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 f^ -    y)
Large Gathering In Larson's
Pavilion to Listen to the
Hon, Carter-Cotton and
Others—The Future V.,
Mrs. M. Froinnie, I-vnn Valley,
The feast ol the political pass
over is at its height, nnd both
political (actions are hard at work
drumming up lhe electors to support their respective tickets.
North Vancouver also came in
for her share of meetings. Last
night the great conservative party
had the platform—also many of
those present.
Owing to the indisposition of
Reeve Kealy, Mr. Edmund Bell
presided. Those seated on the
platform were; Messrs. Carter-
Cotton, K. H. Kllis, F, Trites, C.
M. Woodward and W. I). Duke.
The chairman, on culling tlu-
meeting to order, said that the
dominant question in 11. C. today
Was how to attract capital, and in
a few terse remarks pointed out
the iiienvialde reputation the
whole dominion had gained in tlie
way of political graft
Mr. K. 11. LThs was the lirst
speaker called upon.   Iii opening,
the result that before tli" party
can aelecl the land the time in
which it was to have been surveyed has expired. Would it be just
under those, circumstances to deprive him of the land he has
earned ?"
Mr. Cotton then explained the
transaction in detail, showing that
as each section of the road was
completed the subsidy for the preceding section was to be alloted to
the railway. There was dissatisfaction al having tli" lands locked
up and an oiler was made to pay
the C. 1'. li. in cash instead,
That loll through, but when the
Semlin government came in, he
i Mr. Cotton) as minister ol
finance, succeeded iii getting the
company to accept a cash subsidy
at 20 cents an acre. This was
agreed to, and in the session ol
Hjoo a bill was prepared to complete the deal, Mr. Joseph
Martin objected,
Mr. Cotton alluded tn the
opposition ticket, and ex-judge
Henderson in particular.
The Kaien Island land deal was
then taken up, in which Mr. Cotton said that since the order-in-
council from the Ottawa govern-
the speaker eulogized the candi-lment had been published, admit-
date lor Hichtnond, and said that ting tho benefits that bad lie de-
during the last twenty years he I rived from the bargain lixing the
had been in many public positions, IG. T, P terminus on Kaien ls-
iiud not one fault could lie find i land, since it asks that land on the
with his administration, He then Indian reserve, adjacent to it,
delved into figures ol extravagance should be given over to the Grand
alleged against the dominion t Trunk Pacifii
government, and the many charges not hoar so
ol smiling ballot boxes came,in foi '• liave r, fused that order-in-council
a like admonition, During bis re-
in.ii i.s be was  many  times  r-p-
that he is to receive another block
lie lias selected as a bonus. But
suppose the municipality changes
its mind and suggest to him to
take another block. Negotiations ] is very ill.
Knoll lor some time, and the municipality changes its mind again,
and says : ' Instead of kind tt"
will give you a ci rtain stun   ol
money in cash,' Tho party agrees I'. Larson is loading ascow of
to that but before ii ian bo carried ; wood at the Western Corporation
out, other changes are made, with wharl lor the city,
i bridge
' ere, k, are laid.
stringers on tho tramway
on Keith road, at  Mission
The many friends of Keeve
Kealy will regret to learn ol his
indisposition. La grippe has confined him to his home.
Piles are in big demand here at
present. The McNair Timber
Company need them lor the
wharves west of the Capilano,
There was two feet of snow on
the road to the waterworks intake
on Monday. It Tins all disappeared
since, however.
The Western Corporation is now
cutting cordwood, which may be
had  on  application  at llieir ollice
The sawmill is now running full
blast, and the buzz of the saw is
becoming familiar to North Vancouver,
Mr. Dan Martin is down from
Kamloops ou business, and intends returning the lirst of the
week. Dan says things are hustling iu the bunch-grass country.
Tur. Express owns a pile of
wood on all adjacent lot, and il
midnight raids are further continued there is a possibility of
some one getting caught. Need-
ess to say the parties are known.
So beware I
The immense canopy shed being
built at the Wallace shipyards is
progressing rapidly now that the
Iree ol cosl we shall i line Weather has set in again
ninth about it.    W
plauded, ami oii resuming his Beat
was given a hearty round of applause..
Thu candidate, lion. Mr. Cotton,
thou t(j"K the platform, and he too
was well greeted. Ho said three I
yeara ago he had asked lor their
support, and ii) coining up from
the wharf that night he had
thought that North Vancouver
bad  no reason to be ashamed ol
ind have decided that il any prolit
is to !"■ made Iron'  this  I ml  llie
people ol British Cblumbiu should
benefit by it."   (Applause.)
Speaking of the agreement between the Dominion government
and the Grand Trunk Pacific, he
pointed out that no provision was
made lor construction (rum thi-.
end. Senator Teiiiplemaii rec-.
ognised this and went so far as t(,!l"epai'cd, mid
introduce a motion in the senate
lo that effect,  but it never went
structure, when completed, will
excell in size anything of a like
nature in British Columbia, and
will be used as a covering for tlie
construction of several craft
The North Vancouver Athletic
Association held a very enjoyable
assembly in llieir tia.ll last evening.
The attendance was large, many
coming over innn Vancouver.   A
good program ol dances had been
lllose  present  mil
io doubt bear happy recollections
of the evening's enjoyment,
\11 the Grand Trunk
Pacific did was fully explained, it
being shown that the McBride
government had consummated a
I things bad lu
ili»'^rc'41'ess it bad made since I through,
then) and he hoped they would
VOW1 lor a continuance ol that
prosperity by again returning him
as ,i ^neni^ i i)i the government
ttndePu-Wcn'theSe '
"You may say," said Mr. Cot
ton, "'that is all very well lor you.
Vou art: a cabinet minister, and I to make a personal confession,
naturally want to keep in office, and ask absolution limn you. lt
but 1 think I can bIiow you that in has been said by Mr. Went all
retaining that ollice 1 am perhaps over thc country that be was not
benefitting you more than myself, social,le, that he did not go round
As president ol the council I re* clapping people on the back and
((•ive, no salary, but often lose a asking loi votes. "Well, I don't,
great deal ol valuable time in gn- ami I know il I bad to depend oil
deal that would be endorsed
right thinking people.
Thc liberal candidates
came in lor a few words,
which   he   said   he   was
Mi. 11. A. Shaw, who has con-
dueled a real eslate business in
Nortli Vancouver lor lhe past two
years, has joined the lorces of the
Western Corporation in the real
estate branch. During these years
Mr. Shaw has become well and
favorably known, ami the Western
Corporation are to be congratulated
on this chuice.
Tbe new municipal council mel
on Monday evening, Keeve A. E,
Kealv and Councillors May, Irwin,
Jordan and Emery being present.
The reeve nominated the stand
ing committees, which nominations
were approved, as follows:
Health, police and lire—Emery
and Jordan.
The reeve was re-appointed
police magistrate lor ensuing year.
License commissioners were appointed as follows: Councillors
Irwin and Jordan, and B, J. Cornish and A. D. Nye, justice of the
peace, Keeve Kealy being chairman.
It was resolved that the council
will bold its meetings on the lirst
and third Mondays at 8 p. m., in
each month. The standing committees will meet on the Thursdays preceding the council meetings.
K. Wilson, the successful
tenderer on Victoria park, appeared before the council and
stated that he could not take up
the work, lt was resolved to call
for fresh tenders to be in by
Following contracts were let:
Kohson road, near the Capilano
—Askew & Kennedy, Si,loo,
Diversion ol Keith road, through
district lots 764 and (107—Askew &
Kennedy, $1,700.
(iiadiug and laying sidewalk on
Second street, east of Lonsdale
avenue, as lar as St. George's
avenue—W. Snider, $1,075.
The tenders for building sidewalk on nortli side of Pirsl street,
west of Lonsdale, were laid ovei
till the grading wotk is completed.
Tbe meeting lb n adjourned.
Municipal Elections.
results   ol
the muni-
Following  are thc
Saturday's polling at
oipal elections:
Reeve—A, E. Kealy, 255 ; \V.
Morden, 214. Majority for Kealy,
41.    Spoiled ballots, 9.
Councillor, Ward l.—W. H.
May, 30; T, S. Nye, 14. Majority
lor May, 16.   Spoiled ballots, 2.
Wanl II. —W. J. Irwin, accumulation.
Ward III.-Dr. A.McK, Jordan,
Ward IV. -W. F. Emery, 56;
J. M. Duval, 47. Majority for
Kmery; 9,   Spoiled ballots, 8.
School Trustees—Alex. Smith
and W, B. Bitnbury. Acclamma
There are three new members
this year on the council, and as
the whole of the members arc-
more or less conversant with the
requirements of the municipality,
there is little doubt but that al-
lairs will be conducted as satisfactorily in the future as in the past.
Card of Thanks.
I licri'lij' pxpres- my liMrly -ppr-cii-
tii'ti of the honor anal conmlunce the
elector) (il the municipality of Nnrth
Vancouver have' bellowed on me in returning mo n» Reeve (or the enming
year. An In the paet, I will do my
utmost to lill the nutrition to the belt
ol my ability, uml Dial tlio conlidenct,
entrusted to no will not he mliplaetd,
Thanking you nno and all, I icnuin,
Youn -lincerelj,
A. K. Ki.u.y.
North Vancouver, B, C.Jan.M, W07,
Card of Thanks.
Neil McLennan died nn Tttes-
lay altertioon at Vancouver, aged
70 years. He leaves mo brothers,
John and Fllldlay, and several
sisters, Among the pioneers these
three brothers were [amilarly
known as the " Scotch Greys."
They had followed the hotel business for several years in ibis pio-
viiice. The (uncial takes place
this afternoon.
The city camps nt th" Capilano
have closed, the work on the
waterworks having heen com-
plried. (Ivor Mo men were effected, but all got employment at
uther wotk.
lt is reported on reliable
authority that two rominent railway men have taken an option
on a tract of 1C0 acres in this
municipality. The deal is to bu
finally consummated early in
February, This is a further substantial proof that North Vancouver will, in the near future, be a
real live railway terminus. We
understand that the price settled
on was in the neighborhood of
$375 Per »cre.
Subscribe (or Thf. Express.
To the Rleeton <-/ Ward IV:
The uiideruifiied wishes to thank
tlmse who Kn ably worked for and tup-
ported him during the municipal eon.
tost. It ii, most gratilying to know that
I havo nn many resident »uppnrter« in
Lynn Valley, iind that I do not have to
rely Boh-ly on the ti-ii-tlioiiiand-dolUr
loan M, Duval,
North Vancouver, B, C, Jan. 26,1907,
mg down tb Victoria  Ki  attend
cabinet meetings which sometimes,
Ukc, pine nine .1 week.     Vou ttill
ICC,  tlui, line,  that there   is   no
profit iu this fnr tne,  anil
yofjiwjll believe mc when 1 I
tin ic in, thoda "I gaining votes I
■hould always be at the bottom ol
tile    poll.     J    'like    tlie    position,
bowel • r, ihal no iiinn lias a right
think to go round and ask every m in he
ell yon tun ta il In- will vote lor  him,    I
that I ait bi'lause ] bcliev,  everj   1.md i"i  rtain party, for a
man owes a duty to Ins country, certain policy, lor a certai   govern
and il capable ni rendering it lie ment, aiid il you approve of it you » Besides that," said Mr   Cot
should do it."   (Applause.)   Mr, will vol, lot 111, ; ti um do nol ap ion, "I tool .ni  it di al ol inl n 1
Cotton' continued  that   he   had prove ol it. vote against  me,   I in   watei   records   on   Suymoin
looked in vain for any evidence ol taki it that every inun has intelli creek."
a policy in the press ami platform :■• 11101" di' nl,- Iiii himsell how hi ,   Tin \ ,, W. ,v V Uailwa) would
ipeechei of their opponents,   In will vote ; the secrecy of the balloi received ry encouragement 1 1
Mead nl formulating at policy tho^ ii given him to pn   1       1 right, llu               it and also
df.votcd all llieir 1 a,T y to two oi and I hav, 110right to ask an) mi 1 11 n    tin St 1 und narrows.   (Ap
three (lungs,    lie  waa   sill"  tile'   tthal he is going   in  do   about   It.   plans,:.,
must be sick and ttt',1 ill hearing I think you will agree with me that     Mr, Cotton expressed his will
ol the Kaien Island deal and thi if this is a peculiarity of mine there bigness to answer questions ihal
Columbia (V Western land giant, is a good deal to be said iii favor
•liiit as their opponents had broughl "I it."
up these questions he would try i"    To ihow thai he had beon mind
answer them as simply ns he Inl ol the interests "I the municipality! Mr.l ott'in saiil that lie had
got the government to place iu the
estimate! lor the coming session
the sum of $5,000 as part compensation lor taxes that Nurtli Van
1 ouvei bad lost on land which had
la en lorfeited and which had n -
At the liill court at Victoria on
Tuesday the appeal on I'hilip vs.
Hatter,   municipal   clerk   of   the
municipality,  was  allotted.   Mr.
I 'lul 1 [■ loses the St,000 commission
to ivliich the trial judge at Van-
•• Never point,  mv dear," Said j couver said lie tt.is entitled ill con-
tbe mother gently.   " But, main-1 "ec"°n v'"h a s',k: ol a Part °» "
Ilia," objected the little girl, "suppose I don'l know the fame of the
things?"   "Then let the ■■l»-|ExrBI-„ Mr. 1. XV. Weut, It! ■
man ahow you a lhe has in sto ck Cttudidale ,,„J uic|ltnondi
until he comes to the article that vcry enthlisia8tica,|? 0, ,h,
18 'i'*""'1' support li" is receiving throughout
the nding, and also thc rousing
ih" municipality would receivi meetings he has been attending as
from them the same amount as il per ihe program adverti ed. He
the land had remained taxable, entertains the highest hopes ol
1 Vpplauae I sm n n
':. . k-s lint.1'
' Lonsdale estate.
In  communication
'KKSS Ml   j
candidate  loi
with   Tin
*-^ BOdaya after date I Intend to apply
ti, the Htm. phlel Comrnjiilouer ol
l.tiiv k mul Works ,u purchase thc
loll',ning deirrlbuil tract ot hind (or
lisliing purposes: Commencing ut a
pott planted on tbe North shore of
iiiiriliier (.mull, ten chains Went of a
creek running into a buy, between
ll.irk.-r und Low t'ohltl, markel A.
Nv,i. S. K.; ilii'tti'o running North 'JU
I'liulnii; tlionco Went -U chains; thence
S'lttth JOi'liuiiiN I" tin shore nl (iiirdner
('ninii; thence nasi nlong the shore to
|niint ol commencement; containing i"
11 ri'K, inure ur leaf,
bated tills '.'ml, day ol Junnary, 11107.
Will address the Electors of
Richmond at the following places:
Barud, R p. m Jan. 11
1'mliir  Cottage  School   Home,
Hp. ni J»n. n
Central Park Agricultural Hall,
Sp.m Jti.M
North Vancouver, H p. m Jan. IS
r.luiriie, Uregg'a Hall, 8 p, m. ...Jan. JU
S. Vancouver, N. Arm School,
* p. ni Jan. »
Burnaby, Municipal Hall,a p.m. Jan. 30
Central Park  Agricultural  Hall
Up. m Feb. 1
North Vancouver, 8:30 p. B Fab. 1
Invitations extended to other
Electors of
Richmond Riding
ms carefully guarded the general interests of tbt
could.    FirM, said Mr Cotton, tin
Columbia & Western land grant,
and by way ol illustration, wo will
suppose lhat the' Municipality ol
North' A'ancouvci owns certain
blocks of unimproved land, and
some person comet   along  and
offers to improve that land for a verted to tli" crown. Anothei
certain consideration, Tho muni-matter In bad regard to was in
1 ipality agrees that it he will im- connection with the t< cent '-ales oi
pr.ii-" one block ii will glvi liim government lands'in tho district.
tin right to select anothei
■Us fpn'us or subsidy, but on
condition that In s ih 1 ts and surveys
that block within a a 1 rtain time,
Th" party agrees and proceeds
to improve on the understanding
Win n this land was sold it became taxable, but there was a
possibility thai some of il wo ild
lev, ii I" tin ;ovi rnment,   In thai
...1. .1 ithoria.1 dt
,.-,  it   1   iti '    "I   'ail'     "   ''.'  I ll     III  ll
might be pul to llllll, anil (en
eluded by asking thi in to mark
their ballots loi him on l'< bru trj
Mi. J. W.  Deli.  Parris asked
permission to say a few words,
The annual meeting ol the 1 on
-I, ■ 11 in ol I Vis It w's 1 him li
was held I Inns l.n evening,
I'ln r, was a ", to 1 nil' 11 lance, ami
.inin ig the selei ted program was ,1
presentation Irom lhe co regs
tion i" Rev, and Mrs, Gillam
Coffee and cake wi re Bervcd dui
ini; tli" evening,
Messrs. J. A. Pykc and Captain
Gosse 1 ailed on Tin Exim 1 ■ on
Wednesday afternoon, With thnn
wen sev ral prairieites loi king
iiiii North Vancouver. Among
these u,n: Messrs, J. I). M,
Mtllan, Geo, Bayley, A.  Peasant,
lie raibd the government on the G, Capling, Cappelle Station, Sas.,
K.iini Island deal, the G. T. P.(and M. MeLeod, ol Edmonton
holdup, the Columbia and West   Messrs, Pyke and Gosse, in whom
was intrusted the confldi n< 0 ol tin
1111 land ciant, and several Other
matti rs that have been in the
public pn ss Im Borne time, He
I, ceivi tl In arty applause,
Mr. ('. M. Woodworth also held
up the liberals to rcdiculc, and
answi I'd above questions ol Mr.
Farris unhesitatingly,
I hn ' rousing clu 1 rs wi re given
im Mi. Cotto; .1 'I iln  nili'i 1 an
di I "a     ,a 1 1  whii It the meeting
■   .villi im  National Anile in,
visitors, are cognizant ol thi value
of tb, ir 1 itizenship, and no doubt
will do their little pan well,
The paper Bays that in 147 yi ars
the , atih's supply ol 1 oal will be
exhausted. " Wc were bom too
soon." " What do you mean '!"
" li would lie (jreal to live in
in 1 " iili'ii there v.eie no coal
bills to conic iu.1
hits .-ecuri'tl fur it appropriations three times as
argo as liml previously heen granted, $8l),0()0.
He is 11 member of the Government and can do more
than would Im possible (or an outsider, much less an
opposition member.
He is pledged to do liis best to carry out (or North
Vancouver two matters of grent importance.
One is in give the civil municipality, about lo be in-
oorporated the right to tax railways within its boundaries.
Tl ther is to assure the certainty o( ihe municipali-
iv boing able to oolleot the taxes on the lands sold by
iln (lovernment recently, but for which the title is still in
ine crown.
lie has recently obtained (or the municipality a
grant oi (6,000 as a compensation for the taxes it had loel
through failure of purchasers to complete tlieir agreement
witli the government,
lie has  BtOOl
totalities against
up for the rights of the rural muni-
the exorbitant attempt of the ('ity of
Vancouver to get control of the water in Seymour Creek,
ami has takon steps to preserve the watershed for North
Tin- Government is sure to be re-elected, and it is to
your interests to be represented by a Cabinet Minister.
He is n inaii of deeds, not words.
Electors of Richmond, Study Your Own Interests and
And Continued Prosperity THE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B. C.
Weekly Ncwspapoi       Published by
Subscription      Oik, Dulla   por Vein °    '
I   I',   W1U.IAMS,     . Mnnug--  ^°'c's'
Ultimate Cost Will Proiiaibly Be $116,-
000,000   to   Supply   Electricity—
Covin '51 Square Miles.
(, greal anti-trust move is proposed
11 th,' Loudon County Council which
II it enn obtain !l»' consent ol Parliament, ia going iu spend (30,251,00
■.ui i, huge scheme loi supplj ing London and tlie surrounding country
with electricity This would kill the
threatened formation of u trust wliidi
ii looming ahead with Its Inevitable
accompaniment "I Increased rotes.
It is proposed to covoi an urea ol
4!ii oqiinru ntlles, comprising the
County cl London ond parts ol Middlesex, Essex, Kent und Surrey with tho
Council's system A great central generating station uill tie built on the
bonks ol the Thames below the city »t
a cost o! j'.ooo.iXki. and the other Sl.V
21111,000 will bu spent on the transniis-
slon and distribution ul tlie power.
Tbe majority ol lhe London County
Council ts Progressive (Munlcipo.
Socialist', and tin- scheme is opposed
by the Moderates (I'Mujervatives) on
the Council, v, ho lavor another
scheme fur lensintj the right to supply
the whole London district With sler-
tiicity to a corporation In other
words, the Moderates aro backing the
trust proposition.
Their corpnrotiou would simply be
the controlling centre, which would
combine all the existing electricity
corporations in London, eliminate competition, regulate wages, and tix the
rotes to consumers ot its own li^ure
London hopes to he saved from the
clutches ol on electricity trust by the
bold Bchomes il lhe i ountj Council.
Tho proposal, although il camo late,
was mado a prominent issue In tlie
London municipal elections, and gained the Progressives, who were threatened with u landslido, many votes.
If the Council does nol tnlte up the
control o! the el    "   supply, It
will loll into the bands ol the trust,
which, alter running II lor some
years, will sell it back to the Council at a huge i
The Parliamentary Committee
which considered lhe queatlon of London'- nli , ipply lasl session
decided ,: I t wn desirabl that the
Council bIii ild Im control ol llio
»hole undo taking and thc lug Lib-
cm! mnjoi it; in llio Commons, which
Is opposed lo lhe trust interest, it certain to cot iv tin- scheme through.
The only thing the bill will havi lo
(ear then Is ll ■ Hou is ol 1 ords, which
lias already attempted to wreck some
ol the i inr i uini ■ n ,| lieinei
in 1910, il tlie scheme goes
through, llu- lirsl tin, sectioi ol
the generating station u be worl
ing, and a greal Impetus will be
given t" il" it I 'i Ion by
i cheep and plenl lul supply nl power,
Tlie Council i, roiifidenl that the
revenue derived ' • • tbe undertaking will In' nore .. ill '1.1 to
cover the expenditure including the
ehargei lor sinkinj lund and Interest "ti capital, so ". it Hie I nidi's
luccessful strei I i ind , thei undo,tak ■ -a "i lo b lol ""I
Ly another greal ■ ■ on In
municipal o mi i tit p
Frank L. Wellington bus died al
hi.- home In Trinity nvenuo, Now
York, tlie victim ni ii disease which
caused his bones to snap like glass,
Ono day while boldllg a sirup in u
.-tret cur his unit snapped oii'. A
shuri linic inter a leg bono Bnuppod.
According to his physician this terrible
Kirts About the   Singer's   Dlicovery
and Early Training. -
Mrs. Mendola do Sola ol Montreal
writes this ol   Mme.   Donald*,   tin I
"A rreCaf Tt!zieni.t ent*-- i Th« Bronohlal Tubes and Lungs ape Protected against
tolnment. the musio o. which I hA |h- £„„ p^ _f CM„ by
Pemnn, it a household friend in
mors thu n a mi/lion /tomes. This
'ittmorr t'i increasing <»<ri/ day.
Peruna. has become a household uord
aU over tite English tptaking world,
ll is nn old tried remedy for all catarrhal disease) of the head, throat,
'tings, stomach, kidneys, bladder and
female organs.
Auk Your Druggist far Free Peruni
Almanac tor Mt,
A Distinijiiislierl T.lo.
The Hon. Jo   ph   Cl
(ond ol relating s
lurred while
Mere returning Imm
night.  While
cere a     It ,
after sweeping l
L'.ra! Ro el ■
tlie boy ii '■
him.     JI)   boy,' I
you vi,   la.' that p
:    111 |
In tl."
-.( the I, rs
■true! It
. ■ i rai   but to I
hery, the office     night I
a elm'--    il  .
intlng boy In «
Ox  Ri
with tl thy |
mon would not li       an
all throe ip lo
II,        ■• I   ',..,    ,!„
nn them tin        •■ " look
•lown « I"-.. .
loin, 'i    id .
Judge smile 1
1 ' a
fr.ll title  "I   ' I II
'  I •
lull height, n
a '        ■  ,
Faithful 'o He' Ln«.
!■. I ,
, ll ,
I '.. ■ sla
ler of the Q I
.,• ■■
■   ■ Print       he
when she
i I
I, but
... ...
'.  a
The othel
"Look into this
roofing question
Get book on
-'Rool lng
Right" aad
see how little
ii.li you take
when j an
roof any
building with
' Soldund-.TaplainCl'ARANTKE
I that keeps your roof good for 'li
years.   With decent care, an Oshawa-
hint-Id roof will last a CENTURY.
Easy To Put On
With a hammer and a snips
anybody can,
put Oshaw-i
perfectly, f
J ocked on
all  four'
sides   Bee1
the sid'
lt drains the
shinnies so that
water can't seer
under. Top loci
(see below I makes
whole roof practically one piece and
sheds water (itiirk.
Made in nn.- .
only   2fc auagi' "'mi'toughened iteel,
double ga.vir.iied   i•»..-•   painting).!
Wind • water • and - f • r a-
PROOF. Keep building*
safe from
Cost only
4.50 •
square (10
ft x 10 ft)
nd for book-
t and learn
how little a RKiHT
roof costs.   Addresi
Of Oshawa
undertaken to superintend, I heard
Pauline I.ightstone lor the first time
singing in a chorus, and tn the Umbra
ot her voico immediately recognized
the material from which great singers
lion mis brought ubout bv iitk- i V, T{°' "? «', CO',"iB8^..0, V?* "T
iiiedieiiie which c,„,,i,ii„„i '.. ,. „■ \l to°" hM to MlS8 Llchtenstein, who
'•I triod her voice, und at once coincided
with my opinion, Through the influence of Mr. Peterson, to whom representations wore made by Miss Lichlon-
stcin and myself, the board of governors of McCiill uu., induced to receive
tlio voiiiik girl us n free partial student
at tlio Royal Victoria College, this being Uio flrsi time such a concession
had been granted Alle, studying thoie
witli Miss Liclitonsteln liltlo more
lhan a yeui, Mrs. aSciulcin took Pauline to New York, where she was heard
by Biilignui'. Huliiclie und others, who,
pronouncing the Btune Judgment as I
nod, advi.-ed her to lose no time, to go
ut onco to Parle and study fur grand
<'|iera. On her return from New York
she came ut mice lo tell me all obotil
tlie matta't', and 1 well remember her
excitement, alternating with despair,
when she considered how impossible it
would be for any member of her family
11 And the means for her long sojourn
tn Paris. However, 1 assured her she
need not worry that I would obtain
tlie wherewithal to send ond keep her
there until sue was ready to make her
debut. In a very lew hours I was able
to Interest some of Montreal's well
known philanthropists in her case, and
,.. In possession of sufficient funds to
cover her requirements lor the first
year, and subsequently Lord SI rath-
n*na was Induced to undertake lhe
bulk of the expense. For three years
iho studied in Paris under Duvernoy.
who gave her her entire instruction
"At last the time arrived when Pauline Ltghtstone was reody to commence her career, and she adopted the
ftage name of Doiuilda In recognition
of tho Roval Victoria College and its
generous founder. It was at this timo
lhat I gave Iter u letter to my life-long
friend, Hone Temple, asking her to induce lier iiusband, Andre Message,
rne of the conductors of the Royal Italian Opera at Covent Garden, and
manager of the Syndicate, to hoar Don-
olda, and if he thought well of her
voice to give her an engagement. Mas-
sager beard her, and alter somo further correspondence with mo ono if
my dearest ambitions lor her was
realized. Pauline Dnnaldo obtained a
threo years' engagement at Covent
Garden In her lirst season.
"With such phenomenal opportunities It was an easy matter ior tlie
young aspirant to fame quickly to gain
lier place amongst the ioremost singers of the liuie, and to-day she bids
lair to shed lustre upon tho Dominion
cl Canada."
Dr. Chase's Syrup of Unseed and Turpentine
nuill poison.
Again and ngain has it boon demonstrated tlmt iiiinciiil nieiliein,'.- inv
harmful,   li Is becauso IJiloana, while
''ine fm iill liver and digt live
ei-. yet contain no trace olany
mineral, bul are, on the   contrary,
purely horbal, thai they havo man the
prui i medical men, trained inii.-es
and ciuntiats all tho world over,
I'.tli'iin- .I■ tt.-i horn pretty nearly
every other liver medicine in i tabling no mercury, und from protty
Hem ly evory othci Btomacli medicine
in being free Irom bismuth.     Thoy
nro also free Irom alcohol,  The) 	
compounded Irom the finest   known
i licinal herbs and  wots nnd   arc
ilnis tin- besl family medicino   Hint
can 1 Illumed,   They operate cent-
li ian the bowels, curing constipation
lllld pile.-, Tbey correct acidity of
ihe Btomacli, stimulate the digestion,
i  up the liver, and   eorrocl the
secretion of bile, Their general no-
iii,n is at the same time eorrective
and tonic—correcting faulty secretion,
toning up weak nud debilitated op
(in- They thus cure anemia, green
sickness, female ailments nnd
gtilaritics, blood Impurities, rhcuma
iimn, etc Por nauaea, hoadache, ens,
pain in tlie chest iiiid between the
loulders ihey nre also very effective. Their operation is mild, yel effective.   In curing constipnlion they
dn llnl cause nfler cuiistipiitiuu,  nm
alaa    tlll'V    I'Vl'l     ,':|||S,'    SllplHC.     Ml'llll'I'S
will find them beneficial in the tnuny
little ailments to which children are
subject. All druggists bcII llileans ttt
tlfty cents it box. ni tliey tiia'ii ha' obtained pai-i ftee from tho Bilean Co.,
Toronto, on receipt of price, Foi
$2.00 a parcel oi Bis boxes will   ho
mailed   This I- the most nomicnl
form tm liunllv use
Vou cun never loll just whal form
i ii cold «ill lake, bul yon mny be .sure
lil will .-cutch mil youi' ivciiki'sl organ.
With some ii assumes a catarrhal nature and affects tlie bend principally;
mill others ii becomes bronchitis and
there Bets in a hind cough und sovero
chest   pnius.   Then, again,   ii often
I - lo inflammation  of tho lungs,
consumption, pneumonia or may net-
1 lie mi the kidneys or bowels.
because colds do nol always prove
serious some people take chances
imlb them, bul Ilm risk is great, Dr,
Chase's Syrup of Linseed and Tui'-
pontine is Intended for people who
iiunl assurance ngainsl serious results liom cold.-.
This greal medicine hna absolutely
proven its extraordinary control over
coughs, colds, croup, bronchitis,
whooping cough, aa-tluiin and all such
ailments, and lor this reason has n
I" all
n the (.'real majority "I homes,
John Chirk, coachman, Port
tint., miles: "Heine, exposed
Borts ni weather, I frequently
'old. bust winter I was so bad
cold llml I could not speak
a whisper, und had greal
pains in the chest, ,\l last I feared
il would develop into consiunptiain if
I did not succeed ill getting proper
treatment A friend ndvlBodjime to
ny Dr, Chase's Syrup ol Unseed and
Tuipi'iiiiue iiiiii I began to improve
bolore I had taken hull n bottle. Ono
bottle oured in; cold, which I bo'
Hove, would bave proven very soil-
OUS ii I hnd uol used this medicine"
Dr. Chase's Syrup of Unseed and
Turpentine, 30 cents u boitlc. nt till
dealers, or lidinnnson, Hates & fin,,
Toronto. To protect you against imitation-, the portrail and signature of
Dr, A. \V, Chase, the famous receipt
hunk author, arc oil every bottle.
r II McGulgnn, fourth vice-president of the G.T.R., inspected iha' railway improvements nl London It is
-nul Ihni ihey will totnl $760,000 when
V  son t- u greal football play
'Yi     it is hereditary.'
"I ncvor heard thai hi
n lootbnll plnie1 "
"He Isn't, Imi he i- .i fin
ei "   Houston Post.
Comparisons Dangerous.
"Vou can trust Smithcrs    Hi ■ n
tiincsl ne lhe dn) is long"
"Do you notice how short lhc dny
gelling?"   llrooklyn Mto
I   r a.ini \i \n 'h    Iii winti i "i
j in ,- noi Parmelee's Vegetable Pills
| will cope wiih nnd overcome an) ir-
i regularities of Ihe digestive organs
; which clinii'..,' ,,i diet, chnngc ol re i-
j ,i, nee. in variation "i temperature
inm) I'ini'.' about They ihould bo nl-
| uny- kepi III bund, nnd once    their
action ■ tie   known, no
| will be wlthoul Ihem    Then'   is
[ nothing nauseating In Iheh structure,
I nud tic mosl dolicnti
I'unlld, ill)
a    I,     'Hint   lllll 1IIOU        pllllll
II   -plollll '
What il ise it I
Itcnedii'l    Wc   pninl   the    baby's
,., . in . ... Iiiii. .i iiunl, in
Ithout lighl
Lost  Opportunities.
"Wlmt n pit) ii was iiiiii baseball
inns n„t known In the old Roman gla-
(linloriiil time."
"Why .-..:-"
"llecnuse ihey would bavo so enjoy-
killing the umpire."
Unearthing Roman City.
Paris.—Al the Geographical Society
rooms, Commander Kspcrondiou
cully detailed the results ol tho
senrches lie bud made at llio order oil
the   French    government   nl   AliBe i
Siiinlc Heine, a village buill over the I
ancient ruins of Alesia,   the Roman I
city built by   Julius Cnosni'   about     [)o not delay in (,'cltiiiF relief for
lift) years before Christ. I the little folks. Mother Graves' Worm
The work ol excavation was begun | K.tlerminator is n plensant and sure
cure.   If you love   your child   why
'a 'llllll:
\i,:: Jin ni)
■|       '     ..a,'
I ..'    'I
*i nu know Ihal lontb
 hiiii-t', '
Iin- jllsl
_tr*i on 1 r e• 1
Olli*i   1
^~ ni 1' rati Bt w,
Id Siu.nl Ri     1
[     1  „ , ,. ., t   o
1  • n it n n
1    II ilnllHirmSt
t) tlnn^uSl,  ,
|1   JUS Lomha-tl St
111 fan,!., st   u
mirl   Pernlyr-,1      I   IiimI   ral
,   .i, . , . ..i.i ib, hearl,   nrltei Urn
.1     S    II le,   "I    It'll".    \ *        I   Sllllere.l
,1 .i      ,   oft, ,i -i„,' lil.—   and
I   .1   ilwnl                 'I'a f    a,I       Dl
a urc tor He   Henri mi •• mi  n
|||'|      .MI'I    I" I"!,'    I    lllll   lei    "II'     ' I'       I
,..!,     ',.   ,'.     |  . un        :      I.a .     I    lllll    11
',,■11   »aUllllll
I     ;.     '       P||e, U.,l'l"l     I-
Hue '   ll '   Mm,   Pn
"       a
/ n t'lfl    I'       lin«    ' ll      le I      l.'-.l
a I.. |ni  ll  ....
Mystic Shrlnei Irniul
I nileil Stnti    '    i . '    i   '•    in il"
M ly, Tell I
md dollni   will I" i
I'lidi r the ■  -i Si»  Ca
.•a.,!... the inn-'. Que, I   lb lena
,       ,... a.,',,|   i, .  nil     in   Iln
,-ator i nli rs ui d pnst, I
. '  | ,.|  pi,•hue-  will  Is
■. m ..•  Venice, bill nndi i
i   ii...   ipiei
- . keep li, i Idenlll;
.i,' work, Si i       I
iiMcil   n   .: .
ill        ||        ;•
intended   lit
■    ■  ■
Al to Mining Booms.
Theso nre the days ol mining
booms, which said booms have led lo
any amount of sage reflections ol tin,
Sanford and Merton type. We bear
dgoin Mark Twain's description ol a
mine: "A hole in the ground owned
hy a liar." The Wall Street Journal
repeats the warning "Mine, miner,
minus," while I'tber financial Sherlock Holmes perceive that Ontario
people have mora money than they
know what to do with, All these are
very wise observations, aud no doubt
a lot ol people ate going to lose money in mines, llul here is a point that
is generally overlooked that it is only
recently in ('una,la that the orl nf
mining began to be taught. We had
schools of oratory and art and theology and lim and medicine and dramatic art and what not, but while
Canada had more undeveloped rc-
lOUrcei thnn any ether country on
the globe u.■ had ii" BChoolB to teach
HS bow to develop theni. With wealth
lying at our leet, with young men
eager fm the freedom and the beollb
of nn outdoor life we turned them
back Into overcrowded cities and
made them believe that nobody but
boors cultivated the land and that
nobody but thieves did tho milling,
Even now, more enlightened though
we arc, we buio j,u>t opened our third
school ol agriculture; and have but
two or litres scliooll of mining and
profltcally no schools "f lorestrj
Mining Will nevei be aa regular and I
isolate n businen si farming, but the
mom the people know about it the
iess likely tliey will be to be token
In by lying prospect s,
under Napoleon 11 in 1801, but
abandoned a lew years Inter.    The I
resumption    oi     tho    work    lasl
len, Ini.-. already   brought  lo liiilit j
mini) interesting portions ol the ,,1,1
eii). among which   arc tno   moats
built by Caesai around tbe town, and
Hie nun- an nn ancient Pagan temple A Kmiiuui amphitheatre Imr been
discovered of very large proportions,
which will ha' fully   due onl    next [
year,   Coins bearing   llie efllgy   ol |
Vercingetoix   nnd   some slatuea   ol
man I.I,- nml bronze hnve been lound.
Pains,  Like the  Poor, .lie Always ]
Willi Us.- That portion ol man's Iiie
which is ii"l 11111*1'-' up of pleasure Is
laigel) composed ol pain, and to   be;
free Irom pain ia n plensure.  Simple;
remedies are always lhe best in treating bodily pain,   and a Bale,   pure
nnd simple remedy   is Dr. Thoinnf' I
Kelectric Oil,   Yon cannot do wrong
in giving it n trial when required
do yon lei n Buffer when a remedy
is so nenr ill hnnd I
Ai ilie Birmingham Fal Slock show
bis majesty, who was n most successful exhibitor, in several seel ions, won
the cattle championship with a short-
born sleet. Mr. 1!. W. Hudson being
reserve with a crosB-hred heifer.
motor bus caught fire in Kil-
burn, London, The passengers escaped, but the driver nnd conductor hud
in be treated in the hospital,
Tlie   financial   committee ol  the
l'i, noli senate has raised the rate ol
luxntioti mi both French und foreign
Manlv   Stren-th   nnd   Womanly   Brnuty
depend <>,i purity nt Hie blood, and much
„i thai purity doponds on pcrlcct kidney
Altering, If these organs are diseased
uml uill no, perioral their lunctlonSi man
Will seek III vain fur slri'nelli nli-l (in-
mnn l"t- beauty. Booth American Khiney Cure drives out ull impurities
through tlie hody'i "ftiterere." Kopain
weak spots, 16.
A Philadelphia school mistress wns
giving ber pupils inslmction in the
elements nl physiology,   und among
oilier lliiiiL'-, tuld  111,un  thnl    when-
companies   Irom ti  to 10jovoi ihey moved nn nun or n leg it
[ratios per million ol assured capital,
I: is expected that tin- Increase will
ml.i ii million frillies revenue ($200,-
(Hit)) n ifiir tn ihe national revenue
wns in rcsponso i" n message from
Ibe bruin. "Tbc brain always sends
n message lo your nun or leu whenever you wish to move tlie particular
member,"   he explained
Ai Inst n mischievous hoy aroused
ie i anger by his apparent Inattention
i by disease can best bo plctur a in lo ™e  esson,
 inn with a patient who has been In       llubl  "tit your  mind     she   ex-
the "depths" nml has been dragged Iron claimed,
them by South Amerjcad Nervine., Geo.|   Th|, ^ i|h| ||(| moye
"Why ilon'l   you Imld
Twiichy Mu-clci and SlMpleunill.
lopeiell heart sickness Ihni settles
nu or woman whose nerves are spat-,,
dlseOM enn best  !»' imtureil  In ,
...mii American Nervine. Oco,
Webster, „f Koran, Ont, suys: "I owe
my nie ," it, Everything else railed to
cure." ll
Her Majsily tin Hen.
Hggs nre dear because lhc b»ns ore
not laying, mil a poultry expert mi's
hens nre not laying iu Ontario yet this
autumn because ihey moulted so very
lot,' further tbsn this, tha man <>!
scientific nnd deductive knowledge
will nol go, but tlie wissscrei -ay that
this moulting ail the bens so late is an
Indication ol a nuid winter. Whether
tlm' be so ot not, a poultry ihow at
Peril,i. llnl, last week showed a Intro
proportion ol the hens to   bo   mil
moulting. Eggl ine J us-1 now so far ,1
tho' a lending egg producer wns offered nt this slum lifly a'.'iils per doion
(nr all the ccg, fmm'lii" poultry plant.
While eggs are ib'sr, poultry is (or the
moment lightly cheaper, because with
the first snap of cold weather formers
kiilod considerable poultry ind i-nt
it to market.
Vi o' r ■-rr'-W-.'' 1'Trrw' *■
• .    ■'
Hinitinc the Walrus.
Whnleis began to turn then alien-
tiun io walrus catching about llio
vein l-o- During the first pari ol
ever) season there i- bill lillle op-
 limity to capture whales, Ihey being within the limits ol the ie; bar-
n,.a ,\. n result much ol the whalers' in luring July   and Augusl
un, devoted lo capturing walruses,
Men iiimlil lie landed on the tl-
uskn -h"ie iii June nnd lelt to watch
fm the animals lo haul up on the
bench nl certain points,  According lo
ib" goveri nl   reports lhe   wnlriii
 il .all in ■ nh r ll1'1 on .
tl,,. iee lu sleep   When a herd is well
nl me or ni" nhl bulls arc gen-
 Hi left mt watch
The besl shnl among   lhe   hunters
imu creeps up, and by u succcsslul
nil,, -hut m un, kills llie guard, Ow-|
mc I., then very detective   hearing I
il iise made b) the rille does nol
i wake Ihem    Hie gun In   then   pul.
., ui,., ntnl each hunter, armed with
: n diurp uxc. approaches the il, t ping
! animals, and cuts   Iho Bplnc, ol n
man) oi litem as pa  Ibli belore the
otliei   become iihuiiu'd and   Inmpei'
i.e  the cuter uud  ape,
,   Tlie while hunters rarcl) make iisi
a,i nnylliing bul the two long, curved
lu i     will,   which  the  animal   t
..,iu|.i.,ii  and whleli   avorage al t
Ul ■ | al     la' UlO I'lll'      II liim
nnt- however, lhe II" b is hall,
ll I  saved,    T uny ul the  lis-
I .. pecinll) "ti Iho Ircl	
II .     ..lllla     ,     .lllll" I '-.-iti
In,., nnd   the devaslalion   wroughl
Hie I ord   bj Iho whalers has
md i   i"t the cau I (earful
suffering und death ta, many ol lhe
li :  :' I for men nnd dogs:
il I ul.-,, i- used for food and lor
lighting nnd boating  tho bouses; the
-km when tunned  1 oiled mnkeB n
I durable cover lor the largo skin bonis;
Iho nlestines make waterproof cloth-
nr window covc-s, and limit-; the
in      ,,,,. used   Im' liint'''   <" i-l"'.'ir
Ol    ana'   CarVCll   llll"   li     i'l"
nl  lis,.Iiii  inui milium ninl ob-
iuicI ill" bones nro tiBod lo mnke
[0i   p0ars nnil im' other pur-
\i lhe presenl lime tbe Kti koqttlm
i   ,, i i- tl ily one In which the
ni i- fairly common, In addi-
II,ui l„ hunling lhc walrus litem 1
ve,- ihe whalers also purchase   from
llie l'.-k    'I '■ lusks "i ivory thnl
. ive tecured,
,\i  the bottom   ol lb   Hosol   dgi
min   tie' temperature nvi rngei 04 do-
I'ailn    The mine Is aboui 3,000
I (eel deep
mil    yunr
baud t" saul the teacher,
"I'm waiting for tlie message from
my bruin." the Ind replied. Philadelphia Ledger
A Series ol Articles Describing tbelr Lives, their Alms
and their Influence.
Editor Plumas Standard.
Mr. \V, I). I.iinib, whom the above
picture represents, and the subject ol
this sketch, was born forty years ago,
in Gerrie, Out., Huron coun'y. There
be nlleiided school, and spent the
early years ol his iiie.
At the nee of eighteen he began
teaching school, and, after spending
.seven years in that profession, graduating from tbo Clinton model and Toronto normal schools, he drifted into
mercantile life. Ten years ago be
eniiio wesl, and Bottled in Plumas, a
village on the Lake Manitoba Railway and Caniil Co.. that had just
been surveyed.
Three years ago, Mr. Lamb, almost by accident, discovered lhc reason why bis own and other villages
were only slinvcl, stunted, little
placoB, compared wltll what tliey
should be, if public affairs were conducted in accordance witli llie dictates of reason and common sense,
in a way that Would secure justice
between 'man and inun. Nothing so
disgusts him, us to hear people lament tlie (net that llieir town doesn't
grow, while at the same time, those
who build Up, develop and enrich tlie
country, arc regularly penalised by
taxation, while the. idle holders of
town lots or agricultural lands, reap
where others sow. Their holdings
are increasing in value, not on account ol what tlic owners do. but on
account ol what others do, producing
nothing, hut absorbing wlmt others
produce, He believes ill the Henry
George remedy for this state ol affairs. When our reporter called, lie
liad at the hen,I of his paper, as a
text for tlmi issue, u selection from
Henry George, which mny be taken
as tlie Standard's pniiiical creed.
"We would take ior the community
what belongs to the community, tlie
value attaching I" land by the growth
of iho community, leaving sacred to
tlie Individual all that belongs to the
Individual." In other word.-, lie urges that municipalities sliould exempt everything Irom taxation except the community valuo ol hind.
He thinks il    too bud llml    | pie
sliould Id Iho railway corporations
get the pood ef the t"ivn sites while
the people tax themselves to dentil
(iii their goods and buildings, He
'liinks people stupid, nol I,, got that
toiin site valuo by taxation, into
their treasury, for schools, Bldewalks,
iaaa'ui Improvements, etc. The population of Plumas is only 200, hut the
country around would warrant o pop.
illation  oi   1,000 easily.    Mr.   Lamb
■ni.- he uill sell out tlic Standard
lust as .-"on as every industrious
tanner in mind has a nice comfortable liniiii', his farm clear of mortgage, and a comfortable bank account, and iu tlm meantime, lie will
use the paper ns a means lo slum-
people ivhni the trouble is.
Mr, l.ninh hns taken a lively interest in municipal politics, and Judging from tbo way we heard the
Standard spoken of, the people arc
, ,| ting siune tremendous  changes
soon, Tin* paper seems tn hnvo a
firm grip on the minds of the people.
He Imd no previous experience in
printing, imt knowing even "the
case" bolore he got his plant set up.
Ile is hi- min reporter, editor, manager, jobber, etc., ■ tireless worker,
uml n brain capacity thai remembers
a'icry detail, lb' ''an truly say, with
the philosopher ol old, "No. I o.in-
teat play ou anv musical Instrument
ind, 1 can tell loll how, out of n
-iiiiiII village, t" make ii great and
glorlOUl city."   The I pie ill     thnl
community should certainly feel
proud to have among ihem such a
publlo spirited citizen as Mi   Lamb
and  we predict  for  Hie  Slnndnnl    n
brilliant future,
Mr. Lamb is an oul and out believer iu f on trade, and those uho
have hoard him, sny  h" i- a    very
convincing platform speaker,
The hlghosl pass in the new world
in common use    is  lluuiuiihiitien   in
ine Andes,   lis Bummll i- 14,000 feel
Studied Ancitnt Lore of thi Indians
For ths Governmint.
Alter a three months' trip through
Saskatchewan, which included twelve
hundred miles of driving by themselves, Mrs, F, H Paget and Miss
Mabel Ferguson returned recently to
Winnipeg Irom a summer spont among
tho Indians ot tlie free, Saulteaui and
Assinibolne tribes.
Mrs. Paget is a resident ol Ottawa,
but nmi, before her marriage, Miss
McLean, of Winnipeg, and has been
heartily welcomed hy her many
friends in the city.
Her father, Mr. W. J. McLean, waa
for many years in charge of tlio Hudson Bay Post at Fort Qu'Appelle. Accompanied bv Miss Mabel Ferguson,
of Ottawa, Mrs. Paget went up to
tbc File llilk on July 19, and made
that district lier headquarters. The
Indians there aru Crees, occupying
three reserves.
SI e undertook the journey at the
instunrc ol the Dominion Government,
as owing to the fact that she Bpeaks
thi, free and SaultSSUX languages,
six was thoroughly qualified (or tlie
work of research, whloh was that of
studying llio Indian folk-lore and obtaining records o) the early history
and customs ol these tribes. She
traveled over familiar ground, as in
her childhood every aspect of the
country was familiar lo her, and it
will be remembered that she with tho
other members of Mr. McLean's family were taken prisoners by the Indians during the Kobellion. Miss Fer-
f;ii.-,ui accompanied her and acted as
ler secretary.
Mrs. Paget found the space ol time
all too sliort in which to gather tho
material, there was so much that bad
never been touolied on, nnd her interviews witli tbe Indians were full
ol possibilities iu the way of historical matter along many interesting
lines besides those to which she confined herself.
Tbe Indians would not talk freely
in lhe presence of a third person, so
Mrs. Paget took her notes alone, while
the story-teller dike all liedmcn very
good in narrative)—told her what she
wanted to know. Sometimes three or
lour women were culled in and asked
to corroborate some date, but as a
rule ihe one Indian took up tho burden oi tlie tale. An Indian is never
interrupted once he begins bis story.
When he is done, there is a pause
and then another may speak, but to
break into a monologue by asking
questions would at once place i. rash
person in great disfavor.
lt was necessary to talk with a
great many Indians to get all tlie
facts. Mrs. Paget endeavored to find
out whether they had any idea where
their people came from originally:
witli what oilier Indians tliey had
at any time been at war; and what
hud been their early customs. The
one tiling found impossible to secure
was the lelling of any of their fairy
stories, owing to an amusing superstition. They never tell theso stories
except in winter. Buying that if they
were to take time to tell them in
worm weather n lizard would corns
and suck their blood, meaning
by this that thc summor is no time
lor loafing. The Indians have a series
ot such stories dating back to the
flood. Mrs. Paget used to hear then
in her childhood, and she hi able to
write many of them from memory,
but it would be necessary for her to
visit the people In the winter to get
them to tell the old tales over acnii'
Sketch of the Lift and Caresr ol
Chairman Insurance Commission,
His Honor Judge MacTavish, as
Chairman of the Royal Insurance
Commission, has liad heavy work and
gieat responsibility. Fortunately his
i, a temperament on which burdens
may rest without perceptible ruffling
of temper. Calin and judicial by nature,
he faces each difficulty as it arises,
and sufficient unto the day is tbo evil
thereof. In numberless instances the
right of the commission to demand in-
formation was questioned by witnesses, Imt the Chairman waa lirm In his
Insistence on what Parliament and the
people should know. His manner iii
tho commission litis been lhat of u dignified gentleman; the order ol a court
room was maintained without any ol
the airs or pomposity whloh some
judges assume.
Judge MacTavish is a Canadian by
birth, and has lived all his llie in this
country. His father, the late Alexander MacTavish, was u native ol Perthshire, Scotland, but the future judge
was born in the township ol Osgoode,
Carleton couuty, in 1S50. He wait educated in Metculf and Ottawa High
Schools, and at Queen's University,
graduating ILA., in 1H70, and M.A. in
187,1 Ho decided on Ibe prolession ol
law and studied first in Ottawa, aud
later in Toronto. In this city he was
associated with the lirm ol Mowat,
Macleniian 4 Downey. On being called
to tic liar in Ik"", he began lo practice in Ottawa. Ho was appointed solicitor for tlie Corporation ol Ottawa In
1889, mel hol,I that position until bis
appointment to the lleiu.1i of Carleton
county in 1887. In 1HH0 ho was created
a tj. 0. Judge MacTavish is quiet and
domestic In liis habits, but be has been
l'ie,i,|, ni nf the County Law Association, President of tlio St. Andrew's
Society, and manages to give somo
time to the Itideau flub, and to golf
on the Aylinei links. He is also a member of the Collegiate Institute Board
in nitima. Personally, Judge MacTavish is "lie of tbe most nffnhlo ol
men, a fact which bus contributed not
n little to the sm. nth working of the
Insurance Commission during its
lengthy Inquiry,
Does fit
.  has the softl
™ warm    feeP
the skin enjoys.1
Doesn't   itch.
Made for   men, women and   little   folks,
a   variety  of  stylos,
fabrics     and    prloea.
Umlrt wear to replace -I ou, coal, any
guintnl faulty ia malarial ot mains-,
Pope's Skull.
The  skull  ol  Alexander   Pope,  the
poet atul sathisl is in the private
collection of ai phrenologist, During
.-nine nlterntioiiB In the churchyard
where I'ope was buried it litis ncces-
.-iny lo move his coffin, wwch wns
opened ni tbe time to ascertain the
slate ol his remains. By bribing tho
sexton ol the chinch possession ol
the poet's skull wns obtain,.1'1 for tbe
night, mul iii the morning n different skull mis returned Instead, Tho
cost of the skull, including the bribe,
wns £50.
Iir.   Loouhardl's    Hem-Roid   will
o  mil'  eu.-e ol  Piles
This Btatemont is made without
any qualifications,
It if in the form uf a '.ablet.
Ii is the only pile remedy used internally.
ll is impossible lu cun' ..ti established case of Piles nitli ointments,
suppositories, injections or outward
A $1,000 guarantee with every package ol Dr, Loonhardt's Hem-Rold.
$1.00, all dealers, or Tho Wilson-
Fyle Co, Limited, Niagara Fulls,
(liil. —is
Furmet So you've had some experience, liave yeu!
Youth -Yes, sir.
Farmer—Well, what side of a cow-
do vou sit on to milk '■■
Youth- The outside.—Tit-Bita.
Japanese arc Hocking to thc Rio
Grande border, attempting to get Into
the United States, Must ol them are
said to have been diaoharged Irom lhe
Japanese unny.
B.w.r.  ol   Olotrc.nt.  far  OtUr-r.   thai
Contain   M.iLiiry,
aa merriiry will inrely da-troy toe aeni.
of anell and :an .ila'.lf eeraore tb.
whole "y-tera when cntartni it Ihrone-b
Ihi inucotii itirficce. Such artlolai ahotil.t
noa-t ha used except on prearrtptlon.
from reputable pbiliclana. aa tha dam
age tbey villi do la 'sn told to iha food
you ran poi-lr-ly derive from then
Haiti Catarrh Cure, miniifutored l*» t
J. Cheney A Co.. Toledo. Ohio, contain,
no mercury, and la taken Internally.
ni'tlnu directly opon the blood and mur
ous lurfarea of tha ayatem. In boylns
Hall- Calarrb Cur. bi lure yon m th.
tannine. It la taken Internally and
made in Toledo. Ohio, hy 1'. J. Thenar
A Co.   Teitlmonlall  free.
Sold by liruif lata. 1'rtre. TSo pir (ml
Take 11.11 i Faamlly Fill, tor rcarlloa
Zam-Buk Then   Applied   and    Gave
Instant Relief.
An accident in a Toronto home the I
other day might have liad very serious conscipicnces had il not heen fur I
Zam-Bult.   Miss Martha Qreon, of ol
('liiieinoiit St., ill 'eking a pi, I of boil-1
Ing ful  from tlu   oven spilt il over'
hor right hnnd.   "Tlio boiling (at i'iiii I
iiiiii tlic palm of my hnnd," she says, |
"und over ull my tinners.   Ymi may
well Imagine the agony I sufferod In
eonsoquenco, I was almost wild with
llie pain,  The hand became swollen,
nni lorge blisters formed all over the
palm and along tlie   Angers.    For!
over ii month I was unable to use tlie
band at all.    I  tried several   kinds,
of salves   and   liniments,    hut   the
wound Boomed apparently no hotter
lt was allogetlier too severe for these
preparations to heal! About ihis timet
I wns advised to try Zam-Buk,    I
stopped using iill other preparations
and applied Zam-Buk  instead,  The
very lirst application soothed my
blind and seemed to draw oul the fire
and Inflammation! nnd as I kepi on
using Zam-Buk the hlisieis gradually
dried up and disappeared, in ii very
short time tlie sculd was healed completely.
This is (tut one instance oi the uses
Iai whloh Zam-Buk can be so advantageously applied. It is equally ef-:
feottve for burns, cuts, bruise.-, abrasions, sprains, und stiffness It
also cures eczema, ulcers, sores, blood
poison, ringworm, scalp Bores, chronic
wounds, acne, blackheads, pimples,
cold sores, (-hupped hands, ami nil
skin discuses and Injuries, Rubbed
well on lo the chest, in oases of cold,
il relieves Ibe aching, and tightness, j
nud applied as an embrocation it
cures rheumatism, sciatica, neuralgia.
etc.    All druggists sell Znm-Huk at
60c n  Im*;, or it may    bo obtained,
Ir, ni lhe Zam-Buk Co.. Toronto, upon
roceipl "f price.   Six boxes for $2.60,
A Mexican Y. M. C. A.
Ma'\...'i City   is to liave n Young
Men'- Christian Association building,
At n di mer tendered John It. Motl j
ai ih ■ Sam hotel, which was attended by the vice-president of tlie Republic and the leading Mexican and
foreign business men, the International Committee, through Mr. Molt, offered $60,000   (or the building,   and'
lhe local supporters   of the   Young
Min'.-  t'hii-tiiiti  Association are endeavoring to raise $300,000 additional.
Mr. Mackenzie's "Pit Schema.
^ The Winnipeg Telegram views the
linking of Toronto with Parry Sound
by tlie Canadian Northern as au
event which means much to the Canadian West. It sees tho early linking
up ol this line with the main line
west of the lakes. It says: "The despatches which hint at the ultimate
linking up of the Toronto and Parry
Sound road with the Canadian Northern system at Iho head of the lakes
are not to be doubted, Tho genius
of William Mackenzie is not likely to
be stopped by tlio formidable aspect
ol tlie gap between Parry Sound and
Fort William, These points must in
tho natural order of things be connected, either by a fleet of steamers
flttetl fnr both summer and winter
traffic or hy u .stretch of railroad,
The former is known to be one of
William Mackenzie's pel schemes."
"Ths Old Man'i " Burden.
Ilrtggs 'lhe Highbloweis keep sixteen servants.
Griggs Ihnt'., a good many people
ta work ior.
Llvit on Sweot Milk.
The case aaf Mr.. Joseph Mallloux
of Stoney Point, Esses County, put-
lies physicians. She is ill years ol
age and has for the prut 1(1 years lived
wholly iip„n a did of sweet milk,
witli a little sugar. She is unable to
digest a particle of solid [ood, nevertheless, she is able to perform all tbc
duties of a farmer's wife, is robust
and Is the mother of ll children,
Name Your Farm.
Tho Belleville Intelligencer makes
a capital suggestion, or perhaps reiterates an old one. that farmers
should name their farms. Some people name llieir houses in a city, and
this, though it has t, advantages to
the owner, is of little use in locating
Iho property. But out in tbo town-
si, Ips everybody would profit bv the
movement, It would help to break
up the monotony which is one of the
lues ol country life, and it would tend
to make the country a pleasanter
place to live iu. As The Intelligencer
says: "Mountain Yiew Farm sounds
much better than Old Sam Jones'
tal'a   .   and it's butter buaiuoss. too."
Whllo moro prevalent In winter,
'lieu sudden changes in the weather
y the strongest constitutions, colds
inl   coughs and   ailments ol   the
hrool iiiiii cute in any season, At
ic first sighl of derangement me
lekle's Aiiii-I'onsiiinpiive Syrup Iniul relic! will be experienced, and
-" of tlie medicine until the cold
isappears mil proteel llie lungs from
,1'nck.    For anyone itith throat or
tliesl   weakness   it cannot   be sin
■ 1886(1,
Biliousness Burdens Life—The bilious niaii is never a companionable
man because bis ailment renders him
morose and gloomy. The complaint
is not so dangerous as ii li disagreeable, "et no one need suffer
fruin it who can procure Parmelee's
Vegetable Pills, By regulating the
liver nnd obviating Hie effects of bile
in the .stomach they rcstnre men tu
cheerfulness and full vigor ol action,
"You worked lor my election be-
cause you thought 1 was the hitter
mnn. didn't you'-' said lhe official,
"Nope," answered Parmer Corntos-
-il the less of two evils."—Washington Star.
It baa been  officially   annoui I
thai before January 14 the Russian
government will redeem at their full
value all short term bonds or Imperial rentes Issued both in Russia and
She Yuu haven't any confidence in
' ttl.ei candidate f
11.- nn the contrary, I have confidence in hnth. 1 believe all the
liiniL'.- they say about each other are
absolutei) true, 11 Monde DmoriB-
The treasury department "f the
United Slates government hn* a surplus of over $22, .min lor ih" current vein
| Itching, Ournlnn, Skin Dlionte, Cured
for  Thirty-five  Cents.—llr.   Adieu'.,  lliiil-
j ni'iit relieves in one dny, nml ourei Teller, Knit lllieiini, Scald Head, 6 n '" i,
Barber's Itch, tJtcora, Blotches mul erup,
turns uf tlu- skin,   It la soothing   ntnl
iiiiieiiiiL- mul acts like rniglo in tl irs
ei nil baby humors,   So, la'.
An elegant young mnn seized o
ihiol ,,n the platform of a train, crying, "Are you nol ashamed to follow
mi disgraceful a prolession '■"
"And ure you nut ashamed." demanded   111''    olher,   "lo    CO BO  Well
tlrosscd wlthoul a pocketbook   aboui
imi;"• II (lull" Caricoturlsta,
There are a number "I varieliofl ol
ei ins.    H'tlhill'll'" I'"I'll ''me lllll I'"
'move nny of them, fall on youi
Irugglst and get a bottle at ones
of Red
Cures Coughs
GRAY'S SYRUP does that one thing,
and docs it well. It's no "cure-nil," hut
a CL'RU for nil throat and lung troubles.
CUM stops the irritating; tickle — tikes
awny lhesorenc.it-—sooths ami teals the
throat-aad CUKJ.3 COUUIIS to star
None the less effective beanie It li
pleasant to take.
23 cts. bottle.
j   "At fli-t," nul tlie apartmonl I ie
| | ililosopliet.   Ilie   in   0   llnl    101 in     aai
I Interesting ilud) "i humanity, hut
-,„in you 1""' youi urbanity, pari
[uilli youi Christianity, lull Into i'i■■■
: mily. and post In   mil Blagl    In IP
mental Inanity ini" ■ lolent Insanity "
i liicago Tribune,
Itch, Mange, Prairie Scratches and
every form ot contagious Itch on human or animals cured in 30 minutes
liy Wolford's Sanitary Lotion.
Reason In  It.
An o.Tlcor in lhe   army requt tied
h inu ..nan tn send with In ■ baggi	
I,, n distant posl "n tho frontici   n
-mall box "i books     II" ivn   | I
refused hv tho old mnn
"Anything in reason, r," snorted
iia,a r, ii "Bul book ' Stuff und
"Then I    ttppo
:•■ n ill  pern a     li  lo   t nd   i
whiskey I"
"Not nl nil. Naat nt all Send il
l,y nil mean I aid nnythlng in
if.i mi."   I'ii' l  I'a
"Sre   hero,"    ni.I   llio
manager, "you musl drop your overbearing bchavioi toward the   other
iiipmbei i of tl npany "
"Indeed!" replied the loading lady,
liautily,   "I'm Iho star, am I nol "
"Well, yosi hut in i rcmombci ih.it
you're not a fixed star.''   Jester.
Unrehearsed Effects.
Some stories which Mr. Charles
Manners of the Moody-Manners
(Vera, lold llie olher day concerning
Incidents on the stage tvhleh upn t Iha
gravity ol tlie players, and well-nigh
mocked Important scenes, remind
"P T ii." of several similar contretemps. Miss Julia   Nellson   tells   ol
seme   curious   expend s   in   nnre-
hearsed effects on the stage. "I remember," she told an Interviewer   ones,
"on "ii .'i-i'iii playing in Dublin. Il
tvas Juliet Iii ih,. death scene, ivhen
I Belted ii." d t |gt i ond stabbed myself, a vory excited Irishman in the
pit, ovorcomo with sympathy and terror, shrieked 'iih' .iim, she's done It"
I mis so convulsod with laughter that
1 eaaiilal mily gel up a giggle fur tho
death struggle. And again, I wa playing Pauline in 'The I.udy of Lyons'
mill n iieiil, Claude lie Imd been
sick, mul waa ta"t strong, so I inl,I him
ivlien 1 rushed tu him I would clasp
my arms around Imu, and he must
jus', give way a little, I floiv to his cm-
brace, ninl he guv,' uny Indeed, and
dOtOl to the Ila,aa| ne both Went together entangled In my train. Wc ga-
thereil ourselves up as best wc could,
and 1 caught bun again with fervor,
and the mullet  tried to sltllo their
laughter, when Claude's next words
bri'iiilii down the house: This Is tha
Heaviest blow ol all.'"
Your Doctor*
Can cure your Cough or Cold,
no question about that, but—
why go to all the trouble and
inconvenience of looking him up,
and then ol having hispreecription
filled, whan you can step into any
drug store in Canada and obtain
a bottle ef SHILOH'S CURE
for a quarter.
Why pay two to fire dollara
when a twenty-five cant
bottle of SHILOH will cure you
as quickly!
Why not do as hundrads of
thousands of Canadians hav*
dona for the past thirty-four
rears: let SHILOH be your doe-
tor whenever a Cough or Cold
-SHILOH will cur* vou, and all
drugglita back ap this iteUmeot
with a poaitive guarantee.
The aext tin* you have c
Cough or Cold cure It with
Brown is the bill where the maples
So blown, so calm, so cold and still;
But the loving leaves creep snug ami
And warm the feet of mv deur old
And they don't forget the violets small,
Shivering and cold in tlie damp and
They   cover   them   up   in   blankets
Whispering, "Darlings, wc love you
Down In the hollow'amid the (ems,
Their  billowy   wraps  they   wreath
and roll;
And they spread a carpet, rich and
To keep tlie snow from the mouse's
And   the   lady-slipper  so   shy   and
They  wrap   a   muffler   about   her
And   the   niaiden's-bair   thev   cover
And furnish the moss with an overcoat.
-Tlie Khan.
,'uiiiii-ai, Dialers,
Howell-It Is hard for u woman to
understand politics,
Powell I should sny wl My wife
asked me today If a candidate who
was icrstcbed ut nu election ever had
blood polsoiiliiu.-Jiidne.
Accidents to your hones
may happen at lay moment
OKT RKAIlY for ciae-gcnclc*.
Bny a bottle of
Fellows' Lecminfl's
Por Lameness In Horses
Only 50c a bottle-and astes
dollara worth of time by curing
lameiicm of nm ,1-jciIptlon.
At daalen, or from is
tUUWaal Dry, ft C*a.mlattl C... LMbat,
t IHaTtab-a.
An Editor'i Apprecia'lon.
The editor of The Hathinunan, In
lhe midst of liis duties as muyor, and
his efforts lo keep the political and
theological course of tho world straight
manages to Und some time to devote
to literature, and hero is an appreciative note Irom Ins pen ol a present fellow-townsman, mixed in with
a few subjective reflections. "II there
Is anything on Iwi legs that ws like
it Is Dr. Drummond, We all kno-/
his literary fame, and such a connection should shed a reflected glory
upon oursolf, but 'Wait a littlo bit'
wo absolutely reluso to bunt tuft*,
whether in season, or out of season.
Wc, simply, glory In intellect, and
when wc sco it writ largo upon a man,
wr admire with nervations. The
doctor Is a dreamer, and Ihey accuse
us ol being the lama,  III spite ol the
ftrosaienesa ol tbe world, the blessed
egend ol King Arthur, with all Its
Inconsistencies, appeals le our very
souls. Tennyson snw it. Wo, personally, have caught n glimmering reflection ol that which wiser men bave
issn with clear visl m  Ws would not
attempt  to Benin  the  starry  height*
of Parnassus, but Doctor Drummond
has (luiio this thing, and In tha In
terest ol Canadian literature, let him
dream on, lor Ids effusions are like
tlioso of ilie song-bird, hard to Imitate."
Try It.
If In your business you fall
And lose your shekels loir,
Don't get despondent or downcast
Absiihic a n.i,Imu an
Oi* Here ASded t* tit Lang List at
Cares Iffeded by Fiychlne.
This yonng lady, who Uvea In Browne.
ville, uesrWuodstock, Ont, tells her own
story in a lew effectire words of how she
obtained deliverance Irom the terrible
grip of ,i rat-urn and disease.
I hire -.. thank l',,, M:,, (o, my present beaUt-.
Tua,, . , ,,„ I m ,,.i„( „,,„ , J,,.;:,,,   i, „U,J
a h.-'llr <1,.| m-*eU .aoa. Uie &..».   1 oould ue!
. • -a 1'.- .-[.I
I II I «.n, lur i
I ,' .. I l.a.l 10 II.
' * .,m   -:,..  I
ou. back.   If]
ar.nl [or 1 mill
on   two   a. II   HI,
• he.l I "a, too
» . a k to IIU II
tti'uuihlri. r.u-
,,.,. -aa.i ..,(
tune 1 rem. In
I rem :a.;.,| .
• lain I at ;;.!
ull.rlr i.a,
from a1 i - Ur
l.'lifr would |lte
1'      '. i|-.. . '.fl'.li
I I" - aia-t Hi,
a      la,  IllOWlil.ll
naaeli.ll.DI Ter
dsctlBl o, ...,
i -a.   I mm, hi
'ne r.aulti .re
arolul.rl.il, SOS
lamc-l. ■- i.r,-l
a. • iioHaa-aaaut   iDlteia of t Illllt. Dtl., bolltw
ct.Mked llillaj. a.l.ucbolr flil. lia toil..
I a.l ol III.    ,..', t.i . ,.;,!, Mil.. . ik.ilof
. 1. ta 0, .11 «t.Ql..n.rlr .Ith at,,,.ri.   an' 4
''" moDlhuio I routi] uot lUu||l. to rtiiirrh,
I ■ a,*.,. Iron sr * '»•    I bate neve, l.a.l ibe
a |biHl uum lo lu, .ur ,e,i,ra al lb. ,!iaa*M
SLU y.'an.i, an I,
IrearoiiUla. Oat,
Thoneandi ol women are using PSY.
(TUNE, iHacsiut tliey know from eiper-
lanes tint ill It tbey hire a uia friand
snd deliverer. Psychine Is a wonderfol
tonie, ("infiing tin blood, driving oul
alu-aUt* gsrms, gives a ravsuoui appetlta,
lids digestion mil lauullitiun of food,
uu! ii a ;. a, ;.- end absolute cure for
duaaini el throat, chut, lunci. itomach
in.l fiber orgins It quickly Inuldi up
lbs ■.■.,. i-iuaiti making . i people
well and weak psopll itrong.
lar a„> it all drngoiiu at Mc. and fl 00
per bottle, or,, I f,r T A. Ilactua, l.imitrsi
Laboratiirv. ITI, King St W.»|, Toronto
It Hoot'l Kidney l'ills arc a inr. in I
la-Mimi, t' a ire lot Hlieiiuniiim, Bright'!
Iti-...., Pain in lhe Hack and all (ormi
of Kline; Truubk 24c per bos, at al
A Surprise In Biscuits
F.vcry boi ol Mooaev'l Perfection
Crew, Sodsi jroe open vu w-,11
find i new dcitgnt in these dainty
i    *a 'llll.
Wlte n vm wint to rarpfiie rounelf,
gire your appetite ■ trcu with
Mooney's    •<
Perfection Cream Sodas
- »i tun*, li i c-tsunoa i --«it>UJjtt.
Johnson's .
Rubbed on Briskly
• - ■  ' «i t'l lin>tn*u ta<t • r.,..» of !**"•
«In, Mil •idl-'.-.r h«»'i fits, batnt, ualdi,
t»lM Mill I '    •'«      I.i** '...Sr. i   |S|i,
%, tlirfi IIim uinu'n Mr.   All ri#»l*ri,
■l h   J' 'HlKuN k CO, la,«U.«,  tfatU,
W.    N,     U      "lO.  GI9. THE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, R. C.
BLOCK   10')
Four 50 lool lots, om
nl them ;i comer lot, laces
Park and tab 1, with ;,
niagnifii icnt uninterrupted
view.   ::
Price lor  all,   -1
Apply to
Citizens of North Vancouver
Volt for
1 III il
S ■ III -
lift  :i 1,    : nl ■    our electoi
listrict—1 ■ t mini
a      .     ' it I -'il
■   !■   lor ;i Vancouvei  man.   Mr. 1
V* '■ irl       1 .       I ;
■,',;■■ ..:
. . and In: will do mori  I
1:111 1 abiiit 1 mil
I      1    Lil 'a '■   tl iS   I I
ia limn ::■;'..    Mr.
1   rter-C( ttoi   has not supporti tl
ntry oi  thi   V.. \V. S V.
Railway into North Vain nuvi r
1 I' !' " ■   ■     Mr. I .nt. 1
fl   Sf'i't S&S       '• ■     I        ' '' '"   :1
w_\P \ *k-i. ""'• '"'
tolled ©ats
liiftij and feed
Milling Co.
Harry Mitchell, local man 1
l.lltl    a|  li,     ,\'.a |]   ."
l'i:i".   healtl     l •
Cauliflower Plants, gro
Suti n's Si fi-. rn a - '"i I. tn I.
I,i-t inui' Proporty witli us
for quic]; snlo. If prices aru
right we can dispose of il [or
Real Estate Brokers
Thou :- :. Bl   '..   -   -   NORTH VANCOUVER,
■       I MAKE A SPECIALTY OF        C
«■—\ fi**t
<i^*4i..JJJi'i,i*(-.'. '-—■ -...iiu.,..;
1..-;..-* ki.'^att
1 belicvo tlmi North Vnncouvor 1ms
an immense I'ntiii'.'. ami thai thero
will In- moro iii"ii'-v innde in luml
hero thnn in anv other .section in
British Columbia, I hnve LOTS
mi SALE in nil parts of tho
Townsite, If you have L4!>1IS> TO
SELL- como to me. 1 will fliul
ynu purchasers quickly,
>    161 Cordova Street, Vancouver, B. C.
la'll lllll    ' lllis SteW ll  '   I    ;
,\ irks ilep irtmi nl
badly, and   Mr,
ttentl ta. that matti r.
'. a(t< 1 your inti rests,
vol     : ■ '.*   1   a.   the
Lllll       1
■ ia, nay-ana
M. J. ElEhlKY'S
- . '   :' linMK-liROWN Fruit
So t>x|t : r del iy "f   luml
•   •
11. ' 1' '     ' a
a    u-l   Seeds   in
gi mnn,
I I'l'Ul '. I'lU.lta-,
I'.' a.        ■      ■, .     I'llllltS,
Cul Kl««( 'i       Im I all |ilaiiilng.
Wfil.a 1 u-'t ir iwn .'
. a llll'l'l
a       a • '    '       '
I, • ' , |,rli,. 1 . it list More |,lacini!
your order,
: HOW -■    ■  •■ rlli   ' '     ■" i'i r, U.C.
CAPITAL, $4,866,666. RESERVE, 82,141,333
li.'.tl Office in Canada, Montreal.
II. Stikeman, General Manager; J. liuisi.v,Supt. 1 [Branches
Branches in British Cnlnniliia—Ashcroft, Greenwood,
Hi '    . Kaslo, Rossland,  Trail  Sub Branch), Vancouver,
Vict 1 .   . . 11 I I' "■   ''. v r,
Savings Ocpjrtm-nt  Dor)Tits receiver! frcm T1.00 uowards
Intercut at liiqh'tst currcni ■:..'.» mid compounded twice a year
Office, Cor,Lonsdale tve, and Espbinade, North Vancouver,U. I.
Is a glorious beverage—quenching and
satisfying. Remember there's 110 other
''just us good"—insist mi getting Rainier,
Vancouver, 1-5. C.
North Vancouver ■ i
VotoforJ, W  WEAUT, the
I. bei il 1
Important  1 devfl
ti'l'lti"!;!-   in    N irtll   \ :.
in l.ar-'iia- l'u\ iii >n nn I'lil
DAY, Jan, 25th, al 81.(1
the I'm iiinn nn Ir '
l-i l-'eb
j. w. m m
District oi North
Church Notice.
:   '
Si f...' .   •'■ ill  lu  hi Id  in  tli,-
■ I .t :. as usual .t;  1;
. p in
I   111.
Ever; • ini       to all these
I    tor: 11      M'ti Intu, M.A.
Thc Co.*.! V. n.
'.   ...:..
a      a     '       '
tl c -1 ■ r". 1. .-
1907   SNAPS   1907
Third Street   Twi   hundred leel   1 m 1 u line; two south
lot's; *"; ' lor two.   Terms.
I    ,•     Stri ■'   Two 51    mt I its, 1 i-3 blocks Irom 1 at    1
, ... 1, .. in ; larterly payments loi
1...., , - ' in
.,-. ct—Very cl     -      trot lots il ?i to each ; terms,
.11 1 , ■ . a   .:.  •  in ai.r ;. ars,
jjxi    - ,,,;   Sel      I lots, S385 ,.ich. easy terms.
1. ; ■ ;,y Annua    Infty-Ioi t  ots, $800 each ;
1 lots mi  Ninth, Tenth and Eleventh Streets! size
j   15; ia,t ;all cleared i ,-550:111-1 $450 each ;easy terms
Coi    r Lo    laic Vve, and Fifth >t.
We are now cutting Cordwood. Place your orders
with us for Cordwood.
British Columbia Electric R< iSway Co.,ltd.
Owing 1 of 1     ' rry time schedule lullowing will
■ lilun :
1 -:
1., ,1., l. I   ■ '   )0 a. "I , T:j.i
mil live niinti     lo-l '        SS P m.
Leaving  K ith  li tail and ;' .' ■     '■    mie at I    ■ .,   tn.,
..   a.   in,,  >-..   and .'-1  in 1 it •!  past  tlic  lu 111
until ii.j.s ',*■ in
1. "-.- A.in:
Cars will run evi rj   1   mi uitca,
[Mgf"   All '. oats il na-1 i-i llu
J::^; ^zrTiZ:. pioneer dry goods
t .ill  .11  Secon I    itrcet,   sei 1
I, .- ol 1 ulat
iiiiiilLii] llflULO
f ill
ri'l Mil !'•■   11:1     '    I   .
' -V-- ,  l-i-i,     Tl HI,-    T 1111 T-
i.r,:,■.- .    ,     R   riME  T ■■'
■> . 	
■" ■ 1 •
i^-'',•' '
' ,
Vila I', \t,
!,':., r
\. M.
VV -   '.
, 1 ' 1      1 L'SHION   SOLES
,    '        "I a    a I' ||
:' ia I'OR'SSPI   IAL 1
Till'.    1'1'K • l',AK    ni inn; 1
|A •   I '      VOOl SLIIM'liRS
. 1 1 ■ ' -    ■
I Pyke's Shoe Store
33 0 Hastings SI. W.
Barrisler, Solidtor, X'olary, Etc.
,  '.'.   .la,  V'Va.a ,,       a..
11 ri! see what vou can
gat in ;.' 11 own town, \'oil
will I" surprisi .1 how much
p in • I, ,nn ing you can s.nr.
dbpot     wiiii bu 111
Wholt   th  and Ketail,
Hotel North VanccMiv^r.
.ta .
I otirisl
Id ion
Nt w and
l p in d.iii
Jj.on per
ami up
Spi 1 Ial
Rati   iti
Bo u.l' ri
[erry Service 1 very ll.ill Hour to and Irom Ihis Hotel
to Vancouver. I'. Larson, Prop.
I St,, Va 1      .1
sn DIO,
W'a will liirnish heaul
       Calendars,   illustrated   with
;       .   ip ..   -'it   thi
n't s vi 1 v i' vim 1 tu send   away   loi   ,1
Mt tllKI ,>IOtlf
in 11 uti    1.   I* md 1  1    '    .        in Ii,      On
ihr Royal Brewing tu., Ltd, vii w   at    Ihi    Iim
SNAP •  •  SAUCE      .
IS   Lents   per   Pound
J. A. McMillan, North Vancouver
SMOKE THK    .-_—.   ',
Ul ■ ,  'i.   •       I. r.
Utt.lt    ttt  ll,.,rn. 11  i
ntCHossiiUi'iii'ii'H miimi
Barristers, Snli,ii„rs, Kutortes, lit,
at'        ' ' • ',l|
I'm. Ill 11 Ulnt-k, S011I1 v.i , .,,


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