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®k Ixprfsa
The municipal council met in
regular session on Wednesday
evening. Reeve A. E. Kealy
presided, and councillors Allen,
Morden and May were present,
councillors Bell being absent.
The telephone company wrote
re proposed arrangements to instal
system. Referred to coucillors
Bell and Morden to make a further
The auditor's report was received and filed.
D. S. Martin et al., petitioned
(or a lamp to be placed at the
corner of Chesterfield and First
street. Referred to Board of
Tenders were opened for work
on Bewicke avenue as follows:
William Snider $870
Askew & Kennedy.... 700
D. McLennan  405
J. T. Tucker  485
Resolved to accept tender of Mr.
Tenders were received for work
at Victoria Park as follows;
Askew & Kennedy..$1800
yuinn & Bressy  1690
Quinn & Bressy's tender was
As only one tender was received
for proposed Second street extension die Board of Works was
niveu power to carry out this
greatly needed work at once.
Mr. Wright called the attention
of the council to the impassable
condition of 1, um lain avenue and
the Keiili road.
It was explained that in a few
days the work at present being
done on Lonsdale avenue would be
completed, aud that immediate
attention would be given to the
other road.
The usual monthly financial reports were submitted by the com-
tniitees and were adopted.
Clerk Philip reported that the
surveys were completed and applications sent to Ottawa for the
street-end frontages as directed.
Councillor Morden reported regarding the best location for the
crushed rock. It was recommended
by the committee that same be
placed on the Esplanade and
Lonsdale avenue.
Resolved that the Board of
Works place 400 yards of rock on
the Esplanade between Lonsdale
and Chesterfield avenues and that
the committee locate where balance
of rock shall be put.
Councillor Morden reported regarding the olfer ol parks ol the
North Vancouver Land & Improve-
inentCoinpany to the municipality.
The Board of Works recommended
that the proposition be laid bclore
the ratepayers by by-law at the
forthcoming municipal elections.
Councillor May reported that the
Medical officer and the Health
committee recommended that Mine
system ol inspection of horses for
glanders was necessary.
The Board of Health was instructed to prepare a by-law on
same and submit it to a special
meeting of the council on Thursday night.
Councillor May reported regarding the application ol Brackman-
Ker that the solicitor advised
that it was competent for the
council to give lease of location at
the wharf as desired. Referred to
councillors May and Allen and the
Reeve with power to act.
Councillor May reported re the
Hancock case aud recommended
that he be sent to the old man's
home at Kamloops. The Health
committee were given full power
to act in the case.
The engineer reported that the
repairs on the Capilano bridge
were completed and that the bridge
men were going at the Lynn creek
bridge at once.
Attention was called to the imperfect lighting at the ferry
Resolved that representations be
made to the ferry and power company regarding the defective lighting of the wharves both at Vancouver and North Vancouver,
which is extremely dangerous for
passengers and certainly not creditable to the service, especially at
the ss. North Vancouver's landing.
In view of the approaching
municipal elections, it was resolved
that nominations and a poll be
taken in the municipal hall, and
that Clerk Alex. Philip act as returning officer. Nominations will
take place on the 8th of January,
and elections on the following
Following it the report of the
health officer lor year 1905, from
September to December ut;
The general sanitary condition
outside the centre of the town is
good, the earth closet system being
in use, and very effective in that
part of the municipality where the
houses are surrounded by plenty
of ground space. With the rapid
increase of population in the centre
of the town the present system of
earth closets is unsatisfactory and
a danger to the public health.
Many of the houses almost completely cover the lot or part ol a
lot 011 which they are built, and
others have only a small back yard
quite useless for the disposal of
refuse, etc., by burying or burning.
The emptying of the buckets is
uncertainly and irregularly done
by no definite person, and where
the heaps of refuse and filth arc
deposited is still more uncertain.
As I told the council at its meeting on October 18th, unless a definite site is provided for the deposit
of all refuse, which should be removed there by the council, the
buckets, etc., will continue to be
emptied on the nearest plot of
ground under cover of the darkness.
Should adrainagc system be soon
installed these recomineudations
still apply to the constantly accumulating heaps of rubbish which
always will collect around business
and dwelling houses.
In my opinion the first and most
important of all questions for the
municipality to consider is the removal of its waste products and
sewerage, without which the continued prosperity and health of the
community is impossible.
IMMCnoUl diseases.
The number ol these has been
small. Two cases ol scarlet levet
have occurred, the source of infection having been probably outside
the district. No other cases have
There is no accommodation for
dangerous infectious diseases, such
as plague, smallpox, cholera, etc.
As these could not be removed
from the district after their discovery, I would recommend that
the   council   should   at  omc set
Plebiscite to be Taken to Definitely Decide the Chief
Questions Relating to Incorporation.—Enthusiastic
Meeting Held Last Night Which Discussed This Issue.
There was a big turnout of ratepayers at the mass meeting held
this (Friday) evening in the municipal hall to further consider the
question of incorporation under
special charter or under the Municipal Clauses act.
Reeve Kealy presided, and opened by announcing that the reason
for the meeting was a petition
signed by 45 ratepayers who had
asked for it, and the incorporation
committee had decided to advertise
and call this meeting. The committee had formed a sub-committee
with a view to getting all possible
information, and tbe result of its
labors in this respect he asked the
clerk to rea,d to the audience.
Mr. Alexander Philip, municipal
clerk, then read the report as follows:
Report of the sub-committee
appointed to interview leading men
as to the respective merits of incorporating under the Municipal
Clauses Act or with Special Charter. The following gentlemen
were interviewed and their views
arc given under:
Mayor Biiscombe—Inclined to
favor no charter, but would be
considerably influenced by Mr. J.
Martin's lugal opinion.
J. \V. Home, Esq.—Decidedly
in favor of charter, in the matter
of loans the charter would enable
the city to get better prices for
debentures, by giving debenture
holders better security.
A. H. B. Macgowan, Esq., M. L.
A.—Inclined to favor no charter,
but if the extra expense of a charter
could be afforded he might alter
bis opinion. This opinion was
based on the probability of an
enlarged and amended Municipal
Act being put through very shortlv.
J. Balfour Ker, Esq.—In favor
of  charter.    Fears  trouble   from
constant alterations to Municipal
Act by rural municipalities.
F. C. Cotton, Esq., M. L. A.-
Favors charter, but thinks there is
a good deal to be said on both sides'
Jas. F. Garden, Esq., M. L. A.—
Favors incorporation under general
act, particularly as the legislature
intends making a new Municipal
Act of greater scope than the pres
ent. Thinks that it is possible
that a charter may be advisable
under the circumstances.
The following written opinions
were also appended:   Mr. Joseph
Martin, K. C, Mr. W. T. Stein,
Mr. S. Gough, city clerk, Nanaimo,
Mr. Gordon E. Corbould, K. C.
Bf.nj. J. Cornish,
A. B. Diplock,
J. J. Wood.
Mr. Clark moved, seconded by
W. 0. Bell, that the whole matter
be referred to the electors at the
forthcoming municipal elections.
A long and interesting discussion
followed, the outcome of which
was the carrying of the following
motion by 57 to 1:
Mr. A. B. Diplock moved, seconded by Mr. D. G. Dick, that a
plebiscite on this question should
be submitted to the ratepayers of
the municipality on Friday next,
December 15th, in which they
should be asked to decide upon
the following points:
First—Whether we incorporate
or not.
Second—If we incorporate, wht -
ther it shall be under special charier or under the general act.
Third—Whether the city be called North Vancouver or Burrard.
Fourth—Whether we accept or
reject the committee's recommendation as lo the division of the debt.
(Fourth clause was afterwards eliminated.)
Meeting then adjourned.
apart a site removed from the present inhahitatcd district, but provided with water and near the harbor
if possible, lor convenience of removal of patients and disposal ot
hospital refuse. Till this is done
absolutely no steps for isolation
can be taken on the discovery of
luch a disease in the town.
Three deaths have occurted, to
my knowledge, in the municipality
during the past three months, and
one birth.
H. Dv-.R,
Medical Officer of Health,
North Vancouver, li. C, December 1st, 1905.
St. Andrew's Church.
Special anniversary services will
be held in St. Andrew's Presbyterian church, Sixth street, North
Vancouver, on Sunday next.
In the morning, at 11 o'clock,
Rev. R. J. Wilson, M. A., of St.
Andrew's church, Vancouver, will
preach. It is hoped a large number will gather lo worship God
under his guidance.
In the evening at 7:30, the pastor
will preach on "The Lord Hath
Done Great Things lor Us, Where-
ol We Are Glad." A special coK
lection on bcliall ol the debt fund
will be taken at both services.
Sunday School at 1:30 p in
Young people's meeting on Wednesday at H p.m.
Pastor, Rev. J. D. Gillam, M.A.
For information about Tuesday
evening sec advt. elsewhere.
New Year's Ball.
The Western Corporation Club
intend holding a New Year's Ball
on January 2, 1906, and already
the committee having the matter
in hand are bard at work. They
have acquiied the pavilion (or
the occasion, and Harpur's
orchestra will supply the music.
Rcfreshnients are to be served at
the conclusion ol the first half of
the well-selected programme.
The following gentlemen comprise
the Committee! F. Adamson, J.
Davis, S. Martin, A. McQuarrie, J,
Blake, J. N. J. Brown, H. C.
Wright, B. Westbrooke and C. B.
Illusion. Messrs Blake and
Brown will officiate as masters ol
ceremonies. The Grand March is
set for H:3o p. m., while a late
boat has been secured for the
transportation of those living over
In the city. Tickets may be had
from Mr. Durston, the secretary,
at the nominal sum of   U   per
Have vou Secured a copy
of The Christmas EXPRMS?
George Nye left for Savonnas
Ferry, where he will spend a week
or two visiting.
Miss L. Nahau, of Moodyville,
returned home from Hatzic, where
ihe had been visiting friends.
Mrs. Renshaw, of Moodyville,
has gone to spend a fortnight with
her daughter at Ferndale,
Thi; Express will be issued on
Thursday next, giving full particulars regarding incorporation.
Mr. D. G. Dick has had a new
front placed in his real estate
office which adds greatly to the
appearance of the building.
Joseph Harmon, of Moodyville,
had the misfortune to have one of
his fingers severed while at his
work this week.
Ex-Reeve Gill is down from the
Squamish on a combined business
and pleasure trip this week, and
naturally paid North Vancouver a
Owing to the public meeting
held in the municipal hall this
(Friday) evening, The Exi-ress
it issued a day late. This enables
a full report of the meeting to be
published elsewhere.
Lynn Valley is admirably adapted for market gardening and small
fruit-raising. Settlers are continually coming in, and it is one of the
most prosperous settlements of the
1 'acific entrepot.
The new flume, which has just
been constructed by the Hastings
Shingle Manufacturing Company,
is i]\ miles long. It connects
Rice lake with the old flume,
above the school house, in Lynn
Valley. Timber will be floated
from Rice lake to Moodyville.
There are at present a large
number of men employed, and the
whole work is expected to be
finished by Christmas.
On Tuesday next, the 12th inst.,
there will be held in St. Andrew's
church, to commemorate the year's
work, a sale, commencing at 3
o'clock p. m. Fancy articles,
suitable for 'Xmas presents, will be
on the counter, and those desiring
to help along a good cause are invited to attend. Supper will be
served from 5 to 7:30 p. m., after
pleasant evening will be spent in
the church. All are welcome.
No admission fee is charged, giving
all an opportunity to join in tlm
anniversary festivities.
Mr.H.Baker, the erstwhile genial
purser in the employ ol the ferry
company has severed his connection therewith and launched
out in the insurance business,
accepting a position with the Home
Life Association of Canada, of
which Mr. J. M. Pike is manager
for B. C, with offices in the Mc-
Kinnon block, Vancouver. It is
Mr. Baker's intention to visit
North Vancouver frequently, in
the interest of the company, and
we leel sure that those who meet
Mr. Itaker will be only too pleased
to assist him.
Alexander Smith k Company is
the name of a new firm that have
I.mm lied out into the real estate
business in this thriving city. Mr.
Smith has a wide experience along
this line, and caters to the public
with a lull knowledge of this particular business. Besides real
estate he handles insurance,
arranges building contracts, and
carries on a general brokerage,
and makes a specialty ol handling
North Vancouver property.
The office ol the new concern ii
situated in the southerly portion of
the Bank block on Lonsdale
North Vancouver is nothing if
not progressive, and the North
Vancouver "Express" is in keeping with its burg. It has just
issued its first Christmas number
and it is a revelation. It consists
of 12 pages printed on paper of the
smoothest and finest quality, and
is filled with engnvings of a very
superior type that breathe the old-
time Christinas spirit The frontispiece is a Madonna-like picture of
a mother and child, and the inside
is filled with good pictures and
good stories. On page 8 is an
admirable engraving of Reeve A.
E. Kealy, and there are about
hall-a-dozen fine pictures of North
Vancouver scenes. This Christmas number is altogether creditable to Mr. George Bartley, the
enterprising Editor of North Vancouver's newsy little journal.
The Christmas number ol the
North Vancouver Express is full
ol bright and racy material. The
frontispiece is a fine drawing of a
mother and child, than which no
more suitable subject could
possibly have been chosen lor
Christmas-time. There are some
fine illustrations, among which
especially worthy of notice are
views of North Vancouver and
some fine prints ol children.
Short stories abound and very good
indeed and infinitely pathetic is the
history ol the little Indian squaw,
written by J. McLean Helliwell.
"Happenings at Christmas" deals
with li.. many events, tragic and
otherwise, which have happened
at that festive scasoi. These include Sir Theodore Martin's exquisite description of the passing
away of the Prince Consort,
tbe Galahad of modern times.
The much-talked-ol Pemberton
meadows are discussed in an
article, entitled, "On Ihe Route ol
the Proposed V., W. & Y."
Altogether a most excellent number.— Colonist.
a sir.N or BETTER times.
Both Mr. George Bartley, editor
and manager ol the North Vancouver Express, and North Vancouver itself deserve congratulations on the splendid appearance
presented by the Christmas number of The Express, just issued.
The Express, like North Vancouver, hat not had a very extended history aa yet; but in its
few months of life it has experienced steady growth, and, if
appearances count for anything, it
is now enjoying the same measure
of prosperity as is its adopted
mother town. With the development of North Vancouver, The
Express will expand; but even
should each succeeding Christmas
see as marked an Improvement in
the paper as have the first few
months of its publication, it is
doubtful if Mr. Bartley, ten years
hence, will look upon his paper in
iti days of greater prosperity and
power with as much satisfaction as
he does now upon the healthy,
robust, infant child of his industry
and ability. The Express and"
North Vancouver are mutually
Complimentary, One advertises
the other and the other, iu return,
supports the first. Thus may they
continue for years, in mutual trust,
esteem and reciprocity. Vancouver
Daily World.
We are iniilinually hearing ol
women's tights, yet not one •void
of women's wrongs.
A Beautiful Premium -given to New Yearly Subscribers during this month and January THE EXPRSS
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ii .■..,,!(   ,„     Sue I a eniirse enuhl only hnvo one
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In   \lii'i',|i en - nu h   i I'm I n eiiiirt
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11 li .'.,'    The    Dnmlnlon    flnvcrn-
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dishes nml :i centerpiece, This gives
nn unusual opportunity lo display rare
embroideries, but Iho line damask
tablecloth is always In good taste,
When luncheon is announced the
hostess asks her friends to follow her
in the dining room without formality.
ip Bcrveil in two bandied
cups, the heavy roast Is omitted generally ami few vegetables an- Bervcd,
'I'lie hostess may serve the salad, the
(lessen aiiil Ihe coffee, although these
are more often served from the side.
At the Informal luncheon tea may
be served by the hostess with the teapot, sugar bowl, cream jug and cups
.nul saucers neatly arranged on a large
tray iiuder a cloth, or the tiny may
he omitted, using only tho cloth. Two
or more courses tuny ho served, nil of
Hie dishes nrrnnged on the table, and
the second course, the sweets and
iikes, placed on side tables,
t'se white corbmcal in the hnlr for a
dry shampoo, It is good for olllness,
The old fashioned mutton tallow skin
food, nuitle sweet wiili Inveiiiler and
creamy with almond oil, Is the best
thing known.
I'" you wish in have your eyebrows
black! If so lightly paint them with
India ink, using a line brush and taking "are thnl the skin beneath is not
I < your skin look shiny In spite of
powdering! This Is because ihe powder will not adhere. To remedy, go
nver ihe face with n little swool aim-
 1 oil, wipe away and then powder.
Warm olive ,,ii massaged into the
skin iu ti rotary inovemciit will if persevered in llll out boll ins. This treatment v, III also help to obliterate mi'i he li'i'.iiiiieiil should he
I lllght
I'l, tore lllllminu lliitla.
Iter framed
win t a mat, Tbe mm oflen detrm is
liy ol       lure iiiste.nl uf
I   . ult s as it does
irs, Ijimlsenpes « Ut n
squire nn
J' II IITOYl   l!  anil IIS sim
; Ie Is i Ible I.) find, while, nil
• ■  h mil, linlil, broadly treated
sulijpi i- rt-i'tilro ti >:i es Ihal are n Ido
nml plain, nnil large       •■
nt Ihelr besl In frames nf ellhct' IT,,r*-ii-
i,i ■ roc " " in I.ling unless Hit y nre
broadly (rented, when a deep, lint
frame of either g tld ur slnhieil w-nml
will serve as ilie lii'sl Imckgrniuiil nnd
.liiiiiu' "in the artistic Ircatni ;.i nf I he
t'lieliil Mriiittliiiia,
Facial eruptions call fur careful hygiene nml sVnslhl" living, Drink pleiily
of water lo keep the kldnc*, -
henllliy coiidlllmi   lim frnll in keep
ih" dlgosth I'gniis in i i'i*   i; iei'i, "
regularly. Kverj nlghi hiitlip ihe rn.-i*
Well Willi a  'I'CI I  lilexln i hr ■ l|
nnd pure on III ip nml warm iraler.
rlliBlng, drying  I  applying eremc
maniiHse, If tho iiimiii", nre i-erj h nl
use gt't'i'ii snail in n leu days hisipiui
Of Hie "llslile mid lull. I, IUH'll  -;..l   u  ih
olutmeui "f /.hi" i". nr ii luii pre
for you enn open Iho pustules mid s t,
r,|,' ilii'ui in a speedy death by applying
A I'rfll)' (iirat'l rover.
One of the simplest and prclllesl of
corsi i covers Is made in round baby
shape, Bllripl) gnlheliil lit the waist
nml around llio shoulder*. The front of
the waist is ninileef n]| iu'er pmlirold-
ery in' small,, lim r or other tlgurcs.
The back Is plain, and so is the inntO'
rial, whleh basques Biilflclcntly below
llio wi: : ' lunlly protect tho cot.
sets from Ami bands which might
soil them. Vii I lnco finishes the garment uroilud UlO nt'i'li nml sleeves,
Oeylon Groen Tea is head and shoulders
above at! Japan teas, because it is all pure
Sold on'y in load packages at
40o, SOc, nntl (iOc p«r Ib. By all Grncort.
II iiii'.".' Av.artl,
St. Louis, 1004.
ii   121 ha!   ■      13 Thlml lur IDO tl ■   ,.
.■   .        ■ i ■      ibo  .C..1 n.i
:, i  1
;. ;...
■   l«, a, H ointl -arti, mal      ll.Ualtn,,      , u .'I,'.,*«nl loi,., and
., .    -.'. MiiiIh'lii.nt l.tv, r w.,,,1,. . i,i.,ii-.il foil
''raai'iit. ol lllilh-rliiaa Jewtillary, ali.,u ,      u. rl In mi II  i.i.
COLD A CO.. llu. 2, thu Watch .,".->' O-lain-i-u Oietcont, Lotitloit, W., til-land,
B. T, P. Will Build Many Hotels on
Railway  Line.
Ollnwn    li   i     repoi'l 'tl   thnl   ni
leasl "12,11110,  uill be sponl  111 Iho
erection of u new Btntlon uud hotel
and in llie providing of terminal facilities lu Ottawa, The hotel will bo
imi up by tho ilrnnil Trunk Pacific
conipauy nnd will be soparato from
the Btntlon, The company will also
erect hotels nl Quebec, Hi,mi real.
Winnipeg, Edmonton and their proposed Pnclljc terminus. Tho cosi of
llio new slnllnn hftd terminal fnclli-
lies will he borno by ilu* (li'innl Tiunk
compiiny, and Ihe Icniis upon which
oilier compnnlos will bo granted
Ihelr use has yet to bo settled,
Minard's  Liniment  Cttres   Diptherla
Clioate Going to Ottawa.
inlaiva -.lose-ill ll. Chitiiie, formerly American nmhussador In London, has writ ton ih" secretnry of tho
I'aniiilinn club,slating thai he will be
In Ottawa during il"1 month of February, visiting Lord (Ircy, and will have
pleasure III ncceptlng Ihe Invilittloii
uf tho i'lnl. in dinner,
Btnto of Ohio, t'e "i l.ili'lii.
I.lli H-I'.llllll'. ...
Kratilt.li Cliunei in ii.'- "niii iimt lie. I. "oninr pnrt-
nor ot I ' l   '   il tt- .1 .'ii., ili'inn liu.l-
11.'.. .li til.. G.ll Ot I'l' Ot, III" 'i'l I Si |t(] Kl'uril
-ml. mil tlnl -in.I Hull "III tm.. tin' -mil nt ONE
nDNUIII I' l't'1.1 His   I   i   ,'i li  mi.I  I) ii-niit
Cit iitti Hint .nun .t bu "I I" il" ,!.• "I llnll'a
e.ii.iirni'iii'.'. Ili.tNK .1. ellllNHV.
Sn.'ui in Mi i        i '" l  ii tn] 11 in'.
Un-'Hia.i.. nt I "Ihii   i n. DM
s,.,l A   ll   III.IMStlN.
Niiliir, l'ntilir.
lliill'-Ciitnrrli Piiro la t-kot, Intornnlly otul ml.
Iiii.iil, mi tli" !•!""! "Jim   ntt, -iiitiiui- ot Ull l-a>
(.■in.   Si ul Im t.-t i  nl. ti"
I   .    i illMl .1 I'll. 1'ilMo. 0.
Sold brill I'ii..' i
Talf Hull'. 1 1) I' 11- Im , I'ti-til'ulion.
When ynu havo onco
Gold  Standard Tea
Because Ils superb flavor will always bring
you back in iho
grocor for
Guaranteed the Best
lib uud Vjlb lead packets 36c, 10c and
>, 50c por lb.
A ci'iisndo for Iho promotion **f temperance is in Ing organized by the
Roman Catholic prelates In Ireland, li
Is claimed Ihe church is trying lo gol
control of the coiinoll of Ihe Gaelic
league, which h ague Is a potonl fnc-
tor in promollng lemiiernnco ns il is
in tlsliihi". ih" commission of natlon-
a oducntlon. The league's aim is the
restoration of the Irish Inngiing i
Minard's  Limment   Cures  Distemper.
During   . season al  i'm
mouth Inui bIcs from Scijt-
land Invado llie lown to assist in the
lini'vpst, I'ari nulh benelll | i 1}
by this Inroad from Scotland, for the
women nu l o cm Hi ul nam'.,, and in-
,-nriii I n  fair  proportion In
ih mi ' ■ r iheir friends In
iho north,
The Keeley Cure
Ash the lawyers, tho physicians, ihe
congressmen,   Ihe   clorgytnen.   .tho
clerks, Ihe booh ftoopers', llio stinted
nieclniiiles  who' havo patronised, us
mnl  you  will  Iind  that the  Koylery
m in   is   till mnl   linn-,'  limn   Is
cliilinpil   for li. nnd   thnl   ii   is' .the
Htch" a drinking man needs to nave,
opei nt,   fatally,  sriul'ty
an I "iiii life ll . li.
Write lodny, now, and gel the nee-
n   I "in It.
133 Osborne St,, Fort Kongo,
ni.'nriiin Sol BS
in In lir. At
.,,',.,■■ . it llr-l hi ,
London liOril Mounl Slpphen hai
rontrlliuieil i".'""1 pounils to tin
iiii'. n's fund for thu unemployed,
e i aning
old Habit
Very many persons die nnnnally
from cholera and kindred Btimmer
complaints, who   mlghl   have   been
jiivcil ii proper ro lies   had   been
tised. If altncked do nol delay In
Rolling a iiniii" "f Dr, J; n. Kellogg's
iiv.senieiv Cordial, Iho medicine thai
ie ie" fails in eii'eei n euro, Those
Who have used It say 11 aels promptly
nml thoroughly subdues tho pain nnd
A Miinllobnii who hisi year    ivenl
Irnpplng,    Is Ihls .ear lo roliirn In
whal  ll"    ' ■ i ' :'  mosl  faseiniillii'..'
in',. |,ii il yi nr Tlm... Lee, uf Minna
,l,i,,i. i.e." lilt r Willi his lii'ulher. sol
i "i |,y iln ■ lennv 20.0 mllos noi'ih "f
U i" . ul, Bnsl liei'P ih",*' captured
no less than 2r,2 skins In Ihe short
spneo "f Ihree inonlhs, The proceods
t" "i , ' ■ .el as ihey nr" slnrtlng
nnrllnr his \ 'iiv, together' with two
oilio" Men : iln iiai'iy are looking
fnnvni"! io n money making expedition,   'ITi's yenr th"..' will pitch Ihelr
i in ai M. ' M.inini.'v river, trlhutnry
ui' ilip \'A"ii river, flows. Into the
Hudson Day
The old cold goes; a new one
quickly comes. It's the story
of a weak throat, weak lungs,
a tendency to consumption.
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral
breaks up the takine-cold
habit. It strengthens, soothes,
heals. Ask your doctorabout !t.
"I h.itatorrlliloroltl.anrt RBthlBKNlllTtal
nm. I tried Ayor'i cli-n, I -. ■ ,t and It
|irum|itl- limko ,i|i In, colli. atoHK',1 mr
,-nii|tli,mill ra.,,1 pvet. [.art nt luJbiKly.   II
llli] wi.ii.!.tIuI work (ur tup" ',1 u I.,' 11.,.
y Mk'.ii'.miijjv
mm viqob.
Koeptho iiowei.i ri-KUlar with Ayer't
Pills, lust  one  pill   each  night.
With Hie exception of the fulls of
1002 nnd i in > I. the Assinlbotne river
has nol been linen as Into ns It litis
tills year, siuee 1880. Tho year I'"1!
holds the record, tho river not freezing over until Hie 20th of November.
Sk|n iti.iii'li.
A strong blench (or tho skin Is mndo
of fresh ciiinimlipr Juice bollod live
minute's, and for every Ore ounces of
Julc.i uild 175 grnhis of pulverized
t"'l i, i "i ami one-half ounces of i ne-
tun1 of qtilllnjn, four drains of tlnclnro
ol luii.' i.ti mid on" I'.m of ros* wn r,
Mix thoroughly and apply two or
iln"" times a dny to tho »ltln until
■' .Alain IS h'Diovi'd.
I     i (•] ll'iullS I'lirl'l;.''.     i|i|i,1K-llil|u anil stli.-lviii;;.
Kviiienibi r llu n '■■ no oilier " jual ns Rnod " -in-
t on ei. itiui! KniuiiT.
Pacific   Bottllns  NA/ork;
Vanoanivci*, B. C.
rMMPfiiiKa,! iiH*iiTag|gi:i.y. I'll i, III il 7i 'i is Iff '■'■'" '■' ■■'
__!_._ /
THE EXPRESS     I spell of the far north For 33 Years
Dodd's Kidney Pills Cured Airs.
Adiuiis' Brlght'S Disease.
She Did Not Believe in Them, but To-
Dny She is Strong and Well.     ..
Colllngwood,Onl , Nov,28, (Special)
— Mrs. Thus. Ailiinis, who moveil here
iilitiui two years ago from iiurk's
Falls, I   ono "I  in" many Canadians
wli,  i ml  llriglit'; IH lense    and
are i md ""ll    1.11(0 all Iho
others     - ' Dodd's Kid
noy  I'llls.
"I ii    'i' i ilhs   an   Invalid,"
sa... Allan -. ' ami en one can
toll ivl  Mi 'ni' ri '1    ih doctor saitl
1 hmi might's I a"" .nil    Seialiea,
Imi l ■ "i an relief from anything he
gave ni" Ai Insl a friend of my
husband Induced nn' lo give Dodd's
Rhino. I'llls a trial. I had no fnlili
In them, im' I Ihonghl I novor would
gei boner. Iiiii after taking three
of lb.mi I was alii" in do my work I
hat" Iind good heullll ever siuee I
usod 11 idd's Kidney Pills."
The Novomhor number of the Colo-
Izer, published in London, England,
has the following, which is extremely
Interesting owing to ihe fuel that H
niii'i'iiii's probably ihe last deed in Um
long iitnl plensun! history of ihe hue
Dr. llninaril.i: A further party of
boys :iii,i girls from Hie late Dr. Bar-
nttrdo's homes (iho nfth of the pre-
Benl your) lofi Paddlngton early iu
October for Liverpool on their way
in Cannda, The party Included 01
hoys and ss ui]|s, who represented
six of ihe different homes ami ngen-
eles of ihe Institutions; L'S older lads,
regni'ded as a portion of ihe same
party, hit lasl week, so Ihal HiIb autumn pnrty of emigrants numbered
207 in nil. All had been originally
selected by Dr. Bnrnnrdo before his
llnal illness, nn,| Hie arrangements
wore tun,!,' under his supervision.
The total number of emigrants Bent
mil by the homes Is now brought up
In 17,471. Dr. Bnrnnrdo claimed, iiii
ihe Btrength of ofBclnl siaiisiies from
lite Dominion, thai 11854 per pent of
his hoys and girls hail proved sue-
cossful when placed out hey,nul the
seas. Each emigrant eosis jm for
traveling .mini and ocenn expenses.
London, Lord Mount Stephen has
contributed 1i».nnn pounds to tho
Queen's fund for ihe unemployed.
Minnrd's Liniment Cures Colds, etc.
There will he 53 Sundays in
year, an occurrence Ihal will
happen again for no years,
$5,000 PSR-I
■.in who prove! that
sunlight St<ip t.'iitiini my
injurimii hrmict.li or iny
luiinof ail ull tut ioo.
is a perfect cleaner and will
not injure anything.
Best for all household pur-
poses, Sunlight Soap's super
iority is most conspicuous in
the washing of clothes.
Common soaps destroy
the painted or varnished
surfaces of woodwork and
take the color out of clothes.
Even the daintiest linen
or lace, or the most delicate
colors may be safely washed
wilh Sunlight Soap in the
Sunlight way (follow directions).
Equally good with hard
or soft water.
Tour money refunded by the dc.ltr
ftotn wham you buy Sunlight Soap if you
find any uuic for complaint.
Lever RriithfM I.anile! Teronlo
Men Who Love It For Its Solitude and
Its Perils—Volunteers For
Dangerous  Duties.
What is there In the atmosphere of
the northern wllda which makes men
who have once lived Ihere anxiuiis to|
return? It Is eusy io understand Hi"
attraction which draws people to iln
Yulion nml lo Alaska. There is gold
lo be found, mul Hi" possibility of making n. lucky strike which will enable
tlie prospector to return to civilization
and spend Hi" rest "f his days In affluent'". Hut there Is no such motive
In tho ease uf the men uf the Royal
Northwest Mounted Police. Two thousand miles northward Irom Ed aton,
at th" junction "f h" Mackenzie ami
r,ei Rivi i", tin i" has been establl bed
ii Mounted Police post, on Horschell
Island, eighty mil"- "in l" Beaufort
Sea, Is [mother. Away lo Hi" eo ird
on ihe western const of Hudson Hay Is
a third, Ami, perched mi Hi" promontory ai rai Iddlcy, nlmosl tho mosl
northerly point or Labrador, the Mouni -
"il Polio man keeps vigil ovor Hudson
Straits. Ai Hi's., points the Union .la"'.,
(lies and the saute routine enacted as
though ih" tin it were at home In their
comfortable barracks at Reglna. There
is patrol work to he done, order in I"
maintained among the bands of Eslil-
mos nnd the oreWB "f whalers, duty to
bo collected from new arrivals In bringing in supplies, arms lo be Inspected,
meat nnd Hall lo be shot, trapped or
caught, nnil numerous oilier duties to
be performed.
In  Solitude Sublime.
But the summer Is short and for a
greater part of the year leaden skies
frown over dreary solitudes of snow and
Ice. During Ihls time the cold Is Intense, sufllclent, ono would think, to
cnngeal the very life blood of human
beings. Tho Eskimos do not mind It
In tho least. Tbey are clothed from
head to foot In furs, and their bee-
htve-shnpt'd huts of Ice blocks nre not
as comfortless as tbey seem. Besides,
the Eskimos know no other life lhan
this, nnd their Imagination Is not sufficiently strong to conjure up the comforts and pleasures of civilization. But
with the Mounted Police it Is different.
They are men of good education and
Intelligence, fond of the company of
their fellows, und appreciative of the
good things which modern civilization
has brought within the rench of all
who dwell In the centres o[ population.
When the bitter Arctic blasts sweep
over frozen wastes, nnd the lundscape
Is blotted out wlih swirling snow-mists,
when In place of Ihe rumble of trains
nnd the whirl of the trolley cars, the
lonely watchers hear nothing but the
sob of tbe wind and the howl of the
wolf, do they never become oppressed
Willi tho loneliness nnd desolation of
their lot? Perhaps Ihey do, and It Is
doubtless true thai some who have had
two years of this life never want to
experience It again. But thero nre
others who have tasted life In Iho far
north nnd once away from It are never
happy until they return.
A Horo of the North,
Sergt Fitzgerald Is an example of Ihe
man who bus got the .northern fever.
This olllcer Is only 38 years of age,
yet ho has seen more service In the
north than many an Arcllc explorer.
He went with Superintendent Moooie in
Iho long overland tramp from Edmonton to the Yukon. It was a journey
of terrible Boverlly and of tearful
hardships, and experienced men of the
Geological Survey predicted lhat flic
pollco would never ,'merge from It
nllve. The prediction was falsified,
Moodie and his men did come out safe
at Dawson tn due course without the
loss of a single man. Sergt. Fitzgerald's next ureal Journey was the trip
north to Port Mcl'herson and 11,r-
sihill Island with Superintendent
Moodie. Mounted Police posts were
established by Moodie, and Fitzgerald
was left in charge. He remained there
fur two or thru- years, raised tho British Hag, collected duty from the San
Francisco sealing captains, punish ii
Infractions of law among the natives,
and did his best to stamp out the debauching of Eskimos by mariners from
the Qolden Horn, which hn,l been Ruing on for sotue years. It was Bcrgt
Fitzgerald's Brat greal position of responsibility, and he proved thoroughly equal lo it. An unwise word or an
Indiscreet act might have caused serious embarrassment to the Qovorn-
inenL Hut Sergt Fitzgerald proved
himself to be a thorough diplomat, and
displayed a tact and discretion which
wen for him tho warm commendation
of his superior officers, Of the work
I performed during llio lime ho was In
charge nt Herschelj Island nnd Fori
MePheisoii. Sergt, Pltsgcrald kept
Commissioner Perry fully informed. He
I Is a very observant man, and bis reports nro bit, resting and concise. He
li now at Reglna, the command nt
i Horschell Island and Fort Mcl'herson
' having been entrusted to a coiniiiis-
1 sloned olllcer, upon whom the powers
nf a Justice of the peace have been um.
Sergt. Fltigerald has volunteered in
1 go wlth'n party from Dawson across Hie
IUvhlc lo Fort Mel'h, rson. nnd It Is
likely that his wishes will bo met during the coming wlntor. H" Joined the
fore in Iks'., mid comes from Halifax,
where his parents rei Idc, He Is a fine
example ,.f the ielf-ri llant, rciourcoful,
courageous Canadian.
Another of the Same.
Another Mounted Policeman who Is
fond of life In the north Is Cons able
Rowley, ii" conceived a fondness for
Ihe wilds while on ihe expedition Ihnt
went from I'n. "it across the mountains io Fort Mcl'herson and returned
by the same way. Lately Rowley was
in Ottawa and called upon Ucut.-Col,
While, Commissioner of the Mounted
' police. The former expressed n liking
, f,,r ihe cool brcexes ot the Arctic,
"Would you hk" l„ go up lo Hudson
Hay In tit" Ni i tui •■."' nut tl"i the con-
irolli r
"Yes, sir; you bet," wan the prompt
"All right, you shnll go," r, piled
Lieut.-fnl. White, f.nd Constable Rowley Is now on in. Ni |,iim.. speeding fur
llutl"'ii Hay. where he will spend a
couple of winters.
Whenever men are needeH f"r per-
vice In the north volunteers are called
for. And It is o greal tribute to tha
character of the mi a in ihe Royal
Northwest Mounted Police that volun-
tei rs nre never wanting,
Tho Inventor of the tide table never
sow tho sea In Ills life,
Thi re havi been 310 statues of the
Kaiser erected In Germany to iluto.
Shiloh'i Consumption Cure, the Lur,"
Tonic, hai been before the public, ana
this, together with the [act thai it, tale,
have steadily incieaaed yea, by yea,, ia the
beat prooi oi die meiit ol
as a cure (or Cougin, Cold*, and all
disease! of the lungs and ait passages.
Those who have used Shiloh would nni
be without it. 'I hose who have never
used it should know that every bottle ii
sold wilh a positive guarantee that, if it
doesn't cuie'you, the dealer will refund
what you paid for it.   Shibh
Has Cured
thousands of the most obstinate uses of
Coughs, Coldi and Lung doublet, Let it
cure you.
"Lnit witilrr I coujlied for th;« moillit iiki
tlinuiifit I wni Bninj into Ctiniumpliatl, I took lil
tofli of mnl if 111 n, Uit noil,ma uk! ma iny acwl
until I iiKil Shilofli ConiumptloQ Cina. Four
U'lllrtaimlirie, 'fl.il winter I lud »very 1*1
tcM. \m not nl'le to tpenlc, my lun-fi veto tote
on iii- tide and Uck. Six Unlet oi ShiloK mulr
me well again. 1 line uircn it Id tevwil I*»p!o
md evny (-no nl tliem Wo been emeu.—D.
joieph, St. Hyacintlie, Om," foi
2V   with   gmranle*   al  all  dfUMflrtl
Tho head olllei s.of Iho C. P. It, arc
iHSl   III     ivi'iin;   of  11   einsi   111
highly finished hoiililets, from the
company's agent in Japan, giving nn
ii'i'iiiini nf Unroll Komiit'a's return
iv,,in ibis country to his native land.
Th" nrllclcs conlniued were taken
from tho Japan Gazette, published In
Yokohama, and advance Iho Idea thai
Ihe pence plenipotentiary In choosing
iho Canadian route across ihis contl-
ii"iii was diplomatic, in view of tho
Vnglo-Jnpanoso alliance, which was
made while ho was stlil In America,
Th" booklets also give a description
nf tho baron's arrival in Japan on the
('. P, R, It. M. S, Empress of India.
A Pleasanl Medicine.—There are
some pills which hav,' no other purpose evidently than to beget pnluful
init'i'iial disturbances in the patient,
adding to his troubles and perplexities rather than diminishing them,
Ono mighl as well swallow sumo corrosive material, Parmelee's Vegetable Pills hai',' nol ibis disagreeable
and Injurious property, Thoy are easy
ui mho, are nni unpleasant n uie
taste, nnd their action Is mild u.d
soothing. A trial will prove ibis. They
offer pence to iho dyspeptic.
Joseph Ritchie, of Winnipeg, has
sei'iiri'il a patent for a wind slacker
fin- threshing machines,
Catarrh anil Colds Relieved in IO to 60
Minutes. One-linrtnuB „l the breath tltraueb
llii- Mower .lipi'llwl allh -tier, Imltlr, "f l»r. Aimo*"',
t'iii.HTlr,! I'.iii.Iii .111  iti,. I,,-,. Ip, nver llu- it„-"l
I"-': i'-    I'.iinl,'--nml ili'lik-Iilliil In ii-''.   1, r-lii'"'.
in.tiintl, I i.ttiiiuii'iitl. .ui it,itili. Im. lever,
i'he, ttore tliroat, loti.tlltla nnd dtia'titM-i
,'""<,n..  II
Aii nccldenl befell Governor Me-
I mils, nf Yukon, while nt Dominion
Creek, Inspecting mini's. In crossing
nn elevated roadway their rig was
upsei and all were precipitated Into
the snow, tho horses running away
and smashing the slelgliB,
Find New Health Through the Use of
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills.
When you Bee n young girl pale and
idling ,i ul wasting away, yuu know
thai budding womanhood is   milking
ands upon her blood supply
cm i ■■        '    Month after
.■ In illli   I  r strati :'ii.   h'T
li g drained   ivay.   N"
un  caii*  rn
ninn ■
less decline.    N li    nn
nun i
i'lii'"i'i'nl. . girl,     \ti,i |lr
Williams r
iVi :        ■
nl how they have
, i.
t, living
•  i
Hi, Wli-
I';'      n    ll \ niupln
'   ilniusl   '     '
'   i "'"ihl hardly
"   iihniit,   l snifi'ivil in,in |
1   ii   ' ■ l
mul   my
■ li "■     ' i onl''
oxortlini ivniild h'av"    mo
"■'i mil    ml 1      III        mil I did
iponi  In       '      drop nl     I
ilood in my body. I consulted a
'I,,et,ii' who i,,],| nn' the trouble was
■ nernl dohlllty,, bul his treatment
did not heln mo a particle. To add
" the trouble my norves gave way,
nnd I often passed Bleeploss nights.
\t ihis Rtnge a friend advised me to
i it Dr. Williams' Pink Pills, nnd 1
gol a few boxes. The fit-si bonefll I
noticed from the use of iho pills was
an Improved appeillo, nnd ihis Beem-
ed in bring much relief. I continued
Inking Ihe pills until I bad used six
boxes, when 1 was fully restored to
health, nnd I hav nol had a dnv's
Illness since. 1 cnnnol prnlso Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills enough for iho
greal good they hnvo done me."
A Mil" anaemic person needs only
ono thing—now blood. Dr, Williams'
l'ink .Pills do one thing only—they
make new blood. Thnl Is all they
do, bul ihey do ii well, Thev don'l
no! nil Iho bowels. Tbey don'l bother
with mere symptoms, They won't
euro any disease thai isn'l caused or-
Iglnnllv from bad blood, lint when
llr. Wlllhnns' Pink Pills replace bad
blond with gond blond Ihey slrlko
Btrnlghl ai the mnl and ranse ,,f all
I'titiiii'ini diseases like headaches, side-
aches, backaches, kidney trouble,
liver complaint, biliousness, Indigestion, nnnomin, neuralgia, Bclatlea,
locomotor ataxia nnd the Bpeclnl secret troubles thnt every woman
knows but ihal none of them like in
iall; about, oven to their doctors,
lim you must have the genuine pills
or you ean'i be cured, nnd the genuine niwnvs have the full name, "Dr.
Williams'' Pink Pills for Pale People," mi ihe wrapper around Hie box.
Sold by all medicine dealers or Benl
direct by iiuill al BO cents a box or
tlx boxes for $2.60 by writing the
Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brook-
ville, (Int.
STOMACH.  Thi. lawllr loo ofln the can. So
ttiiiio iii.ii.i-ii,,. iiii.irniii. tmrl'iirlitiu In iiitii. In iti.
-ml iln thu |u,,i, nl Immcn-p!) mom linrm than u","l.
ia. Vmi stun'- l'ii„.i,ii|.li''r„i,l,.,- area t   11) iotr-1
,1 li'I'l'li-iu liri'liout  n-liiitmli-- u. milk.     Um,
Bit,., ,i t ii. |,„ .it- ,in, .1 ■..,.!, r nf tin. illgoallve
irunna,        . ■ ■
Figures for October 700 Larger Than
for Same Month Last Yenr,
Ottawa. — Homestead   entries   for
Ihe month of October nre Too i 'o
than for ih" Bnmo month lasl year,
hi Increase of over 300 al
Hattli ford and over 100 al Reglna.
Tho total number ,.f entries for the
month are 2,706 ns agnlnsl 2,008 (or
October hisi year.
1   wns   cured   of   a severe oold by
Oxford, X.S,      ll. P, HEWSON,
I was cured of n terrible sprain by
FRED cnri.soN.
Yarmouth, N.S, Y.A.A.O.
I was cured of Black Erysipelas by
Inglesvllle,       J. w, RUDDLES,
. Mayor Cowan, of Prineo Albert,
turned llie lirst s..d of the no* water
works syslt'in a  few days ago,
Orcnl Things From l.nile Causes
draw, li takes very little to dorange
ihe Inmach, The cause may be
slight, a cold, stun,'thing eaten or
drunk, nnxlety, worn', or some nthor
simple cnuse. lim If precautions bo
nni taken, Ihls simple cnuse may hnvo
most si'iitnis consequences. Many n
rlirnnlcnlly dohllltated constitution
.".lav ,,«', i Us d' Btruetlon to Blmple
' nu i ■ nni th'iili wiili in time. Keep
ih" digestive apparatus In hoalthy
condition and nil will ho well,   Pm
melee's Vogotublo   Pills   are   I	
lhan nny oilier for Iho purpose,
Montreal is i. have n hnnkiac
house opon i.il dny nnd night
&, PILLS /
To make the best Bread
you must have the
i    .   n
best Fl
When the dough is flat, sour, heavy,
will not rise,—when the bread is
soggy, tasteless, indigestible—then
you nave cheap and inferior fionr.
You may use pure fresh yeast,
faithfully adhere to the old-time successful bread making traditions, the
methods usually successful—but the
baking turns out badly—simply
because you have not used the right
kind of flour.
Royal Household Flour is purified
aad sterilized by electricity, it is therefore uniformly pure and wholesome.
And because it is thoroughly purified
it will yield a sweet, wholesome, light
sponge that will bake into flaky, deli-    ..,
ciously flavored, nourishing bread or   In
pastry. 'w
It is really the only absolutely pure
flour you can get
Guaranteed by its makers and
Ogilvie't Royal Household Flour.
Tbe Haiter Painter, llie Ken s,„.:.-nI
ami n rrii«-tloiil Joke,
,\ number nf yenra ago n poverty
Rtrli'lion  painter,  nil  tannins  mnl
prosperous, went to Purls from a,.unify village an.I entered the MinHo of
(icrome nl Ihe Eeole ,l■■- 11 mix Arts.
The now BtJdciil's llrsl day I'hiuii "'I lo
In- "criticism tluy." nnd il I.ler -in-
dents, llmllng Ihi'insolvoH rlniilul oul
of their customs ., buUti roin. Iinzluu
by this clrcuniHti ncc, re ilveil ;" have
their run in i'i ii,
Accoi r 1.1.1k  llie  a i    ■
aside uml I ■ nil upon him in llie
:  ' ■ [I'lcmllj and - ■ Im-
Hon "i 	
when he crllh'lst'il Ills work. In. "ihIii-
lOIIS III lll'Sl, III" I'llll '".  I" 'III I"
 iiivliieeil nnd in"ni si 'I i ■ 'l i
il"- pr i| "!■ llilug,  ii si
tin.ill llnil he nwnltnl lib Uu
ill ""it ',"1 mis i*tj    rhlcli ih isi' In
ihe plot  rein he ',  ki ■   I,     B li a  bis
turn ,-i h" , uiviiisi' i ii-" rn un i.y
Hll|ipiim a hull : "' pro-
fessur's hiiiid,
Uf ie tvus iiiii fiiiulliiir wiili Hie
practical lokes "f the llcaux Arts u tl
In eniiipt'ehenil tbc sill iilliin mi I liml
much nilo lo keep Ills i nleiiiiin e, lie
.ti". ceded, linn v ot, mi I hlurtei] out
Willi iii" iirnlTiieiM wI,iih he astumed
so nilnilriibl) i
"Uh'ii docs ihi> meiiiil You'll do
ivell lo "tui'' i" see ni" some line tuoru-
iin.' and Btralghteii this Ihlnu oui."
The liellilili'i'i-l pupil inli'liHi'teil llie
admonition literally and presented blm-
self ni (Jerome's private studio two
days Inter. Gcromo received him llko
a fllllll'f, leil lllUI "II tO ' (fill his lie*-
tit ii ■ [on nml to Ullburili'li himself of Ins
h'l'i's and fears, nave him r I coun.
dol aiiil i" lorctl I" III III In ■ half franc
plcco iii Hi" form of n twenty franc
Colli ploco,
V. .,1-
ntl , ■, : iv,   Hu
, ■ .
anil walk hi in up nml down ll •
tliii'liu: the nli I,'   Tin   hnbj  t rli ■ In
II   i    mil Is
'..'i ,. Iin ilomool Utile
nml ft vcrl h,   R.
lllll     '     ;
:' nml li  li
I   I,
Dwn Tnlil
■ i
ii'iiiti.    Din    ' .■ ■
una Irn
«■ , con Hi h -I n
and iva I i
hltn llnby's
found   :l ■
Vn'l   ,
from   '. or I
I- ,1, Ol
If it is a Question of Warmth use :
It Retains Heat and Keeps Out Cold.
Write for Samples and Prices
TEES & PERSSE, Limited, Agents, Winnipeg.
Bin Fox Rnii
li, ik <l It  % i. m.M Halt -f ll . r--t. if* •«!
ft IMh'..'- : ll * Mi. I "ti ■!• im* t ftw     h",b M
• tht *w i»»..r k,i,i* ufut* The "»1; r**** *• <u
ill rt t" *l. U it i ti •■ wnriptl M iWh* um»«m
i    •        ,  !•■] i|. *.*> n li. U,<> i.ruMf «M i I Uv**»
kMltt II  i It     IU   hud   ll   ll   Ib'M   I'M    KMItl
t Ihi it Bi.it .lite i.u'i>,iMi i ,• r i tm.
nr, mk.1 m»ir ,itt  iti«•mh.i-.i-tvi- *i, iim4«iu
1 • mt. MUtl ul ft i.-d >ttMKt*ilMl » a 11111 M.JJ
ii it.' I :■*! i y», h*i ki Uil* i t r i u* Mm
1- (•*'*• i, |,iih i*it. ut-l r*fnr-.ftpl1l*.>iwf J rt
.-   I'tp r i^^*i,Ji44nftfc^tiJ),iu4«*.»iJlt»*l1
i,). : i m i ,1
Picture Post-Cards
tof lil 1 ■    *"«   Itr'il ,•■ • i  TWTIflM UfHtt*
• ■i*4-l     ll It*  lif, ».| M I ll» Ml   I'l       rt-t-a.lt,
>' |* tn iit ->u-a*t-t*4>"I WM I" ll» —" *• ift-l
i   I .   HWi*. I      \    ■ ■ i  ■   t t     '    kfl iftth* t*.l
■■.•    .1 - I       I  il-lWt, l*»,*»Wi'l».(IMK--1I
• I II. ir»IB»tl,l*l,ll»*ll"l ' ' MaaW »-'»•
I    .Uf       %      '•    -      .     ,   ,-   |     "   |   '    ■   I      '    '»   I**'  >  »•   I
i*.iilitiui tnttt,'- I    U T-<r*it*
- Jm -
Made to Fit
Made to Wear
You will ntvit h.ive Coi
ind  w-.iiina  Quilltln in
your Working Clothet until you wear
"King of the R6fld" Br.-iml
w  rt  i     ..j. eai
he llio .Iin I.. ii.i.liialinn
in Mid ling vlvrr-pl.il-d
tableware   .m,! dim
beauty In d
PUtl   ft,,in   lli.itiii'nd
III      | i'llll   I.I. I': V   |'f.K-
,. - ', ■. ' i|., Ar
ill ita, rllr. I l„illi •- la
ilui.iliiitly mnl irtUlll
For $3,00 we will nnd
pi, paid .mo don
ipponi in .1 favored Old
r.,     li pntlorn,
—-    MITI —
I I 1.1 18 V.lMil'. UT,
TOUONTO   •  "Ml". TVJ:
North Vancouver
Real Estate
We devote ourselves exclusively
lo Nortli Vancouver property, and
are in close touch with the market
Wc Clin give you you.l value loi
your mom y.
Write to us and we will give
you any information you may wish,
D. S. Martin
Designer and llulklurof
Yachts and Launches
„l nil kinds.
Just Opened
Branch office ot the Interstate Inir„-
duclng Society.
Matrimonial Register, 10c.
1'. u. Box E690, Vancouver, li. C,
M. A. Russell
The Lb-to-date Grocer
Complete line ol
Groceries, Tobaccos
lit. Ivi,., I.i-i I onidtlc Ave,,
Norlb Vancouver
Lots for Sale
50,60,66x132 ft.
Irom IMt tn SHO per lot.
2 Acre Block on Corner
fronting Lonsdale Ave.,
$700 Cash.
Sixth St., North Vancouver.
Tuesday, lath inst,
A splendid opportunity for
purchasing Xinas presents,
SUPPER FROM 5107:31. P. M.
C   d meat, warm tea, hearty
'■ .come.        Ailnlls,     23c.
children,  13c.    A pleasant
evening   tu   all who come.
No charge for admission in
the church.
For your Fall und Winter Suits go
to Fongoitn's, First-Class Toilers,
too Hastings St. A'., Vancouver,
1.1    that application uill
Tug, Life and liow Boats,
Ship Joinery, Spars
and Scows
Queens & Lonsdale
Satisfaction Guaranl 1.
Quotations given mi application.
Gasoline launches ,1 Specialty,
North Vancouver
Ferry and Power
for sale:.
Hull interest iu 11 iinnd-paying li-li
llusincss in Vancouver tixcellonl
reasons d.r  Belling.   Splendid  oppor-
'unity lor un Investment ,ii 1 lerate
proportion!.   Well Ntiblii.lieH   trade
Connection*, etc,   Apply in tiritini:.
Box 010, E.wwaii Olllee.
Nurlli Vancouver, 11. C.
CC      SI. (itORG
*lij.   N0R1II VAM
Pacific Wood
lint Hr Cordwood, III ami 12 in, |3.00
|mt li.ii.l.
lint Alder and I'ir, mixed, Wand 12 In,
\'i 78 per load,
Beat Hr Cordwood, 1 ft, M.78 jmt load
Beat Alder Cord-rood I It.fl.OO perlnr.il
1565 Westminster Ave.   I'l  Iiiii
Real Estate, Mining,Insurance,
Loans,  Farms,  Etc,
Timber Limits.
I.k.ivk Vamiii-vkii:
01,0.601 ,v 11, 8,0.10, 10 in, 11 10,
ii. in; 12.18, 1,18, 2.18, « 18, 1.18,
4.18,(1.18, it, ".16, s.l'., '.' l.V, 10.16,
1111,111.88 1 p. in,
I.K'vi; NniiTil V.isrm'VKtt:
0.20 I, 7.SO 1, B.80, 0.30 10.40 iv,
11.110 11. in; 18.40, 1.40, 2.40, ll.lu,
4.111. 8.40, U.4U, 7.4(1, S.4U, 0,40 IV
ami 11.lllll p, 111.
7.in a in. and 0.48 p. in. dally, ox-
repl Siiinliii'H.  ii.45 p, 111. (only  on
I'.M'I.ANAIIuN-i t  ,,11  Bun-
Lu-.   11,   calll   ill   Mnmlyvilli).   iv,
,  :i "it MiinlaiH.
(-1 il"VKit ink,- llio ii mnl 0,80 11. in.
Ulltl tli,.., l'i In II ',.'. n, in. .-uilini!", nml
tho KB, ST UKOKUE-.il tlioothera,
rum Tm; tiiu.k ivnlxcT  to  citAXai
Sailing* i" Lonmlale (Jardena are
dlaruntiuued until lurtlior noilco.
Property f..r sale nil over the City
Suburbs and North Vancouver.
Olfice: 404 Granville St.
Vancouver, B C
Mrs. M.uy Anderson, ol Onto-
•i" '.ni. Mich . desires to learn the
whereabouts ..I   her   son   Frank
V ll     Mi- was lasl 111 ..rd   frnni  111
Spring Grove, Idaho, Inst Decern-
In Information leading to Iii**
A, 1. al outs mil be thankfully re
ccivi ■! and rewarded,
Roman Art
Kot  repl luni nn m anj
material, wn 1
ami I'ir r,'tii"
Ing,  liy nu    .'■■■     Ihi nli ' ' il, il,
Mi;  liOltl KTKNAI 1.
lllll ■ Miutil
Vi it  •  II .
An, |,r,|,.,r,,| Intake up Ix-nkkceplng
■    I lior.mgbly I'onvcrminl ami
■ nil -v-i"ina   Appli hy mail,
Care lAini:--' I)I'll'K.
$100 1
Bm,* LOTS In
North Vancouver
Boi n"» .111.1 llVt Mni.ri,.
"Iptlm* v.111 ^^-* bit* IncrUM
In Ih*   inlur ,.f   Ihrsf  Inl*
it-in Km i* ■■■ li • m ■"
Fraser & Gibbons
Hi (ordri.«M.» A-,,, na.fr. S.I
Bfiti-I ,,1*1 -     •'   lim
'xzJ.j.j~J~.    ——-    ''
Chrislimis Novelties
I haveaCnntpl. tc Line of Garni i
and M" hanii ai I'oysloi the Child
,. 11    Alio., I.ui. "i I'.im * I "ll.11 .
I  Handkcrchiels lot the
1 nn■ Minis 11 ...I.     Wc can show
ni In ii-1 in.iti wc .nn 1. il you in
1 ■' •
I In I ittl, Ston isOvei Stocked
iristuias Bargains,
I iry (tooda
1 [ousee to Rent
call on W.P.Hogg
two ii"im '*>'i his it'i'ii)''**.
J3T Ve Ne Hike Doling,
jl.1 llnil application uill bo made to
tlie laOtflslatlvo Assembly ..1 llritisli
Columbia 111 Its next session for tin Act
to incorporate tlm inhabitants ol ihe
tract „f Inn,I in the Vaucouvor District,
comprising th.1 following lots, nnuioly:
Two iniiuiri'tl ami Bixiy-llve (11118), Two
hundred and seventy-one (l'71|, Two
hundred and Buveuty-foiir (-74), Five
hundred and lorly-iour (644). File liun-
drud and forty-live (848!, five hundred
and forty-six (iiltij, I'ivo hundred mid
forty-seven l,')47), five liuudred and
forty-eight (548), I'ivo hundred and
forty-nine I64U), I'ivo hundnil uud
lifiy t'iou., llio easterly portion of Five
hundred and lifty-two lo.'..), being tin*
portion lying t<, tin' nortli of said lol
T110 hundred and sixty-five 1-U6), mnl
containing about Ono hundred nml fifty
(16UJ acres, aud lot Six hundred aud
sixteen iiiHi), In (iroii|> One 111 Now
IVi-stniiiister (now Vancouver) District,
now forming part oi the Municipality ol
the District of North Vancouver, ami
tlic portion of lot Tim hundred ami
seventy-two I272j (known us Moody-
1 illc;, mid lol Two hundred ami Seventy-
three (-IA, In said Group One, as 11
corporation under the uuuio of "Tho
City ..f Nortli Vancouver," and to make
provision (or the division of the exist-
lug assets and liabilities of the Corpor-
ituonufthe Uislricl of Nortli Viiui'onvor,
between llio new City of North Vancouver and tit.' remaining |iorlion of the
■ai'i liisiri.t Municipality, uud for ..liter
pi.rpuses uml l,,r 11 special charter for
"II,,' l.'iii of Nortli \anii.nvor" j-rn.nl-
ing to ibe Council oi the sai.l City
nuiiing other things power to pass 1»-
laws lor (1,1/tr ti/iul any of Ihe purposes
or any of the objects following:
Tn provide a >Vnrd systom or other
system oi Division of the I'fly; to pro-
inl- under iiertaiu euuditioiis for llio
inclusion ol Hinder outlying Ditlriets
in lite i In limit-.; to limit uud delini.
localities. In which particular trades or
businesses limy lie curried mi, to
regulate trades or butiiic.-scss nnd
llie times of closing stores or
shops, ami to provide for Sunday
closing; lo prohibit or regulate tr.ui-
mg by pedlars, hawkers, and petty
chapmen; lo erect public wharves mul
llllplse and collect lolls I'or llie its,'
thereof; to purchase, construct ami
operate gas, ami electric lighting ami
power ami telephone systems; t" administer oaths aud examine witnesses
under oath 'n civic Inquiries; to eiiicr
into contracts exleuding over a period
of year-; to borrow money for specillc
pii'i"-i-, giving as si'ciiri.y the under-
taking ami guarantee ol the Cliy; to
miiko pruvlsiun for tin* placing ol toll"
phone, electric ami oilier wire under-
ground; to provide a fund for lite uu-
suranee of civic buildings nnd property,
uml a (urn! lor the superannuation ol
Municipal ollicials ami employees: in
licence clubs; to prohibit slaughter
houses within the City or to prohibit
and regulate existing slauglit.tr houses
and COW slii',1- or stable* which liuiv, ill
(he,mini..11 ..I ilm Council, I..- a nuisance,
io regulate and prohibit the erection,
removal ami the repairing ol buildings
ami the pulling down of buildings
erected,removedorrepaired iu contra-
1'enllon ol any by-law; to charge
property owners with tho cosl of Beweri
running past or adjoining their premises
by um "f a rental; to regulate the sub-
iiivtsi (Citylots; to make provision
for llio qualification of ."tor-; llio mode
of electing to civil olllces, uml the conduct nf elections, and lo deal with disputed elections and offences at elections,
nml corrupt practices; lo provide for tho
compulsory ejectment ol persons having
in,i.i tin,li in,roached upon the streets
,,r roadways; lo provide for acquaiiitlon
of additional water shells and menus of
increasing the water supply; t" provide
lor the acquisition ol railways ami tram-
tays wholly or partially running within
Iho City and also lo provide f,,r such
ot In r uneii.lnienls, powers ami autlmri
ties a- may be  cssary or cxpedlenl
lor the public welfare and tin
mom ol ilu* laid "The City "I North
Solirlli.r* (,,r Applicants.
Datsii the 8th day ol December, 1(108,
us follows, viz.:
1. liy authority of Section 50, Subsection (127) of the Municipal Clauses
Act, as amended by Section 9 of thu
Municipal Clauses Act Amendment Act,
1004, a ltoad is hereby located, established and opened up, and tbo said
Corporation enters upon, expropriates
anil takes villi II vi"W  to the milking,
preserving aud using as a Public liomi
or Street to be known as Chesterfield
Avenue, All ami Singular, that certain
parcel or tract of hind and premises
situate, lying ami being in the 1'rovinee
ol llritisli Columbia, 111 Iho District of
New Westminster and hi Croup One,
being composed of part of Lot -71 and
widen may In- more particularly known
uml ilescrilicl as follows, that is to say:
Commencing al the point ol intersection oi the easterly boundary of
Chesterfield Avenue produced with the
North shore of BurnirdInlet, distant208
(cut, more or less, South 0 dog. 21 mill.
110 sec. West Magnetic, from the southwest corner of Block llii; thence North
II dog. 21 mill, 110 sec. Must Magnetic ll)'* foot, inure or less, to the
point of iiiicrscctioii of the easterly
boundary of Chestcrllold Avenue pro-
iluceil with the southerly boundary uf
thu Ksplttlindo; thence North SO,leg. llli
iitin. 30 sec, West Magnetic, ami following the production of tho southerly
boundary of the Esplanade Ml feet;
lliunco South Oileg, 21 min, llu sec. West
Magnetic, 180 feet, more or less, to the
point of intersection of the westerly
boundary of Chesterfield Avenue produced with the North shore uf Burrard
Inlul; thence following die meandering!
of the shore line easterly to the point of
commencement, containing by measure-
incut U.L'l uf an acre, be the same more
or less, the parcel oi ground heiebv expropriated being shown marked".1.'' and
colored red oil a map or plan deposited
in the Laud Registry ollice, Vancouver,
and numbered
2. This By-law may be cited fur all
purposes as the "Chesterfield Avenue
Street Ends By-law, 1008."
I'assoil by the Council on tho Fiftoonth
day uf November, IUUo.
Reconsidered ami finally adopted,
Blgned ami sealed on the Twcniy-secoiul
day of November, lim".
Aiinoli) K. Kk.uv, Reeve.
Ai.kx. I'mi.ii', ('. M. C.
80 Acres
In North Vancouver District
$25.00 PER ACRE.
163 Cordova Street.
The  North  Vancouver Specialist
Districtof North
Plebiscite Reearding City-
Ilv AUTHORITY of II resolution passed
at a Meetliuj "i lliltopnyers nf llie Die
I Irici a Poll ul tlm llatepiiyers eligible to
vole al 11 lly.luw Klciiiiii in the District ii ill li.'takeu by mo ill the Municipal Hall, Norili Vancouver, nn Friday,
ihe l.ltli dny nl December current, Ik*-
uiei'ii the hours of li o'clock A. M.lilld
7 o'clock I'. ,M.| on llie follow!!!", qui*
turns, via. 1
I. shall 11 Citybei irpnrated?—Yeat
nr No?
L'. If a I'ity is Incorpiirnlcd, lion'.'—
I'niler Special Charter? or under Municipal Clauses Ad, with necessary special
:i. Name of City?—Burrard? or North
Of all which intimation is hereby
Dated at North Vancouver, the Slh
day of December, lllUo.
Ketnrn Inn Officer,
District of North
To locate, open up and establish Chesterfield avenue
(rom the southerly boundary of Esplanade to the
north shore of Burrard Inlet and to expropriate the
necessary land.
lie ii enacted bv llie Reeve and ('min-
ell nl llie Cornora'tliin nf the Dlmricl nl
North Vancouver, In Council assembled.
The lirst annual ball given by
the Volunteer Fire Brigade was
held on Monday night in the Pavilion, There were about 75
couple present, all of whom pronounced the affair a success. The
late bout so thoughtfully provided
by the committee conveyed a large
crowd home to Vancouver. Refreshments wore served at 11 p. in.
and the dance terminated about
1:30 ii. 111. Harpiir's orchestra
provided the music. On all sides
the committee was complimented
(nr the excellent programme furnished for the occasion. It is the
intention of llie brigade to hold
another affair ol ihis kind early in
iln new yi ar,
The federal government makes
tlic following statement regarding
tbe disallowance ol the oiiti-
|npanese bills from British Columbia, i'n April j 1 st the State
Department received two copies of
tin' public nnd private acts of
British Columbia, 1905, The bills
designated as Nos, 67, 81 and 83
were disallowed April 28th. Knur
months later bound volumes were
received and il was found
that the numbers above mentioned
had been changed and were cited
as chapters 28, 30 and 36. To
prevent any .piddiling over the
disallowance ol April 28th, because
of the change in ihe figures by
British Columbia, the  Minister of
[u itii 1 11 mi ended that they be
disallowed, defining the chapters
as numbered in the bound volume.
\ ioni|)lcle line of new foil and
Winter Suitings huve just .irrhed at
lonqoun's Tailors, 100 Hastings t„
corner Columbia Ave, Vaniouver.
Are Sweet and Delicious.
Have no Equal
For Sale at
McDowell's Drag Store
North Vancouver.
Western Corporation, Ltd.
Accountants, Auditors,     Plumbing and tinsmith-      lljy, Cattle and Chicken
Real I sl.ilc Agents. In<|. reed
Lumber and all kinds of Bulhlini* Material  Contractors and Valoalors,
Mc have an Immense amount of Cordwoodjon hand.   Place your orders with
us for the winter.
412 Hastings Street West, Vancouver, B.C.
Just Arrived.__*£>
Large Stock of New Fall and Winter Goods
for Suits, Pants and Overcoats.
IOO ll,,Mi.I||. SI. ll. I   ,,„■,   llitii.lt
Hotel North Vancouver
North Vancouver, B. C.
The Only Seaside Resort at Vancouver
Splendidly situated, overlooking Hurrard Inlet,
with the City of Vancouver fifteen minutes away
by ferry. The hotel embodies every convenience
with livery in connection.     Rates .$'_> y« - day.
Bowling Alley in connection for ladies and
P. Larson, Proprietor.
iN bUiLdiNc be sUre aNd HaVe tHe
PLace Wired so as to be ready to
connect oN oJr Wire Next spring
B.C. Electric Railway Co. Ltd.
A   M   RFATTIF N°tary Public. General Auctioneer
* 107 Cordova Sreet, Vancouver, B. C.
lie sells ut rooms or private I10IIM nr liny* oiitri-jlit nil
classes ul linusi'ltiil.l (.miikIs or bankrupt slocks for cash.
lie has siunc of the Unfit business nml iiiilerfri.nl property ill North
Vancouver, Sao hlm at onco If you think o( picking up prooortyln
tliissectii.il,   Ho wise, 11UY NOW, anil vou will make money. II II
Have vou tried
Mof f etS Best
rligll-Grake Hard Wheat Flour?
If'.' aw selling Ihis flour to people that like
good, bread, and they are pleased with il,
and therefore we know it is good.
The Price is Right, $I.fi0 per Hack.
J. A. McMillan


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