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The Express 1908-10-02

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Is Ihal which goes inlo peoples'
homes. To reach Ihe people of
Narlh   Vancouver   advertise  in
Phone HO
ViCTO&IA t? 0. ,
Ulitt/rv legit AiittMu -
^Haa^.B^.Bfl _t~^^^^^
F.xecutcd in a style thai phases
and al prices lhat are right ai
The Express
Aid. May, Crickmay, Wheeler,
Smith and Braim wen* present at tlm
tegular meeting of the city council
Imlil on Monday evening last.
Mayor Kealy presided. A letter
Irom Uobert L. Docherty.secretary
of the Horticultural Society and
Fanner's Institute, requesting that
the property of the society he exempt Irom taxation, was referred
to lhe committee ol the whole.
A letter f I om P, W. Young asking that aculveil lie put in the creek
thai crosses IIM street just west of
Lonsdale, in tinier to give access
to two new houses recently completed by Inni, ivas relerred to the
hoard of works to report and a similar request lor lhe extension of (he
water connections was relerred to
the waterworks committee to report.
A letter from lhe solicitors with
relerence to progress in the matter
of deeds of the lanes throughout
the Hinimrrsley property was laid
Bylaw ntimlier 44 was given its
lirst, second and third readings
This In law empowers the council
lo raise by way ol loan, undt-r the
statutory loan bylaw, the sum ol
f.1111 mir thousand dollars, fer the
purpose ol paying off the balance
ol the indebtedness of the city to
the district The yearly provision
for sinking fund will he t268.60 and
for Interest 13050.
The special committee appointed
to dralt a petition to the department for the establishment of a free
delivery ol mail-, throughout the
citv submitted their report, which
likewise asks (or the plating of
twi li. Inter boxes at intersections
111  ]a||    a  .Jl.ll Sl   I*. I- Ui'p.lllatlopl-
eil   and petition to lie forwarded.
Thf mayor relerred lo the matter
ol the care of the public parks
throughout lhe city. This is bound
to become an important item in civic
im-iiifss, and 11 was not wise in
auy case that ihey should undertake it. The statutes did not empower the appointing of park com
missiouers, except in the case of
parks giant* d Irom crown lauds.
ile would suggest lhat the government be leqiii sled to provide for
thc appointment o( paik commissioners in cases such as this. Aid.
May moved and Aid. Smith seconded, lhat a lei*, r to this effect lie
lorwardetl the executive; carried.
The city solicitor wrote that he
had given notice oi application (or
the appointment ol a third arbitrator in the matter ol the expropriation of land atIhe corner ol lit
and St  David's Avenue.
The mayor reported the sale of
an additional lio,000 ol the city
debentures, at the same as previous
sales. The mayor further reported
that all matters of difference as between Ihe city and the district had
been amicably arranged, to the
sitiifiction of both parties, and
matten are now in first class shape.
It was moved by Aid. Wheeler,
leconded by Aid. Braim, that the
niavor be empowered to deliver to
the diitrict it colateral security,
until sold, bonds to the imount of
117,500 for amounts remaining
unpaid; carried.
Aid. Uraim referred to fact that
the condition of 3rd street is very
unsatisfactory to residents thereon.
( mini il regretted the conditions,
hut were it 1 loss to propose 1
Aid. Smith teported thit Ierry
committee hid 1 conference U.t|
week wilh the directions ol the ferry
compiny. The company does not
see its way to the expenditure ol
my further funds at present, in
wharf improvements, etc., neither
can it igree to gmrantee the continuance ol half hourly service, unless some assistance is forthcoming
(rom the city. Another meeting
will be held at in eirly date,
when the company will have their
Counter proposition ready to submit
Aid. Braim relerred (0 the fact
that the grading of 3rd slreet was
raising the roadway above adjoining property in some instances and
there was dinger ol fences being
broken down ind the cirth being
wished down upon lawns, etc.
Clerk to write the solicitor lor his
opinion as (0 the liability of the
city in such cisei.
Aid. Braim called the altention
of council to the fact that at its
intersection with S(. George's ave*
inu*, the fall in 3rd street was so
slight as to be practically bench
grade of St. George's avenue. The
mayor recalled die fact that council
had passed a resolution governing
(he grades anil called for the reading of the same. The motion read
(hat where the various permanent
grades are to be laid on the streets,
a straight grade shall be laid as
(ollows: On Mahon and Sl. David's
avenues, from (lie north side of ist
street lo Keith road on St. Patrick's
avenue, from the north side of ist
streri, 10 4th street and on Chester*
field, Lonsdale, St. George's and
St. Andrew's avenues, from the
north side of ist street to the north
side of 8th street. In consiiltauon
with council on the malter,lhe city
engineer stated that plans had
been submitted to council and
passed, showing grades as they
are now being constructed.
The mayor read a further resolution of council, it which it was
ordered that plans and profiles in
iihai li grades are established shall
be drawn in triplicate, each copy
(0 be signed by the mayor, the
clerk and the council and the corporate seal attached. One copy
was lo be deposited in the registry office, one copy to be deposited in the vault at the city hall, and
one copy to be used for reference.
The plans and profiles at present
being used for 3rd street were produced ami it was found that they
were not signed nor sealed and
that only one copy had been made,
llie mayor staled (hat the matter
was of 1 serious niture and that il
placed Ibe council in lhe position
of passing resolutions only to find
that they were not observed in
actual operations. Proper methods
hid been followed with relerence
to Lonsdale avenue and ist street,
but in this instance this was not
(he case. The mailer was referred to thc board of works, to bring
in recommendations.
Liberal Meeting
Last night the Liberals held a
meeting iu the public lull,at Lynn
creek, the hall being filled wilh the
residents of lhe valley. J. Y. McNaught acted as chairman and
gave a lew opening remarks. He
was ftillnwed by Alex. Philip, who
made an excellent speech. W.W.
B. Mclnnes, the Liberal nominee,
followed,and spoke at length upon
the issues ol the day, referring
particularly to the Asiatic question.
Mr. Mclnnes closed his addicss
with a timely reference to the
growing importance of the district,
and spoke of its possibilities and
needs. He stated he would do all
he could to obtain government
assistance in developing the district In reply to a question asked
ol Mr. Mclnnes, as to the policy
ol the Laurier government relative
to establishing separate or national
schools, lie replied that separate
schools was a Tory measure, introduced for Manitoba's benefit in
1896. They had been defeated on
that question and the Liberals
elected. As lor British Columbia,
the system here must remain (or
national schools, as guaranteed by
confederation. Joe Martin knew
this and it was idle for him to
speak otherwise. Kven if they
would, the Liberals could not give
separate schools in (his province.
This statement of the Lauiier
government's school po'icy was
received with applause. The
meeting was a good one and tbe
audience quite attentive.
Guiseppe Batistoni, Antonio Borio,
and Agostino Golla. The floral
tokens of sympathy were numerous
and beautiful, comprising (he following amongst others: Mr. and
Mrs. Branca, cross ; Henry and
Mrs. Eves, wreath ; S. M. S. F.
D'ltalia, hearl; Y. Meuchse, cross;
Charles and Louis Reda, spray ;
Mrs. Reda and Mrs. Andruss,
heart ; Mrs. Sargent, spray ; Foi*
cisini Ensgnio,wreath; Mrs. Filion
sprav. The circumstances of the
lad's death are rendered additionally pathetic from the fact that Mr.
Branca has been in Europe for
sometime past and was in Paris,
France, when the sad intelligence
reached him. He is now on the
homeward journey.
St. John's Church
It is quite safe to say that the
congregations attending the harvest thanksgiving services, in St.
John's church, last Sunday, were
the largest in the history of the
parish. In the evening especially
scaling capacity was taxed to the
utmost, and though the aisles were
filled with chairs, it was still impossible to find room for all who
desired to enter.
The church was beautifully decorated with a prolusion ol Iruits,
flowers and vegetables—thankof-
ferings   which   bore  eloquent,  il
engineer, coming down Lonsdale
avenue a little before nine o'clock
yesterday morning, was astonished
to notice a black bear, about a
year old, making his way up the
hill through the gardens on Ihe
west side of the avenue. A lady,
engaged in tethering a cow in the
vicinity, evidently received a considerable fright from the bear. The
animal leisurely entered a clump
of bush on the northern border of
the gardens and disappeared.
Burglars at Work
Burglars paid a visit to tin* pre
mises of A. J. Picton Warlow, on
Friday night last. Mr. Warlow
closed his place of business at the
usual hour and saw all in proper
shape for the night. On coming
down the next morning he discovered that the stock had been rifled.
Upon examination he found thai
the thieves had stolen five or six
hundred of the best brand of cigars
together with a supply of confectionery. Entrance was effected
by forcing open a back window.
Insufficient Postage
Epitor The Express:
Sir,—Since the one cent postage
rite has come into operation lor
letters posted and delivered within
the city of Vancouver.considcrable
Sale of Government Lands.
The auction sale ol government lands held hy J. S. Rankin in Van
couver on Tuesday was largely attended, many local real estate men
icing   present*     The lots offered in
prices and purchasers were as follows:
Norlh Vancouver district willi
S. E.   quarter 105a	
S.W. quarter 1051 ...
N.E. quarter 1051..,,
S. E.   quarter 1066	
S.W. quarter 1067	
N W. quarter 1067.. ..
S.E. quarter 1080....
N.E. quarter 1080....
N.W. quarter 1079....
S.E.   quarter 1095....
N.E. quarter 1095	
N.W. quarter 1096...,
N.E. quarter 1096	
SE. quarter 1099....
S.W. quarter 1098 ...
S. frac. half 1106 ..
N.E. quarter 1106....
N.W. quarter 1106...,
"34 *
4*75 -
4-75 •
9 5°-
9 5°*.
9 5°**
 i'i fu .
• •• 75 55*■
* . .76.05..
 7605 1
 7605 1
 7605 J
 7605  J.
.. ..76.05
Purchaser price
,.F. N. Gillies t 997 50
..John Tipping  109200
..G. G. Easleld  "37 35
..A. Prescott  H75 35
.. A. Prescott   H75 35
..G. A. Kendall    1024 80
Kendall  950 00
Kendall  807 50
Lam hie   (1(15 00
..A. W. MeLeod  76000
.. R. Miller  570 00
..J. G Gordon  52200
. .G. Mc Arthur  427 50
..J. Kendall  585 00
.. G. L. Webster  58j 00
.. Rev.FatherLechcrme 531 00
..G. McArthur  285 00
..W. J. Little  285 00
..— French  1717 72
..— French ,. 70000
..H. Averill  53' 35
A. Kendall  532 35
D. Byrne  532 35
D. Byrne  532 35
D. Byrne  532 35
D Byrne  537 35
D. Byrne  456 30
D. Byrne  494 3'
D- Byrne  156 30
D. Byrne  418 27
D. Bvrne  418 27
D. Byrne  494 32
J W Byrne    49432
Sad Death
The death occurred on Sunday
night last, of Joseph, eldest son of
Philip and Mis. Branca.at the age
of len years. The lad had bflflfl
ill for upwards of a month,ol what
ultimately developed into typhoid
lever. The funeral took place on
Monday, proceeding fust to the
church of the. Holy Rosarv, Vancouver, where a service was held
and from wlnnie a very large cortege ol sympathizing friends proceeded to the cemetery, where (he
interment look place. The pall
bearen    were   Luigi   Batistoni,
silent, testimony to tbe abundance
of the harvest with which the country has been blessed. The music
at St. John's, which has been
steadily improving, was on this occasion exceptionally good, proving
that both choir and choirmaster
have given to this part ol the public worship of thc church that
painstaking care and attention
which its importance dcmands.and
tint no pains have been spared to
make it what it should be: 1 real
"sacrifice of praise," an offering of
the best results of earnest and intelligent effort.
Sons of England
Western Rose lodge, Sons of
England, held a successful gathering on Tuesday evening. After
initiating a number of new members the rest of the evening was
devoted to a social,which was conceded by all to have been most
successful. Songs and recitations
were given by Bros. H. V. Biker,
R. H. Tim, W. Worth, Hum
phreys and a number of others.
Refreshments were served during
lhe evening. A large number ol
applications have been nuivid
and these will be initiated next
Tuesday evening.
inconvenience has been caused In
etters posted in North Vancouvi r
and addressed to Vincouver being
surcharged. In the same wav, I'l
ters posted in Vancouver and addressed to North Vancouver are
very frequently stamped wilh Ibe
one cent and surcharged, to the
annoyance of the recipient. A
prominent notice in your pap.-i H
the effect that the one cent rale
does not apply across the Inlet in
cither case, would be a great ben
efil and prevent 1 lot ol annoyincr
Yours faithfully,
Coun F. J *< km is
Vincouver, Sept. 23rd.
Another Bear Story
A blick bear in Victoria Gardens
is thr latest authentic itory of Ihe
astonishing lameness of Bruin this
Ull.   Donild   Cimeron, diitrict
Cambridge Guest House
R. E. Mat naghten has r* tur in <l
(rom 1 trip to Prince Kupert, ami
is now in charge ol the local office
of Inkster St Ward. While in
Prince Rupert Mr. Macnaghten
took the initiatory steps for the establishment of the "Cambridge
Guest House" in that city. In -
letter appearing in the current is
sue of the Prince Kupert Empire,
Mr. Macnaghten sets out clearly
his ideas wilh respect In the pro*
per handling of liquor licenies.and
expresses his willingness that hii
application should bc submitted
for decision to a popular vote of
the citiiens. Should lhe guest
house become an accomplished
fact, Mr Macnaghten. who ii 1
Cambridge man, intends hiving
one room furnished with pictm. 1
ind other appointments peitaining
to hit alma miter,
Alex. Gibson was a visitor at
Victoria during lhe week.
Committee rooms hive been
opened by Ihe Liberals in the corner store of the Home block,Lonsdale ave.
The ferry St. George was laid
oll Wednesday and Thursday for
repairs, the North Vancouver taking her run.
Next Wednesday night George
H. Cowan, the Conservative can
didate, will hold a meeting in Larson's pavilion.
A meeting in the interest of Joe
Martin,the Exclusionist candidate,
will bc held tonight, In the committee rooms, Home block.
The Martin supporters have
opened committee rooms in the
Home (dock, in the store lormerly
occupied by Sale St Brewitl.
A meeting of the Athletic club
will be held in Larson's pavilion
to-night at 8 o'clock. All members are asked to be present.
Up to the presenl 160 applications have been matte lor a license
to sell liquor in the town ol Prince
Rupert, ill ol which have been te-
For Sale.—Two hcaters.suitible
lor either coal or wood. Will be
sold cheap lor cash. Apply in
mornings at 362 Tenth ave East,
cor. Ridgewiy.
Thomas Dickinson, who has recently arrived (rom thc Similka-
111. en country,has rented (he house
of James Clark, on 4th street, for
a period of six months and will
take up his residence therein.
K. Allan and family came to the
city on Saturday last ind hive taken up (heir residence on Bewick
ave. Mr. Allan is connected with
(he fire insurance department ol
Robt. Ward 1VC0., Vancouver.
Want™ to Bxcnrae.   I1275
equity in house and lot, just east
til Westminster ivenue, on Harris
strut, fur North Vancouver acreage, or vacant lots. Full partim-
ars ol Frederic Olson, 2 Powell
On Saturday the local fimlhall
club wis defead d lu tin Shamrocks, six gnals to nil, it (In* ll
creilion p.nk No goals were
scored till the last quarter, win n
McPherson got hint and the locals
went up in the air.
An interesting meeting was held
lasl etenuig In llie local lodge ol
O1I1II1 Hows, when four members
were given their third degree. Mr.
Pilling his been appointed degree
ciptiin and will 1 milt r tin tmtia
liny degree on a numl-er ol candi
dues neit Thursday evening.
K I Blackburn brought inlo
tins office tins morning 1 magnificent cluster ol green tomatoes,
grown on Ped* Larson's ranch.
Iinie were   six   tomiloei in   the
t luster ui llli V   Weighed +1,  ||)S.,
lieing taken Irom the one vine. A
single other tomato weighed I' •
lbs.   There are plenty ol others.
K. | 11. ami Mrs. Cardinal have
vacited their apartments in tin-
Manhattan. \ am tuner, ami have
taken up llieir residence in Kesri-
n> | ''il.'i'. "ii isl itreet ent.
Mrs. Cardinal is a graduate ol the
Royal Academy ol Music,London,
Eng., and is an accomplished
violinist. She will doubtless prove
i most desirable acquisition to
musical circles in the nty
Hum T C. Flvei his on exhibition it his office, Lonsdale ave ,
tangible evidence oi the agn* nl
tural possibilities ol the soil and
climate ol Ninth Vancouvi i. m
ilu Innn of a very large squish,
grown in tin garden nf G. W.Sugden, Lynn valley. He hn llio i
very fine sample ol ripe tomatoes,
grown in th* garden ol George
Prim, on isl street.
arranged.     There will ba a short
programme during the evening.
Work on the Lynn Valley water
system is proceeding satisfactorily.
On (he Lonsdale section the clearing, grading and lunching are
practically completed, aud a considerable portion ol thfl pipe is in
place. On the Lynn Valley section the clearing, grading and
trenching is all completed. All the
pipe laying should be completed
in \t week.
Rev. E. R.Brecken, M.A.,B.D.,
who is under appointment to a
mission field in the far east, will
preach in the Methodist church
here on Sunday morning. The
evening service will be conducted
by Kev. Thomas Marshall and
Rev. T, C. Buchanan, delegates to
(he annual meeting of the Methodist mission, which convenes in
Vancouver on Monday, 5th inst.
The annual meeting of the North
Vancouver board of trade will be
held in the ciiy hall on Tuesday
evening nexl, Oct. bth.at 8 o'clock
p.m. Officers will be elected and
committees appointed for the ensuing year. Members are requested to make a special effort to it-
tend. Any who ire not it present
members, but who ire disposed to
tike in ictivc interest in the progress of the city ind district, ire
invited to ittend.
The cist abutment for the Seymour creek bridge is now completed and (he west abutment is about
(our (eet above the water line. It
will be completed next week. The
approaches on the west are rough
graded to the bridge and on the
east are well advanced. The su-
persttucture is to be on thc ground
within two months liter the letting
ol the contract, so that the work
"f pulling it in place should be in
process during December.
About 9 o'clock p.m. Tuesday
evening the outgoing Queensbury
ivenue trimcir met with in icci-
ilent, on 4th street, which put that
line out of business for the night.
A tliw in thc metil ciused in axle
to breik ind the cir to like to the
ditch. A ging of men wis mime*
diitely set to work snd by strenu-
mis efforts succeeded in getting the
line cleir it two o'clock i.m., 10
tint GUI were in operation ts
usuil Wedneidiy morning.
Aid. Braim is highly pleased
wilh (he speed developed bv hii
new motor liunch. On the return
trip from Pitt lake last week, with
a party nf hunters, lhe sixty milei
wrre made in six hours against Ihe
tide. Aid. Braim is confident that
under normil conditions the liunch
will hit off it 12 miles an hour.
I'ln parly, who comprised F.
Briton, C. McRae, J Williimi,
K. McKie md J. Kelly, hid *
thoroughly enjoyable trip and
brought home two bear peltl tl
trophies ol the chile.
(,, n A Oordon hia plans out
for 1 subdivision ol a portion ol
hii property, weit of the Capilano.
The section sub divide*! compriies
thc easterly one hall nf .listrict lot
n 11111 lier 783. Its proximity to tha
waterfront, together with the fact
lhat roads at Bfl M nl 1 onslructed
ii-n.lt r it eaiily accessible, makei
lhe locition exceptionally deiir-
able. The lots will lie placed on
thc market 11 soon is the plans
hive I" hi ipproved by tin diitrict
council ind duly register, d.
The city wn lelt without either
cir service or electric light Ior
ibout two hours on Wednesday
niflii The difficulty iroie on the
olher side ol the Inlet, where I
"ground" put one ol the high tension wire out ol business. The
trouble in Vincouver endured for
only 1 lew minutes, lor the rcison
that they have the idvintige of in
•Itermtive circuit, which wis It
onu put into service. This city,
however, hn only one t iri nit, ind
when thai wis deranged (here wis
im ninl until a wukn .1:1 went
from Vincouver   to lhc  Burnflby
'I In anini.il mn ling ol the Young I
Peoples'   tlilb  will   I"' held III Sl. I
Andi' w '*. ! 1.1, n I tflfldai 1 '■ 'ii* substation and let matters right.
|g| Aflat II eight o'clock OCcfltl Operations ire now under wiy to
will he ili'inl loi tin- etisinni: taw North Vam ouver an altcrna-
term, and I "mniitlees will be ap tin | m int. ami when tht* is dont
pointed I In ri purl of the sylli-,awkward situations luch is thit ol
bus committee will be (unsullied .Wednesday nig bl will be I thing
tnd tht winter'i programme finally l ol tht put. TIIK EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, R, C.
Nukiii Yin* OUVM, 11. C.
C   _. MtllllKKISllAl.K,   Q. II. MllKIIKS,
Manager.        lilll*illl'»» M«r.
Tin l'A press is delivered in North
Yam<>uvt:r within a radius ol 12
blodtfl "I .fcS ollice. All outside
tins diltrkt is placed in the pOflt
EUttfl of Siibscri|ition :
(Ine year -       rioo
,iix monthi -5"
Throe monthi -      ■        -25
United Stttflfl tad F-otfllfB, li.jo
per )ear.
All subscriptions must lie paid ill
..\ny perion  nol  receiving  this
Mpei  rtfoltrl) will   please notify
tbt ,a|l*,,a*       Na' p*p«  stopped  Ull
|,*ss notified filher by letter or card
Nokiii VaNCOI vkk, Oct.   2,   (yoS
On* 01 oui prominent citiuoi
(Ins Wflflk sli iWfld Tin- BSFflSflfl a
copy of I map ol   the lowt 1 main
laudol British Columbia, lo which
Veil Serious 111']* I lim I MU 'I bul
be (aken by North Vancouvr citizens, collective!) tnd individually.
The map was procurad lro» thfl
Vancouver itnuist Ass.n ittion ,nnl
lie.trs u liisiiiption 10 thfl ' 'I'' I
that it was tompiled by thfl lands
and works department Blldei the
tdmtobtrauofl ol Hon. Robert
Cm n 11,. .lad- is 1907. Thfl
map 1" air- si 1 eral inacciiraues as
tu the -ei turn about lhe mouth of
the l-'iasei river, but its chief tie-
feel lies in thfl fact that no mention
whatever is made ol lhe uu ol
Norlli \.ni...mi'i The 0*1) centre ol p ipulati.in appearing win n*
Nortli Vancouver should be lound
is Moodv villi*. Doubtless (lie ni.ip
was compiled belon* tin- nty w is
incorporated, but even so il is dd-
lltllll tn see why Moiidwille ihOflld
appear then in, while Nm lli Van
couver (a Iractiou ol whose p ipu
latum even at thai lime would
equal that ol tin* lormi 1 plflCt)
should be overlook*.t Iln it
grettal'le phas. of  tin   laittfll lu-s
III till*    hCt    tll.lt.   We     lllali Isl,Old,
this is distribiiled broad I-* 11 thfl
Litest and most II * nntl map "I
the district involved. I hi . 111 u
laiion ol  this map  beyond thfl
out Canada, tin United s
dre.it Britain, etc., is mole (mm
likely to result prejudicial!) to ilns
city. The matter is of snllu unl
importance to warrant action upon
(lie p.trl ol thc city count il and lhc
board of Hade
should not lie ignored by thfl parents. Tin* itiforiii.itinn thus pro-
videtl is invaluable  and the health
and luiiiii sait'Ci ss nl llie child is
involved to a very |rt tt degree. A
little wise precaution exerciied
during early years will BOt only
prevent  (urihei deteriorttion  in
vision, but may enn-nleralily improve it, while   neglect   will stud
die child out in thfl world »erioui-
ly htndicippfld  in  tht mtttei ol
eyesight. There are many iinlui
tuntti penoni who are itruggling
along ami striving to keep then
plaits 111 tlie i.itc.antl who possess
Onl) .1 fraction ol normal eyesight,
llnil ihey are at a tremendous disadvantage IS  s, It L'Vllli lit.
Good eyesight is  au invaluable
asset .ami .my intelligent meiaurH
idopted lo pri'seive it, or lo improve il in any instance, are in the
tiighi il degree commendable,
1 nilVRI.il. NOTES
The Subject ol mult 1 paid postal
inalt.i is between tins city and
\ inCOUVei is referred to 111 a timely letter front Colin F. Jail son, iu
this issue. Ihere has liven a
po lli general complaint from business men ol late in (Ins purlieu*
Lit. 1 In imount ol the surcharge
s mu the basis ol the objection, as
11 is intignifil .nil. lis presence is
evident e ol llu- obtrusion of habits
* as to correspond-
in e, winch every thorough going
iiisiness man is keenly mix mils, to
avoid, even in nutters ot the most
tm ial order, nun  reference to
which will eiisiii.* prompt remedy.
I in .innn.n mel tiiiK "l the board
ni 11 el' ii tnnoanocd lor Tuesday
•Ml       In tin   interests ill   the Clli
.md distnt t it is most dflflirtblfl
lhat there be a large gathering ol
those who ale pn pan d 10 di VOtfl
1 poilion of then time nml 1 Bl r|J
tl such publii 111.1tta Is,is (all with-
in the s. op< ol ibis organiiatioDa
Iherfl in innn. use po.'duliiias a.i
utetiilin ss in tin* beard ol trtdi a -
gam.' alion, but thfl niiii ll mil \ 1- ol
little Use unless it  is well inailiu il.
The first requisite to success is
lli.it the citizens al luge should
manifest a helpful int. rfl ll by milling willl thfl board ami then thli
thfl ollicers, thfl  I'liainn. 11 of com-
mitteet, ami the memberi ol 1 oro
unities sliould be wisely chosen in
order lo ensure an 1 in rgelii: poll* j
ani.la siistaiiieil enthusiasm. There
u. large pottibilitiu in Tuosdi)
iveping's meeting, which ihould
eommand the presence ol ill pub
lie ipirited citiiem,
Born.—On   Sun.
av. Septembi 1
271I1, the wife of J.
1. Pence, ol .1
son (Stillborn.)
Nm lli Vancouver Hospital
t'llSI'll'I'll. uv
ri':l:MS-|l?..'intiif.'ll per week
('in- |ialii'iiis |l |"*r ilai*
Nurses sent mil mi IpplttHttofl,
'Vni.T I aih lira I .ml IV.iUI-iiIiii
For Boot and .Shoe Repairing
and Custom Work   .   .   .
goto IT 10s. 0. MILLS
Pioneei Retident Hoot Makei
Loll*.I.lie Ave., above |fld Sllf t
at the A. M. Koss Sho« Siore.
I In .*  parents whilst- children
ire in attendance at Chesterfield
ivenue school should tpprecilti
thc action ol thfl liustt. botrd, in
si 1 iirmg a thorOUghl) 1 * imi pat .nt
optician to ni.iki I I ait lul eximin
ation of the lyflflighl "! »V( n 1 luld
in the si hool I In se prol.
services were nnd. red gratuitOUl
ly ami the work httevidi nlly been
thoroughly ami 1 in lull) pi iluni*
ed. The report ol thfl i< nils will
be lound in inolhi 1 1 'iluinn tnd
should   receive    careful    peius.il
According lo the  npoft, al t jo
per 1 ent of the 1 Inlilnn twinnm d
have errors ol n*lra. Inui. In many
cases the iscoovenieni iting
Irom (his mav be  own omfl bi llie
teacher allotting thfl  pupil a seat
situated at   (he   prop 1   di-tancc
Irom   the   blackboard,    lu   other
cises where lh"  el(. t Is an- sunn
what   more   aggravated,   taiisnig
headaches,  irritability,  dn a
etc., the wt Hare ol   tin  child will
be promoted by iln use of glasses
The report  further stales   tlmt
seven per cent of tin pupils n n al
inch error'* ol vision 111" di nttnd
imtnediite attention   Ol this K no
per cenl, thtflfl pi r 11 nl liavt snt h
defective vision thai the)  should
not be llloWfld tO stu*l\   at ill nntl!  properly  ground   ,
been fitted.   These are fuels which
I'ihim:   11",   Keen Vi\i..rvi:ic
"       lll'l'.'.      Vl\l"l I Ml
Dominion  Subsidy
Propoeed Nurtli Vancouver
Terminal ol Qrend Trunk
1 .ill a.11 in a.r nnl.* (..r full  pirliiularti.
I'laias    ind    S|H.|'iiii*a'i'.ia*<    l'ri*|.are.l
Wlu'ii thlsklni uf balkliog let us gin
an .-iiiiiiiii'.
HORN! BLOCK,    I.onsihI.K avi;
or I'.o. R01T.',  ' ,,i*ii \ .'a. .,11.1
la   MU   J
334 Hastings SI. W.
s, Ruses. Frniri'rws, At.
si»ii»sos wn mom
Nnr-eri nn 11 uml   Lflfldfletn   Garden*,
C,,r. '.".'ml ami laiiiH'liile Ai *.
Nurlli VtflflflOVflr,
il.tr.l. 11- lml ant,  ONhflfdl  |iriiiia'l
.inal ■prayed,   dotal aMtM n-adfl on
-li ri n**iii.*.   Order yunr bolt*, tree*,
I,,*..*.. .1.*, for row lull I'liiiitinv*
ii.vn 1* ,,iu \ rum*
Heal Estate .mil InsiiraiKT
I ate inu.! professor,
MtGUI I'mi'i 1 ulr. Mmilical
r\kK NOTICE Mill the ('munii nl the
Corporal 1 iiie (Hvni Neriii Vim-
ia,iiM*r hilt'ii'l-i I,. i*.'ii"lrin*l tin* Local
linnr'ni'iin'iii -1 ■.. 11 In tha flebodol**ap*
l« ariiu! Itelini. uml lilt, ml. I" MM llie
Ini.ii ...-I, ..r 11 |«.rli..ii lh.rei.f, 111  Iln*
rati proper') henellled thereby fronting
or ibaitiiig thereon and helil liuiile lor
awae.-iiienl lliaTefnr.
\ -1 tiemetii ■hawing ih" luml*- liuiile
.m.l pronofli '11 * i«* -|»*eiiillv ,i-«.... .1 lur
III.* -111.1 ilia |>r, as a-11 a'-l 11   *lll*l llit* ll.lllli'- III
ll nn. r- II.. r...!, m l.n u« llii* -111111
1.111 l«* laeertalned from iln* Iii.I ra riled
.!••■ --nn nl roll  uml   iillieriiii*'*, 1 ii
g|«d III   llie   "Iln I   (he    A-. —111, III
('umml*-rionrranil i- ripen lot in*,
aliiriii*.' nllii e 1 r..
Th.. Khfldali baton ibo-M tin Mti-
111.1I..I a..-t ,.l Iln* 1 in|>r.,v.-ina-ril uml Ihl
|ar,.|Hirlimi In I" provldfld mil nl lite
Ii'in rail (llll'l. "I Iln* 1 III .
\ a,,uri ,.l reii-mii will l>e lifl'l in Hie
('ill lllll, N.TtI, \ ulieiillver. II.C, mi
III,* I'liii   ,l,ii    Ol   H.t.ibiT, IIIUS, iit lli.*
honr "I I o'i lock i' in , Inr Ihfl parr-m
u( liiaruiif iiiii* CUtnplfllntfl ut'iiin-l llu*
propnH I ..--. -in. nl-. ..r (lie a.rural. 1
.ililie In.niii*.'.* iiii'iii-iirenii'iilK, ur any
"(lier iiiinui. which tlie pflrmil in*
latflfetfld .1. -ir.* i.. in.iln* uml which li by
lim ii-i/iii'il'l' In (lie Cmirl.
A.-ef.ini'iit (''.iiniii..imii.r.
Nurlli ViMonver, B.C..
Brd itj-ttaflir, IM
-1 iiiui 1« 1111 min 11 N
|'r.|.... I K-tinialed    K-iiinal.*
* nl        I'.iil ...-I   ml) loptj
Kniiii-iuii "I (nur 1
-I'li'milknii Nnrlh lldl
nl Vi. ii.r.i I'.irl, K.i.l,
.lllalUlllf.fi -I  I.' I I "I        *
For Fiiriiiliire.
lioiise Fill
gS ill
it Reasonable  hues,  go to
lhc Norlh Vancouver
Home Furnishers
II   IINK 111.'" h
I..1S-I1U.K A< K.
MissM. h. (Jihhanl
$1.75 per day.
I'.O  Box 75,     NorthVancouver.
kill Vaneouver Hardware
nun. iii
Garden 'tools
Lawn Moifftrs
Electrical Fixtures
I'ln mliing
Faints uml Oils
llitilib rs' Ila r<iii'tt n
fool 01 MIC we.       Tl
Builder* and
P, LARSON ii  prepared to
Lime, Brick,
Sand, Cement
And ill kinds of Building
Material iu quantities tu suit
and nl I'l'iisoiinldi' prices.
To the Citixeni of
Nnrth Vanoouver
\\ a    |, tli.liii.'e yout llunie
papen vith il e hope thn
von lull |i.ilrniii/e 11-. Bl T
not unli u «' 1 .ui gil * yon
not only In -i Clan Piano
Quality, BUT   nlso Loner
PH© I     All we nsk ol ynu
iiiui (his is (ot oirY mutual interest** is llnil um
cull   mnl   se.*   our
gflt our prices nntl Buy
I trait,     Rl ' ' litis we puh-
lUhl .1 .1   lill   "I   S. IMU*    Two
P ./* 11 ..I youi M11-1 Pro
inincnt ami \\ ell-Known
Citizen.** uhn lute bought
of us
which il only one ol tbfl
1(1    ilillt rent    makes   we
cam 111 stuck.
AM is mn hmi »1111 hi k Mi'.
sriiM.!*     sin;is     mums
Try getting them from Wood & Son,
The Reliable uml Prictical slim-nion,
11I111 nii'dtlle willi iiuullier tra.les.
$10,000   Si.lCkft   to Select Irom
by Mflkflrt Who Slaad by Ihem.
MEN'S $1.75 to $9.00. WOMEN'i $1 75 to $6 00.
Boys' Wonders, $1.50 to 2.85,  Girl's Wonders, $1.25to2.50
Childs', 35 cen's and up.
Sole Afenti lot   Leckie Booti,   Minister M j Us. Berflilord,  Miss
Canada, McCreidy, Williimi' Shoe Co., K Booti ami OUI Country.
ADDBESS    "WUU €/* ijlllM     u iii'Mim Mm,
Saiil nr ItiSteni-rii'r (,'. .*,,■* St„re
Repairing   Beitol leithei ami workininihip.    COR. I.ousilale \- ind
"They All Trade At l1ome,,
Although people oome dnwn tlic hill
ii don't suv they _o lo Vaneouver to
luiv (Jrooorieg,     Thev   Never   I'asi
Bonn MiiiDsvis, Prop,
Full Hock nf 1'risli nml Cured Meiti
ninl l'i*li kept, Alwi lluiry Pfoducll
anil l''re.-li V mii bin.
ORDERS DKLIVRRKD in all partfl
n( (lie valley.
Quantity Siirveyt.r ami Architect
I'.illlTII   Sllli.ir. '  "USKIt  I.ONHHAI.K  AVI
south vam'oivkh.
Stoney & Co.
Paint-era and
l 'apcrhangcra
'PAKK inilici. Ilm' Iruuiii Williimi
* I'tiiiK-ilil, nl V.mi*,mer, III'.,
Gentleman, lutendi i" uplji Inr \*-t-
inia>i,iii tn Ita-e llie Inli.mill*- iliwrilml
Ciiiiiiiifiiiiiii! ai a i-'-i plantad tii die
Stiinli Knslirly Corner ol IH-triel I "I
HU, c i rt iii p I, Niii U I'.tiiiiimler Uin*
triti, tlii'iiee s'iiiiIi nli,ni; tin*ea.t Ikiiiii*
ilnn n( l.ul Sll, Grmip I, Neil Wi-lmiii*
-iai IH-lrirt. |.iii.iiiinl tl. 'Lainta, tlii'iiee
NM   lu 'M iliaiiii-. llunie iit.rih llu all •
m hi'hi it:',:'chilni morlMflto
ibe nortiaflaiturii ouinerol DiHiielUit
117. llieiiee 3'<iulii'iinli>ily. ennli-rlr ami
imrllit'H'.ierlv lloni lhc iinrllierlv .Imre
nf llurranl Iniil In tin* plaei "i btfljla.
iiiiii'. I'a.iiliniiiiiL' ta.1 h, r, i- in..re ur le...
liiiieil iiniii AnfUfl, IM
117 l.ini-dnli'Av. Phone B62 '
SEYMOIR DAIRY i'ii!'"' ■E.iin_miTKiT
ii e Di
439441 Hasting Btrwl
IPAKIflOtlflflthai William ll.U.ali.rl**,
' nl Tluniiler II:h-,,ii'. H|.iili..ii run. lier.
inl. mil to applv (ur |H'riiii«-iini In |Hir*
clilM llu* l"li'.min 'I. s.'ri!.'.l liilnl.:
i ..iiiiin'ii* lm an ai |«.«i planted al ibi
...iiilieii.t ei.ni.r u( Int IUI ninl N.W.
inner..(lot WW, thenei iie«l lOehiina
in.an- or I.—. toH.W. ,-..nier..f lot IUI,
willlll llll i-liilill-. i:,-l III ililllll- lien-.- nr
|,..«, t„ w..«l,*rii laaalllflliry n( lot 1191,
nurlli Kl a Innn-. I., polnl nl riiiiiiin i.ii-
\\ ll.l I AM II. ROBERTS
l'i r ,li tv I"... i in.ii.is, Agflfll
Iinteil Kent.9th, IM
Uk*iiIi*.| Sept. Mil, Wis HO*
When you Intend building
j. 1. \vm mm
tt i.ii\-|i\i.i: Avi:
/,'l,|.,,l, till.,., fnusihllr Air.,t'll'l.   I'lmliC
II,,i.l OfmtUtt *V'». I'l"" Crrrk, ll.C
For Diarrhoea,
Cholera Infantum
Etc., use
Tliiw rt'int'ily is nld uml, r tin*
following poaltive goarantMi
' ■ T.ikc Imll ii boll/c and if not
loiin.l satisfactory, return llie
bii/iiine lo in tint gtl lour
inoiiir /v,/' "
25c per bottle
I'ivsIi Uilli ili'liurcil l-.iih lo
llll  I'ill'aS  (if llll' Til)
Leave Orihrs at ExptcM Oflice.
Pioneer Bakery
S. H. Walker,  ■   Proprietor
l'u -.li Hnatl ilailv ilelivereil
tn all purls til the city.
2o loan- fan ||
5c. per loaf.
lllllll GRADE CA KB
chunk 8        71 l.onsilale Ave
1)1 III.IC vYriCK U Itereliv iriven that
'   in 11 tralaiiie uilli the  prnvi.iniia fll
till'  I'lllllil'   ll'llltll   r.'l/IW,    aa| ||„.   I'm*
til Nurlli VflOfloflVtr, (In* Mum* i|*ail
('..innil Iinie I'liiitriii'lPtl uilli llie Miili*
.11 lleiillli (iHii'i'rltialli'iiil ill (In* City
lliiil, Nurlli Vuiin hut, nn (he Kiral
Mmiiliii- nl' eat-li innlilli, at die hour nf
II n'l'liK'la in (lie IflMflflflfla fnr the pur-
phfnl ta.*. iiiiiliin.' al tlif ttflflflflfl "I
llie i'ity, all |»«.r |»th..hi;.imi all nthera
al tlnir mi 11 exi-fiini'.
The father, innllier. nr ftttOS Inivinn
llieeare, nnrliiri', nr eu.li.ly nl every
child Mffl in lhe rily, .hall, nilhiii
(lire,, in.-nil.a* after the hirthnf mieli
child, take nr mime tn lie laken. the
child, tn the Miilieal I'rat'tilinner, in at-
li'iiilaiice ill llaa* nlmve ap|»iiiiti*tl I'lat'e
f..r the purpiiw. ol Ikmiik varfinati'il; iin-
H*-- the ehilil hii. I.'i'ii [flllhfllflll vai'ii-
initi'il In* mat li'i'iilly i|iiiilitletl I'raoli-
In.ii. r, iiiiiI the vaceiniititin duly
Ciiy Clerk.
Nnrth V:ini*"iH'*r, ll.C,
(Ilh July, WHS. 'Jl-tf
Conservative Party
North Vancouver
'Tht Obliging Druggists'
Cm. c..r.l..iii and Gamble sis.
Vllliiiilller.    B.C.
Geo. H Cowan
Will address a Public Meeting
Wednesday Evening, Oct. 7th
Chair Taken Prom|>tlq at 8 |i.in*
I il
A special meeting ol the district
council was held on Friday tvcning
last. The meeting was called foi
the purpose of further consultation
with the committee of (he city
council, with reference to the It
rangeineuts of financial matters
between the two municipalities,but
inasmuch as the city council had
nol heen able tO complete airange-
ments for carrying oul their proposition submitted at thfl previous
conference, the millet w.is laid
over for one week, when mother
conference w|JI he In Id.
Th* matter of lumber lot tin
new Seymour creek bridge was
considered anil disposed of.
W.CT.U. Notes
The regular monthly meeting ol
the W.I. l.l'. Wiis lulil on Sept.
Kill], and it proved a MCOflflllni
•md eiilliusiaslic Kllheting. Om*
lady recently armed from the
United Slates signilied her inten
lion ol transferring her member
ship to North Vincouver. An as
suciate member also joined, wllllt
Mis. Wilson, district president ol
Vancouver, reported on Miss Mur
cull's plans for the "local option"
>.iiisl,utory plans were drawn
up for the medal contest, to be
held in (he Horticultural hall Oct.
15th, to start punctually ten min
utet belore n p.m. His nrenhip
Mayor Keal\ will occupy the chair.
An excellent musical programme
lias been provided. Three ol the
Hems will be contiihuted by \isi
tors (nun across the Inlet and three
1\ local ailisls. To do more than
im 1 Hon Mr. Alexander as DUlictl
director ind Mrs. Kochussen as
pianist would he a wasle ol words,
(he quality ol their talent being
too well known to need comment.
Details have been carefully look-
1.1 inin and stiulii'tltnit, so as to be
iiiulually agn-ealde to both audience and performers, and that lhe
elm utionists of the evening be undisturbed and thc judges and audience have lhc best opportunity ol
hairing and judging thfli various
items.lhc middle of the programme
bas In tu allotted to theni. Nego-
laatii'iis ale being carried on with
the manager of the II. C. Electric
Railway Co. to have ample car Accommodation ler passengers to and
lium the hall. The five judges
choien lad who have kindly con
seined to  act are second to none
liven thing should combine to
ni.iki tins the liist elocutionary
contest in North Vancouver a de-
cided miiciss. The proceed.ngs
are tuned 10 start promptly at 7 50
p.m. and close at 10 o'clock.
wen tested lhat had some error of
refraction, many cases of which
can be overcome by accommodation without glasses and not cause
inconvenience. In others the same
imount of error would cause head-
.iches.iit ivousiiess,iiiat(entiveiU'SS,
even amounting to dullness, etc.
About seven per cent of the total
had errors that should be corrected
with glasses at once, and three per
cent that should not be allowed to
study until they have glasses properly fitted. The school-rooms, 1
find, are so arranged as to get the
light to the best possible advantage."
Lynn Creek Notes
The supply of free text hooks,
etc., for Lynn valley and Capilano
schools came to hand last week.
K. Magennis has laid upon ye
editor's table an exceptionally line
■ample of potatoes, grown in Lynn
valley. The potatoes are ol the
DlllOtl Ked ami the Hut bank Set tiling varieties. They will measure
about 8x16 inches in size antl are
of excellent quality. They were
grown on the ranch of Mr. Good-
all, in tbe upper portion ol Ihe valley, no fertilizer whatever having
been put in the ground.
A movement is on foot to have
the board of school trustees make
over the old schoolhouse tor the
benefit ot the residents of the valley, lt is proposed by Councillor
McNaught dial a society be formed, umler the benevolent societies
act, and that the building be regularly conveyed to them. The purpose is to make use of the building as a reatling room, amusement
hall, etc. Advantage will probably
he taken of (he governmental circulating library; a debating club
will be formed and the society will
endeavor in every way to promote
the social lile ol the community,
The trustees were approached in
the matter, at a meeting held on
Thursday evening last and the
proposition was accorded favorable
The A. M. ROSS Co.
North Vancouver's |)o|)ular Men's in Boys' S!or«
The United lirotherhood of Carpenters & joiners have established
a union in North Vancouver, with
a fairly large membership. They
hold their meetings every first and
third Tuesday in each month, at
the Palace hotel, and they invite
the carpenters from Vancouver to
attentl their meetings.
Prevention of Forest Fires
The following data, furnished by
the Canadian Forestry Associa-
tii'ii, places additional emphflil
on the value of an effective patrol
lor thfl prevention  of  forest tires.
Five dollars per acre is the minimum price given by lorestry experts for forest tree planting; and
the price ranges Irom this up to
Jin and more.
When the lower figure is taken
as the basis of calculation, (he
planting ol one lOJMIfl mile Will
cost J3.100; to plant ten square
miles will cost $32,000, and the
planting up of a township six miles
square (area, 3(1 square miles) will
require thi expenditure ol 1(115,-
aoo. Such figures are apt to make
one itop and think before advocating extensive planting.
The cost to the Dominion government of patrolling the railway
belt iu Hritish Columbia during
the last fiscal year (April 1st, 1907,
to March 31st, hjoS) amounted to
f14.n1.64. The area ol the railway belt is a little over ten million
acres. The cost, then, ol patrolling this trict was less than t'/i
mills per acre, or about 90 cents
per square mile. No fire of any
magnitude wa; reported during
the year. The railway belt is exceptionally well guarded, but even
with the cost several times what it
is, tbe expense is well worth while,
considering the value of the mature
timber aud young growth thus
Report of Optician
Dr. H. B. Howell, oyticim at
the Hurrard Sanitarium, Vancouver, has submitted the following
report of the results of his examin
ation ol Ihe eyesight of the children ol Chesterfield avenue school:
"Upon examining the eyes of the
pupils 111 the school, as requested
by you, I hnd the lollowing COndi
tions:—There are ibout 30 per
cent ol   the  icholm whose eyes
For Sule
Strawberry Kunuen, 75 cents per 100,
(Magoon and Paxton)
Raspberry Canes, $1.00 per 100
(Cuthbert and Marlborough)
Red and Black Currants, $2.50 a dozen
5 yrs. old (Victoria and Black Maples)
RADERMACHER, Lonsdale I 21st St.
Cor. l.tiiisilalciiinl Hth St.
IVANS «. IVI It, Props.
Fall Goods arriving everyday, ind we are now in .1 posil ou
to save our customers money on ill linei of Hoots ind Shoes,
Men's Furnishings, Clothing antl Rubber Goods.
Tliia week we nffer llie working men 11 great sunn In lieaiv work.
ini! Imiit**, tlie regular print in 1:1.1)0 a pair, llie linns price while they
last is |2.IKI.   You want tn t'lime (nick as Ihey will not last long.
Kiiliizeii Inns' snliil leather Old Cmuitn mini.* boot*, »"rtli M-M
nml $178 I pair, the Rims price ♦ I 60 n pair.
H pairs men's line I> ingula Kid ihoel, pod value at J4..ril) I |.nir,
the It'.ss price fn.oo 1 pnir.
Fur your winter uii.l.'riii'iir, HIM direct In Ofl, «•• carry a lull line
nl tlie very best maker*-' | l.-.lln* celebrated Pwflllfll ami U..W.*y
mn Lis in all sizes.
We offer mer KHI pairs incn's fll.lHI tweed pants, well Bide ami
nicely lini-lic'l, at l2.Wlii pair.
See our stock of Men's and Boys' Gloves and Mills (ot the fal
Save your money by coming direct to
The 1.1. lOSS Co., 209 Lonsdale Avenue
,t.   7   and   q  o'clock
v nl 1GH is hereby given thai I .lull,
•>* a .ti Monday, (In* Ind al.i. nl N'neni*
ber, WON, al tlic li.niri.l lOoelock in the
loreiiiHin, at lite City Hall, N*■ r111 Vancouver, II.C, lioltl a Court ol RflvWflfl,
(or Ihl inir|Hi»i* o( hearing nml .l.icr-
mining any ami all objection- to iln* retention nl any name or mimes on thfl
reginier of voters (or the flflflffl named
Electoral liistriet.
Hated  at  North  Vancouver,   B.C.,
August nth. 1MB.
K.'trislrartif I tiler-,
Kicliiiioml Klis'i Tnl Wltflct
_\A //''/*rW ?ittXt,/oL
lllll   (aV|IMW   ...   1  I.   I anal   W.M.K
'i a*.sir mm
h.ll-ta|i., Iitl.lft*.. Water •*■■», t- K.iuu.n.
S'll-rililiinl i I t ..|i.lntili..u. M.f.Ttnali*
• aa* *. Hiatal il.iiii., Su(a-nitn.i<i-
Ml llutlllia It. W.,   .  .   VANI'Ol'VKR, I. f.
All kinds of Fresh Fish delivered daily. Smoked Fish a specialty.
Also Bdttcr, Eggs, and Vegetables.
Our aim ia to please our MttflMI as
goods and prices,     lal ua have your
n.v. nan co.,
City Clerk's (Miff,
26th September, IW
Registration of   Persons Inlitlfd to
Vote *s Householders
PUBLIC Notice is hereby given that
■ all persons entitled tn vole II
llousi'liiildiTs ami desiriiig lo have tlieir
name" on the Voters' LM of the (in "f
Nortb Vancoiiver, for the year iWHi,
mint make ami cause to be ileliveretl to
th'il'iiy Clerk, during the month ol
Ottobernexl ensuing, a statutory declaration In the form pMflribtd 91 law.
Copies ol such ilefliiriilions mny lie oh*
Inineil on application to thfl City Clerk.
> ami
"llniisi'hold'.r," Mull extend I
iiiclinli* every person wlm boltk ai
copies  a dwflUlng, tenement, hotel or
boarding horn*, or any part or portion
ola.lwcliiin-. tenement, hotel,01 board-
ing hanise  within  a niiinicipalilv. win.
has paid   directly   to Ihl   iiicipiilili
rates, taxes or lees ol not less lliau two
'12) dollars during the current year."
Kit City Clerk
I ni
Fl Kl> that all cases nl iiilecliniis.
contagious or epidemic ili-ra.c, tflfl
chiiraiier tlangerous to public health,
must be reported t" the .Medical Health
( ilt* Clerk, j
Ci'v Hall, Norlh Vnncouver, II.C.
July Ulli, 1WS. IM-U;
Diplock Wright
Lumber Co.
I7th Street, North Vancouver
.br.tl Irom lhe mine*.
I'lai e your order, now .ml
wi'iire your winter', -upplv.
Larfl -hipiiniil. will »rri**i
ill a lew il.n- I'riae. right
Urge supply ol WOOD
iiln.it- on hand    ....
Hotel Ninth \aucouMT
Telephone No. 2.
\\\< in  DOt i>rc|inrcil to
take orders for KILL FIR
WOOD, eat to 16 In li-ngilm
nlri'iidv for tliu stove. A loftd
contains about half a dord.'l
I'riee $2 ]»or load on or bffori
delivery. I'ui-itivcly DO Wood
delivered without crn-li, ns Wl
cannot afford to jiny I OollM
tor at this price All orderi
will rcceivi'|ironi|il attention
Rolled Oats
Hai) and Teed
Dl I IVI Rl It
Fin"*, healthy Tomal" ud
Ciiiliflotttr l'linls, grown Iroln
Stltton'l Sectls, always on hand
ihe Brackman-Ker
Milling Co.
I .iiir-.il.ili
al   I'trn
Mill lull, local 111,111,1,
I .amluir
; ^ www iv «Vii wwww www wwwwwwwww v^
We are
all thinking
these dayi how
wt are going to
keep warm during the fall and
We  have the
solution in
Thirty Different Kinds
of Heating .Stove*
Thoy are all niii.lt- by McClnry ind nothln| iimrc mm) I"' -aid* We
have lli. tn I., burn ciuil mnl wot.I, or a combination of lioth. The
Pi lo i. limn vl.oil In Mil.llu ninl luaile lo anil all purnea. We
have a nc..I.*rn Tim-Imp in connection and will no anythiiin from
put I i in: Dp your Air Iii'iii 'aa in-tai lum n complete H**atiiig tnd Vru-
tilalii!)! Sytilem.   Give us a call or Kni|t u. up.
^ Corner Itinsdtib* Ave, and (imt St. Phone 12 ^
^Wfwiwww wnmm mmmmmmm
•'i.in A.M.
rn.it "
S.OO "
llllll "
1(1.15 "
11.15 "
i: I*'. I'M.
1.15 "
111 "
II.15 "
4.15 "
5.15 "
la   JJ "
7.15 " '
SI5 "
U.I5 "
10.15 "
•11..10 "
•' I. \ M.
111. I*. "
II || "
II II I' It,
I.I.'i      "
2.45 "
| I. »
I.I.'i "
5.45 "
.. I, *   -
•0 20 A.M.
•7.20 "
K.20 "
H.OO "
H.45 "
11 la "
IJ l.i I'M.
1.45 "
2.45 "
Ml "
I.la "
5.45 "
•1.45 "
7.C. "
8.45 "
1.45 "
101't "
•11.45 "
•\..t mi Sunday
10.16 A.M.
11.15 "
12.16 P.M.
1.15   "
4 15
BISI II RMMHII num   on  int
Hatdi: 11.60 l'KK
IN  I'l'-TiiI'MI
Toi U>I Rl -"UT
S|nfi,il li.iicv Iii I'diuilifs ,niil KciiHlar Idarijcrx
Hall-hour (erry eniiiiiclion tn and I'nm Vantoui, r. Hot and cold
water iu fiery room. Ibturn cab -Ila ill every n».m. Birber
"hof in c nun -iiiiiii
Sm.im  jTflUr,   -   *   -   *   MiKIII   VANCOUVEI,, h. C.
British Columbia Electric Railway Co., Ltd.
Cirs li ave lhc l'i in l.n* Inu: l"i (.'ut t i.*.luii y Awnii. Fm illy-first
slut l and I. .ms, |.ib *, Wim Ii stint and Kt llli Road U lollowi l 6:15
a.m., (1 45 1. 111., 715 a. 111 . 745 a. m., H: 15 1. 111., 1) 1. in. t/40 a. m.,
10:101. ni., Min 1" 15 a. 111., cars will leive Queensbury avenue,
Twi-nlv-lirst ami l.niisil.ih ivenue, ind Winch itreet ind Kt ith Roid
at (111 iniiiui. s t„ tin bout ami twenty-five iiiinut. s past the hour.
Cits have N111111. nib   tuit anil Quecnsliury ivenue. Twenty-lint
sh., t and I me, Win li street ami Keith Koad is lollowi:
(155a in,  7•.;■! a in, s 115  ».  ni.. K:45 i.m.,9:30 i.m.
Alb 1 </311 a. in  ins It,t\i tb<  I'a ir, Landing al ten minutes pist the
hour ind hnflt) nintM to iln hour.
All Iniits art  nnt In the cirs.
■ '11 ■
. H'-lM.. N* w 1
ta l,e   Ut*
< avnerni Contractor
Uml Cb'»rin|, Stump ami Itnrk
llla.liiil. Kitra earn near limi-Nt.
All iinin.i*e. made (.-.I
K M l-l.l) V M ICNT     AI1KNCY
■■fl Ml., W.aal ..I Lonartcl*
I- 1)   ll".   .1
all kind."I M.--   11 .ml \ 1.1 ■ 1 ■ - ■ I 'ariii-
lure. Hon, "'■ ■   Baal  ami  llir  In-
ture..   Ilepiirmil in all ila bran, It".
17] Thli at HataWW aiel l.n-l.l.
Il)*(* >*ll*   -s I....I
MAM. oii I 'I K" iiiveii pri'inpl aituitioii
North Vancouver
1 ohm. ui 1,sos
Cartage, Removalai
rnrcd 1 silvery 1
ON      III .V-n\ VIII K      I KHMK
Telephone 70.
H. Mill HARF
NHjhtCalli IJ
For tht Farm, Garden, Lawn
or Conitrvatory
Iteliable lanelie. at reaaoiiHlile price*.
Ko Hariri,   No Head    N.. I limitation
|o dama-re "lm k.   No windv  aitenta to
aiinoy ymi    Kill- direct and net TreM
l- llial itrow,
Ki.riib/t*r..ll.*a>iip|.lii'., Spray I'umpfl,
nil Malcrlal, (n( Klomr., etc.
-1   c.liilali.hcd   nurwry   Ofl   th*
iiiaiulainl ol llriti.h Cobinibia.
( iilal.mm* Ine.
TOin  Wr.txiv.Tiia  Ibui.
when thev iiniveil at the house and
Kflvening was rt ndi red thoroughly tnjoyiblfl bv ncui of those up.
In alaie expedients in the line of
< nli rlainiiieiit, in which (he present day youth ii idlpt, The
names of IhOflfl preient are as follows: Mr. and Mis. Cross, Coun.
and Mrs. Davidson; Misses A. McDonald, M. McDonald md E.
Neat; M**ssrs. V, P. Cross, C.
Cross, E. Jackson, E. Kobertson,
L. Nelson and 0. Peers, ol Lynn
Valley; Misses M. Phillips, F.
Kussell, Laing, Peers, Lines, A.
Morden, Wilson, IN. Phillips, A.
Pitt, Hall ami Lindsay; Messrs.
E Peers. R. Ritchie, L. Grieves,
Philip,   F.   Atkinson, Jas.
Phillips, ('.. Baxter, and C. Whre
er nl Nortli Vancouver. lhe return journey was somewhat prolonged on account of the interrupted (ram service, but thfl night was
clear antl beautilul M thai the
whole   enjoyment ol   thfl evening
was nally enhanced by tha walk
home, ('.luster's intimate foends
incline to thfl opinion (hat he has
weighed the pros ind cons ol
"bai helot or ban-edict," with the
inevitable conclusion.
A viliietl lubtcriber, writing to
The Hvi'KKss, says;
"May I congratulate you on your
article of two weeks ago, on the
Second Narrows bridge and the
necessity of i provincial government subsidy towards it? It is
most important that this matter
should be kept before the people
aud pressed upon the provincial
government from uow until the
next session of the provincial legislature. The Dominion govern-1 w,
ment, at Ottawa, have done the
right thing in tins matter at any
rate, in granting l subsidy towards
a rulroitl bridgeIIirofll the S .ond
Narrows, lt is up to thfl piovin
cial government to grant a similar
subsidy towards miking iti combined railroad ind traitic bridge.
Thfl CUM "I the Westminstei
bridge tines not apply here. In
that case the Dominion govern
ment did not lubflidiifltbe bridge,
because it WU built and owned by
the provincial government. But
in the case ol the Second Narrows
bridge, it is m-ilhi'i BCCflltary nor
desirable that either government
should own or control the bridge,
But it is both necissary and desir-1 ber of loenl Pythians will go over
able lint both governments should to Vancouver, to assist in a cere-
assist the residents id each side of nnuiial session ol the Dramatic
(he Inlet   iu   thfl   construction of Onler ot thfl Knights oi Klpuassan,
this bridge, which is n important fin organisation  ituching to Ihe
a (actor in the progress and devil-, Pithian Order. A bundled visi-
opment ol this part of the pro* tors will al-ni be pie*, nt Iron Se-
vince. II our representative in the | aide. The visiters fiom across
provincial legislature, who also has i the line will arrive tomorrow morn*
a seal in the cabinet, is nol iu la- ing Ofl the S.S Iroquoil, ami thfl}
vor of i provincial siibsuli towirdll will be met by a laige reception
this budge, we are entitled lo i committee, formed by nuiiibiis
know it. l.eiaiise. II so, he is un- limn thfl various Pythian lodges in
doubiedly out of tynpflthi with.the district. The company will
the whole body of his constituents tbflfl pruned to (In* Pythian castle
on (his ipiesli ui. II be is in favor | hall. Cordon It,whet*M address
of it, he should take the earliest |ol welcome will be extended by
opportunity ol giving us au assnr- Mayor Hetbumof Vancouver, and
MM ol his active support In ad- UflVM Kealv of thii city. A reply
dition to   this, Ihe   hohlt is of (be  will bfl made by Major Otto Chase,
V.WaalY tiiiii'i  ihould  show the grand chflMflllotolWuhing-
themselves non rflfldy to act with ion.
thc people of North Vancouver in 	
pressing the pistit, of their claims Subscribe to Tim BxMUS, fl
upon tin- pr. a im. ial government.'' per vear.
D.O.K.K. Gathering
Saturday evening quite  a ntiin-
Lynn Creek Notes
The deranginii'iit ol the sii.. t
cir lervit I  whu h  OCI urred alxuil i
seven o'clock on   Iin idfl] ( veiling
upset  the   arrangement-,   (or  tin
Conieri.itive meeting   announced
lor that evening       I bfl  tpflflln ri
who were announced could not ,u-
rive, hut Colin F. Jickflon and \Y
Duke filled the bfMl h very  ellec-;
lively.     The ittflnduct was good*
notwithstinding    the    inclement1
weither.   Harry Holland occupied
the chair.
A very enjoy,.ble  mcmI  i MM
tnnspireil on Tm s.l.n   i umug al I
thc residence of  Mr  iod Mrs. (i.l
Y. Cross on   tin    li, nm.   road, |
Lynn Valley.      In new of ih. ip.
proiching   deparlure   of   Cheitet
Cross on in exit nded   vim! to hii
(ormcr  home it   Bfltvcf Harbor,
New Hriinswit k. a  party'of young
people in whose  t it. |<
l prime livonte,   dacidfld   (o give
him i lend off   in iln   lorm of  in
old tune siirpii-e p,ut\     ,\ Inattv
welcome met   the jolly   company
with rs pn
Smart Clothes
For Young Men
Trust lliun for maleinjr the nhi-olnte correct
If you>. :i "ti'llnw" of judgment iod pod
taste iii drMflini yourself, you'll htr*. a greal
chance lo givo tMM qoalitiffl) in yourself the
full('«t i Xi'l'il-e ihjv MlflOl,
Kit-l'iPlnriii L'linueiits are the In -I produced
to-day—llml'«• lhe candid Opinion of people
who know it- *ii when they sny it" so—
The new hrou m and preens nudpe Bl to nay
they are lure in all their aristocratic styles
IBtOOiofl, vet nt the must OOtttifig prices you
can iinapine.
IN re l a ilinnee to he lucky. Buy one of
our Special Bnitl ut
Worth (louhle the liiOIHV
333 Hastings St.        Vancouver
We have just received a shipment of ladies', gentfl', boys' arid
children's underwear, in white, iialnial and black. Von will find
here all weights and qualities Irom the lowest prices in fleece lined
up to ihe highest gnat all wool garment!,
We draw your special attention to a few of our leading lines
mentioned below, at prices tli.it cannot be beaten in Vancouver.
Children's Underwear
Girls' vt'Htu anil tinnier., natural, II fl lined, all sizes, flje In  Mk'
(lliildren'H ciinibiiiitiona, all flflof, ill slflH 	
Ilnys' Slielliiml mini venln ainl ilni.irr-. nil rim, No lo (>,V
Ilnys' vests ind drawers, Pflflflian'li anion nnd all tool	
Lidies' Underwear
l.inlien' vests anil dnniers. natural. treei lined, epecinl at 25e
bii'lien' veils and tlni tiers, tlei-rc lined, ill ilm, speeinl at Mc
bailies' vests and drawers, speeinl ill       tllle
Alsu Ibe better lines ill Penman's nml ullier iniilies, up to I.SO
Men's Underwear
Men's U'sl tpinlily llei't'i' iinderiveiir     rifle
Men's all ivnnl vesls ninl drawers, lieiivy  H.V
Men's vests and drawers, nil meal, ill uraigllta, ninki's nnd sizes     hM
A IHflfl supply nf Ihl (anitius ■ ■ Huek Hrnud" nveralls nud smocks
always in stock nl the Inwest cut prion
Terms, nnc-foiirlli cash ; hiliai.ee, li II ami 18 months
 11 r«—~~~~
\ l '___
\    io,
Sixteenth st.
161 Cordova Street, Vancouver, B. C.
I\ 0. liOX 3HH.
New Advertisement
Clothing-III Uel'iriu
live QlflflflM-I'r. .Inril.n
I'ntlerwenr—J. J. MeAleece
Wanletl tn exchange—F. Ols..n
Ni.tiee ni Hflflttflg—CtiiHervalives
Wi-rel Inr sale-|iipl,«'k*\Vri|*hl ('"*
The Seymour Hotel
lociled on Aeijmour l'i|»   line,
iinni in mill from whirf.
Tins is a lirst-class hotel,
ind is now open Io the
general public. Good
iccommodation and
service guaranteed
• ""
Road connections Irom North
Vincouver lor Vehicles.
To my Iriends and patrons
in North Vancouvi i
old resident ol North Vincouver
and tike care o(
Remember alwiys, il you consult Dr. Jordln, such consultation
will cost you nothing.
Should glisses he required, the
glisses will be right and so will
thc price.
334 Hastings Street W.
133 Hasting St. C.    Vancouver
$40,000 STOCK OF
and f LRNISrilNtiS
for the
Every dollar's worth of merchandise from wall to wall
and floor to ceiling must be sold out at once.
Hnys' Tweed nnd Corduroy Suits,
Knee Pants Style, values from $'2.75
up to $4.IH), your choice   %\ ,75
Men's  Wool  Twenl   Suits,  nil  good
Styles, milieu $8.00 tO §19.00, voiir
choice :. $3.95
All Men's FarnifhiDgi ind I'mler-
wenr Less Thnn Cost.
All Boots and Shoes at I-ess Than
Factory Cost.
COM! And get the biggest bargains
% in inn ay    *ha* havc ever becn Nac€d
SAIUKUAY    Within gour reach.   .   .   .


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