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The Express 1908-04-24

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 APR 22 i908
Victoria, *_\\
Local Meetings
City Cull  ':. Mcellng, every M •»•!■
I'mirii'i (Jouucil Meeting, en'     i i
ll.ianl ol 11,uli*, Iniul lm-" i     ■■ i
llamril nl Tnnli* l.xa*,*iiliii*, I i rl I llii.tril, l'ii.-l Iriiluy, II p. in.
Library Ltgit Atttmbly
m Express
Local Meetings.
Knlylitl' f Pyllilw, >i.-.nirl nml l'i urlh Tui'»!av, 8 p.m
Alhli'lie Clllll. I'lM Muli'lllJ, H |i III.
VuUng i',' |*li*'-1' ii'*. Kieii I'n, inlay, 8 p.m.
Iiniii, ul nul M i| ii*;, Nfuiiil U'etliienaUy, I |
I helium'" Pniiiiru  Imi ry Friday, 7.3(1 p.m.
A comparatively minor niattet
of domeslic economy fnr a lime
disturbed 'I ■• upmnimily of the
weekly gathering f the city fathers
on Monday evening I ilt.    Acting
Alderman \ heeler read the new
plumbing by-l This by-law is
modelled iiti ihal ol the city nf
Vancouver,an'1 it was found m on
sary lo adapt il soimwhat to the
reference to the plumbing nf hinhl-
Mayor Irwin wai m the chair, j local requirethenti, llie oy.
while oo Ins right sat Aldermen providei that the council nnil alp-
May, Crickmay and Smith, ai d on1 point a plumbing inspector, that
his left Aldermen Win tier and ' the license fee f n master plumbers
Braim. tshall be Sm par year, an.l goal
The stall at the ciiy hall was j ve-7 minutely into the d--tails wiih
recently increased by the addition ^^^^^^^^^^^
lora probatory term Ol an assistant.ings* The by-law wi
in the treasurer's department. Tba adoptaJ at the next meeting, ami
phase uf the matter that gave ise [meantime Aid. Wheeler will go
to strenuous objection upon the tlirotiRh the draft wilh a practical
part of some of the aldermen was ph'mber.
the lu t ihn the opportunity had The council will meet again oa
l"t„ given tn a non-resident, and Tli n-day evening.
that,too, wtthoat -any notification Tne regular meetiug of Mon-
being given io order that local ap. l,'0' » »• •« adjourned until the
plit'iiitls inighl try fm the potitii n.  ens ling Thunda-Y, May. chairman of the ~~~
fiiiance committee, asked fur in-1    The  spiciil   meeting   ol   the as to  the  method bj council on Thuridiy evening there
which the appniiitnieiit was m u!e. I »ere   presenl     Mdermei     May,
At At request of Acting Major Crickmay,    Smith,   Braim   and
IrvWn, City Treasinu Wunds tx   Wheeler.     Acting   Mayoi Irwia
plained  lhat  the  WtTI  milk in-  preaidc I.
tailed iu preparing the tax roll     1' .,| mbdiviiion as
mad.*   it   mn ss.ny tn einphn   .,1   I iilniini, *.|    and    apptnv   i
ditional help, and Mann Kealey Sub-diviiion U, Block jj, l>. I.
had contented to tbe nuking ol ■ 549, 550; Block* i)\, 101 and 104,   app*iinluii ut    10    COpI I >   I.. Iyi,   mi   portiooi ol  IV  I.
wilh the winU. 550.
A'derman   May contidered rue     The city clerk read ■ reporl 0!
method  ft   filling  the   positi n the premiumi due uudei omploi
wrung in pnliey, iiiasiiiuih as all e t' liability insurance'$354.50.
siti'h ippointmenU ought   in ba     Draft of agreement hetweeatla
111 lie by the council   ami   likewise Cly  and   tie*   Wallace  Ship! .ins
wrung in 411.11 tin   t., 1 .ui-.<- .111 1 \-  I'n np.iiii. I.Imlil il, wis ii „i!
penditiile   id   tile  peuple's  mul iy       I'ln*  ■ ;i.e,in nl  provide! II 111-
was intiilv. ! and iln aldermen lown In ciniideration ol the ciiy
muat give account oi their iienird- guaranteeing the debeuturei nf
ship to ih   ratepayer!. the company to the anwnnt  of
I'hes. lentimeuti met wilh the lio,ooo, the company a^n     1
approval ol   lhe  chaii  ind  the coisiimi marine  wayi  ami ma-
council as a whole, is did alio 1 bei chine simps it Nurth Vancouvir
further uaertion ol Alderman MayIthi -Imps to hav** a capacity of
t nit when any sneli potitioa, p r Il6,000 tuns  per day   ani lo colt
iiiain in ui tu be tilh d|l34,nui and  lite  limine  Wl)'l  to
Inl,in nines a penalty nl III00 lor the  fioatl  now at  Lonsdale (i.ii-
evi it-mtractiou. I dens being used meantime,    I'ln
Ilns bylaw was ultimately referred back fur aniemliiieiit aud
Ill law 35, to provide (or the
wiling and InipeCtion ol buildings,
was given its Inst, iccoad ami
ililiil (eidingi,
The ctiuneil then ailjuiltiied till
Thursdiy, the }dth.
Civic Oftici,Is Do Honor to a
Retiring Colleague
company is nuiv using the oul
landing only by the kindness nl
the presenl possessnrs uf llu* site
and hnpes tu be permitted to cnu
tinne to do so until the new I hail
is ready. Should removal to tin
new wharf he found MCeilir) ll
an early date, however, il will
place the company at a temporal*)
disadvantage in handling the Hal-
tic, a circumstance fur which the
public ihould mike due allowance.
the app nnil e ihould I" 1 re
ratepayi r.
Ill justice IO  the  lleasliii 1,  ,\   |.
iiig Mayor Irwin drew attention i"
tin* lait   thai   lh. ie   itiis   |   pri *
cedent lm the pr * ■line idopted.
luas-iiii' h as 1*1 *t yell   silinl.ii   .   .
point 111 nls   h.i I   hi 1 ii   in,1 le,  11:
is  iiuihii   ilu   privilege  ol  lhe
itreet  foreman .to employ up 10
five men at any time i:i hi * di pai
nii'iit  without  tihieiiie   iu  111
council,     lie luggeited lhat t
tnatiei be tafarred lo the fii
CO.lililittee  to   report    al  the  ni \l
meeting ol tba couni il.
This   lllggi stiou   tli I   nnt un * I
with unqualified fai it, .niinii   h
principle it was Lit* r embodied iu
a motion by Aid   Braim, to lh
i* li 1 I that lh*   le* 1 111 .ipp .int'-e le
suspeiiilnl,pending ia • aqftir) I
the tinaiice 1 ommitti e.t" i' p ui al
the    council    moatlag    I Inns I.i
evening.     I'he motidn lairtifd.
A letter 11,1s leadlluin Aleuod  I
l'llilip,   C   M.    C,   UgleC   II.;   la   I
accounts mttitanding between ilu
nty ami ilu- municipality be n -
(erred lo the auditors for adju I*
inent. lt is expected ihat the cit)
will uin* ib*' munii ipality somewhat over .< 100,000.
An application wai read from committee to took into iha matter.
I'H I,   I'm k lui pi : 111 a- 1 a , I,, ,    1, 11,,, mailer nl (he need o( an as-
struct a leptic lank in fronl mt bi iba thy Ireaaurat was
Ij, block 163, D. U J47, ilns eon-   omiderod.   Tba  napeaaioa  nl
Ceisalii bei Ig ia' I 1 nl  I 1 ai il  I   I ■    I,,   i I,,.  tn_ iiM,|,   |„ 1
icciin siiiiit;, ii! idi lii ih,  pip ...   I, men! m in itmii ui Alderman
lly-law So. ji, to iiiitliiui/." iba  ,i.n     in   farthei ' leratioa
borrowiog ol 117,000 to eootoli   d thii mat) 1 wu referred to tbi
dale    ' VI I 'I mil   1 ill Iin      ,inl lung       umnh',!, ,   o| ll.e ill
ll ling Uibilitiei wu | n d .is     lh" followiti i a sub
third i' ailing   and   uill   lie   sub   m tied I
milled to tba latapayen at a lalei     i* 14, td pr-vide (or the
date together with ilu Willi. 1 I doling nl billiard pailoraaadaa
ihipywdi by-law. louits on the Lord'i Day.    Tins
cost ,<i |,i 111. the 1 ompany fur-
thei .1 [reel lo pr ml 1 |io,ooo lor
w.nkiiig capital, to trajuta n 1 u- plain .md operatiooi I" Noilll
\ in. uui 1 aui tu 1 iiijiluy 73 1 el
a  lilt   "I    ill \"   l.lllH   S     lllllll     ll    *l
d nts ol ilns city.
\ bylaw drawn b) Iba 1 itj o>
ii ,1 a a" 11 ■ ordinca with this
igreemenl was lubmitti d.
I In .1 img mayor in I Udera en
Cickm 1. 11 I I'n um Ware appoint
ed 11 "uiuiiie 1*1 confer wiih ihe
city lolicitor ami the Wallira
Shipyardi 1 ompan) n ip * ting tl e
agreement The draft bylaw wai
I u.l un Ihi lable pendil: tbe ra
port * I dn- committee at the m tt
co I iiit'ting.
The board ol w< rkt rep irted account* aim   V|  1 iin   11 ilelt'.elks
' " iu :n 1 lite si jj hj. These
annul.its Wi N 01 dl n d paid.
Al lerman  Smith  called attention tu the deiinbility uf a re-
iiljiisinu nt ul iim work ia the ol-
ai ihr i iii hall whereby ter*
i iin  duties   BOW   devolving   ii| nn
he treiiuret lie traaiferred lo Iha
d parlnieiit    ul    the    eity    t h ik
i   ;'.. i p      ' rly !'■ I( ng.
\     iiiiii   Smith,    liraim   and
Wh ■   ■   ■ ' appointed a special
As Miss Edith VV. Smiili (n*iw
Mis. Rogera) had been engaged in
the municipil oBci as assistant
clerk (or a period ol two ami a
hill years, her colleagues on lhe
municipal staff determined not to
allow the occasion of her quitting
the service 11 pass without a sub
s'.anlial token of tlieir appreciation
if her worth. This took the form
if a silver lea servjee, opper k'-'t-
ih* mil oak tr.n silver mounted, as
a wedding gift.
Th,* pieseiitalion was made in
■lie distiict   nlliee   last   Satinday
ii ning in the pretence of a nua*-
itr nl tin* stall and other friends.
Mr. Philip occupied the chair.
Bach ol the   donors  present tx*
ID ssi tl llu n good wishes Miss
smith ami appreciation of lur
w aiih a i a colleague in tha oflice.
The chairman, whole itiiitinl
Miss Smith ha I been, Hated that
he had special pleasure in taking
pari iu lhc event, ami in doing
honor to one wlw was in even nay
worthy nl  il.     Daring all the lime
Miss Smith had b- nn in the nlliee
she hail disehaige I In i iluiies
with tile lll'ilnsl tail til ulua-ss nntl
ace nacy. This was a maUi I nl
great importance to hun, .is ci-
laai.u ss lias a necessity uluu su
III nil details had tn he Ittl ml, d
to. She ha I also to deal with
many individuals, receiving turn
ami piling out wages and ac
counts, ami her in inner Inward,
all had Ihiii must agreeable and
genial. They would all mill hei
very much, but she i uried will
her to her own home lie ir very
besl   in
Mr. Cam mu pri'senled ihl gjfl
to Miss Smith, who imiliagly ac-
knowle Iged ii.
A Iiiii iiinn S mih evpt, ssul grate*
ill thanks in tba dniiurs for the
[ill i*i Ins daughter and fm tboea*
pn sniil. ol appreciation which
ha I leen g yen, It was a pii ,i- un
lu Inin 10 know lhat she   had   ihs.
charged ber duliei lo tha saiislac-
tain  ol those   who  Were  •"  mil
le to judge ol   h r faithfulness.
\ *eivit nf li a ind Cake was
then made to the party ami a
nlnuinl sucial hour was spent.
I'he oflice wal neatly decorated
lot the incision.
Planning Many New Build
One of the most gratifying evidences of the attractiveness ol
North Vancouver as a residential
town, is the fact that Alexamlei
Law, an architect who has resided
in sev ral cities of Canada, and
has designc I tha plans (or nianv
varieties of building!, has decided
to locate here and build. Mr.
Law's architectural training was
acquired in Iidinhiirgh, and,
although the picture!in grey stone
whi. li are each a pleasing char*
a.tiiisiii-ol tba«Modera Athens"
are not yet a familiar feature in
city architecture in Western Can
adi. The houses which Mr. Law
will put up here, will tlo ninth to
he in ily the City. Mr. Law has
alieid; begun building on the
eisi side of Victoria l'atk, when
tml   nl   the   will   [ l, e   Hi st-
Wlrds, and the other two I i |
Ine nn Sl. li lOffe ,nenn , wilh
lams al  nnlli norlli and   KMlh nl
ihe    property.      Mr.   Law   has
i h isi-n another exeelhul sile lor
a resialenc, on Thirteenth strut,
nearly ipposite the li iglisl. church,
in.I. tvlu'ii completed, t'i s will
add om' more tu tie high class
muses already eractad in this
.iistetii set linn. The sale ol
,he above property was carrieil
lit by Alexin lar tt Townsley.
A New Bakery
Ferr/ Noles
The ttiitli of the old saying
ihat thc "early bird catches tin
.ninn" is fully appreciated hy the
local baker,Mr. Walker, inasmuch
is he has pist pui. based lhe lol
i hm I    Ml ssis    Ilnn i   |  Duilds'
due at tba jnactioo nl Ml ami
nth Streets, and will at oi d
'reel a complete baking pleat
on the property. lhe lot runs
clear through Irom one strut in
thc other, ami makes an ideal lo*
iimn   Inr such an important in-
IllilV I- Mr. Walker's. IllC n| filing of i bakei's sll ap on lhe top
ol lh" hill it di doubtless b mi ch
appreciated by the up town residents whose houses an siliiabil
in this ne gfal orh' o I, 'I he ih al
was put through by Messrs. Alexander A Towuli v.
A. K. Sn ia v, si hool trustee, has
t. ii   funhued   to his   Imuse for
sen ial   days,   sufftiiiig   from   a
severe cold.
Guests at the Palace Hotel: Ma*
dun' L" in; S. Uishiipiii k, Sardisl
A. Wallace, John Young; A. A.
Armstrong and Dan Mt Huzie.
The local l'ythiiai lodge is growing i ipidly. On Tuesday evuittg
one * *iu li i ne was initiated In iln
first rank and two in the set ond.
Harry Fogg, Fourth sheet, who
has just compleled a contract on
Seymour creek, returned to the
city this week with his complete
Outfi .
| li. Boatcom, who has lieiii I
guest at the Hotel Nortli Vancouver for the past week, left oii the
Ca .no Thuraday evening for ll e
Mis. Ii. L. Godfrey, who has
be 'ii visiting in linglainl loi some
mouths put, returned a few days
ago and is ■ gneil  at  lhe   Hotel
North Vancouver.
Capt. Cates brought down a
lar^e quantity ol   lumber   dom
Frome'l mill this wtek and ton
uud it iu ll i.iis across the inlet
lor the Vain ouver Yacht ( lub.
Mis. Girle, Who has bei n stop
ping at the lintel North Vancou
vet dining the winter, returned
north lhiirs lay to join lui bus
hand, wh I is on • ol the nwnets of
the Swede group.
The annual NBtry meeting of
St. John's chiiii h will be held on
Tuesday n. ning ne.vl. The meet*
iu; will convene at eight o'clock
in tin- iliiiiili nnitttoriiiiii. lhe
vicit,   Uev.    I.ellOV  llonki r,   Will
Ni is Pearaoo, oaa "I tba owaan
ol the laillOUl Swede gliilip ol
1111111*., I hi> < n ( Ite islands,
who has been a guest at the I Intel
Norlli Vancouvei lor lluee weeks
past,  returned north Tuesday on
the Prince* ■ Miy.
A. II I aha ami 1 Deaniaaa
have nei ntly arrived in the city
Irom Calgary wilh tlnn l.oniles
ami mil permanently locate IhiO.
Th. i ban* i.ikeu the contract lor
plash ling the new lillwood build-
mg. mi the Biplanade,
linesls at Hull I Ninth N'ainuu
ver:   P, Hruce. Blaine; |  li  Boi-
Irom, Kcnnra; f   Ni .on. \\ ilh in
Shaw, J. B. IM , II. Sander, L.
Coohrao, Scotland; r. Hi
A. Hnll, & I. Kali, W. J .1,   n
II. Kbode . A li. II dm. s, A
I'.nk. r    ml I'. I.ultus
Nunc   Dimittis,   and   the
Ill  »
The steamer St. George will go
into dry dock next week lor l
thorough overhauling, ol which
she is in great need, in preparation foi the heavy traffic of thc ap
Sur; r se Presentation
/'.,, /.n./\ Af* ..|,/'.,..,,V. ,,lln.„l
nrgin ul the's Hay All uui
of Canada, announce, llinl Aptil
1M1 I 1 Mav 3 will In* Lnid s Iv*.
week, and rupusts ihat iu every
pulpit a sp 1 ial sermon dealing
with llu' S 'I bath be preached on
'iiie nf thai ■ Si ndays.
Tuesday evening a delegation ol
Pythian Irom Vancouver hnlg,
No. 3, Vancnuver. visited the local
lodge and nude a surprise preua
preaching   season.   Daritg  thn ,,1,nn ,0,l,r" l"""'1 mi'ml"'r K-
period thc handling nf the aatin Faweatt, who BOW lesules In i-.
traffic will devolve upon the steam-] tm gilt •« in llMM ol his M ent
er North Vancouv. r, and while n'uinnag. and w.i- aid us .1 token
is the desire of the Ierry company u. Ueum lor   his services to the
to provide tba boat aarrka pel ll"1" wlnl" •"•aetad with No. 3.
™* misted ol a handsnine        ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
acconipauietl l.y an ad* irrr,ion of ■ nl""Kr n| mnl' M''
cotta i'. 'i      ih 1 nne quarter
Miss Clara Fogg was treated to
a welcome surprise on Tuesday
evening last when a party of her
friends to the number of sixteen,
dropped in to celebrate wilh her
her luilhday anniversarv. A most
enjoyable evening was spent in
games on the lawn and indoors.
Ice cream and cake was served
during the evening.
Dr. A. MacKay Jordan, whose
familiar presence is again seen in
the city, is receiving a hearty wel
come Irom his hosts of (riendt.
Dr. Jordan lift disposed of hia
business interests in Seattle ind
purposes proceeding norlh lo develop his valuable t opper claima,
adjoining lhe Swede group, Queen
Charlotte islands.
The local fire department had a
run on Sunday morning last about
9 o'i lock in response to • call
Irom the Hotel NorthVancouver.
The blaze, which originated from
the furnace chimney, appealed*on
the roof, ami the quick run and
expeditioui work of the fire lid-
dies brought it tinder control be
lore any other than nominal damage was done.
E. li Webster, ol California,
who is an extensive property owner
in the city and district, and who
has been a guest at Hotel North
Vancouver lor some weeks past,
returned south on 1 uesday Int.
Mr Wi lister is highly pleased it
the many improvement! that he
noi s iu the city and district, and
is very sanguine as lo the luture
ptaispuls. He considers North
Vancouver one of the most delightful 'pots on the I'acihc coast.
Nortli Vancouver citlzeus are
congratulating Postmaster McMillan upon the completion o( the
new postoffice accommodations.
Tne new premises aie spacioui,
while the two wickets ind the in-
ere mil number ol boxes provide
excellent (acuities for public con-
venierc'. The satisfied smile worn
hy ilu* genial p'-stmaster is the
nu'i* aid sign ol the inner consciousness of duty done, and il
fully Italian!, d by ihe result! attain -d.
The pn miters of the Horticul-
tur.i' a-* ociation hope thai ill good
c /ens will interest thcnielvei
in the movement an I turn out to
thc r mgaii /almn meeting to be
[ticld in the distiict municipal office on the 14th inst. Meantime
all who have not already enrolled
11 members may do so with the
secretary, It. L. Docherty. The
as,in i.iiiun ihould hive I very
Urge membeisl ip to give the di-
reuoii -elect full confidence to null :'tike gre il things for the future.
The    DiplOCk* Wrighl    Lumber
Co., wh . ire opa itii g 'In mill ol
the    Wi stern   Corporation,   are
ma'uring plans '' r Iha extension
ol the plant load Iai tooti dii
s„„e under the circumstances,',he(The gilt* o. a handsome'«»«ce toward Lynn creek and lb.
probability is that this nmurJtaaiHiwa
;„ M u. illi|r ,„,,„ ,,„„,. ,,,,,„   The recipient was pi itly
n.l.nulherigula, schedule ,,|,he .urprised-.nd was barely ible t.|ft«,h«" ^"^ °" "^
,rk,(, I express his thanks,     A pleasant
in,* nm 1,1,., Van 00. ■"" '■'''Vl'"""'- Wlow«d
,. 1 1- progressing quit! as npidl) 	
,   u.e,   anticipated    1 '■•   1        Tha local office of ilu* 11, c.
lining  was   1 inuphii d   I lint   li'e.uii  If dwa) Co. has received
evening.     The float*, at pn -'ill in
■ isi* will  lie  used ut the m 11
nun, ln:l will be first lOWwd I" lh<
ibipyatd and thoroughly repaired,
an application tot tats to carry
a p nl) nl 1511 lu Capilaiiu mi In*
day next, leaving the feny tthatf
at 9:30 a. in
lot fits.
At the Ei 111 iarv irs in St.
John's Church tie lollotting
muiic will be sung: Al iimming
prayer|an I h'any. Dyke*l   inclod
luiis  |,   11,   llarnby's anthem
"lt is high tune to awake," antl
tin usual Kasler canticles; and ai
etciisong,   Tom's Magnificat ind
C. Ii. Sugden, M. P., is visiting
his brother, G. W. Sugden, the
postmister at Lynn Valley. Dr.
Sugden was delighted with the
trip 1 lm ugh thc mountaini, and il
very lavorablv impiesscd with the
province, He would hive Ihe
province settled liy Canadians ind
emigrinli Irom northern Eurcpe
md the United States, ind would
leaf the Aiiatics to develop the
great natural resources ol their
own big continent. Ihe viiitor
takes an interest in the exteniion
ul the tram line past his brnthcr'l
property, ami consult is thit with
the advent ol the Camdian Northern and the Grand Trunk Pacific
railways a greal city for the north
side of the inlet is assured. Mn.
Sugden ace mipanied her huibind
011 llien hut trip to b. C, THE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B. C.
Tll . 1XPRKS8
Nokiii V tsa .11 van. li. c.
0.1. aiUTHUIMAIal,   li. II   M'ailllN.
.Milliliter,      I ii ii*i si* Mgr
The Biuret* is deliu nd I'l North
Vincouver v. ithin a rndius ui 12
blocks ut ihe office, All outiide
this diitrict 1* placed in lie post
lialti'S ol SllllSUiptll'll
One year -       -       ll.OO
Six mOBtlll     -       ■ 50
Three iiiiintlis •        • .!•,
United States   un! I'" ir 'ign, tl 50
per year,
All subs, upturns iiiiiii In paid m
a It,on >.
Any peisun not receiving tl ■
paper regularly will please notily
the office. N" pipi 1 slnppi ,1 uu
less notihed 1 libel hv lettei 01 1 .m
Nokiii VaMCOI ill, Ai'kii. 17, 1908
livery comparatively small town
that finds itself situated In close
proximity lo a large and progres
sive city will discover that while
iis location iffordi many desinhle
advantage!, yet, thit oa the mln i
band, tba ume cause will gin
rile persistently to protdemi ol a
more nr less tiMiiuius mure
problems    ihat    will   nol   idjllll
thenisi In s m itringenl regulitiom
and to narrow thinking, but in tin
treatment nl  nhnh dm latitudi
must be all.mail ami hmid mind
ediiess nu],I prevail.
yne nl the most lioiihlesoine nl
these lm il piuhli ins is sure to
ntis.* trnin the strung inlluenre ol
the large nit In draw (rom the
smaller community an amount ol
trade, ibe losi ol whit I pover-
ish.s the colnuniuitt.hamlii ipa hi
ca men h mis,ami which tiie injur
«*il com nm mt \ would enjoy without
siibtractinn iter.* ,i viitlii ii-ntiy re-
niiite.l geograpbicall) from the
gn at 11 nil,
The development nt tins problem dba oven two ntn me posi*
turns, the one to tin eth tl that local residents shin,hi do all tin ir
trading with local men bahta, and
the other lo iln* 1 lh . 1 ihat ilnrc is
nu stiiiud reason in be adduced
tiht om mav imt do all his trading outside the i orporalioo liaaa
ol the burgh in which his residence is situated, ll he is su in
The lunsideintmus wlm I, lead
to the diieigenre ol a large ml
ume ol trade to ihe larger city are
as follows    Cneai' 1 variety Irom
which lo seleit. the old n tno
neons impiissnin (hat pru rs are
hut a r thin at hnine   iln   1 nnlinii
nus pruiess,nn ui bargain sabs
that is tharai letisiu uf business
conditions   in   such   cities;   the
agreeable tnupiing ut   planaon
with business, whii I, a, 1 nnip.iini s
1 shopping expedition liom
home, iba lad thai probably
main ii'sulenls in the smaller
lown at luallv 'am tin 1 lm libood
Within     tin s    uf    ib,*
neighboring corporation
A candid examination ol these
reasons makes it evident thai tin t
ire all ol an int. nal) personal
and also uf a nuue ur hai '■ lln-h
nature, am! lum no n [1 n lite to
oii' s duties ami obligations to Ihe
community as such. It is only
reasonable to exprtt that citizens
will allow themselves to I"
ed in this, as in other things, to a
consider abb degree by a spirit ol
loyalty M tin ir bona town.
The citiz' 11s nf a 1.1,   1 nniniii
nity have common intemti from
the civic, thr edui ItiOOll, Ihl re.
ligious, the sot nil and lhe 10111
mercial viewpoint, and tba Intel
ests of all will be I" sl promoti I
when citizens learn to bfoadea
their mental vision and to make
common cause with tin ir lellow
citiicns on broad lines in every
movement that will promote the
good oi the whole body.
Undeniably one i'ii important
Iai mi in pios| e iv will I ■ lound
in the steady ciiciilatiou in the
c uiiiiHiint) ol the largeil possible
amount of ready cash. The constant exportation nf considerable
sums ol money constitute! a menace 10 tin genenl prosperity, and
s th* mule ragruitibta in the pat*
ticulai I'l a ' Inn' ' "iisuli'reil lie-
cause tin- e.itlie matter is so easily
controlled. A fair trial will convince the fair minded shopper lhat
the alleged advantage-, ol out-of-
totiu buying are lo a teiv large
ext' lit iutiiioiis; that theie are
tangible com pi man n tor such
occuional diudvantagu as may
1 rile (inui home shopping, and
lll.ll il is u II worth tlieir while to
palronize the merchants of the
lown in which thev mid*, and
wilh v Inch tlnir nearest inti nsl*
.111' 1 Ifntifii d. and bv tin-, nu ans
place tlie largi-sl pottible amount
ul money in circulation hn the
well-being of the community at
I urge.      	
Unsuccessful Ascent
I.,ist Sunday an attempt wa
made to reach rhi peak ol Crown
mountain, by tha following num
hers of the Vancouver Mount
aim eting Club: J, C. Iiishop.
president, and George J arret,
sm 1 t*t,11 \ ul tlu* club, li'li Van
couver al  7 ij  p. m.   Saturda;
evening,    and   prnceeded   to   llu
Capilano hotel, where ihey wen
joined   at   1   later h mr   by   W.
Nil hnlsii! 1,,nh v.
Iu ilu* iiioiuing iha party wen
up  at   5   and look a look a I llu
tieallu 1, which, at thai lime, was
clear, ami, after having breakfast
proceeded on then trip, going two
nubs aluiig a skid road,  broughl
them I" lhe back ul (Town liinun
tain   antl   where   the  hard  work
s'arted     By    this   lime   it   had
l.nted   lo   rain and   was  gelling
misty, ami   in   places   tin   snow
was   vary   soli,   which made the
going prctiy hard.    However, the
party kepi ou In lhe hope that llu
weather would improve and tin
sun  coma  out  by   noon.   After
about 1'. hours more haul climbing,   they came to the font ol   a
rbll where thc snow was piled up
with a I ice on it like the side of
a house     It   was like tlimbing a
laildi'i    Every bole lor the hand
unl tins had to be cut in the snow
ami. when within a few leel from
llu* top   i shoe stalled to the lell
in a mu t uncomfoitable manner
liveniually the top was readied,
when it was luiuiil that the snow
hul   slipped about six  leet atvat
from the face ol the cliff, and the
party   were enabled lo look over
the edge ol the snow into space
I consultation   was   held,   in
which it was  decided to icturn,
although   Ihey were   011   what  is
nown as the ridge pole,   and it
would   mi essilate   i (lining   down
ami taking a lush mule tu make
the   peak, with the probability ol
meeting with Iha same diScnllh s
again,  and Iba weather was  g, 1
ting timse instead nl better. Tin
ihsi enl was   started,  and il   11.1
(omul hauler In COM dnwn lhan
to go up, as the procedure lu ibis
1 ase   lur abnut  loo leet  was with
lace to  the WOW, having to look
don n fur lhc footholds made in the
ascent whiih were in most   cases
hlh il with sliding snow.
It was rather a disappuuitnicnt
as the party realized that il the as*
i nl was nnt made, then it could
not be iiiiub' until Ihe snow has
gOOO, wlm h will not be for stiiiu
lime to come.
The return to lhc hotel wai ac
loniplished by 1.15, where justice
was done to the adequate lunch
provided by Mr. and Mrs Kells,
the proprietors of the hotel, who
certainly shewed the kindest con
sib ration Inr the disappointed
liiniintaiiiei rs.
Afar gelling sonic r f llnil g.n
nn nls dn. lhe parly stall** I hu
home, taking tin' high road, ami
pu king blossoms  Irmn the Iters,
.ah ,is   huckleberry  ami wild
arrant, art . which wete in great
profuiion along iha tvay. ami gave
j.iamine ol artistic possibilities in
ilie decoration ol rooms, etc., J. C.
Iiishop getting the bunch that
made tin finest display.
lhe Western Corporation
Th ■ I'l'igress thus far made in
the adjustment of llu* affairs nf the
Western Corporation gives every
assurance nf a 1110 it satisfactory
co illusion within a few months.
lhe 1 eiiilii tl auditor's repot t as
at October ist t.tst, shews assets
1)14.104 01, and liabilities $100,-
307/11. The btisiress of ihe corporal inn is at present being con-
liicled Iv ihe B, C. Trust corporation, tf Vincouver, under an
agreement wheh provides that
within a peiiod of twelvemonths
their ailnnnistrative powers shall
terminal'', ami that the busiiusr
shall then be handed over tn ihl
nii-i'ial ,,hmi,rs mii going cor-
lt will be seen Ir un tin* total assets and li ibilitiei that the margir
is three to one in favor of the cor
petition This lact, coupled wilh
the favorable progress being,
renders il pruhable that iha rover-
MOB nl tin- business tn lhe owii'is
will be ariived at during the mm
ing rammer, and the Western
Ciiiporalion will again take ils
ilaei' as a foremost factor lu tin
ai ,L;ie-s 1 I event! upon this siih
of the inlet.
North Vancouver Mails
Mails 1 hi*,!* fnr I'espalth as Inl
loan: I *r Vancouver and al
nnu,Is S a. 111 , 11:15 ;l- at., 4:1
p 111 .; fair 1.tun creek, 11:15 a. 111
Mails arrive ■ Vancouver and al
points,   JIIO a   in.,  12:45 in., 3:41
p  tn i Iinin 11 creek -• p. in.
Outgoing mails for Lynn creel
after 1115 a. 111. should be de
Ineied al the wicket.
I eiideis wanted lor clearing ind
guiding ground  adjacent to Si
\udlew's chilli li. 110x50 I'.u
ticulars Irom Win. I.nult t, Cit)
Chuich Notices
sl   JOHN'S im   KVANi.M.lsl, sHlNIII
Holy Communion, H a. m.
Morning prayer, ti
livening prayer, 7.30
On the Insl Sunday iu th**month
linn* will be a second celebration
.il tlu Ibilt ( oinininiioiiat 11
Kecloi    liYv   Hugh Hooper.
si tMiKtu's ntaaarraauacnuaca
Services will be conducted as
usual on Sunday by the pastor.
Sunday school, 2:30 p 111.
Service at Moodyville school at
7130 p. 111.
Praytf muting on Wednesday
S o'clock.
All ate wi h nine.
I'astor; Uev. J  l>. (iillaui. MA.
tn mourn 1 hi k h, n. w, i oimi h
llll Kill SI    IMiSI. lilOKl.l's
him 1.
Morning service, nam ; Sun
day school, .1:30 p in , evening
senile, 730 pin.
I'rayer iiueling on Wednesday
. lining it 7:30 o'clock.
Preaching ia l.ynn valla) on
alternate Sunday afternoons.
Sunday school at Moodyville at
11 a. m.
Kev. 1). II. Hal.h rston, li A.
Sunday Services - Mass at 8
a. m., Sunday school al 2:30 p 111 .
Hen. .lit lion at 3 p. in.
I'astor:   Kev.   Ii. I'eytavin, 0.
M. I. V. S.
Minn run lell, MUM0I it A t.i.,
lus-niii   ttiNi'i.
Serin e at 11 o'clock a. 111 in
llu tilling, h id i Sunday m html al
the 1 In*.i' nf tin* * -ii 111
PaatOI :     Kev. I l.n nl I.nng
All an* welcome,
•*•'   thn    information   of   intending
-i' iiiiiI others, that selection lum
i*en made uf the 11,500,000 acres of land
tnated in  the  l'eaee  Kiver  Valley,
Proline! nf Brlltih Otdamata, grunted
in the Dominion (Jovornmont umler the
irovtiloniof Boctien 7, ol " An Act re-
iatiiiii In the Island Kiuluny, the tirav
ing D.H'k nml Railway  bauds uf the
Prniint'e," anil miiIi hind is nut open I"
nlry  under  the   Iiunl   bans of  tba
The bluett fcle. ted in ileserilied a» Inl*
Iinin: t'uimnt'ui'iiiit ll a point :i*l'..*
null'" si'iiih "( the IVui'i' Hiver, 1111 tin
I'.'ilil. MiTi.liau lieine ilm Kin-tern
Imiinilary of the Province, UmOM Wirt
71 niilt'B and M.M chains, thence North
71 iiiilen mul 115.Oil chains, thenri' Bill
7!i niili'H ami IW.i'.l chains, thence South
to tha print of commeotaiMnt, full™-
lug Ihl 190th Meridian, ninl eniiliiiiiinil
approilmately :i,MK) (ton ncres.
Notice is Also (liven that, uilh a vii-w
to (iiiililiilnigsettlement ill the Vallajri
ill lhe I'i'ii.'i'. I'ar-anip iiiid l'ink liner.,
the liilluiiing hell ..I land furly inili'K in
width, inui exleuilini! H mil.**- mi Ml
side uf llu' I'euii', Parsnip and I'ark
RlVM has been rewrvi'il Inr hi nml
Mttlen, to be n.iiiiiri'.l In pea-Hunt km
Only iiinler lhe l.uinl Ai'l. nu," land lml
bring n|.ei. (ur H-de, letine, HefW ur
nllitr iihi'iiiitnin iinili'r Ihe.unl Act ei-
ei.|it liy pre-emption.
liuiiuiii'iii'iiigiil lhe intertteiTion 1 (the
West.rn li.niiid.irv ut llu* hliiak ui land
■elected by the nonunion Uowminwl
uilh lhe i'eiiee Hiver, thence follow ii'|i
the relief Itiver nii'l 1'ar.nip Hiver lo
tlieir I'linlliieui'f it ilh the I'sck Ititor,
un.l Ihi'iice liilluiiing Ilm Pack Hiver Ic
llu* luiiiii 11 here said PiU'k Itiver leaven
Mi'la'i.l l.nke, nnd extending lur s Air-
lam',- ol llll miles mi eueli Hide nl **.ii*l
KiviTs un.l a|i|.iuxiniiilely IV0 miles in
lenglh. 0.
All laml- iiulHidi' the Imiinihiries ul lhe
I (iaiii ililiient I Irani uml tin'
ri'herte above ikMcrlbed an* open fnr
IluIi'iii under llie Intim"I lhe I'riiiiiu'
letlag I'lie' ('i'inini''sii.i,iT
111 al   tli Ull,
Korth !,„„ „uu*i
I'hoiii* 3,'
a 1 .un,.. -.
I'liiii r   It'll
MIPIII   t IStutllB
Werklij LUI    anli I111II119 Vl'lll asm
|1 Hahl
0 ll
I      Ml
I    lllllll
|i.'i.*ri|.' Imi
I   One .iti*. ji.rtivt' etiruil, uilli lamrL mi, sevvin.-.-in li,111*1*1.
1   iSOil.'-li IM mi Kin,, nlli  unit, lmIutt ml-'. t*i.*i*il i m;
ala'iira'il, nrrnlii, 1 m*aj*r.ii'iii na'ilai InilnDC *. i. in. i-.-i.
I    t,Dl nil -wim ail Sire I wt'.l ill M.'u.'l  AvniK'.   Sfi'iin*  liil.
I very etieap l'rn|iorly.
The Cushionet Shoe
For Women With
Tender Feet for nn easy hmisc slni"; tinn
snli's. low hei 1 mill kitl t |i, fur rt'iil
comfort.   Piici1, $3.50
Dlucli r I..i'n inr sti'ni't went'; ex trn
heavy lurn sulns witli military heel
ind patent tip
A stylish, tu'dt nml drossy slum tliat gives comfort iind
wnar foi' $4.50
l.iinls ainl W'.rs-. llepiirliniTil,
Victoria, Se|,ii*nilH'r Ilil
I bands and W,,rU,
IV you Maui lomething
worth wliih'.lt't us Bgure
mi your work.
tiiir nxtniisivL'stofk of
new wall ilfcoratioiis
fiiahh's uatuoSartlarge
variety oi ti|i-to-ilatr
treatments ami spirial
color schemes. We are
:il your service.
Alsol'.iinls, Uils, and
Varnishes of the very
hest makes.
Conic in ami talk it
Mies and imi 1 r ine feking
E" 11. mm & ci.
Ninth   Vnnetittver, B, •'.
Wlifii you iiitinil bailding
j. 1 mm:, mm
"iiti HastiiiL's Street
mirth mmm wm k nmi co., un.
Time Table, it).17
sn: A U IK
sl. liK.UKlIK
SI.   l.lilKl.t:.
N.  VAM'Ol'Vm.
HM i. M,
•1, 1:,    "
•7 in   "
s.iai   "
sai  "
H.W  "
n.nn  "
Ml  "
Ml A li,
»45   "
10.15 A. ll.
III I.'i  "
111.15   "
1045   "
11.15   "
11.11  "
ll.i.'i   "
11.45   "
12.15 1'. M.
l'J,I.M'. \l.
II I.'i I'.M.
1.15   "
I.II   "
I.II   "
145   "
•J. 15   1
''.In   "
2.4ft   "
-M5   "
3.15   "
115   "
S.-lfi   "
3.45   "
4.16   "
1.15   "
1.45   "   ,
4.45   "
5.15   •
5.15   "
5.15   "
5.45   "
«.I5   "
LU  "
1141   "
(1.45   "
7.15   "
i.'ii "
7.45   "
S.I5   "
H.lft   •'
1.11   "
Ml  "
1(1.15   "
10 45   "
•ll.ltll   "
•11.45   "
it nn SiiiuUi.
70 x 240
Close to saw mill and plank road ;
leu minutes Itom tur; only $100.
Also a lew  1 \ arret lor  $200;
terms, in, ,|mvn, (tm per month.
Il"iis. lu lei, (i intiins, all COII
lelllellies ;     splendid     vietV.      Also
uue lur, ; $10i) iii.ii an<l tn
per month.
Iwo pi'rl'itlv itemed lots nn lonsdale Avenue
$900 each
Hraiirh Qfte\ tmtUk Art.,Cily. Plmnr
Nn 30
in,ni Meraad IW '■v'"' Oraafa 8.C.
i\ ism i.isin navicai
will  lie held   it  Orange hall on
Sunday eveninR  at  7:30 o'clock.
All   arc   welcome.    Conic    and
liriug a friend.
KkK» 'nr Sale—Fertility (ii-ar-ni'ml.
Silver BpaagM Hambor|i, Ohio Strain,
lur lli'iiulv. Oood tateri, inun' -iUitk.
nulliiiiK I" I1e.1l 1 In'in    T»u ilullar.|»*r
lltteen.    I'ure While Wininliille., Irmn
i"A -Irani MM dullar |»r lillfen
Y111111K ctii.-lcH fur mie.
I a.nrli i'liiii .Irei'l imd llill.ruila ItMlaM,
N .rlli Vmii wr
For tht Farm, Garden, Lawn
or Conservatory
Iteliillile  l Uriel ie. ill remauliillile  |irieen.
Nu Bonn.    No Siuh*.    No KuniiKiilnin
IB illllllillle MaWka     No   II*.'' Ill-   I' 1
ruiluiv Tun.   Ilnv .liri'i't und ((el Treen
mnl Heidi Ihnt itrim.
Kerliliii'm, H-at'Supplit'-a, Spray I'iiiii|ih,
Ipnrlnf " 1 *lal, Cat rhHran, Ma.
oi.i->»t   *i 1 'i    ' aaiaW| mi iin'
mainland .,1 nm ,   olamhav
l'.ilill.*i;ili* (rei*.
sitisiHiis AN0 si 1 nihil sis.
3100  Wrj.Tniv.TitH  Itmii.
ami ROTARY I'l'lil.lf
,      III ,11 Ua lua
Mails.,     I'lai ,*r .ml III >lr.11 Ip,
'aiMmrm   ll.i'l'.'iKi'l.   ft r mul Fir,
Mainuti'r Inr tin* t'"inin"rri»l
I'n.I.,in,* Hiclvtjr,
OIRii-:—KmnT Ita, I'l   nr  LoilDitl
Ann ami
General Teaming
luM.1 Pry   Ciiriliiiii«l .lelivereil  I I
iiliprein the rilv ("r |l.(»)a eord.
(Inter, nillnlo.1.
hiiuli  Slri'il, Ih'Ikii'ii  l/iii'dule lad
Cheplerllrlil at*.   I'liolie 57.
tiunmi uuuuooiunt
Hr It  /■'*, ,iu>/uni/<
.Vi, lh   I'nnr.iuirr SnUirnir llnwltn
Rlitiari, Sill: mul Mutliit
Enrrt ami Emlirniilrrii
HV hkMUD 1/-hing of hr Uti nml chra]»at
n\\\ [mm um
J. Ilm is ic It 11, Pro|w.
delivered daily to nil parts
of the City.
Orders left nt tlie Express oflice will be promptly attended to.
I'llMlit*.   INU    PlI'UKIIAM.IlKS
Ml'Kll.   Dluimi
Qaaixam   Ounaai   Sh.n*
Oil'.  IjlH. SlKtli.
'I 11K    I'NUKItSli.NKI)    IS     PRK*
pared ti, ilu nil i. 111U of Hh'Krinj,
(iriilil'ini anil Stuinpi>■■< hy inulrai't.
IkM -Ireel Weil,
Nurth Vaneuuver.
tjnamliiii Siini'ii r mid Arrlu'ett
luiRTii Stkkkt,''iihnih LoaWUI An
At lhe meeting of the Municipal
Council on Wednesday evening
last lhe councillors were all present. Reeve May occupied the
Communications were read as
From John F. Ross, requesting
that Frome road he extended to
his property in D. L. 813.
The municipal engineer was instructed to prepare specifications
Ior the extension ol the presenl
road to thii property hy lhe mosl
feasible route,
From li. C. l'.irry to the edict
that he is conlronted by a serious
situation with regard to water sup
ply Ior household purposes, and
asking that the water system bi
extended to his residence on King
street. The council regretted their
inability to deal with this difficulty
and the clerk was instructed to
write Mr. Parry to that effect, and
suggested that it might be advisable for him to make application to the City Council.
From Thomas Shepherd, clerk
of the city, advising the Municipal
Council that the City Council consents to the reference of accounts
outstanding Iietween the city nnt
municipality to the auditors for
The clerk of the council repot ted
that Mr. Fell had submitted a plan
of subdivision, and as Mr. Fell
was desirous ol getting the plan
registered without delay, he hat
en.,'i li ia.nan  d* I. lie I   111 id next
lilt-el ill*.'.
The uiiiiiiiipiil engineer wis in*
stint ltd to prt'i'iire specifications
for the Seymour creek bridge preparatory tn 1 oi'-atiuction during
the summer.
Specificalitms were read and
adopted for the clearing uf the
school sile in Capilano valley.
This work is to be proceeded with
at once.
Council then resolved itself into
couiniittee of the whole in order
to confer willi Mr. bunbury, local
superintend I of lhe B. C. Electee Railtvai Co , relative to an
igreemenl I '.ween the municipality and the company with reference to conditions to govern future
extensions of lhe company's lines
throughout the municipality.
Cost of G. T* P.
rpWO   FINE 9|i8  AND H  I'OINT
Coclm, nmlt'il to liigh-M'uring liens
B-ZK8 $1.50 and $2 per IS.    OlMTIfp
I'Xiilianueil.   A ft'tv breeders for jalt'.
lilst street ami l/inailali1 avenue.
Appllfltloill are invited fnr Ilm poll*
lion of Koad Tax Collector lor the Din*
trict, to be iu liy lit May next. Appli*
t'unt» tn mate rnnuniasion wauled. Further parlimlara ran be obtained at the
District office.
■*   lteds, Pullets, Tlioriiiielil.reil.
D. Met'lAlU,
.'ill lillll lltelllli',
Mt. l'li'HSillll   I'  ()
approved tbe plan. On motion
the action of thc clerk was endorsed.
The   board  ol works reported
wages t III, to.   Adopted.
The finance committee's report
was submitted, and showed over-
dralt in bank Ji,37->. There is
available the sum ol $3,330 from
sinking fund, leaving a drawing
power of (1,960, added to which
there is yet a borrowing powei ol
(1,51m. Totil available funds,
13,400, against which there are
fixed charges lor two months
(1,160, and first payment on Lvnn
creek bridge (1,500, leaving the
sum ol (Koo available lor immediate use, together with such
amounts as may be paid on taxei
for 1907, and irrespective of thii
year's levy and sums due from the
The matter of the appointment
ol a roatl tax collector was discussed, and it was decided that
applications for the position lie invited through advertisement.
A lettet was read from the Dip-
lock-Wright Lumber Co., to the
effect that it is their intention to
erect six or more houses on 1). L.
615, and requesting that Seventeenth street be extended to this
properly. The reeve, the clerk
and Councillor McNaught were
appointed a committee to confer
with Mr. Diplock with respect to
the matter.
Thc proposed agreement between thc municipality and Vancouver City with reference to the
maintenance nf the Capilano road
wis submitted and adopted.
Under this agreement the district
is to define the road. The city
■ball pay the district (800, to be
expended upon the road, together
with inch idditional sums as may
be required, and the municipality
shall maintain the road in good repair. Thc city is to have right ol
wiy lor pipe lines and telephone
lines, and shall remove the same
11 may be required from time to
time 10 that they shall not inter-
len with the use of the roadway
as a public highway. The city
shall maintain thc pipe lines and
telephone lines in good repair and
shall make good any damages resulting Irom washouts, etc.
The dnlt of a bylaw with
reference to the construction of a
driveway from the city limits tu
Eagle llirbor on the local improvement plan wu submitted and
The figures given by the ministet
of railways as to the cost of build
ing the new transcontinental thai
tvill one day steam into Not tli
Vancouver, make interesting reading. The 656 miles of the eastern
division, now under construction,
will cost (44.000,000. The 196
miles of tbe eastern division yet to
be let will cost 519,419,466. The
prairie section is estimated to cost
(21,872,200, giving a total cost ol
(85,291,666 Irom Monclon to the
The cost of the coast section
has not yet been computed. The
final gratles have not yet been decided upon, and the company is
now levising the several prelimin
ary surveys (or the purpose of
definitely locating the route.
APPLICATION! will b- received at
*•>•* tin* I'ity llnil, North Vani-oiiver,
ip |o lia o'clock p. 111. on Tlmr-ilay,
April 2:lrd, l'.K)8, [or lhe position of
Temporary Clerk in tlm MN "t tlm
I'ilv Treasurer.
funiculars can lie obtained by application to the I'ity Treaaurer.
Contractor and
Mouse   Builder
I6tb Street West
msTBii'T iip mn itKwra
Tenders are invited tor thc work ol
'•learinu and irradini! scliool lite at Cap.
ilanii. S|iei'ittcatioufi can Ihi liad at tlie
Di.trii't oHifi', where sealed IVii.lera and
Dtp sits must bo Itslited belore 11 o'clock
on lal Mat next.
on  lli I'.Nci*:*  FOB IM AUK
lion tin" und Put able al the (Iiii
llall. (lu ami afler March I tb next
All ilnga llliliri'ii-i'il will be lilki'li |ms-
seasion of and dt'slroved.
TlliiM.ts SiikI'Iikkii, Cilv I l,*rk.
Norlh Vancouver, B. (' , fab, », 11HW
17-1 'it
AI.KX. PHILIP, C. M. ('.
Cattle Show at Calgary
The (nurth animal provincial (at
stock show ami eighth annual provincial pure bred cattle show,
under lhe auspices ol the Alberta
Live Stock Association aud tlie
Dominion and l'roviniial Deparl-
ments ol Agriculture, will be held
at Calgary, May 19 to 22, 190H.
The prize list, which is just to
hand, comprises cattle, simp,
swine, eggs and dressed poultry,
and also a judging competition.
kill Vancouver Hardware
Company, Ltd.
Harden Tools
Lawn ilourrx
Poultry Setting
House Cleaning Requisites
Paints and Oils
lluililers Hindu are
Estimates Given on All
Kinds ol Electrical Woik
Cor* Lonsdale and Second St
fool 01 Lonsdale k.
Not Fit For Publication
A Spokane st hnnlgirl was required to write an essay ol 250 wonls
ubout au automobile. She submitted the lollowing: "My uncle
bought an automobile. He Mt
ritling out in llie cnuntry when it
busted going up a long hill 1
guess this is about 50 wonls.
Tlie other 200 are what my uin la
said while he was walking back to
town, but they ire not fit for
publication."—Tlic Copper News
Local Athletic*.
The North Vancouver Athletic
Club is anticipating an active and
successful season. Improvements
to the grounds are now in progress
in the wayol levelling and rolling,
and the club expects to bc aide to
place in thc field at least one baseball team and a lacrosse team
Other departures arc also in contemplation with a view to securing
lor the Ambitious City a creditable
position in amateur sporting cir
Wanted to Rent -By May ist,
between Tenth and Twenty-first
streets, a good-sized sitting room,
(hiring school hours only. Nine to
three o'clock, Mondays to Fridays.
Apply to Alexander & Townsley,
Lonsdale avenue.
ta prepared to dn all kinda ol work
rlfariui*. irruhhiiiK. i*tiiiii|iiiiK "r rmlt
Mutiaa, Work HM by the day or by
nml raet.
Ultra Wl tiikeii in UntUM near
hiiii'i*. and all daina||i' nimh' s"»-l
Ail'lre*., Si'iiiinl .tt>*cl W , near ItfM-
dale av.', or I', ll, Ho« II, Norlli
Vancouver. H
Teiiileri are MMMItad kt Un initial
of an Kxhibilion lliiildini; (or the North
Vancouver Horticultural Socieli.
And also separate lixures (or the luni-
lier for Ihl miik*. I'laua, ipmlHwllnni
and bill ul lumber may In* iivn at tlie
office of W.'i'y, Architect,
New Tboni|iKon Block, l."ii-'* aiTiuir.
Indnraed li'iiil.*ra an' to If il,*liu*rrd
Ul the iinili*r»i)!iieil not later Iinin .1:30
p.m., I * rid.ii. tlu* I'llll.
The lowtmt or any tender not ni-rea-
aarily accepted.
It Architect.
North Vancouver, B.C, April 111, litOR.
Proposed Local Improvement
iiUKI Niirit'K thai tiih hihx*
-*■ CM, of tlie City of .North Vum-im*
ver intend, tn construct the I'.ill tin*
|>ruveiui'iiU wl oul in the mli.-.luli* i.|.-
IHSrinn below, ami intend, to aaaesa a
l-arti-aii ot the ai'-l thereof ii|h,o
tlie real pro|«'rtv la-neltteil thereby,
Ironiini! or illumine thereon, ami hi id
liiinli* for axscaanifiit lln*r.*l.,r.
A statement -lion in*.' the lauds linbli'
and proponed lo Ih* •.|**',i,illv usae.aed
lor the aaid ini|>rov**ni,*iiti and the
niinii'. of tbi'invnir. .bereiif, an lar aa
tbe -ami' ran Ik* ai-ierlaiueil Irom tlie
la.I ri'tiai'd MMMMl roll ami olher-
niae, ia miai filial in the oilier ot the
AMraa.iirlit I'oliiinilMi'ii'r, nml i- .*]■ ■ 11
for ini|a.|'lii'ii duriui nlliee hour..
Tlie schedule MM »lnma Ibe e»li-
iinili al coat ol the unprin'riiii'iit. and
(In* |im|n.rli.'ii tii Ik* |>roiidi-i| mil of Ibe
Ijeiieral liinda of the t ily, il any.
A Court of Heviaion aiil be held on
the twi'iily-Bi'it'iilli day "I April. I'm**, at
the In ur of 7 iilil p. in., iu llio City Hull,
Nortli Vani'oiiter, tl ('., (or tlie purpose of Inui ini» any OOBiplalfltl aiciiii.t
the pro|toscd asaeaanienta, or the accuracy
il (rontaie inea.iirciiiMit., or mil* oilier
complaints which tlie pMMM iiileri'-tid
tlenire to innke, and which i. In lint
■gahaw liy the court.
Aaae.ainent Coinnuiiaiuiier.
Norlh, 11. C., March Nl,
l.timai'al  K.lllll"la*
lui.l t'i-.! nly I,.
Si. rrnr*n.rit lni|irn.i*nifni i-.y
I. ('learinu, Imiilevanline
and  iiriialini* of  Third fl.',(KHI   I'.'M)
St., between Mahon and
Hi.    Havid'a   ateniii'..
and  laying ol aii*(not
aideaalk on m.iith aide
ot said alri'i'l        	
('learinu. |irmliii|r and
dr.ii k   ot   Siiteenlb
M., bet. St   Andrew's
ami Itidifeway Avenue,    f1,4110    |*()
X.B.—The Coiirl nl .in Third
Street Lml Improvement till bl Md
nn lhe 7th day of Mm, IW, at 7:30
o'clock p. m , at the city hall.
Accountants,    Auditors    Genera
Commission  Drokers I.',iti  Agents
HI St.. Kit
TiMi'im-iK It IM
1 I'ATKICKund W. ll. McKarlaud,
"( Norlli yancouier, ..t'lipiition limIht-
ui**u, intend to apply lor a s|m inl
Iniilier lii*en**e over the (olliminn ill--
rrlbnl liiini.:
I'limmenciiii! nl a post pl-inlcd I lentt
I'JO) eliaina e.i.l of ibe S. W. ior.ier ol
T.I.. 7;.''.l. Ilotham Sound, thence south
S"    elliMl" lll.llll-, I laa  III '!■ It. ■«! Ill ' *H 11
chain.., llit'hce north Inu (one hundred)
■ Innn-, ih. i i«i in   fortvi chains to
the neat line of .aid T. L. 77M, tlience
South tateiily (JO) chaiiia thence MM
aioiiit aoiith line of T. L. 77M tn |K>int of
Kn,si inui k ,<• Mcfiaura,
North  Viineonver,   11.  C, March '.11,
Re iidverliaed IH'.'I. UK.
Rolled Oats
Mai) and Feed
ihe Brackman-Ker
Millinq Co.
Harry Mm hell, loenl naaafar,
Lonsdale Avenue.
Worth Seeing'
Eit»t of all we ask ijoii to
vltw correel styles. Eit-Reform sels the fashions. • .
What a|)|)ears in the Fit-Reform Wardrobe is accebted
without question by Canada's well dressed men . ..
Let us show you some of the many
new Suits and Overcoats for spring
Suits $15.00 and $20.00
Mil-Mil 0 It Bil   Hit  t-IONIV
Tor Sale
N established General Store in a thriving Ctm.-t Town.
Location unexcelled, pr-amian modern
The Stock il in pxcullent condition and
Um connection is of tlie most desirable chaj1-
Parabuer may buy tlie premises if desired, or otlnrwisi' n liuse will be given at mod»
erate rental.
Btock will invoice about $3/>00 and the
turnover is at the rate of $2"),(KKl per year.
l;or detailed information, apply—
Box 31, Express Office
North Vancouver
Corner of Eourteentb and Bewick Avenue
Six Room*., Hiilitooin, Electric Light, Water.
(ini.'!-. will luiilal (iiiiilni'ii! KiMiU'iite ami Stoic at preien
iitiiiiniis ol Kriili road rat Inu*, iii 1). I„ 265. respective tcnantu
plcasi- apply l«r partii ttlwi i<>
ROBT. W4I D £. Co.,
Corner tla.slin.,> and Homer
Or any of ll*: Rial Instate Offices in North Vancouver
I'ini'. healthy Tomila ami
Cauliflower Plants, grown Innn
Sutton'* Seeils, alua,*. i'ii la 1 .I
mii*    \"it 11 |ii>iiii Red,
t.'a||M|nll' lllrlllll*.
laaUaelial *»rk * ipeaMt!.
r.o. Boi a
Norlli Viniri'iivrr, 11. ('
60 vtaiir
Tuttx Muaa
G. 1.  ItmUNMN
TMI l»»i.-»r md S  l. I Mi Iwr.raor
rllaiKIt V!*
■   ll.l.,   I' ... 1.
■I|.   I'll'* aa.I   11       ■ I'     M«|*a. T.iill
al... MllllllJ   l'l,llllla..«Hl,  IllHIIa'll*   IU
A n*nn< Hnilltl| • .kali-h ni taaM'tUM mm
IMS i,|.mi*.n *r» ***** at
lary fi,|
iMi.h I
i»»rt«l nodal-,«itboot own la la*
lllllrkl. Mr.rl.ln
nlloo l. prolt
cti*/*li*ii,livL HAND,.
Milt In* l I.Wl M.I-.-T fur Ma-MWtimW*
I'.l.i.H IU.Q lhr,*U|ll Mainn t COk MMM
a inaaila.n 1. p.iali.l.l. pWawil.bia*. j.*«pia*la»
i ..i,..iri(iirr..<in,i.. .r-j. li'liOHOiHhi-aM
'     a lli'ln.l
iu H..1.H*,* ii. » .
Scientific nwm.
ikaaiKaa-jaall UlWtl<Ui*Matlr,   1*—**-
MiMii* nl mr KUwiiVi l<a«niil.  tim kt
I'» fMt, |n<m Fl***a*a*i.   MtM TIIK  EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, D.C.
North Vancouver, B. C.
A Weekly Nnriptpei   Pulili-hed by
SMirilKKIMi.M.I*:.'  MHIM'I'. v
Subscription, $i a year.
Tm Exratai, tt a yi ar.
The Grand hunk Pacific au-
thoiiiii* liave withdrawn tha ptrivi-
li fc lur anv more pereoni i" land
at Prince Rupert
Clothing i.lcaiit'il,|ii''s-.' l,.illi i nl
and repaired, P»nt« pri"** I wl *
you wait, A. Mi Rji , Th 'ii pi mi
Dloi k, Lonidale avenue.
The slirji Clan Gall rarth, whit h
has In*, n unloading ballaal o-i tin
ballast groiind lor aome dayi p nt,
was to inl ,ii I"-* the mi'i in
W dm adajr last a ul berthed ai tie
wli,irl ol ih** Hasting! null,to laka
on a cargo o( lumber,
George T. Kane, wlm itole a
march on the Graml Trunk Pacific
Co., by plallinn a ipleltdid towi«
site oi the compulior* lonti ol lhe
railway, n ar ita own lerminua and
then appropriated iln- name ol
Prince Rupert therefor, has turmd
hi*, feature to i apital account, by
telling nut to ('apt. M.uT'li.iiti r
and Pr, I'.Mnn, ol Vancouver, re*
pn■*>(mting Ni u Vmk capital. The
new owm I** will push iln Mile ul
t a\ui loll fl uliarl Mill In i instructed at once;an hotal and mv-
eral buaineti houiei will lie built,
and the public it large invited to
COlll'' in*
Short, in*.).mt.-lv iiiiiileil*r- in—' of l"*ln*r.ll imlille illtiTi'it Iliil I"1
I'lllili-lli'l III I'll). I \''I,I*-
Tii k Kxraau li la na way reeponalbla
inr llu' u|iliii.iii. nl rnn-eapnmlanta, ainl
Neervn Ibe right l" terminate I iliacn.
.nm nt nm iim ■
T*a llie K' lilt: RXTUM
Pr taSi     I   ■ '   B I  Help
North \',iin ouvi i expand ' Help
nn mrife uea i" nple and in-
duatriei to Iw it< hi n , hi Ip ti m-
dun* outiide i iiuiiii to ■*'' li invent-
niriil her. ; In ip to open n< H fii Ms
ol indusirv wherein local labor
may l>e hired md pud lm illy, ami
above all p il" , le the ni'lusliu s
that have tin I'liili'lrnee iu ni and
our city '" I'll ate line.
Don'i I"- narrow aad i lanniab -
don't "knock" everything aea
that makei its ippearani t in torn
if it wasn't lur tin new ItOtl Iiunl-.,
the new hornet, thc ni a fai • t, the
n n boaim *• tigni and hundredi
ol other new ihingi thai ire coning anioni; us, wa would have in ul a healthy, thriving, boat'
liag iiiy, nothing hut a sprinkling
ol tumble down riwatiea ami a
bit* lllllllll ul blackened stumps.
What or wlm has brought about
lhe iiianeli'ii- rhange Ihal has
taken plai i ia North Vam duvit in
the last lu.i i. ,ii ' I I.i ,1 In i 11
lhe klun k< is in.l   lhe  kaoi it alls
who gam I*ilK arrive Inn broke,
llwayi   Slav   biuk'*    ml    expect
avtrybod) eisi  iu ti. .m.l i, main
in the sane i ondition '
Not on inui natural Uvea, u I
p. c i pie. Out til,, to a larfi
extent,   has  been   brought  about
through  the   actions ul   broad
minded  and  larseeini; OUllidert,
who hai*  looked thi' iu Id over.
Were sati In d With its possibilities,
lure cnouuli of its future to " lake
a chance " i tomething tha knot ker
and pessimist never dm si. tad
who havi civ. n tangibli proof ol
tin ir contiil'iiie by invetting out.
tide capital here, opening up new
in lustiirs and helping lo raab i
lively, thriving, populout city and
coiiimiinily OUI ol whal was | I. «
moatkaags but i in id "l bin kencd
'.llllllps     Willi      lll'l'        lll'l      lllll'      I
lonely shanty.
What has the winner added I"
our prosperity'1   Nothing '   Ha i
ul just  about as nun b u I tu tin'
Lommiiiiiiy as« manii un H i would
be to a fkvlt uf pigi mis.    Ii
of being oil to mn ui ii 'iial uu
chinery be is viln-jj ir.
Suppose that wi ' i.l I i'.i m tl i'
Imu From tin tturt, had f ui i'i nnd
legislated an*iin-i foreign capita
coming iu h ie lo "sip nur vital.
in," miti a lot ul other rut, wheie
would we i e now? S'tj»po«e thai
the I'd* cine Railway Company,
whii h is co itiolbd entirely by outside capital, had been stared off
a id had n it given u-1 sue t rail-
w.iv. electric li 'ini u ind p iwer
sm ui'. hhat would we lie? We'd
he aoiuething su small that tha
[ndiau i ■'! ige would look like a
nniinpiili-. li tide us,
11 it*    "I ilie -i"i khnldert
ul ilm railwaj ci mpany live hen ?
Nuan        Ni irl)  all "I   till III   la   ■ 111
England Bul we want all of
llieir mom j tlmt we can get, Wa
want llie spiiii ul llieil in siifjili d
urss and i nterprise lo lake root
lien in* all ol nur good
citi/ens to l'i inun- inspired by this
spur, we wanl it to sink, yet,
even into ilia thii k ikulli of sou e
of ihe kniii ken sn ihn tin \ may
discnve. ll i.m h il how lisi less
they ham been.
Supp MM' li at We Iiu nn tele-
I'liuiii s.     II iw ni in. "| lhe slu. k-
hulilrts ol iln I, lephone compan*
lill'     Ill'll    .' Slipi'l'    a'   tllll    Hia      la  ,|
calamity I" whi would ban hj-.
way, lhat nn nne lun* would
I'liiiuii.'. iln-. "foreign ih vii " "I a
■ ompany,    Whal would um ion n
he? ll Would be lllllle ;is a l llllllll
yard, It would 11 ai "dead one."
Whal it  we didn't have  that   Inu
il in iv. up tii-daie buaineai i itab
lithnienti which are ilowlj spread
mil Iinin  ihe  terry landing iiiiiii
tor   sevi r.ll    blot ks   I'll   l.ullsdil,
av, uin? Wl at il the in u ihip
building est d'lisliuiaiit and mam
nth* i   in n   ini. rpiiiei  which  1
e mid niini* wa re nul locating Int
II nn v. i. we i.iii thank prov
deni e llial the knockers aru lar ill
the minorit*. ihat ilu \ arc in the
" b^iii weight" and "false alarm"
ilassaK,   and  that   tbeil   miliums
wil! not retard our city'i program
in the h ;is|.
I hull,   ll I   all   lis   lil,   nil* s   |(iin
hands and   bunsl '      l.el    us   *;ive
wed "in. i" ilu itranget within om
gad s. ia ilu* money which be nm
le iv.     In 1      ainl   tu   the bu
e llalllilhl II nl llllllll he 111,11 build
here.     \\    wanl hun tu eunii- ind
live imong ns if In can, but an
want his enterprise, Ins cit) building   bu iooal  i slablishllieilt lilun
than we want bin, ami when it is
planted in  mir  midst  Wa  sliould
give it mir lupporl and patronagi   ll Ha)   ptospel   .111.1 st.lV   Willi
us and em ouragi othen to conn
*uia|,* imong in.
liim 111
Nauih Vancouver, April 11.1908
iiah as ihe Smilhs are what the :".\iia«l HAN 11 f)
ami 1 ii*    I   1. an.l ill,*  ...   '      ale.
of    i'llll"!   il*-   friends   I' Mn     tin   '' !,.,,;, ., -*,-* | ,nu,- in
la 1 I   in n ihi it new home.  ■•' *■»») Ma caul jar
In-  ■•  mu a • '  av   ;_■ in**.' price and
l,l ■ 11  tn
St. loh.l'l School  SpOltl l.iviais I'.i* ai.iTivi; rniii'Asv,
1!l-f MtiiiK-apulla, Miiiiiiwiiii.
Tin* in t .lri.iii d athletic spun ■
if St. John'i ichool were held o f '}00   10   BURN
S,iiunl 11 In •.   'I he 11.1 nion v*'*1'-
onatrfeiithiisiain and keen friein ,,.l;(. -,., Vlim. ,,rill r, Mmv f,,r i):y
ly rivaln  imong the c inti ntnl iin     I     Ul an 1 Ir.
anal  ,,|   thorough  enjoyment   1    * Ifugtha. pureorO, d«ll-rM«d..|SJ)0
Ihelr ftii
fiinlai-al, leii.'t'iH, il.'liiereil.
"',": u'" ;v;7""!" NO. I SHINGLE*
ain   tii   I igratulated on tin ^^^^^
sua cell  "I   lh"  day, Wen   as  I a
lows:    T. Ibpluik. eapl.ii'i: A. I  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Carter, aecretary; I.. NcUon < "I.  ^OfthVaiKOUVer
Jackson;  utarter,   II.   I. drain- ~    ~   w"
wood; ju !gi. Ri 1 Richard Mnr**
ill n: 11 1 It "i co uie, Wa R. Rich
in in.
I he   i ' (ratline 1 'nn      I
III HIS   I a.   ,| |i*a*     !,,      |. |. .  'lis 11
a field d IV, and   the   inl
wi 11 susi lined throughout,    I
annual  occaaion  will be I
lm 1 id 10 ii) future wiib hi i.l 1
iiniii pations by the school and its
many friends. The tporti were
com luded hy 1 football game, The
pr./.■ 1 wi I. prerenti d bi Mi*.
Ib'upi r.
In -: a,*:     I mm Iinie ilellvery,
Shingle Mill
{■'• l :i  in I honed i'i* Ive.
_.HTt.r:i\i' nr li-ri il \\ tldnn'l In nl*
:\', 1'  li;l'-IY INCUBATORS \NH
ia,      II ili'i.r-.     Highly   r .' in-
'  ' '*   "'I* 1   I* I'T-.
t;r-i::.i..' McCUAlG,
:':;;ll \V. -1111 in-l.r ave.,
r..-t»i*i-ii 7ih and sih,
\ ane-iiver, B.C.
Rogers- Smith Nuptials
The Inline ill Alileiiiiai Siniib
was a n fete nn We lm nia) on ilu
 i* mn ul ih" marriage ol Ins
ittfhtcf Kdiih to William Km,;
era, Both an ». 11 known in tin
> It;.  Viss Smith having  gm ed
tin   1.Hn .   uf  lhe  iiiiiiiii ipilili   I 1
Inr" the 1 ity'. liii orportlioi	
having n tainad thai office nil I et
Mr. Rogen cam to Iba north
S'di nf iln nil' I with tin elei in,
CHS, and 1 nines uflieially m 1 un
tICl with ni'ist iif Ihe residenls.
Miss Smith wai given aa ij bj
er  lalli"!   and   luppOttl d  In   In I
sister, Mih m.ii 11 1, while Mi
Haawi II ai led as lu st mail.
Tin* bude looked partkuUrlj
siM 11 in lur wedding gown, aad
inad" a  pi' 111  target not onlv I".
ill" 1 .mn ra, but for the iaevitahli
slmwi r ill 1 a. i' nud inntelli.
1 he Inui.i| parte, nllei a 1 past,
' ai'id'H |ed  Iin   1 nuple In iln   1, in
and C. P, R, Nation, whem • tl ej
departed on iheii honeymoon trip,
(in returning tin coupli will
' 1 '   up  11 sidi in 1 on  Bleventh
In • I.  llial thill add IBOthl I liialin
'  ihi 1 ipi 'i\ [rowiag < in
1 in- ii tin iiniii in  iimt lm
branched "fl treat Mr Smith's
family   within   a   year.   Snttlen
Distric Impnvcir.enls
Boyd St 1 i'.i nnu,ia ion, in
hard at unl. on the deviation ol
Keitli mad through  I1   La
This w .rk i   no' o:i!\ to niaki- m w  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
co unci on with I' I 1 "*"1 ihe 1 in ,    , ., ,,,
11.11.. v.air 1..11 I.'n I.imI mil mm'.   All
is n|i'iiiii '   a*„|   through  lhe  lieu      .1.,. ,|,....,,. ,..„!,..   |*:,,„ ,*i priiiiiiiL'.
park 00   M.uK'.ii   mad.  bul ilm     [•'.'"I *nd '"''i'1'1'-,'""' ',• T , 'V
1 ,inal. ,,|  Irn-ail   I *.s* I- Ml|i|i|lisl al llie
to improvi   llii   Ki ilh roi In um -1 |.riie-
along Ihi title hill.   Thewmkh RICHARD BIMPWH,
been uml rtak-m In Ihe ..wins     ,. r  K (.   r   , [n ;imi1 *,.,,„, s,
iln* land ii 1 ilu   -up. in ini Km 1  '.a* mom.
iln diatrict engine r. and it will
make 1 ui"*it  improvement   A* llftT   Y'OUR
sunn as this work is finialli d, lhe
miieis inliml lu  sub divide and
eli uti iln* Iai il adjoining.    I lm
■. 11 la, an adieii 1I1I1  -uu foi
In im s, md u should un, 1 ,, 1, ivj
irl 1
proceeding with
tin* eisi ihiitinenl of tin l.n n
111 i*k   bridge) in  m I 1   10 havi
verything  in  i* [01   tin
-ii 11 sup rtiriu mi ■. wl
10 arrive.
wim rs nut;
,111! Nl'.      I'll.     IV IIIMI'     ,„   A.   vimllll     &     tU.
llllll'.ll   Ilia  l|* I'll,Ll', ||  |||   l!*
llll'l lli al,llllll.•    'I  j||    |.lllllll'.'   I>
llllil all lilll'l- "1   '.'lirli'i'i' III III"  1 laalllllll
provided I1 1
in.' ir.i.n -nrl.i.-.- mil, r
I he i.Hil'-li lulni-vtntl .oi- mm
■ ■ I. I - r;.   'I.ili Ir 'I I'l  ll ■ I   a**n
llll"   I'allla.l   I'll.   III.*  a.|l.|;a,  ,.,    |||     | |l|||  |   |,f
III" U III I I'll.,.,I    '-      HI   |l    ,.:..,. i|l'*>|.
IIM   I.'*   Ill ink
Harbor View Tract
City Lots
Si ■ 50 x 145
PRICE:  \I7tWQ0  .1 S/■>   UP
TKRSIHl   i ; VAHM  I: il.AM'l.', i: IJT/I V WKTIIS
ii.. ii..-1 ,a ntrafl] I   i *i n.-i leti la Iha I I
Van* in, i i,,r iha prln
l'i'***! fill ii, make fnoi -*|.■ i■*•■■ wttl i Waj vhih ran
ian |'iiri lia-r ul lir.l eu«t.    Tin .« till Ml )'   raiw it.
Farther lartieal i I prM Una laraUaM ba  n
apii'i.'.itinii In
IRWIN & Bil LINGS CO., limited
tor. lonsdale Avenue iimt tilth Sl . North \.nitnii»rr, B.C.
TKIKI'llnXK 1.1
aiM II BMMIIli lllllll   ON  llll   HUM
,\\  I I' I" '  tll
Tui HIST i.'i.-i'i:
I'll  AM' IT
"l-r il iin!'srii'miiiiii"* mi'i Iqnku imkn
II i : -li'.i.r i  n ,   , ,,nlr . ti ,*i l.n  I  Ir.ain V Ur  ■ *i\, r.    Ill   lml   ,*.'*!
*.i *. r in i ii*n room   lli'lm *   Barber
iliu|i in count
i .Mii.i, *   NOKTH  VAMCOUVIiK, 11. C
I , IWEKN idlll AND i/'ITl STS., MAHON ANT*.
I  nn-, i   i -I urll, ni'ii; lialnnoi', 11,12 ami 18 months
I     I
|* .1
at.  JW^m,^,
^ S/xrEEAirn sr.
161 Cordova Street, Vancouver, B. C.
i'. n. imx no,
1836      THE BANK OF      1903
One of Cinad ,'s Strong* t Fin.incia! Institutic s
ini ii Ataata mi M-MMN
Ilns Ii.uik ins ■ record behind il of in irly threeqmrten
ui i iiiiiun ni inccenfiil bank! u in Canada, with
itteti increaaing every yeai   nnlil  they  now exceed
<yl,Ua ill.llllll,
Mnnpy -tilv-inreil on reatooahle nuns Drafts boufbt ami
nld i/"i'i Orders ind l.i/.n tf i'n:/it inaucd payabla
lu th • leadiny citiet Iu the world
Uimers' nnd   Iruil  Growers'   uiiuireiiieiits  will   le  |ivta
speei il attention.
illlii!■:   (or. Iiifi>.il.ili- Ave. and Ispliindde, North Vancouver, B. C.
II.  K. IIiiiiii, MtUafer.
British Columbia Electric Railway Co.,Ltd.
l ai-, leave the Fetrj Laandingfor(Jueenshury Avenue, Twenty-first
-luii ind Lun***! ale. Wim h **ii. T ami Keith Road as lollows : 6:15, (1:4s a. in., 7 1 s .1 111 . , , 1. in , Riij a. in., ,) a. in. 1)140 a. III.,
10:101 in. \ 11 -1 ni:, a in , can Will have yurensluiry avenue,
linull In 1 and lam ilal. avfiui , ind Winch itreet ind Keith Koad
at Ine iiiiiiiii. s to iln* h mi 1 1 I im 1I1 Iin- nnu ii< 1 1*.isi (lie hour.
Cos leavu Ninriei nth tlnn 1 1 id I' 111 iisbur* tvenua, Twenivtirst
■In ■ I ami l."'i.a| ,|. .u**nu. . Wi V ll •'" ' I a id Keith K iad II foil IWI I
I1.1. 111 . 6:5] .* III., ,. .• ■ 1 II, * , 1 III., 8:43 I 111 . 9130 a 111
\I1.1 1 , ■ 1 in ' n* 1* iv tin I' 1 . 1 * I • .; |. 11 iiiiniiles past llu*
hour ainl li'.' nu 1111111I, s 1,1 llli  Inun.
"tjff'    Ml li "Is ar.   111.1 h)  lhc 1 .u  .
Hold North Vancouver.
an ■■
Up iii dan
ft.00 1'. r
■'   ■
■ '   *>ifld
ami up
—hm——T9iWffA*^-.                *'*ii?l2
SiT 1 ^BH
•'     1,:..        .'      .' ?: >V-,*iS&
Kates fm
■% ,i'■.-.:'_y_-'f...
■VAiC'  T^^S
at 1 ni 11 ni.
1   1'    11 1 1 1'    ■
North Van
ti'rry Scrvito I very Hill li nir to ltd Ir.nit Ihis lintel
to Vitnt ouver. I". larson, Prop.
Whole Coffee
fummstd 25c per Ib. vonfutruva
groood While Voo Wall
J. X. 6 M. McM!l LAN
Ccrnrr f%Hitoade uid tonw'ak A\entre
I I a' I      ,,;(,!,     ||   ,   I    „
ninl in i'ini I "i jj'. North \ uvei
* ai iliont ind |a.uin ulirajfi m
( uui't lie n.i> and ll'iiiu r Streeta, Yam  uver
Or DiaUkt Unnicipal Office, Noith Vaacouvaf,


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