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AlrmtjflmyrlHAt PAYS
Is that which goes into peoples'
homes. To reach the people of
North   Vancouver   adveiltse  in
rS xecuted in a style that pleases
and at prices that aie  tight al
i ,,..*i       The Exprene
Aldermen May, Irwin, Crickmay, Wheeler,Smith and Braim
were present at the regular session of the council on Monday
evening;Mayor Kealy presiding.
The minutes ol the 7th and
thc nth inst. were approved.
Letters of acknowledgement
were rend from Alexander I'hilip, A. 0. Perry, local manager
B.C. Klectric Railway Co., and
A. W. Boultht-e, and were liletl.
Florence and St. John Cooper
wrote, again lodging comp ,11111
with relerence to a septic lank
overflowing inlo a creek tunning through lots 44 and 45,
block ifth. Agents ol the owners have been notified to nave
the nuisance remedied, and the
clerk to reply to that ellect.
W. Bailey wrote, complaining
that city workmen had uncovered the service pipes connecting his house with the water
pipes, so that they had Ir07.cn.
Iioard ol works reported that
lhc matter had been attitided
'lhe secretary of the union of
Bi C. municipalities lorwnriled
copy ol the proceedings ol the
, Ventive committee in Victoria
Medical Health Olluer .1. J.
h. Campbell, submitted li s report lor the past year. I'nder
minimus diseases there had
been scarlet lever one case, tv-
phoid fever four, measles live,
pulmonary lul-erculosis two.
ihere was one death from typhoid and one from tuberculosis
during the year. Thirty notices
Ior the abatement of nuis.inces
had been served, mostly with
relerence to imperfect operation
of septic tanks. These tanks
should nol lie allowed to ct.ipty
into tbe open sewers on tne
slreel. The report was relerred
to the 'next council.
A.G   l'crry, local   manager
B. C. Electric kailway Co., addressed the council, outlining
lhe intentions ol his company
wilh reference to improve!.ictus
in the local service, lhe system at Second Narrows will be
entirely rebuilt; the masts will
lie held in place bv double steel
guys, aud additional piling will
lie driven to strengthen ihe
works. This will render the
system practically immoveable
Ninety-nine per cent, ol the di-
Ilicultie.SjWhich had arisen had
lieen due to the fuse rack on the
south side at .Second Nairows
crossing. To remedy this, a
duplicate current had been installed in the substation, so
thai the rack will now bc under
the constant supervision ol an
.ilu lent operator. The company
also intends to rebuild iln
transmission line on the norlh
side ol the Inlet along Lynn
creek. The new line will avoid
l.ynn creek and thus do away
with a prolilic source o( annoyance and reduce the trouble to
a minimum. North Vancnuver
will then be on the same li.isis
as Vancouver, with regard to
continuity ol service.
In addition to the above, two
new transformers were recently
installed in the local substation
Ior light and power purposes,
and three new transformers for
railway purposes were installed
last week. These are ol an improved type over those which
they displaced. New transformers will likewise lie installed
at once for the street arc system, which will double the present capacity of the plant. The
company wished to assure the
council that they would do
(everything within their power
to give North Vancouver good
and continuous service.
Mayor Kealy expressed the
thanks ol the council to Mr.
Perry Ior his explanations.
G. II. Dawson submitted a
plan of subdivision of lots l, 2,
and J, block 2JK, D. I,. st.S,
which was approved.
Lorwtt Reda presented a
subscription list, in aiil ol the
suflerers from the terrible   cat
astrophe in southern Italy,   to
which council subscribed J150.
Finance committee accounts
were passetl as lollows: General, $529^5; police, $10.90; lire
and light committee JiHj.74,
sihools, $40; board of works accounts, jut).of>; local improvi-
ineni accounts, J212.hn; health
coiiimittee,$4; waterworks cum
mittee, 544' -74-
Ald. Irwin, chairman of llu
board ol works, reported that
it had Ik-cii lound necessary to
.tiake minor repairs to a section
il Queensbury avenue,to permit
ol heavy hauling, which was
iboul to lie done, and that a
.uitahlc crossing would requin
lo lie put in on the street car
track at the corner of 4U1 st reet
Latter relerred to the manager
,1 the B.C. hi. Ry. Co.
A resident on Bewick avuiue,
n D.I,. 265, rei|iiestcd that tin
ouncil provide the plank, etc.,
(or a two-plank sidewalk, (or a
listance ol 100 feet, to 3rd It.,
walk to be laid by petitioner.
Hoard ol works to look into llu
The waterworks loiiiiuiltee,
.hrough Chairman Aid. Smiili,
ecoliiiiiended the purchase ol
1000 leet of one-half inch   gal-
,nii/.eil iron pipe from tin
N'orlh Vancouver Hardware Co,
The North Vancouver I.ight,
ileal and Gas Coinpanv bylaw
.vas read three times and laid
iver lor reconsideration.
On motion ol Aid. Mat. sec
>nded by Aid. Irwin, lhe tre.is
irel was authorized to deposit
.inking binds to an amount to
»e named by the city auditor.
Bylaw No. 44, re|>eal bylaw
vas reconsidered, linallv pmot
ind ordered signed bv tin
nayor and thc clerk. Bvlaw
N'o. 57, to raise Slb,Hoo statutory loan, wa.s likewise Bull)
Aid. Crickmay was appoint-
■d a couiuiitlee to arrange It.
aave extra copies ol The Express containing the bylaws to
be voted upon, together wilh a
atitable explanation of each,
iiirwarded to ratepayers in
The city clerk was instructed
.0 write the local postmastet
to the ellect that a letter ad-
Ircssed to thc city clerk, and
personally posted in the inside
letter box at 11.3a a.m., by A
ti. I'errv, manager B.C. IB, Rv
Co., had not been received, nor
was it in the cilv or the
mayor's box at nine p 111.
Mayor Kealy and Aid. Irwin
will leave on Tuesday (or Vernon, to atleud the sessions ol
the union of B. C. municipalities, as delegates Irom this citv
council, and the mayor asked il
council had any instructions. A
resolution was passed   favoring
thc introduction of a mnl	
system of municipal accounting.
The mayor read an excellent
letter, signed by the mavor and
clerk ol lhe city of Windsor,
speaking in highest terms ol
George II Unites, the newlv appointed city engineer, and expressing regret at his departure
from Windsor, where he had
lieen city engineer Ior thru
years past. Aid. Irwin advocated the passing ol a bylaw,
clearly setting out the duties of
the city engineer, either In tins
or the incoming council.     The
appointment of Mr. Hera  as
city engineer was confirmed bv
resolution, to date Irom Jan.
1st, at a salary of |])o per
course,mutual helpfulness, mental and moral improvement,
and rational recreation."
The North Vancouver l'ylhian
Casllc Hall Company, Limited,
is duly incorporated! wiih a
cupilai ol *«25,ooO| divided into
5000 shares ol live dollars c.uli.
Indications point lo interest*
mg ■Icvclopiiienis 111 railway
circles. I lie lollowing companies give notice ol application
lor incorporation: A company
10 construct a line ol railway
across llie northern portion ol
\ ancouvcr island irom Hani)
Bay lo yualsnio souud; a company lo build a ratlwuy Irom
v lcioria lo Berkley sound; a
company to conslrucl a railway
irom Mtidcgate Inlet to Ketineu
sounil, (Jueeli UiaiTolle islands;
ihe Ketlle Kiver valley railway
company, lo build liom Midway, to Nicola via I'eiiticton; a
company to construct a hue ol
railway irom I ancouvcr lo the
Norlh Ann ol Itutrard Inlet; a
company lo build a line ol railway Irom Masset to Naden harbor, Graham Island; a coinpanv
10 build a line ol railway it0111
die Interaction oi lhe boundary
line by the Flalhead Kiver, to
Kootenay l'ass.
The   incorporation    of  the
Lvnn vallev institute is dulv
gazetted, the lirst trustees are
Julius M.Frommc, John Votin.l
McNaught, l'cter Westover, J
T.O'Connor, A. Bucklev, Ham
Thompson and \V. A. Davis
Thc purposes of thc society are
declared   to   lie   "social   inter-
The financial siatemetil jusi
issued b\ lhe Hiiiish Columbia
I'litsl Coruiralion, relative, to
ihe Western Corporation, lor
the cieilil.'is ol which ihey arc
acting as trustees, shows an
eminently satisfactory condition of allairs, and assures lhe
lad that thc businesslike administration conducted iiv the
trustees will shortlv place lhc
Notion Corporation on a
sound liuancial basis. The total collections since February
bth, lyoK, have been 53*1,404.lh,
and the disbursements, including the sunt of >7,(4i to prefer
red and scented creditors, have
been $21,068.24, leaving a balance in hand ol f 18,335.93. Thc
total amounts due unseinnu
creditors were (30,454.67, a
alivideltd ol 60 per icnt.ot winch
will be paid oil Wednesday ,.l,in
i,Uh, or SiK,272.Ho, leaving an
unpaid balance of $12,1X1 .s;
Cottitruing this balance llie
trustees assert iu the financial
statement that ihey expect   "to
lie able to realise sufficient out
ol the assets of lhe Western Co]
por,ition. Limited, during the
next three months, to enable
them lo pay oil all unsecured
debts ol the Western Corporation, Limited, 111 full." There
are manv whose confidence in
the embarrassed corporation
has remained anmoved through
out the crisis through which it
has been passing, and these results amply justify lhat confidence.
The annual Christinas treat
m connection with the Sabbath
school ol Sl. John's church,was
held on Tuesday, Dec. 2Nlh, al
Chesterbeld si hool, which wa-
granted for the occasion, by
tin- kindness ol Principal A. II.
Scriven. The entire company
brsi enjoyed 1 very daint] tea,
after which a genuine surprise
was sprung upon the children
in the sudden appearance ..I .1
In*,uitilul tree, which had Itilh-
erlo been u.iui tied behind closed doors. The unveiling (so to
speak) ol lhe tree was attended
bv a mat speech from A. B.
Anders, and was immediately
followed by lhe distribution of
the presents, every child being
suitably remembered. The remainder of the evening was occupied with games and exelcis
es iu the gvmn.tsiuiii,which was
also kindly thrown open for
the o.i.isioti
A lir.iitv crowd gathered in
lhe haglcs' hall, on Hugmanav
nighl, Dec list, at the invit.i
tion of the Wallace Camp of
the Sons oi Scotland, to dance
the fleeting hours of 1908 awuy,
and welcome Cc advent ol 1909
Reels and Su.ilhspeys were
footed men ily by tu nc worthy
Siols, whose habils do not
usually lead theni to t,'.;i lhc-
light fantastic, and a wil assorted programme 01 mon
modern dances enabled 1 very
one lo take the floor. .Some
good singing ol the Attld
Scot's Saltgs" was heard, and
lhe dance linished al 3 a.m. A
Hums' anniuTs.iry haggis supper and dance will be neld on
J,lh inst.
B< J. Down has begun opera-
lions on his new residence, al
lhc comer of the l'ipe line and
Hoskins roads. ,
Mrs. G. W. Sugden is visiting
relatives at Victoria and otiiei
points on Vancouver lslaud and
will return next week.
The .Church ol hngluiid are
clearing llieir newly acquired
lot, on the skid mad, preparatory to building in the immediate future.
A confirmation aervice in connection wilh the church oi I'.ng-
land will be held in the valley,
ou Tuesday, January 12111, al
i o'clock p.m. Bishop Dart
will officiate. There an- six
andidatea for confirmation,
Since returning to the valley
Mr. and Mrs. Cnpps have re-
cciu'd numerous expressions ol
wishes Ior their happiness, accompanied 111 main nisi,lines
by appropriate gifts, among the
latter being the following: Mr.
AIcAuld, clock; Mr. anil Mrs.
Davis, silver batter knife; G.W,
and Airs. Sugden, silver tea
sj-oons, 1'elcr aim Mrs West
over, tapestry table cover; H.
and Mrs. Holiatui, set ol carvers; .1. U. and Mrs. Froinme,
li..ml pain lul jiancl; J. 11 and
Mrs. Burrell, lollee service; Mr.
Smith, pictures.
The residents ol Lynn valley
mustered in goodly numbers at
the public hall, on New Year's
eve, to see llie old vear out and
lhe new vear in. The proceedings commenced with an impromptu concert,   At midnight
Attld Lang Sun* was sung bv
the assembled Company, followed by lhe National Aulhein.
Dancing was indulged in to an
early hour, and refreshments
were provided bv the ladies. On
the motion of Mr. Buckley,   a
vote ol thanks wa.s passed to
.Mr. Holland, lor the loan of his
piano, and lo Mr. and Mis
Hayter, for the able manner in
which they assisted at the
piano ami violin respectively,
The Vancouver Milling &
Grain Co., Ltd., Vancouver,
manufacturers of the celebrated
Royal Standard flour, desire to
announce to iheir many patrons
md iriends throughout tins section ol the country, that   ilu
loss iif their elevator in lhc recent lire, while a temporal \ jn
convenience, will not in any
am) 1 .nisi* <ii l.n iu then   inllil
ling all 'inlets received Rov.il
Standard has become .1 household word in so many homes
throughout British Colum hia,
that events temporary delay in
fulfillment ol orders would be a
greal inconvenience, and il is
pleasing to note that such will
be avoided.
Owing to the (ait thai the
receipts for the two performances recently given by lhe N. V.
Dramatic Club did  not  cover
the disbursements, the club has
decided to present, in the early-
part of February, iimt sparkling comedy ."Three Hats." The
dub, mow being possessors of a
permanent stage, lhe prices will
be 1 iilllie.l one hall W. J.
Butler will In* stage manager
lor the new production,whi 1 It it
is hoped will m.el wilh the liberal support hitherto ,11 undid
the club's efforts.
Wanted—A waitress. Apply
at l'alace Hotel.
Il you wanl to sell your pro-
petty iu North 1,,niiiim 1,  list
it wilh 'lhackci iV 'lhoinloli ;
ollice,   144  2nd street casl.
Wood lor sale. Lili.lleil 411.111-
llly, second growth, dry ul id-
wood; puce >35o per cord, delivered. Apply Kiiitieiii Graham, 1st slreel, eftsl ol Sl An
The annual meeting of the
iHi/.eus, lo hear   lhe   financial
statement ot the ciiy, etc., has
been called by lhe council lof
Wednesday nighl, in Larson's
The voters' list of the district
was issued Irom The Express
prinlshop this week. There are
upwards ol 2100 names on llie
list, only one ol which is a
1 uesday evening a Japanese
(Tail taken over lo Vancouver,
stiiieiing irom a broken leg.
lhe accident occurred on in,
capilano, and his companions
nroiigtil the sulierer in.
Strayed.—From my shop, 1st
streei west, a small dog, long
reddish lur, bushy tail; answers
to name "Teddy". Reward Ior
return to B, I,.1*11111. lailor, 1st
street west ol Lonsdale.
We have several good buyers
lor desirable residential properly in North Vancouver. Call
and see us il you have any tiling
lo sell. Thacker & Thornton ;
1 1
ollice, 144 2nd slreel east.
The many friends .ind well
wishers of The hxpress will be
pleased lo note the lact that
the paper Ilns week is a six
page sheet, and also to know
thai the circulation is 1500
The proposed iniprovemeiils
in lhc local electric power and
lighting system, as outlined by
Manager A. G. Terry, ol the
K. C. hi. Ry. Co., will be lound
in the proceedings oi the uly
The financial statement Ior
1908, (or the district ol Norlh
Vancouver is practicalK i"in
plated. Partus wishing copies
may proline the same al the
municipal thai! on and after tomorrow!
What men lo elect to oflice is
the question of the hour, and
where to elect to do,your household and olher buying is also
an important issue. The advertising columns will help you.
Read them. .
II you desire Id buy or sell
North Vancouver real estate,
we woultl Ih* pleased lo have
we woultl bc pleased lo have
you call al our oflice, 144 2nd
slreel casl. Thacker ft Thorn
ton, brokeis.
Found. Wednesday evening,
on conw of ird street and M.i
lion avenue, ,1 panel unit,lining
.111 .issnttnteiit ol tiu.ln im s.
Owner in.iv   procure   same   bv
describing propel n  I paying
for this atlvt.
The   general   meeting   ol  the
Horticultural Association, called (or the cilv hall on Wellies
day, was adjourned Until Wed-
iics.lav evening 2oth, when it is
hoped lhe elections being disposed ol,a large attendance will
be procured,
Mayor Kealy and Aid. Irwin,
representing the city council,
and Councillor Mi Naught, re-
pii'seiiling lhe distriit ciincil,
are in Vcnnm this week, in at
tendance at the annual convention ol lhe union of H. C   nni
I'llder    lhe    nuspiics   of   the
Ratepayer*1 Aaaocmtion, .1 pub
li. meeting <>i slactors will   be
held in Larson's pavilion on
Monday evening, (or the purpose ol listening to any ..1 all
candidates Ior 11n1ni1ip.1l office
who may wish lo be heard.
The girls' branch of the wo-
nians' auxiliary of St. John's
chinch, will bold a cake and
candy sale at the home ol Mrs.
Colin I'. .I.iiksi.u, on lliursday,
.I,iim,ny 14II1, Irom three to six
p.m. Afleruoon tea will be
sctud. All who wish to attend
will bt- cordially welcome.
The quarterly exchange ol
pulpits among the methodist
clergy ol Vancouver and vicinity, will lake place ou Sunday
next, when the local pulpit will
be occupied in the morning by
Rev. J. IV Westman, ol Mount
Pleasant, while Rev. B.H.Balderstone will prca-h at bth ave.
A cable message has been received Irom relatives in the
south ol Italy, by Lorenza Reda
lo lhe ellect that they are all
safe, although a great deal of
damage was done to property
in tlieir vicinity. At a point
distant only about three and
one-halt miles from his former
home, the mortality list reached 500.
Nexl Tuesday evening the local Pythian lodge will hold a
public installation ol ollicers.to
lie lollowcd by a dance, con-
cerl and supper, the event taking place in tin- haglcs' hall.
The Uniform Rank and Mount
Pleasant drill team ol Vancouver will Ik- present,and arrangements have been made lor a
particularly good time.
Information conveyed through
private correspondence,is to the
eflect that Portland, Seattle,
and the entire Willamette valley has lieen suflering very
heavy snow storms lor some
days past. Burrard Inlet has
evidently lieen, a favored spot
during the remit severe weather, as a lew degrees of frost
comprises the sum ttital of in-
I'lnvciilctiics sustained.
H. 1, Raddniacher has scored conspicuous siu.ess at the
poultry show in Vancouver. At
the lillle of going to press, the
judging was not completed but
he had already received prizes
as (ollows: One first and one
third for hens; second lor cocks;
.in lirst and one third for cock-
rells; lirst for lhe Iiest peu;
lirst (or llie pen of highest scoring hens, and several specials.
J. R. J. Blown, ih.iinpion
single sniil oarsman of B.C.,has
published   in    neat    pamphlet
hum, ni lhe request ol his
many Iin mis a colic, lion oi
seven poems uiiiiposcd by himself. While the author modestly .lis. I.inns anv 1 spei ial merit
for the poems, they nevertheless
display an aptilttde in this line,
decidedly 111 advance ol that
\i IihIi ,iii,irks the customary efforts of amateur verse writers.
The   Merry    Widow   dancing
ilub held a siii.cssful masquerade ball 111 the haglcs' hall, on
Friday evening last    Bneeflett
miisii was provMed bj an or-
ilusti.i ol l.n al musl. inns. The
hall was gaih decorated lor the
mlast.ui. The cosiuines were
all  good  while  many  were ex-
.1 pin.n.ilh well gotten up.    A
great deal ol interest attended
the rereiiioitv of unmasking, at
aboui II.JO oiliok, after whiih
thc ball went merrily on.
A fund Ior the assistance ol
the atilierers Inun the recent
terrible   calamity   in   southern
Italy, has been gatltclcd locally
through the merge of l.orcnza
Reda, of the Palace Hotel. The
response has lieen prompt and
universal, so that with the assistance ol the city and district
councils, the total now runs
well over J400 For the convenient c ..I those others who
mav wish to subscribe, donations in tash will be received
at the Bank of B.N A. and at
this office, all of which will be
dulv acknowledged in these
Nan  I 11   \   1N1 "1 UU.   It.   C.
K. Mllilivi:i\,,ii.i:. 8. II  Moans*!,
Mana|*r.     Btwlnesi Mur*
HlTHia nr Sl 11--, laa
11 UU
iin.* great
six months  -
Tlir.'.* monthi    -        • ■'•'
Dalted Btatei sad foreign,.)! :'"i" i j »i
TassssM  Diipui   \DvsaTi«a«s>na-
DO centi per inch nach Insertion.
LOSOI Sa.riei:-, Kn     |l.ll■' |-'*r ineli par
l.Asn uio IVii" ii s■■!" "    0 dej ■ '■'■
oedsjrs, |7.80,
Imu lonorriaisu   Final i"-.'1
.-.■nls |.*r line; aaeh iub* |UbdI in >*r-
iion, ;.,* per line.
Itmi'iv,. Mom *i i* local Htm Coi"
■•mv.   in i*i*iii* per line,, a It a"-' rtl is,
dumuci Ai'vi:iiri>i:>ii.\i-    Ralea nr*
ranged according to ipw
Allchangealnoontracl advi rtlieine its
niii-i I,,* in the la..iei-,.1 llie prln, r l.i
.Vedneedej iveiilngl nipabllcmioii
in tba next lisua,
.Nokiii Vaucoi *i ». Jam,  B,
Tin-re are three money byl.iws
upon which the electors will be
asked to vote on Thursday nixt
as lollows : No. 54, to raise
si,;.a,. ini ihe purchase oi a
schoolsite; No.55-.to raise ft* 00
to assist the Horticultural  Ae
tor moneys expended within the
city area, whether the amount
nl debentures required wen*
more or less than ^245,000,
The delays which have been
experienced have been trying to
lhe tlistrict, vexatious to the
city council, and have been sin-
ct-rch regretted by lhe nitcpav-
crs. The fact that the money is
now in the bank awaiting the
favorable verdict of the electorate, aflorda en opportunity,—in
lavor ol which it must be anticipated tint imt only two
thirds, but practically the   m
lire, electorate, will mark llieir
ballots   to enable lhe city    to
discharge at once this long
standing obligation,
Civil lm,..**.*. and B. C. I.nd Surveyor
Thoni ilia.
it'tmi.■'•*, Srld****, w.ti.T i'**vi,i**, Ksiiinm,'.
lupai 'tiia'ii'l.'iiti' .al .'.iii.irii<*iimi, Hap*, 'loivn.
■I'M, lllnlBI Clalma, SslhDIvlali 11,1'*.
'IU HaMhoji Bt. »',,
VAM'iiI'VKIt   H
The princi
ile ol bylaw No.54
socialion; and No. 58, to taiee
$22,200 lot the purpose ol .,.it-
rying out lhc im cut ol lhe loaning clause in the Incorporation
Thc electors, in all probability will la- louiiil practically u-
naniiiious willi relerence to lhe
last named bylaw, as il is in
the    highest    degree    desilable
that the original financial obli-
gatii.ns ol the iii\ to the district be finally disposed ol   al
the earliest possible dale. 1 he
lact is, thai deliciituies to U
amount sufficient   to  do   this,
have alleadv   been sold, but  lhe
solicitor for the purchasers Ltna
decided that the loaning clause
oi the Incorporation Act is not
clear on one point, ainl that he
cannot advise Ins principals lo
advance llieir mOM) unl ti   this
is rectified beyond .ill doubt.
The loaning clause 111 tin   In
corporation Acl reads In part
as lollows: "ll shall be l.iv\ llll
lol   the City  Council ' * *  ' lo
borrow upon ihe credit oi  the
illy nt large, lhc slim ol > [5,
ihio, by dcbiilluics,    ele.   Sow,
ii >.>.|5,ooo 111 ui) debentures
had brought lhe ill) (245,000 in
cash, lhc mailer would mn al
that, but, ill aitu.il silling,some
bU)ets   have   paid   >yj<>   lol    a
jiiooo debenture and others ban
paid ftfO lol a ilcliiiilun ol lhe
s.iini denomination,   1 in it salt
is ., shortage 111 .iiiti.il i.ish
proieeds, w htili lieu ssltates llie
sale oi additional bonda, to the
amount "i 931,200, m ordci t"
bung the total cash receipts up
to (345,000. The uly soliiiior
and lhc solicitor lot the bank,
are both ol opinion thai the
wording quoted above, gn. • iln
lOUlllll  pOWll   1"  Sell  tills  ,1'l'li
li'aii.il stun in ib liiiiUtres llu*
attorney   gciicr.il  has  likewise
given a viili.il opinion that   tin
claus authorizes the sab*   The
solicitor lor the puiih.iscr, bow-
ever, insists thai lhe ni.illil
shall be in.ule sbaolUtel} ult.tin
belore Ins principal pnye ovei
the money. The passing ol bylaw N.i 58 by the cleiiois will
straighten out the whole mailer, when the money will  im-
liiedtatelv  be a\ .iii.il.lt* lot    the
purpose designated.    The lllllll
tion ill  llll   gi'Vetiiineiil, in    ill-
selling  the  loaning clause  la
the Incorporation Ad nnd tha
desite ol  the liti/uis   in   pell
tinning for its huertion,   w.is
that the city might  be .ible   to
promptly reimburse the district
is one which will commend
sell to the ratepayers, lor there
can be no doubt that within a
lew years al lurlliisl, lhe population will neccssilalc school
buildings distributed throughout the townsite. ll is likewise reasonable lo suppose thai
with every year that passes, it
will become increasingly dilli-
cull lo procure solid blocks ol
land, in suitable locations, ior
school purposes.   Aa e nmttar
oi tact,  the site 01,end in    the
bylaw comprises Iota owned bj
several different parties,   upon
Which options have been pro-
CUnd, Willi lolisldcrable dilli-
culty, iinltl lhe end ol January,
and it is asserted lhat il these
options are not taken up, the
propel lv   could   not   again    be
procured en bloc.
The site  has  been   pel.sunnily
inspected by the board oi school
trustees, who consider it well
suited  lor  the  purpose.    The
price is (837-50 I»er lot,    w Iiiiii
is giiiu.ilh accepted by mde
pendent opinion as a reason
able prict Upoll lhe basis ol present values, llu* location is on
sill Street, Mil street and Kiilg-
w.iv avenm, in .i diatrict whose
settlement  has hitherto  kM
1. •..ninl l.ii.it , ol the absence
ol uiv wale:', and, as lliis want
is about lO be supplied,a sleadv
glow ih 111 population may lie
anticipated, The location is
..tu* block 1.11 iim removed from
the Wall llli,ill  tli.in Is thai    ol
Chesterfield avenm school. The
possilulii) oi Alimdvville being
created a distinct school distrii 1, la .1 contingency which
in.iv  01  in.iv  not .iiiui Uu  1.1
lile ol this lot,illon, 111 the est!
illation ol the individual. The
neiessilv loi ...lililioiial sihool
sties is one which  the l.llepa)
iis i.uuioi escape. It is likewise line  lhat the   ideal   site,
against irhich no derogate*)
[catena cm be advaaccd, will
nol be lound. A larelitl con-
si.ler.r.ioii ol all the details ol
lhe piesein proposition should
Ik- given, 111 ..).In ihat, bv then
votes, the talvpaurs may do
what   Is  besl   ill   iheir own    in
iiti-is as,, corporation,
Ilv law   \n   55 appt...lilies lhe
.In 1..iati- on behalf ol the llor-
iiiuliut.il Kn utv I .'.nincts'
Institute, on the ground   thnl
the org.in;/,illon is a publii   in
iii tut ion, composed of uuj   "i
.ill ii sul. ms, incorporated   un-
Court ol revision for lhe .lis
tint assessment roll will In
held on l'Mituaiv  8th.
Saturday, January 16th, 1909
IIN      HKASi INAItl.K     '-'KM MM
Telephone 70.       Nighl Calls 13.
der the industrial Institutes
act, holding and adiiinistering
the property and affairs of the
society as a public trust and
ior the benefit of the community, In the endeavor to make
the best use ol the valuable
property owned by the society, N{)Hh VfillfOllVtr
for the public benefit, financial j
obligations have been assumed, TrdDSffT follN Jj J*ril»os
lor the discharge of which   the 	
available sources of revenue are CfftrtBffC   Removals,
instifliiient.    These obligations!      J>nivcl Delivery,
arc of a nature in which default' „.
. Storage
jcopardisee the tenure   ol   the
valuable property of the society, comprising live acres al the
corner of Lonsdale avenue and
21st street, with the commodious hall erected the/eon.
The city council has, therefore, adjudged it to be in the
public interests thai lhe ratepayers be given opportunity lo
declare whether ihey consider it
to their interests that this excellent property be preserved intact, and, if so, to authorize a
loan suflicienl to accomplish
the purpose. The security oller-
cd is more than ample Ior the
sum asked, and by extending
lhe loan over a term of years,
ij moderate interest, thc annual payments lor principal and
interest will bc reduced lo those
proportions, lor the meeting ol
which the society will bc able
lo devise adequate sources of
revenue. The advisability ol
adding jshooo to the debenture
debt of the city will depend altogether   on   the   value   which
the Individual ratepayers  mav
attach tO the purpose to be
served. II thai purpose be
leelned a siillnii nth Worthy
one, then an addition ol I6000
to the debenture debt ol the
city, Ior purposes ol loaning on
the ample sccurily offered, is
nol a Matter which need give
rise lo anv hesitancy in voting
for thc bylaw
lhe Pltimblit<) and
Sanitary Work
tor llie
Lvnn Valley Hotel
is being done by the
well k.i.'wn
of Lonsdale Avenue
For FiiriiiliiiT.
.Iihis,' Fimiisliliiiis ;m<!
,u Reasonable Price*, go t»
lhe Norlli Vancouver
Home Furnishers
II   RSK Itl.nl'K I.iiNsIUI.K  I   I
$250.00 IN
lium Way Uviw liinlh Jlktoli'dy Froo Kill
Royal Standard Flour
Bvery t/t ••' siult <)f K°yil1 Standard *'lour leaving our
mills eoiilaiiis a numbered coupon. On the last day of each
month 10 numbers will be drawn and published in the first
issue of lliis paper following. To each one holding the duplicates of these numbers, we will, upon return to us ol coupon,
deliver free of all charges to any address, a HANDSOME
CHINA DINNER SKT of 109 pieces, value $25.
Full particulars on the back of each coupon. BEGIN
REMEMBER wc guarantee every sack of Royal Standard
to be the purest, sweetest and most wholesome bread flour
on the market.
Manufactured only by
oeaootNB si
THE )lissi-,s D\Wsi)\
Ci-rlitli-nti-il Snruii'iii, M'.li.'id mel
Maternity Knurs
Nwiii Sent Out on *r*i lication
l'i,r  term.  ii|.|.l *   a.l   tlm  II.v*] ilnl
f,,r. 1Mb str.-.l,'. St. Aielr.'ii'- An*.
Christmas fruit*, etc.
Only the very best should satisfy you
for tour Clu isl mas Cake and Puddings.
We know good goods and won't handle
low grade stuff.	
Our prices are right, and you aie sure
lo be pleased if van buv tl	
For Boot and Shoe Repairing
and Custom Work   .   .   .
go to THOS. 0. MILLS
Pioneer KeMilent Hoot Maker
Lonsdah- \n . than tod Sheet
at the A  M* Ross Shoe Sum*.
lit Mil
I11..M.   ;;;,
"   MM
Keen Vineema
llll   ANI) nm ISM K VMI
mii vm PUBLIC
KM tsuu.
i| 1 11, l.n .. I'W .Uv».
I 1-4 acre Block
in the ' iiv
for $A30.   On In mv
('a,1!'.11 hi. ..r urn.* t..r bill fSttk ul»r«.
for Councillor
in Ward Two
City Election*
to be helil Junuarv U, 1000
Your Vote nnd iiilliu-ncc
|f| solicitfil on liiliulf nf
Independent Candidate (or Alderman
Pioneer Bakery
S.H. Walker,  •   I'ropriitcr
Fresh Bread dailv delivi u.l
to ,ili parts ol ib. ' uv
to loaves for ti
5c. pel   l.ul
im,111.kadi: 1 \Ki-;
I'II.im S        71 Lonsdale Ave
Wellpapen,   Painte,   Vsrnishei,
etc., etc., etc.
When ymi Intend building
I Lllllll! IH A. I
j. 1 mm,, NAVAGF.R
■ i,ys>n.\l.E I'm
Bi-.nifri tlpire, Lnitrdalt Are.,City. Plnmf
Ural tljiee tin, I Mil. /.vim Creel II 0
117 lionedsle Avenue
4o4o^>+<>4<>Ho40f<>f<>4o4 0o+o+o*<>4a<>4+o+<*<>+<*<_
Thursday, Januarg 141b, 1909
Hi Qito •/ Sorlli  V a ii<< m nr Rail jitiif /•.«' Anxoi'ititioii
tolirit* your id   itit'l iokrOSt fur tin   I'ltllotriiiil Ot*
Builders and
I'. LAR80U lli iiri'ptiri-il to
i      supply
. I ime, Brick,
Sand, Cement
Ami nil kin.It* of Building
.Material in i-uuntitiea to suit
ami at ri-ui-onnlile prici-s.
General Contractor
Laml Clt-nrini, Stump ami Kock
Msstiaf. Kitrt care netr Iiiiuns.
All ila.llaa/'*.  Ilil.te good.    *
K M IM. ii V M BNT     AllKNCY
•nd Ht.   Ww.1 uf I ......I   la.
I'll. ll... ,i
; Removal Sale
is removing to the itofe
next   to  tlie  I'OHtollice.
For M.iy«»r: f, R. MAY.
For Aldermen
f, ii  MAIM
F. f, rOWLRI
\\ For Sihool Trustee;      W
c, |   UcRAR
S|iecial slock n-diicing  prices on
Vote the full Ticket   i
kill Vanconver Hardware
loiiipiiny, Mil.
.1. W.J.M KSUN
ooi oi uie Ave.
t'Kl.lC NOTICK ia litreby -fi-ren thst
In •irortlliitT a ith tliu pr.niaii.na of
tlie l'nlilic Iiiiiiiii Bfl-aw, of th* Cut
if Sorth Vancouver, lli« Muoicipsl
t'.'iiiii'il have i.intrartfil with lhe Hedi-
.-al Health Oim to atltend it th* Ciiy
Hall. Nurtli Vaim iivrr, on the Kir.t
Motnlay nf uach month, at the hour ol
II o'clock in the torenoon, (or the pur*
p,.m'.'( vsirinttinit il theexprnn ol
ihtt city, ill |«H.r lai-raeii; and tll others
St their own I'lpenie,
Tin- lather, mother, or peraon liavinj
the rare, nurture, or cettody ol every
child Imrn in the city, ahall, within
llir.*.* in,.nil., alter the birth ol inch
child, Uini or rinae to betaken, th*
child, tn the Meiliral Practitioner, in al-
l.ii.laiici-at the above appointed place
lor the ptirnoae ol hcini vaccintted; nn*
leaa llu- ehild liaa lieen previoualy varri-
niiti'.l by ..nn.' leyally qiialifled Practitioner, and the van inatinn duly
City Cl*rt.
Si.rth Vancouver, B.0,t
Wlh July, ItaiS. '-'Ill
NOTICE Is hereby given thst an ap-
pl iral ion w ill be mad* tn the I-egia-
Itlive Aawinlily nl the Province nl Brit-
iall Ci.liinihia. alilaneit aeaalon, (or ss
Ad tn iti.-,,r|..rate a company with power to build, .'..natrni't, maintain and
,i|«'rate a line ol railway ol ilamlard
Kiiage, lo be n|ierated by aleam. elertri-
city, or sny other power, lor th* e»rry-
1111* "I Iri'iulil. puifleiigen, tnd eiprraa:
i '.iiiiiii.'iii'iiiK at t point tl or near th*
City of Vtncnuver; thence northerly,
following the valley ol Seymour Creek
to the wtter-abed north ol I.och I ..mnnd,
and thence via the valley ol the Inditn
Kiver to the Sorth Arm of Barren! Inlet, with power to extend northerly to
and iln..nul, the Pemberton Metdowi,
mil to build a branch line tit the Valley
ol Furry Creek to the ihore ol How*
Sminl, and alio any other ahort brtn-
chi-a t hat miy be needed io mine* in the
vicinity of the main line ot rail« av snd
Ila hranihea; with power tocimitrnct
an.l operate telegraph and telephone
linea (or tin- pnrpoaej ol iti builneM,
and for the public; with power to own,
na.-and operate »*l*r*iiow*re convenient In the r.,ad lor nilwty tnd other
piir|K.aea. an,I with inch other powers
and privilege, which ire tienilly grtnt-
nl lo railnav cnmpcniea
Dated at Vincouver, B.C., December
•mil,. 1'"'*-
r.o. witi.
I'1 nt Solicitor lor Ihe Applietnll THE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B. C.
tnd 7 o'clock p.m. on th* City ol North
Vincouver "School Sit* Loin By-Law
1«M," tnd thit within th* Citv Hill,
North Vincouver, tnd thtt Thomai
Shepherd hai been ippointed Returning
Officer to ial.. the rote ol inch Elector*
with the niuil |x>weri in thtt behtll.
By order of the Council.
Clly Clerk.
le enable tht Corptratitei tf the
City tf North Vancouver tt
rtiie iy way tf loon Iht turn tf
$6fOO,for the purpose ofacquir
int tn additional School Site
within tht City.
IU HERKAS lh* Boird ol School True-
" lata at lh* City ol North Vincouver Ui requaitod th* Council ol the aaiil
Clly l* lobmit lor lh* taunt ol t heeler. -
tori, I by-liw lo inlhoriie th* ''ity
Council to borrow npon Ihe credit ol the
Oily ll Urge, lh* mm ol Sii Tlniiiiin.1
e*tan Hundred (18,700) Dollars by Debenture!, (or lh* purpoie ol purchialng
th* propertv ksown tnd deierilied ia
UU nine (91 Un (lOl eleven 111) twelve
111) thirteen (III fourteen (Ml fifteen
(II) Ild illtMll (IS) in block eleven (111
nhdivlilon •( diitrict lot Iwo hundred
tnd Hvantv three (}73)  lor t School
AND WHEREAS the uid Debentnrea
ihtll blir lnterf.it tt tll* rate nl Or*
SM rent tier anniini, ind inch Dehen-
(ares shall b* lamed nnder tlie lormtli-
Hm oontatned in th* "Municipil t'limea
Ael" lor t period not eieee.ling llty
teare Iron their data.
AND WHEREAS it will he nereeiir.
to rein annually by ipeciil rite the
naa ot Ihn* hundred ind Mrenly eight
dollare tad aioety eenla (1378.90) (or the
toraa td Illy yean ler lh* repayment ol
th* Mid aWbenlure■ when dne, anil Interact thereon *• htreimttir mentioned.
ASD WHEREAS th* rein* ol th*
whel* rateable properly •( th* Mid Clly
ecoerdtag to lh* lilt reviled anea.nieni
roll intounle lo three million three hundred nd eighty leven Ihonund nine
hnidred md eightv (18,3*7 ,BH0) dollnrs.
TH PHI* FORK th* Uneldpal Council
el tk* Corponlion nl tb* City ol Nurth
V»ioeiver email u lollowi:
1. It ih.ll b« liwtnl lor tb* Mayor
aid Clly Clerk, (or Ihi pur put* efore-
ssM to korrew er ri.M by wiy ol le«n
n-eui ii) fataats ot per-noi, body or
twdlM ctrporeto, who miy b* willing to
advance the MM* ipon th* ere di I of th*
D*k*lHrM hirelaifter men linn til ol
lh* Orperettoe. t mm of money sol
eii-ced.ni is lh* whole th* asm at aii
theOMld Mf*« hlldred (|d.;00 dollar.
aaS to cat,** Ibe lama I* be plu-ed In
th* Rtak at Irltlab Nonh America at
Nertb ViiMivtr to lh* credit ol th*
City l»r Ib* porpoee tboti rerltod.
li  D*b**inr* B*sd* ol lh* Clly to
tilt IBlOinl ol ill Iheneaed tevee linndred ;IS.'Wi alollan In lh* «lml* mav
I* Imim by th* Mid Miyor ltd City
Olllk, is termi Ol lh* Muniripal I'lauaei
Art, Is mmi ai miy b* deaire.1, but nol
l**a Ihai eaa tlioii.anal all,mil dollar.
eirh. nriDl M* which miy he for
|7tV. Rten *f Ihe Mid Bond* iblll b*
■Igied by tb* Mid Miyor ind Citv Clerk
sad lb* Ciiy Clerk ahall Hitch there-
sole lh* Corpairale Seal at th* Mid Cor-
C Tk* D*b*alnre Bonda al.all betr
IstorMt it tb* ret* af Iv* par cent, per
Untie  payil.la half-vearli nn the
diy of and tha
day el ia ea, I. and every
rear Isrlng tha carreaey ol lh* Mid
DaWttere* arasr *l lh*m,
Thar, ahall ba attic Led to lh* Del-en*
Ure Baadi, Coopoai ligaad by Ihe
Mayor asly, tor eich ind every payment
tftatoreat Ibat may heroine duo, sod
•ech lignalure may ba either written,
Hamped, printed er lithographed.
4. Tha Mid Dabantm* Bond* ai to
peiacipal and latere*! tna* be mid* pay
ihl* al Iha Rank of Brltlih North America Sl North Vincouver, Toronto, ar
■on mel. Canada, or al Iha Bank ol
British Nartb America, l-ondon, Kni
liad, al holder'■ epllon, and the Mid
prlaclpal Hm shell be made payablt by
Iba City Corporation at a dttt set later
thai ihr rear* troa thi data seen
whlob tklt by-liw lakee efte, I.
I. There ihill be niae.1 and letiad
aaaaally by t iperlal rata aa sll rateable propertv Id tha Mid eity Iba mm
af fern-three dollan and nlaaly cent*
(HMO) lar th* parpow ol forming a
unking fund for Ihe payment ot Iht
aaid Iiehenturn, and the son ol three
boad-ed sad lhirty-l?i flJIM dolltre
tor Ik* payment af tha Intoreat at Iha
lata afnreeaid to baaoma due on inch
Dtbtntore* duriig the eurren. i thereof,
Is addition to all olbtr ratea lobe levied
aad rollecleai la Iha Mid fltv during tha
whole lorrem v ol the Mid Debentnrci
er lay of them.
t. This by-law shall come into eftaet
ea Iba day ol
T. This by-law may be cited for all
pirpoeet ii lhe "City ol North Vancou-
Ttr School Bite I/en By-law 1009."
Pi**ed bf lh* Council on lhe t weuly-
•lihth day nt December, ISM.
Received the bimdI ol tin Electon ol
lhe CilT ol Sorth Vancouver It an election held for the porpoee oa Ihe
day el A.D. IMP.
Reeon il*lered and Inal I y adopted by
Ike Council, tttned by the Miyor ind
City Clerk, end mled with the City
Seal ea Ibe dey ol
,   noA toTleciors
TAKE NOTICK that the abore ii t
iroe Copy at Ihe prepneed By-Law, npon
which Int rote el the Elector* oil the
Mnalelpellly of lhe City of North Vancouver will be takes within Ihe City
Hall, North Vancouver, on Thursday,
Iha llth day ol January. A.D , line, be-
Iweea Ihe honrs ol I o clock a.m. and 7
"'clock y rr
Returning Officer
rrRI.[C NOTICE Ii hereby gi vea thai
lhe role el Ih* Electon ol Iba City ol
North Vincouver will be takes on
Thurediv, the Mth diy ol Jannarv.A P.
IW, between the hours of 9 o'clock i.m.
TAKE NOTICE that the a
bove is a true Copy of the Pro
posed By-law, upon which the
vote ol the Electors of the Mu
nicipality of the City of North
Vancouver will be taken within
the City Hall, North Vancouver, on Thursday, the 14th day
of January, A.D. 1909, between
the hours of 9 o'clock a.m. and
7 o'clock p.m.
Returning Officer
To eimnle tht Corporation nf the
City of Sorth I'anroi.i-r lo raise
by tray of loan tht mm of fSOOOja
the pirptar nj mnt-mj a loan of
lhat 0., 0 .t.i la thr Sorth Koneotiw
II tli uliurnl Auttiation and far-
men' / llllll.'IC.
U'HEREAS a petition, algnod bv the
" ownera of moro than one tenth
the value ol real property in the Citv
his been pnnented to the City Council,
re-queering 111*111 to introduce 1 By-Law,
tn luthnrlie them to borrow the sum of
|6,000 to be used (or the purpoie of
miking t loin tn thit imount to the
North Vine-rarer Horticultural Association ind Flrmen'Institute to enable
them to pty nil certiin debts eliating on
their E1hibiti1.11 Htll ind Grounds ind
to lurther improve their property.
WHEREAS th* .aid North Vancouver Horticultural Aamciition tnd Fit*
men'Inililiilr hold their Eihibitiomon
lot one (1/ Muck two hundred ind seven
iK)7) dialricl lot Ire hundred ind lorty-
Ire (144), within the limits ol the Ciiy
ol North Vincuuver.
WHEREAS th* Mid loin will bete*
enred by 1 first mnrtgtge in livnr ol the
Citr Corporation to be granted by the
Mid Aaiociition an.l I intitule over lot 1,
ol block 207 nf D.L. 646 of the said city,
which mortgage will contain Ihe uauai
riiveaanle ind in obligation on Ihe part
ol tin Mid Aiaociiilon tnd Inititule to
pay tha Clly Corporation tha mm or
111 tui neretiary to provide yearly tht in-
tamt ml sinking fund on tlie aaid loan.
WHEREAS It will I* neceeMry to
raise tnnnilly hy speciil rite, il not
provided ti.it piid by Ihe Mid Association ind In.iitnla the sum el 8339 30lor
Ih* term ol filly yi-sr. lor tha repayment
ol lh* Mid I en and interest thereon 11
hereinafter mentioned.
WHIRKA-4 the nine of the whole
reteal.le property ol the Mid City ol
North Vim ..nver iccordlng to the last
revised inessment roll tmonntt to $3,*
WHKRKAS thi Mid City ol North
Vincouvtr haa at preaent a Debenture
Debt amounting to |:lll,iaX).
THEREFORE the Municipal Council
ol the Citv ol North Vancouver enacts
si lollowi:
(11 II ihall be lawful for the Mayor
of the Cilv of Norlh Vancouver and
Ihe City Clerk Inr the rmfpcee afore-
Mid to borrow or raise by wiy ol
loan Irom any person ov persons,
body or bodies corporate who nuy
l» willing 10 tdvtnce the Mine up*
oa the eradu nl th* debeaturei hereinafter mentioned ol the Corporation, a
sum ol money not ei.ee,ling in th*
whole th* mm ol 8*1.000 audio cause
lh* Mm* to be placed in the Bank ol
Britiili Nurlh America at North Vancouver to the credit ol tl.e City lor the
porpoee above recited.
lli Debenture* ol th* City to the
imount nl fsl.OOO ia th* whole mir ba
lasutsl by lhe said Mtvor tnd City clerk
tn lermi ol th* Municipil Clinics Act
In sums is nuy b* desired, but nnt l.-.s
thin 11,000 eich. Etch ol the Mid Debenture* ihtll be signed by the Mid
Miyoi tnd City Clerk, tnd the City
Clerk ihtll ittach thereonto the Cor*
aerate Seal of th* Mid City of North
(S) The debenture* ahall bear inter*
Ml at tbe rate of 8 per cent, per annum,
peyible half i early on the day oi
•ml tba day ol
in each aad every vear dnriug the currency •( lhe Mnl delientiireaor anv ol
them. Ther* shall bt attache I to thi
Debenture*, coupons signed by the
Miyor only lor eich ind every payment
ol interest llul miy lie, ome due, ami
inch signature miy be either written,
mmped, printed or lithograph*.!.
(41 The Mid Debenture* both aa to
principal ind intereit mtr be mide
ntyihle it the Haul ol B.N.A. it North
Vincouver, Toronto, or Montreal, Can
nil, or it the Hank ol B.N.A , London,
England, al holder'i option, and the
atid principal sum iluii be mid* pay-
tble by Ihe City it 1 dito not liter thin
llty yean Ironf the dite upon which
this by-liw UkM ellect.
(I) Then ahall be raited and levied
annually by a ipeclal rate on all rateable land nr improvement! in the Mid
City, the sum ol |3li .'Hi (or lhe
purpose ol forming 1 Sinking Fund for
the pirnienl of till Mid debentures and
the turn ol 1900.00 lor the pavment
ol the intereit it the nt* iforMiid, lo
become due on inch debentures during
Ibe currency thereol in addition to all
other rete. io be levied and collected in
Ihe Mid Citi during tha whole currency
ol the Mid '1-laentiirea «jr any ol them.
it] This Cv le-m ahall come intnrfl.it
on Ine
(7) Thii In* law may be cited lor al
pnrpoMeu lh* 'North Vncnnver Hor
tiroltiiril Aveociatlnn tnd tanners' Inititule Aid lly-Law, ikon"
Paieed hy the Council on th* Thirti
•th day ol December, A.D. IKON
Received th* a*Mnt ol Ihe Electon ol
th* City ol North Vancouver at an election held lor (lie pnrpcee on tlie
day of A 11 limit.
Reconsidered bv the Council ind
finlly adopted, ngoed by the Miyor
tnd City Clerk and sealed with the City
Seal nn Ihe day ol
A.D. 1909.
BY GIVEN tfiat the vote of
the Electors of the City of
North Vancouver will be taken
on Thursday, the 14th day of
January, A.D. 1909, between
thc hours of 9 o'clock a.m. and
7 o'clock p.m., on the "North
Vancouver Horticultural Association and Farmer's Institute
Aid By-law 1908," and that
within the City Hall, North
Vancouver, and that Thomas
Shepherd has been appointed
Returning Officer to take the
vote of such Electors with the
usual powers in that behalf.
By order of the Council,
City Clerk
BY-LAW NO. 5ft
day ol
to enable lhe City of North Vancouver It raise by way of loan
the sum of $22,200, for the purpose tf paying off the balance
still unpaid of the turn of $2jj, ■
000, being the amount assumed
by tht Citt of the Debenture
Debt of Ihe District Municipality
of Norlh Vancouver, referred to
in Section 1} of the Norlh Vancouver Incorporation Acl, IQ06,
as amended by Ihe North Vancouver Incorporation Act Amendment Act, lOOf.
WHEREAS on the 19A day
ol May, 1907, the City of North
Vancouver was incorporated by
Letters Patent issued by the
Lieutenant Governor in Council
by virtue ol the "North Vancouver City Incorporation Act
1906" and the "North Vancouver City Incorporation Act A-
1111 milium Act 1907,"
AND WHEREAS hy the here-
inlielcre recited North Vancouver City Incorporation Act A-
mendment Act 1907 (Section
11) it is provided thai it shall
be lawful for the Council ol the
Citv by a By-law or By-laws to
lie passed (without any petition
and without the previous assent
of the electors) at any time or
times and in one or more sums
at a time to borrow upon the
credit ol the City at large the
sum ol Two hundred and forty-
live thousand ($245,000) dollars
by debentures, lieing the proportion ol the debt of the Corporation of the District of North
Vancouver taken over and assumed by the City under the
Agreement (Schedule "A") to
thc said Incorporation Act (and
therein referred to in live items)
snd under the Agreement
(Schedule "A") lo the said
Noi*th Vancouver City Incorporation Act Amendment Act
1907, and at such rate or rates
of interest not greater than five
per cent, as the Council may see
lit, and such debentures shall be
issued under thc formalities con
tained in thc "Municipal Clauses Act" save as provided in the
said Incorporation Act and A-
mendment Act, and may be for
a period not exceeding Fifty
Years from tlieir date.
AND WHEREAS thc Council
of the said City has by authorized By-laws authorized the issue of debentures to the amount
ol 1*145,000 Ior thc purpose ol
paying od the said debt, which
debentures have ln-cn disposed
ol at a rate which has realized
the sum of f.225,200.
AND WHEREAS it is neces
stry to borrow a further sum of
?22,2oo by debentures in order
to make up the said amount of
AND    WHEREAS    doubts
have arisen as to the power of
the Council to authorize the issue of the said amount of debentures without the consent of
the ratepayers.
AND WHEREAS a petition
signed by the owners of more
than one tenth (1-10) the value
of real property in the City ha.-,
been presented to lhe Uiy
Council requesting them to introduce a Hy-law to authorize
them to borrow the sum of
$22,200 by debentures lo make
up the said sum of 1245,000 a-
AND WHEREAS it will be
necessary to raise annually by
a special rate the sum ol One
hundred and lorty-live dollars
and forty-live cents ($145.45)
for the term ol Filty xears
for the repayment of the
said loan as hereinafter mentioned.
AND WHEREAS if will be
necessary to raise annually by-
special rate the sum ol Eleven
hundred and len dollars (fmu)
lor Uie payment ol llie interest
al the rale oi live per cent per
annum on me said sum ol
iwenty-two thousand two hundred (1,22,200) dollars.
AND WHEREAS the value
of lhe whole rateable property
of the said City ol North Vancouver according to the last revised assessmeut roll amouuis
to three million three hundmi
aud eighty seven thousand nine
hundred and eighty ($3,387,-
980) dollars.
AND WHEREAS the said
City ol Norlh Vancouver lias
at present a debenture debt a-
niounting to $311,000,
THEREFORE the Municipal
Council of the City of North
Vancouver enacts as follows:
1. It shall be lawful for the
Mayor of the City of North
Vancouver and the City Clerk
for the purpose aforesaid to
borrow or rais.. by way of loan
from any person or persons,
body, or bodies corporate, who
may be willing to advance the
same upon the credit of the debentures hereinafter mentioned
of the Corporation, a sum of
money not exceeding in the
whole thc sum of Twenty-two
thousand two hundred ($22,200)
dollars, and to cause the same
to be placed in the Bank of
British North America, at
North Vancouver to the credit
of the City for the purpose a-
bove recited, and such monies
shall be used for that purpose
2. Del-eutures of the City lo
the amount of Twenty-two
thousand two hundred ($22,200)
dollars in the whole may be issued by the said Mayor and
City Clerk in terms of the Municipal Clauses Act, in sums as
may be desired, but not less
than One thousand ($i,ooo) dollars each, except one which may
be (or two hundred ($2oo) dollars. Each of the saiil Made
shall Ik- signed by the said
Mayor antl City Clerk, and tin
City Clerk shall attach thcriitii
to the Corporate Seal ol Unsaid City of North Vancouver
3. The Debentures shall
bear Interest at the rate of live
per cent, per annum, payable
quarterly on thc
day ol
day of
day of and tin-
day of in each and
every year during the currency
of the said Debentures or any ol
them. Then shall lie attached
to the Debentures Cou|Kins signed by thc Mayor only for each
and every payment ol Interest
that may become due, and such
signature may tie cither written
stamped, printed or lithographed.
4. The said Debentures as
ing a sinking fund (or the [seised nioo, on the last Muni-
payment of the said Di-lniiltlics,
and lhc sum of Eleven hundred
and ten ($1110) dollars for the
payment of the Internet at tiara te aforesaid, to become due
on such Debentures dining m.
currency thereol, and that in
addition^to all other rates to
lie levied and collected in the
sa,d City during lhe whole clir-
renc) ol the said Debentures 01
auy ol litem.
b. Tli.. By-law shall conic into cfleit on the
day ol I Iiu*
thousand nine hundred ami
7. This Hy-law may be cited
Ior all purposes as "lhe Ulv
of Nortli Vancouver Sialulun
Loan lly-law No. 6 lyo8.
l'.i.YMil by the Coiutiil on the
Thirtieth tlay ol December, k.U
Received   the   assent   of    the
Electors ol the City oi   .North
Vancouver at an Suction  IicIh
for the purpose on the
day of A.D., 1908.
Reconsidered by the Council
and linally adopted, signed by
the Mayor aud City Clerk ,uni
sealed with the City Seal ou
the day oi
A.D. 1909.
TAKE NOTICE that the u-
bove is a true Copy of the Proposed By-law, upon which tm
vote of the Electors ol the Mu
nicipality oi thc City of North
Vancouver will bc taken willitn
thc City Hall, North Valiiouver, on Thursday, the 14th d.i\
of January, A.D. 1909, between
the hours of 9 o'clock A tf.
and 7 o'clock P.M.
Returning Officer,
the Electors ol the City ol
North Vancouver will bc taken
011 Thursday, thc 14th day oi
January, A.l). 1909, between
the hours of 9 o'clock A.M. and
o'clock P.M. on thc "City of
North Vancouver Statutory
Loan By-law No. h I90S," and
that within the City Hall,
North Vancouver, and that
Thomas Shepherd has Im-n ap
pointed Returning Ollmr tu
take the vote ol suli UectOCl
with the usual powers in tha-
By order of the Council,
Cilv Clerk
.ipal Assessment Roll, of Oue
thousand ($1,000) Dollars or
unite, over and above any rcgis-
liiiil judgment or charge, and
who i.llii'iwise is qitalilted as a
.M1111ivip.il Voter."
"The qualilicatiuiis Ior Alderman shall be his being a Male
Hritish Subject ol the full age
ul Uciity-uiic ) 1.1 is and haviug
Inin lm the six months next
pieieeiling the day of nomination, the registered Owner in
the Land Registry Ollice of
Land ur Real property in the
City, nl the assessed value, OD
ilu lasl Municipal Assessment
Roll, ol Five hundred ($500)
Dollars 01 more, over and above
uiy registered judgment or
charge, end who is otherwise
qualified ai a Municipal Voter."
lit every Mtiniiipal School
Diatrict any person, being a
householder in the Sihool Distill 1, and lieing I Biitish Subject ol lhc iull age of Twcnly-
oiit- M-ars, and otherwise quali-
liiil lo vole al  all   Ivliition   of
School Trusties 111 their District, shall lie eligible to be e-
1.1 ii.l as a Sihool Trustee in
the Muniiipal School District."
Given under my hand at
Nuilh Vancouver this 2nd day
ol January, 1909.
Returning Officer.
Dislriel nf Vir.li liiuroiner
pntl.lt' Mi'l'U'K 1. Ii,*r.-ln ifiveni to
*■    tl..- Electors ol il»- Masielpsllty ol
Nurtli  \ inn*.ni 1 i*r. lint  I   ni|iiire the
j.r.■-. 11 v ul il,.* 'unl Kl.'.'l.in at the
.Muiii, i|>iil lint, at la.ruiT nl Lcnealali.
Ai, nn.* an.I QtMM Slr.-i-l, N..rth Van-
..amr, 111 tin- milI ,\luiii.-i|.aiity,on
Monday, llth January, 1909
*l l:' ..'rl'H'k   11.-.ii. f.,r the  niirpoae ol
elecllnapereoni torepnssal tli in tin
Municipal Council a. Id*, i.* ami t'oun-
...al. 1. a tin,*Imu|n*re<itiatort'pr**-
1.1'iit tin-in un the Boird ol Helinnl Trui-
llu ran.li.l.il.I .Imll he nominated in
urilinn, tin* iiruiiiK .hall he eutiecribed
l.y tm, vutcra ul tl.e Municipality ll
MD-HSST sad ■OSSalST, an.l alnll be de-
hreredto Um BsUmiai nffimateny
tun,* between the date « thii notice ind
l.n o'clock |. in. mi the diy ol niiiniiii*
la*.11 Ami 111 lh,' ,'i.nl ..( I |«.ll being
neceaeari. nnii |».|l uill he opened on
Saturday, 16th January, 1909
bstvVSSS th.' In mr. ul uini' o'clock a.m.
ml tin* ia.|..k p.in. <i( the .an,I .lay,
at tin- "iii'l Muniiipal Tent, corner ol
Queen llltsl ami b.nailali' Avenue, and
al l.i i.ii I.... 1 In.unit.' llall, both in
»iti. I'M uui. ipaiitv. uUl.irh.'V.-ry |iemin
lareqoiied W like notice ami govern
I sail acconllafly,
Principal and Interest may
made payable at the   Manic
Hritish   North    America,
North Vancouver, Toronto,
Montreal, Canada,   or  at
Bank of Hritish North America
London, England, and thc   said
principal   .sum   shall   be   made
payable by the City at a   date
not later than Fifty Years from
the date upon which this Hj-law
takes eflect.
5. There shall be raised tutd
levied annually by a special
rate on all rateable land or improvements ox real property in
the said City the sum of One
hundred and lortj-five dollars
and forty-five cents (J 145.45)
for    the    purpose    ol   faroi-
PUnMC NOTICE is lurch)
given to the Eleitors of tin Mn
nicipality ol the City ol Nm tli
Vancouver, that I require the
preseliie ol the said l-'.li'i tors at
the City Hall, North Vanum
ver, H. C, in the said City Mu
nicipality, on Monday, llie ulli
day ol .lanuarv, IfOfj, al I.'
o'clock noon, lor tin purpose ol
electing persons to represent
them in the Mtiniiipal Cumuli
as Mayor and Aldcriinn, and
electing one ikisoii to represent
Sihool Trustees.
The Culldldat,s shall In- iioin
luted in writing; lhc willing
shall be subsi ribed by U<> 00
tus.ol the City .Miiniiip.ilit) ni
proposer and seuuidir, and shall
be delivered to the Reluming
Ofluer.at any time '"'unit llu
date of this noliic and two
o'clock p.m. on the day ol noin
inalion; and in the cunt ol a
poll being iitiessary, siuh poll
will bc opened N Tliiirsdav.lhc
14th day ol .January, liju-i, between tin- hours ol ni tn* o'clock
a\m. and seven o'clock p.m. ol
thc said day, at the CitJ Ball,
North Vancouver, II C, in Un
said City Muniiipality ,<»i wliuh
every person is hereli\ ic.|iitic.l
to take notice, and govern himself accordingly.
"The nalificetioni lor Hayce
shall bc his being I M.ilr Hi it Mi
Subject of the full nge "1 tin 11
ty-one years, ami having been
for the six months nexl preceod
ing the dav ol nomination tin
registered Owner in tin Land
Registry Office oi Uad ot leal
property in the City, ol the as-
' In.   |ii.i :li.ali..iia lur Reeve ahlll be
In. I..*iii|i 11   mul.-   Briliah .ubjivl, and
hmiiiiilH.il la.r lh.' lhrei* n llu neit
ig Iiie dai "I hi. nuiiiiuitii.il Ihi-
renatendoasel Is tl"' Uml Rejiatry
Offlce ol land ... real |ar..|«-rty, aituite
«ninn tin* Mniii,'i|>aliti ."I tlii-aem-ae.il
1,iln.., ,.n tl..- la.t Munii iiwl Aiaeaement
I1..II...I liv. luiii.lr.'.l ilullin or more
.av.*r amI nl..v.* ..in ri*i;i.liT.*d )n,lament
,.r chars*, sad l*i'in« "therwiee duly
.|iia .li*.I -- .. Mill r "
II..' aoaltli iii'ii. I"r Cuiuicillor
•hall In* hi* i.'ina a mile Briliah auhjirl
'.ml I1.11.11  1  i'i lh.' three nionlhi
nest preceding the day (I hia minimi*
nun, tl.. r. ni.i.'-.'l oejejei in th.* Uml
K-*giatr- Offlce ol laml '.r real propertv,
-niial.- mil.,11 the Miniicipelit*, on th*
Meat hull, nl two
I.m .Ir. *l in .1 llliy .lullar. ..r more over
an.I she*! 111 r,(|i.ti'ri'.l judgment or
, Lar*-.*; ■ r befsg a ha'int.t.'a.ier, l*-«-ee
1 r* in th. 11.1 .; 1 n ' iii|.|..r.i*Initial
resided sill la Iai Mmm ipality lur tli*
1 ear war ,.r inure immediately
ia*.inu Htiun. and alio ia
aaaeeaed m Hv.* I Ind.lullar. ar inure
.ill lh.'laat \|lllil. l|H.I A.aeaanieiil Roll,
over and ibuee any reflaUred |ad|MM
or charge; .,r Lum a Imnieiteailer, lee-
, ll., 1 ...uii r. «bo
ha> resided mihin Uie Mum. ipality It
,, |,nn*n ..I .11.  yeu iiiiini'.liat.'lv pre-
reding ll mniali'.ii. and nh".luring
il. r nii'l. r ..I .aid -ear ha. Ih*i*ii ll.e
.■auerulaaid land ul ehi.h he lurinerly
ma 1   he .leader,   leami'  from   lhe
Crown, ur pn asapM, and wlm ia IMM
1., iim..Ir..I Milan "r mure on
lhe la-l Municipal \.-' nl Rollover
and ilaive am r.*i(i«tert-d judgment or
* barge, ami Uin** a,|lii-rm.aei|iiilil.filll
In neii Municipal S.*ln«.l III.In, t
niiv paMM, l»i"g a h',ii.i*l...|.lur iu the
Sim <l lii-irn t, ami Ihiiik a llritiih anil-
l*.i .,I il„* lull a*,,* ..I teei.li* vein,
and othanrlss .pialui'il t" mie at an
election "I School Iru.t.i-. in tlieir IM*
trict, llllll U'l'llKlhle In be el.Hl.il SS S
-a bool TrtlltS* in the Mlllil'lpal S hunl
1,n, n tni'li I nu  hand at Nnrth Van*
.**niver thli Rth dai "I DWSMaWi I****
\l I \. PHILIP,
■ ■imuini) Officer
M *
al Hi.
I  ll.l,i.l| ll"..  III
li. Our In, Mltm'. Aitvl. r
.1. Ma.ii.iiftM.rl n, KritM. S win., I. Ml*
UUI Mualii-il  am* Wohl.iili** UCUSfc.
, liiarn..
*.  C!i.r*ea I
, ' l'
.', a .■,
.      it
Councillors McNaught and
Nye were present at the session ol the district council on
Wednesday evening of last week
Reeve May presiding.
The deputy commissioner sent
a letter enclosing the certificate
of purchase ol lots 1363 and
1413. This is the Lynn valley
park property.
The city clerk wrote, to the
eflect that the city had authorized the improving of the old
road through DX. 546, to make
it fit lor travel.
Mrs. J. 11. Gibson wrote, directing the attention ol the
council to the fact that Lonsdale avenue north is well nigh
impassable for pedestrians, and
requesting that the necessary
improvements be made. The
engineer is to act.
A petition, signed by certain
residents ol Lynn valley, was
presented, asking that a road be
opened up through lots 7, 9, 10
D.L. 2033, from Lynn valley
road to Frederick road, a distance of 1100 feet, as the skid
road previously used is about to
be closed on account of the purchase of property through
which it passes. Thc engineer
to act.
Medical Health Olhcer J. J.
Iv Campbell submitted his annual report. There have been
no infectious diseases during
thc year and but one case ol
tuberculosis. The sanitaiy arrangements of the district are
satisfactory. The providing ol
a pure water supply for a large
portion of the district will do
away with the dangers attendant upon a supply Irom promiscuous sources. The methods
ol the one dairy in the district
were somewhat primitive, but
the product was wholesome.
Report tiled.
District Solicitor W.K.Burns,
advised the council that he had
attended court during thc ferry
cases as instructed, aud asked
lurther instructions as io appeal proceedings. Council considered no further attendance
required at present.
A plan of subdivision of the
N.F.. one-hall ol lots 3 and 4,
D.L. 950, was passed.
Monthly accounts as follows
were ordered paid : Finance
committee, total, $25290 I
board ol works, total,$1 193.'>:;
waterworks  committee,   total,
Tbe annual ratepayers' meeting will be held in the municipal hall on Tuesday, January
1 jib. at 8 p 111. A meeting will
be held in Lynn valley on Thurs
day, the 14th, at 8 p.m.
A local improvement bylaw,
lor the improvement and extension ol Lonsdale avenue,
from the north boundary of D.
L 801 to the south boundary
ol D.L. 785, a distance of 4000
feet, at an estimated cost of
$3440 was read and laid over.
A bylaw, lor the expropriation of a roadway, 66 feet wide,
through D.L. 624, a distance ol
1540 leet, namely the Deep Cove
road, was read, as was also a
bylsw lor the straightening ol
3ist street through D. L. 2008
to D I, 2025, expropriating a
roadway in thc proper location,
snd giving in consideration
thefelor the corresponding section at present registered. This
waa likewise laid over.
The proposition Irom John
Lawson, to give a 66 loot roadway, from the proposed wharl
to Keith road, in exchange lor
certain lanes in the vicinity,
was accepted.
Chiel of Police Davies, under
date ol January 2, presented to
the chairman of the board ol
police commissioners, the following report of his departing for the past year:—
I am pleased to report that
the city, criminally speaking,
has tared well. There was only
one serious case to contend
with, v\i.,—an attempted rape
on a domestic servant girl. A
young man was arrested and
committed lor trial. The police, while working on this case
cleared up the Warlow shopbreaking case, securing a quantity of the stolen goods. Thc
prosecution was withdrawn by
lhe 11 ui 1 pininant, on account of
retribution having been made.
ln my last year's reporl, i
called the attention of the
board to the necessity oi having some improvements made
in the gaol. The modern steel
cells are built so that they can
be easily removed, if necessary,
at small expense.
I received one hundred and
fifty-two (152) complaints, lhat
were attended to, and one hundred and sixty-nine (169) reports from constables. Filty-
two (52) reports were made on
street lights, which embrace
several occasions when the complete system was oil. Kiglil
(8) sick persons were tttended
to. Twenty-one (21) places of
business were found open after
hours. One Roumanian family
came to the city in July, the
lather became insane and was
committed to the asylum. I
got in touch with the emigration authorities and succeeded
in having the whole family deported.
The value ol goods reported
lost amounted to $879.05; the
value of goods recovered was
$801.50, leaving a balance of
$77.55. The value of goods reported stolen amounted to
$718.80; the value of goods recovered was $487.75, leaving a
balance of $231.05.
I regret to state that thc
citi7.cns are very much to blame
in many cases, as they leave
valuables lying around without
any protection.
There was recovered stolen
goods, reported from outside
places, to thc value of $540.
Thc following cases were
dealt with in the police court:
Drunk and incapable 29, drunk
and disorderly 4, in a state of
intoxication (Indian ail) 9,
liquor in possession!Indian act)
3, drunk with liquor in reserve
(Indian act) 1, supplying liquor
to Indianr (Indian act) 1, theft
I withdrawn, attempted rape 3
two dismissed, cruelty to animals 1, vagrancy 3, robbery
from the person I, indecent assault 1, threatening language
towards wile 1, carrying concealed weapons 1, stolen goods
in possession 1 withdrawn; a
total ol 60. There were two
cases of delirium tremens and
one case of insanity dealt with.
Thc total amount collected
in fines and costs aggregated
thc sum of $735. Eighty-nine
davs were worked by prisoners.
Three prisoners were sent to
thc provincial gaol and served
time there.
On the nth day   of   August
the city pound was amalgamated with the police department,
and the results show very favorably with the previoui vear.
Five months of 1407 yielded
$21, while in 1411K the receipts
were $113.40.
We have received few complaints ol cattle and horses running at large.
I'lan.    md   Specification"    Prepared
When thinking nl building let in give
in eitimate.
III I' II   ll"l ':.    I aa'.li  I .'a* <l.,\.'l
District Municipality
LiCin asd (iisTimif.-In conipli*
aare with the requeala ol I lir^e number ol Ritepiyera in the District Muni*
clpility ol North Vincnnvi-r, I hnve inn-
aented to my nominal n.n M candidate
lor Reeve it the forthcoming eh-ctlnn t..
be held .111 Saturday, January lllth, ]w
Fully aware nl the lm|Kirtancc of the
dull.-, in vol nil and alter the mi nt careful coniidenlion ol the i-aacntial re-
?|iiircniciii* and qualification* n. SSMTT
nr in efficient Kxecutive nf this ureal
Municipality, the ardiume and cimii'ii
tioui work niTc.aary in keeping hilly informed ie in the in iiuiei |.al n*i| 111 lenient-
ol the aeltlen in the varioua parti, ind
■ juit md Impartial adminialraiinn eon-
leering lo Ihe Inlleit poeiible client the
benefit* of law ind onler, coupled with
* prudent ind prugreaiive policy caliu-
tiled to beat promote the welfare and
prosperity ol the entire Municipality: I
hive pli-aenre in laeuring ynu tint I
know of no reieon why I ciiiii.,1 elfi. i
enlljf lervn your public intercut* with
■eai and integrity.
My experience gained in public lervire
in thia Municipality mil City, during
the laat three term., aa Councillor of
the Diatrict Municipality and Alderman
in tbe City, together with Hoard ol
Trade work for * longer time md an in-
iliapiitihly honorable and RMesssM hita-
ineaa career ol SH) yenra' alluding,ehoiild
tend tn prnve my (Unee* Inr thin important offlce.
II elected, I ahall uae my iitinoetendeavor to |ier((inn my duliea iu a manner tint will prnve woithy of your higli-
e*t appreciation.
Earnestly eoliciting your influence and
vote, I remain,
Your Obedient Servant.
W   mmm
Ask yonr6i«OGER for it
N.v.nsn Co.
r. A. Bl till!, Proprietor
All UndiaJ Fresh Finh delivered<UDj
Smoked   li-li   a   specialty.   Poultry,
Kgv* and Vi'getiihhs
Our aim is to please our ('tistniners aa
to goods and prices.
i Vr. Lonsdale A veal Btlt St.
THK Annual Uiite.iaycr.' Meeting Mil
I   U' held in Larson a Pavilion, Kspla-
inide,  011   Wed day,   Llth  January.
lieu, «l I o'clock, p.m.
r.riixBii—To receive re|mrt nf Council and Financial Statement lor tin- year
IW)K. and to hear cuulidali s fnr ollice at
(ortliiiiming Municipal Llei lions.
By order oil lie Council.
Ciiy Clerk
North fancniiver, B.C., 5th .liiniiir.v,
Notice to Electors
PAKK NOTICK lhat the P"lii'i*Mie:i-
1 Irak-ul the Cilv nil!, hv virtue ol
the power, i'ni.l.rre.1 ir on l.lii hv slalllle Inlda Curl ivitln.. Ihe City Hall.
Norlh I ancouvcr, B C , onTue*iay,llie
12th day f January, liHKI, allin-hour of
fiii-aa'eUk in the afternoon, to heir
and .leti-rniine cases where il is lUffed
any prr.oii'B name has been Improperly
omitted Irom, or placed on, lie* liKI"'
Voters' Lisi.
City Clerk
Norlh Viim-niiic-, It ('. Ml. Jannirv,
Simeon if Wight
SI   U N I U 1 H I \
lurii Strkkt Whit, Noam Vav.oc.vkr
Trees, BhroJd.Roaes.Flowertng Hunts
Si'rniiiig, Pruning. Gardeai laid out.
Hprsylng and Pruning should bedoa
fr. 111 new to March    Has us at flhi**.
For the .win
or lia.«....
*•• .Is, Treei, I'l.illtl i I 11 la
Ilium* Krimii .ail il."i"U I
iyi Pom Cmaltfmt rn
M. j. nt Mil
31)10 Wistiili.istK Ronl
Vam ouver
direct Irom tlie mines.
Place your orders now and
lecure your w inter's supply.
Large shipments uill arrive
in « few .lavs, Prices right
Large supply of WOOD
nlwavs .111 hnnd    ....
Hotel N.uili Yaiiioiivtt
Telephone No 2.
Hai) ond feed
Fine, healihy Tomato and
Cauliflower Plants, grown Irom
Sl'.ton's Seels, always on hand
ihe Brackman-Ker
Milling Co.
I iaiited.
Lonsdale Avenue,
al  Fiiry  Landing
Ham  Mitchell, local manager.
Pianos • . •
at lUrqalos
Some at half real valu..
We are taking many good
pianos in ikcbsnf* lor lli.
tin-great, st nitcliaiinal |>1 n.i
on earth.
Some of these used pianos
sre as good as the day ihey
lelt lite factory.
To reduce this stock we have
selected a nuiiilier of bargains,
beautiful ii|.tight |ii,iikis fur
$200   $223   $250
warranted lo be nood as new.
$6, $7, $A |>er month
4:111-111 Raatina Streei
Diplock Wright
Lumber Co.
17th Slreet, North Vancouver
Wt- ire dow prepared to
tako drdejfc for Mll.l, Kll!
Wool), fin tn 11; in. leogtbi
-1 „ttluUu^atmsumuuisuuuutM^
1 Air Tight     '
1       Heater*
PE haw I full line of the
above, in iill liiei uml at
.ill price-.
Vmi i'ini huy 1 neat little
which is |ii''nty good enough to
mt you tlir.iugli the cold .-imp.
Just uso the telephoM.   We
tlo the rest.
Paine & McMillan
Corner lonidale Ave. and First St.
Phone 12
ummutm mmmm mmmm wmm
Mill I'll IWl'lltUlK Hill!) A INlHHi I'll.. IIU., TIME TIKLK IM
•TUO  "
S.OO   "
8.40   "
h.ho ••
10.15   "
11.15   "
ILli H.M.
1.15  "
2.11,   "
3.15  "
4.15  "
6.15  •'
6.15  "
T.25   "
815  "
It.IS •'
10.15 "
*« soem lANcoius
•7.20 "
8.20 "
D.00 "
9.45 •'
10.45 "
1146 "
12.45 P.M.
1.46 "
246 "
3.45 "
4.45 "
8.46 "
8.48 "
7.45 "
8.48 •'
9.46 "
10.46 "
•11.46 "
•Sot on Siinitiv
dim u RMM1111 neiti on rnr ccam
i».■   in . im —________
Kuu: 11.60 PER
Vi ml Balm lu l';iiinlii'\ mnl Kmiilar Ruardm
lUIMi.iur firry i-..nini*lii.n In nut Imiu Vincouver.   Hot md cold
mler in Sf*J| rmmi.   Ueliirn rill brlli in *verjr  iwioi.   Barber
►h..|. ill imi ll"ll
Bacon «  -     • - .south vanxouver, b. c.
British Columbia Electric Railway Co., Ltd.
Cnd leeee the l"irr\ Landing lur yu.ei-.sliury Avenue, Twenty-first
•treet and LoiiaiUlc, Win. h strt-et and Keith Koad as follows : 6:15
a in., (1:45 a. in., 715 a. in., 7:45 a. m., 8:15 a. in., 9 a. m. 9:40 a. ni.,
10:10*. in ,    A::*r in 25 a  in., cars will lesvc yueenshury avenue,
I »• nn litM and l.uiiMlal. .m* ■, and Winch street and Keith Road
at five minute*, tu thr hour and tw, nty-liu* minutes past the hour.
Cai*. I.ave Nun tn nth latiett an.l'Jtieensluiry avenue, Twenty-first
stml an.l Lonadek evenne, Wim h itiwt and Krith Koad ai follows:
ba. m.. 655 a 111., 7 jo a in, 8:05 a. 111., ^145 a. m.,930 s. m.
Alter gju a. m. cars leav. lli. l-'.rry Landin-; at ten mintitei past thc
hour and twenty minute*, to the hour.
\_l~    AH Imals at.   in. I liy iln* . at*.
• |hi vou want •
•a clua|)
The Seymour Hotel
l.ialrd on fWiimour H|k   llnr,
quarter mill from n4wr|.
• Building Lot ?|
nlready fur ttuatjove   A load 1     ;uilt iU t|)e QJt« |,j
 i    mils.  lOOllW f«fl
aontaius nhout   hull a cord. •    f'r'()||
Prion $1 per load on or before
delivery, Poeitively do wood
delivered without oaifa, ns we
cannot afford to pay i ooUeo*
tor at this price, All orderi
will reoeiveprompt attention
( M )     j
_, tj'lb down nnd f'2'i t
•     ju-r ijiiarti-r: intrrist    •
• irmn
{    8200.1
0 i'l-i dnwn   an
i por quarter;
» six |mT CPIlt.
This 1* s first ilssi hotel,
snd is now open to thc
genersl public. Good
service guaranteed
Koad conm-ctioi.s Irom North
Vancouver for Vehicles.
* Houses for Rtnt or Sate t
* all over the City      §
j A. SMITH & Co.!
?    L0M8PAU A\'K   §
a PI 21 leen*P(si 1     •
n hi it iiuiiii \1\m1m1
'  IIKIl that  ill caant ol   inleetioui.
"i U^i.1.1- ..r r|*i'l.mi'* ,lm*a*e, ol I
character .laiifi-rnini Ui nubile health,
niii.l In' r.'|«.rt.-.l in the Mediral Health
I'itr Clerk.
Citv llall. N'.rth Vaneuiirer, B.C.
New Advertisements
Public u
Do| Imi   i   i aa r. n
Ainiiiiil mi etiny   i itj
Notice loelecton  City
Uaiiir.*-- wanted—PsIsm
Kl.*. I, .ui   T S Nv>-
Court "i reviilon- District
For tin* innn— a, .1. 11' lirv
M.*.|i.*iii.* [.Hlli.l—Thli ''*
W I loi    ill   K   (.rah.iiii
,. card    I   I.. Kraiii
rieatan  Pi ne - M I
Kle.-ii. ird   i.l   i r..
Niir-.*ri ii    -*ii , IViglil
i: .*, iion ca      \
Baaleatati   fhai k. i *'■ i
I    hlMlp   I'lHi'lllt   101       A.    *alalHl   aa
H6U in i'i" -   i ancu . • i liilti
ink, ,\ can.l
i ..
Tin-  polici    magistral!   will
Imlil inun  ..ii  Tuesda}
ii....n next, in hear coinp
afainit llie un full rs' list,
Aiiii hav ing heen engaged tur
.sunn* mon ihs in assisting lu i<
lillllil tin* town ul l'lllile,   ,\ .1).
Haskins, iii \ iit.iii.i I'.nU  thin
ui\, returned home lust \w. k.
Willi.un Peers, who had been
conducting a grocerj bu
on Keith ruad, di si Mahon ave,
«.is an mn-;.iin-; passiugi loi
Australia iMs week iln Inui-
neai has been laki n ovei       I
lllltilllsiill.   who   was   imi aill\
tin- pruprietui.
Rev, Clurles Builer, M.A.,
Cambridge, announce! th n
opening ol Si. John ■ school ra
Monday, January nth. Hr
Hiiilu is an Instructor ol   en*
Iclistii i\|ii*tiiiiM .nnl will Iii
supported bj an eflicienl lafl
A valuable feature ol lhe i en
polic) tvill l.i tin '"a. i in- "i *i
in.iim- scholarship loi con ,• -ti
lira .ii Haiti i i *
Tin mu h . h, t. il .iliu.;- ..I
•Acslcin   Kok  lodge,  S    I)    I'...
yuu* .lull installed on Tu ia>
leaning. Supreme Di itricl Dep-
uti B. I. Hebber, ol Sen U.si-
lllinslcr. urns In charge, The
list nt nihil!-, was .is (ollows
Pant praddent, J. V. Bi ith;
prtsnlitu.i'uii King; rice , res
nlelit,   K    I',i,i     in.a,iii.i     ll
Holland; secretary, I.  J
tmiteee, K I nderwood,   .1  \\
HI.nnl, .unl Di   Vim. i.
Tin* Imnii' ..| Hi .nnl ins.
.inliii Lawson, 11..Hi burn, ' - * i •
ll.tliu,   U.IS   till    Ml 11.    .,|   .1   .111 111
Imt Interesting ii-ri-monj on
Wednesday evening ol 1 .ist aeek,
«hiii .(..Iin ll.irli ami ^nss
Marguerite N Smith were unit-
ad in holy wedlock, tr D
Gillam, pastor ol Si Andn »'s
Presb)i.ii.in ihutih, officiating
MtSS     ItlSsI,        I,,,IIS-Ul       .llllll        .IS
bridesmaid and ('•. A (tonloii
as groomsman. The h i]>p\ i-ou
I'K mil in.ik. ilnn permanent
In.nu- in Capilano, when llr.
llaiie h.is just compli led . Line
A huge null..i ws * ii,.niii
observed to pai i ovei ilu cit)
nl a comparative])   Ion   eleva
inui. A party oi young people
was strolling across victoria
gardena about eight p.m*, when
they weie startled by e sudden
il.ish as nl lightning,immediately after which i greet hall of
lire bunt out ol tin- sky, rush-
ing along at i terrific rate of
s|iieii aiiil (evidently became of
the great friction) throwing ofl
particlei oi glowing substance,
which lell behind, iorming a
brilliant tail oi considerable
length, Tin* meteor*waa within
win but the briefest period of
!mu, when it disappeared in
llu iiiui tion nf ihe iniiiiiit.mis.
The nuinlieis uf lhe stall    ol
iln  Uonteliui pi.in.i house, Van-
couver, ^.m ,i vei) appropriate
expression oi esteem to their
employers ra Christmas eve. A
shol I   adill ess  tt.is  11,1.1  .Ml    hell.ill ui the employees, In addition t" ii hn li \\. \v. Hontelitn
general   manager  ol  the   lirm
was presented   with  e  heavy
gold  m.iiih  ih,iin and  II. \V.
Montelius,   secretary,   with  a
gold mounted umbrella, A suit-
a'aii ,1.knowledgment was made
a .a h recipient.    The  whole
in. ideni w.is ,i gratifying niaiii-
ion  "i  the happy conditions tthiili merit the internal
relationships oi this well known
Firm,   w * u. Hontilitu is  an
extensive holder of North Van-
rsnltt end lias always
iiu*i\ Interest   in   (lie
■ ii the ambitious city.
PHONE   93
January Clearing
for sale in the
30c. bleached and unbleached Sheetings, 2 yards wide
good heavy cotton, sale price      ny^c
35c grey Shirting flannel   ... 25c
45c grey Shirting flannel  351
$2,011 Men's white wool Sweaters, sale pries  $1.65
75c Underwear, Shetland wo il, sali* pi ii 1  |»t garment 60c
ft. 25 Men's heavy wool Shirts, sale  price  95c
Ueadquarteri for Singer and Wheeler d Wilson
Sewing Machines ami acoeeavriee.
KEITH block lo.vsiulk avi:mi-:
ro thi-, it,im rums
(uiitl. nun,    I h.m    i'ini    ti
quested bj .> largi aambei   "i
ratepayers lo unci mon  placi
ill!    .ill      I..I..II a|,, l|,l   l,,|    . ,,1
tin iiti ..I North \.in,"tu. 1 ,iui
tin iii.n..Min election,   ahich
lake-*   pi..,I    ull    III.     I (III        .Hill
an .    lu 11111 .lining Lu do   Hns,
it is uuh lull kin.111..
Itnponsibiitt)   which  reals ra
tin* mayor*! rimalders I   l
iall ,i:,.stiii  _m.ii  ll,,,l   1  v. ill     il
■ li'ted, ..lu..)' wi.ik lui
■   ul  tin    ity,
as I have limn- to th
nn knowledge and abiln .    la
llli- |iasl
1 i.01 look 11 Hi 1 * idi ... ilu-
^'la.uili ui tin* ,it\ during in)
term ol office, snd I t in
■11   lllll ,    tt llll    j*l    I*. 1       i.lll
.nni judgment used bj ...in  In
ttut- in.iiui   .nul   council    iln
jjlulllll   should   H"i   l«   :'
during the coming yeai
fruiting th.it in. pa .1 rei ord
Will   jllSt 111    Ilia
ti turning mi as theii chiel i *i
11 uin, l talu ilns u|i|iaii(unity
ui thankiaj thi i It i ton ol both
tin  , il\  nml in'iiii 1 ilisitii 1   n|
{forth Vancouvi r, lot thi li
i '.nii'la n.e 111 tne,
uIshing lun ill 1 pro 11 i"ii-*
,uid bright \.« \. 11
Editor Bxpreeei
Su Tin- bylaw to enable the
. u, lo liuiTo-i (6000, in aiil ol
ilu- Horticultural Association, 1
think should have the rapport
ul everj property nuner in the
citj Ii shuuld In- I an in i* iu
mind that the making ol this
loan will not render ii necee-
s.ui for the iitv lo lew a lax
rate for sinking fund and interest, .is these iieiiis frnin year to
as well .is .ill other charg
is   will lie paid in full liy    the
i ii      The citv merely
performs the friendlj office of
- nabling the association to pro-
' tne tins needed ln.ui
Rvefj propert) .inner knows
il be h.is a house tii nnl, that
nothing will ilu nn.re in get    n
tenant than a well kept garden
and lower plot. At the same
tinie, it gives strangers a gnml
impression of the citv and helps
to increase the population. By
encouraging such enterprise the
association is of real public
I would like also to see an
ornithological and domestic
pets show held liy the aliove association, and if this were dune,
I ant sure we would Iind main
enthusiasts in'our midst, each
setting a good example tu liis
neighbor in this respect. Thc
results of the poultry show in
Vancouver go to show that we
already have some such ill out
citv, and it is to he hoped that
thev will increase.   Yours trttlv
Nurth Vancouver, Jan. ;th.
We e»|>eciallt| recommends
Lots 46, 47,48, block 166,       -       at $1750 each
Lots 22, 28, 29, 30, block 167,    -    at $1200 each
Lots 8, 4, 5, 11, 9. 10,11,12,
IB, 11, 115, 16, block MB,    -     at $l.r>(K) each
TERM8-—One-qUArter cash; balance spread OW
:i peril ill of three years, at 7 per cent.
I A3 Cordova Street, Vancouver, B. C.
I-, o, mix Me,
Master. Rev. Charles E. Butler, M.A.,
Knur Iit. nml .lm* btm re*
ei in'il nn mndt-rsts Incluiil'd
term**. I In* who..I •*. iii r..-.,p.*ii
mi M.an,lay, .Ihii.  Ulli,  I9HS,
A I N KMlirthip will Ih'iiI-
fa r.-a 1 ill KiiMter lor competition
1.1 busrdefs.
District of Ms) liiiinmir
CIVIL    KS..IM   1 *W
I'imiititv Surveynr nnil Arrliitict
District Election*
S.iliirdrii), Jan. 16, 1909
^ our vote end inffannai
are solicited on behalf o(
i'i- Reeve ol the Diatriel of
N irth Vanoouver fnr 1909
iw\mt TOWilSLI)
Real Estate Broken
i it i vsD net ivmiiimi
M.-11 .'H'T. nm
HEIaf. Ruuimuiu
MM ni.
I.aaain- liriiiiti-il   for l.nnv or Slinrl
Pi-rii.l» Ht S'g per renl.
121  Lon»dale Avenue
Court of Revision
VOTICK ll li.*r.l,v -riven llml tl...
'' C-.urt nf R..vi>i..n nf lli.. Ilis'.ri.l ,.i
North VlllarnllviT uill |.,* |ii.|i| iii ||M.
Dislriel Municipal Ofli,'", Ksplann,!,*,
Snrlli Vmieiiiivcr. on M".i.lin, ll... Kll.
.Iny of Kelirintri', Ig0|, at j ,m*I,.*| n g, ,
t.irevi.e the UiHlrici Ak-.miii'iiI Rnll.
un.l to hear ciiiplnini*. nml np|-a-aU
HirHiimi tin* smwiaints iu»d« i>i :ii.
AaWSStaf.       Nn'ir.*   Ill   app„al    11 u'*t Ik*
lodfsd uilh me nnt lean Uian ti n .lai.
U'lnre the -ni.l .lale.
Ilateiliit Nnrlh yaiicoui.r the Ith .lav
of Juniiaii'. I|K)||.
AI.KX. PHIt.ll>.
20—4«* 0 M C
■1 Of MII i
limiial Ralepayrrx' ,1'flini!
Notice to Elector*
Cake and Candy Sale
and Afternoon Tea
hv the Girls' Branch of
the Woman's Auxiliary
of St. Jobn'l Church, at
""   an let igaed Inns to m>
'l'i lhe Blecton "I the City
'I North Vancouvei that In- is a
Csndidsti   (or AM* rtnu Inr the
nil l**i tin* ** ||   i , ,,, an,| tlmi nc
'I'inli  in.I- |-enilent 0*1 any
ttcltel hi slug iiliat.v, t.    The vole
snd influence ..I iba Blecton .ue
llnlll   -.nil   it,,|
'i un i.nilifiillv,
A  E. CRICKMAY All  welcome
cor. loth nnd Durham,
.'! to (i p.m., on
Thursday, Jan. 14th
v'!"/,l,*;.vv.;..;«;..;..;..;..;..;..;..;..;..;..;„*„*,,*M*,...  aja/. •^M2aa*n*.-2a."..x^.*X*<X"X'
'•' . i
I fcverv iioii-ri'.-iiliiit I
| I
| Owner of North Vancouver Property ;!;
V &
Hactinge of the retetajfin ni
the District will he add in   uie
Distriet llnidpnl  Office,   i.s-
pl.iti.nle, mt Tuesday the i:th
Jiiiiliary, at K o'clock, P, .M.,
and at the l.ynn Vallev Institute Hall on tlnirsdav, lhe I
January, at S o'clock P. M., tn
receive the reports ol the Council and hear Candidates Ior t*
Hv order o( the Council,
>...f. + .i.4..». + .-*...f.4.4
t The Williams I
tMeat Markett
wm attach n-iil v-iluc to ihe information
given in thi- iaaua ni Thf Eipreai
Ihr luvestmcnf of One Bulliti
will bring the paper to-rout ad.lre-is and keep yon tally ia
1 1 i i ill ii i'l. n |'. ii.iiniaiK iii North Vancouver, city and
*   '■! mn a.lilr.ss on the lollowing Irirui and
•••i"l t" I In  Bxpfl **-.. Ni illi Vaiiumi, t
January lyoi)
Kin.ilt l.'iii'iird   flu- Express lo me regulnrlv at
....   I Sheet i        i Cilv)
lours truly,
1   BVfi  away  KRKE
f      IIS Mill IISMIVIIIL' lull
(tl '
i    l'i per i'inl ot your
I    ment hill**.
t,Cboicist Beef Pork, Mut-|
I ton, Limb and Poultry at
1 Bargain Prices.** js js jsZ
rl.iV ll.U   llllll  .1   I'll I*
P( rrv Ticket wilh
each 50c pun h.ise .
Wc keep im delivery
iirf^niis,    tin    liook-
k.-.pers, and sell lor
1 a**h onlv.
BR 1. i-: 1 s all
llll'. I! KN KMT.    .
IfnmHHI Pan Uml
1 flcal hrketf
M HsiHnn si. 1 u-l        2
4®*iti*"* >♦■!♦♦#■»♦•»•♦»♦
Yoa Can^t
You've £:ot to look at—live with—
und he notable with your suit. You
may us well have thtt hest your money
will huy
A Kit-Kefoini Suit lm* nil the lat-
t-t kinks of faabion---ei e them.
Our Overcoats at
Are Corker*
333 Hastings -St.        Vancouver
Mail Orders and Ramplet on application
to .mr nuinerous Client! and Frit-iitle
at Home and ahroad
I'scltil pnawta to your wife,  lnisla.mil.  liov,    nr
(jirl, or as a personal investment with increasinj; values as the years roll hv instiritij; large profits,   snd
may he the muleus n( ,i BOOM, provision lor oldtgt or
fortune—f| anv use .1 wise and sale investment.
SO   LOTS   IN   inf.  CIIY
within one block of   Lonsdale avenue car line,
iK-aittilully situated
Prices $SS3 to $273 eacb
TKKAIS 5:s to ||u cash,   balance  rasv   monthly   or
quarterlv pavineiils, spread over i\ lo | years.
Call at .uu iiiiiii' at oiht and make vour selecliott
or il iituilile to call send your Iriend.
If .lislaiiie prevents   your   calling   send   us   vmir
cheipie or MM) order with instructions to srlect   Inr
Yours truly,
tor. lonsdale Avenue and tilth M ,  North Vamouvrr,  B.C.
fit Kl'IIONK 15
Tenders for Cloarinir \*d\]
<^™rA;,r^;;r^:.'i^'!::; Mtt I kcunk "-"j	
eli'iiriiig llirec III) Brrfi mljnini.'B t'ttpi-
Innn ..li'K.I -ih't" ...nth
hn irini i'.im. nip, ind nMH'hMi ..1
..iiilriirl an.l l.*n.l..riii|t at i.fllci' ..I—
all kind..! \|...i..n an.l Antique Furnl*
lun-. St.,r,, Ulli,*,. Itunk .nd   It., fit- 'i
turn..   Ili'i'airiiif hi ill ill l.ran.het,
III Taint at W., Hti. rboainllf lit and Um>atal.
n|,r.»iir Irh-iol
IRWIN A H'l.UNi.S Cu. I.m.
Ni.rll. Vancouver. II.C.  UAlLOlDMtl gWrn prompt attention


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