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Up«to-dRte Plwtogtaphy,
Lnrijo Assortment of Bouvonlr Post-
curds to I'lmosu Irom.
Cor. Hlxtli fit. mid QbNterfleld Ave.
q&W \H 4Hf 4^.rt ti ti
£** *% (flM
SMOKE THE——>«-*.
NUMBER '-'2.
And Leaves a Written
Yesterday ntternoon Chief Constable Dick wns notified by tin-
Mission Indians that a .lend body
wus found near Third street, back
of the church. The corpse hail
become unrecognizable, and was
removed to Centre & 11 anna's
undertaking parlors. Between
bis legs was discovered a new
Smith it Wesson revolver with
two chambers discharged Close
by, on a log, was a penknife.
This morning on investigation
lite body was found to be that of
Charles Cox, a jeweller, a former
employee of B. R, Whitely, of
Richards street. He was last
seen on the ferry St, George, on
the 2:ij trip, on June 16 last.
He had asked (or a week's holiday, and received bis wages bj
cheque.    The   cheque    lead    to
the clue.   On his   person   were;" *        *    . , ,.
, ,   . .   .        ,      ,:we are dealing  with   something
luund a watch, >2.bo in cash anil t^^^H
a  Imx of cartridges.    In an   insurance diary the following was
shrubs native to this province.
We now appeal to anyone who is
interested in the Horn of his particular locality to help us. We
want this (all only those subjects
that will thrive on rocks and iii
dry situations, as we shall nol
have water until u.-xi season,
Our funds arc limited and we i an
not offer to pay for plants, but
will gladly pay freight charges,
It is a labor of love on our part,
and We shall be glad to hear from
anyone able and willing to help
us in the good work.
Eow, Ai.kx. Wallace;,
Victoria, B. C, July 19, njofi.
Straight Streets.
Workers in the moral paths and
by-ways of humanity hope on the
strength of the bible to have all
lhe crooked ways made straight.
The task of correcting the lntniy
twists and zig-zags incident to the
frailties ol human nature is sufli-
cent to daunt the zeal of tbe most
optimistic reformer. The problem
is simpler, though, in the domain
of municipal improvement,   Here
with difficulty decipered, as it had
been written with au indelible
pencil and gol wet. Where the
periods appear the words could
not be made out:
To the World, Toronto:
1 do not wish my sister to grieve
over ine lor doing tins. Ij
wm not bolber you now with his
lung list of had iccotds. But do
Dot . . when lie is going tu
do the tight tiling. II the world is
luu guoil lur brother to live in,
why then the best thing lor bun to
do is to gut oul of 11. 1 do uol
1,.nm uiLii 1 have done to be
ridiculed ... or abused, thai
1 sliould be treated tints. 1 have
a mod this infernal dope machine
tu iu slopped, or else I would do
tills; 1..il 11 doesn't mean . . .
li 1 uvur dotlfl a wrong thing to
anyone, I am only too willing to
ii 1.1 Kit t gooda But 1 do not
believe in thrashing a child, then
give it another thrashing because
it . . . and keep On, If a
criminal does anything wrong he
Millers. Then it is over. 1 am
willing to do the same if I have
dune anything ... If 1 am
nui,le believe a thing and go wrong
then ... it is no fault ol
mine. 1 hate nobody, never did.
1 was not brought up that way, 01
inclined that way. You may
know my late . . . But I am
not ashamed ol it. 1 think this is
enough, Vou will not have any
more pranki to play upon him or
any other kind ol games. He will
not bother you,   B
P. S. I do not prefer this to
blessings that man was put on
this earth [or, or which I intended
lo stear clear . . . But not when
1 am forced thai way Tho m 11
subject, try whal is right  first,
tlnn il not successful do the wrong
thing, but not before the right,
1 give my body a tho medical
sliidcnts.    (juod bye, all.
From iill a. "units In- was .1
young 111,111 ol alioul ij yean 11
age with a good character   and
11 mii'l    Lately, however, ho
appeared to be dispondent, and
laboring under sum'- unknown
hallucination. He bad {134.20 to
Ins credit 111 the bunk.
Printing Com-
An Appeal to Naturalists
To the Editor of Tin lixrai
Sir,   the Natural History So
ciety has undertaken the work 01
establishing a wild flowei gardci
in this city.   We have secured a
mosl eligible site in  Beacon bill
park, and Iho ciiy authorities have
promised io make us two biiibII
rocky ponds   Ouraimis to secure
t representative collection "I iho Bourci
many beautiful wild flowers and n-grot.
[definite and concrete. Whilst it
may be a difficult matter to
straighten out tbe imperfections 0
character, it should not be a hard
iroblem (0 make the side lines ol
ill tbe streets in North Vancouver
onlinitously straight. Jogs in a
street are most unsightly. North
Vancouver aspires to lie the leading tourist resort on the Pacific
coast. Such an aspiration imposts
responsibilities that cannot be
shirked. The streets should be
made as attractive as possible,
Nu one will lake any objection t"
such an elementary proposition in
rendering a town popular with the
travelling public. The travelling
public is rather critical, and is
fond of publishing Us opinions Iai
aud wide. Who has not heard ol
the streets of Philadelphia, or the
avenues ol Detroit?   In the same
way,   North   Vancouver   sl Id
look far ahead and strive to earn
the cordial appreciation of the
many visitors who will Boon 1"
whirled along the streets and
avenues by the cosy cars of the B.
C. Electric Railway Company.
The aim should be to provide wide
streets with green boulevardes and
avenues of shade trees. Not onl)
this, but each street should be ol
uniform width. In respect to
future sub-divisions, the council
Ills it in its power to insist on all
new thoroughfares being of the
required width. This is a rei enl
Statutory provision and a mosl
welcome enactment, which should
put an end to anything iu the
nature ol au alley masqui rading
us .1 street.
Lonsdah avenm is ono of thc
prim ipal thoroughfan s ol North
Vancouver. It ia provided with a
line, and with its on, hundri I feet
of width should not only 1" cqu tl
to the demands ol iraffii la it .■
luliil the conditions required lo
make 11 .1 street pleasing to th,
■ ye.   It is of uniform width as Iai
,,',       I   ,'.,   ntj    III ll"  I        a. I.'   |i 11
narrows to 1 Icet.   II   thi
patriotism ol llu   owners ol lhc
land above I weuty first a nnnoi In
prevailed   upon   lo   donali   llu
twenty leel n piir, d to a
Lonsdah   1 1 iinift rm width,
ii should l>< >i dutj ail thu muni
cipal  council   to  ta!>
^^^ A;ii;i ■
'i,ni'i in,mi,   I um  enclos- *
im: Si (or year's subscription !
to Tm   Express, a copy ol
* which I have received.    I also *
received the souvenir booklet,
i mul thank you for  it,   You
certainly   hnve   struck    the
* location,   Success to you.       '
Yours respectfully,
C. Rasuach,    *
* Herkimer, N.Y., July 11,1906. *
*      *     *      *      *      *       I:      *      *      III      *
Church Notices.
Services on Sunday at thc usual
hours, ti a. m. and 7:30 p. 111,
lii'lhe morning tbe service will
be conducted by Rev. Dr. McLaren, of Toronto.
In the evening the pastor will
Sunday School, 2:30 p, m.
Christian Endeavor on Wednesday, a* p, 111.
Everybody   welcomed   to    all
Pastor: Rev, J. 1). Gillam, M, A.
sr.   joiin's church,   corner   of
The municipal council held iis
regular bi-monthly meeting on
Wednesday night. All presenl
ex,' pi C iiiiii illor Morden.
D, Wild a al., petitioned to
iav. First street, west ol Lon idab
avenue, graded and put in shape
in use. Referred to the board ol
\V. E. Flnmerfelt, secretary ol
the Vane  r Ti *■    elation,
wrote requesting the : ncil .,
keep the Grouse mountain trail in
repair. Left u> Councillor Cornish
to report,
J. H. Bresscy wrote regarding
ih' disgusting stale of the ditch
"ii Second street, opposite his
property,   l'u,unl of works.
Dr.|H, E, Langis wrote asking
that Elder street, block 1 tie,, be
improved.   Board of works.
William   McNcish   wrote    re
A Distinguished Party.
Sunday-—Hoi.v    COMMUNION   at
S o'clock.
Weekly services as announced.
Pride of  North   Vancouver.
A. 11. W. Hodges and party arc
iln' guests ol J. M. Holland al
1 amp Idle I lour, just west 0'
Lonsdale gardens, Mr. Hodges
is iha' gem ral superintendent ol
tin , ii.inliy Consolidaii d Mining,
Sim bin;; & Powi r Company,
I'his concern employs over 1,000
nu ii- ,|"i, or more .it the sineltei
a Grand Forks, and 60 1 at lhe
mines at Phoenix. Mr. I lodges,
although in it pn 1 [i. has had an
eventful mining carei r, He Ims
resided at New York, St, Louis,
Pm il.1, Colorada, Sun Luis,
Potosi (old Mexico), lie has
executed many important coin
missions for leading operators on
lhe continent and elsewhere, including the Harrimans. Mr.
Hodges has always felt kindly
towards his employees, and on J couver this week
more than om occasion champion.
ed their interests. Every 111,11, 111
bis employ works the eight-hour
John   Shield,,   Ashcroft,   was
here this week,
The electric light is promised
hy August ifith.
Chas, W,  Dickson,   Kingston,
was in tun 111 n Sunday.
Five hundred feel ,,I box drain
is being laid OU Second street.
A si iiw-1,md (.1 hay and feed
arrived tins week lor Brackman &
Mr. Franklin Wheeler is building a line residence on Second
The pound was well filled this
week. Fifteen cows and two bulls
were taken in.
Gilbert Smith, Ottawa, was a
guest at the Hotel North  Van-
,. llll,I,ll      .„,.,, ~.
questing permission to put a feiice I day, including the surfaci
Camp Echo, just east of Lonsdale gardens, was all agog early
hist Sunday morning. The
occasion was tbe launching ol the
Pride of North Vancouver, owned
and built by Geo. M. Wilson.
She left the ways without a hitch
and glided gracefully into the
waters of Burrard inlet, the baud
playing "Sailor's Delight." lie-
fori dning so, however, Wallace
I. iw ,1> lai< ia ,1 an oration and
enthusiastically proclaimed hei
to be the greyhound ol the bay,
IU also read cablegrams ol 1 on
gratulation Irom King Edward .in>l
Lord Lipton, lhe latter challenging Mr. Wilson to sail him. President Roosevelt, Prcmii 1 Lattrier
and Ministi 1 ol Marine Brodeur
' hipped in,
Mrs. Mi Kelvin dedicated and
u.iiii' d the craft, which was di CO-
rated with the ll.igs of all nations,
Among the fixings are modern life
pi, Berv,is.
Among others present at the
affair wi re A. McKelvie, Mr. and
Mi ,. Rothwcll, R. and S. lirowu
ami Miss I.. Campbell.
The   billowing   public  p.i-JII   of
congratulation, composed by
Profi aa, p. V. Rothwcllurce,
,',.,  read bj tin author:
I'ln.-  kind  A   boat   luii      'ill.    I'
Hash, t prow turn, d up and hi 1
po  ,' liiin.-'l in.
This boat w.   have In re so m ,11
and nun.
Has In 1 bow turned up ami hci
pOOp Inui' ll in
across that portion of Delbrucl
street, west of lhe Indian res, t,,
school garden nnd south of Keith
road. Referred to ConncilL.r
May to report.
S. Mclliigb and six other civic
employees petitioned for an increase of wages from Si. 15 to S2.50
for nine hours.    Laid over.
E, A. Haswell, secretary of the
ferry company, wrote re building
a sidewalk to Lonsdale Hardens,
On motion the council decided nol
to grant request,
W. Snider, contractor, requi -
ing payment ■.( Ins bill for extra
work on his First street contract,
Laid over.
Chief Constable |). II. Di, k
wrote regarding readjusting ids
duties, .nul also ful a raise of
salary.    Laid over,
K. II. Sperling,  general man
g.r   of   the   Vancouver
Company, wrote r-   fire on
corner nl  Lonsdale avenue   am
Mr. Hodges has noticed wonder
inl changes on Burrard inlet since
he went into Dawson a year ago
with his mining engineers. As a
consequence he has made some
good purchases in the realty of the
Ambitious City.
Mrs. Hodges is a very charming
lady, whose acquaintance is deeply
esteemed by a legion ol lady and
C'titl,'inen Iriends, who formerly
resided in the upper country.
Her graceful manner will make
her popular where ever she  goes,
The rest of the members ol the
party are the Missi 1 Marion and
Daisj Hodgi s, Mr. anal Mrs. C,
Smith, all ol Grand Forks, who
,i,e well and favorably known,
Ni ,\t w., I, a t ruise will be taken
up the coasl in a substantial va< lit,
jointly uwni '1 b) Mr. Hodges and
Mr.  Holland, who will spend a
Cm, r nt mill rn ■" i'n iii  ' oast,
A Serious Accident.
Fi lei nth 1 in el   1.,-t   [11      ai -I
expense therewith.   Laid over. u„   MomUy   ,.u,ni|l,,    ^
Mr. Elder submitted a plan ol ,, ,.    ,  |  ,,„.   „,,   ,  ,     -
sub division  nl  lot  263 and  Be-
wick avi nun.   I. It to 1 e* e,
Plan ol sub-division ol 6 and 7,
ol jo. and 64H w.,s subniitt. al bj
All n A: Burgess.   Appi '..
Plan "i ma divi tion , I lot 43,
siilainitt.il bj Mr. Hotilgate.
Approvi tl,
Plan  of  sub-division  ol   lot    ii
and ',. "I |i. ol 547 and 171 sub-
III iltl  a| |a>, .\,,,   |,        ,V       1 1,1, .>  JS,
Approvi d.
The reports of the board ol
works im 1 ft iti i . iiiimittcc were
ii , I and approved.
The license by-law wa Iai I
u\. i.
In law    was
I, fi iii I iii the In alih i ommitti e,
Tin   reeve  recommended   that
I       HU, ,'le        I,'
iiiii hat < al    Agrci al tn,
I le count il then idjouri
gliti-i I'rustee Peacey,
met will   i   .' i      even
She loi;, ontrol ol In i wheel on
■ and went ,ii  ,i
■ .!,■     pei ai down the sidewalk tt
I id --tie. t, win re shi   strut I. ih,
lid ' ar n.i' k, wlm h stands
■ a   li nl ni the sid
with   awful   lorcc,   Tin    young
1.ill     tt.l       |        I ' HI       l"    (,'a   t      ,111,1
full lo the ground in ai sens, li ss
condition. A pn er-1 saw tin
accident, but I' .1 un ly wi nt   on
iin /1 ni. w ' i, In in
formed l a 1 1.1I11 I':, I, nf tb,
affair. Mr, Dii I; wa promptly on
tin spol and 1 arri. tl  the untoriti
A New Photo Studio.
The Western Corporation will
lower Russell's store on First
street east to the new grade,
Frank Wright, Edmonton,
Alberta, was registered at the
Hotel North Vancouver on Monday.
Work on Mr. Reda's new hotel
has been considerably delayed of
late, A scarcity ol brick was the
The staff of the Daily World
held au enjoyable social hop in
Larson's pavilion ou Monday
Mark H. Lundv. Portage la
Prairie, paid the town a llying
visit. He rep.uts business brisk
iu the Northwest
li the present proposed loan
by-law does not go through, the
rate ol taxation will likely be
placed at Jo nr.'ls.
A meeting ol business men will
be held on Wednesday evening in
the munii ipal hall to foi 111 a
chamber ol commi n e
1 in I ui  al.iy morning tin ground
1 thi li 1   Lb>tm Railway
Company strui 1, for an increase of
50 cents a day   Up to the present
I.,I"     .11'      -llii   Otlt
The water lias been turned on
liom l'i ..tii  in et, 0 nh along St.
li ai ■ .   road   in   Keith   road,
tin nee east   1I01 ;  Keith road to
mar Ridgi way avenue to  Daw-
I In    wooden   pipe   laid
-.lends hall .1 11,tie and is 4-inch
in ib,in.- la 1
I le fire brigade ti sted the new
Andi rson tiottV ou Mnn,lay night,
I lie nozzle <liil all that was claimed im it. Tin1 municipal council
a.11 Monday night decided to
it I In i' was .1 large
1 rowd in. " ut to witm ss the test.
,,.    || tn bis latl ' hiding the reeve and council
I.,,„  lab .a., me'    In   I'uwer was
summoned fro   '       1   and soon
arrived, 1   I        red her to   I
■   her li um
[ucstion without
lalllll.   I        .1'
Tin .nt ia fine, thi da; ia  rent.    ,
She'll mi tie   watei at a li rrifi.   graplu r,   h«   0)
lud oat the 1     1     :  Si; 1        :
Ami A   tlollai    ' " 1 ,        .  :. I,      ,,,,,    „
'•■' l ■ '■' "1 ,11
1    , .      . . . 0II1 cl on   "I   01
I   1     ■ turnetl undi 1  ai
hei 1 p'i turned iu. "■   "   t°<     '
UotlVellll        I n   I        ' ,11   Is      III (III!
Dominion daj
North   Van
____________^ii '     ' "'  '
up   this And ah tin ■■ 11 for 1 Mr. Ny.
A ' ampini part) liom Arlington,
W.l',1 .,    IS    I aa at, '1    I'll    tile    W.ll.'l-
ii.ain, just wi -,t   m   1 best, uu Id
ll     mprin     lit.   ami
Mi. an 1 Mts G.
Mi  and Mt* M.  A n.s,
Mi  and Mi    I.  Pauti ke ami Mr.
t   Morris,   Mi  Murph) ami Dr.
.   .      . in .li
|t', i'i I'l.'.'-iuitcs.
■ ,, conceit will   ['In  doctoi and Mi ■   lidwardi,
Ir. Murph   and   Mi    Pautxka
t, un* returned li mu   toda;. the others
, 1   ■ Norliijn in,lining.
.    :
Hi.  inu i"'i dire, 111    l'i 'i   I'
■ 1   I att i, soi    ''
not (present an;
in        1 ol
ll sboul,I  nm *,,:°~~^—~^—~^—~^—~^—~^—~^—~^—~^MW^—~l^—W~
,,,„ ,„.    men  an   1,
,i,i, li We wish
moved,   N ne lo cun
,, ,ielni.   which   tl   allowi d   lo 1-
,,,,,,,,m „    1 Hi  Ih
,Mu..t 1       ' ' 1
1      and b- , <i'il
in   /•     -. ... ..   -1 v  1C.p1 1   Cat i, ul Fourth   treet,
\i    1 unnitighuin, '.1  \ '
1 , 1 a huge eagle on
lhc    I 'i    ' "'' •:   I    ' I
,...,      ba' a i,,\ nu rni
tin s •■     •
tali nt  mi  ni  1     1
,1 iiiinil 1 dm ts and
In ni. .,   in .ai   1 ;-■ enth   ' tn 11.
ih pn :
mind, run u bushes, thus
imu.   Hi *   ■ ini si vi ral times,
it hut: li,  Ins
i'i    resent,
■   '   then    were
\\ ,  \"..   |a:i|i,'i, I'll
A.A ! Xl'lllAS PKlNTINli t'tn ,  '
'i' nn ■ Dullin per \ '.ir
'ii:.)i;i.i: iiahtLki
MllllUgiHg   Kallla   |'
Advertising Malinger.
uli iqnlflcent Specli icn of Manhood Who
ij Be to  Canadian   Indians
aVhal Booker T. Washington Is to
he Nejjroea of the United States -
Vair     His      Recent      Re-Election
•   a.,h Pure Reasoning.
What 1)1    ' "    : T, Washington la
' "  19     Hi      '       ■      i    1.    '     '1     SI   .''    a
Jo n s.nk ..I princo Edward Is-
 a a,  ■   the Indians of
a    \\ A  |l al   OttO Of     llial
'f pleasing manner, and tho posit nf unusual -i owdncss,   Chlol
eiirl: is beginning       'aa    recognized
ml       '■        •• Provinces as
- one ot the most pul lie spirited men ot
'■iin race.   Though   only   forty-sovon
rears of ago, the cti tit ims exercised
' his imi ■ Hate luthorlty over tho Mie-
i..■■■'. of tho Island Provinco for moro
■ A.aLc ten years, and   ■ there are moro
Ana tlir e!: nidi   I  ' thi se full-blood-
a-i*4 "AmciU'.'iu.i" under his Jurisdiction
I.bvr In Hit- Ocean,
This earth received what wus probably Its greatest Blinking in modern
times when the tremendous volcnulc
Oner TlilnK. About Flame.,
Tlnre Is a relation betweon the eolor
of i! una- and tin' energy of tho com-
bustlon cttuslng it, Tho more vigorous
iini a.n ipleto the combustion tho high- I eruption of Krnkutoa, In Suuda strait, tho stimulation is not percoptlble;
er the refrnnglblllty of llio light, A j occurred In 1883, A curious incident of | hence tea and coffee are excellent
flume burning In a tardy and rostrlctod .that tlmo is recalled by a correspond- brain spurs. Fur n little while they
way eiiiila rays that are red.   When j ont who was n passenger on 0 steam-
Intellectual Drink*.
"Tea nml coffoo uro drugs-drugs
solely," said a chemist,   "They stlmu-
ito the brain, ami the reaction from
burning in n more eomplolo mul effeo-
tlvi ii anner tho omitted rays change
to i lolet.  The flamo nf n candle or u
lump consists of n series of < ontrle
luminous shells Burrotntding a central
(lurk eaire.  Theso Bhella of Ilnn mlt
I n il a.r dlfferenl colors, tho Innermost
*   iimt in iiii i contact with tho
iiiiri; core bolng red uml having n torn-
pernturo of exactly 1)77 degrees P,
r;"aii this iiiiii in Unit- proper order of
i ty in       Ils of light which
nm orange, yellow, green, blue. Indigo
and \ ."let Tin' reason thnl bucI) n
flame 'lees nol appear to in as n nost
of cones of dlfforonl colored light is
tills. Whon we look upon such n flnmo
nil of tin, rays Issuing from thr. d|f.
fereni Invars or strata nf coneontrlc
I a -1..-ii-. ar,' received by tho
retina of tho oya nl ono and the sain,.
ti    This can only Impress with tlm
aonsatlon of noutrnl or white light,
Tite finest rubies art' still kept In
Asin. The Croat Mogul Iind 108 large
rubles In his limine, and among them
wns one weighing two and ono-half
ounces. Of European rubles Charles
tin1 Bold, that liieliless son of a fortunate father, had throo rubles colled i eelvable that they sliould proceed from
a finglo animal,   This is tho animal
ship on the voyage between Colombo
uml Albany, King ijcorge'a sound,somo
1,300 an- 2,000. miles south of (he center
of the iiuiurl-nni'o, II »ns a boautlful
ulglit, nnd sliorlly nfler dlnuet', when
the deck wns crowded with pnssongcrs,
(he i" ikotil sliaiiiieal, "lircnkera nhond!"
This wns in mid in, wiili nn shonl
wuler iii'iii'er iiinn the Austrnlliiucoast,
liv ■ siv days' sail distant,   The
i-ia'.niiiT was Blnwud down, ami pn -
cully drifted Into n muss of floating
Inin ami gi'e ci sl :.'    lliteketfuls were
luml al  ei . nud drained through
clolh.s, Xeat'lj nil nlghl llio sleainel'
forji ■ I nheiid nl . "i   wlih the
lloalliiK Benin grating a... usl her sides,
uud in Iho morn . n.n t!a'nr water
wiih t'eiii'lied, Iliu -i ie- uf Iho ship below Iho wilier line were bare of piilnl
ami btu'iilslied like -  i
Tin. It ed IIii.vIIiik Honker.
The red howler (Myeeles Beulculus)
Is a rare i key of tlio forests of
tropical America, it is nn oxtronioly
dcllcnle animul aud is chiefly remarkable tor iho extraordinary noises it
makes, The cries it inters coiuprlae al-
must nny sound from a subdued moan
to an angry roar, and It is hardly con-
do actually make us more Intelligent
lllllll we naturally tire That is why Ihey
nre bu populnr, li is why we chemists
call ilii-iii Ititellecltf drinks, Alcohol,
whether It ho taken hi the form of
ehnni|,ngno nr beer or whisky, is not
uu Intellectual drink, bul the opposite,
t'T'om tho beglnulug nlci hoi stupolios
ill-lealal   uf enlivening  till'  bruin.     Hut
it makes us talk! if it w, ' not en-
llvenlug how Bhould it make ns talk?
Mas, alcohol makes us talk, but we
sny under ll.. Influcnco tho things we
should not. Alcohol deadens iho Inhibitory, lhe prohlbltlvo centers of tho
brain, ll Btupelles tho brnlu inusclo,
which km.ws wlini thlugs Bhould nut
I"- i'llil, mul hence, while drinking wo
Inllti but, oh. tho things we sny, und,
oh, how wc blush in tlio cold gray
llglil of tho mornlug after to remember
what we salil!"
the Three Brothers, nf perfect eolor
nml worthy size. Tliey passed Into tlio
possession of James l„ who sent Ihcni
to "Baby Charles." There Is a largo
heart shaped halas ruby In the English crown, lt has been neither cut
nor polished, Is only Beiultrauspnrent
nii'l is uf a dark red, llko a morcllo
cherry. Austria hail, or lias, nn oriental ruby tbo slue uf a ben's egg, mnl
ijii i  Elliabetb showed Sir James
Melville one us big ns n racket ball,
Bunjoot Singh had a lame ruby with
the names of many kings engraved on
It. Among them wns that of Alirang-
Hcb. A king of Portia had one which
lie prized at the value of a oily "r oven
a kingdom, It was a tiil.li? cut bains
rubj a.f n beautiful color of ut least a
finger's breadth,
called red monkey by Watorton lu his
"Wanderings In South America," where
an admirable description of Its weird
cries may be rend, These sounds nre
produced In n bony cavity formed by
nn enlargement of the byold, er tonguo
bono, In appearance tho red howler Is
nn elegant little creature, well clothed
with hair of u reddish blown color.
Like the spider monkeys, it Is provided
wilh n long, prehensile toll, tho under
surface of which Is nalusl toward the
tip, but it differs from those monkeys
in having well developed thumbs.—
Westminster Gaactte,
"Tarry" tlonld'i Long Crnlie,
j "Tarry" ilmild was n well known
chnractcr lu and around Dam-era years
'nno, Imt very few knew what nave
l.isii tlie nickname of "Tarry." lie was
very fond of telling nhoiil the long sea
trip he enjoyed when a young inun, It
seems he thought be was tired living
nshore, so he went to Dnnverspoi't and
shipped on a coasting schooner bound
for Philadelphia, Uo used to say, iu
telling his story: "I did expect to enjoy thnt trip so much, Well, we est
off from the wharf and started down
river, When wo got to Beverly bridge
in niiic or so irom tin. wharf) I mado
up my mind that I hud gol enough of
It, iiiiiI as we passed through tho draw
I climbed to thu bridge and Btnrted for
home, and, If you will believe me 1 n|'j01J
could not get a wink of Bleep Unit
b? tin d»al»r
from whom
vmi bur 8un-
llh'ht Soap ir
you im i any
rati if tor
Sunlight Soap is better
than other soaps, but is
best when used in the
Sunlight way.
rtward   will
(vanon who
provai Him,
Son U^lit Boap
ootittini mt
injur I oui
chamiraU or
any (orm «f
Equally goo '1 with hard or soft water.
!*•▼•*/ Wroth*. I Limited, Toronto
In Darkest Engla'id.
Tho din.a',-is of England are so vai
Ions llinl grammatical eccentrlcll'los
arc commoner even lhan among thc
tiilxcil peoples of the V s. ,\u I5ng
lish  I'lii'er   has  heen printing some
cln,ice exiiiui'l
party of mnaoi
iiieir number Is Idling,   Tho foreman
II n, thoro lie
liter eyeln'
night until they throw water ou tie [    |)0n—Aye, I eyed o,
my bedroom windows a
1 was nboard ship."
cniF.r jiihs sirs,
pi th- J! 'iini!   tr:!...  il Indium, Hriaco
J-'dwunl Island )
:'.   iai rn- seen thai hia poBltlon is nn
":.". Recently somo   ulti a
:..-s'i   members of the tribe began to
- -a ir "republican" Id, aa   In   the
.'■' • i-.-atii. nt   reservation   at   Lennox
• i.    a inliis ih.it it would he bet-
. for all concerned If tho chl, ftnln-
■i' ■' nl"!. lied    Such a course
»■ -ii'l i: ".•:->.inlv bo fatal 'ii tho n.i-
of a roving people, nnd
linger Chl. I .-ma  a.   icci
I       I thai   o wa    mi    II uely re-
■ I tor another lorn, Thougl d
he : .af th ■ ]'. ni ■■ Edward
.'.■■ i.-.l Mlcmacs   tho   ubject of this
i has alwaj a ealcrtalncd ambl-
• ■ ia; ling the welfare of
: race throughout the entire Domln-
..    II      llj bi   wonl on mi ofllc 1
:■: .i. chiefs
to I icnt of Indl tn At-
il Ottawa.
■■   la a magnificent
if ml    Though   tho
' ni" dominant
ml form, yet n   Ira a of
•! con ho nol
lOrcing    !>'.la   i
ii. Ills oil :".. i   al l.'"i-
uoi Island, a 1 ful      I        t ten
■ '   ■ ■ "i -i nun.."        I1
',: i Here upon II                t Angus!
',  .       in tl ■.
,f til '.    :.. n.i' ; iti in saint,
'llir  Sliln'.  I.nn.
The  record of a  ship's  voyage
cnllcl Its inn bocauso the observations i gjcnr0 ,nl
of its si d, usually taken hourly, by
tho log line uro a very Important factor
In lhc r >rd.   The log lil ■• Is so called
because the float attached t'i Iho line
wns originally a sninll log nr stick ef
W I,   This "log" Is now a square or
triangular pice of I rd weighted so
that it sits upright In tho water, The
log line Is divided by knots or marks
Inlo lengths of flfty-ono feet, which is
nl.iaut onu one hundred ami twentieth
of a marine mile, so thnt tlio ship Is
going ns many marine miles or knots j
In an hour as the number of knots or
lengths that run off llio reel lu half u
nilniitu when the "lug" Is thrown overboard.
One Way lo Got ft Dor-.
"There lire ways and ways of getting
things," snld tho old secret service
man, "but I wouldn't recommend some
of Ihcni to n Sun,lay school class. Now,
I knew professionally a reformed con-
I wont lay how deep the
reform went, but officially be was re-
formed and occupied a pretty reipocta-
i bio position In the community. One
day I mot this chap on tbe street, ami
I bad something to say to liim. 'Seo
here,' I domnnded, 'Is this your advertisement In tlie paper offering a re-
1 ward of $5 for tlio return of a lost
1 cine;?' 'Sure!' said he. 'lint you don't
' own a dett,' said I. He grinned. 'You
! mean I dldu't own n dog,' lio corrected.
! 'Hut I do owu ono now—tho bund-
Bomost English bulldog you ever laid
your eyes on, and he cost just $o."
.A Congo Story.
A missionary returning from the upper Congo savs that lie huh a strange
platform, 30 'fool high, in Ironl oi tlio
house ul tin1 luml sentry of a village.
Tho hitter Informed the missionary
lu Somersetshire a, nni li was a large Btngo from which
ue at work.   One ot to shoot leopards,   In itives   told
inin Hint ii was a torturo platform.
Unfortunates win, did mu bring in
sufficient quantities A nil,her were
lirst beaten, sometimes almost to
dei Hi. mul then taken lo the top of the
structure nnd compelled to gnzo al tho
sun unill relatives broughl the necessary nui,,,mt oi rubber tor redemption.
Bcrtti's From .tip srn.
"There is olton found at sen a life
bell or some sort of n life preserver
llontlng on the water thnt hears the
nm f Iho vessel lo which It belonged," snld ii veteran am captain.
■-.a soon us it is rcportod there is nt
oil.'.' n great illinium of speculation on
tho part of those Interested in the ship
t,s to whether the vessel is safe or not.
Tliis^ncrcasi's lo iilnnil If ilie ship is
amy way overdue. In most Instanct ;
the preserver bus heen washed Ire
the deck by a wave or bus fullou overboard, and tho alarm Is entirely without foundation. 1 remember nn instance iu which my boat broke a crank
.shaft. We were eleven days oven'.ue,
and we were given up for lost becauso
n raft thnt should have boon taste. ,;
ou thf ,. . was washed overboard and
picked up by u luster liner. 1 havo
Bomotlmos thought It would be a good I unblushing reply,
An ixanipie from Punch, but true
ii   to   dialectic   peculiarities, is recalled'   it is the reply of a farmer to
Former vicar  of   his   parish,   who
I sympathized with him on the fad thai
I his three elder!) daughters were nol
married:   "Vou  zee.   sur."   he  snld,
"when   they   would   hn'   they   the)
ivotildn'l Iin' 111. v, t ,w they would ha'
Ihi) tli * '.'   11 hn' ■■ ')•.'
ila-   Ka'jlt   llir   jflltlnn.
A colonel In one of i u Pennsylvania
regiments i' mg tho war was particularly opposed to the soldiers foraging
and stealing supplies.   Hut tbo boys
would torn.;" in spite of everything,
trusting to luck to run tbe blockade
and i. 'ely roach their tout with lhe
o. ptiirid prlz
II Is Good tor .Man and Beast.—Not
onl) is Dr, Thomas' Ecloclrlc nil of
Incomparable value In tho household,!
hm Hie former allll the stockman will
llml ll very servicenhle in the fiirniyard
nnd mi ihe cniiie range, often savins;
llie services nf II v.'l.'l lllliry slirueoll
111 lll]tll'los to slock ami ill cases of
, ill iiiid pains il can lie used with
gOOd elleel.    •
Wyninn, wlm unsuccessfully bleed quick liiii.li resorts iu Lundiin
iftorwards In Paris, line Jusi died
Paris hospital I i paralysis,
Something Moro Than a Purgative,
To purge is the only offecl of ninny
V. Jolly young soldier was caught one Pills now on the mnrket,    Parmelee'a
night sneaking Into c mp with a Juicy  Vegetable Pills nre more than :i pnrg-
bind quarter of muttou Impaled on his ;"1iv;;   Tl"'-V strengthen lhe a
bayonet. "Where  did you   get  that
meat?" demanded the colonel *'   „'v.
tlalllllll.    In    *la.I".I,III"'al„„     II.  I,"  li
According to the Mobammedana, ten
animals bave been admitted to parodist)—the dog Kratlm, tbo follower of
tl,e seven sleepers,  Illlllllllll's DBS, 80|0-
inaaii's ant, the honoyl .Jonah's whale,
tho nun which was offered lu sacrifice
In place of Isaac. Iho emnel of Sulci,,
Ibo ■ U.;,"') of Iialkls, tho ex of Mosca
and Al Iiorak, Iho monstrosity which
coi eyed Mohammed from earth to
heaven nnd back again In a very short
tlmo, These creatures were all saluted
for s-aine special scrvlcei which tbey
had rendored to man.
IlllHMll.,1,1.,,1    ft,,U    .lllllcilla  i,|
Tit. Kutou, president of Madison university years ago, was lielovod by the
students nnd bis good opinion courted
above nil things. Ouo commencement
1 day tho student who bad delivered tho
thing If these minor articles were not
, hero other pills weaken It    The
i leanse the blood by regulating   the
liver und kidneys, and they stimulate
i. ."i ....   . "  vas the W||ore other pill compounds depress,
Nothing of mi injurious nature, used
[or merely piirgatlvo powers, enters
s,,„it,  s,a  !■■,.,,..  i a.Ion..,
When   ii   south   sea   Island   mother
Ishes to chastise her child she seldom
valedictory approached tbo doctor nnd   ''''s*"'ls I" slapping, and slippers, of
• ''.•iillnrli- Hen I Imi p.l In „ Shed „l
Uoler   In   St. ll/erllllHl.
Like Moral. In Bwllm rland, In- a
.n ■! about Iwo
- " rj ten years,   li i* ai
a   ■   ' ■ .    r
. ulllltiy, an.'I
gill, r of
,i    II : ler  t'i     let.   Ibo
. .   uu June III, Hi    : .i '     I'retii-li
a ll a     '      I ,1   ii.,-  a  llllilll'l  uf
;," Swiss, wliu ii, lliul buttle gave Iliu
I'l lOIIII'll 'I     !'■".   ll "
ell ol    " lake,
lish culled
,. ,i   -., .     i   ■   ...   •" .iii. : . I
cu t|. . see Iho
waters "i III ■ i '.■ ■ il ii h
e bio      t Iho 11 llul       la n
■■ : - -     ui.   ui lhe h ,,l i'H "f
I..'   Itlll-gllll Imu-   killed   ill   lli"      '    '
 il,ian.ii iiii i the Ink'
I   .1 ' a   .i el       a
* . a
■tigered Iho llitrguiidinit Holdlors i I
a   the repiibl      ,
*!W su I      I"- troyed Iho
ui   ■ r their
,(s who fell ber,   il |     Hint
nnd liearl Mm
i ilu in for llml i>
do to all     I   ll"
■ . i . ' i' i
rs of Cl
•     •  a
'   '
a a
rubi ' .■
la Mint 1        :   "
,   i
llimllali It ii 11 a. n >   lla-ni.il,
Aii observnnt traveler on English
rr.llwnya could loll you at onca tho
railway upon which he is traveling by
merely looking nl Iho lirst signal ho
passes, It tuny surprise many to know
il it there ni" hnrdly iw,. slyloa qulto
nllko in tins country In Btntlon architecture and fittings, color "f rolling
stock, design nnd cler "f tho locomotives, uniforms of Iho servants, stylo
of the signal cabins ami signal appll-
in s und many other details.  I. mdon
IiI.Iit  <ln.	
The singular Bttperslltlon ,,f tha value
of miller Btonos for curing a variety of
Ills hns continued In many countrlea
from ti." nm.' of tbo [tomans, These
a.    i charms are noth
■ |'ie green or bluo glass striped
:■ 'i gut mul perforated. The
- tl oso itoi nro sung In tho
; f Ibo ancient Druids ami nni
mentioned a Pliny and olbor 111 al
timidly niked blm what lie thought of
the effort. The doctor looked nt blm a
moment nnd then said slowly, "Ed-
wurd, If you would pluck a few of the
feathers from tho wings of your Imagination nud stick tInun In tlie tall of
your Judgment, you would make butter
Talleyrand's Thirteen Onih«.
Talleyrand took thirteen oaths of
lidellly-to Clement XIII. when he entered holy orders, to Clement XIV.
when be becmno bishop of Autun, to
I.ouis XVI. In ITSfi, to tho kin and the
constitution, to tho directory In 1710,
to tlio directory In 170*1 ns minister of
foreign affairs, to tlio throo consuls, to
llomiparte sole consul, to Napoloon emperor, to I.ouis XVIII, In 1811, (o Louis
XVIII. a( tbo second restoration In
1815, to Charles X. in lbJI, to Louis
Philippe In 1830,
'III self defense, oil?'
"Yes, sir, You see, lolooel, the crlt- Into their composition'
ter flew at me out here lu the woods a
ways, nu' 1 wasn't goin1 to let no wild
animal get the best of me while I w.ta
fully tinned an' ublo to defend myself,
so 1"—
"That'll do; you're excusable this
time, va-unir man." said tlie colon.'' re-
hu.'-g In'o a smile, "and, by lhe way,
llie It'
Willi,'Iiinn,,  ral",,  I'Tenilng,
U.S.A., for her   discoveries
my, ims In,',, elected member
i,i Asl naia',',1 Society of Lo
"Yes - r," answered the culprit salut
course, slit' lias none,   instead of usiii
tbe forms of punishment customnr*
among civilized mothers slie pulls the
child's liuii- or bites somo part of tlio i I'va got i little errand for you
body, generally tho fleshy part of t.ie
arm. In wandering alioul tho village
one sees iiiaiiy children baring on their I
bodies sears produced by wounds In- I
Ulctod by their mothers' teeth.   Whet, i
n  mother Wishes  lo caress her child i
she deftly draws her thumb across its .
eyebrow or cheek or gently seizes its
cl k between her teeth.   The ,'llhl lug '
of naises Is also ii mark of affection
among the Klngsmlll Islanders, aa it is
among tbo Maoris of New Zealand,
Btomacli   and   bowel   troubles kill
hi. i iniiiii 1.1
A conk hns been going round a station In tbo south of India with Iho following "character" and in somewhat
surprised he Is not engaged: "Abdul
has been my conk for threo mouths.
It seems much longer. Ho leaves on
iiccount of 111 beallh-my III health,"
(liven n„„, ,,,„...  A.rnr.
A tiny bi'lili'sinaid al n wedding Ihe
other day surveyed lhe departing bride
and groom with o gloomy brow.  "01
iieiir!" she pouted,  "Sitter was going
to get married today ami have lots of
fun! Aui. now that man's taken ber
tiiiiusmiiis of little inn's during the
hoi weather. Illarrhiieu, ilysijnteiy
nml cholera Infantum sometimes come
Withoul warning mnl if prompt aid is
When you bare turned that game „,„ .„ hnni! ,,,„ ,.,„„, ,„.,, ,„, ,„,„„„,
ovor to your messmatei you can go Unl  in   a few h ■«.   If you want in
•id get the oilier hluu quarter nnd keep yunr children hearty, rosy and
bring It to my tont"-iNew York Times, roll   of   lire during the hoi weather
 'mi,, them an occasional dose ol Bnby'a
own Tablets. This medicine pre-
VOJjts Illness mul cni'es ll when It
omuls unexpectedly. And tho mother
has ihe guiirnntee of a govornment
analyst thai this medicine is absoiuto-
iy sale. Mrs \V, .1 .Munro. Slulalntii,
Sasi , snys:—For moro than throe
.veins Bnby'a own Tablota is the only
in inline I have given my children,
ami I think ihe Tablets Invaluable for
stomach uml bowel troubloa," Sold
by all medicine dealers or by mail nt
26 cents a bnx from the Dr Williams
Medic  i'n..   Ilioclaville. Ont,   Keep
llie Talllels  III  the house.
Too Mirny.
"And Pnvld had live kings before
him," read ihe pastor,
"Ooahl" osclalmed tho mnn In lhe
rear pew.    "I'm cln,| liavld wasn't In
lhe gaino Inst night!"
A  IVurnlna,
The root awakened will, a shuddering scream.
"What Is It?" cried hln w,','e. "What
la It?"
"A terrible dream," be said,  "I spent
an hour last evening writing a poem
| nbcut the glory of llie good old limes,
! nnd I dreamed Just now that by somo
magical Influence I bud been set back
i Nome eighty y..ars. No telephone, no
it egraph, no gas, no electric light, no
pln.nl Ing In tlie bouse-ii) modern con-
vctilcuce whatever!"
"But that needn't have frightened
you," said liis wife soothingly.
"That wasn't the worst of It. There
wrc no magazines lo Which to sell
poeiri ubout the good old times.'' ■
i "• Die pnsl eleven n Ihi   163,093
Immigrant* have arrived in Canada, nf
iii,-. 102,23) a un,' linn, Ktiropi I
60,842 truin Iho I' id States,
A   IVnriilnaT,
"Soe ha'."'" ■ ' il '!" theatrical manager, "You want lo quit your over-
i ■ • behavior lowi rd the oilier
n cinliers of this i oi |i    ,'"*-
■Imi IV" hnughti'y t'i lied thoThos-
;       "| .uu tlio star, in.. ! not?"
■ Weil, yes, inn you v. ii • ni 1.1 toiler that you'ro not a i,*"l Blur."
*,<> i .<• r„r Them,
, r (being mi i-iiivl In s fnsh-
Innnlilo  tailor's  shop)  Hy  Uio
what's i .mr price f r n Bull?  Tu   i
II irs, ' li    How n my |
,n i ke? I'tisi mer \ 'i"":.a u
nt all.   I sl  n'i need any when I've
paid your bill.
I'm I'll,
Poverty Is i-i-ry I nnd «imo-
It iw, but
i   . ibo nortli wind I      Insbi    I
"   Insi
Ih wind    hid    ..- tlieiii In lotus
:       .   Ouldn,
II  ...        inelbltii I
Irnry powi
I lhe ■
(the people
bj mon    'r in,., u   nl .-
Piles Make
Life NA/retched
But Thero is Quick Relief From Itching and
Thorough Cure in
Dr. Chase's Ointment.
A   I, ,„,,,, a, a   ' a,r,Itiinl.
Cardinal Bonaparte was a grandson
of l.uelcn BonapartO, IA was e very
Charitable man During one of bis Illnesses n servant caine to blm nnd said
Ant a poor person nt the door bogged
"or nitns. "tiivi.' him what money you
Will Ih'' i my purse," Bail 'lio cnrill.
nal, "There Is uo money, emlnenco.
hie sliver spoons nro all gl.-en away.
*,\o have nothing left but pewter
spoons." "Well, bring bin, lu aiiu givo
him a good meal."
A   . mIiii'I.Imm'o.
"I suppose you enjoy boarlng your
boy talk since be went to college."
"V ." ".i.'wered farmer CorntosssI,
"bm Irt It kit ,1 ef tt eolncldencs that
so iiiniiy of thom classical quotations
begin with '"Hub, 'rah, 'rnh?"
Allan,a   S|,,-nl.l,,ar.
Mrs. Jones I always think twice before I spenk once, John. Mr. Jones
fslirlil ig)—Exactly, Marin, But you're
such ii quick thinker.
•i mav ne truthfully stub
;,,;, s produce mure ' si In,
md  un ichedl ess ol
liim, any known illsen-".     Life be-
. onu s :i pi i feel burden din i lhc
:  Itching, burn i ng
■ il  mlstnki   i "
I the t'ffocl   a,i    ,   loi ||, fnr,
||   ll.l'-l.'l    a,|   I,  el.   ll . I
in- nf in,ml  nnd bod)    i i
:.    In    He   IU I I
■ ilib,
■  trhlna nml proii'itl-
,,f   bloedlng
I      llOl .i'l   ■    of   111"   I" I
rnpld in their   tl
' •
1' '; '
.       .'.la'
t    ihon euro for
,■ form of this wretel
nflonl          lul, disease,
li , bi ■ ii proven lit so   many
lllOllS.'lllals    "I    0081   •   tlial    Ul'!'"    is   llll
longer nn) room for doubl llinl Dr
i'n a ■    Olnlmcnl Is the mosl sail
iiieiiirv tn iilmenl for piles thai wn i
ever discovered,
Mr,   I''.   Ma.nn,   Sl    EuSlUCllC,   Mini .
writes: "I Buffered   from   piles   for u<
nineteen years and llioiigh I trlod it
ureal   mnn    ri ii   illOfl  coulil  nm  oh,
inin n cure,   The dnclor told   it j
wns iia' a Bsnij  lo undergo an operation,
"A  11 i.-ii'l ndvlscd mo to trj  llr.
ci,.        Ointment und iln,unit l liml
11..   COr.l ii   IH"   111   il   I     ll"lllllll     thin-
llOXI 111(1    I'l'"  I'l     III    11    '      il lllll      ll   ".
ill iilnlinenl inmlE n Ihorough ruie
I L-ine "Imt l hn i lefi in n i
iiiui"    Who    vu- in ally nr  bud        I
wns nn.I  ll   l I" a peifecl  CUl'**"
ivlioll    iloelm      l
a,, ed in i nn pii' ■ an. II
liii.le  has   1'iaa.a i,   llllll i  In    I
Olnttncnl hna elfi cb 'I    n    thorough
.,   llOX,  . '   .al!   ,1
or Ivitiinnsuii, DuIcb & Co.,  l oronto,
Dl.njipnlntri,  In  11,,-  ll„>.
"t don't know what kind of figuio
(hat ba.,Tl cut In life," said the old
mnn, with a sinh. lie's gone an' shut-
leretl nil my Itupes!"
"Why, Wbot'a lie been n-doln' of?"
"lie's been a-doln' of nothln'," was
the reply, " 'cij t wrilln' poetry on barn
is when  I had set my stakes to
nm     a carpenter or a congressman
I out o liim!"
('nek... niii.
Cockswain was originally lhe man
whi pulled Iho aflor oar of llio en|>.
'iln'', boat, then known as "cock hunt."
"Cock boat" Is u corruption of tlie
w ai,! 'coracle," nnd, iis most people
know, the coracle Is a small, round
boat used for Dshlng on some of Ibe
Wel ll rivers. So cockswain comes to
lis lia ui tiie Welsh.
llnnla i,l lllll.'.
Travelers In Africa criss some rivers  In  small,   round  I ts  made uf
bide.  The boats are pushed across liy
BqeeetlnR n Lemon,
A ilmplo method A extracting Juice
from n I n ivlllioul Ibe seeds la lo
toll the I,'iii'iii until qulto sAt, then
pun,'liiie one end will, a silver fork,
making iho boles qulto g I  size.
IVI a a tho lemon Is st| sod tho juice
will come out, but uol a single seei.l.
Dow Is always formed upon tlie surface  of   UlO olijeet   upon   Which  lt  IS
found,    ou Hint account it cannot
strictly bo said to "fall."
in, Case Willi ni".
Mrs, lleiipcl; Tliey ei'n'l punish big-
amy tOO severely. No one should have
mn' sympathy for tho man who lakes
nne ■' ifo ioo many,
Mr, Heal k  The Idea, Maria!  Ho
you think I should be sent to jall?-
Hon One Mny r.e Admired  Cor a,
ConslUiTnlliin In Kiiulunil.
The practice of granting arms is still
In vogue In England, Ireland, Scotland,
Austria, Spain, Portugal, Italy, tier-
many, etc., und at times the pope, us
sovereign pontiff, exercises tlie power.
Indeed, It Is by patent ,u' grant alone
that a new family can legitimately ue-
quire u coat of arms.
The modus operandi III Kliglaiid, for
example, is us follows: The applicant
lor a patent of arms (from tho crown)
may employ any mombcr he pleases of
the heralds' college aud through him
present a uieiuiirial lo llie earl marshal
Of England, who ads for UlO crown lu
these matters, setting forth that bo,
tin, memorialist, is uot onlltlod to arma
or cannot prove his right to such and
praying thnt bis grace tho carl marshal
will Issue his warrant to the kings of
nruts, authorizing thom to grant nnd
confirm to blm due and proper armorial euslgns, to lie borne according to
tbo laws of horaldry by blm nud his
descendants. This memorial Is presented und n warrant is Issued by the
carl marshal, under which a patent of
arms Is made out, exhibiting a painting of the armorial ensigns granted,
the royal arms of England, tha anus of
the carl marshal und I hose of the college ami describing In official tcrma the
proceedings that have taken plaee nud
a correct blazon of the nrms. This patent Is registered In the hooks of tbe
heralds' college and receives the signatures of tlie garter and one or both of
the provincial kings of nrms.
A grant or patent of anus Is made to
a man and his male descendants. This
gives him n fee simple of them—that Is
to say, to lilin and to his male descendants equally and altogether and to his
female descendants in 11 qualified manner—I, e„ fur life, lo bear the arma In
n lozenge or Impaled with Ihelr husbands' nrms (if the husbands have
nruisl, ns arms can only he brought In
by nrms, or, if they be heiresses or coheiresses, on nn escutcheon of pretense
upon tlieir husbands' shields, and In
,be last case their descendants Inherit
such maternal arniB, but only as a
quartering,—Nineteenth Century,
Let Us Keep the Peace,
iiishop Potter manifests a woeful
luck of discretion in giving public utterance tu his opinion that, referring
to Britain and United States, "there is
no love lust between the two countries,"
it Is tho duly and sliould lie tho
pleasure of every man, ami especially
ul every public mnn, to aid the purpose forwarded by our ambassadors,
from Bayard ii> Chonte, and other
men of prominence of both countries,
in bring about such an era of good
feeling, trust und confidence betwoen
the two as would innke peace secure
between them for all time, without the
formal endorsement of n treaty thai
might he broken as easily ng made,
No doubt, Iiishop potter heard adverse commeni In England, and especially by men wlm liave money Invested In American enterprises, ou the exposures and railroad graft methods,
uml the startling disclosures concerning tho preparation of trusi meats tor
sn  here, ami neither hero nor In
mnrket; bin ho could have heurd the
England do the people nt large pul
ih blumo for these things on tho
community or suppose thai it has the
lack of fairness and honor thai hns
been found in u lew cnpltalisllc ml-
venturers hero and there— Brooklyn
Kingston Man Telli How He Suffered
and How He Wat Released,
"For years a mar
tyr,"  li  how  Chas.
H.   Powell,   of   105
Raglan Street, King
ston,     begins     his
story.      "A   martyr
to    chronic   constipation, but now 1 lira
free Irom It und all
through   tho  use of
Shas. H. Powell   Dr.   Lennhardt's Antl-
"I was Induced to try Anti-Pill by
reading the testimony of  somo  ouo
who hnd been oured of constipation by
It.   1 had suffered fur eighteen years
and bad taken tons   of   stuff   recommended as cures Illlt which niiulo me
worse rulher  thnn bettor,     Doctors
told mo there was no cure for me. Dr.
l.eont-ardt's Anil-Pill cured me."
All dealers or The WUwn-Pylt Co.,
Limited. Niagara Falls. Ont. Coi*
Parents buy Mother Graves' Worm
Exterminator because they know it is
a snfe medicine for their children and
un effectual expeller of worms.
Pour murders ,,f the ".luck the  Hi,
'," typo liave been committed during
tho lust fortnight   in   Jutland,    Two
ii have been arrested.
We have no hesitation In saving
that Dr. .1. 1). Kcllogg's Dysentery
Cordial Is Without doubt the best
medicine ever introduced for dysentery, diarrhoea, cholera and nil summer complaints, sea sickness, etc It
promptly gives relief and never fails
to effect a positive cure. Mothers
.should never bo without a bottle when
their children are teething,
It Wa. Considered t. l.cRlllmnte I'ur-
.,,1,  In Iln th Ilnn.. Ily.
A honk by .1. c. Wright entitled "In
the Good Old Tillies" throws some interesting light on tho ways of days
gone hy: "Of every three pounds of leu
it was said that two were contraband.
In fact, smuggling wns considered a
perfectly legitimate pursuit. Everybody was ready to prolit by It, from
the squire, who filled bis collars with
cheap wine, nnd Ills wife, who ndorueit
herself In cheap silks, to the shopkeeper, who got cheap groceries, or tile laborer, who got high wages I'or work
that was sccrel, unlawful und perilous.
Even Adam Smith COUfossed lo a weakness for smuggling und nobody was
abort bargaining to have a pipe or a
hogshead put In bis cellar nt a low figure. But smuggling on n large scalo
was not carried on without bribery,
perjury, informing, violence uud murder,"
Of the old time London watchman!
"He wus wrapped In it wldo skirted
heavy cont, a useful garment for pro-
tci'tlng him ft'otn the cold, but not
adapted to enable blm to cope with tbo
bullies who assaulted the weak and unprotected. He wore low shoes nnd a
big broad brimmed lint, which could bo
turned up or down, worn forward or
backwurd. The only means of defense
which the watchman seems to hnve
possessed wns n staff something like
a ha' "lie's. Iu his left baud bo curried
bis lantern."
In those primitive times pins wero
manufactured by bund nnd went
through severul stages of manufacture:
Worker No. 1 formed Iho wire, No. 2
cut lt Into lengths, No. 11 smoothed It,
the fourth man made Ihe head, the
fifth stuck It on, the sixth ground tho
point, the seventh washed and dried It,
and It had to go through ibreo more
bands nfler that; henco It used to be
a familiar proverb, "lt tukes ten men
to muke a pin."
Two hundred nnd fifty miles of
ber trees nre living planted along
Uganda loads.
Wit In II..- Wnrklin.krl,
"Wliat'l Ibe old ludy doing uow?"
asked tlie slocking.
"(Jotting a needle nnd wool," replied
the thlinble.
"Well, rn be darned!" ejaculated tbo
slocking liercely.    .
Need Rich, Red Blood to Stand Worry
and Strain of Business Hours.
Business overtaxes a woman's
strength. Weak, languishing girls
fade tinder the strain. Tliey risk
health rather thnn lose employment,
und lite loss of health means the loss
nf beauty. Thousands of earnest, intelligent young women who earn a
iveliliooil nway from home in public
iillces mnl business establishments
ire silent, Buffering victims of overtaxed nerves mul deficiency of
strength becauso their food supply Is
not equal to the strain placed upnn
theni' Fragile, breathless and nervous, they work against time with nev-
a rest  when the headaches and
backaches make every hour llko a day.
Little wonder their cheeks lose the
tint of health and grow pule aud llilii.
n'ir eyes are dull, shrunken and
weary; their beauty slowly but surely
fades, Business girls and women
look older iltnti their years because
tbey need tbe frequent help of true
blood-making, strengthening medicine
to curry them through the day. Dr,
\\....urns' l'ink Pills nre actual food
to the starved nerves und tired brains
nf business women. They actually
make the rich rod blood that Imparts
i,loom of youth and g',.->w of health
iii woman's cheeks, They bring
bright eyes, high spirits ami make the
day's duties lighter. Twelve months
ngo Miss Mary Cadwell, who lives m
in Alayuard Bt, Halifax, N.S., was
run down. The Iwst exertion would
tire her out ller appetite was poor
nd tickle, and frequent Ilea,Inches
added to her distress. The doctor
treated her for anaemia, but wlthoul
apparent results, a relative advised
her to us,.- Dr. Wllllama' l'ink i'llls,
and after using hut sjix boxes she Bays
feels like an altogether different
person. She can now eat her meals
wlm zest,  the color has returned  1"
ii, r cheeks uml she feels belter and
stronger In every way.
Dr. Williams' l'ink Pills cure blood-
lessiiess Just iis food cures hunger.
Tlmt Is bow they cured .Miss Cadwell
und It Is Just liy milking rich real blood
iimt they euro such common ailments
ns indigestion, rheumatism' headaches
iiiui backaches, kidney trouble, neuralgia miti special ailments which make
miserable the lives ,,f bo many women
mnl young girls. Sold liy all medicine dealers nr by mall al 50 cents
a box or six boxes for $:' .-,,i from Hu
iir. Wllllama' Medicine Co., Brockvlll*
How Sad a Thing is Wit.
sa'ii ii-iy speaking, n funny Bfory Is
im laughing ninii' r, Humor Is one of
ilie win-Ill's greal institutions, a llilng
to lie approached with reverence akin
t.i awe, ns something cold us tho pole,
imperishable as the pyramids—and "lieu
ii greal deal mote ancient, if weahase
ourselves before ancient und holy things
can we afford i" laugh al Hn- eapera "1
the ,'i'iiviei chimpanzee, who, in point
of ancestry, antedates tin- Peter Lelys
and Joshua Reynoldses of out baronial
balls I
Funny shuns, furthermore, are
usuullv' based on Boine'uhig whlob is
not funny at nil. Their points, in
fuel, often depend solely upon an un-
sympathetic view of snme greal human
misfortune, What is moro pathetic i"
a sun,, mind than u funeral, or a hare-
lip, or n divorce, or a motper-ln-liiw—
yet, shades of EUmcses, how useful they
have become iu vaudeville I
1 don'l think thai there uro any really
lido-splitting storiea in tlie world. Some
arc merely a trifle less sad tbun others,
thai is all. How admirable is the caln
philosophy of the man wlm refused t,
ride with hia mother-in-law at liis wle'a
funeral "because." ns he explained,
"it would spoil ilm day's pleasure for
me!" And yet there are persons so
careless as tii regard this us mere but-
Ami so ;lic endless prooestlon of an-
 lutes files by, none "f thom,   ns   1
have said, really funny—bul some a
little 1, -s aad than the others. In the
jaicuuil days of heraldic eld, when lhe
woods were teeming with pnrfil gentil
knights, uml the sense of humor was
less particular than nowadays, every
king had a jester hired hy the week ;
ami the cliiwn was furnished with a
certain appliance which made all bis
jokea immediately appreciated. What,
prithee I  Nothing more than u bladder-
iall uslla-k.   Wlu'll   tile  jeSt'l   ,'lllllt'  I"  lllll
joke l,c popped the bladder smartly mi
the    floor,  Thai    wns a    signal,    "All
laugh I" So the uproar wns deafening,
Thoio were golden days to live iu I—
Wallace Irwin, in "Success Magaslne."
Franklin oa Cnt<-hlnK I'nlil.
It is well known, says tlie New York
Evening Post, that Franklin made a
particular study of colds uml had it's
own theory about them, which we believe Is pretty much tlie theory of today. One of bis assertions wus that
caichiug cold docs not cduie from mere
cold, hut from uucqual temperature
over the body and from undistributed
moisture, To prove this be made a
number of observations ou occnsions
when lie did und did Hot suffer. A few
of those follow:
Hy putting on u dump shirt on a dry
Ity putting on n dry shirt on a wet
body, though tills wets the body ten
limes more—no,
Ity sitting In a room where the floor
has been newly washed—yes,
liy going inlo a river iiiid staying
there nn hour (no sheds so wet)—no,
Hy wetting the feet only—yes.
Ity wetting nil Ibe clothes through
the body and wearing them a whole
Hy sitting lu a room against a crevice
Hy sitting ns lung In the opeu air-
Is not adulterated In any shape op form, and because
pure is healthful.
Lead    Packets   Only,   40c,   50o,    and   60o   per   Ib,     Al   all   groctrt.
Highest Award St. Louie 1904.
Por the Overworked.—What nro
ihe causes of despondency and melancholy? A disordered liver Is one
cnuse and a prime one- A disordered
liver means a disordered stomach,
and a disordered stomach means a dis-
turbnnce of tlio nervous system. This
firings the Whole body inlo snlijecllon
ami   the   victim feels sick nil   over.
Parmelee's vegetable i'llls are a recognised remedy In this stute and relet will follow ihelr use.
Mr<. ii,-,*. Law, of New York, entertained the liiiikwnr oi Baroda nt u din-
tier in Philadelphia which cost $50,000.
Where can I get some of Holloway'S
Corn Cure'.' I was entirely cured of
my corns hy Ihls remedy ami I wish
some more of It for my friends, So
w'ites Mr, J. \V. Brown, Chicago.
The Russian Duma will be saked '"
authorlio a foreign loan of $37,500.0(10
fa,.- [amine itrlcken prqvlnoei "i Russia.
Sunlight Soap Is better than other
soups, but Is best when used In the
Sunlight way. Buy Sunlight Soup
and follow directions.
Hn.T  I' > aa aa I al a-  AVna   DIsonTr-rr-n".
Schcole in l"s.'i Iiiiii the foundations
for the ninniifnctiire of cyanide of potassium. With prusslate nf potash for
Its base, dried nnlinal matter of nny
nnd all kinds wns dumped Into tho superheated vessels containing the pot-
ash, together with iron tilings und borings. A stonelike black mass resulted
from the cooling, nnil oilier processes
brought tlio (llinl lemnn colored crys-
tnls which resulted from evnporallons
of the solutions. From these crystnls
prtisslc acid was evolved, of which a
'2 per cent solution Is tlie pharmaceutical preparation, yet so powerful that
four drops will kill n largo (log. A
chemist, putting a cyanide solution In
a gold lined dish in 1.144, discovered
thut the gold was dissolved In the
liquid. Tills wns the beginning of the
gold plnting process by the use of cyanide nnd the further Involvement of
the poison enmn nlmut In electroplating, in photography and in treating re-
fractury gold orea.—Technical World.
A   , iiiliiillnx   I'liriull.e.
Tcmngaml is shaped like an octopus,
with long stretched out nrms, ond Its
shores nre Indented with deep circling
buys, Island strewn ami culinlnutiiig In
sharp points nud curves that add to
the beauty of this magical scene. "The
bike of deep waters" Is the meaning
of the Indian word, und tbey lie very
deep und cool In Ihelr bed of granite, In
stillness n perfect mirror, in storm
darkly menacing, with fonui edged
wnves showing fuugllke teeth. Beiug
n hundred square miles In nreu, Tomu-
gatnl forms one of Canada's great natural reservoirs. Mighty rivers from
the height of Iniul to the north How
luto lt, and It lu turn feeds the streams
Hint flow southward, carrying their
life giving waters through tbe forests
to the peopled lands below. There aro
l,4DO Islands In the lake, nnd tho government litis Included the whole area
in n magnificent forest reserve of a
million mul n half acres,—Kate West-
lake Vcigh In Four Truck News.
Record   wheal   I I", *   ailf  a \ ta al     11
the I'liii.iiiuli. Inu  -1 ni tin- other In
,inui   provinces      ine     sutP'tine fi"ii
William Watson, one ol the  original
lettleri in Ladyimlth in 1351. hai dii
there, after 55 years  reildi nee, .a   Iha
Bg  7.'.
Is  Your
Hair Sick?
That's too bid 1 Wt hid noticed It wis looking pretty
thin ind faded of lite, but
naturally did not like to speak
of It. By lhe wiy, Ayer's
Hair Vigor Is a regular balr
grower, a perfect hair restorer. It keeps the icilp
clean ind healthy.
* I am w.ll aa-ini.lQUa wtlh At*,', tt.lr
Vl«'ai anil I 10. II ,i-,T iiiaial, 1 w.a.l.l -aa-a
a Iall. r-,'aala.,.iaa.'l ll aa .11 .ICll.at '"...In.
(or tn. Iiali, kfaeiiln. It aa.ft aa.al ImoaUi, aiaal
 '    • -■ a,   .1  Ilia
  (llll.   ll   aa.ft   .I.ii   Itla.-llli.   ai.al
larr,.,allia.  th.  la.lr   from  .,a|ttl.i
«,„-.."     Hlial.il flUTi   V.«,li
• l,f J. C Ara. Co , Lanr.ll,
■amafiartauam »f
»     UnuMHOL
(■nr man.
a i/ifo tmr~—t-
Udlo o—nn—tn.
uia ■
llu lodi llinl,..
Tlot soda hfllis arc iwoiiimotidoil hy
snme persons for rheumatism, uud the
wuy tbey nre taken is this: Fill Hutu!, half full of walcr ns hot lis can he
borne, n.1.1 half „ pound of common
linking sodii nud Immerse the body for
ut least twenty niiiiules. keeping up
the temperature by lhe addition 0.' Imt
water from time to time,   VuSOllOO or
cold cream should be rubbed into tlie
skill lifter the litter lias been dried lu
order lo replace the natural oil.
A  IIII of liiiKll.li  Humor.
Recently tha London Morning Post
contained the following advertliementi
"Wanted.—A nurse for night duty
only; one tin,roughly ucciistumcd to
bollle bullies."
This called forth lhe remnrk from
the British .loiiriiul of Nursing;
"To bottle bullies? How Ih it done
and for what purpose ure tbesu Inuo-
luulB used when 'bellied;' "
llir  ,l"l. I.   IMI.
no-Vniir now lint Is charming, but I
fancy it doesn't go well with that
dress. Sll" O'li'lillliledl-flll. you dear
old hubby, in, you really moan to buy
me n dress ns wall?
Tlmre should be as Utile merit In
iovlng a woman for he* beauty a. n
mnn for his prosperity, hoiii being
"•quully subject to change,
Rnr-w It,
"Well, after thu dinner Borcsome
told n story about Ids exploit! In Africa nnd then one nlmut un irishman he
met In Switzerland."
"Hut I thought you were not at tbe
"Nor wns 1 at Ibis particular one,
but hnvo attended sixteen others where
Boroioma told these stories."
.lntun.t-,1 lliim-r..
Few people have escaped Jnmmed
fingers, nml us tbe pnln caused when
tlie linger is Jammed in a door is excruciating In tha extreme fnr the lirst
few minutes It Is well to know of Borne
means of relief. Tbo linger should be
plunged Into water ns hot ns cun possibly be borne. This application of
hot wntcr causes the mill to expnnd
and soften, and the blood pouring out
beneath It baa more room to How. Thus
the pulu Is lessened. The linger should
then be wrapped In n blend und wntcr
poultice. A jammed finger sliould never he neglected, us it may lead to mortification of the bono If It bus been
badly crushed, and imputation of tho
linger must follow, Jammed toes nro
usually caused through the fulling of
heavy weight! and should bo treated
In tbo same wuy us a Jammed linger.
nnd II.lit,.,
"It would Iw n very bud thing If
farmers ever got control of tho national finances."
"Why so?"
"Becauso from sheer forco of habit
tliey would want lu be ulwuys watering the slock."
iir Knew,
Meekly—TOB, we're going to move to
Bwamphurst Doctor—But the ciinmio
Uiere may disagree with your wlfo.
Meekly—It wouldn't dure!
New York', lira! Slile-mllr.
The lirst sidewalk lu New York was
laid by a woman, Mrs, Samuel Pro-
vnost, about 1710. BllO was nn Importer and in,'reliant nnd laid tho sidewalk
for the convenience of lier customers.
She bud Importuned the authorities to
do It, liiit thoy refused, saying It was
Impossible. Aflor her object lesson
paving mid curbing gradually came In,
but for BOUIO time her sidewalk was so
famous thnt people Jomieyed oven
from Philadelphia to sen It.
-II,. Ilrlnrl Prnfcilonnl.
Lawyer Quibble - You a doctor?
Why, you couldn't euro n ham! Hr.
Siiwlmiies-Anil you, slr-you couldn't
try n cute of Inrd!
-ine "aV*oTii-nt rifrf.
Tlio broii-e two cent plow wns lirst
coined lu I8IH1 being authorised by SCt
of congress in iho sntno yenr. Tho
Issuance ,.r thli coin was discontinued
Fob, 13, 1878.
Our own heart, and nnt other men's
opinions, forms our true honor-Col*
Didn't Knn.T 111. Pr-of-le.
"rshnw." sh" said, losslng the hook
aside, "lhe man who wrote tins story
never knew tlie people be has tried In
describe, Ue speaks of (ho ber,.In,' as
belonging to ibe fashionable set and
makes tho hero como Into a great fortune yet lie ends tbo story with the
pair married, settled in an oxoluslva
neighborhood ami Ibo parents of four
Painful I'liini. Tun,
"You're 11 qui 1 •   lo.-. n ■ thing to
Wnnt lo light with tne," said lhc young
bulldog contemptuously,   "You're nol
In my class."
"Perhaps ribt," replied Iho porcupine
quietly, ' bul I think I can give you a
f«w points." Brooklyn LIJo,
The   'li,r,|ii„l.e,
Tlie tunpiolse was once supposed to
hnve tin. power of Indicating tho COD-
dliloti of the absent beloved, Whllo
Ibo blue romalned dear Iii Its color iill
wus well. When It turned dull nnd
green disease wns near, and when the
vrecn orcdomliiali'il death was at hand.
Tribulations of a Philanthropist-
(Wallace Irwin in "Success Magasino.)
I An Elderly Philanthropist who was
walking homo late one night from liis
club passed n prosperous looking npart-
1 ment houso and noticed a man in
ovoning clothes lying   motionless   on
tile sidelllllk. "First Iltl to the injured" mannered the Philanthropist
jas be shook tlie invalid gently
"What.s ibe matter, my dear sirP"
No's'n', jes' tuk 11'   rest,"   si.i.l  the
sleeper. -'Where ,1., you liver"' pursued tlie E. 1'. "Thiah part moot
houso, t Iiii-* Hour front." This was
' rather n large frcighl order lor tl„
liild gontl,'inuii, hut being tiding tu do
aodtl he put tlie invalid ou liis shoulder, bore Iiiiii laboriously to th,. third
I landing, lound his room and tossed
Imu into a bilge curtained Insl at the
In nt "1 the apartment.
The Philanthropist inrinodlatolj
iicnt down stairs and out into the
stiect. Ami llie lirst thing he snw on
llie    sidewalk    lias,    nppaielitly,    the
snme linn he had ju-t carried upstairs, "Strange, strange!" muttered
the Philanthropist, leaning over   tin-
! ninii. "Where do yuu live, my deal
man." Tbir' floor front," replied
tlie fellow, almost ini.ii.lil.lv.   Su the
I Philanthropist pitied him up. groaned
'up to tlie tliii.l niior Ironl and again
dumped bis snoring burden into the
m,Y8torioufl canopied nnd ciirtaiiied
bed. And for tho third time ho ivcnt
out int., the -net, and for tho third
tune lound irlial appealed to he tlie
Mime inun iii tlie sum.' place, lying iu
tlie Mime attitude, "Where ,l„ yon
livor"1 he inked, trembling ivith .--.-
citeineiii. -Thn' floor Innil -md the
mail vory Faintly, "I tnual lac going
j'-,,,,, " groaned the E. I',, a- he
rang lor the janitor. "Janitor, for
l>,ui,,, rake tell mc Iiow mnny young
j mon nl'e living in your third II.,oi
n,,nt t" In- gasped,
"Wan. and lie do he    lhc    tliwil'
 I iii" janitor.   "Is he trip-
liiA' ivu« ib,. next question, "lie
i. not." "Well, boa does il come
iln,,. thai I Iin." carried tins tellon
upstairs in In- room tune, put him
ii,in tlmt curtained bed ut tiie Ironl
yet each time Iind him here   mi   tho
Maleltlllk   lioioro   I   I,live   tune    to     get
dmtii stairs,"
"Whore did ye -.,* vou put liim in
In- room?"
"Why, I pn, l.iin iu that huge cur-
tllllM'd   Ileal   ll,   tllO   llullt."
"Well. yos |   old ijlltl" -aid the
janitoi. pityingly, "tlmt ain'l no lied,
thot'a a window,'."
Tilt , la.,,,  imi. a
The chow, the solemn, black tongued
dog which comes from China, Is, the
London Chronicle thinks, the Ideal city
dog It suyv "Ho never barks unless
ihere l< Bomethlog serious to bark nt.
You "pen the dour, und the dng marches out with Hue solemnity. This writer's chow has a ruiigo uf shout ten
sipiare mlltS, and be bus never hurt n
baby, though ho bus gathered Innumerable, friends during bis solemn march
through London. He never loses Ills
head, nud his morning walks embruce
Chelsea, Putney uml the sacred pro-
clncta of the Bromplon oratory,  in-
'1 1. he <iii,-c followed a bicycle t»
llcii'l'in nnd found his wny buck Willi-
in forty eight hours with un honorably
omply stomach, The unaccompanied
chow is ile very lonst of tliu nuisance!
of ibe London streets,"
T!.i"' hunfred .in.nbo
ttrlhtt itlckypapfr.
Bold by all Druggliti and Otnenl Stores
mail hy mall
Wiiei, Remitting by Poll, uu
Dominion Express Money Orden
and Foreign Cheques
Thi Beit and Che-peit
Syitim  of   Sending   Monty   to  any
Pl»ci In thi World.
Absolutely Safe
Purchaser la given a receipt, and If
order or cheque Is LOST or UK9-
IKUKKI), the amount will bo promptly HKPI'MiKU. No red tape. For
lull   iDronnutloQ   and   ratea call on
I lia'1,1  lulel.tn.
Vni.uii.i'' Bonta ».f llltvee.
There has ,  Inl" ini»leni life a
(.-renter variety ot sound uml u greater
volume thnn aiaallcd tl ars of our
ancestors,   To keep ono'i freshness
Ihere   OUgbt   I',   be   II   /."lie  Of   Hilell'V
around ovory human being during somo
part "f the dny. 'lhe finest crenllv,.
work Is done, us u rule, In BOClUSloni
imt i> isarlly apart from men nor lu
solltury plnces, bul nway from tbo tumult   und   away   fr IlitracUng
m,urnIs. There wis organised In Pari!
ycari int" ii * iy for ilm culture ol
silence nn th au-i if tlie Initiation "f ii distinguished mini "f letter! u
bowl "f water wns brought out to him
In ii room  where he was  waiting In
solitude,   lie studied It a moment,
placed ii rose Upon it nml sent It back.
'Hie water bore tin- rose without over-
flowing. To the member! assembled in
another room th" act was th" moat
convincing evidence that ihe luiilnto
comprehended the purnoso „f the fellowship nml wus prepnred in spirit to
become o f Ibo company, The net
wim ii symbol which Americans muy
wisely study,
DODp'S '
',, PIUS
lulu, lul   lllllll').
The hum',',  had s  rn        lb
st. Hi'"  III   It    lhe   lei;  of  ll   hi"  llinl  u
shred "f broken n uc.
"Well.-  -mil  the  Wall'  aaf  lA   fa.,|  fl]
pert, "ilii-i l-i pnie nt nny rate."   Sh*
licl'l up II '■ I'll- 'a' I II fl foi
Iter husband    ' Xo beuno c ni 'i  i"
mnldeliyde in.'       d        Icj i.a' ncld
I,"    cl    l li
Iini .halm, ti„> food expert, laurthed
scornfully,   "Those hits A l""  u Iho
honey," he ■ i   ; lit iitiiicliillty.
Genuine homy novel lim dead i s In
.1. They who mil." genuine I
ioo clean and careful fur nnyl    [of
Hint Inn,I Iii happen,   It ll us ; ii" to
thnl ni real Itouoj o bo, i wl        i
I 'S I.- n* It i' lo liml   n n loaf of
j Urn,I a hukcr'i bund or fuut."
Babies* Urea.
Tbe eyes A nowly born Infnnts ore
ilwayibluo, The* 'i" nol i"'",ii i" u-
■onto their permanent * "1-t until Uio
sislh or olgbth week nfler birth.
W. off.r On. Illicit"! Dollars It-ward
fair lanv- rn«.  if  I'miuih ,!..! snt :. 1  bl
rurwl l,y llnfl a ('atsrrli run.
K J CHBNBT .» ,v   ToMo, 0.
W., th. iind-rslnm-l, havi km,tan F. 1.
Chanty fix in. lavnt 15 yeara, and behave
lilin perfectly hononitli' In sll Uuiln.n
Irsn.n, liens, anU niiiitnlBllv nil. I.i carry
■am any   '■ ViaM-.-.- madi by 1,1. firm.
Wnl'llna. Klnnsn & Mitrvln.
Wholesale l.runKi.ta. T.u.do, 0.
Hnlr. ,-iiinrrli Cue Is iit'irn Internally,
ni'tiiiat aim ii, upon in. l-lood mil muoa
una   Mlltna','.   ot   Ihl   ll.f.in.    Tctlliii,lllll la unl ft.-''      Pries, *lc.    par   bottli.
Rn I  '>   nil  D-un-UIS
T„k. ,1.11 a Family I'llll for (Vnatl|,itlun
It Is nn Indiscreet nnd ti ml .
ntnblilon that carci -, much about
[smo,about what iho world snts a,f ui;
io in- always looking In the f." os "f
oilier* for approval: lo te alv -.    ni
lOUl abOUt,the eDa'a't "f what W0 •!     r
sayi ta, ba always shouting p* bear the
.'cb..,S. Of  aalU  OUO   V"   ,  .       |     ■  .     .
Laws i" ' any tr!-
ting „r powcrlcis llilng falli Inl i them
they hold II fast, whllo if II ll •oni"-
thing Wflgl'   • II breaks through thom
-ml   I.   1,1        Ka.la.a,
.        -
W    N    U    No.   592 ■1111'.   I'.XI'KKSS. NOKTIl VANCUI'VKH, IL C
Real Estate
WY huve enqulripfi (or g *x]
ButtiueBfl und Kesi.lential
property. Um yourn with
Ufl. UY dn thf bUMiiesB.
Consult «s More buying.
Junction Block
North Vancouver,
"Tffi   EXPRESS"
Rolled Oats
Hay and Teed
Milling Co.
Harry Mitchell, locul manager,
Lonsdale Avenue.
Fin-*, healthy Tomato and
Cauliflower Plants, grown from
Sutton's Seeds, always on hand.
ASS kind.* of Job Printing
at Rea&mabEe Price*
Will be paid for lhe detection and conviction of parties who an drstroying my
advertising   sitjns   in   North    Vancouver.
The  North   Vancouver Specialist
Itil Conlovii Street.
Western Corporation, Ltd,
Having in oprulioii n nawmill in North
Vancouver ivt1 tiro prepared to deliver nil ldntln of
Vancouver (jity Prices, i till and >er for vour-
412 Hastings Street West, Vancouver, B.C.
Sweet and Delicious.   Try Then) i
ALL PKlCliS.   At
McDowell's Drug Store.
Sweet and Delicious.    Try Them nnd Me Convinced,
ALL l'KIl l.S.    At	
t ♦♦♦•I +-t-*H-**l*l'-l-*> I w i-»-; *-.-♦' -AM-•■<Hv-.v'-r> !■♦•.•♦ ••♦■tt«>-l-' J
! Rainier Beer -*>  X
I- il  glorio'i!*   In'Vt'i'iigc—ijiii'iiuliiug nnil
M!ll-|'\   illA lal    III'    llllll'l'       llll    I'l' V       III)        Ullll'l' A
"jusi a.* jjotid"—niMt-l un gt'ltiiij; I. .iiiier, I
ToProjicrlij Owners
DISPOSE nl- Lu 1 S,
BLOCKS OK A< l-l-.Af.l-.
PLACE    SAME    Willi
Irwin I" Billings
Corner Lonsdah* and 5th St.,
Ninth \ im mm r
'•-''"•! 'i '•"--"--.-;   PACIFIC BOTTLING WORKS
uws; lim' tin- regular |in ss rt    *■
Vancouver, 1 '■. v."a
ports!,!  ,1 with inaii   mailers i ' ['"w,uu'" '" v ' f
interest; md p vu speci-il atu-ntion '■'*+*•'♦•;"»'! *■» •-i-*+'« ■-v-i .■;..•..>,; ;■ »+■>:■*> ;•■»'+■!■<-. *-a£
11 sp.,1 s,"   We wish   the   ikw ■== -*
I IOTEL, \OKTII  VAX.."( >l   \ !  I*.'
BOARD   AND   ,a      '
IVE fill Ml I'Mll.t'llS,
cits i/,1-. run a i '".•> //''
'   ■ • /. i a
Till  />/'/ I.V.IiW
ST.. M   I   \    I 'A l.'l,
Ale and .SIoul
,,,     ll,,,<!.-•.      K.   .■ a. I. I     III.
Ih- Roijlll Br.'Hii.n Co., I 1,1.
I i I.   ,'.i
Real I sttiti' <md Insurance
' • .       1    «l|V«llU«ll   llll
■     '
\,-iituia- siniess,
|- |. Wouds lius lxr-a.il appointed
t tnsnrei lor North Vancouver,
"Harney" Williams, ..I I in
Express, writing from Arnpiior,
i Int., says that "he is enji.yii :
hiins.'ll inu t/ry wuy. us the intense
limit has deteriorated tin water,
and," In- Roes on, '-it is reported
that the beer is only lit to swim
California fruit is becoming
higher in price. Evaporated
peaches and apricots that sold I isl
yenr at ,|'.- cents a pound, will sell
(or 17 A ihis year. This Incl
should bu a good in,In, ifllienl lor
nut people lo grow this kind of
fruit. There is no place on tin
, mist bctlcr to grow apricots than
IlilliisliT. Siilililnr. \nlill'l Jill'.   I North Vancwwr
■■••■ II  , N"iini V.V" I nil. It. r. /,       a        /-,   i        i       r-       I   I
 Garden Calendar ror July.
ININ:; I*. Mil III
*'a| nu prices, and in mint cast
c/icrt/K r than t I
I McCROSSAX, si III 1.17, &
Bnrrislfin, Solifiloni,
IMiirto, Elf.
,.   II. N   \    llu ' 1
IIL-tl.lll  llll «
CAPITAL    :   '■ - RESERVE, ■ 1,043,1)07
llua.l Ol         Citiiailn    ! ntri  I
II Sum man, General M |. i.i pi. i.i Hi In s
Iiniii. lii-s in llritisli t oliiiiiiu 1   Ashi mit. 1 ii-
lledley, Kaslo, R      mil, Ti Urn \ in     iver,
■ ri ■  ' 1  l
Saving   I '■ partnn nl    1 lupu .its I
Office, Cor. Lonsdnlt Ave. and Lsplnnndo, \nriii Yancnuver, H, (,
j| ...   |   ,|   i, |. ; n, ||, a ,,, ,'. 1NA-IKNT.-I   I'l Wl*,
-   i   «••>•'   * n "'" "*' '  '       !   Amli-ax may hum I oul ol iluor- ,,,
„,„,„   ripen tin; W I.
llllll      l.'ilk'i    in.i- iii.l riniriiriii-inii-l Inu,,
ll<      llll    III   Hll'allL'l     |||l'   hut     IIIOIlllll.
ii tin,)- nr,- t" thrlvo, N" baking iini.
mirvntorj will 'I i. (live llit'in tliu o|h-ii
iir, rnlhur, in   i-l
I l,r*- " 'I un- mil In' giving i I
ll ll.I ....I.     II v..:.'rill.' .       '   . .    ■      ■
dry In iii " lull i i "■■ --.irv il tl .'v
,,i i . In .' |il i itltfiy, I...nk,.ut (nr
tliecmwu lin.li>. whin iy lii-gln in
LOCAL. '|i"» t"*'.ir'i-iif "n'i"iiii"iii'iitii.
I'liinl'.'r-.    ll.'.'iiiui,'mnl li,'.
  I    t'liriiiitiiiiu should   Iltl   nillklllg   ir.-,
gniwth, I iln» l« iliwlrnhle In vl.m "i
|     ,| | gCltlllB -l"'-l. lor  ila,'I   I,'HI'.     Will, |-
mayor and aldermen nnd a [[J hi!,gnrc,*xc.-il,.|.il„r ,„.
I' w  invited guests held it   mosl    SSotwl kwi nm fur  winter  uhim
'""U^   ;"   ,Lr   Cal"lan0       I.i i, ...iiiilllill,,-!,,,,-,!. ,1.
i   In, ulay.    The otca inn    "'inks y be pmiMgnlvd liy iiwrllng
'"l"11'11  inspection ol the >'°,,!ttu!!I'l!trti|1...,|Ir mlwhellicrol
-.-. it' i win lis   li\   llii    council    .unl   llll* iiriliiinrj   *ii,.i-'-  rati-,   tlio   -lur
„•    i rlmr ..l ilea« II i I iirii'kino ofl
ii-il,,'. li' „,".* I.al.
||      a   ■ Ill  l|lli|ll<    I'HH     ill HUH, 'till      I
I '.   1.,'irsnil,   I Ynp.
Electric Liaht
I li, Poles l',i ili< distribution nl Elei trie
House I.i [hting are now arriving ut our
Poleynrd Proi pi i e\r etistomi i are
ia spi i tfully ia |in* iii a' in file their
applii .iii' a ii Electrii I ighl ns anon ns
possibh . so llinl tin i "'i ilrtu tion ,,i tlieso
lines um'.   be   iii..-ii   in   hand   .it   om ■
,   -  tr. r tin  . .1 M.mil,r    mi
tt.iral- ll i I ul llli' It tilllll, il ui'  llll v.
•■v. paper, appeared foi  ihe "bowery weather In ilieanrlv purl
'imentVa, r .his v  ^Sl^^^li'^, ^' "
mlliniil  is uditoi  and  pro     Vlolii*) that have bad k long ipcll   I
,, i, I „ inu. I" r,-t'"l Inr n lutli- while
•h    i.   i
n'.ii.   I'li'i' iln in i-i.'!, r.'tiiuvinu ih,
. .iiiii   pulili* In rs  in a       liowi'i  anil mil groitllini givu lliem
, luii'ilrt'i-iug mnl ilm.  mil toon l»
bittlhc Bnmi   in'iii an uxlepen   Ul'„ „„„„.l,,.,iri
British Columbia Electric Railway Co., Ltd,
4   IU   RFATTIF Notary PubHc. General Aucticnee
Mi7 Cordova  Sreel,   Vancouver, U.  C
Ila- -I'll- hi roniii" ■ r piiviii.. l„„i-"iir buy* outrlglil nil
I lllS.-.- Ol linllH'llolll L'aa.a.l.- ,T  l,|ll,l,n  |l|   «|fl| I, -  |a,r ,',|,.||,
llu Im- -aaini' nl Uu, li.ii-i liiia.hu.«« unl H.iiirii'Mut prnpurty in North
Vniiitnuver,   Hen liim nl niu'i' II you think nl pli'klng up pruperty ill
tlA-iriii'ii    I',,' '■'-". lll'Y SOW, I vmi uill nniki'uinni'V, :: ::
The World-renowned Biscuits made by Carr & Co.,
Carlisle, only 25c- per Pound,
J. A. Mi-.MII I AN, the E^lanade


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