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Is thai which goes into peoples'
homes. To reach the people of
North   Vancouver  advertise  in
Phone 80
31]$" WW
Executed in s style that pleases
and at prices that are right *i
unman      The Express
Aldermen May, Irwin, Crick
mav, Wheeler, Smith .unl Hraim
win* preeent at the regulai sia
Mull ul tilt* ill) council, nil tin
cutting ul Monday lasl. Mayoi
kealy  Occupied lhc iliHtr.
Alexander Philip wrote, willi
relet cine to tha Lynn creek
roatl, asking Unit tbs council
place in sha|ic lor travel a poi-
lion ul Uie Saiinc l iiiiiiiii*,
through U.l,. 545 and lyin*-
\\ lilun the cilv Untita, as lh,
ill.strict is improving lhe roan
from thc city lo thc diatrict
boundary, Hoard of works to
pul up a hond lor fjooo lor due
performance ol all provieoe taj
the agreement, \ -The l**jm.
pany tii apply m each instance
ior leave to parlora ivorh on
the streets. 5- Tlic compan,
to provttlc lhc city with an tC
curate map, showing lhe location ol all mains ami service
pipes. 6—Upoa the application
ol   live   residents,  the COfflpU}
to extend the pipes and supply
ran, such extensions to he pep
loiineil   at   the   company's   a
penee, 7—The company to he-
gin operations within t* moaths
of tin* granting ol ihe franchise,
and to he 111 position to sttpph
li. Jones wrote, oil behali gas -,vithill ||S 111(jntl)s a(u.r [£
ol his tenants, thc Hurrard l'tsl, salllc (1.lU.      H_Gas ,() w
Curing   Coinpanv,   loiiiplaiiuii'   v\n.{\ t|u. ,,lv at Uu. raU, o( S|
that  the Esplanade is in   very   |)cr   ,,„,,,   a;,)jc   [w( -j^
poor shape ior hauling the largi maximum rate Ior gas supplied
consignments Unit the compan, l0 consumers for light t„ |„
is continually receiving m.i th*. >,.**, pi.r „„„, nillj, ff|t    .iml
lerry, and asking lhat the roa.. for #__ ,mri„)si.s ,,t _, rate
l.i* repaired,   Hoard of works to „f Si.25 per looo ml.ii leet,
The tranchiae applied lor   is
A. .1. I'icton-Warlow ollercil ,,
school site, comprising lots ;,
5, 6 antl 7, block Jo6, D.L. 545.
containing lour acres, and join
illg I.onsdale avenue, I hcslct
field aveaUS and 13rd street, loi
Si2,0011. Letter to he forward
ed to the hoard of school trustees.
.1. K. Rait, owner of lot   lh,
block i<y, and olher properly ii
the   city   wrote, uiidir the im
pnssion   some heavy ad-
a.itiic   111 the rate of taxation
was in contemplation, protesting against such advance,   and
asserting that as an investor h
would he compelled
his interests to the <>th'
the   Inlet   waft   such
made.    Clerk lo reply that   th
present   council has no contrti
over next year's rate anil that j
no such increase is contemplate
Accounts as follows uere ral-
ilinl and ordered paid: hoard oil
works,   total,   $148.18;    watei
works committee, total,
«"t:, sUted
not an exclusive franchise.   The
rates named are the   satin*    ,.s
those paid  in  the citv n(  V.m
The clerk to write, to the effect that lhe council sees tm
I reason for anv materia] change
in the provisions, and that the
principles set out arc satisfai
Council adjourned.
Aa 0 hers See Us
The desirahle features ol
a North Vancouver, from ,m   m
veslor's point of view, Win
ill a litisincsslike nuinui
.j^'thc   letter   written   to   In*.
principals   in   Seattle,   h\    \\.
.Thomas, with reference 1.1 tin
■ value   of   a   gas   franchise   l.n
this city, lor which he is apply
mg,   under   the   nainc  ol    the
N'orlh   Vancouver Heat,   Light
I   Gas   Company,   Limited.
After certain pttliminaries, il,,
letter proceeds:
"1   Would   point   out the fol
lowing   characteristics    North
The boud ol works reported Vancouver   has   which go to
that Acting  Mai Phei-i make   up   a   successlul modem
son estimated the coat ol dear- eity:—1. Location is ideal.    A
ing the pipe line on 13th streei,; southern slope, gradualh using
and     Bt. (Ton tite sea: tm low  spots;   no
Hoard   oi iwampe,    2. Finest Inexhaual
George's,   at  S20
works to act.
Alderman i->imth, chairman 01
the waterworks committee,
pointed out the dcsiraliilitv 1,1
running a pipe line along' the
north side ol III taw.1 gat dens,
as such will he required lor the
cue of the gardens during tin
summer, and also Ior several
residences ill the localitv. kc
porl adopted.
Aid, V heeler, chairman of the
he.illlt committee, reported that
ihe nuisance complained of on
lols Iietween lhc Esplanade and
1st street, wollld he attended to
upon the arrival of the owner,
who is expected shortly.
On   motion   of   Alderman It
win, the action of thc max or in
sciuiing the   services   ol    Jos
Mai tin, as additional counsel 111
the   action   of   the illy against
the lerry company was confirmed.
Nominations ior niavor and
aldermen ior the ensuing year,
were fixed (or Mondav, January
llth, from 12 to 2 o'clock, at
lhe city hall. Polling will he
held at the same plaic, on
Thursday, January 14th, from
nine to seven o'clock. Thomas
Shepherd was appointed returning officer,
A draft of a proposed frail
chise of the North Vancouver
Light, Ileal and ('.as Company
was read. The draft provides,
.imong other Items, as lollows
1—Council lo dei ide on which
streets mains and pipes are to
he laid and the position of stith
pipes. 2—All excavating to he
completed in each instance with
in a time limit, to he set hv the
council, and the company lo lie
responsible lor any .unl all actions for damages that mav a-
rise out of sin li operations; tin*
hoard   of works lo superintend
the work.   3—The company to
ibis water supply; quality all
right; all land proposition;   no
pipes under water as in Vancouver, wilh Content annual expenses; Interruption of supply
practically Impossible 'municipal enterprise.! v Telephone
system, |, Electric light aid
railway, owned hv private corporation. 5. Soil and alttttnli
very favorahle for drainage and
sewerage works, h. Progressive and tip-to-dale mayor and
city councillors. :. From a
railway terminal point ol view,
it is superior to Vancouver,
w hnii cm neither extend west
or North. North Vaiiioii'ct has
outlet wesl and north.     It has
■ils any square miles oi tide-
lainls Imlil cast and wesl ol iln
.Uv   propel,   l,i\ iialilc  lol   Mil
n.n \.mis ami railway tenuis.
.lis aS. from a gas illstttlm
lion point of view, the OUtlook
is perfect lor the economic piping of the citv. An adcniiaU
gas supply can lie .secured al
half the cosl weight ol metal
ihal would he possilde in a low
ir flat district. 9, North Van
ouver onlv needs railway 10111
niuiiicalioii. When such Is in
peTatioa,  10,000 people will he
then, The Dominion government In s already appropriated
(100,000 inwards the bridge,
whiih will gin* North Won*an
ver railway facilities, and tin
provincial authorities have, sl
'his time, the matter belore
theni, together with the citv
councils of Vancouver ami
North Vain ouver."
Chesterfield School
took .the lorm ol a gymnastic
display, held in the spacious
gymnasium, (81 hy 40 last) attached lo tlie SCh00l{ scenes
liom "Alice ill Uolitlcrlalin,
ailed liy Ule pupils ill tlic girls'
I school, and pans ol llie coined..
1 A Midsummer Night's Dream"
acted  liy  the  hoys,        llie dra-
1 main part oi the programme
was given in the lecture room
oi lhe school.
j A. 11. he riven, H.A., and R.
II. Hales, li.A., the principals,
gave brief addresses, and re
marked thai when they opened
lhe school, in September, ihere
wete   11   pUptls,   and   now   thetc
wire jn, and outlined the methods ol Study, which gave pn*
niiiicnie to an athletic training.
Two ol thr huts were mcnlion-
ed, And,is and Cameron, as
having done verv well in their
studies, and Mr Si riven concluded his remarks hy calling on
tiie Venerable Archdeacon l'cn-
trcalh tii presenl the prizes Ior
the athletic competition. The
lisi is as follows:—Fourth form
(I) Tom Diplock (2| Pen/.cr
Third lorm, (i) Anders (21
Bunbury 111 Diplock Cameron. Second lorm, 1 1) Field-
house i2) Stephens it) Wright
14) Caddell (5) Butler, Kirst
form, (1) Douglas (2) Kealy (3)
Beaaley,    Short speeches aren
also made hy R. K. Maitiaghlen
ami .1 Alexander, the latter ..I
whom touched on lhe benchts
of a musical training for boys.
Refreshments were served a' ihe
Miss Butler and Miss i'.riuj-
well will lake over the ri*.*-1
school as a separate cslablish-
iiieni. beginning with the East-
er term, oa the 5th January.
Fe ry Case Judgments
Justice Morrison gave judgment in i-oth (erry uses mt
I in s.i,iv afternoon. In lhe application for an in jum lion a-
gainst lhe Motot Dual Trans
port.itton C"inp,iii\, counsel for
ihe   N.   V.   Ferry   and   Power
Company   admitted   ih.u   his
company did not possess an ex-
ilusivc license, hut contended
that the new ferry company had
no provincial license whatever,
and therefore had no right lo
operate The judgment of his
lordship 111 this 1.ise was as follows: "I am not full* satisict
thai the plaintiffs material is
sufficient    to   jtlsltly   uu*   ill   as
earning that tne} are bouad to
succeed  at  ilu*  trial,   Besides
this, I think tins is a uise in
which damages will meet  ihe
case.    I therefore refuse the   ill
juai tniii suit, with costs."
In the application ol lhe cilv
in cued the license of the N.V.
Kerry Company, Justice Morrison sustained the prelimin.ii\
objection, that the case was uol
within the jurisdiction of his
court, as (ollows: "I think that
the preliminary objection raised
as to the 11 mstruction of the
atter portion ol section .>■- of
the munii ipal clauses ait, i8gr.
Vital, atul I therefore decline to
entertain   Un   petition,   with
uisls In respondents,"
supper and dance. The Uniform
Rank o( Vancouver, together
with the Mt. Pleasant drill
team will he present in unilo.m
and will give exhibitions of
their work. A. H. Ferguson,
P.G.C., of New Westminstei
will he the installing officer
lo accoiiiinodale the Vancouvir
u itors, special boats and cars heen arranged lor the return journey. The function
will lake place in the Eagles'
.School Entertainment
.A very successful social and
Christmas tree entertainment,
was held on Wednesday evening,
in connection with the public
school at Moodyville. There
was a large attendance ol parents and Iriends, An excellent
programme was rendered hy the
children, every item of which
was received with appreciation
by the audience. The tree was
prettily decorated and contained a gilt for each child, which
was hestowed by Santa Claus
in the person ol C. Cotlrell.who
carried out his part in firstrate
Style. The proceedings terminated with the serving of light
refreshments. The teacher,Miss
Nora I'hilip, is deserving great
credit for the painstaking efforts which culminated in such
gratifying success.
Only one householder appears I cast ol Westminster ave.     The
on the city voters' list for 1909. | Great Northern owns the south
thus taking up practical*
There are 1982 names on   ihe I,       . .  .,
voters' list of the city tins year \_.£ *■ avflkft £2    ,
' '      'railways south of Hurrard   ln-
There   will    be   about   2000' *
names on  the district voters
list this year.
liom.—On Monday, the 14th
inst., to the wile ol A. J. I'icton-Warlow, a daughter.
The Forager was in this week
with a cargo of feedstulls for
the Hracktiian Ker Co.
Fight with Devilfish
Two devil lish in one day
a pretty strong lish storv,
Irwin & Hillings are calling
for lenders lor clearing three
acres ol land south of the Capilano schoolsilc.
At the court of revision on
the voters' list ior the city, on
Monday, about lilty names were
added to the list.
The local ollice of the Singer
Sewing Machine Co. has been
removed to the store of the N.
V. Housefurnishers, Lonsdale
such is the record ol Peter Ber-
tona, the crab fisherman at
.Moodyville. The fish were both
caught on Friday last, within
a hundred \ ards of each other.
They had probably been attracted to the spot through the crabs
in the traps. They were about
lhe same size, measuring twelve
leet from tip to tip of the arms
and weighing sixty and seventy
pounds respectively. The first
captive showed a strong disposition to fight, grasping iu iap-
tor fiercely by the arm and attempting to drag him into the
w iter, but a well di tcted blow
reached a vital spot and end -1
the fray. The fish were disposed of to dealers in Van.'oa-
Ratepayers' Ticket
Lynn Creek Notes
The valley was ilothed
mantle of snow   for
time this winlet, on
nighl.        The   snow   fell
lhe    first
in   a
to a
A Luge gathering of the par
nils   IM   friends   of the pupil-
assembled oa Tuesday night,to
witness   tin*  1 losing   exercises
for the Christmas term.   These
depth of about two Inchee
soon disappeared,
Kev. J. II HoOpef was I vis
itor in the valley on Monday
evening, when he presided at a
Hinting ol his local I'l.i'lnon- lake further steps toward
securing a site and erecting a
place ol worship for the Cluinli
nl England, Mr. CaDaphron*
ess reported Inr the committee
appointed to chooat a site, and
their report was adopted,     II
Thompson   was  sleeted •church
warden and W. Downs   and   .1
Neat  were appointed  sidesmen
Pythian Entertainment
The Knights o| Pythl IS I llll
city, purpose holding ,.n •' 11 -»•
ate entertainment on Tueeda]
evening, Jan   i.v     It uill take
lhe  form  n|   1   publii install,,
tion of olL/crs, with a concert,
The full ticket ol   the   Rats-
pavers' Association, as   finally
staled at the meeting on   Monday evening, is as lollows:   lor
mayor, W. II. Mav; Ior councillors, S. D. Schultz, William McNeish, II. \V   Voting, G. W.Mc
Ua, W. II   Hraim, and F. W
Fowler;  for school  trustee,  W
I'. Peacey,     A campaign  com
mittee  to work in conjunction
wilh the executive wa.s appointed  as follows: W.  Holdsworth,
1'. Websier, K. C. Hiss,   Percy-
King, J. R. .1. Murray,   .1. C,
Williams, W. L. Keene, J.   Y.
M. Naught,    I).   McLennan,   F.
J. Kowler, W R, Stonev. .1. H.
Selkirk, and K. V. Russell.
Uiristina*. at bt. John's
The Christmas service at St.
John's will be: .Morning
prayer at 11 o'clock,antl the following will be the music: Canticles and l'salms for the day,
to .hauls by Monk, Macfarren
and Turle;Siiiart's Te Deum, in
K; Qoaa1 anthem, "Behold, I
Bring you Good Tidings"; and
Christmas carols, "The First
Nowcll," "Sleep, Holy Babe"
and "Good Christian Men." On
the lollowing Sunday, the mush will be the anthem, "Rejoice
in the Lotd," by Alfred Hollins;
Magnificat and' Nunc Dimittis,
by Bruce Bteane. and Christmas
carols, "All This Night" and
"In Terra Pax."
In our Christmas editorial,
third paragraph, twentv-first
line, instead of "impartcd"read
"impaired "
The Bank of Hamilton began
placing Ihe fittings in their new
premises, Keith block, on Wednesday.
Paine & McMillan, Pioneer
Hardware, cor. 1st and Lonsdale, wish their customers a
very Happy Xmas and Prosperous New Year.
An able essay on Thomas
Carlyle by Miss Nora Philip,
was the leature oi the session
of thc Young People's club on
Monday evening.
All thc children of the city
are invited to call upon the
Friendly Order oi Eagles, at
their hall, Esplanade, on Wednesday alternoon next.
Next week's issue of The Express will appear on Thursday
morning, because of New Year's
day. Advertisers will kindly-
have their copy in by Tuesday.
The diver has been working
all week, putting the finishing
touches on the marine wavs lor
the Wallace shipyards. Rapid
progress is also being made in
the surface improvements.
The terms proposad for the
gas franchise Ior the North
Vancouver Heat, Light 4 Gas
Company will lie lound in the
proceedings of the city council.
Ihey should be carefully read.
A great many people think
they have read the newspaper,
when they have neglected to examine the advertising columns.
This is a costly error. Be sure
to read the advertisements and
save money in buying.
The tram service on Christ
mas day will lie the same as
that in operation on Sundays,
the aim ol the company being
to give their employees as much
time as possible with their (amities on that festive occasion.
Work upon the internal fillings and furnishings of the new
portion ol the Palace Hotel, is
now practically complete. The
appointments and conveniences
of the house are high class in
the most modern hostelries on
the coast.
Alderman W. J. Irwin has
yielded to strong influence on
the part of many ratepayers,
and is a candidate for the
reeveship ol the district, for the
ensiling term. Mr. Irwin's address to the electors appears in
another column.
Aid. W. .1. Irwin desires The
Express to state that, in order
to correct an erroneous report,
he is not in any way connected
either as owner or agent, with
a reported sale ol land near
Eagle harbor, to a Hindoo colony, nor is he connected with
any negotiations therefor.
A great, big Iree, prettily decorated and liearing a treat lor
every child that calls, will be
found at the Eagles' .iall, Es
planade, on Wednestlay afternoon, Dec. )0U, Let them all!
come. ,
The Northern Pacific Railway-
has this week purchased all  the!
let.     Norlh Vancouver s   turn
has now come.
The real estate uiarkci hers
is reviving 111 a rapid auu gratifying manner and prices are
stiliening. The recent purchases hy tlie two local banks arc
largely responsible lor this, as
an indication ol the improved
stale ol things, II. Eves di CO.,
made three cash sales Wednesday. Other dealers also report
sales during the week.
Moodyville householders made
application, through 11. J'.Kciil,
at the court ol revision this
week, to be granted the franchise for school trustees in this
school district, submitting a
letter from the superintendent
oi education in lavor ol their
petition. Decision was reserved
until Wednesday, to give the
court time to consult the attorney general in the matter.
Dinna forget the Scotch dance
on Hogmanay nicht, to be
given by the Wallace camp,
Sons of Scotland, in the Eagles
hall, Esplanade. Grand march
at 8.45 p.m. Come and dance
the auld year oot an' tbe new
year in. All Scotchmen and
their friends arc welcome. Tickets can be had at Bruce &
Dodds' store and atC. E. Law-
son's office, or from members of
the committee.
The full court, which meets at
Victoria on January 6th, will
have before it an appeal in each
of the ferry cases on which judgment was given by Justice
Morrison, in Vancouver, this
week. The solicitors for the
N.V, Ferry Company have an
additional affidavit, which they
desire to include in their case,
and the question of its admissibility will probably constitute
the preliminary skirmish ol the
legal battle.
The closing exercises at the
public schools, Ior the Christmas holidays, were held last
Friday morning. At the Chesterfield avenue school the attendance ol parents and Iriends
was exceptionally large, and the
exercises were rendered unusually attractive by the presence
of a Christmas tree in each of
the four lower grades, each pupil giving a small present to
another, whose name he had
drawn from a baskel containing
the names of all thc pupils iu
the room.
A New Year's treat .'or He
children is one o( the annual fixtures of lhe Friendly Older ol
Eagles everywhere. Wednesday
afternoon next, is the date for
the local lodge.     All *•:'..oint.
Two important real estate
deals were consummated during
last week. The Bank of B.N.
A. bought two lots on the north
east inrner of Lonsdale avenue
and ,trtl street, lor fjMB cash,
and the Bank of Hamilton lour
lots on the south east corner ol
Lonsdale and 1st street Ior
$25,000 cash. This price is at
tlie rate ol J 2my per front loot
in each case. It is understood
that thc latter hank intends to
proceed, within a lew months,
with the erection of a stone
structure lor occupancy as permanent quarters.
On Sunday next, the formal
n "pming of the St Andrew's
church will take place, special
services lieing arranged therefor.
The enlargement and alterations have made a decided improvement in the building, and
it is now an attractive and
commodious edifice. The choir
under the leadership ol R.
Chance, will render special music at each service, morning and
evelting, C. J. Brenton /ill
preside at the organ and the
choir will,consist ol to voices.
Rev   Principal   Mackav, I). D.,
water   frontage   on   the   north*of Westminster hall, will lie the
side ol False creek, Vancouver, | preacher at both services, 1'IIK EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B, C.
UK i;.\
IRl'H V INa ol IKK
;. i'
I' I
* 11 il Kiti sii si.i:.
li,  II.'l  *.
I'.ll-illa—   M.'l*
'A. ITS! *'!'
* roar
lhe Institution upon a hum ini-1increased and improved banking
I III,* I,Ml- - - till)
**l     ..    I. - * .'-'*'>
I   ,   at SI ii'*-.i.iall*>r.*i.'ii.|l.*''ll|'i.i'H'
RTISINti i:\ti:s
1' i       i'.    ,*.   a,        \        I     ll-a    *l M-
:    n. j .*,aa*ii I ll — --rt l.all.
., i,i,    || h |„*r ineli per
! ... j a       I S     i*   *    :;i1 'I"-* Hi
I ,    ,-.  I   I,,...  IU        I     Ml      all-'   lll'lll,    IU
,   ■    ur |Ha i.i n-ar-
|    r lilla*.
mi  Si i- Coi
* i ni" .**.ia*li i
R ■■ -   ,ii
rdlnn i" -ri'''' iiik.*ii,
mtraa i aolvorti.-. inentl
indl nl the In
ire publication
in lh   next  -
*,      a Vam ol'vki   Di
Christmas, as it stands toil,i, , is an Imposing institution
which cannot but arrest the attention oi tli lughtful mind • It
is no longei the propi rt) ol aaj
si,: or nation,or even ol Christendom as such. There is a cos
tnopolitan element in Christmas
which is becoming continually
mon pronounced. It is oh
in iis integrity
In reprt seiilatives ol even na
tion ainl the festival gives every
promii "i becoming a truly
i institution observed bj
tin imire human family, II,
, ten ellect there must exiat
.hi adeqOati cause, then a grtat
a.i inlercsl is attached to
iiidiu..: to recall the reason
(or the exii tence ol i hristmas,
with its ever increasing influence
i , vital principle "i (tiriat*
vox- i- ibis, "ii celebrati * the
incarnation ol Deity." The
ifu ance ol lhe in-
ition lies in the beliel In
tin advent ol God himself, in s
Inu,i,ui body, in the person ol
Jesus Christ.
And  mi,  even  In  this,   the
strii test interpretation ol   the
festival, Christmas is a memorial,    i.ilii i    iiiui   an   historic
monument.    Historians  agree
ihal  iia.* in • t incontrovertible  io the authenticity
ol .on historit event consists in
saiine in .itution, established at
or  about the time that tin e-
Miii  is said to have occurred,
aud observed untntt rmptedlt to
the pr.-iin.     For illustration,
the Fourth ol July as a national fi itlval, stands as an historit   monument   to  the authen-
in ii, oi iiii signing ol the dei
laration "I independence,    'I In
\,ilm a,i i hristmas aa such   s
monument to thc birth which it
hi sti   is niip.ii'
ted I             lacl thai thc evi
dence Is not cl ll   has
;nd Horn the genera
tion in  »hnh Jesu■ Iim*!  n<i-
a*, thai Dei      lh
actual dati ol thai birth
This, howi           i minor mat
1.1   ri, iiiui li as ii"  'in doubts
 ' "ii   in
lltstol V.
lii it'. ,u observance, hou -
. vi i . ta   assumes   s
somen hai different as it
cgularly and sincere! celebrati 'I bt multitudis wlm intilil
imt pai ticipatt on the grounds
Pa ing li' who value ii onlt
comu i el  ot as .in op-
portunii'  [or qui si lonable con
MM.illii 'hose    who
I'ln I* Unas
upon il   ani-
■ nalt
i i prat list* ol    li denial [oi thi
happim ■ , *    .    ,i,
ll'alail     ' l.'l tl    :'      'I'     l"l||l'l   IIIH
',. i   ,.;   d       tl llirouphotii tii.
lllll.I.ill iii. .       i'iii.    'hi     pi lies
tariau, rather than upon a technically Christian basis, but it
provides a plane lor common
observance which, while ii need
not detract Irom the peculiar
satisfaction found by those who
accept iis inner significance, affords to all men the privilege oi
participating in iis celebration
without inconsistency.
The hearty handshake .m.l the
cheery "Merry Christmoa" she
interchange ol gifts, thi g. ther*
mg around tin* festive board—
these are venerable customs
which bring to mind •.nious
memories, which bring to uui
elevating inllueiiccs, ami uhiih
forcibly remind us oi the durability "I gelling rill of every
unworth) element that separates neighbor Irom neighbor and
encouraging evert influence that
promotes peace and goodwill
unongst men.
Iu this happy thought The
Express wishes its numerous
readers and patrons A MERRY
North Vancouver Mails
Mails close for despatch as Inl
Ions: I'.ir Vancouv. i and al
pointss s, in., i uii s, in., 5:15
p. in.; for Lynn creek, 11:15 a. 111.
Mails arrive: Vancouver snd ■
points,  9:10 a. in., 12:45 111 , 314J
p. in.; from l.ynn creek 2 p. m.
Outgoing mails lor Lynn creek-
after 11:15 a.  111.  should be d
livered at the wii k, t.
G. t. JOHGlMtN
(iall  I „(,,-><•>,   aaaaal   H. I.  Nur»<*,or
'HliOSl 2K28
Tin* recent developments with
reference  to   increased   banking
facilities lor North Vancouver,
are oi a nature that cannot but
prove ol great benefit to the
community in many ways. To
begin with, ilu* prices paid bi
these institutions for the properties purchased, cannot but be
onsidered gratifying, Banks
ire proverbial!) cautious buyers
unl in the present insl.nue the)
have imt departed from their
traditions, as the selection in
• nil case was 111,lile niter e.ire-
nil   consideration   oi   options
upon several different locations
il   slated   prices.     Il is quite
Mill ill    lhat    those   who   have
'iin delaying the purchase   of
V01 tli Vancouver citv properi
lose in, in anticipation of a
shrinking ol values, will Iind i to revise their reckoning, and either to buv earl)  '"'
lo pa) prices iii advance o[ pre-
.1 in quotations, il the] get  in
il all.
The fuel that two banking in
-lilutions, which stand so high
ii  the hn.un nil  world,    shouh
aiilliin a lew days oi each olher
im   siiih  uimiistakcahlc manliest.ilion  of  confidence  in  the
It) and diatrict, as to plan
huge sums ol money in permanent investment for business
purposes, together with the an
.munifluent thai il is lhe intention of one of them, at least, to
proceed in the near luture will
the erection ol .1 stone block lor
tlieir own occupancy, will serve
10 confirm lhe confidence whiil
all cili/elts have shared in   the
luture ..I tin* community, aad
cannol bul exert a moat beneficial influence upon the poeition
.I North Vam ouver iu financial
nib s generally.
Thii    bankinf    institutions
should    establish    '        '        in
temporal*) quarters, in those
plai.■ ah" 1 inline is consider-
ed problematical, is quite ia
harmonj with sound policy, according to their 1 \
practise, bul that theee thc
mosl conservative ol all Sua
, ml institutions -should . bu)
valuable sites and proceed to
erect expensive and permanent
buildings in uny communit) unless they are lirst In possession
1 evidence ol the most convincing character relative to  the
Stability and tha assured Inline
oi the i'l, not entertainable
ioi .1 moment The movement
cannot bul have a salutary influence upon the attitude ol outside capital relative to local in-
veslineiil. and likewise upon the
Facility with which civil trans-
11 lions can be inllilllited ill initial,   'in,nn cill les.
Ill  its   .Il.'t I.
local merchants and others will
doubtless derive appreciable
benefits from  the Incoming oi
Na,nni Vanesovaa
Jvaxcih me
A good buy for a few days.
I 1-4 acre Block
in the citv
for $650.  On term*.
Cull un us or writ.* for full partii'iilum.
"* THEHmE>
Ask yotir6RocER for it
The Plumbinq and
Sanitary Work
for the
Lynn Valley Hotel
is being done bv the
well known
of I (himI.iIc Avenue
Removal Sale
is removing to tlm itore
next to tlif Poatoffioe,
Special st* k redudef prices 91
FUltwip, Rrl-dtN, wm,'!' powtn, btlmttM
m rt in- ti'hiii'i ui rnii-at niii lun, Mn|.!., Towb<
IIm, MtQlfii CUImi, Butr-DlTtiioBi.m .
it llMt.B-sjl SI. W ,
VANi'lU'VIK, H  C.
For Furniture,
House hiriiisliiiijrs nml
,it Reeaoaablc Prices, [0 to
Ihe Norlh Vancouvir
Home furnishers
II  am 111.11. k LOWDll 1   i   I'.
NortH Vancouver
ivrtiticiiti'.l Boiaieel, M.'.ii.'nl sad
Miit.Tiiiiv NttrsM
Nurses Sent Out on Application
For terms apply  nt  the Bonpltal
Cor, 15lh Street ,V St. Andre* V Ale.
Pioneer Bakery
S. H. Walker,  -   Proprietor
Fresh Breed dally dclivni .1
to all pai Is ol tin* uly.
ao loaves for ti
tt. per loal
PASTRY, l i'
rn.ini 8       71 Lonsdal   tee
AT YOUR l)Oi»K, AT   .HOI) & SON'S, who are
tin Bailable and PrssUoal Ihostntn ol ihi. riiy and
iih*'IiI1h with 1111 ntliir tradea.
$10,000 Stocks to Select from
I la' Iflttl t.I  Th.* 1 S'lVIr Ili.i.l., Tli,* B.T.alor.l,   Mil. (unit.,   Ml't'lnSjr,    Thr Vl al aim.
A Ir,*.!, alil|niienl ju.t Id.
Iht'K  ll.iii*.   .li.l OM ('"tillir-f 8lu.ii.
WOUll   €/*   clON       R-||«ble Shot »tor<
S'eit il.".r loSltat-et/i llr. eery Start
Repairing— Best of leather and workmanship.    COR. Lonsdale & and
Christmas fruits, etc.
Only Ihe very besl should satisfy you
for your Christmas Cake and I'uddings.
lie know good goods and won'I handle
low grade stuff.	
Our fi ices are right, and you are suie
to be pleased if vou buv at	
for Boot and Shoe Repairing
and Custom Work   .   .   .
goto IHOS. 0. MILLS
Pioneer Resident Hoot Maker
Lonsdale Ave , shove ind Street
.it the A. If, Ross Shi 1 Store.
IJiiuntity Surveyor anil Arelii'.eet
\orlli VaMNr Hantaan1
,'i!iii|)iiiiy. Ltd.
J.W.JACKSON       -       MamiitiT
F00101 MI k.        MM H
llistriil (if Vmli laiifiiuvcr
Tlir. I'i-lri.l (..iiimi! inui,- T'li.l.T.
'     l**r tin* l,i'al,.«iiin R..H.I Mull 17,
Wallpapers,    Paints,    Vai
.1. . . t. , etc.
117 Lonsdale Avenue
Wln'ii yiu intone! building
jj.nio)i)ii:. iumq
60 MiNMl.M.K Av«.
/ lij/.,r, l.niiiiliile Air.,t'ily. I'ttimr
.Yaa    .t',
lltn I 'lli r llml   \lill,  Lynn t'rr t. H  C
I'laim   mnl   CpeciUcalaOM   Pripiir.-il.
Wbw Ihloking ul bqlldlnf let tm give
un urtlmsla
HoKNKHI.i'CK,    l.nNSHAI.l*: AYK*
or I'.n. Hm ::. Nurlli V«n,',.uT«t
North Vancouver
Transfer "•££r
Cnrtntic, Rcmoval-ii
Parcel Delivery,
ON      WK.VSONAIII.K      11  mm
l'i l.phiine 711. Ninht Calls 13.
General Contractor
I inal Clenrinit, Stum*) mid Ruck
HhMtlag  Kitn. ear., near houim.
All  'lalllial^.'1'i*' him,,I
KMI'l. 11YMKNT     Ai.KXl'V
anil HI.   Waa*-, ,,f 1 ...,«,l   1*
1* 11. II,,x II
prune nun hnhvit
mmm wccmitim
Builders and
,ARSON ii prepare
Lime, Brick,
Sand, Cement
kintls nf Building
Material in qaantiUaato suit
ami itt reasonable prices.
pi'lll.'C NOTICK i. hereby Kiven tlmt
t in iiinir.laiii'e uilli the provi»ion« ol
lbs I'ltlilie Health HvUw, nl (lie City
,.f North Vani'.iiiv.r, the Munieipal
I'uin.i'il lifie ..'iitraiti.l with the Meili*
.tl 11,.,lu, 1'ilaavr i*. aiii'ii.l Rt the City
KhII. North Vruci nver, on the Firiit
M.,ii,lav nf month, at the hour ol
11 nYloek in tlie forenoon, for the pur-
|, i*,*,,( ni.iiiuitinn Rt the eipen.e ol
ilie Htr,ah |«"*r iier*.nn ;»ml all ntlieri
at tlieir ova aBpeees.
The father, nintlier, or person liavins
iliii'iir,', tartars, Of cu.l.Kly of every
.•Iniil l«.rn in the city, fhall, within
thr,*,*  n tlm after the  liirth of iuch
child, takaOf Mass to lie taken, the
,-hilil, I,, tin* Mi'.lii'iil rraetilioner, in st-
teiiilaiice al lliealmve ap|niiiiteil place
Lt the |iur|M».* of lieiii|[ vaeeinated; un-
h i* the ehihl lum lieen previouily vacci-
iniii-,1 hv ...ine legally qualified Practl-
lii.n.r,' and the vaeiination duly
City Clerk.
Norlh Vani'iiiniT, H.C.,
9lh .Inly, MM, Wl
I. e'.iiiii'"iin.l Steam In T"ii R"a.l
Roller, uilh warill.T altneluil.
I II nul Tnii« lm fuel, nil ami Unl
1. ii'l. r Iit R'II.t.
;l    M'aliriint Carl with  'li.trihuli"ii
|a |„* ;.',*l .licllctl I,..-.*.
4.   TravrlliiiK Van sad 1*0 IraaUos
srsfonsol f"iir t"ii-. *i|*ai* in .
.i.  Potiabl iii|M.iii,.i haori-i knapp*
iiiiriiiniinn »i..ti,*hr, ..I,, r. mil. -*r,*,*ii.,
, l.'viitiini ami loading mai'liiiiery.
li. I'.h.lri.* .M'.i'ar-. mlh Ml aii"l l-'li
aula, lain' nl. fur .Iriiinn the Mot* hriak-
.T, &e.
T.  Air mnprtssof ..f tain 1 • ipa*
il. I.. — a a 1 ■ 1.1 >- air f..r driven llu.'.* pass*
malic '."4 ineli drill..     All nir r< *
*.i ;i. u'*ii It' 1 capaott* »ni	
r.iiii,..,lii,n. and pipes and 111 ra*. IM I* ,*i
lenfthlol arni"iir.*.l -4 ineli h"-,• -ml
alhi,* (,,r Iht |*r,*-«uri'.
I lar,'.' I*llllilllll«   nr   I
Kink '."4 ineli drills with trlpodt, welfhtl
inula .ain|.|.'t.' ..*l ..( drill, eaeh.
!l    A   Mnrphv   Air   Iiiinui rr   Rim k
Mil, »ilh l"lll|.|.*l.. nlltlH
**l*i*.*ill. iii'iii. ami full iii-Hii* 1
I. ndnrlns ami bt 1 id on imiIi. ii hi Ui
Mr   liniinl.I I iiiiii■ r>■ 11. tin*  I I 1
itineir,   III 'I   ».'al."l    1.11 la r*     * *.irk, 1
l.*n*l*T- d.r lli'iul Mm I rjr" mast hs
in ai the District Maalrlpal Ottoa, K»*
I'liniii'l". North   Vmi. \.r.   m.l   lal.r
than 12 o'cla k.  Men, ian il„* '.'',ili aim
<f .Tat irv, IM
la ,1 present reality,    lt is denied aid wai beanf plaited ndai direetioa ol Mr.
Selw.iiul      II is lit feet wider 111.111 OedTtk street, V,nu"tiver, several times lhe
wulth ul Beirut strut, London, oi the waraky Proapecl in St Petarehe>|, it
is broader than data del Linden in Berlin, aid than the celebrated avenues of
llrtlssels and Vienna.      Its width oi   ) |i leel  iniistitllles it einphatieKlly THE
Grand Boulevard oi all Americaa ritiea aid eiaaraa tta early racofiitioi aa the
finest iMiine in I..111.1.I.1. wliiih iniist make its Iroiilagc greatly desired Inr llunie sites. General experieiiie nl nther eilies of the world shows
that the demand (or lots in lhe vieinitv of parks or public pleasanccs naturally
ilil.ills hl|;h tallies.
Lots in Six Blocks Facing on the Boulevard
Price* And Full Particular* can be had from
Mahon, McFarland & Mahon
Cor. Seymour if* Pender Sta., Vancouver THE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B. C.
The following ahle paper wa.s
read hy Aid. Irwin, at the regular session of the North Vancouver board of trade, on Tuesday evening of last week:—
How our board of trade can
most effectively advertise the
city and district:
It may be assumed that some
of the main objects of hoard oi
trade advertising are for the
purposes of:
1. Securing new settlers o!
the most desirable classes who
will by their capital, energy and
experience, materially aid in
the up-building and development ol the city and district.
2. Securing additional capital for the commencement and
carrying on of industrial and
commercial undertakings calculated to develop and make a-
vailahle the great natural (but
undeveloped) wealth which our
city and district undoubtedly
possess, thus furnishing remunerative employment, and a
greater circulation of money in
the channels of trade and busi-
J. Making known to investors
of capital the unexcelled opportunities lor profitable investments in city and district real
estate, and thus subdividing into smaller holdings, that can he
more profitably handled, improved and developed, enabling
present holders of large unimproved estates to release by the
sale of portions thereof sufficient capital to improve and
make profitable such portions
as they may retain.
4. By these and other means
to hasten the advent ol railroai
and shipping facilities such a
will tiring to North Vancouver
its rightful share ol trade antl
Advertising may here be con
sidered as the means to be
lor the accomplishment ol tin
above objects, and in its righl
ful sphere its place cannot hi
taken by anv other known
means at our disposal.
Therclore il the aliove outlined objects are esseutial and
worthy ol our best eflorts, it
lollows that our important
duty is to consider this very iin
portant work in the light ol our
Iiest judgment, and the accumulated experience of other places
where the lioards of trade and
public bodies have had the
greatest degree of success.
Briefly, I respectfully .submit
lor your carelul consideration
and approval as follows:—
1. North Vancouver can at
the present stage of development be most effectively advertised in the city of Vancouver,
where the great and ever increasing concourse of tourists
and visitors are within easy
reaching distance, and can easily verily tlie truth of bur representations.
2. That North Vancouver establish in some suitable hall or
building in the city of Vancouver, the nucleus* of a permanent
free exhibit, (preferably in the
same building as exhibits ol
Vancouver and surrounding municipalities,may in the near future lie arranged for.)
J. That such free exhibit
should include samples of our
timlier, minerals, fruits, vegetables, and other products, also
a suitable topographic or other
maps and data as to our magnificent harbor and available
lacilities Ior railroads, shipping
shipbuilding yards, wheat elevators,flour mills,lumber mills,
and the various other industries
lor which this place is so well
4. That such exhibit lie maintained in a creditable manner,
and Iree to the public during
week-days, say Irom 9 a.m. to
5 P m.
5. That a hall-hour descriptive lecture illustrated by ster-
eoptican views be delivered each
week-dav, in some suitahle hall
or building in Vancouver, by a
competent speaker, thoroughly
informed on the subject of
North Vancouver and its possibilities. At the close of such
lecture, the speaker could draw
particular attention to the Iree
exhibit ol North Vancouver
products and data, relative to
harbor, ets.
ft. That this board consider
the advisability of communkat-
injr with, or laying the matter
lieforr the Vnncouver board of
trade, Tourist Association,   or
other public bodv, with a view
of securing joint action by the
city ol Vancouver, and the city
and district of North Vancouver (subject to the approval of
the respective councils tliereof),
as to procuring a suitahle lull
for exhibits and lectures, a fair
portion of rental and maintain-
ance to be contributed by each
municipality or district using
the sanie, thus reducing to a
minimum the costs to be borne
by each, and the resultant maximum ol benefits that must result from united action in carrying to a successful issue a
plan that has met with such
unqualified success in other
parts of the world.
District Counc I Meeting
Councillors McNaught, Nye,
Robson, and Davidson, were
present at the regular session of
the district council on Friday
evening last. Reeve May presided.
The provincial secretary
wrote, to the effect that there
are no funds available at pre
sent for the extension of the
Lillooet trail.
The department ol marine and
fisheries wrote, that the application for the building of a
wharf at Hollyhurn, had been
referred to the department ol
public works.
Attorney General W. .1. Bowser wrote, with reference to the
application for the appointment
f justices of the peace in the
district, that he could not un
derstand why lour justices were
required, and it had been his
practice to keep such appointments down to as small a number as was consistent with the
ellicient administration ol justice. The district clerk reported that he had forwarded a re-
Accounts as follows were ordered paid: Finance committee
total flotS.SM; board ol works
total $1727.74.
The government agent at New
Westminster wrote, to the ellect
that Geo. Wagg has applied for
water from a creek running in
his property, and that the application will be heard on January 8th, at 11 a.m. The
clerk was instructed to appear
to look after any interests that
the district may wish to protect.
S. Gintzburger & Co. submitted a petition, signed by the
requisite number ol property
holders, asking for a road to Input through D.L. 51)9, under the
local improvement plan. The
accessibility of this road would
be contingent upon the opening
ol Winch road by the city to
connect. Relerred to the engineer to report.
Thomas Goodall wrote, urging the construction of a road
previously applied lor, through
lot 15, D.L. 2088. Mr.Goodall
has built on the south end o(
his lot, so that if is desirable
to open a road along the section
line il feasible. Engineer lo
report .
Councillor McNaught, as representing the Lynn valley institute, applied for a grant to
assist thc institute in the purchase ol equipment. Thc institute, incorporated under lhe
industrial companies' act, has
laken over the old schoollmuse,
and intends operating along
lines similar to thc Y.M.C.A.,
Ior thc benefit of thc residents.
A grant of $50 was authori/ed
A plan ol subdivision of D.L.
772, i'.agle harbor, was passed,
subject to thc favorable report
ol thc registrar, as to access to
the foreshore for the public. A
plan of subdivision of part nl
lot 950 was passed wttn lhe
same proviso.
The date for thc court of revision on the assessment roll
was set for Monday, February
2nd, at 2 o'clock p.m., and the
date for the court of revision on
the voters' lists, lor Monday,
January 4th, at 3 p.m.
The next regular meeting ol
the iiilinetl will Ik* held nn Wed-
ni-sdav, .Vith inst., at H p.m.
A polling booth Inr the ap*
I'l'i.iilunj: creations will lie established at the head ol Lonsdale avenue, .mil also at the old
sclKinlh.iiise, Lynn valley Volets in either ward may vote it
either booth
The place of iinniinalimi w.ts
fixed at tin  . nt net nf Oiicc.i st
and Lonsdale ave      Alrx.itidct
Philip was appointed returning
Councillor Robsnn retorted
that he had interviewed George
Wiigg, with reference to his
Ranting 1 ruad allowance of »■
feet along the norlh line of his
property in D.L. 801, but Mr.
Wan was not willing. The
engineer was Instructed to construct a twelve [nut ruadwav mt
the J3 foot allowance, alreaiK
granted hy the owner of property adjoining on the nurth,
and to place lhe ruadwav as
near as possible to Mr. Wagf'a
The engineer reported that I).
Holdsworth is willing to build
the road asked for through D.L.
764, a distance of 270 feet, at
Ij cents per foot. Offer accepted.
The offer of H. Peers, to build
120 feet of roadway through I).
L. 607, was accepted. The application of Geo. Mahr, for a
road through a portion of D.L.
815, was relerred to the engineer to act.
Work on the extension nf
Lynn valley trail will be begun
next week.
The proposed extension of
Farmer roatl was authorized as
soon as the finances will permit
In view of thc large interests
of the district in the ferrv mat*
ters now before the courts, the
district solicitor is to ne instructed to watch peoeeediafi
nn behalf of the District.
We toll-Tit the buaineaa of Manufacturer*.
Rngtaeeratndothera wlm lealire tlie advitaliil
1'y of having their Patent huvineu tranwcteil
I v HiperU. PreliiTiniryidvk- fr**, Charcr1-.
Hitlerite. Our Inventor'a Advltersentupon rr-
"it. Marion*Marlon, KtuU, N'wYorkI,ift
rw*  \i,.,,i.rni   ami Wnahlnrion DC U**
An Electric
Table Lamp
or an Adjustable Reading Lamp will make an
Xmas Gift
that everybody will appreciate.
We carry a select stock of these at
the very lowest prices.
When making your list remem
her that— ,
Electric Laundry Irons
and Curling Irons
are excellent Christmas gilts.
Every hoy wants
a Pocket   flash   Light
See us hefort* ton purchase
in Vancouver or elsewhere.
Norvan Electric Co.
Pianos • • •
at Bargains
Some al hall real value.
Wr are taking many food
pianos in exchange lor tin*
Bill    \l IONOI \
thegreateM mechanical player
on earth.
Sonic of these used pianos
are as good as the day they
lelt the factory.
To reduce this stock wehave
selected a number of liargains,
beautiful upright pianos (or
$200   $223   $230
warranted to he good as new.
$6, $?, $A |»f r month
489441 HaaUnga Btrwt
Christina. Tree, from No. to 11 ime.nh.
Evergri'.'lia lur Il.'.'.ir.lli'iil Ha lell I'.-r liuncla
T.ble I'luuli, I'.lni.. hill, pi,*. 16c. SOt.
78c. .'ll'll.
Cut Flower., at lovu'.t price.
Wrctllm. Crow*., Floral l>c-i*iin
T*,i*l* Decoration, a ipaallll).
»itipftON and wieni
Nurserymen and l.iiiiikntii" Gardeners.
I'm. Und and l.i.tiailule Av,*.
North Vaiiiniiver.
Wlmt would be nicer to buy your wife for i
)iiius, iwcua,
Catalogue Fne
3010 Westminster Road
Vam ouver
direct from the niinei.
I'laeo your orders now and
secure your winter'*, supply.
Large shipments uill arrive
in a lew dais. Prices ri|dit.
Large supply of WOOD
iiliiais on hand    ....
Hotel North Vancouver
Telephone No. 2.
Rolled Oats
hai) and Teed
all ononis
Fine, healthy Tomato and
Cauliflower I'Unts, grown from
Sutton's Seeds, always on hand
ihe Brackman-Ker
Milling Co.
I imilf d.
Lonsdale Avenue,
at Ferry  Landing
Harry Mitchell, local manager.
Diplock Wright
Lumber Co.
I7th Slreel, North Vancouver
It... In
Wo are now prepared to
tnke orders for MILL KIR
WOOD,BlH to 16 in. length*
already for the stove. A load
contains nhout half n cord.
Price $2 per load on or before
'lilivirv I'usitively no wood
delivered without cash, as we
cniiiiiit afford to pay a collector at this price. All orders
will receive prompt attention
Present I
than one of our beautiful
McClary's Kootenay
without a doubt the very besl Canadian Riwge
manufactured »*,
$2odown and $lo |>er month |
Paine& McMillan
* Corner lonsdnle Ave. and First St.
Phone 12
Vmmmmm mmmm ww.wmpmm i
.\orth rnowm nui i mn n, mi., m run m
•«.no A.M.
•7.00   "
8.00   "
8.40   "
9.30   "
10.15   "
11.15  "
12.15 P.M.
1.16  "
2.16   "
3.15 "
4.16 "
6.16 *'
6.15 "
7.25 "
815 "
9.15   "
10.15   "
IIAtlMl NORItt I AM Ol «ta
"I. L'U A.M.
•MB "
MO "
'.urn "
11.45 "
1041 "
ll || "
II I.'. I'M.
1.46   "
I U   "
Ml "
6.46   "
'..t.i   "
lit "
Ml •'
1.45   "
#     IU4.-.   "
•11.43   "
•Not on Siindnv
bim 11 esisMiii liom on inr ioam
*M»a*>apam^»»*.< .   . ll
Bine; 1140 PII
K|i<'riril Kali's lo Families mnl Uvular llnarilrrs
Half-hour (erry niiiii.ili.iii tn mid Innn Vanroiu,*r. lint and cold
water in every room. Return call bellii in en *ry r^m. limber
iliop in connection.
-  -   NORTH  VANCOUVER, 13. C.
Second jtrkut,
British Columbia Electric Railway Co.,Ltd.
Cars leave the Ferry Landing for (Jin*. Bihar) \v.-uur. T\w nt\-lint
street and Lonsdale, Winch stn't-t and Keith Road U I0U0VI l 6:15
a.m., 6:45 a. ni., 7:15 a. ni., 7:45 a. tn., B:lj a in.. g a. tn   , ; >
10:10 a. m.,   After 10:35 a. 111, cars W|H  '''*,v'     ' Itrenue,
Twenty-first and Lonsdale avenue, and Winch Mie. t and Ki itli Kail
at five minutes to the hour and tw* nt\ In. imniit. I I'.iM the liintr.
Cars leave Nineteenth street and Queenebui) avenue, lv.,ni, (tr-*!
street and Lonsdale avenue. Winch itreel and Ki ith Road M fottowi
6 a. m., 6:55 a. m., ]:2o a. m., S*Oj a. tn., I*4j a 111 . g 3.1 a.m.
After 9:30 a. ni. cars leavr th. I■'. rr\ Laadin|al laB uiiiuil. s in-,! th.
hour and twenty minutes to the hour.
__f   All boats are met by the *
The Seymour Hotel
Iiiatnl on laMMf  f',"   lio.-,
qua. Ir I.  (rom a»h.n|.
Tins i1* a Eral i li • bod I.
and ii i" « i'i'' 11 in tin
|aw 1 a""i
iiiin<i*l,ili<,n .unl
servicegii.ii rati 1.1
Road . "im" lion * Iron N..nh
\ im li v.
111:1,11  iiuiiii niTUTunT
kfm'iiiis diseases
Till  PtJBl IC tit III Rl BV SOTI.
' HID iim   ill .*»-.*■ olynli ■
mm- "r *
< allli,
lini.l l..*r.*|*.*ri..| la, thi  M'*
1 nli'.r
1 Hi tl, rk.
Cilj Hall, Sorth \inc.     r, nr.
New Advertisements
To tlie electors—W. J. Irwin
Merry Xmas— Irwin ,*: Billings
Tenders Wanted—Irwin & llilliiiiia
HsrtlOBI   RstspajfWl' AMUii-iuliun
t'liristmas tiri'i'lnij!s—A. K. Steacy
The New Schoolsites
Editor The Express,
Sir,—We would ask you lo be
good enough to publish lhc enclosed copy ul uur tender lot
school land, which we sent    to
the North Vancouver school
Ue particularly wish to poinl
out the inconsistency of the
school board in publicly calling
fur lenders lor ichool lands, by
means of an advertisement,containing certain   plain   speiilien-
lions, ami then recommending
the purchase of lands which in
110 particular conform to tin*
advertised requirement.
The advertisement in.Tin- l-',\
press calls: ist. A parcel in
north part ol I) I,. :;.t, or in llu
south part ol 1)1, MO, Tin*
piece selected is well situated
ior ihe purpose required, imt ii
is not in uie north part ol j;.*,
or south purl ol 550, but iu llu*
unite ol .;t
We tllil nol 1 ,ler laud in that
neighborhood,   because   ue It.1*1
to adhere to  he conditions im-
posed upon us.    Moreover, the
.ulvcrti.scucm .slates plaint-
ihat the plot of ground shout..
have streets all around, or at
least on three sides.     Thc plot
oi ground selected in block 11,
U.l,. Jj.t, is composed ol two
Separate pieces ol 4 lots each,
and bounded by only twu
streets. Il is not a compact
piece, as il is divided liy a lain
which cannot be closed excepl
bv consent ol all the property
owners in block 11, and such a
consent will never be obtained.
2nd.    A pared in 5is     Tin
piece Selected ill block 2uh, Is
also well situated, Iiiii il dins
not  conform  to  specification,
which calls lor streets al least
on three sides.     Moreover, look
at the price, fi6,ooo m 1 acres
1,'j miles from wharl.     As then
will be a loss of lo per cent, in
selling    debentures    this   pieu
would  probably  cosl   lhc  rati
payers nearly $18,1100.
Compare with this our oiler
ol lots 1 lo Jo, in subdivision -t
ol block J3, D.L. v|4\\So.
This plot oi ground is situate
in an excellent neighborhood,
has streets all around, three ol
which arc graded;  It contains
Sea acres Ol lain!, ami the pru,
asked is i.iili Si |,om'.   payabli
in 5.1 years' debentures al par
this meant onlv Si2,51a) lo us.
Tills land is assessed at >-)5ti"
and we would be curious to
know whal the lour acres in
block 2oti are assessed al.
Wc claim  lhat  the adurlisi
ment for tendera was abaalutet*
misleading, and that any lum.,
lide oilers, 111 strict co|]loriii..]iu
made with the mutation lm
tenders, had no chance oi being
accepted. .Moreover, we lanum
see the need ol so much sutn ]
This is a mailer of Universal
interest to the ratepayers, and
the school trustees should not
be advene iu making all the
oilers publii.
Thanking you Ior the time
and space wc .m* taking up, wi
an, yours trulv,
S. dill/burger,
Managing Directoi
Vancouver, B.C., Dec, 11,1900
b.   Lots 4 lo l,t, block 105, D.
i,. 550 110 lots) surrounded bj
three streets,    Price >7Jj"*
c    I,ols I  lo 13, block lo,S, 1).
I,. 550.    Price )io,ooo,
ll,   J.ols 1.) to 2b,  block    11^,
1). I,. 550;      >i 2,000.
4. I.ois 1 to 36 [bring al
subdivision A) in block ,*..*.
!<• 54*l"551'' Xhia block ol
lots is entirely surrounded
streets, Unci* ol which are open
id and graded, and H st.mils 111
a wry high commanding position. The price ior this block
is >l |,oi"'. lm which wi* ate willing to accept pa] wait as lol-
lows:—>i4,000 in the cit) ol
Nortli Vancouver debentures,ol
50 yens' duration, bearing interest, payable half-yearly, .unl
which we will accept at par.
Wi .in,viiins respectfully,
Dec. 4U1,   I40X.
Word has been received  from
Citv Engineer Hams, to the elicit thai the city ol
Windsor has been good enough
to release lum without the formal thirty days' notice, and
thai he will leave lor this cilv
just as soon as he call make his
ini' and domestic arrangements,
w  I1. Peace*, Bm.,
Sei* N. V. Sihuol Hoard,
North  Vam ouver,  II fc
Dear Sir,—We herewith   beg
to oiler the following properties
111 ihe iiiy oi Norih Vancouver,
suitable lor school  sites
1. I.ots 1 to J, 1.1.* k 2'). D.L,
54H. This is a pieie of ground
is" X }00 feet and bounded by
Mahon nvc.lMh street and rth
street, and 111 a high sitttalion
Price, 5tSSo.
2. All of block irn;. D.I. -,-.0
The map shows ,1 street stuvi •
ed through this block, bill th,
same 1 ould be closed, as il
would m.l interfere with anyone
This 1,1.nk is practically cleared
and is situate on l'u* brow ol
the Keith road and commands
the whole surrounding countn.
Price, Jiv.oiHi,
J, Should block U'S In* loo
large (.4- vottr put pose, we can
oiler lhc following lots in lhe
'-.mie, viz.:—
a. Lots i) to 21, block 105,
1)1,  sv'a surrounded by three
streets.      Price fhjfl  int   the
eleven lots.
.11.1 mm t mm
Real Estate Broker*
lilt  iMi I HM  INMIUNCr
Umax mm ma
Till! I!. I, RlltflR IIU I
MM Vi* I'd.
Uau Granted f"r Long "r short
Partoili nt *'.. i»t ..'iii*
121  Lonsdale Avenue
PHONE   93
A lew suggest inns 111 nsil nl and dainty
Above all buy useful articles and al the right price
Children's Handkerchiefs with and without lace
h lor       Jjc,
Ladies' lace edge Ilandkcii lncls 3 lor  Jjc,
Ladies' Embroidered Handkerchiefs, toe, 15c,
201.  25c. anil    tm*.
Ladies' Tallela silk Hells 25c and  50c,
Lace Collars in cream and while, special  20c.
Lace ami Chilloli Collars, MC, caih ami it,
Ribbons in silk .unl satin all colors, 2 yards for 5c.
and up
Perrin's guaranteed glove* lor Ladies, all si '.*
and  shades       ,. 'i
Ladies white and cream silk and l.icc waist
for evening went, special prices Irom  I.JO
C.ctil's while silk Handkerchiefs, Jjc, and  do,'.
Cent's white Initial Handkerchiefs, each  25c
Cent's white Initial Handkerchiefs, per box    ;vc.
Gent's leather and tnoka lined gloies  l.2j
Cent's Umbrellas, gloria silk  1 ,
to'**************************M<aHHHBMana^^ ■ tf
for snle in tlic
We i-asjutiiilltj recomnunt
Lots 11;. 1; |,s, block 166,
Lots 22, 2%, 29, 3D, Muck in
nt .flTuOcncii
nt |1280 ench
r. 4. Bill IB, I'i .'In i. I.'i
All kiii'lM'f I'ri.hliKi-li deli*. r.*.l ....ill
Sim A" I   li-li   ii   -|*.*i'iiilti.   r.'iillrv.
Kl*|[N llll.l Vl'llrtalllrn.
Uur uini is I.. |.i,ii-,i.iir Cii-i'.ui. r- H
tn^u,»ls un.l prieM.
i'or. Lonsdale Ave4 8th St.
I'lltlM   N
VOTICK i. Ii.r.ln uu.n llml tli.*Kir*i
*"    Siitiiii*..! tin* Court a.i RerUloo to
r,*U-,' tin*   A"-,— lni'1,1  K"ll al-   |Ta |,;.r,*l
l.v the A. r "i th.' Ciiy "I Sorth
V:iiiri.ini*r tli.* i.**ir 1'' ".'. mil b« la,1*1
in llie lilv Hull, Norlli Vim. IW, lit'
an M.iiidiiv. tlie Uli 'l.v ..f J.iiiniiri.I'inli
ul 2 ..Vl... k |. in.
Dated m Nnrth Vaacoem tin* IM
day nl Niai,.ii,i«*r. i&i*>.
Cil (|."k
District Municipality
Lwb am, ciasTiKM-.s.-ln mnplla
IBM iiiiii  ll"  r.i| n-t* "I H uiri'. innn*
bat "f I'.ii' paveri in tb.* Witrlcl Muiii*
eipallt) ol North Vnnei'iiu'r I Lio * Ml*
",*l|l,',|   I.' ll.l    fl' a||a Illtf I ta all   ..-   | |
faar Ra*. i* V :i„* i*.rlli, .mini*. I.*, il.n I..
I» li.-M *.ii gall niajr, .la.n'uri IOUi, I!**'
Knlly tttttl .*l lhc Important"* "I tl.'*
ililll. - iin "I\,**l .m.l mi. r 11.'* ii.< ■-! *
llll ,*lill.i.|."lllii*ll     ..f    tll.*    i --• lal
i|iiiri*iin*iii* nii'l qui * - i.i
lur an i " ntivf "I Ilil
Mlltlieipillili    tli.'illlil"!!' HI.I .*
li'.u. »..rk in*, in I ii i'ii*:' lull* Informed 11 I.. l|
nl iln* Mttlm in iln rarinm parti  I
a jiit>t uml Impartial ulmliililratlott rou.
fi"rill|I tl, III,   (nil, -I   ]*    -al* , a ,|,ig) il.,.
Ii" i. lil. "I laa iimi "i'l' r i"';| lol uilli
s prinli'iii anal |*n*gM*al**d policy ealca-
l.ll. .1 I..  I*. -I     prOBMta"   111,*  lO'l'lire HII*I
|.r..-|.i*nlv * I ll.,* .ntiri' Munii ipalitv 1 I
liave |,li'ii.lire in MMrlnj i"H llinl I
km'* "( lm r. MOB  win  I niiiinit pfliri*
i'liiii*   -. r\ I*   V'.lir    |a||la|  a    ||||,<rr.*|    'lllll
/■■il ami inti'L'rily.
tli iipcrleric*gained m pabtlr* ni..*
iii iiii. Mum. i|u.liti nml ( iii. iiiinui*
thf lul tlir,*.' U* mi. M Councillor ol
tin* I'l-lnil Miiiiiriinililv nii'l Al'litniiii
iii lli,* lid. ii'in'tlier uilli 11, ninl ,*(
Inui.. m.rk lor n longer iiiii" un.l in in*
ili"l*iiiiil*li honorable ami - »n-wliil lm..
IBM riira. r nf *.1i n*.ir.' -Inn,linn..In,u|.I
I,ml I.* pron mv Uini-" f"r tin. int|«.r-
laut "Hii ".
II i'l,il",l, I |ball SM no nun.*.l "liil. am I" parloru mj .hltn*. la a man*
BM Uml mil pron »"illiv "I i"iir lil||li*
I'.I  apPm IHllaall
Karii.'.llv tnllcltlDf y.uir inHni'iir.' lml
vnl". I remain,
Y.uir ()li"li"iil •>.*riiint,
fNC   DOLBLt    SECKfl
of   the   verv   rensmi.tlile   pricee   asked    for   Bilks'
Sterling Silver GoodK
l-'IKS'l': The preeeat low price oi silver hullion,
SECOND: The bet that Marl; .ill our silver
stock is manufactured in our own Factory-ot   oi
the largest in   hack in Montreal.
A Birks   Sterling S'lver Toilet  Set
to lady or gentleman, makes a woiiilerlullv acceptable and practical present lor Christmas.
We are showing a magnilniciil range ol these
goods, ill scroll, Boral ami ail designs,with
polished or French gtejl lutish. These are sold in
individual pieces, or in complete sets, the latter
lieing iii handsome leather caaea, containing from
two io twenty articles,    A beautilul gin to  am
A specially attractive selection of sterling mounted military brwhea for gentlemen; also some nice
shaving sets in these goods.     Any man would I.e
proud lo own them
An endless variett of oilier suggestions for appropriate Christinas gills.
GEO. E. TROnLY, Hanagiug Director
Lnia :;. I   5, i'i, '.i. lo. ll, l'J,
13, 11. 15, Hi. block 169,   -    nt |1800e«oh
TERMS—Oiie-qunrler cn-h; b«Inucc ipni<l over
a period of ihri't? m nr-. nt 7 t«*r oeiit.
IfS Coidov-i fttrcet, Viinronvcr, IJ. C.
¥oa Can9t
You've gol to look >t—live witli—
Mini In* sociable witli your suit. You
mav n> »cll bave il"-' be-sl your monev
a ill buy
A   I'lt-licfoiiii S"it Ims nil tl.r lat-
i'r{ Links rn' faibion*- Mt iiniii.
Our Overcoats at
Are -torkei*
*fo4o*4^4o*fo44o*fo>o*fc>4o*f +oO<+o+o+i>4t->+<+o*<Hot-< m-s -| f-~\ -jr^|     -vr\   -•*.  ^-v   \rj      %^M
•CITV Of NORTH VANCOUVK1; * [£__££*£_£_
♦ —MM ik.n^>in A ■     bpi i-tr*tT i flat, '&. r I Mail Orders »nd 8anijlee on applicntton
Thursday, Januarg 141b, II'IW
Tin t'itij of Snrlli Vint nmir Ratepayers' Assoei
tolieiti ynte voU and interest for ihe following ea
Ko. Mayor: f. II. MAV.
For Aldermen:
I     ll.NI'.ISH
It   UcEAR
il. w vniNC.
lo. s.hool Trustee      «   P. PRACKY,
Vote the Pull Ticket
00*<>*<>^0*<r*^<>*<>*<>*' ♦   ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦■»♦♦♦
i OKDOV \   ■■Ili'I'.! I.   VANI Ol'\ l H
Week Commrnclnq MilNIHT, November  SOt*-1
A I.e. Ill -Mr t.iii.l-wil.* Ilili ll.'*l**ll.v
The Eoad to Ruin
MoiniK l'i,tur,'
R E Edwardi
Suiirir ..( Illn '
S. illa/aa
"Oood Night
ii iu ii and
Cell Breaker
LEWIS ft ,.AKE  ?
Co. of Thelites
Three 0 ! >r
Fcatm. Arts
\a, Raiat in I i rhrac Shone Deilyi   3. 7. ami 91   locJi
A R. ME4CY detlm t" •ip»ei hii Bppn ci-
^* ition of the liberal pttronage tallowed upon bin by thtoitiiem of Nortli vanoouver during tha pttl yenr, imd to aittnd tu all hi* cordial
wislic- for—
in mir uumeroui 1 liente and rrtendi
at lloun- mi'i abroad
t'seliil presents lo your wile, husband, bov, or
■•irl, or as a personal investment with Increasing values at ihe tears roll hy insuring large profits,   and
iii.ii* \K tm* 1,ueleits ot a home, provision lor old ape or
lottt.ii -iii ant  •■■■'  .1 «iv'' •ni'i mie investment.
M  L#?8  IN   I HE  Clli
within om* i*i*h1.  i|   Uwadale avenue car line,
lieauiiiiiiu situated
Prices MtS to $273 each
IICRI1S $25 to Sr*0   ash,   I1.1l.t1u 1   easy   inoiitlih    M
quarter!} payments, ipread over 1'. to : years.
Cal at our office at once and make tour selection
or il unable to eail S'lid tour friend.
II distance prevents your calling send us your
cheque or money onici with Inatructloni to select for
Vouri irtilv,
IRWIN & Rill INGS CO., limited
lor. Ih.imI.iIc Avenue un.l I,ilh Sl ,  North Vnncouver, B.C.
I'lloNK II
Mm fur Oariii"' Ml\ |
* io\riMCTOi:s nr,- invit.'.l '**'
nil nr Iiei..r.* .Iiiininri  L'ml. IMI, f r
■ic Mil itt,
iif ■ t
nil nr nrntr*1 .ihmiku 1   mu , 1   ■      	
,|Mrln| ihn* ll tan mIJoIMiii Capl-L,, kil|ll. ,l( ^ ,„ .,,„, Wltil|„„ hlrlli.
1110 mtc lu mini li. ,„,.. Ml,r„ ,,„■„... i.,,,*, _a ,,„. h..
S-i. nia 1 ■ i, • iin. nulla, nii'l ri-ii'lri"ii> I I
nlllriirl ini'l l.'lil' rli'i; nl "Iln'■ III
lure, Sinn*, Ollii','. linull  nml  Har Fix*
in.I*-.   Roptlrlna in nil ii. braasbeii
I7;l Tiilnl Si W,, lli*l . i„-i,*ifti'lil un.l
l)|.|al..||.     -. lllMll
imviN a hm i.iv.s oo, i.m
.\.,rlli Vuriti.iiv.-r. BO   MAlLOBDBBB|lr-Mi |ar.uii|it«tteiiliun


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