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nu,ms reaching the people .ja
in tlnir homes. The Kx- |t|
press does that.
Phone 80
*•*•■ -dicmbiy
Jon Iai k
^•••^c*»t* *^* *x* *j* *c**C'* *•**•* *** *** *•* **• *r* *•* *i**«* *•******•
iimt pleases, .it The Bs
press (Illni.     linull Stock.
Prices right.
Phone Ni
.%.%.%.%.x-.*.>-x*x*>**M'->-.«W''>-> MIHMIIMIIIIIIIMM
lUyor «7. B. Hoy presided
.unl Aldermen McRae, Schultt,
Young, Dick toi Braim   wers|
presenl .1. iln 1 fulai ssssios ol
lhe cit)  COUacil,   Aluliil.iv it in
A letter bom Dr, Pagan, pro
\im.i.il   initlii.il   health   uliner,
Botiiyiag the council that enti-
toxins inn BOW I'e supplied   ill
quantities, was referred tu thi
city medical health officer,
Engineer Hants wrote, lo the
effect that hs is BO* prepared
to submit 11 report with ltlt-r-
enee   to   3rd   Stmt   permanent
grades. Oa motion ul Alderman Dick, a meeting ol 3rd
street ratepayers, the contract
ors, and the council will lie held
.,11 Wednesday evening, to  hear
tin report.
A letter oa behall dl J. C.
Keith,   rs  continuation  ol  ^
drain Imm his property on tin
Keith ruad, was reierred lo lhe
board "I tmiks.
.1. P, Maine, ol the board   .il
railwat commissioners, ia '■-
plv loan invitation ui the council that tin- loiiimissiuni-rs visit
taaiih  Vaiiiuiiver,   staled   that
tin, board will endeavor lo I ml
time tu visit Nurtli Vancouver
llpull tlieir return from Vii tun i
Clerk I" write the commissioners at Victoria to arraags  .1
Geo. 11. Cowaa wrote (rum
Ottawa, advising the cuitncil
that he Bad tareltlllv COOM-deWd
the terms of ihe application ol
the v,1 1 \. Ry. with tin- solicitors "I the waterfront propertv owners, and was ol opinion that it affected the inter-
lists pi North Vaiiiuiiver. Ile
had requested Ralph Smith,
ihaitiiian ol the railwaj committee., to dels) uiisiili-raiion
ui ihe bill until March |th. Filed Clerk to (urward thanks.
W. T   Stein Mr Cu. wrote,   to
tin- effect that they were st 1
loss to know  why euuneil    had
arbitrarily decided to dispense
with iinir seniles, as during
llieir tenure ui office BO <liss.it-
isl.ulioli had been enpressed
with relerence to their serines
Tlifv further stated that it was
impossible to complete the financial statement by Hatch ist
and requested that the motion
relerred to be rescinded in order
to enable them to complete lhe
same. Reierred to the linance
committee for reconsideration.
A. A. Crowston intends erecting a house on lot K, block bu,
DL. :;i, and wishes a ruadwav
U) the same; board of works
to ,nt.
W. S. Creamer loiiiplnincd of
lhe condition uf nd street, east
of Lonsdale, and asked that il
be repaired! board of works tu
C. A 1,1 ti I Sun drew the attention "I the lUliinil Iii lhe bad
siati ui md street, tram Lous-
dale tu Malum,   and   rcipiisin
thai 11 be improved,    A pstl
tlnn is mi lib- tu liave tins vvurk
done undi) Imal improvement.
clerk  lu  write   tli.it    lhe   nuik
will in- expedited as much   as
A petition from L* Piatt  et
al, asking (or ruadwav and side
walk ull I |lll stleel Irom St.
Andrew's tu Rldgwav, was   lt-
iiiieil tu the engineer im ,1 report as tu ilet,tils.
' A petitioa (rum Iv T. Pollock
it al, aaldng for a wagon road
ami lutii' imil sidewalk mt 17II1
Itrtel, (rum Lonsdale lu St.Andrew \,    was    referred    tu    llie
hoard uf winks tu reporl,
Irwin ,S* Billings Cu., I.ttl., et
sl, wiut,i*. requesting that ths
council publish copies <>i the assessment roll for purchase bj
those who might rei|tiire lliem:
to be notified lllal tile staff BOW
have tlie vvurk in hand.
On behall ul the uwtiers uf I)
L. s-it. Mr. Bridgmas wished tu
know when tin water mam a iii
lie    extended    iluim  llitei -lisbiii t
ui   Sutherland  ave.: tin* won
will In* iinin* ,is sunn as llu ell
gineer has completed   thc  lines
uu the sick-hill streets.
A. R. sieaey, chairman m
the school board, again callso
iiu- attention ol the council to
llie urgent need ol a .sidewalk a-
loug 4tll street in lrolit ol tlie
school block, lie lurther in
quested council to appoint sn
auditor  to  audit  tne school
board accounts, He alsu N
quested lhat March i;th be ap
pointed ,1 half holiday, to in
observed throughout tin- citj is
arbor day.
Accounts as lollows were ur
dereti paid: Finance committee,
general, >t>4i; police, >34'vo" *
schools, "(005.511. board o,
works, local improvement,.-^,.
general, si^fijt.y-L-; walcrwork.*
coiiimiUee,   >.!bM.le.;   lire   ant.
light committee, )6i£< 75; ana
health committee So.
Alilermaii Young read lenders
from J. S. Emiiu-rson, llu
Lvnn Valley Lumber Co., am,
the Diplock-Wright Lumber Co.,
lor 200,(kk) leet of sidewalk ma
lenal, the lowest ol which was
that of the Diplock-Wright Co.,
namely $2580. Referred lu tin
board ot works to draw up
specifications and report.
On motion, it was deuded to
call a meeting oi ratepayers foi
Thuraday evening next, lo discuss lhe lerry purchase Inlaw
Tlie school trustees will bc
requested lo conler witli tin
council on Thursday evening,
wilh respect to Arbor Day.
Moved by Alexander Philip
seconded by J. R. .1. Murray,
"That this meeting ol satepa}
ers approve the action and work
of the city council in siibiniit
ing thc bylaw for ferry piiiilusi
and hope that tlie ratepayers
will heartily support tt al  tin
polls on Wednesday next".
The lact that after an extend
ed discussion, the ebon motion
was formulated and carried
without a dissentient voice "t
vote at the ratepayers' meeting
last evening, conveys in tin
most forceful manner the but
that the sentiment ul the rati
payers is practically unanimous
in favoring the bylaw as submitted.
Mayor W. H. May opened the
meeting, and was appoint*
chairman. In his opening remarks, he called special attention to the (act that Inlaws
BUfflbsc hi and b: complement
each nther, and that the lam
ing ol liolll was essential to tin
eficcting of the purchase.     Hi
also referred to the imleiiiniiv
bylaw ami commended it tu tlu
favorable .ic iimi uf Un- ratepayers.
Alderman Schult/ briefly   reviewed the strenuous sxpsrieni
es lli.il the iiiiitnil nut in reach
ing a basis ul agreement with
tin lerry compan]. ami main
t.iltleil that the pun 11,iiniii II,
llie Inlaw is, un a .utisel t altti
basis,  |]3,OOQ lower than    iln
pries earned ia tin- bylai which
was carried laat yeai
Alderman Vuting I.ml panics
lar stress UOOn tile ailt isalnlitt
ul ending all litigation ones sM
lm ill. bt tutitig lur ihe in-
demnity bylaw, as well as the
purchase liylaw ami   tin-  agree
ment bylaw,    Ile called alien
tion to tin- fail that, if lhe indemnity bylaw  diil   nut   eai 11
the case would doubtless be ap
pealed, ami ths iitv might havi
tu assume tin expense ul i.irrv
illg th*' matter   to   tin*   pnvv
council.    The carrying of   tin
S.looo would dispose of the
whole matter at OHM anil fur
all tnii'
R.   l'i.    Mailiaglttell   made    .1
Strong appeal tu lhe eleiturs to
stand by the indemnity bv law.
as the ratepayers were in iiuiiui
bound to d(), and as tin interests ui tin* utv demanded it.
W. 11. Hutibiitv  then lead    an
itemised  statement  of lhe  li.i
biltties incurred in tin- open
tion of thc motor boat service,
showing that the sum ol fjooo
would not enable him to pay
Outstanding liabilities, but
wollld Still leave debts lo the
amount of about I141 against
tlie motor boat service,
Alexander Philip then moved
the resulutiun slated above,anil
said tliat he had had opportunity   to   examine    llu-   lin.iiui.il
statement ol the ferry compan)
for the pasl year. He was
pleased to lie able lo state that
the profits earned represent a
return of a little better than
four per cent, on the purchase
pliCS ol >7o,uoo, su that tin
city would be buying a paying
proposition irom the start. The
motion was seconded by J. R.
J. Murray, who stated that the
citizens had an opportunity now
to settle this lerry problem satisfactorily, and to place the
city on the way to growth and
prosperity, and the bylaws
should carry a big margin over
the required three-fifths vote.
The resolution was supported
liy W. Keene, C. F. Jackson, W.
Morden, B. II. Haldcrslun, Jack
Loutet, A.EKealy, and others.
The mayor put the motion   and
it l.n md unanimoualy.
It was then moved In \\. I
Eisenman, and ssconded by R.
Iv Maiiiagliteii, that this meeting ol ratepayers endorse the
indemnity bylaw and request
the ratepayers to vute lur il un
Wednesday.    This motion    was
likewise  carried  aaanimoaaly.
Regret wa.s expressed lli.il lhe
entire amount ol indebtedness
was not covered liy the 13000,
alld the statement was made
that the debut should  be  made
prospectuses, $23.50; postage
paid >5; lolal, $92.39. This
addition raiders the deficit
yiy.70, alter tin- f3ooo is accounted for.
Since the above was put in
t\ [ii- llie Express is rei|iiesteu
to make a furthat explanation,
in SCder that   the   iiilortiiatlon
given the ratepayers may be
smalt accurate, lbs costs ol
Messrs, Davis, Alarsliall i*i McNeil win* rendered at tooo, nut
Alissi .    \Kl iiissan, Siliull/.,   i!s
Harper, solicitors lor llie 1110101
laioat company, ottast a portion
ot, lliis by costs  ol   their  own,
redwing ilu- liability to the lor-
iner lirm to F454.33, uie (Utter*
enn- being included 111 the tyll
of the latter lirm lor >buo.    As
finally adjusted then, tlie 13000
provides a lew dollars in excess
ul the ,11 inal liabilities ol llit
Motor Boat Company, loul
makes no provision whatever
for manager s salary.
The cilv iiuiiii il and the property owners ol 3rd slreet In-ln
a joint meeting on Weili'esdav
evening, to consider the report
oi City Enguiccr Hanes, with
regard lo the completion of the
work of grading tin- streei. The
profile prepared bv tin city engineer showed a perfectly uni-
lorm grade on tlie whole length
ol yto street, from Mai. 111 to
St. David's avenue. In order
lu elleil this as between Mahon
and St Andrew's avenues, tin
cuts and fills required are slight
not  exceeding  one foot   in any
Tin- above illustration slums tlm Steamer St. George
tvliicli, if the hyluws carry, bMQBM tin- property of
till- citv.
good  in  some olher way,
which the meet ing agreed
Manager T M. Heard announces thai the ferry sleanui
North Vancouver will be kipi
on the run during the BOOS
hour on Wedncsdai next, ior
the lunv'i-nieliii ti tlmsi* uh,,
mav wish to vute un tin* In
An  important   item ui information re tin earnings   ol   the
lerrv company, was broughl
out ai ilu- ratepayers' meeting
last  eveling, when it  was st,,)
ed bv Ale\.milei I'lillip thai In
had ex.iliillinl   1 COM of tile   li-
iiatni.il statement "i ihe com
pant lul tin p.isl ve. 11, alld that
1 lm , ,*,linings 1, pusiiil .1 profit
equal tO at least lum per   mil
mi tin- purih.ise pun under the
bfl.iw        As has been ubsiitnl,
il under arrangements prevail
mg during lonS, a prubl ul Irmn
four lii lite pel nlli   w.is 111,uli ,
it is imt iliilunlt tn sn prospect
uf muiii larger returns fruin ,,
serviie t il.tt will 1.iler tu the
COtnlbrt   and luim num e uf the
travelling publii There is no
dunlit that the   tt.iflii   i.m    I-i
largely    increased    both    in
means "i sdditiosal resnlrnis
and inun transit ill trade, ll is
satlsfaitotv lu ktmvv   that     the
purchase scheme represents 1
profitable proposition lium tin
lu sdditioa i" ihe Itemised
slati llli III ui liahilitil s llli luted
published  elsewln n   111   lli;
sue. Mr   Hiinbiirt   lias   handed
The BxpreSS a supplementalt
list as lullniis Expi Uses nl .|i
leg.lies   In   VktOril    ftO\    lib
grams to same, .M 4'**;  printing
inst.mn- As betWOOS St. Andrew's and St. David's avenues,
there will be a fill oi five leet
between St Andrew's and St.
I'atriik's au-nucs, and a cut ol
live iiei between St Patrick's
ami St Davids Tin- street
will umii' unt at the east end,
about six lliihcs bcluiv the present grade ul the ttaik ui thill. C. BL Rv
That purtion oi tin present
plans lium St Andrew's tu Sl
Davids, iliiuis radically fruin
llie plans un which the work
was undi I l.i kt II ill the lirsl 111
slanu, wlinli showed lu.ivt
grades both down and up,
throughout this sectioa   On tin
lurniil    plans   w.i*.   wiitteti   a
si.itiiiitnt, 1.. tin* iiiut   that
lluv  showed a permanent guilt
between Mabou and St Andrew's .iieiitus, and a  luiiput-
itt  grids   between   st   4i
drew s and Sl David's avi lilies
111 lhe inw plans Ilns feature
has Lu 11 eliminated, and a pcr-
111.1111 iit grade established 1..1
tin- iiiii length "i ilu street -is
A '.mini  leading ul the local
improvement inlaw appears to
bad tu the 1 uin lu liofl that    tin
city's proportion ul ilu coal 01
the wink has Uin lllldirestllll.it-
nl. -ilid that ill sdditioa tu lieing li.ild, im th, -i,,rk at street
Intersections, thi mt will bavi
lu pa) lur all mlierts and l-t
-ill iitts that 1 iceud Ii'in  bit
The utv  cllgltieu  was nisliiii
ted   In   plep.ili    a    new    repurt
lium iln- beginning  with unj;
llial b tils, tu presi nt .. prima
ntnl  glade and  tu ,slal,|is|i llu
relative ahnrs ol the coat ui tin
iilt  and uf the pTOpSrt-j  uw tiers
in terms uf tin- local iinprovt
ment bylaw.
■ t........................... jood^^^^^n^^^^iaj^^Di^
March cams in as 1 lion, lhe
morning ul thc first being greet
ed with a Iall ul SHOW,
The public schools started oa
Monday 011 then summer si Ind
ule, going in al y am.
It is expected tin* um  Angli
can church at Lynn creek   will
be opened in about three weeks.
The Merry Widow club dance,
held Friday night last, was om
ol the most enjoyable oi tin-
whole series ol the sea sun.
Vancouver City authorities
have lodged a protest against
the granting of water riguts lo
the City of North Vancouver on
Capilano creek.
P. E. Gregory removed to
this city this week and will reside with his family, oa 1411,
street, bstWUUS Mahon ,uiu
Jones avenues.
The new resiileiue ul A. |-,
Pollock, oil 17tll street east, is
now completed, and Mr. I'ol-
lock and lamily have taken lip
their residence therein.
The C.P.R. are figuring up.ni
running three daily trains mu
year to Hurrard Inlet, in urdei
to handle the crow ils attracted
to the coast by the A.-V.-l'. |ail
at Seattle.
Lost. — Iietween t;ih stun
alld the lerry landing, a pair Ol
gold brimmed pft-rta-rks,  in 1
case,  with  name "Hlaikbum,
on it.      Finder kindly leave at
The Express office.
William Cummiiig, ths local
dealer in boots and shoes,guns
furnishings, and clothing, hap
rented a house on 3rd street
east, and he and his lamilv ,m
settled in their new hotni
A large deputation will wait
upon the government at \ ictoi
ia, at the close ol the present
session, lor lhe purpose ol 11,
ducing them to uiulertake 1 \
tensive road builtlmg operation-
in Capilano.
The Ladies' Aid ui ilu- .Uti 1.
odist church purpus, holding ,,,
At Home next Tuesdav ,111,1
noon, at the resiileini .,1 .u,,
Vt. H. Braim, cor. 3rd and s,
George's, from 3 to 5 p.m Ri
frcslunents will be served
Jusi Irt-fure going iu presi
The Express reuiviii the billow
ing telegram irom Ottawa
signed by the president 01 tin
board ol trade: "DsksgatlOO si
here and well. Business hopi Iiu.
but uot yet definite. I) 1,
Messrs. Campbell it Mill, 1
builders, have taken a twi
years' lease ou a store mi l.uiis
dale, between 2nd and inl at is .
and will build a nuinlni ,..
houses m the utv this se.is,,n
At present they are building
three houses on Ridgw.u an
F  K  Bennett has  removes
to this uly Irom Chilli* ic,
and has taken up In- 1* Mm,,
on 1st slreel east Mi Ba
netl is .1 sun ni 1-.   .1    lliniii,,
steward -ii ths Badminton ilm.
and is employed oo  tin   teli
phone line thai is being lill.
to Granite Falls.
Thc Vaniuuver dsptttatiou 1.
Ottawa  has 1 xtta, I,,I  pi.aini .
from tin* government loi exten
sue Improvements tn tin hai
bor. Dm- ui tin* priacipli Hems
will Ik the widening oi tin 11,
trance at the First Narrows.
The total government 1 \|" matures, including dredging falsi
m-ck, will apptuMin.iti s *..-.<«., -
Frid.iv eti-ning last Miss Ed
Ila Mat, Mil slin I 1 ,,s|, , n|, 1
tallied lul )TOUtt| lil'li'l*.. ilu
tune being spun  III sm in Intel
course, gamse .md musii  Thosi
i" -m trott Miss N Philip,
Miss A. Pitt, Miss 1.   Ltnils.n
Miss h Qavin,   Miss .u  n
Miss K Dav, Miss \| Hall
MlSS N    \tunils.  Miss  I,     ll.
Miss 11  Pugkr, 111    1. i'' 11
Messi*.   (',    ll.,, 1,,    H    \\
C. Hut, c Gavin, K   u:.*
and W. Philip.
Fourteen men are employed
at the Swayne group ol mines,
Lvnn link.
J. .1. Woods Is! Co., lhe   new
real   estate    llllll.     upeluil    lor
business tins week.
An inebriated Indian (rom tie
Mission was inti sol >io, iiiiiii- local police conn tins west.
According lo dominion government statements, there are
ilust to 40,000 Asialns in liriiish Columbia.
A daily Height ainl passenger
seiv ne is 10  De istalili.aiieil    ,i\
the c.r.R. between tins  pori
and Laily siiiilli.
•C.l'.K. improvements to  its
system in UUS province call lor
tm- expenditure oi several mil*
lion dollars this yarn *
Belore the end ol the month,
ilnn laige vends will arrive
ni Burrard Inlet, io take export
i.ugais iii Alberta wheat,
lllolnas S. -\ye is building
ten new bouses oll L"llsilale
at 1 line nul 111, with a view iu
selling lliem lo lesnleuts.
lile lug Kttl  Willie alld    tlic
steam barge c laxton are being
ll,mini un ilie ways al llie Italian- shipyards lor repairs.
Tin- local lodge oi Pythiaas
contemplate battling a ball, in
the Horticultural pavilion,  to-
vv.uils ths end ol llie lllolllh.
Miss Milium, ths tinted telll-
perium i.iiuiu, was married
,ii \ ancouvcr last Monday,   to
Ki v A. 1. Rubinsoli, ol Sum-
liielland, B. C.
Special si rvius have this
Week   lieen   held  al   the  l'resby-
iiit.,.. church, at which minis
ters lium \.illunitii have assisted Rev. J. D. Gillam.
It Is i.vpuled that lully   tw
melt will be employed al Ule lo-
cal establishment ol the Wallace shipyards, A very busy
season is ahead oi the firm.
According to ths new harbor
regulations, all vessels awaiting
cargos, must anchor oa tins
1 the Inlet, leaving the
laiivvav      lo     thc     Vaucouver
till.uti s ibai.
lhe Maple Leal pedro club
lield their regular .session Tuesday night. In two weeks' time
the final session lor the season
will In I11I1I aud the competition
pri/is awarded.
Rcpuits iiirruii daring lhe
week credit ilu- c.r.R. with Um
intention ul erecting stssl wuiks
at Westminster Junction, with
tin* avowed purpose ol maiiniai-
tuiing locomotives at tins snd
"I Iln* line.
'Iln   I T I    lutitunplati    the
1 ii,iia.n .a large elevators iluse
In l 11.il   llal'.iui,   Wesl  ui    their
* wii,ims, in ordsf to
11.nuill th. grain trade     Thev
aii   I" I.,   read]  tO handle    this
• n.p Irom  Alberta,
Man)   pmpli   iall   intu   tin*
Habit "I looking su lal ah,lil
lul  sll..l.i s nl g I I. at I (ill.   thai
llli v uiliti It uvelluuk valuable
adv.int.ij;is n^lil   at   thsil  hand
• ■ I'. s   n|    Ihl    slnl IS   III
iiii  issu, .md avoid ilns srroi
111 tiiir billing
A special gent ral ua ling "i
tin  tin lulu 1    <>l I in   lluitii nlUlt
al   sm 11 it    will  be held  ill  the
If Ml. ulliiial  hall uti  the iv> 11
'.it, March 16th, iur
tin transaction "I important
business     All  Inti n i"l   sre
! vi   lliis dali
' wnii! iinin Ottawa
1  an sgreemenl his bein
arrived  tl between the   Nurtli
Vancouvei  delegation and the
A V. U.iilw.it. m the
1 ii. ' *i 1 *i.ir-u'ii "i timi nn
the in,imll I ot to give
iip.uiv any claim mo   1
Iv. legally, 01 otherwise tn an
•    iA   iln*   i",
sltinli'iu a,i tin   main hue    ' ,*
•ii tins .op.* ■],* it bung rem i-
'i, .1 .1 ui . ■   thai effect
inst tied in tin  liill and 11 |
ed in tin railway committee. THE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B. C.
Nod i ii \ ini ni ti:i'. H. C
s\iiTin.i:i\i,Al.i*: a UORDKN
l*i;"i*lill rou
Rath ii Bi w union i
One yen •       11.00
Sii monlhl   •        •        •       .''"
ll.l-' *    llHUllll- - - .-*''
United Statu iod Forslgn.tl.BOperj-.Mr
Till ,-UM       l'1-ri   la        ll'l I tTISSNaUtTS*—
.'ni ri ms per mill each Inwrtlon.
Sotii i -. I"    Ii "" per loch jnr
I.ltla   IM.   I'l'IIH 11  NUI ll  I 'IH al.lfs,  f.'i;
todays, 17.40.
I lm isTimsu In-i iii-iTiiiin, III
cents pet line each mbsequtml lour-
tion. ie. per line.
Rl ihim. NoTII I* it  I -ii u. Niii!. Cm-.
i us;— iii centi perils) -each inw-rtlon.
I'.itiiiia i   Am a mn si *,i-    Rain «r-
ranged « eonliui to ipsea lakeo,
All ili.iii.-i sin contract adverti-k-iiienti
iiiu-i i-a* in iln* luiiiii- nt iin* printer b
\V'*ilii"-*l.ii iveningtoenourepu nil n
in tin* in-xi laue,
.N'iiki n \ ini ouvi k. Mar, s.
Till-. M'iKin PURCHASE
Ii is ,i regrettable lad, but
undeniable, lhat a large pro
nun ni ratepayers custouiarilt
in.it uuh indifference such l.\
laws as in.,_\ I,,* lubmitted irom
iinie tu time iur ilu* opinion ol
tin- electorate.
Tin-  failure  ol   the   average
ratepayer iu raalise Ins respon
libility, ur to exercise Ins put
liege  ul   tutmg  llpull   such    "i
lasluiis,   uty   In-ipiiiitlt   plan*.
corporate interests ol uu great
est iiiipuilaiiii in the control ui
a number oi electors, tvhicfa is,
comparatively, tuy small, iim
usuii ui such a condition   is
lhat  ttliiu    the   result  is legal
aiid final, there is nes-crtiieleid
a duubl inu,lining as iu wnitli
el  lllal result was really  an el
pression ui ihe upuiiuii ol iiu
electorate as a srhole.  Anothei
result is, llial whui a small
vote is pulled, ullly   a  lew   Iial
lut;> an required tu swing wi
resttlt "lie way ur the othei ,ano
it thu i lute aOecomes compare
lively   easy  lur any   coterie    ol
individuals, whu lur any  luisuii
happen in in  particularly   in
lelisleil, by  pulling lultll a 111
tie systematized .unl energi tii
effort, i" control ihe result t..
tlnir satisiaitiun. iln general
principles and Un cogent reasons, it is always desirable lhat
tin hugest possible voti be re
i./liled Upon all bt laws submit
led  lu the people lui   tlnn   ui
(in Wnliii *il.it 1,1 \t, ilu rati
payers "i  the citj   ol   North
Vancouver will havi oppoiluni
Ij tu iiuiiii iheii tntes upon *>
llieasiiii, ttiili ft'bose late tin
Well.in   alld  llu-  llltlili   progrcSI
ol  lhe  uiy   is  ilusilt   linked.
The Inrgesl .mil  Inst  mi*
ul lliis i itt hau ihit   unit   im
thing tn  i'.n,   ian   ban
advantagi lo gain (com iln ml
lest ami  llu   I   , \] i, s*,i,,n ,,| ||u
opinion    ol     iln     deei
through   ui.   ballot   upon   ilu
nut  purchase bylaw,      Kvery
laiip.itu, however, owes il lo
llllllsi ll allll  in tile ut u  .
.iiinn ui tthii li lu is a nu iniul.
lu sei   lllal  Ills tnle Is i.ist    in
accordance   uuh   Ins   mature
judgment, reached allvi a can
iul consideration ol ilu princi
and I.uls intuited, Whet
a vuli I holds ill his band a l.al
lilt Upon all Issue ol sllill glial
llllpoll,iliu In Ills ult , U is Ilil
buUllillll   duly    lO   llie   Ills  jtldg
ment rcsolutil.   iinin all   pn
judiii. lium all personal   con
i'l. ration . iinin sll pelt)   In
llllellies,   ami    to   imIiIm     Iai
ii.iinhisi upon i.i",i.i principles
..I i ii:/i n-liip, hav iu;. elerenci
only lo ilu Inherent nu rits ol
the Issui in ils relation lo  ilu
i.iiiuminiit ,,. a uluili
The  li in,    ol    Ihl    ll : '       pill
ibase bylaw art  Iiu  n   ill   ul
Un careful consideration snd
oi the besl judgment oi ths
board ol aldermen, upon whom
it devolved in tins instance to
look alter tlu interests oi thc
ratepayers, li is sale to sa)
that the must ardent lupportei
oi the bylaw wimlil imi claim
that each ui us clauses is altogether all mat iiuiiii be desired, and 11 is perhaps llu-illes.-,
to observe that nu reasonabU
citizen would think ol eaacunj
.uiy such standard ol excellenct
in "Uui  in ,uiulii tin- lit law  nt.*,
support,     iin- ratepayer   twin
singles "in mnm- lum in ui I.,,,
ui uiimi iii does ii"i approve,
ami ttiiaa tntes against uie Bylaw   laii.ni.se ul mat slllgli  iiein,
tm ii liy puts Uie In.uui ui in
eiiiiiuuy iipun ins exercise o-
tiii ballot, ine lact snouid i»
ui.ait recognized snd Kept loi
ciul) in iiuiiii at uu- ratepayers,
eii.it the iit) can well auora it
assume many tumor disauvau
luges,  in  uiuel   lllal  lim great
cnu may be gained, nameit, ..
permanent aim saltslactoty   solution Ol till lell)  piuiilelli.   lli«
Iiiii IS ni   llu-   li) law   ttutiiil    h
ipiiie to be ul uie mosi ruuica.
and im nmi,uiie uiaiaiui, ii.
unin in countei balance lui iai
ii.iiiiing inin ms involved in uu,
suliiiiun ol tins vexatious  pn
iluii, ,um lu Iiuiiii ll ant isaiiu
lor tin ratepayers i" throa out
llie opportunity   tt lilih   is    lion
ttiiiiin iiiui grasp, ui piacii.j,
tins city on tin- highway u
gimt in and prosperity.
Su lar as the principle ol uu
purchase oi lhe assets ol uu
.Nuith Vancouver Km & i-ow-
er Company is concerned, it is
evident that then is practical
unanimity upon tin- part ol uu
ratepayers lhat tins is at oact
the nnisi expeditious snd satis-
i.uini), .nni probably int oui;
feasible solution ol tin- It.
problem upon i permanent basis i his being the case, ilu
whole question is reduced lo
tins,   is tin- bargain w*t out in
tll    Inlaw  a l.iil  allll 'e.i.auliabli
mie to imili the cit) nul the d r-
it compan)".'
The Express lus mainlaineu
throughout tins long drawn-out
controversy. and sm, maintains
lhat the City ol Sorth Vancou
hi, as represented b) hu
broad minded ami ngiu thinking ratepayers,   tushes  to  ex
telld lu the lellt  i uiupaiiv   L-VeU
handed fairness in this mallei
but to su uii ilu lust possibli
price and terms upon that   bs
Ms.      I.uukul at  in  tills ll.l 	
ible lialile ul Ullllil, lt Is dilli
illll     Lu    see jllst   what   mines
lions the cit)   muiii ii.m   e.\
peeled  tin   ii 11 \  compan)   lo
make,   in   addition   lo   Ihoae
which aie embodied in the   bv
law as u goes i" tlu people, It
is reported un sound suthorit
that   tliusi   concessions roused
the strongest  opposition upon
the pal I  ul  a  Section <<|   llu   ill
laa ini,ne,   wlm aie ui opinion
thai     the    ill)    is gelling   llli'le
ill,III -.lllllllll III gl,lllllll       '1 III
 lusioh   is,   that   ll   lhe   l.i 11
paw is would i tei buy tin ii i
i)   compan) 's  assets no*   i
their opportunity. li   thi
ttuiild suite ilns uii' problem
unit and lot all, lliiw ls llu
lillle lu do so.
guration of tlie service. Mr.
liraiiu originally Invested um-
linndred dollars in cash, which
was re-paid him, iu addition to
which he received the amount
■greed upon as kite for lus
boat, but no other monies what
In Submitting lurther the Considerations    which   led   tu   the
drawing up and submitting ol
ilns indemnity bylaw, i'he iw
press desires lu slate that    It
has nu interest in tins matter,
either directly or indirectly, o*
ther than tu be ol service io the
ratepayers bv   plai ing theni   111
position to vole with lull knowledge ol all laets ami conditions.
lt is geiieiallv  eoliieded   lli.u
the carrying on ol tha  motoi
bual serviee conferred the lol
lowing benefits on the city:   i,
llie city Was delivered, lu a
large extent, Irom the harm aim
inconvenience which would havt
resulted irom a merely hourly
service, 2, the loyal support
given tu tns mulur serviee in
lhe citizens conveyed, as soth
ing else eould, an expression Oi
the keen resentment ol thc pen
pie against what was held lu In
ilu- unfair treatment extendeu
by the lerry company; 3, tin
rival serviee engendered I willingness upon the part ol llie .v.
V. bi ny Company iu come to
reasonable terms wilh tin- cilj
4, consequently a much lowo
price w.is obtained, with in-tu,
terms, upon the assets oi ihat
company than would otherwtw
li.iv i- been possible.
While it is   agreed   thai    llu
lilolor boat sen lie was inaUgti
raletl as a business venture, tin
l.ul is cited that had ll remained upon lhat   basis,   it   would
have lieen discontinued shortl)
alter it was begun, because 11
was a losing Venture Irulll    llu
start, and its originators could
not have continued it.    it  is
stated that in point ol lact   il
was continued st the Instance
of the ratepayers snd residents
as follows;   i, Au sgreement
was circulated and large!) signed, vv lutein leading citizeBS a
greed tu pay   speellic   amounts
10 reimburse the promoter! a
gainst their losses; 2, .1 large
body of citizens gave persistent
encouragement and assiiiaiius
that ihey Would see the project
through; 3, time and ignis -it
ratepayers' meetiags, authoritatively called by the mayor,
the slateliit'iit was made,    and
invariant)   received with   sp
plause, that the promoters    Ol
lite inulor service musl not be
allowed to sillier anv financial
loss; iipun motion at uiie ol
these   meetings   a   subscription
lisi was   slatted   and   liuslees
appointed; at another lime,the
matter was relerred lo lhe eii)
. oinii il iur their consideration,
Hy these .nts, ilu* promoters
were Induced to hold oa and li)
even assume expensive litigs
tiun in defense ol their position,
,md as 1 nuill of that llUga
nun lint imd themselves maid
eii iu heavy msts and damages,
ilnn onl) rented) lying is theii
right    l"    appeal    lu    a    llighel
Meantime, huwever, tin    cil)
has carried out negotiations i"i
the purchase uf ths assets ul
the N. V. Ferry .Si  Power Co.,
and the pressing uf tins right tu
appeal would embarrass lhe
situation. In order that the
way might be clear lor the cit)
lo proceiad willi lhe purchase,
the lilolor boat promoters Date
agreed as follows: 1, To refrain
irom appeal proceedings; 1, to
forego their privilege oi applying to the government for a
cancellation ol the existing li-
u-nse; J, tu ilesisl Irom their
ellorts to procure a second lent
license. All of which has bees
done,  with ilu  understanding
llitti lhe city would ploleil
litem against these heavy Haulages, ami would Indemnity them
against their actual losses aim
liabilities incurred,
in order thai the ratepayers
may be able lu satisfy llicin-
selves  as  iu  ihe   component
palls of tlie M"uu called lui hi
the bylaw, The Kxpress Ims ai-
raiigc-d lor an itemized statement which will be lound 111
anuther column.
Lucky Numbers for Feb
it-low we give the numbeis fur February that are entitled
tu the tell beautiful iiiid costly 10-j piece chins dinner sets we
ate git ing away each month lo the users of Royal Standard
Compare your coupons with tlie numbers quotfed below.
II you Imd vou hate a duplicate return it to us, aiiil we will
ship vou nne ul these beautiful dinner sets carefully packed and
fully prepaid. ...
-'u-l 1-1
4,11 hK
A ii-nsus ui Lynn Valley, recently taken, places the population at 400.
Every encouragement is given
by tlu- H. C. Ki. Ry. management, lhat the extension ol llie
tramline to Lynn creek will not
be long delayed.
The ratepayers' meeting, held
111 the Institute llall, on the
evening ul Peb. -'5, was largel)
.ittended.     The proposed exu-n-
siuii ui iln* tramline was din-
cussed at length, and the lol-
luuiiig committee was appointed tu confer with the B. C. Kl.
Ry. Co., I,id.: ,1. If. Froiiune,
A. It. Duval, Charles Nelson,
,1   Neat and Percy King.
The question ui the formation
ui .1 ratepayers' association was
then taken into consideration,
and tl was ilcudtd to proceed at
once with oigant/alion. The
following officers were elected:
President, Charles Nelson; vice
president, T. A. Allan; He.isiu
mr, .1. II, Frommc; secretary,
Percy King, executive committee, Messrs. Duval, Karlc, Neat,
Buckley, Worth, Thompson,Hur-
iuiis aiiil lint rill. A resolution
was passed, warmlv endorsing
Ult- stand taken in the council
by Councillor Westover, relative io mad improvements   in
the valley.
The substructures ui Seymour
creek   bridge   are   BOW   about
completed. The steel sllpt-r-
struilure is lo kald and it is
expelled that tlie bridgi will be
ill readiness (or Unfit ia abottt
uin- month.
The provincial government is
building a bridge, sunie 7"" liet
ill length, ou the continiiatiun
ol trd street east.
In response tn tin  request ol
.1 siili'.uiln 1 , as mill,illleil 111 a
letter in this week's issue. Tin
Kxpress   has   made   lalillll     111*
quirit 1 .nul is pleased in sub
mit ilu lullesi information obtainable wiih relerence to the
Indemnity bylaw,   in repl)   to
(|llcsttutls one  and   IWu,   111     the
leiiii relerred t", The Eipress
is uu nl   that   Air. Bunbun
received nu mone) whati tu nut
ni ilu 11,nini boat service,  bm
ull till 1  illll.lit  lie Inst  iln* cash
niinii lu  invested sl Un inau-
II yuu are nut in ihe list this month save your coupons.
Vmi may be next month, Vou may liml yunr number among
the winners at any time, Kan ember the coupons are placed in
the sacks as they leave the mill,   and you are just as liable   to
win nexi month un nne ui this month's coupons as not.     In
the meantime gather all the cun pons you can.     Ten must   win
eai li month,    why nut yon?    Persistence will win its reward.
The woman who buys Koyal .Standard Flour is using lhe
besl bread Hour that skill will produce or inoui-v will buv, and
at the same lime she has tlie pi ospect ol securing a handsome
prize each month,
-Maiiufaitun d onlv bv
,40**<>>o40><>>4^>f<>f->f<>f<>4 *<>*<>*<>*<>M>*+<>+<>*<>+<>*<>*
(•) •)
I Inquire about
I Free Silverware---zx
. Coupons wiili every
' purehaae made it—
; il llir bu«iti*r«-
M .nt'fr.c',inrr<
General Contractor
1..ml Charing) tOsoto sad Bosk
Msstinf. Kxtra *MS ii'-ir I1a.11.1-.
.ill dsmsfsi iiiii.Ii- ii'«»l*
K M I' I. I ' V M U N T      A 11 K \ Q V
Jual HI.. \V »«l ,,f l-.anaaal   la*
imi Boa 11
'" a                 -,.1 OIIICI. "     Uf •-eiclflTtaaa.ltil-
ay , I having tlirir l-*e< I' '"] a trtn 4Ctc.l
1 v rijurti.  Pr'uir'iinry.*. 'v. i
,    . ult*. Ourlma-nt,**-'. Ada ri
-C Mil. .11am.nl .n, V- .'• . Hi » V**.    Uli
.    I-   II..,,,.r.l    .„.! U..I........ ,n   UT.   t'ati
/fisO....,i* /,6
<r      s/to{fof.<-
tin* lliiiiM- "I hnljiiiiv'i* wssssUUIsh-
od lu ilii'i'.ir IMM.    hut- i.Hti
i.ar-' ri|*iii.i*i"ii luri|imbli
tvinl il.naar
fur hiniiliiiT.
Imm Fiirnisliii!^ mi
at  K'.i'iinalali*   l'u. is.   t;n to
Ihe North Vancouvir
Home furnishers
North Vancoaver
Transfer f0l,;^;eA,f0*M,,,
Wlifti you intend building
Cartnue, Remuvnls,
Parcel Delivery,
ON      id* *.-*. •i.AHl IC     TERMS
Telephone 70.      Night Calls 13.
,|. IS. KHUMMK, Mgr
Insssl nf"'. It /*"""'"'>* tot * '''"/•
n„„e Sn Mi
II,ml 'i'l,.,* in./ MAI. I.iiioi t'rr'l: II ('
We're Still
1'n'ivi: !;;,  Hosts Viswi ras
"     Wl,    Vim,,nn;
Hi ith Road - Block 112
Heaiitihil modern 6 room
house. S-,'-" cash vuli .eiiire
ihis. Balance spres over
thrm vears.       l'riu   -imx).
Pioneer Bakery
S. H. Wiilher,  •   Propriclor
Presli Bread dsil) di lm ri 'I
to all psiin ol tin- 1 ii*
M louvre (ur {■'
v   |'ir loaf
llli.ll GRADE CAKE
f Po \<M1   Wllllt •
• a chea|) •
j Building Lot ?|
I'lll IM   a*l
,1 l.oiKilale Avi
a 11 r.. -1    (nun   llie   mills*.
I'l.la ,'  la.lir   .Tll'T"   ll'all    II    . I
.- n* toil* ii intit'. -ii|i|iI.i *
\jt~t nlii|iiiii'iit« "ill nrrii'
in ;i 1,11 .l.n*. Mom riitlii
Ur--f   k,i-.|,K- nl  WOOD
llllllll. Oil lial'i'l      ....
Iiniii Ninth \ .ni' "'ii''
Telephone No. i,
* a
just iii tin- t ny l.i*
mita,   lHOxlo'J   feet,
>.*•"' down iimi |25
per quarter; hitortel
six per ci'iit.
? Houses for Rent or Sale •
•       all over the City       •
j A. SMITHS Co. j
|,()NSI*.\I,K AVK.    •
I P.
H-allH'* I'll' II" '-"-' •
tii |et your Hardware trade be-
tanas vie know wa eai i,rive you
tin- most satisfailiuit at llie
least tost. Whether it be trade
tools, Sgrkaltnral inipleinenls,
or ilomestii ami iiilinalv utensils, we know that our stock m
superior in quality ami dtirabil-
itv to anv in town. You can
only Iind this out by leaving a
triitl order wilh us. You'll
surely leave many more afterwards.
Pdine  &  McMillan
The Pioneer Hardware
On Monday the body of ,1. T.
Maxwell, a youth ol 17, was
lound in the Capilano nver at
the second canyon. Chiel ot
l'olice Davies ol this til) was
noliiied anil he had the body
brought here. Coroner Diplock
held an imiuesl on tlie remains
on Tuesday, anil the evidence
submitted showed thai defeased
had been lasl seen alive on
Sunday, Feb, II. He hail lilt
his home, comer oi Dundas ainl
Kecicr streets, Vancouver, that
day with tlie Intention ol taking a tramp up the creek.     Nol
returning, aia people inslituui
inquiries, bul no word could be
obtained ami it was lell some
disaster hail occurred, winch
was unloriunaiely proven true
by the finding ol llie body.
The hitter and been found a-
boul 500 leel down the river
Irom the bridge and Mas lung
lace downvvariis m iwo leel ol
Water, ll had apparently been
ill the Water several days.
Voung Alaxwell had left his
coal and vest 011 lhe bank,witli
the evident idea ol climbing „,
the canyon and 111 doing so hau
slipped and lell lo hjs death,
A verdict ol "Found drowned
was returned by the jury.
Deceased was a brigni voting
iellovv aiiil was a student al the
bprotl-Shaw business college.
Alderman ItCaNemh, Keeve ,\K
Naughl, and D. G. Ukk ami J,
Ualiour Ker, comprising the
-\orih Vancouver delegation to
interview the government al
Ottawa, arrived ia that at) on
Tuesday evening.     In alitiupa*
iion 01 their arrival, Geo. it.
Cowan, M.l'., had made an appointment ou thSir behall Willi
lion. G. ttttj Graham, minister ol railways, by whom iln-
delegation was received on Uetl-
BSaSaj, being introduce-! bv .llr.
J, lAiliour Ker aui) piesenteil
lhc case ol the clly ami district,
relative lo lhe proposed extension ol the charier ul Hit*  \ . It.
it  v. K).  as  to its branch
lines, sui-iniuing llial in cam
lliis extension were granted, 11
should bc ou condition that al
leasl leu miles ol lhe mam line
connecting North Vancouvei
and Valiiouver sliould be tonsil Ut led vv lilun a riasoiiabli
lime vsay two or three ) eai si
alter tin- graining oi ihe extension, lie also pointed olil llie
inequity ol lhe clause 111 Hit
chattel, vvhiih was designed to
conler upon Hie railway coin
pany lhe power to expropnati
walcrlroiil property at prices
lhat obtained al llie linns   .> 1
the liliug oi the plans, several
years ago.
Aiici Hearing the other members ol the delegation, the mill*
Intel expressed IninscJI lamia
bly wilh iclc-reuic lo noli,
points submitted, staling thai
111 his opinion il would be but
reasonable lo exact the construction ol al least ten miles
ol the main line along the lints
suggested by ihe dclcg.iiiou.aiui
also thai iu equity tlie r.tiivv.,.
should pay lor llieir right-ulna) al present values and Hot
al prices prevailing lour m in
jreara ago.
A large audiciue gathered in
the   Preabytarian   chunk   on
Thursdav night, Feb .'5, lor
the concert which A. 11. Steven
son had arranged, and il was
most unlorltinate lhat the programme was completely upset
by the Uoliappcalaliie <>l all the
men whose names win- publish
ed. This most reprehensible
and imt Infrequent practics ol
promising to contribute to an
entertainment, and not appeal
ing, cannol be too severely commented on, and the alldicnu
wen* greatly Indebted to the
two ladies, Mrs. Angel and
Miss Koss, who gave iheir assistance at the last moment to
lill up the breach.
Tin- principal musical Items
were contributed bv Mrs. Iv .1
II. Cardinal] and Miss Eileen
McC.uirc, Mrs. Cardinal! plated two violin solos, Dvorak **
well known "lluinoreske," ntnl
a "Mazourka" by Bbronaky.
Her   technique   is   exceedingly
good, and her tone lull and
sympathetic. Her subsequent
numbers, which Included two
encore pieces, were really Inn
The Msxourka was played with
lhe tieediul rhythmic accentuation, and the liach-l'iotinod Ana
showed tite player al her best,
iu a broad and dignified tone.
Miss MtliUirc is lo be compli-
liienled on her excellent taste in
the choice oi her songs, Allil-
sen's "Song ol ThaiiKsgiving"
aiiil Aylward's "liciloveil, il   is
Morn."     Hci  rich messo-so-
pl.uii; voice is oi good pOWl 1
and  quality,   anil   her   singing
showed artistic restraint and
line temperament.     Slie was
enthusiastically recallul alld
bolh songs.
Airs. Angel sang two songs,
and she will eertainly be heard
willl pleasure on luture occasions, ller middle register notes
are rich in harmonics and essentially vibrant, and her range
is unusually good. She has llie
true singer's temperament, but
on this occasion was palpablv
Mr. and Alls. A. B, Stevenson
acled lhe courtship scene, Irom
"Richard 111," and lhe quarrel
scene horn "Lady Tee-lie," in
their usual liuislieil manner. In
lhe former, Airs. Dleveiisoii
gave a line portrayal ol the bereaved widow, stoiinng the addresses ol her husband's inur-
iieiit, aiiil in ilu- tatter, Air.
Stevenson was a most Internet*
nig and lulatualed Lord lea/li
Miss Ross rented the verses,
apostrophising lhc "Snow" and
"The l.asl Hymn" very well,
and quite tickled lhe audietue
with lier eucore plete, "Outspoken coutiduuces.''
The accompaniments lo the
solos were pla)t-d by Airs. A.II.
Ou Moods) evening a meeting
ol lhe Scots ol the city was
held, lo organize a Sl. .Andrew's and Caledonian soiled}.
Jas.Graham occupied lhe chair,
The objects ol the meeting were
explained aud a resolution was
adopted to proceed with organization aud the election ol Oth-
The oliieers elected were, l'lcs-
ideul, J. iiiahaiiie, viie president,   .V. 11. Sleveiison,   snii
taiiy, C. E. i.awson, treasurer,
Jas. L. Dodds; ih,(plain, Uev
J. D. Glllaui; trusties, A. I'hilip, T. S. Nye, and A. I.avv. 11
was decided lo hold a da) ol
sports during lhe coming summer, as well as a series ol 111-
terlainiiients next vv utter.
rousing meeting nn Tuesday the
[6th, when the topic Ior discussion will be tlie widening ui the
First Narrows, plans Ior a
graving dock and wharves a-
lolig the nortli shore, tlie proposed tunnel under First Narrows, and bell railway crossing
Second   Narrows  bridge,   anu
affiliated subjects.
A dramatic t-nlcrlainiiutit
and concert, in aid of the new
Roman Catholic church, will be
given on the evening ol March
17, in Sl. Paul's school, Keith
road, by the pupils of that institution. A capital programme lias been prepared Ior
the occasion, which will undoubtedly attract a large audience.
City Clerk Thomas Shephci.
assumed his new and more responsible duties mi Monday, in
luture Mr. Shepherd will rank
as city clerk,city treasurer, cilv
assessor, and will have lull
charge oi the city oiliccs. Mr.
Humphrey will act as assistant
and Aliss Laing as stenographer. By means of this new „r-
rangeinenl, the council has tl-
lecied a saving ol somewhat
more than $100 per month.
Church Notices
J. J. Woods aiiil E .1. 11.
Caidmall have tunned a partnership, under llie lirm name ol
J. J. Woods it Company, ior
lhe purpose ol carrying on a
leal estate and insurance business, the premises ol the new
lirm are on 1st slreel, jusi east
ol Lonsdale and adjoining Iln
Express ollice on lhe west. An
Woods' extended expellenie 111
llie city hall at Vancouver in.,
as treasurer ol the utv ol
North Vancouver, gives lum an
nperesnea ami an mtabtishea
oiilietlloii  wltnIt should prove
a valuable  asset   to   the   lirm,
while     Air.    CardlliaH's    legal
studies,  together  with Ills   ,11
quaint,uui    Willi    local   1 "lidi
tions, will great!) Basest.
It JOHN I llll EVANGELIST, sl vism
Holy Communion, 8 a. SS.
Morning prayer, 11
Evening prayer, 7.30
On the lirst Sunday in the month
there will be a second celebration
of tlie Holy I uin inn 111.ni at tl a. in
Rector: Rev. Hiiub Hooper.
rr, ureas**! raasBTrsaisa church
Services will be conducted as
usual on Sunday by tbe pastor.
Sunday school, 2:30 p ni.
Service at Moodyville school at
7:30 p. in.
Prayer meeting on Wednesday
8 o'clock.
All are welcome.
Pastor: Rev. J. D. Gillam, M.A.
VIETH'ltll-n   IHtklH,   N.   w.  COURSE
MorniiiK service, nam ; Sunday school, 3:30 p. nr; evening
service, 7:30 p.m.
Prayer meeting on Wednesday
sewiag al 7:30 o'clock.
Preaching in Lynn valley on
alternate Sunday afternoons.
Sunday school at Moodyville al
11 a. ra.
Rev. B. H. Balderston, B. A.
Sunday Services — Msss st 9
a. B., Sunday school at 1:30 p.m.,
Benediction at 3 p. m.
Pastor: Rev. E. Pevtsvin, 0.
M. I. V. G.
Sunday school at i o'clock p.m
Service at 3 o'clock p.m.
Pastor:   Rev. David Lang.
All are welcome.
North Vancouver Mails
points S a. m., 11:15 a* m-i 5:I5
p in ; lor Lvnn creak, 11:15 a. n
MaiU arrive: Vsncouver and a
points,   ij:io a. in.,  12:45 SS., 5:45
p. 111.1  1 11  .i 1  11 creek 2 p  Bl,
Outgoing mails for Lynn cieek
alter 11:15 a. in. should be dc-
livuid at the wicket.
Home Block Lonsdale Ave
llli Uidgways 40c Tea  5i.<x
Water Motor for Sale
Offers arc wanted for -a
powerful Water Motor anil a
certain amount of pi pi ng-
Saine may lit* inspected at
the office of—
'indication for Liquor License
'PAKE NOTICE tlmt at the next meet-
' lag i.l the B"aril ol UeSBSS I nni*
mtsrinwn for the City ol North Vmi-
.■"hut, I iiitt-nil tn make sppUottioo for
a bottle lltSBSI for the null- of -spiritnoun,
lerini'iiltil, ur other liquors, fur the
|iremi«ei situated on UN IS, Block HCI,
D.L. 171, tironu 1, Vancouver District.
li.il.-'l this lit day of February, I1KW.
.|!|.lir.i.i.iii for Shop license
VOTICE in hereby (riven that at the
*■* nest meetiiin ol llit'Boiirt! ol l.i*
ii'iim' I'miiiiiii-iuiicra lor the Ciiy oi
North Vittin-iiver, I Intend to Spplj lor
a r* tail liquor or bottle license, Isl the
preini.e. situated un the aoiuh uiie-lmll
of l„t l.i, hl.K'k IM ili.iriot lot Ot, bi
the sai'l citv ol Norlli Vancouver, B. C.
Hut. il. Fehrtiarv 5th. 11*08.
Who Says
Fresh Eggs ?
You will find them
in   plenty   at   the
Choice Cured Meat
always on hand . . .
Cor. Keilh ami l.ltli St. I'l I 2s
Wallpapers,   Paints,    Varnishes,
etc., etc, etc.
A spcti.il uuetiai ni tlie dis
tin 1 iDiiiiul ve as lnlil on Wni
ni-Ml.ii evening, at vvhiih tin
lender ol .1. i. OTiililiul, bu
llu* exlciiMuii III l)"l.ui in.el, .11
Jiljo, was aiicplcil. No lenders lor ihe licep Com toad
having been received, the matin was relerred lo lhe engineer
to report on Friday (vtaing, *.
to the besl manner 111 vvlmii io
proceed willl the wm k
The reeve ami touiuillois' indemnity Inlaw, .is Imalli ad
optetl by the dislriel tiiunul.
provides [ol .in indeinnilv oj
"vl"" lor the iccvc ,nul S.'isi lor
1.uh oi the councillors, Instead
ui fjjg in tin- 1.111 it case,   .is
formerly slated ill The BlfarCSS
The regsla! atsetiaf ol the n
eiuUvc iiiimul ol iin- board "i
trade was held   T1i1-.1l.1v   evtM
mg, ,ii which considerable business was tt.ius.iitii    \rraafi
ments are  being  made Ior   a
Mails close for despatch as lollows:   I ir  Vancouver   snd   all
117 LonsdsU Avenue
Saws filed, etc.   Key fitting
Opp. I'alaee Hotel    •    Second atreet E
—J.   W.   TAYLOR—
NofrrH va,(*4coUver
con in-atii bt
Certificated Surgical, Medical am)
Maternity Nurses
NltlM Smt Out on AppScstion
For  terms  apply   at   the Hospital
Cor. 1Mb Street tt: St. Andre*'. Ave.
■a—aw*. 1 . 1 ■■   ■■——
Plana   ami   S|iecifications   Prepared.
When thinking ul building let us give
an ertimale.
Or P.O. Box 7*.', North Vtni'outer.
Ten Elegant
Dinner Set*
given nway
every inontli
See the sample set in win
dowat C. R. HICKMAN'S.
Lonsdale  ave and 8th street
A coupon in each sack of
Koyal Standard Flour. The
fortunate number lakes lhe
set of no pieces.
This Flour is superior in
ipialily- and moderate in pme
as are all our goods.
Try Us lof your next (,rocei y Bill
Lonsdale Ave anil Ht 1* st
For the Farm
or Garden. ,.
Snil., Tre.aa, I'l.ma,4 Hull*.
Ii'iim' fro* u .ml lliiari'iiKlili
Ian Vane t'ntatttgtie Vrir
n. 4. HENRY
3010 Waitmlnitar Road
•**•*•**•«*• v •*• v %• •;• •/ •*-'«i»«i»«I«I**tM£**»**'S,*«M*****
Malta, Rev ChartM I. Suttv. OX.   ?
Camtrldg. V
Boar lera and day l>oy» re-
reived on mail-Tale inclusive
terms. The school mil re-open
un Monday, Jan. llth, ItXW.
A liinisi'uli'ila'sliip will lii'"l*
lered at Luster lor rot1i|>etilii>ll
•>    hy huanlers.
Diplock Wright
Lumber Co.
I7th Street, North Vancouver
r*i#0* M
North Vancouver Livery1
First Class LsftM Km*      Tally lm
l*:.|,liiiia.le. MM nl Loimlale   I'ln 1IKI
I or Boot and Shoe Repairing
and Custom Work   .   .   .
p u, TIKIS  0   Mll.l.S
l'ioiieur Hool M.ikct
l.oliMl.ile  Ave.,  op|).   CitJ   11.1
•0   YEARS*
Tiuot MaMS
ComsiOMTS 4c.
Aernna..nOInf «.k«tr» and ^iwnpUnn sir
iaiia-,1, «a.,i.iu „.,r (apmioa ftM wbathiw aa
1-nmiV.n t.pta.b.i*irp««n}|li'(iL%Co..jiiiiinav
l|om.inot|»r.,nO,K if.L SmOBIKH "«r«a«u
mat Ir-* eflfmt ai.nT tit Mnitu mumv
P.t.ntJ UtM ttraub i.iii.0 A Co. It-M
Scientific Jltncrican
1 Kaa-laonitlr Ulustrttnl WMkly. Liufiwt <ir-
■DUtloo of vr acia-Hlfli** }r>arn*-J. Wmi for
C^».lMLTf«FW.^)a«it*pfe^^d.   M4 kr
Pianos • • •
at Bargains
Sonic at hall real value.
We are takini* many i*ood
pianos in exchange lor the
tin nidi, st mechanical player
on earth.
Sinn- of Ilns, ns. .1 pianos
are as *■""<! as the day they
h It the factory.
To reduce this stock n i I ,i .
sibioalsnambtroi bargains,
beautiful upright pianos for
$200  $223   $230
warranted I" BS Hiiml as SSW,
I a  IHIS.
$6, $7, $A |)fr month
Dimension Lumber
Finishing Lumber
etc , etc.
Our prices are right.   I-et us
give you a figure on your
Iatimber Bill
Builders and
P. LARSON is  prepared to
Lime, Brick,
Sand, Cement
And all kind.** of Building
Material in quantities, to suit
and at aataonaMs prices.
Company, Ltd.
New Store
New Lines
Right Prices
We carry a lull range ol
139441 Kastinp Btwai
North Vancouver Hardware
Company, Ltd.
fooi oi nie k
Saletv Deposit BoXM tg Kent.  Safety l)i-|)<)Mt Boxes tn Rent
*otanE»«u«of.Trya«»», LlsulSitof HaetlvtfS and Aaals****
Court Bondi laauad
4°   p.
■   0
,1   ,ni   ili'inmil., iiimi'i'iiii'li-l
four iinin yi-arly
Pm Bnohi laauad
K. S MUINAIU), I'lialnnaii
HON   K (•tRTEHl'OlTlN.t'liairman ol Liwulin
K.J.P.i.l'..soS. Hsosisr IG. WilNWRIOHT, Mmtwr
lirmivilli' MHi.-i'-nt. Bli»-k, eortW Hiilwii ami (!raiivill*>
p li  H,,x(Hj;i Ph.in.5iW
S.iii-tv D'li'isit Hums to Rent   Safety DepnMl Buses In Rent
British Columbia Electric Railway Co., Ltd.
Cm lesss ibe Pemr Laadiag ler QaeeasbonrAveaae, Tistily IM
.i,,,*l ,„„! LonsiUle, \Viiu li StNSl am! Kiilli Uoad as follows : 6:15
am , 6:45 a. in., 7:15 s. m., 7:45*' B».fl.tje, Ok, 9 »■ ni* 940 s. m*.
10:10 a. ni , After 10:25 a 111 , cars will liave (>**ns!iiiry svenue,
Tivi'iilv first ami Lonsilali* avi-nii**, ami Wim li str,. t ami Keilh Road
it lm minutes to tin: hour anil twenty five iiiinut*-» past the hour.
Cars leave Nineteenth strei-t am! Qneenaliury avenue, Twenty-first
.11,, 1 sad Loaatali sesaae, Wiat h itrset ami Krith Road ai follows i
(s Sta,6:|Ji 111..  7:2" ■< '" • *"i  J   ■•! S;45 ■ "' ■ 930 s* m.
Attn ij:jo a. in./ars leave th. Fi uv Landing »l !'•" minutts past ths
hunt sai tn. Bt] minutes to the hour.
ty   All boats me met hy the csrs. THE KXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B. C
BY-UW NO. 61
A Rv-law lo authorize Ihe execution
of an agreement la purchase from
the North Vancouver Ferry &■
Power Company [limited], Hit
whole Ferrv assets belonging It
Mayor and Alili-riiu-ii of the
City of North Vancouver iu
Council asseinhli-d (with tlie assent of tin- Electors oi said
City duly obtained) as follows,
I. Authority is lurch) giui,
tu Ike Mayor and City Uut n,
name uml un behall ul llie wi-
poratlon uf the City ul Sniil.
v MM imm to sign and seal wim
the Corporate boa] ul UM city
and deliver an Indenture ui
Agreement between the tsoru.
\ ancouvcr Ferry ttt Power Loiu-
pany (Limited) ui the One t'art
and the said Corporation u „,.
other part in terms to cottloim
tu schedule a])])t.-iidvd tu this ..,
law lor thc purchase ul the r erry assets ol the said company
by the Cuipuration.
J. This by-law may bc sited
fur all purpuses as "the run
Purchase by-law 19119."
Passed hv llie Council on llu
Tweiity-lilili day ol Fehru.iri,
Received   tlic   assent   ul
Klectors ol the Uiy ul   .
Vancuuver at an l-.iecliun
lur the purpusc on the
day ol
Kecuiisidc-red, adopted aim 1111
ally   passed   by   the-    Cumuli,
signed by the Mavor and Ut)
Clefk and Sealed with the LOT-
purate Seal oil the
day of 1909.
IN BY-LAW No. hi.
February,   One
Hundred   and
day 01
Thousand   .vim
Nine    between
VANCOl v I'.k
I'OUi-.K   COM
PANY   l.iMIThD   (hcriiii.inii
relerred to as "The Coinpanv
ol the OM part and Till', UlK-
inaller referri-d tu as "lhe i_or-
puiatimi 1 ul the other part.
Company whuh pits a Ferry
Service between llu- I.ilv ui
Nurth Vancuuver and the cit)
ul Vancouver has agreed lu sm
tu the Curpuratiun and llu* COT-
puraliuu lias pruvisiiin.iiiv a-
greed lu purchase ul .unl irolli
the Company lor the MUMcra
tiun Intciii.iliu spicilu'il, all
and singular the Whole assets
ul every kind ,unl deacrtplMM
whatsoever alld wheresoever llu
same may bt situated, uu lulling certain damages .iiiaiikil l>v
the Supreme luun ul britisn
Columbia in ,1 eel lain actum
wherein the Company is Hamuli ami \\ 11 liinsiiirv aid DIS
ers are Dcli-mlanis, ami liuittii
Illg llu Ivvu Fcri) Slcaiiius M
George'   and "Suriev    ami  tin
wharves, iiuildtngs aad appur-
tciiaiices al eltliu terminus in
said Fitry SSfVks .mil iniluuu.,
all leal tslali nuiv uvviiiu in
the Culll|Mii) is.iie .imi except
Lonsdale  gatdelis,   pal lliul iti,
known ami described as  blues
One lluniliid ami Sennit--.«,.
(IJ2) 111 Dislriit I.ut No, 1 iv
llumlied ami Siieiily-luui 1 IJ |
Group Om (i), in Uu tit) ".
Nurtli Vancouver j together will.
all agleeiiit'iils, leases, dccils.de
irces and diiiuimiits tunstitut
Illg lilies tu all ul all) ji.it t 01
tile said assets ItiTchi .suld, sal
iiig ami incepting ail cask in
hand .nul ait) and all iinmev
pa) able lu the (umpali) l"i
book delils ui nihilu ise and all
custs awarded to tin Couipii*
in Uu* above mentioned ,u nun
ul tin- Compan) sfaiasl u   11
J tu ll I ill I -.   .ili'I  utliel-.    alld     tll.1
at and for the price ur sum  ui
hevelll) Thiiusalid 1 *1;u,ikmi ninl
Iai s ul law lul iiiuliev ol Canada
pnvabk   as   lullovvs.    vi-:.—The
sum ol Fifteen Thousand ($13,
goo) dollars in cash ami the Ii.ii
auu in Debcatun liunds ui tlu
Corporation or of a new Perrj
Company to lake over llie said
Ferry   assets   which   the   Cil)
Council may be empowered tu
organise or to take stock 111,
said Bonds lo be made payable
in seven years alld to bear interest at tin- rate of six i,r>) pel
cent, per annum, payable liaii
yearly, and said last mentioned
bonds to be guaranteed as to
principal and interest by Uu
corporation or such balance "i
Filty-iive   Thousand   (>J5*pooj
dollars may be paid by the Lar*
poratlon 111 cash.
Lpuu payment of the said s-
greed on pine by ihe Corporation ur iis assigns 111 cash ol dj
delivery oi Bonds as sioresaia
the Company agrees and bums
and obliges itsell ninl its rcpn-
seatatives   or   successors    10
luriliwitli execute .nm delivsi to
the Corporation or its assigns,
.such deeds, assignments, bins OJ
sale or otiu-r writings necessan
lu vest the said assels hen',,,
sold ur any ul lliem 111 Hit t-ui-
poration or lis assigns contain
illg Ule Usual .iliu llius.s.u,
clauses including an umicii.ik-
iiig ur warranty that llie Lor-
poratlon or lis assigns sBjUJ
nave iree and uneiicuinucl'eu possession ol the whole ol .saiil assets hereby sold.
the Corporation or any Coin-
pany lormed or lo he lorincil lo
take over the said lerry service
shall carry all passengers , iy
senting monthly or uilier IK-
kcts heretofore lssueil bv
company ami that all p.issis 1-
sued by the Company skalJ   la
all trullic receipts belli ecu un
date ul this Agreement .um all
expenses incurred sliall lie n-
Cttved by and pud by the l_uui-
paiiy until the completion   ui
ihis Agreement.
lhe Debt-niure Bosds sloresalO
may be retired belore inaiuni)
upon Mxly   l*iu| da)s nutli 1    in
writing living given bj prepaia
registered mall, lu tlie Com-
pany or tu tlu* respective bold*
ers oi the Debentures at then
registered address,
PROVISO thai this Agn,
lliellt shall nut be binding ull
the Corporation or lake eflect
unless and until a Ilv-law tu
authorise tin- cxeuitiuii .um
sealing ol this luilcuiun shah
bc passed by the City Council
and approved uf by the Klectors
oi the utv at an Election to hi
Held lor UK purpose  1 in tin
event of such By-law nut betas
passed by the Utv Cuuiuil   ui
iipun bung puaad 1.1 iii*.in .um
nut receiving  lhe  approval   "■
the Klcetuls as .iiuies.ilil Willi
111 thirty (lavs irom lhe dale ul
this Indenture then this Itnlen
ture shall tpsu taCtO be rendered null ami mill ud "i nn lum
and eflect.
these presents   ale   stgiiid    ,ui,,
sealed by lhe Compan) and   bv
the  Corpur.iti.in   un   tin   ,1,,,
mouth   and   veil    lirsl    aliuvi
III the plesetlie ul       j
/ />'i-.,ir, /*' ciub'e lite Ccpoiation
nl. tne Clly ol North Vaiitourei
to raise In WO)  tf loan the sum
of f;o  A 1   the purpose tj
tcauirini tin whole Ferry as
nt teltnginf in ••■**• North Van
tfitvei Ferry *> Pototr Com-
fiint i Limited.
TAKE NOTICE tlmt iln   .,
nive is a Hue BOpy ul lhe pn*
an seal IK law iipun vviitih ,1 vii
ui llu  I'ileituts ul  iln   .lluiiiii
Dalit)   ul   lhe   Citv    "I   Nuill.
Valiiutivci vv ill In  1.1 kin 11 iiluii
lhe III)   llall.   S.iilli   V.uuaaii
Vlt,     II     I     .    I'll      Uiallll-.al.iV        tll,
lotii ilav ui March AD.   1909,
between  the h"Uls •.! .) O'clock
a.111. alld J o'clock |> in
Retaining Oflici 1
PUBLIC   NOTICE is kereb)
given that the v..i> ..I iln l-.h-i I
nts ul  the Cilv   ul  Nol lb   .  .
couver will lie taken un Wednes
in  iiii   loth da)   "i   Uarch
A 1)    I ;   ,    between the hunt    ,
9 o'cluck a 111. am! J o'cltai
p.m., un "the Ferrv l'unli.i-i
Bv-law i'i'"i and thai within
llu- Citv II.ill, Nurth Vancou
ver, ll.C , .unl thai Tboiuai
Shepherd has bees appointed
Returning Officer i" t.iki- tin
vute ul smh Electors with tin
usual powers la thai behall
Hv order ol Ike Council,
W. II   MAV.
Ciiy Clark
WHEREAS a Perry  Service
is iiuw being operated between
ihe city oi North Vancouver
and tlie City ul Vancouver bv
the Nurtli Vancouver Ferry &
i'uwer Company 1 Limited 1 in
connection with which the said
Company own two Kerr)
Steamers known as lhc "jh.
George" alld the "Suriev anu
ulher properly and assets cun-
uectcd with iuch 1-eirv service
uu lulling the wharves, buildings, appurtenances at either
terminus oi inch Ferry .service.
A.M)   WHEREAS   tin   sai,,
coinpanv ami uu- Shareholders
Have agreed to sell to Uie Corporation ol the Cil) ol Norm
Vancouver the entire propert)
,unl assets ul tin .s.ml lompaU)
including damage awarded in
tin- action oi iiu Compan) vu
sus \\. II. Buiibury and others
and    the    Ferry    Steamers,
it inu vis, Buildings, ami appai
tenanccs above mentioned   .un.
including all Real batate  now
■ vvmil i,y Ule t-iilllpali) isavi
and   SXCept    l.i'li.sii.iu   1.alliens
particulari) known ami descrto*
eii as HluiK line lllllllll en    .1111,
Seventy-two (i,2) in inatnci
l.ol .NUilllicr iwo liutuiliii ami
Mveiitv-iour i.'74), Group uiu
(i; ill the City ol Nuiln v ati-
couver together with all .1^1"
mente,    leases,    ileeils,    un mv
and documents conitiiuung  u
tle.s lu all ur anv p.m ul Uie
ini) assets aloresaid, saving
.nni excepting an casd ia banu
,um .1111 ami all nn'in v payallli
lu the ComptU)  l"i '-iuiiK dii'i
ui uiiiuwise .um all coats .1
warded tu iiu* Compan) in Uu
above iiulilluiud ailioli; am.
thai at and lur uu- pine or sum
ui su'iny Thousand i$70|	
AND WHEREAS 11 is  ss
[nilieiii in the liilclcsl.s ul    lm
env ami tin- Inhabitants thereoi
that ihe present kerrj ssrviu
siiutibl be unproved bj previa
Illg .1 liiule lleiplelil alld In Hi:
seliKi   .Uld utlli I Wise.
AND  WHEREAS  11  is i\
pedient in the iatereata ui ua
City .uid lhe Kalcpaviis an*,
lllll.ibilaiils tin llul thai lm
City  should  acquire   uu   iai
l-cll v   mi Uu   .unl all utile!   pla
part)     .mil    assets  "I   the    sain
lump.Ul)    save   ainl    iviepiili,
Lonsdale Qardcna aioreaaid.
AND WHEREAS a Petition
rigaed b) tin Llwasrs "i awn
III,ill line lentil a l-l"i the \.iliu
ui 11 sl propert) m the t it)  .1
shuvvii by tin [aal revised A-
sessliunt Hull di.is bun pn '-mi
ul iu the City i-uumil reqaest
mg tin 111 1" iiiliudtiti a ltv*lavv
tu   alllbul'lse   lllelli   tO   I S
lhe sum ol  Sim iilv    'I huiis.im.
^ doll ii   n.i tin piiipuv,
ui acquiring tin- whuh Pen) as
elonging  i"  thi   North
Vancouvei pert) ,\ Power Cum
put) 1 Lulin*
AMI WHEREAS the vallli ul
the wliule 1,1I1.il-ii   pi..pi ilv    1.
tin i uv uf Ninth Vancouvei si
cording to iln lasl nviasd  As
scssintiit K"ll ,iim,tints tu I'uiu
Million Four Hundred .unl l-tvi
Thousand Sev.n Hundred   sm
Bight 16) dullars
AM) WHEREAS ilu sail
l in ui Nurth Vancouver has ,11
present a dsbsntut-i debt .1
mounting to Thin Hundred ami
'lllllll    llllll- llluilS.lllll Ilia
Hundred  y -   l toilers
THEREKORU  tin* Uunicipai
Council ui ilu Corporation  ol
the inv  ui Nortk Vancouvi
ENACTS as lollows,
I.   lt shall In* law lul   lul   Iln
1  "| tin  I ilv  .unl tin  -Cits
I   I.  lh     lilt     till      ptllpUM      ,||a,|
tu li.iiruw ui r.ilsi  bv  WS)    "i
I,".ill  llnlll all)   p. ll 'I    pn
soils, body ur budlcs culpui.il.
who may be willing to advance
the same upon the credit oi lhe
debentures hereiasftsr mnition-
ed oi the Corporation a sum 01
money not exceeding ill tin
wliule the sum oi Seventy Thousand 0/0,000) Dollars for the
purpose above set forth.
2. Debenture bonds of the
City lo tlic amount ol Seven iv
Thousand (>7o,oooj Dollars 111
the vvliole may bc issued by tlie
said Mayor and City Clerk 111
terms Ol the Municipal Clauses
Ait ill sums as may be desired
but not less than One hundred
(Jduuj Dollars each.
Each ol the said bunds shall
be signed by lhe said Ala) ui aim
lily Ucrk and the Litv cii-ik
snail attach thereto the Corporate Seal ol the said Clly.
3. The Debenture Ilumis shall
bear interest at Uu rats ol six
(b) per cent per annum payable
liall year!) un the hlcvcuiii uav
ul Septciiiiicr and tlic hlcieiiin
da) ul March in cacii ami ever)
vear during the currency ul Unsaid debuiuuies ur all) ul lliem.
There shall be attached iu uu-
debenture liunds Cuupuiis signcu
by the Mayor only iur sack aim
every payssnt oi interact mat
may become due and such  signature may be eitlier written,
stamped, punted or litkogi,
A. Tlm saiil Debenture Bonda
as lu principal and interest
m.i) be iii.ide payable al tlie
H.uiK ul Hritish .Nurtli America
ai Nortk Vancouver, luruntu,
"i Montreal, Canada, or at the
Hank ui British Norm America
London, ivngiand at Holder's
Option, and the said principal
sum shall be made payable i"
the City al a dale nut later
than set en '■;) years lrum the
'I.lie npOO Willi It this lu law
lakes eileil; ur al suill ealllil
ilale as 111,1) be agreed U|>un Ijc-
iwnii the City Curpuratiun aim
the rcspeiUvc Ilulileis ul sllu,
debenture liunds.
5. There shall be raiasd an.
levied annually b) a spedal rate
uu .ill rateable property ia tin
said City ilu sum ui f&AtOi.Jo
p.m., on "The City of Nurtli
Vancouver Ferry Purchase Loan
Hy-law 1909" and thai within
the City Hall, Nortli Valiiouver, B.C., and that Thomas
Shepherd has been appointed
Returning Officer to take the
vote of such Electors with llu
usual powers in that behall.
By order uf the Council.
W. B. MAY,
Cilv ller
A A'i law It entile the Corporation
of tne City of Norlli VtttttWtt
If rain- by Miy of loan the sum
oftjOCHi, for Ihe purpose of indemnifying IV. Blitinbuit firm
certain lasses and other /labilities inclined bt him in operating
tnd maintaining a nral lint
.Su;i.e between the Cities oj
No'ln l'au.,'u:,r and Vancu
vei during tii, in, nl ns ol Dttttt
ber and Januait 'unt ptttt, ana
:n a'cltiiaing an action tt 1 till am
the operation at mid Fern Ser
ial Uu- purpose "i lormitig 1
sinking mud ior tin payment 01
in said debciiltiri's alld the sum
a 1 (4,300 lui ilu- pa)mint oj tin*
intareet at Iks rati aloresaid tu
nt ci'lllv due OB  lhe  said debeli
tines daring tin- currenc] then
ui ami that in addition  lu  all
"thu tales tu I,, Kv nd and lul-
leitcil in the said Clly during
the wliule 1 urn-nil ul tin- *,,im
debentures ut anv ul them.
h. in ilu event ui Iks Cit)
acquiring tin- mid  l-env  ser-
viie it snail be managed,upi nt
id, alld maintained by Ule Cit)
Council ur until such time ss
ihe Cilv, by amendment ul tin
l'i uv un ial Stattlta ur utlu-r-
wise, is granted puvvii lu ,,y
puint a buard ol Ferry Com-
iiiissiuiurs ur to take stock in
or to uigamsc a Vuiupany tu
operate and maintain the sam
Ferry Scivm
7. This By-law shall COOM
into eflect on Ike lilevciith da)
ui .Uarch A.U. 1
8. This By-law mav lu 1 ite.
nu .iii purposes as" ilu- uty m
Nurth Vanconver Ferry rui
iiiase I.uaii Hy-Law 1909.
Passed bv the lulliiill un the
Tweiity-lilili dav ui hluuary,
A.D. 1909-
Received the assent ui ilu
Electors "i the City ui Norm
V.uiiouver at an Election lulo
lur the panOM iiii llu
day ul A D. 1909.
Kuulislihinl, .lib.pled   ,mil   li
iiiiii)  paaasd bj  Iks Coandl,
signed by thc Alavut ami   tin
Clerk and siabil with the   tui
purate Seal on the
day ol A I). 1909.
TAKE NOTICE tlmt ilu   a
Imve is a true lopy ol the |tu
pOSld Hv law upon Wkich ,1 vute
il tin Khiturs ul the Muiini
palilv ul tin Cilv ul Nurth
VaMQttVet will be taken within
ihe ttiv Hill, Nurlh Vamuii
HOt.   H. C , un   Wednes'l.iv    tin
luili da) "i Haitk A.D.   loop,
between tin- koara oi p o'clock
.1 in. ami ~ ni lm k p.m.
Keturning Officei
PUBLIC  NOTICK is herrtj
given lli.it llu vute ul llie Kbit
,ts ul tin  111',   "I  Ninth  V.ill-
lUUVCl  will b,   i.iketi uti Wnii,* s
day   the   lutli   d.iv    ul    Manli
\ 11 1 'i. 1, in tm, n tin* boat. .al
9 o'cluck  a in.  and  7  uiluik
WHEREAS W, B. Bunbur)
operated a rival Parry lervici
bi'lween   the    Cities   ul   Nurlli
\ sac on ver ami \ ancouvcr ilur-
lllg   the   Months   ul    Deieliibei
and January last pant, ami said
rival Ferry sen nc was a great
lolivelileinc and betielit   tu   tin
ratepayers and residents oi m,
cny oi North Vancouver   aad
the Public general!).
A.M) WHERBAS.ia the ops
alluii ul said rival l-env Del
vuc and ill ilc'lendiug an aiiiuii
instituted by the North \..miniver Ferry .V 1'uwei Compan),
Ltd., tu restrain iln operation
ui said rival Fun Service, Unsaid U. Ba liuni-ury iimiuci
toaaae and liabilities amounung
tu 1 Incc Thuusaud (.1.1,'Kii dul
AND   WIU.KKAS   11   is   ,x
pedient in  the mii tests   ul   tin
City ui Nurth Vancouver,  in 1
all litigation arising out ol said
.11 tiun ul the Noun iaiuui,iet
lell) tx Power v.11111,1.11, i.lcl.,
should cease alld deUtttUUC   ,111 1
ihai all contemplated appi ,
in cunuccliuu therewith   mould
be abandoned.
AND WHEREAS, .1 petition
signed by the uwiuis  ui   mun
than One tenth Jl-IOj tin v.iiui
ul leal pruperty in the uu   ,,s
slievvn ny iiie lasl KivimiI    As
sessmelit kulli,  has been    pie
selilcd tu .lie City Cumuli.   ,
'■insting them tu intriiduie   ,1
liv-law tu   aulhuri.se   llitiu    tl
borrow the sum ui Three Hum
sand (i3,oou) dollars lur Uu
purpusc ui indeiiiiiiiviiig tin mid
Wa B. Bunbiiiy, lus Agents, sso
I-.mpluyees lium all losses, es
|)eiises, law coota ami lialnlun
incurred by lum m Maintaining
and operating Uu  aaid  rival
Ferry sen in during tin   pi 11,.*
aforesaid, am! 111 defending tin
action oi the North  ■ aucouvel
Ferry tk I'uwer Cuinp.ui , I,id
t" tistram Ihe s.ml K1v.1l I-
AND WHEREAS, the vain.
ol the wliule   tale.1M1    propel I)
ol the Ctiv ui North Vancouvei
according to ilu last Kevtsn
Assessment RoU, amounts 1.
Four Million torn Hundred am
Five ThOUSand Seven Illindti'i
and Ivightv-six Ci),.!"*-,.;*'" du!
AM) WHEREAS,  ii"   mk
Citv uf Naitih Vaiiiuiiver Ims al
praam! .1 debenture   debt   .1
muunting tu Thru- Hundred end
Thirty-thtcc TkoMattd Iw.
Hundred (|J33,S00) dullars.
THEREFORE, the Itunidpi
luutull "i tin Corporatioa   ■>
the  City  ui   Nurtli   \ .iniuii. i
l-.NAl IS .is billows: —
I.   It shall be law Inl   fur Iln
M.iVui ,,| tin  Citv nllii the   (.Ilv
Clerk lui ilu 1'iiipusi aforeealfl
tu   butluW    ul    t.ll .1    Iv      VV.IV     III
loan Innn all) pel sun .,i pi i *a,n.
body or bodies corporate, who
may be willing to advance the
.same upon the credit of the debentures heriaafter mentioned
ui the Corporation, a sum uf
money   nut   exceeding   in   ihe
wliule the mm ui Three thousand O300U) dollars lor the
purpose aliove set forth,
2. Debenture Bonds of the
City, lo Uie amount ol Three
liiousaiul (Jijooo) dollars tn
Uie vvliole, may Lie issued by
Uie said Mayor and tuy Ucik
111 terms ol tne Municipal wlius-
es Acl, in sums as may dl desired mil nut less Uian line
lliiiiis.unl (SIOOOJ dullars each.
I'.acli ul llu- said Builds shall lie
signed ii) tin* ,s,nu Mayor and
cny Clerk, and Uie tuy Clerk
sii.ui an,ua thereto the Corporate Seal ol the said Clly.
3. Tlu- debenture Bonds -.h ib
bear Interest al Uu* talc ol ine
pei uiu. per annum, payaote
nan yearly, on ihe Eleventh day
oi September ami tin* Eievemn
day ol March m each ami every
vi.ii (lining iln ciiiTcui) ol unsaid debentures or any oi tnem.
iinie siiaii lie attached to Ule
debenture bonds, Coupons, signed by the Mayor only, lur each
ami evei)  payment ui intcreat
that may become due, and such
signature may bc cither ivniiin
.stamped, printed, ur limogrepu
4. Tin- uid debenture Bunds
as lu piinup.il and inlei isl mav
be made payable al llu- ban* i .
British Nurth America at
.\ui th Vanconver, Toronto, ur
Uontrenl,   Canada,   ur   at    tin
Hank ul liiili.sh -Nurtli .Viiicin,,,
i.uiiduu, England, at Uotda s
upU"ii, and the said   ptinclpai
sum siiaii in in.nn payable  By
tin- Ul) at a dale nul later
than len veils Hum llu-    uai*
up.'ii which this By-Law tanas
j. Ihere shall be raised and
levied annual!) u) a special raie
uu all talc-able piupcii) in uh
said City lhe sum ul {i..'49*9u loi
ine purpose ol loriiiing a mu,*.-
mg luiui ior iiu- payment 01 uu-
said dciieiilures, and llu sum ol
uiu- Hundred ami i-iny (>ijo;
dollars lor thc payment ol iiiiiiiii lest at the rale alolcsald,
iu become due ou thc said de-
biDiuns during lm iiiiiiiii)
thereol, ami thai iu addition tu
all Other rales lu be levied alld
iiiiiii led 111 tile said Uty mil lug
Uie wliule iiiinui)  ui Ule    said
debentures ur any ui ihem,
ti. Tins By-las sli.ill come intu Ulcii un ihe Eleventh day ul
.11,iiih A.D. 19U9.
J, Ihis By-law may be uini
lui all pul puses as "Ills Lit) ul
North Vancouvei l-env ber-
vice Indemnity in-law 1909."
Passed bj Iks Council un the
1 ii.ni) iiiiii da) ul 1-eblUai),
A.D. 1909.
Received  tks assent ui   Uu
i.iiiiuis ui uu- tuy ui Nortk
i.iiHuuvci al all Ulectlull held
iur uu- purpusc uli the
day ol AD. 1909.
KciuiiMiieicil, ado))led anil 11-
11,111) passed b) uie Coliiiili,
.signed 11) Ule .UaVol alld Cil)
U1II1 and Scaled with Hie v.01-
jiul.ile bml oil the
da)  ul A.D.  I909.
TAK1-. NOTICE iimi tin   ,1-
SOVS is .1  Hue COD)  ul Uie plu- •
posed I'l law iipuii WkWk a vute
Ul   the   I'.ll! luls   ul   tile   .UUIllil-
palll)   ul   lhe   Clly   ul   Ninth
Vancouvei wni in- ukm vvuiiin
lhe 111)   Hall,  .Ninth   \ahiull-
ui, B, Ca, uu Wednesda)   Uh
lulll   dav   ui  .daub A.D.   l->	
In 1 vv■ 1 ti lhc hiiuis ul 9 u'cluck
.1 in  and 7 uMuck p.m.
THOMAS siii-.rilKKi)
Retaming Officei
PUBLIC   NOTICE is hereby
given I'm' lhc vule ul lhe nlut-
nis ul the Cit) ul Nortk \ .ii.ii.uu 1 vv ill bi* taken un U1 uiu ,*
1I.11    lhe    lulll   day    ol    .11,mil
A.l). winy, between the now * ui
I   III lui k    .1 111     .Uld    ;    ui link
p.m., on "the City oi Nmih
Vancouvei Kerr) Service indemnity By-Law 19119" ami that
within tin* Citv ll,di, Nortk
Vsncouver, B.C., ami that Thomas Shepherd Ims hem appuini-
ed Rsturning Officer tO take lhe
vute "I mu li Blecton with the
usual poWSTS in lli.it bell.ill.
Bv unlet ul the Council.
I   11. MAV,
Short, mnili'iuti'l. worded letti-m m.
topicHol Mtnarsl public latot-aat will b,
publish,*.l in luii I'.M'iu-i-s
No cnlliiiiiliiii'iition puliii**hed exi'i'i't
over lijiiiattui' of uritcr.
Tin Kii'smu in in BO iiiy nspsntlbls
for ilm opiuioin, nl eorrasuudmita*, n d
reuervwi tlie ri|<lit lo term' ate a iliw'tin*
aion at any time.
BYLAW No. 63
Editor Baprsmi
Sir,—In your issue of the }6th
inst., I observe notice of Bylaw
No. 63, the object of which is
to raise $3000 fur Mr. Bunbury.
Now, I am one of a large
num-l-cr of Nortli Vaiicottveritcs
who endured the numerous and
varied discomforts of the motor
boats, and the extra expense
and inconvenience caused by
their erratic and unreliable ssr-
vice, in the hupe ul belter
things to coiiici, and I am quite
willing to sec Mr. Bunbury receive adequate compensation loi
lliis loss iii iinie and iiiom-v Wi
must, however, bear in mind
thc lact, that the "Motor Boat
Co." was purely a business venture on the part of Messrs.Hun-
bury and Braim, and the benefit
resulting to the public merely
incidental. They were, in lact,
gambling on the feeling oi Inutility to the old company, aim
we are not responsible lor tlu
failure of their enterprise, 1101
should we be called upon to pay
a large bonus to Mr. Buniiury,
in addition to reimbursing lum
for his losses.
In view of the above facts, tin
sum of |)0M appears to nie.alin
I believe to many others, to bc
excessive, and 1, for one, shall
certainly not vote Ior tin- bylaw without more light on nu
subject. As things stand al
present, 1 do not believe it will
pass, and I therefore beg to suggest that you, if you are interested in the matter, might du
very good work ior Mr. Bunbury, by furnishing information
on the following points:
1. Did Mr. Bunbury, as manager of the Motor Boat Co., receive salary, "expenses," or anv
other form of remuneration loi
his services'
2. The company  is said   lu
have li.vt  >i>, pvr iliiv. Iluii
much was paid to Mr. Iti.11111,
either belore or alter that attack ol "cold leet," which mused his nominal retirement Iron,
the company.'
3. Will the amount of d.uiiag
es and costs issessed bv .lit.
Justice Clement against .Mr.
Bunbury and his associates, In
deducted from the >3ooo, in
case the ferry purchase bylaw is
The above and similar questions are lieing asked every dav,
on the streets and the boats,
and upon the answers to ihein
the result ol the vole will largely depend. II you can luiiush
the desired mlormation .um
show us why so large a sum is
required, 1 am convinced vmi
will ubltge many others besides
Yours truly,
March 1, lyuy.
Editor Kxpress:
Sir,—The following is ,1 detailed statement ul liabilities
incurred   by   llie   Mulur   Hunt
Transportation Co.:
J. Martin, solicitor, Jhuu; S.
Scliullz, solicitor, Shoo; Dans,
Marshall tk McNeil, j.600; Hi
Uonni-ll, solicitot, pljo; total
legal charges, fjOJO, \t. II
Braim, lure ui launch, $190: S.
Halls, hire uf liunch, Sin.';
Muss Brus., hire uf lauiuh, S77,
tulal balance uvving iur l.iuiu lies j.|:y.     p. Booti, balance ol
wages, $35;  W.  Booth, balance
ol wages, $7; \V. McKcrriiw,balance of wages,$40; Q,Smith balance uf wages, $34; lolal  bnt
ance owing on wages % 116.    N
V. Hardware Co., $213"; Paine
&   McMillan,   $14.25;   Recti   ek
Harding, $3; R. Tarn, $3; Dip-
lock Wright  Lumber Co., faa ;
N. V. Luiiii*cr Co.   fi.-s.76;   Kxpress Printing Co., So; Kviil of
Wharf, $'"; Messrs.Mahon, Ker
and Kealy,$325; tulal outstand-
ing account, $154*31*      Total
liabilities, StoiQ.v.
Amount of bylaw, fjOOO,
You will see that there is untiling for myself, onlv  ,1   bal
ance still owing "[ H*). )l   on
my liabilities.
The item u! $325 due Malum,
Ker   and   Kealy   represent;*   a
loan advanced to meet pressing
liabilities, and was distributed
among crt-ilituts uiiiiieiiiaielv.
Marcli 3, 1009.
The succ.ss il lhe gas producing process invented by v\ alter Thomas, and owned by tlu
pruprielors ul lhc Nnrlh Vancuuver Light, Ileal 1* das Power Company, Limited, is being
proved to a delimnslialiuii   m\
tin- experimental plant, located
at 1229 Granville sired, Vancouver,    The process is ,1 111,11
vel ul simplicity .uid ifiectivc
tiess, and consists merely nl the
extraction ol ihe gases general
ed by burning wood.    Any sort
uf wuud will answer, ,iinl when
a representative ol The Express
inspected the process, gas   was
being manufactured trotn pieces
ol Iir bark gathered Indiscriminately,
The plant, witli the single exception of the producer, is an
exact reproduction of the con-
rational gas plant. The producer consists ol two lilies side
by side, one lor the up draft
and one for the down draft,aim
divided horizontally inlo an up
per and a luvver cuiiipartiiieiit.
The wuod (rom which the gas
is to be extracted is placed in
the top compartment and set
011 lire, lhe Haines being allowed
to   escape   meantime    through
openings ia ths tup.   W hen tlu
producer is in oper.itimi, tlust
top openings are dosed. Thc
air then enters the- one title at
the bottom, passes up through
the burning wood and duwu iln
other Hue, extracting Ihs vols
tile out oi tin- burning wood as
it goes, and carries them duiv n
through a charcoal tiller ,in llu
opposite Hue, which lixcs them
to a staid gas, rt .uly lo be used
for heati or power.
The process represents llu
nearest possible approach to a
tlow of natural gas and challenges the beholders credulity, because of its very simplicity, Tin
gas is produced at a cost uver
200 per cenl cheaper than   coal
gas, with winch ii compares
favoralbly Ior power pBTpoass,
and also lor lighting purposes,
when the burner which   is   BOW
being perfected by the luinp.uii
is used. On the average, 1)00
tons ol fuij wullld give 40,000,-
000 cubic iect ol gas. It is estimated that this is lhe .imuiilil
of gas producing wood thnt   iv
destroyed by tlie mills, etc., ni
Vancouver civcry day, and that
city uses dally .ibnitt $00,000
cubic feet uf gas.
Attached tm the experimental
plant referred tn, is a jit. tn
which a match was applied in
the presence "l Tin- Bxpresa representative a few minutes after the producer was set iii operation, and the Immediate result was a burst nt flame, nl
about the same color as lllal
given hy a coal nil lamp. From
thc vats the gas is conducted .1
distance ni abultt nne hundred
leet, to a six liurse pnvver   en
gine, operated by a single gas
jet, iitlc-d willi a hnnd. Attached lu lliis engine ls a dynamu,
carrying nu volts and connected Willi a set ui twelve Nu. 3b
electric lamps. Tin* ainpliers
wm* adjusted by simply altering the switch, making these
lights as bright or as dim as
the operator chose. This process places it within the power
of every sawmill (lor illustration) tO generate lis own light
and power, and thai out of the
refuse Htm her, the sawdust, and
oilier waste wood about the
plan*. It is likewise readily-
adaptable to any industrial institution, ami its significance
to producers ami manufacturers
can   scarcely be overeslimalcd.
The Installation oi a plant 01
this nature in this city will inevitably prove of the grantee!
assistance ill the, industrial development of North Vancouver.
There is a gnat deal oi bUild-
am .    ,. aTTal^M
ine in sight, which will bc un-'
<li 11.1 ken when the vvealher set-
It is quite probable the Lonsdale ave canine will be extended northwards hall 1 mile beyond its present terminus.
The   dominion   government
will again Instruct the banks to
g.itlnr up all the American sil-
vt 1 min in circulation, with a
view  tu shipping it back to the
Bt-il ll KSISIIIU I10III   00   UH  toil I
,   J. W. HALM A IN
IJiuuiliiy Min i'i'*r iiiiiI Arrlinirt
NORTH   V.vNt'ufVKH.
G. E.   ii>l.(,i YNi \
'i.il  I laiiiii.,*,  ..id  6. I. I.nd haf*a****H
'rll,*Ma Mi
Ha*,,******., Iai'ainl*.. IVrt,,*i !*,,*,. I- I - in.:.**
*"i|***rilil,*ii.l. n< a* 'ai 1 uliatraiilnn, ..t<t|.*, 1.,-an
'ii■*. Mni.nn riainia. ftub-Dlrla-tou,	
Ml lla.iin*,. si. W..   ■   ■   CAM ul I KR.  B 1
.tv 1 r-i'ii-; .ut:
TOURIST kt.-iiKl
Ratsi: |lJO li:k
Special Hairs In ■iuiiilii", am! Uvular Uttim
ll.ill-liuur l,rrv Dun ti"ii t" nml Iraiin VSDCOUTaV.   II"!  Sid cold
inner in i'ini   room,   Hitnrii rail  belli in WHtJ   I ""in.' Barber
-*lni|i in oosBsciion,
Shum  .jtssst,   -   -   •   -   NOKIII   VANCOUVER, B. C.
D.in'l iin Iii laiiinuui lo lnur mur Pit-lure liihi "||"1 _" «■ *"» )""1
b-  ftaS   lien-   at   Inline
Call an.l MS uur work mnl net priest,
I' 11 a 1  I 1 ' 1, u A I' II I   H !-,
BUCCK880RS TO  l.l.I.lul I 1 l;,\i;i.u\t
Cor, Ui.iiaailiila? nntl Kaaplaaniiua*. ovtr M.tiila of II.N.A
VANCOUVER Business and Professional Directory
City Auditors
Nurth Vancouver
516 l'clitler slreet
Chartered Accountants and
Vniiiuuvcr, li. C.
Victoria, 11. C.
Seattle, Wash.
Hume ly.'j,      P.O. Drawer 765
Rolled Od I .s
Hai) <in«i Teed
Dl I IVI Kl 11
mii.. nn toi a
-ny Bastings Street West,
-.U I   Ua,.'   tliia
163 Cordova street west
is the mill  am 11..1111 r who will
pa) s|i"t i.isb before the sale is
i..a,.iji tns
-mi Imperial Block
Cur. Pender and Seymour ms.
i'.O. Drawer 1116     "l'lione 2444
P, GORLICH, (Graduate)
CHIROPODIST. Corn.s,l)tiiiions,
sure  leet,  etc.   cured.        Many
years practice in London, Eng.
Room 54 Davis Chambers
6lJ Hastings Streei Wesl
Hoars: y to IS a.m., 1 to 6 p.m.
jl'roi. JOS. E. XURNHERGER:Kc,;^'oure>,:on
Successor to Dr. Dalhy
133 HASTINGS ST. W1-..-.1',
Phone o'a
si Cordova Street,
Prescription Specialist
Phons 1053
Musical Director
Vancuuver Opera HoUSC
Rooms 3 .nnl .; bilks' llall, Cor.
Robson and  Granville  Streets.
All Instruments.      Phone 2530
teacher of Violin, Matululin,
Banjo, Autoharp, Zither, vv ill
give twenty private leeeons
iur >;.  rather Information
at Cowan's up-to-d.ile   Music
Store, 608 Westminster ave.
For particulars apply io
Phone 815     440 Homer Street
l'lione 463
M. W. WA1TT .Se CO., LTD.
558 Granville Street
The only place in B.C. where
work is done entirely to customer's satisfaction.
CLEANING works. A. Digits
l'roprietor.     l'lione 756.    Club
rates a spciialty. 5(12 Seymour.
Barrister, Solicitor, Notarj
Public. Heather oi the bars
nl llritisli Columbia and (Jue-
bsc,    Riiom y Empire Baild-
inf.,   (03   Hastings   St,  west
Vaiiiuiiver, ll.C.     I'liunc 4166
Farm  and   Orii.iiiieiilal   Gates
Garden Aiihcs,  Flower Stands
743 Pender street,
Pianos — Talking Marhinra
Music Goods
The oldest music ltutisc 111 li. C.
Gives positive relief to Headaches or Nervousness caused bj
eye-strain, and treats all SOTtS
U imperfect eyesight.
Dr. King is the   higiiest   .111
thority on ey.sight in Canada.
All kinds of optical it pairing
MTiiniit's ioi|iiiniiiuii Ltd.
440 Seymour Street
R. Kerr llouigale - - - Manager
1.uiiih 01 Dinner 2JC.
Short urders al all hours
j7 liasiings btreet sYsst,
Groceries and Provisions
Wholeeala and Retail
1 ih Hastings St. (downstairs)
Delivery Tuesdavs and Fridays
Covtrhill'i Bsrle- Plakes   thi
Iai. st breekfesl food.    Try a
packau'':   15c	
ihe Brackman-Ker
Milling Co.
Lonsdsle Avenue,
st Ferry  Landing
Harrv Miti bell, lm V > ,
Kallethe's Bath
Cornet Homer and Pender Sts.
The onl) lip-in date and reliable bath liuiise iu British In
Wc   illl'i    while    utllels    bill
Satisfaction  ruaranteed ur no
pa). i'l.nn baths, electric bathe,
.bun 11   baths, massage lui   bull , si.ilp and laic; electro ther-
ipeittu b.iths .1 specialt) *
Graduate ol Berlin, Germany
Hats cleaned  and bloched at
the sign ul the Hat
i-n abbot STREET
Business Institute
nd Hastings St. W.
• n.d» • G*,*«t.*st Weitern  School
I. J, Sprutl, BA, - - Manager
The Alexandra, 589 Granville si
Scalp treatment for all kinds ol
disease. Children's hair cutting,
l-,ni;il Massage.     Manicuring.
ll.iiiiliessing ij-50
Shampooing 50,       Phone 1000
VANciHVI'iR, B. C,
All Norlh \ aiiiouvei people
eat at
f.illui 1'i.uk hluiK or Hastings street, opposite the new
I'ust oiiiie.     Leonard sells lus
lea by lhc pound.
122 Hastings Street West, SAi'Eb,   at   bargain   prices,
VANCOUVER, B. C.     P"*--"e 2447.
The best equipped studio 011 the |
l'lione 3228
For excellent photographs   and
satisfaction go to the
Cor. Carrall and CofdoVS Sts.
Family   Groups   and   Baby
Pictures a Split.illv
Cabinet   PhotOS   ll"in  |
o-.vviNia M.^ninto
MACHINE i-.a-.ha.sijE
-"l Glaliville bl.
U huh sale alld relall dealers   in
."sewing -U.ichiiu.-s and Supplies.
Machines rented by the week or
mouth. l'lione i.;S;
We   have   lhe  largest   stink    ul
mouldings m B.C to sehs 1 nam
SO when lull w.iiil ll.lining ilmn
ille.ip  .Hid   well   gel   utir   |Ulies
J40 Granville sad 1 ;s 1 "iiluv.i
Tin* City i.u.in Company, Btsrl
ing block, 71 Hastings st. vv.,
II.Klin 1.'     Ul* Inllil llmlli'l   nil   |ilalliu-.
Lor-,*.,,iirriiiii.i., "-(..riiii.- rrceipts, hiu
pstsonsl property, ifiwesrastsol inl*'
l'"ll|illl. ll'it.'. 'li.-ii'illili'l,   llliillrv ai'l-
viiin-i'il Hnl»rii'il psopliopootheirows
Kit Hi. li.^us, pa,,! pusitfii-a^^'1 C°'_UMITK,)	
",t„,.,„'sil,M„is7cullcgc, l':lnUh  lllm Pnul.ng, dralt.ttg,
,, it.11 ing, ' itv in ip *
1,3a 634 636 Sivmuttr Street,     Cww k U:*S(ill n,,,mll,ISi ,,,
VANCOUVER, li. C, Seymour street       Phone 1060
668 Carrall Btreel
The II. C   Mills
Timber and Trading Co.'s
Patented Sn tiuu.il Buildings.
Aluhalilial    Opera,    \auilcvllle
alld Drama
I-, igtaiu changed every Monday
Any seal 111 lac house Inc.
58 Hastings Btrsst Waat,
VANculVlvR, B. C.
I'.nglish practical aratchaaahsr;
Batabliahed 1S89
Specialty,  repairin|
312 Cart.ill Stteit
Nurth Vancouvei Estimates . .
.md deliver] free	
F. W. Btiwi'.s I CO.,
M.mnl. 11 tniii*. ui winiliiw shades
750 Riilisuti sl
RuUnrsnt— Lsensrd'i
N»W  UllOllf—.1.   .1.   Ma' \ 1 • * a -a I*
Fresh tggi   Weil Knd store
Lttffibtr- lii|a! al. Wright Co
I'ii'luri* fraiiiiinn*   Bail*; Rrus
Hsstlng— Hurt iiill luml Mclst)
Photofrsphs— UwdnH S Thurp,*
lur -ar.*   r, i   i rail Corporstloo
Wattr motor for isle—F.zprsM olBct
Lucky i.ira.li'T.-   Vsncouver Hilling
K*,.*k   bottom   I"'     \ ,*v u.'lir ,V
Tin  .niiiii  -.inin  oi tin-   mu
iiiiiiiii ui St, -'"iin ilu EvangiI
1st,     ia.inn       l Instil liebl       .,tl< 1
iiiii,   w.is   I,iiii on Wednesday
morning,b) thi l/i si rable Arch*
deacon   Pentreath,   iu tht pn
senn* a,i ,i considerable g.itin-i
mg oi ihr congregation,      I In
stone    Inal s    llie    following in
scription;   "St,  John's,  A. D.
Tin- impressive sei i ice which
accompanies stuli s ceremon} ia
tin- Church ol England, was
read by the archdeacon, assisted by the vicar, Rev. J, 11.
Hooper. On account ol the
shower) slate ol the weathei.
iluii was im address delivered,
und tin- servici was concluded
with ,in i spression ol the arch
deacon's best wishes [or an early i.iinjali tion ui the church,and
a continuance oi successlul vvurk
in tin- parish,
The construction of the
The church will cost approximate!) ,M>uuu.
The erection oi the building is
under tbe supervision ol tt. P,
Peacy, the well known contractor ol ilns city.
Editoi Express:
Sir—1    should    feel    greatly
obliged il you could spare me a
lillle ol your space, in order
ih.a l iii.ii expi.uu nn position
| in ng,ml to the outstanding
[tiikcis in connection with the
! len v purchase bylaa        That
I imi uv   is tin* sulll ul wit,  wa.s
emphasized b) thc met nng last
night, and it was impossible lo
gin- any adequate explanation,
A ii-w ..I those presenl lasl
night li.nl not the wn tu su
that I was lar from imputing
possible dishonorable action
,ilbcii legal mi the part ul thc
imi   ,\   power company,     1
liave heard   tills   llikel   inallel
ihsitisseil by a lew oi the iIti
/ens, .ind as sin Ii tilings,   iim \
plained, are oites sutticient   lo
kill a Inlaw, l dsctned It wise
to have a lull discussion. Nothing kills like ridicule, and 1
think that the ridicule cast oa
uu suggestions "I what inighi
be done by the un v compan)
ought lo dispose ol ihis   mat-
let a,nu- .mil lol all. 1 do not
believe and never uilllil believe,
that, even though the company
has   been    lar   Ifuiti   what     it
sliiiulil be, ii would take advantage "i ilns arrangement and issue tiikeis to an unlimited a-
1 ilu think, hiiwever, thai ii
was better to have the matter
Black and colored Serges,  l'aii.iin.is, Roxanas, Voiles, Lustres, Ciciliiins, Alb.itrus, etc.
.j:in navy serge, pure all vvoul special     I.si
A2UI navy serge, pure all wool special     8gC
4hin line pure wool navy serge      om-
jjin Panama, bl.uk and colors    45c
I Jin black wile, special     6-JC
|.'in Roxatia, pure all wool  S.si
join black Cicilian, bright finish        851
pun navy, cream and brown lustres     lii
(hin line quality cream serge	
Singer and Wheeler .*< Wilson Sewing Machines and accessories always kept in stuck.
product of the pen ol a discriminating and careful observe)'..nnl
is 11! a nature designed lo   have
weight with that il.iss oi men
whu would be expected to read
a magazine ol this influential
character. Thi article is dated
at Nurth Vancouver, .1 fact
which is nm v ithout its significance iruiii a 'iiu standpoint.
At the special meeting ill the
ulv   coin   ll,   held  last  evening.
Co., hav ■ re-opened what is
known   is ths old  Thompson
camp, OS Lynn creek.     A large
gang o! n.en will be employed,
The executive committee  ol
the Lynn alley ratepayers' .is
solution held a  meeting    lasl
evening . ml drew ap ,1 draft
constitution. A general meet
mg will be held tu the Institute
hall on ttuliiesilav evening tu xi.
when this di,ilt will be considered, and the tramline extension
will be lurther discussed,
Nurth Vanoouver Kerry Landing—One of the assets included iii tlie Ferry l'urchasi
scheme, to bt voted on by the ratepayers next Wednesday,
church "i Si John the Evangel
1st Is li.avv   well 'llnli I' wai . ainl.
when completed, will (onu   ,1
highlv   aiustii  centre in that
locality,     The architects   an
ilu well-known hun ol Hone)
man ft Curtis, \ ancouvcr,  and
tin di sign ol the iliuiih is ,1
.slight un,,bin.1';..11 ui Golhii
The measurements ol lhc cdilici
sm- .*■- [olios N* 1 \ 1 Suit l.i
.*.'it, chancel 17!) b) .'in, nortli
transept --"it bv 1 *n.    It is in
tended  1 inpieli   thi  cruci
form design b) adding « nou|l
Iran h pi when < onditioit 1
quire it* in addition I
abovi, llu ie is ,1 beautilul bap
tiatry, , n bv sn, ,,i thi an,
ui ilu loath .n'li, and mi tin
in,nh sad  k 'i'ii  sidi 1 ol   th
l ll.lll.'  I     .III      ilia !       0|
gall illaiiibi is       The nave   uin
lilts '*: '* bays, traversed lit
tetltli  ,111 I tWO Side aisles     An
pji   room  is  provided  In  thi
chancel lot a choii ol ■     and
ilu lanctuai), inside thi   con
iiitiiiiun tail, measures loll bt
Tin- iiiiiin.il treatment ol th
building will be vu■> phuxini
■Tin rool will be stunk oil in
panels, and 'in walls »ill be
plastej above the wain tcote \
In.n- cornice will lunuounl tin
jum 1; *ii ui the walls and rool
and  tile WindoWl will  be ial!li
dial glass in lead.    Tin  towi
which is ,1 prolongation ol thi
mg.ni , lum1" r, wlmt coiupl
will contain .1 peal ol bells,
ventilated in 1 public meeting,
than allow 11 tu gruw in Importance bv  slreel corner   ills-
illssiuti. ft hen the bv law has
passed,  as It litiiliuiblcdll     will
do, iln utv no doubt will  s,i
tu it lli.it new tiikcis ul a dll-
luilil color .He Issued, and give
notice that old tickets must be
used vv lllllll one veal limn tile
date ul lhe ptlti base. Tills. I
believe,   tiuv   iall   leg.llll   ilu.all.I
Ihey will ilnn be better abb to
judge "i iluii position, and con-
nn.1 .un ilu skeptical 1h.1t
iluii is uu graft    Tin bw who
lichen that gnill iMsts will
.llvv.il s    believe    so.   alld   I   olilv
h,,|H ihe) will neglecl i" 1 \, 1
1 Ise lilt   llallilllse,  and  bv    siuh
Ik-gill I   In Ip us lu found •!   illv
ill iiiui,   than name      Thanking
,11 nu nun  courtcs).  believe
.111 *   Ulllllllll. .
ll.al.ll        ,.       1901)
Ill  llli   .!.Uill,III   lllltllbll   ul   ill)'
Journal ol thc Canadian Bank
us'   Association,  R. I-'.   Urn
ll.lja-lltill  h.i'   all  1 \u llllll   alll, li
I .im, Rupert,    Tin- article
is const I v.ilm  in lis stalillicilts
.unl comprehensive In its scopt
imii Inui'   ini ih   iipun the ilt
mati,  the harbor, the general
■ituation,  the townsite itsell
tin pn lent  ippearancs ol   the
1 Itv    llli   li s,,nius u| land    ainl
lea, win. h .in trihtit.il -, to iiii
place, etc.     The altldc 14   Ik
llu- mayor presided aiid the  aldermen were all present,   with
the exception ul Alderman   Ul
Neisll.     A lettei was i--.nl lrmil
the utv solicitors, requesting to
be instituted .is tu ilie disposal
iii utv documents son Is tin ir
possession, in view ul the Jus,*
ol iheir tenure nf ihe position
with the end ui l-'ebruatv Documents tu be forwarded lo ilu
utiibik ful tin* present.
The medical health oflic* 1 pn
sitiieil liis report  a Ith n li n me
to   aati-toxlne,   favoring   lhc
ku ping "I *i sllpplv   bv   the Uti ,
tu he dispensed as ll might In
iei|iiind Referred t" th
health committee
A  letter was lead limn S    I
Alinri,  superintendent  oi  Kl
Paul's   huspital,    lu   Iln    iln*
that    he   is   advised    thai    llie
Kirkpatrick lad serionshr in
hired, sunn nnu since, could md
be removed to lhc local huspital
lot   a  liliilltb  vi 1        Relerred  to
tin- health committee
A social dance will be in Id i"
night in tin Institute lull.I,vim
tt   .1. MiClnre and I,mull  an*
tn w  arrivals   in   J,win   vallu
lb isi tearing a homestead ib.se
to Rue lake
Mr   Douglas, living mi llui.ni
i' ad,   Lynn  Valley, is clearing
Ir    land prepatatoiv   la, , lulnij
I   leslal* mc
lhc   Hastings   Shiugli   Illg,
Next l'i id. iv cu ning lhe .Terry Widow  dub will hold one ol
ilu-ir usual assemblies,
.l/.lll'.'lli I"   1 a
 r .../
mi kin.I- ni .1l1.-1.1n nml Antique liirni*
, I'iri'. Sl, .re, luli.e, IsiiiK nn,I llnr In-
1 ires.   1;. |i.i.i iug in nil its hiaiaa in'i..
I 173 Ttilr.l Sl. IV., lift. C-tual.'i-lii-l.l «u.l L..il»il»li*
..,*i*...ii, MSval
M Vll.i'lil'li,* git-Mi pruinpl an, iiti.ii.
' Nortn Vancouver
Horticultural Society and
Farmcrs' Institute
Special General  Heeling   ot
the above societ) a ill he  held
in ilu Horticultural  lull,   oa
Tuesdav. March  It., at *S p.m.
To receive report "I board ot
directors as to present luunual
poslllon and lm siiili other business as mat  come before the
One J, J. Taylor Sul,.
nt Nurlli Viini'iiiiviT.
Kor particulars apply
B.r. mm mmm
Qranville uml Robson Sts
>   ■
i  1
.■j V 4 ,v . I
.1. 1* sr it 1.
;  0
I)    I.     ss"
.Sllfl   1'V     I l.'ll    lots,      lu     l„      l|,
livered Cleared .indorad
KI). A (6(1 strut divnlis tin
blink instead ol all lile) I'l.lib
Iul extends lium street t" itreet
Nos. 1 ainl : together
4 to 11 eai li 'cs
I.' .md 1 i lu:-. lint       IJJn
11 and is together .    isv.
16 lu .' 1 1   1, ll .....        Sm.
Terms S:.«. eaat jM-r lm
Balance '.. vearh lot ) vi h
at 7 per mu
\lr\,lllll(l      £et     llivvinlni
District Lot 204
We are now gelling fast the
balance of the Lots in this
Section at
$150 per Lot
TERMS—One quarter cash; balance 8,12, and 18
niinii hs, at 6 pi-r cent.
Get in on tbe Ground floor and Buy Direct from
the Owner.*
163 Cordova Street, Vancouver, B. C.
1'. 0. BOX MS,
I'll.. 1,11'., TUTIUJ im
I I Wis
*iiim a.m.
•I. I., -
S.IKI   "
s in   "
9.01 "
10.11 "
11.15 "
ILM.') I' H
1.15 "
Ilh "
115 "
4.15 "
5 15 "
fi. 15   "
J M ••
KI4 "
tt.15 "
10.16   "
•ll :to
SO, v t\. uru i;
H.ttA X,
•?.ai -
MO  •■
'.l.l all    '*
'.IX.l    »
lll.-li   "
11 I.)   "
11! I'I'.M
1 ||   -
:' i.i "
:i.l5 "
Ml  "
.Vl.", "
ii.45 "
7.15 "
s l.l -
" II "
10 la "
•11.15 '•
11 wi ■
I Wl UlTIk
•7 IIA \l
•S.-.M "
"lll'l "
li Ml "
10.11 "
1*11 15 "
♦11145 I'. VI.
1.45 "
r« "
:U5 "
4.45 "
.-|.I5 -
'i.15   "
I I Wi
Ml.   V VN, ,
•N.4U    '
'II.LII   '
10.10  •
11.15   '
tt I I.,  '
:'I5 '
3.15 '
1.15 '
5.15 '
i, || •
7 15 '
•Nut nu Sumlm
tt"n SiukIhm. a.nlv
for  Sal-—iliu- Ini^c-t  list tu chouse in v.    J
Lota   and   Hl'ioks   in   nil   |.i.i-t.'")'  tb,* inv     \
ninl Diatrict.    Houses un -mall onsh pay-
niriit.   Acreage in city ami tlistriot.
Special oiiporiuniikf for invcstmeiil iiotr.   List
your hai-eain- uilh ns for quick -nli-
Ilous's. llu-* md Storee—■ good selection at
reasonable rentals.
We have applications for several loans on the
beet lirst mortgage security in sums of $600
to $10,000. Interest 7, 8 A- !* |ic. per annum.
Irwin £ Billing* Co.,, td.
Cor blind.!.-At*" .0*1 iltl St , No-Id V. M .in*. D  III I*.. |.|inne 15
Made to Order
at Ready Made
Prices   .    .    .   ,
That is ninii vn* ire u'iv'ing tin'
men   of   Nurth    Vincouver
16.00  Dollars
nml tiji Z' ts vmi :i Tailor Miide
Suit to ymir liking, l-"'0 patterns to choose from. ('diiic
ninl have a look; thev jn-l ,ir-


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