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Same prices, and in some cases
■ cheaper than city.
(% ttyxux
Real Estate and Insurance
Yon will nnil II irt-.ll? lo roiir mlv.ni>,..- to
i«« ine before clmlm mj dell.
The municipal council met on
Wednesday evening in the municipal hull, There were present
Reeve A. E. Kealy (in the chain
and Councillors Morden, May,
Cornish and Allen.
Alter Clerk Phillip had read the
minutes of the previous meeting
communications were disposed ol
as lollows:
The Ninth Vancouver Land &
Improvement Company wrote
agreeing to the municipality postponing work in park space in
dislriel lot 54S.   Filed,
Kohl. J- Fowler wrote asking
that Delbrucke avenue, from the
Keith road, be opened up. Referred to board of works.
John M. Duval petitioned to
have Westover toad opened up for
traffic, lot 20H7. Hoard of works.
Mope, Graveley & Company
wrote that they have bought the
lax sale certificate of block 12
district lot li 10-007.    Filed.
James Miles, general superin
tendent of thc Vancouver Power
Company, offering to rebuild thc
bridge on First street, east of
Lonsdale Gardens. Clerk ordered
to ask him for plans, etc.
Deputy commissioner of laud
and works acknowlefcing receipt of
letter re lire wardens.    Filed.
R. G. Macpherson wrote enclosing letter of Hun. L. P. Brodeur,
te granting foreshore street ends
in the municipality. Everything
was iu proper order.    Filed,
The deputy minister uf lands
and works wrole that it was
impossible (or the government to
comply with the wishes ol the
council re free grant of cemetery
reserve.    Filed.
Constable D. 11. Dick asked for
leave o( absence fur a week, beginning With lirsl ul July. Granted.
Wiliiain Dick suumitted plan
ol sub-division ol lot number t,
block t'j, corner ol Lonsdale
avenue and Nineteenth street.
There is now a 50-toot streel
fi gisteri-d psiriwiiy through this
blink. The council wauls u bo-
'fool street from the line of the
property now registered,   Noi ap-
appoint any committee or in any
way interfere with the legitimate
discharge of their duties by the
municipal officers."
License Board.
When Reeve Kealy called the
meeting ol the board ol license
commissioners to order on Wednesday afternoon there were
present Commissioners Morden,
Allen, Wickendon and Keith
It is the wish of the committee
that all citizens decorate tlieir
places the best they can for the
big Dominion day celebration, on
the First of July. This is North
Vancouver's lirst attempt to
celebrate.    Let it be a hummer.
The list of field and aquatic
sports is long, and will be second
to none ever put on a programme
in B. C. There, will bc'euoiigli of
events and plenty to spare to suit
all comers. The children's games
will be held in Lonsdale gardens.
Horse races on First street.
Indian sports at Victoria park.
Five first-class brass bands.
A dance will be held in the
Pavilion.    Harpur's orchestra.
Loads of free nuts and candies
for the children.
large attendance of ladies aud
Clerk Philip read the report of
Messrs. McMillan and McKenzie,
who were delegated to go through
the petition pending the granting
of a license, which showed the
names of 113 white settlers.
Indians, Japanese and Chinese
were not passed on by them.
Mr. Bird handed in a petition
signed by 64 whites.
Mr. Macneill strongly opposed
the petition.   He cross examined
Tommy  |ohnny as to  how   the
mlians were influenced to  sign
the petition.
Commissioner Morden said that
he could not see that the petition
justified the board granting the
Commissioner Keith said that
the board had created a monopoly
in North Vancouver by granting
only one license in the past. To
not grant another at this time
would be outrageous. "1 say this
u. hesitaiingly right in lhe presence
ui the clergymen and tlic-Be opposed Country,  the  former' predicting
to another hotel," said he. tha, Vancouver would vet be a
Mr. McHugh-Here, here. sub-port of customs to North Van-
Commissioner        Kelt l-Why couveri which would be the real
v.are not lhe other  applications, mt.trQ|)0|[s.    (Laughter.)
Mr. Bell spoke well as a native-
Get your glad rags ready for tin-
C.   J.   Chapman,
arrived on Sunday.
G   C,  Burnett,   Nova
came in on Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. McNulty, Victoria,
was in town this week.
has   a
Capt. G. F. Gaisford and Purser
Percy J. Chick of the steamer
Cassiar, who are retiring from the
service of the company, were tendered a rousing banquet by their
fellow employees at Hotel North
Vancouver last night. About 50
guests were present, including a
number of ladies.
J. M. Bowell made a capital
J. H. Kerr and Mr. Bell re-
ponded  to  Our   City and Our
Alex. Smith submitted a plan
showing the sub-division of lot
701J, 5_i aens, into one-acre lots.
Plan approved.
Mr. McBain submitted plans
showing sub-division of part ol
block, between Nineteenth and
Twentieth streets and Lonsdale
and Durham avenues,   Approved.
Councillor Cornish moved that
hereafter all plans must be sub-
mitled a week ahead, so as to
allow the engineer to report on
them. Councillor May seconded
the motion which was carried.
The North Vancouver Land &
Improvement Company submitted
.. a -plan, showing the proposed
donation of land to be used as a
fourth park. The strip runs
through the width of the block,
bounded by Fifth and Sixth streets
and Mahon and Chesterfield
avenues. This strip is 70 feet,
and the streets oil each side are
aj.5 feet each. This will give the
proposed Ottawa gardens a width
of ll") feet. The offer was
The council called the attention
of the ferry company to lhe fact
that the new time table shows no
boat between r\:}ti and n..|5 a. nt.,
which would cause serious inconvenience, The council also
called the company's attention to
.the danger to pedestrians on the
North Vancouver wharl, and urged
the speedy erection ol a special
Rev. Mr. Gillam said that Mr.
Larson had nothing whatever lo
do with the petition.
Commissioner Keith asked Mr.
Gillam if he was opposed to all
Mr. GilUtu -Personally, yes.
Kev. Mr. Marsden said il ihey
had known thai Mr. Larson's
application was tu have conic up
al the last meeting they would
have opposed it.
Commissioner Wickonden said
that the law did not clearly show
that Indians were qualified to sign
the petition.
Mr. Bird read the law on the
horn British Columbian, and the
immensity of the province.
Our Navigators was replied to
by Mr. Gault, who in the course
of his remarks said that the Union
Steamship Company never lost
Capt. C. Cates also responded
in an appropriate manner.
Chairman Howell called on
Purser Ruin Bryce to presenl the
guests of the evening with souvenirs.
Mr. Bryce was loudly applauded on rising. He said thai it was
with a mixed feeling of pride and
pain that he was there, but it gave
' im   pleasure to see present  so
Church Notices.
'.   John's church,   corner   of
seventh and thirteenth
Saturday, 23rd: (Vigil)—Evensong and intercession, H p. m.
Sunday, 24th—Fkast of St.
John BAPTIST (and Sunday after
Trinity) -Hoi.'.' COMMUNlON(plllin),
8 a, tn,
Monday, 35th—Evensong and
congregational meeting, 7:40
p. in.
Wednesday, 27—Evensong and
address on the Life and Character
of St. Peter, 8 p. m,
Thursday, 28th: (Vigil)—Evensong and committee meeting, 7.40
p. 111.
Friday, 29th: Feast ol St. Peter
—Holy COMMUNION (plain), 7 a.m.;
evensong and practice, 7:40 p.  m.
Sunday next (July 1st»—Hoi.v
lOMMUMON (plain), at 8 a. m.
Every Sunday—Mattins, 11;
evensong, 7:30;   Sunday   school,
10 a. in.
The HOLY  communion   on   St.
John Baptist's day will be offered
with the special intention ol seeking God's Blessing on the meeting
to be held on Monday night in lhe
church; Saturday evening's service
will also be a preparation for it.
Service on Sunday as usual at
11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m.
Sunday school at 2:30 p. m.
Moodvville school at 7:30 p. m.
Lynn valley school at 7:30 p. ni. I    Contractor Snider   expects   to
Christian Endeavor on Wednes-; start work on thc stone foundation
day at 7:30 p. m. in the church.      for the proposed new hotel   on
Choir practice on Saturday at I Monday.
8 p. m. in the church !    c       McGowan an(1 party, of
Strangers welcomed to all «^ the y^hi H1.WM.M, registered at
I the Hotel North Vancouver on
North Vancouver now
half-hourly lerry service.
The ferry St. George received a
coat of box-car paint this week.
Mr. Franklin Wheeler, of Sixth
street, is laid up with rhuematism.
It is reported that there is good
rabbit shooting at the Capilano
Subscribe for The Express and
get your name "down-to-date" for
a year.
Doctor McGuigan, Vancouver,
paid the town a Hying visit on
The childien can tuck in on the
First of July and be "tucked in"
for a week afterwards.
A subscriber has just informed
us that a cat's tail is like a long
road—(ur to the end.
place. A fire, in this or any-
other town is a setback, and the
sooner something is done to
provide a more adequate fire-
fighting apparatus the better.
We have decided not to give the
past history of the "certain party,"
as mentioned in our last issue;
they both met in Vancouver and
decided to let the matter drop.
Ever read thc inscription on   a
tombstone and notice how cock-
ure the deceased's relitives are
9 to his future   home?   Guess
some stokers will be working over-
About thirty campers have
pitched their tents on these
hospitable shores, where the balmy
breezes and sunny days waft the
sorrows of the multitude to the
farther banks of the Jordan.
F. T. Copp, ol Vancouver, is
erecting a dancing pavilion in
Lonsdale gardens. The floor
will 36x40 feet. The First of
July will see the opening of this
hall. It will accommodate about
50 couples.
J. A. McMillan, thc grocer, is
in receipt of a letter this week
Irom a resident of 160-Mile House,
Catrboo, wanting him to supply
him with groceries. "Mac" is a
strong believer in the value of The
Exi'rkss as a good advertising
Pastor: Rev. J. D. Gillam, M. A.
Commissioner Morden said that j mn), o( -,j„ (ri(.,uis an(* associates
if the act had been complied with
lhe board must grant the license,
but did not think the petition was
quite in order.
Reeve Kealy said the law was
peculiar. He held that Indians
sliould not be asked by the law to
petition for a hotel. To make the
petitions in order he suggested
that the board adjourn for a fort-
of "tlie old biscuit box," as the
Cassiar is familiarly called. "Outside of a good wife there was nothing like a good ship," he added.
Land-lubbers had nothing to disturb ihiir slumbers outside of an
earthquake and the like, while the
navigators must travel thousands
of miles tossing about the wild
waves day and night. Capt. Gaisford and Purser Percy Chick were
"Resolved-that ift the opinion two 0fti,e De8t men |,e had ever
of this board, knowing nothing met) aud (huv departed with the
igainstMr. LorenzaReda, andhis|hearty eood wishes of af"
Re License.
i'n the Editor of Till Kxprrh:
Mass Meeting.
Last Monday evening the rural
ratepayers in meeting assembled
in the municipal hall unanimously
passed the following resolution:
''Whereas.-The appointment oi
.a committee to discharge the
duties (or which the reeve and
councillors have been duly elected
and legally qualified would be unjust aui uncalled for reflection
.upon the municipal officers'.
"Thoruforia ,be it resolved—That
.theratepayeis of the rural part of
North Vancouver municipality
having confidence in lhe reeve and
1 loimciUo.rs   hereby   decline   to
petition on behall ol au hotel
license is duly and properly signed,
and his plans are carried out as
per maps and drawings submitted,
the license committee sees no
ulijectioil to granting Lorcnza
Keda a license."
A New Law Firm.
S. C.Schultz, B. A., has entered
into a law partnership with Geo.
li. McCrossan, M. A., L. L. B.,
recently ol the well-known Vancouver linn of Bird, Brydone-Jack
& McCrossan, and
li. A.    The new
fellow employees, and as an earn
est of that he presented Capt
Gaisford with a handsomely
mounted binocular telescope, and
Purser Chick with a gold-headed
cane.    (Applause.)
The healths of the guests of the
evening were drunk, and all joined
in the refrain "The're Jolly Good
Capt. Gaisford said the whole
proceeding came as an agreeable
surprise to him. He regretted
palling with his old associates,
and said there were times when
the besl ol iriends must part, and
A. M. Harper, I this was one of them. He thank-
firm will enter led those present for their kind-
the legal arena under the name ol I ness.   I Applause.)
McCrossan, SchtlltB& Harper.   Ai    Putter Cluck thanked his hear-
suite of offices have  been  secured ers very heartily (or their many
on Pender street and arrangements complimentary remarks and iur
have also been made to operate al 'he very valuable present.    (Ap-
branch office in North Vancouver, i plaiise.)
a portion of the premises occupied I    Provincial Constable Jones said
by D. W. Elder & Company hav- ihis only sorrow was to see the two
ing been engaged for this purpose, officers retiring Irom the service of
We wish the  new  firm  every the company,
success. J-   0.    Benwe;
the toast
There has been  no dog
around thc office this week,
iscriber paid a two years'
scription in advance, while a neigh-
humorous strain to
"Our Friends."
Messrs.   Coldwell   and    Shaw
replied appropriately to the toast
fights I of "The Ladies."
and a I    George Bartley   responded   to
sub- i "The Press."
'0 the toast o("The Hosl" Pete
Sir,—Then, are some things about the
licensing question which ought to be
■aiil, uml which 1 Dug le&Wl lu say
llirmiijli your columns. The most
charitable spccinior could nm aecii.-i-
ihe licensing eoi laloners ni impar-
tiitlity ill regard lo llie two purlieu fur
anil against. Tin* petitioner* ngniiisi
tliu license had at tin- lir-i meeting nl
the board a witness In regard to tm.
tall-natures of the Indian*, in ihe person
el Chief Harry, ready lo svu-ar he hull
never wen the petition on which III
inline Stood, The commissioners would
no! hear hia statement. Hu Wednesday
lust two Indiana were there ready lo
swear anything; and they were heurd.
Why is this'.' Not that these Indian
witnesses counted for anything; fur, if
any fair-minded person wished to know
why Indians should bo excluded from
signing anv petition, he hud thu reason
manifest in these same witnesses.
Nothing could have so revealed llie
hollowness ol lhe i-us.- us the witness
lor it. I would luivc you note, sir, the
-illuming up of the CaWi We must
hurt' two hotels, it was said; just as we
want two grocers or two butchers. This
Iii the attitude perfectly unjudicial und
injudicious ol lhe commission as 11 whole
ull through,   If we can grunt il,   we
their! wl"' ''" l'''B c,u* 'l """ proposed that
time should lie givi-n until recently
I acquired signatures should matum; ami
uiiother |aa,-i|„ii,n.i'lil wns proposed, It
never was our privilege tn near ol such
a piitieni and persevering commission
—would ihey labored in  a   worthier
To crown all, sir, alter a weary wait
to learn Ih" will of the board we ure
ushered into the pure air ol the street
by Chief Constable Dick lo cool our
ardent spirits, and learn as best we may
the fate of our petition,   Apart from
the manliest ill. .'A ■>', -A :»-t we
esteem this mom dlseourti*
citaieni iu the |ierson of tlm committal
representing them.  Enough ol ihis fur
the present.   This case, however, raises
nuoitloni too serious lo be overlooked,
uml which ought somehow to be
remedied, and to be brought Isifore the
provincial government, Thai the
Indians, Japanese and Chinese should
be excluded from voting on one side of
the inlet and hold the liahiiice of power
011 the other, is too ridiculous. That
Tommy Johnny, tho Indian constable,
should request the Indiana for signaliires
10 make it possible for them to break
thu law, and should presumably Ik' paid
for so loing, is too serious a tuuller to
be allowed to rest there. To dei-idc
whether lhe license, even il granted by
the commission now nr three months
hence is valid, is a question lor a higher
court than the licensing commissioners
of Nortli Vancouver. Thanking vou in
anticipation lor the space, I am,
sincerely yours, JDBTITI*,
North Vancouver, II. C, June UO,
Owing to the incessant rains of
the past week progress has been
slow on lhe construction of the
Scare up. hunt up, borrow, beg
or steal decorations fur North
Vancouver's first annual Dominion
day celebration.
We've uot yet decided whether
to line red lemonade with our lone
nickel or whether tu bank it and
draw the interest.
bor's hen, after eating an exchange, i Larson replied as only he can.
laid an egg.   We felt so elated)    Mr.  Bryce sang "Sons ol thc
over our prosperity that we went Sea."
lo Vancouver on the ferry aud Mr. Wyalt sang "Peg Away."
threw a dollar at a gull. It had a "Auld Lang Syne" brought the
suing tied lu it, happy event to a closei
Sent in: Although yesterday
today was tomorrow and tomorrow
today will be yesterday, nevertheless yesterday tomorrow would be
day after tomorrow because today
was tomorrow yesterday, and to
morrow will lie today tomorrow or
would be day alter tomorrow
Wesley Haynes, logger, formerly
of Mi Nair's camp and a resident of
Moodyville, was aceidently killed
up the coast this week.
Mrs. Owen, ol Atlin, daughter ol
Mr. IJ. G, Dick, arrived in North
Vancouver on Monday morning,
where she will spend the summer.
S. C. Smith. Vernon, B. 0,
was a guest at the Hotel North
Vancouver this week, likewise A.
II. McCiillouch, ol thc same town.
Mrs. J. A. Green and Mrs. Ward,
of Vancouver, and three-months-
old baby went up lo the top ol
Grouse mountain on Wednesday
of this week.
Until further notice the butcher
shops ol North Voncovver will
be closed on Wednesday noon,
thus enabling the employees   to
have a hall liuluLiy.
T, Sampson and wife registered
at the Hotel North Vancouver on
Wednesday. Mr. Sampson re-
ports quite a move in real estate
at the Koyal City of late.
R, W. Dirk, ol Mission Ciiy, is
a father now. On Friday last the
stork visited his home and lelt a
bouncing, squealing baby boy.
What will it be—a (aimer or real
estale man?
On Sunday lasl a basket, containing a sumptuous supply of
edibles, was lelt at McDonald's
stand, at thc loot ol Lonsdale
avenue. Owner can have same
by calling at the premises.
His Worship Mayor Buscombe
and party came over on Wednesday on thc trial trip ol the new
motor boat. She crossed thc
inlet in less lhan fourteen minutes,
lhe engine is ten horsepower,
Now that incorporation proceedings are stayed lor the time
being, it is up to the council to
furnish the lown with better fire
protection. The town is steadily
growing, and il a lire ever got
under   way   in   thc    residential
This is the limit: A certain
Vancouver business man, who
lives in North Vancouver, visited
a local store here the other day
and bought a five-cent bottle of
soda water. After drinking half
he gave the other hall to the lady.
He's "big and generous"; oh, yes.
Mr. Thos. Spence, brother of
Mr. Spence, ol First street, who
arrived Irom England a f.w days
ago, is working with a view of
permanently heating here, having started the erection of a fine
residence in this city. The two
brothers had not met in twenty
years, and naturally the reunion
was a cause of rejoicing.
Mr. and Mrs. Bert Macklcy, ot
San Pedro, California, paid the
town a visit on Thursday, making
a trip to the Capilano canyon.
"Bert" is an ex-Vancouverile, and
at one time was proprietor of the
Bodega hotel, He now owns the
Admiral hotel, a popular seaside
resort al San Pedro. He and his
wife are taking their summer
vacation and renewing old
acquaintances. Of course, they
were surprised at the progress
made by the Ambitious City.
The B. C. Electric Railway
company are this week stringing
the high voltage wires on the
poles already erected here. The
wires lor the present will run up
Lonsdale avenue to Twenty-first
street, and along First street, up
Mahon avenue, thence along the
Keilh road to Bewick avenue.
Preliminary rails are already laid
Irom the wharl up along Lonsdale
avenue and First street to their
western terminus, and it now remains for the "juice" to put in an
appearance bclore we hav*. the
trolley running along our streets.
It is hardly to be expected that
this will be realized before the
First ol July, although the inaugu*
ration of thc service on that day
would form a manilold celebration
ol the occassion along with our
national holiday.
Chiel Joe Capilano hu received
word Irom the Squamish river
settlement lo the effect that Jacob,
Ihe son of the late chief of tin
Squamish tribe, will come to take
pait in the celebration with ten of
his men; also they will be costumed in thc style of the aboriginees
and will take part in the procession to bid good bye to the
chiefs, who will leave (or England
to see the king, on thc 3rd of July
in the afternoon. The parade wilt
leave North Vancouver via the
(criy, thence through the streets
ol Vancouver to the station. At
the court house the chiefs will be
received by Hia Worship Mayor
Buscombe, who will deliver an
address wishing them every
success and a good trip The first
place, thc chiefs will stop at will
be Kamlnops, where they will remain lor three days. The next
stopping place will be Ottawa,
here    Premier     Laurier     will
portiontliere would be no stopping welcome them, on (he eve ol then
ii till ii had wipedout tin- whole|departure (or England. TIIE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B. C.
And Invigorate The Action of Liver, Kidneys
and Bowels You Must Use
In ending' your- attention   to   Dr.
iti iii"'. I.lvei    Pills  il   l-   'a;. ;
...','■    •       |a,   ||0i|||    lal   'I a
'   ' a    ,   ' I. ■  I ■   ..
[1   n   iii    il   I  aa illroel
■ Linn nu Hi.' livi i   causing ll
ll      HOW     a'i    bill
■     , . :
l|,a a
brln      i   ms fi in   I
.-    | ng pro
-'by   A', ' ■ A ii.
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i'i llgcatlon,   i iii-iil    liver,
■    i. i"        i
A ■ ul'll,
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hnve i" "ii pnln, weakness nnd suffer-
In     It i    ns n i   iiov.il i'i' ii:.' cun-
lend    I"   backache,
nr. Ill's   dis-
'.   ' ' i., Mnn.,
wril       !   ■     ■ ■ i-     ibject lo head
a a   |.     a'' KI,]
i     i. ■ ■ i'     :     entire); cun I me
ii   Un ■. !.. \    in ia.I- retu nco I
Irenlinenl    I  nhvn.vs keep
In     e   ■       -a!
-a i do not 1 nve to use litem
uhoul  "i * a   .a  year,   I
1:      ■    , :       l)|',   ''!'. Kill
P Is i" my friends."
Ilorgi    It, H       Hills,
i:—"I   uscil    in. Chnae's
aivei  I'llls I'or dyspepsia mid
Iln -a. is im belter
tor Uais allnienl  und liver
l'   i     jo's Kldney-Llvci  Pills, om
pill :i dose, 25 cents u Imx. ul nil dealers or Edni a' sou, B iii - & i'n., Tor
vol; in VAA'aii'vi'i;
i; c.l
\ W. AA .Na'.a .paper.       Published hy
Tilt; EXl'RI'lSS I'lilNTIN'lSCoinpnn'*.
uu- Dullurpor Yenr
i;i;oiai; HARTLEY,
M inai-iii- i;
f, III IMI li I1II0.VS
'    u« Man mer.
Rotation   o(   Crops   the   Safeguard
Agalnat Seasons of Crop
■ Itoba Di iiarlmenl ol Agrl-
a i"a -laiiy Issued in
istlng  ■ amplilel am il,,. agricultural
i   ultlvation.
.'■    'i  ning up tlii'sr,
nip  '        'i    nei   •
■   - i
■.  '   agricultural  a
del   ij's
•   on   '■ ilm virgin Ii a
i.i      iii'odn
aa   OH    111
■. -i.   . ..ii i>   ". ■ , .■
a   .   lerod   nexl
lelin.       king   v.   'ill ii lhe
■ irougli which i  ■ it
i nature's plum i iod   ll be-
g tl    .    l staple   nml   |irol
, il     ill   i nol
■ i No | linrd have been trlml on many
i   ■
nj  ai
, !.        '
1.   '
; I ho
' 'l-ilii
Fred   Hewitt's   Vivid   Description   of
I    That Awful San Francisco Morning
When the Crash C. me.
l! ■       h ■■'   Fred Hewitt,  sporting
edit.     ' 'I'll   S in Francisco Chr mlcle,
II kn -.a ia T : into Journa-
if iho enrtluiunki
"1 n ,i si.an 's throw 'af thai
ivhen tii.. hand of am aveng-
u|   '  S an Francisco,  The
te    I        ii ■"■' nn nl
■ :     Tin ii c nn- lhe crash.   Tons
11    t mighty pile i Ild awny
■   leel fi mi work and the de-
. ■■  "  .,  s ta'i-riiiaa.
"A.  A      reai   nl Golden G ite nve-
: L rkln street, an l h id tarried
v.i'li a couple nf
|i Wilh in    were two local
ii ■    Wa' had Jusi bid g
bye I n ive i roce di al
roet In :li- city hall sta-
T      had | ildtt iy In tho
■ .   crash
"1 police a- n ■ nveloped in
of fnlllns  stones,     Th.'ir
■ .    been bl itted  ml In an
'Ke ; ' ' •      tro't. Mac!"
ne of I "Thi
ivonu    [escape," n turned
"VV        .i ri I iv >r • .   bitumen,
Buildings Danced,
"II ' ,- to Judge II
To me I :
n -•■ mil      1 was thr iwn "ii my back
: t pulsated 111    i living
I- lining up ni .re i. rrlblc bi   mse 11 llu
porl ruling, wob-
' ' I
nd I      S -   hi
rent the ah terrllled    humanity
opening In nn
Fi    il ni al li r.---.
Ihoy raced
■ r-ir
lull,    The mosl
terrible n Tho first por-
Just a mild fore-
: a foil w.    The
• ■       irth'
i ■ ii m ire lhan n
ullecl luys.'f.
1 ,   • ' •     .- ■        !
■ id and
In frightful
,  :   ■;.■ 1 nnd th n
■      '   111      I,,   1 .--'in   I'l.ill-
-   lo thi
. ■
Police Killed.
' '    ' for 11   Immediate
,  .   mi build.
■     11 i thai
ruin ..I
f the peace, tn
i  ' ■ lies, I,ian. ver,
i century,
. ihl      f.:
It I ' I gave
I will I
I .
'   -
i n.ii
i ■     i
: ...
slitll.A    '
■   ' . ii! on
fine, I
'     .      ' f   'a '
fraction of n
,  ■
via.  .. iil.li, .i Napoleon,
Mine, di* i a representnl
li'ildesl   fiiinllles   in
I'rniici*, (1
: lied I I   r. llml ■ >f
"   ■ dny she
'   I . '  i
IVhnt spiel
■'       I
I any rati tlioj in*
Statistics For England and Wales For
the Year 1904—Enormous Total
of Persons Tried.
A bluebook was Issued reoently, says
Lloyd's Weekly, by the Home Offlce
giving lhe criminal statistics of England ami Wales far Uie year 1904. It
shows Lhat the tolal number of persons
tried for various offences during Uie 13
months was 807,1311, as compared wilh
803,690 in the previous lit months, iho
convictions belli;; 605,379 against 060,-
300. The p.'i'.-aains Imprisoned numbered
199,133, as compared with 180,727 In
1903, and lhc number "f convlots In
prison on March 31 was Iu,099. Tho
figures, It Is stated, are nut all of equal
value as criteria nt Die state of crime,
but thoy ail liuliaaie an Increase of
criminally, Tin- t.>t;il number of p-r-
sa.ns Ar trial f"r Indictable offences
were    59,11*0,    or    177.59    per    100,000
population, being an Increase of 1,516,
or nearly thr-e per cent.
Tha-re has been a continuous gniwiri
of crime since 18*9, when Uie numli1 r
of persons triad wan 50,491, or 156.97
per 100,000 nf Uie population, For many
va-.trs prior t'i lhat year, however, there
was a steady ,l-.-i:nr-. with occasional
lirtorruptlons, in the number nf persons tried, and In ISM -the total was
less Iiinn In uny previous year silica-
1S75. During Die quinquennial period
1860-4 the annus] average was 2S0 per
100,000 population, compared with 182
in Uio last quinquennial period. The
Incroaso in 1H04 was wholly In offences
against pr apart**. The only offencs
against tiie person which showed a
marked tondency in Increase is bigamy,
for which Uie lignre was 138, thc quln-
quennlul averages fur 1S95-9 and 1900-4
being loi and 112 respectively,
It Is satisfactory to observe that
those classes of olTnices usually committed 'hy habitual criminals have coas-
ed to Increase at the same rapid rat-
as formerly. Cornwall Is still one of
tho o.unties with the IcaA crime.
Glamorgan and Monmouth ar, nt 111 thi
worst counties, but Uie jiaslUon of Lou
don has Bllghtly Improved, The worst
counties for drunkenness an- Northumberland, Glamorgan, Durham, nnd L n-
don, Ui,- best position as regards Uie
offaMi'-e la' i ntr laken by a large group of
rural counties, Minor offences of dishonesty and serious fruuals and breaches of iiu-ji luul Increased, und offences
of tho vagrancy class aro growing
Airing the year 9,918 persons were
convlctod In Couris of Assise anil Quarter Sessions, of whom :'8 win sentenced t.i death, 970 In penal servitude,
7,839 to Imprisonment; and 91 to detention In nn Inebriate reformatory; 65
persons were found guilty but Insane;
1.S96 were acquitted, and In 38 o.a.ses a
Jury found Ilia- accused lo be Ins-am*
and unfit ta* plead, while 16 persons
wore orduri-d lo b.> whipped or flogged,
The total number of pi rsons dealt with
by Courts of Summary .lurisillction was
791.981. of whim 055,401 wore cmvlctcd,
54,160 being sentenced in Imprisonment,
During Uie ycaT 36.369 coroners' In-
qtl . ' a wore held, In 2.3j7 eases opi n
vnr-lia",.s were returned, and, deducting
onB caso of Justifiable homicide and 16
executions of persons oondemned to
dVath. 4,SSS dealhs were ascribed to
criminal vl la-ti,-.- or culpable neglect.
Of thifle 3,337 were cases of mileUI.', a
docrea.se of 153 us compared wilh tho
previous year. Tlie continuous Increase
in suicides, frequently referred lo In
previous volumes of lhc criminal sia-
tlstlca, has thus received a cheok, Wr-
dlcls of wilful murder were relurnod in
19] cues, and nt manslaughter in 126,
Tho number "f criminal lunatics received Into asylums during 1904 was
3:;:., and ait lhe end "f the year the total niimlier "f criminal lunatics un.l.r
dotentlon was 804, of whom no fower
than 4"7 hud committed murdi r. a lut
of :> si uli ncc« of '1 aih, n were commuted I" I" 1 *' rvltudo far lite, and
Uirto trco pardons were granted.
Its  llnillfi'tliiiliiiin  n-   Vli-avi-il   llr ths
M'oriii ol Belenoe,
Spiritualism Is the successor of tho
mediaeval occultism and of the older
magic, Today science, without accepting its manifestations, studies them,
and In these troubled waters almost
nil the facts upon which the new metaphysics Is founded hnve been llshcd
up, Like magnetism. It has drawn the
attention of physicians to the phenomena of Induced sleep nnd has given
ninny of the data for the study of hypnosis nud suggestion, 'I'he mediums,
who behove, like Um ancient pythonesses, that they ure possessed by foreign spirits, have served fnr the study
of lhe change of personality nnd telepathy. And II has shown thai lhe prodigies, diabolic uml divine, recorded In
all early religions were not so fubu-
i ans as ilie critical fancied. At all
events science admits that there Is a
force call it psychic us Crookoa docs,
iieuric wilh Iturctz, vital with Barn-
due or tho odle force of Iicichciilirach
-a force which cun be measured and
described, which leaves its murk ou
Uie photographic plate, which emanates
from every living being, which acts at
a distance, which saves or destroys,
Plato knew it. Great wizards like Cardan made use of lt. The charlatans
like Cagllostro blundered upou it, Tbo
scientists bavo llie last word.
A  Former  llu.*!,in   Sll.I, sumn.
1 Hiring llio lirst half of Catherine's
reign the lending statesman was Count
Panto, ulmost the only one of thc empress' advisers who dared to think for
himself. He wns the most level headed of her statesmen, and yet wo read
concerning him that his Indolence and
sloth were beyond expression, Ho was
voluptuous by temperament und slothful in system, and to tlio industrious
Swedish ambassador, Holkor, ho onco
remarked: "My dear baron, it Is evident Unit you are not accustomed to
nlValrs of state if you let them Interfere with your dinner." In 1778 tlio
English ambassador, Harris, wrote to
llie llritisli foreign ollice, "Vou will not
credit me if I tell you that out of the
twenty-tour hours Count l'aniu only
gives half an hour to the discharge of
his official duties."
It Is a popular notion that all pills
arc or ure Intended to bo aperient
That Is nn error. There nro many olil-
Clal pills—that Is, pills made from authorized recipes and sold by all druggists—lhat nro very distinctly not
aperient Thus there is a sulphate ol
quinine pill, whose action is tonie.
Phosphorus pill Is n nervo food. Sulphate of iron pill Is u blood food, Squill
pill is nn cspei'iuiaiit. lu fact, the pill
form Is n very convenient ono for
giving medicines nnd can ho applied
to nearly every drug, with the exception of things essentially liquid, as the
mineral acids.
There cannot be different degrees
of purity any more than there can
be different degrees of honesty.
If a man be honest, that is all he
can be.    There is no superlative.
One Hour cannot be purer than
{mother. It can only be more
nearly pure.
In these times when all flour man.
■ufacturers are claiming purity you
should remember these two things:
Actual purity in flour can only be
secured by the use ot electricity.
Soyal Household Flour
is the only flour, made and sold in
Canada, that is purified bv electricity.
You   can  get  Ogilvie's   Royal
Household Flour from your grocer.
Ogilvie Flour Mills Co., united,
"'Ogilvie's Book for a Cook," contains 130
**nges of excivlleul recipes, some never before
published. Your grocer can tcU vou how 10
get il FREE, 1
Went Hln, One Heller.
"A woman went marketing in Fan-
ciiii luili," said a Boston minister, "She
slopped before a stall where wero displayed fowl so aged ns to seem almost unsalable, 'What do you sell
those for?1 Inquired the woman, wondering if the proprietor would dare call
them chickens. 'Wo usually sell them
for profits, inarm,' was the eurt response. 'Oh,' snld lhe woman, '1
thought they were patriarchs.'"
Big Liners Being Built.
Two new ocean liners, which are being built with the 110,000,000 but by
t.'.e Govi Mini :i', are '<.■: ncariag c wi-
|ilc!lon, and wlil be launched In Juno air . „
July of this year. They will be named, '
tha Mauritania and Lusltanla, and will
be th largest ships the wurid has over
Each vosset will have a gross tonnage
of 33,200, while th.-y will be sixty fed
longer thnn any .'At    liners   afloat,
The Mnn Will, n Sy.lem.
"Charley looked very sick when he
returned from lhc races," said young
Mrs. Torklna,
"What was (lie trouble?"
"Ile said his system was out of or
Ask tor Minard's ond take no other,
In s|iiie of r .porta 10 ila.- contrary,
  lllllCll    Clllll'l   III     i        hl-i!IU    a'\ja    a   '..,   ,|    I | VI' I
They are flght-olght feel In beam, an.l   Uio lienllh of the pope,     The close
In Uib respoel aro tho first to surpass ' Ilncmeni In Iho Vntlcnn, ii ia- an Iti
' Eastern, which was eighty i1 Blowlj killing him.
three feet In breadth. .	
Each  will have aceommoditlon for, tian ncuuDn  CUM
long ra and will carry a crawl '?luu l\-WAI\L' ¥«W<
ot 100.   They will bo propelled by tur-
blna engines capable of developing 10,.
Tli. reai Via of thli l>n|'iT will l,o {.la-naa-il to lean
fl. .a lliari' la „l lout on,, <lr, aaala-1 dlNM til.taoi-not
bata l.-a-ii ill In lo i-ur. Ill .11 lt. lUlH, nni that ll
New Alberta Elevator,
"In addition in the large storage
elevators ni Calgary, which are used
to cany grain im' milling purposes,
there were imlil last year a dozen
elevatora nlong tlio Calgary and Ed-
niiiiilon line. Five of theso uia1 at
Wetaiklwln, two nl Strathcona, mnl
mii' each at Edmonton, Lncomb, Car-
stairs uml llnl Deer. LeUabrldge,
liiiyiuiuiii and Magrath nlso ha\r elevators, This year will see a much
larger addition than ihe total previously built. On lhe line ol the Can
niiinii Northern within Alberta, ele.
vators uia' being erected or will be
erected nl Kt Saskatchewan, Brudor-
holm, Calvert, Uivcrne, Lnvolo and
Mannvillc, on llie enal side, and ni
Stony plain nmi Spruce Grove on llie
spur running directly weal of Edmonton. Tin so, along wiib hall a dozen
niie is on the Calgary and Edmonton
road ui I'onoka, Leavings, Okotoks,
and Plncber Creek besides one atCain-
rose, mi ilie Wetasklwln branch of
Uu- Cnnndinn Pacific railway, re being
built uud win probably be taken ovor
by ilm Pacific elevator company,
Others have been built ut Fun Bask
ntchcwnn nml Edmonton. Tli" Pnc
the company have elevators al nine
towns already, nml If ihey require
those being built ihey will possess
nearly thirteen in the province, which
will ensure quick handling ol ihe grain
•mii>ut in Alb- rtn."
The presenl Benson will seo the
erection nnd completion ol i il
number ol now i levators throughout
the northwest,
The Cuban Benate has ratified the
Auglo-Cubnn treaty of commorce, navigation nmi iu lustry,  The vote wus
ii in I.
Prof, .1. \V. Jcnks, of Cornell University, bus been engaged by the
I'liiin-sc governnn nl ns financial expert,
Hollowny's Corn Cure Is .1 apeclflfl
for the removal ol coma and waits
*>.' 1.ue never in unl of iis falli'g to
remove even lhc worst kin 1.
The mulberry crop ot   Japan   has
been greatly damaged by frost,
During iho insi year ihe Essex mul
Suffolk hum I'.ii'l damages for the
bass of ii"" poultry, lour lambs, A
turkeys, mnl A ducks.
.\i ih,- Yarmouth y.m.i'.a iia.ys'
Camp, iniil ei Tuskel Palls in August,
I loiuiil MINABD'S LINIMENT most
hi'iirlicial ian- sunburn, mi lllinie llntO
relief Inr cnllc ami toothaclll.
General Socreinry.
„      - --- -  ~,UOffl)l !
f II ,. ...ti'tn, limit'!'! ili'-tnia.ll. llaa- [iiu,,,|.
ftlii, ila.,.,,.0, nml .1, inu tin, |iil.i,il,lri.nith
I llarf 11 [1 tu- , a'ii.llt 1.1 .,11 11111 a,....1 Ira j iiatiir.
In ala'ln. iU»,Vrii,"1'hi""iiV,/|Vrr,.i',,ri'lini.'"an'nVnrli
.'!'"/.'"A "I"'"'"   l-a.',- ll.lal  (I.e.   aafl.rllll.p.1
°   OUrrh.  Hull'. ftUrih Cur. I. tbo onl, po-Hltl
travel al a minimum -;"•'! aaf twenty-   r„r„„,,. k,,,„„,„u,, „,- ,1 'nt-mlt-, I'-umli
four kniils 1111 hour.  Marino englneors   '■■• *■-..» ""•■''"'"''."!,: '■ -;,'■"■ PSS!*",* JS™"!*
„_ ., ,,,,,, .    tianiail t.'aatlii.'M.   Hull a I nlnrrli tairn I. Inlnl, In.
-iredlOt Ul"  *'' Wis will be the   J' .n.n-Sl    mninlli. n.n,,. Jll.rll- nn Iho Wool nil.)   uiuoOTI
ships on lie ocean. Thoy irelolnfll
iA in a manner equal 10 Uu- m 1 I ir*--
rioui of modem hotels   The decora' w  p »,u,a,OT.,,i.a,,a«
(lOllS   v.       COn  l»l   Ot   reprOdUCl -.f    ..j.-J l.'.lliir.rnr'nni-•-*-., tiia.t It ruil. to cui*.  H«oat
the 1 '   '   rorks ol an. while Iha '""'rt ""•""»'""'1"'
ivstem ot llfll between    lhe   .annus     BoM b» dnntm Ih,
deoka will provld   for tho rapid iranaltl   T>l» ii.ir. i.miir Pills hr eoullpaUi
tr>m one part of the ship j —
to an'illu r.
The first etui dining saloon Will be
unprecedented in marine ire,
It will tie 11 massive, i.-..r.- .,11. aviiri-
1    nl 1",, f 01 !"ii',- by SO fa'i wide, .md
oornfi icoo     -;a'.       p r
I', v.:;! ha- I ghted by
r. great .i-t:i. exti ndlng up thn Ihi
two docks aliaive mul iruivie-.l with a
a ,nt af oaJhi dral gltws,
Hi 11 one -ni.  ■ 1 ring r --:.! has
Minard's Liniment lumberman's friend
Passenger lures mv fixed nl -'2c
a mil,' fur     o   llonsloii    nn I   Ta'M'S
Central railroad bj the Texas railroad
e issiaan. :in,l il i-. sabl ullu'l' mals
wiil hnvo  ni'i lhe ral'' or I"-' lie
K  .1    Murphy,   in ilia' Cum a. s
I .. I
III                   '    Plllll, all |v« :   ■    «
■ a, ■■     roconl -   nfler   an   1
llllll      Hal.HI    ll        Ila.'    Bpl'lng     «l".ll     I'll    ■
Inl'lefl        I       I'
II la
Conn Iini - lira  in.all; ultil
mi us iii wheal ra. our stnto
nf Miitiii'sotn Is mu 'a1' a   de-
been broken in tho"eoiv-i,nio!l. in Ti'i'he l'|v'r     In ncrongu  from Insl    oar'i
i,     'i hi '.- "i 1.".'
re the 11' - mi m )• own, tho I       a
no ..• .:  : rty iovi n   mi aa   1.1- ■
hoi itiso    »l   ile'   ininieiii
' ned "Hi Ion Itni'}   in
■ i -.a.' torn pnrt nn I the   li' d
■   ig no 1 iver than .''in filter  vulley   purtl 111
ef molten mi lal In tho  ■
lur gone lo lie regnliml 01' replni led
The rudder wolghs aevemy-ntne tonB, for  wheal     II   woatliei      onltl hii-
and each link In the 2,00     •    .   n prove frlitn 1 m on, llux and hnrl.-y
ivi-iiiy.iw., an I one-fourth Inoli    long ncrcn 0 will Increase   Purl ni    n ll
i    iioundi,   1.1  a ' ,. n u '■»''I oni I'-n'i "i Hoiith Dal   '
• 'I'd and wa-.ii.,-:oud a sixain of 370 going In f.-r rorn wilsing wl
tons. Increnno hilly  23 per cent, tins 51'ar
  ni, ., ivei  ivouther lim
Miss Ellen Terry's Jost. 1   Ilm     II   I    I'lVel
Ellen Terry's sense ol I "■ N'i rlli li    iln,   I     hai
a'-.',  niia. ,, i., on " asked b    , lady lienefltl   i   tin*   ronl    ol   ,:"
r I    at   tlmoi  a : ■■    nno which will hhow nn Incrensc  !"■'     '
i     , Terr* r I i" ii"' cxti nl llml I nm i d.l will Ihj
tl   halrdi      fl surprise I  ij   e Imag- |ara.a I ici d north ol Iho i ulni'j   Ilnn
,    »received a I irgo i innvll Mr   Mu ph.*   I irlhor sn
'  Marguerite In "Faust." |   im doubt but whnt the droutl •
i| a rse, In ll     port  ihe   roan « dltlons In tlm wintei  wl ml i   U'iel
wig with beautiful ions; plaits,    l).- j,, ,i ., very '.'ranis nature, ■■
lhe |     i was wrtltoni "liilen |V iulh  anal [mllann   While thorn  li
i'i :i   • f   Mlsi „u ,,.,,,,.., n| rusl   ■   I    as i ius'-l A
 '■ u»ir W.U.U."' -la-niii Ri  much rain
The Di mon, Dyspepsia In olden
tiim- ii was ilia' popular i" Iii r iiiui
demons moved Invisibly tin
iiinbii'iii mr. Booking in entor Into
men and trouble them, \i Ihe pre
'. iii dn) the demon, ilyspi |i
large In Iho mine wny, seeking iiabl
tntlon In Ihose who by careless or mc
«is,. living Invito imu. An i onci In
entera n man it is illflloiiti lo mlgi
blm. lie ihai iiiuis himself -a. pn '"■
s "i ihould know thnt n vallai I . i nil
to iin linitlc [or him with the unseen
ioo la Puriiii lee's Vogetnblo I'llls,
which nre ever ready for the trial,
Witty and Aphoristic Sayins of Jas,
J, Hill
"A country's fertility of soil is Ils
en.ii.",i asset."      *
" i ne country mnki s the blty."
"UIVO JOlir Inn.I Iri'ily lo 111 I lani'i' :
bill don'l civc It In hlni'lis Iii inu.;n
"The country whi re farming Ib the
lirsl nnd Important Industry Is tin
wealthy counii
"A mini wlm (ollows 111" I'l III   '   '
lie iii I" uaia i upon ns a i      ,
"A farm is nol like a gold mine,
In cnuse when you dig ii oul there Is
■ nu empty hole."
Tin- AiiBtrlnn BCnndnl hns i niloil iu
Iho nnnuln a nl nt   Iho   mnn
Princo Pri li rlcli ol Sehoenln
di ii< I- nml  l'i Inci     Alio  of Hour
bun by thc I'"!'", ihus thi Ir sun mil
in- niai, to Inin hi iii  mile;
IVestern tralllo mon, In a gi nernl
conforonce nt Chicago, ivocnlly,
ngrood to Incroaso iho grain rules
ono cent from the .Missouri nv.r t.i
tlic gull .nul Atlantic purls Tins
practical!) Bottles the grain rate, us
no iiiiin "Hy is oxpectod in ranching
on ■'• iis'iii'iit l-etwis'ii onitoru and
ivi     ii roada i" ardlng Hi" chai e
i'i   1,1)  units ill     (he s.'.ihii.llil III"
iai" from tho Miaiourl rlvor to  the
 ird       Will    lad      L'I    I'a'latS,    lllld      III
iha' i.un io cents from In ro and is
from Kai iaa Oil) li n-ai tie-
i ni 'i i" put tlio dour rates on .i
siiii.lii basis by making rates direct
10 the various ports.
.Most of A" troubles thai aflllct
inn,' ones nny ne traced in tin- Btomacli or bowels nnd If those are pul
rlgbl tho child will gel weil and il rive
well, iini" i in a Tnhieis will cure
mi stomach and bowoi ailments, nnd
ail other minor troubles of babyhood
uml chlidhood, Ami Ilm mother hns
the guarantee if n government analyst nun tlila medicine containi n i
poisonous opinio of harmful drug, Mrs.
w iii'eri McKenale, Clielmatord, Onl,
snys: "My little girl wns troubled with
"i'i i mc constipation to such nn ex-
ia ni thai we did nol think she would
uia'. she cried altnoBl constantly
nml wns wasting away, I got o box
oi baby'B Own Tablets, nnd In ll roe
.lays found n greal Improvement, I
i ontmuod gl) in' her the labli I I i
ueiiriy n month, nmi every trai
llio trouble haa disappeared, and she
i ni since been n bright, hcnllh) child
i a,i hai grown nicely." You a n
llio Tablet) troth nny medicine il
0,'   I'l'  lllllll   Ilia    Williams Medicine Co.,
r.   II   ., ... mil.
*»   Explanation   ol   Thli   Pecollm
Freuk ol Vuliire.
One of nature's truo wonders-one
upon which much bns been written,
but which Is yet not understood wheu
Us varied phenomena ore considered—
Is tlie desert mirage, Travelers In tho
arid regions of tho western aud southwestern United States tell wondrous
tales concerning Iho spectral pictures
which tbo desert mirage hns presented
for their Inspection, Pool sheets of water and waving trees and grassy
awards appear where nil Is known to
be parched earth nml burning sands.
Occasionally n mountain range will appear ou what Is known to bo a boundless Btreteh of level plain, or n herd of
deer, cattle or oilier aiilniiils will be
icon apparently contentedly grazing
on tho glnssy surface of the utmos-
phere. Cities nro occusiunally seen
hundreds of miles from civilisation,
nnd phantom ships have been known
to loom up iigiilust the sky and appear
ns real vessels to persons who lived
so fnr nway from the waters Unit they
bud never taken the trouble, to visit tho
ecucoast aud who hud never seen a
real ship,
The explanation of tho mirage, as
usually given, Is ns follows:
The Bund, being Intensely hot, causes
tbo luyers of uir which rest upon It to
become greatly rarefied, uud under certain circumstances this layer Is quite
distinct from the denser stratum a few
Inches or feet above It—just as if lt
wore a sheet of water upon which oil
rested. It Is Ibis rarefied stratum of
nir which nets as a retlector and pictures to the eye tlioso curious Inverted
III. r.renl DUroTerr.
Hlx-I don't bellevo half our rich
men know when they ure well off. nil
-Where did you get that Iden? Hlx-
At the courthouse. I wns down there
this morning looking over tho tni lists.
Find fault, when ynu must find fault,
In private, If possible, nnd some time
nfler the offense, rather thuu nt tlie
Gain New Health and Strength
lliroutjh Dr, Williams' Pink Pills,
Anaemia 1s just Iho doctor's nn ne
for hhiollcssni'ss. Dr, Williams' P,nk
I'llls for rule People actually make
new blood, din any cure be more
direct or certain? Mood Is bound to
eure bloiidh'ssness. Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills cure niincniin just us fond
cures hunger. They cured Mrs. Clare
Cook, a young English woman who recently ciinic to ihls country from
Porlsnioiiih, England, and Is ut present reBldlng at Prince's Lodge, 1 lull-
lux Co,, N.S. She snys: "l am an
enthusiastic believer In the value Of
llr. Williams' Pink Pills us a cure I'or
anaemia. 1 hnd suffered from the
trouble almost from childhood, but n
lew year) ago It developed lulo a severe typo of the trouble, My skin wns
luile and waxy; my lips aeomed blood
loss, and my entire system was run
down, 1 Buffered from headache),
dizziness uml weak spells, and my
iriends feared that I wns going into
a decline. I tried tunics uud emulsions
but without benclit, Then a friend
who had used Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills for the same trouble advised me
to try them, in a short time they
began to help me and In n couple of
month) i was quite well, the color
having returned to my race, my appetite improved and I had gained in
weight. 1 can strongly recommend
Dr. Williams' pink l'ills to all anaemic
girls ami women."
The pale anaemic person needs only
one thing—new blood, Dr, Wllllama'
link Pills do only one thing—they
make new blood. They Won't cure
nny disease that Isn'i originally
eaiised hy hnd blood, Hut when Dr.
Williams''Pink Pills replace hud blood
wlih good hluild, Ihey .strike atralght
111 the root nnd cnuse ol all common
iiisenses like anaemia, headache) and
backache), rheumatlam, Indigestion,
neuralgia, si. Vitus dance, kidney
trouble nnd the secret troubles that
every woniiui knows bill none of them
like to talk about, even to their doctors, Dr. Wllllama' Pink puis are
suld by nil medicine dealer) or by
mull ui r.u cents a box or six boxes
for ¥2.60 inun Um Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Hrockvllle, Out.
Mrs. Mary Raynor, o resldcnl of
Hamilton tor seventy years, bus jusi
died, she wns horn In London, Gng-
land, uml came in Hamilton with hot
pnnnis when a child.
Care of the Elevator,
There nro a lew points well worthy
of consideration in regard to the care
which tho average elevator should
get at the hands of Us owner If the
value of the plant is to be maintained
and its lifo of usefulness prolonged,
On general principles both building
nnd machinery should bo kept ai
clean ns circninslniices will allow
'This we know Is not an easy matter
to control ns the average elevator
inun liaies the broom. It Is not to be
expected that during n busy tlmo the
Moors and bins can be cleaned, hut
there are places of lodgment In all
bins which can be oleaned off thoroughly at b'lisi once In the season,
nor can we reasonably expect to gel
rid of the accumulation ot dust which
gathers during the Boason.a run, bul
the building will easily make good return for u Fairly good cleanout once u
Some linns claim ihnt Um reason
why elevators are kepi dirty is that
it is quite customary to llll the house
ui the end of the Benson, when It Is
then closed down (or a certain period nmi Bhlppod out under the supervision of uie traveller and perhaps a
green hand whoso services are called
in for ihe time being, therefore it cannot bo expected that the traveller will
crawl through the building with a
broom; and the green hand s not capable, so that the house is emptied ot
lis contents and left for mini her season. We assert however thnt the es-
sentiiil cleaning enn bo done ivhen
the hulls" is about to be shut down,
even if It be full to the roof.
The accumulation of grain, etc,, around the hoots is a fertile source of
Injury to the building, moisture Is always present, In the very best house,
In the region of the pit, and this
moisture, associated with spilled
grain nnd Hillings, sots Up n ilu
composition calculated to ruin every
thing it cornea in contact with, in
short order. If the accumulation Ot
spilled grain, etc., is thoroughly
cleaned out from around the pit and
a pailful of lime sprinkled around, ii
will go a long wny toward) preserving
the foundation timber) and machinery,
Another fertile source of Injury is
in be found In tho rank vegetation
which is allowed to nourish right up
lo the walls of tho building, there Is
no reason why this cannot be removed for nt least Iwo or three feet
hack from the linse of the elevator;
not only would this keep und prevent
decay but the ground which carries
the elevator would hnve u better
chance tor drying out. The cleaner
is another department that comes in
for a very little care In proportion to
What It deserves. Being a high speed
machine it naturally want) attention
constantly at all hearing), ns the
frame is generally ot wood, and subject in the vibration of the machine,
It Is Important to tighten up all
points ut the beginning of the Beason.
This can be best done when the machine Is In motion,   Unices should he
adjusted so ns to maintain the ma
chine In a rigid position. Heller re
suits will be obtained from the cleaner
that Is running under those conditions
than the one thnt is slinking mound
on the Moor. . if the cleaner Is petted' n little, tho difference will soon
be felt in the gasoline end of the concern. As to Ih" engine, thero Is absolutely no reason for having n dirty
engine, and thla refers particularly to
gasoline power, for tho gasoline engine liunlshes so little dirt Itself outside or the liihrcunt, and the engine
room can be made practically dust
proof. It Is In wiping over the engine periodically that loose nuts and
other sources Of breakdowns nro encountered in time to prevent serious
loss, uml it siionhi be part of the elevator man's religion nol to neglect it.
The careful  operator   will hnve his
house in better condition al the end
of the Beason than he found it, if he
only takes the trouble, and keeps his
firm's Interest In view, and as,
is better than other soaps,
but is best when used in
the Sunlight way.
Sunlight Soap contains
no injurious chemicais.
Sunlight Soap is pure
soap, scientifically made.
Every step in its manufacture is watched by an
expert chemist.
Sunlight Soap saves
labor, and the wear of
rubbing which common
soaps require in washing
Your money refunded by
the duler from whom you buy
Sunlight So*p if you find »ny etine
for complaint
Uvtr Brother! Limited. Toronto
Commissioner's    Report   Shows   That
Their Work Results In Good Order
Maintained Throughout the Wesl.
"I am about to report that Iho now
Provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan
and   tho   Northwest   Territories   aro,
from a police point of view, In a satisfactory condition." Such Is the highly satisfactory manner In which Commissioner A. Howeii Perry of Hi" Northwest Mounted Police begins his annual
report.    "Theso provinces begin their
' career ns orderly and peaoeably as any
In the Dominion, notwithstanding that
'tho great Inllux ot paipuliitl.ui, drawn
fruu many foreign countries, and rapid
development hnve created conditions
which hitherto have not existed In any
other portions of Canada. A parallel
only is to be found in the opening up
of the western States. A marked Instance of the administration of justice
by the Government of Canada his bi en
the free expenditure of money In bringing criminals to Justice. The Govern-
men has never tied the hnnils of tho
police by refusing to authorize any ex-
pendlture of money where thero was a
reasonable hope of success. Many cases
have cost the country thousands, and
In one celebrated ens,' upwards of ono
hundred thousand dollars was expended.
It must be a sa>urco of gratification to
the peoplo of Canada thnl the new provinces, which promlBS so much fair tho
future, should he started on their career
on such a solid foundation.
Record of the Force.
"This force has largely completed the
w*rk for which lt was created, and, no
matter what Is In store for lt In the fu-
ture, Its work cannot   be   forgotten.
Since tho Inauguration of the provinces
we have continued to carry on our duties as hitherto, pending organization ot
tho new Governments. Even should either Government not doslre tho assistance of the force In carrying out the
administration of justice one or   two
years must elapse before we can be
entirely relieved.   There nre only two
Jails In tho Province of Saskatchewan
and none in Alberta; the new Jail at
Edmonton helm* intended for use as a
penitentiary.   The question of Its removal should not bo considered altogether from   a   provincial   standpoint
al mc. The Interests of Canada In the
peaceable   development  of  tho  west!
should not be forgotten.   The work of j
the past year has been very heavy and j
varied.   The Increase of population and J
extending    settlements    havo    added!
greatly lo our ordinary duties, nnd, further demands have been made on us
this year In opening up the Peace River
I and Yuk *n trail, a dllllcult task.   It
, has taxed our strength to meet all lhe
requirements, hut I think I am able to
| report that the work has been well and
thoroughly done."
Prosecutions and Convictions.
Commissioner Perry reports that out
of a total of 1,017 criminal prosecutions
entered  there  were  3,767  convictions.
I Last year there were 3,183 convictions
In 4,329  cases.    There were actually
i three cases of murder, the accused In
I each case being foreigners, Horse and
An Important thing to remember when buying
Qreen Tea. You are always sure of getting ABSOLUTELY  PURE  tea   in  the  paokages  labelled
Packets   Only,   40c,   50c,   and   60c   per   lb,    At   all   Grocers,
Highest Award  St. Louis 1904.
cattle stealing is prevalent In the
Northwest owing to difllculty of detection. The strength ot the force Is
El ollleers and 630 non-commljsloned officers mul constables. There were 23
•desertions from the fAVe less lhan
last year, 37 dismissals on account of
Announcement was made in ch!cn.| *»d conduct "In nanrlyu.; .!.".-' ais-s."
, tho commissioner   snys.   "drunkenness
go that Joseph Loiter, who carried Was the o&ase. No man addicted to the
ob a Spectacular "corner" in wheat ' excessive uso of Intoxicating liquors
eight yours ngo hud boon suspended J can be relied on, and the retention ot
such In a force charged with Important
AUucbeil lo any  finrment ll 11
Guarontoo   ol
and Good Wearing Qualltlat
Wl.on Buying OVERALLS,
See lhat oaoh arllolo bears ■
liilinl 'Ike nhuvo
Insist on Gelling
"King of the Road" Brand
And Taka no Other
Here la Something that will be Welcome News to Many a Discouraged One.
"For several years
I havo been troubled with gas around
my heart, shortness
of breath, my food
did not digest properly.     It  turned
s.iur in my stomuch
causing ine    great
distress; oflon, too,
William H. Heed,   I had disagreeable
nttarlis nf hclchlng   gas  and   heartburn, and severe   pains  across   the
small ol my back.
"I tried Dr. I.conhnrdt's Antl-PIll
and from the very lirst found relief.
Antl-PIll has Indeed cured mo."
This Is the voluntary statement of
Wm, H. Reed, of 1G3 Queen St.,Kingston, Ont,
All dealers or ..9 Wilson-Kyle Co..
Limited, Niagara Falls, Out. SOI
from iiiemborslirp on llio Chicago
lionril ol trade. Loltor's suspension,
it is said, wus bocauao of complaint
trom a trader thut u bill fan- 88,000
for services rendered during tho time
wus still unpaid. In commenting on
tho action of iii" board ol trade
directors, Ix'illicr said ; "I never
thoro  anyway 	
of tho wheat "corner" wus in   force
with| thero Wore lour or live old accounts
duties could not be Justltled."
reasonable cure, there is nothing, bnt that had not  been cleaned up,  but
u very few running parts to wear out declared  thny would   be settled as
about an elevator, there is no reason soon us his creditorsbocamo'.'reason-
why these plan's sliould not be kcptluhlc."
up'to their original value for a very
A Splendid Elevator.
Tlio new o. T. It. elevator, which will
be operated by the Montreal Warehousing Co., nnd which Is located near the
entrance to the Lochlne Canal from the
8° port of Montreal, was formally opened
llu-^ admitted ttiat Tcccntlj. m ,„,. presence ot a large gathering of prominent railway, steamship,
commercial and public men, Including P]j'","5*!
Hon. L. P. Drodeur, Minister of Marino
nnd Fisheries.   This elevator Is regarded as   perhaps   the   most  thoroughly
Ono ol the most attractive openings in the West for uu oattnoal and
cereal mill is ollered by Sasloitoon,
Sask., known as the "huh uf tho
hard whoat belt" ol Western Canada,
Tlio new railways nnd tho older lines
converge ut this strategic point In
the fertile praises ol tli" Saskatchewan Vnlloy nns'l there is rapidly
growing up a city—now with u' po
f over -1,000 nnd soon to
Incorporated—that 1ms distributing facilities, superior to any  place
long period ol years.
Keep Minard's Liniment in thc House
Tlie lending Manitoba millers
vn need llour In the oust on Mny
Irom  10 to   110 cents per linrivl.
Thinks Estmates Too High,
Prof. Miivor expresses BurprlBi
that the Saskatchewan legislature
bus Joined the union-formed critics
wlm have denounced hia report with
out havng previously read It, He
snys he never made an estmnte .if
uie wheal possibilities of the
Old Fast
m \jrowmg
And you know why, too. It's
those gray hairs! Don'l you
know that Ayer's Hair Vigor
restores color to gray hair?
Well, It does. And it never
fails, either. It stops falling
hair also, and keeps the scalp
clean and healthy. Do not
grow old too fasti
") -i»to mr* Ay-.'a ff-.lT VlRir for m.ny
f-.ri anal I aluuilal linliaiil l,n aaarra to he ob-
ll|"<l In llu wltlliint 11    ll laa-el-. IaaT la.lr fnim
InrnhiK ,'nav iai.'I .ill, kre|ia i i uanlf clp.u
.ml l.-.ltb.;."- K. S. I'simuii, Cm-on Ul/,
cheiuiv rj—ia.
^__^^_^___^__ HI
bin merely quotoj the estimates of
On "is offering Bome criticism thereon, lie says He eloquenl optimist
or windbag wlm makes reckless estl-
iiiaaia ni minimis of millions ol bushels wlthoul taking Into conBldorntlon
economical conditions docs Infinite
im tui in ilu- west uml is mn so ratable BB Hi" COOl    clitic    who    goes
icientlHcally Into all aspects ol ilu
subjects nml talks accordingly,
One paragraph of his reply is ai
iniinws: "Until n continuous ngrlcull
ural survey ot ilie nmihw.-st la under'
taken by men of skill, ntogrlty nnd
absolute reliability no adequate data
tor un estimate of the agricultural
productivity enn be available, Even
then tho estimates formed upon this
dniu would require i<> be skillfully
constructed nnd afterwards used with
Judgement, The rough and ready
guesses of politicians and speculators
wlm iis n rule know only a small pari
ni iii" vasl country or who know none
of it ni all mul wlm moreover hnve
mu hnd the training necessary
Bound Judgment upon
dalii nro nl no use."
I'ni". sickly children Bhould uso
Mother Uravea1 Worm Exte'inlnntor,
Worms are one of the principal ciiisi.,
rn Buffering in children and smmld bi
expelled Ironl the sysli'in.
An association hns r nily been
formed al Tokio with the name of
"llnl .Nippon    Shllkyokn    Kyniv.il.ul,"
for tho purpose of  reconciling   nnd
harmonising the differ, in religionists,
I'lioii'i'n iiiiii ail summer complaints
nm sii quick In their action that the
cold hand ol death is upon the victims
before thoy are aware thai danger is
near, u attacked do aol delay In
getting the proper medicine, Try u
ilns" nt Dr. ,i. D. Kellog'a Dysentery
Cordial, nnd you will gel Imi Hate
n lief,   ii nets with wonderful rapidity and never fulls to effect u cure.
.\ 86,000 buahol farmora olovator
will ho built in Manor, Bask., this
year nt a coal ol  -A 0,000.
.lobn Barry bus recently   tlli '1
County I'mi.. agoi lno yenra,
Tb,' political situation   In   Russia
grows more nnd i " serious,  only
Immediate anil swi i pur.: n vine., ll
is iia im declared, will aavi to the
I'ziu bis throne,
Sunlight Boap i- better thnn other
soups, iiiii la bcal whon usi ai in the
sunlight wny. Buy Sunlight Boap
uud follow directions,
t of Winnipeg. Thuse Interested in —w^^^_
equipped structure of the kind on'thilerecting mills mid warehouses Bhould nnd North West, to
continent   It is absolutely fireproof, write II. 0, Boattio, Commissioner ol eiy siock,
tho materials of construction consist- the   Board  ol  Trado ol Ihelr plans
Ing entirely of stool and cement,   Thi nnd got full Information.
bins which contain the Brain nre roc-; 	
languiar In shape Instead of cylindrical. A Magic i'lll.—Dyspepsia is u foe
There are in of them, an,i they v.iry with which men aro constantly grnpp-
In capacity from 2,750 bushels up tolling bul ciiimoi exterminate Sub
11,000 bushels. The motive p.over dued, and lo ull nppearancos van-
throughout is eieciricity, wlih a total qulshed in one, ii nini.i's lis appear
horsepower of Lies, distributed over nnce In another direction. In many
nineteen motors. There are ten cleva- the digestive apparatus is ns delicate
tor legs, Ave of which are used for re- ns in., mechanism of a watch or
celvlng, and all can be used for deliver- scicntlllc Instrument in which oven n
Ing. There Is nlso a mnrlii" leg foi breath ol nir will mnl." u variation,
elevating grain from vei els In tho La- With Biich persona disorders of the
chin.' Canala basin alongside, with n, stomach   ensuo   from   most   trivial
When Remitting by Post, Use
Dominion Express Money Orders
and Foreign Cheques
The Best and Cheapest
System   of   Sending   Money   to   any
Place In lhe World.
Absolutely Safe
Purchaser Is given n receipt, and It
order or chequo Is LOST or DESTROYED, the amount will be promptly REFUNDED. No red tape. For
lull information aud rates call on
Local aiteiaU.
Wanted at Once—Reliable and energetic men in nil parts of Manitoba,
sell reliable N'urs-
Thi. prevailing nnnrchy In the
southern pari nf Morocco hns binned
om intu Inler-irlbnl Ugh!I.... i nd Ihi
whole country Is given over to lire
Phil the Bword,
capacity of 15,01*0 bushels par hour,
whllo "n the river Bide In Wlndmlli
Point basin thero nre nineteen I i Ilns
ipouts f ir dollvi ry to ocean l
it i. irges. Thi h iu t h ; a caps Ity
of ten loaded ."a-. five of " can
hit unloaded nt om tlm i, i nd It Is expected that in ■ ion ui the
gets Into full running oi ler I
to 160 . irs, '■'. :i 'la iu an ! bushels capacity each, can bo
canisi's nnd cnuse much su"' i i
'i ■      |Jai mi li -    vegetable I'llls
recomnn ndod ns mild and sure.
Lust year 236,128,93(1 Inns ol coal
■  in d in ib" I'nii"'! Kingdom,
ol which 07,100,0111 t"iis »■ i" exported,
of ten hours, the dimensions of the ele
valor nr.-: Li;.. I feet; 1 I
fact;   extreme  hi Ight,   181  feet!   i I a
capacity, 1,040,000 bui
Uol are pouring Into All.
unloaded In n day, nh ; pnda, on tho ri
snme reiiiiirl.uii]" : trlkes liavli
Minard's Liniment used by phyelclani
11,  Doii Inl m government
Canadian Scholar Honored, ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
The Council of Columbia 1'nlvorslty, 'ended  I  further period ol
New Vork, has recently awarded a unl-  '"""      n»ink«. ion?   n...
ver Ity fi II wshlp of the value ef 1660
'o Mr. John A. C. Mas m, B, A., ol
Btratf ird, "nt.   Tl e act. lion of unl*
, ■ Ity fi II aiv.i Is iii.ni,, from •
of the li i ling ir
of America wh i
dally mi' '. i' i ur n c ui     i f highei
study and origin d Inve l Mr
fnim Orlohor, IW,   ll
irncl with the A rlcan Bank Note
company   of  Ottawa   for the manured  rn Dominion
Tls Weil io Know ii Ai'i'l Thing,
aid Mi    Surface to Mr. K vwoli,
when ihoy met In tho street.   "Why,
Corwln 'I Spencer, a loading grain
trader and  capitalist,  vloo-prosldont
ol Iliu world B Inir mul former president "( Tin' Merchants oxchango, col*I
Inpsod on May 8rd, whllo watching
the stock quotntl in board, and died'
soon afterward. I
honors In history nnd political
from the Cnlver Ity f T n mi i In June,
11*06,   lie win    . 'i'l ..nt,,]
Meckel i a- in th*
a me li lllutl n, nnd hn i be* n i ngagi ai
during tho pai i v nr In . « irk
in the libraries of New Turk.
Exclusive rights to sell Hardy Hybrid Apphs, originated by Dr. Win.
Saunders of Ontario Experimental
Farm, Ottawa, and successfully tried,
nni fruited at Brandon and Indian
Head Experimental Farma,
Complete canvaaalng outfit and lib-
oral ia mis to the rlcht persons.
Apply lit one" to E, D, SMITH,
Helderielgh Nurseries,   Winona, OnL
Established   over  a  quarter of  a
Sold by kll iini"!"' nnd Oroenil Stores
and by mall.
Mason was graduated with first-class^ where,   have  you   boon for a   week
bncl.    "Oh, ]usl down to II
inr :i bottle "f Dr, Thoi       Ecloctrli
ii '.i-   Burfnco,   who   Iini
puns, wn i I'l'iiiiin-
■"  onnlrnctc l n I
nnothi i custom'
or for Ecloctrlc Oil.
Keep Cows In Open Sheds.
Pi ■ or W, J. Fraser of Illinois
finds that cows allowed io run Into
01, :i il "-is with mangi 11 no botti i
than when kepi In il ibli i During an
experiment twi ntj two wen •
In ihis wny In a shod I p Ci feel
having mangera on em h il le and bull
pens iii twa, cornai . and tho
wcio com ii. ri I tn Bt latlstaotory.
, ,   . ,'
'     resulted I
a 11.6, or i
III"   II'lllllS.
i nl n cosl
ol   $1,0110
thi corntnlsBloners,
When you buy
you wn.nl-
and long
Ticse and marry
other good points
aro combined In
rrjH brand
You rani afford      *.
1o b\iy t\ny OOMV      r i
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Real Estate
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Business ami Kesidenlial
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North Vancouver.
Rolled Oa I *
Hai) and Teed
Milling Co.
Harry Mitchell, local manager,
Lonsdale Avenue,
Fine, healthy Tomato ami
Caulilloivei Plants, grown Irom
Sutton's Semis, always on hand,
and Upwards*
yorkshire guarantee & securities
corporation, limited
IJ, lizrr Houlqatc, MUcn^er
401 Granville Street, Vancouver, Bo €*
11'/// be paid for the detection nml conviction of parties who are drstroying my
advertising   sitpis   in   North    Vancouver.
'he  North  Vancouver Specialist
Idi Cordova Street,
Western Corporation, Ltd,
Having in operation a sawmill in North
Vancouver we are prepared to deliver all Icinda of
Vancouver City Prices. Call and see for yourselves,
412 Hastinqs Street West, Vancouver, B.C.
Sweet and Delicious.   Try Theni and He Convinced.
McDowell's Drug Store.
' ^ainier Beer -o  1
Dominion NOTICE
North Vancouver
Fllll) GAMES.,
A karied list ol Sports
is  being prepared liv
(ho Committee having
tho  mull or   in   hand
To Pro|)erti) Owners
Irwin ifl Billings
Corner Lonsdale and 5th St.,
North Vancouver
11 ill la,- niii,ul liu- II,ill - III -Im I railway
lai miiinmy, I'l.iiiiiioii.'iiiu .11 I'll' inui ni'
l...ii-'l:i|a' nviiiii',  111 tho -.iiii lily iii
N,,rtli Vain vir. mnl c..iillniiiii|i iihuio
wild avenue till Twuuiy-tinit Str.-ct,with
►ttell lariinrli IiIK'S llu ri'iriain im shown
,  .„,. .,    ,,   , ,,     ,. „   n111.l1111lll.il liv iln' Power I'uiiipiinv;
I, Hi,, |»t,,ee||.y lhat   h.Ut- ll,t.l,,„l.„,,,ni„,,,- „„. .„,,..,„ ,„', tm
IT1""'1 J'l'i.y, I'linli'l I."I"- ,r;,„.„li.H„l, ,,„„ ,u „|M| „,,„„„,, ,|„.
h-ulter called the, 'lower   ;''.»»'. M ,itv „( Sorth Vancouver, fll-trlcl
^,,.,1,1,1 „,,:,r1:',rii,''l   inrMiiii, lo       I   „    y >,„,     , N„nh  V;lu,„llV(.r „,„,
IV.oi the "ft uteri Inn-. - * iiiimilnlnllflii  ,   . .   ,'.'
>'''.W;   untl.t.Mlh.l.i.v..(.l.....)iirv      .;      , ,,; ,      ,.„,„„., ,.,   ,f    ,
,...    , 1 ,, ,,,r|a,,-, „i ,s,T,',-iii, A,.        ,        cinniwiiv Khali havi   dtih
I '-'I"^''1^"1'1    \"}'!",m.     Ml -IbedMulJll   HMI   Uaaa'l,
mructioil ni tin- said further undertaking
uml workf. nr I'Si'n'i-aa'-   nil)'   ol   lhc
power* iii lliiil lii'liiilf oonforri'd liy llio
Water  I'liniM*,   r,aii-iiliiliiiiini    Act,
... ninl'In- niiri IV, n| llu- wliil Act
! created, grunted and ooufvrrodj im-, in
I mliiiiiiiii ii. iii- undertaking, approved ni
lav thi  |.iol|Iolllllll-""Vo|-|:i.r ill full
<■ 0-I-*' ♦•|-«|-<l-l-«'-l-*H-i>-i-<-! 1 !•«■ !• *•:• '>■!•'> :i-r>A-'r i-«i-«;-a>-:-*-|
Is   ;l   I'loriOUS   Ol'VlTllfll—I'.lli'lli'lilIlL'   llllll
sutishin}!.   Iiiiii'inl"'! llurt'V nn  nilii'i'
"jusi as ^imd'—insi>i mi gt'tliiij; Iv.iiiirr.
Vtincuuvcr, I i. C.
,1 Certillcnto "1 Approval, diiU'd ihe .   ' „ ,,
ill) day nf February, IIW2, a-ubuiilted  '   ';    .
airl IV iv iliinisiinl  il,IHKI
Imrvaol one dollar ((1.00) i-ach.   Tin
npiuic Uio nr-i 111
further undertaking aim worki ia lo Ih
1 .,   .   1 11 iiiii  ,   i'l' 1 lainiiii ,,,,',„,■[,,- r1   l'i   11'
.■nl;yil.v.U'iiin.'i.i> uu;!   .1 1     , ||a,.civ.ir0vltlt.(lby tho loan of one
a« been approved, aud thai Hie LiM  Jt[   nlnel',„„   , m'ni
it8 funlior undertaking to tliu  l.ieu- -   , , „( ,.., -  ,       ■   ,
!3Sirahfflrtiffl ,,i„.ii,i,,,r,„i' ,1
.1- shown by the document
llleil, Ima I'li'a-n approved,a»u ...... .».-. limi,lrn|  l4ll<l   ninBlv.nino   thonmnil
»anieiaa»iuiiow«   ■                          dolluri (*lll»,l)00,00), to he maile bv th„,
.Th.BMaraitt.m, .-.,.hi...j.-.,,1  ««n- f  ,    b    '     ,        -„     .
!;;:n-;i^;riA.:;,,':;:,"v.::::;:;;ir ::,-*.,-,,,i,>A:-A'r,.,". «
Monday, July 2
0(0, in iiiii). Secretary
SMOKE THE      at-
WE i HKMI /'.W.''"''''v
Soli i /'''ll AT.-I/.V
flt;.\i;\ /"'■' It'l "'s ' H
Till HSI'I IA I"!
(41 AM   r V   I'AIII.
\\t and SI oul
In ||,,ill.m, K«UH imal  I	
ih- nuiini Brewing to,, I Id,
iiiiiI Iroiglii: the erection, coinlrui'llon,
iln iiiiiiiiiini,'.-.
I   Ai|a| thi- i.- lnrlhor In COItllv lliul
bo si|b-i'riln'il, iiiiiiiilv.
  a|  a|,,||,a,'~   ifl.lMKIl,  ill Ull-Ii'l-,II    I.
Mann,'ii.iinv ol North Vancouver and 'j'1'1
'"'"'ft;; ["T'r   apltal already .ubacribed, li to 1 1-
i„„,.,. ,.,-,„ r.it,,,,. ,.i..i,i mi'i !•„■ ■!, ...l,., J;i]. niA,„'.,,,'„ th from Ha-
Wfo«»» '"«    ;"v,tl   * nm date her.-o(, and the time In which the
3' 'I.    ,M nic   II  '   '     '•"•!
,  ,                   A , mu work", met- i-.rtli m pnrgurii.b a
. Nmi , \,.: ■ in vol ami i'i- ri,' i ■'■!■        , i.a
II- Ta all,  IU |,| I,,' , . .11111, t ■ II.'. ll  -I'llll   I,a'    |„'.
if? .'
P. Larson, 1 'rop.
hiHirim purtio-e«; und, In coir
1 '     ,   .   fin' III" I  \,air.lll'a|l "1    "IU'    ||K,||   I,    Hula,
l,:ii"!:-;.:":l.r"::.':''."i: ,'''':;"''::11 imuhcrcim luam;ami i,u„„t
which il "hull In j'', III
IWI'IVO llnilllli>  Ir.iKl  llli' 'I.ii
CAPH \L, a -'' ''•'■ RESl RVE, (
Head Oflic in ( anada, M mtrcal
II. Sl'IKI MAN, Ol IU I  i Mai ■',:' '    |   Ivi M I   iSlipl
A'."t    i*j
I Hi
I'.i.iia, h*    i" Util  li ' ". ii Ida    Aii, mil, iirconwood,
lloill.     I,,       |i       nd, '1 rail Sub llram b , \ am onv, i.
-' Irom i.   .
-■ih Vancouver,B, l.
uocllon Ihorowitb, the ■ ■ U ■    n of a
n.n,-ii,a--."ia. in In la till  I' >' '  i	
iiany'a prom nl iraiirtiilaiduii Ilnn «livr.'
u Mn« cruMi - llunmhir)' Ituad in llutl-
,i j- 1'iiwiiulle by lhe -i leimih   routi
n,mul il,i..,i..|, the "nld City ol Nurlli
Vniicnuvor, liiulricl Munh lim It) ul
Sorth Vuiicmver .,,,'1 I 'i-i n.-t 'Lotn.
I',..'aii,i-i unl, lill -inI, rlghta, |iu«*■ r.-
nnil privilege* n* mny !"■ neooKuar)' t'
I'di'i'liliiliy aiirry OUI Iln' ll rin- mid condition* olthrc lovoral ngrooiiii mn mudii
;     lav   Ilia'    l'al|' ■ T .. *     ill    <>f   ll I'     Iticl
- N.rili Vniiciiuvi r with il.,- * micouvvp
I'aaurl  I "la I'.ll.l .   I.lai'll" i,   a', ii    ll   Mild
- . mi. «,r.' mtllled mul I'uiillrnied
by tlio "Na.rili Vancouver ( Ity In-
cornoratloii Act, 100U."
I i.a' ivalen al prownl recorded bv tl,.'
Power Company from I.ukv Co.,uitlani
nml Irom I.ukc iliini/'ii will Im utlllm-d
i,a i;, I,, rate Iliu I'.iu,', rw|iiired to '.,i.-r-
iiii' llir all iii liirllii r nmlvrlal I ! ol till
I'.aui'i l'i,iii|iiiny, nud it i ■ mod lo
ir.in.-iiaii -mii power tbronuh ,i tram-
iiiia-inii lino Irom tin, I'.hm r i i tiipaiiy'i
|in ni i'.ii,-ii,i--i'iii lino al' n ll una
l. in ilary li<aul in llnsliug*
T iwusiti, .1 i thonei li the mosl
ia n.iblc roud in and llu        lhc   i)id
■ rlli Van ivur, l',-u 11 M -
North Viiiicuiivi ran, liiulricl
1  \, il this la further lo , ,
illio lir-l purl ,,r |iortioli ol 'the  nnj
ngiiiul works lu I.    .niiri... 'a'
I il,r data ,.i which lhc ri u ulii h i ul
uny portion "i tlio Mii'i furilivi un ler
taking and imrk- lu-r.-l.v up,irov.il imiv
la.-. i.'|| ►lllll'll', 1 ninl 1)0 put   ill   'i|i,r.iu,,i,
li li.sa-il iii the lim1' or liiini", ,,r, ullhln
tlie time nr timed lixi.1 O.r the col).
liniiniii'i' nl llu- llircv -unl -''M'liil .i.-i	
menu aa theroln ivl lurth, « id
;l ;• 1 a a -111 a -111 - HiTl' rillilii'il   .1.1 raalllirilll'il
by iho "Nnrih   Vancouver City   In-
corpomtlon Act, 1000."
Dated ihla 18th dny ol May, I I,
ll.v,,h, I'l.  I;..ill,: i'.n   nIn. Vtlltltrtl.
Electric Light
11,a Poles iiii ih,- distribution nl lilectric
Houac-Uigliting i'i ■ now arriving ,it our
Polcyard Proapectivu customora aro
roapectliilly requested to file their
applii utiona for lib ctric Eight at aoon as
p, Mie, bo that the constriu tion ol these
Iliu-, in.iv In- taken in hand at once,
—■—■———a— —1 a	
British Columbia Electric Railway Co., Ltd.
District of North
4   Ml I T1MI    OK   TIIE    i:\TK-
"   I'AYEIiSoltho llural area ol the
Dlstricl ol Sorth  \'.i ivor will  be
hold In the Municipal Hall, North Vancouver, mi Monday the NH In-lunt, al
S o'elock p, in.. I" give (iirllur in-
■iriuii'.ii- in tin- Committee hi ro-pwi
j| |an.i,uiun,i<ni nf City IncuriHirallon,
An.x  I'lllUf,
A M  i
Notary I'tiblit., General Atictitincc
107  Cordova  Sreet,   Vancouver,  B.  C
lb- nulla ui rooms ,,r private houio ,,r buyi outright all
claaaoaof liouaoiiold goorii or bankrupt atocki torcaall,
ll,. Im- -am;,' „( Un' Ihieil bualnoM and waterfront property In N'orlli
Vancouvei Bee him at once If you think ol picking up proporty In
this acctiou.  Bow'iao, BUY NOW, and vou will inuko money. :: li
The World-renowned Biscuits made by Carr & Co.,
Carlisle, only 25C' Per Pound,
J. A. McMILLAN, the E^lanade


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