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 t Y
•j' means reaching the people   aj.
X in tlieir homes,    Tlie Kx-   X
y press dues llial.                      i<
X l'liotie .Sn    X
X ... X
.^♦JseJssJesJeeJsiJssJ-HjeeJssJssJssJseJssJeaJssJssJeeJseJesJssJssJ* T
(Elf? kxpxm
m that pk-ascs, at The Express Ollice. Good stock.
Prices right.
Phone 80
-**.**a**a**a"*a"*.**a**a**a**a*V*a*V*a**a**a**a**.**a*VV, »
M.ivui- W, 11* May |.usi(l.'i .a
tin* regular meeting ol the citj
council mi Annul.i; iiiinui; Al-
iliiineii McRae, McNeish, Uick,
Slllllll/, Braim ami  Voting Mere
in ittendsnce,
M.ivih tta) repoi ted ihal the
iim committee had lotmd h
Impossible lo arrange, as yet,
I conference with lhe N. V. i erry l'u. Also that the N. V.
1 ..iiiai I Improvement Co had
informed him that then are
nm pints in Ottawa gardens
llul are availabh  lor least,   as
per 1 marked map rabmit 1 I ;
also thai lhc V.W, I V. R; . i:
asking fur an extension sl
chatter, and that he would isl
iuiiii.il tn take suine a, linn
'Ihe att..ni'\ general wrole,to
th- effect thai the letter rn l\
id from the council was the lirst
.intimation thai his departm nl
had r/celved ul any mow
toward the appointment ol ,,
pnlii,* magistrate, under salary,
lm this citv.
The resignation ol tin- iiu
treasurer, J, J. Woods, I-*
"mi from Thursday svruing,
wis accepted. Alderman Mc
K.*e, chairnu 11 ol finan e, es
pressed his appreciation ol 1 lu-
uniform courtesy extended bj
Mi.  Woods since   thc  presenl
Council tn.'k nlliee.
Several communications a-en
ie.nl [ram City Engineer II net
is Fallows: Requesting ci uii
repairs to the ceiling ol Lh* en
i'ini r's oflice; board ol 1 or!
in ri inn!. Recommending 1'tain Intuit- ilti|)lieate lorn*, a*
Contract  he used,  imd ill.11     ar
' 'in...lie hook lie prepared te
fi 1 led 1.1 ilie hoard of wurks.
Advising couucil that he is boh
Millii-ii'iitlv uinversaiii -..
.ilT.iirs 1,1 the department lo ren-
'ler assist,nue unnecessary, aad
recommending that Assi : ini
Kngineer MacPberson be rrleas
ed. Mr. HacPherson ha re
: ipniil some iniul ths since, Imt
had consented lo remain loi
such a length of liine .1* inighl
bc required, in order to kee|
the affairs ul lhe ilepartinitit in
shape pending the appointment
ol .ui engineer, snd then lo es
lend his set vices ntilil such
iinie as ilu engineer ha '• it
quainted himself with tin   si
lairs nl the depqi Uncut.     Tin
recommendation of the engineei
was adopted, coupled  with a
vnlc nl thanks lo Mr. Mai I'liii
sou Inr his kindly consideration
of the wishes nl the council an.
Interests oi ihe city.   A report
from the engineer, lo lhe eflect
thai    tin*   local   improvement
work on 1 ilh .slreel is nol completed   according  to  specification,   Aid. McNeish concurred
in this report.      Engineer   to
haie work completed according
lo   specifications.      Reporting
ihai be 1 ihe engineer) had \ isil
ed Seattle and Ta...ma, careful
ly Inspecting street grades, sen
eragc si stems, etc., and an   as
•.mi,lied report, recommending
thai tin- resolution bob ob thi
records ol the council with re
fcrence to grades be reconsidered,   .unl   lllal    east   and   west
streets be made level, and
grades on longitudinal streets
straight, up iu a j per cent,
grade, Laid mer until Thursday evening,
A letter front nintraclnrs Askew, Kenned) ,v Mad,ennan eras
nail, asking that a settlement
tu date he inaile wiih respect to
ihe jrd street contract, Aid.
Dick moved that tlu clerk write
the contractors, to the el eel
that council cannot consider the
in,itter until further Information is provided hv the citj en
gineer, Aid, Voung « is of o-
pitiinn ihat council should finish
the work according to original
specifications, and moved ai
> orditigl). Aid. Si-hull/ mu
limed, slating Ihal il was a
matter ol contract and count il
It,nl tm discretion,
Aid. Dick stated that council
musl exercise disueuoa},     lhc
l,itipci u owners should bt  con
.•uiuii net-ore action is taken.
.im. iii.iiiu  concurred  in   uu
posttioa.    Aid. Dick ini uui e»
pressed the opinion ui.u council
ll.Hl  lu   lulisiuii    llul   ullll     Un
contractors, bul alac ltte jru
■treet owners, tha recommends
.tuns ut un- u,\ engineer,  sau
|,„SS|I)I\     UU     llll     SUllllKll      LU".
.in* ,111.11111 gps arranged, i#is*
rote on the motion ol Aw,
noting divided lhe council even
,y, as lollows:\c.i    Am.   KOUBg
jdcNeish, and SchulU; aaj   M *
,1 Hae, Dick ami Braim,    in
mayor voted foi   the motion,
which was declared Carried.
A Idler llnlll ine school
,...aid was l.a.l,  adVUUBg COUfl
cil ilia. A. K. bteac) had been
elected chairman and tl. 1 ■
.\.,..\ secretary lor the ensuing
1.11, aad enclosing estimate*
tor the yen as follows; Principal's salarj H500;  ist assist
.un,  >iu.'n;  seuniii  assistant,
>;.sn;   third   assistant,   -V,
,nurlh assistant, fouo] min assistant,  P660;   Iwo  additional
or live months, J500;  janitoi.
•i"..a; seen l.n 1, *si*~"'. nn I*
leaks,! 175; supplies, $45; chairs,
•ijo; light, .*•,■*". incidental -
interest, 350; school library ,>S"
lotal   for   Chesterfield   avcnui
iliiiul,    fjtltjo,       Moodyvilli
ichool, teacher's salary, fbo° ■
janitor, Jiim; incidentals,   $50 ;
fuel, fso, total S7»,< >.    Bttraoi
tinary expenses, price ol sue in
i).l,. j;.;, I6700; clearing saint,
ipiu, total, S7101'.    The isti
mates were accepted,
A petition far ,1 low lool
•idcwalk on 15th streei wesl ol
Lonsdale avenue, w.i* received
md relerred lo thc board ol
Accounts as [olloWS were   oi-
lcrcd 1 aid: Finance committe
general) J783,151 polici  *
■in; schools J83,.;.-.  board  ol
works 1488.90;  local Improvt
nent -J375; fire and light 111 1
jo; health S|u
The ininutes of a uncling   ol
he l.re and light and walii-
turks committees »*ere read
mil adopted. A light will I *
placed ai   the  corner ol   15th
atleel      and      Mahult    avinm.
Lights at the corner of St.
.'■enij'e s and lhe l-.#f»l,ili.iilc,alld
ii ihe coimr ul Lonsdale and
Ilh slreet, will he considered al
be beginning ol the Benl light*
iit); season.*
Aid. SiluiH/. submitted ,1   rt
purl  of the  ferry   committe.
idvisiug   lhat   lhe  citj   clerk
mite, tii the different lerrj companies, .md  ascertain  wbethei
ihe siatntiiii regulations win,
reference i" boats and life sav-
inj; appliances are being  com
plied  with,  espciialh   in   iln
matter   of   arrangements   fo
lowering the boats and wt 1 kl;
exertising ol the crews with n
ipeel tu iln- same.    Adopted,
Aid. link called attention to
aln 1,nt that 1 lun appeared lo
ne room im economising ia iln
health department .md tin ,
Iiu department, Aid M< Neish
stated ihai such Items wen
nun under consideration.
Aid.Young moved thai grades
oa all side lull streets belon
1 |th slreel be established, and
that in. mun* worl be aaderta
ken until a commission nl en
gifleers has report) d a iih n la
race to same. After consider
aide discussion the motion eai
Aid.  Young  moved   that   a
sewerage system for lhe wholi
city lu- designed without di laj
.md that the work 1st proceeded
with by Instalments st general
i .1 pens*, an rapidly as the finan
iis of the iitv will I'liinii   Aid
Dick was opposed to sewirs Ik
ing built oul "I general revi nui
Aid. Schull   « i- in lavor ol   ■
s- *
revenm producing systi 111
would place the sa wei igi
tem un tin same pi ini
Waterworks system,    The
tion   finally   prevailed,   ui
following   division;   Via  Aid.
Voting, MiNelsli, Siluill/. anil
\K..a, ; na) Aid. Dick and
ai.i. \ oung complained oi lhe
unsatisfactory nature "I the tei-
l ] ill' all*    Sti ill.   '" lllllll   lllis   llll
an.l Vancouver.    Aid. SchulU
added Ihal the local service was
also nois) and unsatisfactory
1 in* clerk to write thc compan)
and a. |ui-*t a bettei and cheap
ii    iii in to  . aii.i.uiii'.
la the inal in ol lhe proposed
renewal ol the charter ol the 1.
W. i-i v. i;,., Aid, Dick report*
ul ihai ihe 11.iin ii..111 propel I ■
owners had retained a solicitor
al Ottawa to watch this mat-
ii 1 and to report, The clerk
was instructed to write thc local member, ..skin1; him to
watch ilu- matter and to notify
ihe city should application   I a
1.1.ule for renewal.
Ofl motion, it was order id
ih it the road i" l-'ell park ' 1
completed, a distance ol tli iul
IJO lui
Tin  motion I" annual   I
ij ..I ilie local improveni ml 1 v-
laW,  was then  taken  up.       I ' I
amendment empowers iin coun*
.il in ..p.a up ami tu improve
stfteta,  to the cost "l  i.wW
mis per lineal foot, al general
ipense.    Aid.Mi Ncish computed thai i" clear and grade   a
ij  le.-i   wide,  would
COSt $1200 per mile, and a sidewalk would inst >..». per mile.
I'he sum "i f\  would build
V.. liiil.s tut this hasis.    The hv-
l.nv tu aim-nil was given  three
Aid.   Dick   moved   thai   la
. no i.\li vn  ii.ii i.i* mn*
lidered until and unless a copy
il the same has lieen previous!)
mailed lo each nn mber oi  the
* r.i council; carried,
Council went into committee
• a the whole, to considei    11
•-I'l'llll.llll, 1U11II   ..i   K,   J.   l'nk,
iu iniiair ttv .mm tit    ,,t    the
bands ol last yeai's 1 ouncil,and
ill 11 lerry mailers.
Tile   .lliiil lliiil    inti*   all    I ,1
.-.ini al lhe adjourned meeting
ul ilu- cit) iuuu.il last evening.
Mayor Ma) presided,
Aid. Diik ill..led a Iciulls'.ili".
alia.11 ,11 lhe III..li.in. passed   ull
Monday evening, to completi
the 3rd street contract, Mayoi
May ruled the motion out ol ol
der, uu lhe ground llial a liiu-
liuti lo iiiuiiMilii cannot be
ii.i.i.- ai iln ...ian meeting al
which iln in..ti..11 was passed,
aiiil lliis meeting was simply 1
continuation ol that ol Monday
evening next,
Aid, Din. ilnn gave notice ol
motion as above ob Honda)
evening next,
A h\I.m for tin appointment
.a ih. cit) engineei was introduced hi Aid. McNeish all.
given three readiaga.
(.'.llllllll   llllll   Weill   till"    i'llll
mittee ul the whole,Mayoi May
in the chair. 'I In recommends
iion ui tin engineei thai lhc rc-
si.lnii  Un records, .-stal.
linking straight grades on nor.,
and BOUlll  slie. I *,,  lit   1. *., Ilul.il,
was Brsl considered     I ins  m
lulled llli ,ld streei IIU|'l"ii
ments, and UpOB tUOlioB ll   lias
resolved to call ,. meeting   ..i
o.i street propert) holdeii   le
...uin with iin i"iun,il on iu.1
needs) tu st, lhe loth inst,,  al
aS p.m.
iin* matter ol a contiibatioe
in the N, \. Hospital, int   ,,
iiiiieni year, was relerred   lo
tin* im,inu- committee lo report.
The   waterworks   naaunittee
was requested lo ri port as t al
lv as possible mi lhe extension
ol   tin   system   down   diner
Oiiccusl.ii!\ ..r Smh.il,md ave
A Kini lium ,i Beattie firm,
soliciting advertising In lhc Alaska \ iikuii Hotel a Commercial I'.in.i'. I.*i * relerred lo the
ni,ma, committee lo reporl
\ a i, nl,i\ Hi. , i*. .a tin- N.
\ Kerrj ,\ I'owi i Co . against
the M.ii.,i Bo ai i i..n-|ii.iUtion
in, i.un. i.i**i. \ii Justice
Clement in the supreme court
at Vancnuver. The action is
otic lor damages, arising out oi
lhe lattat company running a
lerry .system across the inlet in
Opposition to the ioriner. The
i.isi will continue for the bal-
aaic ul lhe week. The plutn-
llll's counsel is Ba Pa Davis,
while Joe Martin, S. D. SchulU
and I). S. Macdonell are acting
lor the deleudanls.
D. li, and Mrs. Dick entertained the members ol Hun aid
lodge, A. f, & A. It,, together
icua a number oi iriends, ul a
■ leliglituil lunction, at their
rcsuiiinc, corner 1st street and
Bt. Andrew's avenue, on Saturday evening laat A pleasing
incident oi the evening was the
presentation to Mr. Dick ol a
past master's jewel. lhe pre-
esntatiofl address was made by
G. A. AlcHain and the jewel was
presented by ex-Alderman F.
U heeler, accompanied by a neat
speech. Mr. Dick made a feeling reply. The guests of thc
evening were as follows: W. J.
and Mrs. Irwin; T. A. and Mrs.
Allan; T. S. and Mrs. m~%\ W.
II. and Mrs. Stoney; Thos. and
Mrs. Hutchison; R. f. and Mrs.
Wheaton; K. A. and Mrs. Morden; V. and Mrs. Wheeler; G.
A and Mrs. McHain; .1. H. and
Mrs. Pilling; .1. W. and Mrs.
l-'ugler; J. A. and Mrs. McMillan; C. 1,. and Mrs. Bradley, W.
ami Mrs. Owen; D. Amskold, W.
I,. Boalt, II. C. Wright, I.
Peers, Jas. Mnmy, jr., John
Kuushaw, W. C. KilU, J. B.
Bennett, \V. .1. Dick, Norman
Mi Lend, and Miss Sadie Peers.
Two Vatniiuvcr lads, named
Newcofflbe and Peck, were
l.ioiiglH liefolc Reeve McSauglit
aa disttni niagistrate, in the
I,\nn i.ille\ institute hall, on
Wednesday, charged with having liiaak.ii inlo and rubbed
Hanson's shack, in D. I,. 204.
The crime was committed in
Nuvcmber last and amongst the
articles stolen was a gun and
a giamaphoiie. Chief ol Police
Dalies ol this city bad been
notified atul had ilieeti working
uu the case. Recently the boys
ollc-red the gun fnr sale in Van-
. "liver and on strength of this
were apprehended. They tlieu
confessed, implicating ihree o-
ther lieiys. The trial was deferred until to-day, to permit
ol (he attendance of the other
lads and the parents ol the accused.
Today UM accused appeared
ngain, when the two lads wen-
let out 011 suspended sentence,
and the others severely reprimanded,
Cureless blasting came very
nearly terminating iu a fatality
"ii Satunlai lasl. Mrs. A. h.
'-iin, living iu the Capilano
district, was coming into this
. iti tii ilu sailne shopping, and,
when near the new schoolhuiise,
nine la l.ul its, engaged clearing
land, shut ..ll ,1 blast. A large
piece ul r.uk struck the lady in
ilie middle ol tbe buck aud
mocked her down. Some nun
i'.i! by ran to her assistance
and il was some ttuie before she
1 eg,lined her breath. She was
conveyed tu the N. V. Hospital,
where au cxaininaliuli showed
thai nu liniics were broken, but
lhe victim was loiisiderubly
'iiiised and shaken up.
A serious and painful sccideBt
befel I'l. Peers, who resides at
ihe cud ol Keith road, uii Wednesday Wliih engaged in splitting shakes the axe glanced   and
track Imu on the left foot, in-
dieting a terrible gash.     Dr.
Vet nn wa.s summoned, but before he lutlld reach the spot Mr.
Peers almost bled to death
Several slid lies were taken ill
lhe w..und and lhe llnw nl blood
stopped, The w minded man is
now progressing nicely
Three eases, under charge of
Ur. Campbell, are al present
receiving attention 111 the N. V.
Arlona Studio, Hastings and
Homer Sts., under O'Brien hall.
Cabinet photographs J3.50 per
doa-11 and up.
D. G. Dick was a passenger
going north on the S. S. Co-
litox, Thursday morning. He
expects to return in a lew days.
K. J. H. Cardinall has decided to abandon his purpose of
procuring a liquor license, as he
intends to embark in the real
estate business in this city.
Walter Owen was the winner
of thc prize at the session oi
the Maple Leaf pedro club,held
at the K. P. hall, on Tuesday
evening.    .
Tbe Eagles purpose holding a
masquerade ball and supper on
February 17. Harpur's orchestra of Vancouver has been engaged Ior the event.
LOST.—On Friday, January
29th, a lady's small folding
hand 'bag, black leather, contained small sum of money,
lindcr please leave at The Express office.
House Wanted.-In about two
months, six or seven rooms,
modern, with or without furnace, close in, lull lot preferred.
Will lease ii rentaL moderate.
Apply Lessee, Express office.
The city council is honored
with a large audience ol ratepayers at the regular sessions,
at the present time. Last Monday evening every chair was requisitioned and standing room
was in demand.
Next Thursday evening the
lire brigade will hold a lx>x social and dance in the Eagles'
ball. Besides dancing, various
card games will Ih- provided.
It is expected the event will be
a complete success, as the committee is working hard to that
The assessment rolls of the
district were finally completed
this week, with results as lollows: Total assessed property
values, $3,086,215, comprising
real estste, 52,924,415, antl improvements, $1,MX,Hon. Hv
wards the realty values are,
ward 1, Ji,293,100; ward 2, Ji,-
llie government dredge King
Edward arrived on the water
front Monday morning,and will
be engaged Ior a short time in
pumping sand to fill in the fore-
shun* about the new wavs nl
the Wallace Shipyards, Ltd., in
order to protect the piles as far
as pnssil.le from the nperaliiiiis
of the teredo.
The annual convention of the
executive oi thc provincial Liberal association ol B. C, will
open in Victoria on Mundav.thc
Mth inst. The delegates hum
lhe local ,issiuialinn arc .1. 1)
l-'tasel, president, allll 1) C.
Dick, who arc instructed tu
bring the Second Narrows
bridge question 'before the convention, antl to invite .I.A M.n-
Doluld, leader of the opposition
anil .Inllil Olivet In speak at a
public meeting 111 this city.
A. J. Henderson, ol the Burrard Fish Curing & Packing Co.
wilh his wife,daughter ami sun,
the latter ul Cranbrnuk, B. C,
are guests at Hotel North Vancouver. Mrs. and Miss Henderson arrived in the city early in
this week, direct from Brighton,
make their home in this city.
Thev came across the ocean on
the S. S. Lucama and were
somewhat delayed in arriving
at New York, on account ol the
ship having Iktii 1 ailed bv wireless telegraphy to the assistance
ul the loutidering Republic. The
pally did not see the Republic
go under, as she sank during lhe
night. As soon as a suitable
residence can be procured, the
lamilv will take up their permanent residence in this city.
Born—At 4th street, on Feb.
1st, tbe wile ol Alexander Law,
of a son.
Tbe W. C. T. U. have arranged to hold a social and entertainment, on the evening ol
Thursday, Feb. iMth.
Tbe Cates wharl lor ocean-going vessels, located wesl oi
Lonsdale avenue slip, is rapidly
Hearing completion.
W. A. Dewar and family removed to tins city on Saturday-
last aud arc residing in tlueir
new home, ou 4th street west,
For the lasl six mouths oi
190M the B. C. Electric Co. carried 179,560 passengers on th-eir
lines in Nortn Vancouver. For
the same months in 1907, tbey
carried i53,3Sl8.
Vancouver and Seattle people
arc credited with having secured properly on this side oi tlie
lulel, lor the purpose oi establishing a summer amusement
Thc Voung Peoples' club lu...
a successlul session on Tuesday
evening, the programme consisting ol the reading of the \. P.
magazine. Mr. Garrow is lite
editor and he was assisted by
Miss Peers.
The Masonic ball in Vancouver, Wednesday night, was the
social event ol the season.
Many North Vancouverites were
present, a special boat conveying them home at the conclusion of the lestivities.
The government has made the
billowing appointments for this
city lor the present year: Police commissioners, Aid. W. McNeish and C. F. Jackson ;
license commissioners, A. R.
Steacy and Aid. SchulU.
W. H. Parkin, of 2nd street
east, has Visiting him ins brother, A. S. Parkin, accompanied
by the latter's wife. The brother is manager of FTavell's
wholesale produce establishment at Lindsay, Ont. The
visitors purpose spending a
month on tbe coast.
II the man wbo thinks "distant In bis are green" would be
content to make the best ol his
home plot, distant lields would
lose their allurements. Good
goods at right prices are offered in our advertising columns,
and our advertisers will give
your needs every consideration.
The friends ol Mr. Day, contractor, will be pleased to learn
lhat he is now ou a fair way lo
recovery Irom his recent illness.
Some weeks ago be injured his
leg and erysipelas developed, finally spreading over his entire
body. Ur. Verner has lieen in
attendance on Mr. Day and reports that the serious stage in
the disease is past.
William dimming, accompanied l.\ Mis. Outlining and
family, came over yesterday
and have taken up their residence at 156 3rd street east.
Mr. Cuiiimiiig's new gent's furnishings and boots and shoes
cstahlislimellt will iln- open lor
business tomorruw (Saturday)
morning. By giving him a big
day's business, the citizens can
assure lum that they are pleased to add himself and family to
the civic household.
II. Iv Reid, of the local B.C.
El. Ry. Co. stall, is in receipt
of a copy oi the Cataract Journal, published at Niagara Falls,
N V , containing an interesting
narrative of the celebration of
the 52nd anniversary nl the
wedding of his father and
mother, Mr and Mrs. A. M.
Reid. This lunction was attended In twu other couples,
who had been mat tied 57 and
51 years respectively. A photograph was taken ol these three
iiitiples, whoaa combined ages
were .(ho vears One of the
couples wns present at the time
Mr and Mrs. Reid were married. THE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B. C.
North Vancouvrr. B. C.
One year • •        t'**'
Sir montln   -        - ■       •■'"
Three ninntli.     ■ • -2S
United State, and Koreign,|1.50|>eryear
SOcenti per inch i'mil iiiM-rtion.
I.a.ix.i Noticf.h, KTC.-fl.tX) per inch per
I.axd and Timbrr N.iTicmi-IW tart, ft;
60 daye, IT.ftO.
Um AfllSSWUW  Fliel insertion, HI
centi per I  wli niil.»ei|ii.'nt in'er*
tion, 5c. per line
RlAlllMi,   N'lTICBII   IS   I.IK 11.   RIVI ('"!*
nn—lOceiili perliiie,i'»eh ituerlinii.
I'llSTRAlT   AllVKItTmitMKSTH— R«tt*»   »r-
raiiKetl U'T"r.liiiK I" mfSttt liiken,
Allcliaiijeiiiii-onlrai-tinlvi'rti'i ttt
mint he in the Imnili ..I the primer hi
ill the neii inane.
North   Yakuouvkr, Fib. 5,  1909
The iiii-tiibers of the delegation which Interviewed the provincial government on Friday
last, with reference lo a subsidy
for the Second Narrows bridge,
are unanimous in their appreciation of the cordial reception
accorded tlieiu in all ipiarlers.
The previous plan laid out by
the delegation was devised with
a view to presenting the salient
leattiri's ol the proposition, in
a iiuiiise and loriefitl manner,
and while the order decided upon was soiuiiiliat disarranged
during the course of the interview, the opinion is held thai
the whole ellect of the case was
not ni.iii-riallv affected thereby.
The executive council met the
delegation   and   was   addressed
by  Mayor Douglas ol   Valium
ver, Mayoi Ha; "i North Vaa-
1 ouver, Reeve McNaught oi
North Vain ..uver district, and
IC. H. Heaps, president ol the
Vam inn er board of trade. The
premier and the other members
ol the exeiiilive entered hcartilv
into the ii.lisi.leralioii ol the di-
flcrtill phases of the ptojei t.atld
while lhe attendant difficulties
Were 111 m. wise lost to view, it
was evident that the disposition ol the government was di-
liiledly laiorable, and that
those dtllutiltics were cited in
older thai every feasible method which might overcome
tliiin might In- brought to light.
The merit ol the project does
lint appear to have licctl i.illed
ill i|iiestion lor a moment.It..in
any cjiiartcr. The character of
the uml. -Making as a puliln
Wotk oi tittU promt, ial signili
.ami and importance, appears
to ha*B Imu universall, recof-
11 i /.«I
The Imperative Becesait) oi
spanning tin Second Nanowi
b\ a slimline. ..I a ii.tttit. .unl
...pa.ltv lihl.li nould u'llstiliiti*
all .idei|ii,ite 1ath1.1v and leliiell-
l.il  llighwai  I,.1 all Iralln    Ihal
will ileulop i,.i ,, long period
in tin- itiiute, appaars to have
lum I'liiuilid The plain di-c-
laraltoiiof th,. premier was,that
"The gov eminent is opeB to
I'.lisi.ler anv liiislltcss pTopoBJ
tion" mth risiKit to the 111.it-
ter, Irom nhiili tin* lair ind-r-
Hiie is, thai lh, s,ilis|,i,i,,i\
.itt.ingemettl ol dtUlll is the
"till i.iii.iiiiing difficulty lo I.e
(.Mt..nne in order to ciixiu.* I..
vor.il.le a.timi upon the p.nt <>!
llie   goieriiinitit       Sm li   being
tin ease, m is caruial] dillicoli
10 .onieiie how those details
'.in lung wilhslalid lhe will of
the  people ,.|   this  proillKc,    as
lotistttiitioiiallv centred m their
legislative  l.pr.s. ntalives
The mix 01 the entire problem
is believed tu miisist in tins,
"In whom is the ownership and
the control ol the bridge lo be
vested;"' It is believed Lh.it
were this item satisfaclorilv adjusted, the bridge would be as
good as an accomplished (act.
It was upon some proposed solutions of this difficulty thai
the premier lound it seceeaary
to express himself with considerable diTniiiettess, questioning
iheir feasibility,
As the interview advanced, it
became   evident   that   the plan
111..st acceptable to the government is that of a bridge,provin-
ciallv owned and controlled,but
thai, at the same time, lhe government was not prepared to
give any assurance that the en-
lire cost would be assumed bv
the provincial treasury.       The
dominion government has  al-
ttady voted a subsidy of $2do,-
000 toward the building of a
bridge, and the intimation was
conclusively carried to the
minds of the delegation that il
that subsidv could be made to
applv to a  provincial railway
Wallace Shipyards, Limited,desiring to have the necessary Idling done as ipiickly as possib
and seeing an opportunity to
secure the deepening of the
water in front of tlieir ways at
the same time, made application to the local Liberal BSBOCi-
ation to have the King Edward,
then lying idle in the Fraser
river, sent around to do the
work. The association promptly passed thc requisite ibboIu
tion, forwarded il through tin*
proper channels, and nothing
further was heard until llie
dredge appeared.    II lllis rivill
Bean upon the part of the g->< -
eminent lo assist North Vancouver iind tin- north shore will
but extend itself to the granting
of the bridge subsidv to a pro
vincially owned structure, lie*
municipalities concerned will
be highly gratified indeed,
The sessions of city councils
do not, as a rule, rise above the
prosy stage, and arc usually not
particularly interesting to  the
and irallic bridge, the local gov-1 citizens, except as some mallet
ctnitietit would take lhc work in I mav be under consideration in
hand,   lt was further intimated
that a more definite reply would
be made through the estimates
lor litis session.
Previous    to    the    interview
which some of them arc closeli
interested. Thc session of the
local board of aldcruiett, on
Monday last was, however, an
exception to the rule.   The large
with the government, a coot- gathering of ratepayers which
mitttC from the delegation hail'W-is present was treated to a
waited on the leader of the op- succession of excellent debates
position and, as a result of 1 and some close divisions, one
their   conference,   had received j of which was  decided   by    the
from  him  the Bssaraace that!««*taf **• ol ta* auyor.whid
the scheme as generally outlined
made a mosl entertaining   ami
would receive his cordial support After the interview with
the exeiiilive council, lhe dele-
instructive evening.    The growing attendance of ratepayers at
the council sessions is a   good
gaiion met and considered what "I" all(i slimil(l Ik' Kiun m''\
steps could be laken lo induct'  «-'*'*'*>iirageiiii-iil.     Not onlv will
the dominion government to al-1lllt' P"—" "f l«F Baabers ol
low llie subside ainady granted citilSJM proie helpful and into applv to a provincial slrtii- s*liri"S t(l llu' BldemifB, but it
lure, and a plan of procedure ! wi" &**-* create a large body
was devised, which ii is hoped "' fatapayw who are well in-
will prove successful. j Iorlm'<l ■*>■ ■'" "att«l U-*l
The  premier  intimated   tliali'm' ^'"'M''""!,' t*-r->**gh official
General Contractoi
Und I'li-arhiir.   Sunup mul Hock
BlutlB|i Bxtrl cure ni-ur boOMS,
All  dlBaafM   lllllll,'  (I.i.mI,
anal Kt.   Wcrnt of l.o.tn.l   la*
I'll   11.,x  I,
*im|)ftnn ii* Wight
Wni Strkkt Wmt, North Va\t..iti:u
Trees, shrubs,l{..M'*<,l*T.>ui*riiiu I'lanla
Bprtjlng, I'rniiiiid, Gsnlesi luid ont.
Spraying uml Prnnlni ihould badoni
in in inn t" Muri'h.   See 11. nt ..nee.
North Vancouver
Transfer mmt-JtPm
9 rmpriclcr
Cartage, Removals
I tercel Delivery,
ON       III    Isi.MI.I   I        TKI1MK
, NEAR hi!
I elephone 70.       Nighl Calls ij.
For Furniture
lioiisr Fiiriiisliiiiirs nil
.11 Resionsbie I'm es. go lo
Ihe Norlh Vancouver
Home Furnishers
II.IRSK Itl.lllK l"\-l"l.l:  -   I,
ihe estimates will be ready in
channels, ami  will
about two wt-eks.wl.iii it would l"Wlly a lively and susl.i.iii.l
more debnileh  appear what   la tatew* •■ **   ■*•»•».   +-~
the mind „f ihe government iar"*0*lmt *■*■»■ *■**■*■•- Too
resp.it   to  lhe   bridge       While  *■*"■*& *• My <>' *• cM"
then is slwsyi the possibility "*h■H-V**too indilerent
lhat the anxielv with which the jto  *•  tm"'  "'  *m,,lu   *****
estimates will be awaited inav!muil l'ivic *«*■ « *>** oe-
presagt disappoinlment, th«t «*""« -lemleillv out oi the
would ,,pp,,u nevertheless, to "*WJ tmm -** lor a lil.ie
ic good ground   for   ll.e   hope jfrom "■* 1«lhfirgy. >«l<> which
thai COBvinccd that the project is ..lie ol genuine iiu-rit—irrespective of assurance of assist, mi,' from other sources,the
provincial    government    will
deem  it  wise  lo give  tangible  "P""'"'^ on the matters    vith
expression to llieir favorable al
lliev verv soon lapse again alter
the excitement has subsided.
Thc board of aldermen ol illicit)*   of   North    Vancouver   is
composed   oi  men  who   hold
tittiili, In incluiling in the estimates a substantial appropri
ation for the bridge.
The   plesellie   ol    the   government dredge King Kdward   on
iiu -rater Croat, has attracted
considerable     atteatioB    tins
week, and has glMit illi/ells all
cxielleni opportunity to Inspect
the sisiein upon whuli this
powertal sm lion dredge is oper-
aii'l     ii is likewise gratifviag
lo ttole tin* readiness with
whnh the \aluablc assislalice of
lhe dredge was procured.     The
PnoSS   '17,   Ndith Vam-ki'vieh
"   :nti2,  Viseeerss
4 Vert) Cbra|) But)
Unhnisbed house on loth
street, lot 8, block 95,
I'riee JHoo. Kasy cash
and terms.
which thev arc called upon to
deal, and who are fitted with
the faculty and the will lo give
expression to those opinions
Thei are likewise men who cu
dentil know how to lake an ad
verse vole in good part, ami lo
nm allow am such experiences
t" .I,unpen their ardor, all <>l
which bodes well lor public inlet est s
Pioneer Bakery
S. H. Wdlker,   ■   Proprietor
In ■ ai Bread dail] delivered
io all parte ol the iitv.
M loaves (or ;M
5c. per Inal
liiosi 8       71 Lonedali An-
Royal Standard Flour Coupons
The lollowing ten numbers have been drawn Irom duplicates
of the coupons which left our mills during January:
To each person returning the coupons bearing anv of the ,1-
hovc numbers we will, as previously advertised, deliver free of
all charges, a handsome dinner set ol 109 pieces.
RUUKMBKB all the coupons bearing the above numbers hauled our mills, but some may still be in the hands ol the dealers.    Prises will be awarded no matter when the luckv coupons
arc returned.
DON'T POHGBI we are giving away lo sets of dishes every
month, and every 49ft sack ofRoval .Standard contains a coupon.
VilTll'll i« ii.-r. hi tivi-i. llial an »|i*
' plication will I.* lni.il> lull..- \_0tt
la'iv.- t.Miiil.li ..I ili.< I'r.'iiin'i'.,l Brit*
iik ('..luiiihi.i. ni ii. next *,■•«,.,„. be hii
t.-l I., in...r|..r..l.- a i'.,in|..iiiy uilh |..*
i.riaa I11.il.!, .'.iii.ir,i.i, ii,.linliiin and
*i|K-ralfii Iin.. i.l r.iibi i ol ■tnndar.l
<.ia|(... tn U- oMStrd by mi am, elciiri*
ilv, ,,r Hin■ olher |«.».r, l.,r lhe earn*
ni|I,,(treiuhl. ptaSStafSft, in.l expre..
i I'li.iii'iiiint nl 11 polnl nl of nenr Hi.
i'ill  ..I  Vnn. ...in r.   then.-.' ii,.rtl,,*rli.
"I,..uini'tm* mllei  ..I  s.-ii ir I'reel
loll.e wnl.r-a.il. d north "I Lorll I **i*.|.
in.I tin nee 1 .1 tl.e mllei ..I Hie Imlinii
lliier Id the Norlh Arm "f Burriml Inlei. I' ilh |»i»er to eXIell'l 11■.r111■ -rI. to
and tlimiiidi ihe Pi'ii,l«.rl.ni M•.. i n,
un.l I. linllil a. hranrh lint' vin the \ a.II.*.
ol lurry I r.ik to tin- alion- ol Mom*
Sum .1. un.l iiIho  any ,.lln r »h.,rt l.ran*
.'ll. * III.,I   .11.11  liell.e.l, al In I,line. Ill lhe
ileum, ol tl.,• niHiii lm.. ol r.iiliiay ami
it.  hr.iiiehoa*; uilh   |.,iier 1.111,1,.Irn, 1
nnl ..|.a rail.*   |,'|e|-r.i|.h   hi.d   t.'l.'|.h	
lines rar   Hi.'   |'iir|  "( it. hn-n mt,
nn.I lur iln* piil'li.*; mil. puner to OSS,
nne nml operate wal. r-|».m-r*- .-,,n\.-,i-
it'iit to the r.n.l f..r milviay ami other
|.ur|H.»*«, ami will. hi.Ii oilier |«mcr.
nnl i.r.iil.'**.. win.I. are iiMially iiraiit-
e.l |0 IsilaS]  ,..lli|ialllle..
Dalcl at Vniieoinir, B I' . IVciiiirM-r
sotii, ins,
1 1 whu:.
i'ini S.aii.ii*. 1. r il..* tppllrsnti
Company, Ltd.
British Columbia Electric Railway Co.,Ltd.
Cars leave lhc Fern LaadtBH lor Queeiisbiiry Avenue, Twenty-firjt
• ireet and Lonsdale. Wim li Itreet and Keith Uoad as lollows : 6:ij
., in., 6:45 ». ni., 7:15 a. 111 , 7:45 a. tn., 8:15 a in., 9 a. ni 9:40 a. ni.,
iu:toa 111, Ali.r 1.1 Ji a 111 , , ats will leave Queensbury avenue,
laienlv lirsl and Lonsdale avri ne, and Winch street and Keith Road
.1 live minute*, to the bout and twenty-five minutes past the hour.
Cars leave Ninele, nth street and Queensbury avenue, Twenty-first
in ■ 1 and Lonsdale avenue, Winch streei and Keith Road ts follows :
> a. ni, 6:55 a. in.,  7:20 a. m.,  8:05  a.  in.,  8:45 a.m., 9:30 a.m.
\lter 9:3.1 a. m. cars leave the 1-Vrry Landing at len minutes past the
'.our and twenty minutes lo the hour.
TjP   All bi.als an* m.l by the csrs.
AN ll'Tll-l'ATK
H<r,-.   II Ml TER
Serial Hairs lu Faiiiilirx nml Kn'ular Boarders
llall-hoiir lerry cimn-Hlion to and Irom Vancouver. Hot and cold
aaler in ttatf room. Return call Ih*II. in every room. Barber
•l."|, in ennrction.
BacBM   iikmi.   •   •   •   •   NORTH   VANCOUVER, B. C.
Ni'tv Stori'
,1 dps
We carry a full |BBfS of
• llu ynll   lllllll •
•a chea|) •
I Building Lot??
jusi iii ilm City Limits. lOOiltt fact,
$2( MMM)
".'' down nml $25
per quarter; interest
six par cent.
Houses for Rtnt or Salt •
all over the City       9
M Imm* Hanlwjin |A.SMITH & Co.f
C-ompany. Ltd.      !   lonsuamb avjc
Manauer    | s I'Immi.*'.'I RoBSSflSMl
MTI TUCKim RUT 4 rmct
luime vamteivie
liviist USSTM »»MOI »l»
•'.nil A.M.
•H 20 A.M.
•7(111   -•
•7.M   "
snt)   "
H.J0   "
K.4U   "
11.00   "
ll.*-   "
H.lt   "
I0.lt   "
I0.lt   "
111.   "
llli   "
li'.i.i r m
Ult I'M
i.it ••
I.ii   "
111 "
Kit   "
1.11     "
AM   "
Lit   "
I.M   "
ilt   -
t.lt   "
II. It   "
H.lt   "
" lit   "
7.lt   "
Hit   "
s.« •'
1 n -
9.lt   "
.    I0.lt   "
I0.4A   "
•11.46  "
on Sundav
When yoi^iiitcnil buihling
rooi 01 LonsdGie Ave
Telephone M
J. \l   I'li'iiini*'. Mar
Branch   lifter.  .':■ I.iinidnle   Art., t'ily.
I'hiiiir ,V„ .t.,
II,.iA Ofltmi Mill. I.itnn Crnk, H. 0
NKW tl 1,1.1 NGTON Coal
■ hr,*. 1 Irnni the minet.
I'l.o ,* your onlera now and
aei-ureyour winter1! supply.
I.nrn'* «lii|'ini'iit. uill arrive
in a lew uav.. I'n,... right.
Urge Hinii.lv of WOOD
alwari nn hand	
I Intel North Vancouver
Pronounced activity is to be
noted in mining circles relative
lo the mineral resources adjacent to Nortli Vancouver, and
the coming summer gives every
assurance of being the must
lively vet experienced in whai
is destined to be one of the
most Important camps in British Columbia.
It is seitii-oHiiiallv given mil
that the Tvee Mining iV Smell
ing Co., operating ou Valiiouver Island, have secured control
of the Swayne group ol claims,
at the head of Lynn creek, and
are prepared tn operate the
propertv on an extensive si ale
lt ii*' stated that loo men will
be engaged within the nexl ho
days and every eflort made lo
put the group on the permanent
shipping list. A thorough lesi
and examination was aaderta-
ken bv the Tvee people and ihey
are well satisfied with the result. A diamond drill has proven up the ore bodies, ami il
will lie further used to prove up
newer ground.
The development work being
done at the mine has demonstrated the ore bodies lo be permanent, while the values are
steadily improving with depth.
The ore is a copper gold proposition and several thousand
tons have alrca.lv been blocked
out. The product of the mine
will   be   handled   by   electric
tramline down the valle\ to
tidewater at Burrard Inlet,
whence it will be taken in barges to the company's smelter at
Ladvsmith. There is every indication of the property tuning
out one of the biggest propositions in the province.
On the west fork of Seymour
creek, in close proximity to the
B mk of Vancouver group, Capt.
Cates and associates pusses a
wonderful deposit of copper-
gold ore, under the name in the
woodland group. This property
has lately come under the I ml
ral ol a syndicate of capitalists
in Glasgow, Scotland. A I und
has been taken nn the group,
after a comprehensive  teal   of
the ure had been made, together
with an examination oi   the
An inquire has just been received Iron- the lompain, as to
the depth of snow on the creek,
and whether it is possil.l. t..
lake   in   supplies.       They   are
anxious to commence development immediately and, ones
started, will continue same in
an energetic manner. The iiun-
paliy had also figured on plans
for constructing a tramline, to
connect the property wiih a
shipping point mi Howe Bound.
Tlieir attention, however, has
been drawn to the advertised
plans of the projected electric
line up Si'viiiuiir creek from
Nortli Vancouver, which, when
built, will pass within a stone's
throw of their ground. The cumpaiiy has sent KM Copies oi lite
map recently published In The
Express, giving an outline   uf
the route of the prnpused line.
The railway will save the cuin-
pany a large amount of money
relative to a tramline, and il
will give them a splendid outlet for shipping ore. The Scotch
bonders aaserl ilu\ will put the
propert) oa a shipping basis as
quickly as possible.
Mrs. II. L. Radermacher has
lieen winning new laurels (or
herself as lhe owner of pure
bred poultry stock of lhe high
esl type, and incidentally extending the fame of her   home
citv by rapturing a large list
of prizes at the poultry show
recently held in Victoria. The
prizes received were as follows:
White Wyandot tcs— 1st cock,
1st anil 2nd cockerel, isl and
2nd hen, 1st pullel, isl and 3rd
pens. Special prizes were: Cup
for h highest scoring letnales.
Mavor Hall's silver cup for
highest scoring pen. The .Linn*
son siliet CBB lor best link, hen
cockerel  nan  pullet   in white
Wyaiidolles. Specials for highest KOriag male. Special lol
highest scoring female, Sjh*« ia I
for besl collection,
The judge, W, C. Denny, ol
New York, one of the nine ihos-
eu by the American Poultry Association, to relive the "Standard nl Perfection" this year,
was verv severe and critical,
siill he complimented Mrs. Radermacher on the show condition
uf Inr birds aud remarked that
her  1st  prise pullet would li.ue
easily beaten anything in   tha
■'recent shows he had judged,
.1. N. Hoars has jusi had constructed on |th street east, a
handsome residence. It has a
line stone basement with extcl
ual entrance, stairs to ground
lloor aiiil well lighted; lutiiau
room and fuel store; on ground
lloor there is a porch 13.6 wide,
vestibule,  entrance  and  stair
hall, large parlor .3.6x23, wilh
..pen fireplace In ingle nook with
scats, one large and one small
bay window, sliding doors lo
dining room with octagon end,
..pen fireplace and buill-iu sidc-
a'i.ii'1; pass pantry fitted with
shelves, etc., kitchen, and backstairs; on lhe upper lloor ate
five bedrooms with closets,linen
closet, bathroom, and W.C.; in
the attic are several good
rooms. The ceilings of parlor
and dining room are beamed
and the walls are panelled. The
exterior is rustic for lower
.tory and rough cast half-timber panels above; the gables
have large boards, etc.; roof is
shingled. The work was done
bv day labor, the only contract
made was lot plumbing and
heating, carried out locally,
The annual meeting of lhe local Conservative club was held
Friday evening last, when tin
lollowing officers were elected
for the ensuing year: President,
A. R Steacy; vice-president, A,
IV Kealy ;   secretan treasurer,
Percy King; executive committee, 8. D. Schultz., W. C, Glad-
*.vin, A. Kcniitilv and M, S Mt
'lowcll. A resolution was passed endorsing the provincial sii!>-
Idy (or Seci nd Narrows bridge.
C. M Woodworth,vici-presideni
of the   Vancouver  association
was present. an.l in lhe course
ol a short address, referred   in
un complimentary terms   to
ihe valuable services rendered
l.v A R. Steacy in promoting
lhe   ittterists   of   Conservatism
1'IH-V IS |(>NS
Quo! QomIpiI .,*.........1.1" |*ri.**«
A nliart*..( v.uir trail.' r.'.|*.*rt-
tall*/ amiicit-..!—        :
t'a.r. Keilll llll'l I'.lli -I I'l"'!"' d
Rolled Ocit.s
Hftij And Teed
ihii (ntjinewr ind  B. C. (and Surveyor
Wi -"licit it..* li..-'!.,**,*. oi" Uiinuncturen,
Jtor'-imnnndotliei*! •»■!,., tr. 1 ■-Mt.c.i.lY.iabll* i
:'y . f baring Hnlr r.lai.t bu ItlHI li.niaiicil tt'illii.ai*. llrels.*., Waller P..«er«. K*>l 1 inattua
tt*   Prcli.i>'.iia,yi**!vi rt*.**.,   CLurfM Biii,.*r.iii..ml.■*.,.•■. „l Cmalruiiuin, M.'ia, Ti.wn
nod-l ,1-. Ourlnventor-iAdvi-T'*i'ia*. a r -   '"'- Mlolni ruim., Sub-Dlvul. ele
..at. *.Iati"iii**lMiirtoii, kavil., ,*,* w \... k Lile '„,..,     	
.aa    „ „,„,„|   .,„, u*,,'.i„',,,,', ,,,.   „V> III Haitian H. W„   -  *   VANIilllVKR.   B C
I'islrirl of kill Vancouver
Court of Revision
VOTICI ii* lier.-l'V riven that the
■' Curt of EUvlllon.,(ll.e Ili-triii 'ai
North Vina.'liver uill lie held in llie
|ii-iriit  .\1iiiiici|.nl nni,*,*, bplSDaVdo,
Norlh Viini'.'iiier. on   M Iny, Um sii,
din nf li'lirniiry, IflOg, nt I o'clock p.m.,
lorevlio the Dlitncl Awensml Hull,
nml   lo   lienr   complalntl   nn.l ipptill
ailHill.t till'   ll-Me.-llielltl.    Iiiaule    I'l   tl"'
.- .--ui*. Notice "i SpMSl IIUI-I I''1
Imlu.'.1 uilli ine .ml |«h tl.nn ten die I
l'i'fi-r,' tin- -Ili'I 'lule.
Pilled nt Nurtli \iiui'"iiv.'r the Sill .lily
..! Jiiiuiniv, 11-u.i
20-11. C. M C.
Builders and
l\ LARSON it  prepnrcil 10
Lime, Brick,
Sand, Cement
And nil kind* nf Building
Material inquantitinto suit
.unl nt reaaonabla prices.
Plain,    and    S|KH-itii-atioiia    Prepared.
Mini il.iiikiiiK uf 1'iiilaliiiv,' let ua give
nn .'.-iiinati'.
llr f.D. Roi 71,  l*orlh Vnnr-ouvl-r.
N.v.f isn Co.
r. A. 81 II te, Proprietor
All kin.I. uf lrei.li Firli ileliveri'il .laily
Snii'ke.l   li-l.   a   specialty.   Poultry,
I '.fgl an,I t/efetaMoe.
(Inr aim is tn plMMoaf Outoim-re aa
tuiinnda and pricea.
i '.ir. Lonadala Ave it 8th St.
Air Ti<jht
WE have a full line of the
itlinvi-, in all sizes and at
all prict'K.
Yon cun buy a neat little
which in plenty good enough to
see you through the cold snap.
Just use the telephone. We
do the rest.
Paine & McMillan
Corner Lonsdale Ave. and First St. Phone 12
i in ik [p; li ie
Business and Professional Directory
W. T. STEIN ft CO.
Ciiy Ainlitnis
Nurth Vancouver
1-   GORUCH. (Graduate)
CHIEOPODIST, Corns,bunions,
son- leet, etc.   cured.       Many
11.ns practice ia London, Kng.
Room 51 Davis Chambers
his Hastings Street West
Hours: e, lo 12 a.m., I to 6 p.m.
Successor to Dr. Dal by
619 Hastings Sired West, t.33 HASTINGS ST. WEST,
I'hi.tic <)-8
is the iilili   .iii.ll.'liier wlm Mill
pay   spot tOSh In Lite lhe s.ile Is
53 Cordova Street,
I'tesmption Specialist
Phone 105,1,
1 ii rm   and  Ornamental   Gates
BARRISTERS, SOl.K I H-K.a,|Garden Arches, Flower Stands
t:-,t4 Imperial Bl.uk
Cor.  Pender and Seymour Sis.
P.O. Drawer lllft     Phone : 111
Coverbill'i Barley Plaka   Ihi
latest   breakl.isl   luml.       In   a
package! 15c	
ihe Brackman-Ker
Milling Co.
I.i.ns.1,.1,* Avenue,
at Perry Lending
Hurry Mitchell, local 111 I
Kallethe's Bath
Corner Homer anil Pender Sis.
The 011I1   up-to-date and reli-
.ll.le   la,llll   liolis.   III   Itllllsh   Co-
Me   um    iiliite   1.lints   tail
Satlsl.11tl1.il    gnat.iiiteed  m   in.
I'.n Plain baths, iltilrn baths,
i shnwer baths, massage lot lm-
I di, s.alp ami Ian*, iiiiiii. llicr-
aptBtk baths a specialty.
Graduate ol Berlin, Ciriiianv
Business Institute
\\t, Hastings St. \\.
Canada's Qraattat Waatarn School
R. .1   Sprolt, HA. - - Maiiagei
ll.C. ANCHOI I'l-.NCK Co.I.td
; 13 Pender Street,
Klectric blue-printing, dralting,
tracing, city maps.
Crowe & Wilson Chambers, 441
Seymour street Phone mho
Musical Director
Vancouver Opera House
Rooms 3 and 4 Klks' Hall, Cor.
Robson and  Granville Streets.
All Instruments.      Phone 2530
teacher ol Violin, Mandolin,
Banjo, Autoharp, Zither, will
give twenty private lessons
lor $7. Further information
at Cowan's up-lo-dalc Mtisie
Slore, tytiH Westminster ave.
Phone 463
55K Granville Street
Pianos — Talking Machines —
Music Goods
Thc oldest musk house in 11. C.
Keep vour eve on
For particulars apply lo
Phone K15     440 Homer Street
Yorkshire Uuaraiitff k
Securities Corporation Ltd.
440 Seymour Street
R  Kerr Ilouigate - - - Manager
Lunch or Dinner 25c.
Short orders at all hours
l.iouiie.s and Provisions
Wholesale and Retail
ilh 1 Listings Sl 1 downstairs)
Deliver] TatBdayi and trUojo
1 Gives positive relic! to Head-
.11 lies or Nervousness caused by
eye-strain, anil trials all suits
ol imperfect eyesight.
Dr. King is tin-  highest  authority on eyesight in Canada.
All kinds ol optical repairing
get the highi -I paid positions
Pitman's Hiisimss College,
i'\2 M| i)6 Scvuioiir Stii.i,
Hats   cleaned   and   blocked al
lhc sign of the Hat
The Alexandra J89 Granville at
Scalp tieattiiiiil for all kinds of
disease Children's hair cutting,
laii.il Massage        Manicuring.
Ilairdrissiiig 25-50
Shampooing go.        Phone 1000
The City Loan C.mp.iiiv, Sterling bloik, West  Hastings sl ,
ll""ll. I      U.  la.alli Iniilicv  nil   |,i«lin»,
l...r"...,i*.irriiiui... .I'lraa*. r«-.-i|.t., «nv
1 wrn..i>») propartjr, iimeniDti ol »»ia
boe|bt, DoUe .liiu uiinii'd, iiii'ii'i a.l-
vanp.il ularinl fawiplp upon ll.^ir..»11
122 Hastings Street West,
The best equipped studio on the
coast. Phone 3228
For excellent photographs   and
satisfaction go to thc
Cor. Carrall and Cordova Sts.
Family   Groups   and   Hab\
Pn lures I  Spei lalll
Cabinet   Photos  from S3.00 up
S7 Hastings Sired West,
7yi Granville St.
Wholesale and retail dcaliis   lit
Selling .Machines and Supplies.
Mai limes rented bj  tlie week or
month. Phone 14H7
Meihaiiiiiil    Opera,    Vaudeville
and lit,una
Program 1 hanged every Monday
Any seal in lhe house loc.
}l Hastings Street West,
English  practical  watchmaker;
Established 1S89
Specialty,   repairing
U2 Carrall Street
High-class Jul. Printing at The
Express Office
Munii—Prol Cowan
Loans—City Loan Co.
Maps—Vnncouver Map Co,
Liiptor li.'i'im*—John Mrl'ui*
l.i.plor h.'Btise—John BSSSM
Tenders wanted—Dr. Verner
West end store-T. Hiiti'hison
Cheap buy—Klder Murray Co,
New store—N. V. Hardware Co.
S|Krial niii'tiii|{—Board of Trad.'
Accoiintants-W. T. Stein & Co.
Miisie hones U. W. Wain & i',
Uinliri-lla** repaired—J, VI, Tail.
\V« have sold   S. (iiiil/.hiir*|er, I
Prise winners Vsnoootrw Milli
Sen in*;    111:1.*l.ini'. -Vn in.'ii ver
Covtrlllll'l l.irl.'i* ll.tk.'S—Braekn.aii
Ker Co.
1 Ik- liiinit.miti existing in
llu- munis 01 tin iniip.iici.-., tc-
lauve lo ine unjoin inn niieiing
last 1 licsii.i' iiciiing, i.iiisiu
.solllcwiiai 01 a laimig 011 1.1 im
attendance,uui uie uieviing was
lleMlllieless enilliistaslli aim
I00K hold ol Ule pioi.ieln  mil-
geucaily, Mayoi a. a., m.i\
opened uu meetiag uui, man**
cuiiipeiieii to iinie early, .tm.
.Uc.V'i.sii was appouiied ui.ui-
in.ni. nu* discussion pai 100a,
10 a considerable extern,  ul   a
lellil.illon    ol    slateuienis    ,n-
n-aiii made at lonuei meetings,
ana was participated in uj
Messrs. Gill, Kocaussen,   ban
bun, McNair, Keeve, Siiiuil/,,
Wheeler, .1. K. .1. Murray, I'lul-
ip, and other.s. The result ol
tin- ilisuissi.in was embodied ia
tWO motions, which wen mined, as lollows:   lhc lirsl   was
moved bj   J, A. McNair   and
Seconded I)}' F. Wheeler, " I bat
this meeting ul ratepayers ul
North Vainouvci strung.) protests against lhe inadequate
inn sen ice bob carried un by
tha -N. V. Km ic Power c...,
Ltd., ami considers lhat ia thc
interests ol ths public, the lt-
icnsc should be cancelled, as
there is every probability ..l an
adequate service being had irom
other souries." 'llie s.i mnl
motion was. That this meeting
ol ratepayers heartily endorse
the Twin City Transportation
Company ami trust they, lhe
company, will be placed  ia   a
position, at an early date, to
give the citi/.eits an adequate
lerry service." A coin ol each
ul these molt..ns was directed
to be forwarded lo the citj
uti lotiinil aiiil to the govern
nieiit at Victoria.
Mrs. Sullivan had been a member ol ilu- Methodist church,
Ir,,111 her girlhood and was a
member ul Homer street church
when Dr, Kobson was pastor,
Dr, Hobson, in his address,
spoki* kind and appropriate
wonls. Many floral tributes
were lent in b} kind li lends.
A subsiiilier to The Express
has sent in the follow iug item
relative to tin- cost "i policing
C.ilg.m in the yeai laS'io, when
it bad a population oi .io""
people, the information lieing
supplied in ex i hm Dil.ii'i'iigii
ot that ' iti, who is in.w living
iu Vancouver, Two lueii unlj
were employed,    lhe chiel got
Nun   pel   111..lllll,   ami   lie   ..llul
as .l.n patrolman, poundlteeper,
collector ol liquor licenses and
also lot dogs, horses, etc., besides bung tmu kei per lor slreel
work. The second man gm *ih=,
per month 'and acted as nighl
patrolman, At that lime Calgary had eight licensed hotels
and i" licensed saloons, or
pl.u.s oi publii resort,     Two
extra   i "list,ibhs   wele  engaged
on special occaaiona, such as
fair days and holidays, The
mounted police barracks   were
about a mile away Itoni the
centre ..I the city, imt the) had
no jurisdiction in lhe plan.
Efforts to successfully operate
the choral  society  here,  have
ended iu failure,
Clearing Prices
for Saturday and all week
35c. Ladies' underwear, shirts and drawers,
winter weight,  price      15c
45c. and 50c. Ladies' underwear, sale price  35c
Ladies' underwear, white and natural, sale price 30c
I.3S Ladies' natural wool vests, sale price  95c
JJC. Ladies black casluneii  hose, sale price  -'.Se
Infants' shirts at salt- pities
Men's .Shetland wool shuts and drawers, legu
huh  sold at 751., In clear     Joe
1.011 Men's ribbed mulct Mini, sale price  73c
Men's best all wool shirts md drawers, neav)
weight, sale price     1,35
yc Heather knit socks, sale price     :5c
all the Lota intilock 569
D.L.274, from Lot I to 14
We now  i'1'i. i   for Mile  l.nts 1*">
ind 1 ii, HI'u-k ui1.), nt $1760 eaeh
one ijiiiirti i im>11. buUuce spread
n\'i r:'. vi-an-i, at 7 per cant, Wi
shall only si al these two Lots tl
itbovt' |n ice, The resl will be
Singer and U heeler t, Wilson Sewing Machines and
accessories sold here,
KEITH BLOCK i.o.nsiui.k v\ i:.\i i;
■^■■■■■■.^■■■RB —— —— 11
I*/1 TED"
Raws tiled, ei.*.   K.*v Kiting
Ipp, l'al.l.v 11.all I       -     Seeini.l -Ire* I  I*
.1.    W.   TAVI.Illl
lor boot <iiiil Shoe Repairing
and Custom Work   .   .   .
goto THOS. 0. MILLS
Pioacei Resident Bool Mski t
Lonsdsle Ave . above ind Sn.. t
at the A   M. Ross Shoe Store.
tjinniti:i snrvevi.r ..n.i Architect
Rial i il.ili Broker**
un \sn net umiAWa
Lm Al   \-r.- i*
sums co,
1','n u,    \ ami
a  ll ..  1 ll.
17 Lonsdale Avi-nue
ItS C»rd<-va ftiretl. Vancouver, B. C.
i' n. BOX MS.
uiiilt the ,'iii-|.;i-. i nl tin N. V Volunteer
Imiv Hripide, tu l.e I eld in Eagle's Hall,
mi ii:'- ri'-Mii: "i Kebruarv llth, 1909,
Adi'.iisiiion lit i •* i ition, which inny bs
niii nnil I'f.'iii llu i 'uramittee,
I XL a I a.'-   ill. r the Dtuoe.
L"aiii- lir.iiile'l   i"r  Loaf
l'.*ri'..|- a.l 14 |
121   IoiimI.iI'   Avenue
n, ,.r M   rl     OJplOtk       WrifllK   *VW»l^'^^^^i^^A*rf/A ,W-«-VAW*v>WA/i/^****|
Lumber Co.   ^w***w*,w\a^w*vvn**
I7lh Street, Murlli '..inunm-i
I h"i*.* lu
Alls.   Alec,   Ulli*   ,.l    lhc   I.ili-
UcOfJC Alee, died at Nnl ill \ all
couver, on liicsdai, ngsd hj
yeara. Mrs. Ilea ius a aalive
oi Ontario and moved to  tins
I'.lllitti    aboflt   .'h   vears   ago.
The anrviving members ol im
laimli aft im. m.iis, C, B,
Suiiiii. "i Siiiitli Vancouvei ..md
Win.   Smith  ol   North   Vnliioti-
vi-r.   The funeral took plan ob
Thiitsdni alternoon lo lit.Vien
cemetery, Vancouver, Kev. Alt
Balderston officiating,
Alls.   Althlll   Sllllllall died  al
hu boms in N'.ith Vancouver,
on  Alolida)   1110111111^',   I'd,    isl.
\ greal main [rietida ..1 the
i.unih in Vancouvei cauii ovw
i"  ihe  iiinn,il  service,  nlmh
H.IS    I..llllll. till     ||\      |)|        Uola.a.ll.
ofl Wednesday  alien n.     The
iiinaiiis mii interred in North
Vancouvei cemetery, the   pall
lie,ttets  bring C,    k .  Cordon,  T
.1, Beattie, K 0, Clarke, B
PiUgerald  aad  s    Hamilton,
Mrs. Snlliian was I.mn m |),,|
hoitsic Junction, N. It., mi the
ind oi Linn.in. 1861, As Aliss
Annie I-i. Thompson she came to
Vancouver nrith llr, and lira
Tin.mas Andrews, in 1886, and
u.is married to Mr. Sullivan la
March, 1887, Mrs, Sullivan enjoyed prettj good health until
February, 1907, when sin* was
taken down with a seven*    at-
tai h "i la grippe,  Irom  which
she never nun etui Mrs, ,Sttl-
11 ■*,111 leans her husband and an
..nh  son, and .1 large titmil.ei ol
ti Liim s to mourn h. r loss  01
the   lelntiiis,   her   latllel       tlio
brothers aid 1 sister still  live
m the "Id Iiuiiii- limit m New
llinii'iiia k "in sister resides in
Cam phi lltown n B., and a
brothel   in  .Nm   Westminster
11 i Becii ""*'*;'"'
all kin,I- ..I M1--1 .1, ..n.i liita.|i',.' lip   1
lur.*, St,,re, lllll,*.., Bant  ind  Uur  lix*
tares,   Rt-***tlrln| in .ill ii« hrsiM In*
IT,: Third -*• 11 . BM. eh. ttatta/H Mat I. ■..■.'.li
ii|.|....ii, a *
MAll.OBI'KRH flven nr |.i .,i■•-)■ t.,•■,
I    \V<* nif now 11 |'in.l
i'i      NORTH VANCOUVER       .;•
!•! Mb Rn ctisries e Butia,ma..  ';. take orders for  vim. 1
V I .mbririq-
y Basrhn mnl daj hwi ra*- y
y a-.-ivi <l ..11 mndertU. lnclosJ**-> Y
t    tern,-. TtWRhool ,..ll r M    Y
X "ii MoihIhi. .lam. iiiii. itna, X
5, A lllllllll' H'l|ii|liri*lli|i Will  I I* ,',
aja f.T.'l Ul   RaWtSr l"r l'"lll|',*llll. II a'.
I,ii|iiurl.in'iisi' { ly<wwfaH
WOOD,cul to Hi in. l.n
nlivii'lv for Ihe stove  A loud
euntaini Bboul   lis If a oml
'I' l KK  Villi*; llllll .It III.' next Iin,I-
' 111.' .1 ll.e II....r.I ..1 Lie, n*e 1 "in-
iiii-iii,.**- fur the t'ily i.f \..nl. \' 1 • I
.'..iin r. 1 inl,'inl In inal.* ipplli ..II*HI Iaar t
;i bottle lie. n.-e (ot tin* -..'. ..I -|. nui at, I
la*riiia*'.l,.|.  "r   'aiher   HqDofi*,   h r   tin-
iiraiiii-i -  -Hnal. .1 OS l."t Is. Block |HS,!
III. 171, Uronr. I. Vni,.-..,iv.*r Diatrict.
liat.'l thi. 1-1 .lav.il l-'ehriiari. IIKU,
l|i|tllf,llldll Inr Sll op l.lrrliM'
Vlirit'l'. i. h.-r.'l.i' i;iiBii llial ill lh,-
'' ll.'lt llieelllli; "I tl..* Bospl ..I I i*
eeiiw r..iniiii»*iiin.Ti* rbf lb* Ci'y "I
\..rlh Vain.■.•mer, I inlelnl In (|,| i. i**.
i r, tail ha|ii,,r a,r lnlll. li.vi,..*, fair the
prtmim iltu»lt*.l on il>* -..nil onn-hali
ollol 16, block l». ili.trlcl kit tll, In
the -..i'l iitv ..f Nnrlh Vaiiia a.nn r. I'. I'.
|i,.l,*,|. Kihiiiari till, IMM.
For Hie Fiiiiii
ur I-iIhIi'II. ..
>. ,*.l-  1„* ■   I'l.li'* .1 Hull,
limn.  irVaTM .<>-> II II.hi
/).' /'.,',. 1,1-1/  /',
M.J. Mi \ir.
3010 Weitmlnittv Ksad
nn' i'i |i.i'i".-,ii
ili-livrfcil It'illliilll r:i-l'.   I-
I'lllllinl lilT'H'iil'i pill  ,-| i-'ill'i-
inr iit tin- price,   All '.nia i
will n i'i'ivi'|ii"in|ii nltontioi
Kill'       S||| a'!'],,.      |,,,._,. |       |j|{      |n     ,.||M,|<,.      |]*,   ||*.
I."i-  iiii'l   il ick    in  iill ptrts of tin- city.
and District,    li.u-i*.-- on rdiiiII imsIi p»y«
in-m.   Acr tifj-t* in city mnl district.
Spocial oi)|*oriu iiiit ■ for investment now.   List
your barjjiiin  with us for quick sale,
Il'itt-rs. I'ln- and Stores -• g I (election it
rensonolile rentiils.
I',|lv"n   Positively no w I £   We li«v.   spplfestioiiK for several  loans on tbe
In'.-! ftrsl moitgnge i-ocuritt in sums of $600
to $10,000. Interesl .' rj&"{) po, per annum.
Irwin 6 Billings Co.,, l(].
0m i"M-ii-.   * Nn 11 Situ in i. itt\
I* l,'l*h..n.' 1*
Tender* Wanted
I l,N I 'I KH are inihe'l h.r ihr .n* n  ll
a,i ., „ .„|,.,„',* for |ir, I'en.er, Nortli
Viiiuiain. r I'l.in- an.I **|..*> iti. .in..I..«
. an bl ' **n al -h;ir|..* ,1* I li..ih|.*..ii'- i-l
ii,*.   Arehili el**    Mil   Haitnm-   .In el,
r,'ii.i*i- niii.i i..- in i,i i\,*.iii.*.,i.ii.
Mi iiiii, was
I   ii* -I of  am   tail, I.-t   lml 	
-rill, i'a I iiiuie. T. mii' i ■< * leai
' Ins ami craaliiiii |ia,rl- nl Oil.'in.in
ftotal, Kilmer Kostl nu*I Chnrcli
l(..!i,|. ..II t.. .*..!.(..rn. I.i Ipe, ilia an ii-
*.,|,ia*> "f iihieli imu Ih' hiel "ii Iplill-
ution ai the I'l-iiiei Muiii.iji.il inini
-i tied I. ii.*l. r-, marketl "Tenden (oi
li.iail Work," tn I.' in al Ihe Hnnlcipsl
OUte before ".:ni u m . ea 6th Mmsirj
tu C.M.C.
NortH Vancouver
..i.sni. rsn uv
THE Missi'.s DAW80S
Certificstsd -nri'Mai. Medical snd
M.rerniti  Nnr.e.
Nimu Sent Out on Application
|a,r   tfrm.   »|'|'lv   at   the  Il,,i*|iil-il
Tur. IMI. Mre.'l .1 St, Ai.'lr, IS '• An.
Pianos • • •
at B.u <i<ii-is
Some nt lir«11 nal .alii
Wa ars lskin| num |ooil
pisnoi in im hsnfi l.n tb.
ih. gresli st i"i li.iiin al i'l.li't
on aartti
Si   nl   iln K   UK .1 I
are av |O0d as ill' dl) tl I i
left ill.   Luton.
To ri'iluii' I Iiu slm k Wehsvi
.a lei i"l a nnnilii ml Itsrgsins,
i a .niiiiii] upright piinoa lur
$200   $225   $250
ii.iiiaiili.l  taa lie |O0a as III il.
Sl», S7, $«|)ii iiiiiii III
m miium milium uunrnn
Nn i I II \ Wt Ul'\ KK
i li 11[
I IMil'KI'
139-441 Hastings Sti"i
se««scc .i .i
Fire  Sale  Announcement
mrwsm'       sBsaan—i——i*<———mmwm+m'vss* • *    %__w—mWkt
It will |ny im ■ 11 ii.' Il>i ifurnislilng Purchasers to wait {or our
gignutiu s.ili' ui — 111.>k.* pamageil i '< Is
$95,000      Stod to (Uw in Thirty Days      $95,000
Our entire Stock, including Carpets, Curtains,
Draperi■■*. Kurniture, I'eila, lleddini. Btovea,
Kauges, ('rockery, Linoleum, etc., musl pi in
ill   tin    -|,.l'||il'i|   lllll''.
Nothing will Iw slinwii tillopening ul rJale, giv*
in^' nli ii fair clianoe,
iSale   Commencca  on   Mondati, February   -8th
D. A. SMITH, Ltd.,
Corner of Granville  ®.  Dunsmuir Streets, Vancouver
_ _ _ _ _ _ _^_. _._L_L_.__________i_ _._a_a_____m_o_a-tvAAa\£.*AA.f^AAAA*AAJMfUlAAMAAAAAAAAA
Iffffifffffffffff if IMfffffVf% rftff fffffff Iff fWWTTWWWOWWWWWWWW* gmpjilMwt to ®lf? SxpitBS
Editor The Kxpress,
Su,-On Tuesday, tin- 2filh of
l.tiiuarv, a pulilie BMttiB| was
called liv. the mayor, to which
the citi/cus ol North Yatuutiu-r
were inviteil, to iliseuss the ler-
rv siliiation existing at that
tune. It was .understood that
the meeting had baca called at
llu- instigation of Mr. t'.ill.ivho
teas Latere vd in thi promotion
iu .1 new ferrv company to
eoiitiiete with  the  Norlh   Ynti-
...tivi-r Ferrv aNi Power Co., bat
it was understood that the cili-
■elis were u|)ett in express llieir
views btaly Bad idopl whatever
resolutions    might    totwead
theinselves to tilt-lit with regard
to the ferry service
The directors of the Norlli
Y.inuiuver Ferry & Tower Co.
iv ite present, anil subject to
confirmation by llieir shareholders   Hindi- a  definite oiler    nl
certain of tha assets oi the mm-
|ialiv, which thev were prepared
in submit to the nty council.
In view of this oiler, the cili-
/clis dei tiled tO reipiest  the city
, a .nuill to promptly take up tha
mailer ol purchase willl llu- ferrv eonipatii, il practicable, aad
to  reporl   the  results of  their
negotiations .it .1 meeting, to be
I "held   on   Tuesdav,   the   :nd   of
The intelilion was thai    llial
meeting should receive 1 report
it..111   the   city   council,   ,.s   tO
whether sbj thing had bean  bi
ciiinplishi'd  ill  the direitioii   nl
arranging for the purchase oi a
portiofl of the N V Ferrv I
Poller Co.'l assets In lhe city,
II nothing had lieen .n...|)l|ilisll
ad, according to the reaolution
passed, tha qaaation ol nsgotist*
ui)* (or llu* citv In aid in supporting the establishment ol a
new  ferrv  serviie, were tO    he
...nsiihred at the meeting, At
ihe wme liiiie, tin- meeting a-
naiiilliollsly expressed itself di -
finitely   in   lavor   of   ultimate
municipal control of the   set
On Mondav evening, the mayor atiliiiittiied that  the lUCCtiBg
..[ tin- citi/ens, arranged for tha
tad of Fchtuarv, would not he
held. I do not know whv this
announcement was in.,.1,-, us the
resolution simply called  lor   a
report  as t" whether the   citv
had done anything or nothing
in the direction Indicated, .nni .1
I. port  [rolii  the iitv COUSCil to
the meet ilie; that    BOthiflg   had
heen done would have heen    ut
order, and could have heen   ,1. t
ed upon.
Relying upon tin- mayor's
statement    ih.it   no   meeting
Would lie held iw lliiil 11,is   dul,
announced by the mayor in the
newspapers 1, I, myself, and
many other citi/i-ns did not attend ;it the pavilion on Tuesdav
It transpires now, from reports of the local papers, thai
in spite of the announcement of
the mayor, a small meeting was
held, and opened by the mayor
himself, at which most of the
citizens who were present at
the meeting of the previous
week were not present. The
promoters, however, of the new
ferry coinpanv were presenl,
with some of their friends, ainl
harmless resolutions were passed with regard to the formation
of the new Ierry company.
The question of municipal
ownership, which had lum I,.-
vorablv decided upon bv the
previous meeting, was, accord
ing to the reports, set aside as
being contrary to the views of
the meeting,
Owing to the statement of
the mavor as to the postponement of the meeting, its nsolu
tiotis cannot in- regarded .is in
.HIV sense expressing *|u. views
of the majority of the citt/eiis,
although  the second   meeting
constitutes technically an adjourned continuation of the
first. The second meeting,lum
cur, was adjourned at the call
ol the chair, and I wish to
poinl out that it is ol imperative Importance that tin- matt-
lag so adjoin in-il should be called at the earliest pnssible nm
ment; and I trust that this mil
be done,
The dangers which lie behind
thi' control of our ferry serviie
bv  .1111   uinipaiiv,  eiittrelv    in
depend) ut ol municipal control,
in    ven    gnat,    although    it
Would occupy too iiuiiii ol volir
■ pace to enlarge upon them   in
ihis communication<
Tin- thoroughly justifiable dis
s.itlslaitton iiiiii the V V   l'u
11   ,\   l'owet   1 o   serviie should
llol be allowed to inllucnic our
ilti-ins  to  commit   llli-llisckis
to the support of a mw company, iiiiii..ut anv   guarantee
thai, in uiiirse of time, lhe interests oi the residents mav not
..gain become subservient to the
supposed interests ol the share
holders in a private company,
This result, in the case of a pri-
i.ile coinpanv, is not onlv possible, bui probable, it is no
reflection mi the promoters ..I
the new coinpanv to stale   this
fact, as ii will be undoubtedly
their duly,  if the loinpaiiv    is
iBBfhad without anv municipal
restrictions, ta take whatever
line of action may besl serve
the interests of their Blafthol
ders, regardless ,,|  th,  ...nveiii
enie ol the residents.
I remain, votirs, etc.,
North Valiiouver, Feb   *th,
Jubilee services are being held
in the Methodist cliunlu-s all
through the province on Sundav
Feb. 14th, to commemorate the
landing of tlu- lirst Methodist
missionaries in British Columbia. There were four iu the
party, Edward White, lather oi
Dr. White ol New Westminster:
Arthur Browning, Dr. Brans,
.m.l Dr. Kobson. As Dr. Kobson is the only survivor, he is
filling a large plan in the jubilee celebrations, The dm tor is
so much in demand in the larger  churches   thai   it   has   been
loiinil impossible i" procure ins
services for a Sunday, and con-
seiptetillv arrangements have
been made with him to give a
jubilee address 111 the local
Methodist church on Tuesday
evening next, at B o'clock.
Mrs. .larley's laiiimis living
waxworks were presented last
night ' in the Presbytsriah
church, before an audience that
.'oinpli'telv filled the edifice, The
company portraying tha urni-
works—as well as giving the
concert preceding* was compos
ed of young ptopb in ...niiec-l
tion with Mt. Pleaaafll Presbyterian and St. Mich.id's Augli
cm churches, Vancouver,  taaj
having appeared several limes
previous  before  iit\   audletius.
The whole entertainment was
Interesting and smnaiag, and
was appreciated to the lull bj
iln audience, The numerous
characters in the waxworks
wen* well sustained, iclln ling
great credit  upon  the perli.rin-
eis, as well as adding much
glory t" iln renown ..i tha uu-
 rtal Mts .lath 1 Mr. Harrow of this ut\ Alter 1 lii-
perform.uin- refreshments arara
served tha visitors in the Lo
dies' Aid. A substantial sum
of liionev was n.ill/id l.v the
The city loiinul will piol.ahh
in- rsqaaetsd by the Vancouver
council, to appoint membera on
a ih legation lo proceed to (Itt.,
wa, lor lhe purpose o| disitiss
ing harbor Improvements with
ilu- government, The harbor
improvement! committee of.
v.ut.ouver has decided to re
commend tha sending ol inch ■
delegation in the council Hon
dav evening, and  lhe trip will
be niinii  at .111 1.nli  date.        It
is the intention 1" leipiisi    |
W . R, McTiines to SI t mi lhe .1.
cgation, and one "I th.    most
pressing items will bc tbe sppli
ition of the sahaidt ol Ijo
doo, to 1 provincial!} owned
iridge at Second Nations
Western Kose lodge of the
Sons ol England held a very
successful box -01 ial and dance
in the Kaglcs' hall, on Tucsdax
evening. Dancing began at S. to
and an intermission was had at
in. 13, when twenty live dainty
boxes were ufli-rcd In the .uu
tinned nf the evening, A. J,
Ileiidiison. The bidding w,,s
Spirited and well susl,lined, lhe
boxes teali/ing a total of $'<,.
The proceeds are tn be devoti •
to the cniilingent (und, a fund
which is available (nr cases ,,1
need lor which the regular Unc-
fit fund—ill which the loial
lodge now has a handsome surplus   cannot Ih- used.
As auiiratelv as ...uld lie .1-.
ccrtaitied before going in press,
iln- judgment sanded down to-
daj    III    the   1 ,ise   1.1  the  Nnrth
Win..itiver Ferrv H, l'nwer Co,
vs. Hunbiirv it ,il BWarda damages in ihe piaintiiis together
willi costs, the exact allliiunt ol
damages tO be named later, and
also grants all injunction, re-
slt.iining the Motor Boat
Tratisportalimi Co, irom operating iheir service.
The board of trade purposes
sending a delegate t.. Ottawa,
U) take ,11 linn in regard   I.,   lh.
proposed extension nl ilu- V I
I  \    ill,1II1 I  .nnl nther business
ami .1 spciinl  gen,r,,l  meeting
ill tin board is 1.ille.l |..t Tin s
dav lulling mvt, to coin-idcr
tin   mailer and  tike what   .u
iion 'ii,iv it* deemed advisable.
R  A.I.mis, oi Linn vallei   ti
turned a leu .lavs ago, .111 <-r .,
sojourn ol s,ut.,i sreehi m Rag
Manager T. M Heard ol the
N. V Ferrv \ I'.w.t Co , Bl
tinnitus ihal the hall limirli l.i-
ry seriice will be resumed mi
March lsl next, and lllal tIh-
Ii-ii I Mi,1111,*i SI Ceorge will In-
placed on the marine wavs at
the Wallace ihipl .mis, as soon
as she i.m be .iiimiimo.l.ile.l.
when  she will be given a good
overhauling In pri paratim  Ior
the season's t r.l 111 v
QPHCUIaasnenl need
■s-   . i'i  II*.   !
'"h. ll s ., 11
T" ai'|ir,,i*.* 11... Rxeentlr. '1
r.''"li.|l..'li«la.|ii.|a   t *   -* I il  a
U-afati-tnOtlivi   TotsSe
arii'.ia In -. iMr.l In ,l"' """•
I" I * !'■ • tlmt nl ll.' .liar*
l.r a.l tl..  V WA Y   Hall-
i, itr   „,>.I ..llnr ,,,in|-.*trnl
,lt>ll\ I!   I   MURRAY, s,sr.'l«rv
Norlli V.,n,a,.|ief. K.I* "., IM $ttppbmntt tu $1)? fatptm
announced l.v tha mayor in tlu
[newspapers),   I,   myself,   ami
many other dtfaiena did nol at-l   Jnbttas ssrvicsa arc baiag inl
ttiiil at the pavilion on Tueadaylia  tin-  Methodist  iliurilns sl
Editor The Express,
sn, On I ui sii,n, tin* :titlt ui
l.inn.iry, ,1 publii meeting was
called l'\. tin- mayor, i" which
iln citizens nl N'liith Vancouvei
um- invited, in discuss ilu ler*
11 .sint.iiiiiii existing at that
lime, Ii n,is understood ihat
tin* meeting li.nl been called it
li transpirea bow, it..m r*
pints ui tin* local papers, tli.it
in spiti of tin- announcement of
iln- mayor, .1 small meeting was
Iii'iii, ami opened in the mayor
himsell, at which most nl tha
citizens who were present at
thf meeting ul thf previous
Meik were not present. Tin
promoters, however, of the nee
tin* instigation ..( Mr. G4U,who fern   compan)   Mete  present,
was intere "ed in iln promotion u,,|, „,„,,,. ,,, l]u.-n i,,,.,,,^ ,(l„|
'' si.llltlulls  Mile  pass*
ill wiih regard tu the [onnation
iif tin- nee tarry compan)
Tin   question   ..i   municipal
in  a  nee   Kriv company   i"
compete «Hth tin- Sorth Van
couver ferrj ft Power Co., lan
it waa niiilersli...i| thai tin nil
/en*, im ii* open i" 1 apnea their
views (reel) ami adopt whatever
iniiiitis mighl commend
themselves t" than with regard
in tin* lerry Krvice
The directors ol  ihe  North
Vancouver Ferry ft Poerer Cu.
.'in  present, an.l  sni.j.'it   in
i.iiiliriiiaiiuti liy ih.it iharehol
in.ul.* ,1 definite oiler   "i
,1 It,iltl ut the assets ill the lulll
..in, iiliiili tin \ were prepared
in sul,mil tu th.' .in- council
In view "I this ulii-r,  the iin
/ms derided t" reqneal the city
.a,innil tu promptly take up the
matter nl purchase erith the ler*
rv company, il practicable, ami
1.. ripurt  tin- results ..i their
otiationa at .1 met ling, in he
I "held  ""   Tti.'s.l.ii.   th.   .-ml   ..1
Thr intiiili.ni lias that    that
•n.itut),' ihould '<"Ive .' reporl
Iinin th.   .in  council, .is i"
iiln tin 1   un iimi); Iini hun   .1.
iplished in iln .'.iin lion  "i
iirranging Im tin pun ha* * 1 ..
portion "1 tin- S   v   i-.in   I
P0W1 r l'u 's ,.s..*l s In   the , III
li iiiiiiiii)' had imu ...."iiipli h
1.ording t" iln  -'
• I  th.* question ■■) Begot! il
ill)*   lul    the  llll    I.i   .Ilil   III   slip
- in;.' ihe establishment ul  a
IH-ll    lun   sin lie,   Meli   tn     In*
.■isi,inui ,.t tin* meeting, At
tin same time, tin- nm iini; u-
n.ittitnntislv expressed itsell di
ni-t.li     in    I.nur    i.l    iilliniit.
mnnicipal control ul tin   sei
(in Honda) i vening, iln- bi ij
ur announced thai the meeting
nf tin* liti/i'tis. arranged tor lhe
ni'i "i February, would boi  hi
ll. |.l        I  llll llnl   Vlla.M   uin     thii
nnnoum amenl waa made, *.s tin
■Hi  l«lll     Sllllpll      a   HU,   ,1        III)- ,|
11 purl    as   In   llll. Ilia I    tile     1 III
had done am thing or nothing
in tin* direction Indit ated, ami 1
nport Irom tin* .it\ 1.nin.il i-a
ih. in.-.tin); thai nothing h id
'a.n iinin* iiniilil have been   is
•-li •. ami ...nhl have l'"a at I
■ I upon
Relying   npon   the   ma
' *'i nn 111      th.it    no    uie' imt'
•'."iilil Iii* hi hi .uin I
ownership, which had been   la*
vnral.li  derided np.ni by   tka
previoua meeting, was. accord
lag tu tin- reports, set aside .is
lll'lll};   l "tll I.II \    In   III.*   u.lla    ,,|
tlif meeting.
Owing in ilu* statement ul
ilu* mayor as tu the postponement ul ilu* meeting, its resolution! ...tin.it 1 e 1,|arded as In
.un sense expressing the dewa
ni the majority nf tha citizens,
although the second meeting
luiistittitis technical!] an ao*
jiitirni-il continuation nf ilv
lirsi The second tiii'iiiii-.',lii.ii
11.is adjourned at tin call
ol thf chair, ami l wish I..
point mn llial ii is ,,| impel..
'H putt.line  that   the Iln el
ni); sn adjourned ahoald ha ...II
nl *'i tin .arlieat possible mo
iniul: ami 1 11 list thai this will
In- llnlll*.
Tin daagera "hi.li In* behind
ilm control ui nm i.m -.1.1.1
in am company, munii in
<lip.ml.nt ui municipal control,
m   tot)   great,   althoagt.   ll
Until.I   OCCUp)    t"U   lllllll)   ul   I..Ill
• ]'■", lu enlargi upofl tlnm   bj
itttmunii .i'inli
Tin* thon-ughl) justHisbb 'Its
satlsla.li.in mth tin   N   \    |',,
ihr.iti-'li tin- province nn Sunda)
hei.. 14th, tn commemorate the
landing nf tlu- lirst Uethodisl
missionaries in British Columbia, Tlnn nrerc four in lhc
p.iin, Edward White, Latbri ol
Dr, White ..1 Kee Westminster;
Arthur Browning, Dr. Evans,
..ml Dr. Robson, As Di. Kuh-
si'll is th.  ..nh   sun imt, In* is
lilliii); a largi plan In iln jubilee celebrations. Tin ilm\..: la
su linull iii demaad in the larg
ar iliurilns tli.it it lias lain
luitnil impossible tn procurt .as
si n ins |,,r ,, Smiilai, ami mii-
aeqaently arrangements have
been made erilh him tu jivt a
inlalii address m thi- local
Methodist chnrch oa Tnaadaj
evening next, al s n'i lml.
MRS 1 \KI I'VS \\ WUOKKS "n'""v,[ M"u' ^-"""l-, l" i,r,SN-
UKS .l.\kl.l.\ B \\ \\\\(IKKN,,,1(, -,.,-j,,,,,,., ,un,|,,| (|((W„   ,„.
,.       ,   ,    . ,         dai   in   the  use  nf tin* Nnrlh
Mrs   .I.nln s l.iinuiis   Iiiiiii; , .   ,* ..     .  »   •*,
, , ,   *-   \ atii.iitvi-r l-i-rrv \  l'mur In.
Waxworks   inn ptisiiiti'i    ,istl       „.„.,...     ,    ,           .    , „
,.                , ,,     ,               VS. Ilunliiiri el al an,,nls ilatn-
nii'hl     ill     tile I'n s|,\ t,i i.m 1                .,       ,*.,-.     ,      ,,
,       ,    ,   , ,            ,       al'rs t.i till-   plaltllllls   t.ii'itlirr
1ln11.l1, belore sn audience i i.u     .,      .    .,
1    ,,,,,,     ,       .,*,    Mith insis, tin exalt ,un..tint ui
nilllpllll'lv Pile.I ill.  ..111....     he ,   . ,     , , ,   , .  ,
, ilalilai*rs |,. Im* n.uiml lain, ami
...inpaiii   putlrauiii;   in    «,,\      ,      ■
'      ■„        h , alsn  t'r.Hlts  all  lli|lltlilli.Il,     le
Wulks    .is   Mi      as   1111111'     111' ., .,   . ,,
, -*•      k str.iiiiin*-    llir    Motor     Hunt
lllllllll    llll 1 .-.lilin      M.IS   mllll'iis      „ , ,
1 h , , Tr.uisi...tt.itinn lo   Irom open
* "' J™»l r '< in ".nmi   .tiBf iheir nervta
iion tvill, tit. Pleaaaat Preab)
li-ri.in ami St    Mn h.u Is Aagjj
i.m churches, Vancouver,   iln\
Western Muse lodge ni tha
suns of England held a wry
successful box -miai ami dance
in tin- Begke' hall, mi Tueaday
eveaiag.   Dancing began at B.30
.unl an itiliimission Mas hail .it
io. 1-,, when Iweuty-five dainty
iaa,\i*s nrere offered bj tin- auctioneer oi tin* eveaiag,   A.   .1.
Illllllllsull.        Tile   bidding     Mas
spirited ami Mill raatained, the
bona nettling a I11t.il of <;,s.
Tin* proceeds are tn ba di \
tu tin* contingent (nml. a  (uml
Which is a\.ul,il.le Inr iasi-s   nf
mnl lor which tlm regular bane-
fit   had—ia  which  the   l".*il
lodge unit h.is ., hanilsuiiii' siir-
pln*   i.iiimii be ttsi-.l.
As accurateh as i,,ni,i w as
having appeared se\*eral  limes
prrvious Iniul.   iil\   ..n.lntn.s
Th.' board ol trade patposea
Thr Mhui, latcttaiameal wu "■*■! ■ d*'«E»l« <" Ottawa,
latereeUag nnd amuring, -ad to tohe action ia regard in tin*
m.is appreciated 1.. th, mil in pwposed extearioe <>) ilu- V \\
ft \   cbartei .nnl othei business
ami a apecial general meeting
dn audience Th. numerous
characters Ib the waxworhs
mie mil sustained, reflecting
gn it credit upon tin perform
its, ,,s mil as adding much
glorj i" ilu ten,,mu ni ilu im
mortal Mt*- Jarle) Mt Om
tun ui ihia .in \11.t th.
performance n Ireahmenta wen
served 'in Msitnts i.i th,. |„,
IV     e«    I'uM.I     I  a*        ill.,     sh,,lllll    ill. s'    Aid A    Sllli.l   mtl.ll    SIIIH
..  ,1     .11 J ,     I. ., . I      ,      ,   ,
iiui Ik allowed tu influence mir
citizens iu commit th.ins.*ii.s
In tin   SBpporl  ul a nui    u,1,1
pany, without .mv   guarantot
that. 111 iniiiM* nl inin. 1 In    in
ter.sts a,1 th, residents maj boi
.t)i.nu iiiiiiiii.* aubarrviaat to the
supposed mt. i' sts «,| tin *.|i.,ri*
holders in *. private compaay,
Tins reealt, la ilu- cans nf ,1 pn
inin compan]. is nui oal) pos-
sii iii*. imi probable, it is no
1.11..iluii mi tin* promoters if
tin ace compan) in st.it.
l.ul. .is It Mill III' llllilutlliti.lK
ilnn ''"li , ll the i.itiip.itn is
"atinilml 11 ith..111 .mv iiuiiii, • ,,1
restrictions, t" tab what   el
lim' ..( .1.imu may baa!
the ini it 1 si    rd 11n ir nharrhol
dt*rs, regardh  * **i i1!*
i-n.f ..I th. t. sidents
I run,iin, \..iirs  . 1.
Cni.iN v   1 \.
Ninth Whu..mn. Feb  |ih
nf nn.mi was reali/.c«l
nl  till   lii'.ltil  Is ,,illni  lm   Tll.s-
il.iv evening nest,  t" coaaider
the   matin   aad   lalai'  "h.it    i>
Hun may bs deemed adviaable.
H   Ailallls, ul I.Mill \.ill, \ . ie
tuiuiil a ii m il.ns ago, alter a
s.'iuiirn .a s,mral Mtiks in Eng
Uaaager T. II, Heard nl iln-
N v. Ferrj I Powei Co, an
Bouacea thai tha hall hoarlj dr-
n sitiiu* mil !«• r—umed  mi
\l.11.h 1st nnl, ami lli.it llu
Tlu-utv 1,.innil mil pr..l,al,l\'l,rn st,..i.i<r St CmrgS «tll Inin- renaetsd h) tha Vancouver P*"*" "" 1|"' l,,'",m' ",IVS •"
,„nni,i ,,, .,,,,„,,„, ■anabersoa ,lu U',1|U' "htpy*™1. -|S M"'"
,. delegation to proceed toOtts M '"'"' l'"' '" '"'"m"",l'uA
wa, lm ih, purpus, ,,i iiis.nss when si„* mil bs gives a good
lag harbor improvements mth overhaallai la preparation f..r
iln- government,    The harfaof the ssaaoa s tralc.	
iiiiprniniieiits    committee    "I
Vancouvei  haa derided i" i,
"iiiiui'iiil ihe aendiag "I aaeh a
delegation to th.* .onmii Uon
hn 11111111};, aad ilu nip «ill
I.e inaih  at ,,n e,n|\ gate,        It
is the Iflteatiou t.. t..|ii.si  w
W   It   M. Iiiii. s tn ,i. t nn tin ,1.*
legatioB, atul mn   nl tin    iimsl
I 1.    ni); iti ms will I*. tin apph
cation ni tin ranald* ol <.'•..,-
«.i,  tn .1   pruiiini,,lli    ,
bridgi  it Se.uml \,nt.ai 1
north mm muffin of m
QPPClAlaB*BSial nni'tinn
n  1 i'i l|,II.Tii.*-.l-i.K.-l.
•'-li. ll I	
T" «,'|'r„v. the Kn.eiiliri''.
-. 1.1
,l-la*|(,lla- l.allltnw fl. TollV,'
irli..1. i" rei'.r.l ,„ tlir |,r..*
|«,ml ,*,'.*.,.* , nl the * I
i iha V w a Y Hmi-
. ■ '   •      i*i-flip*~l*nt
inllil 1: 1 MURRAY, B*eretar|
^'irlh Vj n.r. !'• b  I, I""'


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