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Government vs. Railways.
The present provincial government is supposed to be conservative, It went to the people
at the last general elections on the
platform adopted at the conservative convention, held at
Kevelstoke. Anion'; llie planks in
the aforementioned platform was
one, if we remember rightly, in
favor of the government owning
and operating public utilities.
What indication has it showed to
adherence to that policy; absolutely none, In reviewing that
part of the supposed conservative
programme, it would be unjust
not to remember that when it came
into power it was face to face with
great financial difficulties, due to
extravagance ol its predessors in
office, Thegovernment, therefore,
deserves credit lor having restored
the finances of the province
to a healthy condition, partly
brought about by increased taxation.
Of that we do not complain,
Under the prevailing conditions it
was absolutely necessary, and the
government rightly took the "bull
years for the much-desired boon,
and when at last there was every
prospect of the people realizing
their long-deferred hopes by means
of another company the said
subsidy was resuscitated and given
Anne that did nothing, Verily the
ways nl polititians nre past finding
out. We quite frequently see in
the reports of debates in the house
scripture quoted, In this case the
government must have misquoted! "To him that hath much,
much shall lie given, ami tn him
that liaih nothing it shall he taken
away, even thai which he hath," in
the case alluded tn the talent was
taken fronl the unfaithful servant
anil given to th'' faithful one, but
the government reversed this
In marked contrast to its dealings with the C. tV W. stan Is mil
tin- government's treatment ol the
V., W. iV Y.- both companies being subsi liary to bit ;e : ilwaj
corporations, The latter is no
longer a road on paper; it I a-
many miles in operation, and we
have it on excellent authority that
this summer will see the road extended to Howe Sound. Sometime
■igo a newspaper supporting the
government  and commenting on
lions or blocks, it would make the amount sent abroad and greatly
large areas of ihe public domain increasi the satisfaction ol ihe
accessible,    Thus   increasing   the minister ot agriculture if a road -T
Were built and the Vancouver,
Westminster & Yukon would run
through it.
population as well as the provin
cial income.
It is safe to assert the population
ol Vancouver, New Westminster
and particularly this par
mend riding are overwhelming in
favor of giving a land grunt to the
Vancouver, Westminster & Yukon
in open up the province along the
route proposed to northern British
Colombia, There are seven mem- Hon. Charles Wilson, K. C,
bers of the local bouse   elei ted
II we had a gnat   deal   less
t nl Rich- !'"''l'rs '""' iust H Httle more
statesmanship at Victoria to aid in
developing our vast resources the
province would soon move forward
by leaps and hounds.
Church Notices.
john's  church,   counkr
seventh and  itiirteenth
from this section ol the province,
all ni' whom are supporters of the
present government, three of them
being cabinet ministers. I low is
it then that we hear nothing from
them in regard tn a project, in
which their constituents are so
vitally interested, and also one of
iieli great importance to the entire province? There is little being said now, but the time is drawing nigh when ihe present members will be likely to heat' expressions ol disapproval at their
actions with no uncertaiu sound.
M. P. P.
The public generally will regret
to learn ol the resignation ol Mr.
Wilson, as attorney-general of
British Columbia. As one ol the
most respei ted pioneer residents of
ihe province he was held in the
highest estimation, and possess* d
the confidence ol all classes lor his
many sterling qualiti is. It may
truly be said that he had the
largest personal following, in
season and oul of season, of any
public man today in the province.
finance   minister   in
mdget speech allude
lion. Charles Wilson, K,   C.,|
M. P. P., and ex-Attorney-General'
of British Columbia, was born  in l">s years ol prayer came
in  184.1.    For   a
by the horns," no malter how un | its refusal tu give a In".; I gt int o
popular thu measure was certain hind to the Grand Trunk Pacific,
to be.   But although the financial justified the action on the ground
equilibrum has been restore 1, it is lhat such enterprises were national
evident to anyone familiar with the in 1 haracter and outside the scope
affairs ol the province that the ad- ol provincial aid,  Small branches,
ministration   cannot   at    present however,   and   particularly   lims
carry out that plank ol its platform that might be termed      m ration
with regard to biiii-ling tndoperat- roads, were proper projects, and
I    ...     nor is theii     f pros ihoul! rei ive lid from th
., c iver.i ■  n   in  Ihitush go*, ninn ill 1! ii ivi re  .1 its po vi r
the increased product of agri- London, Kng., in 184.1, For
cultural produce in the province, a boy ol 14, when bis fuher died,
thus reducing the large amount'of he was well-advanced in his
sent abroad lor what we studies. Arriving ....
-   better   at
can  raise as  w
r what we
day, A 11. .' \ iciona, he remained
tin re I", a (1 w months and subsi-
home; he also look pleasure  m qvtntiy went on to old Cariboo,
commenting   on   the   influx   of where   he  was   taken   ill   with
settlers, who, having done well in mountain  fever.   Undaunted, be
the pruiric-provinces, were coming worked on a wa,;on road foi S3 1
,..'.,    .. d.i . and cam .'. In 1 I  tnkcts and
inlo Mrituli Columbia on accouni ,,„,, ,,,;,,„. tt!l,, . ,.. „.-, ,.{ ,■>,,
il its '., nnil din .' .  ■! ' 1 11  mj    .    [,' r(lc(,n id,,   ,|eperio
ivi dih with then in ! e 1     bed it over 1 he co intry,
Columbia being able to do so for to lo so,   Now, il any railwaj in   h     I increase, ihere is au im      sppmg, '
years io comu.
in   ■       ri   vi ■        . .    1 . ll   ■ '       "
Third Sunday in Lent, March
A; and on the Annunciation of Our
Lady (Sunday, March 25), now
I OMMUN10N at 8 a- 111.
Morning and evening prayer al
II and 7:3" everj Sunday.
.It is a curious tact that the
name ol St. Patrick was not restored to the Prayer-book Calendai
with those of St. George and Sl
David. Doubtless, it was by somi
oversight, lor his history is far
more accurately known than thnl
of the English or even of the
Welsh "patron Saint."
He was carried ofl fro-n the
Clyde, at the age of 16, by a marauding party ol "Scots" bom the
north of Inland, and after si*.
years of slavery succeeded in
effi cting his escape. It is said
that both his father and his grand
father were clergymen, and certain
it is that the boy never forgot tho
poor heathen who had treated him
so i
In the year 432 he landed once
more in Ireland, and the answer to
in the
conversion of the very king 0!
Leinster who had expelled a
pn tinus missionary. Defining
ih ia the rest of his life to the
ui 1 thlishmcnt ol the 1 hu ch in
Ireland, he was enabled to found
iu 455 the Si '■ nl Armagh, till
I it Ij filled by the Vein table I'n
mateol all Ireland, Dr. Alexander;
tn whose wife we are indebted lor
" I hi ae Is ,1 ' ireen llill" and scv
.:, . . .In :.* a 1111 lavorite 1 bild
reu's li  .
St. Patrick's day in the morning.
Mrs. |. D vidson has gone on a
month's visit to the Okanagan.
Mi. and Miss Hughes, of Howe
.'•und, are visiting Mrs. Davis, of
Fourteenth street,
C.  Marshal
formerly   of   the
park brii
residence   on
fruit store at Stanley park bridge
tins taken up his   resi
First street.
i ll  lisll   I ni lllll 111 I   ill *   I .
,    .    . . . .     „,        '    ,    . ■       ii''!-       ivlmti he lost all  I
I   ns   1 .    ' ii2(i ion I' "i 11 resu .    Hi     mtu m • ■    . •    A  „  r.i
a ".   t lie V., V.      Y. ..'ii "i'. ■ 1 imp a u  . want im   v. . . .     . ,        ; ;   .'.
n«        ..   I 1 ii:.-:  :!. y  ..'....'    ,•:       , ■
llev. tin i     the wo.     ' . impi ive .1 in '\ i, and w.t I 11
. A
,   . ,   .   '    '   Geo. t'.ii.."'. 1
ward lo Can tl.-ou-rl   ul   npi 'Veil place     r sale is  0.11    ., ,   ( . ml (   ru elected
pra : ' all;  111  in inh ibiti d con
■it wheri tli :i is nu     velor tral
In expect any com
such a line unaided is  to   1   th
least, very improbabli.   Yet  tl"
governim nl can  aid thc r iad in
without am great expense
to the pro*     nol only that, bul
to 1,ten,   1 Iai [i  addition to the
l nl venue,   lt would 1» out
nl the question to look lor a cash
■ nbsidj in the p us. 111 stnt    1
provincial  finances,   That  being
i'n 1 .i.e. .1 ! in l granl 1
given,    Tho   bind   as   it   rests is
valueless,   because   inai
With  railway   communication  it
would pass through large timber
areas which al present cannot be
touched;   rich agricultural  hinds
that cannot ho 1 ullivated Im Iai k
nl railway facilities; hi sides op 11
ing up a wnb streti h ot 1 imitrj to
miners    ond   1' ■ , *' 1 -.    The
lands when  occupied   iv.
 liatelj   coim   undti   I
Ibe liml. 1  l"    1 "■       ' ' i
para ivi Ij lim te 1    Wh mtlu y art .       represent       Caiil  0,    I'll ■
taken upthatclassniustofnecessity Chinese question     is   always   a
W these must bo created. I practically cease.   In order that it burning one in I u , and it was
pan   to build should continue, lhe hardy pioneer ' " *'»■'   :
■ can not   I    :
!,,,, v"'"'" l,;,:u'1 ",;" mission,   Iiii      ' induced
will not do so to any   [real extern (|.e fw|eral government to impose
without   communication,   Thii I | 1       H        lim I the
■, ars  ago   tin   governments  ol p irtfoliool itto 1 il in Mr,
British Columbia wee infinitely ;,':""1'   Ci,1,imt'   "''   nl, lhe
. ,        ' must important questions nl the
 IV'   l"     :; '"'" on day was 1 .ettleiuent bill and th"
the laud, so tar as their means island railroad, in which he took a
permitted, than thc governi is prominent   part.   The    province
ol recent fears,   and   the   imx- gave the dominion go*  rnment the
l' rien not form thi faintest Usquimali  railway  belt; also 1,
Wh t tin ' ■■ nl s
railw t  policy?   Wi. pi ■ '■    ■:' 1
1, .. ". iw ' iu :. .i" .  '   ■■■ ' in ••   •   ' '■  tin ■ HU ■ tl ■
-.-.fortunately,   all   loo    plainly!  Pemberton Meadows,   ."1  n      1 loi
The   ulii   ■ 1. ■ md llu
\.,.. m . 1. ,\ iiiiilstei .v Yuko 1.
When the land subsidj « •■ first
given in the Columbia & W '
it was gi nerallj understood lhat it
would be an independent short
and ., mpetitive line to the mast.
The Columbia tt Western, however, did nothing lor \n.ui-, and at
last the legislature .gem rallj verj
lenient in such matti rs) 1 in
the grant The charter passed into p issession ol tin Canadian
Pacific K'l road, whii It companj
did pnetic liy nothing towards
building llu rn,nl. Hm wh. nan'., d
company, Without a land
endeavored to build into that
Section nl ll'*' province the Canadian Pacific Railroad used everj
in ansin its power to defeat tin pro
j"i-t, ami, [ailing in that, to delay il
as long as possible.   Whontherival
Company won  ils  way,   then  and
nni iill then did the Canadian
Pacific Railw tj 1 omnii 1111 to rush
ih,- wink, In iln in< an time tin
Lin. 1 company had thu advantag,
,i|     1 inter;     In ight.     that     ill''
tm n h.mts un tin 1 oast had bci 11
able tn s'-i ure, by n long n
about way and chai
a.. 'i Im [ly nt ih"
satisfied    with    that,    however,
tati'incnts ol the the public.   Tin      inpanj  11 ghl coui|  ri
boards of tradi - Irom \ required to place a  ceil   . I!"   l'i
t algary, it discrin   iti 1     linst numhei "I sell
tho Const cities in favoi -I VVinni- Biiitabli   loi 1 ri   Iturc; thai tin  «nda
peg.   The subsidy in that reaped I        '1 I"' "1"" taki 11 up
certainly takes on a very peculiai to applicants on the same tern   1 ew tliei
Tin". I01  which ill   those ol thc government, 01 n i;    torj ol ih   verj 1
the case bel in   the  Royal
i lea nl the labor, difficulty, privati m, isolation and loneliness
ilm; have to be met by tho hardy
pioni ci who undertakes to carve
out 11 lionn in the i".' sl "I British
Columbia. It requires couragi
and di ti imiiiaiiou ol no mi an
nidi 1 to sun ml. The settli r is
■■•titled 1 ■ lhe   [ovi in
nu nt give,   The bind easilj
reai lu d bj  wad 1 10 nui 1
'  praci   ill; al  1 iki 1   ip,  li in •
Un   vital in    Bsitj   nl   .
" i.m in ies .'.isi ul the Rockies
in the I'. 111 nti 1 .;ittrict. Mr,
,Vil on told the government that
ii "would be -ui onl; 0111 e loi
doin that, and that would be lor
ef 1 afterwards." The p 1 ipli
." i' 111/f Inr this railroad, and
Chi. 1 I istu •■ Bi''' ongratulated
him mi his defeat al the gi ncml
e'ei tions whii h hollowed, Baying,
"now you will be a 1 iwyer." In
rs; Mi Wilson ib .■ iid'd the
.in 1,1 b ir-' d with In -rii:     an]
i   . I   dining   the    Blrikc,     In
10,1,3 the conscrvativi pun, w.i*
returned to powi r with him a*
■ . md with ilu d
1 1 b i'i' mi' 1
Reverting to I
,.   «, 11   1    tin, - ,-i 1, ■ ' ''"
1 ■ w n ''- "      1. " . 11111 1 ■■ .mi,.,. th, 1. i " 1.1   propi ib.
would swell tin 1 venue.   Let the '• the  amoimi i ud the alto
.,    .  i    ■ .iiiiinid   tb,  abn id loi  tl a   product   11   llu ■
mn     '.' In sale-j»u lected bj aboui
however,   mards lo protect tin   interests oil name "Routi known to I™ ty in Vancouver,
original grant was iii.idi, nn long. 1
cxistc I. It was con lidcrcd Bin It
an important matter al the timi
that a huge and  valuable  an .1  ol
otlici reasonable precaution to pre.  •""•   R"orl Ia ""I''' M,u1,1   '"'
um the territory being tied up, raised, lhe climati   was
The interest ol the a nipauj il ';: then  « "   on   ■<
would be to populate the count!)
public lands was made to assist in through which its line ran.   Ever)
getting al nine   sp'-nlv  e,.minimi-   settlor ill ">"tf Sphere   nl   llie. sn
linn.   Vtl    1    M   M
.1  . . ..   I ol Princi
i,ri tt,,, i.i. .n.i I Ian i. dii I ul hi 1
mi   I t, iu his
genial '.. 1   1 hm i' 1.
promini nil) in politii s lor many
ing .1 lie lllll' :     I  ...'   .'
Inture Im 311 \. 11,.
presi .11  im i'   "i'
in aittiful pii mi'. n idling 1 ould
be got out, Ilium nil iai 1 .1 li w
cattle, whii 1   difficult to get
Ralph W ill..-   on, wli ip 1 civi d
a bad bill while working mi St
cation   with  a   very    imports I      ■ ed, would be direct- ".it. .md ihej havi :, „      , ],. ,;_    j8    p,,,.,
section of tin   pi ,i   •     liut thi  ly a patron ol the railroad.   II tin  lortlien 1    ■ •  ,    1'his luvorabl   toward  reci  ■ ry, und i
public waited in vain for ten long land wen 1 nlternuti    in     ection it.ell    aid larp   .  ledu
■   : tn be "ni  ,..' 11 1    borll)
sixth si ui 1 1.
1. usual mi   Sun lay
! at 11 a.   in.  and 1
p. in.
'I he   ibj 1' in the mornin j will
be the 1  ill,nil.iiinn nl till   stidy o|
the "Passion \\ • 1 >.."   The 1 veil
lllg sub e l will I Awake."
Suiid.e   SI ii 1 il .it .:  ;    p. 111.
Instead nl ilu   us iai * Inistian
1      ivor  Sociel     m< ■ ti	
lay, thc ' ongn gatio 1 Will
1 "Al Home" in llu 1 bun h tn all
Iriends and   ti tn ers.   A   101 i I
conci it. tea and cake will
be   provided.   No   charge    loi
admission.   All invited,
Strangers 101 li ill) w. It omc.
I'.i ton Rev.l, D, Gillam, M A.
Mr. (iill.1111 ,1 pleasant duty
to perl 1 on Wc Im -day when
two units were 1 reati d into a unity,
1 i ni" t wa ■ vi rj   iiii t and
was performed at Gilston, on
Twelfth Btrei t, the honn 1 I ih'
pastor,   Thc   bride  and   groom
ci  Inuii Mission City,   where
Mr,   Gillam   used   to   minister,
tin t .ii" both old  hi* mis ol  Ins
Mi s Marj  M md Mai N
Comes  Mis.  Jan' •  Ah K
flu   brilliant, siinshiin   gavi    thi
noi tli d I" ii" in the   inti
, VI III,   II"
tb" happ i 11
. oupli    will   11    in
1        ' I'his is th
. , nl dad   thai
Ir. G ed nn 1
1   Mi    K iln 11   II.
I • -1
the 11 li 01 treet, in tin
1   ■      ol im  in nu diati
I .1111. S,     Al 1 I
the - tm' tin ■■'■' il ,,1. partj pro
ci        'ii-    ol th" britl ■'
pan ns. rn .11  Lonsdale ::	
and partook ol the  go  1 thing ■
■  erouslj   prot !' tl sn 1  ■
pP      ' d 111.   grind  t'.l .lies til il    [0 I
.   1 v odd 1    lensl    Mi   an I
ill     Clil   nn  Iini  l.iki 1; up llOIISI
in \   ■ 1
Tims. Stevens, of Moodyville,
has returned after an absence of
six months at Bellingham. He
will stay home.
Mrs, (Reeve) A. E, Kealy and
child have gone to Portland on a
vi-ii to Iriends there, and will return in a few weeks.
-Mr. Templar's father, C. Templar, lies seriously ill at his home at
Chilliwack, Mr. Templar will
have here on Friday to see him,
Brassey & Quinn have about
finir miles of street-grading in
block 273. They are getting along
splendid with their big contract.
A masquerade ball will be held
in the Pavilion here, on Friday
evening. March 30. Mr. Dan
Martin has the matter in hand.
Mr. Belyea's residence, corner
ol Fifteenth and Lonsdale avennc,
e night lire yesterday. Sparks
from ilns made by Chinese clearing bind were the cause. Con-
siderable damage was done.
Ploughing has been started by
t - ontractors on Victoria park,
1 ii iturnps having been cleared
it 1; The pile til rocks may be
1 idgcd when the dimensions are
ivi n whii ii ai",  too yards long,
; feel wide, and about 3 (eet
high, and the pile has just com-
lll'ili id.
Not a College.
To the Editor ol Tun Express:
Sir, As I find that very
mist, ailing ideas are abroad about
"th" college" may I ask you
to kindly insert ibis letter. St.
Jnlin's School is merely intend' d
1 ' be .1 bi hool fnr boys on the
in'- "i ile u .it English schools.
It has the cordial approval of the
i'.ib ip and Synod nl the Diocese,
and is to 1" conducted on the
"i thc fullest principles of
1 Chun h ul England, otherwise,
it is entirely a private v mure, and
has nn sli.ulnw ol a claim to thc
title ol college.   Faithfully yours,
l(|. HARD  M IRSDaaN.
North Vancouver, H. C, March
15, iijoG.
A Twenty-five Thousand
1 o tin Editor ol Tun Bxpriisi
'. \ nm Hundred Thoui<
ind 1 luii im Vancouver City!
il .1 1 wenty -live Thousand
■ ib nu N rth Vancouvi r? The
' *. 1 npli -1 li) the ninther city is
.'.. II worthy nl emulation, and I
bcli V there will ba little difficulty
n „'tting int North Vancouver
1,di the in.iiti r iu band,
Slid push .1  goo I   thing  iilniig.    |
an 1 youi valued
i the assistancu
M If  I  sll;;".    I ||i,it   t  ill
.,.: .1 uli is meeting ol your citizens
1 li ',. thi nportanl matter?
No doubt the North Vancouvei
1 lull 1 iiiilil wmk in eonjunclion
with im \ .nu ouvi r one, and wo
1 1 dd nil b osl togethel What is
the' ne, will certainly bo
ni advantage a the other,   Let us
all liniist.    Ann* bnlhlillly,
S   (iis 1 /in KllKR.
Vancouver, H. C,   Match 14, THE EXPRE.SS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B.C.
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II r
: i|iui        I'   -
I 111-: 1 AMU,.-..-* I'lvIN ■      I I'm
Oui' 11
lil'.'llAI', MaTi'I I    ■
I  lllllll lilllltONH
Advertising ^ m •
" i ky thai   ■ "i'l high.
I' ■  '"■ • i '"  li
n  ,  ,   i plain
I'll n  in. . ■     my   soul
- IWI     I    ■:      lllll  1,1      IIOWl
I ■
.  I. ills *■
ll! I'll til   I  I
, ,. -I     ll    >.
' in      i    i tli.  'ni "ii •     n - ".-.'
v n  i   ir la nil   il   now
lhe    i     ■   ii     ■■■   , ■ I
'!.'•■■        I,
null iff
ml of a i     i      ,ti,i
the i HI
•■' *ii,itt.
■■    .. ■ ... ,      ind
mil. i.   '
i        .'
' i •   'ii,",
:       ■ own  i ■.
I.' " ■! ■   liy ill
i.   '  '
,,',■■, II     |ilii
torches    lill   ii-
Mlil   I   1 [III   nl is   . .,
T. F. McGUIGAN &. Go.
'IVI iill ,.   i. i
Real Estate, limiraince
nnd General  Commission
' . , i' i   .,    i;    k ii|    iii
hi-l i.i,
Vanoouver, B, c
|   SO |
'   .
trick 11
Fur I of si
K an.
$7,000,000 In Gold in  1905 as Against
$10,000,000 In 190-1.
.1     pit Tyri e wel   known trav
eler, ■ t" :.Hill.IT, r"-
im ..  i ittawa from tin
1 .veeks .it,.
Mr   Tyrn     tl »    n ; s| pall in very
toi n.* uf iln- situation in
i'i- V il, ni.   ||. says ih" "ii| . i
*        ■      |,i   .ii   ;;.,,
110  .        i II- ..'-I
,. :h" outrun ol k "1   in   An
..-   ::* production liy In-
:       hiring sn      nti d A n-
; ■
id     lim this lull ■  pro>
tiulii   in sight,  nor is  it
■ i
ih"    transi i  tatlon
ii ic Wl      "
■ i   ,:
. i ..'  ,,f |lv-
mlnlng cann    I
t    Ti,.. wh,-.. Push
live per t'l'lll   "il  ii
■ t Is nol
..   ,        ,■.      . .
il i
■    ■ -i u Iin"
i tho Yukon it on
i llraiid T        I
Vukon might n
ton 1 inlr- n   tin
.!.•   Viik-ni
:       ,    .'.■',
■:i ihe
... popul  -
1'ukon to-tluy Is
i       :
il whiskey
unit,    Thero aro sttll    two
-I.nit- ii- vspapor.
live, per a
Mr   Mclnnes,
ih.- new ' ur, la popular villi
Mr. T v it'll  with  his
mining i •  . '   li
I'npi-r   Nn ..I. Ida.
Paper   inipliliis   ur   handkerchiefs,
llllli-ll  iti-i" ll.ll'i.'lll'.l Inlo I
irt- li'iin ilie i'ii*i, Inn.- l n hi ii-r
l. ,'i mi.   .     I j      i for ovi   1
iln-   Inn.
i-'ii's,1 the
musl n|i|i lover,
ll,,u   M|,l, I,.
"Tin' dug Wiili'h," ii  1'Uii  used  by
,   ■   Hi.- dodgo ttiii.h, ii
ii-l « il. I -- liilriHlii. "'l hi'twi'i n
Hum  ; .,,...■: .. duration in order llnil
i gniit mnl "i work should
lint he pul upon Hi" -iiiui' ii'.ii iu tl"'
ii. b "it   hitghl "ii. .ii i !.■ Bl idled uml
, * from which lean ■ i p 0| le
inuiij   v. i.» kni w him i   i    ted
111*   11
Hr tt...   :.,!  from tb" glory of popular
Ills wnili. re "f hard work
it,'iiiii i in.ii,.
Found tt. ,:, in . appro* ,.. but very bi .mi
Admiration si ini",I iii in' could ever cx-
pis t,
And that troi ■ stromely select.
i: .i i -    ild something foollsh-a trivial
Perhaps 'tit i iv ii banqueter's
.   '
[I f. i, wiili approval
or In
Ami iln- i" in . i.i ft ii," tvii,,:., country
oi  ■
I   Ob       "Iv    tins   |iluil<llng
i\ ii   i ■   it    '., ., wondering world In n
.1 ■
Whlt'h shows, Uu ton lowly ur one "I ihu
tt -,
Tl at yo        out of ill- ru. e if tun don't
lldt' 1
—Washington Star.
$100 REWARD $100.
IV'f lhl» paper will ba plowed lo loan
■  - : l.i-t onedrenJiHl ■! -■-..-,.iitrtt sclenca
p in cure Hi uli il- tStllRW, nml Unit i-i
I'niiirili,   11,iir» Catarrh Cun* ih iln* milt pMltiro
■    .,  , ■. *    '   ■    i  . i' rtl A.   Ciitnrrli
. ■* ii ■. n ,   i'- n ri'ii-iitM-
■ i .' '-ii i- taken in.
l.TIHlll) t illlt ili'.'ll\ nn llu- 1*1 1 uii,|   mm nil**)
A . I. .!*-ll.'.,ll,!lln'fii||||i|-
Hl.011 nf III,". ■.     .     .     1   ,-      nt< I. " lli'l.'lil -tl.|l|!tll
■   ■-. mi I ii-i-tni'i nntow
i ■ ■   i •■ i i Ptoni Inn i 'li
tin nffprOiio Hnii-
iin-i tMlnr* fnrii-i ■ ■-. ill ' ,t fulii to cure. ■*<■»■•
f-r i -t.| i, .* ■
Alii.-.. i.,i.mi m;v.. i'n. Toledo, 0.
,   ■
i . - ii.,:. - i ,;. :. l' u- for court.p»tlon,
Take No Risk
With a Cold
Further Developments May Prove Fatal.
There is Cure For You in
Dr. Chase's Syrup of Linseed and Turpentine
if j-oti i" ilil il i' 'inl mi nml fur
- ,„;-   ,. ,     ',     ■    •      ■   I    I'     .'    ' ,    i    '.'      '        '        ' Cl
,,ll very well in l"i ll run Ils i ' ills, llr. I Hyrup
Ti," i ' ,.    i   ■ ' ' .    'i .'.   i.   i
Consumption    and   I" i*ml.i    iti- ii   |
their ■   »
If you till "  |ilun |H ol
,,,,.    you     v   II    li ■',   i   III! 111!" II
0 or oilier fulnl     in; It
Did you over wait tn   thin i        hnve i       llr. i
'   ■
lie .i   .'.>'    em ■
- '
i iin
1 'A     "'     IO,
'   '       in Norway nro using sea-
Tin i Wnki  tin  Torpid Energies -
t  nm    properly   supervised
inl Iiii ni run Itsi If, v. ry soon Bhows
null iii Its working,   li Is ill" same
llll Mil ill ■ ll' -nl' I'lll'' gll-
ll li 'i from iln lime ihey nro llko-
y in lii'iiiine torpid nnd   throw   lhe
li in  mn rn' gear,    Purine-
l'i .  "ii   Pills wore niii'l" to
niiii such en.*, s. Thoy restore io lhe
full ihe Hugging faculties, nnd bring
' l li :  llll l Ill'lS ni 111" 111'
(!i ogiiiphi rs representing the prln-
ipul mil Inns ni" iu work in ii' lii.iM
ii ii gigantic iniip of the oiil'th,
llul Nol 1 "HI Hi-  Received the Tip
li'roui His l'iiNsi'iiK*-r.
"Do ynu think you'll In' alili' to catch
thnt 11:15 train';" luiiulred Iho nervous
pnsscngct-, ttilgellng ubout un his seat
in lhe l.ig four Iini'*!' Im*' Hint was Ink-
lug him over tli.' rough roads of the
Adirondack mountains tn the railroad
station, somo ton miles nway.
"I diintio," drawled Ilm grizzled ili'lv-
er, Industriously pulling nway nt his
l'i"', without turning his bond,
i'ln' lone passenger relapsed inlo sl-
lenee, Tlie linavy conch rninbled mi fnr
aboui mo mill's, when, nfter consulting bis itniili I'm' Hi" hundredth time,
iii" ii,'it"ii* in.iu broke forth again:
■ A "ll Un t.iu thliik you'll iniil.i' that
train, driver'/"
"Perhaps," canto iln- Bhort, droning
i',' *
Three miles woro reeled off
without n ifi'l being spoken, when tin*
lono passenger ouco moro tremulously
"How nlu.ut It UiitvV tVill wo get
Ihere mi luii"'.'"
"Mebbe," uonchalnntly answered ihe
niiii' ni.ire lhe worried traveler re-
lapsed Into silence.  And the lumber-
boi inch jolted uloug over the rough
ami uneven roads.
Tbo niixi'iiis iiniii snt In profound
meditation until n signpost mi tho road
Informed liim thai Hi" railroad Btntlon
tm* milt- two miles "IT. II" glanced at
Iii* quickly, then studied the Im-
ni"iiu' features of Hie driver i'or a full
minute. Aud a smile lighted up bis
face as lie lenned over nml. slipping a
silver dollar Inlo the calloused bund
of the jiTui. he quietly asked, "Will wo
catch iin.t train?"
"Sure!" iiiii.-kly came tin. response,
followed by lhe sharp cracking of the
whip over the horses' heads, .New
York Times.
Minard's   Liniment  Cures  Garget  In
. .Cows.
i i tu iInn bnllleshlp recently
Intinebeii ni Tries! bus n speed ol
2ii.ll" knol
The Cnnlgtirdlo gold Ileitis are to
■ i| wlih w.iii'r from n I'l'iiu
mm inii".- 'ii*inni
.iiiiui 0, lim.iy. governor of Alaska,
has resigned,
ll Known Everywhere, - Thero
* um n elly, iiiivu or linmlel in Can
iln where In Thomn- Ecleclrlc Oil
i. i.m known win n vi r Introdiici A
i niii'l" ;. (onlhold for Itself nml innin-
allied It, .--"in" merchnnta mny suu-
'.iii -nni" iii ini- remedy ns equally
lieiielli'lnl Such iveoinmendnllniiB I.,- received with doubt, There
. "ni- mi' Gi i.'Hi" nil. and thai in
i'.  iii'ini.i '.   Tui," nothing "is".
A «nr slr.ii is being ttaeil In n
l.iiiuiiin iiiis|iiinl i.i losl itliiii Bounds
:i 'hiil |" i ■     i,'
ind Health and Strength in the Use
of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills.
Every growing girl and every woman nenrlng the middle lil" Butters
from uiliniiiis peculiar to her si'\, At
these times t Ji.- health nnd linpplneBB
ni every girl ami woman depend upon
ih" richness ami regularity of her Look iu il." young girl whose
liiiiml is weak and watery, Iter mii'
is imi". her Hint and gums bloodless,
llir head aches nml her limit aches.
Sli" has nu energy, nu life, u poor appetite and ii" desire for exercise, She
comphiliiB Ihal even in walk upstairs
leuves bin' brenlhless. Ami thu woman in nn,ill" lit' she i* nervous,
Irritable nml depressed ■ liable to
Buddon muni.* nf pain uml distress
ilnn only ;i woman knows of.    She
urns iiniii iiniii. Inniilil" dizziness,
hm nml cold linshos, ninl," Inr life
miserable, Hm Dr. Williams' l'ink
lill* banish nil ihis misery, bocnuse
they lill ih" linns with rich, strong,
healthy blood which ni*".* tone and
strength to every delicate organ. The" ui .Mis. Geo. liniiliy, of Tilbury,
(in ., is mi" rn' Hm ninny thnl proves
, hm im medicine can compare with
llr. Williams' I'inl; l'ills in liiiiiiu llie
ills uf womankind. Mrs. llanby sin:
'I think in: Williams' Pink l'ills are
:. blessing lo suffering women. Por
n long iini" I tin.- n grout Biiffcrer
iruin ih" ailments thnl effect sn many
of iiij ■ \ i was extremely nervous
a: ill limes, suffered n gn ni deal
Iwith headaches nml Indigestion, lu
imi I tt,is iii ii thoroughly miserable
" ninn when I began lhe use ul' Ur.
IWIllliims' I'inl. l'ills. Imi after taking
in. i.i .i shnii iini" I began m Improve,
'nnu through their further use, I nm
now feeling lilt" n new woman. I nni
sure if iill siii, women wonl I lake Hr.
Wllllnma' I'inl, l'ills they would bo
convinced of llio greal good Ihey can
I Ur, Williams' l'ink l'ills .nn make
. ■•' iv idling girl ami Buffering woman
in ih" Iniul Btrong mnl healthy if they
ni" given ii fair ninl. Hm greul care
must he liiki'ii in see thai yuu nm ilm
genuine pills with the lull num.'. Dr,
|\\ is' l'ink I'llls for Pale People,
on lhe wrapper around ouch box,
Sold by medicino dealers everywhere
nr sum by mall al 50c n box or six
hut' for (2.50 by writing The Dr.
Uill .mis' Medicino Co,, Brockvlllo,
British  iiilhorlllea sny llml Frm	
ml ih" I'liliud Slnti • Imt.' ,    ecrel
under landing  regarding Veneaueln,
ii 1 Ion
in tho pn ii'iii i	
' Ur  las.   Word.
II" I have lulled Ihls evening to nsb
youi I. nd in uiui:., ' \\ ,il you lis
mi wife!
Sim   ,\n.
"Iteiuembi r, I have wealth and posl
lion   m imt ii" ymi say';'
"llul lake iini" t" "ii liter my propositi, li'int ,t"U It-talk j'Ui are a little
■ Hut, i on " n iv , l"' "disenable."
"..h. well, I suppose there's nn u*"!
Vu    ■■ .i mnl I stippc ■■ you il
i.i i itiiiii:"   i'olikei'B Btules-
u i I.
.   il     " \
■ ;  ■   i, In Peru i
'     ■
li I   I',..lilt,'.
.   : -1 heart
I' i ll, nil Sn?
-' ■   "Hi,ivs Kcolllg
■ i ippoiltei, Ii'-
Th" king of ilm Belgians 1ms made
only mi" appearance ni public worship in Um |insi yenr.
Th.- InrgcBl piiiim inn.uv iu the
world is in bo erected in Detroit,
oilliinls who arrested American
women in Turkey, hnvo boon pun
Sui" ii. nni. lot'B,      Mandrake nnd
Diilnl"!  niv liinttil In OXorl  ;l pntf-
iii'llll   iiillu.'lUf  nn  ill"   llt"i' nn.I   ihl
i   ■    i' -i i- ih. iu in healthful nc
Hun, Inducing u regular How ol llio
Bccrotluii. und impiiriiiiu' in tli" or
"uiii'li i" powei i" perforin their
Ifiinctlous iii"*.' v.ilimjil" ingrodl-
'. ir .iini' Into ilm composllloii ni
Pnrilleloe's \'"U'i;ilil" l'ills. nml *i rti
,in render Ihein ilm agreeable nml snl-
iiilnry medicine ihey are. There nr"
few pill:- so effective .i Ihey In Ihelr
Prices ..f American frulls In England nre in h" diminished hy a new
puteiil mi shlppln; boxes,
i   "I'll*- Dill •   D'Orle in i was given n
gold  i inl ni  Brussels in honor nl'
his Arctic expedition,
|   Oermnny's public   schools   conlnln
' lillilren,
Mm iid's  Liniment  Cures   Distemper.
i   ,'   : .
., ,,- , Hon   li
ui"   IA mii   gov. : iiiiniii.
I'mir ollleers nf  the   Inui  rtnj
iind iiuv" from Hi" Indian nrmy Ail
im attached lo tin* Japanese nrmy,
BREAD   is   never better
than the flour it is made of.
Often it is not nearly so
good, but that is the fault of
the bread-maker.
Without good flour, good
bread is impossible, no matter
how skilfully it is handled.
Now, good bread must
be good to eat, as well as
^H good  to   see   or   to   taste.
Good-to-cat bread  is  bread
that nourishes.
.  f In thc matter of nutriment,
Royal Household Flour
is supreme.   It represents tlie
)   best that  is  in  the wheat,
1   ground to a snowy whiteness
and pttrilicd by electricity.
It produces bread that is
light, easy to digest and best
or all—nutritious. Ogilvie's
Royal Household is to bu
had at all grocers.
Ogilvie Flour Mills Co., Ltd.
"Opilvii.'s Think fnr a Conic," contains
130 pases of excellent recipes, sonienevir
piihlislit'il before,  Your yruwr cun wli
102    yuu liutv to get it FULL.
Prehistoric, Miner.
la the Itiiyal museum, Brussels, Is
tbe skeleton of a prehistoric miner
which was discovered lu the chaH. lulls
of Oliurg. The slteli toll of tills ancient
miner, marvclotisly preserved, has been
arranged in ihe csnel position in which
be was found wilh his primitive tools
and Hints around him.
The Spider's Appetite.
The spi.l.t bus a tremendous nppe.
til.', nml his gormnndislng defies iill
Iiniii,,n competition. A sri.-niist whe
run Hilly noted n spider's consumption
i.r food in twenty-four hours conclud
ed ihnt if ilm Bidder wen' built pro
portlonntely ilm human scale lie would
eat (approximately) a small alllgalot
by 7 n. in., a lamb hy n a. in., a young
eanie.liipnr.l by I o'clock, a sheep ami
would finish up with a lark pie ic
which ibi'i" were 120 birds,
From Gay to Grace.
When Queen Victoria ninl " Mice ir
Wondi Hand" sin wns so much plcasef
vtlili ii ilnn she sent to "Lewis Car-
r ill" f r some -ii" :■ "f his books an'
received a work ou tlie calcubus, ll
Rider Haggard Im* u similar duploi
literary personality, f-r two i ks "r
Incongruous subjects have recontls
come from hi- pen, one lhe most i in-
tlstlo "f r nun"'*, mid iho other I
very sorlous sociological Bludy,
The Csnr'a Dnanhler,
I'll n Iiniii occasion nt New l'eter-
buf nil Ibe members of tin- czar's family mii' present at a ceremony, Including bis four l.uh' daughters, These,
however, drove up Inst, to Bud that the
entrance to Ibe palace wns blocked by
another carriage.  The Grand Duchess
nlg.i, the eldest A the four, wns visi- ,
Idy disconcerted, and, beckoning lo a |
mil Cossack, she ordered him to bid I
tlm owners of the voiture to move on I
and make room for  the  emperor's
daughters,   The soldier saluted, but
made no attempt to obey tlie mandate, j
Tbe Irate lillle lady, unable to tolerate
the Insult Huts openly od'ered to ber
Imperial person, leaned nut uf ihe mr-
Huge ninl called aloud in bor slum,
babyish voice, "Please to move ou!"
There wns a  moment's sihiiie, then
the iinor of the carriage opened Blowly,
nnd no less a personage than the czar
himself alighted and "book his linger
rebuklngly nt his Imperious littlo
daughter, l.oudou M. A, P,
Fvery drink of liquor taken, forces th.
hfiitt beyond the natural beat, It alie
[".iu*K's kidney nnd liver troubles. Nerve
-xhnitstion i. one ol Un' ailments brought
-in liy even moderate drinking. Blop nt
ni,,' ih,, us,- of liquor. If it inconveniences you t" tl" 'his li Is proof ,ioslilvt
Hint vmi have Iln' illsrns,- of tni-ltrh'ty
.ui need medical help, Thu. siek for
Mi.- l"-sl alii, The Keeley Cure has reel, ircl hull n uillllon people back to
i<'"lth. prosperity nnd hnpplness. Wrltt
to-day for otii'iiii-i' nnd «■•' ttill provt
.ur claim.. Address In confidence,
133 Osborne St., Winnipeg.
It Is wnll known that pure quartz
gloss possesses the properl," of transmitting very abundantly tlic so called
chemical rays of light, by means of
which photographic effect! ore pro-
duced, ami it bus often been attempted
in make photographic hiisos of quart!
nlono rn'miuuiiloly quartz nlso pos-
s,■**.', tho property of double retraction, so thai unless the opening of the
lenses Is very niirrnw good Image! aro
ii"i produced, Recently a I'mneb opti-
.inn, IO. Jd.irin, bus succeeded In milk-
inu- small photographic lenses of quart!
glass, iii which Botno "f tho difficulties
hnvo been avoided, and the lenses show
great rapidity of action, sun, the problem confessedly has imt been eniiroiy
solved, and the new lenses nre recommended by Ibeir Inventor only for special purpose!, Astronomers nre particularly desirous to obtain photographic
lenses possessing Die peculiar permeability to tbc actinic rays that character-
lno quartz.
Heed Peiii,
Heed pens split at lhe end like quill
pens have been found In Egyptian
tombs dating probably 'J,5bO years bo-
fore Christ,
II ii the Beit Value In Canada
To-day at 35, 40 and 50c
per pound,
I Ib.   and half Ib. Lead   Packets
31b. and 5 Ib. Tlm.
Prominent resident! nt Spanish
towns worn swindled hy a mnn who
laid he wns nn aide to King Edward.
Their Complete Home Cure.
Post Free to Renders of This Piper,
for Limited Period Only.
A handsome Illustrated treatise,
Hit ini; full description nf ltheumutlsin
and Paralysis, with Instructions for
a complete homo cure, describing the
moil successful treatment In lhe
world, recommended by tho Ministry
nml endorsed by medical men. This
highly Instructive bnnli was written
by W. II. Venn, u piiitleimin who has
made a special study of thoso diseases. The preface is hy n graduate of
the University of Wurizburg. Send
postal today and you will receive the
book freo by return.—Addros!, The
Veno Drug Company, 2' Klug Street,
Went Toronto.
The experiment In England ol
smelting ores from Cobalt, Ont,, has
been pronounced a buccobb,
Tho iniul enst nf ilm Russo-Japanese  war to Russia was 1,900,000, I
WNU   IMo   B7U\       I
Btone HiiiltiliiKs.
A thousand years hence nil the Btone
building! now standing In Europe will
have crumbled to dust. So perishable
ji tlie material of which they are constructed that tho process of decoy is al-
ready evident In many famous buildings, Neither marblo nor brownstone
cun wiUi*tuud tlm action of tbo elements.     	
Ou-bnnclt  at  lirst  uieiat  nethln;
■are than a Little.  wlnf csaL   . .
Hnrluntl fi Wolfo, Belfast, are lull tl-
iii: ih" largesi ship in the world tor
ho White Sinr line,
Dr. Aqnew's Powder l:..v.
\v   il pastor "I ih" Baptist Em-
, i mii. liitriiii gives sii'ins testt*
nn i i   .' liim bellover in Dr.
Ann. it''.   Catarrhal   Powder.      lie he.
liiiuiv kinds of remedies ttiihniit
i     i      "After using  Dr.   Agnew'a i'n-
i Powder 1 wns benefitted nt
nn,. " are bis words. It Is n wonderful
remedy,   tu cents.—86
A large village of the bronze ago
has been discovered In northern luly. THE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, 15. C.
OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWQOQtt views, he Is apt to bo moro concerned
- 'with results   rather thnn   processes,
nd often disregards tbe calls of cnu-
A Series of Articles Describing their Lives, their Aims
and their Influence,
Hon nnd policy in tbo pursuit of whatever ho deems tho proper course to
pursue. Not tho desirable nr tho
merely expedient, but the right, is
what he alms at. On mutters Involving principle ho will neither truckle
nor compromise, nnd his downright
torthrlghtness sometimes Ioscr him
friends and allies that a moro cautious and experienced man would utl-
^, llzo In tho advancement of the views
OOOOOOAOiC(l»»»l<^.O.O.WO'001hi> desired to prevail.   Mr. King is a
mnn of positive    personal   opinions.
and Is nol afraid to giv     them   ex-1
presslon.   He has the co abntlve In-
tellectual temperament, and enjoys a!
controversy as nn Irishman enjoys a|
light,     lie wants to "see something
lining" all llie lime, and when those
Benson! of deadly dullness which bis
soul abhors come along, und they An
come In a newspaper, as in every oth-1
er business, ho can generally be rolled on A galvanise the neighborhood
Into Interest by stirring up some question, old ur new,  thai,   touches   Iho
mind!, or liearls, nr pocket!   of   the
people who rend bis paper.   He has1
the true professional Instinct nf the i
journalist,    He would much wither
see and hear hlniselr and   his   paper
abused   and   grossly   maligned   und
misrepresented than not lie spoken of
nt nil.   He would much prefer to be!
libelled thnn Ignored.
These characteristics suggest strong     \
Individuality,!and this is amply borne nunti
out by closer acquaintance vrtth the |(, ||
editor  of the Brandon Times,     lie-
You raniitit be expected lo have laiih ia
Shiloh'i Coniumption Cine, the Lung
Tonic, a. a cure for Colds, Cough, and ail
ilu-str, of the air pa--*B*i, il you have
not tried it, We have lailh in it, and ive
guarantee it, II it doem't cure you it co-u,
you nothing. If it doe, it coiU you 25c.
rhat'i lair. Try it to-day.
Shiloh ha, cured many thousands of the
nn"! obilinat- casr», and we do not hesitate
to say that it will cure any Cold, Cough,
Thioat or Lung trouble. II we did not
believe tlii. we would not guarantee it.
lecord ol
Shiloh has had an unbrolten i
aticcea. for thirty yean.    It ha,   inoil
every poasibl- test without failure.  Further
ii found in llie many testimonials of limit
who have tried Shiloh and been cured.
Mn. Archie Taylor, Asaph, Pa., wtilei I—
" hotllf of Sri-loli'i 0-niumpt.on Curt
■nd (nunti il vrry bencficiil. I lnvetwo cnildnt,
tnil llu-v U<t a I-".'.1" cotiih. 1 .«■■• them
rvnvtliina 1 coula think M, l>ullhry lot no beltn,
until nne rvrninii my hmUml I -'■ u'.t it holll* of
Shiloli. We nivr it la llie cHlwttfl whin thtr
went In l-ril, irnl tliey ■!-■ I til niufil. It rufM
llinn romplcltly, I thill ilwiyi keep it io tnt
I10UK." <*>l
21c. t.illi .uaianle- wl'.i.vfl mrtlliin, ia a)L
The Don It Wn. Thnt Died.
A friend of nilue wns complaining
recently of tbe vlclonsncsa of a bulldog
owned by a neighbor, He snld: "That
cursed dog bit mo on the cult of the leg
the other OTODlng, and I've hardly been
ublo to walk since, l have spoken to
Jim —, Itsowuor, but he only Inugbs,
i am going to hnve the dog shot."
"Yes." remarked one of the bystanders, "I board Jim speaking of it. Ile
wns awful niiid nt you."
'•Mini at me, What for?"
"Why, be snld thut the ilofr bos been
acting quoerly ever slnee. nnd be does
uol km.w what is tbo matter with blm,
He called in n veterinary, und tho mnn
of medicino snld tbo dog wns suffering
from delirium tremens, ,11m snys be
will forglvo ynu If you will promise to
quit drinking."
The Initio mnn hnd business else-
tvh,'It right nway.-Albany Journal.
Relic of the Armada,
[e iinehor uf extremely null-
pnltern, probably dating back
times uf ih,, Ariiiiiiln, which
bus been hauled uu iioin ihe North
neath those traits ot impetuosity and Sen, wns recently brought Into Vm
isserl'iveness that have Hindu blm do-
nioiiili by ih,. mission ship Cholmon-
tractors, and even enemies, nre quail- deiey.    Covered 'iill over Hum stool
ties of sterling worth and excellence. I
If bo Sometimes errs nn the side of
| haste in ('0111111!,' to conclusions, his
tenacity In holding them, and his
tu head with barnacles and live nya-
lei's, h presented n singularly fossil
Editor ot  the Times, Brandon, Man. | sourcetulnea in defending tnem, com
The causes that Influence il mnn in
Ized appearance, li was thirty four
feel long with dukes three feet
siiiiai'o; tin* shank wns thirteen feel
tho selection of bis llfo   occupation Polonlua' advice to Laertes, "li'ewarn
pel admiral ion and respect.   Though ]mK .,',, !ln imiw,„S(, w00ll slll(,,; that
i>*i „■ '■   i'- .'"T rh!Jlr8t„!Bart "' "nd formerly heen fixed to it hud en-
Is ;i glorious beverage—-quenching nnd satisfying.
Remember there's no other " jnsi us :411ml" —insist mi getting Rainier,
Pacific   Bottling Works
Vancouver. B. C.
A Delleate Meolianleel 1',-nt.
An expert tool juggler in one i.f the
(treat English needle factories lu a
tesl of still performed .me >.f 11..' most
delicate mechanical teats Imaginable,
iln took :i common sewlug needle of
medium size (length one and five-
eighths Inches) uml drilled a bole
through Its entire length from eye to
point, tbo opening being Just law
enough to admit of the passage of u
very tine hair.
Some Years Since He Used Them
Now and He Has Ha,' "lood Health
Ever Since—Story ol a .All-Known
New Brunswick Man,
^^^^^^^^^^ ,„    I   Lower Windsor, Carlelon Co., N.D.,
- a „ ,a9   of   tbo 'for experimenting when you've   dlsi-ov- February 26-—(Special).—"Yes, I have
principles- of government, nnd famill-1',',ri1 """ !'"!! are a victim of sum,, one good health ever sine,. I used Dodd's
.-inntllvr nf kldnov disease.   Lay IW,.  n,„« n     .in,.. ..„.,.,[.,.,. „..,,, \,^
Hiiii,,,,ii,ii  nlrils.
Scientifically bumming blrdsnro "tro-
chllldne," and Ihnse who make n spe-
Clll itudy of them sro "trocbllldlsts,"
nlthuiiRh the birds aro not Identical
with the old Creek "trochllui," or "run-
ner," bird, which, according to Herodotus, entered tho Jaws ot the sleeping crocodllo and obliged lis big friend
by picking leeches from bis throat, Tbe
Hp«nLh name fur tho humming bird Is
"lonilnejo," meaning a third uf a dram
mul referring, of course, to the bird's
mlnutonesi, Hut the prettiest nnraee
nro those, such ns the French "froufrou," which refer lo lhe humming
iiniso sometimes produced by the almost Incredibly rapid vibration of the
wlugs. "Purring with her wings" is
the expression of Thomas Morton
(1682), the first English writer to mention the bumming bird.
tlrely disappeared,
The Ontario power commission will
uro many uud various.  Personal In- of entrance to a quarrel", none can
cliniitiou Is often neutralised by many accuse him of failure to practice the
oilier considerations ot Immediate ec- MCOtld> "But, being In, bo bear thy., , ,, ,     ,     ,
nni, l iiinsiu, i. nuns in i iiiii. ui.u.    .       .,   . onnnserl nm- hnwnrn nf recommend thnl  power enterprises bi
oiuiino necessity, but, in the uiinu,1, '• ,"'11.! "n npposeu msj oewnre nf ..... , ,n|p|.,a,,,,Ha
u men's occupation resembles bis Ithoe." With strong personal, ann|unJeiteken by municipalities,
character, in that it Is the product ot s""">tlm7 original views, will, good)
heredity, education und environment |pow8r? of wnresslon, a forcible stylo, |   Kidney Experiment.- There's noUme
Thero is in huniiiiiUind au Insensible,' a RM'l. working   knowled**"   ""   "-
but well nigh irresistible, tendency to
keep on doing tbo things With which !"'!ly ..witli the questions that constl-1 holti' ni the treatment   ihnt   thousands
one has long been Identified or ussoc
form it another nf kidney disease.   l.ay.?.A' "",','.',',' .,""nl',"'
I   «,«   Irnnlmnn,     Hint     Ihn-Mnnill ! KtlltJl'V   1 'ills. 1 III'  speaker WilS  Mr
one has lung been ideulilled or tissue- .          -  _                             ,'"„ quickly nnd permanently,  Bouth Amer- one nf the most highly respected men
iated.     "Tho nature    becomes   s,,|,.i'>»*">   *-tn.i nan   pontics, it is no ,      KM      ,.„,.,, ,mit pre-eminent In .     ,.     ...   , .,    .,,,„„,„■    ts';,,,i ,„
dued to what It works In, like  the ,w.""lor    lU Mr'   K n«   °MUPl<-"-   » ihe world of medicine as the kidney nit- '^ Ws *lrte^ SS the «^ OaS
dyer's bund", as  Shakespeare noted ■""', >,nsl ion * ,°B8 "« ~a— **■ '""s truest friend.-** n a lit    .lie      c   •
'  „„' „„,, ,, ,.,,.,'   .,„.„„ ,„   eratlon of   western  newspaper  men,     ..           .                 7,     ,        ,, .»».<ii Munit iieniiu.i iur. riu*t.i ioo
centuries ago, und lt lakes Btrong in-A'"""'" '", ,"'',1",or", ,10w',
tliienci'S to force u break-nway l'nnii 111("' t,,at J'8 fWStPr8d
ideas, ideals und conditions nnd hab-\fu««?« *or which his present posits of life and work, with which u mail 11Uo» ta but ""', P» J^   ,      ,
has for vears been closely connected. L n(,,"re ,aMliS*ta* ft.0 0,li(orsl,|n nf
Tbo  unwisdom  and  the  Increased Iine Brandon Tme8*.MI' *Sn8 J***?"
risks assumed by thus-, determined |5omo Joa™ editor otthe Bmndonln-
to make a Change In their modes of i 'lopendont  lhe paper founded by Ins
llfo or conditions of livelihood have1 ;l ,"''\1 \ ***<(• "■• W!IS » J0™'"-
long sine bi ie proverbial.   "Let l.sL?f.1h?Jl,'iti,sh.S0!lon!',,nn.11 pmh:
the shoemaker stick to his last." says
the homely English proverb, and human experience Is strewn thick wilh
(bo wrecks of onco   promising   nnd j
iKor'wm    Express trains   In   Russia   seldomItinued:
attain  ii  greater speed than '."-ii.A    "] had been troubled wilh my kid-
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^       nets lor a number in fears.   I Hied
  'several   kinds   of plasters ond other
Itch, Mange, Prairie Scratches, Cub- of medicines, but did not seem
an Itch on Human or animals cured [0 gel any lasting benefit. Il"iirlng
in 30 minutes by Wolford's Sanitary Dodd's Kidney I'llls SO highly ivc.iin-
Lotion. It never fails. At all druggists, mended I decided lo try them and tbey
 _ „„,„„ „„„ ,,„„„,.   made a complete cure of me,  That Is
ored to transplant to Western Can-:   A mim Wils ,r ! '"' wolvea '" M.U8; two years ago now uml us I Bald before
llow frequently are ihe honesty and
Intogrlty ot mnu disposed of by n smllo
or ii shrugl li"" many g I nnd generous actions have I ii summit Into
oblivion by a distrustful look nr stamped wlih the Imputation of proceeding
from bad motives by h mysterious ond
seasonable whisper! Look inlo companies i.f ilw*o whoso gentle natures
should disarm tln'in: we shall lllld no
better account.    How often dues the
reputation v( n helpless creature bleed
by u report—which the party who Is at
tbc pains to propagate it beholds wiib
much pity ami fellow feeling—that she
Is heartily lorry for ll; hopes in liod
It Is not true; however, »» Archbishop
TIllotSOD wittily observes upon It, Is
resolved in tho meantime to give the
report her pass that ot least It mny
have ftiir piny to take Its fortunti In
the world to bo believed or uot, according to llio charity of those Into
whose bunds it shall happen to full!—
Abrahnm Lincoln, nfler being a mem-
..lii the professional Ideals of the lio1"'1
motherland, He edited the tndenen-icame
dent with marked ability, but, natur
al! badly frozen before relief
successful careers   clearly traceable I ^ " dld not "Pi™! to a Canndlanl   Slln,i':1" Sre,P '■ botter "'",", "n'"r
successful careers, clearly traceable|ag |( wim]|) haya ^ lg  n  _MA S(1.„1R bu| ,, be8l w,„,, „s,„| ,„ uie
to tbo neglect or defiance of this ele
inenlary business principle. The
cases of men making a marked success of totally new occupations entered on. In or after middle life nre
rare. Western Canadian Journalism
can *hntt *,une oxainples, but il vor-
whclltlilu'   built     el      etitll'llle     p,illlt*
in tho other direction,
In   the  caSO  ul   iiii   e*lnlili*heil   blisi-
ne*s. the .'linnci'* nv(i strong tlu.t
some member of the proprietor's faintly will be trained and equipped so ns
have Iind guild health ever since I
used Dodd's Kidney  l'ills."
Dodd's Kidney Pills cure wieo nnd
for nil. There is no singe or form of
Kidney iiiseiise thai tbey do not cure
oinpletely and permanently.
A I'f-rfeit! Leaf.
Tbe teacher of a largo class In one of
tho New York schools once said to tbe
pupils who wero leaving for the sum-
men "I waut each of you to search for
a perfect leaf and bring it to mo wben
school reopens, Remember, It must be hpr of mgteu, desired to secure a
perfsct-every tomb right, not to speak (,|Prk8|„p ,n Washington, but be was
of mold or blight or discoloration, not MmeA hr jMtln Butterlleld, He
t vela brokeu." Tbey searched faith- ,va, jluppolnted, but hnd he not been
fully, but none found a perfect leaf, nefpntcu b, W0U|d bave ,pent h„ nfo
though tbey learned a great deal about ln oblcuri,T )n,toaa of becoming pres-
leaves while the- examined them thus Won. of „,j mM stlltP,_
carefully. Oliver rrnmwell wns once on board
a ship bound for America, but ho win
Thf Horn.. Voice. takcu bock by a constable, and the re-
ones surprise at tho fact that no ,u|t       „int bo Uvme      „. tb,
two persuns voice, ore perfectly alike (        ,,        ,        ^
censes wheu one Is Informed l.y an au- l;,         Qfant _oM m „„, bMn
Ibority  on  th. subject  that,  though ,           f        ,,D„ „ „„, b(1(M1 „,„, ,„,
there nre only u ne perfect lo.ies In th. ^ fM     w      ^ ^           M
human wee■ there a the utowiitni  bM„ foun„     h„,  u l0CJ ou ,ncb
number of 17,W.1MUMa.41S dUTerent   twUm„nA „,„,,
Tbe grout silver mine. Ihe Biker
King, bad been discovered by tbo lucky!
accident of a prospector throwing a
piece of rock nt u laiy mule.
to   carry   It  on In tho event of tho! ',■•  The present acknowledged post,
death or retirement of Ihe owner. Kv-I11"" ,l10 Timos occupies In Mnntoba
ery city has Us examples nf families
that for generations have been in Ilie
audience,  ruder tiie management nf Sunllghl way.    Buy   Sunlight  Soap
his son, nfter his death,   it   became an(1 *ollow '!|lw,lims'
moro adaptable, though, to a large I ,
extent   the   editorial traditions were    Seventeen   burglaries   of   tblnese,   port|aud    Oregon
worthily     perpetuated,     When Mr, laundries hnve occurred in Ottawa in W|llnmell0 ,,„.,,.,,,,,
Purcell, for some yenra the mnnncor the past few weeks,
and editor nf the Times, lolned the'
staff of the Brandon Sun, ill* Times Minard's  Liniment Cures  Diphtheria,
and lhe   Independent   amalgamated,
the   cnmlilnntlnn   forming  n strong    Kingston will make representation*
paper, and tn Mr. Clarence King was I" the Ontario legislature for u iiui'in
given the task nf guiding Ils deslln- nl school.
same business or profession. And,
ns there havo been generations of
lawyers, nnd merchants and divines,
so thero hnvo been generations of
newspaper men. The mantle nf the
father has fallen on lhe son. and llie
traditions of policy have thereby persisted through many years.
Western Canadian Journalism Is too
young lo furnish ninny examples of
the editorial pen being passed on
from sire to son. In the west thero
are some instances. The I.mine*
sire and sun. have been nasoclated
With Hie Battleford Herald ever since
that paper, the oldest In the two provinces, was established, Walpole
Murdoch, irf the Hnrtney star. Is n
newspaper man by heredity ns well
ns by Instinct, for his father conducted the local paper at Blrtle, nnd was
associated   With   others,   until   his
death.   And, iii the city nf Brandon, ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Clarence   King,   lhe   editor   of   tho I   The Hank of America  recently or-
Times Is nlso' a Journalist by lineal ganized In Chicago, has failed.
descent, succeeding to  the  editorial'
chair on Hie death of bis father, under whom he learned practically oil
be knew of the business.
Meteorite Sold for S20.000.
- The famous
^^^^^^^^^^^ has been sold
to n New York sclentest, who will
present li tn the American museum
of natural history In New York City.
ihe price paid was I2O.G00, which is
| said to he the highest price ever glv-
■ en for u meteorite, The huge mass
:of ore Is one of the best specimens
of meteorite ever discovered, weigh
ling aboui fifteen tons, li tm* found
near the banks of the Tualltan river,
Is Ihe besl  niissihle ll'lbllle to the pf.
ncleney of his management. Typo-1 Much of the^worry which every|rn"ciiickaraaa county, Oregon. After
graphically, the Times hat ever since mother of young children undergoes, „s discovery ii wtO the Dbjeel nf
It come under the control of Mr. E.L. would be spared If tho mother kept muCh litigation between those who
(bristie.   been    nne   ol   the   best Baby's Own Tablets  on   hand,   nnd claimed to have found It,
papers in Western (.annua. gave an occaBlonnl   dose   when   the 	
 '  1 fltilsi was fretful,  cross  or  feverish,)        ....   _ .       u.   „.,,„..,..
First woman Engineer. Nearly nil the ailments of childhood        stl" Enj°1"' Hl*   Vl,tl"'
(ieiieva,  8-vitaorlnnd—Mile.   Butti-enn bo traced to the stomach, bow-1   London, — "Orandfather   McVilly
ear i* the first woman in   Europe to.els or teething.     For these troubles Kil|K Edward's oldest   subject
sounds. Of tbeie lourtceu direct muscles product l(i,r)S,'l, and thirty Indirect muscles produce 178,741,828, wbll.
oil lu co-operation produce thu total
gl-cu above.
A  ...n.iuu.  Actor.
Sir Henry Irving one dny met a bra-
ken down actor In the Strand. "I never see you nt tbe theater now," said
Sir Henry. The other murmured somi-
thing nbuiit bis III luck nml shaldilneas.
"Oh, nonsense; you ciime tomorrow
und give your iinuie nt the boi office!1
St. Nicholas,
Rnnln ClUUI was born In Pntnvln, la
Asia Minor. That was not bis real
name. Ile wns un abbot and nnmed
St. Nicholas, He attentat**] becamr
archbishop of Myra. At tbo Inttcf
place be died and wns duly burled. In
May, 10S7, bis remains wero csrrhsl
by some pious Italian, to [tori, on tho
He went, In find two tickets uwulllng   ".', \™'~~ '
.,  ■   Adriatic const.    Ihey nre now nt rest
him, Willi n llfty dollar not
A  llmnr.llr  1,1.,-,,..Inn.
Wife William, I do think our boys
sre tlie worst I ever snw. I'm sure
they don't get it from me. Husband
(snappishly) Well, tbey don't get It
from me. Wife (reflectively)- Xo. Whs
Hum; you seem to bave all yours yet
adopt engineering iis a profession;   As no medicine enn equal   Baby's   Own lives al the Home for the Aged, main,
charming as learned, Mile.   Ilntticar Tablets, and the mother has tho guar- talned by the Little   Slaters   of  thc
i* a Swiss, and ber native country i* antee of a  governmenl  analysl that *•»■. hil< ',|"''h'11 hla ,l"" >'flnr;
proud ..I her.   She im* griuluateil at I ins medicine is absolutely safe.. Mrs.    Por  fourteen   yenra  tho   Slsers,
I,ou*ni  I'nivcrsitv, where   sho won Kenneth    Mclnnls,    Lnkeflold,   Ont, «'l»ls W ™»™ '<>>' ""' B"n« "'">'
a diploma with honor nnd mis sixth says - "Baby's  Own   Tablets  area|!?og from dour to door,  hav
in older ol merit.
perfect    medicine    in    every
for the old mnn.   ll   Is  twentyeiuht
Miss is practising in thislThero will be no sickly children Iniyears since he   returned   from   the
city, and brilliant sticess is predicted the   ho a   whore thoy   aro   used." United States.,   nnd   whllo   ho   was
for lior ns an ongii r.   However, sov Sold by all medlcl Icalers or oy  here be burled Ills wife,   whom   be
veiiil dcsirablo suitors, inch   ossured mall al 25 cents   a   bos  by  writing I married In Ireland when she was a
thnt she ttuulil well iiiit! truly build
bi* lite'* happiness are trying to coax
her to change her plans,
A Nelson Relic.
The   Dr.
Williams   Moillrini;
C A. Douglas of Ottawa Is n i«"ie.
flclary under the Will of Mnrshill
Field of Chicago,
ihe   Dally   TelegraphI or higher wages,
Interesting nnnouncemenl
Toronto sailors will probably strlki
Mr   Klin' Is    certnlnlt-   one nf the 'makes   tbt    r.    ^--r"an
„,    'f,   " „ | writer, as'wellas °youth. '" '"" , «»«*,   . *8 "^ ?ra       ""'I""'1  "f """pSTn l     I  "'•' 'VlUlo»'"'
r,,i 11,.,1,-es in  Manitoba   lournallam, |i» '-'"-'I NelBon'a handwriting o  lis Btand  loway^a Corn Cure; It I. ef-1
Ho has all the excellencies, and some 'htatorlo  "general   memorandum    m fectual every lime,    Qci a bottle
of the defecis. characteristic of .-n.-i-il'i** captains al Trafalgar,   lhe docu.|once and be happy.
getle.   earnest   minded   voung   men. ""'nl, which   was   s, used   to    bl
He is dynamic magnetic, exuberant, I lost, was In the poaaeaslon of a prl
the possessor of a strong will nnd a.vnie> living near Merton abbey
vivid Imagination,    Bomewhat prone /be home ot Lady Hamilton,
lo Impulse, wiib high Ideal) and inrg
gill ami lie wa* a lad of olglltcon,
"It   is  thirty   vein's   since   she  died,
liii she was eighty then,
"Yes, i have  iitc'i   a  vory   long
while," he suld to u visitor, "ll Is
because I have always led a steady
life. I wiis never the worse for liquor III my life.   I never uie io., much.
never believed In ruining my stom-
niii wiili iiii, much drink or fond. Aye,
nm lu.i'i't   I sleep well uml enjoy
in • splendid church which bears bis
name. The people oroiind about make
a pilgrimage (o his shrine every year..
No one seeking food on that occnslon
Is refused ll by lhe priests, while ac-
COmmodatlon Is given to as many pilgrims ai the edifice will holil. On St.
Nicholas' day. Im,-. U, n grent celebration taken place In bit honor. L'nrly In
tbo morning the populace take bis image from the priests ond carry It
through tbe town.   At ulght the rlty
lh»> \.-r. Least.
"All!" b" sighed,   "If ynu only gov.
me tlie 1,1*1 possible hope 1" ~§	
"11 1 gracious!" retorted the hard  " *""""' ll1""""""''1-
henries) belle,   "I've been giving you
ibe least I "ter gate t„ any ninn" A ..„.,,. ,„„,„,„,„„,
A  curious  old  superstition  Is thnt
*• ""ul"' nine holly loaves tied lu a handkerchief
lack  Whal seemed to lie tho hard-   „,„, „ knotl .„„■ ,,,.„,.,, uuill,r ..„
est thing lo you lu learning to rid. th.    ,,,„„. „„ ni,;„„„.„, n)gl,t m ,,„„„
ilrvole"   T'.ui  The ground.
the ileeper to dream of Ins or ber nature wile or hllsliiiinl.
Palrvllle, Bepl  JO, 1902.
Mlnai l'i i.m ii Co,, Limited,
Hear sirs   We wish to Inform yuu s;,rv doctor?"
"Orili-d  tha Slnnrr.
"lint linn operation absolutely neces-
ihat we consider your MINARD'S
LINIMENT   a very superior article,
mid ive UU ll as a Mile i'lnl foi sore
brant and chest When I ti n you i
would imi be without it if Un price
was otic dniiiir a bottle, I mean It
Youn truly,
('HAS.  I'. TIl.T.i.Y
A Doctors
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral is not
a simple cough syrup. It is a
strong medicine, a doctor's
medicine. It cures hard cases,
severe and desperate cases,
chronic cases of asthma, pleurisy, bronchitis, consumption.
Ask your doctor about thii.
MI ti... used . .ml H-.l nf ij-'t Chart.
r-a-tnr.l for con.ha .11.1 hard mi'i* an Ih.
-latst    11 Iim.Iw.,, don. m- M.   I*
1. ,.,'.',. . ',"..1 wnti'lfitul rniitli tnndl
rtn.."-MlcHAIL J. ril/a.sSAI.11. M.tllanl,
Canada's Early  History.
Ottawa.—-Dr, Doughty, tho Domln-
on   archivist,   Is   meeting with en
cournglng success in I Islnnn,   ip
A Casket ol Pearl.. Hr. Voa Stsn'.
pineapple Tablets frould prnva, n »i-ai
.olaee t" Hi" disheartened dyapeptle U
he would bul leal Iheli poll n■■>-. Thay're
t.iitniil'' si.fn- i'i preventlni tha saitlni
,,l   ■ I,.III:,   ll   ,11*,,,,|, 1 -    I,'.    Hldll I'
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ illnllnt;   •Uf. .ii f   Hi—    h.rllh
rt-    a**a   rtln»m.n.   e*   Bllaa    a'.int.KoiH   Diittt-aa    ,,, , "lif", Is" III II lies   .mill.'. •'.
^;,i      ai   S, 1     !" scovoroda   largo   nui r   of  freommjnded  by   most eminent phys
ItcliliiK.    1 mum   ui -> 1 ti<1    II nd lJ If1!.. . . ,     ■innn.-C'l
Comfortta one application,  it cures ""I";1 :"" l"|rlB" ,"* »e" «'hici.l,rmn
in three to siv nights,    li cures all "'   ""'""', »n Important light u ,
■kin  diseases In young nnd  old.     A ,'"' . .I'"1'1'" .  ul';", •   '", ''    ,V   ,?'
remedy beyond compare, and it never l'""Wi',"i|. French   anadn I nd Acadia
tails.  86 <i-i.tH.--Ai wore closely  Inked, i rnd nthor
Ulncnmnlils    tvhnse   existence   und    de-
|-   11    ClergUG  d.'lll.'S  llnil   Hi'    Son
nrporatlon Is   to   bo   amalgamated
with another stool corporation,
wm. Bnndci on,   editor   nnd   pro-
bv lire.
McCllll university gol J.'.".'  from
^^^_  durum.'tils,
The Clrnvenhursl   Bnnltnrlum   forlposltorles ho has ascorlalnod, will be. .„„.„ p.nnnlll|„ u
, .,,,,.,   nt ..,.,,.,,   ,..,1,,,,   1,.   ,,,,.   nt,,,,.,  ..r  1. I..     " '"ll      ul       e      nl'illtii   l.'i'll'illil   1.   I.t
iBtumptlvos wns partiiiiiv destroyed '" grcai mine m the Btitdj ni certain '    ,
phases of lb" history of Canada be- " '"■ 	
ore ilie 1 im sl.   Mr. Doughty thus'   .,
wli  able Ai.'id materially to hi.*    ^"v P» •« "»'"•"
projected guide 1 1.   ...   tho   doct- ?,■"> *Jono' b,«   ,lck,0« A""(
------        tive Byrup conllnu.   to occ ip) n [on
musl   place   among   remedies    for
coughs and cold*, and as a pi
of decay of lhe I *. n - -.   It I
aid medicine thai wldi ri   Ita sphere
nl  u II liilne* i yenr  In   ti in       If you
.are Iii heotl of sniii. liiiim lo rid yourself of a cough or '■ ild, you i
i iiinn try Hi. kli 's Byrup
the estate of tho late Edwin ll. Klas.|mentary H„l„,;„s 0( ,,,„„„„„ lllsl0,.),|
Minard's  Liniment Cures  Colds, 4c.
__A» hr J. 0, iytr Ct.. LM|Q| **«.• I
Alt* itiPfi..r« *
rarlurci. .f
>_   JaJISlPAHLa
William O'Brien, M, I',, claims that
n peaceful  revolution Is now taking I
place In Ireland,
The British government considers
lhe Chinese situation la becoming In
lulu in A*' ugly'
'l in- damage dono lo English nils-1
mi stations iu China exceeds (60,
Herr Mnguer   of   Berlin   declares'
thai  British scientists are tho only
rsons from whom Qi rinnn doi loi
inigl     eari hlng.
You will hasten recovory by tak
'nn ona of Ayer'i Pill. Bt bedtime, nt 10,000 u yenr,
Tlm   Chinese   govornmonl has i n-
igod   ,i   J.ii.,!.' o railwaj 11
A iiioiniiii'in Is in h" 'i'"'    '   "
"    "i Edna Lyall oi i:
I ■ |,|i'i|,|     |, ,, |     I     I,   l".|l'-lli|e  for
a. iiiird "' ' hi In thi  Ui tl li
nny In India,
Ing  la,
'.'.■'■ ',
■    |1,
Leper Colony on D'Arcy Island.
Ottawa    In   lime   , hi, i    n edical
niliiei ei liiiim [ration, on lil I    In   lhe    I';,. III.-   ,n,,*l    Vl*llei|     lh„
colon) "ii li In■.  I i I    iii.ii
\ ii "in.i  " Iii i, sboul ,i doaon i IiIiipm
!,'|M'i* „i, [.gated     I''    niitcastfl
ic i     ',[ hi ini, bililtlii       One i
iiun* *u rooms, the ntlii'i twe   i ii h
■ i- I'liiii-lnil inti, ..   i ink
,,.   ton  .i'l  ■■■ i i
tnillli ll ns I lie, t'lliln
■    "III,.
■'. i • ,■ li, an
j'i'iti'l, d in ab mil	
mii.,I,it,,nt* own 'in, ''or., ii Inui*. und
have until i cultivntioii in srl-  re
i land mi ttliich il,,".    raise
■ ■ ■   .'.le*
Pitiful   n*   Ilnn   Inl   li nt   i,pp,,ii   In
tln,e iinacuiiaiiited ivitli   tin u miiili
'   ,   ',,   'lllll,-.
'In  opinion nl inspector Wi
has (oi ' . ■     ears al
■ , .     .
tlm lu-t lea  mot      reconcili
-'■In- in ih. forced   eaili      11■■
li i'    rang. • i u - i I
i ■
i' >iil. ni ■
for  I " ,      ■  ' i   tin*
.■    . |)|
pying I
n'l'l    pari" nli ri       then
ilu ■
.   ■    md i
supply   tin    .       initj    l.ii'i'i    by
*lii".lmi "ill*
l' I; i
"Certainly! I've git to have a vacation next month."—8mart Set.
 Coldl llf Ult most lUnjrer.
on* .*( ill fomu "I diMAMi A
Mglet ted i old ludi lo BronchitUi
i omumpi Ion, Pncunonlt*
■ i ighi ^rc the mull ol (rriut«
. lubei "Pivchihi"
j". removing .hr irri.
i * d ...ui .;, s end heeling tht
intiifinil membrane. '•lsa Wfol*
i ,' ii deitrori the Lul en le
j-ciin. |i ii 4 tonic tint itrength*
eni the lunpi the liver, end lonei
up tiir ivtiem. 11 mikes forbeiler
beejth in ill • onditiom of humanity.
Del itrons end Ibe i ough will dn-
■ppear, "Pivt mim" mikei weak
I itrong. li curei«ougbi of
the moil obdurate kind and bicaki
uy a cold In ■! few houii.
OH. T. A. ILOCUM, Limited
179 King It. W.        Toronto, Ciinade
W    N    U    No   B7I TIIIC   EXPRESS
Wc have the best list
of business ami residential pro per tics,
cheap '"'t' age and all
Amis ul li.uit-f*. im ^ i
and rent. See us I" ion
(he Bank Block,
North Vancouver.
Lots for Sale
60.60,66x132 FT,
(mm $80 10 V'iil I'" lol.
2 Acre Block on Corner
fronting lonsdale Ave.,
$700 Cash.
Queens & Lonsdale
and Fifteentl
Rolled Oats
Hay and Feed
m——-—m a.* i
ihP BrackiTsairj-Ker
Milling Co.
Il.trr;.  Mil I • ,,. I    il m
Lonsdale A
■* '.;";■;   ';
1 have 1
' en instructed In st II u /'. w
pieces "i i
nml 3 m res m prices which
will insurt i/i oil profits by subdivid
ing.   These plots are all within Tilh si.
Tlie  North
Vancouver Specialist
llii Cordova Street.
Only i!ir In'i mul finest lines kept
in stock, including STEEL BR1GGS',
li.   M,   FERRY'S, .nul   W.  RANIE'S.
Your Choice at
McDowell's Drug Store.
Western Corporation, Ltd.
•accountants, Auditors,     Plumbing nml tinsmith-    tiny, Cut Ile and Chicken
Real fslate Agents, InJ. l-ccil
I umber and ail kind>, oj Bulltlin' tlati rial. Contractors ami Valuators.
Me. have an Innv.t nsr amount of Cordtvood mi hand.  Place your orders with
ns jnr Hi, ttinlir.
400 Granville Street, Vancouver, B. C.
District of North
A Mii i in*, ni Rati i'i'.' rs "( the
Rural   District    ml iti   tin   ' '
ii, ,  will bi 1" 11 in il" Munii ipal
ll.i.l. North \ 'in Oliver, on
. lock i'. in., i
ug i lllll 1-
tlll  I 1','. ,11' il.
,\i ."i ii 1',. Ki '.iv,
til I.(. 11(11
LL.ll I
.\i;i iin a rs
Formal .ind Landscape
Gaadcnin7, Gcner.'l
Draughting and
Blue Printing
Samepriccs, and in somi cases
eltnijH r than city.
Wc (nl tli;it it ii* iv t too   ;    '
i'n '.ini the late popular interrogate!) ; "1 i ivi  you  n gist, red?"   If
not, do so 1.rii.ti- the ." tli i   ta il
Ma*. Roi!.. sti r, dominion 1.1. ■
grapli sup. nut' ndent, wns a
v sitot i;i North Vancouver on
M iiiilny. II" was su enthused
with thc placi that before he left
he purchased some lots.
Exchanges   just   arriving   an-
ii 'im e the di .nh "I  Dr.  J.    R,
Kealy, M. IA M. K. C. S., L. S.
A., ul i hi .'nm,   I l.uits,   Em;.    At
ige ol     hi        'il nn honor-
Real Estate and Insurance
You '.nil Iin 1   i    ■   '    '
am -I' il
mil      efiil      reel
i ■ . ■ ! nn  um le   to    Reev.
Kealy "I this municipality.
Its ;in ill wind tlint blows nobody
g I,   (in   Saturday    afternoon
around that plact-, sunt, inu: .i
wagon-load "l hay and gi i
to tiir I'uir winds. They
across the lot to Lous laic avenm .
I, aviug thr ,itt,'i|.,i!t ol tin tt i oi
i ' ii. win re il had In com
fast In tho mud. Racing as il
in.ul. they i.m down this thorough
fare until opposite the road entering tin- Westi in Corpoi uioti
premises, which they turned in.
and not until one ol the Inn*' * fi ii
were they captured, Beyond .i
broken reach in the wagon, no
serious damage was done, but il
was lots uf Inn while it lasted.
Sinn,' folks are born lucky in
teadol good looking,   Mr. \Y. I'.
T|lc >•'    II •■' was the lucky ticket-holder
4!2 Hastlnqs Street West, Vancouver- ti. C.
Just Arrived __ ' ■
Ldi'.: \ Fell and Winter Goods
tor I m Oven .cit.
■..ii i
in the drawing for the pomeranii n
pup that wn* disposed ol on Saturday afternoon by Mr.  Henderson,
Mr. Jus Fillier had a bee at  his
during the heavy wind several trees house on Monday evening Inst, tin
wen toppled ovei onto the flunn
catling from M. Nair's i amp,
breaking it in live placi s within a
occassion being the raising ol n
Hag pole on Iii* pn miscs, The
pole is one i I the finest to be sei n
ini!", and putting it Inns de combat M0[m\ |,erC| ,„„i measures ,-, 1,11
If" 'wooi three days. Vftei this part ol tin ceremony the
I'    In nt  ii- i   on   Su.ii In helping ban Is   i*. paired   to   th*
•    i       t con itlcrable dam housi, win i   ihej wi n the gin sis
i more wn    I   in   m . watei ol the i vi ning by Mr.  and  Mrs
ovei th ■ town wi re in..'' n, fill ' uio t i njoyable i vi n
l-ril ••'    , iv i" hrok n ns being spent.
ii I II    '    |
1'. Larson. 1 'rop.
iN nUiLDiNG be sUre a.Nd HaVe tHe
connect o I oUr Wire Next spriNo
.  ..'llJaw'JI IS ai, *.    ..TO'I
B.C. Electric Railwa) Co, Lid.
,i i '.,  ,u
■ I McN'air's camp
minor injurii s by the cold snap.
I'hi   iIm' I   Tl
Nolan Public. General \uiiiiini*e
167  Cordova *.i.ti,  Vancouver. B. C
Tho logging camps on this side
"I  lliiriiinl   inlet   are   hi
notorious   (or   their    di tn
accidents of late.    Many ol  tin
CAPIl \l.. -i. "                         RICSI R\ E,
||i id I llll                  , Mui tn i
11    ■ '.t"               .,   '             'i'
llrnnchi i

liii'           '.      h 1                  \shrroft,  G
ll'        -        :
Olfice, Cor. Lonsil i   We. anil 1 spantide, *u	
. hi - n "ii:.''   -1   in i ii i Im*'' hei n reported lati ly, and no
iln inl. t.    NorthVaw   i   i   loiild more painful accident has   hap-
be up nml doing, cithei  form a pencil than that which occured on
-,.   'i iini) hero or join   hands! Monday afternoon,   While opernt
with the Terminal City and push ing a logging chain, a loggei  in
the g I   work   along,   "Watch ''ul1"' unaccountable manner,  got
North Vancouver grow,"  should one of his fingers caught in a link,
In the slogan for our new city,       »nd before the machinery could
bestoppi il, the ineinbei tins pull, d
On Saturday afternoon n ti dent off at lhe second nuckle, causing a
ni  Lonsdah   avenm   were   given  very painful   wound.   The   man
, |   > rj| iin- ,n Iiii,ii      ,\ was i.iiitc,' il in the office of  Dr.
i   loan li lian made I3v«r. on Fii I ilreet, who dr,
,., _ ih" hand,    I he unlnrinii.ii.   i
"        '        St'ini     is  reported i" he doing   nicelv,
though it will he some ti  .
'lilt.;, they run he van resume his occupation,
ii  - ■ rIm*  outright .ill
i-lusn'i ,, a lor i'ii*li.
ll.. Im*' llli, i -i  ■ ml wm n'.'ni property In North
Viiin in.   sw liim ni ni pli'l ni- up proporty In
tlii* tion.   lit* win*, 111 >   SOU, nml vull «lll niiiku nioliuy, ll ::
Ogilviu's Royal Hounelioltl FLOUR,
$1.50 I'or 8uck,
j. a. McMillan


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