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^**5vfe        "
Every man who has lived in
southern Montana for any length
of time, especially if he enjoys the
hunting stories told by the old
timers, has heard of the "phantom moose," which makes his
home at the head of Wise river and
has defied tbe efforts of all the
hunters of Montana to slay him.
For forty years 'or more this
animal has held undisputed sway
in the forest surrounding the head
of Wise river and not one of the
hundreds of hunters who have
sworn to slay him has ever bad the
satisfaction of seeing tbe animal
turn a hair or (alter in his step, no
matter how many shots might be
fired at him, how near the distance
or deadly tbe aim. Many a rcsi- j more than one or two bunts divid-
dent of Butte has journeyed into ing the head of the Grasshopper
Elk and deer could be had for the
shooting and it was seldom
necessary to travel far from the
camp to find all that could be
loaded on a pack train, and in
spite of the fact that we had nothing but old muzzle-loading, single
shot rifles, as our weapons, the
game could be killed easily.
"Moose were comparatively
plentiful and it was no unusual
thing to find
a cow AND A DULL
living happily together in the
marshes which surrounded one of
the tributaries of the Wisdom
river, as it was then called and
which has since been changed to
the Big Hole in honor of the big
basin which surrounds its bead
waters. Afterward, when it was
learned that Lewis and Clark bad
named the branch 'Wise river1 the
title was retained, and until to-day
is bnown by that name.
'But I am getting away from
my story.   I had scarcely made
stepped forward to where the skull
of bis mate was lying, and be ticket
it fondly with his tongue, as if be
could bring life back into the senseless brainpan. Then it was that 1
realized that I was there to shoot
this monarch ol the forest, and I
"lntution told me that
thing was wrong.
the headquarters of the Wise river
before the open season against
moose was abolished in an effort
to bring back tbe bead of tbe oh!
timer, adorned with the greatest
"shovels" ever worn by
back to town, All of these efforts
have been failures and still the old
boy, who, because no one was able
to place a fatal shot In his carcass,
is known as the "phantom moose,"
roams the hills surrounding the
head of Wise river, unafraid ol
man or any of the modern weapons
he carries.
' just recently the bunting fever
was developed iu Butte by the unnatural cold weather which prevailed and around a steam register
in a popular resort a crowd
gathered and among other things
the story of the famous moose of
the head of the Wise river came
up for discussion, and it was up to
a man who bad been a resident of
Montana for over forty years to
tell the following story concerning
tbe famous animal.
"1 have been in Montana," he
said, "ever since tbe discovery of
yolil in tbe Grasshopper gulch in
1862, attracted the
lo the .southern part ol the stale.
We called it Idaho at thai lime and
toe place we are now living in was
known as a part of Oregon. As
you all know. I have been tnordin
ately loud ol hunting; 1 would
rather wallow through the snows
of the mountains when the hunting
season is open than eat even at the
present time. In the early days 1
bad the passion, and the years
which have passed over my bead,
while they have not cooled my
ardor, have sapped the strength
from my limbs so that 1 can no
longer follow a trail for a long
distance as I did many years ago.
"When Bannack was first rounded, when the gravel bars aud rim
rock along Grasshopper creek
were turning out her thousands of
dollars every day, 1 saw an opportunity ol making a livelihood with
my lilK and 1
of the goldseekers and established
a camp near the warm springs
which are at the bead of the Grasshopper. These days tbey call my
camp the Elkhom Springs, so
named because ol the hundreds ol
elkhorns which 1 lelt there nnd
which came from tbe animals which
1 killed in order to help supply the
miners of Bannack with fresh
"It is needless to I'll ynu ol the
hunts I had during those days'.
from the Wise river until 1 found
the track of a big bull moose,
made a track in the solt ground as
big is an ordinary work ox of those
days. From its actions 1 knew it
that ever went unkilled and my
ambition was to slay that animal,
let the cost be us much toil as it
may. Day after day 1 tracked
that animal through the forests and
the marshes and willows which
abound the bead of the river, lull
every time my efforts proved a
failure, and though occasionally I
could get a Heeling glimpse of llie
animal as he lunged through some
thicket of brush invariably he
would get away, leaving nothing
save a red-hot trail to comfort me
as a result of my long bunt.
"One day when 1 was the least
expecting it I found the big bull
and his consort wallowing in a
swamp less than ioo yards away.
Taking as good aim as possible
with my old muzzle-loading rille,
which, by the way, was loaded
with a bullet patched with buck
skin, I pulled tbe hair triger, and
when the smoke tolled away ther
was an animal
an when I ran to it with a cry ol
exultation, 1 lounil it was the cow,
who at the instant I bad pulled the
trigger bad interposed her bulk
between me and my quarry. She
gave up her life to save the one
who had lorded it over her.
"Two days later 1 was at the
swamp, where 1 bad killed the
cow, hiding in the willows less
than ioo yards away, for the signs
told me that tbe old bull bad returned and was grieving around the
oflal which was all that remained
of his companion of many a wandering through the timber and
swamps ol the Wise river.
"For fully six hours 1 waited
impatiently for tbe old bull to
come to tbe trysting place, ami
when my patience was almost gone
far in the distance came the plaintive cry of a moose calling lor its
mate. Nearer and nearer came
llie sound, and with ils approach I
trained my rille upon a clump of
bushes iln nigh which 1 led morally
certain the bull would come as he
approached llie swamp. Presently
I could hear the snapping of twigs,
and the gooseflesh (airly raced up
All that I could
see was a Hash of fire and a roar of
artillery. Consciousness laded
away and I knew nothing for a
space which seemed an eternity.
Finally I became concious of an
intense pain, and when 1 opened
my eyes there was darkness on
every band and through the trees
above me a glimmering of starlight told me that night bad (alien
upon the earth, my right arm
was useless by my side and my
head was torn and painful, and
dried blood upon il showed that I
bad been sorely hurt With ex
Heme difficulty 1 moved uiysell and
found that My right arm was
broken at the elbow, lliere was a
lump under my right ear as big as
an apple, my right eye was nearly
torn from its socket and my gun
bad been tltrough an explosion—it
bail lieen liursi from muzzle lo
breech, lively cartridge in the
magazine bad exploded at the
time wueii 1 attempted
with disastrous results lo myself,
"Just two years ago 1 took my
last Hunt alter ine auimal.   1 found
illicit: lie bad   ucoll   WUllOWillg   IU
tlie swamp where lie and  1  httU
To the Editor ol The Express:
Sir,'—.1 observe, through the
columns of the Victoria Colonist,
that the James Bay Rowing Club
are making strenuous efforts to
lay claim. to the cup which was
presented by the mayor of New
Westminster for the single scull
championship ol British Calumbia.
Now, I do not care to pose as the
champion of champions, and much
less to have my name in print, but
1 do firmly believe that Mr. i)es-
Btisay, of the |ames Bay Rowing
Club, lias not been justly treated
by the Koyal City committee of
sports. I nivself am dissatisfied at
the manner in which 1 was stalled,
During the summer I had received
a letter from 'be committee concerning the approaching event for
the amateur single scull championship of British Columbia. When
time permitted during the summer
evenings, 1 occasionally took a spin
on the water. A week before the
closing of llie exhibition I journeyed to New Westminster to make an
entrance for the race. On the
main building of the exhibition
grounds was located what was supposed to be "Committee rooms."
At this office. 1 explained my in.
tendons. I was told they knew
nothing of the event, but 1 was to
call on Mr. Birde, at the Columbian
office; who would give me all the ordinary, especially to the adver
necessary information.   1  called tiser.
on him and the first remark was to I [* is a Christmas Edition of
iheetlcct that so lar no application twelve pages, beautifully illustrat-
ba I been made, that 1 might row ml, much more so than our initial
Last Monday night the Municipal
water committee met, aud it just
poured rain in torrents. This was
the reason of the small attendance
at the annual meeting of the North
Vancouver Liberal Association,
which was held at Larson's Pavi'
ion. President K. \V. Dick occupied the chair, and J. 11. Living
stone acted as secretary pro tern.
The minutes of the last regular
meeting were read and approved,
A letter was read from J. Mc
Millan, since deceased, tendering
his resignation as secretary.
On motion it was filed, and one
of sympathy passed by the association.
Several names were added to the
roll ol membership,
A committee, consisting of J. IT.
Livingstone, J. Clark and D. <J.
Dick, was appointed to draft bylaws, etc., and report to a meeting
to be held on the call of the president, when the election of officers
will also take place.
Alter some further discussion on
miscellaneous matters the small
but enthusiastic meeting adjourned,
Christmas is coining, and The
Express is going to give everybody
a present, something out of the
met lorn i ears ago,   anil  tl
lore i j on the course alone. However,
resolved I would meet him again | he would give me further partial-
unu nave out ine gruuge willi.il
nad cherished su ning against ins
in,, carcass, it Was iu tlie tunc ot
tiie ilai'vesl uiuuii wild tile uigiits
were iljoiled iviiu a inillaiicy ilia
was aluiosl equal tu the da). Iu
the same thicket ol willows where
i lud liidoeu many years ago 1
took my siami, tins time being
armed Willi a jo-jo smokeless, as
deadly a weapon as is Known today. I Did nol have long lo wait.
"Tune alter lime 1 filed, until
all my cartridges were gone, and
the moose stood unharmed, and
then, alter he was satisfied lhat be
could not find his male tu tiial
swamp, be turned and re-entered
the willows, calling, calling, calling,
for the answer winch never came,
and llien 1 knew that tbe story
told me by the hunters ol the Wise
river ol a moose living there which
was a phantom one, which could
nol be killed by man or lieast, was
a true one, and that the noble old
animal, still line to bis lost male,
wandered the hills and swamps and
meadows ol the Wise river, ever
looking lor the mate winch gave
her Ine lo save bis own forty years
and down my back an instant latl r
as   the   biggt St   OSU  I  had t Vi I
teen In my life pushed bis way
through the willows, calling p
tinsly all the while, and Btood I  I n
moment, broadside on. b
ioo yards away.    Only lur a moment did he hesitate, 'mil  then
This morning ihe fug on the inlet
was very thick. Tho lerry St.
George, on tin 7:30 trip, responded
,io tin log bom on the C. P. R.
wharf, instead ol that ol the lerry.
Upon discovering the mistake the
engines were reversed and shi
backed into the coal barge Robert
[Kerr, which was ai anchor. Ih,-
Princess Victoria was coming into
the harbor at the time, and she,
too, headed iu the direction of
Evans, Coleman >v Evans' wharl in
response to the ferry fog horn,
thinking it that ol the C. P. S,
Beyond a slight crush to the St.
George no damage was done.
Usually the C P, R. rin [8 a bell,
Inii the North \ am ouvi 1 (err
'.',   trfingei    It
Muiicln ds ul hunt' rs scoured tin
.'.<■<" 11 in and around tin   11
palityon 1 htirsday    Sevi,
bags ui game wi rt n p irti d.
11 lars in the evening at six o'clock,
tl 1 would call, which 1 did, ami al
ihis hour He was still ill darkness;
but be would let uie know in the
morning lor certain.    1 said 1 could
not wait much longer, as 1 was going home.    He said, be would  let
me know through the colunis ol
the News-Advertiser.    The   next
day 1 scanned the Nevis-Advertiser,
and yet no information was gained.
Iu the afternoon I 'phoned to New
Westminster liotn the   Balmoral
hotel, and the reply was:  "Won't
know."   Un Friday evening   the
Province came out with Saturday's
programme,   Among the 1 vents
named was that of the single scull
boat race.    1 at once went to the
electric tram car office, and made
arrngements lor the transportation
of the boat.   Before leaving Vancouver for North Vancouver however,  1 gut Mr.  Charles Mel   to
'phone 10 New Wustniinstcr Irom
the lerry company's office,   The
answer was: "Don't know,   but
think it is cancelled."   Uf Course,
as a mailer of fact, it was useless
[01 tue tu goany further, when the
whole thing was a "doubt."   Di
Brasay at the last moment appears
on the scene; ami there is 110 doubt
he received the same Information
that 1 bail  previously  received.
As I  have  said,  the jam-!   I. IJ
Rowing Club claim tin cup, and
why is ii that tin Nuttb Vancouver
Rowing club cannot claim a slice
uf the silver sauce?   I. as a mom
bar, and a repri sentative ol the
N. V,  R. Club,  was tin re ready
ami willing to enter ami battle  lor
supremacy.   Cordially   thanking
von lor space,
JAS. N. J, Brown,
NorthVancouver, 13 C, Oct, .2.1
number ol August 25th last. Our
Mr. J. Burr Gibbons will call in
due time regarding advertising
space, so don't give out all your
Christmas advertising till you have
.seen our pioposilion. It's a good
Quite a lew from here attended
the "Eagles' Nest" at the People's
theatre on thursday evening, and
also the Eagle's dance, held at
their Lodge room on Cordova
street. The latter intend holding
fortnightly dances during the
Our Christmas number will
out on December 1, '05 and we arc
working on it now. All Ad. Copy
turned in now will be given time
ami skilled workmanship. Just remind yourself of OUI initial number
of August .15th last, and consider
this proposition. It will be worth
your while. A postcard will place
our Mr. J. Burr Gibbons, advertising manager, at your service.
The Vancouver Dailv World in
Tuesday's edition commented on
the article appearing in last weeks'
Express re the changing the name
of North Vancouver. Tbe article,
which is quite lengthy, ought to be
reatl by everyone interested in the
question, Referring to names on
The Express ticket the World
"So far the suburb across the
water seems to be divided into
practically two parties of about
equal strength, one ol which wants
the old name, while the other is
in favor of changing it to Burrard
Inlet City, which is objectionable
on the ground that sooner or later
the second word would have to be
dropped; Alexandra which would
do just as well for any other rising
place, Northport which would be
all right were it not for the inevitable confusion which would arise
with the town of the same name
across the line; Hillmont and
Parkhill, both of which sound just
a little too sulnirbanisb for what
will one day be a city rivalling
Vancouver, are suggestions which
command a small scattering vote,
but are apparently quite out of the
"If there is to be a change at all,
Burrard certainly strikes us as by
long odds the best proposal that
has been made. It has local
associations, it is simple, it has a
line open sound, and, best of all,
it has not been and is not likely to
be adopted by any other place."
The above suggestions are not
without meaning, and should prove
invaluable to those whose duty will
be to choose a nomenclature suitable for out rapidly-growing town.
Continuing, the World says:
"But there arc other stages yet
to come. It may not be many
years before the relations of Vancouver and North Vancouver are
those of great twin cities, and when
that day dawns there will come
with it the inevitable proposition
that, uniting under one municipal
government, a greater Vancouver
shall proudly challenge all the cities
ol the const.
It is a nice question, this one of
names, but whether it be known in
uture as North Vancouver or as
Burrard, the growing town on the
nortli side of the inlet will expand
and llourish just the same, and,
, whichever be finally adopted, its
' citizens cannot go very far wrong."
Advertise in 'Xmas Number,
By the way, our Christmas number comes out Dec, 1, '05. Something out ol the ordinary doing.
Support   the   town and   subscribe
(or its paper, The tixprcsi.
It is desired that North Vancouver should be re-named. The
question now is : What shall we call the new city?
Fill in the following coupon ami send or leave it at The Express
office t
M) rhoitc ol a new name lor North Vancouver is
il 1 S'tm. fi
il; Atldrtii fl
Among the Kloudikers Irom the
mirth the other day were:   John
Irvin . Hindi M irray, A. and !■'.
; Daws ill, Mr
IcCI      n.    Pi te    t.
Ibis ''at in tin I III '■
return in  the li
Irving paid the Messi     Dii     1
llyillg vi lil and lie In.' ■ the butg.
77c voting contest will dust with the next issue as the
Mass Meeting takes jilaci on Eov. 8th.
Following votes hove been received to date ami will
be added to in our next issue:
|!ri;iiAi;H  43
Im.i i iln i
Al 1 \ \M'I.\
i III.I.M" VI'
Christmas Number of The Express Will Be Out on December 1st, 8 905.   A!)j)ro|)ria!e
,.i ip—i- ~ «■- THE EXPRESS
II. 1'
A, Weekly Newspaper.   :   Published by
Subscription One Dollar per Veiir! oue-l
..i:i)i:i;i'. hautlev,
Mnnnging Editor
I : I'llll tilUHONS,
Wvcrtising Maunder.
Ilo.v Hellenes Test FttK".
It Is ii conuuou slghl in Hie plaza
-I a stall ivoniiui, ivlio is selling
two reals' ivorlli ot eggs, pick tbem
up one by one, put one end ami tben
is other to her lips nnil hand there
ei to the i usl mi ir, who repents tho
same iii.in.i■::! operation,   To the In-
exporleu ed "nl iokei' ii seems us if
they wi it tasting llie extremities of
ii gg,   As a inultor uf fiti'i, they
■ ii 'a the egg wiili the tougue,
The Itlea of the perforuiauce is that
v. ■ ■■ii nn egg is fresh ono end is dis-
tlnetly colder than the other. The nul
which has ihe nit' chamber is the
warmer uf tho two, Tho human lips
lev exceedingly solisltlvo to lirat and
■ old, and even the novice at iliis form
of egg testing  promptl-  becomes a
■ Itnlge, If both ends of Hie
egg reveal thu same temperature, that
,■ I tinted us bad, as it is
a fairly good sign lhat the nir chamber
is broken nnd tho contents spread
equally  within   the  shell,
\  Klftslnll IV-.ll.lll.
In the old i twn of llelumgen, in llou-
ii iiiiiiiinl talr is held on St.
Theodore's ilny,  On this oc aslou nil
the neivlj wedded brides from the sin-
1 j tin ng the town, but
ll ■     tho litivu n in trrled re-
■ home,
:    . una women are generally at
tended b) tin Ir Ihers In-law, nnd in
their I j b ai- pitchers of wine
wrcnBiod iv th flowers   They saluto
thej inecl inui then present
■  i tip in ho takou.   Tlic
pers n   o fnvoreil makes tlie bride a
,m,ill gift, Ai ii is eoiisltlore I an insult
if the proffered wine in- refused, ihe
tro careful to be reserved toward strangers ami only  Itlss those
whom I      'nt likely to partake of
their wli e,
Th s kissing festival Is celebrated in
tlie public streets, in private houses, in
the in .Tils and, in fact, everywhere,
but the origin of ii is lost In obscurity,
I'rul, inui Inli'mpfrttnce,
Then. Is lint one sure euro ttir the
: dlsonss nr Imli i, at.'l that is
the sb plcst of all   The rule couslsts
i eating fruits.   Thai will cure llie
worst ease of Inebriety thai ever nf.
flirted o person,   li Will entirely destroy tho in-''' for Intoxicants ami will
make   Ihe  drunkard   return   to  tlie
thoughts and tastes "f lus , blldhood,
when he love l the luxuries nature had
.i in ' tvhoii his appetite
had ii"i i"" i me t'oiilninhiiited by false,
till i ited t ■-' . inui attendant falsa
loslros ry pleasure!    Xo
■    ■ '.' .1  in III ill   WnlllllU  W'llU
I who Inui nil appetite
for drink,   Xo |n rsoti ever saw a man
  nppclllo tor drink
, frull   Tlif two tnsti      ■  il
wltl   ■       otln r. aiiil
11 hmi, ui' them in ihe
Bttiiiu hun       .     union    Ono will
\\ un to Hat
The i ■ Intel difficulty In
mel    eyi
■ i      i tin- dim-
■IlltJ  li) |- It i ■ n In.- «
|i "i Mercury,
I In-   lllllerenci-.
i  ■ i's H" illfference be-
mil  nn   Invalid?
tl, in) boy, i- mie
■■  ■ < mil inui sick.—
T. F. McGUISAN & Go.
Reill E itate, ii'":;'.
ami General Commission
Vancouver, D. c.
ThoiiR'h Vcnrly Unit Water Titer Ar«
EjXlremely Nutritions.
The white (if an egg is nearly seven-
eighths water, the lialnncc being pure
albumen. The yolk is sightly less than
oue-hnlf wtiter. These llgtires apply
!i|i|ii'ii.\iiiuiii'ly in ilie eggs of turkeys,
hens, geese, ilncka nnil guinea fowls.
To show how nearly nllko tho eggs
of various domestic fowls nro in re-
sped i" composition, the following figures nre given by Ihe department of
ii. I'lciilture:
Hen's egg Fifty per cenl water, 10
per "'iii protein, 311 per cent fat,
Duck's egg Forty sis per cutil water,
IT per cenl protein, 11(1 per cenl fat.
Goose egg Forty-four per cent water, in pei nl protein, W per cent
Turkey egg Forty-clglil percent water, IS per "'nt protein, 38 per cent fat,
li should be explained thai protein
is il,,. stuff Hmi goes I" milk" muscle
nml blood, Fnl of course is fuel fur
running the body machine. Thus It
will he seen thai eggs, though half or
ni'iii'ly half witter, nre extremely nutritious, containing nil the elements re-
tpilreil for the building and support of
the human body,   llul il Id Baying
Unit mi egg contains ns much nutriment ns n pound of heefstenk is fur
from correct, li would ho nearer ihe
I'lii-i in estimate a pound of eggs ns
eipml lo n pound uf lean beefsteak In
nourishing power.
One Wore Cure of Bright's Disease by Dodd's Kidney Pills.
A SIltllHc I'f s- Willi n Sllll More
simple t|iiiiii-nti,s.
"To make camphor," saltl a chemist,
"ymi put iii chips nl inn' hole, iind nut
uf another huh' you draw the enulo
product in coarse white grains like salt.
"Wherever camphor trees grow you
will iiiui camphor distilleries. They
nro low buildings of mud brick, and
Ihelr odor is su aromatic that It can
be detected two nul"- oil,
"In each building there nro a dozen
Bros, "a each lire is n kettle of boiling ivnter with n perforated lid. Fitted
on the ihii of Ihls keltic is an Iron cylinder lillt'il with camphor chips of the
six.- of j nir little linger. Fitted to the
top of ih.- cylinder is nn empty In-
verleil jnr,
"There is your whole nppnrntus, a
simple Uilng which works simply. Tho
steam t f the boiling ivnter passing up
through tho cylinder extracts from the
camphor w 1 i's oil. This oil, mounting slill upward with tho steam, settles like n brine on the sides of tho Inverted jar ii the top, This brine, when
the lire goes out, dries Into o Biibstnnce
like frusi or snow,
"While nnd nroinntlc, the trostllko
Biibstnnce Is the crude enmphor. It Is
scraped off Hi" sides of Ih" jnr nnd re-
lliiisl and pressed Into thoso attractive
hulls and i'n'" - Hint you buy al a lilgli
prlco everywhere."
nird- Suffer Mure I'rutn These Puts
Tint,, Din's Man.
"Birds suit t more Umu man from
the mosquito," a naturalist said, "Frequently ih" mosquito can't gel at man,
but birds h" inn always gel nt.
"Tho male mosquito is harmless. He
never stlngi*. II is tho femnlo who
does all the in ■ 'hlef, Mule aud female nllko li*" through llie winter.
"After iln- ni"- pillo's egg is lirst
h lied, Hi" creature thai Issues forth
i Tho wriggler
lives in water, i.i marshy i Is, in tho
puddles mid Hi t.e of low lying
n end tws.  II" is like a tiny Bunko, I
he must co to the surface to breathe,
"IIclico kel ■ a lie a- a mosquito 0S>
terminator. I.adlo oui keroseuo on a
pool of water nnd two tnblespooufuls
will spread until they cover effectually
fifteen square feet. 'I Ills oily cover-
lug is nir tlglll as a skin. If tlii't'e
nro any wrigglers in tho water under
it they musl die; they musl smother,
"Some  think   mosquitoes   f I   mi
bloml idoiie. This is a mistake, If n
■ ■ in'i gel human blood or
bird   "'"1 <>i' iinlnnil l>l I, it stubs
I ..im,  ....if   feeds  "it  Ihi'ir JUlCCS."
fflr. Theodore Young, of Smith's
Falls was Beyond the Doctor's
Aid  Now He's Well and
Smith's Fulls. Out., Oct, Hi   (Special),
Mr. Tl doro l'oung, n well-known
tvi'n ol ilus plnt'i', is tint., of iln- many
Cnnndinns who bavo boon roscuod from
Ihe clutchos of th" much dreaded
flright's Disease, by Dodd's Kidney
"Fur two years," says Mr. Young, in
relating his exporienco, "1 was afflicted
ivitli Uright'a Disease, The doctora
told tu" ! could gel no rolief. My urine
was very dark ami 1 lost considerable
blood, making mo so weak 1 could
scarcely stand, I tdsu used many medicines without gotting relief.
"Hearing of wonderful cures by
Dodd's Kidney Fills led mo to try tliein,
inui oftor using tlie lirst bus I found
groat rt'lii'f. After nsing (our
hoses 1 was nblo tu go to work, which I
had been unable tu do fur some time. I
recommend Dodd's Kidney Fills to all
who tire afflicted ns I was."
Dodd's Kidnoy Fills always curs
Blight's Disease, tho most advanced
stags ol Kidnoy Disease, How much
mora easily will they euro the earlier
stages of Kidney Disease,
Ilnlhcrn   Wlm   Mr.-ii   I'lnnl tun,
"To full asleep floating on the waves
Is not nn Impossibility," snld nn At-
Inntle City life guard, "On tho sua
warmed billows on nn August afternoon I once Honied off to sloop, nnd
when I invoke i was nearly half a niilo
out nt sea. 1 know a dilution man
who often takes tl Homing imp off
"A good ninny pooplo can't limit even
though ihey ciiii swim, They enn't
float becuuso they keep tho lino uf tho
body, from bend to heels, siiiT nnd
straight. Tho Hue should bo kept curved
a little—It sbuulil resemble ti yory
hrond V—nnd nil the muscles should
be louse, relaxed, 11 Is easy lo Hunt.
I hail' tnughl many children of six
anil seven .veins lo do It."
Ceylon Tea is pure- delicious and wholesome.
Lead Packets only
By all Grocers
40c, 50c, and 60c per lb.
Hiahest Award St. Louis 1905.
Balled  Clothes  Ilnrrel.
"When I was In Rydney, New South
Wait's." miM a traveler, "I visited tin
botanical gardens, Ihe largest nnd
must mngiilileoiit park In Sydney, but
1 Inui hardly stepped inside the grounds
when I saw n Blgn that nearly took
Ilrttinlliii'.  ii iniliiiil.
T'ntll the end of the eighteenth century tho prisoners' dock In must Important English law courts was furnished wiili nn Iron upright and collar
fixed In front of the person who was
being tried. If n conviction followed |my breath away,
nml the Judge elected to Include it do-j "The sign was u notlco to the public
eree of branding In tho Bcntoueo that that no person wearing n dirty shirt
portion ot it was carried out upon the would be permitted lo enter the
spot. The criminal's hand was put grounds, it was such n remarkable
through the collar, which was effectual- notice Hint I looked up one of the
ly screwed round tho wrist nnd, the keepers for an explanation, And, do
necessary branding irons having been you know, his explanation was uulto
previously honied In tho courthouso plausible,
"We don't want u laboring man to
lire, was forthwith marked upon Ihe
thumb with tho letters which tho
judge directed lo bo burned upon it.
The lottery outfit which was seized
ai Full Erlo by tho Provincial police n
short time ago, and for operating which
Will. Hunt and his associates were
lined over $1,700, has been given hack
iu ihe lottery syndicate by order uf the
Depnrtmenl of tho Attorney-General on
condition thai ii be taken oui of Canada anil nol used In Ihe country again, "1 consider Dr. Williams' I'inli l'illfl
li was boxed up nl police headquarters :l '"•'-'■ marvellous medicino," says -Mrs.
yesterday and shipped away, but its l-"ul<   iurcott, 065 Paninoou street,
destination has been kept secrot. Montreal.  "Tho) restored to health
  "inn I was in a most hopoless condition
isinn ncuiAnn ti-n end almost despaired of recovery,   My
$100 REWARD $100. trouble began n lew years neo, when 1
Tin. n n lit-nf iiii. luiiitT Kill I." I'li'i Iiii Writ   jic-st'il through II severe  illness,   Iriilll
tine tin ir i.m ii'iiu I'lit'iii' ,i'.'tiiiiti.i'ii.ni'o ivlijcb 1 did not regain my accustomod
come here In his working clothes," he
snld. "We want him to go homo and
put on clean clothes and bring his family here, looking neat nnd clenn nnd
have n good time. That makes Ihe surroundings mure cheerful for eieryliody
Iirw '*■ n ulilo in cum' in oil  '
mill tli.it ||
Cntorrli,   Hull'i Cntnrrti Cure in tliu >
■  1   lUlVfl
euro now kmum to lim nn"i ■ nl 1
■ . Cntnrrh
i- ■, • h i   iniittiLiui   1 'I
inui.l ii,..'in*m   I    :'• i .   ■.!. '
n ronntilu-
In Ukvn In*
t*-l", ,]'   ,   Ll   IIU llll    111}   .11   II..'   llllHIll
...1 i   mill   ■   ■■   . thi       di
... until H„  .1 ...   ,,.,*..1 ;■ .  ,,:i   ■  |   '
ml i *oui
- I'l*' 1,111,1-
1  -'■    -,    *ll
lln.i nml Why 11 lltilita.
llaiu is an accumulation of the tiny
pnrtlcles of tho vupor of tho nlmos-
phere into drops, These droits, lirst
small of slsto, attract others of their
kind nml hoeomo drops of such magnitude that ihey full lo ihe earth hecanse
of Ihelr weight, There Is n limit to the
quantity of water which tho air Is capable of absorbing anil retaining ns Invisible vapor. Warm air Is able to hold
more than cold air; hence when the
nir which Is saturated with moisture
be. Mines cold for any reason whatever
Ii i .ui no lunger retain its moisture, A
portion must under such condition ac
re. i.<m GRAIN  ' «»
Csaadlan Cooperative Company, Ltd.
John MoVlcar, Mgr,
Cflmmlciim Mimlmiil. inui doalon m nil klnill
ol OHMs.    Oonilinm-ntfl Sollulioil.   Wt.t...
Phono or Win oi for I'nrtlculun,
Offioes, 308 Mclntyre Block, V/lnnip-g.
Ymi cuttol I* «p«led lo hi« f »itl> in Snlloh l
Coiii«m[iiMiB Cliff, llifi Lung Tonic- ai i cuti lot
Cold), i ■ upirt ami ill .iik■* ioi the nir i'va.'i
<jf you have not ui«! ii.  WshlvaUiihtiiili *™
to DMViBCf tou that il will mie poll Wfl lUlfUlM
il. II it DMMtcUH youilrmt. younol}iiri|. U
il doti il cull yuu 25c.     llial'l ia.LT.
.ii,'    i
hi, fui-'l m.-? ikouumll ol lb, mml obslnlM
uvi, .nil mp no nut h-.il-.r to ity lli.l it will cute
uyCoU, Cough. Thtoil or Luna Itouble. II wa
ild u"t bclievfl ilu, hi- would 001 gu.ianlpr il
iUiIiiii'Iv .tueil.i. Shiloh lit,hi*)onunbiolen
rr:otii ul nccon i'ir Ihiilv I'M,. It 1.1 ft—I
r i-iy iwuil.tr lf„ without I .tint-, lu'l lli.l iiool
of il. uu.tiir in.'iieilir..    I untie,
fiiillt in
, ii'iln
1   IT.
IT. ll.li
In      1 . utluil  .1  I . .-'."    ii.'.   Si ml
("i-1 -Inl Loulluii u.nl-.
AJilrmi I.J. I'lHMlVil'.i.. Tnli-Jn, O,
Soil I., ilniuui-n :'•.
Mo llull'u 1'nmll) I'illi lor reuil isitlon,
The professor, who has
lawn, was making his re;
health and strengtu, though 1 had the
very best of care and tri'tiliiii'iil. I
seemed to grow weaker every tiny. I
«ns nolo nnd emaciated, had no appetite,
could hardly go about, nml found my
m life almost a burden,    It scorned ns cumulate Into drops. These fall to tho
iiiiiiii though my blood hap turned to water, earth In tho shin f rain.
i.i.SilTior.'d and mi nervos seemed completely shut-
lend. All the time I wus under -nodical ireatnient, but with no anpareat ban
i lit. Hmi dnv n friend ttho called to
see mc. brought luesonio Ur. Williams'
1'ink Pills, nndnskeil me to lako them
I ditl.
Ilia  llsnil   Hull,.
Arguing forcibly, if nol convincingly,
against tho custom of Hiking a bulb,
mill happily prevalent in certain nunr-
nml altera couple ol weeks I ters, n writer relates Hie savory story
■    ne 'ii.t'unm '?un(* m1 appetite improving, and took Uf a Kentish farm worker whose horny
ie vT.1   h!;,",01 K'hU noltt"s  %$t&^2^li1itl  ^ "" ^''"1""i     "G ' Ken' ""','"
me, and 1 jot another supply.  In a few ,aM ,,„, ,„.,„ catcbiiig a critical glance.
necks more Ihe change in uiv appear-  „,,       .,,   , ,.     ,     ., , , ,„
,,   rt "   .tvi'ti t had tme Iu iv ish yo r I in tls
mice and condition was marvellous, and ,„        .,          ,,'     ,,,.   .
friends whodropped In to sco mo, hardly '"'""'•',ca ■' wa"t,ic 'i'"^"""-   ^«*
thought 1 was the same person.   It WO!   ttiy 'nildsl" SXclal 1 the iniin.   Then
nol much longer until 1 was completely ho  beenmo  explanatory.    "I  never
cured; in fact folt hotter than 1 hud lor washes my'ands.  When they gets'aid
yiiis before,     1 nm, therefore, very
linpp)  i" mnlie known to nil ailing
women the fact that ihey can lltal new
henltlithrough tho mc ol l>r, Williams'
I'inli Pills."
i. li'unJ in tli- tti.nv Inltmontiliol idow who hift
liinl StiiWl nnd hr.n cut-l    Ml.. AlcilM I .viol.
Ami>1i, rt., wntc,:
"I l.iuslit ■ Isttlr 11 sHiloli', Con-umplion Cur,
ind lounil it ,-ry iienffifiil. I h.ve two ilulilt.n
and lliry Kid a lufil'l- cou,h. I s»v- In.in
e»ftyltiini I (ould lliink ol, but tli-v li't no l--ltH
until r.np eienin, ny huili.ml Uiu|Kl al.itllcol
ShiU.  Wo i.y- it lo tlif 'liil'i.-i when ihfy
wrnt to lol..nd Si.y fieri .11 ni|lil. It ruifd
Ihtn, i omi'loi'ly.   I tli.ll ili-.y, l»p it in tna
2Sc. wilh gu.i.niro w)i.itir, lu-liuii
trees. "TIiimo's a good deal of rake-
oft In fills business," he saltl, slopping
a moment to rest, "but not u cent of
it is a rofroahlng thing, in a material age, Iu Bee people who are ambitious rather than rich, who are more
eager to help others than to muko
money. These nro nature's noblemen, those are tho characters which
enrich lite, ami which have pushed
Civilisation up from the savage lo the
Florence Nightingales and iho Lin-
Onoof tho lirst signs thm su thing
is wrong with nn infant is dit-turl>cd
sleep, usually tho truublo is with the
stomach or bowels. If your little ono is
'■!" anil restless do not givo u nn opi-
nto or "soothing medicino ol any kind.
Alt those things are deadly poison, nnd
tho sleep they give is unhealthy,unnatural anil injurious, Vtniv bob} Mill
sleep nnd let you sleep if you treat it
properly. In Haby'sOwnlablolsthere
is not nn nttiiitiif put-tuniiis "slccpi stuff,"
ami yet by thi r beneficent, health; notion they givo refn shing sleep. They
remove the cause, and tho resuli is
healthy, refreshing, life-giving sleep
Irom which the little one awakens
bright mnl woll. Mr-. S. T. 1) , as,
Petitcodiac, N. II..  -ins:   "Mi  baby
' still
well nt nights.   I gave him Baby's Own blood,   llul you must got the genulno
Tablets and the change they made was substitutes aud imitations novor cured
wonderful.  They regulated lbs bowels anyone.  Sec that tho lull name "Dr.
mid he now sloeps well at night,"   II Williams'Tink Pills for Palo Pooplo" is
your dealer does not keop the Tablets, printed en ihe wrapper around the boi.
semi 25a to the Dr. Williams .Medicine Hold by medicine dealers everywhere, or
I iles 'em."
I'n.-luu In ■ lUntikrl,
Tussiiig in n blanket was formerly a
was troubled with constipation,  was symptoms; thoy go right to the root of
restless and uneasy and did not slcop Hie trunblo nml cure it through tho
.Mrs. Turcolt's experience with this punishment for Insubordinate
medicino is tho same ns thousands of teers during the Napoleon paulc period.
others. Dr. Williams'Pink Pillsaro the The Westminster buys ouco so led a
greatest euro fur the ailments due lo bookseller, Curie, who had pirated and
|ioor blood. All thowonknoss oloaocm. pui llshcd llie head king's scholar's ora-
ia; all tho distress of Indigostion; all the , ,., .. Lliout porn sslon, aud after toss-
puns and aches ol neuralgia, i oticii ., ., ., ,, ,,,,,, ko( ,,,,,„„, ,„,„ „„,,„,.
nnd rheumatism; nil Ihe misery ami
ul health that women suffer from time
lo time, como Irom bad blood. Ami In. Iati' 1'"'"1"" fe'egraph
Williams'Pink Pills cure those troubles,
because tboj actually make new, rich,
health givins blood, Tbey don't net upon
ihe Imwi'l . thoy don't bother with mere
Parmelee's Vegetable Pillsare the result
ot soiontiRo stud) ol tho offeote of or-
tracts ot certain roots and horba neon
tho digestivo organs. Their use has
demonstrated in man.* instances that
they regulate the action of the liver mid
kidneys,purify, the blood, and entry oil
all morbid accumulations Irom tho system. Tbey nro easy lo take, and llieir
notion is iiulil mid beneficial.
The Vlsllor-Whnt a delightfully
snug little Hal yuu have! The Renter
—Isn't ll? When we open the door
we'ro In the middle ol the room, and
when the sunshine comes 111 wo bavo
to move some of Iho fiiriilturo nut.
There's no music In a "rest," but
there's the making Of music In It And
people me always missing Hint part of
life uiolody, always talking of perse-
veraiice ami courage and fortitude, hut
patience Is the finest aud worthiest
purl of fortitude, and the rarest too.—
Co., Hnickvillc Ont„ and a box will bo
sent you by mail postpaid.
enl by mail nt 50 cents n box or nix
boxes for $5.60, by writing The Ur.
Williams Medicino Co,, llroeltville.Unt.
clpleat of a pill is the substance which
entoltis the Ingredients mid mnkos up
the pill 11111-0. That of I'nruiolco's Vegetable Pilll is BO compounded ns to preserve their moisture, mnl Ihey can be
carried into any latitude without impairing their strength.    Many pills, in
fl Sensible Merchant.
Hear Islnnd, Aug. 20, 11X1,1,
C.C.RICHARDS iind Co.,
Dear Sir-. Voitr traveller i- here to-
dn) and tve arc getl im it Inrge iiunntity
iiiui ii tin* b'-t lininii'iil tin the market
making mi exci | tiun. We luive been in
business 1.1 year, ami have bandied nil
kiinls. Inn bin ■ ilronjml them nil but
iiiurs; thnl di - itself: tho others have
in be pushed ti> gel rid of'
Careful  nt ll.r >one>.
Many intcri'sting Btorles of courtiers
and favorites lit ll id French court
re I   .  l in the memoirs of tho Mar-
ip . •■ ,1c i ri'ipiy   Sin- says that on certain solemn occasions kings "f Franco
ne linings it Ihelr robes, but
ermine became scarce, and she writes:
"The nnnlntlng of lamia XV. was retarded smite years for want of this fur
f„r the ''    ■       ■ ■    and al the coro.
i   > - XIV, Ihey actually
used ■■ it kin"  Superbly ologonl was
the Hut ie   '■ dc In Ferte, who generally
• .1  Hound under n canopy,
■  iiiiini ilse goes Inl iIiibIos ciiii-
11  i particular dud esse, whoso
■ I iho ii. ist il tl is 11 fill expression I ever saw, though tbey hud n
.   i In ihein," llul her supremo
eh'ii ! - npp luted when II Is
.  in tor blew her nose for
■. r i, eel: contour, bill
dabbed  it  nl  In el nils  with n small
inure of i
Ono of the most promising things
ahum our clvlllsntion today is  that,    "Each baaebal] player should write
side by side wibt the greed for gold, is tho story of bin life, for sale to the
il vei'-growlng passion of humanity fans on tho bleachers.1  "Do you Blip-
for good.  The number of people who pose ihey would tnko It?" "Sure!   1
prefer to be useful tn their   fellow- have seen moments when cvory fan at  ■ .     , . ,     ..    .
men rather than to make money Is the game fairly howled for the life  <>•;'''/''l»'<T'le*"' Jwni ntlhertng, are  Ill^Joh n*l Bess aim Per "I Ie for
coastantly   Increasing.   This passion of the umpire." roih-d,,, poivderswhteh prove nauseat- '''''
for good Is the salt of humanity*,   li   lag to the taste,   I nrmcleo s \ egttable
Pills ere so prepared that thoy are agree-
N'enrly nil infnnts nro more or less   ,|,le to the most delicnto,
subjnet to dinrrlioon  mid  bueh com- ^_^^^_^^_^_
"Oh, John!" she exclaimed, "now
that you've scon my new bonnet you
simply enn't regret lhat I got It. Isn't
It Just a poem?"   "Well, It It Is," ro
ll would bo 'Owed lo a .Milliner.'
i makes us believe Iii me future
uf tho raco.
Minnrd's Liniment Cures Burns, Etc.
plaints whilo teething ntn| ns this poriod
of their lives is the mo.-l critical, moth
  ers should not be without n bottle of
She—Which would you rather lose, llr. .1. II. lisllogs Dysentery Cordial.
Jack, me or my mnnoy? Ho Vou, This medicine is n spsoifle for such
sweetheart.    She—Oh,  Jack!   He— complaints and ia highly spoken ot by
llul  I would;  bocnilso, don't you i   those who have used it.  The proprietors
dearest, If I losl yuu I would have tlie claim it will cure any ease of eliolern or
money to offer largo rewords fur your
recovery and get you back again. She
Dear Jack!
summer complaint
I n  Itislne
Minnrd's Liniment Cures Dandruff.
Tints. Gaston o( Harvoy township
fell uiTii bicycle ho was riding nnil died
of heart dlsert e
Deacon Jonos—d have
lots **' sleep during   the   imsi
months,   friend—-Yes; I notice you
bnin'i been attending church   much
A prominent member ot iho Franklin Inn Club. Philadelphia's foremost
literary organisation, at a gathering
of book-wrltors recently, told a new
anecdote of P. Marlon Crawford, tho
novelist A certain young lady, so the
story runs, wmto to Mr. Crawford re-
questing that he semi her a hii of sen-
iini'iii anil his autograph, The reply was:   -'Hear Miss A :    Wlun
you roqitesl a favor thai Is of Interest
two only ii) yourself, plenso enclose n two-
ccni stnmp,   There's your sontimonl
and hen's your autograp,-P, Marlon
Franco lias neceptetl Russia's Invl-
iiiiiitn tu attond tho Peace conference
nl The Hague.
Minnrd's Liniment Relievtr, Neuralgia
Lotion. It never falls.. At all druggists.
Mrs Reuben Park
killed  whllo walking
if Cl n'luini wns
mi ihe rnllwny.
place iiliem Introduced Hr. Thomas'
Electric lid litis nol failed lo establish n
reputation,  showing llint tho storltog
,   , ,  „   ,    .   qualities which It possossos are valued
A Burglcal operation of  a  heroic Everywhere whore tJiTbooomo kuown,
ehnracter will be nocesary to save he ,, ,;,„      a, u„ ,„ Canwl„ ,in,| „lh„r
life „f President Harper of  Chloago MUntr|£M, housohol dlcine and
the domnnd fur it each year shows that
it i.-u favorite wherever used,
in .
cific   Bott
ling   Works
<, 0, C.
1 Minard's  Liniment
for sale    Every
Oroal Htiiaiii win ostnbtlsh nnvnl
basis m 0 lirnltar, Dover ami Slngn
The i.uii'iiiii Times says mlsmnnngo'
meiii ol tho throe hie Insurnnce cum
pnnles may largely Impair the bonuses
ur dividends'
Mrs. Reuben Park, need about seventy years, whose home wns a short
distance from Chatham, in  Chatham
township, was walking nn the Pore
Marquette Railway track, when she
was struck by a freight train and al-
Iv killed.   She Is said
iii have been somewhat deaf,
quesl will probab,y bo held.
—— This disease from which 90
many suffer gives the average physician a great deal of trouble. The
best medical nun have endorsed
" I'svt'HIHE," and recommended it
in scores of tlic most obstinate
cases. It has never failed in a single
instance to give prompt relief, and
a permanent cure when directions
have been followed. The system
of cure is entirely different from
any of Ihe old fogey pills, rowders
or tablets. A few doses will
remove the tightness and weight
on stomach. Taken regularly it
positively cures general distress,
flatulency, nervousness, coated
tongue, heartburn and palpitation.
If ynu have never used "1'svrniN*-"
don't hesitate a moment longer.
Ask your nearest druggist.
An In-
Thos. Snbin ci Kglinlon, saysi "I bnvn
 .  removed ten ejriis lioin  my feet with
Ml i" |,owl ni '.' ivl ■ '   '■'.   Ilolloway'a Cirn Cure."    Reader, go
black I mi Devil bake lim
nearly 200 pounds,
thou nml do 1 kowlso.
■ ■  mi Indian, was
or by a train near Belleville
Charles K'jrwlck and his wife, charg
...I with the murder of Dorlen Mitchell
m 1       Rn   '    IWO luunllia ago, were
acquitted a: Montreal.
DR. T. A. ',1 OClir-   LlniileU
170 King 8t W,,    Toronto, Cmmtlsi
W   IM   U   No   5 SB
ttm Franco has neecptetl Russia's Invitation to attend tho Peace conference
nt The Hague.
Ar.tB.rtlc PrnsfDlni.
Some ot 'he penguins In the nntnrctto
regions weigh ns much ns eighty
pounds nnd nre about four feet high,
wiili a splendid orange patch on the
neck. The young take three years lo
develop fully, nnd even then Hie plum-
ago Is distinctly less brilliant than In
tho older birds. Holh the movements
nml migration of the penguins nre re-
niiii'kiilile. When first followed the bird
prefers to walk, but when In danger of
being caught It droits on to Its abdomen and with the help of Ihe wings
glissades nt a paco too great to be overtaken by n man walking. They seem
nware of the movements of Ihe groat
Ice Holds nml use litem lo hell) Ihi'ir
migration to the pnek Ice in Ihe north.
They Hike trouble to collect stouos,
which Ihey dcllghl to Steal from ono
another's piles, (or nests,
Many of the ways of Ihe penguins
nre suggestive of preserved Instincts,
Their attitude when Bleeping Is modeled on that of birds with fully developed wings. Hut the penguin bus to
he content with reaching the shelter
of his wing with no more than the tip
of his bonk.
When Bilious
Remember That the Liver is Promptly Set
Right By
iteni Ellilr nf Life.
Contentment Is the real ellilr of life.
It Is the real fountain from which
flow the waters of perennial youth.
Sometimes It costs nn effort, n tremendous effort, to say It Is all right, hut
tho mun or woninn who enn sny It Is
much better off for thus looking st
the sunny side of the world than the
person who harbors a grievance ngnlnst
nil mankind nnd walks through the
world   burdened   With   tho   somber
thoughts of bis disappointments. The
discontented perhaps never stop to
think how much worse off they could
be; Hint, no matter how few their
pleasures, there lire those In the world
who huve fewer or none nt ull; Hint,
given health and strength nnd tho full
possession of the senses, they nre nd-
vnulngeil nnd blessed In the rnee of
she Quotes an Author!!-*,
Elsie—When I grow up, mamma, I'm
going   to   I Mi'iivagnnt   like  you.
Mamma Whal nial.es ynu Ihink I'm
oxlrtivngniltl Klsie Well, I'm sure I've
beard pnpn say su lots of times,
Msny poople are nubject to periodical
attacks of biliousness, sick hoadncho,
stomnoh troubles nnd bowel irregularities who do not renlizo that the liver is
espooially responsjblo for this suffering.
Torpid, sluggish notion ot tho liver is
almost Invariably accompanied by inactivity of tho kidneys ana bowols. The
wholo digestive and exorotory system
becomes clogged up. nnd there are pain,
discomfort and sulforing.
Decnuso f)r. Chases Kidnoy-Livor
Pills have a direct nnd combined action
on kidneys, liver ami bowels, they effect
s prompt and thorough clounsing nnd in-
vigorntion ol these orgnns,
with nil tho poisonous waste matter
removed, pnins and aches disappear, tlie
digestive system resumes its (unctions,
tho appetite is sharpened nnd health
nnd vigor nro restored.
As n family medicine Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills bavo never had a rival,
for they get right nt tho eauso ol the
common lib of human life nnd remove it
it. liy thoir promptness and thoroughness they win the praise of all who give
thoiu a trial.
Mr. Duncan MoPherson, Content, Alberta, ivritos: "I wns for many years
troubled with indigestion and headache
nnd derived no bonelit from the many
remedies 1 used. A friend advised the
use of Dr, Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills
and niter taking four boies the result Is
that I am once nioro in full enjoyment
of ihe blessing of good health."
Mrs, J. 0. Johnston, Carman, Man.,
writes: "I bavo been a gront sufferer
from kidnoy trouble and have usetl Dr.
Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills with very
marked benefit. 1 cannot say too much
for this medicine ns it seemed to bo the
Hilly Heat incut that suited my ease."
Dr. Chaso's Kidney-Liver Pills, one
pill n tloso, Hoc a boi, at all dealers, or
Edmonson, Hotos and Co.,Toronto. Portrait and signature of Dr. A. W. Chase,
the famous receipt book author, on every box.
A Bold Hr,.
In Thomas K, Parish's book, "Oold
Hunters of California," are some good
stories of the old days, Here Is a yarn
about the biggest gambliig Mr, Parish
knew of in that time of big betting:
"A ninn of the name of Moore hud
been betting nnd lost over nnd over
sums aggregating several thousands of
dollars on the game of ftiro. Finally,
ns be turned to leave, the dealer asked,
'Are you through?' Moore bulled, hesitated, then, turning and inking from
his pocket n key, held It up ami said,
'I will bet you everything In my safe,
which Ibis key unlocks, ou the ten,'
'How much Is In your safe?' Inquired
the dealer. T do not know, but ft is
a Inrge sum. If you wlu take the key,
open Hie sufe ami secure nil the money
you find there. If I win we will go
to the safe together, count the money
nnd you must cover the amount,' was
the answer, The challenge was accepted, the hot made, nnd Moore won
something over $17,000."
Ancient Imllnii Olt-ervnttiry.
At Jeyporo, the pleasant, healthy cap-
Itnl of one of the must prosperous Independent states of Rnjputana, India,
Is the famous jautra or observatory,
the largest of the live built by the celebrated royal astronomer, Joy Sing, the
foundor of Jeyporo, who succeeded the
rajns of Amber in 1003,
Chosen by Muhammad Shah to reform the calendar, bis astronomical
observations were formulated In tables which corrected those of Do la
Hire. He built live observatories, nt
Delhi, Benares, Muttrn, I'jjnlu and
It Is not under cover, but Is nn open
courtyard, full of curious nnd fantastic Instruments Invented and designed
by him. They have been allowed to
go out of repair, nml ninny of them
nre now quite useless, It being Impossible even to guess what purpose they
served In the wonderfully accurate calculations and observations of their Inventor, but the dial, gnomons, quadrants, etc., still remain of great interest to nstronomers.-Sclentltlc American.
If it is a Question of Warmth use j
E. B. EDDY'S     I
It Retains Heat and Keeps Out Cold. •
Write for Samples and Prices •
TEES & PERSSE, Limited, Agents, Winnipeg. •
(Prom Success Magnzluo.-
Laughter Is   undoubtedly   one   ot
nature's best tonics.   It brings the
disordered faculties and functions in-
10 harmony, it lubricates tho mental
bearings and  prevents tho   friction
which monotonous, exacting business
engenders. It Is 11 divine gift bestowed upon us as n llfo preserver, 11
health promoter', a Joy generator, 11
Life, with tho uverago American, Is
too serious nt best. Never lose nn
opportunity for relaxation from the
stress nnd slrnln of your business or
profession. Bvery draught of laughter, llko nn nir cushion, eases you
over tho jolts and the hard places on
life's highway, Laughter is always
healthy. It tends to bring every abnormal condition buck to the normal.
It Is n pnnacen for heartaches for
life's bruises. It Is a life prolonger.
People who laugh heartily keep themselves In physical and mental harmony, nnd nre likely to live longer
than those who lake llfo too seriously.
Mrs. Dnnlel Herod of Oneida, while
returning home from Cayuga in a buggy, suddenly took sick on the road and
expired In n few mluutes. Tho cause
of dentil wns due to heart failure.
The TYmiti-rliis; ot Copper.
The expression "llie tempering of
copper" nrlses from a thirteenth century misunderstanding of the Greek
word bapho—a word used by the
Oreco-Egyptlan alcbcailstlo writers of
the third century, Borthelot, the eminent authority on alchemy, bus shown
Hint this word may mean tempering,
coloring (of cloth, glass unit metals),
the coloring materials or the coloring
hath. Egyptian alchemy was busied
originally In producing brilliant
bronzes ou copper and the copper alloys, and this expression "Ihe tempering of copper" means, nnd always has
meant, bronzing copper so that It may
simulate silver or geld.—Arthur Jones
Hopkins In New York Times.
What You Want Is a %
9 I
Honey In tin' iln.I.
In ancient Egypt honey wns employed ns nn embalming mnterlnl, and In
the enst to this dny It Is largely used
for the preservation of fruit and the
mnklng of enkes, sweetmeats sod other articles of food. In India n host will
offer to his guest a dish composed of
honey nnd milk or of etpinl ports of
curds, honey nnd clarified butter. It Is
given to a bridegroom on his arrival
at the door of the bride's father. IB
the enst, also, when grafts, seeds and
birds' eggs nre to he transported a
grent distance they nre often packed
In honey.
Another Vlellm.
"Poor Mrs, Hoozer Biirrers terribly
from the liquor habit," snld Mrs. (iabb.
"How Is that?" Inquired Mrs, Cblnn,
scenting gossip.
"When her husbnnd comes home nt
night Is he Is too fur gone to pay attention to her remonstrances nnd the
next morning he has such a headache
ho can't listen to her."
Unlike 11-iiiiiK Lines,
"Thnt fishing song In the new opera
Is clever, doli't you think!" usked the
"No," replied the hnrd luck angler;
"it isn't nt nil natural."
"No; the lines nre loo catchy."
I   Color,  j
Purity, j
t t
$ And These Qualities *
I   Are Contained In    &
Five Roses
WOW  Titer   Don't   Slietlk.
Clara I always tell my reni age.,
Estello- Well, you can afford lo,   You
see, you're nol us old as you look.   I
♦ Lake of The Woods Milling |
Co., Ltd.
London's "MuliockR,"
At the beginning of the eighteenth
century n number of ruillnnly young
men of the higher classes-called by
Swift "a race of rakes that piny the
devil about the town every night"—
known as "Mohocks," Infested London, sallying out drunk Into the
streets, currying short clubs loaded
with lend at both ends nnd perpetrut-
Ing shameful cruelties upon peaceable
passersby, wantonly wounding and
disfiguring the meu and subjecting all
alike to atrocious Insults,
I.ecky says that matrons loclosed In
barrels were rolled down tho steep nud
stony Snow hill. Watchmen were unmercifully beuten and their uosei
were slit. Conches and chairs were
overturned on rubbish heaps, nnd country gentlemen visiting the theaters had
to be accompanied by their armed retainers as If in time of war.
A  I lilli.ir  Reply.
Major I.omni uf the I'nlted States
army was visiting In Canada soon
after the war of 1811!. Ho was entertained In Quebec by the officers of one
of the royal regiments.
After dinner speeches and toasts being In order, one of the Hritlsh officers,
having Imbibed too generously of th.
champagne, gave as a toast, "The l'res-
Ideot of the United States, Dead or
Alive!" Th. toast was accepted with
Major I.iiiuax rose to respond, saying,
"Permit me to give ss my toast, 'The
Prince Regent, Drunk or Sober!'" Th.
British officer spraog Instantly to his
feet and In angry tones demanded,
"Sir, do you Intend that remark as an
To which Mnjor Lomai calmly answered, "No, sir; as tho reply to one."
A Fanny Illnniler.
According to Law Notes, Sergeant
Hallnntlne used to tell this story on
Lord Chief Justice Cockburn of England; One night whllo Hullnntlne was
passing along Piccadilly he came
across a policeman who was arresting
a woman he claimed was drunk. Ho
sfoppetl to expostulate and stated that
llie woman seemed to be 111 rather than
Intoxicated. Just it this time Lord
Cockburn, who was then attorney general, came by ou his way home from
Ihe house of commons nnd Joined In tho
discussion. Immediately another officer rushed up and, seizing Cockburn
by the collar, exclaimed, "I arrest you
also." "Arrest me!" cried the astonished attorney general. "What for'/"
"Oh," replied his captor, "for msnj
things. You ire well known to the police."
A Yt'onilerfnl Record.
The He,. Mr. Mnttlson was curate of
Pattcrdale, England, for nenrly lixty
years. Ills Income for many years was
£12 nnd never exceeded £18 per annum.
He married nnd lived comfortably and
had four children. He burled his mother. He murrictl his fattier and burled
his father, llo christened bis wife ind
published his own banns of marrlag.
lo the church. Uo christened aud married nil his own children. lie education his own son until he wns fit for college. He lived till he wns ninety-six,
and died worth £1,000.-Londou Answers.
Ilia I'lnaaal  Halation.
"Mamma," snld 11 young Great Hend
hopeful the other dny, "who Is my
clesest relation? Are you?"
"No," sweetly replied the mother,
"your futber bus that dlslioetlon. He
never gives me a cent unless I ask him
for It."
And It wns a full hnlf hour before the
old man discovered that the paper hs
was rending was upside down.
An  Aliilialirll.al Mnr.rl.
Little Ii'ina bad been on an excursion
to her father's dowtilown office and
.air for Ihe lirst time 1 typewriter In
use. "Oh, mamma," she saltl 011 her
return home, "don't you know, I saw
the funniest sewing machine down to
papa's office,    it sewed A H C'e!"-
Llpplncott's Magazine,
Close  thine  ear  ngnlnst  blm  that
shall open bis mouth secretly against
number. If thou rocoiveit not his
Words, tbey fly buck and wound th.
reporter, If thou dust receive them,
thoy liy forward and wound tie receiver.—Lnvaier.
( nnillil.
lie—Yes, whenever I see myself In
tho mirror I feci that 1 nm much better looking Ui 1111 the average man, Do
yon call ibis conceit! ills Friend—No.
I call It distorted vision.
Good Bread should please
the Eye as well as the Palate, m
"Why does the dainty housewife delight in
snowy napery, glittering cut-glass, burnished
silver, delicate china and all other table
allurements dear to feniinine hearts ?
And what man does not appreciate table
It is not that we appreciate the appearance
of our food almost, as much as the taste of it?
Bread may be ever so wholesome, weO-
flavored and made of scientifically milled flour,
but with all these qualities we want it to look
dainty, appetising, snowy-white, with nut-
brown crust, and he firm and silky in texture.
Royal Household Flour makes jutSt that
kind of bread.
The electrical purification and sterilization
of Royal Household Flour makes it yield not
only absolutely pure bread, but bread of
snowy whiteness and beautiful texture-
bread that will grace the pretties! table or
give beauty to the humbles! meal served on
the plainest dishes.
You can prove this by trying a 25 lb. bag
—you must have flour, why not have the
Ogilvie'o Royal Household Flour.
fytt ^SmJ^'^i^t
You will never have Comfort ind Sir
lafaotlon and Wearing Qualities In
your Working Clothea until you wear
"King of the Road" Brand
"What kind uf il looking inui la thnt
cbap, (iaiibli'tou, ynu Jnit Mentioned?
i dmi't believe l have met him."
"Wall, If you see two men off In a
corner anywhere, mnl on* of thi-m
look! bored to death, the other one ll
Enrti ninn In his iphere, howoror nnr-
row or Oltondod, will llml that tii-at fid
low men weigh his character nnd his
iitiiitii'n often nnd unconsciouslyitatap
lilin with Ihi'ir oailiiiiilr nnd Unit the
avorage resultant nf these freQUant
average! Is Just.—K. I'lerreponL
The TlraO lilla.
To those who nre employed nnd hnsy
time flies with great rapidity. Life li
todlom only  to tho  Idlo.   Nothing  Is
more raonotonoui than the licking uf n
clock to blm vvlio bai nothing to do but
listen to It.—Anon,
It la n maxim with me thnt no man
wan ever written out of a reputation
hut hy himself.-Ueutlvy,
The Kcclcy Cure
Often to tho eelf respecting
the   eultat   nod   almploat
method of mapping tho . i.nluu
The remedies build   up   the
whole i-iii.iii nod romova all
craving for drink or driiga.
Write ua  for  tho plain facie.
133 Osborne St., Fort Rouge,
MasBncrca of Christians by Turkish
tronua nro reported frinn Macedonia.
ii what gulfs n ilnglo deviation from
track of huuiiiu dutka Ivadal- liy-
Gray's Syrup
Red Spruce Gum
For Coughs and Colds. nil*: rxpress
D. S. Martin
Designer nml Builder of
Yachts and Launches
of nil It mis,
lug, Life and Row Boats,
Ship Joinery, Spars
and Scows
Satisfaction (jiiarnnti'i'd.
Quotations given on application.
Gasoline I Hunches a Specialty.
Norh Vancouver.
Sunday is always welcome,
This is fine working weather,
Are vou going to press leaves
this fall?
should   advertise   in Tun
always   pat-
M. A. Russell
The Lb-to-dak Grocer
Complete lino of
Groceries, Tobaccos
lit, Ave, tasl lotmlalc Ave,
North Vancouver
Spend time and money uning to Vancouver lor good! vou can itut at city
prlcos rigid hero at homo"
Dry Onoda Store,
Lonsdale Bnd 2nd St., North Vancouvei
Pacific Wood
[lest Fir Cordwood, III and 12 In, f.S.00
per luadi
Best Alder and i'ir, milted, III and 12 iu.
J: 78 pur load.
ISM I'ir Cordtvood, 1 It, IJ1.7B per load.
Best Aider Cordwood, 4 ft, $1.00 per load
1561 Westminster Ave.   Phone 1269
District of North
The Council invites Tenders foi
clearing, grubbing and •' t*li :■
Victoria Park and toads adjoining, 7 acres more ot 1* ss, all conform to Spt't iln I Hum: to he had al
the Municipal Hall. Sealed Tenders (with a di posit ) marked
"Tenders for Vii toria Park," must
be in at tlie Munii ipal Hall nol
later than Wednesday, i st November nex,t at yi'- p. in
AMI) Farmi rs' InSTITUIBi
Willi il	
MONDAY iai;:;inc.
in ii N"\ I Ml ; II
At s I*. tl.  I       I I
All iii, mbi ii and i tin i   in
ii   u   led i" • t    I
The usual si rvict i will be hi Id
In St,   Andrew '   rl
Vancoilv r, on   -   tli  strt 11,   on
Sunday, at ; i a in, and ; j i p, in.
Sunday School at 8:30 p. in.
Prayer Meeting on Wedm sday at
3. p, 111.    All art heartily well uilli
Pastor, Rev, J, D. Gillam, M  A
A very bitter pol til      fight i
thai tl a dm
ha* ti > ■
0: 1
hpit' ti." p tblii
|{t    leiits should
1 ''im. industry.
The Conservatives hereabouts
are talking of organizing lor the
Missis 1) (.1. Dick & Co. made
quite a few turnovers in property
this Week.
Quite a number of North Van-
couvurites attended the Eagle's
ball in Vancouver last night.
The British Columbia Electric
Railway Company is surveying
Third street lor the tram line,
J. A. McMillan's new barn is on
the Esplanade, east ol Lonsdale
avenue is just about completed.
It is rumored that Mr. P. A.
Allan, Jim., sold one acre of land
on Seventeenth struct ami Lonsdale
avenue for 1S0.00.
Captain Mooney, ol the ferry
steamer St. George, has not yet
returned from his holidays. There
is still see a Rush on the boat a[
all hours.
The volunteer lire brigade took
advantage ol the holiday on Thursday and held their first practice
with Larson's chemical engine.
There was a yooil turnout.
P, J   Bernard,  ol   Vancouvef
shot a wild cat, which had been
trued by a lo.t terrier doj.', on
Thursday, in the vicinity of the
wrecked bridge at the Capilauo.
Alex. Philip, municipal clerk,
will address the Horticultural
Society and Farmers' Institute m
thu municipal hall, on Monday
evening, November 6th. All are
cordially invited to attend.
The lerry North Vancouvei was
placed on tlie run Tuesday evening.
It was not deemed sale to continue
the service of the St. George that
evening, owing to the strong wind
which was blowing at the lime.
The ferry company did .■ rush*
ing business on the early boats
ihi- morning with people from
the burg across the inlet, who
came over here to get a liille sunshine while waiting lor the log to
clear up in Vain ouvi r
Tin 1.' 111. 1 north of Moody*
villr, purchased by Mr. Bauer
recently, is being surveyed. Iln
land will be opened up into town
lots. The surveying parti is stop
ping al the Moodyville hutch ol
which Chas. Mee is proprietor.
The iminil a;■.* 1   1 mini ll   nil I  I'll
Wednesdaj night in committee t»
di a iss tin Munii ipal Clauses Act,
when ii ...1- 'h 'til' 1 to hold a
■ Nun lulu 1 to ili'.t nsa the advisability ol
1 rating tho town.
I!,. pi an 111 and 1 olon d'lemon
adi stand, at the foot "I I
avi mi'', has bee 1 sold by J'"' Bus-
linn iitti, who has been conni 1 t"l
with tli ttbiisiiu isfoi ai onsidi ruble
tin •    Mi Bustitncnto inti
I, turn to (hili, hi ■ nativi 1
(in 1 ins,liv iii, 11 arrived in
Notth Vancouver,   consigned   la
II, VVi sli 1 1 ' orp n.itinii. a iii
whet I, measuring lour and om
half I   '    Tin   nil" i is lo   b
tin   company'*  wood 1 nt'
I in ll ".:::• .   innl    in iglls    ','|S
pound ■
\ ' ll -iH'il petition Will he
pre ' nti t i" the council on
Wi dm sday nighl I15 thr ratepayers
of l''n«t -ti ■ 1. Th* v want 0
IWelvedool lev alk Irom Lou.
dale 1 If
'      1,   .  .   .      ,    I ,    ;|,| |l . '
'     '      ' ' 	
■ ,    ■—- *'
A complete line of new Fall and, Kq^ VanCOUVer
Winter "Suitings hnvo just arrived at
Fongoun.S, luilors, IOO Hustings I..,      FCITy 3*5X1 ?OS\QV
corner Columbia Ave. r>
Fine steamers St. Cli'iirao, Surrey and
North Viiiiciiiiht nviiiliiblu for uxcttr-
duns at nioili'riitn rules.
S8.uKl. George"
Ciiiiiiiii'Iii illi; AllgUat 1st, IIIOT),
Trafalgar day last week and
Thanksgiving day this week
Always something doin,'
The simple life is the best, Cul
tivate thi higher virtues and sup
press iln 1 nl tendencies,
Sir William Mulock's "sacrifice'
for the 1 ountry's good costs tin
people $13,000 n year just Iln
Mr. Aylosworth's appointment,
no doubt, has ihe cordial approval
n! tho Bell Telephone Company,
as well as most of the liberals.
The mayoralty cards these day.
are being well slllifllud at Van
couver. His Worship Mayor
Buscombe holds a strong hand,
Other hands so 1 onsidored are Aid,
Bithune, Cooke and Baxter, while
Aid, Williams' is a bluff.
The selection of suitable men
for candidates should not be left to
the last week or so. Nor should
iheir selection depend upon their
political views. The yenr 1906
will he 11 busy and important one
m North Vancouver, and for that
reason we want men with good'
business he ids, nol politicians, to
run our municipal affaii
N. V„L. fl.
11. in
s.'i'ininv.Siiiutiiy mnl..
It.ili, In i'-u lily. Nn till Vn
11 in. 11.11)
1,111   |litll;,i •: Smiilms Nurlli..   11.110,
7.0,   Inn'..i i -iii.luv., Nt)rlli.    7,20,
'. nni nllvi'l mill.
B.tui   Dully, N. Viiiii'oiivi'i nnil     8 80
LiiimIhIc tliirtlcn-,
9,10   I', nv Nniili Vjiii'iiiih-i      Hill)
i  N'orll Vm ., iver   'In m
. i.uitii v.iiiini.ifi    it :m
.iw i mi,11. (Ionium,
1,1ft  Dally N '.,,.ntiuvorotUy,
'i.i'   litiily,.'.'. Vniii'oiivor anil.
I. n.<lu|, i.niili'llH.
8.1ft  1 . :   'i. i an, iiiiTinilv
i.i.'. iin Iy, N Vim mil', r only
.. i',    i'i   i, Ni'Mll Vnlli'iillI'LT.
,1 .    Ptlll)    S irlll   VtlllrnllViT.
mnl I., iwlnii'Hiiril.'ti!,.
; in  iiiiily.N. Vancouver only
-1.,   iiftily. Ninth \iiiiciuivor
nml l.iilinliilf tinril, MB,
o.lfi  pttlly,n. Vntii'iiiiviTimly    0.40...,
10.15  Dal Iv, N V vernnly  '10,10....
11,1ft  Pally,sxitcptsiiiniiii.,      n ni    .
'in.ililtin Siitnlny,     ;lu..., nail, onSlltlllayi
Note.-All the steamers call at Lons>
dale i iitnlciis on Saturdays, except 0.00,
7,00,9.10and II.tn a in., 1 16,8.16,5.15,
;.!'.. s 15,11,15, in.l'i, 11 16 p.m.; and on
miii lays, all except the 0,10 and 11.10 a.
iu  ami ".15, 8.15,11.16,10.16 p.m.boats,
■j in
:i in „
i. in.
ii.in ,.,
7 III     .
,',  M:
.  4.41
Real Estate, Mining,Insurance,
Loans,  Farms,  Etc.,
Timber Limits.
Propt ity l"i sale all over the City
Suburbs and North Vancouver.
We used to hear the Tories talk
about the blue ruin times in Can
ada beforo N. P. days. Now wi
listen to the Grits telling about the 9B
t.try N. I' days when ii was a
hard struggle to get a job, These
are so called good Grit limes.
Isn't such twaddle a little bit silly?
Conservatives or Liberals don't
make the good or bad times Bui
tin- people tlo.
Oltice: 404 Granville St.
Vancouver, B. C
I(i3 Cordova Street.
The North  Vancouver Spe
... — 4
/ Sleep in ihe Store,
I keep the Rest of Goods.
I Meet all Boats.
My I'riccs an  Right,
I am Iii be Eownd at All Hours,
All this at
McDowell's Drug Store
North Vancouver.
M. S. McDowell
Western Corporation, Ltd.
Accountants, Auditors,     Plumbing anil tinsmith-     ltay,Caltlc and Chicken
Ke.,1 Isi.iU  \m nis. Ii,j, Feed
Lumber tmtl all kinds ol Bullillni* Material.
Lands Cleared and Bulltlln)*. Creeled,
reel i iit'ttii s. and Valuators.
Mr art* iii.ili'Ki a tip-ilitl lltim tif turd Utiod anil -upplr an* quanlil,.
412 llaAhiiq* Street West, Vancouver, B. C.
The ministerial publications are
publishing aim ol utter rot these
days about the "sacrifices" Ml.
Aylcsworth is making to enter the
cabinet. This kind uf cant is very
ridiculous, Supposing be has no
axes lo grind ol his own but
we've our doubts about that—what
battel opportunity to make a great
nam, [or llimscll as a public man
would he want, ur anybod) else?
Sat.nine, In' jiggered,
The Trafalgar Centcnaryli ■ I ei n
fittingly commemorated throughout
iii. i mem', and ;i" :;ri ad r tribute
his ni r I" i ti paid I" a 111 ro than
that done on Saturday last when
an empire, iln greatest a
mint rsc ■ •' iw, appropi iti Ij
remembered Nelson's great vie
lory History teachos ns that
(' i iinuiandcil a hi greati I
.,,, i, i ,nty OVel   he,    llipin    than
my nil,' i : 'in hi and
.ii' in w.i.i,!. i bat I. i
Pharaoh, tl ■ n ■; I >'il" Un'
world hai ever I nown, wc will tail
to iiii.I iii history a more fitting
commemoration ol tin la i ol
i, i' ii, ; than thai nl '■
i i tpi i ts   ih.it    i U ry
man mil iiii his ilttti,' was
nobly said an I noblj d m
v n i o ■. gave that
. i> .1 I III I it Illlt
pi rsonally, .nni in iln Iai
nid, in, ei l,i.ii,i, and iihls
l'i im, Ins
staunch iirvj won the day.
• I'll t
IN Nn,till  \ iNfOI'VKR
I louses to Kent
call on W.P.Hogg
ni,, Duoas tvast His txpaaN.
[gf Sec He Before lliiiiii?.
Lots tor Sale
50,60,38 x132 ft.
Iron, *>Sll to IISO |t*r lot.
2 Acre Block tin Corner
frontinq Lonsdale Ave,
$700 Cash.
QiiiHMis \ Lonsdale
A    M   QrATTIF Notary Public, General Auctioneer
f\» IYI.  PL/A I I IL m  CofdoV(|   Sfeel]   Vancouver,  B.  C.
lie sells at rooms nr private house or linya outright nil
I'lassi's uf liinisfliulil goods nr bankrupt storks (or cash.
11.. has siiuienl tlie rhiesl l,u«lii*"** ami ivulcrfrnnt property in North
Vtuii'iitiver. See iilm 11 nnei'K ynu thiiikrif pli'ltlnj up property III
this section.   I'n- wise. I.I V Null, iiinl tun »ill nuke ilium.;'. :: ::
Just Arrive ;!_.</>
Large Stock oi New Fall and Winter Goods
for Suits, I'.ints and Overcoats.
I *i  It, stinn\ Si, v.. (   rntr 4libolt
Phone BMIS
Emil Guenther
In!. 11.1" -it,.;,
Vancouver) B,C,
ii ii i hristma!
1. Iition i
mi;     Nul sul.
i a-
- //' ■
■   tin
1 rank
■ .1 In aid  I
" ""
I   '
thank I ally  tl
id ti
District of North
A public meeting ol the rate-
payei ■ "l iln District mil he held
in iin Municipal hall, North Van
ittiivi i, ou W dnesday, November
lock p. m., to ton-
■idei iin' proprietj ol takine. steps
to (.nni a City Corporation out of
the Diatrici
h    rdcr of the Council,
Al.l   i    I'HII IP, C   M   I
I'ATIlOSIXH /,'" I'.   TAlAiXT
/'I,, )„.t /',,, .    '    trl rlo i "' *'"
/' '• liarbcr Shop
I,  | qm inn
A^ Ideal
Summer Resort
Where Mountain .mil Se.ishtne Meet.
Splendidly situated, overlooking Hurrard Inlet,
with Ihe City nf Vancouver fifteen minutes away
Iy fi rry, flu hotel emhodics t eery convt nience
with livery in connection,    Rales $2 per day.
Hotel  North  Vancouver
P. lurson, Proprietor.
Tenders Wanted
Tenders will In received lor clearing 5 acred
ol land at North Vancouver. For particular!
apply'ni Purchasing Agent's Office.
B.C. Electric Railway Co. Ltd,
A Butter Snap
This Butter is as s-'""il as any Creamery Butter.
Pi it e 251, pel I'miml.
In Tub lots,   13c. pel Pound.
I*T" Nuw is th, lime in nn.. your .unier supply.
j. a. McMillan    g


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