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 //   <r    —       >
OCT 221906
', i '    ' .  9
About three years ago, on the
•eve  of a  provincial election, the
government of tlie day conferred
;i lavor on the electors by placing
on the market liy public auction a
large area of land they controlled
west  of the Capilano   River, in
small plots.   These lantls were all
platted out most beautifully, and
roads were shown on every hand,
with the result that prices were
olfered for them at the rales of $40
to Sioo per acre, and one-fourth
of the price was paid down.   After
the sale the true nature of   the
purchases appeared to dawn on
the buyers, and only a few of tliem
paid any mure than  the deposit
money.   These parties never paid
any taxes.   About the same time
the municipality loaded itself with
a heavy debt to build the Keilh
road, which passes through these
lands, the only approach   there
-was   to   them,   and   the   council
naturally relied   on drawing   tax
revenue from the lands thus sold,
■which were yearly taxed, but the
tuxes were never paid.    The gov
•eminent actually received in cash
what was a lull price (or the lands
al the time, but they refused every
approach  to compromise for the
balance due, and they  have also
refused to give any concession to
the   municipality for  the loss ol
.taxes which amounts to over $10,-
-ooo.    Iiut now they  reckon  they
cm   repeat   the   former   govern
dient's experience, ami they con-
ler a similar pre-election boon on
tliti inexperienced public   We are
.glad to see  them sell the lands,
Imt it would surely not have been
too much  to expect them to hold
alieiii  at  a   moderate price  lor
actual   settlers,   for  which  some
parts are  suitable,  but   hard   tt
■clear.    They   mi^hl also,   undei
tin-   circumstances,   have   madi
some grant to the council to en
able, them  to open thc mads ol
these lands to admit of settlers
Setting   there.     But   llien   they
think and act otherwise.
A few days ago the Vancouvei
Hoard of Trade took up the question of the scarcity  oi   labor  iu
Vancouver aud   tlie   province   in
gen ral, and there is no doubt that
itliis question is at die present time
lorcing itself upon all employers ol
unskilled   labor.   Give   Phillips-
Wooley writes a very good article
in the Victoria Colonist advocating
lliat instead of Chinese, Japanese
or Fast Indian labor being soughl
after, that we look to England ,r
the British Isles for men of our
own race-—men who will help lo
.build up the country.    We heartily
endorse this view, and would suggest that besides looking to the old
country  for  unskilled   labor   we
might, to our advantage, make it
known  in   Eastern   Canada   that
■employment is awaiting all   who
are willing to work.   And it might
lie well, also, for those who may
take the matter in hand, whether
it be to draw upon the unemployed
of the old country or of Eastern
Canada, that a sharp distinction
should   be   made   between   the
unemployed and the unemployable,
Chief joe Capilano leaves Fri
day to attend a meeting of the
Cowichan Indians at Duncan station on Saturday. Oct. 20.   There
When the regular monthly meeting ot the board of trade was
called to order on Tuesday night
among those present were: 1).
W. Campbell, C. McKenzie, T, S.
Nye, F, Wheeler, J. S. McBain,
A, H. Diplock, D. G, Dick, Dr.
McKay Jordan, Councillor Mav,
Alex. Smith, Councillor Cornish,
W. J. Dick, W, B. Bunbury, M,
S. McDowell, R. Blackburn, Rev.
Mr. Gillam, Reeve Kealy, S. I).
Scbultz, W. L. Boult, J. R. J.
Murray, J. Murray, 11. A. Shaw,
I. Walden, D. H, Dick, G, J.
Phillippo, J. B, Williams, Geo.
Bartley, Secretary W. J. Irwin,
and President A. St. G. Hamersley
The minutes of the previous
meeting were adopted.
A neat booklet descriptive of
San Diego, California, was received and was passed around
among the members. It bore the
inscription 1 "A land that needs
no thermometer, a harbor that
needs no apology."
A lengthy letter was sent in by
the Nortli Vancouver Ferry &
Power Company regarding the
lime table and service of the ferry.
A long discussion ensued, the
communication being taken up
clause by clause.
Reeve Kealy said the only conversation he had had with a director
when a three-quarter hour service
was ever mentioned, was with Mr.
Roberts. When be said to
that gentleman, "il it was not
possible to have the hall-hourly
service, could a three-quarter hour
one be put on?" "Everyone wants
the half-hourly service," added the
reeve.    (Applause.)
\\ h ni the clause referring to the
mstalalion ol a telephone at thu
tvharl was reached, a member said
that "it should be boycotted."
Another added: "As far as the
service goes it's a farce."
President Hamersley said as
pivsid"tit of the hoard of trade that
In- regretted very much that action
ihould have been taken Iu his
nbsence against the ferry compan)
in such a precipitious and reckless
manner, Before he went North
he never heard of complaints, and
did not think such virulent attacks
necessary. Public companies
should be criticised, but the criti-
isms should not he trivial. The
reeve did not complain. Com
plaints should have been referred
to a committee, The council had
never tried to interview the company.
Reeve Kealy—1 have been in
the lerry office with complaints,
and have taken the manager down
into the boat, and showed him
what they were. I am wrongly
reported as saying that the boa,
was always hue. 1 did say, however, that tlie 7-15 p, 111, boni
started out late, 1 realize thai the
captain and crew must get their
President Hamersley The half-
hourly service was most desirable,
but at present the steamer North
Vancouver was not fil to run, and
,t would take considerable time to
fix her up. If she can be made
lit then, if possible, the company
will maintain the half-hourly
service, "We will have it on
igain as sooti as we can," added
the president.
Councillor Cornish Is that
understood that  the  half-hourly
service will be put nn?
President Hamersley   If it is at
ill possible, we will. The steam,,
' North Vancouver has tost lhe
company S3,500 in repairs, In
fact, she is worn out, and must
be replaced by a new nne. The
system of turnstiles used on the
Vancouver side was on the plan of
those used by the ferries running
between Birkenhead and I.,ver
pool, where 7,000 passengers travel
:k tl
whole community when he said
that the hall-hourly service was
necessary. Then could not the
steamer Surrey be put on the run?
President Hamersley said she
was too slow, and did not think it
advisable to put her on. Referring to accommodation of the
passengers on the St. George, he
said that the company were going
to keep the Indians and Chinese
in one spot.
The president said that the
reason the boats were not tied up
at the Lonsdale wharf over night
is that it would be unsafe.
Reeve Kealy—Is that not a very
serious thing for North Vancouver?
President Hamersley—II proper
wharves were built we could tie up
the Empress.
Mr. McBain—If the report of a
competent authority said that lhe
present wharl was safe would the
ferries be tied up there al night:
President Hamersley- Yes.
Reeve Kealy spoke ol the need
of a waiting 100,11 at the wharf.
President Hamersley said that
one would he built if the wharf
were widened. The reason thai a
telephone was not installed at the
wharf was on account of the long
distance toll. He would install
one in his own house il there was
no long distance toll. (Applause,)
Ou motion of Reeve Kealy,
Seconded bv D, G. Dick, a hearty
vote of thanks was tendered Piesi-
'dent Hamersley for the interview.
Mr. Diplock moved and J. R, J.
Murray seconded, -That the committee on public improvements interview the telephone company regarding a Hat rate, and to report
at the next meeting. Carried
T. S, Nye suggested that a
barge be put into service to transport railway cars from Vancouver
to North Vancouver. There was
,10 need to wait for a bridge, he
s.tiii, before cars cau come here.
Mr. Diploid; said that the committee on commerce and industries
would report on the matter.
Moved by ti. Bartley, seconder
The regular monthly me, jing ol
the club was held on Monday
night, President McK, nuie presided nver about 30 membei . and
the proceedings were enthusiastic
ami humorous.
After the reading ol the minutes
the president reported on the
ma ter of blinds for the windows
of iha- hall, when it was decided
that the club would furnish the
The report of the com nitti e on
constitution and by-laws was taken
up and passed clause by clause,
the preamble to which is „s follows :
"The young men of North Vancouver have organized this ass, cia-
tion to promote athletic sports,
games and amusements that will
exercise and develop the muscles
of the body as Well as to train the
"The basis for mutual inton st
and attention given to club matters,
therefor,', must be strictly straightforward and manly.
"To train athletes to contend in
manly exercises requiring physical
"All games and spurts are en-
ouraged that will tend   to  make
the   members   muscular, robust.
vigorous and strong.
The diversions of field sports
and games such as la, ro ise, I.i i,
ball, football, etc., aie urged Bnd
"A gymnasium is cnstalled.
•• House garni s (or pastime that
will divert, nnilise and make merry
aie countenanced,
"A library, a piano and Oth, 1
musical instruments, are maintained. Intelle, t„.,i 1 onteststherefore may he indulged in for the advancement ul the athletes ol di -
bate and the masters of mush ."
Dn motion ul Mi ssi's  Eisi nnian
and Steacy, a '",'  ol thanks wn
extended to the * oiumitteo
work ol compiling lhe report.
It  wss  resolved   to   leave
by-law io mi-' ■    pri   LYNN VALLEV  NOTES.
!".'.  I boulevard work on Queens-'
1 ; j    : a. plank road
out to   Lynn   Valley,   with   the
cts 0!   "vi ral short branch
ro, Is.  io 1 nable thc settlers  to
reach   town   without   ploughing
bun ilrivi wny 	
Treasurer   ].   J.   Woods   wns
appointed assessor.    I'he a   1
ment will be made 11 sl month.
The ii ndi, 1', work on roid
between Capil, 110 hi [u an I
Sister creek 1 Awarded to W.
Jackson, S750, W. Snith r, Si,100.
'I he tendei for the worl 1
Keith in.nl. from Sistei en ek   to
" Navvy lack's," was awarded to
\V. Snidei foi $ i,ooo,
It was decided to install five
more arc lights. This will make
a ti t,,l numb, 1 1
'1 he council thi 11 adj mmed,
The trai klayi 1- on tin  ti 1
took .nli anta| e of T'hanl
day and put down the rails  on
Second slreet across thc 1
avenue crossing.
Al ■ a iyi tons of coal arrived
ni tha' ferry i'i,niters on Thanksgiving dny.
Mrs. |, I). Slater, Tin oma, spenl
Thanksgiving daj with Mrs.
Alvanston, Keith road.
There should hi plenty ol worl
im ,1 ,1 nm ,11 the wharl hiti Iiinn
on heavy loads to be taken up the
A  Ninth Vancouver man and
wife are so little alike that un,
Inn s pickles, but hali:- pres, rvi ■■
while  the  other  one   iovi s pr,
serves, but hates pickles,
1 iriei tals anil Indians
a place set apart  lor
kne, deep
. r tin ea ol mud,
I is gi\ ing 11 [e and impetus to
iln . the a icesi p irl ol the
munii ip a. .,
There has heen no less   than
three   top   buggies   made   their
appear, ncc in tin    .1 li y ibis fall.
Mt. Fronime  has  about  com-
einents to   his
i' it having I "en  c  n-
plelel;    renovated;  the   interior
been     <:'    rated     Mr.
Froi e   sums   determined   to
ke, p ,,1 the (runt rank ol ; rogres
Mi   P. Wesl   ■     .   short time
ago, I'm died liis new bam.
Mr,  W   S. Alexander  gave a
d pail  al bis res id net  1 hanks-
giving night, win 1, a vi ry enjoy-
ibli ti   1 was sp „t.
Mrs, W. Sng li n entertained a
[, 1 n Is ,n dinner on   11 a iks-
living night, and, afti,  en   yi ig
• a !■ s that that lady knows
how  to  provide,  spent  a   very
pii 1 -.ml evening.
Mt. W. Snellen's new barn is
advancing towards completi'O,
I ha ml,- is were put on ibis wees.
north mmm
m\ k POWER co.
Sim • tl
will havi	
themselves on the steamer St.
■..   i a. ,1 . : •   thai it be
culled ,1 "crow " lerry. Tin j
have " 1 row " cars in the South,
you know, 1 iy .'
Real   estati   is   very
.,    present.
Inl' Ibe I1
lOveu   u\  vi.   ,„„„>.,. .-^..	
Ir.Jardotl,—That the executivejell irtcropenforiuiendin       ml  1
committee report on the atlvis
ability of disposing of tlio steamer
North Vancouver with a view ol
getting a new boat tu be put on
the half-hourly service.
Ill tbe discussion that followed
ui the resolution it was pointed
nit that the agreement with the
ferry company was so complicated
that it was not advisable to make
instructions to proceed iu the mailer of getting a new boat.
President llamersly said that
the North Vancouver al the end ol
30 years, even il kept in repair,
would not be worth $5.
Tbe mutter was dropped for the
Reeve Kealy said that when the
Vancouuer Tourist Association
was approached on the matter ol
rniairing the trail to Grouse mountain, that their attention should be
drawn to the (act that superb
scenic attractions existed at Ihe
great canyons on Lynn and Seymour creeks, where trails could be
•pened up at comparative small
.1st. Durinn the p.ist season
many people went far up in the
mountains where the Bources ol
these creeks rose,
Chairman Hick of the Tourist
and Settlers Committee thanked
Mr. Kealv for the suggestions and
said that his committee would con
sid r them.
lill llie m M 1        , ng
The date ul lhe n gnlai monthly
Hireling was fix* 1 I 11 lhe si, ond
M unlay 111 u „ ll IHO  tl
Tie smoking cunci 11  will   be
In Id on Thursday,  jy\<  instant,   "    '"
01  v. Ilia li a  spit nihil   pro|
has b"tu provided,
lhe  proceedings   then
A 1 rank is one who hor, s p, 0
pi, with his ov   I M.ivi a
vini do, nnd w ilhiint knowing it.
Ll  t')k   a.   Iin     II  ""I
I '   'I \i  INU   Ol   llllll ,1     1.    1   a    'a
We   in,, ,'ine .1  iii 111
Store   la   .
would (eel bhoul 1  she
Go to Bates' loi
ami crocki ry.
i'i a dn
i :. uiian
;.. into .1
s, 1 ban-
Mr. Diplock thought there was
11011 uu "■"■"■"." — - 1 not attendance enough at the turn-
will he a grand reception tendered     „    u|) th(, Vancouver side.
. ■      •     I - „l   lata rat-lint   visit tn !       .. ..
Iiiiii in honor of his recent visit to
ie 1 the king, including a large
procession and jolification, Chief
Joe will tell the Indians all aboui
King Edward, his reception and
what the king will do for his
(Jnite a few pheasants have been
reported bagged here and in the
Regarding the manning ol the
life boats ol the steamer St.
George, Mr. Hamersley said it
was the intention to replace them
with life rafts which could be
shoved off easily into the water
when needed. Tbey were better
than the boats.
Vice-president Phillippo said 1
|ack  Waldniiiu ami  Rex D.iw
son  put in a lew successful  lay
shooting   pheasants  at  the Delia
this week.
The  Western  Corporation in
tend m.iking lug additions to its
already thriving business. As
loon as the weather permits work
will be Btarted on a new offici on
the premises, mar the Lonsdale
wharf. Mr. Lailey, the well
known architect, will have charge
of tin, building department, and
S. Tythr will take control of the
real estate,
Chas. Mee, uf the Moodyville
hotel, will put on a (1 uv boat
shortly to ply between Vancouvei
City  and  Moodyville.     I In    boat
will carry about 30 passengci ■ and
make ten trips daily.
Capt. Bachelor, alter a year's
absence from North Vancouver,
has   rctdrnt'd.    He  was formerly
Wl DM  1 '... Oct  1,. ; .' 6
Me, ting a all, <110 01 lei bj Keevi
Kealy    Councillors May, Cornish
and All. n wi re present
Comintinii utions w. rt* :     i*
IS  flillllWa-  1
I'r nn M, \ia Ii il ild, .1 ' . ,
sidewalk.   Uoatd ol works.
From Watson Ta; lor, owner ol
lots in block 168,011 thel planade,
wanted lo know il 1 011111 il intend, tl
widening road and 1 iking about
jn (eel nl his i in .    I ii tl,
From '' ei' Iai. ; alleagm
whii h will nu "i .it Kamloops on
1 iai ibei .,|ih. inviting count 1! to
ml delegate, Reeve Kealy was
From Hon. Mr. Green, ac
knowledging n 11 ipi ol pi tition re
bridge across Si 1 ond narrows.
From li. ii Ma, phei ion, M   P.,
asking lor Im tl lormation re
bridge acros   S id
Ch ik tn n plj, imi tlsa to wi it'
in, Mr. 1 otioi 1 1   11
From F. Johnson,  \ an        1
proposing to make fire al p
up to-dale,   Fin and h iter co
Mr. Clark submitted pi ,m   d 1
sub-division   ol    his    property,
Acce| la al.
'1 lie [epulis  ol till        llll    II'
which weie ol 1 i" tii     nature,
were ti el and aa    1 ;|i d
Tenders wop  opi 11 ' loi  work
On   111'    la' a I,   wi   I   ol   tin
Capilano river, a (ai Navvj
Jack's ranch, 1 di lam-1 ol Iwo ai d
a hall mih s    John Kay, for all
llli:    V.■ ill..   -     ,
Tenders loi 1 Icarii rub
bing  pipe  tiacl   a
avenm . from Si vi nd , nth to Nin, -
teenth sin 1,   A. I;. Whiti oinhe,
$150; S, Ki a a' '.. ■ 105. \v,,ndi tl
in Mi. Kennedy.
Tin re is a great profil in wl
ba' the man who   ■ II   il  I .1 m m
[01 tin imu, wai'i drinks it.
We I,In rn k,1 .,',   that tli il
tine -worn motto 1-  1" 1 :    .11 i, !
out:   "God    Liless     Our   'Appv
a   . 11 liy   wi    don'l
alv ij   print "news."
I Ml      '■ II
1 :<
;  ,
:, ..,
5:50 . ..
I      ■     ■
'1 10
i ixcol 111:
.. 11:00
. (1:45
, 'i im
1,1 mi
ii a
  1 mil
I 15
. 5:30
. 8:16
'.1 15
l" 16
was voicing the sentiments
,1 the' master of the ship Codarbank
The side walk th it is 1
;    easl side ol   Lonsdale avenue
is tardily being built,   They saj
", ii 1  'an lack ol pi ml 11 it it
' i'inl   I   .,   heat
bolt   worl   at   tin
ha ■   been   tem|
di J.
A. Vi,: i I a   pi 1       ed a learn
if I from 11. 1
teaming bu      is.   Mr.
Wild until in ■  ' •  .pi ■ ' I
\ ihe W, tern C irp rati 1
The Keith road    esl   I licwick
avenue, is v. 1    I       , it hi in (J
■   111 ■    .
through it.
...;■...'   '.I   I,' ■    '..   . ii
iiiiii is now In       erecled  on  tin
Esplanade,    east   ol    1
11     mill     ex|        I I
i    ready to
1 apl   1    1 ati ■ 1
the pili
Mi    Hai li rniachei     I Tv    I
■  ■   ; id a yard    I
1 ...
ver on Monday, and 1
Iiii il   al  tin   1     .:.        iws In *.!
. nter,
I he del      ; ' r I    her ha'
ol  lhc  V islei    Corporal
lei   led  ia-  ;'ii  in
mor,   pov',   and  ba   ord, ri d .1
i, 1 '1
Turki l'i        ci nts   a
pound     Wetl      la*      I
. lemand 1 n :
I he laxes ai ; in al llu
nui ia a.I   in
owners ^Ba^,*^^H
Rolled Oat*
Klaij and Peed
Dim- un>
Mi!iin:' Co.
II.nr. Miti I" II. lot al ,:, 1.'
! Ic Avci
I    c,   healthy  1
b ..'
1 1111,  nuiim 'it.
It was j,  . |,,| ta, sjI 1 a loan I pron pi a   tli    in <
I 1
SG l..'il',i
■ iver ta. noil
inn,   \a|ilr,-s
I'riol  ii'ai,
Vu |:
N't lll'lll VANt'lU'VI'il!
11, c,
Weekl, S'c.v paper.   •   Published liy
ill. I'.N I'll I'.S.s I'lflNTINU Ci
, 'i'inl
I)      i     ai per Ya'iir
a.-'  near ll
t ll    i- I
' v ;   '
:.  ie. i
ise ot
I   I
iii a
""- mem-
a      .     '
'   0
n't).   The  tale-*
intereil   |- history,  foi
md wh
■        a Ion   sat   when
' .-■ ,   '  " tion  ot tin.-.
ItS      I IP       It/aliO
It!     a'..'a     '.' '     I    -    attCT    ''"11-
i was stored i
i 0   iwa  Par- ,
a   :. it
'i firs.   P . a, i econo
led It.    II
put to us-, no
Ijys .veil
na tor tlio In- :
'-   '.i   the   first
■ slsten s' II
'  .na J lia. beon
a ■
' ftntJ Undormircirag HeaSth by iissSoss Wori'jf"
Uevi Vitality Otoined ity Using
Dr.   1 Lse's iServe Food.
!  Hi.
mil   Dr,
l'.ii'iiii'- iiiiiI lliiit growers have Ioiir
inspected iiiiii ilie wear anil tear Inun
the stones and gravel in their soil iiava
added in iis 1,'itiliiy, but they liave
liieltoil positive I'viileni'e.     'I'lie slopes
] ni' Iho vole,    Vesuvius   aie   reilliii'li-
| iililv fertile mul are productive of Iho
il fruit, drains aud vegetables, Nat-
■ lliese   sleep   iiioiintulit     slopes
wuiilil la-- impoverished therefore arises
Mm .iin sl:  whence conies lhe fertility'    The answer is tha, lhe lorllllty
cu ues Inui! ilu- ashes  1 dust of the
iu 'iiiin tvliii'li is uuiiji' up   lai'gelv   of
.1     l'u la       I'Hlaa'li/.'li       lay
Im  terrible explosion in lhc vuleinuics,
11 ■ aiiily  ilie   United  Stall -  Uilli mi  uf
.mi   industry   lias    iiivesllgnli'il    lhe
l'1't   1)1     '. Illl    laaa'k    11-    II       la Mill.'- 1'
iiiiiI li     I'liiiilui'teil can
itlleil    ' ■    net thnt I ulvi lizul
i fertilise*. Ituuk rut
I    pa I'    lull. il     IS
I.I' I*     fl  rtillZI' ' ' Hit ll      Hi
.1   '"ll   .  '   '  a  mill'   .11     I ■
I abroad ami il
1 ' a    ■   '1 -llll      :,,
run lb
i        S|l     | 'a       I10SS,—V I all    ilia     |10|'VOS   lill'
. ■ nnd ,l;e ivliolo body given
up in v.ii'tilu'iliiess, itlieii the mind
i.i filled uiili gloom uml dismal Inn-
boilings, Hi" result ul derangement a.,"
"     ..I 'a   lire      aal";ilis,       'la    pie—III tS
' I    la.    llll     .ll-ll'a'   -. ll    aa|,  )
Iho subjccl mult! sleep,  thoro  would
laa  nliliviou [or i, iihilu nud leiupor-
, hit   ia: as        I'm   eli p'i    \ a
'     '    .       '       1   .11..'    -la a li.     Imi
nit -ii I      lieiiilly llml  lhe  Mill-
•   ill    Uill,i'    Irll'l'slll'll   llllll    la
The Value o' a Name,
'      ' " li !     'a.
'        ■
f or 1
'   '
, I ' .
. "
■    1
; by " ii
lid   bi
lid   lu
•..■I   beautiful
C .- on the Banlt Manager.
t one of T
friend I
'       '
' '     '
'    "
.    ' t the
Its Ferti c and Opulent Basin—A Great
Agricultural Country—Sti
Rape June 10—The Immense Rivers
Which Drain It—Coal. Copper and
Precious Metal — Timber, Grazing
and Farming Lands.
a      in
ral     la,
• "has
■ *, ■ .
l: : a t.n'ils  tlie
- '    ' ■■ ,   be
f Pn'   ta .    ■ ;
■' u rti i
' I T  '   . I      N'   '' ' ' l
a   I    11     f ".'.'
11   IW      I,
.    "     .-'    11     . "       *.'
I'l .a  -   Rl
 iltural em-
aaese and
uml even pei
' [thi
" ''.     ';'
"   "     '
The Opulent '.: ' ikoniie B.-.sin.
' .    .
, ■ ■      ■■ ■ i   pr ■
.      .. i.     ■   i:   ■ 1
for all
:        ■ 'i
Ml '   il
llll r.
■     r
.   I.
I'lllle I iiiuiiiii nl,
I '     "
||      ||( .      || i
a       .   ' ■ I'lll
I mill'-',   I iur  Ititntl,.
"..','■'      '1
.... a
1   ■ i    ' ' IV .     "    i
<,      ure I      . -  ii oui meill I
",   ibe    Napoleon und
hrCWdncSS,     'I  ■  . .      always
I.    ]
I      ill-.       Villi,
, dislike." I
.     ■; Hi ii
'   .   at in*   Ijiij  .'"
I ' a
..■      I'l
III      I     t|Hll      'lllll- HI
"   I
',        I  ll"    IU' <
1 '
.    "
0 ■   1
of    ■ II  .
II   .
' 1.1
■  .     .
I, in
Strawberries R,pe June 10.
a   the n      ,rn hslf
of this i"      I   ind .   ilu di      at  I
'I     I    III    ' '   «     ■' ' I
..." .    a,      'J'       -    'I,    ' -
'"•all .1
.' mounts      lo tin '."'t
,     us      nan sever*
'-'        , ' ' '111'-        '
r it, |f Of   Isllnal.  Ul
\,   r |1   11   ■*        "" ■
l IS
1 ll
'■  HI
.    ■ I
1' t
:   i
•   r        i               ' ii   I     ,i
.11   .     a
'      a    '    ,
than om
..*>■■                                   ,
■■'■,'               -                          foil,
i      ■    '                          .i
1 by Ilm mid
I                                                i
t'clh f,       i'    •   ,:
;. r .      .   .
:-  i     l'l| '.I
'.'    "'.' .    '.
sl le of ,
II'   ', ' I'
less,  Th- i
are      11
I.I  O IV  It,  1
any th
The Immense
.] ■     . . . i   | .
ll'i ii".!  Ill
a::   my   ■
I if W il -■
a a
,. bo-
id as
'   nt  the
■ ■ •' .■ 1 by
nip irabl
■ ■    I. ii'l    Is
:' ■
>,■ i ''i ."
!■. ni I sti
the, ■   'i'ii.
and  .i I  bulidl " .. -   ■ *
navlR ible '., 's.  Iir
the Hi. ' '■■
I ii llml        ll.iy i'n., runs
this sum ner       I llml  in'
Hope, I.e. .'"I al   ::       '.    i, in   I 12 .1 ■
: IV,    i ,       '. I.      "i   til.'
'  a tl i .'
ur 'Und
puny 1    i n ii      vn;* conn ■'■" I
■ .   - ■ i     " '.    .
i .     .,■..'.■■■ r
t.i". i ■ .'.   a, , the
',       '  " ...       - a
"'.      'I "fl
minute   u.ii   >'. I'n ' as
north I run I Lim it vain
w u rlgloy piitii aa mo ivey ,, th" i
de''-i of the   '   '  ■ • ■ n 11       •   "
1.*.'"*  :■.     ■..  ii '  ■ '  i'i- !
'    lll'e.1
l.r,.". Trave Ing I Initinto i
,   lie by river I* i
is, . i a as n
trip from St  Lou    lo N iv 0 le m
II !:■ tr.u
i even now "owns"
I It under the
Tbo Wider Northland.
Evi no rip mu
les . .in   iho
[ tho | Dry hi
■  v.     i   ■ ■
aVlui,.   ■.,..,. iwlavlw -/• —aa
■     ■ i i of hia
ind II I Co
f Am-
, Inlo
■   ■'
ti it
.    .i   ■ i"
rlvsr he
.> '      "
■i   tha   west
■ !
I '  1
rlinicult to clear, and
'a,    HIV
i ba
tiled in n lew v nd lira
s» of the rl ive I.a to u-
mnny un a letter le
BOll  "'    T ■    a ,       ail
i ,   m    of   Harvard    i ited   tart
Where Tbey  Mail—Leglllatlve Buildings on the Praine Described.
-■ |  ] ■,. ■ ' -at
..' Ruin t arc Iho old, h ■ igli
:, iv., im. .i.i ■■■• ihero tha III I lit-
Unga of tho i'i:      a   a -ara
a.' |     sn ■ Pairllo   -nt
of the new Province      ■    katchewAn
■ i, year mol In Ml I in    I ml
".imp out lo ihe buildl    I 111      '      ll
I a half I   " lhe ci     e ol .vu.
\    he cl      it Ihe do i    il
■ ;     in ;    ' ■.' I'm bi
, m 'ilm: up I*
■■ ■   • ■ nj ". 11
enji .i I,
bu i '" ■ I
1 a'  one If ol
bt'lcl .-   . ■ , i
■•   il ■ ,i ■
in, I • ■■       iu i
'.■   .■ " bl   ■ 'J.    Tin' tt
.       ' .i
i ..''■,.',       |hi
111' I .    1   ' a • -'.      a a '.        ,
i  |i  in i ie loin
ii     ..if ry Intan ling,   li I      i
■i . lying ot In
a     ' li
oyer hall I and
" .- l \   -' a •
a- ■ - io, ..I an i ii » -iii.i   a, * ■
iu llie i
.     'I' l|lll lllll a    '
'   '    II  III      lllll        Ill
ui ; li
I!   |l
I i. .'       ll.O
I      '                    llll!       '      .         , ,    II It I'l
llii ■     ■
■'..'.. .     ,          1
III        ,!   UU
iln;    bei ■   'i
ll.li'l H   aj ,
-.mini's Liniment Relieves Neuralgia,
Transformation By Means ol Turning
Up Earth to Air..
In nn address boforo a Maryland
fanners' club Clilet Milton Whitney ol
the U. S, bureau of soils said: Wo
havo a marked tlllfoi'ouce usually between tho so,I and tha subsoil iu tho
mailer of color. The soil spreads out
over the Burface ol the earth as a superficial covering tliut is somewhat
darker toy reason uf iho liiiiutis It contains than tho subsoil. We arc not cultivating the soil lhat nur I'liiefalliers
oultlvated, but the soil can bo maintained iu spite ut erosion, lt thn soil
were nil removed wo could make ar-
tllieiaily a now Boll, You know perfectly well thnt It your mil wero removed
OVI ' ,1 and .um had a subsoil to convert into ,i tortile soil ynu would begin
If i: were a garden patch by spading
up the ground,
Spading is better thnn plowing, because ii is moro thorough and more
efficient, So, I say, if ii wore a garden patch you would begin by Bpadlng,
and ymi would throw your soil up to
the air, and you would Und by watching it iiiui ii would sunn begin to
darken—the raw, red clay would begin
to tlai'kt'ii. The lump* would lirsl become partly dark real and partly lis'lit
red, as ihey were originally, You could
doubtless pick up some subsoil hero
Hmi is i.n the verge ot being changed
i.i soil through the change ol Us organic inailer Into humus. Through
aeration this or-mnlc matter is
changed to h inius nnd lhe subsoil bo-
comes a true soil, On the piece of subsoil we are speaking uf it would require about Huee years—unaided by
manure or fortlllt-ers, through natural
nn m ni' oxlilntlon in convert Inlo
humus the organic matter that was
there and leave the soil in good condition for crops.
Not 111 all eases, 1ml In many eases
yuu ian lake a raw subsoil and by
spading It up—preferably, of course,
with a little manure—make It productive.
You can In about three years produce a Boll again whoro there was a
subsoil before. Of course, 1 would
im, recommend Ihls us a practical
method, I Bhould use green manure
'•'   I...    1'   11   ''laa   |  '    |l,l
M.I. 11(1 Till 111
.    I";
' : it.-.    "I'lll
just .-'.'•
Ibe .-lli
iiltll.-l.llllili        I
wlih   LOCAL  APPLICATIONS,  us  Ihey
tmi'l   reach  llli'    ••'«(    ot    the    illS'-use.
Catarrh Is a blood oi eonstluiitona, tils-
ease, and In order to cure It ynu must
' . ■ ■: al remedies. Hall'- Catarrh
Cure la laken Internally, ami na-i-a uir-
ectly on the blood met mucous surfaces.
Hnii's Catarrh I'ure It. not a quacll ni.-.l-
lain-. It *vai prescribed by mie of the
heat phyatelana tn the country lor yeara
mul i, a regular prepi'iliitltui. II Is composed aaf the hast tonics knntvn. combined with the beat Mum! luiillleis, aet-
Imi directly on the murnup aurfaeea,
perfect combination uf Hi. iwn In-
gredlenta is whal produces such wonderful reaults tn eurtng Catarrh. Send for
!• stlmnnlnli free. ..
f .1  CHENEY 4 CO.,  Props..   Toledo, 0.
Rnli! bv Druggtats, price i5c.
Taku lluP a family Pills fur constitution
i Imu  -uinit.
Till' lllll,,11,1 ■". "'a III  I'lllllllOlS -kills 1,1
Sivilzorlniiil .1 ies i ■: cmwiI 11.000, nul
more iln i  a in ■ pi ) lhe I nil
ed Stales fur oui' Uny, U Inn Is umuili;
>t.].l a- I'lniin      I Iniiued
slltvp II" II  ll-J.
WllklllU   11. .nil   I'.nulllf..
Tin In-iiiii i
ou I .,,.,•■'
MUSI   ail   III.'Ill   ll-e  II   ll ■
I'l.'l,i   11 I'l
III.ill   Alliel'ii'.lil   i'l'.il-.   iu  llllll
beiug  a
l.iniincnt Cures Danilrull.
.Mielt'lll   I nlni'lllllIlN,
111  a   , (Villi Well pre-
hnvo been
  K      a    ii llie ' mi '.i.
I   ' inn.   Altlln . li
s Ihal ihey must
ll .iii.r tho '
...     ,.  ibo paintings nro
ri.|,| 1'ltltO,    lii'llieler
.11 '1II
C.ire of Honey.
The .iv " i" r puts honey
In ui,. eel..! tor safe keeping, about
the worsl plnco possible, llonej readily attracts moisture, In llio cellar es-
traded hone) will become thin nnd In
tlmo may sour. Willi comb honey tlio
case li still ""in . tor iho appenranco
as well as tho quality is changed. In
sleml ol keeping honey In a plnco
molsl and cool keep ll dry and iiiiitn,
evi ii hot. It will not hurt to bo In a
temperature ol even 100 d,.
Where sail will keep dry Is a   goul
plaee for lliuiey. I't'lV plttCCS ui'
,i r than tl," kitchen cupboard. Up l„
a hol garret nexl to the roof Is ,i good
'   and if il has had enough lm'
ihi ro ilirouuh iho summer It will
. ih" in a -Ing winter, for   under
ry circumstances Ireeilng cracks
the nh-   ■ . ' i ■ i   granulation or
candying   ll      :,   i lotarlo  Depart-
a.:  \    .    I'.ure.
is belter than other Soaps
but is best when used in
lhe Sunlight way, Fullow
1 IK
i, .,   .
I.ikitt.tun >t,,:,'f
i ml) t.i
draw It
ii 1.   .Iruil
iiii N
I     I  lelllllll ' 'a    '     .
.      II   I "
. ,■    ■       ..      lug
•   I 	
llinl an nit a, tur
lliitv it limit . lo tuiii
Iiuiir .iini III III" "Si ii-
liilhl" Siiiiiiiln ilsttitil.
.      '.  1 ■       11
|i      mluliccUliia
aad the dlrl **ill ilnu
util; Imu I     ■'  "l ne
Imt iluu't use any umr.'
su.ipi dull l a nkl "i I'" In
■   i'i«;.,   llllll   lltin'l
ta..-ll ll.t    .1.lllll'... I!
tl . a..,: ai Bel. la'.a tlitly,
r a liul . .i . .. I
. [I ,i -lii.llt isll.irl
iai..- isii. mii some more
SOUP in il, und llmev
llu' pint' back i.'ii* Uu'
Stills I ll .1   llVV 1111.111',"..
ItlNSING, »!'"" i< '" I"
ll. ','     HI    111   ,'.. .'Ill   ttill'".
i ', ... v   -' ia« I"" :
I ,,,  '        111 '■     Rita,
■ '.  .'   I  a.. h
'.a I
for Woolen. onilPlan-
nilsi '       '
i .ii..
■     I i   Itliltl   o,
M'Nllltlll SOAP    .
M      il
iliuiiii itt.tti'i
11,1,1 |,|„ V I     a
..uli..', rub-
...       vim    Uti.li.a'.
■ a   i
Ith  aat
Inl Has
-t'-liie mosl delicate
minis uitiv !)•• '"il.'lv
. a ,1 ii lhc bun-
liiiiu " way,.
r-a.-.-a«\ *
I \\r
VS. rtftftRtWARD will bo imlil
aPJjVUU    |U   |||j   ||, |   , n  u|   ,
I ia.ti- llnil Hiuijlitlil Soap ■
I .''■.■-
oritlil i.aiiiu,; .i,|.i,'a .a..
^llll^ Money rtrfiutdcd '    I
■   ..■ Ilaa'll     ta ll Ull      t" I
Mlllll.-lll    S.llll   it    taall    |  ,    ,
....   a .    .    lupltlilll.
Hell I.
".N'aati'. ehililreii." said an enthusiastic
li-her, ".lul,,mie Ims spelled 'lillle'
■!" Hv anil iiilil iis Hint It is.a very
 il nlijei i.  Can any lillle boy re-
h i whero in ile Is mentioned la
' llu* I'ui.ie'.'"
nne small hnnd was raised ninl a
.1 mil voli-c said, ' The pen la tniteler
iliau ihe ■word." .liiiL'e.
The i iii'iiiiiiier Plant.
i mo of Do Cm
.■I iimt ihe cucumber
iii'eii under cultlvntlon be
m i ii.r,'" nml iini' iiuiii-iinil ve.iis
'      '      '   .      I      '
"I            -
lllsll'lllpl'l '      llll
a)'   Ilia   US''    01     -M I N I I.II.-
V' 'ii
Ml imhi: I 111 III -.
I   llll
1                                 If    City    I'll  l-IU     la'l     ,1      a'
1 Ii'l     I'lll
Ma I'-idili               Well, 1 was
i  i iln ai"'
I.i"      1     i i"   '   ,,      Dn    -
It,   Wliv  1            ■      ■
1 1 1.. .i.l-i.
Hidebound Horses.
The condition cal ed hidebound   la
Sim,aii- ii gi iieiiii iiiii down condition
uf the am nail,   had   digestion   and
malnutrition. (Hie the animal a drench
i of bitter ale' . ■ nmii
anal; com-
Mix lu a
; : er and give as a
diem h, iv.. p tho I irso Iii Iho   tablo
two rn' ih1' ■ dn;    and ti i d on bran,
I iul nl' llli\ ""al to Ul" feed
au i i .: a in   or clover,   then   tlio
i  ivvlci' a    day:
Sulphur, one-quarter pound;
' ■    .       : pound, Mix well ami give
. ts| till In li   ti ■ al tiviei' a
ai.r.   Vfii r thi* mix w, n ground gon-
hi," i, 'ter pound, puwder-
te "i nnu. one-qunrtor pourjd,
Then give a large li aspoonful i
day in his feed! or if nol working,
limply lei hltn run In a good l'i lure -
Farm Progrt s.
Flies Never Grow.
That little liy  on  Iha bres l  will
u- iw lo ba" ' ■■ a■• Hue" lar|»i
■tup ,1. I "nl'y ii ng fell iwa blun-'
■ .ut ihe window pine, ii .r ivlll
the little ne . v-: . i v tai he oi big
a, He- mi l.uiii-ii/' .1 chap lh.it Just fell
in ihe cream.
I'.ir Mies never arm-.
Tha fly, a.a lame oa he will ever be,
emwls oul of the mooth brown ohiyi*
ulis, uncrutnplei hli drugRleal wings'
and fioiii Hun momi nt iiiilll Ills death
ohanges In nowl o, It Is only in thi
otiiiin.il ttatc, Hi" usly inaggut state,
ilia, the fly grows,
•i ore ugly Ihai   I
u hands ered
\\ bj  li ,i" nn it ilisllguro-
■ ' a u .a    ire i
. can be
li     jay's torn ( un .
lltrnl  BeeUt
The seed ef iii" Abj ilnlnn coral
live Mas inn.- lisi'al for Weighing „"!d
and precious stones becauso it win
small and always "f Iho same weigbt
ami slate,
Eastern Cattle Fattening.
Tlu' ulii un,hmi nf eonllnlni; fallen-
Inu steers In Stanchions or fastening
In- the horns, once universally prnc-
liei'ii, is practically n thing of Um past.
lu tend cattle are now denornod. turn-
ed loose nnd have free ranee nf feed-
Ing pens containing n convenient number, ti long manger nl one side serves
for feeding ensilage, hay. OtC, says an
American Cultli dor writer, The ab-
sene" nf horns creates a dspoaltlon na
ipiiet ami docile us that of tho i u
number ol Bin i p,
The Best Call Food.
Bi parati i milk as a food f»r calvoi
when ted din ' iri'iii llio   machine
mokes a model milk fund. Can I
pei lm'ui' show thai   praei ei ly   ss
r 1 CSlvC   '.in he raiseil 01 pi  '''.I
dii"I from th" machine
ia. raised on wh ile milk, provl li I
butter fnl lo t In lhe removal of iho
i   .;  iai    . n pliui'l by linsi'ed   meal,
cui nui' il in lluiir or uiulasscav
Orphans In \n,trnlin.
There a," UO orplinnngol In Australia. Every clilld uol supported by par-
rota becomes p wnrd of Ihe stale, la
placed in a nrl nic family uml pro-
tilled with bonrd and elotbci initil iho
fiiiir'e.-iilli blrlllduy,
and mending at
Diamond Rail
Prompily »nd well ind U rftwn-
kblipricci Wl irrend to tlw r«p*ir*
ma of •'• '*• 'i *rd Jewcliy of %W
kindi. A ipecul milling box in
v.iii. li io forwird yovjr wilcfi lo ui
will be lem yeu (ttt on requcil.
Wc hive unequalled facilities, loo,
Tor ilie designing ind minufiUUfing
of ■,.-' »"..! >i in Jewilry, Silvtr*
wire, Lodge Rcgitii, Imignii, Etc.
We buy old Gold Jewelry it high'
nl pricei.
H't IMlVutVl <r  ■■  f   ?     -er      '      .  trjrt
Mf if {f   1-    ,   * ' * tllC-j' ' '''.I,   , 1,1
For Family Colds
A reliiblo counfi utd cold cure should
be alwiyi in tho noun ready (or uu the
moment lhe fifU symptoms appear.
It ii always easier, cheaper nmi better
(o check a cold in llie very beginning.
lt is safer, too,
Shiloh's Consumption Cure, the Lung
Tonic, hai been tested for thiity-threc
years, and tens of thoUHtldl uf homes in
Canada and the United Slates to-day aro
never without it.
Soil Preparation Is a Very Important Something   New   and   Is   Delighted.
Feels Like a Boy,
Means Open to All .
Soil preparation is one o( tho legitimate ways of fighting Insects.
Thero Is not a reputable stockman In tbo country who does
not underslanil the worthlessucss
of ii slnnleil pig, calf, colt or
lamb, and wno Is not awni'o of the
necessity of keeping „ young animal In
. , ,  ,.   i a vigorous, growing condition from Its
A tlf.ler tvrilf. i "ShHon • CnTntlmplK'n Cm ' *■   ,..,i,B', H    ,    ,      .., ,    „,
lawUkoiit doubt il,- bat RnwcTirloi CouglwiJ   birth, if tins is essential with animals
Cnlili.in llio i.mU.   IV. Mnl, my tiltlitiTOii I ll Is pqllilHv SO Wltll CllltlVIltUll plllllts.
»'illl,.,ynoollw.- LEuto,N-«-"-w-.-,0-t.'- | |,   is ,,„, snml,,,\ m ,I;1|V,,,| |lhlllt ,|lat
If ilwft-nnylhins butlli.i bnt ivi.ulj: |S raol.e 0[|Pn t]„, my 0f Insects,
ilm lie in? liy it m your own family,; though It cannol bo said thai this hold?
If ll does not cum, you Ft bsclc allll am g00ll |„ a|| cn80Si Hinvi'Vi'i', a field of
you. Wc Ink- ell tho chance.. Noithe-i y0ung gra|j |„ „ hoaltliy growing con-
you noi your drain can lo-e, mt thai dninll wm B1,8tn|„ W]thoUt moter al In-
lair? Z5c.ii ilm price. Ail clealeia iu j„ry .,„ .„t;iek .llilt ., |GM v|gorou8 one
meuiur.c sc»l
Mr. M. N, Dafoe
Mr. M. N. Daloe,
29 Colborno St.,
Toronto, says:
"I havo been a
sufferer from dyspepsia for years. 1
have been treated
by doctors and have
taken many medicine i with only
temporary relief.
Since using Dr.
Leonhnrdt's Autl-
I'lll I cun cut any'
thing tliu same as
when „ boy.  I Hnd
the llriii; I. lliinifit-ti rrum
the Wood ol the Tree.
The camphor laurel, from which the
greater part of tho camphor of commerce Is produced, is a native of
China, Japan, Formosa and Cochin-
chinu. lt Is ti hardy, long lived true
and sometimes grows to ,i groat size.
It has evergreen leovos, yellowish
while Dowoi'S In panicles and is a
very orunmeutal tree, the trunk mulling up lo a height of twenty or
thirty feet before brnuchlug. The
fruit Is very much like ti black cur-
in the extraction of camphor tho
Is used in the preparation of
Btomnch and bowels.    My old time
vigor lias returned, so that my spirits
w would not, So far as plants are concern- nro buoyam and temper normal, l give
they regulate both wood Is first cut Into small chips, and
ed, I, mallei's lillle whether ,i soil is
Inoklng in fertility or whether this fertility Is present ami lievonil reach.
There ia, suillclent nutriment in n
healthy seed to enable It In throw a
slum, upward to light and air nnd root-
all creilli iii this wonderful reir.edy-
Or, i.fimiiitrilt's Antl-PIll."
All dealers or Tlm Wllson-Fyle Co,,
Limited. Niagara Palls, Out. CM
"Mr.*. Mlgglelhwnit Is such „ thrifty  i,,ts downward to draw from the soil,
soul." ! But suppose lliese rootlets go   about
"Yes, Tliey say llie only reason she
iniirrieil him was because be was jusi
iilmiil Uu' size of lier lirsl husband nud
could wear Hie clothes be loth"—Chl-
euro lleeoi'd-Ilcrald,
Until  llllli'ii'iii,
"This Ill-end." remarked young Weil-
i'  't ui iii'i'iikfiist ttiiiio, "is uothlug
III, ■   '■ ■ lii'eiiil my ni' llier mado."
"And tui." cnlmlj rejoined Mrs.
Wedd 'i!.i. "are uothlug like tlie nnin
en  i.iili.'i' wns"  Columbus llisualob.
Cheapest ol .\ll Mctlicines.—Considering the curative t|tinlities of Dr.
Thomas' I'l'li'i'lrie (iii it i- tlie clieup-
-vst nii'tlieiiic now ull'ei'eil to tlio pub-
lic. The dose required in any ;iiln"iit
is small mul a Iini,le contains iiiimy
-loses, If ii uere ruined ut the
heiii'iit it confers it could nol be purchased for many tinu n the price iisliei!
for ii. Imt increased eunsiiiupliiiii Ims
simplified anil I'lieiipi'iii'.l its ii.iiiiiiliu-
among solid clods bogging,
for food. Stunted plants are no moro
profitable than stunted animals,
A Comparison.
Take two fields ol equal fertility of
soil. One Is plowed a considerable.
time before seeding „,„l is harrowed
and worked over until u thoroughly
pulverized, compact seed bed Is form-
ed, Seed placed in this ground will be-
gin to draw from it as soon as the'
rootlets enter It, nail the plant above,
ground will bo full of vigor. If the,
lirst shoot Is destroyed by the Hessian i
fly the result Is only to stimulate tho
throwing up of tiller's, and the soil will
sustain them, Grain sown late in such
a field will soon set sufficient   root
lu'   ['Arson  That's   an   exceedingly
is It were,' thin burse of yours, coachman,     You
. nu.a.' ia a.i imu enough,
Colibj   II". yus, sir, 1 do,   'E 'as 'Is
g mi! limes,   I'or s,e. I tan's 'im viuy
morning ivlu thor 'o 'as s few oats or I
'mi' 'nil ii pint I V lust tlie lasl f
mornings,- Ally Sloper,
l'.l.i ii Hi TROUBLES,
Tlio St'.t-,.
Every coullnent, except the American, has moro females than males.
Europe has two-lhlrds of a million
-11010 Wiiiiien Hum mou,
Minard's Liniment for sale everywhere.
Kilu'l- Thnl awfully handsome guide
iii—ad nu a moment ago, Do yuu
think I ought to dedtiel something
frmii liis pay. or add to it!—Translated
fur Talos from ITIegendo Dialler.
Tl igh ilie   Rich, Red   Bl 1
William's l'ink l'ills Actually
Thousands   of   women   suffer   fi
headaches,   dizziness,    langour    snd
nervousness,     Few realize thnl   Iheii
misery nil comes from the hut! slate of
, I their blond,    They lake one thing fur
growth to enable lhe tillers to with- „,,;,. ,,„„,, „„,, „,; ,.r ,,„. ,|,(il. »t0,
stand the winter. L,|.  „ tlitnl for Ihelr nerves.  Ami v
Now. take a second Held indifferent-1,ill the While ii is -imply their blood
ly plowed and the surface smoothed thai Is lhc enusi ol all their trouble,
ever liy a single harrowing that lias I Dr. William's l'ink Pills euro ill Ihcse
onlv rattled a little loose soil down Mid "ll"'1' hi I troubles because they
into the spaces between the clods.   A I actually jnake n.-w,   rich,   red   bl
rootlet Starts out to feed the plant, but
goes begging, The single shoot thrown
up is destroyed by the Hessian (ly, nnd
the root is unable to find food enough|few. I «,,.. terribly run down un.l ths
among Hie clods to suslaln tillers, so l.-i.i exertion left tne tagged out, I
no tillers are thrown up, and the crop [-li".i badly al niglil nml ibis further
Is seriously liijurcil by what In the weakened me, and Jnslly I liml In give
other case resulted rather beneficially I"'' housekeeping and ga boarding as I
than otherwise—11. A. Ilrodis. lv°8 1,   '",  '" ",'.''" *!'>' '".ousework.
11 Inui; iloolnr - i Heine but it was   nf
lill! ■ nn Imi. lit. One day n noighboi
. I Mis. ,1. II. McAHhur,
-i.      "Hi.  IVillianis'
ilnllf   llll'   II   lliillil   ni
eijhlceii niunllis I wai
I. Thomns, Onl,
l'ink  l'ills him
; I.   Eur ai'iai.
■i constant
Camilla lia- llie largi Bl poll
He' nnil.I. in the Yukon,
Sunllghl Soap Is hotter Mian oilier
soaps, imi is besl when used in ibo
Suiillubi   wny.     liny    Sunllghl  Soup
and follow directions.
Di.ii'iiiiitlim ul Population,
oi every 1,000 Inhabitants ol lhe
globe 0S8 iii.' iu Asia, 'jij in Europe,
ill In Africa, 32 In America, 5 lu
Oceania ami the polar regions nnd
only 'J in Australia. Asia eunuins
„inre ,1 one half of Hie total population uf ihe earth and Europo nearly
line fourth,
Maintaining Good Roads
The proper repair of earth loads be
comes an Important matter at this season. An authority on roadmaklng lays
great stress upon the use nf lhe rollers. Tho carib Is composed tit small
fragments which touch each other nt
certain points, leaving voids between.
Whore earth Is broken and pulverized
t ihl me In "i much benefit bIic had di
rived from Dr. Williams' l'ink l'ills anil
advised mc In try il    I bi nl and gol
throe boxes, mul   by tho lime   I   had
I ihem I tiulii fnl   a change   fur
fu- botte
and licfo
wis full;
would ii"' il
I got four box
were nilgune my health
al.   'i'n see me new nnu
1 liml ever been   licit
II your iliil'li' ii moan and ire   rest
I is aim im: ih up. ,'iiupliil, ttli.'ii awake,
Willi a  1"-- "I Oppi lite,    pull'   I'liilili'll-
iiiiet', picking "i H -i'.   .        ' ■ i
nun depend u|ion it Dial llio prlmury
em i llio trouble i- worms.  Mother
soli.ed tioin or smooth, rum iDRFiCt
these points are emiul In volume to the
solid particles, und as a result the
earth will absorb almost an equal portion of water.
In building or maintaining roads It
Is therefore desirable ihat these small
particles ho pressed and packed Into
S3 small a spneo as possible In order
that surplus water may not pass In and
destroy tho stability of Ihe road. To
this end rolling Is very beneficial, Tho
work of maintaining earth roads will
be greatly lessoned by the proper uso
of the roller.
After additional mailer lias been
placed nn Iho surface of lhe road   It
fair ii day, ami 1 can honestly soy I
owe mv renewed health to Dr.Williams
Pink I'llls."
In. Williams' l'ink Tills uro Hie
greatest euro there i* fur Hie weak-
ii"-- uml haokaohes and sidcachea   nf
ainaii'tnill. llll tile tli-tl'l'ss nl illiligt stiiill,
.ill ihe patni and aches nl rheumatism,
- ilal  ,i uml neuralgia, nnd Hie weak-
ue-- uml ill In.illh Hint follows iinvili-
turlini f ii I'li'iirity in the blood -up
' ly,     .-"i'l I",  nil   Heine dealers or
In- nnil ut. 60c a box "i- -i\ boxes fur
$5,50 i'i  Tlie Dr. Williams'  'bain in,.
Co., Brockvllle, nm.
llie chips are pul In*) water In n still
and steamed. Tbe head of lhe siill Is
filled wiili straw, nnd as tho steam
curries oil' ilm cuiuphor In vapor n
i- deposited iu little grains around the
Tim crude camphor is then hentod
in u vessel, from which Hie steam is
allowed to escape through a small
aperture. The camphor sublimes i„ a
seroltrausparent cake, in the manufacture of camphor the tree is noc-
ossurily destroyed, imt liy n rigid law
of the lands In which the tree grows
another Is planted in the place of every
one that Is cut down, Tlie wood is
highly tallied for carpenter's work,
Camphor wus unknown to the
Creeks und Roninus ami was first
brought io Europo by the Arabs,
it I. Snld to lie ilie Cleanest Toivn
in tin- World.
The cleanest town hi the world Is
said lo be Brock, In Holland. Il is only
ii few miles from Ibe capital, uud has
been famous for Ils cleanliness from
time immemorial, it is nlso notable on
account of the fanciful style uf its
houses and yards ami gardens anil
The people, though only peasants, ure
all well to do, ami all feel tl pride In
llieir town. II BOOIUS to lie the first
liil-lness of Ihi'ir lives to keep their
houses freshly painted, their gardens in
perfect order und Ihelr yards and
streets us clean us a new pin. No carts
are allowed In lhe slid Is. and no cattle,
Though the raising of slink and tho
making of butter uml cheese ure their
occupations, n Btrangcr would never
Imagine that there were any cattle In
the region, unless he went lo the beautiful green mcndOWS at Ibe bin k nf llie
houses or lhe stables out there, where
COWS are kept in stalls scrubbed anil
washed like a kitchen,
The streets are too line and neat for
tile feet of Hie Ullllllllls tn step n„.   All
ure paved will, polished Btouc, Inter-
mingled with bricks ol dllToront enlors,
and kept so scrupulously clean that a
ludy could walk anywhere in white
saliii slippers.
Tha :. j.i tSiat outclasses all Japans.
Packets    Onlv,    40c,   50c,   and    60c.    per    tb,   At   all   Grocers.
Look for this tan;
on tlic cloth of every
Suit nnd Overcoat
you buy. „
It guarantees wear
and service because
it goes only on cloth
that is pure wool.
The Doctor
"Are your bowels regular?" He
knows that daily action of tbe
bowels is absolutely essential to
health, Then keep your liver active
M h.isii te*  A c he,Dd your bovtk re8uUr br Mat
JWlWUUo A. WoTiO small laxative doses of Ayer'i Pills.
Wt bm do ittfflit   W( Mhllili ,i.c inrOti,,
Ibf IDfWilli ol ill oti' BUllt.m*V Lnwall, Mw.
Graves' Worm Exterminator effectually shonlj be carefully rolled and not nl-
pests, al  unci   relieving  lowed tu wash off into the ditch. If the
••'« h,li" lufforers, ' cartti Is left loose wheels will cut In
and  result In ridges   anil    furrows,
Emeralds Have ynu heard whal ll i
doutors are saying aboui motoring! It
jivi i what Ihey call the automnlilh
 Hi  -poil« Hie mouth lor kliaing.
Gladys Thai Isn't true, and I know
ii. Harold lids been runullig au nun"
imiiiili' tur years I
Minard's Liniment Cures Burns, etc.
I .Kll HIM
sagacity "f a dog has
; which Will Imlil wall r and result In ii
sticky, muddy surface In winter weath-
or and a dusty mie In dry weather. If
"Sny," l'i.ii'.I.'.I Mr. Hubbub., "Delln
al'.l.l. .   IV,lilt **li;i!|.';   |||UII!|l|ly
al I o'clock, 'la...n'i -lid"
"Yi-."   iimwi'l-eil  Ml
"Well, 'I.a     i'uii uughl
have ii ia,eli .a    i! .ai
"I ill I  ii 'I tlie -ii.1 -I.i  dliln'i Imu'
tO,"     I'illl.l'li'lplli.l    I'll'--.
Cucumber- uml melon,   i .   nrl   Idi „ nunnitu, ,.
Iruil rn in  inui."!   >-'"""•"""•"'";, t, lomu-tnc.*.
• ,1       i",'-I Indulgence la fnlluwed ">• Mittee » gono ovor witli a heavy
bj attack- nl cholora, dyson'ci .  ■ n toller It can usually bo mado sufficient-
in", in.  ni.-.- pi 'i               .-nre ly llrm to sustain learns without deep
i'lia-n to ihtii heart's rutting and to resist In a large measure
cuntonl ,, ihey bavo nn hand i holtleol
Dr, .1. I), Kellogg'- Dyacnlcrj I ordial,
a iiu'ili.'iii,. Hm, will in. iiniii "h id n
In,, ii'.'l i- i -in., iure im .Hi -i i
ihe penetrating power ol the water,
Km h work Bhould be dono when  the |
soil Is In a plastic stale, so thai it w.li
pack readily. Tho moist particles are!tax upon
pressed together, ami the road is put
tn good condition fur Immediate travel,
. icily "( ai dog hai 1 iglil In
ninii now awaiting exeeutiun
.  i a   ■   I'ulencia jail, II win i
ii   i dun u.i- killed in a ludilen quarrel
dug tur ..-nl the crime nml llu  bu I..
Hn  i li .1 hi i       rot     '   ilea. II"
llnH  llillli"'-'   I   Ilia-  a'   ileal   ill"  bllliiil.
. |i i  iii . leaping Irum   tlic
Itiriicd In his n :!■•'. -
and by imrklng and ru
.■I Iho di el iiiBn'a elibsl
How,    I'lie ling  Ic il- wny
-..   ilm   grave,   ami     lieanu
■     a   ia. 'fllC     pnllll
l,|.'   l.'llli.l    lll.'l    ill"    III ll
v.i. Mill nm dlsfliil,     I lul
iliu I'.v.ii, when
 i nl ,i   mnn   ii il, l
a,,,, I     .      HI 'I' "    ■'"'',    Btlll    I'll,
i,  ..a| iu ill.  murder ul llu il
i Mail.
iit-utiir Snakea.
The deadliest of sunkes Is said to ho
the iiiiitiit.ii, au African cobra, Ii Hies
ut everybody and everything; It goes
out of Its way to Quarrel; it will even
como down from u tree to solicit nn
interview. Dver In India thero Is (he
great king cobra, or hamadryad, a si'.u
Inrger, qulto a- Qorco—It has been
known to chase a man on horseback;
lie bad to ride for Ills life-hut his
poison is u degree le.-s virulent The
difference, however, may b" considered i
negligible nnd ceases te Interest tho
patlcllt after a few minutes. Among
the AU8trallau cobras, the pit vipers
of America and Iho great west African
vipers Ihere nre species with evil rcpu-
tntlous, ami the most alarming feature
is iiiui iln; aggrcsslvo snakes are all
desperately puis ius,
A Meillt-iil I'.viili tlnn nr Will
Are Written lu inun.
The use of I.aiiu lay physicians In
prescription writing Is commonly regarded us ii harmless survival of
tncdlievalisiii. Occasionally u lay writer
Suggests Its aliaiiilniiiiieiil. In com-
mentlug on a roceni nolo lo ibis effect
hi ii dally paper, which advocates the
compulsory uso of Uugllsh In proscriptions,   tho   Druggists'   Circular  und
Chemical Gazctle take.*  i uslon  to
make a Btrong defeuso of tho time
honored practice.  Says Ihls paper;
"Supposo tlie sapient writer quoted,
whose utterances may s.iiiml nil right
to those who know no more of bis suh
jeets lhan bodoos, should fall sick nnd
his physician Bhould decldo that lhe
I one thing needful to savo his llfo was
Geranium robertlnnuui,  if thero wero
I a law preventing tho doctor from pre-
(scribing in Latin ho would have to
(boose one uf Ibe upward uf a dozen
Hnglish names tor nils drug, Supposo
be chose 'redshank-' mill BO wrote Ibe
I word in his prescription,   When  the
j druggist wenl lo prepare ihe medicine
1 lie wni,Id find Hint 'redshanks' was ibo
' English name of nl lensl four entirely
different plants namely, the ono nl-
ready   mentioned,   Polygoulum   am-
pliibiiim. Polygoulum perslcarln uml
Humes ucotosn.
"As wiih redshanks bo with hundreds
of oilier drugs,  Aaron's beard may bo
Cotlnus  contlnus,   Cymbnlarla  cymbal hi or Saxlfrngn Bnrincntosa.   ur
snakeroots Ihere are numberless kinds.
Suppose the English   writing doctor
wanted to !"' sure ol getting th" right
kind,  so  specified   black  snnkeroot.
Then Is the drugglsl to dlspouso Cluil-
lii'iigi racemosn, Asuriini cauadense or
tSiinieiila marllniidli tx't"
llrm.i n'arkcra,
Brain workers nre proved lo bo long
lived. I'Tve hundred uml lliirly eml-
iieul men uud wuineii were taken us a
basis, iiml ihelr duration of llfo gives
nn average uf about sixty-eight uud a
lull! years.
K Hie I Ui nli uml il  sin,um Meet,
The scientists havo discussed tbs
question, V.'lini would In- ilm result If
lhc earth ami tin* moon should como In
i- illlsloul The general opinion seems
in lie llinl il innil.I I. suit iii the tern-
1 poraturo of lhc earth rising several
ih iiisaiuls of degrees nnd iis whole
surface being couvorled into n belling
', iieeiiii by thu waters belug thrown out
ol place,
Tlie Tei'tll  .,1 Tllti'l.
The mosl pcrfci, teeth In ilm world
nre suiil ta, lie th i the Tibetans,
although thoro .- uol n toothbrush lu
.lie whole country uml  no form of
ile.llisillg llie tei'ill is eiei' prili'tieed.
"Ymi   -ii   ynu  ci   t!fl  uinii.    ,i
llloilllll   I  'in:    I" li",f    ill   loll    un
"I   gel   111   uml.-   MllllT. I'll.-11     I
ilitli'l   I'.'.a   III)   iini. 40    iiiiiilt-.    tliai -
180 marks; I nwe tlie iiiilkinnii.Vlni.iil.-i
""    '   k.'! "IV '""'''V j""""1'"'   aro'l'einiinded In a goo,! side ut bacuii,
SO i'inl,.-! .nul every nuinth I raise 30 —
lllllll.-    aalll
iall I     KS
ah'     lll.lll.'t
■ i nu hn ml-, mail,.
. mill,- a lliullllll"
.   llll   Ill-
Mil |l ii
Tim I'ln' ging  Kncrgies  If' i li
Cllll    I      IU      ill   |llla   ..I  It'll     I"     k'l-llll-     i-
energics, uml if tl me I
llnl  i.'l.iMiliim. hissillllle nml   '1' I"''
lion ure -nre to iitcrvenc, Tie	
from stomachic troubles, 'llu until
ni ■', i,, ,' Imi.us mi nervous Irrei i
Inritiei, mnl 'in- stomach   ci   i
II - iilllai'" I I , nelly. Ill liiini 'I'inli   I' In  i-   *     " 'all'l"    I'll!'
nil!  be lolllld II   I.nip. in lie   ol   Inn
Tho thickness of Iai'on the hack must Ipower, restoring ilm oignni tn hcnllli
A Good Side ol Bacon.
Now lhat tho production of bacon Is
taking a moro prominent place It  is
well ,to remember that many things
Buy Hair
At iny rue, you seem to be
getting rid of It on auction-sale
principles: "going, going,
g-o-n-el" Stop tha suction
with Aycr's Hair Vigor. It
checkgfilling hair, and olwiys
restores color io gray hair. A
splendid dressing also. Sold
for over sixty years.
I a-a la.el I. ...   I
not bo too deep nnil must bo uniform
In nil parts; tbo fat must nut bo oily
or yellow In color, but musl bo a clear,
bright whltse, tha flesh must bo Arm,
snd thc pigs should be uniform In size
to Insure uniformity of curing. Theso
results are only obtained when uniformity, euro und good Judgment aru
used In compounding rutluus and feeding thom.
Mange In Dogs.
Following Is n good remedy for
mange of dogn: Wash tho animal thor-
i otighly wilh soap nnd water to romovo
oll Beabs nnd scurf. When dry rub
well In on nil affected parts an ointment made hy mixing equal Quantities
of flowers of sulphur nnd lard. Apply
once a day, but tho washing need not
be repented, unless more lhan four applications shall ho required to effect a
cure. Or If preferred apply once a
day a mixture of ono nunco of oll of
tar and twenty ounces of whale oll.
lul action, dispelling ilcprc iii n, snd
reviving llio flagging energies,
   hsbll 'bit you « >''
al,'Inii'ii iln-  -
"You In"
' a a'i'l   ml  nl,
"Wl ,i  a- Ihal I' 'li ui'iii'li'i     ■
"When s collesguo nil- do nul tell
ihi    || ...nil   I., hIiiiw  Inin  up.     I '
tim  ho   I"    aelmiiii'il."   Philadelphia
The Slie nf Unlit lu.
The area uf Bolivia is nol accurate
ly known, yet it Is probablo Ihal Its
present area Is uot tar from 000,000 '
squnro miles, which Is tho oqulvalenl
of ihe area nf Germany, franco and
Spain combined, Prom tho lowlands
ou the east and southeast the land
rises, sometimes by easy slopo nud
sometimes by abrupt uplift t'* the
snowcapped peak of Soratn, with Its
altitude nf nenr 55,000 feet nud iu tbo
pyramid ol llllmanl, which is given us
21,300 feet in height. I.ii Pas lies nt
uu elovatlon of 11,000 feet above sen
level iiiiiI l'nlusi at nearly ll.i  feet.
A lew miles WOSt of I.a Pas lies Iho
iiii.inil sen uf Tltlcaca, ut nn elevation
nf 13,000 feet.
III. Poilllon in llir Halter,
"Gracious!" sidelined the fond wife,
Coming in her husband's deli nml Hud-
lug Iiiiii smoking bis pipe uml reading,
"Tills loom Is lliiak wiib imoko, I
don't see huw you enn Stand tu sit lu
"You cnu't','' responded lhe brutal
husband, "Well, I duu't sluiul to alt
iu lu'ii'i I Bit to »lt Iii here, Did you
think yuu bud married u freak'/"
It Is snld thnt this was the lirst time
In their married life that she slummed
a door un loving blm.
11} taalr -.lit, ..I „ a.) . t nMt'i ,mt It
_ tl I. -"I tBn.l i"
t r   l*a-.sa l *.nil i'.. 'i . tit.l
rri'a a.
I al"l
i,'-a.i, llayaatfl th. V '...  ... i
ihIi nt, .alt ar-* .at, i..l.<l '     Mall 0.
U.l ..-l-alkllalt  U.aa
ilia MMMi
r p . t.a-watl, Ihi
nt i.s,
wia-BV rrcTOSM.
Put Brains Into Fsrmlng.
Make farming a business. Put brains
nnd money Inlo Ils management, with
tho cxpoctallon that It will return a
profit. To run nfarm In a half lu.ii!f,|
way, being afraid lo make Improve-
munii or apply fertilising material in
sufiirii m qunnliliea for fear it will not
pay, 11 n    "ii" way iif having   one's
fears realised, whl o ir tlm effort li
tiiii'le ,'1 luii'.il ue Ihi film by innli.tm
It bettor yenr hy yenr It is pi. '. . ,,"
to be a BUCCSIS,
Wit, like every olber power, has Its
boundaries, Its SUCCCSS depends uu lhe
splltUdQ uf olbers lu receive linpres-
-inns, nnil Hint ns sumo bodies, Indissoluble by beat, ''un set the furiiiieo
nml crucible nt ilellunee, there ON
minds upon Which the rays of fancy
nmy i,e pointed without effect aud
wiili li iiii lire ol icntlment can agitate
or exalt—Johnson,
TOO Well Itft'tinimriHlril.
run.lnrre Dealer—This table is easily
worth Ibe evlru $110. A hundred vents
ii.m. now II will lie in good ns It Is
tinlny. Customor (choosing tha cheap-
eri-in that case I'll leave it for my
t,i, un- .i iiinn Bide,
She- nb, where nm I!
He The sin,in was loo great and
you fainted.
She li it musl hnvo boon Ibo lunii
aliunde, Did did you kiss mo while
1 was unconscious?
lie Well, I'll u.li.hi il,.it I did lake
She I I  Why. I counted seven be-
tore I canto lol IVoi .11 1 Coin
p 11I011,
A Case Where I'mi'i-eillnirii in Court
\\ iti.   I nm 1 . -sitrj,
11 ' or Hu' 'li • 1-1 lawyers were
ili-ell    . ,g ll." ' Ir ll'.nle.
"A big, burly fellow fr lhe II
gun pine forcsli ' Inlo mj ollice,"
hiil'l one of Ihem, "nml 1 ild
mean story aboui 11 rli ii mini hero i„
lown vim wni trying in chenl lib,, nut
uf .s.'.ihiii or $3,000 nnil who bud man
I'.-.-l to ua't u pretl) luhi clutch mi
ii,.- money, The bm kwuodsmnu looked
and talked like un I mesl man, ami Hie
old miser's reputation was menu
euough to match ilm story, 10 1 felt In-
. iiiii'l in believe It. When bo hmi flab-bed I looked liim up uml down from
head la i"a't. He naked ine what I wm
kinking Inui ni.'i' for, 'Well.' said I, 'I
wm thinking thai If I were mer -.,
feel lull aud ns powerful n man 111 you
1 WOUldn'l llli" 1, li«li'i' In lll'lll llie gel
iiiiii money,' The man's en lied face
smoothed oul into blnnk astonishment
'flhai dn you moan!' ho sold. I answered:  T mean ju-i what I say, Vmi
:n • Mire, are ymi, Ihal li" has lliul
Uialioy Iii lus niii"'.' II" hul It Ihem
Insl night.'   'Weil, you don'l need 0
lull ter.'
'"I'lie mnn Im 1 mi his heel ami l"fi
wlthoul another word, In 11 day 01
Iwo lie sent ine 11 elieel; fur )S0 uml
his Hunks fer mv wlvl.'i. "
"Haunted" Dy Bats.
Tbe mystery of an oak Irco In one
nf ih,. public walks 11'   King's   i.viui,
Which liml gained tb putatlon "f I"
Ing hn'inleil 011 eccounl iif li"    "'
lotinds which Issui ai from 11. has 1	
-niii il by a piilli'eii.iii, wl ' 'la "''i' i' il
'imi. a colony nf mn;'' 1111111 mo bats
bad laken iiptheli fi I in tho hol-
luw Hunk.
How to Prevent Tartar On Teeth.
Tartar is moro easily pi, vented lhan
removi A. sn) 1 il.    Boston   Traveler,
i':' *' i ll nn:' Im rompussed bv uny
■ dlnnry looth powder nnd ,1 brush
llemovnl   ■ ,;■ ihe  ("en
sealing Instruments or the use of
1   '   ' Is Is ihelr
I'otvi r bf destroying 1 a onnmel of tbo
b "Hi uml so opening nm waj lor decay.
.-inn. the following iilen, if carefully
carried out. will nn; involve much risk
\.ld liiieiii drops uf dilute hydrochloride uei'i in in,1 teaspoonsfuls of
water.   Make n small roll nf n frag-
 ui of imlil..11 bed ,,i in.. Dip In tho
liquid and rub briskly over the teeth,
'i'nn npplj 11 mr brush dipped in wall r ami covered with camphorated
chalk. Flnnlly»rlnse Hm mouth with
\ ' a- UMUfcD   C    -»
ind consider
llltt All.
, *?£**&
i Tail* cl thr but
| mie'.;.. ' ii'l J ''H.-»
J y-i |n.'j»'i-l ei nil tr
Nn 1111111 Is so liill that be need nerer
Stretch and none so small Hint be need
luiiaa   Hoop.    I'roUl UlO Iliaii.lla,
I would prefer to li .ie one comfortable room well stocked with hooka lo
all yon can cue mo In tbo wai nt
dei oration which the bini 1 nn can
supply. There is 1111 greater 1 lesslng
llinl enn im given lo n 1 tin y th in «
love of bonks   Jobu Drlgbt
to feet uml fingers.   There's
a silky soilness to
"Dominion BranOose
that means fool con •*»
well u wear »;. 1 warmth,
[uitl On ''fcing
"lanialoD Brand"
tnt '-''.ian
"Tha Tag Thit
Tdls" ou cviry
tn g Mi
M "aui
Real [ state
\V(i I.'      . i,
a       '
■Junction K'oi \
North ^ sncouver.
mn Vancouver townsite
TERMINUS CIGAR   j-j*:   G> T> p. m   W|*AT   MR> HAYES   SAYS!
'   '     ■ i   U'N Frnil
an I Oriiiitii ireil for
;  ol   lunii-
a,   ■   .
|!|   , - -"I  a' I'lIU   .
llii  I '      ' I'hiiil
i     I r I'nll | lunling.
V" on our own irniiiul-
  mil        i I
Let nu ■ plueitij
' il
li     .'      'ii   SliY,
lllllll W,-':   . ■ I I'll U.l
" I suppose," Raid the reporter, " ihnt it is true that
you intend tu Innil to Vani ouvi I also?"
"Vou  nny dupciii     i  it," saiil Mr. Ilnys, "we
will have to come to Vancouvi r sometime."
11  re being no location to be had in Vancouver, it
is self im ii nt that Noith Vancouver will be thu terminal.
'I In- V.incou-tpr, Westminster and Yukon Railway now
liuir survey parties out making  permanent locations fur
their i"""'1 t.i lhe north.
The car-barns and hetulquiirtcrs ol lhe B C. Electric
Riiihiti-  (nuijiiiny are located in District L0H73.
LOTS    FOR     SALE    IN     ALL
The  North  Vancouver Specialist
161 Cordova Slreet.
I Rainier Beer^^
♦ I? u glorious beYurage—quenohing and
t satisfying.   Remember there's no other
t "just as good"—insist on getting Rainier,
Vancouver, H. C.
iimiri! ii. viiii 11
HiirrisliT Iiiii lur, Wan, Hie.
■ ■   a,
iin I if    ffl
Uiilil) I IL  llu
Lg J
B ill
I    M I    II. j S.   la
wljKW,iS(imz H|M1,;401 GRANVILLE ST., VANCOUVER, B. C.
I, II,
R. Kerr Houlgate, Manager
ItiirrislrTs, Solioiliirs,
\ulii i". He
♦ ♦■+•*+♦•+♦+♦•+.*♦♦->:♦♦♦:■♦ ♦•(•♦^•♦•(-.♦•i ♦^♦■'•♦•(■♦•(•♦•f ♦;i-^i-.**« I
Western Corporation, Ltd.
Having in operation o sawmill in North
Vancouver wo are prepared to deliver all kindu of
Vancouver City Prices, ''nil and sue for yourselves,
412 Hastings Street  West. Vancouver,  B.C.
mu tii luvntraiii!. iir
I xpi-rl 1 nui, .iini int|, I li.,
illrtlS 8 BLLINGS.
I        '     Wli I. Ill' 1:1 •
British Columbia Electric Railway Co.,ltd.
TIMi: T.tlll.i:   NtiKI'll VAXU  I'VKll
Ai.iivivinn I'aiik—11:05 n, in., il:25, ll:-15, 7:05, ;:.'•">, 7:15, 8:10, 8:31), 8:50,
iiiiii. llilttl, 11 i.'iii. Iiiilu. Itltlltl, IO1M1. Iiiiii. 11:110, lli'iii. I.'iln, U.Uli iL'i.'m.
Khiiiiv—11:1511, in,, iliSS, 11:55, 7:15, 1:!)."), sum. Kitt), 8:40, 11:00, ■»:*_'n. i'llll,
10:00, ImL'ii, Iiiilu. 11:110, ll:'.''', 11, in. 12:00, 12:20, I3:4u. l:Ul|i. in,
Ai.iiviviiu.i I'aiik -l:lU|i, 111., I:H0, 1:50, 2:10, 2:110, 2:50, II 10, iiiUll, 11:50,
iiln, i'.n. 4:50, .'niii. .iiiui, 5:50 11 lu. 11: 0, UiBO, Mn, 7:;:u. 8:0u, K:;iu, 11:00,
it    0:80, 10:00, 10:80, 11 OU, 11:80, I2:IK),
General Commission and Insurance
Business Loans Negotiated, Etc. . .
1 11 : :■ ■ in li'iicil, a
- lu St. .li In.'- t'l.iii'i'li. Nurtli
run i«  y in' -nn Wi- liave ,1 Nn. 1 Lisi ol the best UiiBinuss antl Rcsidciital Lnts
on tin market    Also a niiinlier ol fine Lots, size 50x122 fett, heauti-
[nil- located, within a few minutes walk ol the car line, that will lie
■    makers foi you,   I'rice,  iiii lor comers ami Sioo lor
:. iiiii lol      I ■ rm . .-.'   lown, and Sin .1 mouth ; no interi st,
Mil SS, \\.     a ;     ■       S 'll"       ' "    Cll    Cl    A. I   ll.Ii',   ill   I   llllll   J1,   111 H
I'ln   icre 1 'i- iii" just tin- thing for beautiful home sites;
nt witter, etc., unsurpassed,    The .''; acre blocks can't be beat
[01 inui  I     . -       . (mil citltun or poultry raising; close to the
*i    ! best im.nl in thc district and handy to thc market,   See us a'lout
' . Ini saine.
ll \i 11 want to dispose ol your property, and your prices are
right, we 1.1    .iii ii im vmi. and we can runt your house.
lo mi'',   n        iii   Wi  Have the Properties, and Ought
l'i   I..   Ude to Suil Vou,
TllillOIUI ri.i'iw"
KI' A! I
1   um.    ! fill Sl,
II.   \   -lira.
V, ar
j cv-rv I wiili iis. ami j
j hn fii turning iiuiner- J
J   nil
'   ii.,in 1.   ■       ;.   ri s|ioiisililc
j i, . ruin     nr io si-veil rooms,
] i-i'iiliils from Sin lo
]  "in - ven
j i,, 1 ' ■ il, nl i'i niial- from .*• " lo ?• "
j i„.| , :i house iur n nl or salf, J
I linii'ly. I
, .'Ti'il'Jl'.   j
■  ■. -.    \\ 1 linvi   itasli  tmsl rs j
1,1 lu .11  Nortli \ 1111—
■ ■ iv   li to  innke n t'i  li
ml il In} n i|Uest-
:      III 1 lie'1 ill U-l V,
la" j    ,..     ■     '    , \VI 11(1     I'illll     Sl,
Men's and Women's Made in iio\
Culf, Yelour Ctill and Mc ci hid
All with Visi oliiti tl Waterproof
Soles. A thoroughly reliable
boot 1 11 ;i rainy dny	
Prices:  $4.50, $5, $5,50, $6.
51(1 Hastings Si. \\'.. Vancouver,
Fhbbv—1:20 i'. 111 . 1:40, 2:00,2:20, 2:40, 8:00, 3:20, 8:10, 4:00, 4:20, 1:40,
5:00, 5:20, 5:40, ii:00, 11:20, 0:40, 7:00,7:20, 7:40, 8:15, 8: J, 11:15, ll;45, 10:15,
10:45, 11:16  11:45, 12:16,
Si jiiiAYt—Cars mart Irum Alexandra park ut s:In. uml itiinnt'ut «illi llie8:80
Tlli- tillll' tlllllo is -lllijl't'l III lllliTllti'ill, W.   l'i.   lil'MIUIIV,
Real Estate and Insurance       mm« m G00,)s SI0Rt'
will llml It area I) In vani idv«nt««c to StlntC lirice.t, and ill SOIttfl CllSCS
f ucluru fiii.liiii miy tlc-l. I '
-fi' na-
dn aji< r than ciiy.
'  .ITI \l.
'    1
I.ICSI  I' :     '
!    in
I1'    ' '
Hi       "I.
1   llramli    \   1
Wholesale and Retail.
P, Larson, Prop.
.  lip*   'I i
Dili"-. Cor. I unsdnle \ve. und I npl iniule, \nrih Vancouver, B, C,
. .TAIL0K. .
ftT Sn 1 1 Hi tn iai V;iin-.an- "T lor
III    I    llaatk    lllll'll    il    allll     III'   SU    '     '.-lill"
"  lll'l'l'.
18 Powell St., Vancouver.
Siitoiiitioii, \\ a War
Ale and Stout
In   ItuUttM, KttUM mnl Jmih.
ihr Royal Brewing Co., lid,
Barber Shop and Bath Rooms
Good Work.      Good Shine.      Good Baths.
Buy Cream
(20 Ounce Tins)
2  FOR  25 CENTS.
J. A. McMILLAN, the E»|)landde
■ Clill


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