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volume: II.
Talks   to    "The   Express'1
About    the   Future   of
North Vancouver.
(S|,ecl*.l    ('ort'iispninli'iiii,'    to      Till
Ottawa, July y.—"It sliould be
gratifying u> North Vancouveritos
to learn that tile prospects ol a
railroad being constructed from
North Vancouver northward in the
Hear future were nev.r blighter
than at the present time. It is
with a degree of certainty whereof 1 speak, and lu say that it will,
tn all probability, he within two
years is not overstepping the
bounds of reason.'' In an interview with the representative »f
Burrard in the Dominion House
Of Commons, R. (i- Macpherson,
M P., thus expressed himself, in
a mosl emphatic tone, when asked
as lo the future prospects of the
Ambitious City,
"Von might also put down,"
■continued Mi. Macpherson, "that1
.it In isl one other railroad has its
..'yes on your city, which is now
heading for the coast, When
this line is constructed there will
alsu In- constructed at ils terminus
large grain
Dues Ninth Vancouver want
The representative of Tin
lixi'W .-• ...as -n tlm corridor of the
II , i-a, naturally looking green,
Imt at tlie sum,' tune keeping ears
and mouth open, There were
there also the following lobbyists
D, I'. Mann, ol lhe Canadian
Northern Railway; Hon Thomas
Greenway, ex premier of Manitoba;
Iini. Clifford Siftoii. and several
others of lesser note, Mr Mac-
pherson, in his ever obliging
manner, was nut slow lo make the
Western stranger feel at home, as.
Ly his striking personality he has
become acquainted with most all
"ile ie, minis, 'even those who
ityle him and "Hill" Galligller as
"Hoodlums." Mr. Macpherson's
friends also shared the lust offices
of all newly-forilled friends, which
in itself is n standing testimony of
the western member's popularity.
Naturally, upon being informed
0.' the place of abode, questions
•drifted lo the welfare and
and Vancouver in particular,
Here was an excellent opportunity
to put in a word about our new
rising city on the north shore of
BllTrnrd inlet, nnd, needless lo
im, was fully taken advantage ul.
Mi. Macpherson is a very busy
mail ai limes, as his constituency
is uppermost in his mind, and he
is ever at the service of one and
all. He stated i asually, that he
had misted only three days since
.the opening of the present session,
which is something to leel proud
■ol, as sum.' members are prone to
Referring to questions that
•aillii lid lhe whole province, Mr.
Macpherson was very optimistic,
mul spoke in eulogistic terms of
the mining prospects in the
northern country, which would
■directly affect North Vancouver.
He had also heard of several
mining companies that had been
recently organized to exploit the
■mineral resources ol the province,
nnd altogether, prospects were
never brighter than al iln pi,
H , l ii   nol  enough  signuturi s
have !„■,"i si'. Hied Im' tin' pro
pot '1 new iiiiiliiiipal la,an ol
Church Notices.
Service ill Sl. Andrew's church
as usual on Sunday at 11 a. in
mil 7:30 p. m.
In the morning the pastor will
continue the study of the "Early
Christian Church."
In ihe evening the Rev, James
A. Gillam, M. A., brother of the
pastor, will preach,
Sunday school at 2:30 p. m.
Christian Endeavor un Wednesday at H p. in.
The Sunday school picnic will
he held in Lonsdale gardens on
Friday afternoon.
I'astor: Rev, J. 1). Gillam, M. A.
sr.    John's   CHURCH,    CORNER   ul
Fifth Sunday   after   Trinity—
Hon  COMMUNION, S o'clock.
Monday—Evensong, 7:40; meeting, 8 o'clock.
Next Sunday—Hoi.Y COMMI MON,
ii o'clock.
Frank Miranda.
Frank Miranda, a fisherman of
North Vancouver, was suddenly
Stricken on a main line car at
Vancouver, on Monday itighl, and
almost momentarily breathed his
Mr. Miranda had heen consult*
■ni; Dr, Peolc for some time past
Concerning heart trouble, with
which he was afflicted, and in the
evening paid the physician a visit,
So serious was his condition found
t.i he that he was ordered 10 no at
nnil' tu St Paul's hospil tl, ,ind a
letter to the sister in charge was
given Intu. lie hoarded a Davie
street car, ami a few moments
afterward the conductor saw him
tail lorward from his seat. At the
coiner of Hastings and Hamilton
streets the conductor called 1 Ifficer
Allen, who directed the sufferer to
be taken from the car. After
reaching the sidewalk lhe man
gasped a couple of times and
collapsed on the sidewalk. A
large crowd gathered around the
unfortunate man, but it was fully a
quarter of an hour before anyone
thougnt of summoning the ambulance When Dr. McKay arrived
he pronouueed the man beyond all
hope. Mr. Miranda leaves behind
to mourn his loss a wife and a
large family of small children,
who ate now deprived of their
chief support. Deceased was
about 35 years of age and respei t. .1
hy all who knew him. The
[uneral, which was largely attended,
took place on Thursday afternoon
from Centre \ Manila's under
taking parlors,
nearing completion of its extensive system in the Ambitions
City on Burrard inlet at once
creates confidence in the fiit'tic of
the place. It is owing in u great
measure to the untiring efforts and
zeal of men like "Harney,"as ly* is
familiarly known, that the cities of
Western Canada are being liiiilt
up, Mr. Williams has been absent'
some weeks and is expected to!
return at the eud of the month.;
He Has Spoken.
"Barney" Abroad.
According to the Montreal and
Ottawa papers Mr. J, I'. Williams,
ol this city, ia doing some "boosting" for the Terminal Ciiy, as well
as ihe City of Ninth Vancouver,
Mr. Williams is connected with
Tm Express, He is also
the popular secretary of Nu. 26,
the loud lodge ol Oddfellows
which order has increased in
membership marvellously in the
East. While there he di' ' !.•
about 1,000 of the neat little
souveiiii bookb is of N nth Vancouver, which naturally attrai ti tl
considerable attention to ilm new
■   III'   ,11a    ||   till      inJct Hi'     '   I'   '■     il
inquiries about the plai e eounl !,,i
.a; .   ii.' ■' , d   I"'   a   Veri
Ittl     a   ,,,|n.. ..a iiii  An  \Vi   : ii   ,1
comparative!)   shun   tim      I In
lurthet lint. In' lays,   lhat   the   II.
1   Iiii trie Railwaj' Coinjian)  is
Our esteemed crank friend, after
perching himself in an office chair
and wiping the perspiration off liis
head and hat band, with his large
red and white bandana, delivered
himself of his pent up gas- "Look
here," he said, "do you believe iu
an active town? If you do, I want
to say you'll have tu wake up. ]
know men who have come all the
way from [the old country and
Eastern Canada and brought their
families along, because then.
was no chance for lhe youi,-
people to do for themselves. And
how do a number ol these same
men act? They want things run
in this new town 011 the Puritan
plan and make the place a veritable
Sleepy Hollow. I tell you this
won't do. When folks leave an
old settled community of snoozers
they should leave their wavs and
customs behind. We wanl all
kinds of people with all kinds of
ideas and plenty of push, Xo
religious bigots nor political
tyrants should be allowed lo
domineer over the rest ol us. No
coercion of views I li yuu interfere
w t'i my freedon , 0 Ion., as I don't
molest yours, you area trespassei
mi my lil" rty as well as on my
freedom of const ience
"Another thin;,', I would like tu
see any new town on this coast 01
anywhere else settled entirely by a
stingy class of so-called economical
or mail order people, and see what
would happen, The stores would
stand us loin; as tiny could, then
move away. Real estate offices
would vanish into thin air. Banks
would close their doors. The
newspapers would have to quit.
The hotels would go out of business
land this would suit sonic—no
matter at whatcost), the mechanics
mine away, schools and churches
dwiudJ , sidewalks go to wreck,
buildings would Income vacant
(we have a few bitsiscss structures
empty mn'.", unpaiuted and dilapidated. Strangers would take one
look and ih'.'.
••Isn't that precisely what would
happen if om entire lllunicipalil
«,', populated with people who
brought their old fossilized notions
ol [he days when everytlling was
madi 1 ■. Ii.mal along with them?
And also tu Im* everything the)
used in an old established city, in
a store , stablished about tha time
,,l iln ark, li, .1 friend and an
enthusiast tu imu home town, Mr,
Man, and it will hr ,1 liia'nd m \,m.
J'ut that iu your cigarette and
smoke it
the privilege with discretion and
care, would stiller fur the foolish
actions of a few, I was surprised,
sir, tu see two well-known young
men riding furiously down Lous-
dale avenue, abreast; ringing foot
passengei ofl il sid ".all;, an
net which in itseli 1,, the licigh    o|
imprudence, The 'cyclist should
continually bear in mind that he is
the tiespasser, and has no right to
demand a right-of-way, and, if
through kindness, a person stepf
on one side, such  acts   should   be
appreciated   and   acknowledged,
Thanking   you   in    anticipation,
\\. T. Emery,
North Vancouver, ii.  C, Jul)'
9, 190(1.
Nothing doing in police circles.
Who has to suffer lor your fool
To 'Cyclists.
To tbe Editor ol Tin. lAi^r-s:
si*. Permit me tl n ugh vom
column* i" draw attention to tin
ind . lion ol ,11 '1 1.. its, ,vb ■
.11, im lined tu .An-' 1, ■ kiii. 11
ol the people, and lenieii, v a,| t)l<
council ol North V,,,,. ivei
'.' 1,1,' ia 1 I"- :i, up in'ii].' pn -."iii
time, nu protesl ,1 'aiii : clisl
using il lewall I'l." inn.'
.... il   : a
:   ,
'    ' ' .1
ti'. : 1   '■ \i IJii-j   in
North   ', ,  -     '.' '   .' oul i    I"'   an
bility, .mil those win* u ic
J. li. McCoilkey, Toronto, was
here Wednesday.
Miss Vermilyea, Belleville,   is
visiting friends here in town.
Chief Dick has ptocured a new
nozzle (or lhe lire hose.
It does not make the average
man mad to call him a flirt.
A section of our campers are
known as "Simpson's cherubs."
Mr. and Mrs. A. C- Webster
and family, Agassiz were in town
this week.
Mr. Frank Wheeler is around
again, aft■ -r licit"; laid up lot three
weeks with sciatica.
John P. Duke, Palouse, Wal..
was a guest at the  Hotel  North
Vancouv.; this week.
It is said of three families iu
North Vancouvei thai tliey are su
bright they are peculiar.
North Vancouver lias hern made
a forwarding postoflice, Lynn
Creek is a new post. Hi. e.
A. K. Steacy, the popul.r
grocer, says that luismess in hi.i
line has never been belter.
Robert Ward & Company, ol
Vancouver, is opening a branch
here 111 lhe Junction block.
Thc stone foundation   of   the
new hotel has been completed and
work on the new structure started. I
Ira Peers, an old-time North
Vaiicouverite, after being absent
some time, has returned on a visit
for a few days.
North Vancouver is going to
have a hit; time about September
1st. Thecar line and exhibition
will be opened.
Mt.  Kay Dawson returned on
Tuesday alter a week's visit wilh
friends in   Bellingham   over the
'glon'ons '•••"'•''
What a him . ing . ..ia. Ition a
drunken man is' What iniiiu es a
inui tn pay a high price lor that
which injures him?
James   M, I'h-ir,   oi   the   Light-
Imu-a   hotel, and Ed.  Peers,  of
Vancouver, spi nl a  few   happy
ll s 111 tOWn un 'I lU-slay
Thccontrai 1 Ar the building <,f
tl   '    Naall!,   \',||1( aaUVCI    ROWillgClull
iiuathoiisc has  hen   let  lo   Dan
Martin, the loi tl boat 1 lildi 1.
Mi J A. McMillan, the post-
muster, lias rented ihe ( lul In,use,
• ni iln- Capilan 1 mid, when lie
«ili spend the summer mouths,
How is it thai every linn you
pass the barbel simp you hear
Bin Campbell playing "Johnny
(i. t Voui Hair Cul ' en tiie piano.
She had married in the four years
that elapsed between the first and
second curtains, and the child that
did the hacking was her son]
Mr. and Mrs. Cater and familv
wllb have been camping at I.ous
dale Hardens (or the past two
weeks, broke up camp today aud
returned lo Vancouvei.
Here is a plan for the gardeners
to get rid uf a pest: Set an onion
in the center of a hill of cucumbers, squashes, melons, etc., and
it will effectually banish lhe bugs.
A new wile asks if il is clean
housekeeping to sweep the dirt ol
a room in a corner and then stand
the broom in (rout of it? Answer
W. lleddle, of Ehinne, in
company with his sister from
the old country, enjoyed an outing at the Capilano on Wednesday.
Percy Venables, New Westminster, paid the town a flying
visit on 'Thursday, lie says
business is good at the Royal
Percy Hicks has issued a
challenge to Stephen Spence to a
no-round boxing contest, for a
purse ol $100. Both men are
well-known local athletes.
A local camper says that a picnic
doesn't seem to he lhe onlv
occasion when the man wanders
off after lhe feasl and the woman
is lefl lo clear up the debris.
Mr. Hamersley, president of the
ferry cum pany, will leave shortly
fair Ivngland. Mr. Ilaswell, the
company's manager, will occupy
his domicile -JutiiiH his absence,
Mr. a. 1 Mrs. F. Mdouche and
little daughter, refugees Irom
I'n a,,, ire stopping with Mrs.
(ii isse, ul Chesterfield avenue.
Mis. Mcioueheis a sister to Mrs.
G. a is.se.
Mi. an! Mrs. l.isg.ir L, Lang,
Winnipeg,  were  here  this  week.
Mr, l.oug says an unprecedented
volume ol business is looked forward to this fall ni the Prairie
Chief Constable D. II. Dick,
after sojourning at Portland, Ore.,
and lhe Sound cities (or a couple
of weeks, has returned,   "Seattle
is the busiest place of them all,"
he says.
Today wc asked a gardener
"Need rain?" He answered with
an emphatic "Ves." And yet
tlnn an some who say it rains;
too much in llritisli Columbia
Queer, isn't it?
Mr. and Mrs John Alexander,
Pi nd.. street, am campin i!
waterfront, east of Chesterfield
avenue. Mr Alexander is th.
organist in the First Congic
gational i hurch.
On W'clii'" lay Conn, illo)
Morden ami family left liy the
limited w a thn < months' tup in
oastei 1 anada, taking in 1 uri:-.!.
and .nli. 1 cities, It Jus been .'j
yearn sin* e Mi Mm.Irn left ihe
Queen City
When   lhe    1 haw-White   trial
common es, tin pi ople who have
quit reading th" papers, will begin
again. There will be stums
published in llul trini which will
cause fires 1,, burst om in the
mail liuat- as well as the mail cat
1    W. Crummer, 0)  Toronto.
A girl spanked hei Imi.  brothei callcd   '"    Thi    E*m*'
nil In- mu nm i l'"i an-,- I, drew
.1 pin ,ia in,, tin piano Pom
.-.us lati 11.'
unl   tht
111  .aid, "11 ni i, ,i, a,i." in
llll        " "1      I   "I   I"   ,'    ..   lU    ill"     I   liiitl
ihal   did   ihr   hacking    [Note:
Wednesday.   He is un his way a
New Zealand, bul hai im: reci vi
,1 souvenii houkli 1 while in tin
east, hi dei ided to paj   the |
a visit,   lb will return next \pnl
Although i" ":■'   mm.: li ii 11
long    . on Lou Die a ■. :
it is an advantage. Old and
young, lat and lean, become very
speedy on the run down to catch
the ferry, t especially these dog
A new story relates that a boy
said al breakfast that he knew the
name ol the beau sister had in the
parlor last night! It was George
Dont. lie had heard her call him
George Dont a dozen times or
Chief Dick has announced that
the lire brigade will assemble at
the municipal hall on Monday
night (or the purpose of testing
the new improved Anderson nozzle. Besides the reeve aud councillors being present Chief Carlisle
of Vancouver will be on hand. The
hour set is ft o'clock. Everybody
Campers on both sides of
Lonsdale gardens complain that
the gale at the north-west corner
uf the grounds is locked a! 8:30
p. 111. This is a great inconvenience as it is a short cut to and
from the camps. When the tide
is out, ii makes no difference, but
when it is in they want to cross
the gardens. Surely, this little
mailer could lie adjusted without
difficulty. t
There was almost a serious conciliation iu town last Saturday
night A guest at tin- Eagle hotel
lelt the lamp burning on 1 chair
beside Ins bed. When he awoke
the room was in Haines. [). McLennan, another guest in the room
adjoining, with j;ie.ii presence <af
mind, smothered the blare with
the bed clothes, Thougli the
brigade turn.'.! out promptly the
lire was out by tlie time it rrrived.
The loss was a light uue.
The question again is mooted oi
forming a chamber ef comim-tice.
North Vancouver nnedt aa
organisation of this L n' ■■: die
iresenl juncture, ll could advise
and take a hand in ti 1 u;friiiidi:-f
of the place. For instance, wcte
the proposed municipal loan a!
.muo.ouo laised it could .consult
with the council as lo ite best
methods of spreading it ovor th*
municipality.   Being composo-i of
lusinest men ihe *-han*afo-r «a
commerce would naturally lie r.ua
on business principles.
Tin- spasm (or Sunday observance at Otlawa has resulted in a
determination to prosecaie the
publishers of Sunday papers.
Tiles.- spasms occur ai intervals
all ovei the country, Irom Uritisk
Columbia to Prince Bdwarl
Isiand. and the result is always
trouble, quarreling and expense.
Tim- spasm usually lasts three or
lour months: then Ihe towni
,llh. :• d dull bat k into their old
habits It's a pity ihal laws are
adopted that cannol !■ rnforoed,
for the tendency is to create
contempt Im th*- law generally,
Contractor Snider, in accordance
with lhe demand' ol the < nuncil,
has started to lake  ,limn  lhe  lull
tu tin- contract cud. on l'irst
street, east ol St I'atii.kj road
Ihis work uill practically be a
dead I'll" tu Mi. Snider. This it
t.i li. regrt iti d, for had tlic c, jncil
, (insulted Engineer Kalmain
previous in the letting o( the con-
• im 1,     id   procured   >   proper
estimate before it wal swarded,
ibis mistake would have j:e»
avoided niton.'ther. Mr. Snidef
is an old tun,■ contractor and hit
work nn First street adds to nil
already well established i-pu-
lati.m Nu munii iiipality should
uvei expect its work done
below actual cost, and there-
lore, -i,uiild nut in al! eit es 11 cept
tin lowi 1 i' 11 I' 1 Wi hold that
'li' 1 'inui il Im ■ ' 1 l"l ill the paSt
"   ■ ptil (       ' '    the lowest
II, ('.
Weekly Ni'ivspapi'i',   ■   Published by
, UK I'AI'KKss I'ltlNTINU t'nmpnnj
11 "ii ' Inn Dollar pur Vi'iir
Mining a.' i ..i ■ n
. lll'lll; (ilBBCHfS,
Advertising Main,.:.,'.
C ireer That Would Form An Excellent
Basis For a Stirring Story—Nobis
By Birth, Peasant By Practice, By
Education and Training An Intellectual, ond By Inclination a Worker In Field and Factory.
v. 'il i ,.; lettoi   -'i lay them
more rem irkablo   fig no   than
a ':.   iol, who 1111 September 9 (Olil
■ a. entori l ii|  li i    .
ie in.ii'kalili' as .1 man, he la
retuarkablo as i writer; mnl hia
i' In Itself would form an excel.
lent basis for a si in inn novel, In which
ii '..ai, ami philosophy wero blende I,
Count I.eo Tnlstni Is hy birth a Ilns-
sian noble, by practice u Russian
peasant, by educa! m ind training he
'.-; un Intellectual, lay Inclination a
worker In field ami factory. Fifty yours
a.' ' i" stood mi Hie ramparts of SebaS'
■ ■: ■! fighting foi his Emperor and his
sountry, with many another gallant
i.*!i of the Russian irlstocraoy, against
the combined forces of France anal
England, Af'er the Crimean war lio
I. -■ much nf ill" sorl of aimless life,
he Belt-Indulgence, tho a.unl,ling, tha
-oosa morals of n cortaln section of
Prom I photograph taken nn tho TEth
anniversary of his birth.)
Russian society, ami hia num! revolted
'    '!   il ibl   al       Ul       'laa'      I'llSS      1010
h I." was Inun. Ills family Is one
■'  .... beat In Russia, bul he boi m
. "i with th"  ceasclousnesa  that
;. i-iain of mankind was tn  ba
! in work ami what wo should call
Itarlanlsm—thai is,   llio   gn ati I
• ■I nf the greatest   number.   Four
irs i "tor the Crimean war ho pub'
i a book   entitled   "Peaco  and
' which tells ihe stury   of   Nan's Invasion of Russia In IS 12. It
n a torploco in 'I yes of many,
N'., wrltoi j ■ ovei   with tli" possible
ptlon ,,f Dickens  gone moi
.- --a tho gn al he irt of n pi oplo than
■ Tnis-i,i His manliness, his ten-
* ri , hia cournga both of notion
and conviction, his obvious Bin
■ i a tho hold lie has secured
'■ only "ii Mi" Russian public bul on
the civilized world, Though ha
■I- li„ does nol acci pi religion In
an or ih   ,   . -     noi approve of il ■■
ir ■ tlanlty t,f the Churches, but has
vd -v of what ho would call
in a "I, iclnui a    " aii i it;,
u     • ■ i   ,  ' ■.   i ■
Hia groat mission Is to propagalc a
I       i' " ■ ■ i!   communion  nml
:   1 "a ila    I   a     .il'.V |J
■ i'i Hnd "a lever wh eh woul I
human hoarl    il Iai      mil boni  i   !- "u i il reform
■ ■• ■    In.l   Idual." To   hai ond ho
■ ■   thrilling slorl
■, l   ia1 In .a' hlcnl   I onl       \
1    has i
llll        aii! all fur
■af    OUI        I'lHIIIIIIIII        ll   llll HI   "
n tl   ■ ...    n to |
■ :■ i '.. grain to I    Ii
■ i person than I
•      . II. that ho a
■ . ■ olllcer who en
o wttri
i ,
I him aa
■ ,| the ' hi f fm
.     |||o      •       ■        .
i       a ■ . i a ofa bet-
-    iclal and pu       I   i
iro to
,       ■ iVhal
Oliver Twists of Bermi)nd*,*y Must Not
Ask  For More—Treacle  Supply
Is Cut Down For Economy.
The president of tho Local Oovi rn.
ment Board has called attention to Ihe
Board .if Guardians, ar Bermondsey, ta.
:    '     , .' '.-i iif the I r law schools,
Reoontly a questl m » is pul In Parliament   ll) lUl  Hl<' lllgll a.iSl aaf tlm S.'l!""    ,
ami Mr Burns has cult. 1 upon tho
guardians to furnish him with ;v return sh nvlng 'lia- '- isl i-i- child per
a. Mi   la" . ]■'. i'.'ii. i i" ohtI. to
the, guardians, h is now prepared Ih a
relurn, from which appears : U " ■'
pauper child cosl* I i ratepayers
il Is 8d p r week an I that a yeai ago
Ilia)   a' 1st   Was    i 1    '■>"
Boys Taught Trades.
These  '■ a' tly  po ir-law   si h mis  nr-
;.' a a'    I    il   - /,  upil     a:.  '      a'"   Ot
me       ■ : a ir h  Ho i xtenslve la the |
a'-.l my   th il   the  la- a    aster  r illy
isk  I •     ■ : ■■ II ii.     pr .i'i" iai'" '■'■ 'ii
l   a]   ".a   .all.|   'a',,'.      I  thai   hO  '''"I"!   "get
about" i .,' huge p ii i demi sn', "ii
which '.ve- ;.. : - tiered oottag a
ire ' -■ "' I, with buildings Ar work-
iooIs and a Imlnlstratlon of-
Rnads havi bi en in ide "ii the
■ iti. which is n"W a complete pauper
a' ,1 ay, out nt ivlila-li the children very
rarely go. The children, ot i: ,ui i ire
well lo ike l after, but there Is the ,b-
Jectlon that they are broughl up with a
pauper t ilnt by po ,r-law oftti als, snd
nevi r g,'. any Idea of life In lhe out-
a la- w irld, In • ii'ii cottage on the colony la a family of fourteen or fifteen
children,  and  a  fosb r Is   In
charge, The return Issued by the guardians' clerk makes it ol-ar lhat ilio j
actual cost of ihe food of each child
Is lis 3d p"r week, The money expended, of course, goes principally In officialism, mi 'ii" estate Is a huge
swimming-bath which co.st hundreds of
pounds. Thero ar- various workshops
In wliia-h boys, when tliey are '.id
on ,ugh, are taught trades, and eaieh lad,
a> a matter of faict, has a Uny plot ot |
land to cultivate, whilst a space around
each cottage is laid aim for flower cul- :
ture. As the estate Is beautifully wooded, this poor-law oolony is a perfect
g.ir*. in city.
Cut Down the Treacle.
Since Mr. Burns has l"'"ii In communication with the guardians up,,n
the question of the grej.'. enst nf the
schools, nn attempt at r.-ou .my has
be-in Introduced by reducing tho dietary .scale by taking nway fr.am each
cliilal 1 oz. ot treacle, 11-: pinis of milk,
and 2 oz. nt rice.
| In connection with the co.: of pan- '
per children It may bo interesting to
mention that In Lambeth, with barrack
tools '- N ir\- ' ■ a. tho cost Is about
15s per child p, r wo, k. Al tin Hanwoll
a ih tola nf ihe dt) ind S mthwark the
cost per child Is lis air 17s per week.
| 'inn ms differ as lo the best nivalis of
dealing with poor-law   children,   but
; there Is a growing feeling that an excel.ent plan, and one which Is most
" - n "nl al. Is Hi.i' of b - Haling the chll
dren out with families In the country.
Two Actresses and Two Pictures.
An Illustration of ills vicissitudes of
tha>se who follow tie' th. itrlcal profos-
•Ion Is given In an Incident which has
occurreal nt Paterb 'rough.   About two |
years   ngo  a   touring   company   was
stranded at Peterborough, and two ac- !
ire.ss..s were Hi in tli-' plight of h.,v-
Ing neither money enough to pay their :
i      ■ ly nor to leave the ciiy.
They wont to a local tradesman, and |
i k< 1  him ts leml them  moni y "n a
pawnticket for two pictures which hmi (
la... n pledged al Nottingham for til..
Ha- lent them £1. snd subsequently ad- a
van-" 1 liiini  ill in ire, "ii Which they I
wero to journey t* London,  a little'
later ths tradesman red"meal the picture!, ami wrote lo tin' glrlt in London
asking If they oared 11 buy thorn back,
He received ai reply from one ot them
slating that lur frlen.l had (1:   I, .,' I
saying that he might keep the piaauircs.
A sh ut time . i-' h. sont them t,, tm
sola) ai Christie's, thinking ihat they
must be of some value f<r a pawn-
luaker to advance the sum A £11 on
them. To his surprise they in.eh- £140,
nil he it im.' wrote Ity-tho aa-ir--«s
from whom Im hnd las', heard, Informing h*r of the lucky windfall. Hut the
actress had died a day or two before
tht sale.
I,,.   I III.'-I   ..,,1,1   i 1,-1,1.
■ .     !   . II •
li.'l'l    A slern :       I mat Just
'i '. lo Ik,
i fur Ih., pui
[Hi, . ■   ,'.
. n iln il        iw at work
...a.II     lllllll,  li I.  I ■     ,    :
-lni|,lain    I an, ,< I    l'„-t   I Itnla
if llie Sll
I ll ■
li* Is II fl .1
i ll ; i
In Hi,
Innil nf
a,        'I
U ala I    "       I        a'
I     ."I
War's Sad Leg.-.cy.
The gravi • ' Bl • .m's fallen soldiers In South Afrla-ai have not been
forg •■"'! The tlulld r Loyal Wo-
mon ol South Afrl it have lust Issued
tlio rep irt A tin ;r s;
.in this saibjert, showing ' iai it"' yeara
i . . .a iy   -a,    i ., rk have   bi ■ n
tlOV   a'   llljal.-'.'   1     Still,   mU   Sl'
be done    In    me ■ ues, f ir Instance,
it ha, I n found ni ii ■ tary I , remove
' i ■ I,  ll      ■■    re the pi mini ly A I a1-
i   a  , ■ . dwe! Ing h ,ules or
". ll   - Ins Ic en   i .] ing, r to 1
il .   ■    i have been i al
- •   '. a     it on   far n  and ** hi ro   .1
il of r< - h that It Is
s to und '■      ■ ■ '.
i'.    | the war, <     It musl
be i red  burl ill were
ten huiri dly 1 'ii". an I In m I I un- ■
. ■ a „ , ■ md with lhe result "In
many pis ■ I lies have bean found
<;. us I, wind nal v.- '.'..• r having
washed at. -., " I wh i covered
them " fte-b n luti \ neces
sary in these   i. ■ " i ■ ■ i . h i ia iv«
la.en  placed      . i ii   v   In       H
hniighl In. and    ild to rest In    lhe
n".1r,ajt   ' "la. ll
The Laws of England.
Lord Ilalsbury h,* un I rtnken   'he
eompllal   n of a large .. rk to be • i-
mi il "The Laws of En -
; lo 1" n - ,mple ■■ t ol
ine whole     r of Kill     '    ltd will o
t eighteen or twenty volutnei
Is being |    ■     I : ■
tho  ix-Lord Chai -
be carrl inder hi
•.' i'i '!,e i of a bo
>   '
Vicar Disbands His Choir.
■ I     ■
Iho .11        il by the *     i    [ thi
■ .     ■ I
r-gallon  thai
I tii I      thi     lion In c 'in •
. |    : . " ■:     i thi
...       ilorlal   a1. Itudl
l .r.
Lord    Lamington   Wonders   Whether
Pre-eminently Beautiful Women Are
Rarer Than In Days of Walpole.
"I havo often wondered whether
the pre-eminently hxfiuilful women a.ro
rarer than they were In the lime of
Horaco Walpole, who tells us ihat
whan the .Miss Gunnings passed
through Doncuster tho street was full
of an admiring crowd at early dawn
t<) sac thom start fr the north; and
you remember, ih.u Qeorge III. ordered
an officer's guard to protect one of
them, I.iily Coventry, from being
pressed n; •.m by ilia' peoplo when she
walk..I in llie Mall,
"We   . ,■ ai iihlng of such excitement
In   ii ■   days,"   writes   Alexander,
l. ird Lamington In Tina London Dally
Crowded to Seo Her.
"The costumes <af that tlmo may have
had   Saatlia lilHli;   t.a   ,|.,   Willi   ||||s.        Kl|cb
class hnd its own Blyle aaf dress; lhe
laced bodices, brocaded petticoats,
bright stockings, and  flerman  liuups
• f Uie upper classes mny have aided
to attract attention. Mow ami than,
In my time, sun,' paragon nf beauty,
Independent of rank and attractive
dress, was occasionally Iai be seen,
"1 remember a friend telling me
Miss Maclean was bo beautiful that
whenevor she appeared in Edinburgh,
where sh" resided, a crowd collected!
on one occasion when he accompanied
lur to a simp in Princes street, police
haul to be sent far in clear Uio way,
ainl when that evening sh,- entered the
theatre the audience stood ip In hom-
iii,-,' in her charms,
"I cm recall one person who came
up to this siaini.irii .af perfeotlon. I
was with her In l'arls, and walking
In the Champs Elyseea was one of
the most unpleasant processes 1 ever
went through, It was alinnst Impossible to move, from the cr-awda of admirers rushing by, and then turning
back ta} look at her.
"At last we took a flaere. and es-
cai'.al this unwelcome demonstration.
"Lord Ponsonby, I bave lenrd his
contemporaries say, was tlie handsomest man of bis time.
Saved by His Looks.
"It Ij rarely, Indeed, ihnt a man's Ufa
Is preserved by his beauty. Ho wns not
twenty when ho passed through Paris
In 1*91. War had noi been declared,
but there was a strong feeling nualnst
England, At that time 'he amps were
hung across tbe streets—henoe tho cry,
'A la lanterne,'
"When any unhappy victim was talc-
en, the process of hanging him was a
very sliiipl li I. ird Ponsonby, walking in tho Rue St. H u"re, was so unfortunate as to fall in wlih tho mob,
who B.in- d liim with th.. any, 'Volla un
agent de Pitt; un sicr* Anglais! a la
"The lamp was Inlo-n down, tho cords
placed round his ne k, and he was actually hanging in tlie air, when the women, wh') played such a prominent part
throuphnut tho rcvolutl n, rushed for-
wai'al and cut the cords.
'".Test un trop |oll gorcon pour etre
pendu;' was tho cry, Ho fell on the
pavement, and was Immediately carried
eft by his protectors and carefully
"Among the foreigners 1 remcmb-»
there wai a vory distinguished artist
win afforded us much entertainment—
M. Oudln, the great marine painter,
Some of his sea-pieces were wonderful
In their power and conception.
"Qudln was on., "f Iho   liveliest   of
Frenchmen.   A great Anglomania!!, it
was dellgh'Al r., see him equipped for
1" sport His shooting o sunn., was a
little better adapted for lhe Palais Royal aroadea than for "iir moors l went
out shooting with blm one day, when
he allowed all the birds to ticape. At
last he wounded a hare, which, however, was able to limp aw.ay
"Oudln's excitement was Intense; la
vain ho tried to gel another shot. At
last he threw down his gun. to the
amusement of the whole parly, ran after tho litre, nnd al last fairly outran
bis pa.a.r victim, caught It within his
arms, and returned triumphant
A Famous Dandy.
"The extravagances ,>f dandy life
have be<n widely told; but thcio vanities were merely the ripple on the sur-
fa,"   I luperl ,r merit,
",'ount ii'1 irsay was a A lllanl leader "f the dandy oln i strikingly band-
sum.-, of a splendid physique, a com-
mandlng   app an   admirable
horseman "f ti'-. Haute Boots s.-hool.
When h» appeared in Hie perfection ol
dress (for -ii" tailors' art haial not died
.11! «;"i io rgo IV.), with Unl expres-
slon of -'A' wl'l' nee nnd li 1 n-
placency which the sh,*,. of superiority
tii"., hu wa * -ie "i' erved "f nil. Add
io this his real a ■ npllshmi nil — a
sculptor, an exccllenl rtlst, anal the
1 r of a hai py fai uliy a s"i-ing
i 11 ui 1 drawing an ualmir-
able Iliu ie is in a r inarkably nhorl
'Men I" >)! 1:. -,t pails with themsel-
vea 111 il,. .    1        they did n       ■ 1 h
'■    inl It was re-
.   1 . thoy wi r« nppre-
..it',1 by  Ihe ' ■ iwd,  11 't "n y  "f Ihe
upper bu' ll a   a 1 nave frc-
•a tO a, I   «llh
* 'mint il'i'i-s.iy A striking Hear.' lie wain Ids 1, ■ • th .ot buttons,
thrown wa-ii back lo ih iw the wide
expami of snowy shlrt-fr .nt ind bud
waistcoat; I 1 it h uhers nnd p 'ilsh-
»d I, '.is. his wall curl i whiskers and
h in liomi a' lunieiiain e; a wl le-brlm-
mod, glossy hat, S| - , loves.
Ila was tho vi ry bi iu li al ■■[ a li ader
a-i (., .in in."
Tarring and Feathering,
The peculiar form A punishment
al ipted by tb" Bcots Quarda' luballtml
in the pe-a-nt ragging -a " thai 'f tarring nml teath. ring, I* 1 pul irly sup-
1 "-1 !• I- American in lis origin.
This, however, is nol ihe onset 11 la
known lo anlluu irlans -1 have boi n em-
; '■■ 1 ia' I II " years ig ,, in 1 thai
1 our country,
Whi n 1:    ird ''""ir de i.i n set out
on tii„ third   ■    ")■, ha n    ■   undry
rogulailona I ,r hia army, an 1 . ne  oi
them '.•■    thli   "A robber who   a ,u be
,n :     ,fl     ill have his hnad
;   I -if ■ r the faahlon of a  ■h.un-
111 liaiiinn pilch ahull lu, p urod
Ihi feathers of a cu ihlon
■. oul   'a   1 aa >'. thai he
'        ■ n. and at tha I   1   ind al
■. 1 shall '  inh hi   hall be
set   n a', ira." !'- I- In   ■■■   ll        know
Whal an ancient army cull in -.,1s has
been I I
Members  of  British  Parliament  Give
Example of "Red  Tape"  Business,
Which Is Costly to Taxpayers.
British Government business Is just
as much tangled up by red tape as ever
It was. Dlckena Is supposed to hav
ridiculed mucn "f lt out of existence,
bul in reality he accomplished little,
In proof whereof this story of the
Purley cow, which has Jusi been made
the sub.iaact of a Parliamentary "whllo"
paper, "ordered by the Houso of Commons to be printed" as Is duly set forth
In the precious document Itself, and
"printed for His Majesty's stationery
office by Eyre & Spottlsw le, pri,iters :o the KiniA most excellent Majesty,"
To lieirln—as near the beginning aa
it ia; possible 1 ■ begin something nver
two and a quarter centuries ago, same
charitable person, whose Idontlly since
_ has eluded lhe vtgllanco of exhaustive
Parliamentary Inquiries, donated lo the
1 r • f ih" pari 1 ot Purh y. a little
igo in Borksh re, 0 cow "valued at
j £0," which is about Sue in Canadian
in y.
The a-aw, which musl have then been
dead ab an a hundred yeara, first at-
j t.-ilned national recognition In 17S6, In
the Parliamentary returns aaf that year
I —prlnti d, no doubt, as iln y are now, at
fabulous cost—11 wns recorded, among
other Interesting and Important details,
ihat there was in ilia- hands A the
overseer of tho poor "f Purloy the sum
■f .A), known :is the "Purley cow money," and, furthermore, that tho over-
seer paid li shillings ($1.50) a year as
1 Interest on the cow money, which was
distributed "occasionally" among poor
The cow croppi-d up nsaln In 1831
in n report made to Parliament by "tho
commissioners appointed in pursuance
of acts 5 and C, Will. IV., c. 71, as continued by the act T, Will. IV., c, i, 10
continue the Inquiries came ruing charities In England and Wales (vol. .12.
part 1, page 280)."  According to this
! report, ilie  long defunct  Purley cow-
still was yielding S1.30 a yen-.
Third Report In 1862.
Ths cow continued to sleep ils lasl
sic. p undisturbed tor a quarter of a
century, but In 1862, In another report
on local charities thero api 'od   this
alarming entry In tabular form;
Location and deslgna- former Obsor-
lion nf charity, Income, vatlons.
Purley.—Cow money ,..£0 6s0d Lost,
But, strange to relate, Ibis started
no hue und cry In Parliament to dls-
covi r whal had boc nno of ill" lost Pur-1
ley cow money. The American civil
war was absorbing publla' attention.
For nearly another half century the'
Purloy cow was forgotten. Then, li is
Bupposed, some member of Parliament,
browsing aniaini- the 'aid records, came
across lhe above entry, and s.,w therein a brilliant opportunity lo Justify bis
electlaaii by starting nn Inquiry to ascertain how the money was Inst, and
w'ny It could not be foiiinl again nnd
I when ihe p wr old cow died, and what
It died of, nital various oilier things
ihat tbe zealous legislator deemed ol
transcendent Importance, Po be set lu
motion ih,- machinery provided by "Act
f. and 8, Will IV., c. 71," and all tho
real of lt.
In duo lime the official wheels began to go r aind, and tha ro followed a
lot of correspondence wlih the parish
authorities at Purley That proving
unsatisfactory, a $i.no,i a year assistant
commissioner ot charity Journeyed to
Purley first class—hia traveling snd
hotel expenses arc paiai by the Govarn.
men*.—and summoned all the parish of-
flclals to a saileinn Inquiry Into the matter which was held lu tha village
schoolroom.   Oaths were administer ,1
ami! evidence taken, ami no doubt tho I
air round about was electric with ex-
eitiiiii'iit. It Is hardly conceivable 'hit
Hi" Purley cow itself, when alive over
•jaaij years ago, a'ver created such a pr.i-
found sensation.
Fund Disappears In 1837.
In his reporl, the assistant commissioner of charity recapitulates everything Hint Parliament lul done to revive the memory of the oow. He con-
eludes by slating that In 1SH7 Edward
Bherwo 'd, as overseer of the pna.r .if
Purley, w-ns the custodian of thu £6
cow money, "S nee ins death," he adds,
"there has bain no payment, and the
money cannol bo traced, but lt is said
thai ills descendant! cm.
That leaves the ilonr op^n fir saime
fii«sy official or Inquisitive M. P. to
n aurrect ihe cow at any tlm.. In lhe
near "r remote future, by demanding
to be Informed If any effau-is have
!"■' ii made t" trace the descendant! of
Mr. Sherwood und If not, why not. and
so .,n,
Meanwhllt the taxpayers hav,- had
to pay a lug' .sum for publishing the
ridiculous report, llul whal an llliun-
inatlng light the in i li nl hedl on me
necessity for sweeping Parliamentary
reforma when such absurd trb a
can h" lhru-1 upon lhe attention ••( a
body Intrusted with the Oovernmenl of
iii ■ largest Umpire In tho world, The
i ■ a w deserves io b - nun, r-
lalli d.
The Chained Libr.-a-y,
Wlmhourti",   Ireland,   Is   nited   for
many things, but Its fai'inuis chained
v ii perhaps tho m M notab - if
it.   ' url - It!  .  The   library   po I
unique Intorest us being one of   the
earliest itton  ti to disseminate knowl-
■ dge nm mg ilia' people. The c ill. ctl an
was mode >■' ■■  ii'i-1 to ni" pi 'i''   In
1.-'..'.   Illlat   1,lllllli' I a    lOma   IWO   llUllalraal
volumes, Tin, scarcity "f b vA ami iho
value of Hie colleotlon are both Irnil-
,.!!• I in ib" "are iak"n for their pres-
tl . and ' poclally ag iln • : > of
such ireasun i by He ft   By moans of
haln   in i mais ih" bo ika were
fa ''-I' i   ■',   tin'   shelves  nml   tinse
chains, It l. ru'ler surprising i* learn,
were nol i- aowi 'l nmi 1857
library fittings wero repaired,   Among
the Interesting worl   of the collection
laa" 'i '.■ ,1 Hie li,.' Million ol sir Wnlter Ililli gh'a "HI • •■■ "f thi   tt
lull, it h.   ' a"' r, i ft "ti lit" iiiiii Iw
i     a    •..a tliu Mathew Prior wai re-
a fo       i mdll
manv  Ii Ing that he I   I  B li   p  wl i i
reading It once Up an a lima and thc
vera burned by hia can tl
ia is bi n :• illy repali  i an II    mil
b ap a iw a iai ii t" Inti real   1 he ■■ I
ei volume in i'i» Ilbrar) I   a Una    J
copy In vellum of   "Reglpum   Anlnna-
i . I'   la  III  muni. ;.;t «:, I  uo.j-1
ths air.. 1313,
Recorder of Satan's Sorrows Has Troubles of Her Own—Postcards
Libel Her Features.
Marie Corolll, tho well-known novel-
Is!, lias applied for an Injunction to restrain A, ami fl. Wall, of stmtford-on-
Avnn, from publishing picture postcards
purporting tn .I.■ i'i.■ t scenes In her pri •
vat,' Iif". Miss CoretN is good looking
and ii Is alleged thai the cards libel hei
features. The action again raises o
legal point that has never yet been decided.
Miss Corelll resided al Stratford-on-
Avon, Mr. Eve, K, V... explained, and bad
taken s nne part In Iho social llfo of
lhe district, Marly He- month It was
arranged t'i hold a Shakespearian festival io commemorate whal was alleged
to Iw tin. birthday nf one William
Sh  . ip are, (Laughter.)
In anticipation nf a large number of
v itor i' Ing attracted who would desire t' become acquainted with tha' oilier immill,' people of Siratforal-oii-Avain,
Hi.' defendants producod sets of picture p a..:.,iraK entitled "The   Dlstln-
1,'llislli'al AUthOrS H'TiaS. Xo. 1."
Miss Corelll ol once took objection to
iln cards, and if his lordship would look
at Ih'in and al a recent photograph of
Hi.- l.nly be would se.' what u gross libel had been perpotrated on her features. (Laughter.)
One of the cards was called "Shake-
spear.- and bis contemporaries," which
looked as if Hie d feml.inis wished ;,'
simaa'st that Shakespeare was a contemporary of Miss Corelll, (Laughter.) The publication of tii.- cards hoi
e.ui-aa.i Miss Corelll much annoyance.
One of lhe cards complained of represented Miss Corelll presenting a cup
t) the Stratford-on-Avon Hunt Club,
and the defendant said he was present
a,n the occasion and it wns tha. besl
repres ntatlon he .-..ni.) give from memory "f tha- features aaf the lady who was
sai gracefully presenting the cup. Audi Inr card slmweil Miss Corelll In a
gondola, and the defendant said lt ,1
plcted what had occurred lasl Bumm r
on llio Avon, A card styled "Sweets 11
ihe Sweet" displayed a pony carriage
outside Miss Corolll's house, and a further picture depicted the lady playing
with a pet dog am a lawn. The latter
was admitted to be purely Imaginary.
.Mi.- Corelll bail no dog.
i' unsel sal,l in- thought then- was a
case here which would have to be tried,
US   tO   till'   right   aaf   ;l   pl'l'SlUl   Halt   Hilly   la)
hi r "'.an f,'.ila;i'a'S bin tai f atiii'a s which
did tia't belong lo her. (Laughter.)
Mr. Scott Thompson (with Mr. Kvni
a inti n led thai th, cards were libellous,
His Lordship- I'' cause Hi.' portraits
ar.. unliko must ihey necessarily be libellous? (Laughter.)
Mr. Thompson thought there could be
no da-iibt ui, .ut It in iln- c i " 'i'i:"
gnndilo picture was ridiculous as a
work "f art.
Ills L irdshlp—The w-orlt of art is sold
a: i halfp, in;:.-, I suppose?  (Laughter,)
Mr. Percy Wheeler submitted that
the only 'in.'-■: -a was whether Miss c'"-
relll lia I stiff' red any legal Injury, lt
musl be a v.-ry Bcnsttlvc age If it was
rn hold a pers ei up t.»ridicule and c ui-
t'nip; to siy Hm si,,, played with a
dog on a lawn. (Laughtor.)
His Lordship said the Inference was
lhat tlie picture was taken In Hie lady's
garden, ami tha' sha was i person who
liked in be advertised in this way.
Mr. Wheeler li mlghl havo been lak
en over ihe garden wall. (Laughter.)
Th- affidavit was read by Miss Co
relll, who stated that she went to
Stratf-i-al-i'ii-Av an for tbt' purpose of
obtaining privacy, ami that thi cards
were calcula! ■! i > expose her In unjust
contempt in ra laitiaui to her private llf".
and prejudice her in her profession as
an authoress,
Th., second defendant. Miss Edith
Wall, In r.'ply. r-t 'tl. .1 in her affidavit
Ihal s i f.,r fr en seeking privacy during
her sa-V"ii y ars' residence at Strati ird,
Ml - i- iill had courted publicity In
every way.
Mr. Wheeler followed tbLs up with
a .i'i' i-'i'i .a nm had the portraits of
.M.a- Corelll bei n ll altering nothing
would hnvo been heard ■,! ihls action.
Pew ladles, h" said, would admit that
a portrait did ihem Jusili'o nml be as-
sumed thu Miss (JorelU was no oxcep
tion to the rule.
if these cards were a libel, evi ry i *-
hiblilon of the Royal Academy would
b.■ ai a' illectlon of libels (Laughter.)
l'hi't igraphi rs. too, would< be llabl
lo be sued, fir It was onim m knowl
edge that most people when they had
ihelr photographs lakon looked   positively hide 'us (Laughter.)
Mr. Eve; S| ik f.' yourself, Mr.
Wheeli r (Laughter.)
His lordship said he would cauislder
his dcclsl n.
One Way o! Pulling II.
"Rut." said the sweet young thing ta
tbe belle of live sea.ous, "bow do you
know whether you love a man or notV"
"That." returned tho belle conclusively, "is merely n matter of calcula-
Hoc. If you love him, you will llml li*
has a yearly income running Into live
tlrTliros; |f yoil don'l, you will find Hint
bis Income isn't worth consider!u;."
Th.' World i* Full nf I'niiis.-Tiie
ai'iiis ami pnlns thut aiilici Immunity
are tunny and constnnt, arising from
ii niultlltulo "I Imllatlngulahnble causes
lllll   III   Hie   lllll.11  nWlng  IU   III.all's   lli'llll-
'l.'IK'e      ila     litlll'l   emv   of   l,|s   tl, -;. It tl.
llr.   Thomas'   Krlectrle   nil wn- the
outcome ol it tu Iverinl crj i"i —ini''
Kpecillc which would sp lily relieve
'A' lina filled lis itn^sinii in
a   lelll.it ,    a .    .;
nm ii'' la.a'.i three i ■
mnn ll i iwo hundred tliffi l
loins nt shorthand hnve been devised
i .ilium'.- was lll'sl  publish*''I  In   I-i"
\ proline i. iii  "t Piles i- iii" use n'
calhal'lla'- ian.i   i III    a '
,"tu tint nro. which Is always followed
bj ii ri  Him
lim   t inin i- whal Hi-   '
wli.ai ilu I.ii, l nl piiet, I'r. la
lleinltiiiii enn   b"   relied   upon   in
cun   lo slny ntreil
It's   iiii   Hit' iiiui   remedy   thai re
IIIUI,'-     l| a a   ' I'a  1   " l| ,1
iiieciii: tiling I'd' -.
*    , a.:'i, .       pncl
||   laaa ,,;
|   '   ,     I I''
a-a> »ai«a<.—"■»», ^     Jo
.......-■a      *o
|a,„al to any
ptrsen who proves thai
sunlight Soap contains .ny
Injurious chemlcali or auy
torn, ut adulteration.
is a perfect cleaner and will
not injure anything.
Best for all household purposes, Sunlight Soap's super'
ioriiy is most conspicuous in
the washing of clothes.
Common soaps destroy
the painted or varnished
surfaces of woodwork and
take the color out of clothes.
Even the daintiest linen
or lace, or the most delicate
colors may be safely washed
wilh Sunlight Soap in the
Sunlight way (follow directions).
Equally good with hard
or soft waler.
Your money refunded by ihe dealer
from whom you buy Sunlight Soap if you
find any cause for complaint.
Lever firclh.M Limited. T. r. nt,.
In England Too-
Even in   England   thoy have tlieir
beef scandals that make vegetarians.
A butcher in Fnrrlngdon tlond,   London, advertises:   "Wnnioil, a respect-
able buy   fur   heel   sausages,"—New
York Tribune.
Iii ihousaiids ol homes   throughout
Almoin   ihere   are   bright,   thriving
children    who    hnvo    i n    mala'
well nud are kept well b> lhe
use nf llahy's Own Tablets. Ill
many homes pnrenta say the
medicine sn*e'l a preclom llnl.*
llfo    Ur. A. Hiinnis, I,   li   S., Itivler
iltl    l.nllj.,   11,1a..   sills:    " \l   Hie   age   of
uv.- months we thought our little girl
dying. Nothing we did for her helped
her iiiiiiI we gave her Baby's Own
Tablets, mul only those win, have seen
her can realize what a change tills
medicine ims wrnughl In .mr elul.l.
sue is tuiw about eighteen months
i Id, cuts well, sleeps well and Is a
lively, laughing child, and welchs ::?
pounds, We always keep tlio Tabids
in lhe house now for we know Ihelr
greal value." if mothers wish in (eel
absolutely sal',' they should keep a
bos ,,f Baby's Own Tablets In the
home always. They cure all lhe mlie
nr ailments nf children nmi are ubtO'
lillely sale. Sold by medicino dealers
ur s.nt by man   al LT, eenis a buy bv
writing ih" in. Williams Medicine Co.,
Urockvllle, om.
i-'oiu o'clock in the afternoon Is lhe
rainiest hour At Hie iwenly fiiiir. I.es.
nun   falls   m   nlglll lhan during lhe
limits nl   light,
Ask tor Minard's and take no other.
In Abu-linn ii Is considered a
crime in amoke, The law forbidding
lobneco Hn- ni iirsi Intended to pre-
tent prh iti .mm smoking in church:
hill  it  Was taken  loo    literally;    ninl
nowadays even Inn'mhers have to be
careful nol to he teen smoking,
Corns riuise intolerable pnln- Hoi-
loway's i■.nn Cure removes tile trouble, Try It. ninl see What aim,ui., of
pnln Is sai' I,
To Promote British Trade'
A despatch from land Elgin. Sec
reiiiry uf sinie iur Hie Colonies, slates
Hint Richard (Jrlgg,  of  Iho   Middle-
i i-h i'liii nil., r of Commerce, Is he-
im; -eiu ii, Canada by the Imperial
Hoard m Trade nn a tpoclnl mlaslon
'" promote the Interests   nf   British
llll    I'.   Ill" COlintry,     lie  Will  select
i,.iiii' peraons in llio chief Canadian   business   ceiitii'i;   ti, net iis local
correspondents of thn British Board
,,| Traile. mil to reporl front lime lo
nine .siicii opportunities fm- British
i   de ik mny nccttr,
Mr.    Orlgg   already   Ims sonic in -
nnnlnlnnce wilh Canadian affairs, uml
:   hoped thai thi' result of this new
th parlure  of  the Brltlali ntilhnrltles
may he in ci i. i-i' rnbly stimulate bit
i ri Intli ia   i" iween Cnnnda   I
ihe Mot hi    ■
Active Liver,
Good Digestion
And There is no More Prompt and Certain
Means of Keeping The Liver Right Than
in cnlling your attention to Dr,
C'haao's lildney-Uver Pills ii Is tm1;.'
necessary Hi point In their success In
the pasi. [or tliey are known 111 nearly every homo.
By means of Ihelr direct nnd specific action mi ihe liver- -causing a
healthful How nf bile—they regulate
ami enliven ihe notion ul lhe bow. Is
iiiiii ensure good ingestion in Hie Intestines, ai ihe Biime iini,' they
Btlmulnte the kidneys in ihelr work
of filtering poisons from Hie blood.
This clennslng process sel in action
liy in-. Chase's Kltlney-Uver i'llls
moans a thorough cure fnr blllousnoss,
Intestinal Indigestion, torpid liver,
kidney derangements nnd constipation'
It means a ri'storiil'iou of health,
sir,'inilli ami euniioii where there has
been pnln, weakness and Buffering, It
means a removal nf the conditions
which lead In backache, l'lioilliintlsm,
lumbago, Brlght'a  Disease,   appendi
citis and diabetes.
Miss Julie Langlols, Manor, Sask.,
writes; "For a long time 1 suffered
from liver complaint and could liml
11 DI hi UK  In   help  tne  Until   1   used   1)1'.
t base's Kidney-Liver l'ills. 1 have recommended these pills to many of my
i'n,'ii,is und they have been well satis
tied Willi results. Vou can use this
loticr fm- the hen,dii uf women Will)
are Buffering as 1  did."
Mr, Duncan McPherson, Content,
Alia., writes; "I was for many years
troubled with Indigestion and headache ami derived in, beueht from the
main remedies I used, A friend advised Hie use nf Ur, Chase's Kidney-
Liver l'ills and after taking four buses
Hie result is ihat l am once more In
i.ie lull enjoyment of the blessings
uf good health'"
Hr. Chase's Kiilney-l.i'-er l'ills, one
pill a dose, "r, cents a Imx. at all
dealers, or Edmonson, Hales & Co.,
Elegant Pallet or Peacock Hues and
Stately Design !> Being Erected For
Wealthy Merchant In London,
A houso for Mr. K. R. Debcnham,
of rlio well known drapery Arm of
Ddbcnhasn 4 bY.tbody, is beini; built
la thc west end that iniikcs every oib-r
bouso In London b.ok Insignificant and
colorless and cheap.
It Is nothing loss than sn Italian
palace—on a moderate scalo as regard,
size—and when It Is finished It promises to eclipse, any bouso on this side
of the Atlantic or the other In statefi-
oesa of design, richness of color, and
exquisite be-auty of proportion and Internal deooratlvoieiss.
It Is planted, llko any ordinary London box of ta-i'-k.'. nnd mortar. In Addison road, half-way between Keuslnrrtoa
High road and Shepberd's Hush.
It Is a square building, with Its "face"
to the road, but each face Is as rich
as tho others, In d'.jiign and material.
Tlie square face towards thc road Is
made up of four bays, or slightly recessed spaces, running up nearly to the
oorn*"c, and round-arched at the top.
They aro divided by pillars of crcam-
whlto terra cotta, from which the areh-
*•*, of tbe came material, spring. Tb.
tour spaces, save for tbc long, severely
cut windows, are made of highly glued
imu bricks, oT a rich sea color.
Aibove the arehes and below the cornice thero runs a kind of d"cp plain
frieze of sapphire—also uf glazed brick;
whne Hie smaller band between the
cornice and the roof Is a blue of lhaj
most g*)rg*-ous pwu-ock hue. Tho rt**-
bed roof, of emerald green '.lies—specially Imported from Italy In about
sixty great (rates--rises from projecting eaves ejf creum-whlle terra cotta.
Tbe stately chimneys are of white terra cotta, with spaces ot blue tiles.
The edeo* of the masses of ritSi col-
er, cooled by the pillars anal arches and
Oorntce *>f cream-white terra cotta, Is
one "f splendid harmony, and the whola
house crystallizes Into a ploturo of perfectly balnni-eal parts and tbo most
beautiful hues.
The "fronl" of the house Is like the
road face, save that at each extremity
projections, something "f the "bow-
window" type, tiut running up from
glOund to cornice, have been skilfully
milled. There la the same wealth of
cidor and masterly design.
The sides are further dlgnilled with
areheil, recessed porticos, of great
height, the main entrance being at one
side, and a garden entrance at Uit
Tin, o n're of the Interior Is a
large and lofty hall, the walls of which
ore naiw In course of being tjoed with
peaoock-bluo tiles, of deep tS'its. Tin
lofty roof Is domed, and through arched spaces below the d 'm*' one sees a
gallery on three sides of lhc hall, giving access to the upper rooms.
Maxst of the rooms In the houso nre
of romparatlvily modest dimensions,
but the library, overlooking tbo garden,
la a royal apartment
"O. come with Mc, my love," he said;
"We'll seek some quiet, shady Deb,
Where I Kan. kiss a dainty Miss.
Ore. tell again of Cupid's spell.
HTenn. times I love you. nnd I Wis.
You'd 'Ark. to me N. C. my heart
A-beatltig inwardly for you.
1 swear from you 111. never part"
"Oh, La.," said she.  "I'll Nov. Va. go.
I'll call Pa.   llelter let me be.
Besides, you only want my Mon.,
So don't get Ha.   No I'onn., D. C?"
—Perrlne Lambert In Judge.
Ibe, Yloalt-tte Wheel.
Strange us It mny seem, the roulette
Wheel, that alluring nnu'lilne by which
so many fortunes have been won nnd
lost (mostly lost), wns devised by a
monk, Pascal, during a six months' "retreat" for meditation nnd prayer. He
probably little realized the gigantic
popularity ns a gambling device his
simple Invention would In later yenrs
attain, In Monte Carlo, the greatest
gambling resort In (bo world, moro
than $5,000,000 nro lost by players every year. Tlie Casino st Monte Cnrlo
Is controlled by n tlnn which styles Itself "the Sen Bathing nnd Strangers'
Club company," Though no one wus
ever known to dip n tno In the surf nt
Muit,. Carlo during the winter season,
Hie profits of this company lu the winter season of 1904-05 nmountctl to
J7,-Jiii.iifii),-Bnoklover's Magazine,
Safety Lump.
Safety lumps, lumps surrounded by
gauze to prevent explosions of -ruses In
miues ns well ns to Indicate tlie pretence of poisonous cases, were Invented by Sir Humphry Davy In 1S15.
The Confederate ring.
Tho ting of tho Confederacy wns Inst
officially displayed on board the Confederate steum cruiser Shenandoah,
which nfter u cruise around the world
sailed Into the harbor of Liverpool In
August, lSilo, or about four months
after the surrender of General Leo.
The Purest !
The Most Healthful I
The Most Delicious !
Furloni wus nt lirst n furrow long
or the distance that n pair ot oxen
would plow in half nn hour,
Elevntori to Ascend Alps,
Persons nut hardy ouough to risk the
rigors of Alpine climbing nro now enabled to mount to the summit of the
Iiiiiiiiuet-Seinviinil mountain, 8,000 feet
above sen level, by means of lhe longest lift in the world, an elevator ooo
feet high, The elevator is located not
fur from Lucerne, where Is a grotto In
which the elevator shnft Is bidden,
Ihe elevator Is oporatcd hy electricity.
The cage Is twelve feet BUtiarc, nnd
only seven pnSBengors nro carried each
trip, The nscent Is made in three mlu-
Tlie World'. Nut Supply.
Tlie nut trees of tho world could, It
Is calculated, provide food nil tho yenr
round for the population of the glob".
Brazil nuts grow In such profusion
that thousands of Ions of llii'iii uro
Wasted every youf. ...    .
Cruel Pnnlsl Is,
The military  puulshincnta  In llio
English army op to tho present ecu-
ttii-y were of infamous severity. Instances were numerous of u thousand
'ashes bolng given to offenders, whllo
riding the wonilen horse, being strung
up by the thumbs uml other equally
cruel punishments Avere very common.
An lend to Bilious Headache.—BU-
Best lonsnes.s, which Is caused by excessive
I bile In tue stomach,   bus   u  marked
effect upon the nerves, and often man-
ltests Itself liy Bevere headache,  This
cun have. There are headaches from
cold, from fever, and from other
causi's. iiiit the most excruciating of
ail is the bilious headache, Parmelee's
Vegetable l'ills will  cure it— cure it
almost Immediately, it will disappear
us soon us the bills operate. There is
nothing surer In the treatment of bilious headache.
Ancient Church Restored.
Situated Just below the steep slope of' should till!
tho Lincolnshire Wolds, near their
southern extremity, lies the village of
Bast Kirkby. which possesses one of the
most Interesting churches of the district. The original Saxon church was
replaced by one of the fourteenth century; this building has undergone ex-
tensive restoration, and the work was
dedicated on the 21st by the Bishop of
Lincoln. The church contains an early
perpendicular screen, which retains f.s
Williams'   Pink   Pills  the
Tonic   for   Summer-
The   long   hot  summer   thins the
blood, and leaves you  weary,   worn
nud wretched. Nothing can cure that la the must distressing headach
Bummer fag except Dr, Williams' Pink
Pills—because they actually make
new blond and thus strengthen every
organ nnd every tissue In the body.
Every dose lllls yuu with new strength
new energy, new life. Purgative pills
only weaken yuu mini'. Common
tonics only stimulate tor the moment,
inn Dr. Williams' Pink Pills actually
make now blood, nnd notu.ng but good
pure, rich red blond ean brace ynu to
stand the summer. Thut Is why yuu
Dr. Wllllama' l'ink l'ills
now. Mr. \Y. .1 . Norfolk, White
Horse, Yukon Territory, says "1 am
thirty-nine year
an athlete who scarcely knew the
meaning of illness. Last year, however, my health gave way.   I becalm
nervous, did mil sleep well and grew
us weak as a kitten, lt seemed us
though I was completely worn out.
I tried several so-called tonics, but il
The pleasure of practicing medicine
comes in when the tamlly kowtow to
the doctor und rail Iris name blessed
If Aunt Susie hubs up With "Seiene
and Health" under her arm tltere'i
igeantl'Vave heen I small joy left.    Orthodox physician-.
gel cross when you speak nl ,1     llu
lake revenge by yarn spinning, and
here .s ihelr latest achievement;
"I've Just hnd n triumph," cried the
scientist. "My little neiee broughl
me live tiny kittens, every one of
them born blind. 1 demonstrated uv
er 1..0111. nnd lu less than u week tin
poor dears received Ihelr Bight!"—
Boston Transcript
Tho Tea That Outclasses all Japans
Lead    Packets   Only,   40c,   60c,    and   60c   per   Ib.     At   all   groc
Highest Award St. Louis 1904.
The Hair
of Youth
Rich hair; heavy hair; long, luxuriant hair, without a single gray
line in It I Hair that grows rapidly
and does not fall oat. The kind ol
hair that goes with Ball's Vegetable Sicilian Hair Honewer.
Fair   th.  whUk'r.  aaa.l   in Uf lia   w* aiOa
OOCKINIIHAH'S hit. iir.,1.,,1 ■ rtcb brnrs
jHtmuft  It I' UAI.L *,e.,„NMhqa).W.a
wus only n waste of money, for they
panelled doors. In the north wnll nfjdld me no good. Finally 1 began us
the ohnncol Is a remarkable recess, per- Ing Dr Wllllama' Pink --.», and Ihey
imps used as an  eastern aepulohre.'put me on my feet again, and gave me
covered with diaper-work, below which new  health and strength."
aro lmlf-llgures, probably of tho threo.    Every weak  nud  easily tired  man
Marys, each holding a heart, or (as oth. and woman will Iind now health, new-
era explain) a box ot spices.   A sin-'strength und new energy through a Mnard'a [.raiment Co-, Limited,
gular basin projecting from the font Is fair use of Or   Wllllama' i'lnl; l'ills.     Gents—1 have used your MINAUD'S
supposed to hnvo been an offa-rtory dish They cure nil Blood and nerve discus- UXUMJIXT |n ray family und nlso In
for the "creeping silver" offered dur- es like unnemlu, nervous exhaustion, my stables for years and consider it
Ing tho penitential period from Maundy'headaches and backaches, Indigestion, uu. best medicine Obtainable,
Thursday   till   Easter   Evo.   Thomas neuralgia, rheumatism and the special Yuiirs truly, ,
Goodrich, Bishop ot Ely, Cranmer's co-| ailments that mulct most growing girls ALFRED ltlK'll.W.
adjutor In thc drst communion   office, and w.niien uf'nuture years-   Sold by|Proprietor Ronton   Pond   Hotel   und
wus a native of East Kirkby. Thc funds all medicine dealers or by mail al BO
for tho restoration of the church were cents a box or six boxes for $2.60 from
bequeathed  by  the late  Mr.   James the Dr. \\ illinms Medleiue Co., Brock-j
l.lvery Stables,
Hanks Stanhope, ot Rcvesby Abbey.
Lived 70 Years Together.
The seventieth anniversary of their
wedding was celebrated on May Day by
I'lirlstiapiier Lawrence and wife, who
were married at Epporstone Church,
Molts, on May 1, ISM. Thc old couple
are now living in u cottage ut Huek-
nell Torkard. Notts, Dr. Harrison
Coutos, medical olllcer ot tho district,
believes they aro the oldest married
couple In England. The old nun Is getting blind, but his t\ 1 f.■ is wonderfull
well preserved, Both recovered frun a
ha,! attack of bronchitis during the win
viile, Out
Minard's Liniment lumberman's friend
.in., an.
"1 thought you snld yon couldn't lira
Without tne." sneered the girl.
"iA I did," answered the man.
"Vet you're living."
"No; I'm not. Just boarding; that's
Come Now
Own  Up
You don't like ihose gray
hairs, doyou? And your husband certainly doesn't like
them. Then why not try a
bottle of Ayer's Hair Vigor?
It restores color to gray hair
every time, all the deep, rich
color of early life. And It
cures dandruff also.
An upto-dnte dog is one that answers the telephone, Tliu senior part
ii, r ut an Influential London Ilnn bus
taught his dog nui only to guard the
ollice during ills absence, but also to
report "All's well" during tho time
the promises ure closed at. week ends
one (ii the old-fashioned telephones,
which dues not require thai the receiver Bhould bo taken <>ff Its holder, is
iixed up iii the offlce. nnd under this
the dog Blonds. His master rings up
ihe office inui then calls until the at-
tentlnn nt Hie dog is aroused, uud
the outline caretaker barks loudly to
snow thai all Is well wlih him und
wiih the offlce,
Very many persons die annually
from cholera and kindred summer
complaints,   who   might   have been
saved if the proper rei lies bad heen
used, ii attacked no noi delay in
gelling ii bottle of Dr .1. 1). Kellog'a
Dysentery Cordial, the medicine thai
never fails to effect a rule.     Those
Miss Prim—In Siberia do they have
Mr. N'ervey—Yes, bul nftcner they'll
have snow, darling,—Cleveland Leader,
Sunlight Soap is better tbun other
soups, imt Is best when used In the
Sunlight way. Buy Sunlight Soap
und follow directions.
...rs. Niilywed—Yuu  don'l love  me
any inure—1    now yuu don't!
Ndlywed—But, my dear, you're mistaken    1 adore yuu.
"Xo. ynu don t!   Xo man could love
a woman so badly dressed as I am.
Transuded from Tab's from "Le llli
"Good news!" eried the lawyer,
waving a paper above his head. "I've
Secured a reprieve lur yuu."
"A reprieve'.'" replied the convicted
murderer Indifferently,
"Why yes; don't you see, yuu might
to be happy"	
"Ah!" replied the prisoner, gloomily,
"thai Dimply means u delay, aiiil I've
always been taught that delays are
dangerous,"—Catholic Standard ami
The superiority ol Mother Orave'a
Worm Exterminator la shown by Its
good effects   on   the   children.   Pur-
. chase n buttle and give It a trial.
Ptcnilnr Delict. About Them That
Exist 1.. It,.' Hid World.
"Heiul men's Bboca" Is a common expression, but means much In mnny
purls of the old world. Whore tlie boots
of the (lend uro accorded much Importune*'.
In Scotland, In the northern parts of
England, in Scandinavia, ns well as In
Hungary, Croatia aad Itoumnnla, tbo
utmost care is taken among the lower
classes that each corpse is provided
with n pair of good shoes before being
iniil Inlo the ground. If the (lend person happens to be a trump and to have
been found dead barefooted there will
always bo souie charitable soul to furnish n pair of good boots for Interment
nlong with the corpse.
An Inspector of police In Scotland bus
been known to purchase of Ills own accord n new pair of boots nnd to plnce
them In the grave, reopened for tlie
purpose, of a murdered stranger who
bad been Inadvertently interred barefooted the dny before,
This practice, which likewise prevails
among the TBlganoa ns well ns In mnny
parts of Asia, is attributable to tho belief that unless the dead nre well shod
when burled their ghosts come buck to
haunt tin* locality where tbey lirenthed
their lust In search nf n pair of boots.
The shoes are popularly supposed to
be needed to puss In comfort and
safety the broad plains which the departed soul must traverse before It
can reach paradise, Among snme nn-
tions these plains are declared to bo
covered with furzes, thorns and mo.
rnss, while other races say thut tbey
constat of burning Bands, These plains
of suffering nre popularly credited with
forming u sort of antechamber to hell,
It Is for Ibis reason that the boots of
the (lend nre called "hell shoes" In Nor-
wny, Sweden. Finland uml Denmark,
Packed at the
Oven's Mouth
We do things right at
the Mooney bakery.
Crackers are packed piping
hot from the ovens.   The I
moisture-proof paper and
air-tight tin] retain all the
freshness and crispness, no
Keep Minard's Li-*iment in the House
How Is This For High?
Senntor Clay, nf tleorgln, was one
"My brother bought a motor here showing a conBtltneni  the  Bights of
last week," said an angry man to the Ihe national capital when the   Wash-
salesman who stepped up to greet blm, Ington Monument was reached.
"and he said If anything broke you "What do yon think of It?" careless'
would   sitpply   blm with new paVis." ly asked ihe Senator' as the constltti'
"Certainly,"   said   the   salesman, em Btootl gnalng In awe nl the Btntely
"Whal does be want'.'" shall.
..,■ wains two deltoid muscles, a "Senatnr," responded tho Oeorglnn
couple Of knee clips, mie elbow iiiiiI gravely, "that's the iliii-ndesi, high
aboui hull i. yard of cuticle," sab! i''e oue-storoy building I've evei Been!
mull; "uml In
wauls tin-in ill once."— American Spectator.
" I certain*- bent.. 1*1.1 Ayer'i n.tr Vbror
a 'i i-nH 1 pr.|a»r»tlon lot tb. Ii.lr anal
.Ip, n i t li»v. 'a.,", It ''"'i. (a In. fnr >n
" .1" 1 Un ChaMrb'llr re,..,,,, en.l It tO all,
"n. ID lar-l of aai' la a ,.iri»r.,lau." UllH
KaTR IIioti. Mtnaaa-i.i.a-1'a, Minn
Ka-a li. J. 0. ajar Co., tcv.U, Sail
A.... ma.naifa,ala,rara of
f     -AltMPlUtlLU.
Tliey are Not Violent In Action —
Some persons when tbey wish to
cleans.' the Stomach, resort to l'.|,soui
nul other purgative salts. These are
s| dy iii their action, bill serve nn
perinaiient good.   Their use produces
Incipient chills, nnd If persisted In
they win Injure tlio stomach, Nor do
ihey act tipnn the Intestines lu a beneficial way-     Parmelee's Vegetable
,   l'ills answer all purposes in this rea
Who have usual It say it acts promptly         „„ „ .,,„,
und thoroughly aubdues the pnln and
Lightning's Freaks.
Tins is lhe season when lhc oil I tlo
inns ol lightning are reportod from all
pans of lhe country, The Adams
iiiui Enterprise says; —"Lightning
hit two nlggors and lour mulel on
ThurBdny, The mules died, but lhe
niggers recovered und have gone lo
preaching tho Gospel, Lightning hli
Iin- wooden leg of one of our leading
Cltlieils one day lasl week, nnd lhe
shock cured him nt rheumatism-"
Minard's Liniment used by physicians
' I'.n. r Work.
First Trnnslcnt-lf you hnd pot to go
Into business, whut lino yould you
choose? Second Ditto—I'd open nn om*
ployment agency, lt VOUld be so nlco
to l,e getting other people to work
without having any temptation to do
any yourself.
a i „„,,,,,» Fire,
Tlie Boston lire of 1878 is reckoned
tho fourth most destructive lire uf history, the loss exceeding (75,000,000.
Ono peculiarity of this conflagration
wus that buildingi supposed to lie
fireproof were consumed us readily ns
those for which their builders made no
such claim.
sun Time,
Burroughs—Sly, old mnn, tin-re wns
n time when ynu promised lo 6hare
■ uiir last dollar wilh mo.
lllcblcy-Tlint's nil right I haven't
ga.t down to It yet.
I'he   Boll..Ml.-  TrrrlUed   llllll.
Nat Goodwin In describing nn unsuccessful play Bald:
"Why, one night during this company's western tour the liox ollice man
was aroused from u nap In tho inlddlo
of tho first act by an odd sound,
"lie yawned and looked out of the
box, nml there before him stood u little boy, weeping bitterly,
"'What Is lhe mutter, my lltllo
mnn?' lu' naked,
"Tho l»)y, holding Up n cheek, said;
"'I wont ray money back.1
'"Why do you want your money
buck';' nskoil the box ullleo inun In surprise.
"'Became,' lobbed tho boy, 'I'm
ofrnld lo sit up In the gallery all
alone,"'-riiiliulelt,lihi liuii-iii.
Though the sun scorches ns sometimes and gives us the headache, wc do
not refuse to acknowledge thut we
Bland lu need of his warmth.-Do Mor-
a, PILLS i
Infantile Affection,
"Our baby," says Nowpop, with a
d.s'p sigh, "is very much attached to
"More so than lo your wife?" asked
the visitor.
"Vou liet," answered New-pop. "Why,
lie refuses lo let uny one but me walk
the Hour wiih him nt nl-ttiL"—Dotrolt
A Period of Probation.
Bobble (aged seven, concluding his
evening prayer)—"An' .Al b'ess pnpn
nu' mamma nn' Bister Ellen nn'-nn'
Aunt MarJIc— an' Buvvcr- but I doss
lSuvvcr Hill laclicr look out fur hissolt
till he puts buck the bole he kicked In
my druin."-\Voiiiaii's Home toiiman.
Ion .
( tilngli ili.-n    f.    InllL,-     tuy    other
I'l,,,.'  In  i Iiinn.
For ut leitst 000 years the town
Clilngleeben, iu China, bus been devoted to tbe making of pottery, Everything in Chlngtcchen belongs to the
porcelain nnd earthenware Industry.
Tb" bouses are for the most part built
of fragments either of old kilns or of
the lire clay covers in which the porcelain is stacked during Bring, The river bunk Is fur miles covorod with a
deep stratum of broken ebiuiiwure nnd
chips uf lire clay, nnd the greater part
of the town and several Square miles
of Ibe surrounding country are built
over "r composed of it similar deposit
Chlngtcchen is unlike anything else
In China, The forms, llio color, the
mill, rials used In the buildings, the at-
mospbore, are reminiscent o. thn poorer
pails nf n Clvllltcd Industrial center.
Thero nre lul large pottery kilns in
the town. The greater part nro In use
only for u sliort season lu the summer.
1 Hiring this busy seuson the population
of Chingtcitii'ii ri.v-s lo about 400,000
souls, but of this total nearly half nro
laborers drawn from a wide urea of
i-oiintr", who come for the season, live
in n.vs of barracklike sheds and do
not br'.ng their families with them,
Visitors io Chlngtcchen puss along
Street after street where every shop Is
occupied by men, women and children,
nil engaged in the designing, molding,
painting or distributing of potter*/,
Tha' riier bank Is crowded for three
miles by Junks cither landing material
and fuel ur shipping the lluislied product.
if' MOONtr blSUIT A.'.NDT   Cl
matter where or when
you buy them.
They come to your tv
blc just as inviting and delicious as though you ate
them at the ovens in the
bakery. At all grocers in |
air-tight packages.
X .1 1  * hhrnelrr.
A good character Is Ibe best ton,list,mo, Thoso wim loved you nnd
were  helped  by  you   will  roitictiiht-,-
you wiieii forgetmonota aro withered
I'lirve your name on hearts nnd Dot
on mnrblc.
i.y Imagination n man in a dungeon
is capable of entertaining himself with
sconce uml landscapes more beautiful
Hum any that Clin lie found in the
whole eomtnis* of nature.—Addison.
Lu.. Interest,
IIikH—Does she take un Interest In
fircone  Nol as much ns she usisl to.
Held  How aiine -!„. p, ] ho Interest"
Oreette Hlio married nne'.  Yonket**
Sold by all Druggists and General Stone
and by mall. ,
"Mr. (j.uamoro," begun the young
man, -when you proposed lo your
wile—or to the estimable lady who is
now Mrs. Uldsmore—did sh,- t,!l you
'n n8k her fnthor?
"b lid.  my boy," affably  replied
Mr. Uldsmore
"And 'inl you iry to .shirk the Job?"
W'll. cm,' to think ol ll. I did.
I l believe I tried to get her i" ah, ihe
asking, pon my soul.   Ha, ha!"
"Ami when you did ask him—of
course, ymi had to speak to blm flu-
"iif course 1 did.   of course."
"And   win ii   you   did ask him. di I
your knees   shake,   ami   was   your
tongue dry, and did you   have   -
fright generally!
"I wa- scare,| tu ,lentil"
"Well, that's tin- way | leel. I told
' l knew i could llml some mut
ual bond of sympathy between us
when I came t„ tell you she hns
promised in marry me."
Cnnntrj, . nnfltlences.
"Do ynu pn-fa-r ell) liA;" asked the
dandelion politely,
"Well. I am down mi Hie farm," re
pjled lhe thistle,   Haiti e An I fk UU,
Patents in Qrenl iiriintn.
in iireat Britain a t.i* "f >-."> is levied ii|«,n n patonl a' Iho end of the
fourth >'■.'!' ai i ■ •:*. every
veur ufier. wl,.' li is somewhat lucroni-
ci toward the end of th" term for
whi^i the patonl i- is-1" i.   .
IV- offer (uie lluri'lr.'al Ii-allnr. Reward
f'T iiii.   ■ a-., 'if '-iitai,li lhat rannut bs
kii.sI ia-, ii .ii. Catarrh .'ur".
F\ J. CHENEY A CO., Toledo, O.
We. ths Undersigns**, havo knaiwn V. J.
Cheney t". tht last it. rears, nnd Mlleve
inui perfectly honorable in all huiln.is
iiaiasa,. nans diei iiiinna-iiilly niii,. to carry
out any obligations mads by hi. firm.
Wsldlni, Kliimin At Marvin,
Wholesale Diun^l.u, Tulcdo, 0.  ,
Hall's ,'ntnirh fur. I. lakon InTcTnali)*,
tieiiiii: directly up'". Hie blood and muo.
oui surfacts of the sysuiin. Tfutiinon-
1,'lS    Sa 1,1    Ila' I'll'",     III,'.       piT      tlOttla*.
Bold bv nil  hnraM"
Tako Hull's Family l'ills far Cunstlpatlon
Eleven Minutes Toil Daily.
Elovi n minutes' work n tlaj (ot every lliiill  Is He' bl'lil "I
.liiles Ouesde, di puty it  RoubaU,
ha    '' ui,.
lie hns calculali il thut In n
•coi      Hod .- ly, in which   lhe
ino'ler tchlni i ■  ill   '
■laa'.' .|,   'HI   lllllll    le ■ -1    '.'    '
eleven minutes   In   the   Iwi i
hours,     M   Aa'   le I Iheorj
mi ihe calculation  'ha' tin    ■
even   in' i. Iffl.
la'll'll   Clllll.   llll. Sll      ll,
vide im' i	
a   '     '      a If    tl
"I     - I, li   1:    '
lur one i' llml    -
i'   -
lllll Ilia.',    .'IHI        iill
' I    •        '
hnmanlt)  I
W    N    U    No.   591 "I'll
Real Estate
Wa- huvi enquiries i        J
I'.ii-'ii ■-.    unl   ken
property,    I isl yours ivitli
iis.    Ila' do the  isi-:.' --
Consult  ti-'  before  l.uving.
Junction Block
smih Vancouver.
VIA '.-'',*■ I « Mi ,« ". f » Mill".J It \l
TlA'. A ll 1
pp: W ITfti BTfc ff= (IL $L'
Will In paid for the detection and conviction nf parties who art drslroijing my
advcrlisinij   sit/ns   in   North    Vancouver,
The   North   Vancouver Specialist
loi Cordova Street.
Rolled Oats
Hay and feed
% »* -al [fl $    M
All Kinds af Jeb Pooling
ion. Ltd.
Having in operation n Piuvmill in North
Vaucouvor wo nre |)i'i)|>iiivil to deliver nil kindn of
Vancouver Citv I'riccs. Call and sec I'or yourselves,
412 Hastlnqs Street West, Vancouver, B.C.
iheBraekman Sier
Milling Co.
"any Ma!  ... |,,,,; manager,
Lous Inlo A
! 'ini    "
'    ;         ' ft
'-"" a  . on hand.
■    I fm,
neasOaMDie ^ncea
0>94\_rh_T__\  _ TF-SL
Sweet ami ll- licii.u-t.    I'rj   ihcni and Ue (.'unvilici'd.
'' i   I'KIt I.S.    ,-\l	
McDowell's Drug Store.
*I0 II:: v '.NCOUver, z.
;-'KfUI*-'."»-l'*'l'#'it H '.-<H *■ <■•;*:•«'•;'<• ■: f !•.C-k* •■a*'.-*-;-*-,." »
ran. ' '    '.    jH '
nAINIS R iuiaiER ~e£
!    -   ' ■ ii   ■ • ."•:•    ,|i|ci  'I int   ni.-I
Si lish ill'.      i    '     li.l.'i'l     In i'e'.--  I ii   -.ill •!'
i '.     '"        '     '".I . '    ■       ' al'l     ' •■'       .,.,.   I'.
II. ,\. SiUW
Real Estate and Insurance
■■        • :-
! .,.1 IV.
ivA'i|.;ii     i '.i'.-i;.-    i'
MRS. H. A. SHAW    ToPro|K*rti| Owr.i
I'MIUIH UIO GOODS STORI ., ■., , ,,   ■, ■•. ■-. i ■.'  '• '  It
Same price,   i ■' ■ „ mm tv ,      ''v' ■'l!:'1
II   |    '.    I'l   "      j '   a    | A   '    I    1-
 ! . __        |)l in i."   OK    M : '   ■'■'
ARE    REOl'KSTI I1    l"U
,,.   Ill'     ,1'.. It  |,V '  llll.C 11,1.1
.,a   IHII,    a|l    . ,' UlillX    all tm | I'
lll-ll      ■       1 '. ,il       *       '     '        ., \
S.ai'I'a   1 .,' ,'   ll
,.       till'l „        l-llr-l S'rl'll :  ( ,.»./..j,.,<f.  ■.«, I.,* ;.$
.    :., -   li., I    I   'i
!      '    '.      I     '•     all,'    li.tt.r   I        ■     .     .        -
... I,     , lil II .1 llll  -II    '
,ii i lii,ii i  Iln
ll      ..  'II,     \ ..I.'     l.aa
P.l    -'!'"/ -       .- , —v -a —l" 1    ' r, I ,'"»       a ■ I   *" n   ■ '   '
Vi 11icon Ver, I >■ CJ.
.   .    :      "|   .a.   a
. ''" ■'■:■' I'"      l|        ,,...■   ',.,',   Vlllil   .'.',- .....
nuii-rt ui      ' .,   . |
1   '   '  " ' ' ,lxl tl irtllfl   a.       .
'   ' "'    "   ii.    I'  i',.| I'lilliii IiiiiI Inin
■    '     '"' '■',,  '    ' ':   ' '   '   .,. '   " ■     ■„...,-t;„■.'.„
hy I "'i  IA -if I
l it ' I   I- i.   ,\(
iiiiii ii'iirkc i.r ."*' i''i-'-  any   »l   ilu
SMOKE THE      	
ii ,\CK     SAM1'
#**"*.V»TJ*tE ■*
' alVlTK III Uilli lll'lll I ;'l    l*V   111
" '" '' ;•-"'- ■■■            ""'"■ -..■,....,. ci,,,,..,., ,,„.-,:■ ;„ii„„ ' ,\,,
' v  '",v" ll,lU"1 ""   i  .,   ' I'url IV,  on.  ii unl   I,	
 I  ■    "  "     I        1
furlli.ir inu...ml ui i-npiliil r.-.ji ire I li
I. Un "'"..i lu.-i
lorln   ■
pal ■
  •    a   "     .   |    .",
!      ' ' '     ' '       ''      '
Wi   , i.
'' •       '    "... Si
■  , ...
111. ' |r,,-| ...
I'l t. I
I  ,,,.
l    tin
'    '
•'•niinl-l'           m.'                   i |,   ,.,   . ' a  ..,, ,,,, -,a
'•"'I I'm! tl"       I rthiT nn.li.rliikii.it ninl uurltHi* '■ '
•!•""'                                               ' lljll          -   l.taall'laallaVll"   |,'.,'               '"
Irvvii) v* B»<Miiyv» ■■ ■ ■ ir (l i,i'gb,.Hind,
"' llnlil-ll      Uulllllllllll        I  ia"'"'        !.    I   tl     '
r.„.i,, I. -■■ -        n
',N|."|I,   \     I ill
I   ..■        HI-       ! llllll.' I,   |U   1"     -a a'lir.'l     llV
.     !
ISO IRD    \.\f>
,i i i iii i / I'.im
.-',/'    I      a    '     I     '■
a,   ,        S-     /ll
/ ill    I ■-/'/   A.  ll''/
^ 1   , M   I   V    I'.IIU
tile «)nd §\ovA
',,  Mull  ■ in.I  li"**
II..-    UUIJ.ll    I'.l'   IVllltl   I IL      I  LL
,,   iri't'i
'    '.;   "''  nL'tiiti'!"IhhiiUi.fthu 1*.iw.t .' |.iin.
'"    in,I  ,l,„,'-l ,i"'.'i,lA.':i-"l,".  .'i.il.aia.
'       ''  '",'   '  "'"'"'  'tM    ,,„'l,-,.   -,    ".     Klll'l     .'Aa.,-    ,.,,'      ,,,
"'•    ■' ' '- *    :'!   -. a',„-,i,■(,.„,!..;■ !v(,,riT,i„|„,'„l,,'i,',v,'i,
l'"tl"a'l.l"rtl ' I-     ' I'." ''-    lh(i|.( „,.,.,„!,..'
""I l>"1'-'       ' "-I   Ami llii iaMrlhi'rtn iwlilv llml
""•'''"'""•l"'    "\."'' ","   ''"    .1"   III -'llllll   IVllll'll lilt'   -aaiai   fllMhl'l
lllll,.   1*1     -".ll-,',l'"'l,   llllll
  ■        '  in.llltl.-ii i"
1 ' '        '' '  .     ■   ' M.lmnl il"
' .1  "I." II,  '.Ilia    '       II
;-      ■
'  '      ' • ,. ..      ■ .
"   ■ i   irih  '.    ii   -
I It iill   |,llll '  ' lill'.' Ill
! \ Knrsoii, I Von.
.... ■ .■. ;      ,iut
■     iIIcim: mul i
'... .a      |,
        1.1 I      ' '     l Itlilch I
.   ...   ,,,
'    '
III   llir
'   .
Electric light
MiaaMk.a. a. «^;«.miaaar--v-;..autnn%a.-t.■>...iaaav,Mrr«a.
I      i        l'u ii-'  'ii irilniiiun ul  Kleclrii
Hon    1 ' iriving nl   .mr
Polcyni :    IA  p   livi     cuntoiucra     nru
"      | "       ' 1 '       a       | lO III'' Ill'   II
"It '  a' ,    hi .r, soon us
■'   A.l!    llll I I      11   III   llia Sl-
iiii' i mu    In   Ink. n   in   li.iu.l   ui   nm'
Bt -.*na.|ajaaima.-» Mva--i. .Im
British Columbia Electric Railway Co., Ltd,
Ij    ■--"■
;;     ijan
VMfcUli A
"itii,-, ..,; ii.i..iu.- »-.-• •ii,, is|ii,ni,i(i(  rVorih Viimuuvor,II, (',
i I.iu.il
ll ■
■   ■
Piilll| !
'.      ||
|l     ■
(Mnrili Vui    'i"    '
Id      ■■
■    : ■ f Mn
i . A'li'U ;! i;i.I'l.ii
"  /    ".    i
llarrislit. Siilifilrji*, Wiiry, Kir,
"     ' a    .    '   "   II   a'     j
4 M !U;A1T'fWntafy Publ'c'Gnnernl A"ctionee
  . '   "^ Id" Cordova Srtei, Vantouver, U. (
lie-.'lit* ill ruulli-'il ,l  Kll
■ l.,iiil,ri ti all
REAL   liS'l V\ !•:
!l I   I l|ll rty   ail   Saa'-lll
ai nun ai    hi ,,;, iintinirti in
'I1   '   I     I I
I.I      | I
mmi Miiiii/ .v iniii'Kii
lliii'iislci's, Solirilflrs
\iiliirifs, Klf.
-  " ';ti f;   '     '',   -
Hie1 World rcnov n: I I3lsi nits... ide by Carr & Cu..
Carlisle, only 25^  P«r Pound.
J. A. McMILLAN, \\w. Esplanade


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