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Volume- 1
Nokth Vancouveb, B.C., May 10, 1910
Rumor of Purchase by Grand Trunk Pacific
A report i.s current in the ilailv press that the Grand Trunk
Pacific Railway Co, has pur-
ili.ised blink .'Mi, North Vancouver and lhat it i.s propoied
to utilize same (or terminal
vards, and further tli.it add]
laa.n.il transfers ol Nortli Shore
property will he enacted In i
very short time relative to the
larger proposition.
It is stated that Mr. lv .1.
Chamberlain is now in Seattle
negotiating lor a steamship
senile there aiid it is expected
that upon his arrival bark in
Vancoaver ibai he will prooab-
ly have some definite statement
to   make   regarding   the   com-
panv's proposals.
Hlock 2hh   lies Immediately
west ol Hlock 2h5 and coinpri.s-
es a great portion ol the level
land lying between the laltei
Hlock and the Kirst Narrows.
It   is an   ideal location,   I■< in■■
extremely level attd bordering
on the south ol one ol Canada's
linesl harbors Hurrard Inlet,
It is understood that this pro
party has lieen held in lisei VI
lor railwav lacilitiis for sometime.
The Joint Civie Advertising
Committee met in the mbnicip
al hall last week with the lol
lowing members present : Al
derineii Sihult/., Irwin and Mc
ihn, Councillors Lawson and
Missis. Jlordiii, Jones, Wil
hams and I'hilip. Mr. A. G.
Perrv was in the chair.
It was resolved to tciulir I
vole of lh.inks to the uly   ami
diatrict couacili and to ilu- ler
iv    directors   (or tllc Ittbacrip
linns they had promised,
lion. 'Ireasiirer Irwin report
id that be had paid all the «
i. iim ts alld that there was stll
a bal,mu- ol Sun.07 left iu ,h.
t leisure.
The matter of renewing llu
contract for advertising in Uh
l; am i.iis was luiisideled ami
n was resolved lo u-lllintlc tin.
lor a period ol six mouths nun
uieacing with tin- inst ol Ma
it helil-- understood that 'hi
i,nils would appear m Vancou
ver,  Scattk and  Tacoina    .a.s
ai a rental of fjj, per month
.v committee was appointed to
arrange br Eraah cards to be
Usui   lot   lllis  (impose.
'lhe lion, sn ret.iry reported
iln application ol the Canadian
Colli lei lol p.llll'l alllli a lews ill
lhe utv Irolll the Illlel to be ill
silled III Its minimis. [| wa
resolved lo refer lhe mallei io
the secretary lo procure Mcfc
Tin sub committee on pro
grama  lor this year submitted
a recommendation lor the consideration ol the meeting
It was resolved to advertise
oliie a week in the lamoiiiei
ilailv papctn .nul Missis Irwin,
Morden and 1,unlet were ap
pointed a committee to take
charge ol ilus mailer.     rbej
Wile also diliiled lo bull;; ill a
recommendation as to a special
iss.ui iii iln* loial paper during
lhe season.
A special folder committee
was appointed lo draw up a re
port l"i a liish issue of the (older (or this year. The coin
mittee appointed was composed
ol lhe hou. sceTelaiy ami 111
Missis    Williams and   Jones
wi ie appointed a committal loi
tin pm pose oi nenring framed
groups ol loial vnws loi dis
plav  m publii pi.ms.
Ill iiilllliilloll Willi the plo
pos.il lo hold a inilsnal listiv.il
limine lhe year it was icsolin
io uiu lhe matter to a COM
miltie iiiiiiposedol Ai'l'nn.in
Silnili/ imd Mr. Jones to bring
Hi a n pui t and len,iiiiucliil.i
Councillor l.awson Introduced
lhc siihjcit ol the mining Inust
ami llowel show to U- In Id uu
del the alispiics ol the HoTtl
llllllll,il assm I,iliuli, .Old ll was
relerred lo the adveltlslllg uilli-
mittee  to co-operate with   lhe
assm iation by advertising  the
show as lully as possible.
It is understood that the
iii'iiith of April, icjio, was a renin! month for lhe North Van
COUVir City Ferries and exceeded bv a Rood margin the ml
i .ii 1111114s ol last July w hi.h
was the largest and most pm
fit,ihii* month up to thc list "I
Ml iiiii this uat It is sai'l
that the receipts lor last month
uvu operating ntpWM win*
approiimataly fl,500,
II !'ii|iih,irt is ireitin-,- ,1 tl
sideinc Inr his personal on 11
p,iii'iii on 1 ith strict just east
ol Si  Andrew's Am
There is in, intelligent (each
ci ol a graded school who has
not (ell the dillieulty of dealing
.ii a class with backward pupils. There is always theqius
lion in the coiisciiiitious teacher's mind as to whether it u
right lo heen forty-five children
wail in-; while lhe live, who ila,
not understand the explanation
already comprehended by tlu,ii
grc belli); taught. Devices without number are resorted to 111
order that the many do imi
lose time wliile the lew ale bell); kept in line. The success 01
these is tlie measure ol the
teacher's skill and ability.
Unt   there   are iu almost   all
I lasses, pupils whose capacity
lor learning certain suhjceis u
iii'ii .vv ilu- average.  Sometimes
it is spelling that bailies lln
tilth   student,   aiid day    allei
.lav failure diaconragaa him a
bar  Now and again reading is
the dilbcnlty.   Fur olteiier it is
aiithmetic lhat  stands   iu   th
vi av ol promotion and kteps th
pupil coin-; over the same nail
II Ull llu* lissolis lose all then
beauty and interest. Then llien
an- iliiblren who are wanting 111
mechanical ability To such
drawing   and   kindred   siili| 11:
11,ike hie ,1 veritable buriku, 11
is smh iliiblren that have
sihool as soon as ihev ian pel
sii,ule iheir parents to allow
iinin to Ro to work, and thev
make up lhe greater niiinb.r o.
11 naiits.     Oflener    they    plod
along, enduring the mortifies
lion of seeing younger brothers
and sisters pass thelll with a
fortitude and conscientiousness
that are often too little appre
dated l'arenls and teachers
Imd (anil with them for what
they cannot help, or bear in
grieved silence with what is lo
lliem a MMtaat agUFN ol humiliation.
There has liee-n introduced 111
to the 1 lasses ol three  of    llu
large graded ichoola at Vkto
11.1 what is known as the Ha
lavia svslein     ln addition    lo
ilu- regular  teacher,   anothei
Inlps in the more crowded
1 l.issiooiiis  so   that individual
attention jnaj hi givm to thos.
who need it most. Then a
oolii is provided where I In isi
pupils who Imd anv siibjut spe
1,illv difficult may be taught
|lllle bv themselves. Il MU
imu found in many cases thai
with this individual attention
ami with the In Ip and svmpa
llu . the illlliiillllcs have ilisap
|>i,llnl and the hovs alld gills
have gone back lo their classes
In lake then plans with a new
inun confidence in then own ,1
lailili whuh has in,1I1I11I lium
lo siiueed better ill,ill some 01
llien ilassinales It mav nail
ilv lie believed th.it siiih work
needs special ipialilnatiolli. Not
onlv must lliis instructor havi
teaching ability of a high or
der, but she must have gooil
I.u I and sympathy ami incx
haiistible patience. There is,
however, no work more worth
lhe lining than this of helping
pupils to overcome ilifliiultic ■
It mav be asked whit hei
some such svstein might nut In
employed at lhc other md ol
tin* sialc Thite ate pupils 0
manual ability who are ham
lured iii their progress by the
iiiiessitv ol keeping pace wilh
ilu majority ol their fellow pu
plls These children .m in
some of the schools allowed .il
lhe end of the vear lo taki
their places in a ilass above
that lo whiih those who havi
not made as good a showing,
are   put.     If  tbey could   have
City Council
I.ast eveniug's meeting ot the
City Council was purposely cut
short out of respect to the late-
Alderman Irwin said that a
great calamity had befallen the
Hritish Kmpirt- through the loss
ol tlieir great monarch.
Ile moved a resolution of
deepest sympathy to the royal
mourners, and that sunup be
Iorwarded through the pro|H-r
mannall and "that out of respect this council adjourn from
its labors."
Alderman McKae, in scemid-
ing the resolution, remarked
that the late King was a great
ruler of a great empire. "We
are a part of it and he wa.s the
Floyd, the North Vancouver
lish dealer was present and
pressed for some consideration
ami protection against the en-
uoachiiiiiits on his business by
the Chinese vegetable and lish
dealers who he alleged were Operating in this city without a
lueii.se a-nd contrary to the city
bylaw. His Worship intimated
that steps would be taken to
bring this bylaw into ellect.
The lollowing linancial accounts were read and passed :
Finance committee, J730.25 ;
police, .S*)*11" ; school, 190.00 ,
Boanl of Works, IIJ40.S8 ; watei works, ytoSI.l5 ; lire and
light, $i*l>M5, and health, 550.
A. 0. l'erry, manager of thill C. Klectric Ry. Co., was
present with a sketch plan for ,1
siding which the company pro
posed installing on (jileens'biiry
Ave between 15th and ihtli
streets. The engineer approvcil
ul the plan and it was passed.
The engineer advised lhat hi
had examined and approved ol
ihe proliles of the subgrades ol
the H. C. Klectric Ky. Cos
proponed extension on Ki-li
load Ile Intimated he would
like lo lie furnished with a plan
ol the linished grade. Mr. l'erry
volunteered to obtain a lullii
ment of the engineer's ic-ipiirc-
Relative to an inquiry as lo
what progress was being made
with the local petitions which
had passed the council some
weeks pasl Alderman Irwin
moved that the clerk proceed
willi advertising lhe proposed
work and that the engineei
make arrangements for the lul
lillini'iu of his duties in this
connection. The latter staled
that he wished to have lilt
slorm sewer matter settled belore proceeding with the work
and a motion, included in the
lormer resolution, instructing
the city clerk and engineer to
interview City Colicitor Reid
relative lo the maimer ol
payment of the storm sewers,
loial im provement or general,
vv as passed.
On lhe recommendation of the
liiiaiicc committee, a special
meeting was called for Fridav
night to consider the yearly is
The foreman ul lhe water
works was instructed to sic- ti
the   placing   of   all the   wati 1
laps in ilu- Grand Boalcvar.
and Ottawa Hardens,
muiii- spuial instruction in lh.
woik ol the grade which they,
as the ihildlsh phrase goes,
have "skipped" their progress
would Ik- still more rapid. Hut
we may lie very thankful tor
what we have. Waiting wil
not do the child whose Intellect
is active any grt'fct harm. Th
luisv brain will laid somi thing
with which to occupy ils
It must not be taken for
granted, however, that the pupils who are in need of this s|u*
dai help have not real ability
A verv able and successlul lea
ilu-r was acuistoined lo say
thai he alwavs Wondered whal
became ol the clever pupils.
Nothing i.s nun e surprising
lhan to sec boys who were regarded in their classes .1-
dimces, developing into useful
iiieii, or girls who seemed un
able to iearn, making good
housewives or successful business women.
Kdilor Kxpress ;
Sir, When the date of the
burial of our late Sovereign
Lord, His Gracious Majesty
King Kdward, has been definitely lixed, our civic authorities
will doubtless arrange lur a
nulled memorial service to beheld in some public place oil the
ume day. 1 have uo doubt bui
that similar services will be
conducted in all our city
churches. May 1 suggest,
though it will probably, be sup
erlluous that these should noi
lie allowed to interfere ill ain
way with such arrangements a-
His Worship the Mayor anu
his Council may have in view.
Presumably any such service
will be held in the alternoon.
With your permission 1 shoiili
like to announce that with ih
thought in mind it has been decided that the services held in
.St. John's church on the day 01
the funeral will be : a celebration of the Holy Communion
at H a.m. and memorial servin
at lu a.m. Thanking you foi
your valuable space, 1 am, sir.
Yours faithfully,
I. 0. 0.
The members of North Van
couver Lodge, No. 55 and sojourning brethren assembled ai
iheir place of meeting, the K.
of 1'. Hall, I.ousdale Ave., ai
2,,lo p.m. 0n Sunday last foi
the purpose of celebrating in
some titling way the nnietv
lirst anniversary of the order,
and with this object 111 view,
pneaadtd to St Andrew':*
Presbv tc-rian church where sc-r
vice was held at ,V.l<> o'clock
The paatOI of the church Kev.
.1. D. Gillam, M.A., delivered .1
most thoughtful, inspiring and
interesting discourse upon the
theme "A Peculiar People.'
The choir of lhe church ren
ili-red an anthem in a most ac
ceptable manner. Mr. R. Wil
son had charge of the organ.
The regular meeting of this
Society will be held in the Club
rooms this evening at 8 o'clock
Vice-President Law will read a
paper on "Scottish Superstitions."
Lynn Valley Notes
Miss l.ydia Smith of Halifax
county, Nova Scotia, is visit
mg at her sister's, Mrs. Chas
Mimro, Rice Lake.
There have been several dogs
poisoned in the valley this
week and the people are up iu
.11 ms about, ll would not be
,1 healthy spot lor lhe one who
is lound putting poison oul as
ihey would certainly be shovel
lo the limit that the law al
Mr. I .11 mn lull is clearing his
lots on Dovercourt Road and
will build a.s soon a.s possible
The Ladies' Aid of the Lvnn
Creek Methodist church .in
holding a concert social on
Tuesday, May 17th.
The Opening of the Lynn Valley Car Line
Messrs. Crawley and Bullock:
have sold their places and an
moving to Hornby Island ti
,1 .irt ranching.
In view of the alinoiiiiieinellt
of    the   May    Day   celebration
committee that the Nativities
fur May Day, May nth, to
I1IOTTOW,   have   been   postponed
Indefinitely, and the proclaim
tion of His Worship the Mavor
declaring a half-holidav .,11 thai
date has been withdrawn.
Owing to thc death of His
Uajeaty King Edward Vll., the
ltay Day celebrations in this
iitv have been postponed lade
linitely according lo a itati
[ment made by members ol the
oinmittee in charge.
The local management of tht
H. C. Klectric Railway Coinpanv announces that Ihey will
open their Lynn Valley luie lo
the publii on Satunlav, Mav
14th. The rules have bull lixed a.s lollows ; Inside ol llu-
three mile limit which is at a
location dose to Church road,
some distance pasl the Lynn
Valley general store, live centi;
further than that to the terminus,   an adililioii.il   laie  will
in charged, fkttkra' tickets at
the rate ol ten rides lor 50
cents will be procurable by all
bona tide residents ol the Vai
it is expected that the open
ing of this new line will not onlv be a boon to the Valley but
will materially increase lllc
earnings of the ferry alld bc an
inducement for a large adhi-
tioii to the already heavy trai-
The district council al a spa
cial llleetlllg held last IVUliag
uii.tnged lhat the clerk IwOi
petitions to the rate-pavers I.,
llieir .signature lo aiuhoiui lhe
introduction ol a loan bylaw
lor > .'50,000 lor the ptiiposc 01
pui 1 basing stock in the Hurrard Inlei Tunnel and Bridge
This announce men t i.s in direct accurd with a propositi,>i.
which Reeve McNaught ha.,
been working diligently on siiiu-
his arrival Irom the east wlm,
lhe delegates were successlul 111
sei 111 ing a charier lo build a
midge over lhe Second Narrow.*,
irom the Dominion government.
In order that the coimcil mav
proceed in the matter it is ace
essary that a pctitii/11 upi-
scut mg more lhan half of the
assessed Value ol the lands Hi
the district be received irmn
lhe ratepayers praying 111
council 10 prepare a bylaw Ut
.submission lo Uie electorate loi
ihe purpose ol receiving llieii
assent to borrow lhe sum 01
.■250,000 to be utilize*! for tlu
purpoae above nitutioilcd.
There appears to lie 1110 doubi
ihal lhe petition will be rctur
ned sulliciciilly sigind and lli.il
lhc way will be made ileal' lui
ihe council lo proceed wiih lia
bylaw, the text of which has
already been formulated aw ail
mg the return of lhe signed cii-
In lo lllis side of lhe inlet. The
line to the Valley passes ior a
short distance through a primeval ioreat closely bordered on
both sides by the nionarclis ol
uie wood and this uloUC will bill pleasant and interesting diversion to city folks lroui Inv
routine   ol Iall   buildings    aiid
busv thoroughfana, 'tha Vallev    is   now   being plellv    Will
opened up and the tacUiucn oi-
lercd  bv   railwaj   ronnnriioni
will surely add many develop-
iiii-uis and iacreaat ine population to many lold belore vuv
long.    The  new   line will   also
provide eaaj accent to the Lynn
mines and the many attractive
ami sunn spols in ihal section
ol the distiict unhiding the
l.vnn canyon, considered to be
one of lhe most favored beautv
spols 111 lliis section ot the
Mr. W. Rogers, lhe popular
car man ol ,trd Itreet is wear
ing thai pleased smile oii.v
liollieublc on speilal uuasiolls.
It s a boy.
Mr. .md Mrs. 1-'. Cm kiuay
relumed yesterday lroui an
eastern honeymoon trip. .Vr.
h. Criikinav   is a brother of
Air. A. K. Crickinav of ihis
Mr. J. C. Williams .,1 ilus
city returned last Saturday
liom a iiioiuh s hunting  uip
111 ihe Upper SijUdiiush. Good
lishing wan enjoyed but the
season was too (aril as ut lor
ilie appealalKc ol i.i uin.
Mr.   .uid   Mis.   Al. Flint,   ol
Mouiiviilc, Out., accompanied
bv Ahs. C. Hint and .Mis. Ai.
iv.iv, all ol whom have bet 00
join mug in Los Angeles lor
some in on ihs, were the gucsis
"I Alt. and Airs. Wm. .Uonliii,
1 lunl slreel on Monday. The
ja.iiiv are on iheir return joui-
IHV lo SIoiilHille aud all the
memberi of It were acquaintances ol Air. Moidcu iu eailui
Voung Alan Wauled l,,r hard-
w.iie store. Apply Paine \ McMillan, ti
The lollowing letter has been
received by the Hoard ol Bchool
Trustees in reply to a  letter to
tin  Department of Education
reqiiesliug lhe sanction of   the
department to a hall holiday
tomorrow.    An announcement
of postponement Upon the pall
of the .May Day committee Of
pens elsewhere ;
Victoria, May 9, 1910,
Alexander Law, Ksip,
Sec N. Van. School Hoard,
N. Vancouver, H. C.
Deal Sir,—In reply to your hi
ter ol the 5th insl. I beg to W
1 pi.um   )ou  that  the  Depart
meill is pleased lo grant a hull
ilui BCXt \\iilliisilav, the llth
insl , lor lhe purpose ol ,1 Ila}
Dav celebration on that   dati
M.iv    I  suggest,  however,    thai
ovviiij; to the recent death of lhi
King   it   might *be  seemly   to
dispense with the May Day  0
(filiation lor this year.
I have   the   honor lo be, sii.
Your oU'dient servant,
Superintendent of Education
St  Andrew's and Caledonian
I.allies' Society held a mosl
siiiussful and enjovable soiial
evening al Um imm of Mrs
i- 11 Ii 1  on the Baplanadi on
Thuis'I.iv lasl. Dancing coii-
1. sis intermingled with musical selections were the order of
the evening Mi.ss Campbell
and Mr. Garrow were the mitt
winners in the contests This
w .is the first social evening al
ilns society and was most sm *
lesslul. A heartv vote ol
thanks was extended to Mr.
ami Mrs. Fowler.
I'OR SALK 01 Uade lor leal
cslale, piano, Hell make, e.o>t
iii"- ■'Ipp'y i26 loth street
iasi, Noi IU Vancouvei,
Speilal Sale oi loo .lupoUisc
matting mats, sue jxb al jo
Cent!  each,    these    ttt snaps.
iiui ih   Vancoavat lloun i-m-
lllsllcls,  IJIS LoUsdaic Avi.       '
I'OR SALIC -- Jhicc um,laics
liom Lynn \ alley coi um
Gordon lluglils. liuuv situated lots .Vju now, will Jouljl.;
in value uiiiiicdiaicty ui eoiu
uu tins 1 mining. C. \\. Allan
I I o., 133 LoUsdaic Ave.        tl
l'ol SlIlgiT allil I In 1 lu .iiul
vvilsnii Sewing Alaihiuis and
aiussolles, call at our ollice,
The .1. .1. MiAlecce Dry Ooodl
Sion, '*t Lonsdale Ave. Ala
china sold lor cash or on <asy
payment system, 'lhe Singer
.siwmg Machine Co.
for SALK  Furniture oi iit
room Hat, all ucw. Flal to rent
II] month, Appl), A. .1. Ty-
s.iii,  Flat Iron Hlock. 7
The  assignee  cl   lhe   l.'l.nlay
I'.iuiiii Company is calling for
Undi is lor the stock, plant,
eli ,  ol tllc busilliss as .1 going
concern al 1 rata on the  do!
lal.    Tin   business olicts  all  a a
eellelil opportunity lor a   pi.n
inal mall and is wi 11 WO! lb tin
i.llillll mvi ,ligation ul   .,11 1 b.
tiniali  wlm wishes lo establish
himself in business 7
WANTED Good itrong girl,
Housework   and  waihittg,  irolll
JH a.m. to IJ iiuoii.   Applv    R.
C, Hooper, Ottawa Gardens. PAGE TWO
li. c
An Acre on Lonsdale Avenue
Sh,rain-Williams   Paint,    Cot.r   the    Earth
nm- vear, tiun
Published Tin siliyi and Friday! bj
Nokiii Shosi Pri ii, Limit) n
laili'i Ol   si gn ||moa
Six monthi, Mc, Thru moathi, Ue,
I'niii'.l St;iii*s an*I foreign, 11.80 per fin
Advertblng EUtM etll In quoted oa ipplicttion.
Thl Exprcu ii ellfotttel in thi* interests ol Ihl north Shore "i llurrunl lnlcl
i-xi'luiiv'tely, li conitltutH am kdvt-rtiadi.a mediuni ol i u-ci-llonil ralue lui
ri'.u-liini! in ii tli<-roi*|*h nml ell.-i lm* iiuiuiier iln- populllio! ol Sorth  Vancouver I
Cilj  .lll'l I'IslrIi'l.    I'.I'TV llla.rl Is llllllll* |0|JIV»l  Ull Veil LII. tlie llll i.l   MttlUal'lnn I
All fliaiuii's 111'"iiii.i i aalii*iiisi*iii'*ii|s - ..iilil Ik* in thoprlaleri1 Intuitu ii'l
uit. r limn in a.in   Mi null* »nd 6 i'ln. U.ibifsila-' I" eiuori' Innrllon in tlm
MluWIUg   IsSIU*.
for $1,100. ThU property lies well tothe
|outli iiiiiI wt-st, and will make a lovely
ll(llll,-iu- for anyone wishing a large piece
0(  ground   ind the amenities therewith.
II L. 2<»5   A SWoot l"t lor |600 etuh.
J! L. 113-Lot on cur line (4th Street) for $1,690
''l,,,m';;,llHvll,ausl;ia'.,,.l,.:..3.l|i.i,a      l)|.i-n Ev,',,ilie->l.ya|.|'"iiili.u-"'
A iter "Uur lie'tWI, pllOM Uti
,   Visaa.rvii;,     I'.. C,
i,Dv, akii \ll   UKOKOK
Mvv     III,    I'llll
Within uiu* h.on ,iiiii iln
i'inl, iv i iiiiii .ii ni the 1-',\| iiss
' .uui' iiniii ilu pn si s, ihe s.ul
information was n-ccived thai
King l-'.dw,ii,l 'In Seventh hail
passul avv.iv Ihs id,uh ii.,ii ki
the passing nl one ol the mon
able Ul"ll.ilills wlm evi I   gTa<'
ilie ihi.'iii aai .ins. nation  lint-i
ilu- dawn ni hialon    In Ins ib
lllise llieie has lm n  n iinlll.ili a
uin au iin mosi illustrious
reigns oi all the long succession
ii Itriliah sovereigns, His wa
not a length) iiunii ol oil.i>
to Imu.an undemanding u a|i
I*. ,iis all too shaiit    bin il vi a
.  II pn "li.nn  to ,i mosl i"li
s|ui nous   degree    with
whose |iniiiiii.iliiiis bal ibe w, i
i.in   iii   liis  ii ii ion aiid lol
peace  oi lhe world eionol
.. aqualcl-i   realized  until   lln
lapse ol   nun  h.is enabled   lb
world  lo pi,in ibein in  righ
I"isi'einve   .imi  until   -siii's.
i|ilelit    ileyilii|ilinlits   have   eln
powered us to rightly   gangi
ilnn i.u reaching i-lk-eu.      l.
lias bun saul ii |'i aliillv that
I'.'lualil     llu      Si \elltll    w.is   .
great constitutional monarch
and this but cannot la lo
simiiglv   emphasized,  hut with
11 should likewise be USSOciatWl
lile    llll tiler   l.iil    thai   be    wa
., iiiiuieuilv    ,i    constructive
monarch.    As a sovereign   hi
u.is  a  glial   blllbli I.   liis evil v
ainvi    iu   sl,ilui,nl    w as ul   a
positive  n,iimi, made (row   u
. ai.uiv defined motive and wiili
a definite purpow iu vim. 'lln
ition ..I l-iiigl,nul among ih
aiioiis, uiniii liis masterful ad
linistration has Itevu pi,»
metamorphosed   since  tho
lhat    he   ascended    ih
throne    Thai  "splendid iaolu
.ion    is  a thing i,i the  puat
.'illiiiiiai s have Iiiiii   .uli
I'.sundu itaudingi   have   been
ip.iini, prejudices havi Is 11
.eiiiovui,   cleavages liave   lieen
welded,   Kngland has judii oil
vii   lrankly   extended  ilh
,,.nul nl  uiliilll,illon    lo    olbel
nations, other nalioai h.iva   m
turn    'liavvn   lie .el   to   Imi.'liim
illd    ll il-ndsllips   have   1 nil    u
,, ii iiiiii i" mii Ii  ni i iti ni thai
a li|..v s all llliliv
iiimi     |'a,*lll*all     IU     llll      ia,ll
"I     llii     u.ii loU 1 I '"
I    iv Iiiiii    movi Iiunl   lln    ceU
i ral,  dominating pn > »,<   «as
a,it a,i km*.  I',,hi ,n,i Un   Sei
a lllll Till*   ISslll S   Willi   W llllll   III
appted   wm   mi iieiiieii'l"iis,
H   loun'dationi which  be laid
ale  SO  l'i",III   ami   SUr«   that   llli
gradual unfolding .a iiiiii lal
mt   potentialities will   compel
the admiration oi future genet
.iiiniis.   His physieal   presutit
his wise uiiiiiells.  Ins liinsletlul
uidanci will no more be enjuj
i il in tin Hiiiitiils o| Ins nation,
but  the   geniM "I   I'.ilwaid   lln
* mIi will abide and will 11
elt   a   belli In i lit   llllllll llie    Upon
llfslolv   .Hid  lile ulli
nh tin* nation,   \\lule the na
ion lives, lhi king Ims.    Kd
v   nil lhe Si viiilll nl 111 olge lln
'inli.    the     appellation    in,iv
haitge, but lhe king abides.
King   George   iln    1'illh    as
nii'ls Un* tliiiaiu- iii r.iiat Bln
.iin .it a juncture in the intent
al aii,dis aai the kingdom whiih
all intelligent cititena recognize
.is     grave     ami     MIC     which
in.iv    precipitate    a   situation
which  will pul lo the severest
lest the loyal Illness lol  lln i\
.ihni  position io whuh he hai
beili i It vateil     'I bile are,  how
vei, considerations which  an
■ reassuring in ihis rt-speeI
in new king is |s ve.ns ..t age,
in.ni   in   the  prime  ol   hie.
winn all the capabilities  with
whiih  he is endowed alt best
lilted  to respond   to  .mv   ilt
at,nnl whieh may be made upon
ihein.   lb* is lurther eminent!)
well   C(|llippcd   lo   deal   wtsilv
wiih   those  weighty   matters
wllla ll    Iall  Wltlllll    llif  pill view
"i Ins high office, his illustrioiu
lather having carefully placed
al his disposal lhe niosl  libel
al    .nil .illla.'is    111   lllis  li * pill,
in anticipation oi bis ascending
Un iln,an, ol Ureal Britain Ad
I'.tistdiraiioi k combine, then
Ion. lo assure the Bmpin thai
King ia..!.' V. is emu - nth
endowed in aduiiniatei wiib
conspicuous siuiess ihe aflaira
ol  his  iiii a,in-, iiiii alone  wiih
l.l.l.llii       lo      lllose      lllailli.lt
problems which may from liim
in iinie arise, hut likewise with
respect lo overtaking thosi
greal oppoi utilities lor develop
ment and progress which will
hai.nt.rii* lhat period "i ill
nation's liiston through ani I
in is di alined lo reign,
lln* lirsl official utterance ol
• lu knowledge that l hnve in
, , ,|,,(, wile one who will be u
constant helpmate in ever) en
deavoi  i"1 "m people's good
•Inm* utterances sra at  onu
m.niiv   and singly,  nnd   aver*
,nu.  Briton  the world   rouiul
will niMinlv respond i
Cod save ,'in gracious Kin
live nm in ible King,
(',,„( Save  lhe  King.
AT   lll.Al) OJ
1   801 ND
Price List of
Vegetable and
Bedding Plants
e'diii'iu.''*. in i"'\i'*"f '-'•        ttt
Contractor Donald Mi l.uin an
■ \|"i is lei go up lo New p"i I
e.lllv   next   Week  while    lie    lias
sullied the uiiitiai* i b,r grad
ing a considerable sei lion ol
right "i wav along the Maui
ipiain river lor the Howe Sound
i'i mb i i'.n and Noi ihem Kail
wav Company. This branch  is!
lllli Haled    lo     i"llllei 1     New pi l I
vv iiii   the  magniliccnt    limb i
an as  along the. liauiquam i •
vei,   than   whiih ilnn  aie   no
Iiiiiii  iiinbii  lands   iiiii.iin.it
iu  the province   Mr.  htciA-a
nail  will  also I'loui il  willl  ll  .
contract Iqt grading ibe iUv
at   Newport, work Upon  win li
was stopped during lhe winl.
t be latlvv av   company  have    i
iiiiiii.nis  lot  ihe constructioi
"I a budge ai laass ll.e S'Hl.lllllsIl
liver,   which  will  i liable   il'am
in iiiii down to the wnterlii'ii |
.rn   Howe Sound  and likewise
bu  i iiensive piling along  tin
rivei  .md elsewhere lor indus
trial purposes.
I'elery ^^M
'I'liinaliifs >H*     j^-^—
i-i.owi-.k PLANTS
\-l.T*-, Sl... ka-. 1 ...l.l.'li I'lllliiT
|'anili*i, vanillin lown, Is
i,I i; large roots in box, Me
p»iile», Aiiimini wwn, m
bloom, 8 lar-ti reoti la bas. '-"'
\.-a,n,',i ram-* i" twderi Is
luimll,'. ul mini- ral.' perdMM.
ALL K'Nds of
TIME  to Paint.
Make your build-
gs bright and clean
iis Spring. We have
..ie best and most economical paint lor you
to use.
paint, prepared,
'the paint thi
spreads  farthes
wears longes.,
, looks best.   Made
! of purest materials.
A record of forty
' years of good paint
^      making behind "
D t      II T P    MW   THE s-HRCEST SALE OF
Sole Agents for
North Vancouver
Paine  ®.  McMillan
The Pioneer Hardware
0    4>
mU.-!:.'wnf.,mt    Paintt    Coter    iht_E
iu th
1 li.i. nevei a 'i"^'1
I-,,1,'ih, lower .. soul descend
l be more n Bada ul ihe mniUI
n minds
•niill M,k ilu- selfish ends.
in   tlu
\_ i      rumpanionahip
Wnh   others   your
thrown ;
lt„t the man who iriei loi in
l.u'Mi prise
Mnst' navel. I.i  In i.'lus.ib.m
Km:'  made upon the ucca
iion ol   bis being   proclaimed
a,iiiiioi Imi iii.ike a deep liupi  ■
tion upon and to call lorth  u
warm response Inun every lo
.il utiles "i tlie iinpin
\lv   lords and gentlemen,
said   iln    Knij;,   'mv   In ,111   i
loo iiill lol  Ule l" .iildiiss   v .,,
i,a'l,iv    in   ition   ib,iii  a   lea
wolds.     11   la   n, v
iimv  io announce lo you   tin
di .llll  ill   UIV   di .Illv   beli'li'l    1,1
In i    ilu   Km.',  ni ilns irrep
,ll   ll'll      loss   Vl hi, It   ll is    s,,    slid
il. nlv    I.illitl   Upon Hi'   ami   llli
Uhoh   ilupin   I .nn u'liii'iuiil
bv   llie le-.li'.     lli.il   I  bave   tin
. path) ul nj iii■ iii* siib|u ti
wiia, will ni.inin with nu I"'
ilu n bi Iiii a a' ivi n ign, whose
own htippim    w,is in  ihariii-*
,md | ' in lis        I have
"ia     , lather's  love,
bill   llll   nflecti aii ,le   allil   llllllll
ate  relation i ol s deal Irienil
ami .ul
I r to lollow in In*
[oolite] ie s.tllle tlllii
in uphold   tin   constitutional
toivei'iiniiiit ill iha a realms will
In lln ' , ct ol mv i.ii
I am di i I'K    a,i ibl,* ,,| die very
„,.  M1„s, make lor  bimsdl
Where ni.'i-il.i' i.'oi eertrw
l,ll |„ grows complete ." «*
lelllinilll swell,
As he learns to walk  win
I. O. O   1-.
Nmili Vancouver Lodge,  Ko,
55, meets everj Thursda] even
ing, corner I.ollsdale uvenile lllld
l-'nst street, at S o'lloik. Visil
lag brethren cordialli invited to
attend. .1. Kelly, N.O.; A. T.
Kenuedv, Rcc.-aec.; J, II. Pilling, l'in.-sec.
fc I/4NDIE
Close to Lonsdale Ave.
and Car Line
A small house .md lev Q Jo It.   lots,   all   cleared   and
water laid to tin- property,   Price onlv J750,    Termi
1 1 cash, balance, 6, n and 18 months.    _§
Twentieth Street, One lot dote to I.ousdale ear line
i.n ui' Snull.. Price I650, Terma, |33j iash, balance
is, 11 aiiii 18 month 1.
,\ lew ipi inlid lols ill the iiiy limits at S.'.sn iu.li,
oiiK  j cash, bal.mn IS,   i: ,tiu\ iS months.
Chas. E. Lawson b> Co.
"• * i.evi-ns
ij Lonidale Ave,
I      1   IVl-a'S
is     llll'l
M.llillaarlill' I "I
*       „!     Vl,..la„l    II
in, In ill IHI""	
Pk-ni-.r-amb*     hrnHata Mana*.
p., not content wiih thi
Inth, valley Ufa1 to stop,
lim wnh 11.111'"-' bold I. ed IW
adage old .
"There's always room at w
,,,,,!,* destiny ol the British na   (,c4VJ    ,, ilitica    which
tion. havi   Iall' m    I -**
,l„   k,„,   ,.. Dead      I.":*' lhat   I can rd] upon tbc  pal
1 ive ilu   King."   The king   1- liameul   and ou lhi people   ol
' „i   -ii the king nevei   dies   the* islam i; dominions
The king .s dead, vt -lu  hini  beyond ihi ihcii help i"
,,,.„'s    The kin-; is 1 man, thsdischargi ol 1 rduousau-
thereion mortal nntl mnst die. ties and tl th*< '"M
lhe k,„, is tht head oi thi ua   will   grani irength   nnd
inu, and U,  therdore, coeval|guidance,  I un encoura|eu  n-
E\( .1
! *
Man'"'    '""'   SlSl
ginesad. Boiler Wo
' i*. ■
1 , a p| *  ■
Norlh Vancouver
There is glorj upon >'
Though   ilu'  siuiinni
and bleak ;
Vei   ilu   radiant  l""-1 "'
sun bills lusi
Like 1 Mowing rose on
Tiun  .lure   the   paths   - ""' . —   ■ 1 ll 111111111IIII1111 t
J-Sft ■****' m ....   1
•Alms, depths .rn' stirred bj sa +
Inward word I J
1 b .md to aspire
Hot Points and Some Pointers
ti... sales during the past week have exceeded "...
apectationx, whkh la an evidence of the growing
popularity  ol the Hot Points.
Perhaps vmi art (ond ol uin- iiisp dry toast,
Well,  We bave  jusi   lhe  thing   to  provide  vmi   tin
11 eaiis oi satisfying your   neairc,   and shall   '■■'
1 to dcinoiist.itc its usefulness. H^^
No trouble lo show goods and we IR sine vmi
will buy.
Keep Cool
B. C. Electric Railway Co., Ltd.
50 Lonsdale Avenue.
UaseerseroolMli *.* FW»
,,„! is.iiontliK*   iMIoSO
1 „, m 121b «. between _4t**n
etXir ijf(»rhi  	
l2moalhi.  (»ollo«.)
monthi.   iFoUolWd
ear Md Moody. £00 cub; bal-«
u i.ili.** iWielH.]
^_^_*i&__klt i
Ro .. i.ir.l.    I,,|.lt'll.l' »k ■'-.
2 \"t- en Kill   l',lm-ii   lli.li-.'veiiv
lllial  Moot*-.    I'..'ill. :i«li; bul. Ultllil 11
nonthi.   K*a|ia, 112.1
| laals     ia||    ljlla*i*l|s|i||ry   HtUHa,    1'
b. .'ia:',; uin' l"i.; nod in"*.   ',| null,
I'll. llVer   IS   llia'lllli..       llllHl' HO' t I'lil
liel'iii tin- iiiairki*! ami uill not l»-t
long.   (Folio lit.)
2 Iini- lutu mi luili 8t ni'iir bi'imlali'
Ave., laeini Kiuth, MQ mh. lml. ii
am! 12 inniilli*.   ila.ln   I'.'
I,"l iin 1'itli insl an "li,moil vii'vv III
iltn in Lum,  All cleared fi.'-u e«ili;
bal. i, nii'l 12 iimiitlis.   iKnliii IL'S.i
I.-t in block It, 1' I.. '.'7:',. i,iiiiiL-''ii
:tnl Bt MH mh; bal, t ud II
monthi,  .Mi\i::ii|i*.*i.  I Folic IW,
-— .■    -nv* in Lvnn Valley in tht near future.
ndio.tio.ispoh.tto. t,vi-  i;ve,n^ nVtUanydUlkwith«.
.iatingiin this vicinity aw of tha varj _
The Canadian Financiers, Limited,^ ^
14 lotwdflle Ave, Near the Terry. ■	
■ R. L. Thompson, Local Manager. i
I i ..^,.i■ illllllll ""
Registration of North Vancouver Properties
A review of the registrations  of Nortli Vancouver properties from the Vancouver Land Registry ollice discloses the lollowing transfers for week ending April 23rd, 1910 :
D I,.     Property
GaO. II. Salmon et al  K. RI. Wallis  10-31 and K % 30-2022   J too
0, II. Salmon  John Deinostoll  1-21*.1022       300
A. /.alietta et al  Q, Tolluleto  6-9-265     415
B, Kriesel  \\.  McNeish  18, 19-66-271     1,800
0, and S, forks 'Irwin & Billings 17-120-274     2,500
A. Haws  B .V4-127.274          575H. Humphries	
Williams I. A. Hale 5.15-2023
P. Emery et al„ R. F. McDonald 111-2024   .
1\ StnafiWood  R. II. McAllister  14-105-550
V. I,* .Ni I. Co W. .1. Thickle  14-94-550   .
J. Gedda  tl. II. Cluvtou i.s-12-553  •
H. I'iiknis  M. V.  Ross  17, 18-4-16
•\* Ban  T.  Rlelvweii   '5-28-273    1,500
Lcvvcikc  \. lv Lees 4-126-274     5,000
.1. Campbell et al A. 1). Goldstein 1 to n-1-17-549  12,31m
Prims M. I,cwis h-4-1-550         500
in. Really Co Iy \\. Cotton  |6,  17-II-764   t_0
Adams et al I. R. Rlurray et al W ';-i 1-129-274    2,100
McCluakey  0, Larson  5-1-2A-548     1,500
R. U.i^liuiii  \. Alarliiidick et al  25 to 32-2-1X-549      2,exio
B, I'Vll ei al lv Beattie 4-15-553      500
Pagan S. Bertrata  12-4-20-548            800
A«KW  I. N.  Hunker  3, 4,  13 to 18-8-553     ,..   2,875
Burnaby municipality debentures totalling an issue of $29,-
500, 25 vears aud bearing 5 per
cent, wire disposed of recently
to the Bank of B. N. A., Vancouver, at 5104.32, aggregating
to the municipality tbe handsome sum of ¥30,777.
The Cranbrook Klectric Light
and Power Co. has completed
the city's lighting plant and
the new plant is now in readiness for operation.
A Literary Column
Somewhat About Books & Writers
.lust prior to the passing of
"Somewhat AboUt Hooks .tn.l
Mark Twain died another humous) ol no mean inspiration,
bul whose talent lav in lllus-
tration, The signature "Tom
Brown" was a hall mark of ex-
a 1 lb ine ill black alld while   il*
.nitration,    He bad a (acuity
ol sei/nij; upon tbe subtly bu
morons incidents ol even daj
hie, anil time was nothing
forced about Ins work.
lasl week. The mistake was
due to lhe peculiar composition
ol lhe compound word "backroom" which was uniciitioii.illy
taken for "bar room" and
j which was contained in tbe rs
'solution moved bv Commissioner Jackaon. The quotation as
published was "who i.s reported
bv the Chiel of l'olicc to have
betl lound lying sick in the bar
room ol Larson's hotel." The
report should have read "who
is reported by the Chiel of Police to have been lound lying
siek in tbe back room of Lar-
i son's hotel."
Messrs. Jeffery Bros., 511
Dominion Trust Block and
135 Lonsdale Ave., North
Vancouver, are prepared to
give prices for any class of
building in any district. Good
and reliable work at a reason-
|  able figure.
The spiritual aUil in.in tl tr.i
toilits oi literature deal wnii
' In |iovi*rtv ami griiiin ss, with
llll-       IllllOsptl,ll'll*     ellVlloaila   I'.
,iiunl vv bull llie liv. "i in,mv
nun oi letters have ii en lived,
Hut is theie 1101 a more material ride whuh we might cill
lhe traged} of book lib* l-'.ir
Instance,   look  at   the  varied
inllil Iimi ol books oil a si.nii.i-
bainl dealer's stall, jjr.ive  and
! C..IV.   Iivelv   atul  silelle ill   lolle,
,ami "iiie as v,nii'l iu binding
aiul    Edging,     S<aim-   have   lb.
ib.iik oi  the binding
mav   reveal  .1 deeper   trage ly
sllll      The book itsell may    lit' | 	
as   iill    as   ilust  ilisseltloll   on |
some obscure .nnl iinintiresting | *,••■••■>■• QK0WSR81 ASSOCIA
Iiiiiiiii, but the loin binding re-
|icnls that  ill  the 1,illlii sl
tin- binding proceas ntnc sal 	
ilier   wolk lias been ml  up   lol!     J__   n.orgiilli/.atioil     ol     lllc
I1 sbt provincial Fmit Growers'  As
suiiaiioii tluring the conference
Reu   si'lllelliis sllll eligible Have
fuade one long lor more,   .nnl
has realised that a mastei
suite, a gem ol literature has
linen sail'iliuil iu lhe binding ol
[1    less    Woilliv    ton-.       That
liriine character oi Knglish lib-
|rtv    "Magna   Ch.iria."     was
oiniil in the possession of a ta-
lor who  with   ,1 stricilv utili
an.ni attitude toward  parch
Ineiit   wa.s lor   tutting   it up
Inlo tana measures sad m 1 lu-
11.ivh win 11 paper was so open
nve tins aamc Influence was al
Senl k, .nnl it would appear that
In.1111 ol the first eilitioiis whose
■mrvivors are pnrcbasad at lab-
oils   |iiiies,  have  ilisappearnl
|n this fashion
Di Dawson has attracted m-
nl   audiences iiiiiiiii: Ins   week
'i   uvius ui Wont) iiiiiiiii,
'ancouver,    and    fortanaUlji
Inn  will Ik  all opportunity ix-
i-nded ol hearing him lectors
Ilns week ill  Ml    rlc.is.ilit   Me
I In ..list  lllllllll.      —
The opening u|i of the North
Thompson bv the Canadian
Northern Kailway means a big
thing to Kamloops. There are
some 300,000 acres ol this land
tributary to tin- city and this
is as good soil as the sun ever
shone 11 poll.
This would support a farming community ol 60,000 ianufa
il.nits, ami ihe mae,nilnilc ol
this vast territory when
brought in tomb with ibe coin
and this menial upon the advent ol a
I railroad can hardly be realised,
An error Inadvertently on tired in the report of the polks
oiiiiiiissioiiers   meeting    held
oi  representative Iruit grower
recently held at Kamloops wil
11 is saul, remit in benefit  tn
the hint growers ol the pro
viiiii It is essential to the
siiness ol lhe ilulllstrv lllal
there   ihould be some coiiiiiion
ground on whiih growers ttt
meet 1.tilt OthsT and Wolk olil
(lie great problems involvul in
producing a uniformly high
j-ruilc of Iruit, properly packed,
ami distributed by efficient
transportation lacilities to tin
Ik-sI markets This Assiuia
lion is intended  lo bring Lint
growers   together on sum   ,1
common basis lm mutual aid
ami assistance along tin- lines
involved iii better marketing ol
our Iruil. It is tlnu 1. .ills
au educational lorce, bat is to
be valuable also in ,v.lirillg
supplies at lowest prices   nld ill
bringing the psataat lores la
beal   in  ti.iuspoitatioii   piob
bins The work ol the issocu
tuill tins year w ill be aloll-; lllllllll s   ol   pricing,   distribution,
arranging for rauaiviag rapotts
Irom markets ol demand und
lhe preparation ol a nioiitlih
Clap and market report of llic
world's fruit.
On May 14th thc CARS WILL BE RUNNING past
nur new subdivision, which is located in the heart of
Lynn Vallev Kiv. 1
Intending investors interested in Lynn Valley property
should accept thc above announcement as 1 tip that
pines will lake an upward movement as soon  as the
juice is turned on.
We   have  also   a   remarkable   fine   subdivision   on
IWINIY-IHIID StRUt, bu lag south, on the extension ol
tin Grand Boulevard, which we arc offering now al
reasonable pricei.
9 Unsdale Avenue. Phone 155.
Noted in the current issue of
the Hritish Columbia Gazette
i.s the incorporation of the St.
Andrew's and Caledonian Society of this city.
'file following notices appear:
To be Justices of the Peace :
Alfred .lames Hudd, of Queen's
Bay ; .'ames T. Bardolph, ol
Bark Bcovil ol ('.olden, to bs
registrar of voters for the Columbia Electoral District, in tin-
place  ol .1. B. C>rillith.
.lohn Parisian, of front Lake
to be a provincial constable.
To be Notaries Public : Alexander Chas. Minty, of Rock
Hav, antl Hcrlicrt (1. Iloppins,
of Arrowhead.
lohn Newton of Nanainio,
to   be   an   inspector    of    coal
mines and an Inspector of nut
alliferoiis mines.
Albert Bdward Pilling, of
yualsiiio, to lie a commissioner
lor taking ulbdavils.
Harry lv Moiincc, of Cumberland, io be a member of thc
Hoard of Uireclors of the 1'nioii
aiid Coniox hospital, in the
place of Thos. K. Ilaggart.
John Mosely, of Kamloops,
lo be engineer at the provincial
home in the place of .las. Power, resigned.
Herbert Donaldson llulme,
ol   Vancouver,    lo   be   Deputy
District Registrar (or Vancouver Registration District during
the absence of Thos. 0. Town
ley, District Registrar, to take
enact from the 1 .stli day oi
Mav,  1910.
Notice is given ol Inspection
of cattle by the provincial in
■sectors in the following places
l-.'iMlcrhy :i ranches, Chilliwack
50 ranches, Siiinas 1; rail bis,
Satdis h ranches.
Notice is given of a Dominion
order-in-coiincil establishing
new regulation* for llie disposal ol coal mining rights. The
lands referred to in Hritish Columbia is three and a half SCTeS
acquired by the Dominion government and the property of
the crown.
Notlie is givtf that oil tllc
1Mb   of May in New Wcslniin
ster ii. A. wilmot, Inspector ot
dikes, will oiler certain par-
uls of laml in I input hun dyking district, Maple Rkjgs dyking district, Maisipn Dyking distriit and Pitt Meadows
n.n 1 J dyking distriit, lor side
for the nun payment ol taxes
Certiin ales ol illeolporatioll
have been issued lo lhe following ; Citizens' Co-operative As-
soiiatioii, II* II Clarke Co.,
Malalial Tug Company, Maple
RidgS Hoard of Trade, St An
draw's .md Caledonian Socictv
of North Vancouver.
The Helgo-Caiiadian Fruit
Lands Co* arc making applica
tion for a water record on a
tributary of the North fork of
Mission Creek and the Andrew
A. Hamilton for a record on
Sawmill Creek.
Notice to the creditors of the
late W. P. Peacey ol N. Van
louver for the forwarding of all
.bums against the estate to be
in I'v 'une 15, 1910, is given bv
Messrs. Schultz and Arnold ol
The    following    UaniCS     have
lieen added to the list of provin
iial land snrvevors who are authorized to practice during tin
vear min : VS. S. McDonald ol
Vancouver and 0. B. and .1. M.
Milligan of Victoria.
Nelson Manfg Co.
N. V. l.i-Miikk Co.'s Mill
greets the visitor who enters our crystal room, where
is arrayed a greater quantity of exquisite Cut Glass
than has hitherto been shown within the confines o(
one room, in Vancouver.
The rare beauty of the design, the superb cutting
and polish of each piece displayed, is a perfect
triumph of the cullers art.
Do you desire to secure a bridal gift of worth,
something that will be highly appieciatcd ? Then let
your gift to the bride bc a piece of Birks' cut glass,
it is not excelled in Canada.
N. NELSON. Proprietor
Phone    198
North Vancouver
Coal and Supply Co.
Dealers in Coal, Brick,
Sand,   Gravel,   Lime,
Cement   and   General
Builders' Supplies.
All  Orders   Promptly
Filled and Satisfaction
Guaranted.    Prices on
Office: Lonsdale, near City Wharf
Warehouse:      Forman's Wharl
Indication forLipr License
Notice is hereby given that at
the next sitting ol the board ol
Licensing Commissioners lor
the city of North Vancouver, 1
iiiieiid lo apply for a retail bottle license lor the premises, sit
uate on lot 22, block 152, D.I,.
274, on ist street east, near Sl.
David's Avenue.
(Signed) CHAS. A. MEE
Dated at North Vancouver,
April 26th, lyio.     1, 5 10-12
NOTICI-; is hereby given that
I inlend 10 apply lo iln- Board
oi License Commissioners for
the Municipality ol North Vancouver ut the next statutory
uieeting of the s.ud Hoard to be
Iniil 111 .lune, 1910, for a liu use
to sell liquor by retail on that
cattail premises iii the Municipality of North Vancouvei ami
known   ainl   described   as   Lols
One 11) ..ml Two (2) iii Block
numbered Kilty-one (31) in subdivision ol ilistrict lot number
ed Two Thousand and   Right I
Scii 11 (20H7) group one (1) New
Westminster Di.str.it, common
lv known as Lynn Valley Ho
D.itcd this |th day oi March,
II Applicant.
Henry Birks & Sons, Ltd.
Diamond Merchants, Jewellers
Cor. Hastings & Granville
lien. K. Trorey,
Msaapai Dbsstx
ami  ail vi r*
we received a consignment ol S1NGEU PIANOS,
tised them for sale at Irom   C9f)A   pAfh
We did not get a rush on them! Oh no! Why? because most
people who read the ad. thought tbey could not be up to much
at that price. BUT THEV AK1- MISTAKEN. A Uw people
thought it MAV pay theni lo see them anyway, and every one
of these latter persons stated that
at the value given and ENDORSED than OPINIONS by
BUYING. We have only three now left in stock. We know it
is only necessary for you to see and try theni and VOL' vv ill buy,
so see them now.
North Vancouver Piano Co.
l'lione 114 443 Lonsdale Avenue  /
We Sell Anything and Everything,
Anywhere and Everywhere, by
Auction; also Real Estate, Fire,
Life   and   Accident    Insurance.
Howard & Matbeison
16 Lonsdale Ave.        Phone 220
A Modern Range at a Modest Price
The J. D. Fraser
Phone 58.
It is made on thc most iip-to*
data] plans with .special lea-
tun points, dm "f winch is
which makes baking  a  1*1 ll
This feature pn rants Ibe
possibility ol tin- Imi k ol
the   ovin   In tin:   boHM
thin   marer  tin-   door,
wlm h  is  tie   i .,-,■  tilth
most ranges.
Lit us show you Ibis liltll
wnnkl. It .1"" I i us| -ou
any more in cash, but is
worth muiii in result*..
Hardware Co.
133 Lonsdale Avenue.
ONE LOT in D.L 548, Near Lonsdale
Avenue, Price $800  -   - Good Terms.
64 Lonsdale Avenue, NorthWancouver
MAIN   OFFICE:—264 Hastings St.  [.,  near Impress  Ihcatro AG]
■in R
| ANU I)   l     "*,
Wi   liave excli *  thi I" ll propi rtii I in llie
abovi     I
11 liousdale Avenue
riioiie-   Office 2*1      House 22       I'.u. Boi 60
\v\\ tiii:
Now is the liu • le) thi . up
tb.it lioni-   •     is. \\ I* CAN HELP
io   |"       a'l urnil re si     I irpi t
M* ■ a. I.  .  i homi    hould
lllq Shipment ol Iron and Br<iss Bed-
stPrtd*., thildrenN lot*,etc.   Hen sn
I li o pm' It
„! Iron MU I'.*-' ' K'-lii.a.r,'" M.mr, --  ItitO
*>._.•       ■ "KeMtUinrs" Mattr.-- » I.SO
.in.I .1; 1.. 100.00 A v,'ryi.iiiiliirlalii.*M.i'ir, --.
Woven'  IS.2II -owdot hair and hit $16.00
■* • Cotton Top M.itir*--              HMO
••       •■     " *i i.i Cotton r,a|';iii'l Bottom Mat.
 Hi •               I-.-. Art Tlek    16.00
Illllllll ill
128 loiiMliilr Ave.
North Vancoaver
Board of Trade
POLICE COUET -tt anv sleep daring thi   fa)
  nine when the noise was  ROing
cases w.ie called in the on,   He came to me and aaked
court belore Magistrate periuiuion to He down lor   s
Monday morning,  tour tew hours during the day on the
ol wnich via-a charges lor being sola in the back sitting  room,
drunk Mid incapable, and lhe The desired request was grant
oilier   lor  assault alleged   tail cil and for lotue days he   had
have resulted trom  s row   on been  getting  bis rest   in  Ihis
the lerrj dock.    In the  latter way,      About two days  after
the watchman on thtucu lus dismissal from lhe eniplov
wharf wis ilu-   coiiipLiintani. ol Capt, Cates 1 went through
He stated that the accused   l- lhe billiard room and spoke to
Olson, together with two com Mr, Atkinson who w.is lying on
p.minus   came   on  the   ferry the sola,   I noticed that he wan
wharl si   - 15 Sunday   altei
noon.    The   two   companions
vnn   using   obscene language
.lllll    till      VV .llllllll.Ill,    iLlVille    ll
gard   loi   the  ladies   present,
tried to pacify ihem, He stal
thai while ill lllis act the ami
eii came up Irom behind and
sti niii him twice in the lace the
result "i which he exhibited to
tin court ril the nature ol u
vii\ black anil blue eye, Mi
Clifl, the ticket collector at the
gave evidence as to the
row .iini the w .itihiii.ill's  inter
not looking well and advised
him to go to tbc hospital, He
answered that he expected lo
iiei better soon luu 1 told him
that this was not a place ior i
stik iii,iii and insisted lhat hi
slioiibl have medical attendance. I notified Di Sewcoail
and be advised nu* llial Alkl'.i
soil  slliuibl be sent   lo tile   bos
pital,   1 then notified Dr, ''. iiu
pi it'll, the medical health u!l ci t
.tllil Chid Davies.       file  1 I'lc:
.iskcil me to take i sre ol  him
asked me to lake iare ol  him
[inim-.  A line ol Jjo and costs tor lhat night as he was unabh
or two months hard labor w is in make arranireinents lor him
I',»'feet on cariine, all cleared. Price- $1500. Terms ){
cash, balanced, 12 and 18 months,
10 acres; beautiful for subdividing will sell at a profit of
$50110. I'riee $10,001). 'firms >/) cash, balance 6, it and 18
Lots 7 and B, Block 12, D, L. 20.-. Price $650.00. Terms
$325 cash, balance 4, 10 ami 16 months.
Ke.il Kstate ami Financial Agents
IW  "     "     . "
Iloq pet  sad up.
Special rales to Iambi s ami to regular ■
boarders Eiilll
imposed, the magistrate at tbi
s.tlile lillle suggesting llial  anv   ing
ollicial mi  duty on lhe wharl thai
should  wear  a badge "1  Some
kind in signify bis authority.
Otio Kiiitnsoti, K. Hants and
Del Ross cub forfeited tlnn
bail ol Sio.    L.  I.i .iiu \" up ou
Similar charge of drtmkenne
was bind S, and costs,
North   Vancouver   Hoard   ol
Trade meets the third Tuesday
of each month, at 8 o'clock p.
Wc supply STOUWOOD anv m     in lhe  ,)0ard  room<   Cl,y
length reijuitrd $2.75. per load, Hall.   Executive meets the first
Tuesdaj ol each month. W, .1.
Irwin, president; J, G. Fanner,
Plume l')0 P.O.Box lid secretary.
Prompt dclivnv.
Norlh Vancouver,
Maj 'ith, Mi".
Editor Kxpress 1
Sir, 1 beg to state herewith
some very material [acta in re
e.inl to ibe Atkinson case,
win,h w.is a prominent snbjw 1
oi discusaii u *•'■ the renin
meeting ol the Board ol I
Commissioners in this city,
Mr. Atkinson, two days  pn
vions to lus admittance to the
Korth Vancouver Hospital, w.is
employed   bj   Capt. Cates   a
caretaker of the whari for  six
months while the goods d the
Northern Light, Heat \ Powi
Co   wire stored there.    When
tin   S   S    Kls.t  .unveil .illd  I
tb.it daj. The lollowing morn
informed Mr, Atkinson
even thing w.ts In readi
iuss (or liim to he taken to the
hospital* He agreed to tins
and went lo the bathroom and
bad a bath ami a wash tip and
1 pm mi ,1 clean suit of clothes
I had him sent to the hospi
ial that afternoon in my own
rig. 1 believe tkat Mr. Atkln
son was never the worse of li-
.pinr   since   ks entered  the nil
ploy ol Capt. Cates and anv
drinks he had was in .1 similar
manlier to anj 1 Itixen,
Miss (Hive Butler returned on
Sundav altei spending .1 sh 11
holiday with iriends in Lang
'*-V.\    •*•
The Hoard of Trustees (or
Korth Vancouver Schi ol Dis
iria invite architects to send
in competitive pi.uis for n
silion! on Lonsdale Ave. l'i.into In* in hands oi Secretarj not
Liter th,ui Mav :;ib Forth 1
transferring ol lhe freight cOw   particulars to be had Irom lh«
Mr. Atkinson, win, had Secretarj
his room in the office oa  the u ALEXANDER LAW,
wharf,  lound it iiupossilili   io P.O. Hon 17S, North VasKouver
Stcoan Sikiki,   ....   NORTH  VANCOUVER, B. t
Advertise in the Express
If you wish to sell vour real estate.
0m sereoe < antra- Road near car »lth "wod hoots snd chicken
run, one half **--t "iit in "iii.ill Iruit tur t'2'ati.   tlUOU CSSh, Imlnne-e
A iniiidK-r "I i,"'"'l let! mar ear fur WO and Utt.   f.V) iitfli,
lialiitiii'tlii |nr iii"iitli.
We have a I'-vi- MDalBft, I"t** in D.L >7 al (r..ni MS t" MOO Mck.
Then- i.ar"iil  Maf SpSBtd (nnu  I.vnn V»lley Is  l.'ili.'lali- ruiiin.',
right throafh this property.
-.,„■ as kr i"i" ea aad tmt the ass Boat-mrd,  IMOsada***.   '»
etsh, lialat ii. IS, IS sad 'Jl.
ll vmi Lave anv Lynn Vailh'V j.r.,] .-rty I*, wil as aire 111 ,1 |
tn haii'lle it SS «e hav a lirain'li a.lli. *.* Is I
A V   M.i.if
1, iv lam
tor. <Sth & lon-.dc.le   Phone 17b        Branch Olfate-l-nn lallev
Manitoba Real Estate Co.
No. I  Oflice
Open Evenings.
Call and See Us.
Phone L3110.
Genuine Real Estate Bargains—North Vancouver
Loti I ind 8, Block 5, D.L 786; 100 feet oa King ind 864
ii-'-i on Ny. Prion $3,000; Imll atwh, bnlince C, 12
ind 18 iiiontlia.
Lm l, Block 37, D.L. 549; 30 Iwi ra Lonadtli ind 176
MOI on 17th -!r.'.*t.    1'rics ni.OK); (|Uarter ciish. bsl*
line to -nit.
Lol 16, Block I, IH 786; fallen, Prioi 88,850; qmr«
ter cash. blllDCI to suit.
UU 19, SO ind 21, i of 617. I'riee Sl.lOOeach; quarter i-.i-h
Lots, 11. 60, 27, D.L 854; thru nputti mth in vicinity
of RICE LAKE. Price fiO" per acre, third cash,
balance 8 and 12 months.   A HOOD RLY.
Lot 105, D. L. 660; 25x196 feet; 100 facing on KK1TH
Kt>AD. Price* si,o00; 11,800 cash, balance 6,12 and
18 months.
Lot 9, Block 113, D.L. 648. Prioe 18,600; 81,600 cash,
6, 12 and IS months.
We have a good selection ot ACREAGE at reasonable prices.    Call and
see our complete lists.    Advice on all REAL ESTATE matters given free.
-mmtmUimiamU    .1 -I..T*-T"■!■!a»1a»1—111»1 ■l»l»t■!■ t   ■ T^ THE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, • B. C.
A Few Snaps for Profitable Investment
Safety       Income       Profit
Call and see our Large and Exclusive List
Correspondence Solicited
North Vancouver
Recently subdivided and placed on the market for the first time—Cleared Lots, size 50 x 140 feet each, in the easterly
portion of Block 61, District Lot 549, situated between Lonsdale Avenue and St. George's Avenue, fronting on
13th and 14th Streets.
Lots fronting on 13th Street, $1,000 each      Lots fronting on 14th Street, $900 each
Lot 54x140 feet, corner 13th Street and St. George's Avenue    -    -   Price $ 1,600
Lot 54 x 140 feet, corner 14th Street and St. George's Avenue    -    -   Price $ 1,500
Terms, one-fourth cash, balance in 6, 12 and 18 months.
PLEASE NOTE the central situation of the above lots, close proximity to center of population, walking distance
of ferry landing, one-half block from principal cariine of the city.   Electric light, telephones, and city water available.
Compare these prices with the higher prices of property which is much less favorably located,
and you can only arrive at one conclusion.      Make Yocir Selection Without Delay.
(Incorporated A.D. 1906, under the Companies' Act 1897 and Amending Acts, with chiel place ol business in North Vaniouver, B.C.)
Cor. Lonsdale Avenue and 5th -Street North Vancouver, B.C., Telephone 15
Provincial I Sews
n i:\ki.stoki-:
'llll-    ''ll-, l lllllll lit     IN    .ll',,111       I"
construct   ,1  wagon x>>.•. 1    ',,
l-wiii ti.'lil l'1 nl .iiul Uui.iii,
1 ink,   ilu lu.1*1 ,,1 n.i.i;.ninn.
llllllll   a,I    RlllKtill It        Will
in about 15 iiiilu m length ud
will n|Hii up ilu raid ilisiiii 1
i.n French, UcCulwck, Sm.tli
.unl lamp Cml-., ■fording
u,in *|'..rl.iiiui; 1.iiilitu-> lur ilii
III,III   Ill.li llilnil   lllllll nl    ll  11
oi i-:sm-:i.
A hundred families Ironi lhi
initul States --i'ii .iii- iiiulli
-.iiunl tn be .ilium in Mitli "ii ,1
mi liuli  "I    1.iiiulli    ■  \     .ulli ,
southwest 1,1 iiiuMiil     Agents
iinin Sr.mle have gone norlh
to make tlu* iuu*ss,ii\ an
limits and it  is expected lhe}
will paaa through Aahcroit 1 u
U in Mai
Ui .1 ' I- 11,,11111,11 ,,[ Van
1 .imir h.is imu engaged li\ the
iiu 1.1 \ iiiutu in make ,1 com
plete .unin 1,1 tin uiu booki
,iii'l 111.tki' smli riTiiiiiniiiiil.i
nuns .is In* iliiuks neceaiai \ loi
tin- establishing ui .1 nm
system, This action w.is m
sistnl iipuii liy May<jr   Itorli \
.is 111  tin* pablh   Illii list.
Tlll'll     Is     ,|    I'llslsll'lll      lllllllll
around town that the whan,-*
ui ilu Int.*national Steamship
Compan] have been acquired in
tlu* I'.rami  Trunk  l'aiilu   ill ul
ilii iu give iliai company mure
extensive   accommodation   (ni
llllll     .-hipping     Illlt     III    llllS    ||aall
Ii this proves tii li* true it will
give tliiin a luu* sin hli ul  wa
lilll*.Ill     allil    will  [Hull*      ills!
lllll*    lllllll*    Slip    lllll,lllis    ill*,*   lllll
siitiim.iliu-a   ui   their   plans lm
making tins their iiiiii terminal i".1111.
sm (Kill js believed  that   valnal I'
uii   l.iii'l  has Imll   locattd   111
ilus iiiinui     \li    Frank,  an
1 \|u 11 a.il .iini 11.iini.il ':as man
1 Linns that a n.n 1 a,1 land neat
Sajokl II,ill".I all'l Mlllf link
111.an*   III,in   llall   a   null'   wni
anil mending i"i several miles
slums in iis milogical lorm*
tiun every Indii ation ol holding
ml     A  compan)   hai .ilii.uh
Imll    |i|ulliiili*i|    I"    lliusll^.il
Nm    Westminster   is   sll,illll*:
tin* proapcroni timca in tin
treat in a marked degm and
ilu i.u ts an made conclturivi
In ilu- following     All records
Will I'lukrll illllllij; April ,il
lln   I,uul le-jiMiv  uiiiu* .did Ri
gislrai Keith reporti una ol
ili, bnaieat months in the Ins
tun ui tlu iiiliu. Tin im Ipi 1
im April totalled approximate
li ft, Joo as op|K)Sed to S|.- -s
7" lur Marili Tin previous n
inril month'i reielpts liall- Uin
exceeded by over $1,000, iln
highest reuipls previous   bdBg
Pierce & llall
Successors to nui hi H, ihokmos CO.
QatrUr mn loti on Oordtn totd, olou to Kritli
road ami llollvliiiru duck. I'riee MOO, quarter Btlh,
liiilatieu |,6, LS, 18 ami M DJOnthl, Tliuse are tlio
ohMDNl loti in tliis ilistrict.
i-'ir-t strei t. DM? LoMdlU; two clmire lots, jirici;
17,300, easl, 11,800, lulatiee ii, l'J ami Lfl tiiuiitlis.
I'Iiiiiii- no.
144 Second Street Last.
in  February,   arhkh   totalled
Tlu- run ol red spring salmon
in tin- Fraaer river continues to
Ik*   considerably smaller   lhan
usual and while lislieriinii    ale
prettj u-ri,un that then mil
in- plenty of lish a little later
thev are rather impatient lur
the run tu bagin, The priu- ul
nd spriuj; is unusuglly nigh lor
ilus season ni thi year owing
iu the scarcity,
A new saw mill will probah
ly In- established ihis summer
,,1 Nakusp. Capitalists aft «X
pectcd there shurtlv  irum Ohio
lo make the 111 fl HOT)    BTJangfr
Hunts.   The output i.ip.iuti   1
given as  v.ooo Kit  per da)*
iln* company operating   have
,.hr,ial\ secured many   valuable
limits aiul aie seeking others.
The Inlaw lo burrow $10,000
lul   llie   pllliliase of  road  lnak*
Ing machinery submitted bj tha
township uiiiiiiil was tiiiti.tl
down bj iln- ratepayen 1 j    ■>
in.ip.rit\ ul is against, l.nk
ui interest was accomttlih i'i
llll    allll .it
Nelson looks tu havt Iti
.u.ii railwa) iy»tem in opera-
tion by .lime 1 ul tins m '■
Tin   following   sl,ileum •    is
spread broadcast l.v Mr.
Johnstone, the   momm   (rail
grower of the Nelson district
"The prospects an* bright  in.'
tin   organization "i a        n ■
siii'lliale   ol  the   fruit   e.1 * " is
ol ilns liistriet, 101 iiii ' a. |ier-
ine      marketing      of "',|
iruits.     I reeeivnl iinie spi in a
nuns   1,1 itnk   irom   gri wen
who   desired   lo   lie   members,
and it looks as thongh we may
iia\e jo ot inure growtn 1 tin*
svililii.iti', uhnh will lie U III
li'i largel) upon the lines thi
small one of hist  vear.''
The assm iation are applying
to the Dominion Express Com-
PM) lot transportation 1.uHi-
Kamloops iitv council is con-
lidering the adviaahilit) oi purchasing a 1 nliililii.itlull aiilolllo-
1 ile lor lire fighting purposes,
lhe 111,11 lillle  lu lae go li p     ami
capable ol carrying 1,000 laet
ol   staml.ilil  lluse   and  JOO   leel
of chemical hose The council
is   also   wrangling  ovei   the
question   ol   gradei.     Ill   their
1,ise one ul lhe alderiilell slates
thai a gradt ol our seven ]nr
cent is 1mpr.11 limbic lor le-sni-
RipresilHatives from the dtj
uiiiiiiil ol Kaiiiloo|is were in
thl   capital  .1 .shoil  wliile   aj;o
intervening the government relative to their reipiest lor a
fe)o,ooo don,illon towards the
building and eipupiueut of a
new  hospital.
The Mav Day [million in ihe
City of Kamloops will as usual
In presided over hy the l'i 1 in
ier. The arrallginn nls ,ue al
most   complete ior Miss   Irene
Irwin, this u-ar's M.i\ Queen,
to liillil tlH lieaiit-.ful ami pn
lie ireed thai has Imii -fritted
upull the roots of tin Diui'U
u I' lllullies .md survived lo III
]iriseiit day.
Tin    Western     t all.uli...:    Bag
aiiil l-lnvelope Co. ami  Nation
al Papa Mills Co. haw istai
lished a plant at Coipnil nn,
Expert on Fireplaces and all
classes ol Brickwork.
All Work Guaranteed.
Corner Kilt.Tiilli St. nul Malinn k*t
it is understood hum 1 Hi
11,111110 ilesp.ilih  thai lhe  '. Kl
ern  Fuel I'ou,p,m\   uf tli.i' 'itv
have given (he C.P.I,  I M
I'llull  on   the pnlili.i '  "! un
in.ii mining properties  ,1' iln
pine iif tWO and  a hall  '
0. K. Woodyard
Cos 17rn St. »sn NMM  i"-
Mil ulimwiH.l »iiv leimlli*
H.iii*i,. dad (lull i"ii   I   •
ilt'liviri'l     tin Ken, ■
tr-a<*tin«, clearing, -'jcsvatuig,
nnnlintr. Ml
F. B.  DAY
Campbell Realty & Investment Co.
North Vancouver ami Vaiuoinir Kilatea manajeal, Rt-ott collected
City and Siitmrban Pro|*rtr. Hu-inea. Clianrrt
Arrragr. Sula-I'iviaiona. Aurrrnirtita ol  Sale,  iliacountnl
Fool ol Lonsdale Ave., North Vancouver, B. C.
Peers & Boult
Siitat.**. Public
Leave Van.      Lmve N. Vai
't'.in a in
7-30   "
8..I0   "
915   "
10.15   "
II I.S   "
8. l.s
I * IS
Time I
•6.45 a.m.
7.50   "
8.50  "
9 45   "
10.45   "
M-45   "
12.45 l"»
1 43  "
145  "
3-45  "
4-45   "
5-45   "
645   "
7-45   "
8*45  "
945   '
lo*4S   "
•11*45   "
• Not
able subject to c
Leave N. V
*'>.•■' a.m
•7.20   "
•«.2o   "
10.15   "
11.15   "
12.15 p.m
l.l|   "
2.15   "
3-15   "
4-15   "
III   "
7 25   "
8.15   "
9*15   "
io.i.S   "
II.I.S   "
ou Sunday,
lunge without
an.      Leave Van.
•b.45 t.m.
V 45
12.45 P-m-
3 45
4 45
6 45
; 45
•; 45
notice. PAGE SIX
1111111111 111 11111M MMM III ll llllllll"! UH J |
Our inisiiiass is now practically on ,i cash ba
sis.   This iiialihis us to give our cuitouien thl
same high clad goodi we have always handled,    "
at very much better pi ins than can hi obtained
liom itorei doing a credit trade.
Try ,iii order ud compan ipality and price,
j. a. j. m. McMillan .
-H'l-H M'l 11 lllll I > 11111 MM IIIIIIII11III
iMl'i's   I'l.KSII
for ilu' hot Heather—
Vxpara^us, Lettuce,
Rhubarb, Strawberrii«,
un-., etc.
Grocery Dept, Phone ___
Wi- handle the best only
anil ior quality cannot
In- beaten.
Heal  Dfpt. l'lione 2*5
in in i-i .mil Hutt her
Phone 40
111 Lonsdale Avi nui
you must li.u. good paint .mil a
good painb 1 W< in pn psred
to liirnish ihi with both. We
ted 1 mora partii ulirly to
Wi * ti rj
Hgl .it ,1 -..iiilii toi    I'i   ■      No
mi' a ,1 ■ di  I" tier.
lu the estate ol William 1**1-
11111 l'e.u el 1I11. eased, notice is
iiiiilu given lhat all personi
having ilaims against tne late
*\ 1'. l'e.uev wlm died the I Ull
l.i\  ul Alanh,  liil", at llu- iiiy
a.i North Vancouv**, B. C, are
etpiired  to send by post  pn
1,ml or  to deliver to  Mis. K.
;'i.un, administratrix  ol  the
estate   oi   the  saiil  deceased,
iheir n.inns, addresses and Inli
partkulgrs ol  the  amount  ol
,li, 11 ilaims and the nature ol
he  security,   if  anv,   held  by
Ami   Ukl   notice   that   alter
lime   15th,    I'm', the ailininis
ratrin will proceed lo distribute  the anai is ol Ihe deeiaaed
imong   thi    persons   entitled
ii 1, to, having regard onl)  to
hi claims ol which the said ad
iiimstratri*.  shall  tlnn   haw
had notici.
I),iied at Nurth   Vancouver,
:,is mth day oi Mav, mm.
The  North  Vancouver   City
Ferries Co. cairn within fl in ol
bringing  the proliti   for   the
month oi March thin year   up
in the S-',ik)ii mark,    This fact
signifies that thi Kerry Co. is a
municipal monej maker as well
as affording transportation laeililies at a minimum of coat.
The sumttici   traffic,  taking
March as a basis, promises  to
constitute 1 record year and it
is  anticipated  lhat the  CaUfc-
i panv will bavi tlnir minds 6c*
' i-upied   in   providing ferry   ae-
' inun lallu'H, lo meet  lhe tla-
llu  that at the present time is
growing   steadily   larger   ami
1 pal ticularly noticeable oa hoU
days, Following is 1 statement ol the receipti and dis
1 inn sum ms tor On- month ol
Uarch 1
S. S. Si. George
Bargain Near Capilano Tramline
A CORNER, 130x290 feet, on 23rd Street, Opposite
Fell Avenue; Splendid View of Inlet and Gulf, and only
$700; 1-4 cash, balance 6, 12 and 18 months.
WW .0 0      f> li I'.ll ESTATE HROKERS
Martinson & to. 2Pr^,0005?i*
/ lii'iie l'i. T. 0. mt "2
North Vancouver
Ccriiiicii"! ftu-giesl, Hidleal «wl
Mal.'rnilv NiirM.-n
Nihhs Sent Ojl on Apfhcstlon
For  trrin*   apply   ,'l   llie  llu»|iiliil
la.r. l.'illi Hum ■- Bl Aii'lri'n'i Aie
Builders and
I'. LAR80N ii pnpirtd t<»
Lime, Brick,
Sand, Cement
And all kimls oi Building
Material Inqututitimto rait
nml nt nuonablt prioei,
Repairs   engine   and
f     2 2 S -
U-.-ji.ilis hull      	
l-'uel account     	
Kngine supplies   ...,
Dei k  slllllllies       	
S s. Korth Vancoaver—
Repairs equipment .
Repairs, engine  iu
Repairs, hull 	
l-'llel  ,iii ulliil   	
Engine snpnlii's    ....
Deck supplies    	
Salaries and wagei .
* 2258.49
R I'll l   p.lMlil'lllS      	
Advertising expense
*     M45
Charter account  	
oil, waste, etc	
*         -Mas?
Printing, stationery .
telephone annum
Kepis. Van. wharl ....
Rep. N. Win   wharf  .
*    7>*»3
Kepi's. ei|Ul|i|iienl 	
Proportion lianraace
Proportion taxes 	
Cash (ares   	
S    Jo.00
Picket sales, passen. .
vehicle ..
Freight receipti   	
Rent receipti    	
Hail subsidy
Ksiitnatiil      Monthly
Nil prolit uver up-rat
Si Sun. |ci
.'as. I,. Ili-llerinall
1)   T. t; ranger
Win. West, New Westminster
A. Siatterti, S.ni Francisco
11   l\ Rati, Taioiiia
tl. \\. Atkinan, Victoria
Geo, Thompson, Seattle
lv 11. Trough, Winnipeg
Palace llotel-
.1. Miikle, Vauiouvir
W. Dankle
II. .1. Rom
.1. OK en
A. McDonald
II. .1. Mode
C, I'hilip "
B. J. Bird
II. Karrant
A. Milutvn-
ll. Porter
I. 1). Shearer
II. S. Union
C. Spragw "
T. Camphell
W. A. Walker
Mr. ami Mrs. R. Thompson
UN. Rogen
A. Smack
T. Campbell
,l. A. Smith
.1   Ri-ay
Mr, ami Mrs. 3. Sti-vi-ns
A   W   Hall
K. .lolinsone
Wm. Ramsay
W. S. Rush'
S  1-   McKenzie        "
W. Mi-Cullough "
.1   I, Tumliull, Seattle
K. V. More, Winiiipij;
C, C. Fell, Britannia Mines
T  Campbell, Port Moody
Geo, Thompson, Seattle
1)  Robertson, Victoria
Advertise in the Express
If you wish to sell your real estate.
We un- nole igrnta lu-re riffi
Tin- mily tiiiiiiiie.u Inrer
thst 1*1:1" mi ' iii-l Kiiiiriiiilee
il thev iln not meet expt-i--
cul inns.
try n |'iiir
Ami he convinced
l'.-al><m!y'*-   Uiiilri'iiil   Kinu
For S.I. I,a
Gent's Clothing,       Furnishings,       Men's.  Ladiei', ami
Children's Hunts mnl Shoes.
Stoney ®. Co.
PholM    IM
I 17 l.oll-'l.l
mini, nokiii VANCOUVER
\\ a ester lo ladies snd children, and si un outpitrou
thai nothingofit-nsivi orobj-ctional-l< will U* ihowa.
pi rlormani •   il ) jo ud *■ \J p.m.
Saturda]    Mstiaei   it   i |o  p.m
\ilmis.sii)ii 10c Children 5c
li is nmleisiood, in consequence ol an Interview which
Reeve McNaught had with the
uiiiiiiil oi Burnaby mnnicipal-
■ iiv that ihey will give the Sec-
uml Narrows bridgi project u
tlie support. Thi- ni-ve lanl
iln iletaili of the silieiiii- before
lhe Bunab] lunniil lasl Sal
nnlai .iiiiinoioii and inked ihal
ilm consider subscribing lor a
siilisiaiitial amount ol stock m
tin- Hmrard Tunnel and Bridge
Co. which ha.s just received the
charter to erect the bridge.
Tin U'ine stated that  Booth
Vancouvei   had promised si",
and thai ihe diitrict ul North
\ .iiH'iiiui wonld lake itock i"
lhe   value   ,.1   Vm.,,*, u.        It  Is
luiihii undent I lhat similai
requests will In- made Irmn lhi
"iini   adjoining municipalities
in an endeavor lo locni ilu pro
position down to something ol
,i definite character,
X O T1 C E
II imi wanl toted your PftpMty, lill in blank   | ■ h i ,nnl
Mail to
l.ul HLOCK
North Vancouver—
w. A. Allan, Vancouver
K. A. Sinunuiis
A. I'.. iMcKinnev
Geo, W. Scvinoiir
O, McLeroy
Mr. and Mrs. J. Williams
E. Edwin l)ndle\
.1. I). Stuart
Wm. II. Harvey
A. 1). Drniiiniund
('.eu   .1. Raym-r
C. W. Stniss
C,. W. Power
Miss C. M. Field
Miss Bunce
Mrs. B. Buni-e
||, Van. Clark
AS. Bartley "
A   K* Baker
11   .1. Perrin
A. Bristam
JR. Hamilton
.1. R. and Mrs. Tiirm-v
Mr. and Mrs. J. .lonis,
50 foot Lots All Cleared
Only a (ew of these
Left.    Everyone having an exceptionally
fine view of Burrard Inlet and English Bay.
For Prices and Particulars, Apply to
Lin. Lit.
Mahon, McFarland & Procter
Corner Pender and Seymour Streets I [Official Agents


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