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The Express 1906-11-16

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The Provincial Government lias
issued an illustrated pamphlet
dealing with llritisli Columbia's
Iruil industry and points out that
the fruit industry of British
Columbia is in its infancy, but
the results so (ar secured are convincing as to its future importance.
The acreage planted in fruit trees
lias trebled in live years; in iHyi lb
orchard acreage was (1,437 acres;
ill 1001 this acreage had only increased to 7,430 acres ; iu 10.05 it
had increased to 22,000 acres:
1250,000 fruit trees were planted in
19031 700,000 in 1904; over one
million in 1905.
Ten years ago British Columbia
did not grow enough fruit to supply her own population, In 1902
the fruit shipments amounted to
1,956 tons; in 1903, 2,544 tons i
in 1904, 3,025 tons, valued al
.$240,000; in 1905, 4,350 tons,
valued at $350,000. Tho value ol
the fruit crop of 1905 exceeded
;J 1,000,000.
Special to Tm: Expbbss:
Victoria, B. C, Nov. 16.—
It is learned on reliable authority
that the provincial general
elections will take place on
Saturday, December 15th. The
McBride government will be
allowed an appeal to the people
by Lieutenant-governor Dunsmuir.
A mass meeting will be held in
the municipal hall, Nortli Vancouver, on Monday, November 19,
at 7:30 p. 111., for the purpose of
completing the formation of a ratepayers association.
Gko. J. PiiilLiito,
Secretary pro tem.
R. II. liyrce has gone up to
Harrison Hot Springs for a few
J. VV. Home has been confined
1 to bis room the past week at
; Hotel North Vancouver with a
[severe cold.
!    J. J. and Mrs. Godfrey have lelt
I the Hotel North  Vancouver and
taken up their residence at English
Bay, Vancouver,
The cost ol making a twenty -
acre urchard in British Columbia
is variously estimated from $2,500
to $3,500,, according to the lirsl
cost ol the land and local labor
conditions. The care and maintenance of the orchard for ti vi
years, ot until il begins to hear,
would cost about $2,500, lesi thu
value of small fruits and vegetables
planted between tbe trees and llu
tilth year's return of fruit,  which,     D-   Bourdon,   harness   maker,
in all, .ihould j dj ....' original cosl
W. H. Burnett and F. J. W,
Cotltts, of the Bank of British
North America staff, have decided
to winter at llie Hotel North Vancouver.
The Hotel Nortli Vancouver is
being fitted throughout with steam-
heating apparatus, which will be
completed by next week.
ol the trees, In lhe sixth yeai
the orchard should produce $850
■v.01 ill ol fruit, iu the seventh $3,-
300, ami tu lite uintli $5,800, alter
which it should pay a net annual
pii'iit of $125 10 $150 per acre—an
assured income for life of $2,500
to $j,tiuo a year,
Athletic Club.
'J he athletic club held ils regular
monthly meeting in Athletic hall
on Monday. President McKenzie
presided, Secretary Green was in
liis place, and there were present
.about 50 members,
Alter some business had been
disposed of it was found that there
wni a surplus of about $100. It
was announced that the wrestling
mat and horizontal bar would be
in place this week.
It was decided to postpone to an
extraordinary general meeting the
question of holding a banquet or
other entertainment, proposed to
be held ou New Year's night.
The committee stated that the
by-laws and membership books
were now in the printer's hands.
Those desiring invitations to the
Tuesday night's hop may obtain
same Irom members.
The secretary was instructed to
communicate wilh the general
manager ol the H. C. Electric
Railway Company regarding proposed athletic grounds on Twenty-
lirst street.
Members arc requested to attend nexl meeting.
Thc meeting then adjourned.
Church Notice.
Service will be held in the church
on Sunday as usual at 11 a. m. and
7:30 p. in.
Sunday school, 2.30 p. in.
Service at Moodyville school on
Sunday at 4:30 p. m.
The mid-week service will be
held in the church on Thursday at
8 o'clock until further notice.
A cordial invitation is given to
Pastor: Rev. J. P. Gillam, M.A.
Subscribe for The Exi'RBSS,
who recently lust the sigh of one
eye, has sohl out his business at
Vancouver, and has started poultry
yards at llie First narrows. He
will pay special attention to turkeys
and ducks.
E. J. Mitchell, Pincher Creek,
Albei'ta, was I guest this week ol
his brother, Harry, manager foi
the Btackinan St Ker Milling
Company here, lie left on Wednesday for Victoria.
I.eo Wilke, an old-time cigar
maker ol this place, is branching
out for himself at Vancouver.
His many friends wish him
Anyone wishing Mr. M. J.
Henry's autumn catalogue ol
nursery stock, bulbs, roses, etc.,
can get same al this office.
On Monday almost a fatal acci
dent occiirt'd to a stranger, who
fell into a hole filled with water
on St. George's road, between
Fourteenth and Fifteenth streets.
Holes iii the back streets this
Weather lill with water, and it is
impossible to tell the difference
between them and puddles.
The board of trade will hold its
regular monthly meeting on Tuesday night iu municipal hall.
The Capilano road is in very
bad condition,
W. II. Ker, manager Brack-
n an Ker Milling Company, was
here to-day.
Just because a well known guest
at the hotel asked the simple
question : " Havi' you good butter,
now?" He was told lo get out
by the waitress.    Awful, isn't it ?
Several weeks ago a Mr. Roy
was sent by the federal government to investigate and report 011
certain charges or complaints
made against Capt. Newcombe of
the government steamer Kestrel.
Up to date nothing has been done
by the said commissioner, who
has been laid up in the hospital
for several weeks, owing, it is
alleged, through his own fault.
It was alleged, that the captain, in
ordering his supplies, purchased
such stuff as caviar, chutney,
olives, and last, but by no means
least, champagne; and further,
that ho (the captain), aske.l a
certain firm for a ten per cent,
takeoff as his bit. R. G, Macpherson, M. P., enquired about the
ten per cent, allegation, and was
informed that there was nothing in
it, and that it was false. As to the
luxuries, it may be slated that the
captain didn't liny them for his
own particular use, but for the
guests of the government officials
and their friends who were entertained on the boat. As far as we
can learn, these charges have been
made through pelt) jealousy, Rlia
naliiig in certain nautical quarters
at Victoria. As all kinds ol jobs
have been put up to darken the
captain's reputation, it looks like
a piece of blackmail to us.
Among those mentioned as
candidates in Richmond riding fur
the nest provincial election are :
1). G. Pick, Alex. Philips, ex-
Reeve Gill, Reeve Kealy, North
Vancouver; ex-Speaker Higgins,
Hon. Mr. Cotton, Alex. Gilchrist,
Aid. Baxter, Vancouver City; J.
W. Wcart, Central Park.
Assessor Woods went out to
Eagle Harbor and other western
points of the municipally to-day
on assessment work.
The ferry North Vancouver will
be ready for service in a fortnight.
Goto Bates'for stoves, chairs'
and crockery.
J. Fogg has returned from San
Rev. Mr. Fraser has arrived
(rom Toronto to take charge ol
the Presbyterian work in Lynn
Valley. He will conduct the
services on Sunday at Moody, ilie
and Lynn Valley, in addition to
this work he will visit the Britannia
mines and the Squamish alternate
Sundays. Mr. Eraser is a young
man and an earnest worker.
Rev. Kobt. McKay, the pioneer
Presbyterian missionary in the
Biilkley Valley, was a guest ol
Mr. Philip, Second street, this
week. Last night he addressed
the prayer meeting of St. Andrew's
church, regarding his work in the
Hulkley Valley. He will preach
at Mission Ciiy next Sunday.
Mr. McKay speaks of Bulklei
Valley as a laud uf splendid possibilities, awaiting the advent of the
railway lor its development. In
the mean time, it is very sparselj
peopled Ihere are as yet onl)
two white women living there, one
,jf them went there as a bride lasl
spring. The two reside about
forty milesapart.
The average romance is like a
practical joke 1 More enjoyable at
the expense of llie other lellow.
It is hard Ior a college youth to
understand how the average man
worries along without a sweater.
The municipal council met lust
Monday night to draft an agreement with the ferry company re
an improved service, Those present were His Worship the Keeve,
Councillors May, Allen, Morden
and Cornish and Mr. Hamersley.
After considerable discussion H
wns decided in appoint Reeve
Kealy, Clerk Philip, Solicitoi
Taylor to draft a by-law and sub-
mil same al a meeting to be held
on Monday next.
(in in Bali s1 lor anything yo
need In the furniture line.
The police investigation was
held iu llie municipal hall on Tins
day evening before His Worship
ihe Reeve and Councillors, There
were im specific charges made.
hut evidence was taken, which
went to show thai last Slimmer a
gill had been lound drunk and
unconscious at Lonsdale gardens,
and that Chief Pick broke quarantine to iuvestigate the affair, The
enquiry was laid over fur an early
Mr. Geo. A. Skene, of Third
street, received the sad intelligence
this week of the death of his
father, William Skene, at his
home in Shigawake, Bonaventure
County, Que,, on the nth instant,
There is lelt to mourn bis loss a
family of ten, Mr. Geo. Skene being the third oldest. The late Mr.
Skene had passed the ulloted span
ol life, and up to the time of his
death had enjoyed comparatively
good health.
We read the other day of an old
maid who never could " hang " on
lu a man long enough to gel
married. Eventually she hung
herself up to a beam long enough
io get chucked.
The much needed bridge on
Third street east, over Lonsdah
gardens'raviiie, neat Mr. limners-
lev's and Pi. Jordan's property
will be erected forthwith. Mi
Balmain, the engineer, has taken
the levels and prepart d the pUn
and spea iiii alii ns. lender;
be called foi righl away. ,
lt is reporled that the government road at Moodyville is again
in a dangerous condition.   Horsi s
Compressed air is being useal
extensively in the building of the
large scows at the Wallace ship
yards here. At presenl there is in .
use an automatic boring machine
and an automatic hammer, These
appliances greatly facilitate the
Every once in awhile the world
has a piece n( luck. For instance :
It is said thai letter writing is a
lost art.
Contractor Snider has started
work on St. George's avenue, from
First street to St. George's rond,
The length of this piece of road is
2,1 do feet.
Tenders will be (ailed lor building a road on St. Andrew's, Irom
Second street east to Keith road,
The. length ol the proposed mad
will be 1,830 feet.
Askew & Kennedy, contractors,
will build the road on Fifth Street
east, from St. George's to St,
David's avenues.
J. C. Williams has finished the
12-loot sidewalk on the east sic'*
of Lonsdale avenue, from the
wharf to Third street. The work-
is very creditable.
The proposed four-foot sidewalk
on North side of Fifteenth street,
from Lonsdale to St. Andrew's
avenues. Wai started yesterday by
contractor J. C. Williams.
Wrrk ol   grading   Q msbury
drive will be started tomorrow by
the B. C. Electric Railway Company for the track.
f a shiftless man in a country
town doesn't keep greyhounds, he
usually plays a "fiddle."
are liable in an) time to break a
limb by breaking throng a plank
While thr Vancouver building
in .pea tors aie going their rounds
w« would suggest ihal tliey examine ih" cemullt being used in
building the new post office,
An adjourned meeting ol the
city incorporation committee will
be held in the munii ipal hall on
Thursday, 8:30 p, m., to consider
draft bill bu amendment of tin
city incorporation act and relative
agreement, and to make such other
arrangements as are deemed
necessary, ll is of the utmost
importance that there be a  full
lllellil.llli a' uf   lhe nn Illi.elS.
Burrard, New Westminster Boundary Railway and Navigation
*-' applicaiinn «ill I"' made I llu
Parliament ul Canada, nl thu nexl
sessionihiTi'iii.lur nn v 1 ia, im. rporult'
;i C(iiii|miiy under I'm mime a.I Hurrard,
Westminster Bonn' .n liallwii) & Savi-
gallon Company, with power lo construct, equip, maintain and op
hue or llnos'of railway, of -ian ilai 1 1 r
other gauge, ivitli Bteniu, . ■.
lino or nny other kind nl motive power,
fa,r lhe conveyance ol passcngi r- and
troight, (nun a point or point at In nr
near the lollowing local tli -
i\.—t'lilllllli'lll'lllg   III   II   pollll   nil   lhe
Sorth -i'l" of Falun Creak, thence crossing (Vise Creek bj 11 bridge, ni -I running in 11 Smiili Kii-iir'y direction
through tlio City ol Vancouver, Hastings
Townsite and ih" Municipal)!. "I Snuih
\ nncoiivcr and Butiuibv and iho Citv ol
New Westminster in iln- Fi isor Kin r
Bridge, thunco North Easterly through
tin- Ciiy ■>! Now Westminster, tlio
Municipality of Coqtiltlom tn l'orl
Moody, ihi'iiiv in a Westerly direction
tn a poiiii at or near tlio nroposi ii location nt th" Vaucouvor, Westminster !t
Yuk'in Railway Bridge at Second Narrows, Burrard Inlet, ll  couth ih :.
Westerly through Hustings Townsite to
plan' ni crainniciicuiiiODt III Ciiy "I Van-
1 ver.
B.—From a point nt or near the South
end of the prniiosed Vaucouvor, West-
miiisti r iSt Yukon Hiilbvnv Bridge at
Second Narrows, linrrnrii Inlet, thence
across said bridgo to u point North ol
the Municipality ol Nnrih Vancouver
aaii Howe Pound, and lo a pnl"' ^'"rl!
nl the Miinicipiilit) a I North Vi hci ivoi
on tho Naartli Annul Burrard Inlet,
(' —From a point al the North end "f
tlio Fraser River Bridge nt New Westminster, tin nco across sn iti I rialc (leave
Io cross which uill he applied (or to the
Provincial tiiivornmiii t),ilicnce Southerly imi point I'll the International lluun-
dun,hi'tue. n-i'iiii;uii'i Bay iind Snmas,
I).—From ii point mi tho'Snnth hiduol
False Crock, thoticc westerly through
iiiTO miwn mu
Commi in ing Nov, 1, 1006,
•11.00 A  M.
•11,20 A, M,
•7.00    "
•7.20    "
s.l.,      "
8 36    "
U en    "
9.20   "
Iiinn    "
10.20   "
ini.',    "
11,05   "
11.30    "
1!    n     "
12 lo 1'. M,
12.36 P.M.
1.00    "
1 .11   "
1 1$   "
2,05   "
■: 80   "
2 50   "
3.15   "
3.36   "
4.00   "
4.'.'li    "
5,30   "
6,60   »
7.00   "
7.20 "
8 15   "
B.35 "
9.15   "
9.-16   "
in 16   "
lu 15   "
•11,15   "
•11.46   "
S und ni
District of North
A' all hi.ii-i'.l.i.lii. t- a,i|,,r lium the
I'l       I I ropi m i, v. Im havo been in
il"' district i"r   yenr, musl make
the City nl Vaucouvor unl Ih" Mum- dec anil ■ .. In [1 re ine, mi nr bell re 1st
clpality "f -ei 1I1 Vancouver i" a point ol I', .it r i„ xi, in order i" gol their
at or near Point Uroy, thence r. 1 n ri. i 1.;_- n.n  . ,,,, :,„. niuuicipal li-i nl voters
Remember lhe 'Xmas edition,
Plans aie being prepared for the
proposed bridgefovei Sister creek,
on tin Keith tu.,d. west ul the
Capilano river, Ami tenders are
being called lot loi iln hall-mile
ol road, laid out by surveyur A.
1   Ross, to connect the Capilano
and Sister 1 ic k lul I [e
A crossing should be pnl 81 li".
Lonsdale avenue un iln- li iplan
.nle,   lu  accomotlatt   pedestrians
lllllll  the  pOSt  Office  lu lhe   '.lie, t
Contrat i"i Snider 1- going un
with the work ail ieionstrut lion ul
ihe   Kt ill nl   west,   between
-*isi, 1 1 lack .unl " Navvy J hi k's
1,nnil.    I In' distance is on   11
.un!  three quart* rs,   V\ laa n   thi
road is completed t■. ih" Cnpilano
bridge, there will be a drivewaj
Ir  the I .onsdalc .im nne wharl,
live miles westward to English
hav, where an hotel should be
established. This is iln- besl
location we know ul lur a summer
\V\vn 11.   Voting lady  di sires
music  pupils.    For terms, apply
box X.
Liv,r.-- Pair uf gold rimmed eye
glasses, between First street nml
thc wharl, Lonsdale avcutic,
Finder please return to ilns oiin e
in a smith Easterly direction  by tin
iimsi I'eii-ilii" rout* ti'ii I'l'iiit 11' "r near
ilm North "'il ol tli" I'-.i-r fiivcr
bridge 111 thu City ol Now Wo-tiidiistur.
b—Fnim  Port   M ly easier!)' ti
I'l'Mllll,'*     I'lll  li    tnaal, lIll'llCl'   [l   I   111* il
generally th" .-ni'i trunk '.-, >i lliri n**l
1 .  ., iliim, Mni i.  lii'i.a' ,a;. i min ion
i.Mn't.i ipnll'ies na Slave River lllld :l e
Kll-I   lllillll.laar,   a.|   \li--i a||   \||i.    , , I...' , I ".
AP in il," I'rn'vh "•"' hr lisht'iihinibhi,
And in i-i iia'lruct, equip, mnhil
opi rille ".11.1 ll lim -   Iltl   1 '■
1. idg -. '> .nl-, nn; - mil lutrii -, -n ..1
-nip burgi'S and vw«i If, Ilm
[iliieo- ol .ui i,- im at, nnd i" con-
■"1'iia'i ii'li'gniph iiiiiI li Icplu 1 ■■ im - In
a' ,|ll     a -1 i   I!       Ililll       siill     "aaihai,      III!,I
hranclics, and 1. irniiMiatt tin --   [1     (01
1: .11 iiierchil   | nn use .  ul A  1
■nil- iliercfur, ami lo .''m n lu electricity
Inr ii,-- npplv I'i light, hem :n I 1
 I ii" sn r Iiiiii agreement, with an*
I'leclrlii nr power company Ior the pur'
post* nt iil'ininiii',' ihe transmission ol
electricity, ami i" acquire and hold
■Lack iii other companies,and '
aun develop water poivor (nr the pur-
 ■ ni generating 1 leclrlclty ; in -ell
and distribute tin saline, and to ex| ro-
print", buy, hold, lease uml nil land
lor thc purposes ol the company ami (nr
other purtioses, nml t" ii vy mid culled
mil I'riuii all i'iT-iui.1 using nml Inr nil
frelghl passing nver -aiiLrullvt ij   1 il
branclii -' nml  - lined ivlth "rnniki
tr; 1 iti.- .a, niherarrangemonls with rail-
ivav, steamboat, nr other coiiipanii -,
and 1 construct, maintain md operate,
iii.- -imi r i'M.nv ni I liram lies, ami il,"
paid telegraph, tiili'plioiie nml electric
!> wor Ini"^ across, nlong nr upon
- reels ■ r highways »iti,in any Mine-
lipnliu. -iilij'ii in tin' regiii.iti' n- ol
ilm said Mm Iclpnllly; and in cross
iiavigiilnhle rinrs or ■treams, I lo
arrange Inr tho use ol bridges therefor,
ami to connect with and inn n inn,.''
iriailii- a.ian other r ilways, and t" : ur-
• Iiii-", i;il," over, '.i-i-. a r iilln ral 1
acquire the property, 1 :hl 1
rlll-l'S   aaf   JlllV    OtllCr   l"IH| llllV    IT    a i.lll
panlei, and t" I'm-". -"II nr ntln rwise
<li-|laa I   ill"    U I.' I' IIIII     Ila.'   I   I    ,,|,1     |.,lli
thereof, nml for  ill oth r 1
rights, |*o«er« prlvilegci 11
.nul Hi il ;l!l '.( iho nli.,ve »ork«  In e   In
a l.'.-l It r."l  La   la.    I  -I   |||0  .'a   I.
al   ('.III."Ill
I I 1 1 1 11  . 11 til KI 1 .
Ia,r the \i.
Dali 1 i' Vancouver, tin- IA1I1 day 11
N-.ti'tnl'iT,l''l in.
d.r IIKI7,
Am. Pllll.ll',
l\la   Mill  Inl.l.nlMXi,   HAVI*
Included in Hi" Sale nre:   Waterfront
'I''.  . i.'l :' .imi :;-Aire parcela in
I'DIM   OBtl    BIMPU.
ii-' hundred hots and lu iti,..-u« in
Dlstricl I "i .'.in,
till   Cl   VANCOUVER,
Aboui 140Town I.' Hand 360 \.r.- In
llll   lUSTIaSO*   lOlts.Mll.
\     1260 b !• ■ .11 ; ■'
sou 1 n VANCOUVtBi
rhel ;   ol the Acres [i  running from
i'   l-i IK15, snd l.a.l- IL'   1 ,
It Hi*,  hi I the 11 imn re-
'   '  ' I  III'   Cat nan,a. river.
stVHOllQ  CRttK,
'      '     I ' 1        a,I    |,||     |||,'
I   Ml
■ -   Pi 1. .a 1 Slrei I
r, II. C
•ill Ml
A small valis
District of NorlhM. J. HENRY'S
1    Council d.r ilm following  piihlic
in.'   |
1-1    ol
works, n.nn' Ij
1, Grading  Kaplanado, casl
1ieorge's road,
". iirading l-'rniiiiii", Wi -•' 1 -  i'
lloskin's roads |ior rovlsed  spei I ■
■ i      I.Ill'llll,.'     il|'|a|a,,.   |., .      .,,      (';||   ,;,.,,,,,
S|» Cll   'aa'aiall-.-IIII I a. |,:|,|  ;,|    •'. .
clpal hull, when I th ile|-ofil -.
musl bo i"'lu'"'i belore ! 3(1 p, m . ,..
.1 : instanl
1   For  clearing  nml    grading   Sl
In In w's road, from Ne I streel  lo
Keith road.
Al I "a     ''llll II',
1   *l 1
Largo stock ol limn aiRoWN Fruit
1 .  I'reesi        11 red lot
' ■■!      fllllli.
latloii or
Hcai Coi   ' -L-r..« u
liarilen, 1 ■  .   ind 1   wrei   Seeds  in
'"I'll.Ilv    *".iv     I'ninps,
r »WI  gn nml-   -
I to 11     nil .w era pared to meet
rlcoyour list belore placing
your •>■ ,
M.,1. IIKM.'V,
IOIOWci  lerUoad,Vancouver, 13,0, 'HE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER. B.C.
Mil! I'll VANCOUVER -   II, V.
■    Puhli In"! hy
I 111'! EXPRESS PIUNT1NI1 Compan)
ption line Doll ii ;  ■ '
liKOll '       ':"   BY Editor
u. In  S;,„,l I   ,rj.a.'il l.y llu- "ro-
ilii.'liiin  ...   -,mn,Is.
rou ever hs |      nn innke
IKS ll] til al   I'l"
. a .■ Ji       . i,
(Here     lie way i" iiu II
linrdwi        i       t    pii co o'
n . ii ii thick
' ir*] I Ha'       .... i
ilil he pi        r ihii, or If It Is not
In uld Le hammered so nnd tin*
led oil. In Hn- center ol tlie
I a i cut n li ile Ihrci ilxleentbs ol na
Inch in diameter,   u  llie sheet  hai
! ii liaiuit  ri .a iw lie lii'.iiei!
n ii redhot stove uud cooled slowly.
Now '.;: u six   m li i :o from i
hrooin I ii lie aaii I liv ouo end of It
firmly In ;i hlock ol wood The other
end you mu I ro id iD md screw Uio
, : ite of hrnss on It.
it ymi draw a violin bow nver the '
edge ol tha' brass pi ite i tone will be
sounded.  Practice this until the tone
is quite clear and strong. Now sprin- !
Wi' some sand on the plate, and tbe :
grains will dance aboui while ihe note
Is sounded, showing llml Ihe plate la
in vibration.
Now put your itiiiter on the edge of
the plate In the middle ol oue side. At ]
ihe corner ol the side nl nn augle ot I
forty-live degrees draw the how, nnd
tho sand will form lu two hues at right
nnglcs, BtaYl ng from your Auger. This i
Is bei mi-' il"  i'l     ■' >** vihrnies In |
parts, one pari n ivlng up, while the ■
other ne" is (low i, and lhc linos he-
tween  theso parts have uo motion.
Therefore lie sand settles hi Ihem.      j
Bj drawh : lhe bow ut regular dis- ;
tances Irom the tluget or by touching
Uie plate than one pluce at a
■ ,a wh li '':i-' me else draws the
bow n var ; ol mil I ires will ba
, mde
If you will mix a llll id in
powder wiili ih- sand when lhe plate
heaps uud whlrli add to tbe
Insti a. il n b       lute yi I may use
■.,:..'   i squ ii'-.
i edges "on tua* smooth
,, i: ■       iten "1 w.'li tur-
:ii it the plate is
.■.li or ' Ilu    ind hues
make u cardboai      i • ...a il ten Inch-
ad       I Inches in diameter nt Its larger cud and small enough
■ ihe a ther end 11 (II Into a rubber
[Uhe,  wl: ell -li ' Ul  ■ al  tWO feet
t,et oue persoi    ■   ■• the plate
tn vibrate, while iinolli i
large en l "f thc   me over the |
: lube to tl ur.
When the n. lhe coi      ciucl
I .- a sand line    ircelyt        - al
UKl.ooa'Ml..*.* V|HW  '
tf 4uSTaWU*.
Bileans. that groat gift"
which Canada has received
from her sistor colony across
the Pacific, is being more and
more keenly appreciated here.
The fact that Bdeaus aro
being looked up to as the
safest and surest uu I most
perfect family medicine ol tho
day is duo to ths many dis
Unctions existing between
Bileans and old fashioned
medicines Bileans occupy the
foremost placo as a cure for
biliounnoss.coustipation, piles,
sleeplessness, indigestion, headache, dlizinass, and ill sUiiurh and
bowel complr.inti. *'
First, Bileans are purely Tigetable. They contain none of tho
miner J poisons 'mercury, calomel, bismuth, etc,) such as are found in
the older pills. They ars i repared from a formula altogether unique,
and possessing a strictly natural action o.i the system. They do not
gripe, weaken or purge. They suit young and old- They promota
'duett mi 8've tone to the walls of the stomach and bowels
brace up the tired nerves and stimulate the liver. Equally
to tho housewife In ths home, the daughter engaged in the
ai.'lic- or store, aud the farmer, Bib un* are an indisuensablo boon.
If you have not already tried this successful medicine the proprietors
waut you to do so at tttir expense.  Read the coupon below.
Sluggish Liver, Constipation and Indigestion Cured.
Th. ilm rule. th. bodj—IlileH.nn ml. ths liver. " A .IiikkI.Ii liver In mr eftM led
Ui nonptiliutlon anrl in'tlnr.' ion „ . Ma. 1 ra a lirpein'.of Karl Ml., Kingston lOnt.)
" I felt dull .nd .leep., hail no .ni'l-^j whatever f'.r work, ind "vary bow anil iisain
I had a. twit »ttack of billou-anem. Tli. food I hi. leomtd lo Ile lionvy on my itooiaoh
and did nt. no food. I liad wind and oramiw in ilia Btomaoh anil bowsll from tlie
food dlcompeilng. Tin oonitlpstloa wn. .u liad thai my IwweL had to h» furred .1
.a.-I, iuuaga. ill kind, of medicinal I tried.but noil,his did ine any la.llnf sood
'int.; I not Hainan*. I havo Diner loinnt an'tlilng to equal Ihem for conatiimt on, liver
.'< I il na.ta'h iroailalei. Tliey loon began to alo uie iio<"l and In tho mi I oured me,
Slnre then 1 feel Ilk. a dliroieiti woman, 1 am bright uud buoyant In n'lii-ili, nol dull
and .Irony as 1 uaed to he. I havo gol mj enoi'sr aLd aclivit- back; and, In fact,
all my Allin.nla have yielded to Ltil.uua."
tt! flflfl mWAM will
alOivW b. paid lo any
.rraon who pni.M that
Sunllfht Sa'.p contain, any
iniiirimi. ohemloall or Any
turn, .al uJ,i.lri.,l,,.i,
is equally good with hard or soft water.
If you use Sunlight Scap in the Sunlight way (follow directions'
you need not boil nor rub ycur clothes, and yet you will get better
results than with boiling and hard rubbing in the old-fashioned way.
As Sunlight Soap contains no injurious chemicals and is perfectly
pure, the most delicate fabrics and dainty silks and laces may be
washed without the slightest injury.
Lever Brothers  Limited, Toronto
Your money refunded
by the den ler from whom you buy
Sunlight Snap if you find any
cause for complain'.
Mull'   l.ll-VM,
"If  you  -li ml l  hnve your  choice
whether to die in lhc Umpire Suite ur
I in ii ...il ,,l.: New Jersey, dou'l full in
 i Jersey," I'ciiiui'kcil a Ilohokcn
lawyer ihe olhcr dny, "Over there"
said he. "we —lilt iln business on lint's
I.iiii mu In tlit* common law, I'm- e.v
amnio, under tlie laws ol New Jersey
n husband is otiillloil lo nil Hm |ior
sonnl proporty left by bis deceased
wife. Across tlm river tho case is
qulto different, because under (lie laws
ui' ilm gtate nf New York half of a de-
ceased wife's personal ustuto coos tu
lier children nml lhe residue reverts to
her hushntlil, duly whore Ihere lire no
children is the bubhy ilu: whole thing."
a.'"l.„K      '.1.11.1,,--,,
If y« didn't buy 11 red glass tnmlilrr.
with yoar name written on il in Spen-
cerlaa characters while \"■"i wnll. you'd
forget all about ever having been to
Niagara.    As It Is. when | pie a-l;
you, "Have you seen the full-'.'' ymi
ull will he heard, and the ucarcr the  inrpiir*:   "Niagara    fulls':     Niagara
to the land lino ti." weaker tbo  *a||8-  $lm<, sounds familiar somehow.
clli      - . ic .i  -iii i"' clear
l the l     ii ' : ts ira.ni
ilm sili,a! lines, : i irlna that iia" sand
..       e In i        to Aired ons mi
■     '■     I
a     'll.    •
me baluuce
MaiUicr, wit" wc ever ni lhe falls't"
Ami she answers: "Why, yos, dear.
Don't you remember*!   i'on nnt tlmt
red   c'lISS  CUp  llli'l'e."     Allll   J
"Oil, yes, yes. yes; Why, certainly.
Very pretty view Micro, as I recall il."
I stiek ll|l faar-ii'i'.i'ln!'-.    KUgOlie tt'OOd
'n UcClure's,
A Gorky Fable,
'     llcrliw   Tagi'lihill, in in
I ,. pi ' L'tl "In" ii
ir I Miiiiii       ■ ■ i ■ .        iiii -I iiinlei
ill ■   lllllltc  "I   Mt     III   :
Ih' tui.- i.a. |u i .| i . uccepl tin- Iin-
. Mm, nnd
..■    ' I]        \'| *,
le    II.   literary offni'1
He nnd
I    '      \ il I nh
i <"ii'i "ii lhc in i.i
■   Sl    II  i
ri' 11urky I
IVhei      ,     Kwilil      Wlii'l
'  I  hive
"T-iouilit It m.ant d.ath lura." -Mrs,
Jamta MoKlm. ol Dunn-lilt, lint., iayi al
h.r almost iiilri.oii'.oni oura from h.arl
dl.riiM i | Iir Aiiii.w'i Cnra for tha
lurt "l mil I i.f.'an tat.In* thli round;
I d. a-a.i-i ,,t ,„r nt. | had hurt fall- '
ur« »• I .vii.m. tn,.nation Om doia
IMI ia" quick rellel anil out iioitle oured \,
rlngi of iiar. ».:-. dl.nl
matin." J
Minard's   Liniment   Cun",   Dandruff
1    use nl    -nml
mil W.t'.T.I
Sliiuumtiici!'*  Mure.
The mare which conveyed Mohammed from earth in the seventh heaven
was iiiitueil Bornk. She was milk
white, hmi ibe wings ul uu eagle und
a human face with burse's cheeks, livery I'ii.-e she took wns equal lo the
farthest range uf humun sight, Tbla
\v;is nne nf lhe len uniuals admitted to
tbe Mohammedan ""■" -
11 II,
'   '
Haa'- a.
If kl'; ' ..'  .1  '.v.llea
travel 3,051 , ,
'.  .     ."i
Drugs l.ti
Dr. Lei -1
. ill   :
...    I',
I '. IN'FVII CO., Ll
M<       .,     I.I.*,     I-   ah
I   I'l'.
■    '   a.' bark ol
i  leather were rj          >-
worn in Egypt .■ '           in early
- ■
ipe.   'i ii- i.ir,• ,. ■'. bead
i ■ ■     i    , ..
was tor. .
i nrrlef  l'i.-. ,
r i
; -I
.    . i
lli-tilill   \ iilaia-  (il  UrmiRC   Mi,or..
ll hi- I iiiii.it,"l ■       on ■        :
1,00(1 |s pii ill ft
(or Hi" J.I"" m nn"!* of Hcollatid,
r ai grou io n." 'i ri ,
i'i 11 'j   Ilil   . .    re, .ini i in,-
Willi   !i""lilli; i'll.i ■ aillan bed,
icln   .i  i.'  li ns i   IVrlhsh ro is
i ar ibis i i.f sporL
■' '    / i
It,,11-1   llnllUi-a.
a |||
i Xorl i     "el gen
ii donki i makei
'        '      >,'     Ol ''I       [lUl-
ll!   I! I ...a   i    . inblli g lhat of I
.; I ail key
Saved Just in Time by Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills.
Itcforo mv daughter   I.' na   h pan
■    no in. William.   Pink I'illi -he
. nked  like n corpse than a live
eirl," says Mis. li'". A. Myles, ni
.; auili    Woodslce, tnu.     lim'    l'l""'l
, med a.- il cli it liml nil turned
■a wai.r. Then -he began i" have
Imd -pells with her heart, M the
la-i-t eM'ilenient lier heart would beat
,. rapidly as tn almost smother her,
grew very thin, and hnd no appetite, and whal little t I -lie   did
i nl did nol seem t" nourish her, Sho
ins treated l.y "ne "i the 1"'-' doctors in this part ol iln' country, yet
he wa- daili growing worse nnd lier
a nrl gol so bad thai wc were nfrnid
Uml she would die, Sho slept bill
very little, nnd would frequently
nwnkc wiili a -nut and sometimes
,aa.ii|,| jump righl up "1 bed. These
-imi- would always bring on a bad
.pel; ami leave her weak and exhausted. We lia.l aliiu'-i given lip aiil
ii,.|a,i of ever seeing ber well again
„l„.i, «,. decided t" ny Dr. Williams'
l'ink Tills. After taking a ''""I'l'' "i
!,..\,-. .-li.- began t.. sleep belter at
,,l color began i" return i"
In r lip-.   1' i   linn   "ii   -I"'   kepi
• on '.'am.mi'   nnd   alter   taking
, ....hi boxes ol tlie pills -lie " In
health     SI        in     IKteei
e, the |    I licnltl.
md since beginning   the   pills   has
 I alioul forty pounds in weight.
Only ll  uln, -a« her when ill can
pprei i.a*-- tin- innrvelloni change I"
\\ illinn  ' l'ink   I'lll    bavo   broughl
a I i  iii   her   condition.   I  believe
il  • had ii i ol been for llie pills -1"
, ihl la   in in i grave to da
- el - "i tlei p gratitude Ihal
I write you in ih.- hope llml il ma)
■   nn    ol
li i Ha   William ' I'inl:  l'ills can
aia, jai-i ns much fur the wi aa
■ ■ I yiuiiig » ia win
-..   |     ,1.   ,.|la    (||
Iii ■    III   Willi  ' I'inl   I'i'ls not-
hli   -    lu I
■    ,     liiii.'hl   ni   lhe   ronl
■ I '.'.ail   |l| -    li III,    in
||    i'     ."    .'
! pn giilniim    ■ : inl   ■
.- ihl b\ nil ■
a ii i In- mn    il Wl
I fl||     -'.'.'aU   (fl   III    llll      11 I
h i.a an- I'n., ilrnt
The  papyrus used  by Ibe nnclent
Egyptians was mado from tho Btems
of :i peculiar water reed growing in nil
parts of Egypt, The outside layer of
Iho plant was removed, mid beneath
Ihis there were found a number of layers uf n delicate, pithy  membrane,
These, lieinn separated, were placed In
layers,  A second layer was laid nt
j right niiples to iiiid above Ibe first and
I sometimes a third over tho second.
Heavy pressure was then applied, and
Iho layers were firmly cemented Into a
fair article of paper.   No cum oilier
j tbun what was contained In the plant
| Itself was uscil in the process.   The
| papyrus was very much stronger than
the average paper made by thc modern machines, The sheets were com-
| iiiniily made from six lo twelve Inches
I Biiuara
\ tietieial favorite. In every plac
where introduced Dr. Thomas' Kclci
trie "il Im- imi (ailed I" establish
reputation, showing that the sterling
ipmlities which n possesses are valued everywhere when Ihey become
knuivii, It i- in gcncrnl uso in Can-
mln ami other countries ns a house
Inihl  licino iiiid tlie demand for it
each youi   shows thai ii is a favorite
ivl . revel used.
\ Reninrknlile isnltnpn,
A roniut'knhlo epitaph Is mt a liiinh'
snme in Brlghtou churchyard In ling-
laud, li rends: "In memory "f Phoebe
llessel, who wns born 111 Slepney III
the year 1713, She served tor many
years as a prlvnlo soldier in ili.-
Fifth regiment ol fool lu different
purls of Europe, and In lhc yenr 17-13
(ought under the command of tho
Duke of Cumberland nt tho battle of
r'unlcnuy. where she received a bayonet wound in her lll'lll, ller long life,
which commenced In the lime of Queen
Anne, extended lo the reign of George
IV.. by whoso munificence she received comfort and support In her latter
years. She died nt Brighton, where
she hnd long resided, Dec, 12, IS'Jl.
need luS years."
\\ .1 capital "i $0,000,000, lhe
Traiis-Alnskn-Siberii, Hailway coin-
pun) im- boon incorporated. The
trill construct n railway bo-
Iwi. n Maskn and Siberia, wilh a tunnel underneath lhe Uohring straits,
,.Itch, Mange, Prairie Scratches and
every lorm ol contagious Itch on human or animals cured in 30 minutes bj
Wollord's Sanitary Lotion.
Mrs, McKay ol Toronto Junction
ha- 11. .-ii given a vordicl loi $10,000
tlnningoj ngainsl tlio Wabash railway
ai St, Thomas, for the death ol her
liolloway's Com Cure Ia n BpeclAc
for the re vnl ol corns anal tvnrta,
\Vo havo never heard ol its [ailing t"
ie iu even tho worst kind,
-I ' '
I   -. oil il ll
In the Designer for Novcmboi i lo
be found, in addition I" tlio mnny *l>-
signs for winter apparel for ladies and
young tnlka, a  -i inl article "Fur
li. .. Who Wear Mourning"; nnothoi
mi "Riding Hnbita" and still n third
,,n "F.'i-liii'iinlile Furs": nil I" niltl
full) lllustralcd "Tlie Outdoor llnb)
in Winter" will plonso nol only llu
molliers bul the children, nnd I
er Trcntiuenl lor the l.ibrnrj ul ■ i
novel suggestions lor the use ol Ihi
I yrngriipliic needle, Thero are llircc
capital   Thank giving   Btorics,   ami
in scellonl bits ol Than
1      ns iu tewing, millinery,
1 work, embroidery   nn I   knitting
re given, anal there ate two pnges
iilh-'l with   designs   for   home-mnile
gifts   "Fashions and I'tib-
i n I able Krlvolilii       I
i.|.'l'able i'i nl ""Ktiquctte llml "and
■ I'Turiciill  Tall,-" nro nmnii    " ■
•  , .       il thing       pplied l.y
niithwilic   peciall) writers, while Iho
Is edited b)   I'he Di  i	
\\ •  ■ Wi e. n nre Doing,'
|| nng tin    Way,"   nnd   the
I ..-I    I'lula"   ail.-   I.Hill
Ith :." I. porsonnl inl re I,
ta s'l'i* II I'-rpiiU,
"What is a dude, pn?
"A thin;: thai wears gloves In sum.
mer ami goes with,ml an overcoat In
whiter.—Now S'ork Life,
Pale, sickly children Bhould use
Mother Graves' Worm Rxlcrminator.
Worms are one "i Iho principal causes
of Buffering in children and should
In- expelled Irom tho Byatoiu,
A Peeress and :
l.i"ly Amherst,   ui
laud, i- very skillful
nnu iniul rvoodworl
her ol the <"hi[i.iit. i-
Ilnckuov, Cue-
in all kinds of
. anal Is a mem-
A mottorn wennon in th. bnttl. for
li.alth. if itiii:i-o hns tnken your citadel of health, the itoinaeh, and 1. tortor-
tne you with ni'lisoatloii, ilyapopNla an!
BarruiiH prostration, Bouth American Na^
vine ia the v,,'U|i"ti in drive tha riniiij
fronl hia .troni,'lii.lil "ut Iho point of iha
bayonet." trrurh hy trrnch. hut iwlft aa4
huro, it alwayB wlna.—4
Proof Positive.
Kfllo But, papa, now do you know
'hai ii was a Btork thai brought ua
the new bnby?
Papa Becauso, mv dear, 1 ju.-t taw
In- li 11,   Woman's Heme Companion
Millers of western nnd northern Minnesota   aro  e\pel lelli-ilic   haul    liin.aa,
telling whcnl lo grind, They have
'iheai bought, but though perhaps only Iwo hundred mile- away, are un-
ble I" gol It. Snine ol Ihein liave
Hou' -"Id fm certain delivery, and
'annul gol wheal i" make it from,
Many millers are greatly Incensed,
ami ii few threaten la bring Bull
Insl tin- ia, ai Northern Railroad
 lamnges,   Railroad  are no doubl
.aim"-- to inovo wheat,
bul Inking into nccounl urgency
transportation "i live slock eastward
nnd tin enormous,
■ a  ru helmed with
I'Vom I CStOI'll   Mil
Aromatic l'a-tIt  Inieeiiy.
••I hope you notice how sweet I am."
milled lhe girl when liny were mil on
the sii'.ei ngnln,  "While the mnn was
wrapping up lhe tootbbruali I  was
try,in: all the peii'iiine on llio counter,
He looked al ine awfully haul,"
"1 sliuiiM Iblnk he Would have bad
ymi nrrcsled," remarked her companion
severely, "Wlinl if everybody tried all
ilm perfumes like Ihnti  Uow much
Would   be   bale   led   Id   sell'/"
Mm,ml'. Liniment Cures Burns, elr.
ntniliiK Tinware.
Pn.nl w il stick i" Ihiwaru if lhe «nr-
fm a.      . ■ .' lie I ■   li ii ph i '      i
pumice i  ■ *   ■■■ ■  a Ipupei    '-'I
a ibln coal of -lii-Hai.' varnish applied
boforo lhe uniiii Is nu' iiii.
t   MrnilKO   lliliniil   1'. I.-i.ilaal,I,..
Bometlint's null mis which nre by na-
lure deadly enemies, sin h ns iln;- nud
By Analysis of the Urine that Chronic Kidney
Disease is Positively Cured by
Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills.
The case "i Cnpt, Smith Is uini-u
idly ii te'i'-'.ue because ii proves ab-
iiilutely i.y analysis ol the mine thai
Hi. Clinso's Ki'lney-I.iver l'ills cured
cnl»,alrlkeupi n " Irougfr Wilp, ,,.„, „, Kill|11.J. ,,,.,,,,.„     n,. ,,„,,„,
I hnvo known n en' ndopi n puppy and
III oil '"lllil    enn'' l>' believe il  lllllll
lii'Ha. Indl iii llllile,
I'   ■ I'l I
1 Hi.
> ■      , i Inlo which
■ cillnct
oi :.'.' pel mu
nurse ii tenderly, Imi a- a rule il
prefer Iq I m I icrnlch.  A seiilpmr j
nf nnlmiila. n Mr, Harvey, bad i. o
pels, a pigeon and a cut, who lived lo-
gcthcr in ireal friendship, nud had
tbi)lr|*laOtORrn|>.i laken while oatln i o t
nf the same dish, The pi;:  was
named I'ld  - and II nl was culled
Toddle,  They ate, slepl ami phij't'd i i
aether I when Pldglo died Todilie
was ncarl) broken hearted, and ihl !"■ Chase,        oy-Uver I
never ii". t or drink  from the
dishes from u u i i"'! - Ha
I lo oal together   n mn
... had made the second anal; i  and
 ...iiiii'e.l II apiiiin a  viell main
Clipt, Wm. Smith  I- a  veteran nf
'   "   'lllll I   Will,   llllll"     at     II' Vol
luko, Had an.I earned his title m
ih,- British army,    II" roportod hi
■ g in a li Iter n ■ lolloivai   "I enn
iir,   taa   ih -   boned! dorlvod (	
WNI1   No    610
I win ii Biifforor  Irom
, . ,i e. ai i a mid i'a i no lelni loi
ll,    Th" lloi '"I  a v.iinl|i"l  in'
I .ni iii t,   and I.
■aii'llie   di . ai a    ol   lli"   1 Idm
im llcli     did       ii"   i"a 'I   I
■ imhi a i,-\ a,i in. i base'   Kidnoy-
I vol   Pill-   and   vu   bem  Ih . io
n li llml I kepi mi Inking 'I a iii until I enn say I am perfectly cured.
: iniil the doctor that I was cured,
Iiiii he would not believe mc lllllll lie
'1.iiiii i in., iiiinn again, After doing so ho Btated ihal I had no trace
ni kidney disease loft, I have ra-
i ina'iiiieil in. Chase's Medicine* to
many people."
Should it not be ciuivenieiit lot you
laa have ii physician analyze lhe urlutl
"ii can uinko this  test  yoursell
Pnl some urine in ,i Dot tin or tumbler
and let it stand ior twenty-lour hours;
il Ihere li a sediment in thc bottom
at ine and ol that time, or if it is
ili'.iiihiiiil, milky, cloudy or itrlngy
your kidneys are out of order nnd not
lining their work  properly.
in. eii,i a-'. Kldncy-Uvci Pills, one
pill a do e, 'J.'i conl   n   bi *   al   all
'al   l.illllillllill,    llai.s   ,V.   Co.,
Pe-ru-na Strengthens
the Entire System.
Mr. Alfred Pleaii. an expert machinist, 17,1 St. Jul n Slreet, Quebeo
City, Canada, arites:
"Two yenr- ago, an accident nee.es-
silnled my confinement for several
weeks. 'Ibe good health I had enjoyed un- slipping away and there
developed a complication of disease!,
liy physician said my case was one ot
general debility,
"Among the many ailments which
developed wns a serious attack ol catarrh, which annoyed me considerably ami kept me awake whole nights,
"I decided to glva Peruna a trial
and soon lound it acting as a wonderful tonic to my system. The catarrh grew less severe and shortly afterward disappeared, as did also the
various other maladies.
"I attribute my prompt relief nnd
ultimate cure entirely tu the use ol
Peruna ami gladly recommend it."
«.«>>, -V.,,.1,1 You Like Till, l.nnnilryf
Trices are high in South Africa, and
bills for laundry arc (requently exorbitant. Persian, Kallir and Capo women do the work nfler a fashion, "One
usually pays $,*, per month a head,"
says n woman correspondent, "and the
woman who washes tor yon lakes ov-
erythlng for that, bul is npl to vanish
for a month on end with your clothes.
You seek and liml her after 11) Dili to
difficulty and discover her in tho bosom of ber family, ber husband and
sons arrayed In lhe clothes of your
mankind, If you have any. and her
daughter nur; herself in yours. 1 walked in on my laundress one morning
. after seeking her ten days und found
i her lu my best while silk tea gown,
I squatting on tho earth i king herself
a meal, while her daughter sal  near
In my vnlcnclenncs Incu peiil it and
tea jacket peeling polatoes."- Chicago
Ab.tnlli Illiniums.
"Look out for absinth in bonbons,"
snys a large candy denier, "Tbey aro
on lhe market, and tbey are loaded, I
doubt if nny aro on sale as yet In Philadelphia, but ihey have heen offered
to us, and I bave seen samples of U'cm.
1 have no doubt Ihey will snon he seen
here. It's likely Unit llieir stay will
be short, however, for Ibe authorities
and the temperance people will surely
he after theni. Four of the kind of
bonbons that were sent to us would
moke a pretty siift drink of nbslnth,
and an Innocent customer might eel
luhl out cold before he knew it. Those
Font to us wt'tv from Europe, where, I
understand, their manufacture hns re,
soiled from certain restrictive legislation concerning the sale of alcohol"—
Philadelphia Itecord.
Canada has inn million acres ol
grazing laud in the ivost,
Minard's Liniment lor sale everywhere
I.a-Ue I-irli*'. Flab,
It Is claimed that I.nkc Erie produces moro Ush to the square mile
than any other body ol water iu the
soon iiiiiiiiic.
In tbe Louvre, ui Purls, there Is au
Interesting old vaao uf Utruseau manufacture, whoso line is computed nt
ubout 2,500 years. H is Interesting as
bearing a group ol .children in relief
who are engaged in blowlug simp bub
hies fruin pipes.
A Small Pill, but Powerful.- They
iini judge of the powers of a pill by
s sine, would consider Parmelee's
'egetable Pills to be lacking,   It is
little wonder among pills. What it
uks in size it makes up in potency.
'lie remedies thai it curries are put
P in these .-mull ilo.-es, because they
ro so powerful Hint only small doses
re required. The full atrengtli ul the
xtrncts is secured in Ibis form and
u their wml; thoroughly.
I.ninp.  inrenli'il  liy  Clilno.p.
It Is suuposed llinl lhe earlleat lamps
were made of tlic -hulls ol animals, in
whieb fat was hiiriicd, Afterward sea-
shells were use.!, then pottery and
metals, Tbe Invention of lamps, llko so
many other Implements of present day
eivilizaiiou, bas been attributed to tbe
f Keeps your body
wavm,  yet   lets
' your skin breathe
'—knit, not
r-it. fits,
/Trade-tnaikedinrcd. In a1
/variety of Btyles, fabrics and \
/prices,  for women, men and
(children,     and     guaranteed.
Womanly Weakness i
is promptly relieved hy Beecham's
Pills, They never fail. Special directions to females with each box.
Depression, sick headache, back-
,'ulir, paleness and nervousness all
disappear alter using I
Sold Everywhere.    Iu boxes 28 cents.
,i Pui nl Plant
"One plant nt least ha- heen patent-
ed," suld nu inventor, "It is tho Abrus
pt'Ciitorlus, alias paternoster pea, alius
a-cather plant. John Nownck took out
,ho patent. The weather plant Is still
lelieveil by many persons to foretell
Ibe weather. John Nownck was sure it
did so, and be put it on the mnrket
ion: wiih au Indicating apparatus,
gunraiitcclug It io foretell for forty-
,-lglil '."mi's In advance aud for Uiiy
uii!»i around fog, rain, snow, ball,
.'iii'thqUiiko and depressions likely to
cause explosions of llro dump, Alas
iur poor Nownok! Tho experts ol tho
burciiu of agriculture took up bis patented plant. They proved that the
iiiuvemeiiis of ihe leaves -to llie right
lorctelllng rain, to tlio loft foretelling
di'oiiglit-woro uol caused by the
weather, bul by Ibo light, And thoy
proved that tho plant's famous down- '
ward movement, which wns supposed
io foretell onrtbipmko, was caused by
ui Insect that punctured the stem,
causing lhe leaf, naturally, lo droop, j
'that is ihe .nils' pntcilted plant I
know of, und Nowack lust money on I
Are You a Japan Tea Drinker ?
Lead    Packets   Only,   40o,   60c,   and   60o   per   Ib.     At   all   grocer*.
A  liiliiiie l.nav.
A unique law Is siiii in forco at
Stratford, lu Prussian I'oineriinht, A
paragraph uf the police regulations of
is-io, which is siill being enacted, reads.
"bmoklng iu tho streets of promenades
ot this town is positively prohibited,
violators of this law being punished by
u tine, or eventually by a number of
marks the line amounts In."
Women nml tllmir.,
"We carry Ims of women clcnr lo llio
top Hour or nt leust several floors up
and then tliey lake the next elevator
down without going throo Blepi nway
fiiiin the elevator," declared the operator of one nf the "lifts" In a big olllco
building. "Xo, il isn'l beenii-e Ihey
■ like io rille in tho elevators particularly. Why do tbey do It! To get tbe
use of lhc mirrors, ol coin-so, See
I hose mirrors mi either side of the ole-
vntor? That's wliai attract! them, A
l ii nf wind will strlko Ihem as they
turn lb ruer hy a big building and
ihen tbey Imagine ihat their hair Is
badly dl»nrrnngcd and innke fur Hie
hen rest mirror, which is iu the ele
Ilnyinif lllrala. tu Tree Them.
Ilii'ds aro oflcn purchased in ihe bird
market at Lucknow, India, In order to
he set free again. This is done by Hindoos as u work uf merit and by Mohammedans nfter certain riles bave
been performed nn an aim eiiient, In
Imitation of the Jewish Bcapegoat, It
Is essential that a bird used for this
purpose Bhould bo strong euougb to liy
away; but Unit docs not Induce lhc
cruel dealers to feed lhe birds, or tu
refrain from dislocating their wings or
breaking their lens. 'They put down
overylblug t» good or bad luck, and
leave lhe customer to choose a Btrong
bird, if lie can Iind one. ami to go nway
if he cannot. Tlm merit obtained by
setting a bird free Is not attributed to
! Deity, hut It is supposed to come in a
' large measure from tlio bird Itself or
from ils attendant spirit, and hence
birds of cuud or bud omen, nnd cs-
! pcclally kites and crows, uro In much
uei'.iaiiil and are regularly caught to bo
suld fur Ibis purpose,
$100 REWARD $100.
Iii rud.no* thi) p.p., will bt plHMdt- Intra
tti.l It... I. .1 l.a.i o.a ,lr„»,l,.,l dliMWlb-t aclrnr.
bu I'... .bl. to cur. in .11 ii, ,(,„,, „„d ,„„,,
Murk,   11.11. Cal.rrh r, rn 1. tb. onl, bMltln
BHViSSiMfSlt ?"' '"' ''•"""'"• t'.l.rrb
lai-ii. a NMUtaUOlu diara.,.. r,-iiuirea ,, muUIm
inn.1 tr..lio.«t. la.. • e.nurl, l'„„ la t,.„ "
l-ni.ll,. arli., d.-a-,tl.« ,.„ ibo l,l„,„l ,„,!   "J,™
"a ihSllll.'"'•',"'■ "'"'■ "'Im-'111. pali.Iil.lmi.lli
a Z ,.°,1 "l"l:» >o,i-t„,„:„n Miual>tlll| o.lnr.
driltl-ii" """""• I'"""- U'.l Ua" nir.r Una Ilian
Will** I'.J.C1IENEV1Co..ToI.Jo, a
b.l. b, ,l,.,„, ... Tfo
I.k. Htll't I_\, rm, ,or eouatlp.tlo-.
Zam-Buk  Wins  Workers'  Praise.
Marvellous Cure of Burns.
Zam-Buk bus been culled "the worker's frieml" because it brings such
relief uml healing to workers who
suffer from cuts, burns, bruises ninny skin injury or disease, Mr. All,
,1. Clark, uf Cavendish street, London, (Ont.), tolls how Zam-Buk cured
liim of severe bums. He snys: I
got my hands very severely burned
with lime, The burns were so deep
Hint ns 1 plied my shovel t'>e blood
actually ran down the handle, The
agony I Buffered you mny well im-
ngine. I tried several different kinds
of solves bul the burns were Pan severe for these preparations to heal.
"I obtained a supply ot Zam-Buk
ami the very Ural opplicatlon gave
 ease.  This pleased uie. yon may
CUCBS, l.ul US 1 applied the halm each
day I wns mure nnd more pleased
«iih lhe olfect. The pain was re-
I lieved completely.
"I liml often heard ol Zam-Buk,
bul thought belore I tried it thnt it
una similar lo the ordinary salves
van .-. IvcrtUed.   In n very short
li  Zmn-Buk   healod  my   wounds
completely, ami my hands actually
all belli r — the muscles more llrm
uml Hie -kin ill better condition than
I. .fore 1 was burned."
\'"i "iiiy for burns, but for cuts.
buiisos, -prams, etc., Zam-Buk Is the
l -i aniil surest cure.   II also euros
'"mi. ulcers, abscesses, ringworm,
' ills,  eruptions,  poisoned  wounds,
■ in I or cracked hands, cold sores.
'hilblnillB, hmi log, piles, ele. All
druggists sell at fiOe n box. ot post
tree ( i the Zam-Buk Co., Toronto,
"ii rccoipl ot price.   0 boxes tor $3.60.
.Iniilliii'.e  Art   S;iiiIii,1n,
If a .lnpnncso uril-l wishes to describe In color uml design ibo anticipation of happiness he draws a picture
Which Is u combination uf an April
ovonlng, n iiiniiii, ii ulghtlngulo uml a
plum tree nr two, Victory is symbolised by the his. grace and quietness by Ibe wl'.lnw iree and lhe swallow for symbols. Patriotism Is sometimes Indicated by n spray uf cherry
blossoms, The almond llowcr la tho
flower of spring und symbolises beauty.
The dragon twines and writhes an
artistic course through all Japanese
art, root nnd branch, His name Is
Talsu, nnd when you see him pictured
ns lighting wiih u tiger It is tbo symlml
of religion fighting ngalust power. A
dragon floating alioul In the clouds
menus success in life, Tori, the cock,
perched upon a drum, signifies good
government, Both tho Creeks and tlio
Japs use lhc butterfly to symbolize liu-
Gray's Syrup
Red Sprace Gum
For Coughs and Colds.
Tin' William Snyder look nway S80,
mill bushels of wheat ill nne load from
Hie Fort William elevators, the ro-
eui'd cargo out of Thunder buy. The
cargo was worth *fi"iO,IHH), ami lhe ear-
lying fee was $0,600,
Tree Soed«.
All trees have seeds. In some, how*
ever, the seeds are so small hi proportion to the size of the tree that they
altogether escape ordiuary notice.
8'Jnllght Boap Is heller than other
soaps, bu' 's besl when used In the
Sunlight way. lluy Sunlight Soac
nud follow directions.
A in.- Household,
The missionary was at once pale and
yellow- pale,  lie explained,  from  an
avoidance ut the deadly Indian sun,
yellow from a disordered liver.
"Nevertheless," be Bald gnyly, "India
fur ine lirsl, lasl and all lhe time.  Ou
tbc money you nnd your family are
paying at this hotel do yuu know how
you would live in India':"
lie liciited ii clgarctto and resumed:
"Vim would live iu a beautiful house
Bet In ii lovely garden, with a list of
I servants that would include a kliiin-
] niniiili, ur butler; u khltinutgnr, or tabic -ciHint; a cbukrn, or page; n utus-
■iiih'iiee, or light hearer; a inn;:, or cook;
two syces, or grooms:  a  bbeeatee,
, or water currier; u silliluh, or house
cooly; a molll, or gardener; a dliuble,
or washerman; a duracc, or private
tailor; nu nyiib, or nurse; u sirduli, or
vulel; a furnish bearer, or lamp ninn;
three punkah coolies to work Ihe funs;
a durmnu, or lodge porter; a jnmndar,
or footman, und several chiiprusslofl, or
, want!   ** lllllllll..
Castle Williams, ou Governors Island, in .New York bay, was named for
Colonel Jonathan Williams, Drat superintendent uf Wesl Point, known aa
"father of the ouglnccr corps" and designer  nf   mosl   of   the   I'urtilia'atiouJ
around New l'ork harbor, Including tb»
sue which bears his. inline.
Not u Nauseating Pill,—Tho excipi-
onl ol n pill is llio substance which
enfolds the Ingredients nnd makes up
Hie pill mass,   Thnt   of   Pi I. i'i
Vegetable Pills i- sn compounded as
p. preserve their moisture, and Ihey
jean I i'nicl into any latitude without impairing their strength, .Many
pills, in order p. keep them from adhering nre rolled in powdors, which
prove nauseating in the taste, Par-
in.'lee'.- Vegetable Pills aro so prepared that they are agreeable to the
must delicate
The (i.'iiernl conference ol lhe Union   tmcrlcnn   Melhodlsl   Episcopal
•lunches has forbidden it- clergy t"
anr iiiviii I persons,
O.-t.rrh fnr twenty yoari ind cur-d In
n low d.y>. Ilnn. utotft Jnuio., nf
SiTiinlun, l*«, «ny«: "I hare been » mar-
ivr na t'atnrrli for twenty yeara, (-.instant
him limit, drnpplni In (ho throat and pain
lu lhc head, very nffruslfn breath, 1 tried
Dr. Asnew'e I'atnrrha! Powder. Tho Brut
application sate Instant relief, il-.. aa. i
inu a few buttle. I was cured.  M c.nt,   I
A in".1, boni Ior the department "f
railways ami canals will he built in
Poll ihni.aie.ii llii- winter, ami will be
nsi -I noxl -aa,-a,ii, il i- staled, on the
11a ;il  canal.
Two Ye.ir» »bod.-"For elirbl yrara I
aii'crrd ea no ono evar dial with brum
-tl-m; fur two year, I lay to hedi oonld
not eo mm-h n. food tnraelf. A friend ro
ooitinicnaloil South American ItbouinaUo
Cure Mter three doaea I could alt ap.
To-day 1 am a. atrunr u erer I waa"
-Sirs, .lohii Cook, 297 a aim. u street, Tor
unto.  1
Women n. Travelers.
As n matter of gcnulue fact women,
In nine cases nut of leu, nre better
truvolor8   than   men   are.    To   begin
wiili, if not liii Btodglly accurate, although that by le. manner uf means
follows, they are more fluent lu modern languages, Tliey chatter iu them,
say llie male tilings, lirgo, tboy are
lhc in,ue colloquial, llie readier lo circumvent ibe wiles iiiid extortions of
keiiiii r or uf gurcon, -London Gentlewoman,
Hnppine - .- a sign "(   health   iu
l.alii.-.   N, aily   i.ll   their   troubles
vanish when thoy divest  food   well
uml aie iree   Irom   teething  pain.-.
Baby's Own Tablets brings hnppii	
to bullies liy curing Btomacli troubles,
constipation, fovorishnosB, diarrhoea
i ml teething troubles, There's u .-mile
in every dose nml the mother ha- u
-"!• mn guarantee thai ihi- medicine
contains no opiate nr harmful drug,
Mrs, James Jowcn. Heaver Harbor,
N.S., Bays: "I have given my Baby
Baby's nun Tablets as occasion re-
nuired Binco -I.e was a 'lay "hi. Tic y
have always helped her, uml now al
ii year nml u hall ,,ul she is a line,
healthy child. I think every motliei
hould always keep these Tablets mi
hnnd." Ymi cun gel Baby's "un
Tablol - fimn nny medicine dealer or
by mail at 'J."i cents a Imx by writing
llie In. Wiiham.-' Medicine '".
Ilrockvillo, imi
1111)1111   Yllllll I'.'.UHANf.'l'
This braud oil a suit or
piece of tweed guarantees
PURB wool. „
Manitoba was lii-i settled  in   Ml
I v li. Scotch settlors   under   I I
Minard's Liniment Relieves Neuralgia
For Northwest
Winter Wear
there is  no other Underwear like
Warm enough to defy the
mo3t severe blizzard
—yet not loo heavy for
Made in all weights and
sizes liir All climates and
figures. m
Insist on hating Slanllcld's.
to k-tpllielceUuuj!.; wtnn—
no matter bow ct>ld tbc weather.
Pelt Shoes
—ii *tvli-J* .ed ihspely ** tbe
Worked lhe Tigers,
Kenr Peru!;, In llie Malay peninsula,
Is u prosperous rubber factory run by
a luii-' headed Scotchman, in order to
obtain the sap from which the rubber
Is mado ii Is necessary 11 puncture ihe
bark of the trees, Laborers are scarce
In Hint illstrh I, bill there Is un abun-
daic.- nf tigers. There woro not
ciiminh men tn "lap" tlm lie,-. lml UlO
Scutch proprietor lill mi u brilliant
Idea, lie knew Ihal tigers are fond uf
valerian, no he gnvo orders that all tho
trees should he rillihcl wilh tin a -lull'.
The   Ugeri  eall.ic   Up   and   cal'cs-lualy
fcrui'hed the hail; lu ilm most approved berrlngboue fashion, nfler
which nil I'inl the coolies Inui to do
wus iii walk around ouce a duj und
coiled lhe nil,her,
I I ri ndi cabinel hn dei kit -I lo
eqticstor the property and rovi line
; ll hcllioiia clergy mi Dec. II
tVrl   -il.ara.
To dry patent leather or other shoes,
heat n pan of bran In the oven until
quite warm, pour this Inlo the shoes,
filllin; Io lhe top, W'pe Um outside
with a dry cloth Bsd ruh Into Hm leather vaseline or svv "t oil and let sland
until dry.
National Plan,
Japan's cbryiautl finum Dag ll probably tho oldest u.iii'imi banner in ex-
lslence.   'Ihal uf 1 eiiuiail; is lhe oldest among European nations,
The Giddy Prolessor.
l'i -ic  -.I Henry I Bowlby, ol ila"
I'niva-i.-m "i Washington, In- he n
'      I    bj      I'l"   I   hit'     II Veil    t"
- ■ iminntion on Dec .'i i"i ap
pnintmenl ;i ■ sec md lieuti nanl in the
min Bowlby ua ■ .i In-! year cadel
at Wa--' Point, and ua■ dl ml ■ al
with [our ..ih-11, no participation in
1 i !■ nl i ink. beginning with ila"
llirnwing "i a bi     I tlie mi .--
1 ill   New V"il; Tui,nne.
n     harkenlii     v:    I    ol   I'orl
(iambic, ba   I ci n driven n    ro on
'   "  Van 'i i'inli  a
i ■. i ..     ml   Cnpl    Ri        i ■
■  li wero drowned,
* No doubt you'll nwd a       m
B tlilaieajon.
\   11   Mill ntml,t,te-If, th. kind
"** llul', piarinlnd In loiipyoo dry
and tonileitibl. In tli. hard.rt
•liiini.  Mjd.lnlllaicWorVek
la.».       ........ . ...,,;M1«,
f^3i.1MtlSSMl 14a*i^^
Weilfl nml llnl.
[•'rleiul-lups are  I ,1   UDCOmmon  he-
tWCCIl UlO (ill lliul li ie, lllld have hern
known helween ii .!'•:; and a uulf, Imt
(he mutual attitude of ihe weasel ami
rat Is Invariably war war Unit li
waged lo the death,
A flood lim*.
"Whut kind of a dog Is thai!" nskeil
tlio Inqulaltlve mini.
"I lllllllll, jes' what kind of n dog he
Is," answered Mr. Hrusttts Plnkloy,
"but he's got goml stock In 'im. I nit
dog i< so many kinds ol dog ilnt dart
gut to lie good  due, sonicwbcru,"
A Proltftblo IpeottlalloRi
One copy uf Caxton*s "I"- ConfN. \
slone Amuulls," or "The CoofoulOD uf
a Lover," wun une ol lhe must prolll- |
able speculations ever miiuV In liuoln.
A Dublin bookseller uf the eighteenth
century bought a number of volumes !
nt secondhand, as bo supposed of no '
rrcat viilue, paying for Hum mie and \
sixpence, nud foiimi iii tiie package this
raro work of Carton's, which be nfter
ward srld for over $1,800.
'lhc Troth,       ^^^^^
A (encher In explaining Iho dllTerenl
kinds of leniences lo her class, n i,c.|
What It xv■ .ii i| bo If -li" said, "I am
looking for ll num."
"I don'l In n i " mid ih" boy al ih"
foul of Iho chins, "lml I liiini, it would
be lhe truth."
Dear Mother
I Itlllfl   HiH'Utwirtt,
Do ynu ov t laoh h ti rl ovor your onp§
nml ihhii; I o\v niimy tlmoi vmi linvfl
mini" ;i foal "i' j ''ii' ■'..'.'    Wa 'I", -
MillHi'.i   'I i    I '
Youf lilt!* nivi irr i ronmnt tun n
Iill tnd ^A'lnii't w*j».hcr, Th«y will
Mkh i ©I'l. Do yoj know about ^niloh'i
Coniumrtion ' u>*, tlif I .un; Ionic, *r.-l
U'lut it Im <\>>i\r. lur ii many f It it utJ
Id l*f tin; only irUl-l- tcm-Wy lor ill ;
ili'yi' ol llie iir F>im.|tf in (.LiJdrnri.
llu «t»M>lutf!y lurmlfu and [»l*awnt to
Ukc. ll ii guar 1'itond loom or your mon^y
il nbBMli I tm I'-r t il 2 >r ■ (*f bottln,
•O'l all tlralen in RWwM vll j.^
"Tint tfimwlv ____ i* in tvgiy houwhow.
Gold CufF
Links, $5. -
Bcsinnini at It Diamond
Mall l,iii vast array of solid
gold Cu/f Links— m»a.': hy
lhe store's own skilled goldsmiths.
NoiaWe value is found in
our $5.50 pair of Hit. Cold,
dumb ' bell shape, suitable
for monogram; andeur Catalogue pages show many
Articles are sent post free,
of course.
/>i-,f «, . f4,ttl ttri t-4 wf mil
md i.u i"f •', iiM.ft tar ia'1* ulat.
M«de for
Mothers use
VvW Liniment
Itr Inlriml uid i.itrrn.l u...
i aw i n ip, a ||    cratapi,
couihi,  lore thi  it,   burn,
litillai-.,hef,.nail ttav M.t.nf.l.
UudMcti   Al .   dninfili,
I. I. ICMSOl 4 CO, lllllll, Kill.
After Labor, Recreation
Tnv*l li Ih. Artni el
When you tnvel a.ciiri, the
t»sit hi eviulpmtnt, o. mfort,
und inic'.jr, uvd uan tin
l',tciir»lon mtea thli winter
in iver- iiiui''.."i i 'i»'..
Booth nnd Wait, Mn!(» your
wanl* kiiintn to my t'wiad-
liui Northern Igant, who will
In dial Ua luii..'i 'ha lulUat
inloriu.iliuii, or niltl
l,EO. H. SHAW,
Truffle  ManiR.r,      Wlnnlrxg.
W   N   U    No.   610 Tlll-i EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B.C.
BLOCK   109
l . i   ..   !   •     is,   om
Ol   l .Iflll   11   I  HI IK'I      ia   1.     i   ll   ■
I'ark  .in '   lii'et, with   n
■ ininti rrupti'tl
'.     |    ■    iaa
IN D. L 2*3
" 1 suppose," said the reporter. " that it is true that
■ •! in! -inl to built] to Vancouver also?"
"You may depend upon it," said Mr. Hays, "wo
will have to come to Vancouver sometime."
There being no location to be had in Vancouver, it
is self-evident that North Vancouver will be the terminal.
The Vtinciiuver, Westminster and Yukon R.iih-tiy now
have survey parlies out making permanent locations lor
their road to tlie north,
The car-barns nnd headquarters ol the B ('. Electric
Railwaj Company are located in District Lot 273.
10 i ACRES
BLOCK  33,   DISTRICT  LOT  550.
The   North  Vancouver Specialist
161 Cordova Street.
Rainier Beer^
Is ii glorious beverage—quenohing nnd
satisfying. Remember there's no othor
"just as good"—insist on gutting Rainier.
Vancouver, B. C.
+♦*♦*♦*♦*♦*♦*♦*♦* »!l(»ill»il»)K»lK»)K»lK»Xa))tHl»)|(a>li ]
IcOilCu OfliS
Hail ond Feed
Milling Co.
i  i . ": -la
I'.'   .    '..       ' i"   mnl
Can        lt ;i from
a hand,
it ll
R. Kerr Houlgate, Manager
We have pleasure in advising tlie residents ol Nortli
Vancouver that we can deliuer,  until (iirllur  notice,
One Load Mill Wood, Stove Lengths, $1.75
Three     "      "      "      "        4.75
Cash On Delivery.
mil 11. viimi
llnrristor, Si)lifil»r, Mun.ER.
i   ■    s Hum  Sinn   1 AaiWa-aa, B. 1
livi. K M<   m* s, M  1,1. '. i: 1 B. I'
G |i   II, .a  i A   IV. llA.I'Mt, II   A
mmi shim & .niiri
Biirrislcrs, M\ ilorx,
Xiiturios. Ktt.
h,,i.  11 s  a   Hullilliii, Vatii'imvcr, n'
llll        -. I  '■'  'Hi   Vila ■ a,    :
Oi I'OK'l ' SI I'Y to secure 1       -  Close-in Lots at (1
t in District Lot s - ie!.   liiini, Four
1 : • .      I  S'-vi in - ii.   Keith ii'.i'l.   !
I'OK'l 1 SI n to f 11 nre t hoici ('In- -in Lots at first
I .1 llll "ll -I'lll ,-,    Still
•    . : I;.  '     I.ii 1 iiu   1
'.      "     ■   Hi   I V   ,   \V.     ,\i    V.),      II   a
ks and Wharv s
PRICES, $230
('           IK   llllll HI
: J iwn 1
la ''
Mid;,- ) li ' ' iil.j.ell.llli Hi '
, .      .s  ill   lilisilll SS l.ol 1 < 11 lllll'    ,Hi line
1 .1 ■  1    .ui I Ami
ior Q       Sail.
' a,; ,, r 1. iiHilulu Ave, unci Kil'lli St,
ill I BI II
General Commission nnd Insurance
Agents, loins Negotiated, Etc .  .
We havi ,1 No 1 List "1 the best Business nnd Residental Lots
1111I1 ■• mai'ki t. Also a number ol fine Lots, size 50x122 feet, heauti-
lull) located, within a lew minutes \«. .11 k ti I the ear lim:, that will Insure money-makers lor you, Price, S125 (or corners and Sum lur
inside lots,   Terms $10 down, and $10 a month; 11" interest.
We also have some very choice Acreage, in 1 and aj^ acre
blocks, iin- mii Lots are just the thing lor beautiful home sites;
view ol witter, etc., unsurpassed. The iW acre Blocks can't be beat
[or market gardening, fruit culture or poultry raising; close to the
best road in the distrii 1 and handy to the market, See us about
,'!.. -   I'll same.
If you want lo dispose of your property, and your prices are
ri^ht, we can sell it lor you, anal we can rent your house.
'In intending buyers 1 Wc Have the Properties, and Ought
fo lie Aide to Suit You.
British Columbia [ledric Railway Co.,Ltd.
AiniAS'i'iit Pahk—HsOfi 11. m„ .1:35, 11:45, 7:05, ?:35, 7:45, 8:10, 8:80, n:50,
9:10, ll:S0, 11:50, ll):IU, ltl::tt>, 10:50, 11:11), 11:30, 11:50, 13:111, 13:80, I2:5u,
Ki.iiiiv—liilfni. 111., "i.'l-'i. 0:55, 7:15, 7:35, 8:00, 8:30, 8:40, 0:00, 0:30, !':40,
10:00, lll:30, 10:40, 11:00, lift', 11:40, 13:00, 13:30, 13:40, I-00p.m.
Ai.i:\ .xiiim I'aiik -1:10 ji, iu,, 1:30, 1:60, 2:10, 3:,'I0, 3:50, 3:10, 3:30, 3:60,
4:10, 4:80, 4:50, 5:10, 5:80, ■<■'» ll 10, II: 0, 0:60, 7:10, 7:30, 8:00, S::lo, OiOO,
0:80, 10:00, 10:30, 11 00, 11:80, 12:00,
ri'itiiv-li'.'.i i' in. 1:40, 2:00,3:20, 2-.40, 8:00, 3:30, 8:40, 1:00, 4:20, 4-.-to.
,*>:iiii. 5:20, 6:40, UUKI, ll 20, 11:40, 7:00,7:20, 7:40, 8:16, 8-.'8, 11:15, 11*45, 10:15,
10:45, 11:15  11:45, 12:15,
Si'siiavb—Cara stun Inmi Alexandra park ut 8:10, uml connect with tlicSiilo
TUIa lime table ia .nliject lo alteration. \V, ll. Ilexauar,
ANK  1)
si!  NORTH
, M mtreal.
li   ■
a'l       )
. Bupi
1 Hum 1
\ ,1111 OUVI
.     !
inun .<
Offlce, 1
•il. 1 mis.1'ile V
'. .lllll 1 Sjlt.111,1
le, Will Vim
ouver, Bi
Men's anil Women's Made in Box
Call, Velour Call aid Vira kid
All with Visi I'li.'eil Wateriirool
Soles.   A thoroughly reliable
boot Im a rainy day	
Prites:  $4.50, $5, $5.50, $6.
51I1 Hastings St. W., Vancouver,
Real Estate and Insurance
Quarter-acre  lots,  £150;   15
down. ,mii a month ; HO interest.
Cleared  Lots,  one block Irniii
car, $300.
Corner Snond ind IiiiimI.iI,-. Mllllll MM di UK,
Chi. m «n<l »ee d»i on can got in
jrour o.,u to. 11. (ut, wni b <ur-
pnud uow uiuc. piticu eftrrytni rou
i'iMi  h 0
Wholesale and Retail.
ia* Powell St., Vancouver,
Sj nl Mill!» fnnlhii
nml re|ulll liunhlrrt,
Subscription, $1 a Uar
Ale and Mout
1,1   ll,.tllt-*a,  K.-uaa 11,1,1 .[lira,.
iii, itm-iii Brewing Co,, Ltd.
TKI.. .inl.
Buy Cream
(20 Ounce Tins)
J. A. McMILLAN, the Esplanade


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