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The Express 1907-05-31

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 The last meeting of the Norlh
Vancouver Mmuicipal Council was
held nt the   nicipal   hall  last
night. Every member was present
to take part in the historic meeting,
Contrary to expectations, there
were no farewell speeches, and the
councillors wore an almost blase
air as they shovelled the old
council into its grave, Anion";
those who attended   the  funeral
H"'<N" On Saturday, May -5th
W. to the wife of W, II. Wyles
Fifth street, of a son,
<)llr fri''»ds   in   Tacoma   were
represented this week by Mr.  an
«» A, A,  Archibald,  who were
registered at the Hotel North Van*
W'H,  Wyles,   the popular  11
■   ■'•lei'tnc conductor,   was   reviving the congratulations of his
'""IV Wends  this week,  on  th,
Mother and chili
doing  well,
11,11 re«atta held by the local
b°«t.ng club on Victoria day was
•' fraud success. The weather
was line, and there was a good
1"""n" °< the members and their
From Revelstoke there arrived
iu the new city this week J. II.
Crowe. He registered at Hotel
North Vancouver, spending a  (ew 	
.   ,   , "".'.   ',' happy hours   here  on   Tuesday,  ■jc-.-ruutry miller, to whom is dii
arrival ol a new son  at  his home ' , ,.      ,   .
on   Fifth  str,',,.   on   the   njtli.  He's S^ Wth in the Railroad   or everything being so success
...   ......    men
friends. The officials were Captain C0l|vcr' areen
Ijunliiire    r ■.„•■•
Toi"0»ow will be nomination
da-v" There will be nominated at
the municipal hall ,,„n,|,ers for
'*•«'councils, na,,,,-], a mayor and
Sl* aldermen and three school
trustees for tl.r. Ci,   . 1 ..„nl, Van-
Bunbury,  Captain  Mitchell  ano
Secretary Butler, to whom is due
.111.1    |o
ir 1   iiucil-
Burrard   Inlet,    who   has   heen
present at many an historic event,
aluiii.it as important as the last
dying wriggle of that now defunct
aforesaid body.    Captain MeLeod
assisted at the downfall ol  Napo
lean lhe Third at Paris, iu 1871,
and   was   also   instr11111ent.il   in
placing Victor  Emmanuel  upon
the throne of Italy at Genoa ; but
never    perhaps    has    the    grim
weather-beaten face of  that  old
sea-dog,   who   has   braved   the
battles   and   lhe   breeze,     been
present at a more important, and at
the same time pathetic ceremony
than the burial and all  the  pomp
and ceremony of war of a body of
statesmen who will ever be known
to posterity as ihe North Vancouver Municipal Council.
The last meeting was brief, and
City, I, ,,
,'.   _ , |lullv carm
"• Dalgleish,  Moosomin,  paid
the lown a llyi„g visit Sunday.
   ."•..""     A very enjoyable time was spent
woe Tne Express mnn and Capt. o|| Wednesday nigh, whe„ Mrs.
MeLeod,   the   harbor   master  ol ,. ,,  Uwwn< nM s,reet) Nol.(,,|    Mr. and Mrs. Hack-worth, Glas-
gow, Scotland, came over to the
city on Sunday They were de-
i,-„i,..,.i .-•■■ •■
Vancouver, entertained (he following ladies iind gentlemen in honor
of Mr. Lawson's birthday :   Mrs.
I'M. McMaster,  J.   Inkster,  Miss
Ella    Ricaby,     Miss    Stewart,
Messrs. Ferguson, A. Stewart, A.
McPhail,   J.   Inkster,   J.   Slater,
Win.   Risk, S.   Call,  Mrs.   Wm.
Risk, Miss Ricaby, Miss Hillker,
Miss McPhail,    A novel  guessing
competition was the feature of the
evening, the prize-winners being
A.   Stewart   and   Miss   Ricaby.
After a dainty supper music and
recitations were the order of the
1  "nt-   Refreshments
lighted with the place.
ll has been suggested that North
Vancouver should have 11 swimming master.    Good idea.
Mission   Junction
!r. F. W. Templar, so wen
known as the former principal of
the public school in North Vancouver, who has been book-keeper
in the ollice of Irwin & Hillings for
several months, has severed his
connection with that firm. He.
comes before the public in a new
capacity, having engaged the
store al the corner of Eighth street
and Lonsdale avenue,  now  being
were served by Mrs, R. 1'. Cornish,
Mrs. Marsden and'Mrs.  Bunbury,
who   were   kindly   assisted    by
several young ladies.    Among the
I ladies present were noticed :   Mes-
dames Morden, J. C. Williams, A.
lx   Diplock.   H,   Wright,   J.   J.
Woods, E. B. Deane, H. A. Shaw,
f. A. McMillan,  Miss Ethel and
Edith Burns,  Miss Carey,   Miss
Haycrolt, Miss Bunbury.
The following were the results :
Sailing boats (20 feet and under),
for members only
lors for the di.*i,:ct ol Nortli Van
It is ta' be hopi d that llien will
be no con, -i . 1 ihese positions,
as there is nn is-ui ■ loi the ratepayers and vol ri to dui.li! ether
more, ever and ftbovo any registered
charge and being otherwlio duly >|unli-
(icil as a voter.
Tin* qualifications fnr Alderman nl the
Ciiy at tlic lirst election nliall Iw liis
being 11 ninii- British subject ol llu- lull
ago nl twenty-one yoars nml having been
(nr tin- three itinnllia next preceding
the day of his nomination, and ia then,
(lie registered miner in lhe I.niid Hegis*
try Ollice uf real property situated within llii' City, of llie nsasaied value on the
1111(1 revised Municipal .VaaenHrnont Hull
nf tin1 district, nt (in lhc last refined
Municipal Assessment Holl for School
purposes "f Dlatrlol Lot Xo. 878, ol two
minimal nml lifiy dollars, or more, over
■ nni above any registered charge ami Deling otherwise duly qualified as 11 voter.
In every Municipal Schuol   Ihatrict
any person beim. ■ '**
\7)r.riAnr^ , , ..»a*j .ne; i* or aldermen -Coun-
W. B. Bunbury and W. J. Butler; cillors Jordan, Irwin and Emery
2, Black Bess, J. J. Woods and and W. Dick, and Alex. Smith
H.Woods.   Neither the Tantp.koi     	
leet oft!,7ti_i_\ ftjMWi .pb.
—   "-'"ll be Sole     1,    ' ^'°01 lli8trif'
"»»  'he personnel   of   ,|)e   new Tr"«™ '»«eh Wft_fc•,■*»-
councils,    It ,s   anticipated,  and ^oTtZlt^J**'
erectly so, that Reeve Kealy will '    %l m'
be returned as the lirst mayor ol
the city,  and thai  Ex-ieeve  May
Will be chosen as reeve for  the,
district.   Others who have agreed
to allow their names to be put for
ward arc:   For aldermen-Coun
he abundant crop this year wi
far exceed that of anv previous
it   was   with   difficulty   lhat   the year.    Mr. D. G.  Dick,  who has
members presenl restrained their been up there this week, says that
heart breaking sobs as the r quiem on one-third of an acre there were
Was sung : btll every cloud has a ft,IOO  taken  oil  in   strawberries
"land Lonsdale 1 	
berries are now being shipped in erected by Ex-councillor Morden.
large quantities east and west. I Mr Templar will expose for sale
The abundant crop this year wi" (a first-class stock- of fresh groceries
and expects by courtesy and care
to win a share of public patronage.
His friends in the new city wish
lliiil well in his new venture; and
being well aware of his integrity
!h'V,0r,li,,inf ,an<i  ' >«   'hingjlas.  year,  and   ,„ls   ^"^!|bw'n«» - ~  m	
'   cheered ihem was the hope looks as though  „  would ex    dT "° "» °< h*  success.
thnl nt »he near ful •       ,,,„• ceea due notice of the opening will ap-
Pear in this paper.
cllair' r    ■       ■ ■    - .1 '              . .a.     wi  ' m-.,. ,,,,.   ■
: a.: •.
....   .-     , .,;,
ip g,   an .
■'■   oauer    Winn 1
-dies ol St.  John's church John Hoskin, Toronjwere"! let' i"s<« ** 'ierry St qLZ
permission to sell r,,* | town on Mnn  approached     Vancouver.      Mr
M„   1   ,,-   1 ,            ,          Davidson had presence if   i„d tr,
M«- J" P. Johnson and little swim to the end of tl
daughter arrived on Tuesday, and h. ,vaa. "•  ':'" where
- staying will, Mrs.   ioXTSZtfl\t ^ """
-Second street, > | oy-t. tilliott and R. Bissett.   He
"PPl '■' r permission to sell re-j town on Mondat
Ireshments on July lirst, from a
booth to be erected midway between Larson's ami Lonsdale
gardens, and the council, gallant
• and courteous to the lasl, granted
the wish of the fair sex,
Letters were received Irom  the
Municipalities ol Richmond and
lias anyone seen Herr Larson's
yackass" lately.
The contract for grading   an
losta«i50 gold watch, some small
change, keys and letters,
H. Woods. Neither the Tantekai
nor the Tantanikai participated,
though entered.
Fishing boats under 30 feet, (or
members only: The Rene II.,
W. J. Elder, proved the only entry
ami the race was declared off.
Senior double sculls, first heat:
1, F, Stonor and Dr. Campbell;
3, S. Call and A. G. Sullivan.
Second heat: 1, W. Shaw, and
F. E. Mitchell; 2, Iv'. P. Cornish
and W, J- Butler. A very close
Third  heat:    I,  W.   li.   Bun-|
bury and H. Woods; 2, F.  Dip-
lock and A. E. Kealy.
Semi-finals:   1,  Dr.   Campbell
, I ;■'. Stonor j 2, Capi. M   :hi II,
\V. Shaw.
Final heat!   1, Dr. Cam]
S, Storer; 2, W. B. Bunbury,  H.
Senior fours, first heat-: 1, F.
Mitchell. Dr, Campbell, W. Shaw,
H. Woods; 2, W. B. Bunbury,
\V. J. Butler, S. Call, I". Diplock.
Bye:   A,   k.   Kealy,   F. Stonor,
W. Emery, F. J. Coutts.   In the
r,..,i /--_. >,'
P&W.IO   NOTICE   is    iiFHKRY
Dlstfett^VaS    *   '"
North VmXw^"' ,n  "»  City ol
Saturday, June 1st, 1907
^_^_^_^_^_^---      I I 0'aoCK NOON
Nye for ward 2, Mr. Duval having j K»m °! **■! on. pel-ton .0
definitely refused a nnmin*..;,...        ''il ns RM^ ,n\\iba^l«_W Coun-
>'»rd,,.,,|,.|.r,   ,.   .'r"0"".1".? each
uid Mr. McDowell of Moodyville.
For lhe rural council nobudt is
mentioned  except   Ex-councillor
definitely refused a nomination,
The moonlight excursion, the
first of the season, was held on
Tuesday night by St. Andrew's
Presbyterian church, pet the
steamer St. George. It was a big
Burnaby, and the City ol Vancou- "'" r"'"rai't (or ~''u,,n" »ni
^arranging for a conference to I L?0"1? '"'" "crcs of the K c
lie hei,.4 at the city hall,  Vancou* I       lr'C   Park   ""    T^nty-lirst
ver. this ev?Ding, to urge upon
the government ,'''6 nocessitj ol
constructing a bridge acro.ss Ihe
Second narrow
Btreet, to be finished for tho sports
0" J»l) isi next, has been let,
Th.se grounds when completed
•villboequaltothe Brockton Poinl
grounds, and are already leased to
sl, .      V I        tr
I'vmavor \, r ■ w. nmery, F. J. Coutts.   I„ the
W■»»)« McGuigan,  of   Van- fnial Capt. Mitchell's crew won by
"•or, who has lust relumed frnm   a n.-irrnu- „„„„•„
a_..,      «. .Ml-
couver, who has just returned Irom
Harrison Hot Springs, spenl Mc
toria day in North Vsncouver.
\ir fnitr.11 , ■     Broun<l»i and arealreadi
Mr. 1-. 0. Winkle wrote ask 108 ,,,    v   1   »
what the cos. ola wholesale and;'       N'"'U    \;,""",mr    Athletic
retail  license would  be,  as heliT1'"','"        "~'S    A'l!"""
wanted  .»  sun   manufacturing "™,H«W 'v lfos'' "   *e con*
..... tractors
wme iu North Vancouver.   Clerk |
instructed to send copy ol section     Mrs. Kovart, ol  Seattle   was
0'; municipal clauses .,,, dealing hereon Monday visiting friends'
W,;h,l"s:||    _ She says she will be back  shortly!
Councilloi Emery said thai Fire
Chiel Kennedy would like 1 tower     ''""" Portland there arrived on
erected to dry the hose in.   It Monday Mr. A. Legrand,   II" is
ild be aboui 75 leel  high, very sanguine in the prosperity ol
a narrow margin    ^^^^^^^
Junior  fours:    :,   (!.   A.   McMillan, D. Shildrick, A. Shaw, C.
Diplock :   2,   W.   Hickman,    II.
Stafford, C. Bunbury, F. Diplock.
The  final  event  between  the
_______________"     '.""  '"'I municipal   crew   and   the   North
moiilli.   having  been  touring  the  .. ,, -t ,
....    Mm—        " 1 Vancouver  Boating  (bib  proved
the mosl exciting  of  the  day's
events, being won by the latter by
 1    .  •
Chas. Higgins, Rochester, N.
Y., and F, A. Bryce, Toronto, who
arrived in  British Columbia  last
Thos. Bland, of Toronto, one of
the oldest newspapermen in
Canada, is here on bis annual tour
to the Coast. He is much impressed with Nortli Vancouver,
and was a vi.-itor at The Exi'RI SS
office 10.-,.'.
Among the arrivals from New
Westminster this week was J. B.
Sargeant. Ile says everything
very active at the Royal City.
Miss Helena Van Crux, Seattle,
is the guest of her former school
mate, Miss Annie Stuenberg,
Lonsdale avenue.
.     ,., mm uio -icr-on* Irirn each
ward, as dellned by tbs Keith Vancou*
ver City Incorporation Ait Amendment
Act, 1907, lu n'|ire«'nt Ihein 11 Council*
Ion, and Iur the j ui-|..•-.- uf *•!«- tim- lour
I "r«'iiis in represenl them in the Municipal Board of School Tnuteei, in place
uf lour nl,n have resigned.
The candid-del shall be nominated in
writing; the writing shall be subscribed
by imi voters nl the Municipality as
proposer and seconder, and shall he delivered in me in Retnrnlng Olllcer, at
any tlmo between the date..(this notice
and .' o'clock p. IU, of lhe day of the
nomination, and In the event ol n poll
heingiiccessary, such |».l, «... be opened
today, June Mi, 1907
ni the Municipal Hall, In the City of
.Vaarih Vancouver, and trill ic kept d-ien
between tim hours uf
!l o'lkk 11, and i oYlod P, I.
: slum ,.   tJ    ,,..,
with   a   shingled   tool,    ami   be
,boardcd down to about j" oi  [o
lent.    The reeve moled   that   this
be done, and   lhe council   cailud
illis, iis lasi motion, ami died
game to the last.
(Messrs, Anderson, MiN.iught
* Hoss, conn actors, ol North
Vancouver, yesterday signed the
■VflMCl with Mr. Wickcndcii,
;rcllltecl for Mahon, Mcl-'arland
Mahon. lor the excavation and
Jsreclion ol a two and one hall
storey frame building, on the
pornei ol Chesterfield avenue and
.iii.iwa gardens, i" bi used loi
residential purposes
Mrs. T, Newman, ol Kamloops,
ti here visiting Iriends, having
brrived oii Monday
the new city   ^^^^^^^^^_
I lie i.una bees ire at work
earlier this spring than usual.
They awarmed over a fortnight
ago. and in some cases honey has
been taken from the hives, li is
stated by those who know that the
reason for llii- i- the early blossoming ol tne fruit in rs
li'uliis Piers, Noi.i Scotia, has
arrived with Ins wile and youngest
son, ami will lake up his residence
011 Fourth street east, His sons,
Edwin, Ira and Ross are well-
known  old   Norlh   Vancouveriti
\ |' ■ ■ mi n,' ting ol thi Norlh
\ ancouvei Boating Club will be
In id on Monday, Juni 3rd, .it H
(M lock, in im nu its' room at the
■minis ipal hall,   The businesi ii
province. They visited the interior and also the island and
came over to North Vancouver
yesterday, where they have decided to im ate, I hey will send
Uor their families sh
Second Narrows Bridge.
At Monday night's meeting of
the Vancouver City Council Aldermen II' pi.11111 nnd Ramsay moved
ih.it a special committee be appointed Iim (infer with the Nuill
V.iiu ouvei Count il on the ipicstion
of a bridge across Ihe Second
Reeve Kealv. who was present,
was permitted to speak, and said
that if a date could lie selea ted lor
the meeting ol sm h a conference
as was suggested iii thc letter.
North Vancouver would be quite
willing to meet the convenience of
the city,
Ou the suggestion ol Alderman
Ramsay, Mayor Bethune appointed
,1 special committee on bridgi 1 to
be appointed to maki a date and
arrange a meeting with repre • nl
stives of North Vani ouvi r. South
'. ■■ >, ivei 11:11 Burnaby. Aftei
wards Alderman Hepburn suggested nexl Friday, and  this 1I.1II
wi I probably be fixed.
three boat lengths. Xortli Van
Oliver Boating Club lirst), W.
li. Bunbury, W, J. Butler, D.
Campbell, F, Stonor, Claude Bunbury, (cox) ; municipal crew : A.
E. Kealy, J. J. Wood . II. Woods,
W, F, Emery, II. Stafford, (cox .
priil.ic NOTICE is HEREBY
-1 given to the Electors ol tlm City
of North Vancouver thai I require ihe
presence nf the snid Electors sl lhe
Municipal Hall, North Vancouver, on
Saliirdiiy, J
Among the distinguished arrivals
il. ■ tvei l> ni North Vancouver
was Mr. Chas. Behnsen,  M.P.P.,
foi Victoria.    The  popular ineiii-
I11 r spent a few happy hours renewing old acquaintances yesterday, amongst whom were  Mr.   L.
Iiiilu.  an old Victorian, ami  at
presenl   the   proprietor   ol   thc
Palace hotel here.   Asked by Tin:
Evi 11 ss his opinion ol Ibe Am
bilious Ciiy, be replied :    " I supported all your requests in your
act nl incorporation, because I be*
li. v.    you   have   a   gri at   future.
What Inner testimonial do you
want, and I congratulate my old
h end Mr. Reda, in his elegantly
equipped   hostelrj "   Mi    Behn
mi     ■:  for the   Interior  today
when h' will n main [01 six weeks
Ol more.
Subscribe lor Tin; EXPRESS,
for the |iiir|'w of electing "in' pern 11 to
represenl them In the Municipal Council
as Mayor, and sis persons te ronresonl
iii.'iii ai Alderman | an.l also i"r the
purpoio of electing three persons to
ropreienl Ihem in the City Board "f
School Trustees.
Tl, • Can,ii.l.id's shall i»' nominated In
writing; Hn' liming-I,all be subscribed
by two votors ol the Municipality si
proposer and seconder, and shall be delivered t" mc, ilie lloturnlng Officer, nt
any iim,- between Hie date ol this notice
ami two o'clock p. m , "f th.. .lay ..( the
nomination, and in tho event nf a poll
I'cing nocessary such pull will be opened
.....   a ,   JI.
" The qualification for Reeve "ball he
Ilia being a male Ilrinuli subject, and
having been fur three months nnt
preceding tho day of his nomination the
registered owner in the Land Registry
1 lllii'cul laml nr om. pru|*rly. tituate
wiiliin the Municipality, uf the weiied
valllo "ii tin" lasl Municipal .Assesmnent
Pull iif lice biui'lred 'Inllars ur mure
over and above any registered Judgment
or charge and being otherwise ipiHiiiii-d
na .1 voter."
"The qualification! Mr Councillor
shnll be life bolng a mule linn-i, aubject,
and having been lur ihe throe months
next preceding the day of hia nomination, the registered owner in the Und
Registry Ofni f land nr real property,
situate within the Munlc!|nllty, ol tns
naaossed value 01 the laat Municipal
laaeaamenl Hull of two bundled and
fifty dollora nr more over and above any
registered Judgment or charge, nr being
a homesteader, lessee from the Crown
or pre-omptor who has resiah"! within
tin' Municipality for the a-iace nf nne
v. ,.r nr more Immediately preceding ths
nomination, nnd who Is assessed fnr 1 >.
hundred dollars nr mure en the hid
.Municipal Assessment Hull, over and
nh i".,'any registered fudgmonl or charge
in. 1 being otherwise .pialnied ni u
(. lor,"
"In ,•!,rv Municipal School Dlstricl
an j person being s householder in the
school dlstricl snd being a British inb'
j," t nl tin- full age of '.'i y-ara and other,
wise Qualified to vote al an election "f
School Trustees in such ."-ciiu'.l I'l-tnt
shall be eligible le bs elected aa a School
Truitee In such Municipal District."
'ni'ii nailer inv hand, at Nurlli  Van.
couver, on Ibe Ssnddaj-ol May. hair,
J.J, Woods,
Returning Officer,
Saturday, June Mii, 1907
ami u ill be kepi open botween Ihe hours
"f :i o'clock a. in. and 7 o'clock p. in.
Tin. qtialifieatlona for Mayor ol iho
City ul tbe lirsl election shall be hi-
bolngs male liriiii-li subject ol the full
nge "f twenty-one years, anal having
been    !"r   'I"'   "iri"'   iiiniilha   nexl
: ding the day ol his nomination, I
and n thou, the ri glatcred ownor in tlio|
i in I Itogistrj "ii 1 real property'
situated within lhe city, ol tho tssessod
(ail la   Ih"   Insl    •'"...       Muni, l|aiil
\'-"*>iaii"iii Roll "i iln" district, "i nn
Hn'liiat ri'ii-i"l Municipal Assessment
Roll for School purposes of Dlstricl l.oi
:',.;,    'al   lii,'    hundred    dollars,     nr
Ihl rOLR
»llh Ul for
North Vancouver, B. C.
A Weekly Newspaptr.   Published by
Subscription, ?i a year.
[Continued Irom Lunt Week.
Education is a mallei ol desire,
and the printer's case, with bad
copy to revise, is better than
"English Twenty-two" at liar*
vard, Henry George moused
nights at the Qliakei Apprentices
Library, and he also read Franklin's " Autobiography": his mind
was full ol Poor Richard maxims
which In sprinkled through bis
diary . but besl ol all, with seven
olher printers he formed another
"Junta," and they met twice a
week tu discuss "poetry, and
economics and Moiuioiiisin." ll
was very sophoinoric. ol course,
but boys ol eighteen who study
an" thing and defend it in essays
and orations are ri-jbt out ou the
highway which leads to superiority.
Tha" trouble with the prentice is
that be does not know how to
spend his evenings; tlie love ol
leisure and the wish Ior a good
time cause the moments to slip
past him, out of his reach forever,
out into the great ocean ol time.
Life is a sequence the logical,
far-seeing mind is a cumulative
consequence. Men who arc wise
at forty were not idle at twentv.
'• liead anything hall an hour a
day, and in ten years you will be
Iraim-d," says Emerson.
Henry George worked ami  read Pecl,1,ar """« »ho,1< tllis llotcl was
aud the "Junta" gave him  tlie
and the life work of Henry George
was really begun, lor his employers hail discovered that be
could " 'rustle ihe die," and il
copy were scarce he could create
The gold lever gol into the blood
nl Henry George, and his savings
became a shining mark kn tin
milling shark. A thousand men
lose money  at  milling   when  nne
itrikes pay gravel.   Henry George
was one ol the thousand.
lie got guod wages ami boarded
at the best hotel iu San Francisco,
the " What Cheer House." This
storied hostelry was  owned   liy  a
niaii named Woodward, who bad
a lew ideas of his own. Woodward not only hated rum, Romanism and rebellion, bm also
women, Woodward was a nui
firmed batchelor, having been continued by a lady bachelor ill some
dark, mysterious way, years belore. So no woman was allowed
10 either stop at the hotel or work
in it. The labor was done by
Chinese, ami Henry George wrote
home to his sist, is, describing tbe
place as an immaculate conception.
Next to the fact that no women
were allowed in the "Whit Cheer
House," was the lurther more
astonishing proposition thai the
place was tun ou absolutely temperance principles, thus foi lhe
time, al least, silencing that hoary
adage of the Melius wiseacre thai
no hotel can succeed without a
bat. Woodward became rich Irom
the proceeds id bis temperance
hotel founded Woodward Gardens
a paik beloved b) all who knew
then San Francisco,   The  third
first  taste  ol   that   intoxicating
thing, thinking ou one's leet. We
grow by expression, and never
really know t thing until we tell it
to somebody else. Henry George
was getting an education, getting
it in the only way anyone ever can,
ot has, ur does gelling it by doing,
lint llu- wanderlust wa-. again at
work ; California was calling tin
laud ot miracle- the printer's ink
began to pall. Henry George was
a sailor: every part ol a sailing
ship was to him familiar, Irom
bilge water to pennant, Irom bow-
that it had a library ol a thonsiin
volumes, lt was the only public
library in San Francisco al that
time, ami it was tbe hooks thai
I'd Henry George to spend twice
as much lor board as he otherwise
would have done.
il'u Im Continued
North  Vancouver  Methodist
Church Organized.
I in Wednesday c
al  il.
Remember North Vancouver.
Tu tlie Editor nf Tim Exi'iiass:
Sir. Il was with regret that 1
learned of the aclious of the municipal council on Monday night.
The council called for applications
lor the position of constable for
the district. Although 1 was not
an applicant, yet in the best
interests ol our town I certainly
expected that one ol our own
t iwnsnieii would have been chosen
or selected for ibis position, as
with all other work or services nil
things being equal, om local
citizens should Im the lirsl ones
considered The gentlemen selected by the  "committee  nl  ihe
whole" no doubt are honorable
men, but insl lhe same may be
said of local applicants lor this or
any nilid' position, or even tender
tm public work. For heaven's
Sake, do not place outsiders in
positions that North Vancoiiverites
can till themselves. In other
words patronize and help the
people ol our own town belore all
others, Tin Express, as we
have read, advocates home industry and local enterprise, and
why should not our municipal
council give consideration to our
own citizens and ratepayers before
going elsewhere lur people lu do
our own work. 1 hanking you, Mt.
Editor, for the space accorded, 1
remain faithfully yours,
IvA ll.l'.IUK.
Besl luruisiied Hotel on Iiie (mist
««*ai!ia^^r.a-.aiij*rt!»."i-aK--vffi"r,-: Mas
j    RATISl
ana 11.
Noith Vancouver,
3". 1907'
ll.       Ca,       MU
spnt to stern-post, lie could methodist meeting in thc Orange
SWab the main-mast, reel the top* ball it was decided to bold Sun-
sail iii a squall, preside m the da- school at 2130 p. in., commencing next Sunday, Juue 2nd,
Mr. [•'. Collier was appointed
superintendent; Mr, John Device
was appointed class h ader :
Messrs. Parkin and Sullivan,
stewards, and Mr. Jas. Adams was
recognized as local preacher.
It was announced that Rev. li.
cook's galley, or il the mate were
drunk and the captain ashore  he
could take charge of the ship,   put
lor open -..'.i and ride oul tbe storm
by scudding belore the wind.
Ships 111  niied ol  sailors were
lying in the oiling.    When  young
Henry George took a walk  II  was
always along the docks,   He knew Medley Balderston, ll. A., who
has been appointed as minister in
charge, will arrive about thc lirst
nl June; the work meanwhile will
every ship there in the  Delaware,
and visited with the sailor men
who told ol the happenings in lar*
oil climes.   News Irom California bc carried on under the oversight
much interested him—California 0'Rev- 1,r Robion.
was am thei Amerii a, hopelessl)
separated liom us by an impassable
range ol lorbidding untains, re
inlon ed h". desert plains, peopled
only by hostile savages. But the
■ .1 •'■.!- an open liigbwa; to this
land "I 1 nehantment California
called' And finally Henry George
ovrn arm.* temptation bj suci umb
ing Is il, and sailed away south
ward 111 the staunch little hip
"Shubrick," bound Im thc
modem Eldorado by v. ij of Cape
Horn, ll was a sin months' pas
sage with man' stops and much
trading, and time that seemed
lilted nm ni th, calendar ami
thrown away.
Henry George arrived in Cab
iornia penniless I'.iil he had
health ami a willingness to work.
He became a [arm baud, a tramp
pedlar, a laborei slim.'nni: gravel
into a sluiceway ami standing all
day knee deep in water, ll was
sll good, lor it taught tlie youth
that lile was lile and wherevel vou
go you carry your mental ami
spiritual ai .els, a. well as -"in
cares, on thc crupper
Then llnrc 1 ami"  .1   |ob  in  lhe
Ii was del ided lo bold ,1 meeting
Im iln- organisation ol 11 ladies'
aid on Wediiesil.il nexl, at j
p. ui,, in lhe Orange hall, which
Inn lieen   -   uii
lor all the iiinn h
Mr. Anderson has started to
build on lot 14, district lot 2087,
corner l'eler and lhival road.
'Mi. J. I.. Cribbs is clearing his
land and getting ready to erect a
house on his property, oil the pipe
line road, jusi north-cast ol Mr.
Mr. |. C. Luscombc has ordered
lumber and will build immediately
on his property, jusi west of the
Frommc road.
Mr. M. McDonald has rented
the Anderson place, on the
Frommc road, and moved in with
his family.
There is a movement on foot
between the lesidents ol the
valley and property owners ol thinly to cut Hails to Imd through
the canyons, thus opening up one
ol the prettiest placi s within
many miles ol Burrard inlet.
Mr. Frommc has finished bis
contract on Centre and From me
There has been a few transfers
nl property in this neighborhood
this week lor cash.
Askew & Kennedy have completed lloskin's and W'estover
roads and have moved out.
Mr. Froinnie has purchased Mr.
Allan's interests in ib mill, and
is now sole manager. A planer
will be a |,|. d, ,nni   loon the mill
will I  a po ilion  lo supply
tin al. in.ni Is .ii tin v ah' . and
elsewhere lo its lull 1 apai it;
Church Notice.
l.tV'      1 l'i   -I   .  I I   1-1 I".   '   llll'*   11
l\lll   -lllll  I.
Servii es will be 1 oudiii li d aa
Usual   .ui   Siiiul.i,   In   llu   p.isliu
Suiidav school. 2:30 p  111.
Senn .* at Moodyville si hool at
,aa   |1     III.
I'rayei meeting on I Inn ulaj at
S  Ii'l ilia k
All aie welcome.
I'a.si.ii  Rev, J, li. Gillam, M.A
mi iii'U'i■ 1 ■ nrm 11, "Kis,.1  iiai.i,
Services will be held on Sunday
ai 11 ,1 m and , '," p. iu. In ihe
Rev, l>r Robs in ; class im clings
10 a. in Sunday school, 2:30
p. in praye 1 ai d prai ie mei ting,
Wednesday, - p. m Meeting lot
organization ol Ladies' Aid, Wed
■' . 1.1   icxt, 1 p ni.   .Ml cordially
1    Xortli  Va ver School.   Mr. N.
I.iiilei, architect, Nortli Van iver, will
-In,ii   plans lllld -pei'ilii'iliniis ami re*
I'lilvenfler-un ..r Muni ::i-l Mill 11)07,
IV. P. I'd, 11.
Secretary Sel I Hoard.
liiEKUKKH WAXTKti Ml; 1(0(11111
1   ti railing |K-rtlnn nl iho I Ini* I: 1
nn ih,* Huts, near IlieCnpilaiiii llnad.
Teuilers in lie in not laicrHum Juno I,
1 am.-1 ..r any lender* mil  cwarlly
;iiYi'|.t.'.|   t'..r particular* appl- to
11,Ii'l ,   1,1111,1 II I   ,V ("a.  .   I.lll.
'i'ii Cainliit' st,, Vancouver
composing room ol  a newspaper, jnvited
'   k I  11 •.* a 111
North Vani 11 iver To 11 good man »
inaa-i liberal contract mil bc given.
Appl) l;,.mi, 21, llnlll I.m 1-'-..,
Vancouver, II 1
Special Rates to Families nnd Regular Boarders
Half-hour ierry connection lu nnd From
Vancouver, llnl und cold wntcr in every
room.   Kcturn  cul]   bells   in   every   room,
REDA & ANDRUSS, Proprietors
Second Struct,   -   ■       -   NORTH   VANCOUVER, I!. C.
^LKSh tfldltffe    Worth of North Vancouver
^JV^IfW    Property ior Clients.    .    .
Owin rs are requested to call at our ollice, or
mail a list with full description and particulars
as 10 prices and tonus.
We can guarantee sales il prices are right,
and we am given sole agency.
Give Ihis your immediate attention il you
wish your properly transformed to cash.
('iirner Lonsdale Avi
and I-ilth Sl,
Sell Your Real Estate—Rent Your
House—Invest Your Money in
Mortgages al Good Interest.   .   .
To  See,  if You  Wish   to Buy
North Vancouver.
Thompson Block,
Phone 6
Pins h
\ It BER
Lonsdale An niie,
near comer of First street
No Seedless I'l s,  N'u Vitlvni Apple*
No I'nl.lcii- Corn .Insl ..I.I relliihlc v«r-
ietii'Hilt reiiHiniiihli' priri-. I''ei'iili/.er-,
ili'I- Sn|i|ilit'-. Spray I'uiup-i, Spri-viii-*
Material. Cm I'lmviira, ele. Oldi'si .-■
tiihlislii-il nursery nn lhe mainland nf
lliili.-li I'lll lllll".   falali.iiile five.
VANCOl'VBll, II. 0.
I', S.—II your local merchants ilu nut
handle my needs, send direct, tt'e prepay lil'tv packets, ussnrleil varieties ul
narden seeds in live cenl papers (It-atid
stock) to your nciircsl ptistutllcc Iur *JI :
me-iily packet, lor HO renla.   Trial cul*
When you want
a job ol Painting
or Paper Hanging
or Kalsomining
done.   See
Hardy & Stoney
Sixth Stri i i
Men's $4 Shoes
Box C.il lilin hers, leather lined,
double sole 'S-1.00
Velvour  Call  Bluchers,   leather
lined, double sole $4.00
Vn.i   Kid   Bluchers  and   Hals,
leather   an    canvass   lined;    a
dnia, boni $4.00
Sei I  . loi \ "in
Spiiu^ Shoe"
51(1 Hastings Streei \V.
Pur .uii" -izc nc have
nui' nf tbc linesl and besl
mocks In llritisli Columbia,
We are liiylli-l in nn ex*
Ifinlli' stuck "f
1 i* 111 inn DECORATION*
Inr Ilm [iri'lll celebrillliil	
Dominion Day, IVu open
thom up  nexl ivcuk,   All
l-nlne lllld IllSpi'Ct.
Mils.  II    A.  Sll-V,
Cor. 2nd nnd
Lom-Jile Ay* ,    -    N.VANCOUVER
If you arc going lo lllll I)
or do any 41. ILKA I IONS
1'oliiuill us and we mil
sue vim MOXI.Y.
Plnns, Etc.,   prepared lor any
style house. Isiinintes Furnished
6th St., West
Rolled Oets
Hay and Teed
ALL 03*1)1 lib
Milling Co.
I united.
I lain Miti In 11, Im nl manager,
Lonsdah Avenue.
Fine, health) Tomato and
Cauliflower Plants, grown Irom
Sutton's Seeds, always mi hand.
•' I -luili iippl; tu the llceimluu lluiird
■a the bialrlel 'Municipal!!' nl Xorili
\ iiucuiiver ;it ii- lies' lucellng i..r n
ii'.'i'i llcoime (nr prendre! known an boi
I' m llie Slllfdlvlaloil "I Lul 871, UroUp
I, \c« Wi'simni-i'T District, reilslortd
in ih,' Land lloglstory Ollice al lhe City
nl Vancouver,
A, M'EVllY,
Hated Mav Ulli, 1007, EXPRESS,   IORTH V'AXCOl VEH, B.C.
Aboui ihe Lucerne.        , ^WMW&Wi^^^^
Tn lim Editor of Tur, Kxi'iikhk:
My dear Public Benefactor,—In ; .-{J
a recent issue ol your hi nie-grow n
production I notice thai you compare youi delightful ainl youthful
ciiy with Lucerne in Switzerland,
There is quite   a   diffi.-ri.-ncu   between the  twin  cities,   Lucerne
has 32,000 people, and 100 hotels,
but  no   Pete   Larson.   111   that
mountain town every devii e know
that will extract gold from .1 lonri 1
is used ni such an advantage thai
the population easily live twelve
mouths upon lhe profits ol .1 five
months'    season.     Real    estate
agents are jusi dim memories in
Lucerne, while in North Vancouver tbey -eiin to Im the prim ipal
attraction    Iur    visitors.   North
Vancouver uill never be a Lucerne,
although ils citizens have 11 scheme
to  make  it  a ureal  resort   foi
tourists by developing the attrac
lions on the mountains hack nl llie
city,    I know  ol   lew  more  ideal
spots, willi its justapositioii to the
promising  ciiy  across  llie   saline
aqua than your beautilul new city
Inl a tourist and residential centre.
I infill just throw in, as ii reminder ol other days, that New
Denver, away up in the Slocan,
resembles more closely Lucerne
than anv otbel spot in America.
I hat is. Inun a natural standpoint,
nol an artificial one.   New Denver
The Newiy-ereefed Store
Corner £lh and Lon'xkle Ave.
Mill be Occupied In
Wiih fl full Line oj
5i|)C!i abou\ .June  10th
;? Watch Ibis S|jaee Next
5?0 x 2 40
Close to saw mill and plank road ;
ten minutes from car: only $300.
Also a few i .| acres for $200;
terms, 10 down, Sm per month.
House to let, 6 rooms, all conveniences: splendid view. Also
one lor sale ; $500 cash and {so
per month.
does not resemble Nortli Vancouver. Alti r holding real estate
there lor lifteen years, that cost
me 82,000, 1 sold it lor S400. II
I only had got that $2,000 into
Ninth Vancouver fifteen years,
wli.it a bank roll I would have bv
this nun'.
Mme anon.
K. T. Loweky,
North Vancouver, 13. C,  May
30, 1907.
Iwo perfectly cloared lots 011 Lonsdale Avenue
$900 each
The Lucerne,
'I'n ihe Kditorol 'I'lll! KXPIIMB!
Sua:     I was Very   lllllcll   illllllSed
thc other evening when 1 chanced
to iee a stra) copy ol youi valuable
piper witli the comparison con-
t.iai.a .1 therein ail North Vancouver
with       itcern Svvil;
are od
i* al
In thi   'i ■ me has a
delightfully dry climate, and,stand-
ing as n does, some 3,000 lei t
above the level ol lhc sea. the air
consequently is ol the most bracing and invigorating description.
As regards si enery it is considered
one ol the beaut) spots ol the
mosl picturi s pie country in the
world, To see the beautilul lake
ol Luce-, ue is to remember it for
ever, The mountains all round
are beautilul, although not ol ihe
highest that Switzurlaed can boast.
But  what   I   would  say is lhat
Lucerne --t tn-K amidst scenerj
thai mis been developed, e. .. .
mountains that can be climbed
ami lakes thai can I" explored
with ease and comfort, 1.1 in
slam '•. the steamer going to Alt*
duil, ai the bottom ol the lake, is
one ol the most luxurious, and the
passing scenery becomes unrivalled
simply because il is enjoyed in
comfort. Then again, we have
electric railroads up the Mount
Rigi and I'ilaiiis, to a certain distance lium which the summit can
easily be gained again with ease
and comfort, Then again, tin
vai li vs are accessible, and good
roads to lake you Inun nne place
to another, nnd also railway 1 om-
iiniiin ation, su that visitors need
not dump themselves in one place
all the time. I he lake ol Zug is
inst over the Kigi, and can easilj
hi" ia .1. li,.I. also lhe Lake ol Zurich
ami Thnn which are   not   greal
dislam es,   Hut 11 is BtipcrU ms to
enumerate all the lovi Iv   ipoi
within < .1 iy reai hiug dislam.   ol
Lucerne- they are countless; and
I repeal therein lies the charm ol
a tourist resort, e. g., the ai cessi-
bility of reaching beauty spots in
comfort and under tolerably easy
conditions, Now in Ninth Van-
ver vmi certainly have some fine
mountains at your buck, and some
delightful valleys and canyons,
namely 1 Capilano and Seymour:
but whal efforts are being made to
bring these charming sight-seeing
places to the tourist, let alone the
Every Sunday the ferry boats
are loaded with people crossing
the inlet, attracted doubtless with
the possibilities ol gazing, within
,1 rii'ser range at the fine mountain
scenery, but on arrival the) lii.il
there are no conveniences lo take
them to near distance. If yon
c.iii'a run        lie	
Stumps and
Rocks Removed
Without Damage
to Buildings
Call or Address
JONKS AVE.NI '   AND  !.|lll Sl.
ut   to   t        .',.11 . ■     ■
111 ]   US!  "   .1      V   il
North Vancouver itsell  1-   not
a tourist resort, but it could be
made an excellent starting p
anil centre  for tourists,  nnd  il jyj _ !\l'C
something were done in | wide
boiler means ol 1 ommiinii ati in,  i
am positive the place would attract
a. rabl) mon visiti   1 than it!
11 a   ilces.   Yours very truly,
( .  A.   ill SLAI'.
\ .Ilia  "li     ■   I
to 17.
li.  C.
lay   Jist,
Rector Appointed.
.'ailoniinc. and
hoots and shoes
'liar lieu   Ii.ii-   nn    !,.T" ,
■  ,'l       •
'   .'1.1.
i -1* onllo Hunio Industry
PlIOSII "."   Ill  "a.
Vs .1 result ol ,1 nn etii :■
chiin li a on mittee, ol Si. |olin
the evangelist 1 bun h, North Van
couver, pn sidi do ei b' the Wch
deacon ol Columbia, lhe bisliup'i
0II1 r nl the paiish to Rev, |
Ilooper, hi tor ol St, 1 icoi |i
parish, ll.illiursl. N. II. was
unanimous!) approved,
Mr. lloopi r luii In 1 n ii 1 tor o!
Bathurst [or five yens. He i a
son nl lhe late Captain Hooper, ol
Toronto, an ex-officer ol the imperial army ; about thirty-four
years old : in,11 iia tl, and without
family. His wile is the daughter
ol lhe late Rev, Donald M. Uliss,
nl Westmorland, N. ll.. a very
well-known New Brunswick family.
Mi. Iloopei's record is such thai
it is In lieved be will be acta plabh
to the pari >h, and an ni tpiisition
lo the diocese,
I '". V ■ 1: i 'I.   . ,    .'
'  .    ■
Fiii'i'ii'i'-Scrgfiinl Jinn.!* I'iiIpn
CA.liHl-.0l-   B0ll0(H
L'll .1 si   a 1.,..   a
Sixth Slrecl lYiidri
N' nh Vnneotivur      Vani'iiiiver, II C
II, ll. IU"., Mur.
ireel,  SOU  ll   VAM'Ol 'll;
Subsi libe lor The I Ixpi
Ild,I Kill Sill   Cotnplel
d' tail, .a! .. ,a   liii
Iall     EXI'RI
The Greatest Demonstration
of the Year
Fop Particulars
6. J. Phillippo, Chairman
M. S. McDowell, Secretary
~ ' PUBIS I'll.. I.TII.
Summei Time   I able, 1907
.     NO   ill  VANCOU
I" «■,* Quantltioi, Levali
lei !• 1 e of I Dintructlon
1 "'i.m sun.1:1. Coaxaa LOMD-.I a \»n.
ni 3.
.11  Van   .' ,i.i,  |.   C.
Capilano Botel
(A I'l LA NO   DA M
1    ; thing ii' c" and  li rn, alloi
"i .1 metropolitan  hostlery    Eli al 1     50
ii' t abovi   sei   i vel.    Idcall)   situated   1 11   peopb
wishing  xhiliaratin te, beiutil
bi enerj and 1 limbing, ai d go al fishing and shooting,
Irom tin siimmil ol \l        Crowi   and
tlie    I,
1 ill; ha nici:   car i onnei lii    * ill
a ' j p.m.,
calling at the l
1 lor inspectio
RATES ;  5*2.50 in $3.00 Per I lay
'-.II CIA I     II.\ I I'.n   "I 1 ,   I  AMII  II *.   AM 1    in.. .1   I  All
I I   I   I   I'll   ,-.l     1.   ,J     N' al( I II    V ASCi 11   VKII
G. C. ,.«UMil SSI S
I nil  l.iolnlrr   -nd  B. I. l.n.  I«r,.(.r
l| ...   I     a      ■
M-    •
I !'■   ..   ' I li, II   I".
iNluntNCI     In III III   !•»•    ' aa
Mining    Pl«ca*r and Hydrmllc
TlMlta    Hirdwood Ccdir and fir.
Me.    .i' 10* TMC    .iimini. in
Pnoitcrivi AOINOr,
O'tlcil 1 Tii".1    1   a,( 1 onidilt A.»
f< Tuner. Mmm
.. lOBOOl
'       .    .  *
Scietitific jfniericatt.
■ ■■.,*„,. ■  •
■ i* *
I     - . 1 i , ,'l • i.«.,i-*--;-*-«.
CNN & Cu. "'""•"■ m ■ Ycrk
in.,.it, 0m™,m 1 it, H'uii,„.i..n. li,,. . S.]
'' I. (ii.-
, »*»'..ti1,1.;;:'.:1'' •'« *Iiir=:=rr:^=^
*-*,, ^^H^t^^^fe?
°' «" SuK? '* ^PtarLnH,^ Ma^ and Ud u "":"tel '" ^ t fe
:.s of 1006.  .,„:. "'us or their Sllc .L™'!lt *»ch |irsl ,.     . ** Wll0le
r ^ss^aLSr-
icsij.,, ... , 3ursi bave
r be<*°me dis,
ls| ,s l""piir,,l
list  of
in duel
anv I
^S"S»'"  vv -■ »,
**! 7 4(5'; ■?"" ""''i-  "'Ir'T' to*iiS "'" »°^.' v,TeKetl'r»'-ng0fliCersl, ,, '""U""i— .'ill, A
E®^a^^^»^s^ss&. ::::	
,Ur"r' "' '■'»   oac   ,"' 3'"^ '""■ ,,  ,V"M  '"""'"Hv of'   rifner of aforesaid       "X!"n,,l»» of tl,   , S° m"'"'»
"endry ■'„,h y alonR the north   ?,73 ,""' Pr°Pcrtv oi . 1" ""' '
Morth VanrA...0F
WU, como i„ ' luu,i-0TS 10
'6I Co^va strect     SPE0,AU8T
CT» v«n«ouver, b c
tlle,us"" ni,,,.
Was  I'OSIeil
'■•M.**    (Ill  „   ,,- ""'I'
PAClFir   » H°ltl«..inie,
"wuver, B. c,
n,, r--» - '*",erica
-*;:;:*«'N,Ws ,
It "    ""MlM'-Ec   i
HWnh*        ransac,ed'
Ca""dn- "niletl sfil *r,   any,
pDrRf,S ^h. and sold
8r!mpUt,e >n6iv
,S||||||^l!llllUl,„,,i r'"lv<"ms.
i vert
•'S P. iii. -*  minutes
C'n »'■" run cvwv I;;',— Av,M,
"W-"> met in
''" A;0° a.  ,„
be i|u
F"0.'! u	
;       ii
h'""y  Office,        I   }•"    re, "     -    ll„     ,        ^-W
l,a*«Ppoint              U8l,ch"|n«»er.,|072,£,»l "'«
i^ote;a-.,aveCaflM,,eC0 '
!hi"*«h a  o'^^inOursS'ftColu^'
,,( Co'»njand,       u""1 >^r0f (.,„ -•' u„dr"d
HENRV ^sson vou„    'teign
i''!':,':,,    'G
■'' ■Swwkr/.K
ifmin. Wi™*" LoMtUi »nd ,V(l||,r>


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