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The Express 1908-03-20

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 lAtrary UU, Ammbly      ,
Local Meetings,
City Council Meeting, every Monday, 8 p.m.
Diatrict Council Meeting, every Friday, 7*15 p.m.
Buanl uf Trade, Third Tuesday, 8 p.m.
Buaril ul Trade Kxivutive, First Tuesday, 8 p.m.
School Board, Firnt Friday, 8 p.m.
Local Meetings.
Ifglitf ul Pythiat, Mruiid and Fniirth Momluv, K p.m
"Athletic Club, 1'ir-i Mmi'lny, H p.m.
Vuiui*.' tWplt'l I'lu'i, Fiery Tuesday, 8 p.m,
Horticultural Mtating, Si-cund Weilnmilay, 8 p.m.
FirtiiieuV I 'nn ti.e. Kvery Friility, 7:1(1 p.m.
Wireless Telegraphy
Officially inaugurated
Greetings Exchanged Between the Mayors of North Vancouver
and Victoria.—Messages are Now a Possibility Within
a Radius oi Fifteen Hundred Miles.
The United Wireless Telegraph j
Company of America have erected I
a wireless station here, and is now
in operation—the first wireless
aerograms having been despatched
and an answer received on Friday
afternoon last. A (ull and complete equipment will be installed,
and H, M. Reynolds, superintendent of construction, confidently
expects to break records all along
the line in the sending and receiving of long distance mesuages.
Many folk have heretofore
looked upon the transmission of
messages without wires as
mythical, much in the same
light as did the people a generation ago, when Morse connected
two separate towns with his system ol telegraph). Two poles,
no and 124 (eet in height each,
have been erected on the eastern
end of Victoria park, also a sta-
tiun. Between these two poles
wires have been strung, which do
the wotk of the countless miles of
telegraph wires. From these to
the instruments in the station two
wires lead, which serve the double
purpose ol sending and receiving.
On entering the office one Ig
amazed at the sparclty of nni han- which the imagination
stored up. instead of coils of
wire,clicking instruments and bells,
one finds on the operating table
two small boxes and an ordinary
electric switch, which do the
work. The method of sending is
simple. Electric power from lhc
sub-station of the B. C. F.lectric
furnishes the juice, which ii
stepped up from no volts to 125,
000 volts by a system of coils.
From an ordinary telegraph key
the message obtains its beginning,
passing along to a peculiar looking contrivance, which is tei nnd
the sparker. This causes the
electricity to jump from one needle
to another, a distance of about an
inch, which then passes out onto
Ihe pole wires and onto the next
station. For the purpose of
secrecy this little instrument can
be " tuned " in accordance with
the station to be communicated
with. A coil of wire, much resembling a large spring, acts 11
the tuner.
In the despatch of a message
the electricity jumping from one
needle to the other makes ones
ear ring, but the receiving is as
silent as a telephone receiver, and
worked much after the same style,
the instrument being placed over
the two ears and supported by a
head strap. Weather has no effect
on the use of the instrument, as a
message can either be sent or received during an electrical storm.
Four men may be in operation
here at the one time, sending messages to any part of the world the
instruments are able to reach, the
distance depending upon the
strength of the spark. Mr. Reynolds informs us that he expects
to get into communication with
Beaumont, Texas, a distance of
nearly 2,000 miles, shortly. While
the temporary wires were in use
last week the station picked up a
message from the SS. Monta Rosa,
plying between Portland and
Frisco, while she was endeavoring
to get the Mare Island naval station. It does not take a message
very long to reach its destination,
as the waves travel a distance of
1X5,000 miles a second—or the
same as light.
The United Wireless Telegraph
Co. has now a complete chain of
stations down the Pacific coast as
far as San Diego, Ca! , supplementary to its vast Atlautic roast
and (iiiil of Mexico systems. The
equipment is the embodiment of
the Sliiiuiather, De Forest and
other amalgamated systems, with
all their latest improvements,
which this company has bought up,
Provincial Manager C.L.Parker,
who has his oflice in Vancouver,
stated that messages would be received and despatched at twenty
per cent, lower than any of the
telegrapli messages, and that the
company guarantees the utmost
possible celerity in tbe despatch
and receipt of messages. A competent operator is in charge, and
the office is now open to do business.
Certainly Norlh Vancouver has
been fortunate in obtaining the
establishment of a wireless station
here, which places us in touch
with not only the coast cities, but
ships that are coming and going
on the Pacific which have the system aboard.
Clear Your Lots
Says Board of Trade
City Fathers Busy
On Tiresome By-Laws
Mining to Resume
On Seymour Creek
A syndicate of Arizona mining
men have bonded a group of
claims situated on the Seymour
creek, near the west fork, known
as the Bank of Vancouver group,
for a round sum of (200,000, a
substantial cash payment having
already been made the vendor,
Jas. Saulter, a well-known Slocan
mining man.
The Bank of Vancouver group
was located last summer by Mr.
Saulter, and the property has the
earmarks of a huge proposition.
The ore is copper, but carrying
high values in gold. The ledge is
upwards of two hundred feet in
width, and extensive prospecting
on it all last summer demonstrat.d
that the vein runs across the entire
six claims. At the principal showing the ore is exposed on face of
a bluff for fully eight hundred
feet  in height.   It  ii a natural
quarrying   proposition,   for   the
whore hillside is practically ore.
The property is easily reached
from North Vancouver over the
Old Lillooet trail, which passes up
Seymour creek and through the
claims. The grade is gradual and
the trail can bc easily made into a
wagon road. At present it is
blocked considerably with fallen
timber, and the government will
be asked to have it put into passable shape. Representatives of
the bonding syndicate are at present in the city awaiting the disappearance of the mow so that
they may go in and commence development. The syndicate will
develop on a large scale and will
have a big force of men employed.
The amount paid by thc militia
department for pensions for the
nine months ending march 31st
amounts to I27.747.79. The permanent force of the
now 2,737 men.
The regular monthly meeting
of the Board of Trade was held
Tuesday evening in the City Hall,
President G. J. Phillippo in the
chair. Alter the reading of the
minutes of the previous meeting,
several letters were read, among
them being :
From the B. C. Electric Railway
Co., enclosing cheque for defraying part of the expense in connection with the printing of the first
annual year book, now on the
The following letter from S.
Gintzburger, who is an extensive
property owner of North Vancou.
The North Vancouver Board of Trade,
Nurlh Vancouver, B.' C.
Genti.emhn,— 1 regret that I
have been physically unable to
attend any of the meetings of your
board, but I have at all times
taken great interest in all your
proceedings and appreciate the
good work you are doing.
One important fact impresses
itself forcibly upon my mind just
now, and that is the general
apathv of landowners in North
Vancouver in tlieir nijiecl to clear
their lots. Apart from the fact
that these mases of stumps and
logs arc very unsightly and will
not induce actual residents to
build homes in the midst of immense fields of rubbish, it should
be borne in mind that while town
lots can be cleared at a minimum
cost to-day, the same work will
cost four or fire times as much, at
a time, which is not far distant,
when it Mill not Ik- possible to use
blasting powder, and when lives
and property will have to be
specially protected in connection
with land clearing operations.
I think that the example given
by some of the companies who
have cleared large tracts of land,
might well bc emulated by the
the smaller owners, and a general
simultaneous effort on the part of
the citizens to clear and beautify
North Vancouver, will not only lie
of benefit to the community in
general, but by the greatly enhanced values of the properties
affected will more than repay the
outlay involved.
Personally, I am prepared to
clear all the land that I am in-
teiested in in North Vancouver,
but 1 feel that my single effoits
will be but a drop in the bucket,
whereas, if a general movement to
clear these unsightly lots were undertaken, a great deal could bc accomplished by uniting our stiength
and having the work done systematically and thoroughly by
competent contractors, on some
pre-arranged plan, to the satisfaction ol all concerned.
At this is really a matter of public interest, 1 take this liberty of
suggesting the matter to your
boatd, which mi) formulate some
scheme to further the idea I have
in view.    I am, gentlemen,
Yours faithfully,
Vancouver, B. C, Mar. 3, 1908.
Aid. Wm. J. Irwin spoke at
some length on the benefits to be
derived from such a course, and
stated that his firm, along with
several others, had a clause inserted in agreements to the effect
that purchasers should clear their
property. The city, lie said, was
preparing a by-law which would,
in a sense, have the desired effect,
insofar as the act calls for a distance of 100 feet on all sides of
lunlJiugs must be cleared of
stumps,   rubbish,   etc.,   as 1 fire
As usual, the Council was fully
represented at Monday night's
J. Kirkland made an application
for a culvert over the stream opposite his residence, and that the
gully be filled in. Referred to the
board of works with power to act.
The North Vancouver Ferry &
Power Co. wrote with regards to
the understanding between them
ind the mayor relating to the
necessary repairs to the SS. North
Vancouver, and asking that the
Council stand the necessary expense for same. As the Council
consider that the late improvements were other than those of
ordinary wear and tear, they could
not see their way clear to stand the
expense asked
Mr. Bunbury, local manager of
the B. C. Electric Railway Co.,
wrote stating that the company
would like to have the new curve
tt First street and St. David's
avenue, placed in position before
the summer traffic begins. The
city having proceeded far enough
with the expropriation of the
necessary ground, permission was
granted t!:e railway company to
Late Constable Brimacombe
brought to the Council's attention
the services he had perlormed for
the city during his tenure of office,
and in view of this asked the council for tu reconsider the recommendation of thc police commission. The letter was left to a committee ol the whole.
Tenders were opened for wood
for the City Hall. Only two bids
were in, Mr. Stewart, (3.75 per
cord, and Mr. T. Lindsay, t} 40
The contract was given to the
The report of the board of
works and waterworks commitlees
were read. The former committee
recommended favorably on the
petition lor improvements on Sixteenth street, between St. Andrew's a ii-1 Ridgeway avenues, according to the plans of the engineer, and that the work be proceeded with at once. The waterworks committee recommended
thc clerk to* notify the District
Council that a water service had
been granted on the Westover
road, to Mr. Wilson for two
houses, and E. Clark for one
house. It was also asked that 500
pounds blacksmith's coal lie purchased.
The fire and light committee ie
ported that they had mtde arrangements with the Norvan Elec.
trie Co. for the installation of fir*
bells. After going thoroughly int.
tlic matter of remuneration of firemen, the committee recommended
that their former recommendation
be adopted. A light at No. 2
station wai atked for.
There being no further business
the bylaws were again proceeded
The   fishing
March 26,
season   opens  on
The Pioneer bakeiv has added
to llieir rapidly increasing business
a handsome delivery van.
J. Calvert, of Lindsay, Ont., is
visiting at the residence of W. H.
Parkin, Sixth street.
Born—At North Vancouver, on
Friday, Marr.h 13th, the wife of
Jas. A. Fillier, a daughter.
The managers' meeting of St.
Andrew's church, which was called
for Wednesday evening, was postponed for a week.
A gasoline boat is being rigged
up for use between here and P.
Larson's ranch at Eagle Harbor.
Wednesday a d Thursday were
quiet in the city, especially in the
dialing line, as the SS. St.
George was undergoing hei annual
Spinal meningitis is prevalent in
Vernon, principally among children. Out of ten cases seven deaths
have taken place.
On Wednesday morning John
Johnson was fined tio and costs
on conviction of a charge of lieing
drunk and incapable. John will
help to build the new fence round
the jail yard.
The Rev. C. C. Owen, Christ
church, Vancouver, officiated at
the Lenten services in St. John's
church Wednesday evening.   The
The local office of the B. C.
Electric Railway Co. will shortly
tie removed Irom St David's avenue to the center of the city for
the convenience ot their custom,
C. R. Hickman has entered into
partnership in the grocery business
with F. W. Templar & Co.,
Eighth street. Mr. Hickman is
by no means a stranger here,
having for the past year been en.
gaged in the real estate Imsiness
of C. R. Hickman & Co. Both
men hers of the firm are progressive business men, and it may be
expected that the grocery business
will continue to grow. See advertisement.
Chief Joe Capilano, like all big
monarchs, is continually looking
after the interests of his subjects.
Last week he attended a big meet
of the clan in Ladysmith, and
next week will find him on the
Fraser officiating in his full
capacity at a general gathering of
the Fraser valley braves.
On Arbor Day
The first annual celebration of
Arbor Day by the residents of the
Ambitious City took place Tuesday afternoon, when all places of
business were closed, and those
who could turned out to lend a
band at tree-planting.   On the ar-
virar, the Rev. Hugh Hooper, took j '«val of the 130 boat the D. C. 0.
charge of   the  Fairview  English! R   Sixth   Regiment band,  under
Continued on ne*t j.age.
Legislators at Victoria received
(30 a day for their lervices this
year. Few of them could earn
thai at anything else.
The prevailing high wind ol
Tuesday did considerable damage
around the waterfront, besides
lowering thc temperature and
making things in general rather
unpleasant around the city. The
heavy seas broke up pirt of Larson's wharf and caused the big
boathouse to drag iti moorings. A
steam launch, anchored on the
windward side of the float, came in
for much hard usage until a tug
pulled her out of her perilous
The North Vancouver Football
Club will hold a monster smoker
in the Pavilion next Wednesday
evening, the 25th, commencing at
8:30. Besides other attractions,
North Vancouver's Harrv Lauder
is down on the program. Wrestling between li'eiishaw and Rowley, vocal selections by Vancouver
talent, and plenty of smoking tobacco and pip s form olher
features The admission is 23
The firm of Graham \ Co.,
painters and decorators, have
taken into partnership William
Hawkins, of Bristol, lag , a man
thoroughly competent in his trade,
and has made the art ol graining 1
special study. In notifying tbe
general public, thc old firm desires
to take this opportunity ol thank-
its patrons fur the suppoit accorded tliem in the past and liust
to still letain that confidence. By
continued good workmanship and
the application of first-class material customers can rely on having their plain and decorating
accomplished to their s.itiifac-
Hii Worship Major Kealy will
take a few weeks well earned r< st.
and beginning the first of the
week will leave for a sanitariim.
His incessant application to the
multidudiuous duties of his office,
besides the worry and strain ol
hii private business, hai undermined his once rugged constitu
tion. Mayor Kealy has probably
been the busiest man in the city.
From early dawn till long after
nightfall he has devoted Ins
earnest attention to the welfare of
the city, attending all meetings,
tilting at police mifiltnta,
! studying out intricate quattioaa,
autographing coniiiiiinu alum , ia
solutions, plans, etc., etc. It is
the hrartftlt till) of all that Mr.
Kealy will rapidly regain his
wonted health.
the leadership of l'rof. Liddell,
marched up Lonsdale avenue to
Victoria park, followed by many
citizens and a multitude of children, that grew in proportion it
enn corner. The cold wind
probably prevented many from attending that otherwise would have
taken part in this auspicious work.
On thc arrival at the park, Aids.
Irwin aud Smith and D. G. Dick
made a few brief informal
remarks relative to the necessity for a concerted action
by the residents throughout thc
city genertlly towards making the
city a place of beauty, as well is
a place of business. Regret was
expressed at the absence of Mayor
Kealy, who was confined to his
home. Mrs. Kealy had the honor
of planting the first tree on the
first park on the first Civic Arbor
Daj ludil lure, midst the strain!
of Gad Save the King and The
Maple Leal Forever, by the band.
Trees were planted 111 specially
picpared holes on the four sides of
the grounds. When Victoria park
had leaned full honors, the pro.
ceision, headed by the band, por-
ceeded to thc schools, where the
band struck up several patriotic
airs, while the school children in
their delight frolicked and danced
in tlu ir glee.
l'icsident Bennett took occasion
to commemorate the day by having the scholars take lessons in
horticulture and floriculture in tha
morning, while the afternoon wai
devoted to planting trees around
the school grounds and genertlly
cleaning up. Much interett wai
displayed by the pupils, who
worked devotedly throughout the
At thc dote of the program,
Chairman Steacy, on behalf of thc
school board, in a few well-cliosca
wonls, thanked the scholars and
ilm lud turui'l out on this
I'm, and exprened the hope
that ilns day would bl the beginning of an event long to bc re*
membered by all. '['UE  EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B. C.
The Exi'Rtss PaiMTiNO Company,
North Vamcouvik, B. C.
B, Williami, Hi iagai
The Kxpres-, is delivered in North
Vancouver within a radiui ul 12
blocks of tbe office. All outlidt
this district is placed iu the post
Rates ol Subsctiption :
One year -        -        fl.uo
Six months     -       ■ .50
Three months •       • . :5
United States   md  PoTtifB, fl 50
All subscriptions must be pai I in
*ul tance.
Am   person   not  reo iviug   this
paper regularly will phase notify
the ottn I     No pap r Hopped  un
less notified either by lettei or t ani
There   is only  one  caatO—{ol
grocery business depression) —
they do not advertise, They tan-
not hold the trad. Tin* coiner
grocery is nearer to tbe people
and they get .1 big share of the
business. The only Rated] for
the grocer is to advertise. Tell
the people about the fresh goods
that an* received every day
Suggest to then   a new  bran I Of
pukl's. a in iv kirn! nl canoed
Iruit, the cooked meats, lush
biscuits, and the hundreds of
other palatable things so much
desired in the hot weather. The
people want these things ami
would buy tin 111 if they only km it
where to get tlu-m. The
grocery does not carry them, and
in warm weathi r i woman wil. not
run around the city looking for
si tiuu.; io, .a thai is nml .mil
ti Itesbing,    Slie has no titiu* .m.l
less inclination.     If she ,,,1
vertised that a certain stop   ! I 1
what she wanted she would
tell I'lione an order or H ml fur 11
vi r; Firtt Vice-Presidi. t, J. C
Sabin, North Vant ouvi r; Second
\ ice-Preiident, Geor| wards,
Vancouver; Sei retary, Geo. Jar.
rett; Treasurer, A. G. Roaij
E lit'ir, J. roller; B. C. Ed iu-
tive Committee, Miss Laverock,
Miss Wheeler, Miss Mitchell,
M.-rs. R, M Mills. 11. U. Ki we,
K. 5. Sherman, W. Nicholion-
LaUey (North Vancouver), D. B.
Butchart, W, TeataU, G, A. Watson.
At tins meeting it was decided
t)  have a dub  trip  to the top of
Grouse mountain on Suadaj morning, those coining OVM ftom Yiin-
coiiver leaving 011 the s ts ferry
from that poinl.
liiini' diately after Baatet (eiai 1
dale  and place  ol   whii li will bc
announced in the papers) the
club intend to give an entertainment, where laati 111 ilidea, etc.,
taken liom views obtained in the
mountainous tlistiu t in the m igh
borhood of North Vancouver.
For such a young club it is surprising the sm 11 m it hai met in
so  short a time,  and It  is  t >  In
hoped thai the residents of North
Vancouver will become member!
and take a prominent part ia i.e
all,111- ol the club us llu 1. i| no
doubt but what it will IlllSCt qi ite
a large number ol tourists to our
district during the coming season
and make the city and district
well and favorably known in all
portions of the lioiiimion.
iwfu '1 fi
nn pagi   1
Some Valuable Dogs
Imported from England
Returning from a visit to England, Colin F. Jackson, of C. J.
Jackson .V Co., has brought wilh
him sunn- valuable dogs, whii h ba
intendi to eater at tin \ k torii
kennel show to be held shortly.
Mr. Jackson, who is among tin
leading dog-lam lit— mi the 1 oast,
intends 1 -.tending bis kennels lieu*,
which now- comprise a handsome
collection ol priae-winners,
I he following di
oui   liom   England 1   Cham pii n
Katrine Whist i- .1 Dsndj
mont out '.I Katrine Vaada, ami is
pr. 1 c 101.. 1: thi -. 1 a 11111.; property lure would fall in line tlic-
city would soon put on an entirely
new   appearance.     Tbe  question   V-'TU'K Is HEBEtff GIVEN, FOR
,    ,  ,        .I* '''>'    iiiforniatiiiii   ut   Intruding
wss left in the hsndi ol the public ,eUlen snd others, Ihal wlection hu
improvement committee, who will' ■*•■■ "i:"1""'ll"' ' •W.-OOO lerti ol land
ittuated in tin* reset River Vallev.
bring   preunre   to   bear  on   tbe province ol; British Columbia, granted
A   general   discussion   on    tin
lu tlm Dominion Government under il"
molt cil an 1, ni " An Act re*
luting i.a tin* [slant] ttallwty. Hit Ursv.
___________] , l'mk uml   liiuaitiiv   Kami-
questions the welfare ol v,.,ulll,.-- .„„,,,„,,, ,„■,„, ,, „,,„,,,„ „,
the city ensued, which was ipoken
to  by  all  the  members  present,
in I will be taken up b) the board
from tune to lime.
Messrs Irwin, Steacy, Phillippo
and others ipoke ul the misssit)
of getting the representatives ot
every business house in the citv to
join the board and take an iuten st
in the city. There are levers!
business men who have lately
ipaneil up wlioin the board of
trade would like to see join, and
a canvas by the secretarv will be
J. R. J Murray presided for the
first Iinie ll secretary ot the board
of trade, having been appoint'*d at
the last executive meeting, vies j*
II. Selkirk, resigned, Mr. Mm-
rav, on becoming secretary, resigned the oiii"1 uf chairman of
the tourist and Kitten committee.
Wm. Morden was appoint) I by
tha board lo lill lhe vacancy.
Mining Operations
In the Lynn Valley
Two mining 1 amps have been
opened ap at tlie bead of Lynn
valley.    A  good  grade of 1
on ii being worked, ami tin
■ is  aii' saii-tii'l thai they havi
good properties.   Ai 100a us di
,1 lopineiii is sufficiently bi u
vanced tlui to do tin 11 lit"
most to establish I trauma. COO*
m 1 lion to bring out llu' 01 1
smelting purposes, Mai w, U"l
hope l*i loi' long .1 SDielt' 1
will be established oa this ii li
to treat t h, ore! that ire to be
niuiiil  in  our district.
certainly one ol our possible in
I istrii -
i.iri    ler   ilie   l.iiinl   Kan-  ..1   il,**
1 ie nl*"!- -'I*'* ted 1- 'li eerlbed a- (niii-    Commencing tt a petal  Hkf
11   ,. - -"lllll "I   llu*  Peine  tiller,  nil  the
I.'>ila t|i*riiliaii, lieing lhe Kii-lt-rn
Imundtry "i iin* I'riuine.*, timet tt'tsl
id IW IU 1 -Iiiiiii-, tlieniv Nnrlh
;:'null.*, iiii'l a.'i 11:1 fliaiii**, Unset Kssl
,i n.i i» ami :ls.ut chillis, llieiift' Smith
lo lhe point ol commencement, follow-
in.* Un  IJOtll Meri'l'iin, nml contlilllnf
approximately 1,(00 000 sens.
Notice It Anuiliiveii lhat, ulth 11 view
I*' laeilitatillt  -elllellielll  ill tll,'   V'tllt/I
Pi .1 t, l'.ir-ui|a ami I'nck RlvSfS,
ih. 1' Ii.-u iif Iiiiiii fnriy miles in
iii'llh, iiii'l exliuiliiig '.'ii mill- nn I'lifh
tide   "I   Iln'   I'l'llie,   I'lirslllli   llllll    l'lll'k
lliii rs lm- lien ri-i*ritil lur in dial
iei im tu Iw toquhrtd lu- pet titiptios
oii . iiiiiii 1 ilu* Kami Aft, -uich luml not
being ii|rt*ii Hale, lease, lloeOSS nr
■ ia**r alii'iiiiliun niuler the saiil Act ex-
ai'|at hy pre-t'iiiplinn.
Commenclnt u tin* Intersietlon "f the
IVestern li'iiitiiliiii iif ths tiln.'k of laml
Minted bi tbe Dominion Ueterntaeal
with ths I'eaee Itiver, IbeBCS lu)lo*ln|
the Petes Itii.r nnil Ptrtaip River 10
their fi'iilliieiife with llu*  I'ai'k   Kin r
111.I tlifiite 1'iiliiiiiiig the Pack l!iu*r tn
ih polnl when -a"l Peek Hirer I •»*»
MeLeod Like, snd extending d* s di--
lame "i in mi|e> nu raa-li ude nl
Riven anal tpproximttel) 17; miles in
llOUtlidt llll'l' .'ll.'lairit. "f the
liniiiiiiiiiii Ooveramsnl (Irani snd Ihs
re...Tie   SboVt   .leseriUeil   lire   i'|«'ll    fur
location iiiiiIi r tin* Imi. "i tin' I'miiiue.
Ailing tl iei Coniiniiaiiioner
,,,,i-.m.l Works.
I„i|i'l*i ami Work. Depart nl,
Junttiuii Blm I, Will In 321 Cordova SI. l.u loiufr.
■Phone 37 'Phone 3491
tvnti i i i-i—wmik tram Haass Mt,
Price I'H'h Dmoriinloir
t        S0O      I    Un"iii*ri* i.»rl'vr't*Kri*'l, wun .iiMi*lt 1*11. ,s,*i*.*nh,.nl, .',..',
1 .la.I         |           U|         |      Lntiaila a*   ,l*,*llll,.,  I.'I   l.l.   II,a.i I,   ." 'I.  aa   I       1'.. .,11,1   ,-|   «, a,.
elu.reil, «,*il, lollafil.   Aa II  the   mi
-.a     ,       ioo     i   tttUt Lot "ii   Kii!i*!*iuii -in*.*!   he ne  Inlei, ltt*-t>rti inn;
I'la'HIl'll, HTHlltll;  tWll-naa'lll   lal  * I, .  I'.I. laa"*, I a-1||. . . ., t .
Vielurin, Septi'iukr hlila, 1807.
The United Wlrelttt Te'egreph Comptny
Irtnimili end deiivtri ihii Menage lut-jtct
te lermi and condition! innted on back of
Ihlt blink.
March 13, 1908
Mayor Hall, Victoria, B. 0.
The first Wireless telegram from City of
North Vancouver. Greetings from a young and
growing City to a well established one. May
our hands always be joined for muiual City
1 P.R. H.M. 6.15 p.m.        ARNOLD E. KEALY, Mayor
an 11_
iviiil'KM K-i    lull   IIMI   AUI
'     lum Doe ind Parable iU ll.e I'm
II ill    mi .ui*l niter l.'uli i Hi
• iiiiiii. n— I iiill Ik* Ink. n  |*. -
IIHl .l.*-:r..i,*'l.
Tii'iin-* -iiieiuiHii. t'ily Clerk.
Nortli Viiue.'iiu'r, ll.l'., \'W
inin iiiui !■;: LWfUhlKI
All thu beat Canadian makea,
Nine lu 18-inch tops.
PRICKS, $4.00 to  $9.00
518 Haatinii Street
hot vaxolvkk mil t mm a, mi.
Time Table, k;.>7
Sll Mil K
*■ 1 1 l \l 1 R
it, oaoaoi
UNaa        ,,k.
M.     '    1   a.|   a    |   .
N.   VIM a,t vi k.
•'■ml A. M
■ejta. m.
•i.ln    "
•;iio "
M.l      '*
s H  "
1.10 ■•
M0   "
mlu   "
"t'i   A.M.
'i u "
\. M.
tail •■
IU. I.'i      "
10 i'i   "
11.18   "
ii.ii ••
ll.aU    "
ll.l.-i   "
1118 P.M,
I'.'.i-. p. \i.
l.Ti P.M.
l.'I'iP. M.
1.18   "
1 l*'i   "
1.48  "
1 It   "
i i.'i   "
111   "
iia "
.'.li   "
18   ••
•   "
Mi  "
:;.l.-|   "
1.18   "
I 1'.   "
in. ■•
1 l'i    "
*   a       '
.Vi:,   "
LH  ••
1,41   ■
'   a       "
u.l'.   "
i. I.'i    "
.* i.'i  "
r.i.'i "
: M "
;.i.i "
i.ll ••
i.i:.  "
- ii ••
0.48  "
nil',  ••
10 II  "
•II.IHI   "
•11.48  "
■I "ll
*'    a tin* n* xi n.e. uu*; "i iln* Uotrd
*,| | i, om l .HU' i--. "lier- loc u*
ol V -!*i . mi   ' i r. I -Imll sppl]  i"r *i
ri'Uil 1 -' i i tht -.i I iplmuoOi,
(a-rnii i.l, it ninl "liier llqnori iii bottle,
fur the premilM kii"iin a- lot I, block ".
11. K. '
', I   -
[luted »t  N"rtli Vsncoattr, II. I'.,
• r:"'.. IIKIT.
HTI.IHTIon'i.!!l.|(i|lHl LHI5II
Victoria, B.C., March 13, 1908
Mayor Kealy, North Vancouver.
Thanks for Wireless message.    Congratulations, wish you every success aid may our
relations grow closer.
1   W.S.D. H.M. 6.35 p.m. LEWIS HALL, Mayor
Mountaineering Club
Getting Busy
There was quite an enthusiastic
crowd st the first annual inciting
ol lhe Vancouver Mountain! i ria|
Club,   which   wai   held   in   the
Tourist   Aiiocistion   rooms,   on
Monday  evening   last.     Ahhuir
those [tresi nt were noticed An luted NicholsonLailcy anil Ml
Mrv J. C. Saliin   ol  North  \ an
Couver.    lt is a pleasing lact lo
notice that the residents   1
Vancouver arc taking a ftaat in*
from the famous kennels ol Mi    Ire iliaiiipioiis in twu g, uerationi,
Ulagg, ol Staffordshire.   This dug la ul she lias evert iiiilu ation of a
wnii i ii rytliuiK in his class st the ci.ampion herself.
English shows last year, and is j    T|R, ||, d0(? j, an Am dale
e\p. .t.,1 ti) rep, at  hii  IBCCIIWI  (. n„ r, I'liainpiuii Mulland Royal,
in Hritish Columbia. A jiecul iai it >  w „c|, h,, , splendid coat.
of  this breed is that they  Imlit
viciously among themselves, and
Mr. Jackson has already loM twu
Sorth v,in.■„uier, i" I-
*, I
thnl n|ii'!v fors lies
■ |.itiui** -. It rmi nltd or therliq
bottle, l"r tli*    * - tha
luMdli M* r*
a.( lot! 14SB 1 10, I.*** ll  I
'.'71, in ' ..r.
I. K. IliiKX-K
ill  North Wine ,*|., r Um Mt
day of Dtcvinber, IOO;.
70 \ 210
Clue • **iw mill si 'I p i k run.I.
tea nn.mils liuin i si : unit VJOO.
\l-u ,i li w i t .ii res lot $200;
It ihis. i ■ '1 "ii i, .M" imt month,
House to   Ii'l.   6   li imi-,    all
leli;   Ila e~ ;     |p|| n I: i     view.
une lor sale : $300  cash  an*
p * i month.
\ ■
Iwo perfeilli ili'mC'l lot*, on lonsdale Aienue
$900 each
,iii.!i-.i.ii\Hi. Mi'i-:; i.Hf!Vf:
V'.iiii li< ill in;ia iiit-1 \ run
*'   at tli <1 nifiiiiui ol ilu* lloiir.l
ui i--u.ii. r- lor ll *   i   ii
ul Norlli \.u wr, I .Imll nmili   f.,r
fir i ' 'in    |l
r.«nii  Iran uililil .    ■ n  llu*
**.*iui..iir rond, ii. ill .'roii]a
ne, ^. « U, .inn ,-*, r diatrict.
■lolls   MllSMI.
I'.iiini nt v.ri'.i yaawaitWi r*. c,
Jmiutrr I", im.
I   i    Inej't
I'llll' "iil.le.
II.   C.
For the Farm, Garden, Liwn
or Conservatory
v, i;
Nn mnl .  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
| 'l.    I'.'lv .Iai* 'l'i    ,      TV  . pRE.
I '     I'iir, *i   l
I'Tiili/"*. I i find Stamplni bj '"iitrai't.
Bpravlni Mai n.1. lul
Bslnlaml oi linii-li Coloml
Cam   . *
Ill R IAD,
I'llll ll' Hi: k.V I,
l'iri-t vir..,.. I
Sorlli Va.uoiner.
of these   valuable dogs through
kennel fights.
A beautiful Scot, li tullu il I
arnet siiiiient, i.i Parboil Proa i
sor.   He has s s| I and
a  ru li  golden  sable  mat.  win. h
plicad him ss fl Mii'   ' i,.iiiipiun
terest in the club, ss there sre j at Bristol show.
quite s number of them on the     m,, jackson has also brought s
membership roll.   The election ol eollis bitch, Ormikirk Hall
officer!, etc.*. resulted ai follow!:
prodai t "I Stri ti ha i In n
lniilent, J* C. Bishop, Vancou* (jrtiiskuk    Her petligiee iaclodoi
S. Walker, Prop.
Eresh Bread Daily
III I ii UK Inr St.00, I Inr IS,.
All aindi of tlir-it and P«»lri
■ttivtrtd lo aii Nrta of (ll>
(Iall   I .(HMI   tut   S (. I...   S«ta«t.H
■MM V0»
R.llw.ya, Sri.l«..a. W'.l.r hmett, Kallin.lfa
i* i I ' li Hun  A.,,., T-'.n
■nn, Mlnlnt I'i.ima. n,ilr|ii.i.i„ti..iic
all ll.alliui St. W,
viacocria, a c
|>*rma. ,     In a': :|. i.'.ti.'...
HM- I ,..,1  .11*1   II.
.lllllll      Haul
Maaaajw i,,r''" '  ■ n wlsl
I'rotei'tlte   - •
llll-l   -1      I      01   1 OSIDAIJ
ij^UUi  fOuu        ■'"'"''*'"'•""'''"'L'ri'"
a li.    Wt  mn '■ j'nre  I'm a .-ii' *l v
|,,u " willi anv "Ion ileal *iz" "ii the r.i.iti*-
(inr Crockery snd Glaawsre 1
nia'i.i li not reu'ly ior Inspection, Um
nn i*l**jniit Hm oi in
Ml ne H!«k i-, do imi p in Vaiiciiiiver
far .. i a \ 111 i i itr in nur line till ymi Imve
1'iii'l u. a rMt lie l" I" Nurlli Vim*
_____ Teaming
Oootl Dry OwJsooi dtUtwid am
ulieri' in llir i ity f. r M.inlii (eH,
Order, nolicite.1.
Fourth  Street, Iietween  LoDfdsIl  I
Chmterrleld nir.   PhoetST.
1'llMI HS   ANN    l''.fl l HAM   I IU
M IK SI    |l  I I'll -
(ikllNFRS       CUIIIM       Sll Nl
LONIOALB   \vi*.M'i„
Oil", tjin bin i i
, .iiiiiii -iirv.*y*.r mul Anlaileit
la,i .uu SrmiKT,'' LOMOALI Avi
For Better Road
To Eigle Harbor
Tin* tuggeition which hai been
iii.uli* bj ilu' I 'iilrii t < ■ uiH'il toi
conitruct ■  fin] plan   drives)
fruin tin* uli out to Eagle 11.11 I'l ir j
is one  that  merils  most  I in lui
e miidi ration,   li i mitructtd ihis
roid would popularii
nn uli ul land on thi
overlooking Engli 1.  Ba .  aud if
in Miine ws) •■ din 11 road i ould
be  eitiblitbed   to   I
through Sl mi' j p iti aud
t ■   bn i   Nan
would al ll      *  i
a I. llllll)      Hal)
i      iii     .1 bolwet ii
i apilauu   lud    i ",iii   Atk •
great)] eaoeli Kitiilano and Polnl
(.ini, niinii at pn lenl i■ tht
Issbioaabls w< si end ol iln 111
ininal I ut. 1 li* i Ml i*l u* ■, ,
large ..mi important un lertaking
ihould not devolve on the locality
interested alone, tun on the iniiiii-
pality ot which it (onus a part
To do lllll justice to it, and luiluit
tag precedent, there ihould be i
provincial grant ai well a> ai i
sm municipal graut to sid
the on in I.* in the locality.
Whether llr. Farrell'i bridg
. tin Pint Narrow! is a
practicable or um lui prop Cl Ol
not is a Blatter tor canful bob*
lidi ration, but it lu- nised *i bi w
i ii ,i ui a Firat NarroVva bridge.
A railroad chartai actually exiati
: i ,i tunnel la low Um Firat Narrows, but that would lx i
pensive   an   Ullilnt.i"!     *    .md    it
i iavolvi *i railroad ll
iii,  ■ ol  Stanley
jiatk. I'm it ihould uui i • ,i very
U rioUS   mill' i   lo   ill   some   uay
bridgl   I li 11   i li.inni.1 for
nhn unl;,   in   **ueli  a
wa] M ii't lo niinler aavigation
The Shells of Eg^s
The lime whii
will not i ■
lam d, av U' .uly
sll I * ui lum'  in
i I   p. rimenti in thai
tion ihow that the use ot oyiti i
sieilsdoes uot insure i luflui< my
ol lime, though i
tbe purpose to ■ limit* 1 i
t ni  I
the in'' isarj limi     I
ih a i lun ma] i I un a
board lowed   oal)   llii t
grsvi I for tl
on  pi' all iif gn
kept  warm  and
Mint' i.
I 1
with i
the    ■ "tion   of
shall ■
lime Will ba ih in
and in a proper conditi
in   easily available as a *
tuency   ul   the   I gg,     I !,• i
far Irom th ■: lupply i f
ill  uli,i I   loi  ■   '
. i. N.tiui■ prompt! the lowli io
■elect the Ioo I i i i idapted Iaar
tin it purpoae, and, if given a
•.an. i\. ilu i will ' -up*
Pl]       M     11'   >       **    II   .      I      I      th|       p|
tion of eggs, as well as ptot idi (or
the bodil) want!.. B. I , P
Church Notices
I i.l   U'lNi.l i I-I, -I ll Mil
ANIi   IIIMI 1.1 Mil   ITS I I  IS.
Holy Communion, 8 a. tn.
Morning prayi r, 11
Evening pnyi r, 7.30
Hu the First Sundav in li*
tin 1* will In .1 second celebration
uf th" Hol) Communion al 111 m
Ri a   1: : Rev, Hugh Hooper.
IT, 'NDI ."■     1   i   1 \ 11 1 u\ 1 111 I'1 11
-imu rrat 11
Service! will  l«   conducted as
i-u.ii .an Sunds) 1*1 ihr pastor,
Sun  ■ . 1 y> p ni*
■ .it Moodyville ichool al
7:30 p. in.
■1 Wedneidi)
8 d'cl
All   llll*   Wl 'n Uilli'.
Paitori Ret, J I>. Cillani. M.A.
BY-LAW NO. 22.
Uill *'HI-I    l III III II.   N.   IV.   1 UK\l I
nu i'lll IT, AND ST. QIOBGl'l
III M'l .
ig 11 rvice, 11 a m ; Sun
ul, 2:30 p. m ; evening
. j-.yo p.m.
Travel meeting on W*
Rei   B. II. Balderston, B   V.
,   Mil; 1  1   its. "i ll K   a lilll'l ll
■*,  MIMOH,
Services     Ma-s  at B
.1. in.. Sundav si huul ,11 2:30 p.m.,
tion at 3 p. in.
:   Kev.   Iv  l'eitavin, 0.
t!. I. \.S
a   IIURl   II.   01**01    Iltl  I .
lal-l-IUI  I     Ul\l   I .
.11   11  u t Kn k a. Ul.  ill
-1 hool at
the 1 lose ail the lervice
Paatpl :   Ki 1 11.11 nl Uong.
All are welcome.
im !•*
iv,ii i 1 In Id ai Oraage ball on
■ 11 aiag at 7:30 o'clock.
Aii  ,ue   welcome.    Come    and
A Iruil 1 inn. rt  il t.i be built at
Chilliwack has latt It  I
'*   ai   U   ,|    I  Iti,
Iln- Nil I will in future
i 1 in lhe lown ol Merritt.
from iln ••
in Vei
nt has
A By-law to Exp-opriate Real
Property for the Widening
o( St David's Avenue at
Corner of First Street.
U'lll-.U*- 18   THR  CORPORATION
"     aai tht Cit* ill Nurtli Viiin*.nivit
plnpnse*.    Iai    11  alell     II    lii.rtiaill    llf    Sl.
hi,1 nl'- iiuiiii*, m Iln* eaarnt-r uf Kirat
itreet, hu at to provide isflMtnl width
ai ihe earner "i nld street fur thi
ordinsry imiin mul thi line, nf the
llnli-li    t'"liinihiu   Klei'trii'    Kailttav
Company, Limited, tad '"' the PaWp"'
nl inch ni'leiunir il is necessary and
ii.iiieiii. ni n.i ■appropriate ttftala real
property hereinafter ilemTilieil in the
Citv of Nurlli Viini'iitii. r, 11111 !■, enler
npnn ami laks SOd use the .Kiiie.
NOW, llir.ltl'.l'UKK, the Municipal
Council *ii ihe 1 ity ul Nnrth V'aaeenvsr
tuaeti si follows 1
1. St. I'.iiiai'-aiu 1 "ii-hall Ik* widened
al  the curlier nf  1 ,r-t  street, and the
.nii'l reaotred thereier shall lie eipreprinted 111 the manner hereinafter eel
2. There is hiTchy cxprepriatcd, and
there nhall be riiti'ifil ii|kiii. broken up
anal taken nii'l used fnr the purpose
nf such wiilitiiiiit uf the itieet, the foi*
ImiiiiK land : Lot Seventeen (17; in
Block   Ont   Hundred   and   Fifty-tan
I.'i'.1 , in liistriet l.ut Tmi Handled and
s.'ii'iity*fi"ir (IN . bating "I triangular
lhape, llllll ImUlllli'd llll nne side 111 SI
lUli'l's lifeline, nil   Wllieh   it   llleaslire-
sl Ail faet, tin iiimtliir side In* First
Slreet 1111 iihiili it measures i.'i leel,
ami un the rcinainini: side hv lol
Eighteen IW), in -ai'l Meek Due Hundred ami Fifty-two ll.V.'l, on which il
in u-ures 7|.:|fi f.ct, uluch said piece ur
parcel nf land sn cxprnpiatcd in mure
particularly -lum 11 up,,*i a map ur plan
prepared by the citv engineer sod dated
il„- isth iim »( November. 1W07. ami
tll. > 1 in l,is nilice at'itv Hall, Nortli
Vancouver, ufuresniil, anil UtaWWa
colored red.
The description ill this 1I;-!iih of tin*
sai'l laml expropriated is intended to
acree with the plan,   but   in  ca-,* nl
variance tht dtatilptlea oa tha -ai*l
plan shall prevail.
This lly-law fnr all puipottt ivny bl
.ind aii "The St. Ihuid's Aieiuie
Widening Bipropriatloe By-law, 1908."
l' Ihe Muiiicipa* t'uiincil the
twenty-seventh da* nl .lanuarv, A. l>.
1Mb, '
Iteiniisi i.*r.*l, ideated and dually
paaMd hi the I'liuncil nn the third day
a.f r'elariiiiri. A. D, Wt, li. KKAI.Y.
City Clerk.
1 .■.- fur Bale—Fertility Guaranteed.
siinr Spangled HaariMva, Ohio Strain,
l..r lleauly. tiood la-era, 1 Nttefl,
nothing ta heal them.  Two dollars per
liilee.l.     PUIS White U lllll'lnlles.   Imlil
■.■'".I strain, one ilnllar |h r fifteen.   A
i'l --   hr I,   trad   tO   ill,   selelill-lill*
I'llls |H-r tifliell
w. iiiii.nsttiiKTii,
I'l'iirtei nlli slreet and I'elhrui'liaieiiiie,
North Vaiicuiiver.
rnttii   IIM: ;i|',.  and H POINT
■*-    1'noks, inata*,l to Illgh-leOling lii'iii
h.'iis 11..Vi an.l |.' per It.    Ch
exchange I.    \ leu iaree.lers for lale.
.'1-1 -triet anil LmisiUle avenue.
. Min-
1 :-  FOR SALE
At   tin    last annual meeting ol
the iiianul.i | n held
in l iiuiiii 1. Sti Wiliiid Laurier,
king of trade relations with
Japan, wai n ported to have said
thai "Canada must protect lur
ti.tilf with Japan."   The following
figures, tain n   [l
on 1 \|"'Hs and importi foi tin*
nine  months   ending   i h a
last,   ihow   |hil ut tu
in that lit 10 tin
value  ol    *   . '. lull    J.i]iaii
l indi d .* 1,7*1 i, 1
on our slim*
• - *
Tm. Exi'ni-*, ti a year.
In      V'S'll     lit) I
tatistiesi   Number  ol -ilituuv. MARCH 8lit, tor the
' 1 iU" North 1 itiiei'imr 11 ■ *t-i :-
Building.   I',,,-!,,..!.*-,
■ 1 i, . 1.  ,|«]
tl ■ ivenue,
.Norlli Vaiicnuvrr District, Diitrict
of New tt'esiiiiinster.
Take notlee that 1, "Irtrt Ftnurn. ol
Vancouver, B, ('.. oceapatloe miner, in
tend tn apply bra4pecial mlnlaaUeeaai
over the KHrawlag ilestribtsl lands:
Ocminenelng at a |B,st planted 011 the
S'lilhsil * iif l.ynn Valley Itoad, about
forty (401 ehslas east uf St. Jnhn's Col*
legs ami adjoining .Inhn Cltverie'i
claim, thenee nurtli eighty M) chain-,
Ihenee vest eighty (M) chains, Ihenee
smilh right*iW)chains, tl veast (.10)
chains, to the polat uf eoaitiieneenient,
conlalalng six knndred ind lor 1 j- (WO)
acres iiiurt* ur lets.
Siivkiit llessais.
Dated January 7th, IWI.
Ill iiw 1
Han* mi liiiiul a larire supply uf Cement
Uluclm, iniult' [nil fresh water sand.
Samples may In*  neon   at   the  new
leiiii'iil resilience uii Secuiiil street eaat.
Sizenl   Mucks HxlH.
Ml particulars can be had (rom the
ttesierii ('„r|Kiralinn offlot, nr urite to
CAPII.a.mi OBtArr BLOCK00.
North Vaiicuiiver, B. 0
I stiimites Given on All
Proposed Local Improvement
■*■     Cil. ol the I'ity nf Nurlli  Vailciltl*
vi*r intends tii t -ir'uct  the  l.aical  lm*
provemenUyaiet 0111 in the schedule ap. *
pcarini* below, and intends to alBM 1
portion of the Anal cost tliereof u|kiii
the real property benefitted thereby.
fronting or abutting thereon, and held
liable for assessment therefor.
A atateiiieiil showing the lands liable
and prupused to lie specially assessed
fur the sai'l iniprnivni -nta ami the
names ul theowntn ilienuf, so far ss
lhe names cm be ascertained troni tlie
last revised assessment roll and '.ther*
wise, is mm* |i|,*,l in tin* nlthi* i.f the
Asse-sineiit I'ljiuinii-ioiier, ami is tpta
for inspt'i'tiuii during ullne I r-
The schedule below slums the c-ti-
mati'd cost of the iuipruieiticiits and
the pruporlicn lo lie pra,ii.|,*,l miiuf the
general funds ol the city, il any.
11 un 1,1 Revhdoa will he held on
the Twenty-third day ul March, 11HW, at
Ihe lu urui 7:31) p. in., in the t'lty Hall,
Norlli Vaiicinuer, U. C' , lor tlie pur-
|Kiseuf heariiiKc.ainpluiiils iiciiinst the
propned aaMMgaOi, nr iha aataiaay
uf fmiitaite meaiWliaiata, or anv nihcr
eotnplslat whleh tht penoai lateneaaJ
ie-ire in make, ami which i- by law
caciii/iihle by Hie court.
Assessment ('"iiiuiissinner.
Norlh  Vancouver,  11.   I'.,   Kehrnarv
:'7th, luis.
Kinds ol electrical Worii
Cor Lonsdale and Second St
60  YEARS'
K*lnn.l'.i K-lnn.l,* cuat   11I1 to
Nai l'r„poae<l iiuri*,,ri*nii*iil
I. (Titaring, tr.i'lun.' ami
ilitching  of   llth St.
U'l. St. til-urge's ami
St.Andrew'sAves ,and
laving of six-fonl si,le-
wulk  mi    north   side
Ihereof,   a'sat  grailing
and ditching of  litis
M. U*t. St. Andre»'t
and  Itidiieway  Aves,
ami laying ol
sialewaik nn north side
thereuf  |2,40O    13ft
i. Maintenance   of   Ot-      w •
lawa Hardens ami their
equipment (one yearl       fill      —
Annas i-*n*lri| ■ ikticb md tWrnMim sm*
tllotlr MaWUllI out ors-uoo frtt wkstlMr so
MM In* Ol'MI timet for ••XTirms fumta.
Pauou UkM tErauSlliuia rtoTnoWn
•a-cMI mMm, mt bout cbsi-n, is tt>«
Scientific flmericaii
A huut-onulr Uliuuitnl wmUt, t~at* Mr-
tal-ailai oljuir sdnnuao y*mel it—a IM
wi»i*J««r»«.iiij«Jtti»s*-iiat.  s,44br
Come aad
See Our
>   NO. 9  j>
W.J. PATTON   Lonsdale Avenue
Contractor and   Builder
16tb Street We»t
ill.    Vl ar ua.
*  nn1*. 1    ul
tiona   an.I   ' received
under thi Ai t,
,)■). ami in*
the jeai
rTAKE vnH I Tllir J. \i. KIRK-
I    PATRICK and Vi. D. McRaWand,
■ ■ia tlniher*
men,   uiteml   to apply   lur s   sper-ia'
a«ing dec
■ .1 tin-.,'i
rorot 1 ■ I
1 *iin
',,*' north li - 1 1 .* handrail j
* Iinin-. Ihenee • isl lu  ,
;vi to |siint ol
KiiaKi'iiiin K ,1  \). I tn i\n.
'     March K,
He advertised Hi24,08.
Tin* inn, ■• * 1 .n.i leader aot iwett-
Al.KX.\\|it;i: SMITH,
ijlil:i I'INL PES RHODE 18I.AN1
*'   ll. Is, I'uii,'.-,   ri.aar.aUKlihri'.l.
D, MilI'Mi.,
llll ati'lllle,
Mt. l'|. ;,..,nt   I'   0.
Corner of Fourteenth and Bewick Avenue
mn ' "Mn inn
Sti Room, Bttbrootn, Electric Li^lit, WattT
Owners will Iniild Conilupul  KimiIi nee and Store  at Pfeaial
iiriiiaiiiis nf Kt nli road car line, in 1». L. 265.    Prospective tenintl
■       itunlan to
Corner ll.i>liniis and Momer
Or any of tH Real Estate Offices in Norlh Vancouver
Accountants,    Auditors    Cneral
Commission Brokers
Real Isttle Agenlt
TiLKi'imti ll 2162
Opposite City Hall
Rolled Oats
tlaij and feed
ihe Brackman-Ker
Milling Co.
Ilain,  Mil'In 11, local manager,
Lonsdale Avenue.
Pitta, healthy Imnato and
Cauliflower Plaata, grown from
Sutton's Seed*., alwayi on hand.
Terms, aane-tniirth i i* h ; balance, t, II and IH months
tn  (
* $/xrii
i >'»■
<      3
'      4
'      S
'       S
.  \
'      3
1     /«,„
'r/vrv* 57T
161 Cordova Street, Vancouver, B. C.
P. O. BOX Ng,
One of Canada's Strongest Financial Institutions
lolal Assets over $50,000,000
Savings Accounts given special attention A deposit of ti
or upwards starts a Savings Account, on which the
highett current rate til Interest is paid or added to the
Principal every three months. Deposits may bc withdrawn at any time without notice*.
Joint Accounts may be opened in the name ot two persons,
so that either may deposit or withdraw funds, inakin-*
a very convenient Innn of account.
Banking b> Mail.—People living at a distance may send
111  deposits  or  withdraw  cash   by  mail.   Write   for
Mbi I   (or. lonsdale Ave. and Isplanade, North Vancouver, B. C.
H. K. Ilm 111. Manager.
British Columbia Electric Railway Co., Ltd.
Cats leave iln Panrj Landing lot Qaeenibary Avenue, Twenty-fin!
street and Lonsdale, Wineli street and Ktitli Ktiad as follows : luij
a.m., 6:45 a. 111., 7:15 a. in., 7 )5 a. 111., N:i5 a. in., y a. m. 9:40 a. in.,
10:10 a. in., Alter 10:25 a. in , cars *'" WW yueeiisliury avenue,
Twenty-finl ami Lonsdale avenue, and Winch street and Keilli Koad
at live minutes tu tha- hour and twenty live iiunult s past the hour.
Cats leave Nineteenth street and 1 >iu enslmry avenue, Twenty lirst
ulr. 11 and Lonsdale avenue. \\ null Itreet and Keith Koad as follows
ba. 111., 6:30 a. in., 7 a. in., 7:30 a. 111., H a. tn,, 1*145 a. in., 9:15 a. BL,
9:55 a. 111., 10:25 a. ni.    Af ti t 9:411 a. tn. ears leave the Ferry Landing
at ten minutes past tin* the hour and twenty minutes in tlie hour.
If**-'   All boats are nn t by tlie cars. .*
Motel North Vancouver,
mm   Mt
4-' -•
ho rei. !
North Vancouven
,<.' mi per
and up
Spei ial
Kates lor
Ferry Service fvcry Half Hour to and from This Hotel
to Vancouver. P. Larson, Prop.
Rainier Beer^>
Is 11 glorioui lii'ViTii^'i'—quenching and
satisfying. Ui'tiicinlicr tliire's no other
"just »s gout."*—insist on getting Rainier.
Vancouver, B. C.
M) TRUSTY INCl'BATORH AND     Have your',ard*.n laid out now.   All
Cvdt Balehen,   Hifhlji reroni- lailaoldiitaiBMde,  Eaaert pnalaa,
irraftlnn ami hulling fruit I rei'.. All
kind, nf tree- anil wed. mi|iplii*d at the
'ii»i*»l pi
mended liy nur ril«t"in' r
HM H'e.lininiiter aie.,
Iletwi'i'ti Till and Htli,
Vancouver, B.C. 0* Sl   ■•ii'ric'ii An*, ami Tenth .st.
.Norm vancnuver,
Wanted—Boarder!, Apply 10
Mis. J. T. Spence, Second street
In Well [uruithedhome
wiib all modern convenience!,
Apply, Cornet Pint street and
Cheiterfield avenue.
Wanikii—Woman [or house*
wurk, three or four hours daily.
Apply to Mrs. H'ult, Second
street west.
Win. Morden will erect stuns
un bis recently purchased properly
oa lhe cornet ol Eighth ind Loot-
I.ile, sometime litis spline,. Ou
Ki'jlilll street the property hi! I
frontage of 135 leet, iiicliiilinn the
corner lot. Mr. Morden already
has prospective tenants, which
goes to show that stores are at a
premium in this city.
A special meeting of the Sons of
Scotland was held Wednesday
evening to consider an invitation
which had been aeceived from the
Royal Scots Camp at Vancouver,
to attend their social and dance,
to be held about tbe 26th of tins
The Kev J. D. Gillam entertain
el the members ol the Youaf Peo-
pie's Club last Tuesday evening
with a lecture on " Lord Tennyson." Mr. Gillam handled bis
subject very effectively, giving his
hearers a lifelike sketch 11 the
great writer. Following the lecture
a short business KiaioB was held,
when the leaden ami inpporti 1-
were chosen for the di bale on the
31st inst.; " Kesolied that women
have equal right! with men," At
the next meeting William Hums,
list*., principal nt the N irmil college,   will   give   an   addles-    nu
'■ Charles Dickena."
Win. J. Dick arrived home last
Saturday, a ller spending two
weeki iit tin* Soap Lake Sanitarium, while lie had gone for
ii 111 pi inlioii. Mr. Dick says be
cannot tecomtnend the place too
highly, and anyone wishing cura
live waters can do HO better than
I iail this lake.
Mr. Stuart M nil head will con
duel spinal services on subjects
nlating to the spiritual life and
work amonglt children in the
Methodiil church on Sunday
niomiug at 11 a. m,, and in the
Preibyleriin church in taa evening It 7:30.    All are welcome.
All the hois and girls ul Nortli
\ ,in> aaiiui an* invited lu a special
senile loi themselves, to lit lllld
111 the Pretbytatian church on Sunday afternoon at 2:30 p. in. The
meeting will ba in the bands ol
Mi. Stuart Miiirbeatl, lhe provincial secretary for Sunday
■l luml work. Tbe Sunday schools
nl the other churches are invited,
II 11,11 as those who go nowhere.
Court of revision will be held
on the 36th, at the City Hall, at
7:30 p. m , for the purpose of
hearing complaints against the
proposed ar.sessi.ient under the
local improvement by law for the
eli aringi grading and ditching ol
Eleventh itreet, between St.
George'i and Ridgeway iveaaea,
and laying sidewalk on same, the
total estimatiil cost being ^,400.
Arran*,! 1111 nls are being made to
orginiie an lerie in this city ol
tin: l'laternal Order of Kagles.
Negotiation! are  now in  progress
Iiii the s lining of a permanent
In \ |aon the principals of tin
high   and   public   ichooll leniu
m |o .1 month.
Harbor View Tract
City Lots
Size 50 x 145
PRICK:   $175.00   AND   UP
The moat centrally located and beat lots In the City ol Nurtli
Vancnuver fnr the price.
Do nut (all to make your selection without delay while you
cun iiiiri'luiMe at lirst cost.   Mm will soon lie raiseil.
Further  particular., limps nnd prli'e lists luriiisliiil  tree on
application to
Cor. Lomdale Avenue and Fifth St, North Vancouver, B.C.
Bl«il I     'NISttlD M01II   ON TM CO AM
■        mil'        I       Iltl '       I ■
Rant: $1.60 PKR
S|ntiiii Rules to Families and Regular Boardors
HiiH-hnur ferry connection to and (rum Vancouver. Hot and cold
uitter in every Nam, Return call bell* in every room. Htirller
shop in connection.
Sminc jtreet,   -   -   -   -   NORTH  VANCOUVER, B. C.
to nu: PUBLIC
lliivtini token inin juii'iitirulup Mr. ('. R.
Hickman, tlif firm <•/ /•'. W Tmpler& Co. trill in
future or iu ThitPLER & HICKMAN.
IIV i/tnuli'i 1/ 111 invitation lo mil mt*
stare and see thi many /*..<■*■ "/ i'lmi''i Oroceritt
kcyi in stock. Our prim tn rtatonable, md m
solicit a share i\f ymir patrtwgt.
Wc keep in Stock the
Choicest Groceries
and make a Specially of
Eggs, Butter, Cheese
Potatoes, Cereals
aid Fruit
We make a Specialty of Quick Delivery. Orders
Wanted on short notice receive prompt attention
.-ml   in   your urilerM   nnu   Inr i'rv
llreen-l'lll Clear Kir.
•aim., leeftha. iHTenrd, delivered 4UI
Oordtread, luiuUm,delivered. .   HM
In sti* k.    lm Ji.tle delivery.
Shingle Mill
Cur. '.Mnl Sl. and Lonsdale Ave.
(^Tl.eaie H ll M aliliim'i* turnl*
iiare shire.
Anyone luiiiii*.' a K>,..I (arm fnr sale in
Wi uteri! Caiuidii may Iind a l-iu.Ii buyer
hy hnlinn at oner, i*niui; price and
detieri|itiiin, In
lit*vkick Cii-iu'KKArivi Ootwaar,
'.'ll*e Hiiniea|Kili«, MiniieKita.
*    Mattel tlieir children nf the dancer
uml of iliiiinii'i* dune in |uittiii|i Umliler*.
ami all kirnI. i.f viitli.n.',* in the ilianiiel
lirniiiliil tliroiinlii,in ilu* ciiy lur ciirri*
inn miay nirfaee maler.
Tlie fiHiliHh miitereantii nn* mm U-init
i'lnnely «aleliiit hy thu paHea, and anv
nne fiilllld |'l»elll|( nlinlKileH ill ail liar l.l
the Water Clinlini'l. uill lie |iru.**eciilid.
Phone 40 Corner 8tb and Lonsdale
North Vancouver
H' Ctllitl pirift nun/it'll Ilns ti.
Whole Coffee
Ground While You Wait
j. x. e* m. McMillan
Corner E»|>lanade and Lonsdale Avenue
', »


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