neuralgia.
rei|ulre frequently o larger quantlly of
water than those whose nerves and
brains nro strong. It aids the digestion
of these by making It soluble ond
nan  . to have a direct tonic effect.
l.nnl Strathcons iayi
ten  yean   »ill   groa   i
insiliti by Britain.
She Wn. Lett.
Miss Oldham OWOko III Hie middle of
the night and found n burglar ransacking her trunk.   Sho did not scream;
but, looking him square In tha eye, she
pointed tO the door and said;
"Leave ine „t once, sir!"
"Oh, Hun's all right, madam," said
the burglar as bo backed toward tho
door, "1 had no Intention uf taking
A Recognised Regulator, To bring
thn digestive organs into oymmetrioal
ivnrking i- the nun ol physician* a-hen
thoy ii'el a ihi,n-iit suffering Irom
stomachic irregularities, and for thli
purpose thoy csn proscribe nothing
bettor than Parmlee'i Vegetable
■ l'ills. which tv ill he found a pleasant
medicine ni surprising virtue in bringing the refractory nrgani into subjection and restoring then, to nrrmal ao-
tion, in which condition only can thoy
perform theii duties propi rly.
Oilpher llnlli. I'nr nn,-iii.ini,.,,,.
Bulphur baths nro of value In rheumatism. Take one tablespoonful of
burnt llmo. Mil Into a paste wlih one
Canada in wlneglassful of cold wstor, snd lot It
I tho grain reinnln for ten minutes. Then stir Into
| one gallon of water. To tbia add one
' ounce of milk of sulphur. I: a hi
the boiling point In a suitable vessel
nml keep boiling for ten minutes. Now
transfer to the both, nml add two gallons of hot water.   I'se when pleasant-
A  l'u.illiiK Trlt-k.
Take n piece ol tvrlUng paper about
thri-* Inchei Bqunro and with a lead
pencil. Ihe point Ol Which has been
dl| ped In water, draw a circle, a
square, n triauglo nr any other gen
metrical figure, Put (lie paper carefully on a pan of water, lotting it Ooat
ntnl leaving tho surfacodry, I
drop water on tho surfaco of tbe paper
Until tie' „.,;,,.,, «lt!iiii the figure Is
lllliil. The moistened ptna*l lines will
keep it from Bowing ontsnln \ha u-i >a
Now place th" polut uf .1 pin over some
point In tin. figure near the edge, Ths
pin point must penetrate tho surface
of the water, but must not touch ths
paper. At once tho paper will float
around until the pin points directly to
tho center of the figure, See If you
can Und out why it dues this,
Appetite comes wiih eating
and each square of crisp de-
liciousness seems but to make
room for more.
Mooney's Perfection
Cream Sodas
are different from any other
cracker. Nothing heavy or
doughy about them but so light
and crisp that they are transparent. Mooney's biscuits will
be a regular dish on your table
if you 'vill try them.
Say "Mooney's" to your grocer.
i iinnaiiiti lerpeata inin ,'.,.,.
The Egyptian cobra is nol unlike Its
Asiatic cousin excepl in tho absen f
the curious spectacle-like mark which
distinguishes the latter, Although it Is
ths mosl poisonous ,. ptllo known to
inhabit northern Africa, it la tbs (a
vorlto   aiming   the   make   charmers
ii conjurors know bow to render
this serpent rigidly unconscious by
pressing the nape of Its neck with a
linger Thi. nd appears to throw the
reptile Into catalepsy, In which he is ns
stiff a* au imu rod, Traces al
thing similar having I n pra,   cod In
ly warm.   Keep from Ihe fua-e, ua the   ol len times may be found in tho Bib!
particles of sulphur, etc., aro intensely
Irritating to U,o eyes.
The Man's Dullness,
"Aw-really." remarked Qui oD le
ley, "isn't it ridiculous to say ' I I
do not make tl o mnn?'"   "Quito so,"
replied Choi ;• Dro 'If - ■        I
baivaa sii many clothes nne would nol
need a n, an" pb \ Pr,
bu In        * III ,      - a .       : I
Her Reference.
"1 ,1'u lint qtillo - i'i: ' tl with      *
references," snld tho lady of tbo len,so
to ,1 i. applying (or woi .
ther nm I, mum, but they're tbo best
1 could got"—Milwaukee Boi   it)
Ad* or Ity borrows iis sharpest sting
bowels r:-sulnr with Ayer'u Pills, from our Inipatloncev Uorno,
Ho Candollei mode n very careful
examination, historically and botanic-
ally, of ihe origin ol wheat and claims
that lis native h nno was In Iho ■ itonu
of Anneals, whero II Is still found to
bl growing wild
A   .1,] an.    -a     I'n.i-r-.
A Japan.'... pro , rb nor,I, remember-
He who knot II DOWI not
■" knows ic 1- a fool. : i,
"Ho wl, I :.,:
I e    aa-i- noi i humble, Too   bi
"Ho who knows snd :
ho know v.
ii*- who knows and     iv * that no
knows Is n wlso uini   Poll iw him,"
"here Aaron made
rod or staff.
a sor| enl of bis
A   V.ntii a  «,,.l.r,
The only sine woy to tell a venomous
snake la to kill Hie reptile, ope,, Its
DOUth with a stick uud look fur Ihe
hollow, curved Inngs, When nol In
a,-e they are conprensed against tbo
roof of the mouth, beneath tho reptile's
I'm'*.  They nre hinged, as you i in ioo
you : ill them fi rward « tb „ i"'„
■ venom is conl lined
nlddeu beneath the skin ut the base of
e:i' h (ang   Field and Btream,
llie Remedy,
"I itm grc | with kls| to
mania,"  exclaimed  tho  fashionably
I woman os sh,
d,     Imcnt,   "Now, whut would
IVlSt 111.' In lui.e fnr ItJ"
I "Your departure, madam, by oll
means," replied tho fioorwalksr, and
•*W»d her to the slevatM
Suite Tree,,
0 • , tbt
llrluln o| lli.  \\ .,.,,.nek.
b:m of wool in ,
III  to cr       Iho at
i   •
the co ■ ■ :■■ of
kteplng frlendli ivl b; landers TIIK  EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B. C.
Real Estate
We have enquiries tar good
ll'lS'.llaaSS       alllal       I leS la ll'll t iai
properly. I.i.t yours with
us Via dn .In' business
t'.aiisul,   us  before  Inning-
Jane I Ion Block
North Vancouver,
l\'..-t ~1,*4- ,A' k|,v-*U I in a gasoline launch made a trip
UlSinCt Ot NOrtn ,o the North Arm and followed the
Large stuck ul IIOMK-tiKOWN Fruit
and Ornamental Trees no« matured lor
the Iall trade,
Na, expense, i ies or delay ol  lumi-
gntinii nr inspection.
' l|e;i,|,|ii:irta-r- lur I'aeillc Coost-aroivn
Garden, Held, anal Flower   Seeds   in
Hl'.l-: SUPPLIES, Suray Pumps,
Whole Oil v- ,ip, lireenlinuse Plants,
(Jul Flowers, Hnllis tor Fall plan,ing.
\\i' il  Ii isitu'B" mr own grounds—
no rent tu pay and are prepared to meet
all ciitti|H'titiii|l.
I..-, me price your list More placing
your order,
Catalogue Iree.
3010Wcstniinstorlload,Vancouver, III'
Rolled Oats
liaij and Feed
Milling Co.
Harry Mitchell, local manager,
Lonsdale Avenue.
Fine, healthy Tomato and
Cauliflower Plants, grow,, from
Sutton's Seeds, always on hand.
iur tlic following wurks, viz.:
1. Fur Embanking Oil Keith Uund, between Hcwicke   avenue and Mosquito
2. Clearing. Grubbing and tlradlng
Approaches to Ciipilniiu bridge,
:',. Laying Four-foot Sidewalk along
Fifteenth street—two blocks.
I. Clearing, Urubbing and Grading
fur deviation ol Keith, near .lulu, Kay's
6, Clearing and (iruhhlng ton lent
iiiile i,lung Sutherland avenue, from
Seventeenth street to Nineteenth si reel
Spec Itentions nl these wurks can lie
had al the municipal hall, where sealed
lenders with deposits must bo lodged before 7::iu p, in. oii 3rd Oi'tobor next.
Ai.,:*.. I'm,.,,'. C. M. C.
sorth mw
ferry & rora CO,
Commencing October i, 1906.
lllllll I: ii. SMITH
Barrister, Solieilor, Notary, Etc.
THiinr* .s 111.,. K, South Vasi..i'vi:ii, B, 0,
Uill. E M.   is-.-  s, M   1    |, 1. II.; B, |i
Shiomi. I*. A : A W. lli,i-E,i. „ .'..
Mima, si in i, 1i k nm
ll. nisi its. Sulir'ilors.
V'liirii's. Etc,
Oiiici-  Ii S. *   Biillillns. I'm einivor, anil
llllll'IIUII   lllnak,   Sell,I    Vlll IV.r.
l \pert Conveyancing, Ite.,
v,. I. IKWIN,
STAN,.,'*'   I'AIII*
Ale and Stout
In lt-,lllt--*. IC«UH nil', l'i'1*
the Koiiai Brewing Co,, Ltd.
TKI.. .inl
p. mmi
. .TAILOR. .
t m
11 ::,l,
7 :2ll
. 0:00
.. ,10:OU
..     .10:4fi
.... 1:45
.  .. 4:111)
, 4:45
. .V..II)
. 8:15
The school boaril meets tonight.
Art'   'on   going   to   the   New
Westminster f iir this week?
Capt. C. Cites lost a  valuabli
locket tin, ether day.   He prize,
£a"F"N,.n I to tin Hi Van hit for it most because ol the minatiir,
l',w" I photographs in it.
torily done here.
Large ipmntities ol shingles
were shipped across the inlet this
Engineer McWilliams, ol lhe
ferry St George, is having a
canopy top put on his launch, the
shore line as far as the hotel
wharf. Tliey were delighted with
the trip.
Rates' auction rooms have what
you want.
The Express purchased a new
heater this week. The devil is
now in his element.
The ruin it niinclh every dny,
Upon tint jnst'aud unjust fellows;
llul cliiellv Oll the just, licciuse
The unjust take the justs' umbrellas,
P. \V. Fowler, ol the Vancouver
lIVA/i has purchased the properly
at the corner of Thirteenth street
and Million avenue, and will erect
a house thereon,
The principal public work now
in progress in this municipality is
tha Lynn valley road, which extends for more than a mile, At
From Die's camp a bridge 200 feet
long will he built. Askew & Kennedy are the contractors. Tbey
expect to finish this 54,000 contract about the middle ol November.
Seventeenth street will be improved from Lonsdale to St.
Andrew's avenues. This work
will extend (or 1,400 leet, and
water pipe will be put in.
McLennan & Cameron have secured the contract (or excavating,
filling and grading First stieet
west, from Lonsdale to Mahon
avenues. This new work extends
for a third of a mile and 100 feet
in width, lt will be completed by
the new year.
The B, C. Electric have about
5c men on the pay roll here, and
this number will in all probability
be adtled to, as there is enough
construction work to keep theni
going till next spring.
Work will be commenced forthwith extending the tramway service on Queensbury avenue, from
Keith road to Twenty-first street.
Messrs. McLennan & Cameron,
contractors, have begun work on
lhe grading of First street. The
water pipe in some places where
it is above grade must be lowered.
Mr. ("lias. Durston, of the real
estate firm of Eves & Durston,
returned irom bis holidays   this
'271: LOT 21, BLOCK 152 FOR
The   North  Vancouver Specialist
161 Cordova Street.
^ift^e^f^lr^^^ j,'
! Rainier Beer
Is a glorious beverage—quenching and
satisfying. Remember there's no other
"just as good"—insist on getting Rainier.
I Vancouver, B. C. ij
■ *
■ i
Western Corporation, Ltd.
Having in operation a sawmill in North
Vancouver we are prepared to deliver ull kinda of
Vancouver City Prices. Call and nee for yourselves.
412 Hastings Street West, Vancouver, IV. C.
British Columbia Electric Railway Co., Ltd.
rnKNDKR" will. r,r. KKCKIVKH
I by Mr. J. W. Ili.riii-,ul II to Xiirtl,
Vm iv, r.  inr excavation i.| l"t* mi
nuriiur nl  LoimJiilu  iivi-iiiu   mnl tin-
The Forrager brought in a loatl
ol hay ami te, d this week loi
Brackman-Ker's feed store.
__________________ Knplaiiiiiiti.
I'luiu nml npi-vitliHlionn mny In' uli'
Tillnnuin tainiHt «t IMek'H reul crfiit 'olltc-st-r frmii     Bruce   Walker  lias   soli
I II'j ||  CI.RAMSO,  I'RKSSINH, m, \i,,u,. house and lot, near the corner ol
SaII'Nii tNDMAl.ETOORDKII J{^"rm'' * »'''»'™M,fi-v I Mahon   avenue   and   Thirteenth
uiiol.ii. mm m ™ n 'T""""r'
OT   ' Ti-M'li-r-••'"-. "1 .it
Ol, k-rami, won,
Ai.k.umuia l'.MiK-ii:!,,■> a. in., 0:35, ,i:45, 7i05, Ida, 7MR, 8:10, «::'4i, S:.ri0,
9:10, USUI, 9:W, 10:10, 10:30, 1U:"i0, liiiu, 11:30, ll:"i,i. 13:10, TJ.3U, 13:5ii.
FaaitV—(IllJ ,t. m., ii::i.ri. UM, 7:15, T,:i.i, S:IH), 8:30. H:-.". DUIII, W-.20. !':4ll,.
week, hav,iik visited among oilier ">;00, »«!S«. WHO. U:™. »*i Urtl), ISrtRI, 13:30, I3MU, i:iii|.. to.
mnl Alax-Mitt- I'.ntK -I :io |>. in., I iHO, I :S0, '.',10, 2,:i0, t!:!>o, 3:10, B:30, 8.M,
4:l,i, 4:30, 4:80, 5:10, 5:80, 5:V) It'll), ii: u, 0:60, 7:10, 7:5„, MM, s::;u, H 00,
0:80. IOiOO, 10:30, II no, 11:30, 13:00.
;,   i     i ,'.-"■ i'    fi        Kkiihv—1:20 p. ,n , 1:411, 2:(K), 7:.*0, '.',40, 8:00, 3:30, 3:40. 4:011, 4:'.'U, 4:40,
,     -j „,,..   ,.|i •_,„ 5:00, 630, 5:40, (1:00. 11:30, 0:40, 7:00,7:30, 7:40, 8-.1J, 8n5, 0:15,0:46,'10:16,
a workman, accidentlj   lell intoIn..,. \\.\\ W.A
the water Monday afternoon at tlie |
nny landing here
recovered before the services o( a|     Tliii* time table !■ mibjoet to aliuratlnn. W. ll. Bi'satiav.
Hmt were resorted to. 	
Seattle,    Tacoma
iiest,   belonging   tol
Ki'niiavs—Can, sun Inun Alexandra park ut S:l0, >ml connect «iili tlii*S::i0
and was nut l(cMrv,
;        W*' I,,ivi- reiitt'il every liou*-u listed wiili us, and
j |lttvc for tlie lusi few weeks been turning numerous customers ,,\*:ty.
;        Wi- Imvc iirders from over fifty resjionsililn
tenants for houses of from four to seven rooms,
with modern conveniences, at rentals from$lii lo
j $311 per month; also several houses with from seven
J to tw, Ive r, tins wanted, at rentals from $!iO to ■*1)
j |„.r |,|i)i '.I,    li you hove ,i house for rent or sale,
i>|i use nolifj ii- in liately,
j Mho wtinled elose-iii lots, blocks and acrcupe,
j ;,i rcnsonahle pric -.   We have cash customers
| witi, over -'  i" be invested in North Van-
| couver properly, mid if you wish to make a cash
j Jul-' al i'i'jIii prices, without delay, you are request-
I i-i! to list with 'i- immediately.
Yours truly,
Corner Lonsdalo Ave. ami Fifth Sl,
CAPITAL, m.1"'  KESERVE, $3,043,997
Head Offii >' in Cr, ,adn  Montreal,
H. Si'iklmi'-, Gen, ral Manag,,. |  lii.Msi.v, Supl. ol branches
Branches in llritisli Coliimhia Aslicroft, Circenwood,
Hcdli-v, Kaalo, Rosslaml, Trail 1S11I1 Branch), Vancouver,
Victoria, Liiincana, and Dawson, Y.T.
Savings I" p»rtmi nl   D, poails received Irom (1 upwards,
OJficp, (or. IiiiimIoIr Ave. ami I spltin.iilr-, North Vancouver,II. (.
Mr. Forest, ol Vancouver, is
putting up „ house at lhe co*;nei
nl Durham and Eleventh street.
The streams Cyphus, Capilano,
I Lynn and Seymour are reported
to lu- liill I'i dog salnio'ii,  tin: run
ul which lish tli is year has beert
Bressey and Quinn lelt yester-
■ ■ [or I astpiita island with einlii
teams, where he   will   log   this
Electric lights have been installed iti lhe  Lonsdale   avenui
Mi     Bacheloi and Mis. Clarl*
nvi   returned Irom their trip to
Scotland.    Mis   Ctnrh  has been
iway I ' ah ml s,x months,   Thev
im re di lighted with iln:ir extended
I trip.
Dr, anil Mis Matin ^"„. Green
wood, wi ,'■ 1 allei - .it '1111 Kn-
I'ri     \, sti rday,    1 he dot tor was
.,  , -t ol  Vani ouver, liavinf
run the fust joli printing office ii
: ,11 ni.    Naturally, he has seen
1     in mentions * hanges hereabouts,
!        Mr. and Mrs. Hughes, ol Four
'I    ■ leenth strii'l, will leave shoilly lo,
1 alifornia, lo spend lhe winter,
Several spurts,nn, nnd tliei*
dogs arrived ,,, town during tht
■ 111, and proceeded lo the woods
|iihn Laley, Scranton, Pa,, a,
old miner, is prdspecting with Iwi
others in the mountain on 111 ■
It is reported thai work will b
itarted immediately on the build
■ ai  is largo srows ,11 Wallace',
„, 1
Sa veral ol those who   are   e
Vancouvei   with   the   Canadiai
1 on itry Association and Mann
lurei   A.ssni iation were in low,
. mul ;.a iterday.   One pari; I lie contractoi
Miss M. Hearn, Toronto, with
Iriends, was a uni'St at Hotel |
North Vancouver on Wednesday.
J. Lockhart, Hriltauia mini's,
was here the other day. Things
are very busy at the mines, and
more nun will bu put to work
The Foresters will in future
incut in Bums' hall, Lonsdah'
Brackman's & Kit's local flour
and feed store received a shipment
by boat on Wednesday of over 100
tons ol hay and feed, This firm
reports business good.
W. C. Grtibbe, Sudbury, Ont.,
registered „t Hotel North Van-
1 ouvei ",i Sunday.
|ames Simmons, Seattle, was
here this weekt Ileal estate at
the Queen City is very active.
J. A. York, Edmonton, arrived
ii, town the other day.
Thus. J. Daiiphinc, New Wesl-
minster, paid thc town a visit on
Monday. The lair at the Royal
City this year promises to surpass
ill others il the weather is at all
Bales' auction rooms lor stoves,
glass w„,e, lurnitiire, mattiasses
mil springs.
The Junction block has re-
eivi'd a fresh coat of paint this
J. ('.. Williams this week began
levelling the ground for the laying
il the lid, walk on the east side of
Lonsdale avenue. The planks
will be laid as far as Third street.
Irwin i\: Hilling's'ncw offices, on
Fifth ami Lonsdale, arc last near-
„g completion,
Work will be started forthwith
in the extension of Lonsdale
ni',,,,!■ from Twenty-first street,
he tramway terminus, up to King
treel in Nye's sub-division This
uirli will extend for about three
fourths ol a mile.     Mr. Tinker is
Re.il Estate and Insurance       W0NKR 0RY mK s,0Rt-
Vou *,,, „ii.i ,1 tint ij u, v.iur uivtauit to $ame l)r;c(:i and ill same cases
ne uio liflitlt'i'lttaini; .11) tli'tit. i
i'/icu]H,'r l/iaii city.
P. Larson, Prop.
A M R F fVTTIFNotary Public'Gencral Auctionee
*• I'l* DLr\l ML )8T Cordova  sreel,   Vancouver,  B.   C
Ih. lelll at rooms nr private lmuse or liuyi natri||lit all
clawei ul household kikhIh or bankrupt Hiook- lor cash,
He li,i« »oini) nl the ttiicut lin*ine»s anil waterlront proporty In North
Vancouver, Bee him stonesII you thinkolploklnj u-.* proporty in
thli section. Bswlse, BUY NOW, and vou win make money, 11 11
J. 4. McMILL4N, thc E*|)l(mtide


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