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The Express May 3, 1910

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$l}t ixpma
Vol unio 1
North Vancouver, B.C., May ',>, 1910
Number ti
Council Wrestles With Street Grades HEAVIEST POLL TO DATE Local and Personal Items of Interest
Engineers' Report of 1907 Adopted-Mayor
May Refused to Put Resolution
The  large gathering
payers   ttllu   attended
iihuh ll   meeting   last
uiie nut disappointed m  thtii
anticipation   tut ihe climas
ttniilil be reached llial evening
in regard   lu lhe establishment
ui permanent grades uu ail Uw
nurth and south struts mi I inside lull portion ol lliis dty.
ilu- conclusions arrivad at was
the adoption nl the ellgilli el's
report of 1907 and that a cum
minion ul lugiiicc-rs composed
ul l-.ngnicer Thompson oi fnattic, hiiginccr Clements be ta
vited lo come lo this cily .tim
jointly with City hugiiucr
llalles Settle the grades ptrm.i
nciilly und deliuite aluiig tin
lilies laid down in the repoi I ol
of   rate- tor  of   the   North   Vancouvei
the  city;Lund Co. he questioned   tin,i
et filing I signature tu'lhe petition alleged  to be  asking   lur  straight
grades oil cur line streets.
Air. Mucnutiglitcu suid lie
wus dealing vtuh the IgBeaUoa
generally ami nut referring lu
*im   specilic ease und that   tli.
signature of the ollicials ol ine
Lund Cu. was nevertheless ul-
tachetl lo the petition.
Mr. Mucnuughicn ulso dwelt
.it sunn- length ull tile tiluluci-r
und I'cputallou of the cngilini:.
•lliusc deliberations in iyi;
were the foundation upull wlinli
it was proposed to settle the
present question,.
Mr.  A.  W. Surgcul   claimed
thul llial   euiiuiiissiuU in   li,o,
tt as  composed   of oue engine* i
Ills Worship was opposed  to and two laud surveyors uud lhe
llie adoption ol lliis report   ol worth  of   their   recoiiuneuilu
lyoj, and 111 lelusiiig lu pul the Huns    lroui    un     engineering
motion  was    voted  lium    the 'standpoint    wus   consequently
chair  and uiie ol the aldermen I questionable.
One More Day Only in Which to Vote-
Final Effort Should Smash All Records
uas elected to till the vacancy
temporarily, The city ball araa
packed to lhe doors and at
limes the feeling ran so lngli
that some of the Aldermen oii
(acted very strenuously to iln
demonstrations which His Wot-
ship asked to be discontinued.
Alter ,1 lew 111.liters ol colli spuinleiiie had beili dealt
Willi the MaJOt lillloducid tile
i|Histiuii u| grades. He claimed
lhat building was lieing lie.'I
back nil ucculllll ol lhe grade
ipiestiuii being unsettled. Vlicrc
Mr. J. F. 0 C. Wood uskcil
the engineer if he could make
llie plans lo Conform with the
suggestions of Mr. Mucnuiight-
elt alld if he still llioughl lus
'llullcsj plans Were suitable lo
the city. The engineer answer
ed lliul he had gone lluutigli
the report ol the eiigiineis uml
had interviewed Mr. Clements
lor farther information, bin
was unable to get uny thing d*
liiute   as it   was impossible lo
anticipate on what streets iln
Cars would run, they might gi
The ballot bnxis for the Mav
ijiiiiu Competition will   dost
tomorrow -Wednesday) evening
at   six o'clock.    Willi the   an
iioimeemmt published  in   this
issue the last  stage of the campaign is catered upon.   The iK
nominations oi the several bul
luts printed are such lhat    ill
final result will ic-Uiaiu ,iii    un
certainly until the lasl ballots
are   recurded.    The lutal   vote
pollul since the last announce
ment  is by8,   the largest    thus
far   dm ing     the   competition
There is  no reason why   thi re
should nol be  a  lotal poll   ol
1,000  votes today  and tonior
row by way of a grand finale.
The grand lotal of votes palled
to date is 3,829, * lact  which
evidences    a degree ol eulhusi
asm ii pi ni iln- part of the candidates and of interest upon   lh
part of the public sullicient   lo
justify the hope that when  lh
final count is announced   th
grand aggregate will exceed  3,-
300 votes.   The candidate   who
heads lhe poll on a vote ol such
proportions  has   certainly   at-
laiued 110 empty honor.     Tin-
May  (jueen  of this year   will
slreel.     He concluded
statement thai
were   a   number oi large blinks  oa   all)
111 contemplation but the build with tlie slalcnieni tlial lie was
ers weie unable lo proceed un | not satisfied with thai reporl
ul   Ihey were given   peniiaiitiit     Mr* llmh.ui covered  the same
grades IU- stated lurtlier that
the city was clamoring lor sewerage and ilus too wn await
ground as previously in icganl
lo lhe bullk obtaining u grade
111 Match and that the tuuum
by   resolution   Bl a later   dale
jiguiciT had matters ar- decided to alter the   general
ranged in his department  ta Ptea ot fradca on Um north am'
1 he
the settlement  ol  gradea.
proceed wiih cither local Improvement ui any kind ol strict
work aud ulso the pruliles Ini
the sewerage, uud the Whole
thing wus hung up lur grades
;ie asked the council to nettle
the matter 111 a delimit lorm
that evening so that lluse
grades conld be given .a  once
ainl ill the eveiil ol their Hot be
illg able to decide lllal tin
question be sllbliiUleil lo .1
plebiscite ul the- people allll that
lhe   engineer   be   instructed   lu
prepare   plans   for   straight,
in nth .uul modified bench grades
ami that they be posted up in
prominent   places  so that    the
ratepayers would ba able to
have a thorough anderatand ng
ol the subject al issue.
i in it communications u,i.
ilnn read in reference to th
question in hand. li. Hnth..11
manage! ol the Hunk ol II.11111I
inu,   wanted to know ii   tlu-
glades given the Hunk ol ll.iin
lltoii ul the comer ol isl sllccl
and I.olisdalc Ave. about llu
middle ul lasl Mauh were aa
limine and workable bow, i-.u
giiiier llalles wrote uskilig p. 1
mission to tuusult Kagincei
lliniiipsuli ol Seattle, uivit ii_
iin latter to visit this uiy an
.ii-{ii.nut himsell with local cob
ditions   uud   advise   as   tu   tin
best method lo adopt.
A petition signed by jt pro
llillielll illi'clls n questing tnUII-
eil tu adopt and adhere lo   llli
engineer's report ol iyo;. lln
three communications were la d
oil lile table pending iI|siiissii.*,i.
k. I,. .Uacnaugllleli was th.
lust speaker. He daiimd lha
what was supposed to be set
lied three years ago was being
settled now.    Mr. liacnanght
en laid emphasis ,<u the prim,
uielil standing of the guillem 11
who signed llie petitiuii. Tlnv
were residents and business
people nl the tily, and one sit
ller was worth IOO sp. uilat
01s he said.
Mr. .1. C. Keith, who was
present, could not tmdeistand
what Mr. Macnuughteii meant
by   referring  to the  supposed
Sl llleliiellt   in  Uio;,  as he   was
in difficulty yet in regard to
the grade at the corner ol isi
and Lonsdale Ave.   As a dm
Mainly have just reason to
conclude thai she possesses a
real domain in view ol the large
number ul citi/.en electors who
liave partiiiputed in her dec
tiun, tu the throne.
The stute of the poll today as
dei Iai id    by    the     committee
stands us follows:
Itiesduy's total    „,   „.IM0
I'oday's vole      394
Total to date     1514
Tuesduy's total    704
i'oday's vote    3oy
Total to date 1013
Tuesday's total    177
Toduy s vote        7
Total to date    184
Titcsday's total        yj
Today's vote  28
Total to date    120
solllll slleels.      He   suld     lllal
I'.iigiiiccr Tracey oi Vancouver
had advised lum  ih.it  on all
side lull Stneta of lllole III.ill   I
pn cent, grade beiiilung   was
Mr. W. Mordeii had Interests
uli the cross streets but was,
in'irl In less ill lavor ul
sll.light glades BB being of gill-
eral bsasfct to die my at large.
He 1 unsullied thai (lie conflict
iiig  mien sts   wuuld   nut   be
luiind lu be so Verv lar opposed
to eatll oilier whi 11 llieir dilld-
•iitts weie .simmered down. lie
believed lllal the iccaiinmclida
Hulls of the eollUlllsslnll uf ill
gilleers wus what lile tily
C.   I'. J.iiksmi   said   lllal    III
connection  with   the petition
that the uin s who promoted 11
were the only tuns in lui01 o
straight glades. He said thai
suine ol the ablilliiili wollld
lake a nil,1111 stand III spile ol
the interests ol the lalcpaVirs.
Alderiiu-u Seluili/, Fowler
ulld Irwin hele inlei posed alld
objected against the spe.il.ei
making   any   smli assumption
Mr.    J.nksoll   tolllpalitl     till-
east ami west stints Willi   tll
north   ami south slleels a.t   i,,
their relative value in building
up iln- commercial Interesta ol
the ult.    1|L. iluiuud Ihal   all
If business   Woultl  lolh'W    the
w .i'n front and all In aw .Ii.n
mg would be done  along   tin
OWer slleels liom olle doik  1.
another,    lh*  Mid tlmt   Vaa
coin et; iiiolorinen hud explainul
to him thut benching was ,1 h
Inl   In the strain on the   1,11s
Whin bi-llell  portions   weie   en
Kev Halderslone sliggeslid
that tin inleiseilinns u lln*
irnss stutts be made 011 .. bttl
is ul a 5 per cent, grade. In
s.ml if his meiiiury servnl bin,
Directly that in all Mo hit1
titles lieliehing -,\ ,. -n wig'-c.
Mr. J. C. Keilh laid ih,it ,,||
the side lull streets in Vanu.11
nt up as far as Georgia street
tiii benched or partial!} bm
'lirai    Hc contended thai   tlu
business   alw at I   ki pi  1 lose   In
iln waterfront ami m nt) 1.1 1
heavy lialln was not cofflp tied
to take the steep portions     He
drew attention to the lacl lhat 1 HASKliTHALL
building was being retarded ini 	
.North \ ancouver on account oi; The North Vancouver ladies
the delay in establishing grades,basketball team are schedule 1
and ihal in the selllemeiil lln lo play the Mount i'lcasani
whole city should be considered l'resbyterian ladies ill this cily
Iaatead ol any particular por-'in Crook's hall this evening.
tion. llus   will   be   the   lirsl ladies
G. A. .UiHum thought the Ileum that the locals have eu-
nialler could be adjusted sulis-'gaged since they organized and
laclorily to all parlies concern-< the result of the clash is looked il concessions were made anted forward to with some curi-
l-olli sides looking to Hie gen- osity and anticipation as it will
eral belielil ol the city. give the supporters of the loca,
Aid. Fowler wanted to know leiiunines a line on the qtialiiv
ii uiu the bench or mutinied of the home team. Main of the
lieiiih giade advocates if ll was young ladies of lhe North shore
tin intention to bench the en. are practically new at the game,
nit slreet east and west II olil and some ulloWunce ought to
one intersection to another 01 be made on this score us well
just bench at intersections ami as il being their initial illort.
ia ing llie middle portion nl the! The game is the last oi the sea
street to an absolute bench us son and will in all probability
in lhe tase- ul Third street. be Well attended by both Hsll
lie wus answered that thai ors and local enthusiasts. Am
was a mutter of detail lur  tin pie   accommodation    is    being
engineer to ligure out and lo.
the (meant the principle un..
should be ticcidid.
Aid. MiNcish clainiid thai
the 1 u.07 report was loo lade
finite. There- was Uo way ol
muling out where the stint
tais would run 111 lhe Inline
ami   should straight grades   be
asialdislud on north und sun.,
streets where cur tinea weit
laid and lulge blocks eollsllllti
id lo thai grade and later lhe
street cur lines were luid on ..
truss slreet where wollld the
city .land iu lhe mailer ul
damages li they belli lied a,
ihese inli is'1 Hulls according tn
ihal report. He contended i>
was ilaiigeiiiiis ground to Hani
l'ie uii. He stuiid thai Cily
I'.ngliieei Hanes had glvtli ,1 dl
iilllle glade and pruliles uili.il
Ik- ii'iiinl 111 lus olhce in ord 1
in pinned with any work m
i" im.ana in character, lie  sn.
gesltil that ulliil this niatlii
was nu,illy settled that Un
vv In .It glaibs as established In
AM, 1111,111 liwin said that lh
..uiv uason that the Kn; te
port was not adopted former.)
was lllal lt went loo lur in COS
iiitlioli Willi licikhuig. lie COB
tended lhat engineers ihemseli
es sometimes diner on tins
matters, The board ol eng in
eels' report whieh lt was pro
pn I'l lo adopt, was, he I I.m..
nl, a concise iecolniliiml.il.on,
and every member of tli. 11 COO
mission was high up ill lus pro
banton. The question <>1 th
argent aeoaaaity of early stub
hiiiii   nn  account  ol   building
and sewerage waa touched Bj
and    he   considered    that    tin-
council would not be jaatifud
departing   (rom   the engine 1
report unless a better one  arai
forthcoming, in conclusion lu
moved "that llus coiiiuil adopt
and striitly ddherc to the gefl
The   ferry  receipts for   iln
inuuih of April just passed an
looked upon as being very sai
isiaclory and warranting u pro
phesy thut this 1 ear will I.e   a
retold one lol   the liny  aiul    ,1
municipal money maker.     '1 h
advance over April ol last yea-,
shows   conclusively    lhat    lb
city   is   building   up ami    pm
gressiug at almost an alnorin.it
rale,   and  lhe  (act lhat    the
rates  since   the  city look   tin
concern over have been griutly
reduced indicates ihat lhe   tra
vel  must be greatly in  excess
oi  any  lormer year.    A   dt
tailed  statement bcloW  shuw s
the steady increase oi the leiiv
earnings since April, lyoi,   the
slight set back in lyoy was  tlu.'
to the fact that the city established   a  reduced   schedule    nl
rates when they came inlo possession,   besides increasing   the
service.   In spite of this the decrease was only aboui Jtfuo.
For April, lyoi, JhlJJo;
iyo2, >Sy4-35; i9«3, M.««5;
iyo4, J1.411.40 ; lyoj, Ja.94j.77
lyub, >2,yyi.22 ; 1907, >3,;«3-
10 ; iyo8, $4,085-25 I 191* >3i
884.35 i ly'Oi *6,7l2.5o.
For the month uf Ajiril the
detailed statement shows tin
receipts to be as follows .
Return Tickets     M,88u.ni,
provided Iur the spectators.
The district couucil with the
exception ol Councillor Allan,
accompanied by Engineer Cameron, drove oul to West Capil
alio un a lour ol inspection in
connection with the location ol
the   Keilh ruad at its eastern
approach to the' afilaaq river,
yesterday afternoon, laajeiiluii
will alsu be made as to llu
Iiest position available to con
sum 1 lhe new bridge BCToSS lh,
river which is understood to be
south ol thc present structure
A icporl will be submit Ud to
lhc round] next Thursday evtfl
mg at the regulur meeting u.
the bourd.
At the iegiilal ineetiug ul iln
Hoard oi School Tiustics held
I'liday evening lust liustte
Jas. Ilay took his scat uU l.n
Bonrd, Mr. Alexander Ui
was appointed permanent scm
i.uy oi ihe lluurd.    A commit
mittee  was appointi-1 to ■ 11**.:-
view lite Notth Vaucouver Land
aiid Improvement Co. wnh a
view   to setiuiug lull blocks in
lhe property in D. L* 616 own
ed by the company, ior   school
pm puses,   and  also Mr.   'allies
P. Fell with regard to u sinnl
ur trad in U.L. 552.   The eacr<
tary was instructed to prepare
t  lough  draft ol the   grounds
showing    the   proposed    lh ■'■
building   between    Twenty-iirst
and   Twenty-second streets, to
gether   with   other details pn
paratory to calling for comp I
itive plana lor the buildui,
meeting  adjourned  until
day evening.
1 (nnilimed on page   fi,
'■'he City of Nanaimo has
made provision for the i"iisirii
'""ii  ol a new dam tais
'" l"St $20,000.
The Bank oi Muutnal lias let
the contract lor the erection ol
B large block in l'riine kupert.
Tin- construction of tha m w
Mo,uoo Carnegie library at
i'uii Arthur, Out., will be commenced  al nine and completed
this season.
Construction work un the jo
odd miles of water mams   ainl
connections m South Vanconvei
is reported to be progreaa.ng
Mr. J, G. Hressey, ul lln* lum
nf Hressey, 1'u-rs it iiuull, kit
ion 1-riday un an extended visit
tu   his   loniiel    hullie,     Lssex,
i-.ngiund.    He will arrive at
'Liverpool ou Friday, liaj i.i.h,
ami vvill be away about two
I Mr. K. J. Smythe, who has
been absent irum lhc tily t0r
the   pasl few mouths    touring
a the interior, relumed on   Sunday and   will devote his  m.i
gus to his grocery business   al
tin- comer ol Keilh Koad end
Maliou Ave.
Construction work ou the
proposed new hospital in Clnlli-
w uek vv ill commence soon. Tlie
plans and speeilicalions have
been  submitted  lo the  leading
citizens and tenden will ha called ior at the earliest opportun
Commutation tickets },00o.oolity,   The building will cost fo,
Vehicle lares     l>57-j"
Monthly tickets       601.00
Freight receipts       247.115
Rents, liiiscellanious     3211...-,
housbhou) ruiwiTuaa
ior  Sale.    Apply   to  Uox   2y,
North Vancouver.
  !    WANTlvU - Ollice
Mayor May proclaimed a l.al. muings,  P.  0.  Uox
holiday for May llth, it miu,; l'fioue 170.
.tluy Uay in llus city.
11'i *   or
FOR SAI.I-; or trade lor icdl
'lhe May Day commilue w.il Estate, piano, Bell make,   to.i
be  glad   to see ail and suiniiy [fyjo.    Apply    328   loth slieel
conveyances m thc Mjy JJay
procession this yeai. iln. lun
ol march will be from \ IctuTM
Park to the wharf, ih-n tiji
Lonsdale lo lhe ilorl tui'iuai
hull, starting irom lhe paik ,11
i.lu p.m.
east. North Vaucouvei.
The court of revision on llic
provincial voters' list lot Rnn
inoiid district was held in tin
city hull yesterday alternunii
by Registrar ol Voters Thos.
Shepherd, ill names were add
ed and 4b Were removed as a
result ol the court's luidiligs.
New Kam 1'iano loi Salt, ai
once, cheap. Apply 114 Ippef
Keith Road. 0
>J5 cash and flu pel month
will buy you u good biunluig
lot, 511x12; It., in minutes walk
irum Lynn Valley tui Una. C.
S.  luung, ob Lousdale   '        0
Two alarms weie lui lied lttli<
the lue hail yesterday   aitci-
liooll alld lhe local VolllBiCtt
ia ig.nlc had a couple ol auiu.*.
stii-ntiuiis exercise. The lirsl
call was 1111 unl ui Hum ill iip
per part ol the city. A suuil
bush lire was spreadiag in (he
vltliuly ol W. L. KeeUe s nsi
dence ou ijih und i;ih street
and the boys at rived in lum
lo save the lelice wlinli had
taught.     ll  was  extinguished
IVIlllOIll     illlllt Illlt llll       Sit
uini tall  was llolli the   Wallan
shipyards when- u spark trom
tin* smoke stack sel the lool <>u
lire      Timely   ussistaUee    Hum
ilu lire department saved tin
spreading ul tha iue whnh was
put ont ut a very short lime,
Spei ial Sale ol  10U JaMBeaS
iiiulliug   nials,   si/c jxb al   jo*
ceuts   each.     'Ihese    ule sllajis
Uui tli    \aUiiouvei   Home   1-ui
ulsheis,  lii Lousdale Avt.
Iiuiiisliiil Roolus lo Let ul
819 Chisieiliild Ave. fa
WAMT-iL) A reliable woiuuu
lor the caie ol thildieu, dadj
or alteiUoous. Ajply sirs H.
Spiisbuiy, fvighth St. K'sst.    b
WANTI-.I)       l.ighi   Dell* 1
oiillit.      Apply   R. J.   Mny ll.,
(Irocei,   tui.   keilh „lni li
Ave. b
A lillle girl whose name is
said lo lie Kva Cook, about 11
years nf age, whose parents STI
camping in Larsons OaRhns,
nnl witli a painlul accident on
Sat unlay. With some othei
1 lllllll ell she was enjoying ,1
swing on the grounds inlroiil ol
the hotel when her hand slippul
111 suine manner and she was
throWB violently lo the
ground. When puked up Int
BOM was louud to be badlv
scratched ami swelled up to an
abnormal si/.e. She was hur-
ried oil to the doctor wlnn lm
injuries were given prompt at-
ntion. It is understood ihat
lhi injured member is Botseri
"iislv ellected and with the ani
al voiuh will shortly be healed
FOI SALK     Iluie un
liom   Lynn   \ulby   tui    hue
Gordon beighla, i- un ly  siluat
ed luls iiju uow, will luiiiii
ill value llnlin'la,iltl) i.i, *uin
melius iiiiiumg. I. W . .tu.ui
ttt Co., lij Lousdale Av,
I'.u tics owing accoaata tu
Un laiuduy l-.letiiital Company ure leqiuslcd to call al
tin olbce ol the same. .111. J,
C, li. Haldwiu has authority tu
issue   letclpts  lul   the  same  III
uur name.   Wilson tk Sly,   As
agnees. b
loi   Iminedialc Salt    Niw  I
iuullledllull.se, lully niutltHI   oil
50-lt. lol, chicken house,   |
garden,   planted,   with bearing
iruit   trees,     oUe     bloik    llnlll
Lonsdale on 5th.     >3,5ou, .M,
ioo cash, balance tusy terms
Mai iiinn   Hrukeiage Co.,  I
dale Ave.
laai     : Lagt 1     ,11 1   Wllllltl     iillll
Wilson   Sewing   Maihnns   and
aiiessnlies,   call  al  nur   1
The J. J, Mt.Ueett Dry Goods
Slnla .   *,,    Lonsdale  Ava .      \l,i
1 linns snid for cash 01 00 **isy
payment system. 'lhe Singer
Sewing Machine Co. PAGE TWO
North Vani ouvei
B. C.
Published Tuesdays and Fridays I
Nokiii Siioki   1'ri.ss, LlMllF.n
Om tear. 11.00 Sli monthi, Wo, Thres months, Me,
United Siutr- tnd Foreign, *fl..Mi per year
Advertiiini RstM vvill ba quoted sa sppticatlon.
Iks Earn* Is devoted to the Intererti ol the north Sitae ol Burrard lalot
exelaiivBly. li comtltaloi ta tdvertttlr.| m»diuni ol raceiitlossl tslue lor
rt-iit-liiiitr in u thorough tad effective manual lhe population ol North Vancouver
City too IMitrict,  Kverjr effort l» mtile lo give idwrtltKi themotl HtlHtolory
Allelitugei in "'iiirnct iialvi*iu-.*iiii*iit» ihould be m theprititan litndi sol
liter thin IU a ua   M 1*0 tod II p.m   Wedneodsj to iniure InMrtloa in me
following i-"iii*.
N<>k 1 ii Vani 011 > k,
I: 1
Mm   (Kn, 1910
Ai*. K IC i I.il RAL   COM.EGK
As nn exemplification ol   thi
enterprise which Is character.*
tie    ol     Westell!     methods,      ll
w 1 .nhl be diiiicult to inui .1
more atrihing   instance   lhan
thtt    iillurdetl   by    llie   delimit
ttratiofl train plan whnh is to
lie thorough!) tried out ilns
se.isuii 110111 Montana westward
by the Noi theni r.iiiii' rail
road* A train ui live ran has
beea specially prepared anu
equipped iur the purpose, Cat
iiuiiiIhi uiie is equipped
with a complete set ol
implements lur a I60 acre di 1
1.um togethei wuh si'tiud tin
pleii,mis iui irrigated (arma.
Car iiiunlni iwo designed loi
uistniiiiuii as lo procuriag bet
tei seeil Wlll COUU1B .1 com
I'liii  oiillil   loi  show mg nielli
inis ini tearing aad sdecting
wheat, oats, corn, barley, eti ,
lor seed piupoaca. lar num
bar three will present  general
live  Stock   ixllllilts  lul  IlKtllli
uuu in liuiising .md carmg 1
animals,  preparing lood  prod
Beta,   .1   dairy   section,   i»,l)
equipped    poultry   department
with all appliances, veterinary
section with illustrations "l all
sot is ui diseases,  together with
emergency Lists, also s  pro,
1it.1l  horseshoeing depattment,
Lar number lour will be devot
t-d to the Interests of hortkul
line and will deal wilh lloun
ainl ioiiiiiieni.il Iimi problems,
im growing in all ils phases,
lllseel    |usts,    lllllglls    diseases,
etc.. Illustrated by tanph
meats. Cu number live will
contain bnlletlns and literalun
[01 ilistiilituiuii, together with
inisullancuiis articles ol equip
iiiiiii io supplement lhat am
laitnil in the other cars
y .11 miniliei uiie will In* lilted
wiih a rostrum iur addressing
tin* people, A -11111111"! "i In
■tractors, specialist! in ihii.
respective departrncnts, selected
Irom the agricultural colleges
will accompany    ihe nam   as
III till els      TWO   llolli    Slops Will
lie made at each town and
iiniie   program ol in lart-a a ili
i.e arranged   and delivered al
each place.
The whole schema constitBUs
,,  |„n|i.inn. agricultnral <"■
1, ■■,, deaignad In convey sciea
lifii insiitiitiiiii iu that
iiiiiltiuide ui agrknlinrial
have Hut I'ccli in position l«
avail   Uliilisclus  tai   lile   .illv .n
lagca oi collage training In thn
regard while it is as jret in
its   experimental    tages,   th
siliellie is so slllkllln    and    lln
preparations so elaborate  aad
complete as 10 am it ilu- at
tuition  ul every western dtl
/ell vtllo ivislii s lo I'llloW iloS
lv the means alld methods   ad
opted iur building up and  loi
1111 leasing the clln um IJ  and lhi
pro-verity ol the agricultural
interests ol 'he west
illation. Tin cit) ol Calga-)
has lakes an advanced positn n
in  tins respect by receiving  s
letolllllletldalloll llulli llie legis
live iiiiiiiiiiiiu ui the cit)
round] to the eflect that lhc
city's charter be amended so as
io empower the corporation lo
compel owners ol all properties
who desire tu register tubdivi
lions ol ihe snme, tu set asidi
and tu dun.ite to the city 1,1
I'.iik purposes, an area equal lo
olle tenth ol that ol llie illlil'e
subdivision, lt is pointed out
that the statutes already re
lune that the 1iic1ss.1i) atreet
allowances   lie   provided    iui,
while laneS likewise Ilia)   1'C de
il.lllileal lit   llie COUncila .illd In
.iilse open all  spates alt  ■ a* ,
.t'lilial   lo the health and   tli
Wellale ul   cities,  it  is   BTgUed
lllal   lurther legislation   might
consistent.) be enacted, making
a  obligatory to pi ovule  pai 1
areas   as well.    The enhanced
value   ul   adjuiniiig    proper.)
would   serve   lo  minimise to
,1    considerable    extent    iln
propi rty  owners concerned l< 1
iln    apparent   loss   eataihd
through    such an   enactment
while 111 olhet respects ,
wuuld result iii sttch adjust
minis lhat lhe cosl tvoiil-l he SO
distributed as tu practical!)
eliminate all sense ui lus.s to
owners. Man) property own
era have proves ihemadves sul
inn ml)   publii spirited lo vol
uiii.uil) tiun,ue liberal park
treas   thus  conlerring   tangi
Ji   Inllelils Upon the tllte.s COB
tilled alld the lliltlesls   ol ill'
iniiiili   are  suflicientl) momcB
tluiis in Ihis matter to juslll)'
tin* creation ul machia rj
whereby influencea van bc
brought lu hear upon hss Ubet
,d owners ol prospective mbdi
visions, wnh a view to Inducing thnn io make adequalt
provision lor park areas.
The   matter   oi publii    pari
in   western    litics is   sti adil)
moving up to a commanding
position in the thought ol city
councils and otliir publii   bodl
es, .uid su'ii'* art beginnta
develop thai it will soontl   M
Igtei imuim the subject ol leg
The Inui |itos|utis lur ihis
vi.11 are proclaimed lo bc by
one oi tin* highest anihoritiei
in the tity io be 1 nceptionally
d 1 .uul barring a touch ol
iiu.1 wluili is luiiiii poasihli
at this time iln crop wlll aa
doubtedly be s tamper on
The peach blossoms sn ih
onl) uini Bon ui any   'i.iii.'ii
and  the continual >   Sm
wealhi 1   i-a ■'   hort spell arlll
. 11 -ii 1.   iiii it   alety,  The thei
rii   gn ii'iiiiiii  .unl iin 11 1 .uiv
rlpt lilllj;   il 1 \l" ' Inl      I he  llldl
i,ni,,ns ,111 that ilu crop will
In 1 \' 11'lioiiila* In,ivv thin 1 e
son KtrauIx-rrj plains %ts A
read) out in hlussom and   the
llliliil.t I    ol   ll'   .    lillle     Whiti
tore-runners ol thi uin\ red pro
tiiise   tli.it   thin   will In-   no
thortagt in ihat line.
Vegetable pi.lining has now
sl.Uted      in       nal      earnest
aiiii in 1 .ii.it man)
tases potatoes .na already la
Other  vegi tables  will soni be
ill evidellai   gllo  bUl   are  dcpctl
dent to a largi 1 stent on the
continuance ol  tlu warm  MM
An Acre on Lonsdale Avenue
for $1,100.  This property lies well to tbi
suiith ninl west, Ind   will   make   a   Invt-ly
homesiie lur ativoiu- wiihinf t large piece
of  ground  ami tin- Bmenlties therewith.
D. L. MS—A ">()-foot lot for $«tu onab,
D. L. 273 -Lot on car line (4th Street) lor $1,600
1 ,„. J] (UTIII   t»U HI f    UW VailiinllHT
Iiiiiii II,*iir-''ii in* I" *Villi pin     Open Kvenlnfl liv appointment
Aller iilliir liouri, plitnit- Llll 	
Thi    Sherwin  Williams   Paintt    Cotir   ihl    Earth
ul    Ijiueil s   I'.n,   iiesi   Ki.olcll
uugh in in) i laike and i ,n
I UK        IS.I.la 1   .lllllll,        llUlil tl*
II une K ''pi ll, IO lit llltllli'i i *
ul llll lm.ml ol lllln mis nl III.
nunc unpen i'in* ial llusp
lal .v.ssoi ial loll.
iu    In     villains    t lllillt    .vl
1,1 I I     I.,IV, mill    i'lllloSl'    llllllll i
,,i t ancouver, ami i.eon,<ni -*j
it t lie iioil'i ol .ti low ll. ail ,
n,Iiiulli v. ial SkOB iiitiVVII, Ol
,i w VtisliiiillMil, I'.ul islii ai
\l, iliullll .llilsUliIull, "I lln
a ,iv "I Kosslainl, in i*c a liltlu
lul ui Hit* noa.ii.s ol i.IhIimii^
i olllniissiulleis alld ul C tnulic,
sioiiiis ul 1 nine lul uie eli) ol
ivo.sslalltl, ill tile piaee ul J, 11
uaugiuan, resigUeU.
ttiiii.uu llaliKlilt Ttel/.el, ui
.Mlsull, tu lie tuuvellliiic-lll
Age-Ill ami Assistant culllliils-
.sioiii*i ul 1,amis and i, in SB Ii"
tlie   .MisejU   Division   Ol    vns,
jvtioiiii.iv, escepiing nn mo
i,ui Killing ; t'oid cuiiiiui-sii'ii
er iui uie Alison and Atw*
i„iki .tiuillig Divisions ; Uatii
louuniaaiotter lut the    Nelson
Walt I    lUsllltl,   allll   lecioKl.ii.
iiuiul  tot lhe Imu I altl- ' ■
,inl, liuin the tat da) ui .via),
imu. ti, Bradley, oi Nebon,
to in- Aaaeaaot 101 ihe bJocau,
hnsslalld, .\elsuU, lull    Mnl *
t,unlni and Revelstoke t—OM
iiunl llislritts, Hum the 1st
a.ii ol .Ua), 1410, in ihe pi,"*
Ol  Alt \,imlil   1,lit,is,  n.slglleil.
Greenwood t&cioral Uiacru *
.'.lints Alt Al) llll alld  I    U.ivv
nmi,  ui   Uuck inek ; William
.noil, ol Alldwa) , Boot, lac,
ul ItnlUKl.iI v   talis ; A . I,   Colts,
*-}, .u. Johnson, j. iiocksii.tti
ti, and It, G. Hargreaves, ol
Greenwood ,  Alex. Stuart, jr.,
,,i i-.holi ; Al. w. i.titliow and
George Ward, ol Denotu.
KlVtlsloke    l'.leilul.ll   lllsllltt
A    J    .Mat Donald, \v in    I'lellt
lag, John .Mick, lim \\aisoii,
l-1 .ink Molten, and Douglas
I ampbell, all of Itevelatoke,
The department is calling mi
lenders lor the erei lioa ol s
sihool house at Brechin, BA
.iisu n inlei s mi dasigna lor the
laving oat ol the grounds si
LoqutlUni hospital i"t the In
man, » -
Notice is ^tveii extending lhi
llUlitS  Ol   the  Sutltll   \ .iliiolivel
Khool diatrict,
'I'ln new distriii Including th
one alu.nh in exiatenct I
bounded  by  Ihe  Praaei   rivei
on the south, Hutlngfl town
site iill the east. \alli"llvel
townsite   oil   tlie   nollll,  inter-
necting    with    Undue    str.et
Don't   luii lu mc- the 1,ailies
new Spring Covert Cloth Coats
iimt in* an- clearing ont at
\ 75 ami ph.tfl in plain and
lamv stripes, sism J4t J* end
t,H only, The J. J. McAleece
Iin Goods Store, 95 Lonsdah
1.  ( >. O    Pi
I  North Vancouvei Lodge, No,
M, meets tveiv Tliiusilay i-vi-n-
.Bg, cormr l.uiisilale avenue and
l'u st street, at <S o'tlotk. \ tsit
ling liietlueti cordially iivited to
attcad.    J. Kelly, K.G.; A. T.
Keliuedv, Ktc.-set'.; J, 11. l'il-
ling, l-'in.-sec.
0. K. Woodyard
l'"ii 17111 St. am' M'"iiiv \vk.
Sells .tiitevtiKial iinv leimlli.
D'Hilil,' li«d (lull oral    «'iHi
dtsllvert-il    hlta paartl eon.
Ii.ii Iiul*.  I leiirila*;, e\i*iu:itlll*l,
| ,l'l li*.-, i-lf.
F. B.  DAY
(Continued oa Page h)
The current    ■■• ol tha Brit
ish Columbia Gazette containa
the    lolluwiii.'     iiini'iineelinnU-
and sppolntmeBti i
To in- .Tnsticci a,| iiu- Penes
for tin i'i*.- In ' J British Col*
umi'i.i Mm k Pinlaytc-n, ol
Siiaiiiiiu * 11 ' Henctaon, cd
Kclowna   John Herl ri ii..yU,
Price List of
Vegetable and
Bedding Plants
m mi m.i i ii
,.*., in'.. t...( ji
IVIen fl
I  I Is
i      Iai.   1'I.ANI'S
.\.l,.r.   gl   I'll a, I i   |i|
1 ,*  „    I a     V|    .1   *. |J
I'll,1.1' -.       I'll       -     I
III,, ,|||   I,     a;    I ■■■'• III ll   \    '.' if
|l;,l-|...,     V'l 'Hull    -"it lo     III
lllllllll      ll   I ir**l     T    aal-   ||      |
V.a.aM"!    I Ill'll..   I"   "riff,   ill
I, iimII.*- ,|i MII .* i III    ■     ll */■■"
nunc r.. uii.
Lonsdih   Avenue,
ii Pen    I
Builders and
1 I-ARSON ii prepared ta
I iim, Brick,
Sand, Cement
And nil kinds of Building
Material in quantities to mil
nul nt reasonable pricei,
hotel sorth vancouvei
ll*»Hi N
fk"\TS THE
I.K. Ilennt'l,     (»Jlonsdalo
i. mc Mini m
lluni.' uiniii
VI * i. I   iai   Vi.' *,*,.*   I *iiiii;iii.
.„a|  Hal   llMHI. ■     ll. | ail
in. In .ll Iia i.i.ie hi I
|", ■       I * " Kuriiiliii,' M.arairi*
M t||   ni .   Iriillnn
JIME  to Paint.
Make your buildings bright and clean
this Spring. We have
the best and most economical paint for you
to use.
Shi mil Willi:, ms
. the paint that
spreads farthest,
' wears longest,
^•, looks best.   Made
of purest materials.
A record of forty
years of good paint
making behind it.
Sole Agents for
North Vancouver
Paine  ®, McMillan
The Pioneer Hardware
Thi   Sherwin-Williamt   Paintt   Cover   thi    Earth
Two 50ft Lots iai. iim "ii Boulevard ai $1,250 t-'i'li.   tSnas,
*, eaeh, ii.iiaiin*.*'' .uiai i> i hell I ptrewt. Interest
Three Splendid Full Sized Lots, etmtiai mi StaM, Im-iiiK
• nil Boulevard, sl $1,'KK) esrh.  Turns,   | cash, >"il-
IM 'i nml II iiuniili« at n per ,-i'iit.
The al..at,. lite l"t- nr.- the HIOUB8T AND BHT L0CATB0
A Splendid Double Comer Is HI". I 111 Sl $4,750*  Term*,
I, eiiali. ImI.iiiiv li iiiiii il iimiilli-.   TMl ik iiii "Iful WS lor
it imilern ni'iirtiiii nt lloun-.
II >ou are in want ol Business Propertv see us.   Our
listinqs, priie, terms and treatment are right.
Chas. E. Lawson & Co.
'.   S   -111 lll'l 111'
-{cal Bitst<* Spacislists
a i i ut-i.\
15 Loasdali Aw.        l'liont- 70
Hot Points and Some Pointers
Onr mlea during the p.ist wn-k have tactadwl otn
expectations, whuh is aa evMetcs of tin- growing
popularity  ol  the Hot Points.
Perhaps you an fond of uiu- t risj> dry toast,
Well, we have inst tin- thin-* to provide you tin
nu.111-, of satisfying your desire, and shall be
pii a-.nl io detnotutste its usefulness.
No trouble to show gboda aad wt- are sure jroa
will Imv.
Keep Cool
B. C. Electric Railway Co., Ltd.
50 Lonsdale Avenue.
I). L. 550
$ 950
l.itni. oirinT mi I'uii It   Kiml li
.,,rl     *|.'ii*i nt-li. bal
., ,1 ismuntlM.   il' i"-s"
I,,,;   "||   l.'lll   *|     "      I"' la   llial||-ll«
ai a,i,\) it*,  ii.'.-iii .*. 1-1*; Lml.Han
IJlllaaillia.    (h'lm Pi.)
Il.'lll,','   eorinr   "ll    lll'l'   -I.    SS
llntilerard   llflUrMh . bal. at 1
 nlli*.   iK.ili'i 157.1
I'lll.' ti.at I'll "II '' ll lla'llU'I'll  llialfl
n.i? mil Mumi,*   IHO rsthj Inl.
limontha. (PelloiM.)
Lun* i* thit 1111 inli, jt'i mil
r...iili*i.,nl.   Lautl-U. block IM. !
,.1-la .    bal   li   ll'ial  ll   llll'lllllia.       (K"l
•_' la.1- mi htii iiitiieen Rldfewar
llllll   M'll»lv.     |i;aille;|.|l ; I'lll. I llll'l  II
monthi,  (Nuill.)
l' l"tn. nn t'llei'liilmry HtMltS, D.
I.. IH; niei* l"l«; lood tievv !, raah ;
Iial.nver II tnonus. TbaMsrslUn
lieImt the iniirket nml vvill not lit.t
lnii|i.   (Folio 152.)
'.' line loti "ii Htk St. near LoBtdsIl
Ave., Iai:iii(! south. 1300 OSsk ; bsl, I
an.! lLNimiitli".   (I'uii" 12
l,"l nil l.ilh tte.l llll a le'.'llllt tievt Id
llll tii lum-.   All fleam.1 H«l caih;
bal.Sand 11 mii-   iFotto IM.)
I."t in I'l'iek H, ll I,. 171, fill mi; "li
llnl si. WW Mlk; lml ii and 12
monthi,  ,'iiixliiufeel.   (Folio IM
Indication* point to an active mova in Lynn Valley in the Dear future,  Cur   I
Ltstingi iu iln- vicinity are of lha very baai  I'nll ind talk with na.
The Canadian Financiers, • Limited,
It lonsilalf Ave., Near thc Ferry. Phone 215   ;;
R. L. Thompson, Local Manager.
PAGE Till-! EI
ANU U. L. 265
We have exclusive sale of the best properties in the
above.   Call and inquire.
11 Lonsdale Avenue
PhODM—Offlw 2-1      Houso 22       P.O. Uox 50
Now is the lime to think of fixing up
that home of yours. WE CAN HELP
are practical Furniture and Carpet
Men, and know how a home should
Big Shipment of Iron and Brass Bedsteads, Children's Cots, etc.   Here are
a lew prices:
Full Sizeil Irmi lleihti>a<la,
M HO, ti Jl, ttitt, H mi.
nii'l up to     j&O.OO
Wuven Wire Sprini*   S2.G<I
"      " 13.51)
"      " 14.110
 (Heavy) $4.SO
Benl "Kt-etmnrr" Mallreiw 112.50
"Iti'Htinure" Mettrei<»  $ II.RU
A utv eiitnfiirtalilt'MattreM,
i'"in|",M',l of hair anil (ell $15,011
Cotton Tup MHttrt-H*.  13.50
("ilnn Top ami Itottom Mat-
lre»", Art Tick  $,VO0
128 Lon»dale Ave.
North Vancoaver
Hoard of Trade
Nortk   Vancouver   Board   ei
Trade meeta the third Tuesday
We supply ST0VEW00D any f *___?£ J ! °'Cl°lP-
" ■ " ta.,  in the  board  room,  City
length required $2.75. per load. Hall.   Executive meets the first
Prompt delivery. (Tuesday of each month.  W. J.
Irwin, president; J. G. Farmer,
Phone 190 P.O. Box 136 secretary.
Editor Express :
Sir,—Jt is a maxim in municipal allairs that the wishes oi
the people fnust prevail. If
any member or members ol llic
city council do uot intend to
abide by the wishes oi the people ill lliis question ol street
grades, which question was entirely, reopened by the plain
text ol lhe motion which passed the council without opposition at its regular meeting on
April nth, then, as was remarked by one ol the speakers
al the public meeting in the
Pavilion early last week, the
ratepayers will know wioi
course to pursue. At this
meeting which was largely attended, those present expressed
almost iiualiiuioiislv their i ,,u
faience iu the competency ol the
city engineer lo deal with this
matter of grades in the way
ciliuliilcd to best Serve the interests of the city as a whole
Lc-l mc briefly reler to a letter which appeared in your issue of April :9th, over the signature of R. E. Macnaughteii
The writer says, "I entire!) aj-
ree with the idea that it would
be a grave mistake to reopen
this question," and expresses
teutiou on the part of the city
his disbelief as to any such intention on the part of lhe city
council. Assuming lhat no desire exists on lhe part of the
writer to whitewash any mem
ber ol the council, il he will
carefully re-read that "somewhat obscurely worded motion" the mists which seem to
cloud his understanding as to
its import might possible be
The writer, in his comment
upon sonic ol the happenings al
the public meeting above referred to, asserts that "the first
speaker strongly criticized the
council for its proposal to depart from the report of Messrs.
Clements, Dawson and Cleveland." A glance at the report
ol proceedings on lirst page of
your issue of even date with his
ietter does not bear out his assertion. It will lie remembered
that the speaker's only reference to that report was to
draw attention lo the fact that
the last two members of that
board are Land Surveyors, and
who constructively, had    nude
no special study of side hill
grades in cities. The criticism
of lhe council was evoked by
the attempt of that body, in its
motion above referred to, to
set at naught the opinion ol the
best authority ou side hill
grades obtainable, probably
(Whose opinion  on lile iu   the
city engineer*! department, was
given liom maps, profiles, etc.,
Iorwarded to Seattle by the
predecessor of our preseut tn
gineer whose knowledge and
information upon the subject of
grades, especially side hill grades, was esteemed so highly that our city council of a
year ago sent the city engineer
to Seattle to spend a week in
consultation with linn and the
re-opeiiuig of the entire question ol grades and the advocacy ol a system ol grades diametrically opposed to those of
lllis eminent expert, not lo
nn nt 1 i.n the opinion of our
present engineer, whose recommendations shuii have been crystallized into bylaws, which,
the Act says "Shall be Registered."
If auy ratepayer wishes to
satisfy himsell of the utter incapacity of these laymen ol
such pronounced opinions, to
deal intelligently with this important question, he need but
familiarize himself with the
sickening details of the third
street muddle which culminated
in a series of inonstrosilies
called by them "Easements,"
and which cannot be lound in
the business section of any progressive city in the world
There is nothing possibly,
that so oflends the eye of the
siudeiit or the passing traveller
us a departure Irom the recognized rules of construction in
streets or buildings, and the
distortion ol street intersections which the attempt to
combine two separate systems
would surely produce, is indubi
table, a reflection of the char
acter of those who are respoii
sible for them.
In conclusion, I wish to remark that any attempt to
change the Third street grade,
including its proper benched intersection with Lonsdale Ave.,
(rom plan passed and adopted
without an objection from any
citizen, will be resisted to th.
full. Yours truly,
iij6 feet on cariine, all cleared. Price £1500. Terms %
cash, balance 6, 12 and 18 mouths.
10 acres; beautiful for subdividing will sell at a profit of
$5000. I'riee $10,000. TeraM \i eash, balance 6, 12 and 18
Lots 7 and 8, Hlock 12, 1), L. 304. Trice 5650.00. Terms
(325 cash, balance 4, 10 ami 16 months.
Real Estate and Financial Agents
Kates :
$2.00  per   and   up.   Ell]
Special rates to f am -   ■
dies and  to regular
fid rooi Hi on IW
Second Strf.it,
.   •   NOKTIl   VANCOUVER B. C.
Advertise in the Express
If you wish to sell your real estate.
One acre on Centre Roid near ear uilli iiockI Ihiu.i" and rliiiken
run, one half net out in HMll fruit lur $2'i00. tlUOO caah, balance
A number of Kood lot* near rar fnr 12,'iU ami f^iK). f.W ct-lt.
balance 111) |>»r month.
Wa have a few 100x132ft. Int. in lib. PM at Inun flttO to fluo nek.
There iaaroad being opened from I,vnn Valley in l.un.'lale avenue,
right through this property.
See ui for lota on and near the new Houlevard. 1.11)0 and ii|>. ',
cash, balance 6,12,18 and 24.
If von have any Lynn Valley Muurli to wil Mtm in a p***4tiea
to handle it ai we have a branch ollta in the Valley.
O. W, Vance
A. v. M.1.1-
Cor. 8th & lonsdale   Phone 176       Branch Office-Una Valley
•H-H-l-H 111 M 111 Ml 1111 III 11111111 i..]..i"i 1 H 1111 M I MI mm M M-l III 1 llll H-H 11111 111 1-LM 111 111 11 IWI lil llllllll 9+*)
Manitoba Real Estate Co.
No. I  Office
North Vancouver
Lot lo.S, I). L. .syi, tpltf feet, 100 leet oil Keilh
Koad. Pike 14,500, Cash $i,h*„,, l-.-l.incc *,,
13 and iS months. This is a vuv ihuue property.
Lot i), Hlock io.i, D. L. 54I. Price fejoo. Cash,
Sl.S'hi. Balamc (», 12 .md || months. A genuine
money maker.
LVNN   VALLEY-Lot.s Irom  ||jo  up, HIV HE
Lot 25, Block 1, 1). L. 785. One acre for $2,150.
'„ cash.   Easy.
Lots 19, 20 and II, I, E. \ of D. L. 617, Price
l3,5oo.  Cash V
BUY!    BUY!
Lot 6, Block 37, D  L. M'l*   One acre.   30 feet  on
Lonsdale Ave., i;s leet on 17th ave., Price J5,-
000.   Cub ",■   Kasy.
INVESTMENTS-\t« wi-d. lo remind the investing public thut many ol our clients are now
making good ttOtty in Fairview, Mt. Pleasant,
and South Vancouver. These are exieptionally
good localities to invest in at once as prices
arc not at all inflated.   Consider this and act.
Head Office:   No. I Office, City Market Hall.   Phone L3110
Branch Office:  No. 2339 Westminster Avenue.    Phone 5731
++++++++++++++++1..|"1 M-H-l-l-M-H-H 'l"I-l"H-l-H-l-H"l"M ■! 1 M-H-
•tjMfffltlMftftMA H-l-H'H-H-l 11111 -1-11111 III lllll Ml 11111111111"! llllllll PAGE FOUR
»♦«♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦, ++++++++999+im+H4)++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++i
The lollowing sre the nominstions lor Ms) t^ueea for njinwii in ordei
which thev wire received st tins oflii t;
Conditions of Balloting
■ >
i Beginning with the prt-sent edition s seriei "I three ballots will be published in ■,, h in in- ot the E ipress up to ind including Tuesdsy, May 3rd.
BALLOT NUMBER ONE is good lor nne vote, indmsv be cut oat aad
deposited bv snybody. wilh nsmi ol the csndidstes lor whom the vote is
intended, written in the blanlt ipace, rest rved for ihr purpoae,
BALLOT NUMBER TWO conats lot thirtj (30) votes sad is given with
each paid new subscription to the Bxprt-ii lor one >ear. In ordei to be valid,
this ballot must be signed bv the Bditoi ol the Express after which it may be
filled in in l.ivoi nl ttMchosen candiil.it' bv tin- owner and deposited.
BALL01 NUMBER THREE, counts loi len (10) votes and is given with
each renewal subscription to the Express loi oni year. This ballot likewise
must be ligned t>v the editoi in order to bs vslid,
Pol! (loses
at 6 p.m.
Ballot boxes will be placed at the lollowing   places   throughout   the
city :
THE LEONARD J. BALE CO., Stationery.
MISS B, CUELB, Millinery.
P. S. THOMAS, Drngjiat
W. and C. I. BALL, Grocers.
D. C. SCOTT, Grocer.
Ballots will be collected caih Tuesdav  and Friday morning, placed in
stilled envelopes  and conveyed to the ollice   oi the EXPRESS where
they will he counted by the lollowing committee :
A.  R.   STEACY,   Chaimaa Sihool Board.
C. G. HEAVEN, Mutineer Hank ot Hamilton.
I In- progress ol the ballot will be duly announced in each issue of the
4. The ballot boxes will be linally close at six o'clock p. tn. on Wednesday,
May 4th and the final result will be announced in the Express on Friday,
May 6th.
Why Don't You Vote?
Ia order of precedence according to the number ol votes polled by each, the
successful candidates will be allowed to select any one of the following prizes.
1. An order on Miss B. Curie's Millinery Establishment (or a hat, personally
selected and Specially made for the winner.
2. An order on the Norlli Vancouver Piano Company lor a full sized violin,
good quality and tone, with bow and case complete.
3. An order on The Leonard J. Sale Company for a number 2 Hull's Eye
Film Kodak, 3l:• \3J'2 inches.
4* An order on the firm of J. J, McAleece lor goods to the amount of $7.50 to
ba selected by the winner.
The above are all valuable prizes, the aggregate worth of which is approximately forty dollars and arc in themselves well worth the effort that may be
required to win them.
May Queen Competition, 1910
BALLOT No. 1.   One Vote
Deposited iii fiii'nr ai
May Queen Competition, 1910
BALLOT No. 2.   Thirty Votes
Dl ji'iAiltll l.l   I'llaC  of
May Queen Competition, 1910
BALLOT No* 3*   Ten Votes
Delimited in favor of
\ MtiNl-'A HAKEH lb   9  ■ ■ Morrison al Nelaou \ustria-llungary's progTvs* has res and advisor
  visited his brother,. Dr. J. C'faeefl  so  astonishing  ol   later
Calgary street railwa)   is s Uorrisoa oi ilus dty ior .1 lea that he  is getting  afraid   ii
municipal   money   maker,   at days laat week,    Dr, Morrisoj maj   develop what   American
cording lo the report ol lhe .is is extcnsivclv Interested Ln n-al  call "swelled bead ' sad under
MNsiueiii commissioners     Al Ij and in mining in ihe Root   lake to reverse the present   po
though ninth in excess "I  laat ways, aad while in tha city in  iltloo
vt.it  iln- rate -trmk this year vestigated iht local realt)  sn     \\lul.    Kaiser   Frani    lose!
is only 11 mills.   The cominis ualion with special refcreuct io oi Austria Uvea there will In-
sioners ia commenting oa the the opportunity for the erection bo  such difficulty.     Wilhelm
sunt railway reporl  lhat tak ol ,i modern business bin.!,,   it cm manage Iran/ Joed      At
ing tin earning powers ol  llu is lus latcntioB to return it .1 the sgi ol 80, however, it caa
svstiiu   (or  the latter part   .. 1 latel date lur a longer visit       imt in tin naiurc ul things, bt
11 iln v have estimated thai
,11 the same earning power lhi
balance ol n wane over espeadi
lure during 1910 vvill amouni
in $$5,000,
lh,miu Uur .lulus ul tin Ntw
Brnnswii la universit) h.is accep
ted the appointment as a men
ber ni ih. provincial govern
mini commission to select ,1
site inr the provincial aaivet
lit) Dr. Pntih,tt i.l tin t 1
negie w.is invited also 1*1 1 sa
not act.
AKl'HIll Kb.
Austria Hungary's receat  sa-
lotiishingl* rapid gron th m Un
p., 11.une,  influence   .unl powet
is  beginning  to 1 ause   Kaiai 1
\\ ilhelm oi ('.inn.un ,itnte mt
t nsilicss.
('.enn.uiv    .unl   Anstt 11 Ilnn
mii  are partners and Wilhelm
11.iini,ilh     vv.ittis     I'm im,inv \
p.nun r tn be an 1 lln mn   uin
At ihe same tim be wishes it
iltstuiitiv understood that Oet
inaliv  is   the head   ol  tin   hun
5 I
-       Canada's Reliable       -
|-rom <>ui Wait' li 1I1 saftnaaJ 1* rekcted that quality      K
ol pel In Imu and uii,ilnlilv wlm It llie liuvuiu puliln        J.
apprcti.il* ■*-
Out extentm stock is chosen Willi inliii'tr cafe
and reprevinb the best "makes" in the world.
THE REPAIR SECTION ol this depa.tment
is one ol lhe best in Canada. It is manned In ,1 large
stall of skilled workmen, each a master ol his ,trl, w Inch
is a guarantee thai all work turned oul IS RIGI IT.
J II your watch is not giving satisfaction let one of
A*       our mports see it.   Charge* moth-rale.
Henry Birks & Sons, Ltd.
Jewellers, Watchmaker*
Cot. Hastings K Cianville
I 'fa,     I
1 ran f,
Msns|la| Dim lei
expected lhat I-ran/ .load will
last     liuivli    loflgcr,      \t iiiiiiiii
le.lls In   VV ill  lint  R<  llll SO Well
with  l-r.ill/   losii's inpliew,  .uul
successor, the present archdulu
ll.Ui/ l-'iltlutiUld.
llall- 1-etilllialld is vvll.il Tut
toils  lertii   a  "p,m German
lilt    p.lltlli I ship bet Witli     I'.i I
man)    and    Austria llaagarj
suits his I'litposes admirably,
It suits bun because ll pro
moles Austin Hungarian inter
>sts .Ms,, because u promotes
Uu Interest! ol the German
it peoples I'or to do him ttt
tm and to repeat wal
has .ilii.i'lv bull stated I-Lui/
I'liiliu.md is 1 "p.ui i.iiiiiau."
His ambitions are broadt 1 lhan
Atistti, HuBgariaa aloae,    He
seeks the ,,il v BM ellielll "f lln
inli t,   11  "I   llu   illllli    Itllliillit
Itllt     llitt      |s    the     at 1 111. lllll
l-'eidm,unl n.n nh is himsell tlu
I'luvi iiii,illv ih'iscll lliilivlilu.il
to direct ibis adv.ni iimlll
Needless   lo --.n, Willi,lui   has
llllll I    llll ,1- III .    Vll vv    ll   lli.il
he, ttillnbn, is the proper in
dividual to do the directing.
It looks .is il I't.iti/ Ferdinand wonld bi ,1 laiimiii.iiiie pro
position l,,r evea tin* masterful
Wilhelm    to h,uiilb      In   two
veals,  while still  olllv   hell    tn
the ihiuiii iln archduke h.is al-
111 nl the iiniii European political situ,iiniii Ai present litis the mosl le.unl ami bated
persona^ ui tin old world
And it is tn be home in muni
that In has not vet attained to
ainlhin-* like whal will SON BS
lus lull power, Tint «iii come
wlnn he  ascends ih<   Aastro
llllll-;,it I.UI  tlllolle.
To must ol his luture subjects
as well as to the OUtaidc world,
l-'ran/ l'ttilin.iiiil is | invsteri-
011s, sinister Bfare, His capabilities and qualities, lus tastes
and character, lus fntenUoia
and program .ur knows to but
a limited iinb ui acqualntaft-
Those who I tan   establishment, was   the'ing his ministers, "what will he
1  in.t know lum either  wor  heat,   in   point ol quality, in do .is Kaiser."'
ship lum or st.md ui terror ol Kurope.     The  archduke   also    l-r.ui/ Ferdinand's supporters
him. Ishowed  remarkable   judgment are ready with tha answer.   In
As ruler ol Austria Hangar) \ —  the choice ol new men  (or the lust  place,  ihey say,  he
lie will probably be aa much oil positions oi command.  All hia means   lo   make Visum   ibe
.1 surprise to the World ns did selection have turned out well, most important capita] in Kur-
ttdward Vll , wlnn In ascended Next he took a hand in inter* I ope. Berlin is io ba oatahoae.
tin- throne ol England, in has'national aBaira, lie wanted toIThe millions ol eyes which have
youth he led a lile ol wlldness J become foreign minister, but as'hitherto been tuned on Berlin
exceptional evea amoUf 1 oval [this was impossible, lus nom and Wilhdm's doings are to be
princes Bnt as In approached une, Baroa Aerenthal, was ap shitted to Vienna and Fran/
middle age be settled down. IH pointed. Aerenihal has been Ferdinand's actioaa.
h.nl l.illen in love wnh ,, p,,-. ins puppet. Through him the1 u„- this is a minor matter,
iitv sit it kt 11 nulilivva.inali who .ii'thduke has tome clOSC to 6e 'Fran/. Ferdinand's leal aiulii-
1,11 ind Inr living as ladv-ui posing Germany in Austria s •„,*■ js i0 restore the ancient
Waiting to his iiiiisin. Despite lavor as the paramount power j.l,,rit*s oi the empire over whieh
Fran/ Josef's sll.liiiniis upposi- in l'.urope. ' his. ancestors have nihil loi st
iimi and in defiance ol all court    ius object now is to secure ven centuries.  Ha means to be
etiquette, he married her.     lt the  Turkish port of Salonika the foremost monarch in th
w.is her iiillueiiie whnh stciidi   ,,s    Austria lliun;,!! vs   south- old World.   Austria is to be the
ed bun    At the same lime, the easterly outlet lo the Meditcr   arbiter ami dictator ol l.ui'up
marriage came as the first  in  raneam,   The Austrian grab of can politics.   To this end the
du.11 nni ol tin-man's strength Bosnia  and  Herzegovina from army, already tha second great
Turkey was a step in this direc- est numerically and the firat ia
u lion Fran/ Ferdinand accom- quality la the world, is to be
plished it with the assistance (greatly enlarged, A uny is to
but against the wish of Ger-Jbe built at bast as nonrenal as
in,mv. Germany's.
German) has never had any
desire it, become involved 111 in
iiTiutii'iial entaaglemeata arising liuin Balksi politics, Frani
Ferdinand seised Wilhelm bv
the link, however, and dragged
him into Ihem.   Fur Germany
ami obstinac).
A lew vears ago In- began
t.iki   ,ui   Intend in   European
politics   and to make his mllii
ellu    lilt   ill  the allairs   o|   tllc
country In will oltimald) rale
Hi I-'it   long be lieialnc the chiel
puvvii   in the land   dthongh
Working behind the steins.
lb   showed himsell posseesed
ul    It in,Ilk,ible  -;ilts  as ,m    ul
gani/j 1,  a statesman, s   sul
liu  imi , i, diploiiiat.   His firat 11 he most humiliating aaped ol
uii|a.,M.,ni   wolk  was the   eolll-jlhe siltiatioll was thai  it  toiilil
phi'     nm-,uu/,iliuli     of    tin* in,t   resist.     The allialne  with
Austria is essential to I'a ellu, mv's assistance, Pratt Fcr-
ilui,uul realises this and is mnk
Bgcd ol lllellieiellt olliccr ill the illg the most of it.
service, he went strdght "If things go on like this
through with it. When Ite was while the archduke is only heir
dune the Austin Hungary mili   lo the throne," Wilhelm is ask-
tiinv Despite the unpopular-
It) "i the imderlaklng, whieh
included the dismissal ul every
Furthermore,    the   archduke
means that his reign shall mark
the Turk's linal expulsion Irmn
Kurope, Until ha has planted the Austrian Hag uii the
banks of the BosphoTOS uud
creating an t astern empire d
imposing magnitude and power
In* will not consider his life's
Work aiiuiuplishcd.
To the rest ot Kuiupe 1 man
with ambitions of this kind is
looked uli as BOthilfl less than
a public danger and Germany,
in particular, contemplates his
amssion to the throne with
leeliaga akin to horror.
We have a House and Lot on 17 th Street.   A Good Buy.
We have a cleared Lot on 4th Street for $1300, Good Terms.
373, block 14, lot 9.   Price $1250.   Good terms.
273, block 3.   Three lots for $3750.   Good terms.
64 Lonsdale Avenue, North Vancouver
MAIN   OFFICE:—264 Hastings St.  L,  near Empress  Theatre THE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B. C.
A Few Snaps for Profitable Investment
Call and see our Large and Exclusive List
Correspondence Solicited
North Vancouver
Recently subdivided and placed on the market for the first time—Cleared Lots, size 50 x 140 feet each, in the easterly
portion of Block 61, District Lot 549, situated between Lonsdale Avenue and St. George's Avenue, fronting on
13th and Mth Streets.
Lots fronting on 13th Street, $ 1,000 each      Lots fronting on 14th Street, $900 each
Lot 54 x 140 feet, corner 13th Street and St. George's Avenue    -    -   Price $ 1,600
Lot 54 x 140 feet, corner 14th Street and St. George's Avenue    -    -   Price $ 1,500
Terms, one-fourth cash, balance in 6, 12 and 18 months.
PLEASE NOTE the central situation of the above lots, close proximity ,o center of population, walking distance
of ferry landing, one-half block from principal cariine of the city.   Electric light, telephones, and city water available.
Compare these prices with the higher prices of property which is much less favorably located,
and you can only arrive at one conclusion.      Make Yoar Selection Without Delay.
(Incorporated A.D. 1906, under the Companies' Act 1897 and Amending Acts, with chief place of business in North Vancouver, B.C.)
Cor. Lonsdale Avenue and 5th Street North Vancouver, B.C., Telephone 15
Initiatory   KTViceS WCR mil
iliiiieil in tin- exhibition lull
lut s.iiib.iili bj Rev. Principal
AI.hK.iv, D.D., nf Westiinnstii
11.ill 111 llie .ilte t in.<ui, .iini bj
Nn I'inl. 1-i.is.i, 1)1)., 1,1. I),
ul Montreal in the evening. Dr.
ALuK.iy took as his tllcim Ab
1.1I1,nn nutting out on his pilgrimage journey anil at Ins
rcstine, places erecting an alter
lor the worship "I God, ami the
evening theme \>as tin- bearing
ol llu* resurrection o(   Chl 1st oll
iiiui,il Interests,
AI   lhe all ellii mil serviie   the
choir ol St. Andrew's church
led the praise, and in lhe cm 11
in-; a local choir wns in chargi
wnh Mrs. Geo. 1'hillips as   ae
Intubation   u.is rtade  that
ilnn* lols ol land at the cornel
1.1 Chesterfield Ave, and Turn
ty-loiirlh street were  available
(or the congregation  together
with |i,i towards a building
Iniul. .Meantime services will
In conducted l>\ Ke\. Air. .Mills
ol Westminster llall in the ex-
hiliitioii building whieh has
been rented for two months
These seniles will Ik- at the Ic
gnbu hours, 11 a.m., and J >o
P in, with Sabbath sihool  and
Bible Class at 2..10 p.m.
Dirtl'l  (ail  to see  the  Ladies'
new Spring Covert Cloth Coats
that we are ilcarilic, mil al
S;..S5 ami ft.tfi in plain .uiai
l.iiuv stripes, sizes l|, 36 Sid
<i only,     The .T, ,1. McAleece
Dry c.oods stoic, 91 Umsdals
AGB co.
A meeting <>( the shareholders
a'i iln proposed Korth Vancou
vn in and Cnhi Storage Coinpanv was held in lhe Bagks
hall Iasi Friday evening wlnn
sups were taken to proper!)
organise ihe   company.   A  <h
In lol ale was appointed allil .11
rangeinents ior ihe coasnmma-
lion ol the scheme will lie pro
neileii  Willi  at  ollce.
C. l'i. Lawson was appointed
1 li.uiin,in pro lam and T. Mai
ltli scU'elan pin lein al ilh
Tin meeting was the result ol
negotiations which have  been
 Kr iv.n   lor sonic time   ami
was uillseiplellt   llpull   lhe llla,\
eis iii ilu- proposition being .is
sm a il   ol  enough  capital   to
stall lhe mliii in   l'loiu >.-,,	
lo M",ihio will Ke required to
hiatal a plant ol Uii tons per
day   output  ami   according    to
■latements mads at ilu- meet
'ni;; no difficulty is anticipated
in Interesting ihis amount, ,1.
alread) hail ol it lias been pro
Mips will he taken lo ilia 01
pa,1.ile ilia new i.iliip.iiiv al
,iliu* ainl  lhe ililei tors ale   all
tborisad to sadeavot to get thc
halancc ol ilu- rwfnired capital
siilisiiilu-d at as early a date as
possllile. Following arc the ili
In Ims appointed :  I'erev Kill:;,
chairman, C, lv Lawson, I A
Martin,  B, I). SchulU and II.
V   Raker,     Estimates lor   the
plain    Wlll    lie Obtained  at    all
earl) lata anil submitted to a
meeting proposed to lie held oil
Wednesday evening.
A Distinction
Tommy-What is tin- differ-
erne between vision and sight ?
Tommy's Pop Well, inv .son,
Miu i.m Battel a -,'irl hy calling
Inr a vision, lint don't call her
a .si^ht.
Beautiful   West  Vancouver
iiimi, 1089   Smiili ;;. ol N. W. j;, price Hi,Hoo.   Gordes road
oper.ed liy the prnpeity.
Blor.li 1072    K.ist ',  of   N. W.   '4',   j.37 aires,  priu-  t2.2tw.
Good   lui.'id.
Block 104b   Notth '... COnUisiof iyi( una, H8,8oO, or in small
parrels to suit.    Terms, i[ cash, balance 5, 6, 12, 18 and
24 months.
rm-; m-:sr invi-.mmknt in vantqi'm-k today
Tbackcr, Thornton Co.
Telephone  110. Norlh Vancouver.
(Continued Irom Friday's issue)
With \ our spray outfit have a
small    tool   box   and    therein
have two.small monhej wrenches .md 1 ian oi lubricating oil,
Keep a supply ol rubber wash
els and sonic hcav- axle grease.
ll ) 1 air UOttlea   leak put a   lit
tie ol   this grease   of     ths
threads. Have a supply ol
hose bauds ami a lull nl cheap
nipper wire lor mOldittg hoses,
ami last ami ol all most important, ■ pair ol pliers with a
silew drivet Ofl one handle.
They are invaluable lo Hit win
lilisilew  hose bands and   loosen
Bottle iaps lo remove dirt.    A
good pair ol sikh pliers will
cosl about a dollar and a 411,liter.
Kapidit-   111 delivering  yoni
Spl   ,l\   Illg Sllllltioll ll'Olll ,   "HI
mixing 1,inks lo your sprs)
pump tanks means ecouoiai
iu mst oi spraying operations
it la therefore profitable io
have a system (or the delivi rj
ol smli solutions. One lue 1
firat ol all have a water SHppl)
iii the preparation oi Horde,n\
a simpk and easy way loi
small orchardists is to erect a
platform to a height smh   lli.11
ilu- top of iliai platform will
be above the  lop ol  the  bal lei
iiniii whkh your spray pump
draws. Have four 50-galloii
barrels on this platform, ln one
band place fifty pounds of
Milestone in a sack and dissolve
with hoi water; in the other
ban el shuk lifiy pounds ol
lime. Then till up the barrels
and Vuli have a simk .solil'ioll
of- one pound to a gallon iu
eaih barrel Directly ;n front
of these bai 1 els you ha\c ihe
other two These are fitted
with inch and a hall nil*
ofls and tour leel leads ol inch
and a half hose II you ale
making 1 six-six Horde,uin Ii I
inula take six gallons i.uh of
your lime and bliicstoiie stoci
solution jind strain lhe lime notation into one barrel and tht
hluestonc into the other. Or*
dinarv window sireetiing is Sfll
Inieiit lor llus straining. Si ^l
bil up these barrels with water
have a line brass gauze stram-.-r
Over your spray pump bairc-l
(bliiestouo will not corrode lllis
size of gauze so readily). Slir
up your solutions thoroughly
and turn on the cut-oils, holding lhc two hoses together.
Ulieii you are ready to start
into the orchard lum oil tne
cut-oil and regulate your water
so that the barrels will be Idling when you are goue.
in the use uf the prepared
slock solution of lime surplur
which is now manufactured ami
recognized as a standard lung,
and insecticide, many people 1
add lime before using to heat
and increase its caustic properties In such case it is not
wise to put the lime inlo tlu
spray tank. It should bc placed 111 the mixing barrels and
sir,lined into the pump lank.
In the use of the lime sulphur
solution hot water is a most es
sent ml item, and a boiler fitted
fM steam heating the barrels is
sometimes an expensive article.
A rather handy apparatus may
be rigged up by obtaining   one
hundred gallon galvanised iron
oil drums and taking one end
out of them and building a
brick   lire   box    beiualh   thelll.
These drums may be purchased
liom the chemical works at ■'
reasonable figure. There is
nuiih louiil for improvement in
lluse lines alld the practical m
geiiioiis orchardist will git tht
Campbell Realty & Investment Co.
Berth Vancouver ami Vhih-uiiht Kulatp* nianngul, Renin , •
City anil Siilinrlmii Prii|«rlv. Hiimih-" I'l.ui,,**.
Aerssgs, Sul*.|iivifi«n». Iftwatats el Mm dtespaatsd
Foot of Lonsdale Ave., North Vancouver, B. C.
TELEPHONE 89. P, 0. BOX ii|
Peers & Boult
^ Choice residential property fronting on the
Grand Boulevard and in adjoining blocks. No
lots less than 50 feet frontage.    All cleared.
Business , roperty and acreage.    For plans,
prices and particulars, apply to
Cor. Seymour and Pender Streets
Telephone 6286. Vancouver, B. C. PAGE SIX
We aru wli- aini'ii
thai i
if iln*
11,   luaniitaeliii
, ia u.ii • .'i.i
du noi i
fry h
\,„! .    *,   III  a, ,|
l'i .1   ,aa     I il '**.":   K■ nu
ei hut   rt
,,*,;  ,.Xp   ■   v.    P-#
'Continued Iroin Pagi t)
l iniii-
i in' * 1
n|s ,ill,l SI
l.l ll,*..
li idi I-1 l.l)
u    l.
Gi ii tl B.u     iiti ■ ■
ii.<11 11
n •
i., n„
C. Walker
& Co.
I,, HI.   Ui  I I.
:     * :
Price $550
Price $2500
in line
Prict' $2000
your friends, $1
Expn   ti
.1 year
hhii. 1 Kxpress .
Sii,   l hopi   you uill du lllc
llie simple SCl   ill JUSlici   '11  .11-
knowlt'dgv and point out tlial l
introduced iln "Modilied 1', iui.
i.i.uh "ii eaat side ol l«ons
dale Ave., aheri Jacob Wil
liaius got Uie contract i"i iIm
work,     i bave lor-*olti»   Uw
i \,nt dall    .ind llus nl 111\ own
option without  uilMiltlli:1     in
la.'lK   oil  tile slllijn 1
Civil Knginto
Vancouver, lt. C.,
-ml tlay, 1910.
1 ontinu i 110111 I'agi
south,      pai Hi Imu     1 'iai aii"
in   iiu   niinii   ii1   D
I. a   .,|,,hm  -he   nul
a Iii 111    lioiiiiiUry   ol  lol
1 lieiii e  aloD      in   1 .1 li : li
il.u\ in iiii north boundary 01
I)       I,.    II I,   lllllkl      WlSl      *
the northern houudaiy ol D.I.
\l I       III      till       Ila,I ill   Wist      I "I II' I
iliuioi, ih' 11,1   ouili along ih
wesl    lioiillil.il \     lo   the   solllll
Wesl    lOlUll    a'l    D.     I,.    Jll    I'll   li
li.iser rivei iiiiilu- east aloit
ihe  uoiih iiaiik oi the  North
\llll       lO       |aa||Ht       ol       lOllllillllll
\i,ssrs 11   1   Robertson aid
I    I      lllllll.ill.ill ol  lhe   .-.il.ul.i-
l-;ii*iiiu   >, upan)   ol   Nortn
\ ancouvei bave aaaignt-d
\oliu* is -.'ivill ot lhe 'lisolu
lion oi partm mhip ol UcDon
aid, Wilson .md Snyder, i"ii
n.n lors oi ihe uly ol \ HttCoU
you %-s .1 nt to M
ill ill II'ilk    ;
Muir lro|Mil\.
M.ul tii
N \M
tl  s*.
D l
We Sell Anything and I., ryl
Anywhere and Evmu'n-n !>y
Auction; also Real Estate, I -.
Life   and   Accident    I
Howard & Matheison
16 Lonsdale Ave.      Phom    !0
era! principles contained in the
report ol the mjjinwan in 190;
wnh lcicii-iiae iu gradea.1
Aid. Fowlci *'»i'd, in second
inij Aid. liwiu S inolluii, Unit
lu was convinced that tin reso
luiioii should carry,    Perhaps
llu* council could help  Ule     ill
-ruu-ei 11 In lound it dillicult ua
interpret thc incaiuiu-- 01 iha
iisoluiioii, hc suggested, The
Uayoi here interrupted ih.
pcakei "nl" ihe remark ths
In would not allow any reflii
u.uis iii ing 1 ast uu iiu- engiii
. 11. A hi l-uwlel' said llial all\
11i1i1a.se   in   the grada   on   1
Uollh and south slleels    wolll.
prevent  tiaihc luunu*;   ap    *
,lia    I*. |*l.iii.ide and cuirespuiiu
ingl*i j-iore so 111 ihe cans oi 1 l,
nil .uul _;id lUWta   Ile coiiui
r.d wnh the engineara1 repoi 1,
iiiii waa williue, 10 submit u u
ilu people Ul iiiaU It .01 iiii
Hull issue.
Alii. SchultS said that tin
ii.uuis attached 10 ilic pi titii u
11 lli 1 ud Us wuitll and lhi COII
siiliiuiiou which ought 10 he
given   iu it.    iic stated   th,
lluie   wire uilier interests    il
ii.uil in increasing lhc gradi
nil  lhe notth alld south stl'icas
siu li   as  public   safely and
connection with the- operatii
oi tin street railway, in   sup
porting ihe resolution h  trust
ed  ihai there would be  sm,
lm,ilil} aliuiil it.
Aid. Smith thought as h- did
in i-iai; ih.ii tin grade on 1., 11
dale Ave. should lie straight
IK questioned a.s to what th
. Hut would be 10 tr.illn. u.r,
ling through the alleys and
crowing these giadea on notth
ainl smiili streeta between   lbi
1" lull' ll   j.OlllOllS.
The Uayoi was 1,iiiiii ap,.
in [mi Aid.  Irwin's   motion
Ills   Worship   suid   he did   uol
ihink tlmi was aiiyihinn   d
uiu- contained In it* provisions
while    llie   lil)    ilivlliiil     had
submitted a definite (dan   loi
p. 1 in.in. m grades, l reluw
to put the motion, he es
claimed. "Shall lhe >'>•>'■' '"
sustained .'" Aid. Irwin moved
ili.il ihe ihair be not sustained
and uu motion ol Aid Schult
and Irwin, Aid. Slllllll w.is ap
pointed chairman Aid* Smith
then put the motkn which waa
carried bj Aid, Irwin, Bchulti
.nul l-.awlii iui .md Uayoi Maj
.nul Aid, Mi Ni i.sh against.
\h. 1 . I Jackaon Inurposul
saying thai he bdicved Ihal he
represented a laige aumlxi 01
tlu rali-payi 1 in s reipi si ili it
tin* mayor call bl 1 pi bisciti
Uis Worship said ihai il was
in iln powei uf the council,
otherwise a petition » onld havi
in In* |Uisillled.
AW 1* ulii .it tin |ui * 'in-
moved lhat It ba put lo .1 plal>
1 .iii. The motion was second
,,l lu Aid   MiNush
Aid.   Silmlw   ilnn suggested
lll.it .1 lollililisloll ul iHg II ei ■
Ik 1,illid III lo settle lllc UUCS
tii.tl   skXIf   the lines milt.1 11.
in tin i'io; report,   He   mu"
ihat I H\  l.iejiiu.i  t i. lauiits ol
\ ancouvei and 11 ) Kngin >■
Thompson ol Saatilc bs inviftd
io .ut along wnh ihe cily en
gint-ei oi North \ ancouvi 1 1 1
hi ihe permanent grades on all
nnilli and -ouili struts lruin
lhe wati 1 ilont to Mh -lie 1
and on all iasi aiid wast streets
,, si. David's A"
in accord imt wnh tlu *
mendatioos ol ths engineers' i*
port "i 1.", * '     Aid   llcNei li
su,allilul  llli     . lllll'll    whiih W  tl
carried nnaniinousl-.
An American in conversation
with a promim-m Canadti 1
inaiidul "Whi don't yon bl
lows luii in 1 ..ii.nia gel some-
thins ii ; 1 youi national
emblem   an  ai imal oi 1 bin,
llisle.nl ail a I'l.lined old in.M'l'
"Wi Ii.im il • I" avei ' was
the reply, "the emblem "( industry. '
"The. beavci ' ' the American
nortsd      Lt * . do you  know
whal SOmi lilliaw*- in I hi-
States call the '".i'ii A
mnakrat with a swelled tail "
Is llial    "
adian, ipii'ii ii" you know
what '."tin Iellow   ben in I an
a'l   'lie    \mu:
■  , h        .llul head !'
A Snap Without An Equal!
Two Lots on north side of 16th Street, in first
block west of Lonsdale Ave. Perfectly cleared.
For $1,650.   Cash $850.   $800 below value.
Martinson & Co.
Tliinic /",'.
P.O. Box 72
Norlh Vancouver
Codl and Supply Co.
I  r. li IS
in Coal, Brick,
ran I.
Ci iik ill   and    Genrtal
I lu iiii ts' Supplies.
tl    Muli!**-   Promptly
li * 'I and Niii-I ii nmi
I ill.ll.lllli il.       I'm i s   oil
Applii .iiinn
\\ .in Louse:
neai City \\ hail
I- oiman's W hail
Nelson Manf'g Co.
I'SI'I  VN M'l       I  **-
N.v. I.' >'iii | I " '- llll i
N. MBU0I, ?:opriet.r
Genuine Ashcroft
Potatoes $ 2 per sack
* ,a. guaranteed
Our Flesh Meat Department
\ ill supply all your needs in
that luu.
Grow "imi iluti her
,  M    I.*,   is      I \\     lllll
The loUowini amounts will
I,, ■I'.tit i,v ihe Dominion no'
11tuiHiii in publii iuildlng   in
Utiti h    Columbia    this -   ii
Cumberland, K imli op*
Drill  Hall    -
public i.iiildin- . *i Ret
ektokc,   I v «( lUVef,
,,id pn toffies iiti i -  '
ono . Victoria poatoffici  li
vcimnts, >lo,ooo.
•«-•  w
s} '      ■    ''<4W
Painting Time
mils ri uud with ' ';n..l n
so   is   in  ii n. Ii   I i ti   Willi  the
i online v.   m w<  tl tr,
Prepared Paint,
All Colors
is the finest Steel Range we
ever placed in a home. It has
a large cooking suilace, beau-
iful blue polished steel, and
large roomy warming closet
with drop door.
(ha ii sn i■niisiriieled lll.ll
you du not need to turn
the pin .iiuiuhI in brawn
i \ i■ 111\, and nanj more
feature! «•■ wanl lo slum
Mm. Call and iee us
I" lore Mm luiv.
The J. D. Fraser Hardware Co.
Phone 58. 133 Lonsdale A\enue.
uini I.
■ lols iii J04. nr.'ii K,uini,ul .in niu\ lie hiding mi
(1800 for thf five,   |8oo caah, balano uaay.
Five-roomed house oo hall acre ol ground
ley I'H Line ind store    Price for quick ssl
a ii. 1: tnd iH months
11'   II   I.M II   Vi!'
I1J50; j * 1 ish
Double cornei lacing Ottawa Gardens.    Price (50001 |
ish; balance 6, 1 - and >s months.
Lonidale Avenue. Phone 153.
MM iii V^MXrlUR iifcin ii»il ImI!
Leave Van.      Leave N. Van.
STR. NORTH V.Wttini-.R
Leave N. Van.
*b.Jo a.m.
•7.20   "
•b.2o a 111. *h.45 a.111,
7.30   " 7.50   "
8.30   " 8.50   " ''S.20 "
y."l5   " 9.45   " 0.20
10.15   " 10 15   " 10.15 "
11.13   " 11.45  " "-'5 "
12.15 )' 111 13 15 p.m. 12.15 P«>
1*15   " 1.45   " '-'5 "
2.15   " 2.45   " »->S "
3.15   " 3-45   " 3-'5 "
4.15   " MS   " -t-'5 "
s.15   " 5-45   " 5- '5
n.15   " (...is   " h.15 "
7-2.S   " 7.45   " 7-25 "
H.IS    " 1.43    " 8.1.5 "
9.19   " <).4.S   ' 9-i.S "
IO.15   " "MS   " 10-'5 "
•ii.is "        Mi^s " u.is "
• Not on Sunday.
Time Table subject lo change without  miliar
e Van.
•6.45 a in.
•8,00   "
•8.50 "
9-45   "
10.45   "
n-45   "
12,45 I' »>
•■45 "
2.45 "
i 13 "
4.is "
s (5 "
Is.45    "
'45   "
Ml "
•US   '
10 l1,    "
...wi CtNTi4CftM
Me* I.ii.,,- Dror... 311
Dommiiiii Irust Block and
I )5 Lonsdale Ave., North
\ ancouvei, ,,ii- prepared to
give pticei lor any class ol
luiiiii1 1 .itl. Good
and reliahle vvoik at a reasonable figutc.
Notice i.s hereby |i«W that ll
the in\t sit I in-; ol the bouul ol
Licensing Commissioners Iw
the city ol Kofth Vain ouver, 1
intend lo apply lor a retail bottle license lol the premises, sit
Hate on lol 22, block 152, I) I,
274, on 1st street east, near St.
David's Avenue.
Siiiiiii III AS. A. MKK
Dated at North Vancouver,
April 26th, 1910.     1, 5 10-1:
IIIIIIIIHIMi'llllllHMtl HI 111111111111111
P   nil   il
f    .1 s |otl  nl
lime h*o in   Ihem iei U mixi d,    4.
imd hi sides
Stoney <Q. Co.
117 Lou   * l'i*"i
Our business is now practically on 1 cash )..,
sis   This enable! hj to gin our cutomta ilu
IIune bi^h class (roods we have llwayi bandied
at verv much better prices than CU bl obtained
(nun sions doing a credit trade.
Trv ,111 null r and compare quality nnd price.
J. A. & H. Mi M.l I AN


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