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.     , ,.vl-.l   y
MAV151906    £
Bush Fires.
To sny that North Vancouver is
a warm place is putting it mildl)
these days.   Owing to   the   ex
ceptionally dry weather forest fires
here have been raging in dangerous
proximity tu the town   of  hue.
Sunday afternoon the brigade was
called out to protect dwellings on
Larson road that lay in the path
ol the lire, and since then the fire
lias spread to the four Comers "I
the townsite,   Wednesday afternoon tlie fire-fighters   again   re
sponded to the alarm, tlie fire being this time on Ninth street, and
dangerously near several dwellings.
At the same time, the llaines were
crawling upon the house of Mrs.
Newman, at the corner of Fifteenth
street and Wulffshon avenue,  and
lor a time looked as if it might gel
the better oi the fighters,  burning
so fiercely as to make all wiijiin a
radius of 75 feet uninhabitabii'.   A
light westerly breeze lamied the
llnincs,  until the roar could   be
beard lor a considerable distance.
Strenuous as was the battle   ol
the   fire-fighters,    they    finally
succeeded in staying the progress
of the lire, and ere nightfall, they
wended their way home thonnghl)
worn out.   .'     'Ugh an i (ateui
organization, great credit • * dm
the boys in the manner iii which
they set about their work,   and
with a slickatitivencss that quickly brought ils reward.
Along the 1 t-o  valley thc lire
,, king   lei liuiosi   supreme.
Liii^e ■ /1, that hero sti* tl lor
aye, m '*■ crumbled to .. lies, a
prey to the di vouring uleVients.
Everything within ihe swarthofthe
devouring element quickly yielded,
and not until l'lome's camp and
McNair's saw mill w. re reach
•.tele the llamcs checked, eating
linn way in every direction until
ihe mill mis reached, nnd here Old
IV,k seemed to attain the climax
<u his fury. For .1 time Tuesdaj
afternoon there seemed to bt: a
nmi ol fire deluging th mi it
but the dauntless persistcui j ol
the noble defenders fin.ill; 11 11
<|iiei. il. A n pit tentative "I Til
l'.'.i'i<i'-s visited the camps on
Wednesday * vening aud passed a
g„no, ol weary, Binoke-sick men,
still striving with indoniitabli
courage to site the mill, lumbei
and camps. Monday noon they
began lighting the flames, and
Wednesday evening saw them as
zealous as before, the sleepless
nights iind intense heat never [01
a moment causing relaxation.
The loss to the camps cannot In
estimated at visiting time, but wi
learn that there were about si*
thousand cords oi shingle b<>li*
imperriled by the lire, but il is tun
thought thnl these were all burned.
■voods, to say nothing of the
1 imber that is daily shipped down
in the Hume from the saw mill in
the valley. This mill has a capacity of over twenty-live thousand
leet of lumber per diem, which is
transported to Moodyville, n distance of four ninl 11 hall miles in a
iluinc, thence loaded on scows and
towed tn Vancouver.
Now that the exterior portion of
the land has been shorn ol  its
mantle, we must needs turn to the
interior, as it were.   Cultivation is
Inst billowing on the heels oi the
woodman, and it is safe to predict,
at no future date, that land will
teem    with     rich    vegetation,
Already settlers are squatting here
and there and everywhere, clearing
small patches and living off their
production,    From   Nortli   Vancouver there is an excellent eight-
foot plank road leading into the
camps,   affording   transportation
facilities that cannot he surpassed
for waggoning,   For a more delightful wall; or bike ride, among
tlie tall Iir nud cedar trees that
skirt the trail, one could not wish,
the steady natural incline going
making the   path  an   excellent
coasting road for the return journey.    Land in this rich belt   is
very rapidly increasing in   value
along   with   the  demand,    one
hundred dollars being asked per
acre.   For  small   holdings   this
meets the heart's desire, and ns
soon as a luitl';;'' spans the Second
narrows,   we may expect to see
Lynn valley rival many  ol   the
older  settlements.
Three miles further 1111 from the
saw mill is the intake for the
North Vancouver waterworks, at a
good elevation, the water here
being considered the very best,
creek   wends   its    way
 j*!i tbe valley, ami many other
smaller streams inteisect different
points, all joining the larger stream
ui its rush for lhe sen. Whal
better prospects, then, could tins
imbitious citv want than tin- op in-
ni- up in ibe inui future ot such
valuable ranching lands?
their seventh canon, on the subject of bowing before the altar:
"We heartily commend it to nil
good ami well-affected people,
that they be ready to tender to the
Lord theirreverenceandobeisance,
bnth at their coming in and going
out '*1 church, according to the
most ancient custom of the primitive Church in the purest times."
They also say "In the practice
tn omission of this rite, we desire
that the rule of charity, prescribed
by the apostle, may be observed,
which is: that they which use this
rite despise not those who use it
not, and they who use it not, condemn not those who use it."
B. Hansen, E. J. Hendry, A. C.
McDonald, M, Edwsrd Sim and
wile, 1 lurry Evans, S. H.  Arnold,
C. Hengham, Alex. McNair, Miss
McNair, Miss Hendry, J. A.
Hendry, J, 0, Benwell,
Church Notices.
Court of Revision.
The court of revision met on
Monday last, the reeve and
councillors being present. About
twenty-five appeals were lodged,
but only a lew appeared at the
court, J. Edward Bird appeared
lur Mr. Schlumberger, regarding
district lots 025 and bib. The
assessment of bib was sustained,
but that of (125 was reduced to S15
an acre. Mr. Gintzburger appealed for Baron H. de Silans,
regarding block 33, district lot 550.
The court reduced the assessment
to sti 00, for inside lots and S2110
for comers. 1). G, Marshall
appeared for tlie Nor'.li Vancouver
Land and Improvement Company,
regarding dislriel lot 544. The
assessment wus reduced to $200
an acre. Mr. Marshall also appeared for the owners of several
sections, west of the Capilano.
The assessment nf 555, 550 and
7(12 were sustained, lhe assessment ol 237 and 775 was reduced
to J?too an acre, and a part of 554
to .saSn an acre. All th: other'
assessments, made by Assessor
Philip, were sustained, The
assessed value ol the district now
stands as Allows:
License Board.
A meeting for the purpose of
ascertaining public opinion re the
granting of 11  hotel  license,  was
held in tbe municipal hall, on
Friday afternoon, by the piembers
of the license board, namely;
Messrs. Kealy, reeve; J. C. Keith,
ami W, 1). Wickendon, Councillors Allen, and Morden. Besides
tin missioners present there was
also a contingent representative ol
those opposed to a license, J. E,
Bird represented the applicant,
Mr. Wm. Reda, who proposes to
erect a $10,000 hotel, besides
other substantial outlays within
the city limits. J. C. Keith spoke
in favor of the license, as
did several other members of the
board, but on the whole ihe
majority were reticent. It was
finally agreed to, as the applicant
intended benefiting the city, to ask
him to present to the commissioners, at llieir meeting in
June, a petition, praying for a
license, signed by three-fifths of
the ratepayers within a radius ol
two miles of the proposed hotel.
The meeting then adjourned.
North Vancouver is well postered
with worthless curs.
We like to hear n father say ol
his son:   "He's a good boy."
A. C. McDonald, Victoria, paid
the town a dying visit on Monday
J. A. Smith and wife, Victoria,
paid the lown u visit on Monday
J. C, Williams has returned
from his trip to Montreal and New
North Vancouver needs houses
for workinginen at reasonable
The telephone was kept busy
yesterday on account of the bush
R, M. Mills, Toronto, registered
at the Hotel North Vancouver this
Allan B. Crosley, New York,
was looking over the townsite this
■real number of them in c.cu-
ation. So don't be in a hurry to
narrv; you can do that almost any
old time. Those who have tried
il say it is quite a task to cut loose
irom a stick of n man after you
ie up to one.
I'ln:   new   butcher   shop,
Lonsdale avenue,
is almost coin-
Mr. and Mrs. Ki.llar, of Fourteenth street, have removed to
I'toine's camp.
Albert Emerson, who was laid
up for a week with  a  sprained
is work,
lack at 1
No Sunday Cars.
To the Editor of Tin-: Exi'RESS:
Rural area, land	
Rural area, improvements	
City area, land	
City area, improvements	
The Beautiful Lynn Valley
Lying just to the north-east ol
Nortli Vancouver, and covering
over 14,000 acres, is a valley wbosi
name some day will be synonymous with the beautiful. Penetrating into and between Iwi
ranges ol mountains, whosi
streams spread fertility, the Lynn
valley first became known ovei
thirty years ago. The old Moodyville saw mill company was the
first on the ground, their limits
extending the whole length ami
breath ol the valley. Their army
ol chopper! picked out tin
choicest Iir limber, which lint
■kidded to their mill al Moody
villo. 011 the inlet, by the usi ol
the mule ami the ox. Eventually
these linns were withdrawn! am
for a number ol years ihis  wilder
ncss was allowed to recupurati
from the disfiguration caused bj
the logger.   But hero  was   to
valuable a proposition in the  WB)
ol timber to leave in itssequestcrc
grandeur, Ten years ago tin
Hastings Shingle Manufacturing
Company acquired these limits
ami deposited a large army ol nn■:
011 the frontier Ol this limber land
gradually hewing their way decpei
ami deeper inlo its recesses, lea*
iug iu their wake nothing bin
charred stumps and spragglin|
twigs, uniil today thoy havo 1 ul ,
swiirlll two miles  wide  nnd  foil
miles long. Still there is enougl
timber to last many yi ars am
supply the greater portion "I tin
Northwest. Today then is .1
.i.'i igc I'l one hundred cords 0
shitigli bulls being taken from tin
The service in St. Andrew's
church, on Sixth street, will be
conducted by the pastor. In the
morning at 11 a. m. Mr. A. S.
McDowell, ol Moodyville, will be
ordained to the eldership,
In the evenivg at 7:30 p. in. the
subject will be "Lessons From the
Sunday school at 2:30 p. 111.
Si 1 vim at Moodyville at 7 p. m,
Christian Endeavor on Wednesday at 8 p. ni-
Pastori Rev. J. D. Gillam, M.A.
sr.    JOHN'S   CHURCH,    CORNER   or
Fourth Sunday after Faster (Mav
13th)—lflH-V    COMMUNION,       11:30
it. 111.
Fifth Sunday after Easier! Rogation Sunday, May 20th)—Hoi.v
COMMUNION at S a. 111.
Morning prayer, 11 a. 111.; evening prayer, 7:30 p. in,
Sunday school, 10 a. m.
Wednesday, evensong 4:30
p. tu.
Practice Friday, B p. m,
The great festival of the
Ascension, falling this year on
May 24th, should make it 1 asiei
for church people to join in worship ou ihat glorious day,
The following notes from the
decisions ol modern councils ol
iii' t imu b nl England may be ol
iiit.t. sti The eightei uih canon,
.,| the "Constitution "I the Chun h
of England,"   drawn   up   un lei
I .um . I., in [603,  and   reviji d   111
1865, decrees as follows! "Winn
in the time of divine Bcrvicc the
Lord I ("-us shall be mentioned,
Im- and lowly reverence shall be
lone by all persons present, as ii
bath been act ustoinod,"
The canon proi cede to give the
reason foi bowing in tin se word 1
"Testifying by these outward
ceremonies and gestures tin ir inward humility, 1 hristtan resolution,
.md dm .11 knowledgemi nt that the
Lord J'sus Christ, tin trm cton il
Son ni God, is tin only Savioui ol
ih, world    .   .   ."
,1  total
This dues not include
ot 273. which is valued at
of J 145,000.
It  may be stated that
above assessed value of rural lands 1
is   iudluded   flu,04(1   of     lands
Slit,—As a lover of the glorious
Sabbath- the one day in the week
ou which all the cares of a business ur industrial world may be
laid aside —I would respectfully
ask space in your must valuable
paper to oiler a protest against the
running ul the street cam on Sun-
1 day. This is a residential place,]
a city oi homes as ii were, where
$1,014,856 S[r,.,:, cll,, -,u. not n,v,|,:l|   li^'
tlu-y are in a larger city.   Could
+7>5001 not a plebiscite be taken to pro-
l,477'5"u Iiii.-- nm,ling lhe ir.iincars on  lhe
Lord's dny, providing the counci
199,710 refuses to move  in  the  matter
Yours trill).
Lord's D\v Uiiskrvrr,
North Vancouver, B.C., May 3,
the  'yo()-
Mr. Edward Sim and wife, San
Francisco, are stopping at the
hotel this week.
The rain today was indeed
welcome, as the loresl fires will
now be put out,
P, F. Harris, South Bend,
Wash., is a guest at the Hotel
North Vancouver.
The lady at Moodyville. who
has had ague several days, missed
her chill lasl nicht.
which are I
war grants
111 pt
Id as South African
and are at presenl
exempt irom taxation. Alter
making all necessary deductions
foi exemptions and improvements Ij'
there is a total taxable land value
of $2,422,240.
At the close of the session the i
assessor presented the reeve and
councillors with a neatly bound !
typewritten copy of the assessment
roll of the undivided 'municipality,
which is the last one before incorporating as a city.
A Complaint.
The Dog Show.
The Cumber spaniels, owned
by Mr. Crickmay, won first, second
and third prizes,
Pointer, Lady Nell, owned bj
Mrs. A. Hodgson, won lirst as
puppy bitch, second in novice
class, second in limit, first in open,
and a reserved winner   live prizes.
Pointer, Beauty Girl, owned bt
A. Hodgson, won second in the
open class.
Chas. Mn's tiny
To the Editoi ol Tm. Express:
Sir,—The boys had  belter quit
trying to make a comfortable
mie lor themselves, Instead
attend church on Sunday. Don't
look over the townsite on the
Lord's day, lie good and stay
with your" 1 rk during the week:
to loose time you 1
your job, and the parson nei . .. 1
weekly offering, His wile musl
have her holiday, and her poor
lonesome husband tut]st go to the
finest hotel bis purse will allow.
Better iur the boys to live in
shacks lhan at an hotel. Keep
the doors and nates all shut on the
Sabbath, except those to the
church.   Yours truly,   DaUUOE.
North Vancouver, C. C, May
Kcal estate translers made by
Messrs, Irwin & Billings tins week
were as follows! Three lots in
block 87; double corner, Si
George and Fifth struts; 3 lots m
white terrier block 63, on Thirteenth street] 5
was the smallest dog at the show acres in the Lynn valley; lot in
ami attracted a good deal of | block uo, on Fifth street; as wc"
Mis. l;. Hit..', dogs wen
awarded six prir.es, The full lisi
will be given next Week,
also    s. v. iai    hall .11 ro     lots,
Prospi 1 is good.
Hotel North Vancouver
1.' lb. i'i rn ha - rei 1 ived word
limn Ins sisti 1. Mrs David dlass,
ni 1 iai ii la.ni, east a 1 slgary, thai
-in and her husband lost theii
home and belongings bj .1 fin
lt'n eutlt they Insl ,1   line   ta .1111   of
horses whit h had been burnt in .1
astblc at 1 algary.
-;  ..   'll   1*1     I64O      allbO      Salt
The following wi re tin gm 1
re [i ti red sl tha hoti 1 tins wi ek
W, A. Harkins, S. R, Robli, Miss
Ki nil Hcfferman,   Hon,   j.   W.	
iiibb, Mi. ami Mrs. |. \V. Blanch' The North Vancouvei Boating
field, Iv K. Purdj and wife, 1 . E. 1 bib is alreadj getting down In
Illusion. K.  M.  Mills,   K.   W, business    Tho two scnl
Schocning,   C,    W.     Rodcnbcr, p ml by tin- club here,  havi
('.has. Booth, Mr ami Mrs. Simp   been brought across the mi. 1, .md
arc being ovi rhanli d pn paratorj
to then us,., 11,. in,, nan d si nils,
donated by Mi rs, Diploi a in I
Monti litis lasl 11 1  ni, -ii' .iii.niiiii'.
a .'.. is tbe;     ivi   I en madi
ready foi . ■. in    sti     ''■'• I* ing
II       llll Ja -1      a  I      tb| \\.   |l, |-|
1 orp nation
Jas. N. Black, Ferguson, B, C,
was a guest at the Hotel North
Vancouver on Sunday.
The local lire brigade have now
got a mascot. It is a young rabbit caught at the bush lire.
Not a banana can be bad for
love or money in North Vancouver.
A car-load is expected shortly.
When a man is real sleepy, you
can easily find out his temperament by trying to cheer him up.
Ninth Vancouver and Moody-
villo was well ropn sen ted at the
da :■ .liiiw.ii! Vancouver, this wi ek.
Some children are so thoroughly
savage that llieir only amusi ment
sriins tu be in annoying someone.
It is as natural Inr 11 man to long
to go fishing mi Sunday as it is lor
a woman to long to go to church.
K. W. Rodcmber, Chas. Booth
and K. W. Schoening, ol Chicago,
paid the town a llyilig visit this
The education department, at
Vii tiria, has added Moodyville to
ill ' ilisttict j! Ni ith Van
Hector Stewart, ol Vancouver,
called on THI EXPRESS yesterday.
He will leave lor Dawson in a
week or two.
There is a good deal of excitement because ol a slory that a
certain North Vancouver girl paid
(28 (or a hat.
Tin m is everything in the righl
person making a request; you
wouldn't give youi 1 mpty tin cans
in some people,
The work ol clearing Qui ens
but*, driveway has been started,
the  slashing    nl    the    tie. 1    has
already been finished,
li  Rumor hath it that a tut
popular young lady, "I Moo
will li<' married in .1 da) 01 two lo
.1 wi il knowi inin 1.
Mrs. Hogg, of lhe Esplanade,
lias opened a circulating library)
ilso she has on band a stock of
ivriting materials.
A rural philosopher claims that
woman was made out ol a little
piece of a dog's tail. Anyhow
they've been growling ever since.
Mr. Sloan, of Vancouver, is
building a very nice house, on
Fifth street, between Lonsdale
avenue and Chesterfield, lot 27,
block 120.
A woman can never understand
how a man, who lacks the patience
to thread a needle, can sit on the
bank ol a stream all day waiting
for a bile.
Brassey & Quinn are to be congratulated upon the expedition of
clearing the horticultural grounds.
This is the second park they have
Cleared ihis season.
The Indians are downcast over
the fact that the lire in the grass
has destroyed unknown numbers
of game birds, burning up their
nesis as well as the chicks.
The partnership between Leon-
hardt & Harrington, of the Puro
restaurant, on the Esplanade, has
been dissolved, Mr Harrington
carrying on the business himself.
Contra 1- have been let a i Ii ii
13, blm k   111,   mi
S' 1 nnd street, on whii h llu   pn •
00 ' d new lintel will In' 1 in i' 'I
Speaking on the boat the other
day of the C, I'. R, inaugurating
the afternoon tea on ils passenger
trains, a wag suggests that the
ferry company go and do likewise.
This is the limit: A newly-
wedded couple, apparently on
their honeymoon, were in town
yesterday. The man was 20 and
the woman about 45, and she calls
him "papa."
Bin Campbell, the barber, says
that it is funny that some women
have the notion that it is unladylike in look in a barber shop when
they pass along the street. He
ought to know.
Ten mills, one cent; ten cents,
one dime; ten dimes, one dollar;
ten dollars one eagle; or, ten mills,
lone cent; ten cents, one   drink;
I ten ''rinks, one drunk; one drunk,
ten days or ten dollars.
For several weeks there has
been "talk" because a certain
North Vancouver girl had ap-
pan nil* lust her young man. But
she has caught hiln again; anyway,
they Wen on Lonsdale avenue together lasl night.
Mrs. Howard, of North Van-
1 ouvi 1,111 eivi d a letter yesterday,
Irom Berkeley, slating lhat her
son Charles, who   was   at   San
i-i luring the earthquake(
is sale, Tins was tin first infoi-
mation shi n 11 ived.
It is s.-ini th.it Nordica receivi .
ms. bu one timet rt.    It isn't
worth a I In concert William's
Uiiguinl I lixii jubili cSingeri will
givi in North Vani inner, on the
iiitli instant, will be worth a dozen
Nordii .11 "in eiis.
son, Tims. McCoogc, [as. \
Gill, K. M Mills in". II, Selwin,
Jiilui W.ildm.ui. Wn . |ai k ion,
Mr. ami Mi 1. Cummins, James N
Black, Allan B  Ci islcy, Sam A
Rose,    W.   C.    M  •"'.    \
Busscll, \ MeLeod, K K
\] istei    ! A Smith sn I wile,   |
I hoi   Bland, manager of  tbc
foronto 1'i.ni' b nl the Mergi n-
ilialei Linotype 1 ompany, ol New
A,Pi   Archibald has taku, up York, called on   I'm   Exrai     ra
temporarj    residence    in     Mi    ''" ''""    Mr'  i11'""1 ls '*"" ">
Bonner's house, whal he built al ''"'   "il"' -    A   <"'   l l,iinV'
the uppei end ol Lonsdale av* nm   "' Wls '"'"I"1'" l!;" tho 8row'h -
Ihi plai t ind pn dn ts greal things
Residents in the neighborhood lor North Vancouver,   lie led for
of Lonsdale  avenue   ami   Fifth Portland via Victoria
ircol wen complaining  at   thi
ill    '       ,     gOing   "II   tll.'l'     ll   '        " •      a
Mis. |). (i. Diik rcturnid
I101111 on Wi dm sday evening Irom
1 *i t to In 1 '."ii Robt. W.  Dick,
in .11 Mis.nm City
Somi womenare slwi ys ci
'Hit      "It'i'.li'a'    tl"*'. .   I
1 havi n 1 gol ,1 thin :   in
,■..,„     And t,i Unt w || go oui   , Ml  '  l'1'" A Sl '' tiameisa
.11 arrived home on Wedni id ij
had bi'tit t  In   old morning liom llu ii  world girdling
■    '   ' .,.....,
worthless men, and thci    1 re all    1 ■ nny THE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B.C.
And  returns year after year or develops
into Asthma or Consumption, the Cure is
Dr. Chase's Syrup of Linseed and Turpentine
!;     ■ LOO I i SL'llSI
1   a "■     it I'll
li   .'If   ill"-!'    |i
' :     .'     :
i snniu ili'tid
'      i  mil   lever,
■   '
Icy ami I Then
i      i ■ .
A '-  .
,    11
lllll  Wl
'    ..'
1,        ■        |h„
' '     ' ■
ri iiciii', ■   ::i   iv, efl .
lei    n     .:.'.  Inn 'nil
an . a a i. ia  inn ironqli-
disei Be so '!..n ii tlooa
ii. ■ ■ "ii'l Willi row. Shubenn-
'   -   -   S'.S    f    ti -' "I lnit'e
S     1111 all   l.illl-'l'll llllll
■ ■ . iho '    was  ibli '1 wiili
tin    i.      "i three
i   " In
mill cl - ■ a      several
mi ilm Hrsl tloii, ul Hr.
'    bill ■ ■ .    ii'l Turn-
I'a'lla   i        i'l,
a ure. This
■     . from I
llu* i       ,i. ■','  i" rinan
i'i''    ii    a ,i- .-  Syrup 'ai   Unseed
lias saved us  many
. '. i 1  would liar llll ttilii
I It ll ..a ISC iall' Ina.I,t  '
:-■ a lip 'a;   I. nd
"t cents a bottle, family
ilmi      - mm
era or v. Inu usm   I
Co., Toronto.   To |irotecl you ngainsl
portrait nnd signature
ii Di A IV, Chase, the tiunoii     i  Ipi
ure "ii every imx.
NORTH Y.iNC'HA'l.l; 11. A
A Weekly Ni".t'-|'ii|ii'r.   ■   Published in
Tin; AM'lil -IH I'Rl.Vl Nt! don-pan'*
Stili -i:|ati.iii o.i ■ Dollar per \ ear
iiKOlKih. i:\iiti,KV.
Managing Editor
,i. lii'iii; (iiiiiu)NN
Advertising Mnnagor.
Wl   ' ■ "i bill llu* years thai mako
And im- uf i lay
And ■' ■                eartl   md wako
■ . i     a ■.
Vi bu      id ■.    ii. I hours
T    ■ .-. lli woe
And -i . "I'll with flow'
And    i h snow"
C. nadian Tribute to th; Great Woman
Suffraajisl and Reformer.
l'i -rt   ,\| i ■!,   li '
tho v. Knl ml  a
'   '
. 11   i mosl
a the I ' iry   f
:         . i In rl-
i I                                11 ii  ilie
I Ull' I   It!.'.I'll   it  |      |
'     '     '   ■ I '       '
getting  -
r half a century as        i '
i Held bed rill I
■ ■
i   ■        years uf hm
i gn .(
i    '
I during  Ih*
Blio t nl
VI \ i-
r i
.  I    u|i ni
Why Canadian Peer Failed to Be Styled
Lord Glenco'e.
When s> Donald Alexander Smith
wa ■ -i ii t i- lie was ai slous to
,i iu f Lord Glencoc, In
i . if King William III- sny.- The
' Ni at-    nm no sooner had he
i ntlon than not only
all the Mscdonalds, but even the very
. and, Indeed, all S Hand,
r:-.- i in their voices In such angry
protest al the Idea of a man of tho
i ' Smith, In no way c ■     '  I
v th i ther ot lhe clans concerned  in
■ re, assuming the name ot the
Gli n ot Wi. i Ing (which I.- tin- meaning
e) that sir Donald ••■
pi    I      -.-.     i'.uv his appllc iti -ii i)
the Cr wn, and i ntcnt himself In-
stead with I   i tltli   t L ird Strathcona,
Apr ipo ftlu mai u r ol ' Hen toe,
an ani ■ nl ; r ictlce la Btlll In vogue to
this day In Scotland. Whenever a Mao-
i if mi la.-ii ol  i ih le in
tins Old C intry, ho i- In the habit ot
illher pass i.a,- to him, or else holding
t iviir.i; liim. a knife, bl toren t,
that la to Bay, pointing the blade at
him, by way of Indicating thai (ho
iii rous massacre by the Campbells
uf the Macdonalds, uh ise li ■ i Itallty
■:■ t ■ re ,-tu lying snd by whom they
had I n   most   kindly   rei elvi I,   at
Clone ie in 10-, has novcr been forgotten   ■ ' ■
Lord Straihcona, by tho way, Indignantly denies the Btory so
prlnti I to the effi cl th it he b
a' .ni i : an i b iy iii ii village dry goods
storo In Scotland, than he came t"
America In I leei ind Ihal id i
i rt slay In New Ifork, he wander-
. i m to Can id i, where he made his
top by Bt' p, hi thi I
the Hu i :i ii iy '''. i: 'in the lowi st
: became ll
pn    :- nt,   Hi  «   hes It to I n
■i was ' ir fr im being as
i . ■ raphcr
ii ,.  i    ..'i, among
Hies ol Morayshire, and
lhat I lau [liter ot the
same bluc-bl mded h 'Use lo which the
I-      .1  Stew-
iii' us kins-
aa ,   •
who were I lhe '
yblo   Br tli i     In  Charles  Dickens'
i rning his living In hli
errand boy  In a  i
'        Hud law al Edinburgh, and,
■    -        ' ■ ii >  .     . r In
11..   ■. ■ ran    i ut, "ii ' trary,
a fir.-1 ng r, ■:. Ith a coi
ei -1 iii- i iwerful Jiud-
stti Hay Co
mil sufl
■ ■  ■ ,
ll n. but I lhe |U
pr i V'll
'   •
111   I „„|,|.»a . tail, ,|   I',,,'I.
l.indies   ii f Iai*
I Hint I
i   i I
III.    11,-lllllHlall
A teacher In o certain school risked
f ir th.' definition 'if a furrier. A buud
tm, raised. "Well, John, you tell us
what a furrier Is." "A man who deals
in furs," correctly replied the pupil,
Thou, turning tn another scholar, tho
teacher asked for the definition of a
currier. "A man who deals lu curs,"
wus tlii unexpected reply of tbe eager
Do   Not   U        ■■ '     Purg.itives   and
Weakening Medicine-*— a.nai People
Need at  thli Season  is a  Tonic. ■
■ ,
in u
ill" ui" Ii'in'l
i . ....
D ■    i .
Winnipeg's New Suburban Site the
Most Beautiful in the
Canadian West.
Winnipeg s tn « residential sub-dlv-
isiini, Tuxedo Park, which has been
iiiii.i'il m considerably durlug tho pnsl
lew months will shortly be placed on
the market, Tins is the mosl pretentious unl must elaborate Biib-dlv-
isiuii ever made In Wlnnlpog and in
iiiei excels nnythlng ol the kind yet
mii mpieil otitsldu ol lhe older and
mosl in -iiii'iii' cities on the continent.
iii,. in.-' authentic announcement obtained   ri gnrdlng   Turn do Park wns
 It ri - utl*. b) Sir. liifAi'ii Outhet,
ni .\i ,-.   luii, and Montreal, who is
oi i tin  :.    i celebrated engli rs
ia   .: in America and makes
. ■, ■ uf lajiin' ni! city plots.
th Utithui speiii over ii month in
i lo ins depart-
ur,. for the south In was Induced lo
disclose the purpose of his visit, In
ui inti iM'it with n newspaper man,
ha' Bald: "liy visit was entirely ot
;i professional nature,    My services
i'.'«i.    ia 'ni i   by ih,' Tuxi 'in Park
i it. of Winnipeg, and I have been en-
.■in'. : in preparing plans which are
Intended to converi the u right (arm
which lies ensl of the now City Park
In St. Charles and hns lhe agricultural
college In its midst, and is skirted on
th, north hy the Asslnlbolne river, lulu Tuxedo park, which, In my opinion,
is iii si1ne:| io be the suburb beautiful
ui your city,
"Nearly three years ago," continued
Mr, Unthet, ...r. 1'. W, Heubach, the
managing directoi of the company,
called m in} olflee In Tuxedo Park,
,\t'ty Villi., nml gave me n rough out-
i An nt the In; rn the land, Us extent
1 inui manifold advantages as a rei Men-
iini nil li ■ and asked mo to prepare
■ plan for ts subdivision,   This I did
. anil in ii niiiiiih or so forwarded my
■ -.' li i ii approval, The sketch was
siibmltli I to the board of directors
nl tim luxedo Park Co. lust fall, and
did nol prove entirely satisfactory,
Homo chnnges were dei med necessary, These I made ii ni re
turned lhe plans. Aboui Ix weeks
ago l I* celve I a wire to conn in Winnipeg, and since my arrival have
been busily engaged upon lhe ground
preparing ii new plan, tvliiili I inn
conlldem ttill nol only satlsfj Llie directors ni the compnny, bin also bi rang-
iy appeal lo the progressive views of
your citizens, No, I cannol show
these plans. Tliey are hardly yet In
Bhnpe in lie examined by the press,
i enn merely sny thai the Tuxedo
Park of Winnipeg wilt be in advance
"' nnythlng before ntteuipted lu the
"llio Wrighl farm, the property In
question, as you know, runs for n mile
along iin' prottiesi pari ot the Asslnlbolne river and back n> the tracks of
the Cauadlnn Northern Railway. Further wesl ii adjoins the new city park,
whllo the .Mnnitniiii agricultural college property Is surrounded on three
Bides by this magnlticenl tract., Those
An features ulone Insure rnpl l devel-
"I'liii'in ni Tuxedo ns ii residential dis
Irlct, and gunrnnteo largo proflta m
the  wise Investor,
The system of diagonal avenues Is
sure in lie Immensely popular. The
Idea is copied principally from the layout rn Washington, D. C, one ol the
in' i betiutiiiil cities in the world, nnd
nlthough Instituted sn long ni a as
i iin, to-day represents one of the
mosl populnr Btyles ot Inn
i iiiii' dure ever adopted, Of course
ihls system uses up considerable
more land, bill the directors ol Tuxedo park have nol economised, eitlu i
in tins tt'nt or nny other way, nnd 1
believe their efforts to make this new
subdivision i1"' mosl ha autiful In tho
wesl will certainly meet with lhe approval of nil residents of Winnipeg
'..in, arc seeking a suburban home,
Annum lhe other fentures is a Inn
ti serve fur nihil lie purposes nnd nu
ii'iiniiiiiil"   goll   links,    A   parkway
ri vi    11" feel hi width,   wlil   wind
' "in- ii -  course ol lhe AsRlnlbolne,
■nl nn riverside houses will be ro.
Hiilred '" me.- in Ihls direction.   Another   poltu   Is linn nil sowers, ens
. witter mains nnd electric llghl
will he laid In Iho lunes,   Thus
om e nsphnll
'..--. laid, win always remain Intact and
"Probably the must advanced Idea
Is iimt ": Iln  ■ |iei lw.it-. which runs
n ■  ■ around the Btiburb,   li Is laid
i ne ''. proi Ide, 111 regular road-
ivnj; (2i bridle path; i I) horse s| d-
Hl   n itomoblle Bpee Iwny, be-
lioiilovnrds,   walks,   etc,   Tho
> -i straightaway
li  iin' world, ninl Is n private
run i wlthoul nny Intersection.   It is
ihorotori" entirely  under iho control
"i lhe i nx  In company, nnd no limit
■ In   fixed h)  either municipal or
vie   authorities upon lhe s| | of
,;■     i "   Certainly this
mould prove mi" nf ih" Rri ti
■       itractioi   lo Ihosc Inti
in ii word, I firmly
in lleve Hmi Tuxedo park, n- it is now
leveloped,  will   prove one nf
.''■'.     the  si in-,-. »■
nn i  mosl  pii ,-
Villi I'll.'    'II e I'lini Is Idi 'li
!' •■ method "i currying II onl ih" mosl
l'i    Ivi
Outhet expn   ed both pleasure
' li" termed "ihis
■ ■  Winnipeg," and the hope thnl
tv irk he liml already dnno here
n -nli in his early recall In pul
' '" ii I    mi tho plans for
tlie suburb beautiful."
"There Is a coldness between Jones
and Drown,"
' Yes, Jones called Hrown n llfo lu-
, io tlii'ei lor tin- oilier day."
A Common Story.
"Wli you lose anything in tho cold
my faith In human nature, bo-
sides it little money,"
Stole His Lies.
"II" Is such n llnr."
"i ih, nil men un' linrs."
"Ye ] but he is such an unoriginal
Rural Delivery is Too Costly.
Tin- Postniastor-Ueneral presented
in the House n reporl of the Investigation made by Mr, William Smith,
secretary of the Post-Office Department, and Mr, Geurgo Ross, chief
post-olltce Biiperlniendont, Into lhe
winkings nf lhe rural free delivery
si'i'vlcn in iii" United States, The
itin ollicials tvi'iii to Washington Insl
year and wero received with every
courtesy by tho United States postnl
nii.i-inls. They slate ilnn II was obvious ilnn ilm service wns very popu-
Iai  i ng Hi" ollicials, inn iln'iv is
nol the sllghtosl likelihood thai 11 ttill
ever become, self-sustaining, In the
Spring of Insl yenr Ihere wore 110.000
i uml free delivery routes in operation,
nn I new inn's being added nl the rule
nl .'nn ii month. The rule requires nl
ia ■ a population nf loo (amllli - on a
route Innil A in iln miles in la in III I"'
fori Hi" dislriel becomes entitled in
rn " delivery, The rural carrier Btops
within half a mile of nny i sttihl died
I olllco, Thoro is im five dellvory
in cities "r towns of li ss Hum lo.oot)
li liablinnts, and nn annual n venue
" ■'"pun, inn lhe repon Bays Ihal a
demand in ihls direction Is bound tn
According in presenl plans and al
- ni rules nf pay Mn' cosl of
llu  service lo Ihe United Slates this
t. ar will certainly ho nol iess lhan
from thirty-two nnd a halt to thirty-
m million dollars, while   tho   do-
i' i cannol bo less than twenty mil-
i      loiiai's,
The reporl snys thnl If Bitch n service were established in Canada the
annual deficit would amoiini lo millions nl dollars, the grentor pi rtlon
"i ihe burden falling upon tho agricultural population,
The reporl closes with the Btatemenl Hun In Uie opinion ni' ihe two
ollicials the Hmo 1ms nol nrrlvod tor
Hi" Canadian Post-olllce Department
li enter upon a rural tree dellvory
Minard's Liniment Cures Burns, etc.
Students In the Kostromunn high
scl Is, Knssiii, robbed the head mas-
ler in' money with which lie wns to
pay the teachers,
Prevenl Disorder,—Al the flrsi symptoms of Internal disorder, Panne-
lee.- Vegetable l'ills Bhould i»' resorted ni Immediately.   Two or tin (
these salutary pellets, taken before
going in bed, followed by doses of one
or nm pills tor two or three nights In
succession, will serve ns n preventive
ni nilni'lis lit dyspepsia ninl llll tho
discomforts which follow in the train
in ilnn fell disorder. The menus are
simple when lhe uny is known.
The Uerninn Emperor gave away
two allegorical drawings, made hy
himself, nn the occasion of his silver
"Perfectly   Trustworthy"    Is   the
i' .inui"!' of Blcklo's AnH-Consnmp-
live Syrup,   It enn ho used with the
■ ii aa confidence thai li will do whal
Is Claimed for It. li is sure in iis effects, ns tho nsi' rn' ii will ch inly do-
im ntinil" (unl imu be relied upon in
mivc n cold "111 "f llie system more
i ili'i'ilvi'ly  thnn  any other i Heine,
Try ii and be convinced thnl it is what
it is claimed lo he.
Countess do Mlrnndn, Iho   Swedish
nlghtlngiile.has losi $200, nl Monta
Carlo this season,
Tiin   so-called   sontiitng medicines
contain poisonous opiates thai deaden
 1 stupefy, hm never cure the little
ailments of childhood, Baby s Own
'tablets nre guaranteed i" conlnln im
opiate, they ncl nn tho Btomnch nnd
inni'i'ls nnd ihus remove lhe cause ot
nearly nil tho His llml nllllcl Utile
(Hies. In liis wny Ihey bring nnlural,
lu in hy sleep, (imi ihe child wakes up
bi'inhi and well, Mrs. A, Weeks, Vernon, ii.c. snys: "I have used Ruby's
int a Tabids ninl enn cheerfully sny
Hmi I hnvo found thom nil ynu claim
foi them," These Tablets nro good
fnr children of nil nges from blrlh on-
ward S"l l by nil medicine dealers
ia ■ sonl hv innil ni :.'."'i' n box in writing
tin Dr Wllllnms Medicine Co., Brock-
villo, tun.
The government nr   Now   Zoninnd
has siiirii'ii in buslnoss ns a denlor In
"I believe It to bt thi moil effective
remedy for Ihe Stomach -nd Nerve. In
the market," I. whnt Annie Pntterfan. of
Baekvlllo, Mil,, say- nf South AtniTla-.-n
Neil Ilia',      fair.      Bllia   "HIVS,    I.fl   drlpiae   illl'i
the a..iii|alli'ntlon-  which fnllowi-il It  |,ft
her next to .1eml with Indlsestlon, Pys-
r'Spits, and General Nervoui Bhatti'ilnf.
t cured her.—100
Changes In tli" cottrso of tho pro-
posed railway from Ensl Ospe in com
neei with the Siberian rnllwaj Involve
nu Increase in mileage from 1,000 tn
s,nmi mn,is.
bj tli9 ririiler
from whom j
von hiiv Sun-
llKht Hoaji »
you fliiil any
ct\u*e for
Sunlight Soap is better
than ot.ier soaps, but is
aie-t when used in the
£vrnlight way.
reward  Will
l-fPiuri who
ttrovea that
Su fillu hi Sou ]>
oontilni ftuy
ii J u r I o u •
mIi rr
idt form of
Equally good with hard or soft water.
Lavcr Brothan Limit.A. Toronto
A Fortified Flat,
A French newspaper tllscoverctl, or
piTieiuis to havo discovered, n inrii-
lied lint in I'nris. A sixth floor apart-
mom was rented three years ago,
with a permission In the lease in tiro
tenant to mnlio nny alterations de-
sn* ii. sinee then tho house hns
chnngeil slightly from day to day.
sum ns came und put up steel shut-
tei'a before the windows, Tiny were
shiuiers vi«ry much llko those mi"
sees in Iiiiiii "f III" simps In the Iiniii-
et'iii'iis. iiiii thicker, anil nr Bteel,
iinn n steel platform wns erected on
the ninl mnl liiieil with n searchlight.
i in alrcnse between the fourth nnd
mill iiniirs wns narrowed anil n steel
door tins substituted tor the wooden
en,' in the bend ol It, Another Bteel
tluor protected the Blnlrcaso lending
in the roof, nml all lhe other doors
In tho iini were exchanged for Bolld
unit. Cupboards were made In the
nulls, mnl wero lilted With lulse hot-
nuns. In one wns un Iron bedstead,
which could be made in disappear Into the wall wiili one movement, Tbc
whole llul wns fitted with electric
wires. Tin' Ports paper Bays the oc
cupiinl is n Hiiyniisi, who wus once
tiled im' plotting ngainsl the Republic
Curious Naval Orders.
Uuring tho Bhnnghnl rims recently
It   WOllld   seem  (llllliisl   (is ll   siune "('
the marines who protected tho settle-
i ii ui iiiusi imu' been going about In
pyjamas and wearing Ihuk hair like
girls; inr the iniiiiwiiis is one of the
orders tor the Ornish navy men at
ii.ii.m.'s Consulate. "A church parade
will he held nn Sunday next, tor which
the men must be properly dressed.
Mglll Clothing is never tn he wiirn lu
ilie daytime, nml attention is colled
in uie inti that a greal many men's
hnlr requires cutting."—Jnpnn 'nines.
iin Nol Delay.—Whon through tli
in : digestive organs polsnn
llml.. iis wny inin i'i" blood, the prime
const lernilnn is to gel lhe poison oui
ns rapidly nnd thoroughly ns possible.
Iieliiy Hint menu disaster. Panne-
Ice's Vegolnblc Tills will he round u
iin-M valuable nnd effective medicine
lo n ibiiII ih.' Intruder with, The- mi
er lull. They en al once in tin Benl
rn the trouble and work a permaneul
Minard's Liniment Relieves Neuralgia
Queen Natalie, mother of tho murdered   King  Alexander, Is willing to
spend 115, tn creel n cnthedrai
if King Peter will conBenl i" Inter the
bodies of King Milan uml Alexander
- .
"My Physician- Toltl Me I Muat Dlt.
but Smith Anifili'ini Kl'hi'-v rute i-ur.4
mo nf ihnt nttftil Brlght's Dl«ea««." This
j. n itpnt.'iii'i' fi'tm n li-lior a*f n w-.ll.
known Ini.liia'n* tiiitn in ft iv-.ti-rn town
whr, thrntiRli overwork itnal worry had
aohtractt-d thi. klaln.y f.-ntllf-noo. II
will r.lli'tr In.titnily nnd cur* all kldnay
dl.a'llSt'S. —10!
Sun Marino, the Btnnllesl  republic
ill Hie World, will s.mil li" tVltllOUl ynl-
il ii   rate of emigration keeps up,
Itch. Mange, Prairie Scratches. Cub-
an Itch on Human or animals cured in
30 minutes by Wollord's Sanitary Lotion.  It never (ails. Al  all druggists.
The leaders of the constitutional
ileiiuie'iiis In Itussin ure divided on
the question of legislative program,
Military movements, nn a consider-
ni le still.-, nre belni i il Dur
ban 11 suppress the rebellious Zulu
Thomns Bnbln of Egllnton, Bays;
"l hnve removed ton corns from my
lew with Hollowny's Corn Cure."
Header, go thou nnd do likewise,
i-'iiiirt vu hiiinli'i il Bnllors belonging
in Hie Portuguese warships which i"
I'.iitly mutinied nro confined in bar-
Quebec Man tells how the Great Consumptive Preventative was
an all-round Benefit
in nit Btnbles for over n yenr, and i ■
siiloi h Hie VNKV BEST nn- horso
llesh I enn get, and wonl I Btrongly re-
cemmend it in nil horsemen.
Llverj Stnbli s, Quel  05 to 103 Ann
si reel.
" Me wir- look I.a Grippe *t-h*n she *•**«
In Ottawa,"sny* K. N, Dafoe ofNorthfleld
Farm, Que,, in nn Interview, "She ii-'t a
bottle oi Psychlno and after using it fori
t.-it days ihe was quite well, I took u cold
ami .nn using it ninl (im Retting all right,
I think Psycmne is a-,n. oi the best tonics
on tlie market to-day."
Thi ra you have iin- whole matter in a
imt.in il. Ia Grippe iniil colds are among
lhe foi ■iiinni'r* oi consumption)
This man had tun.', Ills wilt' had tin- olbf r.
Psychine nol only cured both hut ii built
them up so that their bodies nro strong
enough to rosi-a disease. All seeds ol
consumption are killed by
Tb' Spnnlsli Minister ol Finance bus
Introduced a b..i in Kite the Spanish
inn. iiiin. in complete control ovor In
surnnec companies,
(Pronounc-al S,..--n)
50c, Per Bottle
Snnlii-lil Simp is better than other
i- tthi'ii W^W^KKUUW^WI^W^Wt
Sunlight tuiv.   liny Sunliglil S„n| ,1 l*'*" •'■•• •' •""> •« «» aa-iBeia**
follow directions, ' DR. T. A. 8L0CUM, Limited, Toronto.
Pale, Thin,
Nervous ?
Then your blood must be In
a very bad condition. You
certainly know what to take,
then take it —Ayer's Sarsa-
parilla, IF you doubt, then
consult your doctor. Weknow
what he will say about this
grand old family tnedioine.
Sold for over 60 years.
Thli li Ih. Bnt "nMtl-ri yonr rlnctor wnnld
Ultl    "AT. , "... ia.|i| .It'.'"     Ila   lain.a
tlialajalt, u-ttnn laf th. bnw.ll il .haolilU.j
.aa.nll.l to rawTery, K.rn jnur lI.erMtlv.
.nil -tour tmw.la nnltl la" Ulllltil iMAUa.
ali.M ,,(.,",'< I'li a
Bi.alaii.'-liliara at
>_ nAUvraoi
.'ii'l' cute.
ciiuiv PsansAu
W    N    U    No.   582 THE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B. C,
•. A Series of Articles Descrlb- ji
Jj Ing their Lives, their Alms *
*l and their Influence, jj
a 55 1:
£ S. N. WYNN. I
$ .......t.... 4 .....i »«..'i
Managing    Editor   of   the    Yorkton
Of n verity the t'liiiiidinn West is the
young man's country when tlio nian-
sging editor ut n leading nowspapor iu
nn important town, Hie centre of a
prosperous district is not yet twouty-
ono years of age, In truth, the young
innii who holds sueli n responsible position competently, nud to tho satis-
faotion ol n large list ol subscribers,
must be beyond tho ordinary iu skill,
shrewdnois, business ability, and
knowledge of men nnd things,
Mr. 8, N, Wynn, of "The Enterprise," ii newspaper ot more than
passing influenco and typographical
appoaranco, published in the town of
Yorkton, in the newly created Province ol Saskatchewan, wns bum November 96, 1865, mnl although n few
months have yot to puss before ho is
legally entitled to register his vote
in public affairs, still Im exercises con
siderable voice in mutters ol general
Interest In tlio Province nnd district
whore he bus made Ins home and place
of business,
Ile is n native ol tho Province of
Ontario, buying boon born in the town
of Palmoraton,
Alter obtaining n good English education ut the Public nnd llie.li schools
of his native province, lie began tho
printing business leven years ii^o ns
<loril ill tlie offlce of the Tribune newspaper ni Toronto Junction, whero bis
lather and family reside,
The young novitiate iii the nrt pro-
Sorvative "I nrts quickly realized that
the day ut tlm typesetting machine
had arrived in the publishing business
and he took every available opportunity to become n "killed anil expert operator. When this was accomplished
he looked boyond the comparatively
limited opportunities afforded a skilled
operator ol u typesetting nineliine in
the printing nllico ot uu eastern Ontario newspaper and realised the
chancel offered in a country where
lack ol .vein.', tins mi advantage rather
than a drawback, where more than
anywhere elss in the wide world was
teeognisod tho truth   of the   saying
that youth must be served. And Mr.
Wynn came to Western Canada, Two
,T-t»r« ue" he went to Yorkton which
ho ihrowdly believed would give him
an opportunity of advancement beyond
th« manipulation of a typesetting machine.
A progressive   town, the   market-
place el an extensile mul splend'd ng-  but of tlm whole world, as
I'ieult'iriil ilistriet which was becoming
rapidly settled by ontorprising and Intelligent farmers, Yorkton gsve every
opportunity Inr tho growth mid expansion of u well-conducted loenl news-
piper, and [or n largo ami lucrative
job-printing business,
A year ago, one jour after bis connection with tho paper, Mr. Wynn was
appointed managing editor of the
xerkton Enterprise, which is considered one of tint must successful   nnd
one   of   tho   liveliest   newspapers of  Crown Prince.   It is training of this
the country    press of tbo   Canadian   kind Hint will flt I'rln
Young Prince With a Future — Royal
Uncle Giving Him Training In Diplomacy — Questions of Etiquette,
Princo Arthur's visit to Cnnuda possesses none uf tho significance that nt-
tnehed to the tour of lhe Duke and Duchess of Cornwall iind York, or the visit
of his kinsman, Prince Henry of Bat-
tonberg, hut nevertheless it Is an ovent
of considerable Interest. That the
young prince will be heartily welcomed
on his own account not less thnn as lhe
special envoy of King Edward may bo
taken fnr granted. Apart from his
royal blood, he Is a young man nf promise, and It would appear that his royal
uncle Is giving him il training In diplomacy which may bo of value to tho
nation In time to coma, It Is of the utmost Importance Hint the members "f
the royal family Bhould understand the
varied character mul aspirations of the
great colonies that owe them allegiance,
and even a rapid journey through Canada cannot fall to leave a lasting Impression on Princo Arthur. We know
ihat this was the case with tho present
Prince of Wales, for his public utterances have proved It. At tho same
time, the anxiety of our representative
cltlsena to Instruct the prince as to our
Institutions should not blind thein to
tho fact that he Is just a boy, and no
doubt fainder of a day's fishing thnn of
a Hoard of Trade bulletin. If they do
nothing but refrain from boring Prlnci
Arthur, we have no doubt that he will
hereafter speak with the utmost enthusiasm of Canada nnd all Canadians,
says The Mall and Empire,
A Question of Etiquette.
There Is ono unplensnnt feature that
seems Inseparable from all royal visits
to Canada, and for aught we know to
tho contrary it may npply to other
countries. This Is the jealousy and
misunderstandings that they invariably
provoke, sometimes between communities, but generally among individuals,
When Iho Duke and Duchess of Cornwall and York were here an Eastern
city was violently disrupted by a quarrel between the provincial and munld-
I pal authorities on a question of precedence. It may be that tho feud then
engendered has not yet been S"ttled, so
we can only mention the Incident.
When Prince Henry of llaltenberg was
here there were heart-burnings, but it
wns not till he had l"ft that the Inevitable Incident transpired. In this case
It was a matter uf the pay and transportation of his men. Now wo observo
that precedent Is followed at Vancouver, and a quarrel Is developing on
the subject of silk tints and frock cats.
Some of the democratic nltlermen decline to dolT their celluloid collais and
cowhide boots in h aimr of the prince,
(unl argue that the wearing of conventional garments Is nt variance with a
robust Canadian spirit.
The Duke's Example.
If Prince Arthur Is like his father In
matters of dress he Is sure to be highly
diverted when he learns of the Vancouver controversy, Tho Puke of Con-
naught was recently In South Africa,
and the Capo Town Times' Illustrations
of his reception at various points are
Interesting as Studies In dress. In tho
score or so of photographs of distinguished groups the duke Is Invariably Iho plainest dr ssed man In sight,
lie almost always appeared In a light
tweed suit and a Panama bat Sometimes the other members of the party
spurted silk hats and frock coats, and
sometimes they w m neglige garments
A suit that looked te be worth between
Is and 19 was thc duke's favorite,
On Many Missions.
Prince Arthur's mission (o Japan to
Invest the Mikado with Ihe Order of
the Ciarler was not his Hrst Important
embassy. A year ngo Inst December
he was sent to represent King Edward
a: Home, the occasion being tho baptism of the young Prince of Piedmont,
lie was received In special audlenco by
Iho Pope, and listened to His Hollncs
remarkable eulogy ol the King, who, ho
ill, "was King not only of England,
the sun never
sets on Ills dominions." On the prince's
Mum to England he was despatched
to represent King Edward nt tli" funeral of the Dowager Duchess Alexandrine of Saxe-i'a.liurg-thatha. Next
month ho was ngaln scut to Germany
in be present nt the opening of the
gnat new Protestant cathedral in Berlin. On this visit he was Invested with
Hn' Black Eagle by the Kaiser. Again
In Juno ho was In Berlin ns King Edward's deputy ot tho wedding of the
Mr. W, H. Wallace is a Well Man Today, But he was Pretty Bad Before
he got Cured by Dodd's Kidney
Campbelltown, N.n., April 2:1 (Spec-
inn.—"li wus coid started my trouble,"
snys Mr. Wallace, uf Ibis place. "I
nm 11 contractor and builder nml my
work   causes   me   in lie oul ami eX'
I used in nil weathers sn 1 suppose it
was in lliul. way I got cold,   Anyway
II settled iu my kidneys ninl made me
pn Ity sick. I mn Lumbago in ihe
book, cramp In the muscles, pains In
Uie Iiiins. sluiriiii'ss nt Iin nth, n dragging pnln in ibe lulus nml my urine
wns thick wiili dark sediment, Then
I knew the kidneys were in blame so
1 '""it Dodd's Kidney Pills and thoy
sunn put me In shape and cured me
sn iiiui I have hnd 110 trouble with
my kidneys since,"
Tim death bus occurred of Captain
James buller, the lust British survivor
ul lhe Imlil" uf Aliwiil, (ought un Jun-
tlnr.v 2S, IMU.
A Medlolne Chest In Itself.—Only
the well-to-do cun afford tn keep 11
medicine chest, but Dr. Thomas Kciee-
trie Oil, which is a medicine chest in
iiseif, being 11 remedy for rheumatism
lumbago, sore throat, colds, cuuglis
catarrh, asthma, mnl n poteni healer
lor wounds, cuts, bruises, sprains, ele,
h within tlie reach of the poorest, owing in Its cheapness, It should be lu
every house.
John I lutes, nt London, who died 11
few days ago, wus employed for iii!
years ns u cloekmaker, during which
period he made more than 6,1 clocks.
Awful Experience with He-rt Disease.
-Mr. L. J. Law, Toronto. Can., writes;
"I wns .0 sorely troubl-rt with Ji-art
Unease that I wns unable for ll months
to ile down in bed lest I smother. After
taking one Cose of Dr. Agnew's Heart
Cure, I retired and slept soundly, I used
one bottle snd the trouble hu not returned."—61
I'll have to learn to chew the cud;
I haven'l time to eat;
I Jump inlo a restaurant,
Then rush into tlie street;
With apple I'l" in either hand
I back i" business scud; j
I don't Itn iw what I'll thi unless
1 la am to chew the cud.
So fast the times are petting now,
Tour meal Is just begun;
Ton grub a dusky doughnut,
Then back to business run.
It's ruinous to J'"iir liver,
Deleterious i ■ your blood,
I don't know what we'll do unless
Wo learn to chew the cud.
Ah! 'tis indeed a rnplil age;
lis way I hardly Ilk".
Per by the linn- you've captured wealth
Tour slomach's on a strike.
Tour Indigestion turneth d iwn
Y-mr beefsteak ami your spud;
Tt" got a remedy, 'lis this:
Let's learn t" ehew th" cud
My breakfast takes thro,, minutes,
My dinner "hauir" takes ten;
And, bolting pi", i reappear
Among my fellow men,
Thi- splendid form my horse sf-nse says
Will s on in graveyards bud,
Unless I cliange my business ways,
And learn to chew the cud.
—Tho Khan.
Ceylon Natural GREEN Tea instead of the
adulterated Japan Teas.
Lead    Packets    Only,    40o,    60c,   and    (ilie.    per    tb.   At   all   Grocers,
Only,    40o,   60c,   and    60c.    per    tb.
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Imperial  Maple Syrup
AlwMyn    Sutlsfaotory
Aik your dealer for Imperial Maple Syrup.  Do not allow him to lubitltuU
an Inferior artlole beoaun It la ohaaper.
Kingston Man Tells How He Suffered
and How He Was Released.
Canadian   Nurses  Who  Are   Heirs  of
Late Senator Fulford.
Mabel R. Leiiman, Ella B. Jordan.
Miss Sarkoy and Miss Taylor, four
Canadian nurses who attended the late
Senator Fulford of BrookVllle prior to
his death In Newton Hospital, Newton.
Mass., on Oct, 13 last, from Injuries
received while he was motoring down j It.
a hill leading
"For years a mar
tyr," Is how Chas.
H. Powell, of ins
Ruglan Street, King
ston, begins his
story. "A martyr
to chronic constipation, but now 1 am
free from It and all
through the use of
Chas. H. Powell Dr. Leonlinrdt's Antl-
"I wrts Induced to try Antl-PIll by
reading the testimony of some one
who had been cured of constipation by
I had suffered for eighteen years
nto B-'ston, are heirs to' and had taken tons of stuff recom-
1100 each by a bequest of tho late Seni- mended as cures but which made me
tor. They are prohibited from accept- Worse rather than better. Doctors
Ing the legacy, however, by regulations told me thero was no cum for me. Dr.
governing Newton  Hospital   and  the Leouhardt's Antl-PIll cured me."
remains In the bands  of   tho I    All dealers or The Wllson-Fylo Co.,
Limited. Niagara Falls. Out. C02
The Quel
tune of $1
n ot Denmark has a for
Minard's Liniment for sale everywhere
Four thousand printers hnve
nut on strike Iii Paris fur u nine
..Vest, uud has ilnco added 16(1 nitiues
to the subscription list, which has now
l>i'*»! the 1.IIIIII mark end is still increasing. Tlm Yorkton Enterprise is
not only a brightly it rittcii weekly newspaper covering the news of a well-settled, prosperous district, but has in
connection with it a woli-equipped job-
printing establishment where, largely
through modern machinery und the
modern iileus nt the managing editor,
who is also tlio practical manager of
all the departments, the highest class
work of a well-uppninted provincial
printing office i* turned out to supply
tiaO (trotting needs of one of the most
progressive sections of Western
Arthur for
greater diplomatic duties later on, and
ho is generally reoognlsed as one of
the most promising members ot the
nyal family.
Of Distinguished Ancestry.
Arthur Frederick Patrick Albert of
Connaught, K 0„ 0, C. V. O., was bora
on Jan. 13, IMS, Ile Is the son of the
Huke of Connaught, who Is King Edwards brother, nmi the grandson on
his mother's sldo of Prince Frederick
Charles Of rrussla, surnanied "The Bed
l'rlnce," who was one of the greatest
soldiers of his Iini". ninl crowned a
brilliant career by the siege ami cap-
tui" "f Meti m 18J0, Through his maternal granilmnihir, Prlnci is Frederick
Charles, who was n Princess of An-
hiill-Ii.'ssan, nml a f.nnius beauty ot
the court of Berlin, Prinos Arthur Is
There Is more catarrh In this -"rtlon
of the country thnn all other diseases
put together, uml until the lust few years
was supposed to be Incurable. For a
grent ninny years doctors pronounced it
a local illsense nud prescribed loenl remedies, and by constantly fitlllna to cure
with iiniii treatment pronounced It incurable. Bclenee tins proven eaiarrli to be
a constitutional disease and therefor
oulrai constitutional treatment, Hull's
Cntiiri-h I'lue, manufactured by F. J.
Cheney & Co., Toledo. Ohio. Is the only
constitutional cure on the market it is
taken Internnlly In doses from 10 drops
to a teasnniinful. It nets directly on the
bloml and mucous surfaces of tbe system.
They offer one hundred dollars for nny
ease, lt fnlls to cure. 8end for circulars
nnd testimonials.
Adress: F. J. CHEN'FV ft Co. Toledo, O.
Bold bv Druggists, "Ac.
Tnk- flnU's Fi
Family I'llls for constlpa
Taironto General Trust Corporation, who
act as executors ot Senator Fulford's
The late Senator received his fatal
Injuries on October 8 last, whllo making an automobile tour through the
Eastern States. As ho and Mr. W. T.
Hanson of Schenectady, N. Y., were
descendig a hill on their way to Boston, their car collided with an electric
railway car, resulting In Injuries to both
occupants, and also to the chauffeur.
Senator Fulfard was removed to Newton Hospital, where he waj attended
His nurses were faiur young ladles of
Canadian birth, who nre In training In
Newton Hospital. Their constant and
kind attention so wan thc heart of S>'n-
aloT Fulford that he expressed to Mr.
Hanson the desire that provision be
made for the payment of 1100 to each
of the nurses as a recognition of their
care and attention. The Toronto Genre-i oral Trusts Corporation, ns executors of
ihe Senator's will, was notified of the
bequest, and recently a cheque was
made out by the corporation for Hue,
payable to the nurs>s through Mr. Hanson. When Mr. Hanson turned the
money over to them, the Board of Management of the hospital would not allow
tho nurses to accept it. Claiming they
would be violating  the regulations  of
Don't Get Wet!
will keep you dry as
nothing else will, b-csuie
•hey are the product of
the belt mittriili snd
■eventy yeiri' experience in manufacturing.
•tflWDlJ   A. J. TOWER CO.
}.j4fcfcaf|  Boston, U.S.A.
t_~^_    iewuouu*imo-,,iH. 1
rQtt~l!rV      tvn.w.rai
AT 35, 40 i. 50c per   lb
Ask your Grocer fer
Keep Your Liver
Bulgarian utiuut,
by Turkish troops,
in tlie encounter,
Worn wip"'! mn
forty being Wiled
Minard's .Liniment .Cures .Dandruff.
working. It's a lazy organ and
need! to be stimulated occasionally,
or it shirk* its function, That coated tongue, sallow complexion, lick
headache and pain under the shoul-
the Institution in taking any such gifla. j dfr bMe ,re caused by an iru|0|e„t
liver.  Liven it up by taking a short
course of
Why Sw.mming Beginners Fail.
You try hard 'n keep your mouth
closed, hut iln. water saum-lnny will find
a tmv Into y-aiiir ni"iiih and nostrils
A h. nn. r ni.. its draws in his breath I" Europo priests began to shave their
just nt the moment im strikes iut 1'iwns. Tho Ilomuu clergy then adopt-
Tills Insures Un- getting his niaiiuh and  ed  the circular method mid shaved
'ilia-    Alli-la-lll   null    Mnllina-   (ll.toill   ,a
SIlHVillK  till-  Ht'tlll.
A historical Inquiry Into the origin
of tho custom of shaving tbe head,
which is practiced In several countries,
would lie Interesting.
It was not until the llfth century Hint
Sold Everywhere,    In boxe. 25 cents.
nostrils full of ,' iia-r at onco, ninl I
ci! (ipso is Incvll il'lav If you win re
iii-'uii r to i.i','1 brenh botwein tin
ill will ii v.. II. Quite natural'
ly. when ynu draw your knees outward
for ihe kick, y ii will Inhale, and Justl
ns surety as your feel are thrum fromj
ymi will you expel the air fnun
your lungs. Knowh-dgi on Iln-management of the breath will come with
practice and can only be acquired In
that one way.
Tact Is horn with some men and women. Ilk,, ihe supple, delicate lingers ol
the artist's hand, nnd thus,' who hav*
it use ih.'ir gift Instinctively, It is noi
measured alike io those who have It
Mam possess It in dllTerent degrees
while Others again are wanting in It
altogether. It Is the outcome of Intellectual nnd temperamental quaiuica-
thins and Implies tho possession of cb'ni
perceptions, quick Imagination and delicate F' mobilities. It Is theso that glvi
the tactful person his subtle Intuition
of another's mental processes and
modes ot feeling and In tho same mo-
ment exactly tho rl,,"it method ol diAl<
ing with Unite,
that small round spot on the top of
llu; head which Is known ns the ton-
| sure. In Scotland, however, the monks
shaved the whole of the fore purl of
tbo litiid fruin ear to ear.
In the Andaman islands every man
shaves his head, or, rather, gets his
wife to sliiive It tot him. Many other
orientals also get baldhcadcd,
As fur the Chinaman, his method of
thavlug is exactly opposed to that of
tin* Roman monk, llu shaves all imt a
round patch, the hnlr of which grows
long und forms the pigtail.
When the difficulty of shaving the
lii'iial Is borne In mind the true Strangeness of the custom becomes doubly
apparent It is hard to see the nd-
vautngo of It, yet In one form or another iiiui lit nno time or Other it has
been practiced In nearly every country,
■ U ' ' o boi v rammed
nil i sun,, ny n destroyer In naval man-
I. 'in.- ,i Vail la, Malta,
Warrior Woes.—Through damp, cold
and exposure ninny a brave lolttfer who
left bis native hearth as "tit"  ns man
I could bs tn tight for a country1! honor,
has been "Invalided home" because of
the vullur. of th. buttle ground—Hha-uin-
atlsnt. South American Hhi-umstlc Cure
will sb.olutolv cure every case of Itheuui-
, .ilana In .n.ii-r. .    Rellof In ill houis.
Their Complete Home Cure.       I '""'"''J' descended from the "Old lies-
Post Free to Readers of This Paper ,»nor>  "'" yi"ml oreator ol ihe Prus-
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A   hnndsomo   Illustrated   treatise,
giving fun description ol Rheumatism
and Paralysis, with instructions for a
complete hniiio  euro, describing the
most successful treatment in the
world, recommended by the Ministry
and endorsed by medical mon. This
highly Instructive book wus written by
W. H. Vono, n gentleman who hns! whence he went to Sandhurst, f,
tnadu ll special sillily (if these diseases, hnd chosen the army as his profession
The preface Is by a graduate of tin In May, 1001, ho was gasettcd to a
University of Wiirtzburg. Send postal second lieutenancy In the Tin (Queen's
to-day and you will receive the honk Own) Hussars, Soon after this op-
free by return,—Address, Tho v«n« polntment his reglm nt was ordered te
weapon Iii tin. hands a.f Frederick thei
Or at. l'rlnce Arthur bus two sisters,
om. of them Princess Margaret, wife of
the Crown Prince Qustavus Adoiphui
of Sweden, and the other l'rincess Victoria Patricia.
In South Africa.
Prince Arthur was educated nt Eton,
Thero Is nn ancient Jest In Paris
which originated with a waller, A
gUOIt liiiil Ordered n dozen oysters.
"Only one dozen'.'" Diked the waiter,
"Yes, lhat will be enough."
"Villi tiro not superstitious, then,"
filial the waiter with a curious smile,
"Becauto you nro not afraid of being
thirteen at Inlile."
Drug Company, 21 King Street West,
tllalt Man   lirillTS.
Kind Lady—Ah, if you had only done
what your mother told you, you might
not be In this situation. (AirlcAl
don't know, She told me to go out Into
the world inui make money,
It» '« the happiest of whom  the
visr.JI lays le.'«t, good or bad.-Jeffer-
Smith Africa, but tiie young prlncs was
left at homo, Bul In January, 1003, he
beeame a full llcuti nsnt, and was for-
warded to the front. There he law
active service until ilrlcki n down with
dysentery and Invalided b inc. As m,"**
n- he recovi n d he wns sent ba k lo
Alderihoi to continue his military
studies. These he talcs very seriously,
working biiiai and asking no favors,  If
| hi' falls i" distinguish himself in either
army or dlplomaoy ibservers ol Prince
Arthur's vugi-ui ' 11) be HUM* dlsap-
. feinted.
Different Tellings,
The Doctor—You never enn disguise
tho real thing. Culture Will tell, 'lhe
Professor—Yes, sn will Ignorance, but
It generally uses moro words lu telling
The Ond who gnvo us life gave ni
liberty ot the sanio tlmo.-JetTorson,
rieltlcil Tell In II,,,,,.,,.
Pickled too is useai in Burma as s
Bort of siiui't'liriiut. Tho young leaves
are boiled, pound Into pits about six
feet deep lined With plantain leaves
lllld covered with earth iiiiiI lire kept
there for Some iiioiilhs. They are llien
used either to mnlii' ten or oaten after
Isdng soaked in oil with garlic or dried
I i in 1   lilepl,Illlt   liiini.-,-.
A correspondent of the London Times
writes of elephant hunting In Africa:
"Tim most deadly method of killing elephants, nnd thnt most frequently employed by the natives of east Africa,
is the pit, sufficiently deep-roughly
twenty foot—long nnd wldo to ingulf
nml Imlil uu elephant, After a period
of frantic struggling, hunger nml er-
Iniiistioii the wretched animal Is done
in death by native spears. If the else
ninl powers "f lhe animal aro remembered li is difficult to Imagine u more
revolting, brutal picture of torturo, but
this Is tlm common prnctlco "f the natives of the couutr* and Is being enact.
ed dally throughout Urltlsh tcrrll iry,
llml In Dai In Ureal Britain and Ihe
l iilieii States.
The yard is the British and American
standard of length. Down to bill tin
original standard uf Britain, from
Which ours was copied, was n rod,
which hud been deposited In the court
of oxchequer, London, In the tlmo ot
Queen Elisabeth, In those days all
measures Intended for general tist
were taken to tbo court of exchcquci
to be examined by the proper officer,
Thut official look the proposed measure uml placed ll parallel with thi
standard ami if found correct placed
certain marks of Identification upon it
lit un net of parliament in is-ji thi
old Kllzobeibnii stun.Inui ttns super
sedod by another, which hud boon con'
slructed under tbe directions of the
Royal society sixty four years provl
ous, This act provided thnl "thi
ftniiL'lit lino of distance between the
centers of two points in tha gold studi
In tbo brass rod now In tl ustody ol
tho clerk of tho liouso of commoni
shall bo the genulno standard of the
yard mensure In Great Britain," Tin
act further provided that tho measure-
monl a.: iin. rani musl be made wbi n
the temperature of the brass wus at 03
degrees !'.
Tho standard wns destroyed by fire
In 1834, and ii»' commission appointed
to replace it i lo tho yard mc iure
now In use, Tho now standard wns <!.-■
posited in th" houso of parliament in
1855, ninl authenticated copies of It
nre In the possession of our govern.
Ucnt officials ut Washington,
Altiiuln-d to any Garment li a
Guarantee  et
and Good Woar ng Qualltloi
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dlseiiHes caused hy Drink and Drugs
6UU,iiun cures Ie our record. Wl
epoak truly und say thnt failure to
obtain n cure by the Keeley Treatment Is a failure of the man and nol
our methods.   Komi for facts.
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tlior" is ii horse that catches rats and
mire If a rat or inotiso run across Ids
manger ho will grub at It and, if sue-'
cessful In getting It will drop It Into
ini bucket of water, which is niwuys
le i wlih him
A Dye"
P    MATNLlfl » 'flk»of ii «•)! th*t    ■
dyfB UiRnytirnhr'IroW in ihtule.
P*m om tht world over lot .nil.lint,
fui. c1t«n. (ttiuomlcjil. n«y, n\lt tlyf int
- MolheoWlfMhioned
dyti ti guilt Ii lo bran
Maypole Soap
ioc ha, Men-isc for gilt*-, Aiiti-.i.-t
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—* it in my ii.ti'iitimi to n|i|ilyto tin-
Board  Ol  l.il'I'UH'  (  a,llallii-.iaalll'l- iai  ill'
District ol Nurlli  V.in,i inrr, at tin-it
n ling,    in   .Inin'     next,    f"r   nn
hotel license inr the premise.**, located
on Im Nn. 12, ,i milnhvifioii aai distrii i
lul 073, in tlm r Ri iter et! townsite ol
Capilano, Micksom \v. Kni u,
To Prc|)erti) Owners
Irwin £* Billings
Corner Lonsdale and 5th St.,
North Vancouver
,_, ,__ Snld I: "Ignessyou know it nil, Inn ,.,.
. ._,_ I stnrti'.l mi a journey Juat alioul u week'      klmllv lot inu nay ♦Jo-i-tt !• <•!•«* ' <..|-«.-i-o*i<'-i-<*l<*'i-*"l-*-!,*'i'*'i'*'i-* :♦!•♦•(-♦•l>'!-4+<4
ago How i'iii I go i" Morrow if 1 leave Iho
ii ■ lllt'e town nl Morrow, In lhe       town ttidtiv?"
State ol Oliii, Snysliui ""101 cannot go to Morrow
I nuti-r was .1 traveller, and really didn't       nut tu, .--■  nday,
know Forthe.trtln that goes to Morrow ll n
Thnl  Morrow  had been   ridiculed  11       mile iinou its way."
century or sn.
"I tut* hi illssnppolnted 1 wan  inittl
I went down to tho dopot lor my ticket,       enn gh to swear.
mi'i applied The train lita.il gong to M> rr .tv, and had
For tips regarding Morrow, nol exiiect-       led nn standing there
District of Nortli Vancouver
inu to ho guyed,
sni'l I:   "My friend, I want i» e," lo
Morrow and return
N..t later than tomorrow, lur I haven't
time to hum."
Snld ho to 1110 i  "Now, lei mo hit, if I
have In unl yuu right—
: Ymi tvniii tu tu t" Morrow and come
linrk tomorrow night?
Togo Irom here to Morrow and return,
iv i|uitu a wny;
Ymi should have gono in Morrow yesterday and hack again today;
1 'or il yuu started yeitordny to Morrow,
don't yuu lee
Vou could lmve gono to Morrow, and
como bark today at three,
Thc train that stnrtoJ yesterday, now
understand mu right,
Today gets Into Morrow and comes hack
tomorrow iiiitht."
The man was right In tolling mel wai
ii howling |ny,
1 didn't goto Maamaw,Imt I guessl'll go
1   apply lorn ret., ,uor lice mr UjStnClOT iMOrtll
nn hotel premises, whirl   I  j-r■.|■■ ■-.  tn
eri'i-t ni""' 1"'- li ' rtv-twn  lllll
mi.I thlriy-tliree (il.l . In block uiunber
uiii-l.'ii. Ind 1111 li rty-iiti ''111 , ili-iriel
lot ttt" hiludreil 11111 "evi iily-lniir .'ll .
nn Si - ninl •'-' ' S'orll Viim iiiver,
British * oluiiibiii,   to  lhe  lloiinl  ol    Tender*  nro  Invited  fur   clearing,
License 1 on mis I iin 1    1 ir the Mm - .■ ,      rn liim ;-. 1"-nt  -
pallli   : '   ■ I ul iln next 1 -1.. . -. Ilewli ke nveniii
, mlarsitl 1 inns cun I"-  had Hull niter ten, to-morrow is the time It
Wednesday in Juno,   1 ;,i il,"   ilunlci|iiil Hull, when  tenders       'lioiilil arriv
The Thompson hlock is receiving a coat cl paint,
A runawa* team made things
lively on Chestcrfisld avenue on
Thursday 1110111111-;.
Mr. Iliint/.i'ii, madaging director of the B. C. Electric Railwaj
Company, is expected lime next
Tin membi rs ol the lire brigade
were agreeably surprisi il to see the
l-i■■■'.■ii 1.mn railed .Ma.rra.tv 011 voiir „    , ■        , ■ ,     ,, .
li ii'. • ■• tell me iiiui'.'" excellent manner 111 which   reti
"There in," auv-* ho, ,'bui take Irom me
.  ,  let llui, Uli,
Tognfioin huru in Morrow i» n fourteen,
hour trip.
The train that lo Morrow leaves today,
light thlrlv-llve;
Sniil I: "My boy, ii seems to mo you're
tiilkiiiL' iiiruugh vuiii nul
11   .... ,1 -.. 1,  ia,   ,.-,, mum ue Indeed not later  limn  7:30
I ,.,.,..".   ItKII ' 11   I ,a    ,„, HI,  U',"|,,,..'Ut'tl"'  I'llll lll-tllllt.
per lllrd, llrvduin mn, Aux '('"mY
his -'    .' *.«,     I 11-avi ' .-:,
\,„„. iver, I   ' North Vancouver, Ma* R, 1'-""'-
CAPITAL, 84.Kfifi.666. UESERVE, a,043,
llu,i'l niii'' in Cam la, Montreal,
II. s 1 ikvmas, A in 1.11 Manager: |. I.i.mslv, Supt. 11 Hranchcs
Hraiu In ■* in Hril  h ' nltimb ii    \ In roll, • irei '1
Medley, K.i       l;        11,   11,in  Sub limned 1,  \ 111 ouvi r,
\ 11 toria, I' 1'' .  .    V.T,
S.i.  i'   I1,   .i.m   I lepusii   ii-iii ived Innil ii upwards
mii"  Cor. luiisiliilc Ave. .imt Is|il.iiiiiile. North Vancouver,B. (',
;■:   •, ii..in hereto Morrow—a lourtcen.
Imiir jump—
Can tan go tiailnv, to Morrow 1 aud come
buck today, yam chump?"
Suld I. "I wanl logo lo Morrow.   Can
I go today
Ami _•' 1 iu Morrow by totilghl il there
0 delay'"
"Well, well," siiil In', "explain to mo,
uml I've im inim' to my,
(.'an ymi eji iinywliero tomorrow   nml
come back today?
1 or n' today you'd gut to Morrow, snrcly
yun'll ngrce
Vmi sl I'l nave started ycstordiiy, uud
nut t'i'liiy tuii -ir
l'i ii imi -inri tu Morrow, leaving here,
1 Hut,
t gel intit Morrow till lhe dnv
(ollnwa thnt,"
1 iy y.aii siiin tu Morrow, It'i  1
I . you'll luml
a iiiiii Morrow, unl today, you
11   ll,al
I' ■ '     rain 1 «luy to M irron   .1 the
lull 1- light.
Larson injliis tires.
John McLean, lormerly ol thc
Alliiiiiilini hotel, hut, purchased
the Royal hotel. He i*. an old
timer nnd should miccci '1
It ii- quite probable that llrassi ■,
,v Quinn will have to build Bpei iai
imi k'- in bring oul the liiu poles
fm tliu 13, C, Blectric Railway
I'. Larson, Prop.
All  owm rs of I uild ngs desiring  to
hnve their prei niected with mir
Electric Light and lib 1 Irii Power System in Ninth Vancouvei should look
into the tpiesiioi iv, so ns to avoid
nut   il. lay  owing  lo  the ruth whon
tin-  system   is  I'm",   lor   operation.
——a*a*a*ai*afata»inwwnTJi.». Kr.ri0limmiAm>..im
Same prices, mnl in snme cases
clou pi r lhan ciiy,
Real Isi cite find Insurance
Vim will find it greatly to youi
iitlvnntage to .< a me before closing
.im ili-;il.
Notary I'ablic, General Auctlcnee
Ili7   (urdovii  Seel,   Viiiitouver,   li.   C
lie sells ;ii 1 ms nr private housnor buys olltrighl nil
rln-a 1 ol liuii-i'liiilil g 1-' r biiiikriipl Blocks lor cash,
Hn Ini- somo ot tbo llnesl business nml wnierlrnnl |iroperty 111 North
Vni iver.  Sua him at 0 II you think ol picking ii|i property In
this section,   Bowisu, BUY NOW, nnd vmi will nicku inonuy. :: ::
A Chiince to get Good Tea for a Small Price
Three Pounds for One Dollar
This is a High-Grade Ceylon Tea, and is sold in many
places at 50c per pound
J, A. McMILLAN, the Esplanade


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