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i tx$tm
G. Hardin, has lelt (or a few
weeks in Tacoma.
The regular monthly meeting of
the Board of Trade was held on
Tuesday evening in tlie city hall.
President G. J. Phillippo occupied
the chair. Minutes of previous
meetings wen read and adopted.
There was a lengthy list ol communications laid before the board
by the Secretary, smong them being
the following : From the Post Office department at Ottawa acknowledging the receipt of a letter sent
by the Secretary on Sept. uth
asking (or better facilities regarding the mail service As the service spoken of has been considerably augmented ol Iati, the Secrt-
tary was instructed to convey the
thanks ol the board to this department.
From Mr. R. G. Macpherson,
M.P., stating that his endeavors
to arrange a better mail service and
also as regards a post office building were progressing favorably.and
that North Vancouver, he thought,
should get a building. He advised
the people to buy their stamps at
tbe local office, which would increase the revenue, and give the
place a better shewing.
It was moved that thc Secretary
draft a suitable reply, thanking Mr.
Macpherson for bis endeavors on
our behalf.
From the Marine and Fisheries
department re the proposed meteorological station at North Vancouver. The letter stated that
owing to the latter's close proximity to Vancouver ind New
Westminster, there could not be
so much of i variation in the temperature and weather as to necei-
sitate the establishment of a station
here.   Filed.
From The Monetary Timet solicit
ing an advertisement from tbe
board of Tride.   Filed.
From the Rev. F. li. Steacy, of
Treherne, Man., is (ollows :
persuaainn. Kindly Itato what kinds of
marketable Iruit are gmwn in Mid diatrict, aud what is considered an average
profit on same. What are the prevailing
prices lor puultry products in the city?
What is the approximate percentage
ol the Asiatic population of North Vancouver? Is there, in your Judgment,
any pre balmily of a reliable man (under
5011* 'It ing mniething to do to help him
lilting until hegeta well on his leet?
I am looking westward Ior family
reasons, and have two or three placet in
view. At present am seeking all possible
Youri truly,
Rev. F. B. Staciv
The Secretary was instructed to
make a suitable reply to these
questions, if possible, inform the
writer that as soon as the year book
now under preparation, was completed, a copy would be forwarded
to him, and also to make particular mention of the many acre lots
to lie had (ree (torn all stumps and
From H. A. Shaw, merchant,
drawing tbe attention of the members of thc board to the (act that
many o( the residents on this side
o( the inlet made a practice o( doing tlieir shopping on the other
side, and also of the dismal future
for the thirteen new stores in course
of erection if this practice were kept
Considerable discussion among
the members followed, and many
good suggestions brought forth
Mr. Shaw was assured that the
Board of Trade would do all in iti
power to further the interests ol
the business men on this side of
the inlet, and thought that as soon
as competition was a little keener
tin. innoying practice would diminish.
The subject of a meteorological
itation was taken up. Several
good points were noted as regards
the altitude here and at Vancouver.
Ai this matter bad been taken up
I. Walden will shortly make an
addition to bis warehouse by adding another story thereto.
McNair's camp on the Capilano
has resumed operations, after hav
ing been closed for some time.
Miss M. MeLeod, after spending
several months in North Vancouver
left for ber home last Monday.
Mr. W. J. Wynn, of Vancouver,
comtemplatei erecting four bouses
(or renting herein the near future.
Mr. B. Eagle of Horse Fly, Cariboo, with bis wife and family, have
taken up their residence in North
Real estate men report business
on the increase. Prospective buyers are also more numerous than a
few weeks ago.
Mr. Russell Clark, train des-
patcher of Revelstoke, is spending
a lew weeks holidays at his home
Mr. Wm, Morden and family left
on Wednesday morning (or a
month's holiday. Los Angeles and
other points will be visited while
in thc sunny south.
A horse belonging to John Gibson laid down on Chesterfield
Tuesday afternoon and died. It
was a case of dying wilh the harness on.
The hum of the busy saw tells
us that once more the machinery
of the Mi K.ie saw mill is in motion,
after a rest of a month or more.
Orders arc sticking up, ami prospects lor a busy season are bright.
One of our Lynn Valley subscribers tells us that there were only
two spoiled billots in tbc late contest, and wishes to know if the intelligence of the rural ratepayers
is more comprehensive than that
of the city electors. Some city
subscriber please answer.
The Young People's Debating
Club of St. Andrew's church are
holding a series of debates in the
church,  and   the  second diibatl
and discussed fully some time ago|wl" beheld next Tuesday evening,
Jack Eaton, of Seattle, was a
visitor to Nortli Vancouver on
A gang of men is employed repairing the Keith road in the
Lynn Valley.
We are soon lo have an all-
night telephone service to Vancouver.
Mr. J. B. Hodge, the new local
manager of the telephone company, was in town this week.
J. Davis of Fourteenth street,
who has been confined to his bed
for a week, is now able tu he about.
The North Vancouver Athletic
Football Club played the Westminster team a tie on Saturday last.
Both teams got one goal each.
It ii expected that a gmeral
store will be opened here shortly
by two young men who recently
arrived (rom St. Paul.
Mr E. Stanley Milton, M. T.
C. A., a well-known architect, has
opened up quarters in North Van
Mr. Peter Richter, thc pioneer
C, P. R. locomotive engineer,
spent a few happy hours with
friends in this city on Wednesday.
Mr. Wm. McKay and bride, ol
Rossland, sr.* spending their
honeymoon on the coast, and paid
North Vancouver a visit this week.
Mrs. J. H. Anderson, of Victoria, and niece, visited Iriends in
this city this week. They left for
Winnipeg on Wednesday's express.
Mr. Bert Anson is the possessor
of a handsome dray, having recently had one made to order. It
is the first of its kind in North
TaiHiMi, Mis, Jan. lt.Ui, lun
To the Secretary ol Hoard ol Trade.
Dear Sir,—1 have laifure me t rupy ol
Tli, ihltrtttty /'liiimil Jauilaiy, I'M,', aui
note your ad., re North Vancouver
Three wortla iu it account Inr thli letter
<<l cmpiiry, vii. " Ini-doni fruin lug." ls
Ih.s literally true? II an, I presume it
D ast Is' a comidcr nhl" diitanee Irom and
alsive the ihoru line. Will you kindly
ndi isa* uie iu ciiriileU"ii lllis |«.iiit, marking mi a map nl Ml city au SMtOZt*
male line above which the lug ll not
lound. Can you alio lurniih me with a
recent nietfurnlnglral rcporli.1 the city?
1'erhaiii you could alsu iniliciile nn Mid
man tlie price ul acre lots (free (rum rock
anil stuuipil convenient to ilreet ran,
but above the log line spoken ol. II llu.
il not in your line nmsihly mine r-luiMr
real eatate lirm could do it nithuiit much
with the superintendent it Vic
toria, and llso the depirtinent it
Ottawa, it was left with Ihe Public
Improvement Committee. Secretary Selkirk reported progress on
the |K.. Iication of the first annual
year book ol tbc Board ol Trade.
He has been very successful so lar
in raising the necessary lunds to
carry on thc work to completion.
A hearty vote ol thinks wit el-
tended to the nn in Iti s ol the
ipeciil committee of tin* board to
lurther thi* pun hate of the fun
One applicition was received for
membership. Tbe meeting then
N. V. A. A. Boxing Contest.
At s regular meeting ol the
sthletic club recently it wss de
cided to hold a series of boxing
contests among local tsleot, ss
well ss sn occasinnit outsider. It
is with a view of creiting new in
trust and vigor into the workings
of the club thai it wis thought id-
visible to hold these, and no doubt
they will prove to be lier.el.cisl lo
the members. The first ol the
series to be held by the North
Vancouver Athletic Club wilt be
given on Wednesday, February
5th, in the club gymnasium. The
main ittnction will be s ten-
round bout between Bob Ritchie,
of North Vsncouver, chsmpion
lightweight ol B. C, snd  Kid
Howell, of Minncsots. This
promises to be something out ol
the ordinary, as both boys are in
fine fettle and well icieuced. Be
sides the miin event there will be
two three-round bouli between
members ol thc athletic club.
The latter events should be interesting also, ss some ol the boys
sre displaying the science ol the
manly art to 1 creditable degree.
The B. C. Electric hive now
two tracks eitending 11 dr is ths
whirl on Lonsdsle. It is the com-
piny'i intention to put in 1 curve
on the cist of Lonsdile it Firit
street and run the Queembury
ivenue cir to the whirl ilso,
Tm Exmii, ft s yesr.
The subject is "Asiatic Exclusion
and should prove very interesting
is well ss instructive.
Mrs. Stigdi 11 of the Valley, had
a rather narrow escape from serious
injury Monday afternoon. Rounding Ibe turn from Lonsdale avenue
to lhc Esplanade ton sharply llu
buggy was overturned, precipitating llie driver and His Ma|ist\'s
mail on In tin street. Other than
1 bid scan* Mrs. Sugden was none
the worse lor her mishap.
Tom Christian snd Miss Jean
nrtte Hope, of Port Kells, were
married at Vancouver on Wtd
ncsday, ami were guests at lintel
North Vinconver the same day.
Mr. Christian is a well known hotel
man and connected with Hotel
Winters in thc Terminal City
Mr. Christian inn old North Van*
couveritc ind received the con
gratulationi ol hii miny Iriends.
The happy couple will reside in
future at Vsncouver.
Sevcrsl day* sgo a large bull belonging to one of thc Capilano
Indians was found dead in thr
bush on the Keith rood, mar
"Nivvy Jick's." Harry Di-k. n,
thc owner, swore out in information against Frank Owens, and
claimed $40 •• compensation for
shooting the bent. The case
came up in the county court
Wedneidsy, but owing to Isck ol
material evidence (lis esse wss adjourned to 1 lurther dste.
Mr. and Mrs. J. MeLeod ol Rock
Bay, paid a visit to the city this
week. They were much delighted
with the place, and made an investment.
Mr. Thos. Prime, a well-known
young North Vancotiverite, has
gone into partnership with Mr.
Hert Campbell, in the Board of
Trade Barber Shop. The shop
will bc improved in appearance
and several agencies will be
An Indian was convicted Mop
magistrate Kealy Monday morning
of being drunk, endeavoring to
change the color ni thf mission to
a bright red. lie was given lltree
months in the provincial gaol, and
was taken tbeit b\ ihii f Dai is.
l(e|iorts are received from time
to time ol cattle roaming tbc
woods around the Capilano, much
to the annoyance o( the settlers in
that disltitt. Steps should be
taken to have these cattle looked
Mis. (Capt) Archibald and family leave shortly lor the Old Coun-
try, where they go to visit the bedside of 1 near relative. During
their absence this rciitlencc will be
rented. Captain Archibald sailed
on the belated Empress Thursday
One of North Vancouver's old
timers passed to his eternal rest
Wednesday evening in the person
of Humphrey Williams, in bis
53rd year. The Iste " Billy"
Williams, ss he wss familiarly
known, was connected with severil
businesses in Vancouver, but had
lived for tbe past four yean on Bewick ivenue. He leives 1 widow
ird five children to mourn his
loss. The funeril tikes place this
Tbe first regular meeting of the
1908 council convened iu the City
Hall Monday evening. Present:
His Worship Mayor Kealy and
Aldermen Irwin, Smith, Wheeler,
May, Crickmay and Braim.
Tbe minutes of the previous
council were read and adopted.
Returning Officer Shepherd
made official announcement to tbe
council of the aldermen elected
for the ensuing term.
The mayor struck the following
Board of Works—Irwin, Smith,
Water Com -.ittee—Smith,Braim
Fire and Light -Crickmay, Ir*
win, May. .
Health—Wheeler, Braim, Crickmay.
Finance—May, Crickmay, Irwin.
In place of a police committee
there will bc a board of commissioners hereafter.
Every Monday evening was
adopted as regular council meeting
nights. Thursday nights, committee meeting.
A letter was read Irom the North
Vancouver Land ami Improvement Company petitioning the
council that the property fronting
on Ottawa Gardens be assessed in
some small degree to meet Ihe expenses of maintaining the gardens
and their equipment. This com"
pany holds Iwo thirds of the property fronting on the gardens. The
letter was referred to the Board of
Engineer Loutet submitted
plans for roads in tbe proposed
park area in D. L. 552. He estimated the total cost not to exceed
1(250. The plans were confirmed
by the Council, and referred to the
Board of Works.
By-law No. at, to enable the
city to raise (173,000 to purchase
and take over the ferry service,
was given its final reading and
Thc following aldermen were
delegated to handle the various
by-laws to be submitted during the
present year.
Saloon bylaw- Aid. Smith.
Municipal Ordinance by-law—
Public Parks and Firemen,by-lsw
—Aid. Irwin.
Wiring by-law—Aid. Braim.
Plumbing bylaw—Wheeler.
Health by-law—May.
Scavenging by-law—Biaim.
Building Permits, etc., by law -
Laundries by-law- Aid. Crick-
Police by-law—Irwin.
The Council then n-soived itwlf
into a committee meeting and adjourned.
Athletic Club Meets.
The regular monthly meeting ol
the North Vancouver Athletic Association was held in the club
rooms on Tuesday evening, President MacKenzie officiating. The
minutes of the last meeting were
adopted as read.
The first business to come before
the meeting was the forming of
rules lor club members while using
the rooms and paraphernalia. A
committee cotn|*osed ol the lollowing members was appointed to have
charge ol the premises at all hours:
Messrs. Oscai Evans, Geo. Siniib,
K. H' nsli.nv, A RaMM, S. Ross,
ami A. Sullivan. This committee
will appoint one nl its members to
lake lull charge for each   night
iinng tip* week, with lull pi.wt is
to stop any unbecoming conduct,
antl eject all person- '■"■ "i< "il",s
of the iliib.
lt was decided that the club
should hold a monster boxing tournament on Wednesday, Feb. 5th.
Local talent will lie given an opportunity to display their skill in
Ihe manly arts ol boxing and wrestling. Several good exhibitions ol
club swinging and trapeze work
may aim bc artanged. IWmm h1
should stimulate iln: members ol
thc club as well as the many poin
ters to be gained in watching experts.
The dues 111.1t were forthcoming
kept secretary McDowell busy,
antl the number of paid-up ineni
hers is most gratilyii.g*
The next meeting ol the club
will be the annual general meeting,
ml will be held on February 1MI1,
when officers will be elected for
thc ensuing yet'.
J. J. Schmidt ami wile, ol Vancouver, are guests it the Palace
New Local Manager.
"L. Bruce Hodge, local manager
(or the British Columbia Telephone
Company, leaves this month to
take a similar position with the
company at North Vancouver. Mr.
Hodge bas Iktu in charge of ths
company's business here (or nearly lix years, and has made many
warm (riends, who will regret thc
departure of him and Mrs. Hodge.
W. J. Dnnlop succeeds Mr. Hodge
as manager here."— Grtenwaad
Mr. Alexander Smith, who has
bn n the local manager of the
lelt phone system since its installation in North Vancouver, his
briii loued to give up the managership owing to pressure of business.
llu nihil s nl llie telephone will
still be at the roar of Mr Smith's
II* ll 1 slate ,illli I*.
An old maids convention will be
In M le i' '-hurtly.
Sunday evening's high wind
dislodged two logs tinder lhe float
at Ihe wharl and piled them on
ilu I" ,.< h. The captain ol thc
SS. St George ri-piirlttl difficulty
in making his landings that evening, antl also stated that the wind
was much stronger than any he
had encountered before. The
damage around town was small.
While little Newton Steacy, son
ol (.nicer St* :n y, was playing on
Lonsdale avenue Monday evening,
his overcoat and undctcoat were
stolen, llr hail occasion to take
Ihun ofl and hang them 00 the
fence. Several oilier mates were
also in the vicinity, but none isw
thc garments disappear It il
supposed that thr 1 -lollies thieves
who bave been operating in Vancouver lately paid thc city s visit
Thr BxraUl I'uintisi; CoMMNY,
Noni'ii, Vanhiivkr, B.C.
J, R Wn i.iams, Manager.
Tbe Express is delivered in North
Vancouver within a radius of 12
blocks of the office. All outside
this district is placed in tlu: posl
Kates ol Subscription :
One year        •       ■       f 1.00
Six months     -      - .50
Three months •       • .25
United States .11111 Foreign, ll.jo
per year.
All subscriptions must be paid in
Any person not receiving this
paper regularly will please notify
the office. No paper slopped unless notified cither by letter or card
At the beginning of a new municipal year, especially as one half
of the city council is composed of
new members, a few suggestions
to the council and the ratepayers
on our financial position might not
be amiss.
We find thc annual revenue of
1908 already appropriated (or
various purposes. In fact it is
doubtful if it will quite meet lhe
demands already made on it—
temorary loan by-law, salaries,
interest and sinking funds.
After a careful analysis of the
financial position we fail to see
how the board ol works department can be justified in any extraordinary expenditure over and
above the actual maintenance of
streets ami sidewalks that have already been made. An overdraft
in the bank should be avoided
if possible.
Certain improvements will undoubtedly be made to the waterworks system this year, but it is
impossible lo lay .1 watermain more
than hall a block for one or two
connections, as the cost for same
is out of all proportion to the
revenue derived.
The ratepayers should assist the
council in every tangible way in
curtailing the expense account,
•nd they miy best do this by not
embarrassing the council with
petitions for improvements which
the council are financially unable
to undertake, except under the
frontage by-law principle.
The Irontage tax by-law was
passed to relieve the general fund,
ind the council as a body should
give tlieir hearty support and
nuke it applicable to all petitions
for improvement In ibis way
and this way only, will it prove
sstislsttory and a benefit to the
entire  city.
Strict economy should be the
wltcliword, not only ol thr finance
committre, but ol every member
of the council.
School Board Meetsr*"'* Lhic« ,,aV,y,'ar"!
'arrest number o( pupils ol any "I
The board nl school trustees fnr
thr district of North Vancouver
net in their first regular session
Monday evening, There were
present Messrs. Steacy, IVaicy
and Williams. The lirst two
named being appointed cliaiiiii.in
and sicretaiy of tbe board. After
iln* nailing ol the iiiiiiiitrs of the
previous nn rting the estimates for
the current year were passed as
fnllnivs :
Nokiii Vancouvii School
Ordiniry expenditure, salaries, etc.  .... J3850
Incidentals, including J50
towards library •     T*o
Miionwii.li School
Salaries and incidtntils - 760
There is also an extraordinary
expenditure account of $15,000,
winch is askvtl (or additional school
silrs ami building!,both for Moodyville and North Vain nuvrr school
purposes, lt was pointed out that
if tbe school attendance increases
to tbe same extent as last yrar the
present accommodation will be inadequate.
The rating of these schools at
present is in the third class district,
but the trustees are certain that
before another twelve months it
will be in the second class districi,
necessitating two r-dditional trus
Considerable discussion followed
relative to the flying of a flag during school hours. The question
ditl not binge so much on the use
of tbe flag, but rather what flag
was to br used, tbe Union Jack or
the Canadian Ensign. Dr. Young,
the provincial commissioner of
schools, deems it advisable to use
the former flag, but the trusters
were ol the opinion that, as the
children were Canadians and were
taught the Canadian patriotic
songs, it was more in kerping to
have lhe national emblem flown.
The matter was finally laid over
till nexl meeting of the board. Included in the estimates was an
appropriation for a flag pole and
Other business of a routine nature followed, after which the
Hireling adjourned.
Till Exi'KSS will laml any efforls
on the pirt of the city council or
any other corporate body to en
force the act of cruelty to animals
on this side of the harbor. Every
day we see teams struggling under
abnormal loads, drivers resorting
to unfair means to urge their
harnessed slaves lo accomplish
that whiih MMM impossible.
Many owners nl trams nn It rd
roidi tax their horses to the ut-
most, and when a bill is overtaken
there icems to be no reason in
their minds why the poor bents
ihould hesitate to ascend. It is
high time lomcthing should bc
Thf. North VaKCOUTKI School
On Wednesday afternoon the
chairman of tbe hoard of school
trustees escorted a press represrn
tativc through the sev"ral depart
mints of the North Vancouver
school. The building is an imposing one, and sits in tin: center
of a gootl sized plot of ground,
giving ample space on all sides for
recreation. Approaches from either
side lead to a spacious corridor
running the lull length ol the building. On entering one could
not but remark on the cleanliness
and systematic arrangement as regards clothes racks, toilet requi
sites, etc. The building is boated
Irom a hot air furnace in Ibe lis**i-
ment, a hot and cold air radiator
being placed in every liiini), keeping Ibe temperature Itesh .mil nor*
From tbc principal's room down
to llir primary class room is to be
seen evidences of thoiigbtfulness
and care on the part of those having tbc designing in band. Ad
joining each room is a small room
which is intended to bc used as a
study and teacher's library. The
blackboards used arc up-to-date,
and a good improvement on the old
In the principal's room the total
enrolment is 43 scholars, each provided with individual desks, placed
at convenient distances apart. A
very complete set of weights and
ntetiurei has been provided by
Mr. K. (.. Mad'hcrson, M.P.,
which proves invaluable as au object lesson. Principal Hennett
reports a gnnd average attendance,
and is highly pleased with thr interest shown by the scholars in tlieir
The second room visited was
that of the first assistant,  Miss
the rooms. Tin: scholars were bind
at study, but when the order was
given for a patriotic song eai li ind
everyone joined in with enthusiasm,
forgetting (nr tin: time their perplexing studies. Tbe (1(1 veins,
when blended together, showed
aptitude aiiil training, und Would
ennparr favorably with much
uldrr choruses.
Miss Clement, second assistant,
was giving a lesson in licchand
drawing tn tbe sclmlars. l-'rotn a
lily 1 li,illo'il nn the board the pitjn
reproduced a facsimile that was
conimrndable, anil it was easy seen
that lur teachings bail not fallen
by the wayside. Her class of 5;
pupill bad made good jirogress sn
far during the term, while the attendance was above the average.
Before deputing, that well-
known song, "The Shoemaker,"
was sung by the scholars, and the
mantmivres of the cobbler were
faithfully reproduced.
Room four had been dismissed
HI our arrival, but the third assistant, Miss Peck, informed us that
her class of little tots was doing
good work, although the attendances was of late below the average.
There are yi pupils on lhe roll in
this room.
The boards of school trusters,
which have so earnestly looked
after the welfare of the schnluis,
drteivr a warm token of thanks
from every citizen and ratepayer.
There seems lo be nothing wauling
but what has been supplied. Every
convenience for the general welfare of the pupils has bean supplied, and it is safe to say that
Nortli Vancouver is far luperinr in
this regard than many cities double
its size.
The trustees have vrry grin runs-
ly donated the sum o( $511 with a
view 0' starting 1 school library,
this sum to be added to yearly, and
lim'  wisely im hull''! a likr sum 111
the list of ioctdaota! appropriations
for the year. A library as proponed
would very materially assist the
teachers in their studies, besidsa
giving many valuable suggestions.
Csxton's school series is being
used to advantage throughout tbr
school, which is in itself is concise
and instinctive, illustrating in
varied colors live dilftn nt subjects,
such as pbysicology, physiology,
grngraphy, drawing and botany.
The illustrations are so arrangrd
that rach subject taken up can be
math* interesting, and also be fully
seen in every part of the room.
Hags ol all nations adorn the
Mm h ninre 11111I1I In: written on
the above subject, and from time
to time the schools will be given
[taTOTICK IS 11KRK11Y tilVEN, Kill!
■'•' lhe itil.iriiiiit.iiiu 'il iil'i 1 diiiK
uetllera and ul hunt, that, luhotion hai
been nwda ul the 3 ..mi um acro-i uf laud
Miluulcil iii the Peace Kiver Valley,
Pnniui'i'ul liriiish Columbia, grunted
tu the llnniiniiiu lluvcrniueiit under thr
provlsluui ol Secli'iu 7, of "All Act. ri-
lallna tu lhe Inland Itiiiluay, Iliu (inning  Duck und  Ituilituy   l.aiiiil*   uf lhe
Province," nml meti land li nut open to
entry under the l.uiul Lint's nf lhe
The Muck Melecleil |a ili'seriheil SI Inl-
IllWal t'oinuii'lK'liig ill u pollll llll'*..
miles munii id the Peace llicer, uu the
I Llllll    Meridian,   bring   the    Kasteru
boundary ol ibe I'rovlnue, Ihenee West
in inilea uml IIS.lil chuiiiH, I hence Norlli
It utile*-! and H6US chains, lliener Kuitt
76 milea and 88.84 chaini*, Ihenee Smith
1,1 the point ul cuinuieiiceiiient, lulluii-
iug lhe IlKlth Meriibun, uud ciuiluiniiig
approximately 8,(00 mm arrea.
Nul iii- in AlHiitiiccn thut, witli a view
tu facilitation aetlli'lllclll ill till) Villi**!
uf the Petee, Parsnip and l'ink Rivers,
the following belt of bind forty miles ill
iiuiiii, und extending '.11 nll(M un nth
side ul thu Peace, Parsnip und Puck
Rivera  Imu bsw waorwti Inr net mil
petllerH,tula-nci|iiire,l by pri'-empliui
only under lhe Lain! Act. Mich hind not
being ii|K'u (ur win, loiiae, licenue nl
.liber alieniiliun under the suid Art ex
cept by |ire*eiupliun.
Cnin'iiiencingiit tlm inlcruecliun nf tin
Western boundary of the blnck uf laml
..■la i'lnl hv tint llinuiiiiiiii (internment
with the K'uce Hiver, llienct: following
Ihr Peace River and l'ursiiip River lu
thrirconllui'iice with the Puck River
und thence Inlluwinu the Pack River lu
the point »here nnd Pack River leave,
MeLeod Like, and extemlinn for a die
lance nf 211 miles mi eueli side ol ria.il
Rivera and up|iruxiuuilely 170 miles in
All laililn llllllldl till' Imlllldnril'H nf lhc
Dominion Qowrnmanl (Irani uml iln
ri'Hcrvc illuive di'Hi'rilioil ure ii|h'|i Inr
location under the lunsuf lhe Province.
W. ,1. KOWSK.R,
Acting (Tie! CninniitaMuncr
nl 1 .;in,l- uml Wurks.
Lawk uml Wurks Department,
Victuria, Si |i|einbcr llllh, I'M)'.
llllHtillll Hli 11, Ninth lam nu,1*1
'I'l..",.* 37
Wi.i-.ki.v Lisi,
til I **i *!*.,,, SI. I lllll Kill,*,.
' Phono I I'ii
Week I£ni>ini: Fkmumkv isi.
I Nauru vancbuvir
I'ru'i' I'wili
IV l'*ri |>ilii 11
I Lnnnlalii .veliili*, l-.l 111,  Muck ill', ll. I,. ME quitter »erf
I clo.rt'il, |iu,lml, leiiceil.  A vety liiie lui nu thi un-iicy.
I Tlilrlii-iilli slrvol    Kit.y I* run (or IihIhucl-    tail lio villi; 'Ml
I li'il Innn I.- u-'li'li* nvenuo.
I llctuilllllllv -.11111,1. it  mar  liluck 111  I)  L UUI, laa.If « mil,*
I lllllll ji.inll-l, lint., ,,v.Tl..i,k,llK Hull} I'inl nutl i,iiy.
■**' al llie next Marling ol lhe llnurd
ul License t'uinini-sioners (or the Citv
ul North Vaneuiiver, I iduill apply fur .1
relail liSMN f"r lhe stile ul upiritiluils,
leriueiileil mul olher liquors ill bottle,
iur tin* nranissi knows us lot ii, block 7,
ll L. Mil, on Liiiiutlnle avenue.
A. D. Stiiomk,
Dated  at   Nurlh   Vum.Hiver,   11   ('*,
December JA, 1807,
imillTM Fill! I.Kil ill! LH1W1
**•'    ul   llu-  milling of lhe   lluiird  ul
Uceiiaiui c nWonan fur the City ol
Surtb  Vuiicniiver,  lu In* held un lhe
na I  Wediiwoluy ul   March,  limit, I
■hall apply lor a Homes for tin* aule of
apiritOOOl, leriueiileil ur other liipiuru In
bottle, (oriba prmtsai knows as ihe
middle limp ..r rioTS in the kilroy Mm-
•■an block, -iiunl 1 hit IL siiludivision
ol lots Hi and P.I, block IM'., dislriel W
271, in Ihet'ily M Nurlh Vuncuuver.
0. It.   llll k MAS
Dated 111  Nurth Vuncouier the lit
day uf Doesniber, 190?.
All thi> best Canadiiu mokes.
Nine to 18-ineli tops.
PR10K8, $4.00 to $9.00
516 Hastings Street
nurth ruomrn feuy & rim cu., mi.
Time Table, 19J7
ST.  Q1QS08.
•ti.no A. M
•11.20 A. M,
•11.45   "
•7 20   "
8.00   "
8 211   "
R.40   "
11.00    "
!i„111   '■
0.45 A.M.
11.45    "
10.15 A.M.
10.15   "
10.45   "
10.45   "
11.15    "
11.15   "
11.45   "
11.45   "
12.15 P.M.
12.15 1'. M.
12.15 P.M.
12.45 P. M.
1.15   "
1.15   "
1 45   "
145   "
2.15   "
2.15   "
2,45   "
.'.15   "
115   "
115   "
11.45   "
3.45   "
4.15   "
4.15   "
4.4.5   "
4.4.1   "
5.15   •
5.15   "
1.41   "
5.18   "
1115   "
H.15   "
IU.'i   "
11.45   "
7.15   "
7.25   "
7.45   "
S ||   "
8.45   "
' tl.|5   "
0.45   "
10.15   "
10.45   "
• 11.110   "
•11.45   "
at on
^ tlie uni|er."igiici| tlmt fniirteen day.
frum this date I will, unli'M uthcritii-c
arranged, lav hold tu anil claim "lie
home that waa lelt ut my place MM
(.ailr iiinnllia and more aim. Umier may
.-Iitiin -ume by paying lur itm keep uml
Ilnn ii'lvcrlisoinclit.
tillKK.ilM HABIT,
Seviniiiir Creek.
I 'Bl- .1 lliil Unl day o( January, lm-
General Teaming
lluotl Dry   Cord wood delivered   any
» hi-rc In the city for |4.00a curd.
Urderi aoliciM.
Fouilh Street, U'twcen  I'm-dulti and
Cheaterliehl avr.   PhOMlf.
uTi.inii'iuonioioi; una
*' at the next IlleetillK of the l'„ urd
Lici'iiieCoiniiiiii-i'iners fur the Ciiy ul
Nortli Vaiiiuincr, I -hall apply (or a
retail liceiife lor llie uulit uf Wntnoos,
(erniciited und other liqMfl ill Imllle,
lor the uri'iiii-eit kiiiivtn 11- Intu III and
11,biOMW,district mt 274, 1111 lirut
street, erected accrdiiii* to liiini- iiiiii
apscilicaliulllt In Ik' .nbinilttil  Inr Iht'
Manual <>f atid board, all in the
lily a,l Nurlh Viiniiiuier, II.C.
Vl, 11. Stum.
Hilled al N.Tlh ('itneuuier, H. C, No*
itiiiUt 2H, IU07
irrUCtTM loll 1 nil rn: UM
at the next liieelnil! u! the llaaaral
11 i Licence ('.,niiin."imiers fnr lhe City
nl North Vancouver, I ahall apply lor
an hotel licence fur llu' naleul spirituous,
fermented nr nther lii|iinrs, fnr the III
room frame building, •hunted on thn
Seymour roatl, iu district lot 191, f~tf
rue. New Weatininater ili^lrict.
John MiI.-i-iii.
Ilatetl ut Nurth   ftt~t~W,   II.  C,
January 10,1908.
70 x 240
Close to saw mill and plank mad ;
ten in unites fiom car; only $100.
Also a few t 4 acres for S200;
term*;, io" down, fio |ier month.
House to let, 6 rooms, all conveniences j splendid view. Also
one for sale ; $500 cash an.l iio
pn month.
Iwn jierfeitli cleared lots on lonsdale Avenue
$900 each
Paihtsm *nii Pakuuhobm
Grainf.ks     QufllH     S t <. n *-
Off. 13m Stkiit.
(Ml IHfjlMt-rr iimJ R. f. land Surveyor
RnllwnjT", Mrlilgfu. WnttT IWirv lltlMlM
BlIptrlDttntlMM* Ol ' i-flmlraCllOO. Mhii«,Tu«II
illMt Mining Clalai.ltib-Plrliloii.fti
Ui flHMlni-Hi W.,  ■ .  VAROOOVIR, It r
iN.fliasem III ill it* 1.ram lu*..
lliu-a* I'lrn*'*! tan,I HtUriallllr*,
kiaMSl   ll.ral.' I. < ,"I 1 ami Fir.
Manager l"r the t'..rniiifrcial
rriiteilite 80 nly.
Office:--Kikut St., B. or llWIIIt
For the Farm, Garden, Lawn
or Conservatory
Iteliahli! varietit'H at reauoiiahlc priceii.
NoBortri, ItoBnll Nu |.'iuni|-atinn
t" alalnane al'ii k. Nn winily audita tn
iiiiiiny yuu. Ilny direct ami |*«t Treeu
und Siiiln thul Km*.
I'erlili/.er-. Bm Supplie., Spray I'liriipn,
Spruun** Muleiiiil, I'nl  Khmer-, etc
iHdcut ealaltliahetl uur"ery oil lhe
mainland ul ltrm-1, Cnluiuhia.
OSUltajai (ree.
MRS Kll S AND Sl I UHlll SI S.
3ioti Wttmvmm limn.
VANt'lll VKH.ll.O.
Any parcels unsold may
In* obtained l>y private treaty
for a few days at my oflice.
514 Tender .St.      Phone 472
hWM Ollire   t, Cinlney'a
I'mnI Simp, Kttplanatle.
Nokiii  VaNiiiovKK, B.  C.
Om Jersey Durham Cow, givinj*
gallon ami a half uf milk and in
calf.    Apply
A. IC. Can kmav,
Nortli Vancovtier.
ITIIK    ''NliKItSKiNKD   IS    I'ltE-
'    |iarrtl tn do all kinda of Clearing,
(iriihhing ami Stil-npin*! bv cuntract.
Kimt Street Weal,
North Vancouver.
Pioneer Dfj Goods Store
0mm i" "'"' "tf what you can get in
our city. IVe can compan favorably
with any .I.'n ol our tiiwt un (he I'acilic
Our CriKliery and OlaMTCN Hepart*
t t i» imt   ready fur ln.|M'cliiin, alao
un chyatit line nl Jewelry.
All we tta in, dn nnt irn lu Vancnuver
I an anithinia* In nur line till yuu have
pahl un a vi-.it. lie loyal to North Vancnuver, TIIE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B. C.
I Mrs. Conway received thanks for
| the kind treatment and  courtesy
shown their visiting Iriends.
A pouring wet day doubtless prevented many voters from turning
out on Saturday in the North Vancouver District Election, but unusual interest was manifested in
the contest, and Lynn Valley for
once was quite a lively place. In
the result Councillors J. Y.
McNaught and W. II. Davison
were returned by substantial majorities, but the new candidates,
Messrs. J. M. Duval and l'ercy
King, made quite a strenuous tight.
The polls were declared closed at
8.15 at Lynn Valley School, and
the figures were : McNaught, 79;
Davison, 74; Duval, 50; King, 45.
At the close of the poll Mr. A.
Philip, C.M.C, the returning officer, congratulated Messrs. McNaught and Davison on their re-
establishment as councillors for
the district, and also the voters on
their choice. Councillors McNaught and Davison, he said, had
not only had to bear the responsibility of their own actions, but also
the burden of the mistakes of the
council's clerk. He was sorry that
any personal feeling had been introduced into the contest lest it
should have affected the candidates
He had been careful himself not to
say anything that would tend to
complicate matters. The new candidates could not think very badly
of the merits of the clerk, he
thought, seeing that they did not
deem it necessary to send a scrutineer to the poll.
He would be exceedingly glad if
anyone, having my ground of complaint against him, would bring
such complaint to the council, to
whom he was responsible to the
fullest extent. The complaint that
hid been made was brought before
the council at the last meeting, and
the clerk'i explanation was accepted. Regarding those who had
been elected he had this to ssy,
they had been is loyal to the interests of the electors as ever councillors were. During five-and-a-half
years post he had had dealings with
a good many councillors, and had
always had the best relations with
them; and the two gentlemen who
were elected had been as loyal to
the interests ol the electors ss anybody who had ever sat on a council. Ihey had been blamed Ior
one particular matter, ind had
been called tin brands. II there
was any matter of importance to
Lynn Valley it was what had been
called s small matter. The matter
in dispute between the two councils amounted to this; there is s
line of poles set up ten feet from
he outside of the Lynn Valley
road, and as the road there is only
33 feet, it necessitated the water
main going up the center ol the
roid reserve, a claim ol right to
have th.; poles on thst locstion by
virtue ol the water clauses and the
incorporation acts.   The council
had endeavored to get 1 settle
ment as to whether the city had
such 1 right or not. They had not
the least idei in their mindi ol
withholding from the city the privilege ol s telephone line. They
had offered to iccept from the city
a resolution that bore on it, admitting that it wis s privilege, snd
that the right of the road belonged
to the district. The city council
refused to pass such a resolution.
Whit could the diatrict council
do ? They could not come to in
arrangement with the city council,
ind had to (all back on the provision that in matter! of dispute
reference should be msde to arbitrators. The cost of arbitration
would not be so much as the cost
of .1 contested election. Thst cost
would be very small compared
with the importance of having thst
road perfectly cleirol my burden!
or rights upon it. The district
council said they were perfectly
willing to bave the matter in the
hindi of Mr. Alexinder, the sti
pendiary magistrate. Mr. Sinclair
had been nominated by the city
council, and in a sliort time those
two centlemen would settle exactly
whether that road was the property of the district council unburdened by this line of poles. Mr.
Philip was perfectly satisfied that
the council would do justice to the
city's interests, but they had first
to think of the interests of their
own electors.
Adverting to the charge that had
been made against him, Mr. Philip
stated that he asked his council on
Friday night if any of them had
any idea in his mind that he, Mr.
Philip, sought to dominate or influence their counsels, and he was
glad to hear one and all of them
declare that any suggestion in that
direction was a slander on them.
He had not once, so far as he knew,
deliberately sought to influence
their decisions. He had tried to
do his utmost to give them the best
informstion available for carrying
on their business. He was responsible to them. At one minute's
notice the reeve could suspend him
or the council dismiss him, and he
did nol see how it could be suggested or imagined that he was in
a position to dominate them.
Councillor McNaught said that
though they were only a small dot
on the map of their great district,
they had made quite 1 little bit of
smoke during the last few dayi,
and much good was going to come
of it. The public knew now, he
said, many things they never knew
before. It never was his wish to
wash his dirty linen in the nostrils
ol the public Many things had
been said that could now be forgotten. Let the dead past bury
its desd, and let each of them put
his shoulder to the wheel of progress and roll it along Lynn Valley
is hard ts he could. He strongly
urged the electors to attend Ihe
meetings ol the council, and if any
thing did not meet with their approval to say so there.
Councillor Davison retired from
the contest on the election for
school trustees, and consequently
the other candidates, John Law-
son, Charles Nelson and Harry
Thompson were elected without
Wedding Anniversary
On Monday evening last, Mr.
and Mrs. Robt. McGinhis celebrated their twentieth wedding
anniversary, by giving a dance
snd supper at llieir residence,
which when all had gathered, was
filled to overflowing. They were
the recipients of many useful presents which testify 11 to the esteem in which they are held by
their many friends. Among those
present were: Mr. and Mrs.
Frommr; Mr. and Mrs. Holland;
Mr. and Mrs. Adams; Mr. and
Mrs. Alexander, of Fairview; Mr.
and Mrs. Duff; Mr. and Mrs. Geo.
Mi Arthur. Mr. snd Mrs. Hall, Mr.
snd Mrs. K. Griham; Mr. and
Mn. A. Graham; Mr. ind Mrs.
Turner; Mr. ind Mrs. Thompson:
Mr. and Mn. Campbell, Mrs. and
Miss Mclntyrc; Mrs. H. David-
ion. At midnight the guests sat
down to s sumptous repsst, after
which dincing wis resumed ind
kept up long past the wee hours.
Jolly Time
There was mirth, music and ill
kinds of a jolly time the olher
evening at the residence of Mr.W.
Conwiy, Seventeenth street, when
1 number of his Iriends played the
mirch of surprise. Dincing wis
the order of the evening. Supper
wn tervid it 1 o'clock, iftcr
which dincing wn resumed till
the wee mull houri,    Mr. ind
The government is erecting a
new school house in Lynn Valley
to meet lhe requirements of 1
rapidly growing coiiiiiiiinity. The
structure will be 27x33 feel, and
contains one room, consideribly
larger than the former schoolroom.
Judging from the growth of the
attendance during the past year, it
will be but a very short time ere
this room is too small.
We take this opportunity of sincerely thanking the electors of this
district for (he loyal support Ihey
gave us at the municipal election
on the 18th inst., thereby endorsing our former transactions ol the
business of the council in returning us again by such a large majority. It will be our aim ind en-
deivor to retain 1,1111 confidence
reposed in ui by assisting to our
utmost in the developing ind upbuilding of this district.
W. H. Davison
J. G. McNaught
Lynn Valley, Jan. 20th, 1908.
Annual Congregational
On Wednesday evening St. Andrew's church held its fourth an*
1111.1I congregitionil meeting when
most sitisfactory reports of the
various organizations connected
with the church were submitted
and approved of.
Dr. Hall, Messrs. Wm. Hall,
F. W. Templar, T. Shepherd and
A. Philip were appointed to act
as managers of fhe church along
with the other five gentlemen at
present in oflice.
Plans of an elaborate extension
ol the church were approved ol
and the building committee was
instructed to proceed with the
Sons of Scotland
Rev. A. E. Vert, District Grand
Chief of the Sons of Scotland, is
in the city in the interest of that
He has already met with greal
success and proposes organizing a
camp here. Organization will
take place during the first week in
February, and the actual date will
appear in our next issue. All who
have already signed the charter
should see Dr. Verner at once.
Don't forget the firemen's concert in the new lire hall ou Friday,
January 31st.
D. W. Roblin, brother ol thi
premier ol Manitoba, has purchased teveral lots adjoining Victoria park.
The steamer Surry will bc
luiiied out on (he bcich at Lonsdale girdena in lhe course of 1
lew daw
The Home stores on the east
side ol Lousdale avenue are about
completed. There are seven storil
in all.
Owing to the bad state of the
road on Second street the teams
with hesvy losds are forced to
take the sidewalk in placet in
going around mud holes. Several
wigons hive been stuck in the
mire this week.
Mr. Jas. I. Dodds, of the lum
of Bruce St Dodds, of this city,
wu married in Calgary list week
to Miss Cimeron, of London,
Ont. Mr. ind Mrs. Dodds sre receiving the lelicitstions of their
many (riendi. They hive liken
up their reiidence On Seventh
QFor Sai.k—Piano; cheap; in
good condition. Apply, Box 4,
Norlh Vancouver P. 0.
The members of the Young People's Club listened to a most inte-
fMting anil instructive address in
St. Andrew's Church on Tuesday
evening last. The lecturer was
the Kev. R, Millikin of Vancouver,
who dealt with his subject, viz.:
"Some Puritan Traits Suitable for
the Voting People ol to dav," in a
most masterly fashion.
Willi reference to the article appearing   iu    Monday    evening's
ll'arlif, relative to the opening up
of large ship building works and
graving dock by A. Wallace, Ltd.,
Mr. Wallace, when asked to
make a statement, said that he-
was neither prepared to verify or
leny the story at present. It was
stated in the above paper that
quarter of a million dollars
would be spent in North Vancouver, antl that Mr. Wallace would
start operations at once.
The Indian Mission
Concerning the North Vancouver Indian School and Mission,
wh ich is situated at the southwest
of the city. It commands one of
the best views of the city. The
magnificent bay seems lo show
purposely its beauty belore thc
admiring eyes of the tourists, who,
on Sundays, flock around the
mission school.
It was founded about nine yeats
ago by the Right Reverned Bishop
Durien, first R. C. bishop of North
Vancouver. It is to-day, under
the able management of the
sisters ol the institution, who
spare no pains to promote lhe intellectual and corpural well-being
of the children, who number between 60 and 70 boys and girls.
These young people have acquired
the reputation ol being the sweetest
singers in British Columbia. The
mission comprises several reserves
along the inlet, and the Squamish
river il under the care ol a priest
coming to North Vancouver twice
a week. About 300 Indians attend to the religious instruction
with great satisfaction. The Right
Rev. Bishop Durien was one ol
the first to preach, to convert and
civilize them. Under his management the church was built, and
after a meeting house when the
village took the present aspect
with street and sidewalks. It
must be said thai the first sidewalk in North Vancouver was
built by the Indians. All these
constructions were built by the
work and money ol the Indians,
the church and the government
not spending a cent for thc purpose. Today thc Squamish tribe
numbers about 400 Indians.
Dannie's Fish Yarn
I S. Seymour I'aniiie Mee,
Went to Seymour creek to nee
A little Ciiliot* -allium real,
He ciiiiiilit a coltl ami went tn U.l
S'uw linnnie Iwiuii terv wine,
riioiiiihl lie'tl   hriUK   liome  a  ureal
Came running liuine like a jiimpiiiK
With a ureal   liiu  ii(lv  "l.l   humpback.
He pot quite lireatli'ot** at the tm,
And Hiiiik the .-Iinun un tin* lli.ir,
Ami ealleil hia uiolher for t ,
What a great tlilicrinaii lie lie.
lie atootl there .'iiriiii! at the li-li,
And laid it mi a (treat Iuk iIikIi,
Ilia mother, later in the tlav,
II1111K the olil hump-hack in the hay
Ami Seymnur mnl that he could lee
Ilia hump-back do a twenty-time.
George Bartley has this day, by
mutual consent, retired from the
Express Printing Co. All thl'ls
due to slid firm will be collected
by the company, and all liabilities
of said concern will be assumed by
Tut Exi'RF.ss Pkintini; Co.
J. B. Williams, Manager.
North Voncouver,
Jan. 7th, 1908
tha Court of lteiirii.ui, ti, hear aa-
peali! again-it the AaaettKinent of Untlit
or Improvements maile liv the Aaan-aor
ol thi. liiulricl, will Iw lieiii iu lhe In-
Irict Municipal ollice in Nurtli Vancou
ver, on Monilav, the 10th day ul February, IWN, at il o'clock p. m , and that
iinin e ul all Appcalamiial be made Io
me al leant ten .lava previnm to ilu* aaid
Accountants,    Auditors   General
Commission  Hrokers
Real I title luii nli
II (llllll Sl.fttlllJ!
T«l.«l*llnv« |M
llu, t 'iiri.tr.l.n Ui.l aal how. All
mm.i.t.|enirii« mail,. Riptrl |iruiiiiiK,
(trading in.I liii<|a|iiiK lum |r,, - All
Intel, ul In*.- .nul *., *la iipplM at the
loticut prui-
It It'll Alt 11 lIMPtOK,
Cor. St. (leone'l Ate. ami Tenth St
Nurlli ', iiii'uuver.
CIVIL     I   N'.IM .I'll
I'uaiiliin -aim vi*r und Architect
FntiiTii Sraarr,'ukjiih LMMU Ave
* the I'i.lrirt Vutera' I.lit, will meet
in the District Municipal (lllice, Nurlli
Vaneuiiver, N Saturday, lhe 11th ol
January, 1U0H, at 1 o'clock p in.
ALEX. I'lllLII', C. u. c.
Iluve 011 IiiiikI 11 large mi|i|ily of Cement
I'.I.H-liH, luiitle (nun Ireali »uler hhiiiI.
SiiinplcH nuiv  he   Heen   ul   the   new
eeineiit rcniili'111'c OH Secuiul slreet east.
Si/.eu|  liluckHSxlll,
Ml particulars cun ta Inui from the
Western Corporal! iflet, or write tn
Nortli Vancouver, B. C
Estimates Given on All
Kinds ol Electrical Work
Cor Lonsdale and Second St
a meet Muling a.- rt eh -uid tteertftiea ma
tjnlokiv ut-.rt.rn our oplolon tne waeiher
— r.W '--       ■*'
ln..n:lnn ll pri,b»t*lr P--,
ii„imirii>tiri-'**iiiiii'*iU*J. HANDBOOK 00 luau
••tit Ire*. ol*1<*.t ..-,'nry tor .f-ctmul ptuait**.
l'.l«m Uian tfimuuli Ilium a Co. raetlft
Dm, withoolahwia, latM
Scientific American
A hudwnelr Ulu*tnt«d wMkly,  lavtrat dr-
attlttf) u(uf Kattutlfle Journal   Tv-mi for
Battli, lift ft j—tt ptwUc* prepaid.   fc.M bf
Come aid
See Our
>   NO. 9  j*
Lonsdale -Avenue
Opposite City llall
Rolled Oats
Hai) and Teed
iheBrackman Ker
Milling Co.
Harry Mitchell, local manager,
Lonsilale Avenue.
Fine, healthy Tomato and
Cauliflower Plan Is. Rrown from
Sutton's Seeds, always on hind. THE EXPRESS, NOUTII VANCOUVER, B.C.
fine man lots in block 29
Terms, .ui.-f"iirtli ciiili; luilsni'c, 8, II anil II niontha
<      i
•      3
\ %_!__,•
161 Cordova Street, Vancouver, B* C.
i'.o. mix na,
1836      THE BANK OF      1908
British North America
One of Canada's Strongest Financial Institutions
Total Asset- over $50,000,000
Savings Arcounts given special attention A deposit ol $1
or upwards starts a Stvingl Account, on whidi the
bighett current rule ol Interest is paid or added to tlic
Principal every tliree months. Deposits may lie withdrawn at any time without notice.
Joint Accounts may be opened in the name ol two persons,
so that either may deposit or withdraw funds, making
,i very convenient form of account.
Banking by Mail.—People living at a  distance may  send
in deposits  or  withdraw  cash  by  mail.   Write   for
Office:  Cor. lonsdale Ave. and Isplanade, North Vancouver, B. C.
H. K.  Iiuiiii,  Mann  * i.
British Columbia Electric Railway Co., Ltd.
Cars leave the Fcrrv Landing lorOm-.r.sburv Avenue, Twenty-first
street and Lou-dale, Wuuli slreet and K. ith Koad as follows : 6:15
a.m.. 6:45 a. in., 7:15 a.m., 7M5*** ••■ ■- S;l5*»* ni.,ya. ••■■ 9:4n •'■ »• ■
10:10 a. 111, Alter 10:25 a. in, cars will leav i.tin . i.-lmiy aviiiiu,
Twenty lirst ami Lmi-dah- avenue, and Wiuth street and Keilh Kuad
at five'minute- tu tin* hum and twenty five minutes past the hour.
Cars leave Mini tenth -tie, t mul niieensbiiry avenue, Twenty Br»l
str.-et and Lonsdale avenue, Wim li "tr. it ami Keith Koad ts follnii-
6a, 111 , (1311:1 ni , 7 a. 111.. 7:311,1 ni . I a* in*. s*45a- '»■ y:15 •»• m •
9:55 a. 111., in 25 a. 111.    After ij('i.i. in. ears leave the Ferry Landing
at ten minutes past the the hour and twenty minutes to the bo tt.
[Mp   All boats an  met by the cars.
Hotel North Vancouver.
$1.00 p> r
and up
S|n 1 1.1I
Kates fur
Botrdi 1
Ferry Service I very Half Hour to and from Ihis Hotel
toVancouver. P. Larson, Prop.
Rainier Beer^>
Ih a gloriotll iHivoranc—([iicncliing and
satisfying.   Hi'Iih'DiIht UMn'l DO  otlur
"just as good"—insist on fitting Rainier.
Vancouver, B. C.
Changes for Breakfast
Now in Season
Xi'W Laid Eggi, Baton,  Kippen Salt
Htrriog, BA K RoIIm. Ottt, Win at Plata
Corner I s|>l<u»«nli' and Lonsdale Avenue
Our Growing Time.
The question ot increased arcom-
moibitiiin for new comers and visitors to our city for the current yeai
is one to be seiiously considered.
In new milling towns where lhe
larger part nl the population llll
always been men without homes,
the ellieit way of dealing witli the
matter has been to grant liquor
licences tn hotel keepers 011 condition that Ihey would provide a
certain number of sleeping rooms
and other accommodation for regular boaitlcrs and for the travelling
public. Under these arrangements
the public have often been given
good hotel accommodation at shorl
notice, ln towns whose fiitnn
was problematic, the hotel proprietor, considering Ihat if he could
have a vear or two of the liquor
trade and a free hand in the gambling business, he would come out
all right even if the town proved a
It perhaps would not be dilTicull
during this year to procure the
erection of several good-sized hotel
buildings in North Vancouver by
the granting of a licence in each
case. Is tlm the better plan to
follow ? If the hotels are not built
can we obtain the accommodation
required in any other way ? It il
■portanl ibil wt should come to
a decision in this matter at DOG .
At hast one largi' apartment house
il under consideration for our city,
and I venture to say that such .111
institution would do more fnr us
at present than would anothei hotel. There are also several pel
sons prepared to run large board*
ing houses if the outlook justifies
the venture. To let the public
know at presenl what general line
we intend to follow would give ii-
vi -*tt is lhe cue in reganl to laying
out their money.
As an investor 1 do nol wi-h to
ereel I large ami expensive building as an hotel, with expensive bar
futures and acconiniodatkiu rotted
tn tli.it line ol busiiit-,*., il williui a
m.ii llie 1 ily is likely to change its
pill it l nil lhe luili 1 bil-illi ss, an.l
take nil liu'iiie Iron me. 1 he
man about to build a big apart
ni nt house, ami the nne prepan d
to go 111 Int a large boaiding huii-i ,
will In sitate if they think that holt I
In ciucs are likely lo be multiplied,
until the rivalry for trade at the
bar may lead hotel proprietors to
give board and lodging at less than
a paying price.
My own opinion is that, Inr yean
to come, Ninth Vainouvt 1 will be
principally a resident ial city.
There is a large number ol men
who wink in uiiinli) plan *.lining
the summer, ami save from two to
Ine hundred dollars each, and look
In nnu plan mi this coast where
they i.m spend a Itlgi put nl tlieir
ni'iiit", fiiulishh iiuiiii'.; lie winter.
Wi 1 annol, if we wnilil, uiiiiprtc
-na 1. ssfully lor this 11,i-l. . In the
fit Id of (onipclilion lot tourist
tta li v.c hat' I (Ood ih.inci . and
it "light lo be an nb|' 11 It .'-nil ol
Kline value to us, that, ol late
yeats, the grealt 1 part nf tin sue-
cessful tourist hot. Is 111 California
have no bar, and the tourist towns
are generally prohibition tnwns.
ll'ti 1 ptnptietors then* claim tint
even if a man dunks he looks
about for a temperance hotel when
he takes the family out for a sum
tin r outing.
There is an increasing number
of far-sccing influential buiilHM
men all over Canada antl the United
States who arc inclined to put the
liquor business in a small place.
Itt 1 ti sli Columbia, a few \iars ago,
gave a majority vote in faun nl
prohibition, I RO years agn iii the
I'lnvincial Parliament, lm ll option
1 IBM within a lew votes nl In mg
carried. Notth Vancouver would
now give 1 majority vole In favor
of local option, and must make it
60 per cent. Within tin |ul few
yeirs in the midst of growing prosperity, temperance lentimcnt has
gained ground in Vancouver and
Victoria, and in fact all over Brit
ish Columbia.   This is evidenced
by the ti pe of men who are being
'lected as mayors and aldermen.
Kvc'n Phienix, a t\j>ical mining
town, selects a mayor who " jmls
the Iiti on, antl keeps it on."
There are thousands of families
looking to this coast for home-.
' ittnT things being equal seventy-
live per cent ol Ihese families will
give the preference to tbe clean
city. The surest way of nuking I
great business city of North Vancouver in the future is to make it
a great city of homes in the present.
By prohibiting gambling, ami In
restricting the liquor business w ith
in the smallest possible place we
shall be working lo make Nortli
Vancouver a popular residential
city. British Columbia has been
progressing for several years along
moral lines, and the city or the individual that will not, in this tt-
sped, advance with his country
shall be left out nl the race.
Harbor View Tract
City Lots
Size 50 x 145
P1UC /'.'.•   $/7/5.0 0   A ND   UP
TERMS:   I-i (Miff: ll.ll.ASCE, 6, ill ASH IS MONTHS
The niotit centrally located nml bnf lots in the City nf Nnrth
Vuncuuver fur lhe |irice.
Da nut fail to mnke your selection without delay while yon
can purchase at first enst.   Tricci will nn be rained.
loirllier particular*, niii|m nml price Until lurniHlieil  free on
:l|i|ilie:ltiiill In
Cor. Lonsdale Avenue and tilth St, Nortli Vancouver, B.C.
Church Notices
Mnrning service, nam ; Sunday school, 2:30 p. in*; evening
service, 7:30 p.m.
Piayci meeting ou Wednesday
evening at 8 o'clock.
Kev. li. II. Haiti, rston, B. A.
Sundav   Services       Mass   at 8
a in.. Sunday icbool at 2:30 p.m.,
Benediction at 3 p. m.
Pastor: Kev. E. I'eytavin, 0.
M. I. V. S.
st   inns I THI It IHOtl Isl, sKVi.NIII
Holy Communion, 8 a. m.
Morning prayer, 11
Evening prayer, 7.30
On lhe lusi Siinalit in lie* month
there will be a second celebration
nl tin- Unit Ciiiiiminiioiiat 11 am
lw 1 tm    b'ev.  Hugh lloojtt r.
I'l    AM'It It* IIIMI II RUN 1 III I*, ||
-IM II s I kl t I.
Stunt's will be conducted as
usual on Sunday by the pastor.
Sunday school, 1:30 p in.
Service at Moodyville school at
7:30 p. 111.
Prayer meeting on Wednesday
8 o'clock.
All are welcome.
l'astot: Kev J. D. (iiUain, M.A.
1 III ki It, I'HANCK HAI.I.,
l.'iN-tnll    UI.NUI,
Service at 11 o'clock a. in. in
the Orange hallj Sunday school at
the 1 lose nl llu service.
I'astor ;    Kev. David Long.
All ate Welcome.
rim 11 itMsniu not 11 on inr coaist
-   •       1        ' 1       iii.
IUtkh: tl.!K) 1'KR
Spiviail Iftta lo Families nnil Regular Boarders
lliililiunr ferry I'linneelinii tn ami (rtini Vancnuver. llul ami cold
miter in every mnui. Helurn rail bcllit in every rtunii Itarlicr
simp in riinniTiiini.
Ski.ini  .vtkKKt,   -   *   *   -   NORTH   VANCOUVKII, 11. C
The Statutory Me-iing M the
District Council was I el I at Nye's,
in the municipality, on Monday
a'tenioon. Present: lucve M;y
and Councillor! McNaught, Oat idiot! anil Nye.
Friday evening was chosen as
tin* regular meeting night, and the
coining Friday night will see thc
cniincil in regular session.
Western   Corporation   Seeks
"■ rniilinii llieir cliililreii ul the iliiniier
unl of iImiuii'c ilmie in iniHim* Imnlilcr-
itml all kintlia ul ■.■arlmi.'i* in llie cliannel
I'Tuiiiletl lliriiii|iliuiit tlie cil; lur cum*
Inl Mini mrfaic naler.
The fu<ili**li ntlemaM are no» 1-einit
dotal) natcliftl by tlie |mlice, ami anv
"lie I'Hiinl liliifiu*.'"Iwliiili'ii in either nl
llie Wuler t linniiela uill It* |>ruMtutcil.
KVANl.ll.MI'    III
will be hiltl at Orange hall on
Sunday inning at 7:30 o'clock.
All arc mii nine. Come antl
bring a (rind.
The many Irii mis ol Mr. I..
Keda will be pleased to learn of
his recovery Irom a severe attack
ol rheumatism. Mt. Ketla has
In 111 conliiied to his Imd for some
The U. C. Electric are this week
installing considerable new ma
chinery at the luh-station. The
111,11 hinery was brought over on 1
scow, and included a huge fan and
twe trinsfurmcrs.
I beg lu r> Inin thanks to all
(lease who sn kindly vnted for my
election as Kbool trustee. During
my term of olliie I will endeavor
to do my utmost 10 carry out the
obligations ol my office.
Ji.sss Wit MAMS
North (Vancouver,
Jan. 13rd, 1908
The much discussed road
through district lots 614 mil 015
is again coining belore Ihe public
The Western Cotjioratioii entered
into a contract with the municipality to make a road through
D. 1. 615, but after looking over
the ground it was thought advisable to circumnavigate a steep
hill which lies on the line ol the
proposed road. The company applied to the council to have the
road changed at this spot, wbiih
was alleged to have been agned
to, but lalet the council refused lo
certify the |>lans unless the company would fnregn their contiatt
lor opening lhe road. Seveill
conferences have taken place since
tin- bitch, with the result that lhe
Western Corporation haveappbtd
for a mandamus to coinptl the
municipality ol North Vancnuver
to certily the plan of Lot 615,
owned by the company. The
matter was adjourned to February
4, in order that llu* jiro|ierty owners affected may be heard.
I enii  iu  yunr unlen  now for Dry
ilreen-Cni Char Kir.
StmI leni'lli-. pi r inril, ilelitereil   fi 110
OirilmM.il, length., ileliveretl »*t.60
In Htock.   IiiiiuedlaUi delivery.
f xim WANttt
Any nue luiiini a gund Innn fur .ale in
UYntern (.'lunula may liml a cai-li buyer
liy writing at once, giving price and
• Icicriptimi, tu
lievMt" I'li-ni'mAtivi CnaraaT,
2:i*c MlnnnpoUl, Miiineanta.
SMOKE     ___. .
clear: MAVANt filled
Cor.Klrtl St. and l-nnmlale Ave.
§jf Uaie urtlera it Waldron's bird-
ware (lore.


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