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*   ^ln- a  C" >
Compliments of the season.
Tuesday will be the dny to make
your new resolutions.
11. T. C lives, ol Eves & Durston, is laid up with grippe at his
Chas. Iltirston spent his Christ-
ruis holi lays with friends in Seattle,
Miss M. Laplatte
spending a few days
Victoria, is
with  Iriends
L.  W.  Center,  Tacoma,
was here for Christmas.
L. C. best, Sapporton, came
over on Wednesday.
A. Mcl'herson and ]. A. Cameron, Seattle, were registered at
Hotel North Vancouver on Wednesday.
The Western Corporation has
stalled building its new sawmill in
district lot (115. The machinery
has been ordered and will arrive
shortly. The capacity of the mill
will be about 50,000 feet a day.
Ci. 1. Wilson, of Vancouver,
has ordered a $35,000 tu|< boat,
which will be built at Wallace's
shipyards here.
The price of North Vancouver
real estate is not so very high alter
all, seems; 'llal a lot 73x100 was
sold in New York the other day
at till a square foot.
When a man buys a foolish
thing, and people laugh at him, he
sins it was " given to him."
the lirm of
who have a
qtieti island,
it. j. yuiuii, of
Bressey & Quinn,
logging camp 011  La
•came down tor Christmas nnd will
return   north   again   after  New
Christmas eve was a time tu be
remembered by those who visited
the Palace Hotel, where Mr. Reda
■>vas iii his glory serving out the
turkeys that were won at the raffle
- whether bi',' or small the same
countenance greeted everyone. At
■dinner on Christinas Day Mr. lieda
ivns matchless, trying to make
.everyone happy and merry, and
his dinner was up to date—anything and everything any person
wanted'- turkey galore.
Carl Wolfe, tailor, has pur-
.ch;r eii the stock and business of
K. I'. Dunne, the Lonsdale avenue
custom tailor, and will open up
premises in the Thompson block.
Local plumbers are very busy.
August Schwan, the oldest licensed victualler of Vancouver,
.died yesterday, aged 45.
Harry Mitchell, local manager
of Brackman & Kerr's, spent
Christmas at Victoria with relatives
and friends.
A. C. Stewart, inspector of
schools, reports that results here
are more favorable.
Miss Mae Phillips, the popular
■clerk at A. K. Steacy's grocery, is
iii with a severe cold.
Mrs. F, W. Phillips, sister inlaw to Mrs. A. R. Steacy, is ill.
Robert Cordon, principal of the
Esqulrnalt school, is spending the
holidays here with Iriends.
Il was decided at last Friday's
mooting of the school board to
prepare plans and specifications t
owing to restrictions imposed by
the statutes, it is not possible that
another vote oil the question can
In: taken at the time of the municipal elections, lie is of the
opinion that if the vote could be
taken then the by-law as before
passed upon would he carried, as
the vote called out at the elections
will he a large ami representative
one. However, it is likely that
the by-law will come before the
people of the municipality again
next year.
A strange quiet reigns in the
neighborhood of St. John's school.
We understand that its younger
denizens are taking a short holiday. On Friday, January nth,
however, we may expect thc unwonted stillness of the plank-road
to give way once more to the accustomed sounds ol boyish games
and mirth. The Christmas three
weeks seem very short—except,
wo hear, to parents 1
A. S. Hillings, of Irwin & Billings, spent Christmas at his home
in Portland.
The annual meeting of Provincial B. C. Fruit Growers' Association will be held in Nelson on
January 23rd and 24th.
The smoker held by the North
Vancouver Athletic Association in
Larson's pavilion last evening was,
as usual, a grand success. The
hall was well tilled with a jolly
crowd, who were supplied with
lots of tobacco and pipes, and all
proceeded to make merry. Some
little delay was evidenced at the
start, but what shortly followed
fully made up for that. There
were two wrestling matches, a
boxing boot, instrumental selec-
ti.nis and singing. Altogether, ,1
good tithe was indulged in.
by Askew & Kennedy, has been
finished. Also Fourteenth strict,
between Jones and Bewick avenues
bus In-lit completed by the same
Thc Ferry By-law.
A very successful turkey Bhoot
was In Id at the North Vancpuvi r
Hotel butts on Christmas day.
All loggers anil mill men coming
(nun surrounding country report a
very successful season up to the
present time, the weather being
all that could be desired.
A pleasant time was spent at
Hotel North Vancouver on Christmas eve, when presents were di
tributed to all guests—not forgetting the children,
Reap the harvest. Read our
advertising columns,
The grading work on Ki ith
road, from Sister creek to " Navvj
Jack's" ranch, one mile and three-
piarters, by Contractor W. C,
Snider, will be finished next week.
W. Latimer, an old timer from
Calgary, paid Thk Ext'RESS a visit
Thursday. He will locate around
A splendid dinnrr was given at
Hotel North Vancouver on Christ-
mas Day, ivhen Mr. Robert 11.
Bryce acted as toast master in a
masterly manner—his wit was droll
but understood by all.   The tab!
Arrangements have been made
were furnished with all th
cies of the season. The
tions—flowers—were from this si c-
tion, being grown iu the open ait,
and they were beauties for this
season of the year. Mr. Larson
had some fresh blackberries that
were picked the day previous on
his ranch, and they were the admiration of all. i'he turkeys furnished at the dinner were raisi d
by the proprietor, one weighing %\
To tlm Editor of Tin: Kxi'iiuss:
Sn;, In your last issue of the
21st inst., the ratopayt rs of this
municipality received severe censure by the vice-president ol the
Ninth Vancouver Hoard ol Trade,
for turning down the ferry bj -law,
The remarks of Mr. I'hillipo are
entirely 11111 ailed lor, I lis pi 1 ioual
opinions, taken at their lull vain,',
can amount to little,   The rato
payers fully apj liate,  and are
grateful to the committee appointed by thr board ol trade for
the time and trouble they spent in
framing the lerry by-law. Its
sanction, however, is quite another
thing. Our council aski d lor the
mandate of the people and received it, which should be final. In
dividual opinion is superfluous.
Because some members ol the
North Vancouver Board of Trade
consider the passage nVilte by-law
to the besl interests of the people,
does not make it a fact. • Sunn
gentlemen in the board of trade
were instrumental in framing, and
strongly supported the presenl
agreenu nt with the ferry company
which proved so unsatisfactory.
The citizens of North Vancouver,
imbued with true democratic spirit,
the fundamental principal upon
which all good governments are
j built, cannot blindly follow the
wish of the North Vancouvei
Trade in  preference to
The liberals of North Vancouver
will hold a meeting here next
Thursday evening, January 3rd,
at Larson's Pavilion, The speaker
of the eveuing will be Mr, Wcart,
the candidate lor Richmond riding.   A big turnout is expei ted,
Friends ol Mr. P. Larson, pro-
prietoi ol the Hotel North Van
1 ouvi 1. are urging him to run a
a candidate foi councillor for
ward II. Dr. Ionian's namo is
also mentiom d lor ward III, likewise thai uf W. J. Irwin,
Districtof North
ileiica-  Bo'ird 0
decora-1 ihe voice of the people.
tor Iree transportation on the late 1 pounds, to say nothing of the size
street cars, on both sides ol the
inlet, after tbe North Vancouver
lii'ciiicn's ball, at the Pavilion, 011
January ,Nlh.
John Alliens, of Tacoma. after
ol the carrots and parsnips that
a guest received olf the Christmas tree.
Dull people talk inccsatfhtl$
Mr. Burton, ol At I iu, has started
siiioni 1111m liereabouts lot tlio past!
'.,,,,.,. 1   '      construction worit on his proposed
lortniuhl. left lor home to-day. . , ■,-,-, -
residence on Hunt stri et, neai St,
tiieat   preparations   are
made at McNair's logging
west ol the Capilano, Next week j
some 60 or 7" nun will start iip'.'ti'l
ing up the roads to the water.
Donkey engines will be used for
logging and a locomotive will haul I
the timber to the waters edge.
Some 1875,000 will be expended before a log is taken out.
Yesti r lay evening 11 number ol
Free Masons, of North Vancouver,
attended the usual St. John's day
celebration at the Masonic tempi'.'.
A surface drain on Lonsdale
avenue, south from Third street
to the inlet, is being put in. li
was badly needed.
George.    F
of thu stoun
Win eler has chargi
■The frame ol Mr. Braim's new
house on Seventh street is up,
His family have nun.' td Portl md
to spend tbo holiday season, On
their return they will occupy the
new house.
North Vancouver, Dec. 27,1006.
Church Notice.
r red. La fenotu re s
Irom tho east, will bo hit
New Yi ar's Day.
guest on
\V. P. Hogg returned from
Seattle to spend Christmas with
his mother here.
Tlie old folks long ago at
Christmas time used to present
tln-ir neighbors and friends each
with a pound ol tea or coffee, cake,
a bottle of hoine-lliade wine, or apple butter, etc., etc. Altogether
different now.
James Kilroy, Winnipeg, will
take up his residence here ihortly.
lie returned to the Prairie Capital
for his family on Christina', Day,
build two additional
school house here.
The attendance at the Moodyville schorl'is increasing.
Tbe Athletic Club will hold a
turkey shoot at the lintel North
Vancouver butts on New Years.
There is a shortage of coal here.
Joshua Reynolds, Portland, was
here to-day. He is interested in
the real estate market.
As previously announced Reeve
A. E. Kealy will again seek reelection. At present there is no
opposition to him in sight, and it
is not thought that any will develop.
Discussing the question of the
ferry by-law, which was defeated
recently through lack of sufficient
majority, with thc Vancouver
Province, Reeve Kealy stated that
School will open again  01
a    ns to the 9th of January.
Win.  Ditch and John Al
Mrs. i'.W. Mitchell, wife of the
late F. W. Mitchell, died this
morning just a year predeceased hy
her husband. The dece 1 1
been until rei tmtly a resident ol
North Vancouver, The fum ral
arrangements have not yet been
Turn courted this gem nl n airl,
lie iniil hor iimt uin.1 win* hli pearl;
lint iiliin thoy «< re married
tier 11 .ni'itin,' ami tarried,
Though in' ilid'l like mothorol pearl.
A scow load ol brioks Ims ir-
rived at the Western Corporation's
ST.     JOHN S     L'Hl'KI II     CORN! R     01
Sunday,   Dec,   30.      (Sunda-
after Christmas Dai j   Mattins nt
11   a.  in.    Iltiav Communion
t Choral), 1 i;jaa ,1. in.    Evi nsong,
7:30 p. in.
Tuesday, J in. tat, 1903   1 Pea
of the Circumcision),
;l ' ■ ■  ■'.;... .ia ■, 8 a, m,  M,,;.
tins, 10 a. in.   ll"i\ Co
(Choral with addri  i), 10:30 a. 111
Nn other wei 1, daj servi, e during
the wei k.
Sunday, Jan. 6 ]■' ast ol tin
Epiphany) Hou t ■ mm ,hix,
N a. iu.. and - * ri ■ 30 ,1, m,
Conlirmiilii n class s, 1 oys, Sundays, at rn a. 111.; girls, Saturdays,
'a; 10:30 1 in 1 mliinialion in-
strui lion [11 adulls tu In atran
Sundaj --I im". .ti .' 311 p. in.
Thursday, Jan. 3rd
ut 3 p. ni.
Mi. J. W. Weart, the Liberal
candidate for the Richmond dis.
ni't will address the electors. All
interesti 1 are requested to be present. Geo. J. Piiii.i.ii'i'ii,
Chairman Liberal Ass'n.
Christmas Nomber,
I he Vam ouvi 1 II rl  holds ti,,
rei in! ui westi:    lail)  tiewspapi 1
Christinas itiimbei     1 in . 1
32-page - lit on appi. !■ I,
Saturdaj  48 pages wi n   is ;
Ten pages of ad\ rtising wi re r,
li"-' d, a thing iiiiii. in i ol v.. 1 1 ",
Winnipeg    1 he man i| 1 ment ol
1! ■■ H't 1 './■.]' si iv" great pi       : .
its    big    work.   The
editions of the Vii toria  >'... m :.
Tit ■' md If'   , .'   well as that ol
the Vam " a'" t l'i 1 •'•' ' wi n  vol
creditable and ol ,1  high
spi aking volumes for  the  pro
\ carload ol line draught horses a ,:lv 0| -|-e business mi n .1- wi ll
Irom Pinclu r Creek, Al ta.. arrivi il
hen mi Wedni sday for the 11 isl
ing- Shingle Mill camp at Lynn
Vail ,'
two prospectors from Montana, in
the   vu mitv   of   Point   Atkinson
have been prospecting  ("i  I,
They came down lor Christmas,
ami may not go back till spun;;.
They arc well satisfied.
A Japanese   merchant is en
deavoring to secure premises hen
to sell ladies' underwear.    He wai
making enquiries on Wednesday,
Work has been started by the
municipality to re-grade 1,600 leet
on the Keith road, from Kay's
property to the summit ol the hill,
one mile east of Capilano river.
The work on Fifth street, between St. George and St. David
avenues, is about completed.
The grade of liewick avenue.
Irom the mission to Larson road.
Lynn Valley Notes.
Tin supporters of |olni I htval,
minli I -ti' ian 1 .a mi ilk 1 for W ird
IV, no   acti '  work .foi his
election. It looks nou ns tl he
wi!! 1' return, J to the council by
Mi. ami Mrs. Wcstover Bpent
Christmas Day with several friends
at Vancouver. In the evening
tin", were guests of Mr, and Mrs,
Sot hn lit the valley
Mr. Fromnie entertained some
Vancouver Iriends on Christmas
Day at dinner.
The pipe line road at Lynn Vai
lej practically completed, It is
now possible to drive Irom the
lerrj wharl to thc wati rworl ■■ in
take. 1 he bridge over the ravini.
near Fromme's camp, thai ms 1 -
above thc flume on one side and
miller it on tlm other, is finished.
No Friends Like Old Ones.
Thoro nr,' notrli lidsllki
Anal mini 1 inu ,
V    .'" a • i:   ■ 'I tin in
\. row
N.i niii,'i frioml
riinngh born ul kindred mold,
Ami while ivi  ii    ' " in •■ "ia"-.
Ui trem irt m •■ thoold,
Thoro are no Irlendi llko old friends,
Where'er at'dwi
In Itiiiil- in'" i.'l ll am,
Or near 11 	
Ami ill.a 11 1        ...!.,'
(ir -iimctliin * frown to guide.
Wo i'lti'liv ni ii those old Iriondi
Wore :il 11 ;i - - li* "in
Iriends 111'1 "1 I Ira' ii'!-.
mill llieluad
1 bear wlmjourney
n road .
There are 11
To help
That nil mn
O'er II
And when iiiiconquored sorrows
Tlm tia at  houra na,' -t
Tho klndl) wnrdiolokl Irlendi
Are alwaiy- loand the host
There are no Iricndi llko old Iriondi,
Tu calm our treqtu ill lean,
When ihadnwi l.ili nml ilcapeii
Tina. igh nn ' ■ .I. Iliil to ream;
Ami ninn nur iiilti'i. I»te|
AM-, :li the Un    1
We'll limn to meet tl Id frit nd«
Wlm wall nil tliootli	
s|To Alter and Divert the
Course of Bridge Road
through District Lot 204;.
to Appropriate the Lands
necessary, and to provide
for Granting Deeds to
Reconvey Lands To Be
pedient, In the public interest, Ut
alter anil dlvorl that pun ol Drills
Road In North Vancouver Municipality,
which passes through District hot 804,
iiiui ilm consent01 the owners of said
District Lot has been duly obtained to
iimt intent 1
Therefore, be it enacted hy the Reeve
und Council nl the Corporation of the
District ul .Nnrth Vancouver, lo council
alHl-rlllhli'd, liaa follOWS, VJZ. I
1. I'ur the purpose of diverting the
road, known ns " Bridge Road," and ol
opening, making, tiring and preserving
ns a purl ol tlio public highway, known
as " Uridge Road," ihe nld corporation
outer! upon, expropriates, and takes nil
and lingular that parcel ur area ol land
sinister! iu, nml part ol District Lot
niiiiibei 304,Group Ono, District of New
Wtutiniuiter, mora particularly do-
-1 liiini ns follows, namely; Com.
menclng at a post planted mi the Weil
boundary nl District Lit 204, distant
fourteen hundred and sixty-six mini)
leotinoroor less from the Bonth.wttt
corner ol said tut; thence East four
hundred and fourteen (414) leet mure or
loss I'.ii noil planted:thenceB.08 48 E.
eighteen hundred nnd thirty f 1S30J feet
more nr less to ti point im tlie Must
I'litimhiri nf I.m. distant eighteen linn-
died mnl eleven flSllJ feet from the
Nnrtli-ciisi comer, The shove described
lino, 1 eing the Boutlierl* boundary ,,1 0
ri.'lil-nl-iiiiy lljty.jixfliBj bet ill width.
'_'. Iii exchange fur the parcel „r area
nf iniul ipe,iiiid nml inproprtiUd in
Section I hereof, the said Corporation
hereby itnpi up, n» 11 Road nr Mr,',',, nli
nnd singular thai pared nr sin ui land
nil leel wldo, lying Nnrth nl ilm Vancouver, Westminster & Yukon Railway
Compnnv'i rlpht-nl-way iliniugh sniil
Hislri.i l.nl Hut. TIlO Southerly bound-
nrv 1.1 raid atrip ol land Inlluviiuii the
Northerly boundary of saial Baila-ay
fonipauy'i ,ifl,i-,,i-w,,v in , direction
ll in di g, lie min. Ba, fur a distance
"f 2303 let, nml containing 8.6
nn- nmri'iir lew nil ns iholrii colored
Red .11 a Mnpnr Plan deposited in the
Land Registry Ollice nt Vancouver and
a fl And authority is hereby
iilven In dispose ol nnd to execute and
h liver a Deed ol Land of lait mentioned
i'mi "* -trie ol land lo John Kiti-
iierald Mahon, lhc registered owners ol
mid Pi-tri.', lot 'Jiu, j,, exchange and
ni oniid, ration li r the parcel or urea ol
land expropriated i,v Bcoilon 1 ol this
Hi-law, (nr ,he purpose ot diverting the
.uid Bridge Road, and such deed shnll
I.a- 1 xecnted hi- tlie Ri'i'v and Clerk,
ind -I'lili'd with the corporate sent of
tl, rnoratlon.
:: Thli Ry-laa mav i Ited lor all
■■ '- ns "The llrldge Road Diver-
-K,ii By-law, 100(1"
Pnucd lu- the Council on tha Uthday
ol h iiil'.'r. IH00,   Reconsidered nnil
finally adopted hy tlm Council and
■ ii'inil and -inlnl on the Huh dnv ol
Docotnbor, 1000,
" Ai ,•-,. I'IIII.II'."
,./ II,
Tii tin  Electori mnl llatepayti
I 'i'i, a*  I'lliir'aln't r;
I,.HUBS   INII lil.M! 'iilr'S',—III response
i<i il». reipi ■!■' nj ;i large number ol
ll d -i;ij" rn ri   I hiil'i' di'iiili
 iter 111, -a 1.1- 11 1 niiili'liit'' ;i- Mayor
■: . City ol * itiicoiivcr im 1007
1- th •   .ni 11 Inn'.' number "I rate-
puyersolil •■ ell, n - tli lit in Nurlh Van-
■ 1. I tnke il i- "I'l'orinniiy lo ro-
[iictlully u-l ymi 1 r vur votci and
 1 tl    "i   coming municipal
.   a Mall lllk'   |l .I'l' nil
Thursd.y, J,i .u-ry 10.  190/
1 mkli '.■ ton in anticlpat il
.,, nt, I ['in.iin. la.nr   ' edli 11
-.■lllllll, Al.l.l. Ul.llllMi.
'....'   it, B.C., Di ■ember 28, inun.
North Vancouver.
I   I "    ■'    ''"■!	
I mn   i'nOsxtiimait,   In roiponso
end   ami ■ 11 port, r-
Iati'   I'ar   ('"lllaa'i   •
,        I        '   !       . Hcil   ("It,   l"l'-
ni'i! (or mi i'lil lion,
.la.us U, Duval,
Vane "in r, B, C, Decomber!?,
in the Matter of the Estate of
I *mes Jihnston Thoinp
son, Deceased
MilH K1S 111.lil H't GIVEN
that in pursuant c "I au ordi 1 1 adi
. tin   H ipn ■; ■  1 "mi ut
British Columbia, \\ illian   1
tl    '  -   of
er, I    C, .:1a 'l.n nl
■  ■ Hiliuinis-
a died at North \
Ith   l.i\ ol S
, II I.  IS Al    0
" .11 .ill parti
: i  .        ;  .  tali   "I
tl.a-H ,... a rifu il, Oil  ' 1
1, 1 ,i.   ■ .1 ebrmr;
'   .     i, a' mt     I'"   |l !
; ol Nh' ■!
Mi i i.a   11  Si hulls & H.ii|" 1.
; et, Va 11 ouver, U 1 ■
dati   il." iai
will I"        1 '.lib   by  Ihe said
■      1  11 i'"'ti in din
1, [ a In mt itrati m, having
f, laii      nl in priol
I     1  ' lallliliy,
'■     sl Ni
M Ci '      ■
' AltMilll K. Kllll.Y,"
Bl al.
District of North
•I'lll   i "I '-( ll   INVITI *   Al'l'l.l-
1   i'\, IONS lor Ihe nneit ol media
laa.iitii i,tin it (or  ilm  District  ail
N'iMll VhIU'oiii, , Ul Is, III hi Ilm  L'lnl ul
I I,   ll    I    \       I  a||l|;,r.   |||.J| Al IX.   I'lll,If,
0 M.C.
Districtof North
1    lor lhe lollowing »nrk:
1 Ai-iui 1,000 leel ol l"if-l""t ildo>
»;,ik',„ different ilroou,and8,800leet
ol two-plank ildewalk.
:'. flashing nnd clearing Hope rond.
It. I" 1 lear and grade Victoria park
■ 1 1, aai nml grndc "i. Andrew1!
nuill Irom lirn street towiterfront
.'1 To clear snd grade Nineteenth
street, Irom 81 George's to Rl tndrow'i
I. Bridge ovi r Water creek
-,,,.",11'!"'   ,.„,l.,:i ai ,. the,nun.
Itnl    '.In',,' ■., a'.-I lender.
II   1
>   ■   •   ' . ;■; -at. inn-i be lodged, In
1   '.. , ,at n 111. iiii 2nd nl January next.
.tm run in,
1  MO.
ffmjo ■■pyi". -'
The old I teen, nnd iilil I
ilm no '   ■
llll!  fl'Oll
placi        I hurls n        ...
tl   I
II I ' ' i
lhat I :.
',..'■ ,    '    .':.' |!
il mid in 1,    :.:n   ■ bnli.t. Ci
.'     '• ||      'a. |,,|      i,    -       ■
Ir, A. Wl       il         *            i Hotel, Al I!
i-n I rn*      I u ■                i lis        d i
,        i tieal     ■              fry if ti      ■     limit       "   i "'
ivl <•:   'i ii     cry had, and 1 neut iiitn j aspita      \
.......    ,   i    ■                 ■           itnu I eanii            ll I
ihr ...       a   ■ .      il   if, ■ ai ii]. so I di    Ii to       . .    i;    .   It wai in
ihnt I  a          ed  will        ise, and the wound ii
II .     ■  i    a   in.       t 1 had i wn i.bum /..nu link illicit Iln   tn  Idem
noupiin i ■.      t li.ue -.' -ai im  inanj  a ollai's  i  a  "■ .■   deal   i
Certain Lure for y
i... ■ ."..!■'! irni,   -
sores,,     ngwo        liabiea itiug    sore-
lins, ion      ■■[. ei, and all i        Uses /   ,
injini"-    *     i   ...l III   ll   Wc a  '" i.  a„   post S      TRIil
i .       .      n-Biik         a" ■"■ I          "-   iii -         S i lit ha.
"   a,,.|    , . ii.   i,i lo i,a   i,  -a ij,        'y: .s ElOX
.ana in.:, in   nint fin irial_/^ \V. N t'.v.   I.H-
__mtXid ItVJCil'
\t)|.'l a II. C.
Hi': bxi'Iiks-s I'lil -
line Dnl   11
I   •'      • I f'lilti,
M;   garden
An  ri
'      '
Mull,i r   I   ,a   I".   ' .  II,
I'     .<
\n i:,,iiiiii,ii.
"I ■    . t of gossip
\... ..JI   the
(III!. I.   ..
,n  (In-  s„i..  -lu,ii,inl.:.,
"    '.
kls<ed  me ii n ■    I'" ymi
:.     til,       on lil "
'■ali.'" nest turn Hint nn
s:-..    No violent cxtrc   i    ndure
llllll Tlllllel
I .      -' I. '.'
tVhei   I
.1     la.     II.'     pi||    a
' '
anla.lt   t'.
III,,   ll      w
I   I t-,1   liil.e.
''I lia,   ill   llll'
,       aaf
II   '   II
A ,'riiilnel nl till' Times. I, Is Mini" hj
llie  UiieiaU.
.iniiatii! the silly and absurd articles
appearing from time in time concern-
' Ing Imli'l nml tnvei'ii keeping, nni' tolls
it a'iaai again imiv ilm modern
shown in disadvantage when
".   nitli   thn  inns  nf colonial
da,, .   In ilii'sn ni'tlclos tlm writer ill-
: a    .,,' iii    „n mo liospll illly
'    I!    IHI       It,    lllll]    tllC      aalai
llllll   llli . : cruel tri'iiiilli'tit
ri'om tlm hands nl' tlan t Inn!
a .''.....   .  - ,•:>
a       '    f0|'   .1    ll     a'    ,,|1|
. .. Hull' sober re
■   a,  ll'.na Id', lolll'
ill  . nlely re
'   il      In ndi'ed years am".  Tlie
■    of    aa    h.ala I    nl'    III.*-."
I'   ill   I '      i   Mai    link   III'
' I'i ti from llie ll'nv
fueling aanl gi'i'iii
I)' -II a 0,1 i  "nil  lil   tlliiill a.II.
more ins brother's kei pei
.   ■    tg iln, tin' travel
..ml in. -mall number thrown
■    cu inui - nt tlm hotel, mini''
','!:lill!:i!lii"lii|i tint   ntily  poSSl-
ore "'   a..ni" limn iii our
.: i'." Is nml blgorowds,
Tlm n.n'i. in hotel i- n proiliii'l nr ilm
i I'lm wants, ile Iron, whims, fads
n I ■]. .af aai! Ihese, tlir Impernllve
of  tlioso  wlm travel have
ia.       laa' holelof todiij "lml it is fruin
ti." standpoint  nt' f I. iiecomnioda-
I HIS,    ! haul    aaf    -am   ,','   J|l,|    lllilllilg!'
mem ninl from every poinl nf view,
Ti' h"!"l I ei'fiei' of I'lii.iy responds in
II ll   lill    la   .     llf     li.ia     Ui|,a-|V       ,|||,a     | | | ' . [| | |
iiiii usl st j "I i!" iiitin iind woman who
Irn vi!. 'Main i-. your hotel, Ynu Imvo
pllllllll I ll    Villi lian* out-
.r mniingcmciit, and
 -la'llli'l     ' -'   I'UII!
Olil I'll llOtl !
I' "' '    '11      IVlllel .''I   1  aa|
I'll for ai moment In our days.
| v        .     I io Its times, i(
II "a,a- :,, :|,.     , |(.|-|, I,,..
':..'       Id singe
ll "I: lel'l you more weary nml
:" • i:n "f .■      , ,    miles
■     " luday nl
il ai thousand i  les, wns n sills     il   l'i I    ia' ol  li.        :., Ih.' n used
nu tin' modern rnllt
X" "'.rn i- defi    ■'! nuill he gives up.
Hard liim'- ims a ■:. i many relative*. It ;.- tlm min brother ol tlio
Tlui iiiiiii has fulled who tins not
heen .hi" in keep :i g I opinion of
Sell control mil succeed will, one
tiilenl where self Indulgence will fail
With Inn.
Wh.ii ilm superior man iceki 's ar
hiii.'.nil. Winn ilm small man Bocks
is in others.
There is mi disgrace in imprercnl
able poverty.   Thn ai sgrncc is in nol
doing ■ level hi -i in heller our con-
ihl lun.
Poverty Itsell .- n,,r sn bud n tlm
poverty lliouglit.   li Is tho convlcllon
llml we are i ' nud must rcn n n >n
thai is . mil,
i'lie is i.m Xnpoleon In Ilm
; ■ .It ii"iiial.'s iiiiiI trebles
tlm power of nil tl liter l.n nines,
Till     '. ' II  nil   Willis   Illllil
a- |.-.,,;   nu, u;,y   Success,
'    Illl/el    Iree.
\ , mi'i'- -ni'i I ml "I Hm ihiys wlnn
III'' lllllgli ■    I.  ' .[>,• sought Hull'
ia.;- •!.' philosopher's stone is
■"   ,    ii nlluclie■ ni tho
'l lie "hi nlcliemlsls used
■   tlieir divining rods un' nf
'   fostered Ill" I...-
nld mvsterlously direct
■ . -111."-, if il Mats
led  *   ,   ll bsoluto f.'iitlt
n nil those i
of the n tl dii ai.i's.   .\s
1     I a'    «'  ial    "II.    tl e   ' f'll   nf   .lill'nb,"   ,'l<
:i   brnneli  "f  linzel   -   •   . Ivor
I nn.   glltllt '.   I'.'ners.     Not
over* nf
I also not
..i mi im .   ling run-
 i • .ami on, npjil erliulnnli,
ns well,  i was mi nnfnlll ig
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food.
,'iiilioia   Iren, 1,   Market.
1 ■    . 'I   ,il
a       I, III
tli.'in ih. .       ii head  to
font,  A . :
■■ii'   .'! Iran  ,
' lice dlunei
fried i'a,i ■ nn- How.
"i  nn her window, l' la I   g
■ i    . paid to
llonnlro  nl king  for
II       :■ loll a    I.a     I    IJ
pll'k   Up   a I  a      [     th.lil    I" ,!||    WHIl    {I
wooden i' :i "im wnnl        •» l i io
a   a|".'a'll I   U
n id     locking,
I   I'lirllilmi   llml,
"I   hear,"  "ihl   Mr-'.  K 'ilie.  "Hint
,' 1.     I.'l-la,     a|   |     g(>.    0    . II '    S l| | a l'i ||-
.'    .en i-i'i-i'       you're going Ihere
replied Mrs. \     „,,
I    . !'.  lai.il g  . lllll   I.a   Iltl
■   . il
,'l a.la ll.l,    ll    ll.ilal 1,-aa   ( liac.
Mr.  1
ft .„
.JJ.WU b« paid to any
person who priivn thai
Sunlight Soap contain! iny
iii'iirii'iu chemical* ur any
!ot.ii of aJullriAtiaJii.
is better lhan other soaps,
best when used in
but is
the Sunlight way.
Sunlighi Soap contains
no injurious chemicals.
Sun'ight Soap is pure
soap, scientifically made.
Every step in its mar.U'
fac'ure is watched by an
expert chemist
Sunlight Soap saves
labor, and thc wear of
rubbing which common
soaps require in washing
Your money refunded by
the dealer from whom you buy
Sunlighi Soap if ion find *oy ciuie
for compl.int.
I.eier Brother, Llinlteil, Toronto
Dild lllmiii   Iliu, 1V„» Not a, Part nt
tin- I'ln.v.
Frank (iill re. the actor, tells Ilm
following story nbotll Iti-* niuit, Mi- -
Sni'iili Tliorne, wlm was leading woiiuin
,n the Tlietilre Itoyal, Dublin, ni'iny
.vein's ngo.
".Hi-- Tliorne was given ;i pari  in
"I'h" Masked l'i"::"',' th" st I hi""!'
nf tlm evening," said Mr. ,Illinium.
cti'laiiclng through tier pari liasl I.i al
breakfast, .-he noticed Hint th' i wns
aaii" scene in which sh,' hnd sn little lo
sny Hint ii could Im learned Jusi be
fore going mi. She decided In skip thnl
sei i:nl imi !-i tha' loii ;er |a-i
"Wh Iglil  onmo,  nud my mini
niiida imr iippeni'tinec, she did very
well In lhe lirsl scene, In llie soeolul
scene oi'i'iiiTed ilm pnssiiges sho had
sMpped in He' riling,  she malted tu
 'lier .n which -In' l"it Imr bonk,
lun ii im- imt Ihere e'liuilly, tho
-i:iiie iniiniigci'. re 'clvlng tm response
tu hi- repealed culls, songlil lier nni
 I pushed lii't' mi ihe shim'.   There
■in' was, before ;i large niulleiice, wiih
mil the sliulile-l ia|   , n|' WliIII she mas
siippused iii ilu nr say. Tin' scene wus
:i ei'iii'tt'iinin. At il bi^li desk s.ii Um
presiding Judge, letter perfecl In bis
part, beeiiuse Im hmi it ready In rend
from Hm pupers in front nf hltn. A
ninl was taking I'lime, ami Miss
Tliorne, In Imr horror, discovered llml
slie wns in Im Hn' principal winics-.
mi whose answers hung Ilm entire plot
"f Hm piny.   The jlldg liu-lnl Ins
spectacles, looked nt hi- part, ninl sniil
'i solemn tones, "Hm witness will now
-tiite wh.it -im saw Hie prisoner dn mi
litis particular night,'
"Wllllt    nn-   -he   In   iili-Hi'i'';     Shi'
glnii I nr,i..ml helplessly,   She hadn't
[lie       :a'-t  Idea  li' ill   -he 1. id   e  i
thept   . i.i'ai i than pni'tlciilnr nlghl.
Tim crlllcnl niomeiil hmi nrrlveil;   	
ie n ii' speak, bul -I otildn't,   ller
' ■ '■ nllgliled oi f ilm I'liiifiii'lei's
in Um play uli" looked purl
reliable,   lie looked like :i person who
■ '"i'l gel "i nl nl nny <nrl nl' dlf.
Ileully. Sn. pointing ni liim. -Im ex
claimed iu Impressive tones, 'Ask Hint
"The entire e   I   eenied dlsenncerleil
...v ihls remark    They did t,"
I'l" -"ll « llilt Oil '.1 lal ha' sn'nl, liiit
ill-   .1  !     I'.iil     lii     a     -■ IlillL'    WUS
v ■ . a.    Tlm .imh:.'   llitllkllig be might
hr.e made some mistake, turned over
." ni pnges rn' mnniiscrlpl and,
■ in, Im ■ !       elf .ni Ihi- point,
, u undressed I'm witness,   My aunt
glim 1 :it  Hm u iiilforluble gelille-
mnn und, no •>,h,-i- Ideii nlug to tier,
ign n eselnlmed. 'A-l, Hint inun!' This
concentration of public iittentlon was
loo numb for llllll. ninl he simakud n't
i!m stage wilh a f I" 'Kxcuse tne.'
l)f -.' Ilm situ,ni ni nns n hopeless
nn'. and Ilm eiirliiin had lo be rung
lown." Success,
The Mark
That Tells
ren-Anglo trademark (in red) un
every Pen-Angla
garment, tolls you
ii will lit and won'I
s h r 1 n k, youf
own  dealer  so
1-initial, ttill. Ill .       .  ,     „        . -   :.
r.nny nl .!,lr,.I.I,n,',anal     !-'" ,1 r .11111.'I'3   11.
im I'.iiariiiwii, iiirnami   Underwear   tlui!)
rliililirn.   lium  Pilled.
Dralr.-a nia* aullniii/i.l laa
frrjflceinilaiillv tad .0 DU,
.a*!, any Pcn-Anwl. n.i
lai,'lil laullv in inatrli.,1
ul    ill . k i n it. UUCI
li'ii'lt'iiiat'ked i.i
Bofler, wanner.
in ii ri' flexible,
Imt ler wearing.
13 IE! TT.E Rs\
nnu'.. uiniiii,
Hook  iiui-hii  get-  ii-  iiii   from
Iiiiiii-, tho dlstricl in India "imt''' II wai
lll'sl in,unit'.!.'iiueil.
Gerninny   has    l.lllti.OUO   bclilves,
wbleli furnlsli 20, Ions nl i y In
1 it year, whllo Spain comes second as a
producer of honey mining Uuropuan
countries, Willi l.llilO.OOU hives nud l'J,-
000 inns of honey.
IV Ileal,
The wheal uf southern countries con.
lulns imu''' iilliiuiiiniiiil- ihnti that
grown in lomperiiie nr iiniiheru koucs,
nnd licnco is lieiter suited i"i ilm lllllll-
ufili'lui'e nf IllllCIII'OIlt,
siail'i II i Ml ItlKNCI I I.s  .liv or
-     nml    I Uill    III.I.I irrii'.l   rn'
|I,|>|C     I nam     li-!     Scotch     At! I  llltlt'ill
iria'ts     N,.,!■■ -ii|i|iinii  iiitlioui   -.'II-
,a, a,.i a     n 1. t< ll. e-     Sill!     I'. I, .     *s. ■ a, ■ ll, I'.'I
i'a I'lll.    aal'    S|.I'llll.-.     SI II lliiil I l|    "ailia"    l'l|.l'a!
,a    Slllil  "inn- nml  "ami- "Uiu.l ilirccl
•aa  ,l| -   |'     lllllllllltllle,    I Hi '.". I'l'  II   Ak'I'lU.
i nock,   A,i-lii!i'    Si'iillnml   Sod   iul
ilrrsi LT 1,11111* use,   i    ia' a •    .,'i Dril
,inin,.i n i'iuliuiiiici">'iiil'liii"iii>l help.
VKIIInu C'tii-.l..
Iii ls.*,7 Hm lml  I'nrina had his
photograph  upon  his  visiting eurda.
Hence Hm term 'varies do 1 Islte."
Siuike llreains.
well known uu liorlly mi drentns
ili'eiiin books suys; "Tn dream you
snakes nr serpents shows.Ihal inu
Im Imprisoned ami encountet
V dangers,   ll ,-ou nf'' lu love.
-IVeilheairl    Will    Im   false.    To
in   you  kill a  -mike  shows  ymi
over ic dlflh allies ami encmlei
in' sin-'i'ssi'iii iii love, trade or
lug, but unsuccessful nt sea."
Mln       ■ Liniment Relieves N   tralglo
>i(ut Wnipi,
Mud wnsps manifest groat Ingenuity
uol only in building ihelr ncsls, lml in
-lllll ng llmiai iii la     lltlcs win re Ihey
u:ll  imi  In' Injure I  by ruin or pro
ms nnlmnls,
'111,'    S|,„,||.|,     1,11,11,
"What do ii'ii iinderataiid by 'tlm
Spanish niii'u'.''" Such was Hm prolp
: ni propounded at Iho elnb lunch tn-
lib', and mnny ami varied were ilm nu-
swore, Hi iln- "Wreck nf Hm lies,
penis" it was remembered Hint there
spnke up "i kl sail"!' nhn bad sailed
lhe (Spanish main." and it win rccnlled
that 111 the "llui'ilsby Legends" nne
suys, "My fuller dear Im is unl here;
Im seeks ilm Spanish main." Thero
ua-,  however,  a  cei'liiln  viiLomiii'-s
iiholll Ih" -; km-' na'iis as in wllllt
piirlleulur thing wn- meant by Iho
woril, somo thinking mm thing and
-nine thinking niiolher, nnd only one
niiii tin' iiulhorlly of "nn old
mini nhn Iniil salted ilm Spanish
main."   Such u discussion lends tu
show hmv s;iii-ii,.,i i i nf ns arc in
liulf know :i llilng nr tn think iini wo
know without troubling nbotll rei lli i
• mi   I. Imi Chronicle.
A Slnlsler ll.lii.el.
In lb i'a elk armor in lhe
Towel' ni  l.i'llih'i I    llliel   sen!   lo
'ii   bj ' ol Por
li i- 'i 'i    k of I wilh gl
i,..11".'. .in.i i'i,' ■ liorn ol *l
,.'      .                       Hi,,      I' ■'   a'      |a  a'
„i Idenlli  posse ■ ol ll    ',;■.
$25.» Watch
IF. 15-Jewelled K tie
Bros. Movement ol llii*
$25 watch may be liml in
either doted nr open (ace 14k.
gold case.
It curies a (ull j-uaranlri* as
to ils accuracy in time-keeping.
Precisely the time excellent
movement in 25-year gold fillnl
case will he sent postpaid (nt
/'    ( ki u ('•■la! ,atJ ,tnti Uf -in.
ft i ■ - .■   . \tfft cw ,a'[f • .fi
ll,i • ■ 11 |
'I'll.'   s,,„|,uliiu   Sei.
Tlm   nngllsliwouiiiii   never   knows
when sl uters it sliop ivhnl  she
until-.   Sim I., swayed hy Impulse,
grab,  '.iii'lli' ni everything she likes
ni' III  "ll,- she  lil.es mill  |H.i|a.|[,|l    i|.'-
hnck I gninibles lhe nexl a'
.il.n ,.,, ipletcly In.-'  if th
walkers dn imt il"-- her evi rj
in linplor■ lier tn "look nl ths chimin
Ing lotpio" nr eonili'! ■■ ul lo
 i.ii I lie III
lim ilm American w, ri
in  Iimt  -ii" d •  ua
ii Im! she iviinb   ' i.■"  t.. I.., lefl ic
roroly nlnne nud  II  Inlerfered with
may abruptly leave lhc sl I
.■.li |e -in       I.      rrllol
Kiigllsliwou nn. -im i- i tr m	
Ing   Loudon Iftt'i •■
Your Stomach"
li the way people in China s.ijr
"Good Morning." The greeting ol
ilmost every nation is an inquiry
liter health. The Chinese havt the
root ol the matter. A strong stom-
ich is the foundation. Look a.'t.-c
this organ and the general hrallli
cares for itself. Man is so constituted it cannot be otherwise. It ii
the mi-*ion ol
to keep ilie st. iii.t.li well, Hie Nvel
.. .1 Hie bowels regular. Tliey
dispel sicknei! ind create hcalih.
Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Bilious*
nc.-it oi Constipation , moot exist
,i   , Beecham'a Pills are
rcctions,  For over 50
jcars ■',. .' !, IV,  , ,;, | ,::..,r,|rr,.j
,1'lal   .lia'   !'
t your
i  nfidei
LAA linn -.1 In-" in Cam 'hi and V. s.
Ann   ...   lil,..." ,..„ts.
Tl.e  „li,  lirenl   liii.l.rn.
The inui iini- ni ti ,   i    torn
were rcrliilnly sad, considering lhe pur
|ia'-a' for nhii li llie I' a- designed nml
ilm gii'iii work she ild iii cable laying,
I'm' lOttll* lium I'l'f"!!' -be IVI      	
up nn Hm iniid nl Hm riier Mersey,
nenr Liverpool, site ».i- ou i"'« .>• a
sham-  ship,   (tim  firm  uf   Mveri I
a i ilhii'l's hired lier fill' il ICnSOIl,  I ila
ia liliiiani in ining imr fur iis [idverllslng
purposes mnde use ni her for cnli li|	
ny sham-. In Ilm large '.ilili' liml, a
■ in u- ivns lilled up ninl poi'for 'l's
■.ii"! ni so much n head, while oilier
exhlblllons uf Hm Coney Islainl typo
were spread nil over Imr dock,
The Mark of
Winter Comfort
'I'll,,  llll.lel'n   II, e.
The eyes nl' lhe yellow | nl" nre m I
"hli'l'm. mili'.'lhst ling thnl tliey up
|l"ll      I"    ll".       'Ill"    llll"    .'llljllillimi       laa'
' ll - "f Iln' eyelids dlvhli   iln'
eye Inlo uv pinl parts, nnd     ei
a.liy ai righl nngles «iilt tin
i'i    It i i tilwnys ■" th" es
"I'l'ii'iii is much less freipieii   Hi in iu
'III'   111,iles.   fnl'.   il.  ll   ill'ln'lall   I'l,|e,   ||   |l
i lii" l.iiiir thnl tl ,!"■ in-" imi at
right iiiigli'- uilli II ia- aaf Hie ||.ISI'.
When death, Ilm grenl ri ncller, Ins
■ ,s never nur lemlerue*   th.it
ue repent, but our levorlly, George
W   N   U   No.   008 '
Tobacco the '*Nn,lonal Flower."
If tho great republic must havo a
Bower,  why  not udopt the tobacco
plant (Nlcotlnuu tabacuinil it is a na- |
tlva ot this country nnd wns first 1
found In Vlrgllilil.   There Is nothing
sectional or local nboul Hie plunt, be> '
cause today it Is growu In mosl of the ,
Mules frnin I'Torldn and [.oulslaua to
Connecticut and is ttow used in every
nation ou tho gloho, civilized nnd bar-
nrlan, If ii is possible in obtain it. li '
i uot commonly known that llio to-
acco plant bears n very pretty pink .
lossoui, wliieh inighl I'linm Into the
(lower gnrdoils bill  for ils rank and
dlsngt'cenhle odor, Tlm Indian corn, or
maize, Is another plant Indigenous lo
tlm fulled Stales and was found III
use as food by the Indians from Vie
glitln  to  Massachusetts,   llul  If  wo
IIIIISl  llllVO al tlnwer llllll  Is e-leel!ie.| IIH
sneli tiiih'iitl I'ogtli'il I iy eeoiininlc
COIlsldei'lllloilS nr null'.in an qllillllles,
why uol adopt tlio Iniirel (I.iiilt'iis lull'
(Olio), tiiuiuilaiii laurel or broad leaf
Dear Mother
Your lilllo onu ire t conuuit cue in
F.1I .nd Winter weather, UW wal
catch cold. Do you bow about Shiloh I
Coniutnplion Cure, llie Lung Tomr, ind
wlial II da, done lo, 10 many I ll » "id
to be the only reliable remedy lor ill
dlieuei ol llie air Damage, in children,
lli, alisolulcly liannlril and plea-ant lo
tale, ll •; guaranteed lo cure oi you, money
ii rctumrd. The piicl il 25c. per bottle,
anil all Jealeli in medi tine ie!l yi
Thi, lemedy thoultj he in eveiy houiehnld.
The  VlKlgOtltli
The Visigoths in Spain, frnin Aktrle,
In 88? a. 11.. rn Itoderle, In Tun, Inui
thli'ty-foui' king..
TIS'V   *'■
A Resident of Welland
Finds Relief in I'e-ru-ra,
Mr. nihil Rounds, Welland, nm.. a retire'! lumberman nnd n resident ol W'el-
liiml fm- liittf n century, writes:
"For fifteen years prior to 1900 I
wns a sufferer Irom hav asthma and
chronic diarrhea. I grew weak and
emncinled and was tortured with insomnia.
"1 mis treated hy eminent physicians
Imt. if anything, wus  jnar-e tnan mer.
In Fact, I nu- in as lill-enthh' il con-
ill'intl   us  llllll  could   he.
"However, I chanced lo try Peruna
and noticed an improve ment. Thus
encouraged, I continued, and after
taking several bottles ot your precious
Peruna, I was entirely well und a
wonder to myscli and Iriends.
"If. in my advanced nge, 8i yeara, 1
have nl mined aiii-ti cnaui I'i'Hiilis Irom I'e-
run a. after sn many yean nf medllll
siifferiiiK. there run lie uo llnllht nt it.
elli v ui tlie treatment nf younger |irr-
Yeiretiilile. iiii,I   fruit.,
Tin ("nu vegetable tins referilee to a
tlio ivhnle or uny purl ol n phi i. ciiltl j
vnlcd especially with reference lo use
ul Iho tuble. ii ,i llio use nf ihe until
vegetable doesn't always depend iipun ]
cooking, for celery Is n vcgt'tiihlc atul
ii|i|tles nre fruit wlieilmr en ten raw "i
cooked, line would suppose the tnniti-
to to bo entitled lo Hie term fruit, foi
the method of Ms raising reseiiililes
lliul nl fruit, llul il is usually culled
vegetable, whether citen nny or emk
ed. tu spile nf iis iippeurnuee. The
t|iiiiia'c is so trtlltllkc in nppeiii'uuce,
so resembling apples, pears, etc,, thai
It persisis It, being culled fruit though
eaten only when cooked, Sometimes
the vegetable is a bud, as witli cub-
bilges and bruiscls sprouts; leaves, as
spinach; stems above ground, as as-
puragiis; stents enlarged (tubers* underground, ns  I'niiiu   potntoes, or
roots, as sweet potatoes, turnips, beets
nnd carrots.
iinii. , n nm.
The Mississippi river Hows up Iilil,
Iis mouth is higher than iis source •
tliiat Is, fiii'ilmr from tho center of Ibo
ciii-lli. un nivuiiiii rn' ilm bulge nr the
etirtli toward the equator,
I'rlinlllve Wnlci.
It Is iiii Interesting fact, and nno
* Numerous lint Are Nut All
l.iieul  ( I'lelit-iitliiiiH.
Tlic visitor In Mexico is apt to bo
surprised at Iho number of holidays
celebrated hero nud mini, the aslon
ul iv.! ilclng, with uccnnipniiyliig music
ninl liiruraiiiiii, ninl 's lhcely to Ihinl;
thai. Hm Mexican dues uothlug but
'.Villi bis religion* und uuHoiinl feast
■ ivs, ilm Mexican does liuvu many
holidays nf ninl!' ni' le-- general Importance, nnd when be i- nol celebrating theso lie mny be celeliratliig the
dny nl his patron snliil or of that of
pome member nf hi* family, sn that It
-a- ms iai require Iltl lu licliiecnienl (ot
liim in celebrate, li n member of llio
family goes oul of lown for a few
days or weeks, Ills return is celebrated in some mild way und ins welcome
homo iniul'. pleiisniil,
I   Bin imt all ni il 'lehratl ins which
tuki place lu lhc capital are Mexican,
as th" foreign colonies contribute lliclt
share of feii't days. Tb,. Anmrieans
celebrate their day of Independence on
tho glorious I'miith hi July, nnd Ion
days  later  Ilm  I'lemh colcbrnto  Hie
I su It goes, the
That is perfectly harmless,
beoause it is absolutely pure.
A Perfect Luxury to Japan Tea Drinkers
Leid    Picked   Only,   40c,   50c,   and   60c   per
At   all   grocer*.
" " "," '-;•■•—•- ",■ •    , foil of the ltusiilli.
showing hour llltlo hnvo been the sur-1 Bl.1(lsh ,,WWMu., -,,„ mm 0,
Until' king, the Italians the entry Into
Homo of Hm limps ni nulled linly. lhe
Germans lhe birthday of tho kaiser,
tho Swiss tho dny nf tho formation of
tho confederation, Thc Spanish celo-
bruie tlic birthday of tlieir king, nnd
face changes wrought In agricultural
Wales, thnt ii well defined ltouinn road
exists to this day in Ibe very heart
of l.lniidr'uidod nud, wilh n few breaks,
cnu be traced to Iho outskirts of
Mngos, n couple of miles nway.
Praclically  all makers of good
clothes in Canada use HeWSOIl Tweeds.
Look for the tag that guarantees
Va-ra-   Aum-innting'
Matld-As If It wasn't bad enough to
hnve uo men escorts al the beach, tbo
manager made things siill more aggravating.
Mnbcl-ln What way?
Muiid-llo hired u female orchestra
to furnish music for the hotel.—Cleveland Plain Dealer.
Chinese , oillm.
1'iiilins are mnde "f timber
s ia, teli Inches thick,   It Is
  therefore, Hint nver 8,000,-
00(1 feet of timber Is utilized yearly tor
Collins In i lilun.
Chluese t
eight Inelm
Minard's Liniment Co., Limited.
Dear Sirs—I can recommend your
iitisni und Sprains, ns I have used it
la.i  laa,th mill excellent results.
yours truly,
T. I',.' LAVER8,
St. .Inlin.
The live ul n llr.
The eye ol' n liy is so constructed us
to bring the ent ire horizon within his
circle of observation, n fact which ex-
pluins the extreme alertness ot this
Insect lu escaping attack,
The myrtle pllllll has always been regarded as an emblem of love. Among
the Greeks nud Itoniutis li was planted
In cemeteries,
Minard's Liniment Cures Burns, etc.
rhniiii.inii Whlttler,
Tt. V. Clay of Philadelphia, u retired
ship carpenter nearly eighty years of
age, is suid to be the champion ivblttlor
of tbe world, says Technical World
Magazine. Aided only by his penknife
and ti piece ol sandpaper ho has cut
from n single block of wood a mind'
riiple linked wntch chain over three
feel long and many othor oxc Ilngly
dollcnto nnd difficult pi s of work.
During lb,' last few years, since bis retirement. Mr. Clay bus CUl se ires of
watch chains.
A  Rheumatic Sufferer Cured by  Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills.
Rheumatism is rooted in Ihe blood
llinl is u medical lact evory i r
rlioumatic sufferer Bhould know.
I.ilium nt.- ami outivnrd applications
cannol possibly enn.' rheumatism,
Tliey are n waste nf money, and while
the siiffi'iei i- using them the disen a
is steadily growing; worse t- .-Inu..
bui surely taking n llriner grusp upon
Hii< entire system, tuiouinalisin must
be treated through llio blood, Thai
is the only way in which tlic poisonous iii'i'l enii Im driven out. Dr.
Williams' l'ink Piles actual I; mnke
new Iilnnil inn I tli > i — cure rliotinintisni
Every dose "i these pills helps to
innke imu rich red blood which
sweeps the poisonous ncid fruin the
system, loosens the aching lointsnml
, muscles and gives the rheumatic new
health Iree fruin pnin. Among thos,
i who cun beni witness
these  statement
In September Ihelr feusi of Corvodon-
gn Is Important enough lo last iiireo
days. No doubt Ihero arc other celo-
brntluiis nut sn public or prominent,
such its the Chinese Sew \°onr nnd
others, imt the uin,',- goes to show
thnt not all Hie feasting In Iho capital
Is ibnie by natives. An Interesting
point, however, Is that foreigners who
coine to Mexico lite sunn the keenest
for the entiling of the various holidays!
and Mexican, religious or their own.
nre jealously llemnnded as leisure ,lays
from all houses ot business or commerce.
When yeu buy
i       WET
you want
and long
These and many
other good points
ere combined In
,     FISH   BRAND
You ewvt afford      ',
1o buy anv other     /
Fiii'iuer on the 111,1,ie iiiiii Die
1,1,11,-ullles   He   SlirilKMIIIta.
Going ilniiti the Itbluo you got n lesion in farming, H ynu ivnnted to buy
n in tm in America ynu wonld go out
„    with a pick uud spado and dig holes
in tlm tnitli ol all over n 100 acre tract in innke sure
Mi-     I hu.-inn   the soil mis so and su and Ihnt there
l.anglois, m St.   Jerome,   Quo.,   lor wus not more thnn one stone tu the
» v   months   sh,.   suffered   Irom ro0ii.   On llioso cliff vineyards along
r loumntism and had begun lo think thc *--,.,,„ |t h„,ks to you us if ihere
-"'.";'-   Incurable.    I   could  nol ffM not moro than a bushel of earth
straighten  up    suys  Miss  l.iingluis.i
'My  limbs iicre almost usel
Fine Uiatainm's.
Thc balances In use in our minis nre
bald to be so accurate that they will
disclose a difference of nne onothou-
Kintllh pari nf a grain.
As lhe Oil ltuhs iu. the Pain Rubs
imi.  Applied i" tin' seal ol a pain
in any pail ol Ilm body tlm skin absorbs the smithing liniment under
brisk Motion nnd tne patlont obtains
instant relief. The results ol the use
ol Dr. Thomas' Eclcotrio Oil hnve
surprised many who are unacquainted
niiii its qualities, and once known ii
will nut lie rejected.  Try it.
Three tired   Splilerv
There are a great mnny BpldcrSi especially among tbo tropical nineties,
which haie three ens, nne on each
side of the bend nnd tho third exactly
In the ccuicr of the "forehead," This
middle or third eye is always tlie
Signals of Danger. Have yon lost
your appetite! Have you o coated
tongue) Hnve yuu an unpleasant
insic iu the mouth! Hues your head
ache aud have you dizziness! If sn,
your stomach is oul ol order and vou
need medicine. Hut you do nol like
medicine. He Hint prefers sickness
lu medicine must suffer. Imt under
tlm circumstances n wise man would
procure u bus ol Parmelee's Vegetable
Pills  uud  speedily  gel   himsell In
liinltli. ninl strive  tn  keep sii.
-iiii were they. For many months I
endured bucIi pains as only rheumatic sufferers can understand. Al-
though only thirty years ol age the
suffering  I endured iieliially   made
um look like uu uld n ini    I used
liniments mul tried several medicine*
i but got nul the slightest hell' until
almost bv chance inv attention mis
directed in Dr. Williams' Pink Pllls.i
I began Inking them uud ill the
course nl a feu weeks I could Bee
tliey wero helping mo, Little by
little ihe pain began in gn. and tlm
-liffness iu lcuve my joints. I continued taking the pills fm several
months when even symptom ol the
liouble liad disappeared. I have not
(eli u twinge uf rheumatism since,
nml I bless the day Dr, Williams'
l'ink Pills came tn mj notice."
Dr. Williams I'ini, I'ill- nover fail
in cine rheumntiam because thoy go
right na tlie root ol the trouble in Hie
hi I.   That is why these pills cure
nil ihe common ailments dim to pooi
ilia,I   nailer,    lllialid.   -Hell   a-   illliii'lllUl.
headaches nnd backaches, indigestion
to tbe mod and Ihnt the rest wus all
In Anicricu yuu wouldn't buy n farm
on lhe pcrpcndlculnr surfaco ot the
Grand canyon, yet yuu Imagine the
lilun's of Hie lliiil,,. seemed nluiost ns
impossible before the enterprising
ci'iipeviiics got u start tliecd. Thorn
may lie a few Inches ,,r spine on the
cliffs where somo German ims not
Undo a terrace big enough for n bunch
of grapes, but If any such spot tins
keen overlooked you fulled lo discover
it with yunr binoculars,
There are advantages in owning a
vineyard on the Ithlne, Next to tbo
financial returns, the chief advantage
lies Iii Hie glamour nf rom/nco thnt
hangs mer the bluffs, frowning castles Io.ale down mi ynu from the must
inueei isiblo peaks,
"Whn lives iu lhat big brownstone
house'.'" you ask u German passenger
on yunr steamer as ynu round ii bend,
"Thnl is thc ea Ho uf an old nobleman who kidnaped a beautiful mail
nnd held her prisoner," you arc In-
Made in Canada nnd Sold hr "II
Thi. coupon il at"1"1 'or ?n" '"
rent (IO.-., Trial Uuttle ut the celo-
Pr. Leonhardt's Anti-Pill
> sure cure lor InnTgrvlon. Hllloui-
nui, Dvipeiiiin, Constipation ami
uli iiiliiYjnli nrlsinK loirorom.
Milled Iree. In a plain nji'liage. nn
receipt ot name ami iiihlri".. I ill
In roar name and |>wl offlce addreM
im dotted line, nnd nemltu
Nla'ar* Falls, Oil
Aside from the fact that you cm
get any weight—and juit the right
size to fit your figure-there il
another point to be considered
"Trnro Knit"
It holds iis shape. It b
unshrinkable. The usual trouble
of Underwear stretching out of
shape or shrinking, never h:ppau
to these faultless garmenti.
(Jowns fit their best when
wornoier "Truro Knit.*"
At lent, SEE "TRURO
KMT." Your dealer uai it or
will get it for you. M
iicurnlgin, St. Vitus  dunce,  gonerni formed.  "Winn the knight* of those
weakness, and the distressing irreg- days tried to rescue her, II I noblo-
iiliiriiie- thai alllmi women mid gi"**- ,n;m wonld simply drop a >Ib stone or
III. Personal   Ipiieiirniii.p.
Mamma I'm afraid that young Wilder will imi make ynu a good husband,
Clara. Clara —Why not, mammal
Mamma—Because it seems in me that
he rather neglects his personal appearance, Clara Yes, that's true,
[minimal, and I'm glad you Utoiltlonwl
It. I'll see that bo makes liis personal
npnonruueo here every evening nfttt
this Instead Of only twice a week.
nnt   '.'til-    ll  yuu  ll I
■ an mil me money hv
William-.' l'ink l'ills at n
Hmi Hm   lull   mime   In.
l'ink I'ill- im I'al" People
nu  Ilm  ivro| pel   around every  liny
Shi   by  all  medicine deal i   i"
iiiiiiI in  an cents n box ot   ix boxoi
: 'i  -'j Bi    Irom   the   Hi    tt
Ve.lieiii   Co . Rroekviile, lint.
.. medicine
Inking In.
i.nee     See
Is printed
Hammer blows, steadily applied, break the hardest rock.
Coughing, day after day, jars
and tears the throat and lungs
until the healthy tissues give
way. Ayer's Cherry Pectoral
stops the coughing, and heals
the torn membranes.
"I Ilnn l«.n A7«r'l fhrrrj Natural le
u,imEST imS •• '•"r,d";i,d.,T>n"
in. o( II. Inv. '"HUM * MN '««•    *.''""
o.Jil I! lot . ,0**1 mM,J f«».«ndi»«n™
bun. a, *   	
I        A Had. by j. o .jnr c... l.ow.n. iiu.
I       /\ Al.o m.BufMtur.r. ol
law—aaawpaawia. —toksa;	
Biliousness, constipation retard >u
■    -s,..« Ihna. with AVfc,''s Pllll
I—I—■■ — in r
Biliousness, conatlpatio..	
covory. Cure tlioso will. Ay,., 'a. Pills,
W   N   U   No.   603
Nn person should go Irom homo
without ii bottle ol Dr, .1. I> Kellogg'*
Dysentery Cordial in their possession,
ns chnngo "i water, cooking, climato,
ele.. Irequuutly   brings   mi   s mer
complaint, anil thoro Is nothing like
being rend) with n sure remedj nl
liana, which otteutlines lave   groai
"uUi'ium    I   Irequenll)    valuable
lives,  Tin- Cordial nns gained loi it-
ell a widespread reputation lor uf-
furdillC   prompt   lellel   (i'ini   iill   11110,
imu complaint*
ninn ,,. Order,
nni, of ilm hotels in the Place Ven-
dome, I'liris, pus an arrangement of
pipes fixed high in lhe air over Iho
courtyard by which i shower of rain
Is obtained wbenovci required.  The
guests may sit under im Immense iiiii
brellti twonly-0vo feet In dlamoler, en-
Juyitig the ,'oul rnlnfall on u hot sum-
mer day.
lt Is not nf Hist sight easy to sny
why peoplo su rarely givo more Hum
n passing glance to the realm of nir
above Ihem. Is ii bocotiso wo cannot
hnve a linger In ihis department of
the wonders of nature, cannol net and
label anything In those blue field*, pin
it down on emk or fallen it iu Canada
balsam; cannol hero annihilate dis-
tancc with nur Ingonlou* Instrument*,
thnt ue neglect the pheimiiii'iia of Hie
iky? Thero above n«. always ours for
' a llfl of the eyes, is beauty In endlo**
chango for the contented mind and fur
thc restless one ihe challenge of tlie
! coaiolos! Hi a"" iti       wl i
Utile  nearer  being  found  mil   than
1 when the world begnn, nnd yel In conv
I ,■ ■. nh »ueh Ilm nl ri i nn li n«
are   ■ , red by cuckoo's eggs nr the
1 "protective devices'1 nl Iho
I region ol lhe clouds in I to ha
1 unexplored.
Alum     III  '   ."''  llll  Oil
level,      rei;   u   st rii     nl   J        !'
Smith       in ol    I
radical opinion without l» iit|i held n
■     Mr. I'.iuil Reich     I "■
un* ti|"in tliciii us ihey attempted to
climb thc i litv   i day while rolling
a stone ihni n upon it kntghl Ih hie-
man fell off and was It lied."
"And now," .mu observe, "I suppose
Iho place is for rent,   Do you i »
how tiiinii Hi luilnlsiratur wnnls fur
A Rurope pi troleum "il imst has
I n registered at llremen.  Th p
Unl is $5,000,000.  Tlm principal mem-
■ nn- the Kobels, the Rothschilds
nud tlm Deutsche bank.
The municipality of Berlin gnve a
bnuquel in hoi I the dclegatoi to
lhc uiti'tnntii 1   wireless   telegraph
conference, Mayor Kirschncr presided ami lonsted lhe delegates, Baying
thai Hm civilized world was watching
llie   pi edings   "i   Hi"   conference
mill the keenest Interest, nnd hoped
ihni its le-nlts would beimiit all mankind.
la. Sol Delay.  When, through debilitated digestive organs, poison limls,
its nay Into tho bl I, the prime enn
siilernlion Is lo gel the poison oul us
rapidly and ni thoroughly iu possible
Delay may mean dl aster, I'arino-
I.a'. Vegetable I'ill- will he lound n
• i valuable and effective medicine
i" n--nil lhe intruder with, Thoy
icvei mil. Thoy go ol onci I the
"ni nl ilm trouble and work a per-
II.Ill' lit    .III"
IW offei lltm Iluiiali'il lii.tlnia itrw.nl
for inn case nf C I     I   lhat eai imt hi
'II'..I    a '      II all I   i'a
1' J.CHKNBl .1 CO., Toledo O.
'.' ,   ■        ....
He in 1   lol   11,1   l.ist  IS vein, Nl
him peril '     i ■. 11
.,!'.' .....
ll .ihlltn:    I. ■      'i .'.   Ma     ai,
tVltoliHli Urugglili, T'liil'i, O.
Hall        'iti i'uii' is liken Inttmilly,
tii tun, illii (ly upon II." i.tmiil mul muo-
"!' III.     T.lllllllOll-
' Us -.111 1 re      I'll...  Ke,    per   liullli.
:'a,i.i tiv .,    Drufgjiti
ike ii„    11,1,, I, piiii im Constipation
IU.  star.
I bully   N'miitl      D'ye   know,   Ml.l
Siiuirt, though I've only lml  I ynu,
l||."e se. '   - In lie II si.I I III IlltollOI'llllll
i.vmpnlhj between u«,  Van know Jwi
hnlV   In    tp| I   tO   III)   til-1' -.  .Villi   se"
ii" in" a  literary ivoinnn'l    Doll;
Hmurt  '-'■! I'm 11 klndoranrti n 1 i<»»
|DO0DS ''.
Mr., Irnlule'a llnl ill. ur Work,
It liml been Mn I ralgle'* Imbll for
mnny years to hen 11 lier work al S
o'clock In the 11 om ng, uu mailer how
late slm hnd 1 11 up llio nlghl In (ore
(UT and mi lie n oiu till 11 30, never
being 11M1' in iln mme ihni hill un
iiniii'- work nt a tin.'. .1 'i nihility
which make* lhc muouni iho produced
tho limn' amusing.   After luml n-
oven nfier n b i the Carlton ■
-im itri.ie again until II wai ti to
pay iall- allll lo talk al  leal  Inkles in
idly tm if sh,. bail 1 11 niii. all day a
ii .it ol unbend : 11 whh h few w en
nnd fewer mon 1 mi perforin 11 it nftot
dinner she wai nlwnyi tired, "Al
a ...,.,1, 1 novor by any
chance do anything, I cannol even
write .1 posl '.ini nnu"
. uml
After Labor, Recreation
Trivil  ii the Acmi ol
Whin you travel secure thi
belt In equipment, oomlort,
iini infe'.y, and one tin,
I'.ji-it.i ia rntes tli ia winter
in ivny direction Bast,
South end West. Mnke yuur
wniiti known to nny Canadian S'orthern agent, who mil
be glad lo furnish the (illicit
Information, or write
Traffic  Managar,      Wi'i'iipi*..,
Tlic \'"u   South   Wnlc
siippresion lntv linn been passei
i- nmi iu operation,
Minnrd's   Liniment   Cures   Dnndiiill
In London Henri a, Wclloom, an
iin„i - '1 pod i" Hm
UlO   t Ili'lli"   lliauui'K 'iiii'I'Si	
in l.uii'|ai' mid I aa   11, ih   hum  ami  Vmk enmpnign, nnd hi
p.iiium Ki liiini-liiiii' dim;  ninl mod-  u-'t   hini that In- may
I'residenl   11 veil   1-   unusually
active it   1 ana] tlm Sew
political ii-1 -
i'  ' letter.
"An. 11-1," tim 11 f ibe month, is
on Hm tii-l -illal>le.   "An
uust," iim adjective is accented on tim
'" aatnl ilhibli' I Ids is iluc, no doubt,
to Hie tad Ihal. though linlll slal'IC'l
frnin the 1.iim "iiiignstlii," Ihey have
orrlved hy different routos,  Tim ml
in. iiie i- the l'i.'lull "aligtisle," Willie
"AUglllt." ,'iiliin etlinfalllig the Knln'!a
emperor's lltle is the I'rcni h "aout"
mid ih" luiihii" Ungllsh "angil" or
"au ' '     ".In!* '  ii-e'l   In rhyme  wltll
"ii'tii " even In ilolimnii'i tltni*. as it
Iind  '1 Iltl   -     eill lier and ns It
a! allllia'lll    f->C'( 111H1111    ll)   till ■    'lil.'a.
thing equal to Mother
'..aai.    Worm Kxtcrminatoi (01 des-
So nrtii I" .a i'.- kind
,.  Iai tmn
Th.. monument to Charh
I'aitmll in proeosi nl erection In Dublin       I        t'a     la.'     llll     1 1! I | II . ' I ! I I'     I    '' ',1
ire ol I'iiii.ii (...ii"   I.". ii .1. ■
Vil'u tu-   Bt.    I'ii"   ni
II •  I'.ni  i     ■   ,    'In' liii'd-
nui" I  ... all I    ill ol I    d
units, inui "nly a    '    Hi>> small .-um
,   , .'III
,.   I'a,.ml.
j i nrllslo, leader i'
I   Tl» -u  -----     ,
ado     i I. ' !'''  "mi""''
loi barmaid   i  England, m
,   Hosl ire Idcnl  "f  Hm  ^"'l'1 '
^^^^    Henry
In   the   llr.
l fircone   (v   '   '       '" a
klllli'lal'll   a1    '
('nil deru 'iin' I'll in" th' I a-'
What's i'    ',,a        i'i-  Hrown •
.Nn ii .. I.'. I ii i   .limit!    Tin ' on
the I in   I iv l,a,n:
ii I- nol
statt In III
■• •   • i run
i   ., li Pro
. i
Minard's Liniment tor sale everywliera
S, ■ ■! "il.    ■ li in ,■     hou e   banks
I)   $7,000, I  I hei i  total
irpl a   re ■ rve by the opi
lhc pa I week      I •   pan.
suiiiiciit Snap is bettei Hum other
soups, but is beat wban used In ths
Sunliglii u.ii Buy Sunlight Soap
nnd folluw directions
'. si   I        bu i  ■
uml probahlj lattill    \ ndi
brother, who says he acled I
ti liypnolh  Bpell exorle i I
I lie ' iai pul
an the oxarcl i   hj  the
li herd Mon nt lhe
iih.'inl loader, [rum  I
Gray'sSyrupof RedSprugeGum
.   .       m /■fifi
BLOCK   109
Four 50 l(*(it lots, one
nl thorp a corner lot, (aces
Park uml Inlet, with u
niagiillicient uninterrupted
view.   ::    :: 1:    ::    ::
Price Im   all,   83,500;
Apply to
•-'"Mil vwroiwR.
Roiled Oats
Hay and Peed
iheBrackman Ker
Milling Co.
I ial'lll l"l
Harry Miti hull, lo .1! manager,
1. 11 dale Avenue.
Fine, healthy Tomato and
Cauliflower Plants, grown from
Sutton's Seeds, always on hand.
( iiiniiii'tii ni'.' Nov, 1. 1006
'11.00  A. M.
'll.SU  \   M
»?.00    "
'".SO     "
- 16    "
N ll.i    "
'"KI     "
8.91    "
10  HI     "
IO.S0    "
10 1.    '
11.116    "
11  ;i 1    ■
11.50    "
l'J 16 1', M.
IS..",'i 1'. SI,
I.m   "
1 Sll    "
1 16   "
:."a   "
2,;it]   "
3.16   "
11,115    ''
1 'Hi      "
l.'.'ti    "
1 16    "
'a Iln      "
.'i.iln    '
', ,11    "
H i
U.I5   '
1,45   "
In 1
I'lll  "
'11.I'l   "
A Happy New Year to all 1
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Mr. Templar, Chilliwack, spent
'Xmas with bis son, F.W. Templar,
secretary ol the Liberal Association.
|i)liii Gibson, son "I Alexander
(iilison, uf this town, left on 'Xmas
day Im Toronto, where he will at-
ti iul tin' Toronto Veterinary Colli (te.
The tug Vigilant towed away the
scows limn tlm Western Corpora
lion's wharl on Wednesday.
Provincial elections will take
place un February and,   Nomina-
j tions 011 Jantian   ttjllt.    The in w
. house will meet nn March 7th.
What a luiiii'li of candidates will
I Im in the running at the provincial
I elections at Vam ouver, wher ■ liv
.ire to be elected. We arc in
formed that the conservatives,
liberals, laboritcs, socialists and
Martinites will put up lull tickets.
Some enterprising hotel man
'■liiiulil get up a pool on same lines
as the Derby sweepstakes.
It was really tim had to mix up
dirty politics with the holiday
I. stivities by the government dissolution and bringing on the gen-
! eral elections.
Some people are never satisfied
I only when tliey are at war-like
Napoleon Bonaparte  ami  politicians.
" There's a man at the door pa,"
called little Willie from the lower
hall, " nit" Mauls tu see the boss
ol the house "
"Tell your mother," called pa.
"Tell Bridget," called liis
The work ol laying 1,800 feet
ui water pipe on Fifth street, between St. George s and St. David's
avenues, is progressing, and will
probably be finished next wei k
The municipal council will meet
■ ni Monday night at 8:30 o'clock.
It is 1 xpi, i"! that representatives
iruni the Vancouver council will
He present.
I '..■ board ''I works will meet
Monday al 7:30 j'. in,
A -1 aaiv load ''I rails and one ol
ties arrived tins week for tin tram
line on Queensbury avenue.
As Others See Us.
The North \ ancouver liXPRESS
has issued a splendid number, li
is printed on * v ellent paper, and
ihi pictur a "i local scenery and
events arc clear ami distinct
Tlie It Iterpress is also excellent,
and thu articles terse and the
irg inu nts well put. Messrs
Hartley and Williams may well be
proud "f th*'ir literary offspring.
The day will come, and it is not a
fat -off day either, when I'm
Exi'KKSs will rank with llie leadii ■
joiirnalsol the country. As Nortl
Vancouver 1 rows so will I'he
la, i ii help ,1 young town
th> n is nothing su effective as a
uill 1 nun 1,1. a| newspaper, like
.'nt Exi'RESS.—Vantomtt ll'orltl.
ri ur,',
List your Property with us
[or quick sale, If prices nre
right wo can dispose of it for
Real Estate Brokers
Thompson Block,   -   -   NORTH VANCOUVER.
CAPITAL, 84,866,666. RESERVE, $2,141,333
Head Office in Canada, Montreal,
II. SiiKi.MAN, General Manager] j. Euisi.v, Supt, of Branches
Branches in British Columbia—Ashcroft, Greenwood,
Medley, Kaslo, Rossland, Trail (.Sub Branch), Vancouver,
Victoria, Duncans, aud Dawson, Vi.
Savings Dopartm^nt  Depar-its received from $1.00 upwards
Interest nt rnqric3t current rotes and compounded twice a year
Office, Cor. Lonsdale Ave. .ind Esplanade, North Vancouver, II. I'.
^VVVV^V WW vwwwvvws
North Vancouver
I bplioVu tlmi Nortli Vniicouvi'r 1ms
nn iiiinu'iist' future, ninl that thuru
will In* in*,t*i■ nullify iiiiiilc in Iniul
lien' limn in uny ittlu'i' si'i'iinii in
lli'ili-li (iiliiinliiii. I lntvi' LOTS
IOR SALE iii nil parts of tlio
Titu'.i-iir.   If vmi havo LOTS TO
SE! L, io in mo,   1 will iiu,I
you purchasers quickly,
Idi Cordova Slreel, Vancouver, B. C.
Rainier Beer^>
Is it glorious beverage—quenching anrl
satisfying. Remember there's no other
"just us good"—insist on getting Kainioi
Vancouver, B. C.
PPORTUN1TY in secure Choice Close-in Lots at lirst
cost iii District Lot ;-.i, on Second,  Third,  Fourth,
Fifth, Sixth   ami   Seventh   streets.   Keith road,   St.
David's road, Ridgewuy,  Moody,  Queensbury, Sutherland
and Henry avenues, in vicinity "I li. C. Electric Railway
Headquarters, and Great Northern (V., \V. & V.),  Railway
' Way, and Proposed Docka nnd Wharves.
PRICES, $280
mul upwards; easy terms- Only one fifth cash down, balance
in two years.
Make your selection quickly, as prices are'advaucing.
iii' I bargains in Business Lots on  Lonsdale avenue
ami in.in. thoroughfare!   Suburban Home Sites and Acreage,
List With l's for Quick Sale.
Comer Lonsdale Ave and Fifth St.
Wo liave pleasure in advising the residents of Ninth
Vancouver that we can deliuer, until further  notice,
One Load Mill Wood, Stove Lengths, $1.75
Three      "       "       "       " 4.75
Cash On Delivery,
British Columbia Electric Railway Co., Ltd.
itinMiiti I'aiik—(1:0,1 n. m.. B:SJ, Uilli, 7:05, ":S5, IM, 8:10, Stilil, 8:80,
'i.le 'i  aa, a   a ],a *o, 10:110, 111 iWf* 11 iill, 11 tint. 11 .SO, 12:10, 12:80, 12:50.
I<*R|{KV—0:15 ii. iu., 11:35, 11:55, 1:15, 7:35, 8:00, 8:30, 8:10, 0:00,11:20, 9:40,
10:00, IDiJO, in 10, 11:00, Ilj&i, 11■ '". I2:U0, 12:20, 12:10, li00|,.ni,
Ai.K.VA.vi,iiA I'aiik 1:101>. in.. 1:80, 1:50, 2:10, 2:110, 3:30, 3:10, 3:30, 8:50,
lllll, i:"u. 1:50, .'iin. 5:30, fnUl H'lO, ll: n. 11:50, 7:10, 7 .:;<>, 8:00, 8:30, 11:00,
|l:3ll, 10:00, In:"". II UU, 11:30, 12 IW,
I'kiiiiv-I:2i) n in . 1:10, 2:00 2:20, 2:10, 8:00, 3:20, 3:40, 4:00, 4:20, 4:40,
5:00 5:20, 5 10, ii:UU, 11:20, 11:40, 7:00, ,' 20, i 10, 8:16, 8:i5, 11:13, II:43, 10:15,
10:45, 11:16  11:15, 12:15.
si in.,- i.iis -mr! [ruin Alexandra |>nrk al 8:10, ami i-nnneal willi Ilio8:30
Tlii- iim,' tabic i- aiilij ri tu alteration. \V. II, IIunhuhv.
To Our Friends.
' Sn    i
MKMIillS   KV)   Ml lllllll SI.
Urge stock ol HOME-OKOWN fruit
nml Ornamental Trei.- now uialtin-d Ic
thu lull trade.
No ,'i|,aii-.', Ion ',r delay ul  luili
nation oriii*i'",'ti'iii.
Hawquarteri i. .r r.n IAi Coast-grown
(ianlen.  Iiiid, mid  liini'T   Si'cIh   III
IIKK   st I'l'i.ll,-    Cnray   Pumps,
Wliala- Oil Soap,  Qrut iiIioiim   I'laml
Cm Floweri, Bulla for Fall idaiiting.
Weil" lin-ini"-"ii utiriiiii. urouiitli,—
im rent I I'M' mi'i uin |iri'piir"l I" meul
al I com petition,
l,et un: price )<"ir li-t lii'fure placing
yotu nnil',,
(llUl'igue Ir,'''
M..1. III.NltY.
,')l|10W,'Ktniill,'*terK""l. \';ii.""ivr, B.C.
'■ill    i 	
tliTIII ll ii. SMITH
ItumMiT. Solirilfir. toy, Ktfc
Tttvw i '' JI (:
imi wm over lit n -I iionilitf,
O'ei llie loved onci here and yitndi r,
h i.k iir, hoping, ttuitlni *W »ui,
i |,,i ii iin ■ ire r I ull nn blewl rt
ii     Irli ndi'i m winy I n,"iiif,
I ur tiirtlii) Ihiim belonging;
■ layi begun,
i ui || olui«. fourHttl (tun.
n   m ii rwlmmilmve,
. im  .,   lei a. love;
il m I ml i 'osi'Hni
||] .. , i. , || in ■. ■ ■:.«.. i idl
mi       ihi    *ii   :
li,-! wm   ■
II itoi    i     » iin
Tbe unia Un i bring "llnpilrMow,
liluok di    . nml il -wn ymi know.
rbocftUic nmi   (ton brlngi us (iall),
iMiiuRiit tint l,tint 111* *K*IQ'
in* mind w\ n«vei brood dlnjiilr,
Wiin upward look m i onward boar;
Wiiofor lu-Willi J loj ii iti i rivi,
All iMtlUK psaoti lion kinu lohluve.
Tin* Iniiirenltenleiiils mil. ok
Wo ail tinii mtet upon iii   rink
Ol lUminfll mu   . Wlliru pOICl »Iik11 dwell.
Mku Irtgrftncelt) n rony doll.
in tlmt 1 -Utirr llien we'll know,
rf our Ihci wlillo liere bnlotj
MnK Iti mm; v,ty been lliorn,
it) tin: eini wi ilnn bivfl burnt,
Methlnki wenll will come tn we,
Our »ftrin wen' whut we'd Imre tbom bi;
Our Intent ion ( e tlmi oipandi
Prepare <i .r m n<i for better land,
Mv venc hihv 'tin be lenglheucd thut,
In word to each nnd in ol tu;
iii'ji,iii-t,Hnd kind, and true,and pure,
'Twill brlu| ui peace loi evi i ion.
,\ii«l wiieit thlipoei u^ sone Aote,
\\ i lookluguown uti tlioBu ha lovei,
ii, prayei will be lor vi» , io Him
Wlm wo Idl bM bttllt, ni'i |i|KUttkIriimo.
And when iliydaypand yean unfold,
i. '.■',    i   bod) growiukold;
We'll waii-li and wmi rout oouilugo'er,
. in, tn tt,,. otner ibors
--H '*  Dipk
Nunii Vwcouror, n, i\, December 19, IW,
DO( rOH ^> SPECIAL (watkrpkoof)
THE   IM K • BAK    umiki   ",,
uml ovurything nt win Pancy Slippers
Pyke's Shoe Store
516 I1a»ting» SI. V(.
ii. a. s:uw
Real 1st ate and Insurance
Quarter-acre leis $15,1; tj
down, S10 a montli; no inter,
Cleared Lotfl 1 lil n 1, from
car, S300,
(ornrr Scioml ,i»J Iaiai-.al.il.-. MIRtll HMOHIH.
Call in and see what yon can
get in your own town. You
will be surprised how much
parcel-carrying you can save.
Hotel Norlh Vancouver,
■' 1.,'-. *■'••*■ *v
'"" "" I t'l-i^i'-rm
New and
J2.(l(l pit
atul up.
Rato, lor
Ferry Service Every Half Hour to and from This Hotel
to Vancouver! I'. Larson, Prop.
Wholesale and Retail.
tH Powell St., Vam ouver,
Ale and Stout
I,, BolllBM,  ta,'U-, ""'I   I',' -a
ihr i'"i|.,i Brewing Co,, lid,
Tl''!..   I',l
Wi' will Itirnisli beautilul
Calendars, illustrated with
local landscapes, jusi the
thing tn Bent] awaj (or a
Christinas or New dear's
card, Sizes ;>,.-^': inches
and   ir4\i.t    inches,    On
view    at    Till.    lixi'RKSS,
For Cihristmas Goods
dii TO
J. A. McMillan, North Vancouver
SMOKE THE   . a.  i
HF.aa K Ma' BOIIIK, M. A , I. I, Ball, ll.
BCIIUL-n. B.A.I A   IV, II ,.,,'KH, II. A.
tiii'iiiissu. sciiura k HhRPKR
'liirristers, Solicilnrs, Niilnries, lie.
' IIIUI ,     It   N   A    lllllllllllli  V«n, ,',iv.r. mnl
I llllll llluf'k, N"i!li Villi,uliv, 1
4 *\


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