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 3   OPIUM   *]
I IB IS I il 1
Communications and Committee Reports—Water Arrearages
—Semisch Property—B. C. Electric Ry. Co. Generous-
Dumping; Garbage Prohibited—Applications (or Assessor
Called—And Other Business Disposed of by the Council
on Wednesday Night.
The municipal council met in regular session on Wednesday night.
Reeve A. li. Kealy presided, and
Councillors Hell, May and Mordcn
Were present. Clerk Philip was also
ill his place.
Alter reading of ihe minutes, communications were disposed ol as follows:
R. II. Sperling, general manager ol
the 11. C. Electric Railway Co., wrote
informing the council thai the agreement! had arrived from the London
officCj relating to the installation of
the tramway system, street light system and electric lighting, healing and
power system. They were forwarded in duplicate for execution.    Filed.
Robert Chance wrote asking for a
sidewalk Oil Twelfth street cast. Left
lo  Hoard of Works.
iron, iv li Cummer, M, Pollok,
C, -V Kent and C. E. Keene, asking
to have Seventeenth street opened up
froirt, Lonsdale avenue to Wultlsohn
Avenue, and also portion of Durham
avenue Irom where it now terminates lo Seventeenth strut, Referred
to Hoard "i Works,
From Catherine  V- Keene, asking
instructed  tn  re-deed  the
back to Mr. Seniisch.
Chairman Bell, of the Waterworks
committee, recommended that follow-
ng he paid: Salaries, Si25; wages
bill, $112.25; Canadian Fairbanks Co.,
30c; J. A. McMillan, r applies, $1;
Wood, Vallance & Lcggott, $,11.71;
Ross & Howard Iron Works, $15.82
McLennan, McFeely & Co., $6.11;
lumber, nails, etc., $6j.to; Western
Corporation,   doors   and    windows
Councillor Bell, 111 submitting his
report, said that the arrearages lor
water were becoming very large.
Reeve Kealy thought that this was
a very important matter, and said
lhat the board should consider about
ciiitiug off the delinquents.
Councillor Mordcn said something
must he done along these lines.
The Reive -The foreman will re-
pnrt to tlic waterworks committee at
its next meeting.
Foreman Gibson—Will my Instructions he tu  colic.,  [ui  the present
The    Reeve -The    arrears    before
for n sidewaik on  Lonsdale avenue,|july 1 are the ones to he collected
from  Fifteenth street north, a distance ol .150 lect.    Referred 10 Hoard
ol World,
Isaac Waldeu and M. A. Russell
Report adopted.
Councillor Mordcn said that the
grade oil Lonsdale avenue was wauled before the sidewalk could be extended further, besides the other
grades on the cross streets were
Councillor May said that Mr,
Blackburn, contractor, wanted the
grade before he could go on with the
sidewalk. And Mr, Uetts, the engineer, had gone away.
Reeve Kealy—Cannot another engineer be got?
Councillor Bell laid that things
were not satisfactory, There were
large sums of money that must be
expended, Some action should be
taken. ,.
Reeve Kealy said that the "crown"
at the top of tile hill on Lonsdale
avenue should be cut down, And the
engineer has not given us the line.
"The fact of the matter is," added
the reeve, "we're like lost sheep."
The knoll on Fifteenth street needs
cutting down. The chairman of the
Hoard of Works should endeavor to
procure the services of a competent
engineer, and report the same at a
special meeting, which will be necessary to take up street works.
Councillor Mordcn thought that
the council should authorize the foreman to cut down the knoll referred
Reeve Kealy could not agree to
Ibis procedure. It would be "a pen
ny wise and pound foolish proposi
lion," he said.
Councillor Morden said that he
thought the council would be safe in
cutting down these lew  points.
Councillor Hell also thought that
tin- grade here was a natural one, and
lhat the council could not go astray
tn the work.
Reeve Kealy contended that the
council was not composed of com-
petcnt men to give the lines. "Will.::)   thirtlt W(  know, however,"    he
Councillor May said that tho case
Chairman Morden reported for the
Board of Works and    recommended
Unite, asking lor a sidewalk 011 First that the following accounts be paid:
street as far west of Lonsdale avenue Salaries, $170; McTaggan & Hoi-
da possible. Referred lo chairman of crop, $1.20; John I). Cameron, team-
Hoard nl Works with power to act.    ,„„, Jj. 1   ,\. McMillan, tools, $18.1,0;
Ih, ma.- Storey, contractor, wrotehlastlngs Shingle Mfg. Co., $55*Km-
lhat telegraph poles and wood were,m.,|y j, tvgm,i wor), 0„ i)Ur|,am
lying mi the Lynn Valley road, aiid|nvcn„C| ^5o; «„!,, uiackbiirn, work
suggested thai the owners thereof be „„ T|,ir,| $ltuli ^ii0. |mc \ya|,
notified 10 remove same. L.,,, ^7l(,y, ||.  p   gn^ blacksmith
Mr. Wrighl, of the Western Cor-j$a.ys! Western Corporation, $14,511
porstlon,  Limited, was present, and Western Corporation, 21.27.
said that his company would remove'    Report ,dopted.
same. | 	
The clerk wai accordingly instruct-' Councillor Hell, for the Finance
ed I" notify the owners. committee, recommended    that    the
W. P. Pcacey, secretary Hoard of, council give its consent to the grant
School Trustees, wrote asking fori of water lots in from Fifteenth slrett
strain ol $30 to enable the board 10 ami Sixteenth street, district lot 176,
meet the extra expenses ol jani-|to Mrs. Arthur. Resolved to make
lor and sanitary work, two rooms be- grant asked for.
ing now occupied.' Granted.
Cutting down trees near Nortli Vancouver.
Reeve  Real)    Hut  there
cillor Bell,
Councillor Hell explained that the
covering in ol the .drain would not do
away with the nuisance complained
lie also wrote extending a vote of
thinks lor the free water.    Filed.
W. H. Davison and V. P. Cross
wrote, applying for an extension of
the Froiiiinc road for about 500 leet,
o> a llOUM will be built there, Referred to Hoard o| Works.
W. II. Wilson, auditor, wrote, certifying lhat the municipal hooks were
correct,   Filed.
1). 11. Dick, constable, wrote, re-
porting for month ol August as follows: Seven arrests and summonses;
5 convictions and 2 aci|uittals; 1,1
bead ol slock impounded; lines paid ""•''. . . ^^^^
amounted to $1,150; from July 20 to''"8 Co, printing bylaws, $722.80
Aug. ,11, ,11  mad tax receipts issued     *
Chairman Bell, ol the Finance committee, recommended lhat the following accounts be paid: Salaries,
$17150; McPhllllpi ft Williams, law
acts, $2(1,1.80; Helcouil & Ritchie, Ottawa, $25; 1,ml., I'ercha Co, hose,
$450; G. A. Roedde, mounting map,
$2.15; Thomson Stationery Co, sla
lioncry, $27.4,5; Clarke ft Stuart, sla
lioncry, $8.25; Canadian General
Electric Light Co., lamp, $5; D. C
McGregor, treasurer's bonds, $2250;
11. J. Franklin, rubber stamps, $3.50;
Dipt.  Minister of Marine and I'isli-
1; World Printing & Publish-
and $li2 collection for same.   Filed.
F. Russell, nl Russell & Russell,
barristers, was present and asked for
the decision of the council re the
Semisch property,
Reeve Kealy recommended lo the
council that upon payment by Otto
Semisch ol $1.4011, together with the
solicitor's charges in reference to the
caveat, that the properly in lot 506
be deeded hack to Mr. Sciui-ch. The
reeve also added that it never had
been the pulley of Ihe council to take
',and from anyone, but the law must
be curried out.
On motion it was decided to ac
tept the ricomincDdation ol the rove
«Ad ]|( mid the municipal clerk were
Daily Province, $7.50; North Vancouver Herald, $(1.15; Tommy John (Indian) work, $,125; Horticultural Association, grant, $50; Mr. Owen,
leaning the hall. $450; D. 11. Dick,
commission on road lax, $2JQ0; M.
A. Russell, coal oil, $1.75-
Report  adopted.
Councillor Hell reported that   the
H. C. Electric Railway In. had taken
up ihe Horticultural Association op
lion of Id acres ol land on Twenty
first street, and had agreed tn clear
the land and also the five acre! owned hy ihe Association,  The company
had further agreed to give Ihe council a certain option lo take up us in
acres.    Accepted.
penscd with, yet there it something
Mr. Blackburn was evidence ol
•hit fact.
Councillor Hell said thai as large
amounts 0! money would be spent,
he ItaoilRliI il would pay to have an
cue-nicer to look after Ihe contracts.
Reeve Kealy assented to this, as
also did Councillor Morden, who suggested at Ihe same time that one or
two members ol the council should
Mi up and authorize Ihe cutting down
of the knoll.
Keeve Kealy laid that if this were
done the result would be that Lonsdale avenue would again be run into.
Councillor Bell moved that the
chairman ol the Board of Works he
authorized to cut down the knoll on
Fifteenth street and Lonsdale ave
Reeve Kealy Hi" contended lhat
this could not be done satisfactorily
without a correct line being made.
Councillor May said that he »Mld
like to see a competent enginoer give
bench marks first, and H>« g° »h"d'
Reeve Kealy-What about Thirteenth street
Councilor Morden-This mint be
attended lo also.
Reeve Kealy-.MI the work would
be done by gue»l ^^^^
Councillor Bell moved that the
foreman ol the works be Instructed
to cut down the sidewalk at ihe Junction ol Fillecnth street and LMldlle
avenue sufficient to suit grade el pro
longation of sidewalk above Fifteenth
street, also the junction <i Thir
teenth street and Chesterfield avenue
Councillor Morden seconded Ihll
motion, which was carried, Councillor
May not Wtlng
After some further discussion Clerk
Phillip was instructed lo have   notices  printed prohibiting the dump- ^^^^^^^^^^^^
ing ol garbage at this point, under, teregts ol the local volunteer fire
The meeting called by Constable
I). II. Dick was held in the Municipal hall on Thursday night. The
business transacted was in the in
ally of the law.
Mr. Wright asked that if, in conation with committee meetings of
the council, any citizen would be detained from attending same.
Hctve Kealy—Yes; it depended,
however, in a large measure on llie
character  ol the  business and   the
b: granted
Mr. Dick took the chair and T.
K. Clark acted as secretary. Am-
wig those present besides the two
nanud were: A Gibson, C. McKenzie, 1). Amskold, J. Cameron
and R. Wheeler.
After considerable discussion regarding ways and  means,  it  was
,| moved by Mr. McKenzie, second-
cnrncillors whether admittance would   j „y Mr   Cameron, and car • ,
ll was purely optionaLj tlliU t[,B municipal council be ashed
li  was decided  that  llie  Hoard of to   supply tho  helmets, belts,
... 1    , 1 1    ,lL
Works should meet at 5130 p m, on
Monday next.
A petition was presented asking the
council to pass and Bubmit a
for a $1,1,000 loan to acipiin
Ci.lincillor Mordcn then Introduced
the North Vancouver Street F.ml
Loan Bylaw, 1005, and it was duly
palled by the council.
It was resolved that a
lectors be taken nn th
Wedneiday, Sept. 20. between the
In nrs nl 8 a, in. and 4 p 111. at the
Municipal Hall, N rth Van. luver.
Mr \1( ,, Philip tv.l ■ ,i;.|. Intctl r,'
Hilling office!
lier coats and boots, and also lo
pay S2.50 per man per fire; the
brigade to turn out to paactise ev-
ciy two weeks or oltenet il ncces-
bylaw881!?1 r\   1 , 11,
'    Nr. Clark moved,  seconded by
Mr. McKenzie; and aesolved, thai
a committee ol three be appointed
to nn et the Water committee, on
Monday opening next.
On motion   ol   Missis. Wheeler
.and Amskold. the committee was
vote of the 'composed ol   Messrs.   McKenzie,
bylaw  mil lJith and Clark
S. Hamilton ol Moodyville returned home, after a month's sojourn in the Lillooet district, where
he has been prospecting lor placer
mines, lie found the Fraser river
too high at present lor low water
prospecting. The theory advanced by experienced miners is
that owing to the light fall of
snow last winter, the vast ranges
of mountains in the Cariboo would
be dry ol water, and consequently
that the Fraser would be lower than
usual, which would expose the
sand bars ol the river which have
heretofore been never worked.
Should this theory prove as th*
miners predict, they will undoubtedly reap a rich harvest. A lew
years ago, not far above l.ylton, a
bar was exposed, when some
Indians took therefrom *Ja,ooo in
eight days.
Professor Francis, accompanied
by some twenty parties (among
whom were a large number of
ladies) made an ascent ol Mt.
Crown Monday. A very enjoyable
and pleasant time was spent
among the Switzerland hills ol
North Vancouver.
It was decided on motion that ap
plti tinns foi the |i 1 11 I i;»'( ■ ir
be culled fur, to be in by llie 2(\lti instant. '      r
The .meeting then adjourned till
Thursday evening next to receive
tlic report.
The brigade was not formally
1 rgailizi [I,    but  a   nn Inlnlsllip ol
tune lias already been pledged.
,( th
Charles   Sti von ion   the   great
n nowni il Ni « /• aland oarsman.
Who li is figured in man) a sculling
.championship   contest,   was    a
visitot during the wick, ami fully
reported the       ement I affirms that the water ol North
purchase nl tin  property   ol Vaucouver is just fine (or   racing
bat  there should  be ;
i...  1	
wi 1 I II of district Ir' 617, also 11
:.ays  11
ih. settlement ol the $«<» debenture good regatta bt-wim the 16th.
Hell moved,   seconded!1"''111
Morden, and resolved
by Couneilk
that the question ol the carrying out
ol contract; already let, and to be let,
he referred lo a special committee of
the council, to be held on Wednesday, the 1,1th Instant, at 7:1,0 p, m,
The Health committee tei ommend
ed that the ,- ivercd-ln drain on the
(net side oi Lonsdale aventu be 0*
tended to the inlet from :, distant < .
I.tth  above the Esplanade,
Councillor li( ll said that tin nuls
ante was not there.
:   S. Sliultz, who
The   Finance   committee   reconi-ltliu Piorinte stall
mended thai a loan of $2200 al ? pi r
cent  interest be adv inei .1 to Mi   Ii
n  li,,'   , ■ itrit;
led all
is now on  tin
has l»en inui' 1
the weatl 11 loi si vi ral days     Hii
maiij Iri' nds wi b  hi     deed
1 covi ry,
. il
trip, an
Subscription, $1 a year.
T, Hill    M''i irti, nth tn ut,)ia
In, 11 confini 1 to his:   I lot    evi
1  to a   ■ ■. !•  cold
The resident] ol North Vancnuvef
have decidedly a grievance The quel*
lion is raised, Why should the decj
sea sailing ship, he allowed, or directed, h> the harbor master to dump
their ballast adjacent to the water*
front. The Inlet is quite farge cnougk
lo allow- them to gn elsewhere and
discharge their hlank cargoes. Besides where liny are at prestil at an-
u n is dangerous to travel. Al
the ferry must cross and recross the
intet every hall hour or so, the route
lim-1 he kepi cleat ol sailing craft. It
was particularly hatardoui lor the ferry on Thursday when llie wind was
blowing, and had it not been for the
able management ol the captain there
mi,-t needs in .in accident, ami agali
ni Tin iday the Si G* "ige had a very
narrow squeeze, We hope lhat the
authorities will rectify tins embarrass-
'.   1   nd lire 1 aused by Ihe strong
    hi   ,■(..oly endanger.
11 of I ouncilln May,
evi  al   mall homes nearhy
rain, liowien, has prevented any
Ittrtlu r dan ,
1   . ild, tin road Ion man
I   • l:llt ui.it;.
1 nis riend      Its   >   brum
who arrived   on
1.     in morning.
a Thursday was indrcJ
d by the    residents h*   and
neat tin mission, whet*i the Iras* Sm-s
have been burning and now :ue sen!/
all inn    Alioul |(«i acres of forest il
this vicinity have recently ticca tliof-
pe,| and burned. , I III  I .  I\'l\
1111-. fesi'ki
\ m'.. \ illi diner i II  i
A Wtekl)   Neivspap I    Filbli
Sn'bscflpliiiil', Si :l year.
GliORGli liArtTLF.Y;
Maifaglng Isdih r
i Biuttfe tiiniioNs,
Advertising  1*1 lilagel
I'AIN IHb       b Nil I
rnin.w. siii'iKMr.Kit s, iihm.
VOSTROI, Till-: AtltEET IiS'l '■
I In cdlihfcil at its lili i ting on
Wcdiu Biliy lliglll ilei i led to gl ml
Ihe request nl the owiii rs ol more
lliaii oiu hall the value ol the Intld
In the municipality to introduce a
by law to authorize the borrowing
lif (13,000 Im tin' purchasing ol
Certain street ends,   This land i
Opposite the SOUtll (11(1 ol St.
Georgu's road, and also a piece, s->
lent   wide-,   opposite    CllOBtl rftcld
tvi mie, and cxti nding frotil the
Esplanade to the waterfront.   The
Voting nn this ptoposcd by law
takes place on the 40th ins! The
price   asked   fiit    these    valuable
holdings is far Ih Idw the actual
Value.   North Vailcoilvet has now
its opportunity ni gi 1 control ol
tin- street ends on tin cat, 1 IrOnt,
4nd the ratepayers shoilld  lij   all
tiieaiis take all ." live illtl rest ill
this important matter   and work
from now till the passage- ol the
bv law.    Vain'oiiVer     has     spent
Support   the   town and   subscribe
thousands of dollars trying to get for it, papcri Th(, Expren,
its rights on the waterfront, and *
this fact altJHe ihortld be object! THE FAIR
lesson enough to tin ratepayers to
turnout and vote for the Street
Ends by law
The pnihti 1- nl \ am ouvcr hcl 1
a 'cm ■ 11 jo* able pii nil at the
Ninth Vancouvei hotel grounds on
Saturday litsl I lie h rry made
ball hourly nips and lu'iiii: lit ovi 1
i 111 .■■ nuinbur '.I pi' nh Ie 1 . •■
thoroughly enjoyed then elvi
liesides   1  I '   "I   sporlin
.'. has footraces, ju
■ I, , .1 imll Was held in tin pavilion
in the ov, ning win 11 the hop was
all that 11 good live con tei
could innlic u    The 1 ommittee in
I liargi oi tin 'I iy' idoing 1 nmprised
lb   1    \. I nl, Stiiiih'v I
ler, lid. Woiidlield, A    \111i      I
II I'intkr, I'ri ■ lent  D   Mcltci
iiiid nnd Si Cretan A,  I horn
I 'roll S 01    lilooks   will   main'   a
balloon asci nt and parachuti ih
a m from the l lid lions,   iicni tin
su ;pi nsion bridgi.   tin  > up
luno Canyon, on Sun	
inst,, at 1 p, 111, '1 h '( tli ' in
to attend may r, a; h thi r ' 1 ' J
taking the lull) 'lit) Ifoni Ndrth
Vancouver hotel 1 !**»ts ■•>'.' b< 0
rare opportit'til; lo t'ict* thi " c'rli
inn ipialitii s Wllii '1 bin) I' eon
:n ihii with lib hridgi        ■: ni
siim In in, ■ III ". 1 lilts, It 111!!*,
lie nihil d that Prol III ;
tailghl his business b) the late
Prof. J. li. Ualdwini ol l.es, iti
ville, lud.j who was blown to
shreds, on the )isl 1 I *.nu.u3t 11st.
1- ii'- balloon was lluntinu. high in
tin- air al a dislaiu u from the
round ol ever j,o. 1) feet Al
that lime be v.is giving an exhibition at a 1 inv lait in tiic'ii
(die. Ohio ol the use ol dyhiniite
(or war purposi s wlii n tile total
undent happened.
|anii s    Gibson    and      [allll -
I lair n( Vanillin, r paid llll  lowil a
II ing visit on Tuesdaj
lis ukss this ivi nh '.1 re | White,
tin \ im hi.'.11 photo inplii 1 '.ml
Aldeinian |, Morton oi Vani ollvei
Ivoss I'cers, ol I'n rs llrothrf's log
ging lamp, Mowu sound, anil  loi
nieilj ol  North  V dnvi 1.  paid
the Twin City 11 visit this Wi ek,
I'   retitriu,11101111 mi Thui day,
A   '•   Am. ■ II ol   \ngi II aild ruin
Irey Co.. '    '   md   Ihe   i| rat inu •
Im   I'm   I ■■ 1       spot i.d niiinbi r
1 Tu    rJxi'Rt is ' n Tin s
day.    lb wa strin k with Ilu   pii
inn rpu ',1 .... ol North V 11 ouvi 1
i'i( :. -McLEOD.
line ill  North    Vancouver's   best
j ie   nun  joined  die  ran';-    if  tin
lU'lieilicls iln- wei k m llie pcrsoii of
li  l\'i Dick, son "i iln well .111,1 fav-
Aniongtho   callos   i\^ Till   ,. ( , .„ ri,;;| Ml!|U, (K,.iKi.   of
l.ons' lie nvi nn' The bride was
Miss May Mi Lend, dailghlcr oi Nor
man MeLeod, o| Hamilton street,
Shi dso very p ipu
laf   Willi   In f  many   irien Is   and   ac
'1    lei       The Wedding '
eini I,  '   bur  Dnj   Sept   \, nl
• ■ enci lie bri       parents,
. 1   Iti v   11    Wils hi, 11 inisti r ol
\ ■    . ,1'   i-hilrcli     I'll
hesl 111 M wa« I). 11. [lick, his. bn th
. Iiridi ran ii : v  i   diss ' ditb
Mel.coil, sisp i  ;.', the ' :;;., ...
.'.    (• her I       :      \:'t, r tin
Wild, u Hrntl   1 ., iii   I.     : ll il'd
wan   th tiers,   have   rem, 11 tl   :
tin :i new '■!■..ie on First strci t and
Lonstlitlu avi uuc    1 lie premisi s
tire v, ry spacinils and allows them
• at! ! to tllelr nni'. alie.'i,!i   csti 11
• iv, atoi k, \ s|li' iaity will be n
line nl an ii;,lit In liters lor the I ill
and v,inter Ira li,
II x !:iii
!• Aril
163 Cordova Street.
Pin    North   Vancouver Specialist
ihe hour of ih p ni 're ,11 ii (in at
N ,r!; 1 rn ii' iin "i: Ihcii lioneynioou df
ihe ncwl* . lib I . u*| I . \vl will
1 iki ni the Portland h'air nnd visit
utl r ! iin ' in s I" [ore returning to
North Vancouver, where Ihey will
I ilc 1 up theii i-i li ..a on First
street It may be mentioned thai the
parents of both contracting parties
T!:e leav ol tomorrow is tin loi were rid acquaintances and 1 ri
nl today. pie at Almonte, Out.    The old folks
  had lo 1 track of ■■•••
,                   . ■  1 ... :••'.• ... irs till : .    .    '1 half
It olten reipiires doep diijitilt!,'ti L   ,      „  „.„„ ||l0J , „„, .„.,,
ibtain 'Mir!• watet'. ,, 1
the ci ' ,'imiR evcnl   ■: tin   re 111
n a  happy  couple  Inn been  made
cercninnj  tl e hi irl;  sal dowrl
: ' .1 very nice dinner, and all j.„ _- .
I  thcnisellT!   in  merryi  iking    till   .    ■—-
PROGRESSIVE HENS, liser will ro a long wily'it possible tfl
llie In -1 resulls for the money—
The Ru .1:111 h ns are pn   n   i\e I he Express.
Tin v laid  1   50,0 1,600 '        foi   1 ■•
port last yeai     These eggs an  fid DIDN'T BELIEVE IT.
i„ :;l;    . at from 6-to 10 cents a do S ■> ie: 1 a  in. near the Vancouver
hi     They are exported lo llungii   , <\      ice,     First  Jew;    "Veil,  ve
then sold lo German}  as  Hun    •   11 ule  Idtu   a   proposition.'     Second
...... and finally lo in.he I    1 Gei Jew (confidentially)! "Ilow much did
It  :■  ;,   lib     thai  some First  Jew:    "Veil,    I
...    uliai    rented 1    s in North 11 1 1 |o| like to tell yotl yet.     Sec
nneniiver coiiu  (mm  then   also d Jew:    "Von  shall tell  llie now,
...., ,,■■    •':,    ...  j.r< - ■'!•   advei    el     I di n't lielii i yon ''
Nniliiu:, fights ,i:.e Iiettdr than
l!' '• vein owii push ,il' ii.st th.
llll I  I, II,iw   . pllll.
11 -a mil wife,   1 Inly iln two I   1
were prm nt al the m.irri   1     Tl
m ny fi end   li ri  ;"  '■ ol \li   and
Mi     Did   ivisl   1   ;.; Ion ■  In,  anil
i- ppi ■■■<     Tin   i tpn ■ ■ 1.1 1
the  prnvi rbinl  1 ' I  -'' « aim   wishes
ilu in ' vi';.  prosperity
"What is |ohnstoii'a business?"
"I think In- is ti bookkeeper, al
least. In  never brought back the
one In borrowed Iroltl 'III lasl sum
ll  IS up tn every one  mien sH I  ill   me(
:! 1   v. fon   ill North Vanci    -1    ;
.... ■   .1 . ',', id 1     e
the venture nl Hit 'I nl   lltui     -        \Vif>: "I si    hi ll i   |hl|   I   thnl      ' " ,vr"' l;'1'"" ,1'"'
Watch I'he I'.x'pre.*    \\. .„, ,.,.,. _ ;,      .,,,,-    ..,.,  . i|;,   .,..,..:        I   1
■"•mine; ilie he-i nl British Columbia  , ■   ,  ■      .'ru-lent'  r rsnn . niivr.r; \. \. Iln
nni pen, keep up the   • ■ i -a   ,     .
the eoni'Uilnii*.   "Help 11-'
The follow ne were 1 m -1 • and cal
'.1      1  || ...    h  \ .1",'. liver dm
:lg ihe w    '
on 14th St., near Lonsdale Avenue.
Elegant view, lot 60xmo
Water Conm ctions. A Good Buy
(1000.00 ON EASY TERMS
... ,      ■" i' a h i':: . ;n thi   bin il) ',.1       oirpi.th and wile; 'I
Its  -iioiild make :r. fffori  1    cop'p
- e of Ihe pii/ej at tin- HOrticdl-
t.ural  -In'.e.  oil Saienl.,;   Sepl   |6
hi mi favi red with
I'he i,i„t ,*ro«ei- and poi'.hn rais   ''"' I" '•'   list' ■' '
man) readers   Hint   II   narrniH'*   it
hcallliy |i Urol        which il  will nC
iloiilu receive    I'd add lo tin  allra*
lions a ri'ii.iita will hi   h, Id by  th*
N'oiih Vancmivii   \t\ 1 Iii  Club. The
1 ■.minuter ol this latter a
an doing its « irk wi II an!
v irtt, I, vh       tl  1 n-     11
We deslF'c I" iliank ilie-i who
brought in tilth quid pro i|uo as il
wa- very much appreciated     Sow is
our critical |'er,',t   i".| WI     'Iii ij 1 "I
Now that the shooting -■:,-.,r, i,..'
fniiiiiiruecil. ih*. rcJiilcn'ts ol ilu- district should look .our their interests
ami no| allow 1 Very Tom, It.
Harry to ilaAgltltr 1 nni n e trdless
Vif the law F.vcry citizen shOi'tld 111
;,t name protector
l'HEtiUAI'TEHS' paradise
Aii cm liange
Iraeis ill ii, a ... n, itlltl
mil,   Hers a li I [01        .   i
ler and la > '  1      llldeeil
there 1- I   minor   thai
even now the Cal
inch       Ire'e froin tin
do the  I'oiiiurj    invalviilably    niori
',.   ,        1
1111 ri tin [\ of pul     mntic)     I'riv a
. 1 in pa 1 'i    whii h .,■ i|
II illiml 1 .
to   rtWrlodk ....    ■
licit) u. ie  .,'.; , ii,',ri      ,\.
to rfitif'i m '  '
1 ...
am, hah c to tin
frrvluls  ll yoti
«''' "lw|l I"   " "I)  !" ' >''   dun
We knriw thai mail) ol oiir citizens
Criticize Its, but imi aim i- t,, tr) til
build up Oie ah. I. oi this il
in our pi'.Hci, ,'in'd ,vi  .ri. nni  ,   I
imp   n. ''■-.!.. ■ .,   ml wife; Then
llunlir: >''-- I . Ih; l'   Keith;  Mi
Mien: J   ','   K   ri Mrs  Kerr, I. 1
(       lohii
mie: John     ill; l'"'. <'. A. Worsnop;
fi, A. Allen, New Westminster; J. F.
I'mv '. t\   C, I dill irs: J. S   M Ih  .
"  V.. Dunn; A   Mcli laid 1      er;
'.'.   -',.i.        Victoria; 1
S'i '    h  laud;   II.    I .
1   .-villi-; Tl       I'ln
li ry J. '
©       6
v ;r~-^ Heer
*    :'".r\
; ■ •     ■'
Is ii glnrinvs summer frfo*
X ':vi"-■:.:■..■
We, -, ■ ;u,n*i—-V„.^.
11}     '
y and family;        Duff and
I, \ 1, ; 11. \Valloi
■ ' ■       '
, Ni -" ■ '        1   ' ■
:    \i      n,   I 11     iv. .   Miss   Haiti!
\l Hon
I '   Mien; Miss
1   I       11.
Geo   I   Dyle;  A   .1 pear;   IV   1!
Si nit; Mi-  Smith; T ' i Cainphorn;
1 ihii Dai Mi       Mc.Ctossanl
M    md Mrs I), Irvin; VIit   \    lasnn
Mr. I    '   QiiiK|i . ind Mi    \
-I ■ loliu lliltil
1 1     ijt -quenching Mid Uilisfy*
«$ inn,    llemcmltcr there's no
\    t* \i J    i hi! "just as good —insist
lljJCP.IO, lli):„."r
I to 5 P. M.
- .. ■ .rtfj*    "'•' •/' '"','/ Bainkr i : : ' I
*     I Pacific Bottling Works
favorite Jmik Powder
< ■ : ...a.- and Bi uulijics tin Teeth,
idor t ■ Breath,
■ 1 it ml   ' 1
McDowell's Kriig Store
tun ri 11 1  il   mr 1
'   UtVKM'l ;     tl)\ liKTlSE
North Viincotoor.
Iiem in of cverj 1
\\ 8 I'. Mi
AI l»>e B><tvilion
north Vancouver   f0f Real Estate ^£5*cm Corporation, Ltd.
N'orih  \',.iu • 1V11
It may be i,o'„ced  thai      ,,    '    :''        '
I'lllllie, Ih  11    l„ ll
port    Ol   Ilu    ,,,1111,', ;,p
; I Ihey 1
"l":"1""5 "'r ''"  '"'•","11 "' '""    .1 1 riff
' Vi'iiiniil.uit',, Viiitllnis,      I'luinlnii'i ,',oil llnsmllli       Itfl*. Calllr niidChlckcH
IWORIHVANCOliVIR ImIUWi *nenli. Inj, ,„i
(nil nnd bit*    :
'•  ' I'lllTI
«or are called Ini and an 1 1 Ik in bj
been i
: ,
Ii Ml   i"   p intimated   thai ., , nv  1111   tail; 1
■i\  llll   IN1 1 I
lerminali 1. in all , in '
I uinl'c.i' .mil ,-,ll klniis oi BulldlnJ HalcMol,
Lands tinned and Bulldlnfts 111 clcd,
ioiill',1, Inis .,1111 \,,iii,iiu, *..
^epl   20,    Heretofore tins  ..   ,   lia          I ft fi H   fl     llli        )A        11
iccn done b) Huh I'hilip on rcso- ||j|       ffl        \\.
Ulio.l   Ol   ,h,    CO, I        I ,U1J11111 I'1 lj" Ul
In  ■   '''I ii't nnili rtal ■ this wnrh oil ,1,.
'Account ol hi* duties as clerk    The 1
town and business el iln ci nn il has hi im hi    1 • ,   1   , ,
,1 11   .. 1.   ..•      ' .ii,iiii,-iii
lhat all si       Ifciiil      11" 1 I,,  si 1
mi    Itpi'llCflllOH
1'i ilio r-iTi'i'tirv. or at
grown   .. tasl n| lati thai tin  -,.
')i I"   mm  is taken up.   While it is   , .   . '     fist Mi il  (\\ 1 »l
' rn    ■ orporoliuii l
Mtiiiiciiml    Hall
El if imm 81
&Wk\Ls£\A^ 4,2 naiilMj* 81 red West, Vancouver B.C.
Innstldle Avenue.
lie Is vi.'hi 011 the ground and
'1 likes   ,i   -j.i 1 ■ illy  ul   - ..iti,
Vancouver phiperlii  .
\..  hi      .      " 1
10 cffirietit an ofhci
\n be proud ..i in Ihe fi     that tin
kWrWtfl    Cil!    . Su      ,nd    „ub
'■' ■ [or Its pa
: ■..   I liusiui'ffl
Iy in I      I'm      :     1
ill all ; llie Mlbll
-a"±!i  EE ss HI   '
Vi^p ni~_ !5L*' Iai. •'•'        h\a r"ia
ami   ni
M1-WEEU.1 mm
...    . 1 ■   -. '■,
,■'.."    .....-,.: , 1 ar. ■fill' EXPRESS
An Ideal Spot Especially at Holiday
"Sad hearts forliear to break,
Knowing thai evi n Ihe violets tottke
And  seek  the  spring  with  wistful
Under the gldry of winter shies."
Human admifalion'i htfman hue for
inaiei'ial beautiful is like the movement of the might)1 Binder; is imperceptible, yet its lldi'anoe is Incifssnttl
■ ami irresistible III H jllst "tlse
principles ■<:<■ '..'■<' nnre im|io'fwilt—
In nee the luuiiaii allll Malted itlM ol
'those true nicD aii.i Wdnicli, who love
eneiy, ailinii'e tin' liills, waterfalls,
wild [lowers, shining birds or an ideal
Hat-like Lynn creek grounds, Win re
Mai-iis and bluebells grow; and o'er
'the green carpel the southern breezes
, wafong a fragrance soft and
'   *   *a peaceful sight
Where the cattle come to drink,
In the shade how sweet to lie,
When the sun begins to sillK
In the glowing western sky,
riu Lynn Creek's peaceful brink,
Lynn Creek
get- hs supply of water froth the high
range of mountains that intersect its
vs. These huge mountains can
he distinctly seen from Hastings
townsite 111 a northwesterly direction,
Peaks and mountains are clothed in
.vhile; almost kissing the very blue
,ky   Pari of the way up those inoun-
; arc located some very promising cOppCr mines. What energy, what
Enterprise, whal determination those
sturdy prospeeldrs have!  They climb
jthe rugged hills, plough through the
Iwi dland, plunge   through   waters
L.ml at last filld Wme shining rock,
Jriiere they plant slakes, and, ii Ihe
Jiniiie linns out favorably, this once
Ivlini secluded spot will become a hive
,i noise and buzz, as the mighty
[•Jump mills crush the rocks or quartz,
Now. foi1 Lynn Creek—as our plc«
(lie parly called out in musical voice:
tl',, spend the long warm days
frileiit  beside  l.yni.  *-reek's Bowing
F|',i si-,', in I raze,
Ll',. In-ir. ii"' listen, thoughts exchang-
. .1 for dreauii.
L    i    :,, i i,, human things,
ft,. I.hnd al la-i wiih llalilrc ,ind to
|WI .,i song she -nigs
,,,, t„ licrsi'lf. where (here is no ope
This , u l e -iiil "i Lynn Creek
'., i , v.i iii: 1" g" I" I-yun Creek
Ki.e , Vim, Oliver call do SO hy taking;
■il'iir th*
S.corner North Vancouver or St
I ,ft r landing al North Vancouver, or
■ m ,|,|,. Gardens, yd follow Pint
L i   -mod. which leads you   to
|! . lyvllle, Here Charles Mcc hai
I up-to-date hotel, where hmdiei
r,n'. niie huieiils can he obtained.
I :■ in lure yml lolloW the plunk road
I it;| .: ;:•','. which lead- yoll 10
..I. and after crossing Ihe
fl, | i,i follow down itrcani for
\,i„. it .i ipi.iricr of a mile, Which
vui to il"' "flati." line
li.ni party halted and lunch baskets
l,, r, -trewn on Nature's carpel-a
• (irpct ol green, uiingled with myriads
j,i buttercup! and other varied (low-
i The birds sang their hoe songs
Ikinong the wild ""'' buihcs, Varioili
.mi,, were Indulged in hy till old
, well as ihe young; Inen lunch was
ai lain 11 Of.     No food    IVCr    la-led
[bcttei     I *"u creek (lowed on, pro
keeled  on  each  tide  ni  its  hank by
li: . hushes    Onward in   cur-
'itnti pIMli lill 'l"'v Mm i'"' mighty
„,,,„ .,,,,1 blend a- the melting oi
■two clouds nd" '""' Tliii i- "I Ideal
,.,n|   | p i    Here, i'/ tin cl«n wa
[,,t>   . i.ynn crick, one can ipcnd
ll,,,,,, i i»"i mgling By g""ig
well up iln stream   wme I
,„,i- can I" found and a good In"!
,i      advcrtiilng, J Im Wanamak-
.... ,|„ niilllonalrc merchant,    |
,],, ih,. heaviest  advertising in  dull
I lintel, Tins i- when people look more
'keenly i"r birgaim, anxloui to know
; now niiieh  Hung-  cost  an I  where
t. ,,in iavc money     I advertise
i tilings, givi pi'"- ami taki
.,s much palm with my   announce
.i:,,,,. .. I do with my slock    I ncv
»r permit inj announcements to lag,
IK| in ■■■ i'.    an i   u in nn
r publicitioni,    Advertising hai ma h
my hop   ii will maki others grow
1 p, enormous propori s. My advice
to men   ml    no mallei Itov    ma I,
,   , i    tlic and keep evcrl
ll   iucci
lo enable the Corporation of the
District of North Vancouver to
raise by way ol ii Loan the sum
nl Hurl "en thousand Dothtrs
! $111)00.00) for the purpose of
pun hosing or expropriating the
hiiiil'i niter speiiliid for liond
N'HKhM'AS   it   l'Hitiotl   (signed
by the owners ol more than one
hall tbc value o! the land in the
aid District) haslieen presented to
llie Council of the said District,
requesting iliem to introduce a By-
Law to authorize them to borrow
tlir sjw of Thirteen Thousand
Dollars ($13,000), to be used for
the purchasing or expropriating the
properties known as Lot A, in I'is-
trict Lot 274, opposite South end
of St. George's Koad; Lot tA, ol
Block 173, and L.ot 1 A, of Block
1 ;■ i, both in District Lot 574, and
a piece ol land So [eet wide, opposite Chesterfield Avenue, and extending f 10111 the Esplanade to the
Foreshore line or Water Front in
District Lot 271, all in the District
of North Vancouver, said lands to
be opened tip, held 11 ml used as
public thoroughfares and to give
access to the water front.
WHEREAS, the owners of tin
said lands have agreed to accept
debenture Bonds for the said sum
of J1 j,000 at par in payment for
said Lands,
WHEREAS, it will be necessary
to raise annually by special rati
the sum of $736.00 lor the term ol
Fifty years lor the re-payment ol
the said Loan and interest thereon
as hereinafter mentioned.
WHEREAS, the value of the
whole rateable property of the said
District, according to the last revised Assessment Roll, amounts to
WHEREAS, to provide for the
interests and the creation
of a sinking fund (or the
pay in" ol said principal sum "I $13.-
Mi.,1, it will lie nuti-ssarj to levy a
■.p. 1 iai annual rati; "I two third:
of ime mill on the dollar on tile
present vitltt ilion.
THEREFORE, ihu Reeve and
Council nl tin' Coipuriuion ol the
District ol Nortli Vancouver in
Council assembled I with the at
sent of ill:: electors ol the sail,
Disirul duly obtained), enact a.
1. It shall be lawful for tin
Rci ve ol ilu- said Corporation ami
the Chrk ol the Council, for tin,
purpose aforesaid, to borrow 01
raise by way of a loan from any
person or ptt'sons, body or bodies
corporate, who may be willing to
advance the same upon the crodi
ol the Debentures herciuafte
mentioned, oi the Corporation, 11
sum of money not exceeding in the
whole the sum of Thirteen Thousand Dollars, ($13,000), and to
cause the same to be placed in the
Batik ol British Ninth America to
th*' credit ol the Corporation for
the purpose above recited; or to deliver the said Debenture! or any ol
them to the Vendors or present
owners of said Lauds in payment
for said Lands or any part thereof
2. Debenture I haul, ol the Corporation to the the amount ol
$13,000 in the whole, may hu issued
by the said Reeve and Ch rk in
terms ol the Municipal Clauses
Act, in sum., as may be roqukod,
luil mil less than M,000 each. Each
ol tin: said DeileiltutSB shall
be signed In the iai I Kc< ve and
Clerk, and the Clerk shall attach
t;u leiiniiiiln Corporate Seal ol the
said Corporation.
3. The Di lu'iitiiie  Bonds shall
bear interest at a rale not exceed..
ing live per cent per annum, payable ball yearly, on the first day ol
April and ihe lirst day of October
in each and every year during the
currency of Ihe said Debentures
or any of them, There shall be
attached to the Debenture Bonds
Coupons signed by the Reeve, and
for each and every payment o[ interest that may become due, ;
such signature may be either wril-
ten, stamped, printed or lithographed.
4. The said Debenture Bonds,
as In principal and interest, shall
he payable nt the Municipal Hall,
North Vancouver, 11. C., and the
said principal sum shall be made
payable liv the Corporation at a
date not later than fifty years from
the Fust Ofey ljl Octoln-r, 11J05.
j. There shall be rawed and
levied annually, by a special rate
on all rateable property in the said
District, the siimol $86.00 for tile
purpose of funning a sinking
fund for the payment of the
said Debentures, and the sum
5(150.00 lor the payment of the
interest at the rate aforesaid, to become due on such Debenture! during lite currency thereof, being an
equal annual special rate of Two-
thirds ol a mill on the dollar of the
present valuation; or such further
or other rate as shall be sufficient
for the said purpose, and that in
addition to all rates to be levied
and collected ill the said District
during the whole currency of the
said Debentures or any of them.
6. The Council may at any time
purchase any of the Debentun s
issued under this By-Law, provided
they pay, in addition to their par
value, a premium or bonus of live
per cent, on such value, or such
less sum as may be agreed on with
the holders thereof, and all such
Debentures so purchased shall be
forthwith cancelled and destroyed
and no re-issue of Debentures shall
be made in consequence of such
7. This By-Law shall come into
effect on the First day of October,
8. This By-Law may be cited
for all purposes as "The North
Vancouver Street binds Loan l)y-
Law,  1105.''
Paused hi llie Council on tin
Si Mb day nt Sopluiillier, A. D.
Received Iln ussenl ol llie 1 li 1
tors at an election (or the purpose
on      day ol , A   I). 1905,
Reioiisi li I'llainl finally adopted
by the Council,  signed   by   the
Keeve and Clerk, and willed with
lie Corporate Seal, all 011 the
lay of , A. I). 19115.
TAKE NOTICE that the above
is a true copy of the pioposed By-
Law upon which the vote of the
Municipality will he taken within
the Municipal Hall, North Vancouver, OH Wednesday, the lotll
lay of September, 1905, between
the hours of S o'clock a. 111. and 4
o'clock p. 111.
C. M. C. and Returning Officer.
given that the vote of the electors
of the District of North Vancouver
will bo taken on the North Van*
couver Street Ends Loan By-
Law, 011 Wednesday, the 20th Day
inl September, 1905, between the
bonis of (I o'clock a, m. and 4
o'clock p. 111., and that within the
Municipal Hall, North Vancouver,
ami that Alexander Philip, North
Vancouver, has been appointed
Returning Officer to take the vote
n[ in h ob 1 tors with the usual
powi 1^ iii that behalf,
By order ol tin Council,
C M. C
Annual Exhibition
Saturday, September 16th
At the Pavillion
Their Stores are Crammed Full of Bargains
in Men's Wear, Everything Going for the
Next    Two    Weeks   at   Iiiy;    Reductions.
42 Cordova St. and 24S Carrall St.
District of
i:,. Council mules aptillcal m   •
ii... 11,-,; i \-:.-,.i' ol iin' dliirlot.
In !..    ' Municipal Hall by Iln
17600.  For fill
particular! apply nt Iln Municipal olllci
ll.KX. I'llll.ll'.
Phoni tin.
Emi! Guentl
I '   i       triii
Vancouver, B.C
Real Estate, Miningjnsurance,
Loans, Farms,  Etc,
Timber Limits.
Pfopealy for sale all over the City
Suburbs and Xorth Vancouver,
Office : 404 Granville St,
Vancouver, B. C
Tenders Wanted
Merchant Tailors, late of Victoria
For the present.    Largo Now Stock of choice Summer and Pall Suitings.    Latest Styles.    Fit Guaranteed.
100 Hastings  Street West, Corner Abbott.
1  11
1 7
I .
i.    »
Lots Sell at from $76,00 to $150.00 on terms.
This is a good buy, The site cannot he excelled in the
Municipality, fl full view, ii"t only ol tin Municipality itself, but the whole ol the Inlel and linglish Ilu) can he
\ ii w, ,l li llns point     Apph lo
T. S. N I7 E, Queens & Lonsdale
 ,... Dominion  Exhibition
MoHrnlilC loll Iur lT*|i|Hillnl pUrpOHl ill N-iilh
VinCuuvr,   Kadi im coniulm exactly one  ■ , „■■ -■ .7       ■ ■■■■ —   ■•■■  ■ ,  sag
acre   T«ii uiMro*t corner li otil? wii.et from
ttiucuruorol buni'li ir Annuo nnd iv it ilrtet,
Sffl^Ka«K|»e|>tcmber 2? to October 7, 1905
I K.D., fai ohm boxT6\__   Under trie Auspices of Ihe Royal Aunniliural and Industrial Society
VmeoUTor. it c,
District of
New Westminster, B. C.
Stnpi ntloua .'md comprehensive array ol Exhibit! representing
the resources of all Canada.
In Prizes and
Tho Council Invitee Tendon for the
following work, via.
For clearltiR anil iiruhblng Flnl street
JtwumiMcS Grounds, New Handsome and Spacious Buildings
«|,,,eiiieai',,.ii-1" '■ Inui nl tbo Municipal
cijrii.il „6JMfMth'Uwm-   Hono l<"'ing'Bi•"" '"""";''Mili,arj ''•"•"lcs "nd Emcises
iierciirreiit, at 7.::n pii. ROYAL IRISH GUARDS and other I oui bands.
'"'J.'mo i(il*'.\\l> WATER CARNIVAL   Parade oi Prasor River Fishing
11, et, Patrol Boats, II.M \\ n    [is, Indian War Canoes, etc.
1 .1 ationwrid W, H. KEARY, Secretary and manager,
N, w Wi Btmii ler, D. C
HI.'Ul; LINK nl
I ni: -.m 1
IVliolcMliuml Retail.
Ll	 liih liXPKESa
1 '   '     BROKERS =
Wc have some ol the Choicest
Lots which we offer at very low
prlcesi    Come and be convinced
CAV4N46H, tUkEfc & Co.
130 Cordova St.
lie Proposition of tbc Day
on the Northwest Pacific
Trensf ormation Scene*
Just Begun*
Th brit IDnlorfal wridoM "I (to
Pioneer Baiber Shop
Opfatiti   Hotel North  I'aticiiuw
In rt cdnparitively short time
North Vancouver has started to
grow and, mushroom like, scores
"I resitlcni es are springing up all
river the townsite, llieir architecture is modern, and are furnished with all the comforts and
coiiveiiionc.es of modern houses.
I'lli townsite is all that could be
i'ii,'i» li v\ v\ v FILLED   'lesirec, and it is doubtful il a more
bi atitiful and picturcsqui locati n
lean lie (ound on the continent.    In
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^      the lack ground to the north a
IkYA/ .»$ magnificient view of Mount Crown
¥V^liCwT   0 |(4.2&o fcts above- sea  tuv.l,.   the
SMOM'. Till'.
Comer Finl anil Lonsdale,
North Vancouver
ficiionil Hardware, Oils, Paints, Etc.
TlBttcn nnd Rnmbersi
Agents Lr
tliH'rni'j's well kiimwi Cliaiiwllor
Steel Ranges,
peak of   which  is  snow-capped.
Mount Baker (10,700 d ct   an ex
tinct, or perhaps only lab nt, volcano, in the State 0 (Washington!
to the south, may bo sen distiiltly
on a bright day,   Thi n across the
j inlet the city of Vancouver lies in
full   sight   to   the   Twin   City.
Nature Las done nan ii to make the
I site •' most desirahl*  location (or
(the starting of a great city    As
the drainage facilties ati 1 v 1 Hi I
municipal improvements van easily
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Jin mad.' that will insut,.   satisl.o
,,., ..,,,,        ... ,    '.      ,'torv conditions.   The surface  ol
\\d Bed And iIcIimt gttxU niwipi't      -
'.b .11 VancoBvoMrmsean. the ground is gently undulating,
Note—Onr express wagon toeetstlio and is rapidly being clean d ol tin
I'liUii'tV.',,:-. '-a.e          .nu.Hi.      Desirab,e   bu.ldine    |oli
can   be  procured  at   reasonable
prices.    Already many residents ol
Vancouver ate taking advantage of
j these conditions and thi prospi t Is
Art: tltat ill a very short tiini a large
I number doing bu iim 1   ic'ross tl
i iulet will take up theii resiih in 1
'here.   The country in the vicinity
ol   North   Voncouver    presents
strong attractions to those desiring
small holdings wliii h may also be
ban  ii a  nominial   figure    li   ii
1 estimated that 1.11 acri s sei out inl
fruit trees, say, 100 to tl,    ai 11
will yield to the investot in a vi t\
lew year-. $3,000 annually, as there
is a constant growing demand lor
at Vancouver, and el;, whir" close
by.   Toe climate ol Burrard inlet
i- di iu: lit fill and that ol the new
town is it en,icd to be al  1 asl two
weeks • aiii'i than that ol the ler-
ii   ity,   This is ate loi
by the Coast rangi   111   ml
tlii  notll   shelterieg tin   r.iunii 1
pality from the nortln rn   winds.
Illd" il it is t go id  loi "..  'l I 'I  H
• .     1      ,1)1'
' !
9           ' ni   I
' 1    ■    ■ lids,
■ 1   .'  nts,
■ , ,
K. A. Dvekenflohl, Manager.
V.u's to.Uw: ni 011111:11
WOMH))t«M\tVaWlMtVet* it.'.'■
1,000 Acres of Primeval forest to be Svvebt
Away tst| Gigantic Steam Engines.
Tho Vancouver, Westminster & Yukon Railway, s.inc-
tioned by the Dominion Authorities to connect land and
ocean highways,, and make the North shore 11 Bhipping
The Bi C, Electric Railway Co., to Bttpply street car?,
light anil power.
Prosperity bat lies tho town liko sunlight'^-Progrcss
continuous, Watch North Vancouver's ndvanoe, It will
be the kinotiscopo of the Const.
1 Ifflcial Agents for all tho original totfnsite lands,
(1,000 acros still left.)
Habon, Mefarland I- Mahon
341 Hastings' Sleet, Vancouver, B.G
toRil absence oi objectionable hisocia-| Washington city,   She had been vi<
•a a-, and it 1- growing,
Don't lorgei the Fruit Marks Act
anil pack your fruit well.    It will
11 iy y.ni
King tier parents, Mr. and Mrs  Dick
lor a short nine.
Mr. atld Mrs. Larson. 0! the Nofttl
i Vancouver Hotel, left on Wednesday
I'll,  nuns   (hiring   Hie   Week will (of Portland where the/ will visit tin'
greatly benefit fall Pasture. J big lair, arid sperid a well earned hob
Mrs. W. .1. Dick aild two children'iday'
returned on Tuesday after an absence
ol two niontlis.
At The Express
'I'h'.M'HONK Iti.
e ^^^
J. T, \\\U\, Prop,
nun repairing, l,an<l mails
s|inngSi tinting, liniKs mill
Cupper **i'rJ* nnd nil Mini*
ul light rojiairitiv, Mwrlinj
& apwlitlty. All «"tk liD.ir-
ItnlH'il    II    l!   II    II    '.!
1      nn ■«»—.—_ .1
Hand Loaded Shells to Order
fishing Tackc  and Cutlery
\V..J. I'liiHilKI'i.JU'nrdnviiW
Vancouver, B.C.
KiKAiit, Fii.ni,
llDiimt siei.tr
Royal City Hotel
FAI.CII k SMI, Props,
Obotc.il Dnttili ci win.*, i.i.|iint.iimi
l'l|>n,   lliilc.. II |.rr .Im
Nitw WtttSTMlNSTKR, ll. C.
ftf-  Kfnyttiliig (ir t(i"l«l(i. Mi. t'ouxi re-
Uodlllvd, nn,! ai'.'i'iiililtiiUIK.li tttr nil.
Manufacturing .lewder & Ingraver
f, II. Bit* SIS,     ID UmtiiK|, Slrrel W.il.
8|,«'!»l MUBlJOII llyeil "Hi" Muliini liver of
J.-Al-.lv,  mill   ll|.|«l,lll(  ..t  r\l   ile.lTl|,ll.i|l..
,*,iieli Iteiw ilu,; li) -'llirtl M.-ii.K,,i,».  Ho.
11 .1,11,1 ultimo,.. KiimUlti-il „u A|iplle.iton,
voi imams ki, 1 in rttmri 1*111 hkiiii
llldiul prloa .llow il I r .il.l ll ,),l nud Bill.f
I.01I110 JtW.ll, Me,111", Uhirnn   el.., h B|4<
•Mrs. J. W. TllgUr, ol Ballard, left
in Tuesday for her home in   that
A new fo im lot the postofliee h?
been built In McMillan's itore,   The
old quarter!  were  too cramped to
liaiullc the mail,
■-•-, ^ fc-.-.-j.*-.
I' t> R.A Nt H'.ne 3ri7
briller ol
Oil, Gas and Artesian Water
f*ii It 1 U '. ■ 1.. hi • a diameter   All
**ork iniuraiit I.
Ml ttfaavlllo Kt., Vancouver, R C,
M. A. Russell
The L|)iodc»i» Grower
., .,
Groceries, Tobaccos
:«l. »M...   I..si I iiilMlak  V..
North Vancouver
An tdeal
Summer Resort
Where Mountain and Seashore H ,e.
Splendidly situated, overlooking Hurmi Mel,
with the Oily of Vancouver fifteen miwtitf away
by ferry. The hotel embodies tt'erj/ oonveiiknet
with livery in evnner.twn.    i.ultM $2 yer day.
Motel  North Vancouver
P. Larson, Proprietor.
lli(jli-( kiss Ladies' and Men's Tailors
100 Hastings St. Last, corner Cotv-io'*., «ve>
\\, Male the Finest Clothes in tin- Ct/Jf al lk
lowest Prices*
l/fl nuftict
vianvrvA Seller and Engravt •
.,,j,'.., ■     ...
...     .;■
Hi'iliisiiii'vM. H'.JftncoBw.ll.l
... Ulliei
:        ' .',      ■'
■   '■ .
IfftberS   Scotch   Whiskies.
GRAND OLD HIGHLAND -\]\:wx label
01 I) VATTED GLENLtVEt.,, Yellow label
Sole Agents for »rltljb Columbia.
1  IH,   ll" LK, B   C
P. 0. Box tot
Wc liandlc willing hut good goods, ami n
arc ready to compare prices Willi any grocer.
Why jiitj 25c. for Chloride ol Uitic when *ou tan buy
it here for 15c. per tin,
Royal Crown Soap, 6 Bars for IJc.
Hazel Oil Toilet Soap, per hox, (3 pes.) 10c.
Tomatoes, 2 tins (or 25c
Something new and delicious lor luneli or picnics,
Libliey'r, M >"«e I'ale, 2 tins (or 25c.
j, a. McMillan
CofUOT I onsdiilc and i.sbjanadc
north Vancouver


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