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The Express 1907-12-13

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Full Text

 U\)t iExpWHa
Mayor Kealy pn aided al last
niehi's meeting nl the city council,
A lull board w.is present.
Aid, KniiTv moved n resolution
lu submit it by-law to the eleclors
ill llie nexl civic eleeliiill In decide
VilletlliT llie cityBllOllId I"' tliviil.il
llllii iv.lliia.
Aldermen Dick, Stnilli and
ICnieiv and Ciiy Tn nsutei Woods
tvie nppiiintt '1 in 'A" inlo the
| V. ll nl, t wrote applying Ior
u trussing Irom lot 13, block 154,
it ihe sidewalk nu the opposite
siili* ol tbc sin 11. I'ln nly clerk
wus instructed to write Mr. liailey
advising Inin ol the impussibiliij
nl putting iu the crossing. Also
in ii II Inui llml lie tniilil gel a
sidewalk nn liis side "I the street
by applying under tlie frontage
improvement by-law,
City liiigincer Loutet reported
nn ilu- progress being 111 ide on the
repairing ol the wait rwuiks road,
ll,* also submitted a profile ol llie
wink being carried on puntl. tindei
supervision "1 lhe two engineers,
Tlie wink wnuill cost S350, and il
wns cxpei li'd to have the repairs
made aud bridge built in ubout
IW.' weeks.
Mr, J,,P. Fell's plan tor the
lull-division oi district hit 55:, as
sitliiiiiiia il tii the council (ii their
last meeting, was passed, having
lueii examined bj the engineer
iind 1.iiunl in nidi 1.
A ii solution from the dislriel
council regarding the regulation
ni the Lynn Valley telephone line
operated by the city, was read,
.md upon ine unanimous decision
o| tin council it w.is filed.
A report "I the hoard ol works
rei ininii. 11-I111; the aci pi i ic< ol
Mi. I" IPs oiler "1,1 park iu district
lot 55j. nn the condition that the
council build .1 roa 1 in this locality,
tus adopted, and Mr. pell's ol I
,n 1 opted with ili'i. ks
Alderman I'n It spike on the
advisability oi placing .1 slreet
lump .it tin* iinin 1 fi I'nsi street
and Si 1, orgi • nvenue    li wns
I*  ll  lll'l   ."   al"'   I'll   '    111  I   liglll    f	
I he " tingles" have opi m tl a
charter lisi (or North Vancouvi r,
and  candidates  maj   sign  their
n imcs nt tin' lollowing pi u e 11 C,
Mee, Moodyville: I.. Ueda, Palactj
Hotel; L>. C, bull In t . hop, Lou
dale avenue;   P.  Larson,  Nniti
Vancouvei    Hotel;    McDowell1!
'lm ■   ston .   Wnltlon's   hardwrrc
store, I'm   treel   Sleai
Millan-.    .i-i.l    lh    "     ,\    Hn hi
jroci i\   totes,   The lodge will be
inaugurated cm . in | in 1 try,   Up
t"  date   about   thirl) five   liave
li ■ 11 d tin 1111
Col, (' P Na ,.' .ia , who is
heavily ini, 1 sti a| iu mining at
Je.lw iy. Queen Charlotl I , ,
1..' kui it .1! tin II itel North Van
1 ouvi 1.
I Ir. A. vou iiiiiiiliiii, gi i" 1.1
manager ol the Dig Passage I op
per Mining Company, Knight1!
Island, Prince William Sound,
Alaska, was in this ciiy today.
Extensive alterations are being
in ule at the power house oi tin li
{'.. Electric Railway Company
i'ivo 500 K, W, transformers
(1,500 horse power) will be in
stalled, A large air fan will also
lie put iii to keep the iiiachiiit n
ut :i proper temperature.
St. John's Branch ol tin
W'nn.en's   Auxiliary   (Anglican),
held   s   very   Successful   sale    tii
work and high tea y sterday after*
noon   and   evening.    Hardy    &
Stoney's store on Lonsdale nvenue
was the place in which the affair
wus held, and their v, indows pre-
st tiled a K;|y appearance,   when
tho  iiiiiiiei'niis  useful   and    I.nicy
articles weie therein displayed,
Tea was served from 6 lo 8 p. in.
The lateipls were *?17", which
says much (or those having Ihe
affair in hand.
Invite all your Iriends lo Christmas dinner, sn there will be plenty
in laugh at tin uian wlm carves
ilu* turkey,
The " Lounge," Lonsdale ave.,
opposite the City Hall, is dis*
tribuiing nui' nl the neatest calen.
dais ol tin: year. Mr. Warlow,
the proprietor, has certainly made
a hit. Tlm calendar contains lout
leaves with handsomely colored
views ol Vancouver and surroundings, and should make many
Iiieiiils I ir lhe new pool and billiard rooms, We extend our
Humph Dinnpty gal mt a mill,
lliimply Iintuj.iy liml a ureal lull;
Multiply I nnu il in Ids resignation,
A Vll'tilll ol   IllVesllgtlUtlOII.
A Vancouver leamster went io
slot p the other day uud fell oil his
wai' ui, II ii I).nl been a water
wagon, now
\ln"il lull pui ft ur yesterday un alia nip; tins in,ule Iii Imlil up Mrs.
Elevens, wifi  nl t'lipl. Sti vens, ll   die
mis i* ii'ii"". ia In'i litinie ut \1 ly-
ville,   \ in in stepped n(i l** her jusi nl
llie plum where lit* ill:! I ll'll   - is
.1 * liiretl from lhc pathway lu
her death, mill fined lu*! I ill Iter hy llie
"lun,I'lir     wilhnlll      -pull,ilu'.        "(in
' nt . iiii In I." she '-iii.I nml
i i, in lt< I L. ta i* am.n In a powerful
effort, Tlu inun nlli ti I ni in in violence, km tun nwii) m'li iill speed, IV-
',, in. M ii,,' un.l I'litviht'inl I mt
-liilile Sinilli v,a in ni I'm llu' Inlet In
invi ■: He, but nnd I .* a  nn Iract  "I
iln* ninii aiil ek tlu:. I't'innint I until
lhe Insl  feir.   relumed,    Mrs,  Sli fi n
* *"<nl.I identify tin* innn ivhu
■ ppi I In i if she -.'.* In ai a.'iiiu.
t ver;   , '   '     < ■ '<!..' I nk pin e till
lhe iiu'iiuii- nl   Wi lm -ilny.    Dee.    II,
*, '    .Inllil    'I hamuli,    i 'iiiii'    an.I
rli       Sjliel Sinilli a i  Ihi   Inline ol
parents,  nl   Vielurin
I''".   Nurth Vniii'tiiiver, I'he bride was
'.  '■     in i    i-i.i.  Mi s Smiih nf
'. in    .. i. un i Mr   V Htniiild m letl
I npp uple limit
Illlt    II'"   at    laa.ll     fill'    Slllllll'    1*11      lllll
i.'iiu'ii iii the ''"i.i a ol a week or livn
uill I"' ai 1  In Iln ir friends in lhe
a *"ii*l   In ii .   mi   I,, uli   n till,   Vielurin
I'nrli i.i I.   The i-apnlaif yttiili    *  up
havi     ,    !*   rlj      . I   .u.ll*
nu ni. in Nurlli I'liuenuvi r nnd nem
III     ll Iii'l     II    li.   llll   I   ml   aa.   n
'   lhe iiffit'iiilitiji i-h'i'i/jiiiiiii.
"in  Ihe    fuel    ol    lhe
pit |l ,'.i mil     i      lh  * I   !in    fill   in   llll
i.a ' fi ii  years
■  a. iei    list ns t niplt'li I fi i
,. .i ■     ., ,i I in lhe ill In I
II    vitlel'S.
.i        i nt aii*. mum
,   i'i   i ui nn i  .a nu ■      S'nrl
t i
a          ■     ,       llllll      pi'HU'11 VI   .11   ■          llll
                                                           Ill' l.ll'        "I       III'
l'l|            .       Hit                    ' 'III     |||   III'
ill.         ll   I .I.lll    pill.|      III
ti ii i,    Iii I'.inJ, Iii hire in-
. ii, '■ In a ih     a am I cilj
ii   a   lolal   "I
' .eii  ill   IH.I7,
,il i it'll ji iii   .a  i,    ulj    1511   rati
pliyt i '   III  ■   Hi I'i    rt jisti n*l  nil   lite
lisi fm ihni year,
i . :. rlli V,iii,'.im r ll.n liiaiiv rnm*
pany, enpilnlizi I an (tin/UN, will npen
slmrlly iu the tlullhle sture in llie mn
Mnhoii, M I .irkui'l mul Malum bluett
nn I."ti- ."  nvenue,
Tin ipneitius fltsir nren tvill he as-
riipii .1 In im rylhing in tlu linrdwui'i
  including   tin ia nml heavy hnrti*
',11a         all ll     II  ■    I'l'llll.ia    IU    '     Ilia  I     |llg    a  ,
 'll        '  '        I    .        Ill   II   ' fill
im In! '.   ;     in  mnl ranges,
I'lei'lrit'iil i     a . [mints, , te,
u It i.ihl" local capiltil is invesletl
in ilu* untlerlnkiim, lml lhe lm.** i in
h i< ' .in In hi hi Mi. Campbell and
Mi   Hiinnit'i "i  Irtmsiile,    llniuiii    S
1  phi II.    .1.   W, JncksOll   I- lllltin il Ili-
lle: tnuoaiier ol tho now concern,
Tlie Asiatic llu liii-itni lengufe moetlng
liehl in Nurlli Cm. laiin't i,n Wednesday
ovcnlng n.i- ovhlonco oi Uio i-iiiriiii' hi*
leu'-, Mm i- being tnkon I'hrouglioul
llie province in tl,in (jaoitliui,
Mii.tui- Ivealj presided .mil opened Ilm
' im: willi *i leu  I'oiiiarks, touching
"it llio actions nl l.i.'iil.'ii.int ilnvi'itior
linn-niuii in niiiiii*, tion witli Ids ngroo-
iiiuiii for ilie iiiipni'i.ilioti   "i   a   largo
n lier "I Orlontals as laborers in Ids
''"llii'l'il*.-. Mr, Kealy also -puke ol tin'
continued Influx ol Hindoos, nnd later
endorsed nnothor spoakor's Bland, lliul it
was u ivorkingiiinu's problom, nol only
in thin proviaco I,ni throilglioui tin'
itlii'le Dominion.
Gordon Grant followod Mayor Kealy.
Mr. Grant referred repeatedly to sir
Wilfrid Lailrior's recent spoccli nntl the
ntlitwlo tnkon by Sir Wilfrid on llio
inii'iiliil question a- it nffeeted Canada,
[a.ni,< nl,nli llritisli Columbia. Mi.
Grant slated he was n native son and
liml always l.i*i*ii n Liberal, lint he considered Hint Sir Wilfrid l.aiiriciV -.land
on this question was in violation ol' tile
principles of Llbornllsm. Ho referred to
tlui treaty tiith Japan wliicli regulated
Un* nu .aii." of Immigrants to 180, Thi*-,
Mr. Grant said, hail beon brokon in the
flrsi instnnco and Dial It scoincd as if
llie powers Unit bo wero bending tholr
knees lo Tokio tor n solution of this
pruhleiu instead of taking tho linsiiicss
in haiiil in lliis country, us Australia
h.iil iiniii' ami .1- was allowed by tlio
colonial offico itt tho coso of South Al'ti-
ca's ileni.nul- for Oriental oxclusloa, Mr.
tii,mi took I'Mi'piiiin to Sir Wilfrid's ox.
' ai-.- regarding Irado relations between
Japna ami t'amiil.i, that ii was necessary
le give llml country overy concession
|i.--iij|.a to Qiicoiiriigo trade, nntl bo lurther staled Mini' theso elaboratu conces-
sions wore being made trade hail fallou
tiff nbuul in i»'i "ui.
Mr. (Irani slated on behalf nl tho
leagus Unit there were nt presenl over
sun members nml Ihal thero wero leagues
forming In neorlj every city mid town
in ihe province,
tli**'. .1. I'. Phillippo, president ol Um
Norih Vancouvei brunch ol tho league,
-jai-k  ih,* pioneers oi' thi- country,
ttho iiimi' lii'ie nl the beginning nnd did
.ill tin* oponing up ami dovotoping thait
unit exist, ami he llioughl tin' Iniil ol
iiu-,' Inborn hh.,nhl not li<< allowed l"
lull in Um hands ol Uricnlnls. Mt.
I'ltillippo llioughl the Natal ucl was a
miI-..ni step in I,,, taken al once, II"
also considered that when Commissioner
King submitted hi- findings to Ottawa
the* then ivaiitiil surely understand   ilm
* -ii*  ■ ul  *na*   i|iii-slion   Inui'.   He
iiunl uin*,uu,a in tlic dangoronff eoiape*
inui* these Japanese were In llu' tvliilt'
ii,i ilm seeming preference "I Hie
mil-   nml   lal'g p. till I inu.-     lm   Hli.
I'lit'iipi'i class **a  labor.   Mi.   I'hillippo
*!.. >i . ten an i" tin  I ni-i'i rivel fish
I'l   ■        llll!   !l     aula*    Ii'l'      |0.1. tii. llll       l "II
Hulled I*, iln* Japs, I lh" shipping in
nl -I*    -.iliii'.n Hi,i.  ivai going "ii I	
'li'- - 'ce it i'ln.nl ilm elighlcsl revenue
li. I'll llllllll,     it"  linlhi'l    . .ili'I  that     he
ii lent, ini! iimt ilm rnilwn)    I ies
unl Fltamifw i.aia" .... a.ii ion mi.- Inrgt
ly t   linns Ul.' ai i  Um presenl .lliinllun,
Ml.    I'llilllpi I   lail.il     alilll      l|,i'      I,'
 I.'lll.l!   ll   tin.    lllll   .1   ['"lllll .ll   In.ill- I
'ill!   .i   UillVI '-.ll '|H<   I."li   i..  I      !<   a   I
,.11 i'.aa,. . alike.
S, .1. (Ilillllll'll I |n*lli,I   mill .1 ii'll-niln:
>i l.n   I",I    I'm in <  fm   it    iin-»n
"ll'lll li I    lal I. II.III.'■      Hi      *l    li""!
I'l      li Ml.    (llll llll |'.|    *-|,',l,l*      ll'll      "1
ll"' '"I a  H'lli'i  -  null,  ol   I ll'| ill I \  ' ii
iti iiii   , \ a,.] recently,   He tlal
ml th.ii in Ilm findings ol Hu1 im,'oia
ai aa.a   i I   h.i   im, large rorpornlii n
ii'in mixed up in ihi* influx, niinti'ly,
Uu* ('. I'. I,', uml .l.iini'- looi- p,   II,'
al 1   Unt   Um   llllll.'   *!■* I lialilni'll   ili'I"
''''Ull    "'pi, I      I"    Ji,))!    .llnil,.'   Ill"      Inu
■ I Um i'. I'. II, Mr, i!"ili,iiil contlnnnl
Ihnt il ivns uol mi much n inicsllon Um'
tiiiuhl nffecl the presenl genornlion lint
ttijiilal in tin* i,,ni-i. of n verj ten yenra
develop min hu h proportions llinl   tl"'
pritbl  ttniihl llien l»* more difficull
i In*, mid ii would he Impossible for
a itliiit* mini In lit" in tin- seclton "l
iin* cniintrj *ii all. Ila* also drew nllen*
lion in vogelable Chlnninan and Uu* ilm
gent i*. whit h Uml .»\],...-<*.| Un* consiuncr
aa     tlll'il     | III!   a-.        M|,    Ill,llllllll    lll'lil'tl'll
lliero nmi* from 3000 lo lOM unemployed
men in Um clly today, ami llml the
it'ln In community should pull togclhei in
I'* hit moving Uo' Orientals mil.   I"
I sing, Mi. liiaih.inl slated thul thi
league was putting up u full ticket ut
Vancouvor anil Hint thoj cxpectod It*
carry with n linndsomo majority.
Alileinmu Jordan 11111* next cnllod ami
stated iii siibstnnco thai il tuts in the
people's h,imll- to "ii*i Hn* Orlontals. II'*
ll.l.s  InforillOt]  thai   .iIhiiiI '.111 per (I'lll  ol
Hm voii'i- in Un* pt'oti woro included
in Un* working chus .1- u.'nlust capital
anal upon Oils lint mil lineal a BcllOlllO lol
the Ktillllioli ol Ilm tpti-tii a. Ill the first
phut' he stntttll the unions i-hollld he
kept lli. tut! Ilntl Ilm Isww should !»'
1lir.pe111.e1l with, These, In* thought, weie
the nun making large .'ml easy monoy
at tin* expen I tlm witrkem,  Aid, Jor*
ihni then "iiiliiieil ihai Uo* vest union of
all < lasses of working should demand Ike
Blipporl or Um ni'i. li.i,ii. Havi > Unit
Un' merchants mil,I in llieir Una ro*
apiifi' Hm railroads in exclude Ui" Oriental Irom thoir employ anil in llioovontof
Ihn railway company nol ngrcolng I"
Mieh a proposition llu* merchant then
would havo il in hi- power I" transfer
lhe freight transportation. This, Dr.
Jordan thought, would have thooffocl ol'
bringing lhe rnilroads intu line. Having neeint*]ilisheil Ihal, milts nntl minos
atul othor large institutions dopondont
on railroads for shipping could Iw
brqught ovor until the wholo, inoluding
labor mnl capital, would he brought lo
the successful issue ul oxclunion.
John Duval spoke ul longlh anil referred to himself ami a commltleo having
Itt cope tvitli this same (jucstlon twenty
yeiiin ago, Mr. Duval ondoi'sed lhe previous spoakor's statements, omphaslxing
the slultil thut Australia had taken. He
siMike in strong tonus of tlm noeossity
lor quick nction nutl the dongor delay
meant in this matter, He thought the
ii'iuliin*,' doss of llu* wholo Dominion
should join forces ami strive I'm a salts-
factory settlement,
I). ii. Dick said he was an excluslonlst
through nntl through, and he dhl not see
niii British Columbia, the fiem of the
Dominion, should he i-ohltc! liom Iter
legitimate owners. Mr. Dick roforred to
the nogra situation in the Southern
Stalt-s us being similar In the state ol
affairs here, lie stutcil thai tliey wore
lit"ii*,'ltl in lor ilienp labor purposes, Imt
thut now they were multiplying to such
.,.1 extent that thuy were beponitng dan*
gcroiis. Mr. Dick advocated seiiiiiiii: Inlt-
bylste to Ottawa tu kesp in touch tvitli
tth.it un- transpiring ami olfered I"
-imi Hm lisi niii, j'.'u to further this
(ieo. Hartley spoke briefly.
I.'. 11. IJitai' gave his oxporienco "I
several yenrs contact with the Orlontals
in their oittt country, He also outlined
■It,* slep. Inkon by llu* Australian government to evi lude those people, Hi*
-iai,*,I lhan a,, Hmi iin,* in liistrnlin
iieiy article manufactured hy a Chinaman hud lo he sii marked in a prominent   plllCO on Hi" al'lii le.   »l'lie Vital ■" I
was al-" put 111 I"!"* there, he saiil, ond
besides, mily one Chinaman I" overy t"tt
"i .. ships tonnage was allowed lo enter.
Mi. llu.a' farther staled thai the white
uian lots tm prhiilegu iu lhe Orient, uml
lie thought I,lll'lll.1 lia- "till '"Ilm*.' llu
 Ii'l    niltl    hilt   shaalll    -ll"    lllllllll   a'"l
Um bettor ninl iiii . dongerom class,
I,',     II.     ll'll''ll,'- .Ilia*    .1     la 11     . la,-III.
nit'.nks. endorsing Hu* views Voiced by
Hm speakers oLtl venlng uml milking
.111 earnest appeal foi  both 1 al onil
'in  i.ll  siippnt't.
Sl'Veral     tll'll     llll'lllhl'l        lu'la-    .l.lal.'il     t
lhc U-l ■'! lh" cl 1 Um 11 "
Licence Commissioners.
I la.       I-    Ut     ' I      I	
llli l   iii  iln   . ill   hall   Wi iln,  llll)   all, 1
* ni       Three   iippln,iinui    I'.i   lull ill
'I |||ll|     Iii'l II   "       t" la      I'   I'l Ilia      llppll
nlli     ii 11   \\    I,'    -ouili iiiiii    t'.    I!
Hickman, ul  Nurlli   \ at* 1    an. I
Wells Briia,,  *i Vmicnuver
\   ii'in 1.1 tin t appliaiiii' 0   fulfilled
iiii ri'ipiircil f.-in 11111 ilnys nolic< In Hit
li'.allil  llu l a a all KI tint  he  -nli ml. Th'
hinird ion I- again in   .la .ny,   when
iha-a- appin iiinni; mil probably como
op nguin in proper Innn,
llenewnls were gfanli>l ia» I'  I.iir-'m
-al ih" Hotel North Vnncouver, and I,.
l:**l.< "1 lh"  I'lllama   lintel.
Tin inplili'il Iln* business   nl   the
There were presenl Mayor Kealy, A.
II. Stcacj and Allien 1 Jnrdan
Alderman Joiilon occupied Am clinit
ill lhe illwliie id   Matin   Keal.l    al  Hu*
regular meeting ol Hi" cilj council 111
the eity bull Monday lllglll There WOW
present Alderiiiiii Dick, I'lntory, Crick*
limy inui Hlliilh.
A. I'hilip, clork "I the dlstricl municipality, wroto Advising llinl In** c il
h.nl adopted tho resolution passed bj Hm
nly council and the reports nl Hi -
Kit is regarding Ut'* repairing "i Iho
waterworks pipeline road. Tho expeneo
was roeoniiiiondod to he Unm equal))
between llu* two councils The letter wai
referred I" Hn* waterworks comniillce,
A letter from th" dlstricl In relation
ton resolution pa*-'*.! rocendj hi the
city council regarding the telephone
poles und line on Lynn t'alloj rond »,m
The district, whllo welcoming tliocity's
offorts in Btibmlttlng a sohome lo snlvu
ihe difficulty in this district council,
i* mil entirely satisllcd with the
city's resolution and in consequence submitted n resolution to lhe city   which
Hmi   oskod  tlm 'ity  t -submit,  aud
which stated in substance that considering thai Hie tilt had obtained ' loin
porary prlvilego in oreel [>oIch on -.ml
loud Hie tilt should in the ovenl ol the
IKiles iii an; way iiiieileriing with uny
onlatgoineiil "t tin* mad, upon three
months notice remove them, Also, thut
the itly should he liable lot any damago
caused bj said polo line, and that ill lhe
ovenl ol the ili.-tui i in ani oilier company mi'i uui* a line along lhe Lynn toad
Hit, eity tlouhl. where poselblo, use the
nun Hue, ll was moved that llio mutter 1st laid on lhe table tilt nexl mooting.
J. Kirkland wroloasking permission '"
cut and entry nway any cordwood on
Twenty-firs! Btreet i"t 300 yards 1 »■
or less enst nf the plank toad. Permission lino granted,
.laa-. I'. It'll ti lole enclosing plans "I
h,t II, block HI, II. I,. 205, and ha II,
hlo.k S, I). I., i-'ii.'i, showing oorners tail
oil In moid jug.
Mi. Poll's plans outlined in colors tlio
portion which tias intended for   roads,
The lettei also stated tlmt tl -' ol
■.iiiii'ii,I'-, etc., necessary for Hi" deed
((mild almoin: I,, alioul *J'', ami he
llioughl the eily sliould boni   ll X*
It ua.- resolved tli.it the plans !"• sub'
milled ..a Ulr engii 1.
Alderman li 1.1 s*.n.' notice ol motion to introduce a bylaw nl nexl moot.
Ing lor the subdividing th.'   cilj    into
11 .lid*.
A recommendation   1,1   ihe  board nt
noil,, regarding .1 change In Hi* id In
li. I.. 55U ami IU,- engineer's reporl in
'aalllm, t I',,,     llllll    tills    cllSIIgO    tills       I.Oil
ovei nil nexl meeting
The meeting limn adjiailm'd.
Church Notice
mi liinliM   i.iirin 11,  N.  iv. CORNER
Clais meeting to a. m.
Morning Bervice ut 11 a. m,
Evening  serviee  at  7:311 p.  m.
Rev. Ik II. Balderston, 11. A.,
NORTH  . INI "I'd R ' llllnl.lt
Sunday Services — Mass at 8
a. in., Sunday school at 2:30 p.in.,
lenediction at 3 p. m,
l'asttir:  Kev. E. Peytavin, O.
M. I. Y. S.
Holy Coinnitinion, S a. 111.
Morning prayer, 11 a. ni.
Evening prayer, 7.30 p. ni.
On lhc lust Sunday in the month
there will he a second celebration
nl the llnly Cniiiiuuiiionat 11 a.m.
Rector: Kev. Hugh Hooper.
Services will lie conducted as
usual on Sunday  by the pastor,
Sunday school, 2:30 p. ni.
Service at Moodyville school at
7:30 p. ni.
Prayer mcctiii'; on Wednesday
8 o'clock.
All are welcome.
I'astor: Kev. J. I). Gillam, M.A.
Service at 11 o'clock a. in. in
the Orange hall; Sunday school at
the close ol the service.
I'astor :   Kev. David Long.
All are welcome.
Mayor Ivenlj 1- making exb nsivt iin*
prnvt uu oi* io In- ii -iihiu'i  Wiilii-
. hn avenue and when completed tvill
presenl an imposing ctlifiec Mr. Kenlj
having a cninplt It iion ) 1 reeled nn
Iln pn -"lil .-Ii'in luri v he'll «ill nil I
laiti'K in the insial" capacity and will
       iil-11 be nn iinprov I li-.m an iiiilu-
lhe nun civic elocHone iii the 'ily   otjtccttual point of view.
Ami'i*; iln* iittiillilali    !...  lit.' .i.ii'l,
all  la'il     I 1.   || Jllll     I       .... a   a     >l|!,     is     ,\| |
Ales David  nl iha' -1,11 -l The Ks
Will        :-    I**   I**     *! ll'.   1    IIU    || I'    II"   '
Iiiii *k, eiirnei        I i    '
iii" |; p| n nl, 1
.Mi      I"'.    1,   I    ll."'-,
'enii'  arrived In n   huni ('Iiimi    In 1
lie lias 1  1. * 1   in   no  loinir)
i"U,   ivas In lm'.'  gi   ■   a  11
a V
liml.. 1 .    Ill   Wl   I' 1    Ml ih'   Ii I   1 hoi' la
Ids nflernisi ng In ll
a, li
!   '    Ill     I  "       I  ' lllll'll '|   llll)     I.   ll ll
''a 'li    llnrlwcll    i.   ii *
111 llu  ill;  l'u a   li- 1' i	
'Mu   lim . nf Nnrlh \ '"
laalltl I' Hi Ullri I'l'    la'.ia ll.lll
church wns ci h lira! 1 )t li rday, :*on-
IIII>',   III   Un    a lllll. ii   In |,
Tin- iiiiii y   crvici     n   . mlucled
ll)   llu    ll   .1   Uii tin ul Sl    ■
a hiu'iii. \'ii "•*' 1. ami ei il" ' vi ning
lhe llev   A   .1    M illivrnj   "l   St.
John'   church, Vancouver, officiated,
\ largi  attendance ivns   pr 1   al
both -' una ■
(lit Tm -'dai alia in 1. llu    I", on la 1
lhe IIUBpicCB 'al   Iln    Laulla       \l i      l'il Ij,
tie* annual snlo ol work v.ill In* held
nml in ilu* evening a spli n.i irl 1	
bn   i" ■ a nrrnngi 'l.   1 il    ng   which
il ngregntionnl   iiippct    will   In
Col, Tiai v  Im      co nai'l    opi 111-
*    ■       ,a.< ;. 111;' Ihal  portion *f tlu   dl-*
lint's   lalllil    A dull    !ln    ill  ll.' '    I      1      C
-. Ilnn.' ian li"'. 17,
I'mt a,l Iln rinttil iiiiiIi r lhc -up'T-
vision "1 Mr. Keller (vent oul on Bat-
iii'ilii) lo   |" 11 up 11 (amp.
Atluletic Club
Al  Ilm "p.a i.ii  1 Iiu,; "I  the    N'Ulli
Vat nn  nhl,ii, club held   Tuesday
ovonlng, .11 it huh I't.-militii tfoKonilo
l*i*   .I'd, lhe question, "I securing now
preiiiisefl ivns di- n. ■,*.!.   'I'h mmittM
iippoiitii'd at Un* li-i meeting la look
nu*, Un' in.iii. 1 .md report "it Iheii find*
int;- had null una olil i    sufficient   111
iheii opinion i" put hol ihn n Ung,
Tin* proiiosithin was from Mi. I', l.ni-
-"tt. till,, ,,iii't.il   In*   pavilion   to the
1 lul,   lm    -J11   ]"' 'la   .mil   all   equal
iiiiIsion "i th* 1 1  **i all entertain*
meill-   lllal   ii'l"   held   III   Un*   Imll   dm
mi: iln* Iii" 01 Un- arrangement.
Tha- "ini. .iiii" sonic *li a tie-don, uai*
niuinniiiu-la accepted .nni a committee
-ei' ii I i" arrange nn ■'.:"• meal tilth
th, ban  ia.a   imiiiinnted,   li ivas do*
< id**,! io hold il"' i" it .''ii'-'il meeting
nn I'l'uani** 1 ."', when noil negollntionfl
u'oild 1 11 -nl' red snd cltaed foi lite
n|H'iiing ot tin* it"" premises ami gym*
1111 "a 11" liml "i '!"■ "ait.  It tins
■ al    I.i 1    Ul     In  'all'-   "(flT
Uill   tl '"   ■     '."'lid   hai.'   ll ae
of   'In'   ISlWltng    'I*       a'   *"a      lllll''.
1,1     |.i,. :        * *       thai In* would
ij. .1 million .1' Hn 11. \t moetlng
ia I...' .ia - should In*
■la        im-I'M.I      "I
Contact Let
!*   1     l.l*. 11       I
pntit has let the eni
.■..in  11 pnt
I'.l'l,     ll..!
'I   I"      • a   I,"      |. ' ■   ',.   '     p|     .   I   ',,(
II ' III i' '. ll fill  Iln   i il)   aii '..nit   i'ay«.
Tl In * a,i v,   . ntrnel    ipu-
I.ii" Ihal Iln   1  nul   1"      i" ' ia rirod,
leveled, given    coal   I bum     * !  and
■ !* 1 *l■■■■ I*    I in 1    • ill    v In n I'Uiipli't*
a I, iu. . ni .rn ' \'. li' ni recreation aria
which 'till I"  an iii'liiaann nl and Bliil-
nidi   I "ainiii'aalati   nny event what-
''■' I
\i pn 'ni iiii iv is  a   Inrgi   grand
li *      *   un Is   ".lm h   a    lliul' r
ntrnl a,1    ihr    ,\a Uii     .a
(lull     Tin     .
whether ii wnulil it
llllll*   foi   ih,     alhi, lii     It       .11 ' 11    I"
Iran Ii 1  tin ir inten Is in  lie- ' niltl
11: i" ih.   i I mpni
n iiiui  a..,,| .        onlargi onil
n ,,aii,vi   ihi   grand 111 I    in    keeping
Ith   Ull a.p.'lllV   ll' llll
ii 1 1 a", iii in ' class
nrth 1 nml ]>•   ihl)   luaki     in factory
i.h   fnr   any
1111) it* nt lh") Wished I" pull nil, THE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B. C.
Nortli Vancouver, li. C.
A Weekly Newspaper.   Published by
T hk Expekss Printing Company
Subscription, ll.tw
United fitatei and Fotelgn, f 1.50
Strictly in Advance
Ol late there has been considerable blasting going on in the
district, I'm Express realizes
the importance ol this work.
While there are numbers who con-
template building residences, yet
objection is taken to this pro-
tniicuousfiring into the air ol huge
stumps, especially in the close
proximity to already erected build
ingSa We would suggest to the
municipal t ouncil ol .North Vancouver that it should take cognizance of these lints, anil notily
owners ul adjoining property that
the objectionable timber contained
thereon should bc removed, nol
by the use ul dynamite, but by the
process ol grubbing, II they do
not gut notification ul this kind
they must get the stumps out
without the use of powder, which,
to say the least, is the most
expensive way. We hope that
the council will take into its most
carrlul consideration this very
important matti r,
Bank of Vancouver.
Elsewhere in this issue will be
lound an advertisement announcing the lacl that a new bank it
shortly to be established at Vancouver.
Hitherto, and especially at the
present time, the capital ol eastern
governed institutions,  as well as
the l.ui;e monetary resources ol
the west (deposited with these in*
institutions) liave naturally been
at the disposal ol the east.   Western enterprise and progreis lias
been undeniably hampered ihruugli
the want ol a Pacilic coast directorate,  who have   lived   and arc
living in the centre ol western industries.   Such a directorate can
only he satisfactorily conceived in
au institution with thc objects ol
the new bank.   Owing to the extreme tlillictilty in obtaining advances tor even ordinary commercial Imsiness, the present is deemed
the most opportune time lor the
organization ol a strong fin ■
institution especially devoted to
the productive development   cl
the western maritime provinces,
It is an undoubted [act that the
present tightness in the money
market  would  not exist  il  the
wealth ol llie west were used mon:
freely within it, instead ol being
10 freely transmitted   to eastern
points and thence to New York,
where-the financial pressure has
been, and still is acute.
The policy ol the new bank
should bring about an immediate
change lor the better in nil conditions ol commerce nntl business
generally, ind should ensure ihe
hearty support ol all who have
western interi i. tl In art lor the
new bank.
I'lii'i'i'Tit Shepherd hu proparod and
polled at Has CUy Mall and l.'iii-'lith
Avenm* Wharl the Voters' l.lal loi i 08
I ii- tori would i" indl advised l"
lerutlnlM the Hat nnd   tlmt their
iis'tms appear thorooil Any elector
Uniting thnt ):t 01 I ,-r name hai been
Improperly omitted Irom the Hit A,, nld
make application to tht Clerk lo lain* It
placed thereon,
mi Saturday, tho !!ltt day ol l'"*
comber, at tho hour ot 2 o'clock In the
afternoon, nil litn lhe City llnil, North
Vancouvor, U.C., a Courl ol Revision
will sit (or tha purpose ol hearing and
determining any and ill appllcalloni to
have nny name or nimi'K Struck .dl or
plirml on the Votert'bill lor tht City
ol North Vancouver, 11KIH,
Tno.MAR SiinrHRon,
City Clerk.
CIljrHall, North Vancouver, B, C,
iJerethber 8th, 1907,
(To be Incorporated by Act of Parliament ot Canada.)
CAPITAL, 2,000,000.00
This proposed Bank is being organized and will liave ils head
oihee in Vancouver, with its Directors chosen by tho subscribers to its
stock at the organization meeting.
The Western Provinces, and British Columbia
In Particular, have for some considerable time felt the urgent
need of an institution such as the proposed Bank of Vancouver.
The formation of new industries, and the development of those already
established, lias been very seriously retarded for want of ordinary financial accommodation, and the primary object of this new Bank will be
to alleviate the situation by largely confining its operations to the
splendid field awaiting it in the Pacific Coast provinces and more
especially in British Columbia.
The Bank proposes to do business on the Safe and well laid
down lines of the old established Banks, and will earn their respect
and good will by a continuation of this policy.
The Bank of Montreal has its Head Ollice in Montreal.
The Bank of Toronto has its Head Ollice in Toronto.
The Bank of Ottawa has its Head Ollice in Ottawa.
The Bank of Hamilton has its Head Ollice in Hamilton.
The standing of these Banks is beyond question,
Pur Viiliie lul account
ul HiuLit I'ttfient Viiltte or
l'i*l Sham            l'i*i Mime I'lldlviileil t'mtils
The Bank of Montreal $100.00 $260.00 $11,000,000.00
The Bank of Toronto  100.(10 235.00 4,500,000.00
The Bank of Ottawa  100.00 226.00 3,000,000.00
The Bank of Hamilton ,., 100.00 217.00 2,500,000.00
The above Banks while doing a General Banking Business throughout the Dominion, each aims at fostering and developing business and trade
Specially In their Respective Cities and  Districts.
The Bank of Vancouver will aim to do the same, that is,
to encourage and promote legitimate Imsiness in British Co-
lumhia Particularly,
'I'he Capital asked for is $2,000,000.00 in 20,000 Shares of $100.00
each.   The first f" ,000.00 oi Stock is offered the Public at a premium
of 10 Ji, that is, $110.00 per share. Payments can be made in full or on
the instalment plan. Interest will be allowed nt %% per annum upon
the par value of the slock paid in until organization.
The Provincial Directors, when appointed, will reserve the right
to increase the premium upon the remainder of the stock, also to allot
or reject any subscription in whole or in part.
For all further particulars apply lo the Imperial Trust Co., Ltd.
Vancouver, B.C.,; Kingsford Smith & Co., 860 Granville St., Vnncouver,
B. C.; Campion & Pound, Fairfield Building, Vancouver, B. O,; Brett
it Greor, Yates St., Victoria, B. C,; L. U. Conyors <S Co., Victoria, B.
C,; or E. 0, B. Bagghawe, Victoria, B. C.
All communications and remittances, etc., should be mailed to—
P C). BOX 890,
Vanc-owor Adtireiit
lil Ci.nlii.il St.
I'limii* JI'JJ
Week lii'linn Dcit. list.
North Vancouver l
Junction Mink
'Phono 37
Cnu It
1   flaw
I'lviMoiniieil iitiusooti ('lii'stuiitiiiil nml Tlilrtcontlit 120x140
loot,  A imi tii'tilitrly Kimil buy,
Cornel Iiotvli.li uml Flllaontli 181x149 loot, Olmeiru tilt Bile.
t'riitij uini 'iiunii.hi rulxttvo tu our lorvlct*,
Tlm li'i'iuli -tlreol, Out llltlt nl !..'! 0, llliick 73; lui iinviilit' air
slilnil ii inmti building Ik* mt mii roiioinuiouiltlili,
A HllHp ull [.iiii-tiUlu lavi'iiui', a.Ml.J   lelivuoii Ny* 1111*1 St.
Atul 1*1 a tniiiitlt loi itiiv ,*,ii,1,.11 |uta.
rtrit at oul, lul 5, block 10", iliiltlct lul 274 (Improved), tvlllt
ifltlltlK cabin.
liltl acics, utio in tlu liom nuriHiil Wftterlrout, tlti an ncii*;
on titruiH.
I'.uir l'3 tore* tin Ka,un rotul, weal ball ol lOtti *, lemibi
View 111 bay: clime UiHiilt wntci; tlncia vcaih lu pxy llie
[ail lal 111 a:
I ONSDXI I   [SIA II, O. L, 265
LOTS  fllOll   I'ilO;   l.'AKll,  J«7
$4 MEN'S $4 SHOES  $4
We claim to carry tlic lies
of this popular priced Shoe in
tlic city.
llux Call Lined. Double
Sole, Goodyear Welted
Vevur Call, Gun Metal Calf, or
Fine Dongola, single or double
slip soles. Ml Goodyear Welis
Neat Dressy Bouts.
Ml AT $4.00
70 v 240
Close to saw mill anil plank road;
ten minutes from car; only $100.
Also a lew I 4 acres lm $100;
terms, io \ down, $io per month.
House to lei, d rooms, all conveniences ; splendid view. Also
one for sale; $500 cash and Jao
per month.
Two,,perfectly cleared lots on lonsdale Avenue
$900 each
Time Table, u>>7
•0.00 A.M.
•0.45   "
H.00   "
8.40 "
9,30 "
10.15 "
11,IB "
18.15 P. M.
I.I.'i "
11.16 "
3.15 "
•1.16 "
6.15 "
11.15 "
7..V> "
8.15 "
11.15 "
1U.I5 "
•11.30 "
11.15 A.M.
10.45 "
11.45 "
111,45 I'.M.
1.15 "
2,45 "
3.45 "
4.45 "
5,45 "
ll.i.'i "
•0,80 A.M.
•7.M "
8.80 "
(Lim "
0.45 "
10.45 "
11.46 "
19.45 I*. M.
1.45 "
2.46 "
3.45 "
4.46 "
5.45 "
0,45 "
7.45 "
8.45 "
U.46 "
10.15 "
•11,15 "
111.16 A.M.
11.15    "
12.15 P.M.
1.15 "
2.16 "
8.16 "
4.15 "
6.15   '
11.16 "
7.15   "
:tt mi Sunday.
IFPIMTION FUR l,ll|l (111 ..IM
L™ ui ihe next meeting nl tho Board
l.in'iiiti* Commissioners for tin Cilj "I
North Vancouver, I nluill npply Inr »
retail llci'ino lor tho mIo "I iiilrltnotil,
fermented iiiiiI other llquori in bottle.
lur tint premises known m l"t» io ami
11, liltii'k l.'til, tli.-tricl mt 271, nn First
street, orectod according lo plans ami
Hpi't'ilii'iiliniiH ti) Iii! "ulmulti'il (or lite
approval ol said board, all in thu wwl
City rn' Nnrth Vancoiiver, II. C.
Wm. II. Smith.
Dated ut Sorth Vancouver, B.C., November 20, IW7
riuiiH, Quantities, Uvela
Sii|ii*iinti'iiili'iit'i! nl Construction
r'tii'KTii Stiirkt, *"illlSKK LONSDAM Avk
" now I'irtt llall, nn Fourth steel
(one wiin ivniilil tako up roaltlonce in
tlm htiililiiiir preferred.) Particulars ar
to the duties can be ohtafuod on application being made i» thf undersigned,
who will receive applications Inr tin'
post till Thursday next, 19th Instant, at
5 p, ra, Applicants must Btato salary
City Chirk,
City Hall, North Vancouver, B, C',
December unit, iiHV.
•*-' the first aittinit nl Ilm Cnurtol Rn*
vision apiHiinlt'il Inr llio iiiirpimo nf hearing complaint*! aitaiiiHt Ilm AncMinient,
Ior the year 1808, iih made hy tho Anm*B-
or nl tlie Citv ol North Vancouvor, B.C.,
will he held within the City llall, North
Vancouver, B.C., on Mnmlav, January
Bth, IMS, at 2 o'clock p.m.
City Clerk,
Nnrth Vancouver, lt. 0., December 4,
One Jersey Durham Cow, giving
gallon and a half of milk and in
calf.   Apply
A. E. Crickmav,
We have some lots left in this Original
Subdivision.   Call and see us, and
buy before they nre all gone.
The Electric Tram runs
right through this property
It is bound to   be  an   important  addition
in the nenr future
Easy Term*
Por I'ricrs itml Maps, apply
11! SEI
440   S E YMOUR    S T R K E T
Mabollc Williscroft
Special attention nlvon In lingering
anil iiiitc protliKitinii,
Studio:  Set I cottage, South Bov-
entoonth, Lonsdale East,
Any Kind You
. .Want..
Lonsdale Avenue
Between First ami Second
General Teaming
•f-" tin* Information ol intending
sotllora uml otliers, thai Bolection Ims
beon iiiii'lf nl tho 8,600,000 acres ot land
situitlt'il iii tin' Peace llivor Valloy,
Provinco of Uriiisli Columbia, granted
inllil' Dominion Uovornment undor the
provisions of Suction 7, of "An Ai'l relating to tho Island Hallway, the Graving Dock and Hallway Lands of tin*
Provinco," and audi land in nnt opon tn
entry undor tlio Kami Laws of llio
Tin* block soloctod is described ni follows: Commencing at n point :i;i'..
inili-H sniiih of iln* Peace lllver, nu tho
120th Meridian, lining lhe rinatcru
boundary ol Iho Provinco, thenco IVost
"5 milt's and SH.tH chains, tlnuicc Nurlh
72 miles and 35 Oil chains, thei  Kits!
76 miles and 88,04 chains, thence South
in tin* iiuiiii ol 1 once ui, following tin' 120th Meridian, and containing
approximately 8,600 000 acres,
Notice is Alsniiivi'ii llnil, uilli 11 view
tn facilitating Bottle nt in thf Vitlluys
of the Poaco, Parsnip and Pack Rivers,
the lollowing boll nf Iiunl forty mllua in
width, and extending 20 mllea on oaoh
aide nf ilm Peace, l',irsui|t and Park
Rivera has been reserved fnr actiini
settlers, to bo acquired by pro-em 111 ion
only under tin* Land Act, snob laml imt
being npt'ii fnr sul,', leaao, license or
othor alienation under tho -.ml Acl ox-
t't'ltt by pre-emption,
Commencing at the interaoctlon of tho
Western boundary of lhe block ol luml
selected by the Dominion Government
witli thn Peace Itiver, thenco following
the PeaCO River anil Parsnip Itiver tii
their I'ltnlliii'iii'i! with tin1 Pack River,
and tfionce following the Pack River i"
the point wlicrosaid Pack liivr leuvos
Mel. I Lako, ami extending fan- n distance of 20 miles nn each siili* n( said
Rivera ami approximately IVO mil, in
All lands outaldo tho boundaries "I tho
Dominion Qovornment Orant and ilm
reserve nlmve described aro open (nr
location undor the luus ol lite Province
Ailing Chiel (' lisslonor
nl i.aiinls ami Works,
Lands and Worki Dopartmnnl,
Victoria, Septomhor I3lh, I!tu7.
Accountants,    Auditors    General
Commission Hrokers
Rial [state Agents
TaiaBPiiofts li 2102
(i.ii lit'iiiiri*, ain.l II. I. liiini Survrvor
'I'linsK .'*.'-:
liiilliiiiv*. tlrMjoi, Watei Powers, Sillmim,
Sllperlltli'll.li'llriiail I'ntl-ltlli'lliill. Mll|„,'l'llttll*
■at,-, Mining I'liniiii, Btib*lilvliloni,Qta
-It llii-liini. Bt, tt'.,
v.iS'urVKii, ll.e.
(iimd Hry  Cordwood delivered nny
wherein lhe city for fl.OO a cord,
(Inters solicited.
Fourth Street, Itittween Lonsdale ami
t'ln'sti*rlii'lil ave.  Phone 67.
Have mt hand a largo supply "f Cement
I'.lnt'ks, mado from fresh water sand,
Samples may be seen lit thu now
I'l'iiirnt residence on Second Btroet cast.
Si/..'nl blocks8x10,
Full particulars can lio liad from tho
Western Corporation ollice, nr write to
Nnrth Vancouvor, ll, 0
Rolled Oats
Hcuj and Feed
ihe Brackman-Ker
Milling Co.
I iillileil.
Marty Mitchell, local manager,
Lonsdale Avenue.
Fine, healthy Tomato and
Cauliflower Plants, grown from
Sutton's Seeds, always on hand.
tbc Date of tbc
Which will be AUCTIONED off by
TUESDAY, DEC. 17th at 2:30 and 6 P.M. THE  EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, 11. C.
Terms, tine-foiirlh cash, Imlnnco U, 12 11111 18 months.
'*: 1'   s
0      '-
2        5 HI
101 Cordova Street, Vancouver, B. C.
P, 11. liti\ 380,
1836      THE BANK OF       W
One of Canada's Strongest Financial Institutions
Iniul Asscls over $50,000,000
This Dank has u record behind ii of nearly three quarters
of a century of successful banking in Canada, witli
assets increasing every year until they now exceed
j   .
Monev Advanced on reasonable terms—Drafts bought and
sold Mane) Orders and Letters oj Credit issued payable
in tin; leading cities in tlie world,
Farmers' and Iruit Growers' requirements will be given
special attention,
Ollice: (or. Lonsdale \ve. ond Esplanade, Norlh Vancouver, B, C.
II. R, II1.1 mii, Manager.
British Columbia Electric Railway Co.,Ltd.
Cars It ive the Fcrrj I.am lim; for Queensbury Avenue, 'I tventy first
street and Loi lale, Winch itreel and Keith Koad as follows : 6:15
a.in,, 6:45 a. III., 7:15 a, 111., 7:45 a. 111 . K:ij a, in., 9 a. 111. 9:40 a. in,,
io:ui a. in , Ait* 1 10:25 a. in., cars w'" leave Queensbury avenue,
Twentj first and I in dah avenue, and Winch street and Keith Road
al five minutes lo tii' li un and twenty liv. minutes past tlie hour,
in      ive Nineteenth street and Queensbury avenue. Twenty lirsl
street and I        ile avet      Winch street and Keith Koad as follows:
la a   111 . '   ; 1 ,1   ni., J   '   III., 7: |0 1   !,i ,  • a, in., S:.|5 a. 111 , 9:15 a. III.,
.aim.   After y'..(n a. 111. cars leave tin Eerry Landing
at ir- n     •■        ' the thi ho 11 and twi nt) niinuti - to the Innn.
p|f'   All boat   are
Hotel North Vancouver,
- ■    ~*_¥v
"     ■
I ll   lll'l
Up lo-date
■_./:*_■-A W'^^iil    *__mi-&*.\       Eainilit *
lerry Sen ite I very lliiil lliuir to and (rom  Ihis Htilcl
to Vancouver. I'. Larson, Prop.
Rainier Beer^
Is a glori';- beverage —quenching anil
i'::."    |{i nn'iiilii'i' thorn's no  other
"jusi us good     in    1 "ii gutting Rainier,
Vancouver, I-J. C.
$1.10 $1.25 $1.50 & $1.75
Corner IE»|)lanade and Lonsdale Avenue
Mi. A. ll. Diplock has returned
from New York,
tbo Indian people, nccompaniod
hy a number "l chiefs, will assemble here from all parts ot the
province mul celebrate Victoria
day liy holding all kinds of field
ami aquatic sports, In lhe evening, prior to the departtu . ol the
delegates, a band concert and fire*
I stimuli's (men on All
Klndfl (it I It'll 1 i( ill Work
Cor, Lonsdale and Scccrd St
TC Dec. 17th
AT 2:30 nnd 8:00 P. M.
in iin*
I'or, lliiatiiiip I Homer Sis.,
Van,'..in.-r. It. C.
330 Acres
-nli-ilitiili'il Into
Pared* of 3 to 5 Acres
One-third cash ; one-third in
tun* ■• ar ; mn* iiunl ii, two
years.    Inten st, 6 .
Si tilers: Renit nilier you nre
biij ihis laud direct from the
Munii ipalitj and are not paj ii .1
profit tu speculators, Huy first
hand and you buy right. Cuta-
I logties and maps now it.nly.
Mr, T. Benson, Rossland, II* C,
is a guest al tbo Palace Hotel tlii,: works will bu held
The Eagles give an "At Home"
on Wednesday, December 18th,
in O'liricn llall, Homer street,
Vancouver. Ladies will be lhe
ICaglcs friends Club,
The Young Peoples Club ol St
Andrew's Church will mee! on
Thursday evening nexl instead ol
I'lirsilay evening, which is Iln
usual meeting night, On Thurs
day evening Dr, Fraser will be
presenl and address the meeting.
I In: subject uf the nddn ss will bt
" Love, Courtship and Marriage.'
The meeting is open and all an
Well lillle.
The Moodyville Gun Club will
have a slitiui tm Christmas 1 lay,
as this is the second shoul ol tin
series, a grand spoil is expected.
The Leggi tt trap will 1 sed,
Mrs, Alex I'hilip, Second strict,
and Ini daughter Muriel, arrived
home lium Scotland on Moiulaj
iast. They crossed the Atlantii
111 the Lake Manitoba ami had a
vi i\ stormy passage, lasting fotn
teen days. Tbey encoiinttred ilia
stuini that wrecked lhe Mount
Temple, and were driven a 1 on*
siderable distance mil of thcii
regular course, The Manitoba is
a large and very comfortable
steamer, and the passengers wen
not seriously distill bed either hi
the storm or the delay. Tin
travellers were glad to reach
North Vancouver afit r an absi nt ■■
ol four ami one hall months,
Act panying Mis.   Philip on
her return hum St otland was Miss
Violet Wright, daughter ol Mr,
Samuel Wright, ol Dundee, who
came out to this pio\ ince lo he
married to Mr, Ki. hard Simpson,
on ol Mi. James Simpson, ced
man and nurseryman ol Dundi a.
The happy event was' elebrati d at
Mr. Philip's house, on Second
street, iiii ■ itternoon, lii v, ]. D.
Gillam, M A., ol St, Andrew's
a hmi li, "Iln iateil. Miss Lillian
Simp  m sistei ol llu bride a
bridesmaid, and  Mr. S.
carpenter,  lean   Prince
Rup it. Iirolbt 1 ol tin bridi. m ti d
as groomsman.   Mr, Willi
away tlie bride,   After the ci n
ninny the happy party fi ri
group and an excellent phi I
ol Iinin was 1 ikeii I", Mr. I!     ■
photo 1 iplu r      I hi n ilh 1     the
!*. itt  sal down to n
t. ,1 • pn ,u! hi Mrs, Philip loi tin
happj   '" 1 a lam.     Mi    ami  Mrs.
111 ill an ike then Iioiiii: in
\ an i'i 1 Citj. when Mi    imp
sun  is to a ,'     th,
Mr. L. Reda, "I iln Palace
Motel, i-, nlih iu I,,   around again
alia  I   ,1   |a  ','.   ,|,|\ i|  I
Alfred Hclconrl 11 I Iv ird
1 : ' ame 1 |i (01   ' pn iiiiiiiit\
befuri     M       Worship
Mayoi I,■ nl.  iin   min nil
(illlel uud ih it  1 "in
and   di po itin      in    slo|
11111 lum Law ,■ 1 ii 1 Walki in
ippi ,uia| [01 the di ((111' an I A
VV. V, Iiiiii*, lm thi prosei ution.
i li ' t'u\t ie a* u i,i lo how thai
tin prisoners mi tin 1 nh instant
viia alleged to have dropped
. aim iu iln iaid machines,
Tin witnesses for lhc prosei ution
in i' Win. Walmsh y, A. L.
Davidson, Henry C, Lar I
Larson and Chii I Davis, His
VV01 hip .-* ni ihe accused up (01
trial .11 the spring 11
1 In Maj ■ jtli, tu m '.- 11, Chii fs
|ue Capilano, Chilmapiill and
I:.1 il Donapartu will go lo 1 hi,iwa
in wait 011 ihi' govi nam nl 1 the
Inly elected repn enlali us ol iln
indians ol this province, and pre*
a iii Premier Lauriei Mill a lisi
,1 grii vances,   On Ma)  24th nil
It!M  It l.'MSIIlt) tlAHL OM  Mil C0A&1
IUths: (H.r-u PER
Special Huh lo Families mnl Regular toilers
Half-hour ferry connection to and from Vancouver, lint and cold
miter iii every ronm, Kuturn call bulls'In overy romn. Harbor
Bliop In c*. .11 Meat iim.
Sii.iM* .-iiitni, *   NORTH   VANI OLIVER, li   C,
Lun in 1 \vrnui Uctwecn I . 1111 th ami h'llth streets, cleared
lot, size 25x130 lei 1, to a 20 fool ull y, Price J2000, Terms one-third
I'ash.'lialani'e ti and 1J 111011Ilis.
Fifty-foot lut in same block fronting on Lonsdale avenue, Price
,-|uuu.   Similai tonus,
ClIKSTKRI  AviiM'l     Near   I'iftocnth street,   lot  60x150 feel,
Price $550.   Terms one third cash, hp lance in '1 ainl 1: months,
lun itin Sin 11 i\n 1 >i 1 1 v,i .nn Am M'i I lutilile im ni*r mi ear
line, magnificent situation.    Price $aioo,   Terms lo be arranged,
Twu Cu .(Kin Luis un I'uikii 1 nth Siukii Close to St. Andrew's avenue, size 50x157 eai b,   I'm e S450 eat li.   Easy tt tins.
I'n in Strei 1 Between Lonsdale and St. I li nrgt 's avenues, two
lots, 50x140 each,   Price $900,   Easy terms.
Lonsdale Avenue—Lot 50x120, between Eighteenth and Nineteenth streets. Price Sgoo. Term- one-third ca ih, balance 6 and 1:
Fifth Street- One block from Qtieenshur; avenue, ,two south
front l"ls. 50x137 each, to a 20-foot alia y, Pri' e S550 i'.ieli. Terms
tiiie-ihiril cash, balance 6 ami u monllis.
Sis 111 Sim 1 1 In block \ 150 feel from Qua iisbui') avenue car
line, size 50x137, to a 2o-foot alley, south hunt Price $600 each
Terms one fourth fash, balance iu C and i.i months,
We have also a large list cl properties in all parts of the city,
We deal exclusively in close-in city properties, ami can nflci you
iln lust bargains and the choicestdocntions obtainable anywhere,
Correspondence solicited, ur better still, call ami see ns ami let
us show you whal we h.ive to offer,
Cornel' Lonsilnlo Avo, nnil luft.li St,
ti:i„ is NOUTII v.\\rui'vi*:i:
J. S. Rankin, w,lun,,('r
f,i.; Pender Sin • t.      Phone 4.72.
u 1X11 1 ' I'dH
Brink   §fe
t w
f* Thorpe's
sr. stiiivs BRANCH Ol'
south 1 u 1  ■
Silk- -1 Work Ten
inn snw. hi C, i.Mii
Lonsdale Avenue
B I  L B S
liiiiti 1 cinii', Holland .mil ,t,i|>au.
rulinhle vini- •       I 1      '1 ihlr prices.
l',rlili,:i'r-. Hi a- Sup*  Spray I'lllllpA,
Spriivlnp Mm ii il, 1 rn I la.in 1-. ele
Oltlesl i-ial'ii-li'*l tiiir-ei'v mi tho
iiiaiulaiiil ul llrui-li I ullllllbili,
t'iilal"*.'Ui* lm*.
un iiiii tt
1*    '■.',..  1 1
['uini         1 .   ■
Not -11  \ '' *.  II   C.
\m,n viiiinoi! um in: mmm
•^ at ilu* meolh .■ ill Ihi Hoard "i
Mccnshiii Cniniuissluin r« i* r tliu City ul
Norlh lum cr, i" ia" hold en tho
second Wednesday aai   ll 1, ItllH), I
■hall apply for .1 mco fnr tl ■    1 ■ ol
iplrllUO   I, li'l'llaa'lll'"! a.l nlhi 1
bottle, fnr llio 1 T**i 11 i —- liimin as llu*
uililillt* sliopnr -I"!'' in ih" Kllrn* Mer*
gntl   l)l0Ck,  silltal*' iall   |a,I   |l,  .ill, i|iti-i,l|l
ill lnls It', ami lu, lilu.l, I:,.., ihslrii'l lot
274, in llio CU) "i Norlh Vain ter.
('.   I!.   Ila  I, l|AS
|i;ii,*al at North I'lini'oiivcr tho 5th
dny ul December, Itlll",
i A. A. CR«H'i)I'ON
ani. NdTAIM  I'l I'l.ic
111 nil It* llllll	
Minimi:   I'Ihwi mnl
'llJUItl III    II. : • '". '
Man '■.'■■I- lor 1'   1  rclul
I'roii' >a     ih'IvI)
ffOfHcui—Klimr ^■.. V.. 01   l.'iv-ii.u.i:
1 1   open ai :: p in,   II   '
11,1111 il I" 8 p. in.
I rn  Tl   llOtl   ' '"'a    ' -, 1. .-nl'.
KOTICE 10 rimiiiriims
C| m.i.I'    11 M'li:-,   rii ■
0 I   *   || 1   I   *    -a'l    1,1    Hun
',',.. IH)   l.l    II"     Ila   ,,     t     a    I    llie!    I   lllll.
lllili II r tho erei'liot
and eoiiiiilellt 11 1
[niino aeliool haiiN        I
\ 1 Wm. .■ a Id, mi 111, 11, inrinl
III it il,
I'ini-,     ■
loriim of tender iiibj Ihi 'eon on ami after
ll"     ''ila  all.      ■!    I','   *  la      . I        |            I     ,!,■
llli —I Ihi I'IiiiIk 1 la |k *:l *t, 1.11.a liter, "i.l. '/,. UcNAilglit, Knq.. Secretary
[the ' 1 " 1 ■ a'" • .t'i. Vancouver,
.nni .it ihe I.au'l- iiiiiI Worki Deport-
in. ni, Victoria, H. ('.
I'inh |ii*'|aia-al 1 1 La- accompanied
lav .111 accopletl bank claip r eertlll-
i*.ii,*i'lili'|i"-ii ima t'hiirlcred bank ol
Canada, made payahli n. the llonnrablt'
lhe 1 Illlel Col Indonor fur  11  mm
e'luiviileiitltileni'iri.nl.tiltlii* nui I
1.1 ilu* louder, ivlui'li -Imll holorleited II
Iho party tondorliiBdeclfno tu enter luto
com ract when called upon to do poor ii
hu fail In complete the work t'on-
iraiii'l ("r. Thecliciiueaorccrlillcatei
ul deposit of llliiuiccewilul U'lidcrcn will
In* returned lo Ihom upon th" oxceulioii
01 iln* contract
Tendon uill in'i bo considered unless
niudooill mi '"rui' iiii'i'lie'l. -i'.'it"! tilth
the actual sl|tnature 'al the tonderer, and
i*nil*,.-.,,1 in tin*envelopes fnrnldnd,
Tin. lowest of any li ndi r mil noccs.
-irily accepted,
I. I,. 11.11(111,8,
Public Works Engineer.
Lands and Works Department, Vi* ■
toria, li. C. Uli I'l'i'i'iiilur, 1007.
Come in anal   ti .I'm you can gel in
fu  1 ni.   IV 11  umpire liivnrably
nn iiie I'at'illc
intr I'"- 1.1 it lllld i.laa-ttaii* Depart.
in* 'ii e iiii '. I*   Ij  for Inspect! nlso
an * I. .'an.l li 1 Jewelry.
All tn : i. 1-. -I** 1***1 "" i" \ anennver
llir aaillllilll*.' ill   a.11 r lilt.'   lill   fill   IlllVe
I, a.*i II- || ti'li      I'.i   I**' Ill I     Nurlli   Villi.
I'm-, iii. \Nli   I'iii 1 ll im,11.,
Mi 1 ,1   IM n
1 , 1 .     Cu 1/11 KS     Si* . ■
1 1       1 Jill Sl III 1
Semi  in  yunr r.r.lir.-i  unit  fur Dry
Oreen-Clll Clear Iir.
SI lan uli-. por cord, delivered, .fll.00
Cordwood, lengllis, delivered., .. ll.aO
In slock,  linmedlaludelivery,
'a n
n 11
Cor.23rd si. nml l...ii-.lal" Avo,
0P*Loave ortleri ul Waldron's hard.
1 BtOl


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