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The Express 1909-03-12

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 f •:«;":»:-a:«x,-:"X*-x,-x-->,KMM"X"> •;•
•{• rt-iicliiiig the people •'•
X in llieir homes.    The Kx- I
j preas dues that. y
X l'lione So x
x X
a*a'X**X**X'*X*'X'*X**X**X**X"*X**X* X
yiCTORl* F °
^^ Wbrar, Up, i*"* t ^
•j* ♦*♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ j
1  .ion PRINTING
V*i>1 '-'•      % ""^M pleasss, nt The Bx-
 X ' ajrwa.(Mlii-e.   Good stock,
•!•      I'm e.**-light.
w*isL__ .n::";::
L0m* g
. ■
M.ivnr W. II. M.iv presided
and Aldermen Mi Km, Si hull/.,
i rain ud ! oung arars present
at the regVlat   session   ol   the
city council, Aloud,iv evsaiag,
Qee. II. Cowan, II,P., wrote,
advising   council   oi   srrangc-
BUSItS  made   In   Uini   tot    the
North Vancouver delegation to
Ottawa,  Willi  respect  lo  Intel
views With the railway committee, etc,     Letter bled and i" In
acknowledged with thanks.
The manager ol lhe bank oi It.
N. a. wrots, dirscuag tns  at-
tetitl'.ii ol tlie Council to a ueuu
ot three slxteeiililis ol one pei
cent on >i73,ooo, namely .\*.-j.-
t)8, commission on sale ol cit}
bonds; relerred  to   the  bnaiiu*
Nurtu Vancouver I,and I Development Company wrote,uilli
reference to escaaagc oi bunds.
I pon in- rporation, the at) assume,! .1 I jutted iletit ol llu uis-
trut to the eonipauy lor itreet
eiiils Ii, Lgfct irom Hiiiii, aim llu
aaderstanoiag was that tnass
distiiit boons arere to be iiougin
by tin- mv, wiib a bona   ui
live pel  unt,  bv   iitv   liuinis   al
par.   Bichaaga too aathoried.
Ciiy lingwiar Uaaee made reports as lulluvvs. As l»> piupus-
eii Improvements un uih itreet,
iiinn tit. Andrew's tu
avenue, llu- BOSt ul iu.iuii.iv,
>yo; east ul sidewalk, )ljOj tu
'.al >J.|u.    Kelerred lu lite iioarii
ol v iiks As to proposed 1111-
piuvniieiits mi 17tn itreet, Irum
i.unsd.iii tu st. Andrei 'a 1 est
ol sidewalk >.|.Su; COSt ul pUll
rua.l, >,a,*,H, ui nisi ul removing
surlace atul mini-; ill with gTl
vel,   JiljO.        Keliilei'...)•     vi,
beard ui wocksa    .1
■    >       ■ U     Ull      llllllV ,.     i'ii     l.l'p..
Archibald, l.unsiiali- ave sorth,
inst .iiunii >.',v Kiln nil lo Hit
iv nu r committee.
Alex.Hunt 1 'Inlip in..1, tl
questing oouncil to proceed with
ute opetuag up oi ui,a pui uui.
ui I.-.iin cnek road throngs li.
,".    VV lllllll   till*   UlV    Inilll.S,
lu iu' -nil witb Minilai wink a
bunt completed bj tin ilisuui
Kr .nm reported lhat tin- dis
tance 1. 1350 leet, and tin coet
Would in ,iiuiiii fijo.   Board 01
works lu ait.
T.  MiDoiiuugh   wrote,    i"ii:
plaining ol ilu debria and   in
11,ninn,u.ll material lying oa
i.'i. in .unl 1;, block in;, D.L.
174, wlinli endangere ins pro
,"rti adjoining, Reierred to
ini ami n^iii committee.
Kubui Uard ,V tuiupaiiv
vviule, 11 il- ii); Ufgcnl lupus,
lor llie l.i \ .ig ol Un* vv.iiii lu.iiia
1I0WII Olli-i lislilll v  ul  .Slllllll I.un.
avenue, as uln-v uderitand ihai
ilu- track .-I i'ln 11. I Bl. Kv.
is jit.11111 .ilv at permanent
grade.     Board ol worki lo n
I"1, iiuiis'iij ttrcning,
Mcdii .,   ''.-.ilth   (iiiiui   Dr
..lib'!! ...immi. ."iiniii   thai
1,   " ni InvcaUgated Um i 1
nun.   •;.'■ rvirkpatrick lad.hurt
sunn* tun,  iijgo, .mil that In will
in iu luiniriuii iu permit in* h
niuv,il iu 1!' local hoapital in a
sl uit nnu    Adopted . ...1 Filed
A pi llliuii   iiesinliil    bv
resliblils  ll'   locality,     lul
the  Improvement   ol   William
15th .streei, anil theme :S"   "i
itreet, Irom 17th strut smith in
w -st.   Referred tu ilu board "i
vv irks.
t,   If,   Til.'ipler,  sn trial v     ill
the 1 oar 1 oi ntaaagera ol St.
Andrea s Pn An church,
arroti. t.i| Mating a sub w.ilk
Irom . ti- * .'.il. ,u, nm- lu tlu
chuith i*. .1.,. ie, and alsu tin
install,a,u.i ,,i an alt light in
sunn* stiii.iiili* location in tin
vicinity,   Referred to tin- board
ol wurks .ui*i the lire and   light,
committal itspsctivslj tu rs
The tltv uiijmeei submitted
a   ill.ill     .1     i'i nn .1111 mis    lm
100,000 iii' ui s'drwalk material, .IS pr'  pi   VI 'US nsulllllull ill
the   uiu,>'',  ipecificationi   a
duptid.     illi motion, ll  was ii*
solved i'  1..'I im tenders   foi
sulhmnl SiicWSik material   lo
1 ocal   Harbor   Improvements
The word harbor here ... \m
Hurrard Inlet, hn hiding the
pllildle lying tu lite suiith    and
athwart ul Vancouver citj  Tlu
inipressiuii mi first seeing ihi
inlei, is, "What 1 tnagnlficaat,
what an ideal, harhui "* and su
It  is,  with  a  lew   u|  tin-  Ideals
still lacking.
Land linked' The gulf of
Georgia, tO a blue water sailor,
is land linked and Hurlnnl Inlet a windless and waveless liat
Inir. An essential of a good
purl is a sale and easv etllraliee.
l'u siipplv that want lure is bill
Child's piav lo tlie :i miles etl-
11.nui tu the Civile, the
o( the Mersey, or the hundred
miles ul lhe Thames. Tu remove rarllna sbual and give
twice the pi cent seariiolll at
llu- First Nairuws will be the
biggest sup in making the port
..I vaacoavi-r l..inuiis. Not the
inst step, however, As the
Flench say, its ihe first   step
that mil-, 1; 1! ill lllis i.ise It
would be lite lirst slrp lu uiiint,
but it must be taken soon, if il
is tu In* taken al all.
In thinking u! this brst step,
thoughts Mitt iu harbors ars
kllOV, llnlll llu* |nitl  IH esse   tu
ilu puiis 111 pussr. Inst comes
Glasgow,   The'te is ,m Invisible
but   potent   puwer   behind    tlu
Chile channel ami tlu hartm "i
GbagOW a puwer whose w m k
is met it SVery step, and that
is   the   Clyde   trustees, a butlv
connected with, imt Independent
ui ilu* iitv council,   In Glaagou
shove nil pl.ui**. i.iii be traced
tin 1.1 lulin iit iiint ui a governing ur controlling harbor authority.
li is an 1 xaniple iif systematic
evolution, and a greal work  at
ihal; a sUiccssful ellurt to keep
pun requirements ahceaat uf tlu
traffic.   In a larger degree the
same in,iv In said uf tlie wmk
of the Mcrscv ilmks and halbui
board. Tlie extent of the dock
accommodation <>f Liverpool is
mormons, its famous Boating
landing stage, out right thou*
and leit mu* and a ball miles
long,—where the great Atlantic
Inters land tin it passengers,and
from whieh numerous lerrv
steamers plv lu llu- uppusiii
side ol lhe liver.     The work ol
ilns board may be gauged, in
a way, by tlieir office building*.,
which rival in sue alld
anee any of the parliament
buildings ui thf tluiinnion. It
is sale tu assert by nu
other wav lhan bv stub boards
luiild suiii uiiussal vvurk in- accomplished,
III sharp contrast lu these
twu purts is that ul London,
The port of the greatest metro
pulls 111 the world ihould be tin
beat and best equipped; iaatead
ul lhat it is the wurst      Tlnn
ll  tail be seen   llu .ibsellic
ul a propert) constituted   port
authorit) means    The Thames
tuiisei v.iluis never had siillui
lent powers I" enable litem lu
deal with the matter and (he
result is chaotic, The purl ol
London, like Topsy, "has jusi
noWcd."      And  thai  is    vvliai
Vancouver porl is doing  wn,
alld like I.uliduii, 'i vet v day's de
lav will make lile matter more
difficult ul adjustment. The
pull ul London is so vast thai
in grappling with  tlie problem
parliament has lung heel luted
of its control, until compelled
by the threatened withdrawal
ol the best ol the traffic,     ll Is
now tu have, ur has had, a
biiard uf Control; but an age bt-
hintl tin* twu ullnr pints nun
Then* is another port, ilu*
history ui which mav in* oi in
terest here, viz., Southampton,
Kngland, Then- we bad a Imitating and divided tuvin mil;-.
cil. Twu powerful railwaj
companies,  ilu less   powertu]
the lirsl 111 the field. Tins mm
pany mated the h,uin.r, starved the town iluik*-, ami nmi tin
l.iiiuluii ft Booth aVeatera railway lias lllll pusstssluii allll eult-
iiul ui Southampton port, '1 in
arrangement, ii must in- admitted, has vvulketl well, as tin
Company has been able tu ib
jvelop the port in a 111.ume, siuli
.1. .1 council could nui ..unl limb 1
the presenl geneiuiis polk) ul
J tile COmpan} , it is last '.mull.-
iiig aii Important harbor.     Tlie
i"it iii Bristol, l-.tiglainl, ,   ,1,
"ther example ..1 iln In . itlng
policy "i a iitv- council    There
ue   eleliietils   making   a   .
llellsive siheines difficult, Iin   lu
['"giaphv ul iln plaee, and  nn*
greal   range   ul tides,     li
"Illv    the   seumis  luss "I   lr«ull
that    .ll    last    moved   them    lu
build the required docki,
There are utile!   pull,    nni,I
mav be considered as alinoai
entirely exporting, such as Um
South Wales and iiu- north east
ul Kngland 1. a.i I ports. In
Wales the must lluiiri.-liing ul
these   ate   uvviied privati l\ ,   ui
by ruilwsyi which own   coaj
lields. Al  these   plan-,   llu
handling ol coal is a
At   I'enarlh tbnks steaiiii is   ■.i
two thousand ions i.m bc loaded in a lew hiiurs.
01 ihe Buropaaa continental
purls,   let  us notice   those   ul
France,    in the nutttei ol   1
ipllplliellt   they  are  allnust     as
good as Giaatow, but the dock
age appears to lit in itcoaa   "i
the  Hade,  prubablv   uviing     t*
government control
Kev lew ing the working ul iln
musl siuiesslnl purls, il must
be indent that the greatest n
ipi'ireinetit ol a port is a pro-
IhtIv constituted harbor an*
thority, independent bat repn
sint.iti\r, and in tollih with tin
commercial Iiu oi ths port.   li
elected   for   three   ve.ns  one
third   retiring   .mini,ilh    ibn,
would be continuity oi polk),
and .1 ptOfer uititriil ul iiii  .I,
velupmeiit  uf  tile  purl
(iiiui sin It an   aiitltuiitv     in
Vancouver, the First  Karros
widened and rliarsd "i "bsttu,
Huns,  a  iiunii rn giavui^   ilmk
built, and all that Is shivvii   on
lhe plan lien with will certainlv
. lulluvv    m   time.        W Inn    tin
[waterfront mi tin* nntk  id.
llie Illlel  is OCCUpied  bv   v
es, ample room Can be luiiinl mi
tin- north slime, when tin i
a thuiisaiiil .11 ii 1 "l must Min
ndi   Hats   lur   duil,.    .iini
Al   the  Westell!  nnl  ol   '
Vsncouver ow five miles   nl
'bilks COnId be made after   u id
CUing   inside   the   Nattuiis,    In
sjdes dr) dm ks.    There tin b.w
water lute id spring tubs i*. on
lv   mi   an   avi rage  mn   Iiiiii.In.'
antl  twenty feet  insub   tin* liv
I.ilbuiu lim . and wnii ]a 1.1. ■
ly no eurrent to intuitu    with
the working of the tbnks in lhat
reach   of  lhe  Inlet       On   tli.
BOTth   shore   also,   at   suilabb
dlstaiues ullt, liiuunng i.ililil be
laid ib.Ull,   while Waiting  sllllis
lutibi iie up, Iaatead "i aaviag
t" l"Vt   sllib lengths uf Libit* .,>
the] must du in nnd ihannel.
Tin iiiaxiniimi laniities fof
di span h ami a iiiiuiiiium of ex-
i" the ship an* conditions
that go tu making a purt a favorite "lie Willi skippers. It is
tu be hoped that Vallu.uui will
nut become a mere thrutigh putt
Iiiii will thu lup indiisttiis.     it
ihould be tin   |niri uf registry
 1 ., largi portioa oi
tb,   I'a.iln   in. r 1 .uillli* llul, ,111,'
where all supplies conld be
drawn lu uort, the ships'
liiisi,.,iiais shiitild reside ia Van-
*\ i.itlw.iv ring round the Inlet,  between   lhe  N.ittuws,    un-
■i' 1 ilu Firat Narrows and ovei
tin Second, a-uuld bung  ivury
pill    -al    t||,     pOli    Itltu  limit    lulll-
muniratiou. lu this connection
an effort ihould bc made to pre-
'-"ith Vancouver as a 1.
sidental icsort, bv locating all
i.nivv.iv inns heck it.'iii the
central pari ol iln wati 1 ituitt,
t" pn rent ilu obitrui tiun ul
tin railwaj. as is tin csss am
un llu  -"iith   snle.      \\,n*    the
rail** >,1   bstwesa   ist
"i   in.i.   tin v lutibi   he
al 111 Hilling  su as iia.t   tu
in ter len with tin iraffli
"i iln ,ih. .inal .,*. there ia mi
llllllll    room   '-'sl    .llial   Wist       "1
tin- utv mt lailwav purposes,
I'ln electrii cars could then tun
alongaide tin* |»rrj steamm
ami gn,nli enhance tin-  hwrj
•. .md tin* operation
pleaaun    iteamen   tliat   will
make Korth Vancouvei a placi
al tall.
lav a walk on ,)th street, along
tin* si boni blutk.
A plan ul subdivision "I bits
JI and 22, blink 66, D.L. 1*1,
was submitted and appTOVsd
r i.aisun again la ter view ad
tin- luiiiuii with refsrsno i" thi
ravine un Rogers svenns,  re-
ipu sting   lllal    il   be   idled   lit:
board "i wurks t" ." t
Alditm,ni Braim moved that
the engineer be instructed   to
take up tin- local Improvement
petitions now un file, is the or
tier ol tlieir presentation to the
council  originally,   and   that
eoumil   proceed   to   consider
tliim    llimiediateh     uputi    tin
completion ul the survey ol jrd
street   and   (bin lislitltv   avenue.
Ablet man If) RaS llluveil   thai
the liiedual health officer be in
strutted to visit the local hos
pital, .md tu report in rottmil
mt the facilities provided lor sc-
'"Humiliating all kinds "I i.ises
that may require hospital treatment,   Carried
Aldetlllall Mi K.H   moved   lllal
City Engineer Banes I"   added
i" the juiiii committee nn ed
Mtiisnig tin uii and lhe  dis-
triet.    C. lined.
The peddler's inlaw was thsn
taken up and read a lirst   and
Second time.    The third read
ing was postponed until Mon-
dav lit xt.    The bvlavv as 11 BOU
stands, exempts fanners,   mar
kit gardeners, and commi
traveller!,   The pcnaltj loi In-
i'.ntnni ii a maximum fim
llOO, or imprisonment bn  Ivv
AMtiiiian Schult/ Qnved
the board oi school Irs lei * bt
rtruested to meet the COUttl il on
Tluii'.d.iv evening, to discuss st-
rangemenl - foi Arboi Dav t si
iin l int..I Statct hai eel thi
duty un imported lumber
unit.    This reduction is expert
ed t" gn .ill- . * milt ll C mills
Sergeant Major School w
iln   aii.    \1   It 1 iv    i vi "ing,    the
gmsl ul W. J. and .Mrs. Irwin. THE  EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B. C.
Nokiii Vancouvi*, Ii. C.
sMITHKUIM.Al.l: ,v  MlilMH.N
I! ill..•, 01 S| IIS, l.ll'tlia*,
Onu year •       11.00
Sis  ilia.MlllS     - - - JO
Three month!    -        • -'*'
l'nili'*l State* md l''iiri*i*.'ii.*ll.*''i||''iir
TUHIIH     Ulsl'l IV     Vl'Viail'I.KMKM.—
',n renti per Inch nch Inwrtion.
I. i: N H, Kn.—♦ 1 ."ll per ineli |h r
I.IMI   IMI   I'llllll.ll Nallll l..«-;lll*. ||j, |7.K.
l.i:..ii AoeiRTIilMl- Fil-ll  Inn-rllon, b
,-,'in- |.,*r lan.    . a. li lubtaqiMl inner-
lion, ■'"■   |"T line.
I;     inu Notich ll I'" ii. Rwi Coi ■
i ins- IH ivni- per lim "Heli ms, rl	
CoXTHCl    Anv l llllshMi:\l Rate,   an
: ■It'CUfllinf I" -|.ala.' lalkell.
All i -leiii*." -iiiei.iiirinlaelverlise t
inii-i i.a* na tin ol tin* prliiatr I'
\V,*,|ii* -al ia • i.'i.iii-tui'ii-iiri'piiliHiiitii i
in the Mil lillle,
Niiki it   V INI "ivi K, Mar. i .
Thai garden cltltUR UUI    "I
iiitessitv occupy ii ven import
,mt poiition in the luture do
mastic    economy   oi   Hritish
Columbia, is a lad patent to
everyone who ii at all conversant with loial conditioni. iln
proiiiiing oi a sulliuenl mppi
ol food product! Irom tin g.u
licit ami lile uiihald lo lullil till
requirement! ui Um gnat mining, lliilllslrial and siapul I ,ei,
ires wiili which uns province i-
tleslllleii   lu  abuuiltl,  ls a    pro
blein oi the last magnitude ta
it* sphere, it is a debatable
ijuistioii whether ths provinct
Would lie able lu raise Within
her uivn borders a sulliueiia
i|u,initiy oi tiiose products to
answer the requirements oi in,
noun* market, bnt when tin taci
is considered lhat tne greaiea,
WIleal   belt   Ul   tile  Viol Iti    lull*;
just beyond our boundaries win
llkiiiist look this Hav |..i ,,
Ml)   laige portloll ol sUppIl     11.
these lines, lor tin* needs Ol   lis
largi .um wealthy population
the problem becomei much mon
1 in11 an evidence!  ihat   tin
liiagniliiili ul uu* piui,lein is
taking hold ui ilu* minds ol oui
legislators   and   llurlliiilttii ists,
aiiii u ia gratifying to note tin
uu  thai  attention  is   bung
lUllled Hi lllis llll eii lull lu sunn
purpose,     llu- representative!
oi ihe  inin growen  associa
Hull alld tin llallspuilatiui,
companies held ,, miiii-n-iin n,
\ icloria recent.;-, al wtuch ion,le plugtess uas  ll,
adjusting outstanding grwvani
ss, i" iln advantage ol sorticul
tUllsts.      ihe liillilslii   oj aj;i,
lUllUli   bas   bluuglll   in   a    i,.
Which has passul Us Hum n.,,,
mg, |iiuiiniiig im  i,,|,| m
lacllllles and ulliel lielpllll ,a
pal lilies ill tin* mt-.ii M , ,„
grown        11,, proposition   i
istablish an i iperimenlal i.un.
"II \.ill."llul Isl,,11.1. ||.,. |„,|
pI'.IIIIIUIIllv   bilaii,   lii,   koUM a,
"Haw,i, and in, probabUitie
point iirouglj i i iu i.m imuua
While niiiib tii,,i is i„n,iul,,,
Is i" in anticipated Ihruugh la
vuiaiili     movi ments   in    I hi
spheres   ol   influence   iuch   as
llusi . lb, l.n t lein,mis that Iln
majui    reiUltl in  llu    pi,uin.ii
working "in ol tin problem are
iu be ati.ninii  ihruugh
operating in a much mun   m
lUlllsiribed   sphere.      Tin   .pus
nun is um- which piim.iiih ai
I'i ii,ims iu unin iiiii.ils  ,,nd   ii,
llldlv lilli,il  luialltlis.      Ilnn   is
.1 mosl un mug ami Important
lul'l ul upi i.itluli iipeu I" tbose
agenda,  which will make  u
llu It   I.iimi.i   s to eni'iilla;''
(milium ui their reepectivi
I'liiaiiiuiiiiii ,   i" educate   the
people tu its pleasures and advantages; tu instruct them as to
methods and means; tu keep the
matter peniitently and prominently More ihe public mind,and
by everj meana that ian be tie-
used lu luster and promote the
interests ol garden culture anil
kindred pursuits.
ilu- organisation ot horticultural associations and farmers
institutes in iill localities, as
provided by the statutes, win
undoubtedly prove ol ihe greatest moment in arorkmg out this
lal leaa lung plublein tu a happ)
suiiiiiuii.    iiiese organisation*,
wlieleiel    lormed,   ate   wm ni)
tin- co-operation ol all cttucus,
I'.veii  the small  matter ol    llu
payment oi a membership   lee,
i,ii tin interest taken go nu uu*
therj ii as appreciable item iu
iuiiini mg uu- valuable inicreau
involved, Nni only is the moral support inv ulv i-il m a largi
membership enioiuaging u-
those who may be disposed   to
devote  llieinseiies  energetically
io organised horticultural in-
tereati, bui the governmental
grant to individual societies is
oased upon Ule number ui pan.
MSDScnpUoas, and tiiiaiHi.ii as
stst.uiu Is always all lllipoUa,,.
item in siiib organisation*.
Horticulture   on   the   aorta
shore o! Hurrard Inlet is vet m
Us eail) niiaiiiy, bul enoiigi.
lias been auulllpUslleU lo plun
the imiiiellse possibilities oi Hits
location in tills regard.        llie
local horticultural society is in
posssssioa "i an excellent beta
ui  operations,  and the heart)
co-operation  ol   tin-  residents
WhUh is so essential lo .sllciess,
should   be  eiilhusiaslkall.    ,u
lying to know  that   there   are are 8l x (15 leet, and in addition
those who are able anil willing there is a broad   verandah  ac-
to challenge thc public and corporate interests to consider the
unprecedented edvsntsgee offered by the unexcelled waterfront
on the north shore of Uie Iulet,
a waterfront of unrestricted
possibilities, the ownership ol
which is as yet vested 111 individual property holders.
The  board of school  trustees
have adopted the practice  01
selling aside lhe 171I1 ol March
l"l all open alt session,in wlinli
the ihllilii-n are employed 111
some i-.m ruses pertaining I" n.i
tare stud).     Last year lhe   ,u*
caaion took the form ol setting
mil tines, some 35" maples having been planted about Victoria park, lully 300 ol which
are thriving.   In this eilort tha
ill) COUndJ lo-opcraled, and
11 is propossd lhat a like arrangement be nude this year.
Then- is mncfa to iiiiinitiiiil Uu*
scheme,   and   the   hall   hulnlav
w biih iln mayoi is requested to
proclaim lot lhe purpose, ian
be llladt ul real value lo llie
ill)   through  llie lieailv   GO -up-
iluii 1   patents  and  illl/.eii.s
in general.
The   BtpraSS   is   phased    lo
publish   111   this issue, through
the conrtcej of the distrut
council, ,1 sketch map, showing
ihe tide ilats ui l-iisi Harrows,
the proposed line of dredging
thu salue, anil  the t-xcellelil  la
iiluits aiiotiled fur I orating a
ginvuig dock, etc., 011 the north
shun. The map, likewise
■hows tin luiiiiiun ol the propositi Second Narrows bridge,
t"gtthei wnii .1 tunnel undo iin
l-usl Nations and Stanley
Peril tu Coal Harbor, bn the
I.iltt 1 "I Which Hon* I;. I,, t'ar-
ii 1 i ..linn nuns a charter, Ths
belt Uas ol railway, which  Is
rendered   pus.slble   bv   these two
Iras niki schemes, is alsu
traced, The map is tlu vvurk
"i 1'" 11.ibl Cameron, diatrict engineer, wlm is tapnllv   winning
fm iuinseii an extended repute
tion in iiiginter iiii lis, and
liuin wboM |)er.i The Kxpress is
pleasviil to paUiah the auiiliip
anvil g      ilesiri^lluii     ul     lhe
scheoaes set oui in tin map
Amid all the in.nn schemss
which h.ivi bent advanced and
disciissiti leiaiivi- to Barren
iub 1 .md adjacent waters,  tin
north slum* has hit,nit" been
studiously ignored.    .It is gran
Through the kindness ol I). C.
Dick, Tne Kxpress is in possession ol a copy ol the aiidnss
presented to me government liv
lhe delegation al Ottawa, anu
gladly gives lt publication:—
Gentlemen, vie are here irom
Hritish Columbia, Charged wiin
many intsrsata, but an centreu
in one coiiiinun Object,   iianieh,
tin- betterment oi un- iraakpor-
tation and .shi|)ping lafilltiri 111
end around liiinuiil inlei, Un
western gateway ol ibis lan
dominion,     tit are aware vmi:
government keep in as nose
tOUCh with the ueiessitini ol tin
greal growing wesl as yum
uusy lives Will permit, inn, .11
thu same time, we Know untrue conditions ian only bv
known and reulueil by tlie people who inhabit thai part 01
our wide dominion.
Iu the lirsl place, we wish lo
draw your attention to tin
snipping capacity ol tin- im
trance lo the haruor ol Hurt an.
Inlet, which is narrow and serpentine 111 contour, witli das
gcrous shoals 111 close proximity lo the channel, aud not adequate 10 tin- ever increasing
commerce .uui snipping 01 m.i,
port. Marine charts oi the entrance and inner harbor dsarlv
define ibo width "i the navigable waters at the 1-list Nat-
rows, giving depths ol same, also the circuitous route to be l"i
lowed 111 order to escape ilu
shoals near the centre ol Un
channel. And, although not
many very serious accidents
have occurred up to the present
tune, yel, we luaiias the but
lhat, should any largi, vessel In
louie disabled and sink 111 the
present channel, 11 would bai
any olher large vessel Irom entering the harbor uiu 11 the
sunken  vessel had been cleared
away,which woultl,in all probability, require several months,
In tlie meantime, the trade oi
the whole dominion would In
sulk-ring. We, therefore, request tnat a suit-ible appi"pri-
ation be made, at the pn Mt
sitting ol parliament, to remove all shoals Irom the a 11,111-
nel, and to straighten ami lo
widen the same.
Twenty-three years ago ihere
was nol a single steamslii] line
making regular trips into Hurrard luk-t, and very lew sailing
vessels, while, at the present
tune, there are, including dnep
sea-going vessels ol all kinds
and coastwise shipping, entering Hurrard Inlet, during the
year, over six thousand vis,ils,
and they are increasing al the
rale ol about twenty per ii-nl
per annum, alld the increase 111
numbers of vessels naturally
bring us an 1111 lease in tonnage.
And still the Alberta alld S.tsk- wheal has only begun
lo bc shipped westward.
In view ol tiie ever-iiiirtn ing
importance ol Hurrard Inlet si
a harbor ol lirst lialmnnl 1111-
)"'i laine, and ol the ever in-
iriasuig volume of It.oh , ami
the rapidity with which that
trade is centring in Hurrard Inlet, We believe the besl llili-r-
esls ol the dominion Would Ik
servoxl by your government 1.iking suih steps as wi!! remove
all obstructions from the en
trance ol Hunuid Inlet. Rss-
ptitlully yuurs, Win McNeish,
delegate of the North Vain ouver city council; 1). tl, Dick, delegate of tlie North V.uuuuvir
1 id of trade; J. V.;
reeve ol the district municipality ol North Vancouver; .1   H.
Kit, delegate from llie taltpav
ers o! the uly o! Norlh   Vancouver.
toss tlie entile Unlit .unl along
one side. Tlie building is three
stories in height, the lop slum
being of the ball mansard type.
The main entrance leads directly into the ollice, which is exceptionally large, measuring jo
x jy feet. The dining room is
very spacious, measuring .:') 1
37 leet. The two upper ituriei
comprise about thirty bearooms
the lirst lloor having ibe advantage of a broad balmily. lhe
building is modern throughout,
and will be completed inn mg
the month ol Mav.    llu- total
cost   will    be   130,000,       .1.  S.
Pierce is tin* architect ami
Smith Hius. tin* contractors,
NB1 city ahhtor
The ui) council has appointed
T. W. Tliotuussoii lo tiie position ol city .unlit<u Ui. 1 hn
lnassuii is an .issiiil.ilc ul    llie
instihuie ui chartered accountants ol Ontario, having recently removed to the coast .uui
laken up his residues in North
Vancouver. He will enter upon his new duties at once and
will proceed to gel oul lhc financial statement lor the city,
for tyoS. Tin- arrangement is
that Mr. Thoiuasson is to receive >ioo lor compiling thc
financial statement lot hut
year, .unl a salar) ol fft pei
mouth as city auditor,
Alex, Laird, general manage!
of the Hank ol Commerce, was
on lhe must during the week.
Ile in,nh- a  public  statement
that Uie money market was
loosening up; that Canada was
on lhe eve ul the best times she
has vet experienced; and that
he was confident Hurrard Inlet
would become the leading centre til business iu lile ilullliniull.
and Wm
Save Royal
Handsome China Dinner Set
Kvery user ul ibis famous bread Hum haa an equal chance
tu win mie ul ten beautilul and costly lot) piece dinner sets lhat
we an* git mg .ivvav each niuiithj
Remember .1 coupon is placed iu each pilb sack ol liuvai
St...tnl.iril Flour leaving uur mills. The duplicate coupons aie
placed in a receptacle and ten are drawa each month, Tin
lucky nmnben will bc announced in this space ihs first issm, ol
each month, Gather all the couponi vmi can, aad compare
your numbers with the winners as announced each month. Yum
name may fee among them. Do not let this ad. pass your eve
each dav.     lt may announce that yuu liave won a handsome
Pulldetaili ol lhe conteat on the back ol cub coupon,
1'ii/es will be shipped prepaid lo .mv address mi receipt ol thc
duplicates oi the couponi cunt,lining the winning numbers.
^ a  *  a  * -M  * *  a *o**o-*v* ******* ■*...*
; Daiof >   China ware Given  Free;
♦ during  i)(*iii«)!a>lrntit>ii "I   Viei rin  Oro*s
x Tea and Brown Berries Coffee, March 26th
• in 3 ' li.   dill mi'i snini'lr 1 In -* lioodi    A
• |iu roll use uf 1 ilii-r oarrii - h ilh  il n ; t> 111-
* mm in Chi' ;i».,m
■f<>>**c*-*K'-f<>+<>++<>+<>*<>-^^ ♦♦  ♦■.■■fc**t-o+i>f
* * McMillan*s * *
Paon BT,  N'ikiii v n.aai ri 1
"  Mat, v., vi "lun
K* sl ci Road - block 112
Beautilul  modern  6 room
huiise. Sv'u i.ish will secure
this.    Balance spread ostr
three years.
I'Ihiii*    mnl    S|«'.*iii,-.iii,.. a    1'r.-1 mr,.I
ll lien tlaiikiii)- "I buUdiltg let  11. Hive
.,11 , -lunate.
lliiHNt; BLOCK,    LONSDALE au.
ur I'll. II..-,;.'.  N..uh V.i,1,,in, 1     jjL
Fit Furniture,
Rum Fiirnisliiiiirs ;iml
PRicr, $3000
Pioneer Bakery
S. H. Walker,   -   Proprietor
h'n ih Hn id ilailv di livi n 'I
It) nil pails "I the 1 itv.
20   IllalllS   1
Jl     |'t 1    llinl
i'iihsi 8       71 Lonidale Ave
A .',--./ ,-,.. '.',- .''.•-; ft\uU»Oo
' *HL '.: .
I |,i ii.iiim* iii Kid*r*aj 1 an ' <ubliib*
,,l 111 Iln* i.*.ir  I" .'..    t'ver m-1. Ill
nur**' re|.111.11 iiiii i..r tjaallt)
ami Ibn..r
II   Ki .
nal'lt   Pried,  i;u 10
• .it- "sorlli Vancouver
ROM lurnisheis
11 ' i.„ K LORMMl I 1
North Vancouver
irdiiajei     o,^,t,„
When you intend building
Cartnuc. KV'inovnls,
Parcel Delivery,
i\       HKAauN \1U  I'.      I
It b phoi
1 alls 11.
I ..,.,1 *i..*i   -ndi Inr lirm,
HI-il-Ml,   Iiiiiii.   nr    ' «*Ttll  r .
If  III   1. -I    i.-HHler-    In    Kli   I " ll,
I I, la,,*,    I     -I.lll- I,.nl iir..iu *-
IHiMi;  i,|(ii\l\    I Rl II    \s\i
ia|;\ \M| \l v|.   ll.l ;.-
SV'AI.I. Hit lis
I.Tlin/.r*.       Mi
I'nmpt, B|» 11    M'i' ni ■*  ^ li*
Fvnrlni an.l li'i'-.l'm  Kl.'iier.
; I    /'„ ,,   1 .1  i/..|a,.    ;
mii,,..   1,r,*, in lu-.-   ind   *'•"!
II,,,,.,. UIO W.--Itniii-t. r Road
Viiniouver, B.I.
I   \i   1 K, i\i\i 1:. vim
/,',„.,„     a,,.,,,     „   l,,„,„l,ll,    Air..   I'l il
I'l 1 S". St
II,ml titl...   nml MAI. In-n Vlttt, V> C
•        l'u vmi wanl        _
;a chei.|) j erf^fi nn
j Building Lot?; ^tjUtVU
u.iik is proceedlnf rapidly on
the new   hotel,   beinj;   btiili    al
Canron View, Capilano valley,
bv V. Larson, ul Hotel North
Vaiiiuiiver. The buildiii); has
all entire Ironing uf uvti uiie
bundled liil Sad a deptll "I SB*
t-iily-rivc feet. The exa. 1 ili-
mensions ol the  mam   building
jus! in tin'
raits, IUOi
1 Hv lil-
.In,, 1    lr,.ii,    Iln-    niliiM
PI-PC unir nnli n n"«  « "
tins ' - ' i'i'!'*
Ur-p-nhipmiiilKlll "r""
I* » ilm., Price* nulii
s'j.") down and |25
|ht quarter; interesl
six in'i- cent.
, Houses for R nt or Sale •
.ill over the City
.1I1. a *
■1 |.|ilv   "I
Win ill
secures vmi one ol mir high
grade latest Improved Drop
head Sewing Ifachines, tit
i.m recommend them lo uur
clisttiltiet's, and ,1 tell veal's'
guarantee goes arith saca
machine,      (.'ume in and
pass vulir opinion mi It, and
il vuii really seed 1 machine
vuu vviin't besilale lur all
Hotel North Vaaeoueei
Telephone No. a,
I A. SMITH & Co. t
I f
• I'l	
lb 11-.* I'll' Bl
Pdine &  McMillan
lhe PioiK'rr Hardware
Neii nia.I,   Cttnmlngi
Set nl dllllW—C, li. i I it- k in mi
Sutton's s Ih— llriii'kiiiiin-Ki'r
Spring tru,li- Iii'iii v*'s iiitr-eri.*.-
Temleis wniit,■ I   DUtrlcl council
OhlUWUI niven ir.'i*— MoMlllin'l
l.enti-ii recital    Wi-l-li Mail'' Party
Ooil'l i'l  elsewhere    West   Kllil stun-
lan yunr ci,ii|iniiK—Vim. Milling Co
llirblg in ui*l iin,*.—l'u im* ,1: Mr Mil hi n
l.iilmr exohangl- Phona DQSS.Vi i.
Hiving yunr teeth li xi-. i— Boil lag.
s.i-h nii'l doon- Burrard \v Iwork-
Ing Co,
It vai a gml al.iv Mmilaclorer'i
Rnllullon i..
The Ladies' aid stnielv ul ill.
Meihudisi  charch  held s verj
successlul "At Iiuiiii" un THu-*
ilay alternoon, at the residenci
ol Mrs. V, 11. Braim, }rd itreet
Ai the regular meeting ol thi
local   l'vlhiaii    ludge    1iii-m1.iv
evening, two applications (oi
membership wen* received, Ont
candidate was advanced lo iln
second 1 .ink.
The   llevi    steel   bridge   ,n I uss
the Seymour will be tin own
open for traffic next week, in- iii at a later date, aa Is
Ulna leu in  lasl  week s issue oi
The Express,
A liieeiing ol those inter, led
in the formation oi a teinplt
oi the Pythian biatera wni  In
held at lhe lesiileiiee ol Aliaiiu
Jlrs. Stonoy, on Monday eviii
illg. A iniisiial progiiiiiiun
will be provided.
Arrangement! are   well   .nl
valued lul" tin $1 TaUltl's ell
letl.i elil   tO  be held  III    tbc
Methodiat church oa Iha even
mg ui ,\i.uih 17111. ilu programme is being prepared as i,h
as pusslble liuin local laleiii
and gives every promise ol in
ing ul an t ai client unlet. I In
scici Hulls    throughout    will    be
appropriate to ihe daj *
Tile vai lulls silkllles lllusl 1,it
ed in the map, published in this
issue, will bt discussed by Don
aid Cameron, disin, i engineer,
ai the lanlai nestnoii ol tin
bu.iiil ol Hade, 111 tin  ill*
Tttcstlay eveaing nest. ilu
whuic matter will in* thrown
upcii im general diacaasion anu
all illi/elis aie 11 >lili.illy  uiv ili.i
tu attend aud partiiipalc
l.l vi is is Was ill tuwn uli
Thursday, completing arrangi
nieiiis iui the local appearand
ol tin Vancouvei Kuah male
voice parly     llus excellent ag
greg.itiuii is stiuii tu make .1
lour ol llu   United Mates    aim
England, as ths "Welah-Cana*
diali Male Vjdlee I'.iitv        . ,i,,
appearance m tbs Horticultural
hall, 011 .March 311th, will run
slitllte ulle ul lhc bailing musk
ul events ul the SSSSOB
At .1 meeting ol local realty
brokers .unl others, held ihis
week, 11 was decided t" carry
"II an tin l^etH a.hit IIMlie* ,.iiu
paiga lur lhe uly  ami ilisitu t.
in the Vancouver papers for s
short period.    Hssara Smitl
l.awsun ami Hillings ai 1, ap
pointed ,1 committee on linam
is, and Ci"   II    llul,len, li' Mai
liii,   Jack l.uiitci,  .unl A. C,
I'ii 1 \ a committee  lo prepatt
stiitabb advertisements, t"  be
inserted as directed,
Di. Geo. Steacy, brotlu
A. K. Meaiv  ul tills illv , Is c\
pacted t" .uini l.n an extend
ed   visit   dm in-;   tin     Minimi)
Dr.   Stl.lll   I'll    U.ll
a specialist ol wide reputation
in Ontario .unl is al present re
siding in Cornwall, Ont., hat
inn retired Iran aitm* pi
a  lew   veals ago,      lie will    I.
accompanied oa lus tup a-eal
hi Dr. Martin, "l Kemptville,
and Mrs. Martin, who is Dr
Stcai v s daughter.
Tin announcement is made ol
an   Important  deal   in   north
shore waterlruiilage. This pro
pcrty,  lying just  east  u|    Sei
muiii creek, Is owned bj Iv u.
Mai Lean,ol Valiiotiicr, and has
bcell un the market Iul" sunn
weeks   pas! Hillside   parties
ban practical!} cloaed for the
purchase ul .-.'uu lui ui water
liulilage Inun  the pi"|n lit . foi
the sum iii Si.'",""",   li is said
that tin sili is bonghl ("I ill
(lllstrial   pin poses,   .md   llul     ,1
luge manufacturing ami ship
plllg plant w ill be etei ted forth
Willi, the 1 n.itii 11 a,1 uhiib
has nut yet bull divulged.
11. Hutchison is ill in bed
with a gevere attack oi erysipelas, contracted Irom nursing his
young .sun.
Miss I,. New lun, ul Nan.iiiiiu,
is spending a lew weeks iu lliiil \  as the guest ul Mis. .1. C.
Sabin, 15th street.
,1.   S.   Iind,   11!   lhe linn   ul
Crawley   Ik   Reid,  Vancouver,
joined the ranks ul the benedicts mi Saturday Inst, and he
and Mrs. Held have laken up
their residence un Victoria Pars
The district road gangs sre
al presenl engaged 111 making
repairs un Capilano, RoDBOB
and  Hope mads, and when  the
wuik ii completed, these thoroughfares will  be in excellent
shape im automobile travel,
in iln uiiitii,iry notice ol Jas.
Cider on page live ol this issue,
tin* 11,lines oi two daughter!
weie Inadvertently omitted,
namely, Uiss .1. Eldei ol North
\ alia.illlel , allil   Mis.  Dllllli'ld ul
1171 llunibv street, Vancuuver.
TENDERS will be received by
the undersigned, up  to Uarch
j"ih, im the erection snd blushing ul tWO storey dwelling.
Plans and specifications can   be
seen al ilm ollice of Ai. B. Martinson 1 Co, Lowest or any
tender not necessarily acu-plcti.
A. G. Perry.
Madame  Roaina   Burke  an-
noiinies her return to Vancouvei' in the latter part ol April.
Shortly alter ber arrival,   she
will   be   heard   in a piano  antl
song recital.    Nu mnaic lover
should lail to heal the C sharp
liuiiur concerto, which will be
presented with orchestra accompaniment, "ii that occasion,
The Nurth Vancouver athletic
chili helil a meeting last evening lo cuiisidcr the project    uf
aii iv mg at .111 agreement with
A. .1. Picton-Wartow, relative
tu ibe athletic grounds iur the
remainder ul the lams ul ths
lease. The scheme ul selling
lhe lease did nut meet with approval, iind it was im.illy decided lu retain the lease lur the
athletic club and tu silblil  the
grounds tu Mr. Warlow under
au agreement, lur the drawing
ui whiih .1 committee was ap
pointed, tu report at a meeting
tu bc held at the Badminton
dub this (Friday) evening.
The advertiaing committee,
appointed at tin meeting of lo-
.,il icalty brokers .uui others un
Monday evening, will meet thii
afternoon al 1 ,*". (ot the put
pusc ul dialling copy Iur ail*
vertisementi t" be run in tin
Vancouver papers,    Tin* adver
Using mat tei vv ill be ul a na-
lute   llial   will   present    Nurlh
Vancouver in its must attractive light, as a desirable place
iui- residence ami im- investment
Nuiv ib.a ibe fern purchase is
assured, 11 is hoped tu divert tu
Nurtli Vancouver cilv  and ilis-
Ultt. a l.ill  shale ul ihe growth
11-• \\ being experienced b) suburban localities mi ihe suuth shore
ul the lulel.
Ileiin Woods, sun ul .1. .1.
M la, b.i 1 1'i.ntnalli completed an excellent map ol North
Vancouvei diatrict. Tlic urig- was ngbmitted lur lhe in-
spu nun ui the district coaadl
at lhe lasl netting and met
with universal commendation
There yet remain some  minor
details tu be inserted, vv hell lhe
map will be accurate ami will
■hoi the latest development
throughout ilu- district tu date.
When ibe map ts lm,illv   nun
pit lid, tile illsliul iiillllill villi
havo a plate made, Iruill which
um thousand copies will be ink
eti, alter whiih the plait will ic
veil lu lhc maker ul ibe 111.11 >.
when  copies   will   be   available
bu publii purchase.
Aii Importanl amendment  in
the railway ail Was brought
down this week at Ottawa, by
ll"ii l'.. I'iim (',iall.un, minister ui 1.uiu,iv.s, providing that
"Wiiei, "i railwaj 1 hnrters shall
im allowed only 1 wu wan   in
Which   I"   lake   uui   liths    lur
lands, tin* expropriatioa "i
-.c Iik ti is provided lur in their
charter. The minister slated
ihat tins amendment would nut
be retroactive and would nut
apply t" 1 \i iting expropriation
proceeding! A» to ihe bearing ul tin* amendment uu loi ail
iiiniliiitiiis at N'uttli Vancouver
su (ar as at presenl discernible,
11 would appear tu gin* tin V.
t\. I Y K, power to expropriate under their present char
tei until its ,A|>iii in tWO years
1 1 , III i.ise lliiit ill.UUI" were
renewed without amendment,
The Voung People's Club bad
a must   interesting  session   on
Tuesday evening, iu debating
the question of governmental
park reservations.
.!. lialiuur Ker relumed Jroin
Ottawa tailay, where he had
been as a member ol the North
Vancouver  delegation   to   wail
upon the government,
The regular meeting ol the \i
C.T.U., will be held 011 Weiliics
lay, March i;ih, at 3 p.m.,  at
the home ul Mrs. Al. D.   Martinson, 1st slreel east.
ii.c ciiy council has accepted
the oiler made at the adjuunieai
meeting last evening, upon tin-
pan ol eastern capital, to   buy
tlie lerry purchase debentures ai
par. Tne bonds are now ill the
press at The Kxpress ollice aim
will be ready ior   ancution
early nexl week.
The opinion held by the investing public, relative to iNoitli
Vancouver real estate, may be
guaged Irom the lact that on
Monday last, Robert Ward &
Company placed on the market
124 lots in D.L. 553, and by
'Thursday evening every lot was
sold. The total value 0! the
property was sixty thousaiui
dollars aud the terms were one-
third cash and the balance si.\
and twelve months. Several
purchasers are making arrangements to erect residences upon
their lots without delay.
"Resolved that governmental
ownership ol railways sh-ouhi
bc established in Canada," is
the mighty issue that will be
debated at a meeting ol the
North Vancouver Conservative
Association, on the evening ol
Tuesday, March 30th. S. McDowell will lead the alliriiiatiu-
alld Percy King the negative,
alter which the debaters will
tollow their own bent. The
heavy weights ol lhe parly have
been rummaging in iill sorts ol
places (or material Irom which
iu manufacture crushing arguments, and it is expected thai
m this memorable debate, the
matter will be pursued to a b-
nalily for the guidance ol legislative bodies lor all future
Sundav school at Miimlvville at
11 ,1. ill.
li.l      II.   11.    Iiallalelstull.    |;     A,
SUKi'll   VAN; 'Hill  1 'HUH It
IM'll.-i   MIsslnN.
Sunday Service! Muss 11 ,(
1. 111., Sunday ichool at .2:30 pun,,
benediction at 3 p, rn,
Paatoi 1   Kev, li. Peytavin, 11,
M. I. V. G.
BAPTIS1 cm 'Ki 11. ' "KM I HI HI ivii
Sundav si boni at 1 o'clock p in
Service at 3 o'clock p. m.
Pastoi :   Kev. David Lang,
All an* welcome,
No;th Vancouver Mails
Mails clusc lm t'espati b as lol*
'iivvs: I jr Vancouver and all
points s ». in*. 11:15 11. in., 5:15
11. 111.; Iur Linn creek, i 111] a. 11.
Mails arrive : Vancouver and all
points, y:tu a. 111., 1J;45 in . 314]
,i   in.lrJ 11 l.ya.i a.r ilk 2 ,,    in.
Outgoing mails fb( I.Min 1 ie' li
..Iter 11:15 a. ill. ihould be de-
iveri'd at the wicket.
Home Block        Lonsdale Ave
3II) Ridgways 40c Tea ..-...$1,011
Jaincs S. Reid is building ,1
line new residence on Victoria
J. S. Gladwin is preparing lo
build a house on Keith road
\V. Barlow has a house umler
way on 15th street west.
The residence of J. J, McAleese on 14th street west is
making good prugress.
T. Hutchison intends building
an attractive bungalow on a lol
recently acquired by him un
Keilh road, opposite Ottawa
Church Notices
>i'. iona'i 1 iik KVANfiti.isi, savasTB
Holy Communion, H a. in.
Morning prayer, 11
Evening prayer, 7.30
On lhe lii sl Sunday in ths month
than will be a second celebratitin
ol the Holy Communion at 11 a. 111
Ki dor: Kev. Hiiiii lloopci.
si. iMik'i.iv's PKBSSVTSaiAH CHURCH
six in mssTa
Services will be comliutcd as
usual  011  Sunday  by lhe pallor,
Sunday school, 2:30 p m.
Service at Moodyville sdiool il
730 p. in.
I'l.uei maatjnf on Wedaeeds)
8 "'1 luck.
All arc welcome.
Pastor: Kev. J. D, Gillam, M A
Vll.lllulilsl   1 MUSI 11,   N.   w. 1 ukM K
ivanoi *
Morning service, it a 111 ; Sunday school, ^30 p. in-; i.-vcniiii;
sen 1.1, 7:30 p.m.
I'rayer meeting un Wi'tlin 'lav
en nun; al 7:30 o'clock.
Preaching in Lynn valley ""
alternate Sunday afternoons.
For Boot and Shoe Kcpairint-
and Custom Work   .   .   .
go to THOS. 0. MILLS
Pioneer Boot Maker
Lunsdalc Ave, opp. City ILill
Saws lilcl, ele.   Key littnin
Opp, Palest Hate!   -   Sei <i .tret i*:
.1*  w.  TATL-On
Norih Vancouver Li very
I  'st Clan Light Kik's      Tallvho
Riplanade, An "f 1 "i * Irii  Phoas IM
Don't j!" 1 Isewbi re to bc
beat.     Come right   here.
GARDEN  9IEP3   sri
the order ol the day. Ws
got 'em.
l'„r. Ki i'b ainl 18th Si. I'l et:
Wallpapers,    Paints,    Varnishes,
etc., etc., etc.
117 Lonsdale Avenue
District of forth Vancouver
'pi.NDI.K- nre iinilt'il liv tin*Council
'    f r during mnl fRMuaa an .ii,ii*
-i,.ii aal Sir It Wt, iii II I,lil" aili-iinii"
.1 IHO :**,*i.    -|.i'i*iilr«tiiiii«an li* I'.i.l
Ilt   llie   lli-lriet   Mlllilil|aill illlli'*. vtliere
len,l,*r- inii.t I"- lottful More 7 '.tl p.m.
nn the llllll illft.
Piano* • . •
at Bargains
Some al ball real value.
Wl aie takini! II1.UIV fOOd
planus 111 III blBfe l"i tl"
tin |reati -i tai 1 haaii il playi 1
mi earth.
S'lll'.e "I I Ills, 'is* ,| pjlDOl
au as ;:*.,*al as ,hi dl) tin \
lell the lattory.
lu n ibne ibis si*,, 1, iiebavi
selei ti d ■ numb) 1 ut bargaini,
beautilul upright pisaos lor
$200   $225   $230
warranted to be food .is tn o.
$6, $7, $A [ier month
NortH Vancouver
maneen) rt
Ca niliiiitid Snrideai. Mi-aliritl and
Maternity Hanw
Nurses Suit Out on Application
K"r  terms  a|i|,h   at  llie tioapltel
Out, l.'illi street A St. Aii'lren'- Ate.
The Set
of Dishes
given last tn nub «-i.« a ,
bv Mrs. Ba Telford. 10th
•treei t-a-t. Ths s. t lot
this iniinth vvili be to hand
in .11, vv da*-
l's, Kanal Standard Fltnir.
Save tin- iinipons and
watch  tbe pa 1 ers fi>r  the
lm ki iiiiiiiI eis.
Your n.■ x 1 Grocer* Onb 1 will
be Htisfseioril) tllad d \ 1
place it with ns I ri*e
tins of Cream, 1 (or 25c.;
Toasted Corn Flakes, 10c.
per package.
M Ollillll llimilv al I Ml Mm
Lonsdale \ot snd Blli st
We wliril lh-* nulUM of BragndSm
Knpu.rrlfl iali.1 olliri* \a 1... rrniira* Ihr QclviiaMI-
lly at lajiing llirlr I* .*, ul bUllgCH la.laanctcil
liyKipcrta, ITrlimiiiaiyldvire I.,**. ChlflM
mo.lrt.le. Oatrloietitor'i AdvlH; • up n ir-
tliiclt M«ri"iiaM.ri',i,, Re(('d., ^ w a'orkLlft
W.'j. Moalrr.l ■ ..„! U-..),l,,tfioo DC,, Uai
Milts, Rev Chaini E Butler. Ml.,
I «r,ib, .doe
II..air ler« iiii'l dm bun re-
fell,,I ..n nia..l,r:lte in,-III.lie
liTln-. I lie .eltmil » ill re*ii|H*ll
"ii V|,,n,|ai, .I,,,,. Ilili, |ym.
A tlliltHJ -eli"'at»lii|, pill IhmiI-
(era,I all K i-lel lilt .iilli|»'tiliii|l
l.l I....II.1,1-
80   YEARS'
-,- Tradc Masks
quia.I. uacruaii (* r ,*a*inl,,ii fi«i*lieil,.r «n
InTniitlno |. rr *'">'  1* I'   aailnhla*,  Cianiniuiilr*.
iinuj.iri-tlr*-**"!).!. ' a* HANDBOOK un P.i-nu
wit Ire* I'l-l.-al .<.',*t.<**r f,*uri:i*I UaUe.IL
l-.lelltl Uil-Q ,l'P'li.*ll liuiao Alo.lfO-4Tt
ajWrtalltMla-aV.VllhOlllol.'' **-l, W tb*
Scientific i i«ai»,
A*UUltl*t'lIl'UJalluaml**aiwwU*;. Urwert ttr-
nuiUtia tit any Klemilc J,.,irn«l 'l.rin. fnr
Kud^Jin*->Mr,poK<tn|in|ii'.  Bold br
Bninab OOe*. (OJ r fl. W jlilujlon. I). C
Buildtrs and
 W. LA 1IS(IN i,   |.n'|iHred to
  —' !- u j • | > I v
Diplock Wright      urn***
band, Cement
Lumber Co.   ;V"1 ,.'1! «•*«?,«•'«■■
Material m quantum* tu aim
I7th Street, North Vawouver     H "' ^SOJiable prices.
r  —AI'I'l.Y—
^^^^ VANI Ol'VKU
IM.I.I'lliivi*: Ro 2
I > i mt-ii -ion Lumber
finishing Lumbar
t-tC , ill*
Our prices an- ri>;lit.   I,"t M
give yotiafigurt'onyiiiir
I .timber Hill
Com|>any, Ltd.
New St'h i'
New Lines
Right I'riee*
Wl ' .ini a lull rantfc ol
I \l:l.l. i I  ! I.l-.KY
Villi, liiiiniinrr Hardware
<'oiii|iaiiy. Ltd.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^     .1. W. J tl'KsoN M»in»iii-r
NORTH VANCOUVER       R)0101UMK 1 Wm 8?
I.Ml III. I >
439-441 Hastings Stmt
S.ilttv Depoait Bosee lo Kent. Safety Depodl Boses to Kent.
AeUit Eitcutor.Truit**, Liquidator R«c«iv«ti And Attigntai
Court Bonds litutd
■  o
|'»i.|     till     .|e|»i.ll-.    (■ia|il|«il|ll'|r.|
f..11 r linn*, yarli
P.n  Bookt  ltiu-d
^ o
t, t  I'. MIN Mil), I'liatriiian
Hun I. CABTI t: i CTro.N.t'hslriMi "f I iwsllte
I .1 f i,III-iin. Hinieir I Q WaiNWRIOHT, HtmO~
lirmivill" Mlbtloni Block, ...mer  l:..l.-..ii .ml Ciriiinille
I'. II. Id,x 'in.; riinne .Van
S.lletV   l)l|i"S|l   llnves  tn   li'tlll     S.llltV   |),-|ius|l   HllXfs tll  Kt'lll.
British Columbia Electric Railway Co., Ltd.
Car-, leave lhe I-'i in Lendiog loi Qui i mbun Avenue, Twi nty-firtt
*^tr< t t .ni'i Lousdsls, Winili Itreet mel Keitn Knad a> liilloms : 6;1J
.iin,. *i 4 s a. in., 7:15 a. m., 'AS *■ St • S:1 S :| m ■ ') S. in •rs," * m*>
iu in a in,   rViter iots5 s. B., csn will leat rj ivesaa,
liva mv lu-,t ami l.t'ii-*ilal. iveaoe, ami Win. h *ln i t ami Keith li.'.nl
it Ina  niiinil' ■* t" the Innil ami tweiiti liv  nniiil* I pill the hoBI.
(ais I' an* Nun t'eiitli *-1 r«*. t indQueenil iry avenue, I wi-ntv Int
iln ■ t ind Looidali kvinm , Wioi h itn 11 ami Keith liuatl as lollowi •
il 111 . ' > - s .S *' i" S., l:oj ,1 in.. s 4.S .1 111 . 'i I" a.m.
Vi 1 , i" a in ' en h .iv. tin l'i tn Laadiog it t. 1 Duteipsittbs
Innil ami twi nty iniiint' *> In the liunr.
~l_f   All boiH an nut by the cin. TIIK   EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B. C.
Short, in* *i* rati     niinii *l It 'ter- nn
t - * lereil will I*
publiilietl in Tin. I*.inn w
N'i    I' I All   'II    |al|la|i-||,'l|    I   Menl
'HIT  -  . *ll* r
I'm •■ is i   nn n.n ri ipouaililu
i..r in.* iipiiiiuill *'l ■ *.ira*s|iaii,.ai :,*
r* * : a  .       rmhi tn terminate ■ din-m
ai a,a\ iimi*
i i-Kin !'aii.\T i k'i■:w Kxpress:
Sll ,    \   Ihal  lhe hv l.ivv
*.!. the nn v pull base  a ill
In* completed, and commission
en will l» appointed, wlm mil
muiii arrange di tails, and everj
thing will along u ithly,
Saalll,      a,|     ||l,M      ,||l,,|ls,     ,lllll     |l|ll'
iii particulai ,ii very Important,
11/ , the nn n uh.. shall man the
boats This being a North
Vancouvei undertaking, i"r
which the rati payi i an in ■
degree responsible, it Ia onl)
lair that the ratepayers whu
are competent to '1" the work,
ihould  have  the  nftlsul    ial    .ill
or anv position, i xcepting per
haps that "i captain, There
are plenty "1 good men here,
with homes snd lamiliea, whu
would be glad to get the job ol
deck hand, ticki i oi Ireighl a-
gent, aim! it i*. up t.i tin* city
tu give them s chance, The
positions ihould be filled with
X. at li Vancouver men Irom
manager down,
Uarch 11
Editoi Exj ■
Su. As ih,* ratepayers nl
Korth Vancouvei havi turned
down, hv a very small in
tv, iln inl.iw in Indeiunili ns
againal tin hisses ami liabilities
iiiiiiiii.1 l.v tin opera!ion
ia|l|nas|l|a,||    lei IV    MTV Kl       *
the llliillUls "I .l.lllll.iiv  ami l'eh-
in,i;v last, I desire t" 'Kin.' oui
position   in   connection   there-
During ihe negotiationi
twees the iitv nl Nurth v 111
muiii   ami  tin   hn v   C01U
im  tin- purchase "i iln  krrj
we were induced i" drop   ail
proceedingi in connetlion   >>'ih
iln- appeal against Juslict
lllllll  s  jUllglUl-nt,       U'   . ...    . Ill
nl in ordet imi in iiaini"i ihi
utv in its ii:a,ns tii acquirt iln
lerry, tit were itronglt allured ai public meetings thai
our mullsi • would i.e i'ii! ami thai wi would ii"l 11 al
lowed i" lose a uin ii we iliti
imt oppose tin iiu |iiii'ili.i••! ui
tin [ttt) At iln nun thai we
vmi approached i" 'li"|' all
proceedings, ue bad alreadj
iiiaih arrangementi i" pul on
an up '" 'hitt tern service; this
was .ill abandoned i el   ilu
wiahea ol thi iuv     li does imi
Meill  I" llie thai   Wi   have    hull
tn.ue.! fairly, and I musl con
less ihat we were misle.ul liv
the expressions "1 assurance
given bj some "I the inoal pro
num in peopli nt Korth Vancouver, thai we w.iiihl he uuh mm*
in.l a;-.mist all loaaea; otherwise vu would h.ive gone on
with  "iu   application   to   the
gOV< innii'iil lol   i hi I it 11 v li
cense, and al-*" taken all othei
imasim i to aii guard our in-
iii, is Had art mit consented
iaa hold um hands, the (ern
purchase bylaw would not havi
inin carried, loi I am certain
iimt ,i great numb)i ol thi peo
|ile VOted l"l  lilt  ft II v   | III'
whu vv,niiii oppo fl ii had
tini known il iln intention
ul   tin   iiiltiuIII;,   ..I  llli   vuli I * nl
Korth Vancouvei to turn ui
down.   It must alsu lie n
: lllal HO It II v   I'lll. h.a
law w.nihl have lieen lulin
ii wt bad ■.'"in mi wiih tin ap
peal, w Imll we all  obliged t" tlo
Win. would havi voted loi ihi
nn,    j ,.;* a     I    iv llli    i    laWSUit
w. ii m Niuin
Uarch li,
committee ol the Vancouver
council, with respect lo insert
log a Nm tit Vancouvi i su bion
in .i pamphlet ni it'hlei thai
ilm purpose issuing iur use .a
iin a \  P exposition,
it was decided to request the
un and the diatrict councils to
vute live hundred dollars each
[or ihf use ui the committee,
and tf request thi board oi
trade to become responsible foi
a similar amount to be i
in subscription or otherw ise
Tin* distriii ."iiniii will in
requested to add thi naun i I
Distiut Engineei i amiron i"
then ii |n< . iilativci on iln
•. i ninii iiiii
Conn, \\ i—t,,v 11 ,unl Hi
Geo, 11 Uordi n, Ham i. am
iron ami Philip wen appointei,
a commitlei with relerence li
compiling and issuing u |
phlet re Korth \ ancouvei (oi
general distribution.
Aldermen Schulti and Vounj;
Councillor! Wcetovi i and
don and Engine) i llanea were
appointed ■ couimiltei on the
beat methods ol providing loi
luitable entertainment loi torn
ists and others, ai different
points throughout the district,
and alsu on la'.i'ls and recreation.
(in iln- evening ol the ,tist "i
March, tin vetirans' .a--..iation
spoiled, i'i, inajorltj against, 16,
Tin total vote cast is nut su
large .is i hat somewhat uver a
yeai ago, naimlv pjj, but th
large) poll was doubtless due
tu ilu l.ul that ii was taken at
the time ol the i-ivit elections
The proportional! vote in favoi
is iiiiiih larger however, than on
the piivimis occasion, when th*.
vote siiaii v)i lot, .imi i |i a
gainst, w uh 11 spoiled ballot
thus i,ittving the bylaw by :h
vtites. The mn against thi
purchase on Wednesday, was
vi 11 iraall,    In Iai I the verdict
in   was   tbOUl    .is   ne.ul
unanimous .is could bc expected iiiiilu .mv conditions on anv
I'ln vote mi the indemnity bj
law was will lose and natural*
Iv a disappointment in its
nnii'l-*, and a great deal ol 'lis
■ ii i*. heard ai lo the com
plicationi  that  are  likely   to
Tin- B.C. Telephom Compan}
lias in hand extensive improve
minis i" their system, which
are necessitated b) the growth
ui the business. I'he linemen
will begin work tomorrow oa
stretching ■ new Una between
this utv and Vancouver, The
line will in* in operation wim
time next week. A little later
in the season iwn new   cables
i\ .iirangementi can be made
Tin drudging ol the first Kar-
rowi will be proceeded with ai
* n as the siirvevs   are   u'iii
Aldermen KcRae, Dick, BraLn
Siluilt/ and Young were presett
al ilu adjourned meeting ol the
city council hut evening, W, II.
Ua), the mayor, presided. '.Tie
inn agreement bylaw and the
leiiv loan bylaw wen- read and
finally paaaed,
Wm. Godlrey, manager ol tlu
Bank ol B.N,A., Vancouver, oa
In hall "I clients, submitted an
uiler to purchase the (70,000
stun vmi. six per cent city debenture! al par, Alter an -x-
ii-niletl discussion, in which all
the features of the situation
were carefully considered, the
Uayor and Aid, McRae were appointed a committee to wait
upon Mi. Godlrey and to ascertain what further conceeefona,
it anv, Hiiiii! lie obtained from
thc purchaaeri oa behall oi the
i.iii pliers.
The eity engineer reported as
followi, iipnn the cost oi laying
water mains  down Olteelislii.t".
avenue: sn eight inch main
down the centre ol the avenue,
[rom Keith road to 3rd street,
J1704; a six inch main on tin
east suit* ol the boulevard,from
Keith ruad to lyth itreet,
{3161.75; a similar main on
the west  side of lhe boulevard,
•$3161.75; total $8037,50. Estimate accepted, aad waterworks committee to Kt,
A plan of subdivisiou of D.I,.
^s" was submitted and approved.
Taylor, Hulme & limes forwarded detailed statement oi a-
iiiiinnts 1 ,\\inji theni by the cit)
nn legal services, totalling
$539 u; referred to finance committee.
On motion Oi Aid. Diik, Ahl
Sihnlt/. and tin- eity ilerk wen
appointed a committee to pre-
1 un .1 set ol |iru\ uu statiil-
is fur the , itv  offices
Ur, and Mrs. IIu--|i Skinner,
a 'inn ist itreet and St George,
i*t.until a sail liereavemi'tit ill
he death "I tlnir infant daugh
11    Edna Mav, this week.   The
funeral was held to Uountaia
View cemetery, on Thursday ,tl-
"A feast uf long and chorus with Canada's iweetect
Wi Ish Singers"
by  the renowned  VANGOUVEK   WELSH   UALE VOICE
PARTY at th,* Horticultural Hall, mi
Tuesday  Evening, March 30th, 1909
Thii Choir is loon to tonr the Si,ars ami England
.is tbe \\ ellh *  1  .nil*ui Male  \ on i*  Party.    .    .    .
Commence  at   8.1J   P.M. Ticket**,  50c.  I   id   35c.
Cli.ali u,..n,   His   Worship   Mayor   May
M— MMMMMOOga-ii*— *«)««iti«Mt01
Having Your leeth Fixed
was, ai one liim-, a vt-n painful operation,      With some
it is siill painful,     N"i «o, however, al the Boston  Dent
Ists.     We have all the lal eat  equipment  known  to   the
modern dentist,    it is more like
A Pleasure to bave Your Teeth fixed
by our dentists because they are .ill experienced nnu.    We
make no charge for examining your teeth and would be
pleased lu luuk them uiu   at am   time,
l-'ull set oi teeth  „, (8.00
Bridge work, per tooth  .s.oo
Gold iiiiwiis      sou
Gold fillings       1,00 ap
Platisa filling!       1.ihi
Extracting      50
|The Boston Dentists, Ltd.,
Dr. A. K. Baker, Cons-iiiling Dentist
407 Heatings Sl m 1 West, \ ancpuvi 1
Hours ti to ii p.m, Phons 2220
The Express
boosts North \ ancouvi r all the time
Bubscribe  for il   m   your frii nds
$1.00 per year
■ * •**•*•«** »*••*••%*j*•*«»^» •*<.j*•^♦••♦••»♦*•*•*•*• •*• ♦***t**t*♦!• •!• •t**t**♦**•*•♦*•**•!******• •*• •****• *t*v*I*•I,*t* •!*%• *!* •! * •!• %•
IT was \ Great Day
.Suspension iiritigc, Capilano Creek
Tin joint 11 iiiinui'"i "i iln
uu council, the di trict
nl, and the board ol trad'
charged with thc lotinulatii 11 ul
a scheme iui advertising the
citj and distriit, mi 1 ■'•■ dneiv
daj alternoon     Aldermen    I.
ha,   ,Hid Schulti and Cottl
Gordon wen appoint! d a
iiiiilu* « nh powei i" ■" I
confer wnii I-, S, Rowi
■et "i the Vancouvi 1 toui
information  bureau,   and  tin
ni I,vnu iiuk will hold ,1 patriots gathering, n.1   which   all
spin hies .Uld s.iiij;s will alhi
the .nr tii loyalty .unl devotion
to the l-.iii|iiii
The Lynn t.iihv   ralepa
ass.iaiati nit ill tin   111
hall i.n Wednesday 1 v.ning     A
draft constitution was -.n.
iul ami adopted, in tonne* lion
with which 1 vute .a thanks i"
Pi ii i  Kin^, w,. [ol his
a  llll ll 111    SU 1 la I S Till     |'|aa,
tramline extension  antl
in,iii.i   .a moment to tin rale
length,    It decided   I
Dav a  an    io  attend   the   nexl
meeting ol lhc a   m-l ition.
iiii-; KKHK\ l»\ LAWS
'iti. i.n,.nd * 1.ilnn 111 "i iin
ballot   mi   the   tun   purchu *.
.Hid  Iln   iinhllillltv   Iai laws Is all
I'liii iVgreeminl bylaw. total
mi, , iccessiirv to cat
1 . against,   1;
spoiled -    in.i'.n'     in   lavor,
Perry l"*m bylaw * total  vote
cut, earn
222: lur. * ' poll
i'il. |, majority in
Indemnity bylaw total   voti
.11'      '       ull'.
22u;   for,  104;   agaimt,   u-
..I in** pain 1...h  will  he  run
lium the local a.Iiiii . "lie tu I,sill
stru 1 and 01 lonrs avenm
lhe iiisi requiring  about
In I    a||,|   the   I.ill' r   is""  leel    "I
cable.     Extra poles will   alsu
■ it 'I throughout the 1 il
according  i"  tin   n |uireunnl
"I    till     "II   .III.  ■  I, ll    |l   till*   lllllll
llllll       "I       Ull        I'OlllpUnj I"        III
de.lVl.t     t"      I    a    a,  ,       I |h     U        ||<)ll S ,|   .   .1 In  Iiu   Lines,  III
stead 1 I nil lhe iln I I I, .illll*.!!;*
iiii .uian,;.iiu 11 ..ui obtain lo
.mii a limited extent 00 .1
count "i su iii\ 1,uns uu ih,
town ite j.' ling ilraight throi ,m
ihe liim k-. A in vv Hunk line
switch!* iu. ni Iv
installed in tin local oflice,  m i
a IHw  lm .11 id   for -.ll
accommodation *,( one liuiiuii 1
telephones will be In plan in
about three weeki,
Harking an epoch in Ibe ilotlung trade oi Vancouvei and stirring all beholden to
the  highest  pitch nl  aalllili.illon    S.iiunl.iv   was lh.  grand li|H-ning «laj  "t The Manilla
tnieis'   Keali/aUuii  t'tiinpaiiv 's palatial  clothing   itore,   corner   Hastings  and   Abbott
ilreets, lhe home ol quality and cheapness, and 11 is iati lo w] Bevel did enthusiasm
itin su liijjh iii clothing-land  The artistic  and  magnificent  tlisplut "i fine high-grade
|t,    clothing waa admired by everybody sad many sren tlu complimentar) expressions ws
a    received,     Wc did 1 wonderful day's business i.n exceeding oui must tanguine expecta-
•?    itutis, I ni t iu pui ii, as 111.111 \ who onlv came in to see, remarked, how could iluv help
|i|    buying sinh fine high-grade garmenta al smli reasonable prices      We an particularly
a    ilrong on our J15.00 and f 18,00 men's suite and wish lo dna particulai attention  t"
•}• tm tomorrow as a ipecial,
•J- nm Ms"" suits embrace 1 vsrict) ol colorings and pattern in all the newest  snd
yi up-to-date styles In Bcotch twsads and Bnglish lancj and Link and blue wonteds
atul ale easilv  vvultli Ss uu unite than we ask lul  lium
Till-; BR1DG1   111 I'STION
\   letter  has   lieen   tu
innil Reeve Ui Naught, Iu * iii I.
,ies ihal   hi   expeiI
bridge question   vt ill   soon   he
solved.    Th.  ''."it unin in
in,lined i" n.'ii the railwa
amended  regarding v.iltti
* ipropriations, and he itxp 11>
". ill  In   iinin   .it   Q
bridge li>- iay», will be bui
lasidi.nv  company   i«    11
railway company, ii iati
Our Si>i."i 1 men's suits an* marvels of excelleno 111 passing in -1 vie aad i",miv any.
thing heretofore ever ihowu In Vancouver, These suite embraci the lateal New Ifork
st\It ami 1 ii.itnnis ami would do credit iu the highest class custom tailored garmenta,
tlui  arc made ill Iht new  btOWn shades  ul   slii|ie  .mil  checks,  .ind   the  tn»   shades   u|
green, la stupes tad invisible ilmk, ami the latest ihades "i greys in ilripea and iln-iks    .j.
a'a V
X      lil.itle ll'ulli llie lillesl Smtih and l*.tii* 11 sll twieilsainl Worsted iloths that collie liuin the
.'.    looms,     Por style, til and workmanship, they eannol he rarpaased and would eaeilj
-.-    cost vu Si'i.uii lo Sts.'hi il vmi leit your mcaaure with a tnsi class tailor,
:•:  ~
In siiliuiiiij; \mir patronage we assure vmi thai nothiag bul courteous, and gentlemanly attention will be extended whether yon ate i bnyei oi aot, anticipating ■ call
The  Manufacturers' Realization Co.
l a,mu Hastings and Abbott Sts
jt Hastings Btreet Wesl
lio Abbott Street
lhc: home oj Qiuilifi|
Cor. Hastings diul Abbott Sts.
Councillors Robson (presiding), Gordon, Westover and Daviaon wen- present at the- regular meeting of the district coon-
ell, Friday evening last.
K. A. Mitchell intends building a picket feme in front ol his
property, lot 73, D. L. WJ3,and
wrote, requesting that neighboring .stumps lie blasted before the wurk is begun; engineei
to aii* if feasible.
Siiupsun M* Wight Intend   to
build and to estaldisll a lllirsclv
mt lot i, l'i one-hall ol D, 1,. '/s*
and wish I ruadwav to tin
same; engineer to report,
A. Iv l.iddle intends building
mi tliu* S.E. ol UL. [089 snd requests a ruadwav to the s,ime;
engineer to report.
Joseph Colee Intends building
on lots 1 and j, block 3, west '.
ol D. I,. 1st', and wishes Nyi
street extended tt) the propert);
tenders to be called for, to  be
in by next meeting.
c.eo. Wagg rabmitted e draft
plan of subdivision of a poii 101.
oi l). I,. Boi, proposing to ea
tend six streets Irom the city
boundary to I-ynu valley road.
The clerk was Instructed to consult iln- registrar as to registration oi draft as lubmitted,
City Clerk Shepherd wrote,
advising council tliat water-
mains will bs laid on Qneena-
hiirv or Sutherland avenue,when
the matter oi gradei has baa
adjusted; referred to the watei
,!. R. J. Hurray, secretary ol
the board ol trade, wrote, requesting permission for the sllb-
missii'ii ni the plans fur Improving l'nsi Narrows aud ilu
Korth Shore prepared by District Engineei Dun,ild Cameron,
to the board for discaasioa   at
llltlt  nexl regular sesslull.    Till
link  to reply, granting their
i.liuT .T1111111 it.- Harry uf tin
Seymour tribe arrote, asking an
advance "i fsg mi three-quarten
ul   all  ,u re  granted   the district
lor roatl allowance st Seymoni
bridge     Action ui finance miii-
itiitiiT, in advancing the lame,
was approved,
A   letter   Irom    Provincial
Health Ollicer C. J, Kigali, ri
snpplv ol aiiii-tuxiiie, was refer
liil lu the distrii I health officer
Henry G. Woods rabmitted
fm Inspection .1 draft oi s ma]
of   the   disttiit.   whiih,   when
completed, will ihow the latest
changes, snd oSeriag to sell tin
draft for t]$, l,r tw allow coas-
eil tu haive a plait made and It
lake 1000 itiples lor >io. Latter oiler was accepted, il nmi
is Mtiafactory when completed,
J. II. Hlovvitlee, C.E., sub-
lliitled   a    supplemental    slale-
mnit ui auutiut iui additional
vvuik dune, amounting to >i".
mi nui tu tin* finance committee.
A plan ol sill,dii tsiuii ul I) 1,
.(An was referred to the registrar. A plan ul siilidivisitin ol
lot 3, 1). I,, s.s 1 wa.s approved,
AcCOSStS as lidliivvs were or-
ileled   paid    l-'iiinliic a. .llllllll tu I,
|o; board of works, Ij-jw
Councillor Gordon, chairman
ol tin  iiii.nue committee,   n
polled  thai  the i"lillillllie had
conferred with the city council
.is  1" ailjUsllliilll   nt  lm.ill
nal matters, ami had agreed
that ihe 11tn 1 "i si.'s" in the
district statement was an ovei
1 h.itge, the city agreeing In pal
the Mildest  un  the overdraft  as
A  plan   ul    "Kingston    I'.ii
dtns" a nbdiviiion "I hits 1
allil I, I) I,. Jott, n,is approved.
Tui'liis   n.i   building   Hup
Cove arete read, as lol
lows   W, Snider,  lm  clearing
ami   gn tiling   llu    iiiiiii    in,ul,
vi ithiiut   culverts,  Si |oo;    Y
C'hristt usiii,   im   slashing    and
clearing   the   roadway,   J700J
lit 11 h< >ii 1 in \ Mail,uie, lm
slashing mad 66 Itt I  wide   alld
clearing 16 feci wide, S",s. The
Under ui N. Christcnsen was m
The rein- ami Councillors' tn-
<Uimut\ iiviaw, providing for
Sii«i im iu ve .nni >.-"" foi each
councillor, was read sad iin.illv
The 1 iur  Deep   Covi,  awarded   N.   I lu isteiiseli,
was n* awarded i" Bertholm I
Hi nl. un, iiu.iii-.c aai Inability
un tin- pari ui tin- forms) cos
llailul lu luili! llu same.
R. Neileli was SWSTdsd a coll-
tyact to lay 100 yards of gravel
on the Lynn valley road, at 75
cents per yard.
The assessment rate for the
current year was adopted as follows; Net general rate, 12',
mills; school rate, 1 mill; general road loan rate, 1 mill; total
14 ,', mills. This rate will include payment for the road
making machinery recently ordered. There is likewise a local
rate of two mills for the Lynn
valley water district loan.
The irallic ollicials of the Hill
system of railroads and the
Chicago, Milwaukee and St.
l'aul "stimatc that no less than
1,000,000 passengers, bound lor
the Beattie exposition and the
Pacific Northwest generally,will
be handled through St. l'aul
during tlie exposition period.
The llarrinian system puts a
similar estimate upon its business over the Oregon Short Line
Union Pacific and Southern Pa-
All of these roads are making
exceptionally low round trip
rates and granting stop over
privileges heretofore unheard of.
Under the privileges ollered, il
will be possible ior the exposition-hound tourist to see every
scenic wonder that lies between
the .Mississippi and Beattie, including the Grand Canyon of
the Colorado and the Colorado
Rockies, Banll on the Canadian
Pacific, Yellowstone Park
Southern aad Central California
with the Yoseinite Valley, ami
all of the reist.
On March ist the exposition
was ninety-five per cent, complete, so that no question remains, if there ever was one,
that the big fair will he opened
on the day lirst announced,June
1, with everything in place,
Pronounced signs of a very
buy season in building line in
the city arc making tlieir appearance even at this early date
Thomas B.Nye has under um
struction ten houses on Lonsdale avenue north.
Campbell & Miller are building live hOttSSS on RidgWSy ave.
G. A. Boult is building three
houses on St. David's avenue.
Plans art' in course of preparation for a residence for A. 0,
Perrv, local nun.ign ni the II
C. El. Ry. Co.
Alexander Law lias bought a
line lot on sth street cast  and
intends erecting a house thereon
at an early date.
Charles Hutchinson is arranging to build two houses on his
lots on 5th slircct east.
Messrs. Conrad & Livingstone
intend making considerable additions to tlieir house on the
corner of ibth and William
A. Wilband is putting thc finishing touches on his law house,
on bth street, east ol Lonsdale
T. . framework of the new
church edifice for the congregation of St. John's is going up
James J. A. Elder, of :hi 41I1
street west, passed away    last
Friday evening.   Mr. Bidet had
resided iu North Vancouver for
a period of six years, having
come here from London, England,   whence  lie  hail   removed
from his native place, Glamis,
Scotland. He is survived by-
Mrs. Elder, his widow; a son,
W, *l. Elder, ol North Vancouver; and a stepson, E. J. Wakefield, of Xorth Vancouver. The
funeral was held on Monday,.
proceeding from the family residence to Mountain View cemetery, Vancouver, Kev. J. I).
Gillam officiating, The bereaved family have the deep svm-
palhv oi a very large circle of
friends and au|U,iint,inces.
CIVIL    I   VI.IVI   I   H
Quantity Burv4j*uf ind
G. t. JOKGI NM \   1111,111.*..   and   8. ('.  I.nil   SulKMOr
'I'll'iM .Va
Hat,«l)r., Kraal*.*,   ll.l. I   l',*i.. Iv  K*
'•I** I    "aal. IL   a,I   I . DalrUI-alloll, M«|'\   I'.'HII
•III*., Uilli   t'l.lllla.S.,1,  lllVIMl.ll-.l'H*
Mi ll-a-iiii*,. si. «*.,   .   .   V.INI'UITKK.  B, (
Still llDM-tltli* HUill   ON   llll   10\M
hues: |l ."ill I'I-:K
S|iiTial Kali's iii Families ami Kegtbtf Hoanliis
llalMinur ferry connection t" iiii'l Iron Viiii'HinT. lliil anil colli
naler in HN) room. Return call belli in even- Barber
fliiip in iiiinieetii'ii.
Sacons .iTshsT,'•   -   *  -   NORTH   VANCOUVER, B. C
General Contractor
l.ana| Clearing,  Slump ami Rock
Hln.tun*. Ultra cure nenr I.
All ilaniiiiti'.  iniul.' nod.
B M i'Ltl V M KNT     AI1KNCY
J.,.l SI     VV'Mal ,,f Lml.aal.ali*
po. Boa 11
v. lie nil ite ng-
I/mi 11/iirtm/r
nli kii;.I* a.i Minion an.I Antique Kiirni-
tuia*. Store, Office, Bank ami Har Fix-
turn,   rUpilrini in all Iti hraneht'ti.
-1 11 .lal.rii,*.'.*,iiei.i .n,| Lim-dale
tll'l'UMll   Nllll.ll
VANCOIIVER Business and ProfessioDdl Director!)
W. T. STEIN it CO.
City Auditors
North Vancouvei
516 Pender street
Churu-red Accountants and
Vancouver, 11. C.
Victoria, B. C.
Beattie, Wash.
Phone 1923       P.O. Drawer 7*15
hiy Hastings Street West,
1-. GORUCH, (Graduate)
CHIROPODIST. Corns.bunions,
sore feet, etc.   cured.       Many
vears practice in l.tuiilun,  Eng.
R011111 54 Davis Chambers
613 Bantings Street West
Hours: 4 to 1:, 1 to 6 p.m.
DR   \\. 1-. WRIGHT
Successor to Dr. Dalby
Phone 078
WdterMotoi for Sale
offers nr   wanted for a
powerful Water Motor and 1
i-i'itiiii amount of piping.
Saiui- limy In- inspeoted at
ilm office of—
163 Cordova street eraet
is the only auctioneer who will
pav spot cash before lhc sale is
minim lul
J3 Cordova Street,
Preacriptioa BpecieHat
Phone 1053
Electric blue-printing, drafting,
tracing, city maps.
Crowe & Wilson Chambers, 441
Seymour street Phone iota
Keep your eye on
Musical Director
Vancouver Opera Houae
Rooms 3 and 4 Elks' Hall, Cor.
Robson and  Granville  Streets.
All Instruments.     Phone .1530
The only place in B. C. where
work is dons entirely to customer's satisfaction.
l'riiprieiiii Plume 756. Club
rales a spei tally. **i*b2 Seymour.
Foil ran^c oj Sutton's
fdmous buds
Rolled Oat*
Mai) and Feed
32-34 Imperial Block
Cor.  Pender and Seymour Ms
P.O. Drawer 1116     Phone 2444
l Water St. Phone JO))
l-'uriushetl to employers Iree   oi
charge,      Phons or write rush
orders al our expense.
Hairisti-r,   Solicitor,   Nnt.irv
Publii. Member <>i tin- bars
ol British Columbia and Quebec Room i) Empire Huild-
ing, 603 Beatings st. west.
Vancouver, B.C.    Phone 41M1
I L IN l, IN Li
laitn   and   Ornamental    Gates
Garden  Arches,  Flower Stands
741 Pender Street,
Kallethe's Bath
Comer Iloinei and Peinler Sts. Groceries aiiil Provisions
Ull.iles,ile atul
116 Baatiaga St. (dowuUirs)
Ila liv el v   Tilt sii.lis  and   I-inlays
('iiveilnH's Barley Plasi 1   iln
hit. st In.  |,nnl.     Try a
package!  i.v	
mr Brackman-Ker
Milling Co.
I.nnsihili   Avenue,
at Fen)   I..iiiiiiiii;
Harry Mil' lull, local manager.
Tin only up-to-date alld reliable bath house 111 liriiish Columbia*
Ue   1 ure   where   others   l.ul
s.itisiaiiiiin  guaranteed n ao
pav. Plain baths, clcittli baths,
shower hatha, maaaage ior l>o-
,ilv, smlp,imi 1,ue; electro ther-
.ipeiiiu baths a sptuaiti
Graduate ol Berlin, Germeny
Business Institute
3,th Hastings SI. W.
Canada'! Graatiat Waitarn School
R. .1. Sprott, H.A , - - Manager
Hals    ile,mul    atul    bloikt'l   .il
llu- sign   il tin- Hat
Ths Alexandre 589 Granville st
Stalp treatment lot all Kinds ol
disease. Childrtii's hail tutting*
1-.iiial  Massage.       Mann ui mg
II.iii'iii'. ini; I
Shampooing 50,      Pimm 1000
te.uhei ol Violm, Mandolin,
Banjo, Autoliaip, /iihfr, will
give   twenty   private   lesson*,
lor $7. Further Information
at Cowan's up-to-date   Ifnafa
Store, 608 Westininstii ere.
For particulars apply io
PhottS Blj      440 Homer Street
lorksiiirc diuurautee k
iMi'iiniir.N iorporaliou Ltd.
||" SsjaUNI Street
Phone 411.1
M. W. WAITT ft CO., LTD.
55K Granville Strut
Pianos — Talking Maihims
Music Goods
The oldest music house 111 ll. C,
Kerr llouigalc - - - Manager
h.-..?imu 1-1 an lb
Luiiiii 01 Dinner 25c.
Short orders al all hours
D; Baatiaga btreet West,
All North   Witiiouver   people
eai al
Gives positive nliei to Bead
aches or Nervousness eaaaed bv
eye-strain, and treats all sorts
of imperfect eyesight.
Dr. King is the  highest   aa
thority on eyesight in Can.nia.
All kinds of optical repairing
hun, 1  I'l.nk nioca or Hastings atreet, opposite   ths  new
Post lllliii.        I eoiiaid sells his
Ua b)   lhe poiiud.
b-AFEB, at  bargain prices,
Phone J447.
122 Hastings Sunt Wesl,
The best equipped studio mi th,
coast. Photic JSJfl
i"t 1 xi«iI*nt photographs and
satisfaction go to tin
Cor! Carrall ami Cocdovs Sis
family Gronpa and  Bnbj
Ptitiiits a Bpsdaltj
Cabinet   PhotOS   li"in |        I ll
SlNINla M-awHINtb
lilNB i.acIIAM'.E
, a, l.ialiville Sl.
l\hou ..a.,  .nnl 1 ilall dealers   in
1-itiuug  .ilaclllliis and  Supplies.
Machine! Hilled b)   the vveclk or
nioiiiii. Phone 1487
P ITI IVS lilt lllll IKS
htm ilie Igbnl Paitl MdeM
Pitman's lliismiss Collegr,
632 634 f)3h Sevnioiir Stm i
The Cilv LoU Coinpanv. Slu I
ing hb.ik, 71 Hastings st sr.,
h""in I,   via loan iei "ii i'imi'»,
Inr * '-   mil*
■frn 11."iii* "I .nlf
lH,|||(||t.   Illlt, ■• alia, „l||||.,|.    II,*  ta* l    >*l
lanee'l .jilariiil people SpH t l.-ir tia» n
We liave the Luges! ittxll ol
iiiotiltlings 111 II I t,. .1 hit irom
so when vmi w .ml Framing doll!
' h'.ip and vull g. t   |-i in
540 Granville ami  I IS Cordova
I ..rrall Sittti
The B   C   Mills
'iiiuiiii .md Trading 1 o.'e
Patented Sectional lliiililni;
.miai   Opera,   VandevUla
and Drama
Program changed sessj .Uonday
All) siai in the house loi.
\Jo Hastings Btreet WoOL,
VAKcol VER. li* C.
l-aiglish practical aratchmahar;
.iblisheil iStg
Bpedalty,  repairing
Carrall Bttaal
Vanconvei Batlmataa
,nnl th livi 1 v   lm	
I-. w   BOWES I CO.,
Manufacturer! "i arindon shades
11 st
The recent decision oi Iht
provincial government lo ap
point a royal commission, loi
ihe purpu ii "i nui itigatiug Iht
merits oi demerits ol lhe Goth
enburg system, .ti "ini brings
ihis subject H'ilbiii lhe raugi
ol practical politics, H
mi .eli visited Gothenburg,   in
lllllll      lo    Slllail      llll*    .sVsltlll    Oil
P0t,    1   lll'pl    '    .1    I'l ll I   l\
pi.III.(Ill'll    "I     llll     Ml.llll     I'.'Uill  *
ul licensing in Scaiidinav ia ma a
nut In* v,ilhoul muusi  at   iln
Ut   lilne.
Inst Scienlilit Kxperiuic-ut,
It   l.s  Dues,.ill    .il    Mil    Vel V    "111
Sll   l"  lei.
ell I ai Ig   .*•■,
uisi sei nnis allempl to solvi
tlu- temperance question on
■cientitn principles.   It «
llfst    I vpel Illii III,    .llhl    lilililal,
iiues.s.ini) ninii and niipiii.ii
and ii ii "iii'l be .is unreu ab i
to thin.unl thai Stephenson s
first locomotive should la equal
to tin- uiagniiicent and ellectivt
i-ngiliis "I the C.P.R.| as .    a \
pact thai iln  original  system,
as inaugurated at Gothi
should   ii"i   contain   obvious
blemi Uui likt Sti
son's loioiiniiivi, n  ihowi
wa)   to  l.iiui   thing*,  .iini   its
delects are  .is  remediable   as
Villi- Ills.
Abolition ol Private 1'rolit,
Tin- in.liii principle ol llie Goth
cubing system is tin abolition
ol private profit; anil tile llie
tlloil  evolved   was alike  simple.
ingenious and ellectivi      llul -a
vioiil ol   tWO lllllsl  lirsl   be salu
in ng,ml t" the gent ia ol tin
system. Gothenburg ii one ol
tin- largest and busiest w
oi Sweden, ,imi, list- ii..un m-.i
port i"mis,a ieii large amount
oi drunkenness uas prevail nt m
ilu- middle ol last ccnturj i*
siiih au istent win- pauperism,
irimc ami miser) the result,thai
sonic ol Hn leading citizens met
with the object ol lnnliug soiiu
solution to tins terrible state ol
things. Aitii in.un tieg.-ti.i
lions, the result was at lasl ilu
formation   ol  I  senn nun
compan), lu control the retail
sale oi brand). which was [ound
to In the  in.on  cam*   ol   iht
drunkenness oi Iht uu       'I he
(oliosing  w. ti   iiu   main leal
tires iii this compam i oi I
i. The profits ol lhe sharelml
dera wen limited to b pel cent
.'.   Snip: I. c., lllosi
above '* pel  uill * Wile I" go III
objects "i publii uiiliiv.
j. Tin- employe! ■ "i iln
pany vu re lo receivi (a) a fixed
salai i.   * *i ' oiumission on tin
sale ol  ,ol  food .unl all  lion in
loxicaling beverages    but no
commission whuU-oc-u-i on ilu
sale   ol   alcohol,
glass   "i   In.ui Iv     ..hi   in tin
compan) 's    housi.    repn i nl
ed    In    tin      I'lltplo'   ■
lorward  a
11  llllll,a   be,,ui,e  ila,
itint,an inti rest to push ihi
I'l   I I   .lllll   lloll  I Mi.llll
lO    I'l   Siill   I      .1 l.l' '     all       till
sale "i   i '•
i    Onl) iin it *i .unl j
spun Id n ,l.i
p.uiv s homes,
Knlllitl"!l   "I    I,I.ells,*,      Suill
are Un main prim iples ol tlu
Gothenburg ■*,stem, as it
started in llu > il * Irom which
il lakes its .     ltul i;
be in. idi utallv    .a mioii *
lhe comp ■• er iln
retail  lui ,,j
li 11
tion w.i   that
lishi'I  "i not ii*.i, th.aii h
i   ih.
Dt .*
hit i  ob\ io
stslt in,  as ll   vv
I ■
I'll. . .ai bran
and li ii iln li * w im
and heel    ll igi thi-l    n i
This   .hi* **.   iht
Not'u* ' lil, I III  11  :    '.il.
vihn h  I*   • : *
tin   ij iti in as Inu
adopti al in othei pari   ul Sa
11, il  the surpll ifj
To ihis i uletil tl" rt al princip
ol llu        'nn was thw
at li lhc i
;    . Ill   tin   111*
most  Imm
the profits,    This ilelei t ii
ill-all)  nun ill.ilile,anil has at 111
all) heen remedied ia Norwu),
llu   lllllll ililiil   is,  thai    llaal, i
art pi.ii in.ill) outside lhe con
thai ui ilu* system. Tin-, ap
plies uui only lo lhe Goltieti
mug, Iiill also to un Norwegi
an, system, and ii is clear!) u
blemish on both, Having ma
ml) studied this question toi
iiinn- ih,ni iwiiitv years, 1 in
lieve thai the true .solution is
as follows;
i na Licensing oi Hotels, llu
nls, providing a certain mini
niuiii amount ol sleeping accom
 ii,   should   be  giveii  a
I llu use,'' lul  iln  pui
oi  pi.uniiiig  alcoholit   rein
lilclll  i"  liiell   lioll.i   luii   ■*.
Ill UU 'UnillglOlalll al laa'.II
llllia     .    bUl    .ll    II"     'IU I     Ull.I        "I
A    I."l,.l    Iilil   gill  Sl    l"l     llll
uiai iii one who had ati
iiall)  paid loi  ill i ping accom
llOU,    nt    llie   gllesl    al    ,.
a such .i person.
No bar, ol course, would tx
pinnated m a hoti I holding  a
gmsl license, and lo insurt
tin propel conduct ol the licenst
he should have  to deposit   ai
least   Js"",     anil   llu I   .a po ll
slu iiiKI  be abaolutel)   (orleileu
ou .ui) iuii.iliion i'i the license,
Abolition ol the Bar.   I'l
the   Gothenburg    system
made au suih provision, l mav
hue remark that tin- auoli
Sl" is a prune in .
siiv oi scientific relorm.     iiu
"bur" is nothing else than  ,,
counlei oi tin "iiiui,uv  sioii
and it is utilised lor precisel)
the .-saline- object,  uamely,
push   the sale ol   lhe  pal tii Ilia,
»..ii - which the publican
foi sale.   N" lung as alcohol is
sold under ordinal v commi ri ia,
conditions, n imeJ) ,ior thi
est pioui  obtainable,  so
will the "bar" he used in ordi
io Increase the sales.    Hut n.s
total  suppression is absolute!)
iieussai) under anv system  a,.
rational liloiiu.
The Norwegian System
Norwegian system difiers  Irom
ihn Gothenburg system, i *
in two regards,     In the  firsi
place, the error committed al
Gothenburg,  in regard  lo
application ol  surplus  pri
has Imu avoided in lhe lollow
Illg .   The  slate  tiulii
pet'   mil,   lhe   llilllililipalll .
lieu  "i  liuiisi   duties   i
cent, iv Ink   the  remaining
per uui is devoted lo such oi
Jn Is ol  |nililli    linlili    as
mu chargeable to the rales   ..
tin* second placi, tin Noi*
alls  have adopted  a   veil   Ul 11 i
esting ami instructive system ol
local option.
I.".al Option in Nmu.iv, in
i*s.i|, a I.m was passed in Noi
w.n , giving llie  town*   ll .
■* oi  .a   prohibition .*
I. tail  n.i'h in spirits a hj  th,
Norwegian    * m mi Gothenburg
system.     Tin   mischievou
ini    "i   private  Iin
bees loiiiiii so greal,   lhat thi
law did uui pi"viiii foi  in
sibilit)   "i  reversion  lo
system.   Kvi n six years, il om
twentieth pari *
a ii.mull, all men   ami   women
mii .'-, years "i age) demand a
poll, a mie is taken on thi
Sill .
Siiinss oi iiu Norwegian S\-■
um    I'm man) years past dii
interested  observers  from   ah
pal ts "i the wni hi hav, i,
i" tin advantugt ■* "I llie Sean
dm,ii ian systems, and il
remarkable fact Ihal the main
lo the system
been raised  not In prohibition
isis in ilu Scaiidinav ian pcniii
but  bv  prohibitionist:   in
England ami America, who I
in vn seen lhe s) stem at a
I   visited   Gothenburg   m
*    ** llll l     ill '   la Hill.,
llll        I   111        W.IS      lllll      a,' *    ,,
who  were  but ing   ' In t
Christmas lUpplies.    Tin
'    In 111. ill   tin    llOU  *      Ull'lel
iln   system    and   iln   lie
house "i an  ordinal     Kn
town  was vel v   li inal k.iU.
I have ever since lieen u lirm 11
In ar in the merits nl llu
lilli.     Hill pel hap* li*
III.ill.,ii.ii    leslllllolll    I"   ils   sll.
llial contained   in
"li'ipoii i.ii iln- Liquoi  Lii
Ing    Law *. ol   Nii|'V.,i . ,"    i
iii  I-i b.   ioo;. bv    lhe   Si**
ranee   legislation   board
iln ii   wen* lour gentleim tl
ll.llall i| lot IllS    ll pOl I.     ' '111        o|
ihein In mg Professor Selh, tht
distinguished occupanl ol    Ihi
ili.ui oi  moral  pliiloi ipht    it
Edinburgh tinivi rsit)
tli uglily studied the system
'   Sn;, ti is, Ron mas, Voiles, Lus-
I ,*
i 1       | u
...     kjc
 ,„ .,*
ill \
I *•
n*l accessor-
■ OVSDAI.E v\ i:.\i i:
"" •>*!>• '.OUDlViS IIM.-illNljf)
Kl! VI ht I*. ,   , |  „ Housi'
it"' ' ; ninn s
BURRARD WOODWORKI -• I, foot of Si. forfe
in   di
test ll,
"ti in.
Norwat   li
iiiiiii  *. .
and  ih,
way,   .**
lion   ol   llie
,-s.lllii. I
*  .
ei idl .
which allin is
llllll HI \
and   |'
their   controlling
la    a
R.     I'. I    I
"I      ill,       . .'I
gl ad t o
which will i e ready lo be   is
ii mi'i rs, will earn iin
egi ol im entrance t-u es
1    *   and lectures, ami   at
othei iin-.11.ini
*   i'lie* "I   Ule
in,     As  in,   govern
• *  | rant i   ba ed   on   lhe
hip as at
tests ol ilu
* a. an pro
a -pOll.Sl       lal
1 111
■   ubuilt iheii
■ lh   present financial
on -ai nu- association, and
make    rei ommendations
will accom*
i \iii,.ut.ui limn   the
I hitherto
District Lot 204
Wt' an- new selling fast the
balance of the Lots in this
Beotion at
$150 per Lot
TERMS—du,. quarter cash; balanu 8, 12, uml is
months, ui u per nent.
Ot Mn on flic Ground floor and Buy Direct from
lhc Owners
IS3 Corduvii Mrcci, Vancouver, B. C.
lttT" MWH1 PEU1 ft WW hi., nn., nUTlHJ IM
STR. si-
ii 111 s
! 1   HI s
1 1 111 -
i is, urn k
SO, liv oi ii k
VIS.   IM    1|   IJ
SO, VANl ill'Vtk
•OMlt It,
•7 18 A.M.
•7J0 A M.
•7.8  "
•S.S3  -
•Mil   "
B.90  "
•900   "
'll.-JII    "
s   III     "
B.OQ   "
ll ."JI   "
III.-.M   "
a       .,        "
10.4a    "
11.18   "
11.18  ••
UT, 1' M
10.48   ■■
*)|| 4:,   "
Hlt.ll I'.M.
II t.i  "
11 CI'.M
t+IJ.48 I'.M.
US   "
tl 1.11  ••
-.' || "
1 l.i   "
lit   "
.1.15   "
a   "
Itt   "
1.18   "
U.l   •       "
"   "
l IS  "
1 II   "
1.48   "
II   -
ii II   "
'* 18   -
1.46   "
18   "
■a    |8        "
.,   "
-, •■
; 18 •■
s |8   "
a      "
" 1 .    '
Iii Ml   "
"II Iltl
a      "
•Not tm Bat
•• 'ii Bi
lllis IIMI   I'llll,1. -I    Mi i   ro CHANGE M   lllul'l  NnTICK
I leased
ii lit atemplate build
* .* .  .u'. ,.*   ol   ***
. would   ui-
•   latts to Ihis   papei
'"1     a SUCh      llllll*-.
col iht beat .nnu
tj i.m procure.
Horticultural Society and
icr *' Ins
' i *   *     a    .,;.<       ol j
*   hall,   onl
at S p.m.
'a ol   1)01
lo']  *  < iu Iiii.uui.t! <
■   * -.uui other l)US* '
.i   i utile In i .ie the
i ig,
[a. all.   1
At   pi 11
oil   ill*
but, i.
till* cul
slhle  Ul
I Mill'   la I.
Tin'   |)ccial i I
be  In 1"    *u *u..?.
Il.lll.   I'll     *
il imi ani ■ ral
Ulli li
n  I,,
i be dt
Ireel dividi
*.     .Ila ''a    l I'
nn sti
N'os. i and    together ... t
each     i
'      tOgl   '.''I
nd ij togelhi i
; i.n It     Sot
Tn ii       mo cash per lot,
n.nh  lor | •*
-   &  rownalci)
r  Sal — Tin- i.imi'st  h-t tn i-hooM in ri,
I"1* anil it:* rk- iu nil t,mt\t ni tin* eity
.-unl District.    Houses ou -innil cash pay
imlil*   Acreage in city and district.
Sjurial ai'.]iaiiiiiuiii.*, for invt-stiiieiil now.   List
r your bHrjjnini" with ns for t-uick fait-,
HijUshh, l-'l il-  nnil  Si ,- -    i : , , !   -,.;, cu,in
I'   ,.-*'llllllll'  |r.
" '|V' * !'|'ii'-:iii"tis for m fi,-1 loans mi the
IickI Ural nioitptipi' -. .ii rit \ in sums ,,i v.'iiii
'" II UKK)   lulu' -i .". s a* "". • |.f. | >i iniiiiiiiii.
Irwin i,. Sillinq* Co., lld.
•V        '' T. I    " I I       |  I.
Furnishing Departiiient
n cumplete    I- I'l-ryllnng thai
1        lllll II1BII   IIIUI    l'i't|lli|-i'   will   lie
fonnil in fi I v.-i'i. :\       Among
*"'"  "i nur -I'l-ci; I failles ure:—
*^|di'l * '    lurk .'..-lm in* sock- .bt
1 'hildri      ri ia ai wnrsteil and ' Bshmcrs
si .rl,.:.*:- . . 20r lu |fif
r*i.i|  1* rwear, situs ■"'.' lo 12 95c
S*>fl    fl'"     a      ,1',1'V   :*■■_• J 1 -.     *!   II I-.   Ol 1    -i/'-s ,S,"|C
r*, nil kIi«|i t  2 for 2fie
I   aa*      III    'AC'   III     Vitri'-I '- .   >mO,   'ib,   ''D
(et     I -i>VI),Mfl)
its' Km Hoots i nd -li' -      t Hothini


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