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Por Yaar, Mulled or 1 lull*, citiai
In   Ailvuiiu©
®ljf Itepxm
0cr tiag, %'!
/Tgit^nii n^ercia l^rinting
"^ijgtol'-"*:*****™*-'''" »*
THS   ex I'WKMh   OKP1CB
The Asiatic Exclusion league meeting
held hurt on Tuesday evening wan a
decided suchwh, tWllltlng in n lui'ge
number ol new metnbera lielng enrolled
and showing the intern that is taken
in thu city and district, ami whloh w
oo r respond I ngly felt' throughout tho
province, There were over one hundred
Mayor A. K. Kealy occupied the oha'r
and opened tbe meeting, declaring 'ti
purpooe and speaking ut aotlle length on
the subject. The question, lie snid, wm
exceedingly Important, and one that the
people of the ensl are almost equally in-
tereated in. It has brought great niindn
to consider the question, The people tf
British Columbia are nearest the orient
and we therefore feel it most, There are
many Bides, further stated (he mayor,
but Mie majority acknowledge th.ii Mm
must he u white man's country. We
liave to consider what haw previously ex-
isted. The Orientals have heretofore
been allowed in'the country nnd have
invested here, lloih governments nre to
blame for allowing this, Those who havo
to do with councils know thut the people are quirk to Slim np a question. It
Ih, however, found that the difficulty if*
nol -so easily solved, We nni*-! give the
governments credit for ability to wive
(be problem, and until they tail entirely tdiould not condemn them. There 's
tm doubt, he said, that if the Immigration were to continue Hritieh Columbia
would be in nn awkward position. tMr.
Kealy referred to Mr, Q, II. Cowan's
Speech in Vancouver, and it wan, he lie-
lleved, the heft  he had    hoard   on tiie
Mr. Von Kin-Hi. president of the
league in Vancouver, t-aid lhe Asiatic
Exclusion league originated in Vancouver nnd the object of itn organisation
wart tbe m.aft vital question of (lie day
to l»- -dealt with in the Dominion. He
spoke of a large |>etition being signed in
Vancouver to present to Ituth local and
Federal governnienla. Tin- petition did
not nnk for partial exclusion but for the
enactment of lawn that required the ed-
ii- iiii ni. il i*-*'. to he |iut to tli-v-H* entering (he Dominion such as was in force
in other Hine-h colonies*. This, he Im>-
lieveil, would result in alllMMl B-bsolllto
exclusion. Further, «l was thought it
WM a jHiliticnl question lhat iliu.ili! lie
taken up by eveiy party, Regarding the
influx of Chinamen it was for some reason larger now than ever in Spjte of the
|800 head tax,
The city solicitor in Vancouver made
the atatemenl that ohe*fifth of thu en<
lire (■*.(.nl.iti "tt uf the city was Oriental
and allowing the growth to average
three to one, the result  would SOOn  iw
The Dominion paity had Ihe rei lie uf
power and there seemed to be a diepot-i-
tion to shift the re>poiutibility to other*
und SO on back and forth, Heupectiig
the treaty there was never u greater
farce.   If it wan the raee  a   European
would have the Mine rights in China or
Japan ns the Japanese and Chinamen
has in the European countries. This
wan not the cose, and Mr. Von  Jihcin
quoted several Instances in furtherance
of hie etalemenk
The Jap work* for one-third of Ihe
prevailing ffflgft, while the white man
Cannol live on such wage*, not having
been aci uetoined to the tare lliaj Ihe
Oiiental can euhslsl Upon, he na id.
Tbe commission movement-, nuid Mr
Von itheiu, weh absolutely u«elet**t*.. af-
fordlng occupation and pleaanrs for
Mine eaaternei »ho did not understand
the eiiiiHiiiin in British Columbiai The
I"    iiuiiii  "i go -I * it,- through a con)'
mMon would he greater  if a western
inun should I"1 lent, There wao, he said,
no ooDiletinoj In the pretended nece*
iltj for Oriental laboi for railway nml
development work. This work wm car*
Had on in Die eiiNl, ami »« lar went   as
the boundaries of thli province by white
labor, yet heie large corpoiatioiiH found
it lo iheir purpose to employ Oriental
Dr. Jordan, of North Vancouver, Spoke
nexl, opening with thc atatemenl that
the time hiul arrived when tbe pet-phot llrilieh Columbia bad to nny to tlm
i.i-f and alno Io the tar Mil lhat we
want no more Oriental labor here. The
labor in the long run being dear at sny
The doctor (bought it should lie a
political iwue to la> taken up by all pah
lie*, nnd furthermore, he conmdered the
time would roon come when all faction'
of the pun in '' would take a derided
itand and force wme action. The labor*
ing mnn needed to be backed up in thin
matter by every class.   Referring to thc
growth of Vancouver he observed that
at the present rate there need not be
auy need of imported labor. The educational requirements wan also another
leading point, the allowing of a refund
of the head tax after fFTe Oriental had
'■hown that he had complied with the
regulations regarding a year's attendance at School in this city. Thin, the
doctor considered, was an easy loophole
to gel their tax money back. In regard
to the revenue obtained from ench
Chinaman ou entering the country the
Dominion government got 50 per cent
which directly came out of the citizens
of British Columbia who paid wnges to
the Chinaman, who in turn sent to
China for bin cousin with the money acquired in this province.
Gordon Grant, secretary of the Exclusion league in Vancoiiver, wart the next
speaker. Ile referred to the unanimous
feeling in Viotoria in regard to exclusion. The question, Minted Mr. Grant,
effected not only the workingmun but
the whole Dominion, Itegarding Uio
manufacturer's claim that the treat,)
cannot he broken, Mr. (Jrant claimed
thnt in tho first place the articles of
agreement stated that the treaty could
be annulled by giving six months' notice
aud it also stipulated that not more
than 4SI! Japanese Immigrants would he
allowed to enter each year. This portion
of the agreement which had lieen absolutely broken wiih a sufficient mean* for
the breaking of the treaty. The invading of the many industries of the province by the Orientals were serious conditions, aud also tlu* white man being
superior to these people in every way
^et the action of the governments indl
rated that the whiten were expected to
lower themselves and compete on the
same plan an the Japanese,
J. W. Wilton, a prominent member of
the executive of the league in Vancouver, touched on the health phase of the
question. He referred lo the plagues
and diseases of all kinds that existed 'n
the cities in China and also its invasion in San l-'rancisco in the Asiatic
quarter and the great danger it would
In1 Io Canediah coast towns if such conditions were permitted to grow. In re
giihi to the importation of cheap labor
hy capitalists, il. WM known that the
white man was capable of developing
work lhat was worth while developing
The railways in the United States and
Mastetn Canada, continued Mr. Wilton,
had all been built without this class of
labor ami why could not British Coin
hia railways be built likewise,
.Mr. Cumineiford Spoke endowing the
views of former shakers,
Keeve May, of the district of Xorlh
Vam-oitver, was railed upon. Mr. May
^intended that this provime hnd even
reason -und facility for being entirely fl
while man's country, "Suppose,* lie
said, "we do 'need railway and publii
works development at once, why not get
our own blood and kin *from the old
country who will mix with the Can i
dians and build up the country and be-
conm national citizens."
Mr. Harry Cowan then took the plat
form. Mr. Cowan went into tho different phases of the question with "pint,
stating  it  was a great  qne-tion    to he
A meeting nl the Horticultural nml
Agricultural noeli'ty ivns held in llir
(liiini,'!' IiiiiI Tuesday evening, A full1
ntlendtinee wns inesi'iii.
Tlie lecturers i'ii' il veiling were
Mr.  Kjalil nf Si  Out., ninl    Miss
U■ ISI' llf (illl'||i||. Out. On ll,ValllU! n[ iln*
(ng Imtli speakers wme ileltt.veil in net-
ting iivei' li'iiin   Victoria   nml  llii* ill'-
Inyeil tlie meeting Intel' lliun lite schcdul.
ed time.
Tlie subject  under   tllticuHiitni)    ivns
"Tlie linii)' Cow: lis Sninraci' (l I nnd
Winter Cure," nnd Mr, Kyild did lull
justice tu it in Li>' itilk.
He stilted Hint llie three points iu
• on licit i.m with the nlitnluillg of good
results from n milker were proper ninn*
ngenient, regnlnr nnd proper feeding ninl
ilm must particular nl all tlie breeding.
The sire <if lhe held lu twittered   nl
leant half of il ssenthil requirements
for gnml milk results, as n sire nm coin-
iug from a gnml milking stock ivntild
therefore have n tendency to lower the
supply ntnl grade nf milk nf his herd.
While a iiinn- enii' wns nul.v one nnlmnl
ami imi tiffecting nny others,
Ile  continued   tlmt     milking
-liniilil In* kept  in tlieir stalls in cold
nud winti)' iveallii'i', Hull  exercise was
mil it led ur required ami    the    mid
chilled Hie nnlmnl uml reduced Mie flow
uf milk. The staple, it well ventllnted,
supplied    all    the fresh air   required
lingular f ling was alsu itiipiiitaiii ami
the less the titiiinnl  was tllslurlied I
excited iu the slnlile lhe better.
Miss Hose followed Mr. Ky.lil.    SI
luted regnniing lhe quality nf milk nr
ri i'n iu thnl a large siqqily uf cream uml
a low grade of skim the Jersey excelled,
unit ire verse, fnr a smaller supply nt
rreiiin ntnl a high grade ol skimmed milk
llie Ayrshire wns fnr the Iiest, for an
average grade nf liulh creniii ami milk
yet lieluw. us she thought, tt gmsl mutual grade, the llulsii'in wns pre'ernble,
She I'liiiiemleil llmt tlie Ayrshire mi-
mun' fitted tn llii- eliinnte, lining uf a
stronger constitution than   the   oilier
breeds uml  utile In subsist   un    miigh
fund. Tlir Jersey ivns too dellcnte fur llio
dump weather lo give gmsl twulis.
Mis- Kose stilled iu closing Hmi If n
ilny meeting wns held when she visited
Nurth Vmi iver next year she would
be glnil ( net Hm ladles in ihe nfler-
n.hm nml give u lalk oll domestic sclei	
aud iu llie evening nhe would' make nn
I'spei'iiiii'iilnl  ti-!   in    ll ilini.l    nr
Football Club
Xortli Vniicniiver foolttnll tenia   tied
tin1 Celt irs of Vancouver by a score of
tw wu at the   Athletic   gniuiuU,
Nurlh Viiiieoiivcr, Saturday nfternoou.
This bespeak* u revolution In lhc local
ii i in view "i ilie   scores of recent
mairhi's. Considerable luteresl was directed Inwards the ii-Mili nf this exhibition .iniiiili. principally (in nccnunl of
I'Veral new men Ihal llie Snrlli Villi-
ouver club were giving a try mit nnil it
I'i'iiis il xperlmenl brought creditable
Neil Siiiunbiy the lii—t inntcli fur llie
national cup is tu he plnyed ami the
competing teams ure the Slinuii ks nud
Nurlh Vancoiiver, .''olloivlng up Saiui*
day's performance with   g I   earnest
liiiitiii'. Xortli Vnni'i.uviM' need hardly
fear fur the result uu Siiinnlny.
Free Gifts in Silverware
fnitght lav all political parties as one
body, lie also look up the health and
food maltem nnd the tnvaelon tipny tli
mills nnd public winks by Hie Orientals
Mr. Cown'e speech concluded the speak-
ing and il was llien moved liy I), II.
Dick nnd seiuiided by Mr. Mnipheison
that the iiu'cling endorse the rearilntinns
of the Vanii,iiver league -ent to Ottawa
mnl Victoria. It na" re-niKed unanimously that Xortli Vancouvei would nf-
filiate with Vancouver with an exei'ii-
live Of five members in North Vnntitn-
er, Iiniii which tun representatives be
sent lu form n pint uf the  Vancouver
executive. Tlinse iip|Miinlisl Here li. .1.
Phillippo, IV, C ('linen, W. II. Owen.
II. II. link and 1'. Rot hniwi'it.
Mi. I'IiiIIi|i|hi was called upon ami
Rioted Hint he wns entirely in ncrord
with lhe leeling Ihiuiighnul lhe meeting
mul thnt he considered tt noticeable nml
Important feature was  ihe plague ami
disease qntaHon and that steisi sluuilil
Iin taken In quell any I'lialiies uf such
ii sinie nf affnlni bermnlng prevalent
II waia moved nnd seiniiihsl ■ thai a
copy of Hie h**0ltll!oni of the meeting
be forwarded lu Ottawa and victoria,
Tlm meeting concluded with n vole ol
thanks In Ilm ma.uii fnr* his inleiisil in
the exclusion question.   Mr. (Irani pul
the notion and ii waw answered wilh
inueiial honors,
At n meeting of the Norlli Vancouver
executive nt the close ol the general
meeting 0. J. I'hillippo wal nominated
president i ™, ti. (treen, sctrcFhry, and
~, II, Owen and V. Ruchutwn ns reprc*
At Hie special iiieeiing uf ilu' 'ity
council Imlil lii-i Tbuisiltiy evening, Al-
derinnn Hick Introduced n bylaw "lo
regulate wiir- ami apparatus to be used
in electric lighiiut;. power, telephone,
telegraph, signal and all other purposes
in ihe transmission uud use nf idiviri-
clly." It was discussed nnd passed its
flrsi reading,
I Unlit. Dick, ut Mission, arrived lu
the city mi Kriilay ninnting. Mr. Iliet'a
sltty in town will be very short, as he
intends going home again today.
To the Public :
By special and exclusive arrangements with the Crown Silver
Plate Co.| ol Toronto, who have
agreed to furnish us with an extensive variety ol their extra triple
plated silverware, we are enabled
to present these beautilul goods to
our patrons absolutely free of
charge. The reliable quality ol
the goods of the Crown Silver
Plate Co. is well and favorably
known Irom the Atlantic to the
Pacific, and as each article hears
their stamp, their durability and
excellence are amply guaranteed.
Every customer purchasing goods
Irom us tor cash will receive silverware coupons or tickets to the
value ol ten per cent, of the
amount of each purchase, and we
pledge our business honor to quote
our lowest cash prices to all such
customers. These coupons or
tickets are redeemable at our store
in any ol the Crown Silver Plate
Company'e silverware you may
choose to select.
Our object in ottering these
elegant articles of silverware Iree
is to serve as an inducement to
our customers to concentrate all
ol their cash purchases with us.
We are enabled thus to secure our
cash discounts when purchasing
our stock ol goods, and we give
our customers the benefit of the
very lowest cash prices, and furnish their houses with elegant
silverware, made by a reliable lirm,
free of any eharge.
Call on us and inspect these
beautiful presents.
Yours truly,
J. A. MiMii.I.an,
Cor. Lonsdale av. and Esplanade.
"I   Sjlailn
The dlstricl iniinii ipal office i.- in receipt nf two school building plans from
the government, Thc one i- hi be Indited lu l.ynn vnlley nt lhc corner ol
Center ami llnrnld ronds in U. I.. SCSI,
ami Ibe ul In'i nl lhc comer "I Hu' Capilano  llllll   Keith   I I-  I'll   llu'  pint  "f
time ago,
Tin1 tiliiii- will 1'niiii' up for innslilern*
linn nt lhe nexl iiieeiing uf tl I I
biiniil. ivlien it i- expected I lint lenders
will be cnlled fur tur il 'ecllon ol the
twu school buildings,
Mr. Hint' and litniily. "I Cnmhnrpe,
arrived in the clly n sliort wlille ngo mel
ure Inklut up temporary rosldence on
Tenth sti I.   Mr. Hun bits purchased]
mi Scruinl street, where hr will mnke
bis periiimii'iii abnili' soon. Mi. Hun
broughl down several tine horses, l"'ili
fur snddle nml (forking, which he has
uu sale nr hire.
A parlor meeting Is In ls> held tomorrow, Wednesday, the imh Inst., nl Hie
residence ol Mrs, A. R, Steacy, Siith
streei and Lonsdale nvenne, Mrs. Mac-
new, nf Vanillin et, will deliver a short
address. All ladu- are cindially Invited
tu attend mid especially new coiners niii
have lieen coming Into lhe city nf Inle
in considerable numbers.
Nntatlvei lo lhc Vanoouver league ''x
At the ilusing of lhe general lurrting
it was announced that it wns in order
to enroll for membership in the league.
Twenty-eight nimicd were enrolled.
Miss Annie Carey, Tacoma, and
Miss Jennie Harrows, Victoria, are
visiting Iriends here and at Vancouver. They will return to the
Capital City on Tuesday.
J <>liti  McCortnick  has arrived
liom Spokane, and will remain in
llritisli Columbia till March, when
he will go up north,
Aboui fifty Ninth Vancouverites
are enrolled as members (il the
Asiatic Exclusion League.
The long fought legal batlle between Alex. Philip, n| North
Vancouver, and W. A. Hauer, oi
Vancouver, over Jl.pOO com in is
sion lor the sale ol Lot 273 in
Nortli Vancouver, was concluded
Monday, when word wos.received
Irom Ottawa that the Supreme
Court had confirmed the judgment
ol the I'ull Court ol liriiish Columbia. Hy this decision Mr.
Hauer wins the case and Mr,
Philip will have to pay the cost of
both appeals, Mr. Iiauers in the
lirst instance, and his own.
Niw Mh.k  Pott Sau—C. P.
Jackson,  corner Durham avenue
and Fifteenth street.
Mayor Kealy presided und the aldermen (villi tlic  exception   nf  Alderman
Crickmay were (present al the t ml
meeting uf the city council, held Mn
day evening, in tin* lit) IiiiiI.
Alex Philip, chairman ol a deputation
cm litre of citi-a.en-,   wrote   advle'n-j
that the committee wished in meet the
council in regard to a petition from a
large ntimbor of citiwne respecting the
regulation ol the liquor traffic, A number of prominent church representatives
Here named In address thc council,
ll was moved mul aeconded that Iho
deputation, which was nt considerable
nise, ami representative ol Ibe iiiy, in-
eluding tin' Women's Christian Temperance union, the Independent Onler ul
Good Templaw, the English, Methodist,
I'li-sb.iti'iiaii mid Hnpli-t ehuroll, should
ba allowed in speak,
The Rev, ,1. II. Balderalone was the
first speakef, and at the close of liis re-
marks he presented the petition. Ile
drew Ihe mayor and aldermen's attention tu Hie proscnl attitude of Ihe clli
in regard lu Ilm liquor traffic mnl the
open baw ua Sundays, also stating respecting the petition tlmi ol the slgna
lurtw solicited, approximately nu per
cent were in favor of the slticl observance uf the liquor regulation Inns, uml
he believed thai the great majority uf
the lilizens were in ftivm
closing. ^^^^^
lie believed Ihere wetn Iwo Hili-a te
the question, the nne lhe financial in.
leresls of the town, the other thnl of 11
well organised ami clean city mill a
reputation lar from Iwing unsavory, ai
be thought il nun at present.
lie called attention nls,, in the Influ*
ence on the younger generation which
wiih detrimental tn Hie rily in Hint wn).
Colin P. Jackson spoke strongly in
favor of tlu1 petitioners' rei'uenl fur a
Sunday observance bylaw by which
Nurtli Vancouver would not become tin1
dumping ground of Vancouver,
.1. II. liooper, vicar ut St. John's
church, considered tlmt the reputation
nt llie tun 11 in uiil-nili* plni'i*- wn- uf lite
highest Importance, such u- tu uin lhe
confidence ami respect uf all. Hi also
referred to tin' respect nml example thol
should be shown in the rising genera*
Hi. Howell spoke a few winds io fa-
voi ni some action being taken in regard
to Sunday selling, Iln* opinion »ns lhat
the nly, while fuine tew would In* benefited hy mi open Sunday, woe nol Is'in.'-
filed by those who came tn the town lo
dniili. lie considered tin* city would m-
neiiv n gie.it llml more benefit from
keeping nu orderly .unl clean town and
thus encourage the right kind "i visitor
or liliien as Ihe case mighi lie
Mr. Wm. Hull, president ol lhe I. I).
ll. T., gave his view**, endorsing in full
lite remarks and attitude ol Hie Former
peakere nml insuring the delegation
Hint as a representaHve "t the 'i"ud
Xemplait ul Ins endorsation ol the petition.
lu answering Ihe delegation the mayoi
stated that there was being formulated
a liquor license bylaw and tlmt hi»
council iimilil giii* din' consideration lo
what had been said and I the 1''lituui
wlm Ii w.i- 111 hie hands, In reg ird lo
the 'iiy's moral!!) lis considered tli.it 'I
 pored moil favorably with am 'it'
on Hi 1-1.   Uev, Mr, l|nopei itee lo
say that he an- nut referring to Ihi e'l
day! Ul the  Heel,   lllll   tl   ll.l-  Hie -el,'I.lll
ihm di ordei prevailed,
The North lan. ouvei Und .v lm-
pn,lenient   company   wrote   en los ng
deed ol  ve) 1 bloi 1. ll'in. D, I.
ii-, Mn| the put "i \I'luii.i park
in*-i ut Unsdole, The lettei stated .i» .1
iviiiiiulei  Ihal one   ol Ihe   conditions
which Hn'  nil ip,iliu innile mill then
11 mpany wilh inv- ptei lously paid on
tbe giuuiiil a- ,1 condition <>f llu- convej
ami*.   Accepted
The  Imillel.ilil   ii 1-   I ghl   up iigmi
unl |.a--aai tie thud  tending.
The   bjnsllng   I'll.lH    M.ls   glVill   ,1    lull
lending. Some alterations wero made
iiht'ii mil bs isiiiieii at 'he nexl meet-
In*;, 11I1111 tin final leading (short] mil
be given Hu* bylaw,
Church Notice
Sunday  Services — Mass  at 8
a. 111., Sunday school at 2:30 p.m.,
Benediction at 3 p. ni.
Pastor:   Uev.   E. Peytavin, 0.
M. I. V. S.
Seniles will In* conducted as
Usual 011  Siiulay  by the pastor.
Sunday school, 2:30 p. m.
Service at Moodyville school at
7:30 p. 111.
Player meeting on Wednesday
8 o'clock.
All are welcome.
Pastor: Kev. J. IJ. Gillam, M.A.
Class meeting 10 a. 111.
Morning service 11 a. m.
Sunday school 12 o'clock.
Evening service at 7:30 p. m.
Mr. Balderston will preach in
morning, and Kev. Ur. White,
superintendent of missions, will
preach in the evening.
The new church, corner Fourth
street and .St. (ieorge's avenue,
will be opened next Sunday.
Rev. II. ii. Balderston, B. A.,
Holy Communion, K a. 111.
Morning prayer, 11 a. in.
Evening prayer, 7.30 p. 111.
On the lirst Sunday in the month
there will be a second celebration
ol the Holy Communion at 11 a.m.
Hector: Kev. Hugh Hooper.
Sunday school at 2 p. m.
Service at 3 p. m,
Conducted by Kev. David Long.
All are welcome.
Ambition Lodge No. 73
The following programme Ior
the next two months has been
prepared by Ambition Lodge No.
73, (iood Templars, All are
cordially invited to attend,
Oct. si—Basket >ocial.
Oct. 28—Election ol officers.
Nov. 4 Reports and installation.
Nov. 11—P. C. T. supplies pro*'
Oct. 18 -Heart social.
Oct. 25—Sunset Lodge No. 6y
to provide.
Motto: "Onward and Upward.'
Lynn Valley
Mr F. Underwood's house, al
(In junction ol the pipe line road
and tin flume, is approaching completion.
Mi. l'roliert has erected a house
011 11. i.  J087
11 Turner has built a house on
Centie street, and is living in the
Alex Ciintplii 11 has commenced
1 tearing Ins lot on Dovercourt mad
preparatorj to budding thereon,
Mr. Froinnie is rejoicing at the
advent ol a daughter live or six
weeks old.
Queen's weather.
Attention lm- 1 11 directed  I In-
iiiaiti"iia where exeflvntlmis have been
niinb' fnr ,1. f. Keilh'- new block, i"i-
lier   l''il'-t   -llee!   mi,|   l/iil-alnle    iieiine
The eei'imi;,' i- quite ilhtlngnlshnhl	
the surface ot lhe water Ij'lnn In the
holes   It i- il irlit iimt the iwiree Is
somewhere lo (he   north "I   the  eltj
possibly nenr Orousi ue Timber moun
Wan ti n Ntitie, immediately,
by the day, good wages, Apply
room 11, Palace Hotel.
Things are very busy these days
at Wallace's shipyards, Tlie men
work as long as daylight lasts.
Mrs. Picton Wat low will receive
on the second and fourth Wednesdays al the Palace Hotel, Room 11 THE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B. C.
North Vancouver, B. C,
A Weekly Newspaper,  Published by
The Experss Printino Company
Subscription, ll.iH)
Uniieil States .unl Foreign, $1.50
Strictly in Advance
The local school board has lor a
long time been grappling with the
question ol procuring suitable
school sites in the city, The task
was no easy one, and we are
pleased to note the success ol  its
labors. At no distant date a bylaw will he submitted by the city
council to the ratepayers lor their
approval The amount ol money
to be raised by way of a civic loan
is indeed a most nominal one,
totalling in round figures the comparatively small sum ot about
$43,000, to be expended thusly :
(1) For block 2, D. L, 273, approximately lour acres, $20,000.
This is one of the besl buys in
North Vancouver. A year ago it
could be bought lor $7,400.
ii) For the northeast corner ol
Seventeenth street and St. Andrew's avenue, three and one-third
acres, cleared and graded ft 1,000.
This proposition may be secured
by the city issuing live per cent,
bonds to run for 50 years.
(,3) For the northwest corner ol
Chesterfield avenue and Twenty
second street, three and one-third
acres, cleared, $10,000. The same
terms as number two will be acceptable to the seller.
The board are to be commended
lor lis energy and enterprise in
being able to put before the citizens
three sites, ihe locations ol which
cannot be (quailed in lhe ciiy, as
all sections have been carelully
considered. In addition to the
foregoing sites the board has arranged with Mr. lell, the manager
ol the Lonsdale estate, when U.L.
552, west of the Indian mission, is
resurveyed, thai a site will be set
apart lor school purposes:
Taken into consideration the
difficulties that Vancouver and
New Westminster went through
and the high prices paid hy Ihcni
or school grounds, should be an
object lesson lor North Vancouver
to act promptly. Once these
grounds are sub-divided into town
lots and buildings erecud thereon
it would be noil to an impossibility
lor the city to get these properties.
As it is expected that the location ol Ihe pound will be removed
shortly,.it is to be hoped that the
city will annex the vacated property to the grounds of the Chesterfield avenue school.
The attendance at the schools
are increasing most rapidly, there
being over 2011 pupils attending
thc foregoing school. The board
has already taken steps for additional school accommodation,
lor which an extraordinary expenditure musl be provided lor.
The proposed loan by-law
should be urried without opposition
I lm 1 ity loan by-laws puplished
tins wei I. will lm 1 ommend d on in
0111 next is ..'. We recommend
our readers to peruse ihem.
City of
BY-LAW NO, 15.
To authorlli thi -ixdcution of an Agree
mint *'th the North Vnncouver Laml
and Improvement Com puny (Limited
Liability), regarding the
clearing of park arani,
• paint, And it runts i'l Dill'
and to enable the Corporation ot tho
City of North Vancouver to rain by
way of loan the turn of fourteen thou-
land dollar! ($1*1,00(1), to provide for
tht payment! due under
grant    and
Id Lot 550;
the   laid
WHEREAS, tin- Agreement scheduled
fo this Uy-law bu- been adju-M between the City Council ut North Van-
couver uml the .Norlh Vancouver Land
and Improvement Company (Limited
Liability), and it i- necessary to ims-; a
By-law, with the assent of the elec-
tore, to authorize the execution ami delivery of suid Agreement,
WHEREAS, it is necessary to raise
hy way nf loan tin- sum ut fourteen
thuumiiiil dollars ($UHiOQ), to provide tor
tlic payments fulling dm- under said
Agreoment, ami the said ('ompany has
agreed to nccepf Debenture Bonds fnr
the sold payments at pai value,
WHEREAS, a petition signed by tlie
owners of more thnn one-tenth dI the
value ot tin' real property in the City
of Nortli Vancouver (as shewn by the
last revised Assessment I'olli has been
presented to tint City Council, request
ing iinin iii introduce a By-law tu raiw
hy wny of loan (he sum nl fourteen
thousand dollors ($14,000) h>r thn pur
pose nl making said payments.
WITEREAS, it will he necessary tu
raise annually hy special rate thn sum
of *f7f»7 fur tlie term of llfty years,
tm tlm repayment of the said loan ami
interest thereon, as hereinaftei provided,
WHEREAS, the Volt f -V   whole
rateable real property in tin- said city,
according to the la-t revised Assessment
Roll, imounta to 13,074,801,
111'   III
ul AM
men ol tin* City
nl Ni
Council iiH-i'inlila
>il nuill
ilu' elector* of
(lie  -
duly i
tained), entict m
i lull'
llie logging firm known at llie
Hi lm Logging Company, ind i on
dm i"d I'jr Messrs Brandon St
Dawson, In t hange I ownership,
beiii*; now condlli ted I . Ml llr.in
don Mr. Dawson has ruined
from iln* business, which will in
lutni'' be i arried on by D. Bran
don 1 he lutlei is well known to
many Norlli Vancouver people,
having, rtsiili-il Inr the past nine
months on Second street
The Hotel North Vancouver
has installed a brand new register,
fitted in a neat nickel frame with
all down to date attachments, t In
each side are neatly printed ml
vertiseineiits ol local inti rest
The whole wore furnished by the
Western Hotel Supply Company,
of Seattle. Mr. Damon is the
Canadian agent.
I, Authority i- given hejebj lo the
Mayoi of tin* City, nnil llie City Clerk,
tu uii*)! mid execute anil uttii tlic City
Real in, ami uin' delivery to the first
party therein named, nl tin Indenture
t,r Agreement between the Cit) Corpornlion .nut tin' North Vancouver Land
,unl Improvement Company (Limited
Liability), in the terms uml for Ihe
purpura therein net forth, nfldch Indenture in Agreement ii annexed as nt-tche*
ilnli' In tin- 111 law, iiiiiI thnl all IIH tlir
A.I ami I) I nl Iln' wild (ily Corporation,
J. It -hull be lawful for the Mayor of
lhe City, anil the City Clerk, for the
pUrplAO   afnll-aiil,   to   I",How   of   liti-t'
In win of loan from any person or |ht-
-am-, body nr bodied corporate, who may
Iiti tiilhni,' lo allvantt* tin* Same upon
ilm a mill ol tin* Debenture* hereinaftei ii iiiii'il nt Dm Clly Corporation a
mini of inont'i nni exceeding in the whole
the -um nf fourteen thousand dollars
($14,000), nnd to ian'"' Iln* -uini' to Is'
lilin fil in tlm Hank of British Nnrth
America at Norlh Vancouver, to tlir
credit of the City, for Iho purpose above
iriitril; or tn ilclivnr tin* sniil llclioii-
lure nr any nf lliciit to Ihe sniil Company nt par value, in payment nf Hie
-um- tn beeomo due undei -nni Agreement, nr nny pml thereof,
:i iirliriitiiic Bond* nf the City, to
tlm amount of foiiitrru thomiand dol*
l,>>- ($11,000) in Ilm whole may Iir
i-iii.l by Um -anil Mayor and City
Clerk, in terras ol thr Municipal Clausen
let, in -nni- ii- mny It desired, bul not
li— than   -Hm each,    lliiill ill  llir -mil
llniul- -luili bc -tiiniil In tlir -mil Mayor
ami lit* < Inl. 1 tlir iiti rl.il, -hall
nllnch thereunto iln- l'«r| ile Seal nl
tin* -mil lily Corpornlion,
undor lliis Hy-luw, provided they pay in
uililitinn tothfilr par value.a premium nr
bniius uf live per cent, on such value,
ui sui'li leu* sum us may bn agreed on
iwlli tlir holder* thereof, provided,how-
over, lliul in the event of tlic saiil colli*
[niuy taking up nil nr any nf the sniil
Debenture* tlic City Council -hull havo
tlir privilege of redeeming tlic snme ut
any time nt pur upon payment uf inter-
o*t to dul.* uf puyinriit, uml ull such Debenture* so purchased or redeemed slmll
lm forthwith cancelled ami destroyed,
mul no re-Usus ■ ta.ili ii, made in conse*
quenco nf siirli re-purchase or redemp*
8. This By-law shnll
n llir lil*t day uf ....
unit* into effect
9. Thli
Il.i-law  may  be cited for ull
■ us "Tbc 1'itv ut North Vancouver Turk, Boulevard   uml   Streets
Grant mul Loan Hy-luw. 1007."
Pawed by tbc City Council uo tho
fovontecnlk du) "I October, A.D., 1907.
Received tin* assent of the electors ul
mi olection brlil for the purpose on tbc
....day of A.D., 190".
I Tb,, Debenture Bonds shall bear
inirir-i ni a rale nol exiveding live
pui ainl. pei annum, payable half
'early, mi tin- first da,i nl January nml
ib,' lirsl iln ut .lull, in nn b mnl every
.nn  iluiiio' il irrenc)  of 'In- -aui
Debentures, or mn  of   litem.   There
ii..;:  i.a.   itliiilii'il i,a   ll.e   Delientnto
llunil     iiii| igned  In    tlic    Mayoi
ml       ii  r.ti li ami every  payment  "I
interest   llml   ma)    become   due,  nml
-. .i ni  lie t'lllii't  ii till,'ii,
lain|*ed, printed oi lithogrnphed,
Tin snld Debenture H..n.t- ns lo
principal mnl interest, -hull be pnyoblc
al the i iii II ill. Nortli Vancouver, 11.
• ', and tin- -.ml principal sum shnll hr
i It  |i,iiuiiii' in the s'ity Corpornlion
il   i  il.ita'  imt  Inter Hum lifiy    wars
lium the dale oi Issue,
II There shnll Ijr raised nnd levied
nnniiall) hi a special rate on nil tin
rateable property iffitie -nhl city, (he
-uin ol |H7 fur llie purpose ol form*
mt; a Sinking Fund tur the pnymenl
if thr snld Debentures, uml Ihe -unt ol
I7IHI fur tbe payment of Ibe interest
ait the iai<' aforesaid, to become duo
on the -siil Debentures during the cur*
ntnl thereof, mul that in addition in
till .ai." to is' levied ami collected in
the  -.1 nl  clly  during  lhe   whole  cur
rent i
"I thr -mil Debentures or nny uf
7. Tbr Cit)
nrchnse aim
Council may at any time
of the Debentures Issued
Hiunsiiluicd uml finally udunted by
the Council, signed by the Mayur^ud
City Clork, mid scaled with tbo City
Seal un Ibo iluy of A.D., 1907.
made  Ibe dn;   of   in   lhe
year of uui bold, nne thousand nine
hundred and seven, between THE
Liabllit* (hereinafter culled "the Company"), ol the one part, and the CITY
lulled "the Corporation") ol Hm other
WHEREAS, tbc Company i- the owner nf Distiict Lot Five Hundred and
Filly (550), Group One (ll, New Westminster District, saving und excepting
the following parts, that is to soy
Sutherland avenue, from Keith roud for
n distance of Mi feci northerly, Queens
bury nveniie from Keilh rond to Nineteenth street, l.ynn Vole roud, Ridge-
wuy avenue from Keith road northerly
to Seventeenth Btreet, Keith road,
Eighth, Ninth, nnd Tenth streets, and
iiiiii feel easterly from IVulffsobn ave*
mn* In curb nf the following street*!
Eleventh, Twelfth, Thirteenth, Fourteenth, lilt ilb nod Sixteenth streets,
excepting also lhc following: Blocks
MA, MB, :lt, 62, 59, 70, 77, K, M, 89
(complete), all hut l.ol :l in Block 90,
Block* ui, ml, 99, Hi'', lim (complete),
Lots :i. i, 7. 9, III, nml the westerly two*
fifths aai ll in Block llll. AND
WHEREAS, negotiations buvc been pro*
reeding between the Corpornlion and
the Company l.n the acquisition by the
Corporation of n portion of -aiil land
hereinafter described, for park purposes,
nnd a -dip uf luml un each side ul
Queensbury avenue from Keith rond to
Nineteenth street, tm I levari! gardens mnl thoroughfare, uml   foi'   the
clearing nf the streets nn Ihr lauds in
-aid l.ul Mil, platted mil hv lhc Cum
pan). AND WHEREAS, Ihe Compan)
lim* il'imnt a portion of the said streets
ami are proceeding with the clearing ol
tlic remaining portion of said lot and
streets, which is to the mutual benefit
of the Corporation, the Company, nml
the public, and (he Corporation has
agreed tn pay tor the suid Park and
Boulevard Gardens and thoroughfare,
and fur lhc clearing of (be snid streei*
uu the term* hereinafter mentioned,
SETH thit in consideration ol tlm prem*
ises the Corporation nud the Company
mutually rovennnt nnd ngreo with each
other us follows: -
l. The Company will convey to tbr
Corporation lot park pui poses, subject
to thr terms und conditions contained
in ihn diii^t conveyance hereunto annexed ami marked "A," that portion nf
District l.ul  l'i it Hundred ami  fifty
(IS50), Group One (1), New Westminster
Dittrlct, described us follow*! Beginning
at the northwesterly corner nf Moody
venue uml Thirteenth  street, thence
proceeding northerly nlong thr easterly
'iindnry nt Moody avenue, six hundred
d ninety-four (CM) feel, to ihr south*
-trili  corner nf Moody nvenue uml
Fifteenth street, (heme proceeding east*
nlong Ihr southerly boundary nf
Fifteenth streei live hundred and twenty
iiiiii feet, lo the point uf contact with
ihr westerly boundary of thr boulevard
herein referred   tu, ihonce   proceeding
southerl) nlnng thr westerly   boundary
<>f Ilm lii'uli a nni aforesaid six hundred
and ninety (nut feel (091), In lhc poinl
nl   nil'' imn   nl   the  imilh   limit   nf
Thirteenth  -I '.  with  Ihr  wesl  Iiunl
ul said boulevard, which point Is five
linndred uml twenty Mill feel dislnnl
isi.trili   lium   tbr   poinl   ut   iiuiiuiri	
nii'tit. Ihence proceeding westerly nlong
Ihr   -aid    nullhrll.i    liullllilill i    of   Thli
i,iiiili -lirri five bundled nml twenty
a ou irii in thr point of roinmence*
tni'iii, -.nd pnreel oi  11... t .,i ground
i'uii k right acres and Iwenty-elghl
I loillh- parts nt nn acre IK.i'K Aim.
lm ihr *.i    less.
:' Thr Compan) will convej in ihr
Corpnrnliun foi boulevard garden* uml
Ihnroiigblnre purposes a strip of Iniul
on each side ol Queensbury nvenue nf
one bundled mul fort) HUH fnl in
iiuiiii. extending from lhe north side
of the Keith mail lo Htr south side uf
Ninrt ih street, upon nnd subject lo
lhe terms and rendition* of Ihr draft
conveyance hereunto annexed nmrked
II. The Companj agrees to have cleared
iui.,1   to Ihr first  ..I .lull, 1911. hill  n„|
lo grade lhe suid  park nnd I lovnt'd
laml-; also Qncenshiir) nvenue from
Keith mini In Nineteenth street, such
clearing to be iluiir In lhc mIchI and
In llu -iimlniil nl which Hluili Number
line Hundred 'lilin in -mil District Lot
numbered Five Hundred ami Fifty (MO)
is nuw cleared,
deliver In the Cuinpnny fur said pnrk
space, nml thc lands sn to be conveyed fur boulevard gardens und thorough*
fare, eighty (Wl) Debentures uf One
Hundred ($100) Dollars each, repayable
at ihr expiration nf fifty years, nnd
bearing interest at five per cent, per
minum, payable hull' yearly with the
privilege of redemption ut any time ut
pui upon payment of interest to dale
nf payment,
5. Tbe Corporation, Ini' the consider*
utiiiii aforesaid, agrees In cxceulc and
deliver to the Company Debentures nf
llu- pin value uf line Hundred ($11111)
Dollars each, re-payable at the eXptra*
linn uf llfty years, nml bearing interest
at the lute uf live pet rent uui per
.intuitu, payable hulf-yeally, wilh the
privilege nl' redemption ut uny time nl
par upon payment uf interest to date
ul pai ment al the rate uf $100.00 per
acre for ull streets which the company
bus or -hall have cleared tu tbc extent
referred to in parugrafih 8 hereof, except Queensbury avenue, upon said
but 550, prior tu the hist of July, 1911,
bui nul exceeding in thc whole the
sum uf $	
The Corporation will, without do-
lm, submit a By-law In the electors
entitled tu voto un money By-laWH, authorizing the execution uf this agreement, nnd the issue of such Debentures.
IT I* UNDERSTOOD that the Eight
Thousand (jn.uoui Dollars uf Debentures
hereinbefore referred to shall bc delivered upon ihr conveyance tu the Corporation ut Die suid binds denied ns
aforesaid, nml the Debentures fur streei
clearing from time to time ns streets
ure cleared.
7. The Corpornlion envonants und
agrees to huhl the snid binds upon nml
subject li' Hie terms ul the-said conveyance lieieiintii annexed marked "A."
hereto have hereunto set their hands
und -cols the day nnd yenr lirst uliovc
Thr Corporate Seal iif
Ihr City of North Vno-
couver wns heresnta affixed in thr presence uf
Thr Corporate Seal of
the North Vancouver
I.aim! ami  Improvement
Company, Limited Liability, wu- hereunto affixed in the presence uf
TAKE NOTICE thnl the above is a
lute copy iif lhe proposed By-law upon
which tbc vote of ibe electors ol
the Corporation of tee City of
which lhe Corporation uf Ibe City of
North Vnncouver will be taken within
lhe City Hull, Ninth Vancouver, un
T .l.n. the 2»th da\ uf October, 1907,
be!ween the bums uf 9 it't'liiik a.m., nod
7 o'clock p.in.
GIVEN  Ihn!  tile Vote nf Hie elector* nf
lhc Corpornlion uf lhc City uf North
Vnncouver will be laken on "The City
of  North  Vancouver Park,  Boulevard
Vancouver Address!
436 Kiilituils SI,
'Phone 3111
tfeek Intllni) Oot..i-.ilti.
North Vancouver:
Jiinctioi Block
'Phone 37
De script lim
TwotiOUHOI   pint streot (lint block); routi (19.
Fivcrotiiu house nn Cbesterllolil a ven no ; a [larltculirly
gOOll tl)11)|.
Small i'iiIIhcc nu '.hi*foot lol on Thirteenth street; tlrst block
innn l.MiiMinlv avenue; h bnrgiilii.
Keith roitd; liiO(i'Otftontngt>tmcur line; belt prospects in
Nortli VmicouTor.
Fin! ntic.il: cue ni the best speculations lu close-In property
A gctiulnc -.niii' on Lonsdale avenue.
Pour mt.I "in- iiniii i.cii"en Keith road; splendid view ol
llie buy; clOIQ lohalt water; three yean lo pay balance
NORIH UNllll im
I'riee           Cash
1     *'2'IK)
|      I'M
|     *;i:i
!  Si
LONsltALl   tSIATt, D. L. 215
LOTS I'ltoM  Villi CASH, Sibil
Summer Time Table. 19.17
•6.00 A. M
•0.20 A.M.
•IMS   "
•7.20   "
8.00   "
8.20  "
8.40   "
9,00   "
11.110   "
9.46 A.M.
9.45    "
10.15 A.M.
10.15   "
10.45   "
10.45   "
11.15    "
11.15  "
11.45  "
11.45   "
12.151'. M.
12.16 P.M.
12.45 l'.M.
12.46 P, M.
1.16   "
1.15   "
1.46  "
1.45   "
2.16   "
2.15  "
2.45  "
2.45   "
3.16   "
3.15   "
3.46  "
3.45   "
4.15   "
4.15   "
4.45  "
4.45   "
5.15   '
6.15   "
6.45  "
6.45   "
6.16   "
6.15  "
11,45   "
6.46   "
7.16   "
7.26  "
7.45   "
8.15   "
8.45   "
U.15  "
9.45   "
10.15  "
10.45   "
•11.80  "
•11.45   "
• Not on
nml  Streets  Grunt
IMT," mi
mul Loan By-law
TUESDAY,    THE    29th    DAY      OF
OCTOBER, A.D.,  1907.
Between tin* hours nf H o'clock n.in. nnil
7 o'clock p.m., nml Hint within (lu* Citv
Hall, North Vancouver, anil thnl
Thnnin-i Shepherd hn* lieen appointed
Returning Officer lo lake tin* vote nf
-mii elector*:, witli the ueuht power in
Mint behalf.
Hv order of Ihn Council,
ARNOLD fl. KEALY, Mayor,
I. The Corporation for the contddera-
lion   nforeoald   nRii'e-   In  nsenitfl  nnd
Liberal Meeting.
A public meeting will be held in
n City Hall on Wednesday even*
mg next, October 23, at 8:15 p. 111,
Mr. R. G. Macpherson ami others
will address the meeting,
If you are going to BUILD
commit un uml «.■ will
nave you MnNLY.
Plans, Etc.,   prepared   for  any
style house. Estimates furnished
II, iill Sill
BUILDERS     6th St., West
Corner  Atb  bi.  and  Lonsdale  Ave.
$4 MEN'S $4 SHOES   $4
We claim to carry the lies
ol this popular priced Shoe in
the city.
Bos Calf Lined. Double
Sole, Goodyear Welted
Yevur Call, Gun Metal Call, or
Fine Dongola, single or double
slip soles. All Goodyear Welts
Neat Dressy Hoots.
ALL A,T $4.00
■ The Heml Office ol ibe PACIFIC COAST FIRE IN8DBANCE COMPANY Is in Vancouver. Tlie l.OOAI. AliBNCY ii al tliu corner ol l-oniidali'
Hvciiiio and Second street.
Your property may not bo burned dow*i tomorrow, but thenl|ttn it may.
You will sleep Bounder 0 nights if yon are protected. JtUt drop yourself or a card
in mv office and be happy.
' An BMPLOYEKBLIABILITV POLICY Removes the last element of uncertainty ns to what it costs to run your business.
I um at your service lor any kind ol Insurance.
Real Estate
t writcsthat"llio
1 want live or ten seres nol too Inr Irom earline.   My clien1
soil must lm good nnd water plentiful".   Who's got whst he wants','
Ouster-acres lur sale on ninl just Off l.iiiiml'ile iiveiine lur |760 to (950,
Porty-foot lot on Thirteenth, eloie to l.misdsle, only **:IMI.
A comer OU Eight, dicing smith and only 189 yards Ironl Lonsdale, 140 by
111) leet.   There is no hotter reildontlsl site in town ui (a.l'.Mi
A. J. Picton-Warlow
Insurance and Realty Broker
Note Telephone Number of
We have the best ami Must Carefully
Selected Stork for our size on the Pacific
coast.and next week we open ii|iMtock
of China and (Haas-van*. We invite inspection, especially liom the members
of tho board ol trade,
Have ou hnnd a large supply ol Cement
blocks, made (rom freshwater sand.
Samples (nay be Been at the new
cement residence on Second street east.
Rlieol blocks ""-111.
Pull particulars ran be had Irom tho
Western Corporation ollice, or write lo
North Vancouver, B. C.
Mrs. A. QlbsoDi of Lonsdale nvenue,
It'fi last Mouthy fm Alberts, where nhe
will spend several ninnllis mi a visit*
with tier brother, who Is living tittle, THE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B. C.
The city council met last night,
His Worship Mayor Kealy presiding, and Aid. Crickmay was absent.
Aid. Emery brought up the matter of an approach to tbe new fire
hall, which was laid over.
City Engineer Loutet reported
that he had examined the plan of
sub-division ol lot 7, block 19,
D, L, 548, and although the adjoining sub-division of lot 6 had
not been correctly platted to con
noct, there were no jogs in cither
the lane or the streets. Report
was accepted.
Aid. Irwin brought up the quest
tion of appointing a truant officer.
On motion Chief of Police Davis
was appointed to act as said officer.
His Worship brought up the
question of blasting during foggy
weather. The blasting by-law
was taken up and passed. Blasting during a fog is in contravention to the said bylaw, and any
violation ol this law will be summarily dealt with, the maximum penalty is a line of Jioo)
or in default two months at hard
On motion Aid. Irwin was tendered a vote of thanks for his able
work in connection with the framing ol tha blasting liylaw, No. 9.
Aid Jordan submitted a loan bylaw to raise 143,000, by issuing
debentures lor the purpose ol acquiring additional school sites,
which passed the third reading.
Aid. Jordan read by-law No. 15,
which provides (or the raising of
£14,00 by way of a loan for the
purchase of tlie boulevard on
Queensbury avenue, from the
Nortli Vancouver Land and Improvement Company. Read a
third time. ,   j
Aid. Emery submitted a by-law
to raise, by way oi a loan,' i the
I sum ol £35,000, to be paid within
the period of 50 years, for lhe purpose ol extending and improving
Uhe watetworks system. Read .1
, third time.
A vote  of  the  ratepayers on
I these loan bylaws will be held on
I'uesday, October 29th, at the city
City Clerk Shepherd was appointed returning officer.
City of
&Y-LAW NO* 14.
To enable the Corporation ol the City
of Nor(h Vancouver to rniie by way
of loan (he sum of forty-three thousand dollars lor the purpose of acquiring additional Sites for School
purposes within tho City.
Among tbe callers at Tin: Ex-
Ji'kkss oflice yesterday *ias Win.
IWilliams, son of John Williams,
lol Moodyville. Willie has just
■returned from southeastern Alaska,
[where he has been engaged in
Lputting in machinery lor canneries
ILast year he iustilled machinery
[loi miscellaneous canning in China,
Iwhere pheasants, tea, etc., are
[put up. He leaves to-night Ior
Alter two weeks' vacation Roy
IWhceler returns this afternoon to
Iwork at Notch Hill, B.C.,where h
|is employed as C.P.R. operator.
On Monday night the log was so
llhii I* that the pilot house on the
■St. George could not be seen from
jhe lower deck- Capt. Powis,
■nevertheless, was equal to the oc-
Icasion, and made bis moorings as
[correctly as he does in daylight,
Elections must-be in sight, as
humors have reached this office
li'roni different parts ol the province
Pof the probable starting ol new
I papers. Tm Express is to have
[a contemporary.
In lest week's report ol lhe city
Icouncil we st.ila .1 that Aid. Smith
Ji.nl the dog tags made. The
■worthy alderman states that the
■tags    were   made    through   the
[medium of the city hall,
On exhibition in Tin: EXPRESS
|oflice is a tuft of the genuine turl
Irom the well-known bogs ol the
lold sod in the County ol Caven,
[which Ex-Councillor P. A. Allen
■ brought home with him on his
Recent return trip Irom Ireland.
8. This Bj.-lnw may he cited for all
purposes us "The City ol North Van*
rumor School Sill's Liiiiii By-law, WW."
Passed hi the Council 011 llie 17th
day of Ootober, A.D., WO".
Received the assent of the doctors lit
an election held fur the purpose, on the
 day of A.I).. 1007.
Reconsidered and finally adopted by
the Council, sinned hy the Mayor and
City Clerk, and sealed  with the City
Seal  on   the day   of A.]).,
ant, NOTARy euenc
I In&uhancc   In ill IU Branches.
LMinino:   Plecerand Hydraulic
[ Tuners;   Hirdwood Cedar and Fir.
M»NAGtn roe the Commercial
1 Office: Flrat St., E. of Lenedale Ave.
WHEREAS, the Bonn! of School Trustees uf the i'ii) of Ninth Vancouver has
requested the Council of the said city In
submit, for tlio assent ol the cleotors, 0
by-law to authorise tho City Council t«
liui'fmv upon lhe credit of tlio Oily ot
large, tlm stun of not more than forty.
lliii'n thousand dollar* ($48,000), by Debentures, for Hie purpose of purchasing
tlie undermentioned lots or parocli of
land, more particularly known and described us hereunder -set forth, for
school sites, and that at the prite sot
opposite each several lot or parcel of
Site. ,   I'riee.
I.—Block 2; District Lot 273; or
other  property in   the  same
neighborhood 111 event of failifte
ti 1 secure I he ful I number of lots
in said block WOO
j.—Parcet] of Land iu District Lot
5511; at northeast cornel' ol 17th
street unit St. Andrew's avenue,
containing 3.0 acres, more or
less (cleared)  $,11,M0
3.—Parcel of Lund in District
Lot (MS, at northwest corner of
•liml street nnd Chesterfield avenue, containing 3.33 acres, more
or less (cleared) $10,000
AND WIIKIIKAS, Hie snid Debentures
shall hear interest al such rale, ol
rates, not greater than live per cent.
pet llllllll ill, as the Council null' see Ut,
uini such Debentures shall he issued
under Hie formalities contained under
the ".Munii ipal I'hiuses Act" for n
period not exceeding liffy years from
their date.
AND AVIIKRKAS, il will be neccs-
saii tn raise annually hy special rate
lhe sum of (2.350 lor the term of
ti rty years, lol   the repayment  ot the
lid Dt'hcntiiies iihi'ii line, mnl interest
Iheicon us hereinafter mentioned.
AND 1V.1IBHEAS,* the value of Hie
iihoht iMlcahlc properly of lhe said
ly, according to tlio lust revised
sessininil roll of the ciiy urea, amounts
TUi:i!i:i'(ll(l'„ the Municipal    Coun-
I of Ihe Corporal! if the City of
4*fprtll Vantaiiivei' enacts ns follows
1, It-'shall he lawful' loi ;|lie Mayor
nl Ihe City; anil lhe City Clerk, for lhe
purpose aforesaid, to borrow or raise hy
way of loan from any person or poisons, hotly or bodies corporate, who may
l>.> willing to advance the same upon
the credit of lhe Debonturu hereinafter mentioned of the Corporation, a
sum of money not exceadlrig in tho
whole the sum of forty-three thousand
dollars ((43,000), and to cause (hesame
to lie placed in the Bank of liriiish
North America ul Norlh Vancouver, In
Ihe credit of the City, for Hie purposes
alsive recited 1 and to deliver the saiil
Debentures, or any of (hem, fo the ii'ii-
dors or presenl owners of said lot- or
parcels' of land in payment for said
lots or parcels of hind or nny part
2. Debenture   Bonds  of   the  City   to
the (mount of fori)-three thousand dol*
hirs (411.111111) in lhe whole, may
lie issued hy Ihe saiil Mayor
and City Clerk, in terms of Hie
Municipal Clauses Ait, in sums ns may
he. desired, hill mil less lhan *5I,HIKI
en'cR I'laeh of the -aid Bonds shall he
signed hy Hie said Mayor and Cit)
Clerk, ami Ihr City Clerk shall attach
thereunto lhe CorporatoiScal of the
said City Corporation,
,'l. The Debenture llmuls shall boarTn*
teres! at a rale not exceeding live per
cent, per annum, payable half-yearly on
the lirst day of January and the lirsl
day of July in each and every icni
during lhe currency of the said lie
dentures, or any nf them. There shall
he attached to the Debenture Bonds
coupons signed liy the Mayor only, for
eiii-h and over) pn.i ment of Interest thai
may become due, and such signnture
inui he either written, stomped, printed
ni lithographed,
1. The said Debenture Bonds, us to
principal and Interest, -hull he payable
al the I'M)    Hall.    \,,ilIt    Vtn tei.
B.C.t and the -aiil principal sum -IiiiiI
he made payable by the City Corpora*
lion at 11 dale not later than fifty
years from the dote of Issue.
',. There shall he raised ami levied
annually hy n special rale mi all the
rateable properly in Hie said city the
sum of (2(10.01) lor the purpose of
forming a Sinking Lund, lor Hie pay
infill of lhe -aid Debentures, and flu
sum uf |2,150.00 fur the payment uf the
interest, at the into aforesaid, to lie-
come due mi lhe -aid Debentures during lhii currency thereof, ami Ihal in
addition tqjall rates In he levied iir.d
lolli'i'lcd in Hie said ciiy (lining the
whole currency of the snid Debentures
of any of them,
TAKU NOTICE that the above is 11
true copy of the proposed By-law upon
which the vote of tbe electors of
tbe Corporation of tbo City of
Ninth Vancouver will he taken within
the City Hall, North Vancouver, on
Tuesday, the Until day of October, WC,
hetween the hours, of I) o'clock a.m., und
7 O'clock p.m.
QIVEN thul Ihe vote of the electors of
the Corporation of the City of North
Vancouver will he taken on "The City
of North Vancouver School Situs Loan
By-law, 1907," on
TUESDAY,  THE  29th  DAY  OF    OC*'
TOBER, A.D., IJ07.
Between lhe hours of 9 o'clock a.ni. nnd
7 .o'clock p.m., and that within the City
Mall, Ninth Vancouver, nnd that Thomas Shepherd has been appointed Returning Officer to lake the vote of such
electors wilh lhe usual powrr in that
By order of lhc Council.
City of
BY-LAW NO. 16.
To tiiulil.*- the Corporation of the City
of North Vancouver to raiie by wny
of loan the llfffl of thirty-five thousand ($35,00(1) dollars, for the purpon
of improving and extending the Water
Wmks Syitem in the city.
LOT 2*3
We have some lota left In this Original
Subdivision.   Call and see us, and
buy before they are all gone.
The Electric Tram runs
right through this property
It is bound to  be  an  important addition
in the near future
Easy Terms
For Prices and Maps, apply
(I, The City Council may nt nny limn
Iiuiiii,i-i- nny nl Hie Dehentiiie- issued
iindei thi- By-law, nnd nil Illch Do*
hnnlllle-a hi purchased shnll In' forth'
uilh I'linei'lleil nml destroyed, nnil nn
ro-lssue iif Debentures -llllll he nillllc
in consequence of such le-piirelinsp.
7. This By.law shnll come Into effecl
on the Brilt day of   IMT.
WHKM.AS, n petition sinned hi the
oivneis ol iimi'i' 11iii 11 unctenlh of thu
valuta nl real property in lhc City of
North Vancouver (us ihewn hy the Insl
uvlseil Asses-nuinl Roll), hns been pre-
aenteil to the city Council, requesting
theiu In iutroduee a Hy-luw to raise hy
uny ol loan Hie sum of thirty-five thou-
«»nd ($,1S,W0) dollars, for the purpose
uf improving nml extending the city
Wilier Works System.
WIIKItlMS, il uill he necessary lo
raise nnniiully hy speoinl rate the sum
ul f 1,917.IK) for Hie term of lilly yearn
fur the repayment of Hie said loan anil
interest theieiin, as heieinntler provided.
WIILltl'.AK, Hie value ol Ihe whole
rateable real property in the snid Cjti,
according lo the Inst revised Assessment
Hull, nmonnts to $	
THEREFORE, lhe Mayor unit Alder-
men ol the City of Norlh Vnniouver in
Council assembled (uilh Iho assent of
tlic elector! of said city duly uhtaincdi
enact as follow*), vim—
1. It shall lie lawful for Ihe Mayor
of lhe City ami Ihn Ciiy Clerk, fur the
purpose aforesaid, to borrow ur mine
hy way of loan fruin any person or
persona, body or bodies corporate, who
may be willint* to advance lhe same
upon thc ciedii oi the Debenture** hereinafter mentioned "t the Corporation, a
-um of money not exceeding in the
«Iinin..Iliu sum of Ibitt.i-tiie thousand
(|3i,0W) dollars, and lo cause the same
to he placed in the Hank   ul    llritisli
North A ilea nl North Vancouver, lo
the credit uf the city for the purpose
nliaiie recited;
'.'. Debenture llmul-. of the City, tu
ihe amount ot llilrt)*(lve thousand
($35,000) dollars in lhe whole may be
issued   bi   the   -mil   Maiol   ami   City
Clerk, in (iiiii- aal the M'aiaia IpolCIn -.
dl. 111 sum- n- mny Is' de-iii'il, but
imi less iinin IL00C each, Each uf the
-aid Bonds -hall he signed hi (I ol
Maiol   and   I'll)   Clerk,   and   (he   (ill)
Clerk -hall .in.cit thereunto'the Cor*
pottle Senl of Hie snid City    < orpin
:i. Tlie Debenture Bonds -ball beai in
Ifi'cal at 11 rnle not excelling live |iei
'ent. pel annum, payable balf-yearl* un
lhc lirsl dai ol January and lhe first
day nf .till), in each and ever) yea)
during (be currency ot the -aid Delien*
lines, or any 0! them, There -hall Im
attached 1,1 ihe Debenture Bonds, Cou>
pons signed  bv   the  Mayor only, lm
each and everj payi 1 ol Interest thai
ma) become due. ami *1"''1 'lltnaturo
may he either written, stamped, printed
"i lithographed,
i. The snid Debenture Hnnd', n> to
principal and Interest, shall he payable
nl the city Hall.'Nmiii Vancouver, H.
C„ and (be -aid principal -um -hill le'
mnde payable liy lhe City Corporation
nt n ilnte nol later tbun lifiy years from
the date of Issues,
S, There «hnll he raised and levied
annually by 11 special inte on nil tlu
rateable pMpalty In Ihe said (Hty th»
mini ol fllff.OO lor the purpose "I
forming n Sinking Fond fur the pi]
ment uf lhc said Debentures, and (he
sun pi f 1.T5U.00 (or the payment of tlie
interest at the rate otoreeeid, to be*
eoiiie due uii Hie suid Debehturei during the i-urrcuey Iherctif, and that iu
addition lo nil rates to be levied and
collected in tliu said I ity dining lhe
whole currency ol the said Debentures
ih any of Ihem.
li, The City Council may at any time
purchase any of Iho Debentures issued
ulid-l -this By-law, and all such Ih'lieil-
tlira*-, su purchased shall lie forthwith
cancelled nml destroyed, and no re-issue
ot Debentures rihall Ire made in conso*
queue!' uf such   It'-pulihase.
7. Tliih By-law shnll come into elicit
un the tlrst day uf   1907."
X. This By-law may be cited fur nil
purposes as "Tbc City nf North Van*
couver Water Wurks Luna lly-law, 1INI7."
Passed by (ha Couaeil on (he ITlh de)
uf Ui tuber, A.D., ISO?.
Received ibo nsseni of the fdeetora ai
an election lii'ld fur the piirpoMi on the
  dny ol   A.D., 1107,
ltdamsidcri'il liy thc Council and liii.il
I) adopted, signed hy (he Mayor uml
Cil) Clerk, and sealed  with Ibe City
Seal un tho   dai ol   A.D.,
TIKL NOTICE  that  lhe alsu.'  1* a
1 copy ul the proposed By-law, upon
nh irli   the   vote   of    the    electors
ol iho Corporation ol tho city ot
North Vancouvei will lie taken within
Nnrlh Vancouvei will be laken within the
1 >ia Hull. Ninth Vancouver, un Tuesday, llu* fflth 'I.i' nl October, 1007, be
1,11'i-u Hie boni- ul !i o'clock 11.10, nml
; o'clock p ni
oiven 1 Imi the mie ol ih" electors '.1
11* 1 orporetlan ol Hu* Cltj aai North
I'nl ui  uill lm laken on "The Cit)
oi Norlh Vancouvei Waterworks Loan
li, law, 1*7." on
OCTOBER, A.O., 1907.
Between lh* hoflrs of n o'clock a.m, nnd
7 o'clock pin., nnd lhat within lhe
1 iii Hall, North Vancouver, ami (hat
'fTii'iii.i- Nht'iihctil lm. been appointed
Returning Olllcer to lake ihn vole of
-mii eleclorS) with lhe usual power in
4..1 behalf,
II)     aaldl'l     la|    llll'    COHtlCll,
MIMH.II  li.   KBAliY, Mayor.
)>\\bb H. A. DOtlNER
k\|ii'rii'iii'i"! mimic Richer, graduate ol
Conservatory of Mime, Paris, France,
will give lessons cvorv Saturday alter-
noon at North Vancouver.  Studio, Mm.
Anderson's, Thirteenth  street, rorpcr
1 'lu'Stcrlii'liI avenue, next to Church 0!
EngUla-d,   I'or particulars apply
Vancouver, II. 0,
tiencral Delivery,
Miss Clapp is prepared I" receive a
limited nnmlier ■)( Pupils, between the
ages of six ami twelve years, nt her residence on First HtrAt cast, North Vancouver. H.C . '
Information regarding terms, hours,
,,t!\, will be furnished 011 application,
Accountants,    Auditors    General
Commission Hrokers
Beat [stale Aqenta
Ti:i.KI'll"'.K   11 L'lfa'.'
thli ts|lmr nnt  H. l. did  Sur.nof
Railways, HiMhcs, Water Powers, BlUmstsi,
-■il" rinT,':i't,-i,... ot i.'onairuclliin, M„;•-. Town-
■ ItCS, Mllllllg I lllllll.. -ill, lUTllI,all-   ■!!.'
IM Hllllngl Bl. IV ,
Temporary (idler  p, Cudney'i
Paint Shop, Kijilaoade.
Niiri 11 Vanuhvis,  I!.  C.
Plana, Qtiintlllea, l-cvBti
Siipcriuiendi'iice ol Construction
I'oi'btii Si-iurr, Tnns'ia I.onsiiaii Avr
'.MOKE —i
Rolled Oats
Haij and Feed
ihe Brackman-Ker
Milling Co.
Harry Mitchell, local manager,
Lonsdale Avenue.
Hahfllr Willlscroft
special sitciition liven to Bngtrifl|
and tone pnsliirtioii.
Stmliii    Scrnnil ciatliiKC, South Seventeenth, Lonsilslr Last.
Fine, healthy Tomato and
Cauliflower l'lsnts, ".rown (rom
Sutton's Seeds, always on hand. THE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B. C.
DI$T.  LOT   530549
Lots in this Block will shortly
be put on the Market. For
Price List and Terms, apply to
161 Cordova Street, Vancouver, ft. C.
1836      THE BANK OF      1907
NE of the oldest banks doing business in
this country.
.'ill Branches in Ciinaila mnl Ilm United States.
A general hanking business transacted.
Money Orders Issued  payable   anywhere   in
Canada, "United States or Great Britain.
Drafts bought and sold.
Prompt attention given to collections.
ISavinus Hank Department-—Deposits of ji.oo
and   upwards  received.    Interest   paid  every
three months.
Office, Cor. Lonsdale Ave. and Lsplanade, North Vnncouver, B. C.
II.  R, linn it., Manager.
British Columbia Electric Railway Co., Ltd.
Cars leave the Ferry Landing lor Queensbury Avenue, Twenty-first
street and Lonsdale, Winch street and Keith Koad as lollows: 6:15
a.m., 6:45 a. m., 7:15 a. m., 7:45 a. in., «:i5 >■ ta., 9 »• •••• 9:4° »• "'*>
10:10 a. ni , Alter 10:25 a. m., ears will leave Qlieensburj* "avenue,
Twenty-first and Lonsdale avenue, and Winch street and Keith Koad
at five minutes to tin.- hour and twenty-live minutes past the hour.
Cars leave Nineteenth street and Queensbury avenue, Twenty-first
street and Lonsdale avenue, Winch street and Keith Koad as follows 1
fia. tn,, 6:30 a. ni., 7 a. m., 7:30 a. in., K a. m., K:45 a. 111., 9:15 a. m.,
9:55 a. tn., 10:25 a. ni. Alter 9:40 a. in. cars leave the Ferry Landing
at ten minutes past the the hoir aud twenty minutes to the hour.
All boats are met bj the cars.
Hotel North Vancouver.
fs.oo per
and up
S|»*i iul
Kates lor
lerry Service Lvery Half Hour to and from Ihis Hotel
to Vancouver• P. I arson, Prop.
Rainier Beer-^
I- :t glorioufl hevoriige—quenching mnl
Ltiefying,   Remember there's no other
"jugt a- good'   insisl on getting Rainier.
Vancouver, H. C.
70 v 2 40
Close to saw mill and plank road ;
t.11 minutes from car; only $300.
Also a few 1 4 acres lor $2001
terms, 10/ down, J10 per month.
House in let, fi rooms, all con*
veniences; splendid view. Also
one lor sab'; $500 cash and $20
per month.
Twofiperfectly cleared lots on Lonsdale Avenue
$900 each
A parcel express service lias
been started to and from Lynn
valley daily, leaving on arrival "I
the North Vancouver mail in the
afternoons from the postoltice.
Mrs. Sugden is the carrier.
The Methodists of North Vancouvei will open tlieir new church
building on Sunday, Oct. 27th.
Kev. R, 11. Milliken, 11. D., ol
Wesley church, will preach at ths
morning service. Dr. F'raser, ul
the First Presbyterian church, will
take the afternoon service, and
Rev. J. P. Weslmaii, pastor of
Mt. Pleasant Methodist church,
will address the evening gathering.
The musical portion will he good,
At the Monday evening meeting
there will he a splendid program
oi music, elocution and sliort addresses. The Ladies' Aid Society
will serve light refreshments. The
present building is located at the
hack of the church site on Fourth
street and faces on St. George's
avenue. A tent will be used in
connection with the church on
opening day to accommodate the
large audiences which ate expected. The trustees hope to
have the church paid for belore il
is opened. The present building
is small and inexpensive, and will
form no part of the permanent
church structure. In connection
with the opening services a beginning will be made on raising
$6,000 to pay for the church site
and erect a school room, which
will he part ol a complete plan lm'
a permanent building. A linniber
ol Vancouver friends have signified their intention of taking a
hand in the matter. The mission
board at Toronto will do something, and locally we shall do all
that we can. The pic-sent building may give fairly good accommodation for the coming winter,
but within a year a much larger
auditorium will be necessary.
1). IS. Bryan and wife, Calgary,
are stopping at the l'alace Hotel,
Ex-Councillor 13. J. Cornish
has returned Irom Ferine, where
he is engaged in building the new
Courthouse. He says business is
brisk there.
We hear complaints about the
pounding of cows and other
animals. Now that garden "cass,"
as Jonathan Slick puts it, Is all in,
there is really no need ol arresting poor people's cows. The bylaw should not be enforced till
spring time. Other municipalities
observe this rule.
Frank Gilbert, Cliilcotin, it
registered at Hotel North Vancouver.
J. Shibert, Goldendale, Wash.,
is at the Hotel North Vancoiuei.
Miss M. A. Clark, Toronto, is
visiting her aunt, Mrs. Baker,
Lonsdale avenue north, She will
return to the Qneen City next
llany Wright. Vancouver, was
a guest ai the Palace Hotel this
M. W. McLaren, an old Montana prospector, states that the indications lm i upper on Lynn
cieek are promising,
E. Armstrong, Portland, Ore,,
an old-time Canboo miner, was a
guest at the Palace lintel Thursday. Ile is interest nl in a mining
claim a short distance Irom Lynn
Un Thursday evening next, Oct.
24th, the Athletic Club will give a
dance in the club hall. As usual,
the club will spare no pains to
please everybody, and everybody
is invited tu attend and tell everybody about it. Good music will
be provided, and all arrangements
are being made lor a swell allair.
Mr. E, Graham, are visiting in
North Vancouver. They are
stopping at the Palace Hotel.
Boom the city and district.
From France, Holland and Ja|ian.
reliable varieties at reasonable prices,
Fertilizers, Bee Supplies, Spray I'linipH,
Spraying Material, Cut blowers, etc,
Oldest established nursery on tlif
iiiiiiiiiiinii of British Columbia,
Catalogue tree.
"Land Act Amendment Act, 1007,"
liy the undersigned, which is 11 tinkler
0(11 Special Timber License, that the
undersigned intends, thirty .lays alter
service ami iimt publication ol thlsnotlce
to apply to the Chief Cniniiiiinloiier uf
Lands mul Works for authority to construct chutes, Humes, rouils or other
works tor use in itetting out limber from
the limits covered by a license held liy
the applicant, across mnl upon the following huiiis. namely 1
All uml singular that certain parcel
or tract of luml ami premises, siliutte,
lying mnl being iu the Province of
llritisli Columbia, In the District of New
Westminster, Ileum composed nl portions of liistriet lots 1053 ami ltt.il,
ami which may be more particularly
known ami described ur follows, that
is to say: Beginning at the point ol Intersection ol the center line ol the Mc*
Nalr-Fraser l.nmberCompany Mmited's
proposed loKitini.' right of wuy and the
westerly boundary ol the Southeast
Quarter ot District l-ot 1054, said point
being north distant 5.88 chains from (lie
southerly boundary ol the suid district
lot, thence In an 40 deg. ,15 min. E.
direction, h.:I4 chains more or less to
the point nl Intersection ol the suid
center line with the north lioumlary 01
the south »esi quarter ol liistriet Lot
1053, sniil point being 'lisiuni I.ODchalni
from the westerly tioiimlury ol the said
lot, ami having a uniform width on
either siile ol the suiil center line ol 20
leel, uml containing 501100 seres, lie the
same more or less.
Dated ut Vancouver, B, 0. thi- 20th
day ol August, A. D. I'Xi.
.MlNlllll'lllSBH  l.t'.MHKII CO,,  1.TH.
liy its Bolloltors,
Martin, Craig A llournr.
When you want
a job of Painting
or Paper Hanging
or Kalsomining
done.   See
Hardy & Stoney
Sixth Strket
1   1    ■■ib      iit-Wn
We Do
60   YEARS'
Trade Marks
*'.v..n.i" ' ii'.« Mkrirh mi 1 .lex ni'ii ti nu,?
•i.i'* •*". Mri'Tliiin nur "i ':■1 'i' ft"* whrlhrr mi
ii.. .".'    11 tl l'i"t'hU 1 !■ .' ■■:.- niii**    ( "■!.min,l.'n
HfiiiMirtrt1rfa>hiiilftitliil. HANDBOOK mil'iimti
|I*I|1  '   ■ •'    "l''>'«l   »i:i' ■ 1   f   t Fl ' ill lh,.' |..'*i*iii«.
1 «:■ ■ I- (nun ilir-unrli Mnmi K to, recti**
*■■■  1 ti .■'!.', without cl.nrgo. In Hi"
Scientific American.
A I' "  '"   "" If I11.1-*. r uio 1 wc.'kli     l.-iiuf «l Clr-
eillltlliD uf hut icli'iillltr l..iin.il.    Tfftim. H I
■ ■■ii    f   hi ti.-i Hm. |l.   r-' :.. t.) nil h*w»<1f*»leN
MUNN & Co.38'8-"—' New York
nt.nch (lltlr., OS K SI. W.itilniinH. I). 0,
Painters and 1'Arr.KiuN'ii.Rs
Mi'rai Decorators
Gkaihers    Glaziers    Skins
Opt', t jut Street.
$800 each will buy Four Choice Lots, size 50x141
each; ibe lots adjoin ono another, and can be sold singly or together at the same price. Terms, one-half cash; balance 6 and
ii months.   These lots are on Third street and well located.
$500—We can deliver for a short time only A Very
Choice Acre, only ball a mile north ol the city limits. Acre
lots only a short distance south ol this are selling at $1,01111 and
$1,050 each, If you want the Acre—hurry. Tbe terms are
$300 rash, balance in f"iir quarterly payments.
$1,000—For this amount we can deliver one of Tut
Choicest Hun.uini; Lots in North Vancouver, size 50x124.
Ibis lot is cleared, ploughed and graded. Terms, S250 cash,
and (be balance to arrange,    Vou bad better look this up.
$1,100- This is our price lor one ol The Finest Lots
that can be bought on Fit in STREET and lacing the inlet. Size
50x1411.   Terms, one-half cash; balance in six and 13 months.
iii Block, ions* ii, teiwecn lite taut onu First M
- - ~      J' ' -      1       ii' irn ii'innt.
Rates: $1.60 HER
Special Rates to families and Regular Boarder*
IbilMiniir ferry connection to iiiiiI Irmn Vancouver.   Hot nml cold
water in every room,   Return cull Mln in every room,
Second Street,   -   -   -   -   NORTH  VANCOUVER, B, C
Lonsdale Avenue* between Fourth and Fifth streets, cleared
lot, size 25x130 feet, to a jofoot alley. I'riee ^2000. Terms one-third
cash, balance ti and 12 mouths.
Fifty-foot lot in same block fronting on Lonsdale avenue. Price
$4000.   Similar terms.
Chrsteritrld Avenue—Near Fifteenth street, lot 60x150 leet.
Price $550.   Terms one-third cash, balance in 6 and 12 months.
Fourth Strut ami Queensiiurv Avenue—Double corner on car
line, magnificent situation.    Price $2100.   Terms to be arranged.
Two Ci.eareii Lois on Fourteenth Street— Close to St."Andrew's avenue, size 50x157 each.    Price $450 each.   Easy terms.
Finn Street—Between Lonsdale and St. George's avenues, two
lots, 50x140 each.    Price $900.   Easy terms.
LONSDALE AVENUE— Lot 50x120, between Eighteenth and Nineteenth streets. Price $900. Terms one-third cash, balance b and 12
Finn Street—One block from CJueensbtiry avenue, two south
front lots, 50x137 each, to a 20-I00I alley. Price J550 each. Terms
one-third cash, balance 6 and 12 months.
Sixth Street—In block H, 150 feet from Queensbury avenue car
line, size 50x137, to a 20 foot alley, south front. Price J600 each.
Terms 1'lie tout tb cash, balance in 6 and 12 months.
We have also a large list cl properties in all parts ol the city.
We deal exclusively in close-in city properties, and can offer you I
the best bargains and the choicest locations obtainable anywhere.
Correspondence solicited, or better still, call and see us and let
us show you what we have to offer.
Corner Lonsdale Ave. and Fifth St.
Capilano Hotel
Everything new and modern, affording all the
luxuries ol a metropolitan hostlery, Elevation 500
leet above sea level. Ideally situated lor people
wishing an exhiliarating climate, beautiful mountain
scenery and climbing, and good fishing and shooting.
A bw hours from the summit oi Mount Crown and
tin.* Lions.
Tally-ho meets car connecting with y:15 lerry,
at liewicke avenue, returning between b and 7 p.m.,
calling at the two canyoni and the suspension bridge,
allowing time lor inspection.
HATES:   JM.so to -S.yoo 1'c t)«y
HI'ltCIAI.    RATH   TO   KAMII.IKH   ANII    Hit* lUI.A l<
Corner Ea|>lanade and Lonsdale Avenue


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