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 Mt oprrfia
1   z;    ...~
It is the intention of this paper
to follow closely every action of
the municipal council. We will
insist on economical methods and
a business styl of doing things in
all municipal natters. We are
desirous ol s irving the beat
interests of the people of Nortli
Vancouver am' we leel that we
are entitle-.' tu heir support and
encouragement in diligently following all proceedings and events
bearing upon the progress of the
Ambitious City. A paper can be
of immeasurable benclii if it is
actuated by a sincere desire to use
its columns in the interests of the
community in, which it is
established, lt *ill be the purpose of Till'. 1 ;i'Ki:ss to direct
attention to par- noiint needs and
keep the public illy informed on
all subjects specially relating to
the interests of X. orth Vancouver.
of the ordinary mortal. Covetous
eyes have been directed at those since the by-laws were
carved The contractors are
eager to lighten the municipal
purse. Guarding that purse stand
our councillors. There is the assurance that they will endeavor to
act wisely and well, but to render
assurance doubly sure, it behoves
..very ratepayer to keep his eyes
open. The fair fame of North Vancouver demands that the investing
public should have no reason to
doubt that every cent raised by
taxation is being devoted to the
best results. The municipality is
rapidly forging to the fore, and its
position as one of the most
promising towns in the province
will be assured if the citizens insist on well devised methods in all
improvements and thc closest
checking on all matters relating to
In consideration of the present
needs and the importance of being
even when committed by men of
the Smallest brain power, and we.
credit our representatives at the
council board with possessing
ordinary intelligence at the least.
A pipe line is in course of construction from Nineteenth street
up Lonsdale avenue, and, it is
hoped, that every allowance has
been made for any lutiire widen.
ing ol the sidewalk, so that under
no, circumstances will tlic pipe
line be under the sidewalk.
I u contracts under the present
waterworks by-law, there should
be an estimate o( probable cost by
acompetentaajflicial, nnd no tender
should be accepted, even  it  it  is
the lowest, unless it is determined
beyond the shadow of a doubt that
the municipality is   netting
worth of its money.
There are nt   striugs ou Tin:
BUMtlS.    It is   it ill the pay ot | in a position to offer to prospective
any corporate i fluence,   and   it residents and settlers every reason-
will always endeavor to keep it-;able convenience provided by  i
self free from any individual with j community regulated in accordanc
an axe to grind for any selfish or | with modern ideals, the ratepayers
in endorsing the 525,000 by-law
unworthy purpose,
Tin: Kxi'iti'.ss wauls to do the
hest work possible lor the community in which it lias located.
It will champion and advocate the
cause ol unlit every time, and will
die rlully lend its help lo
thoroughly discuss and thresh oul
■every incisure calculated l»
(advance North Vancouver another
-run-* in the bidder ol municipal
Th. ratepayers, liming placed
tin- si ,il ol llieir approval on the
Jiajo.imo by-laws lur the improvements ol streets and parks and the
.eucnsi.m  of   the   water    service,
have au onerous duty to perform,
i 1 -.eciug lhat every dollar is spem
,to llie best advantage, there is
tv. ia assurancothat the council w ill
.exercise careful judgment ill their
.expenditures under lhe by-laws,
but even granted that it is actuated liv lhe purest of motives and
that every disbursement will be
studied froni the standpoint ol
economy and eiiiciency, the maxim
.that eternal vigilance is the price
of safety should be hugged to tin
boson) of every lax-payer. Tht
best ol work for the lowest tender
should be the guiding principle,
.uud., in order to carry this principle
jnto elliict, the first duty is to sec
that die tenders are based on
.honest competition without aay
suspicion of crookedness in the
way of "rings" or "combines."
There is always the danger when
.a number of contracts arc being
let that the contractors will get
together and agree to pare) oul
,thc work among themselves,
Under such a scheme most ol lhe
tenders are advanced to such a
price that tbe lowest tender, il
examined very closely, is absurdly
N.,t only does the municipality
want (he besl ol work for   the
lOWlttI tender, but it il hoped  lhat
the work will be mapped out on
the moat approved methods, If it
.cosls a penny twery time a workman handles a shovelful ol din,
and if .the workman handles the
shovelful time times when once
.twice would suffice, then the extra
work has to be paid (or without any
1resulta.1t benefit to the municipality
When the tieastiry i,*j  full
for the extension of the water
system, followed the only rational
course open to them, lt will
always be a question, though,
whether, if the moneys raise
under the orig'nal by-lav had bee
wisely expended, there would lia*.
been any necessity at present lo.
putting through the tmbsequem
$15,000 levy.
The suspicion that the original
walei works contract wai not lei
at a reasonable figure will nol die,
yet the feeling still lingers lhat thc
municipality was buncoed 0.1 :h.i.
needed public utility, and wllilt
the subject is almost ancien
history, ii is eminently proper thai
the ratepayers should take tin
matter up and insist on a rigorom
investigation so that evcrythinj
can lie probed to the bottom. Ii
there was any corruption in connection with the waterworks contract, the guilty parties should be
brought to account. There sliould
be 110 hesitation because a dirlv
puddle might be stirred up.
There ia no question whatever thai
most ratepayers have the in.
pression lhat things were nul
altogether square on that waterworks deal. The only way to ri •
move any suspicion ol bungling oi
crookedness is to have a searching
investigation, The suspicions ma)
be without the slightest loundatio i,
and Tin: EXPRESS hopes that
such is the case. Like Caesar's
wife, the officers ol the municipality nuisi be above suspicion,
In taking up this question,
evidence should lie examined to
shniv wiiethet the municipality
made a good bargain in us 1 on
tract lot the construction ol il»
waterworks system. Was the
price a reasonable one? Did the
engineer prepare an estimate ..1
tha probable cost and how did tins
.sinuate     compare     Willi      the
accepted tender?  Was the laying
ul the pipes on the most approved
methods? There are subsidiary
points which could be taken up,
Iiiii these are the main questional
II the pipe line under the old
Real Estate Market.
Messrs. Irwin & Billings report
tlie following sales in North Vancouver property for the week,
amounting to $36,8501 Sold—
Block in, D. L. 271 and 548, lots
1, a, 15. 16; block 112a, D. L. 271
and 548, lots 33,34, 35, 36, 37, 38,
44, 45; block ij6, D. L. 541) and
550, lots 13, 14, 10, 17 and 18; all
uf biuck 89, 1). L, y\t) and 550;
block 66, i). L, 2022; block 54,
1). I., ma, lots 1 to 7 inclusive;
block 5S, L). L. 2022, lnls 1 to 6
inclusive: block 86, L). L, 548 and
549, lots 1 to 4 inclusive; block 64,
I). L. 54S and 541). lnls 14 and 15;
block 126, D. L. 274, lots ii, 12
uud 27; block 6a, l), L. 54S, lots
20 and 21; block 117, D, L. 274,
ots 15. iti, 17 and iK; block 143,
I). L. 274, lots 2i) and 30,
Church Notice.
Sunday, August 26th: Eleventh
Sunday alter Trinity—HoLY communion (plain), 8 a. iu.; mattins
and public baptism, 11 a. 111 ;
evensong and sermon, 7:30 p,  in.
Monday, 27th—Evensong on
foreshore, 8 p. in.
Wednesday, 29th—Evensong
followed I • address on St,
Augustine, s p, m
Friday, 31st— EvensOUg and
practice, 7:40 p. m.
Sunday next—Hon communion
(plain), 8 a. in.
Sunday school always at 10 a.m.
It is hoped to hold a special
children's service at 10 a. 111. un
Sunday, September 23rd.
Mr. Diplock Returns.
Mr. and Mrs. A. 13. Diplock and
family have returned after an
enjoyable trip to England. Mr.
Diplock had not been to his old
home at Chiswick, near London,
in seventeen years, and was
surprised tu find that the place'had
grown in population Irom b,uou to
50,000. Intact, all London, where
lie spent most of his time, had
increased tremendously in late
years. Streets have been widened
and buildings erected higher.
The means of transportation to
and from thc city were taxed to
the uttermost. It seemed as
though the daily routines of the
different companies were to strive-
to get the suburbanites into the
great metropolis in the forenoon
and return them to their homes in
the afternoon, "lt would seem as
though the circle of the big city
were increasing so rapidly that tbe
whole island in time would be
taken in. Motor 'buses, electric
turns, railroads, and tlie like,
were hardly adequate for the
tremendous traffic."
And the trains run at high
speed, too?" suggested Tin
"Yes," said Mr. Diplock, "an
American passenger seemed so
terrified in one ol llie coaches thai
he attiactcd the attention ol a
fellow traveller, who asked him
what made him look so scared.
1 These last trains,' replied the
American. 'Suiely the American
nans are run al as high speed?'
contract was in some  |0calitie»|lor atime at the beach in the hope
that tho promised exhibition ol
natatorial  dexterity  would come
Dukedomus the Great.
It is the unexpected which usu-
illy is the cause of must laughter,
to incident not on the program at
llie butchers' barbecue, on Wednesday alU'ni'jon, created lor a
liiiic hilarity ol the wildest de-
icription. One Bricesarib, a loC*l|
,vag, getting onto thu lact that a
couple ol royal guests of the llutel
Nortli Vancouver—perchance one
nis ducal friend—were about to
emerge from the hotel to take
dtps in the brine, induced a committeeman who was standing by to] 'Ub, les; but I'm alraid that tins
have the atinoucciilciit made to
ilie public ot a tree aquatic exhibition.
Instantly the announcer was at
the magaphone and in stentorial
circus-i-iile words announced the
'■far-famed 'human fish,' tin
greati st the world ever knew
iVOUld now delight the spectators
with all manner of fancy and high
living and swimming!" "The
human fish! the hit-man fish 11 the
hll-man lish!!!" was proclaimed far
.mil wide iu thunderous tunes
among the thousands of people.
Soon the unsuspecting swim-
met [tin- olber one changed his
mind and decided not to go in so
early in the day] appeared on the
scene, ensconced in bis bath robe,
with silk tassels attached, slowly
meandered down to the beach, followed by a large crowd of small
boys, And at the bunk he (omul
congregated a tremendous audience, who enthusiastically received linn and eagerly followed every
nun' ment of the bather,
When he finally stalled to walk
back ic the hotel he was followed
by  v"' ''"'s '"""' '" h'ss' w'10
eagerlj pro| ided the quel lions,
•it |i« ai 1, ihi real human fishr"',
"li.iw long ' uld lie slay under
wati 1' . "how tall wis he?",
"win 11 els le going i" perlorm?"
Somo ladies also stopped bun with
similar queries until finally he
in uie .1 dash foi thc hotel and dis-
ippcan 1 1 Im youngster exclaim-
id "lb '■ not ill" Another echoed
I be ' liiw.l, however, lingered
The council met on Monday
evening pursuant to adjournment.
Keeve Kealy presided, and there
were present Councillors Cornish,
Allen and May.
The revenue by-law was passed.
On report oi Engineer balmain,
Messrs. Askew & Kennedy weie
awarded tlie contract for tlie work
on tin- Lynn Valley road extension
(or $3,127, {180 of which was
allowed for puncheon. The
puncheon-laid road will  be   ten
leel wide.
The utter ot Percy Webster and
\V. A. Hood to pay half the
expenses ut building a road
through their property on Larson's
road was accepted. Bressey &
Qllinn were engaged to do the
work fur $1,000,
The board of works were instructed to prepare plans and
specifications for rebuilding the
Capilano bridge.
The plans of Allen's new subdivision, near Frome's camp, was
It was resolved to call (or
tenders (nr grading First street, to
be in liy September 5th.
Clerk Philip was granted two
weeks' vacation, and Treasurer
Woods will act pro tern.
The council then went into
secret session with closed doors.
Adjourned till 29th instant.
Gibson, Aldermen Stewart, Heaps
and Williams; Engineer Hermort
and Superintendent Madison.
North Vancouver was represented
by Reeve Kealy, Councillors
Cornish and May and Mr. A. B.
Diplock. It was agreed that the
site foi the dam would have to be
higher up the creek than was
readied by the municipal representatives. Scott's ranch is about
300 feet up, and the dam Willi
need to be at least 500 leet up to*
give the proper pressure.
Elizabeth Kelly, W. 1. Kershaw
Wis., spent
allowed to practically remain exposed and liable to periodical
breaks alter cold snaps, such slipshod methods should be avoided
in the future.
On Lonsdale Ivamie, the pipe
shekels, there is nn itch to Spend , hue is iinoei llie sidewalk and
.them. This is human nature, and when a break occurs, the side-
■councillors are human bnAgs after walk will have to be ripped up.
i^l. possessing some of the luiltiesa Sinh blunders   are   inexcusable,
Now this aquatic prince is sur
named Dukedomus the Great.
one might run oil thu island, 11
runs so last,' replied the American
"Canada is the must talked-ol
and popular colony in the empire.
The financial world have lost
confidence in South Africa, and
are now turning towards Canada.
British Coluilljia is not as well-
known in England as it sliould be,
but just as last as it is learned
about, just so fast will capital
come here. The wild cat mining
schemes, so prevalent in the
interior some years ago, arc now
practically forgotten about in
England, and it now behooves the
people ol this province to frown
down any semblance at a recurrence ol a boom in wild cats.
We have the resources. Once
you show old country invest.ns
that you arc honest tliey will confide with you, even though
ventures when proved may result
Weill regarding the Western
Corporation," said President Dip-
ock. "Vve nave succeeded in
adding another branch to oui
business—that ol manufacturers'
agents.   Shortly,  a   slop,    laden
with merchandise, will arrive In n
and discharge its cargo, and re.
nail Inr London with short timber
(or casks. You see. we inn.I inaki
North Vancouver a shipping
port." he added, smiling,
In this regard oui board ol
trade can do good work. II we
could only realize what is in Store
lor North Vancouver this would,
indeed, be a more active place, (captain), G, U. Williams. W. ]
Although we never had a better H ;
time, yet we are glad to get back,"
Cases of diphtheria having occurred in the district, parents are
asked to observe the public health
regulations, and keep any child
with sure throat away from the
schools on Monday, and notify Dr.
Dyer, the health officer.
The North Vancouver Board of
Trade meets in the municipal hall
next Thursday lur the election of
officers.    Be there.
Mr I'\ Wheeler's house, on
Second street, is now ready for
shingling and plasteriug.
Several have signified their
intention! ol building houses this
On Wednesday night 1 couple
of huntsmen started out near
Moody* ill*' to shoot eagles
rousting on a high stump. They
were out oi range of a gun.
Harry Burns, of the Esplanade,
bas laken a position with Askew
& Kennedy, who have the contract
lor the extension of the Lynn
Valley road.
"Will it or will it not be a wet
winter?," is the question of Ihe
hour witli real estate men just
now. Several have arrived ol late
Irom the Weli-Foot state and in
vested 111 North Vancouver
Vou can buy everything at
Hate's auction rooms. Chairs,
beds, brick-a-brack, crockery, tinware; in lact, everything from a
needle to a complete set ol
furniture, Prices consistent with
11 was estimated that about
6,000 attended the butchers' pic-
nn un Wednesday. From early
noon till late at night the boats
an ived and departed with crowds
ul p< ople, The barbecue, sports
and games were- palled off in a
musl successful manner. The
committee, who had chaise ol
affairs deserve to be highly compli-
mented on the results of theii
Tomorrow at a p. m. it  the
bt . Point grounds, the Van-
I mver cricket club will play the
Sorth Vancouver eleven, namely:
I) Bonamy, Ci. It. Hughes, A. E-
Ki .A', I''. J. Conns, T. G. Curtis,
II T. Langlord, W. D. Duke,
I   ii i.iickmay, A. S. Crickmay
and wife, Milwaukee-
Sunday afternoon in town
W. M. Bright, Niagara Falls,
paid North Vancouver a flying
visit on Monday.
James Pye, Chilliwack, was
here on Wednesday.
J. A. Butt, Montreal, registered
at the Hotel North Vancouver on
Father Fay, the pioneer priest
of Vancouver, was among the
callers at The Express on Wednesday. He will leave next week
for an extended trip to the northern
part of Vancouver Island.
Robert Banlord and wife,
Edmonton, Alberta, was here, on
Wednesday, taking in the butchers'
big picnic.
Mrs. J, Catherwoo'1, Hafic,
and Mrs. Solloway, Mission, sp nt
last Sunday with friends here.
George H. Helsby, Tacoma,
Wash., registered at the Hotel
North Vancouver this week.
The Bank of British North
America here will not be open for
business on Saturday evening,
September 1st, on account of the
C. D. Bell, inspector ol agencies
for the Great West Lite Assurance
Company, ol Canada, paid Nortli
Vancouver a visit on Friday in the
interests of his company.
The Western Corporation have
installed a Waterous lath-cutting
machinr, capacity, 40,000 leet a
day in the mill, which is located on
district lot 616.
1 iet 1 ;•: Nye, the local photographer, secured two excellent
photographs of thc barbecue.
Ihey an the best the butchers
ever bad taken, every detail in the
pictures ihowing to advantage
said Mr. Diplock and h
to catch lhe lerry.
Mr. \V. J, Butter, his nephew
anh Mr. M Gardener, both well-
known and capable voting men ol
Chiswick, Eng., returned with Mr
The municipal chiefs ol the
city of Vancouver and the oiuuici-
paiiiy o| North Vancouver took a
trip to Scott's ranch ou Seymour
creek Wednesday afternoon te
have a look at the future source ef
water supply, and also to discuss
Diplock aud   will   make   North inm,. differences on the question
Vancouver their (unite home?. •  -•    •   -■
Alex. Gibson, thc pioneer blacksmith of Vancouver, will erect a
shop on Third street. The building, which will he started on Monday, will be 50x26 leet.
The next big event to come off
here is the opening ol the street
car line and the horticultural show
on Labor day.
Charles Treacher, Vancouver,
paid thc old villiage of Moodyville
a visit last Saturday. "It has
been 31 years since I have been
there before," he said. "The only
change in the place I see," he
wenl on, "is that the people have
gone, and a growth ol bush about
fifteen years old."
This reporter was told the other
day that there is a prominent man
in this burg who intends to "pull
up stakes" and seek pastures new,
because the place is getting too
radical for him. "My property is
not sale," he said. This was all
on account ol the passage ol tho loan by-law. Evidently
he can't sec the difference between
progress and radicalism.
Mrs. Greenless gave a chicken
dinner to a number of friends at
Capilano Wednesday. One who
was there told us that they had
good time, tint that the thicket
weir pit game, and tough at
either. We also heard that the
barbacued heel served at tliu
butchers' picnic was inii.i ular.
Then, again, wc were told the
vary reverse in both cases. Wn
don't think very much about
individuals who will accept the
hospitality ol well-meaning people,
aad then grumble al their treatment or the victuals served up to
The water pipe is being extended
from Nineteenth to Twenty-second
street and to the Alexandra Horti.
cultural Gardens.
Mrs. W. Cox, sister to Harry
Mitchell, manager for Buckman-
Ker'i store here, left loi her home
Thc ronl ol the
now completed.
between the city and Netth Van- at London, Ont, on Wednesday,
couvei    Vancouver  was   rente- She has heen visiting her brothers
new Iiniii  ia si nted by Mayor Buscombe, City
Clerk McEvoy, City Comptiollrr
here snd her lather at \ i<   >na lor
iwo months past. 'HE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B. C.
MATH VAN'l'iH'Vl'.l!
II. C,
Weekly Newspaper,   i   Publi In il bj
III,; BX1*KKS8 PltlNTINU Compani
■ ption One Dollar per Vi-ar
i: A HU il', iiaiiti.i.i
MaiiiiL'ini K.I ta a
tint    W-,ak    at    Rune—Nenrmg
ind    It    Universal
Stamp—Dr. I
i. P. M, Q„ Back From tea; Etein.'.l
. ly—*A   . Draw Up Ra', irt For '.ho
m men t,
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■  In     ■ . tlell-
■     . .: '
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■ ., (int i .■  '..a., was
,a gathering ol i o( all
in riea   In ,■     '    uiiia'ti.
means pi ie ■ mn-
any I . lllsed
I. Tho Cl |   ne ir
• :•  .' ■ . . I''.
Hard Working Body.
j . I      ■■ .1 two
,   ... '    u
.... tor Hi
a      .a
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i .       r :
(-illations ol il suitability leavi
, time I ., aim ot
Reinu I llio wolf,
■.. I
.    .11   i
ill,   Tli
» iiero   ■ vi re
i   freo lo   tpi opln
i to be
How did all tin      r I
..- II ui
I'l' a   T    '    I   Ot   Ul'-'.
,       'a t   at   I      '    '■   a   .1    .   ■       . ' I    ll '
i .• .. the language ol
,j ■ the i'i ie ii   Every
, ,   i       lod with a im ittt r-
t i""i i *
1 lhat he did. II 1 wi
i       i. After thn lirsl     ■   I
.]■' ■... '■' a .■.;-.■ moro and moi
. il    eir French d ■    I
. ;.,'.. ,.i.     i ■!.■ :i
Five Years to Run.
•. the 'i'i- ">■ ■' v
, .       I   I'.       .     ' a
.    .■   ■ .    ■ .   :    a I   In
live yen      ■ .i'1   ■
i    ■    ','.   :. i to pro
» posi
• I"
■    , of tho natlot
ite. boeau       I
I tt i
• . -
lively foi
i rgulat
try I :
aii i In
Madrid to
Two Long Stride.
■   .   ■ .  -il   1'. 'tn*
.   ......
postage,  a ib  th
S llher  of
■   m.ii"
, a "  |r  iii   '   ti   'i ii '  Iwo
: .      .     ■■■  . i a Don      '
-.-    inada
ptl .mil for any
un   a to red n ite by,
i   Unl   !■'i"',   fixing   .ui    ice
, . now lull im
i • .• it in I nstanee, A
lown a Ave i   - 'o four,
,. in • " n illlplo, a   vory
■ a ,    m, and thli la de
postage, lt *
'   uiirw by (Iron  tlrl
ie fixing of n      ilmurn '   '
I   10 a  '      .'    '        '
lio has hid to pa
i tho
a ■ lilt.    T a I    'a
.   . '   liy    tie II        :       i
i ,, a  r a
'    ■ VI
ml (lay and
iny     '     I
n of the ."Con
■ i."
Ntnr'y the Un .-• " Slnmp.
i  ki " ■ ing    ' '     '
i |,olnt of vlcu
right to ' '
■    ti -   Tl     ■ . hi, . ,
maximum,    nn
a :
I     . isll.'.l
v -,'   ,- i.i    .'. lea Is Unit
miry In tin i    p| '■'• '■'
i payable
a V        .
r io thi  i'" n   . and
ii'.'''      nips
i Unit when
tnp foi
tual difference 1 upon I
■ i    .   little  moro co
it much ' n
n     an   '-.:     - lo   lest   tlm
I ajcnemt! m inansuei-, aa li M Quits P>»-
| alble and probable that theso ooupona
will before long be obtalaahle a' Canadian post oltlcoa,   '■'.       . ■    'i'|
Problem Tob Knotty.
The  Postal  Congress  adopted  thlsJ
pr.;. ..ti r:,!' n system of cuipons, but
cu, t not io t ' mt a..:- -.■!. ml on 111"
universal -' imp i' Joel All a"'" "I
i -., tii,<| '.■ tui npl ■'■ robe
....       |     '..■       ' ||   "...   riu'estlnn
j ... j ' a ' ' ' . •! 1. I" H I,.. 1 i " ' ','
,.|    [OO   kU '     •    tOr   l'i'  ..  lUS   CyllfJa'abCl
An   Intern.iMonal   .universal • postage
stamp i i : "iid I pistago schei ie ho i
bi on ; issi I up m b [ in . u I 'i'l been
f a'|.|  I j-     ',',   IS   I  allll'l    llll
ll  l; "ai , ul-
i  already''' pulivroil    iut,   I ie
mpoi    ■   ■ tu affords  i pari       ilu
lion. A ' i
il stamp tli lound  '
i -,    '   ■      ;
■   la no a i
1        ■    ' go i' '   ;
.- mnlry ■ ■    li ini nl    d  n I d   von I
mtry      deWlhai
i      :   . ...'■.      I. If th '■■
i       ...
.   . iul l   I
Would Bo a Muddle.
There *      d I re tog-
■ ■
■ ■ .     imp. tl'hei di -.1.,I ■,'■  "... n .
, .   . i   r be P' .. I'n  n  u U mc,
'. , i   wh   ii  ul I s'upi
. i iall " intr i   In lhe unl n, but
the dltl   illy "ii  ■ inti I   I al It       was
■ ■ ■ i ii country wo a.:,'..,   pi - I i
■ .: ■ impi wlihln ■ own
|. ii-: .. but wlthoul reg ni lo lhc r
Tills waa.i ,i mean Ihal
each c mntry would h ivo I ' k op
track of all tht i istage an,. Hi r Bent
from a foreign o untry li w ml I bo
a big Inereaso In tlic w ark ait the post-
::.      md .n Hi- a'ai-a. !.< Canada ■■■ ml I
■ - ite • a e'rhpl ij-meni 'of an ith r
h i- . i( |t rks in iii" r islolllco D part-
in nt i'i ' "'in i. The Congress ol
i: ue ■        l thai It woul I'n t d i
United States dot'Some.
Or i'      I iln, .in l iii'i lontally Canada,  came  away  fi io     ngresa
n trophies, but thi
Tin   United1 S U      an
,    mrd work, s'e rare I'one or two
;    ..        Thi y ile i nedthe
I     .     ; i   ■   ; ;     .
: ■( it—fur , oorresp in I a te.
lialy. Si*. .!■ iiiui, ■;■ 'iin:.v ..n.
tntrlcs n.iv ■ boon d i ng ll
, nsld do time, but lt Ins b a
: Idea in the United States, Uncle
Sa .i went to tiit congre i.dotei ied
th    '■:„.:.    nd 'Otter hard
ii   .  'ting It,
Cut Down Transit Rate.
M , h   .: tho time "'. the   a- n :
■ ■ iccuplcd ue :• : . ng 1.1.1 la
kn nn as i.i" trai-Blt ,rale, This Is
11... in' a rale per KflograT cRars 11 by
an Intermediate country-on'tnalls cur-
re.1 from aii" "infill". ''Unity
er r r ex ma, le, win n. fetti rs seal
fi . 1. "A" Iin'" ti'T"'-.- tttroiigh "B" to
gi: . •''." ... ic is a in 1: ll rate charged by "B."
Tne ongroaa at Ro**t6\cnt
alt rate In . tit, ...
. a. one ei thi big battles of the
■ mv n ■ n Heavy transit dl irgi 1
.   '. I    On'  IM-   Hl-a.a'.l    |   a.'     ||    '
1   muting lu Kui'.'i'" t I'/ii" Am-
;     .    mllnenl      T     ; r ■; is ll was
tii..   ■: lull u-l ti.: ii.' t:i,.:..ij.1 and
• did, not .     ise ll, b .1 ovi. ■
othi r   K ir tin an     ■ iptry   . 1 Ai.   Tliey '
fought li In       tnltlee and on the ilo..r
: 1 . , losing 111 the end by
Australians Not Sore.
The .'   ctF   '■ '   a- : ■-, ., will be held
In Madrid.    Tho JSpalvUh capaltal had
       :,. , s» 1.11 Mel-
a urn , Au       1   '.     j invention was
In    ,. 1 1 11 .ii Mudr|d, bit' the Aus-
rail   1 F '      lell a ii," 11 an.  .Ur.
Chapman, and his i      V-dolc        1
In '.
L'h     dually forced    th
lo a \   ■■   itid I' '   but they
did not,        ioi      a  ,   ■ ■    bave    1 d,
■■  1 bad ..  Thi :■ n        I
.,',.', ,m I -ii- motl >n
la, i . I«ld  1:1 a.'e.i..   II I
a.        in   [1 nu tiieinti
Two Methods as Shown In Case of •   ■r»"ll>« Black Dike Mills Musical Or-
Man and Woman. <      Denization of Yorkshire Coming
Buying il ni;.   >f .' 1 may bo a trag- , »° Canada Next Year.
Call' aaf a ,', ,|||c,|y.   MUCll  ala'|a, |iU nil  til" 1* lUOft'lllg   lit'1   Vl»ltS   aaf   «a.VCl'lll   nrill.V
sex iif Hi.' buyer,  Tins Is iii" way a bands from the "lal Country, Canada Is
man buys It. 11.- slides sheepishly Into B0W |,, nmr n„. prBinter prize band 'it
the shop, takes the Beat In the draught rjroal Britain   the famous "Blank Hike
of tin- d'Jor Uml everybody else   has y]\.i. Band,"
avoided, and says to the waitress, with .   The Black Dike Mills are situated In
_ dlllldent Binllt
"a ih, would ynu bring mo a cup of
ten  '
The ivalln ss, wh i r turns Hie smile,
or ' ' not return It, accordb i I i lhe
rule of lit" esi.iiaiisinna iii in regard to
the  village of Qiieensbury, which  Is
pi relied "ii a,ne of the li lis surround-1
Ing Hi" great  manufacturing city of,
Iir if "iii. Vaii'k.-hii'e    Hi re for a liun-
dt-a'il years musical Vorkshlrenien hava
ou   . ilod Hi- I'l'iiciice a-f liislrumei al
rule  it ine entuuu  iineni m regnru ia  oulllvalod Hi- prncllco ot nisirumeniai
tipping,  brings liim Ins tea, slums It   „,,,   ., unj ,,, s„,\, ;; I purpose that
,1 .an .    bbles out a ehi ck, and sails  ■■
i tasl     'i'i, I'm la c'i it ll
I a ' ', nil,   BlIpS   "II'
if a', ; ,     tho b ::. and hurries
uv '    :.    .a '
te li '.'■ n u ' buya a
■ ■ 'i
i      ■   *, Hitle b iy "u
.f her and a Unit girl on tho
"l nun n table for thr ■," Bhe inya,
In ih . '.'. i i ' ■ ■''"' to "i'l' r a
al.i ner at lei     ilnea I
it,,, nmi,. of Black Dlkt Is famlllnr aa|
a household word from John O'aronl's
lo I. in l's Knd,  liar over 111 ' '■ ai   I
;:■■ ii linn of John Foster Ss Hen. i    i
CXI.",     .      II ,■!"',., ,   . '. I
.        v nearly 3,  workpeoplt    i
in,   .■, ";i    i.ii '. ni ii iir ni 'l wor-
ster  itiiffs, alike, i i lushes, a t ■.
hai ■ in i nl Inoil tho band In .1 Btale nl
great proficiency, The founder ol Iho
llrm vans himself an enlhu In 'ia' am
1, 11 on tho l'i'.ii"ii horn, and his d
ecielnrs Im.' prided themselves "it
1,. ing the band up I 1 n lanilard if
port. ■ 1 "i b    111 which It would boi in
Initial!!,   I'l''
1    , in. 1.',,    I ,       ' ." I" ek nt
"V        11   klndlj  stop this  imposslbln lo go. Tho bandsmen ai
way."' en ployed In Iho mil s, and nil 1 x
"Mummy." ■ iy lhe lltili boy, when
nt tho party la sentt 1 and lhe at-
i.i : .,i i' v. iltlng I 1 1 ike lhe two-
peni li" "Mummy, why has lhat
in  .        0 in'" ■ l-up '
"Want .1 1 ■ n ," a mplalna the Utile
gli ■
"A 1  ■  if tea for 01   " 11 l rs "mum
of iiiiiintrnnii
by lhe linn.
Every Man en Artist.
Tho Black 1'il.e Band Is 0 bra s band,
m       . v. mid « irn those whose null in of 1 brass band ims been derived
fron   Iho common or gnrdt n sorl ot
;, ',': '  ',    :  ':      ,    'r ZZ  brass band lo beware of letting their
' ' lvouU *  '''   :,! !"''"-;"^'"'    ,,,...   t,    „„.„,   from   hearing
"x ra   up, s 1 that n.y little .nil can
have s nne milk?"
"1 ine :■ u an 1 one milk?" asks thc at-
"Xo, thank you.   I thought I gave
my   "i'i :■ ti: ■ dis n liy.   I wanl a
p a-    • •.., f,,r one und an extra cup.
Tint's .ill"
"Yes, madam," says the meek atten-
1 lu 1-a if away with tho
firm Inlentl ui of becoming an aeti
lei   :       '    be ivh il ll m iy,
"Jusi i" i' mi nt." ".ij- "mummy."
when e ten I brought, "I Bhould like
to in i thnt ihls Is not loo sti mg.
i'i . ':,., b Ao s;r mg.   \\ III you
let  mo h ive .a  pitch ir of h
pit ise?   An 1  1 il ni'i  think y ni hnve
brou .   ■   ■.     b milii"   11.alf nn
ho ■■ bi - proudly from
th" sha.p, li ivlng paid exactly the sum ■
sum fir th      ;!..'■ " ri'- 1-
i,; ,j nil .. keep thom from hearing
li:. 1 Dike, else they may never cease
regrellng It, Ar th se who have u it
heard Black Dike or another British
prize band of the tlrst rank can have
no .111.'"pii ni nf whal ;i brass band
enn achieve In the wny of nrllstlc of-
f. There is nothing which Blnck
la . cannol piny with consummate
,■ a . ati.t graco. Evi ry mnn Is an aria ■ ai a, ir executive ability Is mar-
v is, |„ no "ih r kind of band Is
il,.. . xeeuilve ability of bt
,|... .    ,',..,I   ; . Sll    I  lill extent.   Till !'•• Is
11 ,1     ninn  11 P. u k Dike but woti .1 bo
■■ sn ipped up by th.- line
bands In England, were ho available.
Heroic Music Its Fort;.
Hut though they can piny He* airy
,f n Strauss waltz  wilh  tho
!■■ :   in orchestra, It Is In grand,
l,ci thai ihe band shines most,
ed   ninn ild   nol   swallou   n  They have astonished the greatest mn-
1.  :.   . who sat in a draught,     Blclnns ot England and have lifted brass
1.011 Ion s;,.   ii. Imi 1 play ng 11 Iho highest regions of
,1 art.   When Ihey troal  Cann
An Important Leper Experiment.
I up 11  ml sl in nts 11 ire made at
1:,       . eriinrs of tha
Law I .:i II   plin In red 1 I to tho op-
s ■ department f r the treatment   of
llll is.
The II aai lee's report staled
thn the ti rk ol thc d, partmenl w is
... .i ro prob-
abl awai ■ I al It I id b en discovered
Ih it, by ;■ iking ci rtuln it Is il llie
I, tho patients' | iwet il ri slstance
ag.ilnsi the dis ise 1 c msumptlon
cot d be measured,
test .'. ■ n . if course, made
ber >re tli" patients contracted the dis-
ci e. If tin 'i     lance was
to I to be low, a menns had been dls-
covi red of In ■ ' Ing that power,
wl 1 -.' .ai: 1 und mbti ally eventually
by which lhat dis-
oa ■ might be stamped ut ot this
musical art
aiana t. Ihelr grand selection from the
iv irks "f Uoethoven, Berllos, Spohr,
Rossini, Meyerbeer, Gounod niial Wag-
n, 1- iaa predict such an enthusiastic
Pi ception as n.i iniiiil Ims hitherto ro-
ct ved here. The late sir Arthur Sullivan, himself linn and reared In un
army band, was quite carried away by
Dike's playing al one of ihe Crystal
Palace festivals, "Wagner's T.11111-
hauscr1 was magnificent." he wrote. "1
was surprised not only at tho lone,
but at the lire and go of Hie performance, In this the; excelled nny band
I have ever hoard." And similar praise
has been showered upon them wher-
evt r they have played,
Have Won Many Contests.
As .1 ,' mtestlng band they havoatood
f.r fitly years al the hoad of the movement which has made such magnificent
bands as the B II i ■ atour prize
bands,    They have  won   everything
cau   1 by tho tame m - worth winning. They were first at Iho
01       Inti        ■ of lupus, the bacillus Crystal Palace (out   f ICO bands), as
a .a,,, .Lil,  .u,,i i„ ,| u,e   ; far back as I860.   Wh n tins festival
lion It attacked the lungs   n waa recently revived Dike waa   lirst
was 1 fa ' Um' the lupus patients had again after an Interval of forty years
-.     ted   A  treatment  by  Hie  Flnscn "Criticism Is oul of the question,".said
Iir. p, h ivlng had na many ns SOO sit-
it 1 :...■!, and in ti sting the
bl ■ id "f .'    Ihese pat cnts, lhe resl it-
1      . 1   '.   i, I to be so lot* 11. it tho
th" Judges. Al Hi" grcnl Bel 0 Vue eon
teats, Miiiiclv ster, they have bei n first
.ni no less Ih in ■ "'     In
Issi ihey «*, re di ban  1  is be ng un-
iyi  t Infected as fasl beatable, having won first prim tar tho
iure.1 by the light, third yenr In succi    Ion In last.   Alto-
 in n   lerlng the new dlsoov- gethcr they have « u 1 'Sl prizes
en nnd raising the patient's power of ngainsl   lhe   pick   of; English  bands.
, ■. every case the patients Even this doos not emphasize their pre-
ii      1 qulckl)   uid   ifter a very tow eminence so much n- tin fnct that nt
Some Fa-.vontcs .Ffir Many Yeirs With
Brtllsh mtiiiren'sitie very. Jealous of
ll    ' |nes which uadIII j: al 1  1
a, - 1 ji  J,,ive   connected   With   ila"iu
■ 1'. ■ 1 '.!■ .n's  Drums"  in*  bet n  Iho
1 .        a marcl? ol 'titrf 'ltr.j,..  & ■ es
for UK iwo hundred yejun-. The West
Yorkshire l.egliiicnt.claliii* "'..a Irn" a-.
Ila um It; i.i" 1.: i;r.ii, an Duke et
.; aiti.v,,;. i i,i,;!,i im mtry,   "une and
All"; tho  ChesHIre)  Hotlmonl,   "Wha
U ..Ini I'Tcl.t tor i.'li.ti'll.i'" in honor of
tries Naplor, who on 1 ■ h 1 thorn; tii- Itlfio Brlgada "I'm
Nlnely.flvo'ii the Heoti Qioy* "The
a , . a. : oaul|'| ilie loth Hussars,
'■, .j Blei ihi ii. ■" ,o( \\.i 1 an '■
11 ai' ci n",   the Blh    I.atiai. i-a,
"1,'lt   Erlrl   ll'ile UlWi-*   lllld  "Thi   Ha,
Tmt "i; ■ i'l ."■ Ti: ii ii. Is'. tho 1
1    talle.11 s-'.it. rth ;IH(;li'.iiial.'ia,   "My
*'li l.»»s"'a(ad "Tll'l Itellef ,f
: . ' in. '!..; 12th banters and
.. il ii-.' -■'■ ' '■ oBourg." The s il a,
Welsh     : 'la. n (sgl'mohts ui tin Brit-
ro all partial to lunos of nail ... cull iclion and English regl-
ne nts AaiiniU ortgtw(tly b) ftmn.t.lef lhe
names vl.'jijlhlojVjlhejyi still Air havo
1 ■ ■ ' ni.j.i.'.'.vA X ,"i" ; icallty, and
cling 10,'the'ih ''iii'a't"; (y
niirn.«l-i Willi .),'V-.«'I'niellee..
Sir ;.-'t,'t", lhc gwid, fli.lltii'.l, Is In one
res,, ui ' .tintiiiiiye nrnonil musl-
, inu- Mv, 1.1. iv* iiaathing Hhntever if
llll! 'irialreij. IIIIil iva'iii'lness of prilC-
(Icing, jtjosl we'll liii.nvti singers nnil
grent'ii'iil'' . ' ..i'i iitiicl icing with
more or less regularity nil tbelr lives.
Nil   sii  I'lll.I.i "Snl'iisnte.    Ile  (llkCS  Up
his vi..lill fnr bis nun nuiiisei It, but
his Hi y mul facility nre such
be enn dispense wiili llio Irksome tlallj
task a.f plnj-lng to iwop his linnil in.
The II *n. Sydney 11 illand, thc rlinlr-
mm of ths  nu:"'", Bald WO aii-"*
.re troatt I per Jny In the opsonic
0' parlment,
A Legend of the Zulus.
The Zulus ic mt for their origin
by .1 story of a talking elephant who  alert figure of Mr, Oladney ii
one period ihey won no ess lhan 11 v. n-
Icon lirsl prizes ni cons 1 ttlvi 1 vents!
The Veteran Conductor.
Mr. John Olndney, to whom primarily
Is flue Hi" groal profli I. ncy of the band,
has been reinlneal by Messrs, 1-oator 4
Suns n* its professional ten ■ r n a
issi Few Canadians who behold the
f I up ui children II.' met a women
laden with an axe ami bunch if fug-
i       oi   uiipanle 1 by hi: 1 hlld
Seeing lhe elephant, she gm * 1 his
Intontlon,   and   ploaded:   "Spare   my
Ild, 0 cleph int!"    Tlie olephant re-
I . ml "Tie 11 ' -ini th" mother, "if
thn evil musl happen, swallow ine, ' 11,
II elephant!" s a the elephant swallow
■iu- i... looka back up an nearly 80 years
a it'.-r us a professional musician. Put
such is tho tact, miai there are few living tiiusia'i.ins uliai enn iaa.k buck up'in
.1   a'.lli-.i    aaf   lUCll   lllSl 111'" l"ll.     'I'll"   S'HI   Ol
mi army bandmaster ol con Idcrablo
n.ite, Mr Oladney was born in 1131),
nn.I practiced music from the cradle.
When only ten yeara old   he  played
mother and child, and" ihey""f id   Piccolo (hia fingers being too small for
inselvsa with all  Ihcr children,  "'" fll""' ln ",0 b;""1 "' '"" ,i""""''
, ,,,.,,. ,.,.,■,„ p,.y. ualy A fated Julllon   He sal on lhe kneo
llyandb) iho child grev, hungry, and  "' Koenlg, and lo 'iii' day holds ihal
.. mothei III .1 nr,. .ii'ii ia.,' ■.     ■     1. ■'"!    hi 1 1 ayer as tin gn Uo 1   I
.. ' .-ii  with her one, cul away tho  all time    Ho waa 1 ed bj Bniteslnl,
.....   , , ,,;, 1 |,, ,,,, .:i,.. mi  nnd tnaala. itni.'h .,f by tin gn a' Obo. il
i   the ti" burned It. groal h al   Barrett,   Sim" then Mr Qlodnoy has
boon'i mily  111   touch   with   tha
■".  '.. • 1:11 i|   hi  11
Bandmasler Bower.
Mr. Harry B iwer, thi n    I nl bai 1
master, 1- a pi nluol of the tl m k Dike
Band, nnil n 1110 • ace imi    lied mu I-
,Ini   The Bower family have long held
Imporlhfn pos lions lu lhc Blank Dike
Mills, and have been neoted with tho
band Ihrough 1 it Ita caret r. Mr. Bow-
era hi"'le r, I' preceded lilin ns
bandmaster, anal held Ihal poslllon for
:'l   years    Mr.  Phlncas  Bowi r wus   1
great ouphonlon player, a nd lo none,
amateur or professlnnol, in his dny.
Pressure of olllclnl dutb * al the mills
compelled him to rei re from tli" baud
in 1895, ninl lhe ban.I , hose Ills brolher, ,\lr. Harry Rowi r, "a buccoi i him,
How wise their 1 ll .ler Is proved
;  . 1 'is .:. p   nl a ih pain, and   u
11 1 hi. in 1 ran, llll ihey fell iha
■   in ler "f in, li a ai, 1.1. ii g ovor in.1
: 1 illey,
M   lenglh,   eahnu I,   ho  dropped
1 ilolel    f   ia.: her .is", the in il It 1
i pn 1 until ihe made an ipenlng In
1 eh phant's side     Afti r th
■ ■  mi, nnd b    me a 1   t nal   n  n
,, ',,.1   ounli 1    Country tlontli man,
A  Plague of Rabbils.
A    writer   ties irlbes   .1   plague   of
Is in Australia: "A farmer barrl-
1    himself In wiih 111 i 1.';- upon 11
ro fencing solely lo kei p oul tho
ni. y ' il their way up lo
. ni.1 in the ilKht tor tie green
Cl I KI I IC VK T   Wash oi,cloths
^^ \J f\ _0 I \J I J § and linoleums with
^^ warm water and
f\ ^^ . _^ Sunlight Soap, rinse clean and wipe
^^ ■ _ il Kj dry, The colors will be preserved
afr_y \J mT% ■ and the surface unharmed.
Common soaps fade lhe colors and
injure the surface. Sunlight Soap cleans, freshens and preserves
oilcloths and linoleums.
Sunlight Soap w.ishcs clothes white without injury to the most
delicate fabrics, or to lhe hands, for it contains nothing that can
injure cither clothes or hands
Sunlight Soap is bcticr
lhan other soaps, but is best
when used in the Sunlight
way (follow directions).
Equally good with hard
or soft water.
1 Helpful Appliance Which ran Be
.nude l.y Almost Anybody,
It will soon be warm enough to cause
leiiiicnt'iiiou of Inoil left in troughs
where llio sun boats upon theni. Ozlas
friendly suggests trying his plan:
Tako n ten inch plank of any length
vou prefer, Stand *il on edge and tack
in ii, keeping in tlit middle always, a
piece of zinc sixteen luetics wldo and
nf the suiue lenglh as tlio liiiiirils. less
one inch. This extra inch is lo be dl-
ridptl between iha' two ends, so that
the zinc will miss reaching each end
of llio board by oue-linlf Inch, Now
111:11 llie zinc 1111 each snle nf llie board
up at iiii angle of about forty-lira degrees, tuck mi n Btrlp of wood 11 couple
of Inches wldo al right angles to each
.•ml of ihe bonrd ui keep tbo affair
Cronl tipping over, nnd you will have
lli" nicest tniiigli you ever fed from,
ami ii won't cost n fortuuo either, of
course till will iln, or even sheet Iron
or galvanized iron, though Jilne Is Uio
en i.'st nl' the cheap tnotals to keep
clean. Tho Wen is to leave the troughs
outdoors, and when it rains Instead of
making tho food sour it will wash out
nt the ends whatever small quantities
of ninsli nre left In It, and Uierc'll lio
im smir crop chickens In your Dock,
I'lll. In  (hliill.
A Peking correspondent snys: "It Is
no uncommon sight to see twelve or
thirteen enormous fat pigs, with their
legs tied, huddled close together having
a rid" In a Chlneso curt wilh snme
suit nf Unlit cargo ou top of thom nnd
a inun sitting mi the cargo, The plga
are silent, nml consequently nno would
think they slumlil nol bo objects for
tho action of Ihe Society For tho Pro-
vciitinu of Cruelly to Animals. Tho
fuel is Unit lhe nii mills ure Iiiii fat ami
lazy to iniiko nny noise tiulii disturbed
nt their Journey's end, ulien bagpipes
nre iis Italian opera to tliu terrltlo
squealing heard."
Ull    l„C   l.l',.i.
"What's the chief product of Panama?"
Aiiil tho grent stiitesniiiti never looked up from the momentous documeut
us lie replied:
"Conversation."—Washington Star,
Nothing Doing.
"Mlsn May." began Mr. Ilonmley,
"would you—cr—be insd If 1 were to
kiss you':"
"Not DOOOSSPlily," replied lhe bright
girl, "bnt I would certainly be mad tt
let .nil "-   Hailtiiii,,,-,,   Vaitt'H
QrniieUill.   la Fowls.
Bronchitis is Inflammation of the
mucous membrane of tlio trachea and
bronchial tube*   The moat frequent
cnuse of this disease is exposure  to
,1 pnoaa, to cold, to drafts of cold nir
iiiiii lo sudden nnd extreme changes of
temperature. It mny nlso result from
the inhalation of Irritating vapors, dust
ninl other foreign substances. Thc lirst
thing to do Is to remove lhe cause.
licL'in treatment by placing tho affected birds in a comfortable, dry and reasonably warm ,1'lace where Uny uill
imt lio subjected to drafts of air. but
where Uie ventilation is good, (live
soft nnd cooling food, such ns stale
bread or a mixture of bran and middlings moistened wilh milk. Inhalation of steam or vapor from boiling
water In which hops or a small quantity nf carbolic add Ims been placed Is
beneficial, Hive wlih lhc food two
grulns of black antimony twice a day,
a small quantity of flaxseed itceped
In Imt water nukes n demulcent drink
llinl often gives great relief, and, in
the abaenco of this, honey or gum arable mny lie added to the drinking water wlih advantage. In the early stages
it may sometimes bo checked by giving
ten drops of spirit of turpentine in a
toaspoonfnl of castor Oll and repealing
Ihis dose after live or six hours.
Proper Muling..
The selection and muling of poultry
lair any purpose whatever Is the fundamental principle nf success, according
10 the Feather. No one can hope lo
suei eed In producing better laying liens
11 lie does not mule good layers for pro-
diieora, One cannot hopi to rear exhibition fowls of qnnllty unless he hns
the Intit lo breed from, The high prices
paid for the best is only a snniplc lea-
ion of qunllly. SolOCt the Ix-nt, keep
ihe lies', rare for them properly, rear
llio young chicks 10 the best advantage
n 1 i.m will sii.isai-l rr.>ni Uiecsrefnlly
seleried mating,  No matter how g"".i
v.'Ur breeding slock may be, If Ihey
nro not properly enni! for nnd the
elilckl hntcbcil from them are not prop-
rlj roared to maturity the rum it* win
nut lie successful. Tho fundamental
principles of success nre good breeding
-Pick properly eared for nnil the prod-
ucl from theni well hatched and grown
11 a  healthful,  vigorous  maturity,
There Is no use to hope to Ruecoed with
slipshod methods.
...■lul the nlre thoy die In .
Al riiniil lhe Inclosed land Ihey
. of ii.ini   ii-.   ■ 1 high thai  I
.. .■ unci i mnki   Heir way over the
ind lhe fa  a la ruined."
Tainted Honoy.
The really unwholesome money, our
per currency, minted with n
111 -'.. .mil offensively pungent taint,
has long l 11 n fertile stilijecl for tho
pens of public sanitarians and hyglon-
Isis, 'lhe carriage of Infections il
eases liy those omnipresent and lib qui-
tons mlorolio singes, the dollar hills, Is
fu in .1,1 than n possibility,' New York
11 ol ■   .
      ji"». ....-,   1	
In heaps of Incredible a . 1 by the ever Increasing populnrlly ..f tho
■■ ..inu toll -'. ■ ui, .imi .,: .1 : "." p.,mi during the ten years ho hit 1 been
in chnrge. Mr 11 aire Dower Is n vi ry
brilliant cornetll lie Is also n llr-:
class musician, having thoroughly stml-
ieii iiiii theory nnd practice of music
In  various dire lions
Thinks to III" generosity 'if Ma -sr-.
Poster .t l1 'ns. ill- band is now ab e lo
gratify Us I ed di   ri lo vlsll
-   nil though Mr. aii dncy   is
rjullo iinnb     1    vo I 10 b ind re thnn
,t   ,11 .i.iy   -if  his   services   al   h
Messrs. Poster In       revulled upon him
His Own  Inventions,
1.    . I, pa, 1 .1 vl   11    a nrll-
: il ship f >r navigating ofll ■ rs
..       I      i'i.       i      I ...
and a* I
■I        ' ■ T     prnci   a:
r tin 1, had lo
tplnlned to hi      Lord Kelt
I,.,    ,od lhe thi .rati, il prli   pi     I  to pul hi       ■ isldc foi .. tlm
, , 1.  bul iul   novor   soei 1 toae impan- Ihol nd a 1   a ths
: -.. ippll d and at work W.:n t-^-
Iloaa-  Me  lane,,.
"Is your wife having u good lime nl
tlie seashore!"
■V"s; she's enjoying herself splendidly."
"1 suppose her letters nro very cheering'/"
"So; sho  doesn't  write at  nll."-
"Mary," Mrs. HoUBckecp called from
tlio foot Of Uie stairs, "how ubout
"Oil," replied the new servant, who overslept herself, "yo undoii't troll-
1 In to bring me ininy. I ain't very him-
j y ihis inoriiin'."' l'lilliplijialila Tress,
Tliey   Aikenisa'   Themselves.—Im-
1 llntely tliey were offered   to  tho
public, Parmelee's Vegetable Pills
became popular because ot the good
reporl they raado lor lliemaelves
linn reputation ims grown, aud they
imu rank among the tlrst medicines
(or use in attacks of dyspepsia and
biliousness, complaint of the liver
and aidneys, rheumatism, fever and
ngue and th" Innumerable complications to which these aliments give
The Minister's Revenge.
A Hiawatha clergyman preached a
rather exhaustive sermon (rom the
text, "Thou mi weighed In the hab
mice and round wanting." After the
congregation hmi listened about an
hour siuiie begun to ion weary nn 1
went out; others followed, greatly to
the nnnoyanco of tlie minister, Boon
another person started whereupon
the preacher stopped his sermon and
.niii: "Tliui's right, gentlemen; as
fast ns ynu aro weighed pass out"—
Kansas City Journal.
Countryman   Return ticket, please,
Booking Clerk—Where to?
Countryman—Why, here, of course,
Where else could l return?—Weekly
in Fields Far OIT.-Dr. Thomas'
Eclectrio oil Is known In Australia,
Soul ti mnl Central America ns well as
in Canada and the United States, and
ns couBumptlon Increases every year,
ll bus" Ils own wny. and nil that
11 Is tn he ilntie Is to keep Its nam.'
before the public. Everyone knowa
thai 11 is in be had at uny store, for
nil merchants keep it.
An Easy One.
"ran you repeal the Declaration of
Independence?" she naked.
"I 11s.1i in be nidi' to," he replied,
"bul .iin.iii nil 1 remember of II now
is: "To b ■ nol in he, iimt Ii the
question.' "  Judge,
The healthy glow disappearing
iiinn ilm cheek iiiiii moaning ami rest-
It ie it iiiuht me sunt symptoms
iii worms lu children, im mu fall 10
get a bottle ni Miuii.T Grave's Worm
Exterminator! it is an effectual medicino,
In tin' Cape leglalatlve  council   n
motion in favor of a tns on minerals
and precious Stones  wns by
thirteen votes tu twelve,
£■ DODD'S \
W    N    U    No.   596
And by  Increasing  Nerve  Force Restores
Vitality to Every Organ of the Body
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food,
Suicide,, Insanity, fulling sickness,
1'aralysls: These arc some nt lhe re-
mlts of worn-out nerves, No one
would neglect a disease so dreadful
in its results us nervous exhaustion if
the danger were only realized with
the lirst symptoms.
The liiiie in begin tlie restoration
in iln> iici'ii s by lhe use of Dr, Chase's
Nerve Food is uInn you liml youi''
self unable to sleep al nights, Buffering from headaches or neuralgic
pnlns. Indignation or weak hearl ac
I.nss nf ilcsh iiiiii wolght, growing
I'i'iihni'ss and debility, n tendency to
neglecl lhe duties of lhe tiny, iloomy
forebodings for the future, are other
indications »f depleted nerves.
Vmi cannol liken Dr. Chase's Nerve
Food to any medicine you ever used,
li Is ii nerve vltnltzer nnd tissue-bull.
dm' of excoptionnl power,
Naturally mnl gradually H rekindles
life In the nerve cella mul rutins new
led corpuscles in the blood- the only
way in thoroughly cun,' nervous disorders,
Miss   Lena   Hlebort,   Lowe Farm,
Man., writes::—"I had suffered for
two years with dizzy spells, pains in
fii.. back, cnhi hands and feet, nervousness, jerking of the limbs, sore
tongue, siiii'tiess of Minis and shoulders, nmi general exhaustion, About
seven iiKiniiis ago I became so nervous llllll I could tun rest 01' Sleep, llllll
could iiiii iiii the leasl bit   of   work
will i   Buffering   dreadfully   irom
piling iu the iinck. I cnhi hardly
walk, could eni very little, iiiiiI fell
Hint people were always watching my
body twitch,
"I tried several  Ilcinea with Iii
i'n' effect, nnil wns it mere skeleton ol
skin mul bone ubout in give up In des
pair when i hoard aboui Dr, Clinso's
Nerve Food, and begnn using it. I
hnvo use.i in nil fourteen boxes ol
this preparation, and it hns built mi
up until I am now si rung mul well
again, Dr, Chase's Nerve Food ha
mini' tne u world of good, and I feel
thai 1 cannol recommend it too high
ly in persons who Buffer us I hnve."
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food; 50 cents
in nil dealers, or Edmanson, Bates ii
Co,, Toronto,
Can't go In the parlor now
Bencs boarders came.
Maw glln queer Idoos suinhow
Wen boarders come.
Must have my face wusht each day
(Gosh, I wlsht they'd stay away I)
Dassent have a word to any
Wen boarders eniite.
Got to wear a lie that's knit
Wen liourii'is come,
Muw snys, "Keep spruood up a btl,"
Wen boarders corns.
Paw nn' mnw an' sis an' I
Must eat what's la'ft over— why.
I ain't hail n piece of pie
Seiieo kingdom comel
Das.ent go barefoot no moro
Seme boarders came,
Left off the patched lens I wore
Senco boanleis came,
Got lo lend 'em nil my things.
Traps nn* rods au' lisliln' alrlngsi
Got to show 'em nil llio springe,
Wen boarders come.
Wen maw gits vacation crops
Of bonnier folks
Then my vacation stops, .',
An' 1 Jest coax
Her for te let in« ro tn' stay
In tho oily far nway,
Where It's quiet, cool, an' thay
Pon't takt boarders,
- P. 1*. Fltz.r In New Tort Html*.
Death'of a Balaclava Captain.
Sir William Gordon. Baronet of
Earlslon, Kircudbright, died a few days
ago. lie led the left squadron of the
lTth Lancers In the charge of the Light
Brigade nit Balaclava, He received four
sabre wounds, and was dismounted. He
succeeded, however, In reaching tho
llrlllah linos, anal was promoted alp-
tain next day. Ho also served with thi
17th l.ancera In the Indian Mutiny,
whon Field-Marshal Sir Evelyn Wood
was ono of his subalterns. Sir William Gordon re'.lroal from llio army In
1SCI, being then In command of his
regiment. Ho had tho Hritlsh, French,
and Turkish dcoairatlons for. tho Crimea and lhe Indian Mutiny medal. S'r
William was 76 years ot age at tho
time uf bis death.
■lo 1 alii. In Htm,
"fiupss that freckled daughter of
Thompson's must have a steady young
"What mokes you think so?"
"The old mnn was In here yesterday
to buy one of these newfangled contrivances that malio a big saving In
vhe gas you burn."
"1 don't believe the young man's a
steady, if be ivns they'd save all tho
There Are Xo ( ,-,-tnli, Ones,
"The only objection 1 have to tills
story," snld the cynical bachelor, "la
the frequent use of tbo phrase 'a cor.
lain girl.' The phrase Is grossly Inaccurate, ns everybody well knows that
nil girls arc exceedingly uncertain."
I'.nve when true, faithful nnd well
llxed is eminently tho sanctifying element ef human life Without It tbo
soul cannot reach Us fullest height or
An Old Chartist's
Mr. W. B, Adams, lute editor of tho
Newcastle Weekly chronicle, died at
Madeira recently from asthma.    Horn
at Cheltenham In 1S33, h« became nn
ardent Cliartlst, with lntlmtito oasocla- [
tion with Charles  Ilradlaugli,   Goorgo [
Jacob H.ilynake, Julius Harney, Joseph i
Cowen nnd others.    Hia 'tlaraetacus'* i
letter In llnidlaugli's paper, The Na- !
tlonal Reformer, attracted Mr. Cowan's
attention, and he was given n.n Appoint- I
ment on tho Newcastle Chronicle, Fori
years be was the eallta,r uf The Nowrns- I
tlo Weekly Chronicle, ninl was the au
tl. K of several publications.
Comfort and ltiile|ientloiico abide witil
lliose who can postpone tlieir desires.—
Success Magazine.
Diarrhoea, dyaentry, cholera In-
fiiiiitim and stomach troubles mi' alarmingly frequent during the hol
weather months, Tno often these
troubles become acute and a precious
Hull life Is lost utter only a tew
limns iiliit'.-s. During the hol weather every wise mother should
kic u box nf Baby's Own Tablets In
thO   hulls.'   til   check   these   ills   if tlli'V
como too suddenly. Better still, nn
occasional doae of ibis medicine will
keep the Btomnoh ond bowels clean
nnd prevent these longerons • le
ikiia. coming. Mrs. John Lancaster,
North Portal, Sask., snys: "My baby
wus attacked with diarrhoea and
sever,' vomiting, 1 at once gave
Baby's Own Tablets and   nexl   day
she wns ns Well ns ever.   1 llml lhe
Tablets nre the only medicine u little
..tie i *b."     Sold by nil medicine
dealers or by mall al :'i cents a h..v
from the Dr. Wllllama Medicino Co.,
llniikville, Ont.
"Did you sell horses te those two
customers yesterdui■'." we naked of our
friend Um horse dealer,
"Make nnythlng?" i
"Off of Jones-yes."
"Jones? Why, Jones was the one
that snld he knew nil about hones."
"I know. Ho wns easy. Tho other
fellow didn't know a thing about tham
aiit'l brought around three or four n-
psrts before be would buy."-Ncw York
Weak Lungs
Far over sixty yeara doctors
have endorsed Ayer'iCherry
Pectoral for coughs, colds,
weak lungs, bronchitis, consumption. You can trust a
medicine the best doctors approve. Then trust thkthe next
time you have a hard cough.
" I bad a,   awful fonsh fnr i.tnwa anal
a ' tl'.i.,!   .a 'aural   la   do an. a>ra. .-a--I     I Irla.
Af.r'a ch.rrr I'-rlor.l aru a.-. . a a..t
I narfliiiiiienn ll te .11 mr rrt»nria arli«n...r
i'T 'a..' . .. aa(|,." Mia. M M.l.B.
1* ..lue, I- "   II. 0,
M..I. 1. 1 C alr<r I'.., I-,».n. au
Ana, paaufaaliaaar. .f
•    Mn»i'»mt.u.
ULI O iimivioih
Avor's Pills keep tho bowels r-*K<ilar
All vegetable and gontly laxative
A Teat (»l Saiiiniclrr.
A gooal teal of ii  man's symmetry
mnj he tniiilc if iie s'liiins wltli his fnce
to tlie "all.    The ubcal of ii perfectly
formed mau will touch tbe wall, bis
luise will be four Inches nway, Ids
thighs live und lint tlpa uf bis toes
A Hornet's llinl,
The |inlii produced l.y a hornet's
sting is caused by n poison Injected
Into the wound nnil su instantaneous
lu Ils effect us In a.iliac the attack
of this insect to resemble a violent
blow lu tha fine.
Are your corns harder In remove
tliuii those thnt others hnve hnd?
Have ihey not ihe siimc kind, Have
Ihey iiiit been cured by using II din-
way's (inn Cure.   Try « boltll,
'tillr   *laa„,,r. ha
Charles IV. and I'hilip IV. of Franc*
were each styled tlie l-'nlr, tbe lirst on
aOCOUDt of Ida light hnlr and Oaten
beard, tin* ■ ■■■■■■u i i„- .m-* of ins ax<
iri'iiiely la,unl--aii,u iH'i-iii.iii uii'i'.ai'
Tk» Italian,
Tie stadium used by both flreeks
■ml Unmans wns Inn cubits or HID
yards 1 font ami u Inches,
Ml)- ol Ihe Vnller.
Tlie Illy of thc valley Is, in florni
lore, eniblemnlle of happiness. In Portugal Ibis (lower Is symbolic of modesty, Its lowly growth nnd retiring
habits giving it n symbolism closely
akin tu that uf the violet
The  lt,.l.l„
There Is n well attested Instance In
England in which a robin formed such
an attachment for two indies that bo
was iii iiii. haiiii of accompanying
thom In their country wiillis. When
Ihev went In reside In niiotlier district
in took bis departure with them, Hying
tlnug by the side of the carriage,
Mohammed waa abstemious. A hand'
ful nt dates nml a mouthful of water
wis nil ibe food be required fur a duy
of Iniul rilling.
Edmonton, a Modern Frontlc- Town.
Edmonton Is the junipliig-ulf place
for all north-western Canada, the place
where town und wilderness strike
hands. Here In Washington Square
(New York) the prosperous little city
of the Upper Saskatchewan seems
even farther away than lis accredited
two thousand, live hundred miles, it
is eight hundred miles west ot win-
peg, mnl It is some little way north
nf thai lli'iy-ihliil parallel beyont
which, If one is to believe Mr. Re.\
li 'h. the laws of Hod and man don't
work very well. If one were to attempt the somewhat hazardous teal
nf walking due east from Edmonton,
it would be found necessary in swim
lhe lower waters of Hudson Bay before [etching up on Tim coasl of Labrador, All ihis Bounds very remote
mnl Inaccessible, li suggests rather
tb, interior recesses of Greenland
than the pnstornl chnrnia of un lown
nr nn Illinois; mid if 1 carried away
I-    X, w   York,  Tlultcmod   Inside  II
i I'osnlc waistcoat, whal I took to be
the emotions of nn explorer, my Ignorance I prefer to think, unique,
Edmonton is n city of i Its and
n l rd nl trnde; ofdeparl nl stores
block long mnl n good many Btorles
high; of paved streets and brick and
Btone buildings; o( well-to-do men In
frock conta or In trim tilling: breeches
und puttees; of prettily women: of the Intesl thing In automobiles; rn' clubs, churches and pnln
grounds, All this Bpoaks of the llfi
rn' to-day. nm jostling by tho pros
permis   mei'chonl   or   the   English
"y iger sun" is the   half-br I   in
s'tetson lim nnd Bilk-embroidered
gauntl. is. i.r the squaw with papoose
mt her shoulders,    Tin itroBt, to
one  wlm  hns   surrendered   himself
ti the effete illllllelice Of 01U AtlUIltic
stnii's. is Bomewhat bewildering.—
Samuel Marvin in "Success Maga-
No person Bhould go from home
without n bottle ot Dr. J. D. Kellogg s
Dysentery Cordial In their poaaeaato n,
a change ot water, cooking, climate,
, ic. frequently brlnga on Bummer
complaint, and there Is nothing Ilk
be)ng ready with n sure romed a
hand, which oftf'ta" »V9',5!S?'
Buffering and frequently valuabh
lives This Cordial Ims gained oi
Itself n widespread reputation for
ntfording prompt rellet from all Bum
mer complaints.
\ Dutchman, addressing liis dog,
said; "You vns only n dog. bul I vlsh
I vns you, when ynu no mil your bed
in vmi Bhusi turn round dree dimes
nnd lay down; Wheal go nilt tho bed
In I hnve in h>.'l< up ''" ba*;' '""
wind up the cluck and pnl the ca
0Ht „„,, omiress myself, and my trou
vni,cs> up and Jsolds, den de baby
vakes up nnd cries und 1 have to valk
blm mii iho hoii-c round, den maybe,
ve,, 1 gets myself to bod, ll is time
to ci up again, Ven you get up you
sbnst stretch yourself, dig your neck
a leeiie and ymi vns rn*. J hai to
Pnln de lire, put on de kiddle, scrap
some mil my vlfe alreaty and git my-
sell breakfast, You play around mi
day and have plenty of fun. I hat to
work all day nnd have blenty o
driibblc Ven yon die ynu van dean,
yen 1 die 1 bat to go- somewhere -
The Cleanse the System Thorough'
Iv.-i'ni-iiiclcu'.s Vegetable WtoctoM
ii,,. stomach and bowels ol bilious
matter, cnuse the excretory vessels
to throw nff Impurities from the blood
into the bowels and expe tho deleterious muss from the body, iney
do ibis without pain or Inconvenience
to the patient, who speedily realizes
their good unices as soon us they begin tn tui,.' effect Tliey have Btrong
recommendatlona from all klnda m
pi ople,
\ central Kansas editor snys: "Wo
iiiteini.'i church some time ngo, and
listened  to ll  very g I senium, ns
sermons go, Wo enjoyed the sliming, und siood up wlih the brethren
mnl sisters while thoy sung the g I
old In inn. "Shall Wo Km.**' Bach
Other Over There?" WJille the hymn
was being sung we glanced aboui u;
nml counted aboui n doten members
„f ib ngregatlon ol   the   church
who do nol speak to each other when
thev tllect "II III" Sti'""'. OJ el.-"Wll"l'".
Tho thought occurred to us. wli)
ahould ihe*' know each other over
there' when they seefnlngly don I
limit know each other Itore?"
Sunlight Boap is heller than "Hi"!
■oapa, but is heat whon uaed in the
Sunllghl   way.     Buy    Sunlight Snap
nn,i follow directions
\ii'i- ma iiiia.'i Paepeaa when ri<...
ale Leoked laek » Fright t
"Did you bear nlmut I'losslo being
fiiguged!" n-l.s the lirst fair young
"No,  Is It true':''
Tag, nnd It's Ibe most romantic
thing ynu ever heard Of, You know
Mgbert Tlgsinurc has been paying attention to her fur more thnn a year."
"Well, yesterday morning Flossie
was helping her mother clean hmis",
nml she had on nn old skirt Hint she
has triad lo glie lo eiery COoV tbcjf
havt hntl for two years, anil she luul
oi an old wolst thai had tlioso gnat
lug bniiniui ileoros, you know"—
"Yes, yes."
'Ami her hnlr w is nil draggling down
Into her eyes nml -he bail been Inking
down pictures nnd dusting thorn, nnd
there were smears nf dlrl every way
BcrOSS lief fnCC, ntnl her hanilS were ill
horrible greal big gl ives, nnd she was
wearing an old pair "f carpel slippers
thai belonged to her father, And of nil
"Yes, yes.   What then'.'"
"Egbcrl priipi 1 io her while she
was looking liko lhat"
"lie did, and Of ciursc she accepted
"Well, n mnn who Is so deeply In
love (ha( hi will prop IM to a girl when
she looks that wny deserves lo bo accepted."
"Ye., put Egbert proposed over the
tel('pliono:"-(liiiaha lice.
Amusing Blunders Made by Members
of British  Parliament.
Frequenters of tho House, an authority writes to The Dally Mall, have for
a long time remarked a woful depreciation In tho art of Parliamentary
speaking. Notable exceptions are
Mr. Balfour, Mr, Chamberlain, Sir
Henry Campbell-Bannerman, Mr, As-
qiiith, Mr. John Redmond an.] Mr. T.
Henly; the last named, during an Irish
laiiil debate last session, delivered one
of iho finest speeches it has been my
pleasure to hoar.
Curious enough Is the fact that probably the best grammar and the most
lucid and finished sentences come
' from the Labor side In the example
set by Mr. K. ir Hardle, Only an unfortunate but no doubt conquerable
Jerklness of delivery prevents the Laker leader from being numbered In tha
front rank of modern Parliamentary
oral irs,
The mixed metaphor gives many un-
Buspectlng members a fall, Mr. As-
qulih n >t lung ngo amused the Houso
with rhe phrase: "Our tongues are
tied, our hands nre fettered, and we
nre really beating the air to no pur-
Mr. Jaahn Burns Improved on this by
declaring, In referom o 11 the Children's
Employment Bill, "I will now repeat
what I was about to s.iy when tho
Imu 'rahle member Interrupted me."
Then there was the wealthy manufacturer member who, dealing wlih the
legal position of trade unions, asseverated that "the Inti rests ot tho employers ami employed are tho same
nlno times mil ot ten—nay, I Will go
furiher, nnd say ninety-nine times
out of ten"
A member of the present Opposition,
observing signs of dissent from a
Liberal, exclaimed: "All, the'honorable
member opposite mny shake his head,
but ho cannot shake mine." "Sir," said
Mr. Walter Long on education matters, *wo are told that by this legislation the hearl of the cuintry will bo
shaken to Its foundations."
Tlio House of Commons Is too hurried, too strenuous, t 'O utilitarian In
these limes ta, encourage the ornamental In oratory. Moreover, every
member in the chamber appears anxious to have his Bay. Up to the present some 100 leglslal irs out of 070 have
delivered sp thes during tho session.
These are regarded n.s the principal
causes of the decadence of Parliamentary style.
Mr. Charles Seymour, the elocutionist, who  la-ha's mnny Parliamentary
candidate) and before whom not a few
members rehearse the speeches they
hope to deliver before tho House, pro-
noiineed lhe suggestion of a class for
politicians Impossible,
"Members who honor me with their
patronage," he said, "creeps stealthily
into my studio, They w mil not have
their mission known under any circumstances, lt is not shame; it it
Now is the Time
To Insure Your Health by Using
In place of the adulterated teas of Japan
Sold only in .sealed lead packets, at 40c, 50c and 60c per Ib.   At all grocers,
Highest Award   St.  Louis 1904,
Undigested Food
Wli-n any portion ol fond remains in tlic stomach ami rrhises lo
digest, it caus. < the torments ol indigestion, Tins undigested bind
rapidly ferments, irritating the sensitive eating ol the st'imach,
ahilc ot! tr pans oi the buuy, particularly the head, sutler in
So long as this undigested (nnd remains in the stomach, llie
Jiscuinlurt continues.  A lew doses of
stop all fermentation, sweeten the extents of the stomach ami give
natural assistance that relieves tie stomach "f its burden. The use
oi Beecham's Pills gradually strengthens the stomach nerves and
soon restores them to a normal, healthy condition.
Beecham's Pills positively cure all stomach troubles, while their
beneficial effects on the liver anJ kidneys greatly improve the general health.
Beecham's Pills hive been used aid recommended by the general public for over liity years.
"*n em.' only by the Pronrletor, Thoma.i lleech.m,St. Helen.., I..ncntilre, Eogi
Sold everywhere In Canada and I'. B. America.   In toxe. 35 cent*.
"Division" In Parliament.
When a division i* called a bell rings
to enable- ull M. P.'s to collect Ami
the smoking room, tho library, etc.
Then the "iiler door Is closed, and the
Speaker puis tho question. Then Is a
shout of "Aye!" and of "Nol" on which
he declares that el iha ono or ths
other "has It." ...i ba challenged
he says, "The 'ay, s' to the right, ths
'n •es' to tho loft" This ma-ans that'
the "ayea" anal tho "noea" go Intj ro-
spectlve lobbies,
This takes some lime, for they go
leisurely, When at length they aro
both within tlia-lr respoctlve pens all
the doors leading to them are a'•-•''!,
and after a minute or two tho one door
through 'which the prisoners In e.ia-ii
lobby aro to m ike ihelr exit Is opened,
Before reaching the i\'. Ihey have to
pass "ti either sldo "f t desk at which
two cli rks sit and oho tk oft on a
I'liiitcil list "f iiieiiibeis tlioso who
va.te, After 'his they pass In single
file nir iugh ii ■ exil do .1, which is a
few yards from Ihla d. k, Jusi outside thli exit do r 11 ind two I
nno representing tho "ayea" and on-
the "noes." Tlnlr business is to call
alound one. two, three, f.uir, and so on,
us ths members pn-*. Conaetiuontly
for ea.-h division four tellers are ne-
eeatary two tor tho "aye" lobby nm!
two for tho "no" lobby.—London Truth.
The Word "( nnn'iliiill.m."
The word "cannibalism" Is really the
niiine of a people, lt Is Identical wlih
Carlb, mnny of the 1'iiriln, who formerly nourished In the West Indies,
having been consumers of human flash,
The letters "I," "n" anil "r" are Inter-
changeable In certaiti aboriginal American languages, - > that Columbus found]
one West Indian Island saying "Caul*
ba" where another aald "Carib," while
Shakespeare's Caliban Is another variety of lhe same.   CelUmbUS' "*ui "Ui-
jactnra was that tha name ma coiv
iie-lcl with lhe grest khan, ami Inter
philologists nf the "id slapdash tj pi l*
KClateit with "cuius." n log Apparently, however, tin. meaning of
"carib" wu> bran and daring.
Physician said She Might Drop Dead
Bt any tme.
"The Doctor lold
mc I haal hearl dll
■ ' ii  in 1 was liable
to drop on lhe -irci
at any lime,   ia/1
Mrs. Robert Baton,
of Imfferln, out.
"1 waa niii;: i"
draw   my breath, It
alia    I   IN"   IO      1   MBS
nervous,    shorl    "I
hn Ai,   had   tllssl-
Mrs. Robt, t.ilon I        loll of nppi't-
Iti    tl Bring nni   '
1 could not ileep,
"Hometltnei i v oul i have lo III
'"■■ni to kct p " im I i - Mi liandi
an i feel woul i   eem In .-1
ii ol iimt.inie. , would come
ill over nt".
"I begnn ualn • Dr, l/Conhni ll tntl
Pill From Hi" stit- I ,n proved I
leel much stronger, look hatter, and
log thi 1 Antl-PIll has m.i'l" .1 11'»
muiian nl nn,
■ 1 am entirely cured *
til   'l.'.ae" .   a,'    tl •     '■' ■    I '   '■     CO
limited, Nli   ra Falls, Ont,       tm
Source, nf Till. HnnKcrou. and 1'ro-
iri('(«-(i Disease.
Althougl hero is always more or
less typhoid fever lu must of the larger
cities of this country, the laic summer
nml autumn are the seasons when It Is
most to I"' feared.
The disease is not so formidable, as
regards tho mort tllty, as somo others,
but Us great length nud the evil eonse-
queuces which Bouictlnica .olluw it in j
the form of weak heart, weak spine or
nervous disorders make It quite ns 10-;
rloils ns some which aru m 11 fatal, but
far less protracted,
I.'nless one knows lie n* the disease Is
usually spread om* - aimot hope to
avoid It, ml so ll mny be useful to
consider In what ways we germs of
the malady lliul the , way Into tlie system.
Water Is tbe usual vehicle '*r typhoid genus, 01 Is well known, -inl :
probablj n'i grc it outbreaks of the disease in cltlea n e dua to an Infoctcd
ivnter supply. Th s Ims been Blrlkingly
Shown in I'liilinl. Iphln, where somo
parti iif th" city o. ■ luppllod with filtered water and others with unflllered
or mixed miter. 1'nni, iring two parts
of the city in which the • indltlons. except as *'. water supply, nre almost the
same, It was foi ml that In the one supplied wilh filtered water the occurrence
rate of typhoid fever wns one In llvo
thousand, «':, |i Uio others, In which
Ihe linlllta a ,| v •!. • . a, drunk, It was
one in siv.a'ii hundred.
Illlt a cit • wilh an idenl water supply ma.i lie scoutged wilh typhoid
fever, nltlm gh less severely, inr'jgl'
the medium of Impure Ice, und it is almost ss In; irtanl to kt.oiv where tl i
Ice Is cut, or ' Ith what water It Is
made, If artificial, ns where tbo city
water com*** fr* n, '' I long since a
number of off ers on one of lhe L'nlleil
stiii.s lilpi In lhe Mediterranean
si|iinilru, n r taken down with typhoid fevei. When tha sonnf of tlie
Infection •" - traci d it was fo ind to bo
some Ice bu Ignt at Alliens, the Ico machine en iblpboard having broken
Another murca of Infection Is found
In oysteth ihat bave been fattened In
streams contaminated win lewage. I
Not only lni« typhoid followed the eating of ihcsi nib. but Uie typhoid boc'l,'
have been found In the stomachs of lhe
Haw vegetlulu used for snlnds may
have been grown In soil cuiilainliiateil
With slops 'is*"l tt fertilisers or mny
have lieen ? islie   In Infected water.
rules* n .ii if supply Is nhovo suspicion nil 11..: Uaed for 'lrlnklng, tooth
denning nml In the k tl hen should be
liolleil nml tlie drinking water iooIcI
by pulling vessels cimlnlnlng It on tin
he, not by putting Id In lhe wntcr It*
l'ltia'' ; -",it ear, should ha l.iken
t.i screeii all fond '-om flies, for If
Ihere Is n . .1.1 ho 6 favW In tho
neighbor! n 1 flies may become most
ncllre dlltributlM of the polson.-
Voiith'i Dai ipanlon.
T1IK llNl.V
Sold hy all Druggists and Qeneral Stores
and hy mail.
Wnen Hemittlng by Post, Uso
Dominion Express Money Orders
and foreign Cheques
The Best and Cheapest
Syste"*   ol   Sending   Money   to   any
Place in the World.
Absolutely Sale
Purchaser is given a receipt and II
ordei   or   cheque  is LOST or wis
1 in 1 hit) im amount will be prompt
ly REFUNDED. No red tup". Pol
lull 11 formation and rules call 01
Local agents.
Imi fed and unimproved. Partial
having farm lor ate can Bud ready
purchaaon by writing Immediately,
stating mil partlculai I >
08 Tribune Bidij..       Winnipeg. Man.
Ilor.rix.l.f r.
A horse can draw on the worst enrth-
en roud three times ai much as he con
enrry on bis hack, u a mscndnmlied
rond niii' tltnci t« much, nn n plonk i
rond mil lal' ai ' ."id order tiven-
ty-flre times 1 UlUi h, 0.1 n smooth
stoni psi.'ii. ml Ihiiiy Ihne time* as
much nnd 00 i itei i railroad fifty four
tlnius us u ue
Charl    lh« I ■
Charles III.  '   rnuei wai In derision
cnlled the S.uii"". ol Iha Fool, oil nc-
count of 1.1 --llll
Th. Daffodil.
Tbo daffodil ■ aa nbol of chivalry,
it wns oie«a in. n ' flower In Kranca
and nt om II i i fasbloo pr-'taiicd
of gentlfn.m wearing Punches of daffo-
dill In their bun With their pliunti.
Millions in Litigation.
li is   ni'. n ihal litigation nver
wills Involving • ghteen mlllloni itei-a
ling arises, even ni America, much
less iii Europe, A en ie ol thli kind
hna Jusi hi en dccldi 'I in Pari      ll
 ma thi ' ■ '■'■•■ "i Mi Singer, Ida
greal sewing m line manufacturer)
I,, whose ivi'i'ii and sis children iha
li.iiisMti Mini named was bequeathed,
Mi--. Singer. K,ili such .a goodly eetatu
ns ono-aeventh pari of eighteen mlllloni in lu i own right, lucceisfully
■ailed through two lubieq lam toil
tlagoi before hi raell paying tha di hi
i ■ nature In 1904, when ihe i>-->i.i--.itli
ea ihi whoh "i I"* iharo lo her tl   I
uaband   j ■' rail]  her chlldn n
'    '      ll      IllCh      I      II    PO   ItiOn     a,|    111  a
a   a",   gnd .a   ll  am ludt i
i ■■ than s ooo  CIO ihan i in tho
SlllCi   . a i- '.it",    tn wh i h    wa
lached a i".. . gollable condition.
tie i Invoked i ie French law   TRa
.. e.        have i" in i  -mu"
ililllcully   hi  mil, " mn   nllBOluti   di ■
■        01        all I    '11 "'II',   "
OrATNEbS CoN.aOl   PE CURED.  "*
111       II.' I       a.UlO'll
'ta.      QlS,  a  ■ .1   P .111 ll   ul   III,'   cur.
, I .   ■   ll unl)   "i,■   ".a.,   ta.  ' la ■   'l.'.ifti'.a.
I     II. at    ll-     I    1,-ltl, ill,'..
D|   it'll.'.   I.   C'lla" 'I    I"     .ai     II il llll.   I   eon*
dliloa "i ii" ii    "" Unlna ol tha n ill-
a. 1,1 ■II Tula.    \vt .t   llu-  t'i!..   la Inllaiiit.l
.i,tin nmatlon a ,,. i, taki n eul and ite.
a , . , lil.'I »le i II ll* .tltllilv eliaaa I.
|l,n' less   IS II Ull     ind   in I'"-  'I"'
motion i taken out ntnl una
■-1 1    lo     It.      t|a)r|||.ll     OOndlltOft,
healing win !■•  di slroyi I  roreven nine
iul ot (en an ilatrh,
which I- nui" « ""I an InflamM con-
liiiaiu ul ih, mi ■ ms surfsees
...  v||! i.i.   Hundred Hollars for
rd by Catarrh)
 ed I    Ball's Catarrh
Cur.    s. a i * rs fn ■
it.     -   y * CO., Toledo, o.
Sold   la      I'
Hall's Fai      i"'- for eonitlpatlen
Th, Boot   Is   | '  roful
wilh ii
it   llnl •
Iif.'.''   i
pUCka ' '"'      '   I
lovlngl)    ■ l
inld: "Tli.i. itclde
Ihi  ia-"     i      di i p
W   N    i!    Io.   596 THE F-XPBESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B. C.
Real Estate
Wc bave enquiries lor good
Business ami Residential
piouurty, List yours with
us. We 'lo ihe btisinuss,
Consult ii- boforu  buying.
Junction Block
North Vancouver.
To Pro|)crti| Owners
Irwin £> Billings
Corner Lonsdale and 5th St.,
N..rth Vancouver
Rolled Oats
Hai) and Feed
WM-T !-- 'UTkll,L..MM
Brackman S4er
NiliirKi Co.
Unity Min hi ii. n magi r.
Liiiim!.lie Ann;:.
Fine, healthy Tomato and
Cnnlilliiw.i I'ianK grown (ronl
Sutton'a Si c.l- always on luml.
Urge stock ol HOME-GROWN Iruil
md Ornuuiental Trees noa matured iur
the lull Irnile.
Nn expense, loss or delay ul finni-
Ration nr inspection.
ll('iii|i|ii:irlern iur I'ncilic Coast-groilll
Garden, Hold, und Flowor  Bouua  In
lll'.K SI'I'l'I.IKS, Spray 1'uiiips,
Wluilu Oil Simp,  Greenhouse   hunts,
I Cut Flowers, Hull's |„r Fail planting.
!    We do business un our own grounds—
I ie. nut t., pay nml are prepared I" ineel
nil I'liiiipeliliiiii
1   l,ei mi. price your list buluru pliiclng
Villi   "I'l' 1
Ciilllloglle tree.
I llOIOWestiiilnstorltoadi Vancouver, U.C,
Barrister, Sn.iciior, Kiitiiry, Ktc.
TUiHI|a.-ilN lli.ul'k, N.llll'll Vahcouvkh, It, 0.
USO, I'l Ma' lian-.N, MA , I, 1, 11.: ». II.
Billl'l.TZ. 11. .1 : a W, lluiiiii, ll. A,
liiirristi'i's, Solifiiors,
Piiiliii'it's, llie,
DVTICFH   U.S.'.  A.   HuH'Unff,   VlUICiMVOr, Mill
Junuttoii Block, Snrlli Vancouver.
iliott & Baglow
Real Estate and Insurance
You »ili Hnd 11 an i'l) lo vour iiilvantHgQ l«
joc im' it fun' florin K nny ilviil.
nur work is Urst-cliiss and glvoa tlic
laa'-i -iiii-liii'tiim.   I'liiica- mul iiinn- ilc-j
ia-:,a|a,,i. nlso fo|ijini! und enlarging Same prices, and 111 some cases
dune,  Sia. iini iiltt'iitlon given tu par- , ,        .
lien, residences, otu. cheaper limn City,
Ini' Floor, Junction Block,
Corner Lonsdale Avenue and the
lisplanade. North Vancouver.
274:   LOT  21,  I1L00K   152   FOR
Tho   North  Vancouver Specialist
l(il Cordova Sl reel.
"The Guardian"   \\
Vflncuvor's MriJ ii*   Moraiint)  Paper '•••
Bright and newsy,  Giving Foreign   !
nnd Lucid news, a-ic, etc.
$1 per ycdi'.   Guardian Pub. Co. ♦
Muck lll'ick, Vniii'iaiivcr. ia>
"The Express," $1 a Year
What has become of tlic old-
ltd  Hurts?    Have you gut
allll  ?
\\ I- i onfesB we don't like   to
have a drunken man banging about
our in a li
Sn much water it being used by
thu Vancouver waterworks sysli'ti ,.,,,,■,,,,.,,.. Mi,, -NVni:ii ny THE
that the Cajulano stream is so low I   c ,.j| (0r grading First   street,
below ihe dam that the coboe run Irmii LniiMlali'avenm* to I'orbeaavenue, I
of salmon are unable to go up lhe ''«»■"'»'ft WHrilU-atlona lo be liml at
.... ,-    a '.  "■  lllllll C llll1  l'"11
creek to spawn,    I lie   fiali   are
Rainier Beer^-
Is ;i glorious beverage—quenching and
satisfying. Remember there's no othor
"just as good"—insist on getting Rainier.
I Vancouver, B. C. {
very plentiful ai the mouth «t the
N-iilcil tenders, with deposits, must
be in nt tliu nun ioipul Iniil nut inter
lliun '■"*) \>. in , September 5th, 1000,
Ai.i:\. 1'iin.ii',
C. it. C.
Fifty dollars reward will be
paid by the undersigned for the
recovery of each or any of the
bodies of Mrs. R. H. Bryce, Porcy
Chick or Roy Benwell, who were
lost in the wreck of SS. Chehalis.
I in Sqiiaiuis!i Indian fishermen
have .di quit tor the season, and
i it la.i the  Imi.   fields   in   the «...    ,   .    ,       ,..,.,       ,.
Chilliwack district,   Native (ami   DlStriCT Of North
li.-s iiiakefrum$8to$ioa day pick-
'I In- post office inspector paid
i Norilt Vancouver a visit on Monday. He v,a» quite in accord with
I the idea ol installing letter boxes
'I'he growing needs ol the service
demand it,
Western Corporation, L
llii' itig ui''.(cr itiiui a -avi,lill iii  S'urtii
Vancouver w. ;iro pri'imred lotleliver ul
l.rMI'.Ki:   AND mil.him;  MATKKI U. at
Vancouver City I'riccs.   Call and ■'." lor your-
412 Hafttlnqa Mrecl West, Vancouver, ft. C.
Electric Light
• i
;i, .
:        fctivi
■   .
.   laken   iii   I  : '■   •
\\" ti jjrel iimt ih*' false news
iii in thai uu iiil.iiii Inui arrived ut
Mr,'*- ri-aidenc   appeared
t week feuple sending us
I.i. nls should be al least truthful
i his one uas i-iiile uncalled lor.
'lhe lim thoroughbred Ayrshire
I-, !1 nl W. L, Keene, the local
dairyman, died on Wednfcaday.
Alexander   Philip,    municipal
iiiii. lelt on Wednesday eveiiinp,
Man Port lissingtoii, Skeena river,
ivlievo he will   spend   a   week -
It is said '.I a Nortli Vancouvei
j. Imi nmi .iliniit a ycai ago be join
eii a Protestant church to pieasi
lhe preacher, and thnt he is nou
* about to join the Catholic church
in please a girl,
We have |ust received a con-
si iiui'iii  nl  ladiis'  and   gents'
cards.   Ordei while they
Captain W. D. |ones, Brockton
i . I'hihii.ise.   s|ieiii   a   few
pi    hours here  on   Mondaj
I im i npinin is as sanguine as evi t
about iln- future ol iln   Ambition
|ii t a l, linn.
11   i     Watson, Atilnii Elaki t
an I    I li as   |ai kson,    'ill    ol
I .an Ion,' , stoppi 'I   .a   il"
II itel North \ am ouvi i on Men
tutu hing "I  tha new tu;
II iii .ill probability, taki
a out ij .i   in   mi Sattirda;
 Hani,' .it \\ allai.'. ■ hip yard
Tin- Michaelmas term   of   Sl
|..lit, A .. Iiiii.I,   Nurlli   Vani hum t
Horticultural Asso'n
The Annual Exhibition
WILL BE lllll.1' UN
. Sill! 11
IJI'lOSTKDtotiiki'iiotlci' that tli1' I    _.       ^^       R   *~.&        ,   JC      f\     * ^^
"n.i..rVi,,„.i ,u, ,,ei .he urea" 8 ar»np   llCT   Hi   rf 7^Q
('('iiiiinssi i>.'a|||ie|ii-lrict„f X..rll.. 1_(U1  \jfXJ     ILBvlillL     vi       I    B   li_Vv5
Viiuci.iivcr. kl  their i.ast -iltini;.   llie v./
iL'lli iliiy '•.' .-'.'i''"H.lici-. ItKHi, i'.r uu
lioli'l licet.-i': ar the -,, u ol i|iirittinus
liquors, "ii in. |ar.i,....,.-. "iUiutc mul In-
inu ivilliiu ilia' mill il Htrirl aii Nurtli
VllllCaaltVir, klllillll US tile'K    lintel.
Lul iiiimlicr II S.nitli villi- ni the
Wll.l.ldl   I'.   Il.aa..,.
Nurlli Vancouver, ll. O., Amjusi S,
District of North
'['Hi: AilArll. invites tendon Inr
'     lhe (olliiuillK marl::
I, Tn lay lll-li ait nldeivnlk, alon|| cast
-iilc ni I.>iii-ilii',i'avenue, li'.iiii wharl to
it,,rth Ale ui Third -:ii'ci.
'.*. To clear the luml ami eul dltchc!
lor cxtonslnin ol water wurks  ilistri-
Imtiiill ivH.'lli.
All a"ir'"nn iu -i "> lllcatlons i" he hii'l
!||    III"   ll.Hll.'      |',ll   llllll.
li ml. rs, Miii.tlaly marked, with
ih |..,-!!-, musl he iii iii the municipal
nil, ii..i Inter lliun '. I" i'. in. on the
."'lii.l.iv'.l .iiinu-i, lllltll.
C *A'.
Intending lSxliibitons will be iirovideil wilji i'ri/.u
LUt-8 un a|)|)li<Jtttion Lu llie St-crctnry.
Tin.* street our syttt in will bv nju imi ul llie came limo
nnil will carry |jii*-s.engers up lu llie -ii'uuiitlr, * n Luns.ili.lfl
ayenue, near Twenty-Jiint street.
A.dmission.;   Adults, 25 fonts: Children, 10.cents,
Everybody weleumc,
ll. I.. DOCIIKKTY, Sioretarv,
ttritish Columbia Electric Railway Co.,Lul.     ,   Thursday, s,. .i
' i      Boarders tn arrive heioie
'ai I'l \\    U -■• "•'■ KF-i ; KVli  *
1 ..i-i.       i    ida, Muu
H IklKlkN •-.' .i'i '■ il Matiai  r: J. Ei.m : Iii
i. .■.-             Uritiali
I'lwlli" , Ka              md,   I rail 'Sub lira ,'a
Via toti», Rum * i-   ii d |i iv  'i I
Savin. - i 'a pail i "til    l>|iu»ils rccri'.i
OIBcc, lur. lonMlale \»e. anil [spUnudO, North Vnncouvpr, B I.
a.i: Wnlii. " evening; daj
.a tirdi i. h\ 1 to .j mi Ihuisilai
mommy I'.n Aims, eta , apply ti
llu lit i   Un li,ml Marsden.
Mi, J IJ, Kerr, Fourth Btrcel
has i'"i c in Nova S. una on a pro
longed llu. l'J lint :,lsl"l
In a late caae ol wron-j doing, i
is whispered lli*. tlw wife ia moi
10 blame lhan hei huaband, am perhaps he ia tin onlj on
■.iliu i- guilt;
A inun approai lied th i toporti
■ uliiv and said;   "1  wish  you'i
ive the Vancouver Proviue, n alio)
I take the rag, and get only llire
' i : in papers u wee,l
..A Lol lor Sale.
n      Fourth    Street      between
a'. .   .', Wenues;
, [et i [ronl' '"1 and
eini d, good lot iiii i h,
Vpply, I.  WILKI S,
Hotel Niatih Vain uiver,
Ale and SI out
In  lla.lllp-.,** ."i'l   In'-.
llie Royal Brewing l'u., I Id.
I i:i    -61.
______$ ' ' l" " ,_j'    f'
I'. Larson, I 'rop,
Notary Fnbiit, General Auctionee
Ki7 Cordova Sreott   Vancouyflfj   B.  C
II.'-.'ll-ni rooms nr prlvnte hmiso ir buys outright all
.  ill ■-, .- 0l lllHIlal'llI'M gOOdS Ur   lllllll. l'll|'l   -I'.l'll-  fall' I'ltsll.
Uu lian sainieiif tlio ihici-l business and watorlront proporty in North
Vancouver, Sec liim al (.nee ii yuu iMiiAif picking ip propeaty In
this section,   lie wise, rltl'Y NOW, nnd vmi will innke niouuy, :: ::
hi: i HI Wl IWHIMHS,
Still I IntM'AIS
ni, nts, rmiAi'eiis i ii.
/'///•: / >/'/ i.via
J. A. McMILUN, llw Eablanade


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