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The Express 1906-12-21

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 Those present ;ii the regular bi
monthly meeting of the municipa
council on Wt dnesday night wi re
Keeve A.  E.  Kealy, Councillors
Morden, Allen and May.
Communications were received
and disposed nl as follows :
K. W. iJick ft ol., petitionin*
ior six-loot sidewalk on south side
of First street, limn Lonsdah
avenue to Chesterfield, also on
Rodgers avenue, between thi
Esplanade and First street, Ki ■
lerred t.i board of works.
H, T. Thrift, chairman of com
mittee on immigration, New Westminster, wrote regarding the settlement of arable lands of the
province.   Laid over lor the new
K. E. Jameson, manager of the
Canadian Rubber Company, acknowledging receipt of ordct for
hose.    Filed.
D. M. Mcintosh, Letson &
Burpee, limited, wrote giving price
<i( fnur cents a pound on standard
.■fittings for stove pipe. Referred
to committee,
Geo. Wagg, wrote willing tn
give sufficient land from district loi
801, to make Lonsdale avenue a
width of 100 feet northwards, Mr.
Wagg was thanked lor his liberal
G. 1' Gibson, ciiy comptroller
inr Vancouver, ■ re enclosing
resolution ol city council, to wit:
That the provincial government be
petitioned and requested to set
aside a tract ol land, to be lucnu d
between Vancouver and New
Westminster, and a sufficient sum
ouncil could not supper^ its re
''Tbylaw to divert the course of
Bridge road, through district lot
204 was adoptee.
A by-law to open up hil p
avenue and Far,,, street, also to
widen Keith road was read. The
nex, mailings were laid over to.
,1,,. new council'
The meeting then adjourned.
The Prospector
Mr. Thompson,   to   Cariboo
mining engineer, chatting to 1h*
Express about prospecting, says
that it costs lhe prospector »5°°
,o outfit lo.' the season, Irom June
,,t to the middle of October,   Th
balance of the year he cannot do
hardly anything,   He may return
with  success  and  he  may not.
Without him, however, the country
cannot be developed.   He is the
,„,,., and Bhould be given an
opportunity to live,    The pros-
^tor pais Jio lot a jo-pound
sack of beans at Barkerville, $5 a
ack for flour, 33 tf cents a pound
lor bacon or bam, 15 cents  **
dried fruit, +0 cents a pound fo
green coffee, tea 75 cents, bias ng
powder 40 to 75 cents a pou, d
by the box. ,
'if a railroad were built there
prices would be reduced to a mini*
Vice-president Phillippo occii-
ied the chair al Tuesday night's
meeting "I the board  ol   trade,
•fhere were present among others:
Alex. Philip, 13. >'■ |,:ik' "' C'
Wright, Mr. Peacey, H. A. Shaw,
1 C. Williams, W. I- Boult, Mr,
Billings, W, Blackburn, Council
l„rMay, S. D, Schulu, J. R ]•
Murray, P. A. Allen, Jas. Murray,
Waldeu,    Keeve    Kealy.    R.
K.   Heffell,   B.
;ranting sanu
, ne following resolution
carried unanimously 1
"That all efforts ol tin   tele-
phone company to secure financial
ssistance   in   connection    with
orth Vani ouver Irom  the dominion government  be  opposed
tin In.ml nl trade, in view ol
the inadi quate and absolutely un
satisfactory service  rendered  bj
tin company to the residents ol
North Vancouver, nnd that a copj
■I the resolution be lorwarded to
mr parliamentary representative
■it Ottawa."
The question ol opening up and
as "s ing tin- gnvei   in nt lands,
j lately   sol I   b)'     11 I litS   in-
formally  discussed,  aflei   which
Facts About Cariboo.
j J. Thompson, a mining
engineer for the Guggenhcims
Mining Syndicate ol New York,
paid Tiik Express a call on Tuesday.   Mr.   Thompson   has   just
arrived Irom the Cariboo district|inB »eu" '"" *, -.      ,
•    ■■-, i... ,i„,i'or ',ls *ard Inr years, being elect
 "       I'"   needs   n,
rices winuu i" .
mum and a number of men won
go in,
Freight rates from Ashcroft to
Barkerville are six cenisa pound,
and from Barkerville two  cents
Forty cents a pound are charged
for freight tu the Ouiineca  am1
Babine lake, via Hazelton;
irains are used.    The very
Wheeler, 11
Alex, Philip wrote, re adyertis- ihe meeting adjourned
iug in Monetary Times, that it had	
been referred to finance committee
with power to act.   Filed,
K. ti. Macpherson, M. !'., wrote
from Ottawa, re customs office ai
North Vancouver.   The minister
of customs dues not seem to view
it favorably.    Referred to public
improvements committee,
Oswald Barrett, Monetary Timrs,
wrote regarding advertising North
Vancouver.   Referred to publicity
committee. land is now on tm >.,._> ... ...- .
F, Carter-Cotton, in reply to tho home in Richmond, Va., via San
secretary, wrote that at an) time 1 Francisco.
the board has anv matter under    Asked about tho development
consideration in which it thought.work of the Cariboo be said that
ihat he could render it sen cc,|plenty ot money was being  ex-
that he would be pleased to come | -tended there, his own company
ovei' nnd meet   the  board.   Ac-1
knoivledged with thanks.
The board unanimously endorsed
  the  petition   o!   the   municipal
dog | council   to   tlie   provincial   and
fact dominion governments, supporting
'"•   a   combined
worked on Burns, Slough, Elevei
Lightning and Canadian creeks
f loai.ooo having been spent on tin
last named.  Willow liver was alsi
licli in gravel.
"ll semis to me," said Mr
Thompson, " that all you have tt
.lib r to the Caribooite in Vancou
ver Is cheap town hits, but nothing
tai develop oui in rthern interior."
Wlt.it is needed to hash n tin
development of this rich distrii i t-
railway i onnection wiih Vancou
ver, and Vant ouver then will be
.um the iiiusi prospi rous i it) on
tlie Pacific coast.
Messrs. Russell aid Tom Clarl
lelt on Monday morning lot
a Ontario, win re tl <*) inti nd visitini
n'. .nous.
Councillor Mav will op. n his
nne i in ihe if v. 1 li i;;, in at tin
post office, nn Lonsdale avenue.
He will conduct a gi nei 'I agencj
business, han llii . i n ranee and
property, as well a a i il in
limber limits. Mr, Maj is t
pioneer of North Vancouver, hav
ing been returned lor councilloi
Districtof North
arriveu uum ,„^ ^
where he has been located ior the '"' "' ,, .
.   i . ..   i „    i        eii reeve as well.    lie needs no
past eleven vears.    He has been .       , .  ,     .. . .
,      .,    r     . » „   i      introduction and should do a good
on the Coast for about 35 years, ,    .       ,       ,
, . , • .i-i 11 business from the	
land is now on Ins way to his oldi
!*«.      a>>n   San
that freight cannot be got tn oarsIthe proposition fur  a  c
doing anything. railway and vehicular traffic bridgi
It costs S43.50 fare from Barker-across   the    Second    narrows
Mrs' Holdsworth, ol Fourteenth
strei t. neai Forbes avenue, bas a
fine flock of thirteen mixed pullets,
which wi re hatched late in April
last. She receives from seven to
nine eggs every day. tine ol thesi
chickens laid an egg the 1 ther aim
which weighed three ounces, am
measures b^x?',' inches, U is Ol
view at Tm. Express office, Mi*
Holdsworth buys her chicken leei
fruin Brackman-Ker's
Westminster, ai.u,. o -  -$43.50 fare from Barker-If ;■
to be placed in the first estimates Iville to Ashcroft and living ex- Among those supporting tin  nam-
.for the   establishment   of   such penses to connect with tite C. P. R.lution were 1   Alex. Philip, H. C,
^mmm^—~* I   The mining laws should be am- Wright, \V. L, Bouli  Geo, Han
ended so as the miner could get ley, J, H. J Mnray. Reeve Kealy.
it r'.'.nhout being everlastingly I   The executive council tt
taxed. [structed to '.a!, ■ up thc qui   ion ol
home,   Board ol works.
J. W. Balmain, engineer, wrote]
that the two-foot plank sidewalk
spi a itied, on east side "I Lonsdi I,
avenue, Irom Tv ent) li rst to *Jue, n
streets east, sliotllu be nn east sid..
from   Twenty-first   lo    I'went)
second streets, .in.l then after on
west side, troni   I .veiily-second to
Queen street.   Agreed to.
John Ross, ut Koss ,v Howard
Iron \V iilis Company, willing t 1
deliver I. 0. b. lurry, castings 0
same patterns as used by the Vai
. cii.ii.i iiaiuw irks, Referred 1
board ul works
From Albiun Iron Works, giving
■qiio'.atieiis on watei works ca itings.
Referred to committee,
Petition Irom W. ]. Billings, ei
al, that Sixth street be graded,
from St. George's road lo St.
Andrew's road.   Granted.
Lorenza Reda, wrote te overplus
license fee. Mr. Reda was informed that the council had no
power to deal in tlie matter,
W.13. Bunburry, wrote re North
the prospector locat
a ., a
the proin -  ■
•llll- 1
were putting in smite 1*4,1100,000.
During the past ten years or so
about $16,000,000 were put in,
two-thirds ol this large amount
was English capital and the
balance American.
The Sloujgh Creek  proposition 1 -j^	
■■ reorganized.   So far, it lias rv*    .   •    .      «•«, .
not yielded any dividends, but it UlStnCtOl iNO-Tin
was bound to pay in tlie long run,'
though close upon $4,000,000 have.
dready  been spent  there.   The
laglish   investor   was   a   good
ita* er.
1 nriboo was strictly  a  placer
" ..im . and he knew nl im quartz,
>i..   .malt/
' ',..,,.   the   quart? \ \,„;i, ,
s^^^^^^^^^^ !	
rpilK (WWII.   INVITES   U'I'I.I-
1   (i.VTIONS ia" ',.. p. titi a ni iiieii
ml In'iiltii "llii'er i,,r the District ol
Alter and Divert the
Course of Bridge Road
through District Lot 204;
to Appropriate the Lands
necessary, and to provide
for Granting Deeds to
Reconvey Lands To Be
*' i>a'ilieiii. In the public Interest, to
alter unit divert thnt part ol Bridge
Rond in Nurtli Vancouver Municipality,
which passes through District hot 204.
ami ilie consent ol the owucn ol snid
District Ini has bcou duly obtained to
thai intent 1
Therefore, be it enacted by the Reeve
mid Council of the Corporation o( tbe
, District nf .Nnrth Vancouver, in council
I assembled, as tallows, viz.:
1. For lhe purpose n( diverting tbe
road, known as " bridge Road," and ol
opening, mnldng, Ur>lng nml preserving
ns n part ol thc public highway, known
as " Bridge Road," tbe laid corporatli n
enters upon, expropriates, and takes nil
and singular Unit parcel or urea of land
ui.ii'il in, and part ut District Lot
iiuiibm 201,Group One, District of New
vYi'stmhiBler,  more   particular,)'   de-
ictibcd  na   ("Hull's,   namely;  Corn-
nieiiclng at a post planted mi tbe West
boundary "I District Lot 204, distant
lourtcen hundred ami nisti-six (14861
leet more or less from the South-west
corner ol said lot; thence Kast lont
hundred nud fiinrte«y> (4H) feet mora or
len, to a post plnntoil; thence s.tm 4H e.
eighteen hundred and thirty (1880J leet
mure nr 1,-ks to a point on the East
lionndnrvol Lot, distant eighteen bun-
ibid ami eleven '1SUJ leet from the
Nnrili-east enrnor. Tbe above described
line, being the Southerly boundary "f a
right-ol.way sixly-slxfwlj leet in width,
3, In oxenanga* fur tin* parcel or ana
nl land specified :u il appropriated in
Section 1 hereof, the said Corporation
hereby Itnpl Up, ai aBoad or Street, all
1 il ill _" lar that parcel nr "trip of bind
■    < .1. v.„„„„.
"Itl.'e-   un    ""    ■•;   •■'--.
"u'.eri"b"'uil'.*';1" -"''    ,
Walt 111     Q|      «,„„    ..
$6,000, ho is out $4,0 0,   Thegov-
i rntneut  allows him  $1,000 ■ \
■ 1 iption "i1 the 56,000, and taxes
him two per 0 at on the balance,
Twenty-five dollars should only be
11.1 charged lor the lease and water
to j provided id reasonable rates.   But
every man should be "*mne
oik his claim.
Church Notice
W'lTZm  fc ,t Stephen's day,
Capilanosuvey.mat =  1 gt|
vi.     lOHS'S    CHURCH    CORNISH    01
December, tyi, (Fourth Sunday in Advent)-Hou'commumion
tpfain), 8 a. in.; ditto, (choral),
10 a. in.; morning prayer, II «.«!.,
evensong, 7-3° P' m'      ,,       c,
Christmas    day,     25II1 .     at
imu i.ii".. ^ ...
lion, bun lied-tl     ■ ■ ■     ib, el
(i..,. '!. ii, , .   tv,    1 le, ''il .1
mi tat ' 1   : tin        lal  il '.:., li.
Vice-president  Phillippo, in  a
lew  well-chosen   remarks,   congratulated tl    .  . a '      trad   on
,,. ....v...   _.   the leiri by-law as presented tu
compelled to thu ratepayers lor '.I  ir i n li    i
tion l.e-i  wei k,    Hi    leeply 1
i;retted lhat ii was tin 1 "1 down.
Tlie committee who were instm
mental in arrau ;ing the lets
the iiiiii' : . law was » most repri ■
si'iitcaiivii one. iiiui the troul h and
time  it  "i"iii   v.. i"  vi iv  greal
indeed.      " 1    belli ve    the   rate
payers ol North Vancouver math
a big mistake bj voting against
impro1' I conditions in the lerrj
service iliat.they will be sorry for, '
ui, n,.....
spent ,s: .' oo to buildi
btirri;£.:gDistrictof North
. spent San
'     II '. '    "	
.1      1.   IlUt   l.v.-._   .^^^^^^
died away ab ul  a  piarti 1  oi ..
million dollnrs v.eie sunk,
l.tit' 1, j"-. ph Hunter, ex-M. P.
I th   lend of a 1 nnpai y
liaiu  up  the  Golden   Ki   r
After the  work  w - . mipleti al it
vas found that the river bed liad
'n en tv ng-damed and worked out
.y iln ■ aiiy miners.
'1 In re ate plenty ol rii h gravel.
banks all along the  trcams.   The I vvtr.*t*.
■" 1, .   working on a small scale
were making (ood money, but the
'   '  1,, t
Vancouver i-ip*'»"-  ■-■ •,.    ,
route as surveyed by Mr y ft.
Cleveland^not a suitable ono.
Referred to board ol works
G   W. Beckett, Maple Ridge
Municipal Council, wrote that *e
.only wish of his council was to
protectthe municipality in regard'
pacing ol the poles and wires,
^McLennan   &   Cameron    was
granted an extension of nun' •
First street contract, owing to tin
bad weather. .
1 T Tucker was granted an
ex insion of one month in which
0 complete hi. contract on Q   en
Btreet, King street and Lonsdale
"7UW FUlier, et al., petitioned
J', twelve-loot sub walk on the
north side ol Firs. Btreet       n
Lonsdale    avenue    to    Forbi
avenue.   Board ol works.
The finance committei presented
a bill lor $100 lor the recent police
investigation, which was ordered
26th; Holy Inno'
'i-iii: fui'Ni'ii. inv I'M
1    for the n..ia.nun.' ,,"i'k■
1.   .Mla.,1'.     1,1)00   i.   'I   all   l.alir-.'.aaat    <\.\, ■
Miilk.in ililterni '   '"al .an! ' 1100 lei
aai I I'-i'la k sub ividk,
iiu.- ami i tearing Hope n ad.
■ ar ami ur.ele  Vielnria pnrli
pi rators, as
said Mi. Phillippo,   llehoj
whole inaitet .i     I ' di n up again
- .Evensong. 4:15 T '"•    , ,    .
Friday,(Holy Innocents day)
Evensong and practice, 7'3° P' ro
lluIB, uo a rule, have 1" I
heavily. What was needed was a
SpW of water.   Large sums of
I, To clear nnd grade '"'■ Androw'i
Mini ir I'ir-i -iriet to waterfront
.',. 'l'u elear an I grade Nineteenth
■in it. Irom St. George's to St. Andre**1*
jveuui -
ii. Ilridgc nver Sister crook,
S|a.','ir,',i",.,ii-,'.,n I"-1 ml at the mum
clpal luili, i''here waled lenders, ivitl
m ■ ued |io*Im must be i. h i>_-»-1, be
fu,ii 7 ;;;i) p, in. mi '.'lei of January next
Ai.r.i. I'iiii.ii',
c. M.r
Wednesday, (St. Stephen's day) '"/^^^"e'ndo'rscd the new
  grcement.     North    Vancouver
could not aflord to put up with the
money are 1   itpendi '1 in dib I
His own company would
.   'ii in diti In *,
which cu  Id 'a: iy la   U"  I (nun   I I
lays    1 "I the year,   Thei  .	
James Johnston Thomp-
11111I -in^iiiur nun |ni,,..... ..
...I leet 11 i'l". 1, Ing Nnrib nf the Vancouver. Westminster e. Yukon Railway
Compnnv'i rlfht-ol-way through °ai,l
Dlmiel I ii-ni 'Hie Southerly bound-
an- of -niii -trij. of land ti'llnwiiig tbe
N'nrtberly ,»'iii''ari nf miiil Railway
f'otnpany's right-ol-way in n direction
s. r>7 di'g. 28 min. E., fur a distance
nl' 2303 t.'i'l, nml onntniiiing il 5
acres more or less nil up shown colored
II' I'.n!' Nl 11].• r Plan deposited in the
l.iui'l Registry OBleo at Vancouvei and
nuinbered   . And authority li hereby
given lo 'li.-i ol nud to execute nml
delivernD lul I.nml nl last mentioned
line' I nr -trip ol luml tu John lit z-
gerahl Mahon, ibe registered owners "I
sal.I lii-'ri'', but 204, iii exchange and
.1-. .: -ili-iitinn fa.r the parcel Ot area ul
lii'i'l expropriated by Section 1 ol ibis
I'.,-liiw. fnr the purpose ol diverting ibe
paid Brldgo Road, and inch deed shall
lie executed by tho Reeve nml Clerk,
and sealed nitii the corporate seal ol
tin " " oration.
3. This By-law mav be rilcl for nil
I'iri s ,i« " The Bridge Road Diver-
ilon By-law, 19 fl"
I'tmed by tho Council on Ihe 11th day
of December, 1000, Reconsidered and
finally adopted by the Council nnd
signed and sealed on the 1Mb dny ol
The Nortli Vancouver Athletic
Club held a most enjoyable as
sembly in their hall on Friday
evening last, about twenty fiv<
couples being present, who danced
tho light fantastic to one o'clock.
There were many present Inun
Vanconver, including Cameron's
orchestra, Among those present
v.eie noticed Mrs. Russell, Mrs.
Clark, Mrs. Bachelor, Mis La
Penotiere, Mrs. Foster, Miss Mav
.,,,  sun  ever  shone  on, **"■'  "
.'.    cjuesucll river.     Hiey wen
1       - ~*—~—~~"     S1,iiw   was
,e don lor
law, because anj   ■   mderstand-1 lack of water, and thus expei   §
ing the pri ■ ai   • rn-  of aif aii    I /as neccssar;
must admit that th   proposed new      I'ln     i ...  had  Bonie
airaii'.i'iii' in v od  locations on   Bullion  an'
ment on th   old on ti-1
The board ol trade 1
for the best that the b) daw 1
be carried,   i
Ai.kx. l'ntur,"
C. M. C.
T'b"   telepl oni    matter   i
ca  e up.   Tint chairman said tli.it
,,,. .,., s,iSSas *. .«...■ *>'»P <»»;"","";,
,„. reeve brought up *e
question of subscribing to Uu
Vancouver Tourist Assoc.a ion
It was laid over lor next jcar s
council to deal with.
The petition of the New West*
vincial   government  re^settling
arable lands was laid over for next
voar's council,
y "he finance committee were instructed to draw up a petition to
£ government pointing out the
, ,1, »of North Vancouver as
advantages 0 wotu*
a university site, and tl^ clerk was
instructed to write Central   I .11 k
Jetting that on this account the
W Mee, P, Slunk, G. Phillippo,
B.'Cottell, J. Butler, P. Conway,
!f Waldman, F. Wilmer, S. Con*
J       ■   (Taik. W.  Haig.  I.  B
the .' n-eeiit toll.   N" rtl
1        ui   "1.    '.., ■    .,1 al
HI    I    1 .    '   H     a '.' I lit,      1      I     01
______________ .Sundav tin .eh 1,1 utilv
Williams,   At the  close  of  tho (ourhours.   "Sou
dance the mandolin club favored notusi the telephone even if JOUI41
witli several popular selections.      pay a dollar to d -aid.1
The North Vancouver Fire De-1 Within the past 1     da)   then
partment will  hold   its   second were four or five serious cases re-
■ u.n :., 1 «,ttnn,s navilion, I quiring a doctor, bul      tel phone
connection could be
There waa no n ■, I   t pi   sii ian
at present.
Scvi ral utliet   n,a .
when  it   Was   h solvt      th il   the
matt' 1 "I an all-iiighl tt
servici. Stinda. . .
Btibjei t ol importai      wil
teleph  '   co   ,.. . . and lli d the
board urgi on it thi m      ly ol
ni properties, in, hiding tin
Maud ami   Four mil   ' la nn 1
' .■   in II11  "t.    \I■ ,■.I till ■;'
■  - '.1 .1 million weri   ,
■.   ;•   n mi    .   betwi en
Sp inish lake and B 1
Mr. Tl     1 ;. in 1 finished
la  !|   lll'lll
a   1,1    1,1  tin  month "I
Spanish   , t-ek.
twenty m md
be ii verilabb 1
Nearly om mil, ol     , ho   p p
111'    ^id  all   ,1  Ml   i    .' •
s.'i per foot, '   '   aero
1 ].' ■  li  river,  and   1,511   leel
IcroS    I'oqUI    p I I na    |'l|"   i ■
itn lies  ill    ,:*™
pariineiH   mn   ..„.„
annual ball in Larson's pavilion
en  Tuesday,  January 8th,   1907
The committee comprises 1   Chiel
D. 11. I>ick, A. F, Stoner and
Wm.   Smith,   Mesdames  A.  IC.
Ki aly, I*. Chanci and C. Thompson have kindly consented to act
as chaperon es.   Arrangement! are
being made lur ,1 late boat, also
I Iai puis orchestra will provide
tin* music.
i inciies iu diameter and thr,
■ iglits nl an inch through ol   ti
He ki •.'.   tin   1 ounti 1 well Im
.1 radius ol 50 miles around Barkei
vtlle,   Inn' ii I.a Salle's claim was
high level on Woll ireek, and was
a  lug  success,    as will   as   the
The   Bear,   on    Cunningham
.   .1. ti a  prop, rty ol W< n
loll & La -a,  .  ai al v..as one ol
1 n  Irauli ,".■ pn pi tie 1 ii
About    M'l'i.'iin,   liave
be a  i" ni in di vi lopmenl work
(Jtlu 1    1 -"I - lain     ■• i'   i - ini
son, Deceased
that in pursuance ol an ordi r made
hi 1. in nt lhe Supreme Court of
British Columbia, William Fostei
I'll impson, ol the Cilj ol \ ancou-
ver, I' C, was, 1 I
Octobei   1 . '.   1 '. idminis-
irai..t '■( the estati an I 1 Hat ts ol
.' '    |ohn 1 -ii   1 homp on,   di
ceased, who died at North Van
couver on the 19th day "I Sep
leiiil'i'i. 1906.
Given thai all pari e, havinj
igainsl tin sai 1 1 tat,   1
iid  Icccnscd, 11    1   1
V    I Ul     lal
.    the   1st a.,    iai  I'.'liruai' ,
1 in-,-, to iln    ,a   '.\ il   tm Fosti 1
11 ipson, al tl     ;; a , ; yj.
M 1 |.is-an. Si null.' 4 llarpi 1   s
1'. ndi r sti ' 1. \ am ouvi r, H  I
iter wi . 1 date the sai I estan
will be dealt with by the thud
William luster Thompson in due
course 01 administration, having
regard only to claims si nt in prioi
iu the     ' "■' •'■"•
Dated  this 3ml
t'i'A.  ^^^^^^^^^m
Medio '   St Ha
Solicitors loi ib'   Said   \
tiator.    Offices
Pi nder    stn et,   '* au 1 iver,
11. C.
• Abnoi-I' KKeai.v."
j   ll l I'.H' I   '.' M.I.KI.I., blliini p„rel,M«a
I,  itoelt ol good, hu i Im-iiu-. nl I., l.iuipri'n,
in Flnl turct. Sorth Vsnconveti bora-
n -'"l.tlaai, I   »U       ill
bli a   am Aobti conlrti ta -I tay stonstld
1. 1 ■ tigran   ' ri lltoi   a' u , .Hi,i 1,. i.-ni^r.-n
IIU -a'tt'.l'llll'lll    Ol   llal'l,   Bll'lllllltl    With
I. I.iiiniri'ii, nt lt,u Nnrtti Viatic'iii'T II 't'i.
Air I. Wah-ihi.
Sorth V.n.-.'ia"' 1! .    I Hilar 5, IU*.
c. A 1       a  h 1. started in the
teaming  and   draying   business.
' irdei. li ll at Russell's  grocery
I irsl strict, will be promptly
Mi   I ndsay is well and
\a 1 aliv known and should do a
. aui trade.
Gel your Xmas Cigars at Dirt
Campbell's Barber Shop
Quite a number ol Hindoos have
arrived in tlm municipality during
The only way a certain North
Vancouver man ran attract atten-
tion is by telling you how be lost
 in v and how everybody is
down on bun.
I.a-i Oddfellows charm. Kc.
ward.   Ri turn to this olln e THE  EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B. C,
M >K I'll VA.M'iirVla'J!   -  -       II. c.
\ U' kb Wm ipiipor,   ■   I'uhlishiiil hy
lit   l Al'hl'iss I'lllNTlNli Compan*
inun iin  Diillni por i.ai'
M.iiia."ii ■ 11 liter
. lll'KII lilllllilN.-i.
AllVa'111,111.!  M in .
li»i-r  a la r   iriniana,,.
a*>> wi 11 known I        nl (Me.) men,
I. C'nrm        I L King
o House,
lhat ell; it Mr Carney
I   .    i    '     '        . .| the . ai
■ il       .     a
■ ,.
IsimrluKliiuillj   An
1 • door nnd
iPiilng llu '    buc
I in nrouslng i  ti   mnn '"   Mr.
a ;
i' ini       In I        pi n iho
a   mt
a     .■   .'     .
■,  .
mee ol
n rom ..a '
Kippel'.   Heel,,,'   Inr   11,'illlh.
v : ......... i one
.  i '      Mr. (lliul tone wns.
■ ivns very iii   "Ah," bo
!.       nursed    If hu « Id
do as 1 do, cl        ,
, .      • ileep with
 llll] lU'V-
M in -ii of Sir Henry Kcp-
Clothes washed by Sunlight Soap
cleaner and whiter than if waihed
ny other way.
Chemicals in soap may remove tht
dirt bui always injure the fabric.
, Sunlight Soap will not injur*
'L the most dainty lace or the
hands that use it, because it ii
absolutely pure and contain! no
injurious chemicals.
Sunlight Soap should always
be used as directed. No boiling
or hard rubbing is necessary.
Sunlight Soap is belter than
other soap, but is best when
used in the Sunlight way.
Equally good with hard or
soft water
f. ftftfl h'ward "in et p»n
■pjfVl/Cr (u Hnr j.etsor, wh#
prove, th it Sunllubt Soap enntiall-*
mr InjurtoniohtmloalietMy litn
of 4'lulluruliou.
L.v.r Oiolhtr. IMl.d, ToronU-'
King Edward will reeelvo a ie
tal  froi    United States Steel
III   llii[ii lasil.l..
tut to sillier
y<'«, a' i ■
IV,   I
One Short Pull Clears tlie Head.
.'hs;     Have vou litilna "■• r
'. '     It     Ilia'      Iin
'I'1.,.-..     a.    I ei'tatll   -".''na ''''n-   Of I..
.a    a ,a inlial Powdei  will cure
In  a  marvellously
Klimt  lime      If j l'i
It    Us    Of liftV
years' t as i ffuctlve.—61
■: trainon will banish
from ilieir outfit     ' :
■ tlo resorts this year.
I.aily    Mary    Hamilton's   ongngO'
•  lhc   Mnrqn    i I Grnli mi I
qulto popiilnr In Scotlnn I.
'.   i   ■.    fur   U'la'iiina'isni    The In-
a     i  iln'  lil 1
cause of rheum-
■tlic niiii. Irregiilurll
Ing (o n ,|i
illtlon "f ib,' b'" r.   inyon
to this I'liiniui '      II llnil  ti
reiii-ily   iii     Perm I t'i ■' '.i'i
I'llls,   Their net Inn upon tlio kidneys
iimced   nnd   most   benefit Int,
nml liy rcslnrlnt lion  tliey
«».,-«»».    £    n '-'   r"'"'s
1. l.JGuuiu/lN & UO. tamps, tho Pall
li   that
■ '      " . nl would use
lent ,1 '   In
■ , ■    •
Rea! Cstate, Ensarance
and General Commission
Alberta   Lumber   Yard   Set on Fire
to Get Insurance—Good Work of
the  Mounted Police.
How quickly and how thoroughly
the Northwest Mounted Police bring
lawbreakers to justlco was never better oxompllfled thnn In tho conviction ihey secured ngnlnst John D.
Johnson ol bnvoy, nhout seventy
miles west ol Vermillion In Albortn,
Johnson was ongngt al In Iho lumber
hi   ia.     and ivu i  imhcr o| the
li nn   uf   .i.iliiisnii Urns  g    Stewart,
II. ,   . IStll       III'        |la'l'"lllll.  1     111    I     ll"
iii.ul" npiillcntlon Ihrnugli n local insurance ae'a'iii  fnr proicctlon In the
e\i. rn ni $1,001) upon       If ol Intii-
I),' On th" lit -i of ,li Hilary nr less
. ■... i.. inter a lire took plnco
iin!, ,■ ralhor suspicious circumstance Wlthoul waiting fur any Instructions the iiin!iii|"'l police appear
to hnvo ti'l.eii Ihe matter righl In
hand Investigated nil Iho clroum'
sli aces ami lYiihin six weeltB hnd
laa] ,,i,,i cnnvlcb .1 and senlenced tn
Iwn years in Stony Mountain for sotting iiis own lumber yard nn fire with
Hi,, nppnrenl purpose »r defrauding
the Insurance onmpnnlcs, The latter
are usually very aetivc in following
un nny nITenders wiin try tn defraud
ilem but In the territories, or what
mu it now hn called the twn new provinces nf Albortn nnd SaRkntchewnn
ai,, police ai'i a unci 'l''al quicker
than the vlgllanl Insurance companies
Tha' fuels concerning this cnio are
briefly as fnllows, On tho lSth nf
iia a,-ni,, I. Johnson mnde tho application fnr Insurance to llio local In-
su ni, a. agopt. (Hi th ' 1st nf .Inllil-
nry following the lire took plnco, On
the 8th nf January the police Issued
Ih" warrant atul nm a d Johnson.
Oii the 01b nf January, the day following, he was examined before n
ii' ',' ai Vlgrevllle  nnd by the
■ ite   was   committed   to  Hie
_  ,          ,   " .    .     _      „   „ giini nl Ft,   Saskatchewan   nwnltlng
Postmaster  Lee   Looks   Ten   Years ^                         ,.,,,„,    Q   „„, „,.„
Younger   Than    H,s   Bev nty-8 x •  h         \           crunmltted to
Years and   He  Gives the Credit to ,   Mo^,„,n       ,.,,,„  ,.   ,,,    im.
the Great Canadian Kidney Remedy. (M]l    „„,   ,.|W „,„, pi,imp,„llda „,„,
I'libiicintiie, t'liinherhinil   to., N 11 ,;,„,!,.■ volumes for the cfliclency ol
Kelly.   Ill (Spei'iiil).   Horutii, -I    I."', the mounted police,
posl siei here, is mm in liis novel!' ti,,.    circumstances    surronndlnc,
tv-sixlh year, bul bo bri ' nml I".'I tm lire were as snld 111 llio outset,
tl,} doe lie look anal ai" .',. i u. usplclous At Hn. trial, il wit-
lie in Iiii  ve -     ul   liv ivotilil j,.      Thos, S, Drontnn, depnscd thnl
e."il.i pass nn im yi th    •'",. ivero ns snld nl Ilm mil"'.
llmi  al,, I keep young   looking," wltl the report that the lumber yards
uiisli'i  mj     ' W'ull I nitiiii ii,-.. mi lit'e.   When   they  reached
'i'e n I.'i nly I         good l"ai|ih mul Jul iis[,i,'s   lumber    at    l.aviiy  they
111)'    bl   ..I'   N                                          lllll       I.'    'I   •         I    a       ,,| f, , |   '.,|      j[      l.l.    'ill;.      i||       ||l|'""      |l|||e,'S           ll
Umlil ■ Kiihic)  Tills inui heen alleged that ilie train had
III    l.'.innil   tlie   Valine   ul     iln Btl        I     Hn'     Hi"     I'"'     111-'  OVlllenCO
Kidni'}  lli* I  i'.n-             I eli  rly showed that Ihis was Impns-
h'om Ki'lii.,  In- si' - a a iha. ynrds nre altunteil on the
ll}    la"   .iia.l   !, --   siielle.l   ami Bnlllll  siile uf the ll'a.'li atul a Strong
I   laa   II-,     a  .,   i,l   ,a|    l,||      |l           ,,,    | ( , Vail         .1 .   ,    |llOW|||g   fl'l'lll    tllO   BOlltll   Sal
laa.  a,'     i.
'      - n
il ri liar;
Kid ll
.1    '
.11,a'   ailnl    |
Used  them  ill   inti a a
i  anyone  nlllii ti A   tvitli     l\i
I        aa       |  , ||i| .    Kjihiey       |'|||.
h.i tlivm .ui'l you uiii
troubles, thai H Is obvious ihat anv spark from
I'ilK n- He train would have blnwn nn the op
,   '..  nn,I  a   laeni'iaa
.nl IS,!■ III ■
Van ouver, B. C
. . ■ ■ ,a  ■
||     a
IV. oft-     111,. II ' -   "'
1*'.. •: > • ''la.n.r
t,    •   . I'll, lio.-
entile e.
I.I.  i. ...,    . -            •  ■     1  a "rn.
'' , "    ,   ll.nl,,
a ■    . ' I ■    rl » ' i|
I   ,.   a   a a
.   ".
.mil. >
1... Hell', r.au.a. i ai. lei . .-' pel ee
th,, i
I'hese till
;.> ti.iiv.iiz has written a b toll
with   American   comnierci
from   ihi'   Hungarian polnl ol
ll- tri " i.  I  li ,000 ia.ii--   collecting
li   'lain.
I aai a fa not th.
1 r .'.    p.r
ClIIIUl'I'll ml
'    '
Thev are
nn ul hli"::
,       . iiinlbi
'a I "11   IllsOll'l   11,'i'jllts.
ii 11  iv.,     I..una!     I,  I
On n '| ,    ■, ,   ■
i ..,
, ||||,   '|       ,'.!-    ll.lM
.       '
nml e    ii,    Iln    besl    .1
I ■ ,,"      Ill' ',.
iiu luiriii,    Tliey
l, ill   l HI"   '    . i'llls   I
,       , Siill!   hi
,,■   In   ina.il ill !5 cenl
,     11     Willi**]
a        Hi  el villi-, Onl.
Minard's Liniment r,iir"<,  Diphtheria.
'ill   SCI
n-tly  n1' I
I    In
I'l   a. ■
I I'UI a'  N
a.' nli  ll. ■ l'il>
And Anyone Can Use Iron, As it is Combined
With Other ingredients in
Chase's Nerve
Suiilii'l t h'aiap is better than nil ei
snaps, hm is in i when used in Hie
Sunlight way. Buy Sunlight Soap
and follow directions.
■ in. tiis   willi   kites   nn
Medllerrnni an hnve Bliown ihal o\
aa, ii..' water th" loin-
:■ tllty nf nir mnvi
nients decline Bti ''lily iu proportion i
In iha> altitude.
po        Ido n[ tl" track t.< tho nno
upon which tin  lunib Hunted.
Tin in \i morning Brnntnn nlong
witli others, mnde nn exnmlnntlnn of
Hi.' hi"i i' iin iii. ami found footprints in iha' siunv h' idlng from the
yard, The inu' nl 111, ■ clrculnled
across th" pr i li ami li u i tn II •
railroad inwards Vogrevllle. lt'"'i
tun followed lhe track fm- nlM.nl half
a   mile   ninl   found  a wnterlng can
which had cnnlnl 1 i nni oil,   tlnng
ivith four oil '" Vi
ville   ntnl   nhout   a   mile frnin ibis
nt the;     ■ in track" mi Ihe
raili'iitul similar tn tha' nne Ihey h aal
n 'aa' Ins ii ' Irculnr route mi the
prairie   frnin   t ici ae "1 I
y niensiin 1 the fnnt-prlnl ivlih a
i. and i'' pnrleil lhe r. Bull nl Ihelr
he . - In the n'nur' ■
r.rimt.m's  evidence   provi il almosl
I'lilielllslvely   llllll   the   lire   i
uml; uf   an    ini' 'nli.'iiv    ll    re-
Absolutely white llour makes thc most
beautiful white bread—tlie kind we all like.
Hut white bread is not necessarily pure
because it is white. To be pure it must be
made from purified flour.
There is only one method of making
flour absolutely pure, and that is by electricity. No impurity can withstand the
searching, purifying work of this electrical
Tlie electrical method is employed by
every big mill in the United States.
I u Canada the only flour purified by
electricity is
Royal Household Flour
therefore it is the only flour  that can be
considered as absolutely pure.
Say "Ogilvie's Royal Household" to
your grocer—he'll do the rest.
Ogilvie Flour Milts Co., Limited,
"Opilvie's Book for a Cook," contains 130
pages el excellent recipes, some never before
published. Vourgroct-r v.ui tell i ou how to
gatlt FRf0 2
mil       Helllile
UVl'I'l   .
.     Berlin,
.> euro i»r
l-Utl-IUI |'l lull.
t  evenl
ri China,
ii  nui
um)    keep    foreign
The    I.
'■ '     1
1,'fl     \'!
:1a'      till'
lliul.   llehtel"
Scnlllllld   re
elnlli'ls      III
ila.. ihe I.nllilull jniir
till   ia i.i uu 11."     pulp
i. iiinn!.
In (lml nul where il
li    i      Ihni Ii al l» - :i ii od t     .  i
i nil haul come from.    Hie
pnllco i" i" nni IntiR Undine 'I
They ,i  lml Boverni sinre* wli
re in   llu '       Inrokeeper nl V' iro-
Minard's  Liniment Cures Colds, etc.  ville,   R, l„ Ponllll       mr,    tl
tv.'a'ii th" 2nth and 20lli "f Dec
.1..liti i.li,   Ih.'  : ecilSCll,    1 "lit     1 aalll
nJ hint Imi 1','illnn i nf i 1 nil ivhleh he
pill    ill   II   1. II   "..linn    Va"   ' .,'   1,. ,'     lie
nlso bniiRhl n second hand wal ring
.inn. Wh. n liiiuehl Iln' earn hnd ti lml"
in ll which ilnhnson haul mended
Johnson apparently had shnrod nn
ndlco viih nnother party by (he
ii nm nt McNeill and when he pur
■I >si .I ih" evil nil nnd th" wntorlri
'•in i xplnlned thai   M, N'fllt   wob
.. mil nf i 1 nil nnil Ihnt he iviiiilml i'
whtre Doctor* do mreel-Physicians      ,,,,.    .-     ...   ,,,     .,        ....
„.. la.iuiar ulilpp K ".'iMi'i.i ' '       .   "" ,'    '"'   n,« """ ' , "'""■, ! ''
",."  a„  reciimmciilliis in  ni'i '"   bo Smtl   liefnro   whom   lhe   trial wni
iii.'iiini...                    ■    ln-.taMjt.nn. heard waa nni antlallod wltll the prls
\;fll oner's oxplanntlona nnd i... ih.-r.-i..--
■■ i iilenccd   hint   in twu years lu tho
m   a" t I-'mini'ni ■ un f"i 'ia'1- penltenlliiry,
of ii" "     " ""; ''"••'''""' The i'i. a' Press commenting editor
 . iaallv  ll|ail!l   ll".   e.i...
Huron Minimi   von ieu.,1      i'he notion uf the i  uintod
I,, :„  I,, I'liiuu ami      "i'ir tu ■'   hiinii'.lii iu liuht in ■    reconl     I
nt   iMt imi cannol       ton
itussiti will nali Chlnn I'm trndliiK
. ii. on - nnd permission lor rail
.a,,   na:  tructlon.
The Oermnn  emperor  wli
Kite: Alfonso's visit in ll'i'iiniiiy.
• ,
I ..nil      IIII
hotly i
., thnl
■ ■
I   ,       ]'
H "
iliieli  h
■    '  ■
I   leei
li        lies III He' ninnil    When ibe
■ ilu- kidneys ii"'"i
i;.    in i'i- l,' .      re iilinnsi
ni.   -aa fnllow, titul Rt
mi    'a,'   I1 " b 111   ■ I'llilie
l'i  . inhln rlli i    .' il
,   llml   i!
hi   nctlnn an l pn enl  Ihi
"im b  a ennn
ivhet   ihere      tli rnngi a ■ nf the»,.
oi             ts   I
.  ,'!'■'   Ill''    ill    III"   lil    '
ll        I
1"     i
V   ...
fill!   || ,'
U    i
III   In
commended.   Arsnn nl nj time     ti
cr nm iimt Is illfllculi a doted   nil
The (rial nml i nnvli
ih"  l.aiiny  Incendlni Edi n
is iill   Iho inun' dcBei ■  nl
Thor iieiii'ii 'lam: ■!. ii'   •
n ol tl
iii Manitoba,    Borne I roe yeni       i
ei ie nt Inccndlnrl wns n |      i
from I.in. r ion  In it     list n      a
ntiempi nn Haa- pi n -i. pre
police in lueiiie ii r tin     ,
ilcnlnr lire  the In nco compt
llu ii . Ives employ, i nl   very       il
>  "" 'a   .     anil aja!      -     |l a 'lie .,    ll'llil        1"
e. a dei] iii eBtnli. Iilng evidence I   I
led in convlctlnn,
\i (he presi' ■ ll  tim enmp i
liml ll nm  ■   In "n'i" very i
enquiry Into it   niinln nl many Iln
nnd nnunlly la      di ■ rllvca nf ihelr
uwii iii work     The   evidence   lhe;
'* Iini" in tr./n    ' "." nhl lined liinl.'i
;' it unite clear Mint certain fires nl r
". nt   Ol CUl . '   ilU'i'tulliU'v ur.
'  nni.  bui   ii    . 'in. 'nee necessary In
I'he   number   ol   ; , "■,.   n  ci     el Inn v      I il
I   nl I1','   M niiv   '" icl     i, i   iinelreiiuistnnllnl
I I   liortll '.', 1  al        a , ,.    ,,,...,,  ,
iliiinili '-a ..    i   -   il    .    .    .,      tn redm    ll
1 In 1 from 	
,   .,        '   a.',I,|     -,' '     ||
I     ' '   ,   ,
i 1*      lil     I (he   In 	
The (nh ih This fret npi
! I ncrenses so
' rales,
Two  Million Pilgrims
I     ' ill II    I     ''""-      |
POI'I'a 11(1 ' '
luihiul     The   Kumlill  Meln   I
lutr held ni the
fll   'I  "       iHlll    I'.I'lll      i.     .
'  UWuil
Ull   Iliu
. i-i-.il
•    I, .lllllll   nl
.,'..     . I   nil    .. i
: Vim.' Is   in  bo   Prized.—
Thoro   have  l" a u Imitations nf Dr,
Oil   which   may
have been Injurious to Its good name, our oinima    iii,*', ■   | ■
Rv.rv iliinl, of liquor taken, fore-. ,*,•
li,'i,rt beyond tiie natural beat, it hIm
eauiofl kidney and live,  trouhles,   Ksrvs
M   KUI 'a "   111 I ■ 1 la.-  annua an.   III..light
on li..  ' ■ a Bl ip h|
On !t UlO a   It   lie-.ain.ril-
''ii" a '  a do lllll  II  i- prool posltlva
lli .t j ."a   I.a i'i llseasi   nl  Inebriety
»„,l  ii'i'al in. .h'.il help.   Tie ii  f"'l< for
,h* li'rl  .il.I.   The Keeley Cure hns re-
t  I   half  a   uiiiii.an   pi a.;.I., bark to
' ii   prove
ian ii sai, the Injury has only ha
temporary.     Goodness must always
'..ini' tu tin, fiuiii ninl throw Inlo the
lindnw tlnn which is worthless,  Su
ll ims i n wltll Ecloctrlc Oil; no in,
. n   maintain   lis II
IjJ Osborne St.. Winnipeg.
union nl Si
I'mil nnd il
I    ,     | "I    1'ie.   aal
l.ebiiiiilj   em riblo I..1
I    fnl      ■   . IICO   p II !'"-' ».
Celii'l'iil   Tl. n.all's   ;e-.a--!ii   '
.aiia..| nt   \b, ...»  iii lie years   im
pi isl iiiii,'III.
I'ln  '  lib a .'a Siill'ieii lui, rei imed
in Toulon niter ii collision
inaii ine I i.
Did you na rive pay for
ihat horse hilled, or wheat
burned lust fall i If not
Hi: Manitoba Claims Adjuster!
bid   Ashdowu  Block,
Germany 1- prepnring   to meet   n
I ii t*i fl van by importing largo
A Mnntii n mining -mi linn closed
lliiil   7.IIHII. I   words   ul   eviiieiiee.
IliplUOllI  ■    aa|     i".iiii
rtr* •     ft
 " PsVCIIinl" is a wonderful
tonic, It contains medicinal
elements not found In any of the
p.iieni medicines. "PsvcuiMl"
Ij a regular practicing physician'!
formula.  A tonic for weak peoplt,
l.al  II,,'l| Ol  I'H 'HI'' "■ tti'llia'S, fill' llli
lu.'il  ther, tl '• pale, languid
girl, young gin. juit budding into
womanhood; i Idorly people who
leel ih.it wi 'I'"' il due io old age
liml it .1 remedy they cannot do
without. It restores vltalltyi denies rieh, new blood, removes all
Impurities, Btrengthcni the nerves.'
b am I ,i trial ask druggist foi
\ loss ,,i siilti.iiiiii.uuu is nu,in
a. puckers.
syndicate Im- paid ¥3,000, 'tur
a Uin mii. in nt Nmi York,
Don't Dye the Old
Tlie snme package nf I)Y*0-!,A
can ha' used foi Bilk, wool, cotton
mix, 'l mad rial   i te,
It's :i new mul better live.
' i' ly   i.iri   colors  rich snd
" It i ni. \ dyei mure nml heitsr
than nny oilier d>^ I hnve ever uaed,"
"a   ' ll  .     I     Va'lall,   Mill   Itil'lT,  I'.Kl,
N'll      pOlBOnS      IU'   lU'i'l".   Ill    l''V II I, \.
i' " with i iiiiii sail  ntnl common
■ i
F. tEy us Waslllne,    S:i,lle illreellnns
I to every colnur,    (De careful
iihaaiit iiirehtiii'iii': iho old colour),
At  the ni'i   i it's,    Insist nn est-
Iln ■ |i v 0-1, *
One pin I.' :,. Instead 0| three. I'rlee
Bchnlnrahlpa nt Hnrvard for
sliuleiils havo been Bu   est'
OnT. *. BLOCUM, Limited
l7tKlng8a,W.   Toronto,C»n»d»
Prank Campbell, a prisoner In tin,
Mi lun aim   sl   i'mil  Wilis $-'a   ill
I is   Exposition   giii i ing
onb Bt,
Frank   Wood,   n Syracuse barber,
|      found   t       : m   nl r.-ll Tele'
IVi I' ll  I"!   hill. |S   lll'ell'
i ■     i
ill,, i ■ ,
W    N  U    No   873 ■■'
t   ?
A Series of Articles Descrlb- j
Ing their Lives, their Alms j
and their Influence, I
J. H, NOBLE.       ' " J
Editor and Proprietor of the Herald,
Oxbt.*, Saskatchewan.
This sei'ii'.' ni persona! sketches of
well-known Western editorsostnbliBhos
thut in the priiii'io portion ul C'aunda,
lis everyltllere else throilglioui the
American continent,    ihe   proprietor
nl   lhe  typil'lll e mill IV  liapei' Is iilli,let
itiviii'iiihly u printer, li,- graduation
into joui'iuilisni mis hj iinj of "the
eii-e."    Should It" ever ntiuin In the
dignity nl    nr unl    hearings,    ihe
"stick* minor thnn pencil   ur   pud.
WOlllll   he   his   'einlilie   insignia,     The
motropolitnn ncuspuper man    all '
always gol intu ui" profession hy
means ut die notebook and pencil, lie
,-iiuieil nui iis "cub reporter," nfter
contributing occitsiaiui!l) ns a "spneo
man," nnil did regular assignments
al lhc lire bulls, lhe police station,
and nullum; the daily rounds nl hotels
in keep in touch ivilh the travelling
[Mlbl      h.l   llieilll.1 III    ill' lintel  registers.
Il.s !" i'ii ■- primarily, ivns that ol a
nuns gatherer ntnl news writer.   Any
kllOwll llgl    "I   'I'e   llleehllliieill   d, [11111-
1   n'- 11 tu \\-|an|ai 1    1 hiclion   ivns
imi.'eiui,I nan! secondary. Hm with
the representative country editor and
publisher mechanical  knoirleilge   i	
a a I.. 1, generally hy man,' years, nni
in.uti,e iu newspaper writing, The
luili, ei western couiitr- editors sre
skilled printers, who in the cour t
■ ,    ii.. i-ui hv e am iii purchase
iiei'luii ■ largely en theii , redit, a
V, , i -ii press, n in 1" n.lala.'i.
nml ii.e absolutely uec, -an* onsen ,.i
niltl    <!l-|'l:|\     tljae I'Tnlu    111,-,'
t ii 1    i"  1 1 ai igs   frequent.,*    11 t
iiii'tn ■• boiuo 1 ti.fni lory busiiii its
1 ii!.'l|.:l-"- I ,. ,10,1 with t1'
growth "i Uu   lown   nr   ilistricl   in
wllicll   III".*    ."■'   '   la lab   , lie   :   iod   III-
comes in tlieir propriel n-.   nnd   be
COIIIO  lit   mile  ll      '"I'll!      I"l'  ll"     ''1
eussio 1 'ai local  'linn    nud tin
■ arbiter s to l.n u mier in which
thusc niiiiii's .'ie 1I1 peso "i. Frequently lhe pi' prietur, m 'eh im 1.1
principli - or policies . •.■ o, nt, ■! in bis
paper, Buds himsell olot ed to municipal COIIIII il in   I" an    I" . I 'ut"    mi
■ Im ground sn tu .on, nml   t sm*s   nro
Irequenl in I nliaii '■ istory in which
newspaper men have ilm- become pro-
rim    utional :
.\ . .1111,liy pithlislii 1 ni this type,
and mie 'ilm mn) ouo day hu ni ii > 'I
known i iroughoiil ihe w nolo ol >
kiitcliciiaii 11 he in dny i- in lib on n
locality, 1- .laahn II. Noble, editor ,,l
propriotor ol tie Oxbow Herald,
Lil,,' ihe greal mnjoril)   "i   western
ueiis|iiipef inin. Mr. Noble i- a y, g
ninn. being nui yel much past ihe
iiinn mark, Also, like ibe greal
majority ol Western (snndinn editors,
Noble i- nu Ontnrian hy birth, He
was born in 18*2 in Muln .1 township, iu Di.lTeriii county, tie is ul
mixed Scotch nml Irish descent, ami
Im -nheiit characteristics nt belli nationalities me exoniplided in his
shrewdness, caution nml keen ion " ol
Wllell I'll'' yen!- ul n;'e. Ill- piili'tlt-
I'l'lllllVl',1   'll I.   s   llio  .St.   I'lnl!   lllal    I"
Sal.lt Sie Marie, Michigan, nnd
thero,  let.  > 'iu    sl ei i •■    bi
coma un iipp . i" iu the printing
trade, in whii li lu l.n i now been continuously engaged (oi no»rl, twcnl)
yours. Iii thnl i" ia 11 1 ' iiorkcd
111 mnny portions ol me c intinciit,
gaining ilisighl nml experience in
Imtli ih,. book and nowi de|urtments,
1''.       men   ill   the   |irilltiU|    '' a-II,ess   ,',
Western Canada, havo   ai   kiuikI
practionl knowledge of. all departments of the printing ornft thou Mr,
Noble.  Fr the printing of n dodger
up through nil grades ut job work,
right up I" Hu' highest grades ul
bonk printing, he is iiti authority,
The thriving link' town nf Oxbow is
fortunate in thnl it 1ms locatod therein a printer who, within Hie limits
imposed hy Uie stnnlliiess ol bis plunt,
enn turn nut work Unit invitos comparison tvitli tlmt produced by metropolitan t'slillilishlliellls.
It mis early in Match, 1003, tlmt
.Mr. Noble enine tu Oxbou In look nver
the Mil with n vion in starting a
neitspiiper. .--lo well pleased wus he
uilli lite prospects Uml in Match of
thnt yenr ihe Herald mnde its initial
appoaranco ami began its ever widening career nl publicity nml popularity,
lu typographical finish nml mechanical uiiike up. the Herald is a credil In
nny publisher. Its displuy lures nre
seli'iii'il niiii  judgment, nml the on-
lliilliiceineiits nl tin' Oxbow business
houses are set with emro nml tnsle.
The inun is .11,11.- ns progressive ns
any iu   Wester     C'anudn, nud   Imt It
business men mu! farmers hnve   I n
quick iu recognise nml avail Ihem-
selves ni the udvntitngos offered by
thoro being estnbli-hcd n nnper devoted in ilm interests ol Um locnlity.
And though, ns se, forth in the beginning ui this article, lhe (ruining nl
tlm eilitiir nl Ilm Oxbow Herald lias
abi n.vs I ii nlong uiechnnienl   rut her
tlmii joill'llulistio lines, yel he has
dovolopod considerable skill in writ-
lug mul presonts tu bis renders the
ohronicio nl Iniul happenings iu n
manner ul which no iieivsjinper mnn
need he itslinmeil. I'lilitn hilly Ibe Hor-
nhl is moderate in time. Bteering n
middle hue between lite extremes nl
both political parties, except nt election limes, itlmii iis adhesion is determined rather hy principles thnn by
pn rty, The Herald Ims practically no
politics iiihe, limn the highest good ul
ilm locality in which it circulates.
Tlm increase iu the business
nf the Herald necessitated somo
important improvements nud additions
tn the plum within tun years alter
iis ostnlilishmcnt, The paper is now
printed mi   n   line   power   cylinder
ill'lISS, n lieu  plnten press has heen pill
in. iiiiiI ii gasoline ciigino installed, It i- quite probable thai
further betterments in ihe plant uill
In' necessitated shortly hy ilm increased nihil i busiiii ss being i!	
Mr. Noble's popularity m Ins homo
town nnd dislriel is testified hy the
I.mt tlmt iiiilim eighteen months nfter having taken up resi unco therein
nml ui"'ii ii- incorporation, he ims
olected n member ol its lust council.
As may he judged from this taut. lie
tail.'--   .1   a-rent    illlel'sl      ill      lllllllieipnl
matters, nml is n recognised authority
un such ipiestions throughout south
ent Saskatchewan,
.Mr. Noble's success i- i ot only a
tribute in liis personal qualities ol industry, iiniii. |u..iess | equipment
nml general intelligence, Imt n!-.. i.
the opportunities offered by the country winch he Ims iiiiule hi- home, Tu
lhe pri.her. ns tn ilm tnrmer mul business ninii. ilm Wesl is ilm I ie! aai opportunity, a statement el which there
ure scores dI men. like tin- editor ol
the   IManll    lli'inhl,    llll      ll" n-tl.i'e
ihe truth.
Dear Mother
Your little ones ire i conttant care ia
Fall and Wintet weather. Thev will
catch cold. Do you know about Sniloh'i
Comumption Cure, the Lung Tonic, and
what it has done fot io many) It ia taid
lo be the only icliable remedy (or all
dueaiei of the air paisagei in children.
It it absolutely harmlesi and pleasant to
lake. It is guaranteed to cure or your money
ii returned. The price is 25c. per bottla,
and all dea.eri in medicine tell 314
Thii icmedy ihould he in ey-iy huusrhold.
Tlm rumor thnt Americans bavo
gained rights tu construct railways
in llussiii is denied,
li is easier in prevent than It Is tn
cure, Inflammation of the lungs is
the companion   ol  neglected   cold6
mnl nne.' ii liiuls n lodgement In tho
system II Is   illllletill   In   deal   with.
Treatment with nicliln's Anti-Con-
siiinpllve Syrup will eradicate llie
,'nld mul prevent Inflammation frnin
Betting in. It eiisls little, ntnl is ns
satisfactory ns il is surprising in its
Color Photography.
London.- Illustration uf the   groat
strides photographing in color is nuik
in;: is given nt  tl xhihitinn aajaeiina
iit the premises nl the British Journal
nf Photography. Tlm exhibition con
tniits striking specimens of portrait'
uri' nml nf liimlseiipc, in which the
tints uf nature nre perfectly repro-
ihiced. Must uf the prints nre pre
(bleed by  thi'  blonding nf    lillle.    let
iitul grcon, nhlmiiKli in some cases -
;i nortrnil "l the kin", fur oxample--
nnly Inu colors lire used; null nli tin
effects nf nn nil painting ni btnincd,
Among the best exhibits nre photographs uf flowers, nnd there nre some
oxcellont transparencies of stained
glass tiiinluns.
Minard's   Liniment Cures   Garget  in
An application hns been made by
ihe Japanese government tn iho British general medical council asking ii
in recognlie ihe degrees nf Japanese
medical practitioners in various parts
nf the British empire.     It Is in tlm
StniltS    Sa  !!lal||a.|lIS   tllill   tll6  .lllpnilOSO
doctors   particularly  wish  leave to
practice at present.
Itch, Mange. Prairie Scratches, Cuban Itch on Human or animals cured
in 30 minutes by Wolford's Sanitary
Lotion. It never fails. At all druggists.
The I '|s|nl"s ilulv  Oil  111    al'  I ai-  I., in
roduced tn '.'mt milris nt Ilm Jam iro,
Still It is Midnight.
London.' Details hnvo just reached England ni ilm burning nf u jujii
houso in tlm Andoni country ol southern Nigeria, where both Iiiiii in bi ■
uti'"- .un! cannibalism have nuill
quite rccentlj boon rampant. On nn
appointed dny Hm chiefs ol Uonny
uml Opiihn. iiiui hnve Bomo -mt ol
control (iver ihe Andoni trlho n-oro
called together nml informed by the
British lb nh lit lli.a' these Mali, I inns
pi 11 Uia a   must    he     put      a      step     In.
Alter much hesitation the   principal
l-llia't  led the llul' In 11,0 '• nt "   "I  tl Q
village, whi'ii' a ghastly sight presented itself. Tlm jujii house »ai- literally covered witli human ikulls,
even tho mil'le etuis nml leiaiiul.ih
bonring these horrible tronhii ■ Bonn
wero quite fresh clearly 'bowing thnl
li 11 mi.ll -.ii'iiiin - nine -till i -a., tised,
lu nil. upwards nl inu thousand were
counted.  Tlm order mis given tu burn
thu  llOUSO,   hut   Iln  luittle fine!   ilnicil
oxecuto ihe command sn that sl lost
the llritisli lb-nl'm himsell boI lire
tn this ilmlnlier nl  h is.      .ts the
tlnities len|., up tn lhe sky. lhe greatest excitement prevailed, u
ii,"l heathen stood iritis bated broath,
Anton | the articles which perished was
inn historical drum, fashioned entirely nui ni human km, and < nlj I oaten
ut the moment n-hon ilm executioner
■truck the head oil some hapless
Switzerland hns adopted mid-European    liim'.    the   It'll" local lillle for
Berne being insl half an hour later.
The result nf putting tlm working
hours 30 minutes earlier in ihe dny
bus hmi Bitch iiti eltecl nn the con-
Bumption nf gas thai the pus company
hns l ti demanding a return to the
old system.
Minard's  Liniment  Cures   Distemper.
What Is undoubtedly Hie largest
collection of phi nre postal cnnls Iii
Ihe world Is lhe property ol Ibe
Princo uf Wnies' eldest Bon, The
collection Includes cnnls from overy
country In ihe world, nnd Is now growing almost imi bulky (or convenient
handling there being moro thun
IU HOU cards.
Grand    Trunk    Pacific    Management
Explain How Name was
Tlm Grand Trunk Pncifio 1ms given
nut   the   following   explnlliltinn   nl     its
tensiiiis inr accenting Princo Rupert
ns the title ut its terminal nn tlm
"As llie result uf tlm publiention
by ihe compiiiiy throilglioui Cnnnda
ul iis offer ut u priso ul $250 to tlm
person who would snimest n nntno
thnt mnilil he solected l"l' th" eily
which will he established nt the western terminus nl ilm company's transcontinental railway mi ihe Pacific
const, upwards ol   twelve    thousand
Ulltnes   Here   reeeiveil,   the   nin|ai!|t\    ail
which oomplied \inli ilm conditions nl
Ilm COIltost.     ll   Wns Ilm desire nl   llie
company, us explained in the notice
nl compotitiou, tlmt the name chosen
should he oiiphonious, nml thnt it
should he appropriately significant ol
Cnnnda, nml moro especially ol the
iinrthii'i'si nml British Columbia, in
the intiire development ul which llie
railway is tu tako sn   largo n   part,
Willi   tills.  Olid   ill   view,   lllel'elnle,   ilm
suggestions submitted have been carefully  lel'ietteil,  mill  the  nnllie,   I'l'ime
Ititpei't. hns I ii selected, it   hnving
1 n suggosted by Miss Eleanor Macdonald, ni Winnipeg.
"Under tin' terms of the competition thnt the names do unt contain
iiinii- than throo syllables, nur exceed
ton lotters, the namo suggested which
compliod with tho conditions, nml most
iii'iitly resembled tlmt solccto . was
Purl Rupert, suggested hy .Mis. John
(llllll'.   Ill    linlllleehi'l'e,   (llll.,   llllll      hi
Mi. lt. Kirkwood, Copper Cliff, tint.
\- against Porl Report, however,
Prince Rupert constitutes ilm lull
namo of thut illuitrious explorer, but
it oxecods tin- conditions ut tlm competition hy hm letters, on account nl
ii- select ion, therefore, mul with thc
(1,-11,' tn accord fair troatmont it, nil.
tlm company have awardod the lull
mount nl ilm prize offered, $250, in
each of the two who suggested tin'
mini" which Ims heen adopted,
As .Miss Macdonald snys. it wns
in ihe leiii 1070 tlmt King Charles II
I'.nglnud granted n charter i a -
nee Rupert nml a number ol others
In trade with llie Indians in llritisli
Nurlli America. They established
trading   pnsis   throilglioui   this   iin-
tllell-e   COIIIltry,   llnlll   til"   All,ilil ie   ti
th' I'.ni::". including Alaska, tib.'eli
'ami a*, from iImi time ninl inr mon
tlm.i u century niter mis known si
"Rupert's I.nml." In Ihis wny
therefore, lhe tin mo which Im- heen
chosen inr the new iity, which uill I"'
spiinte.1  nbolll   thirty   miles   south   nl
ihi'  thorn extremity nl  Ala    i   i
c '..I cul. ihe ..I.!, -i  records nl
,1m history ul Canada, nml particular-
li nt tl..- western portion tliereof, mid
it seems esiiecially litting and appropriate ilt   lilt- time.  Ilttl'1   lhe Iilil III les
(hat liave passed, ihnt it should ngain
he prominent ly idcntifi, il witli ' lie
munii ..I progress which is wel I
..an in ii.-s ilm uesiei'ii empire in iin
construction ol the Grand Ti unl, Pacific railway. I' i- Canadian m th,
brondesl sense; il i- redulenl ol tin
t.ist Northwest Territories ninl llritisli Columbia  nud, beyond tin
iln1 mime nt "i i those icnrlo*i-i sol
nt Britain who camo ntnl conquered
this mii Imnl which i- mu proud
Rainier Beer
Is :t glorious beverage -quenchingand satisfying.
Remember there's no other " just us good " -insist mi getting Rainier.
Pacific   Bottling  Works
Vancouver, B. C.
Minnrd's Liniment Co., Limited,
j   Some linie ngo I had a hmi attack
nf Quinsy which laid ine up for two
weeks mnl cosl n hn of tnonoy,
Finding the lump again forming In
mv  throat   I   bathed   freely   with
iin: a cloth wiib ilm liniment left It
nil   n"   night.
Nexl   morning  the   BWelllng   was
gone and I . tlrlliulod Iho warding off
ni i'n attack "f Quinsy to ihe n.,. u .>
Si. John. O.P.WORDEN,
London is undoubtedly leading Hie
world lu be matter nf women's clubs,
Twenty-one irs imu thoro was imt
a single Institution "f the kind; now
there are tl ny. with n total membership nf ovor 20,000. Thero aro also sevi mi i Ixed cluba ol which the
women nrei «rs number oboui l. I,
- Tin' i.iiiui n Woman al Home,
Thoroughbred Seeds E Great West
Perfect development.     We nre ninny times over the Inrgest
growers   of   Mnnliohn   crinvn Vegetable Seed.
seed GRAIN—\\'e  distribute tlm seed throughout the West
for "The Orange Judd Firmer,"    in The Great Million  Dollar—-
Contest.   Wo Know, we Have, we Do whin we Bay. Catalog Iree
221  Market St.
Imperial   Maple Syrup
Alwcays   Satlsfaotory
Ask your daalar lor Impoi-lal Maple Syrup.  Do not allow him to substitute
an liilii'iiu' art Into because It Is iiluiil|iiir.
Bed.ridden 15 Years.— "if nnyhnrly
wants a written guarantee from me ,"■[-
sonally ns  to my  wondi I I I   rn
iii iii'iu by Smith American lili-nui-
:  "'ui" I '\i'i t»" tin- Rlailites, woman
ill   111"   llnl lal   taa   CiV,>   It."   Sai'. S   Ml'S.   .1, illtl
Beaumont,  a>r Elors   "I  ;   I   leii iln I
if   I '       ■' • a "    11!'   t"   Ul.'   tlllla'   aaf   I I
woi !■ iia.i urn. ia-.  n , u.ai a ompti tely,"
Japan hns decided to reduce the nr
my .mil  nm)   oxpi'llditlllo    bj   -' ■ "".
KxtCllsivO      llli|ilnvelliellls
mode in Qui bee  bur,
mil     h
Can Planti See?
Itnltininle.     |,r.   Ilelill    8       I       '   I
o' tin, botanical tlopartmeiil uf Julms
llnpkiiis I nirersity, is convi iced ihat
Like Tearlun the Hear, Strings.—"II
I. nnt iiiiia'i th. , oncepllon "I mnn ,o
ni'ii-ui" in. great sulferlnss from tvnrt
■ t endured almost
• i" md tenrlni pslns aimut
mv heart, en' many s time wouhl have
i,.la .,ni. .i ,i, ,'i, Dr ,\" . a,'- run- r,,r
,h" ll, hi has worked •, verll ible mlr-
a le      rhoi   lllcksi   Perth   Ont.-M
Om' ninl rn Mother Oravos' Worm
Exterminator mil convlnci you tlmt
li has mi equal ns n worm i Ilclno,
Buy it  bottlO ninl .see if il 'I'"      uol
please ynu.
Ki'ht warshipi mil   he   nddo
ihe North Sen i ,
excepl hearing,     "\V
I been able to tliscov, r
Do you pin you* a at 10 your
own hair? ClB'l do It?
Haven't enough hair** it must
be you do not know Ayer's
Hair Vigor I Here's an introduction! May lhc acquaintance result in a heavy growth
ofric,i,tliick,clossyhaii! And
wcknow you'll neverbegny.
"I think lllll A.ar'a n.lr Vt.air I. IS. la. .,
a»iati*i rfail laalrKroaa*r lllal waa ...r m.al.   |
h.v. 11..1I It lor .tin. ,1111a tr: I ran Huh
rilllr ... 11..1 I am lira,I, pi...... .I'l II.   ,
a,Si„r!,:i, -,'. r ...„, , .. a .,,!-!" ll l*l*aV
ral,..1."    1,... v nil'. .. «,.'..' llcb,
-id..t.i r inr Ot „ Lovell. luH,
Ala. nanufaoluiart ll
y -imai um.
ULI O cstsiv HOI ML
the   '"leas   nl   1,lunula
hnie never
^^^^^^^^^^^^ nny uny ,11
which they nro iiisceptil le tn sound,"
ia    a,      "Imt  111 loving, Feeling nml
laa.'in      'hei    .lie   ill leh-; ,.|
Iir. Conrad placed In tht   window
u ii'im'iei ni plants 'il ilm bean tame
ily. which nre the besl local oxnmplcs
ill   the   seem"   l.n 'll, 1    IU   the   ■ |
kingdom,   The plants, which were in
the  lull  blase  nl   lhe    sun.     bud    ,|lv
edges "i th" leaves turned toward the
•1  ti tn cscnpo '"" greal un nm*
mint ui light,   Ihi"" in   the   shade
turned their lenv, 1 ha,'. 1 los,  t" tlm
stem.   In tlm 1 iu".: nt ih" lu-i np-
ponrance ol linlil ihey hi gin to t< u.mo
iin 11 natural position, and I 1
tlm, aro 1 illy ostondod,
111-   I urn.nl alio la.'    -"HU' llnl   hernia
planted in moss,   The,, pm a  I
Kills llllll .ill,' nf llie  Innls  mis  pull, i|
Inun the moss nml Ilm end "I  it  1 'it
off    Tlm cells hi laced «• i
the Injured ,.s..t  bi ham a| .
'In' hliih nl  .in ail,ill .il  WOUld  'ilu II  III-
(it 'Im Mimieii, n plant wlilcli grows
i'l   the   ' 1 It.I'l    "!a      In.
Conrad says; "With a sl
>   (i'uii'  ■
ahnh   it   col ■
leel ihe
■ ■
nre Inn cd In the right
nol   and they 1 hy ,1-
e. iiii corn n'i
If ihe world woro bit''i"ss a natur-
1.    m.m could imt Inhabit
, 11 nfter nine ! ■ nrs' nn 1   li
I    |H)I 'lllll   Callllal
, III'    111 i 111' 11.  a  ' I     !aa|     '
"i in ■' ts   '11     in" cl ■  and  slugs
would simply ent nil tie orcl
The Viet ni in  gnver nt  3 1 'J   pel
rent  loan "i   lb.1 imu   Mln [,  i„,
I"am Boated in London,
The Royal Astronomical S ly lis
awarded u gold medal t" l'i     I     ,
boll ui ( ulnui mn
l'i 1 n.     Kim's weddin ■ lo bm ■  \!
fnnso mil tako placi   in tlm i lull a li nl
San I "i ni'i". M.nli i'l
I'll" Ma a ia.      \\.,i I'    . ■
■   .    V..
wati 1 1 i. . '■■ -"I a sail 1
  ' th,. Montreal Herald
III".     |a||1,'a ,| .      11  "     Hmi     the    H liter
caused tin t,   old , -ildon ii,
Shan    i'. iff, red        1
l.n il by t|„ 1 I
'    '11   |>.l   ll.      '.'  I       'a       ,'l|   111"! '
a I     I'M
Th"  -'.ill '   in   I I"'
1 1: iid in ilm
'Inluiei li uini'
Preservation of Niagara Falls.
I-    HI  '"I    taa    Ini O   till '' !
I"   "llllll       1 I • -
river under tin   jurisdh'tioi
'.' national       eeinenl
1.  'ii,. ,,11 ,   . "i  pri Ni..   .1.1
I        ij-uiuat ileal
l'u nh til   I'm  ....    .  1 ■■   ■      ■.'
len  ■
the |*,-l.tim,
II" told lhe I
 "I dn
preserve '' ■   trnndi ,: -  '.'I'     'I'
li I.   el.,1,   he   nil.In   in a
', a to Sect el ui lie i ■   ■    ■
■ .     1 tl net df 11 11
the ( niiieli "1  nnllioritii        ll"     deh
■  .   ,,,
In.il',■    „,'      -      etll       Hool
Increase of Homeslcid Enl
• ■  1
' with    I,I 111
|'|m ini'ii llnlll,
1      ml      Id . I),.,,i
■ , ,     I 1 .  . 1: ■.
Ill, 11
I   '.Ml,
If it is a Question of Warmth use j
E. B. EDDY'S     !
It Retains Heat and Keeps Out Cold.
Write for Samples and Prices    _\
TEES & PERSSE, Limited, Agents, Winnipeg. J
■■••■••■•••ttttttaaa*   »»a»» *
The Doctor
"Kit your bowels rejular?" Hi
knows thai daily action ol Ike
bowels is ibsoluioly n.icnml to
health. Thin keep -our liveractirt
J\   1    ,/ag.,^     J\ o h/111' yoor boweli regular by taiin|
/xlWQfJS yTo/lo?'r,|"n,,ivc<i«"o'v•^, Pllta-
Wi b»m »< wrtii I   ti Mktlth jo. Avar Cto.
ttt ItraiUt •! ill tw ■WdW| _____  '
There is
sl dr* difference   in
the world
eating biscuits and
biscuit eat'
^^^^^^^^ ing. One
may cat & biscuit and not taste
it, but vshen you think of biscuit eating you think instantly of
Mooney's Perfection
Cream Sodas
Crisp, delicious and tasty.
Absolutely  and  dutindly
superior to any other make.
Say "Mooney'i" to your grocer.
30 40 nnd 50 cents per Ib,
One  pound   and   I,.ill   pound
lead packets. 3 Ib. tl 5 Ib. tins
Enjoy Life
Good health makes porel nature. If everyone had a s-'iiiid,
Itomach there would he im pes-
timiiti in ilie world. !>■> nol
allow a weak itomai li "in ' .11
liver to ml) you ui tlic joy ul
living,   Take
and the world laughs wiih ynu.
No need (lien fer 1
glasses,   Bcccham'a I'ills start
health vilaratiuiis tai all p.if. of
the bn.w, Mlnle putting ,1 ri Idy w,,fln B">'"n overalls
n ■ avi % 1        ni'i   T-a      r linn
lint on lips and i hci ks  Thetc's >.
Mt.a. I,"I  to |1«   I    rnl ll •
Ouarnnlrn   i.i
.mil Gflnil VV,'.-,,■ n-j Qualltios
nHa^a^a^n-        or  WORKINGMEN'S  SHIRTS
health in every box. Health (or       8„ „,„, „ ,.„„, bsarsa
every  : 1  and  ajilld. ' "" "'"'"
'Beecham'a Tilli . '"•|ri •" ,'",|U"11
"flinii of thn Rond" Ri.tnd
Anil TiiVn nn Olhnr
Show How
Sold I.ifrjtavlieri,    In boi-i Bfl 1 .uti.
*     1
Four 50-foot lots,   one
III  til! Ill   11  COl'llI I '-.    I.I'  '"'
Park  and   Inlet, with   a
magnifacient uninterrupted
view.   ::    :l    :: ::    II
Price  Inr  all,   *3,5
Apply tn
fh      >•'   U
Rolled Oats
Blaij and Breed
Milling €0.
Harry Mitch,'
LuiimI.iI, .',
Fine,   health)   Tomato  and
Cauliflower 1 .
Sutton'i Seed     ... a
im \mm mm
11   ,.
  .'  \l
•7.00    "
s 16    "
U,Iltl    "
\. M.
In.,    "
11 III
12 In r. M.
I.llll  "
i te "
12 :, I'.M.
;,a*,   "
2.30   "
II.IR   "
I.IK)   "
1 15   "
'        "
,    .a        "
1.21)   "          i
•11    '   '
•   I.. -
M. J. li 1
A Merry Christmas,
North Vancouvi r never missi tl
I  .iai, ia] gono.   Nun,
a:. -mil wauls him.
ilm Appleby, Winnipeg, was
here mi Wi dm sday, He left Im
, ii toria on yi sterday's boat,
li ui iS Audi rson are putting in
iln ,"iv steam radiators at Hotel
vlortli Vancouver, Tliey arrived
ni I in sday.
A tt, nn ndous dtoal nl herring
.:. ti. in   ta iti "day.   At tin
wharl tin . ■• bt   seen bj
the thou
An Irishman om c tappeda pok;
In i      ,'. th   I  whip,   and  sniil
youi  leet, and they'll
i.ill theirs, Ivi
About il ily thing a "good
ii position gets a pi rsi n is to
illow the other fellow to always
get his own way,
If a woman owns chickens, she
is pel lit, much ' I In r time thesi
al.-iys in going out and looking re
proachfully at tin hi ns
F, G. Tremble, lately ol Birm
ingham, B ii| . has 1" tight a h t on
i  ■      ■     treel .".'1 will build a
1 itise right away.
.'. : - lii'ii'.n ing buy arrived at
tin residence of Mr. and Mrs F,
Keeley, Filth street, nn Monday,
Mother and child doing well.
The I imily ol C. A,  Andi rsoi
'lira man lor tl e I.   C,   Eli t tr'u
,.     I    n| iny, will return li n
Na iv \\ erf r Cl ristinas.
It  ,1a a: ::s are si lling in Nuitl:
ivi :  al I    ' ents at  dozen,
Wi wondel il old Rockefeller has I
■ lo lo with this outrage *
Nobh. a.; tin  po i oflici',
was liai.ii. bitti n bj a pel i al on
\Vt Im day afti riinon, h it (ortti
nately the young 1 nly can alt, nd
to her duties.
Miss N Hi" Mm: ii  and Miss
Etta    Duval,   of   I' rt hi :nl,   aria u ied   la*   Mrs,   Drake,   ol
ver,  wen   visiting friends
\Vi dnesday,
Si m lor rt • ve and coim-
-   ■ ii  \ rth Van ouvi r v ill
I ikn pla ■ ■ n ".     11;   I rin,try i.|.
■■a    ., ■   m .. i.  hi Id on
iaturd iy, the iqth,
i        .''''i.i' iln  wharl,
: th'.'i
tenia)     I        "''a
..     U.l"    III  |   .' 1(1 a llOllgll  *   '
i     i, C. Can
e strut Ini''.
I'urli     huoi        11 In Imlil 'ni
'.  i       ', ,-er  li
Saturday, Lie,. tu.
nt .i p. in , ai, . tur]
:.,     ■       , :,i        E\t i .'.' :
i vei    brisk around
V.     ■ .      :...     •  • tin ■ • '1 lys
: '     t.::  ■■ vera
■ .1 aa|  two new  tu
a ind G  T, Wilson,   A
shed in work ntnl' r will be put up
\ .-ar:
i.Ui your Property tvitli us
for quick salt*, If prions are
right '."   can dispose of it for
Real Estate Brokers
Tliu'.iii'H     ;   '      ■   ■   NORTH VANCOUVER,
CMTI'AI.. $4,   •.   ' RESERVE, ■*■ 141,333
Head ■     ' in Canada, \Ii 1 trc.il,
H. Si'ikf.man, (inn.'     ' '    11: J. Ei.Msi.v,Supt,' I Branches
Branches in llritisli Ci lun I ia- Ashcroft, Greenwood,
lli'ill'-''. Kaslo, li    land,   fi        ih Branch), Vancouver,
',   •     1, Dm I 1' ">i pn, Y.T
Savings Oei irttn&nt  0"p:aiiti* received Trnrn SI.00 upwJrds
Inlcros, .it h nha-si current r*w*l end comirniiniieil twice n yaar
Office, lor. I!■• isdale \*-'. and tspl nade, Nortli Vancouver,!), C.
Oa : ' IR'I UNITY to se, Closi -in Lots at (tri
it in District Lo| .:;      1 Si   md, Thii I,  Fourtl
Fifth, Sixth   ai 'I  '    - ti   ts,   K ith rond,   S
David's road, Ridgeway,  Moody, Queensbury, Sutherland
an I llcni . '>, i.   a    Electn,  Railwaj
li'        irtirs,     I Greai Nortln t'i (X., \V, ,v V. 1,  Railwaj
:,    ' :    : V,        ,   , I ID I '•.'■  la
PRICES, 5280
am! apt, : :    easy ten      Onlj om   [th   1 I I iwn, balance
a:, twt years.
Maki your select i prices an (advancing,
Giod     ' Lots mi I.a:: dal<   ivenue
and in tin I Inn rh in 11 >me Sit • and Acn .1 .'•
List With '    [01 Quick Sale
Corner Lonsdale Ave nnd I'ii'ili St.
MINIMS    \MI   SI 11)1101 il
Mr, I'hilip, munii ipal 1 lerk, has
u 1 rei ei* ed thu sad m w« ol tin
ata niii nl his nephew, Mr, Oeorg
I'hilip, who  In
let   tin    Colonis
■   ■    .       fori,
' a Hi       ■'.   ''      ll   ll'    I    !   '       ligllt
1 ' ...       Irom Vredi
lori i" I'ary s on tin   17th ol N, -
1 , '       ,   ■
•   :    a' ■     in rnoi   to    li s
:   '   '
I '   ' .'    '   ■
gi; I'lli   ','
[ the eai
t '., ll 111   '.    '■■'■■   tl    till
1   •   ; miti) won
In    ■ liccr's coi
When ■ ti'l"l. lu   i'
H dill]
I i'-" " ' 1 in the veil luml,
■      vi        ', nftei ;
Irate,   He w
to an
ap i' phere, 1
1 wl "I wi    ' ' I"   ui next
:   ' ill loo
if great 1     nisi >va     I down
tin 1,1
I'Ulinl!    '
' KM.]
■     ,    . ■    ■ ■    .
I    .
nn |.n 1 : .   ,'.  pri ', Iii mt'i'i
illl ,',,n.i" ■ •   11
l.i't in,' |iricd jour li-i In t'f' I   I'iiui
yon 1 '.rn
I -.in   ".. .'
M .1 111 .1 '
; |,   '   II 1
II   :   'I, S SPEI IAI     WA'I'BKI'Rnof)
I'M'     HAK    miiiki'k .an)
an 1'    rything in tv i   i'.hh y Slippen
Pyke'sShoe Store
3 Mi Mostlnns M. W.
oysiir aw clam
Richmond Riding.
I   W   Wcart, nf the firm  ol
Martin, W 1 art St Md Itiaraic, bar-
:i ti t      Vam '''it.    i'ii
Ill ■" I
' ' llll'      I'lll
'      1 I
Mi   C 11 ■
It llli-.l lie (iltvid     '
thut il
It'll   .'a 	
till     V .. a '       ,!
"Hum ' !'      '   a   ,.
.   .     hed ti       ''ii    '    '
ll pply at this olTtct
Wholesale and Retail,
Powell St. 1 :
H'l  \SI I  ■>   I'AIIK
Xk and 81 oui
ll,    ll'illl,'-.     |a<     ; II,    I    |    ITI
ihr Wiiii,ii Brewing in., i Id,
11 i. mi
Wi will furnish beautiful
( i il it , illustrated with
local landscapes, just tin
i a a ,,,i away lor a
i liri iiiui- nr New Year's
i u.l Sizes T'.'^'j inches
a: tl ta';'..t.' inches, On
i ii iv   .u   Tin    Expri ss,
Mortii Vancouver
1 believo Hint North Vancouver has
nn immense future, and that there
will he more money mado in land
lu'i'c lliun in any other section in
British Columbia". 1 have LOTS
IOR SMt in all parts of the
Townsite. If ymi have M)TJ> TO
SELL, como to me, 1 will find
you purchasers quickly.
16! Cordova Street? Vaneouver, B. C.
^iM^AfWW iiWvVW*A.***A*<
1? n glorious beverage—quenching ami
satisfying, Remember there's no other
"just us good"-—insist on getting Rainier.
Vancouver, H. C.
Wn have pleasure in advising the residents of North
Vancouver that we can deliuer, until further notice,
One Load Mill Wood, Stove lengths, $1.75
Three      "      "      "      "        4.75
Cash On Delivery,
British Columbia Electric luiilway Co.,Ltd.
TIMK l*.\HI i: -Mil;I'll YAM't'l'viK
Air.-'vi'ia I'aiik' ll li ii. m., ll*2», 11:45, 7:05, 7•'.'•"i, 7:15, 8:10, 8i30, 8:60,
0:10. 11:110, 11:51), 10:1(1, 10 SO, I0:'i0, 11:10, 11:31), 11:50, 12:10, 12:30, 12:50.
I-Kiini ' :1Sa, in 11:115, a. v., 7:1".. :■".'.. 8:1)0, 8:20, 8:40, num. U:S0, 9:40,
10:00, 10:20, 10:10, 11:00, 11:20, 11:10, I2:0l), 12:20, 12:40, liUOn.ni.
Aixxamuia 1'ark 1:10 |,, in., 1; 1), 1:50, 2:10, 2:30, 2 50, 11:10, 3:30, 3:50,
■1:1,1. 4:80, 4:50, 5:10, 5:31, 1:60 I ia'. Ill 0, 0:50, 7:10, 7:30, 8:00, 8:30, 11:00,
9:30, 10 i". 10:30, II 1)0, 11:30, 12:00.
Ftntn* -1:20 |i ni . 1:40, 2:00,2:20, 2l40, 3:00, 3:20, 3i40, 1:00, 4:20. 1:40,
6:0,1, 5:20, 5:40, II 00, II 811, ll 40, 7:00, :20, a :40, 8:16, ShS, Hil'i, U:46, 10;15,
H):45, 11:15  11:45, 12:15.
Sundays—Cum Uurl Iri in Alnxninlrit park ul i*:lu, and coiineot uilli tlie8:30
'This iiiui! l.il''i' is fuliji'd to alti'riilInn. « ■ II. Bu.VBiiRY.
Real Estate and Insurance STORF
Quarter-acre  lots,   S150;   15
down, $10 a month ; no interest,
Cleared Lots, one block Irom
cur, $300.
lorncr Second nnil Lonsdale, MIHIII VANCOllVUI,
Call in and see what you can
pet in your own town. You
will Im surprised how much
parcel-carrying you can save.
Hotel North Vancouver.
ii. •
■ ^m
>-, ,v    .I-.  . '     ,          :
t^i,,'.,'^.,,^'.';'.'.. '. I    • •■             ....,  jr
•'     ifi    !,. M
New and
Jj.ou p 1
and up,
Kates for
Ferry Service f sery Half Hour to ami from Iliis Hotel
to Vancouver. P. Larson, Prop.
For Christmas Goods
J. A. McMillan, North Vancouver
Uio E Mc tawas, M.A..I. I, U.l B ti
siin'i.i-. II. A.I A IV.II.ui'tti, It A.
w\\b\i siiirm & iiarpkr
Barristers, .Solicitors, Nutnries, It,,
Officii'  It. K. A. Biiil'iiiin, Vnncourer, imt
.tltlliili'ili Block, Naiilti   Vaaiiciiuvirr.


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