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The council met hist evening.
Reeve Kealy presided, and nil the
.councillors were in llieir places.
A letter was received liom the
Department of Railways at Ottawa
asking further information rc^ard-
ing proposed Combined railway,
traffic and tramway bridge mer tlie
Second Narrows. Referred.to the
reeve nnd clerk to reply.
Letter from the North Vancouver Land iV Improvement Com-
pany, agreeing to allow the
athletic association the use of
Victoria park east temporarily fur
athletic sports. It was resolved to
tender the company thanks Inr
.'.his. Referred to hoard of .'.'nils
io confer with lhc association ns to
work to he done on llie park to
make k suitable fot their purpose,
Mr. 11. E. C. Carry, C. E., was
present, ami laid before the coun-
.cil his report as to the best location ior ihe new Seymour bridge,
with recommendations as to style
of structure, etc., anil also reporting as to Capilano bridge.
Resolved, thut the Capilano
bridge he in tin: meantime clos
for irallic till necessary work is
carried out. Mr. Carry was in-
structed to prepare plans and
specifications (ov the now Seymour
bridge and for work on Capilano
Resolved, lhat copies ol the report re Capilano bridge lie sent tu
Mt. Tytler, C. E., who designed
(the bridge, and to Mr. Belts, C.E.,
.under whose supervision the work
.ol construction was carried out.
An application hv Mr. Win.
I.iiuii'i, iur the position nt niiiiii-
■cipal engineer, was considered.
Mr. Loutet was present and stated
Ins experience and qualifications
fu ih," work. Alter consideration
of Ins testimonials, ii was resolved
that Mi Loutet be appointed in-
aternu tnuuiciptd engineer at ,i
salary ol (too pei month,
Mr, Loniei ... .tui a considerable
-thill' i|a   -.' '"   aiuCl"   ul   Mt    Ul tl a.
adder, ongineer and arcl iteel iu
Dundee, Scotland, who certities
.that lie was one of the most intelligent apprentices he Imd in his
service ovur a period ol |o years.
Mr. Loutet enters ou liis duties
■it once, and wil! reside 11 Ninth
The clerk was directed to prepare a by-law to regulate the con
struction aud sanitary arrangement
-ol buildings.
The finance committee was
■directed to consider whal arrange
.incuts caii lit st be made for a census of the population of the town-
site of North Vancouver.
Resolved, in view of the risk involved of accident, lo or through
civic employees, to at once effect
an insurance against loss from
■such risks.
The meeting then adjourned.
Seymour Creek Road,
Considerable discussion has
rliiken place between the municipal
council and the city authorities regarding the Seymour creek water-
rights and road which the City of
Vancouver is about to construct
unl use. Several conferences
havi been held, and finally an
agreement has heen reached,
whereby Vancouver builds and
maintains the road at  her own
expense, llllll shall give the rights
tu other municipalities to build
their pipi line along llie same
road, on iln |:i.; iietit ul a pn.
rata shnn: ol the cost of the road,
based on lhe water records u-
agreetl upon last year, Tlu- road
■will be built immediately. Tie
city is advertising lor tenders for
clearing, anil in onler to facilitate
.matters, the contracts will be lei
in sections ol hall a mile each.
Tin" proposed road is about seven
miles long, ami will entail much
excavation work. When completed this road will afford us good
,-*„i attraction fur tourists and
anglers as the Capilano highway.
Mr. Howard Pearce, ol Vancouver, an ompanied by Mr. |. \V.
Pyke, iln' well-known insurance
man, called on Tut; Express this
morning, Mr. Pearce is investing
heavily in real estate here, and
mav, at no distant date, reside
A. B. Diplock, of the Western
Corporation, has purchased a lim:
span ul Shetland ponies (ur the
baiys. It is a well matched team,
each one weighing about 300
pounds. Tin' lien little steed6
were recently imported direct from
li.   H.  Warren,  Victoria,  was
registered at  Hotel   North Van
couver this week,   lie says thai
business, as well as real estate, is
Mr. II. C, Wright, of the Western Corporation, is noi improving
us rapidly as was expected, and it
will be some lime before he is able
to resume his duties.
The monthly  meeting of the
Athletic Association was held iu
the club rooms on Monday even
ing, Vice-president Mi. T. Clark in
lhe chair, A vote of thanks was
tendered Keeve Kealy for the good
work done hv him in securing Victoria pack lur athletic purposes,
also Mr. (i, H. Bournes lor bis
help in si'i mine tin* prizes lur tin
present whist tournament. It was
decided to hold a grand smoker in
the chili rooif.s on the evening of
April isl next. Arrangements have
been made whereby in future tho
whist tournament will not conflict
with those wishing to carry on
athletic work, The meeting, which
was (airly well attended, then ad-
journi I.
Herbert Baker, formerly of the
ferry service, has assumed the
position of clerk at Hotel North
A. (i. Macguiro, ol St. Johns,
N. IJ., paid tin town ii flying visit
ibis week.
Mi. and Mrs. K. E, Ward, Read
Island, were visiting Iriends here
on Tuesday.
T. (i. Mitchell, Victoria, was in
town this week.
1 lie real • slute firm ol Eves &
Durston is l" he known in Initirc
as lives & Liiwsou. Mr. Charles
Durston has retired from the firm
and has accepted a position with
Alex. Sicilli & Co.
Lonsdah-" avenue is getting more
like Broadway every day.
The eeccn-tive committee of the
Athletic Association, after looking
over Victoria park, have decided,
with the consent of the council, to
huhl a " hoe," (or the purpose ol
putting the grounds in good shape
for baseball, It is not decided
when the work will be done.
Mr.Edmund Hell held an auction
sale oi liuiisi huhl effects uu Wed
iii.-silay afternoon, prior to his trip
to the old country. His sun, Mr.
W. (J. Hell, has taken up his residence in Vancouver.
The regular monthly meeting of
the board of trade will be held in
the municipal hall on Tuesday
evening next, the igtli inst. The
meeting will be addressed bv Mr.
W. \l I--liim.if.lt, of tin- Van
couver Tourist Association, Let
every member turn mu, for Mr.
Flumerlelt is sun: to have :. a
thing good.
was with difficulty extricated, none
the worse for the mishap.
Contractor Snider is rushing the
work of grading Second street and
expects to have il completed ill
about another ten days, providing
ih" weather is favorable,
Mr li. W. Field, professor of
music, Vancouver, who has ac-j
cepled the position of organist and
choirmaster of St. Andrew's
church here, is Bhortly tu take up
permanent residence here. He
will teach all branches ol music
as well.
Messrs. Tillery and MeLeod,
Iwo well-known men from the
Boundary country, paid The Excel --. a call on Tuesday, The
former gentleman hails irom Trail,
while the latter is now located in
Vancouver, and having for some
years run lhe Orwell hotel in
We are in receipt of the Commerce Monthly, published by the
Commerce Publishing Company,
St. Louis, Mu. |, Burr Gibbons)
formerly of Tin: Bxprkss, is the
business manager. The paper,
which is edited by L. L. Dressef,
is devoted tu general banking and
financial news, and is first class in
every respect, li is extensively
circulated throughout the United
Slates and Canada, We bespeak
lor it a big subscription list ini
British Columbia,
New Map of North Vancouver, $ J,  PATRICK'S  DAY.
The new maps 01 the town of
North Vancouver, completed up
till 31st December last, are at last
printed, ami a large number are 111
the hands of Missis. Million, Mc-
l'ailiiud & Mahon, official agents
for ihe original townsite company.
The map has been carefully prepared bj Mr. G, II. Dawson, I'.
I.. S.. and the work ul preparing
the plates was executed bi" the
Angell Engraving Company, while
the final printing has been done
hy Messrs, Evans and Hastings.
From the ground it represents lo
the last p coi' of work connected
with it, ii is therefore almost entirely a British Columbia product.
The Indies »f
sixth Btroet, hav
St. Andrews Church,
■ arranged an
HONDA*-, HARCH   18, 1407
8 I', M.
Dii nut miss title treat.
ihe Council fur tho politico of
Municipal Engineer, Applicants to
state qualifications and Bulury ex-
peeled, mnl in give reference!, For
lurther particulars apply ut the Municipal Hull, where Replications will be
r tlved mi ur before the ifith dny ol
April, 11)07.
AtiKX, l'mi.ii', C.M.C.
Admission ll) cents.
Songs Recitations, Musical Selections,
ti'iaial cheer.
Church Notice.
Services will  be conducted as
usual  un  Sunday by the pastor.
Mr. R, II Bryce returned Wednesday from Victoria and Seattle,
where he had spent a few days.
The new sidewalk on First
street is being laid with rapidity,
and when completed will be ol
much service to residents in the
west end.
A pleasant evening is promised
in St. Andrew's church on Monday evening, March t8th, by the
Ladies Aid. Au Irish concert
will be rendered, and close with
a box social.
The annual general nice'ing ol
the North Vam ouver B i-niug
Club will he held on Thi rs lay,
March 21st, ai S p. tu.. at Hotel
North Vancouver, Business ol
importance, Election of officers
and members lor the coming season.
Mr. A. Hendry, representing thc
Moodyville Townsite Compnny,
accompanied by Chairman Steacy,
ol the school board, on Wednesday visited the Moodyville school
fur the purpose of arriving at some
understanding regarding thc repairing of the building. Alter
carefully sizing up tho situation
Mr. Hendry concluded to have the
building repaired at the expense
of the Townsite Company, and
will in future keep the building in
11 a. in. the theme will be
"'Tbt: Patriarchs." The evening
subject, at 7:30 p. ill., will be
" The Forgotti n Factor."
Sunday school, 3:30 p. m.
Service ut Moodyville school at
7:30 p. 111.
Prayer meeting on Thursday at
8 o'clock.
All are welcome.
Pastor: Rev. J. D. Gillam, M.A.
sr.    John's    CHI RCH    CORNER    OF
Filth Sunday in Lent ("Passion
Sunday")—Hoi.v Communion 8 ;
morning prayer, 11; Sunday school,
2:30; na ning prayer, 7:30.
Tuesday, March 10--S tort ser*
vie* .ti a* :i 1 loi li, with a,I In s on
-•'I ho Church and uie Bible ()ui
Wednesday, March 30 Even
soa.g 3:1- p. 111. (nul 1:15).
Friday, Match 23 Even sun;:
aiid practice, 7:30 p. 111.
Sun la\ March 24 (" Palm Sun-
1! 11 " Hoi v Communion, 8 a, m.,
and also (choral  al 10 a. in.
Holy week and Easter sutvices
will be announced iiaM week.
known   hosti liv
is    undergoing
The  well
thorough renovation.
Twu civil engineers are being
advertised (or—one (or the municipality ui North Vancouver, ami
-ui' ian ih,  I'.tnatiM canal.
Iha- many Iriends of U. S Cousin Dudley in  Nonth  Vancouvei
will be pained lo bear of Ins illness
in V11 toria, where he had gone lu
attend ihe opening ol the I. gis-
laiinre. Mis illness is not considered sel Hills.
Those registered at the Palace
Hotel this week arc : A. Hewlett,
Donald MeLeod, |acob Gallanty,
August Meyer, Richard Worden,
L. Towne .1.1 ivi lash, 'I. W.
Berridge, S. O'C ninor, J. Christie,
II. Thompson, s. II. Foord, W.
Those registered at Hotel North
Vancouver this week are : T. G.
Mitchell, F.J, W. ('otitis, A. B.
Morrison, Wm. Ramsey, L, C,
Carl and wile, Pi ter Barkc, Win,
J. Kirk and wife, F. Slater, (1. Mc*
Kee, J. II. Watson, J. M. Mac*
laren, K, O'Sullivan, li. Swanson,
Mrs. W. Lei k and Miss Vema
Leek, Mrs. |. |. Mark, Mt ter
Mark, A. j. MeLeod, Lex Tillery,
I'.iit Findlay, hi. |ohnson, Mr.
ant] Mis. Wanl. C. l'i. Callow,
Capt,  W. Bell,  li.  McKillop, A.
Hall,   II. A. Votiilaill.   Ceo. Shaw,
L. Drummond, W.   Riddell,   A.
Sa ovill, E, Anderson.
The shade nf OM Man Thaw,
wlm, while in the flesh, was wise
enough hi gather togi thei the
gn it I haw fortune, musl te 11 its
.1 ry hair and gnash it ■ ethereal
teeth as it listen', to the talk about
heredit iry insanity,
The Voters' List.
G vlng Up Business.
The owner oi the Collage Dairy
has decided to discontinue business for the present, and will sell
the stock by uu ti ui 011 or about
the 261I1 inst. Full particulars wilf
appear in the in \t issue of Tm
EXPRI -s.    T|u'   sale will   afford a
go .il opportunity ior buying cows,
there being among ihem several
line thorougbred Ayreshires. The
property, which is situated between Seventeenth and Nineteenth
Streets    is   one   "f    ill'"    best    11".-
dential properti s in 'he townsite,
and will lie sttb-divi i ,1 into lots
10 s'tii purchasers, It will be
placed on the market al an early
Commencing Monday, March
18, the SS.  Sr.  Gi orge
will leave as follows:
Iti il
"turn a.m.
•6.20 A, M,
*ii.4.i    "
*7 20    "
S.llll    "
s 80    "
9.15   "
D in   "
HI 15    "
in in   "
11.11.    "
11.it)   "
12,If, 1'. M,
12-11) P, M,
1.15    "
1 in   "
2.16   "
2.-10    "
8.15   "
3.40    "
4.15   "
5.00    "
5.16   "
5,10    "
11.15   "
0.40   "
7.16   "
7,111    "
S15   "
8.4(1    "
11.15   "
9.40   "
1(1.18   "
10 40    "
•11.80   "
•11.46   "
- Nul un
Cml Eiginrcr nni! B. C, lar.d Surveyor
"ctliisi: 2828
l: at ii'iu.. Hi-Mi!.-. Wiil.T P'lwcra, Eatlnimi
*'l|.a-l.tltl|,'|, UT    1,1    C-ll.tllll-ltllll.     MH|a.     lal
1, ■     ■•.-   flat:- ,,: llll,in,- dull-ill, Much illitl
•1 Mil.. Uvl.iens.
vu li,..tin,, si. iv. • - VANCOUVER, ll C,
'Phone 3.
Nrijuii Vancouvkr, II. C.
Safety Switch.
•      lhe ('"UN a,j l:,-ii-.i in hear Com-
plnlnti and Appeals against the assess*
inent uf hind- n d improvements hy the
assessor iif tlm district, und fur othor
purposes, as provided hv the statutes,
uill he held in tli" Municipal Hnd,
Nurlh Vttnrouvi r. un Mnndny, Hie 18th
illiy nf Mur h, A I'. Iliu;. ui 2 "Meek
p. iu. Tei, days notice miiBt he Riven
me uf ull appeals before ihe said date.
Ai.c.v. I'iiii.ii',
C. M. 0.
'  Council fur the following wurks, viz:
1. To construct culverts over ravine In
fifth street uml in Sixth street,
2. Tn Clear uml (Irwlo Third slreet
enst, from st. George's avenue to .St.
I'mnl's avenue, und lay sidewalk,
3. To Clear and Grade Fifth street
ensl, from Lonsdale avenue to St.
Hcorgo's avenue
4. Tu Cleat and Untile Milium avenue,
Inun First street t.i fifth street.
Specifications can he had at the Muni-
clpal Hull, 11here sealed lenders must he
lodged nut later than S o'clock p. in.
mi the 18th March current.
C. M. C.
■*' thirty days alter date I intend to
apply to the Honorable the Chief Coui-
iiiissiiuier of Lands and Wurks for a
special licence in cul and carry away
uiiilaer from the following deseiihcil
IuiuIm, lituated in Jervis Inlet, New
Westminster Iiistrict: Commencing at
a post situated at the 8. W. corner
T. I,. 1(0)4, commencing at a stako
marked J. Isidore's N. K. corner post;
thence south 40 chains; thence cast60
chains, thence S"Uth 40 chains ; thctioe
west 120 chains; thence norlh to tht
shore; thence cast along lhe shore to
ilm point of commencement,
March 15th, 1907.
■'•' thirty days aflcr date I intend to
apply to tlie Honorable the Chief Commissioner of hands and Wurks for 4
ipeelal licence to cat and carry nuay
timber from tlic following Oeacrihud
hinds, shunted in .liir.vis iulot, .IW
Westminster District. Giuuii niie,"iy .rr!
11 post marked ,1. Jsidnis, ,rt ulie 6. Fa.
corner of T. L, 7010.: thouce ;80 .Ohaini
south; Ihi'iire80 chains east; thence 80
chains north; thence so chains west U
the point of commencement,
March 15th. 1907.
-1-' thirty days after date 1 intend tc
apply to the Honorable the Chiel Commissioner of Lauds nud Works fur,»
special licence to cut und carry snar
timber (rum the lollnwing ili-mlmi:
hinds, siiuatcd iu Jervis Inlet, New
Westminster Itiitiict: Commencing at
a post marked J. Isidore, at the S K.
corner of T. L, 7810: thence 100 chains
smith; thence t,i chains west; tlieuca
loo chains norlh ; thence 84 chains vast
in the point of commencement.
March 15th, 1907.
' INii l,nts "tie inui live, n—in'i,,!- m : ... il ,■; I" ci -ia. tr I. msdnli
avenue and Seventeenth slrea-t.
The luuesi nr nny lender nol m '••■-■
tail    ict pied,
Addn -- S   V , Kipbrss OIHco,
Not unlikely ihere will be a Da
minion eh 1 nun this suinni.-r It
iis ill ibe utmost importance tlmt
North Vancouver should havo .1
strong voters list, All pei ions
qualified ami not enrolled should
apply lor enrollment without de
lay, Mi. Philip, the municipal
While levelling up the vacant cleric, haa procured a supply of the
Inl next in the Pal.ico Hotel last necessnry forms, uml will ■ idly
Saturday, one "I tho horses be attend to any one wbu ■!'
longing to the contractoi had tin apply, lia' ipplications ninst all
nisfortune to lull inin ,1 hob   al I"' in lb'' hands nl the collector ol
the side ol   the building nnd   be
1:3111c so tightly wedged in ihal it
Last week the new sand switch
which was installed on Lonsdale
avenue, between second uml Third
strei is, wus tosted in ihe presence
ol Superintendi in Milne, of ihe 13.
C, l-.lei trie. The new device wus
fn",:ia| 10 work odmir ibiy. A car
was given lull momentum for
■1I10111 n block up ilu- hill nnd allowed i" run "ti tlu- suit, h.   A
Iriff^^^lPUBLIC N0T1CL
onto this thei :n run, and gl idnall)
1 .1111:.  to :i stop.     The   suit. I:    is
about two biiiialia-! (eel in length,
/ml must be 1 lot od belore the 1 bi
cun pass mi its course on the main
line.   Thi- necessitates 11 lull slop.
lllll'-    I II -lllal::',     ,1    '-I'a".'."  al,   ., l||t A
similar di via will be plni 01 be
ttteeii the I-, plan ele and Pii *i
slreet in the near future.
Owing to the Lord's  Day ob
scrvanco act ci ining into [on e lb
aim-   tore and barber shop were
closed Sunday.
A l.iie ferry lm.it ai conimod id 'I
in,mv N'aaiih Vam tverites ■ 1
week wlm had alti i'l' d the opera
The  third  edition
lleiin's see,I catalog*
^ thirty duya aflcr date I inlend to
ipply lo lhe limn tnhle lhc Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for a
pedal licence to cut and carry away
limber fruin the following described
lands, situated in Toba Inlet, Const
District : Commencing nt a post
hunted I'll lhe N. I'l. curlier ol T. I..
132, marked .1. Isidore ; Ihonce 80
haiiis north; thence HO chains west"
hence B0 chains Booth; Ihonce80 chains
ust to the plaint ol commencement,
l.'OHT, 11  IIKVCE,
Mnrch ltith, 1907.
-*-' thirty days after date I inlend to
apply tu the Honorable the Chief Cum*
mlssloner of Lauds nnd Wurks for a
special licence to cut and carry away
tiinhiT from the following dcscriiied
hinds, situated   in  T'diii   Inlet,   Cuast
District; Commencing nt n i»«t mi tin
shore marked .1. Isulure, situated 110
chains west Irom tlic R. W. corner of T.
I,. 972(1; thence till chains east] ihcnco
80 chains south; thenco so chains west;
thence 80 chains north to point of com*
llll Ul'l'llll'llt.
HoliT. ll. BRYCE.
Mnrch 15th, 1907.
*' thirty days utter .hue I inti ml to
I upplv inihe Honorablo lhe Chief Cum*
iM^-uiiier nf Lniids ntnl Wurks (ur a
spi.'i-lal licence to ml mul carry amir
tiinln-r Iraain lhe lollowing described
anils, aitainleil un llule Inlet, Cuast
District. Commencing at the N \V.
corner T. L. niii, murk "I .1. Isidore;
thence north 80 chains; thence east 80
chains; llienco south 80 chains; thence
iia-t ni chains to the point uf commence.
Hon r. 11. BRYCE.
Mnrch 16th, I1KI7.
be in the hands nl the en
votes nol later than ilu  15th inst, Parties wishing same 11
lor oorollmenl 1 tliexn al tins ollice.
d    M.    I
a. in ban !.
obtain a
' ,v Vui.ain llailiiili (''-ii-! any liureh}'
gives notice that niter lour weeks Irom
Ihis 'lit'" it Intends to apply in lhe
|| .-: ; I:.-Iaiiviiv t'laiiiiii,-*; iners a.i
Ciiiiiida, iindur ih" ]>r..\-i-i,m-. ef Section
IT-, nl ma- Hallway Ad "t 1993 "i I .in-
-   nh'arity in 1 strucl -a I ranch
lim- iii'.liin the Municipality a,: ,\,.rti.
V.illCaillVel' IrOIII il |aaa||il Oil i,- llllllll HtlC
near the ntoillh "I S'eyn nur 1 ■"■     nil
- bora •,! I: itr.inl  Inlet, in un
easterly  and   1   rthci 1  din ttlioil, t-- ■
nl  t "r near De iiCov a the North
Am, rn Uiirrarl Inlel  H. C, In accord* apply to the Hnnnralile the.Chlel Com-
staee with :i plan, prolllo and I' '"k 1
I, fori lu I' deposit' 'I Ihls 'lar  in Ih'" ■ > 1111 ■ - -
.ai ilu- Dislriel Iti-uistrnr bi lie- City ol
Vancouver, appo tited      lei   tha' pro*
I the l.n   ,1: ."i-'i v ,\.-t
I' •  I nl Vnni -.   -   i: '     tl     III
dm aai March, A. I'.  I
'    thirty 'Inv- ."titer date I intend to
iXPRESS, ^ a Wiir.
i  tiaa—i'iiier of  l.iiinls iniil Wurks fnr i
special licence I it and carrv anny
timher fraaiu  the lollowing described
lauds,   situated "it  Bute Inlet, Coast
|l|-lract : (a.mu a-ncili, -nt :l-laike planted
mi the N I- a-.rna-r nl T l, .'i.'s'i. marked
.1.   Isialnre;   theti'i*   nurlh  8(1 chains;
ti a-i asl -"i chains; llietieo south 80
chains  ll nn " wi »l so chains t" point
it.a-hCellli III
ROBT, II   I'llVfE.
Dear Mother
Your little onei ric i conitont ure in
Fill ind Winter weithcr. Thev will
catch cold. Do you know about Shiloh'i
Coniumption Cine, the Lung Tonic, and
what it has done (or to many ) It is said
to be the onlv reliable remedy for ill
diuaiet of the air paiugei in children.
lt ii abtolutely harmless and pleasant to
take. It ii guaranteed to cure or your money
ii returned. Ths ptice ii 25c. per bottle,
•ad all dealers in medicine tell ji-j
This remedy ihould be in every how hold.
V.         \."".i - ptpei       I'lihlislied ii-
nn  a XI'KKS.- I'UlNTIXGComi y
Subscription      One Uollur per Vent
J   li  WILLIAMS,              Mnniiftei
No  One  Suited.
' It's too Iind nboul   young Gold-
a -k- mul the cui he i- engaged to,
Neither "i thoin ia g I enough for
"Why    -ha   yon   think
"I've hi'i'ti talking the matter over with both   families."—Mil-
tvnukee Sentinel.
It  I- Known   Everywhere.—There
•   i city,   loiin   nr   hamlet in
■ 'nnodu where Dr. Thomas' Eclectric
Oil i- not  known - wherever   intro*
lu.-a'al it i le a foothold ior itself
nnd maintained it, Some merchants
may suggest .Mime other remedy
aaially benollcial. .Such recommendations should he received with
,1'uil-t. There is only one Eclectric
oil, ainl Hint is Dr. Thomas', Take
nothing else,
Weddcrly Can tho cm! you nreon*
paged to swim *
Sinblcton I don't know, But why
dn you nsk
W'eddoi'lv" lteenu.se ii -I an you
nnglil to' be happy. A girl who can
-ai :m can keep ln*i mouth shut.
Schaefer   Ili'Hi-riea    Meal   Credit   I'or
ImprovlnR (lie Qamo.
The fact that very few tlrst class bil-
llardlsts have ever been developed is
one of tin: strange features of the
giinio. Ylgunux, Schaefer and Slosson
li.i .a* lieen champions more tluin thirty
years, the only olhors developed dur*
lug nil this time being Ives, Uoppe nnd
Sutton, a most remarkable Bhowlng, not
lo In; paralleled in any other branch of
Of nil the exports Schaefor deserves
most credit for tho development of the
game to Ils present high standard. Ho
always has heen anxious und willing
lo nld in the development of youug*
Kiel-, mul Ives, Uoppe, Morolngstur
nml Sutton nil woro Ills pupils. The
hull; line nurse, the fculurc of play responsible for all high runs, however, Is
Iln: invention of .Stilton, nml when us a
shortstop lie lirst sprung It he occasioned great surprise.
Schaefer Is tho father of all the rules
under which billiards nre played. At
various times he hns surmounted liy
his Inventive genius tho ninny harriers
Imposed on experts to decrease their
speed nnd necessitated thu making of
new restrictions, for the other experts
could nil take advantage of the new
discoveries as soon ns they came to
know theni. nnd almost unending runs
were the result.
In n championship contest between
Juki' nnd Ives lhe hitler snt down with
14 tn go, ami Schaefer cnnie to bat
with 508 to go. The largest run ever
mnde up to thnt time hud been 288,
nnd the Wizard seemed to have hut
little slmw to win. Ills great Inventive
genius onmo to the rescue, however,
the anchor nurse was discovered, and
Schaefer run the game out. This was
the only lime the anchor nurse waa
allowed In a match game, for Ives after It was discovered could play It as
well as Schaefer, and ns It made tho
game too easy it was Immediately
Incidental to the above game, Frank
White, a well known Chicago sport,
won a most remarkable bet from Leo
Mayer, llio well known bookmaker, As
Schaefer walked up to the table In tbe
final Inning White turned around to
Mayer, who wns milking honks on tlie
contest, and said, "What nre Ihe odds
DOW, Leo?" "One hundred to 1," said
Mayer. "I'll bet you $10," said White.
"Done," said Leo. And when the game
was over Leo had to settle witli tho
wise Mr. White, who, a billiard player
himself, knew that a game was never
mer until the last point wus made.-
Wiisliington Post.
a. Marvellous and Triumphant Rocort
at Victory Ovor Dticua.
Ho medicine hu over effected u \u—
i Dumber ol wonderful -and tlmoit mar*
rtlloui cures aa 1'iychine. It bu htd one
rcntlnuoui record ol victories over dieeat-
M ol the il. i ■■:. elicit, lungs uid stomaoh.
Where doctors have pronounced rara
ur-jr.:.:.. from consumption and other
vaiting diicaeoa l'sychine steps In and
reecoei num bei less people even from tha
ntj verge ol the grave. Couglii, Colds,
Q-tarrh. Bronchitis, Chills, NightSweala,
La Grippe, Pneumonia, and other Ilk*
troubles, all of which are forerunners al
Consumption, vield Quickly to tha com*
ire powers ol l'sychine.
Mrs. Campbell, one ol the many cored,
xaku the following statement:
l-»'i!l I   H'-a-aa   fu,:,  i-:;|: , ,;|   .*,., ngm
C m; reoarkable r-wrr-ij wlih Pijchiaa la
>t*rtl. 1MB, I Mllgtal a he..*- -old wliieh nni3
i« mr mum "id sndiuIlT led lo counimpuja.
I aooi* not deep, wsj ■ulOr-rt to night ......t.
my luru*. ".re to dhieued, 117 doctor comlderM
■« in ■■:■••■;.   k.r. iii. Mth.iir  Pa,n Bita
m.-)rl«rOjl Ch'irch. r-oo*mrinii*«a| Dr. Slocua'1
mchtn.tome, wln'u t mi n,in| la Ontarla.
«. Iw tuir.ii I'a, .'Inr, lor . ihort tlu. 1 . . ui
(Mnl WW, th. nl.hi rwwiu .ml cuv.fti eeu-d.
aliitat! I ar t .a. i ,.' aae-,1,.    ,i  ' .-., a, I „,
mtttdUj ttatonA lo hotlih Unit tnAii I ntrra
bil la.t-ie In mr n.'e I'a, I.:.. hu li.tn a 8oi
Mndtoma Uia aui >..    i.rnn.
ColUinwood. H.W.I
PSTOHINE never disappoints.
PSYCHINE has no substitute.
Tbara Is no other medicine "Jnatu
Al Ol a.ala a   80c, anil 11.00 p.r Latu.
ll nail .ail, 1.
II1 ISLOCDM. IMM III I'n- tl '. 1010111
llr. Poofs Kidney I'llls are a aura
.■tui permanent lure lor Rheumatism
.i'i,. at . Disease. Pain In the Back aai
alllormsol Kidney Trouble. 23c par
km at all dealera,
Yon cminnl possibly have
a better Utoa than
I'alnthiK   llaini-la,
I    Hid you ever see a Standard Oil man
I paint a barrel?   No?   It Is a revelation. Tricks In all trades, Thc oil barrels,  ns every   well  Informed   man
should know (Standard on helng tho
I hlggest thump in lhe world), are blue
as to bilge ami bulge and white as to
; beads.  The completed barrel Is rolled
j into the shop hy thousands.   A man
Bteps up with a brush of white pulut
, nud with three swipes executes a design upon the bead, then spins the barrel along. It Is ciiiight by another man
I with a brush deeply dipped In blue
paint lie takes the rim bet-neon his
! thumb and lingers, gives It n whirl tud
j while that barrel Is spinning runs his
| brush up nud down. Iu less lliun three
seconds thut barrel Is all blue.   Then
as It spins along the man with the
while paints keels It over and with
three  more swipes  makes the other
head while.  Talk about your bowling
alleys!—New York Press.
ii .mt Football i nia-
wii.'u the '.'«) Inmates ol Ileashaw's
Blind asylum, Manchester, snt down to
ton the ether evening nn olllcer rend
nut In them the announcement In the
I mily Mall of a special edition for tin
blind 'Ihere was a burst of applause
when the reading was over, followed
hy ii butt of animated discussion.
"It Is surprising," sniil Mr. M. If.
Illlngwortb, the governor, "what a
keen Interest the blind take ln Held
sports. They follow the game of football In detail."
"Have you over been to n football
match?" ho asked a blind youth.
"Yes," be replied.
"And you know the pi '.vers''"
"Yes,  I know Ihem all and everything that Is going iin."-l.onihin Mail,
A delicious drlok and a sustaining
lood.    Fragrant, nutritious and
*. ■',: .un. .ti.  This excellent Cocoa
maintains llie system In robnit
■I.",ilih, and enables ll to rulst
winter's extreme cold.
Sold by Grocers and Storekeeper!
luj-ih. .ind J-lh Tins.
Take two Beecham's Pills on retiring and avoid any ill effect!
'rom a late meal, Then you will
ileep soundly, awaken with |
clear head and a high opinion
ol the gtcat stomach remedy,
llnzle rami  Plural  - l.rrinniia.
, A Journalist In Berlin Imi been exof*
cluing his Ingenuity In attempts to ex-
! plain the meaning "f Iho letter S which
npi r» with i ■•■ or less frequency
after t.'e names ol German military of*
doors iai iiie records kept at the ministry of war and lu lhc kni-cr's military
cabinet, He baa come lo the following
conclusions: Ona 8 after an officer's
iiuini* means Ihal ibis particular officer
' "siiuft" (drlnksi. ss monn» Hint he
"sauft stark" (drinks liardi, SSH d"
Holes that ho "aaull sehr Blark" (drinks
very Iiunl): SSSS means lhat he "sauft
si'lir sturk schnnpps" (drinks very hard
schnapps)] finally, sssss means Hint
ihe "schnapps" Is "schlecht" (bad), Any
officer with live B'a is summarily dismissed by fie kaiser,
laid Everywhere.    In koi.a 25 c.ata.
al   SWell   llai.ill.l-.cl..
A bootblack wearing a diamond stud
, nnd whoso linen Is ns spotless 'is Hint
worn liy those whose shoes he -banes Is
one of the futures of a government
building In this city. He was highly
Insulted when n passing strung, t. seeing his "kit." asked blm lo "polish 'cm
up!" In n loud voice the son of Italy
gave die well Intontloned olTonder to
understand Hint he "ihlnod only le,
contract."   This Is n fnet. nml when lit
ii iiii nf eii'b iiinniii li" collects ills
I -fees" Uie bootblack's pile In profits
1 niiioiinls to its much as the Salaries iif
j somo of the men who employ hltn and
I Is really In OXCeeS of Hint puld to many.
-PhllndelDhla lleeord.
'•-■'v.-* JIH
B'.' '"'lBi^r,
mv.   Sl
I* m
Mr. ttin. c Mu arils, I'.u.i I.H.A.U.I*.,
IUI.lt. inui'. nml I'.I'OA. siii'iuti'iiH
aiiic ul tlic must widely known men in
friendly society circles and who lues on
I'eter street, fttyn:   "I cut'  tlic middle
tinner nt   nil'  lilt   llllllil  tlUK  I'll""!  poison
-.-i iii, Not only tin- itii'-'cr inn nu- """ii"
hand became swollen uml InUamed. in
;t few weeks niie of il(c leniluu,* dootors
in liai-.uit'i stuil Hie only wny to save mv
liand was to have tlif linger amputated
A .-I'ciinil doctor confirmed (his. i ami
in ini-e tm operation. At that singe /.uui-
liuli ivns tirtuiglil tu my notice und I
i-ei n supply.
it Boomed to soothe it nnd ilrtuv lhc
soreness completely away, ttitiun a tow
dn vh i could do away with tlio slliig ia
which I liml carried the hatul. nml in
,i tow weeks' nine there ivns not u trace
11 the wound m nc seen. 'J'odai my
linger is ns sound us n boll, ivhercii*.
'i"il I not used y.nni-Huk, I shoulil have
lieen a linger less, i [mid over ^-U in
doctors lees, mill when I Hunk "I ilia"
ti'illlng cosl aai /.iiin-iinit i um amased ut
its wonderful vniue.
lor nil poisoned wounds, chronic sores,
ulcers nml abscesses, /uiin-ltuk is especini
tv siutitiiii' because ot its higa antlsep-
tu- powers.
/.ntti-lluk nlsn cures ec-.enui. iti'll. senln
lores, ringworms, blotches on tlie lacs
ami imilv. chapped places, spring eruti-
tunis, jutes uml enlnrgod veins. As an
imtirocatlon i* euros rheumatism ami
setatica. and rubbed over the ehesi re-
uveal lhe liclnni'ss due to severe colds.
' All stores mul druggists sell al 50 cents
ti Imx. or post tree Irom Ihe /.tun-link
Un., Toronto, 6 boies for Mm.
rnpi; nnv , Hnnd one cent stump nnd
I 111.I, DVA . ii;un,. nml ilnte >l Ilns
paper and dniuty samiile box will bo
mulled yuu.
Nationality Chanced Without Maying.
A curious Illustration ol tho ups
ainl downs ol International politics
ciiinos flout lhe Savoy village ol Saint
lean de Mnurienne, where a woman
has died at the nge ol !).'! in the village in which she was horn, and
u iilnnil ever leaving it lun* hud her
nationality changed three nines Sho
ivas born in 18H, nnd as Bonaparte
hmi then -'izeil the territory she
iias "French." When the Kingdom
ol Sardinia was reconstituted the
-ainie year, after his fall, she became
"Italian," and, Anally, on Nice und
Savoy being ceded to France in I860,
-he unci' inure lound herself French,
Loudon (llobe.
Every dny wo get leltors Irom um-
Ihors felling "f the bonoDI Baby's
(iwn Tablets hnve been lo then little lines. Sunn' prnlso them tor constipation, stomach nnd bowel trou-
bios; others tor breaking up coldsand
simple level-: 8  us u gteat  help
:, teething babies, while others go
-., far as In sny that the Tablets
liave saved their little one's lile. We
hnve thousands ol letters all praia*
ing the Tablets, (or they   nover   do
imrm  always   u I.     Mrs.   Robert
Pierce, Bell's Rapids, Onl . writes:
'I would n"i he witleu: Huby'sOwn
Tablet.- ill lhe house f"i n day. When
miythiii'.' nils my I,tile I  I give her
a Tablet mul sho Is soon ulli ight. I
nm snt" nthor inolhors will liml litem
i|iiite us sntisfnetory." Suld by druggists nr by mail ut 25 cen! a box,
i am iha- fi,- Williams' Medicine Co,,
llrockville, Ont.
"Why, William!" exelnimod Mrs,
Jorklns Iho othor morning early, aa
-lie met Jorkins ui the dnor. How
■Lire cu como homo In this condition
ai this outrngcous hour I Yen promised Inithlully thai al Now Vcarayou
iioiihl sii'p your loose conduct and
turn over n new"	
Catching nl an extenuating suggestion he ll gill be saiv in those nerds
.lurkiii- hastened In oxplnln "Thusli
just It, Man' I did Inrn nvei n new
nne I.- I it li'lunced I Iln llio il   Vid i "   (Tiieni    \-
W. aS.a   0.. '"     '■•' : .  ... K...H f.r ...
MN Sl OSUlth ikat r.nnol la c.l.l b. 11.11 . Cat*
nib Out,   I   J. CIIIMI a CO . T.lr^., 0.
W., (b. .n.l.r.i|n..|, lit.. Inai.n  1    .1   than.,
f., tk. lul   V.   ...... a .   .. .'a'a, 11,   hO..
nr.til. I. .11  bun.Ma t.a.a*. l.nna .at Dnanrikllr
•bl. ucir, out an, oblif.lan.a naS. l>, lita Bm.
■ .a a  . a   SIN.a. A  UalflN.
UholM.1. brut. *i.. lol.l.. 0
II.II". Clank  Cr. la tak*. lm.r..ll,. ..tlrai
• ill.*.. Ik. ..,.»! m   ... nrltaM.dk.
■   .'.aa       l«l:a. a  ■  . .    M.I    'a..      f,iM    IU.   I*'
Null.   Sa a kr .11      *.,.«.
lata li.: . I'.bIi, I'.U. t.i a.a.1 HI aa
Small Willie va- playing ailli two
lagged urchin- tu front ol tll I
.■.la.-ti Iiii pa tiled him 'it
"Willie," i "don't ;."i know
lhat th"-e boys   nro bad a     late
loi you "
"Yes, niniiin i " n plied   tl t  little
pliiliisnpher, "lml I'm n gm -t   uso*
ate lor Ihem "   Descret Men .
W.    N.    U.    No   626.
Strange Sijhts Seen By Mrs. Laonidas
Hubbard,  jr.,   In   Hor  Remarkable
dourney Through Labrador.
In her remarkable journey through
Labrador last year,   Mrs.   Leonldas
Hubbard, jr.. saw many strange
sights. Perhaps the most interesting
oi these was tint caribou migration.
"On August A," she writes in the
bulletin of tho American Geographical Society, "wo came upon the migration and saw one herd in which
Ihere worn thousands, We did not find
llietn again in such numbers, yet lor
(llty miles of our journey they wero
seen in smaller herds every day, und
sometimes many timos n day.
"Thoy wero In summer dress nl pre!/
ly brown, shading to gray and white
on the under parts. Tho antlers were
iu velvet and of immonso size, and
males and (omules were already herding together. Apparently they had
been in occupation ol the country for
somo time.
"From Ptarmigan Point, on Lake
Michiliiitnals, to tho head of Long
Lake, on the George River, tho country wns a network of their trails, in
the woodlands and bogs, cut deep
Into thc soil, on the barren hill-sides
broad, dark bands converging to the
crossing place at tho river. North ol
tho Height of Land wo passod at intervals long piles ol whitened antlers;
and along the shore opposite our
camp ol August lf(, a broad band of
white cariliou hair, lour feet abovo
the river, told of their crossing and
recroasing while shedding their winter coats.
"Only once in passing this port of
tho country did wo Iind trace of their
enemy, the wolf. Throughout tho
Journey we did nut seo nny, but nncu,
whilo running down tho lower George
River, a lonely cry camo down to us
Irom ono high up on tho mountain
"Through tho enrihou bolt other
game wns more abundant also. Evory
flay mother ducks with their flocks of
little ones were seen, and a number
ol geeso were tnken. Gulls nnd loons
wero there iu numbers, ami ptarmigan wero very plentiful as far as tho
head of tho llarron Ground Water;
but beyond none were taken till wo
reached the post.
"Along the lower part of each ol
the rivers signs of luxes in largo numbers were found, and the lemmings
on which they Iced made us nut a
little trouble. Thoy were about in
thousands and the ground was 611 perforated with their holes as to remind
one oi a porous plaster.
"In the lakes lish seem abundant,
though we traveled too Inst to do
much Hailing, and the nets were not
oneo in tho water. Thero are brook
trout, ounnnirho nnd nnmavoiisb,
some ivhiletish, in the lakes; ami in
the lower George the sea trout and
"The flowers ore beautilul, though
not so varied as in the home country.
All along tho Nascnupeo blossoms ol
the Labrador ten filled the air with
their friigranco and pale laurel grow
in abundance. Now and then ws
crossed great beds ol blossoming
cloud berries nnd everywhere tho star
flower nml luinchberry showed thoir
white blossoms,
"One dny while ascending tho Wa*
ptistan River Gilbert handed me a
dandelion and during tho day I saw
several ol them, but did not again find
th«m throughout the journey. On tho
upper Nascaupeu tho pink bolls ol thu
low cranberry showed in the earpot
ol glossy green and near tha water tbo
blossoms ol tho dewberry.
"Violets grew nlong both rlvors,
hut most beautilul ol all was Uie twin
flowor. Its delightlul fragrance first
attracted my attention and looking
down I saw the long trailing vinos.
"At Ungnvn masses ol this bosuti*
(ul flower croon along tho loot ol tho
mountain, while indoors in a pot on
the window sill Mrs. Ford, tho
agent's wile, treasures two tiny
clover plants, almost afraid In her
eagerness to believe that they really
wero clover.
"During the lonrney, which occupied two months, (rom Juno 27 to
August 2", tho weather was wonderfully fine. Wo were in camp only
I eleven days on account ot rain ami
the highest temperature reached was
77 degrees F. in tho shado. Tbo lowest recorded temperature wos 30 degrees, though it waa uot Uie minimum reached.
"On the morning ol August 10,
thero waa lea nn eighth of nn Inch
thiol] on a basin ol water. On the
13th, I llh and 15th ol the samo mouth
wo bad snow flurries.
"Tbiiii'lerstorms were rare, nnd
Compared with thoaa In the United
States very mild. Oii many beautilul
days we had passing showers Labrador is n land of rainbows. Nowhere
bave I seen thoir colors so brilliant
nr so variedly manifested. They did
not always appear ln tho form ol a
bow, and "lice I saw them lie like a
beautiful veil along tho whole lengUl
nl Rainbow Hill uu the upper Nascau-
"There was a wonderltil clearness
in the niiii- |ilieni. which made land*
mmks miles away seem very near
and Clothed the (nr distant hills with
color indescribably beautilul. In tho
blue ol tin- hills and the waters ami
the sky there was a peculiar silver*
iness, which, with tho white ol tha
reindeer moss nml tho dark green ol
the 'I'luc forests, touched in places
with tender green ol tho while birch
and poplar, made a combination ol
color which, 1 think, can scarcely be
surpassed in beauty anywhere in the
inailil Iii a way which I could neither
describe nor understand, it was comforting.
"Tho   flies   nnd   mosquitoes,   lor
which the country is lamed, did not
wholly (arl ol accomplishing,   thoir I
dire designs Ul   ns;  but their ravages are easily lorgottcn in tho re* i
iiieinhrance of  the  botutloi of  that i
lone land which can  smile with so
much grace, even though its nuind has
lometlmei beon nnu ol such persistent
Turks In Byron's Plsci.
Europe    has   euinpletely   deserted'
I'hilhi'ileiiism There is no longer a
Byron lo sing the Hellenic virtues,
in light let Greek Independenee and
to ilie miserably at Mlssolonghl I'lnl*
helleiiism has lound a hi,t refuge
among the military ami political
clue's ol the .--jium i -, n... i „l
Sophia. -■ -
It is Wise to Keep the Nervous System In
Full Health and Vigor by Using
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food.
'Ibe leading artist of a great New
j Viiik newspaper committed suloldo
; recently because on ins roturn homo
j iu' iniind ins apni'tnionts In disorder,
the painters and decorators being iu
j possession.
fins is nn illustration ol overwrought nerves leading to insanity,
and, whatever mny he the Insl straw
to uiil.iil nn.- the iiuiiii, Ihere can be
ti" doubt thai exhaustion ol the
nerves is always a cause ol mental
Diseases ol tlie nerves are common
I" all walks .it lile, und Ibe earlier
symptoms are sleeplessness, nervous
headaches, loss ol memory, inability
to concentrate the mind, indigestion,
tired, languid toolings, discourago-
mem und despondency,
Dr, I. ..a-e'.. Nerve Food cures . s*
eases ol the nerves in the only natural way. by actually Increasing i.io
amount ot nerve [orco in the body.
By its regular and persistent use
tlie ino.-t severe forms ol nervous exhaustion, such us partial paralysis,
prostration, and locomotor ataxia, are
inorouglily and completely cured.
Mrs. J.  Hatcher,   224 Slierbrooko
street, I'eterboro, Ont., nmi whoso
husband is a molder ut the Hamilton Foundry, states:
"1 had nu attack oi inflammatory
rheumatism, which lelt me in a very
rundown Btate ol health, and in lact
Illy whole nervous system Boomed exhausted and worn out. 1 could nut
sleep, and at limes (lie pains in my
head were almost unbearable As a
rseull of theso symptoms I wns unable to attend to my housework, and
lelt miserable itmst'iii Uie time, un
Hut ndvice of a iriond 1 began using
llr. Clinso's Nerve Food, and can say
that il hns proved a very great bono.
lii to me. I inn able to uo my own
work now, nud loel stronger and
healthier than I hnvo for years, i
enn truthliilly state that this is due
to the use ul llr. I base's Nerve Food,
which I consider   a   great   hoa..ii
If yuu would feci strong ntnl well
nnd avoid nil the ills ami weakness
bo common at this season, enrich
your bluod nnd revitalize your nerves
by tho use ol Dr. (Jluwc's Nerve
Food, nil cents a box, 0 boxes for
$2.60, at all dealers or Edmonson,
Mutes it (.'n., Toronto,
Not So Crary.
\ plea of insanity mel a plea   of
"Well." aid the first. "I'iii not
-ai crazy 1 don't know you hnvo no
business monkeying in a case with
Thereupon they clinched, and an
unwritten law that hud been loafing
around iu hopes of a job took to the
ii'inds (or safety,—Philadelphia Led-
Minard's Liniment Co., Limited.
Oentlemen,—My daughter, ldyears
old, wus thrown from a sloit'li and
injured her elbow so badly it remained stilt and very painful tor
three years, lour bottles ot Mi
iliu.'* i.iMAILM completely cured
her and she hits not been troubled
Ior two years.
i'oura truly,
j. ii. Livissyuii,
St, Joseph, P.O., Aug., Hion.
nur postman," says a Philadelphia
business ninn. "always rincs our doorbell good nnd hard when ho loaves
nil) mail.   He conies along regularly
as clookwork at 8 a.m., but dues not
always leave mail for me, and. consequently, the doorbell does not always ring. When 1 want to get up
early I just buy a postcard In tho
afternoon nnd mail it to"tayselt."
Thos. Sabm ol Kplinion, says: "1
Itaivo removed ton corns from my
leet witli Hollmvay's Corn Cure."
Reader, go thou ami do likewise."
Little Johnie—Mother, toll me how
papa got to know you.
Mother- One day' I fell into the
water, and he jumped in and letched
me out.
Little Johnny—H'mi that's funny;
he W'Ui't let me learn to swim.—Tit-
"My klrlnrv. Are All Wronj I [low
-luili I Insure best results in Hie short-
est it I     It stands te reason thru o
liquid    ipectflc    nf    lhe    luuiueslliinnlile
merit -ai s.iutii American Kidney Cure
will ii" more directly unit quickly to tho
-■■nf "f the triiulile than the "pill form"
iroal tn. anil when n -Hikes the spot
there*, healing iu un Instant. 76.
A  Punier.
"What's the truth, Willie! Vou
look as ii ymi hnd something on your
mind "
•| wns just tryin1 to think whether
I ii..uld rather have it get cold so
there would be good sknlin' or if I'd
prefer t" have ll stay warm bo the
icarlel (ovei would Bpread and they'd
have Pi keep the schools oloscd " ■
rliii-ilL'a, U"'".ii.|-II.'iuhl.
The Biggest Ever.
The York World is to extend tbo
I'ulil/.er building tii cover the whole
block bounded by Park Uow, Frankfort Street, .North William Street,
und llrooklyn Bridge—the new part
tn lill about ",500 square feet of area.
It will then be tlie largest newspaper
building iii existence, but largo in
lateral extent, not mere height, the
new building to have eighteen
Storeys, as against twenty-two for tlie
present structure. This murks a re*
fivshine variation Irom the general
New York tendency to build simply
for comparative height effects. —
Springfield Republican,
It Is enaier to prevent than it Is
to cure.   Inflammation of the lunga
is the companion of neglected colds,
and once it tinds n lodgement In thu
system it is difficult to deal with.
Treatment with Hiekle'a Anti-Con-
siunptive Byrup will eradicate the
cold and prevent Inflammation from
Betting in. It costs little, and is as
sutisluetory as it is .surprising in its
Miss Skrcceher- What sort of songs
do you like best, Mr. ijuphrer ?
Mr. Suphrer — The songs ol tho
seventeenth century.
Miss 8—How odd! Why do you
prefer them f
Mrs. S—Because nobody ever sinfjs
'cm nowadays.—Philadelphia Inquirer.
The Polioncd 8prln*.—A. i„ nnlilro bo
hi iiinn. imlliile the sprint; anil disease
iiiid waste are Imunil in follow — the
siiuiiai'h aud nerves oul nf killer menus
poison in the spring". Smith American
Nervine is I sreat imriller. cures In-
dlgestloo, llysiiepsia. und tones the
nerves. The lar-st evidence of its elH-
rncy is the unsolicited testimony of
ihuusaiids uf cured ones.—76.
Mrs. Qrlggs—So you   managed   to
get to the bargain counter   for me.
Did you   see anything   real   cheap
there ;
(Irigps—Yes; I caught a glimpse ot
myself In a mirror.—Boston   Transcript.
Minnrd's Liniment Cures Diphtheria.
-^inird's  Liniment Cures Garget  In
A doctor saw Jium Marlowe as
Juliet one night iu Pittsburg and
was tromondoualy Impressed, Only,
in the powerful death scene, he discovered that there was a technical
"Miss Marlowe," the doctor said at
n reception next day, "I admired
your Juliet profoundly. The Impersonation wns a work ol art. But—
pardon me—don't you know that the
body doesn't stiffen Ior at least six
hours nfler death ?"
Miss  Marlowe   anawered  in  tho
drawl Hint she   reserves   for   such
>l dies:    "Now,   doctor,   do   you
think I'm going to keep my audiences waiting six hours Ior mu lo
stiffen r"
*—t,t.-,fzr~~^ B it
SSe *>*:
when decorated with
Alabastine have a lustrous
richness. Our illustrated
'book, "Homes, Healthful and Beautiful,"
tells why Alabastine is the most durable
of all wall-coverings-how it destroys
disease germs, and how you can decorate your home with Alabastine at much
less cost than with any other material.
Send ten cents for» copy of " Homsi. Hulthful
and Ht.utiful." with many dainty, new ideas
ior the discretion «f your horns,
A'abaslins is sold by ha.'dvare end paint dealer!
everywhere—e 5 pound package (or 50 cents.
NtVCR 101.11 IK BULL
Ai'k in' -mltr (or lint Ctrl
Mrs. Cora B, Miller
Makes a Fortune
Started a Few Years   Ago with No
Capital, and Now Employs Nearly One Hundred Clerks and
Until a tew years (il'u Mrs.  (Jura  U.
Miller Oven in n manner sinniiir iu taut
oi thousands ut other very poor women
ot tlic average snuiii town una village..
Kill' now resides in   Imr   own   palatial
'irinvii-sliinc  rcsuli'iicc.  and  is considered
-one of llu.' musl Buooesoiul buaiuea. women in tne  limed elates.
Mr.. Miller'.    New Oeildenee,    Earn.d  In
Lei.  Than   One   Year.
Hcvernl years ago Mrs. Miller learned
ot a mild and simple preparation teat
cured herself and several Iriends ot female ivcukneas and pile*. .-Im was lir
Bit'iied ny so many womon needtng treat-
liit'iit Hull slie decided ui I111111-.I1 It lo
those who nunlii call for it. bin. **-rl
ed wlih only a tew dollars' capital, and
the remedy, iiiissessiii.- true and wonderful merit, pruduciiii- many cures when
doctors and olhi'i- remedies tailed, llie
ata-iiiaiiiat i: 11 - iv sii rapidly .lie was ueveral
limes coiiipellc.l to seek larger quarters
Hlio now nee pieu one of the cnv * largsil
iiltlct' luuliiiiigs- which ulna owns, and almost one hundred clerks and slenog-apa-
eri are required to unit in tins great
Million w„„,.,i Ui. It.
Morn than a million women have used
Mrs. Miller's remedy, a-id no metier
waere 7"i live, she can refer you lo la*
alas In roar own locality who can and
will lell an; sufferer that this marvelous
remedy really cures women. I'cspite the
fact that Mrs Millers business is very
eiteiiaiive, she IB always willing to give
aid and advice to every sutteruig woman
who writes to her. t-Jir. is a geooruus.
good iiaiiiuiii aad bu derided to give
•way to women who have inner used htr
medicine CIU.UUU.UO worth absolutely
K-cry woman snffering with pales la
Ihs bead, back and bowels, beariug-dowi
feelings, nervousness creeping sensations up the spins, melancholy, desire te
cry, hot hashes, weariness, or piles Iron
any cause, should sit right down and
send her name and address to Mrs. Uora
U. Miller, Ilm xi,. kiikomo, Ind., and re*
eelve by mall (free ol charge ln plain
wrapper) a dO-cent box ot her marvelous
medicine: nlso her valuable book, whlofe
every woman should have.
Iti-iiu'iiiiai-r, this oiler will not last long,
for thousands and thousands of women
who are Buttering will take advantage of
Ibis generous means of getting cured. He
If you are niuiig. do not sutler another
day, but send your name and address te
Mrs. Miller for tbe book end medicine
Mora tbe 110.111x1.1111 worth Is ell gone.
A well known New York lawyer
says that in his earlier professional
(lays he was glad to expand his slender income by hill collecting. On
nno occasion he had a bill OgnitlBt a
1111111 who, Incidentally, bus since
aohiovod 11 success which puis him
beyond the necessity of such un indefinite statement as ho made on that
intension. The young lawyer found
him with his loot propped up on his
desk, while he gazed dreamily at the
ceiling through a cloud of tobacco
Hut, really, sir, I must insist that
you give mc somo definite Idea as to
vlicii you will settle," the lawyer
.-uid, alter having been gently rebuffed,
Thf niilhor consented to lower his
eyes nml to wnve his pipe languidly,
"Why. certainly, sir—though there
seems to me to bo n rather unnecessary commotion ubout this trifle," he
"1 will pay the hill as soon ns I
think of it after receiving lhc money
whloh 11 publisher will pay me in
caso he accepts the novel which 1
uill write uml send him just as soon
as I li'i'l in 1111 energetic, mood niter
n really good idea for a plot has occurred'to mo'."—Harper's Weekly.
Before you get
garments all
ia takenj
John 8. lleiilil oi Portia' if has been
I'oiini'i'ti'il with tho Maine Central
railroad for ubout thirty years 113
claim agent, nml has had some mighty
funny experiences, Ho was a witness
to the lollowing yours ugo ill the station nt Wntcrvillo, Me.:
An old "hayseedy" looking rinn
walked up to tin: lunch counter, seat-
el himself on a stool, placed his
bright-colored carpet bug mi the next
-Inui anil partook ol a hearty lunch.
He passed the young man n $1 bill
t.i take out the price ol his lunch,
50 cents, and was surprised when the
young man said: "Not any chango
.-ir; your carpet hag occupied a scat
ninl wc must collect Ior that."
The nhl inaii looked dazed (or a
second only, anil then replied:
"All right," and opening the bag,
"aihl carpet bug, 1 have paid for your
lunch ami you shall have it."
Qiiiekt'i'viian a flash he threw in a
i: iiie pie, a plate ni doughnuts and
several sandwiches, and departed
iiinitl ilm shouts uf everyone in the
elation.—Boston Herald.
Minard's Liniment Cures Distemper.
The Earthly Explanation.
"My dear," murmured the Blck man
Mi his wile, "I am Hearing the gohh
cu streets. I hear strains nf sweet
e-t music, unearthly in its beauty.
ll—" "John," sniil his wife, "what
you hear is a phonograph in the next
list." "Su it is. Hani those people,
anyhow. So consideration tor their
neighbors. (In and tell 'cm to stop
that. Infernal racket ut once."—Cleveland Leader.
A Perpetual Job.
Thousands of men work all their
liven at securing the banks of the
great Yellow river, iu China. Yet
evory now and then the tide sweeps
away ull opposition, nnd the loss uf
human life is greater thnn any war
ever caused, Nineteen years ago the
river bunt its bonds, Day nfler day
the torrent flowed, twenty miles to
flic hour, thirty miles ' wide and
ten feet deep. The flood has been
described as that of five Danubes
pouring fi'uii a height for two mouths
mi enii. Por two thousand years the
Chinese have been embanking this
Heart-Sick Peonle. I»r. Agnew'g Cure
fair lhe Henri Is a heart tenia- thut
never fails tu cure   is swift in its effects
goes cli'-cr to the "Imriter limit" nnd
siuitchps from death's grin more suffer*
crs ihan any other remedy fur any
family uf diseases anil ailments in (he
category of human sufferings. Hives relief in 30 minutes. 75.
"MI«S   Yellilt'    Miss Yellill1"   ex
claimed ihe music teacher in despair
to liis shrieking pupil.   "Remember
you  arc  singing  an  'Invitation    t
Bummer.'   Ymi   me begging   it to
come— nul daring it!" -Tit-Bits.
Mother tiraves'  Worm  KxI.tiuiiiu-
lor has   uo   equal   lor  destroying
norms 111 Children ntnl ntlults. See
thut ymi get the genuine when purchasing.
"I suppose you saw a great deal "f
poverty iu Europe."
"Yes. u great deal, ln fad I came
home ior lent I wus going broke my
sell."- Cleveland Press.
Minard's Liniment Cures Colds, etc.
"You ore :i liar," declared a member ot the Constitutional convention,
•'Ymi nre iinnther," rctored the lie*
"Gentlemen, gontlomen," expostula
led the Chair mildly, "just pair, ami
l.t ii- have peace." — l'liiliulelphiu
Dangerous coughs. Extremely
perilous cou|hi. Coughs that
rasp and fear (he throat ind
lungs. Coughs that shake flic
whole body. You need a regular rnediclie, i doctor's r.iedl-
\cine, for tuch I cough. Ask
your doctor about Ayer'i
Cherry Peroral.
Wt publiib 111,r foraulu
W. I .ail.h   alaotaal
ta   a- our ma,inl,..,
W.   ... you le
ooii.uil you,
Health and Strength Regained by
Taking Or. Williams' Pink Pills.
The after effects nt la grippe are
tii'iii' serious thnn the disease Itself.
Its victims tire left low spirited nnd
depressed; thev nre tortured with
headaches ami backaches; lever uml
chills. It leaves the sufferer nil easy
piey to bronchitis, pneumonia, rlicu*
mutism uml often that most dreaded
"f ull diseases, consumption.     Fi
lhe after efiects of la grippe titer_
Is absolutely no medicine cun equal
Dr. Williams l'ink l'ills.  Every duse
helps mnke new, lich, red blood that
drives disease from the system, and
makes weak despondent men and women bright, cheerful mid strong. Miss
Eugenie Donaldson, of St. Jerome,
Que., fi'iiiiil 11 cure through these
pills alter other remedies had failed
tn help her. She says: "I took '11
grippe uud iliil not seem able to
shake it off. It developed Into bronchitis; I coughed day ami night nml
ciew BO weak that 1 could hardly
move about. 1 tried remedy after
remedy, but as nothing seemed to
help me I began to dread that coniumption was developing and that
my case was incurable. A friend
urged me to try Dr, Williams' l'ink
Pills and lollowing that advice I took
llie pills f." 111 lilull-., following the tli*
recllons given lot their use,    I    11111
thankful I did bo for they fully restored my strength and 1 liave since
enjoyed perfect health. I will gin-ays advise -i.-k and   ailing people
to give llr.  Williams'  l'ink  Tills   11
trinl fur I firmly believe thoy   will
liml great benefit from their iise."
Rich, red hlo.ul is the one   thing
n led   to    maintain   health   and
strength. Dr. Williams1 l'ink Tills
actually make rich, red blood, Thnt
i- the reason ol their great popular*
ity in every country in the world.
Thnt 1- why thny cure anaemia, general wonkness, rheumatism, neuralgia,
Indigestion, St. Vitus dance, partial
purnlysis nml the ills ol girlhood ni
womanhood, with all its distressing
headaches. See ihnt you get tin
genuine pills with the lull name "Dr
Williams1 Pink Till* (nr Pale Peo
pie" on the wrapper around each boa
Sold by iiii medicine dealers or In
•tmi) nt Ml cents 11 box or six boxei
Lar    |3.50    (nun the    Dr.    Williams'
Medicino Cu., Brockvllle, Ont.
Von Moltke's Taciturnity.
Von Moltke's objection In the waste
nl words l* Illustrated   by German
:i 1111 y  iillie.'ts.  who tell  tills    story:
Just before tlie train pulled out ■*'
the sliitinii n captain ot hussars en
tared the generals compartment, and,
1. gnltlng liim. saluted with "(iillen
iiiurgcil. excellent," Two hours Inter
the train slowed up at a way station.
ihe captain rose, saluted, and with
another "Outen morgen, excellent;,"
left the train. Turning to one of
hn companions Von Stoltke said,
with nn expression of the greatest
disgust,—"Intolerable gasbag"
"Well •"
"What".* woman's rights'-"
"Everything they want, Run away."
Cleveland Lender.
Any good doctor will tell ynu ihat a medicine like Ayer'i Cherry Pectoral cannol
do Its best wort II the bowels ire con-
sdpsted. Ask your doctor il he knowi
scything bener thin Ayer'i Pilli for cor
rectlng tills sluiglihness ol the liver.
—MU. »,ll.,.lll,..ll.,L......llu.	
The Boy* Please, sir. I've come Ior
■ aa' job ad errand boy nt this shop,
The iinss But I don't want an errand boy.   I've gol one already
Tlu' Boy So, you ain't, sir He's
Ins' bin run over hv that cab over
••.re    Tii'k-Me-t'p.
' Angle1
Ffyas well aB
Fshort fibres that
1 make Bomo under-
\wear itch are taken 1
out of Pen-
,  Angle wool.
ll • <w~f of fabric*, -tyl-a and price*
h ill eiieo lor women, man anj
•Una, aad guatnnUed by your own dealer.
The Gambler's Hands.
"That nuill is 11 'night worker,'
probably a faro denier," said a de"
teotlve to 11 friend, n« the two stood
ou a street corner the other niter*
noun, while the person alluded to by
the dotectlve passed by. "Know
him t" asked thc friend. "Not
yet," replied the detective, "but I
may later," "How do you know he's
11 furo dealer, then f" "I don't know
it," was the reply, "but thnt he is
in s'onie such business is evident from
the pi'i'iiliur pallor of .his face, which
ynu may have noticed. You wouldn't
get that particular shade if you worked in 11 hunk or at a desk all dny
long. It's the artificial light and the
Inui ventilation that docs it, I guess
Keeping iu the noise of the rattling
chips keeps out the nir in most cases,
uml those dealers work as steadily
uml ai- regularly ns anybody e\~,e.
Perhaps you noticed, too, that his
blinds were smooth nnd clenn, in Inr
better condition thnn yours or mine,
or the nveroge business man's. The
professional gambler mny not like his
pallor, hut he takes great pride in
his hands."—Philadelphia Record.
Pile Terror. 8went Away.—Dr. Ag
oew's Ointment stands nt lhc head ns
u reliever, heater, and sure cure fur
Piles in nil forms. Ono anpllcntiou will
give ciimfiirt in n few minutes, and
ihren 10 six days' application according
(' directions will cure chronic, cases. It
relieves nil itching and burning diseases
in  a day.    55 cents.—19.
To Measure Natural Gas.
When natural gas was lirst brought
into use iii America there seemed to
be a general idea that the supply was
Inexhaustible. It was sold at low
rates ami usually without measurement. This method encouraged waste
in the consumption oi gas, and was
shortly abandoned by tiie larger
companies, Today nearly all con-
-uinpiinii is sold by measurement. It
i- believed that tlie time has now
come when it is possible to procure
statistics uf the quantity of gns consumed, nml next yenr this will be
undertaken. The method will give
such figures in thc future that n more
direct knowledge will be obtained ot
the capacity of gns areas to maintain a commercial supply ol gas for
a certain number of yeara.—Iron Age.
Itch, Mange, Prairie Scratches and
every form of contagious Itch on human or animals cured in 30 minutes
bv Wolford's Sanitary Lotion.
"Yes," said the first chauffeur, "I
always give 11 series nf loud toots
when I see a 111:111 in the rond."
"What!" cried tbe second chauffeur,
"you don't mean to say you give
him warning •" "Heavens ! no. I
menu 1 tool when 1 sco him lying
In the roud back ol tne so the people mav come iiiiiI take him away."
-Philadelphia Press.
A   wealthy   farmer    ol   Lebanon
county, now in his OGth yenr, still
persists in working hard every day.
One of his neighbors, more than U0,
met him one day and snid:
"Well, Mr, IL. we are getting to he
pretty old men."
"Not BO very old," snid the other,
"Iiiit don't you think," persisted
the neighbor, "Hint wo ought to bc
considering nhout the next world?
We must very soon die, you know.'
"Den's know about that," retorted
Mr I! "Very lew men die ul ray
\ liecognizod Regulator.—To bring
the digestive organs into symmetrical
working is the nun of physicians
when ihey liml a patient BUflerlnn
Irom stomach Irregularities, and lor
tins purposo they can proscribe nothing bettor tlinn Tm melee's Vegetable
Till*, which will he found a pleasant
medicine ol surprising virtue In
bringing the relraotory organs Into
subjection and restoring him to normal action, in which condition only
cun thev perform their duties proper*
farmers nnil farmers' wives Hay Ihnt
Hileuiis ure the lianuiest anil most effective family medicine ever discovered.
Vou hnve indigestion bad t Two uiieaus
tiiken niter ench meal will rid you ol
lhc pains like magic'. Constipation, per-
hn|is, is your trouble t liiicuns cure it
without ciiusini* 11 simile pnng of grip-
Ins : llcniliu-lic. iiliuusness, heart troutiic,
inics, iiiiii 1111 disorders arising trum
luulty liver unit stuitineh (Lotion, are
cured quickly mul surely ny  llileuns.
Mrs. v. buronturo, ut llcnumont, Al'
liertu, snys: "lur uvcr len years I wns
luting count imi Bleep, liml pains a*'er
food, ctinstinniiun, iiciuiiiche, nnil Boomed
without eiieruy, A lew mixes ut llileuns
nine me iuick  my henltli,
■Ml druggists ninl .lores sell llileuns
nt sue por tic.x. or Irom llllenn Co., Tu-
riiitto, lor price    b tun ter tVM.
May  See  Over Telephr.ne.
Talis—At the llurctiu iTIIIustriitioii,
Trot. Korti. the inventor of a system
of telephotography, conducted a number of OAperlments, and an announce*
u«nt ol the highest importance was
subsequently made.
'.he principle !*y which thc problem ol long-distance vision might be
solved with the aid oi telegraphy
hud, it was stated, been solved. Sev-
crnl members of tho government participated in experiments, which they
declared to be absolutely conclusive. 1
President Falliers' photograph was
during flu.' ('veiling reproduced faultlessly over the telephone wire from
Lyons in f'.ie spuce of six minutes hy
Passing of Historic Fair. i
London—The historic Milchnm lair,
which dntcs from the time of Queen 1
Elizabeth is a thing ol the past.
The showmen have consented to 11
declaration that they are nut entitled
to go on the (alt ground and to nn
Injunction being applied for l-y the
Mitcham Common Conservators restraining them from doing so.
Political  Retirement.
"Why were you so anxious to send
that ninii to Ottawa F" 1
"We thought it 'ud bo n good thing
tor the community," answered Tanner Corntossej, "to have him where lie
could make speeches where folks nre
paid to listen instead 0' iuterniptin'
people nt tlieir work around here."—
Washington Star.
Tin- t'miL-liiK of Food.
There Is no renson In the world why
men, whether average mon or meii of
genius, should despise llie cooking of
their food. They never show, or ure
required to show, the snme contempt
toward any other art, uml mi no olher
Is thoir mental calm more completely
dependent. All 111 filling coat Is 11
worry, lint not such a worry us dinners
perpetually III dressed. To many men,
nud especially tn men waoso work Is
sedentary or whose brains ara fully
taxedi i"ood which Is ut once light and
nourishing Is nn absolute necessity if
thoy lire to evert tlieir highest powers,
and food of that kind Is obtainable
only hy cure In selecting meats uml
good cooking whon they lire sclcclcil.
A 1111111 Should unt think too much of
his dinner or devoto too much time to
preparation for It or eujoy it too visibly when it bus arrived, fur nil those
nre animal peculiarities, Tut to remain content wilh hnd fond, when 11
little more thought or carefulness ur
criticism would procure It lu a state tit
to he eaten, is only what Scotchmen
used to describe us "a wasting uf the
tnalreles."- London Spectator.
 i-riui Advice,
A number of railway men were once
dlscsslng the question uf accidents.
"The roads lu Scotland," juld one of-
flclnl, "used to hnvo a had mime, Indeed, In respect tu accldeuts. No one
thought of embarking on n railway
Journey unless he hud provided himself with nu accident policy of Insurance.
"The fatuous Dr. Normnn Mnclcod
wob once nhout to set oil on a long
Journey through the Scotch country.
Just us lhe train wns pulling out the
clergyman's servant put his bend 111
through tbe window and sakl:
"llu'e ye ta'en an Insurance ticket,
" 'I have,' replied the doctor.
" 'Then,' continued the servant, 'write
ye'er name on It and gl'e It to me.
They bu'e an awfu' hnhlt 0' robblu' tbe
corpses on this line.'"
Oood Digestion Should Walt On
Appetite—To have the stomach well
is to have the nervous system well.
Very delicate are the digestive organs, ln some so sensitive nre they
that atmospheric changes affect them,
When tliey become disarranged no
better regulator is procurable than
ParmeleO's Vegetable Tills. They will
nssist the digestion so that tbe heaity
cater will suffer   no Inconvenience
and will derive all the  bcnclits   of
his food.
Tl.lnk I.inlill.   of It.
The rond to home happiness Is said
to lie over small stepping stones. So
small Bometlmes are the causes of our
unhapplnees that wo wonder the eouse-
quenecs can bc so great. One great palliative is the determination by every
member of the family not to dwell
on the circumstances, whatever they
may be, which arc alike sad to all. If
it bo poverty let It he cheerfully and
silently borne; If It be the III temper of
grandpa try to make a Joke of It. If tt
be something Infinitely worse and also
hopeless accept It bravely; do not talk
of It Try In the funilly circle to Ignore
It Accept every little enlivening clr-
cumstnnce. Let In all die sun and ulr.
Work on cheerily und hopefully, knowing that there Is tbe ray of sun-Inn.'
somewhere Hint has ouly to be looked
for to be found.
More  Nerve.
Tom—Do you think women are
braver than men ? I
Dick—Yes, I do! I never saw one
yet that wouldn't take a chance at.
marriage—Detroit Free Tress.
Rare Coin In Collection Box.
London.—A gold coin—one-third ol
n guinea—bearing tbe date 1802, wus
lound iu 11 collection imx in Peterborough Cathedral, with a request
that it should bc sold and lhe proceeds given to the Cathedral Restoration Fund.
Hot Shot.
With our foreman at home   shut
three times, n printer in the Blount*
villc jail halt-shot, another In the of*
llce not worth shooting, the Coinel is
issued under great tflfflcultles this
week—Johnson City (Teiin.)   Comet,
Once a Scotsman was visiting New
York, and coming across 11 statue ol
Washington stood gating at It.
Just then a Yankee camo up nnd
snid to Sandy: "There's 11 good inun.
A lie never paSBod his lips."
"No," suid ti| Scotsman. "I suppose he talked through his nose, like
the rest of you."—New York  Ta|K'r.
Sq-ieetlng lhe Grape..
"Iu wine making," suld 11 wine expert, "the grapes nro squeezed from
one to six times, and from each squeeze
a different grade of wine Is made."
That Is why from one district and
from one llrm so many varieties of
wino come. These varieties don't mean
thnt ench is mnde from a different
kind of grape. Tbey mean, ns a rule,
that they aro made fruin different
squeezes of the snme grape. The tlrst
squeeze of course iniikes the host nml
denrest wine. When you buy this
grade you will always llml on the label
tbe words 'Premier Cru,' tlrst squeeze."
Galvanized Steel
i*w»*M,»«uaiw*:<K '.WM-OTtw*,.
Ihey do shingle is the
coat leas  "Oshawa. "Good
for a century's
weather-wear. Guaranteed
for 25 years without your
even painting—" Oshawa "
double-gadvaniiod shingle*
need no paint to outlast
any roofing there is.
Make roofs fire-proof,
too, -guaranteed in
every way you want
Cheap in first cost as common wood shingles, yet
more de.»ble than slate.
Sold under a written guarantee that really means
something to the buyer.
Ton cant
afford any
other kind
With a hammer,
Easy '.0 a snips, and horse-
pot on    sen>e   anybody
can roof buildings
right *Y.th "Oshawa " Galvanized Steel Shingles.
They need no cleats. They
lock on all FOUK sides.
Made is only one grade—
of 28-guage stmi-hardened
sheet steel in tbe pat-
'  'Oshawa" way
Shingles sre
tin Investment, rot sn
More than 100 farm
Lightning   buildings    were
proof, 100   damaged   in   Ontario alone last vcar
by lightning. Not one of uem
would have been  harmed if
they'd hem "OshawH" roofed.
Thee* shingles Insula I on building -mak„ it safe against every
element.   Ut us tell yoo what
it will cost vou to roof the
"Oshawa' way.
Oct our free
book 'Booting light'
before you
Bool a ning
Of Oshawa      ■
Montreal      To-onto       Locdon
UMCr-aigW.     UColbonie       au Hunan
Ottawa      Winnipeg     Vancouver
I I KlUMI t>l I..111U1 -I SIS PMaStr
Irli-Ua of (he Trpea.
A laughable error occurred In one of
thc large publishing houses a number
of years ngo,   A poet liml sent In n
manuscript in which wns the line. "See
the pale martyr In n sheet of fire" The
I reputation of the wriler was nenrly
ruined when the work ciiino out with
the line, "See the pale iniirl.vr Willi his
' shirt on lire."
I When 11 favorite speaker rose and
j was greeted with thunderous applause
bis party paper came out nml snld,
"The vast concourse rent the ulr with
tlieir snotils."
\u alumnus ot St. Stephen's college
-aid nf the late Iiishop Ueorge 1'.
Bishop Seymour founded Sf. Stephen's uml wc Irensurc here ninny iiiico-
il'ilcs uhuiit his wnrilenship.
The bishop was very (ond ol trees,
nnd one day, wnlking with a young
ludy, he pointed Oul to her sunn: ul
the fine trees in the neighborhood.
She professed great interest and delight.   She cried:
"How the noble nspect nl bcauliliil
trees slirs up the keenest emotions of
the BOull"     Then patting   a    great.
rough tree trunk, she won* on,  You
superb nnk, what would you say if
you could talk ?"
The bishop smiled.
"I believe I can be his Interpreter," he murmured, "He would probably say, 'I beg your pardon, nu--.
1 11111 a beech.'- Rochester Herald.
Towns—She snys you're "an hn-
perllnenl cad." What hnve you said
or done ?
Browne—Nothing 1 that's the trouble When ii" wore out walking yea-
lorday the wind blew her hair about
her luce most bocomlngly, and she
snid. "I kmiw I'm 11 perfect fright"
I didn't say a word.- Phllrdelphia
"The evidence shows, Mrs. Muleii*
iy, that you threw a stone at tbe
"It shows more than thnt. yer
honor. It shows that oi hit liim."—
An Englishman resident in Persia
fell Into n discussion with n neighbor thoro, suys Napier Malcolm in
his hiink on Persia, over thn native
tondency tO lying. He Insisted that
lying wns a sin.
"It i.-, till very well fur a l-crnngi
(an Englishman) to .-ny that," replied
the   Persian.    "Hut flu'  lint  is they
cannot tell  lies 11s  we cun.    It   is
entirely 11 matter ol climate."
"Iii that case   Persians ought   to
-peak the truth," said lhc Englishman, "tine ol lhe anciont tlreek'
historians declared lhat Persians
were remarkable lor their truth tall*
"That is very true," said the unlive. "But who does not know Unit
the climate of a country changes
entirely in 11,000 y "rs."
Mure i:»i lilni;.
Tout—Has Jones quit the race track
becnuse of reform, or what? Jockey-*
Itefol'iii   iini!,'nr'    lie  wnnted   snme-
thing more uncertain to bet his money
on. Tout—Bul wlmt could he Iini
more iincerlnln lliun 11 horse race?
Jockey-He's taken lo betting whether
or not the weather 111.111 will correctly
predict   the  day's  condition.
Warwfd la Ohra Utlaf—Oam.
Caustic Balsam
Hi! Imitators But No Coflipilltort.
a. tuff, SpMdy in-4 PoiIUt* Cur* (or
Curfc, Ipltnl Switor, OOMl Hu k.
BtrftlBn T'm.or.i, 7ouB(Iir, WmJ
Puffi, -r.i kll l4tn(t*u from BptTlo,
KlD(boni and otb<r bosr tumor*.
Cut(i ill iVli dliiuta or rmiltw.
Thmih, DlphUiirlfc. Ramovii tll
luarhii fr«m Horifior C'4.!,i.
ii ft Btunfta R*m*4r for RhtatutlfiL I
Benin, Sort Threat, "''■ n i. i..i». .»L,«. I
» TC«f7_ liml.* or Cnjijlo. Bala^n "I* •» "
l*r botll*.   !■■■.! I r dniKafUU. or writ bj •■
Fr***, chftrtM 1 «i l   with full dlr*ct|om for
tt im   lf'':.l tur •Itfteriptira clrotilftri,
Tha 11»rioca-Wllllama Co., Toronto, Ont
Sreoki' Apr-U.nr.    H.w
' .'■•".   *i     :■•:-;:   So
• '■'. 1    . ■:'   .. "r ;»'.»
int   f...'.laa     Air    a      ."      ■ I
Blndi ind dra-ai th. broken
tirl. loo*!-" II ,a al uiuld
I Italian limb S' "■'"
Ho , 1. : I Nolle, liar
•Vii al...;   I.i 1 .[■ tn.-ul.
• INT    ON    TIIISL.
ceiaio.ul *.l.
C. I. BROOKS, Ml in*.!. Mi.
A witness was bolng examined aato
the fnnity ol one nf lhe inmates ol
the asylum,
"Yuu huhl that Ihis inmate is in-
uti". do yuu f" a lawyer iij-ked.
"I do," was the lirm reply.
"Why are you sn cure ■"
"The inun," the witness .-nhl, "noes
nhout  asserting  that he  Is Santa
"And." snhl the lawyer, "you hold
1" you, that when o man goo abt ul
assorting thnt he is Santa Claus It's
n clear prnnf nf his im-anitv I"
"I do."
"Because," -nhl tho witness, in a
luml, indignant voice, "I happen t"
!»' Santa Claus myself." San Fran-
el 00 Argonaut.
Nan cheap,
Aped   Husband   Vmi   arc  cnlnit  to
mlu um with your extravagance   Vam
don't need Hint enpe any more than a
cat needs two tails, flow ofton bats
I told you never to buy anything I"'
cause It Is cheap! YoUDg Wife (with
en ulr of one Who has Rut the belter of
tlio argument)—But it was nnt cheap.
It cost 10 guineas.—London I'iiu.
Thi ARNOTT  METHOD  ii thi
only loficsl  mithod  for tin curs
Of      St-lllaan.a   ■   - |t        t'-.l'.      till
CAUSE, not merely tin HABIT,
ind iniurii nituril tpiich.
Pimphlit, particulars and refer*
enrei nnt on riqunt.
Berlin, Ont ,  Can.
In a Keif l.iiriii.
Fnlr Visitor—So you hnve really de- j
elded not lo sell your b.iuse) Fair I
Hostess—Tes. Vmi sei-, we placed the I
matter In the hands of n real estate 1
uncut. After reading his lovely sdvor*
tisi'ini'iil of our properly neither John |
nor myself could think of parting with \
such a wonderful nnd perfect huine.
ller War.
"What's thi' reason  ynu  never put
things in their places?" 0 iked the irate 1
aud methodical husband, "Why, lie- I
cause," replied iii" easy 11111111; wife, "I
want lliein where I can Hnd Ihem."
What Shall I Do
for this strained muscle?
It  wa, orlrln.t.rl  9(1  yf.ra  .in lo
r«mv. lnll.nim.tiiM,  end  1.1. Ib.
.in,... nul nl .train, ond brul.M.
i'    !.-•*   ■ 'a' i*    AlliUolar.
I   S   JlMISMIM   '.   I'll. Ilo-Am.   Hm.
My body's old, hut Hint's not my
fault I nm not to blame for on ul>1
body, hut I would be to blame for uu
eld soul    lid.iud.
.all    «
Min. is for
Mi   W' D. I'lue, ol Portland,
':., is vi lit '.   i" t  sister,  Mrs,
\\ ni, Dick sir ft.
|nliii Fell,  I'n       i, ii   I" re in
teresi ngsyn licate,
I., i. i. til   H (' . is .1
t at 11       North \ ancouver,
md, a aim
■  ,
um  (I   nl llie
t   Ir, ll   iV, Spilslniry un
Blay and feed
wr"*. w» -1 ■>
n  - .  i   ,
,       ;   ■ - I 111     tin
park.     'I ii'
:   . :
nnil will he
n ,i |>n with iln   i   i  * .i
11!   (ill till
:.   t.-: bus   Nurtli Van*
I   Hllgll la-.
tiff'' n I'he nu i'uii; into
tr   /* "A.
•*■:'. lllis via inilv.
a a,..,  i.
llie Ca lilano,
.\ n  - i. rpuration
iniiittei '         I oii W ethics*
lay even .        ti." i  step
: . i|   ration was taken.
A pa    nger on ■    :■: ; ty mom
Ierry I       i a lit as (In
:     i ii  Vancouvi i
i In arrival ol llio boat
was called, but i re
it  arrived   tha"   pool  unlorl
■ i i    ovete I ta:  walk
: . head wait*
■' , Vancou-
llei       tl
lite   gi
. rlli  Van-
: a ■ ler n OO I
Mr. J. I • elect! il
. J. I'.
a     ■ -.
■''.'■     '
.   :  ■ .    .   the  te
■ ■ -     ,
i large
. l.n li.i : ij thereon,
:     I     I    I   "' , II  i; it  I'a ■.       s
■    I o I'm li ise
I, oi I lot, on I aiui'.li
 " ouvei .
must  I mil a
i   «    "        ■
.  •   in      iililri     !.''
Inllil \
nitli  street.   Ad-
Milling Co.
Harry Miti hell, lo '1 in
Lonsdale Avi nue.
Fine,   healthy   I
Cauliflower Plants,       in li
Sutton's Seeds, always am hand.
List your Property with us
fur quick sale. If print's are
right wo can dispose of it for
Real Estate Brokers
Thompson Block,  -   -   NORTH VANCOUVER.
CAPITAL, »4,866,666. RESERVE, $2,H'.333
Head Office in Canada, Montreal.
II. Siiki man, General Manager; J. Ei.msly, Supt of Branches
Branches in llritisli Columbia—Asberoft, Greenwood,
IleiUev, Kaslo, Rossland, Trail (Sub Branch), Vancouver,
Victoria, Duncans, and Dawson, V.T.
Savings Deiiartmnnt Dgprsiti received from SI.00 upwarde
Interest at hiqh**st current rntes and compounded twice a year
Olficn, Cor. Lonsdlls Ve. and [spl.inaile, North Vancouver, H. C.
Ale G^ Stout
In H.,Ilia-*..  Kill-   "i'l   I   "-*
Ihe Koijul Krcninq Co., I Id.
Do Coble's Dirn-.lui-'i
: ■
lil'al    Sll|    '."■■
Material. Cul KI	
Ithlished  lie.r.'ry ■
British Columbia    Col
\ \'-l a  '  ', i :■   It, I
I*. R.- If '."'.:
handle my
|i»v   llll)   ■ ■  ■ . "
-.a-    • :     ■    ■
,1a, ■  |.      tO
twenty pttcln-l
li. .-ii.'i,.
I a| 1> I tl I 'I : '   I    I) I  I  I <  I
All Kn. i-     II
'..     CO  YEM?8'
- Is now  right in line fur a sharp advance.   This year is
i 11 ■■ tin; banner year in the history of uur enterprising
.i.e! i.ij.'ni-i  growing city.,  Money invested in (juoii close-in
proper!)   will make larger nrdlits and quicker returns than
. Imre
HI-: SUMMIT llli; l-'Ol.l.OWINli:
I'lll III li'i.tl'- -Tun .iitili Innil lota in hlm'k 1)5, uu ear line.   I'rkv
(551 ,-.,.-n.   Terms one-third cn-.li ; Iniliince (I nml Vi ntlu*.
1.1   \ I.N ill AM) ST. UUOIttiK STHKBTx—Double corner.   Price
(Hit)    i'l'tniM lliinliauli! Iialiiiici* iiinn) lli nianiili..
KKITH IIOAIl   I "i"i" i loll* ill hliii-k 11(1, iB'-in^ Victiiria I'urk.   I'riee
- a.i,   'I'l-rini niii-iliiril eni-li: hslanco fl and 12 innuths.
-;   i nui -n;l-:i-;r-l.iii- I lo I Iw-liuiivi', lt.ockait; I) I,.518;cleared,
Mii* ILkh.   Titrmsonc'thlrdcash: bilaiieu II and 12 months.
I'OUIITII STIlKKT—LnlaiS n"*l 23, Wnek ILM; cleared.    I'riee fS-M
- ..ii,   r.'riiihi-a'itii-iisli; balance tl and 12 months.
SIXTH STHK15T— l/itsll, 4, 5, fl, block 14.   I'riee (526each.   Terms
(125 e:i-li: hnlancu cxtcmllna over two years,
SIXTH STIif.KT-l.iitH II, 12, lilm-k 11; double corner.   I'riee (1,600.
Terms <300 cash; balance extending over twu yearn.
Corner Lonsdale Ave. nnd Fifth St.
en's $4 Shoes
lots Ltrr
Box I'al Blui In is. leather lined,
double sole $4.00
Velvour Call Bluchen,  leather
lined, double sole $4.00
Yiea Kial Uliiclicrs and Hals,
leather or 'amass lined; a
daisy boot *4*00
See Us Int Your
Spring Shoes
51(1 Hastings Street W.
iw.rt»'.arAif,-Ut,'u \Z~.
iS0_ *oiiTcrruiiffiz?.i?rs!arsBisi
1 bolievo that North Vancouver has
an immense Future, and thai thuro
will be more money made in hind
lit'i'i' than in any othor section in
llritisli Columbia, I have LOIS
fOB SALE in ii" parts of ih.'
Townsite, If you havo 1Mb TO
SELL-, come tn inc. I will find
you purchasers i|iiickly.
161 Cordova Street, Vancouver, B. C.
Rainier Beer^>
]k 11 glorious beverage—quenching and
satisfying, Remember there's no other
"jusi as guild"—insist on getting Rainier,
Vancouver, H. C.
We nre now cutting Cordwood. Place your ord era
with ns foe Cordwood.
British Columbia Electric Railway Co., Ltd, j
Owing to change nl the ferry time schedule following will
obtain 1
First Strf.kt
Leaving Qiiecnslittrj' Avenue nt 5:30 ii. in.. 6130 a. tn., 7:55
iniil five minutes to the limir until  ,  :sj |i  in.
Leaving Keith Road and Follies Avenue :n 6:co a, in.,
7:011, a, in., 8:25, and J5 miniitea p;ist the hour
until 11.35 [i. in.
Cars will run every 20 minutes,
XjS"   All boats are met by the cars.
Hotel North Vencociver
■''"   ' '   '"-     'ms_%
a     '.   |S
'1 ottrist
,    -   ,
I'p to-datc
Sj.oh per
.•nul up.
Rates Im
Ferry Service I very lltill Hour lo ond [rom Ihis Hold
to Vancouver. P, Lksoii, Prop.
Three Pounds j or 25c
Tweiitvlivf |i(iiiuil box, $1.75.
J. A. McMillan, North Vancouver
*\ :*) I'M! Hav
IMI I'l'
Sprciai, Raths to
Kamii.iks AMI
and Gi   I
each,    ten
(.in. l'i uti'   and Seymour Ms.,
VMCO        li. C.
I>IK(  l.  iMiuMi,  Pro|irlctors
llnttod llironitlinut uilli
uti'iuu Il-.t and cold
natcr lu evory room
Sti   .".i. SiRKET,    -    -
TI'C. liar id roiiHtilereil to
bene fine nf any uu llio
Coast, III stock if replete
1,ia. 1: M ia N, 11," . 1. LH.18, D.
.-a.., ;.iz. II. A ; A. «'. Il,iiil"t:ii, II. A.
IBarristers, Solicitors, Notaries, Hr.
OPFtCKfl   B.N, A<  Ituil'lliiB, Viuieoiivt'i, knd
Juniilliiii Block. Kuril! Viiiiniuver.
Cull in and Bee what you nn
(rut in your own town. You
will ho surprised how much
parcel-carrying yuu can save.
Apple, pear, peach, plum, green,
gagt in is (or Bale. Will bear this
year.   Apply to
Q. Ill <»iil h
Third Street. North Vascoi 11 v.


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