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 ^.Ave hsQf))6/
Wlm will second tlie motion to
give the municipal hall a coat of
white paint?
lt was owing ill a great measure
to the very efficient tramway and
ferry services on Labor day that
the third annual horticultural show
was such a big, success.
The  municipal  council met in
egular session Wednesday even
What higher compliment could
be paid to Nortli Vancouver than
that which Aid. lletlnine made at
the banquet on Monday night?
He announced for the lirst lime
liis decision to be a candidate in
the mayoralty race next January in
Vancouver. Here's success to
you, Mr. Mayor to be.
The council will have tlic
cordial support of the ratepayers
in passing a by-law to regulate the
electric wiring of buildings, lt
bas been pointed out that electrical
fixings, which could not lie used at
Vancouver have been brought
over here and installed. When
the ordinance is passed this danger
ous praclice will be done away!
Willi.        '
Two very noticeable features ol
Monday night's gathering was the
perfect harmony and good feeling
thai existed  between llie ollicials
ol     llritisli     Columbia's     greal
corporation and the municipality,
and the confidence that was su
evident throughout the remarks   '
the evening.    In replying to the
toast ol ibe  "Railway   Service,'
General   Superintendent    Milnt
c usually  referred to three  verj
important factots in the progress
ol North Vancouver: the efficiency
•of the system in the near future hr
.said would be on a par wilh  the
most up-to-date lines; the branch
extending up tlie Capilano would,
within a reasonable tunc,  be an
accomplished   fact;   the   sincere
mutual    understanding    existing
between the corporation and the
company,  as an augury  ol   the
prosperity and material assistance
in st'ire for the   future   ol   the
Ambitious City.
Nurtli Vancouver lias arrived at
the stage where push and energy
will be needed to form one of the
leading spirits in her ascendency.
Men who will nol lie lound  wanting in cither ambition or discretion.
As matters stand today we have
both.  The B. C. Electric Railway
Company have shown,  by   their
wisdom,  that they are in   every
sense of tbe word aiming to build
up North Vancouver and make it
a city second to  none   in   this
province.    It is now up to   the
residents and business men to put
their shoulders to lhc wheel and
push our rapidly-growing city up
another rung  in   the   ladder  of
The Inlet and the Rain.
The inlet yesterday was as
muddy in appearance as the Fraser
river, caused by the heavy rains.
The fresh water streams became
very low during the dry weather,
and, as a consequence, the dried
sand and fallen timber on the
banks came down in abundance
with the flood. Also, logs and
brush coming down the I't'ascr
river to English bay, came in
through the First narrows with
the tide. Together wilh tlie waste
timber from the mills hundreds of
cords of wood were aboat. This
is a distinct danger to the craft o'
tlic harbor, especially at night.
ing.   Present—Reeve Kealy
Councillors May and Cornish
Communications were dealt with
as under:
'he poundkeeper reported that
six cattle had been impounded end
$to in fees collected during August.    Filed.
J, Lawson wrote asking that the
Keilh road, west of tlie Capilano,
be cleared.   Board of Works.
James Murray complained of an
oflcnsive smelling drain near his
place on the Esplanade.    Board of
Tbe clerk reported that be had
received from the ferry company
three policies of insurance on the
steamer North Vancouver, aggregating only J7,ooo. Clerk instructed to ask for information as the
agreement called for $10,000.
T. S. Nye suggested ihat the
council lease lots (i, H and J, in
1). L. 2026, for a quarry, Board
of Works and Engineer Balmain
to report.
Engineer Balmain reported re
Seymour creek bridge, and suggested that Mr. Tytler be asked
to submit plans for a new one and
indicate a site (or ils erection. Referred to Board of Works.
James Millie, general superintendent of tlie li. C. Electric Kail-
way Company, wrote in reference
tu tlie wiring of houses in Nurlli
Vancouver, After a lenghty discussion the council decided to pie-
pare a by-law to regulate the wiring of buildings.
The reeve reported that be had
appointed Mr.  Bisinman watt,
works foreman temporarily,   His
..c'.ioti was approved, and instructions given to advertise for a new
waterworks foreman.
Reeve Kealy and Councillor Cornish were appointed to interview
President Hendry of the V., W. &
Y. regarding the proposed bridge
across the Second narrows.
W.   T.   Stein   was   appointed |
auditor of the municipality for the
The reeve reported that  Solicitor Taylor and he had  taken  up
tlie question of the sub-division of
district lot 265 by the Lonsdale
estate before Mr. Justice Irving on ,
Friday last, and he bad held that '■
they could sub-divide down to ihe
waterfront and throw the roads in,
In llie solicitor it did  not seem
llial this judgment was in accordance with bis interpretation of the
land registry act passed at the last
session,  which required  that   all
property sub-divided  must show
roads every boo feel leading to the
waterfront,   Taking the solicitor's
advice lhe reeve was ol lhe opinion
ihat they sliould appeal to the full
court,   The   appeal   would   nut I
cost more than $250, and if they I
could get judgment in their favor
it would mean the saving of many
thousands oi dollars to the municipality in future, since roads to the
waterfront   would   liave   to    be
ixpropriated at great cost,   Mr,
justice Irving's judgment was that
since the map ol the sub-division
did not show roads the   owners
were not compelled to leave them.
On motion of Councillors Cornish j
and May the reeve was empowered |
to take proceedings for appeal,     I
The council iben adjourned,
Nortli Vancouver: Medical Health
Officer H. Dyer, municipal
engineer, J. W,'Balmain, C, E.;
Coroner A. B. Diplock; Ex-reeve
J. C. Gill; Municipal Clerk Alex.
Philip; Municipal Treasurer, J- J.
Woods, and the representatives of
lhe press of North Vancouver and
Expressions of regret at not
being able to be present were lead
from Mayor Buscombe, R, ti.
Macpherson, M. P., Hon. F. C,
Cotton, M. L. A., and City Clerk
A. McEvoy of Vancouver.
In his opening remarks the
reeve explained the nature of the
banquet, and in a few well-chosen
words extended the appreciation
of the council and citizens of Nortli
Vancouver to the guests of the
Tlie toast list waslicartily replied
to by both the officials of the tram
line and the other guests present.
Tramway Time Table.
Mr.  W. Ii.   Bunbury,   traffic
manager for the B. C.   Electric
Railway Company, has handed in
the following timetable of cars
running on Lonsdale avenue, until
such times as tlie full service is
completed in North Vancouver.
Six tickets will be sold for 25
cents, and no white tickets will be
used. Tlie former tickets is a
concession to North Vancouverites.
as tbe agreement stated that there
are to be live tickets in place of
A Big Success—The Opening—Prize Winners.
The third annual exhibition of
thc N irtb Van ouver Horticultural
A ■ aOciati' 11, , .'icli m held Oll
Monday in the Alexander park,
was a greater success than heretofore, boili in exhibits and attendance, From the time of opening until the end of the (lay there
was a continual stream oi people,
and every car both coming and
going was Idled to overflowing.
Mr. R, (i. Macpherson, M. P.,
on opening tbe exhibition to the
public, iu a brilliant speech,
complimented the association and
its officers on their success, and
also tlie people of North Vancouver on lhe great progress being,
made both as regards the town
and its products,
On entering the large tent containing the exhibits one was
astonished at tile neatness and
good judgment exercised in the
choice aud placing of the exhibits.
On cither side of the isle running
around the inside of the enclosure,
were tables covered with homegrown vegetables, fruits, honey,
etc., and many novel varieties of
fancy work and cushions, lt is,
indeed, hard to place so much in
an enclosure the size of the tent
Vised without conjeslion, but Monday's display was totally devoid of
any over crowding. The adaptability of those having this part of
•ie work in hand was fully
appreciated by the great interest
shown and llie words ol admiration
that was everywhere evident.
lt would be  indeed  difficult to
point out any exhibit^ that   was
deserving ol   more   praise   than
another.  Councillor May's lucious-
looking fruit elided tbe attention
of all, as did also the exhibits of
Reeve and Mrs. Kealy,  Mr.  and
Mrs C. E. Keene, and Mr.  and
Mrs. J. J. Woods, Mr. Scbultz and
ithers,    The large display ol Mr.
Keene was very noticeable,   lhe
-lock ol plums and   vegetables,
and also live slock   being   con-j
-picious  lor   their   many   white
tickets.    Tlie   apiary    of     Mrs.
Kealy was awardrd first,  after a
most difficult task on  the | art of
lhe judges.    The fancy work was
perfection in itself,  and to those
that appreciatedcrazy work,  this
display was particularly creditable,
Mr.  Alex.  Gibson captured lirst
for tbe best single driver, out of a
nood   display.   The   [trackman-
Ker people were awarded the lirsl
prize for the besl general  purpose
 1  •      «ml
Pond's seedling—B, J. Cornish,  1;
Mn. C. E. Keene, 2,
YollowEgg-A.E. Kealy, l|Mrt. C.
E. Keene, 2, .      ,,     ,,  ,.
Any other lipilit variety—Mrs, 0, i»
Keene, 1, H. Dttvev, 2,
Any other dark variety- B.J.Corntin.
Italian prunei-A.F.BoaB.ey,l! Mrs,
('. M. Keene,'-'. ,        .       ,.
Damson—H,   Davoy,   li   A*   '■
Beasley, 2, ,
Prunes, any other variety—ll. Davev.
Dlaokborrlos-Mri' 0. b, Keene, 1;
II. Hiivcv, 2. .     ,,
Qrapoi, two I'ltucbi's grown In tne
uiicii-ii.Davoy, 1.   ,     ,     .,    ,,
Best packed bos ol apples-Mrs. 0.
K. Keene. ,,  ,        1
Bust mul most varied collection 01
fruits, apart Irom any other entry (silver
ci,pbyJ..l.W ls)-Mrs.C.E. Keene,
(IAHIIKN   I'lllUll'CK.
Beam, dwarfs—J. It. Burnet, 1; .1. ('.
(lill, 2,
Beans,runners—A, F. Beasley, I; F,
Diplock, 2.
Heel, nie.ur—Mrs. 0. E. Keene.
Bset, turnip—J, C. Gill, 1; T, B, Nye,
Cabbage, early—Mrs. ('• E, Keene, 1;
Mrs. II Davidson, 2,
Carrots, short born—T. 8. Sye, 1; A.
I'. Beasley, 2.
Hall long—T, S. Nye, 1; Geo
Phillips, 2.
Wlii:c~Mrs. C. 10. Keene, 1; S. 1).
Scliults, 2.
Anv utlier variety—T. S. Nye, 1; 1*. It.
Scliullz, 2,
Cauliflower—T. S. Nye.
Celery-A D, Bebults, 1 i T. S. Nye.
"'Cucumber—T. S. Nye, 1; J. (' Gill, 2.
Mangolds—Mrs, C K. Keene.
Corn, wliite, uu cub—Mrs. C. E.
Keene, 1; T. S. Nye, 2.
Vegetable marrow, green—Mrs. C, E,
Keene, I; T, 8, Nye, 2.
Vegetable marrow, white—T. S, Nye,
1; Mrs. ('. K. Keene, 2.
Meluns, citron—J. C. Gill, 1| lieo.
Phillips, 2.
Melons, musk—J. C. Olil,
Onions, red—S. I). Sclnilt*.
Onions, yellow—8,1). Scliults.
Onions, white—J. 0. 0111,1; Mrs. C.
E, Keene, 2.
Onions, picklinir—S. 1). Scbultz.
Parsnips—lieu. Phillips, 1; T, S. Njc,
Pens—Mrs. ('. K. Keene.
Potatoes, any variety—J, C. Gill, 1;
F. Diplock, 2,
I'oiat'ics, iiest collection ol   each
variety,   confined    to    dislriel—Tobih
Potatoes, 12 heaviest, any variety—
J.coin, l,n, 11. scbiiiu,2.
Bliuhurb—Mrs. C. K. Keene, 1; Mrs.
lt. I,. Docliarty, 3,
Tiiiuiilues, red—s. 11. Bchults, 1; J.
Ha Hemes, 2.
Tomatoes, tallow—8, D' Bchults.
Turnips, white—F. Diplock, 1; T. B,
Nye. 2.
Best and largest collection ol vegetables, ili-tiiict from any other entry
'silver cup .1..limed bv A E. Kealy)
-Mrs. C. I'l. Keene, 1 i'8. 1). scliults, 2.
l.AUIKs' U'UllK,
Crochet—Mrs, A, W, Nye, 1;  Mrs.
Rums, 2.
Embroidery, silk—Mrs, M, Bain,
Embroidery, linen—Mrs. J. C. 0111.
1;.Mrs. Pike.'2.
ilm made rug—Mrs, Geo, Duff.
Umnl-pniiitcil china, 11 pieces—Mrs.
Knit luce—Mrs, Pike.
Point Inc—Mrs. I'ulluk.
Quilt—Mrs. s. A. McDowell 1; Mrs.
0. Duff,
Pincushion—Mrs.A. W.Nve, 1; Mrs.
Pike. 2,
Pillow sliiims—Mrs. Young.
Sofa pillow-Mrs. McBain, 1; Mrs, A.
Sucks ur Itoeklnii, knitted by hand-
Mrs E, Wiikelielil.
Best collection ol work—Mrs. E. A.
Best cnllpctioii ol painting—Mm.
Pollok, l; Mr.-, Bumas.il,
Crochet work in mini—Sylvia I-eroux.
Embroidery in silk—Nora Woods.
Dressed duil—Sylvia I.erulix.
Hesl collection ol North Vancouver
views, mounted—Gee, G, Nye.
The Banquet.
George Nye, the pioneer photo-
grapher, has taken several views
of the horticultural grounds lasl
Monday. He will put up a studio
short.} mi Chesterfield avenue,
On Monday evening  the reeve
and council gave a complimentary
banquet and supper tO the officials
ol the B, C, Electric Railway
Company, at the Hotel Norili
Vancouver. Keeve Kealy was in
the chair.   Those present were:
G. E. Jorgenseii, chiel civil
engineer of the 14, C. Electric
Railway Company; W. B. Hun-
bury, traffic manager, North Vancouver; J. B, Ran me, traffic
superintendent, Vancouver! James
Milne, general superintendent ol
ihe I). C, Electric Railway Company! ''• Hope, assistant general
manager, B. C, Electric Railway
Company! Chas. Ruinmcll, light
superintendent, B. C. Electric
Railway Company; W, H. Hazlitt,
purchasing agent, B, C, Eh 1 trii
Railway Company! Aid. Bethune,
Aid. |' lis. Aid. Rogers, Vani ouver.
Councillors   May   nnd   Cornish;
Thc Waterworks Intake.
Owing to the excessive rain ol
the past three days the Lynn
Valley watershed inundated the
lower portions of the valley, and
tbe rippling Lynn creek became a
raging torrent, rising almost fifteen
(eel above ils normal level.
Scleral bridges spanning its
course were carried nway, and the
intake of the North Vancouver
Waterworks was so blocked with
sand, boulders and debris that it
was and is completely blocked]
square!) in front ol the pipe by
ibe Hood, and imlil the waters
subside it will be impossible to
make repairs, necessitating the
closing down of the waterworks,
'I'm Express reporter visited
tho Bourse ol supply of water in
the I.vim Valley today, and owing
to the lateness ol his return is
unable to report fully, This will
be done next week, along with a
rough sketch of the present lay
out, and alterations as recommend
ed by the engineer,
])ll;-.u IU| ,„. ...... „...
team, the best groomed team, and
tint team having the besl kept
harness. Mr. Geo. G. Nye, whose
xhibit of photography would do
credit to any high-class pro-
fessional, was the admiration of
all. Il is beyond our limitation to
make mention of all we would like
to, and those overlooked will not
regard it through inferiority. A
perusal of the following list of
pri/.es will give an adequate idea
of the result:
Best plunt in pot—Mrs. Burnet, 1
Mrs, McBain, 2.
Asters—Mrs. Mrl'ain, 1j J. J. Woods,
Dahlias—Mrs, May, 2.
Gladioli—Mrs. Kealy.
Panties—Mrs. J. C. Woods, I; Mist.
Margaret limn. 2.
Marigolds—Mist M. Main,
Peat, sweet—Mrs, Alex. Smith, 1;
Mrs, McBain, 2.
Ziniins—,1. J. Woods.
liusc-a, best collection—Mrs, S. D,
Scliullz, 1; Mr«. May, 2,
Best hand boquet—Mrs, Hamersley,
I i J. J. Woods, 2,
Beit table boquet—J. J, Woods,
Besl collection ol out flowers (silver
cup donated by ll. K. Cornish)—J, J.
Ben collection of wild flowert—Henry
Mr. James Clark, of North Vancouver, returned from Hamburg
last evening. He and Mrs,
Clark weul there to meet tlieir
daughter, Mrs. Bachelor, wife ol
the captain ol the ship Cedarbank,
and she accompanied them bai k,
remaining in Ontario with ber
mother to visit ai liatrie, Hamilton
and other places, taking in the
Toronto exhibition bi Ion n turning
to Norib Vancouver. ' iptait
lia. biloi has In 111 prom ited to a
steamer, and 1 xpi cts to In on tcli
li 11,1 t in si spring
Duchess of Oldenburg apples, 5-Mrs.
0, E. Keene, 1; A. 8. Host, 2. ,
- '  11 m„i-B J.Coriusb, 1;
II, Davoy, 2.
Baldwin-Mrs. CE. Keene,
Ben Davis-Mrs. C. B. Keene, 1; A,
Blenheim Orangc-J. R. I'»rn(,fi. U
Mr,-. A E. Keene, 2.
Graventteln-J.B. Burnet,
Northern«py-Mrs,C. E. Keene, I,
%S)'-A. E. Kealy, ljH. Davey,
2'ltuitot-A.E. Kealy, H Mrs. C. li.
Keens, 2. .,  ,.
Plpnlns-Mrs.CE. Keene.
11,1,1 Aleiiiiider-A.I''. Kealy.
Iny othor   summer   variety—urea,
Diplock, li A. E, Kealy, 2.
Annies', best collection, 3 each variety,
 ;B'todi.trtet-W, May, ll Mm.
W;,,,t?.mv"'.iilicr Iall variety-Mrs.
Cl'.K 1,..l;T.'liiA..-r.i.ix,.'.
Apples, any other winter varlety-A.
E, Kealy, 1; J. B. Burnea, 2.
Besl collection of band-made basket!
—Inters Fraser, 1; Mis- Clarke, 2,
Butter-Mrs. JAM iill.
Heaviest doson brown eggs—Mrs, A,
E, Kealy.
Heaviest doton  white  oggt—Mrs,
Buns, besl 0  Mrs, Kealv,
Home-made ahlle loavet  T. B, Nye
li Mr-. 1  Duff,2.
Homo-made brown loaves—Mrs, W
P. Peacey,
Ileal exhibit in comb—Mrs, Kealv, 1:
J..I. w Is,2.
Beit 8-pound  jnr   extracted—Mn
Bent Ayrshire cow, 3 yeara and up-
Mrs. A B. Keene, 2.
Best Imrliaiii eiiii —Mrs. ('. E. Keene
Boil iniil. anv breed—J. M. Fromnie
Best liiill call—Mrs. C. E. Keene.
Best heller cull—Mrs. C. E, Keene.
lions p.s.
Biirtleit -Mrs. 0. K. Keene, 1; W. II
Ifeurhio d'Anjou—Mrs, C. E, Keene,
I] II. linn".,:.'.
Anv nthor   winter   variety—W,   II.
May, 1; II. Davoy,2.
I'M  lit,
llrailshaw   B, J. Cornish
Boil tingle driver-.Ilex. Qibton, 1
..I M, imt 1,2.
Bcil gonoral purpose  nor*   Brat 1
Beit groomed  borti   Brackman Ivoi
Cu    I   .1. M, I'mnmi". ".
p„..| kept liiini.- I'.rii.liii.iu-A''
(a,.. l:,l. M. I rnii.e,'-'.
Mnrtaccomplished lady aimer Mln
I hili lliirnci
No more steep hills to climb to
see the llowcr show!
We have a better system now,
Since being Hiintzcnizedyouknow.
Jorgenson's laid the rails ■ ;raight;
I'he juice comes from alar,
And up the hill we swiftly glide
In lhe li. C. trolley car.
President Cornish is thc most
hustling "Cousin Jack" that ever
was. lt was amusing to see him
bustling like a beaver and aii the
time singing—
And  shall Treliiwnc-y die, and   shall
Trelawney die.
Then 20,000 Cornllhmen tball know
thu r.-iisi'ii why.
Alex. Gibson, tbe vice-president,
may be a good horse shoer, but he
had no time to shoo Hies on Mon-
dav, though. In fact, he moved so
fasl that thc flies dropped exhausted trying to catch up with him.
"Hoot mon," but it was"graun"
to bear Secretary Robert L.
Docherty's rich Doric, lt was
also "unco nice" to see how be
could answer seven questions at
mice, and hand out tickets to six
people at the same time, and
never lose his temper—or make a
A denial of the fact that A. D.
Nye did great work as director is
out ol the question. He was nigh
unto the work all the time, and it
is a pity that his self-sacrificing
devotion to other people's inteiests
sliould bave been rewarded by
having all bis exhibits stolen.
Tbe thief deserves the direst
penalty, especially when it is
known that Mr. Nye intended to
present the fruit to the editor of
ibis fearless exponent of the rights
of the people, The Express hopes
that vengeance (or this outrage
will not be I). Nyed.
The municipal treasurer was
another bard working director, lt
was wonderful how many people
took to the genial Woods when in
need ol advice or assistance.
Another director that was very
much on hand was Mr. Alex.
Smith. He did not give jhe work
absent treatment by long distance
telephone either, He was Johnny
ou the spot Irom the time the hose
brigade stalled out watering thc
streets in the morning till the last
visitot had departed in the evening.
Director Geo, A. McBain did a
great deal towards winning
■uccess, both by personal work
md by letting 11 splendid example
n allowing excellent exhibits.
Did you ever sec anything to
equal the enthusiasm of Director
W, P, Peacey, who it also the.
sei 11 tail v ol the School board. No
wonder with Ins jolly joke-cracking
propensities lie did much to keep
veryone chi eriul when the
burden ol woik was heaviest.
Reeve Kealy rose tin. ly to the
occasion.   His unfailing courtesy I
.nni kindly attention   did   much I
towards sending everyone   awayj
happy and satisfied.
Genial "Bob" Macpherson!
Why, tbeshow would have seemed
barren and incomplete without
mii He was the ' ;gesl boquet
thrown on the ground, .hk*, in fact,
he pi .11 b .-I the win Ic fruit
exhibit, This 11 the third time be.
has opened (he show and every-
uie wishes him many Uappyl
11. C,
Wci'lA Newspaper,   ■   Published by
Subscription  -      Due Dollar por Year
.1.11. Wli.1.1 AMS. Miiiiija'i
Montreal's Financial Meeting Heckler
Left a Fortune of $300,000— Began lo
Save When He Was Getting Only $8
a Week—Hij Favorite Pastime
Brought Him Into tho Limelight—
Voiing Widow Gets $60,000.
"John" Morrlsa.n, lb,, well known
(Montreal miner, will no longer "heckle"
'Am presidents aif tin, Canadian Pacific
Hallway, the Bank ot Montreal, '.lia*
Merchants' Bank, uml ili,: heads ot oth-
»r public Institutions, says Tlie Mont-
real Standard, He Is dead, and tliu
manner of Ida death was IrueJaU en-
luuh. being killed by a street car opa-r-
atod by a company In which he was
financially Interested. Ills ciern shows
.law much may be accomplished In u
.Ifotlme if urw have the saving instinct
'Jevcrojied. Ho began to save on 18 a
week, whon he was a Junior clerk In
tlio customs department at Montreal.
! te never, low; as he worked here,
■earned morn than SH! a week. Ho do-
aled himself every comfirt. Ho lived
Ml one room. II.. weighed his coal and
l^ls milk, anal his broad, He bought no
olothes, He liml :i" vices In tlmo he
earned compound interest Ho bought
little bits of stocks bank slocks, by
preference. Ho made a tew lucky pur-
"lwsoa. He ir.-iit on and on, the little
Browing Into a heap with time. Hy and
by, ho had amassed a firluno. In ills
old age, lie married a young woman ol
Took Delight In Heckling.
Morrison was known al every public
board In Montreal. Fearless, whimsical,
possessing a caustic humor, ho took .i
delight ,n heckling the presidents and
managers of th.-. various corporations,
■if which he was a stockholder, for
;he annual meeting ho prepared in advance, lie earn,, fonllled with tlgurcj.
Ta, fiame of the direetora bo was a nuis-
iiii •". to others, a Bource »f amusement.
There waa a brecslness In liLs orltlclsois,
an edge, a persistency, and, witiiai, a
command over the fact which gave a
'•  1 ti  "a ■ lull meeting,   lie lias often
il '■ Sir V, ..iiinn Van llomi' lo his face
that ho could get a railway manager
n.- g -ud as he for $'.',000 per annum
He Insisted '.hat the dividends whicn
ought lo go to lhe mi-n who had pul
their money and their faith Into public
• irporatlona were wasted In salaries
uid palatial 'idle,, buildings.
Wore Wisps of Hoy Around Ankles.
Ills appearance since his marriage
ails a little more presentable than In
f 'rmer years; but when he waa most
characteristic, ho wore wisps of hay
tround his ankles In Hi" winter lime,
* '.In undercoat — of course, disdaining gloves, which ho leu! prevented
tree circulation if tho blood.    In this
he would confront Sir WUIliun
Van Home or sir Qeorgo Drummond,
th- then vlco-prostdenl of the Bank of
Montreal, and lecture them upin the
extravagance which marked their
management — generally ending, bower, by in,ivlng a vote ot confidence In
■ i   He has confronted Iho baker be-
a. iw .via iho evidence of    - ihl
I.i a r 'ur-eont hiaf   Ila I..-I
' 1th a Warner oil lamp, and
Ihi  floor In .hi empty tu .
o had   '" i miiy -.a I-   ag *
ll "ell.leretI that
irse ol ;e waa extra      ini i
.     - ■■-.  •.-     ■■
-.' lung men.
The Old Man Married.
'I" hai a-'*''.    I i regard",! ss t
ml igynlst, and It was therefore with
•it tlim his friends learned
tnarrlagi  to a pretty young g rl,
villi hi - wldowod mother a
I ors from him.    It was al tlrst
'    i tl al  In   pr iposed to lhe mother,
' I     ■'     nod   lhe   h .nor      Ha   then
, ■ (i rrod    his    affections    to    the
■    iter   .ti' -i- loptod him nf'cr hav
Ing Bocured, aa was itatod al lhat lime,
She   hulk   of   Ida   fairtune   by   ipoclal
■■"."in.    It- was a lingular chair-
- a mixture of shrewdness and
■ i" ■- am, strung of brain,
" lally In regard to all financial mat-
■ ■    willing to iien) himself everything
■•   a ler '' amass money, and yet not
nerous when appealed t„ on behalf
f worth;   ibjecu
Tests Clerks' Politeness.
II" uaed i. ink.  a delight In tcsttig
" i' llti •" -.   ■' iho subordinates   In
■ ■' P it and in..' nink nt Montreal,
■i' lorlns  ni i tholr ifllcei In in
1)   and niliing qui
'ii .in  iir  ,f ■ onfldonco    The .lain
'i' il i"■■    wl      in    .   ■. ■ illy   sn
Id    ai i ■  'i ■  '   ',     ■■ .-i  thi i- em
1     '  .- ".    capitalist fllppan
v ninn    in n     "J ilm"   ■■ m I   say,
imnsll .    , ph .... ,', ....    ■
'   lei •    ")  otig  mnn,  If  I   were
"Imllcilv" 1  */o ihl have you d
ii '.i" Instant, Toll tho pr   Idi
I din   Morrli m      mu   to    n ■•   him"
-  •    iperlal      .   .",; en ituro h u
■ i    bilged lo apnln     i lo M
i fur hia Impu in I It Is r
..  "f Sir William Van ll in
titer thn a'"iia.i   a
...  -   .,-■ mi ofllcla I
llippanl ires m al   .' Ihi
Shako  Hands With the  Nal
nu - ■'   the   li
.'.'!!     .
• . I
in   'I "'    I     l
■  n ■. oi ■
i   ■
it v
was curl.ms to nnd mum m company,
fur whereas Mr. Morrison was as has]
been described, Mr, Crawford was a
stately old gentleman 'if tha old school, ■
with a haiiv and an a 'tit, and the neist'
delightful grooming. But ihey sluod for.
quarterly dividends, fur economical!
management, and for tho discouragement aif lhe multiplication of branch
olllcei*. and tho lavlah decoration of tbo
bend olllces.
Used to Foil Asleep.
b> Iho a-.o.t'.in.s. U*a eld man used
to fall sshia'p, and the Juniors wiuld
waku liim up by the summary process
of hitting him on tho head with wet
pellets directed wlih great energy, lie
never bora them Ill-will, however. Indeed he was a bit of a philosopher, and
loved the high argument, lie waa widely read, and o -ull repeat m-'.si of tha
Illble by heart. 11- did nol go to church
[or many years, claiming that tho simplicity of th't gosp-| had been loal light
of In fashionable churohea, bui he w-t.* n
reverent man His supreme passion was
niainey. and It wns his pride tlmt he hid j
amassed so rnucn 'pun so little. Hli
advlco to young m.-n was, "Save, sa^e.
Save from your smallest salary. Cut off
your vices. I'ut your savings In tha
bank ami wiue.Ii thorn a-ruw." That ono
so oatiri.ufi slmuuThavo met his dlyeui
by crossing in front of a swiftly moving car is a curious commentary on
the Ironies of .Its.
Ono of His Last Visits.
One of his last acts was to call upon
the president of tho Montreal Light,,
Heat & Power Co. Mr. Holi listened
to him for some time, and then, ltnpor
iiiiii business pressing, passed him on
to Mr. MoLea Waibank Mr. Walbauk
p alitely listened to hl.s elaborato sug-
gestlons as to how the business of the
company should be administered, and
pp'Hontly the telephone boll rUiging. \
paused him back la Mr. Holt. Tho old
man became somewhat Indignant under
this procoduro, and llnally h.udly denounced both tho culprits.
"You may be the boss of tho company," said he, wagging his wise old
head, and transfixing thom both on
tho point of a 1 ing bony finger, "but
whon I walk lu bora, Tm the boss of
vou all!"
His young widow, undnr tbe provisions of lhe marriage contract. Is en-,
titled to 160,000, and It Is stated she
has no claim to the bnlanoo of the i
estate, which la estimated al 1*00,000.
Tho Squawman's Diamonds.
A  decadn ot years or so ago.  Dr.
Henry M. Ami, of tho Geological Sor- :
vey, stari laid Canada by a declaration I
of his belief that Canada possessed In \
Northern  unLarlo   a   vast   deposit   of
diamonds which would put Johanna. •
burg In the dark.   He wja laughed sl j
then, but lime has proved his vindicator,   Port lYoni-ea sends tills story as
proof thereof:
Ono day a thirsty French-Canadian
squaw man namo La Kebre. camo to
ltalny Lake (nun '.he Selno district. On
his gaudy brass watch chain hung a
sparkling sinno which he bad made
into a charm by twisting soma, wire
around It. 11* ran into a pnispectnr
named Hopes In the bar room of the
hotel of the camp, and with ugly de-
meaner demanded that Ropes buy hltn
a drink.
The old prospector's eyes had caught
sight of tho at'ine dangling from '.he
'inaw man's chain and another glance
was sufllcient.
That's i pret'y piece of quart!
you've got there," r"markisl Ropes
quietly. "It you'.I givo It to mo PII
buy you all tho drinks you want"
The man glowered at the prespecttr
for an Instant, undecided whether he
was belug gtiyt-d, but Hopes' countenance was serious. La !*Ybre tore the
stone from Its setting anal snapped II
over to his companion with a load
"liy gar, I guess youse want It worae
flan I do," he remarked. "Na>\v, lei's
g.-t those drinks pr"t'y quick."
In two h lurs La Psbre was snoring
in drunk i nor in the floor .* -he
•hack, uuie >l.l Ropes, wlih his pur-
chase, was paddUng to Fort Francos,
tie iii-e to make hln way back, the
worse for wear and Bant whisky, but
carrying In Ids pocket a part of tho
11,500 fnr which he had sold the diamond ihnt hid cost hint a bar WI1 of
eighty-five cenis.
To Colloct Indian Lore.
Mrs. Fred 1'agei   ,' Ottawa has gone
to the Northwest, where sh.* will un-'
iier.ik,, the ta.k of eolleotlng and re-1
c"riling the folk lore of the Indians, and
describing In book form the tribal a-us-
taiins   .f '.he aboriginal Inhabitants of
iha- greal Wort, She Is accompanied by
Mi-s Mabel Ferguson.  Mrs  I'uget and
.Miss Ferguson S" to Winnipeg by thn'
lake raiut.t ana' Mrs. Pagut'fl work will!
bo begun ii Qu'Appella
Tha' Mini.'"i- of the Interior, Hon.
Frank Oliver, realising thn the record
of 'h" Western Indians, If It Is lo be!
preserved sl all, must be gathered before the last of the Indians wilh par-
jaon.il memory of the tribal customs
Shall have pass'id away, took the matlnr
up Imm.-'llaiely after his appointment
■', ill"., and an appropriation for lhe
piirpns.i was made during the nation
Just closed ilea Ehrcellanoy the Gov-
eni'ir Oen-ral Is understood to have I
taken a norm personal Interest In the
praaj. ,|
Little Toronto Rodent Waj Given Her
to Eat, But Ske Adopted and
Nourished It Instead.
When a cat and a rat lie down together, their relative positions aro
Hniinarlly Uioso of the lion and the j
lamb — thi> rat, In other words, Is In-1
elds tho feline. That pre-ocoupled look]
nf happInosW, supplemented by an occasional purr, which In so often ob-1
served In the case of .somnolently lazy
pusnl.% is often the result, naturalists ■
say, of a juicy rat In kitty's digestive
Most Toronto eats love rats In Just j
that way -for tho Bake of the loaves
and the fishes, n.-t It were, There Is
onu at Mlclilo and Co.'fl on King street
which enjoys tho distinction of being
different, says Th.' Toronto Star. It li
suckling a young raL, anil whothor it
in raising ll for bnu'volant purposes remains to bi' seen, Perhaps it is merely an unusually wlso cat, and Is raisins
the Ll11lo rodent simply with an eye
to a future repast, This theory must
give place, for the present) to Borne
warping of the mother Instinct, so
strung in all an.mats, which has Included a very lively little rat in the
comradeship of five very black and, aa
yet, helpless klttrna.
When a p illcoman at the corner of
Kins and Yonge streets handed a
young tat to Mr. Joe Wilson, of
MiehJe's, a few days ago. he did not
know that ho wns starting a romance
In animal life, which may end In a
trag-'dy Boon. Mr, Wilson, mindful of
a cat at the store whloh had become
the mother of five kittens, as black
us herself, took thn gift In good part,
11* duly pn'scntid the rat lo Mrs.
Tli ore are no nerds extant relating
to the s!<v?o of Paris which give the
opinion of the rat-raters of that period
as to the comparative Juicyness of
ymng and old rats. It would naturally
be thought that a rat so young and tender as the one which Mr. Wilson banded to the cat would be a morsel particularly tempting to anything with an
appetite for Mus Decumanus, which li
what the scientists say.
The cat received the rat without the
usual licking   >f lips, In fact it slob-,
bep'd the youngster over, as If II was
IU own offspring, which found no trouble In making room  for their    much
smaller comrade.  Tho rat, f >r Its part,
not having learned tho A II C of life |
from Its people at home, snuggled down
eomforta-bly In Its new nest, and partook of the same refreshment as was,
afforded the little black kittens.
It has been wisely said that parental
favoritism Is the ruination of many a
homo. Among animals, though, the mother Is often observed to deal most.
kindly with her weakest offspring,
and to take especial precautions to
guard It from dancer, This may ex-
plain why the tabby nt Michle's apparently regards the rat as the darling
of her heart. Cats do not approve of the
t io frequent visits of blundering humans to their homes, and Mrs. Tabby
has shown her disapproval of this by
moving her family three times. Her
favoritism towards the rat, which she
evidently thinks her smallest and weakest charge, was noticed the first time
she moved. She was noticed by M*\;
Wilson running off to the coal bin with
the rat In ber mouth. "Now," said he,
••It's all up with the mt." Ho was!
wrong. She was merely moving It be-1
fore she moved the other occupants of
her first home. She foil >wed with them,
.»ne by one, and set up housekeeping1
In the coal bin.
It must have been a veritable feline
San Francisco, and the cat soon moved
— this time to a b *x.
Men prominent In the study of animal
life s.iy that there Is no other case on
record of the kind. Some of them, in
fact, laughed Incredulously when the
Incident was mentioned to them.
It will be Interesting to learn what
happens to tho little fellow, if It Is
wise, It will hie away to other haunts
BJ S'>on as nature will permit. If It
elects lo remain with Us fo.ster family
there Is Ilkoly to be a catastrophe soon,
The kittens will ba weaned, and It is
i good guess that some day they too
Will bSSUme that look of utter happiness
which oomes to their kind after a good
and Juicy meal. A'hen that happens,
Mr. IUL will have mysteri msly vanished—into thin air, It might be said; but,
better, into thin cat.
mr uiiiem rreaeription,
'I o old   ■ .il prr er pi 11 In ei
Isteiico 1    'I ■  ■ of i It •     tt
discovered   i nn Ki y\\\\ in tomb, wr'
Inti oti tinpyriiH, nnd hns lif.Mi tlei
phered  by tin  Kmrllsli profet 101     ll
bears eviil.'IK.- Mini  t wns lnt»Mi! ■ I I n
• ■■ n linlilhuttdft] ]'. :;■ ptian .nd rend*;
ii" follows
I1 ■ - i-i-.     it i ised part)   I
i •
Iln: ' In oil -'nil rn i i
■  ih the mixturt',
i ■, j i] IPS uol ' ' ■ " ' ■■
pr or nol the p n 'j: rog i ned ' • ■. •
111 ;    ' '""■ p,  Is
prod: (I fr im '
II    ' 'ill        ' I'd" 1"
: HiPinHvi - In Ic ■
i run io nnd fro In I
ii i
■  .
■  ■■   i   i gni
f the to      ■"■'■■■ a,
ll -■ i nn I*    ll   ■
Mr. Colin Forbes In London.
Undismayed by the hostllo criticisms
to which his pictures uf the King and
Queon (painted for the llous-- of
Commons at Ottawa) havo been sub-
Jeoted, Mr. J. Colin Forbes. R. C. k.t Is
busily engaged upon a portrait of Sir
H»nry I'ampbell-ltitnnorinan, tho Hrlt-
Ish Premlor. This picture is destined
to be A companion on the walls of the
National Liberal Club In London to
Mr. Forbes' portr.ilt of Mr. Gladstone,
* blch ha* boon described as "the
••rand Old Man Eloquent" so life-
llks is the presentation of the great
Liberal leader of atur Victorian days.
Mr.   Fort)- .   r<- i ,     'ils  visits   lo    Ha-
Aarden, while painting the Gladstone
portrait, as among tho happiest experiences of his llfo; but, if stories
whloh como fr-in London are true, his
recollections of the presoni Pn mter
will be equally happy. " 'C, -■' Is
/'■uiaJtiy Itself," lays Mr. P-irbos,
and as c.oso rapprochement between
an artist and his subject Is one of
the tlrst conditions towards Lhe creation of a successful picture, n Is likely
that Mr. Forbes1 portrait 'f sir Henry
wi.i rank with Iils presonim nt of oiad-
At Sir Wilfrid's Suggestion.
In tho course of many anecdotes con-
r-ernIng the late  Premli r  Boddon,  of
N-.v Zealand, The I/md.-n Dally     liron
lolo says.    Among Mr. Seddon'l other
records is the loudest shout hoard  In
aa. streets of London la  iur tlma  it
was during tho Coronation festivities,
. 'i Lhe ■      -..al military  - mtlngents
were marching along the Mall, A stand
. 11 bi en erected for the distinguished
. nl ttlvi a of Creator Brll dn, sir
\  frld Laurler, the Prime M n  tor -f
..  ula, was b ' inlshed at tho ai>athy
irowd   i..    ■ ll    ' Those peo-
. mt waking up.   I lay, s ddon,
you hav.- 0 j: i I ill Q    R J - B      i er,"
i   Mew Zealand Premier took off his
I r, waved It  -n high, nni emitted   a
«i ,1'hoe'1 fnim nucklngh.'un Pal-
i -   to St. Paul';*.   And the LunJoaow
■*v_e u u,
Rich   Light   Bithet  the  Old  Colonial
Mansions  In  Supernal  Beauty—
Police Chirfs Reminiscences.
Mr. Jajnes Harrison, the chief of police of Westmount, while ho Is as pnie-
tlcal a man aa breathes, is, nevertheless,
a bit of an antiquarian and archaeologist. Indeed, many years ago he had the
high honor uf officially escorting the
British Association for the Advancement of Science on a tour of Inspection
of the historic memorials in England,
including Stoneynurst College — being
thoroughly equipped for the task by
much personai exploration and wide
Mr. Harrison can tell you all about
tho oid colonial raxn.ilonfl or. the sitto
of the mountain, and give a history ol
the families who .ive In Un-rn, says a
writer In The Montreal Siandard. Hu
can bring you, tor instance, tu the
Haines mansion, which the strung,.:
would quite miss, embowered as it is
In ancient trees. This c.-lonlal mansion la over one hundred and fifty
years of age. To look at 11, to take In
ih* spacious grounds, the conservatory,
the stables, built ti solid stone, to become measurably affected by tho sense
of repose which Mils upon the spirit,
at this height and In this ntll.ne.ss. Is
to find the noley modem world mercifully receding from the view. One
Is, Indeed, far removed from thosmota
and clamors of an Industrial city. No:
a sound could Invade this stlllmas,
which falls upor. the city man like a
benediction from the skh-a.
Light Bathed Scene In Supernal Boauty
In the lato afternoon the unhindered
birds were singing their VStpcr song
•—sweet and penetrating, and sad for
the very beauty of the singing. A
rich light bathed tbe scene la supernal
Through an opening In the trees one
saw the St. Lawrence shining like silver. In the beyond were the purple
hi Us, drn-wlnjf the heart like a magnet,
The air was clear and balmfui. An utter sense of rest side sweetly In upon
tbo consciousness. One could have locked at the outward scene, which visitors have declared to be equal to that
which Is offered at St. Cloud, in Francs,
without though; of the clock,
The noble oak and maple and elm
trees offer a grateful shad*, nnd give
a softness to the family mansion which
relieves the hardness of th«- stone.
There are the columns at the front entrance, the sense of length and room,
of coolness, of ease, and of a world la
which one need never hurry. There axe
winding drives and parterres nf flowers, while a solemn hush is all per-
For generations the Raines family
have lived here. I; Is still occupied by
members of the same family—the pre?-
e-it Mrs. Haines and several sons and
daughters. In lhe old colonial days,
when we had what Is called the British
regime, the old mansion almost constantly gave forth LV pounds of gaiety,
Formed Social World of Their Own,
For It became the habit of many
British oflloers who bad served In other parts of the world to come out and
sot tie In Canada.
Theso formed a little eoe'al world of
their own. Not a few British officers
built homes for themselves on the side
of the mountain, These cJin be soon to
this day. Then* are at least four such,
still In good repair. They bave flat
roofs, and If one peeped in—two of
them are at present untenanted — he
would see the old English open fireplace and the Iron*, tho wide room*
and the stately simplicity which marked thc decorations.
Then Chief Harrison would point out
other old family residences given up
t.> strangers — old places with privet
hedges about thera, us In the Old
Country, somnolent old places, screened frun tlie view, In which Itfe wns
lived easily at one time.
The newly-rich are, of coune, more
obviously In evidence; and one onuld
learn Interesting particulars of tbe way
In which energetic business men had
built up fortunes in the oily, and then
camo out to this Ideal spot to live,
themselves and their families. Such
men have selected the natural coigns
of 'vantage against the sldo of the
mountain, and their mansions -for they
are nun.skms — ztand out strikingly.
They are, per Imps, a little staring, bu:
time will assuage, and In a generation
the map'.e will afford a grateful
Costly mansions, most of them, with
every modern comfort and convnlence,
built of pressed brick or Montreal
limestone, with wide verandahs, sun
from all sides, and the view commanding the St. I.*awrenee and all the alluring beyond. And some of them
have gone away up until the highest
peak has been reached, and thero. like
an eerie, their homes are perched
Some live the year round, even at tho
highest altitude, while others have simply light structures suitable for the
Travelers Want the Bible.
One of tho signs of the day Is the revival of the oid-tlme demand for the
Bible, us an adjunct to tho hotel bedroom. Ten or toweJve ye.us ago every
room In a hotel of any pretension had
a Bible on Its bureau. Thtn It was
the practice of most hotels to Include a itibie in tho list of necessary
furniture. Gradually the peophi who
were back of the enterprise lost interest and the books disappeared.  It now
seems that many persons, particularly
commereiaJ travelers, complain of missing them. Frequently they read a chapter before going lo bed Just to drive
away the blues, bul now they never
got a chance to look inside a Bible I ms
Toronto hotalkeepor has realised the
need for a revival, and has given an or
der for several doien Bibles. "It shall
not be said that any man stopping at
my hou.se is driven to perdition for the
want of a Bible" Is tlie way In which
bo puts It.
The Small Boy's Version.
In the shade of the old apple tree,
Someone Shook down som.i groeii fruit
to me;
I put down nine or ten and I realized
I had lost all my longing for to\.
Soon the doctor was looking at mo,
Then I thought nf the slse of his fee,
And If when I should die they wouW
taltf me to He
U  UU  fil. ■ P   Uf  UlC  Old   U 1   •:  tt**.
' 1
And Undermining Health by Useless Worry-
New Vitality Obtained by Using
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food.
liralii nml nerve foroe Is squandered
in n wny which would be utterly ctnt-\
dimmed In the use of money, And I
nf whal vnliio Is money compared
with health.
liy useless fretting anal worry, by
overwork, and by neglecting to lake
proper nourishment, rest and sleep,
strength and vitality nre frittered
nway ami no reserve force Is lefl to
wlthstnnd tho ntlack of disease,
Dr. ChnBo'8 Nerve Pood is vnlued
in'caiis,' ii actually Increases tho am-'
inun of nerve force In the body, over'
'■" s tho symptoms arising from exhausted norves, and gives thai
strength ami confidence In mind and
body which is necessary to success in
Mervous headache, brain fag, Inabll-
m in concentrnto the mind, loss of
sleep, Irrltlblllty, nervousness and despondency are a ng the   Indications
of exhausted nerve force. These are
Iho warnings which suggest tho necessity uf such help as is best sup-
piled by Dr, Chase's .Nerve Cure,
.Mrs. ,r. s. Tardlft, Marlapolls, Man,,
writes:—"Unen I began the use of
Dr. Chasaa's Nervo Food my health
was In a terribly bad condition, My
doctor told me Hint I was going Into
consumption and for nearly three
years my bowels were sn loose and
watery that I was kept continual!)
weak and run down. In spite of the
many remedies used I graduall*
grow worse and worse, I could
scarcely get about the houso and Buffered a gi i   ileal   fnim   backache
stomach and kidney troubles,
"Dr, chase's Nerve Pood proved to
lie exactly what I needed and liy keep
Ing up this treatment for a time I is"'
sai strong and well that [ did my own
housework and sometimes worked in
the fields without feeling any tlio
worse tor it. H is a pleasure as well
as a duty for me a recommend A'.
Chase's Nerve Food.
If ynu would lie happy, healthy an I
successful, lest ihis ureal food cure,
50 cents a Imx. al all dealers, or Ed-
iiianson, Bates & Co., Toronto.
M llli-'a Si'lii',,,,' In (nro Hit lln.linnd
Ot   ExQa*a-!aTa*   SluOatinK-
She read about it iu the back of a
magazine, The advertisement said ihat
It was tasteless, that it could In* administered In the breakfast coffee nml
that It would cure the most confirmed
smoker of the tobacco habit without
liis knowledge,
To be sure Elmer smoked only three
or four cigars u day. Still, why should
be smoke at all? She didn't.
So she wrote for the cure, nnd In due
time It arrived iu u plain sealed pack-
lice with full Instructions inside,
I'lifoi'tunately It arrived before she
was up. Elmer opened it, smiled to
himself, sealed It up again and said
The next morning she gave hltn his
first dose.
"This coffee has a bitter taste, hasn't
It?" he asked,
"Your stomach must be out of order," she answered. "It tastes all right
to me."
That night he brought home a large
new box of cigars. Usually nder dinner he smoked once, but that night In
smoked all the evening. The atmosphere was thick.
Thc second morning he complained
again about the coffee's bitterness.
"Well, no wonder your taste is out of
order," she snld reproachfully, "considering how you smoked last night."
"I've had tbe most remarkable craving for tobacco lately," be muttered.
And nt dusk lie brought home n costly meerschaum pipe nnd a pound of
Cavendish and, shutting himself up In
the library, smoked like il forest Uro
until bedtime.
"Hadn't we better change the coffee?
Surely you must have noticed its odd
taste," lie said on the third morning,
"Xo, 1 haven't noticed It," she answered faintly.
Ile brought home from the city in the
evening a huge tin Ims of Egyptian
cigarettes, u hookah and a jar of Turkish tobacco.
"1 never enjoyed smoking ns I've
done lately," be explained. "I can't
keep a cigar out of my mouth."
And that night he smoked cigars nnd
cigarettes, meerschaum and hookah till
ho taw her rise and hurry, with a vin-
dldlve look, to the kitchen.
Following on tiptoe, he snw her unlock u drawer, take out n bottle Hint be
knew and pour lis contents Into the
sink. Uo chuckled.
And thereafter be complained no
more about the coffee and his tobacco
appetite  shrunk  bait  to its normal
Edward I, of England was Long-
shanks on account of his extraordinary
height. He is said lo have been nearly
seven feet In stature. Philippe V. of
Franco bore Iho same title.
Water mil-.
Water mills were u-i-il in the time of
Julius Caesar. In [toman times slaves
were condemned t.. Iho com mills,
which were propelled by treads. Afterward cattle were used. In the third
and fourth centuries thero were as
many as 300 cattle mills iu Rome.
A Cure for Hheuinallsm.—The Intrusion nf uric acid Into the blood vessels Is a fruitful cause of rheumatic
pains. This Irregularity is owing to a
deranged and unhealthy condition of
the liver, Anyone subject to this
painful affection will Uml a remedy in
Parmelee's Vegetable s, Their action upon' the kidneys is pronounced
ami most beneficial, and by restoring
Itenlthy action, they correct Impurities In the blood.
nonni For llir h'rolh.
In the fifteenth century the beer gallon measure of England was a fourth
larger than the wine gallon, to allow
for tho froth.
l-'lnsrcr Nails,
The nails of two fingers never grow
with tbe same rapidity, that of Ibo
inidill*. linger growing the fastest while
'.hat of the thumb grows slowest.
I7i'lp your children to grow strong
and robust by counteracting anything
that causes Ill-health, One great
cause of disease lu children is worms.
Remove them with Mother Graves'
Worm Exterminator,   It never tail*.
ilcngo Record-Herald,
Not in>.
"Tommy," said the teacher reproachfully, "why didn't you take your bat
off lo me when you passed me yesterday':"
"I didn't have ine hat on, ma'am,"
replied the bey,
"Iion't tell meilint. I snw you."
"1 know you seen me, but you didn't
see uie hat, Hut wuz mc brudder's
lint 1 had on."-Catholic Stundard and
lie llml Tried In I'l.n.-.
she- Here we've been married just
one month, nnd now you no longer love
lie Hut, my denr-
She-lion't try to explain. I'm not
blind. You made u mlstnke-you ought
lo hnvo iiiarrlnl somo silly, stupid
He Hut, dearest, I've done my best
-I.e Hire.
Ftnp Art In StinTT Window.,
It Is a common error for dealers to
put too many shoes In their window.
In fact, some windows would lend the
Impression that the stock was In tk«
w indow and the samples on tlm shelves.
Said a shoe manufacturer who hn,
traveled extensively: "One of the most
Impressive windows I ever snw contained but one shoe In each window.
Each was a flue shoe, mounted on a
Standard In the center of the window.
From this shoe red and white ribbon,
were draped In various directions,
much like a sunburst. A small, neat
sign told the story. Everybody it0[>.
ped to lock."-Shoe Retailer.
Minard's  Liniment Cures   Garget   in
\nl (nnitlit,
Miss Romnnclc— Ob, I Just adore music.
Old llaldle-Y'iu piny, I believe?
Miss Romancle- Piny and sing both.
What sort of man ought a woman who
loves music lo marry?
Old llaldle-Wi'll-cr-really, I can't
iny a deaf one, I suppose.—tondon
Tit   I'.ilS.
(iri'ti. Time.
"oh, se. Ton inj," ■ ild  n
"your llitlo baby brolher can stand till
alone,  Aren't you glml?"
"Tell," repl i I Tt y.  "Now I t th
gel him lo stand up ngainsl lhe fence
ivlille I throw knives .'u-'iiiiid him, curt
I j" Plilladclpb i Press,
Tno Mooney Way
There's nothing too good
to go into MOONEYS
CRACKERS. The best
Hour that Canada milk the
best butler and cream lhat
Canada's famous dairies can
produce, and thc best
equipped bakery n Canada,
to convert them into the
best crackers you «ver ate—
Cream  Sodas
They are good eafng any
Pme and all lhc time.
Crisp, inviting, toothsome.
*"    WOT'S THE USE?
,        Wot's tho mo o' fireflies
I Rkootln' round ;it night
With their foollah twinkle?
They don'l give no light,
"Wot's iho use o' ravin'
'Bout the bluahln1 rose?
You can't git their petals
Made up Into do's,
Wot's the uso o' daisies*
Dowy-llko an1 wet,
Er tho other Mowers
Scnec they can't ho et?
Wot's tho use o" moonshine,
Fallln' on tho buy?
'Twon't bring In no money**
Not tell jedgmont day.
Wot's tho use o' squawk In1
Llko them noisy birds,
And, sonce we're about it,
Wot's llio uso o' words?
If (hone things have value,
I ain't found ihelr worth,
i* I n't no use in nothln'
on this bloom In' oarth.
-Cl«nco \V. Hllpy in Now York Times.
Cir." Courts Funeral Pyrt.
An extraordinary story of suicide by
flro comos from Codsall, a pretty rural
village near Wolverhampton.
Mr. and Mrs. Archibald Walker, of
Wood field Oaken, in Codsall, were
awakened at an early hour one morn-
I ing recently by a smell of smoke. They
saw fierce names In the yard, which
Mr. Walker extinguished with a garden hose. The fire appeared to bo in a
heap -*f wood ami shavings that had
been sa'turatcd with paraffin,
Thn village policeman was called, and
Mr. Walker's household mustered,when
It was discovered that the cook, Eliza
Davies, was missing. An examination
of the remnants of the fire disclosed
charred human remains, which were
Identified as those of the missing cook.
It appeared that the young woman
found paraffin In the kitchen, and made
her exit by a window to tho yard,
where she built and Ignited her funeral
pyre. The reason for her act is a mystery. She had been In Mrs. Walker's
service two years, and was well con-
You Can't Cut Out
A boo STAVI*- or
win dean them off, and ya,„ wort tha
h.nsaa .uu. tlmo. 1 lo.aai nut bll.ler or
remove tho hair. Will toll you more If
vou writ-. -2.06 por bottle, Uetlv.r-d.
Book M (roe.
AIISORKINK, JR., lor r-uiktan,
Jl.OOlKjttlo. Our-I Vla-li'M- Velm, V>ri-
"ooele, Hydrocele, Kuialiired Mus-lM or
Lli;anienii,KRlvKeil lilanda, Allay. I'aln.
Genuine mid. only by
I'oniii Hardly Believe ll,
"Pld you know," asked Mrs. Old-
tnstlc, "Hint Mr. alllllgnn wus ambl-
"Xo," replied Iter hostess us sho flung
lior pen ri siiiilili'ii (log collar on the con-
tor table, "Aro you suro about It? I'm
nlniost Biiro I'vo scon him drinklii'
punch ut thi' Rocklngknms' reception."
-Chicago lti'i'iinllli'i'iilil.
r,','„llnr   SI.   I.nula.
Tho city ot St. I.ouis Is not In tiny
county. Under the Missouri constitution of 1ST5 tho city wns separated
from tho county. In 1870 It was crested a separate municipality. It
Boems to bo the only city In thc conn-
try that la not within tho limits ot >
Impurities in the Blood.—When the
notion of the kidneys becomes Im-
pared. Impurities in the blood are almost sure to follow, and general derangement of the system ensues.
Parmelee's Vegetable l'ills will regulate the kidneys, so that they will
maintain healthy action and prevent
the complications which certainly
I'ome when iV'tv is derangement of
these delicate in'Riiiis. As n restorative these pills nro in the front rank.
Experience nf n Mnn In Search uf a
I Present Por ill. Girl,
a "A fellow never realizes what a woman's articles of wear cost until he Is
engaged to be married," observed a
young business mnn. "This tact wns
Impressed on me with particular emphasis.   I happened to meet on lower
Broadway a college chum, now in business and in moderate circumstances,
W.F.Young, P.D.F., 137 Monmouth St. who has Just become engaged to a ulce
Springfield, Mass. girl, nlso without uu Independent for-
Can. Ag'ts: Lyniu..i Sons ,v Co., Montreal tunc.
" "'('oi!!*1 bi hero with me, Jack,' ho
Cigarette Smoklm. said, stopping In front of n well known
Cigarette smoking In England dates shop.  'Tomorrow is Minnie's birthday,
back to 18-t-t.   Tho grent Impetus to and I wunt to get her n reincuihrunee.'
their Increased use wus caused by ths '"What is it going to be':' I asked us
Crimean war of 1854-50, when numbers we made our wny in.
of military and nnvnl officers adopted "'Well,' he replied, 'I've sa'nt her so
this method of smoking from the In- much candy nml Cowers uml sinif of
habitants ol Russia, Turkey, Malta, thi that sort that I think I'll vary it with
Levant and other parts of Europe,        something useful ihis time.  I've t a
  thinking ot some nice handkerchiefs.'
Oalrli'k  Kama. I    "I   llgl'i'i'd   thut   handkerchiefs   won'
The largest egg Is ihat of the ostrich, always a satisfactory possession, nud
It weighs three pounds and Is consld- we wnded our wuy to the proper
eretl equal iu uuiouut to twenty-four counter.
hen's eggs. i  "'I want to look nt women's hand
kerchiefs—something rather nice, sulfa-
Orln-ii. of iiii.h Fire.. hie for a gift.' said .liiu, my corapnulon.
Tho discovery lws been made that    "The saleswoman produced a box of
recent great bush tires In New South filmy affairs about the site of thc palm
Wales and Victoria wero caused hy  of your hand, with a narrow border of
of about $7,500,000, and win represen   phosphorous paste laid out to kill rab- lace and some kind ot fancy business
the   (list   part   of   a   great   national   ■ ...
Tlio dam Is to be built three miles
below tho confluence ot the Murrum-
bldgee and Qoodradigbee rivers,   and'
when  completed   will  be 200 feet in
height and tltlO feet ill length.
Of all hot weather beverages is ICED
It is Most Delicious
Lead Packets Only. 40c, 50c and 60c per Ib. At All  Grocers.
Great Irrigation Scheme,
The New South Wales Gov^rnmont
has entered upon a spirited policy of
water conservation and Irrigation. It
has been decided to construct a largo
darn on tho Murruinblilgeo river at a
placo called Barren Jack, and from
hero water will be carried in irrigation
canals over an area ef 358,000 acres.
Tho work will involve tho expenditue
Aad doing nothing to keep it f Most
woman like thick, heavy hair; long,
luxuriant htur. Don't youf Then
uio Hall's Vegetable Sicilian Hair
Eenower. Yon save what hair yon
hare and got more at the aame time.
air  Ih. wltlak.ra   .nd   iiiaa-a.iai-l.a   w.   tnak.
I   '   1.1*. I. I'A M'S  DTK.     It Clot, ft  l.-ll blaa.D
flblftck   K. I- 11*11.t' O.Naalinft. S H.
''A srinii.T-.il Romance.
"Yes, we were nt the piny this after-
noon. All the girls think Lester
Scruggs is Just loo lovely for anything, Wlmt wns the plij- about! I
don't know. We were too much absorbed In watehlug Lester to pay nny
attention to the play, Ho looked Just
too killing In n yellow wig, with n blue
plush cloak hanging over bis arm, And
lio hud the sweetest Jeweled sword!
"After the play we all went nround
to the stage door and waited for him
to come out. And, sny, ho Isn't the
least bit handsome when you see him
close. Ills faco Is awfully flabby, and
his hair Is short nnd thin nnd kind of
sandy. Thero was a fat woman In n
freak hat came up just ns lio started
away and took hold of his arm, nml
they walked along together, '1 wonder who that woman Is':' I snld to ,lnno
Snooply, A coarse looking man near
the door heard me. 'That's hit wife,'
ho said.
"Then we all weut homo."-Cleveland
Plain Dealer.
Dr. I.eonliardt's Hem-Hold is an
internal ltemedy that entirely removes the cause- of 'Piles, nnil cures
lo stay cured nny case, no matter
how long standing.
If yuu have Piles, nnd Dr. Leon-
hardt's Hem-Hold will not cure you,
you get your money hack.
A thousand dollar Guarantee goes
with every bottle of Hem-Rold sold.
$1,011. All dealers, or The Wilson-
Pyle Co., Limited, Niagara Falls, om.
bits. As soon ns the mixture dried tho  in ouch conn
sun's rays set lire to It. |   '"Those nro neat nnd simple looklug,1
said Jim approvingly,  'How nni.li uro
Our Flrnt <hcinlrol Fartnrr. thoy!'
The lirst chemical factory opened In , "When the answer came, 'Twelve
this country was In Salem, Mass., In dollars.' Jim thought, and sn ilid I,
1811, At lirst great objection wus made   thnt the price named wus for the entire
j to the establishment of the factory, the
persons living near claiming that the
fumes of the chemicals poisoned tht
air and inude life Intolerable.
They Need the Rich Red  Blood Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills Actually Make. |
Three years ago Hiss Ellen Roberts
who holds the position of saleslady 1
one of thc lending stores In Halifax,
N. S., was n   pule   delicate   looking I
young woman, who then lived nt home
with her parents at Amherst, N. S.
She complained of general weakness
anil loss of appetite,   Hor blood was|
thin and watery nnd she grew thinner' vnlenelenn
lhirontnl  S,all,'ila,le.
"Papa," said thc beautiful girl, "you
must not be so opposed to Cieorge.
He's not rich, but he's a nice man."
"An Ice man and not rich! My child,
would you tie up wilh u freak'/"- ' l,a-v ''>' ll,lv "nl" she 'n"1™1 almost a corners for u dollar apiece,' sullied the
" 'Very well, I'll take n dozen,' ho
answered, with a care free tone which
made the saleswoman look ut us a little curiously.
" 'Excuse me. but how many did you
say':' she asked,
" 'Oue dozen. There nre a dozeu in
the box, are there not?'
'"Yes, sir,' returned the young woman, wilh an Impressed air. 'Om* hundred and forty-four dollars, please,' she
suld, milking out the slip.
"It was our turn to stare.
" 'I-I don't understand you,' said
Jim, gasping. 'I Ihotight you were
limiting the price by the dozen.'
'"You'll liurdly get linen and real
with those hand worked
American Spectator.
Wanted Another Tip.
The Milliner-There, look nt that.
Ry tipping lhc bat a little to the left
it makes you look live years younger.
Tho Customer—Can't It be tipped a
little farther'.'-l'leveland Plain Denier.
shadow.   Her cheeks    wero   sunken,
nil trnee nf color hnd left   her   fneo
nnd her friends feared she wns going
into a decline.   "I hnd   no   energy,"
says Miss Roberts, "and Buffered B0
much  from headaches and dizziness
and other symptoms of anaemia that nwuy, Jack; I'll get somo kind of
I fet 1 did not care whether I lived bangle at the Jeweler's.1
saleswoman BUperclllOUBly
" 'I don't know hand work from fish
net myself,' retorted Jim crossly. 'Hut
I do know I'm not going to pay SI" I'or
a lot of rag three Inches square. Come
Sunlight Soap Is better thnn other
soaps, but Is best when used In tha
Sunlight way. Buy Sunlight Soap
aud follow directions.
AnLlr   Sprain.
!    For a sprained ankle pour hot water
1 from the height of two Tect over tho
1 sprain.   This should be repealed twice
or three times a day.
Itimnd fo llr Comfortable.
A Philadelphia man went to Maine
on his vacation, and lie found the nights
very cold aud bedclothes scarce.
"Aro these all the bedclothes you
give';" he Inquired of the chambermaid.
"This Is all tlmt goes with one room,"
she replied.
"Then givo me n couple of rooms,"
Bald bo,—Philadelphia Press.
Vlriclnln llnra,
The first white child hum on United
Stoles soil was the granddaughter of
White, the governor of ltuanokc island.
Slie was christened by the nnmo of
Virginia Dure, and her birthday was
on Aug. IS. 15S7.
Minard's  Liniment Cures Diphtheria.
I'lMinil. anil f-nlrca.
"Judging from Miss Thumporton's
treatment of the organ," sarcastically
remarked the choir master, who objected lo the new organist engaged by tho
rector, "you prefer to buy your music
by tho pound."
"Well," replied the rector quietly, "It
Isn't always supplied by tho choir."—
Catholic Standard and Times.
"In It."
In the first chapter of Dickens'
"Bleak House," which was published
In 1852, the phrase Is to be fouod, and
Is Inclosed In quotation marks, too, as
follows: "Kvcry chancellor was 'In It'
for somebody or other when ho was
counsel at the bar."
A Courageous Civil Servant.
Sir Charles A. Cookson, K.C.M.O.,
KC, who died at his residence, Chcyno-
walk, Chelsea, had an Interesting career
In the public service. Once, during a
riot In Alexandria, deeming It his duty
to try to quell a disturbance by the
authority of his presence, ho courageously drovo In an open carriage to tho
head otllco of tho police. On tho wny
he waa attacked by tho mob, felled to
tho ground by a nabout, and barely
escaped with his life. For several years
Sir Charles used in his houso no bituminous coal, but only coke, which
he Ignited by pipes under the grato connected with tht ordinary gna supply.
or died.   Ono   tiny,   however,   when
reading our local paper I read a testimonial given hv a voting girl In favor
of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills,   and   as
her symptoms wore almost Identical
with my own I determined to try this
medicine,   lleforc I had used the second box I began to find henellt, and
I continued taking the  pills until II
had used  seven  or eight boxes, by
which  time I was fully restored to!   Tess—I'v
health."   To-dny ...l>s Roberts looks want to.
ns If sho had never been III In her|   .Ioss-I know
life, and she has no hesitation in sny.
Ing sue owes her present energv and
health lo Dr. Wlllla.is' Pink Pills.
Hud blood Is the cause of nil common discuses like anaemia, bead-
nches. paleness, general weakness,
heart palpitation, neuralgia, indigestion, and the special ailments that only womenfolk know. Dr. Williams'
Pink l'ills euro these common ailments because they make rich, red
health-giving blood, bracing the jangled nerves and giving strength to
every organ In the body. Do not tako |
any pills without the full name, "iln
Williams' Pink I'llls for Pale People"
on the wrapper around each box. Sold
by all medicine dealers nr hy mall at
60 cents a box or six boxes for $2.60
from thi' Dr. Williams' Me.llelnc Co.,
Ilroekville, unl.
"When we hud escaped from the
withering glance of the damsel behind
the counter Jim mopped the perspiration from his brow.
" 'And then Ihey sny modern young
men nre too seltlsh to marry,' ho
groaned,"—New York Press.
Strange Disnsa Causes An Enormous
Development of tlie Bones.
Among ilia' out-patients of the Man-
cliester Royal Infirmary is a mnn who
after attaining normal development
cannot slop growing, He Is suffering
from a discus,' known us acromegaly,
which menns un enlargement of the
baines, and most obviously of tho bones
of the skull, hands and feet.
It Is an exceedingly rare disease, and
tho case Is particularly interesting to
medical men, and the patient has been
the subject of a clinical lecture at the
The man Is 42 yenrs of age, and the
dlseaso was diagnosed nhout seven
years ago, during which lime ho has
developed enormously, In appearance
he is not a pleasant sight. His llgure Is
becoming somewhat curved and misshapen as tlie disease affecls the long
bones. His Jaws are leonine In character. The lamer jaw has assumed
vast proportions, the lower teeth
spreading out and projecting far In
front of those of the upper Jaw. Hia
face is shaped somewhat llko an egg
with the large end ,1 iwnward.
The naise has broadened considerably
and the ears are nearly as big as an ordinary person's banal, and apparently
the curtilages of the larynx have thickened, as at times it is difficult to dis-
tlnguisli his speech, The eyes, too, are
growing bigger, lie has also developed
a peculiar species of blindness known
as hemianopsia,
He has enormous hunds In comparison with an ordinary man. The fingers
are not growing In lenglh, but thickening, and lhe palm Is getting wider. He
cannot well spread out his Angers, and
the tendency Is to cause the hand t'i
resemble a rounded spade. The upper
parts of the nrms are shrunken, as are
the upper parls of his lens. So thick
have bis feet become lb.it walking Is a
a perfect right to flirt If I
but there are some
peoplo who don't approve of that sort
of thing.
Teas—Yes, and there are some othor
people who don't approve of the people
who don't  approve of that sort Of
thing.—Philadelphia Press.
The Silent Me..aire,
"What kind of u Iini" is jack having
oii his trip across tlie Atlantic?"
"How do you know?"
"He promised i.i send mo n wireless
every six hours unless he was too sick
to hold bis head up. und I haven't heurd
from him since lie left New York harbor."—Detroit Free Press.
Tlie Deepeat Will.
The deepest well iu tlie world is situated In the village of Sporemberg,
about twenty miles from llcrlin. lt
has a depth of '1,11)4 feet.
You cannot be happy while youi
have corns. Then do not delay In I
getting a bottle of llolloway's Corn
Cure. It removes nil kinds of corns trade and the price by nnnunlly de-
wlthtiut pain. Failure with it Is un- strovlng n portion of tlie crop In order
Tbey llurnril Cloves.
From toe middle of the sixteenth
century until 1824 llie Dutch regulut-
ed or sought to  regulate  the elovs
Ileal   III-  I ""I'l   11".
Evn-i snw Charlie Cogger yesterday,
Edliu-You don't sny.   And did he lip
Ills hut?
Eva—No, he wagged his foot.
Edna-Wagged his foot.' why, that
Is u strange way t.> greet a lady.
Eva—Well, you bco the poor fellow
was under his automobllo mending a
break.—Chicago News.
Hen-ant Pine-* to Live*
A resident ot Moscow or St. Petersburg cannot recelvo tbo visit of s
friend who remains many hours without notifying the police.
It is estimated that thero nre fully
'Jl.dtKi Europeans nt present out of
ompoyment in South Attica.
Bvadlng in.- que.tion,
"Have ynu ever put aside anything
for u rnluy day?"
"Mister," answered tho native, "we
don't have to worry about ruin in Ihls
purt of the country,  Whal we're nfruld
lo enliunce Ibo price of lhe remainder.
The burning of cloves look place urn
nually, from n quarter lo a half of th.  ^-'Ys ,iroi,"hK::-\Vaslilt
crop being tints destroyed.   The last
clove burning was in 1824,
Your Hair
Don'l have a filling out wiih
yourhair. It might leave you I
Then what ? Better please it
by jiving it a cood hair-food—
Ayer's Hair Vigor. The hair
stops coming out, becomes
soft and smooth, and all the
deep, rich color of youth
comes back to gray hair.
I ti- t-l-'l -int'i wttfc iUn!.mfT .inl*.
iir VI   -
iii-■! i-   ■ .:' an) alio -.ii-*],..-] mv
1 TMfMl   \*.'l
mplnWr t urat
m? h»lr fnim
f■nn.. .mt.   It • >■•■• m« mm i»" I) IW
■rnticiif mr h'nr "i "7   _fH I Wlki*■
Mint) M *..*.! ,* t .■,.*. in.,,;-  \V. V*.
K«Je hi 1.0. ijir Oo . Lov«U, Uui
AU-9 aUQu.-Miuraar. of
U VI O iiiivkv nirwu.
Minard's Liniment Co., Limited.
Gentlemen.—1 hnve used MINARD'S
LINIMENT on my vessel ami In my
family for years, ami for the everyday Ills und accidents of life I consider It hns no equal,
I would not start on n voyage without It, If il cost a dollar a bottle.
Schr."Storke," St. Andre, Kamoiiruska
Death Comes to All.—Hut It need
nol coin,., prematurely if proper precautions are taken.    "An nunc f
prevention Is worth a pound of cur*',"
nnd to hnve prevention at hnnd iiiiiI
allow disease to work lis will la rid-
Iculous, Hr. Thomas Ecleettlc Oil
mu only allays pains when applied
externally, but will prevent lung
troubles resulting from colds and
coughs.  Try It and be convinced,
When silikiii); aula..kin wells ill dil-
forent pints ol llritisli Guiana,   men
came aoross natural pis at n doptli ef
slightly   over  eighty   leet.
l-rpner   It, rilra.
When the berries ou a spike of the
pepper plunt begin to turn red ths
spike Is cut off nml the berries Gathered. If left loo long, Until perfect
ripeness Is attained, Ihere Is a great
loss occasioned by the berries Tilling
off. nnd the quality of tie* product l<
by no means so good.
R«v. Hugh Black.
Th.* Rev, Hugh Black has decided to
go t'i America,  nnd   Edinburgh  has
metaphorically put "n mourning, says
H. a. p. it li almosi as difficult to picture an Edinburgh without Hugh Black
ns without Arl bur's Seal or Scott's
j Monument, Holyrood or the Coal e,
j And yet he hns ben In Edinburgh f r
barely a decade. When I wns In lhe
Scottish capital eight or nine years hi.'..
(writes a correspondent) it wus as muoh
the fashion to go to Free St. George's
to hear Hugh Illaek preach aa It la l«
London lo visit the opera on a Melba
night. Everyone went, even an occasional Roman Cathollol Lord Rose-
fiery was among the young preachi A
sttunehest admit irs, and had him at
li.ilmeny us nn honored guest when
Royalty sat at the board. No ono ei-
ccpt a Kuheiik or n. Paderewskl ever
aroused more fervenl admiration In the
hearts of womankind, He **.i* not unlike a musical genius In   appoarai ,
pal", slim, uml of no greal height, with
the face "f an enthuslasi ami abundant
baiir. Like most ■( Hi" Boots clerics who
havo achieved fame, .Mr. Black sprang
from the i pie, ami in. has never bet n
ashamed of his humble beginnings in
beautiful Rothsay, As in Iho eaas of
the celebrated Pathor liurke (who was
faind of gully declaring that ha belonged to the "best-bread'' Burkes In Q il«
way), Hugh Black's father was a baker,
Whii,, still m college In Olasgow his
reputation as s preacher was maul-, and
there was almost a rollglous war when
Free Bl Qeorge's tried to woo him from
hia Mrst congregation In Paisley, ll.
married a Paisley girl, ami his Edinburgh congregation cams out nobly In
tiie wny "f furnishing his h i r.r him
anal presenting .1 handsoms cheque
Borne comment wns aroused by the faol
tiia.t in his early days ils a benedict,
Mr. niuck uroiI to announos his wife's
"At llame" d/.y- from the pulpit, bul
it waa lone with the kindliest uml beal
of m elves   The g fi. ■ i pastor wrltea
SI ,.*,,:i as he tpsaks, ami he I
to nil with distinction his profi
chair In a New York thnolgic.il ii'in-
Let Others go
For pomp nnd show
Where ocean boats or niountntn towers.
I'm glad I've gel
A homellko spot
To rest In after working hours.
My wife and I.
Contented, sigh
For nothing thai the haunts of pleasure
By Bca or lake
I'ould mill to make
Our Joy in life of greater mensure.
C.ood food to cat
I Despite lhe heal.
I love my minis, und so does Kitty)
And not a cure
What clothes to wear! ,
We're quite contented in the city.
Although lo stick
Where walls of hrlrk
Efncornpasa one in all directions
Is hnrd, we've got
A cinch,   Thill's what!
We're sponylng on my wife's connection"!
-T. A. Daly In Catholic Standard and
rnnntrr IIfe In l.onat lalnnd.
"So you hnve learned a great denl by
living in the country':"
"I should say I bad. I've found the
finest bed of mint yon ever saw. Corns
dowu und see inc."-llrooklyn Life.
II,-11,-nl, I.  In.lnnntetl,
"Is it hot enough for you':"
"Yes, hut there's only one plnce hot
enough for the mnn thnt nsks thut fool
question."—Philadelphia Ledger.
Cholera morbus, crumps nnd kindred complaints nnnunlly nitiko their
appearance at th" sumo time as iho
hot weather, green fruit, cucumbers,
 Ions, i-ti',,  and ninny persons nre
debarred from eating these tempting
things, but they need nm abstain it
tliey uave Dr. .1. H. Kellogg'a Dysentery Cordial ami take n few drops In
water. It cures the cramps uud cholera in a wonderful manner uml is a
sure cheek lu every disturbance of
the bowels,
Lady—Can't «"ik on account of
paralysis, i.'i P Nonsense ' A great
big umi. like yon! Whore ure you
paralysed ':
Battered Button Ver see, mum,
it's me mil power tint's paralysed,—
Chicago News.
Minard's  Liniment   Cures Distemper.
Color, of African Chlldrea.
The children of the blackest Africans
nro bom whitish. In u month they become pule yellow, III n yenr brown, ut
four dirty black, ul six or seven glossy
black. The change is lu the mucous
membrane below the cuticle,
lire llrli'U..
The first  Ure hriiks made In  this
country were manufactured in Baltimore in is;;?. They were manufactured for the bneks of the old fashioned fireplaces, the limestone proving
too friable.
The  Name  "Wheat."
Tha nana' wheat Is derived from a
Raion word, "liwaete." kiznifying
while, because Ibe flour from th1' grain
Is lighter In color than that from uny
Mamma I hope yon behaved like u
lntle Iati; uben Mrs. Iloicin vius trying '" ■ itertain youf
Little Daughter* Vis. mamma, I
pot ii.v iaiitail over in* mouth every
lime I yawned    I'iok-Mo-l'p,
Slnle ol Ohio. City of Toledo,
Lucas County.
Frank J. Cheney makes oath that ha
la senior partner of the linn of F. J.
I'heney & Co.. ilollis huallK-ai III Ihe citv
of Toledo. County nod State nforeaailif,
nnd that aald llrm will puv the sum of
ONE HUNDRED liuI.I.AltSfor rnchnnrl
every case of Catarrh tlmt ennnot ha
cured by Ihe uae of llall'i Catarrh ('lira.
Pwnrn to before me una] ailhwrlln-d tn
mv presence till- 6lh day of heremtwr,
A.' 1*  isk«, A. W. OLBABON,
(Heal.) Notnry Public.
llnll'a Catarrh Tore la taken Internally
and acta directly on the blood ami muc-
nua aurfaeea of the system. Hend for
teatlmonlata free.
K. J rilKNKV  A CO., Toledo, I).
Hold bv all  Dngsjsts, A-.
Tuke Hall'. Family Pllll for constipation
Iir-t  Lu    Hoot  you tlnial, these
bathing tlnwes make girli look short-
Minard'i  Liniment  Cures Colds, etc.
Wllllamalimn  lllt.rrvalnry.
The tlrst observatory was located al
Wllllnmstown, Ma-, in 1838,
Ktemeali ot w beata
Wheal in I"" i'.iil- contains ti i of
wuicr; mineral elcmeuts, '.': albuminoids,  13; cnrltobydratos, 07.0; mnla
iii.er.:;. tut-. I."..
'llie  Prairie  lion.
The prairie dog is one of the most
dainty of animals, it makes for itself
ai fresh bed of grass or straw every
Paper Honey,
The first imi • r money used in this
country was i- m a by Pennsylvania |
in 1723,   In ll .ill.*' Pari of tint year
£15(000 wus issued '>n 'ia" crcdll of the
colony, und a few n His Inter £30,000
more followeal.
.hits k
lira.  In   the  llrlllah   lal-a.
It Is estimated thai 'lie total nnnu.il
deposit of dew on  lhe   llritisli   Isles
..mounts to something like five Incbos,
or ubout one-seventh of th,' t, -rnt
amount received from the nttnospuore,
Thli means 23,101337,355 tons of dew
s year.
The Snlble Vrar.
The year of 805! | days was known ns
..ie Soihlc year, from the  Egyptian
name of lhe star Siritis. oliservallotis of
which were of great use to ihe astronomers of Egypt in their efforts lo arrange a calendar,
- "No." said Lowe Comerdy, "I de-
. led not io g'l on ''a-'' Ircult with th il
tia'iv compnny."
a "Why, I undi I iood tho hai ker had
i " remai -1 ill
'i rngcrdy,
I "Thai ■■•■:i* the li le il - h i* tno
■I, n ii ia,,-.! • ■■ : rat homo and
ti"t onough io i.ii d us all lhe way out
' nmi back." - Catholic Standard nud
itniiU or Rnglnnd Notes,
A Bank of England nolo is payable
on demand nfter the lapso of uny nun-
her of yean since Its l
KnunKh I'o. Life.
"So yon think 11 would he Impossible
f iryou ever to gel Iho in.- bend? Wlmt
makes you so sun' .if it':"
"i mi' e learned i" piny (he* cornel
v. i. lo . i ng in n a rowded iporttncnl
bo . ■ '■. i I overheard all Ihe rei irks
the neighbors made about mo ' De
troit Free Press,
outrun .nl   in   i.Tna...
Mosl leavt - contain some nourishing
properties, In particular those of the
acacia tree   it would be quite i dblo
to subsist on leaves if lhe supply were
not Btlnted, nml the shipwrecked mariner will keep in very f.i r condition if
I how tiii'tu ns he would liis quid of
I linoieleoit.,
Chnmo'eiiai- always change their color on ilu- a pproiu ii aaf a storm
•.nun' a neutral hue, darker than their
■    ti ■.
1 he irl*.). i sn*rnaa*e«
rheIrish Ini el           elgl lei \
letters,  'll ' I   a learning
it |s tlmt th ,| . ■ -able ul'i'i' ■
viutions foi   ri I phrast      fhs
words, t"". nre i ,* a k< y i.a 11 '-a -
root too
Real Estate
We havo enquiries lor good
Business and Residential
properly, List yours with
us.    Wo do 11 ii- business,
lAnsult  us  before bin ing.
Junction Block
North Vancouver.
Elliott & Baglow
Our work is tir-t-class ami gives tlio
best satisfaction. Plates and lllnia ile-
Volopcd, nls" copying ami enlarging
done. Special attention given to pur
tie*, residences, etc.
Toe Floor, Junction Block,
Corner Lonsdale Avenue and tlic
Esplanade, North Vancouver,
Rolled Oat*
Hay and Teed
TheBrackman Ker
Millinq Co.
Many Mitchell, local manager,
Lonsdale Avenue,
District of North
T*I'.NI>KUS Wli.I. HE I!lit.'I',1VKH
*- by llie undersiiiiM'il, until Monday,
September ll"' l'lli, for ton cords ol dry
Iir wood, delivered uud stacked in yard
nt North Vancouver school. Also lor
live corals "(iii) lia wood delivered nnd
stacked at Moudyvlllo Hohool,
\V, [', I'BAcav,
Sccrotnrv   North    Vancouver   School
Districtof North;,
Fine, healthy Tomato and
Cauliflower Plants, grown (nun
Sutton's Seeds, always on hand,
■ *'   the culllio.il  for Iho I'li-ilion   ni
waterworks Inrenuin. Salary, $~i> per
 iiii.   Applications, giving references
us to experience und cliurui'ler, must lie
iin ut lli" municipal hall by 7 o'clock
j p, in. on thu I'.ith instant.
C, M. C.
Larue stock ol IIOMK-GROWN Fruit
and Ornamental Trees now matured f
the fall trade,
No expense, loss ur delay of (ami-
liatiaaii or inspection.
Headquarters for Pacific Const-grown
Harden, l'icld, uud Mover Seeds In
HKK Sl'I'l'l.ll'.S, Spray Pnmpa,
Whale Oil Soap. Grconhouso l'lniits,
(,'ut Flowers, Bulbs lor Fall planting
We do business on our own grounds-—
no rent to nay nnd nre prepared to meet
nil competition,
lait me price your list before placing]
your order,
Ale and Stout
1,1 llnltle-a. Kri|s nnd Jar*,
lhc Unu.it Iln uion Co,, Lid.
ti:l. ,,oi
tCH VltliMil P.WMH,
nu: I'.sri.ASAhi:.
Chas. Mee, of Moodyville, returned yesterday from Milwaukee,
where he attended the annual convention ol the Fraternal Outer of
Eagles, He says that it was the
greatest and largest gathering he
ever saw.
Henry, the two-year-old son of
Mr, and Mrs. Henry Geraro, of
this town, died on Wednesday,
The funeral took place last evening <u six o'clock, from th"
Catholic church at the Mission.
Lorenza Reda's new hotel is
ncaring completion, and it will be
open about the 15th. Thirty-two
rooms will he fitted up, with
everything modern,
Catalogue Irei
8010 West minster ll
M..I UV.Nl'Y,
90,-1, Vancouver, ll ('
Willi li li. SMITH
Barrister, Solicitor, Notary, Fir.
Uso, K Mi  ion
8'item 11. A.-.
, MA   I, I. B.i 8.
W. lla.n.n, II A.
District of North
Malcolm Martin, the well-known
local boat builder, has not been
seen or heard of since Sunday
JI night last. Mr. Martin is widely
known in the Kraser valley, having
fnr years boon in business at Now
Westminster. Anyone knowing
hi; whereabouts will please
comnitticate with his son Dan.
MWiUl si III 1.1'/, & 1111111:11
Since the big stir here on Mon-
daj ta al 1 state has talti 11 anjojther
active move.' Several big trans-
ai lions were reported this week.
That thc (nine of Dan Martin,
the local boat builder, is spreading
was evidenced this week when he
received another order from
Kelowna, B. C, for a 36 foot
unknown of Vancouver, paid the
town a Hying visit on Monday.
While here he cleaned up over $80,
No trace as 10 his whereabouts hns
been discovered. The largest
loser was 11. A, Shaw who was let
in for S32. This individual has
been operating for about nine
months and at police headquarters
there is a stack of forged cheques
an inch deep.
Mr. Alex. Gibson's display of
horse slioes in T. Ii. Cuthbertson's
window, Vancouver, on "Made In
Vancouver" day, was certainly a
credit to the bust of blacksmiths.
Only one ol each variety was
exhibited, but the variety and
workmanship was Ai. The chiel
curiosity ol the collection was the
hoe made from copper taken from
ie old steamer Heaver. Mr.
Gibson has opened up shop here,
On Tuesday the stork paid a
visit to the residence of Mr. and
Mrs, Walter Owen, on I'outth
street. It's a bouncing boy.
Mother and child doing well.
A man told us the other day we
did not publish all the news. We
should sav not. If we published
all that happened we would be
with the angels, In order to
please the people we must print
inly the nice things said of them
and leave the rest to gossip.
Yes, it's a faet, we don't print all
the news. If we did wouldn't it
be spicy reading? But it would
he for one week only, the next
week you would read cur obituary
and there would be a new face in
heaven. All the news is all right
when it is about the other fellow
A North Vancouver man is such
a very cautious driver when out
with his girl that he is actually
uninteresting, a lady friend ol the
girl told us. A horse fly on the
orse'sneck attracted his attcntii 11
when he was just about half way
through a proposal ol marriage,
and he never got back to his
subject during the remainder ol
the drive.
There is a long period of waiting before the baby comes, and
there are months after its arrival
during which its parents think,
and think, and think, and then, as
a result ol all the thinking, before
and alter, tbey name the baby
LOT 273
274:   LOT
'JI,  UL0CK   152  FDR
Tlie  Nortl
Idl Cordova Slreel.
Rainier Beer
Is a glorious beverage—quenching and
satisfying, Remember there's no other
'just as good"—insist on getting Rainier.
Vancouver, B. C.
♦>*♦*♦-!•♦'+♦'•!*♦'+♦■*•♦«■.♦•♦ ♦+*:l*+»**-k**«>+*^*^-h^«X
r. kiln*
hot   -il
i> a
tl." Knulc II
llltll     bitlC    a.f
1 I.I.I AM   1'.  II'"
Orrt'r- 11. S   *   Itiillittni  V'mrouvcr,
Ja,n<Hl"ll  Ul"'a. N.'llll   V»l>. aallla-r
ll. C.
t H
We hnve rented every house listi il wiili us, and
have for tiie Insl few weeks been turning numerous customers away.
We liave orders from over fifty resjitmsiblt*
tenants for houses of from four to seven ruunis,
with modern conveniences, al venial- from $1o io
s.'in per month; also several houses with from seven
to twelve rooms wunti d, at rentals from $.10 lo v "
por month. If you have a house for rent or sale,
pleuse notify us immediately.
\|»o wuutcd close in lots, blocks and acn i gi
at reasonable prices. We have cash customers
with over .KAOOO, to In invested in Norlh Vancouver property, and if you wish to make a cash
sale al right prices, without delay, yuu are requested t" lint with ia immediately.
Yours truly.
Corner Lonsdale \ve. and I nh St,
•|*IIK PUBLIC IS Ill.Iil'.liV HE-
QUESTI.I) tn take tuiticu that tli1'
undersigned will petition the l.icciiH.-1
Couilnissluliers, nl the Dbtrli-t "i Xnrtli
Vancouver, «t their next rlltllllt, the I
I'.'tli iluy "f September, IM". lor  un
hotel license tor the sale ul Kplril :■
li.|ii"r-. "ii mv premises, hilllnti-:iti': I.- combined   pleasure   am
.N"r'i' launch. The launch will have a
lit ,1111 of eight feet and will be
equipped  with  a  fifteen   horse-
I power engine.
|ames McNair, manager of the
Hastings Shingle Mill Company,
im a ;■ ired sixteen lots in block
115, on St. Andrew's road, between
Ki ith road und Sixth street. Me
will build a Sto,oo i residence,
which he expects will take till
next Man h to complete. In the
mean tiuv he v ill be domiciled in
the Hendry cottage at Moodyville.
Mr. Diplock has made arrangement i ia> build three houses, on
Lonsdale avenue, between Fifteenth and Seventeenth streets,
v, iii, ii will be fm rent.
Why do people put up with
annoyances? A North Vancouver
man bought an undershrt that
wns so tight it pinched him under
the arm. He suffers annoyance
every time he has it on, but refuses to cast it aside, believing
that he ought to wear it out now
that he bought it. It cost him 35
If you were a candidate lot
office, how many men would take
off their coats and go to work (or
yon? Vou are conceited, no
doubt, but how many?
Western Corporation, Ltd.
Having in operation a sawmill in North
Vancouver we are prepared to deliver all kinda of .
Vancouver City Prices.   Cull and see for yourselves.
412 tlastinqs Street West, Vancouver, B.C.
Electric Light
es lor iif distribution of Electric
House-Lighting arc ran, arriving at "ur
Polcyard. Prospective customers are
respectfully requested to file their
applications lor iilcctric Light as soon as
possible, so that the construction ol these
lilies mav bu  taken   in   band   at   once.
■UlUfl II —WW> —a*1 tggaTJOMH—JalU—
British Columbia Electric Railway Co.,Ltd.
Ave. and 1 mn ,
Church Notice.
il.e wrestling mat' ii advertised
place in Lous lale gardens
M 111 In; evi ning drew forth 11 huge
c rowd. Thc bout wus b. tweeti
Messrs. Rex Dawson, ol North
Vancouvi r, and Itod Kenshaw, ol
V mi ouvi 1. .11 'I v..1 ,1 good
1 xhihition "I tin art ol wrestling.
Dawson wns awarded thi
|i recei* ing tin   best two
oul 'ai thn c [alls. The first fall
took place in nine minutes, and
the sea miai bill 111 An a iiiid a hall
CAPITAL, J+,866,666 RESERVE, 8a,o'    .;
He.,1 Ollice 1" Canada, Montreal.
II.Vii-.im.   General Manager; J ISi.mm.v, Snpl ol Branches
Itraun hi ■ in I ritish Col unbia   V In roll   (irt
Hedli     Kahl        island,   11 iii ■s'^ Drain ia ,  \ un ouvi 1
Vii toria, Duw 1     nn I 1 'aw 1 n, V I
«•...,,     l'i".       I   Deposits tii ei    III un       pwanl
Oilke, Cor, laiudnla \.i>. and Lsplanddo, Nortli Vancouver,!!, (.
The hops grown at the Squamish
Valley are pronounced by an
authority as bt ingol the very best.
Recently, a consignment was sent
to Portland and passed as  the
On  product.   In  tact,   the)
are as (-ond as those ol Kent, Eii|*,.
The heavy rains ol the past few
days swelled tin streams to such
an extent thai considerable damagi
has In en done, 1 qici ially to tin
-i J on the Ki ith road, ovei
Mosquito creek. A gang ol men
starti i '"it to make repairs this
ii i, Diil. has in truitions u |
build ■''"■' 1.1I 1 ottagi    in   North
1    in    \< 1;    desirnbh
. nnd is pr*!p,in -i t'i pre
[uirc plans I      t 1
' rgi 1.  ui
Services will be held in St.
Andrew's church, Sixth street, on
Sunday as usual.
At 11 a. in. the pastor will continue the discussion of the "Early
Christian Church."
\t 7-30 p. 111. Mr. Duncanson
will preach and speak of bis
mission, A special collection lor
home missions.
Sundav si hool, J.30 p, tn.
Christian Endeavor on Wednesday, 8 o'clock'
Serviee at Moodyville, 7:30 p.m.
The sacrament of baptism will
be celebrated at Lynn Vail, v at
, )o p, in. Service conducted by
Rev, J. D, Gillam, M. A,
Peter, Dear.
Ah Inspired at tlio ..pt-ninv; 'J the street
car service Saturday night,]
New, 1'i'ter, ilcar, ami diil yen hear
The news that's wnnv reran,'
The -trrei cars tnoy uro running froc
on Nurih Vancouver groun'.
From Esplanade in Twenty-one
The gong i» rlngln' clear
When we get back hIiiiik llio truck
Ai I'oto'i we'll have u beer.
[The poetry machine here broke
down and lhe devil finished this
beautilul ode by hand thinly:]
Are vmi, Mr. Larson, that keeps the
Arc vmi Mr. I.ur-uli wc know so "very'
Will, IIyou're Mr. Larson—
Well, yon know all lhe rest ami
tve will be pleased having the coin
nu tie counter il you will
Itlng n|i Hi*' ctitli register laa 11
Real Estate and Insurance
Yam will t'ni'l It v**n i* t" vi'iir -tlvsnUgQ
et ms facloro doling au) Uwl.
Some prices, and in some cases
cheaper than city.
1'. Larson, Prop.
AM   RFATTIF N()tafy I'uhlic, General Auctionee
. IYI 1 DL/A I I IL |(.7  tor()ova  Sreet)   Vancouver,  B.  C
Ile sells al rooms nr private house or buys outright all
classes "( household goods or bankrupt stocks for rush.
lie lias -i'inl'"(tho finest business and waterfront property in North
Vancouver, See him nt once if you think ol picking up property In
this section.  Bo wlso, MTV NOW, and vou will make money. :i ::
J. \. McMLUN, the E^lanade


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