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 ®lj? SxprPHH
Is the Question of the Hour with North Vancouverites—Opinions For and Against Special Charter—Friday's Voting
Will Decide the Fate of North Vancouver.
S. Gouau, City Clark, Nanaimo;
I am fully uf the opinion thai incorporation under the general act
is ii) be preferred to a special
charter. Perhaps the strongest
reason that I can advance is the
experience of this city, we have
worked under the general act since
the incorporation of the city in the
year 1H74, and it has lieen found
quite satisfactory, the powers conferred on the council are sufficient
for good government, Of course,
I do nol say that the act is
entirely perfect, and that it will lit
every case exactly, but it will fairly
meet all reasonable requirements.
Our council has on many occasions
made recommendations to the
Legislative comiiiiitee, suggesting
changes. Sometimes they have
been granted, and at other times
they have been set aside; but, in
view of the union of the muiiici
cipalities of the province lately
formed, it is likely that the municipal iicl will be put on a more
satisfactory looting than at present.
Considering llie mailer, l do not
think you will make any mistake
if you incorporate under the
general act.
Gordon IL. Connoiii.11, New
Westminster! I am strongly of
opinion that it would be far better
for a new municipality to work
under the general municipal
clauses act, If you get a special
charter there is sure to be something omitted, and every amendment costs considerable money,
whereas, if you want any special
clause you can always get the
government io amend the inuiii-
1ip.1l act without costing your
municipality anything. Another
aui,muge in working under the
municipal clauses act is Unit there
have already been decisions on
lie.il Iy every clause, and you  can
tell  thereby  what  interpretation
has he, it put on each clause.
Will IA M T. STKIN, Vancouver:
Then-are two points which your
Committee should consider in this
matter. The lirst is the powers
which the new city wishes to
obtain, and secondly, the cost of
each of the proposed methods. I
have had wide experience among
ihe different municipalities in the
province, and at the present time
very lew, if any ol them, are satisfied with the general municipal
net. In proof ol this, l would refer you to the Reeves' Convention,
one of the principal objects of
which is to obtain amendments to
the general act. Practically,
each municipality desires special
amendments lor itself, but the including ol these in a general act
would be very undesirable. This
is evident by the number of
amendments presented and rejected
at each session of Parlinment. On
the other hand, if the municipality
obtains a private charter it has the
advantage of the experience of
oilier municipalities as incorporated in the general act, and
has also the advantage of being
able to incorporate in its private
charier, the most desirable feature
at present appearing in the charters
ol other cities. I would also point
out that under a private charter a
citv can and has, as in the case ol
Vancouver, ojtaincd better protection against the encroachments
and general charters,
expense ol incorporating under the
existing general act would be,
approximately, $1000.00, and the
municipality would require to be
represented at each session ol
pariiment to watch that no amendments were introduced which might
affect it adversely. Amendments
are made at each session of parliment, and unless the municipality
is prepared to object to them,' on
the spur of the moment, it may
find clauses introduced into the
act which would be very detrimental to the city. It is 110 satisfaction to know that other municipalities suffer equally. The cost
of any private bill would be practically the same as the cost of obtaining a special charter, so that the
whole question resolves itself to
either the general act as it stands
subject to amendments each year,
or a special charter, subject to such
amendments as the municipality
applies for. The private charier
will cost probably, $2000.00 more
to obtain, and approximately,
$250.00 year imore to keep up-to-
date than the general act, but 1 consider this expenditure will save (be
municipality many other expenses,
as the differences between the
powers are so great. 11 the municipality decides to apply for a
special charter 1 shall be pleased "^v'y. ■.
to submit several suggestions for
the consideration of your coin
mittec, which will have the effect
of enabling the municipality to
make permanent improvements at
a much smaller cost than is
possible either under the general
act ,.r under the Vancouver city
A. I). Taylor, Solicitor (or the
Municipality of North Vancouver;
1 beg to say that in my opinion a
special chillier should be applied
for. This was my opinion at the
outset, and Ihe more \ have looked
into the matter and the more information I have obtained since
this question came up, the more 1
am confirmed in this opinion.
The extra cost of a special charter
will not be so great as has been
staled, and this extra expense will,
I think, be more than made up by
the advantages which a special
charier will afford by avoiding tin
present unsatisfactory state of the
general act, and in a direct
pecuniary way by enhancing the
value of the city's securities. As
to the extra cost, I do not think
that it will exceed fifteen hundred
Joseph Martin, Vancouver: 1
have carefully considered the question of obtaining incorporation for
a portion of the municipality of
Nortli Vancouver. In my opinion
it would not be advisable at present
to apply for a special charter lor
the proposed city. I understand
that the government contemplates
revising the general municipal act,
and, il so, it is quite possible that
all special charters may be abolished in accordance with the prac-
ticein the province of Ontario. In
any event, I should think that the
new city could get along lor a while
with the same laws as the city of
Victoria. I understand that it bad
been intended to apply for a special act to incorporate the new city
is a private act. and that gome ol
ol large corporations, than is given I the   incorporators   thought   that
under tbe general act. As regards
the expense ol the two methods,
the private charter will probably
cost about $3000.00, but if you
have once obtained a charter you
know exactly what power you have
and tin i'
when the expense ol a private ael
hail to be incurred thev might just
as well go to somewhat more expense and get a charier ol then
own. I might point out, however,
that it is not necessary to go to
is no reason why the]nny expense whatever so lar as
city should amend ils charter every \ legislation is concerned in order to
year, if the charter is revised get a new city launched as a cor-
once iii five years the cost of porate body. There is a general
revising and amending the charter! act which provides for ihe incnr-
would probably amount to, say, poration of cities by the Lieutenant-
$2000.00. This would be an]Go'vcrnor-in-Couiicil. This is
expense of $400.00 a year, and chapter 143 of the Revised
would keep your charter.far inl Statutes. It has, however, not
advance ol any of the existing; been the practice, so lar as
charters which are amended Imp- (cities are concerned, to make
hazard on ihe vote of a council, win) 1 use of this Statute, but instead
have sell.un, if ever, studied the j thereof, the government have been
whole charter and compared ii in the habit ol introducing a public
with tho powers under other special I act for the purpose of bringing b
proposed city under the provisions
of the municipal act, A recent instance of this is the incorporation
of the city of Phoenix, which was
incorporated by chapter 2H ol the
statutes ol iqoo. Nearly all of the
cities which have sprung to existence in recent years, such as Uev-
elstoke, Kossland, Grand Forks,
Greenwood and others, have been
incorporated in this way. The
advantage is that everything necessary for a new city io have in the
way of legislation is provided for,
anil there are no costs whatever.
No fees are charged by the government, and it is only necessary to
copy one of the acts already passed,
such as said chapter 28 of the
statutes of igoo.
C. Dunois Mason, City Solicitor,
Victoria : The experience we have
gained here during llie past six
years in attempting amendments
to the municipal clauses act, and the
confusion that exists owing to
absence of method in the conduct
of the committee of the House on
nuuiieipal affairs, prevents our
ascertaining what are llie wants ol
other cities, and each year numerous
amendments are sought, many of
them by cities who do not in any
way regard the wants of other
localities; the consequence of all
this is that the act is a piece of
patch-work legislation, involving
the utmost care on the legal ad
visers of the city tn avoid litigation
on technicalities, The council ol
ihis city became so exasperated by
the refusal of the House to give
ihcni necessary amendments, and
with the state of confusion, that
thev fully determined to have their
own charter, but ultimately, last
session, they refrained from bring
ing it in upon an assurance that
the act would be revised and con
and include several
amendments which we have long
desired. 1 have learned that this
cannot be done ihis present session,
and I think it extremely probable
that next year's council will insist
upon seeking the chatter. Willi
legard to your municipality, the act
as it now stands makes no sufficient
provision lor inter-municipal conditions. 1 taku it that there are
numerous special local circumstances winch you require to
govern by legislation.   1 shall be
pleased lo render my assistance in
any way desired.
(',. J. Haywood, Grand Forks 1
I write to commend the Brand lor
a special charter, instead ol laboring under the nuuiieipal clauses
net. 1 further want to advise that
according to our experience for the
past seven years from a righteous
standpoint, the position ol Btipt ;.-
dary magistrate lur a small town is
I complete failure—-the tool of a
clique or ol the M. 1', 1'. better
have the mayor, by virtue of Ins
position, and, as a representative
ol the people, be the police magistrate lor small towns of 2,000
population or less—or two justices
if the peace. I wish to make a
pecial point and plea for this, as
it is absolutely disheartening that
we cannot improve matters under
the general act without introducing
II bill in tbe Legislature dealing with
the general act, We cannot get
legislation specially for
done, so don't come in under the
general act il you can help it. I
lave written this to give you a
pointer on your direct path, it;
special charter: Trusting you will
■xcuse the liberty,
eight miles wide, not only what  is assessed value of the municipality
the most necessary, but alsu what
is the most feasible and proper
work to be done, and when the
end of the year comes they feci
that very likely they have after all
made a mistake,
2. Whether incorporation should
be under general charter or under
llie general act, This question is
certainly a very hard one to
answer, but by giving it the greater
thought I cannot but think that
one must be forced to the conclusion that a special charter is the
wisest course. With the pitfalls
and experience ol others we have
surely enough brains amongst us
to get something that will last us
many years, especially, with a
clause in that charter that it cannot
be altered without the consent of
the ratepayers. We cannot alter
the general act without at least
the silent consent of all the other
municipalities, why then run the
risk ol being tied up because we
want to do the impossible?
3. Shall the name be Buriard or
Nortli Vancouvei? Most decidedly
l.t us keep it North Vancouver;
sentiment might alter it, but business principles at the present time
could never do so. Look at the
advertising we have had through
the city ol Vancouver, the Tourist
association, our bonds, the deeds
of our lauds and a thousand and
one other ways. To change the
name now would lie like buying an
old establishment and immediately
changing the name. " Burrard,
successor to Nortli Vancouver;"
how much does it take for such a
business to advertise?
Allow me to reiterate what has
happened at the various meetings.
A well advertised meeting of the
shall sign a petition in order to
borrow, so how can money be
borrowed when the large taxpayers
refused to sign said petition?
The present area of the miinici-
cipality is about 75,000 acres.
Can anyone deny that this is too
large an area to handle as a city,
so it can be seen that it is not a
questiouol trying to "rush things,"
but that it is a question of putting
things on a satisfactory business-
footing by incorporating a portion
of this unwieldy area into a city ol
about 2,500 acres.
The second point is, shall we
incorporate under the present
municipal clauses act or under a
special charter. At the last committee meeting the following resolution was passed  unanimously,
"That this committee having
again gone fully into the question
of how to incorporate, are oi the
opinion that a special charter will
b* best."
When this resolution was passed
the following committee nun
were present: Keeve Kealy,
Councillors May, Allen and Morden, and Messrs. Keilh, Cornish,
Hope, Woods, Dick and Diplock,
tolal ten. During the past two
days I have seen Messrs. Bartley,
Phillippo, Thompson and Mahon,
who also stated to me that hail
they been present at the last committee  meeting  thev  also    would!
,   1 -    ,      ;    , . . 1 appointed lo interview leading men
voted 111  favor ol  a  special1      ... .     , ■
las to the respective merits ol in-
| corporating under the Municipal
Clauses Act or with Special Char-
so many amendments having been
made to the said act; would they
incorporate under the act now?
What one would tlo iu 1X97 one
might not do in 11)00.
(10) In drawing its charter,
Nortli Vancouver city would have
the benefit of the experience of
older cities; this advantage is too
obvious to need any comment.
(11) I favor a general clause in
the charter which will prohibit any
amendments, except by a vote of
the people. I also favor the system nl frontage tax lor improvements, and that the sinking lund
be handled by a board of trustees.
The third point is, shall we
change the name? Personally, I
think this will be a great mistake,
but as a good ileal has been written
on this subject already, notably
Mr. Larson's able letter, I will not
enlarge on this, but will conclude
by asking the ratepayers to vote—
(1) That we incorporate.
(2) That we incorporate under a
special charter.
(3) That the name of the city be
North Vancouver,
Thanking you, Mr. Editor, for
inserting letter.    Vours truly,
A. 11. DlPl.OCK.
North Vancouver, 13. C, December 1 ith, 1905.
Committee's Renort.
Report  of   the   sub-committee
nave voleil 111 lavor ot a spccia
charter, so that out of a committee
of sixteen, fourteen favor a special
charter, one member never all, tiding any meetings and Councillor
Hell is doubtful,—I say doubtful
because he has already changed
his opinion two or three times.
Please do  not  forget  that   these
ratepayers, by a unanimous vote, I gentlemen have given this matter
a great deal ol attention, and their
recommendation being unanimous,
as it was, should be favorably considered, The following are four
of the reasons why 1 lavor a special
dl If you are under (lie municipal clauses act there is.considerable danger ill the fact that the
act may
rural municipality or city lu such a
be  a  good
called for incorporation, selectei
sixteen men, who I know have tin
interests of North Vancouver at
heart, lo look into (he best means
ol incotporation, and ihey in their
turn brought in their report, which
was unanimously accepted, with
the exception of the last it in
which called for incorporation
under the general act, and the
ratepayers voted special charier.
Oil a petition signed by 45 late-
payers another meeting was called
to further discuss this last question;
then the committee got to work a
sub-committee, composed of two
in favor of general act and one in
favor of charter, and after their
report was presented those present
it a meeting decided unanimously
in favor ol a charter, and of the
lull committee, 1 believe, Mr. li.
Hell's is the only dissenting voice.
Thanking you lor this long space,
I am yours, etc.,
Arnoi.ii li. Kkaly,
North Vancouver, H. C, December nth, 19..5.
N. B.—To cover the objection ol
some with reference to (he taking
iu of lot 273, as the expense to the
(own in (he way of roads would be
enormous, 1 may State dial contracts lor the making of over five
miles of road have been let, and
will be paid for by the owner, Mr.
W. A. Bauer. 1 do not think anyone can deny that, geographically,
our town I this property should come into the
A. E. K.
have   been
ditor ol Tin:
Sir,—As I
by several ratepayeia to give pub-
icily to my views on the three
questions to be voted on on Friday,
the 151I1 instant, I hereby ask pi 1
mission to do so through 'inn
coin niB,
1. Whether    we
rporate or not.
citlfilly say "Yes."
new question with
couver old timers;
Editor Tin Lxi'Ktss:
Sir,—With reference to the vote
that is going lo lie taken tomorrow
bv the ratepayers ol North Vancouver, 1 should leel obliged il you
will publish my views upon the subject. The lii-t point we have to
Study is whether we sliould incorporate or not. Personally, this
question which hai been raised by a
lew agitators ll the eleventh hour
is a surprise lo me,  but: when   I
should    in- heard people getting up at the lul
I   mosl  .1.   ratepayers'   meeting  and   make
This is not a grandiloquent speeches with (he
Ninth    Win   usual'daptrap talk ol  "no axe to
our   relations grind," I [col it my duty 10 lay this
ter. The following gentlemen
were interviewed and their views
are given under:
.Mayor linscoinbe— Inclined to
lavor no charter, but would be
considerably influenced by Mr. J.
Martin's legal opinion.
J. W. I lorne, Esq,—Decidedly
in lavor of charter. In the matter
ol loans the charter would enable
the city to get better prices for
debentures, by giving debenture
holders better security.
A. II. li. Ma, g..wan, Esq., M. L.
A.—Inclined to favor uo charter,
bul il Hie extra expense of a charter
iniendeil bv some oilier        , ,   ,       ,,    ,   ,  ,        . ,.    ,,
,..        '.. ,      could  he allonled he might alter
ipalitv or citv in such a 1. .,., •
,',    ,' i 11 his  opinion.    11ns   opinion   was
Way thai while 11  mav  ''
with the people on the outside is
ai present good, but there is a dis
iimt under current ol trouble, and
am very sun il wi want. I a bj
law Im money, whothci loi fivi
thousand 01 one hundn tl thou lan I,
for sewerage, water or other purposes, it could never be pul to the
people as it would bo impossible
to get ihe nei essary petition signed
by those in the rural distrii is. \\ •
musl not forget that every year it
becomes mora difficult (01 a 101111
.il to decide when they have ■
territory eighteen mill a long  by
thing for ihcni it may be very detri-
mental to us.
(2) It will be necessary to have
a lawyer at every session of llie |
House to look alter our interests
and try to prevent detrimi nial
amendments, this is a continual
(31 Under a special charter we
shall be able lo gel a better price
for our bonds. Supposing we
borrow $100,000 next year and
obtain even two per cent, b, ttei
price this is $2,000 saved to   llu
(4) The large taxpayers favor
charter, Why do they do this if
it's not a good thing as tin y are the
people who have to pay most of
the cost?
(5) I am informed that Winnipeg worked under a charter, when
the general act was redrawn and
improved, they went in under that;
since then they have gone back
again to a charter.
(6) Supposing wc go in under
the municipal clauses act now,
under the supposition that it will
be amended in the 1907 session,
wc shall be working under a faulty
act for one year, but that ycai will
probably be (he most important 111
the history of North Vancouver,
and we should have to do OUI
business under a faulty ll t. On
llie oilier hand, the ait may not be
amended fur years. Remcmbci
it as things ire now, facta we have
to deal wilh, not what tilings mav
(71 Supposing that win n lie
municipal cliuiea a. t is rc-i odi tl
ami improved, ii is nol sitisfn lory
to the city ol North Va uvi 1.
and we want lo gel a I li.ni' 1. 1
think ihe government will   1
we have drawn you a good 111 1
you must slay with it. Have tv.u
slinigs lo v..ut bow, il tin n, v.
general m t 1. Bali (ai inn lu us iu
1, it, 1 In hue ihe ratepayers so thai
thi   shall noi be misled Irom ihe
1 im i»,   I tin noi think thai anyone' can cisily throw up oui 1 hart. 1
1,111 deny  thai  next Mar WC shall!     (H) WI1.1I   guarantee   Imw
havo to borrow money in order  to that tho city will not gel invo  1 n|    demonstrations   nn
tupe with water extensions, sewer- In .. lawsuit, nnd'1  the pi' ■
ago, roads and sidewalks, snd il tho I municipal clauses act,  with  11
inside district is not cut off from tin  patchwork legislation?   Then is ,1
outside how i', it going to be done?, big chance ol lawsuits on 1'' linn tl
Ih,' outside ratepayers distinctly points,   Ono lawsuit maj cost us
staled when they signed the lasl
petition to borrow money, that
Ihal   was  the   lasl   petition   the)'
would sign. Tn borrow money it
1 ■ ie t essary thai two thirds ol the I
more lhan the $100001 $1500 1 \I1.1
tost <.l the tbarter,
(9) A great number »l towni
anil 1 ities Working  und' 1   ■
eral ait were incorporati >i prioi i"
based on the probability of an
enlarged ami amended Municipal
Act being put through very Bhortly,
J. Balfour Ker, Esq.—In lavor
..I charti r. Fears trouble from
constant alterations to Municipal
Act by rural municipalities.
!•'. C, Cotton, Esq., M. L. A.—
Favors charter, but thinks there is
11 good deal tn be said on both sides'
Jas, F, Garden, Esq.,M. L.A.—
Favors incorporation under general
act, particularly as the legislature
intends making a new Municipal
Act ..I gri atel stupe than the present. Thinks that il is possible,
that a charter tuny be advisable
under the circumstances.
The following written opinions
were alsu appended: Mr. Joseph
Martin, K. C., Mr. W. T. Stein,
Mr. S. dough, city clerk, Nanaimo,
Mi. Gordon V- Corbould, K. C.
Hi'.nj. J. Cornish,
A. ll. Diplock,
J.   J.   W.,01).
To-Morrow's Poii.
A plebiscite shall be submitted
to the ratepayers of the municipality on Friday next, December
15th, to decide upon the lollow-
ing points:
I 11 -t Whether we incorporate
or not.
Si' I   If we incorporate, who-
thel tl '.hall be under Bpei nil charti 1 ,,t 1111,1, i th, gem iai in t.
Third    Whether llu- cit) becall-
. ,1 North \  ,m 1 rn Burrard,
on I iidr , tho 15th instant, J.
It. Audi 1 "in. deputy minister of
aigi, iilinie. will give demonstrations in iii> cultivation and
inanagi nienl ul the on hard, and
in ihf evening an address in ihe
um ... ipal hall .11 S v "'1 In, 1,, uu
ih, siini, ■ nbji, 1 'I. M I. igan,
,' I luiriie, will also b,' in North
\ ■  ' DIIVCI   on  that  day in    I un
jinn inn wiili lie di puiv mini i' 1
1 1. Ilillg will tl' Hi' I .111 ildtbess  on
ml   1 11,Itv ilimi,   ami  ll,,    I',', 1 1
vation ui mnl mixtiin .   Tin sc two
.iliit     11 in     1 tiiiiiii::    in    lie
ii nil 1 ui ih. North Vain ouvei
I luiit' ultiiral S01 ii ii, and no
doubt will     .■    man;    ■■
:       ti  ii,.. ■   interested  in
111. .. in.|".11,mi subji. Is.
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quiet, darkness, freedom from effort."
We accord Ihe nervous baby exactly
opposite treatment. We answer as if
entreated: "Hock ine! Toss me! Shake
rattles at me! Slug Io 1110, shunt, Jump
at ine! Show mo n light- anything
I,, ke 'p in,, nival,e and excited!" Ira-
hold in the nursery. H i'; voted ' riiel ludlfferelice "lo
let 11 baby cry," says Woinnu's Llfo,
The very inotlicr who best recognizes
ih ■ value ul .. 1 nl ' ry" In calming
1."!■,".. a ,n, 1 wrought feelings can least
uuikoup her mind to allow Iho snme rein call, 111" llio bal, for whoso nervous
condition »lie probably Is entirely to
 ■ 1 :.' b iby's frotfuluess Is,
as a rule, purely physical and especially dopi'iuli'iit en overexcited nerves,
Any mother who will allow her bnby
tn grow (or at least six months ol Its
llfo in a restful atmosphere, absolutely unstimulated beyond lis natural
pneo of development, will hnvo food for
tboughl in comparing her results nub
those of the more common (raining.
ll„,\  I,.
Smallpox Near Sudbury.
r ni,1   -a   severe   outbreak
smallpox    is   repni'led   ul    Cnpi
"K'1"  iownshlp, near Sudbury
'l   Ihe   he it   winch 	
Britisli Professor Disparages Emigration from England to Canada.
London,   Prof, ,lnmos Long Is ngaln
log   Prank      j^-,, Mange, Prairie scratches, Cub- Inking up the innnloss land question.
' an Itch on human or animals,  cured   In an article lo   the    Chronicle    lie
in 30 minutes by Wolford's Sanitary  points oul Ihal if ii is nol Impossible
,■„,.,.,. 1,,,  ,„„.„ Lotion. It never fails. At all druggists  ui place 5,  families on soil in Can-
..     , ' '.     lu 1,1'the Her- — —  adu und Australia, It Is still less im
1, ■   1 ,,, I  Canadian Companies Next.        ,   possible lo colonize llorollcl farms in
J,    ,."        1    .,      B.r    AnOl.iiwa    special  England     Men to be expatriated to
' lor Domvllle uill move nl  rana.l work land there are'lo be
. -sloti for an Insurance In- picked for bono, sinew   arid   Into 111-
'   ' "■  1 ., ,„ Cm)u(|n, one     "i are precisely lliose   who
■ ■..'I'm il 1nTi1ll1.11 was shnuld he relalned.   The   enpllal su
IVIi 11 111
nvel'  M -s
pi'otesl   "
-     re anainsi neglecl of own wasting   acres  Is   In  be   sent
'    ■     e I'lidilv health,   agalasl    careless irm I   w. li Iho ultimate objocl    "I
iRonllns the   physical   condt- supplying more product for horn n-
, M|S3  Hon    It -.tenia In nl llie lirst oppor- sumption, thus still further lo hnndl-
mil lakes up iis abode in a cup I"'"™ ngi'lculluro.
nun,,'and it Is Bomellmea rlllBcull   to Such a course could only hnvo one
II  Dr. Thomas'Electric Oil will resnli   Ihe production of more wnst-
drive ii oul In shorl order. Pain can- Ing neres and more home congestion,
lay where 11 Is used, bill   Immediately llees away,
i. ut-ati    mi "  The ptilleiil
liy, and In
hi In   Ii     m -i i'   ne
Cn iill,,,,-..
eon eiiu An court
o ,   of ,: "
-       .-.■[.,. >et
1)11  it  I'eeenl
; fiiiled lo appeal', and
.i :," Imi',' '
I, , duty to       i v. Where
I- In "
...i « in mi,*
iti ll enillll-
Sunlipht Soap ia Irnttor than other Boapa,
but is belt when used in tho Sunln-lu way.
Will Repeal   Tax. Buy Sunlight Soap and ioliuw dincUoni.
Otlawi    The    Dominion    Govern-  ,
nii'iit. li is nndi rslond, I n ■   received
 'v assiirnncos from the pro- Lawson Held for Libel.
vin< f Quebec thnl llu  i nnmerclnl Boslon, -Tliomaa   W.   Lawson   Is
travelers'   tax   legislation,   ngalnsl held for libel (or the December s,-s
which ihl'i'" have l ii su many pre Blon ol ihe Biipei'lor court on a charge
from ih" t'nlled   States   and of criminal libel preferred   by   ciar-
Brllaln, as well as fnnndn,   will   be mice w. Dnrron, of tho city, by Chief
,: ilm nexl session of   Iho Justice Brawn, of the municipal erl-
ire    The lux Is Ami mi lrev- initial court,   Bail uns fixed al 13,	
Serve lite I'tiriiinl „ii,t llie ln-
I'nriiiiil  llepllNl.
Iii ihe formal luncheon If the table
Is a linndsomo w I without scratch
,,r blemish it may be left bare, using
small doilies under the plates and
dishes and a centerpiece. This gives
an unusual opportunity to display rare
embroideries, Inn Ihe line damask
tablecloth Is always in good taste.
When luncheon is announced the
hostess asi.s her friends to follow her
to the dining room without formality.
The soup is served In two handled
cups, the heavy roast Is omitted generally and few vegetables are served.
The hostess may serve the salad, the
dessert and the coffee, although these
nre more often served from the side,
At the informal luncheon ten may
be Borved by llie lmstcss with the teapot, sugar haul, cream Jug and cups
and saucers ncntly arranged on a large
tray under a cloth, or the tray may
be omitted, using only the cloth, Two
or more courses may he served, all of
the dishes arranged on the table, nnd
..In* second course, the sweets and
Ikes, placed oil Bide tables.
>'■      ;     a.  ia)   fur   '1 rs mti-i'l" Camilla, Prince Edward nnd Alberl 1.. Brown, head of a woll
r,i   l
Tl,r   VI,mii,I   I'fHir.
"Give you n nlei ; a'
BlJ '     "till, it"! I never 'I. ■  .    '
IH   .lil:.- .VIlJ   ' II  *   I   1)1)'
lalll i lllelll
"I bavi
I   ••
Ini'letl   with   *A   Brlllsli   Columbia  known   brokerage   firm   A   Boston,
■ ;:,". ami now Quehi c   snya t,ui:, "1 as surely,
The Covetnor'n Wite ti Prisoner.   Mr. 0.
When nil nth. i t-oi-n    pn pai dim -   a,,,,,, „„„ . .,,. ....... ... ,i„. ,	
Ilnlloway's Corn Cure     S'n  row i       s        . .■  ..■ :.,..,.,. ■
"i'l  llu iin-ianv< hi' in'"   '"'" 'I.-.ii'.' - ii   When '	
in nsiii     I ''"'"""" '
Inn    I lit-1     i|,ti.in ol   |,„,|,l t'ttti    i. ■.. '   .      I
 I  .:     '    '
How Trunks Are Smashed. tie.ramik-<  u
\ nan who I I mono}' for a
I mil  ol      '       loo    ' i   '  '   luei
ifo in-   It dm ink and
SI IlK.T.'.l    III,,    III.
Itlxlu   \"-*.
■ • . ■
handling of  Deplores His Failure to Marry and to
Lift America's Cup.
:       i man lias handled     |,m  mi      ,' .
tin |  piy  11 (J
'   '    ■
,• in   il
nt In the
'    ' .     .,
.      . (rum    X.   '
t'se while cornuieal In the hair for a
dry shampoo, II Is good for olllness.
The old fashioned mutton tallow skin
food, made sweet with lavender and
creamy with almond oil, is the best
thing known,
Do you wish to have your eyebrows
black! K sn UghUy paint them with
India hill, using a line brush and taking caro lhat the Bk n beneath is not
|i",'s your shin look shiny in spile of
powdering? This is because the powder will imi adhere, To reined*/, go
mer the face with a llttlo Bwcct almond oil, wipe aivay and then powdl r.
Warm olive oil i lossaged into tbe
skin iu a rotnrj '.ll if per-
Bovored In Ull out hollows. This treatment will also help to obliterate uu-
Blgbtly scars, The irenlineul Bliould be
followed ii'".' . i nlgliL
Mlnard'e   Liniment   Cures Garget   In
Nn mat.
I    ' hi i' In
lf~\ rt
111'' 66  K1*     -A zaa,.-„,-    j*.     _,_   «,_
v a S f1 '2 U Ofn'ri'l
iii.Iii i I.,I..-  Hulls
Il.   : I'r.ul*.   .ell'"-
Where *
■ ■
- Ni.. I
T. F. Mc3U,3AN & Co.
Rca! Estate, Insur
and Gcnui'i'i Comiui-
•'   il. C.
 It is a fatal waste of time to trifle with snuffs, powders,
inhaler,, or other dangerous nostrums, with the idea of curing
Catarrh of ihe Stomach.    Once Catarrh has reached the
■  tcli  it can   only   be  eradicated   by   creating   pure,
''l'*,*.l.    Catarrh is a .  rm di ease,   The stomach nnd
myriads of these tiny germs.   Local
applications have n ■ effect on them.   They must be driven out
the stomach cleansed, the blood purified, the system I     I
up.     "I'svtiiiM." will  positively euro the worst form of
tch  Catarrh,   by  purifying ihe  blood,   cleansing the
n    li, and destroying germ life.    Thousands have been
cured of the prevalent malady, through this remarkable dis-
covery, "Psyciii.vk."   Druggists recommend it.
rirlttre ll.itiLtii.ii lliiila,
Engrui belter framed
without a mi     i       ..i often detracts
. .   as   it   dm"!
With watei Is. ipes with n
great deal ul detail In ihcni re
row name and ns nine
i ■      a- pn-.ihi";.. nml, ■
llie otlu r hand, li ihl, broadly Irente I
■ i, |ii re fra  i - Ihal are «Idc
and plain, atiii inrgo Kingle bend
at their besl in frami** of elilnt ITureu-
tit,,' or rocoi ■ in ild ' 4 unit
broadly  treated,  when n deep,  lint
film I gold n    la nisi ivu d
will servo as ihe besl baeltgi i
bring oui the artistic irenl ul ni ih
t'llellll l:t'il,„l ,
Facial eruptions call fur careful hy-
gi'' ni :
„f iv.ill i' I , I'   p Ihe kidneys In U i ■■!
healthy i mil tlm     Kill fruit I
Ihe tlif   ■ live.   I
regularly, Kvery nlghl hailie llu. i   p
well with a r rri'cl compli** i
nnd imi'" i llie nip "nl naitii ivnier,
rinsing, drj i ■-■ aad iipplying cn*i.,-
" If ih" plmplea nt" iwj bad
use grei n map for a few On- leiul
of ih" i.i-: ie nnd Intieh i
ointment ol nine oxide, nr ll you pre
fer you en, open llie pU lilies and •■ .:
tie tliem 11 ii -i'1'..i.i ',. ■
v 1'nii, * nrsrl rover,
One of the sun!.:' i „*
coracl covom i- mad" in round kali)
sh ipe, ili-i'il) gnlliercd nl the « I
nml nround tl ,• Kkoul lers The front ol
the waist i* made of nil over embrold-
eiy ii ■ i lovt i "!■ other i ..
The i.i in i io is ib,* material, which in iquea midleloutly below
tbe waist to :n iniiiiy protect tho corsets from -I.;.) i .is which might
soil them,   Vol lace flnlsbei tha gir
tiieiit around ti cli uml ilceri i.
Oeylon Green Tea is head and shoulders
above all Japan teas, because if is all pure
Sold nny in .'.".nl packago9 at Highest Award,
40c, 50c, and COc per Ib. By all Grocerg.        St. Louis, 1904.
ifot'l i ■■ " ' '         . Irraotu, a paitil »»
' t 11 Hilih".  m.l  111 ,'hlnibla.   Our tVIIti |iuiini n.   - .,.i- a>. la il   llutn n.
,„i»i,nai...,    i     ;.n...   i   i  -lulu,,,ed  .hi ■        on,
"' II ■'■' ".,   '    I,' " ... ,   I., ,11-1., .ll.J.,
'....HI li.,., la   .   b
IV1? i^\\'i        ' " ''''■' '"' '"' atBMlltlM-li,maklnl ll.M allonthir, ,.l,,rh f,ir«.rrt tout, and
VMillrVaa        ''   'i-i"'-' "■'"'. Ill   ...al ., M.U" ttu.nt Lavrr Win, li, , i,..ii,-.,i lor 1
\4_]''gf> "     ". P.aaBiuaol HluleL-laaaJaaallary, wia.li mii ,,ii... ,| I ",r It.*.
At, ,i «      COLD A CO., No. *, rim IVnliii nmt, Dtlamero flroat mil lonttoti. W., England.
B. T. P. Will Build Many Hotels on
Railway  Line.
Otlnwit    li   is   reported   thnl   at
leaal  $2, '  will bo spenl  iu Hie
erection nf a now station ami liotol
nml in ilm providing o[ terminal fnc-
iliiies ia Ottawa. The hotel will bo
pul un by the (Irnnd Trunk 1'neilic
company nnd will be sopnrato from
tho Btntlon. The coinpniiy will nlsn
ereei hotels iii Quebec, Montrenl,
Winnipeg, I'lilniiinlnu nml their pro-
posed Pacific lermlnns, The enst of
ihe new Btntlon nnd terminal facilities uill he borne by llio Orand Trunli
company, nml Iho tenna upon which
other companies will bo gran
their use lius yel t„ bo Bottled.
Minard's   Liniment  Cures   Diptherla
Clioale Going to Ottawa.
Ottawa.—Joaepb It. Choate, tots
nii'iiy American aiuhnssador In Lou.
ilnn. has written tha secretary nf the
Canadian club, aiattng thnl lio will he
in Ottawa during tho month ol February, visiting Lord Orey, nnd will havo
pleasure in accepting i he Invitation
of ilm club in dinner.
BUIb of Ohio, fa. ,.r Ti'i.-.l.t.
, I.iiiii. ilium,. m.
I'rniil,,! I'l., ,„', ui.il,,'. ...nli tlml lu. I. .I'nuir rnrt-
lii'rut tin'lirtunf I' I I'l..us- A Co., dolai bail'
0'". in tin, fit., .,f I'.'l-I., e.-iiit ..I Btsto a",
-m.l. mi I tl.it -a.a 'inu aill |r Hi., "'in .a HSR
llliMilll'.n mil.!.ll.- lor ,., I. mil i „t
Ciilnrrti Unit  iiiiiti.il la, -', r- , Li ,1m „-,- .-I 11,,11'a
l'iu.,,,1, I'm., III.INK .1. llll SIX
Sanrii lo la I i     i'i t     ••! ai i.     , i.   . a.»
tbla Gih,lor ol Ih-csntwr, a\.0. l-K
Boil .1. IV lil I tstlS.
N,iii.r,i 1'iililn'.
nsll'iCslsrrh Ca-slaukon lni,.,nall, uki a«-ti
ill,,"It' I.' ' l.'"t IS ! ii  ,     ..-una.••■, I ll.a-ia
U'ln.   S-.-n.l l..r,.--,..     !    , .....
I   a , III Ml 1 1,1., loli-la, 0.
Bold bj all linu-^-t-   IS,
TaU llatl'. 1 auul. IMI. tui ,.'ti-lil<alioo.
A citisiiiie for th" promotion ..(lorn-
porance is being orgaulted by Iho
Roman Catholic prelntei in Ireland li
is claimed Iho church is trying in gel
control rn' ih" council of Iho Gaelic
league, which league is a potent me
mr in promoting temperance as It Is
in ticiHim: ih" commission nf nations' ' llicntlon. The Lamm's aim is ihe
ai of 'Ie Irish language
l.linard's  Let nicnt   Cures  Distemper.
During t
nioiiih hundreds "i lassies from -v.u-
laud invndo ihe town i.> a- -i-t in the
hai'tesi.    a'nrnin
hy ihls Inroad from Scotli nd, for llio
women in. I, aiiil In
variably   . pro|iorllon Iu
'im nortli,
The Keeley Cure
Ash ihe Inwyors, ihe physicians, tin*
congressmen,   ihe   clergymen,   'In1
I'liai,s, ihe book-keepers, the skilled
nieclinnlcs  who  lutvo patronliod  ui
nml you will  find 'Inu  the Keeley
la   all ami   nail"  lhan   Is
claimed   I'm' It, nnd   thai   ii   is   tho
"stitch" n drinking n an needs to save
■ ai.  i,in.iiy,  sanity
today, now, nnil gol th" nee-
■ Bury Inform; Hon nl
133 Ooborno St., Fort llougo,
Running bare. i
i.m' imi   i.":.i Mount Stephen bus
contributed         pounds   lo   tho
Queen's fund for the unempl
V' ir ni in) i' ■ 'i, ■■ di" annually
from cholera and kindred summer
complaints, wi,, might haw beon
•nvel if proper romotllos had been
'I-, i n nttneked do nol dolay in
getting it bottle m* Dr. J, 1> Kollogg's
Cordial, the medicine thnl
never fails t*. effocl a cure Those
iin, have used u say u acts promptly
mnl Ihoroiighly suhduoi the pain .'md
\ Mi nlinbiiii who la il lent'   win
lrapping,   Is .1,1' ."ar to n lui n lo
.' nl h"   Inti
In',',    Ull  tt   r  II "•   la'. t'f Mlnne-
tlosn, togethi ■  .'■  h hi, hrothor, set
• ti hy do ' miles north nf
n,| , ,  re Any   cnplured
n h ■      ■  .Kins In ih" shorl
■'nee t.f thi"" iii'iiillis.   Th" :
i   "i |7"'   a' ns ihey are slnrtlng
earlier ihl i Iher with   'wn
■y gra   Innkinil
.  i ■ nt "'■!■ making enpi ill
Ilnn,   Tl;* yenr thoy will pilch Iholr
caiiiii nt i|» Mummey river, trlhntnrv
nt ti"' N 'inn's Into    the
. Hay.
...a"? - .■swiMii-.ittiiesvtmajiT.TtBa
The Taking
Cold Habit
The old cold goes; a new one
quickly comes. It's the story
of a weak throat, weak lungs,
l tendency to consumption.
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral
breaks up the taking-cold
habit. It strengthens, soothes,
heals. Ask your docioraboul It.
" 1 had a terrlMa Mid, aad i " a .- rillaaad
me. I Irtrd Aver'i ihrir- PMttml sod 1,
pfiimpll, liink'a „p toy rold, itomM my
,'ntiah.a'ld ...i-t r.ai. pal, nf in-bad",   ft
,11,1 « l.flul «,alt I,it a,. "   Ml: .1  K. Lin,
ao manufaourira or
y ..I' u'lkiiuL
PII las.
Koep tho bowels regular with Ayor'f
Pills, lust  ono  pill   each  night.
Wilh the ' \r. i.ii'iti of the fulls nf
van:! and IOO!, the As8lnlbo,nc   Ivor
has ii"l  ki i n '" ■ a as lute ns II  has
ihis year, slaci 1880,  Th" year 1001
holds 'I" n ,"i i. Hi" ii.' i' mii freezing ovt i  mill ihi '.v"ii ol \"i'ini" ■
DR, T. A. SLOC'JM, Limited, 179 King Street West, Toronto, Canada
"bin III, h.
A slrniu- hi."- 't Cut' llio
of fresh cueiii r ..•.
minutes, nml far i very five oi
jui'-e odd  l A en ns "f p
todn, in '   '!■■
In"" "I   nil f tllieliirn
v \   " " mghly   and   nppl)
Ibrei ' i
the stulu U ii'Uiuved,
!          '     ,.,a- ' i      '                   lldlillK 'l1'1' -"A  '   '
'   i 'ihii '> ll" "'I. : :      i
H 'ini' r,
Pacific   Bottling  Works
VaiicQUVBr, B, C. A i
THE EXPRESS    | spell of the far north. : For 33 Years
Dodd's Kidney Pills Cured Mrs.
Adams' I!rij.|it's Disease,
She Did Not Believe In Them, but To-
Dny She is Strong nnd Well.
Colllngwood, Ont., Nov, 28, (Special)
—Mrs. Thus. Adams, who moved here
about two years ago from Murk's
Fulls, is one ol ih" many Canadians
who nnc" had Drlght's Dlscnso and
nre now Btrong and well. Like all tho
others she Mas cured by Dodd's Kidney i'llls
"I ivns eight nn,nihs an invalid,"
Buys Mis, Ailains, "and no one can
toll whnl I Buffered, My doctor said
I hud Blight's Disease and Sciatica,
but I gol no relief from anything he
gave mo, Al lust n friend of my
husband induce,I mo to give Dodd's
Kidney puis a tr|nl, | had no fallh
In them, for I thotighl I never would
gel bettor, bul after lulling three
of thorn I was abio to do my work. I
bnve had good health ever since I
used Dodd's Kidney I'llls."
ai a cute (or Coughs, Coldi, and all
fli-i.'i i of the lungs and ait passages.
Those who have used Shiloh would not
be without it. Those who have nevet
used it should know that every bottle is
sold with a positive guarantee that, ii it
doesn't cwe'you, the dealer will refund
what you paid (or it,   Shibh
lias Cured
The November number ot Ihe Colo-
Izer, published in London, England,
has the following, which is extremely
interesting owing to Iho (nol tho,! It
narrates probnbly the hist deed In the
long and pleasant history ot the late
Dr. Biiriiai'do:   A   further party of
boys nnd nirls from Ihe hue Dr. Ilnr-
nni'do's homes (the fifth of the pro-
son! yenr) lefi Pnddlnglon early In
Ooiohcr for Liverpool on their way
tn Canndn, The party Included 81
boys miti SS iiiris, who represented
six of tho different homes nnd agencies nf the Institutions; 28 older In,Is.
regarded as a portion of the same
party, left lasl week, so thai this autumn party nf emigrants numbered
207 In nil. All had been originally
selected by Dr. llni'iiiirilo before bis
final Illness, and the arrangements
wore made under bis supervision,
The total number nf emigrants sent
nut by the homes Is now broiighl up
to 17,471, Dr. Bnrnnrdo claimed, on
Iho strength ..f official statistics from
the Dominion, that usi.*. per emit of
bis buys nnd elrls liml proved successful when placed out beyond the
sons. Each emigrant costs Jin for
traveling oui fit and ocean expenses.
London.—Lord Mount Stephen bus
contributed m.fifin pounds to ihe
Queen's fund for Hie unemployed,
Min.ird's Liniment Cures Colds, etc.
There will he 63 Sundays In
year, an occurrence thai will
happen again for HO years.
is a perfect cleaner and will
not injure anything.
Best for all household pur-
poses, Sunlight Soap's super'
ioriiy is most conspicuous in
the washing of clothes,
Common soaps destroy
the painted or varnished
surfaces of woodwork and
lake the color out of clothes.
Even the daintiest linen
or lace, or the most delicate
colors may be safely washed
with Sunlight Soap in the
Sunlight way (follow directions).
Equally good with hard
or soft water.
Your money refunded by il* dnlw
ffom whom you buy Sunlinhi Soap if you
find any caoie for complaint.
l.evcr r.t il,et. Limit* J. T. i, nt a
thou-and, ol the rnost ouilinnta -Aa-l of
Cough,, Cold, and Lung double,, Let it
cure you.
"Lad wlnt.t I .a.-1 tm dim month, «u<l
tli ...ill I wa, going into Comureptlon. I took all
sort, ol in- 'r. -a Ut iiiii..- clid ma any good
unlil I uacl Sliiloli't Con.un-.iitinn Cma. Four
brtlle, email me. Thi, winter 1 had a-etybad
cold, wa, nol nlite lo Ira-alt. tny lung, -vrte a-ta
on (lit fi'la and bad,. Six bottle, oi Shiloh tnide
me well again. I have given it lo Kvetal people
and em, one of llieni have been cuiexl.—D.
iowph, .St. Ht-acinthe, Que," tot
25c.   with   guit-nlee   al  all drugA**
Men Who Love It For Us Solitude and
Its Perils—Volunteers For
Dangerous Duties.
What Is there In the atmosphere ol
tho northern wilds which makes men
who have once lived Ihere anxious lo
return? Il Is easy to understand the
attraotlon which draws people to the
Yukon nnd to Alaska, There Is E»ld
to bo found, and the possibility ot making a lucky strike which will enable
tho prospeotor to return to civilisation
and spend tho rest of Ids days In affluence. But there Is no such motive
In the ease of Ihe men of the Royal
Northwest Mounted Police, Two thousand miles northward trom Edmonton,
at the Junction of ihe Mackenzie and
I>cel Rivers, there has been established
a Mounted Police post. On Herschell
Island, eighty miles out in Beaufort j
Sea, is another, Away to the eastward
on the western coob! "f Hudson Bay is
ti Ihlrd. And, perched mi the promontory at Cape Chldley, almost the most
northerly point ot Labrador, the Mounted Policeman keeps vigil over Hudson
Straits. Al these points tho Union .lack
Hies and iho same routine enacted ns
thoiiRh the men were at home In their
oomfortable barracks at Reglna, There
Is patrol work to he done, order to he
maintained among the hands ol Eskimos and the crews V whalers, duly to
bo collected from new arrivals in bringing In supplies, nnns to be Inspeoted,
meat and fish to bo shot, trapped or
caught, and numerous other duties to
be performed.
In  Solitude Sublime.
But tho summer Is short and for a
greater port of the yenr leaden skies
frown over dreary solitudes of snow and
Ice. During this time the cold Is Intense, sufficient, ono would think, to
congeal the very life blood of human Anglo.ja„ftneM
beings. Tho Eskimos do not mind It „„„,„ ,„,,„„ ,„
In tho least. They aro clothed from
head to foot In furs, and their bco-
hlve-shapod huts of Ice blocks are not
as comfortless as they seem. Besides,
the Eskimos know no other life than
this, and Ihelr Imagination is not suf-
nclentlv strong to conjure up the comforts nnd pleasures of civilization. But
with the Mounted Police II Is different.
Thev are men of good education and  •■ = -- —- "-----.•■••-  '    •
Intelligence   ond of the company of He  rather than   diminishing   then,
her fellows, and appreciative ot tbe One mlghl as well swallow some c„r-
At  „ „.,,t„i, ,„,,.i,.m civilisation roslve   material,    I'annoloo's   \cgo-
Z\™&Zm«&"2*5 »« IM,'\ P'»f "»ve no. this disagreeable
who dwell In the centres of population, and Injurious property, I'boy are easy
When the bitter Arctic blnsts sweep to Hike, lire not  unpleasant     'i   the
over frozen wastes, and ihe landscape taste, and Ihelr action Is   mild    lud
Is blotted out wilh swirling snow-mists, Bootlllng. A trial will prove Ihls. They
when In place of the rumble of trains Offer peace to the dyspeptic.
and the whirl of ihe trolley cars, the — ——-
lonely watchers hear nothing but the     Joseph Ritchie, Of Winnipeg,    hns
sob of the wind and the howl of the
Shiloh'i Coniumptioa Cure, ike Luna  Find New Health Through the Use of
Tonic, hai been belore the public, and Dr. Williams' Pink Pills.
ihii, together with ike lad that ill aale,
kave iteadily incieattd year by yea,, !■ ihe
bet proof oi the taeiil of
The head offices ot (he C. P. it. are
jusi In   ri Ipi of a consignment of
highly finished booklets,   from   the
company's agenl In Japan, giving  nn
acctiiitii ni Baron   Koraura's   return
from this country to his native land.
The articles contained   were   taken
ft,mi ih,, Japan Qnsette, published In
Yokohama, and advance the Idea that
the peace plenipotentiary in choosing
the Canadian route across this continent was diplomatic, In view »r the
lance,   which   was
made while he was still In America,  uoxen, wnei
The booklets also give ii   description health, nnd I bavo
of the baron's arrival in Japan on tho mu     -•—
c. P, ii. il. M. s. Empress of India,
A Pleasant    Medicino.—There   are
some pills which have no other pur- ,.,„- ,„„.„—„„„ .
pose evidently than to beget painful pink Pills do on
When you see u young girl pale and
ailing .nui wasting away, ynu know
thai budding womanhood is making
new demands upon her blood supply
which she cannot meet. Month after
month her health, her strength, her
very life, Is being drained away, No
food and no care can do her any
good, Common medicine caunol Bavo
ber from broken health and a hopeless decline. Xeiv blood is ihe one
llilng Mini can make her a healthy,
cheerful, rosy-cheeked girl, And Dr.
Williams' l'ink I'llls actually make
now blood with every dose. Thai Is
ihe whole Becrol of how ihey hnvo
lived llioiisnnds of pule, anaemic
girls l'i om an early grave, Miss
Allen Chapnt, ngeil 17 years, living
•ii IT.". SI, Tlinothee street, Montreal, ir., s strong proof of Dr, Williams' Pink pills to euro. " \ couple
,,l years ngo," says .Miss Chapilt, "I
was an almiisi continuous sufferer,
and beenine bo weak I could hardly
an ah,mi. I suffered from frequenl
and proloneed Biiells of dizziness, I
had frightful headaches, nnd my
stomach was completely out of order.
The least exertion would leave me
worn oul nml breathless, and 1 did
nol appear to have a drop of good
blood In my hotly. 1 consulted a
doctor who i.tl.l mo the trouble was
general debility,, but his treatment
did nol help me a particle. To add
to the li'imhlo my nerves gave way,
ami 1 often passed sleepless nlclits.
Al Ibis since a friend advised me In
try Dr, Williams' Pink Pills, and 1
gol a few boxes, The flrsi benelll I
iiollceil from the use of tho pills was
nn Improved appetite, and Ihls seemed to bring much relief. I continued
taking the pills until I bad used six-
boxes, when 1 was fully restored lo
nol had a .lav's
'ss since, i cannot praise Dr,
Williams' Pink Pills enough for the
greal good Ihey have done me."
A pule nnnemic person needs' only
mie thing—new blood.   Dr. Williams'
thine;    only—Ihey
internal disturbances in tho  patient, make new blood,   Thai Is all ihov
adding to his troubles nml perplext- do, bul they'do It well.   Thev   donjt
         not nn Iho bowels.   Tbey don'l bother
sob or tno winn ami me "«"' — — - ■■■■■■-• ■■ ,     ■■   •■
wolf, do they never become oppressed for threshing machines
With tho loneliness nnd desolation of
their lot?   rerhaps they do, and It Is     _	
doubtless true that some who have had Minutes. -Ona .l,„rt i>,t« „! u
two years of this life never want to
experience It again. But thero ore
others who have la.s'.ed life In the far
north and once away from It are never
happy until they return.
A Hero of the North,
Sergt. Fitzgerald Is an exnmple of the
man who has got the northern fever.
This olllcer Is only 38 years of age.
yet ho has seen more service In the
north than many  nn  Arctic  explorer.   -.  ----   ----  .-.--.—--— .—-
Ho wentwlthSiiP'rlnlendenlMooateln the snttiv   .he horses running away
the long overland ir n from Bdmon- end smashing the sleighs.
ton to the Yukon.   It was a J„i ni"y nesTROV the
of  terrible  », v.rllv    and    of    fearful      "OP THE PAIN  BUT DESTROY THB
har™aml experienced men of the stomach. Thl airi».*.«...«■» B.
wiili mere symptoms, They won't.
cur,, any disease that Isn't cntiseil nr-
Iglnnllv from had blood. But when
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills replace bad
blood with ironil blood Ihey strike
Straight at Ihe root and cnuse of Oil
common diseases like headaches, side-
aches, backaches, kidney trouble,
liver complaint, biliousness,    indigos-
 ■ •• i.v0,   ..„„ Hon.   anaemia,   neuralgia,   sciatica,
'Ciii-ed a patent for n wind slacker locotnoloi- alnxln nnd the spoclal so-
Orel    troubles   Hint    every   woman
 knows hut that none of them like lo
Catarrh and Colds Relieved In 10 to eo   talk about, oven    to    their   doctors.
,muh iiiminii, Tint ymi must bavo tlie genuine pills
"'•  or ynu enn't bo cured, and Hie genii-
""' ino always have the full name, "Dr.
Williams' Pink PillS for Pale People." on the wrapper around the box.
Sold by all medicine dealers or sent
  direct by (hull at lifi cenls a box or
befell Governor Mc- six boxes for $2.60 by   writing   Hie
while nt   Dominion Dr.  Williams'  Medicine  Co., Brock-
llu' blo-nr mpnl. ■! w.th rarh hotlla ol lir. At,
fi'ttirrlu,! Pmnler illS thla powder ..ihi- tl„- mi-a
ln-'l.i'.     I'l, llll— i!„.| iti'l'tilt Oil t<, ,1-1'.    It rellevo
In-tnntl'. ami |,-,,,,.iii"iitl,. ii,,,- iiittirrh, tin, favor
relit., Ilia I,,.!,,-, -or. ,,nn.it. luti.il.l.- nml itonliiut.
Ill,,'HI..   II
....   accident
Innls, of Yukon,   ^^^^^^^^
.'reek, Inspecting mines.   In crossing
elevated roadway their   rig was
upset and all were precipitated Inio
,.|,um-1 'ill",,"
■ii i do tin- pal i nt ii tiii'ii-i li „„,,,
Or. Von 81       I
ii.I., pel ii i '
aller eallna pn ten,"
,i..iii-. H  ii ., i • "
.•f'tra. In tha
In,,,,, than i|i,'«1.
a-,i serai! lecol.
■ n- in.Ik.    inn.
of till ■   '    '
Geological Surv. y predloted lhat the
pollco would never emerge from It
alive, Tho prediction was blslSed.
Moodie and his men did come out safe
at Dawson In due course without the
loss of a single man. Berg*. Fitzgerald's next great Journey wns the trip
north to Port MoPhenon ami Herschell    Island    with    Sup, rlnlendent
Moodie,    Mourned Police posts    were  Figures for October 700 Larger Than
istabllshed by Moodie, and Fltxgerald for Rama Month i «, v.ar
was left in charge. He remained there
for two or threi year ral ed the British ling, collected iiii y from Ihe San
Pi in i .i sealing captains, punlshi d
ins of law among tho natives,
nml did his best io stamp out ihe debauching of Eskimos by mariners from
Ihe Qi I I'- Hern, which mid I ■ n ■ -
h ir "ti f"r some v. art*. It was Sergt.
Pltsgersld's first great i*"slti"ti A responsibility, and he proved thoroughly , qual to It An unwlsa word or an
Call creel set might have caused ser-
lous embarrassment to the Government, But Bergt l'lt-gcrald proved
himself to he a thorough diplomat, and
displayed a tact nnd discretion which
for Same Month Last Year
Ottawa. — Homestead   entries   for     .i..„,„„-,,,   ....-,.	
the mouth of October are Ton more aside mid          i*d upon him in llie
•'•-•' '•- •■ " '■ ' ""- most frleiidlj mul coufldeiillal wn; Im-
the -llitaler I'tilnler. die \,-,v BltldllBl
uml n I'rnellful Joke.
A number ol yours ngo a poverty
Strlckcll painter, since fain,,us and
prosperous, went lo Paris from a country vlllngo and entcre l the studio of
(Jerome nl the Ecole des li imx Arts.
The new si idcul's iir-1 day chanced to
I criticism dny," and the older Btu
dents, lludltig tli,'in-,-lies cheated oul
of their custom i .. boisterous hazing
by ihi- elrcuinsti uce, resolved to have
Ihelr fun iu nn Indli I fashion,
Accordingly  Ihey  took  the novice
'han hu ih" snmo month last   year
There is an lncn ase ,,i over 1100   at
i      " i ami "■ ■ r I il   Reglna,
Th" total numlior of entries for the
month nre 2,705 ns against 2,nos for
Octohei lOBl year.
1   ivns  cured   nf  a severe cold by
Oxford, N.s.      li. !■'  HEW80N,
i «as cured of n terrible sprain by
displayed a laei ana uiser>ai,,n ».....*■ iiv|-ir\'T
wen fur blm tho warm commendation   MINAllDh UMHBN1,
^^^^^   FJIKD COFI.SON'.
Yarmouth, N.s. Y.A.A.C.
I was cured "f Blnch Ervslpelas by
Inglosvllle,       .1. W. RTJQOLS8,
of his superior oflh'ers.   Of the work
performed during the time he was in
charge nt Herschell Island and Fort
McFherson,   Bergt   F.ixgerald    kept
Commissioner I', r ry fully Informed. He       ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Is a very observant man, and his reports are Interesting and concise.   He
is now at Hoi;ina, .he   command   st
Herschell Island and Fori Mcl'herson - 	
having been entrusted to a  commis- Mayor   Cowan,   ol Prince Albert,
Fiotixi oilier, upon whom the powers turned ihe iirsi su,i of the new waier-
of a Justice of tbe pence have been c„n- works system a few days ago.
ferred. ^___^-_	
Bergt Fit/in raid has volunteered to
go wilh a party from Dawson scroll the
Divide to Fort MoPhenon, and   Ii is
likely that his nl li.", will be i || dm
ing the onminK winter,  Re J Ined ihe
force Iii l's*. nnd cities from Halifax.
where hi« parenu reside.  He is a One
example of iho self-reliant, resourceful,
ooungi oui Canadian,
Another of tht Same.
Another Mounted Policeman who is
fond ol life In the north Is Con
Uniiiey. ii" cone, iini i fond       I i
the wlldl while "i. ihe expedition that
», nt  from Dawson across Hi- moult
To make the best Bread
you must have the
best Flour.
When the dough is flat, sour, heavy,
will not rise,-—when the bread \a
soggy, tasteless, indigestible;—then
you have cheap and inferior flour.
You may use pure fresh yeast,
feithfully adhere to the old-time successful bread making traditions, the
methods usually successful—but the
baking turns out badly—simply
because you have not used the right
kind of flour.
Royal Household Flour is purified
aad sterilized by electricity, it is therefore uniformly pure and wholesome.
And because it is thoroughly purified
it will yield a sweet, wholesome, light
sponge that will bake into flaky, deli-    »,
ciously flavored, nourishing bread or   Ij^
pastry. L v
It is really the only absolutely pure
flour you can get
Guaranteed by its makers and
Ogilvie't Royal Household Flour.
i If it is a Question of Warmth use
It Retains Heat and Keeps Out Cold.
I Write for Samples and Prices
J TEES & PERSSE, Limited, Agents, Winnipeg.
nglnnblo Ihal he ivns under tin o
tioil "1  giving n  Up In ihe i  Ofl     i;
.then if criticised his work.  Im red I-
lOUS lit  Hint, the CUlluM   .1" llll  lei  III   I
self I ilivllli'i'il and prom - 'I i ' 'I i
'" llilng,  III- ine ut- were ■-,
small llnil lici
III . on cnled mix i*t*    ,'hlcli ilm e lu
Ihe  plot  i ■  lily,   When  Ills
lui'ii em io li iiviilw* l the room by
slipping n hair frniic piece Into the pro-
Ci ssor's hand.
(Jerome ivns too I Ilinr with ihe
prnellcnl Jokes ol the II is Arts n il
to comprehend the - liiiitlnn and had
much ndo io koop his I'uiiiiieiianci'. lie
succ led, however, nul blurted out
With llie L-nilVlie- which lie assume 1
BO iiiliniralil.i:
"Whit  does  litis mean'.   You'll do
IVl'll lo COme lo see III,' gUIIIO llll'1 lliol'lt-
Inn aiiil straighten ihis thing out."
The bewildered pupil Interpreted iho
admonition lit.Tally and presoutc I himself at Heroine's prlvntu studio two
days later. Qcrome received him like
n fatlier, led him on to confess his ties-
Minion nml to unburden himself of lill
Blue Fox Ruff
it p.. , r   t   » : . i" I noff'-rMiJi rat, Ui* mmi
r..l.|,*..!4a- ' .t ■ll-. -p'Tl I- .'■ t ',.. H„,_ M
l.lt'r   <U   t»<H  llltal*   I»IipH> Ut < I ,J   l'**l«   *•   (SB
*fT Til Ui di It U II tt *• i-Tir.,. 1 ' ' i;*", Unh-iM
a iiadm iif lUilul,'**** ii it, L1)* i-iii.mn atv1|b(tb*ta
h'M'f el i *l    !!■•   h'iff  H  11  IwlVi  l'0|   i   .i }
4     1     V. .   Vtlto,    1', .   'a   | f U'l   I   *      1- ' ",»l   !'■ > "1    tut.
iiry i  it,» u en i r iffj  n u - nn 1, i *-: -.1 in.ni • iu
UM Wfli* ltu'1m<f nt n I oi i«Mn-Ml«l ■ U. !■■ if I *«ff
l*i:«U lllui Jul timt f>u k a In It 1 ' r 1 lu m<«
Al, f» \mn giiMi ant, —A ton 1 - h ■*! it ■ • j j    j h
-ti*I ui four MM uii«l'li'4A ,,...l'*,.lJ-i» -ullu^l
Picture Post-Cards
If l-t 11 .« i-l 'turlit'.* •■' * "'•» if* lata til-kHr
iMrA, il ll*« ih: > 1 •* I "■ '*' ' ■ '»**■ *» * »"
-►flu liy -ru •■>**• riaffrif-al l->l,iti> tn th* ••< #• tivl
nli'.riWtaVia Im iKll • 1 a* 'Hiif ibUm r»r
■*,-»» V,»l «*ml41'",l rwWi l»iH"i»l""imiiaj-« Ml
fl if., Mid (*•*-»!>. I>--, ll»'l I" I 1 u l**i»il t»tlU
4%f W* U - J<% aixl fl-d !'• I'*' ^ m »' »
Mnl   « olittiiiil tn 1.. . U   1..i-.ua-
Orcal Thlngi Prow Little Causoi
Orow li lakes very llttla to derange
tlio stomach    The run-,'   n.;.y   be
illght. a cold,   bo moth Ing  eaten  or ; ~r\",~ , 	
drunk, anxiety, worry or .om her liopei and enn, gevo hln »hk1 conn-
simple ..in-"   Dul if I'teeii'ititins be h"' >""■rw,or0(l "'lllm llls m fr:"10
imi taken, this simple cans,, mav in,.,   Piece In Iho form of a twenty franc
mosl    ' ti oqtiences,   Many   a  told plcco,
('hrnnlciilly   debilitated   constitution
to-day owei lis destruction to simple
, - nol deal! with in time   Ke* p
Ihe dlgcstlvo nppnratus   in   healthy
I'.iiidlllnn and all Will ho well.    Par
ii- ■''   V, L'etahle   I'llls   nro   holt'
,.,.. .„ awiiair.^. .„, .. ',".'.'2',['a  "i'lll My Olher for llio imriinso.
lain- to i-ort MCrnefson ai,,i returned
by the a.niio way,  taately Rowley was     .,   , '   .   ,,
Iri Ottawa and called upon Lleut..Col, , M"""";i1 ';'!   Iiavl;   L,}~Wt
uhi.e, Commissioner of ihi Mounted '""'"' "|l"n lll! da" ,ini1 Dl«ht
Police, The former expressed n lihlng ———————^—^
for Ihe COOl I't' '■'" I  "f 'h''  Ar. Uo,
"Would you 1 ke to go up i" iiiulson
it'ty in the Mi ptune"' queried the con-
"V" I,    Ir;  : IU I"-' " ei* the prompt
"Ail richt, yeu fiinii co." replied
Lleut.-Col, White, and Constable Rowley |i now mi the S'eptune spat ding f"r
Hudson it.-,y. vie re he will spend a
couple ,,f wlntt 1
Whenever men are n,e,|,,ii for ser-
vloc in iu- north volunteers are called
for. Ami 11 1 a greal tribute to the
character "f tha n. n In the Royal
Northwesl Mounted Polio* ihnt volun-
te, rs ore 11,",' r wanting.
The Inventor of the tide table never
the Sra 111 Ills life.
Tl. ■„ I   ■     I . . ■        .    ••'-'.' *|,n
Kni.'r erected in Oermany tu dato.
Nothing so tlomornilioa  nn   Infani
and ,'lishiv j Iho parents as to lake n
ivai,,dni baby from the bed
and walk him up and down III" floor
during Ihe nlghl  The baby i
1 It la nol woll generally l>c-
' ■ 1 •■ its slon i" li'; nui II ' Ho
bowels ."ti ' itod nd l's shin hoi
and fevorlsh, II rn tl and baby
v.iil steep soundly all night, irowln ■
ron |i r 'Hi li ■ ■ dny, Jusi
tihnl mothors ne d to
heiilihy nnd i: ' sniindlj'
i:  .     ' ■ . h   euro
promoi     nniiin I
Rneri  l ml
mbl i  '  I "" noli nnd
, .     ■
.md wns nlv      '       and i i
ve him Ii. hy's Own
found  Ihoi mph li   iicci     i
ould nut now '"'    wlthon
Own   Tablets
It   lleltl    CO.,  It;... I iill", llltt
*■' tV^V**,'     t
^n*0i -',...---.
Made to Fit
Made tn Wear
You will nrver have Con-tort and Sat-
isfaclion nnd Wearing Qualities In
your Working Clothes until you wear
"King of tho Road" Brand
W    IM    U    No.    BUI
Wearing quality should
be ihe i hid consideration
in aelcctlng silver-plated
tableware and then
comes beauty In design.
Plate from Diamond
IUII s own I.,, lory jo.,-
tu,illy equals solid i Ivt *
in il. ell,, l, h. Ih ai  lo
durability and artistic
For S j '«.wc will send
prepaid  one  dOMfl   tl I
spoons in a favored Old
b,        pattern
 ,   lllll !	
134*1      YiiMti; ST.
TOUO.ITO   •   O.NT. mi:   EXPRESS
D. S. Martin.
Designer nnd llnllderof
Yachts and Launches
of nil kinds.
Tug, Life and Row Boats,
Ship Joinery, Spars
and Scows
Satisfaction Guaranteed,
Quotation" given on application,
Gasoline Launches n Specialty,
North Vancouver
Ferry and Power
CC      ST. OlOROi: AND
Hall interest in a gund-paylng lislt
Business in Vancouver, lixcellunt
feaaoua lor s.-llim-. Hplentlld opportunity (or an investinoiil ot moderate
proportions, Well established trade
connections, etc. Apply In writing.
Box 010, Exi'iisss Olllco.
North Vancouver, 11. C.
Pacific Wood
Best Kir Cordwood, Hi and 12 in, Jll.UO
per load.
Best Alder and I'ir, mixed, Id and IJ iu.
l'J 7o per load.
Best FirCordw 1,1 it, |4.75 jier load.
Best Alder Qordwood, 1 It, (4.00 per load
1365 Westminster Ave.   Phone 1260
Commencing Novemiier 20, 1.J05.
I.i:ivi: V.iM',,ivi:ii:
ui, 11.-tu 1 ,v 11, s,:i in, in.in, 11.in,
ll, 111; 12,10, 1.15, 2.15, 3 15, 1.15,
1,16,11.15,11, 7.15, 8.16, ll 16; 10,15,
and 11,55 1 p, 111,
l.t.ivn XoilTII V.iNTorvcii:
i'i.'.'i) 1. 7.llll 1, 8.30, 0,30 in.in tv,
ll.;;u a. m; 12,10, 1,'iu, 2.10, 3.10,
Lin, .'An, 11.40, 7.to, 8.40, 9.40 iv
ami 11.llu 1 p. in.
7,111a. in. and 0.45 p. in. daily
, ox-
ce|il Sundays.   11.15 p. in. 1,'iih
■) on
KM'I.ANATIOS-i.  not  on
day.-.   11.   calls   at   Moodyville,
■ *',
10.80 on Sundays,
nest corner "I Block Wli llieiico North
'i ,1,".'. 21 iniii. ::n sec, .'.ind Magnetic 105 feel, more ,,r less, to llie
uulnt of Intersection nl Iho eusterli
Iioiinilitrv ol Clieslerlhdd Avetiuu pro-
Idnceil wiili the southerly boundary ul
Ihe Ksplllimilo I thence V'Tlll   MI'I.'!;. 118
mill 1)0 sec, Wosl Magnetic, and follow-
Ing Un' production nl the soutlierli
boundary u( tbo  Ksplnimdu  80  leol:
lli.'lli'e -,,111 li lldl'l*,  L'I lllill. IIII see. U'l'-I
Mic.'iieiic, l:ni (eel, more nr less, to the
iiolnl "i intersection ul the ivesterly
iioiiuihiry oI Clii'sttTiii'liI Avenue pr,,-
iluceil with the North shuru "I llurriiril
Inlet; tlteuce following the liiuillldi'ringK
oi thu slmre lino easterly tn Ihe point ul
commencement, cntitiiiiiing by measure-
inent 0.21 ni an acre, lie thu -nine more
or loss, llie parcel of ground lierehv ex.
proprlaled being shown niarked"A and
,',,ioi',',l red on a 111:10 ,,r plait deposited
in ih,-1.anil iteglstry ulllee, Vnacouver,
and numbered
2, 1'bin lly.lnw mav be cited tor all
|inr|,o.-es as tbe "Clieslerlleld Avenue
street Knds By-law, Willi."
I'nssed by the Council on the I'lfloentli
day oi November, 1006
kec'ii-iilere'l and finally adopted,
signed ami sealed on the Twontj ■-' comi
day oi November, lOOn
.\nN.ii.it 11  Ki:.i.i, Reeve.
At t:\. I'llll ic, I'. M, C,
COUVKH tultcs the ti and 11.50 II. Ill,
and the il.lot,, ll.i.'i p, in. sailings, ami
tho ss. st, GKOUGE all the others.
THIS    TI'JE   T.llll.K    BI'IUKCT    TO    I'llAM.i:
Sailings to Lonsdale Gardens are
discontinued until further milieu
11.:M. i:\msay,
Real Estate, Mining,Insurance,
Loans,  Farms,  Etc,
Timber Limits.
Mrs, Mary Anderson, ..I Onto-
nogan, Mich., desires to learn the
whereabouts ..f her son Frank
N.H. lie was last heard Irom in
Spring Grove, Idaho, last Deci 111
ber, Information leading to his
whereabouts will be thankfully re-
ceivt '1 and rewarded,
Property for sale all over the City
Suburbs anil North Vancouver.
Office: 404 Granville St.
Vancouver, B. C
Roman Art
For reproducing pictures upon any
material, w I, cloth,-Ilk, China, etc.,
ami for removing -tains irom ihe clothing,   liy mail, 25c.   Agents wanted,
llrh'cc, No. T, Matiiloha Mouse,
Vancouver, 11. ('
Just Opened
■ alii.
ol the  Inter-late lnlr,,
llraiich ____________
during Society.
Matrinioniiil Register, 10c.
I'. 11. Bos IA"', Van, ver, II. C.
Lots for Sale
50,60, 66*132 FT.
Irom S-.0 to >ni> p" lot.
2 Acre Block on Corner
fronting Lonsdale Ave.,
$700 Cash.
Am prepared i" take up 1 kkiiiplna
at night.  Tliomnghly ciinverwinl ami
capable in all systems.   Anol, by mail.
Aire Kxi'Iikss Ol 11,1:.
Christmas Novelties
I have a Com 1 lete Linet 11 i nni -
and Met hanical Toys for the Children. Alsna Lim ol Fain ,' Collars,
Holts mul Handkerchiefs foi tin
Christmas Tradi Wi 1 an show
you leit' 1 iii in ive > an tell you ii
this small Bpace,
I;" l.uil, Store is Over-Stocked
with Christmas Bargains.
I )ry GotxIh
call on W.P.Hogg
TWO IXKMUI -VE81   111 It i.M'itKSr.,
__f Sot He Before Buying.
Queens \ I onsdalc
District of North
District of North
^.1 that iipplieatiuii uill he niiidu to
tm- Legislative Assembly ol llritisli
Columbia ai n- next aesBiuii lur an Ai't
to incurpuralu thu inhabitants uf the
tract 0! land iu the Vancouver District,
comprising the following loin, namely:
I nn luiiiilred and sixli-llve :',■;,,, Tu,,
liuudred ami suveiity-unu 1,271), IVu
litindred ami seveiity-foiir uTi . Five
hilliilrcil nijd forty-four "'ill I ,\e .11111-
dred uml 1 irly-llvu 51,i . Five liunilred
and i"iiy--ix I'll",, Five linndred nnd
i"[ii«ei, 11 ->.r 1, Five hundred and
lurty-eighl 1648), Five hundred und
lurty-niiie   (541H,   live  hundred   nnd
oil*   ■■ ■ I . 11 usterly portion uf Five
Ion.Ai il and fifty-two 1632 . being the
iKirtitm lying to the north uf -.'i'l lot
I'tto hundred and sixiy-Hvu !ut). and
containing aboui One hundred nnil liity
il'iiij acres, ami lul Six hundred ami
.-ixu, 11 (t'lio, tu liroup (hie (11 Ni-iv
M'mtiidiislcr 1 iiuiv Vniicniirer District,
nun (.inning pari oi ihe Municipality oi
the District uf North I'aiici ivi r, and
tin, p rii,,ii ,,j loi in,, hundred und
►evt tiiy-two 2"!!| ki ■ '.n ..- Moody-
liile ,11111! lol iii" liiiinlrcliiiiil Seventy-
ttin e 2711. In wild liroup One, us 11
cur|«)ralinii under the name ol "Tin
City "i North Vancouver," and to make
|iroii>ii>ii [ur ih" divUion "i the exist-
nig ,,-t-ei- .nul liabilities' ul the Corpur-
ini> u..11 i,<- Disirii 1 "i >.-r111 Viim-uuvt-r,
belu,'in ll,,'  lien  tit.  "I  .'."rth  Van-
CtlllVI I   "'I lb'' rclllllllllllg ;"'lti"ll "i the
-.tin I'l-irii 1 Muuieipalily, mid tur other
; .' " - mul i"r .1 -1"' I., , Imrl 1 t"'
"li," in. oi .N'Tin .'am.11 ■" r   grant.
ing io the 1 teil "i  t     ... i  i.ti
illuuiig ulher il.in:- |» tier In pass hi'-
1.1"- t-.r '      i' ul Ihe j .it- ■"■
or tun "i
Tu pruvidv a Ward -yalem ,,r ,,tl
system "i Division "I the 1 by 1 lo provide un.ler certain loiiditioiis I a ihe
■I further uiitl Ing llistrieti
in the iiii limit-; t"
11 ' - :n it inch particular tradi - "t
Im-:.--"-   may  I arried   on,   tt
regtilntu trades ,,r bu-iin■■-,■-- and
Ihe    lime-    oi    closing     -lor,-     or
-ii",'-, .,!,,!  to   provide   lor   Sunday
closing, t" prohibit  or regulate trail-
im; by pcllars. hawkers, and   potty
chapmen : l" oreel nui'     ■
i'i p '--■ illid collect  '"11-  l"r   the   m
tu purchase,  euiisti
"I erate . - liling ami
ml tt i' systems; t '■■
minister ".nh- and ■ xtunine witnesses
llll'I'T "lllll   '11  ' I' ' Ill I
ra •- ' \'' ■   in; nver a perl <l
nl yi ,,r-: i" borrow 1111 lie* i"r -peetiie
living nl -'"tiri.y lie iin-l.-r-
lakliig ami gnnraiil i the Cltyi 1,
lur I -■ "i tele.
; lione,' lectr and utlier airei under
gruiiiiil; i" provide a fund (or the nn
1 civic buildingi and property,
and a fund i"r Ihe iu|ieriinnuntl I
Municipal ollicials and employees: li
'"'ti,,' clubs;  io prohibit  ihiiightor
houses within Ilia City or to prohibit
and r,'iini.it" existing ilaughtor houi
ami con slieds or itnules which may. in
ti Inn of tln> Council, be,, niiisani
■" !• ."".tie and prohibit tlm erection,
roll "iti uud ll"' ri'i'.iiruie. ,,l building!
and tiie   pulling down  nl  buildingi
eret Inl, re .1 ■! ul repaired in contra'
veiitl i  any   by-lawi  In   chargf
|,ru|«,rly nitiicr- nitii lit -1 "t -ewt rs
runniiiL' I'lisl nr lldjuhiilig Ihi ir prcllll'i
I,, it.n "i 1 rental 1 i" n guliUc it"' -n'
lor th",i'
I lite cm
ill ,,  uilli ,|i»
pilled eleelloll' and oib'tice. nl elet'liolia,
Plebiscite Regarding City
By  n a re*",ltilioii
al a Meet 1 .      I   '   ■," r- "i ii" l'i.
triei a I
i    ■ ,■   '  I" - ,     ; ■
tr-. I i|*^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
pit  ll,     N'urtli Viiiii'.iiiver, un I'ridii
the lotii ilu;   ,f lieceinher eiirreni 1'iirpnrii 11, expi
llieeli 'lie  llillir*. ,,( 1 k  A. M. 1111,1   III il ' '-• -   llll   .,  ." '■*   1"   llll
"u'l-liicli I'. M.,      the 1 1'
To locale, open up and estab
lish   Chesterfield    avenue
from the southerly bound
arv  of  Fsol.1n.1de (0  the     :' " '•'' '     '   '
ary   ui   cspi.iiiaui.  iu   mt rv .•Jv.-tiiM'titof iwrt-otiii haviini
north shore ol Burrard In in th.
let and to expropriate .he
necessary land. in pn,. Lie
Be it i'l !'.!.. ..   .,.'11  mi     „
I llie I            ul the) ...   i-r .licit
1 ..'....•- ,1,1 million-
■ 1/                                   • .....
1 ithurity uf SiH'iinn SO, Bul ,,    ..
' '    -niii "The Cil
BRAl'lll IA ,'. INN1.S
ier   IINI.',,
I by Si ■
tl ' Act Ann
.... 1 Hu
1AM *'l:
I.       ■ .
md (Vim
■ -'..,' 1
l l    ' ihir. Iliilt rerl
11 ' '
||,        , ||   |f   .   ,.■   /," llttsllllKi St. I:..  I
Sea  IVnstlliili-ll'l  ..' I  ". Itwilli ' ll
t ^^^^^^^
|,,,l 271   11 '
lion-, ti/..'
I   shal at'' rati ■    '
or No?
:   li a 1 ".
Under sp 1 Inl 1   tirlt r' m iiiui. r Muni
clpnl (iin-"- Ad, witli in
ci Mt
'■',. .S. ' 1   ■ 1 arliciibttly 1,1 1    ('■ I        1
Vancouver? and It 11 In -.,■.
nl  sll   ul," I, iiilimulinll  i-  1   rebl      '   ' '""■ ' ■    I the |s,llil nf  ll I'd II  IK       '  , Ills nil
given. rly  IkiiiiiiIiii ivl irl at  ill.    fi   I
Dated nl '■ ■ 'oil »   ■ ■        • tit th„
day "il':,' '  ■     I ■
\ I'lll   '" llinl I,leg.'.'I
,llll, I
 I   -
I'r. lo
■■ .... • Gardens' what f.j
Let no ele.im under-estimate
ilie importance ol the vote to be
taken at tin municipal hall tomorrow, By careful nnd judicious
management the district lias in
recent years made excellent progress with th** initial work ol preparing the way. Hui foundation
work cannot be lout' continued il
ihere is not some part of a solid
superstructure going up, Consolidation is now a necessity, anil that
in.'ans town-building with all that
is involved. The interests ..1 a
town ana nnd a rural district are
about as different as the poles
asunder and each can certainly
best proceed on iis own lines.
Tlm crucial i|iii'stion t,, morrow is
neithei llio name nor the form of
charter—these are details that will
lu' easy to adjust, before the committee of the house il necessary-
city or no city is the real issue, and
we humbly submit that a very great
injnry will be done to the community il lor any reason the hand of
progress is stayed, Incorporation
is now a necessity to the progress
ol the city, and we venture also to
assert that separation is necessary
to secure tlie progress of the rural
district, Till now there 1ms been
amity and forbearance, and all
knew that the initial work had to
be done, but many interests are
risine, u|i that can only receive due
attention through separation. This
is true of the rural area as it is ol
liie town.
■ The rural area does not require
sidewalks, boulevards, parks, nor
n system ol sewerage, but all these
things are the very life ol the city.
Th. rural area does need roads and
,1 large mileage ol them, built at
little tost to give access to all the
homes and fauns. It will also
need many bridges, ami some ol
thesi ..t large dimensions, liuuce
' vi tv cent nl rural revenue should
be devoted to rural work,
A factor ol the utmost importance
i" the ciiy will be its power to raise
the money it now has on loan at a
lower rate of interest, It the
monej market continue as it is at
l'i. sent it sliould Im possible to
plat e a loan sufficient to pay off all
iin present debt at four pi r cent,
interest and this will ropiest nt a
' irge annual saving ol interest.
The same rate is not available for
a rural district,
'I In se and many other ri asons
which might be mentiom tl nil constrain us to urge w illi all earucst-
• that the first tpiestion on the
ballt : papet be answered by a good
clear "x" opposite tin "yes" by
every eh  b 1
l complete line «l nee. I .ill und
Winter Suitings h,i.c just arrived ut
Innqoun's, I nihil s. 100 (Listings I.,
corner Columbia A'C Vnntouver
Mrs. Scott, a guest al the llolel
North Vancouver, while hunting
on the Indian nver. successfully
I a large black bear with
om shot from her unerring rille.
I be skin is an exceptionally fine
one, and no doubt will be treasured
as a happy momentoby Mrs St nit.
1). (i. I 'ink lias liL'oan operations
,,11 a buildinc, which lie is having
erected adjoining his office on
Lonsdale aveuuc, The structure
liils in the space on the north side
..I his present building, and when
completed will be let for oliice.
People buying fish off Chinamen
should be very cautious, and particularly iii-.|)ict each fish to sec
that it is iu proper order. It is
in,; generally known dial Japanese
fishermen bring the lish, espci ially
101I, iii In,111 tli" fishing grounds in
tanks, ni'l the) are ki pi in them
until sold. 'I heso tank, are lill, tl
wilh all kinds ol fish, and are
.ill,,w, ,| i" stand until the u-di arc
disposed of, whit h 1 ■ sonu times
ihi',' and  [out weeks.   Without
I nt t.   llu Bi    lisll   111  tl"'   1,nil's" ol
linn die, and being allowed to
remain in the tank, become putrid,
spreading diseasi to the puny-look-
ing fish swimming about,   Am,,no
1 ■ slip. Vain 1 ver,
, an " rify this statement, The
li llll 1; il pi 1 I : also v. 11 aware
ol tin :" 1. and it onl) needs propi r
tit ,-      to 1' givi 11 i" havi this
■ opardiz ig of tin   ; ublii  health
loi' ".-ii with, Fish that are
111 "i u : use look gaum and s,,nidi it , 11 .tun 111 coior, The scales
ai. loose and soli, and while the
odor may nut be out ol the ordi-
1111 . om i an tell wilh ci itainty
i". in pi ■ ting llu gills ol tl
'I In j should have a brighti ■
linnit) denoting health and fresh-
in -. Do not buy fish lhat yen
• II do ibllul of. as the worst
I diseaSt ate oft.,, spr. ad
in ihis manner.
80 Acres
In North Vancouver District
^5.00 PER ACRE.
163 Cordova Street.
The  N©rtb   Vancouver Specialist
Arc Sweet and Delicious.
Have no Equal
for Sale a I
McDowell's Drcfg Store
North Vancouver,
Western Corporation, Ltd.
Accountants, Audllors,      Plumbing anil lln*,nillh-     tlay,Cattle andCtdckeo
Real lsi.1I1 Agents. in<). Feed
Lumber and all kinds of Bulldim* Material, Contractors and Valuators.
Ve have an Immense amount of Cordwood on hand.   Place your orders wilh
us for Ihe winter.
412 Hastings Street  West, Vancouver,  B.C.
Just Arrived __^>
Largo Stock of New Fall and Winter Goods
for Suils, Pants and Overcoats.
Ir.il Hastings M. «. I mcr *li',uii
Hotel North Vancouver
North Vancouver, B. C.
The Only Seaside Resort at Vancouver
Splendidly situated, overlooking Burrard lultl.
wilh tin City of Vancouver fifteen minutes away
by ferry. The Mel em bod'u s 1 eery con vt nience
with livery in connection.    Rates $2 per day.
Bowling Alky in connection for ladies and
gentium 11.
P. Larson, Proprietor.
iH bUiLdiNo be sUfje aNd HaVe tHe
PL^ce Wired so as to be ready" to
connect onI olIr Wire Mext spring
B.C. Electric Railway Co. Ltd.
A   IVI   RFATTIF ^otarV Public, General Auctioneer
 I(i7   Cordova  Srcet,   Vancouver,   B.  C.
Iluidla ai rooms nr private house or buys outright all
clttssi'B "I liouieliold good* ur lianr,rii|,t Blocks lur i'iisIi.
Ho lias Homo of tho Illicit business nnd waterfront property in North
Vancouver. See him ntonre II you think ot picking up property in
this section. Bo wise, BUY SOW, and vou uill nuke money. 11 ::
Xmas Goods
Sri. our selection of Christmas Roods anil get our prices
before buying elsewhere, The quality is the best, anil prices
arc right,
Fresh Dates, Naval Oranges, Jap Oranges, Fancy Apples, Smyrna Figs, Spanish Cluster Raisins, Almond Nuts,
Walnuts, G. li. Chocolates, Indian Chutney, C. 13. Pickles,
Olives, Fancy Uiscuiis, lite,
J. A. McMillan


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