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tSam, Vampuvrr, HAt fwmv, JwwS, iwi,
To tba Jfilactora of tha City pl North To tba EMon pf t|m Pjty of Jfoflb
Vancouver:                                      YaR<Wor i
ladies mi Gent|em»n,--At tlio request ol numerous Iriends I bave dc- 	
ratei to offer myielf a. a (»*»• T?*V?M teJ)*** * ?
*r tb. office P| .Idnmtun for Se year __ KJ!WLj-5?JK
fair vote respectfully solicited.
Vflurji truly,
.,;   y  . ft'ftps
it V& v-*1 t--i' - 'it ~~ATJe
"Tito folfoflmt-iaiiiliiFf for wpp m-
dtrppfjpn were pponiii a' a »pcci»|
PflUf)p|| meeting yps}«Ffjay tftamfjfffl:
Tanilw'B for a mk prpuber ware alpp
To Iba Elertora oi North Vancouver:
I   beg   to   intorm the  ciiiieln   mnl
*ttmtm H»t.M»i \m u-tiwN
to alio* my name to be placrd In
nominal Inr fltoffW for |ll|l, I
bereby towent.
Having resided in North Vufli'numr
fat upward* ol seven ycnis I um   ill
finale with local conililiiim nml buv-
'Ifg   thii knowledge 1 can, 1 Move,
aerre you faithfully and wpll.
- liEO. J. imiLI.IIM'O,
Ladies and fionflcn)aa,-J hava bw
anna I bavo been rolimtynta, bM \r W
bcun urged that ipy axprriflwa "icptil
lm o| valuo to our yopng pify and I
hpva.tgiwd to 8% my iiunia tn gn
' 1 kin well enough known mid py
past eight years of wnrk nmong vol)
siieuks for ilwlf. I am not put (to
serve any personal or sectional intercut bul to help tfl pi'tiiimie ilm upbuilding of a graat cjty on thp Npftll
Shwvi      ,     ■ ■ .,
llraiinge and gond .streets   are the
nrgtuii ueedH of onr of'ji nnd by bwi
nim 'like method! them ihould lot n
he nnal. , Economy, lair dealing and
mieiiil nri|er ure nlwoya essentials; ill
civic lifo.
If elected I will di'igently work tp
oblu;n lhc host for nur cily lhat is
possible nl nlliiiiiiiii'iil.
I um, In,lien nnd gentlemen,
Vaiuin faithfully,
ALEX. I'llll.??.
'NOTICE  ia  hereby given   thut  in
ruance of lhc rower vested in pic
Sacliun (17) qf the ''Municipal
Elections Act", I will Imhl a court at
th« City Hall, North Vancouver, ou
Tueiday,   Ibe  3rd   duy   uf .laiiunry.
mil ai the |,.,i,i oi ii.iw o'clock iii
.||» forenoon to baar and determine
caaea wbara it ia alleged that any per-
aoa'a nanw bai Luen inipmpirly omit-
ltd lro» ot pla'-ed op the Voters'
Iial for tba year IUII.    ,
Police Mugistrute.
jfplipna|(|, QipwaW » Ph., Pinl
street, W4,0flfl; Betopp] stfpp*, !§»,-
0(101 Third itreet, 183,0011 j Esplifflado
l3l,iHHI; Lonsdale Avenue, 6|b tP
lilth. BUM; KflFM tt LflniJalo,
Sll,nmi; Keitli, 111(1. and 8th, Fprbpi
Ip   l.ullsdnlf,  ifllli.llllll.
W. A- fi*ncdy, FiF«t street, in,-
607: Hecond stleel, 148,1180; Esplanade, i'in.m.    .
M. P. I'ntiiiii t Po., Inn: ifi'iot,
wii.KWi; Seeniitl street, llfi.ii.-iii; Third
street, JlU.llf.ll; Eepli pade, WHO;
Keitli, ISth to 8th I'm hen to Lonsdale, |13,8li0; l.tiiuidiile Mill to .18t|i
t-M ; Mnin sewpr, 947.475.
ll..inin.i Pinto, First slieel, WII.IIH.
Il.'i ; Second slieel, {48,664.11 ; Third
sired, (43,683; Esplnpade, 133,489.-
ii'i'ii. I'liilit". to liiiiilule. 114,4118;
Londule Sth to lUth, $36,711; Mnin
sower, $44,366.
Mcllougnll 4t Co., First street, $47,-
133; Second str.et, $311,1:61; Tb'rd
street, $37,816.76; Ksplnnad.., ri-2A.li.
pfSTBIPT PPPMC WPTUra      ¥cNoi«h prprpisPd^k*'thanks, to kfr.
\        — fai'v -for flio mft«»y jaMikI tp
'I'lio^tnAt-Hjiiiblic mcpiiw pf Hip Mm «>' atldreaalng Hm cli«ttF«- Po »i>-
Di«ti|p[ council al wbiph ttp Bopyo'pcnlwl tp the ratepayer" uppp Ifio
mul thp CouiicillhiH will bo callpd tb!gro|ipd pf ||)p nerfie,-, rpn-dtn^ by |i'm
|vo nn account of t|icir sto\yar^a|i)|l j IP tjip pity fp duto.    It » iih 'Wfftf
for thp pail year will lie hull) in tbi
municipal hull pp tliu Fsplnnndp on
l|)o evening of Wiidiiesilny nest at 8
Lniisdule Ulh tn llllh. $36,3.18; Keilh
Ull,  and   Mill.   Forbes  to   Lonsdala, jibe situiitinn relleviil
$11,11611.311; llaill, $4l,3fl7.|16. | thnt nf lhe cuuncil i
T|ic ratapuycrs nttcndtil in large
numbers at the meeting In hi 'I foil's
(jay evening by Arnold K. Kculi', MJB
ilnl.tie for ninjor. Br. 1). Vi. Hcces
in i »| led I'he thiili'.
Mr. Kenly wns thp fir4 sccalKr. lie
begun by combatting llie repi ri llinl
during his prcviuiia tenure nl nlliee
city debentures had lii'tn snld loo
i In-.i|i The whnle world wus in u ctin-
iliiii.n of lni.'iiia'iiil slriligency ut thnt
'time, heavy cretlilnrs oi the city worn
prewiug fnr pnyni'iil nnd lhe cuiluc'l
wus very glnd us weie llie ralepuyeis
geiieriilly wlnn the snle unsniaiile uu>l
Xhe iii'lion wns
smh nnd   unl
Tai the Pl-acttrn* til the I'ily of Npplh
Mr. IIDlilll.AS \i   HEEVE, ut the
retpiesi ol n lurge number uf ralepay-
pn, liogs |o offer bis servicei pi a Di
li. Mel.i'un *.■ Cu„ First sti eel, $16,- ,of uny Individual, i'lmoi iliu /, lie
.-nil: Second sti eel, $37,8011; Third rriliriicd the pnliey advoealnl by Mr.
streei, $34,8011; Fspljiiade, i33,40l; MeNeish relnlive In putting i-riifluil
1 aan -iiul.- ,sili tu Ililli, {311,800; Ki illi rm i nn u roiidiieil made nl dii I
Mh   and   Uiih.   Forbes   to   Ltiisdnlc, I thrown up out pf ditches.    'I he  f.ick
$l3,mNI; inn in sewer, $13,11811.
Tenders (ur rock crusher 1
Vi.   C. ,Thiimpsi n   It Co.,
I, aia
reclor uf llie Norih  Vnncouver City Western Engineering Co, No. 1 (11x18)
Ferries for the year IBM. "     ,».W". No. 3 (13x31) .$3/ii;il, No.   3,
He is in fnvor of:. j (ISkSOj   $1,860,   No.    4,   two irush-
Energetic and wild lilul iniinagcnionl ors $4,100; A. II. Willlmns k Co., $1,-
of tho traffic J 800; A. li. Hmwn it Co., $M:0, pri-
Careful and businesslike adminislr.'i-' CM ''»' Ml' "'^ l"'rm"' WWl»i N"'
tion ol the hnencei. "1 B,W;  H.  Kan|a,  M.'IW; P, F.
Strict enlorcimeiil nl all cinitruch.    lackson h Co,, $3,6«l, sled    (r.mc
Preferential   treatment  of   naideiits $3,338;   Bit'bio  Cunlracting   Supply
Your vote is rnpcotlul y t, licitatd d r   [)( t|)0 t-ty Co., H.835;   0. W- Stan-Iill It Co.,
Aggressive   policy   ul   improoiia:if,:*',733.3l| uud Mussens Ltd. BflW, A||
Williaai Knowles Inr aldcrmmi.
Ladiaa and Gentlemen I
1  beg  to offer myicll ai candidate j tj-p ,|lt, Klectors nf Nortli Vancouver;
for School TrMiae ami »bp((ld yoM oo ■   j ium ^^ l() ,,,„ lllt ,|,0 n'c(ry
and extension  of Ihe lerry sorvjeo.
lenders were F.O.R. Norlli Vun Oliver
whurf. Thoy were relerred lo tbe
bonrd uf works und epgipaK '" l;l'"'
lute und presenl ut n ipecial ineelinu
In be held tliis ovinia; ut 6 o'clock.
tba honor nl electing me, I a-sure
you { will uie my bast endauvori tn
aMcur*  -for you the  very beat scbn.il
houaata available  lor  the  money  expanded.     } bava been inline led   nnd
aaaociated    closely    with   edueuii nnl
aultera, acbool and college 'iml'llugs,
lor tba pail 33 yean. In Englund  I'
wm  complimented   by lb-
Education,  Luinliiii, on I'.vcr.tl  ftcn-
liona   lor ny ichool plniiiiiiil.      .'u
SaptanUr 13th laat I '.iA 'ho Imnor
of  reading a pnper before llio  H'lacnl
coaraation at Kolowna, 11. C.   t
ll ia well known I'o lomu il ton
Ibai grave mistakes buvo been mnde
lately, North Loudale icbnol h r in-
•tance, wbiib commenced at a ,nitol
119,000, I am informed has now p ii
ed tba $38,«)0 ilage und ii liknly lo
go beyond W),(XXI.
I am not againit ependini.' innm.y
oa well equipped, unitary and veuljl-
alad awboola il we get our muney's
worth, but we bave not done so iu
Iba pail. II I am elected I will niuke
a ipedal elort to see that our 'hii
dren are educated under the most pri
led condition! available.
Thanking you I lieg lo remain
Youn truly,
I'-.a.-,al lor |0ll  mid  lul.i' this oppor
I iiiinif uf unking for the fnvor ofyn i
I    My policy includes
I   (I)  The   retention   nf   the    pns
cut iheup bunk of tickets.
(3)  The   reduction   of   tho  price nl
.oiuTo'f!n""",''}' libels in prnporlinir wilh tho |»rgp  list   pl  nldermunie  c lidalel
u""vt'. For Furry Commissioner Capt.   Kick
(3)  Full pruvisinn, fur the corof, rt Um .     ,|(,(injll,|y „„„„„„,,,,  _,,  r,,
and ciinveniciiic of n.n. II. i- Intli
Via iiiiii. iie an fur nuiyor, uldrrinon,
school trusties uud ferry directors
will bc received by Cily Clerk Shop-
lieiii up to 3 o'clock uu Munday.
Frum tlio presenl |irus|iecls there will
be twu aspirants fur mnynr   und   n
convenience ul Iruvellers holli on
the whnrves und bouts.
ill   I! pui -ii     prosecution    of
persons whu lake iidvuutnge  ol the"'
privileges in order In defraud tlie conipuny.
(6) The .'mi'i..j menl of good mcu
ut gtiod wages mid willi, so fur as
pruclicuble, one day's holid y in lev-
en in ull il.'i'in innni   uf tlie m rv ia o.
liienii'iil mul llieie will pinliuble he n
number uf new uspirunls lor oliicc in
"ny  iiihlilion In [lie fniiner niemlit'is ulmulJ
i they nil, excepting I'npl. Kickhum,
■iniul fur re-election. ll is understood   thul   Messrs,   11.   11.   Mordcn,
. Dr. Howell nnd -Ins. II,n have sig-
nilicd tlnir iiileiilinii of rcliring lliis
year fnun lhe Hoard of School Trui-
lus und in llinl caae it is pinsi
ble Ihul Ihi^ three new cnnilidnles, A
'1. l'erry, ,lo»> 1). Fmser and   J.  II,
1 Wni i.n will go in by accliitnntioij unless there ure snme (lurk bnr-tcs in iho
I will) to My lhat I am a candidate
lor tba City Board ■:! Aider,, cn upi
aak Ibe Mipport o! the eliclori at thp
polli oa 13th January, mil.
To Uia Eleclon of the City of North
- Vaacouver:
Mr. V. K. Fnrciiimi, nl tho ro|uet|
o* a large number ol ratepayers, begs
lb of»r bia lervicei ns a dbelor 'I
N. V. Ferries, Ltd., toy fbo yiar l»ll,
and i! elected will see llinl Iba Imsi-
aaaa of the (erry compaw i< f» "n
strictly buiiness lines, n»d in 1*0 in-
laraah ttt ike ratepayer! and lhe pair
bf im general. He will nlso ape that
tbe waiting rooppi and closets ure
kept in t.unitary condition. Like-
.wi» tbat no forge am1""?' fi mlu'i'
fa ipenl without firat consulting the
Wiib lay wtcnijye tnupfrfpa! testier,-
eon aad plenty of time aiimy di«-
poul, J should ba abb) t/t'Wt ffVt
good and efcient agrice.      f^
To Ihe Eleelors nf the Cily nf Nnrlh ,
Vancouver :   . •  . ^   ._|
As I hnve beep rei|Ucsliii   by  mnny
eili/eiis In iilluw my name lo slu6d us     A class is being urvani'cd wilh llic
u  ciindidnlo for  the  Board  of  Fnr-  following objects:
ry Uireclors, I lake Ihis opportunity   First—To nl tain a clear conception ol
of eoiisenling Ifl run.      , the cluisiinn n4igion ea d untied
The  .elcdors  hnving fully   appruv-1        by Cbrii|.
n1 of my   services   us a director ' ip  Second-.To uid in cvpry w,iy pussible
19119, can depend, if clectcJ, on   my i        lhe   bringing   inin   iircsciit  dny
giving eveiy nttellli n Ibut Ib I   im-1 Chrislinnily   the   t riginnl  I'inli
porlnflt business iei|uires this yeaf.    J        fo|[.
„ ,   , . . ,. Third—To lit ourselves to convene in-
bom,., of tlio most impnrlanl   items, j.ffi^'- Z ,;„m wc,,„),,.
1 recommend afp:        , -^ ^  ^^  wj|)   h ^  ffl
ffpod bn»lne»i management, I tfodncMay, Jrn. Iflh at 8 p.m.   A'
1 is 3nd  street oast,    lh ie desiroui
tfpM Yaawer ratepoyen lor po   ni becoming m«#eri |deaie commw-
sitiodl nl good wagci. ,,„,,, wj,h Mi„ ffa|,0|)( p, (), N„rt)l
Monthly   ticfcclfrireduq.il ifl proppf , VaPl'"uv,''r' '__
lion to tfia cheaii book of tickfita.
All conlractl po/ricd oul Ip pj0: HWftf OF BPV'J8|0N
nosslike way. . j1. .,
1   Al Uic pflflrf ol revinon of the Vol-
(lenernl   improvi^ut flf  lhe   lerry  ers'   lisi   held   in   lb' Pi? bl'l M)l«
syslem nnd ,»poijul illlciit'on fi.f con -niunung over »bl''!< Mngisfrnle A. ft,
ve|i|nncc of passengeri. El'.alj' Prc»idid, over UH) mimes   were
ynur* faithfully, U^ed.  There were none token fl*.
A. E. WMAY. ;	
To llie Flci'lni* of tinilti Vuncouv.or .
uld simply disup|ie..ir mui when it
|ii'iiiiiiiienl nnidlietl was lo be l.uill
wuuld lm vn In he rcmiivcd in order In
latin uu n lirm basis., As lur uafog
lilslied ruck llil.-- inularlul nnnlil ll ive
Is™ |iiiii|iiisri| .i iim ||;e pust year
und useil on some ul the lower
llreeti, He referred to II. L. 373 whieh
imd been iniiiiiisid .eiiiiin improve
nipilts ull slleels when il enlne inlo
the city, but ■ he had Invn over the
ground nnd very little hmi neliinllt
been tlniie The street nlniig the ter-
line in lh it dislriel In,nld be pul In
lirsl clnss condllion. As lur winlc
wurk ou the, iii.nl , be enpsidtr,'i'
thul lhe position tnken by Mr. Me
Ni'i-li wus wrung. There was a
grent deul ul wurk iImi euiild be done
lo advinlagl in winter in i ■ u li grnd
ing mid in M.i lina ill eoiirse thorn
nn- n Haas of wmk whiih it wns tint
mln .iM. lo undertake during the
rainy scusiiii. He exhibited it contractor's pnyrnll lur December which
slum i'd considerable earning! by laborers during, (he month.
Willi reference lo the leiry Mr. Kealy reileliilfd lhe points sulilnilliil ul
the .meeting the previuus evening mul
i.'i .ui,,| in llml iiaiiiini(imi Tbe feny
our trunk ruad und il ihould be
innili. ns nlii'in live us pussible in every
|llll tie llllll'. The innl in. of Set'llll I
NaiTOWl bridge Would immensely in-
a reuse lhe traffic nn llic lei ry nnil an
eiiergclie policy was rc<|uired. The
lighting uf llic sireels approaching lile
Vancouver end of tlie leriy iliou'd
Imve l'"ii nltt'iidtd to ut nny reuson-
nble cosl.
Mr Keuly crilicistxl lhc net inn nl
the e,uiii'il in sending n wutuwiirks
bylaw fur $|IKI,00ll lu the |ien|ih. with
oul providing sullieienl detuiled infnr
muli.ui fur intelligent inularslundun.'
nf Hie innl ler by Hie cla'clurs. He wns
nul iiih,lined whether the sthenic in
.Iiuiul n ■ ini.n.'i reservoir ncur llic
city limits, but smli was necessary
for lllc proper prnlctjiim nl Ihe ser
Keferring lo his iiulionulily Mr.
Keuly de.iarnl that he win born
wilhin Ihe sound of the llow Uol .so!
London, lie was Knglish und p'laiid
ol il. tie hnd, bnwevir, dwell- in
I'nnndn for 33 yenrs npd wns thoroughly I'.-iiiiiiliiin mi llml il was unjust for uny man lo decline to volt-
fnr him because ot his English birth.
He hnd resided Inr (liirleen yean a>
North Vancouver. Ho woi at open
proud of Ibe pline end grateful to it
There wai no pari olhis public rm
ord of whiih he was ashinpisl. Ho
had made mistakes in common with
all inniiiili. bul hnd always had lhc
courage of his convjclion". Hc was
no canvasser bul wjibfld pvciy rale-
payer lo know mid In foci tin,I he
(Mr. Keuly) wanled his vole nnd
wonld bp jirnieful /ur Ur il elected
lo the moynraliy he wnuld indinvniir
Ip dn his duly llinrnUuhly, bul did
not propnsc to Iry lo do evcrylhing.
'% coming yoor would hciifl imrorl-
nnl working yoor.    The mayoml .In-
yes in fbemadves were of ih« hlghil
i^porlniice nnd In' enniciviH) th't^   lc
thaf   tho   enliin-il   batf   llllllinli.'l'd     llla<
Work that hud been dpim. pflii pf gpp-
ernl rovpnuo on the atrpfllf iforlng l||p
pnsi ynur, bi)t at fhp »a,mp timfibp
(Aid. NclVcialij tpgp'thpr ,nf|tb |l$:4li|.
young Iiiid origina'tiHl fhaf pplicy.
With the rpspect |o t||0 iluli'es which
ho propospd to nsBiimo, if cloclct). hs
did uot intend to exceed tin) duiiei
ninl thp nutliniity of Ilm Mnynr hut
lie considered tlmt the Mayor Hlnpiidt
rpgulurly. inspect lhc luwn mid to folly inform himself as to lha manner in
wliieh public monies were nctuully
expended. Ho ini(tniicisl Vanconver
ns an example ol what (olluwcd fuil-
uie (o follow thia plnn. As for rood-
milking lip liml not said Unit ho was
in luvnr of |  I'liisliiil ruck ' on
it snlt roadbed.' The ninillied should
bo well rolled .down wiih n stouin
iidler nnd the rock then Iniil on und
well rolled in turn. It wag not ius-
Inlnury In gu ilmvn In hnrdpuu fur
u siirfme lur mh a purpnse. Heler-
ring lo I). I.. 3711 lhe speaker slated
lliul lurge sums prupnrliomitely bud
been spent it) ilm' dislriel -lml
llie ileiiring, clc, was execptiunnl-
ly expensive there su thul the showing was nut sn huge us elsewhere.
Willi rcspeil In winler Wnrk. He did
Ulll llllttieille Hut ail' -Inli lessutioll
nf wmk during llic winter but was ol
n|iiniuii Ihul tlnje' wus only u limited
iiiiiniiii. llml I'liiild'ln! dune ul thai
scusiiii, so tlial Ihe people would get
ii ilnlliir in vuliie fur 'each dollar
spent. Mr. McNeish thru declared
thul Mr. Ke.ily wns simply nppmpriii-
ting his i tld McNiish's) polity in
lhe iniitlei of rond construction out
of general revenue. It was not ms
loniiiry iu business circles lo discharge
tin1 mini wlm hud - inal your interests well, unit In Iimid lhe policy oi
llinl mnn over to another to carry into effect. Il was but just that h
(Aid. McNeisli) should be givm tbc
opportunity lu carry ou his own p 'I
ity. Mr. Kenly did not luggest any
improvement, but propuscd to a.lopi
Mr. McNeish's policy   us it stood.    If
I Imve done right, if I have expended
your   money rnrelully und well,   »h
make     a   change ?   fjiicsliniicd    the
|ii.iI.ii Hr. Keuly hud naked them
lo return him il tluy thought Ilia ro-
turd siitiafaclory. Tlio ratepayen
evidently did not cousidcr Mr.
Kenly'a record satisfactory because
ihey hnd defcuteil him (iy n very
huge inujorily Iwo yenrs ago.
Helerring lo Ihe sums of money lying inn .'.I in the bunk Mr. MrN'oiih
explajnad thul "i> <■ pnm lo borrowing lhe money certain diffcrenaes had
arisen wilhin lhe council on certain
tpiesljons sinii us i i.iala ol city
-Ini'lh and no work on streets or sow-
eni could be doiu.. until these million
wero 'cultd. Ile hnd drawn up Uio
present local Improvement byluw in
t'unpiiiclinii with I'ily Engineer |lauos
nud the musl eminent legnl uulhurily
in lhe province hnd declined that the
Inlaw wus n good mie. lie hnd
dwell in linn li Columbia for 34
years. He did nol assert os did Mr.
Kenly, thnl lie hnd iitvcdfd lo the re-
im i   of  any  inniinilicc tu  present
Tto ronl* pi fevliipp m tht vttW
liif for Hm rtlatff* pf lfarft y"mm-
yet wee bald laat.-WPtomdWi wlH*
unpiti ?fl mmt wm st]M Ki ibe llrt.
TM* Mop thn frill up K» UW-
wm9 vmm
Th<» ,ini{«a| pnf)|ip meeiie-jt by tbe
pjty cfltmpji for Dm piin»«'apf tfflm
tlip maypr a»d aidcrmpB »n pppprtHnr'
ty of giving ofl account ol their iljwe
urdship for llic post year will bfl be|d
in Lar»on!» pavilion on itipAiV evptr
ing, al 8 p'clock. WffOr important
addresses aro nnlicipnlis!.
A. Povies, cpr. Hb ptaTIKt j(§)
Avp., will not receive until
id .Wedncaday in February.
A. Campbell Hopp, (the artbi-
tecl) has returned lo town from bi*
visit lo Campboll Creek, much improv-
etl iii health and wisbci to thank, bl)
many friends for thoir }aiiidly inqpfr"
Mrs, ,1. ),. (lulliigbir will nvi ive at
l|cr residence suite, III Keith block,
mi Tuosdoy, Jonuary 10th, and op
lhc afternoon of each Ityeday than-
aflor. Mr. and Mn. ilullaghcr will
likewise be at home cadi   Tuewf")'
Mr. ali'ssc Willinins, who ii a con-
iliiluie for re-election lo tba Board of
ferry directors, dosiroa tbe Exprcis
to stale that much to bil regret be
was unable lo attend tbe meeting
held Wednesday evening lor bearing
eitiiilidiiiei. for tho board, on acaount
ol illness.
Tbe drawing, for Wood t Son'i
'\inii-. pii/i-s took place Tueiday nighl
at ilm (lorn tbcalre, Tba winning
numbers woro ai follovi;
Morrii rlini,   lllll.
Dinner Sol—M77. '
Doll und Sewing Muchin,—H39.
Winners con take iheir tickets tfl
Everybody's Shoe Shore and pet their
Tlio tonipcrance meeting which
will be held in tlie Gem Theatre
on Sunday afternoon nexl will be
under thc auapiceaof tbe Epworlh
League ol the Mciliodiat church.
fbe bPtf*! >i f°tittf cflmminfonoii ibaj Hint M preserving order, guidlp
Mr- afesse Williams le^s lo encoupec, for lhe cily nf NoTIb Vancuuver .wfl||lht> work   of tbe  coamil,
Unit he is a topd'-dll.O fflr r-*'^^/) j b?b|   fWf   next   rPSufar  mo*'0"*  Oe\ll\e tsSne work, nnd nimn   o -eaajoii I
himself us n cnudidiile, but be bad
iispind lo ibe office ns n worthy po-
silinii for any citizen lo seefc and he
iippi'iiled lo the electors upon the
store of his servicei in lhc poal and
mi Iniiiili of a conlinujly of lhc policy .-jf which Ilny strongly approved.
In replying Mr. Kenly took exception lo Hie liili'ineiil ihal Mr. Mc
Nelsh hud originated Hie present polity willi regard lu slice! couhruc-
lion. > Thai had been n plunk of th<-
plulfnrm o(v lhc rnlepiiyori' aim-
iinlinii in ri'.'- and the policy emanated from Ihal source, With refer
mee lo (be sums lying ifl Ihe bank,
lhe debenturei ought nnt lo bavo
suld until the wpy waa clear '" ""'
the money. Jn concluding ba nnnoun
etl thai he would bold yel nnoUior
meplilig on Tuesday evening next t"
which Mr. McN'eiih mnn inviled nml
nl which lip bed p ipecinl rooron for
rei|iicsling it large ollendnnceflf |ralt«-
ipie.linns were tliep in pq|>tt,'
William Knowles nsked Mr. ffaaly
if he had elated 'rum ''"' plailoim in
.luly thai he bdiotcd Hint it waa a
niisloke lo rcgi»icr gradei e>4 th^
Hie ^ty fb.ould pol gjv,e any gradoa-
Nr. Kenly replied Hint what he had
said was /(jnl Iho city of Vanrnuv.r
ftjd fl'flt rag|iier ill tret/a ond I"
l_-i ..I.J it-li  -.-- _trA.i  t.__ _ ..a...-.
to (biO bPlWl qf feny (fireclwi for Mm.
ye^r IVI), and r(t»|icel(ully solitrti Hie
.fpSSE W|L|t|fP
fmilf W*f.    Tbu fWltf <l»lie ,fai-Vi' ai „| bi. posih
yMtrday  but pwfog it Mm ^U"' mil<-'> l""1*'f ndviseminl.    j large
al toS of Hw ptmtm* ifl Mfwiit/ ii] tmm>> ftM*), pwtotktp <•"  ft
fW-WWfih' hM ov^. j^yflf, wm ib« nitty up-'    flMMw
had aakjnf it~H wai right Ip, a yflung
i io lake a
I. '})q ytinhW th ^Hfli^g
of slreel ends and Ihe early coaitruc-
lion ol wharves by tbe city for public use. 3. Do yov luvnr Iree um pf
Iho same lo tho public op leaaa to fan
sponsible pm lies undor dty control 1
Mr. Kealy was ig lavnr of clearing
lhc slrpet ends and considered tbat
the itreel enda were not for Iba pur
poso of giving Hie public accaei tfl Iba
waterfront. Jf tbo city owned the
wharves it would be neceiiory tfl
charge wharfage. He did not favor
leasing because it would, ba better
thut tbe wharves shuuld be under civic control,
Mr. McNeish iaid tbat be wai op
record that during 1010, aeeing tbe
necessity he bad bad a itreet end
npencd up for public accen to Iba
waler and Ihot was bil policy
througbouf. Wharves should be built
for the public by the dty aa tbe
demand develujis and a man ihould
bo employed lo take care of each
whnrl. A minimum charge should ba
made for wharfage luffieiont to pay
sinking fund, interest and running ax-
ponioi on tbe wharf. Tba ytbatvn
should not be operated by Ml* <#?
lor profit.
Mr.  Bridgman  aiked Hr.   (fptyfab
,wb.Ofbef foe bad it auerted Itf^a pay "
loupca i\m), fborp ,wa« m pufatttpti-
ing between Mr. Kealy and Iff, ^
ttmep Mm* ft *'■ My 'en
the p|Jy .eflginoor wja, to be
apd  thp rejected plnn fll p. L.
was lo b* Paaaed b> ibe flpiwmii.
MeNrtsh. replied tber be, m*i
ly admit tM ba bad fr«wl
id ihai if it.
" 4 '» »k H I" Mr, 9*
cirofllfated Iba ntpf, ffe tml
draw from UP. l^fM ft l*v«
il Mr. Rridgmw' WW fm>&<
11   Mrt* W
(Mr. UcmtfrlM'htA
mtm \p rttn mt sty
fltber umettopi pan'
>)>» Krir_\. '
Autumn anil Winter 8uiu for women in
a groat range uf stylos in butli plain und
novelty fabrics, including sizm from 38 to
06, Hpaoially attraotivf aliowing for women
of'average figures at $211.00, fm*), fmi)
and IttjOO,
Important offering of onta for wnmpiii
atvleBpartmnlHrly suiiablu totioptQJJniiiie.
tne offering repreaenla a remnrkabfe oom-
liitn range in wanted fabrice nud shades,
)(ic-iili.ill v smart models are sbown at if 12.50,
$15.00, $IH.fi0 and $22.50.
Olmiflfe col It ct ion of Fuis of every de-
airuble kind. A particularly noteworthy
offering in small'Mink stub's nt $17.5(1,
$21.51), $36.50 to $47-50. Higher -priced
pieces in splendid assortmeuls.
School Trustees" and
HkP1**' Meeting
Gordon Drysdale, Limited
575 Granville Street.
Phone 3541
Vancoaver Business Directory
JI9 Pender street, Vancouver
North Vancouver
Kallethe's Bath
Corner Jlomer und Pender Sts.
The only up-to-date and uli
able bath houae .In Britiih Columbia.
W* cure where others i.nl
Satisfaction guaranteed or nn
pay. Plain bathi, electric bath:
shower baths, massage for bo
dl, scalp and face ; electro liter
apeutic baths a spetiulty.
Graduate ul lit ilm. Cunnm.
Kvery luly lungs lu lima wavy htir.
It is nuw within ths reach ul enry-
atiui- For tome yean cut hair has hfcn
imrmaneiitly waved, hm tha |irucessit
had lo underuo was tun ssvsra fur it
lo be applied to hair on the haad,
Imt now m'ii'iiiv has ditcovered a nu
tbod by which Iho hair can he waved
without injury to hair or sculp. The
wave will nul wash out anil damp
windier will nul affect it. The pro
cess leaves the hair unit and wavy. It
has Ih->..nm the rage in 1'aris, Ion
ilnn ami all llie lurge cities ol the
.Slates. Speiial rales lur una munth.
Any inlnrnialiun regarding the work
will be gladly given l'i any ladies whu
will call ur write In
723 I'ender Street.
Business Institute
336 Hastings St, W.
Canada'. Gn.lt.I Western  School
|l. J. b'prott, II.A., - -Manager
§u*lne*» Colli i|»
631 Seymour St., Vaacouver
Day school o|>cn all   the  year
round.  Night school comim-m-
ea September Hth.
Canadian Detective Bureau :—
Offices everywhere
Vancouver Office: 'ill Umpire lllncli
WS Hastings sl. vest. Plume rm
General Su|ierintcndrnt
I"     ''' 1  '
Groceries and Provisions '
Wholesale and Hetail
116 Hastings St. (downstairs)
Delivery Tuesdays and Fridays
Hiirnim mm mm
Sign and Price Markers
10 I'.iiilield Rid.    , Fone R.,272
Yorkshire (iuamilff k
vfiirilii'tS I'liriiiiriilimi liil
440 Seymour Slreet
ii. Kerr Houlgate - - - Manager
All Itin lh Vancouver people aat at
Either Flack Block or Hast
ings street, opposite the new
Post Ollice. Iionard sells his
lea by the pound..
We operate the only pad*
dnl fumibue and j»ano
moving van in the cily. . .
N. V. Cartage Co.
4 Wm WW, foot of St, feorp
A joint urting wns held in tbMV Imd b««n patched.   Thai* had be»if|
viliiin im Wnlti'iuliy evening underthi nn error in tin hallway *hiih was
auspices   (il    tlm    North   Ywiwuvw P»plpwl!      ln"t!m bnWMlt tha
Ra»p|layer"i'  Aas<>c|fttlPB tfl ha r   ml- jImnnn worn out nl level ly 3 nr 4ill-
Atmm ti'im tha school trustee mm) j tha* And tho (">ni«»t liwtiad nf being
lurry directors nntl tha candHlitM lor
niinii. Tltebiill was fairly will filln'l
Add ibe ijwut'llg Was punctuated al
times with soma oritinisms fli Mi*
inttniiKiiinciil   nf both tho Rlh fll   nl
fairs nnd loiry mutter* during the
past years. Tlio president, Pmiilaa W.
iictivii, opened Iho iiii'i't'iu, hn! taint
a I'lintliiliilii, vnfiiiiail tho t'liair in (a
ynr'nf Mr, 11. T. Wrighl.wlm atiiy.wi-
ilm lank ilm iM id nf tU ti .i'liini!.
Previous to tho pnoect.r, iptiniii-
liniiit Wore received fiom Mr. "Jfii, W-
Ifity, siilitiol trtislce, remitting his al-
iiciii'i! nn iicc.iiiiit of illnesB, and Mr.
A. Q. l'erry, wlm wns iiuay. Tlm
latter, 'however, turned lip before, the
meeting Wus c hh (uiloil.
Mr. (I. 11. Mui-tliin, the only nn in1 c,
nf Inst year's silinnl liuai'il, w*« the
:.| ifa lii'c Hu i-s|iiv i. il a |i i'ii I ili i.ii -ii
that there was a discussion (in
sclmol alfitiis I eciiuso ihcni v/as A le.i-
tli'int' on the part ol the c..li(, aycis tn
lose interest in lluse mutters. At
the In'i,iiiiiini; of. lhe yo.ir th n  thi
tending nl lhe school was iiir.ias-
ed It became a problem aa to whn
whu hi drop out lirsl. He had vnl-
iiiil.a.ii'il nnd now Iniinil that on ac
miint of priviile liii.-iiiiian In- w..nlil
he iinulile to ngnin . li ,i h'msilf fin
II-. if,-n.i' lhe year's wnrk lhe Nm tit
.mii.'Inli. silmil was laken un lire in-
siderutinn. Tlie nriginul a- -lim tc f it
un fi-hl-i'iiniiiiiil liiillni n Iiiiiiiii Imilil
inu piepaii il I y. (lie lule W. I'. ,1'euccy
was afl'J.IIOI. This wis hmil alter
wants In lie ci.iisiiiiiiilily w.tll'n ill'
figure il woiilil cost, l.ulcr il was
i a...I a .-I  tn  inli It r ciimpitli e   tic
B pr 9 to 1 w^, ha believed, 30 tp
|. Othor flolocts were pointed »nd
s|iei'ia| stress was l«id,in lhc ligHing
laeililies. On AKWnit itl tlw prt»>-
tinn nf tho ovos tho lidH eam« inin
the rpflins «♦ the w^ng angle and
wns very- bad for tho i-chol.ru. lie
saitl Iiii had call.'I at the architect's
lit see thn plans rs a rfllfpayar, hut
W»s refused, As „ ttie temporary
school at North I o- sihalu Mr. Wat-nil
Innl tripd |n get lha liuiilil,» re'medi-
etl lllll was pi|t nil hy Tiiisdes Sten
ey nnd M. li.m, II.
Mr. Myi'lun wanled Ip knnw if the
several | arts ol the stn|e|||ie wero
mil Iwing I'liiisiriii'i, al in it wm km in
like iiiiiiiiicr. Mr. Waist ii replieil ill
the allii malice. Mr. llu, c iaid that
the teas, n llml Mr. Waist n was refused piTiiiissimi to see the plena was
liei'illli-e   of   lhe   lllllll)'   elitiaiflllis    |lll«s
nil liy him on the lmil. inu- At the
same time ho objectid to Inning hit-
I'eputiitioii miliii in o quoth n I y Mr.
Watson whom, work in Ysncnuver he
A. (I. l'erry said hie reason lor  offering liim-elf   Inr   a   sclmol   lnitu
wus iii response lo the ropmi-t  pl a
number uf friends.    Ho rcfrrnd lo  a
refill!   meeting   if   sain nl   liuurd   regarding   the pu'ili.niinii pl   t.-in-'.ijm'
niiines.  The teuchers have a lii ing lo
make.   11 was said t'nerc was an in'
spi'i'ttir'n report.   Ile im siiliretl, hiw-
c.er,   thut   the leath. rs -sliuiild   have
lieui given a hint when lluy applied
lur am.nls i p(iniliiin.  Tlieir past i.-. n
Iniiiili ut Is"nu   niinii. inl    with   the
Sml li  Vancouver   i.l) n  wuuld do a-
gaiii-1 Ilium.   Ile   ii|i|i.ai-.,l liny   were
signs williout the innns nf the iirchi iuul nf their s|1ta.ri'.   ll might ha Ini
liK-ts nlliicheil.       Alter inn ihr.it;a>n   ter in rur.I ilislritl: py vice vers.,
the plans nf iir. II,ipe wire   uio,,|,tel|    Ile dedai'id tut tliq hcIio.I site ut
and wife tlmse uf u ihurniighly nmtl'lhe  curlier  of Ulh   slnel uud   lli ti •■
eru     ninl      lit!     cluss     alMctili'".! Way   Ave.   wus   Imllt    Inulid,   The
Alterniile       lenders       were       then I Worst pui lion ul lhe Link hud   I en
p«|lld     I.u     a    Ilniin n    frnroe    mil 'seleclwl lur lhe Illlild ng and it was a
lur n -..liil Ini'l, Innlili..i .    There w,m  rcL'iilnr nuid huh'.    Tlmt was the enn
little  iliHeiTiitc  in tho prins sul mil- 'l'i'1" " few ilnys ago.
led liy the ten Icicle end Ihe   Ht i I      l'lnm Mr. WuIsiiii'h remarks, he as
ileiiilisl in adopt lhc hritk. ihe nu.t Iserlpd thit he Would mike a visit to
tec wus luitl I eltiie the city   coum .11 Nurlh   l.iiiisdnle mid   il Ihose   e. n'li-
wlm approved «f lhc Hmid's ileciiiun I lions exit ltd tluy vhuiild he    I. nltel
anil llieir iii'lions we e Inter Miiict'iin-j inl"   nud   reel ideal   n w   Mnn.    the
od hy lhe rulcpiiycis.     Mr.    Mnr.len | building |Hnuitliil any liiillur.
snid ihnt the liiiilding h.d I een   ih-    The ferry   din elms were icxt r lei
neasetl in vuill.- In (lie ulliuUiit nf?l,-   upon  lu ntlilrcss lhe uncling.     Thev
llllll   Ihruugh  the iiliii/atlnii ill's I nno  were i     M..  i       P.   T.iirsun, of   lusi
un   the prnpeily   lur lhe  Iniiiiilaliiiii, year's luartl; A. I''.. I'licl-niatii, in cv-
i)t no eslra c st.     If the pa I year's  director;   ('.   P.' Foreman,    D.    W.
wurk wus tn le done over ug in   ill'   H'OVcs,   president uf llie Asiainlnn,
speaker did not sue who c it could be  ''• •'• .lucksm uml I 'npl.  McMillan,
impi'iivnl upnn.    Holcrring lo n   ier '   Mr. P. I.nr.-m wns lhe lirsl speik-
tuin piiiiiphlil  issmd hy  Mr.   .1.   II.   or.  There wns lnls ol work done Itsl
Wntsnii, nnti!Iifr cundidule iu    whcli   year in spile ol lhe lad  ihn!    there
Mr. Mnrden wus irhar(.inl wilh nfi siag : were udvei>e eiimmoals, he said.    He
In pulilish n pnper »hifh l.c liu I rttiul   uienliuiie|l lhe new wharl and  Inniuhl
ul  Keluwna, he said llial he had   nl    lhe steel bridge is Is'inj put in. NiW
(ered to pulilish the iirt'oe in   quot-   lights were insliilled on the   whnrvis
lion fur SW inslcad ul Ulll as per cur   und u m own lml ln-n niiistru. I-
reut   rules,   lu.t   liu rnidd   mil (.runt   ei,  'Hiafc is n grent deal lo i'o yel.
Mr. Wutsuii any special favors    over   In the first plea there is the   Vnn
ihe 1.1 lui i'iuiiI dai it,    Instead iif this  eniivor   whnrl.    Tho   feny    diractor*
Mr. W.ai. .ni   hnd paid un Hillside linn   had n mmling wilh lhe 0. P. H.   offi-
Inr   Iho printing  nnd   hud   the   pain-  finis   and   the   priipiisilinn   di fiis„iil
|ilil-l  tlislillinleil  in  lhe city• ins it d   wtis  lhe itiiistriulinn ul a   I-	
in the Vunniiiver Nows-Advirlisir. i net uiniii the Irrnks. ll will laka at
J. I). Kniser, niiullnr eundiilalc, least a year or Iwo In huhl nnd il
said Ihul up lu n diy ur su he had wus his upiiiion llinl Ihore I....ihl ln>
not inleinlfil lieinining u cuiiilidut•, a Icmpornry liridge nintlnnteil to re-
lml in llu' Insl lew days ho li --ll Its-li liove lhe sililnlinn in lhe m< iiiiiini..
pritssul mid inliionlwl In nl'uw his1 ||e iiiiilersliwial lhe liuat wuuld k
name In be placed iu . nomination I ready liy .March. Thrrc hn.l ka n
Having slnrlH) il, hn*|.vcr, ho g|nleineiils ns In dolnys. The vuriniis
ihoiighl he know somelhing iilmiil tha tenders however did mil guiranlce tlie
Iriisleee' duties. |„ml Iwdin' Ivlirunry nr Mnnb.    Mr.
A Nurlh Vancouver trustee in I If' Wallace's tender wns somewhat short-
iimt lew yenrs, he enimidored, wuuld er lull Iie thought it was Iwllor lo
In' nn iiii|n,iUiii pnsilion frnin ttie fuel have lhe luml Imilt in North Vim. mi
uf llio ciiy'H rapid gun.'. ih nnd in pri- ver even if he dd go ovir time.
witling for the luliiif. 'TH do my Mr. Murray nsM il il wns nULiI
best il ynu elect me," he tiiniiuilud. las to lhe tunnel. Mr. I,iiis<ui answer-
Mi -I 11. Unl ,.ii iiei litrisl Hint he ed that (lie ('I'll. np.« ent ilnon were
wns well lil It'l far a sihmil linsi.e pin, ing the Incls Is-fam tlieir orSaiaW.
Ita'gurtliiig Ino Nirlli l.uiisdnli. Mr. Larson thought the ''tily sliould
-ali'aa.l und Mr.' Monhn's stuleioeul go lo Hie eit|s.nse nl a liridge now.
thut Mr. I'ctifcy was tlie first l'i sot; Mr. Mnrrny lanoved lhat iimnv
a figure nn tlia building he people would ulip.i in a tunnel, lie
wuuld like ta icinind him Unit consideri<l thai the I'.'P. U. should
i'olii|»lilive tlf-igns wero culhsl w (h ' Illlild nn oveihend hridgr.
ir set price. One plan was ne ived ; Mr. A- K. dii tinny .nid lhe wharf
showing n cosl nf from lll/OI lo content t was lei Ihs-. H, HUM, for Ion
tlD,lgg| und the other did mil have a furl In -lead nl Ml feot wide at bid
pii'.' nllii'liitl The luilir was ac Ihcii Injure staled. When he was a
ftiileil. On llif tendon, fur llt(. com- diivat,,, „, t'JIW Ike isliinutes I r llie
pelilivia plnns he unl.Tslo.d lh it I Imnl nnd whnrl Ware da ull wilh. Sine-
lime was a variation nf Irum Wl,'11' llinl lime there were imiiiy improve-
In I-VI.IKSI, a lender ol '.'in,!**) lieing minis iuld«l which irpruunled tht en-
■utfCutWul- ft whs .,iiiar ihnt linn tra (wil ol each. ,
sliuiild he smli n ililteii n.'e iii ih lei 11-.11, iiinn the t oniric! nn the pun
ders. Mr. Wni son i|-uceliolied Ike ta-- (nous whTe giving the lontracUir* tilling on stone Inundation alld s id llml ficient lime he helievtd in gelling a
according Ui hit cuperiiine |«S'ol ronsunable slalemont from litem for
liriti would cost about till per ii|lii> ienlrns or d lays. II he wat ile ill
yard, while ho could pill slnne in f i wii liln in lhe way Ihe tily waa aa lo
from W l'i SAW) e cy. yard. £* 11 claim tot cutis, he would force the
the details ill tlm construi tii/ |ln> penalty clause. Ha believed )a goo!
Speaker found a numher of fai/is u' nniiuivemenl end lieitei/'pnid tiehet
a mure or less serious character first eullw-iors. The em|iloyasf on the
(here was the joist iu ccrlu nullum, hosts sdnuld If mail to tiport ami
,i ttie Imil'liiig Imd hit ask ho! ul rtfialia end Ihis wu lha manager's
hearing. Willi shrj'ikinJ! ""I eljend-' duly to find oul.
log with the weather s-ri'mt i3j|ts| |,aat year'* board Mt till vary late
night occur. He allegii! that jiany ■ Hi* Inslallat nn <i a elriopiof light* on
Of th*. uprights were a loot slioiljaiid | the wharf.    These were small waiters
Until Jwnwy the I it we will mII the belt
quality drop-head
FOR $39.00
vT^eie machinei at ypy bow m M«ually wld (of $50 ind
otfer every husband a tplendid opportunity of making
(     WJf» » most acceptable md uie(ul Xmat present.
'       ■ ■'   ' -
LomJsU Avwihp North Vwmuv«
lull sliuiild lie -iiiiiiii d Id fnr Ih-r,in-
venience nf the pastcn^te s, also tlie
Iinin un un I'lilniuliiii Av.nue le nli g
lo the (e ry Imnl ii i wi s veiy I a I
and   Ininlil 11- nil,n led In.     He was
11 mil'It jn lavi.r ul reducing llic nisi
of the nnilli nit pusses epml In thai
uf (In. Innd. of lii'kelx. llo ilnni, hi
it wns a lijn of wealouss on the
pari of lhc dire, lorn to nlh.w any
person iu escii|ie puy ng his f rv.
Ur. I'. F. K.irtm.n   m.l he wi.t  lit
ytms  in   Vunenuvir,  hull  uf   which
was »pml in it puhlic a,Ilia,      I   ...in
over   the ferry i-ompuiiy's icporl   h"
ILalia a i|    thtt   till'   'ill'.'lll    I   I-M11 (I) 111.'     I It
the Ixial and whnrl hnd lep 111',-
HOD, the boat tfsi.wsi. 1h.ii i ten I
slalemenl shown! lhe 1 mil as 11*1,11111
a ilelii il nl «ltn.il.«i mei lhe estim te.
The wharl eslimata wns IIU,INI(I unl
nuw dual WI,(M7, rhuwing unolh t ,ti-
htil ul tlli'l. The ..line hmlilini"
had cxciisled iheir eitimal's ly t'i,
Mill. In ull lluse ileitis showed a
liiiya' sum over lhe estimates. Hi'tun-
Hiileietl thai lhe office Imilding shuuld
have In.ii plain! niTost the whnrl
wilh a 'aiiiini imu urchway.
Aller figuring out Ihr iimnunt mnl
aal   tll  a olllplele   llie  \ iilli.ii,   wulhs ttllll
taking il Irum. lhe |tei,mil which the
1'ompany waa now pruvidtd with Mr.
I'..i.iniiii did mil tee where there
wuuld lie any Iunds available lo improve the Vancouver wharf. Tht r n
ditions there were greatly ip mod nl
repair, e*|ieiially lhe wailiny    rooms.
He was lold that soma uf Vaniouver', hobos slept in Ihose wailim;
rooms. If (bit wu a lad a mun
should lie kapi on duly i» carelaltir.
i'ulili V. Jachson wat tht ail
.. peiit.'i He n lii ml In Iht office ol
leiiy tine, l.n as one ol llie moil ini
pairlaiil wilhin lilt gifl nl lilt elect
nrs un account ul the impurtunfc »(
the ferry service. Hr prucredid lo cri-
lit'iae tlie Uiclhuds lolluwed al lhc
meeting in which Ihe annual reporl
wut submitted. II.' ...ii-nli-nil llml it
waa altogether wrong Ihal the direr-
luiii should s|iend public monies and
then mme io tlie ratepayers for a by
law to provide fur thc same, at in
lhe case of thc recent bylaw fnr Wl,
IKW. lli Iiul- hlninlil he kivi-ii lhe pro-
|wrly owners and Un bylaw tuhmil-
led More Ihese e«|enaliliiie, were
niuile. Tlia dirtttuit efauuld piovide
some fixed system nf caiing fnr pro
perly inndnileiilly Iall on Ihl boati
by pameu((ers. Al present all is con
(minii in Ihit regard. Kvtry effort
tlmuld be mode runtlnually to ' pr4*
vide an efficient w>rviee. Y-'b d rt-
l<ir shuuld btsp in doet loin* wilh all
the items of tspeiidilun. M^e'enl ne-
ployact should be epgigtd al gond
sal trict and only rtatoaabla hnun per
day op del* ihould be waited.
'tpltin HeHillaa stated ibslkewas
a master pMfe* '* B ynt*1 standing and a p»t«r owner »f i-team
rhipe for H fetre. Be, Iltl elore, wat
fully captWt lo ail mattert wiwwt
td wilh tin cart and o)»ralio# ol
tte*#urt. Prncatdiiig, hi adiocitel
lhe mtruttrnt «nd timplifyiiig of
tk* tiwHeklo.    Hi omMeiei   lhat
^^^ ntvtn t^ntnt  ffft ptemp   mvuA^IH
north VANcpuyfn
oiepucrin ai
'MK Him* 0AW8QN
i'eiillictt».l Hurgbial, Medical mi
Maternity htitnt
Fur term* tpplv at th* Hotfital
llth Htrtet Hut.
iiiiii llio woiiing man should be uil'di
some special nuictisiop u tlii t pii.
If iln iftl he would lul.l i ,ie t|e r •
dm liiiii ul I'n- in pliyaal i u i to I >'
trense ul revenue. Hi uppnst 1 tbi e«-
|«'ii"' inclined in Ini.Mm j an.l „ u (
iiig lhe new ehs trie >ijn ■ D U.e Van
.'outer side, innnnuih a* 'he'e w.r
many olher items uhiih ware mpl'
murt mu.nl. The mw ollfe e ami
ulher milieu n| ilil, il came ia lor
strung rrilii ism. Hi i nigbt tlmi
evciylmdy ehould pny for irantporIation iniiiiding ottiiitl', ollrrnito end
all "Untail. Nf. Hi cn« helm n hy tt itin j that
lhe objections Mihb hi had in urjc
Wilh reference la tin reenn) of. Ike
pnsl had all lo do with lite i ,nli..l
nf Ibe iinlln. Suttiii.nl allinlioii
hud mil Ibth -anid lo lbi daanlinatt
ul Ihe bull and lo many other mat
ters nf detail which whili not great
in themsidves weit ncicrlhrlm im-
puiiiiiii lu ilie romfurl of Iba travelling public, Hi llien tWIl »illi
Iht bylaw inently ratified by Ve
ratepayeri aad with llu tlttwmttl ro
■ /ally submitted lo tka council wbhb
had laa- ii -In,mi in be iiiniuipli te. lie
.i.ii..... I'.I ibe eiifiiiei'menl id ihe penally ■ Inn-.' in • iinliaite. He wai of
opinion llial lhe fares should lie *o regulated ns lo glvt preferential tie t
ment to Inuis fide residents oa Iltl
Norlh Hliuie. Tkl problem of tbi
lerry tervire demanded a fait, lrii|Uent
tnd , aiintoi Inhle aariirc. Anotlier
new boat ihould be itarted la tka
near future.
Chairman Wrighl nad a -teller
Item tr. a. ti',. Kealy, raadj^aM for
mayor, in wnirii Mr. Kesly sit out
bis position oa hrry matleri. After
giving tha dim lam nedit lur nub
goad wurk tluring Ike year ha tptw
ccadad to point out |imiUu!|« fa
whnh, la bil itpin . n matlere a^jgbt
be improved which bad lo do with 8u
eaiudilinii ul tbt wkarvrt, Ike ap-
proachee and Ihr comlort end safely
uf passengers.
Mr. I'. Iiarsun was Iiun givta oppor-
Iunity lo reply lo Ike teveral tpeek-
ert and ia a Mtirited addrtu dealt
wiih lbi candidate .triallm 10**W-
(inv nm by one many of th» tkaorfat
advanced' whuh refiecte<| uf** ik*pi/
miiilslralinn of Ibe prneat toafi,
'test nvitel t^aiUetet iim mil
ihdr teptfae U, tt, Imw* tlUwbin
Ut. k. f. Htttmi, PimMnt HtHi.
date Inr aldanaaa. rwlial taiialarior
Uy to tk* 0ft of iienl'm bmtrn-
^^    try     Prff"    n^^fly^t^^pt
» fflg"BXPKKW, mUfli VAMQUm, %%
■ '
• i
Phone 80
' i
a I
D. La 555, West Vancouver. ;
There are still a few .specially fine lots ior sale in this sub-division, most of them
65x132 feet, some larger.- The most westerly part of the property recently pul on the
market includes 16 waterfrpiti lots with a waterfrontageof 59 feet and an average
depth of 210 feet. The lots have a pleasant slope to a gravelly beach, and these are
many line old trees which add greatly to their beauty. Wc have the verdict of many
who have bought there that nowhere on the whole Pacific Coast is there a more beautiful spot than "IHJNDAKAVJS" and most people who look over the property buy
sonic of it. There are several summer houses already built on thc beach lots, aud others will be built in the spring.
Call in and get a price list and make an appointment with us to take you out and
show you the property.  Vou will enjoy a visit to "DUNDARAVE".
Tht prices are from MM ta $825 per lot, and thc terms are easy, one-fiftb cash,
and tltf balance over two years.   The waterfront lots are $4,500.
(21 Lonsdale Avenue
A hn' broke nul on Thursday morn-
ini; nlioui Mill, tilmli lesullid in Iho
complete .la- imi imu uf a une store/
bouse nl lhe corner nl Sl. Andrcw'e
Ave. und Ulh   haal,   the properly   nl
Mrs, Kingsley.    Hr. Arthur Kennedy
end family, lhc dinner owners,   wore
occupying tlie premises at   the   time,
and so i-piirkly did lhe frame   inn ni'
nn 1 ninii lu the Humes, thnt M  lamily
barely gut mil in time.     The   cause
ill the fire wns a defective   I.mm. y,    real
Mr. Kennedy hnd lil (he kitchen file _
Inland none mil to ||n> tlalile to nllcniflri-
lo bis Iioih-.i, and when he n hum il
lhe house wts abln/c.     Hit wlft and'
two of tbe lillle children were lake"'1"'
out bui ii wat found impossible tp re
enter by Ibe dpor lor Ibe third child. I
Access was gained by a mar window I
and the lillle one rescued.    Th*  firoj
brigade answered promptly lo Ibe colljilj.;
bdt in spile of lhe fad thnl barely*'j
five mlnulet elapsed from the time thc f'
tlarm wot turned la till water   wat
flowing on Iiie burning building,   tbt
dry frame work wu an easy and quick
prey to flu Hornet.    Tb* houm   wee
valued ot 1740 And lbi content*  pl
tlV).   Each wit covered frith a W»
ioiuronie policy.
The Gurney-Oxford Steel Top Range
-,• ept
«cond)-()nc ou-
-.^.'Kclcr nl llie   pro|.'oied
r,let lu he laid for the  pur-
ennying wnler lo tbt   appli-
.  houto  and   to  utbor   points
Ihroughout toid lut 763.'
lij The premises on which Ihe wnler it to be utod (describe tame)—
Throughout said D. //. 7M-
(g) Tho purposet lor which (he waler it lo bc mod -Domestic tnd tgii
(h) II fur irrigation describe the
Innd lu bo irrigated, giving acrcM*-
(I) 11 lhe water it lo bo uied for
power ur raping purposei describe lhc
place where the wnler it to be returned lo some natural channd, and the
difference in nliitudo between point ol
diversion aha point ol return—
Ij) Aro* ol Crown lend Intended to
be occupied by tljo proposed work*—
Nunc ,
Ik) Tbi* notice waa iiotled on the
llllh day of December, 1*10 (ind applicalion will be made lo In* fonnm*-
sioucr  on lhc tWlb day of .lanuaiy,
(I) OiveUhe name* and addreue* of
»ny riparian proprietor* M lioenaee*
who or jvlluso land* are likely lo lie
olecled by tbe proposed Wiirk*, tilhor
above or held* Ibe outlet-Rone.
means a marked saving in
nsiwsnlok^»er baking results,
lo llio aitMtO).. n
compluint ot leant tifcX? not
dale o! Iho firit sitting oTCER
of Boviiion. V
Dated ot  North Vancouvor, hf
Dee. Bib, I»M.
City Clerk.
North Vancouver
Coal a** Surlily Co.
Dealers in Coal, Brisk,
Sand,   Gravel,   Lime.
Cement  and   Qtmu
faMntj SiippJiei,
d SMshciioh
All Or4ert
filled and a
(iuarsnicd.    rfl/?** <">
AfifijjflBJ,' TriE EXPRESS WT
[Paper the World
from our stock of new wall
papers, go it seems, Every day
tome new designs arrives, to
lill tile vacancy of (hose closed
Handsome Wall Papen
are here in endless variety, Just
Iall our talesman (or what room
you want tlie paper, and he
will show you just the pattern
you are looking for,
To choose from our stock is
a pleasure, lo pay our price is
- easy,
117 Lonsdale
l'lione 149
The A. Farro
126 2nd St, Weit
WMiyoi»d«iliinh«A. Farro
Grocery you get ewwlly what
ymi mk lor it right price, ; t
Special Attention!
We carry a complete line ol
H.nbury * Ev.m Bread it tot 11.00
Pleawnt Fields
of Holy Writ
t^nvo fpr my i|»ily inngn
Alining the plum; ill  Held* iif  llnly
I   mighl   ah' ■!] a,a ii.
For Sale
Salmon River Vajley
Land, close to Fort
40 acre tracks, fit per acre
$50 cash and $10 per monlh
Enquire or write
218 Second Street East
Koll.il Ous Wlitil. Wliciti l'lnm Kicu Flour
Oatmeal buckwheat Flour Pearl Barley
Cracked Wheat Graham Flour Split Peas
Rolled Wheat Rye Flour Canadian Wheal Flakes
Ask your Grocer fur fl, & K. Brand. Tha Standard of Quality
Wholesale from
The Urackman-Ker Milling Co., Ltd.
LOMSDflU'. AVENUE.        At Ferry Landing.
Hau..   fi.oo  per  and  up.   Special rates to (amilies
tnd   lo regular   hoarders.	
Sn umi hi mn.
•   •   NURTH   VANCOUVER. H. C.
West Vancouver Motor Launch Service
Launch "Wesl Vancouver," Captain Findlay
Licensed lor 35 passengers
1. .if
ll,.ll)l...,li W ll.ll
7.30 a.m.
9.00 a.m.
11.00 a.m.
13.90 p.m.
15.00 p.m.
17.00 p.m.
t'i tm p.m..
9.30 a.m..
17,00 p.m..
Ivtry tei) r»i<bl tontay
fteluidi). Only  •
. fcindiy Schedule
Ullll VlliroiiMi
City r.lil.i' WI1.1I
8.00 i.m.
10.00 a.m.
ia.00 a.m.
14,00 p.m,
10.00 p.m,
18.00 p.m
.23.00 p.m.
.14.00 p.m.
,23.00 p.m.
Bingle Fart 16c.       Two Tickitt 26c.
Quicketl route Irom N/irlliJ/f*: ->v'rr to the district beyond
Ctpil.no Kiv-r 'l"t^«»Iings Kg, ,nakes g>™»
Hon.,   _**&  _ .   .   "st1 ()l '.^"'offi North V.n-
K7      General huperintKiideiit Ua by the poilou., ,
^^^ rmmmminm
W* operate lhe only f»<l'
tied furniture and piano
moving van in the cily, , ,
N. V. Cartage Co.
r Un.d.le Ave.
PtftHt ItifS
Pint tfiiurliii'.     I.i'hsiiii ll; aliiniiiiiy 8,
10!I: I Kings xii, OH; liii, 1-fl,
ali'i'iilmnni  makei Iiiiilu for   Ihi ml   Ir
Tho jjoiiBBiii uf 11 ui'W em|iirn in nl
wnya InmiiiiiliiiK, Imt a ipuuliil intir
est ni im In■:: tu tlio rim uf thn kinjjf-
ilnm nl liriiieir- Tlm ilinvn^n lii'twien
K|ilirniiit nin| .Iniiiili seiiniiil iiotitnlil
ll  wm |iiiaii|iuiii'il by Ilm .:i,ilia.ni'iii
ship nf iinviil, imt ii began iitidw Hm
-aim... nf aStiliililull, iiiiiI wiib |iioi:ipi-
Iniiii by tlm Insolent iiii'iiin|iul»iii.|. ul
Iti'litiliniiiii. * ' * Thn must ligiiilicnnl
iiii'iiliiiit nf tin- narrative ie thut which
ill,..      lilliaa. till! lilllilllll Wllilll) llTlllintlll
lunk tu iiliiiiinli! hiu milijiH'la prkinun-
mil ly frum Jerusalem, lliunnnb
spunking it unn inipiiiitive lhat hi
sliuiihl take steps In preserve tlie nu
tiiniinii nl ilm new 11111 ai in    - 'i'in
tllillg    niUlt     llnr,ilrn n:-   II,   lllis    WUI
tlm rule uf tint Hebrew rclijfli 11 whii'li
required the pri'seni'ii ul every mult
throe times 11 vimr iu Ilm 11 mi'i.' ft
win eyidenl Unit if the luw'kingdom'
were tn lm |tept wiparute politically,
tlirj' must lirsl bi' separated religious-
ly. Nn nim nui ilis|iiili: Ilm 11, vi rim-:
u! ali'i'iliiiiim's del'iue. llu ttt "I
syniliuls uf nli.iimi nt llit- nmil .iii el
sliiiiies within his am 11 iiiTJInry whiah
lllippillll'lt    ail"    111    lie    lllaa: I    I'llllV'flllU.'11'
ly lui'iitisl. llu ct.rii.-cil his silliju Is
Irnin llic long und expensive jiiiinmys
tn .lenn-nlem. In the |il.n'ii ul Ilm
I.mill's, whn luul desoriiil tu Jiuhili,
lm I'l'i'iilml n new prliislliuud in whith
nil sci'limis mul ilinmis mv rujirutK'iit-
•I. * ' ' iW.3 pun. pine nl statecraft
Ihis wns 11 nut -1.1 ilrnkn, It run-
Hi nnal Ilm si'imriil 11111 uf |)|e Iwn Uin -
limn ■ fur nil  linm.  Willuiiii il, tn ull
lilllilllll   ll|ljli'!ll'llllia S,    Isrill'l   Wnlllll   Ill
liiiiaiiilv lum.. Ikvii renbaurlml hy .In-
dub. Ily this dm im .li iiiliii.iin lml
ir.'sHril hiu iiiinui; _„e\ |>i-ipi lun 1 cil hi-
iKiiii-li, uml fnr il-'iu nu, ciuioiil
opinion .'■ ."il.l certainly I'liiniiiiiiiil Iiiiii
' ' ' Iiiit lllis wlinli' Iriiimiia liiiii mu.-!
lie tu mil lium 11 imiii n in iilisul:.,
ly cxlrnurilinmy. .Ii'rnlin,iin ate nl
fiiiiii in throwing hiiusi'lt ili'iiil, iitnlii I
lllll   (lllllllllllrllllll  ,|llilla i|lll'«   tlf   Ulll    'llaa
suit' Inw nml ritual,     lie nettled   ll
...l.li-   polity iuln   n   uii'i til   iiii'in.
uml |i..i'..n.'.i Ilm ntn 11111   ul   nu mini!
life iu lis very fuunliiin.
The key In Jeroboam's ihniii'icr 1-
fniinil in llie wnnl ''policy." '
"Whu Hindu Isrucl lo fin," is 11 linn
ming refrain rcpciitiil twenty tlnm
limes euneeining Ilm mieeessito ki 111/-
nf Ihu Northern Itiiiuilmii, ' ' To 111"
Oriental minti 11 young IiiiiI is Ilm
■ ..mli'il nf ereulive energy nr puwer Iu
luing intu li. in ■. Fur lliis rcnsnii
«ii   iiil..|iinl iu represent lhe lli iiy
' ' ' A mndern lilliiliiL'y In the chimin!
tii tim iuirvest lenst is found in lie
atlcmpli'il iihuliliun nf tile seven i|n)'
unliilinii in 1 rder lu ohlilernto Sunday—a tin. imnl system li in nil).iil.1
led. This wns dune liy lhe Kicni'li re-
vuliiliuiiisls. • • • A wrung fenee is
conveyed in llie uiitliori/cil Version nl
Ilm  Iriinsliiliuii  "he iniu|j. pricttl ul
llll!.        La   '.'      . I .        I ill)' j 11M 11 11 I! . " ^ ||J||
Iiiii elevate "Inm, Dirk mid Hurry"
In tho i'.i. il...I lie wns l"U
shrewd fur lliul. Wlmt lm reully dial
wns lu lintIri-nu his throne Ily • lunn-
iug lor eii'li'siiislieiil npler "Irnin muling nil i In' people" (hi in .1 l.n Kcvisul
Version); Ihul is, cnpuliln men, wher-
ever he found lium. * * * Tho Levites
living in Isruel shuwod tlminseKcs lo
lie sell-respecting nun. They iiiiried
no Invur. With nne iinnid Ihey sur-
rendered Iheir livings iind iniilie nn ex
odus Ut .liidiih, A modern miolui/y
lu this is luund in the .Snitch plergy,
Tbc Insi sustained by.Israel wns Very
great. It wus like the ndodv) ul Um
Ilui.i'mil.- fnim I'mi.'"
-Iiiiiiiiiiy   8,   1911 :   liain' i-    xii: 1,4.
Pialm 107 : 1-3,
ft VANCOUVRK, fl, C,
I'JllJi I..',-..J.''   JJ' iu.
K •
Prices Reduced for Lots in
Subdivision of Portion of Diitrict loti 601 and 607, Nortii Vancouver
Municipality.    At Terminus of B. C. Electric Cariine,
For Pli», Prici
l.iili 4 PulicuUn
Apply Te
Phone 6286, Corner Pender and Seymour Streeta, Vancouver,
o We are advertising extensively pro*
perties listed with us at saleable prices, and
any iuch placed with ui will receive the earnest attention of our
advertising department and large force of laleimen. We particularly invite exclusive listings.
Real Estate Agents.      Financial Broken
Head Office: 405 Hastings St. W., Vancouver, B. C.
British Columbia lirani'li Offices:
•I lioiibiliilit Avo., Nortli Vancouver
llll lioveriiiiient PL Victoria
Itriint'li i Hlirt'.- in Kiipi|ii.:
Ilerliii, Hernia ii y
|j)l|llllll, l.lif;l, I.il
l'urii«, France
H-M"I"M"I"I-H-M-»M »»l-M-M-»l»i"M-|-|-i I 'tH-^^-l-»fr1-«-H-H-W'»M-*»»»»^»l-»l'M'l-«">1
Canadian Financiers. Ltd,!
.  * 11
« Om :f MOM, IrttAHitiWt
ittMhiitlrm Qrtini unit nt !»«•
iiLMSHMii to m.K.s.s
(An Uvuiigi'lislii. McavlinK)
TliiTii ii mi lilivviiig ol ulliiiv without   fllll ilia'".   |,|     i-i-H,        Allliillillil   Millet
iiikkIh expat rjj|j£_Ji,iiiiM.|| bttore tie
. tmlil lui umi. a lilesiing In tlm wm l<i.
He mull leave fullni'.- Imu .■ lliul 1 in
iln<l uml go Id ii itrMgl plki'ii. A
Bellluli perHtiii een nnl lileaa nllii'iH. Ile
mmt iii'i'il. eui'ne them il tliey tInui,e
lo hIiiiuI in hii way. *
LARGE LOTS     50x193
Gentle-slope, light clearing, sidewalk in
front of each lot. Three blocks from
Lynn Valley car line.    ~ £Sf£S
I 14 Lonsdale Avenue:       -      J. P. CRAWFORD, Local Mgr.
Telephone 215
',',    Branch Office:
Main Office:
t. id of l.ynn V.llev CtrllM
632 Granville St Vancouver     i
Foreign Office:   GJaigow, Scotland.
1 . ' .
50 ft. lot near Lonsdale Ave.   Price $2100
Cash $800.       :-:        Balance reasonable.
Martinson & Co.
I'hiiti l J j. I'.O. lhi j j
_^_l_l_J_I_J_Am_)_J____\m____________\ JJJJJJJJJJ
N. V. Artistic Cabinet Maker,
Upholsterer and Decorator
Minulai'lui.r ul
all Uiniii ol HlMlna .Ild Anllaint'  I'uiiiliiiif
■llllia., Ollluil, ll«lik (ml ll«I Plllilll'l,    Kl'|a«ll
' .1111..
Inf In i
1'iflure I'liilniiix-
1 IlltllllU'l.
Furniture -Ktortgc.
HAII, OKIIKKH Ji.' n |ai„i„|.| mlaiilliii,
LOW SEA, Proprietor
0. in io8pa).
1'iiil class Mtals 35c,
Vktt, bpclfetioH, mmut   comntiimtion Ticket,, ,, metis
t, 0, 9m tii Kmtk Vwww»v«
If 7 J
01shr, Hmittwitnu rtut
The Gurney-Oxford Sted Top lUmgi
means 1 marked laving jn
(uel and lielter baking rnults.
only does ila work BETTER
oilier Range*..
Wc can dcmonalrale lo you
Ihe whole Su|Hrior Ciian-
cellor principal ol economy
and efficiency in len minlitfs.
If il nol worth Ibai nun li
ol your lime right bow f
The J. D. Fra«er Hardware Co,
i%m % III fgrsxpjigii, north vANeoym & e,
QUWlfit Of NOfth VfllKQUVW IP"» tandn tAwnon »nd (tow *n4 »* Bp Maw, Wat Pwil»wt »ll   Bwlftd he iimt of ft* Wenton {Mt BtovwM b Wwt* ettbi Pity o
ii...'.» i. >k. 4r./.i„.  „i M..fi. «. b. ibarriitir-at-lw, whwe uddr****!* 0|5
Jlnitiiigi »tri'«t,_VKnpnuy*r, ufureinid,
nl thfl Wrtrldt nl North *«hwf (,„", been appointed. returning olfor
to minii by wuy ol lonn tli* turn
ol $|0,i|iill (or the puriipwol erttt-
1n» n MnnMpnl KWI nnd Office*.
WIIEfiEAS a I'etjlinn dated a* to
""'li Hignalnro and "igued   liy   the
owner* ul more tnnn one-nnlf in value
of (he nutl property in the llutliii'iof
North Vwneoiiver, ,ai «lw*n |>y the
Uot revised Assessnu nt  liull, Imi I ecu
BrcBiintcd to Hip Coiiini! ol the win
iitnet are<|iie»ti|ig tlmm In i|4FHNHM
nnd ttn e Ily-luw to niiiimri'u thnn
to burrow the sunt pI *in,"00 lv the
Siirpuw ul providing fiui-lo (0 liftt't n
lipiicjpal llall und Ulnpee ,ipd o'lind-
iiig und laymg ont ine MYH'ld*
around them i-l v
2\H\I WTIEHEA.S it will l-o iii'ctiiinn.y
tp mi™ annually by special mm tlio
sum of Wiili (nr tiie term of lilly years
Inr   the repayment ol the said   lo.iii
and for interest tt)*reon at ihn nl»
ol livo per cent., 1* hendnaltar provided :
ANI) WHEREAS the valuo of tho
tybulo rateable properly in tho suid
liistriet according lo tliu lust revised
A*iunmciii   Ball  amounts tu M.'JIH,-
to tnhe tlio VotM o| eneh %ior»,
with the wnnl pnwpre in tort MwJI.
Ry order of th* fJonnell,
♦»mw, th* Mth m si. dump m ol
llll, between m mn ol S»'- ,8«ni
District of Norlh Vancouver
A BV-I-AW trvenn'ble the GflW«ii2»-
of the DMrlPt nl Worth V'mpsh'
ver Is ntn by ww nl Innn lb»
mm nl HW,(KK) to uosiot in thn improvement pf. K*lth Bond;
y/WERPAS » Petition drted *» fn
each signature and signed hy tlio own-
or* of mute than mie half in value nl
pm rp»j property in the Distriit ol
nrtb Vauciiuyor, ai i|mwn by the
ANtf WHEREAS  the a^ro.ete ul
the  lichen i un: Debt uf the .'■  ipn I
Ity (ex copt (nr works ul 1 cnl im
pnncuicnil im lading llio Imn hereby
authored amount* to < I HI,nno i
TliEllEEOliE the Jleevu and Cnu..oil
ol tpo ('orporation fll the Djstrlct ol
Norlh Vancouvor, in Council mmm
bled (with fho asioul o! tho Eloolori
ul the lli'ilrici duly u||laincd) d t hire
by enact as follow*. vi».:
I. It shell he lawlul fur Iho Cnuncil
fur the purpuie aforesaid lo borrow ur t__ il (jV8
raise by way of loan (rom any per- &k)VMM
ion or person*, budy ur liudnn cor-
pnruto, whu may be will ng la ml
viim e tho sumo upon the neditt-l llio
Debentures hereinafter pint ii'etl for o|
thii Corporation a sum nr sumi   nl
lll.illi'V   nut rsn riling  ill  the whnle   lllc
ium iif 110,000, nud tu cnuse (he same
tn bo placed in llie Hunk nl Briliili
Norlh America in Nurlh Vonconter,
to tho credit ol the Corporation lor
thc purpose ulureiaid.
9. Debenture liunds ul tho Corpora-
tinn lo tho uiiiuiini ul 110,1100 in (be
whnle may In issued by (lie iti ove Anil
Clork of ihe Corporation in termi ul
lhc "
last revised Asiassmont Hud, In ■ heen
inruenlril tfl thp I'mineil "I the said
Hinlrirl leipiriilini; them tfl inlrniliirc
untl puis ii lly-l,iiw lo aiilhori;e
them lo borrow the mm ol $M,0.iO to
provido fundi to ansisl in currying mn
the wnrk ol PonatructlnK a -macadamized   all il e".li V   (Fnd OteCl    III ialgm     llllll
iioncrole nibitructuree) extending Irom
thu East bank ol the (lapilaiio River
west tn Ilm se Slum Ilay in White Cliff
City, along the Keith Uoad *i deviated ull within the Diitrict ol Norlh
AM) WIIEHEAS it will be necessarv
to raise annually by special rale the
sum ol 13,838 for the term  of Illy
vean.   loi'  the  icpiivnmnl   III  Iho   s ill
loan and fnr interest thereon nl   tho
per ici 1.   an   luninaller
AM) WHEKEAS the value of the
wholo rutoiible pro|nrty in Ibe said
District, affording to the lost reviled
Assessment Koll is |»,943,(i!6;
AM) WHEKEAS the o.gregoti o!
the Debenture Debt ul the Municipality (wept lor works nl Innil im
prnvement) including tbo luan hereby
ituihuii/id emouiiti to 11411,0W.
THEUEEOKE fho Reeve und Cnuncjl
of i|m Corpuretluii nf tho Diatrict ol
Nnrlh Vancouver, in Council esiora-
Iiiiii, hereby cnuet u* folluWli t}t,
l It hill he luwl.d for tbo Cuun-
ril fur tho pmpiine nima> nid lo bur
inw nr raise liy way uf luan Irum ony
pcrsiin nr persuns, lindy ur bodi • cor-
liniiiln. wlm may be willing lu advance lhe same upnn thu credit ol lhe
llellelllilleil   llel ''Ulliil i I    piiiviih'd   lul     111
ibis Curpnrution a sum ur sums ul
nu un -.  nut exceeding m lhc whnle the
■ Muuinpul Clauses Act in sums us
may be desired, bul nut exccoding II,-
000 ouch. Each nf snid Debenture
Hiiinl- shall be si ned by tho s*id
Keeve und Clork and sliall ho soaled
with tho Seal nf the Curpurutii.n.
, 9. llio suid Helmut me liunds shall
bear linen it at a ruto nut oiceciling,
live per cent, per milium, | ayalile | sum uf K0,000, and tn cause lhe same
half-yearly on lhe lit duy if EuWurry . (0 be MM W the Hank nl Drltifh
and on tbu 1*1 dny nl August i Ninth America tu Iho credit nl the
in each end everv year during Ihe our- Curpninlinn fur lhc puipuse hereinbc-
roncy of the suid IlchonOira*  or  uny : lor* nm rated.
01 them. There sliall bc altnchcd tu | 3. Debenture Bund* ul the Cnrpora-
the lialn iiinn Dun Is Cuupuns ligned tiun tu Iho omuunl nf iriu.onii in the
by the Keeve only lur each mid every i wliule may lie issued by lhc Heeve and
payment ul inti rent tliat shall be. .mm link of the Corporatlop in twine el
due, and suih signatures muy be lhe Hunifipul Clauses Art in sums as
tiiliai wrilleii or slumped. may be desired, bui mil Inr mure than
i. Tlm suid ilulicniuro Hnnd* ns In Jl,000 ouch, Each ul iaid jiebeu-
priucipnl mid inti rut shall bc payable Wife Bond* ihiill lu: ligned by the
al the Dislriel Municipal Ollice, Nurth said Kiove ond Chrk and ihull In
Vancuuver, H- Or, nnd lhe suid prn-.sealed wilh the Seul nl lhc 1 nrporu
cipal   sum sbull be miide'payable   by   lion. .
the Corporation "' u dale not lulcr I 3- The said Dclientnre Honds shut
than N) yeurs Irom tlie Inl day Mf interdsl ul a rale not cxucdni
pl February IUI 1. [five per cenl nor annum, payableh
' 15. There shall be raised and levied ! •v'''V'y "!} % M doy. ii___
„..u„„l|y l.y a H|>eci..l rale un all tho . "ll ','" ,l'c H,"t bWM S'1*«hei
uruperly  ii. lhc  Distiiit the  sum  nl, "' l""'1' ""d RKJ tWf during then i-
MWths liuipuHC ul lurming n Sink-   "•«*   ',!    •"'"' T_m_  W   ttt  «'
'Ihein.   there shall be nlturlinl lu Hi'1
properly in lhc Distiiit the sum uf
JlKi fur the piupuHC uf lurming u Sink
in ' Fund lur llic payment , I naid IK
In n I in ,f. when ilu v If. nm due, and
lhe sum nf ihen fur the payment
uf the inleriHl ut the yule ufuieuiid in
In a iimr duo un smh debmilurcs during
the currency ihcrcnf, mid ihul in id l|-
tinn lu all nl Iter rnlen tu lm levied
and cullecled in lhe suid District during i In whnle nil ii'in y ul llie suid I c-
li.'iiidies or any ul (hem.
6.  The Cn uic I  uf  Ihe Cur.i nim
11. Inn i ni I- Hnnds Cuupuns signed by
llie lleevo unly lur each bin) every
pnymenl ul interest thut shull lici'unic
due, and such signatures in v he cither written ur slumped.
I. ilie laid Dclicnturc Howls as to
piincipiil and interest shall bc payable
ul the Distriit Municipal Olhce, Nnrlh
Vancouver, II. ('., and the niia pun
ipal sum sliall he made puyable   by
fur lhc time being mny ul uiy   linio  the _ Corporation #ol a dulenot   later
uuriiiusc the whule or an;
Ihul   60 yeara ' Irom   the 1st diy ol
March 1011.
i'n   There shall be raised and   levietl
miniiiilly l.y a special lale mi all Hie
'     i
av of lhc Debentures In be IiiiiiiI uniler Ihis By-
I uw pi ni uhal Ihey live lu llic Ir 1 ler u
liiildeis llii'i eul iii lc ist six uu nl hs' until* n! their intention tu purrhnso Ihu trntcublc land nr real property in-the
lame, and puy in iiddilinn lo lhc par j Dint rid Hie sum of IIW.1 lur the pur
Vtilue ilu nn! und the iiierimd idler sl
thereiin In lhe dale nl pur base, a premium nr bonus ul une year's ink-rent
un such par value ur mull less sum
as mnv Iw ai/iccd mum wilh lhr bidder or nobles Iheieol, and ull such Debenturei io pun-bused slmll to lorth-
wilh i nm died and ilcslroyid nud no
re-issue ol Debentures shaii lake plan:
or lie made in cdohiiiucuic of spin re-
pun husc and Ihe suid Debentures sh ill
contain on Iheir face u provision authorising repiiri hnse ns hero'n "'provided for.
7. This lty-|,nw muy Ic riled for
all purpose, as "The Municipal Hull
Loan Ity luw, IWO."
8, 'This Hyl.nw shull n me iitu e'-
fecl nn lhe Isl day of Eobriinry, IOI I
I'nssud. byrIhe Council „n (|,o 37th
day ol December, 1010.
Keeeivod lhe assent ol lhe Elccti.rr
al an election hold on Ibe
day nl 1011,
Iteennsidercd and finally ininptid Mil
signed by lhe Ibcc and Chrk an)
sealed nn the 'l".v of
TkW NOTICE (hot (he above is a
true copy of the proiiontd Bv f.aw up
on which the vole ol llic Mun cipnlili
will |j* taken within tho polling placei at the l.ynn Vallev liislitule Hull
lhe Church Hell at lhc corner ol
),onsdiilc Avenue and Omen Sine'
and ft Ifbjlyburn, West Bapuent}, ull
iii the DiilrH ol North Vancouver, ntt
.Saturday, the Ulh duy nl lenuoiy
IWI, between tw hour* ol 0 o'clock
a in. and 7 o'clock p.m.
Boeing Offer.
llll, between tli* bom ol 9 «'•
(md 7 fl'plttp* pw.
,101m a. tmto,
Butwntou ■flffpir:
PUBLIC NOTIW l* hirehy siren
that th* vole fll the Eloclors of   tin:
Disliift ol Nurlh Vancoiiver   will   be
tiilte.i AD ''The Keith Jload Wpit l-onn
By-law, |»W," op Satnrday, IMHft
dny ol tltnmy. IWI, MrtwBW the
hoORifll 8 olfW a,». end 7 o'i|.pk
p.m. within the following polling »m-
oe*. yix.: Tbo Lynn Vullpy InatUute
Jfall, the t'liur5| Hall at the corner nf M>n«du|e Avenge end Urne
Street, and at Hollyburn,' Wi*i gep-
jlann, iill |n tho District fll {forth Vop-
cuuvor, and tbat John ')• Former hn
boon appointed returning oncer to
lake tb* votes of mull Electors, with
tho usual power* in that behalf.
By order nf Hm Council.
.   Heeve. .v •
., iftniidered end lin"l|y ftmpiwi by
the Ciuiiicil and ilgncd by the Heeve
DPi  Plork and sealed with the fnr-
pornto Heal on the duy
wl IMI-
D^irift of Nprlh Vflwoiivff
A IIV l-AW lo enabl* the Corporation
ad Hm piitriet o( North Vancouver
to raise by way ol loan tbo sum ot
18,000 for the purpuie ul assisting
to improve l.ynn Valley Koad.
WHKIIKAS a Petition dated ai to
cuch ng iiiliire and ligned by tho owners uf more lhan mm hull in value ol
tbo coal properly in tb* Diatrict ol
North Vancouver, as ihown by tbo
lusi revised Assessment Koll, hui beon
pusi'iiii d to the Council ol the said
District ii.'.|iiesiuig then to -introduce
and pasl a By-Law to authorize thom
to borrow the sum ol 18,00ft (or the
purpoie of assisting to grade und mu
enihuni.e the Lynn Valley Bo.id from
the limits of the City ol North Vancouver to Huntings Creek llii.lge.
ANII WIIEHEAS it will be nc essary
to raise 'annually by special ruto the
sum ol 814511 lor the term ol lilly
years lor the repuyfticnl of tho laid
loan and for intereit llicrouii at the
rale ui live per cent., a* hereinafter
ANI) WHKIIKAS the vulue ol the
whole i uli able property in the laid
Diatrict according lo Ihe lust rcvued
Assessment Boll amounts tu Jfi.'illl,-
ANH WIIEHEAS the aggregate ul
the Debenture Debt ol the Mu
nicipiilily Irxeepl lur work* u! local iinpinveineiii) including Ilm hum
lll'l'ebv    llllllluri/eil   uiuuiiuls   In  <UII.
' TIIKIIKKilHK Ibe ll.*ie „n,l Council nl the I nip.iinii.aii ill thu District
uf Ninth Vuncuuver, iu (uiiiicil assembled (with the assent ul the Elect-
on duly obtainod) do hoialiy enact ai
lollows, vii.:
I. ll shall be lawlul lor tho Council
lor the purpose alorcsuiil to Imn v.
or raise by way o! loan from any
person or persons, body or bodies corporate, wlm may iw willing to advance Uie name upon tho credit ot tlic
llellelllillis   lieniliii/lei   pill villi d   hu   uf
Ihii Curpuratiun a sum ur sums ol
money not eniuding in the whnle lhe
mm nl 18,000, and lu cause the sunn:
in lie pinned in llic Bank nf liriiish
Nnrlh America, in Nnrlh Vancnuver,
tu the .ndii uf lhe Curpuratiun for
tlie purnusis hefnre narrated.
il. Debenture Bunds uf the Cnrpnru-
tiun tu the amnunt uf ¥\maii iu n,
wliule may lie issued by the Beevc ami
Clerk uf tho Curpuratiun in tiros ul
the Muni, iimi Clauses Act iu um an
may be acnircil, bul mil fur nunc
(hun II.IKKI each. Each ul laid
llelieniiiie Bunds shall lie signed by
said Beevc und Clerk and shall be
scaled wilh the -Seal uf lhc Corporation,
3. The said Debenture Bunds shall
bear inirnni al a rate nnl eicicding
live per cnl. per annum, payable
half-yearly un the firit day uf February and un lhc first day nl
August jn cinh and every
I year during the currency uf lhc said
pusc nl burning u Sinking Emul lor Dciu'iilun..* or any of Ihem. Then
lhe payment ol said Debenture* when , dioll   Iw   nil mind   lo lhe   ilebenlure
lllel    baa.unn  dm,   l.ln)   ilm   mllll   lal-t'J.   . Ilillllln    CoU|llllll    sigmd    tiy   I he    Ill'CVe
Mill for the payment of lhc intereal »| 1 only lor *uch and every payment of in
lhc rale afunuaid lu becuine du* uli'lerest Ihul shall heron* din, and such
niich debenture during the cuiitciicy 1 signature may Iw cil her written ur
ib.'mul,  nnd  thit in .addilinn lo all ■ ilampcd.
nther ratdt lu lie levied and cullcflell I The iaid Delwnliire Bunds ai to
in the said Distriit during the whole'principal and interest siiaii be pay
currency of Iho said debentures or any I able al die Diitricl Municipal Office,
of llmin. Norlh Vincouver, R, C, and tlm suid
Thn Council of th* Ci n oration principal sum shall bc mude payable
for Ilm time Iwing may al any lime'hy the CorooratiOn at a dnlo not
purchase the whole or any of lhc IX-,later Ihnn fifty years fnun lhe first
licnlurrs lo Iw issued under this Hy-Ay of February, IWI.
Law provided liny give lo lhe holder I). There shall Iw ruined uud levied
holders Ihcrrof ut leunl sift mouths unnually by a special rate on ull lhe
nolice of their intention In pinch1 lc rateable lund ur reai property in the
lhe same, and pay iu additiuii to the Dislriel lhc suni uf 163 for the pur-
pur value thereof and lhi atr'rucd in- pone of forming a sinking fund for the
inui thereon lo the dale n| pur- |iiaymenl of iaid debentures when they
husc, n premium or bonus ul une i liccume due and the ium uf 1400 (ur
yenr's   interest  09   such, par   v*|ue| the  payment uf the inlercst  at  the
lhat Iho vote nt lhc Electors "I we
Dinliiel nl Norlh Vancouver will If*
tiium nn "The ¥un|dpe| ffall Uan
By.L«W, l»lft", on BoMey, lhc
I'll, day of 'hnmy, IWI, fad-wnn
iLhtrsn «* 9 trim f-m, end 1'
&-a\om viffimiT
or such less sum as may he agreed
upon wilh (ht holder or hdieri there-
of, and all such pi^ieutHrcH ho i ui
■bused nhall lo iorlhwith enn 'lied
and tleslroved und no reissue ol Dl
lieniuie'i iliell lake place or be made
il roni'ci|nenei. of such 1 cpurchiise and   of llmm
llie said llnlieniiiiea. shall mi/linn on | fi. The Council of Die Corporal|on
their face a provision initloji/ing n-.for Hie lime being may at any time
purehane as lierein provided'ior. purchaie llie whole or any ol the lie-
7.  This By-Law   may l;c  tiled  lor wnturei to bejiiued under thii ^y
all purpose* a* the Keitli Koad (well)
Loan By-Law, ISHO."
rale aforcaoid lo become due on such
Heboid mra during tile cunciuy llu re-
of, and that in addition lo all ilber
rales lo Iw levied and cullecled in the
said Disliiel during (lm whole currency ol lhc laid debentures or   any
is By i.aw sball  come into
fn I on Die 1st dey 0/ March, IWI
Passed by Hie Counril on lhc  87Hj
day ol Heeentber, lew.
-Jicicived  the ei-cnl of Ihe Electors
ul nn Elnlion held on Ilm
day of
iU'coiiHidered and finally adopti
Ilm Coundl aiul *jgn*d by the Keeve
and Clrrk and sealed witji li
ralr Sea| on U)e
lid I.
day of
TAKK WmP »h»l ihtabm i.a
(rue cmiy of lh* proi.osed By-Law yn-
on Mih the vote o| the Mumtipjllty
Luw provided rtuy give lo Iho holder
or holders lhcre..| al Icoil six
nuiiiiln' iniiii.■ of (Ii.ii Intention to
purchase the lame, and pay in addi-
lion lo lhe par value thereol and lhe
accrued inlerent'Iheieon lo (he date
of purchaae. a premium or bonus of
one year'* internet on iuch pjr value
or inch Imi ium *• may bc agreed up
on witti the holder or hold-is Iheieol.
and all iuch Debentures so nurohoiud
•ball be forlhwith cancelled and do-
ilroyod md no re issue ihall tak*
place in cou'equejne of iuch ripur
liaie and lb* iaid Debenlure* shall
contain on iheir lace » proviiion au
Uioriilng repurcbaa* e* herein provid-
*d ht. ' •
7. Thii B.vl*w m»y be cited for•)
nurposei ai "the Lynn Valley
Utp By-Uw lata.11
8.  Th|i By-Uw »b»IL come inlo intact op the mi ity ot fthnitryi
the poj|»«L
__\ _____ *\_i _$____ s
nhiri.'H   nt  the   Lynn   Valley Innlilu
Hall,  The tlhgich Hull  iit tin' ni™
TAKE NOTICE thut thi! obovo ji*
true enpy of the proposed By-l.aw up
ui; which the votii of tho Municipulily
Wjll   bn    taken jyit|i|l(    t||P    |!nllil|g
ol l.tiiiHiliile Avenue und Queen Btreet,
and at llollybiiin, West Cupilano, all
iu t|ie District o| North Vancouver on
Saturday, the llth day of Juiiuury,
|W1, betwecp the Mn ni 0 o'olpck
u.in. and 7 n'i luel. p.m.
JOHN li. EABMEB,  ••'
Huturning Olf.e. r,    .
KUBLIO NOTICE 1 hoioby given
that tho vote uf tho Elector* of the
Diitrict of North Vancouver will be
taken nn "Tho Lynn Valley Bond
Loan It)-Luw, 1010," nn Suiurdoy
tlpi Mth duy uf Juniiiiry, 10)1, be-
I.ween tho liuiiiu nf 0 u'elnek 11.in. aiul
7 o'cluck p.m. within tl o fa It iwin 1
nulling place*, vji.: flip I yi n Valley
Institiilt Hall, tlm Church Hull ul
the enrner ol Lonsda e An nue 1 n I
Quoin Slreet, and al llullybu n, We 1
Cupilano, all in the lli -i id o| Norlh
Vancuuver, and thai -I<>lni O. Earmcr
has been appointed returning officer tu
take Ihe votes ol such Klmti r«, willi
tlie usual powers in Unit behalf.
By order ol the Couiuil,
JNO. V. McNAlillHT,
flaitingi »trf*t, Vnnpiwytr, .,
il thu attorney Inr t'jP I'opipuny.
The um'tunt p| oapital u| ihe Punt-
}W », h"W »mwi *lid.. Jw
hniisitnd  Hollar*,  divided  inin ley-
pnty-fivo hnndred obnra*.
lt)V|i!N nnder my h»nd   *nd
.Seal  of Qlliee  iit  Viitont,
(L. 3.) Provjfjcp of liriiish Columbi'ii
'    llll* llillulcenlll duy l)| Hecein-
b*ri ono thpinmnd nine Ijnii-
dred and ten, •
]). fniTfEHipis.
Kegutiar ul Juint Stuck Compani!*.
The nlijci In hu whi. li lbi* Company
has been citabliihod and jiooniej are:
'Tho in nn uf uctiii iug, buying, selling,
trading and dealing in saw*, barbed
wire, lend pipe, lead »h"t, lead Imps,
White load, liulty, m led puintl, 10I-
oiiy,. v«rni»li,  pliimiei!', tininiitlis'
Ullll mnv nulli; lulpllHM,* tools, Ufon-
;ilu. hiimiehuhl furniture, iliivni,hardware goni|l, nud all kind* of HU|iplics
for merchant*,, dealer*, farmcri nnd
TIlU  in.inuhifliiiiii. ,  producilia.    liny
ing, wiling, trading and dealing In
inui, steel, loud, nickel and nther metals and ures uf overy description.
Tn ufipiire shares, debenture* and
securities nf ntlior lompaiiio* a* Ihu
i'liii.idniniinii Inr guuds, wnres and
innn humli i- sold to inch companiei in
Iho .'"Hn..1. course ul lm im' .■■. the
operation] ul the said Cumpany tu
be curried nn lhrmigliuut tho Dumin-
iun ul Cuuiidii.
"Companiei Act, 1807"
I'mvinee 0! British Columbit:
Nn. llufi
nn llie Mih day ul Auguit, 11 lln wn
nulli.111 nl and iia'cits tl to carry >n
lain m s within llil I'lii'.iina- 0! Uiii
1 li 1'iilnnil i.i, -ii lierohy authoi uud and
lircniod 10 curry uul ur ellect ill ur
any ef the udditnual ly. a ol the
Cumpany In which lhe ligislulivo au-
llnil ily of lile I eg 1 I..line uf III ilu I
Ciilumliiu extends.
The head ufliia ul Ihe I'umptiiy ii
nituulo in  Kngland.
The am.innl of lhe capilal uf tlif.
Cumpany il llOi.OU), dnided iuli7fi,
000 ''A'' shann u| i'l c.aili, IUI IIIUI
"II" shm.". ill XI each, aud 10,000
"C" share* nf I* each.
Tho luad niiin: ul Iho lumpeny in
llu* I'mvinto ji nituulo at Muliuu's
Bank I h..minis. Voiic iiivor. and Her
bei 1 l.nrkwi iiii, F 11anci.il Agent,
whuse iidilrcii ii lhc nme, ii lhi at
tui n. >■ fur the lumpiiny.
(ll\ K.N under my hnnd and
Soul of nlli' e. nt Victoria,
(L. S.) Province ol Britih Columbia, thit iliu duy ol Mby.
One ihouaand Nine Bundled
and Seven.
ll.gisii.-1 ul .Imiii Slock 1 a mi 111.1-
I lie nihil I imi.tl ob|ccla for v I nh
this cumpany tin* lietn . 1 ib.ishc I and
licenicd ar* :
(al>| The «ea|Uiliuu by puicbase,
raea.nl, or any othar luw ful mean* ol
water and ml 1 power, water record* and privilege*,
loll) Tbo application and diilribu
lion of water tnd waleriiowcr by
•reeling dame, im leasing lhe bead iu
any m i.i ing budy ul wudr, or •>•
lending iho area Ihoreul, diverting Iho
water ol any stream, puud or lake
into any nther ■ Innn,. 1 or . In.nml-.
laying and ceding any Hume, pipeur
win, tonsil in ling any iace wuy, n
lorvoir, toueduit, wor wheel, building, or nil'ti erection or work which
muy be i- pm. 1 in cuhnccliou with
the ui* of wnii r or wubr power, and
•lining, leiiewiug, eslcitding, impruv
ing. muinlaining iud lopuiringtny
•ucb worki or any purl ilui.nl,
1*4) To ut waler *ud waterUo»«r
lur mining purposes, fur general irri
gallon purpose!, and for nil m II ng.
iniiimli,. num,.,  illllusllj.il  lllld  im .liall
ii al purposea, or any ul the 1111110;
(oO) To usi waler und wal r power
lor producing any form of power, and
lor producing and gcnuinliug ehclii
cjly fur lhe puipa.ws ol light, bout
and power or any ul such purposea I
lad/ C0111.l111. ting, operating ami
maintaining electric tto,Is, power.
homes, gein ruling plant ulul smh nlli
cr upplitiii. c« uud cunvonieiicci M ure
ni'ii'-saiy ur pruper lur gineruling
electricity ur any ullur lurm uf lievcL-
opeil piiwci, una lur irniiHiuilliug  Iiie
Hainan   tu   l]C   U   nil   by    lie   I  a -111, miy     Iir
by pel nmu ur curpurnlinuH cuulrait
iAg wiib tlio Cumpauy therefor, m a
molin power lor all tht purpjailoi
wliiiii wniei, water-power, ell tricily,
or electric puwer, derived liom wnltr,
may be applied, used or required 1
(»7) In ii.nillv lor *ct|Uiring, hold
ing and uting all ibo rights, powtrt
•ml privilege! tlm may be aCipiiieJ
hv a power cumpany under and by
vjftaye ul Hie "f»ler CIbuicj I'oniol-
idtlion Art" ol th* Provinc* ol Bii-
on Ike 9704
lish Columbia.
NOTICE i* hereby given that nn application will he mud* under Part V.
nf tbo 'Wnler Act, lllllll," Iq obtain
a licence iu the Municipality 0! Nurlh
Vancnuver, New Woslminmer inuw
\ urn miter) districi,
tu) lln nn im-, nihil,-.-!, and nccupa-
lion of Ihu uliplicnnl- -Huriey I buhl, n.
Vuin'ouver, B.  I'., I'upiialiel.
Ill lm milling purpose.) hue Miner'* 1 Viiiliiiiln $0,
ib| The namo of llio lake, slreuin
a<r nmii'co (if uuiiamud, lhe description
is)—Tho stream truvorsing the westerly biiiindniy of said disi 1 irt lol 763
Iietween survey nogi |J0 and Ul) ap-
prnxiuiolely '-''-' 11 h rn frum tho n rib
wont enrner posi of said lot.
Ic| Tlm point of diversion—A point
ut or nenr tho westerly boundary ol
said lol. "
nil The ipi.ntity oi water applied
(or fin cubic feci per iccoiid)-One cubic foot per sn nnil
(e) The 'hiiineiii nf tlie prnpuscd
v. il. 1'ip. iii lie piid fur iho 1 11
piine uf currying witter tu the appli
caul'* Imu e and tu other puinls
iln,.ugh..rn said ilinttint lul 761
ili Iho premium un which (lio water i* to Imi uini nh- nil 0 saine) •
Thmiiglmul sun! Diitricl Lut 709.
(g) The purpuse! for whieh llio waler 11 lo be used- Dumcslic nnd agri-
|b) 11 fur irrigation denribo thc
land mini,dnl io bi ungated, giving
(I) If Iho waler is lo be used lor
puwer ur mining purpusus desciibu tlio
place while iho waler in lo bo leturn-
ed In sumo nnlurul rhoiinol, nnd the
difference in nllitudo bolwien p.Jut 11!
tlivriHiun ami poinl ol return.       —
(j) An .1 ol Cinwii land intended tu
lie ntciipicd l.y tbo prupmed wurkl -
(k) This entire wei polled on the
l-'ili dny of lifieiubci. 1010, and op
I'll -iiinn will ht mude lo the Commi*
tinner nn llie 90th dav uf January,
(I) 'live llic miiiia 11 and addresiciul
•ny riparian proprietor! or thensecs
who or whoso lands aro likely lo be
nlli a lad |,y  ||„. pi„p, .,i| works, citllel
above or lieltiw the uullet—Noue.
(Signature) HABXEY UADDEN,
Care  liavii,   Manliall,   MacNelll
k Pugh.
(P. 0. Add,., hi Vancnuver, 11. O.
N< le   line   cubic   font   I'l 1    n  nnd   il
c.piititleiii to 36.71 minora' inches.
(July In, 1010)
CANADA:     .
Province ol British Columbia.
Uti. IWA (1810)
(LIMITED) i* authorized and jicenscii
to carry on business within llio Provim* ol Blilisn Cohunbin, snd^ooor-
ry oul or weil all or ony of the oh-
jict* ol Hie Company lo which the lo-
gi*J»lire aulhorily ol ihf legislation-
Mflrlti^ L'olumbia Mi*nd*.
The hm sunot Hm Company  1*
jtoU  Ujtt Hm- »^eet,   Mon-
1|* jWdioffio* of ike Oonptiy #
tho Kim-l»r» nf iht stmmbiyotiht
City of fiprtb ViW!ftnv*f thut 1 r*.
ipiira  th* pnmpep pf tb* ff||4 Ph#
un- „t tim pi-fv mh mm
VkHPWYW, B' 0., up Monday, thl
oih day fli.dmwitrjr, IDMroMI r'-
clock noup, (pt lbi pup* ftf i#
ing person* to represent tlicm in lb*
Municipul I'flunci! »* Mw»F »»4 k\-
ileinicn, and electing three person* to
repicscnt tliom p» th* Bo»rd qf Q\ry
Sohofl! Truit*!*, e\n& lo rtcumnpnij
fur iippuiulmeiit Inui' persons tp apt
as Pony lliriit Inrn Inr tho ensuiug
term. The mode nf nonunution fl|
Candidates shnll bo a* lollowi:
Tin.. Candidates nhall be iioininuUd
iu writing, lhe writing ihull be *ubr '
scribod by two voter* ol th* Municipality of tbo Cily pf North Vancouver
as proposer and ■ocondcr, and shall
bo delivered to tho Hetuiniug Officer
ut any lime between ilm dute of this
uolice and iwo o'clock p.m. ni the
day of Uio numinaliun; and in tlio
event of u pull being neccnary, »ucb
pull will be npriird on Thursday, th*
Uih duy ol Junuuiy, 1011, between rf:
the hour* uf NINE o'clock a.m. ond
SEVEN o'clock p.m. of tbe^id day
ut tho City Bull, Norlh Vancouver.
B. C, in the suid Municinatitji ol*lfw
City ol North Vuncouver, qf •wb|eb
overy person ii hereby inquired Ip
lake notice and govern biiuielf |*-
"Tlio quulilicatioii lur Mayor ihull
bo hi* being a mulo British mbject ol
Iho full age of twenty-one yean, iod
having been, for the nix month* nont
proccding the day of hii nomination
tlio registered owner, in tbe land H»
1 n.iiy Ollice, ol bind or rial property
ia the City, ol the aisessed value* ou
the lust Municipal Aiiosimint Boll, pl
One Thnuiand (11000) Qulltr* or j
mure, uver and above any registered
jiidgmint ur charge, and who is ulher-
wiso qualified ui a Municipal voter."
"iho ipi.iiih--.inuu lor Al.hTiuaii '
shnll bu his boing a male British iub-
jeet nl tlio lull age nf twenty-one yetrt
and hav iim been lur tlie six month*
next uiVceding tho duy nl nomination''^'
Ihl, registered uwncr in Iho Land Be-
giilry Dlhea', n! land 01 real properly
in lhe City, ul Iho aisoiscd value, on
Iho last Municipal Aiieiimant Bull, ol
Kite Hundred (ItiflO) llnlloi* or mor*,
uver and above any rcgUtend judgment nr charge, and who i* nther
wiso i|Unlifi*il ni a Municipul voter,"
"In every Municipal School Diitricl
any periun being a bnuieholder in tbi
iji Imnl District and lieing * Britiih
subject nf tho full ago ol twenty-opt
years, and otherwise qualified to vol*
at an cleclion ol School Trutlct* In
Iheir Dislriel, shall lie eligible to bl
elected as a School Trustee in thi
Municipal School Dislriel.
Given under my hand at North
Vancouver, thii 94lb doy ol December
Returning Officer.
NOTICE il hereby given ihal an an-
pliruiii.ii will la) iinide under I'urt V.
ail the "Wntcr Ad, I'ui'i," lo obtain
a iiicucu iu tho Municipality of Norlh
Vancouver, in New Wotiuiniler (now
Vancouver) diitrict.
(n)'Tho iiun.', iiddi. -» nnd tircupa-
Hon of iin' applicant Harvey Hidden,
Vancouver, cnpilalisl.
(If lor mining piilpom'il Eico Mlner'i
I 'el  I lib  III.'    Nil.
(b) Tin niiin ol ttie lake, .Inim
ir luurce (if unninnd, Ibo des. riptiun
ii) The'sliniiii iraveniug the west-r-
ly buiuiiliuy nl District l.ut 763 (between survey |icgi 3tl and 97) approximately llnil hai frum Hie nurlnwest
corner imsi uf suid lol.
It) The point iif alj-,nis,,,ii A point
at or near the wcnlcily bouiidiiry ol
D. L. 763. •
id) The ipiunlity ul water upplie'l
fnr (in cubic dot jicr second)—One cubic lool |wr lecoiii).
|e| Thr _i hm mler of lh* propoied
works 1'ip'ci lo In lab! fur lhe purpoie uf carrying waler lo ihi appli
noil's house iud lo olher point*
throughout laid lot 769.
II) Th* I'lriniiei on *iiich lb* wa
(si is to bo med (describe *tm*)~
iiuoughoiil said I).),. 7fi9.
(gj Iiic purpoie* lor which lh* water ii to be mod- Domeslic tnd agri-
illural. f
lh) ll (or irrigation describe Uie
land to be irrigated, giving acrc»gl-
(1) ff Iho water ii lo bo uaed for
power or noning puiposei deacribt the
plaee where the water ii lo be returned tu luine iioltiral channel, and the
difference injiltiludo lielwMii point ol
divcreion ana point of return—
(j)   Area fi Cruwu loud intended to
.tl by Ihe propofed jrow^
(k)   Tbi* notice wal
IVili   '
«a* p0*l»d o» the
er, 1010 pnd eppli-
* lo tb* Commii-
NOTICE ii hereby given that tb*
Council of lhe Cily ol North Vancouver havo appointed iiiiinday the 3nd
day ol February, IIHI, at th* hour of
9 o'cluck in Hie afteruuon at the city
hall, North Vancoaver, It. C, ei tbi
lime and pluce lur hearing cumpluinti
against (be anessmeut for the ytar
IOI I ai mado by thl alienor.
Any pei umi aoinpliiiiiiiig againit the'
uiscsiment must give notice in willing
to the alienor of lb* ground of hii
compluiiil at Icait ten day* before the
dato of tbo fir>t silling of the Court
ol Revision,
Dated at North Vancouver, B. 0.,
Dn. 9ib, IWO.
Clly f}|er|i;
li tluy of December
calion will lie mod*   ,
•ioncr  o» the 30tb d»y of J»nu»ry,
(I)  Give Iktflunn and addreM'lol
*ny riparian proprietori  or liccnieei
landi are likel;
Or win
dy to bc
olecled by ilie propoied wirki, d'her
above or lulilw lb* oullel-S.one.
I I'll
(Signature)' HAKVI'-V
0»vi*, Marfbi
(F. 0. ktdten) Vanoouver, B.
North Vancouver
focil dud Supply Co.
s«xj, ww4i Urn,
Cawwl  id   Ctutsl
aiiumnlrii.    I'tjfM nn
■       •'
tine yea*
m iiionili»,
)ltM htilm mil Koralgn,U,l»p*i'y»r
.fMWHW Hump ABvaifris«a»NT»-
»l»»M|wrill«ll MM Insertion.
Um* UpTicu, Rtc -li.oo per limit p«r
UlP AKP Timm Nptiom-30 day*, ti;
B day*, |7,W.
Umt% A»»*i»Ti»i*ii-Eir*t ln*erlioit, |0
MflU par Hue; each eubaequunt hirer-
wm, Wi-par Hnu,
RlAPMfl Norm** l* Luen. Nmu llnl
<||t|aa—(0 cepls |itirllnu,mioli insertion
Owrraw Anv*aTU*ua»Ta-B*l*a »r»
rangml aeuordliig to spscu itkun,
All (ihaiigesiiicunlrsctiiilverlisiiiiii.il Is
mint bu lu thu lunula ol the primer liy
(fednmdayevtmiiiif In ensure piililicitliitii
UtP-aimri issue.
Norm Vanihuveh, Jan. 6,  ign
HOWS llltllllll.:
The ratepayers ul Iho city ul Vnncouver will leeiiiier llieir votes on
Thursday neat upon a bylaw lo uu
thorite a subscription ol fc!iHl,tH!ll as
tlie cmitriliiiliuii ul that city in turn-
ni,>n with other i.i'i!'iali.aina; munial-
pnlities to assist iu ttie early t'tiii-
Kti'iietiuii iif Serond Narrows bridge.
While . under ordinary conditions nuy
effort upon the part ol Nurlli Shore
interests to inlluemo Ihe inlcrnul
tiiiitt-e of events in Vancouver wuuld
rightly lie considered un obtrusion,
yot in tin present instance, lhc circumstances nre uf such a unlure Uml
tliey enn fairly lie held lo lie exce|e
lininil In a degree sufficient to jusiily
some comment Irom thut miiuce.
It cannot be considered un over
statement lu declare thut the tily nl
Vancnuver will benefit in larger vnl-
tidi.- frnm the cunstruciiun ul Heeoiul
Narrow* bridge than will ull the olher
interested, muiiii-jpnlitics cnmbine<l.
Mayor Tnylnr has aptly tinted that
ihruugh the building ol that liridgo
Vancouver would "nunes nn empira."
Ilie lunii.,', nlili.iii! li sci'iind by that
clly at n prupuscd mil ul only WOO,-
' ts Ml, will prose one ul Ihe most uu
purtiini ul lhe ic«|iei'tivc link* connecting Vancnuver wilh that immense
and wealthy domain uf which il it
destined In Is- lhe centre nnd all sections ol whicli nin-i |ioui tlnir tribute into its treasury, to elevate il
to Iho proud position nf the greatest
H'lipnri on thu I'm ilie auiii-i ninl nno
ol the greatest in the world.
It may further lie elated thul there
il a strong element uf urgency in st
curing the ratilicnliun ol lliil liyluW,
at lhe present' juncture,     ilurrnrd In
let Tunnel und llridge Cumpuny   Ims
wm luii   fiiiililnll),   onergelicnlly   and
with   im,-im uniil.   i-iiiii-n   upon    the
project gl reducing the bridge   enler-
(irito lo tangible and |ir»i in ,.l lorm.
Tbi  nu.t.innil   umler  Ihtir  direction
bai steadily gained weigbl and   momentum.   One by one tbe luri'i*   and
influences   etteiitial    lo eUfre-a    have
fallen   into   line   iiiid the   movement
hat develo|ied a twinging pun.   which
unless   itdiji" led   to   some   untoward
and   unnnlicipnlnl   impairment    will
carry mailers In u -1»• • I_. i iilntiiintinn
in ibe assembling ol concrete ami steel
. at Second Nurrowt in the lorm   of a
eplendid bridge structure, fully c.juul
to lh" ret|iiiifin.nt« which tlio   future
will develop.  |l woiilil lie   estremdy
unfortunate Imih from lhc viewpoint,
of lb* city nl Vamo^er ond lor, the
bridge project it-el! were smh impairment to originate from mistaken   action upon the part of the electors id
p   great,    wealthy   and   enterprising
owtre  which   wil) assuredly  be   the
cbief beneficiary wjlb reipect   to  tbe
ine/lt of wealth which will infallibly follow tbe building ol ihe bridge.
Not alone in this bul in alio   on-
BnUr particular ol superlative import-
'   none tb*  interetl* involved   greatly
truw*ad ihf primary qiwition ol the
.   nonlrftutlQB  or   the non-conlributiou
ol the nw of IKW/000 froae lhe oily
of Vancouver,    While Ibit itsell is oer-
t#}»ly to Iwportiol >Um it tbmdd be
^K In »i«d that tlia action of the
property   oWfttn  of   Vancouver   on
Thuraday  Mat fill  doubtiaaa  *t*nd
fa Ann fdatvm *M nitntvutt*
m—ked iaiutm npo» Uw.outcoaw of
tbe application tn ha wrtl* at Pitowa
during the preaent «»MW ol tlio
Upum, for i wteWy 4 M0Q,«Q tn-
»»rd bridge oqhstniption, Pavprnble
iiiiion upon tlm part pl tbqt influmi-
tial centre ol population, lollowing
ike notion already kaken hi Hortb Vim-
men eity and dl»trii't and tha poo-
vinoial govprnnwnti wilt jwMly an-
aura tlia eucoeaa of tba appliiuitinii.
Thero l» avory m*m tn ballavo thai
thie Dominion sulwidy will be deflnila-
ly won or'loet during the preient see-
niain. Thp situation for which the ple-
nieiiin are now shaping at Ottawa in
this rcspccl may truthfully lio said to
be crucial and it la lharclnre imperative in the niiiiie»t sense that every
possible element n| otrenglli ally ittull
with tho people's movement lor' tlm
I'liniiiriiiiiuu of the bridge in order to
attain aucceas. The necessary
strength pusitively must be developed
during the present session of the Dominion House,, pott session will be too
late, It might as well be nest century. The Issue involved in the voting on the bylaw nn Thursday is much
more serious, then fuic, than the niece
postponnient nl Vancouver's enntri
billion lor a year. In plain wurds thu
critical juncture in the movemont is
now at hand and tbc key is in the liunds
ul tho ratepayers of Vancuuver. Ibo
ratification uf the byluw now hofori
them will write "SUCCESS" inlurgo
■liiiriicieis across tho line nl thu
.a|i..iiiiiiin- iif Hurrard Inlet Tunnel
nnd llridge I'uiiipauy and wilt definitely assume the immediate cunstruciiun
ul a bridge paid fnr, owned uml cun-
tiolliil by tlie |nai|il,! nnd for the
Considering the liridgo projeci frnin
it somewhat different uugle Irum the
aliove, namely Irum tho domosli) wel
Inn' ol Vancouver itsell, thoie is very
strung ii'ii'iiii why the rntepnyer,, of
thnt city should recugni/e in Sci.und
Nurrnws bridge, a structure whose im
lie ill.He     ...inlllll llnil       il   |e|lllleil      llir
public health and Mutely.    The dredge
for dredging First Narrows is now lm
iug Imiii in Europe »ud in >ho  not
distant lulure o|ieriitioiis will lie slnri-
isl upon tho widening nl lhe Nnrrows.
This will raider ncecsswy, 8inincrv.ni
laler, Ihe moving u! the Capiluiio wt-
lermniu with the cerlainly thut lur a
lunger or shinier period Vaiiciiuvei
will be m.nnii ilf|n nil.'nl upun tlie
S.'iiiiiini 'river system Inr ils water
supply. Any nlteratinns that would
lo any degree joopunli/e llie --ulli. i.-n
y and . llie reliability ol thc rtlor
supply tt.inhl be u must serinus unit
ter* fnr that city. The homes, thu industries, the inepiiunts and nlli lasses ol a'lii/.'ii.- nre vitally iulere-ttcd in
lliis iiimi o! the matter. The'- risk
from Iiie niuile wuuld be a mosl formidable mutter under such rircuin-
lima, nml lhe . lie, i upnn insurance
rules might bc slnrlling. Van, tinier musl preserve her wuler supply
ill a niiiililioii nl indispuluhle reliability in every wny. Tho solulit ■ ul
this piulileiii is provided in the eurly
construction of Sen ml Nnrruws
bridge mul the incorporation in ihul
strm tine of lhe needed pniviainns lur
rarrying llio watermaini ol Vancouver. Tbo sum u' 1300,000 is a ninth il
hiiiii nnl,--I lo pay fur insurante fur
lhe entire city in smh a contingency
and the ratification u! the liyluw
Iss'iiines, ili.uah,I.', n mailer whose
mi| H n I ii me und who. e urgency are
■iini'- etpiul lo lhat id uny other pro
jet i now Iniui" lhe riilcpiiyers nl Vmi-
II ih.'ii' is uny danger llml lhe reul
issues involved in the bylaw under discussion may be more or less ob-
.. nii-,1 in the minds id llio ratepayers,
it must lm considered a must regrettable lircumslaiice. A right understanding of tlie real iuuei involved
wuuld |ilnie tlie carrying of th* byluw
In).mil all li'tisl iiiii. It ii lo lit hulled thai all individuals und urgnni/a-
lions intereeted in tiie development ol
Uniiiuil Inlet and consoqucnlly in lhe
consti in lion of tbie-biidgo Will exert
every legitimate influence in order to
obtain fur Ibo bylaw ip i|U''*lion jle
■ igV*t place in th* runk of tote-
aaott importance among (be several
bylaws upon which tbo e'.c.iiiii ol
Vam inner will east tbelr ballot*   on
Mr, A, B, Piplnolt (foiling'with tho
balance sheet submitted by thelluiiri!
ol Director* ol tbe Forry Cbmpimy.
Ao one who has been prominuiitly
ldentiflod,w|tb Nrtrth Shore \nysjnUi
and progress Irpm iw Iiest ilnys ami
aa e, flnwi'W of p^perbnw mid el I'ity Mr. DipluciVa latter w;ll lw "ml
with' iitt«r»«t. It i* unlortuiuiiii tlmt
Mr. Diplock, Inr roneidoraliipue ul
hsnlthi find* it inadvisable to iitroul
night mpntlngs.   Had bo been iiivsont
at thp severnl meetings held lie would
have hi'iuil iiiniiy iil thu features nf the
report to "Which he rotors t|iros|ied
out from thn plutlorm, lutiamnch ns
the meetings hum been leportml jn
thc news culiiniiis nf the Expires i ml
theru is Iinli' to add to whut has
been suid, it is iiiincicmtiiiy lliiit wo
sliould (HHiupy liirlliorespiu'c with tlnir
discussion. With rofuience In thn
amount set n hie for depimiatinn the
iplustiun wns uskud ut the ins'liii;:
huhl lo n'i fit a the report whotbir, in
view of the value set on the boats in
this i.'ii.ni. litis iiiiiniiiil wus sullicient and tho reply nf lhe iimuii or
was emphntically thut it win. Al
thnt time this answer was accepted
witlmiit further objection, uoithtr has
it been commented upun ut nny siili-
leqlieAt meeting, the rutepnycrs pro-
suinalily cniisiilciing tho munagor c.ip-
ulile   Innn knowledge   und   osperonci.
Ill    givo    -.ill  i.i' I'll)     iiiltii      nn    the
puint. Mr. Diplock, however, ie uf
opinion lhat n- higher stuiidnl'd At ill 1
be set in this (uirliculnr uud incidentally wipes nut the surpllie shnwn ly
the report, I'mciice in this re.ar.l
varies greatly in lirms having Inrge
sums Invested iu. plunt, mid it ci|n
■ ml. be left lu (lie Individual linns tu
tallow their uini judgment. In lhc
present iiislnii .' lhe |il.i. li.nl result
is the same in either ease, inn-much
as nil surplus uaniings' will be i.
ipiirai Inr lerrv development pm puses
iii nny case nml llic ciiy must provide
at Imi is required uier uml above lliis
surplus. II a greater amount is sol
aside for itepi-niulioii then Ihem will
he less fur the city to provide when
the Innili musl be ii'|iliii'.'il, lml there
will be just ih.it much 1111111. for llie
>ily lo provide 1.     eurient needs.   If
iln  fund fnr replacement  is placed in
the   bunk ut   thne per' cent.   uud tin'
ity must pny live per cent, on tie-
bantUro proceeds, Ihen  ll.    d'.lfft.'lltie i.|
Iwo per cent, inli'lesl would make iu 1
fan an iif holding depreciation down in I
minimum "ml applying ilm   greatiel
iimnuiit possilile lu meet jinsnnt nee-
essary expenililnies.
We musl plead guilly \o Mr. Di| •
link's suit impeachment llml we nre
nni i.mii finders, neither, hnve wo nuy'
intention ol cultivating llic limit liml-
ing habit, Men who occupy public
positions must grunt ritironi llie
right lo express their opinion . to
iin actions ul men iu public nlluiis
und Ihey cannot expect llml smli
opinion will always be lanunlle.'' Al
tbe siiinc lime when uu unfavorable
opinion is lu Iw expressed, there is nu
ien-..11 why it shuuld be iidviiiucd in
11 l.tnli finding spirit. We very mu h
doubt il Mr. Diplock when he epic s-
es himsell ns "feeling sure llinl this
criticism will lie ul.. n ns il is tiieuiil''
ile-iled    111    III     lllllsitll'l'ltl    It    III.II!    lllllll
finder. His pusitiun is rulher llml ol
one who i-sisitively wishes lo improvi;
the siiiintinn. The Express has ni-
tii isi-d and expect* lo enntinue to du
but  alwnjs   nllii   llial  Itshlon
ij To clear off the remainder of our fane
worsted and tweed winter suits we wi!
give you your choice of any in the store
for $19.00
This is a i.'uiaaiLlilr opporti|iiity (or securing a hgh-class suit
at a very moderate.rale at the original prices of .nese uiu as
high as $30.00.
I By buying one o( these suits how you have metre than hall
the winter before you in which to wear it.
Buy Early Before the JJejt are Picked Out.
Sale Starts Saturday
113-iro Lonidale Ave. North Vancouver
The Cash Stores
Staple and P*npy Grpwriw
Prwh «»«id Smoked Meato
Queensbury Heights
close In 1111 line am! Keith Kai.nl
w        tluiilili..   iiirnti  uii) x 1411   led.
Price nnii iiiiuii, I) ■ i'-li. balance 6 ami ij months.
One Block from Lonsdale Ave. ^Zt* 5
licri'.   I400 nacli, ?4 cash, haUnca over % years.
C'  tl   C»r„af Ona him h Irom enr line1  Douhle curiicr,
oixtn jireei |W(UIJ7 n.  ri,js js»8lia|,Hl *i7i^ y, __
Iial,1 DC I) Hllll 12 lliai..11,:-
Phone 7'i
O. H.n y7
North Shore Locators
When buying in North Vancouver call
and inspect our list of moderate
priced properties.
No. 8 Lonidale Ave.
Phone 123
wliiali in ili.- j1l1la7111.nl nl Uip 1'ililnr
it, Ih'hI ilwignnd In |irn-.« licl|ifiil uml
In ni'iiiin|iliitli *nmi< |i')i-ilni' unit lienu-
11 ■ i.il (i-hiillIh
ThurwUy iimi.
vmnv mmw wmim
fhi Etpteu li pfatni tn paWisb
imyrhift In t—i imp * '•*** horn
Snull House-EasyTerms
Queembury Heights
Three-room houio-^0 ll. lot—fieauti-
lul location.
Bergein Iiot-Victorii I'trli 48 It. lot
double frontage, oniy termi-
| Collage Hnine,' Twenlli'lli nli. .t XI ll,
ot, four roowe aad buemeut willi
(tirmtc, |iriro windprnlc, one third
Philip, Cameron & Co.
Jn»lir»nc« of »H kind, plered
lajani »rr»s#«f
117 fint torn* eUst
The Place Where Everybody Goei
Gem Theatre
Good Pictures Good Singing
::: ;:: Good Music ::: :::
Programme  changed   Monday,  Wednteday  wil   Friday,
Adults 10c ^^^Z^8^ Children 5c
lldlllU Mlllll! l'll|-k P<tt!IHlHP,
-\m Hi, 15c
Kiiglitnh Worcfeter Iiiiiiii,
-pprbotlle 10c
Mixed Hisi'iiiu,  2 Hit. 35c
WImlti lliiins,   ini Hi. 20c
Uncoil   Siili',     jilt   lli. 26c
hllll'V   1 Irllllll'I'V   Unlt^T   ill
II lb. boxes   •' -  -  $4 25
Mnniy r liiriiul if nnt reiliilli.il
Ay li-h in' Itiit-'u ('in 11 uiy
Duller,'  -  ,    3 II*. $100
(Jheese—iMiifbl (Inliirio,
-2 11)3. 35c
Kiini!)' Navi'l OrungL's.
|ht du/.       -      ■       25c
1 iiiinii'iil Sniiji. iu Inn.- 25c
Cluiiou -MiMtl I'fill, iht Hi.
Niw I.1111.11 I't'ul, 2 Hi- 25c.
N * lining.'IVul, 2 Il.a'.25c
(iniil 1,1'iif l.nril./illi (.nil,75c
Clmiiie iti'lli'd 00,
—\mr Hi. 15c
Slirt'ildcil Wlmlc Win nt
liisi'llil,    tWII   |'l.;..-     flir   i'i
NorlliiTii  iS|)v A|i|)liii(.  |nr
box $| 25
iMijr   l'linking  mnl   V.iniuii
A|)|iIuh, . .  pur imx $125
QuukiT Oiila, Inrge |>kli<   30c
Our Speciil Blend of Bulk
Taa, 3 lbi. for $1.00
I'lll r (.HHtilu Siiiiji,
|nr bar      ■        -      25c
hincy RiiiniiiB (r.luflerv)
[mr lb. 26c
per Ib. ic
Campbell Realty & Investment Co,
A GREAT SNAP on * Hum-
towud H»u». m FIPTH Iff.,
naar \ fituditit.   Small caih wan-
r'mmrm    m m «r r   -    ■ -»(» tarn mf   —-—-m-—r   ^—f
mcot,   Ownar nuut iall.
11,       '
' mil mAfn, l-OANS, IHSUKAW !•
WtWMWt* V- O. muXim
Wt Save You Monty
Hickman &
r r^t\tiS~W   ^W Writ   fWffWWW frttft fcggg, HWW  VANCOUVER,
il. -V
nt iafiii«ilii|e Avomiji »n4 Im 'ip iitcs'•
nnd nf I|qllyt)iirn, Wcsf Cajiiluno, all
in' fho OlHtricf qf North Vim. ouvnr,
nml thnt -mini (j. Permer Has "WII
nii|)ninte() ruiiiniinp pHhhw w tew
tnp V(i» nl aitch ffilpfitoru, with   Hie
iihiiiiI power* jn that l>o|i#   }
Ry order ul t|)|) Ofwiell,
.1N0. Y. MAJfoRT,
•ipiiN a, nmm,
A BV-T4W ifl-wahfa llw Rflrpqm'Hs'n
ut the O'wtfirt pl NprtirViiiwnifi'er
fo r!tl«s hy wny nl inm Ihn ww
of ,ii}0 \a ho p*iwi|(ifl In '♦ho
poiniti'iiotiiiii of aiiltwiilKi in snid
WPIIl'iAS If ia ilepmoil pxiiodienl
by tlm (loilllWl ol fl|U lW|Hi|W.il) ol
 rk .,  ^^^^^^
SS Ijy wny uf Innn the Mini nf Sin.
(iy  ,             .  ri     ,.	
Hie "tyislityt ii'l Nnifh Vj&piivgr   fn
fp hj' ux|"ui|dei) in thn ciwHlruc-
fiun ul sjilownlks in thu Dislriot.
. ANI) WHKIIKAS thu iiinniinl iif thu
dohl wb|ch Iliin Ily l.nw ja inli'inh'il to
i-lontn iii Iho snid mini nl ¥|li,ll(HI nml
lhe iibjool inr win,]) the snid di'lit is
crsalfUl ia tl|o coiHtriicljuii   p|  side-
^feVVflEfpls it will hp'ncwa-
iijry tq imso aiiiiilnlly by siiwinl ruto
the total sum "I sn I'-i-iiii fnr tliu term
pl M years lur t|iu repayment nl t)io
snid (pun and inlCl'C'l nt R per cent.
as li.-i'i iniili.ai |,i... i.l, al.
" AN|) WH '.BKAS iho villus nl thi-'
whole rateable WPISW i» "'P JJW
jjistriot, accunliiiK In tlm Insl revised
A:i.'.i"i: lili'lll    llllll    limollllln    fll   «ri,'J Iii.
ii Hi-
ANU WHIillKAH the aRurcKiila nl
thu lii'lii'iiinii' llolit ni llio 'aiimi' iimi
ity (eioeiit fur wnrks uf louiil inv
pi'ini'ini'iil) iinliiiliiin |hu lunii lia nlu
authorized aniiiiints in Sllil.ini'l.
TPHEl'MtU tho Hooib mid  Conn-
cil pl the Curpui'iition.ul tliaa liisliil
ol North  Vuiiouuvor in    (Ininuil ns
_.» iii-inlili'il (with lhe funeilt nf tliuKlu.f-
pra ul the Hn in i duly iilitni..ed) dn
hn o'-iy i iim 1  ns lullnwH :
I. It shnll ho liiwlul Inr the I'uiiu
cil Iqr the pill'pnso iiliirnwiu1 In Imr
row ur raise by wuy ul l.oiin from
any poraun nr |»raona, budy Of lio'l-
ies om ihu ,-ih- whn muy bo willing tu
a ndviini'i.' Ilm sumo upmi tbo iroilil ui
tho Debentures ul this Corporation,
hereinafter piovidud fnr a sum pr
.-inn.-- nf ninnoy not 'exceeding in Iho
wholo llio hiiiii of Slfi.li'Hi und to onus.'
tho minio in ho plaoiil iii iho Dunk ul
l'.i ui-li N'ui'l'h Alneiii'ii In tlio credit
pf the Curporiitioii fnr the |>ui| use
3.  Reticulum  li. aa.l   n! tlm Cnrpnrn-
v tiun tu the iiniajiiiil nl ■•■lii.imu in Ihr
whnle may ho issued hy llio Kiovonnd
Clerk ul llio fui'piii'iilinu in lorms ul
the Munii i|i,il CliiUMs Aol in sums iih
.       may ho desired, hui nu siuiilo Dokeu
luio shull ho lui u uri'iilnr sum Ihnn
* I. mm.     Km li   pl    snid    lloliiiitiiri.
I'..ami    shull   ho  : iiii- -1  by the   said
1 Iti'ovo and Clork and   lull In" sealed
wilh thi' Soul uf llio Cuipuriition.
'I.   The snid  Debenture  Hniids  shull
bear interest at' n rule not exoiodinu
11 per cent, lii-i. niiiiiiiii pnytililu   hull
yearly   dii   the   isl duy  u! I'eliiuniy
and Iho Isl day nl \ n u i iu i-iu.li and
every year ilniintf lhe oiiirouoy uf i'llil
Debentures   or uny of thom.      Thorn
shnll ho   nllnihed lo the    I J.l i.-n t u i •
Donds I'niipnii'i i-inned by llio    llcevc;
unly fur eiiih mid •".'pry' puyniont   til'
inli'iosl llml ihull lioinino i|io,     and'
■■mii siuiiiiliuo limy bo i'i llnr written
or stumped.
■ 1.   'Iho snid Dohi'iituio Hnmls
us lu piiiii'i|.iil mid intercut he
ulilo ul  tho Disliirl  Miinia'ipiil   Ulli"
Ninth  Viiik'uiivi'i', II. ('., mnl tin- snid
inm'il'.il sum   lmil Ih1 iiiiido  payable
liy tho  Cnrpniiiliun  ul   n  dul<'  nol
Picric* pf North Vancouver
A HV-I-AW to Pliable tbo Porfiprttfipn
«f thp Diafiicl o| North Vai)P«i|vor
to raise |iy w»y 'if I"1"! tho sum
ol Wri.lHK) lor street purposes.
WIlKKIiAS it ja doomed oxpei|!ont
by the Council pl tliu Corporation ol
the, Distrjet pf North Vancouver tn
raise bl' way ul |oun tlio sum uf 138,-
IHXI In be exiiondod in the miijntoii-
nncp nud coimiruction of streets.
AND Wfl KUKAS ilie uroount pl the
snid debt which tliis Uy-[.nw is in-
tonilod tu oreute iu the suid sum uf
$3fi,IWI und tho object iur whieh tho
suid debt is created is llio iniiiutuN-
iinoo mid oonstruotion o| strto's, as
AND WHKIIKAS it will lie nooossury
to liiini.' annually hy special rule the
total sum of Illi,M) for the term uf 811
yours lur.the repayment pf flic nni''
luiiu nnd jnleiosl ul 8 per cent, us
hcreiilti.T provided.
AND Va II lil.'l \:i the value of Ibo
wholo mi,nhl,- property in lhe sail
Hi irii i. iiaiaaialmi: to the In I  m-i.a-l
-I -a 'a a|IH hi I'liH I'lll.      lllllla III -     '   i   .     ,   ''        I    i    l     ,    I l ,     ,
AND', HHERKAS tho Hgtefttf) nl
Ilm Doiynlure d'.-hl uf iho Mnn ,ijaiaI
ily -|c.vl'e|)t fur •'wurks nl lucid iin-
prnvi'iiialili in,a|iiilini: the I'liii In i'.'li;
.IHlll|all..al,   .-■■ llll-   to   Sliil.il.ni.
TlfWHiFOIlM the Hoove nnd Council ui ilm Cui'ijnriiliun uf the Distriit
111    Nul'lll     \'|ll|a aallll  I      111     lllUIII'll    USSl.'lll'
l.l"l (wilh Ihe ussi'iit uf Ihu Kim tins
nl Iho Dlstricl duly uliliiiui'd) du here
by enact as lulluws:
I. ll la all be liiwlul fur Iho Ciiiin-
iil fur Ilm purpusc ufnresuid lo borrow nr raise by wuy ol I onn liom
nny person nr porsniis, bully ur bodies ciirpuriile whu muy be wiring tn
advanfS Ilm saino upun Iheereilitul
lhe dohonlurcs ol this Corpnrutii n
horeinaftiT provided lur u sum in
suras ol money not cxiwdinc
in    the   whulo    lhe   sum    ul   $35,
llllll,   llllll   III   OlOISO    UlO    HIIIIII'    lu    In
pl.nvd   in lhe llmik ol   'Inli-li  Sol tli
Anii'iini |o Iho credit nl ;lic I'urpofa-
liull fur the piirpnHC iidin'Miiil.
•1.   Dclslnluro liunds ul  Iho C'ir|inr
niinii lo tlm amount ni -~ii -.m-u in Ibo
whnle mny lie issued by tho Keovoond
I'loii ni the Corpnriilioii in teiniH ol
lln- Municipul ClniiKi's Act in Hums an
muy im dvsinsl, but nn ajllj(|o llelien
Iini shall bo fur n wtnAyt sum lhan
Sl.iiuu    I'mil nl Hind Debenture Hului
H|'    l.ill"li
fill yenrs
liter lliun A'l .veins fnun Ilm Ist dnv
nl February,  lull.
8. 'I'lii'ia- li.ill lio raiseil uud levied
anniinlly liy n special rate un all rn lialile bind ur real pruporty in the Dislriel the num ul >'i!i un lur the pur
|ni-i- uf lurniiiiir a siiifduu 'und lui
the pnyineiil nl suid llchcnl'irc-i when
Ihey lii'iuuie dm., mid (lie hiiiii ul f78il.-
isl lur Ilm |iu.iinenl nl llie Internal nl
the rule ufnresuid lo became duo un
such Dcls'iiIuri's diii'iiiu ihe miri'ii'V
iini.nl nud llml in uddiliuii In ull
■ ■iii. a rules In ho levied mid culleetcd
in iho said Dislriel duriin/ llie wln.l.-
currency nl llio suid Dehenliiren nr
any uf lluni
A. The Cutiuril nf llu Cui'iinrnlinn
lor the lime heiiiL' may nl  nny  (lino
iiunii.na' the \\li.ili- nr nny ul the Ho
Ichrlllllll'H   lU  III'   iSHIIall   llll i'l    ||l)| I'j
l.nw provided ''"'J irive in lhe hohlei
or Iiuiilils thereol nl laii"! li ninnihs'
linlice ul llli'il' inli lili'lll lu puicliuse
the  smne und pay in addition lu the
I'll    1 .aim    llnl i'ill  llllll lhe   llii'll|l'll   ill'
L'I' i I    llaa la a.|,   |„   ll        .1  ala     |,f   |l||l I ll.', KC
0 I'li iiiiiiiii or bonus , f ono year's interest ull inli i'.'i value nr such I. a. ■
• um ia ■ may I" -it > T*t-f u | j. u wilh tin
Inilila'i nr bidders llnrenl, i nd nil aiu'li
Debentures |n pm chased shull l;e forthwith huh i'liiii miu] ilrslri yid mid u i
n-isHiie uf, IMia'Dliiii"! hIiiiII Inl-o lilnoe
or bo in i.l- in iuii>i.i|Ueiii'o nf hiioIi re-
I'm' li.i - and Hn nid Do' oiituio.
lull "uilliin nn thoir Imi. n |,i.,\inion
iiiilluiii/iiiK re piiichnseVs herein pm j ||lW .,,.,
" "' i -shall he ligned by lhe snid lb ove nnil
UffnMrrli   nnd   shull   bo   scaled   willi lllc
seal iif llio Cnrpiirution.
il. The   nid Debenture liunds  slmll
Innl  interest ut n rule nut I'Ma'i'ilini..
able    half
fi per cenl. per niiiiiiiii pays
■nl. -I for
7.' This lly-l.aw muy ho cjiisl l„r
nil inirpusos ns "The Sidrwalka l.uun
Byl,uw. IUIO."    ,
.8. Tliin lly-l.nw slmll cnnie inin of
led   on   the   lal   duy uf    February
I'uhhiiI l,y llie Cuiiiuil un lhe 47lh
dav nl December, IWO.
Iti-aa-n.-.l   llie nselll   ill  Hie   FlietnrH
nl un Flei linn Inlal uu lhe
dav ul 1011.   '
II n i,l,ml  and linallv  aduplcd by
the Cniunil and .i/iml liy Hie Reeve
and Clork and sealed with thoCi.rpnr-
ate Seal nn Iho dny ul
TAKK WITH I', ihni iho aliove is u
Iruo enpy nl tlio priiponed lU-l-awnp-
^^^^ of the
, yearly   on  lile,   Isl  dny   nl Fehriinry
'nml the Isl  dny uf Aui/iint   in    each
.and every year (lining lhe cur cncynl
I Miid   Debenturei  ur  nny   nf   I om.
I There hIiiiII be ullueliod In the lichen-
{ture   liunds Cuupuns sinned    hy   lb"
i Itcevc unly lur ench nnd eve y    payment nf interna! Ihni kIiuII his'inno duo
; nnd   smli   sfiinaturo   nuy he   eilhe:
I wrilten ur   ' ai' !■■ 'l
I   !.   lhe snid Debenture liunds    li. 1-
ns In principal uml  iiilirosl  he pay
I able nl  llio   District  Muiin'i|i;il Ollice
I Nm I'll Vinirnuyi'i, It. P., mid Hie snld
I principal sum   laall he mnde payable
liy   lhe I'liriii'i'-'iliiui, al  a 'lulo    mil
i hiler lluni fill Veins Imm lhc Isl day
n| Felirmiry, Itl I.
8.   Thi'io   lull he raincii nnd luviod
annually by n speeinl lute on ull rate
ii'l- land ur real Property >u ilm l'i
lliil Iho sum ul f lln Inr ilm purpoie
I of    loraiiia'   a   iliiikinii   Fund    I n
I lhe pnymenl uf said DoIiciiIuich wIici.
Ilny lii'iiiini' dim, iiiiI Ilm iiun nl I).
78l| Inr tbo piiyiiienl nl (lie ilileriHt ul
the rule -i-i.  .ml  In bocumo   due no
Hull    dcbcllllll'CH    • 11 j. ii..-   llie  rill ri'lll'l
I In'i i-of   mid llinl in inliliih ii In   nil
nllnr rales  lu  be  levied  nnd  mile I
I oil   in l|io nuid   District   duriiiK    l'u
whole iiirii'iiiy nl Iho suid Dohonluroi
ur any nl  ii- in
li.  The   Cuiiiirjl of tho   CurpnriiHun
iur Iho Iinie   heinu may nl any linn
. iiurehiiHo Ilm wliule nr'nnv ol llie Do
benliiros In bo issued under lllis   Ry-
iividod   llxy (jive to the 1mller
bidders llierenl nl  |e;i.«l  li  nl li
liuliin nf llieir mii iiiiani tu purelinsi
Iho "iimi' and pay in nddiiinn lo llu
par value ihereof and the inirued in-
leresl 1 ll'li-iall In (ho lllile nf |iilla IniH'
n pii iilnnil or bonus nf "ii. y.'.u's in
leresl nn Hiieh pur -i'liini. nr siiHi l,H'
sum uh mny he ni i• • -I n| "ii wlb llu
Inil'lai ur Iii.IiIh llierenl, und all
sueh deheiiliircs so purchased hIijII lm
fnrlhwilh inrni)l.t) and ili"-Irn.vcl and
no reissue nl deboillupN shall tnke
place or bc mnde in coiiscpueiue ol
smli repurchase mid tin- snid del cm
lures shall I'lmliiin un their (arc a pru-
visiun niilhiari/iiiK re purehuse us bete
in provided lor.
7. This Dy-l.ow amy bc cilod lor all
purposes as "The Slrools I.oun By
).aw, 1810."
P.' This llv-l.uw shnll cu-mo inlo oiled uii lhe 1st day ol February 1911.
I'nsscil by tjie Council on ibo 27th
dny ..( IK,ruber, lillll.   ■
oil which Hi,, vole nf lhe.Mniiiaipnlilyl    (Wived lhe nsniiit  nl the   Klcilori
"will b"' Inkcn wilhin ilm p.dllnir |ilnioia„| ,u, Kleeliun ha.|d a.n the
"I   Dm  I,ynn   Valley Institute   Hall •  dny ol lllll.
wo Chpr*  Hall  ul   Ilm  corner   ol .--*-.
I.onsdnle   Ayi-iiim  nul  i;,i,,i,   Slreel,
and at |!olIyljurn, West Papiloiip, all
in tlie DiHlnel pj Nnrth Vancouver nn
Saturday, lite Hlh dny tit January.
WII, between llie limtya of V u'chui
am. ant) I o'clock i
.IO|)N fl. FAHMiyi,-
,    Bolurniiid Ollii i r.
I'lTII.IC NOfKF, i- h.rehy bjvoii
tliat the vnle ,,( lhe Kleclnrs nl Hi"
liistriet ill Norlli Vancouver will   le.al Uie   l.ynn Vatt
i,„     "llaa. ,      llllll      nl     II,
_tk, IVtl)." I'll  i-ii(ur.Jeyt    tie   it™ i I'OblSiiti   AVoiiUc and Qui
ol il oMock
Kirnnsi/lercd nnd linally adnolod by
the inuncil und sinned by tlio novo
un.il 'link iiiiiI sealed w)lh Iho Corporate Seal on Um day
ul                    IVI).
TAKF, NOTK'K lhat lhe abpvc is a
Hue ii,|ay of tho proposed lly-l.nw up
nu whiah llie vnle nl ttie Huiiiiipiilily
will l.a' taken iviiliin the pullinjr place.
^^^^^^^^TSaiiluU Jjlall:
ie corner ol
^^^^^^^^llrSiT Mitt SM
ul llnllyliurn, Wo"t 1'wilano, »ll i'i
lim 'district of tjiffth Vancouvrr,  nn
hour, ol il u'Hock n.m. « ' "I f'jrw rancouvcx,   np
p.tn., willdn Uie InllowinK pp)U»K pif Haturday, llie lilli day of iatsVety,
wil! be Held is Larson's Pavilion
JMonday9 hmi
at 8 fi'clock p. m.
By Order of the Council,
City Clerk.
■*-.    a  -.. *.   W. >W        --, -
lllll,   Inlwccii   the hours of " ii'i
am. and T n'i lml, p.in.
lli-luiniiii: (lllii'ar.
I'l III.H NOTICK i» h teb> Linn
tliiil lhe vulo iif the Kloyturs a.f lh,.
liistriet nf Ni'illi \iiiiiuu\er will.be
taken un '"lhc Sl reels I sum Ily l.nw,
I9IU," nu Siitunhiy, ilm I llli d.iy ul
Iiinilm\. lllll, between the houri nl
'.I n'i lm k a.m. and 7 o'clock I'in .
within the fullliWllill polliiiL' |hin".
vll. I The l.ynn Vnlhy luililuli' Hull,
tin' I Iiiii.Ii Hull nl lhe nnui ol
l.iiiiilnli' Am'iiiii' and Queiii Slnel.
and nl ll.illylniin. Veil Cupilnuo, ull
in the ill.Inl of Ninth ' iiiiihuvii,
and thai -la»lui II. 1''.ii'iin-i Ins len
appuiniisl a.(iiiiiiiii,' officer In laki*
llio villi's of Hiieh Rim lore, with llic
i nnl  puwi'lH  in   tillll   Is llilll.
Ily unler nl Ilm I nuncil.
JOHN il. l''A IIN I'll,
Ail inu lii'iin,s idliiiiiil be (iili-
i'il loi j;.''- in order in aavc ilie
licavy expendi lure I'm lina "in-
Vl'lliclKC ill   ,1  I li,I  'I-l'
llli;, puy fil'iU-MI (or laaii^'li uncleared l.uls when wo cnu sill you
Ilm uiy In-l. ola'iiivd 1,'iIh u i'""ni u hIiiiio uii llmin, level ai a lalili
innl iulu una ■•.   Heen eullivnled lor len years, situated un   I'fntre
lhe In-l Hond un the .Ninth Shore and one block from
<>l, thm i'ii mul Store j bine city water,   ileclrii
A. Campbell Hope
C. A. CAL.
358 lit Slreet Eaat
Phone ftllil
133 Illh Slnel  liinl North Viuii.,iiv,r
rln.iw '/iil
I. (). ()   F.
Norlh Vancouver f.odge, Ho. bt>,
meela -every '('huriday evajiing, conmr
laonadale Avanue and First etteet, at
S o'clock. Vi.iiinu liiailuin cor,d)aJ,ly
Invited to etlond. Ira V,. Fccr.. N.
H.; B. K. llonaldaon, ffc. aec.; d. |l.
l-'illiflg, fit., tbicm-
lhe Cm  Une, Sohl
lii:'.i nml telephone.
I'm,a A'Ji in (il'i'l Mob. Tenia H'WI caah, balance t, li and II
inoiiili . Tin -a- l"i mil Innn; ul l'.i-l In uur ostiinnliun 1011 ytt
'nil. profit on the amount invented.within nix luontlis. Duy i|Ulck,
Ihey nn' ipiiiiK lael.
Bdrgains id
10(10 yards of
Matting lu be
sold at I0<; yd.
Krijliliir 23 (cnlb
70 Lonsdale Ave.
and 895 Granville St.,
bow d Smyitt, .
(>. 0. Hox 172
Norlli Vancouver
BitEAD!   Bread:
Union Made.   Home Industry,
Bigger Loaf.   Better   Bread.
Il.in'l lnini.| nur litli.'sl Homo Madu J,ouf.    Ik-at.
Stores: 71 Lonsdale Ave. Cor. I onsdale & Ath St.
1 ^
Board and Room by day week or
month.   New house, new furniture.
Excellent Location Termi Moderate
U«We Ave. & 15)1) St. Htf!),- ViMic^ff
mmtfimmmmmmmim-mmmimmmM^ thu impress, north Vancouver; b, e,
nv-iiAw no ui
A IIV-liAW to enable tlm Corporation
ol lhe City u( North Vancuuver to
raise liy wny u! lunn ilm turn ol
|8,IHKI lur park purpniieii,
WHKIIKAS I he Counoil nf thii City
ol Nurlh Vancouver recently nc'i|ulrod
' a Park area in D. 1.. 517:
AND WIIKItKAS it in doomed un-
nedienl that thu snld purk iil'ra should
lm ilinu.<l uml iiunii! i-iitti Irum tiro
and a pm tiun i lii-ii-ail ,:i mii-. I uml luiii
nut |ur the ime, recreation and elijuy-
niiiiil ul tliu piililin;
AN!) WII Kill: l.s iu urder Ihcrelo it
Will bo lli'l'Liilll 1   tu iii-ilr llrhrlllill'i i, ol
thn City ill Nnrlh Viiuuuuvor Inr tlie
ium ul l^iimi ao tieruiiiuller provided
(which io Iho iiiiiniiiit ul thn debt in
tended lu ho minlcd liy il.i.-. Hy-law)
the prm mii, nf lha ouid ilolieuliireir lu
ba applied tu Ihu ouid purpose and In
no ni Iin ■
ANI) Will HI!AS ,i pelitinn sinned
liy tho nwiiert u[ moro thnn inlii-tiiith
([•111) ol llio vuliiu nl ninl property in
the eity (ao ohnwn by the hint reviled aoeemuiieiil rull) huo lieen preoontiid
to the City Council ruipicsliing thom
tn in I j i nl in i u ll\ 1,-ni- lo miliii iri/r
them tu borrow tin. sum nl tH,IHHI fur
the purpnoo aliuvo oet forth :
AND WHKHEAH fur tlm payment nl
intercut nn the dulioiitiirco prnpueed tn
be issued under iln Hy-law, and lm
creating a sinking lund Inr the pnymenl nf Iho onitl delimit in iih wlien due,
it will Iw iiiit'HHiii'y tu riii.e by ope-
clal rule iu uilililinn lu nil uilier rntro
each war during Ilm currency nl until
drliriiiin i i, llie hiiiii it! H6U II wlierout
110(1.IHI io lai he ruined iniiniiilly fur
piiMiinii ill Intereit during lhc currency nl laid drlienliireo, unit 16'J.II io
tu br mi.1.1 annually f..j ilm purpoie
ol creeling a Hinting lund Inr payment uf the dclil net uiml by the ouid
tielielilurrs, the hiuiiii beinir niiide payable in lilly years frum the ilnte
lliinili ;
AND WIIEHEAS in urder In raioe
thu iaid t i'in ly hiiiii uf tlli'.MI Inr intereit nud mini! fund, nil e,|iinl npc
nil rale un Ilm dullnr will he required In tie h'-litl nu nil lllc rilllllilc
icnl |irii|icrly in llio laid Miiiiicipul-
ANI) WHEHEAS the wliule ratnble
ii'.'tl proparty in lln nld Municipality,
arcnnling In the Innl revised assess-
mont mil, in »Hi._'7-.;i'.(") .IHI,
AND WTIEJIEAS the aggregate uf
tin Milling ilfl.'llluie dclil nf tha'I'm-
puratiuii in liiiKi.iilt Iciccpl fur work,
o! local improvement unit fur Helmut
piii|iii-.i -i nf which iitiiic nf lhe principal and inlcicHl ii in arrenr:
THKHEKOItK ihr Municipal l.iiiii.il
ol lhe Ciiipuruljy* nf lhc lily uf
.Nurlh Vnnriiuicr (with Ihr aneui uf
lln' rl - n.i - uf lhe I'ily ul Nurlh Vnn
iiunii duly nliiiiiiiiili enaiii uh   lul
Inw h :
(I) ll hIiiiII Ihi IiiwIiiI Iui lh,. Muyur
ul iln' I'ily uf Nnrlh Vniuuiivcr and
the Cily Clark, (air lha- piupuiu ,1 ..
•aid tu borrow nr rajoa liy miy olluan
(rum any |ieraiin ur peiHiiiin, hudy or
budiei corporate, wlm may hr uilliiiK
tu advance lhe nnmc upon llu- credit
nl Ike ihii.iiinaa - hereinafter mention-
ad uf lln Curiuirallon, n mini ul inun-
ay mil ciccediug in lhe wliule thr hiiiii
.   Ol       Eight    Tlla.ll-.lllll    llllll,IIH    |<-,l|'lll|.
and  lO ' Il'l-a   llir SUIII''  tu  In- |l||li ml in
the Hank nl Britiih Nnrlh Annum ul
Nurth Vaiicuiiver, In (lie credit
of Ihe I'ily lm I'he puipnsc uhuvd recited, uml hiii-Ii money* hIiiiII Ih' u*ed
Inr that purpme only,
t'i, Debenture! nl lhi> I'ily nul exceeding in imiiiint ihe hiiiii uf Eight
Thousand llnlliim ii-l.iiiiii, ,my |„. j,
mini hy the ouid Mayor and Citi Clerk
in i'un- ul Iho M nun ipul I'Iiiiim'h
Act, in hiiiiih no in.u  lie dinned,   hm
llll   lean   lliun   Hue   'lllullHlllill   |<I,IHHI,
Ila.ll,., emit. I'lui'h -nf die Mini datum
turn nhnll hr sinned liy llir mill Mu
yor and I'ily Clork mul lhe I'ily Chrk
•hall allix thereto ihr Corporate lioul
ul Ul laid City ti Nuiih Vancuuver.
(I) The dcll.nl men  olmll  In-nr dull
thi ii'ih duy ul January, lint, uml
Aall Iii'iii inn iI'nl at Ihu rull uf five
per 'i'iii. p.i milium payable hull
yearly nn lh.. I Till dny uf July uml
thi 17th duy uf January iu null mid
every year during lhe currency ol Ihr
iaid dehiiilurcH nr uny nf tli.-m. Ihn.'
■hall be atltcjiul In lhc ilcln'iiliue.
cuU|miii» ligllwl hy lln. Mnynr unly,
tor eatli uud every payment ul inlei-
Ml Ihal muy become due, and hiii-Ii
lignnlurc limy In- ejlh.u wrilten,
itampml, printed ur lithniiriipliiil.
(41 The i3id ,|.... i in,... „n lupiin
citial nnd fiilirmt muy Iw mud* payable nl Ilm Uniil nf ilnli-li Korth
America, nl Nurlh Vniunuvcr, Tnroii-
to or Hiinlirnl, Ciiiiinlii, ur nl the
•aid Hunk in Ilm cily uf London, England, at pur uf exchange, nml lhc auul
piim i|'"l  Hlllll  . hull  Iiii Iiiiiiii.   puynlllc
liv the Ciiy ni „ data not hilar limn
filly t.in . fiuin Ihe iiuli upiiji whiah
thii lly-law tukca effect,
(II) During the whulc term nl tin
currency of the ouid ilcl)cnlilrc»a *|>c-
dai inl'' ou the dollar shall he levied
and rainml each year in addition In
all nther ml..- on all Iho ruliible
r«l| properly in Ihe Municipality nuffi
i imi tn pay lhe interim! upnn the nuid
debenture* aiul to crciilc a sinking
fund Inr lhe payment nf lhe principal
thereof whan due, subject tu nny act
or enactment renpeiiing lhc mme.
Hii'h Hiict'ial rate ehnll lie inoerlud In
thn Cnllcrtui'a Uull nr Hulls and shall
he payable tn and cnllerlrd hy lhe
aaid'Corpoi niinii in the name way ao
olher ratal in tbe oaid roll or rnlln,
lUti ee hereinafter providiri,
(<) In order lo provide (or the raUs
tat out in paragraph IH) and iulijecl
m aiormai'i, there nhall lie rained annually by special rale during lhe cur
rewy nl the naid debenture* the turn
ot titVl 00 In iirovid* for llie payment
of Interest therein and the sum of
M9.il to provido tnr th* way/sent nl
Ult »fjncipnl (hen 'il.
(7) Thf proceed* ol th* oaid deban
lore* ihall lie eypljodjl /fl||j»«tJttA
(a) ^Mrii'^^i'4,^
paiing al ihii By-law «rf |*» Iw*
and mii o| th* d»Uenture* ther, In re- ol the mid debenture* olmll tie signed
tuned |o and all eipeiibM lO.-neettid by the ouid Muyur mul City Chrk nnd
with the iiiid Innn i , the City Clerk ihull nffli thereto  Iliu
lb)   In let'iiuping the suld Cor, urn-  Curporiito  Seal  o| the h. ill  Ciiy ul
tion fnr hiii'Ii ouili* uo have boon et
pundod hci ouiiilor unit) the proceed* ul
Ihu oiilu ul tho n.iitl ililniil in in In iiiiiini
available I
lo) fo 'unt nut the purpuie pl
thii lly-law ei nbnvii oet mil.
(H) All mnnoyo arising nut uf iho
annual i|ieoiiil rule hereinbefore pro
vidml fur niiiking (uud ihull lie invented liy tho Council uf oaid Corporation
Inun time In lime uo tliu law direoll.
|U| Nn mimic nhnll be ullnwiil nn
the oiiei'iul mii o tu hu li'viitl under
thii lly-law,
(10) Thii lly-law ihull take ellect
uli tho 17th dny ol J miliary, lllll.
(II'I Thio Hy-luw muy bo citid lur
all purposes as "The Parks lionn lly-
l.aw lllll."
Passed    by  IllO  Council llll  till! ilTlh
day nl December, A.D., lUlll.
liei'i'iteil tlui anient nl tliu Klortni's
nl the City nl Norlli Vuncuuver nt nn
election !nr Ihu puriinou nn the
day nl Juniiary, \.11., lull.
I.'.. .an uhal. ,1 by the i'uini. il and Tin
ully iiduplcd, Higliod by lhe Maynr
and Cily Clerk, nnd oeiilud with the
furpiirnlu Sml un the duy o!
almiunry.A .))., I0|I.
TAKE NOTICE that tlie above ii n
Ii'iiil enpy ol Iho priipnsitl Ilt I.utv upon which the vole nl thu hilei'tnrs nf
Iho Muiiicipalily uf the I'ily-"o| North
Vancouver will lie taken within the
City Hull, North Vancnuver, II. C.,<un
Iliu iiiiii v, the Twelfth duy nf .Inim
ary,   \ ll . lllll, Iietween the huuro nf
0 u'elnek a.m. nnd 7 u'elnek li.m.
Cily Clerk nnd lleliirning Officer,
I'UHI.IC NOTICE is hereby given
that the vute ul the Electuro uf the
Clly nl Nurth Vuncuuver will lie laken
nli the I i'iii duy uf .laiiunry, Hit I, he
1 ween tlm ."ii uf U n'i imk u.in. uml
7 u'rlurk p.m. nn "The Pinko I-a mil
liylaw, lllll", und Ihul wilhin lhc
I'ily Hall, Nuiih Vanriiiivn. 11. ('..
und thul iiiuinuH Slirjiheril hun hrrn
uliptiiiilml ll- Hiuiiii! iiiiiiii lu lake
Ine vuie ul in li Elecliiio with lhc Ul-
mil powers in Ihul I" Ii.di
Ily uniil' uf the Council,
WM. il. MAY,
City Clerk.
A HVI.AW Iti enable lhe I'lirptiriiliun
nf lhe Cily uf Nurlh Vuncuuver to
raise hy wuy nf lumi llie sum uf
■v-'niii fm  lire purpuaei.
WIIKKKAS thr Council nf lln. Cily
uf Nurlh Villi..nun piupunc In tncl
und i"|iiiii wilh lire liuhsing apparatus
ii Eire Hull un Thirteenth nlioel cull,
AND WIIKKKAS in urder (hereto
it »ill Ihi iicccHsnry In inmle Helen
turcH uf the City uf -am Viiiituiiier
l«r ilia- hiiiii ul j^.ihhi Un hereinaftei
provided (which I* the amount ul tlm
tlrlil un.naiad in lie created liy thin
lly-law) Ihr proceed* ul lhc nuid Debenturei In lua applied In Itie sniil
purpoie nud In nn ulher :
AMI WIIKKKAS ii petition signed
hy ilm owuan ul nniia' ilnn une-tenth
11 Hi) nf the vnluc "i mil properly in
lhe cily (un shown liy lhc liml revised
IIHHt'SHineill   I'llll)   ||UH   laa    la   | I'lSt'lllClJ tu
the I'ily Cunniii rmpi'Hiiiig thcin la,
Introduce n Hy-luw In iiulliuii/e them
lu Inn inf, llie hiiiii ,i|.<-\I!00 fur tlie
purpura above net furtb,
AMI WIIKKKAS f„r ihe pnymenl uf
interest mi lhe il.-linni in a ~ |irupnsed In
lie issued miller this Hy luw, mul h.i
iia'iitiiig u sinking,fund fnr tlic pay-
ment uf the nuid debenlure* when due,
it uill lie nceesHiiry lu mine liy sju-
■ nil rule iu uilililinn lu ull nther rules
eiich yenr during the ciirrrni'V nl such
delientiiiin, the sum nf tHi'l.l), whirr
nf HIIKI.Ill is Iii lie mined uiiiiunlly fnr
payment uf interest durinu lhe currency nf nuid debenture*, mul fv-'ii in
lu lie i.ii a.l uiiiiunlly fur lhc piiiptisc
nf ... .imr u sinking fund fur puy-
menl ul lhe di-lii sea nnil |,y Um sunt
dels'iitmes, lhe sniuu lieing lu'ide ptiy-
alile iu hln yearn hum (lie dute
AM) WHEKEAS iu order lo ruiie
Ihr nuiil yt'inly sum ul tih'l. 11 fnr inlei ml and ml.iin- lund, nn niuul hihi-
niil riile un lhe ilullur will Is' rcpiiri-d
lo be ti....I on ul) the ml.di!. rent
properly in, lhe suid Munii ipnlily :
AND WIIKKKAS (he whole rulahle
properly in llul suid Muiiiripulity, lie-
aaii ding lu lhe lust rovised iis.-o.-sment
roll, in 1111,1178 095.60.
AND WIIEHEAS ilm ngnrcK«|o nl
the oHlotlng iIi'Ih'IiIiiii. debt nf lhe Cor-
pnriiliuii is <Wli,iil I (exceiil Inr Wurks
uf lui'iil jinprnvcmcut mui fur schuul
piii'l-'uses) uf which nunc uf lhe pi in
< ipul   und   inlerent   is in urrcar :
TIIKKEi'OilE the Municipal Council
uf (he Corporation of the City of
North Vunrniiver (with lhe nlnenl of
lhe .1.. lui... uf Ihu City ol Nurlh Vancouver duly ulituined) enacls us fnl
lows .
(1) It shall lie lawful Inr tie Uu-
yur n( tlui City nl Nnrth Vancouver und llu- City Clerk, for lhe pur-
jiose iiltiresaid In burrow or raise by
wny ul Iniui Imm any pcrsnn nr per-
sum, budy nr budies corporate, who
may be willing In advance the same
upun Iiic unlit nf the dclieiitiiren
hereinafter mentioned ol Ihe Cnipniu
linn, n mon of mnncy uot encoding in
tlic whole tin. num ol 18,000.00, und
lo cause llir nnmr lo be plaet<l in the
Hank nl liriiish North Amrii'n at
North Vimrouver, (o the credit of th*
City tnr lhc purpii**' aboyo iicciteil,
and ntu'h moneys shall lie usad ior
thnt purpose ilniy.'
(!1| Dclieiilures ill (he City not exceeding in amoihil thc sum of 18,-
000.00 mav lie issiwd by lhe snjdjKi-
ior and CrryCtjfk i„ termi nl the
luni'ipal Clause* Act, in turn* a* may
tdwjred, hut no'   !«* than One
lUanj (11000) pollari eaeh.   K*efa
North Vancouver!
(Il|  The dnliiiiiliircH shnll luar   dnlu |
tliu I7lh day ul Juiiiuiiy, |01|,   nml
i hull In'-"   inn mai ut the lulu 111 live
pei cent, iter annum payable hull
yearly on the lilli day of July and
Ilm 1'iih day ol ilumiaiy in ouch ami
overy yenr during the mirriiitey o! thu
said debentures or any nl thum> There
itliiill lm iiltnt luii In thu iiul nn tm us
i'iiii|iiiii!i ligned by llie Muyur unly,
lor each and every payment ul int*-
eot thnt may lieenmo ihu.', and such
Hii'iiulurr    mnv   hr    either    wrilten,
flumped, printed or (liliottntpIiMi
(!) Tlio ni id ilchi'iiluno in to
principal nnd interest may hu mode
payable ut lhe Hnnk ol Iliilhh Nnilli
Ainerini, al N,ulh Viiiuniivii', 'I'ortiii-
tn ur .M.nili.'iil, (liiiiiida, i r ut the snid
Hunk in tlm Clly nl l.nnilun, I'liglmid,
al pur uf ekch.iiigi!, mid the oui I priu-
eipul sum shall lie inado puyalilu liy
thu City at a dull! unt Inter Ihnn filly
yours Irum the dnlu upmi which lliis
lly-law takes effect.
Ifi| Dining the rt'lii,In 11I'm nf lhc
currency nf lhe suid .ilelicnliiies n siic-
cial rate nu the dulli'ir slmll lio levin!
lllld ruined eueli Vein' ill luldilinli In all
nther   rnlen   un.all  llie 1'iiliililn    icil
property in il p Mun'eipolily sulticiuni
lu pay the internet upnn lhe snid debentures and lu ereiile u ninkiug luml'
Inr lhe niiyineiil uf the principiil thereof when due, siilijeil In any act n
eiiiiclilleiit I'l-i'iei'lnu.. llie s.illlr. Slnh
npeeiul rule sh ill Ile inserted in the
I tillerlm'H Hull nr Hulls mid nhnll he
p.nnilli' lu uud rnllei'li'tl iiy llio sniil
('iirpiii'iiliun in the some wny us oilier
lules in lim nniil roll nr iiiIIh, siveim
lieieilliifler prm itletl.
|li| In uidir lu pruviile Inr th'
rates sel-iiut in parngruph'i5) and
subject an afiii'i'Suid, there sir II nt
ruined niiiiiiiillt liy |u vl rale ilurini.'
lhe  eni'iency   nf   (he  mid   debentures
lhe si f    !""■" tn pruviile fnr lh
pm inenl nf iuiercHt thereon,and ti"'
hiiiii of i '■' II In pruviile fur thu ro-
puunclil nl lh: piiiieipiil liirie if,
|7| ilie priiieons nl the ndd de em
I Hi i-l nhnll lie applied us follow*, u"l
mu otherwise:
la| In payment nf ilm emt nf the
piin-ing n( thin Hy I nt mul lhe issue
mul sale nf ih- tlehrntiii'cs lloroin t-
tcri'iit lu Uml nil i'\|H'ltni'H ritlinri'le I
uilli  llir nuid Inllll •'■
lh| Iii recnliplng llir said rtirpuni
linn fnr such Minis iih lune heel) e\
pendud lieri'iindrr until llio.proeeaH* of
(III!     Hllill    ihll'liillies    ll.'i'a-lllr     llV'llil-
nlile :
fa) Tu i'inli mil lhe purpi oe nf
thin Hv-liiw.im above net nut.
I8| All moneys mining mil nf the
annual ipecial rale hereinbefore prn-
viiled fnr sinkiuu fiiiiii -hull li. ■ in vi- I
iA hv the Cuut.t'il nf nuid l'ni'|i.ii'utii.|i
fi'niii lime In lime us lhe luw direct*.
11*| Nu I'.'hule slmll lie allowed Oll
('he ipecial rnli'H lo I-e levied under
this Hvlaw.
lllll This Ilv luu shnll Inke . li, i on
the I'lh duy ol -liuiiiini. A.ll.,  lllll.
ill I This Hi luw mnv tic c'lid fui
ull purpose* ih "The Kill. I.nan Hy
Luu  lllll."
l'u    a,I  hy  lh,.  I'uunr'il un  (lm   '.Till
dav nl Deieinliei', A.ll., IUHI.
Received Ihr sunrnl ut lhe |.'le.dni-a
nf Ihe I'ily nf Nurlh Vim-nnti i' nl uu
Kha liull fur lha. pui'pnsc am  ilm
dnv nl iliiiiiiuiv All.  illlt. -
Ileaiinniileriil liy lhe I'muuil .ind fin-
ullv iiduplml, signed liy Mm Ifuyur
nml I'ily Chrk. mnl scaled uilh Ilm
Ciiipuinle Snil nn tin. day   ul
January, A.D. toll.
TAKE NOTICE Ihul llie ..li.ivc in n
lino copV nl ll.r piupuHi.'il H.v-I.nw upon whirh tlm vote nl lhe Elector* nf
llir Munii ipnlily nf lhe lilt nf Ninth
\ nm nut nt will In., taken wilhin Ilm
I'ily Hull, North Vuiirniivrr. II. (',. nn
Tlnnsilm, lhc Twalfth dm ■ I Julio-
my, A.l)., Hill, Inl warn liar I huh ul
0 O chick Jl.lll. lllld 7 u'elnek I- III.
I'ily Clerk nnd lirtuining (iljin
I'lHI.lC NOTICE is ler.by given
Ihul Ihe vuie ul lhc Eleclnr* if lhc
I'ily nl Nurth Vunciiirvrr will no lukcn
mi lhe I .'ih tluy ul January, l'.l|i,le-
1 uilli (lie llulll s nf 11 u'rhifk ll.lll. null
7 u'elnek p-m. nn "The ITie I '.nn Hy
Luu, lllll," mul llml wilhin iln- (ily
Hull, Nurth Vancouver, II, I'., uml
thul   Thomai shepherd Iiuh turn   np-
tuke   lim
ihe IIS"lll
pointed lleturning Olli<
vuie ol siuh   Ehii'luiH   #ilh
piiwcin in Ihal lilhutf.
Ily urder ul lhe Council,
THOMAS SllEl'llKill),
Cily Clerk,
A HV I.AW lu .uniil. lhe Corporation
of the City uf Nurlh Vinn'uuvcr lu
• raise by wuy nf luan Hie nmu nf
nf $116,0011 fur Ihe purpose ol drilling and  uh "i.ul  rondo   uud
hIiccIh uml iioiiHtrui'tihg eidewalki
'   in lhe (lily.
WUEHEAS the (lencriil Hcvenuc io
iiiniiHii'ia.iil tu iiucl (he expenditiire
im..'.■ m\ tnr (he purpusc nf clearing,
i..nidi ..• ■■■.luii- roads and cniislr.i (in<
.-idi-ivnii, tn the prnpci'tice "f hop*
fide residents ur uel tiers in the City ;
AND WIIKKIAS il iH denimlile uud
itceined expedient lhat the sum nf
Twenty-five 'I'lioUHiind (t!16,|KI0) Dul-
Jark lie ex|iei|di-d by the I'ity in 'lenring and imiidi luiitliiii.' roiidn mid
nlreeln mul constructing sidewulko lu
Hie Cily.
AND WIIEHEAS in order (hereto it
will be nsfleuiary lo issue dcbcnliirin of
thc City of North Vonruuvir fur Ilm
ntlni.,( J'wriily-livc Thmisuii'l (to.OKI)
Dojrnro as hereinafter provided (which
is (he amount of lhe twill iiil-ndn) to
lm n,,„|„| hy (hin |)y-law) the pro-
ieaii ot the said deljenturc* to be ap-
piled to .the ouid purpoww and to po
other ;
AND VlimW » petWfltl lulled
by llio nwnore ul ninro than 0||»-
tdnihlHO) t'lie vi(|u» nl rc»l prop.t-
(y ip the City hue houn prcionted to
the Cily Cuillieil iwueo't im thnn tu
inlroiliicii n Hy-luw lo mitnnrlie tliem
In    Iiun uu    111*    iiiiiii    nl   Twenty-live
Tliiiuniiul |;i! ,il 0| I)-11 rn tnr the
piiipuHu uf cluur^iig iiiiii iinmli-^i'iidiiig
iunds unit strcote" und unnitriioling
oidewiilks in Iliu Cily.
AND IVPItEAS fur Iho pnym.nl 11
interrnl un thu (IiiIiciiIiiiih prupiisei tn
hu in.uml under tliia lit Imv, and (or
creating a ninkiug fund tor Ihn pnymenl ol Iho siipl de! iur. ii winn due,
it will ho nocessniy tn mine by   spe-
iui mii iu uihliiinii lu nil iiiiiiii' ml,•!•
null your during Iho ruriomy nl mi h
lolsinlilies, Iho ouni nf HI 1111.78 wheru-
ul Xl'Jlill.ilil is tn l:u I'nisml annually
lur puynieiil uf intereit ilurin" C'e our-
rnry uf said diihriitiii'ts, mid Hill ,H
Is In he ruiseii iiiiiliiullv fur llio piir-
poHu uf ei'onliiig n linkiuu fund fur
payment uf tho debt Htiuicil by the
snid debentures, llie sumr huinii made
nayiilili! in lilly years Ironi the ihite
ANII WIIEHEAS in miler lo ru'n
lhe said yearly num of il 1111.78 .lor
inlcii'sl mid ninkiug Imd, ill o lla'
i|ii'iiul rule on theiliJInr. will lu l'c-
|uircd tu lo levied mi ull the nitullo
rcii| i-riipcriy iu thu suid Muni ipnlily :
ANT) WTIKItEAS lhc whnle r.itublc
null property in lhc oa'd Miiuicipul'
itv. ni'i'iil'dilin -lu ll.e iu t leti.-oil as
scKsiiicnl rull, io f lil.'JaS.liUi'i.fiil:
AND WHKIIKAS tie mgriguto uf
llio   existing   ai.l,- nn,   del t   nl    the
Corporation \t .<im.iiii  (rx<o t In
wm ks uf Imnl iiniumt'ii'i'il uml lu
si'liniil iiiipiinin) nf whieh nunc nl tin
principal mul int.rest in in aire r
I HKIII'TTIHE lhc Municipal t'mincil
nf the Corporation nf lhc City, nf
Nnrlh Viiiirnuicr |witli Hie nssenl ul
the ilecture nl lim C.ty nl North Vnn
1'niivrr dulv nliluiimd) niuils us fill-
lows: ■
ll| ll nhnll tic lawfait fur Ilm Muyni
nf lhe Cily nf Nnrlh Viuiruiivei- nn '
lhe City Clerk, Inr lhe purpuse ll'nle
suid tu I..-ii. ii or Ijihc by way, q'
Inun Iroin nuy |ierHiiii i r peiHi.n.-, j.uily
ir tintlies dirpnr.ile, whu ii'iiy hc will
illg   In   mit mln'   thc   siiiiiii ninn   lh
ilil nf lhe delienlui'iH hereinafter
ipi'lil inncd nf lhe < ni pt ii n I inn, a sum
ul nn met mil exceeding in Hi' whnl
llic suni nl Twciily/live 'I'liiiuniiiiil
ItDA.IMO) IIiiIIiii'h, mill' lu cnuse tlm
iiilile In i- |iliiuuil in liii> Hind, id lliil
loir Nurlh America ul Nnrlh Vmicnu-
, l.i Ihl! iniiii iif the I'ily '..r the
|IIU|ll)sc   llllllll'   IC leal,      II      Llll'll   Itllll
shnll   lie   ii.iii   li.r I it,   purpiivu
I'Jl llaheiiluraH uf tliu lily unt ox
aemliiig in nmniint lhe sum ' ul
Twenty-Ova Thnn nml (,'115.111 il| Dollar* lllll)' lie isLiieil liy lhc mill Mi.yui
uiiil- I'ity ( lerk in terms uf Tie Municipal Clauses Acl, in sums nn may be
.1,.-iiuil, bul nul les lliun .Ine Thousand i innn, Dollara cinh. Each ol
lhe said ilebelillires sluiil lie signed
In the said Minor uud I'ily t'I 'i'i. and
liu: I'ily I lull, slmll allix llml,In th,.
Corporate Seal  nl  ihe iaid ' ily ni
Nnl ill   \ aim mil it.
Ill | Tlie alalia ii i in a-1 slmll Iii'iii' dnli
ilm Inli dny uf .liiniiiiry, lllll. ami
diull Inin ml,lisi ul lhc rule uf lit.
per nnl. per iiiinuiirt-JpuyuiJc hull
yearly mi lhe 17th duy nf July uml
lhe lilli duy uf -liiiiiiniv in null ulul
every year during*, the currency nt th
nuiil debentures nr nnv uf Ihem. There
slmll be un.nli.al |i, il.e debentures
I'uiipiiiis sit mil liv lhc Mnynr unly, (nr
null uml every | my menl i intereal
lliul mny become due, umi huiIi aiu
iiiilui'c nuiv lie 'ciil|cr written, stamped, printed ur lithuunuiliml.
ill 'iiui nuiil debenture* us In piin-
eipul ami inlerent muy he mnde puynlllc ul Ilm Hunk uf Hiilish .Nnilli
America ul Nurlh Voucouver, Turnn
lu ur Montreal, (uuudu, nr ul tlm
.-iiul Hunk in Ilm lily uf Loudon,
Engluiid, ul pur of rxehungc, und the
said luinnpiil .-uiu .-hull he innilu puy-
ulile by lhc I'ily ut a ilulc nut Intel
ihnn lifiy years frum ilm date upon
which llus lly-i.uw lake* effect,
|6) Hilling ■ lhc whole I enn uf the
currency uf lhc nuid dulicnlures u spe-
aiiil rule nn llu: ilullur .-hull lie luvled
mul rained eueli year in addition tu
ull nther rules nn ull lhc rulublc nul
properly in llir Muiii'ipulily nultieienl
la, puy ilm internal upun the nuid dc
bentures and In inula' u minim lund
lor ilm payment nf ilm principulthere-
uf, When due, lulljucl iu ully iul nr
I'liai'liucnl rc-jiccting llie sumo, Such
spui nil rate shall lie inserted in the
I'tillittui's Hull .,, Hulls nnd sluiil be
pnyahlc lu and mllci'lcd liy lhc mid
Corporation iir the suine wuy us uljior
rules in Ihu nuid. Hull ur Hull-, suvu
us lu i. in.ni..  provided.
(II) In order lu provide fftf the
rules nei unl iu puriigruph |5| nud
nilb)eet as nfnl'rniijii, theie hIiiiII bu
raised uiinuully liy nprciul rule during the nii'ii'my uf lh, iaid ilelien-
(iiii'h lhc sum uf ul'.'.-Vi on In provide
for lhe p.''.ni'ii of inl'Tcl Iheicun
und the sum uf tllill.78 lu provide lur
thu rei'uymeiit uf lhc primipul
(7) 'llic priiicmln uf lhe snid delicu-
I in is nhnll be upplicd uo IuIIuwh uml
.nut ulhcrwioe:
In) In iiuyinent uf lhe cust ul ihe
im im. uf Hiin Hy-luw und lhc issue
mul Hide nf lhe drlienliiicn therein re-
ferrcd tu uml nil expenses conned-
ed with lhe snid luul):
(b) In rceoiiping the ouid Corporation lor such hiiiiih uh huve been expended hrreiindcr uniil ll;c proceeds ol
the sale of lhe nnid tlubenluri* become
iivuiluliler^^^^ ,
(e) To curry uul Hie purposi! ol
this Hy-luw un above set. out.
(8| All moneys urioing out ol lhe
iiiiniiiil npra-iiil inti. h.-rriiilinfiirc provided Inr ninkiug fund Imll be invented by the (louncil o! suid Corporation
from lime lo lime us the low directs,
(9| No rebate Imll be alluwml un
Ilm Hpeeiul mien li, be levied iiiulrr
Iliin Hy Imv.
|HI| This Hy-lnw nhall lake efferl
un lhe I7lh day nl Jmiuury, A.D,
(II)  This Hy-lnw muy bc cited fur
nil |)iii|n)Hi'H oi "The Honds   ("enr'ng
lioup lly-fuw 1011."
Il'eta/i by lhc Council on Uio   27th
duy ul December, A.D., IWO.
Keirited   I lm  nn.tcnl,  of  the  Elcctuf*
nf thu Cily nl Nnrlh Vuiicnuvei al un
clccliun for the purpoie on the
day ol January A.l)., 191 f.  '	
Hcioiiniilcred by lhe Cnunejl and finally jfAoffad, signed U the teyiit
and City Clorji, and «**W with Ue
Corpor*teSe»l pn the
dny ol
Juimarv AJ
TAKI? N0TICI-; that th* alpieiia
true enpy /il tho proposed lly-l.nw upon which the vulii ul the Klirn-rn nl
the illlilinjpillily nl lhe City nl Nr-l|i
Viiiicoiiier will be lukin within ko
City Mull, Nnrlh Vani'uuver, II. C, un
Thursdny.' the Twelflh day nl alniiu-
ary, Hill, Isduern Ilm In nun ul tl
ii'iiock n.m. uml 7 u'duck p.in.
('iiy C|urk nud lleturning Olliriu.
PHIllilC NOTICE in hereby given
llllll the vmi' ill Ihi! Electuro nl the
City nl Nnrlh Vuncuuver will he taken
nn Ilm Ufli day of Juiiuury, 1011,1m
litem Ilm Iiuiiii nf I) n'cluck a.m. and
7 u'elnek p.m. nu '"Iho lined Cluur'nu
Lunn lly-Liiw, IOI I," and that within
the City llnil, Nurth Vunrouvur, II.I.
ami thut Tin in is iSlicphoid has bocn
iiiipnnled Hi'luriiiii'.' Oilier tn tnke
the vulo nl inch "EJccluro with the niuul powers in lliul behalf.
City Clork.
HVI.AW Ml. 115
A HV I.AW tn enable Ihe Cnrpiir.itinn
nl Ilm I'ily nf Nurlh Vuncuuver tu
I'liise h) wuy id lmiil Ihu sum of
(11111,111111 fur gcncrul Wnleiwnrks
WIIKKKAS a pelitinn signed by the
OWIien uf mure lliun one ten lb il HI,
of the vnluc of rcol propel ty ill the
Clly (us shown by lhc last twined us
hi'hlhii'ii! rolli hn* ken piu-i'iitcd lo
the   City   Ciiuihil rei|l|ei(i g Item tu
iutl'illlllnc 11   Ht   I (Itt   In  Ullllllllisia   lii'll
In borrow lhe sgin ul *|l(il,IH»l I.u
gcncrul wiitcrwnrks purpoio*.
AM) WIIKKKAS fur ihe payment ol
intereit nn llic debeiiluiCH prupused
lu In- issued miliar (his HyT.uw, and
lur i'lln. a sinking lund lur lhe
payment ultlm mi.d dchclium uIkii
due, it will be nmcHiury lu raise by
ipecial rule iu udiiili n tu all it, ei
rules ilurini; the cuircniy ul such de
bcntui'fH, thu hiiiii nf r6ls.6.05, whereul
.-..nnii mi in lu he railed muni illy fm
puynieiil uf interest duiii.g the cur
miny nf nuid delientures, and (155.116
is in lie rained annually lor (he pur
pusojif creating u niuking fund lor
paynieni uf Ilm .hln secured hy lhc
laid debenture*, the suine Imin made
jiiiynlile in lilly years Irom Ile dati
ANH WIIKKKAS in urder tn mine
die nuid yearly num i.t ^6,1156.116 fm
iiilcrrnl uud sinking lund, iiii e uul
special rule nn lhe dullnr w ll I.e re
ipiired In he levied nn ull lhc ritl.il 1
mul properly ill the Hi.id Muni, i
(llliIV ;
AMI WIIEHEAS lln- uli.de ralall
iiul property iu the nuid Muuicipa it)
itri'oriiiiig lo the Innl reviled na mr
inenl roll in l|l|,!17S,lrttt.6ll.
ANII WHEKEAS Iho uugngule ul
the exiniiug debenture dclil ol theCui-
|l"l llllllll   IS   Jl."'I,III I   ICiViepI   lm W'.Iks
ul Iniul improvement mul lm a.hum
purpuie*), nf whuh nunc nf ihe priu
eipul iiiiiI iiili-si-.il is in linear:
THKKKI'liKK Ihr Munmipul ('.iiunii
uf the I urpuruliiin nf lite Clly ul
Nnrlb Vancouver (witli the uhhiiii ul
lhe eiecluls ul the City uf Nurlh Vmi-
< ouver duly iililuinril) nnui Is us follows :
(I| It hull be lawful for Ihu Ma
yor ul the Cily uf North Vancouver
uml lh* I'ily Clerk, lor lhe puiposr
iifnrcHiiiil, to hoirow ur ruisc hy wuy
ul lumi lumi uny periun ur permm,
liutly or budies rurpnriilr, whu muy
lie willing lu advance lim mime upnn
lhe credit uf lhe dchciituris heieuiul-
ler inenliulieil nl Ihu turpi.rutiuli, u
hiiiii uf money not exceeding in lhe
wliule lim num uf ||ll(l.l|l|l| uud tu
eiiiiHi (he ume In lie placed in Ilm
Hunk uf Hrilinli Nnrlh A lllel inl al
Nurlh Vuiicuiiver, lii lhe < mln ol lhe
fjly lor lhe purpuse iilinve ic'ile I,
umi smh moneys shnll be usmi fur
Ihul purpuHC unly.
I'J| DelienMires ul (he Cily nut ex-
'ceiling in uiii'iiiiii Ihu hiiiii uf |lnil,i|iiii
nun Ihi issued by the sniil Muyur mul
Cily Clerk in terms of the Muniiipal
'l.iu ' Acl, in unn us muy lie dc
slrcl, but not less lliun One ihousaind
i-'l inui Dollar* cuch. Each ol Hie
Hiiid di'hciitiircH shall lie signed liy
lhc suid Muyur und lily Chrk ami
the Cily Clerk hull iiffiv I herein the
I'orpin ute Si'ul uf the suid Cily uf
Nurlh Vancuuver.
(It) The debenlurcs shnll hem dat'
lim   Ii'il.   day uf Jaimury,   lull, and
I...II bear interest al the rule ul rite
per cent, per annum puyuhle hull
yearly „n Ihu )"|h duy nf .luly and
lhe 17th duy uf Juiiuury in cuch uud
every year during the i iirrcmy nf the
suid delienlure* ur ony ul them, 'I hi re
sllllll     I.e     Illllilli,-al   (0   III*    da'lii'lllllle
couponi signed by the Mayor 'unly,
lur each and every payment nl ml' i
est thai may becuni* due, und sueh
signature may b* either written,
slumped, piin led ur lilhugraphed.
It) The laid debenture* us lo twin-
eipul and interest muy be made pny
able al the Hunk ol Hritish North
America, al North Vancouver, Toronto or Miiiiln-iil, (iiiiiiiii,, „r at Ibe
nuid Hunk iu IheCjly „f Enndon, Enu-
Iniul. at par ul exchaiiiio, and the
nuid principal sum shall be mnde payable In the cily ul a dale nut later
lliun fitly years frum the date upun
which this lly.-l,uw loltci effect.
(1) During tlie whole Inm of Hm
currency nf the iaid debenturei a ijic-
.inl rule nn Die duller ahall be levied
und' raised each yenr in addjtiun to
all olher rales on all llie .ratable rial
property in the Muiiicipalily sufficient
In puy the interest upnn (he said debentures and lo rieiile a pinking fund
for *h«jiyjwnt oLlkl- -PwipbI
thereof when JJe, suHbcI to any act
an .'inn Indent rcipoctJIiji the lame.
Such special rate iball be inmlM In
Iiie lUollMtort.M or Kolli aniihiSl
he p»y»bl* to and collected liy thi
said Corporation In th* »*m* wpf m
other rata* in the i»id rot) or roll,
■avo a* horcinifter provided,
(() In order to provid* for 'he
ra|cs iot nut in paragraph (R) and
subject as aluiosald, thei* shall b*
rulied annually hy special rat* during
tho currency o! Iho said debenture* tll*
hiiiii uf <6,INHI tu provide for Ul* payment nl internal tliuienn am) the sum
uf K>65.il5 |u provide Inr the repayment  ul llie |lllll ipul Ihcl'ruf.
(7) The pi'inmils nl lhe laid dolen-
luit'H ithull be uppliml as follow*, and
nut iitherwi** |
(a) In iiiiynionl nl the emt nf th*
puasing uf thli lly-law iiiiiI the inui
and lule uf the dubeiiturei therein inferred to and i'l ei|U!iisc* cum.icled
with the iaid loan :
llil In recouping Ibe iaid Cirpor*-
tinn fur ouch minis ai have been ei-
peiuleil hereunder until the pruned* ol
(he Hule ul tho said debenturei liccnnie
(e) To carry nut thu purpuie of thi*
Hy-law ns aliuvo set mn.
(8) All iiiniieys arising mit nl th*
niiiliutl special rule Imn inin Ime provided fur sinking fund iball beinviit-
cd by ilm i'nuncil nf suid Curpurnlipp
Irum timo In time as llio law directa.
(0) Nn rebate slmll be allnwed on
Ihu iipet iul rate* tu be leviid un !er
this lly-luw.
lllll Thio lly-law shall toke effeel
un tho 17lh day nl Januajy, A.I)..
i III This Hi luw muy be citid lair
all' purposi s ai "Thi Wat rwurki
lllllll   111 hut   |0I1."
I'n ' al by tho Cniinc I nn the 3 th
duy nf llocemler, A.D., 1010.
ltcClivl.ll   the  n.aa.enl   ol  tile    Kh a 'Inin
nl lie City nf Nnrlh Vuncuuver at un
elcciiuii lur llie purpuse un the
day ol Januury A.l)., 1011.
Id, iiin-iileii'd by the Council and tin-
illy ndoptod, signed hy the Muyur inl
Cily Chrk, anil sealed with the   IW-
-luiuie  Senl un tho
uary A.I).,  lull.
dy   I Jiin-
TAKE NOTICE that tliu uliuvo i* a
true copy ul the prupusoaljly Luw cp-
un whiih lhe vote nf I lio Eleclnra uf
Ilm  Municipality  nf lhc I'ily uf N ilh
Vancouver wil lo lakeu w thin tic
Cilv Hull, Nmth Vi miniver, ll. 0., on
Ihuiniluv. lhe Twelfth day nf Jinuury
A.D., 1011, between lhe hiiiirn uf 9o'-
aiiirk ii.iii. un I 7 . •'. I. ■. I. p.m.
Cily Clerk and K. im nm,- Officer.
I't'HI.tc NOTICE is hereby riven
Ihul Ihr vol* ul llic il." lu s i f the
I'ily uf Nurlh Vnn uiivir wille Inkm
nn lhi' I'ih dny ul .Iiiiiiiii*-.', i'.iil. le-
I um n lhe lunn n ulll n'ehek n in. and
7 o'eloek p.m. on "ihe W tarvoiks
l-.iin Hy-lnw, 1011", und thai within
ilm City lldl, Nurili Vancouver, ll.C.
und thul 'IhoiniiH Shcpluid hun hen
appointed Hadiiiiiini'(lll'e,r tu tike
lhc vute uf such I'Tcel' is wilh lhe ui-
ilal pnueis in Ihul b hall.
Ily order nf lhe ('nniiiil.
M 'ivniv
Cily Chrk.
IN   THE MATTEH  nf lhe Waler Aol
und Amending Act and
IN THEMA'ITEIt ul l.iceiie No. 13
ri.ini.'il lu lhe Ci.rporulion uf lhi
Hi imi   nf   Nurth   ViincuiiuT  (ur
lOm   im Ins  nl wut r  In lie la'cn
Irnin l.ynn <Tt"k, dalml lhe   dnlu
Augusl, pun.
NOTICE   is  hereby given ihul   fie
(ily   uf Nm Hi Vuiit.uiVir   I ting   tic
nu imr  mnl IjieiiHie undi r  ll.e ,ai lli
feline by l irl in: n| (he Nuiih Vincouver Cily iiicnrpiirnlinn Ait, IU0i', will
apply lo S, A. Richer, Ewp, W li
CiiiiiriiisHimii r   for   New   Wi-um m In
II. C., un Widuc.diiy (he firtt diy  ul
Munii,   |U|I,   ul Hm hour nf   el.ven
u'rlurk   in   llie liiiriiunn nr io  loun
IL. inulla i us counsel mn ha heard for
uu iiidrr iiiiii mliiig thc snid Ir rine hy
uia.iiiuiini    I len in   nl   lieenoee    tbe
inline of lhe Ciiy ij Norlh Vancouver
ill   |'l '   •    llf  |||C   I . , p. lull.a,,. ,,| lln   Hi,.
11iei ul Nurlh Vuiiiniivir, und fur
milling lu lhe uunli dilinii/ Ihmfsjnl
ul diverniun lhe word* "and nt a
puint nn l.ynn Creek cil lur un Lot
UOU, lirniip I, Now Wcilminitcr Dii
irii't nr lait m'l, firniip I, New Well-
minster District nt nr neur lbi I nun
dnry lielwccn Ihe suid l,nl*" or, In
llie nlternative, fur en order tnend-
ing the license originally , imiied ap-
pm liuniiig Ilia wuler tn be taken Irum
Eynii t;ieek under iaid llccnac "Ho. II
Iietween Iho pnint ul diveriion *l set
out in the original license and a p in
of diversion ,,| l.ynn Creok aiil.i un
l.ul mill, 11 roup I, New Wedminiler
Iiniii. I ur l,nt 1303, Uruup 1, New
Wenl minster District, at or near lhc
liuumiiiry hei wren laid loll or loll
nun two or moro licenie* for the waler lo be taken under iaid license or
lo mnk* *uch o(h*t order in the rr
mines a* may be just and equitable.
DATED tbi* mth day of Deeemlar,
Solicitor  for  said   City   of  Nurth
NOTICK it hrreliy given pur»u»nlto"
Section 1, Chapter 116, Kevited Slalllle* i>f Canada lhat a plan »nd d*
srriplinn of a proponed wharf *nd
WarehoU** to b« Weclcd by Charlr* H,
Ctltft on tho loreihor* Itaied from
Ann* Jane Keith in front of and adjoining Hm adjacent land O feet in
width bai been dopoiited in Uu EibJ
Kegi*trjr_9ffJM_»UlWJBity oi Vet-
sVSttver, November Mth, HH0.
T. 0. TQWW«y,
Solicitor for Chai, H Call*.
la-i m M
128 Lonsdale Ave.
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Some pretty curtain Muslim-
the latest out (or
Window Drapes & Curtains
Bedding of All
You'll find il hard to beat our
prices, we carry a good assorted
stock, in all tones and patterns.
A Big Discount
Off Dinner Sets
This. Month
Japanese Rugi and
They look well.and wear
well and make a good serviceable   carpel  for  office,
library or den.
Now is lhe time lo choose lhe
pattern (nr kitchen, dining
room or bedroom.
We lay Linoleum Free.
u You Will
Find on the
Prices lli,:' 1
i-otit, witji (i low hundreds to nme
Iw f 'I lm milium! p,iM in "(Jfl»f (.{
new aiunimir tn Novumlier MHIi, Jflj,-
H41.11II,"  lml,  nowhere ilu I wn   l|i
a'l 111 I uf nillV Ma 'all lll'l v.||, n fniiui.lil (ll||-
||WS   it   in   lllllll illllllll   iu   tin,   llllllittil'-,'
la'|laai I |.     Tll ill,   [   lllll   |ll|l|,   iii   l,     (lll'lll,>l
linliilily nl *li.S,:i7(l.l;(l ulul' iih tlio' tli-
If liiiim liui'ii unly gut 131,747,111 (iimh
nn li.i nil i.i | m\ it with nut nf tliu
»|3«,miil limy gut fr,,,,, tin ir- twirl-
jflgu ihilmntilirH I full l« IgO vory
irrpnt talent diiplnyeil here,' tint thu
grunlrHt iiuiul uf ull in ihnt Ijl
iiimiili. Imve i'lii|iiL'il uilii'o t||o oity
lni|k iivur Ilm niu|iiiKi.'niu|it nl Ilm lorry,   lml,   Imn nil'   -I   Ililli'   Iiii'I r     |i.illil
mi iiiii'liiHiiiK ilm u[i|ii!i; ili-i I. ii! |hi'
limits I (nil. In Klin in wlint wuy tin;
rfwitlt'iitH ni'ii nulling niiu.1i iiuiiii Ihnn
thoy iliil eighteen iiunii Iih ugp. although tin. tliiiTitim hmi M'JtyilHI lu
:|li'llll   Ullll   llllVll lltlW gilt IHI,I llll 1111111'.
Uu|iiiig  Iliin letier will give yuu  n
'hiinto lu  liliiiiiu   HoniiiliiiHy ovi'ii   il
il in nn', uml furling nnru Iliin   cril-
icimn «i|l liu lakrn us il in iiiuniil.
Vuiirii li-nly,
A. 1'. IIII'KII'K.
N. II.-I ligmoil .tlipVfiiio nt ilo..r'-
t'intiiin ,it Ilm liirt^i»'l|||j|itrl h,Unin
jfct^ts'iil. |ior unniiin. ^SitliMik':
Iiiiilu)', iiu yuu ii.iii thin i.s u mitti-
■nni -.um fur ynu In Hluto un yuu (lu
ill ynur i.ili lm iul tlmt "iiinplii hiiiiih
Willi'   liki'ivine   SOt   (Initio   uul    nl   Ihr
grili-H   IH'illilh   III   provide   111'   ll I'la t-'ill
Iiun uf (liu I'a'.u II. I).
l\STAI.I.ATl!)N Ol''lll'T'Ti'Mlta
A very uiijnjulilr nml siK-CaHsful
Iiun' niiiikril tlir i|iiiniail .iitlnll .lion i.f
tilli'vin uf Ilm In.n'i.i uf I'yih nn Or
Hue iu lliis oily ,im 'I'iiiwIuv cviiiing.
After llio iiiHiiilliaiii n riii'iiiiiiiiii thr
nu'i'tiiiti iiMtilvnl il ill intu u h iiiiii nl
lun. Tin. iiiit nllii i'ii. a I.'t'lml woro
foul i li.iiiivlliir, a. Vboolw;   i Inm
i.vllul, li'liililiiliil.r II. II. I'ii|il|il ril ,
tin rlilllli'flli.l', 11. Trill ; 1'irl.tlr, W.
I|a.|,|-tt,.ll|l ;  Niwiir llf WlirllH,   .1. II.
I'ii': Ki'|.|ii.t nf llri'iinlH nml Sml, ll.
I'\ Sln-jiliinl ; |t'iiuui|. ■ lliiHlir, I''
Hln i'ln ;  Mn-lri' „f Ami-. .1. T.   II,'
.'ll   -1        .'"I   ■'".".
'   ■ '    .      ■! '
Corner lonsdale and Second.
I'hone 235
Stock Reducing Sale
We are showing 36 inch Stripe Flannelettes sold everywhere 15c. ,
Our price this week only   -   -   1Z2C
■H-H MM I'MI"! I'M I» ri'lll|.l.il'|.l.|'|.-W'l''l''|.'l''l''l''l'.I''I'I'l'l'll'I'i'l''r'l''|.'l''I.I'|.| l-H-H-H-H
Mayor Taylor's
Mayor Taylor's Campaign Couimitlee lias arranged
as follows
KITKIIiANO - Thursday,   Dec.   Ji,   Presbyterian
Church, hnu ili Avenue.
GHANDVIKW-Monday, Dec   'h Graiiilvicw Hall,
Park Drive.
CKDAR COVB-Monduy, Dec. \i, Basiincnt of All
Saints' Church, Victoria Drive.
MOUNT I'MiASANT-Tucsday,    Dec.   13,   Oddfellows' llall, Westminster Avenue.
CITY-Wedncsday, Dec. 14, Orange Hall.
Oilier meetings will lie announced us arranged.
A cordial invitation is extended to Mayoralty and
other candidates to take the platform. Chair taken at 6 p.m.
Vote for Taylor
and Progress
Vote for
11(11 ill HAY, nntl enlnrromcat ol
l»'iitiliy tluimci ngninnt ronlruct
Tktims maKmaitv
Eight Hour llu)- oiiloiccil.
.'aire Crick Question brought lu
.'Ixoniplion ul liii|'i..v.in,i.i,. Irum
Hcinovnl nl I a,1.,ii,...   11 . (il .1
Anncxnlion nl I). I,. IIUI ni-urid.
I'.llliJiai'lllCIlt III l.i<|Uui Ullll Htlii't
■law-  rcluling  In (.'iniil   govcfll*1
1 li nm in./ lu (lily liy l.oginlutiirc
ol ilflil to i."l-ilili»li n Muiii.i
pal Tr|r|tln.iii. Syilctn.
Uctii'gniii/iiliiui ol |.'i.''il Sj' Irn.
With       l.l.'ll'liH'      tO      llllo      "'
bonda; highcal price over (riven
Ihi'l'liy   rei llll'll.
Koorgnni/nlinn ol 1-cgnl llcimri
Ilia. Illlll'l'lll nl tlir lui,a |>, 1,-1 Mr
II..iiul.I imiii plnuj nl III.Ill it'. Iiil'li 111
I Iiiii-iIiiv Inun Si. I -'. 1 linn id'-. iiiiiiii
Milium Air., in M. .i.ai.in \int cnu"
Irry, \'iiiii(iiivir. Tlir srivire which
tiun   I'untliit Ird   liy K.iiler   I'l'tlniii
..lllllll'llll'll   ul   11. Ifi,    Tlir   luilCllll    wut
pioviuunly arranged lur Wednrildiiy
lml owing In llif Inry Sl. liiiirinNie
iliu ul! llir run 11 |)ii-l|n.mini ul 'ua
Iiiiiini' Slipper lllnggiil-lBlh .luiiu
try, lull, Horticultural Hull.
ST. I'AI l.'S l'.N'H:ilTAI\M|.-.NT
K i' in.nl-.ililr   Imttiiil- wn* 111.rl' lay
llli' allillllru nl S|. I'.i ,1 n iiunl ill
lllril    \rW   Vl'lir'n  allll'l lllililllilil    gi,l'||
in itiyeXii*- room ol Ilia- mliiml nu
Ka illi  llniul  tu, Tu, Malay ,11 lliun.   Tin'
pingriiin win fuiiiinhuil 0*1 In- inly liy
llir ullrnilulilH tt|iii Were |iiili'i|iiiil,t
liiilinn <liil.lim nml wiih a.maj.iih,(1 uf
uiiiiiiil).. mul iililiilnn  inlin; mil illHIh
II Iiui |..ii(i I iimi u I.ii v. 11 lml li.nl
III.-I' iliililnn Iimi' IiiIiiiI-, Inlriil un
ill till! Hifcll'lH lij ill.'-ilionl I r.'ilii llnil
mail, a.l liueinK llir Iiiiii- pruducll mil
III llir llllllll  ullll  lliiH full Wni ililli.ui
■toiled in n iiiiiiiii iiiiiniirr ji^ ilia.
Klili' iiiiiI ili'|i.tillniul nl llie cHlilii.'ii
ill' llll'    |,I'IH, ul iiinn    u|   Iluii   .rui.il
|iiri(H.. Tlie ei Iiiiiii iiinni hum uin j
imlrally |tinknl lu llir il.,aai-   mul |m
lllllll    llllll llllltllll; llllllll' |,1,(la III    ttm     11
iiiiinlni ill li^iluiL' prirtU iiiiiI liii'ii I
fi'aain Vniii'uiiier.
Editor Enprcw'i
that Sir,—Io your odilurial uf Oc-
ixobat a7Ui ynu lUkOftite Uic diret iQri
r* ol lhe ». V. City Vetriee, IAA., you
«l«o *(atc Utr report and Ixlunee
,»hect !• /luWinhed elcwkere in llii'
ium, bill 1 fail to find thn   report.
f nulla llie auditor hIiiIi in Ihr lml
nme nlu'i.| you publ»li '"Iiiii in llie
Inilim-re utii't'l tell nei lo in my ii|iiiI
«l lut luii herolo." Sow, Kr. 1'ililm,
I fail tu eee whero Iliin Hunrd nl lli
rector* hai »aomplit lied hu.1i ftfU
thioite at yflu (willi ('our uminl UWl
ot never blnininji any)tne) (jiv» then)
I'l-nlil lor.  In (lie first1, place I do nail
loiiHiilri llir ili'iirriinlinn ur "tlie 10
Hi'ivr lunii lul' llir ri.|iliiii7ll''lli ul III"
SS. Sl. Ihotpt und Bk N- Vaiitit.i,
ver iiiiinniiliiiu lu Witlli.iKI in mie junto
when ynu cmmtlir Ilny nir vnluid u«
an OHHrl uf 176,720 and Uiii deprot la-
lion in lur 17 iii.hiIIh. Suppoiinjiyou
double thii dcpriiintiuii nm) then
where   will   your   dividend   ol 6  pur
Tlir irprrneiilnliMH from Ilm eily
inllln il mul li.riinr t'.aiiiii'iln mid fium
Ihe tlii-liii.l ruiiiuil leiuriieil on lliuia
dny niiiiniiitf Irnin Victoria nli.-ir lli.i
iilli'iitlril Hie lieu iiun bth >ie Ihr pru
ijnrial' MaO|llyii in e<tfliieclloB witli
iln. niMiiiHliip i,| llir l.ynn Cnelt I'mi
whi/h in under dispute n» beiwinn ilu
tily mul Ihr II. C. I'It: liu lluilnat
A very IndulueBl hearing wni tjitan
the Nurlh Vancnuver rcprcionlnUvai
by llie mi uu-i. 1. und nllhoufrli Ihr
i.tnlnitliiiu purlin mu'd not m rii cut
mi mui'nlilc ncl I lenient nl their iliffrr
riit'i.H lhc nmcriimenl (unit iln mnl
lar in bund and |iMml««l In nlvc a
■Ir. ia rm iii the cuui-o nl a lew day,.
The II. f. Klcrlrir lliiilwny are oin
iiiiiliuu  lur i,ttinr.|ii|i  in Hou  ol nn
llllll'.lllalll   a llllllll in in  wilh  llie   din
iritl whereby ttie milwny COMIB)
nun lu icirivi' I'e«c lands niljiiiniiiu
Hiir I nlte nn n par! ia.n«iilcriitjon foi
iluii rtliinliiiu Iheir linn inlo l.ynn
Vnllrv. II npjienn Ibai by lhe Atl
nl Ini'urpnrnlinn llir iiiy hy virdie ol
Itl ivnlii rivliI» Icinine pia««e«ied ol
1 lime wnler hIiihI liuiitn and ll ',* el
ti\iiA thnl lhc dinlriil had no milliiii
ll) la, 1 ula-r inl,, nny miit.lintiuiil af-
ftarliiill   (hue loll.     Tht Ihnt  >   (  i
ariy were n •
Bt'Uliil by 'uiimil nml n lengthy efite-
red inlo with Iho mull   a
boy» ilalei.
FOR ABSOLUTE PROTECTION write a Policy in ihe
Commercial Union Fire Assurance Co., Ltd.
ASSETS! $94,900,000
Bole Aifeiit
Afreementiand Contracli drawn        p, .-7 Ginaral
of every deicription I I10DC. I J/       Convayancini
Our gigantic January clearance sale commences on SATURDAY MORNING
Money Savers in Every Line
The Clothing Man
33 Hastings St. East Vancouver
Wanted at Once
Listings of Boulevard lots in D. L.
550 direct from owners. Immediate results if rightly'priced,   :::   :::
Pierce &
THE w»Mi ol tlm present day baa. become ao closely
linked with Hip ilvm of men, ami ja ao uasential
to the success ol all Inisiiiiiaa undertakings, thai lo
carry an inferior one is almost an indication of a lack of
Imsineas ambition ami ability. Will) llie man who lias
^•-btaimtMa^ssliil in liis undertakings, you will invariably
Iind a walcli of worth -he has proved the value of time
(lie basis Of his success have been promptness ami
Reliability is the demand of today, and this is why
, ynu find wilhin the house nf " llirks" only watches oi
real worthy  We handle every high grada and reliable
.    movement manufactured in Switzerland and America,
am) these we-guarantee to the purchaser.
(iME>TZy.gii,gl.lreUt„r       Ha.ting. & Granville Sis,
*J   When you deal aj.lhe Lonsdale Pharmacy you
ge! exactly what you ask for at the right price.
_   Special attention paid to. prescriptions and lamily
recipes, e
_   We carry a complete line of Stationery and Drug
•      ■      •
Telephone L 29      A j , VSI)N. ,.,„„.      Cor. Lonidale & 8th
North Vancouver is Moving
We have just received some listings on
First St., close to Lonsdale ave., which
will yield quick and substantial profits
Phone 24 P. 0. Box 50
Parkdale Finest Alberta Butter 30c, lb.
May Fiom. Spring Brook or Ayrshire Rose 3 lbs. $1.00
5 lbi, of good Tea -       r      a      ■       1.50
5 lbi, of beller Tea   -       -       -     v-     >      -    1.75
5 lbi. ol ihi: belt Tea    •      ...      .        2.00
* - AT
\ a
Corner Firil Street and St. George
120 Second Street East.
Telephone 206
Convenience lo North Vancouver Merchant!
toy la Your Own Tews. Your 0   an Solicit*!
TIIK WKKKI.Y CLAHHKH in Mimci.l Theory
will ri.'uuiiiiiii'iioH on MONDAY, .Innunry fltli,
Jlill, el i pm.
Term*: $2.Wl my iiiurter, l»nyubl«'in Advance.
TKACHKB     -     T, W. W\|tl)
W WhipiiMiiiMf^Hi       i     ■■■ an I in* ■■■ n —, ..—iwi i     i ,   ..
Warburnitz Piano House, Limited
441 Lomt-lt Avtnut Phont 114 .
'I'lio billowing i|ii|iiW roport Inm ttie, nfflop nf tlm pity wikIiiboi' »|i«w»
wlmiii Hm proi'iimln uf (h» MS.WHI ItyliiW, iinilHiri«i-.|| hy Hm mtcpiiyiiw, w»»
Spoilt. .     |
1' -|ll||Hl"la-    a	
Huconil aSlriml
Sl'l'llllll    Stl'0|l(
Sooninl Street
li'lllll-lll   Sll'I'Ot
Kmirlli Street
1'lllH'lll   aSlll'Ill
Filth Street „
Kiflli .Sl.^ L ...
Will   Stl'ool   .
Filth .Street ..
Hi s lh Hi mil .
Sixth Hti'iml ..
ISixili HI nml .
Hiiju From  •        T» ■    Viilrni
i^tf,\ l.(ll|l|l|lll|!, lallllH.    (illllllllW KK17.8!
 H I.01W1I11I0: ..tftopt't .,.,„.„. ■'■ ■■■ 88,80
 N -. .Itewi'ke M) lout weal ,...,  50,10
 *-r.:...8t. AmliewV M foil mmi,    W.tHI
 H.   , , Ininmlnlo Milium    '...... SKW.08
,....H,  , |,n|miliili. St. (ImirKo'iJ  I97.70'
„..H. ......Sl. I'utrii'k'o 3-lf, (pol oust     87.70
,...N ;...,('|inmuifu..|i!   iilil) Iimt mmi    W.8II
...H. ... Iniiiuiliilo IIHI font oiiel  , ,...„.',   M.'Jtt
 N Ht, (liini-uii's Ht. AiMrflW'u ,, ,,,, 188,81
,.,.N „,(Sl. Iliiviil'ii:... tluoiiiinliiiry .... iVi'J.Hll
 N I linen Avo -l|ii»|llliil    4'J.IIH
,,.)) Luiiwliili. ....Hi. (Inurgii  lilH.III
.....H Ht. <joiir,ri.....,....St. Awlw's   HI-18
Sixth Hireet fj. now- Ht. |>avi<l's ...lluoonsbiiry    ,. , WHO
Seventh Htiwi  ...H .Ml. HjiviilV Iliil|fwiiy  IW.10
 t!|i«ilorlii'!il Mtihon M-I.I8
 Inm* PalJiriiPls - •'■ », %o.io
..Vrlnriil ('mi Ht. AiKlrpWu    I7U.70
  ...Iljll-giiwiiy (Jiiwimbiiiy    Itllt.MI
 .|.iin«iliili. in |%hth.:.; .;. 3*1.8-1
...H. nimr hi. Obpfiip P'. AiuIilw's , ,. I7tt.ua
...N Ht. Andrew's.: (Ml .lent oimt  '..   02.10
..St. Andrew's.. lliilijiiway ... IHI.OI
 IJiiri'imlmiy IIMI Iwi oust       H7.'JII
Koilli llniul ..
Knith llniul ..
Kllilll      llllllll      .a
Knilli iiunii ..
1,1 row I,i'i 111 ..
I%hlh .Street
Ki|jlilli Klroct
Ninlli Hlwil  N,
Njntli Htri'iil  N
..8. ..
Tenth .Struct  ,,.S. mur Kt. Ili'iii'iin imiir Mmiily  3W.IW
KloveiiHi Htroi't ...N Uiilgowiij OKI (nut oust    67.'JO
Twill))   Hlllllll    .a..N ti ia-lall, ,..110111    I.a,II   alalia'       07.lUl
Twolllli HI|i.ol  ....N HI. fdmrgo yiiiximliury  187.20
Twolltli Hlroot  H ..l,iiiiHi!iili-. Ht. Iloiirini  Hil.illl
'riiirtiriilli Hlnot S I.mmdili. R|gl|||) HIitoI   ....'.. SO-1.00
Faallllaa-nlll  HllOi't   \ I lm: n Inn a I..111111I1,        Ill  In
Kiflm-lilli Hlrii..|.....S Miiimlalo .('Iioutsrliolil     I'JI.81
Kifl,i.nlli .Sliort   N Ilowiiio M li.vt ourt     00.80
Kiflmiiili Hlroit
|.'illi:iiilli  Hlnvt
S Million lm,,-
/illorlllll Hlivil   H.
Killraulli .Sinii   N.
Hinliviilli Hlll',a| H	
HiMivuili Hlroot N	
Ki(flili.-i.|illi Hli-avl N	
Niiiflornlli Hlnot H	
Niiuatmiili Ht.    H war 81
Twi'iilj-lii-iil Ht.   , N	
Ilaiiia.n   Milium
nml  t'lioslnrlia-lil,.,, .Iimi's     ,
 Sl. Ili'iil'iio Hi.   Aiulii'w'ii
,......Hl. Amlra.iv'.-i filHI loot runt ..
 ..I.iiii.iiliili. Cliivlorliolil ...
 l.tin.i>l'ilo ('hinli'i liolil
 liiillNiliilo; Hi. (ioni'iii!   .
AnilronV .IINI fool wo.l
l.aaiisiluli Iu|i. (Janlrii
 ,. m.n
 j, 981,011
...Wl livi wont   ~t>.t*l
■    no. in
  11 LIM
.Vi Koilh   IM I'"ifti:i.|il|i  Hlroot    Illi.lll
K Pilliiriitll Sl,..; Hovonlii.ntli   |.ril.'Jil
.N Hovonlcoiiili View    H'tM
..K Luri-nii   IM -IINI Iii'l  niirlh     88.1111
Kiit|> |<i,iiil |.'ilt,.i'iilli Hlnol     Ifil-'Jn
,...Simh Hi -Koilli Knuil ....'.  411.00
Hovi'iitimilli Krilh linuil   'Mi.lO
hi-i Hinoi HiTiind SlriH-'l'    Willi
iu'litociilli   43.110
iiuer Ki'illi    Hs.ljJ
 Tuelflli Tliiilirnlli   ,'    M.7S
 Inlei I'iiiif-  IID.fO
.......PhiiiIIi I'Jll ri-i.-l muiii       Kl.lll
Koilh   Idl Tonlli Slreel  |<MI.H0
Tpnlll   HI-. WlMllll .' MI-.JI
...Pilleonlli Sixlivulli    fill.lll
Ht. Iluviil'i.  W 'Iliin!  Hi IWI fool imitli    'Ib.'i)
HI. lluviil'n K  KixiirSlriiil. Hovoiilli Hlnvl         31I.HH
Hi.aiiuii xi ( WW.*
. Koilh   ll'l Ninth   '  180.38
W 'Irnlli Woioiilh ., .'    Wi.iHi
K Thlrtionlli IWlnwIh      W„sii
Ill'Wia'kll Avo.
Ili.»ir|ii' Avo
l.lll'Kllll    llllllll
View Hlrool K
torbn Avo I1'.
■Illlll!8  Avo K.
Milium kve I'",.
Clii'sli'ilii'lil W.
I'lioHtorliojil  W Hivonli-'i'iilli...
I.nlisiliilo Ave K HiMl,' Hlroit...
Liiuhiliilo Avo |il, ....
aSt. Qaoiwii
Ht. I ii'in tie'*
Hi. I1oiii'iii''h
Hi. AiiiIii'uV
Hi,. AiiilrewV
llill|/l'KIIV   ,.
St. (leui'ifo
aSt. t'lenfkie
Piiiirloi'iilh  N Hi. AihWh IMI dol lioul   'iH.Hl
Mnliuii Avo W Pilliriith IM lool  nnrlh    80.Hl
Moody  Vi Twolllli, Thiilionlli ...'.  W.SH
'riiiiliionlJi  S	
Klovonlh HI. N & S ...
Niiioloi'iilli HI. ...H .,..
Ht. Iiiiiiryo'ii I'l. .
Kiulllaianlli HI H.
.Sixth Hlriiil H.
 ....Miiaiily HKI fittj Wenl     I7.HH
.i.iour liiiloowiiy-'. HUH htl ohhI     IIH-lVI
-LiiiikiIiiIo   Ave Illll lool wont      !    70.00
 Hou'iiia'eiilii I'lijililn'iilh    ;    M.lln
Hi. IW'nttie'f ..300 foel eUKl   i    M.HH
 ' 70.011
...AtM. t lent ue'a aHill [oet i-unl
 I'hi'Kli'iIii'iii- HID lml eim!
Willi   ill   In'Hal   III   llllll'   III   |a>|li,ll   I
Milium   AVlla
l'',i|(iili.,'Ulli HI. ..
Ill lunn llnrili'iiH
Hi. Aiiih'i'w'ai ...
lll'lll. 'Illla     ',,
Ki|ilii|i Ave	
Pifili Su.-. •
fourth Hiivai .
..W. Hi'ionlioiilh   Hi
iilmvu   llllh   I7HJI0
..N ...MuIiiiii Avo IM livi wort     'Jli.HI
..N Mi,I,,,ll IM ourt  ■, JMAtl
....VI Si.vi'iiloi'iilh Kiiihli'i'iiili     *M.8H
...H Sl. AiiiIii.'w'h :IH0 fi»l went        M.WI
,.H    I im-iliili.  IM Inl  omI  ,.;    «i.!H
,...S Hi. i;,'a,i'i/i.'n IIHI Ini'l iwi      70.10
„i HI, llmiil'D. llll feel went     'JLIifi
Tniuis     mjoii iiunii Ira i (lUSinlM, i'*"t.i,m leet U.M.,
Street-Clearing and Burning Stump*
Htfpol nr Avonue .        ' I lay h lln
Hoinml Hlnol  ...'. ..118 1 .
.Si'innil HliH'l  .,.  71
Lnntaliilo Avonui.  ,'..,..M7 fi.
Tliiilirnlli Hlroot ..:. : 'HI 3 ..
I■    |il;illllila      ,'    'iH'	
Homiwh  , Wi 7...
Hjllal'lllll  Hll'l'l'l    „ 'ill!  „.ll .,
Niiii.liaonth Slrwl   ,...' 2ft3	
Kildili; Htn'ot     ..'. '..Ml ,"
i.'ifii. ivm OH ,....;
Kniirlh stroot '  '  ft! 7 ...
M.iIn.II    A V.IHII'    ,,.4M I I...
SI. \\mnjfe Ave 'ISil	
Twolllli H(iwl   IHH 7 ..
viilui' SU),
Vol no
....  36H.IK!
.,     'Ja'W.M
.. Ifi7.il)
.. IllH.'ifl
.. ftM.M
,.,   117.10
.loan Avo 103 Z	
.'   H7.W
Koilh Itnilil   .,) ftl	
|.'i,nil,»„tl, Ml..-. (   ttt 1	
Ha.V,-lll„,i,l|, Stlavl    HI 7 „.,f,	
fOttfU Avi' Ifi'J	
 ,  807.M
IMhinnk   77 A 	
 ,    I8I.8II
Kiuhlainlh Hllaol    Ifil	
!fa___$jSl'tilul  Slla.'l     |A	
'!'wov)ty-iii'vi.n(h   )3 1	
K»tr» tor lorew»» over >3.W jwr ivy   	
A ypiilb |pf ihn biwiw officp pf (he
EipreM, Mwi' \tm tt wprkingJn(»W'-
ledge qf shorthand, typewriting ww bookkeeping. A resident of North Vsncouver
preferred. A permanent position with
good prospect! for the right young row-
Apply in person morning*.
Vr-Ci.rA ■
•' ' '
Hot Points
For the Man
Urm's a chance lo pltase the
Qnler at once a lyio " HOT
Ten ilnys trial, free for asking.
pir.iMii, ami comfort nn ironing day.
Qnly iron on mnrket ^tiaran-
ii i'il lur two years.
Invest now, ii will please lier.
|\J■■•ii.  clean and  economical.
^_ T^^^^^ E    "fry one now and lie convinced.
B. C. Electric Railway Company, Ltd,
50 Lonidale Avenue.
A|i|il|aiilinli» will ho l v. oil oil hy lli"
iiiiiliiriiitniil ii|i tn Till .liiiiiliiiy, 1011,
fan llio |inHilinn nl \ i i.mi l'ji|iiiioi<r
lur llio I'ily nf Ninth Vuna'nn or.
Uiml lm -""I ili'iiiielilxninii nml nn ox
|ii'iii'iiiail I'livino r in -i',irr w tti,jt..d-
inii, j,,'. in . olo. Stnlo i|Hiiiilioiitinii-.
utliorioino nml niii'. Salary IIIH |iei
Any iilijilianliiiii mil iiaro.-mnily 111'
lil'IIIH/ll.: H. IIAM'IH,
i'ily i n ai ■■!
Ninth Viinaiiuior,
llio. B|ll, I0IH. 'i-l
an now ready to 111 all orders
for coal They wlll
carry a lull lina of building sub
plial. Oat the beat They have It.
k trial order wlll convinee yon of
tut. Set your coal before the
rainy ataaaoo leti In. Head
quarters on corner of Esplanade
and fit. George, North Vancouver.
Phone ISA Terms Cash
II. E. HttlJCiltt
Expert on Pinpltcis and a
classes of Brickwork-
Ail Wank lliiiiniiili'aii
''miliar l.'ifU'i'iiili St. and Mahon Ave.
General Contractor
Und Clearing, Slump anil Hook
Dialling. Kitm care near huusei.
All damages made good.
Specials for
Friday & Saturday
I'or Ib	
MII.K ti'l'A) I'llll'KKNS
l'ol-   III	
MII.K Kl.'-I) IH ' Ks
I'er lh ;..,
I'or Hi k.OC
I'or Ib	
I'or lh	
I'or Ih	
HllOlll.ilKli IIOAST I'OKIi
I'or lb. ...
Sllll UlN SI I AK
I'er ib	
HIM) nutt-i) HAMS
I'er lb	
I'er Ib	
.«•• •«   ..u  str
Tho Aildremi- llnii't I'uraol It.
229 Lonidale Avenue
«ni hi., Wni mt MOxl.il
I'D   11,,.   f|
Wallace    *
Shipyards, Ltd.
Marine '»n<J Stationary llpt>
ginc and lloile; Work proin|ii-
IV -I'Xl.'rllll'i).
—— 11 .     .      . i
T'-.|ijilion«. 10}
North ly ancouver
The North
Have now a good
stuck of    '
wmnm umber
at Bottom Pricei.
Prompt I)eliv»ry.
Eeolanadet Eait
I     V^^^TF     ammmw wmmamm
i Vwiwiivir
flWkW Ao. mi-barbs ita wyfog
«nt bI tliu wufIi ol.iiflPdl Impffjy^
wut  b(  pnrt nl 1*111!   ymfey
WW1w4,t»l|Bg,WWW pl Ur
m It^rfmiiJMf&ffAiii Hi"
tm nl MsirtfO mvm ml <>
thp md nl iii#Y!if'fit irt mid
FBFki and tn ,mm w hi Hi?
... inuirDVPmpni rm nr w n-
i|iiiml t'i provido (iif thn imyoi'iit
k, p.
i<BWl IfnpFoviwnl rate of
IfliFwl w provido Ihf Hin p...,
nf the intuFint nm to iotimoIui
» Hnklni km it p» off tha mdd
WHKPAH the l*.m Vg»f,JH
ocal Improvement By-l.aw lli|ll, wm
< py.,Mm liflnpei! m| . flw Di'lFJot
m Vnimnvw tn prbvdo fof|a-
ailljlig   tha   luml to lift llelieiltto.!.
Hip BfBBOFtip» nl withM wpkiyo'l
y iuch lands Ifiiiii the propvid wjd-
(i!»g, clearing, »Mm undLoulevaid-
ig that piiit ol tne. l.ynn Valley
opd., extending Irmn tki %it hfljiD'
m'pf i()0 ityy'h] NftrtH VnnpQUVer
ii \be Bridge ucrnfia ||e Hastings
I'reek tfl n iiniliiiin whitli of Ut) leet
mil macadamising In a wiilili nl llll
Ml along the soUtl) side ol Uin Trimi-
m nn *M Ffliigi «|i'i I to ''xpFopfU-
|i)h of lands neopjiMiy; Wmri|ri|ftl al-
eady available Int' said purpuse.
8" AMI   WHEKEAS it waa. recital- in
|l| lly-l.nw llint the estimated   cost
ia)d improvement work was till,-
0,  thnt tlm ('unin il  had agrnnl tfi
pepd (rom tbevgpiiirnl, liuijla, fl/ ito
mh Finality ihot$£nf AM, «wl
:4he balance ol tWM) lAun We rnued tiy
,'|.oan on till Security of a Local   As-
'^aliment to provide lor enrrylng  mil
the Improvement nl tha. iaid Hond,
AN|) 1HEHEA8 by UiUail lm-
'jirnvenii'iit lly-l.nw it is pi)), id.il inal
ilk* land" to be benefitted by the car
rving out of tho iaid linl r.ivini'nt ul
'.wa »ald |.ynn Valley hflad a" the
; linds having a liniiiii) ii i n the  iaid
IFii to na improVo!? hint  tdaf the
mtint in which mh. famU m bene
lilted ii in proportion to the   lon-jtli
ul Irontago ol siu.li landa rpipoc||.'i)ly
ilium sniil Iimid.
llEHEAS « petition hui lice.,
by tlio I'inun il tin ii'il its   to
J       nature and signed by tho  re
and  iissi'ssejl- owpci's 'bnliljng
Ft than linei' fidU'wSio Ironl 4.(tt
tka land to be io  lieneBitcd a<
ihown by lln   registered maps lli. r, o,'
and being a majority In number ol i he
piriiina id)o,*n by iho last mined ai-
.- Hismont   Hull of the  Munii ipnlily to
| bt tbi owneri of the Iunds affected by
I wii By-law and tho ownen ol   more
than  une Imll |p niiin  ol sueh lun is
1 asking that  Uie snitl in|kni<.cmcnl ol
' the Lynn Vpllpy; toad lafytarriiij out
' ai a   l.ncnl fmpi m-i in ni,   und   Hint
the ium ol Blitl lie ruiie.l by Helen
I  lure Bondi to be issued on the Sonir
ity of l.ncnl Improvement riilpi, lobe
levied lu'imriling to tlio laid frmitalie
bajii on tw wld Iwh).« l'i If IwlH
tid ni aforeiald.
AM) WHEHEAS'lbp iinuiunl oldebl
which thin lly-l.nw is initialed lo
create il W,000, and the hiiiii.. if being
itii'il to pruviile a fund iu p irt foi
I liiiprtivi-iue.il   ot   lhe   sul I   l,yiin |
rallty llniul und. i I >l luiiu - .v..«i. m .
i    AM) WIlRltEAS tht' i.nin.inl 10   bs
tfi ism'kWi mm VANeowve»i ti, ft
m |   t ■
3033 53 and M ID
miia    ni
'  I
MM      111
31)33      fill
3D33      5fi
31133    . of]
3m     r
309b        3
ll'-l I'll
Iain al
raiseil annually by Siieciiil Bale ! ir
paying   ihe  tight  and inlureit   uudei-
'   VW I'M  kwng Wl»r
■koki fapi.tMmutiiieM f mi
pinpi'iiy rateable under tbu ny-l.aw
according tq thi last revisod I'ssess
imiii Boll oi tho District is *HI,I8I :
AN|)   Wlf I'Htl'IAS thg   lll'lll   iS   flenlell
on the S/f*l)ty.t''| '\« «*i"i:|l "«'*•
icttleil and levied by flu lly-l aw, nn I
jt li guarantied by the credit ol thu
whiih.. Municipality
Tin' aaid I ynu Vnlli-v llniul
Improvement Bale or lax ahall be
I and w hereby levied and charged uiiiiunlly (or thu pei imi ol li.i i ii'in ii as
'a lien nr charge payable nlniig with
and' In addition to and in Inrmiug
part ol. the aiinuul real citnli.' tales
payalile fur and out ol the suid ro
-pealit,' properties to the said Cor
Hill     ll    ll    herelly   pi.nilleil   thut    ill
any o) said pi..p.'ii.c
linruasl wilh said I'.ynu Valley Road
Local Improvement rate, bumu now or
-    subdivided,    tlllil    llie     naid
the I'Veni   o|
'Innlied   willi
i'liii in rate, len
.divided,   lln ii   tlie   mini
<e shall also be luiiporliiiiiiitcly sub
vi'lt'tl uini sel.hii utcnriaing tii   tlie
mtiige ot emli pari nr lot ubil
rule iball
divj   _
frontnue ol cuch part nr lot'abiilting
on said Lynn Valley llniul, und tlio
subdivision ol the land shall be io
made thnl as lar as nnsaihlc no part
or lol ninn linn will hnve a hssiltotli
lliun one hundred nnd twenty IccL
back Irom such Irontuge, and on sucb
subdivision   being no made and   up
pin vei I   o(   |)y   u-l Illii ill
ie   lintl.nl i/eil liy
SflKKWWMIi n}W\M by  't|,t, c.mi.cil fo, the regiilraiion oliho
the Heeve aud louncil of the I orpine • ,„„„   „r ^ lh„   ,   l)m ihe   ,_[A
tlnn of tin liitrict o Mih Ubm i/,„ntuKt. lutc f\J\ EJ u ,i)ol(1„ „niy
vor in Louudl aiieimilid twill Ibo ai { u|) ^ w M|( _lM_-    '   JK
tt BV-iiAff tp wlhflrtw iihn pwwlwg
■  nut ni iht wbfK sl ItflFfiMmpFflvr
, menl fl| 0n4)py Ho*t4. Wl) fMb|I
by wov «l I'APd! lnpFflFPffinttl Pa-
ininiiii'iis thn tm bI m IbmmiA
Dollnrs (1111,1)011) to pfflvide ftr-l
of   the cost fll currying   out   the
said wflFk, »wi tfl mm owl Iw
lhe |,flenl |BtprpypBKi|)t F*tPHFT("l
Feip|iF«| to provide (hF th«   PW"
_. mtvnt wl tkp lntPFe»t, snd t« ae-
ciiiniilalii ii sinking Iqpd tfl IW flU
'   'tko said Debenture!.
WHEKEAS the Dudley. Bond i<»al
Improvement Byj.aw. IB'lll. wuipusi-
ed py tkp Cflppwl ul H»p Hi»tnfi. fll
NoFtl| VaRcoitypF to provide tot ee-
cortitiuiiig tba laud to be UfJ»utitto»i,
mnl tho pFopprtlon »l benefit Facelved
fly siuli lauds Irom the PFopoiod
eleuring, gradipg apd bwilnvardiiig In
its lull width of the Dudley Koad being the road reserve lilting tbo CpntFo
'* District tot fiW), Group DM, Uf
Westminster District,' Irom tka Ofli'tb
ond ol said Distsict Lot lo the smith
liouiidary of Block 33 ol laid Dislriel
Lot, anil ihenee eastward to thp east
boundary nl said District Lot, and
tlieini! along the weat boundaries p
Blocki 17, 18 and 10 ol District Lot
MIS of iaid group, and llienco along
iho north and euit boundaries ol
Block 30, and tbe cust buunilurici o|
Blocks 35 and 34, and the south bonn-
dariei nl Blocks 60 uud 70, ull ol laid
Diitrirl Lot 518 to the nnrth end ol
Fell Avenue fn tho Cfty ol Nortli Van-
A.Nft WUEBEAS it wa» mM in
said I'y-Law that thp esiiinutfd cult
nl iaid Impi'iivumenl Work wai'l'w.lve
TliaiiiHinid Five llundreil Dollan.
(813,500), that tho Council bad a-
greed to cupeiul liom llic general Iniids
of the Municipality the sum ol Two
Thouiand Fivp Hundred Dullari (|B,-
500.00). and the balance of Tin 'Ihouaand Dollars, liln,'OK 0| musl br
rniseil by loan oi) the secmity of o
local iiisessinent In provit'i) (of currying out tlie improvement ol fho iaid
AND WIIEHEAS by suid Locn| Im
provement By-l.aw it is.nroviihsl llinl
the lands in bo lieneliliid by ilu- parrying out ol tbe su itl Impi'iivi 'linn I nl
thl said Dudley lliind nre i|ia> Inn I-
having n Irontagc on lh1' 'aid Dudley
Boad "fl 'ar aa it li lo le improved
and that the ex lent In whin Kiiob
lands aie Inm 11 Uul is in prmiortiou
to thc lenglh o| hiintiigp -ol sul.
Iunds respectively Ironting upon said
AND WHEKEAS a Petition has been
received |iy the fniliull Jnlid as to
i'inli -i.innime and sj;ned ly Ihp re
ri-1eia.l and in f.ei'il owners   holdim
more Ihnn lliiw'-Tilllis nl the f t,,.-,
o| the land In lie so bcneliltid, os
shown by the nei ien il maps thernil
ami beinu a majiirity in iniint»-r of the
pcrsoni sliuwn by Hie lasl revi cd As
,.,.-a nnui Boll nl lhe Municipality t<>
bc the owners ol luml' iiUn-icI by this
By-Law and Hie owueis nl jnnie tlnn.
one-hall in value ol such lund' nikin"
that thp said impititenia ni of the Dudley Bond lie carried out ni a Local
Improvement, and that llir mm nl
Ten Thousand Dnpuii ifio.OOOl j»
ruined by llolicnture Bond to be
issued i.n thp security ol Local Improvement rales lu bo levied acenrdin
to thp said li outage basis on Ibe laid
liniiiii to be Inm lilled oi aloresaid.
AM) WHEKEAS thc amount ol debt
which this ' Hv I aw ii int.ml. d (o
iieiile is Ten 'thousand Dollars (fill,-
000), and the same is being crrattd
lo pinvide n fund in part lor lhe iin
pliiiiliiiiil ol lhe miiil Duil'ev Haiti
under Loenl Imiirovcnicnt I'lnn
AND .WHEKEAS ihe uinount to be
nil nl    nliuniillv    b)    speii-il     liile  lm
11.1,vim.,   llic   dclil   und intereit   under
•eat of the eleclyrs ul llie s-iid   11,1
jef) ui^olMjIj'vil
iherworli ,</|.o
ttliuncl! tn t'^rry mi I
cal    Iininuvitiiienl    ol  the  sujd    lvnn
Valley Boad  ac belore deiciihe-l,   ull
IIS     1.1,1 III     IlliplaaVl llll III      Hi,lll'l'    lllld       ly
virtue til the laid 1-yMP Viijjiy   Boad
1 .ne»l Iiiiiii 'iv chiPiil Hy-Liiw. 1'jIO.
3,   ft slmll lie lawful lor the Coun
pll to raltt by wny of 1^iin Irom any
r*'ii»,ot mesmf Hi ^jf0,lit:'0";
poi'alu, Ijiiit JIiIMiiK'i11o'l e isiui d
aa heieiiinlla r p/iiv|lli il, a > inn ol mm
ii'iiiiniiilii oi the ui
, and tin
i tics so i a I nli vidi it Ul uny! 'hu
i    lui
ty nol exr, filing iii whole the sum
«800l|, and lo cause I lie iyi.
naid ii|(o lhe Bank ail lliilol
■ IwWm. tn the creiit
rni|iuiiiliuii for the piup'.-'e
i tiled.
fi.  Bobtiilurt Honds ol tkrf <    .
on to be deiigiiulnl "lhe l.ynn Vu)
y   Uoad  lliiil luijifovoniciil Deben-1
urn Bonds'' in nn oiiii|un( Innl cucecd .
Ing the iaid nun ol tHOOO 'id whnle
mil be issued by lhe Reeve   uml   the
Clttk ol thl I'oiliiiluliup iu icran  ol
llie  Municipal llauici   Act und Acts
?mending the name and uf ihis By
at la.sua* na may be wuuind. Imi
not (or more than 11,0m) each, F.-nli
t)|e laid Delientiiifs slmll be ,igiie I
,)y Ihii' MM :Jta»'o- aiid lifcHi iip)
senlid with tbe Seal ol llio ('urpaira-
.4.  'She slid Deben I me Hundi   ihull
In Iind and leltiisul Irom
lute us a iInui.'!' or lien.
7. Tbe debt hereby ereutid I* treated on the .Security nl the suid Lynn
Vullcy Boad Loenl limirovcm ni It le,
setlhd and levied us licriinbifoip pin-
vulnl, und il is giiuinnlii'il by tliu Muiiicipalily nt large.
8. Tliis By Law mny be tiled lor nil
purposes ns ''The Iyin \nil y Boat)
I,mul linpiiiviini'iil Lumi Hv I uu,
I'-HO."   and shall cuinp  inin (feet on
! the'lat day ol February, 11)11
!     I'nias.al by the <'nunc I   nn Ult   37lh
day ul Deiiinl..-., lllln.
Iti'ieivi'd the assent ol llic Eletlms
nt an Ith "Iiun held on lhe
duv ol lllll.
lie. un' nim i d and lii ii ly adopled by
lhe Council and signed by ih ■ If.eve
und Clerk and scaled with Uie ('orpin-
ale Seal uli lhe day of
Law is Five Hundred and Six-
«J| p
ty Six DolluVs (Willi OH|, laing KiA.OO
lor jinking fund and V0) lor interest,
ANIi WHEKEAS the value pl thr
whole bind and iin; nn ennui qr real
property rati able under Ihis Py I.nw,
according lo lhe lasl reti ed As«s--
ment Boll ol the Dlstricl is Twenty-
Six 'limn'.md Three Hundred Ninety
Eight Dollar* ((35,308.00).
AND WHEKEAS the debt ii created on Iheieciirily of the special rales
ifiih-d   and   letittl   liv   lliil
I'll HT
TAKE  NOTICE ihnt llif nlmvelij
lerest ul a rale not eu ceding
. cent, per annuo? wayallc Iii.ii
ul) llip first   d»y of' FriirunFy
tlie     first    day    ol    Aug si
.-li and every year durini llie enrol the snid debentures nr any
t    There sluiil be ni im In d  iu
ntiiro Bfl^. f'oMlipi;i «>K»>cJ
it tttaivt for caili ana every pay-
ni inleretl Uiai may i"'' nine dllp
iuch   signal ure   may   be  eillier
wrillMi of iiawed.
The uid Mmiiff Mil et
ipal and interest shall lo   pi yn
Diitrict Municipal Hall ji
f#«|i|Vor, B. P..i and lhe sum
.utm Aall bp »ado payalile
ilprporalioii al a djtte not lut-   )VM
true ciiiiy of lhe projiosod l!y-l aw up-
ipi vvhia'li thy vote ol the Munie'p.ilily-
will iie taken within the lulling Ml-
pei ut the Lynn Vnlfey |stlul.
Hull, the Fmm Ha'l ut the corner of Lonsdale Avi lllc and ifmen
Slreet »)id at Hollyburn. Wut Cap-
ilaiio, all In the Diitil t ol North
Vniieinivcr, on Saturday, Uie I lib day
fit -)nnu»ry, IHII, botwira tho hours 0)
0 o'elm-k p.m. pnl 7 o'clock p.pj.
B,etur»i»g Dffc r.
IILIC   Nimcp ii h-"«l)y  v
iiii iif thp
Uie vote /if lhc Elpctti
It  Vancouver wi I I
By Law,
and it is guaranlcd by Hi. In ol
lhc who'e Munii ipnlily.
'i'JJEKEFOKE bc il enacted by the
Keeve and Council ul iht ' oipuration
ol ilu. Dislriel ol North Vunemivir in
Council it" I'liililiil I v.i ib lhe anient ol
the Eh. I ni ■ of the suid Districi) as
follows, vi«,:
I. Aulhor.ty is hereby given Uit
('ninn il lo carry oul the wurk nl Locul iiiipinvemeiit nf Iho mid Dudley
Iiuiul, us beliiie described, ull ai Locul
OE Inipiaiviiiia-ni uudcr nml by wiinc pf
tile snid Dudley Koad Local Improve-
inenrily-Law, 1010.
3. it shall be luwlul Inr the Council fo r.uise by way ol lnuu li mn any
per*in ur in'i -mis, I miy nr hudici cur-
purile uiioi'i Del t'liluii'ii lo le is el
as lui .-lini'l au providi il, a sum of money not exceeding in whoic the sum ol
Ten 'I hoiisund Dollars lt|i>,000| and
to cause tbo enpic lu be paid into
the Bunk ul Briluk North Aim iim to
llie credit ol tlio miid I'mpm.ilinn Ini
llie  pinpime  above leiiled.
3. Debenltlie liunds of lhe I'a ip. r,t
linl) to bu designated, "'lhe Dudley
KOa>d Local Improvpmcnt Dolieutnrc
Bo^li'1 to an kmoUHt nol extcetlinii
jjlhe iaid sum ol Ten '|huusal)tf Dul
Tlarl (IID^kMW) in wfe>|o tptJ |.e |a
■"ml by Uio Beevc and the Ilerk  nl'
afltfy ycari from Ifio lirsl dny
t^Ajflt Uie purpose ol foimjiig a
linking lund (op paynicnt pl iaid Dc-
hiptifflW at ffatVifly, u4 tut payment of.jiio 1/llerell, UlaClWU as H lit'-
conn* inp, amounllnu, laid  Sinkiu/
suifl by Uio Jlep
lhc trie I Uiu Coriiorution in Urms ol Ifjo Mi
liitt nl Noflb Vaniouver wi I bo Ijjt-'nityal I'lauaci Act aW ♦fl'i wwwl'
en im "Tlv/ im hh IHd )n-'itt I 'm *« •♦w- "uJ '■' .ll"," M*" ."'
Improvoiacnt Lpup flyifaaw, l»10,",o;i lUfls as may be npl, but ant fur
Saturday, Uw iltb day of .fn»mi,ty. \nmte (hun Dim Thousand Dollars
bclwitu Iho liouii-iif If o'clotok i (tlMl) each, i'a b of lhc suid lie
.. _;id 7 ihloep p.m. within thelol I WlUrca sliall he sinned by the said
lowing polling places, v|«.: lhc LyU'i! ftcive and I lorjk and fOuPd yfftt) the
Valley Inilituic {foil, Uie (tfiiif^ B»»l ol 'he (pnipFuCop, i
Mnl| at Uioeoritcr ol I.bnsdale Aveui)el l Tht said D.ebenlure liniulu r|
and Uu«e» Slfpet and at Ifol'.yl.UFu.'be^ inUtrosl at a
West t'aiiilaiio, o|l in the Pitrfut ol|nvi per cenl, iw
Nnrlh Vancouver, and that .John f).
the said
fsAjne)m\"mp ihill ho inn'ife hmpfa
*   tB   WJtHFulfoO .fit' H.fl.'t'l   ll-it
< Hun! fifty-yeai' lii"t the 1st'Iny
'ubrunry, loll.
i ,T|f Mid fif*PRrHF!l,HwJ» ai |q
fjftlj ^uliculivei',
WD llflW the
Fm; tlio niifpoip nl (ofniii'K,
ilDkmg litpd for nayinont ill said llo-
hPDluiiii iit tn»tt|Flty uui! lui' pnyiuiiiil
ill the inl|,.|uul   lliel'ioil  Ul It Int'tiini'.
di)p, uDio'iinling, tp'a* fclliikii g Fund
Mil Interest touelher, to >5lili, t'oFU
|l hiiFPfly asiessid illlll hivjod iivti ami
abflvp-all nther rules am) ta»ps the
niiniiiil sums pot nmwsjte the mm
tip! Iiereuller deseribcil lo lie known
ui the "Dudley Bond Local liuprove
ipeiit Kulo'l wnlfh mmi shall bo pay
able mil of apil Ironi ilm s.iid proper-
tjos nispei:tiv)ily, y|l,;
lieicription of I'Foporty.
Hiirfel »f Nnrth Vwwwtf
nf] it.
303.7 It.
3H3.7 It.
•in    ,
970   ft.
330 It.
330   It.
I     '
330   ft.
330   fi.
3311 ft.
330    |i.
3113.7 ll.
830 /It.
ihiii.H It.
Hiiii.il ft.
330    II.
3311    fl.
810    It.
330    ll.
330    fi.
Still    li.
330    It,
310    ll.
llllll    It.
330   It.
330    ft.
8.17.3 It.
t3f.8 ll.
IfO   It.
IOO    II.
350.8 It.
377.II li.
I ii ii ll.
I50   It.
107    11.
301)    ll.
150    [t.
I'D    ll.
107    ft.
The snid llu.H..
Komi 1 in
Bute or '
'n.v shnll
lie and is
hereby levied mil thaig.d ouiiuully
for the | e, md ol lilly yenrs us a lien
or chaFui pnyulile nh uu wi h uud in
uilililinn In, uud ns foiiniiig pail ol
the iilinunl lcul estate tuxes payable
Inr and out o! lhe suid respe trrp
piupeiiii-   lo lhe suid I'liiiiuriiliiin.
Bul il is iia eby pi .'t li,, 1 lhat iu
Ihe ayi'iit ol nny of »ld propiT
tici(^c|inrgnl wilh 'said Dudhy
Uoad l.,.iil Improvemenl rule,
being m.n or hen alter sub
alitidiil, ilu,i lhc suid rule
hall aim bu lii'upmtauu ilelt slllnli-
tided nud Milled aocoFdlng lu lhc
lii'iiini.'e ol cm h( part or hit abutiiuu
on laid Duilliy lluud and lie subilivi
sion of lhe bind shnll be so niaule Ihal
as far as pi. ■ il I. no p.n i . r Int a-
butting will have u bss ileplh ih.n.
one hundred mul twenty fist lack
Irum siuh Is ..ni in-.- nnd ui >i ti sub
divi-ii.ii being so innil' nmi uppruvel
ol by . .-ii iiie,- te n ui L.-i mil by -llic
' '..iiM.it lor the rag I slri. tiili of the
nj^ji or \ltip Uiincul, then ihp iaid
(iiiiiinie raje shnll be a elinrtl > nlv
on such parts or lots nbutliiij on inj I
slreel, mid lhe lilniili'lir nf llie s .id
|iru|ierl:es su siibdiviihsl lil nny | ■ li II
lie IiiiiI nnd lelt'il-cil In in lhc s 1,1
rule as n charge or lien.
7. The debt hereby crcnttii is eieill-
aal uii the security of the snitl Dudlct
Bond Local liiipi.n.niriii Kale, saltl
ed nnd n a nil ni hei einls'luie provided,
nml il ii giiiiiunlceil by the Mi nei
pnliit al large.
8. This ll-liiw may be eild lur nil
pui pi -f us '"Ibe llllill'J Iiuiul Liiini
linpi.ua imni    Loan    Hy Li
PllHLin NQTfDE |i homhy given
to Ihp Klfietara u| tl)* Mwiii:ip:i|ity ol
l^ilFth Vniicuuvcr thnt 1 ro,|ilii'e lhe
iirpspiice pf the said Eljictnri Rt
iiiiispiiiip p| the «afd pilpctori   at   {n«
Chl|reh Hull, iiol'iier ol l-nnidalp kve-
nue mul liiuaip steppt, Norlh Vniiinii-
ypFi lit lbi) said JfoplpipnlHy mi
MHHIHy, oth umtsv, ion
ut 13 u'dniik nm n
(PF t||p IIHFIiflip fll eluding iieisons lo
ieiii'|.Bi.|il iKpflt ifi t|ip Miiniclpnl Conn
eii ns Kmiyi! und Cmiiicillori, an
ploulillg twi) Itiusniis tn reprnsent
Ihem on thu HuV'd nl Sphflpl TriiHlfei.
The ei|iidii|illes slmll   be   non)init«t|
|n writing, ilm writing shall bp sub
scribed by iwn vo|crs of thu Municipality a' lU'opiner und secunder, nml
shull bfl ilclivi'i ,-d tq t)m Helm niii;. HI
ficpF «t Ull)' lillll: llclwien Llie dute nl
this  nnliit! nml  |wu o'cluck p-m-  mi
tho day,ill tb(i.nontinniinu.
And iu llni event nl a pu|l boiflU »«
ceisaFy, sm-k pull will be upenud mi
SATUBDAV. |4th dAWHUV, lllll
Iietween thu hiiurs ul iiinn n',|o,:k a.
in. und seven o'clock p,ii|. ot ilm mid
uny, at Ihu suid CliiiFch Hull, cuineF
nl Queen slrpei nml l.onsiliili Am-iiuu,
find ul l.ynn \ ulley In lilule Hall mid
ill lliillylnirn, Wesl Cuiiiluno, in Ihu
suid Muiiicipalily, of whieh evny person ji icpima.l t.0 lake notice umi
got 'eni liimsejl nccui'diugry.
"T||>! i|iiiililleuliuiis fur li, iit,. aro hii
being a mall! lb iln.li puhject, mid bavin.: bnili fiir Ihu three months next
proceeding the duy ul hii nomination
lhc registered owner in the Land Be-
i-i iit nib..■ ol bind or rcul properly
siliiule wilhin thp Muuicipulity pl the
us fM.nl vulili: uu lllc hist Assessim 111
Boll, of live hundred dullars or iiiuiia
over uud above uuy louistcial judgment or charge, aiid I .iin- otherwiie
duly .piuliil.il ua a voter."
"The i|Uiilillnilii ns iur Ciiuucillur
are his Iwing a mule Iliin h sub;uet,
mid huvipu luen (or ilm llncp nia.nil,,
next pn-.iiinn tlic day of his iiniliiiin-
Iiun, Ihu rcgislcieil nwner in Hie I and
h'a,.i uv Ollice uf bind ur mil ihu
pei iy situate within the Municipiliiy,
ill  UlO  naa' i i. i il   \ nllia- Oll  llll! lust  Nil
nieipiil Aiscssiiuiit Boll of Uu Inm-
drill nnd lilly dolbiri nr iiinrc uvei
mnl above uny registered jiuluiieiit oi
I'hurge, ur being u homesliailer, L mm
Irum lhe Crown or pru-onipinr alio
has i. ulul wilhin the itiiiiiili.ilit.v
for the 1'ine nl one year ur inure immediately pic tiling the niiiiiiii.i'.iuii,
nud wlm is ii-'i'aisi'd fur live liiinilreu
il..Ii.n ■ or .nine on ihu'lnst Muuicipnl
Assiiiuiciit Hull, nyi'i mid above any
registered judgment nr charge, mid
lieiii.' iilherwise i|Uiililinl ns a ■ .-.ilrr.
"Ill pvery Miinieipnl Sthuil ll.stiicl
nnv pi'isiin In mu u huuseholdcr ill the
...In...I Distii.l nnd Lm.' ii liriiish
subject uf tlie full age ul Iwenty-one
ycurs, mul ulheiKiic qualified lu vols
nt nn Eleclinn nl Bphfjul Truiieei in
Iluii District lull le eliiible to hi
eli'cltxl us ji fiilinnl Trustee in lhc
Miinicipni School Dislriel."
(liven under my hand nl Norlh Vancouver, this '2'iih duy ol Dei ember,
Kelurniiig OHiccr.
lllll        •'
l Ule fiisl
unit sliall inme inlo , in, i
day ol I'Vbi n.n v. I'ill
l'i<   a,|   by  lhe ''nilluil
dav ul Dei ember, 10)0.
lll'i'iiviil lhe ailpnl ul the   Eleelors
at an Eleelinn In hi iiii ll e.
dav ol IIHI.  '
He   nil   I,lend    nla.l    lllnibv     nib |>laa|    ti;
the Coiini'il nml sigmd ly Ilm Id eta
and Clerk and senlisl willi ibe I'm
pornli' ycnl on lhe dnt
uf mn.
*I!Y-LAW M). 14(1
BV LAW In enable lhc (Inrpuralinii
ul lhe City of Norlh Vancouver to
grnlll uid In Ilm Wallato a lup
ynids Ljmiti.il, by exiniptinn Irom
Munii 'ipal . inxnlion and water
WIIEKEAM (he Wnllnco Slilnyordl
liinilfil, un iniluslry established within Ihe Municipal limits bus represenl
n| lo llie I'oiimil u! ihe City ul
Nurlh Vancouver llml il pfuposel In
enlarge ils plunt by building larger
IHO,"! aiid hingcr wharves, extending ill ma
HLECTflHfl t)V Till' DISTMIi I'
Noitrn VANcmiyuli
a rate not cxcicdinii | Avenue mid Qucni Sir,..-
i.   lier   annum,   ppyuWu'1-.
Vancouver, and (hot dohfl fl- half yearly on tfie til^y ol Mf«(-
art1 mid the lit day
former iai been appoinipd Hluriipg
o^i-F U take ike Witt* ol nf h WSt>
,i,r», with flm vmt vim* n w*t
i prifii
Sv«  lier
ba|l W
every year dufiflg /he ofirMMy of
said Detenlurn or aifv ol mm-
■g thai) ho Cached lij the Dobu-
. fiwdi, l'oup,ow ilgmd hy   the
iy» for fa* m f .w maw vi
r£1__-_m ty___f' '
rVWzrf   *ff_\Wstijft'   Wfrf   fm rffff^f
W   "fr    mfrffftp^ff
'I'AfJf.; NDTH'E llml lhe ubove |i ,,
Imt fopy ol lllc pin.iii'M Bv Law up
iiii which lhe yule of Ihe Municpiilliy
will be taken wilhin the polling nli
ie- ul Uie I ymi Vullcy llislllllle llil'.
lhe I'liiii'li Hull at lhc enrner ol
I .a.n .lule Avenue mid Quein stnt I.
nnd al ilollyburn, Wisl Cnlufi im,
ell in the Di'di'l ui Nurth Vnin'ou
ver, on Nnturday, lhc I Ilh day of
January. ''"'. between lhc houn ul
0 o'chit4i om. and 1 o'cluok p.m.
Kelurniiig Offptr. •
I'l IILIC NDTIOE is hereby u|"cn
lhat Ibo vote nl llic I'lectnrs of tlfc
Disirjct pl Sorth Vanciiovci: jvijj >•
token nn "flu- Dudley Bond Lncnl lm
provwnont l/inn By-Law, J010," on
Saturday, the Ulh day nl-Imm n
lllll, btlwei'ii lhe In,ins uf 0 trch ck
nnd 7 ii'dnck p.m. within the
Ofinu polling placps, vii,; 'flip
nn 7«lj«y fijsljtute' llall, the
Church llall al lhc corner uf (.otidale
nipt Hol-
111   llie Dis'
nml   thai
reluming oflicer lo lultc Um
inri with Ike uiual pnwcriln
that behall.
Miti mnm,
r  annum,   ppyoWu j lyburn, Vital "^npilaiiu, nil
,1 day nf   K^u-
of Aifguil ip each
liiel  of Nortli  Vancouver,
afpbn 0. Eurmor Ims bm
-hike' simps, insliilling ii fuuiiiliy jilunl
nnd lu onler into lhe salvage busineu
mui lm Ihul pui'puse In build or P'U
chase a suitable steamer eiuippcJ
wilh lhe liitesl nnd must puwerlul
|"llll|i . clc.
AND WHEKEAS lhe snid Cumlinny
lias Ii.i|ilesled the Cuumil to sUluuil
fur lhc nssenl nl tlie Electon a By-
Luw to cimlilc lhe I'ily 10 gruul aid
lu Ihe Cumpmiy by excmplion Irum
municipal liixaiinn and Wnbr rai»-i
fur a iieriial nnl exceeding len ycuri;
ANI) WIIEHEAS lhe suld t'umpany
ngietd lu enler into au agreement
wilh llu' tily piuvidiug inlir ulin lm
eiilurging Iheir plulil us ulmVe sel iul
und lur ihut purimse lur evpeiuling
dm ing ihe ypaf Hill lhe sum ol ul
least Thirty Thoiirfiiiul (MO^iO.iWI Dollars, and a luilhcr sum uf at least
Thirly Thousand iWl^lO.fl'l; Dollars
during the year 1013, and lu runtime
ously carry on the busincis ul'thin-
builiiiiiu cxelusliely wilhhi Iho Cily
of Norlli Vnucouver during ilm mid
p. i mil of lm years i llie mlnimun a))'
nual puy roll'ol Hie Cumpany to
al least Forty Thouiuml IflO.iOO.l
Dollars during lhc conlinuunco iff Uie
period fur tfbich smli aid may he given ; /
AM) WHEKEAS lhc bui nesi carried
on Jiy lhe laid Conipuny doei pol nnd
is not iiilendwl lo luiupele wilh nny
munufacturiliu iniluslry ,or pulorprise
already cstajilbdied mid ennving on
ill  opciallum  within Iht   Munhlpal
'Tnd' WHEKEAS iho Gonad  hai
ciinsciilcd In submit lhc said  By-Law
as rei|U0*led,
IKE lhc
Mayor and 4ld|M-
mep of lhe(P)iy ul NotUf Vancouvtr
in d(pcn fllOeling taipniblid I ttiili lhe
cnlucfiV. nl   Hm I'lcclori  of llio »t|d
('ily duly ublninel)
I flip Council nl I
V'miitmvcr di'lli Inm1
.iiniliiinns mid Ifiiiii
ul lo IhA Wn
Lid., nn indm'
the M*dcijitl Iii
hat to the
irlh Vitiititiivei, by tXtpiplint
'lilry   fnun lhe   paynw
J: mm thi» '.Wfe..'.
ftFuph wiili im '*m pFW m Mm
wf intp w, apwwn^ with tw P»i
id Nni'th nVuncmivcF. ha t«FWK fl}
whnl) shall lip' iati! BPfoFy to m
WW_4 m "'('.'I l'ltV Mk Whlpfr JH*
sulili W'i|la'«, bhttiyiird'i m- ihuB
agree iirtbwiib to piil.irgp thc|Fplitnl
by building Inrger nnif longpF whliry^
exteiuliiuj HipIf mitohpie iliopi, Initaf-
ling a loundiy pla|it a|if| purc|iati|i'|i
a Hiiitiihlo stpampF to engaiip and carry nn ialy8(ip pusiupsi and iff pawy
ing ,,i|t smh inimint in upend diff-
'lifiily'' WihiwI lw!M| Hf$M|
am   a hr\h~ m J& M_ ml
•lilrty Thfii|iff|)djP(DQft.QII) PpWm
during Uie year I0l3 and ffl early BR
..miiiiiinii. ly dur|ng thp iaid piriod pf
evi'iiipliiin llie buslnusi ol imlphlif
exclusively ul  t|lO I'ity flf ifflFtr
e.iiiver, II. C, nml to employ ».,.
said year suflicieiit umployees in
conduct ol snid busincis so that L
iniiilmuin uiiiiuul pny roll qf thii Co|ff'
puny shall lie atleait PoFty Thflff:
sand (110,000.00) Dollan in tack fti)
I'Vi'iy year.
% fho lime l"i' tho eoinilicticempnt
111 Um 1'xeinptiun hereby granted py
way qf aid slmll |n the Ist day of
.laiiunry, I0|I, und thp cipiry ul thp
same sliall be the lllsl day fll Do-
leinliii. 103(1. The waler pxpmpt
Imni Uie iinymcnt uf water ratei iln-
dey-tliii lly-law is only to be used by
the Compniiy un ils premise! in carrying ou the busiut'i of sliipbullding
and shnll not exceed 110,000 cubic fept
in uny one month.
\. Failure on the.'part of tli* . Wal-
lace Shipyards, Lid. to obwrvp and
eonuily with each and every ul Ait
c.iniliiions expressed in this By-law
or in tlio contract to ho made hero-
under shull roudcr thii By-law null
and void and any exception lieroby
grunted shall tbeieupon wasp and do-
icrminc.      '
11. All expemes, legnl nnl olhcrwiie
in connection with Ihii By-law including lhc colli ol submission to thp
electors shall be paid by the Company
to the City ol North Vancuuver OB
dfiii und.
6. The books ul the Company iball
lie open nt all reasonable limes to thp
in pn iimi ol iiii aud.tor to lie appointed by Ibe ('ity lor tbat jiurpule.
7. The firopcrly ol tho (ompany
herein exempted frum taxation art
Loti Seven (7), Eight Ir-), Nint (0),
Teu llll), Eleven (II), nnd Twelvp (|3|
iu Hluck Ono Hundred und Seventy-
six (176) Diitrict Lot Tw'o Hundred
nnd Seventy-four (374) together with
the wnlerfrunt aiid (urciboro right*
appertaining therein,
0. This By-law shall como into tf-
fed on Uie li'ih day ul January, 1011.
0.' This By-Law may bo cited for all
pui pun's  as  thu "Wullnco Shipyard!,,
Limited Aid lly-l..«, mil,"
Passed hy the Council on lhe 30tb
day ol Ilea ■ mliei. A.D., 1010.
lie., ivaal    llie    m-elll    l,f   UlO    ElcCtlin
ill Uie City-1| Norlh Vaneouver tit on
.1. ■ linn' li'i'lil lm thc purpuie un tht
. day uf Juiiuury, A.l)., 11)11,
Rmjneiiicrnl, ndopled and finally
palCd liy the Council, signed by the
Muyur und Cily Clerk and scabf with
Uic City seal un the day   ol
Jaiiuury, A.l). 1011.
TAKE NOTICE Ihul lhe abovt ll a
true coiiy ol llic pru|.niod By-Uw opt.
un whiiii llie vuli: ul llic Elector! ol
Ihe Munii ipnlily ,,( the Cily ol North
Vuncuuver will lie lukeii wilbin ihl
Cily Hull, Norlh Vuncoi|ver, B. C, on
I'liursiiiiy, lhe Twelfth duy uf January, A.l)., CHI. between tbc hours ol
0 o'cluck a.m. and 7 o'clock pju.
Cily Clerk and Kelurniiig Oficer.
PUBLIC   NOTICE   ia hereby   given
llllll   the  Vote ol  till'  Eiecluls   ul   tlia
Cily ul Nurth Vuncuuver will bo taken
nn'lhe 13th day ol January, 1311, be-
1 ween the hums ol V o'clock a.m. and
7 o'clock p.m. on '"llio Wa|lact Shipyards, I iiiiiini. Aid Bylaw, 11)11,"
mul thut within the City Hall, NorUi
Vine inner, 11. !'., and that iboroai
i-lieplniil liea lieen nppoinl/od Boturn-
inu Officer In Inke the vote ol iuch
EUlurs willl the ".unl poweriiu that ,
By order nf lhe Council,
Olty Clerk.
NOTICE is hereby given that aa ap-
plication will U made to Iht lagiila-
llvu Aiscoibly ol Uil l'rovinot of Bril-
i li Columbia, at ila next session, for
an Ai'l tu int'oiporoti a compauy wltb
power lo conitruct, tquip, maintafa,
and opciiiio a lint ol railway by
ileum, inlile, electric or othor powu
Irmn a point dn tbe Capilano rivtr,
In Iba Municipality uf North Vanaoti-
vpr, al or nenr Diitrict Lol fB,
Hi nap I, Now' Wi'simiu'Ur DiiUlol;
ilu me lollowing a moit convtnitnt
rnuie to a point in IHitriet 1^1 IVH,
tlriiup I, New Weiiiniuiltr Diitricl, Ip-
geihei wiib tbt oeceiiary poweri for
iht uie, apv»MPPi Uttttblf m
inninlennnee ol iuch railway ai art »l-
nally granted tn that behalf.
Dated at Vancouver (ht 3nd day ol
Novombtr, kt); \tVt-
t. o. vm*?*,
Up Wall of th* applicant!.
_U_U_tdtttti SttAtSmmmml
Ai AIm. GftWi sQUkMi ,»A.aVju.aE*a'H.....<.a.
t yrnvs and tha offering! o,'
■ «Kirt, lOp ptr Una
J, 7*o pep jjllt ptF intorflon
ihi he par lina per imertion
WANTEIMli.1   Inr
itll Kxpreei IKBce-
litre.    Apply
WANTBO-Miithir't MpsT ifa
Bb»kos|Hiarii, '|i| slrisl cast near St
George's Ave. (t-|
W^NTEMIood live locul agent for
leading firu insurance Company. Apply lloom tll   I-iin llluek,  Viiliciinni'.
Stenographer, oi|iei'ieneed, would
atleinl ollicos day nr uvoning. Trans-
cripliuns and copying dona at home.
Margaret llnycruft, llth St., W.
WANTED - Wu bavt numerout impiir
iu for Norlh Vancouver property. Ai
we havt decided lo givt North Van-
aonver ipteial attention lii'tyour pro-
party with ui and get rciuWIi. Britisli
Anwicqn Trust <'o. Ltd., Caritr Cotton Bui
ton Buikhog.
AccoiiPfflt wilh liiule st red ranees
and practical experience desim mvit-
al lets' of books in Norih Vaiicmiwr.
Sptoiil attention given lo sysleniixing
and taking nil stutemenls. Milan™
■knots and jnnlit and loss account.
I'ul leet inim ol any description ban
died.     Apply   Box   .1.   .1.,    Express
niliff, 37-111
Abuul twelve copies ul the issue of ttie
Express uf Tiiesiluj, .Iminniy lliil ure
iTapiiinl iil Ihis iiiiiiii Inr whiih n
good print will be paid,
Eiiriiishi'il hniisekispiiig mums, 3IH
'-'ml i-ii.-1 East. 6-3
HALL Edit KENT Eur private
dunces in aliipaiiese Tea liunleiis.
Norlh Viiimniner. Slenm hculisl.
Apply, lieu. I'hillips, I'uii iti east.
Cooking Appli.-, 50 puunds lur fI.llll
lu t'leiir,   C.  E.  Keune,  l.'iili   slreel.
Fuur  toot  Wiiud   fur  Suli—Si   per
nnal.    0. MeDiule, Lynn Valley 1*. (I
FOB SALE-I'.ll anal U.ni.. Applet
alio jelly nppi.■ . Apply, C E. Keen*,
161b strict Hit.
EOB SALE-Euiii lout wnotl, UM
pet cortl. I'lnim- llll a,lln. air 3l3buuie
liiiiiiuii and Siillin. II 2
flood Jcriey Cow (or sale ebaap.
Mr. A. E. Crickmay, lllln rinvt,
North Vancouver. IDI
FOB SAI.lv Snap iu Iruil „nd poultry runi'li, Uo {Bill* 'mm Langley,
nine urns p..nlv cleared and plantnl
lo fruit, guud houae, bam und chicken
houici. II. .1. Smyth, Unglcy, B. 0.
tmmm- ' —■A ."I —
IjOHT- Folding pii'kcl bonk tnntnin-
ing a len dullar lull und sunu' ih-keti
Hewniil ill Ihii- niliff, 101
JilST-Muiiday, Jan. 'Jnd, un Kng-
Bib seller dog, black and while. No
tify ,1. M. Keilh, 53! Seymour slm-l.
Haward.     I'buiie l.lWW: - Mil
F0DND-A  cow.    Owner  can  havi
suine by pay in ■ e»|suiis, Corner Uh
and (In.i'lln 1,1 . (•!
J. Uuttt aui North Uasdalt
tliat Murray Co. Bra inauranee.
'Saw Filing and General (.rinding,
Tba -Ktd Caravnn Workshop, Esplanade. 67
TYPEWHITIMJ All daatft ol work
aateuUd with accuracy, naataast aad
datpatch. flarrow k Campbell, Snd
eiftti mi. U.
i In sterficld Kiadtrgartn, conur  of
CfawUrfiitd Avenm a»d 141k   atreet,
F- yill nopan Vfeimaiey, Jan. Ilh, Mn.
m f, Corfcttt. 11
i'i wlll buy ot entente yoar ilovti,
twmm ini hmu-vii goodi for ipot
mth.    Inrnu'i, 70 l»«d*U Avmiit,
tium m. tm. tot m.
Hoop* VI mi 11, Veeim' Chtmkni,
m Vm** ttntttl.     Vhmm
tor. l/meiali kn
li ettett, North tumwm.
N0TICR It bmhy glvrn tha* the
partnanhip hitherto witting between
Simon (I, Mb and the midtrnigoed,
undor tha mm and aty|e "Korth
Vanoouver Woodyard" haa bten dla-
snlvcd. All moniw dne tha aald firm
are payable to the undesigned,
(Signed) ll. WHALLEV,
NOTICK ii hereby give* tkat the
Court ul Bavisioii nf District Asicbi-
inenl Bull will meet in tka Disliiel
Municipal llfl'ni', Norlk Vancoiiver, on
Tuesday, tkt Mth day o! February,
1011 at tl o'clock p.m- when nil complaints and npiieiils (agajnst nawer
inenls will lie eiinsillercd.
Nnl iie nl i. ini| iiii ill I., and appeal...
must he given to the AsMsinr at
least len days before the said dale,
and such milieu mint wt foi Hi the
ground nf complaint.
(liven under my hand this Hth
day nl .Innunry, IOI I.
Jobbing Gardener wiahat employ
■Mat by tha day or contract. Apply
D. Bodgtr, 111 St. Oiorgl't Avi.
But. '     -     61-13
Diitrict of
North Vincouver
To llie Eledori ol _t Diitrict ol
Norih Vancouver
NOTICE ii hereby .given
lhat a Public meeting oi (he
Ratepayer! ol lhe Diitrict will
be held in (he Disliiel Muniicipal
Office, North Vancouver, on
Wedneiday neil, the I Ith day
ol January, 1911 at 8p.ro., to
receive lhe reporti and accounts
nl the retiring Council,
John G. Farmer,
Soiiib lime upn Hpvi John U
Gillam Mt A, iminuiatl lo his
sewn) ihat lie fnarilvwl |p with-
draw IrOiH |||u ujmioiyie •){ Ue
congraiiauoii mm li«4 lwrsm'4
his rwBiiaiioii i» tlm Clmk okiIip
VVei/minsier Preabyibr:
Ajl the PrB^liyiery'tvilPpfl
(hn mill liinl,; ut|oiUf>lfiirib
hay i Iteen iimiiu to MiiAlijin lo
reef nsitier liis muioii nn(f ivirliilruw
resignation.   0|/Wti|niiS(|iiy
'e mut ii/ Bfsnion anil
tut in adhttri
lesigiiiihfin   ami tlmt on
a||i l'irst if. wmilil mln- |iave
eve mg
i Conprt/giioii.
(lie t lum li
lile priijnrty
fPOlf   Imlil o|   !l)e
III siiixessisn (0 ||»:v.
ladier-lti'liiv lo i'x
ly, and hy a|iiioiiiimuin
Hln Mission Cnnuiiille
UIBitHtiOl) WIS HOI llll'l
d) wilhin sis nmnllib
was niven (he
heir own minister.
.illv they resolVvii
HH   111 remain
wss duly in
ynur tlieieiifu i
HHie lnifkHM
a in.ulf |;niiil
ppeai-'lil  liipe
iiuiliei'sllip nf I'/n ami
jeniie will In
ose on H4000.
During this year ttyere has heen
Iijoo expended on
Building ami   ||ie
now owns » very valu
free of delit-
The Satiballi S, I I Ii.is ai| enrolment of Hm si'liil.irs ami a
vigorous staff uf leaclLrs snd tin
other Agencies of ilie Cbngre^aiion
are all in gooil form,   I
M'. (iillaiii has Iif 1/ lhe chief
factor in I'M-,niiv in 1 -.in'i mi; lm
ward all ibis work. I|is earnest
and diligent work, liis kindly disposition ami liis loyally lo i|ie interests of tin: Congregation have
enilrai'til him not only to yery
many in the Congregation Imt also
in iniiiiy nlim sul his lillnw 1 ili.'iin:.
As a citizen he lias ever been
ready lo lake lhe lead in Ihu interests of ni. 11 nllv wlnn: 111ur.1l
issues were in question anil bis
utterances on these questions were
always marked liy sturdy common
- Mr. Gillam carries with, him
the best wishes lor his future
career not only of llie whnle Cqn-
gregalinn of Sl. Andrews Imt alsu
of the whole community.
Representatives fmm the Session mul Congregation will appear
heiore ihe frMbyterv on tminy
to give testimony to ihejr appreciation ol Mr. Gillam nnd his
wprlt in our pity,
S .a.   ,' '	
nam VANPoiivtsu1 mwkh so?
Owing to illnsiii in tht bom ol one
o| tkp members, tbs n»«t two l-etum
uf th» N. V, Whiiial Miaty wi» l»
puHipoiini lor two or time wctk». Np-
tiee will he niven tliimigli tlm niediiun
ol thii: paper when tka datei are arranged.
JfeiboiilBt ckiircb, oornar Ath itreet
and at. lltorat'i Avium : Scrvicm ft
11 a.m. and 7-90 P.m. Sunday echool
and Bible Clam 'J.'Kl p.m. Claw nutting IU a.m, Sunday. Prayer mealing
8 p.m. Wedneiday. Ilondyvilla Bail-
day ichool )I a.m.
St. Andrew's I'mbytorian ubiiah,
litb atreet: Strviott at 11 a.m. and
7.80 p.m. Sunday aidiool 3.80 p.m.
I'rayer meeting on Wedneiday at B o'clock.  Paator, Uev. .1. 0. Uiiliim, H.A.
l*nn Valley Preibyterian Church—
—Worahip, Sunday!, II a.m., Union
Sunday School, 3.311 p.m. B. Van
llumter, M.A., pastor.
Lynn Valley Mothodiit Church-Ser-
vii-i! overy Sunday evening in Ineli-
lulu Rail at 7 o'clock. Chas. Fakt-
li'y, paator in ckarge,
Baptiit Chmoh-Cor. Sth and St.
iliiorgi!. Servicei, l|;0O a.m, and 7:80
p.m. Bible ichooi at 13 noon. Uev.
0. B. Illiiinli'ii.
North 1.am: ilnla Preibyterian Church
-Worabip, Sundayi, 7-80 p.m., Sunday School, 3.30 p.m. B. Van tluni-
ter, M.A., paetor,
St, .Inlin the Evangeliit, Sth and
lilth itreeti; Holy communion, 8 a.m.
morning prayer, II a.m.; evi ning prayer, 7.30 p.m. On the Brat Sunday in
tha month there will lit a iccund calibration ol tht holy communion at
11 a.m.  Ittctor, Bav. Hugh Uoopar.
Rt. Agnei ('Iiuiiii, Km ih Vnn mi .
vir, I'Jlli alrevl n, ur llaaiil ninl, ile..»
II. II. Gillies, viaiur, Sunday atrvictt:
11 a.m., morning prayer and wrinmi;
7.30 p.m. cvtning prayer and lermon;
3.30 p.m. Sunday School; Holy com
inunion, let and 3rd Sundayi at 11
Indian Culholii: l'lnm li nl St.
I'iiiiIY Ham, 7.311 a.m. Sundayi. Pai-
tur, Utv. K. Oeytavin, O.H.I.V.Ii.
St. Edmund'i Catholic Church, Ha-
boil Avenm. Sundayi: Haw II.U0 a
iu., Sunday School, 3.00 p.m.; Roa;
ary and beucdiition, 7.30 p.m.
H-l-H-l 1111II III IHII Id I l"H^W4i*»l't'l"W-H4»^m'M"^M-l'»'riW»WW-H-r
North Vancouver City
Lots in Blocks 9,-9a, 15,15a, 16 and
16a; Diitrict Lot 550; now on sale;
also 'g
Acreage in District Lots 544, 545,
546 and 550; subdivided into blocks
of (rom I to 22 acres.
The Grind Boulevird Extends
Through This Property,
For PUm, Pike Uti and Particular!, apply to
• MV   * w wjm t\Mm    f P^HfyH t Ww    nm^musmwm   ^mtwtwm^
Improvement Co. mj uj.
Com* P«vJ«i M<i Serawur (touts'.
Vancouver, 0. C,
Phone 6266
imm M'l iimi ,svrrYymwnmmvmr'\, w it hi m i m mtm, *m
200 8S&
We have juit received the
above direct from the man-
utacturer, Thev come in
.many different designs and
sizes, and we believe that
you will agree with l»
when we say that a better
stock to choose from can
not be found-50c lo $3
paine & McMillan
TV Hardware Specialiiti
An Opportunity Lost Is One Regretted
$112.50 Caah
Balance 6, 12, 18 and 24 months.   .   .   Price $450.00
I j Block, from Car.    INSIDE THE CITV LIMITS.
* ■ '
Kl-ai  |.'.M.lll\   I.nuns,  Iiimimiii I-
219 Lonidale Avenue      -       North Vancouvei
— "' ■--—
Baat J. « M. Coite, fruli ruaitad 4U
cwili |kt lb. Alio very oi,„A ai
Me |iir Itl.
Tttlt)r'i Tea, 3 Ib. Iin 8S canli, alio
all iUndjnl -ju-lci at 'id ainl 'lb
ttiili paefcagt
Crtanury Butlar 3 lbi Inr 11.
Ciaantry Butter, H lb. boi II.W.
Baitara Tub Butter, 26c Ib.
Albarta Criam t'titau 3 lln, SA raoli
kll klndi of tliiinrilii'   nnal   iiii|Hirlnl
cliMaa at Inwetl inarkrl price.
Nw (iililrn nit Figi 3' lbi Be
Dalai, iik iml bml .1 Hit. 3V.
Hiiiim, Cuirmli 3 Iht.   96c
Uly Wbita and Mipli Uai Mapli Sy
'   rup, 3 Ib. 8 Ib and 10 Ib. lis at
9 canli par lb-
Bilvar (iion iii^ fui. .Si.nli in Ib
patk and lim 6c Ib.
Caaa Efgt 36 and ttc dot.
Irmli New Uld E«gi, 60c Am.
II Br.nl Titieli Wc
!,irgi iiiorlm»iil ol importad and local Candid Irom 10c packagi np,
Walnut CliooolaU, Van. mada ibe lb
Alio Fry'i, U. It., Wabbi lilgli irada
' Chocolata, rtgulatr Uk Ib. at the lb-
100 boaea lull Navel Orangi'H ft 16c dot.
Umom,     16c dot.
Qraat bargain in Applea Iroin, 11 toll
a boi. ^
Polalm-'l, 11.601 «ck.
Al) klndi of dried and green vegetable!
at Inwait mirket price*.
All klndi oINuli,      30c Ib. 31 In. 36c
Kngliih md local fruit cake alto Hii
suit and Oridiari
Pun Gnaa toil, 3 Ib. tin lor 3*o.
Vtmh Delly-PlEfl, HOUM, BBKAD,
pertaining *« » lftn% im tt0'
Krnili-nl ill ilinripllon ol lieat ijuilit;
md loweit pricei. ,
I. A. &
ticket foi
in M>a ic||
Jiwilil lot
W lonidale -Ave,
Our Sped
Cash :::
m For only twelve
dollars we will
supply the following lift
of groceries, The
goods are from our regular stock And we expect to win customers
on their quality,
v*m mt ttt* wktatm m*mPf f,t*W'mT9fW F^*Wp
Dm   18 Ib.   noli  B.  0. Qrtuttlti
On* IW th. n* I. 0. Pouto^
» »- nnr 9tm hfaai Carina U
§ th. wfcol* rout or Inm
10 Hi.  EaiUra Towaifcipi  Oma-ry
T»« I )b. tin* (Wadyk, M. fuin
far I Ib. bar* B. 0, Soap
OM I lb. pacbap B. ft   tSmmy
Twin m, U \ Bm
"rf*¥f fm§ 5W Wff f^rW fPVIMal
rt^spBi   frBjfrW^f


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