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Reports of the Retiring Trustees — Estimated Expenditure—Messrs. Steacy, Pea
cey and Bartley Elected by
Acclamation — Vote of
Thanks Passed,
In accordance with the Public
Schools Act, njoj, the annual
school merlin}; ol Nortli Van
couver wns held on Thursday at
ii o'clock in the school. Among
those present were:
Alex. Philip, C. M. C, M. S.
McDowell, R. Blackburn, Geo.
Bartley, A. R. Steacy, W. P.
Peacy, T. W. Templar.
Mr.  Steacy was elected chairman and W. P. Peacy as secretary.
The semi-annual  report of the
retiring   trustees   was   read    as
Ladies and Gentlemen,—In
accoi.lance with the new by-law
thc trustees of the past year resign
office. Reviewing the progress ol
the school during the past term, 1
think w>- halve reason to congratulate ourselves upon thc steady improvement of the scholars in all
classes, especially since the installation of the assistant teacher,
Miss Clapp.
Mr. Stewart, school inspect rof
B. C, alter the recent examination, expressed bis approval,
and was satisfied that the scltooi
Was under fairly ellicicni management,
file trustees have to thank ill
reeve and councilmun lot thci
Valuable support and assistance
iu all matters appertaining to tin
welfare ..f th*' school.
The trustees hoped to have seethe school grounds graded an.
fenced nclore the new year, but lb*
contractor, Mr. lielyia, complained
that the wet weather seriously interfered with his work. However, Mr, Gamble, ol the 1'iiblu
Works department, has intimate,,
his intention of fencing the school
property at an early pdrioil,
1 am sorry to report that tin
average sehojl attendance is still
under 50, iu consequence of the
removal ol two large families,
which considerably reduced the
number of scholars, but considering llie bright prospects o|
ISorlh Vancouver lor the coming
spring, the trustees are assured
before long (hat there will be a
full attendance in all classes.
C. W. Seal,
Chairman of School Board.
The secretary's report showed
that the receipts bad been S75.10;
assets, $38.25; expenses $60.85;
balance on hand (if 2$.
Mr. Philip congratulated the retiring trustees lor the work done
and also for the balance iu tin
bank. He moved the adoption ol
the reports which was carried.
M. S. McDowell was elected
The meeting llien decided that
",450 would be required from the
school district, providing that the
government will subscribe the $160
in terms ol section nj of the act.
The meeting then went into a
discussion 011 the new school act.
Nominations were called for the
new trustees, which resulted in
the election by acclamation as
follows: A. R. Steacy, VV. P,
Peacy, Geo, Bartley.
Tlm proceedings then terminated,
The new board then niet and
elected A. R. Steacy chairman and
Geo. Hartley as secretary.
Of the Ratepayers on Wed
nesday Night Unanimously Approve the Financial
Statement of the Retiring
G>uncil—"The Poor Man
Died," Said Pete.
Burrard inlet is fast becoming
one of tbc great ports of tbe world.
This being the case the First
Narrows, the entrance to it, should
be well looked after. Here the
tide runs strong which is in itself
a source of danger to the craft sailing in and out. There are at
present only four beacons to guide
the vessels—two just outside, on
tbe north shore, one opposit
Beaver point and the other across
from Brockton Point, two of which
are falling down. Originally there
were half a dozen, two being gone
altogether. These be:.cons must
be renewed. Now, wc would sug-
jest that the Federal government
—instead of spending more money
on them—instal a row of at least a
dozen electric lights on the Nortli
Vancouver side of tbe Narrows.
The power to operate thc proposed
street railway and lighting plant
of this city to be furnished by the
B. C. Electric Company could
easily be extended to the place in
qu 'stion.    It may be stated that
Capt. Cates, of the steamer been ta|,en llut on-y t0 collS(.rve
Britannia, when rounding Point j,),,, wators o( Lyml creek) but als0
Atkinson from Howe sound, takes• to retaitt aa lnuci, as possible of
bis bearings from tlie light at thc the avaj'aiJ|e water supply within
the dislriel.   Allusion   was   also
About 100 attended the annual
meeting ol the ratepayers on
Wednesday night in tbe municipal
ball.    Several ladies were present.
Reeve A. E. Kealy presided.
Town clerk Philip read the
balance sheet and financial statement of the District ol Nortli
Vancouver. It showed that the
lotai cosl of the waterworks system
to have been 1,53,706,^5, 82,221.40
having been drawn from the general funds to provide for necessary
requirements of the system. In
anticipation of large demands for
water iu tbe near future, steps bad
corner of the Esplanade and Lonsdale avenue, which is in a straight
line from there through the
Sudden Demise.
The many friends of Frederick
White Mitchell, ol Fifth Btreet,
North Vancouver, learn with deep
regret of his sudden demise which
took place last Sunday. Heart
failure carried him off, with hardly
a moment's warning. Mr. Mitchell came 10 Vancouver about 17
years ago, where he has since been
iu business. Previous to bis
locating here he resided at London,
Ont., and St. Thomas, which bitter
city was bis birth place. He
was a good citizen and always
urged the advantages of this port.
He is survived by a wife and three
sons, John, Sydney and Edwan
while two brothers, V. W
Henry Mitchell reside at Van
couver. His father lives at Victoria. The funeral, a private one,
took place on Thursday from 547
Durrani street, Vancouver.
The School Act.
We are pleased to note that the
B. C. reeves' convention at New
Westminster has taken action
upon llie Public School Act, 1905.
Reeve A. E. Kealy went into the
mailer at length. It was pointed
out by him that the act was unworkable, especially in North
Vancouver All schools situated
in the municipalities should be
under direct municipal control.
He mad.' a motion to this effect,
which was carried, and Reeves
Davie, McDonald, Rose and
Sprott were appointed a special
committee to act with tbe Provincial government lor the amending of said act, and urge that the
school tax rate be levied 011 real
properly only.
Work Started.
Tbc British Columbia Electric
Railway Company commenced
work on Thursday on the site ol
tb,' new car-barn, powerhouse,
and substation on block 21 in the
recent addition to North Vancouver, Tenders for tb.' construction ol the buildings will Iin
called Im shortly,
made in the report to tbe work of
grading tbe streets, particularly
Lonsdale aveuuc and First street;
to arrangements for installation ol
tramway, electric light and telephone- systems; to tbe gratifying
increase in dwelling houses and
business premises; lo the opening
of Victoria park, and to the more
recent acquiriu^ 01 tin- West p;,rl,
Mr. Wright said lhat $8,327.31
had   been   spent   on     Lonsdale
avenue, and $15,019.83. 011  ' oilier
road.i."   lie wished more detailed
I information.
Counciloi Morden read a state
j mem showing details.
lu response to Mr. Cornish, 1
statement was read showing the
amount now owing 011 contracts.
Councillor Cell said the chairman of the Board of Works
(Councillor Morden) had not done
justice to himself. The munici
j paliiy bad benefitted to the extent
of**t,ooo by the removal of impediments to traffic.
Mr, Cook took exception to the
amount whit 11 had been paid the
The chairman said that for the
lirst part of the year the collector
had been paid 25 per cent., and
lor the second half 20 per cent.
He bad many miles to travel in
the collections.
Mr. Pbillippo asked on what
basis had llie street-ends been
valued nt $10,000.
The reeve said ihey were based
on those already leased.
Councillor Bell .i'l.led that thoy
now could be leased.
Capt, C, Cates tl gbt that tlie
municipality bad mil the power to
1 barge wharlage,
Ilium i 1 loi Bill said thnl   il  tlif
municipality built wharves, 1 ii it
expected those usine, them tn pay
Im them,
Capt. C, Cutis ditl mil think llie
by-laws gave ibe council power in
enter into competition with private
individuals, ll might be right in
Australia or Scotland, but nol
Thf reeve said the municipality
had seven street ends, and as to
whether it bail the right lu lease
them would be a question to 1»'
s.'iilc.l before leasing,
Mr. Cornish wanted to know
whether tbe public had llu right
to use the wharves now under
lease to tin ferry company,
Tlie re. ve 1. plying said (be
council considered they bail, but
tlie ferry company considered they
had not.
Replying to Mr. Cook, the reeve
said that tbe municipality had a
right valued at iSNoo in the wharl
and slip at Vancouver.
Councillor Bell said it was an
open question whether the municipality had the right lo fasten
vessels with heavy loads to the
Mr. Wright—"Aud yet we have
$2,000 invested in the wharl."
The reeve said that the ferry
company had simply a least' ol the
wharf and that it reverted in two
and a half years to the municipality.
Mr. Nye said the value of the
steamer North Vancouver was
placed at $ 10,000, the same last
year. Was nothing to be allowed
for depreciation?
The reeve said the ferry company had the right to buy for $10,-
000. "I think it would be rather
bad for us to make allowances for
depreciation."   (Laughter.)
The street lamps were entered
at $,So. Mr. Wrighl said he understood that $200 had been paid for
those lamps.
The reeve: "1 think it was
Mr. Wright: "Have they depreciated to lhat extent already?"
The chairman explained that
according to agreement the municipality was 10 be allowed S80 on
giving back the lamps.
In answer to Mr. Pbillippo, the
chairman explained thai tiie public
parks had been valued With m-
gard to ibc known value of lots adjoining.
Mr. Cornish contended that the
cemetery reserve item ol $,1,400
should lie put 111 along Willi thu
roads and bridges, because it   was
uot realizable,
This was taken exception to by
tlie reeve and others.
Mr. H. C. Wright said lhat in
future be would like to see that
every dollar expended on roads be
kept account ol. "Now that the
money has all been spent there
was nothing left lo do but adopt
tlie report, the adoption ol which
he moved.
Mr. Pbillippo, in seconding tbe
motion, said that he thought the
council had done exceedingly well.
R.    W.    Dick,   candidate    lor
councillor,  called attention to  a
clause in the  report which read:
Work on the streets has been
carried forward as rapidly as the
circumstances warranted." "Gentlemen,"  said    Mr.    Dick,    "the
humor ol that statement would do
credit to Mark Twain." (Laughter.)
The report was carried unanimously..
Mr. Wright wanted to know
win a sidewalk bad been put down
on Seventeenth street where there
was not a house al all. (Laughtor.
The reeve and Councilloi Morden
justified tin- laying ol il and slid a
' resident bad lived iln ro,
Mi  Wright: "I'm just ml" I
thai tin- man died."
I', |c Larson I   "Ibe  poor  man
was so surprised when be got the
sidewalk that he died," Laughter,
Adjourned sine die.
Di be cleared ami planted witb 1
1 variety of shrubs, flowering 1
Consul Dudley Ably Describes
etc. A suitable building for thc
purposes of the society is also to
be     erected.    A     public-spirited
• citizen ol Nortli Vancouver has
. .     ,   ,, ,      ,    Igiven  tin acres ol land  to   the
NorthVancouver in the Engl,sh Church of  British  Co-
United   States   Consular lumbia upon condition that a pre-
Report—Its Resources and Paratory
Possibilites-A Hint   to school and coukor
Investors. s'ia" '5a  8tec'ed  thereon.   The
gilt has been accepted and   the
land is now being cleared, and one
According to the Daily Consular of the buildings, to cost not less
and Trade Reports, Washington, than $5,000, is to be completed
D. C, Consul Dudley reports that
within two years    A weekly news-
Vancouver and tlie country around paper is published in the new and
it is offering fairly good oppor-; rapidly growing town. At the
tunics to American manufacturers next session of pailiiiunt an appli-
of at tides needed in newly develo-cation will be made for a city
ping communities. It might pay charter for the municipality of
an agent or two, represi-ntinc; North Vancouver. An hourly
louses whose products are kindred ferry service has been operating
in character, to cover the entire j for about one year. The ferryboat
field. Consul Dudley's report is: is large, capable of carrying a
as follows: | dozen teams and 400 passengers.
During the past three years a ■ Upon holidays the ferry company
new town has grown across Bur- utilizes a second boat and makes
rard inlet, about two miles from half-hourly trips Irom each side,
this city.   Three years ago   but
Is This You?
little development work bad been
lone, and the other side of the
inlet bad the Indian mission village
ami little else. N° man 's so small in business
dealings, so detrimental   to   t,<
 * ■■"">■■"■•' town in which he belongs, as he
of Nortli Vancouver is quite as; who sends his work to outside
extensive as lhat ol this city, (places to be executed. If every*
Almost the entire watei front upon one worked on the same principle
this side is now occupied, chielly | what would become of the town?
by the Canadian Pacific Railway 'Although the business people and
and its steamship lines. Nortli citizens ol North Vancouver arc to
Vancouver, it is estimated, has a be commended for their good sense
papulation of about 3000, exclusive in this respect, we would remind
ol the Indians. Sueets haw: been'those that me not in the habit of
laid out and graded, large' qtianti- doing so to patronize Tin: Exi'kess
lies ol laud have been cleared ami when iu need ol printing.
soil iu lots, and many stores nml 	
dwelling bouses have I..'11 ne. ted.  JQ*^**^   ^J"**)   COUNTRY
Several manufacturing plants have
been established.   Excellent water 	
supply has been provided by the     i)on't forget the nominations on
municipality.   The     water     is Monday.
brought Irom \   ~     ,,   .-   ,.     , c*   • .
h The Horticultural Society met
i.ynx .mm; j Thursday night.
in wire-wound wooden pipes, a dis- II. Cripps, who owns property in
tance of about live   miles.   Tbc Lynn valley, will sell out his place
water comes Irom the snow-capped in ihe Bast, and locate here,
mountains and is ol almost absolute Th(. an„ua| bugiMM mMtjng 0,
purity, and the valley ol the creek ,*,,,. Congregation of St.  Andrew's
is so narrow thai there will never church will be held next Tuesday.
be much opportunity for polluting ||lc „innagers' report will be re*
tin  water supply.    Two wharves a,;vcd a|1(! „,„ miMgen c|cctl,j.
have already been   erected   and
,,        -„ 111,     ,      „      Mr. hmery,  who recently had
others will sunn be built.    A con- " '
with the ' broken, has discarded his
crutches and his many friends are
pleased lo see him un the streets
tract has been   madi
British Columbia Electric Company to instal an elcctrii streol
railway, about 1}  miles ol which
up  the  main  Street  is  tO be  installed and in working unlet by the
1st  nl   June    next.    The pOWH
to operate,
tiik sin 11 i'mi.wav
arriving    almost
Settlers   ate
Mr. and Mrs. McShane have
gone to Kamloops where they
will reside in future,
The bank did a good business
last Saturday evening in the
savings department.
The North Vancouver Dam ing
Club held another bop at Morden's
hall 011 Tliiirsila\ night.    About 40
1 iinplt.-. attended.
nnd lighting plant will be' Uppllt 'I
limn the company's worl 1 .11 Lski
limit." 11, thi current being
brought across thc north aim ol
the Intel upon an 11 rial  1 abli
1 hi ti loph  ' ompan) will soon
extend it' servii 1 to North Van>
Tin Vancouver, Westminster
ami Yukon Railway has itirvt yi rj
a location foi an 1 utonsion ol its
line northward. This mad is ex-
pi 11, il in 1 in., r,m ml inlet upon
a bridge al thi   S id Narrows,
about two mih teasl ol this 1 ity.
It is expi 1 tui thai this bin will be
I'l.'.ll I'llll Nul'IIUl .HI'
until it conm cts with the Grand
Trunk I'.n tin nt nl m .n Imi   Ml
I ..nil, Iii the northern portion ol
ibe province, 'I wo small publii
parks hav. already In en 111 aparl
and 1 cleared. Tbe hortii ultural
society has at quin .1.11 mi liderablt
tract ol land within iln  limits nf
J. A. McMillan, our genial
groct 1 ami postmaster, went across
the inlet with a big load of supplies lor Peers' camp, Howe
sound, today, Ninth Vancouver is
bi 1 I ning a shipping centre.
Aiinlli. r SCOW  load of crushed
im k has arrived lor tht strei til
It is ti In hopi d sum,' nl it will be
plan I at the wharl spproai h    ll
.1 bi 1 inn   hould  ir it would
, llir mud down lb.' Iiill  onto
the wharl a fool deep.
W, A. iiii. "ii, Imi man 11 tha
Waterworks,  says thai tha main,
five miles up, is only temporary
fixed,   It would In- remembered
lb.it tin recent break in the lour*
tet 11 in. b pipe was '■•/ bit nul was
1 sused In a landslide. The heavy
winds on tho side ol the bill, which
was heavily timbered, started the
slide mi the pipeline mad.   The
pipt is ieni ki pi in place on a big
1 ribbing until the hi avy In 1 s and
stumps have I..' n 1 li an d nil tome
.i'.n [eel up the side ol thc sti 1 p
hill,    A tt.ili Iniiaii is  on  duty  to
keep the road . I. ar. Al 10 1 *.u.i
piping ami plent) ol powder is
kept on hand (01 an) 1 mcrgi ni y
ibf munii ipality whii h is 1 on 1   Ih il n ■ THE EXPRESS
Newspaper.   ■   I'uli
• .    i.i   1'1,'A ll  .1, I'ulllpillll
ilm' lliillni' |ier Veil
,1, ii' lil' lilllUONH,
Ainu .in ;Mn   i
Torpid Liver
Cause of Fevers
1 I.i    l       ,f  i,   lVol-,1.
.    III.'      tpil        ,.    .''    1       I   HI-!'    Will
■ .       ,'   III   ',      III   '     Illlt.If    |l|||l','l|
,;,,   .',      ,"     i' ||   .il   ||U»   UI*C-
I slur)        lows    When
■   iii ■ .i! '   rl. 'i" -ml il
.   I'll-
■ t|| ■   II    I'."'-, I  of I III-
Ai ..i    11 I,    i
i   . fnl''*" |,,< i .1 I'll
• i     I     l'l'|l        i', ■  Ip ."'■
.  mull)  ' 'fi 'I    ! though! it
I ,1    know the' were
I ll
...llil   in   |irlll*'l|l I   I
ll   ..     '"I    'lilt
iiii In .i      At '.. iy,
||,.|l'll|   i  I: ml .il' ii It'tli'V.
ie  ■ H i  route r      ■    A
■ I     ■.   leased.'
■.•.I   '.■. ■,,■       i        ii
i .    .        ; a •>
1. ....   nni '
St,,,i'l     ■   t 1
.'.              '1
il       iinil.'i."     ll   Ih
llul."    Ill olil-
i fell
.'   i              1
■ l.nlill .-I   llu'
i             ill l'i-
I      '    *l
1               .     i       •              ,
.      ■ 1
The Surest Way to Prevent Disease is to
Keep the Liver Active With
Ton frequently nn external cnuso
for fever Is looked fur, whon the real
■niiiTo nf trouble ia from within the
horly Itself.
To begin with, Iho liver becomes
torpid, sluggish nnd Inactive, it ml
poisonous lill" Is left In the blood lo
corrupt Um whole system. The re-
silt Is tbe overworking nf Um kidneys nml lb" "logging Up of tho organs of excretion,
Footl which should bo dlgi'sAl Is
Ion 'o formenl and decay In Ibe Intestines, nii.i Inflammations nnil f"vors
are sot up
In such n condition Hie body Is a
regular hotbed of tllsensn. nnd li
must iiiai-pptlble tn any ttllment. of
sn Intentions or contagious nature,
The besl Insiiriineo against disease,
is tha use of nr rhi.s.-'-i Kldneyd.lv.
er Tills lo keep Iho liver active.
Tills grest medicine, has n direct and
ipeclflo action on tho liver, and Is
wonderfully prompt nnd effective In
swiilietilni; nnd Invigorating this Important filtering organ,
», healthy liver 'means pure blood,
eood digestion nnd the proper work
ing of tho bowels. A hoalthy liver
ensures the onward pnssago of the
food through the Intestines and ot-
erotery organs, and so removes sll
I'hnucu of tho poisonous witsto mattor
remaining In the body to produoe
pain, siifforlng and disease.
Mr. Duncan MoPherson, Content,
Alta., wrltes,—"l was for many yesrt
troubled with Indigestion and head-
nrht) and derlvod no bsnoflt from ths
many reniedles I used. A friend ad-
vlsod Iho use ot Dr. ('huso's Kidnoy-
Liver I'llll and sfter taking four
boles llio result Is that I am once
more In Iho full enjnvmont ot gool
Mrs. J. C. Johnston, Carman, Man.,
writes: "I hnvo boen a great sufferer from kidney trouhlo sad hsro
used nr. Chase's Kldney-t.lror PUIS
with very marked benefit. 1 cannot
say too muoh for this medicine si it
seemed to bo tho only treatment thst
suited my case.
fir. rhnso'i Kidney-Liver Tills, ont
pill a iloso, 25 cents a boi, at all
dealers or Edmnuson, Datoi ft Co,
I Um  niaonlt,
u 1 handling the
• inui li us i   le,   i'n nil
• ni nml make a
" accepted rule.
ircd hoard nnd pn
and very lightly .villi llie rolling pin
ninl .'in .mi unit n glass,   if ibis rule
e,l tin hlsculti will moll in the
mouth like *•'■■%
Him Children Arc Worried.
..i becauso
. :, 'i ■ tlvo ond
,ll  ones
without reason.  A child
nl me and he nil nvt I lo : ij or utnuse
:i way without tho con-
if a net"   is mother,
,      ■
iim, * ■   •
I In,liny   111*],   I lililnnta.
, tor the dining room or Iho
■ maid's den,  Tl i y can bo had
Im* folding 'I""  , uml tho Inl
large emu   i to hold ■
for a spread.
A    l.ixnl    III,If   ..I'l.iirr,
A g I mil dr grower
Is made of two f |  ro i   tor
oil and ol eitu do co
ne    ||    ■        t Is of ib,. proper
Ihe oil nlvi'd .n ii mi'i
I), eli
i    uiig their
■ .
rarely |        ....
'   •
;>. iho
■ I
• :
' I
i i nod the
• si
— Tbe-iiii.I pii'
.tiini.illy ...i*'
require to bo
, thai
I,   two
-i 'I'm      Vou
■   'll-At-
nii'tit .Mb   I'
In. i i
ili-i-l,- • ■*.    Il ll an
invaluable lonie, i •
stomach, builds up Hie nm down
system, slrcngilicn*   • ■ >,
ids Ihe liven tcsi
and head
snd is .in nil  ro'i'i'l
,-itie, ti*' I by thous ill'. ''I  it,
worm * Iron In every part
of Ibe Dom
ib ul i>.
T. F, McfiUIGAN &
Res'. Estate, Bnsiir.-iiicn
;intl General Oomi
BitAi n
, oouvor,
nn. T.A '.i scum, i „n,t...i
flKingSI,W.      Toronto, Ccniscla
I.If  llul   If  You   Would   Aluny*   lis
1 ouug lu Form.
,\'n longer ilm'*; thu girl ot today havo
a pillow I" resl her liivil lii'inl on. She
now sin.lies the athletic side of the
iliioniinii, nml nthletles liive dotermln'
oil i), ii slie shiill lie perfectly tint with
im pillow in supporl hor tired head.
The i "ponents of Ihe heiiuty class
claim thai the reason Uml our grand*
iiiuilit'i's were roun I sin iililereil wns
' in.' fnt'i thill they sliowi d ti
■ ninl pll-
'..■iiii.' those -i owing nn Inclination in he straight, lllhe 11 (in i
and heiiutlful lu I
pillows ns tbe,.'  would  sweels  thut
them I      rei ip I ilty lis-
Tin- girl ..Iin Is n student nnd bums
tho mid oil     nj   dlselnlni  all
. - of her stiiil) liy nol lin\   .:
ii pillow in rest on ni night, lying perfectly lint,  I ii'    ' miitornetlng tlie
rounil shoulder. A curve of tho neck
I- devi lopcl iimt I- enviable, while n
striilgbl back causes one never lo thus
i .*,' ini' ii- ' ii fitct, n veritable
I'ouco do Leon fountain has been dis.
covered through ibis medium, many
Pillows nro uiiln nlll y. the physical
culture ndvoi ti* ehilm, su "beware of
signs of i  "    l.envi  oul llio pillow,
tui you n ■.' "in-' in form.
The Meunlnic „f These Words In the
OM 1: ii ii M -.li Song,
How many peoplo know tho meaning
of the words "Pop goes llio weasel" in
tho song? Many of us havo probably
regarded thorn ns a menulngless tug,
having soini' dim Cockney bearing on
the animal, Such n bearing tbey have,
but In uu unexpected wny. A writer In
Notes and Queries affirms Hint tho
words refer to a purse mnde of weasel
skin which opened and cluseil wilh a
snap. This brings ibe lino out of Irrelevant Jargon into the main sense:
L'p mul iiown tho city road,
In mul out tho i'lunlt'i
That's tbe way tho monoy goes-
1'up goos the weasel,
Tbo "pupping" nr snapping of tho
purse is declared to bo tho equivalent
of "Bong went BUxponcc."
Hut ibis explanation is not, perhaps,
so Inherently probuhlo ns aiiuthcr
which makes "weusol" a slung term
for silver plate, prizo cups, etc.—articles which, as the result uf gadding in
tbo City roud, wore pawned or "i>o,i-
ped." This klen Is repealed in a Story
of nn Islington tailor who, through frequenting ihe Euglo tavern, bad io pop
his "weasel," an iuslrumout used iu iho
culling of cloth, Whatever tho weasel
may have been, tho snug went round
llio world, and ninny n buy lu faroff
Brazil or Ceylon received bis first idea
of Loudon's streets In iis reference to
the flly road.—Loudon Globe
Tit,. Habit uf Hilling uml llio Slurb
Dove's, llu** in i. right,
An Englishman, Almond Sclous, has
been watching doves ni play and In
combat, uf the habit of "billing," in
which io many birds engage when tbey
it re nesting, ho says: "Where birds now
merely 'bill,' they once, in ray opluion,
fed .'ifb other, or tho mule fed tho female, but pleasure ciinio lo bo experienced in th*. contact alone, ami the pas-
sag,' of food, which wns never noccs-
try, graduull) bo uino oh lete, I
think it by no me ,11* imp "liable lhat
our own kissing may have originated
in much Uie same wny. and that birds
when thus 'billing' experience the same
re thai ne do when we
It quite obvious to any ouo
who lias watched them."
Of a peculiarity of Iho stock dove Mr,
Solous utiles: "When these birds tight
they constuutl) Interrupt tho flow of
.a by bowing In tbo most absurd way, uot to ouo nuother, but generally, so to Bpoak, for im object or
purpose whatever, apparently, but only
because the) must .1" bo, The tact is
the bow has bccouio n formula of courtship, nnd, ns courting und fighllng nro
Intimately co led, Ihe ono suggests
tli" other In the mind of ilm bird, who
bows all ni once under a nilseoncep-
: in."
Less Wallace'! I'nwrlllcn Hovel.
Qcucral Low Wallace bad i i mlud an
American novel, tli i     d that it
wa* his Intention to write this Btory
otter he had completed Ills memoirs.
Ills theme was tho striving of I
A     . IgS 111
nn Inert [   hero was
,  . i Ann ed for
a fow years In Enrol e, limn In \ i
ll, i, in ... 1.1.    I.li .a,'   ll.iillll.m.
'   ■  II!.-. lllll'
.   libit'  |U lllll   Hi"  lll"*t
'< Hut I recall l
i • i ■ '
i a road lending     ll   with ex-
i        '   lien f my
'   I
'.   *
. ■ I
.'. ,
1 hind,
I "il   Still
■ li sn
ai ." did u a
gold.'     Incur I'm        ntltlo
v.,,,-ml !>„<"■   \i. Mini,<il  lur.
I:.• v. hr. Tori      i io see
II ii yoll   illi'lul  rl ■ r
I  Imp" ■ I',n'
guru  I..' "    -
I '.■... i,,„,i
Tin- lliilll" "I   Ilini«.iii.i,r.
tli* of Til                   ' ."-a
il it  Itm   ; ■   uml   Ihe  ' nn
i.il Tho
bj sn ■ ■  " and
a  both
. ll'
In  11.  Sin,tsr  Sonne   II   Una  11,-i-n   In
I *>|.   lur  I ,-1,111,-1,..,
Iii letters from Sir Walter Scott to
Willi 'lark "f Kl'lin. under dale of
Sept. I .1 HO, ri'-'. arc found allusions i" Ihe word "lobster11 as a playful sobriquet for the redcoat oflli ors
and soldiers of Ihe Bl lish army.   In
.    nil bo led lobster Is iiieaut, as
■ ■ of Ihe followh .-.
"ini' familiar  lo  llio Kngllsh Bl eet
hoys, an,l quoted whenever n rifleman
in given  ..as seen walking nnu In
man «llll a soldier III red:
Sir Arthur llnzlerigg, In from*
l n regiment of culms-
Biers, who "from tin Ir complete armor
Ihe nlekinimo of lobsters."
(Burdock's "Cromwell as u Soldier,")
iVIuil ci I l
may readily hnvo grown Into nn exit hatred and contempt  in
• ol 'h" itevolutlon,
aud, in pi'ini of fact, Bancroft's "Ills-
lory of llie L'nltiHl Stnti :
was "ii" "f th" nbuslvo
ipplb'tl i.i th" soldlei. b)
in ii li' occasion of tho Uoston
11108 llll ,"
Imperial Maple Syrup
Ask your dealer lor Impirlal Maplo Syrup.  Hn not allow him lo substltuli
an Interior nrtlclo bcionuso It Is chenpor.
*.. mnn,
w Y'irk
iireom, ui i i.    , ..« mi'i'T
\   Tnsli-  nt It'in,..
When 'llni'i,"lay ...i* n ' nmlid.ito
fur parliament from Iho cit) ol Oxford
S"iti" "tie remarked lo bint thnl ho
must bi* .."ll known 11 inn i of those
■   .   : t,      "N ' f," -I
ih.h Iterny, laying down Ills Im fo   ml
d holding up n linger, 'There
mis .ml,  one lis:,ii 11111011(1 all thai   1
Went I    .In. I id li" ml I
before, nml b" .. n a circulating llli i   i inl funic!" Thnt
ll    III 'I       *   mill'   I all'"   hll'l
I  t, II   Vi'lll'S,
Might ll,- Worn,
Winl.* Whal mil."i you look so
bin"'/ links l havo sis daughters,
mini' of Ihcni married or likely to be,
Winks And you nre blito over Iti Vou
nro tho musl ungrateful morliil thai ever breathed, i hnvo six danghtori, till
married, all have children, nnd I've got
to mpporl ih" whole crowd,
Sorry  II,- Spoke,
"I wish, Mrs, Browu," snld Iho
boarder lo hi* landlady, "I wish you'd
give tn" ih" receipt for that pudding
iv bail yesterday,"
"I'd much rather give you a receipt
for ib" i .1 ymi hmi lasl month," re-
lill'liiil III ■ I.mill.nl.  I it'll)-,
II,-,'  I „l,t,|t|,i   Mni.
"Vital  g |'| ba* an iiiil'iii'iiinati' Idea
Of i'.'|. iit".\"
"Vs. ,"     iwi'i'i I M     ('ii* SI ti
ba- nn  iih.t  thai  sill' < '
., i   ||     i...         . j     |
Ih llgs Hull   III i'l "
Hit Dnjillenle t'rcsefiti,
Sin- Did . mr • I", a i hi.' duplicate weddlug presents, II" Yes; sho
married a widower with two buys.
Tin- niii, si Dlnrr.
The nbb'si illnr) In t-xlsli-m-c Is said
In be llnil iiresi'i'ved In ihe .lii|iniii'.so
ul  lloznl n    l'i   i n duly
d by tin      I'lniis In ,:..* of
ih" family for funr ei
Knrs-nu **u,,,.a-*-,a, 1.....
Wl n th ii Korea
is i'l (lunger nnd „ilu r rem tl
fuili'd, a broil I       f lib
hand for ml who bus
llins biivihI In ;■ fnlhi,' linnsi
tvorsli ped b) ii" fun '.
Nrnllng nn  l-.tis's-lssps*.
.In envelope elnsisl n ih Ihe while of
■■ '   t cannot a bj ih" 'team
-if boiling u iter, in ih" lienl onl) adds
to Its llrniness
A  It'll,' nf Ntllnllll' III, It,,.
The year ISlll ivns m e nf notable
births, bringing Into il    world siu-h
a*   ii'n* ii   Vh'lii        ilohtl
II \\   ll .i hnrlei Kings
ley, Jnliii Ward II two, .1. ii. Holland
and Cyrus i\  l-'U-iti
Trial I'.v .lur-.
Tbc principle of irlnl by Jury wni
Innugiirntod lu IOS, livery sccuscd per
tain was lu b" '.li'"' .nil' 'iv ''* "iu..is
To Prevent Is Better Than to lie-
,„.iit .\ little medicine In Ihe shape
oi the wniiib'tfiii pellets whloh era
known ns Parmoloe's Vegetable Pills,
administered at the proper time and
wlih iiii! directions adhered to often
prevont n serious attack nf ill kness
nml save money which would go to
ll •• doctor, in all Irregularities ol
iho '. ' live organs they ore an Invaluable corrective and by cleansing
the bl I they clear the sUn of Imperfections.
Montreal led all American pons In
apph    • "im, ins ihls yi'iii'.r,;,l.nonli.-ir-
i, is valued nl $2,000, I, being   Bnt
in in.at Brltnln,
Sunlight Soap Is better thnn oilier
soaps, bul Is best when used In iho
Sunlight way. Buy Sunlight Soap
and follow direct Inns.
\h"i' bo  vt'iiis trial,   Kingston
city council has abolished llio curfew
bell  nl'ilillaili'".
ruins. I,Hi" ih" Poor, nro Always
Whii l's Thnl portion of a mint's
life which Is nol mud" up of pleasure
is largely composed ..f pain, anil lo he
free from pnln is n pleasure.   Simple
ni'iii.s in-" ah'tiyi ih" besl Iii ireat-
Ing bodily pnln. ond a safe, i nro and
slmpl" remedy Is Dr. Thomas' Eclec-
trie Oil, Yuu cannot do wrong In elv
iin; ii ii trial when required,
Bend t postal  card   for  our   now.
booklet,   "in tbo Interest ol   id
LlTlnc."   It's ft  on f nu 'St,
Winnipeg, Man.
The Keeley Cure
Ask tho lawyers, tho physicians, Ibe
congressmen, llio clergymen, the
clerks, the book-keepers, tbo skilled
mechanics who hnvo patronised us
and you will Iind Ihnt tho KoolSJ
treatment Is nil and moro than Is
claimed for It, and (hat It |g the
"sillch" a drinking mnn needs to save
property, reputation, family, sanity
and even life Itself,
Write today, now, nnd ■• • the necessary Information about It,
133 Osborna St., Fort Rdiijc,
After somo years  trial,   Kingston
tily council bus abolished III" ' ,1    ,v
bell ordinance. THE EXPRESS
i.         ——   . i
He Found His Lost Health
in Dodd's Kidney Pills
Leading Buslneis Man of Welland
Qlvei His Experience with thi
Great Canadian Kidney Remedy.
Welland, Ont., IToc. 25.—(Special).
—Thero la no bettor known or more
highly respected man In Welland
than Mr. J. ,1. Ynltom. Porn nnd
brought, up In the neighboring township of Croivliinil, by his own Indus'
try ami si m ling honeBty he has grown
to bo one of Wollend's lending merchants, Consequently when Mr. Yo-
iiom cuni.'s oui with a statement that
hi was cured of a Berlous Illness by
Dodd's Kidney Pllls.everybody knows
It must be so.
"For ii veal' rn nn ro I bill l-'l "".
Trouble In nil its wont symptoms,"
•svs Mr, Yuknny "My head was
bed, I had no npVtlto nnd I lost
wolght fast, At times I was entirely
Incapacitated. I doctored with a
physician of vast experience but got
no gooil results.
"I became despondent of over
being well again, When by good" lflt.1l
i chanced to try Dodd's Kidney Fills
ond from the first tbey seemed to
mit my case, Five boxes cured mo
( nnNolntlon.
A good deal of tbo consolation offered 111 tbe world is nbout ns solacing ns
the assurance of Ihe Irishman to his
wife when she fell inlo the river—"Ton
will iind ground nt the bottom, my
Tin*  Ileal  ill- llnil.
"Is this tbe best claret. Murphy?"
asked llie Irisliniiiii of his butler. "It
la nut, suit," *vns ibe answer, "but It's
the besl ye've got."
li'iinlr Formation Atonic tlie
Course of rati River,
Nature is full of strnngo freaks, ninl
her agents—rains, storms, winds and
even dust—produce results Hint might
often he mistaken for the works of
buiuuu heads, though frcqueutly on a
colossal scale.
Volcanic activities nre mighty factors, und through them sonic wonder-
fui phenomena nre wrought, Ono of
these may be seen along the course of
Fall river, in northern California, This
stream is of considerable size, and the
work of nature's gigantic forces may
bo seen between the upper and lower
cascades of Hie river.
It is what might properly lie culled
a "volcanic dike." This dike extends
for some distance along Fall river,
near Us banks and nearly parallel lo
the course, It bears close resemblance
to a roughly constructed wall, Tho
top of this dike Is very rugged and
Uu. height of varying altitudes. Ia
some places It Is twenty feet high nnd
several feet In thickness, and again
may be easily I'lnnibercil over. The rock
of which this wall of nature is composed Is of n very porous character,
bearing some resemblance to pumice
stone, though much more solid and of
groatcr specific gravity.
| That entire region Is of volcanic origin and evidently was once the scene
I uf great eruptive activity, Scoria nnd
lava abound, though Ihe face of tho
country Is now thickly clad with timber
uml brush,   The dike begins und endB
' abruptly,
The wall of llie dike Is evidently tho
I result of volcanic forces, und has no
1 doubt stood for many centuries,   It
I slnuils clear from clinging rocks, haB
ii  narrow  foundntlou,  with  vertical
' walls, and Is very straight. Tbe mystery is what forces of nature could
have piled up or left standing this
' rock formation so uniform. This dike
has puzzled not n few geologists who
have visited ond examined It—American Inventor.
Religion converts despair, which de-
Slroys, Into resignation, which iub-
nilU.- lilcssiogtMU
During the palmy .lays of ibe buccaneers, when the muster found it necessary to restore ilisiiplini' liy punish-
lug one of his cutthroat crew, he used
to "maroon" him—that Is, set him
aBbore on sonic treeless key or coral
reef far out from tho mainland, Hero
tho helpless maroon usually anticipated tlie tardy process of insanity and
starvation by drowning himself In the
in if.
ii better than oihsr Scaps
but is best when used in
the Sunlight way, Follow
saaa*. .'1.
to I* waiSpJ in it tub cf
lul*v<*.'...ti '.*■ ,1   r. .    .    it
out un > mibb .»iJ in-iiub
the ■ .ip  lightly over it.
lit. "ir'i.'i.r   :..'t   to mill
•outttf .■!!.> rr. TIIKM
roll it in a light roll, lay
in ihe lull ur.dci tha Waiter,
ind pn cm tlie ism* way
until til thi piteM have thi
leap rubbftj 00, »nJ tie
Then go owiiy for
thirty n.intiUi lo one
hour ami let the "Sun-
light" iooptJoiU hoi k.
NhXT.- Alter toikini
the full lime rub the clothe*
lightly "til on a wash l».»nl,
and thf dirt will drop
out; tttrn the iai mem in*
i<le ill i,> get .it ilie team*,
but don't uk any mor*
•ojp; <
,1*1 ot b.»il a
tittle in ■ -. ant don't
»aih llunii^h two whI*. If
ihe water -r/l» tuo dirty,
pour a lillle out ami M
trmk Ha -trrah ia hard
i.i •*ris'i, t iiii tonie niore
Matp on it. and throw
Uif iiii-n1 I*-"*- '"'" the
aud* (or a Irw fninutr*.
RINSING, whiih u to ba
.Im*' m i'..'- nt.i water,
i -Lm,' *(*etial ana io get
all ilia iliity mill away,
then wring oul and hang
for Woolen* and Mntv
r-rf-, v ■ ' a* mknnl ■
aSluUe Uie aii'uIr-* li« fi.HH
iluU.    Cot    a   tablet   of
lUMJOHT soap in,°
ihimgiipoat iniiagalliin
into a lalh'T. When ju»t
hikes,arm, wo«k ami.1« in
the lather without nibbing. Sf»<*«* 'n,t .hrty
vatet without [Hitting
ami rinse ih'toti«lily in two
tolay* of lultewaim water.
. ■ t.. r< out water without
twitting and lung in tba
* 11 ■: * air.
fir ]hr most delicate
colors may be safely
aM.th.-d In tho Sunlight" way.
tte AAA REWARD will bo Hid
Jjf\.w\t   *0 aily ncr-ton who
Sruvei that Runlight Soup  ■
iini an/ lnjurluui chomkali
or an; form uf adultoratiou.
Your Money Refunded by thi
dealer fiuin whom rou buy
HuoltKht Hunp if you liml any
oauao for cum plai ub.
Yoq cannol be expected to have faith in
Shiloh'i Comumptioii Cure, the Lung
Tonic, aia cute for Colds, Coughs and all
•diieaiei of thc air pasugei, if you have
Hot tried il. We have faith in it, and we
guar,-intee il. If it doesn't cure you it costi
you nothing. If it does it costs you 25c
That's fair. Try it to-day.
Shiloh hai cured many thousands of the
most obstinate cases, and we do not hesitate
to tay iimt it will cure any Cold, Cough,
Throat or Lung trouble. If we did not
believe thii we would nol guarantee it.
Shiloh has had an unbroken record of
luccesi (oi thirty years. It has stood
ereiy possible teat without failure. Further
lint ml of Hnrlno Jlomler Vlr-flal*
Sported In IU7II.
II. ll. Blackwoll of Oxford lins pub-
llsbcd 11 careful rejiriul ot "An Account
of. Virginia; Us Situation, Temperature, Productions, Inhabitants and
Ihelr Mauner ot Planting and Ordering Tobacco." It is, in brief, a pum-
phlel communicated to the llo.vnl so-
I'ii'ty lu ltllti by one Thomas (Hover,
"an Ingenious Chlrurglon," who had
lived for some years In the provlncs.
Mr. Glover would Beom to hnvo riH'kon-
i'il llio sou Bsrpcnt among tbe inhabit*
tinis of the colony to judge from llie
minute accuracy of the following de-
"A most proillKioiiH Creature, much
resembling a mnn, only Bomcwhat htr-
ger, standing right up in the wider
with his head, neck, Sh*uldOrs, brniHt
nnd wast, to the cubits of his arms,
nbovc water; his skin was lawny, much
like llinl of nn Indian; the Dgurs of
his head was pyrnmldnl, nml slick,
wllhoul hnlr, his eyes largo and black,
and bo were his eyebrows; his mouth
very wide, wltli a broad, black streak
on the upper lip, which turned upward
it each i'lnl iii.i' moustnehoes; his coun-
tonanco was grim and terrible; bis
neck, "boulders, arms, breast nml wast
wero like unto llie neck, anus, sboul-
tiers, In-east and wnst of a man; his
hands, If he had any, wero under water,   lie seeuitd to slainl with his eyei
Hi ti 1 "ii i'n- tor some time, and afterward dived down, ami u little after rls-
i'Hi ni Bomcwhat n farther distance nnd
turned his bend toward ma again, and
ilnn Immediately fnlleth a little under
water and swlmmetli away so near thi
top of tbo witivr Unit 1 could discern
him throw mil his nrms and t-'alhir
tils-Hi Iii ns n man doth when be mvlin-
in,-ih. At Inst he shoots ivllh his bead
downward, by which m tans lie cast
inyl nbovo tbo wati r, which exactly re*
leuiblcd tin- inyl of a Dab, wllb a brosd
fanoat ihe ciitl of It"
n» iiooitt „r in. HoneitT.
Deputy Sheriff anil Chief of l'ollci
Alf Church of Woonsockct was known
in his dny as n man who was straightforward nul Minn iu all bis tlcnliiiKi.
one tiny u grocer went to All for Information about a certain Joe whltt,
who hmi applied for credit and a book
nt Ins siure, ninl the following dialogue ensued;
"flood morning, Mr. Church,"
"Po juii know Joe White""
"What kind of s feller Is he?"
"Putty fair,"
' I* In- I st'!"
"Honest? I should say so, lleen ar*
Kited I nice fur -li'iiliif ami in'i|t!itt«l
both litiics,"
is found in tha many t-sb'monials ol thoso.
who have tried Shiloh and been cunrd.
Mis, Airliie Taylor, Asaph, Pa,, writes *—
" I houitil I bonis ol Shiloh's Conaumption Cups
anil liuiiiil it very DeneEcisL I havstwo children,
aad l[**y had a tmibls cough. I gava tlirm
trsnrthtna, 1 could limit of, biitthey so, no balls,.
Sntii ooa erenins my hualiand bousnl s bottls of
liil.'li.    Wa SaVS il 10 th. i l.il Iini whan ttt-T
Est lo bod, and tli.y alepl all niilit. It cured
n cctaplctcly. I ali.ll always keep it in th.
ia.." 603
■25c wilh gusuntus? wfinfTsf mi^licinc il Ms
It ll.-ijuii, s 11 Qontni It, *li>nattc lb.
An,,)' 11  B1UIII071,
Th» housekeeper of a great hotel is
one of Uiose geniuses who arc born nnd
not inniJe, She must possess nn nbso-
lute talent for taking cure of linen, tact
ill detecting dust, n "ilille ubilily lu
training servants. In short, she must
know bow everything in tho realm of
housekeeping sliould be done uml marshal ber forces for tho doing of It with
the mathematical discretion of a gon-
Take, for example, the woman In
charge of the Internal economy of such
mi estahllsbmcnl ns Die Hotel Astor,
New  "fork's  new $7,1)00,000 hostelry.
she has under her supervision nearly
'Jim maids mul men aud two assistants
lo help her In the lucre work of administration, each required lo be on duty
every oilier morning .it 0 o'clock aud
to stay ut her post '.miil nearly midnight. The army which the housekeeper and her lieutenants direct Includes a corps of men to do the cleaning, with several head cleaners, and
another corps of women cleaners: a
iiuiiiiiion of parlor maids, one of chambermaids and a third uf maids' maids
to look after thc roeins of the hotel
employees. Besides llul' there uro
hnlf n dozen young which In the linen
room who aro clever icamstresscs and
ivboso timo In given to darning luce
curtains that have I **i-ii torn, making
the maids' caps, giving out tlie linen
anil receiving it as il cihnes from tho
laundry, and so on.
I ilrectlng tbo cnergli s of such a force
of workers Involves Innumerable Inspections, constnni supervision and unending patience. The head housekeeper of Ihe Astor Is not nn en-y person
to see, partly I HUM she Is so hard
to Iind. Her ditties h-ein to call her
everywhere ut once, First comes her
daily tour of Die llien and supply
rooms on each iln ir; th n a glance into
each of tbc several limiting rooms,
which must bo kepi scrupulously dust*
less. If furniture Is l* be moved the
bend housekeeper must bo on band to
see Hint proper cute ,*i exercised ami
thnt everything Is iirrn iged ns it ought
to he.
Strict counl nui I In- kept of the linen issued, tho resoivo mattresses,
blauki ts, pillows nnd n 1 Hie rc*t of the
household equipment, if nn extra bed
or chair is needed Micro must be a
visil to the furniture supply rooms.
The up to dni,■ hold undertakes to
inc'i Uie slightest whim of nny of Its
guests Instantly, and every request
Imaginable some entirely Bonslblc,
others quite unrenso inblo mu I ba
carried out promptly, no matter how
difficult its fulfllliuoill Piny tie.
Ileal   Nol   «1„„,>  Ileal.
It Is ii mistake to have thc best. Thi
reasons nre two dm is Hmi directly
you im ve Hi" best of anything you
bavo closed an avenue to enjoyment,
tho enjoyment of wnltlng for a wish
lo he realised; the other Is that one
becomes sorry for those persons whom
one sees stumbling along with the inferior article- K. v. Lucas,
Trmle Superstition!,
Dressmakers will nol "lit" with
black pins, an I ngnril it as unlucky to
lack with green cotton, Milliners regard as of bnppy augury tbe drop of
blood falling on a hat from a pricked
finger. Loudon Soles and Queries.
'iin* Hnlr liciloren,
Dollle  lie promised to semi back
my loi k of hair, bill lie hasn't done It
yet.   Mollio-Tlml's    llie    way    with
those hair restorers- all proi   s nnd
no performance,
w   im. u   ivl.  t>«..■_.
To manage men one miglil lo have I
ihnrp mind lu u velvet slicnili Ucorgl
llnrhm l\ Inu t lopold.
In spite of his years Xing Leopold of
Belgium Is ot f Iho most daring of
men. Nol only is he given lo riding In
nn automobile tit tremendous speed,
imi be also employs ns ii chauffeur ono
Marcel, who Is a pronounced anarchist
lit viiiv of llie many attempts made
mi tbo lives of European rulers the
king's retention of this employee is regarded ns foolhardy, lie bos been
warned against tbc man hy ihe police
uf Belgium, Trim"' nml lierninity, hut
be puts no iind in ihelr counsel, He
addresses .Muriel us cltoyon (eltisen),
tin- tltlo which wns substituted for sll
others In inn luring tbo re gn of
terror, Tims Ihe cynical king pays
mock deference to tho levol ng tbt    ss
Of anni'liy.
llliti-inl   -,|"ii.i;-
Tboro nre between 0,0 ind i 0
mineral springs In lbs United Blates,
nf this iiiin.i.ei ni t 800 in 000 am
utilised commercially, the watei * be
Ing sold either for table mo or for
medicinal purposes, The lotai production of "."'ti of these mineral spi ■
nii'iiit   mijii' '      i   oui   anil '■' ly,
which   bring   0  tluin   $0,000,000,
When tin- lirst b-l of mineral springs
in Amerels was imi'tt In 1881 there
were only twenty one springs catalogued. The number of American
spring resorts is Increasing nil the
lime,, nml some of ll. in now rival In
popularity Iho olde t rfiiropenn resorts,
Mineral Water New*,
in. Ineipirlenee,
Judge lime yuu anything to sny,
prisoner at the bar, before sentence li
passed upon you?
Prisoner 1 hope thnl your I
take into con Idcratloo Ihe youth and
Judge i iitorrupl ng) tVI s-a-t! Vou
hive ii..iii . nr elt I sort i."
r    mer-Oh, no, * ir; I was
illu ling to in* con
Helpful BU**ffeitloni Ker llie Gufd-
niict- uf Dairymen.
Immediately the milk Is drawn from
the cow it should be strained through
a wire and muslin strainer, says Amor,
lean Cultivator.
All buckets, nans and other utensils
with which Ihe milk is brought In eou-
tnet should be made of tin. Ilusly vessels should never he used.
The milk vessels should lie kept clean
and sweet and washed with cold or
lepid water lirst, then scalded wilh
boiling waler or sleam and finished
with a rinsing of lime water. Tbey
should afterward bo drained out,
sunned and aired,
Milk from newly calved eows should
nol be used for skimming llll after the
eighth milking. Milk of some such
cows Is not Ut for butter milking for
even a longer period nnd should not be
used until It Is In suitable Condition.
The milk should he cooled quickly u,
as low a temperature us possible, nml
Ihis should be done In ti clean place
where there Is no dust or smell.
It should he kept In a place where
Hie atmosphere is free from foul or injurious odors. Thnt which Is left with
out Use shelter of a roof sliould be protected from sun or rain hy some o(h"i
efficacious means.
A thermometer should he used to en
able every dairyman to know Ihe difference between the temperature of the
atmosphers nnd available wntcr; ulso
tho temperature of his dairy, milk and
The cans of milk sliould be kept In
the coldest place. .Night and morning's
supply of milk should be kept In separate vessels, but may he mixed When
at the same temperature.
Persons engaged In milking should
he always clean nnd tidy In their hah
Wherever possible a well should be
sunk, so ns lo secure a permanent supply of cold wntcr,
For Delicious Flavor
lure „f Vonng Ilulla.
a bull Bhould bo taught to lead by n
ring In his nose before he la a year old
and when turned a year olil may bo allowed   to  serve  a  few heifers, Bays
American Cultivator. He should always lie In good condition, nml this applies lo all young slock. They should
never be allowed to fall low In condl-
Hon. or Ihey receive n cheek from
which they never recover, Hulls, when
required for service (nnd this applies
to sires of all classes), should be liber
ally fed on food rich In protein, such ns
clover and bran.
Whal thi- Ins? Xrrtl..
It costs no more to keep a cow thai
Will make lUXi pounds or more of but
tor In n year than one Hint will nol
make inure than i.vj pounds, Any cow
lo do her best must have wlut .slie
needs of a well balanced ration.
By llio use of the silo Ihe corn Is re
moved from tbo field at a llmo when
UO Injury Is dune tho land by cutting ll
lip   .   " soft.   As tbe com Is cut be
f llie blades are dry enough to Hial
ter, there L*> nu waste from weathering,
'imi both stalk and grain being in good
condition the whole crop is consu i
by the stock, while with dry -li ,i|.
coin a large percentage ot Iho leaves
nnd buns of tho stalk is westo i   Pro
fesior  i'r.iser uf llie Ilnn its 1
ll' in Station.
Miei'i-as  With  Silt,,,,-.
BllngO lisii-t be i e ' nr. iu ly li.in
died than ordinary rum' age One can
not thro I und si he might
iini-. or bay and gel satisfactory re
mils.   To gel h . un Bllngo
n i tile extra 'ine musl i c on i
- I  1  ii" 111 Olllllg <il".
care In Inking sllngo out, care In linn
io in bum, fine ii, ventilating
stable nnd with il i Icnnllncss, if one is
imi will ng lo give IhlS eilr.i 'are Hi.
silo is best not built, for tbls t Lbs
pie'■ of success with illage, Slisge
pi iperly put up and proporly r--.i n -
very cheap ami limit excellent food;
Improper!) pul up nml Improperly led
It may be an expensive ami IismpIoUS
ex| mi    Bulletin \Vlicouiln Bi
I'i'i'imeui Btntlon,
sllnitr   I ,r.ti«   lltr-ihlcl   I'mlilrr.
Moil uf our corn nt tbo ststo experl
in.ni nation is pui in me *ii" it is
em »uh au ordinal** ialter sod cured
Wo have bad no expi rlom s srllh »hre<i
iletl cum fodder.   When I orgs attend
,t«*- In *"ln,' uf tboss IQCtlOOS
whore milk Is i onirelled by loused
in Hi a u*bllsbtnoul    nd « ire t un
 nui allowed io feed      ;
have heard objnions mads sboul
shrmlded foddei and llul i btaled
inmh worse thin lbs eul fodder, snd
for Ihal hi "ii i.i' ic r. 'Inl uol Ilk" ||
ii. well (I A Kn h Dnlrj K»|«»i"
Now l"rk I'xperhnoul Ktatlon,
Pinned  Will,  Ihr  sll,..
lie..' yean ago I heesmo Interested
so iii illnge thnl i planned to hu :
ai,,.ii i pui up the following
.*ear, writes a correspondent of Amor
i'lin Agriculturist, it is 10 by 30 feel
.md um $428 I have nover bad sn)
difficulty in keeping * Inge if propcrlj
tramped whon lllllug, I feed sboul s
bushel per "i*v iwics a dny, with bnj
ul iiii.it., I also give iiii"' to in" 'i'i in-
inlddllngi and coltonsced I am well
I l".i ed,
rnntt'-'l r<Hl,t"-.
.,   for i - -tv
||   ||S    •'!'     Hi'     '
sliiipe   I'm  iii
*. ■
i   . Hu* same Is true
dry f'" 'i
\\ hy iln '"■    ii frilll    md
re iiniii u> Hi
Wc i I,	
dried   i
nui ,.., ■ ,
is absolutely Matchless
Sold Only In Lead Packets. 40c, 50c, and 60o per Ib.
Highest Award St. Louis, 1904.
| If it is a Question of Warmth use •
I     E. B. EDDY'S
3 It Retains Heat and Keeps Out Cold.
f Write for Samples and Pricss
J TEES & PERSSE, Limited, Agents, Winnipeg.
i •:i > ar <i"ti i
iVnd ni thut mm* *n<< siiirms. ui.l m "ill rtcani Fan oi Aptmtil, t. |wt«-«I wmr
t* ' k It Mlngi unl 13 Tlilmblat, Our 1906 pimrm i-uri* t*t in. ilunloltm.
Th*T  ut i<#»*iii(viI1t   aiiRiiiallad id  tolitn,  md  ftmbonad  *iUi   ih*   -.'■-.Mm*
" Ml#*>lA ■ i /.Isfk/iU.      :■■•■■ llsjDlW W-i :o"t    e,   i".,,  i*s.  '!,,«' nl;  ,1* MU ■!
1,1, ud tiMtt liiuish-
Sail tl.t ,1 .1,1,1*. .1 S ''.in- ..mi. m.lint 11.41 .:■.-'. -. ahiah '.;. -i, u aa, aavl
«a .ill ... i ,a. al '" -. aa a trv.rt. . at ,f .'flc.al I.a... YVatcl), , i.t.iif^l la, s
'-"■  .1 BUS, f, ... ni. .1 II l.li ■     -. J.at.ll.rr. '■■'■- i.a   • ■ -S...I It.m aa, llai
GOID .'. 00., No, 2, ft. Ware* Hauit, Dolsmsrt Orssosnt, London. St., t-niland.
ruriitnni Cenienti
Oil or fnt Is suit! to destroy port-
land cement, cnunlug crneka und even
disintegration In a few mouths' tlmo
Skin Uilli iii>a„i,.
The Brit known if not tl rlglnal
use ot thi' pUruso "Beauty is ouly skin
deep" occurs lu Italpti Vennlng's "lie
thodoxe Paradoxes," "All tlie beauty
of the world is but skin deep; a sunns
blast dt'fiiii'th li."
Keokuk, an Imllnu uiiiuf, furnished
the name for su Iowa town, The word '
moans "sly fox."
Made to Fit
A Harlii'l,,,'.' l'i, rati*.
Thi' iiiiinniiii'il girls uf th" tOW
Bcausslnes-Luhilug, Belgium, givo a I
Wbltsuntldo felo to tho bnchelnra of |
tin- province, und pnrt uf tlie pro* I
gramme is a grand procession of tho
Blnglo men, Tho f"i" i* an annual nf-
fuir mid is groally looked forward in  [S/lado  to Wear
by ull Hi" youug folks of llio district,
si, rr s.'n Torllei, Vou will never have Comfort and Bat-
tifii turtles iii" caught iu very large lifictlon and Wearing Qualitln In
numbers on Ascvuilon Island. Thoy your Working Clothes until you weir
path   weigh  between   -VKJ  and   800
pounds, uml so sbiiiiugs is their uvi-r- (   King of the Road" Brand
age price,
A Tonic for the Debilitated Pnt
melee's Vegetable Pills hy acting
mildly hut thoroughly mi Hi
lions "i the h* dy are a valuable tonie,
stimulating the i ggln {organs lo
healthful action mid restoring them
to full vigor. Thoy can be laken In
graduated doses and sn used thnl ihey
ctii, be 'li continued ftl nny time with*
wit return of the ailments which they
were used to allay,
A new wholesale drug company is
being fun i In Montreal with a capital of |TI ■  I
Pachcd at th«
Oven's Mouth
Wc do ihinES right at
die Mooney bdi.cry,
Cratkcrs arc paded piping
hot from die ovens,    The I
moisture-proof paper and
•UMi(,lii lim retain all the
frsrt+incss and crispness, no
Mother Qravos' Worm Bxtormln-
iitur does nui require tho help of any
purgative modlclne to complete the
euro. OlTe ll a trial and hu eon*I
A  ni'ivshuvs'   htiiii".   In  i" '   *l'''i-
"nn. is in li" bulll In Cleveland by|
iiiim n. Rookefelli r nnd membt i ur
il,.- Euclid Avenue Daptlsl churoh
Dr. J. li Kellog's Dysentery Cordial is prepared from drugs known
■it tin. |it"f" iion us thoroughly roll
nbio (nr tin* cum of cholera, dysentery, diarrhoea   criiiin^' pains and
summoi complaint i. It has I
■ut''   fully by medical pn i
fur n number of y irs with 11
rosulti   if lufforlng from any sum
mi   coi i'l.dnt I' is just tin' medlolno
thnt will ours you   Try ■ bottle,  n
nil. im || i ■ nl
Tonic For H-rtsi,
M refuil to Ic-rp In
h  i well fi i   in
H   i ■ t'.nlc will of'i-n
pi 'li'ind.oni-
ounee ale im belladonna snd
■   ui" ginger In a pint of raw
i I I   low  With teaartxm-
fnl uf tlti"! lUlphatl (*f    Iron    Uim«
Hint- • tiny    1'iinn nnd Itanch.
^''nOClHEV bllCIJIT*.UNDY cc
smairuo ctMia
mailer  where  or  when
you buy diem.
They cornc to your liable just as inviting and dc-
Ltous as though you ate
11 atii at die ovens ui the
bakery. Al all grocers it) |
air light packages,
("tu'ii ' uf Hi" I' S. bu tho 101*1-
.ni Republican majority In (lie IiIb-
inry uf th" government Tho houH
tins 160 Republican members nut of a
total uf "A members, in tho innate
there tre BT Itcpuhllcnna out of a total membership of ninety.
Rainier Beer
i licit ii   nml satlsfj i
Ra-acific   Bottling  Works
Vancouver, B. c.
__i/>:v2usaaMA TIM',  EXPRESS
Special   ,
You do nol repuire
a special charter to
but) North Vancouver prohrrly, ja<*t
consult   ::    ::    ::
The Bank Block,
Norih Vancouver,
D. S. Martin
Designer and Builder ol
Yachts and Launches i^SliS
of iill kinds.
Tug, Life and Row Boats,
Ship Joinery, Spars
and Scows
Satisfaction Gunrnnl I.
Quotations given on application,
Gasoline Launches a .Special!).
Lots for Sale
50,60, 66* 132 FT
from * sn to (ISO pn I ot.
2 Acre Block on Corner
fronting Lonsdale Ave.,
$700 Cash.
iimt application uill he mnile to
Um  [.cgisluliiu  Aau-nibly   ol   llrlti-h
Columbia ill iti m-xt leniuii lur an Aid
in iiicurpiirutu th" iiiliiiliiinnis ui ih"
iiiti'i ui i.ind in ilu- Viiiii'iiiivit Dislriel,
 lpriniug llu' follutvillg  lul*.   nitini'lv:
l it idrcil mul ilxlyllvo  '■'" "  'li'vn
hundred uml Hovonly-oiiu   A 11,   Tun
hundred ninl si'ii-niv-iuiir (874),   five
liutulruil mill liirlv-li.ur lull i, I'iitt bun-
.lr,"l ami forty-live   'l'i , In.- hundred
mid i"i'ty--ix i.'ii'.i. 1'iv" hundred nu.I
lorty.sovon (M7),  l'ivu bunilrud uml
forty-eight  (848 ,   11 vu   hundred   and
i.'i'ty-niii-   16'tll,   live   hundred   ami
ilfty ,'i.mii, ti utterly I'urii f Five
hundred inui lifiv-tiiu'iij'c'l, being thu
imrliuii lying lo tho nurlli ul  said   lul
I'nii hundred and si.M.v-ltve I8li6), und
cuntiiiuing ilbuut Ono liilliilritd ami liny
(160| aere.-, mul I'd Six hundred and
sixteen   lllll), in Group Onu (1) New
Westminster (now Vniuiiiuvuri llistricl,
mul furmiiig part ul ih" Munieiptility ul
ih" District of Nurlli Viinciiuver, und
the purtlun uf Inl Two hundred   and
seveiily-twti r.'7:'i   (known  ils  Moody*
ville,, und lut Two hundred and Seventy.
three (8711, iu suid Group Ono, us a
corporation under thu iiuiiiu "I "The
City ul North Vniieuiiver," and la make
jiiiiiinultlie liistriei ol Nortli Vancouver,
between tli" new City nl North Vancouver ami th" remaining portion of ihe
said District .\luniei|'iility, and fur olhor
purimaes and lor a special charter for
"The Ciiy uf Nurlli \uiicouvor" granting lu the Council   ui  the   said   Ciiy
amniig nther tilings puller t" |mss bv
laws (ur Utilrr alitt) nny ni tbo purpuses
or nny of llie objects following!
Tu providi* a Wurd system or other
sysli tn "i Division "I tiie (fiy; to provide under certain conditions inr thu
inclusion of iiirtlier outlying Districts
in tli" l.'ily limits: tu limit und dullliu
'localities, 111 which particular trades or
businesses mav be carried on, to
j rogllllltu truth's or btillliessuBH and
I tlm   limes   of   closing    stores    or
shops, and  to   provide   iur   Sunday
closing! lu prohibit   or  regulate,   trad'-
ing by pedlars, hawkers, and petty
I chapmen; to ered public wharves und
i Impose ami culled lolls  for  the   use
thereof | t" purchase,  construct   and I matches llu wandered into a mud
operate gas, and electric lighting audi,   ,     . ,, . ,, , ,  ,    t ,.
power ami telephone systems! to nil- hole' Ul fu" k:ll«lh and lost h,s
minister oaths and examine witnesses lantern,     Moral:     Always   carr)
under "iith in civic Inquiries; to enter! ,
int" contracts exteuding over ti period j '"'IU;
of years; lo burrow money for Bpcclrlc not.
purposes, giving as securisy llie nmlt-r-
., .is uwaj up the line nnd depended on No. 97 to get into
town. The train did not stop, and
hence it was no lault ol his.
J. U. M cl 'lim son, id Spokane,
was in town ihis week.
J. |(ilinstoii, ol Ki'vi'lstohc, paid
tlm lown a III im; visit tins week.
II. L, Hindus, of Kclowiia, is
slopping at the Hold Ninth Vun*
VV. 11. Harnett and wife, ol Vancouver, wa-* registered this week
at the lliiul North Vuncouver,
George Wagg, the Cheapside
grocer, is reported as coming out
in Ward t, as councilloi.
The windows of the Bank ol
British North America are now
decorated in letters oi gold.
A large devil lish was caught in
tin- Narrows at the mouth ol Capilano creek last evening by iwo
Italian fishermen,
It is reported that Chas. Mee is
atttliorit) im Hie statement that an
terie of crowing eagles will locale
here or at Moodyville shortly.
An ode lo Capt. Oos.se:
A woman whistled at the lerry.
He slopped  it with a sudden
Her whistle was a failure—but
Her lace got in its work,
A Third street resident had his
lantern blown out on his way
home the other niirllt.    Having no
whether you   smoke o
Mr.  and  Mrs.  J.   P,   Roberts
Queens & Lonsdale
taking ami guarantee ul A" City; to
niiike provision f"r lite placing uf tele-
phono, electric ami "liter nires under- «r-t»>t! managing director ol tin
ground;in provide, a fund (or the uu* furry company in the absence of
siiriiiici'of civic buildings uml pitipi-rtv, I       "
i uml a final iur ih.- BiipurHiiniiiitiuii of »"• Hamersley, paid the town a
Municipal uihciai* and "iiipi'iti.'s; toLjsjt   oa   Thursday afternoon,
licence clubi;   tu   prohibit   sluilghler                   ,
lion*"* within ihe City or to prohibit Accompanying   them was   Miss
Roberts, sister to Mr. Roberts, ol
Port II ninn md.
and regulate exiitlng slaughter house,
and cuw sheds or stable*- which may, in
tl pinion of tlii'Ciiui.i'il, ben nuisance;
—-—.—— i" r.'.'iil.iic ni.d prohibit tlie it..'in.n
i removal nml llu- repairing uf .buildings'
fhrisatitiHS \oii'llii'«. :""' "'" l'"""1'-' '•"*'" ".'  I"'"lll;-
Uiiisuiids Novum** erected, removed or repaired in cuiira.
I have a Complete Line of Games Ivenllon "' :l,l-v  ljH.uvi  '" . 1'll"ri*'"
Uu Wednesday North V.mcoi.-
ver was visited  by liiree  I . i A -.-1 ■
ia'is. coming Ik ie li nn Ca " ir ,
Mi'i        i      ,    ,',   ,t    iiropertv oivncrs \i Mb th" co*i ol *,-,. rs   ... ,,.,.,,,,,,,,,,„, I  ,,,,,,,      Aft.,-   ,
ri ll.llllt .,    1 m st llir   no ( lilld- ■ ... .IWO wo,tl,-ll ,111(1 ,l lu.lll.      .1 lei     ln-
iioiuusi io\*. ou uu i.iiiin   funning|,uStnrndjoiiiiiigtheirpronii  *
North Vancouver
Ferry and Power
CoMMI SI INO  N'iivfmhI'U  ao,  igoj,
l.iMvi: Van'couvhb:
ni. ii .Mi i iS ii, 8,11.10, in.in, 11.10,
il, tu. 12.15, 1,18, .'.18, It IB, 4.18,
4,15,(1.18, it, 7.15, 8.18, 0 IA 10.15,
uud 11.55 i p. in.
l.l'.AVi: Nitlil'tl Vancouvuii:
0,20 i. 7.H0 i, 8.80, 0,30 10,40 iv,
11,30 ii, in] 12.40, I. A 2,40, ''..in.
4.40, 6.40, 11.40, 7.40, 8,40, 0,40 IV
nml 11,30 I p. in.
l.iMvi: Moonvvit.tdsi
7.10 a. in. and 0.45 p. in. daily, except Sundays, 0.46 p. in. (only) on
EXPLANATION—i, nol on Sun-
days, ii, culls ui M- in-1_\ villi-, iv,
10.80 on Sundays.
NOTE-Tho ss. NO HTM V.\ N-
Ciil'VKi: lakes tho (1 and 0.50 a. Ill,
nml thu 0.15 to 11.15 n. ni, sulliiii's uud
the MS. ST. GliOHUlsttll tl thcr-,
THIS   TI'Jl!   T.lltl.K   Sl'ltll'l'l'    TO    I'll.t.Mli:
Sailings lo Lonsdale Gardens are
discontinued until further notice
SeiTciary-Maiiuge r
rcn.   Also a Lin.-of Fancy Collars, by way of a rental i to regulate ib-
Hrlts and  Handkerchiefs lor the illvlsl if City lots jl< kc provisiuu
Christmas Trade,   We can show forihequallflcail.iiinfvuiors;ih.. imsle
.   . ,ii nl electing to civil olllccp, und ll n-
you It.-tter than we can tell you in ,|„a „f a|wtlon«, ami to deal with .lis*
this small space. ' put,.,I elections nml uffui * ill electluni,
Th" I.ittl. Store is Over-Stocked uud corrupt practices; to provide (urihu enlightened on past  and  lulure
-with Christinas Hu.    I *
ing di the sights ol the town, i, e,,
the woiu'il, who told [or'.utleS tin
50c, a tell, they left (or Victoria.
(Juite a number, it is said, were
I )rv < im ids
compulsory ejectment ol persons bin ing
unlawfully encroached U|k,ii A" strii'ts
,,r niadwiiys; li ,     ''I" i".-11        ilion
■ I 11ddill.111.il Wilier -''"'.
sailing yacht Viking,
increasing the ivuler supply; tu provide which is having a nine horsepower
i..r tlissmqsii-aiii I railways, ami train, auxiliary gasoline engine placed ill
wave Valicih nr I'.irlullv running .miIiiii
n.vanc,ouvi:.v,|„;,■„.,. |U1|| *,*„, lu ,,,,,,,,1,. ,-,,r auc|,
______ other amendments, |mweni nml autlmrl-
ties ns milV be 1. •(■'•**.try nr oxpcdlcul
iur ih" public ivulfiire ami llu- govern-
nielli "I thu sad "Thu City ol North
Sulii itors I' r Aiipllcaiits,
Inr, is nearly finished. A cabin
covering two-thirds of tlie deck
has been built, and when the boat
is ready for service, will bo one ol
ilu best ol its kind around these
waters,    Mr. Dan Martin  has the
Dated tho 5th day nl Decoiiilier, 1005,  contract lor the work.
IN  NOHTII   V.l.M'iil VKH
} louses to Rent
call on W. P. Hogg
TWO 1 11* ur-i nil 1 urn's*.
DST Sec .Hr llcfiilT llll)ill".
j.., . ~ ., a  I   The wharfinger docs his best to
UlSlriCt OI NOrth keep H>« approach to the wharl
. , clear ol mud, and lias made a cut
The Council mil 1 1 :i* 11 Court nl
-». 1 rs a <J    I Ill'Vlaloil "1 the List 1 ! Villi i- fill   I won
l)islri(t()l Nortli     "    '"'" '   n"   ■'
Saturday, lanuar* 11,160C
ivhon all appeals will be considered.
Am  I'nii ii-.
1   M.C,
in the timbers on the sides to
scrape it into the water. Hut the
recent heavy rains have kept washing it down oil the hill as I.i I IS 11
is removed The 1 ouncil should
fix up the lloun grade Irom Lonsdale avenue and do ils slum' ol the
The Annual 1 1 itg nl  the   II ile-
payen nl ll ■■ 1 1 will a In
the M1111I1 hud II   . S'nrllt Vaiici nvi 1
on Wediiesd.iy Ihe lOlll d.iy i,| ,1 ill
1000Its " ' '""■ p   111   In recolvo Hi"      u-i,„ .,,,,„. 1,ot, 1 1 r t„ ,   ,,-,.'1.,,.
Annual Report nt the I ''" ',l"rt l"""1 tl,r Usl   ' n,,n>
By Order of the Council.       niKl" al   ll"'   Pavilion   did   m.t | j
An:,. I' '. c \l C.     in ii'nlai/.e.   Manager A.   |.  Lee
?     I3.'J 1;
III    It Id      in f .ma la, M'J  '!' il
II. Slli.l Ml'., Id-Ill I .l'i \|ll'l,ll'( ll   j    I'.l '.M , ,*M||i|   e( lAim In s
lit.nu In '- in Hi 1   I   1 ";iin bill    \ !  i'.n. till 1 ne ninl,
HkII' 1   K 1    . Ri     iiiil,   I i.nl (Sub Hi 1111 li ,  Vn ivi 1.
\'n ii'ii.-i. .1 ul I','ivon  V 'I.
Su- in ■   I" pnrtmi nl   I li po its recrivt ! 1 $1 upwards,
tillip, Cor,Lonsdale Ivo. nnd Esplanade Morth Vancouver,D, C.
j Lots of New Goods to Pick
I Irom. It will pay you to buy
j now   even if yon don't 1 1
the Goods lill Spring, We
I  must  have  room   for more
New 1 ioods to arrive alioul
February 151I1, 1906,   Paper
ai your own price,
F. P.
Bishop & Co.
Opp, People's Tie all"
3   s|«
IS   4J Ml DAIS,  101)01
fl   JIWIIS and
VI,    '"'
.■A...:, i^a.-v-i     nuiiM',,
I '-   A-    ■ i|.i..iI.i1l«.t^r-,(iMp*,H'
rr. nirtilr 10 unJtT.
Um Jewci'.ry Remodeled
wibl' ":, ,r s*:.'  rSI'-ICH.
I'tdllM Kill 'AIU rciotoooiuAiositvw
112Hailing Si VV,,Vancouvfr,BC.
I* 11,1'iA .'?s
lllll unlets s 'lit lied mil p: ..inptl* Ittcfldi I tl
For CSeariog and Grading
Address 'renders to
The   North   Vancouver Specialist
161 Cordova Street.
Are Sweet and Delicious.
Have no Equal
Tnr Sale nl
McDowell's Brug Store
North \.wi inner.
Western Corporation, Ltd,
Accountants, Vmlilci...      Plumbing and tinsmith-      lla,,l'ulll( .siiilChii-km
I'. .1 I slots   \,|, 1,1-,, In*. feed
I umber nnd all kinds of Building Material. Contractors and Valuators.
M, have an Inline use amount of Cm iln uud on hand.   Place your orders with
us for Ihe ulnlfr.
412 Hastings Street West, Vancotivrr, B.C.
Just Arrived ___0
Large Stork of New Fall ant! Winter Goods
for Suits, Punts <intl Overcoats.
HMI lldslic-s St. % ( „(-, Sl'boll
District of North
Ijivun to thu lilcclors of tlm Missilcl-
imllty u( North Vancouvi r, liml 1 n-
quirJ tlio preii'iu'o of thu mill Kleeton,
ut tho Mniticii'iil Hull, Nurlli Vancouver, in tlm -ui'l Miinii'i|iiility, uu
Holiday, IStb January, i«i)6, nl
12 o'Clock Noon,
fur tin' purposo ul olecliiiB persons
to roprcsenl them in tho Municipal
Council us Hoove ami Councillors'.
TltcCiiii'li'liit''* "hull In' nominated in
tvrillng, tliu writinguliiill 1"' milwcrihod
hy lim voteri ul iln- Muiiiclpitllty iu
I'roiio-or ami Seconder, nnd uluill bo
delivorcdto tltu lii-tiirniiii- Olllcer at nny
lime li'-t*if'li thodutu ul lliia liollco nml
two o'i lock p. in mi thu dny ol tlm
iiomliiiiliuii. And in thocvonl nl 11 poll
Am,: nocossary, such |wll tvill bo uponod
Saturday, 20th January, lOOfi,
between the bonri ol Klithl o'clock u, in.
uml I'our o'clock p, in. "i tbo said day, al
th,. laid Municipal Hull, ul which ever)
person In required i" lake notice and
L'lu.ru lilniiolf nccordlii|(ly.
"Tin' qiinllllcntloit Im Hoove slmll ho
In- i"'i',. .1 ii i.i' r.iiii-li mibjitcl, mnl
linvinu been i"r the lliri'o iuiuiiIh iu <i
|,nntl u.' tli.- 'In "i Ida iii>iitiiiiiiii.n
the r''.ii-i'T''l owner III Ibe l.uul Ki*||li.
IryOllli'i'iilliindor real propurtj iltuuic
within llu Muuii'lpallly, ul Ilm u»i*i'wn',l
ml tin Iiiii Munii'ipiil rn
As.-u.-iiii'iii Hull ui in-' liiindri'il ilulliira
ur more nver und almve any reiiiitfreil
judKineiit, mid lining otln rwiie qunlllled
it* ii luli-r."
"Tlm iiiiiilllli'itllon lor Councillor shall
hu IA inn;; ii initli' I'.rni-ii subject, and
having been inr tho three munlliK nexl
prci'oiilng Iho dny ol hln nninlnntlnn,
thu reg -i. nil nwn'ur in the Lund Hi di-
tryiiilui'iiiliiinl ur real properly,slttiate
iiitlnn tlm Municlpnlltv, "I the uni'iacd
vnlueon ilu'lii.-i Muiiiclpiil ur I'rovlnclal
A-*-* ill Hull ui two hundred and
lift*.- ilullur* nr inure nvel nnd nbove sny
reglilon .I iiiil.'iiifiii, ur hi Inu n lioine-
Bteiiileroriire-i-iuptor ivhnro^iik'd within
the Mm.i' ipulitv lur iliu space ul um
year ur inure Inn Untidy pri'i ding
iu, nuinii ntluii nnd who Is nwjesscd inr
live liniidnil 'lulliir- ur inure uu tho Inn
.1 il   ur   Provincial   A    n. m
Hull, nvi-r  I iilmvu   nny   registered
jiule, nt, I bi'lng nthcrwlsiiqiinlllleil
n* ii vuIit; bul iintliTiig luireili I'uilliillied
shull In held to dl«|Uillll)   .. Culllirlllnr
ivliuieqtiulilli'iitliin iii Ihe iii 1 Ids
eh ctluii «n- thnl ni ;i iKiini'Sli'iidcr nr
pre'eniptnr, -Im Id In* i eqolri1 u title tn
In- luiiil during iu- t'liit ul nl
(liven under mv band "I1 Van-
I'liiivur, iln- HI   ,,ii "i lu   inry, ! "".
tl l ',. I'llll.IP,
Hotel North Yerccouver
North Vancouver, B. C.
The Only Seaside Resirt at Vancouver
Splendidly situated, overlooking Burrard Inlet,
with the City of Vancouver fifteen minutcsaway
by fi'rrg. The hold embodus every convenience
with Hang in connection,    Rales $2 per day.
Bowling Alley in connection for ladies and
P. Larson, Proprietor.
pLace Wired so as to be ready to
connect o : oiJr Wire Next spring
ms-1-.vst. —I —laaaf MMM —M1——UUUUWMMI
BsCs Electric Railway Co. ltd.
M   RFATTIF Notnr-»' Public, General Auctionec
U IVI.  DLAil  I IL |(7  (()r()ow,   Sre,,ti   vflnc0Uvefi   b.   t.
Ile Belli ut room* ,,r private house ur buys mitriglii nil
classes ol household goods ur bankrupt stoeki lur casli,
lie Im* some ul ilu- Hnosl business uml watorlronl property in North
Vuncoiivor. Huolilmntoi II you think ol picking up property In
tlili section.  Bo wise, HIV NOW, and vou will mako money, :': it
Saturday Snaps
SWIFT'S SOAP 6 Bars for 25c
I. A. McMillan


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