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Local Meetings.
City Council Meeting, every Monday, 8 p.m.
liistriet Council Meelinu, every Fridav, 7*16 p.m.
Board of Trade, Third Tuesday, 8 p.m.
Board of Trade Kxeoin m-, First Tuesday, 8 p.m.
So html Board, First Friday, 8 p.m.
 .'■ .a.a...........	
a   —   e%\
Local Meetings.
Knithts nf I'vthias, Second nntl Fourth Mondav, 8 p.m
Athletic Chili, lirsl Monday, 8 p.m.
Young I'ttiplers Clu'j, Every Tuesday, 8 p.m.
Horticultural Mi-eiing, Second Wednestlay, 8 p.m.
Firemen's I'riictice, Every Friday, 7.30 p.m.
Agreements, By I»vs
And Ferry Wharf Plans
^ ■
At Monday night's council meeting several important measures
were l»id on the table and disposed
ol. All the aldermen were present, Has Worship Mayor Kealy in
the ch.ilr.
A Liter was read (rom the Wallace Shipyards, Ltd., informing
the council that the company was
willing to defray the necessary expenses in connection with the
drafting and submitting of the
proposed by-law, whereby the
city, in the event of its passing,
agrees to guarantee, the bonds ol
•he company to the extent of $20,-
ouo on its new issue of stock for
the enlarging of its works here.
Messrs. Walden and Fraser,
plumbers, sent a joint letter to the
council asking that a set of plumbing by-laws be drawn up giving
protection to the rasident plumbers
Oi this sid« ol the inlet. Mr.
VVaiden was present and explained
lo the council that steps to protect them in their work were
necei&ary, as outside men camei
in and did 1 cheip job which
could not piss inspection, thus,
depriving him and Mr. Fraser of
work which ihey wore prepared
to do right, and as Ihey were in
business in the city, were prepared
to back up their work. Mr. Fraser
also agreed in what Mr. Walden
had staled, and expressed the hope
that the council would attend to
their request.
On behalf of the council ths
mayor replied that the plumbing
by-law was under way, snd when
in •/!* ;ue would give them certain
privileges over outsider!.
Mr. W. L. Keene, lecretiry of
the horticultural society, wrote
asking the council to replace the
lenceon their property on Twenty-
first street, which was destroyed
by contractors when clearing the
street. Mr. Keene stated that as
lhe society proposed building
shortly it was necessary to have
the lence rebuilt
The report (rom the secretary
ol tli« hospital committee was re-
received with the thinks of the
council and filed. Aid. Irwin
mentioned that 1 general public
meeting ol those interested in the
hospital would be held in the
Pavilion, on Wednesday next,
March 25th.
The agreement with the B. C.
Klec.nc Railway Co. for the
opening up of a road in D. L. 653,
was read a third time snd passed.
The company agrees to remove
the gravel to grade, between the
Keilh toad and Seventeenth street,
.'or 1 width of 20 feet to north line
cl Twentieth street. Permission
vas granted by the couucil to the
compmyto lay temporary tracks,
and I'use the gravel (or griding
parpftMS. The company also
agree I to sell to the city such
gravel is it may need along their
tracks at fifty cents per cubic yard.
A roadway 46 feet in width will be
cleared of stumps, roots and
rubbisl, etc., by the company.
Aid. Smith asked if the pound
by-Is,v hid been printed yet. The
cl:rk replied io the negative, so
t 1 council gave orders lor the
s 'nt to te printed forthwith.
The loard of works in commit
tee recommended that the ravine
on Rogers avenue be cleaned so
that parties can dump dirt for filling up the creek The engineer's
estimate for same is J25.
Thn Waterworks committee
recommended water connections
for G. Device and R. T. Blackburn l'1: granted, and that application ol Munro Wheedon be also
gra.'tel,   ind thit hit house   be
connected hyhalf-inch waterpipe,
Mr. Cripp, on Lynn Valley road,
was given same privilege as. other
residents along the pipe'line.
The committee also recommended the purchase of three additional
water meters. The recommendations were adopted.
The newly appointed board of
police commissioners, Aid. Crickmay and I. Walden, reported as
Gentlemen,—We wish to inform you that, having taken over
the duties of board of commissioners of police and gone thoroughly
into the matter of the police force
at the present time, we have decided 011 placing Mr. Stewart on
the regular force, also another
We do not think, considering
the position which Mr. Brima-
comtie holds, that it would be
wise to retain him as constable
and gaoler, as through his having
so many other duties other than
under the commission, conflict
would be sure to arise.
We, therefore, beg to inform
you that wc have, so far as the
commission is concerned, decided
to dispense with his services. We
have also hilly made arrangements with the chief, that as soon
as the matter can be arranged,
tl.e two constables should occupy
tlie rooms up stairs, to act as
wardens at night, and, if neces-
si'<', in Ihe dav time.
A'ould you, therefore, kindly
make arrangements for Mr. Hrima-
combe vacating the rooms mentioned is early as possible.
The following sre supplementary estimates: Expenses lor
equipment, etc.Jioo; for material'
fencing yard in rear of ball, f jo;
chief of police, salary, (90 per
month; first constable, $75 per
month; second constable, I6j per
The plans of the new ferry
wharf at Vancouver were laid be
fore the council. Owing to the
aldermen not having time enough
to go thoroughly into the plans,
they were laid over to the committee meeting Thursday night,
when the principal changes which
the city and ferry company are
considering jointly, will be taken
General grades by-law No. 26,
for first street, from Lodsdale to
the bridge, was given its third
reading and passed.
By-law No. 27, to establish general grades, from the north line of
the Esplanade to the south side of
Eigh '■ street on Lonsdale avesue,
was given its final reading and
Aid. May, father of the voluminous health by-law, then resumed
the residing of this by-law, which
soon dispersed the several ratepayer*, and reporters gathered at
thc meeting.
Wanted—Boarders. Apply to
Mrs j. T. Spence, Second "street
To Rent—Well furnished house
with all modern conveniences.
Apply, Corner First street and
Chesterfield ivenue.
Wanted—Womin for housework, three or lour hours daily.
Apply to Mrs. Bruit, Second
street west.
The German bark Artemis is unloading ballast off the ferry wharf,
preparatory to loading lum Ik 1 ll
thc 1 l.i'.lini", null
A contract lor the clearing and
grubbing of ten lots near the juncture of Keith road and Mahon
avenue snd Thirteenth street, has
been let by the owner, Thos.
Tuesday next is Arbor Day.
Mr. Dan Amscold, road foreman
lor thc city, is taking a week's
A new grocery store will be
opened up shortly in the Home
A large scow, built at the Wallace shipyards, was launched about
2 o'clock Thursday morning.
A meeting of the hospital committee will be held this afternoon
at 4 p. ni.
Mr. Dan. Guy, of Portage la
Prairie, was a guest of Mrs. Hogg
on Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. H. I. C, Eves left
Monday evening for week's visit
to the sound cities and  Portland.
Mr. Thos. Nye is erecting two
large two and a half story houses
on Queen street.
A. Farro is erecting a residence
on Second street west. Three
cottages will also be erected on
the lots adjoining Mr. Farro by A.
Gallia, of the Kings hotel, Vancouver.
Owing to the closing of lhe pool
rooms on Sundays Con Jones
pool and billiard room has been
closed up completely. The paraphernalia will be taken to Vancouver.
Mr. T. Kennedy, of Askew &
Kennedy, who have a contract for
the clearing ol a portion of the
C. P. R. rightofway on Vancouver
Island, visited his home here this
The building occupied by Mrs.
Hogg has been moved onto the
adjoiuing lot west of her old stand.
This building will be replaced by
a large block.
The following were registered at
Hotel North Vancouver: A. H.M.
Clark, Gilford Island, B. C; J.
W. Henderson, Nicola Lake; H.
Wcndt, Artemus; Henry Naeber,
W. H. Parrott, Vancouver; Mr.
and Mrs. Coleman, Seattle; Mr.
and Mrs. Smith, Nome; Mr. and
Mrs. Stawell Boxer; Dr. and Mrs.
O'Neil, T. R. Tulery, Vaucouvn;
J. S. Msssey, Vancouver; E. H.
Prentiss, Los Ange-les; J. Chclas,
Court of revision will be held
on the 26th, at the City Hall, at
7:30 p. m., for the purpose of
hearing complaints against the
proposed assessment under thc
local improvement by law for the
clearing, grading antl ditching of
Eleventh street, between St.
George's and Ridgeway avenues,
and laying sidewalk on same, the
total estimated cost being 12,400.
The proposed special tax on Ottawa gardens will also bu heard
on this date. For full particulars
see atlvt. elsewhere in this issui.
The first meeting of the new
hoard of license commissioners
was held in thc City Hall Wednesday afternoon, but was very
brief. An application for a bottle
license was to have cnnie up, but
owing to a technical error, was rejected. There being no further
business,   the   board adjourned.
Kwong Hing, a Chinaman, who
was charged with unlawfully removing the fixtures (rom a building, owned by Fives I Lawson,
came up belore Magistrate Kealy
Monday, and the case was enlarged till Wednesday, when it
was dismissed. The magistrate
stated that the plaintiffs could
have recourse to 1 civil sction if
they 10 deiired.
Mr. Colin F. Jackson returned
Monday from a trip to the old
The G. G. Nye photo studio is
this week undergoing a coat of
paint. When finished the building will be a decided improvement
to second street.
Misses E. and V. Lyne, from
Soda Creek, arc visiting at the
home of their aunt, Mrs. Jas. MeLeod, First street.
Mrs. P. Larson was the hostess
at an afternoon tea on Tuesday at
the Hotel North Vancouver,
An Eagle was seen at Moodyville this week by H. Baker.
Subscribers and others wishing
to have a copy of Tll Express
to send to linmis, can have same
by paying postage, one cent stamp.
Mr. George Walker, part owner
of the tug Isaac, was confined to
his home this week suffering from
inter •• pain from the effects of a
boi! on his body.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Kowe, arrived last night (rom Alkali
Lake, and will spend a fortnight
iu Nortli Vancouver, visiting his
sister, Mrs. J. Kirkpatrick, on
Fourteenth street.
Mr. Wm. McNeisch is erecting
a costly residence on Keith road,
on Bewicke avenue. Mr. McNeish
will take up residence when completed.
■ A. J. Hood his started 1 watchmaking and clock repairing establishment in the Home block, and
il prepared to do all classes of
work. He will also carry a stock
o( watches and jewelry. People
patronizing Mr. Hood can (eel assured of competent workmanship.
The following guests are registered at the Palace Hotel 1 Miss
Montgomery, Fiji, B. C.; Miss
James, Fernie, B. C., G. Matthews, S. Fraser, Lulu Island;
J. S. Masson, Malcolm McMillan,
B. H. Riggs, D. K. Benham, Vancouver; L. J. Flannigan, Belling,
Don't forget Arbor Day.
The city engineer is busy on the
plans for the proposed clearing
and grading ot Third street to
permanent grades and laying a
six-foot sidewalk on both sides of
thc slreet. This proposed work
extends from Mahon avenue to
St. David's avenue, a distance of
approximately one mile. The
greatest amount of work will be
between St. Andrew's antl St.
David's avenues, where culling
and filling will be required. The
plans will come up at next Monday night's council meetiug.
Evidently the names of Rev.
Mr. Hooper, of St. John's Anglican
church, and Mr. Jesse Williams
were used through a niisunder-
ing in connection wiih the mass
meeting held last week against
the so-called evils, bottle licenses
anil boxing contests. We under
stand, however, that they are not
disposed to take any active part in
the agitation.
The scoool board ol the district
of North Vancouver contemplates
occupying their new school at Lynn
valley in about three weeks. Be
fore the school is opened lor teaching there will be an opening celebration on an evening to hi liv d
upon. Thc school is a large one1
stun y building of the latest design,
with a good cloak room and all
doora opening outwards, thereby
ensuring Iree exits iu case of my
Mrs. W. Lyne, of Soda Creek,
Cariboo, arrived last evening from
the interior, and will spend a few
days in North Vancouver. She
reports the winter as being mild,
and a light fall of snow.
Contractors will do well to read
the advt. ol the Horticultural Society, which is calling for tenders
for the erection of their building
on thecomerof Twenty first strre1
and Lonsdale avenue.
The dining room girls of the
Hotel North Vancouver gave a
party to a (ew of tlieir friends
Wednesday evening at the hotel,
The hostesses wete : Miss
Margarete Ilasmark, Miss Jennie
Weeden, Miss Garda Carlson,
Miss Bertha Johnson.
Mr. J. Maranda found a snull
launch drifting about in the Narrows Wednesday morning without
a skipper or Crew. The launch is
about fifteen feet long, with the
name "Opinion," and it is Mr.
Maranda's opinion that the launch
fcioke a'vay from lier moorings.
Those employing carpenters
should bear in mind that there are
men to be had on this side of
the inlet, and that they should
patronize the local builders. At
present there are carpenters employed on the erection of buildings that do not own a foot of
ground or spend a penny in North
Vancouver, while several resident
carpenters are looking for a job.
Among those who intend making their home in North Vancouver are Mr. R. McKissock and Mr.
James Garrow. The former is
building a fine bungalow on Thirteenth street west, and the latter a
nice residence on Fourth street
west. Both gentlemen are Scotchmen. Mr. McKissock has had
large experience in the contracting line both in this country and
Scotland in connection with the
art galleries in the city of Glasgow,
the Alexandria hotel in Winnipeg,
au dottier large buildings and construction work. Mr. GarrOw's
handiwork in the sculpture and
decorative line may be seen in
some ol Vancouver's public buildings. Messrs. Elder, Murray Co.
negotiated the sale of the ground
to these two gentlemen.
New Bridge Contracted
For Lynn Creek
All the councillors were present
at Friday 'night's meeting ol Ihe
District Council, wilh Reeve May
in the chair.
There was a lengthy list ol letters read, among them being :
I" 111 the city clerk, North Vancou nr, asking permission Irom the
council for use of the telephont in
case ol fire, and enclosing a contract lorm, which the council was
requested to fill in nd NIMH
Thc cletk was insliiu.ti'd to notif;
the City Council that the phi ne in
the municipal oflice would at all
timet be at tlieir service in cast < I
From the Vancouver City Coun.
cil, enclosing the names of the
members appointed by that body
to represent them on the Admiral
Evans reception committee. Also
that a meeting of the joint committee be held on the |oth, and re-
questing the council lo so infotm
its delegates.
Mr. Westovir applied lor water
connections with his house in the
valley.   Granted.
The city clerk notified the District Council of the wad r connections with Mr. Cripps' house in
the valley.
The residents oi lots ]o, D. L.
iM, sent in s largely signed peti
tion for a three-plank sidewalk on
the pipe line road, from the plank
road to the flume, a distance of
approximately one mile. After
some discussion on the matter, the
application was referred to the to
the hoard of works to report to
council next meeting.
A. Meissnest applied for permission to cut shingle bolts on the
city properly on the southeast
part of lot 35 in the valley. At
first the council did not feel disposed to grant the request, but
Mr. Narr, on behalf of the applicant, explained to the council
the position they were in, and that
if they were allowed to cut bolts
it would give them an opportunity
to make some money to meet some
of their liabilities. On reconsideration the request was granted
Mr. Meissnest.
The city clerk wrote giving the
names of those appointed by the
council to the reception committee.
From Dr. C J. Fagan, of Ihe
anti-tuberculosis society, asking
council make donation to the so*
ciety and also appoint a delegate.
The communication was referred
to the finance committee.
The west end local improvement
scheme then came before the
council. The clerk read letter
from Hon. Mr. Cotton in relation
to the powers of the council to
deal in such matters. The letter
referred slso to the proposed
change in certain sections of the
revised ststutes in dealing with
the taxes on such improvements.
The plans as drawn by the engineei were adopted and ordered
printed and sent to each of the
The monthly reports of the
various departments were read ind
The revenue by-law, to levy
rates on real property, to raise
money to carry on the expenses
of the council's general expenditure account, interest and sinking
fund and school rate for the year
908, were read and adopted.
Seven tenders were received for
the steel work of this bridge.
The board ol works opened the
tenders, which were afterwards
tabulated by the engineer The
lowest tender was that of Langley,
Musgrsvc 4 Williams, of Vancouver. The bridge wilt consist of
three spans, one 90(001 snd ths
other two 76 leet 6 inches, hsvinf
a width of roadway of 16 feet in
the clear. The designs provided
(er low truss riveted spans, with
top chord of channel steel, thi
same section being that principally
used throughout in both struts and
bracing. A light lattice railing
runs Ihe whole length of the spans
in the inside of the bridge. The
timber, joisting and decking will
be heavier than usual in order to
bc equal to the strength of the
steel trusses and lloor beams. The
lim within which the bridge is
to be erected complete is lour
in nths from the acceptance ol
the tender.
The Express was given the contract to print the map antl havt a
cut made ol the proposed water*
woiks divisions for the municipality.
Reeve May and Councillor McNaught reported on the work done
at thc meeting of the Union of
B. C. Municipalities,, of which
they were Ihe council's delegates,
md which was held at Nanaimo
Mr. J. W. Fugler, First street,
returned home this week sftet I
lengthy visit to his old hone in
The Exriiss, ft a year. THK EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B.C.
The Kxi'Ri.ss I'kiniim. CoHPaNY,
Niirih Vamcouvir, II. C.
|1 Wni [AMI, Manager.
The Expreii is dtlivettd In North
Vancouvei within a radius of tj
blocks of the iiitit'c*.   All outiide
tins district is placed ill the pott
Rltei ol Subscription :
Om* year -        -        fl.OQ
Six months     -       - .50
Three months •       • .25
United St.itts unl Foreign, fi .su
pii year.
All sulisi riptiooi must  be paid 11
Any ptrsnii not receiving thii
ptper Kgulltly will please notify
the othei*. No pspel itopped un
Ibh notified either by letti 1 di 1 ird
Early in July,  (906,   Tin    Bl-
press published an autheiitit .it. al
statement fumi Ottawa to the
effect that two transcontineiita
railroads were heading lor Huiraid
Inlet, and beyond a doubt North
Vancouver would be their ter
minus. Periodically since that
date the daily press published
articles corroborating tho.se lust
published b) lis, but dropping the
word " Nortli" when they mentioned the objective point. Two
weeks ago wi nave the lirst intimation ihat representatives uf one t*(
these transcontinental companits
were working in and around North
Vancouver, mapping out a suitable
site for terminal yard^ dockage,
etc., and that tiny had found a
convenient route to Burrard Inlet,
via Ihe Indian river l'emberton-
Fort George survey.
This week s prominent official
ol thc G. T. P. said, in answer 10
I question : "Certaiul, we intend
to build to Vancouv r.    Wn will
build Irom Fort George south to
Vancouver as soon as we reach
Fort  George.   .   .   .   '      This
stitement   fully   coincides   with
those published in Tll Exiki-*.
nearly two years ago, and also ol
late, which justifies the presumption   thai   the   Ambitious   City
is bound to harbor this terminal.
It is well   known that Prince
Rupert will not for many yens
and   probably   never-offer   the
■hipping advantages that this in
let is  so  justly famed,  with its
easy access from tbc sea, its unequalled anchorage and cuiiiiiu r-
cial   facilities.     At   the   present
writing  Vancouver   cannot   hang
out inducements in the wharfage
line, as her shorts ID   a Otnpleti ly
monopoly il   Imi North Vancouver,   with  her  miles oi  unused
shoreline,   can.    Fron    tli- First
Natrows up to the St * mi'i Narrows is almost DM unbroken line
of ihipping sites, 1111 it 111 s; all Ibn
requirements nl th' must idvinced
shipping industry.    Large*
as well at small MSI, IM* rids ll
anchor within a ItMl'l throw ul
the shore, free from llie 1 leiiunls
of the air and the sea     It is also
free from monopoly.
Besides thc above-mentioned
coast-to-coast railway another
company, equally as energetic, are
pushing on to the mist. This
road is preparing a bill for 1
charter to I" pn* I* I shortly before tin* Federal Government, gi\
ing tin in the MCMMiy |'"'*'"
It is with a view of forming an
outlet (or the wheat crop to the
Orient that the fore*: 0! their
energies arc being bent, and it
will  bi
al  '   I  it nun
j Arbor Day Bind Concert
thnii suivi v partii 1 ire peoi trnt
ing the nninhibitnted wildi ol the
interior.   This line will ilto itrike
the  coast   1 ot a hundred  miles
from here.
mux t:ii
A writei in Printer'i Ink makes
in interesting diagnosis ol thi
reason why wine cities an
"sluw." He says: "Anybodj
who lias had experii nci '■
among Ihe sm 'il, itiei and towns
if ihis country Irnowi ihal widi
differences in hm I" twi en plai 11
of the same  population, ind in
illili'li lhe same locality, and enjoying whal would mem to ba
equal opportunity 1 lot trade, One
place of 10,000 people, lot in-
ttance, will be thoroughly alive,
iis shops bright, iis people brisk,
unl prosperity ippirently on every
bin I. Another, pern it'*, bul 13
miles away, will be thorough I j
■ lead, iis itorei deserted, dull,
lusty, its people n>\' n In the habit
if cracker-bi'N conversation. In
me   town it If .1 plsasjtre   to   step
oil a train and look fur buiinets,
while iii llie set ond an experienci d
traveling man has no looniX
alighted than In* wants to know
tin imu ol ihe next train out!"
The • diagnosis   is ridiculously
simple.   In one, the newspapers
Dcouraga   live  idvertiiing   by
ih.lining a rate winch includes
Wtting Up in w ads as often as tin*
merchant cans to change.   In the
other, an antiquated rale s\ -t.111 is
in vogue, making 1 low charge (or
and an extra charge toi ivi rj
eyange  of  advertiiMiMl     It's
lust worth while considering what
good, live idvertiiing by tbe merchants dins lor a town antl ils
Collier's Weekly has this to say
ol the Dominion Governments
actions lately, under the caption
" Grave Misgivings," which speaks
for itscll:
"The federal minister's attitude
toward the suffering farmers of
western Canada has not only been
heartless but harmful to the development ol thc Dominion's most
promising provinces. Nothing
could have been emptier than the
promise which Mr. Fielding made
to assist the crop movement thai
was arrested both by the financial
itringMcy ami the damaged con*
dition of the grain. The government accomplished nothing. I be
movement was affected entii* Ij bj
the  money ol the local bankl on
an ordinal*) buiini Now
win 11 tin qui slum of buying ' 1 1
grain bei omi 1 one for govi rnment
tti niinii. the laini' 1 1 • dealt with
as il In tri re in the clnia hi ■ ol ,1
iisuier.   Th'* iiiiiii! i idvani "I 1.
|i*nt at live l" 1 H nl   and it must
11 repaid within ■ yi 11 and the
i.iinii i's iiiinn -ti ad ii in be surety
therefor,    Tertni quite ,1
could   probably  be  mad.   with
regulat none) lendera, who would
li,' s.itisiiid wiih iln farmer*! note
nf li.iinl. The government allows
the larmer bul three per cent, in*
teretl on any money lie may place
"ii deposit iii the Postal Savings
Hank, but it ihargis liim fivi per
11 nt , with I foreclosure right upon
his Iiuiiii*s|. ,id, M any advAm I it
makes  to him.    The   Minister of
I ilu* Interior hai held that the
people should be lift tii lake t are
ol tht'iisiKis a theory comfort*
able   for   those   in autlionly, but
iim inui s  working  Ml   painful
I suits.     Is  it  IS]  wonder that
(   iln   si lllii* are learning
II look 11 Ottawa with grave mis
By Sixth Rff, Band
The Sixth Regiment Hand lias
been secured for Arbor Day, and
will leave the wharf at I o'clock
inr Victoria Park and other points
where the committee may direct.
lu the eveningt weather pet-
nitting, lhe band will give an
npcii aii concert on the Hotel
\mii VancMvcr grounds, ami
ui all probability there will also
in .1 dance iu the Pavilion.
By Wireless.
Spring j'*** is and that hundn d
ind sivciiii five thousand are
nnu li alike neither have put in
.in appearance yet.
l.ynn valley resident! have peti.
tioned fot ■ two-plink sidewalk.
What lor r
Tbe police 1 ortimiiiionen itarted
business  iniieli  alter the style of
tin' proverbial month ol March.
We predict fur th. new hoepital
a  busy  season--if we don't soon
ll 111*   M'lH IS.
The Municipal Council enter-
taill lhe hospital proposition—
the City Council the cemetery
Now thai ilnn is a win less
llation, a moneyless bank and a
horseless carriige, the nest mil
be a whittle less ferry.
The "tempest in the teapot"
will meet au early destb.
The l'mnerr blksry seems to be
making lots of dough.
:'___$__• lW.
■•■" ilm iiiliiruiatinii ul inteiiiling
-1 nli'in ami others, that ttt'lectiun lias
been niinii' uf the ;i,.r*lXI,l)Ull acres of Uml
situated In thi fato* River Valley,
Proviso* of liriiish Columns, sraatad
In tht liniiiiiiiiiii lltiveriiiiieiit niuler the
iiruviiluni ol SiTiiun 7, ut "An Act rt1-
iniiiii; tn iln* Island Hallway, the Graving Dock uml Railway i.nn.i- uf the
Province," nml such laml is imt open I"
inlri   muter   llie   I.uml   Laws  ul   llu*
The I'laick st'li'itt'il Isdeserlbed us follow-: Commencing ut u point UW
in .a - math uf ilie reaim llii it, mi tut
IJ1HI1 Meridian, being tim Baatem
ia.,iniiluiy ni the Province, tlieiici* West
T.i mill's uml us.ul chalua, llientn Nnrth
;2 mile* and 88 08 chains, thenee Ku-i
7'i miles iiiiiI :is.iai I'liiiim., thenee Boutli
in the point ol commencement, following the liK)tli Uerldtan, mul funtniiiiiig
.i|i|iriixiniiilclv 8,000000acres.
Niiiui* u* Alsutiiii'ii lliul, uilh 11 tiiii
tu facilitating settlement in ilu* Valleys
ul the Peace, Parsnip and Peek Rivers,
iln* following lii'll "I luml lofty miles ill
width, ami intending 90 mllei un sank
■lile uf the I't'iu'e, Parsnip and I'inl
Hi ten lm- lieiii reserved (ur actual
eettlere, In bt ii-qiilfeJ hy (its-million
on'y nii'l* r ilu* I nml Aet, tueh luml not
being ii|'i'n l.ar sale, ItSM, I WUM nr
iiilier nliiiiiiliiiii under Hie saiil Act ex-
i',|it hy pre-emption.
Uiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuul tl"' iiitirsi'i'liini ul the
Western liaainialury ul tin* hi", k ul luml
-al,*.l.il In Ine liniiiiiiiiiii (iuierilllient
uilli the Pence Hiver, lliiiii't' (ulliming
llu- Peace Hiver mul Parsnip Hiver to
tlieir confluence with Um I'nck Hiver,
nml Ihenee fiilloiiing the I'nck Itiver lo
the point whets mm Pack Kin* leaves
Mii.eu.l Luke, snd exteliiliiig fof a iii-
luiice ul '.'II miles uu fiuii  siah' tit sniil
Riven ind ipprodmalely 170 miles in
All lands Hillside tile haiinul.irii'S iif llll1
Dominion Oovernmenl Qisal ami the
reserve above deeerlbed ure "|h*ii fur
aallllialll   lllutlT |lll'  IllllS I'l   llll*   l'Tllvi lilt*
Ailing (Tic! I'niiiiiiissiiiniT
ul Units anil IVurks.
I.uiuls ami Wurks Department,
Victoria, Heptemher iuth, lim;.
Just tion Block, North 1.nto.trr. 331 l«l„, SL Vaicuvar,
■piMMwar 'Hwnasasi
Wcki v lasT-WiiK Kmuw, Mitca 8l»i.
8H0       |
C»h                                      Deicrlpllon
600     |   One acre, parti; cleared, with ihack on, Se.i'tilrrmli atreet
UO     I   Liiiim.is avenue, hut 18, Block JIB, n I. MS. quarter acre
cleared, graded, lenced. A vety line lui lot ti)u tm„,ey
400      I   SOllSO hm am   Ftllei'iitti ilreel, l.ilui   Inlei, Hu|*rb .ian;
I        cleared, graded; iwa.-r i calnn, b.lancs, leinia eaiy.
All the best Canadian makes.
Nine to 18-inch tops.
PWCK8, $4.00 to $9.00
51 (i Hastings Street
Time Table, 1937
I. McEwin, uf Empire Valley,
gave J. N. J. Brawn a visit this
week.   Thev were neighbors yean
IgO, nml nf  Course  were   •jlatl   to
meet one annlll. I.
Church Notices
■-I   lulls'*. Mil IVAROtUtT, -*t\i niii
Holy Communion, k a. n,
Homing prayer, 11
Evening prayer, 7.30
On the lirst Sunday in the month
there will lie a second celebration
of the H"lv Communion at it a.in
Kictui    Raff.  Hugh Hooper.
St. ANI'll »'*, i'lil.SIIVTKKIAN CHUN II
Sn vii rs  will   he  condiicliil  us
usual  on  Sunday  hy  tin* i'astor.
Sunday school, 2:30 p. 111.
Service at Moodyville si Iiiiiii at
7:30 p. 111.
Prayi 1 meeting 00 Wednesday
8 n'i luck.
All are well oim.
Putori Rev. J. i>. Gillam, M.A.
UETHODIST  1 lll'Kt II,   H,   W,  * *ik\i I
II   |T,    INUSI.   I.I a
Ml MT.
Honing i nn I, 11 a. Ill ; Sun*
* p, in . evening
■■it rice, ; )o p.m.
l'i.mi im 1 dog mi Widnssdsy
1 11 ninn .it i 01 luck,
Rev, II. II. Ii.il*!. 1 t.in~H. A.
•..11 ill \ IHI iH'Hk 1 iiunl h
imu in MINION.
Sunday Servient M.iss at H
a. in., Sunday ichool at 2:30 p.m.,
li. iinin turn at 3 p. in.
I'astor: Kev. B. I'eytavin, O.
M. I. V. S.
LOMBAU avkmk.
S' rvice at 11 o'clock a. m. in
tin* Orange hall; Sunday school at
lhe Clou "I the serin ■
r.isiiir:   Rev, David Long,
All are welcome,
|vi>i, i.ii'KNi'H-i FOB )'.m kU
'' nmi Da*aad I'uvulilc ai the i'iii
Hull, nn nml idler March IM next.
All i|ii|*k iinliei'iiM'il will he laheU |"'*-
-11.-11111 nf mul Ji-lniyeil.
In.,mis Siikitikkii, I'ity llfrk.
North Viiiiemiier, ll. 0 , l'VI'* ■, MM
viirii'KisiiKRKiiYiavr.N thit
***■'    at the next  Ila| "t thn bunrtl
ul l.iceiiM' t'liiiiini-Hiiiiier- lur the Citv
ut Nurth Viiiiciiiver, I -hull S|'|ily (ur a
ri'tail lneiiM' f.ar the nale tit njiirituous,
i'Tiiii'iiliil ninl nther lii|ii'irii 111 I'l'llli'.
fair iln- stsnilm known «*! Isi I, hlmk 7,
I). U ul'.1, mi I..insiliile avenue.
A. II. Strihhr,
Dated «t   Nurth   Vaiumiver,  K. C,
Decenilier Lli, 11KI7.
\lTl.lr\Tlu\ Foil I.I11I oil MMM
•li.lXI A.M.
•ti.45 "
S.tK) "
K.K) "
H.1I0 "
10.IS "
11.IA "
imr. m.
1.16 "
L'.lft "
3.1A "
4.1R "
6.1A "
U.15 "
7.iri "
K.IA "
».I5 "
1II.IA "
11.IA A.M.
10.45 "
11.48 "
12.48 I'. M.
1.48 "
2.45 "
11.45 "
4.46 "
6.4A "
•1.45 "
•7.80 "
8.20 "
V.IW "
D.4A "
10.4A "
11.48 "
12.48 T. M.
146 "
2.46 "
3.46 "
4.45 "
8.48 "
6.48 "
7.48 "
8.48 "
».45 "
10 46 "
•11.46 "
10.15 A.M.
11.16 "
12.16 I'.M.
1.15 "
2.16 "
3.18 "
4.16 «
5.18 •
7.15 "
ot on .-iiinlai.
Close to saw mill and plank road;
ten minutes Irom car; only $300.
Also a few 1-4 acres (or $200;
terms, io7 down, fio per month.
House to let, 6 rooms, sll conveniences ; splendid view. Also
one lor sale; $S00 cash and tin
per month.
*' in iln* meeting uf ihr it...n.i ol
Ucenslnc Ooannuriaoen fur il"* City el
North   Viiiici.iivi'r,  lii In*  held 1 11  llu*
ne I n* In.-aim* nl March, lims, 1
shall npi'lv I'ir.ii lii'i'iice (ur lhe wile nf
■plriltiout, ii*riii'*nii*il nr other liquen In
liutlle, iir tin' prtttiM kiiuiiu 11s the
iiiiihlh'-h"|i nr-lure in lhe Kilruv Mnr-
I'ini hliiek, a-itnut 1 I'l ll, -iiliiliu-iiiii
„l luls I1.11111I I'.i, hli" k 156, 'li.trii't hit
L'7I, in tlie t'ily ol Nurlli Viiiiinmer.
C. U. Hickman
Dated 11 Nurtli S'tneoavM the Mh
.lav ul Dseember, IJW.
**•' ill llu' Deal llu'iTilli; nl the Inilinl
nl l.ircinv t'.aiiiMii.-ii.ii.r- |,.r lh.. Cilv
ul Nurlh \ .iiiiaiui ir, I ahull SMl) (nr
un hull I lii i*iii i* lor the snli'uf -iiiriiiiiiiis,
(, rlni'iili'il nr iilli. r llqdort, f"r lhe Hi
r.nun friinie boildiog, -liuaii* I ta llu*
>i'iui'iur rmi'l, 111 ilislricl lul 7'.il, uruup
* ne, N,*ti \V,*«iiiiiiiaii*r ilistrict.
.lulls MiTnnii.
Iiiiiii at Nurth vaMoner, 11. ('*,
.lamiiiry 10, IKK,
Two perfectly cleared lots on lonsdale Avenue
$900 each
For the Farm, Garden, Lawn
or Conservatory
Hi'linlile varietit'd at reMMSMl prices
Nn Bonn. Ho Scale. No l-iiini'.'Ktiiiii
tu 'l.uii.i^'i' -un k. Nn 11 ui'lv stents to
iiiiiiuy vuii. liny ilirect anil ftl Treea
1111.1 SitiIb that iirua*.
IVrlili'iTs, lk*i'Sii|i|ilii'i., Spray I'uinpii,
Sprayinir Mnterinl, Cut Kluwera, tte.
tilih'sl   I'slnhlislii'il   nursery   011   tlie
mainland ul liriiish t'lilumiiia.
I  iliil"i'iii' (ret1.
mhsiihis and si 1 nmu sis.
llllki   fHOM   Roan.
I l INI,I 11-11,    SKRVK'KS
ivill he held at Orange hall on
Sunday evening at 7:30 o'clock.
All arc welcome. Come and
luing a iiii iul.
Civil   lnyina-**f   .nd   R. t. Iee4  Sur.f.iH
•I'lii'M van
Khiiii.v- Hrliliii'., W.lt'r Pn»pr>. K.llm.tei,
SUptrllllMmi IH I  l'il|l*!ri|,*lj„n. .ll.,..,   laa.11
illrbMlllai 1 l«inn,«ail,-li|fl.li,n.,oti:
ttll lliiatllli*. HI. W.,   .  .   VANI'llI'VKIt, II t*.
ami NOTARY nm ic
|N*I-||IS' II     111  nil   al-  l>r.ll* '
_    MiMS'.      I'1-!.*!  llll'l  lli.ll.llllr,
'11-ui.n:   H«t,li'iHMl, 1 ,'a| r .ml llr.
Mnnnit'T (a.r the Oonnifl inl
Protective Bodttjr,
(llliee:—Kiii«r St., I,, nr LosiDAU,
I'llll ill IS
General learning
Good Dry   Cordwood tlt'livereil  any
where in the city lor I4.0O a cord.
dialer, solicitt-tl.
Fourth Streei, Iietween l/innlals ami
Chetlerrlelil ave.   Hume 67.
Tenintirary Offlce—F. Cndney'i
r.iini sh.,],, Kaplanade.
North Vancouvir, B. C.
|iareil to ilu all kinds ol Clearing,
lirithhinx ami Stumping hv contract.
Kiwi Street Wett,
Nortli Vancouver.
MuRAt. DiooaaiOM
Grainirs    Guziers    Signs
Off. ljiii Strut.
Come in anil nee what yon ran get in
our city. We ean compare Itvorahly
with any ator* ol oar »iu* on the I'miliu
foaat   *
Our Cruekery and (ilattware Department ia now rea.lv lor inspection, alio
an elegant line ol Jewelry.
All we aik ia, do not go tn Vancouver
fur anything in nur line till you have
paid ui a visit, lie loyal to North Vancouver.
Quauli iy Surveyor and A chitect
Kol'STii Si iii-ar, CoSliaa I/i*iin»i,« Avi
From the B. C. Poultryman
Every year we get a greater or
lesser number of inquiries as to
how long eggs may safely be held
(rom the time they are laid until
How long eggs csn be kept (or
hatching and how long they ought
to be kept, are two different propositions.
Other things being equal, the
fresher the egg the stronger and
better ihe chick.
Whether or not it hurts an egg
to hold it over (or two or three
weeks, depends largely upon the
egg. II it contains a strong germ,
the damage may be little or none;
but if the (jeiin be weak to start
with, it certainly will deteriorate
We make it a point never to set
eggs that have been held (or more
than two weeks and always try our
best to set them inside of a week
after they have been laid.
Eggs intended (or incubation
should be gathered at least three
times a day at this lime of ie.it
unless Ihe day be unusually pleas
ant for this season. This shojild
be done in order to prevent chilling, a frequent cause of germs not
developing at all, or, at the best,
dying in a day o. two.
Alter the eggs have been gathered, they should be placed in a
room where the temperature is between 50 and 70 degrees at all
The idea ol turning the eggs
every day or so while they are
being reserved for katching is one
that seems to be pretty generally
practiced among farm poultiy
raisers, but therr is no reason for
doing this and it is only labor.
Sometimes we are inclined to think
thst it is harmful as well as unnecessary, because we never turn
our eggs until they are placed in
thc incubator and we will not sidestep anyone when it comes to
getting results from our eggs.
Now is the time to do everything. Many people desire to
have a flock of pure blood chickens
but each year they delay in making a decision where and what to
buy until the season is too far advanced, and then they say to
themselves, " It's too late, I'll
wait till next year and then I'll
have some good stock sure." The
next year it's the same thing over
again, and so these good people
drift along, never getting anywhere. Now is life not too short
to waste in such a manner ?
Wouldn't it be more sensible to
go to work and do something or
quit talking about it ? A setting
ol eggs from some reliable breeder
will produce enongh birds to lay
the foundation for a pure blooded
Why not order a setting today
—now ? You will find the advertisements ol reliable breeders
right in this paper.
Much ol the bowel trouble in
little chicks is caused Irom chilling. Thc temperature in the
brooder should not be below 90
degrees the first week, when it can
be gradually reduced. The chicks
themselves are a pretty good
thermometer to go by.
When they coddle it is a sign
their quarters are not .warm
enough. Keep it warm enough
so they will scatter out in the
brooder or under thc hover.
In lourtcen years the mines of
Rossland have shipped ore valued
it tv<"""•"""
There ii quite 1 stimpede to the
plain diggings recently lound
northeast ol Hazclton. The gold
il coarse and the diggings shallow
A by-law will shortly be fub.
milted to the ratepapees for their
approval of the council's scheme
to guarantee the principal and interest on the issue of new stock of
the Wallace Shipyards, Ltd., to
the extent of $50,000. Tha bonds
are redeemable in 25 years, at five
per cent, interest. In return the
company proposes to establish the
whole of its plant in North Van
couver, to install a marine rail
way and a complete shipbuilding
plant, giving employment to about
one linn.Iicil men.
It was intimated at the Young
People's Club Tuesday night that
Wm. Bums, Esq., principal of the
Provincial Normal College, would
submit a paper on " The Life and
Works of Sir Charles Dickens,"
but, unhappily, through indisposition, Mr. Burns will not be able to
appear. Uev. Mr. Gillam has
consented to submit a paper on
"Lord Tennyson," in place of
Mr. Burns' next Tuesday night.
Mr. Burns' lecture, will in all
probability, be given on April 7th,
the original date of Mr. Gillam's
The annual meeting of the Hastings Shingle Manufacturing Company was ol a very satisfactory
order, and the outlook for the
future of the industry is very
favorable. Announcement was
made of the completion ol the
company's new No. 1 sawmill, lt will begin operations
shortly with an initial capacity ol
100,000 leet per day. The following directots were re-elected:
Messrs. A. C. Flummerfelt and
D. M. Rogers, Victoria; Jas. McNair, Robert McNair, James
Ramsay, A. B. Erskine and R. J.
Kerr, Vancouver. At a subsequent meeting Mr. Flumerlelt was
re-elected as president.
Reeve May and Councillors Nye
and McNaught, of North Vancouver municipality ; Reeve George
Rae and Councillors H. A. Bell,
George Stewart, W. A. Pound, G.
Timms, R. Newton, of South Vancouver; Reeve Howe, of Point
Grey municipality, and Councillor
Farquharson, of Burnaby.
Fruit Pests and
Their Remedy
The regular mouthly meeting of
the Horticultural Societv was held
at the residence of W. L. Keene,
Wednesday evening before a good
Mr. Keene gave a lecture on the
above subject, which was instructive as well as interesting. Mr.
Keene has given the subject much
study, and explained the haunts
and habits of the pests, and also a
cure. His personal experiences
in orchards has given Mr. Keene
a vast amount of knowledge, and
it is with this self-attained instruc
tion that he so ably masters lhe
After the lecture, the new building proposition was gone into,
after which it was decided to again
advertise for tenders for the building, to be in the hands of the
President, not later than Saturday,
March 21st, at noon. A meeting
will be held in the oflice of Mr.
Alex. Smith on the above date for
the receiving and opening of the
Invitation to U. S.
Battleship Squadron
A meeting of the delegates on
the Evans reception committee,
comprising representatives of the
cities of North Vancouver, Vancouver, the municipalities of North
Vancouver, Burnaby, South Vancouver and Point Grey. The
members from this side of the
inlet were: Aldermen Smith and
Braim, and Reeve May and Coun.
cillon McNaught and Nye.
All present were heartily in accord with the movement, as the
following resolution, which was
unanimously passed, will show 1
"At a meeting of all the representatives of the City of Vancouver and all the municipalities
bordering on Burrard inlet, held
in the council chamber, City Hall,
Vancouver, British Columbia,
March 10th, 1908, with the Mayor
ol Vancouver in the chair, it was
resolved that thc Dominion Government bc asked to extend
through the proper channels an
invitation to Admiral Evans and
the American fleet to visit the
Port ol Vancouver, British Columbia, on the ist and 2nd dayi
of July next, or on luch other date
as will be convenient to the
American Naval Department, and
thit 11 the reception should be of
a national character, that Hit Excellency, the (luverntii (11 ni 1.11, be
asked to come to the City of Vancouver to welcome Admiral Evans
in the name ol the Dominion ol
Canada, and that the Dominion
Government place tuch sum at
the disposal of the reception committee as will be sufficient to
properly entertain Admiral Evans
and his fleet on tht occasion of
such visit."
Thc lollowing compose the committee that will have the matter
In hand: Aid. Prcscott, chairman;
Mayor Bethune, Aid. McSpaddcn
Civinigh, Mills and Cilland,
Captain Hart-McHarg, Aid. A
Smith and W. H. Briim, Secre
tary Allen, ol the American Club,
The Last Days of
The Western Cowboy
He lay by tuy aitle on llml western hill,
With hia chi-teriiiK *.-■ ,!.l.*n hair,
Ami ua/.i-'l at the herd which lay panting
In the heavy oppressive air.
Tin* white clouda drifted (rom over the
Unl the cowboy turned and ji|ilieil,
Saying :  " Lift me once mure iu the
" And five me my larewell riile.
Perchance I -hull never HI the green
grant,   *
Ami the tierce itani|iede ol tho cattle,
"At they madly ruah through the narrow i-i -,
"bike a charge on the Held ul battle."
He drew hit hand acroti hii brow,
And earthly grief and pain seemed
eaat aside,
Then whispered:   "Let  dear  mother
That you were clone beiide mo when
So tin that aummer'i eve he passed away
And on a craggy mound, line. Iringrd
with pine,
In solitude I Iii'l him duwn to rett—
In aolitude,  MVe  the  wild  cayolci
And o'er hii grave I piled great itonet
ami iiiinui.I«,       /
And In-apod sweet wild lluwert, roMi
red antl white,
And fiiil'' away alone to think and weep
For the brave mul that pained away
that night.
And yean have paaaod, yet still thON
■tones remain
As iintiiii. lml ai hii memory in my
• heart.
Ut none disturb hii grave, there lit
liim rtit
In solitude, yet ul the land In1 loved—
a part.
-J.N.J. Baows.
North Vancouver, B. C.
**■ the iintleriiitnetl up to N'xui tin
SlTI'ltHAY, MAIlill '.'l-l, fur the
Krcitiuii uf the Nnrlh Vain ouvi r llnrli-
cultural Building. I'lam ami S|a-cilic-i>
tlomran he seenal Meairi Alex.Smith
it Co.'a ollice, Lonsdale avenue.
The lowelt nr any tender not necessarily accepted.
ai.kxanhkk smith,
Kggi lur Sale—Fertility liuaraiiteiil.
Silver S|i«ii(*l,*i| Hiimliiirg., Ohio Si min
I ur Beauty, •ood layers, 1 NttM,
nothing tu lieat them Two dollanper
liilie.i I'ure White Wyandotte., Inun
•,-ir-l -train, one dollar per tlfleen I
rrosa breed, bred tu lay, seveiili Iin
. cuts |kt lifteen
w. iiiii.nswtiiiTil,
Fourteenth atreet and Hellirurk avenue,
North Vancnuver.
Corner of fourteenth and Bewick Avenue
Six Rooms, Bithroom, Electric Light, Witcr.
Boating Club's
Annual Meeting
The annual general meeting ni
the North Vancouver Boating Club
was held in the Hotel North Vancouver last evening, Mr. P. Larson
in tht chair. The tirst business lo
come before the meeting was the
election of officers, which resulted
as follows: "
Honorary President—Hon. f,
Second Hon. '('resident—J. C.
Third Hon. President—A. B.
President-W. B. Bunbury.
Vice-President—P. Larson,
Second Vice-President—W. W.
Secretary-Treasurer-P. W. W.
Captain    Dr. Campbell.
Vice-Captain—J. N. J. Brown.
Executive Committee -Messrs.
R. Marsden, Kingslord Smith, A.
Sullivan, J. J. Woods, W. J. Butler, A. II. Sharp, J. lirown, A.
Peers, H. Woods and A. E. Kealy.
The reports ol the officers for
the past year came up nexl. Mr.
Bunbury, tbe captain ol lhe club
last year, said that llie proipectl
(or a good season were bright*!
than last year, insofar as the club
was hampered by lack uf funds.
He was of the opinion that the
coming season would be a very
successful one.
1 iiun| to the absence of the
treasurer, Mr. Butler, the report
of the treasurer was lelt over
until his return. The total assets
of the club are (558, ami the liabilities (1(19.511.
Considerable discussion took
place regarding junior BMlbcn
belonging to the club, as many of
these were too young al the
present time to properly understand how to conform to the rules
antl regulations ol the club. It
was finally decided that all members of the club should bc sixteen
years ol age or over, and that the
junior members form a club ol
their own il they so desired.
The first rowing regatta of thc
season will bc held on Saturday,
April 25th next.
North Vaiicnuver Ijunl liiulricl, Mltrlot
ol New Weal minster.
Take unlive that I, Nvsrl Heiimni, ul
Vancouver, ll. ('., uccnpalinn miner, intend to apply for n special miniiit: license
over the touowingdescrilied lands:
Coiiimi'iifiii).' at a pott planted tin tlie
eolith side of Lynn Valley Road, about
forty (Kl) chains cast of St. John's Cul*
It'ire and adjoining John ClaverieV
tlalm, thence nurtli eighty Mj chains,
Iht'iiee west eiiilitv (M)chains, Ihenee
siiiilh right* 1(0) chains, Ihenee cast (SO;
chains, In tht point nf cuiuiiieiiremeiit,
eontaiiiini; adl hundred and forty 1640]
acres inure ur less.
Sii.vkkt IlKsaus.
Hated Janiiarv 7th, liius.
Owners will build Coinbincl RssidsMS inti Store at pfSMi'
terminus of Keith road car line, in D. L. 165. Prospective tenants
please apply lor particulars to
Corner ha.sliiuj.% And Homer
Or any of thi Reil Estate Offices in Nortli Vancouver
Proposed Local Improvement
-1   cil. uf the City ul Nortli Vasts*
ver intends tn construe! iin* Lsul Improvements sel mil in iha schedule appearing lu-low, ami intends to assess |
I'orlion ol the tinul cost thereof Ipsa
lhe real prt>|>crtv bODefitttd Ihcrohv,
trontio| ur ahiilliiiK theremi, and held
liable lur MSWBSSl theretur.
A Mill, in,'lit sh.ui lui; llie lands liable
and priipused tu lie s|iecially assessed
lur  the  said   ■iiipruvcin.'uli ami   llu*
names uf tl sssfl ihofaof. lo far as
tho St I cun he iiscerlaintil (ruin  the
last revised assessment mil ami oilier*
it ise, is nu* tiled in the ollice uf the
Assessment Commissioner, and is o-poo
fur inspection during otlict1 hours.
'lhe schedule MOS slu,us the erti-
mated cost of Un' improvements and
the proportion lo bi provided oat of tbo
general funds of tho city, if anv.
I I "iirtof Uevision it-ill he held un
the Twenty-third dav uf March. liHW, at
llu* In ur of 7:1)11 p. in., in the Cilv llall,
North Vancnuver, It. I'., for the pur-
pueetif hearing complaints against the
prOBOOod assessment-, or the accural v
ul Irmitajji iisiiremriits, ur anv oilier
cuATpiaiiil which the persona interested
lesire lo make, and whirl is In lllll
cognisable by the court.
Assessment Cuinniisiiuner.
Nnrlh Vancnuver, II. D„ Keliruarv
-Till. Ill-JK.
Kiiunit',1 K.Uin.le
101*1 CU.1    all)   to
Have on huiiil iilurire supply ol Cement
HIiK'ks, imule from fresh rater sand.
Samples nuiv hn  seen   at  the   new
et'ineiit resident n Secund street east.
MlOOl hlucltsHzlll.
lull particulars can be had from the
Ucslern ('ur|>uratiuii office, ur write to
Nortli Vancouver, B. C
Estimates Given on All
Kinds of Llectrical Work
Cor Lonsdale and Second St
60  YEARS'
Nn PropoMil ltiii|Kiu*mi*iil
I. Clearing, grading and
■ Inching   uf   llth   St.
la't. St. (ieorge'i  md
laving nl aix-lutit aide-
walk   mi    north   aide
thereof;   a!au  grilling
and   'lltching ot   Ulli
SI. Iiet. St. Andrew'!
and  Itidgeway  Avea.,
and laving ol sii-ftmi
-nil-walk on nnrth tide
thereof |2,40()     |.10
i. Maintenance nf Ottawa Gardens and their
equipment (one year)       IDA      —
Contractor and
House   Builder
16tb Street West
Ull 111
T*i»d€ Manas
Cowtiwohto Ac
An.i-.nc sending i ikitsb atA OsMrtMloii mu
quick), utxruin nur opinion tree wfi«Ui«r u
liiT.iaiVan lipn-hRlilfniianuhU roKBiimli**.
u- !*..t'i<jur-**"*n ,.iail.1. HaNOSOOa <« Puwi
Mnl In* gum uMirr for Mtnrluniwu.
fetrntaU».o tlrouk Mum *TUrto*gT»
■prill aotln, »n hoot Sun, la tie
Scientific American.
A hudumilr UHuim«I WMklj, Urn.! otr-
i-ultUoa ofaiir »«-*»iino (oorail   Ini lm
I'mOla, 0.1.76 > mi,poMft n-ep.nl.   BoM Ut
OS emiueltrt.
Come and
See Our
j*   NO. 9  >
Lonsdale Avenue
Opposite City llall
il.mis.    Audilots    General
Commission Hrokers
■ral I stair \ni ntt
Mil SI.,'at
Tiui'iioii II lit*"..'
nfflll mi HH ANH Vi miNT
■*■ Cock., iiuiliil to hith*000ns| lu'ni
f.jfa II N ami II DOT ti    Clear edits
oschsnnd.   A low It |,*r« for tale.
Slit street ami lonsdale avenue
lied.. I'.iii.-i-. rhorouthbrtd,
|l. Mill All,,
63 niiii •leiiiu*.
Mt. I'ltOMLDl  B. C
Rolled Oats
Hai) ond Teed
the Brackman-Ker
Milling Co.
Harry Mitt lull, local manager,
l.tit.'.'l.tlc Avenue.
1'ine. lu.iltliv Tomato agjl
Cauliflower PlsfltSi grown fnuii
Sutton's Seeds, always on hand. THE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B. C.
Termi, nne-luurth cash; balance, li, 12 and 18 nionthi
i, ic—rw
161 Cordova Street, Vancouver, B. C.
p.o. imx m.
IS36      THE BANK OF      1908
British North America
One of Canada's Strongest Financial Institutions
lotnl Assets over $50,000,000
This Bank has a record behind it ol nearly three quarters
of a century of successful banking in Canada, with
asiets increasing every year until they now exceed
Money Advanced on reasonable terms—/>ti//j bought and
MM Mnn Orders and I.ttttis tf Credit issued payable
in the leading cities in the world.
Formers' tod  Iruit  Grower!'  requirements  will  be  given
special attention.
Office:  Cor. lonsdale Ave. snd fspldndde, Nortli Vancouver, B. C.
ii.  li.  lli.iini, Manager.
Tu the Editur uf Tut Exraaaa :
Dear Sir,—What a pity it is
that advocates of temperance in
the matter of consumption of
alcohol cannot themselves be
temperate in discussion. It is
my opinion that intemperance of
language is the worst form of intemperance there is, an opinion
that is shared by many thoughtful
men. May I refer, as an example
of inebriety of language, to the
execrable letter signed " Ratepayer," that appeared in ths fir-*!
millibar ol the Nortli Vancou or
News I It is no matter for surprise that the writer welcomes the
shelter of anonymity for, to put it
very mildly, he transgresses, n rj
recognised decency of debate
He may, however, be congratu
lated  on adopting a literary style
in  such complete harmony  with
tha: of the editor, whose very first
words are "NorthVancouver bas
underwent," etc.
Your truly,
A. J. Picton-Warlow.
North Vancouver, Mar. 10, 1908
City Clerks Office
British Columbia Electric Railway Co., Ltd.
Cars leave the Ferry Landing for Queensbury Avenue, Twenty-first
street and Lonsdale, Winch street and Keith Koad as follows: 6:15
a.m., 6:45 a. m.. 7:15 a. in., 7:4s a. m , lnj a. m., 9 a. 111. 9:40 a. 111.,
10:10 a.m., After 10:25 a. m., cars w'" 'eave Queensbury avenue,
Twenty-first and Lonsdale avenue, and Winch street and Keith Road
at five minutes to the hour and twenty-live minutes past the hour.
Cars leave Nineteenth street and Queensbury avenue, Twenty-first
street and Lonsdale avenue, Winch street and Keith Koad as follows 1
6 a. ni., 6:30 a. in., 7 a. m., 7.30 a. m., 8 a. m., 8:45 a. 111., 9:15 a. 111.,
9:35 a. in , 10:35 a. tn. After 9:40 a. 111. cars leave thc Ferry Landing
at ten minutes past the tbe hour and twenty minutes to the hour.
%_~   All boats are met by the cars.
Hotel North Vancoover.
' ,"
m t«8-j
Wit. 1
*3 Atrr^'.p:
&2.00 per
and up
Rates for
Ferry Service Every Half Hour to and from this Hotel
to Vancouver. P. Larson, Prop.
Rainier Beer-^
In a glorious beverafi g-awhlng awl
satisfying. Remember tbort'i no other
"just as good"—insist on g-tting Rainier,
Vancouver, H. c.
FOR bXlt
ALB TWmTY mCUBAT0R8 AKD     "■'  " ' '•"li,i',1 "'" """■   AM
U   Ctrl, llai.'.ur.     Hi. .1   1  torttofdetunimajto.   Biprtpruning
a-ended by tv I'li.tuiu'r-.
nail   ,■ * 1 I budding Iruil trtW,   All
Until "f Ir .m.l HMI tupplltd at lhe
luwett |inri-
2.'13l Wwlminnter ave.,
BttWtta 7th ami Ith
 ■    RICHARD slMl'siiN,
cu I ill aaini **»,,,
Vancouver, B.C. Cor. Pt' lttuttf s  tie. antl Tenth St.
Jiurtli Vancouver,
l.ynn Valley Residents
Successful in Drawings
At the recent drawing for a
steel kitchen rang'', given by McLaughlin Bros., Vancouver, the
lucky winner was Mrs. T. Dultoni
who Klidn on the l*'tonime road.
In the educational word contest
of Morden & Thornton, real estate
agents, Vancouver, Mrs. Davison,
wife of Councillor Davison, also a
resident on the Fromine road, won
a $50 prize.
Mr. A. Borroughs, who left the
Valley Beautiful last November
for the land of his birth, has returned — ?nd also one of the
motherland's fair young daughters,
Mr. Burroughs, having joined the
Ancient Order of Benedicts during
his visit. We extend to Mr. and
Mrs. Burroughs a hearty welcome
as residents of the valley, along
with a host of old-time friends of
the groom.
There are still a few bachelors
in the valley who should go and
do likewise.
A Proclamation
Arbor Day on
Tuesday Next
Let every citizen, old and
young, turn out and do his or
her little part towards beautifying
the town. The council has set to
work preparing a plan of beauti-
fication, which, if worked out according to the plans, means much
to the Ambitious City, if residents turn up at the meeting at
Victoria park next Tuesday, at 1
p. m., the way they should, there
would be ample help to do a great
ileal along this line, as tht re is
certainly plenty to tlo, so none
need turn away ili**,ippointod.
Victoria park will, in a few years,
be one of the beauty ipotl of the
1 ity, if young trees arc set in now,
Ilu (juicker this is done the sooner
will wcjiave a park, so let every
one turn out en masse with a big
bunch of suitable trees muter MM b
arm, and work with tin* enthusiasm
,nul diligence that ensures sm 1 tta\
The program imaged provide!
lur meeting at Victoria park, at I
o'cl.ick p. ■,, on Tuesday, M.mh
17th, each man, woman ami 1 liilil,
who can so arrange to bring one
nr two trees, suitable for planting,
aud tbe men to bring almig spades
antl shovi Is, in addition to their
ipi ita of trees.
hr city logioeer mil   have
Itlltei sit indicating where  Ims
mav be planted.
The eon mittee iii ehargi will be
at Victoria park (Lnnsdale avenue
and Keith road) and there announce further arrangements as to
tret -planting on the school grounds
and horticultural grounds.
Nil Mor.«tlii|) Mayor
Kealy has been bleased
to  recommend   that  a
be observed in tbc City
17th D.it| of
and that all places
of Business be
closed at 12 o'clock
noon on that day.
Sixth Regiment
Will Leave the Wharf at One
oVim k and proceed to the
Victoria Park, afterwards
visiting other Points.
Harbor View Tract
City Lots
Size 50 x 143
PRICE:  %17R.OO   AND   UP
The most centrally located and best loti in the City ol North
Vancouver fur thu price.
Ilu nut fail tu make your aelection without delay while yuu
ran purchase ut first, runt,   l'ricet will noon be raised.
Further particular*, maps ami price Iiiii lurniilred  Iree on
applieatiun to
Cor. I nosdale Avenue and Fifth St, North Vancouver, B.C.
HIM I I'RMVIIU IIU 111   os mt ceAM
11 in.-.   »1.'ni l'KK
!p?(iiil L. : to Families and li^iilur Hoarders
Hull-hour lerry cuniiw'tioii tn ami (mm Vani-oiiver. llnl ami fold
water in every nnmi. Keliirn eail bellia iii every n.im. Barber
fillip ill rnllllerli"!!.
Sanaa .virekt,   ....   ..ORTH   VANCOUVER, B. C.
Siuiil  iii  yunr  iinlrn   now  (nr Pry
lireeiel'iil Clear Kir.
Hon letiKlli". per eonl, delivered   f5 50
t'nrilwnml, l"i.i!thn, ilelivereil..       14.1-0
In Ht.n'k.    lmiiii-i.il.tt< dflivery.
Shingle Mill
Cor. 23rd St. ind l/inttlale Ave.
gJ^Leaxe nnlem nt Walilrnn'a hardware store.
Anyone having a itii.1 farm (nriule in
Western Camilla may And a caeh buyer
by writing at once, giving price and
detcriptinn, to
Brma CtMiratATivK Compauy,
23*c Minneapolis, Miuiipwila.
1 .mu nm their children of the 'lunger
and of damage dune in putting boulder,
ami all kindi uf garbage in the rlianni I
provitli-tl iliroiighniit the eity lur earning away nirlm-e water.
The iixilif.il miarreanti are now In in*:
clotely watched by the poliet, and mv
one found placing olwlat'lra in riilurof
tlie Water Channell will be prot-eciitfil.
Whole Coffee
Ground While You Wait
j. x. & m. McMillan
Corner Esplanade and Lonsdale Avenue


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