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 Local Meeting;!.
City Council Mooting, urttry Montlar, 8 P.m.
Diatrict Council Masting, mrv Fridsr, 7-15 p.m.
Bosrd ol Trsda. Third Tueatlay, 8 p.m.
Board ol Trada Kxt-cutivt, Unl Tuesday, 8 p.m.
School Board, First Friday, 8 p.m.
Local Meetings.
'Knights nl rylhiai, i-woiid and Fourth Monday, 8 p.m
Athletic Cluh, First Momlay, 8 p.m.
Younp IVnple'a Club, Every Tuesday, 8 p.m,
lltirtit'iiliiiral Meeting, Beeond Wednesday, 8 p.m.
Firemen's I'ratliee, Kvery Friday, 7.30 p.m.
Address by Sir Charles Hibbert Tupper Under the Auspices
of the North Vancouver Conservative Association.
The Conservatives here turned
out iu (ull force to listen to Sir
Charlee Hibbert Tupper on "Political Issues of the Day." Msny
also from Vancouver availed themselves ol the opportunity to heat
whst Ihe member-to-be for Pictou
had to say regarding the motnen-
tuoiii questions concerning the
Dominion ss s whole, snd British
Coluiuhia in particular.
Mr. A. K. Steacy, president of
the locsl Conservative Association,
presided, and besides him on tha
platform were Messrs. W. C.
Glsdwyn and C. Wentwarth Sarel.
Mr. Steacy, in a few well chosen
words, called the meeting te order,
and proc-eded forthwith to introduce the speaker af the evening,
stating thst he did not wish to
tske up the time of the audience
which had gsthered to hear Sit;
Charles Hibbert Tupper.
Oa rising, Sir Chsrles was met
with loud aad prolonged applause.
He slated that the subject he wu
about to deal with wai embarass-
ing because oi the infinite number
of questions which might be
called important as political issues
of the day. He was pleased with
the large number that had turned
out at this aseeting to hear him,
especially the noticeable number
•I ladies.
Sir Charles announced that he
would deal particularly with the
political issues which were within
the grssp ef his hearers.
No matter what might be thought
of the Provincial Government,
no opportunity would be afforded
voters to pronounce upon these
issues for severs! years, while with
reference to the Dominion situation, an opportunity (or the expression oi approval or disapproval of the conduct oi thai government would occur with a few
months. The squsndering ot
public (unds snd other corrupt
acts oi the Dominion Government
would come in ior criticism from
the Atlantic to the Pacific before
the next Federal elections.
Speaking oi the corrupt practices Sir Chsrles said that the only
defence of the Ottawa Government
for its action waa the tu quoque
argument and the plea that Conservative governments bad been
quite as corrupt aa itself. The
query was not, did the Tories do
right, but have Ihe Liberals done
right ? The blunders of the Ottawa government, rather than its
crimes, would not be tbe substance
of his remsrks. He dealt exhaustively with thf attitude of the
Conservative government when it
was in power, and showed how
Sir John A. Macdonald had
claimed for the people of Canada
the right to negotiate its own immigration laws with foreign
countries. Under the Conservative Regime Canada had claimed
absolute right to regulate ita im
migration aflaira and while that
party was in power the right had
been exercised and had never
been disputed. Sir John A. Mac
donald had been able to maintain
Canada's supremacy in the matter
of immigration, and he challenged
anyone to aay that Sir John A,
Macdomld'l arrangements had
not been satisfsctory to Canada or
to foreign powers.
QThe Liberals had claimed a
heaven-born genius to negotiate a
treaty for  reciprocity with the
United States, and Mr. Fisher,
when he was in the cabinet, had
staled that what Canada needed
was reciprocity with the United
States. The result of Mr. Fisher's
argument had been a trip to
Washington, costing the country
l34,ooo, including sn item of
fin 35 for sosp.
" It will take a good deal more
than tbst money value in sosp to
wssh the linen of these people in
Connection with thst matter," said
Sir Charles, his remarks being
greeted with loud applause.
Touching on the Alasks bound-
sry question, which Sir Charles
was so intimately acquainted with,
ha said that two out of three of
the arbitrators chosen by Canada
had previously given expression
to opinions directly, at variance
with Canada's interests and that
they were previously committed to
a deciaion adverse to the Dominion. Canada had insisted upon
the appointment of Lord Alver-
stone upon thst commission, and
the only man who could stand out
against an adverse decision were
M. Jetle and Mr. Aylesworth. In
this connection Sir Wilfred Laurier
had stated that from time immemorial Dyea and Skagway had
had bra the possession of Russia,
and that the property in these
placae had paaaed to the United
States when that nation bought
the Alukan frontier, and when
the United States case hsd been
plsced before the arbitration board
every word of Sir Wilfrid had been
quoted againat Canada's contention.
"It wu nol the bungling of a
British diplomat which had done
ua the wrong, but the utterances
of the Prime Minister of Canada."
Tho speaker recalled the pledge
of Sir Wilfrid Laurier prior to the
1895 election, with regnrd to the
trade relations with England, and
his promise to send a delegation
to England to advocate a preferential tariff and his subfequent
putting sway of all proposals (or a
preferential tariff and of every
principle upon which such a pro-
posal could succeed.
The recent immigration arrangements with Jspan were full of
errors, blunders and wrong concessions, said Sir Charles. He
was spesking from the point of
view of s citizen of Csnada, and
while he had no privilege of suggestion, he put forwsrd the argu*
ment that a great transcontinental
railroad company enamored the
government to an indecent extent
thai one of the cabinet ministers
had left the ranks. The cost of
labor involved in the construction
of the proposed new line had resulted in the present situstion.
While the United States had
stipulsted with the full consent of
Japan, thst it must slwsys have
the fullest control of its immigration affairs, and while Canada,
under Conservative rule, had
stipulated the same thing with
reference to the Imperial treaty
with Japan, the Ottawa government had overruled all theae sentiments and bad entered into a
treaty which had brought about
the present conditions. The government of British Columbia, as
early as 1*97, had placed itself on
record as against Oriental immigration, and Canada had ssid
under Conservative rule that it
would have no part in any treaty
Which would allow an Oriental influx, but the Liberal government
had promptly disallowed every
Nstal set passed by the local
government. The local government could draw much comfort
from the decision of Chief Justice
Hunter on the Natal act, because
tbe chief justice had said in effect
that the act can be enforced
against all but Japanese.
Sir Chsrles said it is difficult for
anyone but a subject of the Mikado
to get into this country without
being able to pass an educational
In referring to Mr. Fisher's
visit to Tokio some yeara ago, the
spesker said that he, a bachelor,
had come back enamored of all
things Japanese, and particularly
of their love of their country and
their homes, and as a consequence
the Japanese are more favorable
to the government than British
Sir Chsrles ssid that Sir Wilfrid
Laurier stated that it would be
foolish to act without thinking and
without reflection, and, ssid Sir
Charles, who was tbe fool? If Sir
Wilfrid hsd tsken the care to find
out tbe facts in the case the present Oriental question would not
be before the people.
The chickens that have come
home to roost on this matter have
not come home because oi the
mistakes of British diplomats, but
from the nest of Sir Wilfrid Laurier.
The speaker read the following
letter given to Hon. Rudolph
Lemieux, by the recent Japanese
treaty-makers at Tokio : "This
government will give careful consideration to local conditions prevailing in Canada, with a view to
meeting the desires of the Govern
ment ef the Dominion ss far as
these are compatible with the
spirit of the treaty and the dignity
of this Stste."
Sir Charles could not understand
why there hsd been all these bothersome proceedings on the pert of
the Dominion government when,
at first both the Japanese and the
Imperial governments had been in
favor of restriction of the Japanese
immigration. The wishes of the
people of British Columbia has
been utterly disregarded by the
Ottawa government.
They have been the jackals and
are the jackals of some great corporation that needs cheap labor,
explained Sir Charles, answering
his own question as to why thc
present treaty arrangements hsd
been sanctioned.
Sir Charle-* rediculed the French
trade treaty which the Laurier
government had recently made,
comparing it with the "Little
French Treaty" of the late Conservative government.
The speaker contradicted the
statement sent abroad by the present government with reference to
his peraoaal expenses in connection with the Behring Ses sealing
question for the Imperial government and for Canada, showing
Hon, Mr. Brodeur had, through
the clerks in his depsrtment, sent
abroad a ststement derogatory to
himself in the matter of the expenses of that award. The slsnder of
the   Minister   had    since    been
Continued on Page Four.
C. E. Jorgensen, C. E., has
taken up residence on Sixth street.
Mr. C. B. Blair, of Port Moody,
was in the city on business this
Mrs. L. Bruce Hodge will be st
home to receive on the first Friday
of each month at the residence
on St. George avenue, near Sixth
To Rent—Well furnished house
with all modern conveniences.
Apply, Corner Fjrst street and
Chesterfield avenue.
Messrs. Fyfe & Duke have had
the misfortune to have a valuable
row boat stolen (rom their boat-
For Sale—Number of canaries,
good singers; also 120-egg Cypher
incubator. Apply to Mrs. A. E.
Kealy, corner 17th and St. Andrews
Robert Ward & Co., will build a
combined residence and store on
their property at the end of tin-
Keith road car line to suit tenant.
See ad elsewhere
The Echo Logging Co. have resumed operations on their timber
clsimon Jams inlet.
Mr. and Mrs. Glass, who have
been visiting at the home of Mr.
R. Brearton for some time, left
for their home this week.
St. John's church is anxious to
have the surrounding property
clesred of the stumps snd logs
thereon, and have organized an
old-time bee to do the clearing.
Those desirous oi witnessing aa
old-time bee are invited to be at
the church Saturday afternoon.
The subject for the weekly debate at the Young People's Club
Tuesday evening was a mock
breach of promise trial, which
proved to be a most laughable
affair, both to the participants and
the audience.
A restaurant will be opened up
on Hoskins road in Lynn Valley,
by Mr. Cripps. This shows that
things sre booming in the valley.
Councillor McNaught handed
The Express a sample of tbe
prolific growth of vegetation in the
valley, in the form of a young
tree, which has grown seven feet
four inches in one year.
Mr. C. M. Murray and Mr. F.
F. Busteed, new superintendent
of the C. P. R., were the guests
of Mrs. Ross, Second street, on
Sundsy, Mr. Busteed having
been an old school chum uf Mrs.
Messrs. Campbell, of Ihe Mol-
son's bank, C. M. Merritt, of the
Boyd-Burns Co., and Mahoney,
of thc Royal City planing mill,
have been appointed inspectors to
look after the affairs of thc Western Corporation until such time as
the business is straightened out.
The creditors of the company met
in the office of the B. C. Trust
Corporation, assignees, Monday
afternoon, and, after looking into
the affairs of the company, expressed themselves as satisfied
with the outlook.
The Orpheus male voice choir
held forth in the Pavilion Wednesday evening before a small
audience. From beginning to end
lovers of music (mind perfect en
joyment, the rendition of the choir
u well as the quartette being ex
ceptionally deserving of credit.
Mr. Moore, the funiosity man,
cracked his jolly jokes and sung
his funny songs in his old time
witty wsy, delighting both old an I
young. The proceedl were in aid
ol St. John's,church.
Mrs. G. W. Sugden, of Lynn
Valley, arrived home on Monday
from Victoria and Ladysmith.
Her mother, Mrs. D. Page, accompanied her to spend a couple
of weeks.
A lecture will be given to the
ladies of Nortli Vancouver on
"The Advance of Medicine," on
Monday afternoon, Match 2nd, at
3     p.      Ill   ,      UnaMil     1,      lll.llll 11,11 n
Building, by Dr. Alice Fuller.
The Express, ft a year.
Messrs. Larson and McMillan
have begun excavations for their
new block next to The Express
office. The building, when completed, will be two storeys high,
the first floor being fitted up (or
store purposes, while the up
stairs will be used as living mum*.
The building will be 27x70 feet,
and will be a valuable addition to
the Esplanade.
The British Columbia Electric
Railway Company is calling lor
tenders for the erection of a I.i 11 <■
addition to the carshops in New
Westminster, which will double
the capacity of the works.
Mr. Bob. Ritchie has been appointed instructor for the N. V.
A. O, and also manager of the
club rooms. The cluh has been
particularly fortunate in securing
Mr. Ritchie's services, as he is
well scienced in the manly exercises connected with an institution of the kind. He will give
lessons on boxing, dumb bell exercises, trspeze work, etc., and
will be found in the club room on
Monday, Wednesday and Friday
evenings for this purpose. Intending pupils will do well to
avail themselves of this opportunity. Any person non-members
may visit the gymnasium on these
nights and see the work being
done, although members only will
be allowed to use the rings and
exercises. North Vancouver already holds a prominent position
io the athletic arena, and the
splendid athletic stock to be found
here only needs training to In aide
to compete in the big events of
other clubs and win honors. It is
to be hoped enough interest will
be manifested to ensure Mr.
Ritchie of a permanent position
in the club.
B. C Union of
The delegates to the annual
convention of the above society
from the city and district are this
week in Nanaimo for lhat purpose.
Mayor Kealy and Aid. Irwin
r present the city, and Reeve
May and the municipality.
Much matter (or thc genirsl
welfare of the province, and
especially the municipalities was
discussed, including the nei* ity
of better law enforce ent throughout the province; the regulation of
telephones, telegraph and electric
light companies; the prohibiting
of Sunday shooting; lhat all
places of subdivisions in municipalities should be signed by
registered owners before being approved, and that all existing arrears and taxes be paid before
final approval was adopted, that
the Lord's Day act be vigorously
and immediately enforced through-
the province; and the election of
Mayor Kealy was elected on the
executive committee.
A delegation was appointed to
wait on thc government with a
view of impressing the advisability of a home in thc province
for the care of the deatilute.
Busy Night for
The City Coundl
At Monday night's council meeting considerable discussion took
place over the idea of inviting
Admiral tvans and his fleet to
Burrard inlet. Not so much in
evidence was the good-will of such
an auspicious occasion-as was the
cost of entertaining while here, aa
the Mayor pointed out that the
city's portion might amount to one
or two thousand dollars, which
seemed to him, as well as seversl
of the aldermen to be a little steep
at the present financial standing.
The matter was laid over for another week.
A letter from the city solicitor
regarding the bonusing of the
Wallace shipwards, Ltd., stated
that from a legal point of view
there was nothing to hinder the
council aiding Mr. Wallace in the
establishment of his proposed
large shipyards here.
The water committee reported
favorably on the application of
Mr. P. Larson (or water extension
connections at the corner nf Mahon
avenue and Nineteenth street.
The committee also recommended
that 5,000 feet of pipe be purchased.   The report was adopted.
Thc application for a light at
the corner of Mahon avenue and
Fourteenth street; was not favor-
ably reported upon by the fire and
light committe, and as a consequence no light will be placed
there. They asked that fire alarm
bells be placed in, the residences
of the four firemen, which waa
Aid. Irwin gave notice of a bylaw to establish'the. grade on
Lonsdale avenue, from the north
side oi the Esplanade to Eighth
street, and" First street grade from
Lonsdale east to the bridge, between St. Andrew's sod St.
Patrick's avenues.
A by-law amending section 2, 3
and 5, of the local improvement
general bylaw was introduced by
Aid. Irwin. When those changes
ire made all expense connected
with any ordinary or special improvement on streets or sidewalks
would be charged to the improvements on the frontage tax system.
Any improvement done by any
private individual on streets or
sidewalks, tbe parties making th^
improvements would be allowed
for same, the engineer to estimate
the amount of work done.
The fire by-law was given ita
first reading by Aid. Irwin.
Thc proposal to erect a (10,000
hospital here, did not meet the approval of the council, inasmuch as
tlic heavy expense connected
therewith was thought to be too
great for a place this size. Mayor
Kealy suggested leasing one or
two rooms in a private house to
bc fitted up for emergency casos.
Aid. Braim moved that the council act on this suggestion, and that
a suitable room be engaged for
this purpose until such time as an
hospital was established, and that
the City and District Councils liesr
the expense for same. The hospital
building was laid over for future
The council then adjourned.
The provincial estimates (or the
current year as (ollows: S.il.u.is,
1249,960; public works, $1,255,-
960 j miscellaneous, which includes printing, stationery, bounties, donations to institutes and
associations, provincial board,
health expenses ami salaries, rents,
etc., etc., 1193,695; administrstion
of justice, 129,750; education,
1*1,605 (not including salaries. THE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B, C.
Tur. Bxmil I'kinting Company,
Nori'H Vancouvxr, B. C
II. Williams, Manager.
The Express is delivered in Ninth
Vancouver within a radius ol 12
blocks of the office. All outside
this district is placed in the post
Kates of Subscription :
One year        -      •       J1.00
Six months    -      • .50
Three months •       • .25
United States ind Foreign, $1 50
per year.
All subscriptions must be paid in
Any person not receiving this
paper regularly will please notify
the office. No paper stopped unless notified either by letter or card
Who Pays for
Your Advertising ?
Ritchie Favorite
For Monday Night
Who pays the cost of advertising ? At first sight this question
looks easy, One is apt to say offhand that the advertiser pays it.
But upon closer investigation, it becomes apparent that an advertiser,
who advertises properly, gets back
all the money he spends advetiit-
ing, aud a good deal more—else
what would be the use of his advertising *'
The purchaser doesn't pay it,
because he gets the goods cheaply
from an advertising firm as he
could irom a non-advertising firm,
In many cases he buys cheaper.
Then who pays the cost of advertising?
The non-advertiser does! By
the lack of enterprise in bringing
his goods belore the attention of
the public he loses his customers,
who buy from advertising people.
The profits which ate lost by non-
advertisers find their way into the
coders of those who do advertise.
As an example: If Uo spent in
advertising brings you in jjn additional profit, your advertising is
paid for and you sre f 10 in pocket
A dilCO'ery which mav !e,d to a
valuable find was made itt Lynn
Valley by Win. Burrell while
digging 1 well. When down
about six or seven leet snme sand
was struck, whirh is invaluable
(or the manufacture of ceim-nt
blocks. Should this sand turn out
to expectations it is thought that a
Cement block factory will be established in the valley.
Dominick Corvcn was charged
before Mayor Kealy on Tuesday
with d-^ing blasting work without
complying with the blasting bylaw in not having proper pre
cautionary measures taken. A
large piece of stump had been
shot up and landed on the roof of
a house occupied by an Indian
and might have had serious consequences. Owing to the absence
of the contractor, the case was en-
lacged to Saturday.
It is stated that the report of the
commission which has inquired
into the civil service, and which
will be presented soon, will recommend an all-round increase of
salary of from fifteen to twenty
per cent.
The government estimates for
the year includes 119,000 lor roads,
streets, bridges and whuvei in the
Richmond district.
1-1. Dam ey, Itreet car motormai',
of Victoria, was shut in the jaw
by BMtked rubbers, at the Gorge
hotel, Wednesday evening. After
threatening the landlady, the nun
forced her to open the till, and
then made ofl with its contents.
No clue to the desperadoes has
been found.
... wi* •*.i.*Sv
1  hila       I  ■***' *1» J./
"_ ,t/t_is$Mi&
What promises to be the best
boxing contest seen in British Co
lumbia ior many months is the
Miller-Ritchie affair next Monday
The fact that both men have
been hard at work with their trainers for days past, makes a good
fast contest assured.
A special feature of the coming
bout is the fact that the men have
signed articles to go fifteen rounds.
This will be much more satisfactory to the public, and as the same
admission at popular prices will
be charged, a crowded house is
A special C. P. R. train carrying Salvation Army immigrants
from Montreal to Vancouver has
been arranged for. The immigrants are expected on the Dominion liner Kensington, which
arrives in the eastern port on
North Vancouver audiences display about as much interest in
local events as does the Russian
The estiniated.cost of new buildings in course of erection is conservatively placed at J 150,000.
Percy Cove, a one-time well-
known glove artist, is hack in Vancouver, and wants to arrange a
match with the winner of the
Ritchie-Miller bout next Monday
The story of the emigrant: 1
lived, 1 loved, I lied—then I left.
Seventeen Chinamen have for.
warded a petition to the mayor of
Toronto, asking for the suppus-
sion of gambling among their fellow countrymen in that eity.
Mr. L. Reda, of the Palace
Hotel, left last week for Boap
Lake Springs, where he will take
a course ol the baths.
■*'-' tlie Information il Intending
settlers and others, that wleotlou hai
keen niinii' ni tin* 3 800,800 acres si Und
situated in the PitiU'c liiver Valley,
Province of British Columbia, granted
in iln* Hiiiiiiniuii UovernmaR) miner the
provisions ol SsetlaUi 7, ol 'An Aet relating to the blend Railway, the iiruv*
ing Duck uml Hallway Luml- uf tin*
province," Imtanch luml m unt opeu tu
entry under Ihe l.niul Laws of the
'I'lie black M'lt'i leil li described us [ollows : Commencing m a paint MW
iniii'H Kuiiili ut tin1 Pease Kiver, uii ini
I20ih MiTnliiui, being ihe Bartara
boundary ol tin* Provim*, thenee Ment
7j mill" uml :w,m attains, thenee Nurth
it miles and IS OS chalna, thenee Kaat
7,ritniif-inmi:iM.iii iiuiiiH, thenee s,nth
to the point of eomtnencement, (allowing Ihe moth Meridian, mnl rontaiiiia|
approximately it.fttio mm scree,
Notice iH Ainu Given thit, »lth a view
to facilitating sett lenient in tin* Valleys
ol the Peace, l'urstiip and Pack Rivera,
Iln* lollowing l>flt nf Innil forty milcH in
width, and attending XI mllse n ench
aide uf the I't'iice, Parenlp aad Pnil
Riven hn» lieen reeervau for actual
K'tller.,tnlie iti'i|inri'.l In pre emotion
un 1 niniir lhe Laml Act, niicIi IiiiiI nut
lii'iii*: u'»en fur nale, leane, liei'ime or
nlier alienation under the i-nid Ait except hy pre-enipliiin.
Commencing sl the intersection ol the
w.'siiTii boundary ef the Mock uf land
■elected liv the liuuiiniuii iiiivi'rniiient
vtiilitln' i'eaee Hiver, thence following
the Peaee Kiver ainl Parsnip Hiver to
their confluence with tin1 I'at'l* Kiver,
snd theuce lollowing ths Pack Hiver to
the |niiut where i*aid Peek Itiver leaves
Md 1 bake, ami extending fur » din*
1 nm*.*uf 10miles oe imll erne ef wild
Hirers and approximately 170 miles in
All lllllll* Hillside the Imlllldiirii'S «l the
Dominion Government Grew ind the
reserve iilimi* il.-irili-.l nre u|icn   fur
location under the laws ul ihe Province.
h 111: un Bliit I, North Vitniuuirt. 321 Cordova St. la-it wi.,.,.
' PIwm 37 ■ Plioiw 349J
WaaaiT Lm-waaa Kiinim march ;rn.
NORTH v vmiii VII!
I'riie CMh Dewrlplion
ll.mnl      |       611)      I   Oncucre.pKrllycli'iirt'il, tauli-innil un, Si'ii'iiiarnil, Kiii'i'l
l.mit)     I       ial      I   l.niiwiali) .viiiiiii', Lot tli lilnili 2\t* n. I* Mt, i)iiiiri.*i > at n*
t'lf.ri*il nrHileil, lencti'l. Avar) nn**!-.' lur tin* mooer.
301) K       I     I'*.■niitlflll.t   lllliall'tl  Hill*  1.I..I-L   In   11   I.  lull   hull  ., inlt,.
|        ii.ani kD|liili Hay, uviTlaaiiltliiK 1-uiih.y Part nml tiny.
All the belt Ca n ml ion makes.
Nine to 18-inch tops.
PRICES, $4.00 to $9.00
.516 Hastings Street
Actum Chiel i'iiiiniii--i 'in r
uf Lands und Workw.
I,iiiid. and Works Department,
Victoria, September nsih, I'.hi7.
mirth mmm fury & power co., ltd.
Time Table, I9.>7
J. Drown and E. Conneselleto
Were each fined >io or eight days
for being drunk and incapable on
Tuesday morning before Magistrate Kealy.
Geo. Nye laid complaint against
Hint; Kee of an infraction oi the
health by-law, by dumping refuse
in Ihe creek near Second street,
and which came up before Magistrate Kealy this week. As flu-
complainant failed to appear in
court thc ease was dismissed with
Mr Mildmay's recital of The
Merchant of Venice in the
Pavilion on Monday evening did
not prove a very great attraction,
owing no duuht to the scarcity of
advertising. The different characters were well portrayed, Mpecj*
ally Shyl.ick. Mr. Mildmay sliuuld
•eek larger cities in which to h Id
his recitals, as Shakespearian
lovers are usually scarce in small
On Saturday car No. 60 arrived
back Irom the car barns in Vancouver, where it had been shipped
for repairs. Some time ago this
car tried to run awav and upset at
the corner of St. David's avenue
and First streei. The car was
brought over on a scow along with
a quantity of rails.
Mr. Wm. Moore, the well-known
funiosity man, leaves next week
for his home in Ireland. A complimentary entertainment will be
given in his behalf prior to his
departure. Mr. Moore has many
friends here who will wish him
bon voyage.
A first rate preliminary has been
arranged, and this will serve lo
whet the appetite of the spectators
for the main event which follows.
Every seal in Larson's pavilion,
commanding a clear and unob
structed view of the ring, makes it
an ideal place for the event.
Bob Ritchie will be the favorite
with the majority ol the spoils on
account of his former victory over
Miller, but the letter's backers
will no doubt be there with plenty
of coin.
The men are meeting at catch
weight, which gives a slight advantage to Miller, but Ritchie
makes up for that in speed and
Miller can always be depended
upon to mix matters from the tap
ol the gong, and as Ritchie sayi
things cin't be too fast for lum, it
looks ss if there would not be
much time wasted in sparring and
The North Vancouver Athletic
Club is promoting the match,
which is a guarantee lhat every
thing will bc managed in a way to
luit the public.
Boxing and Wrestling',.
Singing and Smokirg
Those who Ittendi il the athletic
club's smoker in lhe club-roomi
Tuesday evening saw one of ih
best programs of the seceon. I he
committee having the affair in
hand spared no pains to ehltre
success, and tlieir endeavms in
this respect weie well teiv.tiiltil,
although the attendance was rather
slim. The program was a lengthy
one and well selertetl.the numerous
songs received hearty incorec, and
tlie boxing ami wreetling was
most interesting. Messrs. R
Townsend, Pooley, I'ry, Nelson
and Wheeler, ci Vancouver, sup
plied both music and singing, as
did also Mr. Kobt. larn. Stoney
and Hamilton went three pplendid
rounds oi tming, likewisi Smiili
and Tarn, and Larson and Cottell.
Rod Renshaw went on the inai
with Mr. Nelson, of the V A ('..
and obtained a fall in tlui in n
minutes, and alter a llu minute
rest went on with Hub Row lev.
who succeeded In throwing Ren
shaw in six minutes ul fast and
bard wrestling.
ln the smoking lim* lhe (lul,
supplied plenty of good tobacco
and Missouri nieersham pipes, and
when the program began tlie air
was blue, but everyone smoked up
ami made themselves at home.
From a financial standpoint the
smoker was not a great sm cess.
ii'i'i/niM m inn or 1,11 v\a
*'     ill   the IHA!   II «etltl| "i  llie  Ituiirtl
ul     '     l*il-l*   l'l.lllllai-1-iaaln  |-    |, ,T   t lit*     I'ltl
iii Vaiiii Vnm* .uv. r, I -hall apply lur a
reinil Urease iur ihe Mile ul spirituous,
fi-riiii'iiiid nnd other ii'in*"- 111 bottle,
lor tlm premlaN known ta lm I, Hock ".
|l. I.. NS, "ii l.iiliiadille nvelille.
A. ll STmivnf,
Dated »t Nuriii v.tiit..iiu*r, 11 1'.,
Da-tfiiiber iln, Inu,.
.inn \uo\ Fun i.ii|ioK utntj
voncin hubby aivri that
*'    ul  lhe meeting of Ihe   Board  ol
Uovnahai CotntnlasJuotn lor the i'ny ui
Nurth  Vain..in 1 r, lu Ih*  lit'ld on the
set 1  Wclne-aliii* uf   Match,  IM,  I
shall npiilv for n liccine for llie -uie nf
sptritaoea, fermented nr other litpiora m
bottle, ior the premises known »» the
middle •hfcj**nr store in the Kilmy M..r-
iikii hl.K'k. situate uu lot l'. lubtflviaioa
■ al iota HI mel 19, block IW, di.lri.-i lot
271, in the l'il\ ..I Nurlli VaneOMtft
c li. Hasan
Dated .11 North Vancouver the 6th
day ul Deeemher, IW.
im.i ■.,.T!!i\rnn.iiji»R rail
i"    ul Ila.* in xl iiietiiiu ul the Heard
l.iiinii i uiiniiis-i *r*i Mr llu' I'iii  ul
Nurlli Vu * ■ in.i.  I slull apply (or 11
ri'tail li'*' n.e iir the -.de "i seiritneee,
h*riiitiiti'l iiiiii "llii r liipmr- in bottle,
fur lhe iT.iiiin-Iiiiiiii 11 11- int. In mnl
STT.AMER                   STKAMI I:
STrAMPR                   STF.AMlit  ■
'     ST.  UEORBK.'      ' N. VANCOUVXR.
•H.J0A. M.                     	
•7.80   "          .       ' .,,....
U,t»    "                    ......
.im •■             «*« A.M.
H.45    ".            ' 1015 A.M.
10 16   "       '        1P.4S   "
10?45   ''                11.15    "     .,
11.16   "                U.46   "
.11.46   "*,.■'    12 15P.M. '
12 16 P.M.           ■ 12.45 P.M.
12 I.'i P. M.            1.15   "
1 1;,  '•                 1.46  "
1 15   "                2.16   "
. (J   ■'                  2.45   "
Mi  " ■          t.U 1 «•:.  .
11| :..-» "
:i.i5  ",             4.15   "  '.
4.16   "* '                LIS   "
4.46   "                 5.15    •    " ■
| 16   "                  6.45   "
5.46 ••*'                 " 16    "
ii.16""'               «*46   "
7.26- "    ''               	
tl.45  ".             7.15   "
7.45'-«                           '
S.45   "                     ....i.
«.45   "              .   . .......
10.15   " .      .
10 45  "                ,.'...:
•1I.:I0   "
I          j,
•11.45   "
IO x 240
r Iiii! preini
, lllucla IM,
..,_-._ .   .di-iricl lot 2."l, on nm
slri*.*l. en*, led ii' i- r.liu^ lu i.Iiiiik :ui*I
■pKilcntnM Iii !»' fiihiiiiiliHl l.lr llu*
appruval nlmM board, nil iu the raid
lih ..I Nurlh V ni". 'liver, ll.l'.
Wn, II. Smith.
Close to saw mill antl plank'roatl J
ten minutes'from tar; unlv $300,
Also a lew 1^4 a^les lor S200;
ttrpis, to'f down, Uio |\e'r Month, '
House lo let, 6 name, all conveniences; splendid view. Also
one lor sale; $100 t-a-th and .<*;>
per month.
Iwo perfectly cleared lots oe lom-dale Avenue
^^^   $900 ench
„  UCCTOt* roi innn  AUK
—   now line and hvable rn Ihe Olil
11*11. tin nml idler March l*ith iieii
Ul dog" iinhi'i'iiwil will he laken |>cm-
-p.-l'ill of and de,trilled
TiioMAa Siiai'iiKitii, City Clerk.
North Vnnrniivi-r, It. 0 , Keh. 2s, lyOR
llaladal Rorth
veiiiUr .1., IW07
1 lllliullver, B.C., No*
\rrur\Tio\ IN U|MI IIM
ViiTU'l*'. I- HI lti:itVi.l\I.N THAT
^    ut the ne»t 11 liM "! Ihe Ituiirtl
,,1 1 I,, ,„,* i'a innn..i'.n.r* lor the inv
„| W1I1 \niiiu'inr. I shall atipl* I r
all hotel ll.elite lur llie raleul•|ilrilnou»,
lernented 01 nlhrr liqoon, fm ihe U
ri„,M, Irn  I.111I1I11111. iiiiinle'l on ihe
■...uiuiiir r-il. In diitriet lot Wi t~*t
m*   N,» \\. -tllllllfltlT diialriit.
.Ions McIkmii.
linictl »t Iterth v»'""""'f. '''* (''
January 10, IW,
For lhe Farm, Garden, Lawn
or Conservatory
Iteliiilile vnrietie-i at reaaonahle price*.
RoBoren.  Roleaie, No ynml|ellni
tu al.iniii*;i* hIih It.   No windy »xciil. to
annoy you.   Iluv direct nnd iifl Tfi-
,ui*l -1 ed. thnl Km*,
perlllineri, llee Sll|i|ilif», S|iray I'llliipn.
Hpravinf ilatarlal. t'nt rlowen, Me.
Old|.»t   enlnl'li-liiil   iiurwry   on   lhe
iiminlniid of llriliidi Coliiinliiii.
l'*lnlo|*iie free.
llllll   WmrviiviiTSH   Kiiaii.
I ieorge Hartley has this day, by
mutual consent, retired ln'in the
Kxpress Printing Co. All d'hts
due to said firm will he toilet Wi
by the toinpanv, and all liabilities
of said concern will be assumed by
The BtfUU 1'KivriMiCo.
J, B. Wn .mams, Manager.
North Vancouver,
Jan. 7»hi '908
It'inporary Ullire   K t'udiiey'*
I'alnl l*hu|i, l'.-|,!.tii.i*li-
Nokiii Vvnuiivhi, II.  C.
rpni*:   rsiiKiisn.Nni  1-   ftW
*■   pared to dn nil kunl* ol I'leiiriiiir,
(]fnbMn| and St ti tiij.i 1 nt lit uuiitraet.
Pllll.ll' I1I1AM  I.
Kimtsirret West,
Nortli Vancouver.
(mi iraiawi •«< a i* i«*i wmm
lun..)- liml.'-a. WalW teman, MlfstM
la|ia. Timil
.,.!.. 111 k 1 un.l* -.ii*|ii»i.i"ni,itc
.1111.. in.- ■ « •       I isini'vr.R. a c
,m, M'l tin PCBLtO
l„i*,,\ar   i» all ■■   tarn '**■
Miami    l'*-" ' »"*i Ili'ltmil".
tfHi,e    ll*t*i- **i  **! I-'
M»n»iier I'T tin ('"iiiini'rrial
Pfot, , live  *   1 i' ll .
officei-I'm-iT Br., I* or Lwenau
1*1 tl 1 11 IM
AMI   Al» 1
Oeneral Teaming
(iood Dry   OwdtVld delivered  sny
•ben in the city lor |l.00 a cord.
Orders wilfcited.
Fourth Street, Imtwren 1/in-dnlr *ml
t'lie.tertield *ve.   i'linne fiT.
('uini ill sin! ww »lnl yon can n,.\ in
our city. We can compart* (avorahly
with nny "lore of our .ise uli the Pacific
Our Crorkery snd (ilawware llepart-
inenl i« no* ready fur ini.|iet'tiuti, nJmi
nn 11'vant lim ul Jewelry.
All wa »lk i», do not Ko to Vaiicoiiver
for iinvtliiiiK in our line till you have
ftii ni a vi.il.   lie loyal to Nortli Vin-
I'aintkks Atiii I'ai'Kkiianoiis
Giainers    Gu-ins    Signs
Oi'P. 13TH SrailT.' ^
, Jputiitiiiy Survuyor and Architect
f.iciciii Hraaer, rnasis Lvs*»ali Ava
NORTH Vi.NCOl'VEB. llll-   li.\ I II I'ni.i, .1 wil a aa
North Vancouver
Real Estate
Eve$& Lawson
Genuine NorthVancouver Specialists
Business Sna|)s
I,i>t mi Second Street, tfppoeite falaec Hotel, cleared, trrailed and fenced. Size, 60xl$t)t Onlv
|22(iO.OO cash.     ■
Two Lots on Lonsdale Avenue, between Second
and'Third streets. The oh^pept buy in that
vicinity. $30*00 eaeh. '$10*90 eueli ; balance,
six a.i)d twelve months.
Fine Lot on Kir-t street, facing inlet. Suitable
location- for Store. $'2200. $62.5 cash ; bal-
:   . ance, six und twelve months.
ETouieand Two  huts, bouse renting for $15 per
'month.   This is on Fir-t street, atul will soon
.    be  worth  double  the  price   asked,   $.V>00.
Half cash ; ba'umce, six and twelve months.
Second street and Million Avenue, on car line. We
liave 75x120 feet facing inlet, cleared antl
graded, with buildings on same drawing rental
of $50 per month. This is an ideal corner for
Hotel Site. Price $SOOO. $2000 cash; balance,
six, twelve aud eighteen months.
Second Street
AnotliiT flue curnOr, cleared and graded. $4500.
$1500 cash ; balance, six and twelve months.
Here is another on Second Street.
Large Lot. cleared and graded, size, 50x120, facing
inlet. ' Price $1100. Half cash ; balance, six
and twelve months.   This is a good buy.
Third Street
Splendid Lot close to tram line, 50x130. Tills lot
il rough clean id, no stumps, and can easilv be
put id gond shape: Pi'iiv sl'jun. $300 dash :
balance, six, twelve and eighteen months.
Double (.'oilier on Mahon and Third, cleared
and graded. Size Hiu.\120. Price $4500. One-
third cash ; balance, lil and twelve months.
We have 100x120 feet, close to Lonsdale avenue
facing Inlet, beautifully cleared, in fruit
trees. Price, $l,50O; $1,500 cash: balanoe,
6, 12 and 18 month?.
A (Ireat Snap, close to Power House, and Facing
Inlet. Si/.e, Wxl32. Price, |600; $800 cash;
balance, ti and 12 months.
Twelfth Street
Municipal Council
And Court of Revision
l'revious to the regular semimonthly meeting, the council convened hs a Court of Revision to
consider several applications for a
reduction in tlie assessment.
Tlie assessment on Mr. Fell's
property In 1). L 264 was reduced
from 1*400 to -J375 per acre.
J. D. Wolfer was assessed $50
per lot for 34 lots in D. L. 601,
according to tlie old plan of tliat
suli-division. Tlie latest plan
showed the property to be subdivided into 24 lots. This the
council accepted, with tlie assessment on the latter number of lots
The assessment was reduced to
$75 an acre on Mr. John Duval's
property in Lynn Valley.
The council was called to order,
and, after the reading and passing
of the minutes, the following communications were disposed of:
From J. P. Fell, acknowledging
the acceptance by the council ol
the plans submitted by him of deviating the Keith road at the park.
From the Indian agent, stating
that owing to the Indian complainant not informing the department as to the act committed, they
could not recompense the council
for the costs in the case.
From the clerk of the municipalities oi Burnaby and South
Vancouver, and Mayor Bethune,
acknowledging receipt of communication regarding the proposed
inviation to the U. S.'fleet. Due
consideration will be given this
proposition by the respective
bodies.  , •
Mr. Cripps, who applied for
water connection, was given tlie
same privilege as other residents
along thc pipe line, namely, that
lie was allowed ta make connection to the water main.
The Reeve brought up the subject regarding the expense the
council was being put to in prosecutions of alleged criminal cases.
1 lie following resolution was
tinally moved by Councillor Mc-
Naughtand carried: "That, whereas, the municipality has been put
to great expense in prosecutions in
criminal cases in the past, be it
resolved that before the municipality takes up any prosecutions
in criminal cases, an examination
into the facts of the case by the
Reeve or other members ol tin
council before this council takes
action in the matter.
The matteroi public parks being
formed on some of lhe lands owned
by thc municipality was brought
up by Councillor Nye, who moved
lhat a committee be appointed to
look into the matter and report.
The engiucer was instiucted to
look up suitable location*.
A lengthy report was made by
Engineer Cameron, and also estimates ol the installation of a water
lyatta for the settled parts of the
district divided as follows: Stalling Irom Mosquito creek eastward
to l.ynn creek. This portion was
divided into two main areas, No.
1 area from Mosquito creek east to
llu int.■isection ol Lonsdale avenue or thereabouts,  and   No   2
eastward from the ivenue antl including the Lynn Vallej, The
estimated cost for the easterly division was 113,400, ami the westerly section slN.Soo, a total of $24,-
200. The report was laid over for
further discussion.
The assessment roll for the year
amounts to £2,631,104.
A rebate of taxes was grantetl
Mr. T. S. Nye. Robt. McNair
was also rebated {33 to for taxes
for properly in D. L. 1131), which
was taken out of his hands by the
Notice was given of a by law to
borrow $10,000 for the purchase
and installation of roadmaking
The Reeve, and Councillors McNaught and Nye were appointed
delegates to the reception committee to the U. S. fleet.
North Vancouver Land Dlatrlol, District
ol New Westminster.
Take imlii't'Hint I, Wverl liensnn, ol
Vantonver, 11.0., oeenpatlon miner, intend to apply I'T 11 special mining license
over tin* fullniviiig described luntls:
Commencing 111 a pii»l |*liuil.*il nn Iln*
H'aiiili Mali* iit l.viiii Valley Hiiiiil, alxn.t
tort)' (IO) eliaiiiN east nl St. John's College ami adj inin** John t'laverie's
claim, thenee nortli nighty (80)•.•Iinin-",
'it'iicti west eighty (SO) chains, thence
south right v 1 KU| chuins, 1 hence east (tttlj
Julius, tn tlic polnl of camIlll'lll-l'IllCIlt,
I'aaiiininiiig sit hundred nml forty (040)
acres more or less.
Dated Jsnusry 7th, 190K.
Sawmill Will Fesume
Operations Shortly
llnvi  IiiiiiiI 11 large supply nf I'n lit
blocks, in,nh* fruin freshKliter -ninl.
Samples mny hu seen at the near
cement it-hielice on Sccoiiil street east.
Kite o|i|il. ic Its Kxlli.
I'ull piirliculnrs can lie hail from the
Western Corporation ollice, or write to
Norlli Vancouver, B. O
Proposed Local Improvement
***    CIL ul the City "I Norlh Vtui.oii-
The sawmill built and operated
last season by the Western Corporation, and which has been
closed down since Xmas, will
shortly begin operations under
new management. The company
will be known as the Diplock*
Wright Lumber Co., two men who
need no introduction to the public,
having for a number oi years been
identified with the Western Corporation as president and manager
for North Vancouver rcipectively.
Prospects for a busy season are
assuring, and we are informed that
it is the intention of the new company to run the mill to till the
orders on hand, besides cutting
lath, shingles and ties. The
capacity of the mill is 30,000 feet
of lumber per day, 40,000 lath,
25,000 shingles and 3,000 ties per
day. Two up-to-date planers are
also in connection, which enables
the mill to provide all kinds oi
building material,
Electricity is the power used,
three motors, with a combined
unit of 312 horse power, meeting
the demands in and around the
mill, while donkey engines aie
employed iu hauling in the logs.
About forty men will be employed,
and, as in the past, the men will
find lodgings iu the company'!
camp,    .
Messrs. Diplock and Wright
deserve thc support ol the public
in general, and builders in particular, as they intend supplying
lumber as reasonable ai can be
purchased elsewhere.
verintend- lu uiin-lnn t   Hie   l,,ienl   111
provements set out iu llu* schedule it|
pfiiring below, and ml I- to assess
portion ol* the tinni cost thereof upon
the real property benefitted therein,
fronting or allotting thereon, and held
linnli1 for assessment therefor.
A statement showing the lands linhl
snd proposed to lie specially asseisetl
for the said improvcni oits and the
names of the owners .hereof, so fnr ss
the names can he ascertained from the
Inst revised assessment roll and "llier-
11 ise, is now filed in the ollice of lhe
Assessment Commissioner, nnd Is npcli
for inspection during oftice hours
The schedule below shows the enti-
mated ensl of tlie imprtieeint'iits ami
the proportion to he provided out of the
general funds of the city, if any.
A Court of Revision will Ik. held on
the Twenty-thin! day of March. 11108, at
the In ur ni 7 ;30 p. 111., in the City Hall,
North Vancouver, B. C., (or the purposed hearing complaints agninst the
proposed a-sessnients, or the accuracy
ol frontage measurements, or anv ether
complaint which the persons interested
desire to make, ami which is liv law
cognitable by the court.
Assessment Ciunniis.-niner
Norlh Vancouver, II. C, February
27th, 11)08.
I Miniates Given on All
Kinds of Electrical Work
Cor. Lonsdale and Second St
60  YEARS'
Eitlmst'il K.liin.t-
tm., i.a*!   clly lo
No Proponed Itnrp.iremt'iit
1. Clearing, grading nnd
illlahlllg   ot   11th   St..
bet. St. Ueorge's and
M.Andrew'sAves ,and
laving nl sit-loot sidewalk on north side
thereof; n'so grading
and ditching of 11 tli
St. bet. St. Andrew's
and Uidgeway Aves,
and laving ol sii-foot
sidewalk on north side
Ihercol  $2,100
2. Maintenance ol Ottawa Gardens snd llieir
et|uipmenl (one year).     |9fl
Dtiio-ie    1
,,,,. COPVRMHTa Ac
Anions tmilttn s ilil'l snd taarlMim man
qui,**, 1. McorUln our oplnltm traa wtvslW so
ln».iiilon 1. iinih.l*lrr««ftlsM*. Ttininiintm.
tloM.-lri«d;r™Bd.!it(i™™™'J - --—-
If ill Uf. OlalMt tftucr tui «s*onu« psi-aiU.
KPt-lal ruUct, without cfa-ura, la lis
Scientific American
A himl».>ni«lr Uluatrwted wirtlj. Luto* otr*
rol.tlim ol Mr sdsnlllM Snonii. Tsrnu toe
ru-adi. 11.15 • taai, pious, pnpud.   SoM br
tll uewUMlf 1%.
Come and
See Our.
J»      NO.    9     a*
(toner ol 9fc George »vwo.e, This is a beautiful
location, when good reiidenoM im Mu
eiVctd.   Size, 180x110.   I'riee, $2,800; $l,;,:,(i
cash. bal.iiiiT: 6 ami 12 months.
Corner Lonsdale and Fifteenth St.
Tho size is 100n I'ii I. All Cleared. A Bpledid Corner for a house or store. Price, $2,800; $1,000
cash; balance: 0 and 12 months.
We have twoo/iiuter acres elenreil. close to Lonsdale avenue car line. Tt*' prioi il only §660;
cash, one-half; balance: li ami 12 months.
A large lot for Little Money
Only four uf them left. They are close to Lonsdale avenue. The size is ">d.\122. I'rice,$150;
$15 cash; balance: f10pfcr month. Nu interest
I onstbilf Avenue
Contractor and
House   Builder
Nurtli Vancouver Land liistriet, Distiict
ol New West minster.
Take notice that I, John limine, ol
Vancouver, It. ('., occupation miner, in*
'* iaaltaiit|i|.lv lur» «i*c* i.ii iiiiiiin*' license
,er tlie Milium**, descrilied lands:
Ciimniencini al a imst planted on the
-"ulli side of l.ynn Valley Knad, slmiil
Inrlv (10| chains east nt fl .Inlni's College, thence nnrth fixity (SO) chains,
tliclii'f west clghlt iMH I'hiiins, tlli'liec
south lightv (K0| chains, Ihenee east (W)
chains, 1" llie point nl ciimmcncciiiciil.
containing tun hundred and lurly (IHO)
acres more or lest
John Ci.avssis.
Ilntetl January "th, IVOH.
16tb Street West
Lonsdale Avenue
Opposite City Hall
Thompson Block
Phone 6. P.O. Box 43
Corner of Fourteenth and Bewick Avenue
jusi OOMfl ITI ii
'.ixotintants,    Auditors    (■■ n. i.ii
Commission  brokers
leal Itlalc 4gent»
1 III! IMR .11!
tmmmm IM
Six Rooms, Bithrootn, Electric Light, Water.
terminus ol Keith road car line, ill U. L. 205.    1 rospecu
please apply for particulars to
Corner Hasting* and Homer
Or any oi the Real Estate Offices ia North Vancouver
A Cocks, mated 10 high-scoring MM
Eggs |1.H an.l " pal I''     Clear eggs
en-hanged*   a h* <****" '"r mI'''
11  Iltl'lllMACllKK,
21st street and lxm&tt*~~m
Kills, I'lillei", Tli'iriiiighhrctl.
I). MeCUAlG,
611 lllth avenue,
Mt. I'L ..-a..t I' C.
Rolled Oats
Haij ond Feed
ii., Brackman-Ker
Milling Co.
Harry Mitchell, local manner,
LoQttUla Avenue.
Fine, healthy Tomato and
Cauliflower PlanK Krown from
Sutton's Seeds, always on hand. THE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B. C.
HNE HIGH LOTS IN BLOCK 29 Politica! ls^ps >Modfly
Tcrnu, iiiic-f.iiirth cash ; balance, li, 12 and IS rubnthl
i   "m
>      2
<      3
>      tf
1      *-*
S/xteenth sr.
161 Cordova Street, Vancouver, B. C.
1836      THE BANK OF      1908
British North America
One of Canada's Strongest Financial Institutions
Total Assets over $30,000,000
This Uank has a record liehind it ol nearly tl rec quarters
ol a century ol successful banking in Canada, with
assets increasing every year  until  they  now  exceed
Money Advanced on reasonable terms— Drafts bought and
sold—Matey Orders ami Letters of Credit issued payable
in the leading cities in the world.
Earmci-.' and fruit Grower*' requirements will be given
special -attention.
Office:  Cor. Lonsdale Ave. and Esplanade, North Vancouver, B. C.
H. R. HeWlU, Manager.
British Columbia Electric Railway Co., Ltd.
Cars leave the Ferry Landing (or Queensbury Avenue, Twenty-first
street and Lonsdale, Winch street and Keith Koad as follows : 6:1 j
a.m., 6:45 a. m., 7:15 a. m., 7:45 a. nt., 8:15 a. m., 9 a. m. 9:40 a. in.,
10:10 a. m., After 10:15 a. m., cars will leave Queensbury avenue,
Twenty-first and Lonsdale avenue, and Winch street and Keith Koad
at five minutes to thc hour and twenty-five minutes past the hour.
Cars leave Nineteenth street and Queensbury avenue, Twenty-first
street and Lonsdale avenue, Winch street and Keith Road as follows:
6a. m., 6:30 a. m., 7 a. m., 7:30 a. m., 8 a. in., 8:45 a. in., 9:15 »■ ■•■
9:55 a. m., 10:25 a. m. Alter 9:40 a. m. cars leave the Ferry Landing
at ten minutes past the the hour and twenty minutes to the hour.
\^3"   All boats are met by the cars.
Hotel North Vancouver.
JJ   1 1 per
and up
Rates for
Terry Service I very Half Hour to and from Ihis Hotel
to Vancouver. P. Larson, Prop.
Rainier Beer^>
Ir 1 liorio^i lirviTiip'—quMoUng anil
satisfying.   Ki'int'iiilit-r there's im  other
"jimt an pond"--insist on getting Rainier.
Vancouver, B. C.
recalled by liim, but not publicly,
and Sir Charles vindicated himself from the odious charges which
had beta made to do political
service in '.he east.
It looks as if the federal government is preparing to make a
plunge this year, said Sir Charles
in conclusion. An election may
be looked for this year. No matter
how confident you Conservatives
may let.'Ntliat right will intimately
triumph, anil no matter how much
public opinion may be at your
back, you cannot hope to win
unless you are thoroughly organized, so that at the drop ol the hat
you ma*,' teach Ottawa that present
Condition cannot lie permitted to
prevail in Canada.
At the conclusion of the address
Mr. lim linssnn rose from the
audience and asked for a definite
statement fioin a representative
of the Conservative party as to
whether the matter of Asiatic
exclusion would be honestly faced
by that party, and whether the
party would tackle the question in
such a way as to satisfy the people
of Hritish Columbia. Ile said
that both the Dominion and Provincial governments had fooled the
people, anil Mr. Dorden on his
recent visit had appeared lukewarm on the subject.
Iu answer Sir Charles said that
to answer the question would be
to place himself in the position of
a doctor who had been asked to
pledge himself to a prescription
before he had been called in to
prescribe. He pointed out the
irresponsible pledges of the
Liberal government antl saitl that
the Conservative government in
189J bad sent word to Kngland
that il would have nothing to do
with the Japanese treaty proposed
then unless Canada could conserve
the absolute control of immigration
to this country, lie would be
presumptuous to say what the
leader would do when he came
inlo power, but no man could
speak more emphatically and to
the point'than did Mr. Borden.
Whether he won or lost there
would be no more light forthcoming on his position than he chose
to give in his speeches while on
the coast.
Whea the Conservative party
comes into power it will keep
faith with the people and not do
as the deceivers ever who are now
on the throne at Ottawa. Sir
Charles then resumed his seat
amid loud applause.
Chairman Steacy called for three
cheers for the speaker, which were
heartily respondid to, as also the
three cheers for the chairman. A
vote of thanks was moved and
unanimously carrinl.
The meeting then adjourned.
1 lie ciiy has provided a stretcher
for emeigency cases, which can
be found at the police station,
City Hall building, at all times.
The large Japanese shingle bolt
1 .imps in the Rice lake district are
closed down.
Mountain climbers report that
there are about ten feet of snow
on the summit of Grouse mountain.
Sunnyside News
ID TRUSTY INCt'IIATOH< AND     "ave rnnrilanltn laid nut now.   All
Cede Hatcher*.    Highly  *-,■„,,. •""•"'''"■Wi[**«.    .»pert pruning
grafting anil budding frull trees.   All
liml. nl M ami "''"I. «ii|.|ilii'il at tlie
loweil price*.
mended by our cuitoniiri
33J4 Wettminiilorrave.,
Between 7th anil 8th.
Vanoouver, B. C.
Cor. Rt. Bjtmft Ave. and Tenth Kt,
Xortli Vancouver.
On Sunday a large party ol W111-
couverites ascended Grouse Mountain, where they spent several
hours snowsVoeing.
Mr. Wm. J. Dick is spending a
two week's well earned rest at
Harrison Hot Springs.
Mr. Alex, i'hilip, C. M. C,
spi nt a few days in Victoria this
Mr. W. Owen has begun the
erection of hii block on hirst
street east. The building will be
two storeys and a valushle ad
dilion to the rapidly-growing business section.
Mr. G. A. McBam's new office
on Fifth street is nearing com
People aie reminded that it
pays to patronize home industry.
Nothing looks so out of place as
to see a load of groceries or a load
of lumber being brought ovi r
from the other side ol tho inht
win n the saint* can be purchased
ai cheaply on this side.
Our local blacksmith is out of
commission just now, having got
a nasty wound while shoeing a
tractions horse.
Mr, Chas. lilair is doing a rushing business willl the ferry these
turns. He is talking of putting
011 two more new boats. That's
the way, Charlie, some people
Miind here thought you were not
capable of running a business, but
tliey are rapidly changing their
Miss. Sadie Peers, of Nortli Vancouver, is spending a few days
here with her brothers, prior to
going east on an extended visit.
The fire brigade had a run down
to the east end last Monday night
for nothing. Some of the fenians
were holding a pow-wow with some
of their chiefs and had a lion fire
burning. Some othercitizens seeing thc blaze rang in an alarm.
Officer Milne says he will put a
stop to it or know the reason why,
as this is the third time that proceedings of this kind have taken
" I can't help it," was the remark passed by a party on lhe
street the other day, "if the Port
Mootlyites are. jealous, who is to
blame if our girls are pretty f "
Two individuals blew in here
from Vancouver and had dinner
at the Sunnyside cale. " Good
gracious," was the remark of one
of the waiters as she noticed how
the food vanished Irom the table.
"I think they must have been
lasting for a week."
Rev. Dr. Mackenzie, of Prince
Edward Island, will give a lecture
on the " Ascent of Man," in the
temperance hall here, on Friday
night, Feb. 28th. Mr. Mackenzie
ii a very clever ind interesting
speaker, and those who can ivail
themselves ol the opportunity .of
hearing him will no doubt receive
a great treat.
Some daring thieves broke into
the Trimble block Tuesday night,
on the corner of Main and Jeff
streets, blew open the safe and
secured some valuable papers.
No trace of the thieves has been
iound as yet.
Mr. Edward Peers is contemplating a trip to Prince Rupert,
where he is interested in some
timber claims.
Thanks, Mr. Editor, (or your
introduction, and from what I can
learn you arc a good conservative
and a general favorite of the ladies.
I think j 011 must be alright, alright
I was up in the woods the other
day to see Messrs. Flories and
Cummins fall a large fir Iree, eight
feet through at the butt It wai
quite a signt Jo see it crashing
through the small timber to Ihe
ground. Tii.ntUM.
Harbor View Tract
City Lots
Size 50 x 145
PRICE:   %17Z.OO  AND   UP
The most centrally located and best lota in the City ol North
Vancouver Ior the price.
Do not (all to make your nlectlon without delay while you
can purchase at lirst cost.   Pricei will anon be railed.
Further particulars, mspi and price liiti lurniihed free 00
application to
Cor. I onsdale Avenue and Tilth Sl, North Vancouver, B.C.
■im ruiNiMt* nem »h inr ceAST
K.tu: $1.50 PER
Special Kates to Families ami Regular Imim
Hall-hour lerry connection to ind Irom Vancouver. Hot Mil cold
water In every room. Return call belli in every room. Birber
•hop in connection.
Second jtrut,   -• -   -   •   NORTH   VANCOUVER, B. C.
Send  in your ordnri  now for Dry
(irecn-Cut Clear Kir.
Stove lengths. |ieronril, delivered.$8 50
furdwninl. length., .1,'liicri-il $4.(10
In itnek.   Innn.iini.' delivery.
Shingle Mill
Cor. ttrri St. nil 1 ..nia.lilf Are.
QjFtmW orde rt it Waldron'n hardware ► Iaar.*.
Andrew Ward ami I1'. W. Cody,
alias Williams, two youth* arrested some two weeki on charges
oi having htoken into a number of
summer cottages on the North
Arm of the inl.-t and having stolen
a quantity of goods, pleaded guilty
in New Westminster In lure Judge
Howay, and the former was sentenced to eighteen months in jail
antl the latter to Iwo yean,
Ninety-tint r timber wolves, killed in less than a month's time, ll
the record made by Janus Mc-
Intyre, of (Juatsino, whoprosint' tl
a lull to the GoviTnnifiit agent
f>r fi.t'lV 'he amount of bounty
at the rate of ftj per head.
Anyone hiring igoori lirm lor ule in
Weitern Cinidi may And i euh buyer
by writing it once, firing price and
deecription, to
Bt*mi Co-oriiAriri (Wirt,
23-c Mimrapolii, Uintieioti.
1 eiution their children of th* danger
mnl ol damage done in putting bonltleri
ind ill kind! ol girlnge in the chinnel
•irui i.liil throughout the city lor carrying iwiy mr lm- water,
The looliih miicreinti in now bring
cloiily witched by the poliei, and inr
one Inund placingobiliclt-i in either nl
the U'ki.t Chiniirli will lie proncutrd.
Whole Coffee
Ground While Yoo Wait
j. x. e* m. McMillan
Corner L»|)laoade and Lonsdale Avenue


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