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'>■>"■•■'■,. .■
Don't it beat all bow mum the
legislature at Victoria is on the
matter oi provincial rights?   Incapacity to deal with the question, «' ■'  ,;i     '"' "     :;
is it?
(property interest in the locality I"
and a number of persons owning
property are debarred from voting
on by-laws because they are not on
the      assessment      roll.   Both
• The British bouse of commons
will resemble the French chamber
of deputies, Instead of the two
historic parlies, it will be split lip
into at least half a dozen groups.
It is a great convenience these
mornings to quite a few that Lonsdale avenue to wharf is a down-
bill run. A faster sprint can be
made to catch the ferry when it
blows the whistle.
How would it be to make the
first Monday in tbe New Year
nomination day for the municipal
elections of North Vancouver, and
,'lection day a week later? This
slate will not conflict with Vancouver City.
Campbell-Banncrman will have
■ of liberal  chai
help him in bis proposed nations
Tho committee from the Union
ol 11. C. Municipalities, will meet
shortly at Victoria to place before
the government certain recommendations regarding the bill now before the legislature to amend and
consolidate the Municipal Clauses
act. This is a very voluminous
document, but then there is no
need for the government to set it
aside on that ground, as it has been
doing for several years past and as
is in contemplation again. If the
committee of the legislature will
only act. on the advice of men, who
know from experience of municipal affairs, the whole bill, and a
workable one at that, can lie put
through its stages in a few days.
Smith Curtis calls it graft,
seven times repealed. By the
way, what isgralt anyhow? Every
one knows what it means to graft
There arc more cases of ad-
vanced tuberculosis to be treated
than auy other disease.
There is no disease where so
much can be done to render the
patient comfortable and hopeful
as pulmonary tuberculosis in the
advanced siage.
There is no disease where one
case in a family can more readily
become the cause of infection oi
othar members, particularly in the
stage where thc consumptive begins to be confined to tbe close association of the family members
It is extremely important to remember that advanced consumptive patients who are able to go
about, perhaps able to work at
their ordinary calling in the office
or factory when ignorant or careless, constitute the greatest danger
to the health of the community,
They must be considered as the
... a working-!')! i ''dening. Therefore gardciierUnom frequent cause of infection,
men's comiuuuity  it   should   be- is a synonym to grafter, ami is de-1 The careless, ignorant or helpless
plenty of liberal charwomen   toI a fruit tree and make it produce
something Dame Nature did not
j intend it should produce.    But the
hotisecleaning. It is said that I. __^ ^ ,id M >he
office seekers are gathering in pu|,-jc lcts o[ public men—what
London in droves.—nearly as i Joes it imply? Anything like
baii as at Victoria. stealing, for  instance-Vancouver
The Specialist, Gives Points
and Suggestions Regarding the Prevention of the
Dread Disease Consumption in the " Medical Record."
The time has not arrived   for
The latest phraseology, when you
thu doing away altogether   with ' refer to some public men, is to say
property qualifications for mayor; that tiny are very good, but fom'
placed as low as prudence will
allow. Willi ibis end in view the
me rporation committee are agreeable to make ii A'., ■ foe an alder-
iii.iu a,nl >j"0 for a mayor. We
think that this is yory '•' "al indeed.
void ol that vulgar sound so consumptive when confined to bed
obnoxious io the liner sensibilities can do little more than infect his
uf the "gardeners"—ut Victoria, as room, but the advanced patient
it Were. able i i follow some calling can, if
'  , lie is cAreless, scatter 7,000,000,000
bacilli every d.iv with ibe greatest
Ol iill tuberculosis patients, he
should bu iin most can-fully instructed,   ami   should   bu   mosl
|usiit-e Shallnws.nn 1 his 1 is!-
ants, of tin   New Brunswick Supreme Court, iiliis'il not long ago
due .il'.he  bust advertisements to admit  as   an   attorney   Miss
North Vriucnui 1 bus is the fact Mabel  French, an   accomplished
that iniprovenM ms to property are j lady, on ibe ground that she is not deeply
iK.t      taxed.     This      place       it-
essentially one of workiugmen's
Iiniii,-s ami it must be gratifying
to those who do work around the
house and in the yard to know
';. tt thi ir efforts will not he taxed,
Of course some owners of vacant
lands object to this, but what wi
wmi are residents here—not land
speculators, li is to be hoped
t ml the incorporation committei
\wil adhere to this principle when
compiling the charter.
lu a recent edition we referred
to the advisability of abolishing
the ward system, which at the
time caused some comment It
appears, however, that ihis us tho
general consensus of opinion, so
much so, that the committee on
incorporation has decided that the
new 1 'tv will start out with but one
Maid. J. J. Woods, one u! the
.ominittee, bus sum; stcd if tlie
ward system is to In adopted that
impressed with  the fact
a person within the meaning of tlic-1 thai carel' is less ,;i the disposal ol
law,   It curtainly is a ill-wind that the sputum is dangerous to him*
blows       nobody        Hood.    Miss self as well as to bis neighbors.
French's ill-treatment has bene
fitted the star harridan of bt. John
Miss    Kate   Smith,    who   is    a
thoroughly undesirable character
and a drunkard.   She was arrested
lhe Other day on a charge of being
drunk and disorderly,    When the
case came up before the magistrate her lawyer pointed out that
she was noi a person within tlu
meaning ol the law, and Kate was
accordingly liberated,
A New Firm.
llrackman St Ker, tlvo well
known Hour and feed dealers of
British Columbia, have procured
quarters on the premises of the
Western Corporation, near tbe
wharf, and will open warehouses
nexl week. The linn will handle
llour, feed and all kinds of seeds,
  lid. niiai! In- elected to repro',
  . iliavmn procured a carload nl tl
lent each waul ami iln balance ol ,
the 1 iiniii il he eh 1 ted as n pr* sen
lativi   at large tor the new city.
The Municipal Election act
should be amended so as to bar-
uonirc with the Municipal Clauses
lot. In tbe latter provision is
,'. for tbe voting on money bylaws, those qualified to vote being
the -'assessed owners of laud or
real property." Thus, any person
offering to vote may be required to
.wear that lie is "the person
named on the assessment roll,"
ami there is not .auy doubt who
may vote on by-laws. But the
word "owner" as applied in the
Municipal Elections act regardiii(j
the registration ol voters has a
■ ni in. ailing    '  |iientlj
this 1 onditii 11 pn       A 1	
latter from the famous Sutton
Nins- iv, Reading, England
Harrj Mill hell, a pioneoi of Van-
couver, will have charge of the
new venture, We bespeak [01
him a successful, undertaking,
Residents will now be in a position
to net just what they want at as
1 In ap  rati S  a.*,  anywhere  iu  the
The census man rang the doorbell loudly, and, was about to
turn .tv.,i\ when the lady ol tin
house put hei head oul ol the
window anil sn ppi d out, "Wi ll,
whal tl" you want "' He n plii tl,
"I'm i.ikiii;' 1!;' '' nsu ■'
im: down the window she yi lied
out. "Well, I'm takias a bath."
As yet people generally have not
been educated up* to the point al
which they are willing to carry
aud use a pocket ilask or cardboard purse. Being desirous to
conceal their condition, they are
extremely reluctant lo do anything which would call attention
lo their infirmity, A way less likely to cans" remark must be found.
Probably the best that can be done
in the meantime is to suggest that
tuberculous men should have two
pockets lined with some material
which can be easily cleaned, and
that tbey should carry in one ol
these pockets very cheap handker-
■ hit fs or bits of cheesecloth or
other cluap material cut like
handkerchiefs, which when used
mn be put into the other pocket,
and there kept until the close ol
the day when they can 1
di 11. .'I ur sterilized bj boiling
.tli. 1 ilnn return home. In this
way ihey , an escape observation
,111.1 ni iln same time si 1 m tin ii
fellow-workmen and ass
against danger.   When si pit
,i,, antion aa this, and one su
within tin- reach ol ever)
a 1
right-thinking man, is ava
not to make use ol it, wonld si 1 in
in be lillle less than criminal ni
^kct. Ll". Know.
Mrs. \\ ■ Salmon, ol a attle, is
liiini proirastinati    Subscribi
for Tut. Ext'i 1 ss.   I)n ii now.
IJ11111    "II
'.tllille    lite
1 u it mini' A
Im:    you v.ant  lo
.in Iini'      I , .
Church Notices.
sr.   john's church,   corner   oi
Next Sunday, 4th inst, (fifth
Sunday after the Epiphany);
Morning prayer, 11 a. m.; mm
COMMUNION, 11:30 a. m.; Sunday
school, 2:30 p. m,; evening prayer,
7:30 p. 111.
On Septuagesiina Sunday, holy
COMMUNION at 3 a. in.
Morning and evening prayer at
n and 7:30 every Sunday. Other
arrangements will be announced as
At a meeting of thc church
committee on Monday evening last,
the ecclesiastical situation of the
parish was discussed with the
Venerable the Archdeacon of
Columbia, who is acting as the
Bishop's Commissary during bis
Lordship's absence iii the old
Archdeacon I-Vntreath stated
that tbe whole matter would be
reviewed by tbe Bishop in 1907,
and it was accordingly decided to
offer tbe position of ptiest-in-cbarge
to the Reverend R. S. Marsden, to
be held by him up till liastcr ol
that year.
On Thursday morning Mr.
Marsden called upon the Arch
deacon, and took tbe oath and
subscribed ibe declarations usual
on being licensed to a parish.
On Tuesday evening last, by the
kindness ol Mr. and Mis. Burnet*,
» number of the parishiom rs
assembled at their house in wel-
' nm,' Mi. snd Vr*. Marsden on
their return from ihe old country.
1 ;i ie w.ts much 10 hoar, and still
more lo s ■;., and a very phasaut
evening was s)  nt.
We bear tint the Bishop ol
New Westmin a 1 h ;" s to li avu
England on or about the 131I1 ol
this month. His Lordship went
on home after the General Synod,
with the purpose of pleading the
cause of the British Columbia
Theological College, in which our
clergy of the future aro to learn
something ol the spa i. 11 ee s and
icquirements ol our country.
Services at the usual hours on
Sunday at 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.  111.
Morningsubject—"Our Homes."
Evening subject -"Paul at Corinth."
Sunday School al 2:30 p. in.
Christian Endeavor at 8 p. m.
on Wednesday,
l'astor; Rev, J. I). Gillam, M. A.
There will be a concert   and
social iu tin tliiin h on Tusidaj at
■* p. in.    Su advi 1I1-1 nnnt
construction work would be delayed, which statement was not
correct. If any of the ratepayers
wauled to take part in tbe discussion a duly advertised meeting
should have been called, when
both sides could have been beard.
C. Gray said that almost anyone
could get a petition signed for
anything, That he had not seen
the petition, and did not think
anyone on First street did either.
11. C. Wright, who lived on
Third, said be did uot care where
the tramway ran so long as it ran.
Kobt. W. Dick said that nearly
all of tbe speakers favored a plebiscite being taken. Was this to
shield the council from the responsibilities tbey were elected to
carry out, or was it iutimating that
tbe council was afraid to do its
duty? Three of the present council were returned only two weeks
ago by acclamation. Councillor
Morden's was tbe only seat contested and be was tbe only opponent to the present route. To
ask for a plebiscite on a question,
which had been left to tbe council
: lo   handle,   showed   very    poor
Ur. jordon took   very   strollK|,,0ijcv
Mr. Sperling said that he was
there to accept the council's decision as to the route and was not
prepared tu express bis opinion on
tbe matter.
It was then moved by Councillor Cornish, and seconded by
Councillor May, that First street
be the route selected. The motion
was carried, Councillor Morden
voting nay.
Reeve Kealy then asked Mr.
Sperling ii lie would accept that
Mr. Sperling—Yes.
The Council Decides After a
Lengthy Discussion to Al
ter the Proposed Route of
the Tramway Line from
Third Street—Mr Sperling
The council held a special
session on Tuesday liitfht to discuss with General Manager Sperling matters regarding the proposed
route of tbe tramway line. Keeve
Kealy presided, and Councillors
Morden, May, Cornish and Allen
were present. There were about
40 spectators present.
Several letters pro and con as
to the route were read and filed.
A petition signed by over 2110
ratepayers asking thai Third street
be tbe one selected was received
which precipitated a lengthy discussion.
Hotel North Vancouver.
The following are the   guests
'I al ihr liitlrl   tin    v.. 1 '
I   llul' hing, V.im -nni 1
I Dunlop,        "
J. Martin,
i; Clarkson,
(hav Mm haul, "
W II Burnett, ••
A  IC. Mat'loin'II, "
T. IJ'.  1
N. II. Tweedy,   ■•
A. J. Allen,
W. I). Wilson,   ••
1,' 0 l*'n htnond, "
Tims. Stokes,
I 1, Gibson an 1 wile
Win Shaw, St otland.
!■'   I   \\. ('"iill-. I Aim i
grounds that Third street should I
be llie route. Ile held that North
Vancouver was essentially a residential place and lhat the tram
way should be so located as to be
convenient to residents. He also
said that lie was Strongly in  favor
nf a plebiscite being taken to de-
cide whether the car line should
run 011 Third or First street. Failing a plebiscite be thought that
ihe whole matter should lie left
with the company to decide.
G. A. Mt-Bain Iteltl that Third
street ihould lie the route selected.
II,- spake .if the good work of the
.ihl council In support of Third
*'i. 1. and I bought ihat the new
council .sliould uoi interfere in ihe
Ex-Councillor Bell pointed nui
that Third street was only selected
by the old council alter very careful consideration. He could not
see why ,1 change should now be
made to First street. Tbe only
dissenting voice in the old council
i' 1 arding the Third street route
was ihat of Councillor May, who
only made a very mild prolest.
The noble woik dona by the old
Council on Street  railway  matins
should be satisfactory to every
ratepayer,   Councillor     Morden
and himself wero more than agr	
ably surprised at the outcomi ol
their interview with manager
Sp. thin:, who a;;reed to lay so
much track.
Councillor May said that K.v
Councilloi Bell called bis
obje* tiona in old route only a mild
protest. He considered that he
May) put up a pretty strung kick
against it.
Reevi Ki ily »is" stated thai he
was i"i latisfii d with ihe proposed
old Mnl'. and n fi rn d to Co ici
: ,1 A' n ;e. having made thc remark in him ai ihe imi'- Aftci
furthei ' ";i 'I' ration i" 1 aid If
.:..;.il lu-* mind in favor nl
in.  |iti .. 1,1 proposed route now
lit'liin til'-1 'iiiK.il.
Councillor Corni ill 1 1 be wai
lit, |,    In   11 pi.  „ III   III.   W.lt'l   .ml
taki thc rcsponsibilit) when he
supported the I irit sin el route
Hr .inl nut ..on.1 let th. proceed'
iii,:, tven -i'i ■ - thci regular, as
1:1, meeting waa ■ spa nl one a
1 ,. i.Hiitt ,1 t 1 Mi Sperling.
, im a 1.1 iln petition pre
. ill. .I Wl 11  ill Mini'' ' .!'■■ *. he was
'. olil in ■ d
The meeting then adjourned.
Usurers and Poor People.
nothing I"' ■' illation, inaainui li as llu
. 1 i'l' 1 i.i" ' llml
.. v Im hi, in.- visiting Mrs, Raynor.
I'-cachci    ••!   preached   to   •'
.   todu) " have      1  ' I prim     ei en
I   , ■,    "Yes, 1  noticed   you ih mr   future il   any  attempt   were   made
called them 'my dear brotl ,       ril     U ayeai
Our attention has been called on
more than one occasion to the (act
that insurers are operating in
llritisli Columbia, particularly at
Vancouver and Victoria. Their
procedure is something like this:
One borrows say J25. Arrangements must be made to pay this
ak at $3 a week for 12 weeks.
When the loan is made thc
borrower only gets $22 actual cash,
,<3 lor the lirst week's payment be-
ing deducted. II a payment is
missed $1 extra is charged. The
rale ul percentage is most exorbitant. After the lirst loan has been
half paid a second loan can be
negotiated for the purpose of repaying tbe unpaid balance, thus
il can be seen than what with the
1 In ut having to pay 250 per cent,
interest that he has but small
chance ol getting entirely out of
lhe toils. Tbe cuirent issue ol the
Trades Unionist tiyt that a large
amount nl misery and suffering has
h auacd in lhe ciiy by these
modem shylucks. thai one printer,
In im; so mm h in (In ir clutches,
committed suicide; others, so
harm < d with lhe threat of ex.
posura in iin 11. mployees, leit ihe
town, li in also said that
gamblura ami questionable
characters are lonstant borrowers
and win m■ ii il victims. Apart
from this it takea uo verv ureal
sin I. h ni imagination tu see what
greal hardships pool people must
Differ wim obtain money this way.
li is said that it* ps liave aiu-ady
been taken to lay iln* state ol
,11.11,s liiini. liii Attorney General
,1 *. toiia I 1 I - hi •- has reliable informal    1 win*h it   will
,. v I   11 il,   propi 1  lime 1 omes
I      I- ■   iiefai   11 ■ business.
Mi   (nn.'. 1* erecting
>. ou First street.
11. C
\ Wii'kl, \,'w-,|iii|ii'i'       I'tililislii'il by
Tin: KM'IM'iSM I'lMNTINllCompanj
Subscription Hut' lli'llar I'm' Vi-nr
Mimagini I' I '."i
.Ulvortiitiiig Manager.
nnd iii.'iii'iii nt 'in 11,'Ikh nt Terror
In   I'iicIn.
During llio reign ul terror in Paris
Stic  "!'   tllU  IIIUSl   I'l in.irl.illili'   GHCII|)0H
"I   M      !'       ll lli'lillil'llll.    Ill'
iii oxei liiini with iwimtj "ti
in i, imt, iiiir ilu- ilftoontli
lii'.ul Inui fallen, llll* i.tiill "I  ■:. ll oul
III' iif'1'T ,mil   ll   Wl I lllllll   Wli ■    'I'l
II    Thr hi remaining victim*
wore Ii (I standing iii fronl o( il n
lllllt ;i   tlii'ir  IiiiiiiIh  UpiI   lietllllil
iiii ii,. A i'l't'iirli crowd is rei'*/ curious,
uml llio people liopl |iii","iii,; forward
■ ' 1 ■ t in ni "niii,g llio guillotine,
Bj di ■ - - M, di i ii lU'iiuliriiii, who
w.is i i ii,'1 it'itr ut Ilia companions,
toll iii llio fronl liu" of iln'
si "'''liiini'*.   Illi'll   tli   llir   M'.'iilltl,   mnl
lliuilly well lifliiiiii tit .,'• wiin hud ei	
i" sou Ills l.'-nl em [iff. Hei i" llie i. ii
■ guilliilim hi working "i
liegii II, mid M   lie
' llllli'.llllil'llll   Hll|l|ll'll   UWII)      Wllt'll   ill
.   I'll.*".,   ll iU   II   lllllll
Ihal a wiik hud lied III liiinds und
robbed It.in ni' hi.-. Imi, mnl ilns simple
'it'liiI'hiitl sol linn ti"'   A l.'iv days
nn' M, il" iiiui i in ■    ipi'il from
, mi'i i
so   imi,'!i
lll'illll   l'i '    'I   In ll uf   |||    ||   ..'
Illi'lll   tloll'l
l'J- till llll
Winter Ventilation For Poultry.
■   i    ■    'i
liat foivls nooil
ad an I   ren   i  tondeni >■
■" ilotli for ;l' .   in   tho
1 ■"    i'.
' '1    ll    Tli..   lllllll,   Willi     110
.  r
er   -4
I  I
I 'V
V    «,>
mJt     '
.   JloKySO.
11.      ni,I... it      111 llli'      Origin     (ml*.
Legendary it "mm, »,■.
Tlie orlglu of lite Order of the Golden
PI i'   is,   like   Unit   of   the  Uurtcr,
Bhroudoil in mystery, Very fevs mod-
t'l-ii archaeologists attach nny credenco
lo the vulgar tradition, wholly unsupported by nny authority, that lit u court
ball given by Edward 111. a lady, sup*
poscd in he llu- Countess nf Salisbury,
dropped Iiit garter, ninl the king, taking ii up nml observing sonic nf his
courtiers in smile ns though thoy
thought he had imt obtained ihis fnvor
merely by accident, exclaimed in n
loud voice, "lloni -nit ,|tii ninl y penso."
Thoro is another opinion which truces
Hie origin nf this order, which, according in ihe learned Seldon, "exceed* In
mnjosty, honor and fnmo all llio clilv-
alrouB orders In the world," to Richard
I'ni'iir dc Mon liuvlng upon ll ten-
..inn uf siitni' warllko expedition during
his wars in Palest) lioscn o leathern
lliongcd garter us tho dlstlnetlvo mark
of Ins partisans, Tot another theory
ascribes tho foundation of tho order lo
Iho fuel thai Edward at the battle ol
I'lvi'v issued his garter ns a signal loi
battle, which, proving successful, determined blm tn Instltuto tho order in
memory ol tho event,
lliiili these opinions tire to n certain
I'xti'iii feasible, and the first Is mote
r-tolly fortified by tho well known fact
iimt when Iho crusaders capturod St.
.lean il'Ariv in a i liiriinl assault llio
kulghts nf Uie Christian army were or
tiered lo wear simps of whllo leather
bound round llie leg under tho left knee
in order to distinguish thorn from the
l\i*«   Her.
B.iv, y.uu you've a wife,
! f yinii- life
■     .   '
|. in   llie i'liii—
i:i' ■'   ;.
.   i
11 I'D    "SO  I,"     J.
Lu. ■
Vii'i't" lur I i ' .i : -.
t- yd
I    I"'        I '   . net,
]:. ■
If: ■ '   ■
-T    A    Pull   111 .' Ill I
if pnullry linn        I      i
i ■ ■ ' i
i It     il,'
li lets I
llll no tl
I'll, i ol
■ 'i
Tne 13 e din | Ewes
' i      i"   In ■ ''n.. run nt
' ih,.) iiii   ■,:
lulled   i   ,  '    i- 'nml tn
1   ■'
until 'i'i"   i   ro two
tltl,    ■     i
"     ■'   lllllg   re illy   ll,
''' ■ i i pen hy li r
■   lambing    A11" r Hi" . .'..
i  ii 'ii ij turn oul in iw
I I   liVC i'i . ■
■ii i i" ii tli'i'.i
.".i 01 ' irl.l
i      '  ' ,   'I.
'       . tli 'i have al
•    • f ll ..      ■      ■
mil i   limy
■ Inlo 11 linull .i inn ni
in   nm ■■   ihi Ir
ICCII lomctl    In
 hi t' ■ -a im gen-
■ th'  rigid ii'.i.' .■ to puis
, . ■
Real fc"'*t.*it»?, Insurance
and Genernl Commission
i i .,   i" .
v.-.n louvar, o. C.
I .'.'"  M   '.■ i   Ma\*    do finis givo
li ivo in take ll from
[I.'il       ; I..ii'i'i	
Nniliiii; Is mi t "[iiiiinn in child,
hood than Indigestion. Nothing Is
more dangerous to proper growth,
more weakening to tho constitution,
nr limn' likely to pave llio way to
■ " Nothing In nitiro
easy to keep under control, for proper food and Unity's Own Tablets
will cover iho wliolo ground.
strong proof, Mrs. 0, (1.
Irving, Trout Brook, Que,, sny:,: "My
imliv was troublod with chronic Indigestion nml wns n constant sufferer.
Nothing helped him until 1 tried
llnhy's Own Tablets, but these
prtutiplly cured him nml he i I n«
healthy n llttlo lad ns you would euro
in boo. I always keep the Tablets In
Hi" li't'i" and ihey quickly euro nil
the troubles ol childhood. "Every
mother i hould keep these Tablets on
hand, Thoy cure all iho minor ailments of children, and their prompt
administration when irnuidn comes
may save u precious little life. They
nr" guaranteed to contain no opinio
nr linrinfiil drug, Ynu can get Daily's
own Tablets from nny druggist or by
mall nt lt, cents n box by writing tho
IT.  Williams   Medicine   Co-,   Brook-
villi'. Hill
A Model That Would
Surely Make a Hit
"1 HAVE li"'" .i model," said tbo In
I      '      l| l" lhe in.unit It lllt'i'f. "uf .ill
* nppl iiii " II il i. "lire in havo n
. f n ,. pul "ii Hi" market."
"IndecdV" snld th" Manufacturer,
1 Thnl   i iiiimI      ■ \\ luii Is
your in*'ml
•'Ilns Is a ' hlnntlun lawn mower
nml snow shovel, By simply twisting
this knob i" ih" li ii tlm grass t ultlng
mechanism is turned Inlo n set uf
paddles lhat literally sweep tho snow
in both sides nf Hi" i'.nh. Ynu see, hy
combining both Implements In one, to-
getber "iiii perfect ease of "permimt
uml great saving of space nn l strength
"I'm sorry," Interrupted tho manufacturer, "Imt ii will never go. Don't you
ioo, by ilu- end of Hi" summer llio average iiniii Is so lirni of and nngry ivltli
ini lawn mower thnl he hails iho snow
shovel uiili Joy, in.'I hi n ml nf Hi"
winter ho (eels Just n* hitler lowunl
> ■ ■■ bIiovoI nnd Is once more delighted to push iln- iiwn n "«'i' lim
If ymi combine the two llien lie will
simply in,s.. Un' memory of i m c j
before Iiiui wlillo he Is operating tho
Itcnllslng Hi" truth of Uie
the it..'" tor l        ' his m -lei nml
i a mop I 111 ler I
women, ns ihcj uylhlng
Steady drowtri in Popularity ol
Dodd's Kidney Pills.
Made by Cures Like that of Simon V,
Landry- IIr. Telia about It Hlmaelf.
Ulvor Bourgols, Richmond Co-, C.
B—Jan. IB (Bpoclal).—Among thi
ninny men In tills part of Canada
whom Dotld's Kidney I'llls have relieved of achel and pulns snd wook-
Hess nnd made strung and aide to
do a good day's work la Mr. Simon
V. Landry, Mr. l.nndry line numerous friends hero who oan vouch for
tin* story he lulls uf his euro.
"I was bothered for ovor a year,"
he says, "with hiine hack, weak legs,
|iiil)iliiitlini of tint heart, general
weakness nnd shortness nf urouth;
In fact I could not work uml wus a
total wreck.
"1 could mil gel anything lo help
mo mi I tried Dodd's Kidney Pills,
Um they did me good and no mistake.
I used three boxes nnd I'm hack at
work again."
It Is the euros they make that
moke Dodd's Kidney Pills sn popular
Their popularity Itns grown sleadlly
for thirteen years. It must bo woll
"I didn't like that lawyer's Insinuation," suld Uie wituess after leaving
the stand.
"Why not?" asked his friend.
"He kept saying, 'Remember now,
you aro under oath!' 1 wonder if he
thinks Hint's tln> only lime I ever tell
the truth!"—Detroit Kreo Press.
An  Inartistic -..nil.
"What did you think of those voices
nt the grand opera?"
"They were good, strong voices," an-
swered Mr. Ciiinrox, "but, considering
what we paid for seats, I couldn't help
thinkin1 that we folks in tho audience
ought to he dolu' the hollerln'."—Washington Star.
"They sny she married him for his
"Vis. And now they are so poor that
she has to press his trousers."
"Alas! A real ease of the Irony of
fale."-Chicago Record-Herald.
Minard's   Liniment   Cures Garget In
Cows. .J-'sill
Didn't l.n,ik I Ike Piny.
"What's happened, my boy? Your
fun' i- nil si'i'in.'lii'il." snld ihe father.
"Oh, I've just I n playing wilh that
little boy next door," replied lhe son,
..   . i • bund in his fnce,
"Well, tho little hoy next d ■ evidently wasn't playing with you!"-
Volikers Stiilesuuiu,
Minard's  Liniment Cures Colds, etc,
A Toilet  Illnl.
The woman who has wept until her
eyelids und her nose tire purple, her
•yes bloodshot and her fnco swollen
always feels a trlile embarrassed when
site has to receive cullers or go down
to dinner Immediately, She frequent
ly makes a bad mallei' worse by was*,
big her face in cold water. If she will
Instead, batho It gently with rose
water for n few minutes nnd then lie
down for n (ow more wilh n soft rag
saturated iu roso water over her eyes,
she will he prepared to face any company. 	
Tin- Lamp.
Almost every lamp wants boiling occasionally when tho light bums dimly,
and no attention to nil or wick will
make nny difference, Take tho lamp
apart, remove the wick uml tbon boll
Itnih burner ami wick In hot water in
which has been thrown some washing
soda, When every purl has been thoroughly donned nnd as thoroughly dried
pill in llie wick, trim il. till the lamp
mill oil and the light will bo brilliant.
Biliousness Burdens I.ifo. —Tho
bilious man Is never u companionable
man becauso his ailment renders him
moroso and gloomy. Tho complaint
In nol so dangerous as lt Is disagreeable. Yet no ono need suffer from
It who can procuro I'armeleo'a Vegetable Pills. By regulating the liver
and obviating tho effects of blln In
the stomach they restore men to
cheerfulness and nil vigor of action.
niHiii in uis i.in*-.
"dii, nn. he doesn't mind people talk'
Ing I k: ho likes It."
"II" does'/"
"Yes, ll"'s nn auctioneer,"—Philadelphia Press.
Wltlttlll   I |l.
Bneon  I see a mnn r ally commit-
leu suicide by swallowing n clock key.
I ' ■ Sli'imge way of winding up
his earthly uffnlrs, wasn't ll?  Honkers
•' .■  iiinn.
Little, but S-archlno.— Dr. Von Stan's
Pineapple Tablets are nol big nauseous
(lens that contain Injurious drum or
narcotics—they are th* pure vegetable
papain—the medicinal extract 'mm tlila
lufcloua fruit, and the taltlcts are prepared In t*F pnlntahle ferm as the fruit
itself. They cure Indication. t)0 In r.
bnx. 35 cents.
Tin- War VIM, Some  Men,
"Souscbury's physician told him lo
go in more fur athletics."
"And is in- going lo do It?"
"Sure, He's bought a golf slick and
six cases of Seal li whisky."—Louis-
■ Courier-Journal.
The  Stomach's "Weal or Woe!'*—Till
al sell is tli" centre from wli
ll. Im nf li. unit. Ilowa " wn.i ..I
A In nllliy Rtnmnch mi am
cation   ,      . t  illi  ■ t ..tt  i .  'is
ind     M.n.ly     ',      .        ■:,
■   ' .'■ ci tui.-*  mean  Rood  t i
id unit good     ilth. South
1 keeps lli
I rl    ■
"Yes; he's engaged lo Miss Elderly."
"How did ii happen'/"
"ll" remarked thai he would rather
! nve I"'." IIiiiii riches, and Bhe gol u
-T.iiii.-I" hold mi him Itci'iit'e he could
lit     lop."    ll'illst.'Il Post,
Prearrlnllon I'm it Love I'urni.
Tn io ol i '■ i   ■ i words Q, S.,
Mis all in well;
Ami n iiiniii "f i' id' mess;
Bph ■     . i .i ■ in, ;i.
Triturate with this ono themo—
II iv I! tl' ■ !i in .1 is IV
Ailil nf *' ti'ii'i' nl il"' "fi'inn:
Wn-,,, ii through ninl through.
Now pul In ii 'iiinn "f bliss;
Sivi. t, ll i" tli" l . i"
Ail.I i    nipi ."I of ii I.i s;
Don t .i   ' ruple wnsto.
Wl ■ •! Iho ti.i"".i' i i   prepared
l'i  "i ■ ■    ■    ■
l.,i. "  rl       ' ""I,
Boon ivl ' ' "t"i"
-I,III 11   i  '..    It  I  .'" «   *..ill Ten,..
Onby Humor,.—Mr. Agn-w's ninlmonl
Inntht s. Til' ts. ami effect! quick nnd
.-rr—11\«- puree lu all skin eruptions i-nm-
H on i" i'i'" 'lining ii'i'thing lime li I,
to tiie iisir in cose* ' ' I Sid
Hi-nil mi.i Muss Boierna. i-'tti niieum
nml nil Skin Dlseuil ol older ptupls 36
A i.,-inl" Reminder,
"Sniiie uf his ancestors were highi-i
distinguished," said tho Impressionable
"Vis." answered Miss Cnycnnei "but,
owing in circumstances nver which you
litite tm control, ii is imt nni' nf his ancestors whom ymi have the opportuultr
to marry."  IVushlngloii Star,
Cash or Cure
If Shiloh'i Coniumption' lure fuili to i uf*
your Cold <it Cough, you get bacli nil you
paid fur it.   You ate sum of t Cure oi
II it wain I n tuie cure, thii itller would
nol be made.
Can anything be fairei ?
li you have n ( old, Cough, nr .my diKaie
ol the I hroal, Lungi of Air Pauagei, try
."". i r I  i1'      '" tlealeii i'"ttniit"- il.
For ono of tlio seed grain lecture
circuits, Mr- Brant, of tho agricultural department, Ottawa, Is making
sot of drawings of model barus of
prominent farmers of Ontario and
Quebec. Among thoso taken as
models nro tho farm buildings of
John Dryden, Brooklyn, Ont.; it. II.
Ness, Howlclt, Que; Senator Kd-
wards, Rockland, Ont I P, Cnrko,
Dcschoncs, Que. The foregoing nro
dairy burns and tho following shoop
barns: John Jackson, Arlington,
Ont.;.Iohn Campbell, Woodland, Ont.;
.1. Ilrethour, Btirford, Ont.
Itch, Mange, Prairie Scratches, Cuban Itch on Human or animals cured
In 30 minutes by Wolford's Sanitary
Lotion. It never fails. At nil druggists
Bpenki (o Lola uf Them,
I'.iil Who h.i* llinl I saw you with
yesterday 7
Jill-Oil, (lint's Miss Pinner. She's
mi Bpenklug terms Willi n l"l of the
besl people in town,
I'.iil    lAtllA
.lill Ves, she's n "hello girl" in the
clephoiie olllee.
Minard's Liniment Co., Limited.
Gentlemen.—Last winter I received
great benefit from tho uso of MIN-
Mill's I.INIMH.NT In a severe attack
nf l.ii Grippe, and 1 havo frequently
proved It to bo very effcctlvo In
cases of Inflammation,
Slrnl.'i;, I'iiHi-iI,
Little Mary went shopping with her
mother. She had a greal deslro for ii
sash, imt her mother decided her expenditures siiniiiii in- confined to more
Important things ami endeavored i» divert the chilli's niii'iiii'in by recalling
Ihal a great malt hail said as he walked
llie streels ami looked hiln llu- lliop
Windows, "How ninny lliim;s Ihere are
I do nol tvutii "
"llul." pnucsicl ihe lllll,* girl, "u
man don't waul ll sash." Philadelphia
nil  llu- I	
"What Is y nir position In llie cholfl'
osked Hi" new eliun h member,
"Absolutely neutral," replied the
mild mannered lenor. "I don't side
with ciiiu'i- fin ii "ii"  llnltlmoro .News.
Hr,i n Hole's Wli.
On nm' occasion llenn Hole, the svll
known Knglish clergyman, wlih Mrs
Hole, landed nl Dover, much exhaust
ed. aficr n rough crossing of Iho Kuu
lish cliiinnel. While waiting fur lhe
Irnln ihe dean pored over tlie ruliwnj
regiilnlions. "Ah," ho snld, addressing
llio sititliin inspector, "it's ono console
iion nfler such n crossing ami ihls
tlrcsoino wnll ihnl wo go hack at half
price." "I don'l understand, sir," wns
tho nillciiil's repl)   "There is nn -| Inl
reilncllnii." "Uli, yi-i, Ihere is." suld
Hie denii, "I've just been I'enillllg nil
your notices, and ynu slate Unit you
Inke returned emptli's nt much reduced
rule." Ilm e When Hie deiin wns pin)
Ing «i i fui lliri'i'peiiny points lie up
pearcd I" he very well provided it llli
llirei i' nny hlls,   ' Ah," Im up| nl
remarked, "huvi* you lhe offerlorj « hit
ynu'.'" "What, sir," the dean nn ered
"do yuu rei    nl.'■ * ■ miserable con
It il',linns'.'"
you will never return to the adulterated
teas of Japan.
Lead Packets Only.      40c, !.()■*, and GOo per Ib.        At  all
Grooors.     Hlghost Award St. Louie, 1904.
Imperial Maple Syrup
Auk your dealer lor Impttrial M.ipin Syrup.  Do not allow him to tubitltuU
on Inferior artlole booause It ti oheoper.
Ilnn."mnl.I- Proof ntnl Al'le lo Slnnil
II,,. Seven-si Shook,
The absence of buildings of any size
and antiquity In Japan i.s ascribed lo
the destruction of them by tho frequent
earthquakes which occur, The only
structures which seem to be earthquake proof are the pagodas which aro
erected before the temples. Thero are
many pagodas which are Tim or 800
years old and as solid as when lirst
built. There Is n reason for litis, und
It lies in their construction, -\ pagoda
la practically a framework of heavy
Umbers which Btarta from a wide base
and is In Itself a substanUal Btructure,
but ii is rendered still mure stable by
a peculiar device.   Inside lhe frame-
work ami suspended from tho apex is
a long, heavy balk of Umber two feci
thick or more.  This bangs from one
end, and to the other end are bolted at
cm h of the four sides tour nioro heavy
timbers, and if tho pagoda be very
lofly still more timbers aro added on
tn these.   Tlie wlnile forms an ellur-
ii i ii I ii 11, which reaches to within lies uf tho grouud. When the
,  i ni earthquake rocks tbo pagoda the pendulum swings In unison and
keeps ihe center of gravity always at
tho baso of the framework.  Consequently tho equilibrium "f the pagoda
is never disturbed, aiiil litis is tin- ei-
plait.ilii'ii of the great ago of many of
ilii'in. when from their height one
would Buppose tiicin to be peculiarly
Btisccptlblo lo iho effect of an earthquake,
TTIs Onl. f'ltnnpe.
"t- there 0 mnn ill all tills audience,"
demanded tho female lecturer "ii woman's rights, "lhat bus ever tlniic tiny-
llilng to lighten the burden ou his
wife's Shoulders? What do you know
nf women's work? is thero a nun
here." she coutluued, foldlug her arms
and looking over the assembly wiib
superb scorn, "lhat has ever got up in
Hie morning, leaving his tired, wornout
wife lo enjoy her slumbers, gone quietly downstairs, made the tire,  ked
his own breakfast, sewed the missing
buttons on the children's dollies, darned the family stockings, scoured the
pels and kettles, cleaned nnd tilled Hit
lumps ami done all ihi* if neccssatj
day after day uncomplainingly?   If
there be Buck u man In Ihls tiinlieiics
let blm rise up! 1 should really like
to see blm."
And iu the rear of the hall n mild
loekiug man iu spectacles, in obedience
to the summons, timidly arose. lie
was the lioslt.nid of lit" eloquenl speaker, lt was ilu- first lime lie had *ver
had a "ham e lo ussert himself. Novel
i *r. I'ur Hymn Honks,
"I ninth' a few culls the oilier day,"
said ihe pastor of an uptown church
lo Ills congregation, "aud lu one of the
houses I saw u Btrongo thing. What
do you think?  One of the church hymn
books, the property of iiii* church, had
been carried home und was placed under the leg of the table to lengthen It
out. I remonstrated ut this menial use
jf liynin books. Apologies aud blushes
were profuse. Now, I sin not scolding
about Ihii, but hymn booki cost Ihlt
i buret] money, and If sny of you hnve
lables loo short In lhe legs please put
u newspaper under lln-m or s piece of
wood. If you do litis, we won't have
to send oul nnd buy unollier hundred
hymn books, ns -to did lust week."
Tlie pastor bud no uooncr ended
t'.ii'se remarks than n girl Hilling almost under hit ttoso calmly opened a
hymn book, placed ll between her buck
und the liink of lhe pew nnil settled
comfortably down to listen to Ibo nur-
Ili.ii lilt ea n.ii'il.
"Ilave you a belt that will go obooi
my wnlst?" asked lhe young lady with
a smile as she entered Uie dry goods
"No, but I have something Just ns
good," replied the ytnuii! man who for*
'uerlv worked lu u drug store,-
0,,,. |-|.||„„'a Scheme,
OM Rocksey The young man who
marries my daughter must be rich.
Impec -Well, sir, I don'l know of
any heller way to get rich lhan to marry ber. I'tn!,.
is belter lhan other soaps,
but is best when used in
the Sunlight way.
Sunlight Soap contains
no injurious chemicals.
Sunlight Soap is pure
soap, scientifically made.
Every step in its manufacture is watched by an
expert chemist.
Sunlight Soap saves
labor, and the wear of
rubbing which common
soaps require in washing
Your money refunded by
die d,*!w ftom whom you buy
Sunltjlil Sesp if you find „iy uuh
for complaint.
I •'. ■ i In il ,n 1 .ill., t   s. - ne-.
SlMl.1,,11   IS   SltftST.
"Illd yon ever ioo such an ostentatious display of wealth 1"
"Never! One would think they were
really rich,"- Brooklyn Life.
It, Ha I'nsnr.
"lUvnree Is certainly a serious evil."
"Yes. but not an unmitigated one. It
furnishes nn Intcrcatlug topic of con-
w   NU  No seo
I- a glorious beverage -quenchingand satisfying,
Remember there's no other" jttsl ns gqptl" Insist mi gelling Rnlnii i.
Pacific   Bottling  Works
Vancouver, B> C. THE EXPRESS
A Series ol Articles Descrlb-    i
Ing their Lives, their Alms     j
and their Influence. i
42' i
9.... ....■..-.•......■.■■.-•-a.^
reflect yet more fully tho news and
views of the Cypress River district.
Mr. Vasey takes n keen Interest In
out-of-door sports. Ho is an onlliusi-
nstlc football player, nnd vice-president of the local football club. Ho is
a closo student of municipal pollt.CB,
nnil a loyal upholder of all local Inter1
eats. Cypress River may bo assured
nf proper publicity whllo the paper
remains In Its present hands.
One   room   I'll   havo   that's  full   of
l-'or nothing but honks; and the books
Shall be of a sort  lhat a man will
If ho hives that Rood old word "peruse" |
Tho kind of bonk Unit you open   by
Raise What's Wanted. 1 To browse on „,„ pllKC wlUl a ,,,|suro.
, Few   really   Intelligent   and  pro-        ly glance,
gresslve   farmers   are   heard   OOnt- °"'aln°- flnii'n« Bomelhlnir 1new
, _.       , ,    ,       . Although you have read It ten limes
plaining.  The wlso man Is he who        through,
keeps himself ever    on tho alert to
produce   that  commodity for which I don't mean books like "Punch"   In
there Is n good strong, ipilck market.        series,
Thero nro several  ways In which Or all  the  volumes  ot  "Note
tho cash returns from lhe farm may        Queries";
ho lnrgely Increased Without tho sne* Hut those wherein, wlthoul effurt, your
rllleo of niiieli time, money or work.        eyes
For Instance. Iho raising of poultry full where the favorite passage lies.
The Children
Against Croup and Colds by Always Keeping at Hand
Dr. Chase's Syrup of Linseed and Turpentine
There aro somo reasons why  Dr. nnd agnln lt has proven Its exception-
Ylilnrrj'si Memory,
Vitlocii, the great French detective,
had so excellent 11 memory for names
anil faces thut after having seen a
criminal once and leai'is'il his name he
never forgot him, but would often identify him iiinli'i- lhe most subtle disguises. A French forger once escaped
from custody, went abroad and remained for eleven years, lu the meantime
he became quite bald ami lost uu eye
mid purl of his uoBe in a drunken
brawl. Fancying that uo ono could
doted him, he rolurncd to Paris and
went boldly about tho streets; but, being arrested on suspicion, ho wns
brought hoforo Viilocq, who at once
recognized him nml scut him back to I Chaso's Syrup of" Linseed aud' Tur- ai worth.
lias romp In be n grout profit-making
business on somo farms.
Now, a few years ngo this end nf
the fnrmlng   business   was   scarcely
worth bothering with,  Tho farmer's
wlfo set a few hens, raised a few
chicks and sold n few eggs, but tho
whole thing didn't ninnunt lo much
and nover was counted on to help
pay tho Interest or swell the bank
Now, however, conditions have
changed, There Is a slrong, steady
and evor-lneroaslng demand for chlckB  No glass doors, and no
Knowing iho page and exact position—
It's never tho same in another odlllonl
"The vicar of Wakofteld" and "Evelina,"
"Ella," "Th.- Egoist," "Emma," "Catrl-
Fuller nml Malory, "Westward Mo!"
Ami  the wonderful  story  of Daniel
And Isaak Walton, nnd Gilbert White,
And plays and poetry left and right:
as broilers. City lintels, restaurants,
eafos, dining ears nnd private kitchens nro consuming more and more
every day, to say nothing nf tho tonB
nod tons required to fill tho export
demand. Dealers can novor got
enough to supply the wants of their  With a swoet old briar and a glass ot
"fumed oak"—
Plain deal, and fumed by myself with
Stained, if at all. to a pleasant brown,
with ledges end  places  tor pulling
books down,
And thero I'll sll by a blazing log
Editor and Proprietor Western Prairie, Cypress River, Man.
customers, and thousands nnd
thousands more could ho sold nt good
prices If thoy wero offered.
1 A few farmers havo been wlso enough tn see what wns going on nnd
to prepare lo profit by these condl-
lions. Hrollors nro wanted nnd good
cash prices nro being paid for every
And read my "Pickwick," "Pendennls,"
"Huek, Finn,"
Cosily there—when my ship comes in
Tho English have a reputation for chick lnrge enough In bo made ready
thoroughness llio wldo world over.
When they build, It Is for all tlnio.
Whatever they essay or undertake Is
"for keeps." For niero temporary
work, designed to carry them ovor
until something permanent can ro-
plneo It, they havo neither use nor
sympathy, and,   speaking   generally.
Then why not produce
for lhe table
Several difficulties arise.   Hens ns
hatchers nro failures.   They set when
thoy take a notion and seldom when  of Spain was snld in
ynu want them to.   Thoy aro careless genl'a portrall of E
Auction Sale Brings In Nearly a Hundred Thousand   Dollars.
At the auction sale of Sir Henry lrv-
Ing's effects Hi.. fuui.iuK Whistler portrait of Sir Henry as King Philip II.
125,200.   Snr-
Tcny In llio
mothers, almost always lending their character of Lady   Macbeth   realliod
chicks into danger nnd losing ninny HUOO,   The Whistler picture goiw lo
To make any  progress or profit In America.   The name of the purchaser
they utterly fall 0 comprehend   iho tn8 rn|Sllir, „f rlll(,ka yo„ mmt lmve „f tho Wl|sli,,,. w ;,,.,.r,,:!v withheld
conditions necessitating tho adoption „  ,-„,„• incubator and llroodor, and by the representative of a tlrm of b t-
of loss permanent methods.  This  Is this Initial expenditure may prevent
true In every department ol   British those who nro not prepared lo Instnl
activity,   from  railroad   nnd   house such a nutrhlno.
building In lhe making ot bonis, and With a good Incubator and brooder
the same al tent Ion to   thoroughness any farmer's wlfo can ralso ehtcks
as a business principle extends into SO as to  make  a handsome  nnnusl
every trade   anil   profession.   Their cash revenue,   Ynu should got ono at
lawyers and teachers aro articled for nll°e and gn Into tho raising nf chicks.
■oilers of I.'iti'i.
who bid it In, it
r, that J. Plerpont
rk was ihe actual
.Morgan of X
The lasl day of lhe [rvlng sale was
remarkable for the testimony of the
regard In which the actor was hold
The sale was conflnod to pictures and
work mil bis icjit
Brlaht's Disease—Insidious! deceptive!
relentless! has foiled hundreds "f trials
liy medical BClenco to stein the tide "f
lis ravages* and ti"t until i*"iitti American Kidnoy Cure proved beyond a ttoubl
ii* power lo mm back tli" tide, imi*
thero a itli'tnii of anything nut <lr»i>nli-
fur llie victl f Hits dread form ol kid-
nry dlsinsi
A branch of the Canadian Dank of
Commcrco Is to bo opened In Strath*
conn. This will make seventeen
branch otHces of that bank le Alberta-
pontine  Is  tho  most  suitable treat-     Mrs.   R.   D.   Turner,   Broadview,
ment obtainable for Children, Saik., writes:— "Wo have seven ohll-
It li pleaBant lo the tasto, and ohll- dron und have usod Dr. Chase's By»
drim like to take it. up of Uuieed and Turpentine for er-
It is composed nf simple lngredl- ery one of them with good results,
ents of proven value in tho curs of We get four bottles st a time and
throat and lung troubles. find It s good remedy to lueak up >
It Is positively free from anything cold on the lungs."
of an Injurious nature,   and  can  bo     When you make up your mind te>
used with perfect   sufoty   with   the safeguard your children  by  keeping
smallest child, so long us directions Dr Chase's Syrup   of   Linseed   and
are followed. Turpentine In the hojjre, do not allow
It Is wonderfully successful In the your dealer to persuade you Into t*k>
prevention nml cure of croup. Ing  something  nu   which  he has a
It promptly relieves even tho most larger profit,
severe chesl colds uud brings about     in  the hour of emergency, when
a thorough cure. croup or cold selie your child, the
You ore not experimenting when cheap substitutes will fall you, but
you use Dr. Chase's Syrup nf I.lnseod  Dr. Chase's Byrup   of   Linseed   and
The never-falling medicine, Hollo*
way i Corn Cure   removes nil kinds
of corns, warts, etc, even tho most snd Turpentine, for It Is'the standby Turpentine never disappoints, !6ots.
difficult to remove cannot withstand  In thousands of homos, where time a bottle, at all dealers,
this wonderful remedy.
Tho Saskatchewan Fat Stock Show
will bo held In Reglna In May,
., .,    ..        ,       , Every drink of liquor taken, forces I
No person  should go from homo tl„ ,„.,,.,  b      d (h    natura,  bM
w ho. t a bottle of Dr. J. D. Kellogg's „   „„„   m,,e,   „|d        „„   „r,r
Dysentery Cordial In their possession, trouble|,     Ne      exhaustion Is one
us change of water cooking, climate, o( ,ll9 allmen„ b      ht on b 1
frequently  brings  on   summer „ oderate llr|nk,       £    at onc, ,h
First Thing
PILLS ""*'"
complaint, and there is nothing like
being ready with n sure remedy at
band, which oftontlmcB saves great
suffering nnd ottenttmoB valuable
lives. This cordial has gained for
Itself a widespread reputation for
affording prompt relief from all summer complaints.
W. T. It. Preston expects that the
Immigration rpturns for the present
year will exceed 1905. At nny rate
thoro will bo no cessation of tho vigorous Immigration campaign which
Is now being conducted In Britain
use of liquor. It lt Inconveniences
you to do this lt is proof positive
that you have the disease of Inebrt-
nly and need medical help. Thes
seek for the best aid. The Keeley
Cure haB restored half a million
people back to health, prosperity
and happiness- Write today for evidence and wo will prove our claims.
Address In confidence,
133 Osborne St., Winnipeg.
double Ihe period prevailing In Can- A" >'nl1 no011 ls " "ninll yard, eggs   drawings by such artists as Sir i.i
adn, nml their artisans and craftsmen !""' ni° mn('lilne.
nro nearly all apprenticed for seven      '       '
years.   Donee, whon a mnn has beon
through this long period of training
ho should be a competent workman,
nnd  when  they  remove  to  Canada,
a   firm   in
are advertising
Chatham, Ont, who
an Incubator nnd  brnndor  and  who
offer to send It prepaid and wait for
the money till after    1f)0n   harvest.
p 1100 Almii-Tiiili'iiia. Sir I'hilip llunie-
lones, Sir Joshua Reynolds, John S.
Bars mt, Whistler and others, The attendance Included many well-known
persons of the dramatic art nnd fash'
loneble world,  The bidding was lively
vl-"   "...I"    ■,'!■!„   a Ideals aro nV^S* ,n^""'ln'!-',"n"-■
1       ,. ......   a post card  with
rougher and readier, and where 'here ,-„„,- name nnd address to tho Manson
a undoubtedly too great a   tendency ramphell Co..  Dopt.  .  Chatham,
to take short ruts" to reacb results, thev will doubtless send full purlieu-
their influence Is Inevitably towards Inrs of Ihelr offer.
a more settled and stable business Cot Into the poultry raising bunl-
policy, nne which looks tn Iho fiAiro ness as soon as you can If ynu want
quite as much as tn the present; nnd 1° make money—and keep looking
will not sacrifice permanence to torn- oul for other good things nil tho time,
pnrary present advantage.   Canadian
prlntoi-dom  certainly derives benefit I 	
from the admixture Inlo lis ranks nf Lin a I TU A nn r*C A IITV
a liberal leavening   or   the    Brttllh  UtAL I H AND BEAUTY
trade Ideals, and In Western Canada,
where ihere is an   appreciable   per-'
oentaga   of   British   printers,   their Come from the Rich, Red Blood made
coming has resulted In ninny lmpor-1
tant   Improvement!!  In  iho  general'
quality nf the work produced.
which prevailed throughout the sale
wero maintained, when $50,000 was re
allied. Altogether the Irving sals
brought between 57J.OOO and $100,000
by Dr. Williams' Pink  Pills.
Beauty Is more thnn skin deep—It
A type nf the well-trained   rtrltlsrt l;' ''lnni' l'|,°l'-   Thoro Is no real beau-
printer now In the ranks of Western '>'• no good health without rich, red
journalism Is found In Robert Vasey. blood,   livery graceful   curve,  every
PralrTnSiln!?' TV'0   We,,ern,8P"l"« <" U» ">•"■ ewy «* Mash,
11,11110.  pulillslted at  Cvpross fiver' . , ,       , ,,    ,    r,    	
In all the mechanics of ho husnes E™5 ,','"," tl± ""] ','",",'1' nr' M1:
Mr V-ise,- li-.,, 1,,,,, „ .. . , ' ', liains l'ink I'llls nro the gron est
thor.u,,•,,,,,'V,''"S,T:'',,r1''  blood  builder nnd beauty  maker  In
ffii.i.f.Mi.fcln.TV^h8bMt ttfl  w'"'1'1'     Every dose  actually
en,   ', ,,',r   "'°   "w mak6«  "».  Puro. rlcli   blood,  ny
country,   n.   ,, - nnrth-countrymnn making new blood Dr. Williams' Pink
b3 birth, having hoon l„„-„ -,| Darling. l'|l|s sharpen the appetite, soothe tho
ton, tho great Iron nnd shipbuilding worried nerves, regulate the heallh.
town in Durham, in February, 1878, They banish paleness, clear the com-
so that he Is now In his thirty-fourth Plexlon, bring rosy cheeks and spark-
year. When ho was thirteen years of Hug eyes. They give plenty of strong Blr Walter's aln hand
ago ho was apprenticed to fleorgc blood for all the delicate functions of
Ihhotsnn, a well-known oonimerclal Womanhood, Miss Mary Jackson,
printer Five voars Inter, In W7. ho' Normnndnle, Ont-, anys: "For unwept North In New-enstleon-Tyno, wards of three years I suffered from
whore ho remained another five years nnllc'ml''1-   '  Brew  sn weak I  could
Shared Scott', Secret.
Tin-re wore many queer characters
In Ballantyne'a printing house in
Edinburgh, and one of Ihom declared
ihal he knew who "nu.. the Waver-
loy Novels, "aim st ns soon is thc
master," Mr. James Ballantyne
"I had Just begun 11 new sheet ol
'Ouy Mannorlng,'" he would say, "om
night awhile aflor twelve, and all tho
compositors had lort, when in comes
Mr. Ballantyne himself, with a letter
in his hand and a lot 0' types.
'"I am going 1.1 make a small alteration, Sandy,' said he 'Unlock the
form, will you? I'll not keep you many
"Well, 1 did us 1 wan bidden, snd
Mr Ballantyno looked at tho letter,
and altered three lines un one pug",
and one line on another,
"That will tin now, Sandy. I think,'
w.re his words, and "If he went, never
thinking  ll" had  left   i|„.   letter  lying
on my bank I had barely time to get
u glimpse a( lt when ho came buck,
bul 1 kent the hand weel and thc Big-
nature, and lt wis Walter Bcotl.' I
hnd n groat king Inll.tnt (ballad) In
writ" at ha
that I was nae stranger In ll    Si
you see, genu, n, I kent the grand
secret when lt was a secret"—London
Beware of Ointments tor Catarrh  That
Contain Mercury, Wesley'* Mother,
5 SW'e'oSi* iye'San«e "85 , '''"'V'""1'"''"' ■'•■ md Charles Wos-
whole system when entering 11 ilnougii ley. the loiimlers of Methodism, was
ih„u.TCnev.r ffwSf m$ "n"!S" ?,<* " "* [ «•»"• *™«t«
crip is from reputable physicians,   n, "r her own or any oilier age,   From
V.-.i,rrB.,-;.,V,;:^i!.^d:!,Sv.:"^.,m'/;,™ ""f 5'°r ""■ prlnclPlM °<««*»
linn.* Catarrh Cure, manufactured    by llni1 practical piety were Instilled by
•'■ ■'■ '''"'"■>' * Co.. Ti i", 11.. contains her in th,, minds of ber children.   She
■  mercury, and Is taken Internally, aot-
'iin'ily upon the blood find mucoui
in! s uf the system,   In buying Hull',
'iitatili Cure be sine you gel tbe genu-
rn.   11 Is taken Internally and made In
I'oledn, Ohio, by !•'. J. Cheney   &   Co
.'. siiiiiiiuiiiis free.
S..I1I by Druggists.   Price TDc. per hot*
Ice Hulls Family Tills fur constlpa-
daily took ilieiii int., u prlvato room
and prayed with each, and so imbued
their minds with tbo spirit of religion
thai the Methodist movement was really horn in her home.
From ndvancc sheets of the official
Catholic directory published In Milwaukee, It Is found that tho total
Catholic population of tho United
Stales Is 11,051,944, an Increase of
1811,151 ovor the previous year.   The
Minard's   Liniment   Cures   Diptherla
Nells nnil SniihiK,
When a buyer declared Unit he "paid
iiiiai number of Catholic priests in- cash right on the nail and thereby nail-
eluding seculars mm regulars, is 14,
484, an Ineronso nf (127. Thero nre
In Iho I'nllod States ono papal delegate, ono cardinal, fourteen nrch*
bishops, ninety bishops, and twenty-
one abbots.
Carry your present 1 1 firmly, cor-
\ Benefactor to All—The soldier roelly nnd cheerfully, nnd some one
oil a great bargain." what kind of a
nail did be refer loV What Is meant by
a doornail ami tbo expression, "Heud
as a doornail)"
with Messrs. Manson, Swan and Mer- sr''lrf,o|V wil'k about the house.   I had
gnn. nno nf the host printing   estnb- nn <,nlnr '"  my  fa(>0' my  "|,s  mi
Ilstimonts In tho north countrv    His p,m wcro l,lon(ll<,sfl' ' Buffered from
nexl move was In London tn the fl™, lll'"l,,"'1"'s nn'1 dl-'-lnoss.anil roll nwny
of Alexander ft Shepherd' nne nf  1" '" "«l|btimUI I   weighed   only   ill
highest printers nf lhe nsmt-l*. ,   . n,,lin'ls.   N" treatment gnvo mo tho
polls    Tl       mm     nbllle      '„- I''"' '™8t ,">nC"t "nl11 ■ ^n 1"" ,ls« "'
woeklv „ nor. It Z  l           \l\ nr' WlltaUMf  l'ink  Pills.   Inside nf
nnminrs  ;„,i Ii.         ,,     cnm" ■ 1"":i,n'" Vim better, and thoy floon
\Wv rnmnin ,         ^M""'-   Mr. restored my health, and while using
vasey remained wilh 11,0 firm live them 1 gained fourteen pounds in
and ft-linir vents, being oi,c,ige,|    |n weight.     I rnn Strongly reennimend
.onornl  newspaper work  In all    |t, Dr. Williams' l'ink I'llls lo nil palo
'ranches    He removed from l.nndnn and feeble girls."
back tn Dnrllngtnn. whore, for   nun- There nro thousands of pale unaom-
Iher five years—Mr. Vnsov's business '.° K|rls "nd women throughout Cuna-
llfo Deems to run in five-year cveles-
ho was In charge of tlm tlnnk Depart
da who should fnllnw Iho oxnmplo of
Miss JncliBon nnd give Dr. Williams'
mont nf Dresser S- Sons This bronchi  Plnk ?"'■ ' f"lr ,rl'''''   nrtKht Wl
rosy cheeks nnd perfect health would
soon follow. When ynu buy tho pills
see Hint the full nnnio, "Dr. Williams' Pink I'llls for Pale Pooplo Is
printed on llio wrapper  around each
him un to Mav, 1009, in that month
ho, wilh 1.1s wife and llltlo dniirhlnr
came in Canada. For n year h» wnrk-
oil with Melnlvre Urns., |n Wlnnlnn-.
In order In ndltlsl  III
onvlrnomnnt   when'hT 1'.° ',l"*rnPn; im'    SM *» mc,,fclno •*>" •*
tho   management   Of   Ihn   -- I"a,LnA 5? cents a box or six boxes
Hard on Her Conscience.
The giving of a "character" lo do
mesile servants Is one of the severest
tests of tho employer's character   An
Irish master, being called upon t" write
a testimonial for a groom Whom he
was discharging fur drunkenness, gave
him 11 gomi character, but omitted to
mention one trait. 'I'll., groom returned the letter, objecting lhat It did nol
sny he was sober, The ma.*trr added
"• "incilnies sober," and the mnn wis
c nteiii    The w "iiiitii who had lo re-
commend ihe Inefficient cook she imd
kept for seven y..,rs only bees        hi
was afraid to give her notice went ons
hotter, site had covered three pages
wlih undeserved commendations; she
had placed It In nn envelops ninl ad-
di- ' ed it, and her oon telence prioked
her badly, Then slie had a happy Idea,
and broils open lhe seal, adding to her
loiter, as a postscript, "God forglvi
me!' Il satisfied her conscience, but
history does nul relate If 11 satisfied
the oilier woman   N v. Tribune
the sailor, llio fisherman, the minor,
the farmer, Ilm mechanic, and nil
who live lives of tnll nnd spend their
existence In the dull routine of tedious tasks and who • re nxnosod in
Injuries and ailments lhat. those
who toll not tin nnt know, will find
In Dr. Thomas' Eelectrlc Oil an excellent friend and benefactor In every
llmo of need.
An exchange says: "It might bo Interesting to know tho slie nf Saskatchewan, it Is ^2S miles from oast
tn woBt and li!!2 miles from north tn
south. Alheila Is about 328 miles
from south to north and 30fi miles
from cast to west. Manitoba Is J91
miles from onat to west nnd 280 from
floiilh to north."
1'in 1
ni'iiy nolo ul tlic proper time Uin*
re i'iiuiii in a larger one.
Minard's Liniment Cures  Distemper
K. el    I'l. II-1.ir,
Jack-I suppose llicre Is nothing that
pleases a woman more lhan Hie devoted attention uf the man of her choice?
BCM-Gxcept, perhaps, tho devoted attention of the mnn of sumo other girl's
l-.-ii-..  I.,  v.,, ,,„,. .,., .       •-Vofttorn  for $2.1,0  by writing tho Dr. Williams'
irainejn April   >0| which ho nccont- Medicino Co., Brockvlllo, Ont.
ed. and has been a resident nf Cy.
proos piver ever «lnee, |
The Western Pralrl" Is on" of tl,o
well-known local papers In Manitoba' I
It has horne Ibe Impress of more tl-nri'
nno nilnd nf much morn than aver-im
llbllltv In iho davs whet, Mr Wnl-
nolo Murdoch wns Its editor the ,1a-1
turtii l'teion- coici annenrlns H  in
from  week tn week  were  enn|ed  Inlo
nio.ost pvorv neper "* H10 West.      ,
Mr.      Vasev's     tlinrnueli     know-1
ledtro nf H'o moehnnlenl  department
nf tho ntlhllshlnt   luislnoss   oiisoros
cleannnss nf (vnocrranhv nnd si-iHHe
nrr.'in«omo.,t nf dlsn'nv nits. which Is
nn Imnortnni nsnect ofnewsnsnorpiih-
lli'.'i'l"n ftis acrnnnnev "' the wilt,
nrlnl ehnlr has alsn di mnnslrnl dHs
ronl Bonornl grasp of public nm
""""  I his i"""   inu nf 'i   -'" 1
nnso fnr news T'nrli r his dlmoH-in
the W,"'|,',.„ Prairie promises |n ful|v
ninintiiin iis past reputation, nnd to
As we have pointed out In these rol-
umns, the farthing is almost peculiar
I* London, while the omnibus condue*.
tor, has the strongest objeotton i" the
coin. The explanation of thai objection
Is simple. For the omnibus conductor
Is expected t" pay In his day's tnkings
with as fi w copper! as p islble, Tht re-
Are ou his lasl Journey hi
much silver as he can in SXcl
the coppers at ni- favorite pub 1
a public li
thing,  lias lu, 11 <• for Ihl   coin     At
has   tin-  omnibus 0 inductor.   London
The Cheapening of Book,.
'".'     t   II lo) —
what will you lake in, fir ihi
farthing oh ingt   1 pn
copyright novel'   li i    ■
"■'" of the VI 'V 111        1
Sunlight Soup Is better than other
snaps, lint Is best when used In the
Stiiillclii wuv llnv Sunllghl Snap
ml follow directions.
Spencer Bros, ranchers nt Milk
Illvor, Alia., have been nssossod
In.fiflO for smuggling cattle
I'seful nt all Times—In winter
or In summer Parmolee's Vcgetnblc
Pills will cope with nnd overcome
nny Irregularities of tho digestive
organs which change nf dint, ehnngc
or residence, nr variation of temper
aturo mny bring nbout. Thoy should
always ho kept nt hand, and once
llmlr beneficial action becomes known
no ono will ho without them. There
Is nothing nauseating In their struc
'ore, and Ihn most dollcato can use
them confidently.
That man who bid $!)7,000 for a
seat on tho New York Stock Ki-
change must want to sit down pretty
Never lose heart if you have
consumption, Others who
have been left to ilie by the
doctors, have liven saved by
PSYCHINE, and it will save
you, too.
Consumption is a power-
ful disease, hut PsYCHlNB is
a more powerful remedy.
It practically puts new life
into the system, increases
nutrition,   purifies   blood.
Their Complete Home Curs.
Post Free lo Headers ol This Paper
for Limited Period Only.
A   handsome   Illustrated   treatise,
giving inn de crlptlon nf Rheumatism
n I   P    .'I      I,    ,'. i'l.   In  ll .1 llnlis   fnr
1 complete hniii" i'n". describing the
mosl successful troaimcni In the
world, rocommondod bv the Ministry
ui ' :i']"i.'"i by ii' ii' il 11 "ii.   This
highly Instructive 1 k was   written
' t- w, II, Vi no, a gentleman who has
■■ ,"i" a spi of thoso dlsoi
as    Tl  lo ol
I'lilvei       ol     '   ■ • ■' i-    And
; .'
1 .      tdiln      i im
Venn Drug 1 ompany, :i King Sircut,
Wtist Tuiouto.
tones up the nerves, kills
germs and repairs ex-
hausted tissues. Don't
waste time and don't lose
hope until you have tried
Snld t>v all drsiffarists Ihrouihoul I       1' >i
el ,.' I "
Ai't'ssaa, "Sumplss Dtspatrtnsnn* L"
Dr. T.  A.  8LOOUM,  Llmltod
l.aliiirst.iiUa an! OflaSHi
ITS Kin, llrstt Wosl,   .    TORONTO
The hiphszard use ol a remedy
will never discover its efficacy. Try
Beecham's Pills morning and night,
snd note the improvement in your
At        PILLS
Sold Everywhere..    In boxes 28 cents.
In Your Leisure Time
If you could start at once in a busi-
neii whtch v..miM add a ^ood round
lum to your praient earnings—without investing a dollar—wouldn't
you do it?
Well, wo are willing to start you in
a profitable business and we don't aak
you to put up any kind of A dollar,
Our proposition is thin: We will
ship you tlie Chatbam Incubator and
Brooder, freight prepaid, and
You Pay No Cash Until
After 1906 Harvest.
Poultry raising pays.
People who tell you that tlirn: is no
money in railing chicks may have tried
to make money in thobuiineu by using
setting bens as hatchers, and they
might as well have tried to locate a
gold mine in tbe cabbage patcbi The
business of a ben is—lo lay ejjj;s. Ai
a hftU'ticr and brooder she ib outclassed. That's '.be business of the
Chatham Incubator and Hrooder, and
they do it perfectly and SUCCellfuUjfi
The poultry business, properly conducted, pays far better than any other
business for tbe amount of time and
money invested.
Thousands of poultry-raisers—men
and women all over Canada and the
United States have proved to their
satisfaction that it is profitable to raise
chicks with tbo
"Yotirs li tho flrnt Incubator I hart
wo4. unit 1 wl-th to Htale I hio M
chick• uut nf !>2 ragt. Thin wu tuy
flritlot; trulyalsMrtfreenl. \\t\c_
] am "fll pleased with inr Incubator
and m ■■ in: T1101. McSiCuiiroK,
Chilli wack, RC."
"toy tint hatch came off. I rot
1T0 !'.■ p ■■'..■ '-• from I'c-i'i, .;• who
can tuat that for the tlrtt trial, and
*" 'in,! lu tbo sprlnv. I am wot)
pliaiM with !'■ ■'■■» 1 nml If I
could »" t vet anothor monor ■ mild
not buy It rrntn tno. K*nry rannsr
shouldaaTIa Ko.l *"halliniii Inei*
b'slnj.-F, Wi HiMiit, iMinnfillo,
"The Inrut-n' r 1 ''i furnlihod mo
worki •loefillnglv Wfll. It In oaatlf
operated, and *   -r noods ahout JO
almtt<si atti-Qtlon  ITITJ <Jay.   R
cQurrit, Mooik Jaw, iua."
TheChatham Incubatorand Broodar
ii honestly constructed, There li nt
humbug about it. K very inch of material
lo thoroughly tested, the machine Is
built on ri^ht principles, the inoulatlea
is perfect, thermometer reliable, and
the workmanship the best,
Tbe 1 1 - "in in Incubator and Brooder
Is simple as well as scientific in coa*
etruQtion—a woman or nil can operate
tht marhinn in thoir leisure momenta.
You pay ui no cash until after 190*
Send us your name and address on
a post card to-day,
VXo can supplr Ton quick It from our
(.Vrlbutlnfi wnrehnuses at ( a'aarf. iirta-
doa Hffflna, WJnntpi'ir, Now \\fl«tmlnitt».
Il(..>fr,!,t'«nl. \\*'A>M,< |,n't .m. A-ldrtoi
all . ■■: 1 i-i;i .iiiln * « to ' hathfiin, SU
"■ Hanson Campbell Co., lwuJ
Dot,386, < .IAT1IAM, CANADA
factories at 1 mniiM, OXTtitod 1-ithuit.
Let us quote you prtcti
on a (2ood 1 'ii.Hilntf Mill
or liood Farm ^cute.
W   NU  No   56Q rill*   I'lXl-KKSS
Wi* hnvo the bi'sl list
of business an I residential p t o pe r ties,
cheap acreage and ail
kinds of houses foi sale
and nnt. Sei us In fori
The Bank B>ock,
North Vancouver.
111 III.
Job Printing at Tim IAm i    .
W'cdii' sd iv afternoon, when
lb, .. , cleared, '.' as id, al spring
weatl er.
Oi i'i not t' 11 v; :; -r they've
coniin' ' ' da)    in
Vain ouver,
II Iton   Kc tli     'i   Vancouver,
lid   I'n     I.. i   '. iii   mi
\Y. II, Mi ,1 '   \ ictoria,
' . i   .  * isit   mi
|. A. M
ol I     i    ■ .-"I tea.   I'rii ■   .|'u  i'
p ;     c pounds (oi
\Y. Tl        ■      [ Denver, v
v     i ii i        lonli' ':   '"''   ' '"   '
Yachts and Launches Wednesday with avi.
nl all kinds. Il"''
  Iti  expected '.'' rn an    matin
troup Irom  Van* ouvi i   will hold
Tug, Life and Row Uoats,   -he hoards at the i
Ship Joinery, Spars
,  „ I'he address ol  Kichar I  i In nt,
and Scows .. ...    .
ol llalil ix, .N. S., ;s wanti 'l li) In -
li ,; ' : Kdward i n.i.:,. Kii hard
(iiniii is said in have 1" en  a n  i.
D. S. Martin
Designer and Builder "f
Pa.isfuetiini Guaranteed.
Quotatlona given on application.
Gasoline launches ,i Specialty.
Lots for Sale
di in ol 13, C. im -'•'.' .i '.» ars.
i     Piers | ets   up   the   Grand
1 li mn   pn :.. imni .    I...    lilth
play-sheet is very popular   with
the patrons of the theati i and  is
ttronizi .1 by udverti 11 i,
'! Iii    1   i    ■ ' I vai A'    llu
n M - ,. id nioM
dii ii bj  im lies,
AY ... lhat i      l! ing, u Irii nd ol
nine h II ini" i io bi    and  h
I '".I away."   Thi    ast oi
"1 i ncn knew n man v ho lell  into
i whiskey   vat,  be died in good
Pete! .ii on, "i tin Hotel North
Vancouvi . is al tin  11 irris in I loi
(oi  i'  few   lays.    Ill    is
pi  led i" rat in n i iinoirow,
James I'al'u" I . ii il   "ii tli" ss.
St. I" orgi. has gone nu a  buli 1i;
rip, ivu 1    linn,..
li lore returning in a  lorlnighl In
:'.   .   i.i,,    in    \ ietoi i.i.   Si 'ii   .
i, i and iii" "*    nd citii s.
U  Aie  :   of L) in ' die;    v, 11
-tan     an      expii   i      hi
.  . it* ly,   Any   om     linvin*
- dii in this li:.'   i in li ,im
.M'ii W.   I'.  II" g, ni tin
I'. ,' made.
Tin sday  evening,   al   Mo 11
•.■ills- thn   prize I    ■   look place:
A    [5-round    c 'in   '.    In '...' -
I      Suiiniiei        i     and   Will
Mun '     : .' I, result, ■! in favor ol'
Summers.   Mi Callum (its)  and
Sp   ,   125) K stilted in a draw.
inl s 'ii  120) ■. 1, 1 iaile)   115) was
ll .iv
Lots nl Ni w ' '"'"Is to Pick
fl \M   Ufl
1 from.   It will pay you lo buy
I now     I'm; '.
I the I" Wi
' ■         ha 1   11 ore  >
I New (i    Is to an       itmui  ,
\ I   ■•■ . 'i \   ' A , iu.    ! ,ip 1
I '1   . I    "','. II pi
f". p.
lishop Si Co.!
11pp. People's Theatre
,   AM'1'  STREET
within mi
'A SC<ll A'Ell
1 0
1 w
/ /ini-i '"en instructed to
sell a ft id
pit Cl S   Of   -
and H acres at
trici 1 which
will insure yaad profits ' •
ing.   Thcs
: art nil wi
bin hlh St,
The   North
Vniici itiver Specialist
lid Cordova Stroe
^as       K
lu«   -J*0
■    .
1 !-,
The drivei  foi  the  P.   Burn
Inui in!      pi   n  on  \v' dm sda
mi ■ 1  :,   ,: il     nival   I
of I ■    lern   .it \ "     I-,
in,! package  nl   smisagi   j
nn at,    '   i waited for the tbiel al
tin- wli.i:'  uati.   who il;i' «    tin
meal 111 k in the cart,   'I lie drivel
the hat
pilli tei  which he gave I
Ircm MO to 1150 p.r lot,
2 Acre Block on Corner
.'i llazlitt is m    busy
mating llie nun mil   ol   .. iti iin
in i     in   i,,i tin h irk.   Engineers
.  ■ I work   '.    i        "
. ■ •
"-***   '  ~ lu tin   nnv Olil    i'i il|ison,
50,60, 66 x 132 FT. block, now being eaited on Lons      No time will      o rr-ceed
,,!,. IU, i     v. :.    ;.     '      ,:.,..     "I  tl,
ii ■ v..i\ on First str, 11.   Purclint*
—-______._—__,_______    P"l''it    Miller, nf
fronting Lonsdale Ave., Edinburgh, Sco ,m.l, lias com-
$700 tdslla meiicvd construction on a now
 .                h use, located "ii  Seventh street
.   . I
m i»*   v v w
i . n. .*. i ii. j,imes w   , t   r    |u,   (.l|ni]v
Queens & Lonsdale      I ,lave tmwnA froin huMk ,„ „,.  .       Sarr,nvs ,0 lhe pri)|
_— .   . —  *" p .   .   and   l.i.i Ait    I'
sin  :. win r   '.        wil    : .    .    i     ■
The 11.  ('..  Meal   Mai
Same prices, and in somt cases conk.m))|ali , , :;;       :,
cheaper than ciiy, -, |„ ,,„.,;„ nl  kVay in      n- 1 I      renins
comer.    It is reporti . i      tl  i  I
h ive alrea     . ■  n :   .     > ...    : i Dr.  A,   j.  Kicber,   'l   Montn al,
i niitall e -ite. i a leel ire .
Mrs. \Y.   II.  Wallers and Iur|j1 ttitl1  s,S-flon
Real [stale and Insurance
You will find it great!) ,
advantage to sn' me hi iu
anv di al.
ol Mrs. Iross,   On Tuesday night |son"! "'l!lc "W"1  '""'• '
N  VANCSUV6R "    '
iln   lame   nui..ber' ';
'Alt' ' ' I"   li   ll
        nn: i i   in : .   .    Imi,  in
Houses to Rent    v- '    ■      :
I   .'   I      I       : 1
callonW.P.Hcvki '    ':; l
nm laKiHs ;\ mr th     ii
B3T Sec Nt Before .iiiting,
St. Andrew'* Church   .'"
Sixth St., North Va     iivi-i
Tuesday, 6tb ln»t.,
Boxes (oi    ■ ' ; '   ■
pli ,i ant evening prouii u I.    All
are welcome.
:      'i
■   i
i  tap     '
I'.A.nk  OF HMThll   .NnliTii
CAPITAL, ti.m ' i KI Sl ia i;
Head A in" in C;ii    '      I
II SilKKMAN, i ii ii'inl Managi i   |  1.
Pi in* lies in llrilish I ill, (in
Iledli •.. Kaslo, I' ■• .. :. i.   I rail      b lira i mivi i.
^ ii lori i, ami Da
Savings Department   I ii'    •   ■•
illlirp, Cur. Lonsildle Ave. nml Isplanndc, North Vnncoiiver, B <.
M ice
.'i i.
p     rs, vi in il llu
villi ll       ■    .       of tl      I
■ I   .
' '
ell Winn
I A    \    ':   I   r    |   ■
i  i
', er   sli
pi   ,
i i     ■
r i I   lor   a
tl |uestioi
■la   llll
I,     "il
i.ilni.il i i il  llli  '   motives  '-Iniiii.
ii  illipn    '  '
R ill -it (Ion ,r
Villi*''!' '       I
\j.\i     Ja. )
.ILWHS nnd
I Mill I Ms,
aj.iiisei, -ni lossel-
KII'slltN.!'. 01 ITS BHWCllt-S 00M
wiiii iffl-mci **" ii iPAita.
IIIOIIISI PRICI I UU I'll' nun.'Hi V'.UMhlll
112 Hastings St. W.,Vancouvcr,B*C.
i' a. nu* us
Mall orders solicit,d i nlpi mpl ■■ "Hood  im
and gin
s-work iii ]" n im" «:ii knock the
;ood out »i
till   ll sl
ii." tor's pn ii i i" "iis.
ah ■"ini' 1*   .1' i ni iti    dispensing
wiili   pure
what gives  tl    • urin .   piality n
your doc-
1 cl
im,  .i v;: i
isi 1)   follow  every detail ol youi
: ,n
!VI.   O.   t\11 v.- I.J aJ 4 V '..
v. ecu- '.ii.-A. (iiililin ..     Plumbing and llnsmllh-     Hay,Collie ondChlckcn
"!,■,.      igcnls. feed
I umber ami all kinds of Bulldlnj llntcrlol, Contractor* und Valuators.
Wi ...... aii Immense aniounl of i ird* oort'.on hand.  Place >„<>■- orders *sllb
ns (.ii ihi *■ iuiir.
Life Saving.
452 Mastlnqs Street West, Vancouver, h. C.
The inadeipiacj ol tli" present ^^^^_
. Just Arrived
Hated I
r Val
.' ni tlii
ly       ii
•■ .
,,i 1 i\i taken
I   ■,
i | I   safel)
ted fi p iini   to
1       I   ■
■e,ell   in ri ;." Is  lo   thi
. "I [" i
t not loi
ation,  ii lo
thai    id .i'. ■
,'ould n i    ii in ibis
'i !   ,,       .ii. , ;
i     I.
"ii..  port, wl
ii ii ii
■    ol   tin
.   tl  , the)  ai
..i I u. is  ol
II" '
.    II
LdiA  Storl  -:   • : all and Winter Goods
' .;•    .•....■., id    .-  oat..
:y d     s a co.
North Vancouver, S. C.
The Only Seaside Resort at Vancouver
■ llucciicd Inlt I.
' i ■ ■       nminutcsuwaij
/' cntboditu it nee
with lie, ry in i u f/n'    v"J .■ r dag,
■   !       in coil .'•'/'nn ft i bull    dii ;
gcntli mi a.
PLace Wired so as to be ready to
connect o ' oiJfi Wire Next spring
ML "I * tv * HMM HMM
I5.C.. Electrh Railway Co. Ltd.
AM   DC * TTBF No*flr- " "|,,!i< '•• General Midi tm or
t Ylt DL/il liCr:  ~—;—: ~-r.
(.ordovii  Sreot,   Vmicouver,  U.  C,
i       .i    : ...
i      'md i oik  I" ii 1   wl .
the)   an
■nl  in  ll ■• ' porl  ol
\ am "ii   '
I In* '
iv, I
: ;
,-Vl-I.H    I'Hl   ll
ll ■ r prival  it)
Ini iM-h.
I neat Im ■    ■   '. in Xnrtll
.'am in v luuknf |iiekliiu up |,riip,-rt,v in
II   ■-. - A i   ,   Sl 'U, mid vim nil! iti.i U a - in..ne,.  :':  ::
Swifl's llnr.is, 17c. per 11).
'•' v\ Ift'tt P.c.i.c Hmi ns, uc. per !l>.
3 Tina Todiritnos for 25c.
J. A. McMillan.


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