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The Express 1906-03-30

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'2  W :>.U
W,* «Ci'/
A Promising Future.
More Houses Wanted.
The volume "I travel across the j From all accounts there seems
inlet to the progressive precincts ol "> be a cdearth of good houses in
North Vancouver  has   increase!
very perceptibly during the preseni
week nl vernal sunshine, Resi
dential sites in all parts "I tin
townsite seem to be in active th
maud, judging irom lhe variom
pints visited by intending house-
aoekers, These visitors may bi
taken merely as the advance guard
ol the thousands, who, during tin
next few months, will make theii
first acquaintance of Nortli Van
couver. The more the merrier.
Ninth Vancouvei' extends a heart)
welcome to everyone, who want*
an ideal place to live in. Up to
its present state of growth, North
Vancouver may be considered almost exclusively a residential resort, although it lias alive business
community. The people who haw
settled here have been attracted
by its scenic ami beautilul
It is only recently that North
Vancouver has appealed to tin
speculator as a profitable held ol
operation, lt is recognized le
conservative people that this side
of Burrard iulet is destined lo play
a very important part as an industrial and commercial centre.
With a railway across the Second
Narrows, North Vancouver will
immediately enter upon its can ;
as a shipping and manufacturing
port, It is inevitable that the
deep water frontage of North Van.
couver will ultimately be crowded
with craft iiniii all parts of the
North   V mcotiver   offers    ex-
The Boys Brigade.
Municipal Council,
ciptional advantages for the hand
ling of the wheat Irom the prairie
provinces. A]I things are no
a ;o;nplislii;d m a day, but it ^ no
l' ,i;n,i:i tire.1.11 'ei look forward to
,\ ,r 'i V.i icout '. inking its prop r
place as * ne ni the leadin ; si a-
|,irt* ol British C ilumbia. With
such a bright future, present
values on this side of the inh t are
a mere trifle to what they will be
wh 'ii railway communication be-
CO iu sail assured fact. There is
every reason to expert that the
Vancouver, Westminster *v Yukon
Railway will soon take active steps
to extend its rails to its northern
goal. Such an extension will be
fruitful of great results. It will
provide transportation to a new
and rich territory—a territory
offering a splendid promise of
wealth and industrial activity in
its agricultural and mineral potentialities. The Pemberton meadows, with its thousands of acres
of rich alluvial soil, is fitted to
yield a bountiful harvest ol grain.
fruit ami dairy products. There
are other valleys eminently Builabl,
for agriculture, and, especially, (or
stock-raising. In respect to the
mineral possibilities, it is nol
reasonable to consider that the
Britannia contains all the ore to
be lound in that part ol the
country. Developing work will
be stimulated on many promising
prospects, which will be brought
to the shipping point,
North Vancouver is, therefon .
the outlet of a rich agricultural
and mining territory and will enter
on iis heritage of commercial
prominence with the inauguration
of transportation facilities.
Adequate railway connection cannot long be delayed. The field is
too promising a one not to enter
into the calculations of railway
magnates. Under the circumstances, those who have enst in I
their lot with North Vancouver, I
have every reason   to  face   the \
North Vancouver, which can he
rented at reasonable rates. Thnt
are a few vacant sharks, but all
the desirable houses, for which an
excessive rental is not asked, are
all occupied. Constant enquiries
are being made for houses which
can lie rented, and landowners,
desirous of putting their property
ni an income-producing basis,
should find a profitable vent for
tlieir surplus capital by the
erection of dwellings constructed
on modem lines. With the street
railway in operation, a large territory will be made accessible to
people looking for homes. Van.
couver is crowding up at such a
rate, and inside residential
property across the inlet is relatively so high, that suburban
property is rapidly coining into
greater demand, With a faster
and better equipped ferry, Ninth
Vancouver will be nearer to the
central portions of Vancouver than
many points in Fairview, Mount
Pleasant, or Kitsilano. lrres-j
pective of distance and rapidity of|
communication, though, North I
Vancouver offers attractions as a
esidential resort which easily surpass other competing places.
North Vancouver possesses both
nountain and sea view*, it is protected by its encircling mountains
iiniii the cold and bleak winds ol
the north, it rests on a sunny
slope, and it has a clear atmo-
ip i.-re which administi rs a' Ion c
with every '*reath, In brief, there •[•',.,.
no place like  North   \ atn Oliver
,   ,    ,       ,        The municipal council  held  an
Thefirst muster of the boys for ad.un)ec|  mee(i      n|1   Hmd
drill was held m the school room , - ht    Re(jve Keal        ided .,„;,
last night.   Some uncertainty as Councillo„   -,,,„,,,;,,   M;lv   alui
to time nni place of meeting and Cornish pruMnt
the wet night interfered somewhat
K. Marshall wrote asking (or the
with the attendance, but there was     ivi,        o|    ,,„,,.       ,.,.,,,
'"' wero avenue, from First street to th
;;,,","           "     ,         , avenue, irnin   nisi street  to tin-
ivith'd into two squads and pti K   lilH.„,„   Request granted.
.rough recruit drill by bcrgetnl (-   A   L(.u ul(i|i. enclo8ing  .,
•I."'r "»«•  P'1™"* st ,"","' ,,h;; deed from Mr*.  Barwick to  th,
S\}m,    l he next muster for drill „,„„;„„    c,wk inslnlll,,i  ,„
will be in the same place on lues- i^ int0 tl,e matter,
day evening next at 8 o clock. A by-law cited as "The Queens
Hie following are lhe names ol b      'Avenue By.,aw   ,   ,'■' waa
'10s^)vh°e!,r0llrl;i7,S,anu5!uC' finally passed.   '
Dowell, Walter G.Elder, Walter [/a^ordance  u.ith   ,he   ,„,v
ll. Gibson, Fred, Nyman, lames schoo* act a rego|ution was passed
A.   Gibson,   Raymond   Walter, setting the     , of Apri, ,„,Nl as
Fred,   LaPenotiere, bydney John Bom|naliou day  tor   five   8Chool
Gray,   Alve. Walker, Frank   \,1- trustees for the whole district, and,
Hams.  Benjamin Kay, Alfred F. incaseofa     -, being „,,,.s.,„Vi
Shaw, Robert B. Smith, Benjamin „ ,„, taken ()|| A   ;,      M|. phili
Cottell, Key A. Sargeant Glen A. WM ippo|ntefj returning officer,
McMillan ami Kaile McLaren, T||(, m.m(,r Q, (|k, trgmliRC „„.„.
A brigade association is being ing the corner at Bewicke avemle
organized to consis:       boys en- |lm| llu. ,<eith ^ w|l(.r,. ., 56.
loot road merges inlo  150   feet,
rolled   as   members   and   other
friends    who    mav     subscriber^ „       ed -*0 m_ down   (|ll.
annually Si as honary Members. | centre of £. road
The members and honary members will appoint a board to take
control of allot the affairs nf tin
brigade and appoint the new ssary
Debating Society.
future with  expectations   of   th
best of times coming at an early the "compromise" stern, biii
drite. credit to the builders
A debating society has been
organized among the pupils of the'
senior division of the North Vancouver school, electing their
teacher, Mr. Templer, as president, and Miss Minnie Fogg as
secretary, Considerable zi ai was
shown ai the organization "I ilns
juvi me- debating club, and it is
hoped thai the amount ol interest
exhibited at the beginning will
continue, and that it will prove
p ifitn ■ 1 us wi 11 as entertaining. I
fust air, ate ol the s 11 iety was
held Fridi:   afteru 1,   .'..',"1  inst.,
ilie * ibjei t  being;   "K iolv, tl
lhat grammar is 1111101 i vain 1 lhan
arithui in."   The lea ! is ol  ill
Mr. Jorjensen waited on the
council and explained certain
grades, when the council decided
to recommend that the tramline
inn up Mahon avenue lo the Keith
road iiinn First street. The Board
ol works was instructed to place
the grade of Mahon avenue be-
tween Fourth and Fifth streets to
correspond with the tram road,
Hotel North Vancouver.
a ,1: native   and    n ■■. live    u ■
M *
ui this planet when it is a qu isiion
1* of beautilul scenery,  health and
glowing possibilities  of   a   city,
. ami .;..!"'   aim    11-;
won ii at ti    hstant date is I mn .    ,      ..   -a    ;.;,,
to have a population 1 1   1 1,01 0, ' Mm el Tugicr,  the 1 ■■ ■   .   In 11
When North Vancouver starts iti  iorti        Mi    Riii*\   Lilian
proper gait  in   the   com,  1    foi   ;'    ":;" |lJ   •V'1 '« Hem
,   . , . , ...    1 lie Mini' ct  ivns well  con
population aud commercial status
among the cities of this pi ivince
The following are the   guest,
registered at the hotel this week:
C, hi. Durston, Vancouver.
W. A. Roche,
J. Sini   .
John Wiii.ieinere,        "
|. Axel,
11. A. llinks,
Win. Service, "
F, S. Russell,
t has  I', tel -' ,. "
;!   jie'nl, |iineaii, Ala 1.
11. A. \ ond 1 '.. '* iin er,
|.  Alex    lit 11.'It.
f li   1 ; ; [I in,
0 1.,. : uie ;    1.   "
'        "     ■-    :'    ,'  Vancouver the S>ar of Empir
, ision was rendered 111 fav'or of th, '
.   iflirmative,   Tin nexj debati
Kamloops, Vernon and   all   the lake place on Friday ^next, Jhe ubbkatbi
other up-country towns will have
Nelson,    Rossland,    Revelstoke,
to hustle to keep us from taking
the lead in the race.
Church Notices,
st. Andrew's pri sni 11 ai inchuri it,
Services as usual on Sunday,
morning at n a. 111. and evening
u 7131 p, in. The subject in the
morning will be "The Passion
Week;" in-the evening the theme
will be "The Permanent Element
in Life."
Sunday school at 2:30 p, m.
S n ice at Moodyville school-
house on Sunday evening at 7:30
p. in.
On Wednesday evening, Mr
Munholland and a patty from
Vancouver will take charge ol the
Christian Endeavor meeting, al
8 o'cloi k. Good singing an i gi od
speaking will be provided. A
large attendance is requested.
I'he main theme will be
"Teniperani e."
Pastor: Rev, J. D, Gillam, M.A,
ST,    John's   i HUR, 11,    a    nl
Fifth Sunday in Lent (April isl 1,
Morning and evening prayer at
11 ami 7:3" every Sunday.
Paston Rev, K. S. Marsden.
A new launch is about com
pleted at the boathouse ol Dan
Martin for J. Hewitt, of Vancouver. The boat is twenty feet cipalhall, sl s p
long and five-foot beam, and will
In propelled by a four-horsepower
'asuline engine.   Ii is built alter i
in   Yts'c'i'.nit's   nuxiiiutu
subject   being:   "Resolved   That tiiocsaxii
iv, learn more by travelling than \vcstwanl the Star ol Einplroa took In
wi ■'In by ri iding." Supp irting the course,
affirmative are  Mis-  Lizzie  Leek Until It reached Vancouver's friendly
and Master Walter EWer, and the ^J^Vr. ol mighty e Ire,
negative by  Mastei  bi hu J   Gray |1U, L|
anal Thomas Mills. Pouring tli" wealth oi nations al Its
derrick at Cat,'*' wharf is Al"1 no* Vancouver feels tha kingly
not for high-diving, but pile-driving,
M. A.  Russell,  grocer.   First
Street  east,   rep nts trade    good,
lie has now a free deliv, ry rig.
Found. A fountain pen. Owner
can have same hy proving property
nul paying for this advertisement.
Win. McWhinnie, ol Portage
la 1'rairie. who arrive 1 from the
east last Week, pun has. tl  1 lol   On
Third strttt east Irom II. Hood, ol
Vain ouvi 1
The many friends of   F,   W,
Ti mpli 1 will I"' pii ■'   d to 1   1
that his I tihei has aim ■*•
recover, d from liia'roo m illn, *s
sml 1. able to he around h
A*.-ui|.ir.■*' starsliines o'er the harbor
Inspiring ri.a- liopos iur tasks of greater
Commerce of nations, tu 11,,-ir niillimi
Heritage dor Imth omplres' star be-
C nni * '-■'■ni V'ai uvor City,
1 n- * -   i-', rivers, lakes and harbor
Ami untold wealth in ocean, mine and
Iho lir-i iamt rlpplo "I a mivlity Ii'l''
I   letting I thy friend!)      I
1 . the (air itnrol empire hrighl
M a Iruin ilu- naii",.* are c ng m
Hu! * .a,tli and Vaili Vancouver, t**in
1., e 11 in* ol ihe «tar "f empires'
Ilia dawn'i brigl 1 1 idlanr,
aaie„,|iira- I'
The nu-. ling a., tin' Nortl   \
, uivei Aquatic Club wa ■ In Id
the  municipal hall   on   Tuesdai     To balllo, and 1 nun
11 i ni     Pri sident Diploi k wa
thu chair, and \ ■ ■■   Philip   icti    So bore's to siiccons lor the | u*ori
as secretary pro tent, in tin  ibsi-nci     Sow noi   nglurn rcaier V ver,
ofSecreiai   Egan, .   . I,r""",r;1;,™" '" l"""lr"'1 "'""';""'
arrived hilar.   Owing lo    evi rn
thei attractions there wai 1 n )
small attendanci. Another mei 1
ine, will be held ihi* t Vi ning, when
all are invited to attend.
I;. \ ,W, I- Dunham will lecture
II       ■ , • yi-ir nlnolenn hundred ami
IV. J, lintix.
Nurlli Vancouver, March 2a, I	
ll   has   been   Sllggi *leal   that    a
on  Monday, April :.  before tin  publii  iting be held at an early
Horticultural    Association     and dale (or the purpose ol d
Farmers' Inslitttte, in the mnn    ways and means i" remo'
in.   lie will ileal    .A'ups 1 1 ilm ti
I  tun .   an 1 Ion   lhe end ol   tin    yeai    Oui
with the ..
poultry yard iiieihods, ,vith  model citizens all realize thai the propel
.  illustration!..    \          besl  kinds way to build a city is lirst to make
the style of a number that  have of fowls and the cliiniilii conditions it attractive  and  pleasing  to lhe
been turned out hen   lal ly,  will    101      tryfortl     1   1    fill raising eye so thai visitors may be im-
is a ol same will be referred to,   All pressed with the placi  and locate
welcome, here,
Best cigars ami cigarettes al
Hiit Campbell's.
He loyal to your town and
patronize home industry.
Tin re is a good demand for
hotisi s at well advanced rents.
S. Gintzburger reports doing a
brisk business in real estate.
J. ('. Williams, ol Lonsdali
avenue, led for Montreal yester
day morning,
Madame Kickum-Burke and
Mrs. Kickum have returned after
spending the winter in California.
We are informed that there is a
real live editor in Canada who
don't use the scissors. He uses a
|. A, Hick, ol Portland, son ill
I*. (',. Dick, the local real estate
man, is visiting his parents foi a
few days.
F. Marnier, of Victoria, was in
town on Thursday.    He purchased
four lots on the Keilh road   before
Another freighter, loaded with
hay and feed, arrived on Thursday
nn    the    r.iai'kuiau-Kcr    Milling
Messrs. Fred Boyd and lack
Cliisholm, of Steveston, speni
a lew hippy hours in town ou
Thursday last.
I'ln- immigration movement for
1906 has started. Reach the new
arrivals by an announcement in
i in Express,
The work 011 lirst street is proceeding as rapidly as p issible
A! .mi .'.1 men are at work, besides
horses .tn i carts,
Constable Dick sold by auction
at the pound y, it, rday morning a
cow Im $31.    I ■ '■ poundkeeper's
1 harges am ite I a .'7.75.
The matt, r of hold     an Arboi
lay in Noi sh V  11     hi ■ oft* n
. |i ■ it,   1 un't    tin
 '-■    ■ :    :     .'   in   ll ■
Wind is alright in a 1 ill on,
imi  a d, n't 1 ut much 1.   in
1 t wn, i lie "loi;.
green" talks and is mon 1 on
Hi.i**t v & Quinn, lhe loi  I 1   n
tractors, hav. si cun I n I
tract in South  Vancouver,   Th,
contra, t is the making ol 0111   am
a hall mill s ol road,
We are superbly sound asleep
a* il W, le. I'll llie 1 ".1*1 10 0   1    r,
natural opportunities, Th, m, 1
with plenty of ideas have n,
money; ami the men with lots ol
cash have, too olten, no id, 1
J. A.  McMillan has ad led   s
large   consignnu nt   ol   11 ickcr*
ware to his already w, II
gro, en  Btore,   Pric, *   hen    an
.1  ..     nable as across 11 ■
A   a ouple   ol   gi   ■
from New  Weal ei I  ih,
othei 1 1 Van, onvci   hav,   bcei
looking foi a site here 1
bn " ■ ry.    I hi \ ivanl wat, rpow, r.
On Wi In, iday and 1 hursday,
Abel Erii kscn, n St,   Paul  con
tiai tor, f.
Iiniii nl the in . 111  ll"t.
sound, hu the p ir| 1
■ ■ ling.
An   exchang,     1      Ih il    1
l,   1
in   1 in illation    Then
tin rumor, ■ ■
il     liced any "I late     In  i.e 1
wi vi been too bu     duni
A   '  ' ' 1. Ill, 1    11      a
nl    Am   nni     i allll .     I  IIIIJirisiH
I a bull,  ,,11
th,  fen      I In -.  w, i'   ;■ ■
by  Mi.   Kei nu,   ol   1! ■    Culta
Dairy, al llu    ah   al  \ i*   A1
luii: ii 1. and ■ an 1 Irom Onl
'I he route "I ill'   11, w  |, lephm
company line is as (oll iv
ward "ii < apilanu roa' lo A •
mad. llli 11,' east on A I 1 1 •
I'Ail" .   1.' ine .  tin e ■ li
I    b '      I	
11 a '   ei   Fifth   '-tn ■ 1
Mahon avenm . th, nc, ih ,
Malum av, ■ 111   i"   1 hnd    ircei
thence east on third street to
Chesterfield avenue, thence south
on Chesterfield avenue to the
Esplanade, thence east on the
Esplanade to corner of Lonsdale
avenue, thence north on Lonsdale
avenue to Fifteenth street, thence
east on Fifteenth street to Wulff-
shon avenue. The jioles are
placed un the east and south si.les
ol lhe street.
Get a phonograph from Bin
Campbell, lhe local barber.
J. Savage, representing the
International Brokerage Company,
ol Vancouver, paid The Express a
\isit this week.
Constable Dick took a drunk and
incapable in charge on Sunday.
On Monday Reeve Kealy assessed
11111 jsj anil $3 costs.
"Some wininiin," said a rural
philosopher, "will let down a
loldin' bed an' then look to see if
llu res a man under it."
Messrs. W. j. Irwin and A. S.
Hillings have gone into partner-
ship as real eslate brokers. Their
ollice is at the corner of Lonsdale
avenue and Filth street.
Harry Hudson, the popular
clerk and purser ol the ferry company, has joined the Union SS.
Company in a similiar capacity,
lie takes with him the best wishes
"I a host of friends and acquaintances.
At the Hotel North Vancouver
hints last Saturday Messrs. A. F.
Beasley, R. 11. Bryce and G. B.
Williams indulged in some first-
class clay pigeon shooting, the
latter gentleman scoring 34 out of
a possible 3.S.
A nice fawn may be seen in the
gardens of the Hotel North Vancouver. Mr. Larson has named
him "Hobby" in honor of Robt.
II. Bryce, of the Cassiar, who-
brought him down on the boat
Irom the norih.
M. S. McDowell, the popular
druggist, reports a good business
in se da this ..,„ing. Our citizens
should   remember   that   besides
■ A, ihey can purchase as pure
ind fnsh drugs at cheaper prices
nan at Vancouver.
The committee, representing the
rural ratepayers, having in hand
re-arrangment of municipal affairs,
held a nn cling lasl Monday night
which was well attended. Con-
iiderable progress was made in
iin work, Another meeting will
lie held in xi monday evening.
lives & Durston. the real estate
irokers, report business good.
I hiring the week transfers were
n.i. 1>- as [ollows: One on Second
•i" 1. hit lJ, block 160; one on
In Esplanade, lot 55. block 167;
hi ai i' age, lot 20, sub-division,
W, J. Trtlhall, of the City
Printing Works, Vancouver, paid
im Express a visit on Wednesday Mi. Trythall has owned a
:nitth ol the town for a
number ol years, and has always
11. a Bangnine ol the ultimata
.in a is* and importance of tho
north slum oi Burrard inlet,
Messrs,  l. H. Cuthbertson and
I     Ma Elm ..     two    prominent
miness nn n ol Vancouver, called
ei 1 in l.-ii 1 - Wednesday after-
1     1 hcj w. it returning Irom
1   fishing   expedition   up   Lynn
la a I, I !.<    I I.  the',' (1,11111,     Up!
ous b]   thaii ah*' n, s, as
he int, i;i  nl    theil   cieel  well
I In    A rth V IDl "nver Shingle
1 om pany, Capilano canyon,
mil  by  Im- on Saturday
11.  :i.' n had all retired
iln i ih. .hu , work,    A lillle jiast
i      , Iai ■  was all ablaze,
,* ai Iii ii v  ' ould  be   done,  and the
in   ti    totally destroyed,
villi   ,i   |l  IS   ill   alter   fl.OOO.     Nl,
, aiiaiii'     The|lllillwill here-built
mm 'ban Ij
I In [, rrios go some on Durrani
li i    i apt.  Gosse, ol   the   St.
ii "iu'.   will ii    intoriugatcd    the
iii'i tlaj   pulled oul his pencil
1  •    red   thai  in  a little less
■  ■  and ., hall lis has
I, ■■ ',', i)8o mih >, and made
,," i' idings    1 In   chiel engi-
II II..i'l ami assistant engineer
h Williams responded to his hells
i i jo   times    (apt.    Mooney's
■ i oul stands llu same. THE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, H. C.
In the Great Diary Contest in which
$200  in  Gold was Awarded for the
Best  Record of  Events  kept during
i9o5 in
Dr.  Chase's  Almanac.
A Similar Contest for 1906 is Now Oiling un
Freaks of Rich Cranks.
hi Vienna thero i*   living   to-day
IC0111H   K   .  .1  ivenlth.v  niil'l'iiiiiii    nl
I'aillA orij-in, tthal Occupies il sumptuously |iiiiii.*li,a| llul in ill" ni" 1
fiisliionnlik' purl "i iii" 'i't. When
lie mint* Iii* servants lie Miiumiiioiis.
them liy iiii'.tl" calls, iiuieh to llie 1111-
iioj'iiuce ol his neigliliom Mis lav, 1
ite pastime is lo hire 1111 omnibus, nnd,
lire I  hi." un ordimii-y driver to drive
his eiimli        i-ehii'h   ivherever nristo-
'.  utic ei| lipugi'S ni"   musl  iiiuneroii*.
II,. spends ;i fart 11 no   "fit    ti nr on
the    a.'-:'i" 1   lollies,    ycl    In vi'l
. uny lint  Hi" suits discarded by
:,],|,";ll-    in   the    ballroom
„., , 1 , ,      , ili'i'ki'il   hi'iitl i"   1" I  in  ' ii  ■
1 liousancis ol persoi .■  pui ■   1 record  ol  ,.  .    . ., u,,, ,,,,.|,h,„, ,., „ uinek
; ■ Allliai I W'itll interest   tlie      '    and ti". and "I"'" I"' dnies   id
■    ,, .... ,     ., •   I nni- ;ii  one m ill" mosl  exclusive ol
' ":! 1   in Llie 1 Lition.    J hough this n ;mmu,   ,,. i,,,.,,,. i,j„ IIIL,ai n-iil
■ ■   ' '      ■: ■     ■.■.;- many peo- « ■ , ■■■ '■'■■'■■ ""'•"■■ mul. ■■■|,; i!i
' Uominion sent in tlieir al- ;, "     |! "'"'
lltllll ,   '   , ted, I        bill  .1 -'"nl lime   since ther
li there r an; cloi the popularity of the
ir. Cl     's Al can certainly uo
laUireol  tlie entries iu
:   ik  they must provi to pi    ms keep-
Tins is .1 copy of the '.1 by the committee of
per 1   .1 ' judges :—
Toronto, Fob. 10, 1000.
1 1 it- Co., Toronto
ear Sirs    w.    • ■       irefully   examined   the   Dr,
1    .      ■ the  Diary Contest  for 1905, und
nc ite 1 ive mi'Ql'dod thu r.rizes a* lullotvs:—
Mi   li- iirj  Hurl ■    ll klin, Out,
S, con i Mrs. Jain,    11, 1     0, Mi     icl e  P.E.I.
.   .        Mn 11   ert lb        .   ,V  ichestoi   0 t.
I      ■     - M      t : ■■■. ■.. nm.
:   ■     - *li    I . :       'il, liyto, Lvons, Ont,
55 in      I, Mr. Willord Van Wort, liumpstead, N.11.
.        - . Ur. Robert Huberts 11, Nortli Georgetown, Que.
Eighth, if ".    '        U, Mi batchy,  Windsor, N S.
N nl     ■ I, Mrs   lal li J ti 0 H irro ..'     S lolhnoiith, Man.
While ll I Bolectu    ilu* | iinor. has been   riithor difficult,
re hav,    ivon-l 1 ho kept 1 [ileto and most useful record of
■ ■
.. I - 1   ,'   MAI K.\. I      I'lie Globo
1 iA-    1     v md Empire,
I     Al M I i'M'       l.|     *l       I'bo World.
if Dr. Cl ic has 1 11 placod in every homo
lists   in tho   West
my ivo hav, imblo to reach,
I  " V1ii.mii ic ttill In    put I .   1 !   ' 1 ill       1 send tl eir name and
i; '     t ■ ind nientioii tin* paper.    It
ul   it I itest iur lUUti.
11. c.
,   ' !'
It'll T .'i'lll
I '"I'll 1   s*s .11,,,.,..
■ ■■•
'    I
,     .
A New Anaesthetic.
,        ■ [ii Inniin, 1111
1 11 phnil ui iln
been lill  n|	
ieiiins 11-
aud has
co'ini ',
1 . . ;  , clher taki ile to his lienrt um
CSIIIUC I "ll '    if   1
nine I'liimi".'.   i* He,   i"i
,    . r-t ia        , i-iieli   nniiiteil
and libera
,  . 1 , :    1]      1111 Am ivns
noted Ini 1 mi •  ' ceoliti ii il  .
Ah h„ ij   vi ,11 - If had never 1" 111
nil . in- would prom I*.
il  he liml   that
>.,   .   j ij   walked i" ei rliiin    villa 1 -
in the imi 11':.''   I"' iicl
V, om i-rr lu* niadi
up' In* mind lo i-Uil 11 uistinil til!.' -
or town h" in     t nte ol   I c
disl 0  i en i il  "'I i""1  "".-'
carefully  men   red     1 kiiiu    truck  in
 Is,    When !'■■ wished to cull
dislriel lie would
not a.iily il" n liy proxy, bill wn ild
conduct n ci in.'i-iaiiaiii for hours A
sending ,, -1 mini lo and Iin with
,l'i,'-linn* mul hush
A uell known Itnlian   Count   who
died recently at un nilvaneed age, hnd
(nl  '    . . years .I. ileal the tvi'iitllcr b>
"ii ni camphor, wh'u h
|a ml .111   ellieienl      ibstil  '■
[or el.aili. -    Si ii*r nnd winter alike
he would sleep witliiiul ii partieh ul
.... 1 , ml with the windows nl nis
it, 11 i' nl" open, nnd would
n-ulli lor hour* in hi* gnl'ticu on n bit-
ia ilt cohl day in 'I'" '-iini"1'!' musl
people devote lu nighl Weill'.
\. -    a    n ... Ion, ihere lived near
I! 1   itleman    nlitise eci: n-
■ mil iti    ■
I'lliiet'liillt   iai   thc   -'. iltl
11 Ii day hi' itoulil appi'iir in
th 11    .nit  colored
■  '
:,        ...    hroidi-red Mill
iini*,' nnd with ii '""li"  cloth  around
l-l 'il   111 lhe
■    In prnviilii
crnivd nf spectu
aloud to llu llicr oHiglii
■ ,,i" Imu,-. li
... .   templi'. in
:  ,     oti sqiiu idol
, I   ,,   ,;   C'VI
There Is nl Cape Un-tim n
gi-ul      ...      0 1
I'mli'i- the    ilill
ills     nml     en
The   Heart of  London.
"Aud 11 uill appear ns 11 strange nnd
awful fact that iu the rest ol the countries wo   in consider in these papers the iiillueiicc ol civilization has
become *o ivoulc 1 lull in the centres of
greal mu lorn   cities,   surrounded   by
wealth and s impl 1- display, millions
1,1 in,.11 mul women arc daily und visibly relapsin" Mo barhiirism, After
a long 'I' -""ie from ' lie race most
tal ."'I iii>" it, and I-'.i-i' 'I ol, and after all iii" aids in ihe mosl advanced
life, i!i" Iruil Ihereol 1- the type ol
11 dri'iiditil a rem ure, tl, lurmeil iu
body mul mind, cursed with inherited
diva .1-". helpli ■* .hi i hopeless, bringing
into the itorlil nthi'i'   ci'i'nl    ■     lion
I'tchod tlm
,:  ... iii iiitiaiii  with the sinister
imiiiiii  nl  In* liaggiiiil !..'■".    ll  will
[lour ll ■ tin i"" I 11 ul ' nt liiini I'lnglantl is im 111 ii 0 rapidly
:, 'cm 1       1 thai mi
ni 1 nnu      011   are Inriued to consider liim and   hot*  to miti ati    iln
is ul  liiiii,  und yel    1     1    ises,
.,11 I vol  iill  ; '   exci Ih nl    pi'     and
■ Im,  help ni uers and
n i" i' li irdeiis   111*1 -1   bin. nor
dii ii i-1!  11    1   11,hi take  Irom
ii," natiomd    life    I 1 J  ol    hi*
I "in-",   li will appear, I trust, Hint
■  ii natural and perfect product
a.; 1 he 'iin becked and iiisatial li     ceil,
ni ill" system nl class and custi   Ihai
,  ns  I'ln Iall i ■  problem as il  forms
ours, nml  thai   those  systen.-  having
•1 11 ■• ■ '1" 1   'li  farther and    existed
much longer m  Kuglaiid than in the
I ni .■ 1 Slates, It  1* possible lor us to
sto| iv and consider   vrlietlu 1'   we
really wish i" erecl Stepneys and
1 !h 1 keuwells in nur on 11 cities,'1
Good DlgeBllon Should Wnll on Ap-
pa Iltl To luili' Ill, Btomneli well Is In" Mi" nervous; Bystem well. Very
tlellcnte nre the tllgestlvo organs, In
saline sn sensitive thnl ntmosphi He
changes nlteel them. When ihey become tllsiirriuigeil nn hetti 1 regulittor
is procurable limn Pnrmeleo'a Vegetable l'ills. They ttill nss,sl the illges
lion si, Uml the hearty enter will suf-
ler im Inconvenience anil 11
II the beneBts from hi   food,
One of tin' Ki'eni ntlrnetlons on the
midway 111   ih" Mnrsi 111,    1 shlhitlon
will .-■   ii   troupe   of  if lancers
brouglil by the King .a; 1
Rheumatism   will   Succumb   tn   South
American   Rheumatic   Cure  because   It
,. > • iiiiin to the sent ol lhe 1..-.tii.if and
i. moves 1I1. came  M my 10 ■ 1 "i "urss
ti    : 'tiirllt-   only,   to
return nrnln with doubled viol-
ii  so with ihi. en ni remedy,
ilea from  the system ilia inst
vestige "f Hi" iii*.;,-,,- mnl 11* cmea are
■   :,!.—74
by I
 I   improve!
. ■ irl in
11       i     .      '■
:    ■
,..,.,,„.; ink.
Vou 1
i .   I I    11 ,
I " ■
■ :
.     'll,'     Stilt.
M   Ve.irs  of VUe  Cat.irrh.-Hias.   O.
U'l'inii.   Minn.,
a   anfferer   Ann
■       i'i  t"t   over   .0
'      I   i  is
■1 '.ie and my condition truly
■iiinui.'s after ns-
nu-   |)i     t i Catarrhal   I' awder t
■ ittle. '   '. si.
ntln if. "ui' '1 me." 60o.—71
Wash oucloth-
»nJ linoleum* with
warm water and
S__ . __ Sunlight Soap, rinse clean and wipe
■ J /V U dry. The colors will be p'escrved
^^ t * •        and the surface unharmed.
Common soaps f.ide the colon and
injure the surface.    Sunlight Soap cleans, freshens and preserves
ihl and linoleums.
Sunlight Soap washes clothes while without injury to lhe most
delicate fabrics, or to the hands, for ii •""maim nothm} that can
injure litl er  I ''nes or hands
Sunlight Soap is belter
than other soaps, bul n best
when used in (he Sunlight
way (follow direciions).
Equally %x>d wilh  hard
uvcr DRonuiis ii'iurii. *.-»-,i.
llrlilsh penplo ilrlnk '"   x      •• nl
■...■ii iii... .lei thirty tains
Their Complete Home Cure.
Poit Free lo Readers of Tlsia Paper
for Limited Period Only.
I   A   handiime   llluatrated   nciitisei,
I di crlpi "ii -I it' - ,i iiisin
ind  i   ralyala, m'li Instruction! fnr
i homi ■ ,■" describing the
ice,   :.i     eainn m   in  the
world, recommended by ihe Ministry
ind on loi   l a i odd il mee   Thli
highly  ite-n ICllVO '    .    written
I.f W il Venn, a gentleman win, has
mad, i si"'lu study "f then
I. 'i i." profnee is hj * ri ■ Iti.,.- 'if
Iho I'nlveralty nf Wurttlinrg Sotnl
Iinatul in dny nml ymi will i" . thi
laiinli free by return.—Address, The
Venn Drug Company, L'i King :-treot,
West Toronto,
Truly Rural,
The 17 year-old da ighfei    I   i certain Wnll Sl rod  mini recently  visit-
nl fnr tin        Iiii" i.iini ill
null i    pnsl    yenr
i  by    lur   fall' i     Tl •     nl ilm
!','• i. lail in
I" i/," i utile thai    im  tin  special
     and .i*l. ed
iiniii'   . I'lntive to tin      ■■''!
line evei dusk,
. nm
..I Hii' IitiiiIiiiim I..ii.i In lhe
. ■ there i ami' ' ho lo, motil n-
it a,i ., cow,
nn In thai nld
Minard's  Liniment Cures   Distemper.
ii .... ,■    i',,". .    ...    «<0w
hi * In
The Turkish Soul.
i       rii .   "ii "' the Turk*
in Central A*in  mel" led llu
' .nh. ia* nl*., ih" -iieri-
i  ..I ..s.'ii under ih" slmili* "I  Im;'.'
....       Iv ..'."i'i..      ' .
,',  A-in  Milan  I  e:
t'ouslantiiiople       i    i
belli ill ret'ti'i." I'liei
■• a .      li'.    ,! ■.
call •■  ll'i-l'llii-t*.    Nesti
Miiluinnnediins, tn1    ,
ts and the neci
their pulili *    I	
.. i.a lheii
\ ile, tin
'Ii'l    .all   ill.'   lil.i"
itlll.   Illlt    11
I ll'Ull'llill
less -'"I t
I, nml Willi good i
dispel il"
-■ nip,   II a", rls ii sn
mi llu' iiir pii
rltiiilon il
must sin
rn- cold, und 't. nlunlly eradl,
from ih"
- '. ,      o you
An Hisloric Spot.
Til,- in. "t  llr, ■"'■ '.
I: -I,,,  la,,in,,  ol     "   I
tieii I ilie Hilda 'A.i-ia ■
. ■ .    ■    •     ..I I." dish Hi*
i ii
|'"'   vtlael"   I'm	
lil  lih'al      Jilt.',       1,1-      a-eil|..'    I        I Iai
i.i'"It-   Held ol    » ill"'l'n     IL ■    lu
■    ' neli ..I Sl   N.i.
inu, which ".a  ■
,   ""I'll .' Ma. .1 ..' -     t|||
III-   HI Ii'l      ';"     I."."   Sl "'I.
e went ■ ' ei.i' "ii.  11.
lllllll   I-A ...B.I i II,    Tin
lillle church an* -'ill '
lu thai ,a i.iii'l i.a  i I foi
.a' i tin' lii-iinii  -Iiinn'
The only nourishment that bread affords
is that which the flour contains.
Bread baking is merely putting flour in
appetising form.
Flour making is merely putting the nutritious part of wheat in shape for bread
Good milling is the kind that takes from
the wheat all that is nutritious, nothing else.
Royal Household Flour
is made from carefully selected Manitoba
Hard spring wheat.
Every pound is almost a pound of food;
clean, white, pure and nutritious.
It goes farther, does better baking and
is more satisfactory in every way than any
other flour.
Your grocer knows he cannot keep store
so well without Ogilvie's Royal Household.
Ogiivie Flour Mills Co., Limited,
"Ogllvlo'j P.'.'I. ler it Cook," ri'nl.i'ns ijo
;t iv •■. I a v . ent recipes, some never before
published     Yuan ^i,xt:i leilyeu litltv 10
tot it FREE, H
Grand Prize Competition
OR    $i,ooo   IN   COLO
t    hula ' Ih.    '. .a
i        '.'•,■■■
•' ■    » in l for
■   -   ,
M U ■'!;■►   I        •■     .1
, ni ***\ Ij/
■    il • rw*l nj"
B. «. VV'TK*. 1 a •-•
LJ II hUn,.
For 33 Years
Shiloh'i Coniunpiion Cure, th« Lun
Tonic, hu httn before lhe public, mi
ihii, tii^-!'  ■ with lhe \i i  i'".i Ut -.
Uve iludily increAied year by yt\, i* the
bul proof oi the ment of
ii t cure (or Cought, Co-Mt, ind til
diteiiei ol the lungi ind ur pMuge*.
Thoie uho have u«rd Shiloh would nol
lie without it. Thoie who hive nevet
uted it»'. ■!< I know that every hottte u
told wilh i j ntiLive guatinlee .hit, if it
doem'l cute')'hi, the dealer will lalund
what you ptld for it.   Shiloh
Has Cured
31st December, 1905.
A8SET8,                                    LIADILITIBS.
' • ' Cnpltnl  ji,."ain,0i"0 00
•'    : ','ljll.t-
Do t I nt        175.559.31
liiini,.   Loan                               inti.i.ii,i   pt*/Bbl« Jan.
mil ""'    :,ili. 1000  .'       43,007.50
1 '       UO.i O.oo R«urr« Fund    i,7U'!o20,«
Uunlc*1|ial   Dondi   ud
li.'li.nAr.'s      L.12R.949.33
lliillrn.iil   BODdl         I' I
Aisli mi  Hand nnd nn
Deposit     :
Bills Roeelnbli 	
Dm- Irom Other Com-
IMU',-; iRt-auunncei)   iro.iio.jh
I   .•" ,' l"i" ah.I A'-niud    21,780.95
nnil-,' Furniture, ,\iup«,
Plana, etc     3l.U5.47
A-.nA   liiilmii-i'i   and
Sundrj Arcuunta      515,711 CO
Cipltr.l      11,500,000.00
Me-*i.- Fund     1,742,020.42
l.curlly lo Policyholder.      .   .
Lo.... paid from tha orrjjna.ilion of
Ihl Compin/ to date    $43,012,687.49
Hon Deo k. Coi, Prtlldent! J. J Krnny. VlcePrcallent nnd  Mia-
aflna Mra'clur. Htm. S. O, Wood.H. N. Ilalrd, lioo. R. li. 1'nckbura,
V,'. R. Uiock, Uoo. Mcllurrlch, J.K, Uabumo, E. H. Wuod.
Something   New   nnd   Is   Delighted,
Teds Like i Boy,
Mr. M.N.DafOO,
20   Colbornn   St.,
Toronto, lays*
"i have  tx'on n
tufforer   from   dys-
DQpBlfl  for years,  I
ii.i'.n  boon  treated
by doclori ami have
thnuMincli ol the m^tl nl.ttinnt-" nm ol
Coughi, Coldi an J Lung [jft it
cute ynu.
"Li« win.t-r I fduiKed (of iWw mwih mA |
'KaviiM I ■> ■» B' n| inlo COAHM M    I ' ah ill
torit of m*riKi".'i. IjI p.'.liiing um m,iif|-n<J
um 1 w i :   I   • ■    Fnuf
i ■ •■ ■■ ! - Pais v miff I hid i *»n bid
tuld. K.'rv! i !• ti ii"*«. r." l.'.i Mnm
M! iSf i V a   i I > V.   : nl-il W M ' al*
M mtliiiin   ! t iti (i-i ii • i .■
m its, I..-, i
$1 to $tS per wook  earned,
Mph nni w"in»>n wnntsl in -»r>rk oir
Hum. ]{'>«niif M»nii\RM lli»lr houM,
mai ni h ■ "r. f-.r m t*i *<>ii the tn*t». Nt
prs'n '"', * ' 'i * nv*'"«'»r<7. lisuni'tn**n, ■> nun ('(IamaN Uo-
n'Fiii M-   tiiM, Oo . Ii>i<*nln, Cant)*.
laki'ii   Iniiny   medl- I'vry s), Ink ol l|.,ur>r Ulirn, fore., the
rlni'S      \fitll h'n'l I"*""'' II'"  iiiiiurnl   It   ai.o
'       I1 "liaiS'S   l!"',    .'   lall'l   llt'I    tl',111,1.'..     N,.,,.,
temporan , ,. ,„, ,.„..„r ,i„. ,,tim. nt> bwulhi
Since    n*iiiK    Hr. an it.- ti',i ,n"'t'ir,t.' drinking.  Stop m
Leonhnrdt'i    Ami' ''' "■ :i ' VM,,,|i"",  ." " 'jwnwpl-
i,in  i ,.,„ ...,i   ,,,,. ""'" *"u '" ''" "ll" '• '« rrmif iia.sitlve
'ill 1 ('"' «l 'll11' il,,i t,.u have ilm tiuut ot In.brialy
liiini!  Hi"  mm''  U l  i ■ I in.ill''iil help.   Than nn.\t ti't
Mr. M. N. Dafoe   when n bo .   I im ''" l,"1,",1:1'  The„^«,"i' c"r« hai i-
,.,,...   ,,.,i,,,,   |,nlh '',,""l   hull   ■",   uillll'm    t'""ll" ba-li *o
 >  ' ,  lm,"   ",'" 'Hv and happlnee*.  iv,n,
atoiniu'ii .v.! bowole,    Ml  old I   i i   I    for evidn    ind w. win  |„„v,
i thnl            In our elalmi,  A.i'lia.s in eonfldenee,
91  ,           ul temper noi the keeley institute
.nl. t im i,ii., . 133 Oiborna St., Winnipeg,
Hr    I. '   : lil'i- I'lll"
...I r — i a -■    '  I ."l  I
M     H       ,<l*s."
2V ttrla t.,.,«.i-> ,i .11 .I , „ lon-FyU Co,      w N  u  r>-
i <::
a'stances ot phenomenally rapid pro-
'nuiilims due to conspicuous talents,
and one ol these is undoubtedly thai
ot Mr. William Garland Foster, until
inly the managing editor ot the
Winnipeg Telegram, and now the editor uf Uio Portngo In Prairie News.
| Mr, Foster hmi no hereditary pr
dllectlons towards newspaper lite ,
work, His boyhood career differed
nu whit from that of thousands of
other young Canadians, He was burn
mi ii iiii'Mi at Bell's corners, and In
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^      IiI.h I'lirlt    yours   wont    with    otlirr
*>■ »aoa»ia'Oi.e»oiioiioi.oiieiiiiiO'ie'iiiiei'oiitsia>H*vcountry hois of the  district   iii  the
rural schools, ot' Carleton county, and
luii'i iii the Ottawa collegiate Institute, Though limb bis jiiireiits wore
C'tinadlnu born, they came of North
of Ireland Btocli, and from them Mr,
Foster Inherited Iho   business   hard-
A Serlei of Articles Descrlb-
|na their Lives, their Alma.
and their Influence.
English Drummers.
Travelling men in   England   have
spooiiii d'lnlng  rooms,   special   rates
land special lots of things," Bald E.K.
Simmons, of Manchester, England,
Editor   Review,   Portage   la   Prairie.
Journalism is unique among all the
professions for the rapidity with
which reputations uro made, and sub
stantial recognition bestowed on the
brilliant, li is lhe profession In
which natural aptitudes count for ns
much, uml more, us training, lu law,
or medicine, or divinity—or Indeed,
nny other business or profession-
years rn' application and Btudy are
necessary to lit uny mnn for iis exercise. Ami, after un arts course ut a
university, ami a three nr tour yours'
additional course nl n medical col-'™
lone, a law school, or a theological
i.a'iuiiiuiy. it often takes many other
weary years of waiting before abiliiy
is recognised, n reputation [Irmly established, and Un' material rewards
accruing therefrom uio reached, I'm'
ilu' many, ibis costly period of preparation Is tho precursor of a very
moderate Income, Tho same ability
devoted i" other directions would often prove u bettor financial Investment,
ttiioc.'ss iii newspaper work, on iho
other limul, depends more mi n native
lii'iiileilness ami Blil'owdiioss, uml also
ilu' qulclt resourcefulness uml saving
sense nf humor characteristic nl the
Ulster Irish. On leaving school Mr,
Foster entered the lumber btiBlnei i
in Otlawn, uml imt.'ii therein for Iwo
yenrs, until 1800. iiiii lumbering
wus imt his sphere, Iii thai year lie
dccldi il in cotno wesl, and spenl mini Uecembor, 1807, nl Portugo la
Prairie, the lown In which ho Is now
managing editor, He then returned
oust, nml receiving nn offer to join
e slab" nl' ilia' Ottawa Free Press as
reporter, be accepted it, uml at once
found himself In un environment to
Lis entire liking, Ho had orientated
himself, ami found a vocation In
which his natural aptitudes would reive room I'm' freest play ami expansion, After three yours' work on the
Free Press, he again came west, this
io accept a position on the Win-
nipeg Telegram, and on this paper he
made a brilliant record, filling in succession almost every position from
lire mul police reporter up to that »f
managing editor, Ho wus by turns
financial reporter, dramatic critic,
special feature writer, telegraph and
city editor, editorial writer and edit-
nr. Mr, Foster has a natural inclination fair politics, li has sometimes
born said that ho is u Conservative
by religion—nt uny rate his belief In
lie principles nnd the policy of ihe
Conservative puny Is ns firm and
iloep-soati'il ns any belief can possibly
be. When such devotion lo n cause
or party is coupled, as in Mr, Foster's
with untiring indttsirv nnd
ouch more than average ability, li is
mull surprise thai speedy recognl
linn came from the heads of the par
iy that profited by bis services. Of
nil the journalists whose pens ami
brains are supporting the presenl
ocal governmi nt of Manitoba, It Is
very r-uesllonublo If there is one wilh
nob claims in party gratitude as Mr,
i.sit'i- cun advance, wore he one of
lim numerous class thai give service in direct proportion to benefits
received, Bui Mr. Foster Is neither
time,   nor a plnco-server, and the
Mr. Dick Souvey and Wife Both Had
Kidney Troubles,    and    llie
When you
English boiel
in iin
o Into the lobby ol' ....
ynu may bo surprised
great upon fire burning In
• nd of ii." room,   Greal comfort-
ibla' chairs will be fo l aboui the
obliy and j i I nol exclaim If you
'iv several salesmen   smoking   long
_ Great [pipes ami reposing their   stockinged
Canadian   Kidney   Remedy   Cured.feel upon   large   footstoolB.    Empty
Them. '""'s can be found In many portions
Purl Arthur, Ont., March 12—(Spec- of the room.
al—Thai Dodd's Kidney Pills cure tho    "Tbo English lobby Is a parlor or
(lilney Ills ni' men and women alike Bluing room, a place of comfort, and
ins boon proved time and again In this In no Instance bears lhe stiff, vnrn-
neighborhood, bul ll Is only occasion-lshed,    erablnzoned   appearance   of
"    ' ey got a chance  to  do  doublo your American hoBlolrles.   Wli
in  the same house,    This hnB |go to the dining room  you
wiu'lt        _____________
happened In lhe ease of Mr, and Mrs
Dick Souvey, n farmer ami bi* wife, living ni  ""tan miles from liere,    In
ii Interview Mr. Sottvoy said:
"My  wlfo nml  myself  have used
Dodd's Kidnoy Pills, nml  have found
ilit  Iii^ lii'iii'lii in our health,   Wo
liml I.a Grippe two winters ami were
exposi ii in much frosl and cold, Our
Bleep ivns broken on nccounl of urinary
troubles and pnln In tlie kidneys, We
each look six bottles of Dodd's Kidney
Pills and iiniv enjoy good health,1
Nos«* Drinking In norway,
The Norwegian papers loll of a
speedy nnd efficacious met hnd of becoming Intoxicated prevailing in tha
slums of Cbrlstlanla. Tbo Orebladct describes bow it is done. The drunkard
nils ibe palm ot bis hand with "aquavit" (strong corn brandy) ami sniffs it
through his nose. A few applications
.■ii you
 ^^^^^^^^^  may   be
surprised to hour the clerk nsk ii ynu
aro a travelling num. if you are you
nre ushered inlo a simply bul homely
furnished room containing one long
table. Tin- npartinenl Is more lil"' a
prlvnte dining room, and everybody
is everybody elso's friend.
"The meal is especially served, lhe
wallers show especial deference, and
evi rythlng bears n loi r li  fife,
As I'lieli mnn loaves Iho table lie is
Been in drop a hnlfponny in a little
box, This is an unwritten law of the
luml . ami ilm money thus collected
noes io pay for schools and orphanages for the children of travi lllng
salesmen who die without lonvlng
Biifflclonl means for their support
Several of these schools and orphanages ure maintained ihroughoui Bug-
"English travelling
llfo easier lhan do llu     ^^^^^_
siinilur occupation In America. Tbey
Put up in sealed lead packets to preserve its
many excellent qualities.
aad    Packets   Only,   40c.   50c,   and   60c.   per   Ib.      At all   Grocera.
Highest Award at St. Louis 1904.
nlesmcn  lake
men following
do 11.3 work, while the same quantity never think of entering a man's stor
of liquor taken Into the stomach would Iwith a lighted cigar
aptltudo and Insight than on training I acknowledged service to the party in
-though, of course, training Is nee S? .'   ■  ■beon tne reBUlt '" '"''
essary lo success In this, as In all other suit. Bsful activities.   Qui no am
iiniii of training can supersede apt!
i iiale. N'owspaper Buccess depends on
brains, ability ami brilliancy.  These i
given.the training is nol unnecessary,!
i-' I uivieilim,^^^^^^^^^^^
During bis stay In Winnipeg Mr.
l-'aisii-r ivns one of tho moving Bplrlts
of the Young Men's Consorvntlvi
Club, in which Itisiliiiiinn he bus hi Id
in succession alinosi every offlce In Its
organizer of more than average aid!
hardly bo felt, "Xose drinking" bus
become n real vice with boiiic Individuals, Tbo effect of It Is terrible, because the whole nervous system Is
paralyzed In n moment, nnd the drunkard remains almost unconscious for
several minutes, Afterward a sleepy
fatigue is felt, as nfter smoking opium,
Nut nt, Arr.'sl, Itul n Itcncnc.
"You were arrested for striking youi
"No, Judge," answered tho unwortb*
specimen of manhood who was m:
trlali "I had made a pas, nt her, aud
she wns Just rcarltlu' tor Ibe stove lit!
when tbe officers enmo and took t..- a
charge. Tli* wasn't nn arrest *»•
wus a rt'si'ii" "
they would
as soon forget to wear a collar or
cool as in expeel to do business with
oul having their Bhoes carefully polished. All hotels look lo ihls uml a
"lioois" gets your shoes each night,
marks them with ohnlk, polishes
them mul returns them before you
nre awake the nexl day."—Louisville
Courier Journal,
Annual Statement Shows Company
to be Enjoying Prosperity.
Tbe annual Btatemenl of the Western Assurance Company will bi fo mil
in another pun of ibis Issue, uud will
be seen lo bo ono thai does much
crodll io Ihls progressive company.
The year's transactions resulted In
{80,3-10.12 being devoted to dividends,
an I 1133,251.611 nddi 'I lo lhe reserve
ninl. which now amounts lo (1,712,-
20.42. The liability for unearned
premiums on unexpired rlska Is estimated ai 11,328,183.46. liy deducting
this sum from the reserve II Is Been
that there is u surplus our capltul
uml ull liabilities a unting to llli'.
836,96. The lire premiums during the
yeur amounted to $2,888,580.34, and
In' marlue premiums to $706,704, The
ire losses wero 11,547,900.20, and lhe
marine losses $006,167.67.      Tl x-
cellenl llsi of assets which is published in the annual Btatemenl shows
that almosl onolh'ird of them consist
of municipal bonds and debentures,
That pea will never come to perfection," remarked u young woman walking through a garden with Sydnej
"Then let me lead perfection to tht
pea," Bald be gallantly offering her tits
n nu.
A mm.nit Labor.
Labor lo keep alive in your tireasl
that llllla' spark of celestial lire called
conscience.- George Washington.
If nt first you don't succeed, do P
over, but don't overdo It-l'lilladelphll
s Necessary to Health, Strength an,!
Pure,    rich,   red   liloral is what Is
needed by every woman, young or
old, Thin, weak, watery blood Is lhe
cause "f all the headaches, and backaches, and Bldeaches—all the weal
ness ami weariness, all the dlzzlnes
mi despondency, all the nervousness
and tainting spells thai afflict girls
ami women. The only thing ilinl can
help you is Dr, Williams' l'ink Pills.
These pills make new, rich, red
blood, tImi gives new life and strength
lo a very orgnn of the body, In ihis
wny they make pale, A ble girls de-
  velop liim healthy, happy women, and
ni Buffering, by thc judicious use *>i i,.,- the bi  reason bring case and
comfort, and regularity to women al
ill ages of life.   .Miss ,1. Dietrich, Bt,
Minard's Llnliuonl Co., Limited.
Gentlemen. — Theodore Dorals, a
customer of mine, was completely
cured of rheumatism niter live years
oiincriiMiici-i!^:..,1.!* '"I"..1"''"'0.'!.11111'861'' t00'
but   unconscious.   An
tui common Benso is worth .... ........,,,. ,,,„  ,„,,„        ,       „ ,.-    ,.
to  the   young   beginner us n ton of ,y' '"<„ muT   "'   e,nll!""8 , ""
"IHiou ahalts" and "Thou shall nol      °      "" "'"'," "J"'""'1 '"  "",' "",
Tacinn mmonsensewon'l  ,i,.in.i.d,     1:,,1V',''''  ! , i'i :':'i
to help .-, divinity studeni to grind up &*£_*** """" '" ""' S"CI"SS "f
..V.l.'niund      ....    ..     ......    D....,n«.    * -.    .l..n..l.     *'"'     I'l'SI'lll
exercises, or n law student to absorb
Jurlsprudeucc, or a medical Btudenl
to puss in anatomy—thai musl bo i-
a lileved by dogged "plugging" nnd
hard work - bul In the world of ai»
papers ii is the supremo equipment,!
nml tho "cub" reporlcr mny have,|
while tho chief lacks It. If tho "cub"
i porti i Im tin ' tiuulllli . wlih a
"noso for news", a goo l vocabulary,
Borne touch of Imagination .and a
Ing address and presence, ho bus
n in -i rate equipment for starting Into journalism, and having only the
i i '   ii ntlnl ni these, ii   is   ;
Unit In good time all Ihese other
things shall be addey unto blm. II a
newcomer possess ibis natural
ment, lhe newspaper beckons him.
nml Ids promotion will be sun', lu a
few «'■' ka or months he will bo lack-
Hug Important assignments, bo bearing heavy n iponslbllltlea, the elflc-
lenl discharge of which will only on-
Biiro him harder work, bul Increased
reward. Trained Intelligence Is the
outstanding requlremeni of the newspaper mnn. ami the Intelligence given
the training comes of Itself,
Examples ol the rapidity with
which ii youth with the neci inr*
Amirs and qualifications will for--,
to the fronl ot the newpapei profea-II
slon win readily occur in everyone
with nny knowledge ot or cxpor! nee
therein, Cases have been known In
which n young fellow, within live
years of the time he set his fool on
the lowest rung of the ladder, bns
climbed dear lo ibe top. ami attained
the high position mnl heavy responsibility of u mumming editorship on a
big city paper. Such rapid advancement Is of course rare, and nre tier
haps iiiii to be found lu Wostorn Canada,  Hut, ili'iv nru nevertheless lu
ll effect ill lb,' SIICC08I
presenl provlnclnl governi
iii.' iln"' Winnipeg conatltui ncles,
Pi rsonnlly, Mr. Foster i* the incarnation of   diffidence   and   modesty,
i ■ bns noi f the arts of the di ai
Bgogue. Quli I officii net uml offec-
: aro the keynotes of his char-
in u r. lie Is as populnr ns hi I ■ nn
assuming, and has troops of friends,
both vviiliom and within the circle m
bis polltlcnl affiliations. On bi*
leaving Winnipeg el the beginning of
ilie presenl year, he received many
tcsllmoululs ot reaped   and   i
fellow-workers on lhe Ti lo-
gram ami the various political iu.-ii
Unions with which he wns connected
His Inst fortnight In tho city wus n
nightly repetition of complimentary
anqucts nnd presentations.
Tli.' beginning ol 1900 saw Mr. Fos-
i r nssuine Iho editorship of tho lie-
low, the "i li sl ei tnbllshi il Porl igi
n Prairie nowspnper, and hi* return
to the town In which he Ural located
lu the wi'si.    Tho Review is ono of
i Ideal ie wspapera In   Manitoba,
though for the past few years It 1ms
been known an lhe News. The
transfer of Mr, Foster to tho paper
mark a new era lu its history,
^^^^^^^ of lhe signs thai ibe
whole Institution has undergone a
■oinpiaii' re-organlsatlon, li is the
Intention of the new manngemenl to
ooiiv. ri the Review, which is now
seml-woekly, Into n daily, nnd
as the machinery now on order i
Installed, the change will  be  made
\   ii.l   With    Mr. Foster In   tin
control of the Review, ns buslnos
manager, Is Mr B, i- Burns, one ol
the founders "f the Portage Is Prairie
Graphic, Borne two and a half yoni*i
ago Mr. iiniii* mnl his partner, Mr. J,
McPhcrion, disposed of the Graph'
>e. ami since thai time bus bi en en
gaged In other pursuits, Porlngora
will welcome blm bach to no* papi i
doin, ami Manitoba lournallsra can*
not but be benefitted by the return
ia, us ranks of one d! a moil enp-
able workers, aided by a confrere of
such ability as his new associate editor. Together  they   will  make  a
team thai  sliould ensure tin' success
nf their joint venture, nnd add anoth-|
above facta enn be *
writing to him, to tho Par
or any ol bis nelghboi i,
a. COTE, Merchant
Que., 12th May, 'OS.
rilled by
ii prlesl
St, Isadoro
The new C. P. It. hotel at Victoria
will be ni. ii"l In June.
M on the <*.»*.-In tha nr- I
iliti.'irt' run «af medical practice n cr'-tter
number than mis have treated caaea of "i those
chronic ut *■" !'*!.!  and   have  failed
cilre. but    Dr.   Von    Sinn's    I'lni'-ippl.
I i    .'ia in n boi nt   36   cents  cut) j .■ innil.' the cure,
In       These   iiitl»
proven their real merit.—72
"1 Will    ^^^
'P* being but onr
Clements,   Que.,   Is nne of the ninny
thousands   made   well   and   happy
turough Um u*e of Hr. Williams' Pink
i'llls.   She   says.—"1   tried   Bovernl
medicines bul gol nothing to help m
until 1 took Dr. Williams' Pink Pill
abject lo  palpitation   of  tht
heart, n throbbing iu the hi ml. nm!
dizziness nnd fainting spells,   I had
i: i nppi lite and was weak, pah' ami
"il when I began the use nl
Dr. William*'  l'ink  Pills.   Sis  boxi ■
have iiimle mo feel like an
to altogether iliffi rem pi rson, nail iinvi
lA   Iven me in v In iltl I strength."
uivlni* r.iioi in on« I   Well, red blood Is the true
••ipi't-iniiit""  hm-,. health and strength, and ll is simply
'   " |becauso Dr, Williams' Pink Pills make
The Grand Trunk bridge across the ""''■ i''»" blood, thnl tin , cure Biich
.Vellnml  e.iual   at   Port Col ie I   troubles as anaemia, loss of appetite
omvleted ndlgestlon,    neuralgia,   rheumatism,
' . si. Vim.* dance, partial parol)
Unard'a Liniment cures Diphtheria. I ">' troubles and the special ; lenls
  ithnl only women-folks   know,    Ilm
Th,.,- e 170   n .-conformists   in Vou nM»t got.the  gent line with the
tho Hi it,A Ptrih -. el t,l,", f.f«» «    ^Vlll»„8  I'l,,,i f"«
__-._.    Tha   in.   WIIHnms    Medicine   Co
D.w.r. ol Ointment, ror CaUrrh That ..     .   ,.. ,    .       ,.,     ,,,, ,
Contain Mercury, BroCkMlle, Onl . and Hi" pills ttill li
m mercury will surely daatroy tbc sansa \mn$ '■"  '''"Is « h"x' '" •MN ll"x'''"
,,' smell ,,,,'i completely   derange   in. for $2	
ttliaaia lystem When tnU'ilnn It ihrotisb 	
the  in,,, a-UH     HUlfflC'.'     Hua'h     uriloi'.      ol , ,        .                 i.,,,,,.,,     „.,,,.,.
should never be used except on men-1   Sixteen deer m   one    ich   wen
Iron* reputable phyalolana,   in seen In tb"   QuAppelle   valley   I.i*-'
A PHI for Benorons Eaters.—There
are many persons of healthy appetite
mul poor digestion who. after a hearty
meal, aro Btibjeci to much Buffering.
The fond of which thoy hnvo partaken
lies lilt" lead in their stomnchs, Head-
uelie. depression, a Bmotherlng feeling
follow, tine sn afflicted is until for
business or work of any kind, In this
condition Parmeloe's Vegetable l'ills
tvili bring relief. They will tisslsl the
assimilation of tlm aliment, nml
used according to direction will restore healthy digestion,
In the appointmenl nl n Gi aeral
Agent at Winnipeg the Allan Stenm-
ship Company bave nol withdrawn
ihi'ir rickets from the agents of the
I'uiiu'liuii Pacific railway between
nn Arthur and Vancouver, and as
eretofore, passengers can purchase
tickets in or from Europe from An*
agcnl of the Canadian Pnclffc railway
in iii" North.Weal, or llriiisli Colum,
bin, over the Allen line, or any oilier
Allnntlc Steamship Company,
Bishop Henry C, Potter of New
York Is visiting Ameilcan churches In
 Don't neglect thc first symptoms. Oftcnlitncs the irrilnling
cough, the insipid cold, the lisilesi
and languid feeling, arc due to a
weak state of the system. It is a
ture sign cf Itrt-.-ikda'ttn. Nothing
else will put yon right so quickly and
affectively ns " I'svciiink." If you
feel "worn out," il is tune for a
tonic, a real tonic. There is only
one re.illy ga.a.d tonic. It is
"PsYcnim-." Keep a bottle bandy
—never be without it. It tones up
tbe system nr,d restores your old
time vilality. Ask your druggist
about it.
tin damage they will do Is tenfold i" tn.
K'jaaai you a'nn i.,i,«»iiiiy ilerlvo linui them.
Hails Catarrh Cure, manufactured by
K. J. Cheney n Co., t.alo.l... 0„ cmiaina
no mercury, nn,i i. ink*n Internally, Hct-
ini, dlreolfy u|a<an the blood nnil mucous
lurfacea of the ayatem, In buying Hali'i
Catarrh Cure ba sure yen get ,ha ga-nti-
lie it l. taken mi, inull'.' anal uuial. in
Toledo, Ohio, lay t. J. Cheney   A   Co,
TlMllll'   (la a.
IA I l>y Druggist., lib-. T5c. per boi-
Take Hulls Family rills lor constipation.
lu order to secure a ilto for sn an-
nox to 'in' I3tli llegimont Armor) in
Drooklyn, two nut* "I brick rosidence.
inui it li.i'l t" bo doatroyot! or rcinov-
eal.     Tlai'V   ttele   III   llllllb   tun   i'ihhI   11
eon liim i tu make destruction ...A,-
alii", an' il 'In i alternative tin- re-
*uiti"l to.   Kacli ion   contained five
lin'l-i*.   hut   ttas  sllllta'il   to  ll   lion   lite
without damage Mmall brick build-
in -* hat" been moved before, ol
eoiirao, bul to handle s bloi I. ol Due
i .1 i.i .I undertaking
Thi'   Engl leering   record,   describing
tl poration, lays thai ii tta* mi	
lul in one m*iinu'". and ox| t* thai it
mil prove *n in il tlior,   Great caro
tta*  taken,   "t    COIlraC,   tn    keep    l|n,
buildings levol and mako all   movo-
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^   mollis wiili great  iiaiiliiiniitt, nnil nu
to tho list of successful Mnnltnhn'1'""'1'* I|IIV" "" >'''• di'Vclojied nor any
A lady writes! "I was enabled to re
move iii" corns, root nnd branch, by
lhe use ni   Holloway's Corn cure,"
tiib.'rs who have tried  it  bave  tha
' xperlonce.
An enrthquakc occurred In northern
ndla lasl week,
Itch, Mange, Prairie Scratches, Cuban Itch on Human or animals cured
in 30 minutes by Wolford's Sanitary
Lotion. It never tails. At all druggists.
A Posverfnl i)r„c
Cloves aro simply iho dried flower
luiais of ii beautiful evergreen tree
growing naturally iu the Spice Islands,
Thi'ie Hi-war buds are gathered when
tbey have becomo tit ti bright red uml
are just on llio point of opening, The
name comes from the rcspmblanco of
ibe prepared spice to small mail*, from
the French word clou, for nnil, Cloves
ai" very heavily charged with a pungent, acrid, volatile oil, as much as SO
per cenl sometimes being extracted,
This oil is valuable for flavoring ami
scenting purposes nml bus n limited
field in medicine, bnt thohabll of "eating cloves," in which young Alks nml
too ofien old ones Indulge, Is rory reprehensible, ns the oil is a powerful
drug, becoming in mauy eases uu Insidious poison,
Sniillglii Soap is better thnn other
soups, hm is bi sl when used In the
Sunllghl way. Buy Sunlight Soap
mnl follow directions.
DR T. A. SLOOUM, Limited
179 King Bt. W.   Toronto, C»n«d«
Alliaut  BolliscllOII, an  Ann ii' III ''nt
ella-r aiiil   correspondent, bu*   disappeared in Macodoaia.
Have you Ec.em.7 lluva you any
skin iIIwubi" or ,.iu|illnns? Ar« ynu sub-
(eel laa .liiiflng or m-niaUim? Dr, Aa-
new'. Ointment prevent, nnd euros nny
«na| nil a,t llo-Bc, nnd dims lta-|ilng.
nie-dlna and mind I'll'" bealdaa, "n«
• Pl'llcnilnn brings r.ll'f In t'n mlnntea.
nnal caaea eurm In three lo six nHhta,
li tenia.—71
• in" of ih.' greal oltrnctlons on tin
midway al the Marseilles exhlbltloi
will bo o troupe ol 300 dancen
broughl by the King of Cambodia,
Then your blood must be In
a very bad condition. You
certainly know what to take,
then take it —Ayer's Sarsa-
parilla. If you doubf, then
consult your doctor. Weknow
what he will say about ihls
grand old family medicine.
Sold for over 60 years.
Till, la Hi. Bntt unaMlan yon, davlnr wnnld
tab: Ar. n. T I""-.. i.P" all" ll.kna.a.
tl,al alall* .a'tlaall ft Ilia ttow.ll ll alMa.lail.i,
"■■•"'. lu '-' ■ ■ "i' K... .'"" II v., aa o,.
.nal latair 1" •' ■-   '"t   '"I   ', t.alt. laiatlaa
tlatt.aut Ajcr'll'llla.
Al M.u'r.' " a,-''* .'■"-'".
Ji ilao manufaitaatara .1
IA )   nn> WW
A.   JUJCIO llll mi rum
Only one person oul of twonly-two
nn board were saved from the wreck
of n passenger steamer iiii iln' Japan
eso coast.
serious injur* been iiiatalned by llie
hi'! li' ■ 'I i. exported thai Uny
will reipiire only minor repairs after
being tciitotl ou their new foiindntions
Minard's  Liniment Cures  Colds, &c
A Gorman steamer struck n
mine al Vladlvostock and Bunk with
lain of those "ii board.
Denmark will establish anil main.
tain n permanent station for the study
oi arctic problems.
M, Fodoroff, asslHtnnt mill I • "I
Commerce In Russia, hu* been appointed ii'ini ti r "f common e,
porta r "       i to buy
no mail" \
Porta Itlcan coffo",
DODtfS \
*K I'lnrlbn. I i,„,„" ,,„  Our  lnln«,
Aei'oriling to Un- United Blatcs mint
oiiiiinis, ih<> words, I. i'lurlbiu
i.'iiiim." ns tiny appear on our "un*.
era- there tvllhout tlie sanction of law.
The legend Ont appeared upon a cop
per coin "struck " at the Kowburg
(N. Y.i mint lu the yar l~80. Tho
IV! il Ststa's was very young at thu'
time nml could nol afford lhe luxury of
u mint, sai a private Individual ef Ibe
name of Brasher opened the Ncwburg
coining establlsbmcnt with tbe Intern
lion nf turning ami money of tho realm
for nil comers, ISxnctly bow tbo words
"i: I'liiribiis l'liinia" came to bo used
as n motto is not known, but one thing
is certain- the Urashcr copper coin
bearing Hint legend and the date if
iTsii i* the niai*i vnluablo motal disk
ever tiilnti*! on iiii* continent
Borne imi" after coining bis famous
copper wilh Hi" '"hi  l.nlin motto ns
above described Brasher tried bis band
on n largo i-Asl gold pi !, producing
ihe coin kiiov.n t" ilm numismatics ns
B twenty."    Tbo   Rrasbcr
"twenty" was nol n hventy dollar gold
piece, however, for u lacked %\ of
weighing enough, but of Into
i no vi ry scarco and valuable
i nu*!' of He- < (end
scribed up I'niim K I'ltirl'
bus" Instead of "li I'lurlbus Ciiuiu,"
r'lirl.tniN.  It,  loiglnml.
When Cromwell ruled England bo I.-
•tied on edict "gainst iiii festivities at
Christmas, Tbo festival wss altogether abolished, nml the displaying of holly iini mistletoe uml oilier emblems of
the happy time was h»id to ho seditious In 1044 the long parliament
commanded that Christmas day *-),..,,i,t
ho observed as n striat fn*t, when nil
paaopio should ibiiiit over ind deplore
the great sin of which they mid their
forefather* bad been gulllj in making
marry st thai season, Tin* m i *u pra,-
voki'd the people that oii tbe following
natal day tin. law vl di ntly resisted in many places. Though Iheao
sa'cnes were disgraceful, they served
their purpose nnd put un end lu nu unjust order, When Charles II, regained
Uio   throne  tbo   populneo  nine   more
nmdo Chrlstransllda a time of rojole
Paper i ulntaaes,
In 18(18 pa|H*r culraascs wero Invent
n\ for He- nsi'iif the iri'iii'ii army. Tbey
: .n .I linpeuotrnblo lo bullets
of il id slyle, imi ih" penetrative
power of modern rlllcs made (hem useless, and Ihey were laid aside.
No doubt you'll "Mil a      o>
I   ll.'ia.l.
The bend of fresh coddsli u m Euro-
pen n countries esteemed n i i delicacy,
II illed In anltcd wntcr until lender
and served with a white sauce sea
wiih salt nml p'l'i" r, capon,   \ ^£
email chopped  cucumber  :   klcs  or  C*«]|*
chopped i'1-M'iTs iimt lime been pic-  V fN
ir il,- iluvor of onion Is liked,     _5*
this season.
Mik. so itililal. — il'i th" Uml
tlut'a (us.aritee I tokr'p t 'it 'it
.nal conib,rt.b> In tbe laai i-tt
■turm. Mel. in lllairk "i Yellow.   Sold by all tellable dealers.
add lo lhe seasoning a tempi I ito iiuum
Hy "f union Juice. __\
\A/  N   U   IMo   B76 Tin-: iai
Real Estate
Wa' hav enqilirie* for enrol
Itiisiness   and    Iti
1 ropi rtv.    I.lsl yum       tb
US       iVo   alia   till!   b
Junction Block
North \oneouvcr.
Lots ior Sale
50,60, 66M32 FT.
Iran, avi |„ ||gg ,., , 1„|,
2 Acre Block on Corner
frontinq Lonsdale Ave.,
$700 Cosh.
Queens i!. Lonsdale
i liewicke Avenue
and Fifteen!
or om tu?eaD
/ In11 ■ .'»i n in ilruclt il in si // u ft w
■pieces of 2 and 3 acres nl prices which
will insuri i/i i tl profits by subdividing.   'I'l  > pi    art nil within 17th Sl.
The   North   Vancouver Specialist
101 Cordova Street,
Only tlie best and finest lines kept
in stock, including STEELE I3RIGGS',
Tour Choice at
McDowell's Drug Store.
Western Corporation, Ltd.
Accountants, Vudllors,     Plumbing and Tinsmith-     tin-.Calllc AiHlChlcken
Uidl Al.ilt   *tt|t ills. Int*. Fetid
I umbtr nnd .ill kinds of Building Material, ('onlmelon and Valuators.
Me have tin Immense amount of Cordwood'on hand.  Place yoar orders with
us Inr Ihi winter.
Rolled Oats
Haij and feed
U.J**0».-T ....«-.
IWI GUARANTEE & BlCUmiKB 412 llMtlaqs Street >fet, Vancouver, B.C.
_  __   	
CQ^KWkA tl ii^DPlj     SLSl^Olli io! ti.ll -, ♦l->ls)+*>!*lt»-l;vl-0-!*:'J-l<*'l 4-! vA)vf: -4»<i|-*-|-»-i-iV-i-*-tt'♦
400 Granville Street, Vancouver, B. C.
ig Co.
larry Mil In
Sole V-ienls for
Sutton *i Sons'
I 'noi*- isoiisii
x. iiO^-B"is../.-""■ I/JS' ncI oti.crtn ''♦
■"' '"ri - "    ,v v/i i,v^c"
*   '<      • -     -. .     IA     l'-a   .4        Sl >
^ '•lay     UH     l'J   ■*««*->   ,S_              \l ...  .,..!, .   ■!■
!•'.. Sail
'.1  i   ".
To Pro|>rrli| Owners
I) I S I' 0 S K 01 LOTS,
PLACE     SAME     Willi
flrwii) fr
Conn r Loi I   tli St..
'ilia   |
Vancouver, I-;. C
Rainier Beer^>
Is   ll   Aaiviia'.A   li \i'!';'L'i—u,■ Iu■ 11 i 11 ■ r   mill
-Ai*;''. ini:.   lii'iin inber Hioit's im oilier
"jr.*! ;;* •:. '—ill-list Oil '.Alt! A.'   lid Ilil'V,
i ,1        rlv di-- t
,;„. ♦«*,-/ i.*-.:«-i C"A!-A*.-lC-t< '-|->-:-C-:-*-i-->-;-*>-|-«-l- >•!■■*> !•♦•!•♦-!•♦•!■♦+,
lntir     A . :   I'.--.",■•    I 1,1
I.    mill .;,■'.■
I'liAiliH. llir :inl Din i'M|iril.!:"i., -,U
nt |J u'i'Incli noun, lor llie imriio-i '   " »iillli-uiul i-nnln     .   u
-,'.-,.   ,' ..r|,'*«.
rriit-.t.-4-a - """ l'""'1 '   l '"' '1'"1 ■'" ■'ll
i    i , '  „' :i>l"'rr*' Avfiimi
rilnnl ">; ''" ,''.""  ,
hy t«„ ,.'.,     r ilia Mil     :   In    ' hl""'1 "   r' Connril, on the Slat
inilur, nml .1 . , I*  ill   ''■'  ;      „     ,
llvi'n 11" ■     "■  lloturi ■   il  "'' ll";lll>' n«opto*l by
nnviiti '      ; ■;'"1 ■'■l1"1 ";i
ii.ia|'.'|, ■ . lay ol .March, II	
nml In lhe i   Ki.aiv.
' ■
\ i     I'liinr. Itcuvc,
J    lIlLLl.illlO
Formal and Landscape
Gaadenlng, General
Draughting and
Blue Print
ing,  .
io I'unili-i i  innil
a stmt a .1 ■.
Reel I state ond Insurance
nm will liml il        liy I
" Siiiaiilii), i ii'.A III Ihi) uf.Ipi il. llll
■ n the li"Ur- nl *     . I-- a.  ;i   in .
Hall, North Vanrnnvei
nJt + rlrl /\f Wo«»f Li     i™:
I/ISINCIOT iiOirn   —
'. .
1 ■  lllllll
•I'l    '       •   till   1'.' Ill I'  IV   llll
I'. I.arson, I 'mp,
.'.it »vi:
i'l 11
I\*    a.   *    i      (V .1 r«  marked  "Km
;iSl iii I Ot \lu'i h
n. vancouvi ii, IJ'ntl ItlUI  i^WI III
fini! Iiorsi
'    ■
Ileal -  ■
.. ,■    ii".  ai
An v. I'iiii li'.
f  M  I
<>r KlilTMl  NORTH
CAPI 1 \l . A   '
11.   Slll.l   '."                              '                                      '          j       1    1   '.'     It.  Slip)      111   I*
■   ' -
ll-'■.    Ka        i
Victoria, and 1 lav
Saving   IJ
'Mil    |i        ■   ■                               .1
Olliia', lur. Imisil.i
'• ^iiv .ind 1 spl-Mildc, Nurlli Imu nm,-1,11. 1.
SMOKE THE _.-.-.
To Establish and /appropriate
the Lands Necessary for
Opening up Queensberry
1 ' a  '
Virihl  I-     K',,1,   will   pn    ■
. .' ' \    I    I   M   '   ||l   111    I'll,!   I,llllll   ''    ||   '
11'' , >
t    1      '.
.llllll I BlllluS.      I
'   ll*
iN bUiLdiNc be sUre aNd HA^/e tHe
connect o ' oUr; v/i-e Next spring
B.C. Electril Riiii.stiy Co. Ltd.
Notgf) i'liblic General *\uctionee,
Ui7 tordoi.i Sri'i't,   Vancouver, n. C
i        I I-. \ con
rt  111 Iltl ll  •    la|     li"
llllll  i ■''.."  ■
Kuril   a',i I, un   1
|i, in.   Ri • ii
IIvh'IIi ii i "i - -1 I'livii" liaaiiM' nr linys otitrighl all
.-Iii—.-— "i ii."i■■ Iii  '        ur I'linlii'i'i'i moi'ki* forcaiha
Hi* I    '      iii'Kl hi    ■ * anil ivalnrlronl (iropurty iu N.artli
Vain       i in •■ r t-'i lliinli "i ii'1 ii".' n|a |'irii|iorty in
Ihl ni    lie trim*, I'.I'Y SOW, and vou lllll ni.tkt* money, :': ::
rockery ware
J. A. McMILIAN, the Esplanade


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