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The Express 1906-09-14

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 lih tn y Ifi/U .l.t-iiiMy
I'l'ivorin, /{(.'
Mr. A. B. Diplock has made
the very generous offer of $500
worth of lumber towards- the
erection of a hospital in North
Secretary W. J. Irwin of the
Hoard of Trade seconds the motion to give the municipal hall a
coat of white paint. It's up to
council to call for the question.
An unsuccessful attempt was
recently made to supply the horticultural park with water by extending the pipe line up Lonsdale
avenue, past Twenty-fust street.
After the laying of the pipe, some
bad leaks developed with thc
result that the supply and pressure
at the outlet were almost reduced
to a vanishing point. Why is it,
that in a small job ol this character,
the work cannot bedone efficiently?
What was the cause of the leaks?
Was it due to poor pipe or
inefficiency iu the municipality's
servants in laying the pipe? This
matter -.hould he  enquired   into
streams will provide a constant
source of pleasure to the traveller
and it remains lor the residents of
North Vancouver to supplement
these natural wonders with streets
made inviting with boulevardes
and shade trees, and parks laid
out in accordance with the best
landscape effects. The speedway
of Queensberry avenue should
only be a beginning in the direction
of providing good roads to all the
attractive points in the district.
Then there is music. Vancouver
with its 55,000 people can not
boast of a band worth its pretensions. It will be a difficult
task for Nortli Vancouver to support a good band at the present
stage of its growth, but it should
not be forgotten that a good band,
stationed in North Vancouver,
could depend on playing to large
audiences, mostly recruited Irom
the other side of the inlet.
Owing to the Heavy Rains
Was Badly Damaged-
The Proposed Plans of
Permanent Repair, Ensuring Continuous Water.
With  scenic   attractions   and
good- entertainment,  North Vancouver will have no end of visitors.
, Large, elegantly appointed hotels
.  , , , ,    will spring up on all sides and a
and the exact cause of the trouble I    ,,     , .,,   , .
golden harvest will   be   reaped.
I The promise of such   a   future
should he an incentive to every
resident in North Vancouver  to
ascertained If negligence or
want of skill were responsible for
the trouble, those answerable for
carelessness or incompetence
sliould be brought to book.
couver I
lt is wisdom to profit by the
shortsightedness, omission or
mistake ol others. Vancouver,
■Willi all its great advantages, has
■done comparatively little to attract
the tourists who aru annually
coming in increasing numbers toj
>t!ie coast Stanley park and
English bay beach are insur-
passable resorts, but with these
two exceptions there is little 10
appeal to the tourist. Catering to
the tourist is a business in itself,
aud any community possessing
scenic or climatic advantages can
reap large returns by devoting
close attention to this business.
lend    the    best    support    and
encouragement to all methods
calculated to make North Van
r the ereatest tourist resort
The incessant rains of Wednesday and Thursday last wrought
havoc in the Sipiamish, Capilano
and Lynn Valleys. In the
latter thc sudden rise in the
creek, from which is derived the water supply of North
Vancouver, the rain was particularly heavy, amounting almost
to a cloudburst. About nine
o'clock Wednesday morning Lynn
creek began rising at an alarming
rate, and by noon had risen over
ten feet above normal. Those
viewing this raging, seething
torrent from the intake say the
scene was beyond description.
Great boulders, that had rested
serenely in the river bed for years,
were suddenly, hurled down the
rushing waters, thundering as they
came in contact with other large
stones. Debris of every description,
necessary, by the caretaker standing on a plank and
with an iron rake.
Mr.   Balmain    suggests   that
an   abutment    be    '  ill    tn n
the bedrock on die north
side of the intake pipe,
across the latter, parallel with the
stream, for approximately 100 feet,
thence across the end about 50
feet, thus forming a reservoir
shaped like an L and encircling the
pipe. At the greatest height, this
wall would be about 15 feet, and
four feet thick, sloping off to a
point at the northern extremity.
In the wall across the lower end
would be placed a pipe to admit
water to the reservoir, having, at
a convenient place, appliances for
preventing dirt from entering the
pipe, and which could at all times
be cleaned.
Owing to the intake pipe being
five inches above low water level of
stream it will be necessary to replace the dam lately carried away.
This would extend across the
stream 30 feet, and need only be of
such height as to permit of six
inches of water above pipe.
Another perplexing matter, and , 1
one that will cause no end of annoyance, is the position of the
waterman) at the large hill a few
hundred yards this side of the intake.   A year ago
I 111
Old Members Discharged and
New Ones Sworn in.
. I was dislodged from the ground as
,  ,    „..,., the water rose, and also was swept
ie greatest tourist resort  ,       ..       ' , " r
. oown the   stream.    Laige   trees
on the Pacihc Coast. |t)ut  were  ,ll0U(,jlt  immovable,
" I suddenly shot by harmlessly until
New Loan Company.     !tllt; Beveral bridgei crossing the
owners of the property effected
the fire,  and this generally goes
to lhe men.
. creek were reached, which in' tim
„„ ,   ,. , .  were destroyed.    Never before in
The North Vancouver Loan &jtlll; 1,!t,)ll,c'tioll o( _, oUk,st ;„.
I habitant has this miiniuriiig brool.
I exceeded itself to such a   great
  extent, and  the damage wroiieht
Unto 5.™° snares 01 .mou »«'. |by it8alUic8 aluount8 l0 consla,t.
Owing to the Hood the waterworks
I was temporarily stopped. Sand.
Iioulders, leaves and brush settled
Mortgage Company,  limited, has]
1 been organized with acapitalization
a million dollars, divided
payable at twenty ^^^^^^
illotnieiit and the balance iu cans
not exceeding    len per cent,  at
intervals of not less than
A  Ml'0  SLIDE
carried away over two hundred
feet of pipe, and caused a shortage
of water for tlnee days.
At present the pipe runs
along the face of the hill, about
half way up, resting only on
weak piles stuck in the mud, but
the present condition ot the pipe
is good at this place, and,there
can he nothing done at remedying
under great expense.
It is extremely difficult to strike
upon a plan that would • nsitre
lalety without ain enormous
xpeiiditurt, and already the city
of ,<io0 each,
per cent,   on |
months,     he provisional directors, in tne ,,,,,, ,„„„„, ,,., lh| creVK,
are:    A. B. DjoksMrW, Hunter   .   ^ ^^ ^ ^ ^
dhW. W. Monti-bus and     mmQlI    ^ ^^
,,..„.   -Taylor.   Ihe objects  of cllDck(ja „„ walt.11)ipe, inviI1(, t(
the company are (i ^to advance j ,he   Dtotwliag  |*£B|    hu8ving
previously been  destroyed.    The
engineer is scratching his head for 'heniembei
For some time ^)ast there hai
been friction between members ol
the local Iin: brigade and Chiel
Dick, who was seen yesterday hy
The Exfress ori the matter, He
said that the brigade was now on
a better footing than ever before,
and that in two months time a
hall would be built. The men
would be required to sleep there.
He had discharged some oi the
members of the uld brigade and
was upheld in so doing by the
council, to which body he alone
was responsible. The lollowing
members, he said, were sworn in
by the reeve on Monday night to
obey his orders: Wm. C. Smith,
Alex. Smith, jr., Albert Emerson,
Kobt. Wallace, Geo. Prime, F,
Johnston, C. E. Durston, A. F.
Stonor, D. Amskold.
There are others yet to be
sworn in. These men all live
close to the fire hull, and are in a
position to tespond promptly to
the call. In case oi fire they have
the full responsibilities of paid
C. MacKenzie, captain of the
old brigade, was also seen by Tm-.
Exi'KEss. He said that the
members for some time had not
been satisfied with Chiel Dick,
and about a month ago petitioned
the council tn appoint a new chief
iti the person of Harry Burns on
the grounds that lie (Dick) was
incompetent ami generally overhearing with the hoys, lie called
a meeting to discuss the situation
and notified Che f Dick to be
present. Whun. the meeting took
place th
Meeting of Board of Trade
The regular monthly meeting of
the North Vancouver board
Trade will be held in the muni
eipal hall on Tuesday evening nt:
the iSth instant, at 8 o'clock, for
the transaction of general busine
Ml niliers and others interested
the future welfare of our city art
requested to attend
Water Analysts.
The following is the report of
the analysis ot a sample of water
taken from a tap on the Esplanade
n September 6th,  1906,  for the
North   Vancouver    municipality,
owing, as it does, the perfect
atate of the water:
Color— None, well aerated.
Chlorine—0.7 parts per 100,000.
. ree ammonia—Trace.
Albuminoid Ammonia—.21 parts
per 100,000. H^_^~
Total solids—6.0 parts per
(a) Volatile—a.0 parts per
(b) Fixed—4.0 parts per
Nitrate ol nitrates—0.05 parts
per 100,000.
Slight charing, smell of burning
vegetable matter. A very soft
w.is there and as
.•il in he handed six
.in idea.
That something hns to be done
in the immediate future is the only
conclusion of   those   acquainted
vith the facts.    But  what is to
of theni written discharges.
Tbe prime essential to attract
tourists is entertainment   A host
in inviting Iriends to his home is
■expected to do everything possibli
ior the comfort and pleasure of Ins
aguests.   The Hundred Thousand
Club aud Tourist Association o'
Vancouver have not done much iai
■working   up   a   healthy    public
enthusiasm for providing visitors
■with entertainment.   Spokane and
Los Angeles and other tourist resorts have worked along such lines
with splendid results.   The tourist
association spread some thousands
of booklets and occassionally receive    enquiries   from    distant
correspondents,   which   arc   immediately announced in thc press
as conclusive evidence of the great
■work     accomplished     by     the
association. The Hundred Thousand club attract attention to itsell
' by periodically getting up a parade
or   a   "Made    In    Vancouver"
exhibition.   These things are all
meritorious in themselves, butthey
fall  short  of  the   mark.   Comparatively little effojt   has lioen
put forth to make Vancouver a
tourist city.
money on mortgages, (2) to receive
money ou deposit, and (3) to
transact a general financial
business. This is the lirst
company 10 take advantage of the
developeinent of North Vancouver, lt will be noticed that
this is a purely local venture, and.
therefore   deserves   the    cordial
support of the community.
The names mentioned above are
ill men well and favorably known
Here, and the reliability of the new
company goes without saying.
North Vancouver needs houses
and there are numbers who would
liiiihl were they assisted by a loan
to doso, and here is an opportunity
for them. Success to the new
local financial venture,
were:   Ray : n.i Rex  Dawson,  B.
Anson, I-. Wheeler, 11. Bums and
himself.   Whun thc brigade was
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^    first (111 nied the council appointed
ie done?   It is almost useless to|Constable Dick as chief, and he
rend) along the surface, as   it j 1 MacKenzie)    as    captain    was
ars the whoie surface for the I elected  by  the  brigade,   which
appointment was sanctioned   by
llie council, or at least was sup
License Board Meeting.
How can North Vancouver improve on Vancouver's mistake?
Primarily, by supplying attractions
and amusements. Parks, boulevardes, recreation grounds and
shady groves should be provided,
and everv step taken to render the
entire environnment of North Vancouver a panorama of scenic,
beauties. Nature has given North
Vancouver a great start over all
rivals in the line of inspiring
scenery. Towering mountain
peaks, rugged canyons and rushiiig
The regular meeting of the
license commission convened in
'.he municipal hall on Wednesday
afternoon, Present: Reeve Kealy,
Councillor Allen, E. 0. Wicken-
len and j. C. Keith.
Mr. Bird, representing Lorenza
Reda, reported progress on the
hotel building, and stated that the
premises would be completed in
about three weeks. The commission decided to grant a license
10 Mr. Reda upon the completion
of the building, as he had, so lar,
secured thc proper number of
signatures. Mr. Wickenden was
appointed to inspect the premises
when completed.
The application of Wm. P.
Hogg lor an hotel license for the
premises situated on the south
side of the Esplanade,  in block
165, was not considered by the
board, as the proper number of
signatures had not been secured.
The meeting then adjourned.
water rose so high that it became
impossible to
though many attempts were made.
Planted by the flood, about fom
leet in front of the mouth of the
intake, was a boulder weighing
several tons, which must be removed, along with the sand befori
the pipe will he ol service.
The dam erected just below the
intake pipe was also carried away,
not even a support being lelt.
When visited by lhe city engineei
and THE EXPRESS representative,
the intake waa in a sorry plight-
[vain was still decending in
torrents, and there were no signs
of the swollen stream abating. Ir
the meantime the waterniains
were without water. There was
absolutely no means of remedying
the break until the water subsided
to its usual stage. The pipe was
tapped at a small stream flowing
neareby, which Served its purpose
well, ami Saturday morning saw a
plentiful supply in all the pipes.
The position ol
lepth of ten feet will slide, and
unless the pipe was placed beyond
this sliding mud, thare is practically no hope ol escaping tlie in-
•vitahle slide.
To guard against shortage in
.vater, owing to accidents, etc., a
reseovoir will be necessary, carrying, at least, three day's supply,
which could be placed in a good
position and also ensure a (joud
pressure to every consumer.
A Strange Disappearance.
Almost two weeks have elapsed
since Mr. Malcolm Martin disappeared Irom  his home and no
THI iniakf.
The Capilano Flume Company
have started repairing their flume
which was washed out by the
recent heavy rains. The work is
being done hy Japanese, and is
estimated to cost about f 1,000.
is such as to be easily repaired
at     small     cost.     Where     the
pipe is laid into the river bed is a
concrete dam, built for the purpose
ol backing the. water from the pipe
running to   the   settling   tanks.
This dam is al-out ten  feet long
and six deep, which was the oul)
precaution taken for its protection.
From this dam thc pipe was laid
out into the creek resting about
five inches above the low water.
In order to ensure the necessary
quantity,    a     30-foot     wooden
dam   was   constructed   just   below the intake pipe.    On either
side of the latter bedrock extended
out for a lew feet past (he end ol
the pipe, which was the only protection    allorded.    As    a     preventative against dirt entering the
pipe a crude contrivance of wire
netting   was    used.   This    was
, hauled   up   aud   cleaned   when
ir'a'ce whatever has been found of
him. All day Surtday a large part}
ol friends searched in vain along
the noith shore of the inlet, and in
the alter.. :*n   Divei   Mackenzie
searched the wa'      ai     If
boat-houses and wiiarves wiliiout
success. Since Wednesday week
an untiring search has been kept
up, but as yet not lhe slightest
clue has presented itself, and the
general supposition is that, in the
darkness he slipped off the float at
his boatworks and was drowned
On Sunday evening, the 2nd of
September, al about B130 o'clock
he was seen (or lhe last time,
sealed in a boat by the wharl
chatting 'I* a friend. Next morning his son Donald removed his
bat and pocket knife Irom the
boat. As Mr. Martin had not
stayed ai home thc previous
evening his s in took it for granted
that he had stayed at his daughter's
residence in Vancouver. As lime
passed and nothing was heard of
the missing man, hi. family grew
alarmed, and instituted a search in
every direction that he might have
At present writing nothing has
been heard or seen ol him situ e
his disappearance.    Mis.   Martill,
who was visiting friends in Winni
peg, returned home Tliesda\
morning and was mad*' acquainted
with the 1 ircumslances, and join
the mourning portion ol hei
posed to have been. One of the
by-laws dralted at the time was to
ti,, 1 ii,it that when charges were
preferred against a member of the
brigade they must be investigated
by the members, and the decision
ilea nil d by a majority vole, must
be adhered to. Chief Dick was
always considered as a member ol
the brigade and was expected to
live up to the rules.
A couple ol weeks ago, continued
Mr. MacKenzie, a small bush lire
occurred, but the chief did not
ring the bell as laid down in the
rules, and so he | M.n Kenzie) look
the liberty ol ringing it, though
told not to do so by Chiel Dick.
tin Tuesday he ( Mai Kenzie)
received a lettel from Municipal
Clerk I'hilip to the effect that he
forthwith return the paraphernalia
a' the brigade to the ollice. This
lu '•- dined tu do 'ou thc grounds
that be wanted t.i know first from
the council what complaints, if
anv. Were against him; that lie had
been duly elected by the brigade
and his appointment confirmed by
the council.
The lollowing members com-
prised iha old brigade! C. MacKenzie (captain), Ray Dawson,
Rex Dawson, Bert Anson, Dan
Amskold, Fred Johnson,
Wheeler, kobt. Inuis,
Stewart, A llu it Emers&n
lliir. Hums.
Tlie above, exi 1 pling Dan
Amskold ami Harrj Burns all
signed the pi lition to yi.l a new
Church Notice.
The usual services will be held
iu St. Andrew's church on Sunday.
In the morning at ti a.  in.  the
pastor will continue the discussion
They iof the "Early Christian Church.'
Iu the evening at 7:30 p. 111.
Rev. j. Q, Reid, li. A., of Central
Park, will occupy the pulpit.
Sunday school, 2:30 p. m.
Christian Endeavor on Wednesday, 8 p. in.
Service at Moodyville on Sunday
at 7:30 iu the evening.
Do not miss the treat to be provided by Mrs. Meek in the church
on Thursday, the 20th instant, at
8 o'clock.    Sec advertisement.
Pastor: Rev. J. D. Gillam, U.K.
New Tailor Shop.
On Monday last Patrick Dunne
opened a custom tailor shop on
Lonsdale avenue, between the
Esplanade and First street. He
is an old-timer on the coast having
been at one time in business at
Vancouver. Having travelled extensively and seen a good deal of
the world he decided to locate in
North Vancouver. The slock he
carries is first-class in every
particular, and the work he will
turn out will-be second to none.
If you want a full suit remember
that you can get it cheaper here
than s-ror,s the inlet.    Patronize
ionic industry.
Thc brigade iii a sense is a
voluntei r one, similar to thai ai
Chilliwack, and receive a gratuity
ol $2.50 per call, lu older to liave
a fully paid brigade tho council
niu 1 pass a by-law rai'.ing a fund
by spi 1 iai lei \ in ordei to 1 ontro
a 11; ul,11 paid brigade. In thii
i;)-,tam e the council plai es at tin
disposal ol the volunteer brigade
its lull equipment. When a fire
an a ms and the fire departmem
is called out, lhe 1 oum d alwayi
ims to gel compensation irom 11m
Bridge Closed.
The bridge on Keith road at
Lynn creek is closed, the small
span on the west end having givtn
way with the flood. Thc Howe
truss, east span, is intact as also
tlm eastern abutment and the
centre pier. The crock hai
changed ils course to the west,
and thus the lo-^s carried down by
the stream battered the small span,
which has been thrown up on the
tttavel bank alongside the pier.
The structure lies there intact,
I Tin west approach has been
shunted up on the river bank. It
will take $500 or fhoo to replace
the bridge, all the material being
The bridge OVi r the ravine, half
a mile west ol the Capilano, will
rebuilt immediately »nd the
mad slashed nut The road,
which was buill fifteen vears ago,
was allow, al to become overgrown
with salmon berry hushes, bracken
,,n,| aiders, The ditches will «l»o
I,,- 1 leaned out. THE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B. C.
li. ('
'Wcoklv Newspaper.   :   Published hy
Due Dollar por l'enr
■ 1   i,aa!||ltlll|l
M inagor
.w\T»».»\\»»»»\»\\\»«»aa. mum,;
>     Copyi[fl '..'.' -j ll ttittt SprdQUi
Tha lea was in Mpta-n.Uii condition,
ind carefully avoiding tho people sho
itnew In the crowd aliaiut llie hunt landing Myra slrtiel; out Willi long, power-
fnl strokes for ii|> tlio river.
.>he was In no inooil for company.
-Slie wanted to be alone and think
.'Jiinga over. It is n serious thing when
n girl gives back ber first engagement
•ing and Informs the donor that she
never wants to see liim again. That
a-xperlei.ee bad como to Myra that afternoon.
it had nil been ridiculously foolish.
Aom had scoffed at her for having
veined the Browalna club, declaring
Browning to be n prize puzzler nud not
i poet. Sho had taken ofleuse, and
key had had their lirst quarrel,   Sho
:i< given back his ring am] he had
:.." off In dudgeon, leaving her wlih
:-.' afternoon on bef hands, 'ihey had
planned to skate to Rlvordalo, live
.. Lea tip the river; have supper there
»nd skate back by moonlight,   Now It
i  ill spoiled and she must skate
sin- was fond of tho lee, nml the
■ fl motion and the bracing air soon
jut her in n more pleasant frame of
.'.   Perhaps bIio had booti hasty In
Hiving back the ring, but then It Is not
every day that ono ii elected the prcsl-
if tin- literary club, and ho might
tt leasl have congratulated her upon
ber victory over Settle Doran,
,-h" had I n so engrossed with her
thoughts that it wns with surprise that
r.ho found she bad entered the "cut,"
■ Mi an two miles from the landing.
I   ■ •> Mi • river ran between sti"'P bluffs
for three-quarters of n mile, snd she
shuddered a little as she glanced at Ibe
■   an eltbci ■ :■■   Sho never had
' -"(! it before, hut now they seemed
tn black nml forbidding,
She was still glancing up ns her skat*
itruck n bit of wood frotcn Into tlio
.". ami with u .ry -lie sunk to tho
.-iii'sy surface, She struggled 10 her
■ ei but wlih another little moan she
It to oi i ki;''"; -li*' bad sprained le-r
'   inkle.
Several tune, she eaaayed to rise, imt
a imu Imt more, nnd
bully she desisted and crept mi ban li
i id kuv's t-i tin- bank, Perhaps sum*
•   then would take it Into their
Is to a its up and ihey would givo
olp   if do "no camo sh" would
I to creep back after sh" li ad rested,
»:.. after an hour sh" gave up bopa
*f  ll"!!.  -      nlOg     A"   '.'   IS SO a       all  sin!
i ii sly inn'.'-, sin' began lot ••
:   if ihe could not g>'t te tbe
> a- i'inl of th" cut, whom ska might
tttracl    '   Hoi   '  ornc n
■he might fi-';'" t'i di itb,
With Inflnllo i if r shoi rawled u few
feet,  but  slie  hail   ' '  :' '."  Up   Hill Kit
down again, Perhaps tbey mlghl miss
■i nt do landing ■■■ tl i member lhat
.ii-- had gone up tbe rlvei   1'hey       i
1 a ii ,i scorching party f ir lim   It
niglit he nn hour or moro before «hn
■niiii  bops  for  help,   but  iln     ' i
..'.;.     . irt. II I
! nol ale   'a, Iht* Bl '■'■' Ot lealrs.
llien her quitk "ar caught lhc wel
■ '.in" soiiml of the r 'a | of steel on Hie
, loo ninl nhe tr!" I to struggle t'i
Around th" bend above 1
'i    wllb powerful strokes   lit
•. ' 'i  ,'iif ahead, and In I •■
1    a   ||i ■ ire sbt
iln1      ragi lo   iii to him li"  '    ■ i
ml turned   In n ll a 'a lis
■ le kneeling licfore In r.
Itei     ai '■" be a kcil
V" you hurl J"
le," liesilibcd,
tired and      I in i I
■ ■ * " hurl •  I'm io mii'
"How long hav» you been here?" be
"Hours," she moaned. "It seems like
days, and It's so black ntnl lonesome."
"Poor llltlo girl!" he said tenderly,
"I'll soon have you out of It. I'll skate
down to the landing anil borrow a
She grasped his coat In terror. "Don't
leuvo me"' she pleaded. "I think I
would go crazyl"
"lt would take only ten minutes or
so," he argued, but sho kept a convulsive hold upon his coat Presently an
Idea struck him.
"Van you Btuud on'your oilier toot?"
be asked. "Will It boar your weight?"
I'or answer she put out her bauds,
ami he helped ber 11 rlso, Slie wluced
as the I.ian' foot struck tlie Ice, but she
milled bravely,
"1 think I cau," she said,
Tom dropped ou ouo knes and started to unfasten tho skate on the Injured
foot, The ankle wa.-i so swollen Unit
be bud to cut the strap through, but
presently bo rose ninl grasped her
"Now kep the foot up," In com-
miinilcil, "and let tno tow you."
It was a little awkward at tlrst They
skated together nicely, but now she
could not take a stroke, merely sliding
nlong upon tbo slnglo runner and leaning heavily against him for support.
l.'mler his coaching she soon caught
the Idea, and presently tbey were
swinging nlong at a good pat"
The itijuri"! toot nehed wiih the im>
tion and weight of the hoot, but It was
comfort Ing to feel Tom's strong band
clasp nnd t* lean against bis shoulder
ns they sped along,
Somehow she had never realized
what n strong man bo was until she
felt herself being carried nlong almost
without tin effort. It wis less than ten
minutes before they camo in sight of
tbe town ns tbey turned the last curve
"Looks kind of good, doesn't It?" he
laughed as she gave a cry of delight.
"I thought I never .sliould see It
again," she confessed, "I had almost
given up hope."
"Lucky thing I had to co to River-
dale," i o commonted. "I had given up
th" Idea, but Johnson took ma up in
liis rig to look nt n horse he wants to
sell tne, mil I took ny skates along,"
"I'm glad it wns you," she murmured,
"Arc you?'' ho asked In surprise, "I
thought you would hav.. buai almost
any one else rescue you."
"1 did feel that way for a moni'-nt."
she confessed, "wUen I lirst saw- it
was yuu. 1 wonder why you turned
"Something seemed to slop me." he
explained. "It was a funny sort of
feeling. I Just seemed to see you behind me, and I hid to Intu around lo
make cert,mi, it seemed almost as if
a great hnnd made me stop."
"I think it was fate," sic sni.l softly.
"Maybe I sort of hnlf snw you nnd
wn. aot conscious "f it until I bud
passed you," lie suggested.
"I Would rather believe it w.H f.it.\"
she persisted
■Sai would l." be sal I soberly, "IIorA-i
tbe landing."
Tho crowd had left the Ice nml had
gone Inun" to supper. There were no
sleds around, so be slipped off bis
■katel nnd caught hor up in hia arms.
"It's only a couple of blocks" he
■nld. "We'll g"t borne mure quickly
this wny."
Bbe did not make any comment until
In' bad carried her Ir.fo the bouse aud
hud bestowed h"r comfortably upon
tic sofa, As he turned to go she spoki
his name softly   ll" turned back,
"Will you I") over utter lea'.'" sho
"Surely," h" aniwered, "1 sluiil want
to know how yuu nre getting along"
"Will you bring tha ring," she wins.
"I hnve It right her":'' be oriel out
For answer she stretched out h<*r
hand, nml ha- slipped It on.
"Th s makes mo think of tho only
lira'*:, ag I know," he laughed    ' 1!"
"Then i  > tlm- In th« llvtl of most
women snd men
Wh»n all would go imooth .inl «vn
If only the dead k-a-w wh- „
Tu laim" b.i k ae 1 Ii. t ii.;,v<.n "
"I forgave you long before that,"ibe
whispered ' I care more r>r you than
I do for Browning,"
Tho  Name of J,  M.  Courtney  Much
Sought After,
Tin- Toronto Teh-gram's Ottawa cor-
respondent suys: When J. M. Courtney
leaves (lie East Block for Rood and nil
| on November 1st, the scramble tor his
j autograph will go on,
Mr. Courtney's .signatures are worth
all the way from 5 cents to five thousand dollars each. Ii simply depends on
the background, The Deputy Minister
of Finance has, of course, often written
his name when li wasn't worth a copper except t<) his more devoted admirers, and then only from a sentimental
On tho other hand, his autographs
have been worth altogether something
like one hundred and sixty millions of
Practically n'i the paper m ney of
the Dominion of Canada now In clrcu-
i.iii'in bears the name ot .1. M, Courtney,
Tho value "t it now is slightly over
forty -i-va'ii millions. Away back In
1171 It was only a little over seven million.
Big and Little Bill.
The little bit of   ",5-oont scrip hns
Mr.   Courtney's   signature—the "shin-
plaster."   The one dollar bill has It,
the  two,  tho four,  live,   ton,  twenty,
titty, one hundred, Ave hundred,   one
thousand   ami   live   thousand,   Mo.-t
people haven't the privilege of reading
j It on the big bills, those valuable bits
■ of paper being used chiefly In transac-
a tions between banks.
In the last thirty years the Govern-
I ment has redeeine.l old money to the
. tune ot a hundred and ten millions and
over.   Go Int i the East Block and a
' vl!» aroma will guide you to the heav-
I lly-barred lair of the Comptroller ot
I the Currency. The aroma is from huge
| wads of W'rn bills waiting their turn
fir tho furnace,   lt Is the everlasting
I redemption of old hills and tho issue
' of new ones that cnuses the signature
nf the Deputy Minister ot Finance to
be so much in demand.   It Is on, at the
[ present m >ment, more than a million
and a half "shin-plasters,"    It Is on
nearly one hundred thousand fours, and
on five thousand eight hundred notes
1 of the denomination of live  thousand
Trouseri Th;.' Will Not "Bag" «t the
Whatever mny be the merits of tho
dispute between the tailors, thero is one
feature to which they might profitably
| devote  their gigantic  Intellects,    und
that Is, the "baggy" trouscr, snys the
Montreal Standard.     This Is perhaps
Ihe saddest  fact  in  our    civilization,
line reads with much pain, In lhe puli-
I Uo   prints, thai lhe King ot Ilrltain
wears trousers widen bag at the knee.
Here you have toe greatest king on
earth, who seems to have all things at
the command, unable to obtain a pair'
of trousers which can be guaranteed
j not to bag at the knees.   It Is a pnln-
I ful commentary upon human limitation.
|    I; must not be supposed that sartor-
, lal minds have not wrestled with this I
1 problejn,     Various devices have beon'
: adopted, and am.' can recall tlwi In the.
! d.iys of his youth, there win a daring;
artist who thought ho hud triumphed by
: Inserting a place "f elastic, attached
at each end lo the trouser, beneath lhe
knee.    The Invention proved to be n|
failure. Success In this Important mat-
. ter should not bo despaired "(■  For- j
tune and fame await tho tailor who
1 cm build a pair of trousers which will
1 n a: lug at ::,.■ line,.s.   Until this i.e.
I" realised, modern civilisation osn only ba ■ msldered crude and Incomplete, j
Wanpiti   Boyi,   In   Face   of   Danger,
Manifeit Courage Like the Men
of the Birkenhead.
Thn stirring Incidents which attended the loss of tin- Birkenhead many
years ago are recalled In a striking
manner by the splendid discipline
recently shown hy a hundred Warsplta
boys In the face of danger of the gravest character.
The training-ship lads were on the
four-masted vessel Port Jackson, and
were being taken on a cruise to Australia, with a view to giving them a
practical training for the mercantile
marine, The Port Jackson had been
towed round from London to the Channel, and cast on* the tug after passing
through the Slr.ilis of Dover Winn
near Beaohy Head, a sudden fog developed, and lhe sailing ship proceeded
With great caution down channel,
Presently a big steamer, win, !i afterwards provod to h,- i'n- Hamburg steamer Pyrgos, of the German Levant Line,
loomed up right In front et the Port
Jackson. The fog had prevented Hie
steamer being seen until ihe was practically in touch wilh tlie training ship
livery effort was made to avoid a collision, but the Bteamcr crashed inlo the
1' irt Jackson's starla,,ard bow. The Impact was terrific, shaking the ship from
end to end, while the iron plates were
ripped through as though ihey were
Tin? captain, with great coolness, gave
orders for lhe Warsplte boys to be mustered on deck In case of disaster, whilst
the crew were told oil to make arrangements for lowering the boats ond getting out life-saving appliances, etc. The
hundred young lads wire very promptly mustered, nnd were formed up on the
olllcers' Instrnctl >ns, and stood to at-
tentlon awaiting the next orders of the
captain. Happily, disastir was averted,
and Iho sailing vessel was towed round
to Dover In safety.
The chaplain and doctor of the Tort
Jackson said tt was a wonderful light
to see the lads coolly parading In the
face of possible disaster, as no one knew
umll an examination had been made
what wns the extent of the damage
that had been sustained In the collision.
Mr. West, of Our Navy, who was on
haiard, remarked that It vividly recalled
lo Ills mind the famous story of Uie
sinking ot the Birkenhead,
Kidney Disease
on the Increase
But Prevention and Cure are Readily Obtained by the Use of
Recent reports of the New York
llourd of Health prove that mortality
Blight's disease ns well ns the other
dreadfully painful forms of kidney
tlisoaso can usually he proventcd ami
enroll by giving some attention to ilm
diet ami tn the activity of the liver
nmi kidneys.
Excesses iu ontlng nml tin* use   of
. alcoholic drinks must he avoided, and
llie filtering organs can best   he kept.
i in good working onler by the uso ol
Dr.   Chase's   Kidney-Liver   Pills.
The (lcrangomonts which lead to
Bright's disease usually linvc tlieir
beginning in a torpid liver nml thoro
is siifl'i'ting from headaches, biliousness and intligostion boforo thn kidneys lail nml such symptoms appear
as lincknclio, scanty, highly colored
urine, painful, sculiling urination, deposits iu urine, etc.
Mr. .lames .1. Jonson, Olds. Alia.,
writes: "I hnvo been troubled considerably with liuiie buck, which I
suppose enmo from dorangoments ol
tlie kidneys, nnd I hnve never beon
able to fi ri. ] a treatment thnl was so
prompt nml effective in curing this
nilmeut as Dr. Chase's Kiiltiey-l.iver
l'ills. At two different times iu my
lifo this preparation has entirely
cured me of this trouble, and of Inlo
yenrs 1 hnve found it iiiinecessnry to
use any mefiicino whatever. 1
feel it my duty to add tltis sliiletnenl
to tlm mnny others which I sec in ro-
conitneuilnlion of this excellent medicine."
Mrs.J.C.Johnston, Carman, Man,
writes*—"1 hnve been a grout sufferer irom kidney trouble nnd have usi-d
Dr. Clinso's Kidney-Liver Pills with
very marked bonoftt, I cannot say
ioo much lor this modicino us it
sccniisl to be llie only treutuieiit thai
suited my case."
Dr. Clinso's Kidney.l.ivcr Pills succeed where ordinary kidnoy medicines
fail, because ol their direct anil combined action nn (lie liver anil kidneys.
This lias been proven in thousands oi
cases uf serious and complicated diseases of the kidneys, tine pill a doso,
i"i cents a box, ut nil dealers, or Edmonson, Hates iV Company, Toronto.
Apilri.lnu  I nn.el.nr..
"In icy morning ** ilka," remarked a
Brooklyn clergyman la referring to bit
vacation, "I had ns a eompa       i >
. .]     |   "eillein ill  who-" II |U ent ncil
I pi./.ii highly After n 'I"*' country
ramble of live miles nne hot afternoon
wa stopped it i farmhouse for a drink
of milk I 'Ir iei»il my gl las 10 I llOW
refreshing it ••* a Hut the old gantla-
man drank lightly and *et h * glaai
down wiih n goaeiiy por'ini of Hie rich
milk untouched.
" Very Iin" din-.' he laid a* we resumed our Jaunt,
•  ii,aa:i why didn't you drink nil of
II ?'   I    a    l.a"l
'"Hint's tin* wny I make n •■• rontrl
• a ii onsehmco fund,' Im eg.
|.l ill ■ I t*i in 'v. 'When I v. ,< n hoy
I wnll e.| "ii i farm nnd wi   I
ways, nfler i ■'-"-■ lo leavo a little
water In I., ■ an,Ik i Wl,' "- N-w Vork
lhan two .   ■
lied bv H
kirk to iiii i
half brother1! * Instead ol
I to Bnglai
irrled he
lury un i'. -a ■',   i I
ITlo repirlei '-la
fi I  i I. no     k"t within Mi- degree I ■ " ,
•-- 'an   ths
lenth of thnt bi In fi    to mat
)               I tha a ■    ,„| |f !h„ ,„-.
VlVlng bi .      .
Ilgnllled ' . . , ■ j
■   ' I
Summer Reiorti Discomforts.
This Is tho time of year when hundreds lock up their comfortable homes
In tii" -rittei, ami hie them to tho river
| or seaside resort, where, as a general
■ experience, the ro -ms will bs small ind
| stuffy, the ablutions r.-s:i|.-t. .1 to tho
water tub. and th" food of a Oharacter
unfitted 10 endure a close and critical
examination. All of which Is ace pti I
with great meekneie. The oltlsen who
In*   bis   bath   every   morning,   snys
"thank you." with   greni   sweetness,
1 when tho ohembermald—who is gem:-
ally a "mold of all work."—condescends
to put ;i little water In his Jug nfter he
b i.  ie ^ga.,1  t. In, supplied with   the
sine, many times   The oltlsen, ioo. is
a man of Importance at home,   Tie
community respeot him.   llu wife nml
family are proud of him.   Ill-   * 'A ll
law io not .i few human creaturei. in
the country, mi n holiday, he confen s
lea Impotence, When he lights his bed-
, ,,-n lamp nt night, anl finds the bed
unmade, and tha room like a furnace,
he snys n■•" a.lv   "Oh, well, whal about
e, anyway, Tic gre.it tiling i* the rr. iti
■ir along the I il ■   4i "   Did hi lull
■       ,   a \; || '      -,.   •   la.lt     al   »   at   llUtll",   tllO
I servant w .u al b" .fl-'.     01
S'avirtheli <, th  little nini'iien.
ira partial m       mil ning in
They tench        ■    in
a, in i, a feeble creature  al   l ie
i,. • a     . ■,    all    ■ in .in*
• [race en i n line in nt, and ii" will
I preen h ■ plu I    veil hi* chest
n ,• i llul -   Offer him .. ,
' f>r hi. bath, lei him wn •!.•• with ihe
tile r r the eovetid p I
smelling l fib '-. a" i III In
Folk Lore Told In Tableaux.
All the residents of the little vlllagl
of Hrltlelgh, In Somerset, and hundreds
of visitors from Qlnatonbury and the
surrounding towns and villages trooped
Into tho grounds uf liutleigh Court, the
home of Robert 11,-nry Orevlllc, recently io witness the first performance of
the Folk play, "The Revel," In which
the romantic and fascinating history
of the "peaceful vale of Avalon" was
Illustrated In a series of semes and
First there was the prologue, spoken
hy Avalon (Miss Somervllle), who. like
the chorus In Shakespeare's "King
Henry V." Introduced each scene In Its
The nrst scene was a group of Phoenician traders, who. In very early days,
landed In tho We.-t with merchandise,
This was followed by "i'ln- c mlng of
St. Joseph of Arlmathea" and his
twelve brethren.
Thn oilier scenes Included the "Passing of Arthur' lo his grave at illusion;
"King Alfred In Hiding, i'he Peace ot
Wadmore," "St. Dunatan ami King lsu-
mund Ironsides," 'The Tributes ot
Wolves to King Edgar" and "King
Henry I. Granting the Charier for Tor
.Veil Ihe episode of the dissolution ot
fllastonbury Abbey wns portrayed, followed by a sa'ene from the -hor: reign
of thc so-called King Monmouth and
tii- "Change "f Btyle,'1 the whole concluding with n grand process! n
♦ou.uuo hor Keari Necklace.
The exceptionally large sum i f 150,000
wns realised at Christie's iDondon) recently for ono pearl necklace.
It Is very rare Indeed thul so costly
a Jewel is put up at auction, and the
price paid then has been surpassed only
four or live times during the last ten
Mine. Humbert'., pearl necklace 'defied 1110,000, ihe Dudley necklace brought
In a similar amount, nnd the Gordon-
Lennox was knocked down for ftoo.ooo.
The bidding was In ihe nature of a
Homeric contest. Pearls of gnat bran-
:y, superb brilliants, sapphires, I ni-r-
aldl and other Jewels bei nglng to various Indies of title were offered f"r sale
and dazzled the eyes of beholden.
Thoie, however, all paled bifer- thn
magnificent necklace, which was 'i-
pnscd of live rowa uf 'M tine Orient
pearls, having a sapphire and brilliant
Tin- 'aawest r-p.-r   was   $15,000,   and
when ilm necklace waa finally dial -   i
of to Mr. Huntley this ■ norm II
hnd been doubled,     Tie   um
h.ilala.r v.is Mr. I.lnd"rbaiiin, who Hop.
peal sh rl at 115,500.
r.r a sapphire and brilliant m klsce
set with li.m ly.live sapphires ni.al with
brilliant (eitoon bmiler-. (16.;:,!' win
given, while a brl.lijnt cluster 01 .. n
realized 1)1.000.
A  .•Kilter'',I   li.un-.n,--'.
"Yes, we were ut the play tills afternoon. All the |:lrla think Lester
Scruggs Is Just too lovely for nnythlng. What wns the plflf about? 1
don't know. We were loo much absorbed iu watching I.esler to pay any
attention to the pluy, lie looked just
too killing In a yellow wig, wlih n blue
plush cloak hnnglns over his arm. And
he hud the sweetest Jeweled sword!
"After the piny wc nil weut around
to tbe stage door and waited for hltn
to como out. And, sny, he Isn't tbe
least bit luindsomo when you see film
close. Ills fnco Is awfully flabby, and
his hair Is short and thin and kind of
sandy. There was a fat woman In n
freak hat came up Just ns be started
nwny und tool; bold of his arm, nud
tliey walked along together, 'I wonder who that woman la?' I said to Jane
Snooply. A conrsi, looking man near
the door heard mo, 'That's bis wife,'
lie said.
"Then we all went home."—Cleveland
Plain Dealer.
lie Klin, the  lliuiip.
A Kenwood man consented tho other
day to go to the millinery department
for the purpose of helping his wife decide on a hat After much trying on
the lady decided on two haU from
which to make her selection. One of
them was i'lA, the other $10.
"Now, I want you to tell me honestly, George," she said, "which of those
two you would advise me to get."
Then she put one on nfter the other
nnd permitted him to view her from
In front, each side and from behind.
"Well, I'll tell you," he said at last.
"Tlio one yuu had on first looks lo uu*
as If It might be more stylish and at.
that, but the second one makes you
look much younger tliau you do lu the
He bad wasted nn bonr, but he
saved $3.-Chieago Heeord-Hcrahl.
Hani ami suit corns cannot withstand llollowiiy's Corn Cine; it is effectual every time, (let a bottlu at I
mice uml lie happy,
If llie labor can he secured, it ll si;.l
lhat ihe Prime Albert Porl Churchill
line will lie commenced this fall.
Cholera ami nil summer complaints
are si, quick in tlieir action that llie,
cold hand of death is upon tlie victims before thoy aro aware tlmt danger is miir. II attacked do nut delay
n getting the proper modicine. Try
a dose oi Iv I. I) KelloLg's Dysentery Cordial, and you will get ini-j
m.sli.ite ri nef It acts with wonder-
t I  rnpidit*  ami never fails to effect
I   '. .le.
A convention of representative, from
Alberta,   British  Columbia,   HanJtohi
d Saikatchewan i* being irr.uaeeal ta,
" [ary ta, eoniidei the i vie
'at industry.
...,«,,an "A. she li W'r.te."
Some ludicrous niisti.kcs are made
hy some of Ihe French Canadian people
In our New England cotton mill towns
lu tlieir attempt to muster English.
Ono summer a grain denier iu Sojn-
erswnrlh, N, II., received n writlen
order from one of his French customers, which rend us follows.
"Please send
"I bag bole corn. ,.'..
"I nix field.
"B pounds odd."
The clerk, who has hnd mnny years'
experience with these people, said nt
once, "Send him a bag of Whole corn.
a ling of mixed feed nml live pounds of
grass seed, nr, ns flic French people put
it, 'hayseed,''"
Ami be was right.
At nnothor lime an order was received for ti ling of "corn broke." nnd
at still another un order for u bag ut
"corn not broke,"
ind SaskaUihewi
ni.a.-t >i> Calgar)
add dreued mci
Minard's Liniment Cures   Garget   In
No Mori Convicts For Csnldl.
p is iir.it lying t' b» ni' ■  lo   ■; irl
I  li .'.,i,;, ,   .ui,-,al prolt
•'.. i.ihit   ■'.  ion - linn    a a.
j i     ar "g iln a I i ''.ei al'''
.   Th"   dhei
i || '   .;,    A   a,    a ]   'a   ,    a, ,,-
. ; ,    led    .
,■ n from his ,   ■
L po       -. any an in
ed the ii" ird -. "Re
... i i • , ,i boy li i
tO  C a
■  at i   ■    | pro
rr-i-fl       a      Pan Oo*
|n     ■ ' a   111 el a,   ■  ,
I '
Lilt ■ -'I
■ -   imt 1 »    n 'i
,       ■!  hi I
■  ,       a   I        a   ;, .'
it ii nd   ii'iT." 'i a- plea
■ 1      h    a   1    bl   " '   ■'    ' •
i by Ihi  ' ill
.. t;i :, A In ini:y
,.    i family I
Sia Serpen! Seen.
An Intonating tale of a ■*» *»-i»nt
wns told to a crowded meeting t f tho
London Zoological Society recenl ,- by
Mr. Meade-Waldo und M. Nlcol,
While in a yacht off the Bra lu
C's'isl lo thu north of Para they saw
what appeared to be the Iln of a greal
flsh above tl.e water. A large le .i 1 .iiul
about seven f.et of a neck of thc 'hick-
ne.as of a man's ilnn rose nbove the
-urfaieo. The head resembled thai of a
tor::", and Ihl CUrlOUl creature wriggled Iii a Strange manner. Its fin rc-
icnlbled si awoed,
Mr. Waldo remarked that ll ki d
like a lubinarlQai Unlaw tim ."-*"—
Ah "im ua.H,
There  Is an  opportunity  In  mint
towns lo grow piacbei to supply tho
home trade thnl is uow supplied from
lhe city dealers or from lurgc orchards
nt a distance. To make a nieces- ,if
this, high iiiiiI well drained ground
must Im taken nml the same gtude of
enrc given that our best large growers
give. 'I ben If the fruit ll flnt class
prolltnlalo praa-es will be recclred. It Is
surprising to find lhe number of baskets of I'cnclies lhat enn be sold right
at Ic'tiio In some of thu towns outsldi
of the large pemli dlitrkti, mji •
NlW IAAlli.1 .rait...
* I,ll,inr,.   Are   I leUr.
"Tlio hardest problem the builder hns
to wrestle with," suld a well known
member of lhe profession, "Is the chimney. What the heathen Chinee Is to
the human nice and the left handed
mule to the nnlinnl kingdom tbo chimney Is to the various iippurleiiauces
lhat go to make up a human habitation. There Is no safe rule for thc construction of cliim/.eys. You can build
n Chimney nil right In theory, but when
it comes down lo practice that Is nn-
other matter, Build two chimneys side
I'}' side Ii! precisely the same manner.
Employ lhc best skilled labor and construct them exactly on lhe same principles. Oue mny draw nil right and the
Other one smoke like n Choctaw. Yes,
sir, the chimney Is beyond nil understanding, nnd nny builder will tell you
Web.ter'. Itrtnlaa.tr.
One day n mnn OBtirod Daniel Webster's ollice nnd consulted hltn In regard tn n prospective lawsuit. At tho
close of the conference be paid the nt-
torney il retainer (if $UHI to look nfter
tbc matter. I'pon reliirnlng lo tils
plneo of business bo found that bis
partner had alrenily settled the Bull,
obtaining the sum demanded without
nu attorney. He thought $100 wns altogether too much for nn ollice fee, so
he dlipatcbod Ills cl"i'k to look lifter
lhe subject
"Mr. Webster." snld lhe young man.
"my employer thinks you should re-
Aru u part of yiur retainer. That
ease litis been settled."
"Young man," laid llu* lawyer, "ynu
go buck ami tell your employer that a
retainer Is lomotblng to lie retained."
They Wake the Torpid Energies.—
Maeliiueiy not properly supervised
and lelt to run itsolf, very soi n slows
fault iu ils working. It is the snn e
with the digestive organs Unregulated liom Iiiii'1 to time tliey arc li	
ly to bocome torpid and throw tin*
whole system out nt genr. Parmelee's
Vegetable Pills art*   made   to   in	
such cases. They restore to the loll
ihe Sagging faculties, and bring into
onler all pnrtl Oi the llieclinni-lll.
Mayor C, Q, Malotl, of Bloomli.
[nd., I- an ilie head A a party •:, il\
lean fellow-townsmen who have itrm-k
north from llegiuu to take   up   I   b g
Irani ol land.
Minard'i Liniment Curei Diphtheria.
rnrlnit n I'ihhihtciI Pet
A very clever reiorlnnry hnd a iya-
'"in nil hi* own. When he rc'cived mi
aavcri'i'il 1'i.v dog he would consign ham
n n disused brie!, oven with n crust ofl
broad, nn onion nnd nn old boot When
io dog began lo gnaw tho bread the
anxious iinsira-ss was informed that
her darling was "doing nicely," When
ii commenced onerotlona on the onion
word wai scnl ihal the pel wai ' de
- aieiiiy beUor," but when the
tackled llio ho il my lady wn* grain il
I i   heir   that   hot   pi loUl   pel   wal
"ready    lo    be    "OtnOVOd." I
"I could never undentind," said il s
solemn person, "what is tlie attn I
in sutolng."
"Perliitu," re|aii,',| the beginner, w i
ihe bindagnil held, "III tha ittrai tl
"i gravitation     Philadelphia  I'	
A Boon
to the Bilious
Are you compelled to deny yourself many wholesome foods brciuie
ynu think they make you bilious?
Do you know that your condition
is more to blame than the foods?
Your liver and stomach nted attention more than the diet. When
yo« liml yourself suffering with a
bilious attack, take
nno al! annoying symptoms will
soon disappear. They settle the
stomach, regulate thc liver and exercise the bowels. Their good cl-
feels are felt immediately.
U-ccham's Pills mir.Jc wilh the
contents of thc stomach and make
fiisy work of digestion. The nourishing properties ol the food are
(hen readily assimilated and the
reiidue carried off without irritating thc intestines or dogging the
Beecham's Tills sliouhl be taken
whenever  there  is   sick   headache,
furred tongue, constipation, i ill iw
sk.ii or my lymptomi that indicate an inactive liver,
Sold Everywhere.   In boxes 25 cent..
Since brighter days In other lands,
Ere yet my second self hud died.
And through life'   mom   with   linked
Wo seemed to walk with single aim.
Since — of one mlud, one heart, one
One name—my nobler counterpart,
Was drawn with haste   to   promised
And all my light ot life grew dlim.
On rnrth there has not dawned for me.
Of human worth a goodlier form,
Than this fond friend now censed 10 be,
Than this Hue soul In Liberty,
Nor love of books, nor art, nor song,
Nor love of mighty thoughts of men,
Nor love of right, nor hale of wrung,
Not mutual bonds of greal and good.
But Ihnt which truly holds them nil—
His broadly, grandly human heart,
Did draw us, spite of grent nnd small,
And bound us lo lhe bitter end.
Wilh yearnings for the golden west,
And proual tiprcst for martini fame,
At length he sailed the river's breast,
But fell upon Its farther brink.
'Mid fringes nf the virgin trees
And gleanings of a shining mere,
And music of the murmuring bees.
AL length ho waits the blessed dawn,
—Dyron Nicholson.
In   the
Description   of   a   Banquet
I.amn'. I'nlucf,
A correspondent of the London Times
who accompanied the grand himn of
Tibet on bis recent return to that country lifter nn absence of some months
thus describes the feasting in lhe lama's
palace lu honor of the occasion]
"Proceedings began with what had
nil the appearance of a blessing, except thnt each person brought n present, which the lamn touched nnd nn nt-
tondtiut took possession of. The presents consisted of sliver shoes worth
about $*i0, vessels of various precious
metuls, rolls of silk, cloth nnd similar
articles. When ull Ibe gifts had heen
bunded over the Inevitable tea was
brought In. The hmni had ;.i huge golden pot, studded with turquoises, nil to
himself. Attendants passed nniung the
seated lunias und Ailed the wooden
cups which tbo lilt tor produced from
the bosoms of their capacious robes.
Tor us four there were n spcclnl lenpot
and Chinese bowls. Hut as for drink-
lug, wo knew better. We tool: a blow
at the surface to slide the rancid butter off the top, nuido .1 sucking noise
with our mouths und then handed bnck
Hie cups, sufficiently nauseated, without drinking, by thc smell of the tea
nlone. Next cnnio tlio distribution of
tbe fruit nnd sweetmeats, of which wo
received nn ample share.
"Then the great doors of the hall
were thrown open nnd there poured In
a horde of struggling Immunity that
rushed nt great stacks of Tibetan brend
n crisp, brown substance, fried in
butter nnd very palatable In n cold
climate. Tbe brend wns on tables In
broad piles six feet high. With desperate fury the poor of the city fell on
this provision of the gods und crammed
the brittle stacks into sacks nnd bosoms, punching their receptacles when
full to innke room for more.
■oh* mm a-ilnn Seel..
Mohammedans divide themselves Into
two principal sects-Shlah and Suuui,
tbe Persians representing the bulk of
tbe former, tbe Turks of the latter.
The chief points on which they differ
sre the condition of tbe soul after
death and the succession of caliphs.
"The Sunnl belief Is that there Is one
Immortal God, whose works sre without beginning or cud, and that lie will
| be visible to tbe souls of tho blessed,
while the Shlnbs deny the immortality
of tlic soul nud maintain that the coexistent principles of Zoroaster will
forever  contend   for   the   mastery."
Membtri of Parliamant to Have Wed.
neiday Evenings Off—Provisions to
Restrict Frivolous Discussion.
The revised rules ot the House, eon-
taln very few important changes from
the old rules. Only 25 out of 128 sections contain material alterations. The
greater number are of a technical nature, and are not of general public interest.       '
Those of public Importance are as
follows: On Wednesdays thu House will
meet at 1 o'clock and adjourn nt
, .  , , ,    , leaving the evening free,    It Is pro-
With regard to tbe prophets sucoeo-   Vlded by a new rule that returns to
orders not brought down In one session |
Old Land Wakes Up lo Important: of
Canada's Trade.
The complaint hns often been made,
by Canadians as well ns Old Country
people, that whllo the United States
and other foreign countries have been
represented In the Dominion by Consuls and commercial agents, Great
Britain has had no official trade representative In this country. The con-
setiuenco has, undoubtedly, been that
much business which otherwise might
havo gone to thc Mother Land has been
diverted to American and Gorman
Ilrms. But John Dull has at Inst awakened to the fact that, If he wants to
preserve lhe trade he has, or if he
wants to secure additional business, he
must bo ns up-to-date ns his competitors, It Is officially announced that the
British Board of Trade (which Is a
Government department, nnd not n
combination of business men as arc our
Boards of Trade), hns, through Its nd-
vlsory committee on commercial Intelligence, decided to send a commissioner to Cnnnda to Investigate and report
upon trade possibilities.    Other com-1
mltsloners have been previously sent to j left. One represented Salnn nnd the
South Africa, Australasia, South Am- other some snored personage, the dls-
erlca, Siberia nnd Persia, nnd their la-[elusion dealing with the birth ot Hud-
bors have been rewarded wilh eonshl-1 dhn. Satan suld Buddha was liom
arable success. ,vllh m, im        Mn. wb,^ „   :
Orlgg, of wingneid, sioke, Devonport, r,hlch (,,'ownod ,hc lnil|R"allt »Plj of
who Is apparently wall qualified for the .llls opponent.  The nnlnt llien declared ;
position.   Por many years Mr. Orlgg""1' Sn,lln '""' " Ml, whereat every
resided In Cannda, nnd since leaving It "ionic In (lie room laughed delightedly.
he has maintained a close   connection'And so Ihe two kept nt It fur nhout
With the Dominion.   Ho hm also been half nn hour.   When Satan looked n j
actively   associated   with   Important winner nil over the controversy wns I
manufacturing concern. In the north of iH,hm,\ ,.]osC(, „m, „„, „,,„, ,n     ,
i,',h bi?■*,.  »       **t i  U,u,,","llln'>l   tor-a„o.her Injustice to Ihe devil."
both by his commercial experience nnd, _*	
knowledge  of  (ho  Dominion   for  the I
task ho has undertaken.   His prlmnry j How Dlai Escaped,
duty will be to Inquire, into the present)   1'orflrlo Dlnz, seven times president
position and future prospects of British of Mexico, has hnd some wonderful nd-
trado m Canada.    Ills mission will ventures. Most nmn-.lng ot ull wns his
consequently be a wide nnd comprehen-1 csc„,,0 from his opponents' clutches on
live one and ll ll understood that iho „,, Bteam8h]p City  of Havana.    A
commissioner will hnvo a free hand to
pursue his Inquiries In every Held ot
sors, the Sunnls claim that the lawful
successor of Mohammed w-as Abu
llel.r and nfter him Omar, Ostium and
All, nephew and son-in-law of Moluiin- j order,
mcd. The Shlahs, however, reject the
first three nnd hold that All wns the
only legitimate successor. Shlahs pmy
but three times a dny nnd enjoin pll-
grlmngcs to Nejef, Kerbeln, Ktn.liniiln,
Meshed (Persia), Samara and Kuin as
well as to Mecca nnd Medina. Sunnls
make pilgrimages only to tlio two latter cities nnd pray Ave times a dny.
From tills It can be readily understood
that tho circumstances of the Turks
being In possession of the shrines of
Nejef (Meshed All), Kazlmnln and Kernels Is most dispensing to devout
Shlahs—Blackwood's Magazine.
shall be brought down during the en-'
suing session, without renewal .,f the  »-eid    Packets
Will Prove Most Refreshing
Only,    40c,    50c,   and    60c.    per
Highest Award at St. Louis 1904,
Tb.   At   all   Grocers,
fought like cannibals for the brend nnd
stole from each oilier when they could.
And nil the while tlie lie-torsi of lhe road
were among them, lashing with their
whips, prodding with tlie heavy butts
nnd striking with their lists.  One mnn
iind two sucks, nmi, though beaten unmercifully, bo continued until both
were full nnd then retired under n rain
of blows,
"Next came n religious controversy
between two monks. These hitched
up their clothes, shipped their hands
together, slumped llieir feet, looking
for a verbal opening Just ns u pugilist
looks for a clinnce to get In wilh his
To Scrape an Acquaintance.
To Bcrupe nn acquaintance" was
originated by the Emperor Hadrian.
Once when visiting tbe public bath he
found an old veteran scraping himself
with a piece ot broken crockery In lieu
of an Iron or copper scraper. Hadrian
gave blm a sum of money to provide
Uie necessary materials for a bath and
on bfs next visit to the Institution
four! It full of veterans scraping themselves with potsherds. "Scrape nway,
gentlemen, but you shall not scrape an
They I ocqunlntance with uie," was Hadrian's
comment as he went out
Tlie summer months are an anxious
lime (or mothers becalse they are tlie
most dangorous months of the year
For young children, Stomach and
bowel troubles come quickly during
the hot weather and almost before
the mother realises thnt there is (lunger the little one innv he hevoiul aid,
The English rule ns to motions to!
adjourn, made fnr the purpose of de-
baling matters  of urgent public Im-1
portance, will be adopted,     This provides that Hi,, number desiring to bring
forward such matter, must obtain the
approval of at least twenty members
to enable hltn to do so, If, however, ho
only obtains the support of live members to that end, the Speaker puts the
question to vole, nnd the majority de- -
cide whether he shall be allowed to con-
tlnue or not. The rule is also guarded
with other restrictions taken from thn I
practice of tho British House ot Com-1
mons. I
Private bills leglslatl'n has also received considerable attention, Important
changes having heen mado pertaining'
to fees and charges, anal alsa, to periods
for the presentation of petltiains and \
bills and publication of notices. The
time for presenting petitions for private bills has been extended from three
weeks to six weeks, anal for the Introduction of bills from 4 to S weeks. The
usual fee ot 1200 on bills Is retained, but
additional charges are made for non-
presentatlon within the times fixed.
There is also an additional charge
mado where the rules ot the House
have to be suspended for the benefit
of a bill. Addlll mal charges are also
made proportionate to the capital slock
may Wilh II,
The first day mother sent me to
school I went home nt receSB, thinking
school was out. As I have grown older
I find thnt a whole lot of people did Ihe
same thing, nnd the snd part of the uf ■
fair Is that too many of us never went
back. In life be careful ihat you don't
go home ot recess. If you start to learn
a trade or profession, stay by it and
master IL Don't chase nwuy nt recess.
It you bave a business, attend to IL
Don't go home nt recess. This going
homo at recess bns sent mnny n business mnn Into bankruptcy. It has
caused mothers' tears to flow nnd
mother hearts to ache. It bus made
crusty old bachelors and sour old mnhls.
It has Oiled worlds with Ignorance and
made barren deserts of fertile plains.
Going home nt recess menns that you
have fallen asleep at the switch and
your train bns plunged Into the ditch.
Always stay until school Is out
About Printer1! Devils.
The barrister's "devil,"  with whose
title the Attorney-General of England.
or for Increased borrowing powers of as the guest of the North-eastern Cir-
companies. | cult, mad» merry, gnt It, presumably
from that   other  humble   functionary,
I'nn.f Dnrlal Co.lorn.,
A Bombay correspondent, writing of
(he burial cuatoma of the Parseee, suys;
"The approach of that transition we
call death Is a signal for the relatives
to leave the presence of the dying one,
the priest clone remaining to whisper
Zend-Avesta precepts iulo his eur. He
In turn passes out of the room and nd-
mlts n dog, who Is trained to gust
steadily into the face of tlie dying one.
A dog is accounted the only living
creature that can terrorise the evil
spirits, so the 'Bas-dld,' or 'dog stare,'
Is the last sight the Pnrsee has on
earth. No human shadow must Inter
vene; otherwise the guardian virtue ot
the dog's gaze is annulled."
the "printers devil."     But why was
the printer's errand boy so-called? Ac-
Canada's Contribution to the Jipmeie' cording to Moxen, writing at the end
b._i«. c„„j ot 'be   seventeenth   century,   because
ramine t-una. , „thcse Boyg ,n a ptm_ Umst) C|)m_
Canada's contribution to the Japan-' monly black and Dawb themselves;
ese famine relief fund reached the whence tho Workmen do Jocosely call
splendid total of nearly 170,000. The them Devils; and sometimes Spirits,
ll'tby's Own Tablets will prevent sum- following sums passed through thu nnd sometimes Piles." It ts related,
mer oomplaiats if given occasionally,   hands of Hon. T. Nosse, the Japanese  however, that Aldo Manuzlo, the great
Consul-General nt Ottawa! a Venetian printer of the fifteenth cen-
Thr.iugh Th Halifax Herald, Halifax,, tury, had a black slave boy, who was
N. S„ |1I,3S4.45. 'popularly mpposed io come from be-
Through The Toronto Star, Toronto, low, Accordingly he published a no-
111,410.10, I tlcet—"I, Aldo Manuzlo, printer of the
Through subscribers to The Christian Doge, havo this dny mado public ex-
Guardian, Toronto, "S.900. | posure of the printer's devil.   All who
Through the Ontario Sunday School think he is not llesh and blood may
because they keep the stuinuch and
bowels free Irom offending matter
And tlio Tablets will cure these
troubles ii they come suddenly, V
may save your child's life by keeping
n box of Baby's Own Tablets nn hand
to give promptly. .Mrs. Flunk .Moore,
Noithlield, N. 8,, suys:—"1 do not
know uny medicine that can equal
Baby's Own Tablets tor curing stomach and bowel troubles. J always keep
them mi hum! in case ot emergency,
Sold hy nil medicine dealers ur ' by
mail ut 35 cents u box from the Dr.
Williams Medicine Co., Brookville,
An Illustrated manuscript life of St.
Ailliheri, written hy a liiirhnm monk
iu the fifteenth century, was bought
f.u £1500 bv Mr. 1'uarit'ch at Botheby'l.
splash ns of n ninn overboard was
investigation likely to yield useful In- ba'vi ^ ,llc sllln'3 watch "' nlBht' oml
formation for the betterment ot the Uln* ™ tit oucc sought for nnd tnlss-
irndc between the two countries.   Mr. *&> w''"° n ship's lifo buoy wns miss-
Orlgg Is leaving Englnnd Immediately 'ng also.  As It was found a little later
to lake up his appointment, and will thrown up on shore, there was little
probably bo absent until tbo spring or doubt that Diaz had made good Ills es-
summer ot next year.     In this tour cape,   Nevertheless Ibo steamer on Its
through the Dominion he will cross thn „„„,„, „, Vm Cnlz w„3 rlgorouslyi j
o? mnmlr ,7,' _1 S^S'SJIJ." ■•««» <*arcl,od-in vain.   Still thn
ot commercial Imp irtance from Halifax ..... . I
to Vuncouver. i eomiindnnlo of tbo port Biirroundcd
In pursuance of tho new  policy  ot  tho vesscl ,vllllc ln h,lrhor wlth boat»
tho Bonrd of Trade, correspondents will  manned by soldiers to preclude all pos- I
be appointed In lhe principal commer-  slblllly of ills escape.   But he escaped
cliil and Industrial centres of the Dom-: nevertheless,    After having been for i
tnlon. It will bo their duty to keep tho  seven days nnd nights sewn up, hnlt
Board of Trade Informed of the move.  sUfr0cn(cd, In a Bofn scat In the purser's
menu of trade In Canada, and to ad-  nMtli „.|l(!rc ho ,,„,- „„„,„ an(1 „RU|n
vise British merchants nnd manurac  been sat upon by the olllccrs who wero
furors of iho changing requirements of „     ,,    ,   , i,       , ,   . ,   ,.
the Canadian market, and It may be as-1 "N"*"* ,for " "' "e ™nlrl™ • ln ,h«
sumed that the correspondents will be ™|ntaa Of ll sailor, to puss undetected
gentlemen speclnlly qualified by knowl-  trough the cordon of blockading boats.
Henry Elliott, Esq., of Sherbrooke,
N.S.. Inspector ami Supt. ot Bridge
Construction lor Nova Scotia, soya:
"A   bottle   of   MINARD'S   LINIMENT oured mo   of   n   very   severe
sprain of my leg, caused   by   u   lull
while building u bridge   nt   Hubert
Creek, Cumberland Co,"
Sir Donald Airrie nnd Andrew (Urn
egle have each promised .sjjo.ooo to
liquidate the debt on tho itudcnta' union buildingi in "iiuieti'iii wiih Edln-
urgh university.
edge nnd experience lo give expert ad-
vlco to British traders.
The Cockney'i Compliment.
A good story comes from lhe vicinity
of GnJl. A newly.arrived Englbrh Immigrant, who was amazed al the iplen-
dld UcHi of ripening grain, ratTatvrki'd:
"Oh, I say, do Uhcy )<«ve things out
Lava Plant Cored Cornell.
"Professor Itlggs, 1 see, ndvlscs people to chew lava us tt pannceii for nil
ills," remarked n Providence womnn
who travels widely. "1 cannot vouch
fur the theory that luvn would lie a
panacea for nil llll, but 1 can vouch
Sure Regulators,— Mandrake and
Dandelion aro known to exert u pow-
erltil iiilliu'iici' nu the liver nml kidneys, nutorng them to lienlihiul net-
' ion, Inducing a regular I low of the
secret ions and Imparting to tlie org-
iiiii complete power to perform their
[functions.   The.,, valuable Ingredients
enter Into the composition oi Parmelee's Vegetable Pill-,    ami   ac,,,. t„
reiiiler theni the agreeable nnd s«lut
nry medicine tliey   ure.    There  are
few pills so effectivo as they ill their
like tbal In this country? lord blw-i 'but It possesses n plant or shrub
you. sir; If that field was at borne, and which grows very near or In llie lnva
nobody watching ll at night, It would  thut hits a curulivo property In It for
Undertaking lo live   f. >r   twenty-one
dsvi "ii inui in.-ni- i   day   of  i I
unaii snd fish, ii mnn living ie Harrow
inn offered himself to Mauri, Armour
foi exhibition In I Ion.
Association, Toronto, t2.M0.32.
Through the Ottawa Committee Japanese Famine Fund, Ottawa, 12,035.31.
Through the Montreal Board of Trade
Montreal, fl.T6a3.23.
Through the Presbyterian churches In
Canada, Toronto, 1959.10.
Through The Charlottetown Guardian,
P. E. I., S5Tr.li.
Lake of the Woods Milling Co., Limited. Montreal, 1500.
Through the Mayor of Oxford, N. S.,
From the townspeople of Woodstock,
N. B., 1150.
Frim various sources, l<!2.02.
Total, 110.030.61.
The Dominion Parliament contributed flour to tho value of K3.000.
in addition to the foregoing amounts
11,000, lhe lirst subscribed by the peoplo of Nova Sella, through Tho Halifax Herald, was sent to Tokio to the
Urltlsh Ambassador, nnd by him handed to tho Japanese Central Relief Committee.
Over 11,000 was contributed by both
come and pinch him,"
Minard's  Liniment  Cures Distemper
Wint to Tax Churches.
Exeter has mere churches to the pop
ulatlon than any place In England, and
Is often called the "City of Churches.'
The lical authorities have been considering lhe desirability of assessing these
numerous buildings, nm] sa, adding enormously to the rateable value of the
city. Tbey attempted to rule a church
used by the Spiritualists, but a protest
was lodged against It by the steward,
who contend that If one sect Is ruled, all
must bo rated, Including the cathedral.
The mailer stands adjourned lo ascertain the practice In other parts of the
State of Ohio, City ot Toledo.
Lucas County.
Frank J. Cheney makes ontb thnt hi
la senior partner of the lirm of F. J.
Cheney .ij Co., dolnB business In the city
of Toledo, County and Stale aforesaid,
und llml snld tlnn will pay the sum of
ONE lll'NDKF.D DOLLARS for each nnd
every case of Catarrh Hint cannot be
cured by tbo use ol Hall's Ciilnnii euro.
Sworn to before inn nnd subscribed In
mv presence this 6th day of December,
A. H  issii. A. W. OLBASON.
(Seal.) Notary Public
Hall's Cntnrrb Cure Is taken Internally
and nets directly on the blood and muc-
n'li surfaces of the system. 8en>* 'or
testimonials free.
K. J. CHENEY ft CO., Toledo. O.
Snld hv nil Druggists. 7"i0
Tuke Halls Faintly I'llls for cunallpatlon
An article about Hell, Norway, has
appealed in lhe Ilnily Press. The chief
attraction "f the place seems to he that
it freesei over annually, but, at any
rate, a Buffalo man, according to tlio
liittaila, Commercial, thought of it as a
pi islble lumnu r resort, ind sought (er
t iu tlie gazetteer. Hell, Noiwhv, whs
missing, bnt he found instead this gem
>i encyclopaedic literature, whether in-
Lentionil or not be knows not:- "Hell's
Bkerriei, n ciuitei "f the llehridean
l-la s, sboul ten miles west of Hum.
rile rent vvlilcb runs between theni
i- '-.' ely rapid,
A Merry Heart lines iill the Day.
lint  one ciinuot  have a  merry  lienri
it he hai ii pniu in lhc back or n cold
with i racking cough.   To be mern
nne inii-t be well nml free from sohw
Japanese and Canadians tn British Col-1 (|       ,     |,r
umbia. and forwarded by the consul at   ,M ;,.,„.„       ,„
Vancouver, Mr. Morikawa. | otherwise, snd lor tli
incuts  ni  eolils  nnd <
splendid medicine.
Halifax li Now Canadian.
"Tho Listener." .'f The Boston Tran-
•crlpt, has been visiting Halifax, after,
4 lapse ot several years, nnd ll is In- \
teresllng to note his tribute to the
growing Canadlanlsin of the Nova Scotia capital. "Halifax has grown but
•lightly In the past quarter of a century, but left as It Is, stands true to
the provincial patriotism and faith;
there is nothing else for It to do, In
i,   muscular   o
io -i dy   treat
IlllgllS      It       Is      |
Improved nnd unimproved. Parties
having farms for sale can find ready
purchasers by writing Immediately,
staling full pnrllcnlnrs, etc.
58 Tribune Bldg.,       Winnipeg, Mm.
(•itrrvhEs as investments,
Hoppner Rim In Value From $115 to
130,000 in 25 Yean.
The pictures collected by the lat'
Mr. T. II. Woods, of tho firm of Christie, Manson & Wo"ds, auctioneers, were
common sense, but bear wl'.h fortune sold at Christie's I London) on a rerent
is loyal to the Dominion. One cannot Saturday, together with various other
get one's hat blocked, lt appeared, In   properties, which brought In a total of
Halifax, nor anywhere nearer than To-
ront, or 'the States'; but everything
In the way of small warei, everywhere,
In tho shops and ou the hotel c'Min-
ters, bears the Imprint of manufacture
tn Canada.   The heavy machinery of
j. ..An ll. an una "mt which has nut
rarely been beaten by a iln^le n.y'i
picture sale.
Mr. Woods certainly knew how to
buy pictures for an Investment. He
never npent much on a single canvas.
Industrial plants carries other Canadian   an,l In the few lnstunc.-e where It has
bo ,-ia :,.■!• i up. dumped Into •*. mu ami
•old at ilaytatvalt uu tbe novi-at uurltoL
fauaa, ,1,1"
To succeed these days you
must have plenty of grit, cour-
age, strength. How Is It with
the children? Are they thin,
pale, dclictie ? Do not forget
Ayer's Sarsaparilla. You
know It makes the blood pure
and rich, and builds up the
general health in every way.
Th. elilli1r.il e.nnnl pnu'llT hlW fiM
la-aiiia unl.., III. i -.- ■ .,* In I '"|-a ^.....'I
Hon. A .ia,,uie, a,-, jla.a . .,«,,.! i..n|aaa
ha.l la.-aii -. ...il|..a-.r t- -..a. a...,-, .1|
Ih-.. I, n. i.i amkll l.i.llv. al.... ot * ,ri a
mil.    Ill    a r,nal   -    ' 'l,al     -al.i
Ala. aaaaanfailurara if
I   ana vwoi.
IIP Te Aouecuse.
WW O mum I'lctnui
il cough. A few years since, while re-
turning from Vesuvius to our hotel In
Naples, 1 wm nnnoyed und iillllcled
wilh n constant cough which nothing
Named to relieve. Tho coiicluuun, a
native, In our employ, seeing the dilemma, slopped bis carriage nud, picking n few stems from the shrub, gave It
to me as n sure remedy for my cough.
lt certainly did prove n panacea nnd
worked like magic. Perhaps Ibis snmo
plant, grown by tbe lavn, may possess
somo of Hie constlttilenls (lint Professor lllggs clniins for lhc lavn. The
hated lava nmy yet become n friend
Of the physician nnd n benefit to tho
I :;;■■ hi nice."-Providence .lotirnul.
Oil'-   trial   III    \lnlliel    I,lave-   W'lllll
Kvtellliiiiiitiii   will  ion, nne  vim   thai
it  bus no equal n* » norm i licino.
Mny a bottle and   ne it it does   not
please ynu.
Cuban rebeli have ciptured I i Ity ■>'■
10,000 Inhabitant! after   defeating   the
rural"-.     Tin-    revolutionary    move
iii'-nt li -i-ia-iiiiing rapidly,
Minard'i Liniment Cures  Colds, etc.
Oen, TrepoB hai been ihe victim of
a nolson t'laat and lie li in the eiar'i
pslsoo and ths i ki liave bit n i 'it In
The lleninii'l 1 "i Alllinlnlnm.
There Is ti great scnrclty of nlumlnl-
utn In lhe world todny. Tho renson
given Is Hint the automobile iniinufne-
I in. is use this metal In the machinery
nf ilm cms, thus Increasing (he nmoiint
used fnr more thnn nny other single
Industry, The supply of nluminium
comes from only four sources lu the
world; hence the amount Is limited tn
n very great extent The chief of thene
sources is represented by tbo Pitts-
Imrg llediictlon conipnny nt Niagara
Falls, In (ireiit llrltaln there It the
Urltlsh Aluminium company, whose
plant Is at the Falls of Koyrs, and on
the continent of I'.urope Ihere nro the
Neiiliausen works In Switzerland nnd
works In Germany.
manufacturing plnn's' nam".., as does
every branl of tobacco, beer, whisky,
ginger ale or p «p beer. Proteotlon and
Industrial Independenoi hive got themselves broadly band a'. Inst In the
Dominion and have m, doubt route tn
Hay for lomi eonslderabls time, no
matter what Ihey Mil thi Oaiisumeri
ot the goods produced under pi itoollvi
lubsldlei—a Rrcedy retaliatory commercialism to bi fathered very Justly
on our own. All indications are thnt
the arts of war. and especially the ale
tonatlons thereof,
upon Halifax ta.it
been pusMile to trai'e the prices paid
by him, the difference between the
purchase price and Saturday'! sale
price li stupendous.
Iloppners' "Ludy Waldegrave" was
bought by Mr. Woods In list for :3
guineas, and went on Naturally for
ft.000 guineas. Hoinney's "Btsahopi
Children" i-oie fraim 2J guinea* In U12
to 4.000 gulneni on Snliirday; the same
arUil'i "Head of Lady Hamilton" fr m
410 to 300 -fulni-os; and Northeute'i I
"Mrs. IlugheV from 10 guineas to U0
I ruber palling guineas. A portrait of Mii. ngllvle, hy
ine nndi ihls oa„i|-   i,nwre*ice, renlliod *,n*0 guineas, which
Wnen Remitting by Poll, use
Dominion Express Money Orders
and Foreign Cheques
The Beit and Cheapen
System   of   Sending   Money  to  any
Place In the World.
Absolutely Safe
Purchaser In given s receipt nnd If
order or cheque is LOST or DBS-
lltOVKI), the amount will bo promptly REFUNDED. No red tape. Por
lull infnrmntlon and rales call oa
Local ngmts.
ness and critical atlltud,, ai regard I   constitutes a recoral for a Lnwrence nt
the military program of the Jlng'» ete-
ment of the Dominion, lulte marked.
Loyalty t, Mr. Chamberlain's ftajoaJ
praigr.im. however, seems to have suffered no abatement through that prog-ram's recent overwhelming ab'feat In
English politics. Jiseph Chamberlain
Is still to his partisans In Halifax, 'the
greatest living statesman of tbe world.''
and many am the Industrial ami oun-
merolal schemes and dreams built and
still builaliiig, upon the 'differential'
ami the Imperial interahanga of commodities and tt el"''
Toid Sixteen Yean Between Stones.
it ntly as soi    ii *■■ irkmen
were repairing the il me l  ■      fl Ihi
Evangel! al Church I id
■ iking, .i load »as found buried
in 'in- in i- ,r 1, it .,'. a. • ■ , ii mes uini ool" '!"u In U
tust enough room to i       ind wi    till ooll   lion In IHO  C7I   lOi the Pender
alive and quit* II*      1 el  ver, which  collection In 1887, t. 000   the Gold-
such moderate list ; and a ea.py by Mr
W, Beeohoy, nft'-r a painting by Hey.
n aids, made 7.'0 guineas, Mr. Woods'
collection, consisting of eighty-five lots,
brought In Just utnl'r £20,000.
The second pairt of the sale was a
veritable triumph for Ilanburn, ten of
rhoie portrait! produoed about CIS,
ooo, towards whloh t-uai a group of
J. Johnstone, Kaq, with hie sister and
«|eoe, contributed r,,!00 gulneae. Hut
tbe day'i record waj made by Rem-
n.y's i-irtralt of Mrs. Mlngay, a beautiful   full-length,   that   waj   knocked
down f if c.200 guineas,
Tii,. enormous i il A nt the day hn.
nn'y been exceedi I on twelve previous
eocaslons   In 191 I " - Vs Is i
realised nvt r £1 lhe D idley a I
■ is J. Price
i     i    the Wi
wn< 40 foot h        ' "   built   sis'"' n
; .    igo, and the toad n    t h ivi i.-'-n
pul Inte Its prison nt the time, Mr.
Walker, who at,.I th- repairing, hu tin
load, whi'-h ll the color of the in •! tar
on «i:, ..    .a at hi. ■■ ■ '■■•■! •
en,."i 0 ■;   .ia   Iii   lilt,   111 ono.  Hill 'i kow nolle. I an ■, :
ns Of D a,   IHI;   Powll r,
lllll li. Pri ■'. II a   ii t  ick, 1904—
it, an-   fi||,000 Sl      and  tha limhiip
collection In III?, £13,000,
Northwest Wear.
Stanfir'al's t'nshritikntile Underwear ia planned snd knitted
f sjaeci.i'.ly for Northwrl winters.
It defies the worst billion] that
comes down from the Klundyke
—keeps you snug and warm, DO
m.itltr how low the thcnuouietex
is -oft, lilky Nova Scotia won!
—with the ihrlnk liken out
It is knitted In all n;n lo
comfort,'' i.t every Ogure—
anil hol ll IU itlipe, no nutter
hovrofini wished.
Rvery garment is guaranteed
Aval n-l .hill, Ls Lie.
W    N    V   No.   lint) THE EXPRESS, NOKTIl VANCOUVER, R. C.
Real Estate
Wo hnvo enquiries for g 1
Uuslness   and   Itenitlentinl
property.    I.i-' yi i.r«
US.      \Ve   ah.   ilie   'ill-ili"-.
Consult   us  before  buying,
Junction S'.ook
North Vancouver.
SMOKE THE    «■=-.
Elliott & Baglow
Our work is first-cliiss and giyes tlie
best satlsfactitiii. I'inl'- ami tim - developed, ul-" copying and enlarging
done Special attention given to parties, resiliences, etc.
Top Fi ior, |i*n 11 s Bu* >..
Corner Lonsdale Avenue and the
Esplanade, Sorth Vancouver,
Boiled Oats
Hai) and Teed
1 —1——	
MiHinq Co.
Harrv Mitchell, local manager,
Lonsdalt  Avenue.
Fine, healthy Tomato ami
Caulifli ver Plants, [frown Irom
Sutton's Si eds, alwavs on hand.
District of North
TANM-:i:« \\ 11.1. I'.K RKCEIVEP
*- by the undersigned, until Monday,
-e|'t"!iilier lhe I "tli, (or ten cordn of ilrj
iir wool!, delivered nnd stacked in ynrd
>,l Nurlli V.uii'i nver -cl 1.   Also lor
live enr In of dry iir wood delivered and
.tacked al Moiidyville wdiiiol.
IV P. Pkacby,
-vMirv   North     Vancouver    School
Districtof North
•' th,' eoiiiicil lor the |io-itliin ol
waterworks foreiiilin. Salary. $7"* per
 ith.   Aiiplicutinus.ijiviiii! reference!
tu '
until further notice. Mr. Milne
also has made arrangements with
the lerry company to connect with
the car's. The tram and ferry
company will mutually work together iii making connectious.
Hates' for furniture.
Contractor Williams started
building the sidewalk on the east
side of Lonsdale avenue, from the
wharf to Third street to-day.
L. C. Thibadeau is erecting a
building on Lonsdale avenue to be
used as a general store. The
building is situated near the corner
nl First street, uiul when completed will add to the appearance
of the thoroughfare.
Mrs. J. Hyde, formerly of Big
liar, Lillooet, is now a resident of
Third street.
J. Scatty, after an absence of
several months, has returned back
to North Vancouver.
j. N. J. Brown, the local oars-1
man, has received an invitation to
join the  Seattle   Rowing   Club.
•271:   LOT 21,  BLOCK   152   FOR
The  North  Vancouver Specialist
161 Cordova Street.
♦'!•♦*♦*♦•!•♦■!■♦■!-♦■; ♦^♦-h*-|-*ii-*a^i?'
II'llllll. .\H|Hl'    <IIL"H-.    'JM    IIIJ        I'll'lflltl"        ■'        ,   a a, ... 1 a i l
is tiu-xperience ami character, must lie "Jim,   while lie appreciates tne ■e0^-»^»^^x»I»^»I»^
n at ilu* municipal hull by 7 o'clock invitation to join,  which  carries, ^ '  ^^
i position, says *     f*^ p"%
rrtai Rainier deer
take up his abode under the stars [ *
p lu. on tliu Ilhli instant
Ai.i'.x. I'iiii.ii',
U M.l
Districtof North "in,—a-J
Is a glorious beverage—quenching and
satisfying. Remember there's no other
''just as good"—insist on getting Rainier.
MIE Conceit, invites tenders I t
Vancouver, P>. C.
M.J. HENRY'S   Ale and Stout
MiRSfRIES   Wl)   SltDHOl.SE.
Large stork nl IIOMK-BROWN Frnii
and Uriiiiinontal Trees now matured lor
the fall trade.
N.. uxpense, loss er delay ul fumigation or Inspection,
Ueadqunrters f■ >r I'acUic Coast-grown
Garden, Ki.-lat. nnd Flower -''As in
BER .-l"TI.UA .-pray rump.
Whale Oil * at;.. Grennliuiise gliints,
Cut KI iwurs, U libs I r Im I planting
Wi. |., ■-. in— in r iwn .raiiita'l—
ic -.'ii* t ■ pay and arc pr. pared lo n w'
till compt tllli ii
|.,-t n.. price y-'i;' list before placing
your onler,
fatal-ull'' ItetS.
8010 WestminsterUo»il,Vaii<-cuvi r, 111
In iintiif.. Kean nnd J*in.
the Royal Brewing Co., Lid.
•I'l'.L. .0)1
0.   Hughes,    of   Fourteenth ♦
itrcet,   has   been   selling   con- 2
iiderable numbers of poultry ofl*
.   ' I late.   There is quite  a   lot   of I
1. ilradlng First Street West, from poultry raised here, which always y.»>K»Hf'»'>>f»l«C»Xi»^(a»)Ka»MC»i>♦^♦^♦>K'»'^»?K»Ht»)>i'»i«»;P»)Ka»)K»)K« t
I Lonsdale Avenue to Forbes Avonuei      finds a ready market. _
2, liradlng  l.nnsdulo Avenue, North , ,,.»»■*
i ihrmigli D. L 545.                              i    We are pleased to see  Mr.  LA
:; Griitllng Lonsdale Avenue uml MacKenzie at his old stand again,
a;„. n street, through Lots 801, -"-'i: Hftor a few weeks indisposition—
""j! ilradlng part nf Bewleke Avenue and looking none the worse (or it.
! '"^eStll^nbeliada, theMunl-l    Mr. Jerry BettS, late engineer of
iimiii: ii. vv
Barrister, Sulitilor, Mary, Hit.
Tin nn s Bwii, Sow - v.' a; i
l.|.a I.   Ha    KI*   •■, M    l-.l. I
tklUjlTI 11 A : A  IV. Ill nr., II A.
MVm&\, SUIl'LTZ k IM!ii'lll
lla.rrisli'K Solicitors,
Xnlarii's, Ele,
clpiil Hull, where sealed Tenders, with
— giinruiitei' liciiuslts must be lodged not
. iter tli i. i i" p. in. a,n tlie 18th '■ep-
tenibere irrent.
Alex, i'lui.ti'.
A large hlnck hear was seen on
1ST. ANDREW'S CHURCH ,,„ KeHh road this week.
13" Sn      i ■ •' •   ,v odelii lited a North Vai couver
' '   , ""-   -.',:.-    :  i pi vious     casiun,
,'ill | (iv li ,ui entirely new eu-
Thursday. 20th Inst., S p.m.
Ti kets,   A  -' as:  from uiein-
:  ',    [ tl   Ladii s' Aid,
the town, wus here Tuesday.
Mr. A. St. G, Hamersley left
for Atiin on Monday on a business
trip. He will return about the
end of the month.
Western Corporation, Ltd,
Having in operation a sawmill in North
Vancouver we are prepared to deliver till kindu of
Vancouver City Prices. Call and sec fur yourselves,
412 Hastings Street West, Vancouver, B. C.
MRS, MIE 1». WM,
Mrs. j s, piace and So„, orBritish Columbia Electric Railway Co.-Ud.
11 n: Creek, Lillooet paid  Mrs.  J.
j..-.,       a'v.i.,patrick, Keith road,  a   visit
Expert Conveyancing, I'.c,
IK-iiN X ll LUNGS.
OtTiir-   U  N   A    Um   lint   I'm    m ' -'       J
i mil ,  ■ miivei "
!   .
I| |(]D1|] llli)
il AM 1I1K
We hove reutrtl! vi r\ Imu     i.-ti ■' iviil    - m I
have for thu lasl few wci k- In en tuniii .-    inn
(iuh custoincrs away.
We have ur ler*- from o * r fifty respniisililc
tenants for houses ol fri m foui i ■ * n rnunis,
wiih modi: ii ■' nvunii ni'i -■ ii' i'i ni.*'* from $lo to
|3d per month; also •■ vi ral i oust - ith from si ven
to twelve roomi vvunti'! ill n ntuls from $.' I) to §."<)
per luonth, If you I vt ■ hou ■ for n nt ui
|.|i:i-' notify ii- immediately,
A|        '    V        la' a] ;,      iaaj-       ),',   ,    ]     ■     fll   'i     ll'T*   |   '. '    .
;U n n» prici -    We lia* - cash cnstomei
wiih over >■; '" 0 In lu   n\   :■ I in  N'nrtl \
couvi r pi '•," rt)  ai d il    u >'    i to
sal" ;\\ right pi c     '■ '■ ' ou ure n i|tiest-
n,\ io Ust w ' I      immediate!
Yours trul
1 Jorner Lonsdale Ave. and 1 ifth St,
There r- great rejoicing in the
iintne ol Mr, W. J.   Irwin   this
>-miii-mi ' 1 ntll^rn dl   ■"    . l',e occassion   being   the
SKlalltDl. \\l KIMd di.      v.   t  ol  a  -ei   .tad   heir   on
i hu -1 ij morning.
I li   Irick 'lar. ra  will   appear
: ;■   Hi* Honor Reeve  Kealy
r morni      to answer to
-   irge 'ai assault.
Mr W D. Jones, ol the li. C
Eli ctrii staff h'.". li is pun based
. :■ a'- ... i i   in i'i-'' 1.;;~. district
:,     ; v il' erect then on e
n sidi ni e,    Building
IS   will   he   coiniiieiiied
CAPITAL, t'Ai  .RVK, *
ll,-.,.! Of) win Canada, M 11
H. Si'.niivu'.. te-ii*" d Mai J  A 'i I* '-;'■' i   -
Br»'.i«,lies in British '        '       '     '"'ft- Greenwood,
He-Ilc'v. K.v! i. Rostand   l'i b Branch    Vancouver,
Victoria  t>ui i   I I' '    m. '  I
Sn.i":- l'*'i'i       ■'   ', '• '':' "■ r    pwnrtl
Olfue. let.lon-.il.iii- ".vis. snd ffplnnade, North Vancouver,B, (.
J, P, K ihi rts, m in igct oi thc
i   Hank, hns It i the con*
■   : ■   deal ii". ■'" n near 1 went) -
iixt    ''   •   nd Lon  : lie avenue.
ll. will erect a n I' ■■• e thereon.
■a .. m   in     i     ii     to God-
A' ■■   -.   . ith    .    Bin
a , '        , a
Mr. .ii' I Ml !' 1 if-on and
I a   visiting   ai
\ it tori. all wet k
i   a   Bates, the local auctioneer,
lias I"' 'i  laid  up  the   past  week
with a light attai k ol rlu umatics
j. Eva :' li ii ng an ai i lot oi
King -met. and will build
immediati ly.
Ir lhe neighborhood of Twenty-
I nsi strei t and Lonsdale avenue.
! t Chinese mandarin from Hong
| Kong has started tin ere* lion of a
A., v  house.
Mr. Red t's nt * hi ti 1 tn First
treel is rapi liy ni Bring com-
ph tion I he plasti n ri ire work-
hai I, and slrea';;. nlmut hall
heir work is done, The pro-
iiietnr hopes to have the grand
pi ning in a few days When
ompli I'd the hotel will be one of
■■ ii;.- i  ii thi ' oa i
i ii mbiiry, ol the B, C,
H    Railwaj   i oin| any here,
ii ..un,, ,i ,i .',, mi    ti ncrvii'
I,  ,. l-     She  was   milch    iill At i'.\AM,i:.Ai'.M!K-ii:iiA, tn       :n  A I" A :ii*>, " :A. 7:IS. Still. Siliu, 8:Sl),
iv    ,iv „,e   ,1 .,        9lttl, IHSU, HtW, UlilU, 10:110, lOt.iil, 11:10, 11 .SO. Ill  I, I2:lu, »-.„  IS:B0,
pressed with Nortli Vancouver. ,.Y,,„v_„„,,.„,  ,a:, ,.   ,,    ;, , - , „„. ,,., ,..„ , lk,. .,,„,, „.40i
i  Davies,contractor, has gone W'-W. '»:»'. ">:'"' «».-cio. ll*, lino, is-uo, is.su, is;io. I:UU|, in.
. i. uv........ i...... .i.i,    i. .. i.-.., ».in '>-*ai " *, a " ii " "ai -' ',i
10, 7.3    B  '■, S IK!, 11:00,
nptlie coast on a business trip. I.    Auoax wl'W-1;10|*-..... ):.;10, 1:.W, S:1U, S:I«i, S
,/      .,, ,      , , ,_  ,|,        |4:1.-. 4:30, 4:50, 5:10 5:30, n:.'iU  '■ 10, 'a; 0,  ':•"
lie will be ahscnt for a month,
0:1(0, IU"". Itl:8ti, I!'»'. II::;", 12:00.
C. Piers paid  (lie town  a visit a,
1 . . . - a.»'.
Ijmii'-I.'A |. na. 1:40 A.'A.A'ai. 2:40, S:0ll, 11:20, 8:10. 4:00, 1:20, 1:40,
BW iii   from ',
i:00, 6:20, 5:40, il: 30, ii:40,
: LM. Til", 8:15, s: .,. 1:15, 11.15, 10:16.
Real Lstate and Insurance       mia m wm Sl0itt'
■''!l,',,ii,7.',:j'ai,!,;;'.'r ih""'"1''" 's'"»"'/"■'rsi'""''" :i"mmw*
cheaper than city.
on Tuesday.   He Die* m   uvm iaj:-tA 1
'Frisco, where he is now located.       Si-„iuv«-Cur.'-,uri ir Alexaudm park ut8:lo, and connei-t »lllitlii*a:!IO
He was agreeably surprised at the f,.rrv.
progress the town has msde since      ThU time table la fulijeet to alu-ratiuu. \v. B. llfNuiiiiv.
he icit the ferry company last
spring. The first thing hi done
on his arrival was to take a ride up
the hill to Twenty-first street and
liack. He says, "Why, I thought
there was dust on Lonsdale
avenue, and adds, in 'l;risco parlance, "jj, skiddoo." Hu returned to tiie Golden Gate City per
st< amer Queen in the evening.
Mrs. R. Kickhani, corner of
Chesterfield and Second street,
called the other day at Tut
Expri -• tn pay her annual subscription, Siie said that she had
uu 1 with good success this year
with hm fruit. Her samples of
apples and pears certainly could
not be excelled, particularly the
W. Hall and family, who lelt
Tasmania three months ago,
booked for California. Arriving
at the Golden Gate Cite they
learned about British Columbia
anil decided t*< come northward,
.ilter remaining at Vancouver for
ten days at the invitation 11 A, l\
Stea . Mr 1 l.iil decided to remove
hi 1 imilj here He'hasp
thn ■ lots Irom Irwin .v Billings,
and commenced the erection ol a
AA iw & Kennedy, who are
. Ming the Lynn Valley road,
have the work well advanced.
The Keith road will be opened
Irom  tli*-   Capilano   bridge   to
Sll Wis logging road near NaVVJ
laa k's place, twu miles and a hall
in distance.
Dates' auction rooms. Kuruitiirt
nought and sold. A general
tuctioneering business transacted.
Thompson block, Lonsdale Ave.
R, j. Quinn, of the contractinn
inn of Bressey & Qninn, left on
Monday with a large gang of men
ior Lasquitie island, where the)
,vill take out logs till next spring.
Alex. Davidson, ot Cincinnati,
Ohio, was in North Vancouver on
Tuesday. Mr. Davidson was
lonnectcil with the Vani ouver
World in the latter eighties, and
1,iini,illy sees a tromendous change
P, Larson, Prop.
AM RFATTIF ^°tdrv|>ul)lic* *'cneral Auctionee
• IVI. 1)1./\ I  I IL ...  ,„,,,„,„   Sr„„,    Vancouver.   B.   I
I(i7   Cordoid   Srect.   Vuntouvcr,   B.   C
11. sella m roonu ur private house or buys outright all
ela ■ "1 llOUiellold v"i"li- or liankrui'l llockl lur cash.
Ho Iim some ol the iiti.--st business ami waterfront property In North
Vanciiuver, See him nt ono« il yon think of picking op property In
this section. He wise, itfY SOW, and votf will make money, :: ::
J. A. McMILLAN, the Esplanade


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