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 ^     SEP 141908
~   '''CTORIA, ^'
..hWl*tii Atiendslu
A well deserved success was
scored by the North Vancouver
Horticultural Society and Farmers'
Institute,at their annual exhibition
held in the pavilion, Alexandra
gardens, on Saturday last. The
hall presented a very attrai live ap
pSSrSBM witli the various displays
tastefully arranged and occupying
practically the entire lloor span .
The proceedings were opened by
President Alexander Smith who
called the concourse to order, and
requeued Alexander I'hilip to give
the audience information with nf
Sna-M to the societv's condition
and prospects. Mr. I'hilip directed
attention to several ol the more attractive exhibits. He stated that
the building had cost the society
$4500, and there yet remained a
debt of about $900. The member
ship Is about ioo and ought to be
three or four times that number,
Central Park society had a membership of from 300 to 400, and
there was no reason why the membership at Norlh Vancouver should
not be as large, or even larger.
He announced that the directors
had under consideration the holding ol a poultry and pet stock show
during the autumn months, more
definite inhumation regarding
which would probably be given
Thr chairman then called upon
Hon. F. L Carter-Cotton, president ol the provincial executive,
who in a short address commended
the energy which characterized the
conduct ol the affairs ol the society
is evidenced by the great.progress
that had been made, and also complimented them upon what had al-
reailv been accomplished. The
building lie declared was a credit
alike to the soii'ly 1.11I the district. The purposes which the society was organized to promote
were of the greatest importance,
and should enlisi the active co-operation of all. lie made the gratifying announcement that the provincial government had been pleased lo make a grant of $150 toward
thc building luud, which elicited a
round of applause. He then formally declared the exhibition open.
May1 1" lliun. ol Vancom.i.
disclaimed any knowledge ol horticulture, but conveyed the good
wishes ol Vancouver Ciiy upon the
occasion. He congratulated the
ladies on the excellent display
made in the several lines of ladies'
work. He pointed out thc enviable
•ituation of acreage in this district
relative to the unlimited market
offered by Vancouver for all kinds
ol (arm and garden produce, especially cinphasing the lact that
there is a felt need of the products
ol white labor in these lines He
relerred to the fact that the new
market at Vancouver is liberally
patronized by the people, so that
the demand has thus lar proven Iai
in excesi ol the supply. North
Vincouver should make good uie
ol the advantages offered in this
Mayor Kealy ititcd thit his
ipcech was somewhat explanatory
and apologetic. Thr management
greatly regretted the absence of
Ihe demonstration which it «
peeled would be made by Iln Hut
ilh Canadian Wood Pulp and Paper Company Until the day preceding the exhibition,the company
had given thr directors every reason to believe that the exhibition
would lie made. Imt on endeavoring lo make final arrangements,
they had concluded thai the cost
was prohibitive and had then ton
withdrawn. The live Hock exhibit
was worthy specihl attention.hunt
lhe largest and best that had BVBI
been gathered together in North
Vancouver. The mayor relerred
in pointed terms to the need of a
suitable bridge icrosi the Inlet al
lhc second narrows, to acconimo
date the ever increasing traffic lhat
was bound to develop between thc
Iwo cities and he trusted that within a (ew months such substantial
aid would bc forthcoming (or a
traffic bridge that imistnii liofl
would bc commenced practically
at once.
Votes of thanks were accorded
those who had assisted in making
the exhibition a success.ind 1 In 1 r
were given lor the management,
after which the concourse resumed
the inspection of the exhibits.
Lynn Valley carried off a fair
share of the honors, William Bur-
rell being exceptionally fortunate
in ihis regard.
John I.awson of Capilano,watches the paces of his driver with added intenst since he captured
tii si prize in his class.
Tbe display of pressed flowers
liy the children of the city schools,
and the fancy work by the children
of St. Paul's school, was worthy ol
special mention.
The most notable exhibit was of the Vancouver Milling
company, the Brackman-Ker Milling company and Victoria Cross
lea. The demonstrator did a live
business all the lime.
The display of the Mason and
Risch Piano company was a centre
ol attraction, and the music provided bv the orchestra throughout
the day was one ol the most enjoyable features of the occasion.
The exhibits ol Brown Bros.,
florists, Vancouver, potted plants,
James Simpson, florist, Victoria,
cut flowers, the Vancouver Steam
Dye Works, furs and stuffed ani-1
mals, and the preserved whole
Iruits from the department at Victoria, added very largely to tbe
success ol the exhibition.
A copy ol the Irish Times of
1765 exhibited by Miss Biss, some
clippings ol lace worn by Queen
Victoria at the diamond jubilee exhibited by Mrs. Kadi 1111,11 her. and
one mile ol Coates' linen thread,
(the gilt of a nephew who is an
employee ol the firm) exhibited by
Mrs. Alex. Philip, attracted a good
deal of attention.
Paine and McMillan, thc local
hardware men, provided a very
popular feature in their competitive drawing. The contestants
.wrote their names and addresses
on slips of paper which were deposited in a box, well shaken and
one slip withdrawn. The person
whose name appeared on the slip
received a credit good lor $35, on
tbe purchase of a $65 McClary
"Kootenay Range" if used wilhin
thirty days. The possessor of the
lucky ticket was Stanley McDowell
ol Moodyville.
A. Earle Waghorne sang a solo.
The entire service was characterized by an enthusiasm that was
inspiring, and following a suggestion of Rev. Davis, it is probable
that the veterans will arrange to
hold such services at frequent intervals.
Conservative Convention
Lynn Creek Notes
Residents ol Lynn valley are
indignant at the action of some
miscreant who is destroying the
dogs ol the settlement. Three
have so far been killed, one by
poisoning and the others by shooting. P. Westover is the latest
sulfrrrr, he having had a valuable
collie shot. The dog had bflOB
with thc family (or over BJfhl
yean and was highly prized. Mr.
Westover offers a reward of (1100
for the conviction ol thc culprit.
Thc Lynn Valley Veterans
Association found il necessary to
alter their arrangements with regard lo their picnic on Laboi dai.
on account ol the inclenunl
weather A supper and social entertainment was held in the old
school house. The attendann
comprised iln* number? of tli.*
association and their friends, who
filled the building to its utmost
capacity. The programme was
thoroughly enjoyable, taking the
lorm ol inlormal toasts and short
speeches, followed by songs by
adults, and games lor the younger
portion ol the company.
Thc first annua! parade ol lhe
Veterans' Association of Lynn
Vallev, held on Sunday last, was
eminently successful. The members congregated at lhe new school
house and marched to the church
where special seals had been reserved lor them, lhe remaining
capacity of the building being
overcrowded by residents ol tie
valley in attendance. The sen n ■
opened with the singing ol the appropriate hymn "Onward christian
soldiers," Mr. Underwood, a respected citizen ol the valley, presiding at the organ with gnat
acceptability. Rev. B lledlfl)
Kaldcriton, B.A., and Rev. Davis
gave appropriate addresses, and
The meeting of local Conservatives, held on Tuesday evening,
was well attended and was marked
by harmony and alertness. The
election of delegates to the convention in Vancouver on Wednesday, resulted as follows : A. F.
Kealy, A. R, Steacev, S. McDowell
R. H. Duke, A. E.' Crickmay, If.
S. McDowell, A. MacKay Jordan,
S. D. Schultz, Geo. H. Morden,
and Thomas Shepherd, with
Messrs. Innis, Fawcett and Young
as alternates. Short speeches were
made by Chairman Steacey, each
of the delegates and Colin F.
Jackson. The whole tenor of the
meeting was that of quiet enthusiasm, with every confidence of
victory. Secretary Shepherd stated
that there are 464 voters on the
North Vancouver list, a good majority of whom are declared Conservative supporters.
The utmost harmony and enthusiasm marked the convention
held in Vancouver, Wednesday
evening. North Vancouver was
honored in the election of Mayor
Kealy to the chair of the convention. The prompt manner in
which preliminaries were disposed
of, shewed that the delegates were
eager for the ballot. Messrs. C.
E. Tisdale, G. H. Cowan and C.
M. Woodworth were duly nominated, and when the ballot was
declared it stood as follows: Number of ballots cast 147, necessary
to a choice 74,for G. H. Cowan 79,
for C. E. Tisdale 58, lor C. M.
Woodworth 9, blank 1. An overwhelming burst ol cheering greeted
the announcement. The North
Vancouver delegation was practically solid for Mr. Cowan. Iln
Conservative party goes to the
electorate with every qualification
that is requisite for success, aud
victory is taken lor granted
throughout the  ranks.
Chesterfield School
We welcome the advent of a
new educational institution in our
midst. Next week, Mr. Scriven,
erstwhile of one of the Vancouvei
colleges, aided by a very efficient
staff, opens at Chesterfield House,
Lonsdale avenue.a day and boarding school for boys. We see he
aims at a very high standard of
mental and physical attainment,
which should result in building up
a character, at once gentlemanly,
tolerant and sell-reliant. In this
age, more than in any, ol varied
in issitude, a man has need of tin-
power ol sell control, and ability
to carry himself well under all conditions, and we are sure the train
ing to be given at (.'In sti-iin Id
house is well fitted to these ends.
The mm denominational character ol thc school will appeal to a
wider circle than would otherwise
be tbe case, hut knowing Mr. St riven as we do, wc leel assured that
the boys will not be allowed tn
grow np rank materialists, but will
be led to see and acknowledge a
I'a,iv. 1 behind all phenomena.
We hope that Mr. Bales, who is
associated with lum in Ins < nl' 1
prise, will develop the s, nnliln
bent of thc hoys, and dull tin in
well in mathematics and natural
science, in which In* himself took
honors and lectured in iln east.
Such training is even more necessary here.on account ol the rapid
material development of tin* pro
vincc, and the steadying hand of a
scientific education is needed to
keep us down to solid facts.
Tlie school will become more
and more of a necessity as every
week sees new families landed on
our shores, and the city daily increasing in population— Cum.
Sons of England
The next meeting ol Western
Kim* lodge, Sons of England, will
In held ill the Eagles' hall, mi
Tuesday evening next, when it is
expected a large number ol initiations will take place. A lea I I
lhe Eagles' hall has been secured.
and the regular meetings ol the
lodge will be held on the first and
third Tuesdays in every month. It
is proposed later to form a While
Rose degree, which provides tor
an increased scale of benefits, at a
slightly increased fee, but only
iiiemlitis of the present lodge,
which is termed the Red Ruse degree,   will be eligible for im mln 1
ship in tin* White Rose. Intending
members should see that their
applications are in before the day
of the meeting, full particulars
being obtainable from tin* seen*
tary, Leonard T. Sale. A number
of the Vancouver brethren are ex
pected to come over and as- ist in
initiating the large number of candidates who already have applied
(or membership at the next meet
ing. The charter will be held
open for a few we^ks,during which
time applications will be accepted
at a much reduced rate.
Football Labor Day
The lootball contest for the
Carter-Cotton cup, drew a good
attendance last Monday, the inclement weather notwithstanding.
Six teams of eleven men each wen
in competition. In the opening
contests New Wesdninster won
from the Nationals by a score of
30; the Thistles won from North
Vancouver by a score of 3-0 ; the
Celtics and the Shamrocks received
byes. In the second round New
Westminster deleated the Shamrocks by the narrow margin ol 1-0;
the Celtics beat the Thistle'- In
2-o. In the finals, the Celtics
captured the cup against New
Westminster.score 3-0 The trophy
was then presenledito the winning
team by Thomas Shepherd, secretary of the local club. Messrs.
I l.iii,ild and Ellis gave entire satisfaction as rihrasfl, There is good
material iu the local team,and with
practice they should be well up in
the game during the approaching
Lynn Valley Bear Hunt
■ Those residents of Lynn, valley
who have remained skeptical as to
the presence of bears in the valley,
comparatively close in, may have
all their doubts dispelled by viewing the pelt of a cul) stretched to
cure, at the house ol T.Thompson,
on Centre road. Returning early
last week, from a fruitless hunting
expedition to the northwest of thc
Lynn Valley Lumber Company's
mill, Mr. Thompson in company
with D. Turner, was suddenly confronted by a mother bear BttSfldsd
by a cub. The cub immediately
climbed a neighbouring tree. A
charge of buck shot in her face
caused thc  iln 1  Bear to make
off through the woods, followed by
a rifle shot which is said to have
wounded her. The cub was then
shot and brought home, and iln
in It is preserved as a memento ol
the adventure.
W. C T. U. Notes
Excellent progress is being made
with the elocutionary medal contest, and 1.ulv next month the
Horticultural hall should he illsd
to its full capacity with iatsn Iti I
listeners to the various young ladies
who will compete, on the <u | njofl
nl North Vancouvei's Insl display
ol elocutionary tali ul I'm
gianimcs will be out shortly.
The W.C.T.U. hold their regular
monthly meeting on Wfldm
in xi, at 3.30 p.m., in St. Andrew'i
I'n sliytcnan church, 6th strr. t.
Every lady interested in the work,
also visiting members,are cordially
mi iled to be present. As final
arrangements (or the forthcoming
medal contest are to be made,every
member and officer is especially
asked to he present.
Change of Occupation
|. C. Sabin has severed his connection with the local staff of tin
I'* C 1*1'' in' Ry. Co. and hai ac*
1 the position of representative in II C. Ior the firm ol Stevens
.^ Co., ol Toronto, importers
of English cutlery, eti Mi labia
is at present in the Kootenai
country, on an extended trip in the
inn rests of the firm He expei Is
tO cover the entile provim 1 tun I
I \ear, with more irsOBSfll side
trips at the coasl Mt Sabin's
many friends will wish him every
iuccen in hit new enterprise.
A couple ol bicyclists were fined
vesterday for riding on the sidewalk.
Aldermen l'rescott and McGui-
gan ol Vancouver, were visitors in
attendance at the exhibition last
Mr. McAIee is contemplating
the erection of a house on his pro*
peilv on 14th street, east of St.
Andrew's avenue.
Gett Holmes, of Mt. Pleasant,
Vancouver, was drowned in the
North Arm on Labor Day, by falling from a pinnace.
Wantki*--By experienced dressmaker, sewing by the dav. Rates,
$1.50 per day. Address, P.O.Box
77, North Vancouver.
Mrs. C. M. Chislett and child
lelt nn Tuesday on an extendi d
v. isit (0 friends in Mount Vernon,
Indiana. They will return iu about
three months.
Mr. and Mrs. R. Miller, who
mn married in Vancouver on
Wulncsday, the 2nd inst., have
taken up their residence on 17th
street, east ol Lonsdale avenue.
John McEwen has recently completed his contract lor the building
of the new residence ol L. D. Has
kins, on 16th street. The Diplock-
Wright coinpani supplied the lumber.
Thc commodious new buililmc,
to be occupied as Chesterfield
school, was finally completed this
week,in good time for the opening
sessions,whicli were held on Wednesday.
D. P. Henry, Ior some time a
resident of the city, is removing to
Vancouver next week. He will
have charge uf the city mission, at
the corner of Abbot and Cordova
Miss Olga Larson lelt (or Ta
coma Monday, where she enters
the Annie Wright seminary lor a
term. She was accompanied to
Tacoma by Mis. Larson and Mrs.
Thc mantels and similar fittings
for the I,. i\ 1, Mil. nee of Mr.Grt-rn-
Atmitagc, on Lonsdale ave, ar.
now I., ing plai id 111 position. I tt I
are manufactured by Cornish I
Cooper ol Vancouver.
T. Ilooih, tin will known fruiterer and coiil. 1 iion.-i, lias admitted II. S. Aikins into partnership.
It i< the intention of the new firm
to operate llu business upon ■
somewhat larger scale than in the
B Ca Rainsford, wholesale fnm
dealer, Vancouvei, i* building a
n snleiii' 1.11 Ins property on 3rd
siiei't, cast of Sl. Patrick's ive.,
and expects to take up his i.m
di nu m tin 1 il\ about lhe middle
ul 1 1. tolnr
Geo. A   Skene. 3rd slreit, i lilted his acreage holdings al F1.1 11
vn i\ lliis   wi 1 k and   found
thing in   good    ...11.11I1.m     He i'iii II pleased with his pmpeilv ami
intends making UtSBBIVt imj*
mini   upon it (Ins unit. 1
I n> lay nighl lhe loeal l'itlnan
lodgl passed Iwo . .in*li** . in (In
si 1 ond tank Ofl Iln Inst of next
month tin- Mgfl will esMntl iti
first annuel* It] I . 1 pnl'ln ■ ntei
taininent 111 their hall, a 1 oinmiiiee
having been appointed (0 arrange
lhe ilitails.
K'lu.uil ( Kan,, laainierly in
charge of im plumbing depart
ment of tlie biisinris ol Walden
l',i . ha*- ■ t nd al in I'lisinesi (or
himsell as a registi red plumb, 1
nnl sanit.m ingiflSII His nlln 1
will be loiiiul Ofl the Western Cor
poralion wharf, at the fern land
I In    llll inland*  al ill-- Chestei
held  av. Qui si hool su far ssi
1 xp' 1 tations, lhat the tiustn fl Iind
Ihcmsi Ins   In e   to f,u 1 with the
immediate    in id   nl  an additional
ten In t     I are all over
crowded an •   * oik can
nol   be   iiinn    nil* I   ■ xi .tine, mn
The in w pi' unsia. of iln I'li'ne. r
Bak' iv. mi *slli sl , aie now Fflfld)
foi occupancy. The new OtSfll
were used lot (he firit tune thn
week and are highly satisfactory.
Ilns enterprising local firm now
has a thoroughly modern plant
and is in position to cater successfully lo a largely increased trade.
R. Adams ol Lynn creek, is
making preparations to build a
residence on his properly at the
corner of 2nd street and Forbes
avenue. Mr. and Mrs Adams contemplate a visit to their former
home In Knglainl in October. They
will be away for three months, and
on their return will take up their
residence in the city.
R. E. MacNaghten, B.A., Cambridge, of Lincoln's Inn, barrister-
in-law, late assistant professor of
classics in the (acuity of arts, Mc-
Gill university, Montreal,has taken
charge ol the real estate office 0!
Inkster & Ward, this city, under
an arrangement for six months,
and has taken up his residence on
13th street, east of Lonidale.
Thc large block of sawn timber
exhibited on Saturday last, by thr
Diplock-Wright Lumber Company, measured 43x43 inches by
13 feet, and contained in al'iot.1
feet of lumber. This is at once a
sample ol the excellent character
ol the local timber, and a demonstration of the ability of the local
nulls 1 .iiiuf.icture it into lumber.
A young lad (rom Vancouver
came within an ace ol being drowned here on Labor Day. He slipped ofl Larson's wharl and wonid
have been swept under the boat-
house by the tide had he not been
able to grasp a log with one arm.
D. McLean, one of The Express
staff, fortunately noticed lhe accident and arrived on thc scene io
the nick ol time and rescued the
lad Irom his perilous position.
llu hoard of license commit*
sioncrs (or the district met Wednesday, wilh Reeve May in the
chair. Percy Charleston, Vancouver, wrote, idling thit he intended applying (or a license al Eagle
Harbor. P. Larson's application
lor a license at Canyonview waa
granted. The application ol H.
Holland, (or a license in Lynn
valley, wai laid over. A counter
petition to the application wai presented.
Tuesday evening the new Capilano school, at thr intersection of
Capilano and Keith roads, wai
declared opened, an entertainment
marking the event. T. S- Nye
presided,and addresiei were given
Bj Rev. Mr.Bolderstoo ind Reeve
May, while thoie milling in the
programme were Miises Smith,
ini, Heme ind Gertie Law-
son, Meisrs. Philip, Rhodes ind
Councillor McNaught. There wai
a large attendance of the parent!
and Iriends The school opened
on Wedneidiy with 11, with
. 1. ial more to join it once.
In the Int issue of the B.C. Gi-
'ii'. Hon. F. J. Fulton is gazetted acting minister ol finance and
agriculture, during the absence in
I loiiiul. of Hon. R. G. Tatlow.
li M Palmer is appointed deputy
minister ol igriruilure, ind Mere*
I ilu fanners' institute The
a|a|i|n iiion ol the district ol North
Vancoiiui fm the (omiation ol the valley witer district is ap-
I'lovil Notice is given thai
Thomas Shephrrd, registrar, will
hold court ol revjiion lor Richmond electoral district, at the city
hall, North Vancouver, on Monday, November ind.
Thc prospectus ol Chcsti rfield
school of thn city is to hind, ind
ii well worth rarcfol periiul by
pirrnts who are seeking a suitable
institution for higher education for
iln 11 children. The staff of in
siructors is as lollowi: A.H.Scriven. B A, McGill; B. H. Bitei,
K \ . university ol Biihop's Col*
I. gel innnxvilj.-.p Q . John Ale»*
ander, muiic ; Mill O. M. Butler,
L L.A., Abereeen; Scrgrint J H.
Paid ison, dull instructor ; Mn.
M. K Si riven, niitmn I he sub*
|ecti are language*, mathematics
*, drawing, manual training,
Kngh'li hramhei, music, (vocil
ami instrumental! The ichool il
intended to fit boys Ior the univrr
and for a busmen cirrer.
, Dav pupils ai well 11 resident pupils will be received. THE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B. C.
Nokiii VaMCOVVBB, B. C.
C, K 0, II. Miliums,
Manager.       I'.usiin-.- M.o
The Expreil is delivered in Nortli
Wiin ouvei within I radios ol 12
blinks oi  the  ollicii.    All outside
this diitrict is placed in the post
R it, i ol Sulasi ri|>tion :
(Iin   \- .11 -        ti-oo
Six mon ihl )
1 ho .  months *        - ,1J
United Statei tad Foreign, ft.50
pel la  11
Ail lubn riptioni mint be paid in
idvani e.
Any peison not receiving this
papei ia gularl* will pleaM notif)
the office,   No pii'' 1 itopped un
'. i nm 1 by lettei rn card
KORTH  V IBCOUVI R, Sfl'l. 1 1,  I'r s
Th, gratifying success which at
ti mlu! the annual exhibition of the
North Vancouver Horticultural
Society and Farmer*' Inatituti * oa
Sunn.In list, reflects credit, not
alone upon the directorate of the
sociely, but also upon the city and
distrii t ol North Vancouver.   If
ilm.   bad aiiseii  in thy minds ol
anv niiiiil'i rs of the board nl dm I
tors.air. thought lhat the aims and
Mini. ■ tv was not gi?M
a n p. trong position in thi regard
of the |"il .imi (hat the
elforis whii h they have bam so
laithiull] making during the past,
ws re 1 1 appreciated as tin \ dl
Serve, all such thoughts mutt BO*
bt diimil . d. It is true that iln
cnti rutin nn nts announced Irom
time Io Im ■ undi 1 the auspices of
thc BOcil l\ have not been 10 lar^i
ly patroni :ed 111 ould l» ni l" d,
and thai  tlnn lor'   the pi
ban   In, b diiappointing, but it is
quite i lidi ill.       . tin- (an-- I il, it
have led to mi'*, are altogether ol
a casual Battue, wd that it pro
inlis nm riti iion bj which to judge
the importance whii h ii ittai hi d
to the work of the Iv in the
mind ol the public, II I ihibitioa
ol last wiek luiwi ver.:n ij |.. t.ik. n
as an expression ol thi pul
timate ol the worth ol tin
to the coiiiniuiiii .id, u
such, it v.. itilying
and aaooaraging chart i i
The exhibition its* li was its own
I ' -t     ll'll' It    ■   la     ,1 Q00d
was, it would ban bt IB eOOli h r-
ably In Iter had tl M nhn might
Lav.   made exhibits, bul who did
not, known as nun li I a [on tin* ex
liibitton took plai i 11 tin . did
alter    (i: int that
no exhibition was In id last you,
thc  educative  iiilliii in '  1.1 lli'  an
nual show i thi Insodl)
rivalry and community intsntl
which it 11 I was lack
ing, and their a a . csttaia nti-
cenn pitimidit) inttMM
quarti rs I   I ihibit
Now, bowsvi i. Irate-
gis   an    , ::    ■   * ,, ,| ,,(.
I In i ompli I ol th,*;,, v, pavilion
and   the  In llth) Imam ll   Lit. of
Ilia     SOa  |ety   gil |,i,  f)
assuranci that tin i ahibiliOB will
In .in annual lixlure I In* people
will rei kon wilh it
tiny will lool, lorn ird In it Ip
pi "ii h , tin y will ki i p it in iniiid
in the < ultivition ol th. u on hltdl
and gardi ia . .unl in tbt pi * i
tion of iho*. othei Iini i ol indus-
tiy wlm li an* ippri prist! lo llu
' uin, ri 1 Iiii result will In-
that the exhibition in itsi If will Income im It II ingl) valuable Mom
yi ar to y. ir, whili it will give I
very desit.i1 to those [fl
dustries, thi i ni ouraging ol whii h
i oiistilutcs   tin   nason lor tl
ciety's axial
The dm a toi , o|   tl,. * *
mug tin  highest
upon  tlnir i "a ita,     11, v ban
:*r,. n  liberalii  tnd :'i ll lltOB iv "I
their   Imi' ! ability iu
order lhat i
might   be   Mfvad   l.iilhliilly   and
well, llie present highly satisfactory condition of those' alfairs is
the best vindication ol the wisdom
ol their policy and the i Hi itiveness
ol their efforts. The securing of
the valuable property, of which
the society finds itself thefortunate
possessor, has been no easy task.
I in no nmi ul the building was a
i ourafsoui venture and only by
wilt plaaning and itranuoui, per-
liltenl eflort hai it been carried to
completion, I 0 I basis tliat, while
providing a pavilioo in every way
I credit to its owners, at the samt
Iimt l( ivi * the wciit*. in axci Ueol
fi .mu i i condition.
In procuring lil I present excel-
i plant an' e pnpni'iit, the
.un st n n has been accomplished, the chief obstacles to efficient
, * (Itioni have been overcome. It
i. naifll now for (he property own-
a i. and residents upon the north
ihore ol llie inlet to rally' loyally
to the support of the institution,
and a future of the broadest usefulness and helpfulness lies dircct-
b in the pathway ot the society.
It is tin desire of the board of di
rent, irs to effect a large increase in
tin membership as quickly as poss-
would scarcely presume to go,
while failure upon the part of the
grocer to adopt that suggestion
would not lie considered sufficient
ground for personal offense.
Now thc proprietor of a local
newspaper has the same close re
lationship to the success of his
business as has the merchant
Success is as precious to him, and
lailure as disastrous to him, as to
his fellow in any other line. Surely thnn he should be allowed th
right to control the policy of his
paper in tiie matter of correspon
dence, as well as in other partial
I.ns, and failure upon the part o
this policy to tally with the idea:
of those who have formed such
should not be considered ground
for personal animosities or settled
In outlining its policy with reference to correspondence, Tin
Bxnail has endeavored to be illiberal as possible, with regard ti
the interests of all parties. Certain guiding principles have been
laid down and these have been applied and will be applied imparti
ally to all correspondents.   Whil
Tot Express invites correspon
*. for the rSSSOB that, not only'dence on topics of public interest,
the   inspiration ol  numbers of I at the same   time   access to those
emit   assistance it. following out I colunir cannot be had,excepting as
an energetic, progressive policy,
but .ii ' finaiicial situation is materially improved thereby, as the annul 1 -rant of the government is
1 a.i l tpt 'i the bona fide membership ,a1 ili» society. Thc citizens
of the city and the district should
estei in it a privilege, each to add
his contribution in this way to the
liirtluring of the pOTpOBflfl for
whuh the lociet  i  ni,iii.tain-?d.
The editor's letter bag constitute HU nl thfl most perplexing
problems in conducting I modern
in wspaper, Trim the standpoint
•1 tl writer! ol the n am letters
received fir publication, ihere is
ol ., problem at all, for iii i\
writ i thinks lhat his letter should
11 pubiiahsd as a nutter ol course
bul Iron the standpoint ol the
reading public, the reputation of
those who are sometimes assailed
either ojunly or covertly, and the
highest useliilness and influence c,
tin papei iis'll in the community,
ilu probl "i . me of the niostl
P' i pkxing with which an editor is
ian. il upon l, deal.
Winn a writer screvs hii' cour*
Ip lo thfl sticking poin', gets
In*. v.,ts ,i work and goes through
the burnt BBCflflBI j to produce a
letter, en wl U It lum is a subject
ol i al int'rest and which he may
consider of public moment as well,
ib- hflBCM are ten U> one that a
ii le I ny .he editor to publish the
letter, no mailer how considerately'': 'latter mav bc treated or
how kindly thfl refusal may be ex*
). wi I give personal offense.
Doi'btless the local n v*ii.. >. i
is. in t seme, a public instill t;"ii
and it . but nateral that con i
pondi n.s, as well as others,shorn 1
al tine*, a' urn.* a quasi-proprietary
altiti„'e ; ml express strong sentiment as lo what course the papal
should billow. i,hi ,In Irs',
that same BflfBoa WOflld not
' 0" "' r it iiicuinheii' ,tpon hun
ia ft lo the giocer and give
him   .    ,.„i a oi *  gs to he l  hi
*   ,       ihould be conducted.    A
in  might ba ve •
turedi but   further than   thai   1
the letters received conform to those
reasonable regulations, which are
considered but just to those many
sided interests which the paper is
expected to coiiberve. When these
principles are impartially applied,
it is but lair to expect that the
friendliness of a writer toward the
paperwill remain unmoved whether
his letter does or does not receive publication In this, as iu
other matters, the best results
demand that the desires of the in
dividual should at all times be
subsidiary to the welfare of the
whole. A good natured compliance with this principle, all round
will go far to make things pleasant
lor everybody.
Plans    mid   Spei'iliriitions   Prepared.
When thinking of building let un give
an estimate.,   LONIDALE avk.
Or CO. Box ".',  Nnrlh Vmii'iiiiViT.
Chesterfield School
Corner Lonsdale Ave.uml Ulli St.
limn ilm:: llllll Ilm Silloul fiir Hills
Will lie openeil Sept. "th.
Prim ii'At.s—
kill VaiU'ouvtT Hartal1
!'oni|*ain. Liil.
(Ittrdni Tools
l.tiu'ii Moicers
Electrical Fixtures
Faints und Oils
Rudders' llttrdirttrc
To the Citizens of
Norlh Vancouver
Wc patronize yonr home
pap-en with thfl hope that
you will patronise us. in r
not unless we can give yon
not only First-Class Piano
Quality, BUT also Lower
Pries. All we ask of yon
—nnd this is (or our mutual interests—is that \ou
call   and   see   our
get our prices and Easy
Terms. Recently we publish. .1 i list of some Two
Dozen of your Most Pro-
minent and Well Known
Citizens who have bought
of IIS
which is only one of the
16    different    makes   we
carry in stock.
jusi is mn nm »m iiiiii int
in o« sm
We usk you to Ml our stock.   The low price uml
"jUalllJ  Will surprise anil  pleuse ynu.
(Jive North Vancouver u I'luitH't) anil nave money mul
lime.   We lire practicalihOMQU llnil ineildle uilli
no other trillion.
Every kind uf shoo in stock for Men. Women ami
CliililriMi.     Ill cents on the ilollur less Hum any
inlviTlisi'il   prloM,
Agents for Leckie Hoots, Minister,
Myles, The Williams' Shoe Co., McCready, Old Country anil The K Doots.
Reliable Shoe Store
.Wit ila or /iiiS'lmiYi/'i llneeeti Store
Repairing— Host of leather and workmanship.    (OR. Lonsdale I -2nd
"They All Trade At Home"
nough people come down tbe hill
lon't snv they go to Vnncouver to
huv Groceries.     They   Never   Pass
Ollici'—New I liompson lllock,
Lonsdale nveiiue.
Residential work a specialty.
I'. 0. Bflfl il.'i
North Vunconver, It. ('.
lii in
I'n   ll   IT,   ll am VaNiiiivkr
NN     V.ieuivr.R
Dominion   Subsidy
Propo ■ I North Vancouver
Tertnlnm of (Irani! Trunk
Call Ofl Bl i.r »nle lor lull pirliciilar..
For Diarrhoea,
Cholera Infantum
Etc, use
thii   IHBtdy is Hold  umler the
'..II iinir BOlUlll guarantee:
? ;'• intlf a bottle and if not
I i.'i1 uttisfactory, return Ihe
lui 'in.e to Bl and get your
"ii US back."
2.5c per bottle
"Tin 'll-liging Druggiils"
Cor. l/nlnvi andCambic Sis.
Vancouver.   B. ('.
I-l 11 Bitting Street
LI1R f AlUf IHT lattER
Roam Min—iii. Pup.
lull slock iit I'resh ami Cured Meals
anil l'i-li kept. Also liuiry Products
ami Kresli Vegetables
iilthii valley.
Quantity Surveyor ami Architect
r'lll'RTII  STIIKhT,''iil'.Mlll  LilNsn.U.K Avi
Fresh Mt Ubvri Ilailv lo
all |iurls nf llir fill
rPAKE nelice that Francis William
*   CaalMMi   of   Vsboobw. B.C.,
(ientli'iniin, intemls to apply for |K*r-
inUsinn to lease the follnwinn described
('oininciicini; ut a |«ut [.hinted nt the
South Kusterly corner ol District bit
111, tlnuip 1, New Westminster Diitrict, tlla'lia'i' Slllllll alnlllt till'I'USl IkiIUI-
ilarv ol lait HII, Croup 1, New Westniin*
-ler |ii«*tricl, prmluccil ll chiiins, llieiice
west 111) N chiiins, llieiice imrlh llilili-
lirees, west 17.HL'cluiins more or loss to
the nnrtlieiislerlv collier of Distiict Ixit
147, thence sniitlieustorly, eiititcrlv anil
northeasterly nloii|t the imrtlicrlv shore
nf llurrnril Inlet to the place of hoym-
nini!, I'lintiiinini! lilt ncres inure nr Iosh.
KKANCIS wii.i.iam CAl'l.hKILD
Dnleil'Jllth Augiiit, l'i'-
iinir iiKii.Tii mmm
Leave Orders at Express Office.
Pioneer Bakery
rAKK SOTICEthSl the I'oiincil of lhe
Corporation of (he Cilv tri North Vnn-
coiiier iiitenils to iiuiitriict the Loenl
Improvement set mil in the schedule up-
pcariuK l'i low, nml intelulis In MflflK I In-
final cost, in a iinrlioii tlierenf, ujiuii llie
real properly besetted therein* (rooting
or alnillin*; ihereoii nml helil lialile for
wwt'isinciit llieri'fiar.
A si u.'in.'iil slioiiinu the lull'l- lialile
ami pro| iseil lo Ih' spei uilli MN*fled for
llie snhl iinprovi'ini'iil nml llie luiines o(
(he owners lliereol, so (ur us Iln* a-ani,
can l»' iiscerluineil Iroiii (he last reviseil
asse-snii'iil roll nml  nl hern ise, is now
llll'il 'I'   llie   nllii I   the   AssesMlll'Ilt
rai*.i''iissionorunil is "pen for inspection
ilnr'ni; oflice lionrn.
The seheiliile Im'Iow slums the esti*
iniltiil cost ol the improvement uml the
proportion to he proiiileil nut ol the
Kon.Tll funils n( llie citv.
A court nl revision will he held in the
Citv Hull, Norlli Viiiio.iiivcr, B.C., mi
the lllliiluvol Sepli'inher, 1901, lit the
hour of I"'clock p.m., lor the purpose
f henriiiK nny coinplninls iu:itin«t the
proisiseil ussessinents, or the uccurncy
nf the froiitniie luenHiirenients, ur any
other i'(iiii|ilniiits nliicli the persons in*
teresteil ili'.ire to iiiii ke and which is hy
law KBSImUi hv Hie Ciuirl.
Assessinent Cniuniissioner.
North Vancouver, B.C.,
20th Auiinst, llins
I'roposed EatllhSted   Ksliniate
Improvenienl        loUlOMt   rity tn pay
Clearinn Sad iradlog of
Kinlith Street. In-
tween I/innlale Avi'-
nue und l.'tlh Street,
and layineoH'i-ft side
walk on north sideol
street Ml, per It.
(ronluite    |L'7!)
S. H. Walker,  •   Proprietor
Fresh Bread daily delivered
to all parts of thc city.
20 loaves for ,{i
5C. per loaf.
PROm 8        71 Lonsdale Ave
Diplock Wright
Lumber Co.
I7th Street, North Vancouver
I'lmii. 30
Diini'iisioii l.uinlicr
Finishing Lumber
etc., etc.
Our prices are right.   Let us give
you a figure on your
Luiiilicr hill.
)I'|1I.IC NOTICK i-liercliy niven that
I in iii'ciirilance with the priivigionn of
the I'lihlic Henltli Hv-Uw, uf Ihe (Hv
of North Vaiii'oiiier, lhe Municipal
Council hnve cnnlrni'lnl with the Medical Health Ollicer to attend at the City
llall, North Vancouver, on the Kirst
Monday ol each month, at tlie hour uf
II o'clock in the forenoon, (or the purpose of vnccinalinii at thcexiiense id
lhe city, all |KXir |»'rmiiis;and all other*
al their enn expense.
The father, mother, or perwm havinK
Ibe OBIS, nurture, or custody ol every
i*liilil Isirn in the city, shall, within
three nioiiths after the hirth ol such
child, take or cuime lo l*c tnken, the
child, to tlic Medical l'rnclili"iii*r, in at-
tendance el tketbovs upiminted place,
(or the psrnOaM of Ix'iliK vaecinaUxl; un-
leu the cliild luw l»'en previously vacci-
Hfltfld liy saline Icjiiilly iiualifiiil Practitioner,   and   tlie    vaccination   duly
City Clerk.
North Vnncouvor, II.C,
9th July, WON. 21-tl
Rolled Oats
Hai) and Feed
Fine, healthy Tomato and
Cauliflower Plants, grown Irom
Sutton's Seeds, always on hand
me Brackman-Ker
(Milling Co.
Lonsdale Avenue,
at Terry Landing
Harry Mitchell, local manager. TIIE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER B. C.
Following is a complete list of
the prize winners at the exhibition
held on Saturday last:—
Division I.—Fruit
Apples, Duchess of Oldenburg,
i, J. J. Woods; 2, B. J. Cornish.
Apples, yellow transparent, i,A.
E. Kealy
Apples, Baldwin, i, B. Cornish
Apples, Ben Davis, I, B. J.Cornish; 2, Mrs. Kickhani
Apples, Blenheim Orange, i, B.
J. Cornish
Apples, Gravenstein, i, A. D.
Nye; 2, S. D. Shultz
Apples, King ol Thompkins, i,
W. Burrell
Apples, Northern Spy, B. J.
Apples, Wealthy, t, Mrs. Capt.
Kickhani; 2, A. E. Kealy
Apples, Mussel, Thos. S. Nye
Apples, Pippin, I,B, J. Cornish;
a, A. D. Nye
Apples, Ked Astrakan, Mrs.
Crabapples, Siberian, B. J. Cornish
Crabapples, S. D. Shultz
Apples, best collection, W. H.
May; 2, B. J   Cornish
Pears, Uartlett, A. D. Nye
Pears, Beurre d'Anjou, Mrs.
Pears, any other variety, I. A,
D. Nye; i, St. Paul's school
Plums, Bradshaw, i, B. J. Cornish; i, Sl. Paul's school
Plums, Pond Seedling, Mrs.
Plums, Yellow Egg, i, A.Kealy;
i, B. J. Cornish
Plums, any other light variety,
A. D. Nye
Plums, any olher dark variely,
i, B. J. Coinish; A. D. Nye
Plums, best collection, I, B. J.
Cornish; 2, A. D. Nye
Prunes, Italian,  I, A. D.  Nye;
2. B. J. Cornish
Prunes, sugar, I,  A. E. Kealy;
B. J. Cornish
Prunes, any other variety, B. J.
Peaches, anv variety, Mrs. A.E.
Qtitoflfli A. D. Nye
Blackberries, best plate named,
l, J. J. Woods; 2, Mrs.   Kickhani
Raspberries, best collection,red,
A. E. Kealy
Division II.—Garden Paoiiccr.
Beans, dwarf, i, E. J. Wakefield; J, A. E. Kealy
Beans, runners, i, Wm.Burrell;
a, A. B. Diplock
Beets, long, l, S. D. Scbultz; i,
Mrs. Ku kh.nn
Beet, turnip, t, A. E. Kealy; i,
S. D. Schultz
Cabbage, early, t, A.B.Diplock,
1, Mrs. Kickhani
Cabbage, late, i,T. S. Nye; 2,
A. E. Kealy
Cabbage, Savoy, I, Wm. Burrell; 2, St. Paul's school
Carrots, shorthorn, t, Thos. S.
Nye; 2, Wm. Burrell
Carrots, hall long, i, Thos. S.
Nye; l, A. E. Kealy
Carrots, white, i, A. B. Diplock;
i, A. E. Kealy
Carrots, any other variety, T. S.
Nye; 2, A. B. Diplock
Cauliflower, Win. Burrell
Celery, i, Wm. Butrell; a, T. S.
Corn, white, i, T. S. Nve; 2, A.
E. Kealy
Cucumber, outdoor, i, W.Hugo;
2, John Lawson
Cucumber,   frame,   St.    Paul's
Herbs,   best  collection, B.   J.
Kale, Scotch, l, B.  J. Cornish;
2, Mrs. Holdsworth
Leeks, B. J. Cornish
Marrow, vegetable, i, Mrs.Rad-
ermacher; l, A. E. Kealy
Marrow, vegetable, white, I, A.
Smith; J. J. Woodi
Melons, citron, I, S. Nye
Melons, musk, St. Paul's school
Onioni, red, I, B. J. Cornish; 2,
A. E. Kealy
Onions, yellow, I, Thos. S.Nye;
2, B. J. Cornish.
Onions, white, A. E. Kealy
Onions, pickling, J. D. Schultz
Parsnips, i, Mrs.   Kickham; i,
Thos. S. Nye
Peas, J. J. Woods; T. S. Nye
Potatoes, any variety, i, Win.
Burrell; i, T. S. Nye
Potatoes, heaviest, S.D. Schultz
Pumpkins, heaviest, S. Schultz
Rhubarb,   I, Thos   S.   Nye; i,
Mrs. R. L. Docherty
Squash, Hubbard, W. Burrell
Tomatoes, red, I, W. S. Hugo;
2, A. B. Diplock
Tomatos, best pickling, i, A. E.
Kealy; Thos. S. Nye
Turnips, white, i, A. E. Kealy;
2, St. Paul's school
Turnips, swede, I,  W. Burrell;
i, Mrs. Kickham
Division III.- Potted Plants
Best plant in pot, i, Mrs. T. S.
Nye; 2, Mrs. Kickham
Cut Flowers
Snap dragon, best collection, B.
J. Cornish
Pansies, best collection, I, J. J.
Woods; a, Nettie Smith
Pinks, Miss Nettie Smith.
Peas, sweet, best collection, I,
Robert Smith; 2, Mrs. T. S. Nye
Zinnas, J. J. Woods
Hoses, i, S. D. Schultz; i, Mrs.
T. S. Nye
Best hand bouquet, Mrs. \. E.
Best table bouquet, i, J. J.
Woods; 2, Fanny Magennis
Best collection cut flowers, cup,
Mrs. T, A. Allan
Division IV.—Indian Exhibit
Best collection hand made baskets, t,Chief |oe Capilano; 2, Mrs.
Division V.—Dairv Produce
Heaviest dozen brown eggs, I,
Mrs. C. llall
Heaviest dozen white eggs, I,
Mrs. Kickham; 2, Mrs. C Hall
Division VI.—Bread
Best home made white loaves, i,
Mrs. S. B. Green; a, Mrs. T. A.
Best buns, i, Mrs. S. B. Green;
i, Mrs. Geo. Philip
Best home made scones, Mrs.E.
E. Wakefield
Best exhibit honey in conib.Mrs.
Thos. S. Nye
Division VII.—Stock
Best Durham cow, Wm. Burrell
Best Holstein cow, H. Wright
Best Jersey cow, i, A. E. Crickmay; a, C. F. Jackson
Best Guernsey bull, P. Larson
Best dairy cow, Mrs. C. F.Jack
Division VIII.—Horses
Best single driving horse, i, J
Lawson; 2, Wm. Morden
Best Shetland pony, l; T. B.
Diplock; 2, Cyril Diplock
Division IX.—Ladies' Work
The A. M. ROSS Co.
North Vancouver's IwJ-ular Men's .£» Boys' Store
Fall Goods arriving every day, and we arc now in a position
to save our customers money on all lines of Hoots and Shoes,
Men's Furnishings, Clothing ami Rubber Goods.
Tliia week we nfler the working men a great snap in heavy «ark-
ing boots, tlie regular price is $3.60 a pair, tlie Koss price while tliey
last is $2.00.   You want to come quick us they will not last long.
10 dozen boys' soliil leather Old Country made lioots, worth $2..ri0
and $2.75 a pair, the Ross price $1 60 a pair.
.12 pairs men's fine Ibngola Kid shoes, good value at $4.50 a pair,
the Ross price $3.00 a pair.
For your winter underwear, come direct to in, we carry a full line
of the very best makers' goods.the celehrateil l'cmnans and Wolalcy
makes in all sizes.
We otter over 100 pairs men's $3.00 Iweeil pants, well iniulc uml
nicely finished, at $2.00 a pair.
See our stock of Men's and Boys' Gloves and Mitts for the fall
Save your money by coming direct to
The A. M. ROSS Co., 20!) Lonsdale Avonue
Best kept garden, i, B. J. Cornish; 2, Mrs. Kickham
Best display fruit, vegetables
and flowers, McPherson cup, A.
E. Crickmay
Chief Joe was awarded a prize
for the blanket he wore before the
List ok Contriiiutors
rfu- et&v unit u*^
Crochet, i, Mrs. Jane Gibson; 2,
Nurse Mina Dawson
Drawn work, Nurse Mina Daw
son; 2, Mrs. Simpson
Doylies, 1,Nurse Mina Dawson;
2, Mrs. Hadermacher
Embroidery,  1, Mrs. Kickham;
2, Mrs. |anc Gibson
Embroidery, linen, Mrs. Burnes
Hemstitching, Mrs. K. Simpson
Hardanger work, 1, Mrs. Hadermacher; 2, Miss Carrie Ellingson
Home made child's dress, Mrs.
W. J. Irwin
Hand painted China, Mrs. S.D.
Knit lace, Nurse Mina Dawson
Point lace, 1, Mrs. Thos.S. Nye;
2, Miss Laing
Quilt, 1,  Mrs. Radermacher; 2
Mrs. C. Hall
Pillow shams, Mrs. U. Simpson
Sofa pillow, Mrs. S. D. Schultz
Socks or  stockings   knitted by
hand, Agnes Smith
Best collection work, Mrs. T.C.
Holt; 2, Nurse Mina Dawson
Best collection painting.Miss E.
Pyrcgraphy, Mrs. J. W. Hay
Table centre piece, 1, Mrs. R.
Simpson; 2, Mrs. Radermacher
Tatting, Mrs. Thos. S. Nye
Shadow embroidery, 1, Mrs. S.
D. Schultz; 2, Mrs. Kickham
Division X.—Children Under 14
Hemstitched handkerchief, St.
Paul's school
Hand-hemmed handkerchief, St.
Paul's school
Crochet work in wool, St. Paul's
Crochet lice, St. Paul's ichool
Embroidery work in silk, St.
Pud's school
Fancy pin cushion, St. Paul's
Fancy needlework, St. Paul's
Outlining, with silk or cotton,
St. Paul's school
Painting, St, Paul's school
Drawing, freehand, 1, Janet
Gibson; 2, A. T. Shaw
Map drawing, 1, Janet Gibson;
2, St. Paul's school
Best collection wild flowers and
grasses, St. Paul's school
Best collection wild llowers and
grasses, all named, N. V. public
Division XI.—Photourai'hv
Best collection North Vancouver
views, 1, Geo. G. Nye; 2, Sidney
Strciai. Prizes
Wolf Piver apples, W. J. Irwin
Free   hand drawing, St.  Paul's
Model of boats and canoes.carv-
ed by pen  knife and bradawl, St.
Paul's school
Collection of curios, Cluef Joe
Handmade baskets, Mrs. Charlie
Gault Bros., per H.A. Shaw,$7.
Johnson Bros., ltd., tf.
McKay, Smith, Blair & Co., special Indian prize, shawl, (7.50.
Henry St Co., best display of
fruit grown from trees purchased
from said firm, t$ worth trees; also same for best display vegetables.
H, A. Shaw, clock, tf
The World, three subscriptions,
*-5*   *
N. V. House Furnishers, picture, ty
Dr. J. D. Gamble, value, $5.
Armstrong Bros.,jewelery,$a.50.
Brackman-Ker, best display of
vegetables grown from Sutton's
seeds, value, ti-
Woodward Stores, ltd, cruet
stand, $2.50.
The Province,two subscriptions,
Clttbb & Stewart, value, $2.50.
O. B. Allan, value, $3.50.
Bailey Bros. St Co., value, $5.
B. C. Market Co., value, J2.50.
Wood.Vallance & Leggatt,value
fa. 50.
J. A. Flett, ltd., value, $2.50.
M. S. McDowell, value, ti-
J. A. & M. McMillan, (or best
half bushel of any kind of potatos,
value, (5.
N. V. Hardware Co.,valueja.50
Sale St Brewett, value, (2.50.
Foran   Bros , slbs. tea,   value,
Mrs. H. A.  Shaw, special prize
lor Indian children, jewelery,$2.5o
Alex. Philip, value, $5.
A. Smith, for best kept garden
in city or district, value, fio.
R. G. McPherson, M,P., for
best special exhibit of fruit, vegetables and flowers, silver cup valued at $25; second prize, silver
Thomson Stationery Co., value,
Kurtz Cigar Co., value, tS-
News-Advertiser, one year's sub,
The Express three yearly subs,
N. V. Ferry & Power Co., J20.
Irwin & Billings, cup.
Mayor Kealy, silver cup.
B. J. Cornish, silver cup.
Civil Innnaorr Ml  B. C land  S.rano,
Railway., Rrldiei, Waier Puwen,*>,
Superlnlenilcnc. ul I'lin.trut'tlon. Map., Town*
.lie., Mlnin" l'l.lm>,,n.,elc.
814 II.i-ii.ik*. SI. W„
buys you
one nl then
high class
The duplicate ol the one ue hail on exhibition at thc
Horticultural hull on Saturday, and which attracted
so much attention because of its excellent baking
ipialitie*. nml In .iiitiful appearance. Wc arc sorry you
could not all win a range in the contest on that day,
hut the above offer is so easy that any person can
pOBBMfl one. Drop in and talk it over with us when
convenient. The up to date hardware dealers of the
ambitious city.
"        Corner lonsdale Ave. and lii si St. Phone 12
wmmmm mmmm mm
mirth mmm nm * nm ro., ltd,, tim t.ule, ims
rontairiiuiK nr epidemic .li-eu-., ,.i I
character IBBflflNflfl Ol mihlic health,
mint lie reported to the Medical Health
Citv Clerk.
Citv llall, Nnrlh Vanoouver, B.C.
July llth, 1008. '.'l-tl
n.v. f isri Co.
Cor.Lon&tlalennd Kth St.
IVANS t. IU IB, Pn.pv
•U.ll*) A.M.
•m» "
8.00 "
8.40 "
MO "
in.i.i "
11.15 "
12.15 I'M.
1.16 "
UN "
3.15 "
4.15 "
5.15 "
«.15 "
7.15 "
8 16 "
11.15 "
10.15 "
•11.30 "
H.45 A.M.
UL I'.     "
11.45    "
lt.4t p.m.
1.45 •■
2.46 "
3.45 "
4.45 "
5.45 "
H.45 "
•Not on
11 i-i*.* Mint HMmui
•11.20 AM. 	
•7.20 " 	
8.20 " 	
8.00 " 	
H.45 " 10.15 A.M.
10.45 " 11.18   "
1145 " 12.15 P.M.
II C I'M. 1.15  "
1.45 " 2.15   "
245 " 3.16   "
3.45 " 4.15   '•
4.45 " 5.16   "
6.45 " 8.15   "
6.46 " 7.15   "
7.45 " 	
8.46 " 	
9.46 " 	
11145 " 	
•11.45 " 	
BIBT 11 BSIMIID llOltl   OS   lilt CBAM
Rath: 11.50 PER
All kinds of Fresh Fish delivered daily. Smoked Fish a specialty.
Uso Butter, Eggs, and Vegetables.
The Seymour Hotel
JOHN MclNNIS, I'rop.
located on Adj-mur l»l|><  Line,
quarter-mile (rom wharf.
Our aim i. lo plan nur enalomera aa
to aooda and pricei.    UA ui have your
n.v. mn co.,
This is a first-class hotel,
and ia now open to the
general public. Good
accommodation and
service guaranteed
Road connections Irom North
Vancouver (or Vehicles.
fifijcifioi for laio, on mm
Intention to apply M Um Hoard of l.l*
cenaina ComnumiiotierN for Ihe Diitrict
Municipality uf North Vancouver at
tlieir next reiiular nieetiiiK alter the e»-
tiiration nl thirty day* frnin tin' dale
lierenl fnr a lii'CIU-c Oir a lintel t" bl
I.uill iipnn laud "it'iiilc in the l.ynn
Valley 111 the Haul IliMrict Muiiieipali'i
being lot* nne (li lad two (21 ll bloel
ttfty-oiie (51;, lub-dlvUion of diitricl inl
two tlioueaiid and eighty-seven (M7),
group one (1), New Weatmimtcr di*-
Dated thi* eighth day nf August, ltd,
New Wellington
Cot! direct from the inun-
llaco your orders now and
secure your winter's supply.
[dUffl shipments will arrive in a few days.
lupplj of Wood al
ways on hand.
Hotel North Vancouver
Telephone No. a.
Serial Rates l« Families ami Ritnlar ftwrdm
llalMiimr ferry BBBBBBBflfl to ami Irom Vancouver. Hot and cold
water in every ronm. Kuturn call belli in every room. Harder
■hop in ennin*iiinn
IMBBBJ jikiM,   ....   NORTH   VANCOUVER, H. C.
British Columbia Electric Railway Co., Ltd.
C»rs leave tin Inn l..inilmg forQueer.almry Avenue, Twenty-tint
street and Lfllfldfllfl, Wim li street ami Keith Road as lollows 6:15
a.m., (145 a. BL, 715 a. m., 7:45 a. m., 8:15 a. m., 91. m. 9:40 a. m.,
10:10 a. tn, After 10:25 a. in., cars will leave Queensbury avenue,
in, nty first ami Lonsdale avenue, and Winch street and Keith Roid
at live minutes lo Iln hour and twenty live minutes past the hour.
Cars leave Nnu tei nth street and Queensbury avenue, Twenty-first
-ti,. t and Lonsdale avenm*, Winch street and Keith Road 11 loliowi:
6 a. in., 6:55.1. 111., 7:10 a. m, 8:05 a. ni., 8:45 ». 1^,9:30 1. m.
Alt. 1 ijjo a. m. cira leave tlie Ferry Landing at ten minutes put the
hour and twenty minutes lo thc hour.
jUT   All boats an- unl by the cin.
Wf  ...'I.ii  U.I*  I. I   M   ,,.,(,. I'lina,
Hll|,lii.-.i..'.iloUin. .1. .i,.llr-!h. .I.I-I.I
l.y .1 I...all,J Ila,I.  1 '   *
|.y Kit-rila,   eitl**i.l».iy|.|.
m,al,i.l». Ourln.iTit'-f'. Ailal., f *-■ a..
h't t*.-al"*«l   ...J i..'*..,'.■. III*. U«A
I I.
Cionernl Contractor
Uml Clearinii, MBflfl) and Kock
Hlaa-lmf. Kitra care near Inane*.
All il«inane« made food.
inal HI , WflBl "< L'.naaial*
I' ll   li   . ■■
i ono Dm
V.iau 1,1.1.' rr
all \li--i ii nii'l A nt 1.1 ik* I urn i -
lure, Mure, niii"*. Hank and liar I'ii*
I'liairuu.' in »H it" BU* bfld
in Thlr.l in *   li*' 11" >i.ifltl*l ami l.nMlalf
«. h,.,l
MAII.nltl'KK-* <ncn prompt atti-nlnm
North Vancouver
i mis i    iiikvia
Cartage, Removal.*
I'nrcTl Delivery.
ON      HKA-.HNAIII.K     TKRMia
oifici  iimmi HI MM
Telephone 70.        Night tails ij. 1
For tht Farm, Garden, Lawn
or Conservatory
Reliable 1 anil ii-* at reaannahle price*.
N.i llnrer. S.. Scale Nn Kuini|«tion
In ilaniaite "Ink. Nn windy agent* to
aim..1 1 *i I 11 direct and |»t Treei
li thai itrim
Kerliii/er., lU-eSuppliea.Hpray Pumpa,
sprauiu.' Material, Cut Klowera, «tc,
-I   eaUhliahnl   Humeri    N   the
mainland ol Columbia.
M KM Kll S Km MIHHtll SIS.
30111   Wr.Tms.Tta   RntD.
New Advertisements
Ri nt i   Peter \\ * itovi t
Land Notice   I n*
Dayi ol i'1  Grind rheatre
Neil (—J. ,1. Mc \leece
l'i..mer link, ri   8, ll. Walker
1.11 ipeclallil   \ MaicKni Jordan
New I'.iil i. I*   A  M  Rou & Co.
I iiiii Valley Waterworka—Diitrict
Kootana* K.iii.a*- -Paine 4 McMillan
Real Estate and Iniurance -  ll. B,
|.ls*-l* in* ,lllll   lllllll,lllll
L.r.a  :; .   i ompleted final altera
i      io the ne«  houae ol All ian
di i I m. .ui i i'ii -ih ' i
i i   i len iii addition to
tin* resident    il  the i ity, hiving
i h ■
Recreation ground*,
A |.iu. ..I Korth \nmo
iple,  numbering  iboul
I      i day with i
up tin North Aim. on thi
Iln si station ol the wei k hu
. loriation ol Gi o, 11
i  as  the I'nn-
|l iv.itiv.  in.ii,in. e In tie   \ .uu OU
\a i World, the Liberal  piper ol
ih* conititui in f,
\\  \\. Griffith, ii'pn si rating Ihe
Don      ■  l'i]"  ("inpaiin ul Ne«
Wi stminitflr, in the uii nu
making pn parationi lo
i\ in.  tin  pip. on Vn:i.l.n.
(or th. I.inn vallej wiiiei r ti tn,
i 'hh   hflidwa) ii !" iag
in idi    ih im conitrui I
tnirini mm il the Wallai * ihip
The work   ii  Mfflflwhal
riiky, ievt al ol iha workn i n hav-
■ al involuntary bathi ia thi
\\. K Iiiinui. ni ilu   Bank ol
ll \   \    st.ill,   \ ui DBVI I. lml   n
re, Ik ri tno1 in   11 Wiani
peg,    I. ist night .i iiiiiiil.i r nl Ins
li *        iii Iiiiii .i i ii. well dam e
inn Mi Mill in hall, Ba*
.. j-1
i rati   l  i   na* salcluus * -ll.l
I'* ii hi i, large
i *
quani       I       ■■.-.  prii e, mabli i
::. i boost •
keepet   ih
Ont * i l. n-il.ilt
and Mil Iln 11 •      l'hi.i!.
Tin  local lodgi of odd:
< kl)  ling
l,i*i night, wh. n ll  <  wai
attendant., and       *   importanl
buiim m ii i \t iln next
lodge  nn ■ til iniinlu I nl
candidal! s will be    itiati d
I* tn Iron •
•    I.  i   l nul put
on iln* work
A l* fe. livi i i Irani
foriin i al
I  to I
day nn im i u Inin   bad
tn li. 1 ii wound.
I bil a rk that
ri lull*   :
althnii);h < *
etpediti    mattei
.i until
ii p
udi 11
Builders and
r. I..\l:~"\ pared to
Ami nil kindi ol Building
Muicrinl inquantitinto suit
mi'i nt i  wonable pi
mon "i less f i'l-i] in nt 1 \ ,h ive [alien
into the habit ol late, ol fucking
il ma is in the gardens. As this is
itrictl] against the regalatiooi
that govern ihese public parks, it
uniilil he well il parent! would
rant um their children not to molest
limn i hi slunl> in tin gardflju,
Grand Theatre
Good, i li ,m. wholi snme comedy
will mark ■ bill arranged lm
"laughing purpoiei only" at tin*
Grand I heatrt. bi \t week. Many
n. a .unl i iti In muiical n»mb< n
will be introduced bj the Leu is A
Laki .l.nn ing gii Is as "Big Chief"
by Mi*s Gladyi \ in ind compan}
.nnl "San Antonio" by Miss Mai
jorie Lake ind hi i lamoui dancing
I Ins is tin eleventh week
ul tin l.i ms -J I.ili i aini|'.iiiy,aud
then popularity ippi ars tO increase
steadily, "Someone waits for
lomeone" will be sum: bj Min
Lake,illuatrati 'l bj beautilul alkies,
i new set ul moving pictun i
m  the gran lioicope,     Aiaateui
(ltgbl  un   I Iniisil.ii, and the usual
Sin.nn given awai to the winning
number on Friday i veniag,
\liss\l  L. I Milliard
$1.75 p« day,
I'ii  Boi , v     North Vancouver.
CADDY. SI. 10.
I) R Y
Shoddy or shopworn goods
will have no place here.
In onler lo mark our
opening week, and if
possible meet every Nortli
Vancouver shopper,
smiii bumper bargains
will be thrown out at
prices to draw.
Several mill eadiol ambroldariat,
usually retailed nt mc* nml
11" ._,!*., opening week ipedal ... ftc
Mill etuis, worth Ite. and ise,
opmtag week llV.
inrsri mvar imbrolderiei, worth
.!,">.*. ;inil 40i* 2.V.
hie. ninii* oi.ttt.n, opanlnfneck
ipeclal TJtfc.
r."._.c cream ami pink flannelette,
opening week ipeclal lOe
'.'7l..,c. Iileaclu'il ami unbleached
iheetlag  L'2'..c
Ue. (rilleil curtain muilln, ipetUBl. Ue.
11.80 men's Ilanneli'tti'iiiitlit shirts |1.1(
Men's linen DOlUri, nil lhap*fl,'.' for He.
.1. .1. McALNNCK
Mil II   Itl.OCIi
North Vancouver Hospital
..MM ( I Hi   111
ll*;i;\|s   |l7..Vi|i.|'.'U|.er neck
rm patlenti fl per day
\nr m nnl ..ui ..n application.
.   mi 1 ak itreet tad WoMBa**!
I or Hoot iind Shoe Repairing
.ind Custom Work   .   .   .
. * 1 I li )S 0  MILLS
I'imii. 1  Rflflidi 111 Hunt Maker
' 1;. Ave . ibovi .'ml Stiei t
.11 tin A. M. lioss Shot Stun
334 ll.isliinis M. W.
Uiillis. Hoses. Friiil Trees, k,
si'ii'-ns imi -aioni
Viir-eriimn ninl   lainl-'iiiie Garden*,
fjor. '-"-'"I ami l...ii*l.ile 1
V.rtli Van."in. r.
Carl. 11- Laid ..ul.  OtflBflldl  I'riuii.l
■ad .|.r,n..i    Kli.raldflarigfli nuiai' ""
■hor! notice   drier vur bfllhfl, Iran,
■   ..ur fall planting.
• nm r MVflfl rill.
Ild F.slale ami liiMiranri
INKS 11« WARD'S Oil Ki
/ .it, will  ■ ■     1
U Gill I'm: 1 uli. M.oitir,t\
y   7   mul   ti   O'clock
ll'|'|,iriTI0\ FOIILIlHiiRIMM|$100.00 REWARD
For Furniture.
Utilise Fiiriiisliiiiirs mnl
,il  RflflflOBflhk   I'm is,  un tii
lhc Norlh Vam ouver
Imi liiinishcrs
rriKI ■    ■ William II It*
'  ..1 11. indir ii.n.i.-iipalloa ram 1.,r
li 1, apply f..r prnaWon lo pah
* ilrecrlbed landi
1   inin. Mini nl a |«#t planted »< tin*
:   lol  IMI .ili'I VU
*   I lot Mill, thence a
W   rOTOtro 11**1 IMI
■ 1'
■ ra   l-aan, l.irv n( Int Hm,
I      pOlnl ..( Cellll'  .
W II I I AM II   llnlll 11
I', r .lias Ilm mii-.iil.. Ak"nl
halo I *'i*l Ml   IWI
Take notice thai at thi tu \) mMing
,'i the board ol la-MBaooaunWoaeri far
the eity nl Nnrth vatic..uver I inleml lo
make application inr a Kittle lii'cn'c.fiir
the -:ilei,(«|iiritliiiiis,(ernu.|i(iHl nr i.l her
Itqaon, lur (he pretnlm iltaatad en lol
12, block IIS, I'.I.. 271 ami tli, vnt ii-
vcr Diatrtet,
.lulIN iiKNmiN
l-ule.l Ihis llth aluy nf Am!imt, lim-
.'WA'IT.K    CLAVSU   CilNSOI.ll>.'.
rn in nOT, wi."
U'lii REM tin- Oarporstloa ol the
"   Hislri't nl Nnrth  Yum-miie* litis
■polled fnr a eertilicale, in niir-uiiia I
tin* pro**.'.("action ISBa of the saiil
Act, tn ciifthlc the Muiiici|.a'ity toWO*
MM «ith their projected unuertatting
fnr the I*,,nplru. Inui nf a WiitiT-ivurl,*
Si-teiu in the I.vnn Valley Wm. murk-*
|ii«lrict   liihicliAtiitiT-wiirk-hi-iriet ll
'letinc'l in 11 nan thereol, lied la the
l.ainl Reflitry Ofltea. la the i'uy ol
Vanoonvar, ami nomoeied J.S76I: ami
W'h.n u- the Miinici|'.iliii bai lled
uilh the Ilerk ill the Lxcciilive Conn-
ell the docnmenl preecribed bj metlon
I-.'in-nl lhe miiil Act, ami a planol lhe
locality .ha.iiini! thi Intended -dtnation
ni the iinilcriakiiiv pnpoaal hy the
Tlii" i-1" urtilv that the nndertdkini
■a .nhiuittfil, lias l»s'n ipproved, ami
llu* salne i- as fiilluu. : —
Th i-lriictii'ii   ..I a   iial.r ni.rk-
-i-i.iit to obtain ■ propel ind raBitenl
-mm ( wnler IBM) in tin- l.ynn Valid* Water-Murk, histrirt (nr nater-
-rorkl pul [HAM That fur this |>ur|m8i'
the Corporatloa has obtained titer re*
etinli fnr the use of the laid miter ilia-
Irn I us (i.IIiha»:—
Kec.r.l Nil in  IH-lrict  Lot 8X1,
(,.r MM inch;
llecr.l nn Mna».iiit.i Creek |..r fifty
Ihcni nn l.ynn I'n-ck f..r dm hun-
.Ird mnl itcventy-f'iiir ini In-,
Ids ..r.l mi Cns.k in HflMel I'l SUL'
1 r ..*u*iil.*.*ii incliea 1
,r I *i Cieek   in   lli.lrnt Lot  7KA
(rn "iii'im h ,
I:,, .r.l mi (rck ill district l.a.l W
d.r (mi in. In *
TO Ik* .In. rle.I Ir.un the .ai.l inek" al
-mi,ihic |i"int", iiii'l tu I.' eoBvaved hy 1
■yiteinol |.i|h*m it. uml throofnooiuie
■id Waler-iinrk" lii.lri.t. the miter
plpealo l»'l.n*l tlinuiiiliiiut luml" ac*
• |inri"l >>r thai may Is. apflMprifltea Inr
nighwayi alto, im *n|-flHlHi neap-
|.r..|.nati*.li nl lindi lliiil may h,* Inilnil
net * «-»rv   In   |*it   the mitirslieil"
ibove tin* polau e( dlvenhm,  The mb-
-im, tinn nl a thini ut Mofloalto Creak
mnl nl a 'lain nl Iln* creek   in   Mi-lrii I
I'ii str.', ami sneli boildlnn 11 tnij be
n *|ui-il. in 1 niiii" Kofl  trtu lhc umler*
Aiiil thi. is further In fi'rlify that I'm*
Corpmlloa propoM to proceed (..rih-
mih «iih deK.n-tniilum..( the water
«i.| iit 111 eetimated nri ..I thi
uiidiTtaking ol |:iil,im(i, ami Ihnt pro-
vi-i.-ti Inr l.irrimiii)! Ihi. nun hn- kflflfl
inn.h* hy the pa""ii|Ii' nl a hy-hin, the
ihorl title nl which H " I'ln* l.ynn Vnl-
li*i LiBn I'l'-I.nw, Htm,"
-* ii nli »n- (iniillv Uoptoo In* the Intni-
eil, "ti the hlth ilny nl .Inly. IUOK.
Ind Iln* lun.* within which tin* .ai.l
work-1 .hull ba Ii operation i-iixeilat
iwo nc'iilh. (nun lhe ilnte lierenl.
Ami (hi- i< In further certify thai the
i'..r|Mirnti„ii .hall haie,  Imlil ami  cxer*
■ It li nahl", 1'iiwiir-, prlvllagfll  ami
pri'iniie. n. .hall Is*  rei|iu-iti* Inr the
proper carrying oaf ind cofltplitlofl of
iin* nndertakln| iformaM,
Dated 11*1- .'nil *i;n ei kogaflflt, im,
llll D   I   H'l.TiiN
(*/,rl 0' thr I   .
rpHK above reward will be (ivan let
iiiliirnnilinn   tiliich   till   caii-c tin
conviction of the party who shut nj dog
on the ntfhl nf -llli uf Aiitin-t. near lhe
Pipe Line uml U"ss Knaal-
Stoney & Co
Painter* and
I *apcrhangerg
117 LomdaleAv. Phone B62
Wlii-n ymi intend building
consul 1
.1. fl. MM, uim
Ilinmli Ofkest, l.mi'iliiU Aic.l'ilii. I'limn
Sn. N
//-11,/ Ofmtmi .Vi//, /*./'.» Crtm, li.t
The Lounge
Billiard and
Cigar Saloon
Lonadali Ave,     Opp. Ciiy llall
Here are snnieof the smok-
in| tt'li.n 1 "■* »'■' aim .
Ciip.iun. I'ini er-*. Craven, iinr*
rick, B.D.V.,   Will.-' Hhu,   l»ur-
In  I.aiiikiu, r.*n.|ii.*. I otton'l,
IJla-eworih, Lofl Cabin, Dlll'i Beit,
ul,I I'lnrii-h. Uillaher'a, Inaklah,
I'rnniier, senl dI \"rili Carolina,
(Iltl Chiini,    Will-'
Gold Flake, B.C. No, I, Morria'
Three Cutlet, Imperial. Bham-
rock, Macd dd'a.T S )'■.. Pedro,
Wenluver, Btnltll'lOllHOW, Weit-
mini Iln, kt,
PH    tlllise   Mini   1 hi w   ll.
have :
Mm donild'l, llluckwiileh, Kinu'«
Nni v, Qoein'l Nan, I'linins. I'ait
lh,11, Piper, sinai-iik
Tlu ('marelte Suinker tan his WBBtl, Hen ii,
a leu :
Mehichriiiii, N'c.l'.r. ('ravin,
Anlush, Ciiiiiliriiliie, Mognl, Btate
Kipreta, Uold 1 lake, Captan
Vim. /. Cambridge, Muratl, Mngnl,
anil nil iln* rtoek braada,
i im -im 1, ei 1 ifan is by
lar   tin'   iiuist   complete   in
Why Not Buy Your
Smoking Requisites
ia North Vancouver.
Tenns, une-foiirth cash; halance, li, 12 aad IS months
S   ■       2	
it      10,
l"\   r.
161 Cordova Street, Vancouver, B. C.
I'. 0. I!(i\' 388,
Hotel North Vancouver.
>.' cu per
and up
Kates lor
Fain iiii s
lit Ull.ll
Ferry Service Lvery Half Hour to and from Ihis Hotel
to Vancouver. P. tarson, Prop.
Provincial Government Lands
AT 2.30 P.N.
At the O'Brien Hall, Vancouver
L061, LOSS, 1066, 1087, 1071, 1060, 1006, hum'.. 1008, low
iimi. 1107, L100,111:1,1139
nil. 1118, nu, ii2i. 1184, 11X6, UM,Ull, 1188,IMS
1184, 1186, 1186, [148, 1148, llll, 1146, 1146, 1117,1148
Lots 806 and 217, Hurnnl.v
Strip of Watcrfrontn^'i', Butingl Townsite
hi .\crcn Agricultural  Land in Section 86, Township />,
New Westminster liistriet
800 Acres |>,']|:i Land in Lulu Island
| Cub, Bnlanee I, 2, and 8 year**, Interest nt fi percent,
For CtUlofttl and l'lans ipply in the Auctioneers
Phone 172 .ril4 Tender Street


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