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 ;"a,v.^,,,^v       A^ dMSJ
' 28 1905
There in very considerable dissatisfaction at-thc course adopted
by the British Columbia Teh
phone Company regarding tie
tolls it has decided to charge foi
the use of llie telephones with
Vancouver. At the present time,
and for some time to come, tli.
town telephones are really noi
needed, but what is of important'
is the connection with the ciiy.
Two-thirds of the business of tin
place is with Vancouver city, In
these days ol keen competition
people on the other side of the
inlet requiring work will not pay
In talk with North Vancouver,
when they can communicate with
local concerns Iree of charge.
The rates here are $4 a month,
with a rebate of St, and 10 cents
extra for each call with the city,
not exceeding three minutes,
which is practically a prohibitive
tariff. Vancouver business firms
can have the perpetual use of
their 'phones for i\ a mouth, some
of whom take full advantage, and
keep them going practically all
day long.
When the whole thing is carefully considered only one conclusion can be arrived at, and that
is, North Vancouver is discriminated against most unfairly.
A time limit could be given North
Vancouver ami Vancouver free
of charge, over which a lee might
be made, or an all-round 5-cent loll
be made, aud box renl free.
The telephone company has no
agreement with the town regarding
lhe service, inr ilie simple reason
that one is nut necessary. The
legisl iiaire at Victoria gave it the,
right to put up their lines all over
the province, and tochufgo whatever is deemed expi al ent. l'u
the other hand, the town council
h is the power to levy a license
fee or collect taxes. On the 22nd
of December last the nuuiieipal
council passed a resolution to the
effect that llie company be
■exempted of all municipal charges
until iuo subscribers had been
secured. We are informed, up to
Ihe present, that about 25 have
signified their intention to instal
telephone boxes on their premises,
including private and business
When a concession is made to
a company the people should receive some tangible benefit, and il
they do not, the municipality
should be allowed to put in the
local system itself. As a rule. larL'e
corporations do not expect to make
public utilities pay the price of
their plant and dividends from the
start, but are expected to assist to
make the town mow.
The (act of the whole matter is
that the telephone service is controlled by a monopoly whicl
practically adopts a hold-nj
this way and air only using Kaien
island as a blind,
Now, what is there to all this?
The old proverb, "Noise precedes
activities," maybe quite suitably
applied to this case, and we can
only hope that the "noise" will increase in volume, dailv drawing
nearer the climax, imlil Wl wake
up and Iind, some line morning,
ihat the noise uf prognostigation
has been drowned in the din ol
To say ihai North Vancouver
has a future excelled by none and
equalled by few, is not exaggerat-
ing, to say the least, as sooner or
later those excellent harbor facilities will be usurped by great
corporations, and our little city
will then have transformed into a
great metropolis.
Rumors never injure so long as
they are logical.
Every day in the we. k brings
fresh rumors concerning railroads,
livery rumor is authentic ainl
places North Vancouver on tin
map as a terminus, One day a man
will say: "Well, Jim llill is start
ins to build north friiiu N'urih Vancouver." The next day ymi will
hear all about the bin bridge that
is to span the Second narrows,
accommodating two railroads, an
electric railway ami a vehiculai
driveway. Then again comes ,.
new ray of sunshine, in tie way ul
a rumor, to the effect that tin
Hastings Saw Mill Company ai
going to move their works from
Vancouver to Moodyville,   Last,
but by 110 wise least, we meet a
man who will tell yuu that tie
Grand  11 unk  I'.n jfii   is ie ading
Church Notices.
ST.    John's   CHURCH,    CORNER    01"
Sunday after Ascension day
(May 27)—Hoi.Y COMMUNION, S
a. 111.
Wednesday, evensong, 4:30
p. m.
Friday, evensong, 4 p. m.
Saturday (Whitsun-eve)—Evensong and address, 4:30 p. 111.
On Friday the monthly guild
service al 4:30 and practice at ^.
Next  Sunday  (Whitsunday)—
Hoi.V COMMUNION, a plain) Sn, in.;
llul.v COMMUNION, (.sung, witli
sermon) 11:311a. 111.;
livery Sunday—-Mattins, 11
a. in.: evensong and sermon, 7:30
p. ui.; Sunday sciiuul, to a. 111.
This Whitsuntide is being
marked m England a  a special
appeal lo all Christians tu juiu in
priyu'i 1.11 unit). Tne education
mil, introduced by tne pia.seui
government, has reopened the
controversies between ..e Cntircl)
and oilier communities. For this
reason tne appeal coiiks witii particular lorce, signed as it is .■;. iln:
Archbishops oi Canterbury anil
Voik. by the Primus ol the Scottish.
Church, and liy llie heads "I the
following lioilies: Tne United
Methodists, Congregational Union,
Wesleyan Methodists, English
Presbyterians, Baptist Union,
Presbyterian) "Church ol Scotland," the United Free Church uf
Scotland," Primitive Methodists
and Methodist New Connexion,
The Uisliop ol Birmingham (Dr.
Gore) and the chairman of the
Congregational Union are acting
as secretaries, while the Konian
Catholic Archbishop writes, saying
how thoroughly be is in sympathy
with the appeal, and referring to
tie- days ui special supplication in
preparation fur Whitsunday,
ordered by Leo NIII. to be use
all over the world, mainly for the
promotion of unity among
Tin- appeal calls upon all English ministers to prepare their
congregations for a united effort of
prayer at the principal morning
set vice on Whitsunday. It
ssuggests that "such prayer should
be entirely uncontroversial and
should involve nu assumptions
m 1 -pt thosu which all 1 hrjstians
can make their own:
(,i a "That Dm I.md nn int us to
li one in visible fellowship;
i|i) --rh.it mn dn isions hindet
ai evi n paralyze His work;
i. -\ hat we all ila ■ rvi
a hastisemont and need pi nitem 1,
1 11 the various ways 111  whii h   we
liave 1 ontributi I a prod in c 01
promote divi lion:
nli "TI1.1t ve all need open and
candid minds to rei live light and
,et n  light, so 1l1.it. in ways wi
perhaps as yet can hardly imagine,
we may be led back towards
Am ve nui, therefore, here do
.11 I lowi 1 ' inihi riii:, thi 1
1, ,        jeet?    Let  II    ofl 1    ami
A       rvici mi Whitsun I
1'   p   iai inti ntii 11,   1 id let us
■ ni Whitsun-eve, ami iA us liml
some lime in A' Wl I un wi ek
,','heii we cui come togi ther Im' the
]aa a j.li |H|||>OSf I'f SUcli IlllltCa.l
lilt- I- a
The usual services will be conducted by the pastor on Sunday at
11 a. 111. and 7:311 p. m.
Sunday school at ."311 p. 111.
Service at Mnodyvillr at J p.  111.
All are heartily welcome.
Pastor: Key, j. I). Gillam, M.A.
The Schools.
The schools in the municipality
took recognition ol Empire day,
May 2311!, by the children rendering patriotic songs, recitations,
etc. The stall of the North Vancouver school spared nu pains or
eliort lu achieve the success they
were favored with. The gnosis
were many who appreciated the
entertainment. Rev. Mr. Gillam
and Alex. I'hilip made shun
addresses, as also did Keeve
Kealy, ex-Councillor Bell and Dr.
The Moodyville school was quite
in keeping under the leadership of
Miss Carss. Trustees Steacy and
Allan were in attendance and gave
brief addresses. There was a good
turnout of the people of Moodv
The school at Lynn valley also
observed Empire day, and carried
out a well arranged programme, iu
charge of Miss Whitely, the
teacher. Trustees Westover and
Davidson complimented the
teacher and pupils 0:1 tbe very
efficient manner in which the pro-
grame was rendered,
Hotel North Vancouver.
The following were the guest-
registered at tlie hotel this week
II. W. Smith, j. Ueattie, Mrs
Beattie, G. S. Muir, J. II. Walsh
Percy Blaikie, !•'. J. W, Couts, E.
Gard, Capt. (leu. Murray, J. C.
Waymur, C. II Vincent, G, 11.
Wesl, ti. II. Kerr. Thus. Rhodes.
V. W. Gallon,  11.  N. Boultbe.
R. P, Ponsfoi i. 1> A. V,' Iwairii
A. |. Scott, |ohn li. Kerr. W. A
llirkins, C. W. Kirk, J. Doherl
and wile. Win. McGirr  and   Wifi
John Wickham, Roy W. Brown
C. L, Gotdon, Iv'. Swanson an
wife, 0. Johnson. W. Marsden
W. A. I Lu kuis. Axil Torau, Fri'i
Siones, J. Aylsford Hawkes,
Walter 'lavior ami wife. Mis-
Eastwood, C. M. Waggoner, Mr,
and Mis. W. II. K. Russell
Kellie Russell, Mr. and Mrs. 1).
C. Irion, Master Dave Irion
Tiios. Slater, Marry N. Young,
Alex. Slattery, C. L. Behnsen, A
I.. Belyea, Henry Traeger anc
son, Capt. Earl Macgowan, of tin
Hiawatha, and party of eleven.
Gun Club Organized.
Ata meeting in the Hotel Nor
Vancouver on Monday evening a
gun club was organized. Follow
aii'.; wen- the officers elected
P, Larson, honorary president:
J. C, Williams, president; W. (
Green, vice-president; T. Iv.
Clark, s, a ri tarj treasurer; A. "F,
Beaslcy, field captain. Executive
committee,—Messrs, K. Dawson,
R, D, Clark, D. S. Martin.
Arrangements have been made
with Mr. Larson to use bis traps
ami butts, whit !i are in good I "ii
dition ami in a spli mini location,
Th.- opening shoot will be In Id am
Mondaj evening next, ami a shunt
will h, lul,I everj Monday night
following, Tin- membership already includes somi go el m irks
men, and 11 is expi 1 ted that tie'
lei'- up un  Monday will   tain
material ih.it will. 1re iln- season i^
a-!, -        llll    1!      flaa    J V ■ !    |     il'    HI      I     llll
iiii. 1,1 hard nm f"i their money.
Wrestling Match.
Then will be a wrestling match,
in tin Pavilion, on Thursday, ,11
aS p. in.    |ack v.arke, k aiel   I has
I a nglci  will be the contestants.
1 ai.e     ;:      ■  style, In 1 two in
,: 0 a -.nl-.
tits;     I'  ■■ I ■'
'I In ,  ■ -1'
<      A  I
a  la el(,   I iill     !'■' ..     .la, .|,H'''
opt rali-; Full
crews oi can-makei    in
Olc Oleson has gone to I-'rome's
Ten cents to telephone—live
cents Inr ferry fare!
The telephones are expected to
be installed by Monday.
"A stitch 111 1,     .    .
the pants cost that much,
C. W. Kirk, of Victoria, paid
the town a Hying visit un Monday,
It is propliccied that ihe millennium takes place next Tuesday.
Mr. J. Kirkpatrick leaves for
a week's holiday in Victoria this
Wharfinger II. V. Smith ami
family have removed to   Second
The Lapwing discharged a load
of coal, at the ferry landing,  here
Nye & Drown, contractors, have
just finished a S2,ooo cottage for
.Mr. C. Gross.
Percy Blaikie ami F. J. W.
Coins, of Edinburgh, Scotland,
were in town this week.
There are too many people
whose conversation is something
like this: ? ? ? ? ? etc.
The plans and specifications arc-
now ready for the new hotel to be
creeled on Second street.
Miss L. Plant, of Point Gray, is
spending several days wilh Mis.
J. Davies of Fourteenth street.
"In Boston," said a Weary
Willie, 'they will arrest a raz ,r
for having a 'jag' 0:1, hie, hie."
M  A. Russell,  the grocer,  has,
-old his vacant lot. nexi his slore, I
in First street, to C. Wicgand fur
Getting drunk at night is bail
enough, Inn there is 11 > h ipe lor
iin: man who gets drunk during
:.,'  al l\.
Vancouver city is interi stcd
•apiallv with North Vancouver in
lie uselulness of thu telephone
At the basket dinner at the
Capilano yesterday, Mrs. Wm.
Mitchell served tried spring
Mr.,. Orrand Mrs. W. M. Rose,
of Vancouver, paid the town a
visit on Wednesday in the interests
ail the V. W. C. A.
A S. Muir. nf Si attie, and J,
II. Walsh, of Winnipeg, wire
registered at the Hotel North
Vancouver this week.
Miss Hawbolt has taken up her
resilience on First street. She
will care for her invalid sister, who
is here for ller health.
Mrs. 1!. Walker, of Fourteenth
street, had the misfortune to step
un a nail, ami has since been unable tu leave the house.
What has become of the old-
fashioned woman who could tell
whether a shoe would lil or not by
putting her hand in il lirst?
There are plenl; ol |
never iind out they havi .. ...nun i
fill view from iheir back door till a
visitor discovers ii for them.
The pioneers of   North   Van
COUVI I have made the place   what
it is a lit town fur the t, lephdne
cuni| anytoextend its ramifn ationa,
lie kind to your mother iu law,
Imvs: Remember, "We Are
lb 11 I ...I-iv .imi i,nne Tomorrow,"
bul 'dear' mother-in-law's imt.
John McDuii.mII ami family
have taken up their resident e 1111
'I li nil shut     Mi. McDoilgall has
1 barge of lhe Emerson boom ul
A new government 1 ti imi 1 is to
be built' u thi- 1 nasi shortly, ami
Ninth Vancouvei stands a good
chance 11 hai ing it I uill mi Inr
1 nh Van-
.  po ni I   -li a orators,
.ii- tl     wi ek I      y engaged in
1 "i  ni  A.  St.
G. Hai :
1 . , a 1 a,i ma, liinery was
brought .e iu,', mi tb   [err;   I tu
day morning, and taken up th
Capilano, tu be used in one of th.
new shingle mills being built there
The telephone wires got crossei
on the Capilano road on Tuesday
For a while there was a veritabh
babel in the service. Nu damage
Mr. and Mrs. J. Craig, who jus
"inly arrived from Ireland,  an
' ver North Vancouver witl
a view to locating here in the neai
The rumor is current that grading for the Vancouver, Westminster & Yukon Railway Company's track will be started here
next week.
An old widower making frequent
visits from Vancouver, who is
"taking notice" in a very marked
manner, is so gallant of late as to
be a nuisance.
Overheard in passing a boy and
girl, both under 20: "But you
said you didn't care for her."   "I
don't." "Then why " rest lost
in the distance.
"How did you and your wife
first meet?" asked one man 0:
another. "We didn't meet," replied the meek little man; "she
overtook tne."
It has been agreed between the
owners and builders to proceed
with the construction of the tug
boat at Wallace's yards. Work
started Wednesday morning.
The lot ami a half, back of McDowell's drug store, on First
street, has been purchased by C.
Wiegand, Capt. C. Cates, the
former owner, let it go for $2,300.
Quong Iline, ,-i local capitalist,
has started clearing and grading
his lot, nexl to Wallace's ship
yard, where, it is stated, he intends
budding  a wh, rf and warehouse.
boys keep your wives away
from the races: I'he minute a
woman hems a "bookie" shout
"ten to one," she thinks, there's a
llii:   till     ga'tS    tile     Wrong    Color,
and don't get the "goods."
The big steam planer passed
through North Vancouver Tuesday nn its way to the Capilano,
win-re it will be used Io turn out
wooden pipe fur the waterworks,
lt look three teams to take it up.
The lares charged by the ferry
company are: Transients, to cents;
ticket-holders, 20 lor )ti; or a
monthly ticket, good on all trips,
ft. The telephone company
charges 10 cents to speak with the
There are quite a number ol
families moving into the municipality, and there would be a great
many more were bouses available.
Tbe most modest shack is in demand and numbers arc living iu
The contract for the building of
the Nortli Vancouver car barns
has been let to Smith Hros. Over
100,000 leet of lumber will be
used, besides brick. One building
will be veneered. Tbe work will
be finished by June 30.
Ironsides, Rennic & Campbell
are the contractors who will hoist
the big poles »t the Second
narrows, on which the high potential wires will be carried. The
'.|iln ing of the poles will be done
at the font uf Lonidale avenue.
Then ire two men living side
bv tide Iu Nurlli Vancouver win,
me up ta, their necks in trouble.
One has trouble over drink and
the other has trouble over a
woman, ami tin- neighbors can't
ah 1 idi which is the worse off.
Kubt. Boyd, of the Almond
dairy, Vancouver, has opened a
1 reamer)' 111 the Thompson block.
All kinds nl dairy product", wholesale and retail, will be snld. The
in w venture starts nut under verv
favorable auspices, and should
in. 1 eil
Tie \ sgy Harry Young was
lately   driving   a   nail,   in   the
pn  a"n '' nl   Ins   wile,   ami  struck
fingei wuli ihe hammer,   Hr
ivi la. nnd his wile didn'l reprove
'1 nder    sain,,,    circum-
M:      'lining    said,     "1
The   Flamingo    Bailed    Iron*
I in   ib    In -t dav ol the
month, via straits of Magellan, for
ibis port, and will arrive in July.
She is the property of the Deep
Sea Fisheries Company, limited,
ind will be put into commission
immediately upon arrival. The
company purposes fishing for
The children of the aid society
picnicked in town on Tuesday.
The occassion was held on the
j.eui the matron's, Miss Scott,
taking her vacation. Through the
ellorts oi Mrs. Capt. Irwin, the
ferry company kindly gave free
passes to the children.
We are in receipt of a souvenir
32-page illustrated booklet and
souvenir bill of fare, ef the Walker
house, Toronto. Geo. Wright,
the proprietor of the hotel, being
an old-time Vancoiivcrite. The
work is very creditable, and to
all Torontonians and others it will
be highly prized.
"Politics have changed wonderful in the last few years," says an
exchange. "It used to be that
the other fellow was called thief,
liar, scoundrel and 'he usual run
of appellations that belonged to
detested candidates whom you opposed. Now, tbey call him the
railroad candidate."
Tonight will make the fourth
night in succession that a North
Vancouver man has taken care of
the children while his wile spent
the evening with friends. Hear the
chorus Iron) the women: "Well,
bow many times has she taken
care of them while he was loafing
around down town?"
J. N. J. Brown, amateur
champion of the Pacific coast,
will leave for Nanaimo this week,
where he will be one of the contestants in the regatta. Dame
Rumor says that a fair lady also
goes to Nanaimo to take part in
the ladies' boat race. Well done,
North Vancouver.
This is said to be a sure way to
get rid ol dandelions: When the
bloom appears to mark thc plant,
cut off the blossom to make sure
that there is no chance for it to go
to seed, and in the centre of the
circle of leaves put a lew drops of
gasoline. In two or three days the
plant will be dead.
The old adage, "Dirty linen
.liould be washed at home,"
might be well applied to a quarrel
n the neighborhood. Confine the
lisagreement to those immediately
:omeiiieil, and allow outsiders to
see a clean neighborhood. To
ladies, in the ever shifting scenes
of life, say no harmful words of
our dear lassies.
The officers and members of
the boy's brigade met on Tuesday
night, President Steacy in the
chair. After due consideration,
owing to the holiday season, the
company will take a vacation, and
will resume practice on September
1 st. It was further decided to
have target practice from time to
time, such practice will be given
due notice of through The Express.
Hill Williams went fishing on
Thursday and came home mad.
It is his idea that the big lish arc
always in the other deep hole; lhat
there is good fishing every place,
but no lish any place. While he
was iilil mad, he stumbled on lo a
new roar Why do girls buv high
priced bats, and then go to picnics, parties, down town and
almost everyplace else in their
bare heads? The high priced bat
is used (nr a closet ornament more
than for a head ornament.
A lady and baby, accompanied
by a pet lap dog, came into thc
office last week to pay a year's
subscription lo lhe paper. After
paying up and looking big the
editor asked her how old Ihe dog
was. She proceeded In give hmi
his pedegrev, while the dog was
rooting about in au overturned
bunch of dog show-reports, tn the
delight ol lhe baby. "Cute little
lellow." "Yes, isn't be; only lour
months old, inn " The dug wa.
now trying to bite the 1 hail li
"Has he any teeth ] - 1. Vi s,
iwo." "Well, well." "Now what
kind of a I' wa ;"'." "ling"'
"Oh, nr,', I 1!. 111 iai ' : 1.
1 ilking ,A ui bal . He's still
wondering   she ne* ■ 1 stopped tu THE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B.C.
Croup Comes
Hence the Wisdom of Keeping in the House
the Most Effective Cure
Dr. Chase's Syrup of Linseed and Turpentine
Slight Hoarseness in n	
the only wiirnln ; of i
midnight 'Ic 11.   1   awakes
li    called crimpy,   mnl   which
B 'il.',  terror tu the  the
mnl a' '■! lie olil
•: ll ■ |iroill|ll   :■:. '
Wl   i  llll 1 Ii
t  Iltl
mlvrfitl    in      i in loosen
.   ■
I'en ■' ill" suddenness
croup ihii
i of Dr. 11
"  |i mln i.	
n case "i "-
Km   bronchitis,   whooping  cough,
asthma, uml every form of throat nml
IrouhU*, tins grout  family
lieln   i   .a quid  mnl certain cure.
.Mrs.   tluorgo   lirowti, 71 llnrbonrd
tinging For Sulla!t,« n  1 oar.
Writing ot the trials uml tribulations
of American Ringers who go to Europe
te gain recognition, Mildred AUricli in
tho Theater Magazine su.vs:
"To most singers who have sought
recognition abroad tin-re is but one I
druwbuck to tbe European career, It
Is not love of home Unit lures llieiii
back to the United States. H is money.
It looks Une lo put 'Ue I'opcra' or 'de
I'Operu Cotnlquc' ou "He's visiting
curd, as 1» tlie habit iii Europe, but
them Is auoUier side lo It, Mmiy u
debutante bus sung at the Opera Co-
mlquc for nothing, some have paid, und
tome have had llie milglllllccOt sulory
uf 200 frnncs u mouth (Jusi shy of $40
Toronto, writes: "Our children One of the mosl prominent debutantes
at tbo opera suw B.OUO francs paid over
for her debut, uml one vvninau who
was there two years as a regular member of tbe troupe earned 0,000 francs n
year 0)'£i a week nnd sho was con-
bidered favored. Cllles like Bordeaux
often get debutantes al 300 francs
l$iiU) a mouth, and In theaters of that
sort slugcM provide Ihelr own con-
tumes, ro It Is small wouder that, hating got one's educiiti.m. one wants to
earn money iu the I'ultod Stall's."
have i n cory subjucl to a ro      in I
md that Dr, Clinso's Syrup
ii i.:,,-..■ .1 mul I'nrpcntliie hai ulw ij ■
iiight quli U>' using II til
- ,  Hi     Ign onlilo 'la'- disease is
■  lane".   We always  keep
.: tho house, ond, In fact,
!,,,.! |i|;,;    .... -..a' do vvllhotil It,
i use ll for coughs und col Is
ii  '  suits, uii l recotnmeiul
'       a   l|h.
.aa.   of Dr Chase's
Lu,-, a' i and Turpentine, Ue
see Iho portrall nml slgnii-
in   i   In. A. \V, Clin •■ the 1
iiceipl book uiithor, on the bottle you
bn;    .:. cents u bottle: family size,
three limes as much, 00 cents; nl all
lealers, or Edmonson, Bi I     S   C i.,
SOUTH aw-avi::: -   li. A
\ vVeokl* NVnv paper.       I'ublislieil la.
I'lll-l I.Xi'K!AS I'lll.N :  ' . Co
SuAa-r |,l a Iti    '    ii per ) ear
i     .lull; ll.VKTl.KV
:i_r K liter
J, 11".     II
, * Mm
Aim ii ii  nn,,ni oeen i-uino in .Mr9.
Mldgen' i hai ■ ry moment thed
;  a ',.' '    ■ '   . i have happened
to that .   . The Sketch,
The riiiil.hin.ii, ol the tl.Kno,
Iii former times the puulshmeut of
the bugno (batbi, one of the most
cleverly cruel Inflictions ever devised
by au oUlclnl of the torture chamber,
w.ia administered In Italy, probably in
Venice, where the water of the lagoons
played so prominent it purl lu Its penal
system. The puulshmeut was as follows: The prisoner was placed lu a
vat the sides of which were slightly iu
excess of the average height of u mnn.
lu order to hold In check Ihe rising tide
of a supply uf water which rnu luto
ilie vat In n constnut Btriam lhe criminal wus furnished with n scoop with
which to bule oul tho water us fust as
it cmue lu. The respite from death by
Immersion thus obtained wus more or
less prolonged, aceordlug to the powers
of eiialiiraiice possessed by Ibe victim,
but Imagine the mortal torture, Hie ox
blunting uud even hideously grotesque
efforts, tbe Incessant nnd pitiless toil
A night und du.v, lo stOVO off llie dread
moment fast approaching, when, over-
cine by sleep and fatigue, he was uu-
able to struggle uny longer against bis
I.i!,-   In   Hi"  Heep  Sen,
In i                   ■ ■   tie   I
Sir ,Iol    lloss       ■ ii '"i I .
wen - varying
from 111) to l,i       Hi ■ VI il 'I" il
t a bi in
of the i Medusa
men  v ■   pi il . ml  Is
now in tl ■ 111 ■ l-oii 1 ' i
A Mine-Sowing Cruiser.
The qti llnl   '        ng warship in tin
:'.        ■ ivy a. Ihe small cruiser Iphl-
gi in.i, which has Just been convert
into        mln ivvlng   vobsoI.    Al mg
i   of her deck are two rows
led rails. In which  numerous
, ties  are  slung.    Three
il r     pr |e ■ ov r iln' vesse
rn in, the mines being droppi I   vi r-
mi He in as .-ii" stenms alon
The Introductl m of a mine-sowing
ui   . our fleel  Is an experiment
■a m   "in 'i ie "f whal
■ war In the Far
I  tin   iai. .i is that iln'  Iplil
mid bi :' mine o channel
ters far more cl
■:, in could ir ilnn" by ■ te un
lie Wal In  Sm-li 11   ic a    a
A mail who bus resided lu Cairo told
this tale as au lllnsirnlioii of Hie dilatory ways of Aral..,ni trades people:
"A certain gentleman ordered a
swing to be erected In bis garden I'or
the use of bis little boy, aged six. Ho
wailed und waited, hut tbo BWlug never arrived, lu due course of time that
boy grew up to man's estate and became himself the father of a little boy.
When his son was six yours old he
remembered bow bis own father had
ordered a swing lo be made for him.
j I So he culled ou the tradesman, who
lived at bis gale, and asked bim to
send up the swim; ihal bad bceu ordered twenty years before. The man
agreed lo do so. The little boy becoming Impatlenl after three weeks,
his father called ngulu und remonstrated with the Arabian as to bis dll-
otorlncss, The Indignant tradesman
replied that he could not really undertake to serve uny oue who was In
such u tearful hurry,"
Tho First to Cross tbe English Channel
In a Balloon.
,f of I flr-l
to e E
r ol a
tlm   Ml    '..   ,vci li: I been
da | and
lay morning 1
i • ■ lier th ii    Hie
right il
i     1
In        'l"       all' 'all
I to
Putney    Has
ig In
rt was mad
idtng Mrs. II ■:
ol        | l'u, 000
■   '
'   '
The Queen's Humanity.
A patch to The New Y rk
,    ■ "1 hi '.a ■ "' i
the D t P rtland pr nesting
igalnsl   '      we irlng of egret  plumes
lelty fr 'in the os-
... . .
It Is lhat Hci
: 11        ■ I to    '
matches, but Iho
this Is nol        ell known,
flit      -a i
. ■    in i    "I       '     II  .      Ilgll     a,    11   |
Majesty was | ll a I
Blnei  thai
.   iinn th.'sa.- onca
■       TilS."
• ir-
li 1   in
i in i
Mini   lillle Mia int. llnil  Ip.
I,,  a,.,.,,;, ., •. fi in ib,■ birth of
i nnd n bis .ai ''.nli succ ling
*ry of lhe blrlhdny a number
f dollars equal to Hie m rol years,
lerls twenty one ynu ted ol
i per eci: impounded semi-
■ ' This would be
-.   A cents
I pen    ■ ' impound-
. will hnvo to Ills
!l ni tb,. end of Hi ■ yi ars $73, ut tbe
end of tell years SHE!, nl Uu 1 of
. u   ol
, be worth
nt the enl ei fori} j -ars tbe snug for-
ill."   el     '..'
"Aa-lit  Itel.ln  liriiy."
A ballad that won Instant fame
against tha expectation Bad even Ibe
wish of Its author was "Anl,1 Itobi-.i
Gray," written by I.udy Anno Lindsay
about tbc end of U» eighteenth century
merely for ber ovvu satisfaction to replace tbe coarse verses of an old melody thut pleased her. She sang charm-
logly, uud the new ballud soon cams
inlo favor. Great was the curiosity
aroused us to tbo author of this pie
tbetie song, In whose simple verses all
tbe elements of u heartrending tragedy
ure contained, but I.udy Anue, modest
mid retiring by nature, preserved silence for muny years, euiiling, no
doubt, at the controversy that raged so
hotly. In the course of It her ballad
was attributed by snnie disputants to
David lilzzlo, declared by others to be
n geuulue sixteenth century production
and tluully made tbe subject of a
twenty guinea prize to he bestowed on
auybody acute enough to bring to light
; tbe veritable uuthor.-i'oruhill Magazine,
*   Clothes washed by Sunlight  Soap
are cleaner and whiter than if washed
in any other way.
Chemicals in soap may remove the
dirt but always injure the fabric,
k Sunlight Soap will not injure
the most dainty lace or the
hands that use it, because it is
absolutely pure and contains no
injurious chemicals.
Sunlight Soap should alwayi
be used as directed. No boiling
or hard rubbing is necessary,
Sunlight Soap is better lhan
other soap, but is best when
used in the Sunlight way.
Equally good with hard or
soft water
tS flftft RtWARO will be pat*
**Q,UUU ,„   „„>.    ,„.rBOn   Vrho
proves Hi"' Bunllght Boap cnntdlni
Any in" -a.' ■-'.".. ■;.., .a . .-a' ui,,- form
lever Brother. Limited, Toronto
Fido Went Astray.
Ludy (staunch teototnlor)- Oh!
please, would you mind fetching my
lillle dog, Kiilu, out of Ihal public
Obliging 'Ostler—Yes, muni. Certainly, muni.   WIllcll bur wns you In?
Tb,' Sketch.
lloa. to I .. llrnln..
A heud 1111111 In tt rauuufaetoi-jr was
watching u drayman lugging at a
heavy case ono day. Tbe drayman's
luce wns red, and the muscles of his
neck were bulging. The overseer, says
u writer In the Baltimore Suu. thought
it was tbo right moment to offer practical assistance.
"Wall a minute there." la- said. "Let
mc show ymi how easy It is when you
use a little brain with your muscle."
And be grabbed a book, sluck it Into
ibe case, gave a yank and weut sprawling into ibe suiter under the dray. He
got up, looked al the hook and said,
"Confound It. the handle comes off!"
"Yes, tir." suld ibe drayman respectfully,  "My brain told me tu.u, and I
didn't use it."
rlKurn Te,. (nn  Afford.
"A long, low strip of laud, n valley
between high bills, pr-s live miles outside of Hiivuiia. und (here." suld u
cigar salesman, "ibe best tobacco In
the world Is grown. Tbe name of the
place Is Aba.lu. and the Vueltn Abnjo
| crops are always bought up two or
1 three years In advance of their planting. Tle'v yield only ".MilKI cigars annually. These cigars sometli'ies sell us
high us $150 ii huudred $l..aj apiece.
Vuelta Abnjo cigars ure only smoked
by kln-_-s iiinl billionaires. There ure
many fake Vuelta Abajos ou tlio market, but tbe real thing, once smoked,
cau never be mistaken, for there is no
oilier tobacco lu the world with un
aroma at once so powerful und so delicate."
Blgnnls of Danger,   lima' yuu lost
your appetite V   Have    ynu   nn    nn-
| plci Bunt tnsle In the mouth?    Does
[ your bead ache and hnvo you rlllil-
ii. ss?   If bo, your Btomacli is oul of
I order nnd yon need metllclui.     Bul
vmi iiii inu like medicino,    He thai
l*t ef era   Blckness   to   medicino must
Bttffi i. hill under the clrcumstnncos
the wise niaii would procure a Im*. ol
r v. .'.iiiiiI,' l'ills nml speed-
il; gi i liiiiisell in health, ami Btrlvc to
liCCp   Sal.
One nl ilie State legislators entered
an Albany restaurant last evening nnd
ordered   a  porterhouse   steak.   W-hon
llie  portion  lll'IVeil   il   (Utl   mil   Ipliteilll-
peul iii inn n« being sufficiently cook
e.l.   II.' culled ihe waiter,
"Would you kindly tnkotliis back to
tbe cook anil tell him to Innil il n Utile   111,11',',"
#i "Sure," replied I t tbe white coot
Thi--  i-  Inn',   tbe  polito   request   was
1 in ii. li'. I in llie cook :
"Say, Hill, iimt lul guy bucked
away from this piece ol [torso. He
wants n linle more the on it, or it's
nil up with ynu uml your lillle pots.
(let n move .an or you'll hnvo him butting in here mnl calling ynu hv v.aiir
real name, s,.,.;"      Albany Journal.
a' : gross extrnviigi nci hav,
|| Ae   i'l ciillllecliaill  Willi Hie nf'
fairs a.i iin' I'hlcago simitar) dlatrlct, facilities for
 . mad,
"Tbey Sell Well" savs riniKcl-t O'P-11
of Truro, ss. Want any belter eciil.nee
nl Hi real cvit "i In. von Stan's Pineapple tablets ns u cure bar .ill forms of
si n.i,   trouble   ilnm   tbai they're In
su. h   greal itemnnd?   Not   n   iuvuscmii
alias.'   llllll    niakl*8  'llli'S   Ol','   IllSllas   "eoti
- lallt     Cla aisailll,     a|l.|l'k     llllll     Id! Ill la-K - *
Uny inl.1,-t   la,   carry   In   yenr   pocket,
31 cents    1 :
Tha. Grand Trunk Pacific railway
will enter  Porl Arthur commencing
construction nl ihe s;  (Into us at '
I'liii William giving each town equal
doing business with ibe
ii;,s,,i ii.« , nn.elcnee,
In on ordiuar; nt, according
..'His.-a-,:   ■ . .■     i rlday
B    ■ ■"
■ led shark
i iin- Irish.
n.an on being "I tins delicacy.
:. " negative,
:,. tried once I si an bring
■ ,  ■ a.  :     led |    poise," be said
i: ■ «.i '•■: . -' ■ i   gut A becoming
.     , I.a
ir.it mnl heured i i   li nf contentment,
■ , . I-, i ' .-: and *•'. "in
i, .■ " i," Bald rtioerl y, "and sure
!.■,, nol !"■ foi ... | I -t I didn't
in. ve for :
t.   .
Bl «
' .:, I
• I '
'  I'.
i reeplni Salt.
11  || .the course of
... Ill luterMt
iin. nmi. i     f thi
. .i luiul'lair half
(nil of  •■■■ ' I   . Ill   ■'
• a   a    .-,    . ,1;,    bf    btl'.l    III
l.ei l' stand i-.t • few dsyi
uml see le r the silt i reeps out of the
water, up ll o Insl Ic .af the gin., und
tbo ' like a thing of
-' '   '
■a eui   And nli".   ,.i's'
.■ i  a.,: a.:  i       i (he cuter re
i  ■ illy n.i before! II ll u pretty
A Lucky I IrenmsHalica-.
In the bouse of commons no incident
Is greeted with more hearty laughter
thnn thai of a member who. after an
eloquent oration, plumps dovvu on his
silk bat on tbe beach behind him.   A
young member who bad Inst made bis
maiden speech sat upoo his new bilk
bat.   There wei" roan of laughter.
An Irish member Immediately »(   i:"> teeth nature gave
nml gravely said, "Mr. Speaker, per
Kll  Leas nnU  I'll  II  Slowly,
Economic methods of eating are so
Important und so axiomatic that It
really locations some surprise that
moro Is not known ubout tho matter,
ll ■ •• Fletcher, In his famous ,\ r, 'I.
books on nutrition, very wisely Insists
upon the necessity ef blow mastication
wiib abundant Insallvullon. it is really astonishing bow badly people use
ictn for ihls
purpose. Children naturally bolt their
Lord Striiliicoiui mi
ii nl nm i in , reel
n l I) tu nt I
I used
ii iiii.il
Minnrd's Llnlmeill Co., Limited.
1  ii.is ver;  sick with 'iuinzy
Ihoughl   I   viiiuhi   Btrnngli
IIN ti,   s  LINIMENT und
II,.'    a"    I,lll'a .
1 mn never wlthoul ii new.
Yours ..Mi' "ill*.
. ,A. A |i. PRINCE
Nuuwlgcwnuk, Oct, ills'.
nut me I- congratulnto the boi.aar.ible   food, ro It is aald, and adults retain the
I habit.   Not Lining tlie digestive power
of cats or dogs, which naturally bolt
their loud, ii results lb.it much of our
food Is undigested ami watted,
gentleman   upon   lhe   b.ippy
stance iti.it when he s.il en hi« hat his
heUd   WHS   laaat   ill   i("'      'Illlt   I'a'UUIlk   Up-
set lhe dignity of tli.- bouse, aud the
ipeakor called "Order, order," umid
roars of laughter.
ue;  Sinmi il   feiltUl'i s in   Ine ell)   "I
lata I'or ■ Stinri iii.,,...,-.-.
A young man who Is blotted wlih a
Scoti h kinsman u I never tear that
be will be allowed to b ild loo high uu
• ■i■ ...aaii of himself.
••Wh.it i.o yo i tli ni. nf my project to   of civil lawi
A iinoii Bxcaie,
After the im! i Wellington's rlc-
torlous campaigns the L'nlvenlty of
Oxford coniplhnentcd the duke himself mnl Ins principal officers by con.
ferrlng upon them tlie honorary and   pn
mi very upproprlnto degree a di icier     H  , ^
Ai' Hint tlino Ibe fees
itudy ii**":" asked .'"ing Wli
I,;, groat uncle, Itobcrl  D ;
■. boni he was desirous to pro-
"I should cull It a vera harsulMi
aniuseiueiii." sold Mr, Donaldson dry.
 mprehenslvo survey of lhe
young man's fatuous face and gay
attire, "if nol carried loo far."
; ■
f li
ii . i
' '
I   r
I listing.
"This liiitl ■ 'ning." snld tbo
young I," Ihelr flrsi
"Yes," ilu   ii ri red,   "I talked lo
• t lhat, an I hi
said it wa   i lbs end uivi-r
'Hi less Of It,
, . . ,i .
A w i.ihii n.mi..
The v ' ile Imnli
it least so fm
cerned, is
I'arli, Th.' i
i .■ i      ly In      ibe breath of thy
soul imi never foiyi to hove a penny
when all Hi, eipi . ■" .' " ' nu rntod
md paid; Hmi shall thou rca-'h ihe
point of i 1 Independcnct
-ball   be   till   sli.ela]   :     ' |
I  i I.nil,. II.. .1 ihttll   '        '     ll
iiniii upright, nor ito a to tl
HTela b   l into  In-   I, a'li   rl ' I
pocket nn abuse because the hand
which offers it wean n i g .■■ i with
iii.ininiul-   Franklin,
*|t I-  .Ill-Ill',-.
Pri "ii Visitor Mj i: ■ ml, • '
not lo co  plain,   You art hen
were heavy, nud one of tlie distinguished soldiers, uli' bad gathered more
bouor than profit lu the wars, declined
Iho proffered degree in the following
V. Isa.
ia.   -I, I know you wish me well,
i   ■ i' il " n • ei- be,
I       Ii'l    . ' a   .   I-    I'   I'.  U
l'a a   V    a.l  ' 1   I. *   al.
When   Baby  bad   Scald   Heart-When
Mother Pad   Salt  Hheiim—When   Fatlur
bad  Pllov.   In   Acii-ic- Olntmrnt gave
.a    Tnest
nl in,in i Icked from lastimeny
. ■ ■ al'   al.ia    |0   IW '    ll
ti ivis never i"**n I        i i
ijiiulllles In  Ecu in i. Tl mr,
lllllll luiii;.an.nr.
Ask for Minard's and take no other
■ .i I  the  i.i "I   native,
... I   - ii
i nt yon him
What an emu'iinnis "camera oAa urn"
magnifier i< tradition,   How u thing
ib.. human memory, In the
in i in ii it imagination, when love, tror.
eli |. and nil Unit lies In the human
heart me there tu CUCOUrUgC II, ninl In
III!'   .1 IllallaSS,    111   till'   elllll'e   Ig
wlthoul dale or documei '!■        no
Arundel mot      onl] bore nml there
s iiiiiI ii.aaniiiuciii.ii calm, i .ni.iie.
I    , te ,
\      Iiiii    Ilea veil!" repl
I1   , . .'. i| I I.i    I'll  IS.
Violence ever deAit. Its own ends.
\\ here you cnnnol drive you can nl-
ways pci'suuile.   A geiillo word, a kind
g I nntui'cal smile, enn Work
wonilort   nml   accomplish   mil u i
fy the demands ol Pi   mer   There Is a secret pride lu overy huninti
Sol much I nm.   i ij
. rcdltors i.-pt urging mo to t i m
ey nml then whon 11
piii me m Jnll, I'm blamed if i net
I, i\\ inu call thut ,|u-l i"
I,, .il ill .1 rai.alis nt tyranny. Yuu
mny order ninl drive uu Individual, but
vou cannot make him respect you.—
i '
I'liiiiic Ifienkft-s,
There nre only two kinds "r '.
ei's.   The lirst |i tlie mnn who 1- inuk-
-I  s| h a: d  v..n't li,
Hci    I thai en'.,    i  nd I  llio mini ag
a bud s| di mi'i i.iii'l b:.. b.   The latter Ib ilm longer,
I,     lllal    I
i ■ . ' " a
i Jti.;i       n I am
.    ■.    " i
card foi
popcr w.i i
ilient  of  blUI   '        0 Ollt
letters un- cul ed
pagei of v bll
easily read.
Jn.l •  nli'.
Proud Mother Profess ir Octave called at our house todoy, und my dnllgll-
lor played tho piano fur hlui, ll" Jusi
raved "*• i her playing,  tier Neighbor
• How rude!  Why conldii'l li I
his ti ullugl Just as Hi,, rest of i.  do)
not   let   ll cold sell!
II i in Dickie's  *
.  iyi ip .   in. i.i • intimation
onl an I pn vent
hum lodi in ■ in lhe pulina'ii-
.        .  a '     a .. ni'O     Hi''
 iilil have
i*t nled i"  the npplli
but powerful medicine
■    .   ,        , ii within
Ilia' le. ' i   Ol llll,
The Mcaining of lhe Empire.
.   '  |aii :ni" el' Iho
ii   ■        The King
jeets, Ic  \  in  Virion
 '. iii Austral ri i
:. Iillll.t I I   a ci ill  l'.'l!'ii| VI'  HI "ll'l.
a . nn ihcni linn. Hy by ro
re ""-.  Hindus,
1 ni nmmi ilnns   r.s.i nn'nno
"   iini Ihisls,  uud
nf vitrloii    pn nn nr nun-
i nii.-i, ■
Tlic llllulnnl   I a,nil.lal,
'l'i... ini 'list was a consplcu tut pnrt
if the first | lb*/
i ic i' in ihe garden of Lien.
■ ii n rpcut,
"TOIII  liai   prO] ai  a-.l.   lall'l   111       '   "   ta,
give him llll nn-ui'i' In a letter."
"Shall you il» it':"
"No.   I wili be ni'"" liberal and give
liim bis answer in two I    i
Ejperlei co !,-■ .-..^ a dear school, but
fools will learn nt no other aud icirci-
li al t. ',i    1 i.i,,. a
Or tonti  Wilh  Tlieiti  On.
There never Wat an nugel who
wouldn't tnU off ber wlngi nnd cook
for tbe iiuiu ibe loveJ. New Orlium
li, Mi. ■ Popular PIII, Th,' uill is
■i. . popular of all irnw ol iw 'li
I'    :   .      '    '
i,.' v. i wiuit IM       n  ; He',' cun
- . i'
c, exccllelic'.   'I'h'"
. n i portable,
o l.
'   .      -li   1'. lief III llu   lll'ail
Nell   S ■    - ,'A ■
i - ,i' il
i    . i-  Itlenl
i   -       ,,:  coil)       P
I'   IA ■  litis heen awarded
51'.  "   ii nges I'miu Una ciiy of New
ir Injuries received whllo watch-
In  Mil i:-"ii park.
In every home where Baby's own
T.ii'b is in.   used you will liml rosy,
muni   ; babies because
Is eleanao iln-    Btomacli
o ri b, nld  digestion, and thus
bring . ii.   Ask any mother
vi ai bus in.-I the Tablets ond sho will
i' H y here is no otbor medicino su
"     Jnmea Hall. Boncli Hill,
.. H . :..ii. "My biiiiy   wics   troubled
vvuli  : istlon, wiin cross nnd pcov-
Ish   nml   rapidly losing llesh,   I gol
lb,bys own Tablets and less thnn a
:   Im nnd he has ever sine..
iod   hi uiih nud is growing
spb mill li '   Moth, rs  Bhoiild remember ii ni ibis medicine Is absolutely
ut a.in he glveu in tho weakest,
i mii I* -a bnby, aa; I,, tho sturdy well
with equally g I
' lleci Bold Iii nil medicine dcaluni
or h) nu II nl . ■ cents ii box Train tho
i' tt li • II i .; Co., Brookvllle,
11 ceiitei       "i 1,'hh ngo nro
pcrfi'ctlug plans for u union terminal
for ii i .1 ii :li freight,
Keep Minard's Liniment In the bouse
Geometrical Poems.
Henri Ail"! e, i  young French poot,
bus wiiiiaii a volume of pootry, cnlleti
" i r Geometry."   li.. sinus
tlio cb.mas   ul'  Hie   pnriillebipipeilim,
tin' nsymptole, ami iho rhomboid, ami
rtd    i     pon   n im.roin mi Pognsus'
land,.   In   tun hln:;   since "The   Loves
of Iho Tiinni I   ' hnve tho figures of
I.s .ii bi a ii mi remarkable,
But the Great Consumptive Preventative brought Health and Happiness to his Hume
"Our doctor said thrre was no cure fo?
my wile n. both her lungs were affected,"
.ays Mr. L. He Waller, of Pearl Mieei,
Drockvllll, Onl. "It was a sad dlltp.
peiiilmcul to us both, just slarlini,' oul in
life, only married a short llml, llul lAori
the bud finished the lirsl botile of Piycuini
Ibe paih in ber lungt quickly went away,
and after taking six bottles Mrs. Wallei
was a new cieaiurc and perfectly well
That ia juat one of the many familifl
inlo which Psychine has brought hope,
health ami happint-i, It is a living prool
that Psychine cures Consumption. Hut
don't wait tor Consumption, Cure your
LlGrlp.pt, your Cough, your Bronchlllt,
your Catarrh, or your Pneumonia with thi
remedy that never tails—
(rronuunteJ Sikccn)
50c. Per Bottle
Lnrgctr liioi $t and S?- nil drugglita
OR. T. A. SLOCUM, Limited, Tor-nt-
Reptile's Bile Is Not Always Fatal, and
It Falls Before tho Attacks of the
i More Agile Mongoose —Experiences
i Related by a Recent Traveler In In-
.' dia—Europeans Suffer Little — How
the Cobra Bites,
breed ana geographical distribution.
Ono of tbe most Interesting pets I had
of this kind wus a mongoose that was
lent me from the Sultan of Label, an
Arabian district sonic thirty miles from
our outpost of Aden, when I was stationed In that very sultry locality. I
thought this Arabian variety was smaller than those I had seen in India.
How the Cobra Bites.
Some people doubt If there can bo any Mp; Rohort Sheppard, Ex-Mayor of
recovery fr.mi tbo full bit of a grown! ?.ar?nn*lue! 0nt" T"tltl<'s to the
cobra. The poisonous "Jorcd fangs of; Mmts of Dodd s Kld"ey P'ils'
this creature work on a kind of hinge, Ainanoipie, Onl., April 30—(Special)
and aro folded back on tbo roof of the — I Buffered off and un for nver four
mouth when the animal Is In repose; I.Vl'ius from kidney trouble," writes
but when tho cobra prepares to strike,I Mr. Bboppartl, of this place, "and
thc mere mechanism of tbe upper Jaw though I irieil ninny remedies ninl
On the very lirst morning, as the  In opening the mouth raises these fold- was under a doctor a long while I got
isl fangs. If the fungs then hit tha In*' better. 1 hail Brlght's Disease
victim straight I fancy recovery must slightly, l.uinbugu, pains in my loins
be very rare. h.n I nl   limes (ill over my body,   My
But thero le not alwayt a full oomph)- skin was dry, hard and burning, 1
ment of poison In tbo glands nt the roil'ciuilil not sleep, the least exertion
aaf tiie fangs, and every successive bleed ivn.s su bail I broke Olil in boils
stroke makes the quantity less for tbe nil over the neck and back, I wns In
time being.   Again, tbe dress may catch
tourist Hops down In his long armchair
on, say. the elevated veranda of the
Esplanade Hotel, Bombay, ho will Iind
the Inevitable Juggler appealing to him
with uplifted eyes, i ompnnled by his
tag, bis basket and tho oilier paraphernalia -af his craft, nn,! though the mango growing trick may be more myster-
tons, the fight between Ihe cobra und up the greater portion of virus befon
tbo mongoose nil he more Interesting, the skin Is reached, and, lastly, the
The inborn mutual hatred between fangB may not strike straight, and then
those orealurei must bo supposed la* tbey are easily doubled up on account
serve senn- purpose In the wise Boon- Of the Joint spoken of, so that In such
omy of nature, says Chambers' Journal, Instances the front or outer portion of
and yet w mid look very strange did we the fangs may graze tho skin with,
not know that similar aversion! exist perhaps, no poison at nil.
between other more familiar creatures, I remember a strange thing happen-
tind for sauna' reasons not always appar- lug once regarding lhe bite of a snake.
«nt. Irrespective ot the danger aaf it, In a certain part of Bcloochlstan a de-
why   dans  the  mongoose  attack  the   tachment was In search of a new site
ilns  stni,•  when  l  started   taking
Hu Id's Kidney l'ills lllld In nn inoi'ed
Ihly shun spnee of lime the bulls disappeared, I recovered my health and
now 1 nm ipiiie cured,"
cobra? A live mongoose Is said never to
touch a (lend cobra In the way of food,
and the bristly carcase of n in ingoose
Is probably too tough for even the capacious digestion of his mutual adversary, We can only account for It, therefore, on tho same principle that the best had been bitten by a snako almost im.
bred game dogs will not touch the tlesb mediately outside tho tent. The medp
of the quarry that tbey are so fond of, °al olllcer ot the detachment, with the
fur a temporary cantonment In place
of the undesirable one we then bad,
Tbull Chotlall. On our first camping
ground we were seated at dinner inside
tbo mess tent, when a sudden cry was
raised that one of the camp followers
Tho active little miincnru-e |s almost
always the aggressor, for the comparatively awkward cobra, unless he gait blm
nsleep, would probably never think of
attacking his more nimble opponent;
and it Is generally the mongooie that ts
victor In these encounters. Though the
cobra rears his head, expands his hood
timbrellallko to the utmost, ami hisses
viciously, bis dabs at the enemy seem
misdirected and aimless, for tho wily
mongoose suddenly beconvs double his
natural size by the erectl 'it of his
tough bristly coit In a way that teems
quite to deceive even the wise serpent
ns to whal may be bristles end vvb.it
not. It Is only .lust to sny f.ir th* cobra,
though, thnt If his tangs wer- not ex
knlfo he was at the time holding In his
hand, rushed out at once. Tbo wound
was plain enough on tbe man's bare
Ho had been, native fashion, squatting on tho ground, and had been bit
ten on the outside fleshy portion of tho
leg, a few Inches nbovo the ankle, The
major at once made a slash on each
side above and below tho wound, and
cut a V-shaped nd out of the poor man's
leg within a few seconds of lhe cry being raised. As we bad only gone somo
dozen miles nway from our previous
headquarters, ami as our detachment
was going on still further, the man was
Bent In next morning In a dboolle to
the hospital, where he lay very 111 for
sunn time, but eventually recovered lo
traded or Ihe r .ls.ni glindi destroyed,  a certain degree.  As It was night time
n successful chance peck waiuld finish
.the mongooie, In iplte of bis activity.
The natural animosity is no da«uht
and tbo other natives got flurried tho
Bnakl unfortunately escaped In tho
dark; so I have always wondered whe-
greatly toned down In the i| linens  ther It was a oobra, and If the prompt
excision saved the camp follower's lite,
Considering that over twenty thousand
—think of It!—human lives are annually lost In India from wild beasts, a very
great portion ot which Is from veno
possessed by the Jugglers. Familiarity
breeds tolerance, if not contempt, on
both sides, so that tiny must attack ono
another with lesi f roclty than In their
natural wild condition, and must often
laugh in their tleevet when the farce Is   mous snakes. It Is at first surprising
I had the (food or bin! Inch to come
across many c "bras in.re and thore, the
moil of which I killed. Indeed, there is
llttlo to fear from a cobra In the oi en,
If yuu do not attach him he Is not likely iai attack y u, unless h,. toltea It Into
liU hi .ni ilnn y an are going to tr* ad on
thc tall of In. .Mat. Ii li a popular delusion that a cobra, after rearing him-
self, can Jump nt the enemy. Thli hi
Is quite unable to do, f r the motl in of
tho head Is along the arc "f a clrclo
of which the radius i stendi from thi
to see the almost complete Immunity of
European! from snake bites In that
country. It must he borne In mind,
however, (hat thero Is only a mere
handful (120,000 or so) of Europeans
altogether, as against the vast number
of native, approaching the stupendous
figures of 300,000,000. Tbe datives,
moreover, grope about In the dark and
roam the Jungles with baro feet, nnd often hare everything else, a condition of
affairs that leaves them particularly
exposid to the bites of snakes. lie this
ts It may, It Is seldom "ne hears of a
head to the part of the serpent touching   ic'Ml fr"ln ,nalw bite among the Euro
tbe ground, bean portion of tbe Indian population.
This Snake Met Hii F.-ite.
On one oeeasi -n, during the late war
In Upper Herman, when retting on a
email tent bed of an eighty pound ■ r-
vice tent, I saw a cobra walking Heath-
liy Into my pari ir, an the spider would
pay to the Uy. through the open d er.
I say "walking" advisedly, because serpent do actually walk on the end ot
their ribs Instead of Wriggling
nfter thc fashion of worms, The proa-'
. n ■ "f thi. snake natural y en iti . an
uneasy feeling, with such a narr w
compa is i.a ii, ive ab air In, but the
snake did not get out alive.
Thero are luch Inen dlbli ttorli i In-
Vi ni' i| about cobras in India, and to
extrnvi   int, too, I int one hcsltnti i to
mention ono's own m ire nt ■':
Criminals Become Less Violent, But
More Insidious.
The chief constable of Liverpool,
England, Is ol opinion that the education is refining our criminals, end a
prominent criminologist endorses this
"The burglar avoids violence, whenever possible, and chosen, when occasion often, more subtle forms of
roguery," says tho chief constable In
his annual report.
The criminologist says: "nm Slkei is
to be dread d less tbun Rafllet, and the
latter tl  to be  feared less than  tlw
On Mount Tom, in Massachusetts
thee is n traction system operating
nm cars on n cable. As one car goes
up the other conies down, The grade
is nu cxtrnorilinui'ly sleep one, u Inct
thut frequently culls forth anxious inquiries relative to tlio safety ol the
system Front nervous tourists.
One afternoon n lady from Boston
si'i'tcd horsolf iu ilie roar ul the car
thut wus about to make its ascent ol
the mountain, uml it ivns ut  ;o ob.
served by several Ihnt she wns extremely anxious ns to the outcome of
her temerity.
Can Only Obt.iin Health Through New,
Rich Pure Blood Made by Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills.
(irowiii;, girls—girls In their toons
- -must have rich, pure Wood. Healthy
womanhood depends upon the vital
change from girlhood to maturity.
livery woman should most carefully
watch her daughter's health at this
critical period, ir a girl al this period
bus headaches, if she is thin, pule mnl
languid, it shows that her BJender
blood supply Is being overtaxed. She
will always be ailing und may slip lulu a hopeless decline or consumption
If her blood is nol built up at once
wilh Dr. Williams' l'ink l'ills. The
rich red blood which these pills make
bring henlth nmi Btrength to every
organ, und innke dull, lisiless, languid
.nls. bright, rosy-cheeked, active mil
strong. Miss Maggie Donahue, Erlns-
nil.', nni., sins: "Before I began the
ma' nf lb-. Williams' I'inli l'ills 1 was
badly run down, uml It seemed us
Uu ugh my blood hnd turned to water.
I was very pule. Buttered from headaches and palpitation uf ihe hearl uml
often I would pass sleepless nights,
I found untiling tu help me until I began the us.' of Ur. Williams' pink
Alls, inui these have fully restored
i.ia nml 1 enn truthfully sny 1 never
enjoyed bcitcr health than i am now
Mien Dr. Williams' l'ink l'ills re-
nli is iiiiii blood with guild blood they
strike straight at ibe rout ot ull common ailments like anaemia, decline,
Indigestion, kidney and liver troubles,
skin eruptions, oryslpelas, neuralgia,
Si, \ Hum iiiiiic. paralysis, rheumatism,
and the Bpeclal ailments uf growing
girls and women,     Be Bltre mil get
in.' genuine pills with   llie full  lllillie.
" Dr. Williams' l'ink l'ills for Pale
People," printer mi tho wrapper around each imx. Sold by medicine
dealers ur Benl by mnll al •"" cents
n Imx nr six boxes for 2.60 by writing
'    Dr.. Williams'   Medicine Co.,
llrockvllle, Om.
The Overflow of Trade,
An advertiser's magazine tells nn
Interesting story of thu experience of
n Inundryman who didn't believe in
In tin. midst nf u dull season he was
nduced in experiment with small
newspaper "nils." Business began to
pick up, lie Increased his space advertised more regularly, and presently
found his plum running to iis full
capacity, in a month ur two more he
was obliged in decline the work uf new
oustomera because he lacked the
means tu handle It.
Of course he had to cut off his advertising to slop the overflow; but lie
U fully converted. His laundry is
iiniv being enlarged, and whon he is
prepared to uacommodnte a larger
patronage he proposes to turn on the,
newspaper power again.
The only limit io Intelligent news
paper advertising is the Hint! of cuimc
ity in iniiisiici ibe resultant business
—Philadelphia Record.
A Teapot Test
To prove its superiority over all Japan Teas.
Lead    Packets
Only,    40c,   50c,   and    60c.    per
Highest Award at St. Louis 1904.
fb,   At   all   Grocer*.
if yunr children moan nml ure restless during sleep, cuiiplcd, when awake
nub a loss uf appetite, pule i'iiiliili-n-
iiioo,  picking  (ll   file  nOSe,   ele..   ynu
may depend upon li thnl the primary
cause ol the trouble Is worms, Moth
er Graves' Worm Exterminator effectually removes these pests, at mice relieving thu Illllo sufferers.
i.aiwnrd W, Gates, president of the
.ogansporl Suicide club at Logons-
lort, Ind., Is suing fur u divorce mul
illegoB that his Who tried to kill him.
Nurse's Good Words.—"I am - prnf-i.
-Inniil nulse." wrlles Mr.. Eisner. Hall-
fan. N. fl. "I wns a great sufferer from
rheumatism—almost cnusiani association Willi best phi'sli'lans I bad every
chance of n cure If it were In their power
—but tbey failed. South American
uheunuitle Cure wns recommended—to-
dny my six yenra of pain seem ai I
dream.   Two hollies cured inc. —101
Cling to
Your Hair
Hold tost to all you havo. There'i
not * tingle hair too many. Then
fMten it tightly in place. Hall's
Vegetable Sicilian Hair R-mewu
itopi tolling hur, makei the hair
grow, keopi the ecalp liml thy.
For th. vtuik.n tnd ronnaUfli. w. m*k.
lal' hlsaiiUM's PVE. Ii ,,.!,„■ . rich brim
or a .cfl l,lau-h   H I' HAI.t. * ( n.. N.ahn. N 11
My tbe new bill being drafted by',
Hie Guernsey legislative assembly nu
barmaids under iiii years uf ago will
be allowed in ibe island.
Sunlight Boap is better thnn other
SOaps, bill is besl when used in llie
Sunlight way. Buy Sunlight Suup and
billow directions,
Sir I). Currle bus offered £2,000 to
iln' Royal Academy, Belfast, fur the
foundation of scholarships,
Itch, Mange, Prairie Scratches. Cuban Itch on Human or animals cured In
30 minutes by Wolford's Sanitary Lotion,   It never fails.  At all druggists.
American Homes of Foreigners.
Knell yenr witnesses accessions to
lie number uf titled foreigners who
establish their homes In this countrj
I In- A rienn   home   uf   lhe Hurl nf
Caithness is Berrlodale Farm, North
Dakota; thai of sir George Comptoti
Heinle, ninth baronet ul IA line, is n
Unwell, Livingston County, Mich
mnl recently Sir Frederick Robinson,
of Beverly House, Toronto, Canada,
bus transferred his abode from ihe
Province uf Ontario to 201 Wesl
Eightieth Street, New Vmi,. He
the third baronet of bis line. I'l
family wus founded by John Robinson
wlm wns president "f ,!"' Council nf
Virginia in the reign uf King William
in. ne married Miss Katherlne Bev
erley, whose father had hailed from
Beverley, in Yorltshre, and from that
time forth ibe name nf Beverly bus
always been associated with ihe ram
liy, One ut iis members wus John
Robinson, Lord Bishop of London in
Hie reign of Queen Anne: another
commanded the Queen's Rangers dur
Ing the American War uf Independe
eiice. iiiiii it was his sun who was
r.a'ii'a'ii a baroncl fur his services us
Chief Justice for Canada nnd ns
chancellor of Trinity College.—Marquise do I'untenuy, in Washington
1 ust.
Mackenzie & Mann ure contemplnt-
iicr n grain line from the French river
ii Ottawa, lo connect with the Greal
Minard's Liniment lumberman's friend
A Curious thing about women Is
ilnn either they llml fault with the
way cheap cigars smell in Hie bouse
or with the money yuu waste nu good
truthful experiences, us im: quite thrill
ing enough to be placi '. in n
My nun en spy sen I n was at nn
up-country station In India, I im l newly arrived there from Burma, and was
writing at night time on one of tbo
usual kinds ol writing desks, with
drawers en each side an.l an empty Interval below ami between, tho desk be-
■ impllshi al scoundrel who lays far.
A Hanover (armor, w,,ose Bhei p
in.: is iiiieii glvon to flghtltlg bus provided the animal with u leather Jnckel
an 1 a collar armed with largo Bplkes.
Letters In l-.tmlnnil \ol rrlvnta..
You cannot regard nny letter you
may send through the poll as being
private. The government bus a legal
right to open uny letter or parcel puss-
lug through tho post uud is also en-
reaching plans to swindle a whole com-
"Man  who,  flfty  years  ng->,  would'titled, ot course, to use any iuformu
have been burglars or highwaymen to-1 tion thus obtained In furtherani f
day are bogus company promoters and  „1(, intorMt, 0, ■-,- |.,w.   At one time
well-dressed iwlndlen of various kinds.'
'I'll'ir profits are enhanced and   Ihelr'
the ouiciui nnd secret opening of "pri-
risks diminished, and I have no doubt I Vat0" k'""ls *** "'' Wcb l'"""""" °°-
this is one of tbo fruits of tho board curronco that postolll tuployoeswero
ing, as usual, placed against one of the aohool. I sent to Franco to Inko lesions from au
walls of the room,
l wns dressed, moreover, h thin, hot-
weather clothing, and therefore particularly   vulnerable   to   the   bites     f
makei,    My |i gi wort In th tpty
space beneath the Ild md In the Inti r-
v.ii i.a iween Ihe drawi n on either sl le,
But what was It that I luddanly observed creeping roun I fi im Ihi end ol
the table to my right, ind gol
the hollow, altnoit in t iuoh with my
right font? it w.is a vile a- .',•, i
could not jump away on ae t of the
Iiusllla.n In which 1 ivns placed I al
once realised thai I tn vi In any way
would probably rou i Ih : ent Im-
ne Hate v to r. ur ninl Itriko, AI nny
i ll . whothi r ll ii.is b> . ,
tion er Unit I was i i pelrlfled with
horror to in ivo, I ni ver d. I m ivi a
muscle llll, to my Interna relief,
cobra gol bey.ni,i my feet to the back
of tbe hollow agalnil the i
"Then I ni'ivi I a iv. iy wli
limn oglllty and ih utod to my ta
'liaayi Boy' at the t p at my i il oi for
lt Is scarcely needful to li II th I n at
even tbe common or garden bell
lias yet penetrated Inl i the rem ite Mo-
fossil nations of India, not i.. ipeak of
the electric press.tbo-button t-ir i ty,
Hindoos as n rule are n il f in i -af killing siiiii..«. nr anything else, Ar that
matter. Indeed, tbey look up n the
cobra as iaon l and worship It In their
purblind tashl i, cs| a ly al Ihe yearly festival A Nag Pi nohnml (or lhe
Feast of Bnakes), naga being tha llin-
ii ■ il nn" word for a e ibro,
"At tbls iim.-. b iwevi i. -an or two if
my lervanti were Mussulmans, who
I, ei no crent r gard bIIIu , I n c ibrai
or Hindoos, nnd we icon hUllti 1 IUI the
cobra and despatched him forthwith.
Even the venomous c bra can hi
»pet of, minus (If om Is Wl   i Ills f anus
nmi poison glands; and as i ir ih i
,      . i." ts one of the mosl
i ■     - ol wild I
tlinii nno v ai |el]    if I      an in il  and
"Education has Its dark side. An In- j expert In the art ot opening uud re-
cvltabh*. result of a little learning Is to sealing letters, In ISI- the postmos-
develop hypoohlsy whore tbo moral ten of Manchester, Nottingham and
training Is not commensurate with thai Glasgow were Instructed to "open nil
merely Intellectual culture. | Bucll ,,.„,,,., as slmllM       ir tu ,„, ot
"The child of today whon ethical, , ,tt,plc|0U, „„,„,.„ ;iml „k8|., t0 ,,,„.
It Will Prolong l.lio.-l)i' Bota, the
Spaniard, lost bis life In the wilds ol
Florida, whither ho wont tor the purpose of discovering tho legendary
"Fountain of Perpetual Youth," Bald
ii exist In thai then unknown c iun-
try, While Dr, Thomas' Eclectrlc
ui. will nol perpetuate youth, it will
remove the bodily pains which make
in-1 im.! i old before ihelr llmo and
herns. Inn need Into untimely grnvi
No matter how usually dense the
casual observer mlghi have been, he
could nm hnve failed to deteel thai
the two cabbies loved nol each other.
The lirsi im i jusi finished u long, care-
limy thought-out oration, iu which
certain surprising particulars aneni
the seciind. bis looks, nnd bis family,
i mi, n announced, and ns he paused
mi breath the other took the opportunity ot changing the Bubject.
'Wnfs tha, I Bee ntween your
snafts, Bill?" be queried blandly,
"That's my 'oss, ol course!" the
ni it spi .ii.er wns surprised Into admitting,
"Why, su it Isl" riled the other, lu
astonishment,    "But,   'pon my sonl,
ui lirsl sight I thought it wns one
them 'x'-ray photographs, —Answers,
Etta Food
That Builds
Maybe   you   trunk   of
Mooney's Sodas only as a
toothsome  tidbit.    Don't
overlook their food value
Cream   Sodas
are made of finest Canadian wheat flour, pure butter and rich cream. There's |
nothing else cf equal size
and cost that contains so |
much wholesome nourishment.
TAn ideal food.
All   jroc-n   h»v-   thon—ftt*b ^
md criip in   lir-tight   puA»|-»
A model i iiy in accommodate 100,'
nnu peoplo will li.. bulll mi the shores
i r i..  Michigan.
There Is iiiiira1 catarrh In thin .ectlnn
of the country than all oilier diseases
pul logothcr, nu.I iiniii the lust few years
WUS    Sll].|iaiSc,|     la,   lia-    |,l,'lll'.l lal,-. lul     ft
|U' ll!    111:011'    V. 1,1-a    -I a. |.|S   |.| tl Tl«". - -1   it
ii local absansc ninl prescribed local rem*
.,11-s, nnil lav constantly l.illlni: to cure
wiib iniul treatment pronounced li Incurable Science bus proven catarrh to bi
a constitutional .ii-.-.,i-.- and therefore ri-
.inu.s constitutional treatment Hull's
Catarrh ('uie. manufactured by V. J.
Cheney ti Co., Toledo, Ohio, l« thc only
constitutional cure en iln- market It ts
ink ii Internally in doici from 10 Iropi
tn a teaspoonful.   It lifts directly on the
n: ] hi.I niii.--.iis. surfaces ol He' lyitem.
i'i a    ..ii ia. iiiniaii.,1 dollars for any
ens.- it lulls tai cure.   Send (or circular!
nnd teitlmonlals.
Aii        I'. J. I'llllNr.Y tr. Co. Toledo, a
S..I.1 bv Druggists, 7!e,
Tulle Hulls  Family  I'llls for con«tlr»-
teaching is neglected, ami who has in-
htrlied criminal Instincts, Is launched
on society with a hotter equipment f.>r
n career of crime,   ills education has
iniialu blm sharper nnd fuller of de-
vloei, ii gives Intelligence to his frnu
vey sedulous Information," nml so recently us fifty .vein* ago thoro wns nn
agitation to deprive tbe government
of the right to upon  letters passing
through the post 'lhe agitation tailed,
ilulent InstlnotS, uml widens Ills radius   however, so Hint vuiir letters ure still
ot pn
nail of thli kind nre the m st
il.nuia i aiis to iciy, because they an
the in ist Inildlouii
'".V. Hie twig Is lent sn the tree In-
ollm ' Imlil in iii" moral snd rellg-
lnis ir.'ilnhiK of children, If Iho moral
rcilmlnti and religious Influences ol
the Bibb) ni' ll ;■ 'i li .1 fraim our prlm-
ury caliicnll  we shall lllmul Iti < :• v
liable i" i pened, mul ibe law would
III' Oil llie Slab' ill   the ..tli. iill upend'. -
Loudon Answers.
I llllicae   Mini   Clllltiar,
'Ibe chlof cure of Ibe Chinese Is to
cut nothing cold.  Warm or id : od
thoy ni- orb in abundance, but rightly
they maintain llml  1 food lowers
er but criminally-Inclined children to Uio tempornturo of tho stomach beyond
1" ■ ime iu "re skillful in devising crime  tl..' point whore ilu,--tii.u can continue,
A Ghoulish Hope.
A public school iii. i'.i/iii" contains
this courteous announcement:   "Tho
edltoi will be very pleased tn hear of
the deaths of nny uf 'I hi buys."
Nn doubt Ibe ('hi buys will oblige ihe
e Illnl   lllllll  lllll"  In   lillle.
II Cure, all Creeds. Here nr- n few
niinirs nf clergymen --f different criidl
wiin me linn n, ii. vis in lu. Auncw'i
Catarrhil Powdci in "hi" up to the
Drenching" In nil it claims liialiop
Bwa ..in .ii tli v lu Limine (Eplicopil.
Ini,i: n.i in vv'iii.ia'.v and llev. Dr.
riiiimiiai- iMi ihodlst); .ana! in Newmltj,
■ll nf Toronto Can ids Coplei nt their
personal latins for ibe m-iimn 60 ccnti
und ii, ne uli".: In Its execution."
Movable Theatre Seats.
A new idea in theatre construction
Intended tu prevent a panic in case uf
lire Is that of tlm Herman engineer
lluussnnrilt, who has Just perfected
new and original plans. In case of n
lire tho orchestra seals, tho lower bux-
ei ami the gallery could bo made to
glide out Into Iho street on rails. All
tho Uro escapes at each ot the windows
would bo made movable nmi   whon
rrowded would slldo down Into tho
street on specially provided mils and
tube Ull tho peoplo to Biifuty.
A Long Time Bock,
Miss rhlnn—I met Miss Uldday's II-
ance I"-'! ay.
Mi i a    im   h lecdl  Who Is he?
M     ' '•'. I ". | iu i id mo you
im. ic hei verj well
'al '< '       ' 'i>,   but thli Wall  Ul UT
Ihey vary In size ace idlng to thell   1/ a month ago, ,
ami so Ibe health of the holy is en-
Mi.   lb in i,i. ii li iidti money to
'be cm rn \.ii York whon Hi" Wnll
.nls ilomiiiul high . '
Min.ird'i Liniment used by plyicnns
"Don'l   yon  think   I »l      '■
..i ... '    inked tin  reel n'' ii      ' '    '
luck nl appreciation,
"It's   II   Lill    ll ■ '"I*     I
ailmitle I  lhe  .a ||   '
'    Wl,  .      * " ..   1 '      .1     I',  "l'i     la' '      '      '
-a ,1     III     ll
I   I'.l .III   lllll'   I'   111 I     ''all   lu
tell     In     llie     l.i.llllaa 1,   '        I'l ll.n Aplil.l
Me abbreviation "cwt." is a com-
pound of th" Itoninn numeral •'., rep-
resenting 100, nnd u very natural nnd
obvious "wt" inr weight,
Hill II al llll I      I     Ha.  l.lal.r.
Machinery is the corucrslouo uf modern society, ibe very fouudatlon mi
which law, science, ethics, tbe arts,
even Ibe slate Itself, rests. It Is so
new thut wc ilu nnt yet know its
poetry. We do imt yet understand,
duly two general '■■- havo linsj be-
hide the highway of Btcam; only nne
bus seen the Uessemcr converter traus-
form the blacksmith Into the master
builder of ships uml towers. Tin- sew-
Ing machine, the far speaker, the typo-
writer, ure common iiuncs nf today, accepted ns n matter nf dally convenience, ami .vol nre they teachers nf the
i piav   Machines that coiue i lose to
mr lives mnl homes Insensibly tench
truth, pr" i  lislincnt nf mil-
' "I-, i i.i a. i.i !, iiniin na.ia|s, respect
for Hmi wise American lie.: tht
labor siivcil is labor released for higher uml nobler toll, The much I o i the
bend master "i Ihe l. A bcuo >i of ibe
race.- Header Mngtu
At n French Wedding.
A wedding fet -t is nn .     rl ml
ceremouy in Froucc among ii'l clnsses
aaf - „ ,, |y.     livcll lillaaal.L' lhe veil   |I0 l|*-
••-I nf ihe Parisians a wedding Danquct
is the (la'ens.nii fm- u reckleii i
lure nt money in ihe purchase ol u Ine
nml viands, In Brittany a weddlug Is
even a more gorgeous affair than in
Paris, At u r.seiit wedding "rem hit
lu Brittany the cu'-sts numbered i'-'»'.
mel Hires bullocks were ilaugbtered
to provide Ihein will, incut.   Wine was
consumed in large quantities, uml lu
addition foriy barrels oi cider mi vou
.»  No doubt you'll nWil 1        (13
thH season.
Makennn.ii..iU — it'ittalcinrl
iiut't. |b ir.it.tn it ikttpyoadfy
.in'! comfortabU in the hardett
jlnrm.   MvleinnhM'kfrYt'U
low.   .S.jL)-allrcujL.i'di.'altii.
OH! CArli'lM CO,, lx
i'•.ni: p. *i
Dr. Lonnhnrdt's Hem-Hold cures
mv form ol Piles, Internal. External.
Bleeillni:. Blind, Itching, Suppurating,
etc., are simply names nf the itsges
through which every case will pasi li
It continues.
l'llcs nre roused by congestion ol
blood In the lower bowel, and It takei
in Internal remedy to reuiuve the
Dr. Leonhnrdt's Hem-Ho'ld Is I tib-
let taken Internally, and no rut of
Piles baa ever been foiln I It fallld to
cure.   Muney back If It does fall.
gi.no at any dealers, nr the wiiion-
r *.« Co., 1.;.-..'.vs. Niuglia I'llll, Unl
Does Your
Heart Beat
Antmnli uml Pola ns,
Certain iuIi which nre dead
ly In their i IToi -   i I- tak
en by animal.- wlih Impunity,  Nurses
cun tithe large ■'■" es of nullnioiiy, dogs
of mercury, goals of tolni  mice of
Inin Imi; nml  rabbits uf  belladonna
Without injury.
A  I.kihI III  l.n.or)'.
Bpaln is a bind of luxury, II  ; eo| le
spend $:il,00<Mli tl u yenr foi
I  "  tin foi '    "lies mni cigars,
Iltl), .i-'ii on lotteries, $13,500,000 on
bullOgbts m l >i:.- n'«'ii for oilier holiday enjn} incut.-.
Yes, 100,000 times each dsy.
Does it send oul good blood
or bad blond ? You know, for
good blood is good health;
bad blood, bad health. And
you know precisely what to
lake for bad blood-Aycr's
Ssrsaparilla. Doctors have
endorsed it for 60 years.
0». fr.-o».l .»na. nf s. .< fclo«l |i. .lnnrl.ta
lla.f.   Tin. |»i'.li,i-.a*a..allrattnn.  r ,la.a,aa,.,a
• Ula.lail'.. I.,, tlaa I    ftUfltbM   l'"a  Ul-   .l.'>4,
■>...' of b*l, | ai-mfairl ,.i.„ tl . ....„ . .(.a ,
.. ii.'aii. ...as.i.rf K-.| III. tMXa.l, i-i,
aril, ii.r'a I'llia    .-   ,ii.    A.. ... ..i.a. .
Tli. Kn-n-li hi m- djr   A cih tt
>-i.|a ClteD,qatck,nli nntti.nlrotor.
1'1-ra Ii, aaav all, 1-     V ,u ■ .'I I wkib lb.
entor owl-if* I. .Lira,    fiv . niivtllB|.
Thel.iiia-al Ml- ui llir nn a-li Kmiiti.
i     ' ' i      n— i , ! ., lil.rlt,
All (It.:, 11 ot   I'   1,   I    M ..,   i  .-, i',i
m.ii'. '
-'." ■   ' ■   in-'"  i  •-.;. >
.a   ilMl.ati. .f
f    tun vioob.
»l'l I   Cl'll.
un»»i I'laotuu
Over a Quarter nf a Ccnlury
'.'■■!    i talllV    tlellta -|    llerna'll
ia-   lei I IU ■ I I.'-   Drank   ii, I  Drugi,
500,000  iiira s is our record,  We
ipesk   truly   ini-i my ih.it failure to
.   n   '■ ire  In   lie-  Keeley Treatment is ii failure uf the man mnl uot
mr nn thodi,   Bend  Inr lie
Addr. ss In COnfldl nee
133 Oiborne St., Winnipeg,
|) knoii  lour onlei
11      I   .'      .     ■      [ll '    I'      Iri
nu.iiii duty J
"Yi ■
ll '    I'  a     I
I'alllillll,     |    |
■       ||
Willi tYnnl-1 I'" ' ■
il. i    I. ■
. ■
W   N    U    I.. nilS       I'XIAIA
Real Estate
Wc have enquiries lot    A
Business   ami    Itei
property,    l.isl yuu
us.     We .In  llii'  business,
(AnnulI   ii-  before  luiviiis
Have Youi Seeo This Beauti-
i4.Smith«.co'ij'!ful Land?
Junction Blork
North Vancouver<
If Not, Too !   iuld and Buy.
Price ol
Rolled ©at*
Mai) and Feed
Milling €o.
I imilcd.
Harry Miti In II, li i tl ni rj
Lonsdali Avenm
Fine,   health;    I
Cauliflower Plants, grov
Sutton . hand.
.:.'.'     r-'-'m*
:.   : ■
I C    C, c~- •" p c ~
' 'I (I few
,, . |.( : ',-/
'olits by        filling    Via ' " If th St.
The   North   Vancouver Specialist
161 i or lova .' lai'i'i.
«w ?
•i— r^_Kjr   M
.. .
In Tin ni iiiid Ue Convinced.
ALL .A!,     'i	
McDow rug Store
.:, 'J. C,
ration, lid.
i     l
R. Kerr Ho   . ite, Manager
4® 8 Granville Street, Vancouver, ,   C.
sioe EACH
ALL   K.SOft
Jastin is Sti ouver, B.C.
EER -^>    I
♦ '' I' IflU'llill'J    llllll I
ll I'l  -  llll   '
Aa;,  ■      | i!     ,,,, I',
"f   Ij    liVLalJ-
NTANI.llV   I'AUli
Ale and Siout
m .....ii-. K.U. „™        To ProJK-rtij Owners
lhe Uoit.it Brctviny Co., lid. NORTH   V.\ NCOU VKR
■.     PA  a,-..,'   LiJH  .  NU    Vs -.. KKS   J
v'     icon ver, 13. C.
Till.. ,i<,l
/.'('.;„ „
i ■ ■
/(■/.' i '■  ■ • :
' - -•..■::>■. a-j :<>:-»-:-*-i'-*-i-4-i-.
r;i, i. ■ -   ,   . i ., ■ liotil nl  n  ll
!        '
/Jr- A ■;
■ . m i     i, on
,,, ile   I'i'ii  will  1'
1 ■    :       tinas.
Dislriel of North Vancouver
towimte or opimo,
V'l'nri. I* iiri.'i iivi.ivi \ nn i
it is 111)  il.il
' ' lil III   Ila'
I . ".      ■      ■ er, at l
""'in-',     in    .liim       III   '      fnr    un
I'llll     lur   ilia'   preia
•Ul   l0|     V,.     A    ,,    .,;
I       '   ;.   HI    Ila'      1 I   lllllll!   !e   nl |
'    'I'     "'"■ '     I   IV.   Kills.       I
dispose oi lots,    MRS. H. A. SHAW , , ..
BLOCKS   OK   Ai'K'I'A.i'l'          PIONEER DRY GOODS Company's Imtchei  shop,
ARE    REQUESTED    I'O                       sTul'l' :l'";ir ;lt ''"' Cill)ilanu'
PLACE     SAME    Willi "Jack" thinks there's more in a
I, "    '                      -■     Same prices, a, i     i mi cases "■"'• '""'ti,;i" a rabbit's,   i   In
,          .,       ., brought tin- trophy   alone   with
cheaper Ilia
Irwin ifl Billing*
Cornel Lonsdale and ithSt., II. /\. SHAW
North Vanci Ri'tll I sli'H'tlild IllStirantC
District of Nortli Vuucouvc
District of North
V      >i-l/    /\llt    1 >l
IMI    Ithl.UI ,
.". •   1' III    , a
.1     ■ IMU   I'l
Vu I    ill a ,, ,r 111  Vll Ild ill VlT, >
!. ' Mcintosh, ol I law:
Irom    e.i' tein    I
■ put in tin1 vvinti i.    I If
■ hiisril a lol mi I'n ■
1      " . \   '
any il< nl.
LONSDALE AVE. N.VANCOUVER        Oil   Slllhiay    a \. llllll'     ::       ,;
i'i Ian k,  while all the people   al
II   -   .,"     '.
B. Sail M  - Willi mj   "'   '   ''«■>'"'»'™ »".  il
 '. '     ' I   ll    ll        lim. .a'     ,.;
Dm and
Blue Prinl
VA ER, B. C.
'       .'.'Va.A'A       •
If* 1 ^ '
I'. Larson, I 'rop.
' I
Ollii e   ( nr. I ms lill ' I i . and I spl-iii.iilc, Noi III \ uu uuvi'i, II  (.
I - nli
'    '
|il     ■
\\ liiti i iri
illtu   :'
I     '     ,1 Ii'l
.all   all.
.   .
<L'«M2UNY, Ltd.
1:     nbli   General Auctionce
.  ii'.'s.,',    Vnncouvor,   B.  C
I iieiii till nil
Ini-ki fur i'inli.
.    Ia   1 ATE
'    - 'ty III North
.   I   in
1 -   'io get Good  t ■. for a Small Price
Three Pa. - r ©ne BvWar
1  i, .-md is sold in many
per pound
J. A. 'a..' Ill I AN the Esbtanade SUPPLEMENT
1..I.II.       MiliTII l.l.M'*llU:ii.li. -'..JIM: I. lawi.       kl5,
Mass Meeting Monday.
it i.i the i ominittec on in-
corporation to the ratepayi ra ol
the ili-ttn t "I North Vancouvi r:
In   accordance   with   the   in
strut tioi   received Irom you nt the
hi Id mi November
.•(, i )i -,. when '."ii adopt*'I om
report a I n m mendations with
an aim ndmi  i. an : i ithorizi d it
tu i an ' ' "' . 1.
the rei ill    ' :
i a.. i i      I   i ■■ ■ mln i.
1 \ whii h ii wa   di' uli ' ,i
i i a. ■ a 11;   rati   .a    1
ii al ii 1 ■   .: di i   ipi i i.ii
irti i     ;   lhat  ilu    nan i
"Ninth    Vancouver,"    wc    had
:i   dralt  ijn ' ini ' hnrti i I i
rpoi il   i:   ol  tin*   .'    ; North
Ann ouvi i.  pa-pan l       Mi
D. Taj lor, K C, harristi i     I:
drali wns  submitted lo tin   n
 niitta ■ im revision, i nnsisting
i Ma i \ li I'',, ick, \i J
Cornish, |. j Woo u I (J, J.
Pbillippo, v.. i wen ri• .1 to
retain the bi rvii ei  ol i pi ■ iai ■ >.
peris to assisi tin tn in the work
The pi iiii' n to the lei       nri
i  eave to inti   luce the bill w.is
duly pn ii nti ' I'' tin Iioiisi     'I la'
I itsell •        ' ■  :
I re cntai I tension
time wai        I It    ranci
ihal      rlher cxli-i
On llie 1.11       i     '        last tin
bill, .i  !■ '     real i arc b\
llu nee, u   isii ■! bv tin
■ illy   adopti ai
nittee, and ivi   n olved
■ bill would be printed, with*
.",, im i'n '•• nl li a:, i" ihe1
-I m    and    tin
||l   thi I A    .a
Kealy's name addi d, wi n givi n
full powi i to prosecute the matti r
in tlie house, and before tl e
privati I ills cominittci.
We realized ilnn iln re was son e
dangi i nl the time being too sin it
i" . el tin  i hnrti i   through   tin
lature, and as  si parate   in-
' ■ rporatiou wasdi • med tin mattei
: paramount importance, we nave
nb committee authority,   in
ihe' v. ni ni any difficulty arising
in tin wny (,l incorporation undi i
till'    S|>' a iai    a  I, 111. 1.     Ill    se,  \:       j IJ -
rporatio i the Munii.
i   i.m .I'S .I' I.
I Iii i' .Hi' i   tl e   stili-i ommitti -
print, d a    .
mil "n I't i n.n > io, Mr.
i ..' ul i  \   toria, taking tin
I   with him, in lie laid belori
the    private    lulls    committei
\\ hen llu   mi .riiia' i aim   In Ion
• is ol tlmt i ommitti >■ nnd
nu minis ni ilie government,  tin
wi n   lound in be   unwilling   I
undertaki  the consideration  and
■.. meat-tin so li ng and so
iiiipaatt.ini  at  that  period  ol   till
session,   "ilnt•  was   also   somi
li .it i xprissed that Iln   si    on
might nut continue  man;    d i
loi   'I
11|  necessity the privati    i
■ a ii niitti c would have to spend
ral li   lime in going  ovei
the measure in all its details and
ilti i il was ii porti il lo iln- In
ii would have called loi proh i
nttention.    II.  tin relore, tin
hnd got    ii"   the   i ommitti i
ai lion , ■:
liave hei u impo isibli,  with   tl ■
alin"'-t  i ■ ii.iiu   ii si,!   that   tin
would be |'i iro-jucd 11 Ion
the - I'ln'i ittc" had   I nished   il
lal "i -.
All those hu is wero  can :
■   :' il by  llu     ub oniii ittei.


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