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 ,tiV,    .,   '
'•oVj   "-,
1/ fi-1905    ■*
®ljr txprwa
H. C. Wright, of the Western Corporation, Writei Defending His Company—An Altercation Ensues—
Huge Difference in Tenders for Clearing Park-
Clearing Streets — Renting Street Ends—Lighting
the Wharf—Large Amount of Business Transacted.
The regular meeting o( the
municipal council was held on
Wednesday evening when there
were present Reeve A. E. Kealy
and Councillors Allen, Morden,
Mav and Bell.
After reading of minutes communications were disposed of as
W. E. Thompson wrote asking
lor a three-foot sidewalk on the
north side of Second street, 60 feet,
west of Lonsdale avenue. Referred.
Hope, Gravely St Co. wrote ask*
inn that a road be opened through
the Lonsdale estate   to   connect
with lot 764, on   the   Capilaao.
-'    Engineer lo report al neat meeting.
j. H. Hoare wrote asking that
drain-, be opened up on Fifth
street, iu tbe rear of lots 10 to 16,
block IjH, Referred tu Hoard ol
Works with power to act.
1). W. Elder et ah. residents and
omners, petitioned the council tu
opcu up ihe Esplanade lor traffic
east o| Lousdale.
Councillor bell moved, seconded
b) Councillor Morden, aud carried,
that petitioners be ialormed that a
plank road be laid at once as far as
St. George street along the
Esplanade, and that limber extension will receive the early
attention of the council. The
engineer to report as lo cost ol
same at next meeting of the
council. Tenders to lie called for
lust intension of St. George street,
inclusive of clearing and planking,
to be iu by ijth oi November.
Robert McDowell et al. petitioned for a sidewalk on Second
street, between Chesterfield and
Mahon avenues.   Referred.
Isaac Waldon et al. petitioned
for a twelve-foot sidewalk on First
street, from Lonsdale avenue to
St. Georges street, and from that
point east not less than eight-foot.
Laid over till Rrades are furnished,
W. W. Weston wrote complaining of the reckless manner in which
blasting is being carried on on
Fifteeuth street, between Chester-
field and Lonsdale avenues. Referred to Board of Works.
Councillor Bell in speaking to
the motion said that some precaution should be taken by the
contractors, and that the time (ot
blasting be set; flags, 400 feet on
each side of the blast, could also
be erected as danger signals.
A. St. G. Hamersley wrote suggesting the desirability of appointing an Arbor day, on which shade
trees could be planted; that a day
.. be set apart for that purpose, say
about the ijth of November, and
that the trees be selected and purchased hy the municipality, each
owner being asked how many he
would be prepared to plant. After
some discussion the letter was referred to the Beautifying Association.
T. McDonaugh wrote that he
had purchased the stand occupied
by Joe Bustimento, at the foot of
Lonsdale avenue, and wanted to
continue the same. Referred to
Finance Committee.
D. G. Macdonell, solicitor (or G.
Button, wrote claiming $40 for
timber removed from part of lot 6,
ward 3, district lot 549, by the
municipality. Clerk instructed to
refer Mr. Macdonell to section 237
of the act.
A. St. G. Hamersley wrote forwarding conveyance of lot A,
block 176; lot iA, block 173, and
lot A, block 171.   Filed.
"North Vancouver, B. C,
"Oct. 31, 1905.
"The Reeve and Council:
"GmLF'UN,—It has been
publicly slated that the Western
Corporation must be making a
good profit om of the council when
tbey quote >itio more than othei
firms on an IHoo lumber order. As
ibis is not true we feel it our dull
to lay before your council th.
following facts:
"U11 October 14, Mr.  Morden
asked me lor a quotation on 72,80
feel of lumber,
"On looking over the   bill
suggested that a  good   deal   ol
same  might  be  'cull,'  but  Mr.
Morden distinctly stated that 'no
culls would be allowed.'
"I quoted a price of f800.80 for
alt merchantable lumber, and, to
my surprise, at your meeting of
October 18, found the bill hat!
been obtained from the Rat Portage Lumber Company (or the sum
of J660.
"Knowing that there was some-
thingstrange about the transaction,
I immediately wrote the B. C.
Lumbermen's Association, asking
how the Rat Portage Lumber
Company could arrive at such a
low figure for 'merchantable lumber. ' The answer received (a copy
of which is attached hereto) was
to the effect that 21,000 (eet of the
order was 'culls,'
'Under the circumstances we
did not get a fair chance to quote
on the same lines as other firms.
Had it been so, we could have
supplied the bill at exactly the
same price of ?66o, and iu view ol
the fact that our corporation is a
large taxpayer of the municipality,
and, also, considering that we
spend from I400 to Jt6oo every
week in wages alone, seven-eighths
of which amount is spent right in
North Vancouver, we feel coi-
viuced that every fair-minded
citizen will say that we should he
put on the same footing as outsiders in quoting prices, and if all
things are equal our company
should get the preference. Yours
"H. C. Wright."
"Vancouver, B. C, Oct. ij, 'oj.
"Messrs. Western Corporation,
412 Hastings street, city:
"Dear Sirs,—In reply to your
favor of 19th inst., re Rat Portage
Lumber Company quoting a lump
sum on a tender lor the North Vancouver municipal council, would
say that 1 have investigated your
complaint and find that the mil*
understanding arose from the fact
that whilst your corporation quoted
a price for 'merchantable' lumber,
Alderman Morden purchased some
21,000 feet of 'cull' lumber from
the Kal Pottage people, iu light oi
which it can be easily seen that the
price quoted by the Rat Portage
Lumber Company would be quite
correct.   Yours truly,
"R. H. H. Alexander,
Councillor Morden—I must take
objection to that letter. I told
Mr. Wright distinctly, after he had
asked me whether the lumber that
Mr. Blackburn was using would do,
that that lumber was good enough
for me. As for my saying anything
about merchantable lumber, I certainly never made a statement of
that kind. There was a difference
in the price between the Western
Corporation and the Rat Portage
Lumber Company of <i6o in the
bill, and I would like to know how
you are going to make that differ,
ence in 21,000 feet of culled lumber. I think it my duty, as a mem
ber of this council, to buy lumber
in the cheapest market. I would
give our own people the preference,
but when it comes to such a wide
difference 1 shall certainly not do it
Mr. Wright asked the Reeve
permission to say a few words.
He said "Mr. Morden came into my
office, and another gentleman was
sitting there at the time who heard
all he said. Mr. Morden said
nothing at all about the Blackburn
lumber "
Councillor Morden got indignant
at this remark and said to Mr.
Wright: "Can you get up and
swear that I did not say that the
Blackburn lumber was goodenough?
You know thai I said it, and I don't
go behind any man's back to tell
Mrs. I. M. Hamersley wrote re
conveyance of foreshore to lot iA,
block 1716, municipality. Council
Constable D. H. Dick reported
(or October: $28 in road taxes received; 10 head of stock impounded, and $20.40 in lines collected,
Tenders ior clearing Victoria
Park were opened as follows:
Askew & Kennedy ft,790
Belyea & Son  2,000
Cameron & Stewart....    690
The last named were awarded
the contract.
That the engineer be instructed
to fix the grade of Fourth street,
west of Lousdale avenue, and prepare specifications for clearing one
side of Second street, and laying of
a four-foot sidewalk (rom Mahon
avenue eastwards to connect with
present sidewalk in front of Mr.
Clark's residence on Fourth street.
Tenders to be called returnable on
15th inst.
That in view of the anticipated
large increase of traffic and in order
to prevent accident a friendly communication be sent to the Ferry
Company calling its attention to
the necessity ol separate approaches
being provided for passengers to
aud from ferry steamer.
That tenders be called to build a
four-foot sidewalk on Second street
to Mahon avenue, tenders to be in
by 15th November.
Mass Meeting.
attend the mass meeting to be held next Wed-
nesdny evening, November 8th, to consider the advisability of forming a town corporation. It is proposed
lit confine the new city within the limits defined by Lynn
Creek to the tost, Capilaw Creek to the west, Burrard
Inlet to the south, and three miles above high water
mark to the north.
Clerk Philip—Nothing, the Indians are at the Squamish.
Mr. Wright asked regarding the
building of the drain at foot of
Lonsdale avenue. He said that
the nuisance complained of came
Irom the municipal hall.
The Reeve said that instructions
have been given to build the box
him what I think."
Mr. Wright-Mr. Reeve, I wish
to sav	
Councillor Bell interrupted him,
saying this was no place (or an
altercation. *'I would move," he
continued, "that the letter be referred to Councillor Mordcn to report
on in writing at the neat meeting."
Reeve Kealy-Wcll, but	
Councillor Bell-Well, I have my
reasons for it.
Councillor May—What is the rule
between cull and merchantable
Councillor Morden—Not J8 a
Councillor Bell pressed for his
Mr. Wright again arose, saying
he wished to say	
Councillor Morden-You can't
get up and defend yourself and
Mr. Wright—I certainly can and
I can swear —
Councillor Morden—Then you
swear to an untruth.
The Reeve—You have both made
statements and you both have had
your say, ami I think that is sufficient. Now, Mr. Bell, we will
bear your motion.
Councillor Bell repented bis mo
Councillor Allan—1 agree with
Councillor Bell that this is not the
place for an altercation of that
kind.   I will second the motion.
Motiou tallied.
That the Plumbers' by-law be
lelt over for next year's council to
deal with.
That the solicitor he asked il the
Council had power to use the sinking fund for waterworks purposes.
Mr. F. Elbridge wrote complaining that he was stopped by the
constable nn Lonsdale and told he
was a pedlar, and must stop that
or take out a license. He explained that he was only catrying a parcel under his arm for a Customer,
and the constable was satisfied.
He suggested that the license bylaw should be more correctly interpreted.
The clerk said that llie pedlar's
license was ty, but gave it as his
opinion that a person such as the
coniplaiiitant, who got orders in
the city, and then came over to
deliver the goods so unified did
not come within the operation ol
the by-law.
The committee reports were ol a
routine nature ami were adopted.
The Finance Committee reported
on strert ends, that the end ol
Chesterfield avenue should be rented for an annual lee ol 5240, and
that the ends of St. George's, St.
Andrew's, Si. Patrick's aud St.
David's loads should be anted lor
f ibo each annually.
The question ol licensing pcdlais
was discussed.
Councillor May asked il anything
had been done re the right ol way
through the Indian reservation.
The following names are
mentioned for regularity and
punctuality in the North Vancouver school report for October,
also those who were promoted:
Regularity and Punctuality-
Marjory Elder, Walter Gibson,
Winnie LaPenotiere, Wilfred
LaPenotiere, Fred. LaPenotiere,
Alma Martin, Herbert Martin, Amy
Martin, Lucy Phillips, Bessie
Wheeler, John Cates.
Deportment—Lucy Woodburn,
John Cates.
General Proficency First Primer
—Rudolph Larson, Marjory Elder.
First Reader—Lucy Philips,
Randolf Scott.
Second Reader—Lucy Wood-
burn, Mabel Mills.
Promoted to Second Primer-
Amy Martin, Minnie Miller.
Promoted to First Reader-
Alma Martin, Bessie Wheeler,
Canie Wheeler, Newton Stcacy,
Herbert Martin,, Fred LePeuo-
liure    and   Annie     Kirkpatrick.
The average attendance is over
48, winch is a considerable increae
over last month. It is to be hoped
that In the face uf this, the Depart iiirni ol Education will not cut
ull the Second division ; 5$ pupils
aic in attendance and this number is
steadily being added too.
The teaching stall is pleased to
be able to say that the children of
liuih divisions are attending more
regularly, wherein partially lies
the secret ol their success.
Those of the First Division being always regular and punctual
are:—Minnie Fogg, Lizzie Leek,
Alfred Shaw, Nellie Phillips,
Thomas Mills, Robert Smith,
Ruby Lill, and Carmen Lill.
The deportment, it has been remarked by the principal is especially good throughout the division,
live pupils having obtained full
marks. The names of the pupils
are: Nellie Phillips, Glen McMillan, Ruby Lill, Nellie McClure,
and Lizzie Leek. Those ranking
second being Carmen Lill, Alfred
Shaw, and Rachel McShane.
Summary— Pupils actually   at-
Services as usual in St. Andrew's
church, Sixth street, North Vancouver, on Sunday. Morning service at 11 a.m.; Sunday school at
2.30 p.m.; evening service at 7.30.
The Sacrament of the Lord's Supper will be dispensed at the morning service; members of other
denominations will be heartily
welcomed. The evening subject
will be "The Principle of Destiny."
To-night (Friday) a preparatory
service will be held in the church
at 8 o'clock for the benefit of intending communicants, all of whom
are requested to be present.
Prayer meeting next week as
usual on Wednesday at 8 p.m.
Pastor: Rev. J. D. Gillam, M.A.
Mr. and Mrs. St. G. Hamersley,
accompanied by Miss Hamersley,
leave on Thursday next for the
Old Country, where they will
spend Xmas. It is their intention to return early in the spring.
They go via the United States.
Some Indians from the Mission
succeeded in killing a large black
bear on Monday. The animal was
seen quite frequently in that
neighborhood lately and consequently exposed itself to the crack
shots that live there. The skin
was sold in Vancouver and realized
the sum of $30.
Some time between Saturday
evening and Monday morning a
would-be safe cracker made an
attempt to open the safe in the
office of the Western Corporation.
The handle used in turning the
locks on it were broken off
as if it had been hammered, and
the combination showed signs of
having been tampered with. The
work ii evidently that of amateurs.
Constable Hick was notified as
soon as the discovery was made
and is exhausting every effort to
bring the marauder to justice, As
yet no clue has been established.
" The Passing; of a Race."
The editor has received a bound
volume of the above interesting
work, written by D. W. Higgins,
formerly speaker of the British
Columbia Legislature.
The work should be of great
interest to the residents of this
province, since the book deals
with tales ol Western life, principally of British Columbia.
The reminiscent stories are all
founded upon actual occurances
on the coast, and are profusely
illustrated. To the rising generation this hook will, no doubt,
prove very valuable as well as
interesting and Instructive,
lending during October, 56;! Mr. Higgins is the author of
the boys numbering M and girls 34,1 several very interesting books,
greatest number of pupils present. among these being, "The Mystic
any one day, 53; and the least iiiini- Spring and Other Tales ol Western
ber being 40, the register number Life."
being 57. Those desiring a copy of Mr.
F, W. Templar, Principal.    Higgins'latsst work can gel it at
 McDowell's drug store, North Van-
Mr, Russe'i, the groeet is enlirg-; couver.
ing his store on First street.   The 	
-Iteration, when completed, will    Mr. J* Dick,  of Vancouver,
add greatly to the appearance ol paid The Express a visit 00 lues-
the store. I''"*''
The plebiscite running lor some time in Tin: EXPRESS for a name
for North Vancouver closes with tins issue. Following is the total
vote :
.SOUTH  Va.M'OUVKK        41
Ini.kt City     "
AlK.VANDIlA             ■"
NllKTIII'OliT                    '••
llll.l.M'iNT                       • ■•• 3
I'AltKHlbl  '■
Chmtma* dumber of The £x|veM Will Ac Out on December Ut, 1905.   AJ)|)roJ:riale and Illustrative THE EXPRESS
ll. C.
\ Weekly Newspaper, i Published by
l'i IE EXPRESS Pl'WTlNG Company
Suhsi'i'iption One Dollar par Vein
MnnaginK Editor
Advertising Manager.
'Ruminations of a Dog.
im im
1    1
.   •
i ti
Ul,! [10
,   1
,| .
till HI,
II    '
i       ll
liy lil lis,
l     lll|
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11 llll.
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villi yu
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■   :  .     irrow-
1 II :   1 iill "I   lllill   -
i i ti , .'!•»
Iliit I'm li.il .     |i|i
t no wn
l .ilu-.i,i.„.,.,- Hint,
• ■
^* .-
-•*.. ..      , •-«
:'    .,,   Ml   Sll
Is n I tint ii ' f
I In'   Hi |.i I,.'N   ll I ill,
lit !■' ■ |        riff
'  till i , tun
1 ■■ "  mild  '        llll        ■	
ll Uilli |! ,
 i. i '     ill
in Iii," re.
I'l in li,  it      ,. I
II ;
' . "•!.   '!  i        ■   II
■ linilils"-
i. '    l.n'i   do  It
•   '      uenl   Itolll
T. F. McSUISAN & Co.'
flnal Estate, -ii-iirance
iind Qoneral Oommlsslon
C'isiiii ,,
Vonoouvor, B. c.
Humor anb Philosophy
j Tells ol   Benefit Derived from
Dodd's Kidney Pills
iiliiin is nl liniiil for most
■ spend the time, worry
lug nhoui where we shall go nud ivlint
ive slnill do when wo get there,
Rummer resort weather litis been on
liiiml i,ir i.,inn' time In lite past, nnd
wise ones will suit dowu it supply and
put il un ire for use when the oilier
kind eoines ulolig,
ll ulwnys puzzles it ninn to know
tvhi'tlii'f ihe girl ivhii.sii.vs sho does not
Id," lee i renin Is only loudlug hhu on,
'll,.' i'.i il who rocks Iho boat Is about
read)' lo twelve his ynirly average ot
drown ig
li i- n ii tin til in Invent a new Inn-
gunge l:■-.i iv woman with n bnby
irighinles one.
bill u si.,|i from tli.. stiblhno 10
tin' I'ldleiilous when n dlgullleil man's
fool llllils ii li.iiiiinn peel.
I'ei'hups n cyclone Is Ulipopuhtr be-
cnuse ii uever Slavs long enough In a
plnee to make friends.
II is lucky for womnu llnil tuna enn't
understand her, otherwise she would
censo lo he Interesting.
Moi'lmps tho reason why bol weather
Is no bud for the temper is beenuso It
Is also bo bud for tho poekothook.
Add- lo the Joy.
Cures   of   Rheumatism   and
Dropsy by Canada's Groat"
Kidney Remedy.
Yellow (irnss, Assa„N.W,T„ Out. 28-
(Speoial). -"I think I should let tho
imlilie know tlje benefit I dorlved from
build's Kidney Pills," Tim speaker,,
wns Mr. John While, well -known here,
tin,I lie voices the sentiments of many il
I ninn on those western prairies who lins
boon rolioved of his paias and misery hv
the groat Caaadlan Kidnoy Remedy,
| "I have iii'i'ii iiilln'iril wiih Rheumatism fur years, .Mr. White,, continued.
"1 tried doctors nml medicines, but
never got anything to tie much good till
I tried Dodd's Kidney  Pills,    What
I tbey did for mo wns wonderful.
| "I also know tho Hnrris family, nnd
I saw their little girl, Edith, who wns
en red of Dropsy by Dodd'sKidnoy Pills,
I know thnt to bo true. 1 toll you I fool
like recommending Dodd's Kidney Fills
oven stronger than I talk,"
I T'liero is no Kidney Disease that
Dodd's Kidnoy Pills cannot euro,.
Sonic Elopements.
While Ihe lll'l'l'l ' i ; , nl I" Suppose ! to ie- .i secret iiltuir in which Iho
girl's mother thinks sho Is downtown
Inking it niii-ie lesson nml ihe young
mini's pni'onls lire iplito colillileiit tlint
he is'sllns ng tlrj gnii Is nnd wulehlng
Willi liiilll eyes I'll' 11 lllllllee tn rise iu
I I, there nro sot.no elo] nts
ou n illfl'ereul plnu, the
bride ' . he - mother going so fur us to
pill them up it Iiii!' li
Vi hen .i girl's puronts cnimol nfford
it we iiling nml it bceomes it igtiestiou
ol   i      Ing up in Ihe jusllco of the
 i ever.) body iu lown knows
nml hearing him sny, "You're hitched;
thr lolliu's, [ilelis'c," tlie ttvorrige girl
■ • i Kltlo Jitniil over'to Iho next
ou i", for there Is it (Inge of romniico
il i 'tlittl      AiiHlhel'   iidvillilngo   in
Ituvltig tin "M folks l.imiv it is Unit
ihey won't have to sperm" nuy money
tcliigriiphlug.hoiuc for forgiveness.
Keep h Quiet,
li ibcs lurk,
- ■
I1       tell the     i ■ -     iterk
nt i     ..'.;-      more
Terrible Alternative,
"He .'..i- to ■ pro .'I in If- nnd loo
Itont -i to -i.il"
"Poor muni  Whal luippcned to hlinl
lt.nl he slllt'Vl'i"
IV  Hun lint,    ||i' li.'til to.go to
Ainmy, Those 'Present,
:i,n; Ii Ice iii public nf-
A Toronto jury In the Civil Asslzos
awarded Ihe parents »f f.ily Mulvaney
who wns killed hy u si met car, $2,000
damages against the company.
$100 REWARD $100
Tlic t Ii-m nt Iiii. |,,i;,i.rti
ttlllltlll-tr I, III I'.I- '.nil,  .llrui
hill boon nlilu I" <"i' in .ill
Catarrh.   Kllll'it . i  nil. Cm
lili'ii-i-il to loot
.(lino*, till'I Unit i
Is (Ilu Duly |x»ltH
i-nri, now ktt'iwil ie llio  I inl irnti-l
1. in,, ii i. ii.t inui. .■ tliMin i', rwtw
ii.iinl ttl>iltn.i   I.   In  1'- I uliirrll l'i
l.-fiiull . ii    nt ilimil, im n„. 1,1	
ri ii., ti, nl ■ in, then liy tli'-tin,
 i ,11  , ,   ,   .-. iitnl Rivinii tl,f-pit
l.v luiiiiliii,.- iipl' ii -.'i.ii t.tnt'i 111.-
in ilninn ii. work,   'I
f.. it li hi It.,,unit i-i, i
-I,. I Dnlli -
Inr li.tut ne mi ., ul
A lit -I I'. .1.1'lll'XF.Y * Co.. Toloili
Mil ll!  ilfllUi!   I. "r.
Tiikit llnil'. 1 ii.n Ij 1'illi fur , -i.[-..I "li
link, 111-
' 'llltllll.
Itvltiultii'lint   -nl Mi.-iutli
in' , n I unit nntnrii
l e.|.r i -i -, li i .- -,i iniii-li
. tin,, !l„-v ml,.iiiui. linn,
llnil It full.toI'Ult'.  Hi'nil
The London Times says mismanage.
mini nf the three big iiisiiiiineo com
inmii's may largely Impair ihe ub"<
rn- dividends. .
Minard's Liniment Cures Burns, Etc,
A surgical operation of o heroic
character will be necosnry Id snviNtlie
III., nf Presld* in llarpots ot Chloago
That   Cutting   Acid   H.at  .u'scs from.
the stomach nml almost Btranglea. is
caused hy fernfentatton* ot the'food hi
the Btoninch. It Is a forotnste of liull-
UL'stlnn nml dyspepsia.'' Take imo.nt l)r.,
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•iter eating,, and • It will prevent-.-this
illsirt'ss nml niil digestion. CO In n hux,
33 cents.—16
Minard's  Liniment for sale
Sny, he is of iilniiii ih
ill   11   tOlVII   llleellll','
■ii ,it ii linn) wedding."
V '   .1
"    .'.i.iiili n iii
..l'i'.ii,:iiV.' I '
Cork. Fur On,tie *J(upi>era.
The application of cork as a bottle
Stopper for liquid vessels Is sultl to be
of g+eat antiquity. The earliest record
extant of Its use in Europe is thnt uien-
tioiit'tl by Horace, who usserts ("lint the
Romans iind cork ns stoppers for thel^
wlmxauiphoruc. Certain of thosuaesj
of cork wore known to the ancient
Greeks nml Egyptians, but, whether
thoyjaaoiLcoi'Jt l'iu:\liuniiii*i.Uie..imiiillis.
of tlteii' ritpiiil I'rJtfS'dlirffiStopy'iloes uol
sny. II .'wns ndf, IfpwoVor, * until Ihe
yeiii'lTilii llnil llie'S[iiijiiii.rils ileal com,
nii'iirt'il to work their Cork wodlls wifh
sot lojji'oo of regularity fur lite mult-
big nl corks.   Although poi'bnps'.coi'ka
mi' re or l"ss in.use from ihe time
gluss bottles were lll'sl inveiiied, ulueh
llceklliunil llsst'l'ts 1" have bou'ti in llie
lil'leeiith eoHIUI')', yel il wns not llll til
two mnl a hull' centuries Inter Hint ihe
gpitulni'ds begun in prepare cork for
buttle stoppers, wbhJli they ■.li,I - in a
(vresl situated nt thi 'ihenu of IJie
'l'lgUl'I'ltS, nil Ihe Mllgp,    'I'lie i nl,  ,u
diistry lias since gi'n'dunll)' risen in lie
oue of Hie lll'sl   t'lingiiiliiile,  its'chief
I't'iiiiT in S|niiii iieiiie in Catalonia. ■■
Ancli'iil l.nmii. nt llnlil.
Among the curios iiilcill'Uicd nl Troy
by Dr. Seliliemiiiiii were st-'-ernl goldon
lan-.ps duttitg from 1)00 ll. C,
Zeiiiilihi, Ilu: quceii.of I'liluiyi'ii, spoke
seven Innguiiges. After lielng cnplurod
hy ihe unmans she learned Latin nnd
Greek also, miiiT'teil a,.lldiuan Benator
and lived the rest of hef life us n Uo-
in.in ninlron.
Cash or Cure
If Shilnli's Consumption Cure fails ir> aire
youi Cold or Cou^li, you get back all >mu
p,iid (or it. Yo'.i nre suie of a Curt' ot
the Cash. '*.';■;: *A'* -
liil v.atn'l a tuifl curt;, tltii plKr would
nit ')■. mwlc. . (
Can ^nylhtn** lie faiief}' *
II yo*J have a Colt], Cnuah. err .Srly (li(r,iw
ci tlm '1 luoiJ, Luiqjs or >\\r Pass^'s^liy
25*-.>i*rf'nnl".'"VJlclfalpM mai&n
The Standard of Purity
OEYLON TEA for Matchless Quality Is far
..• ,;.      .ahead of any other Tearr* -l^
Load Packota only 40p,80o, aitd'OOo iwr-lb,
ByallBfooera.. Blaok, Mixed aridOfoM.
Mrs Reuben Rark, ngufinU
••illy yenra,' -rfnrae lii'ine'M'iis'u snort
iltsniiie rn,,-ii ■,'ljjiliiinj.. ltr Cbatham
lo\vnshl|i, wis wr(lklpg.pn t.be. t'ein'
Marnja8tto: RallwWy rrac'k, irtletf"sne!
■'.rueli, hx.a.f'tiijjihl ctiihi nnd nli
i .   leth, flhe Is   <ii.
m im-e lieen' siiinewbai il.'hT.'"'\ii I'n
fluent-I'ill.niqbalilrbt herd.--. .::• :■ •'■
..lion nl I ' ii.iii in
I      I       Hi.'
t ' m .i miii
n i 'i. niiifiii,
1     idii've  ti.et'e urn
.... r ivern
'    lie's
,    .   :,   i ulitj In JuaUf) |,|l
r.   i ' 'oil thu uiiiiinii dial   lie  \i.ii
, . in i .ii.i: whji ii fan
tli'.ili'liiiii. 'Inn In1 llllisl |iieJuMiw,i Do
inui iiliiy the game, an I ■ - ni
boiveti'r great, un Ins inui i
leilullj cbuinje llio iesi||l( l-litf, i....
young frlimil, llie Kai ■ thai ih ils
'I. thu it..'ni vmi own
ih,    i he i' sul   m
..in.. i ' ivlth fun   ir desil
with you,   Vmi «iii 1..I.1' ihe in-1. ii
mil luiM'  ll.    Bllpcl'lol   - '
toii I imwer wittrhr • • I " "
lo i ii.iiu i 11., yuluu ni llio t. nl'
A'hlrl      ■.     y, hue Im I iii
ime il'i'i'luls upon yiiiir irnlii
in^. upon .In' way yu|i i Ilttellillneil
. ml  ...   -.. i,  npporti M  ■
nn! upon your nhlllly lo |iuV|trlf'llf
Ine  pine.' ol Sllliet'loi   :.n|l,lji'.ll CS,
: . '.,       ' .'nl ' '    '."'
sninellmcs give Wlenl* lo IfAfyw* nml
pnii,iiis 'ii iijiyalt iti|i I. ,i"ii .'"lim mi
plneii clergyint'it In liiiciiilAitiiti |i il
pits, ami pi  ih" aim i V iHo rtch
1 ,.ep.i|;jlii|llselell
when ihi'.v linn 'only1 liverage ability
mnl scnrci >i  HO!  WV ''.'■"'•• '    * :;
i ■ youi lis with grptiler ivliJViy nnd,
  ■     ■ ■ ■"'■  nfl h '■''■'   lo ' '!
llicit; waj 'p'l  >i'iick-iu. nl'taln lofdln
111*0    *."■!    I,' .U'.'J. J*)
starting im' wrthmrl H'flinn   Br" III
. , ■ , phifc for liiitl.-'in niir.iprhl
tn  '   v.im' wouhl }":i   ,.i
.   i ■'   l||    ,   .    . . '   Ihlel   iMl'i li.ni'i'l
inn nni -in  na wlnlimii.'any \:■   hi
i   yujij   'v.l it I., I". l.iU'l  Id-.
,        , 1   : t| '
,,1,. know   ni   ii    itiin'(
mil i. _iii (j....
.   irl'ntll I
llepeml   i ,
ii'tii'ili   ivhtl"   III" nii'l.e     '
i   •.     .  .   ■'' •        .      '  . .' .
I'ltlH i   ..   . lo tin
n '.     "I licit Is lilt* I i.i.-. until.
-Min*.  Tl
II    if    |l    I'll I    I   '      Jit'    IHVVS
|    |    '   Un ■."..:
, ... ..SMILING BABIES.;. .-:.:
i The veil baby-la'mvoT n cMsi (WW
Whcnhuhy cries or is fretful, It ia taking
the only nnjil cnn.to lit mother Imoi
there i*)/(*ivii,"liu*lr%riiiiu'. That sounv
thing id fifo'lilrlllv'Muiii' rJerangomenl hJ
thestomut'liiir bowels, or perhaps ihe
pnin of teething, These troubles nri
pnsily remoyod and jpujod by, Babief
On n Tiililyp\',40,11 Ijitlii!. clnilel). ngnin-i.
in fact thoro's n smile in ererj doael
Mr-.M;i[j: H.'.Vciui'l.l'-lie l&oruj;, X.lf,
snys:—"1 have found Baby'sTlwa Tabu
lets so good'/or th9>Jbi.'of Uttte'oW'Ulnit
10 i on Swell   Martian   in "Success
.Mftg'iistjvp,")   ■.    iw
\Vll"ll   ll    Will   he   il   lllsgl'IICU   llul   lo
ivoi., whon mi" Is tiblo,
When uvei'yhoil) will know Ihal
Belflshness iiluiiys tlofonls Itself,
Ul'-n llie chin .-ill's, - will nol lib
closed a* long ns tho bbIooiis nro
open. .  ■-
When iii gel rich by making others
poo|      ■ III bo considered u dlagtaco,
When tlie goiilcn rule will bo re-
gnrdeil us llie soundest, business phll-
Winn ihe -nni" sinuilnjiil of moral.
It)- wi'fl hi' ilemniitieU'flf men ns of
When iill true happiness will bo
found in doing the right, anil only
tlie good will in found to llie real,
When the business man will Hint
thai  Ills Ili'Sritllel'eSls'lVill lie llll' best
iiii"  .nl 'li" man .'illhe utlicr end
of the bargain.
Wlieii'lillliiil it'll feVengo nn'd 'jclil-
onsy will he rogaited ns binnoi'aags
which inilii'i upon the thrower llie
Injnry In enileil fdr'Sfhers.
When n ninn Beeks atnnaenienl by
causing jiiiin. or taking Iho llfo of In-
uiieeni, iliinib creatures will bo ton
Blilelw* a tavbafllm.  "'•'
Wlil'il .iXery ninn w.ill.be Ills OWn
p| .'ei in, nnd will eiii'i'y Ids. own
rcuio'tlj wltii liini, -when itinitl,' nol
i.   -in".'. **■!': ba tlie grotiti,paiiacaa,
WI 'ii.tit,'ii «iii lenii/..: lim,'.  lUeto
,-,'". ii ■ ii'ii : ill jilt fir" in wi.in-iliilne
■ the i ilng nn.i pniii nluil foi
r moi I h ilie npparenl
.,'  ■.;,.■ Viiifl'. -V. 1,1    bill"'  "Vi"l
.      {,10 81*11     IJll  'I 111 ■' ■'   |n   .ii''*.  ,'4'l
i ■ |   i i .   '   _■
.... ...    I'.purtli ist ■ ean reader lt*tw
■.•   .       ■    v ■ •' ,.' >.'
ail I
■ . I" ihnn t.- are noi n (orrni
i' ii,-, .ii. ,, i, pu. ij] uol be-liaiiis
l'i.;iiif,r in ' It J lc "."' mi'i * bur
.1. Ill.'. . I
io   i 't physical
i ; , ' - ' ' :'■ '   mii'iii'l t"
iiik'Si." rgni! I It » wloaJ'JrMdg
QJX...8JH1* lo fl •   I :. .'I ei"    ',h"
llWen'/of ll '     "     'Vhht 1"'' tab
ij „ ,„  ,..),;,. v.        ■ •■
'.     ,; fl \ ~ .       »...,
'Itch. fjl.itiQc'Prnii-ic ^cratches.'Cu,;
ban Itc'h eli liiiltiatro'r'JWnts, cured
M-'Jc (ni,iirtt'S'Bv'"Woifo'ni's Oanlfarji
MtloniJlnwr fails. At alh druggists:
! SO k'
j-suulu-not lii4«»l«<-'»i*lMi*!>1fli' in.'1'
That is .the c-p*r.iciji'^ot'tiU itu.tli. rri
aluuliAve ttietl tho tiiiilct's  anil they
know tlnsip9iliiiiiie,'V,sa*ii. for It ia*}uarj
anleod to contain no opinio ot l
soothing ihiffi • t'luiillv ^'-tiii.'.'loT ih
child' just horn  or  wall  iidvaneed  i
.years, - Soldjiy. oU drii|rgt«ls or nuiili'i
nt 'Jo edits a liox hy writing the liri
Wdiiauis Jluduuiii'iC'u,! llrquKvillu. Out.
-fee . VlBHOO-Wlint- -n iWh-htfilry
snug little ij .it ynu I, a i, •:  'ii,. Ilepjer:
I n't li'.' When «•• tipen tot door
wo'ro In Iho middle of Hie tntu-i. fori
when ihe Kiuisliincj-nncs p\ Vo 1)11)0
to move siiuio of the (iiiiiiiii'ro out.
Minnrd's: t|nriMiri*«:C*»"** 'Dwidrufl,
"I'ucli hnsehnll plnv't'r slinuhl:.«Tlte
the sluiy nf hi', lite, for n:ilo tO;Ihc
funs on the hlenehets.' "Iin ynu sup
POM 'lei  \*oiil,l lake II?" "Sure!   I
bavo > on moments when every inn.nt
Ihe pnnie talffjf'-hinvleil ror tho lift
of tho un.ijiUu."
• ,.« " • ■    :■'.'. i-n.' i'.  '
Biinli-rht lo«p i> !*"t'«r tlna o'h.r.nvi",
tint ti best win n L.ttl in thsSuiil^li '•».)'
Buy Hsu light Buss •i.il lell** tlncuau.
Oronl Hrllaln will o Inl i I
basis in Glbi dtar, Rover and B\nga
Rainier Beei
Pacific   Dottling-  Works
Vanoouver- B. C.
STRU^GL^S.      , ' "   .
'   iVi.i.i '••■'•    "
Wallace Irwin, He' wrllet uf ii'itmt
,. .   ■ Iti
•    •
ii  .ii ,i i    ,i .  .  it lill   '        ■    *
' l| | '-..ii.'i, tthu Wal ill m«'
i. iii il  |0- .111) ,
mining i
III    I'.'"      'I|'l I'.Kl'l ,      •'        , *
.llnil   '      .     ' .-i
.ii.. i   i Iai 'ii'' with '
ini\ I'pldenilc, to  squnhblo    in    !lu
Ua • i nl    Im
III" l»,i.    hi     I" ' ','•'   '       ' 4'
nts. .\ ...
i ntth ' ei li ■
Hllii'1   ins pin .in l.ei'il'rc COWSeSinAm
Ip ll ....   kMV. at.
v     however, un cnihii! fa ni       I
nl ,,i iu^,li>ll.i...l,pii».'.' :ityl-rt*tl •- "
■ i| i ureal ii" d nf 'iirr.i'i'i nt tvvj-p
m>J ■ *""•'   ill ''"' -'Ai MfriWiff*;.1
wii'.'li. " .i      '■'!     in If vv,ir. »/. tji-.
■"   "     * jit'iivci     ■. J  ■•    ..
,    .     '' ...    ■Mml.'t fWui'l.'m'
Mi.,...,-     I     HJI
rather inn  Ilu    r i II I I
• ... ,■ i-!i.'..",m' ..I,,-. linW   »
iinnelii 'i
;.!,,.,, n | ,.i I.nn '
■      .
lah volt
held  UP 1 '      '
mi,,., nni Ills el
■■be inlii   i plead anlllv, nti I the i
ilny w is ',, nniiil"ii'l"'l Mr pro
I   ■        I  I I'l '       MS I        I I
.:-v.'!ii'V ndfyinnltwill |blf III o#eri lo
t«i.v.,i3iii.::lii' i.'i»l.li",v..'S,liliil':l li.htg
llOUltl UOl  |IUJ >;l .-ll i'i.l.-*.,!,
.. , ■   dlds, ei il
In cull no    |   iimH aqmo
!     ■ ,* '•,'...■•'•■
;vcii.tji (I :,..r'. i .-,:   t«t|tt*."fnt*«iis
•l .. i  |)i i iln,   ptdlllC, 'Minns
.  ..n....   il il ^.1  l.l.fill.llU-i
Made for
Northwest Wear.
SUnfield's Unshrinkable rjn-
ilonvrnr I. planned unit Indued.,
especially for Northwest wiuten..
It defies tlie worst blizzard that
comes down from the Klondyke
—Steeps you snug and winn, no
matter how low the thermometer ■
la soft, silky Noya Scotia wool
—with." the shrink 'taken''out.'
It'll'knitted In all alni to '
comfortably fit every figure—
nnd holds iti shape, no matter
how often washed.   '
V.vtrj gtinfiCnt Is guanintMd
absolutely unshrinkable.
A Keen Appetite
and a health*/' stomach indtcatt
an active Liver, which ii enjoyed
by*ir\vh6 uie'Beochsfm'iPilli.
Mney instire 'strong .'digestion,
■ ,\t■ i I-.; c.i'ili .and -spina sleep,
K'o other reme'tfy is,a,s, gQod »a
Sold 'Brerjrwhart* -' In beam 25 ccnli'
i!   '.' "'.. I -,ir.   v<*   .' r—'
mnl uir„ iii.'II...um i.i.fii »-„•_ h     .-u    ....... „   .   ..•
■'■   p'?.o"ORAIN 'Vfl,
'     '   '' ■■'■'* ''"'   n  •  Ji-''''A''-   "    A-  r. 'iSJ?1
Canadian Co-oporatiyq Co. Lttl.,
'   ,   ',   .lohn.JIcVicn'r Mgr.
«:,.'    .'     *, ,.:«».:.    :«.•      •      ' '.»
[.•i.i r..,'.-i'.>"«;.".iii.>'p- ,i mnli'iTiwn*
■ ■   ■.   ».
A SUCCSE88f UttMtolOINB,  B*
erjnne ,'.u, :i ■• 'ji j.-: si,.' ltd in' any
a'ndortaking in which he may engage-
It U thorcfore, c-ireinely graiifyihu.'o
tlie-'p|-i|irit1f»s'ot I'lirfli'-i'-i'l Ti'L'i'rnltle
Tills.I" l.uiaill-iit::t-l'lr lal'Stls N 'e*»n
Po-jiiiIii li.i«ln*ilii' iibieb 'ivniiUI'pmvi* n
eJ|JHiJig,to v'.inltiudhiiy" beaR oHfSW
lull|t/i'olid'llieir jtlsjctatiofui,   Tli" I n
Ptraawwoftlswinll by thepulilie iS«
Unan-ntin" llmt a|HHia-/U'i>if rjrtsfiiiWI.
iih'ckiwll (iillilii.i.'O.luiiin.ilwiui'il lor
it.'.' ,.'.'.   .   ...*•■
'.).Ti)rn|ilii'/i-i hi IbfCltUfiUlliDIi
iwarded Iho parents ol Wis ^■ilvarwj
vi " .'. " :.ii;"l bv .n.s'iet'l ciiy.JJ.ilinl
■''   eVa*Kiltfsl*TtlOTol I'liuv.
■   :, i,' •. •   ■ •■:
C.iiinilwipn  Mir li.tit. .nd ila.l.r. in til
', nit Ml. I. un    y,.unii-iwlU".llrll4. '
llrit. ffiOc. or *ii« u. lur p'nicul.r., '
Olllci), 308 M.ilntrrf, iilook, Winnipeg
ftlLEY'V-RYE PATCH,!!; •■'
nr »i lf'iie im ids i.urtr :h"n
ii;ll ■ii--)tvi«ii'|lli,ii'e.'il{hliiirMliif ftan'"
tlrly.hl" hv. BtUUpj ■1-1,1. b(j|  evvliilin..Jv.(
|. '..tlr.'.'ttitij.v. Itliw'.r'.inmif.iii'V.
i 'iiin''
"Kind,   Ull*'."   tep't'i'il "Hie   Pl'l'l.
''Ifo'lY .flPK'h   'Ul   I'V'I .''.IplTl'ltl ''bliV
lb ih* i'l'i'' "     •
"ttli? uiitufi %uV unllonlr," '-InaVor- '
■-'l.,Mf...lll|V)l. Itlbol!. . 'V   .
"My Father hMtlii'09 Sisleis Dii
pf Consumptior*. - Last Spring*
I wrs in ft' "Decline.
I k,-vn Ih thank I'ttviijiM. (Wlfnjl'gDeJ
lif.iiiii,'' wrilei ii**v"i*aKHa4y nh*o ItVt
ll pit tiiu; I all  '".    ."J.c >lli.n4ij' i'ilik
ii ..ii al i.'•■■ tl mi ■ ft. Icblfldnotsweap
tin-impel. Ill * .i "or*drive I hadlS
lie down «'i,n I eimo&wll, It I went for
■ in la or two en rajf wheel trtturntdtoo
weak to loi ii lhnt*gh the Wlswaj*. The
;.,<i lime I i .inn:' In lien) lining a, spin I
d| ■ppriHilierlylii-HW.j'+refrt'faiifflf''.'Hy
father would i; vhiuchi, p^aM*mtlllirla*t
ills IV." Blocum RrmedrM. After Inking
two boltkoi of l"y. Lew i-mul'say tha
"faults,wcrs iie.iJejfnl..   Pneple,irejn!
,cOi*<thtil'y ti n.ji.'.iiij;' it.j-   i„-|- uvosticiil.
Mill I II. W.e, ■ "niowriivillr. Out'. '
I altto took ColMt.tlte Kxpn lornnl, nml—
mark the ili»ni,e. Instead of a little, pale,
li.llell| liollowilicckcd girl, I as* to-day
full of fifcT' f nni Vend/ ror'nhy ac'rive'
."■i"..-tt.r .'..will,  mr  I'lirmU,  nsil »li v.'
months ngo I could not alrugfla lo tits
I'luirlh tlrat wni only forty rods from our
home,"       •.        •,.
ipnoNOONcm aiKtcin
ror aala by nil Drug(lata      Ona Dollar tha Bottla
ffy.ni lur.-e it./ tritJ I'phinr, nnd f,,r a frit sample bottle.
DR. T. A. SLOCUM, Limited, 179 King St. Wtit, TORONTO f
Tho Forestry convention which bus
ueeu summoned by thu Premier of
the Dominion to meet In Ottawa In
Jaauary next calls attention to the efforts that have been niiulo lo plunt
forest trees on our .western prulrles.
When'settlement'beglna n su|i|ily of
building material nnd ot fuel Is ono
oi'.'Uie-iW things' thought of alttl
this Queation obtrudoB Itself proniln.
1'iiiiv on the sparsely iliuhureti woat-i-—,-     ,,      „-,„„
urn prulrles.   The efforts successfully ' 'JJJJUI^S,11™ JL"0^0™!
iiiiide in grow clumps and bells of
trees have shown their value npl only
lur Hie purpoBOa nii'iititini'tl hut    lur
aheltor both  in the houses mnl crops
from eohl winds nl winter nnd   Iho
drying winds of the summer,   What
can he uccoinplishod hy the Juillolotia
planting of foresl  li'ties for   sliello'i'
purposes la shown By the Biieeeasful
growth of upplna by Mr. A I'. Sloven
sun of Kelson,   li will ho of hu irosl
Iti nni'" il," "hurts tiiii.lt- by lh,v. gov
omnium in ussl't the sot I Ion In vircct-
etlylng ihe mil urn I conditions,
iu Biibmltllng Iho roporl of the I) •■
pni'iiiieni of Inlorlor in ISiC, Hi;' 'h .1
iitlnlsrer pf thai dopartment, Hun.
David' l.nlVd, stalod dial durlna. I I
Journey from Port Garry to Qu'Ap.
peiie iii ilie Biimmor of 1871, nothing
impressed ItaeJUupon his inind more
tbun the ii't'i'h's'siii'ss of u vast portion nf ilie country over which he
passed. Dny by day as he crossotl
the wide oxtenl nf prairie utterly destitute of lives the question presented
Itself: How is tho Botllomcnl of
these prulrles possible If the sen ler
is wiii'iuii wood for fencing, building
or fuel" ^^^^^^^^^^
culled >„^_1^-^-^^^_^^_
Ing In ihe Western States,   ho   in
strutted the Burveyor (lenetul,' Col
J. S nenrrls.ite oHuain nil nvtjlfible Information'on* rM Bubjen!'   ■
lion. i„ ii. Hodges, Bitporlptendenl
.. oi 'i».'..*., .....i
within Ion yours realize nt the ruto
of ten to ono ns compared with pro-
Ills attending the raising of whoat.
The Surveyor General added that other more forcible propositions wore
pttl forth by Mr, Hodge bill be did not
quote them. Sufficient 1ms been quoted however lo show how sanguine
were the expectations of some of the
early advocates of Iree planting and
bow predictions were made on theor-
etrlcai premises and with very light
As u roult of lids Investigation li
was decided to ataead the Dominion
Lands Act. so ns lo provide for "Forest Tree Culture Claims," similar It)
Iboso provided for by Act of Congress, nml In 1SVG an amendment wns
passed authorizing the granting of n
after the
explrary of six years irom the date of
entry on condition Him eight acres
of the land had been brolton ami prepared for pliiiiilng within one yenr
after entry, an equal urea during the
second yenr and sixteen additional
acres within tho third year aflor Hint
(Into, nml lhat   a similar  -nil"    had
been followed In tree planting commencing from the second year, the
nves in he placed ""i i''ss than
twelve foal aparl each way. Each up-
plrcanl for ontry would require to
make an affidavit that Hie bind applied for was open prairie and without timber.
Under this amondmoul 253 claims,
covering an area of 40,180 acres were
taken up during the years l ntt lo
istd, lull only six entrants completed the dnjlea.aecoitMHiw - to entitle
niein to patent, ihe last patent being
Issued so recently as Hie. illsi AugUBt,
Mosl of the, claims tnken   "~
Eczema Known
by Intense Itching
If Not Cured it Spreads and Becomes Chronic What to Expect From
The singes of eczema nro marked hy
redness of tho skin — bent nnd inflammation swolling — watery discharge—
formation of a crust or sealo — nnd almost constant itching' Varying Irom
Hint which is simply annoying to that
which is positively beyond human endurance,
'I'he beginning is often neglected chafing iiiui slim irritation, or a small pltn-
plo or sore which has'been poisoned by
Llio clothing.
Too troquent wnshingiis to he avoided, but tho nlllicti'il parts should lit*
thoroughly cleansed with Packer's Tar
Soap and tepid water, Alter careful
drying (not rubbing] with a soft towol,
apply I If. Chase's Ointment plentifully.
The ointment may scciu n litllo Revere at lirst, but this is necessary to
a thorough cleansing of the sores, for
relief from llio dreadful itching will
come aflor the lirst few applications,
nml thorough cure ivdlbs the reward
of persistent treatment.
One thing you can he certain of, and
that is that you are not experimenting
when you use Dr. Chase's Ointment as
a cure for eczoma, saltrhoum, psoriasis,
wore In Hie district along  the   Red
river, others were farther west near
the International bouadary ami sumo
as far weal and nortli ns the Minne-
, „    , ,  ....     thisa dislriel.   Tim claims for which
wood  or fencing, building       (. ,     a        ,„ to    w
Itfi ni en Ion billing boon .,        ,   , „,„ |s( „   ,,,,
work done In tree plunt- t*WMg,p ^ rMgM 5 |lm, „_ ^ ()f
the Isl Mcriiliunt, mnl township 2,
ranges 12.and JW, west of the 1st
Tha reason for the practical failure
of ilils experiment was undoubtodi
ih" lack of knowledgo of the nves
suitable for growth in the west, and
of Ihe methods of caring tor thorn.
The provision thai iho nves must be
planted nol leseigthnn* iweU'd ' fool
Hijmrr shows ill 'ouee Htnl 'the know
ledge of tho supposed experts
of tree planting on the St.'Piul and
Pnclflc-llno of railway was consider-
ed one of the most competent nn-
Hgii'lties on the subject nl thai Hnio
and in mnltlng his report Col, Dennis
np'ioniloil . ....
pHiiuinv I'frtijC'lW |o*8
Hbtlgff and *W&rJ qhi 'l 111
tetter, nnd similar skin diseases. It has
ncquirod its world-wide reputation by
the positive cure ol these very disoasss,
and while using it you can see that
c i ml willy and cortaanly it is allaying the
iiiilnniiiiiii'i'ii and holding up the annoy-
ing and distressing sores.
Mr. William Castle, Eagle Hill, Alta,,
writos,—"About Nov. 1st, 1003, I broke
out with small red blotches on my arms
nnd they afterwards spread nil over my
hotly. It was so itchy that I could not
sloop at nights for scratching. I suffer.
ed untold misery nnd was almost driven
to desperation. I tried everything nt
hand ami my frionds recommended
numerous remodlts'all to no avail,
''Whim 1 began the use ot Dr. Chase'i
Ointment 1 hail little hopo ol relief bul
the result has boon wondorful. From
the lirst this preparation gave reliol from
tho dreadful itching and it has now
brought ubout a cure."
Dr. Chase's Ointment, 00 cents a box'
at olldoalors.or Edmonson, Bates A Co,,
Toronto. The portrait and signature ol
Dr. A, W. Chase, the famous roceipl
book author, are on every box,
Shoo String-,
Shoe strings were lll'sl worn In 1711",
and the English buckle makers presented n petition to ihe throne asking
that those articles bo prohibited.
gc,i'sti,uii!j; on tree*.
Cambric wns tlrst Introduced Into
England during the reign of Queen
Elizabeth.. The,.first piece Imported
was presented to the Virgin Queen to
make a ruff for her neck.
A prominent member of the Franklin Inn Club, Philadelphia's foremost
literary organization, at a gnthering
of book-writers recently, told a new
anecdote of F. Marlon Crawford, the
novelist. A certain young lndy, so the
story runs, wrote to Mr. Crawford requesting that be send her a bit of sen-
lluie.nl nnd bis autograph. Tho reply was:— "Dear .Miss A :    When
yuu requesl a favor that Is of Internal
only to yourself, please enclose u two
cent slump. There's your seiiilnieni
and here's your autograp.—F, Murion
Sunn- TIiIiiki* Tim'  Women of Sliort
Stature Should lloineuiber,
Most women know a really pretty
dress when tbey see It, but it takes
more than Unit to dress well, leaving
the matter of expenditure put of the
question, Iu order lo be successful in
dressing oneself ono needs to view
the matter BUbJecOrVSly rulher than
objectively—as Is most commonly done
-to stii'dy a style in relation to one's
peculiarities of form and not to adopt
iinyiliing simply becauso ils effect Is
pleasing ou somebody else.
Given two rulher petite women of
Hid.same height ami practically the
same weight, frequently one looks
more slyllsh and Inller llinii the other.
We luivo even noticed Ibis lu twins
dressed precisely alike. Matty women
of short build have long waists, so
thai when seated ihey look tall, Xow,
While a long waist may, In a general
way, he considered desirable,' It Is not
so In reality unless the rest of the
figure corresponds, as It lakes from Hie
height of a skurt woman, Consequently she should adopt n style that apparently docroasei the length of the waist
and increases the length of the skirt.
She should avoid long points before
and behind. Which tend'to elongate the
waist, and when wearing separate
waist or shirt waists of a different
color from ber skirt isbe should have
her waistband match the bitter and
not the former. Where a longer waist
Is alined at, tlie waistband should
match the shirt waist. Small tucks,
stripes and trimmings will ho more
becoming with n tendency toward horizontal rather tbun vertical lines In tlie
waist, though not In the skirt. Short
coals, dressing sacks und capes ending
at Hu' waist line will be more stylish
tbun longer or three.quarter length for
Ibis type of Dgui'O,
bv   %h.
iliuT'genilemun'wbleh ' iio1 vo!7 f"".1.1-'' „'" ™"'rtl(!"' *!"» a«S
nppeinh'il  smiie siiuccs
•psi'iiilnv i'i'r*ii(!'UMi '"i
"Hodge andllrsrjqUi 1
made by thnl gentleman wmen uu „■ ,,- , , , j£3g ■■;,. ~i~""j
thought Us. live vein's' expoiVuc" jus, I'"",",1'" ""' 'ni'Uuis urniliinHy torced
•i'ilii,f.'"STuii.''"iif those statements ll80,t.u<,on ,! PHblio-.jm.nd.-Wat it
wore ihii al a mere trilling expense I'1"","1 '"' <-m}ei successfully except
Ihe sloote-nril nnd buildings oinlhol ^ tl,°8? *,, have'SDOcinl knowledge
bloekostflprnlrlo liomeatoail may bo of nnd trahilng In It, aad It la largely
surrounded In Hvo'years with n hell l!l" s:mi" "!"' arboriculture. Ilu*
of iretfifcrmuig a wlndbrcak-jliid af- Slower niuat kMjyj/liat to plant, how
fording cff.v I jirotoetloM Ihnl    n  l".l'llint ■!*• I""1 I"1™ •" <""•« lur lUt-
grove ofYeToa cltn' beigWns ««fi--.,or5ES?«   , , ,*   , ,
ly its a crop of corn and With ti.i'.less ,  ■•&*$,   "">" ''«'>>' ^dividual live
expanse !»Vt-iidilfoVtftik\<o JftMnW I'sTOarhadUo make his own expert,
that apparently worthless prairlo "'"'"'"• '"" -ho, w>r< of the Export-
leads can, to HiejdflnUiuuaalrfiilli I'J,0-??! Eama In'-ManHoba and tho
vali'iin"'iff'ilmiiei' thereon, bo Bold J.crrttorlos and ol the Dominion Fow
for si .ei' nciv within twenttyoara; olr>' bmrjcii have placed matters in it
ttaWihi^etiji-liattavof lands rfroporly *iucie>dfo:'tyomble   poMBou, pml
' |.U?ili""ud.nj«ltl-(.r,SMvllh lives wiii.'-llv.'S,'.which Have been found". inOsJ;
-    | from nny organic weakness, inherited or
w1',8, contracted, thero disease  will   settle
when it attacks tho body,    Therefore
If your children moan and are restless during sleep, coupled, when »-
wake, with a loss oi appetite, pule countenance, picking of tho nose, etc., yqu
Dr. .lullnion.
Dr. Johnson had a loud, harsh, dictatorial voice. When excited In nrgu
nieiit he raised his vohe nnd overwhelmed hla opponents by Ils strength.
H6« Food
That Builds
M»ybe   you   think   rf
\ Moow'i Sod«s only u a
toothsome tidbit   Don't
overlook their food value
Cream   Sodas
| tra made of 6neit Cann.-
 j wheat ftour, pure but-
ttf and rich ae«m. There's
nothing else of* ecpiaJ size
and cost that ccrntains so
much whoJtsome nour-
ftSa ideal food.
.Al  mcM' !»>*• *•»■ tuna]
ni crl-p k,   ilr-lishl    -xb|«
and go on l tie umi
", Ul	
Mil   Ul
rutbeu on,
lOip _
tolli'lup. JJ
Then «o   sway  lor
thirty mlnutM lo  one
hour and Iti Ihe   Sup-
Unlit" Soup do its-Writ. '
TitXT.-AU" loikuiii
thi full Hint lull Ui-clolh-i
lilihtly oui on«w-.h boil tl,.
„ and ih'f.dlrl; will *t»
I outl'um llie Kninenl In-
but don't use any mtste.
loop 1 Jou'l K»M or boil i.
.:,,>,'('.f *.  'i.i  don't
I    ...li llll.   l|,li IWOIudK   If
1 lb* Mltf cell loo dlllT,
ii i ii I lillle out lit' e'.l.l
li«h. It n streak ll hard
lo »,t .1', rub soma mora
aoap on II, andI Uirow
■jKflsfOfl *rw nniHlle*.
RINSING, -.bii.li ll lo be
done to lukewiim Willi,
likiot >;-■ ..I tm lo I-'
1 ell Ihe ilitty eoJi ewiy,
tbvtr » il; out 'md I..i.i
alio tint.
btukl Ihe eillclelffte from
.lull. Cut • ubll if.
ii..'.... pour into • [. 1- ■'
ulbolllnt water mditiiik
Into a tilhr,. Wh-a Juil
I.. " - , wotk .in 1.. la
the litbcr without rub*
blnf. bauteio ou, duly
•ill, wltllOHl, lwl*lli*f
md time ihSluuilliHi In two'
1.1.,, ollull-wa| .We*.
)  ,:--l. Hit **'.I'VI ilhlllll
twl'tinl "d bing in tin
open ii,.
■•"The moil delicate
colon may be ulely
waili-d In Hit Sun-
lliht" way. ,.,,
•J» 4,
is better than other Scaps
but^.ii best whe-n used in
the Sunlij^bt vyay. Follow.
FIRST. -Dip tiie i-ticlo
lo If rnihtd in a lub of
Ink. *.\.ii in v*. id r. dtiv it
out un a Vtlbboftttl ami rub
i - i >aj) lightly over it.
Da nrUCUlU not to miti
loapnij* all over. THKN
roll it in a lt|ht ti-ll, Uy
in the tut' OOdct llio walet,
       but baaet you, do hiay dopond upon it that the primary
nut lot a-cold or a cough harass you, wuso ol the troublo,. ivorms.^oth.r
and keep thOwsjiiratoWorgaMingOOcI' Graves'Worm Eitertninator cffectuellj
healthv condition.  This you enn do by 'f"?.™? the«e P88ts' at UD1;8 r6ll"m*
UsiagDr. Thotnaa1 Eoloctrlo Oil,   Pre- the little sufferers,	
Tbo professor, ivbo 'bus a largo
lawn, wns making his'regular riniiy
nttempt to keop It clear of tbo autumn
leavea contributed by his neighbor's
trees. "There's a good deal of rake-
oft in this business," be sabl, stopping
a liniment to rest, "but not a cent of
drivo out the pain
not kit a colli or a
icntion is the ivifest course.
"■■*'■ """   '"-""   "■ '    .""V-l"
.inisfiictory.for planting for woodloti
or aheltor belta nti* Hie imx alder or
nslieil leufetl maple, tho olm,tbogrqon
nsli iiiniiibij poplars. The poplara
utoiv fast b'u| the wpt'd Is.soft mnl
inn tliir.ilile. 'Tin'cotln'nivotiil is tisctl
iihuii, of iliesi'ii'.'.s. The ftuslan pop/
ine tins eoililJeroll ilkoly to bo useful
but lias bpen-found subjod 16 rot
let hi makes u good grqwtn nml sue-
ceeda well ott>4}-i*,gM»n(|. |OrooaJash
liinifes'.u Komi ivtiiiii but grows rather
slowly. The nsbed leaved or Maalto-
, Wa/mnple is lite nrosl generally plant-
L.ydi nij'It.gVoivsisn quickly thai in n
sliort time a shelter belt will attain |
.i aojrlaeable Might. ■    i —-
I'm oui; ufltTrHsol't.f1lon ' of the
nro)irj("ainpclea care In the setting out
and management are-tequlrod if buc-
beat Is 'H be attalndd.'The land musl
be prepared for the .reception, of the
i lii'i's imd tho Strong grn8a ami weeds
ilim might choke the seedlings in the
flrsi tew yean must be. liopi down by
oiiiiivjitlou. She ii«]i))ii|(iii Forestry
Iu.inch ■pifivl'lcs'fnf^StjiPtt advice In
■ pool   :.r, »1—»3
thai the efforts uow niail-a.-will be sue-
fj."    il.'ln  ;i|.'i,'lliri|t.bi.n^ ,wl.      I"'i
Jt.'e.s niionniM wlna-HVI ii i up to iho
,|'l i,.nt,.lilll". _ • , ,..-.:.i:
Minnrd's Liniment Relieves Neuralgia.
Lotion.    It never fails.. At all drug-
■gists. ' ■""" ~
cyei and nose ran Water. — C. O.
Aji i.. i.. lit lliiv.''!^Miil;ie, suyap"! have
lidil i.'niniih for Davei'ul y.eu*i. , Watar
\.t' 11 nni from tiiy ,ejf8 nml' nana for
IJ...-.,-til ti time. About four month! ago
tii.ii. Induced to. try Dr. .\K-newa Ca-
• lili. l -. ■ 11 l'i'...hr, and slni'o uslnsr tha
i\.i. iii.l remedy I liuvi. not baa an
iiitinli It relives In ten minutes." —
10'Ci MS.—11
lll-i-ltrll'N  l-'ace,
 ,       Ileaeonslli'lil's fitce was u puzzle even
Tbo Jiupibjir of licople whb tn his inllui:,t,-s. ll was impossible, by
watching It, to gain any iusigbt tuto
bis feelings or emotions.
line of tlie most promising things
nltitiii our tjivllizutltin today is   thai,
.side, byjldilo'lvdhl the greed for gold, is
;)n'' ."..'ivM'mviiiy-passion nt l|iiiii;inlt,v
fur g j.   Tim flUfnbftr of people who
prdrer iw do uierifl to their  fellow-
men mlbor than, tn nialie money Is
ti'iisliiTrtty IncrPasing. This pnsslon
foi'giiud Is tho stilt, of humanity; It
Is what makes us believe ln,the future
ol tlifjTaca.;   .,-',
Can all be''Cured by (he Use' of
Dr. WHIiains'iPink Pills
Hosrt relief In half an hour. — A lady
In Npw York State, writing1 of her cure
by Dr. Asnew's Cure for tiie Heart,
s.-i'ti "I fi'i-1 I lice- una brought back from
mi Ui nil. no great was my nuffcrlns
ft" ii heart trouble and bo almost mlra-
•iiii'in. i,iv recovery lluougli tha agenoy
.; ilu.- powerful trcuitucni. 1 owe my
,ii   to It."—II
Strrel on, Lumps.
Gas lamps were Introduced In the
Purls streets In 1810. Their employ.
uient caused nu.Jutle, I'liuuik nmung
Ihe couinry peonJe,,,wbp, got bd Idea
that there was some magic about tbe
lii.uKiii"' voice, i |
Slcpbcn A. Doiigltis Iind » mn-rnlf-
Iccnt luissiToIco that would have made
bis fortune mi IV opera staae. The
manner in which ho bellowed fordi
"Fellow citizens!" at the beginning of
a speech was never equaled by auy
public speaker.
Old Hoiuhi, ('nntllea.
The "caudles" of tho ltoniiins consisted of > siring made of rags uud a
small vessel of rancid fnt.
Puro and Fragcanl, Direct trom llio factory to
you, tho sealed lend packages rotalntn-j all tha
nstural tr.tgr.inco and
• Gold Standard
is'Cunrantocil llio Dnsf
3D, ''0. and uOc per lb.
at all I rn..." ..
Our olili"il Belter.
The oldest b'li'ry la America Is tho
M'vi'ii century old Hr tree, eight feet
thick, thai forms the spire of SL
Peter's church, Tncotno, which is used
for tbe bell of llie tburcli.
. A,o.\Ri'H''i''.i,t,v]'i;i':i'.\i;i'.i)Pii.i,
- Much time  nml attention wore ex
Moro than half tbo disease in th«
iiorltl is caused by bail blood — weak
blood, blood poisoned by  impurities,
Had blood in the cause ol all tbo head-1
aches and baokdehos, the lumbago and
rbi'iiiiiutisiu, tbe.ni'iirulgi.'i.nnil sciatioa,
the ilejifiity'nn'tl Wlrotrsnoas nml intli-
gotion.tho palaneas and pltnhles nnd nil
the disllgunng skin diseat-i'.-like eczema,
that/Show bow impure tho IiIoikI act-
l unity is.   It is no u»o trying a dilfercnt
—,-■j-, •—£          ■■— ~-.:z :r   medicine (oreuchtli.-cn.-c, because they
(.eii'lcd in the citp..rin,eliting with Iho  ,„ froIll ,),„ Mm cause--bad
ingiudiente that enter into the eom|«» blood. To cure dneasoyou musr got'
iti.in'oflnrmitlcos Negi'talile Pills be- right downto therootof the trouble ia
fort' hey wofo lirumiht to tlie .Into in tht, L>loi>.l. That is what Dr. Williams'
wliich-tlii'V in.re lirst offered to Iho i»lnU IMI^ do. Thoy make nqiv, rich
mbllc. \\biitevorother pills ,„,y be, ,,,„„,,, eoimrlon. iin^litine-s'onfy touch
irmehi'> Wimble I dU nre ho, result thatymnto^fdiseaso. 1 >r. \Villiiiins'
of miWi esperl sliiily, und nil |*rson- pinfpjfi, rootRUt the cause, Thnt is
BUireringtroindispepsia or diso-dered „|,j ,1,,.^ pills cure whon doctors and
liiorii.\dli,tl...,),iwcoJilltlcntly|iccr.p „„•„,„„ „1,,,h,,l„„s ,„,,, ||„ri,„,„,„„„
tl-tiu-i)")|»l.'iiig Wii*,thoj).arorcprctentcd -       '  ••
1*1, it I n 1,1.1 I mil.
Tho old -i pskln cloak mentioned
j by Paul probably cost him ubout 51, ns
j that wm tho common price ut tbut
Proof on • ruff,
A piece of evidence In B Quebec
breach of promise ease was a euir with
un offer of iiuifi'liige wrliten on'It.
One night, while Ihe defendant wns
holding ihe plaintiff's band and whispering fervid words, he popped tin
question In manuscript on tbo smooth
linen of her wrist. She wns sentl
iiit'iilul or shrewd enough to keep tluj-
article out of the wash, uud it |"|
proved of practical vilue.
to be.'
^^^^^^^^       lltr llr,..t*.
Peter the liiviii of Uu-.i.i..Ipid Un!
• t* p.'.il faro'of a tliisalirti'(lensiinl A
ajiort, .tin' i. .ii" v. *•■:!(! liiwiwsH'Ibi,
lit'niy Iti'uit'*, full, ti'i-u.il lips, wldo
ttioiilli  nnd  high  cheek  bum's  were!
jttotif*^,"*,Aios|i I'i'.iiiiiii'iii iViiiiin'i!
flls bean wns almost roiiud mi I »liow<
nl lo ns wldlli ni Hi" ours Ihul  i-
ballvt-nvss of di-; .-.iini Hint Wat ono
of Hie loading i olnta in his character.
Aiii'leni llll Irrrlng,
In ZnntP, one of Hi" lolllnll Islee,
titer*- Is n pcliiilt'iiiii spring Hull Is iiii'ti-
tinned by ,ll"ri'l""i*. ll bus been
tuiiiiii for nearly 3.000 years,
*J|vUV to inj tienion wbo
E:   u'l tint "ii|..>lit t*0ip 00D>
din any Injurlniii cliemlcali
or auy form ut adultoratluu.
Your Money Refunded by  Ihl
■ dealer from wlioiu  ynu   bay
1   Hunllght tjoap If > "-I Hod ur
MUM for i . ll.1 i.il.'il.
'   dombS Ol Auilenl  llimir.
line to-jHi "/'in.'' ot.brnas and Ivory
bare bean dug up from ll n tombs,
nml  from  certain  olllislbl ■   l"n:i'l   II
Ih',. l.niln | la It is'cvl':. nl llnil jlbey
n'.'i'e greatly i led by tbe Indies of
the world's mctroiiolls,
No ono neoil fenr cbolern or nny sum
more plaint If they have a bottle ol
iir. J. I). Kellog's Dysentery Cordial
ready lor use,  it corrects all I nt
ol tiie bOwOiS promptly and can-"- :i
health; action. This Is a medloino ao
nptcil for tin* young and old, rich mil
poor anil il rapidly becoming tbo  mosl
popular medicine [ofcho!dri,dysont«*-
, olc, in Ilia mnrket.
from intligus-
prool:   "1 suffered agony _.„__
lion,'   -uis Mr. Krid lillts, of (irand
Deaert|-N,p.   "1 badpo appetfte lor
my n.i'iil-iifid Im 'fiii'lty fur mi   in,rk|
mi stiimni'b caused me coastantdiatrasi
aptl.t'icrytliitig 1 nlo.lay like lend on
my ohost At timoa I loll m) lifoabur.
den.  I mis always ilocloring, but It did
iii'i no ii'V'.i' I lu p I bltli' litiiili cams
Mi tin Ititiiil'. nml I road Hr. Williams'
l'nik ['Ills would ours indigestion,   I
„"' " ■ n. nv! iH'Ciin.tiiliun.'Ilii'io. and I
soon loiind llley.Wttri' helping inc.    My
appetite began toimprovoand my loud
to digest bottor, 1 used tho pills for a
couple ol months and I ifos wall. Now
1 atr> always ready for my meals nnd I
oan eat anything, aad all Uu* credit is
due toDr. Williams'Pink Pills. 1 keep
the pills in tli" bouse all tbo tune, and
1'occasionally taken low as a precaution.
I can honestly advise all dyspeptics to
..When Rttoumatuni joubiea a mar up
ptealrlan n-.l eurfeiet sltkJ l"ie lie-art
miti often drauali of a curs, but hart's
tlio exception. Win. I>rk. of Norwood
Out,, aaya; "I waa neatly iloul'lnd nr
with rnsurhatlsm I loi three boni*,
of Si'titli Aitift'l'-nn Rheum&tlo Curs an*
tbey cured uta. It'n Hie i,ulekej, rtmliti
im limine I ever naw."—17
It Is a refreshing thing, In a ninlnr-
Inl nge, to see people who are ambitious rather than rich, who are mnro
eager to help others than to muko
money,   These are   nature's   noble.
men, those nio Ihe character! which
enrich  life, nml  which have pushed
civilisation up from the savage to the
Florence Nightingale! and tho l,ln-
Just Common Sense
Extract op Beep
will simplify many Household
difficfrlti.es, T«lilce 'your t'altlc
expenses, ami add several tlisVies
to your daily liirtui without
additional expanse,
"Culinary Wrinkles" tells
how lo use Armour's Kxttact
of Beef in the kitchen, at the
chafihg dish, Slid i:i llie sickroom. Sent postpaid on re* elpt
of name ' ami address and' a
liictiil cap from a j.ir of l''x-
tract of Beef. Sold by druggist!
and grOcerS,
ARMOUR flMHED, Toronto
A Weil-Known Man.
0, 0. RICHARDS and Co,
I can noncstiy aovtse an uyst«ipnua 10 Uoar Sirs. - I can recommend your
SS as Inm'ii'ri it will MINARD'B LINIMENT for Bhsums-
curs tbcimuB it did mo." tism «nd Sprslns, ts I h»TS us»Q II Itr
Give Dr. Willinms' l'ink I'llls a lair   both with siosllnit rssults.
The Kcelcy Cure j
Offers to the self respecting
tho   fusion   md   simplest
method of snapping iho chains
Tho mmi, li". build up iho
whole system tod remove nil
craving for drink or drugs.
Writs iu for the plain fuels.
133 Osborne St., Fort Rouqo,
This 8-inch Fern Tut is
a striking1 illustration of tha
unequalled values Diamond
Hall can offer customers
ikouf-li having its own
fkctwics. '■
.■ H The arlitlc il of first
quidily silver plato in
Colonist] dc*ign of hiiod
piercrd affect, Willi a
lining of rich-color.ad
green pollory, it aolll
complete lor $5.00.
And Diamond Hull would
return the money if hy any
chance you were not
I34-I38  VOHOB 5T.
TODONTO   .   ONr.
trial ami tbey will cure you, simply be-
cau.-n thoy make thnt rich, Mrnug blood
that disease OanDOt resist. Hoc that you
get the genuine pill", with the lull name
"llr. \\ illinms' l'ink 1'ills lor I'ale
People," on the wrapper around every
box. Vmi run get them from your medicine denier or In mail at 60 cento a box
>r mx boles tor 12.00 In writing the Dr..
Williams Medicino Co., Hrockvillo, Oat,
II.inn',   nlllte*.
Lord I'.ii ii"' presented a Bible
lo Ills publisher, ihe flrsi John Murray,
A friend on looking through Iho vol-
111 litn.vi'H'il llllll r.rit'li binl lltl'l III-
lei'i'il Ibe words ".Now IlllI'lllillllS was
ii i'i,bin r" to "Now Bnrnbbiis was s
fours t
The I'eiiml,. 0) "ler.
A  single  tn   ilo  oyster prodncei
8,000,000 egg*    Tl  rise to tho mr
i ii o nf ihe water, where II (*j remain
fur n period of f my nlghl hours bo
fore bnieliiiig.   '| ho young oystor Im-
t Ilolcly sinks to the boll , and It
Is bollevoil lliiil fully 00 per '"til sink
Into the mud nml tut' smothered.
W    N   U  No   SBS
Seavrertl noaie.
The largest pbtut In the world Is
probably a species of ncnivred n'lileli
often attslos s length of :.i»i feet'. Tlic
stems are dried and used sSiropes by
the south set 1-ltnder-.
liiiitliir.il.  Ininr.!   Tor Mnni.n,
Three great dirlsloos of the glob*
took their natnei from famlatn! orig.
toils A-, ii rroin a nymph of thnt name,
lurope from Europt, tin* daughter of
Agonoi, and Africa from Libya, or
Apb'rlcs, tbe .iuugbter ef BpapllUI,
And the fourth tpiarler, Amerlcs,
though im i.' : (or a man, Inn beel glv
is a fcinlulne ending,
GRArs Syrup of Red Spruce Gum
Mf ll OorMtltoi* hcifj, •""-tive^tnlrtw-rrut   Utir*j tv.«y    JB
B    lIUf'IriifM    heili  l!,«  I'n ■ -.    «f riii-liicm tltr  lun(A.    M
M   N004 (he 1«M tC"liTf b««tlM 11 it \At*,m nt to t»kf. M
M     .    Jvrt l-j im* hyittf *fid,»*« Wrwijalrk!! ;,^riiW    S j
m of thu cTugh'. Ai-fbni 1ign,at*   >■- i-uttif. m       •JPI ft*
1*    60 ft THE   EXPRESS
D. S. Martin
Dcslgnu! and liuilder ol
Yachts and Launches
of nil kinds.
lug, Life and Row Boats,
Ship Joinery, Spars
and Scows
Satisfaction liuurnutc-d.
Quotations given on application,
(..isiilini-1 aunchea a Specialty.
Norn Vancouver.
.p. ,i   i    i "
M. A. Russell
The Lb-to-date Grocer
Complete lino ol
Groceries, Tobaccos
1st. Ave., last Lonsdale Ave.,
North Vancouver
Pacific Wood
Beit Fir Cordwood, It) and 12 in, 1.1.00
per load.
Hcst Alder ami b'ir, mixed, 10 and li! in
(2 ,5 per load,
licit Kir Cordwoud, i It, #4.75 per losd.
Best Abler Curdwood, 4 ft.'l.OOpcrlosd
IS6S Westminster Ave.   Phone 1169
ash Farmers' InstITUTI,
wiili discussions on same.
AT 8 P. M. IN MUNICIPAL HAWAII members and others am
requested to attend.
Mrs. Mary Anderson, ol Onto-
nogan, Midi., desires lo learn the
whereabouts il lier sun Frank
Nell, Me was last heard Irom ill
Spring drove, Idaho, last Decern
her. Information leading io his
whereabouts will be thanklully re
ceived ami rewarded.
■a . i m~*r^—i^tw»—ea-aa
Roman Art
For ri'|irodiii'iiiK picture* upon any
matorlal, wood, clutli, illlt, China, etc.
and (or rotnovliic .tains from tho cloth-
Ian.  Ily mail, 2.1c,   Axunta wanted.
"lit"', Nn 7, Manitoba limine,
Vaucouvor, II, (
Just Opened
Branch oOlee nl thu Interstate Intn
diiciiin Society.
Matrimonial Register, 10c.
I', n. Ho* 'I'lii, Vancouver, II, C.
R, M. Home-Payne, chairman ol
tli. hoard ol directors ol the B. f
lilectnc Kail w«y Company, limited
in his aiuitial address, on Octoliei
ij, itjoj, at London, ling., dealing
with this minii* ipality, speaks as
"The new railway, lighting and
pi.,'. it httsitiess in Nortli Vancouver cannot possibly he a source
ul profit (ot "mi" veal' to < OHIO
We arc nevertheless very much
gratified at having established our-
" Ivei in iiii-- '.nr. promising city,
which lias an absolutely assured
future before it, ami ive
hull do i i' i to assisl ii with
nil the inflin '' ive have, md all
thi euterprisi of our splendid
stall "
A complete line of new Tall and
Winter Suitings have just arrived at
leiiajoue... Tailor*., 100 Hastings [.,
corner Columbia Ave.
Mrs. and Miss Fitzgerald, of
Vancouver, paid Mrs. J. Davidson
a visit during tbe week.
Mr. and Mrs. C. A. McKenzie
have moved into the cottage recently vacated by Mr. Williams.
Mr. Williams has moved into
lis fine new house on the corner of
Fourth street and Lonsdale avenue.
W, Nye, who is constructing a
dwelling house for C. Sullivan,
accidently stepped on a nail, and
has been laid up,
Capt. Mooney has returned his
command oi the ferry steamer St.
George, after an absence of a few
weeks holidaying.
The many friends of J. Cameron
will learn with regret of his confinement with a bail knee; caused
by a kick from a horse.
The Capilano Lumber Company
have resumed operations at their
camp, after having been closed for
some time. The shingle mill will
begin i uiiuiug about the lirst of the
Mrs. C. Gross' sister has arrived
here from Toronto and will make
her future abode in North Vancouver. This is her first visit to
the Pacific coast, and she is much
delighted with the Pacific environment,
The plate glass has been placed
in the new brick block, opposite
THE Express office, which gives a
decidedly metropolitan aspect to
that part of Lonsdale avenue.
The building will be completed in
about another week.
The Ladies' Aid met al Mrs.
Gill's residence yesterday, and
completed quilting their autograph
quilt. It is now ready for names
to lie worked on, and the town will
be well canvassed within the next
few days for names ami donations.
Nine large oil lamps have been
placed on the ferry wharf and
add greatly to the convenience of
evening travellers. These lamps
are encased in glass and throw a
large volume of light, changing
the wharf from a dreary, forsaken-
looking spot to one of brilhiuey
anil safety.
Owing to the bad slate of the
roailn ou several ol the streets the
Western Corporation have been
compelled to take oil one of their
teams. The roads are certainly in
poor condition, that's sun. and
something oughi . , done which
would mitigate the difficulties ol
Mr. and Mrs. and Miss M St.
(ieorge Hamersley, ami Mr C. P,
Shute-Piers, attended the liampict
given by the Hon. A. Morikawa,
ill honor of the Japanese Ktnperor's
birthday, Thursday, evening. The
banquet was held in the Pender
hall from four to seven o'clock
p. m. ami proved a big success.
Mr Vincent S. Cramplou, who
has Im tome time past been in the
employ ol the North Vancouvei
Kerry Company, led last night on
the ss. Rainona lot Seattle. From
there Im will go to 'Frisco, where
he will have by Southern Pacific
railway lor his home in Klk Rapids,
Michigan. His many Inenils hereabout! wish him an cultivable trip
and a quick return.
Mr. and Mis. Miller and family
have returned from Alaska, after a
six mouths stay.    They have taken
up residence in their own house on
Fifth  street, and  Mr.   McShane
and family, who have been occupying Mr, Miller's house during his
absence, has moved to Mr, Mm
den's house on the hill. Mr. Kit;
sell, who has been living in tins
house this summer, has rctnov
lo Mr. K. McMillan's, on
When a women wants to say
anything mean pertaining to men
in general, she says they are all
Life at seventeen or eighteen is
held cheaply. It is then a
chivalric swing and dash which are
crushed out in Inter years. In
Russia the crushing process seems
to be administered with conscientious thoroughness just now,
At the council meeting on
Wednesday night a letter was
read from II. C. Wrighl, complaining oi unfair treatment nt the
hands of the chairman of the Board
of Works, Councillor Morden, in
awarding a tender for lumber.
The council referred the communication to ihe councillor himself to report on ut a future meeting. Councillor Bell said there
were reasons for so doing. We
admit that we do not understand
this kind of procedure, because we
look upon the matter as being a
straight charge of wrong doing
against Councillor Morden, and
think that it should have been
settled by the council, either by
exoneratiig or condemning the
accused for his action.
North Vancouver
Ferry and Power
Fine steamers St. George, Surrey and
Nortli Vancouver available for excursions at moderate rates.
Wit, ttwirge"
Commencing August Ut, iikw.
N. V„ L. •.
a.m.     a.m.
O.IXl   lliillj'.i'-Sunday,, Nulla
7.01 .lull),,'»'.ui..im.,:S..IHi
Vancouver only.
B.tio. lially. N. Vanonuvor and.
LonidiloUi r<li' us.
9.1U. li'tliy, N'trtli Vancouver.,
111.lit  Pully, Nurlli Viiiii'imviT..
ii,m. lull)', Nonii Vancouver.,
11.11 Situ-iley, SiiiiiIhi' nnil...
hnllilayi only, Xnrtl, Van-
couvoriuo i.. initiii us.
I.IS   I'mlv N. Vaiii'tillltTolily..
'j is, liniiy, x. Vancouver ami..
1 "li-.I'll. Illll'll I.,
h is,.nail*/, N. Vancouver only..
1.13. Ilally, N. Viilii'iuivtTollty.
r,is..Dully, North Vancouver.,,
6.10 Daily, N.irtii Vancouver.,
Illlii l.iiti-il'tli 'mlili'llH.
7.1A. Daily, n. Vancouver only.,
8.15..Dally, Niutii Vancouver...
Hllll l.nllnlill,  lilllili'll-
tj.l.'i .Dully, tl, Vtini'uiiveri'iily . 9.10....
10.16., Dally, N. Vancouver only. *iii.«.,..
11.is Dally,ixcuptSundayi 11.40..,.
•lti.lll) uu .niiiilnv,     110,8* a.lli. mi Stititlayi.
Nole,—All the Btcamers coll at Lous<
dale Gordons on Saturdays, except U.OO,
7.IK), 11.111 ami 11.10 a.m., 1.15,8.16,5.15,
7.15,8.15,9.16,10.15,11,15 p.m. land on
Sundays, all axcopt the 0.10 nnd 11.10 a.
in., and 7.16, 8.15, 0.15,10.15 p.m.boats.
. li.is
'.   346
'.   4,45
.   6.45
'.   1.16
80 Acres
In North Vancouver District
AT $3.00 PER ACRE.
>35.oo PER ACRE.
163 Cordova Street.
The  North  Vancouver Specialist
The first provincial election ol
Aljerta will take place on Novem
her g, when the patriotism ol the
partisan will he put to the test.
Liberals will commit a grave error
il they let this milestone ill the
progress ol the Dominion hear the
spalter ol mud-slinging. Likewise
Will the conservatives exhibit excessive imprudence il they adopt
tactics unbecoming men who are
in the limelight ul the world today.
The narrow portion ol the
Liberal party will exult unduly
over the consummation ol his
party's policy, ami tile mean Conservative will frown because ol the
incidentals lie could urn countenance and which Im luught with dis-
lavur. The tree will ul scll-guveril-
unlit must ultimately prevail and
the educational liberties due lu a
democratic and progressive commonwealth will Iind a constitutional louiidation.
Real Estate, Mining,Insurance,
Loans, Farms, Etc,
Timber Limits.
The Iall ol Russian autocracy is
now assured, according lu dispatches at hand. Count Wine
ha) been given almost unlimited
powers, and has set about iorming
a cabinet. Tlie old outer ol things
has ceased to exist in Russia.
The farcical national assembly
has given place tu a real legislative
body, with greater fundamental
civil liberties, including freedom of
speech and press. Alter a day
spent in conference with the
Emperor, Count Wiltc emerges
lorth with the glare ol victory on
his face, and the strong determination to work fur the betterment
ol the classes. The manifesto
gives the right   lo  habeas corpus
proceedings ami immunity ol the
prison—Iwu things iu itself that,
no doubt, will create widespread
rejoicing. The more (act ol the
populace being accorded representation in the governing ol the
provinces will, in all probability,
put a tpinitu:. on the noting
now going   on.   The   nott   and
lil Ished ol tli*' past lew days,
consequent upon the resumption
of the sltikt: ol neatly every industry in Russia, have penetrated
the walls ol autocracy with effect,
and it was not until the nation it-
sell began battering at (his stronghold did it give way, ami hence
I'liin a uatiuii will lal,ti another
step in civilisation. Russia has
always been looked upon us a semi
barbaric race; this originating out
of ilie treatment ol criminals and
political moral advocates in years
I gone by. Witto has pi united a
Fhird I change, and, judging by his stem
(determination lo have the imperial
Propeaty for sale all over the City
Suburbs and North Vancouver.
Office: 404 Granville St.
Vancouver, B. C
Houses to Rent
call on W.P.Hogg
TH'o im..n- VIST Tim i.iritk*,.
J3T N»'f If Keforf Buying.
Lots for Sale
50,60,66" 132 FT.
I ten SMI lo 1H.II at' lal.
2 Acre Block on Corner
fronting Lonsdale Ave.,
$700 Cash.
Queens & Lonsdale
Phone II4U
Emil Guenther
1015 Hiiro street,
Vancouver, B. C.
District of North
/ Sleep in the Store.
I keep the Best of Goods.
I Meet all Boats.
My Prices arc Right,
I am to be Found at All Hours.
All this at
McDowell^ Drug More
Nortli Vancouver.
M. S. McDowell
Western Corporation, Ltd*
lUy.C.tlk MettkkkO
Accountant., Airettt.ra,     flumWnej and llMmHeV-
■(•I ttl.lc A-reola. krrj.
Lu-neer ■nd .11 kind, .f MMhtf H.l.rt.1.
l.nds Cleared .nd lulMInf. f reeled.
C.ntr.ctort Md V.hi«t«r».
Wa art a-aUaf a aawlal Mas af Care1 Waaa* ui caa a...I, .., ejaaolU,.
412 Having* Afreet West, Vancouver, i.C.
A M RFATTIF Nol"rv Public'6cnefal Auclkineef
* 167  (orilsv.   Sreet,   Vancauver,  I.  C
He -rlli til muni- nr private IlliUIr nr Iniya niitrif lit til
1'lnt.st':. nl h rliolil k'iml* nr lnnlrtl|'t »'"<>• (. r r.ili.
lit1 hn« tome "(tlif llliwl litl'ltieu mnl wati rlrmii property iii North
Vancouver. Sec liin. ut nun-it you tMiiLof |>irkhi|f ne properly iu
tliin MTiioti.   Re wlye, KI'Y NOW, ami you will nuke money. •* !*
Just Arrivcd_^>
Large Stock of New tall and Winter Goods
for Suits, Pants and Overcoats.
kXi n»li.H M. W. C raw .Mail
An Ideal
Summer Resort
Where Mountain aad Seashore Meet.
Splendidly situated, overlooking Rurrard Inlet,
with the City of Vancouver fifteen minutes away
by ferry. The hotel embodies every convenience
with livery in connection.    Rates $2 per day.
Hotel North Vancouver
t, Larson, Proprietor.
Tenders Wanted
i ;'i ' uiuJiln.ll, ilm world Will
For jotr Poll and Winter Suits j-» watch with keen inter* . the
to Fongonn's, Vnilort. Address ■ I workintrs nl tin: newlyfoflivd legis-
eu.iJJa.emr, Si. fi,, Vancouver       Native hudy.
A public meeting ol the rate-
payers ol the District will he held
in the Municipal hull, North Van
couver, nn Wednesday, November
8, iijdj, lit B o'clock p. 111., to consider the propriety of Inking steps
to form a City Corporation out nl
the District.
Hy order ol the Council,
ALEX, rim.ip, c. m. c.
Rpond tint, ami tummy KoiiiK to  Van-
COUVer lur JUOtll ynu van i*i>l nt oily
prlcei right Inri'ut home'.'
mr&. n. a. mvw
Dry I iiiuilu Stori),
i..,i,.ti»iii .uil -mi Bt,, Nortli Vancouver
Tenders will he received for clearing j acres
nl Und at North Vancouver. For particulars
apply at Purchasing Agent's Office.
B.C. Electric Railway Co. Ltd.
•••Cooked Ham...
Something nice and tasty for Lunch.
Hlici-'il to perfection,
35c Per Pound


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