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Water! Water1
ir priority rigliis m   the
i Seymour creefl   Already
Reeve A. E. Kealy deserves the
thanks ol the residents ol this
municipality lor the very able
manner in which lie is 'championing their
water of bey
one stream has been taken away
from the municipality, i"id now
Vancouver'ia after another, while
the district has only 300 miners'
inches on Lynn cruel;, from which
the place gets its present water
supply. The Terminal City is
asking for an enormous lot, when
il applies to the provincial government lor 2,000 inches on Seymour
creek. Settlers nre locating on
both sides of the river for miles-
The reeve holds, and rightly so,
that North Vancouver should have
a prior right to the strea.i over
all others, not that it is needed,
Imt lhat it may be in tbe future,
Vancouver has 1,500 inches
registered on the Capilano river,
and the most it has used so far is
3jo inches, and yet it asks lor
2,000 more, when it has already
five times as much as it can use.
It is doubtful if the city can use
one-twenty-lilth of its present
supply, i.tut consolation mny be
had from the scriptural injunction:
"To him that hath much, much
shall be given, ami to him that
hath nothing it shall be taken
away, even that which he hath."
Church Notices.
sr.  John's church,   corner   of
Ootid Friday—Matins 10:4.5;
11-15   Litany,   Ante-Communion
llitll SetlUOn.   Twelve lo ;
meditations, readings ami, ...,u.,.
Children's service at 2:30; Evensong and sermon ul aS o'clock.
Easter Evi—Matins and Ante-
Coiuiiuinion 7:30; Evensong at
|''. I  let    I' IV      Hol.V     I   iUlH'NIilN
al 8 o'clock; Matins al  11 o'clock;
11:311 iiaii.v iiiMM'Mt'.v (Ming) with
-trillion; children's service, iu tun.
]•; - 'i uiig and sermon at 7:30.
Sn vi.'. S liai M ni,! iv ,mil   i'lles-
dny will be annoiim ed
Sunday alter Easter-day (April
22lld)    llol.V    COMMUNION     at     8
Good Friday, This peculiarly
touching name f"r such a day
seems to have arisen entirely from
popular instinct. The earliest
name lor it was the "Passover of
the Crucifixion," when Easter
Day was called the "1'assover ol
the Resurrection." Later it is
culled the "Day of the Lord's
Passion" or "Preparation Day,"
while the earliest English name
(A. D.'i*j7) wm "Long Fridapi'a'
title tvllick soon gave way lo the
beautiful name which only the
English branch ol the church uses.
luster Eva was originally called
the "Great Sabbath." It lias
always been distinguished by a
touch ol festive gladness amid the
still unfinished gloom of Lent and
Holy Week. In lact, in thc
English use all crosses were unveiled for evensong, save the onion the high alter, which remained
veiled till the first morning service.
The custom ol baptising as man)
as possible on this day is still
glanced al in our collect, and its
connection shewn with the main
thought ol the day's service,
Easter Hay set vice at 11.00 a.m.
Subject, "Victory." Sacred soli
by Miss McKinm y,
Sunday school at 2:30 p, in.
Evening service at 7.30 o'l Intl.
Subject, "Lest We Forget."
Solo by Miss McKonney, am
violin solo by Mr. Chance.
Service at Moodyville school
house oil Sunday evening at 7:3'
p. in.
Pastori Rev. J. D, Gillam, M..\
Ex-Reeve Gill is in town.
Don't lorget the  egg
Sunday morning.
Keeve Kealy is having a veranda
added to his house.
Everybody saw everybody at
the parade Friday.
If you've no objections we'll
take our egg in an egg-nog.
Real estate is on the incline-
some of it is on Grouse mountain.
We hope the ladies haven't
bought a 20-cent bargain in eggs.
Jack McLean, of Vancouver,
calif,! on The Express this week.
Jas. F. Gert, of El Pasco, Tex.,
was a visitor to the town yesterday.
what has been  reported at Vancouver.
The twenty-to-five ferry Wednesday evening was considerably de-
festival 'aye(* owing lo a derangement of
the wharf,
When a man begins to feel old
he gets grouchy, when a woman
begins to feel old she pretends
she's young.
Your enemies can be relied upon
to keep you from growing con
ceited if your Iriends sliould fail in
their efforts,
I -Messrs. D. K. and W. II. Ker,
of the Blackmail-Ker Milling
Company, were in North Vancouver on Wednesday.
permanently situated here, and
depart with the money that should
rightly stay in our lown. Of
course, il people would patronize
home industry these meanderers
would have to stay away.
Easier   I
iilllllrt    was    just
I low many eggs will
ol on Sunday?
you dispose
be a boon to North
a  smelter—and   a
What would
Vancouver is
The rock gathered in Victoria
park and piled up amounts to 613
cubic yards.
Mrs. Amskold has returned,
after spending a month visiting
friends in Seattle.
Great quantities of shingle bolts
are being taken from North Vancouver weekly.
Thursday night two large lynx
were seen close to the Capilano
camp.    And nobody had a gun.
All's well at lhe camp on
Capilano, located between
tunnel and the dam. There
about 25 men at work there.
An effort is being made to form
an angling club here, which ought
to receive the hearty cndorsalion
ol the piscatoral element.
High financiers seem to be up
against lhe real thing of late.
Last,. but not least, is Prolit
Dowic. "Sufficient unto the day is
ihe evil thereof."
The Vancouver, Westminster &
Yukon Railway bill passetl the
house of commons Tuesday.
Wonder how it eflects North Vancouver?
The circulation of this
family journal is limited
couple of million.
Work on the St. John's School
is about completed, and ii is ex-
! peeled that it will be ready for
t*'ruat, occupation by lhe end of the
10   a'month.
Persistent rumors are afloat that
a bridge will be elected shorlly
iver the second narrows.
What are the citizens of Nortl
Vancouver doing towards advertising the manyadvantagi s this place
oflers to manufacturing concerns
James   Webster    aud    Ralph and as a residential proposition?
Wilson, ol Vancouver, spent a lew     Premjer McBridu said Tuesday
happy hours in town yesterday.      njg-lt ,hat [h,
In Japanese mills lhe hour:, are
from 5 a. in. 10 S p. m., aird ihere
is no Sunday off.
The telephone company is rush
Ing the work ol construction, cross
arms, braces ami insulators ar.
no,t being assembled ready to bi
placed in position preparatory ti
1.1 uiving the wire,
The Sunday observance bill
restricts everything except preaching ami taking the collection.
was no corporation iu existence today that hail
ih" *l: [litest influence on the
government.   Satan om e reproved
Three thousand
enjoyed themselvi
the harbor toda*
* mi this siik- ol
didn't the premier tell the mi
sons why the ex-attorney-genora
resigned ?
"1 dye to
valor man.
live,"  said  the
Tobaccos and cigaro nt the barber shop.
The ferry St. George will make
the late and early trips from now
Miss J. Parker, of  V
has left lor a  few  wee
J. Barton and family, ol Vancouver, have taken up their residence on Third street.
The directors of the Western
Corporation went up to block did
on Thursday to inspect the mill.
Parm. Pettipiece, of the stall of
lhe News-Advcrtizer, paid Tin:
EXPRESS a visit on Wednesday.
England possesses twenty-eight
cows for every hundred of the
population, Australia has 280.
Dominion Day will see the first
streetcar in North Vancouver—
"and we'll all jump on behind!"
Drop your ticket in the slot and
see the man make lhe wheel go
round.   It's all the stile.
'I be Uritish government has cut
the ('. P. K. st aimers ofl the naval
i' erve hut, and  heiicefoith   nu
irst street, subsidy   wj||    |,e     forthcoming.
ks visit to 1 \Vhat will the C. P. R. do now,
poor thing?
The sawmill being erected by
the Western Corporation, on the
comer of Seventeenth and Sutherland avenue is about completed,
and is ex peeled lo be ready tor
operation in about ten days.
Dan Martin is about to build a
large pleasure launch for a syndicate of Vancouver gentlemen, lt
will be 30-Ioot over all and
equipped with a powerful gasoline
Mrs. Cottell, wife of M. C.
Cottell, of the Western Corporation, daughter and son, arrived
on Friday Irom Detroit. They
have taken up their residence 011
First street.
Miss Rickfawn, of Spokane, is
spending her Easter holidays in
ihis town with Iriends.
Ludwig Rolstone, a St. Louis
real estate operator, was as far as
Twenty-first street on Wednesday.
It is thought that the game of
tvhisi was lirst played in the time
of King Henry VII. ol England,
It is now proposed to make
suits ol clothes ol paper, which
can be thrown away when Boiled,
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Moranda,
'I Second street, were presented
with a new babv daughter on Sun-
The highest point to which a
human being can ascend without
tivolving injury to health is id,-
500 leet.
LOST. -Irish setter dog, eight
noi'lhs old. Liberal reward lo
inyone returning  same   to   this
A petition to the license commissioners is being largely  signeil
bv local residents, A license is
asked (or a three-story hotel, 10 be
built at the corner ol St. George's
road and Second streets.
Hon. Charles Wilson has statul
thai he differed from hi* colli a   11
on the Midway iV Vernon question,
and will explain his own  views,
Duih he un ,iu in say "C  nol
within the measure of my wrath."
The provincial government's
polii j is devised to skin the hand-
logger—practically out of his eye
teeth in favor ol the big
companies, The way people are
being over-charged for lumber re
minds us of the palmy days ol
Jeese James.
On Sunday afternoon a pedes-
trian 011 the bridge over the creek
near the hotel on the Esplanade
noticed a  larga   lish   plunging   in
the water below the bridge.   After
an hum A hard wuik  the  lish  was
captured, which proved in be a
large trout, Weighing mi'' anil a
half pounds and measuring iH
Tli"  pedlar   nuisance has ex
tended across ibe inlet   to   om
shores, and daily may bi    seen
ihe .1   wan .a in.    II     .   ihal   '1"
iiiui li tn blight il" trade nl  Nni tli
Messrs. Geo. Weeks and j.
Docherty, of Vancouver, were on
his side of the inlel on Wcdues-
The early anglers hav.' alri idy
ii-eii up to the head ol the Cltpi
uino. \n big catches haie been
reported   there,   notwithstanding Vancouvei   merchants   who   an  bay  Amen!   P.a   wh .  "I
Two Siwashes are this day lingering in durance vile from the
evil ellecls of too much I'll ell alter.
Wilson McNeill, of Dawson's
camp, was laken over on lhe lent
liiis morning, suffering from
injuries sustained by a (ailing tree.
The extent o( his injury is not yet
Alex. Toren, of Jones' mills,
met with a very serious accident
on Monday, having his fingers
smashed by the shaft of the big
engine. He will be laid up for a
month or more.
The B. C. Anchor fence com
pany, of Vancouvei. will built
131) feet of 4-fuot.i-iiich diamond
mesh fence around lhe sisters
burial plot at the Mission orphanage, west ol the lown.
The handsome little log cabin
exhibited by the Royal Cit)' Mills
in the parade ol Friday last,
is now located on the premises ol
R. 1.. I Alien;,', comer of Lonsdale
and Thirteenth street, havin ; 11 en
brought over from Vancouvi 1 on
Miss Edith Burns, of this lown,
returned alter a week's visit to
ex-Reeve and Mrs. Gill's home ut
Squainish, While there she speni
a lew hours angling lor the
speckled beauties! Slie succi edei!
in lauding a doz in and btotighi
home two 7-pou.id rainbow trout.
The high ',':ii,-; e: Sun.1.iv idler-
no ni iliil cousi! ral ie damage i 1
anil around town.    Th   pi ■ ■ drivei
'111   lie-   - A '     I    I: .■ in   iii.'    I11:',
binding an I Cates wli 1 : '..■ -
blown over and i-.i!.'. • inasl ed
while two residences in the
course nl co istnn ..un were more
or less damagi i.
The Vancouver Hoard of Trade,
says the premier tried to seek an
adjustment of C. P. R. freight
rates in an unfair way. He also
added that the provincial government increased the taxation on
('. P. R, slock ioo per cent. Pul
the dear people should  imt   be
expected lo pay this im reused lax
by paying such exorbitant freight
rales as they do.
The socialist party of Vancouver   will  hold  their  May day
celebration here on Saturday,
May 5. An excursion will be run
limn Nanaimo and adjacent towns,
and it is expected there will be a
big time. Arrangements are being made lor the hiring ol lhe
Pavilion, in which they intend
holding a dance in the evening.
Tm. Express has been notified
by the post-office inspector's office,
lhat  a  mail  will   leave  Fort   Sl.
[ames for Qucsnel on or about tin
15th instant and that the return
mail will In dispatched from
Oiiesni'l about he
mill in,nl* tm Fort ' icorgi, Foil
Si. James, Fort Fraser, Fori  Mi -
I.end. I'inl   Gull,mie   ;yn|   all   in
terior points m ihe Ni w Cal d mis
Oil Saturday evening, aboui *j
o'cloi li. the Iin- al.iiiii wa*
Im the purpose nl a*' ertaining the
length "I lime it would laki tin
brigade to get down to business
Increditable though it may
it just required three wholi
minutes to muster, gel oul the
hose ami connect ii onto tin
hydrant, at the corner ol Lon dnh
avenue and First street, and atari
the water running. Can tin 1 it)
el Hie way heal this?
Premier McBridc sir.'. "I  Hon,
Charles Wilson, K, C, thai il ant
nun in Uritii h 1 oliiinbio was n
garded with gn .11  rcspei t 11 was
Ins old ami tine friend.    "I lit I.
further adds:   "And mat he long
li' spared to he with ns,    id,
e ' fnl, p iii ■
1 leilll  I" llll . '
ihe purchaser
estate,   to   the   value  ol
changed hands yesterday,
a  Victoria
I      An h Wi
Judge -"You are charged with
Prisoner—"I am not."
"You are, sir! What do you
"1 was, but I got rid of it."
Collector.—"Is the lady of the
house in?"
Maid.—"No, she's out."
Collector.—"Do you know if she
said anything about paying this
Maid.-"Wait while I i'sk her."
Let us make a conclaiiiation
That will   sound   tlirciighotlt the
Like a mighty earth vibration with
a view to habitation.
And to all a situation;
Get a factory and a station;
Then we'll have some inclination
To form a new creation.
It is surprising to note the depth
of ignorance displayed by some
patent medicine linns in advertising their wares. Last week
samples of some kind of pills
were promiscuously distributed
throughout Ninth Vancouver,
utterly regardless ol the consequences thai may be caused should
a child unknowingly devour the
contents of the Imx. Such lack oi
forethought, such loud display of
hollewbe.idedness, cannot be too
severely denounced, lt is up to
the authorities to take this matter
i-i hand and protect the public
.  .   1 . inch vandals.
It is a greal pity that ih" council
sain iiniii d the cutting down of the
. id   ■!"' ■■ on Roger's   avenue.
his -ill 't inns Ir nu the Esplanade 10 First street, a distance of
only one block, with a en ek running through the centre of it. The
street cannot bo used unless a
large sum of money is expended,
and besides there is no iisi I 1 ii
u pn sent. Mr. Larson cared lor
the trees and made the spot mosl
attractive and appreciative for thc
onifort and pleasure ol visitors.
The imparable loss is to be re-
C. A. Lett, of Vancouver, is
opening a branch real estate office
on First street, and for that pur-
vise is having n suitable building
irected on the premises. The
msincss will be under the management nl G. L. Munii, who is favorably known, not only in North
Vancouver, but also in the cities
of Vancouver and New Westminster, and will, no doubt, make a
ie , ■ uf this work, having been
connected with the Vancouver
nnu e n| (',. A. Lett lor some time,
understanding thoroughly the
judicious handling ol real estate as
plai tiied by successful In ins.
The proposition "f the Wi stern
Corporation to build a mail  on
lecnth sip .1. '        '  • 1   ■
'I ..,    at nne and  time eighths ol
mile, has been turned 'l >-.'i
lia ,   ■      ,l|,   llllll-. This p|
mad would mn east from Stithei
ml an 'ine,   t! nh   blm ll   516
and di 5 lo bordei ol blot I. 614, or
1 quarti r "i a mile from bloi I.
idjai, whii h i'- held in i' - 1 -'• 1 j
the   munii ipality   [01    ci mi l ry
;aiiipn*.       I ha' offer made b)  th
■ a: pui,ilmn was to build lie    ..ini'
I 1 ci nls a f"aat. I he right ol
way was a I" 1   feel .1 iiiii
planking eiglll   lei I  in   width,   on
the same stipulations attai hi -I 1
iLa' Linn Valley mad.   Tie' real
cosl would I"' noi less tha 1 go
.' 1.1 . p. 1 fool, iii" a sum  aniounl
". : in '. 0 ''  (5,000,    Tie.  would
cost the municipality tl- 11
iinoiinting to a third "I thai price
Liking into consideration llu   ..>
.mn in '■ ol the work   ind   ib
'Ullll' I     I.II 1     lll.lt     lhe     We   I' 1
"i p"i.limn   11,1,  uillin:   I''   wail
icveral months hu tin- ti .an. 1, n.
ile t' the p.alia v adopted In   lhe
 11 ll tt-i    lia ll i'l   ,1    pi uuv    V I .1
mil .1 pound luulit.il,
Pat's Affliction.
Pat O'Tooh* had just arrived
from Ireland and was beating
about New York when Ile fell in a
faint in the street. He was picked up. placed iu an ambulance
and earned to an emergency hospital Expert physicians examined
the senseless Hiberian and found
that he was suffering from an acute
attack ol appehdictis, The knife
was used and tbe vermiform appendix removed. Pat began
straightway to improve, but it was
several days before he was conscious of anything, Sot:-, as his
mind cleared he asked the attending physician about his trouble.
"We have delivered you of your
appendix, Pat," declared the
doctor. ■
"Why, bless me soul, 1 didn't
know I bad one."
"Yes," explained the doctor,
"and il was a big one, too."
"And be japers where is it?"
"Over there on the window,
but you must be quiet now, for
you are a very sick man. I will
lake care of it until you are well.
Rest easy until you are stronger."
The mascot of the hospital is a
large monkey with a fine old Irish
(ace. The monkey goes from
room to room and visits the
patients, and one of his favorite
tricks is making faces at the convalescents, lt came Pat's time to
receive a call. The doctor had
just left the room after having a
talk with Pat about the taking of
his appendix. The Irishman's
curiosity had been thoroughly
amused and soon it made him turn
and rubber to see il he could see his
appendix. In the meantime the
monkey had slipped in and taken
n seat in the window, where the
doctor had said Pat's appendix
was. The monkey made all sorts
of faces at Pat ami squealed gently
a! him. Pat smiled and said:
"Don'l do that son; you surely
don't realize that your mother is a
very sick man."
Notes from the Holy City.
Jerusalem is a dirty city; it is a
task for a person to walk about
without befouling hiniselj, and the
personal habits ol the people then
are no better than tiiose ol thc
donkeys and camels.
'I'he flouring mills are little
affairs, USUS*tlv operated by gasoline engines. Around these are
droves of donkeys and camels.
The inhabitants still carry a small
urist to mill.
There are about 10,000
Christians in Jerusalem, nearly all
nf them Roman Catholics, Greek
Catholics, Armenians, Copts, or
Abysinians. Protestants are making no progress there.
Tin it is only one building in
Jerusalem provided with electric
lights; the hospice of the French
Catholics, where pilgrims are
Proposed New Hotel.
Mr. Lorenzo Rida, of Victoria.
who his 1 omlui lul a hotel 111  that
city (or many years,  and  is well
and  favorably   known   here,   is
about  to  In '"ine a   resident   of
North    Valium'cr.    Ile    is    at
pn si ni having plans prepared for
a tli■ a • -sii'ii hm I, buildinj   m III!
■ i'i ted in North Vancouvei and
a d tan  hotel purposes, to cost
about   (10,000    Mi.   Rida,    in
.nuking im 1 iln- 11, I.I  here,  found
thai  many men  who   were   cm-
'    ;   'i the* side ol the inlet
t. re 1 ompelled in board and room
11 Vancouver on account ol the
united accomodations at present
XI 'ting here, .1 ul to make a long
ti.iy  shiirt,  In   *..iid  "the   lowu
. loked gooal to him."
A spa llbinder who is not telling
be bald lllllll.
A widdowur who can supplant
us lust spun*!.
A lawta 1 who dunks he has no
,1 IS
A -li.it [a. 1 who I,.1 in l :,ial a :;"'  I
lfTh» Liver Were Kempt Active
By Tl**© Use of
'   I lata-  realise  Unit, ii   ilia".' iln  hoivi 11
 ihl ' ,:i ''""   sufferings   nil   p j. ,„„ ,,s „ ,,„.,,. ,,,|i,.| rrom In-
         Hun llnil  Hr.
' WOlllll    ll.lti'    I"     ,   ,,,.,.       1(1,1,,,      |JV,       ,.,;       ,,,.   ,.,,,„,,.
" '" ' " '' "»" h:|l'   lili'iuleil lam ns :i Ihorougl I Itisllng
I'lll I  till*  tl'Sl The
"'' '"'■               "" '    'i isi. i. iiii" |i||| ,,i bi niii'' I- nl'i.'ii ns
1 k  "   i. ii"" isarj ei l"'i' lhe iiaitvl:  ri in
i I* 11 I.      Ii'l   US   |    ,
I '    ', , 	
tlr    human      I  I'l        I     Conlctll,
" ,|h     ''•'•    llltorlllR A||lt,,        „         I    „-„a   ,„,.   |)lliny
'       "   ll|!"|   ,M1 llllllRl        aa„     ;||>,|
''"' 'l "! ,: '■ i ml ilet'lvi l ma lienem fi	
;""1  " '    hen llih 'inui ol reiiii'tlli's  I    \ i.Mi.l
Keep I'm  llvei   iel ,.;  ,,    ,'|,,.„'    K)(|
■'■' "! l!  ■         in- I'llls iiiiil all
'""   a""1   e*ci lie resuli      thnl I   mil   onro
lim,"     In     Ml"     lull   I'lljiitllH'lll   ail   llll
In- ('liases' Kiihiey l.ivi' I'llls hnve i , i    | I ,
,■" He ai'llntl un
iirntlii i'i'. s  luali,,". I.Ivor I'lll-. A
■    i ii uu.,.' iin- col-cents n box, al all dealers oi Etlnian-
from Hi   blood, where son, Hales ,v Co.,  Toronto,   Portrait
i'i,, i'i ilng ui i' lo and signature of llr, A. \V. t'lutse, the
:li., inn '        where necessary lamoiis receipt book ntitlior, on every
i .i proper iictlon ei box,
\u|:l 11 \ AriUAI'.i: li. A
\ iv.,. kit \. ,t |.ii|'-i   ■  Publish.*!! bj
I'llr: KXl'liKSS I'ltIN 11N11 Cnnipiint
Siilisi-ri| (llie Dollar |»r Venr
MannitinK IA lor
i iicnii (iiiini)Ns,
Strange Modes that Prevailed in Hie
Time of lAjucer.
i  ,   puri'd  ttitb    tlm    gay    n|i|inri'l
It'll l|    lit     1 'la'   aliatlllla,,.   a,|    ill"    |,;,.t    ||
II     I     Ill    Ilia'     MI.VI    '
,,'     I'llil    ■  ||l     lil.ll.l'    lllll    il    |IUlll     -llu" .
flu- H      |i ul I'll} in ilm fun lei   ll
Im     i    Inui ■    nl    ii    lul
|||| ,      .,! I   '   a        Kit ■']      "1
N.lllllU'lll.lll I      li   I . '        la -
.      lillll'
Miii'li ini. i  iii t'nei ii Mm}    liiiii
i.    i-l   IlllVl'   lll'l'll
'111'    t 1}
. il   ■ mti   ■
I    -l'li|,||,    llll.It:''   |       1'dl'l'
I   t'l'ill   am    * ''tl     II    '      llltl'lll
I'l'lt'l'l.   II   *lllll'   llllll
tin, timi        I  '   I   a , .   „„,,| mn,.
'   ' III I   H 1
.,'      lllll    \'
I Ii'l '   llii la
|| 'I'l   lia-
A   '.   '     li        Ir'll.    1,1	
tllllii ||   1| ■     .it.l   tall       li.illltlallt       nl
I ih Into ti
■     , tl'l'llttl      < •' lllllll}'
idl in ii
lllistfilllt    "1       -a .      ■
■    I
■    '
,.'    Ill",
, llll
.ml   ii
llnil}' ui tin' bund* "I lu- inl' I     Vmoiip
ih,,  ii,nm  npcriitlnns nliiili    liml,  up
imu, mi.    '.    hirrl i iln' In'nni
nml ill,, [ti .(>.-,  perfuming >.i 'lie garments, tl"' painting ul llu' in''"   mi'i
■       .niii ml-, tiiittiui'*. essences
uml |iiiiii:iiiiin-."    ll i* I'ti'ii -nial thai
.    ..I    llll-     ll.lllllll*     nl      llml      ihl.V
lllll    ■   .   .',   I' il1.   llllll   ttui"   "Inl   till'   le-
 1 tlieir complexions mul a-l
'1 i [ii
Mexican girls    nre   '(iinctiiucs our-
i"i|-lt   it '1.     Tlieir  Intel'*     null,     il|i
nnil diiii'ii mi ll ppnsiti' side ul the
sired iur I s, *t. ■ ,ai Ihelr uin-
ilntiN    h ii," ymi       id - ■ nlile,
il ,  ,i|i|.".ii   .,' ih" ttiiiiluii lifter :i fell'
i ■ mn li.'i'iniii-iii'i nu toil
Lies Through the Rich. Red Blood Dr.
Williams' Pmk  Pills Actually
('minium pills purge iln- bowels    l'i.
Williams' l'ink   Pills iniiki'   new, rich
l>l I    Purging |ull-   gallop tliroiigli
111.' laaaat'i'l* touring llll' tissltPS, llll
l.iiei • ih" uii'iiii* .md iveillti'llihg llu-
tvliial,', ,t'-ieiii.    Hi,    William      I'inl.
I'lll.   .!"   aa.,1      ||lll    '      ill     llll.     Tlll'.t'le
Ionic |nll*. -oolliin ■  pill*    In
in,; |iiil*.    lil I liuililiiig    pill-.      Hi.
I'llll,    I'll'-     lll'lliully     llliilte
ni'.t 1.1 1.   Thnl i* wli}' 'ii'* .1"  I"'
inu   i ui.,  inr nil I'lnii.l ilis
, i ,       il . try i III'    lll'llll-
. lies. I.iilui't  '
01111     I till*    -I'i'I'lill   nil-
i i' ■ iii     roil it ■     ul- ninl    liiiiiui"
ataillliil       I'lll    III      |i II ■   nil   unit   nil   llli'
.it.i-n e: Iii.   Williams'
I'inl,   I'll! Ill   In  lil"   nml   ea
llli'   lliHllil"   III   ill"     ll|l)0(]     .Old     OIII'O.
Mr   Jul I..      Khmlnlo,    I' KI .
I          . ll Will..." I'll   I.
Pill*  lli"  lm-1   mi un ui"  in  III
I   llllll   nil   llttni'lt   ul   pui illllnlll.l   ta luili
t'.l-   li.lliataa. I    a.t    i-\'l..|ii"   UOI'VOIISIIOSU
I   'I l> il   *"ll I   mil'
IllltlliliP    laa    |:,l|,
I I        Inking Hi   Williams'
r     i'
A lllld   in 'u.illt   lool   '
;        ilu       , ...
..'l'i     III     lia.      la.'U    "    I.I     .,     ll  ||
, ■    i , ■, ■     I'stored
i ■,,..,
.    . I
lllsisl   II ....   ni|||     ll,"   lull
111'. Willis        I'iiiI,    I'lll. lur
I'ulo IViiiila     nn tin  nrnpi oi mi om h
'at     tll.lll    || '..IS    ,i|     -It     ll"\".
I'll'    Williams'
I .  ,. llnl
\ ii"tt   iniiki
A Canadian Folk Song.
Tlie  limn'*  lire  sllllt,   tile  llillllntls  lil*t.
Outsiilu ih" gusl i* driving past,
llin*iil" llie shivering iw clin"*,
W'lnle un tlie luili ihe kettle sings
Margery, Margery, innke llie leu,
S til llie kettle merrily.
'I'lie streams nt" liuslieil up where lliev
Tlie | il* una frozen nlong llie mini,
'file I'Httll' III'" llOUSI'tl ill shell llllll lit IV,
Wlnl" singetli lli" k.iil i the lire
Murgei'}', Margery, mnl." ih" ten,
Mn u'lj tli" I,iiiii   merrily.
Tli" [isliornuin mi lli" lul}' in Iii* lioul
Shivers mnl button.** up lu- emu .
Th" Iriivelei' *in|i* ul iln- tiivorii tl	
Ami lli" kettle iillMVOI's llio I'llil -A-
*l i,  ei'.i   Margery, innke ill" Ion,
■ii., lietlie in.irilt.
Tlie fireliglil ilunees upon Ih" wnll,
l''"ni*ii'|is nil- hoard in tl tor hull,
Ami n kiss mnl n nolo u ilint lill* illinium.
Ami ih" kettle *iu;i* in llie   glinilliel
anal gloom
Mnrgoi'y, Mm i rv. i alu  ' li" ten,
Sill "'ill  ilm  kettie  ti" iiilt
William Wilfred Ci iliell, iu X.Y,
T -.
The Plain Truth.
ilm   rn  ilie inn*i   not niiii- liniii|ii"i-
is unique.   Though   11  i* 0110   of lhe
11111*1 expensive dinners thai the Wal-
ilm!   Astoria  servos,  mnl  lliuiiujl  il   i*
attended by -" 1 ih" mosl eniinenl
pi'nfe**iullill men mnl some nl tin
wealthiest fiiuiut'ioi's iu the count ry,
nn wines ni" sorveil, un cigars ma'
smoked, und llio nnl.v bnttles found on
the inlile* ni" those contulning iln
pure mnl sparkling Apollinnrls.   Fur
llien 0 lli"   diners   nil    -it    dun
promptly nl i> ]■• p.m.. and the Imu
(|ii"t 1- ndjoiu'iied ni  lo o'clock,   ll i*
1 1  ilu-    happiest,  [roost,   jollicst
buili|iiels served in the cit} ul uett
Vork, .un! ii eelebraios llie work nl mi
institulion luiivcrsiilly iiilniirod uml
i"-|i", tui!, Wo refer in ihe bnnipiet
nl ilm ^ M.I'.A. Ai ih" ini'iiit foiirlli
niinunl dinner, mnrking the thirty-
niiitli ninnti'i'-iirt nl ihe iiitoi'iiational
"iiituiiiiti" nl llie nssneintion rocoutly,
the guests included (iovoruor I'ttor ul
Rhode Island, l.ieutonalit-tiovornnr
Mi uie ul N.'tt York, (Icneral I''. D,
(Irani. Ileiir-Aihiiii'iil Cnghlnn, Pre*
iil.iai Schonk ul ih" Mercantile Nu-
tional II1111I, 1.1 N.'tt Vmi, City. Vice
I'l.-iali'iit Ciiiin.in ,11 llie lAurtli Nil-
tiouiil Hunk, jaiiim Stokes, Morris It
.Icsup, 11 number m eullogo presidents
nml clergymen, uud ninny gentlemen
noted 1.1 iln, iiiii ni politic!, and in
literal*} mnl artistic circles,
Heart-Sick People.—nr. Acti-w's Cure
for Ih.- II. ut Is 11 h.Tiil tonic Hint never
falls in .iu,'--is iwfft in Ita effects—-goes
closer i" ii border land" ami matohei
from death's srln more auiYfrers Unit
any oiln'r rt'ini'ilv for any family ol dls-
easea nml ailments In ilie enti'trnry ul
human siifffi'lnns. Gives relief In HI) minutes.— ;j
During  Inu.'   is,  persons over su
"i ago tiled in ihe Fens.
'"' l« I "' l''l'"lll'h l«f«W      ":
lliueh ill       11 .IllOrS.
t ul gleul
\'   .1 lint ller
It   rei 1."I   Mallei  \'"t*
ll'Vleiuis   Tun,' n.i    when in   'ilu.in
imt       ■       II, square to*". '    l nl:'"11'1'1
'lie cm
There   me no   less   Ulan   twenty
imu  volcano peaks clustered around
iln- city ui ijnii". ih" capital ul'
An appeal 1- made lo Aim 1 foi
funds '" restore ilm tower nl Purloigli
I luiii'li um! hang 11 peal ol In II- in P.
Tin* 1* ilm church ui which ihe Rev.
I.aui"    Washington,   nueestor   ut
George Washington, tt.i- rocloi Irom
Wil in hi hi.
li is a Liver I'lll -Many of ilu- nil-
ilia-ins iliiii ninn im* in contend wiili
ll.it" llnil Ol'lglll i Hi'il'la leil liver
which is a delicate tirguit,   peculiiirly
silsei'lalihl"   In  Hie   disturbances    liliil
'"in.  1 ■..111 Irregular balills ur lack of
ea'e  hi  en 1 in- and drinking.    This
ecom      im'  Hi.'  gn ai'   ninny liter
i' "uiiii'i   now 1 Bed mi ihe ulteii
tl [ siillerers.   til' ili.*e there are
nun" Htipel'loi in Pariii'iee's Vegetable PHI.*. Their operation lliougli
gentle is cltecllve, ami the mosl tlell
ml"  ean   lli"   lll< in
Lord lit.I" iii,. "Id,-1 -a, ii,, 1,,1,!
cliiiniherlaiii, i-   a    lianilsniuo   young
ninn. ttlin 1* ten-    popular in   euiiil
all   '. ,
I.Hard s  l.iiiiiiieiii  lit.  Mllllleil,
liitt"  u*"l   MINARD'S  I.INIMKN T
fnr C'miip; found nothing to equul It,
Is.    Ill lhe liim       1
I.       II lllll p
il Henry II
I ...
Ill all kinds ol
.il 1 11   1 ■ > "im   nnd tvlill" li 1
cvei making
.it    ii 1  ■
without h.
iii  lt"l liii '    ,,',,■
Iti'linll     Ull}
1 I-.11
      ('HAS.  ■ SIAHP.
ii,iui.'.ii.itt. .v. 11., Sept, isi, inn:..
A Gallery of Forgeries.
Paris |in**i,*.". n vi'i'y line gallory
ni iiiuilei'ii inn*i"i*. largely ol Hie llur-
Inzaiii school, um uiie uf which is genuine, li i* in ilm painter Hnrdigniea
that Franco 1* indebted Im' this queer
collection ul lhe *|iiiriiuis. Pussinaj;
through ilm lain' il" Vuugirnrd ono
day, hi* eye enuglil somo canvases in
a itiiiilntt. They wero all signed by
prominent niinies including Iii* 011 n
nml every signature tin* forged.
Pu**iii'^ inside, Iln- li*i hi'i'iiiiie mors
estonsive, mnl ih" paiutei' I'nunil himself in the presence ol falso Corots,
Dinzs. Duiiblgnys, laincrels, Isnheys,
Xenvilles, nml even ICllgllsh Turners.
Tli" revoliiliiin ul lu* own idonlity 011-
ubled Ilm |,i nil ei Ini'inii" [iu-*"**"al
ail tin* enlliiiiiiii liar something le**
ih,in 1 he provd'hiiil "hi sunt:, nml i'
unit now Im inspected hy those inter-
"*i,"l iu -mii mutters nt the Stale fur-
uu ui., depot, ti here ii i- preserved us
,1  kind "i  In ii water murk in soph-
The Gun Queen's Income.
'lim ycai ly iiii'iuiii' cl "Queen'1 ller-
ilm Krupp, who iuhoriteil the liunous
ironworks nt Ksseli, tleriiinuy. i*
steadily increasing, it having nmouiil
od iu IHO.".. iu nbuiil Cl,11110,0111), Mi*
Krupp, luanagcs her grcul properties
null reniiirknble ability. Her business
1* expanding, mul the number nf those
dependent mi her lur eiuplnytnenl and
subsistence i* 11011 fully 31X1,01X1, Tn
1 1 ilm tun Its *h" Im* a small army nl 1100   men, mi I   nml   under
strict  milium'   discipline,   She   ulso
bus puliee uml 11 secret service.
linard's  Liniment Cures  Burns, etc
Owing lu the dispute lu-it*.rn Delhi*! shipbuilders uml their puttern
milkers, ubout 180 men wont mi strike.
Pile Terrors Swept Away.-Dr. A|f-
neiv's Olntint'iit siiiiiils nt th" head as a
reliever, lipnler nnil sure euro fnr l'llt-e
In nil fnrins. One snnlli'iitliin will Klve
cniufitrt In n few minutes, nml three to
six days' nnpllentlon according tn uirpi--
tltms will cure clironle cnsi-s. It relltn-fls
nil ll'iilne nnd burning skin diseases in
a day.   35 rents.—79
Governor Higgins, ol Nett York, has
grunted 11 further reprieve lu A. T.
Patrick, convicted ul murder,
Ala-am"" ul ruin and the consequent
failure ul crops iu India is causing
unite nuxioty,
tllle     ol    Ilia'   gl'ont08|   hia'ssines  In
areiiis is Mother Qraves' Worm Ex-
eriiiiuaiiir. li olfectuitlly expels
tiu'ins mnl sites health in a marvelous manner 10 the little mn'.
William W. Townsenil, a section
ninn nt Ann Arbor Mich., received 11
lit 1 cigar Inr finding nml returning tu it* rightful owner uu nmoiint
over $35,	
Tested hy Time,—in his justly celebrated l'ills Hr. Pnrmclee has given
In   llie   WOI'ld  nil'' III   Ibe   lllusl   llllil|lli
medicines often ai o, Uie public in late
years. Prepared to nieel the wanl
l'i r u i>lll which could in' laken itiih-
0111 nausea, ami Hun would purge
without pnln, ii ha* mel nil requirements 111 lhat direction, ami il is in
general usa' nol only because of these
tin qualifies, inu hi'i'iius" ii is known
in possess alterative ami curative
powers which place ii in Uie [ronl
rank nf medicines,
I'inl    l.nren",  ol    Dnrinstiiilt,    ha:
discovered   itm   cause   ul     uuirraii
Minard's Liniment Relieves Neuralgia
'I'lie -in:,Hi-' in., in Ih" world i* the
dtt,111   itillnit   ul     (il'l'llt   Ihi'     11"
ui"!",- high.
IV. iaf!a>r   llll. Hi'ii'lia'l Il.illar. It.a.rl fatr  .nr
,... ,,1 Catarrh tail rinnot be oured by Rill'. Gst-
ir.h dire. 1. .1 eiii'SKV .1 0O„Toledo,O.
ll,a. III. unili-r.iiiiitil, lain, knnan I". al. Chan.,
ta,, tl. 'n.i IS ..'.a., iiiii believe hln porfootl- lino-
oralala. ar. all Ina.lia... iraii-aitlania and 'n.nct.llr
.SI. la a-.rrj nut ni" obll-Stloni neile la.' lala firm,
llal.lalsn,  Itlssas A SIaktis,
It'linl.-aila llru.ul.l.. 'lol.lo, O.
n.ll'a Catarrh   I'ura ia laik.n   liat.rn.llf,  .ptlBf
<lii-itl, ai|..in Iln. blood alii I ut.. -airfa. aa ollb.
aaalnin.    ToattnOSlsIl   ..lit    tl..    1'rivu   'bt.   p.r
b,'-.il-    Sold lav .11  llraiitlati.
T.lt. Ilall'a i'.inali 1'iil, lair aionttlpataat.
(ieorgc I . Walls, ni Chicago, willed
l-'.'ll.lllltl  la,   lli*  lIllL   lllll.   II   Ins   I	
THE cost of living 19
an important thing
in most homes. You
may have to figure closely in these matters. A
little extra on a barrel
of flour may look big to
But there is a difference between spending
money wisely and spending it foolishly.
Sometimes it is economy to spend instead of to
save. It is in the case of
Royal Household Flour.
Those few extra cents
a week, that give  yuu
Royal Household Flour
in preference to inferior flour, buy health.
Nothing contributes so much to the food you
eat as flour, and therefore nothing should be mora
carefully bought. Ogilvie's Royal 1 lousehold Flour
is the whitest, cleanest and most nutritious flour that's
milled. It is thc only flour
that is absolutely pure.
Ask your grocer.
Ogllvie Flour Mills Co., Lid.
ogilvie's Ilitok for -
contains UIO imges uf excellent
reciye*. some never published before.  Your erocer cau tell you
low luk.ilill; 1.1;.
are the best remedy lor a deranged ttomich. They are a uie and
jenA- laxative; a reliable cure (or obstinate Constipation, Bilious
Attacks, Sick Headache and all disorders arising Irom a weak Digestion, sluggish Liver or clogged Bowels,   Beecham's Fills
Give Quick Relief
and are a world-famous medicine lor the cure ol these prevalent
complaints. Tlieir cost is a trifle; their use—a duty. For your
health's sake, insist on Beecham's Pills. They do more (or your
body than any other remedy. Known and used by hundred] ol
thousands all over the globe.
Prepared only by Thorn.. Be.ch.ni, St. ttrtenl, Ianr.ahlrr, V.ntl.nd.
Solal by all Druajfl.ti In Canada and I . 9. Am.rlci.    In bests 28 cent*.
(k Pills (or crossness ? Certainly.  They remove the cause
■ -nn  —the crossness vanishes.   A sluggish liver poisons
I f vOO "" blood, spoils Ihe temper. Keep your liver active
and your bowels regular. Have a clear brain, a brave
heart, i hopeful outlook. One of Avcr's Pills at bedtime.
All vegetable.  Sugar-coated.  Sold (or 60 years.
"cklftMHCRtll   Wc-rtlilh J.C.aV,
II Mr mit, lara.	
Pills II
IW laa-raalaa al all a
Grand Prize Competition
OR    $1,000   IN   COID
A ctiolcat of aliia'h w. offaar to   th.    Inallvlalii.l   a*-
G.rinil   tli. Inriifat uiinila.r ol aaila,. rii.luiita alurlti. HIS I.
In «'lilill"n In tln'-i* ■.ri*f»« thtn urn nwtj othin    Kmr* rampatltor r»n win on*,
A *n-li I- uImIod Mill iv givtn mi tvtn luwcrlption taken, ••tor) om Uihk ftiil foi
his nr Iut work.
THE BUSY MAN'S MAGAZINE lianllklin] mli.T,  -t- i.'iiifiit. »r* * f»ri>ful ■«lf»'tio» from
t]»i»  i"-i 1I1M HpnMn hi tl,.*l.*,il,nui"i»ili"i'i"ii-"f '.Iii- wotM    It i« mihl.-ti«-J liy tli* propria
l*n« of'Hi,. Cm,.I'l'iin  (ir r,  llnnlwiirti ami   M I.   I'nmihftn   Muliii-'r).   Tb*   l»n   Uoo-Ja
tteflawnnd othnn icrMfuI pap«n mnl wlm nn- Oinnttt'i iMillna i )i-h»>r»
Bulwjrlptloni urn not 1I1CI1 -ult tu Mi'iim  i u.ml. ulark il Uiit«ri0 timk   ft tn oi *   ««"<   >■>
vrltlui lulu- (rlnndn.
"1'HK HI'SV MAN'S UAQAZINI lithe Irtll 1 Im.at.or Imi llii» |>l^iirf of ru*1fn|."
S  \S   Uisn, Kliior YorktOD KiiHriitm.
•■■'ii 1 : ■■' i  for m'1'"!1'!* "f   "ini "Mi *'!, to our n...i».i 1 :i: ■    DO IT HUH.   It unj uimd
• 1lo1ioiKi1i11.11.iH in iour oarwr,
the Maclean publishing go. limited,
11 n ut. Mi', Inrnim* nl i"    11    In
I'lirla I* 11I1011I ST.'.11 por week,
Itch. M.inijc, Pr.iinc Scratches. Cub
 an Ild' on  Human  or  anlmall cured     0v,.r  L, .,„„ |0comotlvt-H  WPro   le
Ihi. oklilwiilli                        a   '" 30 minutes  liy  Wollord's Sniulnry ;.v ,„„, ,„.,„ ,„ „„, LTn|tc|| S|.„,s |M|
Lotion. II never (nils. Al.ill druggists. ,.,,.
Sunlight Soap is better than other soaps,
but is best when used in the Sunlight way.
To appreciate the simplicity and ease of
washing wilh Sunlight Soap in ihe Sunlight
way you should follow directions.
After rubbing on lhe soap, roll up each
piece, immerse in the water, and go away,
Sunlight Soap
will do ils work in thirty to sixty minutes.
Your clothes will be cleaner and whiter lhan if washed
in the old-fashioned way wuh boiler and hard rubbing.
Equally good wilh hard or soft water. A
Lever n,aa'i,ar» Limited, Toronto ,1,
A 111, ai Timi Imprisons nia Hate Dor.
laai;    llll'    HniOll IIIK    Sl'IIHIIII.
A rt'iiiiii'Uiiii' inajila- uf Incarceration
Is practiced a tho liornbllla, bird*
with iniiiu'iiso hills uml horny ,ti'*i*.
ivhli'li inli.iliit Kuiit11.1 ii Asia, tin' Mn
Iti.vnn islands und central and suiitlii'i'n
Africa,  in iiinsi if nut nil Bpcclea tbo
brooding femalo is trailed up in u hollow tree nud ted by her mate,
sho remains confined lu her prlion
until thu escs nri1 hatched, nud In minn-
speuii-s until Hie young blrdi aro able in
fly.   Mi'iiiitvliilc the luntlior Inn 1 111110
li'iiiponii'ily Incapable uf lllitht. as alio
has moiled, or ai least shed all ber wing
fi'iiihi'is, during ber captivity, But the
mail, is Indefatigable in providing fur
his family and Ih said lo work so hard
that ho Ih reduced oliunst to 11 Bltoloton
at tlio 01111 of ilu- brooding season,
According to llie theory of ninny natives, Iho f(-miliar- Is Imprisoned to pro-
vent her neglecting ber duly of brood.
lug. nud if sliu lias been unfaithful nr
negligent her  mule  closes  the  Utile
window of her ceil and abandon! bet
to a painful death by suffocation, Tho
true story. Iierhapi, Ih Ihls: Tho female
wnlls herself In so llml she cannot full
from the nest after losing her feathers
end also to protect herself from cm.,
mie-. 'llio building material Is her own
excrement, This version is less poetical than the other, iiiit it is probably
nenrer Iho truth, It in supported by
Inoitatcment Hint ihe female liberates
herself as Boon us lhe yniing birds lire
well crown, im thnl her prlsun is less
formidable than it uppcati, Scientific
LIU*  This
ro, '°< "*-^
Attiolied lo ■-- Qermenl le ■
(linn null,11    ol
and Guiiil Wii.-n-119 QuaHtlti
When Buying OVERALLS,
See   Hint   a.mil, ni'llola, bear. ■
IhIi.-i like ibove
Inelet en Gelling
"King of the Road" Brand
And Takt no Otl.tr
Over a Quarter of a Century
we hnve aurrossfully treated nervous
diseases caused by Drink nnd Drugs,
600,000 euros Is our record. We
speak truly and sny Ihnt failure to
obtnlii 11 euro by the Keeley Treatment Ih ,1 (allure of the man and nut
our inelhnils.   Send  for facts.
Address In conlldence
133 Osborne 81., Winnipeg.
Dr. l.cfinliiirill'a Item It "id cure|
any form of Piles, Internal, Hiternil,
Weeding, Wind, Itching .SupiiuriitlnK.
(•ir, am simply names of the stages
through which every caso will pass ll
it continue!,
I'lleu are caused by congestion ol
blond In llio lower bowel, and it takes
an Internal remedy to remove the
Dr. I.eonliuriH's lleni-Rifid Is I tablet taken Internally, and no case of
l'iles bus ever heen found It failed to
cure.   .Money Illicit If It does fall.
Il.un al any dealers, or the Wilson-
Alu Cu., Limited, iViugara Falls, Out.
Whlll  llr  NciIpiI.
A father recently ri Ivcd the follow-
iin.' note fiuin 11 young man;
linn Fir  ll'iai.ii tun* your ilotir Jeiiplo'il
hand ll age,   Flu- mul I nro In tut',
mnl 1 Uml. 1 neds .1 ttiii1.   Vuia-s,
111; Nit v.
The father replied by letter, saylugi
Friend Hi nrj 1*011 don't need n wife.
**on need .1 pollli;. book. I'.-'t one and
study 11 U'l .1 year, Thi 11 tui"- me again,
'i in- chosen,
"Some men," remarked the assumptive citizen, "ni" born lo lend."
"Vi's," answered Iho cntllloui per
nun, "hm ih" trouble I* Hmt every
ninn wlm feels n disinclination in do
iiciuiii work lakes ii tor grouted Unit
be is ouo uf those men."
S3"  to $16 per week   earned.
Mail   .rial   aa'in.ii    a.nt.<!   lo   work  ..I
Harm Uu.ihi- Maqhin- .i tii.lr jiodih,
matlUnif tiiialnr, fur na tat a.ll Hip "a 1.    N,
|rai, l.lal* l-ipillaall. '   I    «' Ilial.lt". II.
lalai'lr.lii'a*.   IVrll. .t pace.   OaKAMA-l He.
. "it Mi. ni.a (lo., Toronto, 0.n.'l..
! Throe tlopuly   marshals wore  slain
1 n Hghl u it li   outlaw   Indians   in
Lu.inui Territory,
Minard's Liniment on sale everywhere
Tin- New   Zi'iilniiil   itnveriiiiu'iil no-
nil show a surplus ul more then $3,-
iiin.iii in
— |
A Series of Articles Descrlb- ^
Ing their Lives, their Alms    <j
and their Influence, §
probably the youngest man In Cnnnda In a similarly Important poslllon
but if this is lhe nito of the young
nuiii Western Canada is peculiarly
his country,
llu was born In Hnllnn Cniinly in
the Province of Ontario on February
II, 1.1711, his father being a nallve of
Iho slale of Xew York who ciime In
Canada in 1S2ii ami Bottled lirst In
the Niagara District and afterwards
In lhe Township of Trafalgar In
Hallon County, where he died In isns.
Mr. Nichols' mother was a native
of Tyrone County, Ireland, Educated lit lhe Public ami High School
of his nallve county he Inr two years
tnuglll school Iii the County of Qreyi
a training considered by many us
Invaluable to llinso who subsequently assume managerial authority In
llie business world.
In 1S0*, Mr. Nichols bcRnn bis
Journalistic life as a reporter on the
Toronto Telegram, Diirltie; the Dominion Pnrllomentary session of IM7
he went lo Ollnwa as sessional correspondent of the Telegram and con-
llnuoi] In renreseiit Mint paper uiilll
January 190H when he becntne Rdltor
of lhe Toronto World, This position
he occupied until October lHOr, when
he resigned to nccept lhe management of the Winnipeg Telegram,
Mr. Nichols lias the advantage of
being an all-round newspaper man,
having occupied every poslllon on a
dally paper from junior reporter
lo managing editor. Dnrintr. his
newspaper career he bus had sever-
nl Important assignments of national
ami International Interest among
which was lhe mooting of the Anglo-
American Commission which convened first at Quebec and later nt
An Anglican in religion he married
In March, lour,. Miss Dora Wood,
daughter of Senator Wood, of Sack i
vlile, New Brunswick.
In pollllcs Mr. Nichols Is n conservative and a member of lhe Albany Club. Toronto. He is also n
member of the Masonic Order, Innlc
Lodge. A.F. & A.M., Toronto.
Every mother who lias used Baby's
Own Tablets will tell you thnl tbey
ire lhe besl medicine ill Hie world
Inr Una cure of constipation, colic
sour stomnch, Indigestion, dlnrrhoea,
let'iilesiiuss. teething troubles, nud
his Independence of thought and (ear-1other nllments of children, You can
lessni'ss oi expression unrestrained give these tablets to a new-born baby
by ihe fact that he is a loyal and,wiili nbsolute safely—they always do
leading exponent of Hie views of n,B"oil;   Ihey caiinol  possibly do harm.
Editor in Chief, Telegram, Winnipeg,
That lhe Canadian West Is not only the country of opportunity but the
country of young men, the prominent
positions heltl by many in the Province of Manitoba, who are In the
first years of the fourth decade of
their lives afford ample evidence.
No more Btrlkiug example could be
given than lhat of lhe success met
with hy llr. M, 13. Nichols, President
of the Telegram Printing Company
and Editor-in-chief of Ilie dally paper
published by that company. Mr.
Nlcholls Is not a western man in so
ini- us years of residence mny bo
counted, bm he is western in his
trend of mind, his virility, bis energy,
Cured   His   Backache of Twenty-Five
..Years' Standing and Satisfied Everyone He Recommended Them to.
Economy Point, N, S„ March 19—
ISpeclol),  (i 'ge s. McLaughlin, of
ihis place, gives two splendid ivasnns
lor his belief thai Dodd's Kidney Pills
ur,' ilie nn,. remedy i'or Kidney ail
incuts, Here ure ihe two reasons In
liis ir.t'ii words:
"I was troubled with lame bach for
25 years or more, Bomel'lmos su severe Hmi I could nm iiiru myself in
 I.   one box or Dodd's Kidnoy l'ills
I'uiv.i inr nml I have hmi uo return of
iliu trouble since.
"I iinve recommended Dodd's Kid
ni'f l'ills iu a number of persons wlm
nnd Kidney trouble, All wlm have
used ihein have been benefitted or
Dodd's Kidney I'llls nol only relieve
all Kidney Diseases, from Backache
in Brlght's Disease, hm they absolute
iy cure theni. Hui sometimes where
one or two boxes relieve It takes
more io make a complete cure,
gijat political parly iu Western Canada.
Mr. Nichols has only been ;i resident of the Canadian West fur a
short lime but bis career and work
nre familiar to the readers of the
public press throughout tlie Dominion, There have been few Canadian
Parliamentary correspondents who
have contributed brighter or better
informal articles In ibe papers they
represented In lhe Press Qnllery al
Ollnwa than Mr. Nichols during the
numerous sessions of ihe Dominion
House In which he represented tho
Their use means health lor Uie chit
nnd eonil'orl lor lhe mother. Mrs. C
F. Kerr, Elgin, Ont., says:—"Baby's
Own Tabids are the besl nieilleine I
ever used Inr Stomach ami bowel
troubles, ami destroying worms, No
Tablets iu the house." Get them at
your druggists or by mail from ihe
Dr. Williams .Medicine Co., Hrockville.
Onl., at 25 cents a box,
Japan proposes paying oil ilm country's ilelii iu thirty yenr.* al a rule ol
L'll.llllil.llllil ;i your,
My Kidneys are all wronfli- rtnw anen
loronto   lelegriini.    'lo  Mr. Nichols I Insure   l»'st   results   in   the   -liortest
may ho given Ihe credit of iiilroduc
Ing Inlo Canadian parliamentary correspondence the bright style which
in now demanded, containing not on
ly departmental news, quasi-editorial
comment and picturesque description, hut also lhe personal nolo ns to
the parliamentary characters that
had hitherto appeared In the public
eye of the Dominion merely through
a verbatim or curtailed report ot n
speech, Tho clever, racy communications of Mr. Nichols lo tin. Toronto
Telegram during Ibe I'arliainentiirv
sessions at Ottnwn became a feature
of thai paper during the years he
wns the Ottawa correspondent of
thnl newspaper,
Upon Mr, Nichols becoming Editor-
In-chlef nn,| (he principal editorial
writer on the Toronto World the
name clever brightness distinguished
his style Hint had given him bis rep-
utallnn ns n special correspondent.
In close touch for years wlih Can-
mln's gre:ii,.*i Parliamentarians und
public men nn the vantage ground nr
special correspondence ut lire Dominion capital, cnniitel|"d In the course
of Ills calling In follow Ibe progress
of measures of Iho greatest moment
In their passage and In Hie ileh-ilen
nf parliament, Mr. Nichols oltiil'tn.l
a iiolltlejil nnil tiorsnnnl Irnnwlt-ria*-,
of nubile affairs that hm served him
well ns '"I o.ilinrl'.i  writer
Mr. Nichols' nhlllly wns recognized by that astute Parllamen-
larlan and newspaper, man Mr. W.
V.  Maclean,   M.P.,   President  nf thc
World Publishing Compnny,   nml a
few years ago he was tendered llie
poslllon of managing editor of "The
Toronto World." His success In
thai poslllon us editor of tbe lending
Indopendeni Conservative daily in
the publishing centra oi Canada la n
feature of Canadian Journalism uml
nllrnrled the nlleiitlnn of the lending
Conservnllves  of  Manitoba  ami  the
shareholders of the Winnipeg Tola-
Mr. Nlclinls shrewdly saw the op-
porl null les offered a young man ns
ninnuglnc editor of a grent Conservative organ In Western Cnnnda and
the desirability of financial Invest-
ment In such nn enlerprlse and he
became Editor-in-chief of Ibe Telegram and President of the Telegram
Printing Company. In the fanv
months that hp bus hnd editorial
charge the evidence of his personality nnd his newspnpnr acumen bns
heroine apparent nnd Ihe Telegram
Is considered one nf Ihe brightest
ns well ns nne nf the best Informed
dailv papers published III the Dom-
Mr. Nichols Is n vnunt* mnn tn
hold such a resnonslble nnd Inioorl-
nnt position in Canadian journalism,
time'.'" It stands tu res-nan that a liquid
spi'dllc uf tlie uniinostliiiiable merit of
Siinlli AtiiPi-it-nn Kidney Cure will so
more dlrea-lly and nulcklv te the spat of
the truiilile than tin "pill form" treat
ment. and when It strikes tha .imt
there's liealliiR In ait Instant— 78
The  Great French  Mining Disaster.
Appalled by ono ol ilm mosl <li*u*.
liim* coal mine tragedies iu the Instant- ui the world, trance Im* forgot
ten ilint ii   Government Im* resigned
ur llml the nation * peace hu* I n in
tlic balance, In the presence ol the
awful visitation the French people ure
plunged in sorrow, Down in lhe coal
pii* me iliu bodies ol eleven hundred
men, it bile uniting the twenty-live
thoiisnnd people who crowd nboul the
pit* ure hundreds ol women and children whose breadwinners they were,
mil tn tiliutii the tragedy comes homo
niiii stunning Force,
Tlie scone ol the catastrophe i* in
the mountainous region near Urns, m
tlm Depiirtiiii'iii nl I'n* ilu Calais. Here
ure huddled the linmlots nl the mine-
workers.   The subterranean cl il"'i*
form a series ol tunnels, six ut tlm
outlets nre near dons, nml others are
nt Courricrcs, Verdun, uml many other
point..   Al i '.'.nnu miner* work tho
group of .mines, mul with tlieir fain.
iii''*. muko ii population ol from ILIUM
to 8,000 | pie. Tl xplosion ni after-damp, it hull hu* hud such lei rilile
results, took plnco ju*l niter the men
liml entered the mines,
Strnnn-e Cure For Lunacy.
Our forel'iilliers were so fond of the
whip thut they seem to huve regarded
It us a cure fur lunacy and even for
smallpox, The accounts of a Huntingdonshire parish, under date 1001, have
the entry, "I'd. in charges taking up a
distracted woman, watching her and
whipping her next day, Ss. lid," and a
few years later elghtpcnce is paid for
"whipping two people yt had the smallpox."
"Hung beggar" was evidently no mere
fancy name for the parish beadle. lie
thoroughly earned the title in the days
of his greatness. The name outlasted
tho whip and the brutal performance
at the whipping post or tho cart's tall.
Fifty or sixty years ago "bung beggar"
was still the provincial name for a beadle In several of tlie midland counties.
A Cheshire glossary delines n "bung
beggar" lis "a beadle, one of whose duties It was to take up and drive nway
any beggars In the district and prosecute Ihein as tbi law directs."—Londol
Fox nml Flee..
Reynard Is a knowing animal. The
foxes are much tormented by Deal, but
when the infliction becomes too severe
they know how Iii get rid of the Insects. They gather from the hark of
lives muss, which ihey carry to a
stream Mint deepens by degrees, Here
they enter ibe water, siill carrying the
moss in iheir mouths, and, going backward, beginning from llie end of Ihelr
tails, ihey advnuco by slew degrees till
the whole body, wiib the exception of
lhe mouth, Is entirely Immersed, Tbe
ileus during this proceeding have
rushed In rapid baste to the dry puns
uml finally tn Hu- moss, nnd the fox,
ivlien he bus. a riling lu Ills calculation, allowed Blltllclcnl lime fnr iill the
liens lo take their departure, quietly
opens bis mouth, The mess limits off
down the stream with ils burden of
liens, and when It is out of Jumping
reach lhe fox tliuls its way to the bunk,
much relieved.
li i* estimated   tlmt tlm
presenl 76.000 political   prisoners
Itussinii jeilj,
e lit
ilinard's  Liniment Cures  Dandruff.
China's latest reform sohemo i* in
transform the historic examination
hull.* iu I'ekin Into ii military school,
They Seldom Smile.
laiinilnii A special to the Neil Ymk
Sun *m*: Andrea i sruegic lias
written tu u nowspapor hero (Teclnring
tlmt the advantages el wealth are
trilling,   lie snt* i
"llevuiiil n competence for old nge,
it luili i I mil he groat, nml mny he
very small. Health lesions iiiilni  iiniii
Increases human happiness.    Millionaires tthii liiugh are lure."
amous Surgeon to Study Civilization
at Lowest Scale,
Chicago,   Hr. Nicholas   Senn,   one
ni tlm i I   Im :*    surgeons ill    the
United States, i* tired ul civilisation,
mul i- going back iu ilu- simple lifo
in iliu wilderness ol Africa.
"I mini to get into ilm Znmbosi ili*-
tiii'i before u becomes too cit Nixed,"
said iliu greal surgeon, "Tlie savages
ttill give me u good vacation.     The
llnlil null llli' lllllliil. uie Ilm tllillgS llllll
intcresl nm. It ttill be u somewhat
dangerous trip, owing to the nheal-
lliy climate, ami it looks now as il I
would hnvo tu take it alone."
With the pu**iblc exception nf tlie
Andaman [slanders nnd llushnion, the
equatorial | pie* ol Allien ore said
in represent Hie lowosl scale ol mil
iintion in the world. It i* tlm**' nui*
Dr. Senn "ill study, Anthropologist!
eonsidor   observation   ol tlioii habits
uml  CllStOlllS  In  he  ul   tile  lliglm*l   im-
portancc boforo civilisation shall ul,
■"■uie ie destroy thom.
Lincoln's  Orderly   -llml.
Lincoln's mind was orderly, lhoi«jrh
his methods were nni. lie neglected
details because his thought, which was
"us direct us flight," passed Inslantly
to the vital S|nil and nil else seemed
unimportant, "If I cuu free this euse
from technicalities uml gel It properly
swung to the Jury I'll win It," he used
to say; and this wus his mental attitude toward nil legal questions. lie
hnd uo training in technicalities us lung
as Ibe Urni of Slinirt & Lincoln lusted,
and It is doubtful If any teaching would
have qualified him I'or attorney work
or made Iiiui a master of detail. Yet
as au office lawyer, such as rules tbo
destinies of our modern corporate interests, ho probably IVOUld have been
Invaluable, His mind comprehended
large subjects without Iho Slightest ef-
furl. Dime concentrated on nil Issue
be passed directly to the point, disregarded the thousand nnil one eoullu-
gonclcs, ull the ncndemlc pros and
tuns and reduced Um problem to Its
simplest    possible    form. — Frederick
Trevor lllll iii Century.
Street Crowdi In Caracas,
One of lhe features uf the city of Cn-
mens, Venezuelu, Umt must strongly
impresses n foreigner is the rapidity
with which a crowd gathers iu tlie
streets. 'This Is best exemplified when
some of ihe many wandering niusi-
clans, In whom Caracas abounds, prepare to give an Impromptu open ulr
concert. Their first notes no sootier
echo through lhe neighborhood than
thero gathers lo listen a vast throng
thut almost blocks up the thoroughfare.
The cobblers and all lhe Other leiiimls
of (he entries, having no doors lo open
or stairs to descend, are on lhe spot almost Inslunter. They eagerly drink In
lhe music, but at the same lime bear a
Wttry eye upon Ibe bats of tbe musl-
cinns, and no sooner do Ihey observe
tho slightest Indication that one Is
ubout to be taken oft for the purpose of
taking up a collection by passing It
around among the crowd tbun they disappear even inure quickly than they
Tliel nml Poller.
A high fence should be l-ullt between
tin' words tact and policy fur lhe benefit of those who euuiiot see Ihe bordering line.
"Oh, I have no tact!" they sny with a
sulislled air. "Tact and policy are
things I know nothing about."
And yet the two qualities are ns distinct ns north and south. Tact conies
from the heart, and policy from tbe
bead. Policy Is inspired by Selfish Inter
ests and Is n treacherous quality that
one might well honst the luck of. Tact
springs within from an unwillingness
to hurt feelings, and it Is the mark of
Innate kindness that has no personal
motive. Tact is no enemy lo truth. It
offers truth on n salver Instead of
throwing It lu the fin e, that's ull.-1'hll-
adelphia Press.
Sunllghl Soap Is better than other
soaps, hut Is heal when tiled Iii tin
Sunllghl    way.   Buy    Sunlight    Boop
nml follow directions,
Dear Mother
Your littla onei ire a conitint ntt in
Fall mr! WmtM weather. Thev will
utch cold. Do you know about Sniloh'i
ConiumDlion Cure, the Lung Tonie, and
what it I'.n-. done tor to many f   It ii uid
10 be the only reliable remedy for all
tliieasei of the air paiugei in  rhildren.
11 ii ibwlutrly harmleu and ['Ir-mant to
lake, lliiguaranterdlocureorv'i n AMiy
il relurnrd. Ihe prire i* 25c, pCf bottle,
and all dealeri m medicine aell j,,-
Snull ond Savagery.
Tlie liabll ol snuff-taking Im
confirmed among suviig.' tribes for ages
past, In South Allien it is used muting
iSttn/.is, Itusiiiiis. iiiiiI Mataboles. Kv-
ery Zulu to- 'u.v. even in tnttiis carries
u little square bos suspcntlod around
his neck liy u pioco ol siiing m
and the snull spoon (for thoy do imt
iiuliii,. in ilm homely "pinch"), carv-
el iilil  nl  sheep's    bum',  iiltiui    mini
mented with Intricate geometrical de
signs, nml lor convenience carriei
hanging downwards through a slil ii
ilu. lulu, ut ilm oar.  The Zulu regards
llie   lube  ul   Ins ear  in  ll   useful   I'OCOfi
taclo Im various mticles he meets
with, The nmfann, or hotisehoy, universally mil with iu Natal, Im* n pen-
oluinl iur safoty pin-, which hnve tn
be oarcfully hidden from lu* -limp
ci"*; oven limn, after guing through
Hi"   'ninn*.   lie   i*    USIIalTv   tn  be  seen
iti'Ii ii string "' those pin* suspended
11"in each oar until they resell his
ii nildors,
lu   llir  ln-1   yenr    (inirunny'*  trade
tuth South Africa Im*   ine M*d   by
*",u i inu.mii i
The PoUoned 8pr1ng.-A» In n-ture o
In mnn. laa.llula the aprlns end dl.eeit
end trust* ere l.nund te follow — the
■tnmech nml nirves onl of killer m.ene
Rulenn In the eprlnil.     Bruitli American
ervlne li a  ati-aI  partner, corn Indication, Dyspepsia, end tones llie nerv.e.
The lint  evidence nf Ila rSlrnrv   .   h.
icon | unsolicited   testimony  of   ii.'.v iimta  ol
A Melancholy Career.
A young mnn who will some dny Inherit uu enormous fortune nml who Is
being brought up us u "gentleman" was
Interviewed the other day. Among other things be said, "If I did uot have my
career cut out for me, If I were to lose
my fortune, 1 should turn to ihe law
and sillily snme phuses of lt Hint Interest ine greatly."
Probably if the young man were
actually thrown on bis own resources
be would resort i" something less entirely "elegant" ami more useful. Hut.
that aside, what Is this "rurccr" ttut
he fundCS be bus ".ut uill" for blm!
To ini,'" nre of hi* property- that Is, to
spend bis life ut un occupation similar
lo thut of a watchman or a polleomnn,
but far mure mechanical ami less evening. What a miserable, what a
melancholy conception of a carocrl To
spend one's life at Just making money
is poor enough use nf the nm' chance
to live; 10 spend It nt watching a heap
of money-what dullness, what .lr.-iri-
ness: Ami in a world teeming wiib opportunities to live Intensely, vividly, In-
toresllngly, usefullyl
Waterproof simr..
To prepare wntcrproollllg for bouts
and shoes mix together iu a saucepan
over (lie lire two purls nf Inllow und
one pun of resin; warm ibe i is and
apply the but mixture wilh u puhitor's
brush till  limy  will  nul absorb uny
more, if weii polished boforo applying
ibe waterproofing, they will take the
Polish afterward.
Il'illnii'l i* ibe continent, the
ly country loyal in 'Im   pri u iplo
frno i iiiilo.
Oeylon Natural GREEN Tea to be the
Laid    Packets    Only,    40c,   50c,   and    60c,   per    tb.   At   all   Grocer*.
Highest Award at St, Louis 1904,
Timiiniiin Por Tourists.
Tnsiiiuniu, llie great undeveloped Is-
Innil south of Australia, is now being
slowly opened up by rnllroad ami road.
way extension, Tlm resources uf ibis
country in the smith Pacific are known
to be very great, although as yet little
has been dune lo make use of them.
Willi its natural scenic beauty, its
healthful cllmnto and its unexplored
I'uslimssi's, Tasmania Is sure tu I nine
known ns a  favorite tourist resort. -
Chicago Journal,
Kins' nnil Kaiser Still null
I.a Matin of Paris declares that King
Edwnrd hnd expressed n desire lo pay
a visit lo Ibe kaiser next summer. The
report is received iu llerlin wilh skepticism. "No wonder." exclaims tbe
London Chronicle, "fur the kaiser has
nut yet returned the visit of the king
lit Kiel the summer before lasl, ami It
is imt customnry fur sovereigns to run
up nn account of courtesy without
some due return from the uther side."
Cotton sun uinm.
It is nm diiiii'iiit in understand why
reports from ilm suuih Indicate Unit tho
I pi" rn' Hint section of the United
States ure prosperous and contented.
During ilm lu*( six years the total
valtto uf ibe cotton crop, Including
si'i'ii. has heen $8,1100,000,000 against
$2,100,000,000 fur the six years preceding, An enormous Increase like this
Indicates tho sourco of southern pros-
porlty and substantially braces up the
claim thnt In thnt section of (lie Union cotton is siill king-Sun Francisco
Appetite comes with eating
and each square of crisp de-
liciousness seemi but to make
room for more.
Mooney's Perfection
Cream Sodas
are different from any other
cracker. Nothing heavy or
doughy about them but so light
and crisp that they arc transparent. Mooney's biscuits will
be a regular dish on your table
if you will try them.
Say "Mooney's" to your grocer.
For Cough
and Colds
There is a remedy over sixty
years old —Ayer's Cherry
Pectoral. Of course you have
heard of improbably have used
it, Once in the family,i*stays;
the one household remedy for
coughs and hard colds on the
chest. Askyourdoctoraboutit.
" 1 h... had pn.amanl. il.,.. t|m... .aid
A»a>,'a I'h.rr. IVtor.l lia. broaiaht mai.f.la
u a .iall ta-n tint.. I ti... lull a.- ...um
fratan m, lul .lurk, u.d .-it, mt.ii   No
Jaaiaat.r I p>>lM ll" - 1 Y UlMIM. Sla..l..
ftilnl Wl*.
A.a* ■»niifMiUr«r» «f
ji/>ro %kSMam-
Thi, la-ma-tly ,li
\ ni'iv Mai Innil*!   church,   costing
,,, ,   *i* nun n.i, opened al    'oil Arthur,
till he in .very la..iia^h..ld. j (j |{
cured onrs.—"6
Canada's mineral production during
inn.', aggregated mer 90S.60O.OU0, ns
i pored ivlth   $00,078,80? I. • r   tho
previous yoar,
ft, pills):m
"A drum,: Modlclno"     "" oncom
nun  often   pn* l un  Dickie's Anil
Consumptive Byrup, and when tha re
SllltS    lllllll     US    US"    1 Hll'-lal.   I. .1       BS
iionie nut tiy man) persons who bavo
employed li in stopping inu ih and
eradicating colds, ii is more tbun
: rand, Kopi in the hoti e It Is .ain.iy.*
ii' hnml and it has no equal as n ready
remedy,  ir yuu have nol tried It, do
SO ill  iilice.
I'hnrtfa l.nml, *,.,! Tiitmeen,
Chnrles l.uinb, according to bis own
confession, wns "t fierce smoker of to-
biu'co." One dny when pulling vigorously the conrsest weed from u long
rluy pipe In company with Iir. I'nrr
Ilm laltN nskisl him how be inuiiugeil
I"  nc'iulre  Ihis  "prodigious  pOWWa'1
"My toiling after it, as snme men toil
nfler VlrtUO,"  win the prompt  reply.
Aa be advanced in yenr*, however,
liiiu" was obliged in relax his intlmn-
ry wlih the weed, so thut, tn use his
Altlntnl.' I'ln* I.  yir-rrl.e.
Tbe relaxed rhythmical movements
soeiiinmnn numm: nnlmnls ul play, Uie
gnmbollng of lambs Iho pint of kittens
ami many similar animal activities,nre
Imitated  by  man  in  tlie primitive
dunces which form *a, large u pnl III
lie social iiiiiI religious life of ull sho.
,"lglnnl peoples These motions of leap
hn.'. swinging, swaying nml twisting of
Iho body b ive, nil of thom, a most Inti-
iiniii' ami powerful Influence upon ibe
body's activities, organic and musau
Inr. Hulling is n form of exercise
which i* ii favorite with many nnlmnls
nnd I* especially practiced fur ihe pur-
i"■'■ of rclli Ing fal .-'i".   Rolling is
i iliiiriy enjoyable nnd grateful to
Hm iiiiiiii.il because li provides nol only
relief fur tb" leu*".i muscles, tbe do-
plelcd "I'l-ms nml iii" slow moving ah-.
eiibilii.ii,  but  baaiinse ns  the  niiiiiinl
vivii words, im was "Aa. n burnt out i mils the firm pressure of Hi- ground
Ayer'a Pills Inc-aae* the activity of
Ih* liver, and thua aid -i-covary,
  "Psvt'HISF." has restored
thousands of people to buoyant
luallh and Btrength whose condition had ben regarded as hopeless.
It is at once a tonic and tl.-sti
btiilaler, containing remarkable
properties as a blood purifier and
germicide. It will strengthen
and heal Ibe wrak lungs, forte out
Ihe phlegm, and drive away the
cough, no matter of bow long
standing. "I'svciiise" tones up
the whole system and drives out
disease, heals the decayed lissuo
and restores lost energy. Its use
daily will prevent and ward oil that
most subtle disease consumption.
DR. T.A. 8L0CUM, Limited
ITS King et Wa       Toronto, C»natd»
i volcano emitting now and Ihon only a
casual pniT."   Eventually bu took his
| formal leave in a "Farewell Ode to To*
biu'co," uml iu forwarding a copy of
Um pnem to Wordsworth ha n       ' i
'nte bud it |n my bend hi do It Jbeso
Iv ■ years, but tobsi i i -t" >d in it* own
iiniii when it give in" headaches thai
' n entcd uie ilngtng    i
upon    ■ limit constitutes u most of-
tectlve and ngn i ible mussm,'''.
'Hu- n i i-ii iiIk Iniul  i"
I   ll   i    -haute, i- iu <
a       I I"!     lllllllUl." ■        '
a        ... London lint" ii i uliii'
.'■ ol  diigei  pi nd* el
Tlvtro la no satisfaction kaener
thnn being dry and comfortabl*
whan out In th» hordaat atorm.
\\a:\.    JMJOU WAR
.* ONMiisviarwitUb
IfTha Liver Wer© Kept Active
By The Use of
people  ii'iilizi'  Uml, if  thoy in,, bowels
,,:'' (il"   suirorlnR     ul     ,. j, „,„  ;l.: „ „„.,,. relief fmm in.
.   i     I    constipation thnl  Dr.
'■ i,:" """.''I  ll«*    '"   ' mine's Kidnet'l.ii.-r I'llls are reenm
 "' '" "f '' n ""'I N'  nieuiled bul iihii llioroimh and lusting
'.'iiii'      I'm  Ihein  in Hi.' i".*i       Tb"
Hl' '" '    dose i   i  1" imi" ns often as
",' ^'j;;' "'- ' ' i ii-    i  tu i p ni- i'".t ii rogii
l.h'i i   I'lll     .ni i  .'■:   ii-  | ...
*'h) '■ I '   , ,.  in
Mr,   li 'nn   Mcl'herson,  < ontent,
« 'If11    I'y   "'"'"'",\;i„, ,     tvrli.        I   ,vna   for   ninny
".l  wlih  Indteesi'lon  nnd
ll" ,[  k'osl  ' ■ ilerlved  nolll from
■ .    I used    \ friend
Keep the lii-i  ucl „|  n,   t.|1agc's Ki,|
nev-l.lvi     I'llls mnl ufler lulling fom
'■•"   «nd   excretory ,.,,,,., ,i„. ,,,,„,, (, l)m, |   ,lm   ,„„,.
i ,'   In   ilu    lull enjoyment of llie
Kldnpj l.lver Pllb  ; I of Rood honllli,
i   din el   und   speclllc ncllon mi
' ri   ii i   n  i I     |,:    r|l:i "s  Kldne.v-l.lver I'llls, A
liej  -nil 'iii"" ilm ciil- rents u box, nl all dealers, oi Hiliiiim-
leel   in!'  innn iln  blood, where son, Hales fi Co., Toronto,   Portrait
ll Is poison, ;nu1 iln- nn ilns of 11 In nml signature nl Or, A. W. Chase, llio
iii.- inu lines   where ll Is necessitr.v lamous receipt bunk nulhor, on every
lam illgi sllon nnil u proper uctlon of bux.
south \\\('iir\'i;i:
li, i
\ Weekl* N'i ivspnper.   i   Publiaheil liy
I'HK KXIMIKSS I'l.'I.N'TIM! Conipnn.*
iplinn dii" llollnrper Venr
i,i;iii;i;i; HARTLBV,
Managing I'lil lor
I, lll'lll! lilllllDNH
.    Manager.
Strange  Modes that Prevailed In lhe
Time of Chaucer.
red   it i'Ii    llie    gay    nppiirel
e ilnn Hen nl lhe pu i  u ',' ■
mr time iu tin   piyesl
.a ■ ' innke bill ii pom Ami
il Klj in Hie Iniiiii'i'iiili
.   !       i" ■ ni  for
'    .    I'l'lll        I'lll!    Kll 11   ul
. iiiii   '"i.i '" 1  iii    11"    less
(lllll SIlilMll
III t,    Mill'}' * 'III "    'il"
: n bishop ni'i '  : . .   ... i
.iiinn Im  the t ,ai ii tt
nl ils cniilciil
i  simple lillnjte prii ■   fore u    ■
      tlltill      .a    t"   ' 1      "1
■   .        .lul" mnl lam
li hpncetl  .villi
I    the linn      '    uiei      ■ men ivnre
luuny-i .I""'! ii     ajoseph's
.'    Ilm Ann   cun Tall-
a    ■ .        bile line I" ■. .taanlil be
i I.i.i/. "bl he
ell  .. '   ii     recti, blue ..i  yelloii.
t liim it nn    n   .I'd im    Inu ii ■
utrii       Ki     ii   ii'"
■ ■     - ly
a I    lll'l al'||     in      l     ' ', . il
.    il   ...     icii   ■        lelloit
t. ■   und hull ii
1',-vi Mn
■    ni   .     larger
Ill     l-lll nan lei     III     nlie
llllll    ..'
all!    1,1.11.
I   nel
Idaily in the 1 I* ul his vnlel    Aluol
the iiian.v operiitions which   look up
'the -inn'bin.', ul ib" beard
ami llie |" ipei  i ling ul the KHr-
iiieiii*. ilm painting ul lln< Ine" inui
iiiiiiui mill ml*, tinctures, essenc
nud pomatums." It i* even -said that
some ul iln- dandies ol thai liny
in milk nml nine ''lor the rejuvenation ui their complexions uud ul
their energies.''
M. \i" .ia girls    nre    tiiiuctintcs cur-
i'iii-lt if I.   Tlieir lovers   walk   up
nl don ii uu i lu- opposite side ol 'Im
treel  I'm  hours, starinu ul  llmii  tt m
lints,    ll lli" tiiinm liiilt  i- i. 'i.a uilli
lie nppeiirs ui iin- tiinilntt altel n I'eiv
i ' liev -nun heeunie neipiiiintetl.
Lies Through the Rich. Red Blood Dr.
Williams'  Pink  Pills Actually
a .i pillg onrge iln' bowels.   Dr.
William*,' l'ink   I'lll* make   licit, rich
lil I     I'lirging pill*    pllnp 'I iitli
the liinii'l* touring the tissues, mi
■ u ni '..ni* nml tti'iil" i in the
.   "in     Hi.    Williams'    Pink
Pill* a| i    purge   nt   nil.   They're
iiniic |iill-. sunt bin : pills, strengthen-
im- pill*. Iilnnil Imililiiig pills, lb.
Willu,in*'  l'ink  I'll1-    actually    make
a.'.t id I,   Thnl i- wh} the} ni" the
onl}' scientific cure Inr nil bl I diseases. Thai i* it In Ihey cine head-
in-hot mid backaches, kidney Iro il li
ii,     rln nnintisiii,
liearl    '   mbli     nnd    the   special nil
i ii - ol   "M.it in:: girls nml    mature
women,   l'i   ini* pills hci milt on tli"
. nipi ni    "'   oi ' ,i i'   Ih.   Williams'
Pink Pill* go htniighl  t.. ill.'  i  ",
tli" trouble in Ilm blood .mil cure.
Mi    John   llnil"'     Klindiile,    P K.I.,
sny*:  "I   think    Dr.   Will -'    Pink
Pill* iln- Im-! medicine in iln- world
I liml un attack nl pneumonia .<. Iiii 1
itii- ii.Hutu"! in extreme nervousness
.ind I'lioiiiiinti.-in,    I tried *iiiii" rn nui
hi-l    ilnalni       b||| In    k, |||
 inlil I began taking Dr. Willi,nn-'
I'm', l'ills .illei taking 'I;'- pill* some
weeks  I  c mid in "milt   leel llio    lieu
Iilnnil  'Imt     were    Ihal     c '-ini:
my t"in- nml iu I lie i'inli i   d! h  fi ii
iveeli    i"  I  tt.,   i pi"'. 1}   n .tim.!
II ii  i* unit
I'i   Williams Pink I'll!- Ihal n.n make
mi',    health   mi".:    blood
1 .i nl  ib"  -n -called  "in i   n*
'" "1     ni" ii. n ni   i "i".l anyone,
Iii-i-i un ilm genuine wilh ll" lull
' ■ H' Willi in,.' l'ink l'ills liii-
Pil" People.'" nn lim lirapi "I  nil "in li
Sold In  nil ineilii i leali
!'t  in,ul nl   ill iini. :i I,ns ni -it boxes
• '  '  i". n-rjij*.,.  Tli" Ih   Williams
Medicine Co . Ilrockvillo, Oui.
,\ new snuiki'l".   curlrldge
in French ini mn,.. Mil
retain     nld   nml   Main i  Wn
\ i glenI vn Is 11
llll  ,      „    „„
I .'I," I' ,,.,"",     ,|'"'"1" '"' '	
l„,e sho, '      >• ' Oil Iini t .18111011 In I'!
'"'I,nmv'. ,;:m""T1    ,      ,.   ,    ,,
'      "■"" "':" »' ' "   '"■ Croup;  ml mulling to equal li
' ,vo   ,|;,:,ll',r    ' ! ■'"" ''""'■ „ ,„,
nine ii us n speclllc, and while H re-, CHAS, B. Sll Mil'.
A Canadian Folk Song.
The doors ui" shut, tlie windows lust,
Outside ilie i;u*i i* driving past,
Outside iln' shivering iw olings,
While nu ilm linli ilm kettle sings  ■
Margery, Murgery, make Ilm leu.
Siugotb ill" kettle merrily.
Tim streams arc liusliei] up where thev
Hint nil.
Tlm ponds ui'" It'ij/.i'ii nlong tlm road,
The cattle are I sell in shed und hvre,
W'lul" siugeth llu' kettle on tlm lire
Margery, Mn inert, make ilm tea,
mm n'i, tin- kettle merrily.
Tim ushormiil  the buy in In- haul
Aui i - mnl buttons up in- t'tiiil
Tlm irnveler *iup* ni ilm tavern door
Ami tlm kettle llll-llers ilm i'ln	
i... 11 ■.
\l     Mil    ei     innke ill" leu,
■I," kettle merrily,
Tl," Im 'i 11 limns ■ npuii iln- iviill,
li'oolsteps ,ii" I".nd in il nm hall.
Ami ii kiss nml n neleunie llml lill.* tlm
Ami the keltic sings in tho   ;;lii I
 I gloom
Miirgei i. Mnrgeri   i ukr ih" ten,
Siugeth the keltic nu nil*
Willniin Willi",! I .hi,|.li"ll. in X.Y,
The Plain Truth.
iliu   in  tlm mosl   notnblo banquets
is uni(|iie.   Though   il i* one   nl ilm
inii*i expensive dinners thnl the Will-
dun Astoria -"it,'*, mul though it i*
attended by *ni il ilm mosl einincnl
professiiiiuil men and some ol the
wealthiest fiminciers in lim couilll'}',
nn ttni"* ni" served, no cigars are
smoked, uml the only bottles found nn
tlm tiibles ui" those continuing lhe
pin'" uml spurkling Apollinnris, Kur
thermore the diners nil sil down
promptly ul  ll.lii p.in., nml  lli" Imu
i|iiel is  a a 11 11... I nl III o'clock,   ll i*
t I   tlm    linpplesl,   [roost,  jollies!
biin(|iiets served in lhe city ul new
York, mnl ii I'l'lebriites tlm work nl nn
institution iiiiiversnlly admired nnd
respeetod.    We refer ic. ilm liuiitpiel
ul th" Y.M.C.A.    At ih" Ini'iil.t-I.mull
nui 1 dinner, umrlting   tlm   thirty.
ninth iiiinit'i'i'-iirt' ul ilm intel'luitinluil
I'liiiiiuitti I tlm ussoeiiition recentl}.
iln- guests included (ioveruor I'tter ul
Itlliule Islulid. I.ii'iiti'iiiint-linvi'i nnr
lliuci. ,,l N.'tv York, (leneriil K. D.
Clrnnt, Reiii-Ailuiirnl Cnghlnn. Pi"*-
idenl Sehenk nl ilm Mercantile National Hunk ni Neii York City. Vice-
I'resitleut ('iiiiimn ol ilm Kourth Nn-
tioiinl llniik, .Imim* Stokes, Morris h
lesup, ii number ol college presidents
uml clergymen, nm! muni gentlemen
noted i.i ih" Held nl polities uml in
literal'}' uml artistic circles,
Heart-Sick People.—Pr. Acnew's Cum
lor Un- Heart Is h lior.it tonic Hint never
falls in tint'-Is swift In Its effects—goes
closer i" Uie "border land" nml unutctu's
from death's grip muro sufffra-rs tlmt
nny other remedy fur any fumlly of dla-
enscs nml iillmt'iits In the cntt'K'try nf
human sufferlnga. Gives relief In 31) niln
During   11)05,   1X5  persons over
years of ngo tiled in the Pens.
There   urn no   less   Hum   (wel
loft}  volcano peaks clustered around
ih.' ciiy oi Quite, ib,- capital of
An appeal i* innde lu Aniericnns for
hinds in restore ilm tower ol I'lirleigli
Church mul hung u peal nl lull* n it.
Tin- i- ilm church nl which tlie Rev,
liiiivrenee Wnshiiigton, aucestur nl
(jcorgo Wnsliingtou, tm- rector Irom
LU3'J i.i 1(113,
li is n l.lver Pill.—Many or the nil-
ini'iiis ilnn mnn bus in contend with
u.!.<■ llioli origin iu ;i dlsordi red llvor
v.' .'ti ii ;i dellcu rgnn,   peculiarly
Sliscepllble iai ilm ilisliii'li.iiii'is llml
culm niiii Irreguhtr hitblts or luck ol
ij-*'  in  ",'n.    nn l drinking.    This
ia'-' n    im-  ilm  ur, in   ninny  liver
regulators now in.-s^.-ii nn tho niton-
i i i.'iili'i'irs   of these Ihere ure
n  Biiperlor lo   I'm melei       * -
iniil" Pills. Their opernllon llinugh
gallic k, ellecllvi', nml ilm mosl delicate inn  m." Ili.'tn.
I.-i'l Hyde, Iheeldesl * the lord
ehambei'luin, i-   n    handsome   young
ii  Aui i*   very   popuhir in   cuurl
l-ill'a  ,
I,innil s l.ininmiii  Co..  I.iniiled.
liiiv.a  iiBeil   MINARD'S LINIMENT
In 'i •   him      i
l.       il lith poii ■
liy    111-      I.I   '     .     a
,a    lll'lll I    II Ileal
ll II ll
e It, tvnll    .'   a '
l    till
hii |i    .■■   ..a   gold
ir ailvi        I ■        .     ■ •' a
 Imu-  de-
I'     .,    . ,   mi .." llu
"i.| rrleiiils ii 1- ever making
i it-    li is rerluln Hint whoever once
■   i     ' uill mn bo ttiiliini! li.
-.'.aii iia imu llml 11 children
in   lli'l'iuiii nver   ki  pel   colli   "'   iln-
population in.    tt]tli"iii  uny    educa
lliltvksll.ilt. X. II., Sept.  Isl, llllli'i.
Ti ,• iivui'im" iiu'iini" nf beggars in
Paris is nbinii $",50 per week,
A Gallery of Forgeries,
Paris possesses a very line   gallery
ui  Ii'i'ii iiin*ims. largely ol lhe Uur-
bison school, nut ono ol which is genuine, ll i* In Ilm puinler llal'dighios
iimt Friini'i' i* inilelitetl Inr this (picer
colleetiuii ul lim spurious, Passing
through ilu- llu" 'I" Viiugirnrd nne
dny, Iii* et'" cauglil somo ennvnscs in
u window, Tliey tti'i'c ul! signed by
prominent names including Ins own—
mnl   "vi'iy   sigmituro   was    forged.
Passing iu*iil". ilm !i*l   I a in,- more
extensive, uml ilm paiiiter lound him-
s.'ll in tlm presence iai false C'orots,
Dinzs, Dnubignys, liiincrets, Isiibcys,
Ni'uvilli's. nnd even Kiiglish Turners,
Tli" ii'ti'liiiinii aai lu* nun identity enable I H.ii pignii - tn become possessed
nl thi* collection Inr something 1"**
thnn ilm proverbiul uld song, uml H
iimt 111111 Ii" inspected by those inler-
ested iu -mii iimtters ut tin1 Sinie liii-
iiiture ilcpui, ttlii'ii' il i* preserved us
ii  kind ul  high-uutcr  mark in sople
The Gun Queen's Income.
Tim yearly inconio ol "1,1 u" Her-
ilm  Krupp, nlin   nl,i'iii"'l tim im i*
ironworks nl Kssen, Uerinnny, is
steudllv inereasiiig, it  having auiounl
cl iu iilil.'.. tu nbuiil  tl. nn.    Mis
Krupp, inniingcs Imr grenl propei'ties
ttiib ruuinrkiihle ability, llir lui*iims.*
i* oMpiinding, nml ilm iiupibcr nt those
dependent un her lur employiueiit nml
subsistence i* uoti fully llnil.nnu. Tu
proteel t li" tun ks sho Im- u sninll army ni lull) men, armed uml under
strict military discipline, She also
Im* police mul n secret service.
linard's Liniment Cures  Burns, etc
Ouillg  tn  the  dispute   laciitccll   Del-
lusl shipbuilders mul their pattern
makers, ubout Mi men went un strike.
Pits Terrors Swept Awr.y.—Dr. As-
netv's Olntnia'iit stands nt tlm In'ml ns a
reliever, healer nnd sure cure for Pllea
In nil forms. One epnliciiiitn will Klve
t-atniriai't In n f.'tv mliuilcs, nml three to
six lints' iipplli-ntlain according to directions ttill cur. clirnnfi- en*-,.. Il relieves
nil Ita-lilnir nnd InnnliiB etltln dlseuaei In
a day.   35 cents.— 7*
Governor Kiggius, ol New York, Im*
granted u lurtlier reprieve to A. T.
Patrick, convicted ul murder.
I'lll'C   III   I'l
iin u
ml tb
('   fOM--
' iii crop;
- in
1*       I
nn sing
Dim    nl    Ilm grenlesi  lii.'ssiniis iii
nrenis is Mother Graves' Worm Ex-
I'l'iniiiuiur. li effectuitlly expels
iiniiis uml gives liiiilili in n marvelous milliner to lhe lit lie nne.
William  W.   Tim ml. u    section
mini nl Ann Arbor .Mich., received u
tit" "imi cigar iur finding nml rctinu-
imi tu it* rightlul owner uu amount
nun $33,001),
Tested hy Time.—In his justly celebrated Pills Hr. Pnrmelee bus given
in Hm world uu,' of iln' mosl unique
medicines offered in ilm public iu Ini"
i.'ins. Prepared lo meel ilm ivnnl
l< i n pill which "uiilil In- inken with-
mil mn.-iti, mul Ihnt would purge
willuiiii pnln, ii Im* mel nil requirements in Hi.ii direction, uml li is iu
general use nol only because uf ilm*"
tin qualities, but hecnuso ii is known
in I'ossiss tiltcrntlvc nml curative
powers which plnco ii iu Um fronl
rank of mcdlclnos,
I'inl    l.orenr,,  ul     lliii'ii.Iniil.    Iiniii-.! nu inl   tm.   i;tii-i'   ui     murrain
IIIIIOII '   lliil SI'S,
Minard's Liniment Relieves Neuralgia
Itch. Manijc, Prairie Scratches. Cub        	
  ,an "th on  Human  or annuals cured|    0v„r  o ,,,„, |ocom0||veB   wore luiiile
,,.',,,     ,,    ,   ,.,  30  minutes  by   Wo ford's Sanitary , v „M|, „,,  „,„ LTn|tO(l SllltCS lll.sl
,   I  ,,,.,,,,,1 i,,,,,,, Lotion. It never falls. At all druggists,   , ,.
a     Sunlight Soap is better than other soaps,
but is best when used in the Sunlight way.
To appreciate the simplicity and ease of
washing with Sunlight Soap in the Sunlight
way you should follow directions.
After rubbing on the soap, roll up each
piece, immerse in the water, and go away,
Sunlight Soap
will do its work in thirty lo sixty minutes.
Your clothes will be cleaner and whiter than if washed
in the old-fashioned way wilh boiler and hard rubbing.
Equally good with hard or soft water. rt
L.vrr  n,,,iiao..  LImI»• ri, Toronto ill
Tb" suuillesl in.' iu Hi" u in bl i- tin
ilu.nl '.'.illini nl liiini Iini.nn im.
iimlii'* high,
.V» (,fw (Im ITamired l>M..m limur-l fftr 1117
riMofCattrrh that rinnot lie oartdbt Hall'i cm-
irrh rum   i. ,1  OIIRNEY *i OO., Toledo, 0,
Ui>. |tifl uniIprain110-1,  lime known  F, .1.   ('linnet
fortlie lint IS nir«, md believe him perfect); imn-
er«Me ir. all bmlnen IreniMtloni nnd t1i.anc.allj
ai*!* te cirrroultnr obllgftttoni mida b; liiiflra.
WiltHttO,  Kisvan A Makvw,
W||ole«nli. llruKHlata, 'loledo, 0.
Tlall'i Catarrh   Cure ll iiiknn  internallr, aotlnf
dirnll) upon  ilm blood md nuootll ntirfa< e« of th«
lyttem, Teetlnonlili lent fiee. l'riuu "Jo, per
bottle,   snld I.* ail Dreiclitt.
Take Ilall'i l" irmly l'lllt fur oomtlpatioe
(icOl'^C  ('.   WnttN,   nl   CtlicDRO,   W\\\ri\
$20,(HK) In Ins dnu Hill. ;i Fox U-rrior,
A nlaal Thai Inilirl.nii. Ill, UalC lltlr-
lull  llu-  llr Ileal   St-ii.mi.
A rctnarkahla inoda* uf Inoarcoratlon
is practiced by tbo hornhllls, birds
With linineuBC bills uml lioin.v i-re.l*.
wiili li mii.iini southern Aslu, Iho Mil
lu.vun Islands uml central uml southern
Africa,  in most if not nil si lea ilm
brooding fetnalo is tvuiieti up in u Uui
low lice mul fed b.v ber inuiu.
sii" remains confined lu ber prison
until Ibe eegs lire bnlibeil, mul 111 smile
species until tbe yuiini; birds lire ulile In
n.v. Meanwhile tbe mother bns become
temporarily Incapable of flight, us she
bus molted, ornt loasl Bhcd ull her wing
feathers, during ber captivity, lint ibe
mule is Indefntlgablo in providing fair
hln family nml Is said to work so bard
that be Is reduced ubnnst to n sltolcton
Ut Uie enil of Ibe brooding sensun.
According to tim theory uf many unlives, the fi'innle Is Imprisoned In prevent ber neglecting her duly of brooding, nud If slie bus been luifuilhfiil nr
negligent her mnle closes the utile
window of ber cell nnd abandons Imr
to a painful death by suffocation, Tim
true story, perhaps, Is Ibis: Tbe female
wulls herself In so thnt she cntmul full
from tbc nest nfler losing ber feathers
uml nlso to protect herself from enemies. Tbo building material is ber own
excrement, This version Is less poetical lhan tlm other, but It Is probably
nearer tlm truth, Ii is supported by
ibe statement Mini ibe female liberates
herself us sunn ns Ilm young birds nre
well grown, sn tbui her prison is less
fortniiliii.lt> tlinii it nppcars.-Scientific
THE cost of living 19
an important thing
in most homes. You
may have to figure closely in these matters. A
little extra on a barrel
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fore. Your grocer cuu Mil yon
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«r« the best remcJy (or a deranjed stomach. They aro a life and
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"a-aa.r aa atvitl.l   WlMblllh J I' i.iic.
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Grand Prize Competition
OR    -$1,000   IN   C010
a oliaicat of aliai-h w. olTatr lo   Ih.   Inillrlilii.l   M-
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In iddltlflD '" than \itir^ lln-n* urn tunny ntlinr*    Rftrj ronpVtltOf P»n win on*
A i.vii i' mi"moil will ii« gtrtn mi fu't) ntacription nim, •ivd out*) i«.mj i«i<i for
hit nr her vork.
THE BUSy MHH'8 MAGAZINE i" tinlikn mn Oltaor,   t« TOnttnta m t cinhj] ■aluriion fmm
tin.   lu.-! thM ni | p.irt in lhe Inu Imu I'lililu nil I '.lit- wnll.1    lt ll riibl-lio I by tin v'"l'f»-
onn| Hie Cut,,i.run Oi r, lUrawtft. (tnd Hoial. "'tin-ii »n Mn lniii-r>.   Hi* Ijd  i..nii
Hflnew nud oihwr nuwWul pipen mil "li" mi- Unit i*'* lu>llni i.uiili.hffi.
Suli«,'ri|*li*>ii« Art* not .i.i'" ult :.i ••> mn  ■ j.tui. ulark luifniario took 'H In on*  •-•■»  Iir
wriiinit tn In* rrltn Ui
"THI msv MAN s UA0A21NE lithsbwl Ibwttifsr Iih*i thf i>i-*-t-.iirt> of r*tm.ln|."
h w, Uvss, Editor Yorhton tnt*T|iri«.
Sun I |<n«liil for imilicnUr* of i-umputitinn to uur niarsit nil.. •    00 IT NOtf.   U mar maio
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i'ir, uro simply muni's of ttie bUri*s
itbroiiKb which every enso will pass II
it continues,
Piles nre canned by congestion ol
blond In tbo lower bowel, uml it lakes
an Internal remedy    to    retnovs   iha
Ur. l.ennhiinlt's llem-Rrtid Is s tablet taken Internally, nnd no caas ol
Piles has ever been found It fallsd to
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Ullill  Ha \('(*(lril.
A father recently received Ibe foliow-
Ing mile from ii young man:
Dear Hit Wood lil..' your dola-r Jessle'il
band In innrnge.   Bba mnl 1 urn In luv,
llllll   I   llllll,   1   laaalll   .1   ttill'.     Ylll'l*H.
The fntlicr replied by letter, saying!
Friend Henry Vou (lent need u ttif.'.
Von need .1 apHlbig I ook. Del ono and
Study ii tor a year, Tin 11 writs me again,
SS to  J lli  per  walk   earned,
work Ml
Man  .n.i   wmnn   ».nl«il   If  vork
lltiiia Iliaauiir Maqiiinb .1 tlielf homi
la.atkitlU Im.'" ■  flT U. lit ..ll Ilia* tr.al..
pn».lo(i. .ipcrl.iic. B.c...rr.   Iliat.Ba*!.
Iilii.|r»ti<-i*   Writ. .1 (tnc.  tuRADUS
tlFRT Mat«l»a (to., Tainnlo, Oan.all.
'11(0 thdapil.
"Sniiic men," remarked the nssump-
live I'lti'/cii. "mi' born in lead,"
"Yes," an*"''luii ilm riiiiiiniiai person, "hm ilia' trouble i* thnt every
mnn who feels u dlsluclliintlon tn do
iii'iiinl work lakes II tor -(ranted Unit
be is um' uf Ibosa Well "
iin,.,. ,li|,iily    Mini -lisils tti'le   slain
;, ii iii  tuili   outlaw    I ml ut li*-   ill
Lii'ii.iu Territory,
Minard's Liniment on sale everywhere
ilu' N'.u /.I'liliiiul govornmenl nc
nil -liim ,i surplus ul uml,' limn IJj.
— I
A Series of Articles Desorlb- 8
Ing their Lives, their Alms   ij
and their Influence,
Editor in Chief,  Telegram, Winnipeg,
That the Canadian West is not only the country of opportunity but iho
country of young men, the prominent
positions held by many In tlie Province ot Manitoba, who   nro In   tbo
lirst years ol' tlio  fourth decade of
tlieir lives   afford   ample   evidence,
No moro striking example could bu
given lhan that of the success met
with by Mr, M, IU. Nichols, President
of ibe Telegram Printing   Company
and hlilitor-in chief of the dally paper
published by   that   company,    Mr,
Nlcholls Is not n western man In so
far as   years   of resilience may bo
counted, but he   is   western In his
trend of mind, his virility, his energy,
his Independence of thought ami tear-
lessness oi expression  unrestrained I give these tablets too new-born baby
by the fact Unit be is a loyal and .wilh absolute safely—ihey always do
lending exponent of the views of ajsood; they cannot possibly do iinrm.
probably Ibe youngest man In Canada In a similarly Important poslllon
but if Ihls Is the ngo of the young
nian Western Canada Is peculiarly
his country,
He was born In Hullon County in
the Province of Onlnrln on February
11, 1873, his father being n nallve or
Iho slnle of New York who ciime lo
Canada in 1S2", anil sullied first In
the Niagara District and afterwards
in ihe Township of Trafalgar in
Halton Coiinly, where he died In 1S9S.
Mr. Nichols' mother was a native
of Tyrone County, Ireland. Edticnt-
ed al llie Public and High School
ol' his native county he Inr two years
tntlglll school In llie County of Grey*
a training considered by ninny ns
invaluable lo those who subsequent
ly assume managerial authority in
tin. biisiiuss world.
In 1805 Mr Nichols began his
Journalistic life as a reporter on the
Toronto Telegram, During lhe Dominion Parliamentary session of 1897
he went lo Ottawa as sessional corresponded of lhe Telegram and con-
tinned lo ri'iu'esenl ihat paper until
Tnnunry 1903 when he beenmo PMHnr
of Ibe Toronto World. This poslllon
he oeciinieil lllllll October 1905 when
he resigned lo ncceiit Ibe manage-
meal of the Winnipeg Telegram.
Mr. Nichols lias the advantage of
being an all-round newspnner man.
having occupied every position nn a
dally paper from Junior reporter
lo niniinirjng editor. During bis
newspnper career he has had several Important nsslrnimeats of national
and Inlernntlonnl Interest nninna
which was Uie meeting of lhe Anelo
American Commission which convened first at Quebec and later at
An Anglican In religion he married
In March. 1!WS, Miss Dorn Wood.
daughter of Senator Wood, nf Sack-
vllle, New Brunswick,
In politics Mr, Nichols Is a conservative and n member of the Al-
hnnv Club, Toronto. He Is also n
member of Ibe Masonic Order, Ionic
Lodge, A.F. & a.m., Toronto,
Every mother who has used Baby's
Own Tablets will tell you thai Ihey
are the besl medicine In the world
for the cure of constipation, colic
sour stomach, Indigestion, diarrhoea,
leeplesness, teethlug troubles, ami
other ailments of children.   You can
i'l Jilt political parly In Western Can-
Mr. Nichols has only heen a real-
Their use means health for 'be child
and comfort for the mother, Mrs. C.
1'.   Kerr.  Elgin, Onl., says:—"llahy's
dent of the Canadian West   for   a Own Tablets are the besl medicine I
sliorl time hm  his career and work ('v''1'   u'ed   for   stomach   and bowel
familiar lo the readers of the
public press throughout the llnmlii-
Ion.   There have been few Canadian
troubles, and destroying worms, No
Tablets In the house." Gel them at
your druggists or by mail  from th
Parliamentary   correspondents   wlm "''■ Williams Medicine Co., Brockvllle
have contributed brighter or belter
Informal articles to the papers they
represented In the Press Gallery at
Ollnwa lhan Mr. Nichols during the
numerous sessions of  the Dominion
House in which he represented tbo
Toronto Telegram. To Mr. Nichols
may bo given lhe credit of Introducing Inlo Canadian parliamentary cop
rcsnonilenee   the   bright   slyle which
in now demanded, containing imt only departmental news, quasi-editorial
comment nnd picturesque description, but nlso the personal note ns to
the parliamentary characters that
had hitherto appeared In lhe public
eye of the Dominion merely through
a verbatim or curtailed report of n
speech. Tho clever, racy communications of Mr. Nichols to the Toronto
Telegram during ihe Parliamentary
sessions nt Ottawa bocanre a fenture
of that paper during the years lie
was the Ottawa corrcspondcnl of
ihai newspaper,
Upon Mr. Nichols becoming Editor-
In-chief and the principal editorial
writer on tbe Toronto World the
snme clever brightness distinguished
bis style thnt bad given him his run-
iilalinn as a special cnrresnondent.
Tn cluse lunch for rears with Canada's greatest Parliamentarians and
public men nn the vantage ground o'
special correspondence at ihe Don*.
Inlen capital, Compelled l'i the course
nf Ills calling lo follow Hie progress
nf measures of the greatest moment
In their passage and lu Hie ilei-ilm
nf parliament. Mr. Nichols -inl-ilnM
a iK'Ulienl nnd tmrsoun! knowleda**
of nubile nffal-s Hint be: snrved blm
well as nn edUor'tl writer,
Mr. Nichols' nblllly was rec-
ognlsed by that astute Parllamen.
tartan ami newspaper, mnn Mr. W.
F. Maclean. M.P., President nf Ibe
World Publishing Company, and n
few yenrs ngo he was lendered lhe
position of managing editor uf "The
Toronto World." Ills success In
llml poslllon as editor of the leading
Independent   Conservative   dally In
Ibe publishing e.'iilre of Cnmulii Is n
feature of Canadian Journalism and
altracled the nllenllon of Ibe lenillnu
Conservatives of Manitoba and the
shareholders of tbe Winnipeg Telegram.
Mr. Nichols shrewdly saw Ihe op-
pnrlunllles offered a young mill as
managing editor of a great Censor-
vnllve organ In Western Canada and
the deslrnbllltv of financial Investment In such nn enterprise nnd he
became Kdllor In-chief nf the Tele-
pram and President of lhe Telegram
Printing Company, In the few
monHiB lhat he has had cdllorlnl
charge lhe evidence of bis personality nnd bis newspaper acumen has
become apparent and the Telegram
Is considered nne of tbo brightest
ns well ns one of Ibe best Informal
dnllv papers published In Ihe Dominion.
Mr. Nichols 1s n vonnir mnn In
bold such a responsible and Ininori.
nnt  poslllon In Canadian loiirnnllsin.
Unl., at Iir. cents a box.
Japan proposes paying uli the conn-
try's ih'l't in thirty vein* nl a rate nl
CU.OOO.OOO a year.
"My Kidneys ar» an wrongi-now anan
I Insure best results In Ilia shortest
time?" tt stands tn rcflsaan that n lliiuld
sprrino   "f  111*-  untiu.-illnliablo  merit   ol
Siiniii   Anieri.-nn   Kidney   Cure win so
nnu* illreellf nnal uuliklv le the seat of
the tiniitila- than tin "pill form" treat
mint, unit when II strikes thi apot
there's healing In nit Instant.—7S
The  Great French Mining Disaster.
Appalled by ono ul Hie most dines.
triius cun] mine tragedies in (lie history ut the world, trance Iin* forgot*
leu thai  a    (iiiveruiiu'iit  hn* rc*igiii'd
ur that the nation's pesco hn* I II in
ilie balance. In the presence ol the
atvtiil visitation ihe French people mi'
plunged iu sorrow. Down in the coal
im* .ii.- ibe bodies nl eleven hundred
men. while among the twenty-live
thousand people ivlio crowd nboul the
pit* ni'- hundreds ol women and children whose brendwinners ihey were,
an I in whom the tragedy comes home
ttitb stunning force,
Tho *i'eie iii the catastrophe i* in
tlm iiiiiiiiiIiiiiiiiiis region neiii I.en*, in
the Department ol rna-dc Calais. Here
nn- huddled the humid- nl tin- mine
workers. The subterranean chambers
loriu a series ol tunnels.   Sis ..i   the
Outlets arc Ileal   l.iui*. nml iillu I* me
rn ( mninre*. Verdun, mul many other
points, About '-'.mm miner* work the
group ol  inui''*, and mill llu ll   linn-
ili<'.. iii.i1,i, ii populati I lioiu li.lllli)
tn s.iiiiii people,   Tl splosion ol nl-
tot-damp, ninth bus bad such terrible
results, took lilacc jlisl niter the men
IiiiiI entered (lie mine*.
ll i* estimated thai there me nl
presonl 76.000 political   prisoners   in
ltll**lllll    |.lll*.
dinard's  Liniment Cures  Dandruff.
Cured His Backache of Twenty-Five
..Years' Standing and Satisfied Everyone He Recommended Them to.
Economy Point, X. H., March 19—
(Special).- -George s. McLaughlin, ol
Uils place, gives iwo splendid reasons
lor his belief thai Dodd's Kidney Pills
mi' iliu nni' remedy for Kidney ail
mollis. Here are tho two reasons In
his own words:
"I was troubled wlih lame back fur
A years nr inure. siuniTinu'S so severe llml I could nm turn myself in
|"I. (Inr A. of Dodd's Kidney l'ills
cured nn and 1 have had uo return ul
iliu trouble since.
"I have recommended Dodd's Kid
ncy l'ills io n number of persons wlm
nad Kidnoy trouble. All who have
used them have been benefitted or
Dodd's Kidney Pills nol only relieve
all   Kidney   Diseases,  from   Backache
in Brlght's Hisrase, Iiiii they absolutely cure tIn-ill. Hut soniiiinies where
oni' ur   two   boxes   relieve   il   lakes
more to make a complete cure,
Sfrnnne Cure Fnr l.iiuac*-.
Our forefathers were so fond of the
whip that Ihey seem to have regarded
It ns a cure I'or lunacy und even for
smallpox. The accounts of n Huntingdonshire parish, under dale 1091, have
the entry, "I'd. in charges taking up a
distracted woman, watching her and
whipping her next day, Ss. 0d," nnd a
few years later elghtponce Is paid for
"whipping two people yt had tbe smallpox."
"Hang beggar" was evidently no mere
fancy name for tbe parish beadle. He
thoroughly earned the title in the dnys
of bis greatness, Tho name outlasted
the whip und Ihe brutal performance
nt (be whipping post or tlie cart's tall.
Fifty or sixty years ago "bung beggar"
was still the provincial name for n beadle In several of the midland counties.
A. Cheshire glossary defines a "bang
beggar" as "a beadle, one of whose duties It wns to lake up and drive nway
any beggars In the district and prosecute them as tb- law directs."—Loudoi
Fox find Fleas.
Reynard Is n knowing animal. The
loses nre much tormented by fleas, but
when the Infliction becomes too severe
tbey know bow to get rid of the Insects, Tbey gal ber from tho bark of
trees moss, which Ihey carry to a
stream thai deepens by degree*.  Here
Ihey enter lhe waler, still carrying the
moss In Ihelr mouths, and. going backward, beginning from the end of their
tails. Ihey advance by slow degrees till
the whole body, wiib ihe exception of
the mouth, Is entirely immersed.   The
fleas during ibis proceeding have
rushed In rapid haste to ihe dry parts
and finally to Hie moss, mul the (ox,
when he b.is. a riling lo his call Illation, allowed sufllclent lime fnr all lhe
Deal to take their departure, quietly
Openi his OOllth,   The muss Aunts- off
down Hie stream with Its burden of
fleas, nnd when It Is out of Jumping
reach Ihe fox finds Its way to the bank,
Iiiti-.li relieved.
( Iiinn *
latos! reform Botiomo i* to
the    historic    I'MlUllliiltlllll
Dear Mother
Your iin!- onti ire a conittnl wt m
Fill ind Wintci WfitKer. The* will
utcli cold. Do you know ubout Shiloh'i
CotmimiMion Cuit, lhe Lung Tonic, ind
what it has done for 10 many ? It ii utd
to be the only reliable rrmedy (or ill
diieitei of the iir paiugri in -Mldfen.
ll is absolutely Urmleti ind | HMM to
like, llii guaranteed to cure or v > ;t rrmnry
ii retumrd. The piice ii 25c, («r bottle,
ind all deaieri in medicine tell
Tkii n-ma-dy ilionlal bt in *»My linm-l-tild.
hull* in I'd,in inlo n milii,ut   school,
They Seldom Smile.
London   A special in tin- Non Vork
Sun    says:    Aiulicti      (miiegie    bus
written to s uoaspopei here neclaring
tlmt tlii> advantages ui   ncalth   are
lulling.    He *uv*.
"Ilevnml  n  OompCtOnCC  loi   old  nge.
which need not be greet, nnd may be
very small, tti'iillli li -en* iiiilici (linn
Inorossoi human happine-**, Million,
aires tvlio Inugli nro rare."
Snuff and S. varjery,
The luihit ol snuff-taking Im* been
I'iniiiiiiieil nininig savage tribes foi »g*'s
past,   la .Smith Allien il i* used among
swssls, Iliisiiins. mnl Matabeles.   Ki-
I'li  Zulu in 'nt. even in tint n* ui in *
a little sniiars box suspended around
bis neck by s piece "I *limg "i gilt,
mil the snull *i n (foi thoy do nol
indul, in the homely "pinch ), carved out ol sheep's bono, often oi nn<
uu'iiti'il tutb Intricate geometrical designs, ninl im oonvonlcnce carried
banging downwards through n *ht In
tli" iuhu ul ll ur    Tliu /AM   ■
ihe lulu' ui lu* ear on s useful recip-
tflOlll    l"l    MrioilS      n.lial.       |||       ■     .'
with, The iiiiilnnii. rn househoy, iiiii-
von illt ina i tutb iu Natal. L1.1 .1 i'
I'lnuii iur uifety pins, which havi lo
be carefully hidden from lu* -limp
. - oven ' hen sfti i going tlnuugli
"■" rooms, lie i* utiiiillv to be seen
arh ii *iim,' ii these pin* suspended
iiniii ouch eur until they resell hii
I new Ih Ihodisl   church,   coslil :
a   opened »t   Porl Arthur,
ii ■
amous Surgeon to Study Civilization
at Lowest Scale.
1        a,    Dr, Nicholas   Senn,   one
ui tho um*' I'umoiis   surgeons iu   tho
United States, i* tired ol civilisation,
mnl i- going I I. to tho simple lil.*
iu the wilderness "i Africa.
"I iiiiiit tn gel into the SaOtnbt -i dii
iiiii before il becomoa tun civilised,"
-n I iliu great surgooii, "The savages
mil gnu in.' n good vacation, The
flora mul iliu Iiiiiii.i. mi tbc Hung* Hint
interest me,   It will   be a    leivbsl
dangerous trip, owing to the   nheal-
lllt   ilnn.lie.   llllll   ll   looks   Hun   II*   ll   I
would have to take it alone."
With the possible exception el tho
Andaman Islanders snd lliishmen, the
"inui I peoples ui Aiiu,i .in .n.i
lu icpi.*elil  tile lull est  scale id civil.
i/.aiiiuii iu tbo world,   It i- these races
Dr. Bonn will study,    Anthropoid i I
consider   observation   ol their habits
ninl  OttBtomx  tn  he  ul   the  lughi'*l   nil-
[wtaiico before civilisation shall obscure ie- destroy them.
Lincoln'! Orderly Mind,
Lincoln's mind was orderly, though
bis methods were uot, He neglected
details because his thought, which was
"us direct as flight," passed instantly
to tlie vital spot, and all else seemed
unimportant "If I cuu free Ibis ease
from technicalities uml gel It properly
swung to the Jury I'll win it," ho used
lo say; and this was his mental attitude toward all legal questlous, He
bail no training iu technicalities as lung
ns the lli'iu of Stuart & Lincoln lasted,
nud It Is doubtful If nny teaching would
bave qualified him for attorney work
or made biin a master of detail. Yet
as an officio lawyer, such us rules Iho
destinies of our modern corporate In-
forests, be probably would have been
Invaluable,   ills mlud comprehended
large subjects without tbo slighti'st effort. Once cuniTiitrati'tl uu au issue
lie passed directly- to lhe point, disregarded the thousand and one contingencies, nil the academic pros and
runs and rodliced (he problem to Its
simplest possible form, — Frederick
Trevor Hill in Century.
mii i Crowds in CnrootM.
One of the features uf the city of Caracas, Venezuela, tlmt most strongly
Impresses a foreigner is ibe rapidity
wilh which a crowd gathers in the
streets. This is best exemplified when
some of the many wandering musicians, In whom Caracas abounds, prepare to give an Impromptu open air
concert. Their first noles no sooner
echo through the neighborhood than
there gathers to listen a vast throng
that almost blocks up ihe thoroughfare,
'I'lie cobblers nud ull tho other tenants
of the entries, having no doors to opeu
or stairs to descend, are on the spot almost InstUuter, Tbey eagerly drink In
the music, but at tho same lime bear a
wary eye upon Ibe bills of the musicians, and no sooner do tbey observe
the slightest Indication that ono Is
about to be taken oil' I'or the purpose of
Inking up a collection by passing 11
around among the crowd than they disappear even more quickly than they
Tael nml I'olloa-.
A high fence should be l-iiilt between
the words tact and policy for the benefit of those who eaiinut see Ibe bordering line.
"Oh. I hnve no tact:" they say with a
satisfied air. "Tact and policy are
things I know nothing about."
Aud yet the two qualities are ns distinct ns north and south. Tact comes
from the heart, anil policy from the
bead. Follry Is Inspired by selfish Inter
ests nnd Is n treacherous quality that
one might well boast the luck of. Tact
springs within from an unwillingness
In hurt feelings, nud it Is the mark of
Innate kindness that has no personal
motive. Tact Is no enemy to truth. It
offers truth on u salver Instead of
throwing It In the face, that's all-Philadelphia Press,
Sunllghl Soap is better than other
soaps, but is in i when mod in the
Blinllghl    way.   Buy    Bunllghl    Soap
ami follow directions.
Iii the I, i tun Amum trade
with *-'"iih Africa Im* ii-creased hv
Th, i-i i-.... i Sprint). -An In n-tur- h
In man. : : .1. tha atirtns *'"1 <ll..iii-
•nd wast, m* lamina tn fellow — the
slomnrli nml   onl of kilter ma-.ni
Relaain  In Ha.  »pilnit.     Rtiiith  Amarl'-iin
1-rvlna li n  rrasl rurin.-r. rura. Iniil-
"rasllnn, lit-»|t»p«t». nnd ton". Ih. n.rvn.
Tha   lac,I   aavlflcna-n   nf   II.   fSlrnrV   ||   (hi
II'I-mII   II..1     |.-t!||,an,r    of    tli".  .nl.    of
eur-d ones.—.1
A   llilllliallaalt    t lll.rr.
A young mail who will some day Inherit nu enormous fortune ami who is
being brought up as a "gentleman" was
Interviewed the other day. Among oilier things he said, "If I did not have my
career cut out for me, if I were to lose
my fortune, 1 should turn to the law
and sillily suine phases uf it lhat interest me greatly."
Probably if the young man were
actually thrown on ins own resources
he would result to something less entirely "elegant" and mure useful. But,
Hull aside, what Is Ibis "career" lt.it
be fancies be has "cut mil" for liim';
To take care of bis property—that i*. to
spend his life al au occupation similar
in iimt of a watchman nr a policeman,
imi far mure mechanical anal less exciting. What a miserable, wli.it 11
melancholy conception of n career: To
spend one's life nt Just milking money
Is poor enough use of Iho one chance
to live: to spend 11 at watching u heap
of money -what dullness, what droarl-
lies*: Ami in u world teeming wiib opportunities lo live Intensely, vividly, Interestingly, usefully:
Waterproof sin,.-..
To prepare waterproofing fur in»iis
ami shorn mil together iu 0 saucepan
over tiie lire inu parts of tallow and
nne pari of resin; « irui lhe 1 Is nml
apply the but mixture wilh a painter's
brush lill tbey will nol absorb any
more, if well polished before applying
Ibe wntcrproofiug, Ihey will lake the
OaaAll   lllll I lllll.l
Canada s mineral production during
Hm., aggregated ovei --i.-.'aim mm, „,
("uiipi I mill   |00,0"3,eD" Im   ibe
I'll" lu'l*    I'.ll
Holland 1* tlm continent, the only   I Ill   Inl.ll   lo   llli.     pll iclplo   nl
1 trade.
I e. unl Modll ni" . l'u' I'lieom
inui often pass.'d ou Hitl.la's Ami
Consumptive Syrup, and when ill" re
suits Irom ils use aro considered, as
noun' 11111 by 111,or.    ,. 1 .an , tliu, bin.'
' mployod  11 iu   .' ,   , gin and
radical Ing colds, ii Is more than
: iiniii, Ki pi in tin. boil i- u is ,ilu,it,,
m band and it has im equal ns s ready
!• n.tilt.   II you Inn,. i,.,i  irli ,| 11, do
tu lit Olliu,
I'linrlf. Unit* nnd Inhnreo.
Charles l.anib, according lo his own
confession, was "a flerco smoker of to-
I'lieeo." line day wlun pulling vigorously llio coarsest wood from a lung
ri.iy pipe iu company wilh Dr. Pair
lhe laller asked him how he managed
lo nci|iilre Ihls "prodigious paiiver."
"Hy lolling afler It, ih some men toll
ifter VlrlUC," was Ilm prompt reply.
a* he idvaneed in .vhm, however,
"iiiia" waa obliged to relax bis iniimn-
ry wlih the w I, no (hut, to uso his
own words, he wa. "like n burnt out |
volcano emitting nun- ami then only a
rn.iinl puff."  Eventually ho 1 ""k bli
Annul leaVI In n ' I in 11. II iialn to Tola" '"." nnd in forwarding a copy of
iii" |i""in lo Wordsworth be writes, "I
b " bad It In 1 r head lo 'in it jhese
• ■' '■ : ul loin ' io 1 ,:i 11* own
light when it gave me headaches thai
Ceylon Natural GREEN Ten to be the
Uid    Packets    Only,    40c,    SOc,   and    60c,    per    tb.   At   all
Highest Award at St. Louis 1904.
iii*i,ia,,iin For TonrlstSi
Tasmania, lhe great undeveloped Island soillll of Australia, is now being
slim iy opened up by railroad nnd roadway extension, The resources of tins
country In the south PaclDc are known
to be very greal. although US yet little
has been dune tn make use of thorn.
Willi iis natural scenic beauty, its
healthful climate ami lis unexplored
fastnesses, Tasmania is sure to becomo
known as a favorite tourist rcsort-
Cblcago Journal,
It 111L- nml Knlsi-1- St ill Dull
I.a Matin of Paris declares lhat King
Edward had expressed a desire lo pay
a visit lo lhe kaiser next summer. The
report Is received In Berlin with skepticism. "No wonder." exclaims the
London Chronicle, "for the kaiser lias
not yet returned the visit of (lie king
nt Kiel Ibe summer before Inst, nnd It
Is not customary for sovereigns Io run
up an account of courtesy without
some due return from tbe other side."
Cotton sun liinir.
lt I* not difficult to understand why
reports from tbo south Indicate Unit tho
people of thnt section of the United
Btntos me prosperous and contented,
1 luring llie lasl six years the total
vnliii'   nf   lhe  cotton   crop,   Including
s I,  bus  I n ¥:i.i;ii(i,lilin,illlO against
$2,11X1,000.000 fur lhe six years preceding. An enormous Increase like this
Indicates tlie source of southern pros-
porlty and substantially braces up tho
claim that lu that section of lhe Union cotton is stilt king.-Sun Francisco
  "Psvi'itiNF." has restored
thousands of people to buoyant
h... h and strength whose condition had been regarded us hopeless.
It is at once a tonic  and  tlt'*h
Imililt-r, containing remarkable
properties as 11 blood purifier and
germicide. It will strengthen
and lu'.tl Ihe we»k luags, force out
the phlegm, and Jrive nway the
cough, no mailer of bow long
standing. " I'svi'HIMi" tones up
the whole system and drives out
disease, heals lhe decayed tissue
nnd restores lost energy. Its uso
daily will prevent and ward oil' that
most subtle disease consumption.
Appetite comes with eating
and each square of crisp de-
liciousness seems but to make
room for more,
Mooney's Perfection
Cream Sodas
are different from any other
cracker. Nothing heavy or
doughy about ihem but so light
and crisp lhat they are transparent. Maooney's biscuits will
be a regular dish on your tabic
if you will try them.
Say "Mooney's" to your grocer.
DR. T.A. 8L0CUM, Llmlt.d
ITt King et Wa      Toronto, Canada.
and Colds
There is a remedy over sixty
years old—Ayer's Cherry
Pectoral. Of course you have
heard of improbably have used
it. Once In the family,!*stays;
the one household remedy for
coughs and hard colds on the
chest. Askyourdoctoraboutii,
" I 'a., ta.at pn.nmitnl. thru, iltnaa. and
Ar'l'a eh.rri IVIor.l I... broai.hl m.iat.l.
II n -1 a.l» tavh tint. I lia.- Jut ... . ,,,,,|
train ia,, lul .Hark. aa. I .l|i,,.,raa \„
Willi'.,-I prilM IV" - *L>. UUKIIM, *!...,.,
I'.aail   Wl*.
all... Sl.».i„
.aatulMlurara .f
HAI! VliWe.
Ayer'i Pills Increase the activity of
Ih* liver, and thu* aid recovery.
Animnt.' i-inr i. Rterelse.
The relaxed rhythmical movements
so common smona animals di play, the
gamboling of lambs the play of kittens
nml many similar animal activities, nre
Imitated by mnn in the primitive
dances "vhlcti form so large s pari in
U'O soclnl nml religions life of nil nlii>.
"Iglnal peoples   ti inunmis of leap
Inn, swinging, swaying nml twisting of
llie body linn', nil of tbi'iii, 11 must lulb
mull' ami powerful Influence upon the
body's activities, orgnnlc r.mi iuu*>u
lar. Hulling Is n form nf eicrrlsc
which N a fnvorlle with many animals
nnd 1* 1-1 hilly practiced fur Ihe pur
I"*.' of rcllcvlug fatigue, Moiling is
peculiarly enjoyable and grateful to
tin' animal 1 nuse ii provides nul only
relief fur ilm tensed muscles, tin* do-
pleted organs ami lhe slow moving clr.
culntlon, bul because as tin' animal
rolls th,. urn: pressure nf thu ground
upon bis body a'aiiisiiiuti'. a most ef
fci'iit" ami igreeshle mssssge,
1      ... 1    Ireland, an
I    II. Cunningham)    is (0 1
mil 1 ■ ,     . •   .
Tin' police -ii London hsvi
"    ■ ■   ol :.'  >. prints ui
' ninn.,
iTlSara ie no satisfaction keener
than being dry and comfortabl*
whan out In tha hardest storm.
IT \0\) WIaH
\'    Hack os Yeuow
"   OHJa,l!Vl»rWHU-j
W N U No 577 nn-: lArii'i'.x
Real Estate
We have enquiries for good
Business and Residential
propertv. List yours ivitli
lis. Wn do the business.
Consull  us before buying,
Junction Block
North Vancouver,
Rolled Oats
Haij and Teed
Harry Mitchell, local manager,
Li n ai.il> Avenue,
Sole i;" ni* for
Sutton & Sons'
K. Suit
Formal and Landscape
Gaadcninr-, General
Draughting: and
Blue Printing.
io I1,ml. i Chambers,
On Bewicke Avenue
and Fifteenth
for Sale Cheai
400 Granville Street, Vancouver, B. C.
M. S. Williams
n™ |
I   1%,
To Projjertij Owners
Irwio £> Billings
Corner Lonsdale ami 51I1 St,,
North Vancouver
District of North;
tliu (nniiul "i roni|iluinl, nol li*s limn
nil.*t-1.1 re iln sui a into,
Au*;, Philip,
I AI.i .
■1 sniiit cases
cheaper enn city,
Real I sidle (ind liisuriinte
V' ii" I 11 ;>!■ atly i" 1 rn
ad\ image I      >        1 Ion    . > infj
any tl' ul.
Ale and Stout
III H.itUeaa,  It.-,;,, liml .lltraa.
liar   l*,,l|,ll   III, t, 111,1  CO.,  Ild.
TKI.. 301,
Summ"" T>rm boqin» Wudnes*
day, April 25th Duy boys, Thursday, 26th, at 9 « m.
CAPITAL, I    •   661 RESERVE, ■fa.tJ43.997
, 1 in. >  ii Canada, Montreal,
H. Stikeman, General Manager; [, Ei.Msi.v,Supt, ol Branches
Branches in British Columbia—Ashcroft, Greenwood,
Heilley, Ka ' . Rosslaml   Trail (.Sub Branch), Vancouver
\ ,  ' 'i;;i, .11 [I I law  V  I'
I ii I'Uiiin iii   Deposits received Irom (1 upwards.
Ollim, Cor(Lonsdale Ave. and Isplnnmle, North Vnniouvor,I). C.
To Establish and Appropriate
the Lands Necessary lor
Opening Up the Bridge
IIk it knactkii by tbc ReoVO ninl
Council ol the Corporation ol the Ia-
trirt nl Nortb Vancouver, In Council
assembled, an lollowsi
1. Hy authority ol Beotlon 50, Bub-
section ilt'.'l oi tlit> Municipal lilaui
Att, n Road is hereby Mlabllrhcd nnd
opened up, mul the said Corporation
enters upon, expropriates and takes
with a view to nuikiiiK, preserving
and using as 1 Public Road, to bo known
a* "Bridge Road," nil nml singular, tlmt
parcel or "trip ol land Uli fuel wide, lying
iinini.'tliiiti'ly Nortli ol llu' VuilCOlivor,
Westminster & Yukon Railway Company's rlghl-ol-way, through  District
liiit 201, (iroii|i oui', Dlttricl nl N.'tt
IVcsttiiliut r.  Tho Boutlii-rlv bnnndnry
'll   talliil   Hlrip     III     lllllll     fl.llllll ilia.,     ll,,.
Northerly boundary of said   Railway
(' I'liiiy'ii riglil-ol-Hiiy In n direction
Snnili 07 degrees !8 mlnutos,   kasl li r
a distance ol SHOD (uot, uml i lalnlng
:i liacres, more or ie>Siassliown,colnrod
r«l, on a Map or Plan deposited in the
Und Registry OfOco al vs raver unl
I, This By-law may Ih- cltoJ lor nil
piirioses as "Tho Bridge Roail By-law,
Passed bv tin- Council on the lourth
day of April, 1900,
Reconsidered uml finally adopted mul
signed on the ninth day of April, rum
Aii.voi.ii E, Ksai.v.
Al.KV. I'llll.II',
C. >l. c.
District of North
I illil.lt' NOTICE is HEREBY
'  given tlmt tlie Court ol Revision ol
this |il-lrirt vtib ini'i'l lu tbe Municipal
liiill, Nortli Viiiii'iintiT, mi Monday, the
7th day ol May, IBM, al 1:30 p, m
iiiy porion having complaint or sppoal
lo make against the Asumssnients made,
must give mc notice In writing -iston..
To tlic Editor ol Tin. Kxi'iti *s;
Sn. No doubt you are aware
that mo petitions are being circulated, asking the liiense colli-
Blissioners to grant licenses (,i)  to
a restaurant to be opened up on
tin- Esplanade and (a) to a hotel
to be ii|iiiihii1 up on Second street.
I Imlil that it would he 1111 unwise
act 011 the purl of the authorities
lu unint tbe licenses asked tor,
Hi.' Iloiil North Vancouver is all
thnt is needed here at present.
Besides, the granting ol these
privileges to nominal outsiders is
nol conducive io the liesi interests
ol the town, Beeing that connection
with the' iiv ul Vancouver is su
handy, North Vancouver is the
most orderly corporation of its
size on tin'toast, ami to even at-
tempi toopen up attractions whii h
would not be tolerated across the
inlet would be suicidal and tin
worth} to llie fair name ol OUI
iiniii. The council last year in
Btrm ted the constable to rid thc
plan mi certain questionabh
1 harm ti ri, and now to open up
places Hi ii would ti nd to 1 ater ti
ilns 1 lass would, i" saj llu li ,1 1.
be a nu nance to the wi ifarc and
best inii'ii sis ul the mosl Btiitabh
iosiiliiiii.il liisiiiit ui British
Columbia,   li may lie argui al thai
tllG  i» litioilS  have   I*.-.-ii   almost
unaninioiisl) s'igni d, but wh m
they come up lor consideration!
each signature Bhould he careful,'}
considered, scrutinized ami
weighed hj the honorable commissioners,   I Imlil that one good
licensed hull I is all that is mrili d
for the time i>.-inp^.
/ have been instructed to sell a few
pieces of 2 and 3 acres at prices which
will insure good ■ rofits by subdividing,   Thest plots art all within Uih Sl.
The  North  Vancouver Specialist
IGI Cordova Street.
Only the best and finest lines kept
in stock, including STEELE BR1GGS',
Your Choice at
McDowell's Drug Store.
Western Corporation, Ltd.
Accountants, Auditors,     Plumbing and lliisainlth-     tiny, Cot lie and Chicken
LV.il I sl.ili  limit*. Inlj. Feed
I umber and oll klnil*. of BuHiUm* Material. Contractors ond Valuators.
Mc have an Immense amounl of Cordwood on hond.   Place your orders wilh
us {or iin winter.
412 llastinqs Strcit West, Vancouver, B.C.
y Vancouver, I:. C. 1
•i- ▼
♦ «•■!•< i *-;■/,■■♦H'<>-t-<l-1 .;•:4 ,<*-\ »:-.'■>•;■♦■:•>-•■?•;■.:>■■•^•.•♦•i-«-i-.#-i-a$.|.«2
Is a glorious lipvui'iiiio—^jut-ncliing nnil
entiisi in.-. I!* nn niin'i' ilnn > im iitlior
"jui'l a* g'ioil"- -in ;-: un g 'lling I..i 11 ii-r.
vA'.**-. s'A.','.'* '■*-
I'. I.arson, I 'rop.
iN bOiLdiNo ee sUre aNd HaVe j\\e
PLace Wired so as to be ready to
connect 0 I olIr Wi";e Next spring
-■aaaaaata«.s^?..:sx.'*Tai.v ;c-a •-.- .-.-.-,n..-^-jxr»amiaatv-/.t^iftaBat»
B.C. Electric Railway Co. Ltd.
Hotel North Vancouver.
The following are the   gucsl
registered .11 the hotel this week
W. J.  Harrington, Vancouvei
K. M, Gamble,
A. Scull,
J. Alex, Hendry, "
Kay Dawson, "
W. A.  I..mnme, "
Jus. Ar * 11.11:11..U1 It,
I'inl Johnsoni "
Notary iVi-lic, General Auctionee
107  Cordova  Sreeti   Vnucouver,  U,  C
A'- ii.-.11 r Km I'litiiir I111u.11 nr liui'Kiiulriglit nil
i'ln-*.'* ni luiin-i'luilil |jniitls • r bnnkrnpl liloi'k* lor cash,
II*- lia* fonmol tlio IIiiiihI I'li-iin-s mnl tinirririini propurty In North
Viinriiiiti'r.  Sun him nt n "e II ymi tliiiik of picking up property In
llii*-I'i'iii.ii    Dewlsc, llUa  N' 1V1, in,al inu uill iiniltii inniii'v. :• ::
A Chance to gel Gjod Tea for a Small Price
Three Poands for One Dollar
Th's is a Hi,'h-Grade Ceylon Tea, and is sold in many
places at 50;. per pound
J. A. McMILLAN, Hw Esplanade


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