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Exci'i.d In a style
lhat plea-ns and at
prices Ihal are right,
lilt I \I'KI*>,S Ull II I
. fmot
TO txprtss
St F
\     Is Ihal which goes
into peoples'homes.
To reach the penple
o( Norlh Vancouver
in rm t \PBi-»,s
Aldermen May, Irwin, Crickmay
and Braim were present at the
meeting ol the city council on
Monday evening, Mayor Kealy
Walter Owen wrote.to the effect
that a leaky water pipe on the adjoining lot was causing liim annoyance, because the waste water runs
under his building ; thi water
committee to act.
T.A.Martin wrote withrelerence
to the proposed improved postal
facilities. Council considered a
Iree delivery in the city the greatest desirability, and laid the communication on the table for action
Alex. Philip advised council ol
the action of thn district council
in resolving to grant fourteen days
for the deposit of bonds with the
bank as requested. The letter of
the city solicitor was read,advising
that unless the district would accept the bonds in payment of the
debt,he considered it notadtisable
that the bonds be deposited as requested,as they would thus be tied
up with no corresponding advantage to the city. Alderman May
stated that the district had intimated its willingness to concede the
right ol the city to sell the bonds
at any time. The letter of the
district purporting to agree to this
was read. Mayor Kealy read the
resolution ol the finance committee
and adopted by the council, to the
effect that the city will deposit
>iu,nnu in bonds, reserving the
right to sell the same at any time.
The city is endeavoring to accord
the district every possible consideration. Aid. May remarked that
the district council considered tin,-
mm insulin lent. Aid.Irwin thought
that the matter should be relerred
at once to tne* city solicitor, as ilie
city council had offered to do all
that they could do, and, as Ior further developments, matters must
take their course. Aid. Crickmay
saul that it was unfoitunate that
matters should take this turn, just
when, after prolonged effort, the
city was succeeding in paying some
of the debt. He concurred with
Aid. Irwin as to referring the matter to the solicitor. The mayor
repeated that the finance committee
had gone very carefully into the
matter, and the council was trying
lo do its best, but il the district
was not satisfied with this,nothing
more could bc done. Aid. Braim
suggested that it might be well to
appoint a committee toconlerwith
a committee of the district council
in the matter, and he moved that
Aldermen Irwin, Crickmay and the
mover be such a committee. Carried.
J. R. J. Murray, secretary ol the
special audit committee, wrote, to
the effect that the committee considered that an omission had
occurred, in that the balance sheet
ol the special auditors was not
published along with the reports,
and asked that these, together
with the report of the special
auditors, the city auditor's balance
sheet for 1907, and an accompanying letter from the city solicitor,
be published. The letter referred
to by the committee was read, and
stated that, in the opinion of the
city solicitor, clause 67 of the municipal clauses act, must be interpreted in harmony with the other
clauses ol the act, and advising
that the position of the city
auditors as to what constitutes a
city's income is incorrect, while
that ol the special auditors is correct. Aid. Irwin observed that the
publication ol the schedules would
be a very expensive undertaking.
The special auditors' report shewed
that all amounts expended were
properly vouched for, and that the
books were so kept that all facts
were easily arrived at. To effect
any radical change in the system
ol bookkeeping followed by the
city, would cost several thousand
dollars, and the expense was not
advisable at present. The matter
was laid over and reverted to later.
A lengthy discussion took place,
the mayor forcibly observing that
the city auditor advised the council in one way and the city solicitor
in a way directly opposed. Now
the question is 1 what action is the
council to take ? It was finally
decided that the only feasible way
out of the dilemma, is to employ a
lirm of chartered accountants to
act as arbitrator auditors, and the
probable cost of this is tobeascer
tained. The special audit com
mittee is also to be requested to
state upon what additional grounds,
if any.they wish action to he taken,
with reference to the reports.
Mr. Fell wrote, to the effect that
the owners of the abutting property were not prepared to survey
their hall of the 66 feet for the extension of Sutherland avenue Irom
Keith road to 14th street, and consequently he would be compelled
to clear the avenue along the west
one-half, instead of in the centre,
board of works to report.    ,
S. D. Green-Armytage wrote,
agreeing to provide the plank for
a walk to his residence, il the city
will haul and lay the same ; board
of works to act.
H. Hutchison complained strenuously of the wretched condition
of affairs existing on 3rd street, as
the septic lank overflow runs into
the trench where the water pipes
are being lowered. The mayor
characterized the conditions as
scandalous, and as remaining un
remedied in the face of his express
orders and those of the health officer. Matter to be investigated
and dealt with Thursday evening,
meantime the difficulty is to be obviated.
The city solicitor returned the
draft of the proposed agreement
with the Ierry company, with certain memoranda ; received.
The matter of the exemption of
the church ol St. John the Evangelist Irom the local improvement
assessment was referred to the city
solicitor for his opinion.
A plan of sub-division for lot 3,
block 31, laid over at last nictiiug,
was approved.
The finance committee recommended payment of the following
accounts : Police $309.75, school
$1178.95, board of works $767.01,
water committee $465,112, fire and
ight $164.32, board of health $25,
adopted ; board of works, under
local improvement by-law $2820,
adopted, subject to arrangements
therelor being made with the bank.
The medical health officer's report for past four months shpwed
five cases of chicken pox and one
of measles. Nine notices ol
nuisance were served.    Filed.
Minutes of a meeting of the
waterworks committee were read,
recommending that a two inch
wooden pipe be laid along Kidge-
way to 25th street, and that connection be made with the houses
of E. H. Cardman, W. H. Wise,
and C. M. Woodrow ; tabled for
one week for estimate of cost.
Aid. Braim reported, that owing
to the arrival of the wet weather,
the reservoir for reducing the pressure at Kidgeway and 19th, would
not be required until spring ;
Minutes of a meeting of the
finance committee were read, recommending with relerence to the
remitting ol taxes in lavor of the
athletic association, that the council has no power to comply with
the request ; adopted.
Aid. Irwin suggested that in view
of the approaching winter season,
it would be advisable that sidewalk
work be given precedence over
other work on the streets ; council
The engineer's report with reference to a sidewalk on the north
side ol Victoria park,will be ready
lor consideration Thursday evening.
Upon motion of Aldermen May
and Irwin, the assessment rolls
were made returnable on Monday,
October 19th.
Alderman Crickmay,as chairman
of the fire and water committee,
reported affairs in the lire department are not in a satisfactory condition. The brigades do not turn
out to practice, and matters generally are in a condition that calls
Ior decisive action. A meeting ol
the firemen will be held on Wednesday evening, of which all the
members have been notified. The
fire committee was instructed to
attend the meeting to investigate.
Court of revision of voters'
will be held November 2nd.
Choral Society
A number of the musical people
in town are planning to have a
choral society formed, to begin the
rehearsal of good choral works, at
an early date. Such a society
would indeed be a welcome addition to others of a different nature which already exist here. In
a lown with a population of 3000,
there ought to be ample material
for getting up a good body of singers, for there are many, doubtless,
who, though not giving their services in any of the church choirs,
have been blessed with the gift of
song and have a sufficient knowledge of music to make them valuable members ol a choral society.
Great Britain's unique position at
the present day in the domain of
choral music is almost entirely due
to the existence, in nearly every
village of some choral body.
The American nation are now
just realizing this, and with their
characteristic energy are doing all
they can to diffuse correct ideas
about this most important factor
in civil life, for they see that not
only is there here an immense
field lor artistic pleasure, but that
the study of the compositions of
the greatest musicians by many
thousands of individuals has a
most ennobling influence on the
conduct of a community. It would
seem that one ol the crying needs
in this western country is to have
some recognized influence, both ol
an educative and refining nature,
which would regulate, il not check,
the absorbing pursuit of the almighty dollar, to the neglect of
the finer instincts of one's nature.
A choral society in the town would
be greatly appreciated, both by
singers and listeners; as it w>mld
be quite undenominational, the
active support of all musical people would be heartily welcomed.
A meeting ol all interested will be
held at an early date, ol which
duf iinin,• will U* itivmi
Preacher and Bear
Lynn Valley
Mr. Bailey and family have taken
up their residence in the house
recently completed on D. L. 2003.
adjoining the property of Councillor McNaught.
A couple of residents iu the valley, while cutting wood along the
plank road, a day or two ago, had
a surprise visit from a young bear.
A fight between the contending
forces was postponed to a later
The Lynn Valley Lumber Company expect to begin to cut logs
this week, from the new berth
recently opened up around the
spur ol the mountain. The new
road gives access to a large quantity ol extra choice timber, and
Manager I-'minim- expects to turn
out lumber that cannot be surpassed anywhere.
B C Electric Improvements
Improvements to the value of
$300,000 are to be effected by the
B. C. Electric Co. at their power
station on the North Arm. The
hydraulic power house, which is
built of stone, is to be extended
another 60 feet, and extra machinery is to bc installed capable of
generating 10,000 horse power of
electrical energy. To supply this
two additional pipe lines will be
run Irom the dam at Lake Buntzen
to the power house.
This week the company awarded
a contract lor the installation of a
new turbine wheel at thc power
house. It has a capacity of 11,000
horsepower and is ol the Doble
type, one of the most successful
wheels in operation today. The
contract was awarded to the John
McDougall Co., Montreal.
Court of Revision
The city council sat as a court
of revision Monday evening, on
the proposed improvements on
Mh street. William Morden, as
owner ol certain lots in the locality
took exception to the assessment
as submitted and requested some
changes to make it equitable. The
wardens of the church of St. John
the Evangelist wrote, requesting
lhat the church ptopeity be exempt from the assessment. The
court adjourned for one week, in
order that these matters might be
looked into carefully.
The pastor ol one of the local
churches is now able to affirm from
experience that the sensations are
entirely distinct, which arise (rom
viewing the bears in Stanley Park
at a distance ol a few feet, with
substantial barriers between, and
being brought face to face with the
real thing at a distance of a lew
paces, in his native haunts. Upon
returning on Tuesday evening
about dusk Irom the outskirts of
the city, whence his duties liad
called him, and traversing an old
skid road, he was somewhat disconcerted (not to be accused o(
extravagance in choice of terms)
by suddenly finding himself standing within about ten paces of a good
sized black bear. Bruin appeared
somewhat inclined to dispute the
passage of the roadway, but with
admirable presence of mind the
worthy pastor laid hold of a good
sized bolder stone and hurled it
forcefully at the brute, and the
aforesaid stone coming in contact
with a telephone wire, so startled
the bear that he gave a grunt(doubt-
less ol (ear) and beat an orderly,
but highly satisfactory, retreat, to
all parties, into the bush. Accepting the authenticity of the Biblical
narrative, that a certain worthy ol
old slew a lion, in a pit on a snowy
day, the hero of this adventure feels
that these new and unsought laurels are altogether becoming his
person and calling.
Fire Department
The meeting held at No. 1 fire-
hall Wednesday evening to consider what steps can be taken to
improve the condition of the
department, was well attended.
Aid. Cm kniaiy.i luirnun, and Aid.
Irwin of the fire committee were
present. A practice wai held previous to the meeting and the work
of th* hugailc iHia.fi.Hl the committee of their capability lor the
work under proper discipline and
with regular practice. At Ihe
meeting held alter the practice,the
affairs of the department were
thoroughly discussed and arrangements were made whereby it is
hoped to equip a gymnasium and
reading room, as well as to provide other means of making the
institution more attractive lor the
On Tuesday evening next, at
8 o'clock, a meeting will be held
at fireball No. 2, on 13th street,
Ior the purpose of organizing a
brigade in that section of the city.
It is hoped that there will be a
hearty response to this eflort.
A quiet wedding was celebrated
on Saturday last, when George
Gordon Nye, a well known business man of this city, was united
in the bonds of holy matrimony
with Bertha M. Janes, likewise of
this city. The ceremony was performed in the church of St. John
the Evangelist, at the hourof 10.30
a.m., in the presence of a small
company ol immediate friends. In
the absence oi the vicar of St.
John's.tha nuptial knot wai tied hy
Kev. I.ems Hooper, vicar ol
Langley, who was temporarily in
Mr. and Mrs. Nye will reiide on
2nd street, where cozy apartments
have been arranged in connection
with Ihe photographic itudio operated by Mr. Nye. Every wish
lor lifelong happiness and prosperity ii extended by hoiti of
St. John's Church
A deanery service wai held in
the church on the evening ol Wednesday, thc 9th inst, which was
largely attended by the congregation. The service wai Evensong
(choral), and the preacher wai
Kev. H. G. Fiennei Clinton, ol St.
James' church. Thc lessons were
read by Kev. Havelock Heat ham,
of Holy Trinity Church, and the
Rev. Harold Buttram, ol All Saints'
thc aervice being intoned by Ihe
rector ol the church, the Rev, Hugh
Hooper, The preacher gave a vigorous discourse on lhe duties of the
clergy in the triple capacity ol
messengers, ili'Wirds, and teachers,
and of the people as responsible
members ol the Protestant church.
Mrs. Larson and Mrs. Stephens
returned Saturday from a trip to
Construction is well under way
on the new residence ol Mr. Elliot,
on 15th street.       ""'
Aid. Wheeler returned this week
from a three weeks' outing on
Vancouver Island.
Two houses are being erected on
3rd street for William Morden.
They are for rental purposes.
The new residence of Plumbing
Inspector Isaac Walden, on Ma
hon ave, is nearing completion.
Excellent progress is being made
on the splendid new residence of
J. C. Keith, on Ottawa Gardens.
Cow roa Saw.—'-. ..od milch cow-
giving two gallons per day. Apply
J. Johannson, 165 4th street east.
In the police court Tuesday 0
Smith and D. Whitlow were fined
$5 and costs each lor drunkenness
An Indian, named John, was up
in the police court Tuesday for being drunk. He was fined $30 and
Fred Tarn will have his new residence on Chesterfield ave, near
:4th street, ready lor occupancy in
a (ew weeks.
WANiiD--By experienced dressmaker, sewing by the day. Kates,
$1.50 per day. Address, P.O. Box
77, North Vancouver.
A Japanese, named C. Kodera,
was crushed to death last week by
log rolling on him, in a logging
camp on the North Arm.
Thc last issue of the B.C. Gazette contains notice of the opening
of the Fall Assizes (criminal) in
Vta*aoa->uiuar   nn    Mntialav,   Ortr*li«.r
12th next.
Jos. Nicholis is erecting a two
story building on 3rd street, opposite trie school, to be occupied by
him [or the manufacture of furniture and fixtures.
Wednesday W. Patton was fined
$10 and costs, in thc police court
for being drunk and disorderly and
he had also to put up $250 bonds
to keep the peace.
Mrs Harvey, formerly instructress in St. John's school, has accepted a position on the teaching
staff of the college at Vale, and hli
the city thii week to assume her
new duties.
P. Larson sent a party ol workmen up to Canyonview townsite,
on Tuesday, to clear land, and to
lay the foundations lor the new
summer hotel, which he intendi
to erect at that point.
Miss Box will have a display ol
autumn millinery in her store, in
the Keith block, today and tomorrow. Her store is an acquisition
to the city and should lie encouraged bv the ladies.
Thc total number ol water connections made by the department
of Foreman Peck lor iyoH is thus
lar 175. Twenty ol these were
made during August. The grand
total for the year will reach 200.
Mrs. Profit and daughti 1, who
have been visiting lor some weeks
past with Mrs. J. A. McMillan,
returned to their home in Seattle
last week. They were accompanied
by Mrs. McMillan and her son
Mr. Williams, representing thc
firm o( M J. Pattinon, Denver,
Col., contractor! for the superstructure of thc new Seymour
creek bridge, was in the city Wednesday, in consultation with District Engineer Donald Cameron.
E. Iluti Inn-inn, an old man of
64, was dinwii"! in the First Narrows ol the Inlet, Saturday morning. P. McCardell, a companion,
had a narrow escape Irom a similar late. Their boat was overturned hy the wash ol the str. Manhattan.
Tuesday evening Western Roie
lodge, Sons of England, held their
regular meeting There was quite
a turnout nl members, including a
niiinbei ol visitors Irom Vancou.et
Several applications lor member*
ship were read, and five candidates
C. Mackenzie, manager of the
local shop ol P. Burns St Co., who
is at present visiting the old home
in Truro, N.S., is expected to return shortly. Ha will be accompanied by Mrs. McKenzie, who
has been visiting eastern friends
tin -.onie time past.
The Masonic ball, in the Owen
block, has had its waUsand ceiling
decorated, presenting a very attractive appearance. Stoney &
Co. were the artists in charge. In
addition to the decorating of the
hall, a swell carpet has been laid
on the floor, the whole combining
to make cosy meeting quarters.
Mn. T. F. Foster, who has been
in Jubilee hospital, Victoria, for
some time past for treatment to an
injured knee, is making slow but
satisfactory progress toward recovery, She writes that the hospital
is overcrowded and that the staff of
nurses are scarcely able to cope
with the heavy duties devolving
upon them.
The board of directors of the
Horticultural Society met Tuesday
evening and arranged for the distribution of the money prizes. The
final result will show a satisfactory
surplus ol money Irom the exhibition. The W. C. T. U. has been
granted the use ol the hall (or a
series of five lectures by Miss Mur-
cutt, in the near future.
Mrs. J. A. McMillan returned on
Saturday from a visit to Seattle.
On thc way down from here, she
staled the voyage was very rough,
a stiff gale blowing outside Beilinghani. Several hundred passengers were aboard and many of
them became sick, while all were
much shaken up by the buffetingi
given the boat by the huge waves.
The football match  last Isatur-
lay, North Vancouver vs Nationals, resulted in a tie at 0-0. Thos.
Shepherd rcferecd tiie game to the
satisfaction of both teams. Two
members mixed things up and
were laid off for the game. A
practice match will be held Saturday  afternoon, when   all football
nthusiasts are invited to participate in thc game. Play commences
about 2.30.
W. K Burnett acted as host to
a party of North Vancouverites on
Sunday,who had an enjoyable outing and picnic at Indian Kiver, at
the head oi the North Arm. Aid.
Dunn's launch was chartered for
the occasion and thc day was spent
in sight seeing. Those in the
party were: Mayor and Mrs. Kealy,
Mr. and Mrs. Bunbury, Mr. and
Mrs. Cornish, Mr. and Mrs.Evam,
Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Green, W.K.
Burnett, G. Williams, Dr. Campbell. W. Braim and C. Wheeler.
A very enjoyable outing was participated in by a large party ol
young people from the city, on
Saturday afternoon last, at Lynn
canyon. Those in attendance were
as (ollows: Mrs.Fowler.chaperon;
Misses M Phillips, F. Russell, M.
Lang. N. Philip, N. Phillips, D.
I o«li r, A. Wilson, A. Pitt, L,
Lindsay, G. Kennedy, A. Morden,
M. Hall and M. Fugler 1 Messrs.
T. Nelson, A. Philip, V. P. Cross,
C. Cross, Ed. Robertson, Wm.
Knowles, Wm. Philip, G. Baxter,
C. Wheeler, F. Atkinson, Ed.
Jackson and 0. Peers.
Malcolm Mi'Millai with rhar,
acteristic cordiality, seized an op-
portunity to prove himself "a
Irii'nd in need' tins w* t It when he
successfully piloted Knnelh Martin through the many intricacies by
which a man is beset when he ii
bent on matrimony. Mr. Martin,
who is a prominent busine s man
of Rossland, was married on Tuesday last, to Miss Agnes Martin, ol
South Vancouver. The ceremony
was performed by Rev. Cameron
at the residence ol the bride's parents. Malcolm McMillan was a
groomsman and Miss Flora Martin, sister ol the bride, brideimaid.
The happy couple will take an extended trip south belore returning
to make their home in Rossland.
The common opinion amongst
Malcolm's many friends is that he
is lully due himsell and that he
might wisely conclude matters while
the whole proceedtire ii fresh in
Noam Yinciuvkk. II. C,
l     .     -Maalll.itlM.ll.K,   ti. II. MllKHKN,
Manager.      Business Mitr.
The Express is delivered in North
Vancouver within a radius of 12
blocks of the office. All outside
lhi« district is placed in the post
o ' e.
Kates of Subscription :
One year -       $1.00
Six months •        .50
Tlm i* months -       • .25
United States and Foreign, fi.50
per year.
All subscriptions must be paid in
Any person not receiving this
paper n gul.iiiy will please notify
the office. Nfl paper stopped unless notified either by letter or card
.   fl|
EaEMff?Tcoy"C[|i*> *'
N0R111 Vamcouvm, Sir. in, 1908
A word in season, with reference
to the necessity lor traffic accommodation, in connection with tht
proposed Inidge across second
narrow-, w.is spoken by Mayor
Kealv at the opening ol thc Horticultural exhibition. Following the
remarks of Hon. F. Is. Carter Cotton with relerence to the agricultural possibilities ol the district,
and the unlimited market lor our
proiHia', ,,;:,,1 |ed by Vancouver,
the mayoi took occasion to observe
thnt the immense traffic that w.is
di stmeil to gruw up between the
two eommunitiat on both shores
of Burrard Inlet, rendered it in tin
highest deflflt imperative that
adcquiiti provision be made, in th
■ instruction of thfl bridge, (or the
■iiinn l.itton ol that traffic, in
all its (onus and at all limes. It
was h.iped, therefore, that in the
MM future an announcement would
be made,ol mi h MMtttlifll milt-
ance to tin  project, IS would 011-
..iri*    lh," rn,l|untllola  ot Welti,.-  ml.I
railway (aulities in the bridge.
WI11I1 these reiu.iiks were probably a diplomat!* mt 1 rn.it 1011 to
the representative ><t the riding,
and the president ol the executive
council ol the government, in the
presence ol a considerable bod) ol
the electorate, that tha provincial
government would again be ap
proached for a subsidy (or a com-
laiiu tl railway and (rutin bridg*,
they were apparently uitenh I io
convey the further meaning that
tin agitation accompanying this
appeal of thc alflCtorita ol the
several constituencies cont.nu.l,
would be allayed only by favorable
governmental action in tin pn
misi s
The verj meagre upfloditWM
ol public (mills that hate been
made in North \ 101 "in. t.'istrict
serves tu ("nl.riii the • li 1 tors in
their sens, i.l tin fl mul
and the |iistin "I tl*■ il n [ttt 1
These grants Ul • a il) 1. in wed
A giant ol )J0 "i mi ma.le the
district in In 11 11 t.uis lost to it,
because lands ..ohl |.. thfl |Ofl rn*
ment w. I. In .lit. ■ .| lor a
very long period, IU I) I N .
A grant ol fjoo pi 1 i ■ H v.a-made
(or MTflfl "I the
lerry smiti     '•• ill dona
tions have lm n made Inun Inn. to
Iinir, 111 aid nl hn ll in Ititnl
a public charai tflf     11,< M      1
Stitllte    the    total      govt inlllental
grants to North \ annum r On
thu other hand, the tliilnci I.at
built and maintains out ol its own
treasury, some 3* miles of trunk
road, namely K( ith road II miles,
and roads up Capiliao, l.ynn and
Seymour Cfflflkl, 16 mil's Th«e
roatls (and I ' particularly that
portion ol llu m running north and
louthj afford  ll .   am of
access to gnu mu;. nt.i*
beyond.     Wluh tiny arc roadi ol
a  character  that  ar>   ordinirily
heavily Iflbiidiiad by thi       n
ment,  yet in  1! 'es, no
payments whalfM't hav. In n made
out ol th' |iro\inciaI tfasun ll
may bc maintained that even such
grunts us li.ivi lit. 11 mi* e lu ll e
diatrii 1 have heen moie linn re-
p tid ill ill coiisiriiclion and maintenance ol these roads, and that
therefore the government is to be
credited with practically no expenditures in this district to date. Inasmuch as North Vancouver constitutes, by 1 great ileal, lhe more
mportint portion of the electoral
riding in which it is included, it is
not unreasonable to expect that,
under existing conditions, the
government will give its appeal
favorable consideration.
The cast then stands somewhat
as lollows : Because it is as clear
as sunlight to every man who gives
the matter intelligent consideration, that a combined railway and
traffic bridge across Burrard Inlet
at second narrows is but a logical
product ol thc situation, a necessary adjunct to the dew l.ipnictttof
the territory contiguous to the
best harbor and the largest centre
ol population in British Columbia;
because of the large area ol agricultural and fruit lands, as well as
the immense resources in mineral
and timber, that will be tributary
to the bridge ; because of the teeming population that is destined to
occupy the territory on both sides
of the Inlet, whose needs will be
met by such a bridge ; because the
district of Nortli Vancouver (which
may be said to be most immediately
concerned in the construction ol
the bridge) has indisputable right
under existing conditions, to favorable consideration at the hands of
tin provincial government, in the
matter ol money grants ; because
the project, as outlined.commands
ami receives the strong support of
adjacent niiinicipalitics.coiiiprising
the greater portion of the population of thfl coast districts of Hritish
Columbia, ami practically one-half
of thfl entire revenue producing
population ol the province ; he-
cause the btidgfl will bc, in the
strictest and fullest sense, a public
work of the most pennanent character and the most extended use-
l,,l„. aa « vulualile asset to tlie
province as such. Because of
these and other considerations, it
is confidently anticipated that the
government of British Colombia
will place the realization of the
si Inllie beyond all peradventure,
by voting an adequate subsidy for
the traffic features of the Second
Narrows bridge.
This diitrict is fortunate in
having, in the person ol its representative in the local legislature, a
man ol acknowledged ability, a
man ol wide experience in political
affairs in British Columbia, ami ol
ligh standing and great influence
amongst his governmental colleagues.
When lo the inherent merits ol
tin* projfld, and Ihe many favorable
external considerations which at*
ti ml it, is added the weight ol thc
personality ol Hon. F. L. Carter-
Cotton in its lavor.ihere is certain-
d ground (or concluding that
the voting ol a subsidy by the
government will not long be dc-
i.ui -d
maul cases pi opi" i, lo starttal
iies showed pom ju Iginent, hav*
ng no thought ul clanger of damage. Campers were responsible
for many of the fires. There were
(15 bush fires during the month and
it took 519 men to light them, of
whom 315 were hired by the fire
warden. Green timber to the value
of $2800 was destroyed, while the
tire at Magee burned two shacks,
one mill and 3500 cords of wood.
Property in the immediate vicinity
was saved by the energetic action
of the fire fighters, the value being
set at $16,300. The patrol covered 5425 square miles of territory.
Sixteen persecutions bad been in -
situted, two being dismissed, ten
convicted, and the others awaiting
CADDY, $110.
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North Vaiieoliver.
Gardens Uiil nut, Orchards |irnneil
un.l sprayed. Klnral designs nui'le Ofl
Blinrt nnlin*.   Onler your hiilhs, treeit,
nam* aflje., (nr your lull pltntitif
Fire Warden Busy
Pllflei August lire Wartlcn
(iLiiliviii wa*. kept very liusy. He
ii |ii>ili that tin* weather was ex
■ • eilinnlv tlrv iip In the 25th, and
(lie whole staff was kept on tin
alert, putting in a most stn■minus
lime lighting lues that were men
i'ini!   large   linilier   limits.      In
II 111 (
I'ir..nk   :'.7.    Neurit V*Mt.IVKII
"      111112,      VlMtltl'IK
N0IARY I'l Illlt
Real Estate and liisiiranee
fate tttm professor,
McGtll Umvii nli: Montreal
To tin' Citizens of
Nortli  Vancouver
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papers with tie hope that
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P. O. Bm :t:t
Nortli Viineiiiiver, 11. t'.
IHSTlili'TtllNlllll'll V   NCOl'VKIl
l.nllKIlT tUflflflW,  l'rn|i.
I'llll stnik ill Fri--.li mnl Cure.l Meats
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n( lite valley.
CIVll.    1   N..ISI   I   w
Quantity Surveyt.r ami Architect
I'tit'KTii Stkkkt. *'iiii\kk l.tismiAia Avi
rPAKK iii.tiee tlmi Ir.tncis William
*• CaiilWIil. nf Viiiii'iuiver, B.C..
iii'iilleiiiiiii, intends t.i a|i|ily lor |.*r*
llli"Mntl tu la »m* the (nil.ill in*; ilenTiUtl
I..11111..ii.'iiii; nt a port iilantetl al llie
Smiili KaWtflnj t-nriier nl Di.lrli't bit
all, liriii|i 1, New itI'.liiiiinliT Ilia-
tn.l Ilia me wmtli aim.v tin* ea.t luiiiii-
•lur; nl l.nl Sll, Group I, New IVi'.tinin*
.ler Dialrirt, prodflnfl '-' ehaina,llii.ii(*a
flflfll RS fllllill-. Ill* 111*1* llnrlll llllill-
frei'., H'-.l 17.IL' i-liaina nmre nr leaa l<i
llie iinrtlieiiaterlv emner ..I In-tiiet Ijjt
I,",!'. "'*.' s.aiit liatiNli'ily, eaaterlv anil
nnrllieiii**, 1 in,.,,. |h( nnrliierly aliore
.( llnrrnril Inlet In lhe plim* ..1 I,. *i:u-
ninir, Bantfllfllflfl IHI AENfl iii'>r<* nr leaa,
'11I.1I '.I.lll Allgllat, l'.KIS
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ninii r n( Int Ml, tlienie we»t 40 eltainii
more or lea.. In S.W, enriiprtif Inl lo'.'l.
aniitli Ull riming, en.l 411 (kflifla nmre nr
I.--, In no.tern liniinilKry nf l.il'JP.H,
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Etc., use
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Cot, OordoYt ir.niii'ie spa.
\ Hummer,    ll.l'.
S. H. Walker,  •   Proprietor
Fresh Bread daily delivered
to all parts ol the city.
30 loaves for ft
5c. per loaf.
I'lioM. IS       71 Lonsdale Ave
111I.1C NOTICK ia herehy niven that
in aetn-iliiiee willi the  prnviaiulia ol
Un. l'ulilie Henltli llv-Uvr, nl llie City
i(    Nnrlll    Vlllll'iilller.    tlif     Muni. l|aall
t'oiineil hnve eniilrai-tcil willi iln* M"li*
ral lleallli Ulliivr In atteml at the lily
llall, .Will Xaiiei'iivrr, nil tin* Kirat
Mniiilai nl eaih innnth, at the hour ol
II o'clock in the lorentain, lor lhc pur-
|mn>ol vaccination at theeinenae ol
lhe eity, all |.«ir |«'raon«; ami all olhera
al thi'irnwii Mflflflflh
The lather, im>tIht, or prraon having
Uu* .lire, nurture, nr rii.lmly ol every
chilil hum in Ihe city, ahall, within
three tnnntlia alter the hirth n( audi
i'lnl.I, lake or cauae In he taken, tha
chilil, to lhe Mislual rrarlitioner, in at-
tt'iiilance at Un-nI.ive appninteil I'lare
(aar the piirimao nl bi'iiiu vaccinatwl; nn-
leaa the 1 Inl.l liaa lan'ii previoualy vacei-
niiii 'I hy aome li'iially .pi.thti. I Practitioner, ami tin* vaccination iluly
City Clerk.
North Vancouver, B.C.,
'.nh July, nam. 2l-t(
Diplock Wright
Lumber Co.
171 h Street, Norlh Vancouver
PiintiiMoii Lumber
Finishing Lumber
etc., etc.
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Lumber hill.
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Milling Co.
Lonsdale  Avenue,
at Ferry Landing
Harry Mitchell, local manager. THE EXPRESS* -NORTH VA-NCOUVHBj B. C.
Interesting Statement by Inspector Cunningham
An interesting statenrint ol llie
development of the fruit growing
industry in llritisli Columbia was
made this week by Thomas Cunningham, provincial fruit inspec
tor. For two months he has been
at work among the orchards on
Vancouver Island. He was in
Vancoiiver over Sunday and on
Monday he returned to lhe Island
to continue his labors.
In 14 years Mr. Cunningham
says the money invested iu ftuit
growing has increased from ti,-
000,000 to upwards of $15,000,000.
Of general conditions ol the industry he says :—"California fruit
this year has been particularly
dangerous. It seems that codltn
moth lias been more in evidence
this year than lor a long time,
despite efforts made to counteract
it by the introduction of predacious
insects. Last Saturday we had
condemned in Victoria 1,800 cr.ses
of Iruit, and like proportions iu
In contrast to California, 1 may
say that Washington fruit is very
free from insect pests tins year.
This 1 attribute to the strict legislation of that state dealing with
the matter. There anyone found
distributing infected Iruit in any
way is liable to a fine of not less
than tso for the first offence, or
$200 or two years' imprisonment
for the second. Washington is
our closest competitor, and British
Columbia cannot afford to take
lower ground than that State in
the protection of fruit."
Mr. Cunningham continued that
a short time ago he met a gentleman who was enquiring lor 75,000
boxes of apples lor export to Australia, but the only condition on
which lie would purchase them
was that they should be guaranteed
to be absolutely free from insect
pests or disease. He believed that
he had succeeded in obtaining that
supply because in the gieater part
ol biitish Columbia we were Iree
liom such pests or disease as would
diMqualify the ftuit from entering
"1 have been absent on Vancouver Island for two months having
the orchards cleaned up. I find
that all intelligent fruit growers
are cooperating most cordially.
Our trouble is mostly with larmers
who grow a little Iruit and pay
very little attention to their trees.
1 expect at the next session ol the
legislature that the horticultural
act will be so amended as to compel careless people owning Iruit
trees to keepthem in such condition
that they will not be a menace to
the enterprising fruit grower. The
hope of liriiish Columbia is the
man who makes fruit growing a
We had a meeting of the Horticultural Board last week,and Irom
the data furnished we find the investment in fruit growing in British
Columbia today has reached the
enormous sum of $15,000,000. lt
is reasonable to expect that within
the next five years this will have
increased 100 per cent., so that
you can easily understand the importance of protecting this industry
by all lawful means. I was never
so much impressed with the necessity ol keeping our doors closed
against the importations ol all infected trees and Iruit.
I am glad to notice that the importations of fruit into Victoria
are (ailing off, and the market is
fairly well supplied with very superior local Iruit. L predict a
great increase in the acreage under
Iruit on Vancouver Island during
coming year. Land there is far
too valuable to be devoted to raising grain and hay. I viewed one
Iruit orchard in Saanich and re
monstrated with the lady who
owned it lor growing oats under
the trees. She said that land was
so valuable now that they required
to get all the revenue they could
out of it. I asked her how much
the Iruit orchard yielded last year,
and she said a little over J400 an
acre, while a field of oats adjoining
yielded $30 an acre. I take this
as an indication of the folly of devoting first-class fruit land to growing inferior crops of grain.
This has been a very dry season
on the island, but where the orchards have been cultivated and
the ground kept clean, the Iruit is
very fine. In orchards where the
land is in grass or grain the fruit
is shrivelled and inferior, and Ihe
trees have mad1; practically no
growth. What is true of Vancouver   Island is true ol the whole ol
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See our stock of Men's and Boys' Gloves and Mitts for the fall.
Save your money by coming direct to
The A.1 Wm Co., 209 Lonsdale Ivenue
British Columbia. No man has a
right to expect a crop of grain and
a crop of fruit from the same soil.
Another thing 1 was pleased (0
note in reference to Vancouver Island was lhat the fruit was exceedingly well packed, lu this respect
the Victoria Fruit Exchange is
doing excellent work. No badly
packed box of fruit is permitted to
be shipped from their establishment, and they are realizing very
good prices in consequence,
I am returning to the Island to
complete the campaign of orchard
cleaning, and may have something
more to give to you on my return.
1 wish again to express my gratitude to the press for the generous
support they have given the department. You see that we have
increased from less than 1*3,000,-
0110 investment in fruit growing in
1894 to over $15,000,000 in 1908.
For this I am naturally very proud
and thankful, because in the ad-
i am enn ni ol horticulture we are
not depleting the wealth of the
country as some other industries
tlo, but on the other hand we are
adding to Us permanent resources.
Next Tuesday evening the Pythians ol the city will entertain a
large contingent ol Vancouver visitors, who are coming over to assist in conferring the (bird rank on
a claiss of five candidates. The
famous Mt. Pleasant drill and senate team will conduct the ceremony.
The Seymour Hotel
Located on Aeijmour PI|h* Line,
quarter mill  from wharf.
This is a first-class hotel,
and is now open to the
general public. Good
accommodation and
service guaranteed
Uoad connections Irom North
Vancouver for Vehicles.
The Lounge
Billiard and
Cigar Saloon
Lonsdale Ave.      Opp. City Hnll
Here are someol the smoking tobaccos we carry:
Capstan, l'lavcra, Craven, (lar-
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OhlKiigliah, (iallalier'a, Inakiah,
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'1-itnN. 2821
K.lln.)., Rrlilfn. IVatrr l'*,«,*r*, Kaln.i.l.*.
sii|avriiu, n.i, a,,. 1,11'on.triiiiion, M.pa, Town*
.lli*., Miiuni claims, Hull-Illinium,tic.
Ill ll.a11111. 81. ta,   *  *   VANCOUVER. H. C.
rm hivilth mmm
mm mun
' FIKD that all cases ol infirtn.ii-.
contagious nr epidemic ili«ense, nf a
character dangerous to public health,
nmat be reported lo the Medical Health
(ilv Clerk.
Citv Hall, Nurth Vnncouver, B.C.
July Dili, 1IKW. 21-lf
n.v. risn Co.
Cor. Lonsdak'iind Btfa St.
IVAN* f. Ml IB, Plops.
All kinds of Fresh Fish delivered daily. Smoked Fish a specially.
Also Butter, Eggs, and Vegetables.
Our aim ia to pleaae our cuatoniera aa
to goods anil prices. Ut us hnve your
N.V. NSI1 CO.,
eo viAur
T*wdc MaMi
Co**YenoMT. 4c
AnT<Mifl .tat-itlltif a .k.lr*i and daavrtnll.-m aiaf
qui. air aarartaln fir opinion *t*M vhMh.r an
ln,.iitlnii I. (iri.b.l.lr wmilablft^C0,nn"inlp**-
ll..tu.lrlolj»r*ili«ilr.il(^. HtNDNOI "l a'alaoU
Mat Ira-ax 01*.*"* ...na 7 lor ••a-iinna MUaia.
Pil.ntl iakao idn.mh Mum a Co. rtaaUTt
«aa lal MMM, wn hum l barta, In tba
Scientific American
•.iaaadaomalr Ulmirala-J wctr bnaaat oh*.
il.tli.n olany arlanlino Journal   Tarm. Inr
.alvfilS a raaU.paaaao prepaid   SuM ti
«•'*-*-»' New fork
New Wellington
Conl direct from tlic mines.
Place your orders now and set flffl
your winter's supply.    Large ship
ments will arrive in a lew days.
Large supply of t-,..| ;iU»t. nn banal.
Hotel Nniili \ Hi mu ver
Telephone No. 2.
buys you
one ol these
high class
The duplicate ol the one we had on exhibition at the
Horticultural hall on Saturday, and which attiacted
so much attention because of its excellent baking
qualities and beautiful appearance. We are sorry you
could not all win a range in the contest on that day,
but the above offer is so easy that any person can
possess one. Drop in and talk it over with us when
convenient. The up to-date hardware dealers of the
ambitious city.
Paine& McMillan
_,        Corner lonsdale Ave. and First St. Phone 12 .,
wmmmmm mmmm mmmmmmm
wn ruoNim mil a tower ot, ltd., the table, im
miMi i eicoiiti
•fi.00 A.M.
•fl.45 "
H.OO "
8.40 "
MO "
10.15 "
11.18 "
llll P.M.
I.II "
2. IN "
3.15 "
4.15 "
515 "
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8 15 "
9.15 "
10.15 "
•11,'tO "
11.45 A.M.
10.48    '•
11.48   "
12.15 I'M.
1.48    "
2.48    "
3.48   "
4.48   "
6.45   "
B.45   "
•0.20 A.M.
•7.20 "
8.20 "
11.00 "
9.45 "
10.45 "
1145 "
12.45 P.M.
1.45 "
2.45 "
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8.48 "
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7.46 ''
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11.16   "
12.15 I'.M.
1.15   "
2.15 "
3.16 "
4.18 '■
5.15 "
6.15 "
7.18   "
•Not on Sunday
————. m     i
K-Tia: »1.60 PKII
S|n'fi.il Rates In Eiimilics and Mar ktrdm
Half-hour (erry connection to and (rum Vancouver. Hot and cold
water in every room. Return call liells in every room. Barber
shop in ciinet'lion.
Shot trnsm, ■ ■ ■ ■ north Vancouver, b. c.
British Columbia Electric Railway Co., Ltd.
Cars leave the Ferry Landing for Queensbury Avenue, Twenty-first
street and Lonsdale, Winch street and Keith Koad as lollows: 6:15
a.m., 6.45 a. ni., 7:15 a. m., 7:45 a. tn., 8:15 a. m., 9 a. m. 9:40 a. m.,
10:10 a.m., Alter 10:25 a. ni., cars will leave Queensbury avenue,
Twenty-first and Lonsdale avenue, and Winch street and Keith Koad
at five minutes to thc hour antl twenty live minutes past the hour.
Cars leave Nineteenth street and Queensbury avenue, Twenty-first
slreet and Lonsdale avenue, Winch streei and Keith Koad as lollows 1
6a. m. 6:55 a. ni.,  7:20 a. 111 ,  8:05   a.  m., 8:45 a. m.,9.311 a. in
After 9:30 a. m. cars leave the Ferry Landing at ten minutes past the
hour and twenty minutes to the hour.
T3T   All boats ate, met by the cars.
Wf .v'liril Ihr bu-Mnrwi nf Mflnufai Iiik-m,
■■ftMtrtaad-oUMn vlMrwllMtbi •■MmIm.
t'jr 1 f having Ihelr Palrnt bunnftt 1ritmict.nl
IvKipert*   FiclltpiDntyidvl cfrff.   Chargr*
t   -...-tilt. 0«r|mffitnr'i Ad»lnr"ntn■■ n r
.    it MirinnAMirl'*,ltrg*d.lNr«V«fkMfff
in- «hiIimI'wJ»mM.iiIh DC  U*J
mel Maker, I
General Contractor
l.itii'l ClfiiriiiK,   Slump anil Kuril
lllaaling. Kitra tare near houses.
All ilamaiit'a inaili* goal
I    \l  I- I   " V  \l  I    N   I        Ai.KM.-V
• nal HI.. WMt nl I ..i,aa.l»lr
I' II   II.,.   II
.Vanu/itrlii rfr
all kinds ol Miasion ami A n 11 * j 11. ■ I nriii-
Inrf, Hm, iiiii"'. Hank ami Har Fia-
lurea.   K«|»iring in all its brain hea.
17.1 ThlM II. *'., B»l. Clii'.lfilltl'l ani l/.n»lalt
tl|.l.wll. arh,.il
MAILOBDBM flvflfl prnuipt iMMtlofl
North Vancouver
inn-ai. jum-n*.
Cnrtn«e, KcmiovmIh,
I'i 1 roc I Delivery,
(iimif: ioiudii mi iiiii m\
I • lephonc 70.        Night Calls 13.
j     TREES,
For the Farm, Garden, Lawn
or Conservatory
Uiliiihli' varit'lies at reaaniiable prlcea.
No ll'irer..   Nnt-fale.   No Kumigati.in
taa al.UlMk"' -t". It N'I     iHaflfll*    BKI'lllS   t'i
iiiinui vmi.   Iluv ilirect and a't tlSOt
a,ai*l Hndl thai arow.
Kerlili/.er-, It..Mipplies,Spray Puiitps,
■-praiin*' Mntiriiil, tut Flowers, fll
(llilist I'slBhlishetl nnr-ery on the
ni.niihniil ol llnti-li Ciilniiihi*.
t'alaloajiit. Iree.
MO \Va»TMisaT«a   ltaiAii.
Lands West of
the Capilano
1051, 1052, 1066, 1067,
1079, 1080, 1095, 1096,
1098, 1099, 1106, 1107,
llll, 1112, 1114, 1121,
1124, 1125, 1130, 1131,
1132, 1133, 1134, 1135,
1136, 1142, 1143, 1144,
1145, 1146, 1147, 1148
Lots 206 and  217,
Strip of Watcrfrontage,
Hastings Townsite
N Acres Agricultural
Land in Section 35,
Township 5, New Westminster District
800 Acres Delta Land in
Lulu Island
j Cash, Balance 1,2 and
3 years, Interest at 6
per cent.
For Catalogue and Flans
:t|i|ily  to  the
Phone 47a,    514 Pentjer St.
New Advertisements
Wood iR Son
■ iiietif Miiiinu—('in
t'i nrl o( Keviaiuii—T. Shepherd
**niia| le BloUa-ra—J. J. MrAlm'e
A'-.'ti.ui Sale- Rankin anil Kuril
Me.lini!—('i.ii-ervutivi* AttOClatlon
Mr nt hern Rmaiiir-- Itiiilermaii'hi r
Martin bus iei ci
nal i otninalion.
ted the l.n-
A in 11. in "t the Conservatives
wni be hehl here next Tuestlay
night, in llu Katies' hall.
Tin* Soctlliltl (lift in Vancouver
We,lm mI.u night anil nominated
E. T. Kiagslty as tlieir candidate.
The nonunion elections have
In ■ :i Ml (or Monday, Oct. 26th,
with the nominations on the 19th.
Vancouver is stated to be the
best organized town west of Montreal, according to Conservative
Thomas II. MacKay,Vancouver,
has been appointed returning officer (or litis constituency in the Dominion elections.
Three constituencies in this province have had their elections postponed, viz., Comox-Atlin, Yale-
Cariboo, and Kootenay.
G. H  I'.arnard,  K.C., has been
nominated  to contest Victoria, in J
the interests ol tbe Conservatives,
against Hon. Wm. Templenian.
Thc Conservative nominee, (i.
H. Cowan, has gone east on a
three weeks' trip. He will return
in plenty nl time Ior his fight here.
The Liberals held their second
rally ol the 1 .mipaign Wednesday
night, at l'airview,Vancouver. W.
W. B, Mclnnes was the principal
There will bc a four-cornered
contest in this constituency, the
Conservatives, Liberals, Lxclti-
sionists and Socialists all being
J. P. Tavlor, the Conseivative
nominee in Westminstcr.isactively
organizing his district. He hopes
to win out owing to thc split in the
Liberal ranks.
The Liberals will hold the opening meeting ol their campaign here
on Monday night, when W. W. B
Mclnnes will iddren the ilcctor-
atf*, in Larson's pavilion.
Thc Conservative in Comox-
Atlin met at Prince Kupert lately,
but did not nominate. Sloan, the
Liberal nominee, is actively canvassing the constituency*
The Conservative campaign in
this constituent v ii nutkeil bv
much enthusiasm and confidence,
being aided thereby by the (act
that all the newspapers arc sup
porting their nominee.
Martin Iturrell and Duncan Ross,
Conservative and Liberal respectively, are conducting an Mtrgfltic
campaign in Yah-Cariboo. The
Conservative- txp a t tn carry that
constituency by a large majority.
Liberal papers CMCfldfl lhe Conservatives two seats m I) C. this
1 li. turn. The Conservatives are
confident ol reversing ihosefigures,
or even beld r Mill going poli-
ticiansgiv. tin Conservatives three,
and posstblv lour seats.
Hon. Mr. Hows**r is going cast
to assist thc Conservative leaders
in thi ir campaign in the various
provinu s lb will make a number ol speet In s. partii ulatly dealing with tin qtmtiooi ol Asiatic
ext limon and bflttl 1 ti 11
A thn et onu n I light is on in
Nanaimo. Ralph Smith bring the
Liberal    noiniii' Hawthorn*
thwaite (or tin Sorillittl, and
Shepherd lor the ('wist rvalives.
Tin campaign is in full swing and
promises to be a Ihn lv one indeed.
In the Kootenay electoral district, (ioodeve, the Conservative
nominee, has opt tied bil 1 .nnpaign
against Smith Curtis, the government candidate. He hat been
holding a scries ol enthusiastic
meetings 111 Last Kootenay towns.
The AsiatK Kxilustoii League
held a warm nn eting on Tuesday
1 veiling in Vancouver, tin re being
a lair attendance Thc proceedings
were anything but harmonious,but
tin nomination ol a candidate was
made, Hon Joseph Martin being
., |> 1 ted lot that honor.
(Jn Thursday evening, ol last
week, tin Liberals ol this constituency, opened thc rampaign bv
a meeting in the City hall, Van-
aoiivr. at whu It there was a large
attendance. Speeches were delivered bv Un LibflTtl candidate,
WW. B. Mclnnes, ami others.
Friday evening last, the Conser-
valives Opened their campaign in
this ruling by I monster gathering
111 tin* OBriflO hall, Vancouver.
Tin* ii.'Hil filled both halls, and
was very enthusiastic. The iiiein
luis ol the provincial cabinet, together with thfl candidate, G. H.
Cowan, all delivered addreaiei,
Zeit   lias   been   lulled   to  the
political light now on, by the publii ation ill a letter, from the pen
ol Sii duties Tupper, Bart., in
replv to recent strictures on bun
sell in Sn Willie I I.am ill. Tllollgh
wi II up in ve.ns.Sii Charles shows
that there ia 1 oniklertb.'e fight Wl
in Intu. ainl lie vigorously lesents
any aspersions upon himsell or the
Conservative party. The letter
will make telling campaign ammunition.
A nieiting of the Norlli Vancouver Conservative Association was
held in (he Orange hall on Wednesday evening, President A. R.
Steacy presiding. After a short
discussion Percy King was elected
secretary, in place ol T. Shepherd,
who could no longer continue in
that oflice, tbe members generally
expressing their regret at Mr.
Shepherd's decision. The chief
topic of discussion was the approaching Dominion elections, and
ways and means were discussed in
relation thereto. The delegates to
the Conservative convention were
instructed to attend a special
meeting in Vancouver this evening
at O'Brien hall, for purposes of
organization; and it was decided
lurther to hold a business meeting
in the Eagle's hall, Esplanade, on
Tuesday evening next, at eight
o'clock.when further arrangements
will be made for the conduct ol the
campaign in this city.
mnr' imr itovbihi1
Sample Blouses
We are pleam'tl to iiiiniumee Ihal our 0|HilduH »>ek bus hi'"ii marked
iv ilh ila'i'i'h'il luroaaa, Dti" I'l.lun.e nj biisine.-s (niiii iiiriiheiiil ul ewrytluiig
«e expi'i'teil Our aim, If Bnaalhlt*, lui. lu niuul every ihuppar ill thi eltl
ami itltalri.lt uml thla IW believe ne hnve almost, if BM uhnllv, Hooornpllihna,
Indeed it was Interesting to notice hou, althnu1 exception, every eusi nur
lellniir alnre, mil iinlvanlislieil lull in* inula ilel ahleil tu llll'W that ll nn-
nol lunger iiiii'es-nry far ihem in gn I" Vain ■oilier ti.iln ll.elr billing n Dry
Qnudl nml G..|i:b' KuriiinhingH, aiiiee llirj Bud nui prlei 1 In li' aa Ion. ami 111
iniml i'iim'H even loner llinu ill Vniieuiiier.
2nd Week Greater Bargains
For our aei'oml Mai aelling we were hiii'i'1'k»(uI in aeniring n lull ael o[
traveller's sample waiBtaat a big eaah diacount, TbflM nre direct from the
factory and the very latest protlui'limi d.r (all. They iiiiiii* in Blacks. Wliitea,
and Colors, all the'Newest Cuts and Stiles, iui'linliiig: Allover Lace Lined
with silk, Chiffon Taffetas, Japan Taffetas, Louisines, China Silks, Lawns,
India Linens, Organdies, Jtc, all prettily trimmed and tucked.
These will 00 ON SALE SATURDAY and following week while
they last at little above half their regular prices,
  RANGING FROM 75c TO $6.50.
See Window
Regular meeting ol the district
council will be held tonight.
The Seymour creek water service
for Vancouver will be completed
next week.
W H. Stoney & Co. have received the contract for painting the
new Methodist
at Kitimaat.
school and home
j,   7   1111,1   ii   oVlxcli
A considerable number of dele-1       Lynn Valley License
gates from Nortli Vancouver went k 	
over to attend the reception given     j|1L,  adjourned iueetn| ol  tl
tbe Scottish delegates in Vancou* board of license tiiinniissniiicrs to
ver on Wednesday eve.    Amongst ^consider the application ol Harry
Holland, fur a license lo si 11 liquM
The foundations are now completed for the new pier for the
Seymour Creek bridge, which was
rendered necessary by reason of
the fact that the cement failed to
harden properly in the lirst pier.
Mr Dockhll of the legal lirm of
MacDonald & Dockrill, Kussland,
accompanied by Mrs. Dockrill,
visited the city today and enjoyed
an afternoon's picnic on the
grounds nl Hotel North Vancouver.
The city engineer's department
was operating on 3rd street east
on Tuesday running a cross section
Ior the purpose of Iraming up an
estimate of the cost of block paving the street, in accordance with
thc terms ol the local improvement
Dr. 11.11. Howell, optician from
the Burrard sanitarium, Vancouver, has been busily engaged at
the Chesterfield avenue school Ior
the past week, making a thorough
examination ol the eyesight of all
the children in thc school. The
work will require a week or more
yet lor completion.
City Treasurer Woods states
that tax collections this year have
proven very satisfactory. The
per centagc who took advantage
ol the rebate was greater than last
year. Thc crush at the city hall
was sufficient at limes to overtax
the accommodation provided lor
the public convenience.
At the regular weekly meeting
ol the local lodge 'A Oddfellows
held last evening, a number of
new members were initiated, the
degiee work being done by a team
Irom lodge No. a6, ol Vancouver.
Next Thursday evening the ist
tlegree will be conferred by the
degree team of lodge No. H, also
of Vancouver
the number were noticed Mayor
Kealy, Aid. Smith, Alex. Philip,
C.M.C, Thos. Shepherd, citv
clerk; Councillor McNaught, Dis
trict Engineer Cameron, W. J.
Hutlcr, K. Simpson, S. Wight, T.
S. Snodgrass and Allen Stevenson.
Thc project ol establishing a
second Ierry service across the inlet has taken practical shape in g
in 1.vim Valley, was held Wednesday afternoon. The dccMKM ol
tbe legal advisor of the coniiiiiv
siiuiers was ti tin 1 id 11 (hat the
formation nf tin l.vnn will. 1 rati 1
district ihtl nut tunslilule the ills
trict a townsite, lor the porpOflM ul
theliqii"! In iiisis att. Tbeiepi.it
uf tbe clerk ul tile iltsllict  was tu
proposition   that is   made by  the the effect that if the board wire to
owner of several steamers in Van-1 proceed as lor a townsite,   then
couver.     This owner is prepared ! there were 40 favorable signalling
to enter into   an   agreement with out ol ninety, and on thc basis ol
tbe district to operate a Ierry from a district then there were 68 signa-
a point   about   midway   between tures out ol 180.    Alter exit Mfld
lirockton and Prospect Points, to discussion, the hoard passed a mo
a point west of the Capilano   In- tion to adjourn until the  regular
dian reserve.     The assent ol the meeting inasmuch as  lime   Mfl
department of marine and  hslnt- not sufficient signatures tu   bring
ies has already been secured.  Thc thfl petition under consideration,
plan contemplates  the extension 	
0,,.,   B. Cd^^ine.bring,, (]||1 ()f VIKnhi\| 01 IKK
Stanley Park on the \ancouvei
side and its extension along Keith
and Kulison Roads on the North
side, to the place ol landing in
each instance.
I   A piihlie iniTliiig tttbfl bei.I at Nu
Envelope   Social 1! Kireliull. Uilh Matt, tm the evening
The envelope  social held al the iol Tuemlay,  S..|,ten,l.r 22nd  mat, I„r
home ol VV. H. and Mrs. Parkin,
The young people's club ol St
Andrew's church will hold their
general meeting on the first Tins
day in October. Thc commute,
appointed at the concluding ses
sion last spring is ready with a
syllabus, for consideration by the
club. The syllabus outlines a
very energetic and attractive programme for the winter season.
E. J. bennctt, clerk at tbe Palace hotel, received the sad in tell i -
gencc Wednesday ol the death ol
Ins mother, at Ottawa. Although
ninety-two years ol age, Mrs. Hen*
netl had never sustained any appreciable illness during her long
life. The immediate cans, of death
was a stroke ol paralysis, Irom
which she passed away without recovering consciousness.
last evening, under thc auspices of
tbe Ladies' Aid ol   thc Methodist
church, was a pronounced sm 1 ess
I'he attendance was large and was
considerably augmented by a goodly company from Central church,
Vancouver.   The programme was
an  informal affair, comprising vocal solos by Mesdames Terr) berry,
Rich and Gavol, and Misses Morrison   and   Vickers; instrumental
selections by Mrs. Smith and Miss
Ada Morden; recitations by Mrs
llall, Miss MacKenzie and Mtflfln
llall, Heal, Clark and T. Martin
son.    Thc financial proceeds wen
highly satisfactory ami will In d.
v nleil tu the purposes ol the organization.
tbe |iiii|Bi«e nl nriMiii-nig a I ire llngii.le
ill llllll  HITtlaall ,,( ||||,  W','111,11.
I'lie general  public  .ml ptflflflfltthfl
iiiiinheri are Invited tn attend.
Chairman nl lire ami Walrr Committi |
Flag Raising at School
The Union Jack, presented lo
the Chesterfield avenue school by
the education department, will bc
hoisted Ior the first lime on Monday afternoon. Thc occasion will
be marked by appropriate ceremonies. The flag will be run to
the mast head during the singing
of " Up With the Union Jack,
Boys," by thc school children.
Thc other items of thc programme
will be "The Maple Leal Forever,"
"Rule Britannia," bv thc school;
recitation, "The Union Jack," by
Dorris Anders. The items will l»
interspersed with speeches by
Revs, Gillam, Hooper anil Haider
stone, Mayor Kealy, Messrs Philip
and Geo.II.Morden The proceedings will begin at two o't KM k II
is hoped that there will In a laige
attendance of thc public.
nam mcnui mm
V nl HI is her.1,1 11111*11 lhat I .bull.
■>" mi Ma111.hu, the '.'initial n( Ni'iiin
Imr, 1906, »t tin' houri'l llln'i'l'. I 111 the
llalt'llaaaall    III till'   till    llllll.  Will  Villi*
..i.ii.r, It."'., huhl a t'uiirt "I Ri'Vi.inii.
(nr (he |iiir|«i«e ..I hearing mid deter*
mining uny nml nil objections la Iln* ta-
lentltintif any MMM ■ inline, mi llu*
regi.ler uf inter, lur Ibo al.ivr iiiiiiiihI
Electoral District,
linte.l  ill  Nurth   Viitiia.mer.   II.C,
AugiiKt 2Vlh. I'KlH.
lti-ili-.|rar nl Vnlern
Richmond I l.-.-t ml Dtotriel
Whun ymi Intend building
/.'• "il" *. (   I .l.ilr  dr.,('it./. Ham
,\a,       ,',
tmtOHttOttsi INK  /.'/'in I'rrll. llf
Hli IWI'I'.N Kil'll AND r/111 SI'S.. MAI,ON AVE.
Tariii-, iine-diu.'tli eiiah ; lni.in.i'i', li II ami IH iiiiiiilh."
161 Cordova Slreel, Vancouver, ft. C.
1*. 0. BOX 38(1.
Hotel North Vancouver,
■^w^^gS^/m^.1        *-"'
, a n ! '
North \ft\nc~iu\icn-
t2.oo per
and up
Rates lor
Terry Service f very Half Hour to and from this Hotel
to Vancouver. P. Larson, Prop.
111 I
Strawberry Runnera, 75 centa per 100,
(maioon and Paxton)
Rupberrr Canes, $1.00 per 100
(Cuthbert and Marlborough)
Red and Black Currants, 12 50 a doten
5 yrs old (Victoria and Black Maplesi
RADERMACHER.   lornd* 12lit SI
Are urgently requested
to attend a
To be held in the
Tuesday, Sept. 22,
At 8 p m
Sic   Nurlli vincouvar
Connr.a-HV. A.,n
■TIIK al.ue renartl will be given (or
iiifiiriiuiliiui   iihiih   will  i-auw the
i'..in ii linn nf ihe imrly who ahot my dog
nu tbe ini'lil ul '.'Kb ol Augu.t, nenr the
l'l|K' I.nn* mnl Kn.. Ita.llal.
with es FOR
NORIH um mum.


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