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_■&■:&»__ hW
'^^—mmmw' ■   ■
 r ,. ■'■•./ H	
, .•f-'ii-.-qv.j
■'■■.■;.. .*■*.   "■
■ 1.; -; ...,■■,,
.... .' .;^vr.. >■-. ■-»*-;  :•■■-
ie ei nn
at rn p. capilano waterworks dam
There was a good turnout ol
citizens al tlie public meeting on
Tuesday nght, fur the purpose of
celebrating Dominion day. Keeve
Kealy presided, and G. j. Phillippo acted ai secretary.
The reeve in opening complimented thc committee who so
ably handled the affairs of last
year's celebration, and hoped that
the committee to be appointed
that evening would even make a
better showing. The nuuiieipal
council had hoped that the incorporation of the city would have
been accomplished ere this, and
to littingly celebrate the sume.
However, thv council would (all in
line and do its share towards a
successlul Dominion day celebration.    (Applause).
Mr. Phillippo spoke briefly, and
eulogized the work ol last year's
committee, and hoped that as
many of theni as po s ii'e would
act again this year. .
Treasurer Heffell stated that
there was a balance on hand (left
over last year), which amounted
to $103.    (Applause).
On motion of Messrs. McKenzie
and Hellell it was resolved to
celebrate Dominion day on Monday, July 1st.
Mr. Phillippo was appointed
permanent chairman, and Mr. McDowell secretary, and Mr. Hellell
The committee chosen arc as
follows: Geo. Bartley, C. McKenzie, Ilirt Campbell; J. A,
McMillan. A. R. Steacy, R.
Chance, \V. B, Bunbury, Thos.
Nye, T. Kennedy, II. G. Cjuin,
\V. Nicholson-Laib v, A. Smith,
J. li, Williams, J. Rothwell, W.
D. Duke, A. A. Crowston. The
reeve and councillors were appointed as members ex-officio of
the citizens' committee,
The meeting adjourned to meet
again tonight, in the municipal
hall, wlnn ihe sub-committees
will be struck.
The local boating club arc as
busy as Trojan s preparing (or
the big regatta to be held here on
the 241I1 of May. Secretary Butler
says thai nothing will be left undone to make it one of the best,
Full particulars will appear in
next issue.
Several Manitoba people were
here this week looking lor real
The Capilano hotel will run its
tally-ho one trip a day, excepting
Saturdays and Sundays, when two
trips will bc made. The telephone
number is 1042.
A Suicide.
The body ol A. Pollexcn, a we
known mining man and former
hotel proprietor, was found on the
Seymour Creek Hats on Wedues-
j day afternoon by Mr. Frank Col-
borne, of the Empire hotel, Vancouver, and a party of friends, who
had instituted a search for him.
The deceased had not been seen
since Sunday, and tbey began to
get anxious about his whereabouts,
lie had been in the habit ol
spending his winters in Vancouver,
when the mining company ol
Cariboo, with which he was employed as bookkeeper, shut down
for the season. He was in apparently good health and spirits
last Sunday, and told the bookkeeper at the Empire hotel last
Sunday he had intended to spend
the day over in North Vancouver,
leaving on an early morning boat.
No particular anxiety was lelt
until Tuesday, when the proprietor and the people staying at
the Empire began to wonder what
had become of him, and why he
had not returned.
A search party was organized on
Wednesday, headed by Mr. Frank
Colborne, proprietor uf the Empire
hotel. Inquiry being made,
several peuple stated that tbey
had seen Pollexen in Norln Vancouver. It was found that he
arrived at the Moodyville hotel at
in o'clock on Sunday, and had
said that he weuld be back aboil'
half-past two, but had never returned. Other people had seen
him near the old creek and the
camping grounds at Nortli Vancouver, but no trace was lound of
him ihere. He was traced to
Lynn creek, ami thence to Sey-
mour creek, and alter some search*
'ing the body was found between
(two fallen trees on the beach.
He was lying (ace downward on
. the Band, with his  lace  inside  uf
■ In- Imt. The search party lound
a large sponge, which had bei n
soaked with chloroform, inside the
h.it. and showing lhat the di 1 es ed
bad killed himsell by inhaling the
I he provim ial police, who
wi i' :■ immoned, came over in a
special launch and examim d tin
body and brought it to Centre iV
Manna's undertaking rooms.
Polexen was well dressed, and
over eighteen dollars were found
in his pockets, along with several
letters. Ile was about 50 years
old, unmarried, and a native ol
England, and has a brother at
San Francisco. He had his head
quarters at the Empire hotel when
in Vancouver, and had intended
leaving for Cariboo yesterday.
The local real estate market re
mains active,
C. D. Goepel, the fuse man, is
opening an office in Vancouver
the company lie represents having
removed their office Irom Nelson
On Monday night a public meeting was held in lhe municipal hall
for the purpose ol re-organizing
the local volunteer lire brigade.
The hall was filled, and there was
standing room only.
Reeve Kealy occupied the chair.
In opening lie outlined lhe formation of lhe old brigade, and slaud
that the council would do all in ils
power to promote the welfare c.f
boys in cairyiug out their duties
Councillor foidan corroborated
lhe remarks ol lhe reeve, and explained the position ol the council
so far as lhe late brigade was concerned. On no single instance
the speaker explained, did lhe fire
and police committee ever refuse
to assist or do what they could to
foster a local lire department,
The remarks as printed in tlie
Province, and Thk Express, bs
emanating Irom the ex-chief and
men were without foundation and
untrue. He believed there were
enough good, staunch supporters
in the municipality to organize a
popular and useful brigade.
Councillor Emery, chairman ol
the lire and police committee, alsu
explained the position taken by
the council regarding the carrying
out uf the suggestion of Ex-chic!
Dick. Excepting in one instance
an item costing perhaps $1.50 was
overlooked, lie thought that the
chief would have attended to it,
and put in his biil as usual, which
would have heen paid. All agreed
that we must have a local fire
brigade, and it would be unwise
lor the council or anyone else not
to lend a helping baud towards its
organization and maintenance,
The report-; spread all over lhe
place by the ex-chief and his men
Were uncalled lor and misleading.
The lollowing gentlemen then
came lorward and signed tlie roll
of volunteer firemen 1 J. Tarn,
H. Woods, T. Gram, T. Nye, K.
Kenshaw, G. Nye, K. Brcreton, J.
Sullivan, li. Vernon, F. Tarn, P.
McDonald, G. Ieseman, A. Davidson, Mr. Laroux, \V. H. Stoney,
T. Farrow, R, Stoney, W. A.
Gibson, R. Fraser, A. Farrow,
J no. Hardy, Win. Russell, Tom
T. Kennedy was elected chief.
The new brigade have had
practices every night since the reorganization. Lasl night captains
were elected, and a meeting will
be held again this evening for the
purpose oi considering matters "I
On Monday night a large number of local members ol the Fraternal Order ul Eagles attended
the complimentary banquet in
honor ol thc Grand Worthy President, Edward Kraui,'ol Wilmington, Del., U. S. A.,   It was one
ol the most successlul functions
ever held by thai body. I he committee conipiised Worthy Past
President Chas Mee, who attended
the late Milwaukee convention is
a delegate (rum the mother 11 nc
ol tlie British Empire, No. 6, ol
Vancouver | President McGirr ;
Capt. John McCarthy, Jas, Mc*
Phuc and Justin Swanson. ihe
caterer was R, Hamilton.
Thc question of forming a
branch in Nortli Vancouver is being considered.
The Citizens' Dominion Day
Celebration Committee will meet
on Wednesday evening next in
tlie municipal hall.   Importsnta
The synod consists ol all Prcshy-
lerian ministers in British Columbia and a corresponding number of laymen, It reviews all the
work and life of the Church Ior the
past year, and transmits to the
general assembly, the supreme
court of the Presbyterian church,
such matters as lie beyond its
powers. In former years the
province of Alberta was included ;
but the growth of the Church as
well as the country demanded a
synod for eacli province, an alteration which took effect this year.
The reports weie ol an encouraging nature, showing an increase of
membership to the amount of 391,
of Sunday school children 842, and
of liberality to missionary purposes
30 per cent. All other statislics
were in proportion.
The two operations ol the
church that received most attention
were home and foreign missions.
The foreign missions problem of
the Church lies at ller door.
Everywhere in B. C. is tlie Chinee:
iu lumber, gold, fishery, mills, industry, homes, be is to be found.
Ihere are no less than 5,000 in
Vancouver alone. Then there are
the Japs of whom the same tiling
might be said—save that he is not
so numerous. Besides these, there
are the Indians on the West Coast,
whose spiritual wants are being
attended to by no church, Roman
Catholic or Protestant. The
newest element is the East Indian,
wrongfully called tbe Hindus, ol
whom there are almost 2,500 in
the province, and that number is
on the increase. Two returned
missionaries, Dr. Nugent and Rev.
W. A. Wilson, spoke ol the
splendid qualities of these men
whose language and character they
knew. It was proposed that native
evangelist;' lie imported to minister
to these men ; and this may be
done in the nut far distant future.
The home mission work embraces the gold fields ol the Vukon
and the Cariboo, the coal mines ol
the Kooteiiay, the lumber and
fishing industries ol the Coast; the
agricultural as well as the commercial sections ol the population.
It would I"' hard to find so varied
a field ol labor anywhere, i'he
simple record of the work
ol thc missionaries unfolded
a type ol man of whom
any church ur country might
well be proud. Rev, Geurge
Pringle, of Dawson, A. Kidd, ol
iln In.',■ 1 Mission, ami Dr.
Ing i, ni I'a legraph Creek, were
singled uul lot special praise.
Besides the 0 matters there were
others ol gre.u importance before
the synod, 1 ui h 11 Iha failure ol
ihr hm l's day ai t in H. C. A
resolution  ul  deep regn I  at  the
action ul the  pun 11 1  llOUSe  in
regard to the dominion law was
passed, and a deputation Irom
other churches gave utterance to
the same leeling. The mallei
does nut cud tlieic, and ihere was
a sense ol suspense revealed in the
present situation.
In connection with the Sunday
school, it was announced lhat Rev.
J. C. Robertson, the general secretary ol the Sunday school work ol
the church, is coming west this
Summer, He is expected iii North
Vancouver on the lOth ul August,
ol which due notice will be  given.
Considerable attention was
given to the question ol the
present salary of the ministry.
Owing to the presence ol Ur. Lyle,
I of Hamilton, who had come to the
I west ou behalf of the augmentation fund, which has shown a
serious shrinkage during the year.
Some of tlie men told of the increased cost of living, as for example, in the Cariboo, where, if a
man needs a horse, he bas to pay
eight cents a poiind for oats, and
J104 a ton lor hay. Vet the salary
is threatened with a decrease,
which in view of the commercial
prosperity ol the country would
be a shame.
The need of a superintendent to
watch the giowth uf the church in
B. C. to secure men and send
them to strategic points was discussed, and it was resolved to request such an appointment.
Perhaps the largest question
presented to the synod was the
establishment ul a theological
college on the Coast. A report
was submitted from the local
presbytery, stating that Vancou
ver had promised $8,000 lor the
establishment and equipment ol
such an institution. The proposal will be discussed at tbe
assembly in Montreal, and it is
hoped that ere another year the
college will be founded. The fact
that there are fourteen young men
in Alberta and B. C. who have
offered themselves lor the ministry,
and who have to go to Winnipeg,
or further east for their training is
proof of the need ; and that number might be multiplied if the
means of education were nearer at
hand. 1 he action of the government looking towards the foundation ol a provincial university,
with which the theological college
would be in closest contact, was
favorably commented on.
Such were snme of the grave
questions which occupied. the
minds of the gathering in New
Westminster last week.
At the close of the synod, three
days were spent in a summer
school of theology, to discuss the
theological and social problems of
the day. Professor Jordan, ol
(jueen's college, Kingston, Ont.,
and Prolcssor Wicher, of San
Anselmo, Cah, were the chiel exponents, the lornier of 0. T.
problems, thc latter ol N. T.
studies. Much food lor earnest
discussion was provided; and
interested audiences gathered right
to the end.
The local conlributions tfl the
conference were papers on
"Hebrews," by Rev. W.L. Clay, ol
Victoria, on the " Sell Portraiture
of Jesus," by tie Kev. R, J. Wilson, of Vancouver; while lhe
literary themes were " Browning," by Rev, J. M. Millar, ol
Nanaimo, and " Sartur Rosartus,"
by Rev. J.   D.   Gillam,  of   North
Vancouver. Those who attended
have returned to their respective
duties with hearts and munis alike,
quickened by Ihe studies of these
days, when nature did lu-r best by
sunshine and llowei tu welcome
the men from ths bleaker interior
10 out beautiful coast,
Last Monday morning a line
team of horses, valued at $900,
was killed at Frqmme's camp.
The neck yoke broke, the sled
came down the hill, and one
horse's neck was broken, while
tbc pole pierced the side ol the
other one, which had to be killed.
C. A. Hale, of London, Eng.,
and C. C. Maclennan, Queensland,
were guests at Hotel North Vancouver on Wednesday,
Board ol Trade : The regular
meeting of the members will be
held on Tuesday, May list, at 8
o'clock p. iu,, in municipal hall,
for the transaction of such business as may properly come before
the meeting.
W. G. II. Belt, assistant inspector of the Bank of British
North America, was here yesterday in his official capacity, He
was pleased with the place.
Alfred Holzknechtl, who was so
seriously injured at Fromme's
camp a couple ol weeks ago, is
now out of the doctor's care.
R. T. Lowery, who recently
sold the last newspaper he owned
toJimGrier, in Greenwood, was
in North Vancouver this week.
The Colonel is highly pleased with
the location, and says that our city
is almost as beautiful as New
Denver, the town he made famous
a decade ago. The Colonel may
build a home in North Vancouver,
provided he succeeds in buying
out lift' street railway in Vancouver.
Reeve Kealy was receiving the
congratulations from' his many
friends to-day on the arrival of a
new son at his home this morning,
Mother and child art doing well.
We have received a copy ol a
verj delightful and phasing sacred
sung and chorus called "When
We Meet On Thai Beautiful
Shore," composed by Samuel
H. Speck. This is certainly one
ol the sweetest home songs ever
published. It is especially suitable and adapted lor the home,
church and choir use, being also
nicely arranged as a fine quartette
lor mixed voices. Retail price, 50
per copy. Our readers will receive
a copy post paid by sending ten
cents in silver'br postage slamps
to the Globe Music Co., No. 17
West Twenty-eighth street, Neiv
Indians Meet.
Chiel Joe Capilano and party returned yesterday morning Irom
Vancouver island, where they had
a private meeting with the Indians
there. In the company were:
Chiel James Harry, Seymour creek;
Chiel George Slybolt, 'No. j reserve. North Arm; Capt. Alexius,
Seymour Creek; Jimmy Frank,
Andrew Frank, Squamish Mission,
and Interpreter Simon C. Piertio,
Hatzic, Fraser river. A large
number ol Indians met them at
the boat at Nanaimo, also a large
crowd mel Ihem it Duncan's on
arrival of the train there. Indian
Agent Robertson wanted Chief
Joe to tell him ail about his business on the island, but this Chief
Joe refused to do and went bis
way. lii the afternoon, while the
meeting was in progress, Mr.
Robertson and Judge l.onias ar*
lived on the scene', but the Indians
put talking, and would not proceed any further, iln- agent
saiil that the white people were
ilarmed at the holding ol
so many ' meetings ul the
Indians ul late They replied
that' what they wanted was between Ihem and the government
to settle' when delegates would bc
lent to Ottawa. The Cowichan
Indians are in sympathy with their
Squamish brethren, and also refuse to deal with the agents. The
whole question is over the matter
of their land being Occupied by
others. After some hot words
between the agent and (lill Hoiis-
lach.'a Cowichan, Mr. Robertson
and Judge I.omas shOok' hands
with the visiting chiefs and left,
Tlie Indians then finished their
business, alter which the meeting
North Vincotiref, B. C
A Weekly Newspaper   Published by
Subscription, $t i year.
The Vancouver World stated
last week thai the interview with
Mr. R, (.I. Macphetsoti, M. P., in
relation io the approval oi the
plans submitted by the V,, W. cV
V. to the railway committee, had
been productive ol nmsideralilf
discussion among the residents ol
this side of thc inlet. It is natural
lhat all questions touching upon
the construction ol the bridge
would he eagerly and closely canvassed hy those interested in North
Vancouver. When the subject ol
a bridge spanning the Second
narrows was first broached, there
was a consensus ol opinion that
the bridge should be planned on a
comprehensive scale, much after
the faihion ol the Westminster
bridge, so thai in addition to
transportation lor railway and tram
cars, there might be adequate provision Iur foot and vehicular traffic.
Memorials were accordingly addressed by the representative
bodies of North Vancouver and
Burnaby to the government, setting out lhe special advantages to
he derived Irom such a bridge.
The general statement that a
railroad bridge is likely to be constructed his again caused inquiry
and speculation as to whether the
additions asked lor will be provided. It is felt here that a bridge
of the nature desired by the people
of Burnaby and North Vancouver
is ol sufficient importance to warrant a substantial appropriation
Irom tbe dominion government.
It would certainly mean a new era
of prosperity and development lor
th' i' places.
The council and boatd ol trade
of Norlh Vancouver have me-,
mobilized the govetament along
Ihese lines, directing special attention to the inadequacy of a
mere railway bridge lo meet the
requirements ol the growing
business between tlie two sides of
the inlot. It is understood that
Ihe transportation cemmittee of
the North Vancouver Hoard of
Trade is now looking into tin
matter, with a view ol impressing
on the lederal government the
great importance of meeting tht
wisbei ol lhe people wilh teipect
il the bridge, which will mean as
much, il not more, to the province
as the Westminster bridge.
ll is lelt by the business men
ami residents generally here that
no time should he lost in forum-
lating a vigorous campaign along
these lines. While it is recog
nized that direct travel will be by
ferry between the piesent business
portions ol Vancouver and North
Vancouver, yel within thc neit
few years, with the entrance ol
olher railways ml the location ol
depots in lhe Fast nnd, time  will
be a large increase ul population
In that lection, ami the demand
lot communication between the
two <idr-i ol thf naltows will In a
constantly giowum factor,
their season is estimatad to amount
to J347 lor each man, woman and
child in the resort. This represents very nearly the average
annual yearly income of the
average American citizen, and is
earned in about hall a year by the
people of Lucerne.
Not a thing in the world has
Lucerne to offer outside ol the attractiveness ol its hotels except
scenery, which in itself is not
superior to thai offered by the
iiirisundiiigs ol Noith Vancouver,
or any one of the number ol Ihe
"Alpine" lakes and streams
which are within a day's travel ol
the Ambitious City.
Against Tobacco.
Samuel G.   Cosgrove,  ol   th
University ol Washington, in
recent address said ; " Don'l
smoke, chew tobacco, or use any
form ol intoxicant, if you would
make ol yourself the best man
ihat nature intended. When yon
are in training you are obliged tu
avoid all such stimulants, 11 their
disuse is beneficial to yuu for a
few months, why is it not so for a
lifetime ? II you concede to the
truth ol this matter, then the only
temptation that will press you
irresistibly will be to bave some
young lady to confide in you in
tendea confidence that she ' loves
the scent of a good cigar.' Don't
marry her if she tells you that, If
you do, within a year she will
come to you with ber bands unwashed, her lace dirty and her
hair uncombed. She will scold
you for twenty-four hours ol the
Spokane. Municipal Election.
The  name  uf  the   mayor   ol
Seattle is Morrie, as also is that ol
the mayor-elect ol Spokane.   They
wrre both elscted on tin reform
ticket, i. t., tbey stood for a closed
town, and will put the  " lid " on.
A recent dispatch from   Spokane
says that the campaign managers
went   to   all   the   leading   dive
keepers, saloon men, brewers and
restaurant men   and  unfolded   a
scheme lur contributing to Daggett's (the opposition candidate)
campaign lund and getting all the
money back.    It was pointed oul
that $10,000 was to be raised, hall
ol which was  to be expended  in
winning   lhe   election   and   half
would be put up in wagers.   Ol
course,  the bets were all to he
won, and lhe $10,900 thus  gained
would be redistributed among the
contribntors,   Inasmuch  as   the
gambling   instinct   had    already
been strongly developed   in   the
men approached, the plan was an
alluring one.    They were ready to
take the "gambler's chance," and
th?|lO,000 was readily subscribed.
It was deemed good politics   to
indicate such  confidence  in  tlieir
own cause as lhe betting of Jlio,-
000 would imply,   aud   there   is
little doubt that many of the hand-
wagon elemeal among lhe voters
were actually swayed by  the  pre-
ponderem e ol Daggatl nu y,
Comment Unnecessary.
To the Editor ol The EXPRESS:
Sir,- There is a contemptible
reference to Mr. Keene in your
last issue. Who is responsible,
the council or you ?
I hold 110 brief for Keene ; il
you want a city let there he nun in
it. Yours truly,
J. II Livingston,
North Vancouver, B. C, May
131I1. 1907,
A Presentation.
A very enjoyable evening was
spent al the Hotel North Vancouver On Wednesday, the occassion
being the celebrating of Mr. P,
Larson's birthday. Thc guests of
the house at the special luncheon
presented him with an umbrella,
and also a silver stync, both gills
being suitably enscribed. Mr.
Larson being hailed as a jolly good
lellow, made a few very appropriate remarks, and thanked
his friends for llieir kindness and
tlieir presents. The happy gathering also enjoyed a social hop, as
well as several items in the way ol
instrumental and vocal selections.
A most amusing event occurred
when a boxing bout was carried
out between the " long and short
of it," namely, Duke and liaker.
The ladies were responsible (or
this fine athletic exhibition, The
merry gathering broke up at midnight.
A High Class Seaside Resort on
North Arm, Burrard Inlet
The busy people ot liotli Bides of tli
ns ihe above named place, to go to,
Inlet require a near-by pleasure resort, ench
Demise of Dr. Carroll.
An exchange says that whal
some people will pay lor mere
scenety is shown in a consular report on lhc enpeiience ol the lillle
Swiss town ul Lucerne, which has
a population of 33,000.
Lucerne his practically no commerce, trade, manufacture or
business except one, which is the
reception and entertainment ol
tourists, according to lh« con*
siller report, in average ol 5,000
persons a day, who pay Ihe nearly
too hotels which Lucerne has, in
average rate ol jj a day each, or
mori* than foul and a hall million
dollars during the tourist season.
The total receipts el Lucerne from
ftll sources! Irom tourists  during
Church Notice.
IT. ANDMW'I rmsn\ ifkias i urn 11
Services will be conducted as
usual 011  Sunday  by the pastor.
Sunday school, 1:30 p, nt,
Service at Moodyville school al
7:50 p. m,
I'rayet meeting on Thursday al
H o'clock.
All are welcome.
Paitoi: Rev, J. 1). Gillam, M.A
The Kev. I it. Ebenczei Robson
will preach iu the Orange Hall,
Lonidale avenue, on Sunday next,
at 4 p. tn., and will be glad to
meet all who ate interested in the
organization of a Metbedist congregation in North Vancouver.
One ol the pioneers of Vancouver passed away on Monday evening in the person of Dr. John T.
Carroll. For the last aix months
Dr. Carroll had not been in good
health. Some time ago he spent
a month or two in California iu
the hope that the sunny clime
would have a beneficial effect, ami
upon his return il was thought
thai a short rest was all that was
needed to quite restore his impaired health; but about two
weeks ago be was laken ill again,
and so serious was his condition
that although the best procurable
medical aid was secured, be continued to sink.
Tbe late llr. Carroll wan bom in
1K58, near Oiangeville, Ont.
After graduating with a medical
degree Irom Tortnto university, he
went to Edinburgh, where he took
a post-graduate cuurse previous to
commencing the practice ol medicine in the town ol Welland. He
first visited the Coast in 18S7, and
was much impressed with the
possibilities ol the West, and particularly with Vancouver. The
next year he came again, and since
that time has resided here continuously. He was for one term
reeve     Ol     North      Vancouver.
Barlior he occupied 011 aldermanic
scat on the other side of the inlet.
Deceased was married in 1893
Iii Miss Sadie Rand, sisler ol
Messrs. C. D., E. E„ and A, E,
Rand, Vancouver.   Mrs.   1 arroll
and Iwo suns, John and Arthur,
aged lour and two years, survive
A resort bucIi us this must meet ninny requirements to give satisfaction lo these
desiring to spend the summer months at thu Beasido.
It must be so near that the man of business can make it his home, and also be
able to attend to his affairs. It must be so far away as to give a complete change of
conditions from those in the city.
It must afford a good bathing beach, where children and women can disport
themselves in the water without any serious danger. It must afford a good landing for
boats of all sines at all stages nf the tide, and a good environment for boating.
Its value is greatly increased if it combines mountain air with the ozone of the
sea, Proximity to a mountain is most valuable for shooting and physical exercise. A
good supply of pure water is essential, and, when electric light can he got, few will care
to use any other at the seaside.
lt is difficult to say which of these conditions is most important, and it certainly
is a unique place that can satisfy theni all.
"Brighton Beach"
is just such a place
It is (ibout II miles from Vancouver, and excellent steam boat communication is lo be
maintained during the summer. An excellent boat landing is to be fitted up by thu
There is a good stretch of tide Hats which will he prepared for a bathing ground.
There is a good stream of fresh water from the mountain running through tlie townsite,
and it is proposed to bring in a gravitation water system for domestic use and lire protection, with a bend of 300 feet.
Plenty of roads and avenues have heen laid out, and the vendors are to rough
grade lhe main roads.
The Lake Buntzen Power House is within one mile of the Townsite,
not bc an expensive matter to get in an electric light service.
and it will
Immediately behind the Townsite the mountains rise to a height of over 4,000
feet, and give the Townsite thc appearance of an Alpine resort.
Thc soil in the whole Townsite is good for fruit-growing and vegetables, and, as
the lots are all a good size, each can he made to provide for all a family's requirements
in both these commodities.   Even grapes grow luxuriantly.
The vendors have reserved a lot for a public school, and one for a
and this will be suitably vested when the needs arise
public ball,
Seymour Marshall & Company, Granville Street, Vancouver, and Messrs.
Alexander Smith it Company, Junction Block, Xortli Vancouver, are agents for the
vendors, and all sales must be confirmed by cither lirm before they aro effective.
Subscribe lor Tub Expri ■
I 11
•|-iii: COttfiClli INVITO .U'l'i.i-
*   CATIONS (or thc posltl I Con-
iiiiihli' iif ihe District, Salary, fiu i„.r
month. Applications, wiih inllsulo
references, to hn In «i lhe Municipal
lliiil by 7:30 p. m,, on ilu* 20th Instant.
Ai.rx. I'iiii.ii.,
('. M. ('.
There ire in course ol ettclion
some 3' buildingi it present in
North Vancouver.
'    [trading portion "1 the Hope llnail
'in lhe fists, near Iha Capilano Road,
Tenderi lo hn in nut lati-rtlian.liiiif I.
•I-owcpI or any loii'lcr- nut ni-rcwarily
accepted,  For particulars apply to
Hum, (in.ivn.r.iv AC"., I.th.
322 famine St., Vancouver
i',Ai;iii;i: simp
Ltntdale Avenue,
near comer of Firit street
Nu BoodlcM Plums, Nn l'ltlcss Apple*
No (jobless Corn—Just old reliable varieties at reasonable prices, frrtlllsers,
Use Bupplios, Spray I'unipi, Spraying
Mu:. rial, i ui Kluwai*, ele. Oldest ee*
tthllihed nursery nn lhc mainland "I
British CoIiiiiiIiIk,   Catalogue Iroo,
miisimis AND SEEDH0U8ES.
P, B,- K your local merchants .1" nol
Itandls my leads, send direct. We prepay Blii' packets, assorted varieties of
garden ioeil> In live coin paper* (ie*t"(l
stock) to your nearest postotllca (or |i ;
twenty packets Inr Btl cents. Trial cob
sonrn VANCOUVER, • • • 11. c.
llflvliiK tnli(i(i mer tlir HulliUc*- lir)>Hrit:ii'ni
.( iln' VVcaicni i'iir|iiirf.ilini, I dii nnw |irr.
I'trcil In iln nil llii'l- nl *,illillr buildl-li ami
mrpe-iimni. IImim' f'lalni nn'l mnvlnt a
ape'l-.ll*'. Conrrcto m<l IMOI vmlla, Kill.,
mule* |fri i nil * |.| illi lll'lll I'" V . il ilili, j
iar.ll. . i.nain. I!..ii
When you want
a job of Painting
or Paper Hanging
or Kalsomining
done.   See
Hardy & Stoney
Sixth Strk*t
Rolled Oats
Haij and feed
iheBrackman Ker
Milling Co.
Harry Mitchell, local manager,
Lonsdale Avenue.
Fine, healthy Tomato and
Cauliflower Plants, grown from
Sutlon's Seeds, always on band. THE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B. C.
By special request we publish
an article on "Great Reformers,"
written and published by Elbert
Hubbard in the Philistine)
Henry George died in 1897.
Ten years have passed since men
have heard his voice, looked upon
his strong, lithe form, saw the
gleam oi his honest eyes, and fell
the presence ol a man—a man who
wanted nothing and gave every
thing—0 man who gave himsell.
Ten yeai 1 A d in those ten
yens the world has experienced,
and is now passing through, a
peaceful revolution such as men
have never belore seen. Ten
years have given us a new science
ol religion ; a new education | (
new penology ; a new healing art
11 new method in commerce.
The wisdom ol honesty as i
business asset is nowhere question
ed, and the clergy has ceased to
call upon men l" prepare for
death, Wc are preparing to live,
nnd the way we are preparing to
live is by living. The remedy
II"iiry George prescribed lor
economic ills was as simple as it
was new, and new things and
simple things are always looked
upon as objectionable —dangerous.
The universality of conservatism
proves that ii must have its use
and purpose in the eternal order.
It keeps us Irom going too fast;
it prevents us from bringing about
changes for which mankind are
not prepared. Nature's methods
are evolutionary, not revolutionary.
Slaves cannot be made free by
edict, Moses led bis people oul
ol only one kind of captivity, and
in the wilderness tbey wandered
in bondage still. Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation did not
free the colored race, because it is
the law ol God that be who would
be Iree must Iree himsell. A servile people are slaves by habit,
and habit is the only letter.
Freedomi like happiness, is a condition of mind. A whining, complaining, pinching, pilfering class
that listens lor the whistle,
watches the clock, that works only
when under the menacing eye of
the boss and stands in eternal Icar
ol the blue envelope here, and
perdition hereafter, can never be
made Iree by legislative enactment.
Freedom cannot be granted any
more than education can be imparted, both must be achieved, or
we yammer forever without the
pale, A simple, strong and honest
people are Iree. People enslaved
by superstition and ruled by the
dead have work al tiling fetters
ahead ol theni which only they
themselves can do.
Henry George did not realize
this, and bis strength lay in the
lact thai he did not. Ile did not
know that when men get the crook
out ol their backs, the hinges out
ol their knees, and the cringe out
of their souls, that then they are
free. Slaves place iu the hands n|
tyrants all the power thai tyrants
Fortunate it was for Henrj
George, ami Im tin' wni Id, that he
did not know that any man who
labors to help the working man,
will be mobbed by the proletariat
lor his pains a little later on.
Mom chics may be ungrateful,
but tlieir attitude is a  sweet  per-
[ume compared to ihe Ingratitude
ol the laborer. He can only be
helped by stealth, and his freedom
must come Irom within.
The moral weakness of man is
the one thing that makes tyranny
possible. Tyranny is a condition
in the heart ol the serfs, Tyrants
tyrannize; only over people ol a
certain cast of mind. Tyrants are
men who have stolen power—convicts who have wrested guns from
their guards. Watch theni, and
in a little while tbey will again
shift places.
Henry George wss a very great
man—great in his economic, pro
phetic insight; great in his faith,
his hope, his love, He gave his
message to the world and passed
on, scourged, depressed, undone,
because the world did not accept
lhe truths he voiced. Vet all for
which he strived and struggled
will yet come true--bis prayer
will be answered.
And the political parlies and the
men who in his life opposed him,
are now adopting his opinions,
i|iioliii|* his reasons and ill time
will bring about the changes he
01 all modern prophets and reformers Henry (icorge is the only
one whose arguments are absolutely unanswerable and whose
forecast was sure.
(To bo Continued)
Mr. Dick's Sojourn.
To the Editor of Thk Express i
Sir,—Your correspondent has
just returned from a two week's
trip through Oregon and Washington, visiting Portland, Seattle,
Tacoma, Beilinghani, Salem, Cen-
tralia, Albany, Brownsville and
Crawlord^ville. Universal progress and improvement in each and
every place were noted. Most ol
these places have added very
greatly to their population during
•he last two or three years. In
tht lirst three the rate ol progresi
seems tu have heen very remark
able. The large brick and cement
buildings, olten twelve and fourteen stories high, wilh strong steel
frames, reinforcej with cement
walls, would appear to be sufficient
guarantee ol Strength—for even
San Francisco,
On the trip we met nothing but
smiling laces and happy looks,
indicating the enjoyment ol the
good tilings ol lile, so lavishly distributed among the people. But
alter all, when we come down to
facts and figures, it is bard to Iind
any place lhat is making more
rapid progress than the cities on
the banks oi Hurrard inlet. Their
comfortable location and unsurpassed position, with the push and
energy ol tlieir citizens, mark Durrani inlet as the commercial centre
ol the North Pacific.
We found many enquiries regarding the possibilities and advantages ol llritisli Columbia.
Many are looking to the North for
their luture homes, but many
things re-act against us. For instance : The want of a better
understanding ol custom duties.
When coining home we met a
gentleman and bis wife ai Belling*
ham, with whom 1 was acquainted.
liecame from Idaho, and when
tbey reached the international
loundary at Blaine by the morning train (they had shipped tlieir
household goods ahead), they
atrried a gramophone, and to make
sure tbey would not get it destroyed in transit Were carrying it
with them. The custom officer
would not let Ihem pass with it
without paying duty, notwithstanding the fact that tbey were coining
into the country as settlers. They
returned to Beilinghani to make
their homel then-, iis they said
tbey would not live in a country
where the government would not
live up lo its own laws. This is
one family we have lost through a
misunderstanding, or, more probably, lor lhe lack ol a due sence ol
courtesy towards strangers.
Yours truly,
I). G. Dick.
North Vancouver, B. C, May
16, 1907.
Butte, Mont,, has a population ol
86,J30, The actual increase ol
the population since May, lyofi, is
The Hiientijii American says a
new toy brought out for the holi-
nay trade is a gas cannon. It is
alleged to be entirely sale, and is
intended to amuse the small  bov
The cannon is mounted on a box
and the latter contains a small
acetylene gas generator. It is supplied with a safety device render
ing accidents and injury to the
tiny operators quite impossible.
The gas is led to the cannon
through a tube, and when it is
loaded with a small hall of wood,
the discharge is effected by an
electric spark.
Attention by the American
authorities is being given to preserve the native handicraft ol ihe
Indian. It is pointed out that thc
production ol articles in aboriginal
style is becoming a thing ol the
The constitution ol Honduras
provides, under " Bights and Obligations of Foreigners," article 29,
that the republic of Honduras is a
sacred asylum lor every person
fleeing lo ils territory. In article
31 foreigners are assured all the
civil rights ol Hondiirants.
The consumption of sugar in
the United States is increasing
rapidly, more rapidly than is the
production. During the year just
ended they used 6,500,000,000
pounds of sugar, worth $300,000,-
000. II each citizen got his fair
share, during the twelve months
he coi.sinned 76 pounds, Of this
sugar only one littb was produced
in the United States; one-fifth
came from the island possessions,
and three-fifths were imported
Irom foreign countries.
Stumps and
Rocks Removed
Without Damage
to Buildings
Call or Address
Jones Avenue and 14m St.
Painters and PaPERHANOERS
Murai. Dkcurators
Gkaineks    Gi.azi..rs    Skins
Oi'i'. 13111 Street.
Our new HatS are here;
nnr Spring Woollens are
here. Our store and every*
thing iliiTi'in in now, bright
ninl cheerful, our prices
are ri|*ht,
Patrlonlio Homo Induttry
I'iiii-iiws II1.UCK, ■ L0N8DA1.E AVE
111 p 1 m >i 1 n 1 or net
Collection*, ll"i">* lii'iiinik'.fi'".
All Kiii.laiil Help luppllU "li Short NOtlCt,
11. WtM.liUI
Offices DO Powell St,
Fiirripr-Scrjicmil James Vales
cms 1,iauf inin uti       nirir.Ai  imitH
Sixth Street render Strrrt
North Vancouver       Vancouver, II. U.
H. II. Tahn, Ml*-.     - ■
Wahtfd—A boy about 15, to
learn printing Apply " EXPESI"
Dominion Day
The Greatest Demonstration
of the Year
for Particulars
6. J. Piiillippo, Chairman
M. S. McDowell, Secretary
mtii mmm raiiv * ram ra., in.
Summer Time Table, iq.)7
•fi.00 A.M.
•11.45   "
8.00   "
8.40   "
11.30 "
lO.lfi "
11.1.1   "
12.15 P. M.
1.15   "
2.15   "
3.15 "
-1.15   "
5.15   "
0.15 "
7.M  "
8.15   "
9.15   "
10.15 "
"II.30   "
* Nol 1111 Bundav
N. VANCOl via.
0,48 A.M.
10.45 "
11.46 "
12.(5 P.M.
1,45   "
2.45 "
3.46 "
4.45 "
6.46 "
0.45   "
•C.20A. M.
•7.20 "
8.20 "
9,00 "
9.45 "
10.45 '
11.45 '
12.16 P.
1.46 '
2.45 '
3.15 '
4.45 '
5.45 '
7.46 "
111 15
111.16 A.M.
11.15 "
12.15 .M.
1.15 "
2.15 "
3.16 "
4.15 "
6.15 •
0.15 "
7.15 "
Flani, Quint, ri, I.-rilJ
»!i|'crl!itiinli'iic« 01 CoDitruclici
1 oriTII  f-TKMT, r(ll» -1 LOMMtl ATI,
Capilano Hotel
Everything new ami modern, affording all the
luxuries of a metropolitan hostlety.   Elevation j«o
feet above set level. Ideally situated fur people
wishing an exhiliarating climate, beautiful mountain
scenery and climbing, and good fishing and shooting.
A lew hours from the summit ol Mount Crown and
the Lions.
Tally-ho meets car connecting with 0:15 Ierry,
at liewicke avenue, returiing between 6 and 7 p.m.,
calling at the two canyons and tht suspension bridge,
allowing time (or inspection.
HATES l   $2.50 to <3.<H) Per Dny
Bl'BOlAI.   MAT**   T .rA.MtL.lria    AND    HK(.II All
'l' '"  ' <ioARb«i(» I
'PI'JM  5
North Vanc iovir, H. C.
G. E. JUR-if NfttFN
11.11 liilmr ••*) t. r. ,..< a,,-.,,
Rillwaii.BrlaliN.WaUi Pawiri, '.,'i» >■.,,,
Bu-*rlnundMei ol Ciniineion. M.r, -,'
T.imialtua, PUmol Mlli'ri ' ,nl ll, BIOibrlBII
Ol -Ulliillllallitl-..
Ill llaillllll HI. W .
fiRCOtJVER, 11 Ca
1-aiUlf.na.l    In     I i 1 ■rencNU.
Miami    ClMtr «.i M»«r»i'('o
TiHiia: HifilwiM>Oa      eai fit,'
MANAain roa TM   .okk    iltl
PntricTiu   "tscr.
omc«: Fim St., i  ot keneOla A»».
eo   YIAM'
T«»ot RHafi*
(   a-M»*Ul.
An*"*in.ian*iln» I lk*-i*"*i m »a*a*l-.|l*i-, a,.*
..l-klT .icrt.in Hf npim n a. •li-'fca, a-
InaniN'.n larraab»blTral»t*'».'      (<>ml*f,..-».
iininMri«U/Mi*«'«ii(i«l. ttUll jV  ma
a-" ' Ir... (iMmi ii*(""T I'l'   "nni P4(a*ila.
I'aHiili Uin tSr**nili Mann a Co. la-al.a
ltW'1.11 nail". •lltlOlt ttlU-t. ll till
Scientific American.
i k-.nm-imi.ir iitaimu-i aaaVgt, lanntttr-
nltllnn it mr i-unllS* l-.imi-.',   T«(mi. M l
••af: I"a' ni.aaattia.il. Btil'tirill M««*Ml«n.
""UniCo "'■»*» At#Torti
.,,. om... dm, -(i.iiwiiai. D. C. THE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B. C.
il"""--",n"fli """'"r-
With Us for
' erection ol a Kirn Hull lor Municipality ol Nurlh Vancouver, I'lans
uml Specifications to ho wen at Arclii*
tent's office, tinnlccs to be in llieir blinds
un ur li.'litre 18th u( Mny, lit 12 ikk.ii,
lli'i'i)lll|tllilieil he certilieil i'|]i'i|U(l lot liv*
pur neiit. o( itinoiint ul tender, made
pnj-Hhle to t'lerk ol Municipal Council,
us security (or entering Into contract.
The Ion-eat or uny tundet nol necessarily
HOXKYMiN lli   I'lllTIS,
I Hli.'
M"I-iiiih    Hunk    Chiiinhers,
Vancouver, 11.0.
Palace Hotel
Barber Shop
*   North Vancouver Hchuol,  Mr. ,N
l.ail'-y. iiri'liiieei, Nortli Vancouver, wil
show plans and specMriitiniis ami n
celvo oilers oil or holers :il«t Msv 190"
IV.  1'.   I'K.ICSI",
Secretary Hcliool Board.
^ I shall apply to the liccnsliui Board
ol the District Municipality ol North
Vaucouvor m Its next meeting for »
hotel license ior premises known us Lot
F, in the Sub-division ol Lot 871, Group
1, N'nv Westminster District, reentered
in lhe Land Itegistery Ollice nt the CltT
of Vancouver.
Dated May 9th, 1907.
I Ciiiinril lor Clenriny and Grading
800 leet ol road along Twenty-first street
east Iriiin Lonsdale avenue.
Specification! can Ik- had al the Municipal Hull, where Bealed tenders, witli
depoiiil cheques, musl be lodged before
S o'clock p. in. on 20tli instant.
Al.M. I'llll.lP,
Through a typogrsphic.il error
it was stated in Tiir EXPRESS that
Ex-councillor Morden was going
to build an hotel.   This is not ao.
Fergus W. Ferguson, representing R, G. Dunn It Co.'s mercantile
agency, Vancouver, paid the town
a visit this morning.
The drawing ol 'he Derby
sweepstake which takes place at
Larson's pavilion, on June 4II1.
promises to be a big ailair.
Tickets, Ji.
Tiik l'xi'HKSs will go to press
next week on Thursday evening,
Friday being Victoria Day.
Waa 1 'riiiu-d on Our Newly-Installed
Wharfdale Cylender Press.
Ih Now in   a   Position   to  Turn  Out
Any Class nf I'rlntlng, Ranging
In Size from ?i Milk Ticket
to a Colored Circus Poster
Letterheads Billheads
Statements       Envelopes
ond   all  other  kinda of Office Stock
CAPITAL, $4,866,666, RESERVE, $3,141,333
Head Ollice in Canada, Montreal.
II. Stikeman, General Manager: J. Elmsi.v, Supt. of Branches
Branches in llritisli Columbia—Ashcroft, Greenwood,
Hedley, Kaslo, Rossland, Trail iSub Brunch), Vancouver,
Victoria, Duncans, and Dawson, Y.T.
Snvlngs DopartmBnt  Depmlt*, received from 11 OO upwards
Interest at hl**,host current rales snd compounded twice o your
Ollice, Cor. Lonsdale Ave. and tspl.ini.de, Norlh Vancouver, li. C.
North Vancouver \
AAA    Worth of North Vancouver
Property fur Clients
Owners are requested tu call at our office, or
mail a list with full description and particulars
as to prices and terms.
We can guarantee sales if prices are right,
and we are given sole agency.
Give this your immediate aitmtion if you
wish your property transformed to cash.
Corner Lonsdale Ave. and Fifth St.
Sell Your Real Estate-Rent Your
House—Invest Your Money in
Mortgages at Good Interest.   ,   .
i .; _,      ,, 	
To See,  if You  Wish   to Buy   in
North Vancouver	
.I'll.iNI. 6
bonipson Block,   *   •   NORTH VANCOUVER,
Men's $4 Shoes
Box Cal Bluchers, leather lined,
double sole $4.00
Velvour Cill Bluchers, leather
lined, double sole $4.00
Vict* Kid Bluchers ami Hals,
leather or canvass lined; a
daisy boot $1*00
See Us lor Your
Spring Shoes
51(1 Hastings Street W,
Ws have tlie bofll   selected
Spring Merit  iu   llritiiih   Co*
lumblS) considering Un «l*e ol
our "tore, nnd we uill he
plrw-eil il the ladies "1 Sorth
Vancouver uill pay ur* n visit
before going Into town.
Mrs. II A. Shaw
Ir.n.d.l. Av. .   -   N. VANCOUVER
■OAT IOR SALE—Complete in every
detail, also a dingy. Apply,
Im E.xraisa.
If you are going to BUILD
consult us iiiui ive will
save ymi MONEY.
Plans, tic,   prepared  (or any
style house. Estimates furnished
II. Ill Sill
BUILDERS     6th St., West
I biilievu llml North Vancouver hns
nn iniiiiiiisi' future, nnd that there
will bu more money mnde in land
hero than in uny other Bcolion in
British Columbiu, 1 have LOTS
I'OK bfklt in all parts of tha
Townsite. If you have L(D1S TO
6! IS., come tn ini'. J will liml
you |iiii'('li;i-ii's quickly.
161 Cordova Street, Vancouver, B. C.
Rainier Beer^
Is a glorious beverage—quenching nnd
satisfying. Remember there's no other
"just as good"—insist on getting Rainier.
Vancouver, B. C-
Beautiful Cleared Lots
$900 each
Modern IIoubo on Tlilrtl street, all convenience), hot ami cold meter, bath,
.—— elietric light .	
$1000 cash
The rest BIB)' payments,   Hull block oast ol [.Muddle
British Columbia Electric Railway Co.,Ltd.
Owing to change of the lerry time schedule following will
obtain :
First Street
Leaving Queensbury Avenue at 5:30 a. in., 6:30 a. m., 7:35
and live minutes to the hour until 10:55 p, m,
Leaving Keith Road and Forbes Avenue at 6:00 a. m.,
7:00, a, 111., H:i5, and 25 ininiitea past the hour
until 11.15 P* If-
l.llNSHAl.t AvknUR
("ars will run every so minutes,
"pgp   All boats are met by the cars.
Hotel North Vancouver.
J2.00 per
and up.
Kates loi
Ferry Service Lvery Half Hour to and from This Hotel
to Vancouver. P. Larson, Prop.
BUY IT AT McMILLAN'S, and be ready and
He's Coming  Sure.
ti so i'uii Day
and Up
Si'kciai, Rath* to
I'akiubi ash
ll l.'.l" i.a bIIoa lllllllll
-I"   1	
RIB*.   £•  ANDBU66,  Pr 0 |>r If 11 r *.
Heated throughout with
Steam—Hot and cold
water in every room :  :
Second Street,   •   •
Tin Imr In considered to
be ii- line as nnv on the
Comt, Its stock i.« replete


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