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 NWy Ugj, ,Ulfmhlj/
®k Ixjwhb
Ratepayers' Meeting;
The annual meeting ol the ratepayers
wu held In the city hall on Wednesday
Keeve Mayoi the district municipality
occupied the chair, aud the hall wu
tilled to its utmost capacity by ratepayers.
Mr. Mordcn, iu Uie dosing «]i*eeli ol
Mie finnim, suiprieed his hearers by
Mie snileiuent tlmt al a recent uieetinx
of tlie shareholders of the company ii
was foiiud that tli« Perry company hei,
tm JsiniHiy l, r.Kii. up ui i)*c. W
1!«I7, made n U't tin-lit over snd abuvc
all ex4>eus*-H uf $17,.VX>.
The funt subject of di-ruieauB ol llie
eveniiiK was Uie fiueucinl re|eM*t ol '■"'
ill)- fur llie lsisl seven inmillis. ending
Ilea*  ill, 11)01.
Numerous qui'-nioiis MM ttkei relative lo the statement ami the deiaib.
vaeie --itiHUKtiTei)' gone lul" ami finall)
|iii*««l luinniinonsly by llie uieeiinn
.Several ol lb* electors piesenl sisike u
•i romniniihilory way of tlie untyur aim
slileniien for Uie eu«r*c*tk* and ta*
scielKioil* work tJiat Ihey liml done during tlieir lenn uf uflive, und il was
luiiiuiiuiHisI)    .twill*-.!   that  Uie  preiwtia
liielllhi-l-a I-.-l.ollM klSll'l   lui' UalUliualHIU fill
ii m,I tier  term.
He mayor, hi reH.viiii:. *q"*ke of i.
iiniiilm of new deiehqanenls lliul llu*
council Imd I..-.-H iiMruuiintnl in ueitiui!
for th** eH), such ns a coutiiusiiH telephone serine, arrangements ahm»it c-n*i»-
lileied fit; lhe installation of the lieau
ulfiee of the Wirelew Telmraidi C"'»
ftallon in lhe iiiy, ami a number „i
•MM nmllers uiiisiile uf llie MMM
l.iInns, wlni'li mvusiousd his cuiii-ail s
ureal  uiiiuinii  "f  work.
Ahleriioin Irwin spoke ami ei**hiii"l
the workings of his frniilnge hnpnive-
liu'lll  h)luw.
Ahlenniiii Dick e*tnted lliul llie sew-
ei-iuf piu|«».ilia«i lins lieen considered b)
the isiiuiiil ami he though! either tin
I WIN ur Hie Ham eotincils would liitre
ihis mailer to deal  with.
Aldrrlnnn Bmrry •H"**' of the water
•yet'iii nml reetnuinemleal heavier pi|ies
as MC ns Una cil) was liii.iiui.illi able
lb use mich.
Ahleriiinii <.'rkk«is) staled that ns
ehiilriuen of lhe fire and light tisiimiltee
his conuuitlee, through the ianni,*il. hmi
SIS * ..— fllll.l   lasni-leleil   the  new  fire  hall
ineT liud ii sjsfiu ehiiust completed
whereby sny part of N,e city would lie
well protected 1n car* of fire. In the
miitlei uf lighting, the street lamps were
tieing plnced ns ins a**n>u da-nuimleil.
Alderman Smith referred I" his i~ I
)■*, liiw nnd regrelted to nay Mut Uiere
were yet s few daigs sroutid the city
without tlie city's tag on their ii'ck-
lle sleo hoped thnt in caHisequence ol
the Sun.In) rinsing, which wns nrtnl ou
through his committee, Ihnt every one
wollld be n i.Nnniittee ol oue lo k* ■•*,
n»■ iiy fnnu the hotels on Snnduy.
The meeting dispersed after n henrty
rote of thautu hnd Iieeu eileuiled to tht
mayor uml aldermen.
Orer IW members and visitors were
pn-.cnl u< 0"' msliillnliuii limalions nml
ws'inl held by Uie Kniirlitx of Pythhis,
in ili.-ir knll on Tuesday evening.
The Imll was lienulifnlly dewraled
with fkniTH nml blurting.
The pn-Brain of iiismllntiuii wn. Intermingled with va«*nl selections mnl ml-
iln-.ta-in. by lucnl mnl visiting members.
At a races* In tht program tlif Mg*
uieinhepi served a Biiniptwiiis supper.
Among those pns-ent were iiuiiiy Indii's
and vitiitiug niniils'rs Innn Viimoiiver.
II. K. lleid, de|Hity grind eliane-dlor.
nffirlaled ns iustnllnlion offirhil.
'Hie following officers ww* duly In-
■talM in Hi* severnl offices: C. C, J.
T. Device; V. C, C. E. Uwson; Prel.
~. C. KisemiMui; M. of W„ t, Wheeler:
K. II. of R, 11. K. Held; M. ,tt t, A.
N. <S*-fin; M. of V.. A. Onvles; \l at
A., W. P. Hnlg; 1 tl., I, Reiudinw; 0.
<}., Ceo.  Duff
A meellna of the North Vnncaiuvee
Pouthnll club wnn held hint evening nnd
n team wclccted lo piny Westminster on
Rail unlay.
Tlm Imoks iaf the club for the pr»vi*
oils six iiionilis were rxnniatied nnd |ts**s*
Oenenl matters wtrs alterwnnlt discussed.
(IV ID 111
Aids. Dick, Irwin, Smith and
Crickmay have intimated their
willingness to again seek political
honors lor the present year.
Ex-constable Tarn and his
brother Frad have tsken over the
blacksmithing business on First
street, carried on by Jas. Yates
These yonng men are well and
favorably known, and Thi Express
wishes theni every success in their
new venture. It may be added
that Robt. Tarn managed the
business before, and, therefore, is
perlectly posted in the standing
and prospects of the business.
The members and Iriends of the*
Young People's Club spent a most
enjoyable social and musical evening in St. Andrew's church on
Tuesday evening last, what with
vocal and instrumental music oi
high quality, recitations, readings
and games, and a first-class tea
served in the interval by the young
ladies of the club. A first-rate
entertainment wai afforded to
all who were present. Next
Tuesday evening the members of
the club will he called upon to
carry through a mock civic election, candidates having already
been nominated for the offices of
mayor and aldermen, and a poll
becomes necessary in both instances. Candidates will be asked
to air their views and future tactics
in the event of their being elected
to office. Much interest and instruction is expected to be gained
at the meeting.
Alex. McLaren, deputy fruit inspector, paid the city and district
a visit last week, ln talking to
Thi Expriss he said that he was
highly pleased with the many fine
specimens of fruit trees he came
across during his inspection. The
new trees were very clean, but the
old ones, however, were in some
cases dirty and effected with the
San Jose scale. Inspector McLaren also spoke in glowing terms
of the landscape. In all his
travels in the province he saw no
more admirable spot for fruitgrowing and gardening. He
thought that there could be a
large addition of flowers and
shrubs, which would certainly
beautify the residences. For instance : He did not come across
any Laurstcin, an everbloom,
similar to the holly. It blooms in
September and all winter. Asked
as to how the Indian reserves
were being cultivated, he replied
that they were under the control
of the federal government, which
should assist the Indians in teaching them how to take care of their
trees, some of which were very
fine ones. Mr. McLaren left for
the Kamloops experimental farm
which will be run in connection
with the old men's home.
The repairing of the pipe line is
about completed, and in future
precautions will be taken to keep
il in good condition,
Jan. Hay mul fnuiily, recently of Vernon, It. C . have mured to this city, with
Hie intention of hsuo-lnlng permanent residents. Mr. Ilny lias leased 11 house in
the nininthue. hm iulrinls In MM
shortly for himself
A sirk .Ispnnese muiied Ring ff««l,
wns brought down on n stretcher fpun
one of the enmps nnrlh uf Nurth Van-
enurer yestertlny nftprnnon, for convey-
nine io Vauroiiver to lhe hoppilal.
The 'bin mis I slnlement of lhe nty
for the neven months etullng 1 leeeinlier
31, IISIT, is mil no** nnd can In* "''-
tnlned at the ellj hnll by nny rnle|»syer.
Ileere Msy nf the illstrk-t ninnripnltly
oecit-pled the chslr, snd lhe hull wns filled to Itn utm-art eaparlty hy ratewern.
Much interest has been centered
of late on the plebiscite   to  be
taken on the 16th  regarding the
purchase  of   the   ferry   system.
Owing to -the hithertofore meager
details as to Ihe, earning powers,
many  were   disposed   to   doubt
the advisability of its purchase.
The ferry company at its annual
meeting on Wednesday gave out
the lollowing statement as com-
parision for the  year   1906  and
In   1906   the   gross   receipts
were S}5,974 54- expenses I35,.
671.39, leaving a net gain of
I303.15. For the year just
closed the total receipts were
JS53.124.79, as against an expenditure of H35.560.72, and
leaving a net gain for the
year of (17,564.07.
On an investment of (125,000 it
will readily be seen that ths net
gain foe the year means practically
ten per cent, enough in itself to
justify any expense incurred by
the raising of bonds, and the
nece-.sary incidentials connected
with the handling ol same.
Public Notice
A Meeting of the Rale|>at|cr* will be beld in
the Pavilion on
Tuesday, Jan. 14th, 190S
At A o'clock \>. m.
For the Purpose of Hearing Candidates and Discussing the
Proposed Ferry Purchase.
Miss (Imee i.a Penotiere left last
(veiling fur Renttle for n two months'
•rli.lt with Iriends and relative* in that
city ami llie sdjncent cities. Mis. l.n
Penoliere went by wny of the SS. Ila-
The «mum I meeting of the rntepnji-r-
wns held in the eity hall Inst evening.
Tlie cuurt of revisimi uf the nssc*.*
meni mil was held iu Ihe ciiy hnll un
M lay nflcnue'ii. wilh lhe full bonnl
lhe Mnyor nml Messr- Kinery, lli'k
I'rkk-iiny nml Smith nil present.
(Inly three fuiiiplaiiila in nil were
lienril nml lliisae were salisfaclorily dis-
isised  of.
Mine Olitn l.nrsou. ncicuipnnieil hi
her fnther ami mother, left on Inst
illlhl's (Irenl Northern hound fur Coenr
ll'Alene, Idsho. where she will Inke up
n sli in,mills' SIMM in mii.ic mnl Inu-
North    Vancouver   hns   nmv    three
mail- a day  despatched  from here al
H:40a. tn.; ill' a. m., and I'M p in
The postal authorities state thul ilie
nmnunt nf 111s.1l consigned to Nmlh
Vancouver is continually increasing.
The nis'iimemeni is ma.la' thnt Hie
I'nllfil   Slate.   Wireless Tele,n*ii|ili  Ca
have chosen \,*rth  V inner tm tlieir
cenjral station in Itriti-h I'aihiinliiii, and
Hint Ihe elly council has »,i|iii'** e*l tu
the reipiest for n site.
The stntion M disiilnl n|s,n hv the
cuimeH wil lie situated un Viiturin park
nnd will lie a small structure about III
hy I.'i feel, Imt very srllstic. nnd so ur*
rnimeil Hint Ihe public enn sre tli** wurk-
itur of the Instruments.
Tlie rtiimcll will pris-eed «ith Hi''
nec-Msarjr srreeinenl fur the lease sl
once snd it is expected Hint wane nrnve
In Hie dlreetiun of liislnllntiini of Hie
station will Im made stinrtly.
A Popular Concern
Our readers' attention is called
to the change ol M. J. Henry's
advertisement lor the spring trade.
Mr. Henry has his seeds grown
by the best growers in thc world,
and each variety is thoroughly
tested as to its vitality in his
greenhouse before offering to his
customers. Mr. Henry has had
over thirty years' experience in
growing and handling seeds, and
he says it is rather amusing to hear
people talk about this or that person's strain of seeds when probably they all came from the same
source, as one of the growers in
California wrote him that he had
shipped 50,000 pounds of seeds to
one English seed-house, and about
all the leading American and Canadian seed-houses procure a share
of their seeds from Pacific Coast
growers, one California firm of
growers cultivating over 10,000
acres to supply their contracts.
His fruit Iree stock is not grown
from imported piece root grafts but
ate proprogated on seedlings growing on his own grounds, and from
hearing trees, an?) as the lower sections of 11. C. is not infested with
borers or scale, there is no danger
of inlested trees wbfcn purchased.
Practical and painstaking planters
report no serious losses Irom his
stock, and one large planter near
Vernon reports a loss of only six
trees out of 3,000 planted, and
those were injured by moles and
1 Mr Express, Ii a year.
The rexulnr int'otiuit of the iiii ISM-
cil was held iu tlie eity hall Monday
I'leiiin*.'. His Worship. Mayor lv>al).
111,1 ull the 11 ;dennen, with the em-fp-
liuu uf Ahlei'iniin Jurihiii, were pri-seul.
A re|sirt from City Klurilieer I/uilei t,,
:li« effect that Hie recent lieat.i   raim,
aiised sundry 'liinuiBe. wns read. A
iiusliuul ut the corner of Third sti eel
ui'l Isiumlnle uveiini' nml uki niiuthei at
.he corner of Phut streei ami St. lieinne
,vas   rti|sH*ted.
Alwi thima-ce to thr Hri.kinm-Kw
Millini* l'u 's slisk of fkwr nud urns in
,heir storehouse, by the overflowius "I
taler iu the vunuit hn ul the oriie. ul
I'irsl nnd Ihe Kmiluninle, where J. IV.
.|..nia* has been rxcaviiiiu.- for a block.
Another ri*|sirt fruin Uie engineer iu
■vtiich he rt-vuiuiueialetl Hint llie B. C  B.
11   Co. lie a-l.isl to run n spur line I
ihr park iu I). 1.. X>'2, winch ivihiM nl
low of a Inrje i|iinutrly of irnivel I,, le*
-ill,plied tu the city  as  well as f.,r tli
u-e ol Hie compntiy. He further leioiu
iieinhsl Hint  Hie niie ,n  sn |J."l*tf Hie
rrnvel lo the city he (he snme as rhe
oriner pria-e clmrBed  liy  Hie isunp.iii)',
i.lmely. ."ill,* I cubic )nnl.
The first re|sirt wns received ami
filed nml tiie seciflul re-jsirt wu- refen**>l
lu lhe board of works
t'uthuiiiir K. Keene wrote i-iisitiuiu
ilu* ins'i'sNiiy „f a strea-t liirht 'at the
.■orner of Kifleeulh streei ami lliirhnui
avenue. Mrs Keene mated that she
Iind met wilh a |siinliil a.cid'iii ie
cently in consequence uf Hie dnrkiif*. o,
Hiirham avenue, mirth aif Kifteeutii SI.
ll win referred lu Ihe fire nud jjrht
isaniuiltee with |siwi*r to n<*t.
t'liief of Pulii-e llnvis sent in his
semi-iiuuiinl re|s>rt of the -silice department fruui nne 1st, list" He stnle.1 lh.11
there hnd Iteeit ith nir-'sls dairing Iha,
lime, this Iterua 1:70 per cent ol the
IHipukttiou, winch 'uiu'sucl 1.11.,111,1.1
wiih \ uucuiiver, which wss over j pe,
The chief re|sirti*d oil Hn* iuudeiiuu.***)
A the turcr. uin.I, was mil) ihree, 111-
.-,mllng A lliiiuiiiaiuilie, wlw was 1*011
.laiiti.i ruled nwny ou other duties. 11'
MMM thut Mr. Ilmuniuuilie Is*
iv.ieved of his |K>hce duties, nml thnl u
leBtilar patrol man lie pui ihi.
llie ' "'id also reaumiui'iuled thnl the
guol he lived up in 11 suter isilidltJoll noil
.hil .1 -.unit villi Is* Inoil III nuue I	
-nieic piiMiuep, semug tune i-uil,l he
-el lo work .titling w,snI, ,*i.
He al.-o u-kel Iim* a .-sparine nleplcue
installed in the i-iiiee .pinners, iiie
leport wus mvepled nml relerred lo in.*
police isiiuinitlee.
AMeiumn link r***|sirtr<l ia reltreme
*o n loiopianti lu'iuK made of wns"U»
i*eiug hsuletl with cordwissl on tne
i.)li \ alley miiil, iMIIiin llaechy Iniul-,
ind lhat laic) had on sevcrul install r>
'Iwtl.n le,l Irafllc.
It  n.i- la-terrail tu the |s**!k*e ib*i*art-
,lll'lll    to   M-c   111.II    lliese   S.tiaHW   1,11   tbe
pan ol iciiiiistiTa ii'ie sioiqieal
It WUS 1. *.*ill.ia 11 ueiii',1 Slid ki'eolldasl
ihal a iNlvr ol lliauks lie wnltru lu II
ii Mai j.liersam, ii,,inking Imu fur ha. assistance rendered m coiuieiiesi wiih Iiie
.imeased p,,*,iail s«ivs-e
Ahlernuu  I ink  mlnsln. .s    ,  renue.i
md pra,|s,-ul in.1,1. I.) the I'ul-il Woe
,ess le.eKraph t\i., lor 11 five j *sr- lea-.
iree of churife for n site for lli,si  io.un
-I.m 11   1 1)        Tli''  ai.uii.il   weie
usual a   III   Ihelr   SKtcellii-.lt   of   die
• plelldid   ulter   lu.ule   h)   the     Wireless
l'ele**,uph t'u, lu enst llieir heaihpuir-
.ers  hers  ninl   Ihe   necewmry   pririkgr
mil  l*e  Biven  nt  once.
Tlie   -llilillla.il   a>   alisnleal   upon   III    Uo
.'iiisil is a |s,rlhai ot Viilorm |uirk nisi.
As I" the repairing uf l/oiisdnle Ave
norlli of liidiili slci'il. uian h is lu a de
l*l*s il.i. , aallaltatiiali ill pn-eill il waa resolved Hint teiiH-Tiir)  repair- be miide
il   ,SK*i'.  hill   IMS  I" cvi-ea-d  ill  the  wlaoh
alsuil $:»».
iln motion of Alderman Dl' h. set
ondeal by Aldmman lis 111, ll ws* re
eoliisl llial iiuiiaiiiatiiui- ami ele. Iwa ol
four i*,,iiiini*-*-i''ii* a-, to act as directors,
would tnke plan* al thr same lime and
place   as   lhc   election   ol   the   llllllll'ipal
isitincil, whose dull  il shall be to conduct   Ihe   leuv   will"'   along   »lth   Ule
mayor  of the nli,   pionded    '1    pul
1 base  sne ctnplctrd.
It wan further resulvwl Ihn!
1I1,Int iun» the higlieel  niinilier il
vols, should serve for a term ol three
vears and the on* .receiving lhe neit
hijbeel should serve lor a term of Iwo
trnra. and the two candidate* receiving
Iha lowsel  number of  vote* should  be
de, lured elm led to serve lor on* veer.
The lowest ol these two low candidate*
should withdraw in the event ol the
district municipality taking up a portion of the stork and elesting their
director. Also that such diwtoie
should lie leniiinernted at the rste not
hi exceed S.VIXI per meeting. Such remuneration not to eiieed |2M a year
The necewsary qualifications lor tieae
directors was derided upon to be the
i-iiinc s- that of the uldermen .
_ Church Notice
Morning service, it a. m ; Sunday school, 3:30 p. nr; evening
service, 7:30 p.m.
Prayer meeting on Wednesday
evening at 8 o'clock.
Rev. I'* H. Balderston, B. A*
Sunday Services Mass at 8
a. in., Sunday school at 2:30 p 111,
benediction at 3 p. m.
Pastor: Rev. E. Peytavin, 0.
M. I. V. S.
st John's tiie evancilist, SIVenth
anii thirteenth streets.
Holy Communion, 8 a. in
Morning prayer, 11 a. ni.
Evening prayer, 7.30 p. m.
On the first Sunday in the month
there will be a second celebration
ol the Holy Communion at 11 a.m.
Rector: Rev. Hilgh Hooper.
Services will be conducted as
usual on Sunday by the pastor.
Sunday school, 2:30 p. m.
Service at Moodyville school at
7:30 p. m.
Prayer meeting on Wednesday
8 o'clock.
All are welcome.
Pastor: Rev. J. D. Gillam, M.A.
LONSUALI  avi mi
Service at 11 o'clock a. m. in
the Orange hall; Sunday school at
the close of the service.
Pastor :   Rev. David Long.
All are welcome.
will be held at Orange ball on
Sunday evening at 7:30 o'clock.
All are welcome. Come and
bring a (riend.
A mretiii**, Af the hsnl firemen was
held in ths new fire hsll on Monthly
evenius. when the re>i|iisliou. ,sf Chief
K-ime.lv ami Viie-lluef la-Hani were
couahlerr.1 A. Hhirraam was c-btsaa-n as
Hie chief ami T. Prime .uh-chis/ la
place of the resigning member*
li 1'srpeiiier waa eleaieal captain uf
No. I fire hnll and the names of J, Nys
nnd J. Itenshsw were prupuar.1 a. csp-
Isins for hnll No. '.'. The mntirr was
Iniil over imlil Mr Nir c.uil.l he seen
regnrilinn his sccepiing lhe position.
It W'ss deciite.1 tn call a *|i*'isl meet-
lug tor Kii'lny eieuing i,, consider snd
enter inl., arrsiigeiiienis (or pulling on
a smoker a- su ,,|„*niiig ceremony of
Ihe new fire I ill
The anmml meeliag of tli' rntepsyers
of lh* miiiiia'i|Mlit) of North Vsneoiirer
will Is* held in lhe mnnici|«l hsll oa
I'li.Hll evinilig.
A number nf I'-ral menihers nl the
Ancient Urdir "I Tree iml Aeeept.*d
Maanns »rr srrsnging s Hireling In b*
held nn the Hth ol January (or tli,
purpose nl enn.i'lrring nrfanustinn ut
Ihn city
North Vancouver, B, C.
A  Weekly   Newspaper.   l'liMislied   by
The  Exi'Ekss Pkiniinii Covanv
SiiIi-i riplimi, |1.U0
Cnit.il States and Poinign, $1.50
Stricllv in Advanro
Dartmouth Ferry.
In a letter to His Worship Mayor
Kealy, Mr. Prescott Johnson,
secretaty ol the Dartmouth, N. S.,
lerry commission, says:
"The Dartmouth lerry was
established in 1890. Having been
purchased (rom a private company, it is therefore owned by
the town, but run by a board ol
commissioners, which consists ol
the mayor as chairman and five
members, two appointed from the
council from their members, one
appointed at large by said council,
one by the local government and
one by the chief justice; terms
of office three years, with the exception ol the councillors, the
others must be freeholders with a
property qualification ol one
thousand dollars. The board
meets the second Monday of each
month to pass all accounts, etc.
The chief officials are a superin
tendent and secretary. There art
three boats on the ferry, two in
active service, crossing the harbor
between here and the City ol
Halifax every fiftfteen minutes.
The distance is about one and a
quarter miles. Two of these
boats are of wood and worked by
paddles, the other is a steel screw
boat with propellors at each end;
was built at Glasgow, and came
across under her own steam. The
fare lor adults is five cents,
children, two cents; horse, wagon
aud driver, twenty cents; double
ditto, th.rty-hve cents. Besides
which we have a system of
monthly commutation tickets as
follows: Families, consisting ol
man and wile and all unmarried
children residing under the same
rool, $3; man and wile, a**!.**!;
man, fi.50; lemale, 67c; male
under age, 84c. | servant, 34c.;
single teams, ty, double teams,
I3.67. This is doubtless the
cheapest ferriage in the world, as
with passengers who use the lerry
olten it does not average more
than hall a cent each trip. Our
crews are made up as lollows:
Chiel engineer, at »8o per month ;
4 engineers it J65; 4 captains,
$60; 4 mites, I48; 4 deckhands,
1)6.45. We use ,h: registering
turnstiles in the station house,
which arc attended ny girls, who
sell the tickets."
and North Vancuuver, I say that]
the property and good will ol the
business as it now stands is not
worth $175,000—may be wrong.
But lor the city at the present
time to make such a purchase
would certainly be wrong. Leave
the ferry company to do the best
for us and themselves. There are
many sound business men who
will be eager enough to compete
with them if they fail to supply us
with an adequate service. Because the City ol Nortli Vancouver
as still got borrowing power, i.e.,
that the city is not yet bankrupt,
it does not mean that we are at
present able to make this proposed
purchase. Let ll.e city's money
be utilised in laying out good roadways, and installing a good and
up-to-date sewage system, then
we will be utilising and spending
our borrowing power to the best
advantage. In a lew words, let
us do all we can to lay out a clean
and modern sanitary town; and
there is but little fear that private
enterprise will soon take the
opportunity ol supplying us with
a frequent and adequate ferry
service, not only to one point hut
to several points ol our waterlront.
I remain a taxpayer, one who has
the interests of our city at heart.
North Vancouver,  B.  C,  December 30th, 1907.
New Enterprise
The new stores of the North
Vancouver Hardware Company,
limited, are now open lor business.
Residents are requested to call
and make their acquaintance. A
complete line ol shelf, heavy and
fancy hardware is carried, besides
cutlery, cooking utensils, stoves,
sporting goods, carpenters' and
builders' supplies, paints, oils and
articles ol every description entering into their business.
The quality ol the goods is the
highest, and the prices are as low
as any that can be obtained in
Vancouver. Residents should try
and bear this in mind, as it will
mean their saving ol time, ttotible
and expense. This is a local industry, which means added wealth
and growth to the city by your
patronage. Thf. Express wishes
the new venture every success.
**■■ given tn the electors of the Municipality of North Vancouver, that I rn-
ipiire the presence oltlut said electors at
tin* Municipal Tent, ut comer ul Lonsdale iivi'iiiie and Qnmn slreet, North
Vuncuuver, iu the said Municipality, un
flimila), January 13th, 190S
At 12 o'clock Noon
lor the purpose of electing; persons to
npl mnl Ilium in tin Mtiiiiiipil
t'uuucil as Kt'ivu and ( uuncilliirs, uml
electin*! three persons to represent them
on the iloard o( Scliim! Trustees.
The candidates shall lie nominated in
writinn, tlio writing shall lie subscrilicil
liy two voters of the Municipality us
proposer and st'cmuler, aud sluiil lie de*
livi-reil le th* Returning Officer nt any
time Iietween tlm iliitu of this notice ami
I o'clock p. in. on the day of the 1 n-
natiou. And in the event ot a poll Is-
ing necessary, such |mll will be tpnad
Saturday, January MM
between the hours ol ll o'clock a. in. and
"o'clock p. ni. ol the said day, at the
said Municipal Tent, corner of Ijueeii
street and Lonsdale avenue, and al
i.ynu Valley School Room, both in said
Municipality, ol which every person is
required to take notice and govern liiin-
" The qualifications Ior Reeve shall lie
his beinu a male British subject, and
having been for the three months next
preceding the day of his nomination the
registered owner ill the Land Registrv
Utli.e of land or real property, situate
within the Municipality, M tin- UN*I
value on the last Municipal Assessment
Roll of Iin* hundred dollars or inon*
over and almvc any registered judgment
or charge, and lieing otherwise duly
.'ii.ilitii'd as a voter."
"The iiualiBoatiins lor Councillor
shall lieliisls'ing a mule liiitiah subject,
ami havinit been (or the three months
mul preceding the day of his nomination, the rejistered owner in the Ijiml
Registry Office of land or real property,
situate within the Municipality, of the
assi'Mt'd value nn the last Municipal
Assessment Roll of two hundred and
tiltv dollars or more met and alsive nuy
registered judgment or charge, or i»*iiu
a homesteader, le saw fwni the Crown, ur
pre-nnptor wlm has result**! within the
Muiiicipalitv fur the spacf id MM >'■•'
or more iinimsliatelv preceding thf
nomination, and wlm 1- assessed fur I'm*
hundred dollars or mure 011 the lit-t
Municipal Assessment Roll, nver ami
above any registsreil judgment or
charge, and ls-mg otherwise .pialitieil an
a voter,'
ry Municipal
11 Is'ing a hoi
Scfuiol liistriet and lieing a llritisli -ul*-
■.•iini ti..* lull age o(2l years,and otherwise qualified to vote at an Kleetioii of
School Trustees in tlieir llistrirt, slial
Iw eligible to be elected as a Rrhonl
Trustee in the Municipal Srli.M.I
liiven under my lisnd, nt North van-
couver.thissecomlday ol January, 1H0S,
Ai kv. Pnii.ir,
Returning miner
"In every Municipal Sclusd  liistriet
any person being a householder in the
The Ferry Purchase
To the Editor oi TH( Exhisi :
Sir,-Much is being Hid regarding the intended purchase ol tbe
lerry by thf city. As 1 resident
ind taxpayer I should like lo comment on the IllbjeCt.
At 1 recent meeting of the boird
of inde it was proposed by
members of the council that the
City ol North Vancouver should
purchase the property of thc lerry
company, for the sum of 1175,000,
1 understand that this property
includes Lonsdale gardens, the
wlurves, linding stages ind offices
ol the companv at thc foot of
Lonsdale ivenue. Thc landing
stages and offices on the Vancouver side, near the foot ol Carrall
street. Also the floating property,
including the steamers St. George,
North Vancouver and Surrey. I
im of the opinion that thc (ore*
mentioned landing stages are de-
lipidilcd ami much in want of repair : that the landings with all
their offices on the Vancouvei 11.
must soon bl MCMMtU) removed.
The Surrey is s useles- antidc*
luviin enft of little or no use 11 a
lerry boat, so thit all (hit remains
of the property thit cm be so
celled, included in 1 money-earning proposition, is thi St. George
A New Town
It is the intention of the property
owneri of 791, group 1, New
Westminster and North Vancouver to incorporate a town to be
known as the town ol Mi Innn
Following arc the subscribers:
II C. Lisle, ldo lswin, F. A.
Smith, Charles Nelson, P. A.
Allan, Maihori Binsjon, W. L. I'.
Winnett, Malcolm K. MeLeod,
Takijiro Komuro, Shikamitsi
Akahamo, John Mclnnis.
Accountants,    Auditors   Gtncril
Commission Brokers
leal isi.it' Agtnts
Tst.ii'iiosi II ■2lt\:
School Board
Sccreliry l'eicy ol the schooj
board furnishes the following fi*
ninciil stitement for the icven
months since incorpontion :
Rich its -Granted by the City
Council: Ordinary expences,fa,-
310; extraordinary expences, t$,-
600.   Total, $7,910.
Dimukumints: Teachers' salaries, $1,864; janitor, J135; secre-
tiry, $70; sundry expenditute,
J135; fuel, 100: desks ind lurni-
tute, 1521.99; insurance, fioo;
architect! fee, J 169.60; contnetors
$4,434.98; due contractors,!^. 54;
hie architect, $61.60; balance it
city ireiiury, $58.19. Totil, $7,-
The road in I). L. 597 is rapidly
nearing completion
The Clement road in D L's. 594
ind 593 is now being cleared ind
graded. II the weather continues
Inn it will be finished by Ihe end
of llu month.
ANI)   iin Ml I I ..  I
Plans, Qusiitiiiii, Is'vds
Superintendence of I'onstruclion
Korarii Stun, Cnama LWMU An
ninii! ik
General learning
Good Dry   Cerdwond delivered  any
where in tha rity lor 14.00 a cord.
Orders Solicited.
fourth Street, Iietween l-nn-slale ind
Cheatcrfiehlaie.   I'honeo".
*' the information ol intending
-■'tiers and others, that selection has
lieen made of llu* :i .Mm,win acres of laud
situated in the react* Kiver Valley,
Iruv inee of liriiish Coliimliia, muted
lu lhe llomiiiion lioverunifiit under the
provisions ol Section 7, of "Au Act re-
luting tn the Island llnil way, the llrav-
ing llis-k and Railway I,amis ul the
Province," ami such hind is not upon tu
entry niuler llie Uml Uws uf the
The hhs'k selected is described ii- ful-
lotll t'liiumeming at a paint A "A...
miles siiiiili uf the Peace Itiver, 011 the
I'JOlli Meridian, Wing the Kasteru
boundary ol the Province, thence West
78 miles and M.M chains, thence North
7J miles and Had chains, thence Hast
78 miles and ItH.li-l chains, lliencu South
tu the '-oiiit nl ciiiniui'iu'emi'iit, follow*
iug the I'.Mili Meridian, and containing
approximately MOO IXHI acres.
Notice is Also liiven that, with a view
to facilitating si'tllfmeiit in lhe Valleys
nf the Pence, Parsnip and Pack liners,
Ihe following ball of land fart} miles ill
width, and extending $1 miles on each
side of the Peace, Parsnip and Pack
Itivers has been reserved for actual
settlers, tn lie scipiirc.1 hi prut minion
a an I y under thf latiul Acl, such Iiunl not
being i''K*n fur s.ilo, lease, license or
olher alienation under the said Act except by pre-eniplion.
Commencing st the intcrseclion ol the
Western Isinndarv of the block of land
selected bv the Dninininii (inieriinient
with tlm 1'eaee Kiver, llicnee following
lhe Peace Kiver and Parsnip Kiver to
Ihelr continence villi the Pack Kiver,
nml lliencf following the Pack Kiver In
the polat where said Pack Itiver leaves
Mcl.i'isl Laka, aad uieadlne l»r a di*-*
tance ol 'Jtl mil.— mi each side ttt said
Kiversand approximately 170 miles iu
All lands Hillside the I-*.lindanes.,(the
Dominion (iovfriimeul limit ami the
reserve alsive ilfscribed are n|s'ii lor
location under the laws ul the Province.
Acting t'liel Commissioner
of bauds ami Works.
Isimls and Works llepart nl,
Victoria, SfplemlsT huh, l!W".
*' at the next Uieellng al ihe Hoard
uf License I'iniiiiii-si'.ii. r> far lhe t'itv
of North Vancouver, I shall apply for a
retail license for lhe sale ol spirituous,
fcrinented and other lifters ill boltle,
for the premises known as lot li, block 7,
H. I.. Mn, un Lonsdale areata.
A. I). MH"'II
Diitetl at  North  Vancouver,   II   I'.,
IVi-eml-rr 18, IMI7.
1r11.l111 m\ Fm: LUiiiii! LKM
■**" al llo* niivling nf lhe Board ol
Licensing Commissioners lor the I'ity of
North Vancouver, lo Is- held on the
second Wednesday ol March, HinH, I
shall apply lor a licence lor the sale ol
spiritimus. lermeiited ur "ther lii'iiors in
Is,til,*, fur the i.rctiu-ca known as thf
middle shop ur sture iu the Kilroy Morgan block, situate on lol I1, sub-division
of l"ts 111 and 111, I'l's k l's,. district lot
27*1, in tin* I'ity of Nortli Vancouver.
('. It. llu kV It
Ihit.-d at North Vancouver the 6th
day ol Iletfinl-er, 1U07.
(iMlStle       (,l 1,111**       SlI.NS
Orr. 13m Stkiit.
st the licit meeting u| the  Heard
License Ciiiiiniia-i rs la.r the City ol
Nnrth Vancouver, 1 shall apply for a
retail license (or the sale of spirituous,
frrnu'iit'-d and other li'iuurs in liolllf,
lor the nrcinises knuwn as hits 10 and
II, block lil'i, districi lot 274, on First
street, erected according to plans and
s|ss ilicalioiii to lie suhmiilisl for tin*
appruval ol said Isiard, all in thf said
City nl North Vancouver, H.C.
Wa. II Smith.
Dated at North Vsncouver, It. I'., Nu*
ram lier an, 1907
imn um\ hm 1 nil mi in nr.i:
It the next iiiccting ol the Hoard
ol LicencoConimissitiners (or the City
ol North Vancouver, I shall apply lor
an hotel licence for the sale of spirituous,
fermented or other liipiors, lor thf III
room frame building, situated on the
Seymour road, in district lot 7fll, group
one, New Weslminstfr district.
John UcIkms.
Paled st North   Vancouver,  II.  C,
January Ill.lVOH.
JuMliM Rlwtv, North Vmcmvat. jji Cordtva St. V«KMn«r.
'Pfcw*37 'rtwr Hli
Wekki.v List, Week Ending Januarx i8tii.
\ ■ null on I im*.*into k\« nii«'. MiNH   between Nye tin) St.
Jami'i.    fo » in,ni h
Thlrut'inh itrvul.eMt half of Lot A, Block 7»; lor toy ono At-
■ h 1 itk » pietly bulldlnfi.   Wi* can rffomnit-ml tliii.
Four l*a»iT«n.n Kultb rum I, »o»i uall ul 1U-U; i Icii-llil
view ul bay; dote to laK walar: tbna y«an tu paj the
All the best Canadian makes.
Nine to 18-inch tops,
PRICES, $4.00 to $9.00
516 Hastings Street
ivwth mmm ferry & power co., ltd.
Time Table, 19J7
•11.00 A.M.
•hl5   "
K.0U "
H.40 "
ii.:li) "
10.15 "
11.15 "
12.15 P.M.
1 15 "
2.15 "
LU "
4.15 "
5.16 "
«,16 "
7.25 "
8.16 "
H.15 "
10.15   "
•ll.ltO   "
N.   VANLOl/'Vr.a.
■n. A.M.
10.45 "
11.46 "
12.45 I'.M.
1.46 "
2.45   "
3.45 "
4.46 "
5.45 "
«.46   "
ST.    '.I 'aU*!.
•0.20 A.M.
•7.20 "
8.20 "
».00 "
9.45 "
10.45 "
11.46 "
12.45 P. M.
1.45 "
2.46 "
8.45 "
4.48 "
5.45 "
0.45 "
7.46 "
8.46 "
0.48 "
10.46 "
•11.46 "
10.15 A.M.
ll.lt     "
12.15 P.M.
1.15   "
2.1i   "
3.15 "
4.16 "
6.16   '
7.16   "
A on Similar.
70 x 240
Close to saw mill and plank road ;
ten minutes (rom car; only $300.
Also a few 14 acres lor $200;
terms, io", down, $io per month.
House to let, 6 rooms, »ll conveniences ; splendid view. Also
one for sale; $300 cash and Mo
per month.
TwoppeHectly cleared Mi o« L«HW«l»ile Aveaue
$900 each
IMI  lnflaMf  nl  I I,  lial  lantrw
•MM jaw
H.llw.jv BrMlPa, tl.ipr Piiwia. h.llm.lra
Sll**aTlnl**ll'l''llr. "I ''iin-inii'llnn  M«|», To»0
• IIM, lllllllll t'l.lllia, -all, III.I.|..„.   ,,,■
mi Huiiiif. hi. w.
in ROTARY riiii.ro
l\*t«iM|     111 .11 II. 1,-Mirh-**).
Ml**!* I       I'l.'. I   .III   ll)*l|.lllll*,
1i««r«    II.i.|i.i«.,i, , „l , mil Fir,
Maii«iit*r dir ih.' ('iiiiimnrlal
I'rnlirliiT (-iKii'ly.
r0(licf:—Fihat H., K. of I/i<kii»l«.
For the Farm, Garden, Lawn
or Conservatory
U'-liitlil.' varirtioa al reaaonalilo prlrei.
No lanrrri. No Mt, Nu Knini«»ti<iri
ki 'l.iiii.i-i.* itock. No «ui'ly aitt'nta to
aniinyjrou. lluy Jircct ami gat Trera
imi Im lliat irow.
I'.ti i lifm, llat* Sn |i|.l ii*», Hprar I'umpa,
Spraving Material, Cut Klowan, ate.
nl'liat i-mililmlii-'l nur.fry on tha
mainlanil ol (Iriliuli Columbia.
Calalogm* Int.
M KM mi S AND SI I imoiMs.
3100  Win mi-mm  Koio.
Any parcels unsold may
beobtainndby private treaty
for a few days at my office.
M Pender Bi     Phone 472
Tt'iniiorarjr Ofllrt- F. Cmlnoy'i
Paint Simp, KiiplanatW.
North Vancouvkh, B.  C.
One Jersey Durham Cow, giving
gallon and a half of milk and in
calf.   Apply
A. E. Crickmay,
North Vancovuer.
pared to do all kindi ol Clearing,
GrtiboinR and Stiknping hy contract.    '
North Vancouver.
Come in and aee what you can get in <
our city.   We ran compare lavorably
willi any store ol imr alae on the Pariflc
Our Crockery and GlaMwan* Depart*
iiunl ii now rfii.lv lor inspection, alio
an elegant line ol Jewelry.
All we aik ii, do not go tn Vancouver
lor anything in our line till yon have
paid ui a vi.it. Be loyal to North Vancouver. THE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER. B. C.
To the Ratepayers of the City of North Vancouver.
We, your lirst Mayor anil Council, take pleasure in submitting for your information the Financial Statements for
that portion of the year 1907, from June ist to December
31st, feeling assured that we can congratulate you on the
good work accomplished, and resulting advancement and
welfare ol the City.
lt has been a source of much gratification to note the
extensive building operations and the large increfie in
population during this term, and your Council has invariably
rendered every reasonable assistance, when practical, to
settlers and builders, in providing roads and extending the
benefits of the Water Service.
The completion of the new Fire Hall, and the organization of two efficient Volunteer Fire Companies have had
their good effect in securing for North Vancouver the recent
substantial reductions in lire insurance rates.
The Water Department is now financially self-sustaining,
the revenue derived being practicallv sufficient to cover
interest and sinking fund charges on the total cost; and the
Water Loan By-law, recently approved hy yon will provide
funds to further extend and improve the service.
Your Council recently arranged wilh lhe B. C. Telephone Company (or an all night and Sunday telephone service, which will greatly facilitate communication with the
Fire Department in cue of fire, and constitute an additional
public convenience.
A wireless telegraph station of importance will, in all
probability, be established at North Vancouver very soon.
Negotiations are now well under way between the Council
and the United Wireless Company.
The Queensbury boulevard and park recently deeded to
the city, procured by the passing of the by-law iu that he-
half, and the courtesy of the North Vancouver Land and Improvement Company in granting these magnificent assets for
a nominal consideration, places our fair city in the lore-front
as possessor of the widest boulevard in the west.
James F.Fell, Esq.,and H.H. Heywood Lonsdale, Esq.,
having donated to the city an area ol approximately ten (10)
acres on the westerly part of 265 and 532 for park and garden
purposes, are due the thanks of the ratepayers and citizens
generally for their kind generosity and liberality.
Your Council consider the sound financial standing of
the City, a matter of congratulation, and a recent sale of some
$150,000 of City Debentures at par, an accomplishment
somewhat unique considering the prevailing financial
Early in this term the co-operation of the City of
Vancouver, the Municipalities of North Vancouver, Burnaby
and South Vancouver was secured in a joint appeal to the
Provincial Government advocating the building of a com
bined railway, tram and traffic bridge across the Second Narrows ol Burrard Inlet, but no definite assurance as to its
erection has as yet been obtaimd from thc government.
This project is worthy of special aud continued eflort.
The Kerry Service, at present provided under condition
of the lease and 15-year agreement, formerly granted by the
District of North Vancouver to the Ferry Company, being
considered inadequate in many respects, your Council, alter
most careful consideration of the problem, concluded that a
practical solution would be for the City to own or control the
Ferry System and inaugurate an improved service, under the
supervision of Commissioners to be elected by the ratepayers.
With that end in view the Ferry Company was approached,
and alter considerable work and negotiation, an option was
secured, whereby the Ratepayers may, if they so desire, on
January 16th, 1908, solve the problem by purchase ; otherwise, under the terms of the said agreement, eleven and a
half more years must elapse before a similar opportunity can
again be presented.
The term has been a particularly busy one for your
Council, necessitating two long sessions per week, as [n addition to the ordinary routine work the ardorous task of
framing the requisite By-laws for the future government of
the City became their duty.
Many of these By-laws have been completed, and some
are still incomplete ; the completion of which will become a
duty of the incoming Council.
The Bylaw providing for Frontage Improvements on
streets provides an equitable and practical method of curtailing the general indebtedness and taxation ol the City, and
at the present time Street Improvements can be petitioned
Ior the actual cost of which is assessed against the property
benefitted in exact proportion to the benefit derived, and
payable by a special tax covering a period of years if desired.
It is gratifying to note the greatly increased School Attendance which made necessary the additions to thc School
Buildings.    Further additions will soon be required.
The Policing of the City is receiving careful attention,
and the records show our City to be very peaceable and
Healthful, natural conditions prevail and have been
maintained through vigilant care and supervision.
We are, Ladies and Gentlemen,
Yours faithfully,
The Mayor and Aldermen of the City o( North Vancouver.
North Vancouver, B.C., January 6th, 1908.
cash  aocoUHT
Revenue for Assessment-
Taxes 1905	
"     1906	
"     1907	
'.$J7 79
3^.374 54
Board of Works, Construction.
Interest Account	
Water Rates	
Police Court Fees	
Pound Fees r	
Government School Grant	
North Vancouver Ferry 4 Power Co.
Balance Due Bank .'....
Temporary Loan Account	
5,886 03
10,00* 00
-$33,997 46
t,8oi 50
151 80
45° 5°
si 00
845 34
750 00
Waterworks, Construction .
15,886 03
Fir* Department, New Hall	
Brigade Expenses..
Finance Department, Salaries	
Printing      and
Incidental   Expenses 	
Legal Expense.
Furniture    and
Incorporation Expensee	
Police Salaries	
Sundry Expenditures	
Magistrates' remuneration and
Witness Fees	
Street Lighting	
Donations and Rebates to Charitable
Expenses to Victoris re Bridge	
Dominion Day Grsnts	
Interest Account District Municipality
Temporary Loan...
$I5.<78 67
1.349 33
6,450 64
1,06a 37
5.»55 95
699 7"
1,420 00
493 10
401 07
145 70
»48 33
37 00
394 «
$16,528 00
7.513 01
5.955 M
1,065 00
545 »6
62 40
5,601 70
Sao 75
3.139 4«
75 00
5.'73 43
158 00
too 00
1,672 66
5.9'7 4«
79 55
100 00
493 °5
       Cash on Hand
>54.°9i 43
6.U3 45
302 14
$54.°9* 43
Nortit Vancouvir, B. C, January 6th, 1908.
W. T. Stein & Co., Chartered Accountants, Auditors.
baI-ANce sheet
Real Kstate  (H5.500 00
SS. North Vancouver  10,000 00
Cemetery Reserve -.  1580 00
Wharves and Slips  1,809 18
Taxes 1904   11 16
1905  86 31
•906  i.t79 78
•907  7.014 31
Waterworks System  70,183 43
Furniture and Fixtures  1,114 98
Fire Brigade Equipment  1,316 16
goard of Works Plant  346 65
ash on Hand  301 14
Revenue Account  50,555 46
District Municipality  #257,784 63
Blasting Deposit  50 00
Temporary Loan      10,000 00
Bank of British North Anient a..        5,88603
District Municipality interest and Outstanding
Liabilities        9-500 00
$163,110 66
$163,110 66
No«th Vancouvrr, B. C, January 6th, 1908.
W. T. Stun & Co., Chartered Accountants, Auditors.
CITY OF Mill lllWl'VER
iilJBI.IC   NOTU'K    is   HEREBY
**•■ given to the Electors ol the City
ol Nurth Vancouver, tliut I rei|iiire tlm
presence ul the aaid Electors st ilm i'ity
llall, North Vancouver, U. (J., oll
Thuraday, 13th Oay ot January, 1908
•t 12 o'Clock Noon
lur the |,ur|*u.iia uf electing persons tu
represent them in the Mmm i|,ul Coun-
ell an Mayoi ami Alilcrniun, uml elect*
iug twi ptlWM lu represent tin m un
the llaa.n.l ul City .School Trustees, in
I'llll •• of the Mayor, Alitcriiiiin, mnl till
School I rasters whime term ul utlicu it
about tu expire.
The IHihIi* ul lla.lla 111 ill Hill III cilli.l 1 lilli-l,
all-all lie an follow a: Thu candidates
•hall he nominated in writing, the
writing ahall lie hiiI.-..*.il..-.| hy Uo
vulerti uf the City aa proposer ami
seconder, autl shall be delivered to int*
aa Returning Olticer at any time be
tween the dale ol thia nutice ami Iwu
u'clock p. in. un the day ul nominatioi
and in the event of a |*ill bring
necessary, eueli poll wil be ,,|„i,,,l uu
Thuraday,the ltith day of January,.B08
at the City llall, Nurlli Vavcouvir,
afureaaid, between the hour*, ol v o'clocJt
a.m. and 7 o'clock p. ni., uf which every
'-eraoii ia hereby required tu take uutice
and govern himiell accordingly.
la) " The perauua qualiued tu be
iiuiniualed fur, aud elected aa Mamr ol
the City ul Nurlli Vancouver, shall be
iiniii persona aa are male llritisli *m
ji'ii.i, of the lull age uf lil yeara, and are
nut diaqualilied under auy law, and
have been foi six month* next preceding
the day ul nomination, the registered
owner iu the Laud Registry Ollice, ol
laud ur real pruperty in the City ul
North I'aucuuver of the aim-Meal value
on tliu laat Municipal Asseasmeiit Roll
uf |l,UOllur more, uver and alsive any
regtatered jiidgemeut or charge, and
• li" otherwiae are duly iiiialittcd a*
niiiiiia i|a.il voters."
tin " I'lie persons i|iialil)rd tu lie
nominated fur and elected aa Aldermen
ul the City ol Nurlh I'ancutiver ahall be
aui h pe-moiia aa are male llritisli suh-
jecta, ol the lull age of 21 yeara, and are
not diaqualilied under any law, ami
have lieen for tlie lu.it six muntha next
preceding the day ol nomination, the
registered owner in the l.mnl Registry
Ollice, of land or real property, in the
Cityol Norlh I'aneouver, of llie asseas,*d
value un the la»t Municipal Asaeaameut
Roll of t'ii»i or more, uver and above
any registered judgement ur charge, and
who otherwise are duly qualified aa
municipal voters."
(ei " In every Ciiy School lliatriet
any |ier*on being a householder iu tlm
School District and being a llritiah aub-
jectul the lull age of 21 yeara, and otherwise qualified hy the Public Schools
Act tu vote at an election ol School
Truateea in their district, shall be
eligible to be elected aa a School Trustee
iiilheCily School District."
liivcn under my hand at North Tan
couver, on the second day ol Jauuary
Beturuiug Olllcer.
C A l'i LA NO
Have on luiuil a large supply of Cement
lllisks, muiic from fresh witter sand.
Samples may be seen al the new
leineiii rexiih iici*on Second street east.
Siteul lil,.,*li*.Sx|ii.
lull particulars can Ihi had Irnm tho
Western Corporation oflee, or write to
North Vim,in ver, It ('
A authority ol Section 11 uf the Municipal Kh'cti'iiia Act, Arnold K. Kealy,
hsq.. Miss Magistrate ol the city, will,
within the City Hall, North Kanrouver.
B. C, nn Tuesday, the I til. dav of
January, 1W0K, aii o'clock y. m., hear
and determine caaea where it ia alleged
any person's name has been improperly
omitted from the voters' Hat .'or tht year
N. II.—AllViecessary evidence and
prool of ownership muat lie submitted
to the aaid Police Magistrate.
City Clerk.
City llall, North Tancouier, January
2nd, IvKIH.
nn 1 mil mi
11IIE cul'RT Of REVISION, 01
the Diatrict Voters' List, will meet
iiiilu' District Municipal Ollice, North
Vanruuver, on Satunlar, the I Ith of
January, 1V0H, at'.' o'clock p 111.
1 ™ tha Court ol Revision, to hear Appeals against the Assessment nl Ijinds
or Improvements made by the Assessor
nl this Diatrict, will he held in the Dis
trict Municipal office in North Vancou
ver, on Monday, tha 10th day ol Kebra
ary, 1908, at 2 o'clock p. m., and that
notice ol all Appeals muat be made to
me at least ten davs previous tn the said
^~ the undersigned lhat (otirleen days
In.m Hi* 'Isle I will, unless nthcrwiae
arranged, lay hold to and claim one
horse tint was lelt at my place some
(our im nit Ik snd more ago. Owner may
claim same by paying lor Its keep and
this advertisement.
Sermour Creek.
Dated this 3rd day of January, 1W8.
(atintates Given on All
Kinds ol Electrical Work
Cor Lonsd ile and Second St
60  YEARS'
AnyoMtwltnf aakateka
Inir.i. amruia ear	
lii.mllno I. pmtablr
Ituiitj Ulna _
ayavtai"****, wllboot
_ ■—»■ — /   ■»■■■■•■ W I .»IJl.     |«-*|*-||  cir-
hiltUoa ff mr MtaUM Joorau.  ivm* for
fa»d*,lM.ft ft rnx,pu«u«« pvpatt,   ttuM bj
Come aad
See Oar
>  NO. 9 *
Lonsdale Avenue
Opposite City Hall
Rolled Oats
Haij and feed
Seeds .
ne Brackman-Ker
Milling Co.
Harry Mitchell, local manager,
Lun -'I ih Avenue.
Fine, healthy Tomato and
Cauliflower Plants, grown Irom
Sutton's Seeds, always on hand. TIIE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B. C.
Terms, ..ni'-foiirtli cash; li-nlnncc, I, 12 snd Is months
«      3
'      4
• .4:	
<      <9
•      3
SwreeNTH sr.
161 Cordova Street, Vancouver, B. C.
I'.n. iniX Nt,
1836      THE BANK OF      1908
British Norlli America
One of Canada's Stroneest Financial Institutions
Total Assets over $50,000,000
Savings Auuunts given special .mention A deposit of ill
or upwards starts a Savings Account, on which the
highest current rate ol Interest is paid or. ailtletl to the
Principal every three months. Deposits may he withdrawn at any time without notice.
Joint Account", may lie opened in the name ol two persons,
so that either may deposit or withdraw funds, making
a very convenient form of account.
Banking by Mail.    People living at a  distance  may   send
in   deposits   or   withdraw   cash   by   mail.    Write   for
Office:   Cor. Lonsdale Ave. and Isplanade, North Vancouver, B. C.
II.  K. IIhihi, Manager.
British Columbia Electric Railway Co., Ltd.
Cars leave the I-'erry Landing lorljinensliury Avenue, Twenty-lirst
street and Lonsdale, Winch street and Keith Uoad as (ollows : 6:15
a.m., 6:45 a. m., 7:15 a. tn., 7.45 a. ni., 1:11 a. tu., 9 a. 111. 940 a. 111.,
10:10 a. m., Alter 10:25 a. LB., cars will leave QuMDlbury avi'inu',
Twenty-first and Lonsdale avenue, and Winch street ami Keith Koad
at live minutes to the hour and twenty five minutes past the hour.
Cars leave Nineteenth street and Queensbury avenue, Twenty first
street and Lonsdale avenue, Winch sin ft and Keith Uoad as follows 1
6a. m., 6:30 a. BL, 7 a. m., 7:30 a. 111., I a. m., 11:45 a. m.,9:i5 a. m.,
9:55 a. 111., 10:25 a. m. After 9:40 a. ni. tars leave the Ferry Landing
at ten minutes past the the hour and twenty minutes to the hour.
All boats are nut bjf the cars.
Hotel North Vancouver.
$3.00 per
and up
Kates lot
Ferry Service I very Half Hour to and from Ihis Hotel
to Vancouver. P. Larson, Prop.
Rainier Beer^>
Is a gioriOQI licvenifre—qMMlhing nnil
satisfying. I{('iiiciiil>t'r thorn's, no oilier
"jiiBt as pod"—insist on #'tlintf Kninirr.
Vancouver, B, C.
Changes for Breakfast
Now in Season
Nuw Laid Bggi, Bacon, Kippen Bait
Herring, B A K Rollad Oats, Wheat Flakes
Corner Esplanade and Lonadale Avenue
To Enable the Corporation ot
the City of North Vancouver to Raise by Way
of Loan the Sum of
$175,000 for the Purpose
of Acquiring the Property
and Assets of the North
Vancouver Ferry and
Power Company, Limited
WIIKKKAS, a IVrrv Sen ice is now
bcillg   ,,|"T*lli*il    laH'Ut't'll    Ilm   Citv    nf
Snrlli Vanei'iiviT and tin* I'ity ol Van*
nuivrr, liy tlie Nortli Vaiirunvi'r Kfrry
ami Power Company, liinili*il, in connection Willi which the -an.l t'<>ni|>iiiiy
own two ferry ateamers, known an tin*
"St. lienrge" anil llie 'Surrey" ami
ntlirr |irii|iiTty anJ MSSti cuniicclt'd willi
such fcrr*'service, including lhc whane-
nt sllhsr liriiiinns uf audi f.*rrv service,
ami iiimi tin' laml ami premises in tin*
('ily nf Norlli Vani'iiiiver, ilcscriUd sa
blink om*  liiinilri'il   mul   scveiitv-two
(17Jl,ln district lot two hundred ind
sciciity-lniir l'.'7l;, groupDM (1),  New
Westminster District, :i. r.linic in Um
registered map nr plan ili'|«.siletl in tin'
Und Registry Oflea sl Ini I'iiy nl Van*
rom er, ami iinmliereil L34A, ami Ih-iiii;
km rn n ai- llu* "Lnns.lalc Hardens," and
tin* wharl nntl Hother c.iiislrinti.uis
ert'i'lttl tln'ri'iin.
AMi. WIIKKKAS, |ha -m*l I imu
and the shareholders hate agreed I
at'llin the OnrporatMo nl the City of
Nnrlh VaiifniiMT llu* I'litire property
ami a-.i-.-tH til the said Cotiipanv ami lli<*
franchise and priiilcgcs held hy it, inr
tlm |irii*e or -inn nf nne lintiiiri'il hiiiI
scveiity-livV lliniianinl (f 171,00)) dullar»,
In i'a* paid ill cash, nu rnmlilinii thai lhe
|irini'i|inl terminal al Ihl Ierry -on ice
in lh.* Clly ol Nnrth Vuncuuver ri'iuiiin
at l.on8tliuY avenue us required hi Ihl
present franchise.
AND, WIIKKKAS, ilia upsdlsal in
tin* interests nf the Ciiy ami the inhabitants thereof that the present ferry
service should Ih* ini|imveil hy providing
a iniirelreiiuent ami better aervife anil
ANIi, WIIKKKAS, umler tin*.•xi-tin*.'
agreement bqllSSg Ihs sai'l Cnlll|Ulliy
ninl llu* Ciiy nf Nortli Vancouver, aa the
successors nf the >Iiniii'i|aality of the
District of North Vancouver, iK'tween
wln'iii anil the aaiil Cumpaiiy the ns
incut niuler Ihich llie presenl firry
■Writs ih curried oil was made the Com*
I mii liHiealruni'liiaelnrateriu "f years,
during which, eicepthy ninluiil agree*
ment, an improved ierry dervice cannot
Ik* obtaineil at present.
AN l», WIIKKKAS, the saiil popart)
kiitiwn aa " Ijumdale liardcns" waa
acquired hy tbs North Vancouver Kerrv
ami I'owcr Cmnpiuiy ill coiint'i lion willi
their ferry service aa a valuable aiaet in
.ninii*, tion tiicrcwilh.
AND, WIIKKKAS, il is i.'i|»'ilifiit ill
the intercsla ol the Citv anil Hie rate-
payeis ami inhabitants thereof that the
Ciiy ahotilil iici|uire tlie aaid lerry service
ami all nther prnperly and assets of the
sanl I'onii'aiiv.
ANH, WllKKKAS, a |»-tititni haa
lieen prcaented to the Cniincil in
aiTiirilauci' willi section IS), uf lhe Municipal Clauses Act, requesting the intrte
ilu* lnaii of the iircscnl Hv-lnw.
Tll KHKHIKK, the Municipal Council
nl tlieCorporslinn nf the City ol North
Vancouver enacts aa follow.:
I, Itaball la< law (ul fur tin' Mavurmnl
the Citv Clork nf lhe Citv, Inr the
iiuri-i-,- nl'ireaiml, lu Isirmw ur raise
by way nl loan (rom anv person or
|»*r«inis. Is.lv or IhmIii'h NfpufMO, will*
mil toailvanct' the same I'M Iln* urcdil
in Iln* ib'ls'iilurea lur. in imiilniin al nl
lhc ('iir|Kiriitinn, a mini ol luuiiey, not
ICOsdlSaJ in Ihs wbnlc. tin* -inn of one
I Irod   lad    "I'viiily-llu*    thousand
(|l*N,IKIII|iliillara lor the pafpSM thm
i. Iiebciiliirc llnmls n( lhe City In the
mmiiinl noccaaarv to procure the sum o(
#17.1,(1110 ill the whole may la' issued hy
the aaiil Mayor and City Clerk, in terma
I the  "Municipal  Clauses   Act,"   in
lima as mav Is* desired, bill not leaa
than ll.rn.ti each. Kadi of the aaid
bomla shall be sinned hy llu* said Mayor
and City Clerk, and lhe Citv Clerk
ahall attach therein the OoTpOntS Seal
af theanid City Ciiriiurniinii.
II. The liels'iilnrc Itonda shall liear
iiitercat at a rale nut SSMsdha| live per
eentiim iter annum, payable half-yearly
■ rn the first day ol .Inly and ths tlrst
day nl January in each ami
every year during the currency ol lhe
(id dels'iiliireaor any nf Ihem. There
shall la' allai'lied In the |iels*nlnre
Honda cnupuns, signisl hy lhe Mayor
only, Ior each and every payment ul
interest that may StSSfMMS, and audi
signature may be either written.
ItSmpsd, printed or lithographed.
I The aaid Debenture Bonds, aa to
principal nnd inlereat, ahall bs payable
at the City Hall, North Vancouver,
ll. (',, ami llie saiil principal sum -Imll
Ive made payable hi Iln* Citv CorpON"
tinn nl n date imt Inter than lifiy yeara
from dale nf isim*.
t,. There shall licrnisiHl and levied annually liy a special rule "ii all lhe rateable |irn|»rtv iii the "aid i itv ihs "nm
■ llii.'ahi iiii tarli ami cun 11,0000< the
principal auin iasucd fur lhc parpOM of
I'iriniiigii Sinking Iiunl lor llu* payinelit
ttt lh* said debentures, snd the slim of
|N on each nml every *l,i"HI ol the
principal suqi Issued U r lhe pat nieiil of
llii' int'Ti'sl ill the iale ali.resai.l, lo ls'-
'•oine due on the sniil deU'iiturc- during
the currency thereof, ami thai in ad*
'litinii to all rates tola' levied ami oil-
lecteil in the aanl ciiy during the wlmle
currency nl aaid ilcbt'iituros or any ol
ll. The -niii ol f 175,000, provided ">■
the iasue of aaid ilebenturea shall be up*
plied lo the purchase ol the entire property and aaactH of the said The North
Vnncouver Kerry and I'uwer Company,
7. Thia lly-law may Ih' cited fur all
purpnsca aa " The City of Nnrth Vati-
i.amor Kerry I'urchiiae l*an   lly-law,
Passed hv Council nn the aooontl dav
o| January, A. II. IW)S.
Ileceiieil tht'iiaaeiit uf the Klcotora at
Sll elecliiiii hold fur the piirpuao on Ibe
dav uf A. II. IIKIK.
Keconsiilereil ami liunlly niloptoil liy
Ihl) Council, aiifncd by thu Mayor ami
City Clerk, and aealeil willi the Corporate Seal on tlui dav of
A. II. MM.
is a true copy ol the proposed lly-
law on which the vote nf the ratepayers
"1 the city will be taken within the City
llall, Nurlh Vancouver, II. 0 , Ml Thursday, the Kith day ul January, I1KIS, be*
i ween the hours uf ti o'clock a. in and
7 o'clock p. m.
Cilv Clerk
* (tiven that lhe vote of the Klei tors
uf the City ol North Vancouver will la*
Liken im "The Citynf Nurlh   Van i
ur Kerrv I'lirchise i.niin Ity law, I'.KW,"
uu ITiiirsilay, the Uilh day nl .Iminiiri,
Lais, la'tuci'ii the linurs of 'I u'rLxk
u. m. ami 7 u'ehs'k p in., mnl llinl
iillhln lhe I'm Hall, Norlh Vancouver,
II. (' , and that Thomas Shepherd, Ciiy
Clerk, hns tieeu ap|«iinted Koturiiinn
Ullieer lu lake lhe vnleuf such eleetura
wilh Ihe Mil i-niors in Ibai behalf.
Ity Order uf the Council
AKMll.ll K. KKALY.
City Clerk.
The iiuileraiitiieil is prepared In do
all kinds uf llinlgn  Work,   int'liitliii|t
l.n inn mil itiunmls. prunini! ami spray
ui|I nrcliir-. ami Iniililni*.' and |WUaS|
Iruil trcci.
Cor. St. t,i*or|[e'a Ave. and Tenth St
Norlh Vancouver.
The Infidel
A tire mist and a planet;
A crystal and a cell,
A jelly-flab ami a aaurian,
Ami ctwa where lhe cave men dwell
Then a sense uf law ami beauty,
And a face turned fnim the clod-
Some call it Kvoliitiun,
And others call it Insl.
A 1111*1' on the hnrl-.on,
The infinite, tender aky,
The ripe, rich tint nl the cnrnfieltls,
Anil the wil,I Keeae -ailinn hi|th,
And all over upland ami lowland
The glow nl lhe Koblennal—
Stum* of us call it Autumn,
And others call it liml.
Like tiilcs on a creacent aca-beach
When Iks moon ia new and thin.
Into our hearts high yeariiinirs
Come welling and surging in,
('nine Irom the invslie ocean,
Whose rim uo (wi haa trial—
Sa,nm of us call it Longing,
And othcra call il CM
A picket fmri'ii on duty,
I innlber starved for Inr bmod,
Sncratcs drinking the hemlock,
And Jesus un the rnml;
And thousands, wlm hiiinble ami mime
The straight, haul pathway trod—
Some call it Cnnaccration-
And others call it lirsl.
Harbor View Tract
City Lots
Size 50 x 145
The moat centrally located and beat Iota in the City ol North
frMOBrsr lor the price.
Do not (ail to make your selection without dalay while you
ran purchase at first coat.    I'riccs will loon be raised.
Further particulars, maps and price lists lurniibed Iree on
application to
Cor. lonsdale Avenue and Filth St, North Vancouver, B.C.
Rath: $1.60 l'KIl
Sperinl Rules to Families mnl Rfjiular Boarders
HaU-hoiir ferry cniiniilioii In and from Vancouver, lint and cnld
water in every room. Return call bells in every room. Barber
aliup in ct'iinecliun.
Shun.) .viKritr,   •--   -   NORTH   VANCOUVER, B. C.
Lasl Red Rose of Summer
Ibe fading ol tlie Imu Iv flowcri,
The swaying ol the forest bowers,
The ever Jark'ning shurt'ning hours,
And the last red roue nl aunimer.
The blnaBiuna gay anil bright that bloom,
' Neath the earth's celcBtial dnme,
Are faded iiu* and all alone,
Dnsips Ihe last red ruse ul aunimer.
The birds Lave stilled their joyous note,
Tbe ihistle-duwn on the breeics float,
And earth puts on its winter cni\t,
Poor little last red rose ol summer.
The (lowers once so gay and 1-rglit,
No more will charm our wistful sight,
Farewell I summer—Tn you good night,
Tiny last red rose ol rammer.
-J. I. J. HaowN
North Vancouver, B. C,  Novemlier
2», 1907.
Mabelle Williscrof.t
Special attention given to lingering
anil tone production.
Studio: Second cottage, South Seventeenth, Lonsdale Kast.
Send  in  your nrderi  now for Dry
Ureen-Cut Clear Fir.
Stove lengths. |vcr cord, delivered..|A.OO
Cordwood, lengths, delivered H.W
Inatock.   Immediate delivery.
Cor. 23rd St. anil l-onsdale Ave.
£*^"l,cavonrdpi*B at Waldron'a hart!
ware store.
SMOKE——— .  .
*■ given to tbe Klectors of lhe City ai
Nortli Vancouver, that, as by rernlutinu
of tlic City Council, 1 require the presence of the said Klectoia at the I ity
llall, Nurlh Vancouver, 11. C, nn .Mun-
day, the thirteenth day ot January,
itHM, at 12 o'clock noon, for the pur|ajw
ol electing four Commissioners to act,
along with the Mayor, at Directors ul
the North Vancouver Ferry and Power
G pany, Ltd.. provided thu»property
and assets ol said company are acquired
by the city.
I'l*>■ * .uiilidalca shall In* nominated ill
like manner and at the same lime and
place at) Mayor and Aldermen uf the
ln the event of a poll being necessary,
such pull will be "iH-n.nl un Thursday,
the sniceiith day of January, 1908,
at the City Hall, North Vancouver,
ninn said, between the hours nl U o'clock
a. ni. and? o'clock p. m.
Tbe persons qualified to be nominated
lor ami elected as Commissioners to act
aa Directors as aloreaaid shall he such
-persons having the same qualifications
as the Aldermen of the city.
The candidate receiving the highest
number ol votes shall be declared elected
to serve for a term ol three years. The
candidate receiving the neat highest
iinin Ut "f votes shall na declared elected
to serve (or a term of two years, and the
two candidates receiving the neit
highest number ol votes shall be declared elected to each serve a term
ol one year, but provided always
lhat the one ol the two latter randi
datst receiving the number ol
votes shall retire in ths event
ol the District Municipality ol
North Vancouver taking up a proportion
ol the stock ol lbs said company and
electing one ol their number as a
The peranna elected as such Directors
shall be entitled to receive remuneration, iu respect ol services rendered, al a
rate not exceeding IIve dollars per meeting, provided always that such remuneration shall nol eiceetl 12.10 each
per annum.
liivcn under my band, at North Vancouver, on the eighth day of Jsnuary,
Returning Officer.
caution their children ol the danger
and ol damage done In putting boulders
and all kinds ol garbage in the channel
provided throughout the city lor carrying away surface water.
The (oolish miscreants are now being
closely watched by the polict, and any
one found placing obstacles in either ol
the Water Channels will be prosecuted.


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