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 vi':.i     '■'•
The Mass Meeting Thursday
Night Endorses Action
of Municipal Council.
The municipal council held a
special session on Thursday night
to receive petitions regarding the
route of the proposed tramline.
The council chamber was packed
to the doors when Reeve Kealy
took the chair. Councillors Cornish, Mav, Morden and Allen
wire in their places.
Among those who were present
were: Geo. Hay, C. A. Lett, Ex-
Councillor Hell, W. Dick, EX'
Councillor P. A. Allen, E. Henderson, Geo. Pbillippo, H, W.
Younge, M. S. McDowell, W. W,
Weston, J. Cooiu, T. Walden, A.
R. Steacy, A. Beasley, Dr. Jordon,
R, Robinson, T. Waltham, Dirt
Campbell, Mr. Shaw, F, Fowler,
H. C. Wright, 1). G. Dick, Mr.
Hall, J. A. McMillan, R, G, Dick,
J llalfiiii-Ker, Capt. Cates, Ex-
Couucillor Nye, R, Anderson, P,
Lai ion, Dr. Dyer, Jas. Clark, P.
Annul, Capt, Irwin.
Mr. Waldeu then presented a
pi l '.ion signed by 305 rati payers,
eu I using lhe council's action ol
changing the route from Third to
F.i it street,
.'. Walhern, of Moodyville, presented a petition, signed by   38
' ratepayers uf Moodyville, lavoriny
F.i t itreet.
Ex Councillor Bell moved that u
<: 'im ittce be appointed to go
tin ugu the petition and strike oil
any who were nut ratepayers.
After some heated discussion an
amendment was prop isud that the
11111 lie pal clerk go o\ r the li; is.
TAi was negatived, the vole being
54 in iavor, and 66 against it.
Ex-Councillor  Bell   then   pre
sealed a petition of   about    300
11.ones  favoring  the Third street
route and asking that a plebiscite
J. Balfour-Kermoved that a vote
of the meeting be taken whethei
the council be sustained in its
i. li. 11 to run the line on First
Ex-Councillor Bell moved lhat a
special meeting be held on Satur-
il iy night. Forty-three voted for,
and 52 against.
Mr. Kit's motion was then put
and carried by a large majority.
In answer to a question, Councillor Cornish said that a 5-cent fare
would obtain within a three-mile
radius of the wharf.
It was then moved that the
council rush the work as fast as
possible along First street and the
routes adopted.
Here another tropical discussion
ensued, The motion was carried
by a large majority, Clerk l'liiiip
counted 55 for, and 30 against.
Reeve Kealy counted 5H lor, and
39 against.
Tbe meeting then broke up at a
late hour.
T 1 his housekeeper, Mrs. Wallace, is
'alone in the house. That hour
was selected by the miscreants to
go and lake his garden gate off the
hiiigcs and throw it up ou the
Veranda, with a great noise, so as to
frighten the solitary timid woman.
What oilier object they could have
it is hard to discover, but their
cowardice was certainly manifest.
If any man hits aught against Mr.
Philip personally, he will be glad
to know it in a manly way.
January, the office bearers for rjofi
were elected as [ollows:
Chairman, George McBain;
Secretary, J, Bain; Envelope-secretary, J. 11. Livingston, B. A.;
Treasurer, Alex, Philip.
Gratification was expressed at
the financial progress made last
year, and estimates lor the current
year were discussed.
Pastor Rev. J. D. Gillam, M. A.
As Gathered Here and There
by the Staff of the North
Vancouver Express.
Mr. F. Bald Dead.
It is wilh deep regret that we
announce the passing away of
Malcolm Fred Bald of this place,
at the early age of twenly-lwo
years. He was engaged at construction work for the C. P. R.
and was returning home last
Saturday when he died suddenly
of heart-failure on the train at
North Bend. The deceased, who
was of a retiring disposition,
arrived in British Columbia some
six or seven years ago from Glasgow, Scotland, his native city.
He was a brother to Mrs. li.
Henderson, of Second street, and
won the respect of ali wiin whom
hj came in contact by his courteous
and straightforward manner,
The funeral, which was wel
attended, took place on Tuesday
at 2 p. in., from the undertaking
parlors ol Messrs. Kemp & Simp
son. Rev. Mr. Underbill com
ducted the service. The casket
was completely covered with
owers, one of the handsomest
tributes being an anchor sent by
Mr. and Mrs. Wellman, of the
Leland hotel.
the pall-bearers were:   Harry,
^_^_— .     1 Kenneth and \\ nitney Bald (the
oaroclnal work,  has   ever   si icc ., .        '     .
r deceaseds brother-))   and Ernest
taken the most generous mtcicst 1    .,     ■   1 /,
h I Henderson (.brotlui-m-lawj. One
iu its welfare.    We Ac!   sure  tnat
other   brother,   Arthur,   of the
Waison    TlisAtrical     Company,
puying at Victoria, was unavoid-
amy absent.
Church Notices.
ST.    JOHN'S    CHURCH,     CORNER     OK
Sexagesima Sunday, February
itith. HOLY communion at 11:30
a, in. Morning and evening
prayer at 11 and 7:30 every Sunday.    Sunday school at 2:30.
Quinquagesima Sunday, Feb-
rauary 25th.   hoi.v communion at
S a. m.
The Church Committee, at their
first general meeting since the sad
event, desired to associate themselves with the family of the late
Fred Mitchell in their sense of the
deep loss they had sustained in the
passing of so loyal and interested
a worker.
The committee also desired to
place on record their gratitude to
the Rev. II. J. Underbill, Rector
of St.   Paul's,   Vancouver,   Mr.
Ullderhill consented lo lake charge
of the struggling Mission-parish
over three years ag'o, and, in spite
ol his own varied diocesan   and
Local real   estate men
business very brisk,
Cowardly Mischief.
Mr. Philip, lhe clerk, reports a
very cowardly nick played by two
or three men at his house on Sun-
dat evening last, shortly after
seven o'clock, ll is well known
that be is ill Moodyville by seven
o'clock every Sunday evening
where he conducts a bi rvice in the
school house,anil thalcoiisequcntly,
his resignation of his official
position will not lessen the t.es
between him and St. John's.
A beau;,' vote of thanks was also
ai ml- il to Mr. A, .'I. Scriven,
who has lately been acting as Lay
Header in the parish. J he committee wished to express their
appreciation of his work undertaken and continued in the lace of
considerable difficulties, and of
his loyal service to the church and
We understand that at last the
sidewalk leading from the church
is to be completely broken up, It
has lung been a danger to those
who were not aware that all who
were "in the know" were in the
habit of avoiding il by going round
the other side ol lhe church. We
hope all who can will help fotwatd
this public improvement,
Wc hear, too, ol other forward
movements, but of these we shall
no doubt leant more in due time.
It was Mr. Wellman who was
travelling on the saini train thai
liist observed ihat the unfortunate
young man was dead iu his berth
where he went to sleep never to
wake again.
The sacremeut oi tbe Lords
Supper will be celebrated in Sl.
Andrew's Presbylerian church,
Sixth street, on Sunday, at 11 a.m.
Members of other churches jr.
cordially invited to attend.
At 7130 p. m. the pastor will
preach on "lie cared lor none ol
these things."
Sunday School at 2:30 p.m.
(liristian Endeavor on Wednesday at 8 p, m.
Tonight (Friday the idtb inst.)
a special service will be held in the
church when the Rev. Mr. Reid,
ol Cedar Cove, will conduct the
Service, preparatory to the communion on Sunday.
On Tuesday Evening the board
ill managi rs met in the
chinrh, and as this was 'the tirsl
mei tin) ol tin ie v, board, elm ti tl
by iln- congregation ou the 1Mb 01
Philip Stevens, late of Hotel
North Vancouver, arrived on
Tuesday per ss. Cassiar with the
body of the late Frank Johnson,
who was accidetitly killed at
Chatham Channel, 220 miles north
on the coast. The accident
occured last Friday on the sloop
Stella, which was caught in the
current of tbe lide which runs very
strong at this point. The little
craft was suddenly swung around
against a heavy scow, towed by
the tug Native, the boom striicking
Johnson on tbe forehead, knocking
Inui senseless overboard. When
he was rescued, he was dead,
evidently being instantly killed,
'1 his ir, particularly distressing as
the two men were going north with
a live hundred-dollar grub stake lo
hand lug lor the season. About
,si5<j worth of the provisions Were
One thing that those who are
int. n sti in ih. upbuilding of tin
placemu I do is to patronize boni''
industry in this regard we have
a "kick" to make The Exp es
is a thoroughly 1 piippcd printing
office ami can handle any  kind  ol
work. Air. wi consider it ver)
unfair and unjust for the com-
mitt. ,■ mi nu 1 rporation to havi
their printing "I the  charter  dole
'outside 'le 1 IV.11. "sp. i i.dly  whin
there is practii ally no difference in
price   w   il > "tout" would go
up in \ am ouver if the city count il
",' 1 here tu be 'hue
\Yr hold that all lhe municipal
work should be done in the muni-
11 it i   a all possible,
Capt. Stevens, of Moodyville, is
laid up, having two ribl brolft I)
The latest fad is to have your
photo taken on your finger nails!
L. Mowat, of Victoria, is stopping with friends at Lynn valley.
G. H. Martin, of Vancouver,
will shortly build a fine residence
Don't forget it. People hunting
;or trouble usually find it sooner or
Mrs. D. G. Dick is ill, but the
doctor reports her condition much
Attention is called to the advertisement of the Brackman-Ker
Milling Company.
J. N. Campbell, of Regina,
arrived on Wednesday and left for
the East today.
It is just a question which is the
most needed here—the street car
or the telephone.
The halibut fishing schooner,
KhiuT.v. is laid up at Martin''
boatyard for a general overhauling
Which car will 11 lake: The
Third street or First sheer car to
md the dispute?
Spring is now at band. Tl I
frogs ai'- now singing the gloiies of
tlie marshes as never before.
The school board, which wns to
have met on Wednesday night,
-.as unavoidably postponed.
A good way to catch a squirrel
is lo climb a tree and make a noise
like a nut,
He put his arm around her waist
The color left her cheek;
But on the shoulder of his coat
It showed up for a week.
A gang of men came over on th°
8:30ferry this morning to take the
ballast off the ship that is laying
opposite Moodyville.
Work of clearing the horticultural grounds has been started
by Brassey & Quinn, and will be
finished iu about a mouth.
The North Vancouver Rea'
Estate and Auction Mart made
some good turnovers in real estate
this week.
Mr. Bell, Jr., whose illness has
been a matter of concern, is now
recovering his health. He is now
able lo be out.
Mr. Sheriff and Mr. Neden, who
have built houses   on   Fifteenth
iiiii, have moved  their families
into them from Calgary.
One 0I tbe  most popular fort*
.1 Jul', events ill North Vancouver
this winter is lhe dame in connection with Mr. Martin's classes,
in Larson's pavilion.
Allan Castelyiie, of Seattle, and
Bert Sullivan, of Bute, Mont.,
were in town on Thursday. Tbey
will be in British Columbia for a
The women of New York have
found a cheap imitation for a silk
dress. Tbey buy a nickels worth
ol sandpaper and attach it to their
knees, 1. makes a noise just like
a silk skirt.
We again ' ill   lb'1  attention  of
ilie ' iiinn d   to   tin   drain   that
inptii ■ into ile inlet at ihe foot
of Lonsdale avenue. While the
substance flowing through the pipe
is not unwholesome, still it is de
posited in full view of everyone
traversing the wharf and lends
color to improper sanitation to all
strangers visiting North Vancouver.
A young black pig is reported to
the constable as being found at tbe
Mission. Owner may have same
on proving property.
If a few steamboat inspectors
were sent to prison for neglect of
he life preserver that sinks
would soon be unknown,
Mr. Cameron has moved to Port
Moody, having entered into business relations with Mr. Peace in
C. H. Cross, of Seattle, was
here on Thursday, He purchased
a block of six lots near Moodyville, and will return shortly,
Birt Campbell will remove his
barbershop from the Esplanade
to Lonsdale avenue, next to Dick's
real estate office, on Tuesday.
J. Burr Gibbons, representing
the Henderson Directory Com
pany, was in town on Wednesday
in the interests of that firm. The
directory will be out in July.
Dr. Sloane, of Owen Sound
Out., has purchased lots on Second
street, and will build a residence
in the near future, being well
satisfied with the future prospects
of the place.
Owing to the sad death of Mies
M. II. lilwyn's cousin, the late G.
H. Jesse, on the wrecked ss.
Valencia, the marriage of Miss
Eiwyn and Mr. Gordon Nye is
W. T. Jackson, travelling for
the Vancouver Province, paitl Tm
Expkkss a visit on Thursday. He
is au old St. Paul Pioneer Press
man, and is well and favorably
Known throughout the West.
Arthur Bald, of the Watson
Theatrical Company, arrived on
yesterday's boat from Vict iria.
He is stopping with Mr. and Mrs.
Henderson on Second street.
The Bank of British North
America savings department will
be open as usual tomorrow evening
Already quite a few deposits
have been received.
highest terms of its great advantages. He has done a lot of
survey work in different parts of
the municipality. He is now surveying 900 lots for a Winnipeg
investor at South Vancouuer.
Never look a gift horse in the
mouth. Thc man who gets a
package of free government seeds
or canes lor berry bushes, through
the courtesy of his member of
parliament should not expect the
latter to guarantee them to grow.
The B, C. Telephone Company,
has let its contract for the telephone poles to the Western
Corporation, Limited. Work will
be started forthwith.
Ray and Rex Dawson, contractors, who are clearing land for
Messrs. Mahon, McFarland &
Mahon, were registered at the
Hotel North Vancouver this week.
Mr. H. A. Younge, on the staff
of the engineering department of
the B. C. Electric Railway Company, has taken up his residence
iu our town. Wc welcome Mr.
At thc special session of the
municipal council on Monday night
a deputation wanted the proposed
route of the tram line changed
from First to Third street. The
proceedings were somewhat tropical, and it was decided to call
another meeting of the council,
which was held on Thursday.
Mr. F. L. Vosper, of Vancouver,
lectured in the Lyun valley school
house on Wednesday evening.
The subject was an historical
sketch of the period dating 400
years B. C. There was a good
Upon the report reaching Vancouver that tpieen's weather prevailed at North Vancouver surging
crowds came over, walked up thc
bill, and returned, via Hotel North
Vancouver to the city. Alter
spending a glorious afternoon's
On Monday, constable Dick
took in charge a sailor, by thc
name of Fred Habbadank, for
being drunk and incapable, near
the wharl. His Worship, Reeve
Kealy, the next day f.ned him $5
and costs.   On payment he was
owed n go.
,,iis. J. McN.iband son, ol Hone
Kong, was in town today. The)
will leave for Montreal and New
York, en route to London, on Sunday. On returning in May they
Will in all probability take then
residence for lhe summer, neai
On the boat this morning a few
old-timers indulged in the all-
absorbing topic, of changing tin
name ol the town. One oh
battle-axe suggested that it b
called Dickieland or Canary
Col. Traceydropped in thc othei
day .md had ,1 chat with the editor
I be Colonel knows North Van
couvei well, espei ially its water
works system, and speaks in  the every success.
The Vancouver World makes the
modest announcement that its net
circulation last Saturday was 10, •
219, no free samples included.
The World is nothing if not progressive. The campaign it is now
waging against the patent medicine frauds outclasses thc work of
any paper ever published in
Western Canada, for it is for the
sake of humanity.
A whist party was given at Mr.
and Mrs, Williams' house, comer
of Fifth street and Lonsdale
avenue, Thursday night. Those
present were: Mr. and Mrs. Mc-
r-.ee, Vancouver; Miss M. Mee,
Moodyville; Mr. Harry Hudson,
ol the ss. St. George; Miss Pearl
Squarebriggs, Miss Carey, Mr-
Thos. Clark, Mr. Ross Clark, Mr.
Walter Grctn and Mr. Roy
Whacler. An enjoyable evening
was spent, the Vancouver guests
returning ou the 11:30 boat,
Mr. Lapointc, a gentleman lately
from Japan, paid a visit to Lynn
Valley last Tuesday, looking at the
prospect ol starting a plant (or the
extraction of pilch and the like
from fit Stumpi, He was very favorably impressed with what he
saw, and in all probability wc shall
soon have another important industry in North Vancouver Municipality.
The Brackman-Kcr Milling
Company, limited, has opened
warehouses in the premises ol the
Western Corporation, limited.
A general llour and Iced business
will be Irans,icted, a lull line being
kept in stock, including bay, grain
ind poultry supplies. Sutton's
leeds are also kept in stock. The
'>ricC9 are the same as at Van-
ouvei, and goods will be delivered
rcc anywhere in the municipality.
Harry Mitchell is local manager.
This is one of the most reliable and
ildesl firms in the province, The
'■Ixpfess wishes the new venture THE EXPRESS
II, ('
A Weakly Nowspapor   ■   Published by
Subscription -      Ono Dollar por Yoar
Wanagiag Etlitoi
AtlvortiflioR Maniigor,
Fig Trees Grow on Vancouver,
It will bo now* to many hurtlcultur-
Ists to Irani that Hi: trnos are to be
round growing wild >u Vancouver Is-
!* nno little tlmo. ago Mr, Parker Williams. M. P P., soul some loaves to
Itlr. .1 rt, Anders .ti, lii'imty Mlntstor ol
Agriculture, for Identification, says The
Vancouver World The trees from
which they won- obtained, Mr. Williams snld, wero about two miles .'tiiart
and '      i 11 b Illngs of ruts. The
were do ci Ibod i - being about
,\ (eel In helghl ind making a vigorous growth. After examining the.
leaves lhe Deputy Minister repltod to
Mr '.' llll mis giving Iii.-, opinion that
the spec ':i ii .'1'i.iinly resembled lhe
S ■ i ■. ".I believed ll to be of
that varlet.' Tho llg, whilst It does
. i produce.*: good fruit In this
A' nol Indigenous.
Mi Anderson referred tho specimens
to Dr !■'!'U'-h'-r "I Ottawa, who coincide I with the Deputy Minister as to
the variety, an I   iiid
"H remarl ib c Ih il tlese Bg trees
.', [id ' ■' • lubll 'Ilea Ihomaelves In
Brll Col imbln but I suppose if tho
■ . , | stand the winter, thoro U
.i '. in why Ihey should not bo In-
I, bi i ei ■■ im . ' pn' up fur
are nol treated .villi boat, so
I believe tlie .*"'■.I ■ would urow."
Thc 'Bu.
The ."'n   Iiii "i oul through autumn air
On sen   ol    'in In pick,
Ai I stacl     (work  vorywhere,
■ i        t i , ■ l rick.
"P.v mid ' i rely bo i holj show        *
: i. i.i ju Igmeiil smirk      J
If I should I il"*   N '. ih, mil
1 mn mil In...I in  work
ii ■ nol for in ■ " o ii""   task   y .
, : :       . the street, - '
An ol • 'II I auk,
i    :   re il my foot,
'u "i : i ■ uml no sick;
■I-        ■ i- i'i-i io shirk. J
1        .' :, larger, smoother trick.
I um nol built l"i wile
Tl:-' honest farmer Blares al ni*
LS tl ll  UlO   ''"""'I .   I 'll"
: ,i I I travel free
Froni ir unlit.
No care havo I i" tpttlllnB 'Top;
for i imi'
In po il novel *top.
1 nm not I       tm "'"'le
,'.       nd ol     irk »-   ivi r> hand
h        ■ thi      "   lie smiling land
ii, ■ i. ir.
1              'i .' • ■  ' ii"."i'liy
Tl     , "i' ""I '1'iirk;
]| u!i. I- I     "II   in I ll'*'-' I" mo.
1 .ei. ii  work.
leachor—How man*/ senses have we,
Tea ber -That's right. Sow, Johnny, ,'''.1 me ho"' we may uso diem.
Johnny--To buy candy with.
With New Blood
In the Arteries
You   Will Feel New Vigor   and Confidence
Throughout  the Whole Body.
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food.
Do you know what It is to feel well
—to reel young aud hearty am! vigorous—to feel full of energy mid ambition—to enjoy wort and look for-
ward hnpeful and conRdenl "f tho
This Is the natural way to feel
whon your blood Is pure and rich and
your nerves alhrlll with life and
This Is the way you will feel if
you revitalize your wnstod and de-
nlnted norrnu- system hy the use of
Dr   Chsse'j Norte Fond.
Not In soy mlraeulnm wrv—not
after the flret dose or flrsi boi, II may
he, hut when your system hu been
gradually built up—your Mood en-
r'ehed snd new vim snd visor Instilled Into Ihe nerves.
Dr. ("hafe's nerve Fond is a wonderful medicine, but It" wonders are
ST-nmrillshed In Nature's war hy
thoroughly restoring the elements
IftoWng In a run-down bnrtv
No other treatment for the nerves
nets tn exactly this way.    Some re-
Ilcnrmbr-rrU   (he Tell,
A little Topeka girl rnmo home from
Church the other dny and was asked
what tho minister's text was. "I know
it all right," sho asserted. "Well, repeat it," her questioner demanded,
"Don't bo nfriild nnd 1 will get you a
bedqullt," was lhe astonishing answer.
Investigation proved that tho central
thought of llie sermon hnd been, "Fenr
not, and I will send you a comforter."
hove by deadening the nerves—some
hy excessive stimulation.
Dr. Phase's Nerve Food brings
about lustlngly beneflolel results by
forming new, rleh blood snd creating
new norvo force.
Mr. Albert. Saunter, Willow nunch,
Soslt. writes: "I received the two
lioxne of Dr. rhsae's Nerve Food
which 1 ordered from you snd han
found It to be an excellent medicine
It has proven a splendid treatment
for hrniinohe and a run down system:
and 1 have recommended It to many
Mr. fl. A. Mellse, Hnulder Creek
Atlln. B.C.. wrlfes: "I have heen
using Pr. ChMS's Nerve Fond and ni
I found It very satisfactory for rheum
stlsra snd stomach trouble I can with
all confidence recommend It ti
There Is lots of evidence of whnl
this great food cure has done foi
others. Aak your neighbors shout tt
liflc. s box, at all dealers or Rdman
son. Bstei & Co., Toronto.
I-'.ikI ttf ills Dream.
"I thought ynu snld ynu were going
to hnve n don in your new house."
"Yes, I did expect to, but nfter It
had Bono so far thnl wo couldn't
change ihimts my wlfo discovered Unit
slie would need iiimilier elosol,"
Is a glorious beverage—quenching and satisfying.
Remember there's no other " just ns good "—insist on getting Rainier.
olflo   Bottling Works
Vancouver. B. C.
Making It Go.
HE sold he'd fixed the furnace
So it would ilirow out host
Ami jeered at all suggestions
01 troubles ho might mo.".
For Borne had been declaring
That .-out ll id dogged tho Hue,
Bitt he-well, he knew better,
And he WOUld prove It too.
A goodly bum It of paper
Ho In thc furnace dropped
And then threw In somo splinter!
And wood that ho hud chopped;
He packed llio coal In ncally
Unlll there seemed cnougbj
He sot Um paper bloslng—
And then thoro came n puff.
Ho tried nil air dovli "*.
But Btlll tho furnace puged;
Th'-n sadly he i oncluded
The Hues and pipes were siuffetl.
II- drenched the Ure with water,
While fearful i    I i hoke,
And when ll was i xtlngulshed
Tlie house was lill"d with smoke.
The pipes he disconnected
And worked at ihcm till sore,
And soon lhe sool by bushels
vv.is lying on iii'- noor.
Then from the lino come tumbling
More suoi nl rnpl I I"
And It was ni arlj ml
Kre he hail ll ■ p pe   In i  IM.
Once more lo- Jammed In p.ipcr
And spiinti   , wood an 11 oil;
Again i Hr- li    ' irteil
\  i   ... : ird roll.
Ho lillUJeil UP  ll' '     I        '        '*.
*    : V.
ii,.i he hud ■:."'"•
And In      1*1        It go
-Theodore II, llu i irg Chren-
li..-'!.... ■ .
lhe Km son.
•What makes the summer fair}-
So ll'iil". do you say'.'
With speeches light and dry
Why does she lllrl all day
And promise .-h" will marry,
Then coldly turn away
When back within tho oily
Sh- meets lo-r lovers fundi
I'll tell *nu It's :i pity-
But sho 'un see beyond
Tho holiday pretentions
of Bob or Tom or Jack
And knows whllo his Intentions
All mny bo good, nlack,
lie lacks llio funds lo lake her
Prom papa's house, bo sha
Becomes a Bort of fakir
li.siil. the  ndh t: sets
Tiny Advertise Themselves.—Immediately Ihey were offered lo the
public, Parmelee'a Vegetable Pills became popular because of lhe good re
port they mode for themselves, Thai
reputation bus grown, and thoy now
rank among the firs) medicines for
use in attacks of dyspi pain and biliousness complaints nf the liver and
kldnovs rheumatism, fever anil ague
nml the Innumerable complications
to which thesi'ii allmonts ei*" rise
Tlm Winnipeg public narks board
has received another niooso from the
provincial government. This latest
nddltlon to the city's -.oollglcnl col
lection Is n two year old dno.
i ,
Renl Estate), 3.isuran<.e
ami Genei-'S Commission
I. Illtl Snfn 111
Ai nni Hi'Viiiu
Vancouver, o. C
Dodd's-     Kidney     l'ills     Cured
kohl,  liond   nf  Bright'*
1)1 icasc
Hie Doctor Who said There wjj ne
Hope lor Him, now Pronounoll
Him Well-He Tells His own 9tory'
Ml- Brj'dgos Oui , .I.m 29 (Spie-I
lal)—Among tho many people la
this neighborhood wl o loll   o(   the
nil  work  Dodd's  Kidney I'llls sre
ng, none is moro omphalic   iban
that old 'in' ii.   Mr.
Robert Bond,
"I hell, ve l owe my life io Dodd'i
Kidney Pills," Mr Bi ml lays, "My
Stic i In the
lut stages of 'i      -   snd
that there   ni   no hope   for   me.
Thtin   I   C"HT" l|   '" I   I"     '; ! i'l
Kid '   s- i ii-- i In nil twenty
bone- Now I cii well sleep well,
and m» doctor says l am well.
Dodd's Kidney Pills snd aotl i"g else
oured me . lei  "  nm al-
w»y« ready to say n good « ird for
Dodd's Kidney Pills?"
II cure might's Disease
Stilly cure nn/ oilier form o( Kidney
Dtieass Dodd'i Kidney Pills w"l sl
•iy,      - Bright'!   l)lsos'i«     Tl.ey
> remedy Mm' will cure
Bright'! Disease lie sur» you get
lust f,,r ,i Ininl! ,   "i    liver he left m,
.1 usi for a riband to s'i'l. in his coat—
Found   li- "lie gift of which (orluiis
berofl  us
I>tsi iill tie- "Mors she lets us do-
They, it Ih Ihi  gold lo give, doled him
oui si
h was theirs sho so little ul-
■   i
How all had gene for his
Rags, wero th, ■.   purple,  bis   heart
pi  nd!
We, Hmi   hnd  loved  liim so, followed
him, li
Lived i  and  magnltlcect
inguage,  caught
Ills  Cli
M ide blm -'ii 1.1H-111 to live and to
Shakespeare o.j.s uf us, .Milton was for
r. .ri      : re   with  us   Ihoy
watch "
ii   al       real ilie van and tht
r oetnen,
ii" .  me lo iln  rear and lhe
We   sliull    ne li    pro pei mg — not
through !.    1 ro enct-i
Son ■   n iy in n.i u.i   nol from his
; '    .     11 ne, while t,e bi 1      his
S ill le,lo ' ■   Touch  whom tlat real
b , I.  u :
rjlot oui iu,   ,.t ne, Uien.  record one
l",1 soul 'i ire,
• >iie 'ask in..),   d-' I iKd. one   more
feoipeih uu 11 i,d
ii,.. more devil    triumph snd sorrow
lor a
tine twong more '0 men, one n,-,r**
I to 1    I!
I.lfo's ■ l."t    ttlm    never
1 ■
.   •    sould   bt    do ibt,   li'S'.i   ti
ind ; ' ■
For oil pra   1   ■    ur pari   'i*. gilin-
mer   I
1 t moi -nc *r.i*ln!
'    ■ r we uugbl him -
we iuiL.'.l«r bis
Then loi him ri ' ■" now snoart-
-  1- ,,r.i
the rust by the
Tn   Cleanse   the   System   Thoroughly.—Parmclce's Vegetable   Pills
clear the stomach and bowels ol bilious matter,   cans,'   the   excretory
vessels iii throw off Impurities from ,
the blood Into tlic bowels nnd expel
tho it Icterlous mass from the body.
Tbey iln this wliliuii: pnln or Inconvenience a ihe patient, who speedily
r, iilize* their good offices as
ihey begin to ml;,' effect,  They hnve i
strong   recommendations    from nil i
kinds uf people,
Menu Aching Bucks nnd Sharp Stabbing Pains Thnt Make Lil; Almost.
An   nchiiiR,   breaking buck, sharp
stubs of pnln— Hint Is kidney trouble. J
The kidneys nre really a spongy inter
—a human filter to take poison from'
tho blood.   Hnl sick,   weak   kidneys
cannot Alter tho blood properly. Tho'
delicate human liliers   gel   clogged
with  Impurities,  anil tho poison Is
left Iii the sysleni In cnuse bnckachcs,
headaches, rheumatism,   dropsy and
fatal   Inflammation,   nr.   Williams'!
Pink Pills nre tho one sure euro fori
sick kidneys.   Thoy make now. vlcbi
blond, which (lushes them clean anil
gives iliom strength for ihelr world
Dr. Williams' Pink nils sol the kidneys right, nnd mnke Inme, nchlng|
backs Btrong nnil well,   Mr. flonrr-o
Johnson, of the village of Ohio. N.S..
says:—"My son. now eighteen years
old, suffered from kidney trouble nnd
severe pains   In    the   hack,   which
caused blm ninny a sleepless night, I
We tried several medicines, bul they
did not help him. and ho   grow   so.
weak that he could not do the work
that falls to tho lot of n youtu: boy
on Hie farm.     Wo were advised to
try Pr. Williams' Pink Pills, nnd ihls
was the lirst medicino thai reached
the cause of tho trouble.   Ho took the
pills for n couple of months, when
every symptom of the trouble was
iMiie. atui he was ns henitliv ns any
b'tv of his aco.    I nm satisfied Or.
Williams' rink Pills will cure kidney
trouble In lis most severe forms"
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills actually
make new rich blond, In that way
llipy strike nt the root of nnnomln, 1
Indigestion, kidney trouble, liver
complaint, erysipelas, skin diseases,
neuralgia. St. Vitus dance, ami tbe|
special ailments nf growing girls nnd
women whose honlth depends nnou
Iho richness and regularity of their
blood. Tho genuine pills have tlm
full name. Or. Williams' Pink Pills
for Palo People," on Hie wrnpnor
around eni'li box, ami may be bud
from   all   dealers   or hv mail al '■"
cents I* box Or sly loiyos for KM
hv writing the 0'- Williams Medicine
To.. Brockvllle, Ont.
A Story of Barnum and1
An Old Negro Woman
BAltNUM, tlie great showman, hearing of an old negro woman down
In Tennessee who claimed to be
125 years old, called lo see her with a
view to securing her for a Bldeshow.
Ik* found Unit the old woman was really very ancient and commenced te
question ber to llml out just bow old
Bbe really was. He snld to her:
"Auntie, do you remember George
"I reckon I tluz, Bah. I'l played wld
hlra many a day."
"Do you remember nnytblug about
the Ucvolutlocury war?" asked Bar
"Well, I should say I duz," replied
tie old lady. "1 'members when de
bullets wuz n-H.vlii' and n-zoonln' roun'
here lalk bumblebees, snh."
"Wbnt do you remember about the
fall of the ltoninii empire?" said Barnum.
The old woman was "stumped" for a
moment, but, recovering herself, replied:
"I wiia a mighty leetle gul den, but
I 'members hearln' de uio folks sny dut
dey becrd sumpln' drap."—Magazine of
A Good "no.
Neighbor—That tenant of yours In
the top tint Is a most disreputable person. He gets drunk six nights In the
week, beats his wife, maltreats his children, nnd I lisve good reason to believe that his moral character Is as bad
as his habits.
Landlord—Oh, surely, you must be
mistaken! He pays his rent regularly
on the lirst day of every month.—
Souierville Journal.
Tlm milling camps In nnrlhorn Ontario. Cobalt, hnve during tho past
year, produced two and a half million
dollars worth of nre.
Minard's Liniment Curis  Distemper
" mnlly a man is su busy dodp
Ing his ,'i'oiliiiirs llml he iloesu't have
time to make a decent living.
It is better to have loved mid lost
than novor lo have loved nt nil If you
have loiters Hun will innko out a good
breach of promise , use
' heart g.tt'th wilh n heavy ad
When a iiian hits nothing cl*o in tlie
linn*!' to eat be generally Bwnllows llll
Minard's  Liniment  Cures Garget In
nay lever may be a fashionable oil-
ease, but it ciinnet be recommended ■■
making beautiful invalids.
It would do much toward preserving the average in.ni'* reputation foi
wlidom if ho Just know enough ti
hire 11 Itrong 111.111 wilh 11 iiiue pencil
lo edit bis love It 11, is.
The girl who Is just big enough to
wash her own hair is as finicky ss tin
boy who Is Just learning to shave.
The   llarlier's  Sttlislllulr,
"What Iii lhe world do you want wilh
a phonograph?"
"oh, ymi see. I'm a creature of habit
1 Btartcd rei'i'iiiiy to shave myself."
"Hut I find I can't concentrate my
mind on the Job unless accompanied by
u steady flow Of home, ba*'!'' . mul
pugilistic talk,"   i.ouisviiie Courier-
ll in...hit  No I'l.I..
Hnrdup I'll never go to Unit restaurant nguln. The last time I was there
n mnn got my ovcrcoal and left hla lu
Its plai -
Woiiirr iiiii tho proprietor wasn't to
blame, nu* lie?
"No, but 1 might meet the other
man,"—Translated Por Talei From
Keeping Truck nl Him.
"Mr. l'i im 11 i-a I* wonderfully devoted
te llll wife. When thoy are nwny
from each other he writes her at lean
three lettel * 11 day."
"Yes," answered Miss Cayenne. "She
requires blm lo do ihat so that she can
look nt the postolllce marks ami know
exactly where he is." Washington
The I'l*.
11    . ■ : ir crlmo 11 ex-
li nded by II1 1 - •:.-_-1!.. which Is relatively tie rly s ; ii' 11 "f a
e, for ll             1 ''
'   IOI'III.i'H
.   .'..   .
1 I of
1 which
.,    ,
'     - Lull Of Hu   I.-A
I I    '
. I. 'i
,     ,
■•" im- unsound ineiil
, -   i
11. mii In 1
"I eonfoM iii.n 1 hnve hardened you
with mis ii rood ro verse," said the
tall bard, entering Iho sacred lonctutu,
"but hero Is a poem that reully Is a
"A bird, ''li''" smili'il Hie busy editor.
"Thi ii ■ would I*' very appropriate If
I pigeonholed It."1 Di tro 1 Tribune.
Dead Easy.
It's easy enoiu,-li to 1,0 merry
With nothing hut dollars In tight,
lint It Isn't such tun
When you moot with a dun
At morolnff, ut noun un,] at night
It's easy enouph to be pleasant
When dinner Is .suiting you tjiilto,
llul It's not till s.iitio stunt
To put up a good from
Whon no kind 01 grub Is In sight
It's easy ennnjili to be Jolly
When  friends  uro both   Btoadfast  nnd
Rut It's different whon
You're In need "f 1 ton,
And no om, Is ipeaxlng lo you.
It's easy enough to Its happy
Whon daddy Is paying Um frelghtl
Which the sum" Isn't true
When ho tolls you he's through
And leaves you alone lo your fat*.
It's ensy enoiiph to he wishing
01 good luck that we'd iind a Ureal*,
Hut to got tho effect
We're compelled to connect
With tho pay roll about nine n wools,
Millard's Llnliueni Co., Lluiltod.
(JuatlolUOn,—I   have   used  Minard's
Union ut from tlmo to tlmo for llio
ent)  years    li  was   ivcom.
mended lo mo bj n prominent physician of Montreal, who called li the
"greal   Nova Scotia  Liniment."     It
does Hi" doctor's worki ll
ui.nl'.  goo 1 in '       of rheumatism
yours truly,
Chartered a.
Halifax, ts'.S., Bopt., 21, 11)05,
Kat, drink and ho merry, fur loinor
row bring* tbo day after.
Men wlio can't stand prosperity Ond
thai tin* resulting adversity Ihey have
to slum].
Women want to wear pretty drcsiei
—well, because ihey want io wear
pretty drosses bo thorel
Minnrd's   Liniment Cures Colds, etc.
A Took),  I'roliletn.
The following letter received nt this
olllcc has been referred to Ibe Lancaster Literary society: "1 married a widower nnd wont to llvo In the home
whore he had lived with his lirst wife.
1 Iind 11 number of her clothes In a
closet- lo wit, one brown dress skirt,
two petticoats, three pairs of stockings,
one pair of slippers and a black silk
waist. How shall I dispose of tli-m In
a way thnt will be satisfactory to her
relatives and tlie neighbors)"
 ,        I
Mall, lost..
Ethel I suppose I shall have to wear
this veil. It's the only one I have. It'l
so thick one enn hardly see my face
through It. * Bdlth- Oh, wear It, hy all
means. Everybody says you never
hud on anything half so becoming.
It Is queer how the world ciirao lo be
so lu debt to such a lot of worthless
A good name doesn't Inst more than
n minute nfter the sewing circle hu
turned tho X rny on It.
Small Margie, seeing a gentleman
wilh a large chrysanthemum In his
buttonhole passing hy, exclaimed, "Oh,
mamma, look what a big Christmas
Btttbcm lhat man's got!"
Mlnard'i   Liniment  Cures  Dlptherla
A Ilnn Fnlln-r 'l'lpef,
In 1S1H one of the Ungenbecks and
Herman linger, a hunter in the family's
employ, went to India for tigers, Hearing of u savage man cater in 11 certain
district, they organized a parly uml
sallied forth to Uud him.
Crouchlug like n cat, with back up
nnd whiskers brlslllug, il wailed Its
chance for a spring. Ono of thc unlives,
more venturesome than lhe rest, boldly charged  it.   Willi a sudden bloinl
curdling growl it was npou him and
be wns brushed from his horse like a
mnn of straw. And then, though he
was s man of fully I IS pounds weight,
the groat beast seized blm us 11 eat
seines 11 kltlcn nnd slarlcd off with
him toward the Jungle, lt was Impossible to shoot for four of killing tinman, and so we had to make tho chase
one of strategy. Finally, near llie edge
of the undergrowth, wo cornered the
tiger, and it dropped its luckless burden. Then a bullet from an express
rille (mleil its (lays of pillage. It had
carried lhe man half n mile, and,
strange to lay, be -t«} little Injured.—
A Different Dye.
It used to lie : ono dy« for silk, ai
other for wool, yet nnoth'er for cotton.
DY-0-L.A     idlfterontl.T..
The $amo package colours nnv.
thing m cloth. Gives exquisite shadn
that tlie *un won't dim.
With lhe cn'option of crcon nml purple. D y 0 I a ones not stain Ihi, linndi
or boiler.
For doubling tlie usefulness of dnsr-ei,
gowns nml tliings.no dye's so easy, N
satisfactory, soeoononiicnlnsDsi-o-l a.
Mrs. W. Olilnman, Mllisboro. Sail*.,
writes :
"Dy o-l a colours mixed goods better than nny dye I ever tried."
At your druggist's lOo. Send 2 cenl
stamp to The Johnsiin-IiichnrilRon Co,
tlnilted, Montreal. Onn., forcolor-ci-rd—
dyed exactly as you'd do it at home.
Tt-mtirratoie   mill   llllllorfllFI,
Some remarkably Interesting expert- j
meats in reported from Zurich show- \
Ing tho effect of temperature on the development of species among butterflies. The experiments have b ten con-
Untied through a period of shout fourteen year*, nml II Is found, forlnstunce,
lhat tho common small tortoise iheli
butterfly if subjected to warmth of
from 07 degree! to 80 degrees centigrade derelopa Into the rarlcty found
In Bardlnla, while those bred lu 1 lem-
pcralun of from 1 degree! to 0 degreei
produce tho Lapland variety. Similar-1
ly Ihi application of heat produced Hie
Sardinian form ol the iwallowtall but- j
terlly   nnd  the  Syrian   form   of   tlit
W    INU   Mo U70
Have You
a Friend?
Then tell liim about Ayer's
Cherry Pectoral. Tell him
how ii cured your hard couali.
Tell him why you ahvays keep
It In the house, Tell him io
ask his doctor about It. Doctors use a jrciit ileid of it for B
throat and limp: troubles.
I Itail o l-rrlhl. rel,t tnS eettftt sad a*,,
ttimlaru-i! sill, -"lmminnls. I tr!"it Ajar*.
cl..rr»rt*|rTal ai.'l'; a. »."M*ul*l s'e Mr.
f.M rails!. It I. eai'siul, - ; • «l »
const, inertl'ltu,,"-!;•;, A'I' WW . -1 *.., I'lsui
rslll, s  Dl
—■■— - ■■■'«...*~ arv,...
Italia by .1.0 Aasr Co., *.«W., Ilus. |
Lla. !ovti*tolilr*r, "f
J>      fABS'PAlitl.La.
If w O nuk viooa,
One of Ayor'a Pill- ot bed'Hrio '/.ill
hnite.i ra.'overy,   ucr.'-ly A*-'i.<>
Kvery drink of liquor taken, forcei
the heart beyond the natural beat,
It also causes kidney aad ilror
troubles. Nerve exhaustloa Ib one
of the allmenta brought on by even
n.oiiorate drinking. Stop at once the
use of liquor. If lt inconvenience!
ynu to do this It Ib proof posltlTO
thnt you h»v« the disease of Inebriety and need medical tiolp. Then
seek for the best aid. The Keeley
Cun liui restored half a million
people back to health, prosperity
nnd happiness. Write today for evidence and we will provi our clalmi.
A,Mi* h Iii confidence,
131 Osborne St., Winnipeg, THE EXPRESS
^.^•■■••••■'••■•"•-••'•"•-•■■•■■•--•■-•^.fle- -c-l-l-sl
A Serial of Article* Describing their LIvh, their Almi
and their influence.
R. L.
,    Editor-in Chief Winnipeg Daily
While publicity uud popularity ure
the Btrong poiuis  ut   a   newBpaper,
It is ouo   of   iho   contradiction! of
journalism that  thu  men   directing
uud controlling   ti   power   of   such
woi'lil-.viile  iuiuieiicu   lire souietinies
men ot whom the public knowa nut
even the namei. Who knows liny-
thing ul tlie personality ul the editor
ot the London Tlmea or Tolograph,
or Daily .News?     And uf lhe great
American   papers,   those   in which
the eililorsin-chlef are outstanding
nro few Indeed, In Canada, as lu
Britain  nnd  lhe  I'niled  Slales, per-
Bona] Journalism, with somo considerable exceptions, does not appear tn
thrive. In Austria, iu (lerniaiiy, In
Spain and Mexico and particularly
In Franco, the popularity uf a newspaper is dependent to a much greater
I'xioni ihan in Anglo-Saxon countries
un the writer than un the matter
written. In Paris, Iho lirst thing
looked nt by a newspaper reader is
tho signature at tho font of Iho article. If It lie lhat of ii man recognized
ns nn authority on Iho tuple of which
the article treats, tin* reader says:
"Let us see what Sn-niid-So has to
Bay." The French capital bus thus
oricn been colled tin* "City nf tbo
Signed Article," uml Iho liile marks
one of the characteristic differences
between the ideals of l-'ioneh as (lis-
tlngiilsltcd from BrltlBh Journalism.
The traditions of newspapordoro In
Anglo-Saxon countries—though within the past decade Btrong personalising forces hnve been  at   work—aro
all toward the anonymity of Journal-
Ism. ii is nn axiom In almost every
office Unit the paper, and nol the
writer, is In have nil Iho credit of
good work done on nnd for It. Tho
subordination of the Individual to the
paiier is lb" fiindiiini'iitnl prlnelnlp
In almost every newspaper on this
Bid,* of iho Atlantic
The exceptions — and. within the
pail few vai's. tho exception! are
notable—have only made ihe rule
lhe more marked. In every generation Micro have been one or two out-
Handing men who nre n personal as
well iis n Journalistic power. (irco-
lev nnd Dana In the nasi generation
of American nowsnnncr men, and
Hearst ami Wntlorann In this. nnd.
In Canadian lournnllsm flenrm
Tlrnwn. It nneo rls** lo the mind
men n' such personal force Ihnt tlinlr
newsnnners nro. not so much com.
mot-elnl otitot-tif'eos or r-vnrj nol'ilct
Influences, as the nuterowlh and expression of a commanding public
In preienl Canadian lonrnnllim no
newspaper man west of Lake Sunor.
Inr has been more In the public eve
either ns a Journalist ur a politician
to n greater oxtonl lhan R. L. Rich.
nnison of the ciiy of Winnipeg, editor-
in-chief nnd ninnngor of the Tribune
newspaper.   Mr. Richardson occupies
Bronchitis is a pretty bad
disease- if jou don't curt it,
but it does not do much
damage when promptly
trontod with Payohin*.
Psychine- is a Bpociflo for
all affections of the throat,
lungs and bronchial tubes.
You can't have bath Bronchitis and Psychine in your
system at the some time.
P-etter liavo the
a unique and original position In tho
Journalistic and political llfo of Western Canada. His friends and supporters, and thoy are many, vigorously contend that he is a devoted, fearless advocate of the cause of tho
people of the west, a sturdy champion of the constitutional rights, a believer In tiro present opportunities
and tho great future of this country,
and ono who would not. permit party
nfllliatlona at any tlmo to Interfere
with what lie conscientiously believed
was just and to the advantage of
weslern Canada, His enemies, and
thoy are not few. dispute these high
claims of Mr. Richardson's friends.
Howboit, llioro la no difference! of
opinion as to his abilities as a Journalist, his thorough understanding of
public questions anil his strength us
u publicist, largely through his strung
personality, unquestioned ability nnd
strength ol purpose, he has made tbe
Tribune newspaper since the lirst
number a factor In Western Canail
Inu life.
In the full vigor of virile manhood
Robert Lome Richardson Ib In bis
jinirnallslic and political advocacy
characteristically   western   in    his
fiireefulni'Ss and   energy.    Ills stroll-
nuns manner, the outcome of his
strength of purpose and untiring en-
ergy is evident In every phase of his
business and political career and it
is iiiit surprising In life's battle If ho
gives as well as receives hard
Mr. Richardson was born at Raid-
crsnn, a little village In the county
of Lanark In Ontario of English and
Scottish descent, In tho year I860, tho
son of Joseph Richardson and Harriet Thompson, his wife. Ills paternal grandfather, Thomas Richardson,
wns one of lhe early pioneers of Hie
old BathurBt district as that part of
Ontario was called. Ills maternal
grandfather fought under Nelson at
Trafalgar which may account to
some extent for the fighting blood
very evident  In Iho make-up of the
grandson descendent,    Educated at
the public school nf his native place,
ho remained on his father's farm until 1S7G when he Joined the staff ot
the Montreal Star with which ho remained inilll 1S7I1 when he became
one nf tho editorial slaff of Ihe Toronto (iiuiio remaining with that paper until 1S82.
Tho Canadian west with lis manifold opportunities to the young nnd
ambitious was beginning that development which has continued with
such magnitude to the present tlmo
and Mr. Iticlianlsnn recognized Ilia
chance. Ile came to Winnipeg In
1SS2. He wns associated with J, H.
Preston, now M.l'.I'. In the Ontario
legislative assembly, ot Brentford,
Ontario, in the publication of the
Dally Sun In Winnipeg from 1886 to
1889, when with D. L. Mclntyre he
obtained contol of the paper which
ho continued tn publish as tho Tribune, nn Independent nowspapor of
Influence and ability carried nn along
linos prompted politically by thecon-
viciinns of Mr. Richardson himself.
A powerful and convincing public
(speaker Mr. Richardson entered public life In 1S|i(l defeating Hon. Robert
Rogers, now minister of public works
lu the Manitoba government In a
conii'si for the representation of Lis-
gar In tlie House of Commons and In
lhe same general    election    slumped
the province effectually on behalf ol
ihe Liberal pulley of tha time.
Differing with the leaders of the
Liberal parly as to Its pulley he in
1900 was opposed by a nominee nf
that party In Lisgar bul was victorious lay live times his previous maj-
While Mr. Richardson has the gift
of making Blncere political friends,
lie also has the qualities that make
bitter political enemies nnd In 1901
he was lhe only member against
whom the petition to unseal was
ini..soil. Unseated, owing to tho
united actions of both political parlies as is contended by Mr. Richard-
son's friends, ho was defeated In 1902
lu the consequent bye-election by the
presence of a third candidate In the
coolest, placed ihere to further his
possible defeat, Mr. Richardson,
however, carried every EngllBh speaking dislriel In iho constituency,
Hilling Mr. Richardson's term as
member of parliament he took a prominent position In the debates and
was n recognized authority nn Western subjects that came before the
house. Aii anient believer In Provincial rights particularly as regard! education ho has taken strung mound
and a prominent position in Iho con-
iniversli's anil elections In which
that has been the Issue and his paper,
The Tribune, has been the hailing
Journalistic advocate uf that course
In the west.
Mr. Richardson takes much Interest in rifle shooting and has been a
member of iho counrli nf tho Dominion Rille Association. Iln Is
Presbyterian in religion and married
in 1881 t'lara ,i„ daughter of the late
Ira Mallory ot (ilallorytown, Ontario,
For 33 Years
Shiloh'i Consumption Curt, thf Uu
Tonic, hu been before the public, im
ihii, together with the fact that iu m!«
hive deathly increiied year by yen, it lhe
but proof of the merit ol
a. a cun lor Coujln, Cold,, and til
taauui oi llu lung, tsnd air I'anaj-i.
Those who hive uted Shiloh would not
It without it. Thoie who have tmtt
uud it should know tint -vary bottla ia
■old with a [toaiiiv- jus,.nl« dial, ii it
doun'l cure'you, the d-alar will 'altud
whal you paid lor il,   Shiloh
Has Cured
tliouundi of the mo« obitinite um ol
Coughi, Colds ind Lung trouble*. Let it
cure you.
"Ia* witter I couilied for thm montHi
thought I Vfii (■nnu into (.-vimmpilon. I t«
sorts of modicmei. hut nolhini old mi any
until I used Sliiloh't Consumption Cim, Four
bottles niir-l me. Thii wifltir 1 had ivtryUi
cold, mi not aWr* to i[*sit, my lupiii were m
oo tM side siul back. Six Uillrs of Slulgri nwie
me welt again. 1 hivt given it ta several moqh
ud every ont of them lim U*| tmed.—D.
Joseph, St. Hyicinthe, Que." 6n
25c.   with   guaianlee   al  all  drugtjili
I look all
tv.- _^
Fattening Turkey!.
A season ago tho Utah experiment
station bought a number of turkeys on
Nov. 23 and fed thorn four weeks to
find out whether lt wna a paying business to feed turkeys Intended for market. Tho principal articles of food
were whole wheat and corn. The tur-
koys also had all the skim milk they
would drink and all tho sugar beets
and alfalfa leaves they would eat
During a portion of the time they were
given a ninsh of ground wheat and
bran once a day, The food cost of tho
gain In weight during tho experiment
was a little over G cents per pound.
Tho quality of the meat was extra
good, and the test showed a good margin of prolit.
Hardly .1 Religion.
"Mrs. lloiiicliiril stays In ber kitchen
so much that slie must worship her
"l't'iliaps sh" million a Un god uf it."
Change is culled loose because tt
Hots away so easily.
It Is clnlmiiil that mosquitoes carry
fever genus, lieu-are of the monqultl
Unit Is loaded
Knew Her Tastes.
"I iiiii looking for a book for
"Let me sell you 'The House With
Seven Gables.'"
"Haven't you lhe house with seven
chisels ?"
Let Her Talk,
"It must be n pleasure to live with
her, she Is such u brilliant conversationalist."
"Yes, her husband appreciates that;
be is such a sound sleeper."
Sunlight Soap is better than other
soaps, but Is best when used in thi
Sunlight way. Buy Sunlight Soap
and follow directions.
[gnoranoa is a Curse.—"Know thyself" is a good admonition, whether
referring to one's physical condition
or moral habitudes. The man who
Is acquainted with himself will know
how to act when any disarrangement
in his condition manifests Itself. Dr.
Thomas' Eclectrlc Oil Is a cheap and
simple remedy for the eradication of
pain from tho system and for the
cure of all bronchial troubles.
The Sluts'liifc Rrn.h.
It Is likely that tbe beat shaving
brush ever made sheds mure or less
bulrs. To prevent this take an elastic
band, neither too heavy nor too light;
cut it once (not in two), and, holding
one emi Srmly on me handle, wind the
rubber around the bristles as close up
to the handle as you can, stretching
taut as you wind. When you come to
tbe end tie a simple Bat knot (not a
granny knot) or else lose the cud. By
careful winding a very neat Job can
be done, and the bristles can bo worn
down to tbe socket without losing a
Blckle'S Anti-Consumptive Syrup is
the result of expert chemical experiments, undertaken to discover a preventive of Inflammation of the lungs
und consumption, by destroying the
germs that develop these diseases.
and llll tho world with pitiable subjects hopelessly Btrlclten. The use
of ihis Syrup will prevent the dire
cniis iquences of neglected ('olds, a
trial, which only costs 25 cents, will
convince you that this is correct.
Never Speak of Grandpa Lincoln.
Sir Wemyss Held wrote of Abraham
Lincoln—"One must not blame Eng- I
llshmen to severely, however, for their
lack of appreciation of Lincoln. It Is
doubtful If even now he Is appreciated
at his true worth by Americans them- .
selves. Some years ago 1 had tho
pleasure, of taking In to dinner a
charming young lady who was Lincoln's direct descendant. I said to her:
"You can hardly understand how pleased I am to have met you. There Is
scarcely any mnn whose name Is familiar to me whom I honor as I honor'
thc memory of your grandfather." Tha |
young lady opened her '-yes In Innocent amazement and confessed subsequently that s-lie hail been very much
surprised at my Utile speech. 'At
home they never say anything about
Little tongues that cannot talk
toll mothers Just as plainly that, their
owners aro not well. When baby's
tongue Is white, or coated, or yellow,
especially toward the root, It Is a
sign of stomach trouble, Indigestion,
cold or foverlshness. Baby's Own
Tablets act like magic In curing those
and the other minor Ills of babyhood
nnd childhood. They are ns good for
the new born baby us for the well-
grown child. Absolutely safe and
absolutely harmless. Mrs. C. P,
Kerr. Elgin, Ont., says: —■ "Unity's
Own Tablets are the best medicine I
have ever used for stomach and bowel
1 roubles and destroying worms, I
could hardly feel   safe   without   tlm
Tablets In llio house." Sold by all
medicine dealers, or by mall, nl 25
cents   a   box,   by   writing  the   Dr.
Sol'l In ahutft every Drnf 8tor* h
Quiaoa f, ,r H.if,'.rli-rni, bottle. 11 row
ih ... , ,t l.svt, It, w. wonld be
■lira t*l to lend *"ti n l»ir|* sired sample,
with Iroli'icllnr... nnd ottr "Trt'Mla. aa
Thionl mi'i Luna 1 rouble.," Ira*, ""tja
out -.niiiillinaiila. Adams "Mile
Dr. T. A. Mmitm, 1itnil-d
Ubttr.lnrr, IfQ KM Matfi.T
One on Him.
"Whisky makes a drunken mnn
either foolish or mean, doesn't It?'
"Nope; he's foolish before lie takes lt
and mean afterward."
Just a Hint.
To savo his feelings lender
And keep tho secret deep,
Oh. always bribe an al'l'rman
When he Is fust uslw-pl
Hollowny's Corn Cure Is a Bpecltlc
for tho removal of corns and wails.
We have never heard of Us  faille
to remove even tho worst kind.
Both Ways.
"I bear you were called up on the
carpet yesterday."
".No; 1 wni called down there."
The Rural Sister.
The rose that's born to blush unseen
May feel aa proud as though It wore
A hothouse plant and doomed to da
Its blushing al one-tlfty per.
Depends on Accommodations*
"I never can sleep on the cars."
"It must be rather awkward to ilum
ber in a box car."
A mnn from Paduoah, Ky.,
Admitted by all to ba py.,
Who fell In a mine
Cami out feeling fine,
But tha neighbor! all said ke waa ly.
Generally II.
"Ill thinks the world owes blm a living"
"Hi will And thi world amply abli
to owe It."
The Re;son.
"She secmi to be losing her hold on
her husband,"
"I noticed Ull hair was couilug oat"
Ilesslo (aged four) — Muuinin, does
folks marry In hen vou?
Mamma-Tin' good book says not,
llesslc—And ilu Ihey marry In—lo
the other place';
Mammii-1 presume not.
Besslo -Thou I'm going lo stay on
Breeding Stock.
The man who selects his breeding
stock on account ol the merits which
thoy possess will be more likely to ob-
lain satisfactory prices for his horses
than  he who sob els on account    of
pedigree alone, regardli ss of merit.
Tiie man who selects animals that pos-
i" is both merit ond choice pedigrees
win he iliit mosl likely to ri allzo a
profit from the buslm   i
A Poultry Fattening Mixture.
The milk feeding recipe claimed to
be the one used by ihi
firms for fattening chh
lows:   A   hundred   pounds  of   line
ground  eiiiniii' sl,  with   n   I undn il
pound' of onl flour and oal
with ' ii"ii;:ii butti rn III oi  u
. .
tallow addod, III   ■■ llie i
I lllll   of llie   hi! . .
tur.  ^^
W    NU   No   B70
Their Complete Home Cure.
Poat Free te Reader! of Thli Papir
for Limited Period Only.
A hand ten.- illustrated treatise,
Hiving full description of niiciimatlim
and paralysis, wlih Instructions for
a complete home cure, ducriblng thi
most auccoiiful treatmint In the
world, reoommended by thi Ministry
and mi imaeii by midlcal men. Thli
highly Instructive book wai written
by W. H. V»no, a gentleman who has
mads a special itudy of then dlseaa
"« Thi preface Is by a graduate of
tbe University of Wurtiburg. S»nd
postal to-day nnd vou will receive tin
book free by relarn. Address, Thu
Venn Drug Company, 34 King Strut,
West Toronto.
II l.unl.i'il  tins,  tit Hint.
I.lltle Allium had heen taken to his
father's "iiiee, where, ii appears, he
was considerably Impressed, Artcr
ward ai home i"' in uio known ins In
tendons coi ruing iho future.
"When I got t" he ll iii.iii," lie said,
"i e lots of money, like
pllpa il'ies."
gave him in ui      land
thai  ih".*' approved of Ills omnltlon,
nfter which Nnllutti Indulged I
time .ii serious lliought,   At last ho
1   i his father, nsklngi
"1'npn, a a cl     Ihal turns
around all you hnvo to do lo make
ii i        ii     .
Considering the
"nngc that mere
"ir alarm clucks.
There cannot be different degrees
of purity any more than there can
be different degrees of honesty.
If a man be honest, that is all he
can be.   There is no superlative.
One flour cannot be purer than
another. It can only be more
nearly pure.
In these times when all flour man.
ufacturers are claiming purity you
should remember these two things:
Actual purity in flour can only be
secured by thc use of electricity.
Royal Household Flour
.s the only flour, made and sold in
Canada, that is purified by electricity.
You  can  get  Ogilvic's   Royal
Household Flour from your grocer.
Ogilvle Flour Mills Co., united.
''Ogilvie'e Book for a Cook," contains 130
pages of excellent recipca, iome never before
published. Your grocer can tell you how lo
(it il FREE. 1
Thoroughbred Seeds £ Great West
Perfect diTilopment.     Wa are many times over thi lirgist
ireweri   of   Manitoba  grown Vegotablo Beed.
SB En QRAIN—We   dlitrlbutl the seed throughout thi Wist
for "The Orange Judd farmer,"    lu Thi Ui est M""
Cinteit.   Wi Know, we Have, we Do what ive lay
on Dollar.
Catalog trie
221 Market St.
Most any man can convlnci himself
that there Is no burm In 1 while III If
there Is a dollar lu it for him.
A rolling stone gathers no moss, bat
In these days who would bs a moil
It Is mighty hard to unlearn bid habits If a mnn doesn't want to.
It Is mighty lucky for (he mirrled
dirt lhat ihe fool killer is a very busy
llu easiest way to miinagi l wimon
Is to let her bavi her own way. In
fact, It ll tin only wny.
An optimist Is a man who thlnki his
mining stock li going ti pay iomi
Many people have 1 habit ol ailing, How much better it would bi
to learn to klep well. For health, altar ill, il largely a mattir el
habit, which all may acquire wilh a Hula priclin.
tisik ic
    ood habits to Stomach, Liver, Kidneys and Doweli.   If yes
art lublict to Bilious Allacki, suffer Iron Constipation or irs
troubled with Indention, Nervouinaii or Heidache, Deeehea's
Flltl will rilorn alt then bad habiti md tat in example ol go*4
hiilth, which thi body will quickly lollow. You can break »p al
alekly habila by occa-ionally uiing tin health luggcitioni transmitted by Baicha-n'a I'llll.
■rafaral ..I- ly Thoeaae Ha.ti.asn. II. n.i.-., Uaostilr., E|-laal.
SelS it all Uiuiiiati la Caula ail 1 .1. Aaaxlu.    la tt.s.a 11 c.aU.
provocation,   It   li
ineu Ou nol murder
Laying For Him.
"I hear Jsnks is infatuated with Sis
"Yes, snd «n of his iinployeei hope
he will sisrry ber."
•"ihey spprsrc of llie Ditch!"
"Vou hei: Tie" know ber, «ud Ihey
have ll lu for Jeliks."
Thi Test,
Bi. <i'ii * ' it     meat s mav
win..* I,-.. 1      . 1 tdiia.
Who, whi him ui
And . ' ■
You 1,1
liut really - 1 1 own!
Just Hu Inliriii.ty.
"Wn  Un deaf n •! .Iiiui,  beggar
sngry whin you refused lo glvi him
"I should isy so.
be couldn't spesl"
lit- wn io mad
Never Gn Tell.
Full m n.r « fin of 1 mil ray srwni
t  I. a man of
''I 1  '  I  .'   I good I I'UmeOl
I ■. ■,
I ■  IS »si»n run turo oal
wlih 1
(B f\f\f\ SIWASD still
aSUlVVV b. ..,d i. aif
.*(..,.   alt.    proTM   (hat
Sunl'i-h( Soap i.nl.l.s ass
,r."t , »a ,haitii,a.a or .ur
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^    f.dnol.dull.r.tipn.
is equally good wilh hard or soft wsier,
If you use Sunlight Soap in the Sunlight way (follow directions)      ^
you need not boil nor rub your clothes, snd yet you will get better
results than wilh boiling and hard rubbing in the old-fa hioned way,
As Sunlight Soap contains no injurious chemicals and ii perfectly
pure, lhe mosl delicate fabrics and dainty silks and lacts msy bt
washed without the slightest injury.
LOVO" Brother,  i  '..''• >   Toronto
Your money refundtd
, )SM a*ar
Suni,|hi Soap tl u find any
cause for complaint. .  ..   , ■
' .iii,   Vui
den ti ill p r n p ti r 11   ...
• I   "
kinds "t iin''.''-i"' i ■
1 '
LllitllOl'itil ." '    '. I    tilt j
1 Kimnli   if pm i(i  ""im   :'  !
.  .   '
.     .   '    I '* '.llll IMT llll,
re Rlocl on Co
$700 Cash
i;,n i w
' ... ll.  A,   I'cli
i.i    '
Dm '•'.   i'.     I i
i  'il.;: .1   . . I'
j ui ,".,   .. '.  ■ i pa
■ ■ in' it.
..'.'.'....     ' .  '    ie is
' :
... :als,
I, ;
,:r.'.... .ii
'•' ■
■ii' N ii  . V mcotivor like
':i'     '   'mn in wind r.
II"'    I'l'.n   the.   warm    sunny
V n     uvcr's
.'..I. ,,'. '.
"i. . i' hei
: 'His
■   ■       ■:. the I
phone i ccliati i
to l      "i  ive ither on
I'lnir "i.iv 'i nn i rl ovm
. ' .ii. 11.;.   I" Ji   ini'ir shopping.
'...   think iin' sl' ;an ol    North
. ' . i .■  "p itroui '(•
: ■■   iur town
■.•.'un took in iln
.  .      Wincouvei
 i . .."in wen .   Mr.
. :. Ir, '.'. Ill,
I A   ■ .< 11. Miss  :
.   '  ::. I     Ml
,   ■   .   i Pulp
■ i :.'.  ;  r   lilt'
rs, ■
. .  .,
. '    '
f I
nl„r hii'l      ' .    '
Imt i
I   coil
■I: ' :
■   ■
'.! i {■ 1 ur llie mil on the \
,,, r -'   1  7H F Shut H '" ':i'",V' '■ •"   ) , mid   id  llw*   ler.   ll scums
'■-...j .  .. .....
mi     ■ '.'' ii u -I" ye t'ink of
d       lily fi      ;'':'.   She
"11 ynu i i ilti i      In      i ntl
ile lawn  I'll  ' ive    ou a
, nm A'   "I  was jes' 'b uu
ii   win i she i.ti'ii u i'l'iu'
,viJ my meal, aholdm up
li      tins, when I     ' ■   1 tli.it lim
was on wrong sitle out,
•'i sez, ii Jdy, your hose is on wrong
it," !     sci'i "V ni sluil up
.: ictl de hoi e ol  I   I'."
i      ■'!'..'
'       '.. '     IS    .1
li.' \ "Fader, is 'onesty the
best nl bolicy?"
Father "Veil, not in tho fin
:: urance i esiness, my poy."
I: irbei   "Close shave?"
loitn i    "It will be if I ever
■ ■ out."
Liquor dealer.—"What docs
your father want to do wilh a
lo, ■ ;i buttles oi beer?"
•I le wants the cork i i
.uu.uncut picture framus with",
Mike your wife a present ol
, those nice calling cards
I y '1 nr Exi'Russ,
I'llm Ruskin said, "Advertisin",
is   the   keystone    of    success
What .i lesson for sonic of us.
"You cannot draw blood from n
To get the results v i
,ot to advertise.
wi i an do printing for you
Is, Irom iln cradle to tin
Wi will print the christi n-
■   " notitii .'i'n im*.  youi  '..',' M
tutitms   and
ements,   business    cai Is
, un iii'in.'.l  cards.    11 '
■ don't 1'iint is st,iu "
; 're lithographed.
turn iirst nt
.'!  as  i"
.!' i    I
II    ll
ll ing.
: i
■ I In ip   ' ii-ss ol ilu  hand tl
1   ■: * ' i
i ii.
"a%\ '""'
§ *utt
d si Mel ^
/ have I wen instructed to sell a few
pieces of - and ii acres al prices which.
will insure gntnl profits by subdividing.   These plots are all within 17th St.
The  North  Vancouver Specialist
ini Cordova Street.
Only the best and finest linos kept
in stock, including STEEL BRIGGS',
D.  M.   FERRY'S, and  W.  RANIE'S.
Your Cboics at
McDowell's Drug Store.
Western Corporation, Ltd.
Accountant"., Auditors,     Plumbing nnd iinsnilth-    May,Cottle antlChlckM
Real tst.iie Agents. ln<j, reed
I umber and all kinds of ["iiildinij Material. Contractors and > aluclors.
W,i have on immense amount of Cordwood on hand.   Place your orders with
in. for lhe winter.
412 Hastlnqs Street West, Vancouver, B. C.
Just Arrived .^•^
Large Stock of New Tl.!. and Winter Goods
for Suits, Pants nrni Overcoats,
I JO III   i",s Sl, H. (  m. r stttiiill
l'. Larson, Prop,
ifl bUiLoiNg be sUre Mio HaVe tHe
PL/\ce Wired so /\s to be ready to
connect on oljr wire next spring
B.C. Electric Railway Co. Ltd.
T!F Notary Public. General \iictionrcf
ii)7 (iiriiovti -Siill,  Vancouver, u. t.
, Se Merlin
Donlgner nnil llnllilor ol
Yachts and I. punches
i     l.ooli! Lott's tu
i i tool tlicm sin ttirni I   a
llusi'llsiii rimiiis or prlvnta homo or huys oiitrlglil nil
clni* ii i ol Imih i.'holtl ijootle or bankrupt stocks (or mill.
llu lui* Rome of thf iIiiubI business nnd waterfronl proporty In North
Vancouver. Sue him nl mice il you think olploklng up proporlyin
this si'dtiiui.  11,'wi-,. UU V NOW, and vou will inuko money, :i ::
of nil kinds.
I ■
I I'll't   IlltVl'   I
,' , 1 i
Fug, I ifc ond Row Boats,
Ship Joinery, Spars
and Scows
liftli'factlon OiifiriinU'i'il.
i('i"inii"ii* given on npiillentlon.
Gasoline Ltiunthos o Speciality.
Two Large 80oz Tin* of Jersey Cream
J. 4*. McMILUN


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