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The Express 1906-08-31

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 <"\ h'
The annual exhibition of the
North Vancouver Horticultural
Association will this your be held
on Monday on the now grounds al
Alexandra Horticultural Gardens,
corner Twenty-first street and
Lonsdale avenue. On leaving the
ferry visitors may take the electric
tins to the grounds. The officers
ami directors have not spared
lime nor pains to make this
exhibition an historical one. The
iiinn curs will nm lor the first
iinie, and the grand opening ol
the grounds will take place. A
musical concert will be hold all
day, besides there will be a long
list ol attractions worthier of a
larger ciiy. A whole day oi
pleasure and enjoyment will be
concluded with a. grand concert in
the evening at Lonsdale gardens.
We urge one and all not to miss
this opportunity to sec the best
show and enjoy tlic most excellent
programme of events ever put on
in the Ambitious City.
There is n growing demand for
li mses in '.- ni   and   everj   da;
enquiries are being made with iln--
object in view.    Nortli Vancouvei
is   offering   today    ni nrly    om I
lliitnlra'il pet cenl. more  posilions
lu industrious citizen9 than twehi i
in nulls ng...   The   coming   J'eai ■
Will   witness   a   greater   growth!
along llris  line.    I'he street car.
in:   ,.'..< in,'i ts, and iiinn 'rou
mln     i..     ts ol ii: I.■ ■      havt
its qui ta oS ci iployi es « ho would,
i| i te ii iliu i i'. lake up : isi lenct
li.ia ii uppurtuniti nflorded,
Al lhc present lime :h re an
suvi ml '.' res uf tu- n finding
a ly ni:i npation on this side ol iln
i i i that .ii- force 1 to reside on
til. opposite side. This, in itself,
is one ol the gnat questions of
the hour io North Vani 'in*, rites,
■i nl ii ii were possible to hou ie
these industrious citizens niial a
boom it would mean to the
bu   tess nun generally,
What is needed is a house at
reasonable dimensions, a little
plot ol ground (or gardening
purposes, and a working man's
I. nt. Here is a profitable investment hn the investor meeting
these requirements, and, as
property is comparatively reason
aide, there should be no diflii ultj
in catering to the betterment ol
these conditions,
The vai.nny on the bench ol
the supreme court ol Canada and
the possibilit) ol an appointment
being in.nli tlv i' to from iln I" in h
of British Columbia has rei < ntlj
been the subject ol much dii
ctission h\ th' Vani ouvi r press.
The Province is somewhat alarmed
that ih. appointment ol a judge,
Iai 1 ing in pi i nni dignitj i
limpHi :i\ .al conduct, mav 11
named, whilst the World, in an
article ol school boy gush, declares
that any ol our supreme court
judges would strengthen and adorn
tlie Canadian supreme court bench,
both on account of their legal
capacity and their sincerity ol
That the \\c\i appointment will
be Inun the bench or bar of British
Columbia Beemstobi thc generallj
accept, il opinion, British I
liimhia with its varied ami conflicting interests is a fruitful field (or
litigation, and that ii lias nol l n
before this honored by having
some gentleman on the Canadian
supreme court bench, who v ould
have a minute and local knowli dge
ol its law ami commercial con.
ditions, is a proof of the indifference, or worse than indifference with which these matters
have been regarded by the department ol the ministi r ol justii ■■
It is bul i,inly justice that it shoul!
new rei eivo rei ognition,
As to whom should n ceive this
appointment we do not shave in
the alarm of the Province, and it
would In a deplorable i audition ol
affairs if lhe department of justice
should stoop to "Peeping Tom"
investigations into the personal
dignity and conduct of our judges.
Certainly, our courts arc conducted with a decorum and dignity
equal to any in the Domiiiiou of
Canada, and instead ol studying
Ihejidiosyncrasies of ourjudgi s, we
should suggest to the minister ol
justice a perusal ol llie British
Columbia reports, where their
judicial work is embodied,
The fullsome eulogy of the
World is about as wide ol the
mark as the captions criticism ol
the Province, The suprenu conn
nl Canada is tt court of appi al,
whose judgments are based more
on questions of law than questions
of fact, and to occupy tlic position
n that bench with credit to hi.
self and Ins country, ii is essential
that the judge should be well
versed an,| experienced ill puivi
legal knowledge. Thai all jiljgei
stand equally so, and hnve the
capacity is an absurd statement to
In advocating the selei tion ol a
man   from   the   bar   ol   BritishI
Columbia, the Province depri cat* i
the piouiotiou "'. judg :■ as ll l I
ingle iimigue and itijui
-ia   ...>.  .iii.i impartial ty
.'IV.'   al, Kill    ,\\\\   SllOUlll      il       j 11   I
not  be   a,ur,.cl    to   cherish   i
laudable ambition to fill u
and wider spl). re  ol   useful] i si
li iln   mini ta i   ni   justici    i,.
guided i.i bis ;■' couinu ndations b
merit   only,   the   promotion   ol
i upabli   ,.i 1   mi. Hiking   jndgt
would be an ■ xi elb nl thin .  a
the curse of t anadian politii s is
that often the appointnii in  nnd
promotion ol judges  is   due   lo
political inih'.' -I.., ami  when   a
judge decends to the arl    i    tin
ordinary wire puller, in   it
secure promotion, lu   is
th  proi lotion In sei ks.
p.iiiui' ni of ilu minister 11   i iti
is one that should 1"' subject lo
more rigid public scrutiny, and m
ihi> respect the influence of the
legal profession should be mon
i mu isi d than il is.   Were   tin
various bar assoi iations throughout lhe dominion to exercise tlie
power   which   the)   possi   i    in
various mutters  connected   with
this .I paitiueiit it would have .,
hem l'u iai influent e.
Ill''     Ul   a   [JVC   "I      tlie      qUe    1   'a   '
' a,;:, ihe bin 1 ning ll
! ..I ll       till Ila    IU   I,       |S
lllllll   III'
public opinion ,t is not inq
to impii".' on  ile    min   ■ -
ii -ii.' that appointment mn i bi
made from thosi who havi name I
'  ition nt lhe bar entitling them
to elevation to the I - nt h,
the champagne bottle, the staunch
little craft look her maiden plunge,
riding th'' waters like a swam
Mrs. Chas. Mnwaii, ol Vi nconvt r,
held ih. bottle thai contained the
liquid of invocation. Capt, II.
1'iaii", ni the steamer Kild man, ii
one ul ih,- nu in t's, a.iai wa: pri ienl
and did)  distributed a  ch i|
draught to those present, Mon
day morning lhe new   inn   was
lowed In llu   'll.ii lillle   shop   ol   S,
Hollander, where she will be
fitted up with the latest improved
Seoteli marine boilers and engines.
Mr. Wallace may build anothei
and larger tug here in the near
The Board of Trade.
The adjourned meeting of tin
lirst meeting of the North Vancouver Board of Trade was held
in the municipal hall on Thursday
evening, anil was largely all'mi' d,
Kerie Kealy occupied tin chair,
,nul called the meeting to business
sharp at 8 o'clock. Nominations
in I*   li elated opi n for the a
Ol pn Mail lit. '.'ill   in a sill. ni.   econd
vice-pn sident, treasurer, and the
. hairman ol the difh rent committees, The following is lhe
result of the deliberations of those
President, A, St. G. Hamersley;
Vice-president, Geo, |.   Phillippo;
Si - ti id \ ice pi- sh ni, Geo,   A.
McBain; Treasurt t, li. K. Hi
i omtiier. i   a id  Industry, A.   II
1 liplt i■'.: Agricultural and   Iini
li. |. i oruisb; Transportation, A.
',<. Sn .n *. Tourisi and S. ith
A ii. I Iii It; : ul li   In pri
I li  A. Mi Kay   i irdan;  Publicit;
and liiliii;,! uio i,   Geo,   Bartle;
finance,  E.  Mah,on; Legislature
and Administration, S. D, Scluilts-:
Membership and Grievances,  M.
...    McDowell     Uccepiit i
:   ■ 1     i     "
Mr.  Ill . ::. ll ;
iii mb irs foi 'i
th    great work in       re
leu I)   I    !   'i :■"    iitiou,    an
■ • ■•   I that his si  'i
H  til     '   '■
llll' I'l SlS   "I     .V   ih
I ..    , ek*-ti
tpt I.
.ti* illy in an  rd *
realm of the bt
I'he    i ! a- n
II Ml. .1   II  HI   I   '..  II
i heal    ' iitu oi liiank .   i
>V, J  Irwi:.  wl '       ri li nil. ssl
lab m il     .in 1       I rou [lit      ii,'
lo whal it v..i   ■
Vfti i        mei ting,  th
-   to tin
co   mine
;..,.i i i : : .. mbi rs ol   . a
mittee, eti     ii  n i   il
each ci     nittei
;     i   [our   uu tuber,    in I
chairman, and otln i  mutti rs   ol
i   portnnce   was   it i
Mr, V,    j   Irwi    was   ip|
i ; ry, uf ti: whii h tin
adjoin ii
Launching of the Progressive.
Ou Saturday evening the laum h
ing ol the mg Progressive, No, .:.
took plane lium the ways ol the
Wallace shipyards here, amid the
cheering ol those who had gatlu red
tu witness the event. High watei
gave the signal, and almost immediately ihi' thuds ol the mauls
ie.nit;, li I ii  llu  I even
Pull-   iwi nt)  minu i     ■■   i
.jitii, al ia, 'Min ate  lhe boat from
her birth plan, to the cradle that
was to I" ar In r into hi i future
abode,   Slowly, but  surely,   tin
I i began to slip nway, wl	
,    ■       ,      r," gave lhe v..on
mi. .onl with a dart as   il   by
:   amid  the   cracking   ol
Church Notice.
,        <
-I      I    . Ill      '    111     I'lll M
'  I "I
. I  i
, , p,    III.
I liven
\\    .    ....     I. ■■ ii  ■■
pn ,'.. ition lor Hou
8 p, in
I'inl,ii Guild I
seiii' i. to oo annoum
..ii'l prai i" a. ,  pi p. in.
Si  i Sunday, Si pi. mbi
Hm ■,    ' "Vi, skin   (sun .
sermon i. 11130 ... m   evei
i        .iiiui',, 11 ... in,   1  ,
ami si ilium,   j   in p,   in ,
school, 10 a. 111.
The  \l"ii'i,u   services on   the
[on  lion an d    ontinued for this
It is hoped  to hold .1
I roll a I   10       11
Si j'l 1 . ,1 I
The! In hali  en piii   1
a   1 mul ila'iii  "I   li '     I
i ii 1 ii„    1 iti < n     ' ■!•: a      an
i It. II, I
0 ve r st      ' s I
A pi a 1! 1 on aaf die muni
1 ipal council win held on Wetltu s
■ Lil' en ning. Reeve A IJ, Iv A
; . led, ami there wen pn ■ ent
1   ma illors   \lli 11.   < rn nish   and
I In' following   corrcspondi ni 1
was ta 1 ilia al .uia! disposi il nl:
M.n-'.ai ■    * L'rqulipi'l   .'rote regarding survi *  '      ie loi
lot ig3, asking approval ol i nm
James Milne, gem ml supi rin
tendeni of the B. C, Elei trie
Railway Company, wrote re the
safe v.iiing ot innisa 1 and
inspection of same. Li I! to i. [lit
R, II. Docherty, secretary ol
the Ninth Vani ouvi r Horticultural
Association, wrote inviting ri eve
ami council to be present at the
opening ol the annual exhibition
mt Monday next. Act epti d with
Ninth Vancouver Land and
Improvi ment Company wrote thai
ii would noi In. responsible for
water used on their property,
south of the Junction blot I. A
(erred to the watei i on a tl
Captain Archibald rcquisitioni d
the council (or water supply to his
residence in block .'.>')■ Mr. Nye
ilsi, made .1 similar request,
I later commilt. e 1.
itrtu 0 il lo stippl) same.
I). W. Elder,   .  al,,  pi titii:: '!
for a sidewalk on the south sale ol
I'hird i Ai 1. I» low Lonsdah   and
I iii'lil  avenues.    Board   ol
v.i.] ks,
KiiIk n N011 i- wrott   ol
to any Iai    01   die;   In ii g   pul
through mis 8 and .j,  block  :\
district lot 548.   Im ed,
', St, G. II tm rsley wroti
il ai tr, thai In  was , - pan
I'livel  I'i llu   mill ,'
properl     neal    I lit
Li fl lu i' • vi   i-i lool
IC. \\. Ma I.a an,  of \ nn
iibniitti tl 1
tritt It
ks (I ■
'    ' :       ., ' . -i  .'.
ility to h.i ;..;,..
I       lale   avi nm      i lewalk
il    loi
:    : wi ek.    .
IA ,,ink on H. v.
ovei foi ,1 wi ■ k.
1     rlecnthatrci     ron
I'ei.i. I.      avei
Aa   111       , I .   , , .
10      [Ull II  '  nil        '1 iki.-W      ,\
;    I'll    ...   fucker,
I iltl'
Si venti ■ nth -io .tl,'
Cjuinn,   ■   : a -:   |.li;i
A.      '  . !
rs lelt   10   I
"     I I" la |IH|| i.ll
Mr.    * ■ I    will
of lots 62j
and .jo   Scl
lllil lol  .''     1 I
till I     HUH   II     a .I',
:'...■:    la
lion grounds,
11 ', a       ntl
.,:    I   ■  'i   nn   !■:' it      Sin
will tell you 1
'.nil III li ss lium ,1 11
I'he  Mi' ■ : 1      "I   Si
I ' Snrlli \ incouvcr,
begins on   Iii
Hill.        Aa       '    '
mi    Wednesday    1   1
1 ■■ ill li 1   bj  1 to t) ti     I hm dn\
Fnr ten
1      ,'     ird Mat
the I
 t       \\ i
instnnci. 1
novel     "S t at ii b
with thu 111 !        1
Mr. A.  S.  Slater,  Bellingham,
calleil on Tin Exi'i 1    tilo
Groi ei Sti at j paid  Port Ham-
n ond .1 I u ini si vi -it this wei k.
]..Iiii  |,   Bostock, of   Victoria,
spent Sun la) in Nortli Vancouver.
A visitor in town Ibis week was
Miss lu tt   Gonzales,   of   Eagle
II. oi. ri
1 Kamloops visiloi iln ■ wi • k in
s ■ •'. \ un i.inu is Mr. II. S,
M 1 lillii. ol Vancouver, gavi
a iall) ho party to ilu Capilano on
Satin a,a    .   :
i : Drickinck Holnileld. ol
Denmark, was a gnesi al the
I loti 1 mi Sunday.
Bom    \i tin  residence ol  Mr.
I I; trtt ii, Sa (ond stn et, on Wed
nesday, ., daughter.
MissDollie McDonald will h ave
next wiek lor Kamloops, whin
she intends visiting foi a fortnight,
Miss L. .Naihaii, oi Moodyville,
leaves in sl I in idtt) At Hauic,
011 a visit to frii
Mrs. Hogg had a visitor this
an 1 k in the person of Mrs.
Dickson, ol Vancouver.
Mrs. W. J. Dickand family havi
retui 10 I im . afl 1 a ph asi .1
visit with n lativi s in Portland,
J. j. Creighti n. Victoria, was
i- istcred ihe Hoti 1 North
Aim .'ini 11.1 \\. dm
Ma llaalal       \\        |   > |.  U      Ol    MiSSUMl
Ciiy, vi ::■' 11' home 1    Mr.   D,
II Ini k, "ii I ni-i streel this week,
Mr. J. I hull's is about to ills
:    hei     mils   on
■ -   I   and   in    hia
a 1   ■
S, K  Lni : aw, Wi inipi      pa
'    iVitll    li
Muni'o,  \ .en .mii 1. in  Wi
i1   L)  Ell , Ih    i" ■■  '     ... a,
i'   •!   S  'i' ■    "i
,1 hence In 1' ia. '..mi't in
>.r-. J. J. Godfn -.. nl. '
■. ■   , t year, been
1 lhe *.ntip   les  tel 1    d
1 :     V     X. it. rn
- : pro| ■ 1:
'     Id
■   '    ;.
ipal   Price,  ..I  thi     ■  rl
.' 1   1 ' 'i
Ih'      001111 Ma
1 parly,  wa
irl .11 11
p. riod iln- wi'
Tn 1 1 si    Lal [1   house,  within
.   whaif
. Irom large •
Id nt n asonablt     A;       1
N.   ! pan!
Nm ih Vni
. i
Mr. J. I
'a    1
I   I I   I I
'   I i
iln el, I
•     1 \
11 I
'I In bra ■,    nl  ll e  will, r  nl   1
.a,, ...
|lC     ' '   'I
ed  01     1
lhe 11. C, Electric Railway Com-
pai \'s plant in the near future,
visiting among other places North
Vancouver and the Lake Buntzen
power station.
The street ears had a successful!
trial trip on Wi dnesday night.
Mr. J. II. Hoare, who has been
a gut ■ 1 ii the hotel iur the past
summer, ha eetrri d a I icurative
position with lhe Canadian
Northern, and haves shortly to
iai.. up his oci upatiiiii. Mrs.
I ba,11 will remain for some time
Chi. 1 Joe Capilano and party
.oi vi 'I .a noon yesterday from*
England, where they met Kii.g
Edward. They were given a huge
reception   al   the   Mission,   the
■ niiri populace turning out to
ivi li mi 1 ihiiii. The cliicltain was
in line fettle,
One in iln finest canoes ever
I niii on the inlet, the Indians
claim, has just bei n c mipleted at
lhe Mission, lt is 48 feet long,
md finished in eh gant style. On
1 trial nip ihis week the occupants
ol the canoe were dumped into
the water, owing to the ciall bent:  00 narrow.
On Monday afternoon at four
<>'i lock, a regatta will take place
iu [rout of the boathouse. The
silver meda? donated by Mr. J. N.
|. Brown will be contested lor liy
A i hiison, Time will also be
ind senioi doubles. As
this form ol sport is worthy of
support, a good list of prizes
shi il I bi di nuti d.
"'I In S.ai ml live" gave an in-
[ormal dame ainl supper in lhe
Pavilion hen on I'hursday even-
in:., whii'. attracted many young
a Olipll a-  I "A II . .'.II    lion     llllll    Vail-
■ out 1 Tha launch Heaver was
was ]■ quisitioni d to carry those
returni:'. across the inlet. The
committee having the   affair   in
hand   was follows;    G.    II.
Perkins, F. R. ( lark, W. C.
I ii    • li  Wheeler, F. J. Cootes.
For llu        ' ; • ars   Till:
E.Xl'l 1 ■    answers  to
tin lollowing probli 111     Taking  a
Cn mi n a In 1 lo 1  board, place   a
I  1 id ol wheat on ilu   lust bUck
p t, ttvi  "-a tin ■ icond hlacfc spot,
(oui .ti the thiid  bl.uk, and so
bj  this system  every
hia' k spol .ui the board has l».en
used.   How   many   kernels    is
tl     required
llllllllii I •     lll'ii: 1 .11,T get   enough
pa I  1 li   1 Iltl in - down 011,
then give   us   the    number  ol
. .11 the   rati   of   50,000
1      11 ll   bu hi I,
. ■ autifu! a lornment to
Din risii - it) the mw residence
"I Mi I' (,. I 'u k, on the corner
'iln: treel ami st. Andrew's
a A-. 1.. •! 1 om-
ph ted copied b) the owner.
I hi   11.    li 1 ' 1.1, di lign is adapted
v. ol taint '1 Irom
'      10   rli oking the
I :  in  ba ii ment to garret
rytbii   :   up to date and con-
cooni lions with
b ih   ll..    v. it. rv.orks   and    the
. li 1 iin lighi    'I he grounds round
a .     ip a    ms,    ,,:n|   when
1 imipleti 'I  wi ll  ihe  First   street
'   ; •  lenience
;hts  side ol the
nl 1
1 ■■ 1
n "    ll
■.   ■   1.      ■
'i    in
la.    Will
New Business Block.
\\    Hi im .   one "I   lhe
'   • hold, rs nl  Vai
t    id 1 Ite land owni 1 in
11 ■ 1 ' 1 need 'i\t.
■'    III     :'    pre-
I block
corner ol
I unl the Hap made,
1 I.   'I Innil,
tl iries I    h,  ■  tia a     'M
1 ia  wi il known firm
"I architect . Ih.it.an !t Evelr-igh,
pn 1  11    .    "I   till    plans.
II 1 11 goi • without saying thai
thi    iti it lure  will,   win u   com
ol  the-
plai'      I hi   -it" '   level will   be
fi ■  shi' -   m    1 "' lien   the
ind the third,
1 ■..'..:.  tha
used    for
■ .   .
Mi   Hon'   In
1     ■    a
;   lhc   greal
:.  ind
nil    ol
lound lhan ilu:
ki. Newspaper.   ■   Published bv
I'll i'l
IXPitI0SS I'KlN'I'INl! Company
ipi ui          Dtia' 1.aillar |ior Vciir
•     'A.'i: UAIITLGV,
on mm .mi publlsneo a nur summitry
of till rec i'l, which created a sensation
In England. He wus arrested fur the
draft operation, but was acquitted,
j, ^, | Last January Donkln tell 111. He had
contracted tuberculosis lu prison, and
I he was taken also with lia'airt weakness.
From hi* alaauih bed lie Issued a pious
pa il .■ il :•': er, issnrtlng Hut he wns
tlm truly consecrated la-hop of Sauita
cr ice, an I tli't those who denied It
were persecuting liim. Ha> was cared
lor In hi* last .lays by people "f Oxford who liiJ ailandud llii "oralurya"
ifdward Donkati, Who Posed its a Prieit,
Ends a Long Career of Crime
—Died In Engl.-.nd.
': Iward   D 'b   a ,>   af  s.mta
■ ■•   ■ ;    \ i     a"    md   Ii ilder   jI
a I
I , .i
II   I
irs he I        I "'.
a  \   ■      i to M     lulu-e, ol
lit upon his pi
is'.leal | a id
i      t   piety      II i   i   all   Uie
. Imp t
at a '      .1 ,    II
■ : i: ■ "a ■,  ■' a
Greel    '. i, the Did Catholics, and
lhe i : Ki .■ ml
by   -
md his cl        i of fa
id i ng than I      i    f the
ir   f Bi        )'•'•  - a pi".. were lil*
)•« great wa
re I
.    . ''".'' ind vliu believed until
■■   r thai li" was a | I and
ma i
lie ii.ii a-,;    .. t in : aa. by Labou-
. 1 a. part
<-..' his life ii i
Origin Is Unknown,
Just .■' i D m      nu ia >  ine ku :v..
As   ild I  il      was i' an in England
I foi neared flrsi In
lustra la In the eai y  "   an I enter d
I Denedlctlno i ry
'l'i rept there aa an
111 '. ' : ' a   .     a  '  . '    .
'• h • ia" ra wei   de       I by his ap-
' :   |  ■ ' '-     ll   int..
nionasl i i
He did : iln : mg, ilth mgh ti.
. t ims •      u    ;   k" i up   tii ire   lhe
(oundatli ns .' his priestly knowl dga
»liich I,.- ■. fterward
In 1893 he i| peared In England  Here
he made hi llr : chang i   it religion
He repri ms "If n an Angl ian
prlesl a  turn iy In tho diocese
of Bath and Wells
"" "'I'll    T'-alentl lis.
"■- i when t*      Use .vered he was
d"po.-'.' I    li" -. ibb -1 up lu ii is s ll i-
man i atl llastoi nny    There
he asked : -    Imlss n to   i Fn nch
.   r pri lentlng himself as a
young man of fashion whi waa tired of
vera g ilng well, when lt was
d tha     ■ : 11 roll td up largo
debts   in   t; a   id   mi   the
- h  if hi. connectl in   with   the
n in a  a.;-y. That en led him ih   i
Tries Another Monastery.
At I -  I- |ti"i. in. tried It
in   a    " ■ - m in-'- rv     T'i n tune he
. *•. ,ai who want-
■ to • nti r the Romu      Uholl   11 th,
in i I" presi nted (irn I letters  if or-
a fr .in lhe il.  i ip of Rath who
:  ■
This wtttt il:-  iver* I l."f ire I mg, but
' ra he had toll      I It nn in a'l'h-
hta at. from the i   nosier)   Next
he a i     • ■   i fai  mi. Father Ignatius,
•    ■ .       . ny  Ibboy,
Path '.i, duped fT a lain?
lent proved I
'   ! ig liim a
i-i: '
< Brll ii.  A yar oi
• r a : : iin
■ ry
Roi                  i did a 1       In Jail
for frauds v I ■ ued
r I     • ■    led England
■   ■       I
a\ Capu ■ . ■ i   ■ him
a .     ■ ail   :■'.■     '        a. I
» IS
'  •  >■ . :  ,, n,-, I, publicity
■ ho ilnn  I f.r America
Sent to Prion in Chicago.
All   I' ■ 1 ' II       a ■
I-" II   '    .   ' II      i; |... ire I
,  a,    i ;
a "mil    n" aia I  1*.    i    ' i■■■ I  una
one "I'.i'ii r ii i ||," ,.i. a.in ■ . 'h, po-
lie* all      ■          '■ i  ni in. illy 3"iu
• . pi    ii in i
Wilt n ho I       .    I I - M   ■ ■ il ■■" he
llf as a irch  of
i     .    no' pri-
' 'a-   c ind In
ii.. - l   iv ■••   .
l'    ■ I, bul i     iped
■i a.. (
"    '      a  v r s
Rome  li  Hn Hoidoo.
ii   had llttli
■ .'a
■ it" | a nine In thi
■  t   :
i   ' '
In    .'.'.' a I'l
: i
a,     '     ■
'I    . '
I the
: i   ■
:      "
his   on  thi
: '-I
llir  Manner In   Which  Men  I.ILe In
See Won..-n   Dressed.
If n'linti'ii dress to plciiso men thoy
will always lie gowned simply, appro-
i: tl more quietly nnd consequently m iro bi iiulngl) Hi.hi if thi'}' ivar
iha'.r clollios for Hi" benefit of women,
Ui . ,i. ■ i like - ni'le, uoiit es-
(union, free from (lying ends, fnlK
Ol course there nro
who never nol co what kind "f
clothes tl r wives aud daughters
wear. They only kuon whon those
look well, when tit" general cffei t is
g I, Imt ai" never tblo to pal
lie, bul mcu nro becoit t .: hotter edU'
rn'.-I In tho matter of i lothea for women, and tho average mnn of today
■ a j aboui among women is capable aif discriminating nnd knows the
value of a woman's 'loiliing ns well a«
Its becotnlngnoss, Many wives would
appear to better advantage In llieir
clothes If tliey would take Ihelr bus-
limnls' advice in tho selection of them
Instead of the odi co of tlieir dressmakers. The littler are apt to burden
their customers dowu with costly uml
unbecoming furbelows regardless of
tasto.—Frances van lilten iu Leslie's
Bonking handkerchiefs all night In
strong salt water will greatly facilitate
tlieir washlug.
When washing flannels get rid of as
lunch thi-t iiiiiI dirt us you possibly can
by slinking and brushing before plunging Into water
After blankets have been washed and
hung on tbe line un.l nre thoroughly
dry beat with • en-pet beater, The
wool will become light und soft, like
In laundering white spreads or any
large piece where difficulty is experienced tu llinling the large soiled spots
a good plan Is to fasten a piece of
black silk thread to ncsi soiled places.
The spots can then lie easily detected.
Ironing silk  when  wet gives It a
smooth, glossy appearance, but should
the waist get dry before it is Ironed dip
It ia clean cold water nud roll In a
cloth. Do not sprinkle water over It,
as that would innke It look rough and
blotchy wheu Ironed.
Waldorf llllK 1 liulull...
Melt one tablespoontul uf buttar, add
0 al lospoouful of flour and pour on
gradually, while stirring constantly,
two-thirds of a cupful of milk. Add
llie yolks of tlirae ones beaten until
thick uud lemon colored nnd season
wiih one tablospooui'nl of chopped
parsley, halt a teaspoouful uf suit, one-
eighth of a teaspoouful of pepper und
i la'W grants each of celery suit und
cayenne, Beat lhe whiles of llir gga
until stiff and dry nud cut ami fold
Into the lirst mixture. Turn inlo buttered Individual molds, Bet In a pun of
hot water mnl hake In a slow oven until linn. Ita'tiioi'" from Hi" molds, pour
around be ha mel or tomato sauce and
n tb yolks and whites of hard
boiled e.'-'s inui parsley, l ot ilns ba
what is known ns n marguerite garnish, Cut Uio whites of the eggs to
represent tie petals of tbe flower and
I'.in e the yolks through a itralnor to
i t  the center   Fnnnle Merritt
Farmer iu Woman's Home Companion,
T» Produce I I lin.'.la Thn SI Id
IIIIrll....al/a*   In   Colof    liil.e..
.'I is th" easiest thing In lhe world to
get tii ■ K: 'in.- nut in "tics curtains,
iiiii ■ "iina's ii is tin. hardest Ibhif
In tin- world to get Jusi (bo right one.
Bei'i.re buying curtulns ibe wall paper
should i><> carefully studied With pn
per tlm h is a wiui" background It Is
always - ife to use while curtains, but
if th" background is lu colored tones
Hi . •■ should '"■ used In
lele.' ng matei il ol i a olor thai will
harmonize, unl In buying curtains for
ii   .     'ut. iirvnii) pap .rod .. sum
pi" ot tbe ,■        liould I t, "ii i ig
in nroi'i i nuke nf
course,   If  paper  and  curlnliis  ure
me it is a com-
pnriitu'eli a ■ lo li ivi « satis.
fu. i.ny "i .1 color,
■ how milch cure
Ibe result will be
in mg   h ihls i i-"' n ui ii
tt, iy In 'lain" wlih overh inglngs, nol "f
i .■:. "  light tt    ire ind of n
co i ■ il will lone In -- II n t'i both
of th" "iiiii i ng shades, and ihnt will
ihi intu li toiiau I liarinonlalng the wboli
H ■  il 'ic i...am.   if ihe win
dows    ivo li   l" shutters they, too,
must I," considered In Ih ilor i lietno.
If the  f n iinrnl wo sl Ibe
■ iirlu ns should li" less
■I  i.' Hi wli ■»
!•        ■      . nportunl iii at
Hers nnd Ihe    rlu ns blend as
111  ''I It.I  ' s
t.        rell tog losloti
1.11,1*    11,,la,,-a,   I'lialiniialtra,
'I .  I'l       III,  N   ll. were
111     ITIK) la'
lulu Iriivelet        I |
Monument Juit Erected to IU D'.soov-
tr, Sir James Hector—Sympathy In His Sorrow.
At I^inra-n. near thai entrance of the
Kicking Horse Pass, has Just been
erected a tnontimi'nt to Sir James Hector, the discoverer of thai gap In the
Kooky Mountains. It Is tho offering of
geographers, geologists nml other men
of science In Canada and the United
Stat.", to whost contributions have
been added those of men connected
wlih iiii. railway tor which lhat pass
affords a route. Standing at the opening of the defile he was tho first In
thread, and within slghl of travelers
on the passing trains aaf the C. P, 11.
the monument is looatod exactly
where H oughl lo be, and Is aid lo
be in ' "'iv n i nit ible, 11 Is dr-
scriibi il as a bi aullful and a ndurlng
ii'"i ' of tho sioii" iv'tkei's art.
'i'he mati rial oul o( whii h ll Is made
is a large-grain granlto hewn from
a, ; In lhe '' is -il' 1 r.iiiii". n
stone which tin- ill i and pollshors
cun fashion to tie Ir lasle, but whloh
time ar. i weather can scarcely crum-
Sympathy  In  His Sorrow.
It Is unusual to pay Btich a mark of
honor to a distinguished man In his
lifetime, but thoro was a particular
reason for nol walling until Sir James
Hra'tor should  pass aii'aiy.   He was In
Canada three years ago, and, strange
to say. the region which had been tho
scene ot his hardships and achievements of neatly hall a century earlier
beoame a place of aflllctlon for him.
His son Douglas, a young man of 116,
who i t.i como with him on litis visit,
tell ill and died in tin hospital at Rev
elstoke, 11 was a In vy blow. To this
trip Uio aged explorer li.nl no doubt
looked forward ni'h keen happiness. A
swift and pleasant railway Journey
with his son across a continent he had
painfully traversed twenty years before that son was born, and before llio
building "f thai railway wa.s begun,
must have promised him rare enjoyment. The natural grief ho would in
any case have f. It at the loss of his
sin must have been Intensified liy the
circumstances. This bereavement was
mada' tie. occasion for the rearing of
the monument, whloh stands lo the
memory A the son as well as of the
rather. It is a token boil' of gratitude
for Sir James He.-tors services and of
rympalhy in his sniisuv.
The Palliser Expedition.
Nowhere is there a belle- ai-cnttnt
of Sir James Hector's services than
in "The S"lknk Range," a book published hy the Department of the Interior, the author being Mr. A. 0.
Wheeler, F, it. G, s, topographer of
the department. In thai valuable work
la given the -tairv of tha- Palliser expedition, sml oul lo British North
Aincrlou in 1*" to make a study of
the Interior anal t" report as to the ad-
vlsablenest of building a transcontinental railway through British territory.
The g-ologist of lhe psrly was Dr. Hector, now Sir James Hector, who In after
years and until finite recently was head
of the Geological Survey of New Zealand. The Held work nf the party, which
■was acting under ltoval Commlttlon,
covered a period of three years and extruded over .i great stn-ich of country, Includlg most of the present Dominion south of the Arctic slope, and between the Groat Lakes and the Par.ilie'
Ocean. Capt. Painter's map was the
first rJeiailr.l one that was ever prepared of any part of the Uocky Menu-
UUns, It |.s Interesting te reeall lhat
In his report of ISM Capt. Talllser disapproved   the   ill"K   'af   H   t mil «C0||! liim-
Ul railway,  He snld in part: "I lli.r,--
foro cannot recommend the Imperial
Government  to countenance or  lend
support lo any lohotne for coraslrucl-j
Ing. or, It  may   be   said,   forcing  a
thoroughfare   by   this   lino   of   route,
e:'h-r   hy   land   or   water,   as   there
would   be   no   Immediate    aih'.anUgel
commensurate with the required sac-j
rlflco  of   eapital:   nor  can   I   advise
such heavy expenditure as would ne-
oss.irA attend ni" construction of an
exclusively llrliish line    of ronl   between Canada and Red River Settle-'
tti'tit" Canada, of course, nt. that time
.was nude up of what are to-day lhc
Provinces of Quebec and Ontario,
Kicking   Horse  Pan.
Capt Palliser was a topographer, not
a statostnan.  It'- enuld not look a hall
century inn. th" future to see lhe put..
lioal map ih.it has been made there on
thc basis of his   physiographic   map.
I.-SS than halt a generation aiur   ii"
wrote, lhe construction of tho ('. P. II.
was in progress, and its lines ever
largely lhe course sivrp! by lhe IVI-
llaof ('omml.siajn's Investigations. In
one Important respect It seem*dd(i.ttn-
ei| to follow a route the Palll.v-r expedition had not explored. Prom both sides
coiuurttoilon wis directed towards the
v How Head I'vss in l«u tn. projei I
of the. road wn transferred by 'lie
Governmanl to the pres-n' Canadian
ii.a.'i, Railway Co., uid me Kicking
liar-- l'a-s .ms eventually * looted
Twenty-two years bofors (USD Dr
it - ■ - luii discovered IL tlnlll I mosl
"f it.- mountain miv., u seomi o n.i.'
b".-n unknown i" '.'"■ Ins" ins * ■ -•-r..i-
mg tlm How Kiver In a polnl i" h i las
tin Mountain, h" reai-hed Ihe head
wat'Ts of the Vermillion, which he
traa-eal lo Its confluence with Ihi i. "'•■
nay, The latter hi a icended to the dl-
M ha betwoon i: and the   Reaverf	
limn which ii" '.nne lo .'s junction
•.mii th" Kicking Horse Acr. Near
thai i"';nt Dr. ileclor ■> • ed b)
one ■'■ 'I." pack-horses and laid up i
day,   The Incident give Its name to
Ih  am up which he mode his way
he '. over th" summit of "ie main
i". mi thereby bi   imlng i;i    I scovorei
pii a    I,     >'    I'lllla'al    I'l
mi'i," as tin. river,, ibough li li ..
'I    a,   I',-    It    '"I'   PaSS,   '       "'!"   i I
tho : -ik of tl..   Rockies is known i
Ile ' .r Monti'.i a    Vho ' x!■! in r would
reslod r to    cover fr.m llio
-     ,.    'I     aaf       ' klCR,    I"!'     Hi.U     ll"
parly  vera on thi       ti    ;
Hon. G i. ai '   ■
> •    whither  ta.
party    id nol time :o foil iw It,
Artist Foretells His Death.
ia.ul Orltsch, a young tlrundel
■   fort lol I l I    .'ii' il'n• 1     i
i 'A hoi" I make mv will, for
dug to perish hi the mom la
tv," hi   aid. On tin i"ii wl ••
•.   • . • 'I,- Bl [rial lor H
ioo tect and wu Uv
Canada's lti<l..n Poetess, Miss Johnson,
In tho World's Capital.
! Tekahlunwake, the only Reilskln poetess In the wot-lil, Ihls jusi ciiiiti' to 1,-n-
don, says The Leader. Tall ami dark,
olive-skinned, Inu with tli" grey eyes
that show she has while blood in Iter
veins, she Is best described in one nf
her own verses:
Coppor-tlntod face and smouldering
ot wilalcr life, were left me by my
To bo my proudest claim.
"How do you come tn be In London?"
was llie lirst obvious quesllon.
"Because London Is the place to
climb up In," lias the- characteristic
v. a .1 ihn a'n has been In London
before, when her li' i book of poems
n.i i published by Mr, John Lane,
"I mis horn." she inl, "oii an Indian reservation, In i'n- Province aaf Ontario I came of tin famous Iroquois,
My fathi r was a pure I.i.■...I■ -.1 Indian,
chief of th,' Mohawks, nf Ihe SI* Nations Indians, My mother was an Englishwoman, although she lici'llllie. ao-
caai'aiiiii,' i.i law, iiii luili.in hy her inar-
rhni". We have long silia-e ofi'.-r'al the
while man our white wampum. In Uio
wampum of beadwork ■ ■ 1 musl show
yam my own wampum belt—is written
tin. dead language "f a nation, for It re-
i'"' i:s the lit, nn ure-. traditions, the
cum iii'y of the Itedni' ti."
"My name Tekahlonwake," continued
Miss Johnson, "b.-iaiiit,^ m my family.
Johnson Is only a baptismal name, lhat
wa.s lirst used by my gre.tt-pranilfalh-
er. That Indian word signifies, literally,
I 'doubto life.' meaning it is hard to kill
a Tekahlonwake. You have not killed
him onco till you havo killed him
Miss Johnson's Indian dress Is iron-
dorful. Th" skirt, like ihe moccasins,
Is made of buckskin from far Athabasca, a scarlet blankel falls from
shoulder to heel, one sleeve Is of ermine, the other a fringe of buckskin,
embroidered wilh ni iosehalr. Her
necklace is made of bears' claws,
threaded on a strip of line leather, and
graduated In size.
"This scalp is one of my great Ir'iis-
ures." soil! Tekahlonwake. "I wouldn't
ci. a dollar for a while man's scalp!"
she laughingly said, "but this one was
sent to mo from the West, and belonj--
ed to an old warrior of the Hlood tribe."
Elperlt-noe   Wilh   Ihe   "Feed   0«ly
What  You ltd Ise" Theory,
The advice, so ofteu and persistently
given to farmers by tbo agricultural
press that tboy should raise all the
feed they use lias douo and ia still do-
j Ing a vast amount of barm. A largo
number of fanners regard the biiyitn*
of food as a sign of Improvidence, if
not actually criminal, says a writer In
Ohio Farmer.
Visit almost nny farm and one finds
stud; of siitiiii kind Unit, to use tin*
general term, Is being "roughed" for
luck of tlmo, shelter or feed or the lack
of proper i lad nml (he excuse given is,
os n nil": "Wo teed thom only corn,
We know they Bhould have some bran,
oats nr '.:::ii 'ii, Imt we cannot afford
to buy it. an I we line plenty of corn.
We grow tins ourselves,"
Tli" :: isl Imp i'I.nt l"ssai:i the writer
ever learned was from ins experience
In feeding da ry cows. Wo had for
yoars f"i a ml urn iti 'ed Hi" "toed only
uliat i'i! ri se" llieory, and ut tlio eu<l
of tlic *" '■ I". i i mt uioagor, if nny.
prolit, mil w'iv forced tu chango our
methods >ir work for tin* fun wa could
net out o:' raising feed,
| Insteinl of i ontlnulng lo play at a
losing game w i ills 'urdod this nmiliaial
uud raise su li crops as are best adapted to our soil, n i in itter wlmt they ar".
nnd then biij' th" elements lacking la
our home grown feeds.
| I buy a load of bran, oilmen! nr cottons | in -ii. knowing that when fed
to balanco a ration with our borne
grown,gralns, "ta', it enhau :os A" f"'l
vnluo of our grain from 50 to A.) per
Perforated   Indian   Skull — Interesting
Word Paintings on Temagami Rockl.
Mr. David Boyle, superintendent ol
th" Provincial Museum, has Just returned to Toronto from Moore township
in I.auibton County, lie found the report about thc mammoth remains
said to bave boen disc 've.rcd there, to
be incorrect. He coulJ And no traces of
such an animal,
Mr. Hoyle made some excavations In
thn Indian Reserve, however, and picked up some relics of value. 'I'he most
Interesting was a ltuinjin skull perforated on tho apex with a clean cut Iwle,
which must have been bored wilh some
Instrument. There are a few other specimens of a similar description in lhe
"These holi-s may have been bored tn
the skulls before death." said Mr. Hoyl".
"in which case tliey were no doubt
made lo allow some evil spirit to escape, as In the case of one stricken
with apoplexy. Hut 11 Is qtiile possible
the holes were made nllc.r death, and
would then bo made for the purpose
of banging ihe skulls up.
'The natives of Peru," he continued,
"had made considerable progress in
tho art of surrtery, and skulls have
been found showing clear evidence ol
trepanning, lb" holes being mado wilh
sharp pieces of fllnl."
Interesting specimens of Indian
word painting wa-ro ropled and
brought to the museum lam week by
Mr. W. II. C. Phillips, who mad" a trip
lo ilie Tomngaml district far th" purpose. There are two sets of paintings,
four specimens In each set. One was
found painted on the rocks on the north
Shore "f Diamond Lake, the olher ut lhe
son;hern extremity vf Lady Evelyn
They bear close resemblance to the
paintings discovered on the recks of
I.ak" Masssnog, Addlngmn County,
ami published in Mr Boyle's archaeological report for IBM-5. No one has
yet succeeded In deciphering theso In-
Doukhobors' Good Work.
Maloolm McMillan "f Macdonald, Me-
Mlllan A Co., .'• T l' contractors, has
relumed to Winnipeg from an Inspec
lion of lhe work along Ibe line a.s far
im nirdtail llivr. In Ihls vicinity the
HouklK-liors have several gradine en
'rs.", anil Mr .McMillan speaks ill Ihl
highest terms of llieir work. The
Doukhobors, ho maintains, hnve put
some of tho finest pwes of uradlng thai
hav,; been doll" mi the whole line. They
ar„ greal hustlers and arc n"' at al
affected by "pilgrimage prop.n in -
Mr. McMillan slates thai lhe work la
gning along very   satisfactorily,   and
that when lhe mow nica tbe company
■ -peel to havi ti"t "iiiy "Tli inihs fr tn
Portage to "ftjuohwood Hills grad-sl,
but also 'he lo-inllo span, Turlngo to
fnoklnir lhe Milk.
Tlie main thing is to ci.i! Un* m!!k
quickly to a temperature of 50 degrees or loss, un.l it would pay ths
dairyman tn provide ic tor ilns inr-
pnso. In driving through the country
in ilm early morning you will observe
near the w ill a' different farms a can
of milk placed in u half barrel, where
there is not room for moro than a couple of palls ot water, Which would uot
he siitlia tent in properly cool the milk,
and uiihss this Is quickly dune the
germs (bat nny have '.'it intu it will
have a' a iu.'" to develop before it gets
cooled t'i Hi.it poitit where tlieir growth
Is retarded,-.!. (I. Moor", Wisconsin.
To (let Ihe Mosl Onl of lhe Ihnrn.
Taking the bnrrd chum as li"st for
llie farm butternmker, h" Bhould know
how a i.-"i ih.. most ont of it. In this
form of churn the concussion ot the
cream necessary in do lhc churning is
BCi-ured by lhe fall of tlie cream as tha
churn is revolved. The faster the
churn Is revolved 111" greater number
of concussions per minute will he secured.  But if tin' churn is whirled so
fast that th.* centrifugal for rented
holds Uie cfa.-uu from falling no churn-
lug will take plnce,
No Soft Business Hens.
A Postmaster-General or some one in
his olll.te In Ottawa one. wrole lo the
I, "miiier of some mile station on
the Kettle Hlver: "You will pleas" inform this department how far the Kettle River runs up." lo which lhe pesi-
miulor answered: "I have the honor 'n
Inform the department thnl il" Kettli
Rivi r don't  run up ul  nil.    it    runs
down." In due ne nt mall onme an
nthor o iinmunlcatlon:  "en reoi Ipi   "I
',    |el "i i r sppolntmenl us post
mo ter will ci.' e,   Mr    has i" ■ ti
appointed your mci •• "or '  1
went    Ihe   II-. :■ I'll':      Th"   p ■
,-.. |,'s  ef   tills '      hg   Ih'   I.i
year have been tl '     runl
mere lli.a'i .I   lb a lhat     i       ;
kindly In "   '■ my i ir io pay
me tli" bul     e, ami
1,300 Apphr. nls For Ono Post.
| - .....
lhe    WOOl"      'I' lb '      1.1
i-lety, which has put l""ii ni"! i" " i
ippolntmcni of Mr T n Chandbt
V. 1. A. there wire 1,-00 api'IicaUoaa
Ownership of pnre br"d stock yields
,i profit, rouses up ambition, stimulates
pride and lifts the nuiu out of tiie rut
of average coadll oni.
What Satme Hol.telner. Say.
"When ui doubt put on n li ird of
IIolstoiii-1'ti-sinus. Tliey will do tho
rest," remarks an enthusiast,
Bight months old and weighing 832
pounds Is th" i ord of a Holstc a calf
owned by Ahner Van llnos.'r nf Port
R.vron, N. v., «i"s Holstc n '• rl is in
Register, No oiimr dairy cow can dig
so good a prolit out of average condition! us can the llolsteln, Her v gor-
mn constitution, greal staj ng qu ill-
ties uud capacity for turning roughage Into dairy products eminently lit
her for averngo conditions.—W, C,
ni« Kae.or In n nrrnril.
It Is well said thero nrn iiir--- Important factors leading (a> a great record
of a cow-first, thc man; second, the
cow; third, thn f"t'd. We are not sure
hut It may be aafely said Hint the man
is the greatest factor of the three, says
Maine Farmer,
lllleh  R|(h,
Let tlie average man keep overage
emu uml nuke the overage product!
iiiid profits, IMt'T bitch your wagon
to a higher star
Are Yon In Ite Wnoal.t
Xo, you can't afford In run a dairy
Without knowing where you're nt, and
you ure probably In Hie woods If you
don't WOlgll  lll<* feed and nulll OCM"
ilonally, Do il Ifa Interest ng and
well worth wUlle,-A, .1. HcQuIrt,
Far Slab I \enlrd.
The n.i :y i inner must bo a far-
ilghtod nun   n ti*"* nf todaj nro
the milkers or tomorrow. If these
milkers are going tO lie up to par, special attention must he given to tlieir
breeding and care, remarks KllU'jal.'l
Dairy Farmer
The Utklni uf a Utah lenrlnir lleril.
Commenting it a recent stock breed-
era' nio.'ti'i-! am :i ' An in Minnesota
herd, \v. D Hoard said: So far »i we
can learn, tins high scoring herd vu
constructed aud brought to its present
state uf good profit by lhe own":' helng
n good Judge aif cows in pnr basing
nml following that up hy a most excellent undci -' mi ■ | if how to care
for and f i a cow hit he i a her,
nr 'se, i Id "i to 'ia - '-•■' is I    :■ ■ ■
I'SS    (if    I'llll       I  a'     a', ' .■,    I     |g     OUl     Of
I..... r cm*-  wl   li  i "." of th" mosl
[ of nil p I
wlih He in  . a        tof a dairy hoi I.
ll ra'...
There a"" a «i 'iii ■,, ■   • i
nn, ns |      .' ■      b  owe, and
Hi sli'   I be v    led out
i:. i f in an who ■ ia nfl ird to
biiurd n ' '    who ims nothing
There m ' fni iu*m 'ah" whose -i ilry
business i- , 11- 'a,- pi 'h isltlon be ii<"
Ihey do nil rou il i thai sain" aiowi are
better llntu uilinrs.
is belter lhan other soaps,
bul is best when used in
the Sunlight way.
Sunlight Soap contains
no injurious chemicals.
Sunlight Soap is pure
soap, scientifically made.
Every step in its manufacture is watched by an
expert chemist.
Sunlight Soap saves
labor, and the wear of
rubbing which common
soaps require in washing
Your monev refunded by
tlit de.lcr from '..a .-an you buy
Sunlight S.-ip if you li,,J an, uoll
for compltinl.
Lever Broth.rj I 'mil. 1 Toronla
"Senator, what do you think your
: ro i"a-, nre for helng re-elected?"
"Pine," replied Senator Badger,
r: Aw got ia. iiii li or I'll tell  how
ihey elected me the lirsi time."—Mil-
wan      Sentinel.
Mild in Their Action.—Pnrmelce'i
Ait-'ilil" I'llls nro very nihil iu their
    The) 'i" nol cause grilling In
;• •■ stomach or cause disturbances
M 11" as man- pills do, Therefore,
the mosl di llcnte can take them wlthoul fcai ol unpleasant results. They
, it, tu i, be ii'iininisicrcii tn children
■ ll a. Imposing tin' penalties which
follow lhe use ui pills not so careful-
Ij prepared,
ate -What was the value ot
the iioaiis sinli'ii from you!
■ Wi ll. when they were now limy
cosi thirteen iir.': then I liml them re-
-,ila-1 iwic. which ensl mc four lire.
-n altogether tboy are worth seven-
I,,.n iir.'.'   tiaiiii Carloaturlsta,
Minard's  Liniment Cures   Garget   In
the nr-.,lii„ilihT,
It ll said that that wonderful fighting machine, tbo British bottleiblp
Dreadnought will carry fuel, both coal
in. I oll, sufficient to take ber from ling-
liiini (o Quobefl nml back without filling hunkers or tanks. Inasmuch is
there will be no water tight doors below lhe armored deck, there will bs sa
arrangement of "lifts," by which officers nnd men may be conve;oil orer
Hie Impassable bulkheadl, The ship Is
roughly described ns consisting of five
circular forts set in the bull, or, rather,
with lite hull built nriiiiiiil them, each
foil ba'ltig heavily armored to Its base
ninl siirni'itinted by n revolving turret
mounting two twolve-h eh gum.
A rn Iiinn (offer.
The Quality i.f Arabian coffee Is believed tn 1." due I" Hie fact t' nt tho
abienCO of rain permit! the heirles lo
become perfectly rlpo before they ore
W    N    U    No.   598 THE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B. C.
Piles Make
Life Wretched
But There is Quick Relief From Itching and
Thorough Cure in
Dr. Chase's Ointment.
It may be truthfully stated that piles
produco more excruolatlng pnln, misery nnd ivi'i'lcliiiiliu'ss of feeling than
any known disease. Ufa becomes a
perfect burden during tho attacks oi
itching, burning, stinging pains,
ll is a ureal lulslnke in Imagine that
the effects of piles are local, [or, as n
matter ot fact, ihey sap tho vitality
of mind und hotly uml slowly but surely lend tu the ruination of lhe health.
' This is true of Itching and protruding as well as of bleeding idles, which,
hi culls.' uf llie loss nf Iilnnil. llli' niol'i'
rnpld in their disastrous ('[foots.
iir. chase's Olntnionl brings almost
instant relief from the Itching, burning, Btlnglllg sensations nf piles anil
is n positive ami thorough cure fm'
.very form nf ihls wretched, torturing, ami oftentimes stubborn disease,
Tills has 1 ii proven    in    su   many
thousands nf cases Hint there is nn
longer any room fnr doubt thai Dr,
('base's Ointment Is tlie must satisfactory troulincut, for piles that was
ever discovered,
*Ir. Jnliii .liilinsnn, Cowley, Altn.,
■ titeai—"Three years ago I wns cured
of blind. Itching piles of 27 yeara
standing by UBlng Dr. Chase's Ointment.   1 used tu  think   that  death
would lie the only relief I would ever
get from the terrible misery of piles,
(ll'teii I was laid lip for three days nl
n lime uml ut oilier limes worked
when I should have been in bed.
"Dr. chase's ointment is worth si*:-
ly dollars a hex Instead of sixty cents.
I ant a rtlfferonl mnn since using It.
I iiiii farming all tlic time and never
miss a day. Words fall A 0Xpre88 my
gratitude for Hie cure this olntmenl
made I'm' me. I cannol tell half as
much iilnnil it as it doserves. Anyone doubting Uils cau write direct to
Frequently when doctors hnve failed
Pi cure piles and the surgeon's knife
has proven futile Dr. Chase's Ointment has effected thorough cure; nn
cents a Imx. ill till dealers, or I.ilman-
sun, Hates & Co,, Toronto,
rnirty rears In One Pulpit,
On Dominion Dny, St. Paul's Cliuroh,
Peterboro', was the occasion of tlie
celebration of the thirtieth anniversary
ot tha pastorate of Rev. S. F. Torrance,
D. D. St. Paul's Is remarkable In the
fact that, although seventy-three yean
old, lt has only had two pastors, the
Lit. Rev. J. M. Roger and Dr. Torrance. A native of Montreal, tbe son
of the late David Torranco, tho founder of tha Dominion Lino of steamships,
the doctor Is a graduate of McGill, of
thai Presbyterian Church School ol
Edinburgh, and of the Presbyterian
College of Montreal. Soon after his
graduation he was actively Identified
with tho mission work ot D. L. Moody,
In Scotland, and in 1S76 was called to
St. Paul's, Petcrboro', when ho has
since remained. He received the honorary degree of D. D. from Knox Col-
lego In IVH, and Is, In truth, a d'ictor
well beloved by ail who know htm,
Even If He W,-s Green.
Oerald—How green everything Isl
Oeraldlna—You're not tvervii-ina.
II  li a Very Slnililr  I'roce.e 11 Yo»
Only   Know   llliav.
Water glass (silicate of soda) Is ono
of lhc lacs* preparations for the pres-
ervailou of crks. Water kIuss can be
obtained from your drusKist and Is &
clear sirupy fluid. 11 ix one pint In nn
earthenware or glass with uinc pints
of boiling water. Do not use metal.
This solution should he allowed to cool
before being uaed. See that tho eggs
nre clean and strictly fresh. Pack
thom In n stone, glass or wooden vessel that Is water tight and perfectly
clean. When the container Is two-
thirds full Of eggs pour tlie cold water
glass solution carefully over thom, allowing the solution to stand about two
inches higher lhan llio topmost layer
of rggs. Cover the container tightly
nnd place It In a cool, dry placo to be
kept Ihere until the eggs aro wanted
for use. The room In Which the egg.
aro kept should be cool and thc air pure
and sweet, as clean ns you would keep
a milk room. If the room Is loo warm
n gummy deposit will bo fonnd npon
tlio eggs when (hey sre removed. When
Ibe eggs nre wauled for use tbey may
be taken from tb* solution, dried and
packed in cases for market. An ordinary observer cannot distinguish
them from an ordinary fresh cose egg.
They can be used satisfactorily for all
culinary purposes except boiling, but If
they are to Ive boiled the large end of
the egg should ba pierced with n coarse
darning noodle, liven then they nre
linble to burst open. Eggs will keep
In lids solution from six to teu months.
The solullon should be mudo fresh for
each lot of eggs packed.
"Why me ynu weeping, Mary?"
"I've jlsi heard thai me cousin Katie
was Iii the Sun Francisco earthquake,
mn'ii m."
"Is she dead?"
"No, hm she writes me that everything she hmi is bunted up."
"Thai's too Inui. Still, T wouldn't
lake ll sn much to liearl li I were in
your place, she nil probably be able
in liml another situation mul be us
well off in u year nr two as ever."
"It aln'l Hmi, ma'am, she says
she was eiiried downstairs by two
policemen and Is goin' to marry one
uv them, and If I'd 'a' went out there
ivhen she wanted tne to, last fall. I
might 'u' been lyln' helpless in the
same bulldln'.—Chicago Record-Herald.
Liquid medicines advertised to cure
siuniiich   and   bowel   disorders   ond
summer complaints  contain  opiates
I ami are dangerous.   When ii mother
gives Ruby's Own   Tablets   to   her
I little ones she has thc guarantee of
a Government analyst thai this medicino dues not Contain one particle nf
| opiate or harmful drug.  The prudent
j mother will appreciate that In Baby's
Own Tablets there Is absolute safety.
An occasional dose io Ibe well child
will keep It well—and they promptly
cure the minor ailments ot childhood
I when they come unexpectedly.  Mrs.
! 0. Hamlin, St. Adolplio, Que., snys:
"I have used Baby's Own Tablets for
colic   nnd   bnwei   troubles and find
theni snfe and speedy In their cure."
; Sold by medicine dealers or by mail
j nt 23 cents n box from the Dr. Wli-
i Hauls' Medicine Co.. Brocltvllle, Ont
Keep the tablets In the house,
London Lecturer Severely Condemn!
Specialist!,  Especially  Medical.     '
Many society women, dressed In th.
very height of faahlon, are studying
tbo philosophy of Plato at Claridge's
Ho el, London, where Dr. Emlle Reich
delivered his second lecture recently,
Tho lecture was entitled "The Pnrii-
CUlar and the fiointrnl; tho Individual
and Ibe Society," nml many and varied
were Ihe subject! dealt with. One of
lis most Interesting features was lhu
belief expressed by Dr RslcJl that pro-
fes-.lr.iis make faces.
"I Und It very difficult to sny whether Iho lawyer's face Is growing more
like that of a wolf or n fox, bul It Is
certainly getting mora animal-like," was
one A the lecturer's statements,
"The general physiognomy of a Roman Cnlhollo priest la different from
';he general physiognomy of a Protes-
tant prl.it, arid, If th« two were dreised
thi same, you would be able oaslly lo
distinguish them," he continued, adding lhat n similar difference might bo
seen in the face! 0f Oxford and Cambridge graduates.
The mnn who endenvnn to he a "spe-
-daliai" In nnythlng camo In fur liven
criticism from Hr. Reich
"The ipeolalllt knows nothing, be-
cause he does not genee-ill-e." bo sold,
and then, referring in lhe medical spe-
eiallst who particularises on tho eye,
the ear, hair or teeth, be added, "You
will soon be going to a specialist for
tho rlghl ear, nml a ipHlaillt for the
left cur. And you will lost your hearing."
A lll.r  U.K.
Iloivllt -How did you come to marry
your typewriter?
towett—Well, you see. I got n good
wife uud got rid of a poor steivigra-
A Real Big Egg.
A goose belonging to Mrs. Oat*s ol
Dink slreot. Qraveiend, has laid nn egg
that may safely b- said to be the record for size and general peculiarities,
tt w. Ighcd onu pound six ounces, and
It was six Inches in length. Inside the
I first shell was a sound perfectly f arm-
j ed egg, which contained two more, one
without a shell and one with a hard
shall, which In turn contained a aball-
"... avgg.—Uiiiwunh Journal
The total Imports ol tea Into Can.
mln nnd the United States i„ about
| line hull.Ire.I and ten in I i 1 ion pounds
per annum, one out of every fourteen
j pounds, bnlh lu Canada and the I'm
j lied  Sillies, Is "SAI.ADA" and  this
trade  Is growing very  rapidly, nnd
I "SAI.ADA" is as easily obtained in
j such cities lis   New York.    Chicago,
Detroit, Boston,   Pittsburg,   Buffalo,
Sl. Louts, St. Paul, Minneapolis, lie-
llllll. Cleveland. H.tcliester. etc, as it
is in Toronto, Montreal, and throughout the Dominion.
Fruit As an Aid to Digestion.
Dr J. G. Sharp In Tho London Lancet calls attention to tho vary considerable digestive action of the Juices of
such common fruit as apples, pears,
cherries, strawberries, eto He slates
that the fruit acids combine with th.
Iron In proieid fooals and enable the
blood to taku H up; hence meat and
fruit are tho proper die1: for anaemia.
Th. ferments contained In many common fruits, as well as In the pineapple, givo thom considerable digestive
power of a nature similar to that p-'a-
sessed by the pancreatic Juice. To obtain tho best therapetfilo results from
fruit Dr. Sharp recommends ihat lt bo
eaten at the end of the chief meal. All
tinned fruits are lacking In this digestive power, since iha high temperature
preceding the canning kills Ui. Ur-
Minard's Liniment Cures  Colds, etc.
London consumes only one-fourth
nf the amount ot electricity used In
New York although hs population is
nearly double.
Minard's Liniment Co., Limited,
Gentlemen.—In June, '98, I had my
hand and wrist bitten and badly
mangled by a vicious horse, i suffered greatly for several days and the
tooth cms refused to heal HU your
agent nave me a bottle of MINARD'S
LINIMENT, which I began using. The
i'I'i'.'ci was magical: in live hours the
pain had ceased and In two weeks the
wounds hud completely healed and my
hiiii.l and nnu were as well as ever.
Yours truly.
A. E. ROY,
Carriage Maker.
St. Antolne, P. Q.
Belong, to Uncle S«m—Th.r. Is No
Doubt About It.
There will be no dispute between this
country and the United States aa to
tho ownership of Belle Isle, in the Di-
trolt River. There Isn't room for any.
Louis Sands, chief of the Chippewa
Indians on tlio Walpole Island reservation, In the St. Clair River, is reported to bo In possession of an old chart
showing Belle Isle, which the city ot
Detroit has turned Into a magnificent
public park at an expense of millions
of dollars, to be In Canadian water..
Tho Island, acccreitig to this story, together with several smaller Islands In
the American waters ot tho St. Clalr
River, waa never legally transferred
from tha British io the American Government.
This st .ry was brought to Iho attention ot Jamos White, Dominion geographer.
"There Is no question about It," laid
Mr. White unhesitatingly, "and can
be none. Fortunately all that Ins been
dettnliely settled."
The geographer produced charts and
memoranda showing how and whvri
the International boundary was fixed
under the treaty of Ghent, lie traced
n line drawn from down near Cornwall up through Lake Ontario and
Lake Erie, and thrcjgh the Detroit and
St, Clalr rivers. Tnls lino wai drawn
from actual survey. In the making of
which the representatives of Ih. two
countries were engaged for eight
years. The line follovi the chann.l
of the rlvor and Is drawn lo Ul. southeast of Belle Isle—Hog Island It wa.
called In thoao day.—thu. giving that
Island to tho United Statei. Prnoesd-
luga the iln- turns to the west of Ills
a la Poche, giving that l.land to Canada. The decision In rogard to thi.
section ot tho boundary waa finally
reached In June, 1822. The division
was so clearly made that It has never
since been the subject of dispute between tho two countries. Canadian
Government ofllc'.als laugh at th. Idea
of Ihelr being any question about It
now. Tho disposition of tlie Islands In
lhe Detroit River Is not only shown
plainly by th. charts, but Is specifically laid down In the text of tho agreement between tho United States and
Great Britain.
Hot Weather Comfort
Can be obtained by drinking ICED
Nothing to Equal it
40c, 50c and 60o p.r lb. 1
At All Grocer..
The ninck  fnynsiii  linck.
The Cayuga dink should have a
glossy black bead, dark hand eyes, a
dark bill, a gracefully curving nock,
I cla.l In black feathers with a greenish
luster, n long, broad back, n long, ilneiy
shaped, plump body of a glossy blink
hue and lone well folded black wings.
The primaries of Die duck sometimes
uro a dark brown and the coverts of
the di'tike a very green black, wiib Iho
tall feathers black and tbo feet and
shanks black. The plumage of Ihe
drake should be glossy black with
green reflections.
The body of the Cayuga Is golden yellow ivhen dressed for market, and tlio
average weight for the drake Is eight
pounds; for tho duck seven pounds. I
have had Cayugaa weigh when very fat
eighteen to twenty pounds to the pair.
The Cayuga is eatrcmely hardy nnd
ranks among Uie best layers, iirodtic-
ing oighiy to ninety crrs In the spring,
sometimes laying in the autumn.  Tlie
1 flesh of the Cayuga Is considered by
Competent Judges lo be of the highest
quality, Care iu feeding must be taken, ns Ihey fatten easily. They are
quiet und mild in disposition and are
rarely able to fly, a two foot board br-
I Ing sufficient to restrain thetu.-C.lar-
ence W. King in Feather.
It is caused by the clogging el tin
bowels and intestine!. Keep the digestion active, the itnmnch right,
tin bowels healthy and open with
Sold Everywhere.     In bolts 25 cent.
"Mnn Is Filled with Misery."—This
Is not true of all men. The well,
sound of lung, clear of eye, alert and
buoyant with health, are nol miserable, whatever mny be iln-ir social
condition, To be well is to be happy,
aiial we can all be well by getting and
keeping our bodies in a healthful
suit",   iir. Thomas Eclectrlc Oil will
help tn llll ull tills.
Since iii" relstratlon of motor cars
was enforced by Act nf Parliament
two yours ago 9,000 motor vehicles
have been registered by their owners
in London, while nearly 25,000 licenses have been Issued to drivers.
Burgeon ('.. J. II. Evatt, in n lecture
In the canteen of the Yorkshire Royal
Garrison Artillery, at the Tynemouth
Training camp, said the extreme accuracy required by modern long distance illles demanded sober mon behind them.
Plentailt ns syrup; nothing equals
It ns a worm medicino: the name Is
Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator,
The greatest worm destroyer of the.
Minard's Liniment   Cures Distemper.
A German lawyer was sentenced to
serve a term In prtaon for blowing his
ous ■ while u captain was lecturing,
Weary will!" (reading "ad.")—,
"Man wanted to chop wood, bring up.
coal, lend furnace, take care .if gard.
en. mind chickens. iiiiiI children "|
Prayed Fnuln (groaning! Qee! dem
matrimonial advertisements make m
tired. Judge.
Give Holloway'i Corn Curt i trial
It re led ten corns Inun uli" pair
nl   feel   wilh.nit   any  pain,   Wli.it   ll
bus ilnn" onca ii win do again.
Do you like It? Then why
bet contented with It P Have
to be? Oh, no I Just put on
Ayer'i Hair Vigor and have
long, thick hair; soft, even
hair; beautiful hair, without i
single gray line In It. Have a
little pridt. Keep young lust
as long aa you can.
-I.m an..-Mti yeen oU,eod mdl re-
-•iidr no ii.i. *»«• ..Ti .ut. not In . '•*
.1.-1' A ,.| t ll.lt Vl.aar resin."! 111. Ii.tur.l
•olnf lo mr laii lo now (ti.r. ll nol . , 'ar
li.lt tl. la. ...ll"- J W. HA.*'!.. IWI..I.I
I r-l   UI.
ilio tu-iuhtrturtti of
I'll IV
cirnt riuosiL
Tho kiuk and Qui ei * ill  i
villi tho Irish International exhibition
in Dublin in M.ii
Minard's  Liniment Cure.  Diphtheria.
King Blsownth |„ nt Cambodia, has
been giving the Paris reporters hia
views on iii" Western mannora audi
cii-liims, 11" thinks lite lop li.it of
civilisation tho moil abaurd bead'
near that was ever designed,
Hunllghl soap is better than "'iter
Soaps, but Is best when used iti ill"
Sunlight way. Buy Sunlight Snap
iiiiii follow direction!,
lieu   vtar.,
This formula for red nose hns been
rory successful, m x tbe Ingredlonti
thoroughly m.d apply to the face with
n soft linen: One ounce of glycerin,
oiii'-linlf   iiiiiii f   i nniry    water,
twenty drops of carbolic n- Id,
I'lnno hi'.a.
Alcohol is excellent lo clean the piano
keys, but care musl bo I tken that no
drop iif It touches Iho woodwork'   If
the alcohol shmilil spill on the -vko.1
wipe off Immediately with a dry cloth
ind rub with a tut of clean cb-uiola.
An Inters-ting New Ont.ri.n.
On. of th. meat Interesting men of
Now Ontario Is Major J. R. Gordon,
C. K., now of Cobalt, but fonnorly of
Sudbury. .Vajar Gordon Is one of th.
f.w who aro prlvllsred to road their
obituaries. Tears ago, and before th.
days of th. C. P. R, t cano. suppoi.d
to h. hi. was found on th. banks of
the French River, and based on thi* >
report that hs had been drowned found
Its way Into th. newspapers. This
caused a fruition search and great
•.r.Kloty to hi! family and friends, but
* tow days later Major (Jordan return-
od from an expedition Into Now On-
tairto, and had th. curious experience
of reading an obituary notlc. of hlm-
eclf. Major Gordon waj one of th. pioneer) ol th. Su.lbury district «nd ot
New Onttrlo, which he ha. thoroughly
explored. Ills recent feat of engineering
In tho Cobalt district has attracted
widespread (attention ns Uio result ot >
profound study of th. mlneralojlc.l
character and geological conditions ot
the district. H. concluded that a lame
vein of silver or. ran under Clear Lake,
In th. Township ot Coleman. In a molt
skillful and Ingenious fashion h. attached a diamond drill, op.rated by a
gasolln. engine, to a scow hastily con-
alruot.d on tho lake, and .uoceid.d In
piercing th. vein within a fow Inch'ia
ot th. point calculated on, at a depth
of about seventy fe.t. Major Gordon
received hli lolsntlflo training at th.
School of Practical Selene, Toronto,
which hu produced so many suiceei-
ful engine- i Ills fath.r was a distant
cousin of Gen. Cordon, known es "Chl-
ne.o" Gordon, lt Oierlson Smith was a
r.latlv. on hi! ni'ither's aide, One of
hli brothers li T.slph Conner," and
another, Dr. A. R. Gordon. Is a dlstm-
giiliheil member of the prof*.striate ot
the University ot Toronto,
Breeding Ewes.
if the breeding i wai w ira in  r tod
condition iii ibe fall and had plant) or
clover hay during tha um'1
not ii I a In .ny grain rail m,   one
third loonO'balf pound b In i ■
fnr each ewe before tha iambi are
dropped, says Michigan Parmer, They
ihould be f."i very little ii any coin,
although s.ain,■ breederi use corn as a
part ait the ration with tucceaa Qen-
craiiy speaking, however, tha less
cun fed 'ii" better, oata and bran being preferable at this time, especially
if the ewes era  In  good  condition,
After the lambs are dropped III" gi mi
ration should be Increased and soma
roots should be fed If available, so
that the ew i n ay produce a maximum How of milk at a uilnliii i:n 11 i
of llcsh.
Sn nne need fear cholera or nny
summer nun-plaint If they hnve ,
bottle uf Dr. ,1.1). Kellogg's Dysentery
Cordial ready fur use, it correct! all
iiins"ii"ss of the bowels promptly and
causes a natural and healthy action,
This is n medicine adapted for the
j-nung an I old, rich mid poor an I is
rapidly lii'ciiinliii; lit" mosl popular
medicine for cholera, dysentery, etc.,
iu ihe market.
lie Kepi His Word.
"Such a change," sudd Senator Sullivan, apropo! of a certain bill, "would
be about a., satisfactory aa the change
that a landlord once made.
"A woman came to see this landlord.
She -.-. -':'..l to look at a house (hat
was lo let. The man sent a clerk to
show ber over th. house, and on her
return she said!
'"I like Ih- house very well. Tb"r«
la only one thing that I object to.'
" 'Well, niadam, any reasonable alteration.' the landlord murmured
suavely, 'would, provided yuu took a
three yeara1 lease—'
"'I'd lake a Ihree years' lease; snld
the woman, 'It only tin house had more
" The number of closets shall b.
doubled,' said the landlord.
"'Very well,' s.inl Ut,, woman, In s
pleased Vole*, and she slgn-d the leu.
then end ihere.
"Altar she was gone th. landlord
called In his clerk again.
"'John.' be said, 'lake a carjaen'er
over to No, 37, nnd h-ive blm divide
each of th- el .».-u in two,'"—(jtuwa
ojk.-;i indence.
(i.a -a- n. rood.
Oeese are being more extensively
Cultivated in the attractive varieties
for lhe table, says a writer In the
Feather, The Toulouse and ICmlxlen
are the great heavyweight talik' scene.
These, when bred true, are superb io
quality. Coupled with these are tbe
African and tho Chinese geese. The
Canadian wild noose, (Tossed with tho
African or the oilier varieties, thus
producing mongrel geese for Ihe mar
kct, bas become most popular throughout New England. Tlie mongrel goose
comes from crossing lhe wild Canadian
goose and the African goose most successfully; nlso coupled wilh the Smb.
den and tbe Toulouse. Tho young
from this cross sre never used for purposes of reproduction, but are most
palatable tabic poultry, lo all my experience I bave never enjoyed a waterfowl wilh eqnnl relish to that with
which I have enjoyed a well lilted mongrel goose. When once successfully
paired tin' Canadian gander with nn
African gooae- Ihey should never Iw
separated, bul kept mined us producers
as long as tbey cau bo suiavaafully
bandied iu (his w**>.
Tluee hundred dries belter tl.a.1 sticky paper.
Bold by all Druggist* and General .Store.
and by mall.
Wnen Remitting by Ho.t, u.a
Dominion Express Honey Orders
and Foreign Cheques
Th. Beit and Cheapest
Sy.t.m   of   Sending   Money   to   any
Place In th. World.
Absolutely Safe
Purchaser Is given a receipt, and It
order or cheque Is LOST or DE3-
THUYKU, the amount will be promptly RKFUNDKU. No red tape. For
full Information and rates call on
I/icnl nitents
Improved und unimproved. Parties
baying farms for sale cun Iind ready
purchasers by writing  Immediately!
staling full particulars, etc.
58 Tribune  Bldg.,       Winnipeg,  Man.
Morning  tlaliilint..,
A rainbow in tbe morning foretalli
rainy weather during lhe day.
The Hessian Mr.
Thi illicit Hi  feeds upon the flower
of the wheat, while ibe lie n 0]
leys Ils eggs on Ihe stem. Tbo former
llllll renders the flower abortive, while
tin. Injury done by the hitter streets
the whole plant.
Carr  ol  llae  Droaiilrr,
If chicks do not bave cleau ,|iiarters,
wilh clean surroundings, they canuot
thrive, accordinc to M. Chl in Poultry
Success. The brooder must Iw kept
clean, aud there should never be a had
smell lu It. It Is good to clean every
other day and move the brooder a Utile.
Battel any kind of cliall or doe slrnw
over the floor; also a lillle sand or par-
den soil, (live good fresh water oftca
snd keep the fountain clean.
Never throw the food over the flllh, j
cither on the Inside or outside of the
brooder, nor l.y uuy means have any
kind of food lying around to net sour,
ns by, eating this chicks arc almost'
sure to net sick • that is, bowel trouble.'
lt pays to keep things clruo, u Ibcn
lice cannot get a start.
She -Why do ymi lei your heard
grow?    It ilia's iiiii BUll lull al all.
II.—May I point out, my dear ma-
.liim.', thai vnii lei your ims" cinw
uml ihai ii suits you still less I—Sou-
Autumn Sessions ot Parliament.
When ihe Canadian Parliament re-
assputtiies In November for its first
autumn sessions, It will be merely i
reversion to the practice in existence
In England at lhe b.-Klnnm-i nt the
nineteenth century. Parliament llien
sal late In Hi" autumn, and took a
liberal vacation st Christmas. Mr.
Mr .nihilist, over twenty years ait",
one,, trl.-d to persuade Mt Oledstons
to divide the eeaalon lu'n iwo siiiinns.
beginning  th..   am week in March
anal the third week In Octobi r i' Ipe ■
lively,     Mi  Q ad itona adm in i ihal
ihe lohemo waa wan. i by pra-s
dent, and lhat a it i di     I
had been 11       ed Ar Ihi
p an; but hi waa perl o itiinl lo
i< ne iii,a matter in the hands f the
House, As tn. House proved too inry
to ni.ddio wiih th. ok'-mii. arrange-l
mema,  nothing  cam. uf Mr.  Broad-
bursl'.   lUggllkllOll.
Late Hatched Chickens.
A? i rule, chickens which are hatch'
ed nu' in .\piii oi early In May aru tha
best ones wiih which lo stock ■ ■
Ing itciis tb" next eeason. in the case
of the \    itll    ;' nui) Im Well U li.i'a !i
iln' chickens during the latter part..(
Mai.lt. but with the small breeds,
which lay much sooner April is plenty
parly enough, Chickens which are
b il h i ut In February are very like*
i" '-:.-.,..; the i mi" leason and so impair their usefulness as early lajcrs.—
;i ib.: j an Life. -  -
H.r. I. Something that will be W.l-
com. N.ws to Many i Dis-
oourag.d On.,
"I'..,- several y.ars
I have bean troub-
*i        led with ftttt around
3c "tijjs.       tuy h'-nit, sl.oilnesi
A^V  y       "f breath, my food
<a94P>y        did not digest pro- j
f/v      I'.rly.     It  turned
nn HU! In my stomach |
''nusliijj me    ureal
distress; often, tno, i
William H. Head.   I hai illsacreeable
attacks of betohlng   itns  nml   Inert-1
.nn   and severe   pnlns   across   the
small >.( my buck.
"I   trie I   Dr,   Leimhsr'U's   AnH-PIII
■ a I from the very llrst found fllllL
.vt.'i Pin i.e.* indt-sd cured tni"
una Is ib. voluntary itatitnint uf
'Van  II  Reed, of U'l Queen Bt .Klaus-
•on, 'Jnt
All   leel.rs or .   t Wilson i rl. i'n,
Limited, Niagara Falls, Ui.t. Cot
Social Dlotlonirf.
"rWicty" is now a combination of
men iiiiiI women who overdress themselves «t tim axpenae of their tradesmen thnl lliey may overeat themselves
ot the i-ipcns. of tbelr friends.   Life,
d„r   llr.I   IrleLe,
The   nr<t   bricks   inad"   on   North
American snj; w.r inufncliired by
Ihe colonists of Virginia lu 1012, ThIJt
wore a ed In bt ling II i church at
Jamestown and ' - of tbe
governor end ib" more Importanl cltl-
reus, a portion ..f Lim" toiiii chnrch
Is sun standing, nnd the brti ks of
which || was built are in go
ration ni d ap-n *
well in.,,!,
Bpoons s ' in rlj II i i una - ■.
ell over the cli ed world   md four
III ■           . ■ liat li
parla  Is d< i a ■■• neg    .
8tnte of nhlo. City of Toledo,    ■
Lucas Cuunly.
Frank J. Hhcnoy mekee n.ith met ti.
I. senior pertner of lhe Arm of F. J.
Chancy A Co., doing huelni'.i In the cur
of Toledo, County nnd Slate aforesaid,
end ttiat -:. I tlnn will nnv the sum of
ONB HUNDRED li.'LI.AUHforeaehanl
every case nf Ciiterrh thnl cannot b.
cured by (he use of Hull's Cnlorrh Cure.
Rwnrn to before me nnd ■uti.i'rlti.d la
my preeence this lib dny of Iieeember,
A. ti   ISIS. A. W. OLEA80N.
(Seal.) Notary Public.
Hell". Catarrh Cure !■ Inken Internally
and acle dlreclly en Ihe blood and muo-
oui ntirfneee of th. system. Bend for
testimonies, free.
V.I.CHUNKY At CO., Toledo, 0.
Hold try all   DrilKgl.tl. T',0
Take Hall'. Family I'll', for eonallpatto*
Gen. Brock at a Student,
As a iludent we must nlso ennl
Drock, nrliis Miss J.net Carnochan at
•Niagara lo lhc York 1'lcneerr.. We read
that. In spile of Hi" jeers "f hi* c un-
panlons, he frequently locked hlms.ll
up to >tudy. lie «..« a «.">d PrelUh
-'■liolar and a letter to his broths tel »
bow he pass's his .pure time al F irt
drome and  Ih. hit of books  In  bis
library «how« thai bealdea   teehnleal
military bieak- he was a general reader and .how-d r I taste In his -el.---
Hon, and hi. military deep.italics as
wall as hie lett.-ts itnj |,r-> tarnations
and speech., ail show a well iraim l
mind .nd '■ m'li.iii.i <.f language . it
vigorous, terae, pure, in n letter • i
lir.,:her, Irving, dated Niagara, Jai :
IMI, he .ays, "I hardly evor Stir "'it
iimi unleas I have i ompeny my i
Inn an. paixd  solm.   I  Nad  'a
Imt K""d b" -ks are ecar< - and t hate
borrowing, Bh uld i remain here I will
you to .cnii me soms choice . ithora a
history, particularly ancient, with man
and ttie beat iranalaHons <>f an
works. I r.ad in my youth Pope's trans*
Iati n "f ii "in' r. bul till Iati i- i never
discovered Ka raqulslta beauties, a. I
grow old i aocjulre a ta is I it study,
In addition to (he last dally paper
send mo likewise th. Observer or any
oiher weekly    fou «h a It ive pas • t
all your days In the bustlo Of I.-.n.l n.
■i loaroely osneelvs ilie uninteresting
llf" I am il cl 'o :.'.i.| in this i
dr. ineni" Brock was sajaati tn exchangs
this •in..'. I fe tor days and nig it
action when every moment was tiled
for inin.i .ui.t body,
am. mil I'aauiir. jnm.
Tl." create*: ob action to (I :. ng Into a ude hill or bans for Iho back wall
of a poultry i." i" ■     • at is atmoal
Impossible le I <: 11 airy, liven If
precaution l« I lij draining Die
surface more or less dninptioM will
work through below the .urface, fans-
Iiir colds lira! llrkn.M among fowls
boii.wl Is tills a',..' of I ai.,!.;..-
W   N    U   No
598 'UK
iXf'KRSaS, NO'K I'll \ am UfVKK, ii. C,
Real Estate
Wo Inive enquiries (or i I
llnslncsB    an I    Le    '
property.    List your
ue     Wo   lo the
C"ii-ult  ii-  bolnru   lull   ul
Junction Block
*orih Vancouver.
^1. J. HENRY'S
1(1 ii! I! (I,
'1-1' al I      III M'K.
Two Ims up. Esplanade, fi r I oth,
only Ji.tiaia
Fifty I", i it stn a r (easy
in ins), onl) ■'..'
Si rn : tl    In       li ts  mi   Fourteenth ai I '.' [I 'i ' Is, within two blocks < i Lonstlale avonvu
ami Keith roatl, electric Iini i, oul
S_j5 to S251 cm h, and easy term
On Lynn   Valley   plank   road,
*ith w.i' 1  . tarter at r" It
only .'-75 each.   Terms, Sio cu li,
and v   pi: :   11 th no inti n st
la:.- S,   II lil lull} paid.
Owners wishing to sell arc re-
questcd to list with us for quick
Irwin 6 Billings j TERIvilNllsTlGAR
(Aim r Lonsdale and yi'rt St.,
North '        tvei
Rolled Oata
May mti feed
Milling Co.
Ii       Mitel       .     ' mana ■ r,
l ■ -.-. ■ .'   A ' nne,
i [i . :'' althy l omato and
i . ' .'. i Wants, grown from
Sutton   Seeds, ah a  ■ on hand.
Largo stock ol IIOMK-tlBOWN r'ruil
anal Oriiaiui'iilal Trees now miltliri'il (or
the full irii'l".
\a.    l'N|.a|,-C.     I'.--    Iir    llolll.V     Of       fUUli-
.'iiu r Inspection.
II.■:..!.in irters for I'ncilic Coust-gr nvn
liai-ili'ti, Ki.'l.l, ami Flower Sei Is in
HKK   si I'l'i.ii:-.   -I'.-iiy   Pumps
Wlinle Oil Simp,  "ii'i'ii isi'   I'll nts
ICul Maaiii'i-. Ilullis ful Full pi li
We do liiisim tr "im |»ruui I-
iin rent In nni' iiiui arc pri'pnrud to mi'i'l
all enllipelilinll,
Ij.i nic;' list in fori) niacin)!
•   ■ ler,
i .. Irei.
BarristtT, Solicitor, Xolnry, Ele.
TllaalllMIN   |l  ail.,   Na.aTH  t/'Nl HfVRB, 1), C.
nr.'1.1: Mi   ii.a-i-.s, M.,l, I..L. Il.i s, 11.
BtIIVUTSa P. * ■ a  W, lliiii'i'.n, B. A.
uwm, mm & mm
Biiri'tslei'K, Solicitors,
Untunes, lite,
' \   liq       r, Vrui oiivor, mnl
jiuietlmi llloi'k, S'url i VnnvnQver.
Real Estate and Insurance
li'lllWc.-liarii.-tcrlliiitil.V-nnnivcr, H.C.I   Volutin i'l  lovouriKlv-ntsg- In
    Ilia' I a I'l" a    a-l'       I'lC    'll"'l,
Pl()\l I It nm 6000S STORL.
Elliott & Baglow
(inr i.a.rl; i- lirst-rl.i-- su 1 pives lhc
- sl itisfuc inn. I'lllll'S anal tiln.- ill'-
il"i"''l,   ulsn   ii'i'iniL'   ai, 1  ciii.i' ■ • '
■iaill".      Spl-Cilll    lllt"llli"ll    giVCH    t'i    '     I-
lles, resiliences, etc.
'I.ii'  Fl.illl  ,   |l   .   I'lON   Ila ". 1,
' Comer Lonsdale Avenue and the
lisplanndi. Nurlli Vancouver.
Stimc prices, and in sow cases
cheapi r than city,
.-> cr -Ti
274: LOT 21, HLOCK 152 FOR
North   Vancouver Specialist
Idl Cordova Street.
^♦?^■♦-t;^>^;♦■t-♦-t-'♦^t♦-^-♦-:-♦-v•♦-t•♦-t-♦^•♦-; ♦-:-♦-: ♦-(-♦■(-♦-}--»=::#iK*--i?*
" The Guardian"
Vancuver's Mnday   Morning Puper
Bright ami newsy.  Giving Foreign
anal l.aaa'.il neiv.aj. etc,, etc,
,S1 per Veafi   Guardian Pub. Co.
Fliick lllnrk, Vancouver.
Districtof North
"The Express," $1 a Year
'■    d.r llie following works:
I. Fur twelve-font sidewalk Oil UillS-
Iii ■ avenue up to Third sitii-t.
I!  Fur clearing for water extonsloi nn
;  I ir clearing tvc-l -il" nf U.n-.lul    ;-- XI11.:RS A1;,.- -NviTEP BY TIIE
■'"■■-■ A •' A-'i.-i su-.-.-t       | I    ,.„„„,;, for vmih    ,,.|r„   rtril|!|i
Iwatiiinsiifthoaiirkcan lie Iiiii       ,,, , ,|,s,i„|e avenue to Forbes nvenite,
at the iiiniiicipul hall,   ivlu-ro  sealed conform to siie-Mlleiitious to bo had at
''...i-r-. •!■:!.;!"!"-:'-. ni'i-i  Ile l-«l«.-.l, ,■„. IMi„Ai„;,! Imi],
before tlie ..tli ol fepteinber, at   nol)    s,,lk,,| Wn,{,.r^ „.ilh ,ioposlts, must
be in nt tlie municipal IiiiiI not Inter
limn 7:80p. in.., September 5th, 1000,
Alkx. I'iiii.ii'.
r. M. C.
Is ii glorious boveragi—quenching .ind
satisfying. Remember there's no other
"just us good"—insist on getting Rainier.
Vancouver, B. C.
p. Ill,
Vetini! G, •'!■ C,
September Garden Calendar.
Fifty dollars reward will be
| paid by the in lersigned • the
recovery of each or an ol the
bodies of Mrs. R. H. Bryce, Percy
thick or Roy Benwell, who were
lost in the wreck of SS« Chehalis.
District of North
lillUKi; SOTICE.
Seal "i rui inr limine In lull lnMirit gtvill ]
ll grand lul <.| |,anls 11 il suibkillg i
r un ' mnn cm   - given,
i ■ ul uf lit  ' nt a .a lies ii .1 pen,a
.■   Iin .    Dull inrcfuih irili
a lurk mul 'ait,.- cure tu leu t   i ■■.
"a  Ii'i..cv,       W~~~^~^M~****~^M~MM
'    " riifll    I"      IO   IS   IIHJtHBY    IT
a-r.-i .   .-     i'   1 "
■ .    ■ ,:i i i-leiirn     I uiiiiuui, "' ! "   ' I'to Hike iiutlcc Hull tb'
'      " '        -i   a     |l  I'ilinll l.icells
,   -   ■ ,•..■",..:   A '     ■       '     ■ -t   ' Nortli
,. I.  ':aa-,   k i-ii' n.i:   in   ' """,;" '■   "  tlieir in:,: -.Hun:,   llie
l-'lll     iln}'        i     -al.i-   'all'l ']'.      I' hi'.     I.-T      llll
•a ■>..;ii earl'i soli    .           Id In ' ' -' '' r '!»' Mie ' ' M fritnnl -
l,',.u,n ;,',, ■,!-,-.    Hive tmlcir nul ccv ■;■ ':' ■'*    !        ; <      'en, fitlliite nml In-
|.;ttri| -,  ... n.,,,1-., '■-  ivitlil    Ihi   Mid dislriel  nl N. it
.•,..-                  ■   be N',:" ■'' '■• kiii.un n« the Krni c  lintel
. ...     , . ,,,. , , „||,. .,,;,,     ,.  ,;  .. lail  ill   iber   II.   South   m.Ic  "i   till'
.",■   -   •  Il-'i'   • I.a  I     II. , :        .
■ 'ii (uu luya il dri. nr lay
tl.alll llll  till'  C Ol '   I   III   null
not be intcri'i 1 uill
Tltl'V   llll|i,nVc   i
i 'ii in tlm uruuii.i imlil uiiiicr
'Ii'l be     ^^^^^^^
ine    li ihe] nre nearly all ul u -ite uii|
ll  '.,  1. t'i tlicr   ami
Horticultural Asso'ti
The Annual Exhibition
If HI! §
ill. lllUISlJllI, ULi
i - in.
r.ii-nili.- need lit
imu minted (ul in
^^^^^^^^      Wl' -.Lin I ll.'i..,.
In ii"      North Vancouver, 11   C„ Aususl S,
^'^J Districtof North
j      |n'ii iii ■..    n ;■ t   finer,
......        ■   - m ' dnie.
:ii.-',c.iil   ol
WA&4*£>ffn     PAt"1'-    .""Tt'l.-m il --S-jr-S    '    '-"l'-nay I'.- ;:iil,.rca.l iilu-i lli.
* ' ' ..-  I oil    V u •■ tin in |!i'iitl)' in
Having  in  operatimi  .i    i a,,ill  in   N'urt'n
VancniivtT '.)'■ iai'" |a' :.,     •   irlivrr nil kind
Vani iittvur ' 'itj  I'l'if-.   ' ul   nnd see for yi ur*
'I'llr. COI'XCII.  invite-  Iai. l'i-   tor
1    lint :'   Inv .'a- ivi rk
i. To Inv Hi-twit i-i'l'ivalk.nloitfi cum
llii reiieplHeleti lo prevent briiisiuii.       | »id.'ol l.ui.8duloaveniw, front ivlmrl to
(impe, on l:,l,-!-li:rtcal vine.   -Iiollldi"""'A.!1^.?!.r,!,lrJl.r.,,r'???'
.a.r early, bul the limi-c -lmillil lie| .
To eleiir the liind ami cul ditches
Electric Light
m*miw—*:^—"-f   . •>- 'r-i-r*
II    f I
i'i. •      ■
■ '
■■., i
•   le, sn that tl
;  .      i   .      . hand   a
ii'l.iscl by ;i:l!U p. in.    llie iruil  Kill uo|
, r | a- ..r marly -a,.
llu .'..ii'-     11 Iruited i'i'/ -   .
alinrlelii'd liiick to wilhin "lie
In .1"! llie j-roiiud
^^^^^^^^^^ a^a^a^a^a^a^a^a^a^a^.a^a^a^a^aia^^^^J      njllVKUK   AS|1 illlV.l.llli.V I Al.   I I .1'. T-.
412 Hastlnqs Street He.it, Vancouver, ft. C.    Ar lili(,B my „m, bu liM ml
■  I fruin uld t" ■ ■
I .ii,.
i    ' tluil ivere -i " I
a>lit     ■   I       1        I '      ',   11       III
lilt Ill ■  '       il i;  llllll
let   ll   II  •    'I   'Ba  T-   ,1'
.    ■ I retain their Ih* Inl.
I       -
■ ■ .. i itt ' "i -i.mu ninmiri will miiiblt
III.'II. l'i ilu lllld
1 I in nul tlie -inn'.'
l  .    roivei
I be taking bud-,
I'alili.i'    I nil] 'at       II ill k 11 'i nn
_____________________________________       ___ ainl    lii|iinl
■ an. aaa>a>       i n m~_m,_~, ,   inure, lliill lhc itr 'IIi- ta' -li'.,( up lite
British Columbia Ele< trie Rdilway Co.,Ltd. £'?"'
l''raa-ia.    llllll     111-    li'.tl.'al     fl  '        a|,rll].
      ''.lar.I,.'      f.llll.'   tlll'l   .1    l"/.l'll   1'lllfa.a   HI    II
.'i-iiii'Ii p"t uml plniini' like lluninllis.
derail ims n ill inui Im "truck I'n.tn
I'littiiiltt t i' nexl -ci- ni'. muck,
lilndioli-l'ot lil:.' Ilie Uride lor
liloxiniiM m.'.y be propiagiileil bi
I! Iltol ipel ivllltl
■   */la ■ ivlnter
. -li ",-n III   a-     •    r  lilin
' • ,    if ll I
'■.'■,    ' tm i I.,- polled  III    i ous a
S in,',iii':,i- relualii may lie uuivn loi
■ ■..' Ilon'crii _'    li i- ■ lovely Ihlnii,
'       Im   an I  ,n]\  i:,.'
I in Ks III
■   |   i,"'li.nil v, II   im l   tlmt
.' :  n jinpi i i  in     itii:
k, itlli iiii .
fur cxteusi ms ol ivnter works  distrl-
billion systi in.
All Arm lo speciflaitioni I
suitably marl ed, with
(lei   -i:-. musl lie  in ill  lhc
Hi t lium ?:30 p, in   mi tlio
.  , nl Aiij-unl, WUU,
.l'i I'll    ' il'.
I a-ft
IN NOu'Ti-l ViNiAi \ 11 , ll  C
fBP   I fat   ftf   PsfiJPQ
Inteniliiit!   I'* a 'j i- "iil! lie ; ro\itli A   .villi l'ri;:e
ListS   Ull    llalj'lil'.'llillli     'a-l        ill      Sa   (' \  .' t ',1 f \ .
The street ear s-\>ti in will I    ijienetl at tin same tin e*
ami will fi,ti.  I, ---: :."i.- uji lu llie j 'uuiuit. un Luin-ilale-
avenue, near i \ceiil i ..' -i   I rei I
Ailinissiun :   Atiults, 25 cents: ('liiklrt'ii, I11 eentn.
Kvii'yl' nly wi Iconic,
l{. I.. I.HJCHKHTY, Secretary,
..A Lot lor Sale..
on     Fourth    Street,     between
Ik'klaiitl Mahon  \
50 ii': fronts (1 . nil id
[1 11 -A goo ! loi .'!:"''    -■
\:;     . I.    WII.Kl A
Until Sorth Vancouvei
//  ,  v        '    '|T
I'. Larson, I 'rop.
Mary Public, General Auctlonee
1 ■
1.' •, -
16.6(16.                     M
.I"   '.
:■""    .
i.i," -
l',|»r.'i f). -
•    '
1   '                  \
1 '   .■   .   . Ai   1
' '.aa|
X'-it '
! ' \
fiT.I IHI villi.' '•*'• -Jl -f f .|it,nnllb-
laiirlll V,im Oliver, ll. C.
Ale and Stout
in 1 ii.r.'L". tceitn ami rur*i.
lhc Royal RithIiio Co., ltd,
11:1. ,((,1
n 1 1 1:1 I 1/ i:\lll.11l *
suit 1 lul \/ l/.V
UltJAHS, Ttill U'C'S
Till'. KSI'I l.V 1 I'l'
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J. X. McMILIAN, the Esplanade


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