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i  •V'-a.
The Council Decides After a
Lengthy Discussion to
Request Manager Sperling that the Proposed
Route of the Transit Line
Be Altered.
The municipal council met on
Thursday night in camera to discuss changes in the proposed route
of the tram line. Reeve Kealy
piesided and there were present
councillors Morden, Allen, May
and Cornish. The meeting convened about 8 o'clock and lasted
till near ll. The discussion in the
matter was principally conducted
by Councillor Morden, who was
strongy opposed to any alterations
being made, and Councillor Cornish, who was just as emphatic
that Third street was not the most
advantageous route, hut that First
street was the proper one.
Councillor Morden characterized
this as being an absurd notion, and
said that the road would yet go
on Third street.
The whole discussion was precipitated over the resolution of
Councillor May, which was in
effect, that Mr. Sperling's first
proposition to the council be
accepted, with the following
amendments thereto: That the
carline run east und west from
Lonsdale avenue, ou First street,
that it be extended northwards on
Queensbury driveway to Nine*
tauilh street ins.e;.*l A   I' ievcilllt.
lua somewhat lengthy speech
Co iniill' r Coitlish supported litis
contention and iu doing so
seconded the motion.
This was opposed by Councilloi
Morden who moved au amendment
but got no seconder, that Third
Street be submitted for that of
Councillor Allen supported the
The route now asked for is as
South on Queensbury avenue
through lot 273 to Fourth street,
thence west to St. Patricks' road,
South on St. Patricks' to First
street, thence west to Forbes
nvenue (.to the Mission), north on
Forbes avenue to Fifth street,
thence west to liewicke avenue
and westward.
Also up Lonsdale avenue to
Twenty-first street.
This new proposition will be
submitted to Mr. Sperling,
Manager of the 13. C. Electric
Railway today.
There was a letter from
Sperling agreeing to the belt
as previously asked (or.
Following is tlie result of thc
poll at the municipal elections last
Saturday,   The weather wns clear,
but little or no interest Was mani
tested in the voting:
For Reeve—-Kealy polled t86
votes, against tag cast for Councilloi' Edmund Bell.
For Councillor, Ward 11.--Councillor Win. Mordcn received 79
votes, while R, \V. Dick got Oy.
Applicants for Water Power,
Hotel North Vancouver.
The following are the   guests
registered at tlie hotel this week:
1). II. Whitlow, Hong Kong.
R, G. Blackburn, Chilliwack.
W. H. Pegram, Vancouver.
Eric Hellman. New York.
Alfred Johnston, Seattle.
Johnson John, Guernsey.
A. liriggs, Snohomish.
0. Booman, Steveston.
F. Neilson, Ladrier.
(). Soulbrea, Oklahama,
Dick Towns, New Wi stininster.
Carl Munsoii, Seattle.
1 Is ai Saderberg, Gotland,
P, Stable, Vancouvi r.
..  :     it',..   At  Tin   I'.'.n 1
Yesterday afternoon at New
Westminster, Commissioner C. C.
Fisher commenced his hearing of
the applications of four municipalities and several private parties
for thc waters of Seymour creek.
Those present were:
Mayor Buscombe, Alderman D
M. Stewart, chairman of the Water
Committee; City solicitor and
Clerk McEvoy; Waterworks
Superintendent S. Madison and E,
B. Hermon, C. E,, for Vancouver
F'or North Vancouver—Reeve A.
E, Kealy and A. U. Taylor, Solicitor.
South Vancouver—Reeve C. F.
Foremam and Solicitor W. R,
Burnaby—Reeve P. Byrne and
B. G. Walker, C. M. C.
Richmond—Reeve Tuttle and
W. K. Harris, solicitor.
The Richmond, South Vancouver and Burnaby Water Co.,
Ltd., was represented by Mr. Geo.
S. li. Perry.
Mr. G. F. Crickmay repreaenteti
an old record of F. G. Cricliinaj
and F. deWolf.
Hr. Carroll, who has an arspli
caiijn lor 9,01.11, miners' incites 01
wuter ou Capilano, was also
City Clerk McEvoy delivered s
v 1, lengthy address in favor 0,
\ ancouvcr City.
Keeve Kealy, of Nortli Van
couver, spoke briefly and Stateu
that the 11. C. Electric Railwaj
had lite figures of a careful record
kept of the Seymour creek water
by their engineer for a period
covering the months from July to
September, and Commissionei
Fisher said that if these could be
obtained it would be the mosl
satisfactory evidence that could be
adduced in this respect.
It was accordingly arranged to
adjourn the hearing till the isl o,
March at 10 a. in., and in tin
meantime the representatives 01
Richmond municipality were
warned to have their notices
properly posted and other rcgu
lations required by the act coin
plied with.
"To the Premier and Members
of the Cabinet ol thc Government
ol British Columbia:
"This petition humbly sheweth
"Whereas—This Trades and
Labor Council, recognizing the
necessity of cheapening education
to the masses, did, in the autumn
of 10,04, institute a searching inquiry into the cost of public school
text books to the people ol British
Columbia, and as a result did
draw up the following resolution
for presentation to the Government of liiilish Columbia:
" 'Whereas—The time is opportune for the provincial government
to print all school books used in
the public schools of the province,
and also supply the same tree, or,
in any event, at cost, to the pupils.
Therefore be it—
"'lU'.soi.vi'ii-That the Vancouver
Trades and Labor Council respectfully request the provincial government to print and publish all supplies required lor the public
schools.'   And—
ing railroads. This is the kind of
wisdom Xorth Vancouver must
stand for. But then what are we
going to do about it? Hon. Mr.
Carter Cotton represents this d ■
trict in the house. Is he voicing
the opinions of the people of
Xorth Vancouver when he approves of thc government policy of
donothingness especially as regards railroads?
North   Vancouver   Specially
Adapted to Grow Them.
A local Chamber of Commerce
is talked of.
Merchants arc well satisfied
with local trade conditions,
Everyone who owns a dog wants
the fine premiumn picture of "The
W. 0. Bell, who has been very
ill for the past ten days, is stated
to be slightly better.
C. Piers, the wharfinger, has
been appointed constable at the
dock.   This is as it sliould be.
La   Penotiere, of Second
.street, is reported to be improving,
meet to all labor  organizations,(havingSL'1 >.' '<" » few hours on
school and church   bodies,   and j Thursday,
irom whom an almost unanimous
"Whereas—This   body   submitted this resolution for endorse-:
II. B. Monroe, a well known
provincial mining man, wril n | tt
a friend lure from Harleyburg, in
thc new mining fields ol Ni «
Ontario, says: "I am here to look
at some propcrt; for American
people. DI all the boles [01
whiskey drinking this is the won:
I .vet saw. Mr. I. nnio, who usi d
tn be at Barmi is looking after the
Earle interests and is doin tl •
only good mining in the 1 amp
lie got a piece ol silver out the
other day which weighed 310
pounds—a nice nugget. The)
have over five cars of rich silver
ore in their storehouse, There is
nothing like this mining district in
America. The mining laws here
suit nobod\."
(indorsation was received, thus
constituting practically a plebiscite
ol the people of British Columbia.
"Whereas—Your government
took no notice of this most im
portani matter to the public other
lhan to acknowledge receipt of
same.    And—
"Whereas—This council during last SeSs.on ol the legislature
retteiated its resolutions with the
addition ol a request lor the
ippointineut of a committee or
commission to enquire into cost
■nd other details ol ibe scheme
Willi lhe same lesitlt as betore.
"Whereas—The mailer is
urgent and is again being pressed
by organized labor all over the
province, by school boards as
shown by the resolution passed by
the Vancouver School Board on
December 28, 1905, as follows:
" 'That this board endorses the
resolution ol the Vancouver Trades
and Labor Council regarding free
texi books, provided the government find after investigstion that
as good text books can be produced
in the province as can be procured
"And also by thc Vancouver
City Council as per resolution
passed by that body last spring in
almost indentical terms with the
resolutions drafted liy this body.
"Whereas—Your petitioners
again respectfully beg your honorable body to give the  question  ul
appointing a commission to inquire
into tin- whole matter of providing
cheaper and better school text
hooks to thf children ol llritisli
Columbia your immediate am!
earnest consideration.
"And yourpetitioners will evei
iVlial "'     1
porati  il. i 1   1 11
Company,  ii Bi Iyi a  and
,'   v.   W .   "'
The   provincial    government
claim   that its policy is om   ol
itabh ha.oi" and progn 1 ll
holds that by its economical
in, tliod . .1 surplus ol Jsoo,ooo has
.... 1 I to the 1 ountry. As to
it. being powerful on financial
mailers it goes without   saying
that   .I ■   B   tax  levin   and    a   tax
collector it stands in a class all by
itself a veritable Shilock as il
were,   But as to progressivi ness,
where is it at?   No  one   would
have been particularly surprised il
the im ut r if ■" in',; 11
innouni ed tin
Queen Ai
[i|| ..      1 of tl
111 sscs,
ill their respuCI 1
Mrs. Hogg, of the Esplanade,
has a line brood of chickens, active
as crickets. The eggs were set on
New Year's Day.
On Monday Mr. Belyea, Fifteenth street, drove his team of
fine bays to Vancouver and brought
back a brand new wagon.
Messrs. Ralph and John Dougall, of Port llaney, paid tbe town
.1 dying visit on Tuesday, Tbey
Were surprised 10 see the growth
ol the place. Their lather is editor
01 tlie Montreal Witness.
An average day's work for a girl
packing apples at Hood River,
Oregon, is sixty boxes. Each
apple or pear is wrapped with
piper anJ placed properly  in  the
Mr. Hawthornthwaite, the
Socialist M.L.A., says "lhat his
party was sincere in wishing that
human life might be safeguarded
in every possible way." Is there
a public man or anyone else who
wishes different,
According to Steve Madison,
superintendant of the waterworks,
Vaucouver city now uses 5,000,000
gallons of water daily. The people
of the Terminal City arc certainly
a well-behaved lot, But then,
self-praise is no commendation.
Last Saturday morning Pete
Larson's new covered-in wagon,
similiar to those ol the Mainland
Transfer Company, arrived in
town loaded with Williams lamotis
paints—for Waldon & and Sous
Now is the time to patronize
home industry.
The New .Advertiser is an
authority on mules It says "a
'lead muli is out ol tlie question
Mules never die, Thev are too
tough." This .11 "ints lor iln
longivity nl the ' Ti tt
Mrs M. A. Kits-nil, Mis Fran
lis Kussull, Mr--. Larson, Miss
Larson, Mrs, Henderson and son,
Mrs. Amskold and mother, and
st veral others from North Vancouver, look in We Ini lay's matinee
ol "Pinafore" at the opera house,
Vancouvi r.
The North Vancouver Fir' Do
partment will hold a ball and supper at the Pavilion on Mondaj
ni [ht   I ho mil tit will be furnisheo
■  .    ' 11
1 ,1
11 ll  Dii k. Kg
1   ,■
Specially Written for Tu* Eii'rrss.
Potatoes grown on the friable
sandy land of North Vancouver
are very nutty and sweet, and
might have extensive cultivation
at a paying price. It is true immense crops are raised on Lulu
island, but in wet seasons a loss is
often Sustained. The tubers
grown on high and comparatively
dry ground is always ol a better
quality. One of the most productive and paying crops is onions.
They always command a good
price and sell quickly as they are
constantly in demand both for
flavoring and for eating as a vegetable. There is nothing so healthy
as the unctious onion, we all know
the old saw.
"An onion a day, keeps the
doctor away."
It seems strange that as far as
can be learned this vegetable has
been so neglected here. One of
the Australian liners unloaded
of onions on the dock at Vancouver, these were principally for
the upper coast, but a good
quantity were sent inland. They
were a very pretty sample, of uniform size, not large, packed in
octagon slat boxes with apetures
(or ventilation. They arrived in
excellent condition, not thc least
sprouted, and were mild in flavor.
It seems surprising that when
there is a soil and climate right to
The Wreck.
It ts now stated that only 40
ives were saved out ol the  160
souls on board the ill-fated steamer
Valencia, which went on the rocks
Monday night, on the rocky stretch
of coast on the west coast of Vancouver   island,   known   as    the
"graveyard     of     the    Pacific."
Another is added to the list of
wrecks   that   have   strewn    the
Pacific coast, and one more appeal
goes up to the federal government
to act immediately in   providing
the facilities for averting disaster
and for saving life in future cases
of emergency.   A more pitiful and
tragic story of tbe disaster of the
Valencia   could   not   be    told.
When the wreck broke up all on
board were thought to have been
lost-   The awful suspense ol men
and women and crying  children
doomed to a watery grave can only
be imagined   not   described   by
words.   "The wills be done."
wishes to raise his own plants,
should be started in a hot bed, end
of February. Some people get
their plants grown in glass houses,
these are constructed near almost
every town of any size in tlie West
for forcing rhubarb, growing early
lettuce, radishes, celery, cauliflower and cabbage plants; for
themselves or for the general gardener, these houses are hunted
When the plants are as thick as a
pencil or a little smaller, the
ground having been thoroughly
prepared and raked over so that
no weed shows itself a line is
stretched and the plant dibbled
in.   The dibble is made of wood,
baud in North Vancouver no one! ni„e inches long, sharp pointed at
lias gone into thc onion business. one unj am| rounded off at the
Quite I modest estimate for this | other, to fit the palm of the hand.
crop would be S500 to the acre.-! A prod is ma(|e |or tne p|ant| t|ic
Perhaps it is a want ol knowledge piant ;8 inserted and the earth is
that has retarded their production. \ prcsSed against it with the dibble,
The three most popular varieties ,care bejI1(, taken that the earth is
arc the Yellow Danvers, the Red \ rlrm|v Mt against the lower roots
Weathersfield,    and    an    onion j so lMa. ,he little fellow is not what
variously known as the Spanish. garjnei-s can ..hung" that is, soil
or Prizetaker.   The first of the I tight around the surface but loose
three has a bright yellow skin and!at tne ,*en(je,   rootlots.    If   thc
is the most seductive in appearance \ operat|on ja we|| performed   not
to purchasers, the lone plant in 5,000 will refuse to
rid wKATiir.RSFULD jgrow, though they may  look   a
, -,    ., , ,   ■„ I little sick for a day or two after
is, however, quite its   equal   in I , .      „     ,
,- ...   1 being set out.    It is we   to have a
every way as a culinary article.        ■
.    . ,    ,        ., ._,.„ boy to drop the plants ahead of the
In size and shape they resemble     ' '       '
each other and are both excellent
keepers. The Prizetaker or globe
shaped onion, is, when properly
grown the largest cropper. Individual onions often weigh as much
as a pound, it is a great seller, but
does not keep as well as the first
two varieties named. It is tbe
most mild in flavor and thc aroma
docs not hang so long on the
breath. It can be eaten with
bread and butter when sliced and
is excellent lor salads. The great
difficulty with the onion is, in order
to get it to its greatest perfection,
it requires perhaps more attention
lhan any other vegetable. In thc
first place the soil has tu be
specially prepared,
IHOIUll'l.lll.V   I.EVEI.I.I.Il,
every stick and stone removed
and a well rotted, composet
or manure applied in ample
quantities with one or two dressings ol fertilizers applied during
the growing season. Most people
sow the seed ol the onion directly
in the ground. But this is not the
proper way to proceed, plants
should be raised in boxes of about
mi inui wide by one and a ball
long, sav lour niches iln p,  those
, b<  own pretty thickly so as
raise mo or 150 plant-, lo thi
•These boxes, il tin  growei 'wagon
is the recognized distance, and
about eighteen inches between the
rows, so that a Planet Junior Cultivator may pass easily between
them. This should be kept moving on any signs of weeds, as the
onion is a lady that wants no bad
It is perhaps unnecessary to say
that the onion plant is very hardy
as against host, and tho sooner
they can be set out in the spring
the better, probably about the end
o| March, the crop should be
niatuied in August. Sonic people
prefer to grow the onion from
"scls"; bul tiles-, come expensive,
but arc very reliable if they can
be had of sufficiently small size,
as the large ones run away to iced
and make thick necks.
J. F. Culoeii has returned alter
a month's absence.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Knlocr, of
Victoria, visited the town on
Wi dm sday and left for the East
on Thnrsday.
On Thursday the Hastings
Shingle Mill sent o.er its ti am of
grays to thu Terminal City.
I he*  went tin re to gi 1 a   m.w THE EXPRESS
ll. ('
paper,   i   I'ublishod by
■ * ',; . IS r'lUNTlNU Ooinpiiti)
ilm- I inl..it por War
11 BOW IK lAIM'l.l'.Y.
Miniiigii    Ktlitu
I. Ill 111! tllllllONH,
l   .ci tising Mnn'. ■
Tliri-.- Tnllllia (,(  \Yi'«.lii(li,At(*r.
Iii the '. -i «' .11, A ihe cloisters ut
\\. ■ .; iiiilii**/ ilii'ii' are thf-o
ni' it      1.1.■-iini'    graven  those    nf
Tlioi      Hi ttortou I his wife, bettor
Hess s.iiiiiili'i''."ii, and the
over I | Mr*  Ilniooglrdlo,   Of
all tl..' people >Mi i In- iviiliiii Uf*'' Imi
lowed wnlls .1 in iv -..iii'lj If -md lli.it
U i'ir l" *i ' I. :   ill ci
\.i small measure nt
l '"■ .'ti di'd to iin* gifted
: ir iii" I'm Hi ii in' "I -*l more
l in an* one el .'■ v. t* responsible for
it ii th'' i:ti'.;ii it driiina
li  k i iin' Puritans,
rdle wiin elllier adopted by
[1     rliw or placed under Ic care, nnd
in looh nil licnrta in l.on
. utorui,  Slie achieved her greal
ii ia  in  acting in Clongrove's
plays,    tier arllsl nrcer, however,
 uipnrallvely nhiirl  for
Mrs,   Hracoglrdlo  retired   from   tin'
■ ■ nn ivlien \tuio OUItleld
i ■■! i in ■ i      ■   al,   She
"ti in honorable rt      ..• ■ sst nnd
: gli mid I ... I'.n- nml
near, until ill" year ITIs, ivlien alio was
It hei "M friends lhe
I md "i Mull
11,.st llri-isiiia   W,- U < litlird.
IHlrll       ' llll'll il"!ll
' ■•  ti llnil cs
lioard.'    *
' I,  i'.,'    ..  ''i fi ■
i> up ". |h I us lit ii "il i"...''
■'. 'I  lil "I"    \
n i in I imi i.. Kli'i'p, where
tu i Up ii Hie Ira1 ' in
'.i'.ii   '   .'i..I.. II
m   |h   Hull   tin'   blood
brain  "'  i   I     'i directly
.il  iH'tlvltlcs   ease
• ■     . i '    ..ii -
Hie balance rl i
IS    -Mi ill    i,'I lllllll' *■    nf
l |o iii.- 11
ml  M'
.1      in   Uils   way
, lie ,■ igln .1
Ilnsv Ito- On,ne Wild I'lnycil Ii, Vol-
ic(- Several Ceuturli's Ago,
A book published at Venice in 1355
hy Antonio Benlno relates methods of
play in a real football that was actually called liy llio sunn* name. The field
"was so large Hint nu ono, however
strong, could qulle throw n stouo front
oui- ''ml in ilie other," nml ii was iiiiiiin
hair us wiile. Twenty, thirty or forty
porsous could participate on a side. Hi"
number being regulated by tin* size nf
the available Bold, Goals wen.' set up
at either end. Nn mi" was permitted to
strike the hull with iln- outstretched
arm or with anything lie might curry
in his hand, Nevertheless he was permitted to "strike llie hall wilh what-
ever part of his bod) thnl lie pleased."
If tlie ball came rolllug toward him
he wns allowed In kick il, the inference being Unit if it were lying still ho
could ii"l tin sn. The liiitl was divided
hy a trausverso line "into two equal
parts, and in the middle lay the hull.
'I'he players were chosen, thoso who
were going to make «i> llio opposing
parties, hy means of colors, hy which,
In the struggle nf the contest, each
could recognize his own aide, When
the signal was given liy the roll of llie
drum or the blast of a trumpet a play
er rushed forward, one who hud I n
chosen hy lot In he the first A kick llie
hall wilh his i'.ioi. This action was nude, slimil In he the beginning A tho
conli'st, so that after it it was permitted to no one from cither party to seize
It, lo strike il ttml lo drlvo il us victor
over lhe goal, II was |ierlm|is from
the method nf beginning the game that
it was called football."
These Italian games hnd their origin
in the anclcut pastimes nf Hi" Greeks
ami [tomans, nml in reality approach
nenrer in llie modem Idea of football
tlmu do Uie beginnings nf llio game In
northern countries   football Is hei e\
"I by some authorities lo have I n a
l".'ii a' tho worship of the l.'eltlc
sun g id, "ii" "f the rites attendant on
tin lebriitlvc cert monies. A:, u also
bold a strong belief that Its original
form was Introduced into Knghuid bj
Hie  li'iai.uis.  I.viiin.'  1'.  Meyers in
■ Magazine,
\ ,1, ns    Sin . .i.i   ,((.■   In,   ,a
I- plmii'l win' i. ii hid
ed   lu   V"iin i,   "
.'.tile,I    Ih, ",'      "I    ,".   "Ill    of    llie
... I
■   ',    '■
■    '
ii md "Mi.' I il
t the    i'.     ol i
I lord       :
.     '!',     ill   :' .
.   '
■     '
I    I
.    '
■   I
.     II
i    lllll   | '•'' lllll,   II   '■' IS
, I      ,   ■ .; iii full
,.    I'nl   ih'Xlllnle"
I I . 1   .1  .
, . iiii tin for liltn
ii,i ni winch th" emperor
I     in   I       l!    I     "
|| i   ,
Wli-   iln-  l.mlj.   ul  tin-   House  Wan
11.'Hilj   ,i>  i all il   Unit.
illy i,ill -.1 ni ilm house
nf a friend, who answered lu person
die : ii; ut ile- door,   Wnli careworn
.  .... mtier she
lioliiglzcil for the ' infusion that ap-
reli I ni ilm house, sitylng:
upstairs iii  imt
ill enougli        t lo tin hospital, loo ill
i" i fur from home lo go there,
yet needing intention from inc.    My
gllllt Of I  11   -.ilks. (lllll
I liuve M'til Ini' nni 1" il" nn "i: I
gel .snitif fresli uh  k is just
lion  ii i  ■ peaking terms with her
." Inn.in, nml is seeking
"..-" llml r ll liter must
go. Tin' footmuu i'.ini'1 home drunk
lust night and hud i" he discharged
: :i ng,    <l> house is .ii  ilxos
mid sevi us, my husband lunched down-
j mother bits tnkeii llio children uud ilm mil ■ ry m iiii homo with
- evenlug, mnl I
■:,i ilm dny in ii v.iui search (or
help in tlie I.:'    i belong in a club
llousehol     i in'. ■ I
"■ nllowod .t in nni a Boarchlight
mi nil ti j i [fairs in the la-
. irge,   1 mn now
. ill, in refuse tn have
rmigenieiila considered
.i huntlug gr Hind for Uieorlsts, tn pro-
. .iin i keries,
I il .Inventions nf the
enemy for I lime und Bhow-
l   between abstract il.' ■■ i  illty. Tlie
■ Ai musl pro-
 c-r get ill nr
sulky, ci ,'n  temper mnl
' f unimpeneli-
l.uiy M. Salmon in Atlantic.
'llir   -nitiial.tilr.
| " i'l,.'I,    nti'l
t there Is a stono
wills li ii I um    ugly fore
tells  di ; I ■■  weather,   This
11  found  In   .-'Inland  many
' A im ' sploror nml lias heeu
i il ■   i bj     enlists, with great Inter-
est.  it is l.im vn .i* ilm aamakulr mnl
presents it while mottled appearance in
■uuslilnc, grnduully turning from gray
lo '  ' i.  is .i i iln 'i-i tu approaches,
The Mimnkulr is mnl" up nf i lay, niter
nnil rink s.ili   lu dry weather the s.iit
in Um alone Is prominent, but when the
■ I wiili moisture the anil ab-
ni.- mul turns black,
lliua .i' Una        '    unicter,
Fll I
T. F. McGlMAW A Go.
Real Estates Insurance
nnd Geniir.i! Coiiir.iils--.ion
v, ncouvor, tl. c.
U tun   it   t I,Ini.-a   linijii-rii,   Dlei,
When .. ( hi "■ mperor dies lliu In-
telllgettci "I A illspnti I pa
I., ll.e -.' feral i-i"' ii' "S  mill.ni  » .III
Iho I ■ color,   .\ll per-
■      i, ■ ro i' i|. i' 'I in ini," red
from Ihelr cups ».ib
lhe  hull  "i   '  ,1' 'ii  "I   l   ill.      All  Bllb-
f I'lllllll ■ . .        ,■
r shaving their
bends I i*. i,i.-l, po-
irj  i'i iy upon musical iiistru neuts or perform ntij
(hie   IL as a - a-1 a f I	
Mrs,  P I iper sayi that
walking in il     ii mi nm-
'., '■■     Mr,
tVl'll, It Wllll'l '   ■ "
■. I boil I mi lira-
fl nml 1ms stolen
. . ii
llll-   I'll,'!,,.
Iln | hem I a pot m m your
... i
What Occurs When a Child Is Taught
Orally and Without Explanations—
Dr. Macnamara, M. P., Gives Some
Remarkable, Examples In His Work.
"Schoolroom Humor" — Some Absurd  and Amusing  Stories.
Dr. Mncnamam, M P., In his book,
"Scl Ir torn Hum"!'," has mads n collection of children's mistakes and ah*
surdities which is very amusing, Some
of the stories are examples "f uncon-
scious cadre; such, fur Instance, is tint
of the case of tlie Liny who said Hnd
"the marriage custom., of the ancient
Greeks were that a man had only one
srlfe, and this was called monotony."
Other stories sliow us lhe working
of a child's mind In the way in which
ll has been taught. For example, a
boy who had learned his "Duty Towards God" orally, being asked to write
It down, produced the following: "My
duty toads God Is to Weed In IHm, to
ferins; and lo loaf wlthold your arts,
wlthotd my nunc, wifhold my sold, and
with my sernth to wire.hp and give
thanks, to put my old trash In Him."
This example Is fifty years old, but
the book contains more modern results
of bad teaching.
Thus, a child wrote down this version of the tenth commandment: "Thou
Shalt nol cunu lliy neighbors house,
ttmus shalt not cumt thy neiKlilior**
wife, mornln' circus, inornin' 'oss.
momln' ass, nor anything that Is his."
Many of the anrwers in the book show
that the children had been taught mere
isolated Items of information, which
they -Tjpposril to have no object except to provide questions In school In
such cases what Is learned Is only
A child, bolti-; asked to name the
chief mountains In Scotland, answered:
"Hen Nevis, Hen Lomond and Ben
Jonson." Hr. Macnamara thinks that
"firls are more conscientious than boys,
and see sooner what is expected of
A hoy. being n.sl(oil "Who was Guy
Fawkes!*1 replied: Guy Forks Is a
man made by another man," whereas
a girl Bald: "Guy Fawkes was a man
who tried lo destroy Parliament."
A child was asked to think of a creature that wriggles about In the earth
and sometimes comes to tho top through
a holt. "A worm," replied the child.
He was asked to think of another
creature with the Fame habits, and cried
In triumph, "Another worm." Lessons
to that boy svere a kind of game of
Question and answer
Some oilier que linns and answers
follow: "What in a celestial pole?" "A
heavenly perch." "What Is poetry?"
"l'oetrj la when every line begins with
n capital k*iter" A child wrn.e of an
Imaginary expedition to lhe north pole.
At last wo reached the north pole.
Wo sallctl into lhe harbor aud wont to
see the town."
In an account of the SalvaUon Army
child wrote of lhe women: 'They
have names on their hats like sailors.
They make & deal of noise; (he won.od
two Is called captain and hflentiant."
Another child delinM a nib. as "the
tiling there Isn't when ynu buy a pen,"
while still another youngsler di icr bed
i flshlng-net as "a lol A little holes
Joined inp> iiu-r liy a bit "f i
A teacher after explaining the use
of the hyphen asked n boy why there
was a hyphen in "bird-cage" The hoy
answered: "ll i.. for Hi" bird to i ■ voh
on, sir." Thai boy, Hr, Macnamara
says was among tho dunces, bul it
was probably hi-.
terested In birds than In hyj hei      His
answer showed hi . .. of li niii-
Ing things for himself.
ur,.,,-,.- nml Characteristics ol This
Ovvau nf tin- uivitiv,..
Persona who have seen soft shell
clains us ihey lily 111 a pun In tho kitchen preparatory to being cooked scarcely recognise '.hem In their natural state.
Many of us who have seen clams know
ihat they havo "necks," but nre ignorant of the purpose and characteristics of this attachment, As Ihey lie
ou the ground Ihey aro Car from being
close mouthed, lu fact, they are seldom to he seen Willi tho shell elosed.
Id i one end projects the "nock,"
which may bo three limes as long us
Hie shell when fully extended, This
tact, in case llio "neck" Ib stretched
out, makes one wonder how such a
length can bo contracted Into such a
small spine and IlOW much remains III
the shell after tho "neck" has been
elongated, This is tbo astonishing characteristic of the sofl shelled clam and
the one thai iniii.es him unrecognisable
to su many l pie.  One ol tho dams,
for Instance, is llirco Inches lung. Ills
"neck" when extended Is possibly eight
or nine Inches lung mnl as largo around
us u man's mlddlo linger.
As every one knows, tho dam when
lu Ils native haunts is to bo found several Inches below tho surface of the
sand, lie has to bo dug up when discovered hy the little spurts of water
which the clnm beneath throws up
when disturbed.
This "neck" connects the clam wilh
his food supply In the water above.
Ill   thc   "neck"   are   parallel   lulu's.
Through one tube iho clam sucks In a
quantity of water. From thc water ho
absorbs whatever nourishment It may
contain and then expels tho water
through the other tube.
One may wonder how the clam gets
Into the sand or mini. At tho end op
posite ihe '•net!," iiiuy be Been nn appendage resembling a turtle's tall in
shape and called a foot, 11 is will) this
fool Ihal he dins his way downward,
If Given a Trial
A Kindly Scot.
The laic Dr, Geot ;e Macdonald was
i 1 for hi   kind Ile onci
Into a chape] m Malvern, tt nl t a biographer, ami in dlsti ■ 'I beyond endurance at the worn osj i of the dis-
plrlli 'I i readier. Win n the service was
over he told the i readier that i was
high time he took a holiday, and that
It was his duty to do bo Uo was met
by the statement that It was Impossible, ll" asked that the "in t rs ot lhe
church should be summoned. When
thoy came In he revealed his Identity,
and .1" iii" -I Li11ii ii if as a preacher
out of harness, but prepared to take
there and then tin* conduct "f the ser-
vlco for the next month. Hut now i
fresh dlfllculty arose; the gratified mln-
lsiiT had nowhere to go, so <;<urge
Macdonald told bun lhat this was easily Bottled. II" could go io his own
house at the K'ii*iiJo; and so the compact was settled,
'ui another occasion (says the same
com ; ndi nt). it" went itmo a shop In
tin town iii which ho llien resided, and
seeing at a glance that the girl who
served I,Iin looked fragile and HI. he
enquired the cause. She was standing
at the counter all day, and nursing a
sink mother overnight. "Then," said
he, "I will Just send utie nf my own
,-irls lo take your place every day for
en hour it two, while ynu gel a breath
of fri ll nr" and ho wa.s as gund as
bis word.
Jinny ( nnu- Across ILiikHsIi ttonler Id
llii,,- ihi' Knot Tied,
A reei'iii writer on Iho departed glories of Hi" original Gretna llreeii In
Scotland has this in sny nf the "priests"
who did Hie marrying tor lhe hurrying,
anxious persons v.ho canto lo them
from across Iho Kit tllsh border: "The
men who look up lhe trade ot marrying had often ben prcvl tusly engaged
in sonic other occupation, Some were
si.meill,isous, noma wero weavers nnd
many were bonier Idlers nnd poachers.
Among ilu1-" lasl II is i Ihlo llml a
blacksmith may i.i some lime have
taken lo Joining hand* Insl 1 of Iron.
Imt tm ntie rn' the calling ever rose to
fame In the marriage line."
loseph l'tilsiey, "Im Ural made Iho
marriage trade "hum," la described a*
nothing belter lhan a drunken free-
liunii'i'. But he w.t. "liiitl lo this Incident: "Oil  ■ nslon Ills services
were required simultaneously by two
couples, both In it desperate hurry, mnl
after the cercmonj ;: wns disc red
that, by a trilling mistake, llio wrong
brides and bridegrooms had I a null
ed.   'Awell,' said Paisley coutentedly,
•jest BOrl yersels.'"
Eventually ihe "Gretua priests'' became sn numerous, competition so
keen, thai ihey waited ou Iho Eugllsh
border for Iho arrival of "customers."
None of them ohli Ineil n rept Ion for
riches, nor were llie*. ahlo lo I
their carulugs, bul died in harness.
The usual prlco for celebrating a marriage wits half :i crown (HSlii cents), bul
ouo i r couple    il oil for sixpence,
und a still | 'or couple for la pence
liosv llio Chinese Allrncl nnd Then
Destroy I3vll Spirits.
Recently lhe Chinese resldeuts A tho
Straits Settle ula had a greal proccs
slon, culled "waugkang," to gol rid of
a large accumulation of evil spirits,
says ii writer In Iho Chlcngo (sews,
Corcmonlos ot this sorl arc held by
tho Chinese aboui once in Hftoon years,
'llie plan is in construct a rlchlj dec i
fated junk, lill it with dainty eatables,
money, live animals, lucenso and other
tempting tilings and Ilnn lo take it
about the city with music and appro
prlato slnglr.g and great pomp generally.
This causes tho evil spirits to como
oul to see what is going on. Heboid
Ing tin- splendid Junk mid Its rare cuti
tents, ihey crowd inside. Demons of
Sickness are ('specially Bought fur ami
After lhe Junk bus been sufficiently
paraded su thai it Is chock full of demons, it is burned and the evil spirits
perish. Formerly the Junk was set
adrift on the ocean, but sometimes it
was stranded on some Island or uther,
causing great Buffering to Hie Inhabitants thus exposed in tho attacks of
lhe iniirotiiied spirits. So now lhe Junk
is burned at the closo uf each ceremony
of lhe sorl.
The Chinese in ibe vicinity of Slnga-
The Earl of Darn'ey.
The Earl of Darnley, who took his
■ant In the House of Lords as ono of
Hi" iii ii representative Peers, says Tho
London Star, re Ion s  th"  number of
tli"*.- niibh men from In inui to tin full
total "f 28 provided under 'li" ocl of
uninn,  s  number  nol   reached,  In    a
it,  t   "ti.e, until I8SD, whon lhe lata I poro spent about $10,IH)0 iu getting rid
Vlseoiittt Powerscourt, sitting as n re-   of llu-lr deinuiis 'his fall,
pre ■ ntiilive  I'ei r.  was  raised  I" Ihe
Baronage   of   ihe   I'm ■ il   i ■   I un
Th .. '  ihe t:.ni of Darn the
H"'i " "f Lords in :l  his
■>t.! • ' "is in Hi" lilt ii.. ' :, ' -.'it
Un n    I'l   tie ir   ">W1    lii-'U    ll ■    I   H"IIS
i : • .a "f Inu "1   'i'i." Ilm    'i   rn-
i.v . Huron Clifton in Iln li Pi ■ r-
a      '. n be i lielr to tin
of t ," ■. .■ I.', tl now li -I i . his
nlecn, I , 'I ' iul dailghlei i ( Ilia
I,,..",. r   lo   .i'i" '    l'i -li    .'"urldotn    lie
I i ly five '. •"   ngo    The
 li  ' I ■   i.i -ii"
liei   llien        nn direct
Ir. I'lmrlel
,.  , '  ■    ■     ■
"Oh. George, 1 don'l think Hint new
safely rnzor of yours amount-; to anything nt all."
"Why not, dear'.'"
"Becauso I tried lo use ii today, uml
' "iy i couldn'l tl" anything with It."
•Wiint were you trying to do with
"I wns only living In sharpen n pen-
til, und it wouldn't cut n bit."
Ceylon Natural GREEN Tea will prove Ita
superiority over all Japan Teas.
Lead Packets Only.      40c, 50o, and 60o per Ib.        By all
Grooors.     Highest Award St. Louis, 1004.
t_ik«>  This
The Keeley Cure
Ask (he lawyers, (he physicians, tho
congressmen, the clergymen, Hu
olerlis, ihe book-lteopers, the skilled
mechanics who havo patronised us
ami ynu will hnd thut tho Keeley
treatment Is all and more IIiiiii Is
claimed for It, nnd that It Ib the
"stitch" a drinking man needs to save
properly, reputation, family, saully
and even llfo Itself.
Write today, now, and get the nee
essary Information about it.
Attached lo any Garment Is a
Quei-antee  ol
and Good Wearing Qualities
When Buying OVERALLS,
Seo Hud each article bears a
iiibnl liko abovo
Insist im Getting
"King of the Road" Brand
And Take no Otlitu* j
"Just the
For a "bite at bed-time
what could be better llian a
glass of nulk and
Cream  Sodas
Canada's finest crackers,
from Canada's finest bakery.
Crisp, inviting, delicious. In
lhe air-tight boxes, that keep
There I" n richness of
flavor and a delicious
aroma lu
I Gold  Standard   Tea
"f".i-»r*snt*-(>(| the B*"5'"
That Is found In nn oilier
tea. Tha moat economical tea you enn use.
1 lb. & '.i, lb. lead 'tuckets
35, 40 Si f.un i>or lb.
Our hands i  llttlo   booklot,  "In
th" li.torcsl ol  Good   Living"  contains an   abundance ol   Information
fo        II pars.    It wi l ha
mailed lo you free on request
i CODVILUE 4 CO.. Dopt M.
Winnipeg, Man.
Imperial Maple Syrup
ft-1' you.' deilcr for (nip-rial r.l..|ii • Syrup.  I) > not nllow him to subttituU
on ir.fr.Hnr art.olo boo.iusO It It olioapor.
If it is a Question of Warmth use
It Retains Heat and Keeps Out Cold.
Write for Samples and Prices
TEI3S & PERSSE, Limited, Agents, Winnipeg.
IM Time .lessclry.
On lhe skeleton of u lady who died
nt Ponipoll were found two [oldsn
bracelets, six of silver, four golden
anklets, four earrings, thirtj Anger
l'lnt,'", u golden eollur, a joldea belt
and a golden band on lior hoad, while
by her band lay a purse conlnlulng
l'J" silver coins,
A llraril Tirrlva, P»et Long.
in 1883 Adam Klrpln, o Gorman, six*
ty-slx years old, nt that lime nisldlnc
in Chicago, claimed io b» the ownor of
Ihe longest -jrowth of whiskers. He
was a largo limn, nearly sll feet In
heiKhl, nml had a beard more lhan
mice ilu* length of his body. Klrpln's
board bad been growing steadily for
tweutytwo years.
CaSJIUIiulLJ   Ul    ,'
.        .       ,
Nul  llnnii i, SH,-,,.
no,    "KnowH iiiui ' i" i llio brightest
"•   mnl besl Infoi'l I men in low ."
Why d" you ihhilt  ■
"Ilocnusc I ut
nu Intolllgeuco otllco,"
Rainier Beer
|. i (-loriotis beverngi   i|iieiicliing nnd satisfying,
Ki member there's no other" jtisl a* g 1"   in*
-i-i mi getting Kninler,
Paoific  Bottling  Works
Vancouver, B. C.
Unhid, of i'liii Cunnlag Aialnml nr-
aei'iiii'd by President Roosevelt,
These southern coyotes or prairie
wolves are only about oue-lhlrd the
Blzo of lhe big gray timber wolves of
tho northern Rockies, Thoy nre too
small to meddle with full grown horses
and cattle, but pick up young calves
nnd kill sheep as well as any small ilo-
mastlcatod animal that they can net at.
The big wolves llee frinn Ihe neighborhood of anything like dose sonic-
uicnts, but coyotes hang around iho
neighborhood of man much more per-
(latently. Thoy show a toxllko cun-
nliti! In catching rabbits, prairie dogs,
gophers und lhe like. After nightfall
thoy nre noisy, and their melancholy
wailing anil yelling are familiar sounds
to nil who pass over lhe pltilns. The
young are brought forth In holes hi cut
hanks or similar localities,
Within'm.v own exporloneo I have
known of tho Oudlng of bill two families. In one there was but a single
family of live cubs and one old animal,
undoubtedly tbo moUieri In tho oilier
case there were toll or eleven cubs and
two old females which bad apparently
shared tho burrow or cave, though living in separate pockets. In neither
case was any lull grown male coyote
found In the neighborhood, As regards
these particular litters, the father
loomlngly hnd nothing to do with Inking care of or support ins the family,
1 am not able to sny whether Ibis was
accidental or whether ll is a rule that
only the mother lives With and lakes
enro of the litter, 1 hnvo beard contrary staleini'iiis about Iho mallei-from
hunters who should know. Unfortunately I havo learned from long experience that ll Is only exceptional humors
who can be trusted to give accurate
descriptions of Iho habits of nny beast
save such as aro couuee'ed with lis
Coyotes arc sharp, wary, knowlug
creatures, und on most occasions take
cure lu keep mil of barm's way.—From
"A Wnll' lliuil In Oklahoma," by Theodore Itoosovolt, in Scrlhuer's Magazine.
toe Un-7 Kujoying Themselves to
((Ive Time lo Books.
After dinner tlie woman called on
two friends. They were u married couple. They hnd uot been married so
very long,
The wife, who was suffering from a
slight cold, Iny on tho couch among tin
pillows. She had ou a red kimono. She
was very pretty, with the red to match
in hor cheeks. In her hands was a
hook. It happened to be of the same
color ns her kimono, which was also
pretty. Attached to her hook win a
tiny little electric light, wilh a ahndc.
The battery lay by her side.
The husband reseated himself nt Iho
center table. By his side was un open
hook with a paper knife keeping tho
place for him. It was under the roud-
lug lamp.
"Uow long have you been married
now?" asked Uio woman as sho took
her seat lu n big itrinchulr.
"About six months," snld they simultaneously.
Tho woman, who hud Just come from
a gay dinner party whore she hud
laughed for two hours with n lot of
friends, glanced quickly from ono to
Hie other, taking In the bonks, tho
lamps, their attitudes of repose, tho
qulot of the room, the air of having Ilu-
ished with fun oltogothor,
"1 sec," said she. "1 know how It Is.
I used to be married, 1 read then, and
read and read. I nearly put my eyes
out reading, I rend sttmetlnies till 3
o'clock In the morning nnd nfler."
"I do lhat now," smiled the wife.
"lteall.w" went on llio Woman, "I
think there wasn't a book that enme
out then I didn't read. I devoured
thom oinnivorniisly."
"And now?" saltl they.
The woman smiled serenely nt lliem
from the recess of her big armchair,
".Now," said she, "I never read a single book Hint's on the market. I don't
know what's como out, nnd 1 don't
care 1 j;o by bookstands from ono
year's end to tlie oilier and never think
of tln'in."
"Why'.'" asked they.
"I'm no longer married," explained
tho woman, "I no longer vegetate and
read nnd read and vegetate,   1 live
now," she lidded,
First Muse l„ This Direction Unite In
.Skill,,r.I In 1701.
The lirst recoiflod public meet ins iu
the Interest of "woman's rights" was
held In the town of Modford in 1701.
The gallery of tho church was occupied
by tho young unmarried people of lhe
congregation, one side and one-half the
front gallery being glvou to the young
men, the other side it nd the other half
being given lo the yoiiug women. Out
iu the sealing In ihe oveutful year the
young men were glvou ibe entire front
of the nailer} a* well, uud lhe young
women were allowed only OUO Side of
the gallery.
Then il was lltat UllUgS began I" happen. Treatment like this wasn't to ho
tolerated, even fur a moment. The
blood of the future mothers of tho
llevolutlon was fully aroused, and Iho
young women tnndo Buch an uproar
and commotion Hint it speedily became
a town mailer, and a town meeting
was called to restore lo them their
rights iu half of iho froul gollory,
Tbo young men of iho day were bitterly opposed in extending any uew
privileges M women, and lhe light ex-
tended beyond Modford, Shortly aflor
Hie Introduction of pews Into Hie
churches, by which families were Bop-
orated from the remainder of thc con-
grogaliou, tin' Bclecttucii of llio town of
Newbury gave permlsslou lo a group
of young women to Intilil 0 pew lu the
gallery of tho church upon ibolr own
side of tho hoii*e. This extension of
privilege was resented by tbo young
bachelors to such u degree that tbey
broke u window of tbc church, forced
au entrance nnd backed the pew in
pieces. For this act of sacrllcga die
young men of Newbury were lined ?10
each and sentenced to bo whipped or
pilloried, Hut Ihey were manly enough
to confess their folly and ask pardon,
so this part uf Ihelr punishment was
omltlcd. So you see the "woman's
rights" movement Isn't a modern one.
In the very unfairness of women is
often lo he found tbo main source of
their fascination.-Mrs. Cralgle,
Success in life rests upon one small
gift—tho secret of the entry Into another man's mind to discover what Is
passing there.—Seton Merrlman,
it is tho sorrowful nnd tho old who
lead tho human host in Its inarch toward paradise. Youth and happiness
loiter far behind and are satisfied With
the earth,—JamOB Lane Allen.
If 1 were a multimillionaire I would
buy Ihe whole of Stratford-on-Avon,
pay all ils miserable municipal debts
nnd make it the happiest little place In
tho world.- Miss Marie Corelll,
The modern llilrt-l for novelty and
of woman's mysterious rivalry with
men musl Inevitably in tin* cud unlit
people for n wholesome, natural life of
siiniy, reflection or repose—Lady Violet Grovlllo,
Doomed lo Bnchcloi-lioots.
A little live year ..Id was in a dolorous quandary, lie hail Just been told
of the npproocblug nuptials of bis I'n-
ele Will, and he suddenly evinced a
groat interest iii tbo subject of matrimony.
"Mamma," bo snld after pondering
the matter for awhile, "can folks marry their sisters?"
"No," answered she; "ihey have lo
marry some one else's Bisters,"
"Well, can't liny many cousins?"
persisted tho youthful seeker after
"No, not even cousins." said iiuiuini.1.
"Then whal in Ihe world will I do'.'"
walled lu*. "Sister sinrgarot and Cousin Daisy are Ihe only little girls I
Vessels In Tost.
When nt nlgbtlltno a steamer meets
a vessel which Is distillled or for some
other reason ennnnt proceed she takes
It In low, and ut the masthead two
While lights are shown,   This is a very
necessary precaution, as u vessel passing her nt right angles In the dark
might easily run right Into the bout
which was being lowed unless some
Indication of Ils presence there were
given. If (1 sleaiuer Is proceeding
nlone, however, only one light Is shown
at the masthead,
iinin iny Shoes nml Periwigs,
An advcrtlsemoul appears lu No. ISO
of the Tattler Informing the public Hint
a stagecoach runs from Nando'a coffee
house lo Mr. Tiptoe's dancing school,
adding a postscript: "Dancing shoes not
exceeding four Inches In height hi lhe
heels und periwigs not exceeding three
feet Iii leiiglh are carried In lhe coach
box gratis." This, of course, was a
satire upon the mob caps, conical hals,
flowers, feathers and representations
In glass of butterflies, caterpillars nnd
even liilnlulure coaches liml horses
with which the Hue lady of Hie day
adorned her bead. London Mail.
There would not be so tunny oper
months If there were uot so' uiuuj
oiioii em's, a
A Case of Surprise.
Too Much Between,
"How did you like my speech?"
"Well, I   er   the fact Is, I"-
"(lieat Scott, man!   Wasn't the Introduction wed concolved und logical?"
"And   wasn't   the  peroration  eloquent';"
"What's the (rouble then?"      |
"They were too fur apart"    _J3
Uldun-Then I may lake it thnl you
hnve sympathy for the old soldiers
"Ton here, Jamos!   exclaimed tho   ffi,0 nro starving?   Broko-My dear
Blum worker visiting tho jail. ,,   , ,,.,„. u,„Wm., ,„„ ,ympatny|.
"Yes'm," replied lhe new prisoner,
who was In for burglary.  ,
"Well, well, I certainly am lurprlB- Brldenee,
«•'•" "Dolly has offered lo sing at Ethol'l
"So was I, ma'am, or I wouldn't be   mnsifnlo."
here." -I || tht sho hated Ethel."
"Weil, Hint prmes it, doesn't lt?"-
Her Slylc.
Flrsi Woman Suffragist Did you cut
tho ticket or vule ll Btrnlgllt?  Second Tries i" Tnke Tli In as Bsif,
Woman Suffragist (nbBoutly)-Stralghtl     "Thoro gobs a follow who likes t»
I ('III It 0U lhe hills. till,.' tilings easily."
The Prnellcot Joker,
See the practical Joker. He Is not
much of n sight, but still he Is worth
looking nt as n curiosity, as n study 111
uncommon cussoduoss, The practical
Joker Is lhe offspring of aslnlulty run
to seed. Ile Is whal was left over nfter
tbo real of tbo world was created.
Thoro was a slight surplus, u mere
fraction, not enough to make a complete man, so tbo scraps were scraped
Up, pressed together nnil molded Into n
practical joker, Tho Job was not patented. Nobody thinks enough of the
Invention to patent It. You couldn't
sell practical jokers for ll conts u bunch
If 'Hi should stand out on Hie corner
spiel till your vocal cords got tied
llllo double bowknotS, The public Is
aware of the shell game when It sees
the layout. The practical Joker Is nn
escaped Idiot from the ldlotvlllo asylum, bul he is by no moans a harmless
Idiot. When recognized, lie should be
roped forthwith and hauled linck to his
native nml natural environment, the
podded coll,
lltor nml Gray TobReoa Sinoke.
Iilil ynu ever notice while enjoying
your favorite cigar Hint tho smoke that
curls up from tha burning end of Uie
"weed" Is blue, while that exhuled
from lhe mouth Is of a whitish gray?
'lhe explanation of this oddity Is not
fur to seek. Tlie wreath from tbe fiery
end of thc cigar Is In the shape of In-
flnltcslmal dust particles, and ull such
particles (even llie blue nf the atmosphere Is explained in the same way) relied Ihe blue color. In the case of the
exhaled smoke Ibe line panicles have
milted wlih the moisture of tho breath
nml havo thereby become several folds
I.unci' Hutu tlnise escaping direct from
the burning tol co.   'litis being thc
case, they have become large enough
to reflect tho white light, which give*
Iln- exhaled smoke un entirely different
A Baker's Boson,
Tho phrase baker's dozen anise from
the custom of the trade to allow thirteen penny rolls lo each doxen sold.
Tho same custom still holds good In the
wholesale book trade.
Until,- of ibe Rocks,
The "battle of tho rocks" Is another
tm tor the battle of Falkenstcln In
1811, The French mountaineers posted themselves on thc heights nnd let
]iin*e great masses of rock and earth
on Hie German attacklug force. Wholo
ranks Here overthrown by n single
avalanche, aud Hie attack was ubun-
Mnininj- U , iii'tilitc.
Over 1,000 yards ol linen cloth have
been unrolled from one mummy. The
cloth 111 texture resembles the cheesecloth of the present sninewhut. It Is
liner In quality,
Armour's is the be-a, to
hot water —and you
have a cup of beef tea
that tones up tin: system
better than any medicine; All druggiits and
grocers sell
Extract of Beef.
uMa intra,
dTsSTssj- Soaps,
ntttiuia. an-rocnm
Its I'lrodhiK I'ossrr Was Too Great
to no Resisted.
"Tho look of a little child Is some-
times a wonderful thing," said the man
who had risen high on the ladder of
success, "I remember that the greatest lesson I have ever learned In my
life was pointed out to me hy my
daughter, who was only live years old
ut that time. That was fifteen years
ngo, when I hud Just iittnlned some
measure of distinction in the business
world, und I fell Hint I could afford to
rest on my oars awhile. I had never
been n drinking mnn, but frequent conferences nt hotel lobbies und nfler
theater talks with my associates begun
to tell on me and I am ashamed to
confess that I camo home many a
night slightly Hie worse for wear nnd
'booze,' The habit of Imbibing grew
on me, In spite of tearful entreaties
from my wife, until I took n bottle of
whisky  homo  ono  afternoon.   After
dinner i made for that bottle, which
I bud left in my study, poured out u
glass nnd raised it to my lips, when I
caught a reflection In the polished
woodwork of the wall, I turned quickly, aud there was my little daughter
Btnudlng lu Ihe doorway looking at
me. I could never describe Hie expression on her face. If one might say
It of a child, It was a commingling of
reproach, pity nnd disgust. Probably
Bho hud overheard conversations between her mother nnd myself—perhaps
tho moUier hud Instilled that feeling-
perhaps It wns Instinct. I hnve not
taken another drink from Uiut day to
S(ifi,»li>|>„.'  Ulnar,
After the philosopher Speuslppus
died bis widow sold his library at auction, nnd It was bidden In by Aristotle
for ,"8,000, Tho number of the books
Is uot stilted.
A   Hull , nn,til's   Hr....
The dairymaid's dress nt Ebllng, la
Germany, where girls are employed la
dairy fanning, consists of a short
blouse girded at tho waist, kneo breeches and nether hose, with neat shots.
I'he costume Is dcerlbod ss quite pie-
The liie-Minilier Sofferel
Tho  Empress  Josephine one* P*sM
(2,000 for a dress aud to angered ttl
emperor that lie ordered the lHU>
maker to bo scut to prison.
Sunlight Soap is better than other soapi,
but is best when used in the Sunlight way.
To appreciate the simplicity and ease of
washing with Sunlight Soap in the Sunlight
way you should follow directions.
After rubbing on the soap, roll up each
piece, immerse in the water, and go away.
Sunlight Soap
will do its work in thirty to sixty minutes.
Your clothes will be cleaner and whiter than if washed
in the old-fashioned way with boiler and hard rubbing.
Equally good with hard or soft water.
Lover Drothere Limited, Toronto <u
Bidder Crops of Belter It Pays lo Know the Exact Chicken raising a very easy
Grain. Clean, Large Seed Weight of Everything you and simple way of addlnd
Increases the Yield iO/,%      Buy or Sell. i0 foe farm*s cash profits.
per hour.
Cleans Wheat. Tire, Timntby, Clover, Millet.
Oauv tlui .t'j, Flax, l'i'.-.;!, ile-:.-.*, Cora and ill
Iaw IIoppw. Screw Feed *uW? rcyiihtrl
..,-.;-*'■ >r preventi c.ogtfiLg and ditlribulea
tTii.iievenlroi irreen.
Lawor Hhoe keeps ccrecm clem  no othtr
fell.   alataUhll.
Knrl i.U.g and adjustable tide shake (three
Stiteen screens and riddles, frmdtair *ny<
tlungfrom tlneiinetxl tuoo*UEOf>ttfruu. ttcreeu
Japanned—can't rust,
Bavoa ecreenlnffi for frr-d.
Works easily ami smoothly, combines slm-
t-lieity with ingtanity.
Tht Chatham I anntnf Mill will pay for Iticlf
orcr and ovor Id qua year, li la the create*!
economizer Rivi profit-builder on llio turn, ll
ensures blirger crops of bettrr grain.
If It wi *■ not tho he-it it would not now be lo
Vie on hundred* of thousand* of f&rmi In
Canada und United Plates. Kurninhed with
or without Uagging Attachment, aa deun.il.
PRIZ1 AWAKDS-lTlrfbpit awards at World1!
Fair, Et* Louis: l'an-aAmtT.can, Buffalo:
Worl-Vs Fair,  Pari*.   France;   Toronto,
V'iiin.-. »c I.**';'.-., Ch.vlc-t.ton, Savannah
and Jacksonville,
GUANA MTU-Every mill guaranteed for five
yean. Last* a lifetime,
We sfnd the Chatham Fannin,? Mill to any
farmer on rt-rilpt. rf hto order, at once, without
any canh down, u...l the mutt liberal teruia of
Writ* fou PiT.ncn.iiui and Free Cook,
11 How to Make Dollar! out of Wind."
Wo fan supply ynu quickly from our dls'.rl
Halifax, (. liatliiim.    KiicturiisatCiuiiuM, Qj
2,000 IbL
Yon need a Scale on your farm.
You need It right no.v--t inlay.
Every day you put it oir you lose money.
BupDOWyOQ hell Rome Initial 5 rent* a pound,
and Iruit to ymir dealer'smales, which are 100
out. That means a in.-;, to you ot Ml cent! oo
every WO pound hnif.
Then you kcII IOuO bushels of irraln at 75centa,
Toll dealeri ic&lei are only 1/u out, but your
lo** :*->.-.   a. tlioileal.
The loss on a few trannactlone of this kind
would buy a dozen scales.
When tTups,ara pour yon need every cent
they are worth. When thny are good you can't
afford to throw money away.
You need a scale on your fa^m at all time*.
The lets ymi think you con aiturd it, thu more
you need it.
The ImpnrtAnt point te to -set th« right wale.  EBMKWKf ll
The Climbem Farm Kola U built*in ihrce     ,1 g,     S
■ty, .
ready to
and t ba rouabeit kind uf m-ute,
Poultry rnlslng part.
People wlio tell you that there Is no tnnney In
raiding chicks may have tnwl to mukc money
ne-is hy ui-inir sett mg tmna a*« lutca
"have tried to locals*
goldmine 10 tlie_rabi)«(,'o patch, The busl
neisnfitlivni-i-to lay eggs.   Ana hatrlieram
i apfcdty VXD 1-nundsv-s.u Dole nt for jllfrrn imitlliT,.,,,, ^t*ta»*£ Thart tha biubw
Ml   'lhekm tie. g«art0  o.|.|,i,,icml tool J  Ul0 Ctl,lt;iill:i gSEtOT ind Ilrooder. a.
etee -practically IndMtraotiblfl   muring ah* thoy do it i-et tecly «»<i Kiicct^fully.
loliitoacciiracytioinatlerhdwfiiri-.taiittlii'ii-.o. u'"'uuu'0"   ;'' '
The Chatham Farm B<alo is easily r„UVrr-     Tht poultry business,  properly mndnrtt-
tiblo Into a useful truck.    By moving ti)S pays hr tatter than MrothwbnsmflliXor Uu
lever you throw the might off the knife amuunluftiuioandiiiuneyinvented,
edges on to the ROlId frame of Hit truck. This     Thousands of pnul!ry-ra!«em-mcn and wo-
pmerTM the knife edges and give* BOUd' men all o\er Canada and tho Cniled frHatoe-
Ity to tho truck.   When vnumuvoiho lever to bavo proved tot !i< iraatufm Uoa tbltlt i-ipmflt>
throw tho I'-al'i into u.-eag'iin it automatically able to raNe chlckl With Uio Chatham lueu-
adjuit- ifeif without any trouble to yon.  H is hator and Urouder.
the oiily scale mado In Canada that-vllldolMi.    The Chatham Incubator and Brooder Is hon-
rheUathani tarm^eIsabwIuUlyoccur- ,,lLiy r,instructed. Th-iultuiu humbug about
iito.   Before WO nhip aLhatham hirm [kale \_   Kveiyincliof mali-rlul ti tluinmr lilj t-c-ited,
it is thoroughly mne over by the OoTern- themachlnoish'.i.;tonr;::lit. principles, the In-
merit Inspector, Ifitisnlwnluii'Iyawiratclio wdaiion U perfect,th.r-.umetur rcllablo, and
IUmpSeach pi i»c ni.il iiahiis-u with his oitlcial UienorI.:»anahiutiioUj.U
\.-J ti 1 O  ,   a n S;.n Fnrm Re-lfl an*. *^* ™ "eU M HcieHillMn construrtiim-a
JUFUeniIinyouroMleron(lwu1lscii<rthQ8.a1e Isisuroinomenl*
as fait as the railroad can get it to ymi. imr Our proposition Is this: WewlTUhtp vnuthe
tcrmsuf payment are acknowledged to ho the Chatham incubator und llroodor. (might pr»
mo.«t liberal ever offered.   A*k your neighbor, paid, and
r-t'ndusyournnmeaiidailrii'e'-r.oiiiino-itiard        v ..    __   ,  _.     ,
nnd well mall vou our booklet about the        Ion ray Nn (.ash Until Alter
Chatham Farm Boale. |Q0Q Harvest.
Timo may mean considerabln Iops of money
while you think uf it!
to yuu.   WW not send tho post card to-day,     ^ tor onrl,andsom--lrilli»t«tM h^kle^
entitled, "llowui Make Money Out of ( hioka.*
butlntr warehouses a' Calgary, Brandon, r.egina, Winnipeg, Now Westminster, H.C, MonlrtyJ
t., atidDi.uioir, Mif.it 417
The MANSOiN CAMPBELL Co.. Limited. Dent. No.235 CHATHAM, CANAD4
Ancient mirrors wen' mmlo of ntlvor
or Itrits-i; looklllK Itlnsscs wero iiiiiJl' In
Vonlco In 1300 A. a
"A olcltpockou"
W    NU    No  567
In Prizes to Readers of The
First Prize Seoond Prize Third  Prize
$2,000 $1,500 $1,000
Simply as an Advertisement for The
Full Particulars in
Now on Sale
Price 15c.
Buy Nos. I and 2 Together
*aa|a'ja*pi'*r*'*yT*a**T**B*'>ll*CT T. .1- nil  llllt',1 |
G. H.   MURRAY,   Janes Building
Yoii{|e and Kin*) 5ts., Toronto
-^^ Encloswl  llml lur ivliti'h s-nd
llu. lint numbon ol the Uotmuworlli Soil Educotor ni 15c ench, post freo to
Writs t lilnl,?i
W'.R.P.. Jan., mi 	
St nil This Ciiii|i.tn   ol llttri, —WiWBBBWl
.".,., .-..,,,.... ,  ...
AIJ'.TSMI . -_,_.__-* .aJl I'm;  EXPRESS
Wo have thu best l;st
ot business and n i
dentinl pro per ties,
. In . |i in ri .il;. and all
kinds "I houses for sale
and it '. Sen us before
ihe Rank Riot!.,
Noi ih Vancouver.
B. S. Martin
Designer and liuildor ol
YachJ s and Launches
of nil kinds.
At Moodyville, where the gov-
ernmi nt plank road has been in a
bad condition for ;i long time past,
t* now ' ompleti u t, shed away.
Hon. Cam r-C itton « s notified
months ago by us ol the need of
fixinfi this much traversed highway, but, of, course did nothing,
It is now past all r< pairs, The
iliitnr, at an elevation ol some fifty
feet, overflowed during the late
heavy rains, completely carrying
awaj this roadway, winch in turn
upset a dwelling house belonging
tn the old Moodyville mill estate,
ami all lias gone lo kingdom
come. Luckily, however, the
occupants were not at home, and
the residents thereabouts were on
their guard.
School Books at Cost.
lug, Life and Sow Boats,
Ship Joinery, Spars
and Scows
Satisfaction Ouaranl I.
Quotation! glv u application.
Gasoline Launches u Specialty.
Lots for Sale
50,60,66x132 FT.
r,Om ISO 111 SHO par I ol.
2 Aire Block on Corner
fronting Lonsdale Ave.,
$700 Cash.
Elsewhere we print a set of rcso-
I lutions memorializing the provincial government lor free or
! cheaper school hooks. TllE Express approves of these resolves,
but antler the prevailing system it
is hardly possible to change the
present slate of aliairs. The pub-
lt ;li i , win, are located in the
East, are given a close monopoly
of school hooks by the government—for why we dont know.
The result is that parents and
guardians have to pay about two
prices for them ami the publishers
are enriched by the privilege.
'I he only way to secure school
| books ai cost is for tbe government
to print ihein at the bureau at
Victoria, and not allow the sc
hook trust of the East lo peddle iis
Tlie municipality ol North Vancouver was incorporated in 1891.
Following are the different councils since that date:
iSrji —Ri Cl""'"-    |.   P,
Phibbs; council!
sou, Thomas Turner, Mr, Ni ...
and   Mr.   Mahon;   clerk,   M.   II.
189a-Reeve, Charles J, P,
Phibbs; councillors, ll, Lindsay
Phillips, James McCartni v. Mr,
Seolt and Adolphus Williams;
clerk, M. H. Hirschberg.
1S93 — Reeve, James Cooper
Keith; councillors, L, II. Call.mil,
W. H. May, John C. Woodrow and
James McCartney; clerk, Fred
I894—Reeve, James Cooper
Keith; councillors. W. II. May.
John C. Woodrow, |atnes McCartney and Charles Mayne; clerk,
Fred Schofield,
1895—Reeve, Dr. J. T. Carroll;
councillors, W, II. May, John C.
Woodrow, Charles Mayne and Jas.
McCartney; clerk, Fred Schofield.
Later |. Huntzen was elected to fill
the vacancy caused by the relire
ment of Councillor McCartney.
1896—Reeve, Pr, J. T. Carroll;
councillors, W. II. May, John C.
Woodrow, C. A. Coldwell and H.
J. Cornish; clerk, Fred Schofield.
1897—Reeve, John C. Woodrow;
councillors, W. II. Mav, B, |. Cornish, Walter Irwin and J. Ri ynolds
Tite; clerk, William L. Keene.
189S—Reeve, John C. Woodrow
councillors, W. II. May, B. J. Cor
nish, Walter Irwin ami J. Reynold:
Tite; clerk, William L, Keene.
1899—Reeve, John C. Woodrow;
councillors, W. II. May, |.  Rey-
"  Holds Tite, Waller Irwin and li. J.
" Cornish; clerk, William L. Keene,
Lol • nf New Goodi to Pi
from. It will pay you to buy
now cvau il you don'l m tl
lhe GooiS iiii Spring. We
must have room (1 r mm
New G mds to arrive about
February 15th, 1906, Paper
1 at your own prt* 1
F. P.
Bishop & Co. I
Opp. People's Tlniii''
Queens A. Lonsdale
pi mis advisedly, because, for instance, I ■ phj used in the
public schools, at least so far
as it relets to British Columbia, is
15 or jo years out ol date. To
supply the whole province with
it,, 1, hool books, it is eslimatsd,
I would cost less than $100,000
,,■ 11 tally. At present the average
family pays out about $10 in the
Samcpnces, and m some cases conimonsdl00ilWhiie $8 is nothing
prints here.   We say poor
common '■
Im a set of advanced books,
besides, oftentimes they cannot
he used ii second term on
account of ever-increasing changes-
Tiie government claims to have
you will find it greatly to your ["200,0 ui irplus this year.   Why
cheaper than city.
Real Lstate and Insurance
advantage to sei me before closing
any deal,
call onW. P. Hogg
T*vn I.'      1 ■      III KX  ..' Is,
\_% Sec He llefiM Buying.
not spend hall ol this sum on
school books? It the provincial
gov mini nt 1 .emu will not admit
of issuing books free, then it
should do the in m best thing and
let the people havi ihein at cost
Church Notice.
' will    I"'    field    in    St.
', idi v. . Presbyterian Church,
Sixth struct, North Vancouver, at
tlie . ,, .1 "it Sunday,
1 en a. m. and 7:30
p. ui, lu thi mornii] thi pa-.i n
,' p. in.
1 Innil, al
:     |), 111.
I |i Gillam, M. A
ive   1  '
1      in     Mi
n ami
from    the
' 11    is
tion with
thi    • ■ w   St.   |ohn's   Boarding
Mi    Diplocl
mil the reverend gentleman upon
'file m i.i"p'i'.ii
.,; ill* Ave. ami I ,,,i mn '■-.   .11.1 ' A ' elf IT, 11. ('.
1900—Reeve, John C. Woodrow,
councillors, Walter Irwin, W, 11.
May, B. J. Cornish and J. Reynolds
Tite; cletk, William L, Keene,
1901—Reeve. C. 0. Wickendcnj
councillors, Walt, r Irwin, W. il.
May, B, J. Cornish and Patrick A,
Allen; clerk, William I.. Keene.
On 1 jib July J. C, Gill was cli
in fill the vacant y caused by the
resignation of Councillor Cornish.
1902—Reeve, C. 0. Wickenden;
councillors, Walter Irwin, W, 11
May, James C.Gill and I'. A. Allen;
clerk, William L. Keene. Later
Alexander Philip was appointed
clerk on the retirement of Clerk
1903—Reeve, William  II.   Mav;
councillors, J. Balfour Ker, Janus
C. Gill, Arnold E. Kealv and P. A.
Allen; clerk, Alexander Philip,
190.1 — Reeve,   J nil'",   C.   Gill;
councillors, Philip N. I hompson,
A. Dalton Nye, Arnold E, Kealj
aad P. A. Allen; clerk, All xandi 1
1905 —Reeve, Jani. s C, Gill;
councillors, W. II. May, William
Morden, Etln nnd Bell and Thomas
Alien;   cii-i, PI
Later  Ex-Cm,
Kealy was elei ti 'I reeve on the
retirement of Ri. vc Gill.
1906—Reive. Arnold I".   Kealv;
councillors, W. II. Mav.
Morden, B. J Corni ill and Thus.
Allen; clerk, Alcxandi r Philip,
ir,l,,llshirs nl leave!'
ir, nt..vi' lu order.
Kii'tiniNG in Ul US BRsVCllts iiiiv:
wiin srttii'O WD ia i'inli.
112 Hastings St W.,Vancouver,B*C.
P 0, D0\ 321
tl,il ordrTS sollcitrd ttnd prumpltv ,,11,'nilf d to
/ have been instructed to sell a f< w
nieces of 'J and 3 acres at prices which
will insure good profits by subdividing,   These pints are all within 17th St,
North   Vancouver Specialist
llii Cordova Street.
and guess-work r
ispensing will knoi!. the |
;ood out of
the best dm tor's
in m riptions.
M\    alisuliili
ly  nccilrate dispensing
with   pure
drugs is whai nives the curing quality to
your doc*
tor's medicine.
I closely fol
ow every detail of vonr
M. S.
I. F.Ganlon, M, P. P., al llio wiulon
ol tho legislatnro nl ' li lorl1 toil
mitilfl tho |k ii; "ii (or iln- in---r|- ration
nl North Vane mv -.  Tli ■ |i I
rerelvcd.   Aflor a —Ion nl ni  ■
minute* tho 1"";-"n i ■ urneil.
Technical Education.
The ll. C. ''Mi"' ' nl IA I
Manufacturer" Amor! illon nt V inci nver
hai patsoil n rcMiiltinii to lliocltwl llml
lio present coursn 11 maniinl troll Inu In
tho public *' I I* -i'"iiU li" inriliiT on.
Iirgetl In tbo primary coiirm -. and that
ti'lvtini't"! clauea i»' established In tbo
high school,
11 North V nn ouvei is I
and I"- a 1 ity ol important:'   I
nm be left to drill il 1
mn il have the benefit ol tin   ■ ■■ 1
mil   vigilance   ol
There are loday ahundnnl
[unities to ad" im
A 1 handier nl  1 oillll
be   organized   nnd    1
banded   togcthei   foi   the   verj
laudable purpose   ol   fo
work.   And   the    problems    on
whose proper Bollltion di ponds 1 ln-
futnre welfare "I North \ ai
must he ably liandh 'I to
-in (ess.
We   ai bit VC I      II I '■
making otb Now,
let's il" vim: .
LOST—A chillis' fur collar on
Lonsdale avi nnc. Ri turn P.
Pete Lai
angel has returned to town after
.1  ■. 'I   iu   the   wild. mess.
'tli" Portlflil ' .    Hint in
■III v-nr* M m ■■, la li ivi 11 un ivrfckiil
nn the coasl 11 Vane* in 11 Island, with
tho loss 11 711 lives,
The usin kers by tl
;       iround lhe wh.ul nnd
ferry i i-i
.•illy ■ 01 , luril
Evi r 1
know '
ilu Iter ill a ca       II   1
spun his wi b
night.   H     ■ rs refused ti
i'lll' I.    1'    I!  I '      'tin il     tin
well WOUlll   i''    I'l'iin 11   ll   111    Ha
there.   Ri nn
itself.   Tin man that m ver ndvi r
ii-.es will ivakt
iind his storefront all   cobwebs
testers Corporation, Ltd.
Accountants, Auditors,      Pluniblnq and llnsmllh-      ll.is.l allli -nd Chicken
Real tstate Agents. inj. iced
Lumber and oil kinds of Btilltlio" >'i.tli'ii,il. Contractors ond s.ilii.iluis.
We have on Immense amount of CordwoodSon hand.  Place your orders win,
us for ih, isioicr.
418 Ha»tinqs Street West, Vancouver, B. C.
Just Arrived __s>-
Larg. Si 01 \ ol Ne ,v Fa!l ond Winter Goods
for Sttiis, Punts and Overcoats.
C;        .:..' DUNN & CO.
; 11 '1 .',1,"'. Ill, ft, i 11., r ■. bull
Hotel North Vancouver
North Vancouver, &. C.
The Only Seaside Resort at Vancouver
Splendidly situated, overlooking Burrard Inlet,
with tin City of Vancouverfii teen minutes away
by f try. The hotel cmbadit s * vt ry a nn nience
with livery in connection.     Hates $2 per day,
,"   'ing Alley in connection for ladies and
genllt men.
P. Larson, Proprietor.
IN bUiLdiNc be sure <\iMo Ha,Ve tHe
coNNect 0 i oiIr Wire Next spring
■ss.m 11     ji~iin 111 n *n 1 —tn   ■'   Ml --■ •    -    •wmata
B.C, Clectrii Railway Co. Ltd.   .
WHAT'S   iiiF. USE?
4   M   Pr ATT5T Notary Public, General Auctioneer
,-,- M, PLHI ML|n Cor(|ova Srouti  Vancouver, u. t.
||, 1 ■ i .      It   I nu .- "i in:   • 11 " f':;. 1  llll
:    '     I    '       '' ' I." Ia r, r:l*h.
Ut   |||t,     ,;,, ".i III,' lilli-l   I'll    111'   ■   I', Al.tl. lil"l|t   |T"|il'l'lv in Xnrlll
S'luimtivi-r.   *■■'■ liiin at "ii"'if ymi iliiiik nl |iirl,itiur ii|i prtijiorty in
PCtlun    lie wlw, IIUi  NOW, anil vou will initko monoy, ;': ;;
Snaps for the Week
1  , ,-i.V.'. linn.  . ,,  .per lbs
S\ ■    1    ' '       per lb.
.'A-     i'n il Or     '".*-",
ll..I'd.. i,l.
11.11 FACT0U1
M -tv Of _   \ £ » I "3
j. ri. rACi^iiiiaii


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