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 Ltaraty ligi, AumnUf
■ ««* ...........
Local Meetings
City Council Meeting, every Monday, 8 p.m.
Diatrict Council Meeting, every Friday, - -16 p.m.
hoard ot Trade, Third Tuesday, S p.m.
hoard of Trade Executive, Fimt Tuctilay, 8 p.in.
School llourd, First Friday, 8 p.m.
%\t   I
ndirhta el rvlfiff.fle. (muiiI 11 ii-jkti Xlnsilav
AlhielifJUlllb, I ir.-i Tliu,* "Jn/l  - '
Clu'., IU
, 8 I.II) I
I'll* wlm, 8 |
nl WednoatH
It is with the deepest ngret
that Thr Kxprf.ss chronicles the
death in Ihis issue of one ol our
foremost and leading citizens.
"Bob" l!t,ce, is ba was f:imi inly
known, passed to the great beyond last Sunday, dissolution
taking place at ano a. m., at the
Hotel North Vancouver. There
were psesent at the bedside Mr.,
Mrs. and Miss Larson, and Dr.
Vernier, besides the day and night
nurses. Generous to a fault, he
was a man among men and respected by ill who were acquainted
with him, and his friends were
legion. He lirst saw the light of day
at Sydney, N. S. W., on February
."iiii, 187], andofteustated jokingly that his birthdays were few and
far between. He had travelled
extensively in the Orient ami the
Occident, following thc shipping
business. He arrived here some
ten years ago on one of the
pioneer vessels of the Canaditn-
Australian steamship liners. Hit
widowed mother, who is the proprietress ol a sheep ranch, a married sister and brother reside at
his native place. He was connected with tbe Union Steamship
Company and for teveral years
purser of the steamer Cassiar,
thus being one ol the best known
men on the northern II C. coast.
Robert H. Bryce, his charming
wile, and his bosom friend, Percy
Chick, were passengers on Ihe
steamer Cbehalis, on that latefu'
Saturday afternoon, July It, 1906,
when she was run down by tbe
steamer Princess Victoria, near
thc Brockton Point lighthouse,
opposite Ihe monument later
erected in Stanley Park, to the
memory of the victims of the disaster, among whom the latter two
were numbered. He never got
over the shock, and received internal injuries, from which it uny
safely be said hastened his demise.
He was devoted to his wife, and
although he tried outwardly to
keep up appearances in joviality
before thc critical eye of the
world, the thought ol his great loss
was ever in hii mind ind be never
was the same man afterwards.
About thc middle of January
last he went to St. Luke's home,
ami remained there for about ten
days, returning to North Vancouver ibout ten weeks ago, when he
became confined to his room that
he had occupied with bis wife at
the hotel, which bid been hit
home lor the past lour years.
On Thursday morning he asked
Dr. Vernier, his physician, what
bis chances were for recovery.
The doctor told him he might die
at any moment, and that he might
live (or two or three days. Alter
the doctor left he called P. Larson
to his bedside and said to him:
"I expected this. I have never
liad a happy day since thc I'he
halts disaiter. I stood on thc
deck and saw the big boat drop on
us, and found myself the next
minute in the water, I saw nothing of the Chehalis, and I knew
that my wife, Chick and the rest
of my friends on the boat must bc
all gone. Itwasiwful." He was
conscious to the list, and prayed
lor his mother, titters and bis
relatives and all hii Iriends and
also his enemies, and regretted very
much that he could not learn the
outcome of the case before he
departed, and smilingly bade goodbye to hit friends.
The lite Mr. Bryce was 1 member of Cascide lodge, No. It, A.
F. ft A. M, the Ctuadiin Order of
Klks, Lodge No 17, the Australia
sian and Terminal City Clubs:
Vai couver.
Mr. Bryce will be missed. He
was a man of strong sympathies
and a true and warni-heartid
friend. Even as a student
was well .nli.un * 1. and was at nil
times ready ol speech and song
Democratic by sympathy and
training, ha w.is yit keenly alive
to the fact that human virtues and
failings are fairly distributed
among classes as individuals. He
was no charlatan. He had the
true man's scorn fur the impudent
mountebank and pretender, who
makes empty parade ol popular
sympathies and animosities in
order to win place and power for
himself. Nature had made him ■
fighter. He was an earnest worker
and met the blows of circumstance
with brave nml cheery optimism
It was well .imi fitting that thc
last respect paid to the deceased
were by the Free Masom. Mr
Bryce believed in fraternalism and
brotbtihood—brotherhood of the
highest level, ami on the proudest
grounds .ill unable. Patriotic
Britisher be took a keen interest
in public affairs, all kinds of field
and aquatic sports. He also tcok
a pride in cquine3 and canines,
being the owner of the celebrated
running horse Sandstone and the
the noted prize - winning pointer
Queenie, as well as tbe life saver
Irish water spaniel Colleen.
spray, tbe llisselt children; heart,
the Larson children; wreath, I'. C,
C; anchor, W. II. Nitil.iiul:
wreath, Cascade lodge; wreath,
Mrs. A. McKinnell; wreath, Mr
and Mrs. Smith; anchor, Union
Steamship Co. employees; wreath,
Mr. Thorpe; spray, Mr. anil Mrs.
McDonald; and wreath from tbe
manager ami directors of the Un
ion Steamship Co.; wreath, Geo.
Hartley and C. Mee. H^
The Union Steamship Co. was
represented at the funeral by
Messrs. Milton, Gait, Firth and
DeGroticby, After tha services
bad been < omph ti d it the leinpii
the remain were conveyed to
Mountain View cemetery and laid
to rest in the plat of Mr. P.
The pallbearers were all members ol Cascade lodge, and were as
follows: W. B. KmgslordSmitb,
W. B. Hodgson, W. B. Piaffe,
W. II. Stephens, W. B. New-
lands and W. BL Ctilull,'.
The utmost respects arc extended
to Mr. and Mrs. P. Larson lor
their very great kindness in so tail
a bereavement.
entitled to any pielerence in the
division ol the assets over thoFe
ihiriholderi whote stock had not
attained like stage of development.
There arc 7510 persons affected by
this decision and who will have to
share and share alike with the
great body of shareholders in the
division of funds which is coming
bye and bye.
Water from Seymour Creek
Vancouver city officials expect to
h*tve water from their new system
on Scymciir creek, on this side ol
the iulet, inui into lhe Teiminal
City by July next. Fngine. 1 Mm
well says the system will reach
Park Drive by July 15. The work
is all under contract save the laying of the steel mains and tbe
only uncertain lactor in lhe un
dertaking is the crossing of the
Second Narrows.
Another Prince Rupert
Grand Trunk Pacific
Starts Work
Mr. Bryce died in bis 37th year,
when many practically begin useful tareers. To all appearances
the best was in store (or him. By
the companions -ol bit boyhood
and the fliends of bis laler days
be will long be held in kindly af
fectionate remembrance. May the
duit lie lightly on his breast.
A very large number ol Iriends
and acquaintances gathered in Center ft Manna's chapel, Vancouver,
Tuesday afternoon, at 1 o'clock, to
pay respects to thc memory of the
late Robert Bryce. At a.30 the
remains were conveyed to the Ma-
s.iinc temple, on Granville street,
where services according to the
Masonic rites were conducted by
S. W. W. Brn. Morrison, of Cascade lodge, A.F.& A M., No. 12,
of which deceased was a member.
The casket was covered with a
prolusion of very hindiome floral
tokens, and . mongst those noticed
were:—Anchor, Mr. ind Mrs. P.
Lirson; anchor, Hon. F. Carter-
Cotton; C.P.B.O.E., No. 17, •
wreath; anchor, SS. Cassiar; Ma-
ionic emblem, Mr. and Mrs. Stc
pbtns; spray, Mr. and Mi*. Hi ft l|
wreath, Mr. and Mrs. Grots;
wreath,   Mr.   ind   Mn.   Biisctt;
There is trouble ahead up the
cotst and a nice mix-up has de
veioped. George Kane, the father
of Kaslo, up in tbt Kootenay, his
staked, platted and registered, 1
new townsite, some nine miles or
so south of the Grand Trunk's
seaport, and has called it I'nnce
Rupert. It is up to the railway
people now to get into thc game
in earnest, for John Houston in
the one town and George Kane in
the other burg of royal degree,
are inclined to make their presence
Telling Figures
A vt ry helpful comment on lhe
resell niial growth uf Ninth Van
rouvcr is provided by HBM I" H
given Tut Kxi'KF.sshy K. C. Pack,
the efficient waterworks foremen
Mr. Peck states that two yrars ago
there was a total P(|J0 booit I M
ne ti*ns in the city.   At tin* close
ol 1907 there  were 400.    Dining
the  first   three   months of  190H,
41 house connections hate  ban
made and no fcwi r than 25 ol than
were made during the   month of
March.   These figures point quite
strongly to  190S as a year ol un
prcccdcnletl growth in tbc rcsiden
tial interests ol the city, and a corresponding growth in all  related
York Loan Liquidation.
Another stage in the slow moi*
ng process ol thc settlement u|
the affairs of Ihis company was
marked on April 1, when Mr Ka-
pelle, the liquidator, announced
his decision,to the effect that those
shareholders whose payments had
matured their slock to tin* point
where tiny inighl have withdraw!
their money it my lime, lml wlm
failed to so witbdriw it, ire not
As a result ul tin* red nt settle
lileiit   ui Ihl dispute beluvt n  llie
Grand Trunk Pacific and iha pn -
vincial government, work starts
at once upon the main, line oi the
new railway Ihtough Btirish Columbia. Mantl, Foley, Welch &
Stewart, the well-known contractors, have the contract for building the Kiinn.i.it branch and mo
null's ol ihl main line of the G.
I. P, Irom Prim.' Rupert east-
wauls. The contractor! were hiring men iiiVam nun 1 lliis wi ek lor
the initial work of erei lia | tl nl ,
This pally will le folloive I in xt
week hi a large number uf car-
paatl is, whose destination will be
Prince Rupert. Thr skilled labor
will be employed building bunk
boaiei and establishing li ,i*l put -
crs and general offices for the coi •
A month will probably elapii
before work is under way on a
number ol the inland stations
owing to the delay iocideatal 10
the sukontiactots looking over
the ground and getting in their
inin and outfits, ln all likelihood
most of the wotk on the two sic-
tions will be sublet. Owing to its
e nal in ui * lu ihi,'• t the firm will
supply a good deal ol the plant re
quired by these subcontractor!.
Shovels, drills and scrapen in al
most endless number, as well at
air drill compressors Ior driving
tunnels, will be shipped from Fort
William and Winnipeg next week
as the contracts on which tl.cj
were employed are now about
One ol thc representatives of
the contractors slated that it is a
certainty that dirt will be flying
in real earnest at Prince Rupert
the third week in April. There ii
no limit, be added, to thc number
of men who arc assured of steady
work during the next three yean.
It means that the problem ul unemployed labor, will be speedily
sillied. Olli lllal labor Will not l>,
bind in any capacity iu tonnec
Inin with lhe building ul tin diaml
Trunk Pacific.
(nailing' operation! will lie in
full swing al the 1 nasi terminus m
.1 in 1 k or so, as all the preliuiiu
iry arrangements have virtually
been completed. All larplui labor
will be Mapped up, is the con*
tractors will guarantee employment Ior thousands of laborers.
No man willing to work need be
nut of a job. The wage tcale has
not yet been announced, but it will
tic cqn.1l to the rate prevailing on
construction in tbc west during
recent years.
Timothy Foley, one u( the contracting firm, stated this week in
Winnipeg that work would start
within two weeks on railway work
Irom Prince Id pert,that 3000 men
will be n quiii -I. and thai stt-.nU
Work for at least a year and a half
at good wages is assured to those
who wint it. Mr. Foley wai in
Winnipeg making the necesttry
arrangements to commence work
on the contract.
The Ktgb's have arranged with  Smith
theC.P.R. for reduced   rates   to'ready
Victoria on Friday, the mill inst., | next wi
reluming the next day.    Th** occasion is  the reception of   grand
worthy president, the Hon   llmo
Bell, of California.
A 1 li ingt* has been made iu the
running time nf tha cars of thr
Irani   Iiu.*.   A  reference  to  llii
1 'iiupany's advertisement ill ibis
issue mil give the in Celtiry ill fnr
Louis Reda, the nine year 0I0
son of H. L. Reda, propictor ol
the Palace hotel, nnt with an accident un Tuesday last, when, in
stepping down into a lank, he lost
bis footing ami fell, striking his
he id against a stone, inflict ng a
nasty t ul on tbe side of the In ad.
Mis wounds niie attended tn bj
Dr. Campbell,
Irot, expect to have it
r occupancy the last rl
k. The ground floor will
be occupied by Kingsford-Smith 4
Kamay, as a furniture store and
auction moms, while the top floor
win be airanged as a lodge room
ami pul 'ic ball.
A I.ir •* school of porpoises Jir
ported thernialvea for a eooiidera-
b'e lun     111   the   Inlet yesterday
111 'i ning.
Mi. Ili.iiley, who has just reached llritisli Columbia from Kngland*
was in t'-e city last mik, seeking
1 suitah    business opening.
The si iff at the city hall has
been sit ugtht md by the accession
ol S. Mi'chcll, who entered upon
Ins .lui, tIns week. Mr.Mitchell
ami ui .niiv tl in the province
li 'in 1I1, Old Country some time
a -. md |uv* taken up their residence iu the Ambitious City.
The diieclois of the North Vincouver Horticultural Society have
arranged to hold a meeting in the
Lynn Valley school, on Fridiy,
tutb in-:., at H p. m. All residents in ihe valley who are inter-
Mad 111 horticulture and agriculture   ra invited.
Dpi r, .mis were begun by Contractor I'red Tuck, on Thursday
last, on  1 business   block on the
II L Reda returned ihis week
from a visit to Soap Like,  Wash
ington, anil left for  Victoria   the
next day.
Messrs. File ft Duke placed in
be water this week a launch, nl
whirb lhe firm is justly proud. It
is an open pleasure launch and is
lor ibe Canadian Fairbanks Co.,of
Vancouver. Thelauncb measures
10 feet   over  all, bus  a five foot
beam, and is equipped with an ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
eit-ht-horsc power Fairbanks mo-j Eiplinath*. four loll west of Lons-
lor. This is believed to be thejdale W«*W* <<" W. Elwood, of
first varnished launch to run onj Nr* W lminM,'r The tmilding
tht Inlet. Immediately upon be- *'" l'° ,,:>x43 mt, two ttoriei ia
ing launched, thi proceeded to >'«'" I he ground floor will ba
Vancouvei under her own power, ja,r»»fit'1 fori store and restaurant,
Wantkh- Boarders. Apply to
Mrt. J. T. Spence, Second itreet
everything  working in the most
sitisfactory manner.
The Wallace shipyards bave in
course of construction two scows,
one measuring 28x80 (eel and tbe
other 108x30 feet, the latter being
a coal scow lor the C.P.K.
Mr. Harry Dick, assessor for
Mission District, favored Tur. Kx-
HUN with a friendly call this
week. Mr. Dick reports that he
bas just completed the assessment
for tbe municipality,and gives out
the following data: Improved
lands, $396,481.50; wild lands,
trio,6981)0; improvements, $350,-
•40.001 C. P. R. lands, $34,665.
Total, $762,085.40. It is expected
that the rate will not exceed four
mills and that improvements will
be exempt I ba district is rapidly
assuming large piosperity alone.1
the lines ol lti.it grnw.ng, dairying  " **-*   I   ""   ' " "lon of ■ '»«
and lumbering.    List W  th.-!*,wV |,lu«k on his  P'0!*'^ «
nportatioal of fruit reached the
satisfactory    total    ol    $65,000.; 1',""(l<
Biiihli, ■ OtwatMM are lively in """' '"   '  «'»nged at itorei and
M,ss„    City, one Itrg- block bu  ll ' '".*» Imng rooms.
hiilines-i piirpnsct bt ing par* 11„. ■ „0Vi| 0| ,|1C ,,0stofficc
ticularly noticeable. It it pro* will entl.le J. A. ft M. McMillan
posed to borrow $2,000 for tin* j t0 eflc-ct 1 much needed extension
improvement of the Cedtr Vilh'yjrf thcii grocery premises. The
road, running north from Mission. 1 * ortion i'l the itorc at present oc-
The money will bc borrowed on eupied bv the postoffice will be
the local improvement plan, and thrown into the main store, while
will be assessed on eight quarter the rear portion of the adjoining
sections valued at $35,000.   Mr. I premises will be used  n 1 wtre-
housc loi reserve stock, making in
ill 1 mola rn and attractive store.
the latt* 1 being already leased to
local pat ties. The litst lloor,comprising 10 rooms, will be arringed
is an up to-date apartment houte.
Postmaster j. A. McMillan ii
ibout to nuke tltcrations in the
matter . I postoffice iccommodt-
tion, wh eh will prove most grtti-
lying to ihe public. The post office will l>e moved into the western
portion >f the presenl building,
which wai recently vacated by
Tin Kx 1 ss, and will occupy Ihe
(ront portion of the prcmitri.
New boxes and drawers will be
added nml an additional wicket
will In* 1 -lulled This satisfactory
eflott tu i.eep pace with the growing ilnn nils of the city in (hit respect will be duly ippreciated by
tbe citi,  ns.
Hay   is icrioui.lv con.
the conn r ol First ttreet and St.
in nue.      The   giound
Dick is preparing a subdivision ol
ten-acre fruit farms It a venture
of bis own.
The director! ol iba North Vancouver Horticultural Society have
called a general meeting, to ba
|„*M in the District Municipal
Kail, on Thursday, 91I1 inst , at R
p. m.    All members ire requested
Tur I IPIIU bas moved into
new an I permanent qiiartrn in
the Dm building, on First street.
I In in was doaa expeditiously
and with ut damage.
Geo. II. Mordcn, businest manager oi I he Express, bis liken a
to  attend 11 important •'»»inc*»| ^e oll .home on Second street,
will be brought up lor discussion, j m( q( S( Qtmg_,t tnn^ ||)d
The building at present under j will occupy  the  tame  with  hit
construction on the Ksplanade.just
west of Lonsdale avenue, (or McMillan .It Larson, is maring completion.    The contractor!, Messrs.
family tins month.
Kx Aid Jordtn was in the city
on Sum1 He is doing well io
Tm: Bxraiu Panmito CouFaav,
Nokiii VaNCOUVIK, B. C.
0, 1*1 siuiiitiiiia.u.i.,  ll. II. V'iiiiiho.',
M, ■    ;.' *r I '.IIM a I.*--* \l'/r
The Expreit is delivered in Noiib
\ ri, ini*i within a radiui ol ii
blot ks uI   the   ollice.     All  Olitsiale
ilns diitrict is placed in tha post
H iti s ol Subicription i
Um year      -     -     Itaoo
Six moothi    •     •        .jo
Three months *       - .25
United States  ind   Foreign, $1,511
per \ a*iu.
Ail Hibtcriptioni moil bo paid in
Am* penos boi i' 1 living tins
papei regularly will pleau notily
the ullire.    No paper stopped 1111-
less notified either by letter or 1 ird
Nokiii   VaMCOUYI k.  hnll J, i'i"N
Coiiitiieiicing with*tbii month,
1 in   1.xi 11 -- paued iinihr tin*
111.in.igeiiu nt ut .1 Hew linn and the
old order of things n is. s lo exist.
The partners in tha new lirm comi
to North Vincouver with itrong
red ia * to 1 ipability and in
ncss (ur conilutting a Dewipipet
bunni h, and thay an di termined
to Btakl good in  1 ai ry piirtiuilar.
,\s a lonword, tin* inw propria-*
to:- ah sire to say that they have
MOM to North Vancouver [nil]
iinpiesseil With the important petition the city and district occu-
I . and quitl enthusiastic and
optimistic as to the luture befon
tin- sectiun o| the loreshore of
I'.iiiraitl Inlet, l'roniptetl by that
enthusiasm, tbc new owners of the
paper UUI IW every endeavor to
advance the iniinsts and well being of North Vancouver, and such
willalwayt ba the leading policy
of Tilt Kxl'kF.ss. lieyond that
plain statement there is no call to
Thi BxfUMWill be run on bus
iness principles and upon clean,
manly lines, ln every legitimate
wu possible it will seek to sme
the public, and by honest and
fait hi xil service gain ami hold the
aspect of the community.
cullies, incidental to tha disagreeable task of moving into new quat-
tan. Tlie guicul effect is noticeable upon iliu paper, and for the
many apparent shortcomings the
indulgence of our natters is asked.
I In   nii.i advanced before thc
ll it 11.uie In S. (jiiil/.liurgcr,
that the owncfs ol vacant property
throughout the city should clear
up llieir holdings,is one worthy of
lupport and commendation. Were
sm Ii a policy adopted throughout
the' ity,the improvement resulting
would he remarkable, while it
would have a most stimulating effect upon the price of realty.
Ki< iv man owes it to himself to
advance bis own interest, and by
doing so in the present instance he
luii'fits not only himself but the
whole community.
Wt um!. rttaad thai the City of
Vancouver is negotiating lor a site
lor a gaol for tlieir long u rm
prisoners up tin* N'Tth Arm, win ic
th" prisoners can be put tn Work,
to provide crashed rock lor tlir
citv. This course is ni* 1 (mg nith
strong opposition   Irom  111,1:11 ai
tin   prop! Ill iilllli is of   lhe   Nolth
Aim who think thai it will greatly
pi*   dii 1 ihi* diitrii 1 ns 1 hi llth
I*      11       lining ill.   I ist Iliu le.lts
ci, ii in provi men) ims bei n made
111 thai i> on i' .inn.' limn
wlm Ii, we now ban tin- well
known i'suns at Indian II,.ul,
Brighton Bi n h, Woodi Landing,
Deep Cove ami Bah ani
1 iu   objection ol thi property
semen to  wch  in institution
in proximity   to   their   holdings
1*   based   mi 1. avuiablc  grounds
and is entitled to every consideration, but just what tangible result?
it can 1 Hi rt is not so easy to conclude.    Tin   unit b .isible method
ol baulking the scheme would appear to be tin   unanimous agreement of  all property owners  la
the district not to M 11 IB) portion
of tin ir interests fortin puff     . a
*  probabilitj li n
eeedingl} n mob    Failing in thii
the best iiti rutin woul 1 ipp; 11
t'lin* iu.!!ure,111 undirtaltii
Vam ouvi 1 Citv ill inch 1 Iiu* i
as will affectively protect pre* al
and future n tidentl ol the district
Irom the dindvintigci and incon*
veniencu which n ndet    11 h u
institution objectionable.
F.nrioh'IAI. NOTES
This issue of TnBinill has
l>een gotten out under great difli-
ll is the opinion of many that the
province is on the eve of a mining
boom, in which the coast districts
will play :i prominent part. North
Vancouver is destined to receive
much benefit from the develop*
im nt iif the mining indnstiy.as the
lulls tu the north ol the city have
In a n proven to carry large bodies
ol workable and marketable niin-
1 ink Particularly is this so willl
tin country tributary to Seymour
link, as siicral companies purpose updating therein this summer. In doing so they will make
Norlh Vancouver their base for
ojn rations, taking advantage of
the old government trail up Seymour creek. There wdl be some
thing doing Ior this city before a
year passes liy.
Dame Name banded out n dl
cidedly strenuous " April Fool"
to the gootl people of tbe prairie
when 011 April ist she delivered to
them winter t' mperatiin , driving
winds and burling snows, wiib
tin result that railroads weie
blocked, traffic demolished, and
the entire population plunged into
a most trying situation, which was
altogether uneiipected, and for
which the people were entirely
unprepared. The cheerful philosopher of the occasion sagely in-
foi ins is that the infant blizzard
was really required by the soil, so
as to gel the best ultimate results,
but this In roic effort to make the
beat of a bad situation would
seem lo imply a not too favorable
comment upon tbe locality in
which such drastic measures are
required (or the promotion of the
public good. That large Middle
West (than whom our province
could wish no better citizens,
neither bml anv more Welcome)
must   Iind  lhe   sense  of ronliast
neisi gratifying as they injoy the
grateful tempi ratnnaadi oagenial
companionship ol  our  im miipar
abh British Columbia 1 lunate
The ippri i latioa ol li 11 Hryct1,
which  appears in  lliis issue, wal
kimll) pn pond lm   I ni Kxi'ktxs
by lieu   Bartley, who mi latin-
.in Ij acquainted with Mr. Bryo
Tin' early decaoM of a citizen of
ability, energy and probity is 1
matter of public regret under all
circumstances, but the unusually
sail evi its which culminated in the
It aib ol Mr. Bryce arc such as to
stir the deeper sympathies. While
sterner temperaments may not appreciate the distinctive traits which
Mr. Brycc's character manifested,
mn ItheloM that close union of
luart and faithful friendship.v.buli
marked his relationship with those
who win sn suddenly and tragically torn from bun, and whose removal completely dntrayed lor
him the brightness and attractive
111 ss ol life, cannot but find sym*
pathetk roepooee, te a greater or
lesser extent, iii even* follow mortal whose nature is normal, ln
tin' 1 in Im in which he was more
intimately known, Mr. Bryte will
beladly missed and not soon fur
gotten, while with tbe citi zenship
at large his decease has caused
universal   sympathy  ind   regret.
Church Notices
si juiin's iiii i.v.im.h ut, si vi niii
Holy Communion, s a. m.
Morning prayer, 11
livening prayer, 7.30
< >n the first Sunday iu tbe month
lh< n* will be a Second celebration
ol the Holy Communion at 11 a.ni
ReCtOI: Kev. Hugh Hooper.
Services will be conducted as
usual on Sunday by the pastor.
Sunday school, 1:30 p. m.
Service at Moodyville school at
7:30 p. m.
Prayer meeting on Wednesday
8 o'clock.
All are welcome.
Pastor: Rev. J. D. Gillam, M.A.
Morning service, it 1. m. j Sun
day school, 2:30 p. nr ; evening
service. 7.30 p.m.
I'rayer meeting on Wednesday
evening at « o'clock.
Kev. B. II. Balderston, B. A.
Sunday Services — Mass at N
a. in., Sunday school at 2:30 p.m.,
Benediction at 3 p. ill.
Pastor: Kev. E. Peytavin, 0.
M. I. V. S.
Service at 11 o'clock a. m. in
the Orange ball | Sunday school at
tbe close ol the servics.
Pastor :   Kev. David Long.
All are welcome.
tvaaoiumc notch
will be held at Orange hall on
Sunday evening at 7:30 o'clock.
All arc welcome. Come and
bring a Iriend.
^' lhe information nl Intending
selllcM nnd utliem, thnt ttltetloe  1mm
been mnde "I thi u.fton.ooii HTM oi hind
uini ileil in the IViii'c Hiver Viillci.
I'r.■ s iiii'i* nf Itritinh Columbia, (mated
tn ihe Dominion Uenraamt under the
provtlloni Ot Sel'liiill 7, til "An Act renting lutiie isiiiuii Railway, the Qnv>
ing I'a "!• iiiid Hani 11 ny I .mills uf tin*
l'r"iini'e," nii'l ninii luml W Illlt U|H*I1 In
entry lliiiler Ihe I.11111I l.nn- nf the
l'r ninii'.
I In- block mli'ited iH ib'M'rilHil an lul*
loan:  OanmiiBelag nt n point   NjM
niilen nulilh nf the Peace Itiver, mi Iln*
ftiith Meridian, In'ing the Kin-tern
Imiiiidary ul the l'mvince, thenee Wenl
76 miles and M.M cliniun, thence Nurlli
7'.' iiiileB and 115 Ull chain-, tlu'iicc gut
7fi niilen mid 11S.I14 chaiun, thence Sunth
lia lhe point nl t'lilllllleni'ellll'llt, follow*
ing the 120lh Meridian, nnd containing
n|i|iriixiiiintely MOO HUH ucret.
nutlet in Ainu tiiveii Hint, nitli 11 vie*
to 'acllltatllll netllen tin llie Valleys
uf the I'eaei*, I'lirnnip nml  l'nek  liner**,
the faiiiuiiiii|( in-ii ui land lortf mllei In
width,aadextendingaf) mllei ea twh
niilt' nt Ihe Pence, Piirniiii uml I'nck
Itivert bat lieen NMVM fnr nctiml
aettlerH, to Ih* aiipiinsl In* pre-cinuliun
onl} umler Iln' land Act, inch luml Mt
bring MM lur mile, len*', lii'eiiBe ur
*iiln*r iilieniiliuii niuler the nniil Act except hy pri-einplinn.
Oommenelaaat thi lateittetloe ol tbe
We.terii boundary nl lhe block of laml
Helv-ft.il by the rViininiun (.otcriiini'iit
uilh the Pence Itiver, thence (nlluviiiig
llie 1'eiii'e Itiier ninl I'armip Itiver tll
their ciiiilliii'iii'i' with the Puck Ilnn.
iiml thence fiillntiing the Pack Hiier tu
llie point where .niii Pink liinr I*iiu*h
Mil.ei.l Lake, and extending fur 11 di**-
tance ui U nul.*** un ench side ut mid
Riven and approximately 170 mile* at
All laiidnuiilsiiletheli"iHiiliirii si.f lhe
Dominion Qewnuneal < irunt nml the
reserie ihon ile.crihed ure u|H'ii Inr
liK'Hlinn under the Iinin uf lhe Province.
Atiinitt'liii CommWoaer
uf hand, nii'l Wurkn.
Undi aad Worki Department,
Victoria, Btpteuihtl lHth, 11*07.
luml,on III,,,!,
laaa III Ll u   ,1
,l'h„,„* 37
311 Cordova SI.
Phone 349]
•.Willi VAM'OIMR
M.eki 1 list-Week tnillng April Ilh
HI     1   t'niii
1 ..--.er i |,ilon
I  one ncr,'. partly tltartd, wtta r.ini'k on, itftBtttavli ttreet.
1    .'HitI'll l.aii  nn Killi'a lllll  llrt'i'l, ItelDI inli'i, Sii|*,*il* 1 in ;
I cli'traiil, Rrmiiial; iwo-roon Bttilai taltatn, ttrouMir,
I l.ait mi Si ■., 1.1 Itreet wttetol MtlM Avuiii*. Bweurii Inl.
i        very Clienn I'miai'iiy.
All the Iiest I'unmlian makes.
Nino to 18-inch tops.
PRICKS, $4.00 to $9.00
'ill'. 11 itinn Btrttt
KOITH \\m\'f\ FOI! ft POWER CO., LTI.
Time Toble, 11)17
mi   l.lri:MK<   FOB  11108   -Uti
inui I hie nntl rninhlu »! the t'ily
mil. un nnd nfter Hank i'uii ani
All .I"*- iln I iten wl will be tnken fm
M'.-i'ii uf nml ili'Mruvi'il.
Tiiomab Siiei'iiKHii, City Clerk.
Si.rih Viini-uiiier, 11. C , Feb. 28, 1M08
The Express, Ji i yeir.
V.ft* Ior Sale—Fertility (iiitrmiteeil.
Silver Spnnjlfil llninliiiri.'., I HiiuStrain.
For lliituiy, Oeod Ityert, HM Siitcrj,
iiaallmm to lieal Ihem. Twu dullirn |wr
lilteen. Pure While Wvnndulten, Irom
iiu'.l ntrtin, one dollar per rltteen. A
crntt breed, bred lo tuy, teventy-five
eentn per fifteen
W. lliil,liSWiiltTII,
Fntirleenth ntreet nml Helliruck iinnile.
Nurlli Vaneouier.
S. Walker, Prop.
Eresh Bread Daily
lh 1.1l.el*i lor St.0(1, 1 lor l».
All Kindt of Brtid and Paltry
■elivered to All atrtt of City
it the next miH'ting ol the Board
ol birenne Cuiiitiiinionerf (or the tilt
ol North Vinroiiver, 1 ihall apply Inr a
retail lii-fiine for the aale ol n-iiriluoun,
fermented nml other In-iiurs in Imltli*,
for tlie preminei knomi an hit ii, blink 7
D. I.. .Ml', on l."in*'liile nvenue.
A. I>. Stiiumi,
Dated at  Ninth  Vnii.i.iiier,  B. C
December 211, I'm7.
sll UUI
ST. UliiRi.l
VAM Dl via.
ST.   l.lnktlK.
•li.lXIA. M
•i,.I5   "
•t:'0  "
IM  "
sai  "
8.-10    "
Ml   "
H.ltO   "
■i II A.M.
9.45   "
10.15 A.M.
10.IS   "
I.i. I.'i   "
111.15   "
11.18   "
11.15   "
ll.i.'i   "
11.45   "
12.15 P. M.
llll P. M.
1141 I'.M.
11.41 P.M.
1.15   "
1.15   "
1.45   "
1.45   "
ill   "
Ul "
3.46  "
.'.15   "
3.15    "
11.15   "
3.45   "
Ml "
4.15    "
4.15   "
4.45   "
4.15   "
6.15   '
5.15   "
5.45   "
5.45   "
fi.15   "
ll.l',   "
1145   "
fi.45  "
7.16   "
r.M "
7.46  "
8.15   "
S.45   "
9.15   "
9.45  "
10.15   "
10 45   "
•11.30   "
•11.45   "
ot on Sunday.
70 x 240
-imiWTI-U FOR Lll|l lilt 1,11 MH
ut the nieelin*' uf tin lUlnl of
Lii'i'iinini; t'"inini*i.iuner. I"r tbt lilt ul
.Norlh Vnneuiiier, In l«* lieiii un lhe
mad Wiilnefliiy ol Mnrrli, IM, I
■ball iipnli fur n lii'i'iire fur the nale ol
npiriluuuH, lermenttd ur othtf lii'iiur. in
l.iltli*, lur llu* |*r. iin-i*. kiniitii ,i- Iln*
Innlille .Imp or -I'.re In tbt kllrnv  \l"r-
Klin Wool, "Innil  I"! P, -nli dii ifiuii
nl tut* in nml IH. Iil<"'   .       a   Tiit |.,t
"4, In lb.' Cit} "' Norlli Vnm "mer.
(' It. Iln mii
Hated  III   Nurlh   Vltllinlller   Iln*  .'ilh
ilm* ul 11,'ielnlier. I'll/.
It the nexl int*.■llll*.' u! tlie lluiinl
ol I.irenee Ooniniitiionert lor the t'ily
ol Nortli ytncoiiier, I shall led*/ (ur
tn hotel licence for the nale of nptritnonn,
fermented or other liiiunrt, (or the lli
room Iranie hiiildinn, litnnti'd on the
Seymour roatl, in dintriet lot 7H1, iironp
rne. New Weitmintter ilintrict,
■l"ii*. Mi twin.
Dated at North  ynMWi  B*  C,
January 10, litis.
Close to saw mill and plank road ;
ten minutes Irom car; only $300.
Also a few i 4 acres for $200;
terms, io',, down, $to per month.
Houae to let, 6 rooms, all conveniences ; splendid view. Also
one for sale; $100 cash and tio
per month.
Iwo perfectly cleared hits on lonsdele Avenue
$900 each
1 PATRICK and W. li. M,-Finland,
I Nortli vnncouver, orcupatiuii limU'r*
men, iiiinui tn apply (or a tpedll
liinlier lieenm' nver tht lollowinu 'le--
ritual lamln:
C'liiinii'iiinii nt a |kih| planted twenty
(20) chain, en.t nl llie S. W.iorii'T nf
T.I,. 7763, llnlliani Sniiml, theBMMttfe
sil ip||hty ;rlininn, thence went itOl.iili*
dlilai, tlietice north 100 (one hnndreill
ebtinn, tliein e ea.t HI durlvl chainn to
the will line of aaiil T. LTrW, thence
South twenty (20) chaiiin, tlicnce eanl
alniiK nouth line uf T. I„ 7T.53 tn |minl ol
KlRtllTBICK lli  McKalURD,
Nortli  Vnninnver, It. C., Mtrrh 20,
Civil  Utmitrr  i*<  R. (. iM4 &«rvr>or
'I'H'iNF. 1ME
RnllwBj-a, Hri'lKva, WllOf PO-tOfL K«ilninlia
-ii|.r!n.ii.|' in >' dI < outruoltoa, HtM, Town
•lit'*, Mining <']r|iqk, Still hirialoni.eto
M lUatimi at. w , • • v\NconvKR. n 0
For the Farm, G.irden, L.twn
or Conservatory
Iteliable larieln- ait rtMnMblt priein.
Nn lt,ir, re,   No Bella   Ko Fnmliatlon
|0 iI.iiii.iw'i' .Psk.    Nu  h nelv  l|aatl I"
II I  iiiii.     lllll alireil   llll'l   net   Tree-.
'- ii. ii (row,
Kerlili'.er«. Br»Mipphen, HprtJ I'liinpi!,
spniui / n.ii. n.ii, i ni Flotrert, its.
III.leal   ntUahllltml   ii ii r ery   nn   the
inniulaiiil nf ltrili.li Ciluinlila.
I  .lllll...'He Ila a*.
3100   W|.|i||MaTIK   RllAU.
i'lli.KH IM
IMI   Al.-"
General Teaming
UK lllllll
la i'i|Hirari nilin*
Pllnl Mi")i, Kn
op, Blplanade,
Nl IMI 11   V'.Vi uI'VKK,   II.
M'llK   IM'I.i;-|i,\i n   is    nU(.
*■     I'lireil   I,i iln llll  kl 11,1 -a uf CleilrillK,
(irnlil'hiK nml Sluiiipinif In euiitraet.
l-'ir-al --ire.-t W.hI,
Nurlli Vainuiiier.
Ami ROTARY I'i'iii.ir
limiMi in .ii it- liiitnttt
MrMimi:   I'll"*! .nal lli'lr.nln.
'liHn.ni   H.ili'eiMl, ial r im In
MMMH fur ilie (uinnii'rclal
Pruleetile S Iv
Oflice:—Kmnr St., K. or LonOAlJ.
(iiimi  Dry   ('t>riliviin<l .lelinred   any
nliereintlii'.it.i f..r 14.00n -unl.
Oralern nolieilt"!.
Kourlh Street, W'twi'iili   l.'.uwlale mnl
ChwiUrlleltl ave.   Plume67.
I'unrial imi I'ni uuMoi ii
GkAINF.KS       (il.A/IKKS       SlOVi
Oil'. 13m Siki.n.
I'mne in and Bee what you can net in
our city. We can compare favorably
with any atom ol our sue on the Pacific
(inr Crockery and (llaiiware Depart*
incut i» no* rendy fnr inipci'tinn, also
nn eli'unnt line of Jewelry.
All ne ii>k it, dn not pi tn Vnticnuver
faar iini'lbii it ill mir line lill ynu hnve
paid n- n 11-it. He loyal to Nurtli Van*
ii sen si.
CIVII.    KM.IM' I'll
IJiinuliliy Survey .r nml Architect
I'uiBTii STi,«rr,'lonNtR Uhhiuli Avi
The First Engagement Ring
and the Last Word
" Resolved, That Women Have
Equal Eights with Men," was the
subject of an interesting debate it
the weekly meeting ol the Young
People's Club last Thursday evening. Tbe lady members, who were
responsible Ior the affirmative side,
found an able champion Ior then
cause in Miss Peers, whodiscussed
tbe question (rom every conceivable standpoint -authorship, theology, law and medicine, being pro
(essions in which woman bad al
ready equalled, if not excelled, the
capabilities of mere man.
Miss Maggie Phillips, a recent
arrival Irom the King's Hotel,
II ul I,,win, England, infatuated her
admirers by a strong address on
the Suffragette question.
Mrs. Simpson dwelt most earnestly on the household and domestic capabilities (?) of man.
VV. C. Gladwin upheld that
woman's place was at home, to attend the worries md cares of the
Itmily. He pictured tender woman
pleading for one of her sex before
a stern judge, and hoped tbe day
woman entered parliament, which
he trusted would not be in this
age, she would bc prepared to don
tbe kilt and shoulder a rifle in de
fence of her country. He concluded by reminding thc lair sex
that the first passages ol scripture
placed man ruler over woman.
Mr. Kelly and Mr. Simpson,' in
shcrt but effective speeches, sup
ported the leader for the negative
Before the ballot was taken, an
open discussion was entered into,
things witty and sometimes displeasing (or either side being
brought to light by thc severa
speakers, and the result ut the ballot, which was altcrwirds taken,
proved the great zest ind vigor
in which the ladies hid entered
upon the debate, mere men having
to admit defeat by an overwhelming mijority.
Next week the members of the
club are to spend in evening ol
song ind sentiment it the opening of the new school, Lynn Vil-
Masonic Lodge Instituted
Surveying a New Route
Grand Master Frank Bowser, of
Vancouver, this evening instituted
the first lodge of the Masonic Order on thii side of Inlet. A large
number of visitors also came over.
This lodge will be known as Burrard lodge, and the officers were
duly installed during the evening.
The home of the lodge is located
in the Owen block, First street.
The institution took place under
most favorable circumstances and
the prospects are of thc brightest
Settled by Arbitration
Some points of dispute between
the city of North Vancouver and
the municipality have been settled
by the arbitrators, II. Senkler and
Magistrate Alexander of Vancouver. Tbe arbitratots agree with
municipality that tbey have the
right to say where lhe city's telephone poles are to be placed upon
the district highways, while the arbitrators agree with the city's con
tention upon the municipality's
claim to a share of the last ferry
rental. That claim is dismissed.
Each side will pay its own costs.
Thi Express wis fivored thii
week with a friendly call from Mr.
E. W. Webster, ol Eureka, Cil.
Mr. Webiter it the owner ol large
and valuable property interests in
ind about North Vincouver, and
his come to the city to get in line
with tbe latest developments.
Acquitted of Perjury
At a police court hearing held in
Vancouver on Tuesday, D. W.
Whitlen, of this city,was acquitted
o( the charge of perjury. The case
in question grew out of a real estate deal, affecting the south half
of lot di, in the municipality ol
North Vancouver. The perjury
was alleged to have been committed in an examination for discovery before the district registrar of
thc supreme court, in an iction
pending between Mr. Whitlen is
complainant and M. Stinson as defendant.
There are good reasons for be
lieving that tbe management of
the Grand Trunk Pacific will abandon its proposed route via Hazel-
ton at-the head of navigation on
the Skeena River in order to
make a cut-off effecting a saving
of eighty or ninety miles.
The main line from Prince Rupert after striking the Skeena at
Kitsalas canyon will, il present
plans are adopted, run up thc
Copper River, cross the watershed
and descend the valley of tbe Tel
qua. All the engineering force
lately employed along the Skeena
were recently dispatched to make
a location survey via the last mentioned route.
Still another route is available
It would run via the Copper river
and the Morris lake district, a
region which is said to possess
the lowest gradients and which is
now being visited by Division Engineer Taylor and a small party.
Their object is to make a recon
naissance survey.
Water System for Lynn Valley
Police Court
Mesirs. Sties ind Brewitt appeared in court this week, on i
chirge of hiving stolen goods in
their possession. The cue wis
dismissed. These goods were ito-
en from I leading Vincouver firm
by one of their employees, who
admitted the theft.
A case ol drunk ind disorderly
was reminded.
An arrest wis made today in
Vincouver, on informition laid by
Norlh Vancouver authorities, 111
result ol which I charge ol iteil-
ing i gun will be heard in the po
ice court on Mondiy.
The district council is to be congratulated on having secured water
records enough to assure tbe l.ynn
Valley antl the district north of
tbe city, a sufficient supply of water for all requirements, lt is understood that they arc taking steps
to form a water district and to
raise funds to put in a water system to meet present needs. When
the district is formed thev will also
be able to take advantage of the
city's ofler of water from their main
on tbe Lynn creek road, as far as
that can be used, and they may be
able to give counter-vailing priyi-
leges to the higher part of the city
for a time. It is satislactory to
know there is every likelihood now
ol hearty cooperation betwciii
city ind district in regard to this
and other matters of common concern. This is certainly what
should be the case, as there if a
clear unity of interest, and one
cannot suffer injury or benefit without the other being more or less
North Viiiiciimcr Land liistriet, District
nf New WeHlniiiister.
Tnke notice that I, *"ii.*rt Unison, ol
Viuiii'iinr, II. I',, oi'ciipiilinii miner, in-
l'ii*l tu iipplv fnra speeinl mining licen-e
over the nllowinf Mtxribed linut:
Cuiiiiiieni'iin; ul n pott planted on the
sniitli side nf l.y nn Valley Road, about
forty (III) thliai east ol St. John's I'ol*
li'lte and iiiljoiniiiK .lolin C.laierii'-
laim, tbeitce nnrth eighty ISO) chains,
ilicncc nest tight} (80)chaini, thence
soiilli eia-litv lH0) chains, tlioncecatt (80)
chaini, tu the point of commencement,
contaiiiiiiit six hundred ami forty (640)
acres more or lets.
hum iitssoN,
Dated January 7th, 11KW.
Have "11 li id a lar**c supply of Cement
Bl         in from fresh«(iter Mud.
Sampli i.   I.,*  seen  at  tbo  new
ceniiii' ra laiiee nn Sccnnd  Ireet east.
Sizeial tila. ,-sxli'.,
lull pari uinrs cnu Ik* had from the
\\. -t.rn C rp.aiiilion office, or write to
Nurlli Vaiicuiiver, B. C
Proposed Local Improvement
For Sale
~*   Il-sdn, Pullett, Thoroughbred.
5.1 llllh avenue,
Mt l'leaaant D. C
Wil FINK li|i, AND ir, HUNT
* t'.arki, mateil to hiuli-crinu lien.
Kuki 11 'm anal t'i ,H*r is, ciei.r evil"
excliaiiKcil,   I le* iiree.lai- In aale.
Sl.t .trect and ll.nii.all ITMMM
t'll. ol the I'itv til Nurtli Vancou-
ver hilend-i I., construct llie l/.til Improvements set nut ill lhe M'lie.llile ll|i-
l*aring bclnw, and intends tu assess a
portion nt tlie final cost thereof upon
Iln* real ,irn|icrtv liem'fitted thereby,
friintiii). «r abutting thereon, aad held
'iiii'le fur iissi'ieineiit thereliir.
A statement showing tlie lands liable
and pr.ipuH'd In Is* s|n*cially assesaed
lor the nM iui|iroveiii.'iils' and Hit*
niinies uf tin* owner*, iln reuf, ■ far as
ll" -nine can lie ascertained from the
last revised iisse.—inent mil and "tlier*
itise, is mm* tiled in the nlliee ol the
A-sc-sinent t'liininis-iunei, uml i*. *.p* n
fur inept'i-timi during oflice houra.
The Bchtihile Is'low shows the estimated fust nf the improvement! and
tbe prn|sirlicn tn Is' proiiilcd "til ,,f the
poinl (ninls nf the city, if am.
A Court of Hi-vision will bl held on
llie twciily-scvi'iilh dny uf April, l!Kl8,at
the In ur ui 7 iilil p. in.| in lhe t'ily llall,
Nurlh Vniieoiiier, It. t'., fnr tlie pur-
poaenf hcariiiK any cnnpliiints agninit
theproposed assesiiuents, nr the accuracy
if (roiitiiife ineii-nreiniiit-,.,r anv other
aaaiiipiainls which the persim. interested
lenre in inalai', and which i- hi law
cogni-abli'hv the court.
Attewnient l.'iiiiiinissioiier.
North Vancouver, B. C, March 2iilh,
111 is.
K-linialM K.limale
lulalCftat   , ity to
ta, I'minHM improvement pay
1. Cicarhii*, I'oiileiarding
and grmliiig of Third (12,000
i-t.,liet**iien Malum and
It, David's avenues,
and laying of iix-(oot
sidewalk on south side
ol taid itreet	
2. Clearing, grading and
draining ol Sixteenth
Kt. bet. 8t. Andrew'!
and Hidgewty Avenuei.   $1,400
Eitimatea Given on All
Kinds of Electrical Work
Cor* Lonsdale and Second Sl
60  VEAHr
Traoc Muaa
CoffKMHTI 40.
AitTfflia.ii-* .tint aal.lfh and taacnptlaw m«.
qnlrllT a.'* 'i.m our oi'lnl'io ft**Mwbstaar IB
mv.nnon 1. iTi>ti.t>l*r r-titanlablA Com amnios,
tlaitil.lrtotlr ■•■'nflil.ntUL MANDIuOK oo Patalta
Kt!ltrfa*a.l'   * .1 .L-i'iirT lor WH-antaf pstaiil*
I'Rtputa taiiiun tiimtisii Muim i Co. mint
•ffrt-lneMiv. nil hoot cliaija, laths
Scientific American.
AhMiiUonwiy Wmtimf.Ml wwUy. !Urt-*«t atr.
,'t.ijt. n i ( nuy BtitBiu, ,o Jnunul. Iwim for
(.iiifrlft,U a raw.i»*uf* -pviuld,   Mil by
_l nenvit'n en,
Come and
See Our
Contractor and
Hociiif   Builder
16tb Street West
*   NO. 9  j»
Lonsdale Avenue
Oppoiite City Hill
AN established General Store in a thriving Coast Town.
Location unexcelled, premises modern
The Stock is in excellent condition and
the connection is of the most desirable character.
Purchaser may buy the premises if desired, or otherwise a lease will be given at moderate rental.
Stock will invoice about $3500 and the
turnover is at the rate of $25,000 per year.
For detailed information, apply—
Box SI, Express Office
Corner of Fourteenth and Bewick Avenue
Six Rooms, lhtlirooin, Electric Light, Water.
Owners will Iniiki Cambinad RmMhgi and Store at preient
terminus o( Keith road car line, in D. I. 2(13. Prospective tenants
please apply lor particulars to
CorneY flaatlnaa and Homer
Or my oi tl*« Real Estate Officei in Norlh Vincouver
Accountants,    Auditors   Gcniral
Commission Brokers
(ral rit.te Agent!
Tii.ii'iioki II 2102
Rolled Oats
Hau, ond Teed
Milling Co.
Han   Mitchell, local manager,
Lonsdale Avenue.
healthy  Tomato  and
..! r Plants, grown from
SuM      S"Is. always on hand. THR EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B. C.
ll fWEEN !''! li *\Ni> 17TII STS., MAHON AVE.
P-.Mll      11a   (..Uilli anli ;  llllilllft', 11, U'llHll IS lllolltlia
** snriiENTH sr.
I     _Tjt_
161 Cordova Streei, Vancouver, B. C.
I'.o. BOX USI,
THE BANK OF      1908
One of Canadi's Strongest Financial Institutions
ini.ii taaata over sio.ooiumio
This Bank Ims ii record behind it of nearly three quarters
nf a century of successful hanking in Canada, with
rneti iacraaiing aaary year until tbey  now exceed
Monei Advnnted oa icisniiiil'lc lerai Drtftt bought and
sn],|—M.xiif Ofaitrt mul Lttlm of Credit issued payable
in th'' 1' lalm.: cities iii the world.
Farmers' and   fruit  Growers'   requirements  will   lie  given
■~j>. t i.ii attention,
Office:  Cor. lonsdale Ave. and l-.pli-.nt.de, North Vancouver, B. C.
II.  II. Hn 1111, Manager.
British Columbia Electric Railway Co., Ltd.
Cai ' *ii' tin l''trv l.aii'liiig for Ou. riisluiry Avenue, Twenty-first
> : : Lonidale. Winch Itnal .nia! K. ith Road as follows : 6:15
iini.. 'uii •<• in-. 7-5 -1 ••■•• 7:45 a* •■■•' BitJI. ni., 9 a. m. 9:40a. m.,
10:10 a. in, After 10.J5 a. 111., cars will leave Cjiieenslmry avenue,
111 nu :,i 1 miai Lonidale avenue, ind Winch street and Keith Koad
at 1,1. minute* t-i iln hour ani! twetih live minutes past the hour.
Cars leave Ninctet nth itreet ami Queensbury avenue, Twenty-first
■tr. a i .mil Lonidale avenm*. Wiach street and Keith Koad as follows i
6 a. 111, 6:55 a. in , 7:20 a. 111., ^05 a- ■•! 8:45 a* m.,9:30 a.m.
Aft, r 1^:311 a. in. 1 ars leave the Ferry Landing at ten minutes past the
hour and twenty minutes to the hour.
Kg"   All boats arc met liy tlie cars.
The Railway is
The ni'ws that the Grand Trunk
I'.n iiie Ce, is itirtinj work inline.
li.it. Ij mi that portion of their
ti,i;is< uiitiurnt.il   line   east   fiom
i'i nu i' Kupert, their Pacific term
inns, has a peculiar import to the
people of North Vancouver,    It is
an acknowledged tact that the
1 '.el will construct a branch line,
(0 connect wilh the tidal waters of
Burrard Inlet, ami it is 111 this city
where the terminus of that branch
roatl will be made. Therefore,ilie
S'loin 1 work begins on tlie main
ine in this province, the sooner
will construction commence on
the branch line to North Vancouver.
A statement was made in this
city this week that cniphasi/.s tlic*
lact that Norlh Vancouver will be
the terminus of the btaiieh line
An English visitor, who was inspecting tlie situation hen Monday, stated to C. E. Lawson, ol
Lawson & Eves, that he hail just
a-iivetl (rom London for tin■ put-
pOM of sizing up things.   II   mm*
,* 1 sei'ei.il pieeei ol malty hen
ami he was imw determined to
huhl for future advances. Just before leaving llie Old Country he
had had I t onvt rsation willl tun ol
tlie directors ol the Grand Trunk
Pacific, and the latter had slated it
was absolutely settled that the*
would build to North Vancouvei at
a.i early date, and that it wis line
they would make their terminals to
handle all business of the southern
coast points. The proximity of
this place to Vancouver and other
points made this place a hub, and
as such the Grand Trunk would
ipend large sunisol money here to
handle all business accruing.
The above statement can be verified at any time, and it goes to
show that North Vancouver holds
the key to the situation for future
railway expansion for lower Hi itish
purposei ol a public i bar iclt r.sucli
as concetti, public meetinfi, ami
other gatlii rings. An eiceedini ly
useful Ittggeition ha* b en advanc-
e I, and tll it is to endeavor to raise
a local militia company am! to ask
lhe use of ttie pavilion us a drill
hall. Then; are now a large num
her ol young men in and around
tha 1 ily, ind 1 bey can have no bet
let exerrise or training than is
alfordetl liy volunteer drill. Why
not also re-.isseinlile the lioys
LktgeiW, which bad to be disbanded on account of want of drillii g
''round accommodation.
Hotel North Vancouver.
Ja.uo pal
and up
Kates for
Hal.llal*   I   ,
lorry Service I very Half Hour to and Irom Ihis Hotel
lo Vancouver. P. (arson, Prop.
Rainier Beer^>
Is 11 gkriotu beverage—qiMoohiog nml
saticfying.   Remember there'i no other
"just u (.''ind"-—insist on getting Rainier.
Vancouver, B. C.
FOR bXlt
I.ii   1IH-TY  IM L'BATOl :
*    Ilil.In I*        lli.-lhl*    1
liiiirli.l l.y 001 ril-l'ilniT*
111 --Kl.l.v M ' 1  UO,
Iln** rourGarden lild onl not,  All
. mrttofdrilgni midi,   Expirt jiriinlnif,
grading in I budding [mil trm.   AL
lllldl 'al   It' a*. .1 IK I   i|« Mt | a|l! |l*l| ||  till*
! ' * "I |irii*r«.
j.:;l w. -iiinia-i. i iv* .
|la|ll.*l'll   7lll   llllll  Mil,
Vancouver, B.C. C°r, st. Oeorae'i Ave, ind T.-nili St.
Nortli vincouver.
The Exhibition Building;
All will feel pleased to learn that
at last the directors of the Horticultural Association are in a position to let the contract (or the
erection of thc exhibition pavilion
(or the Horticultural gardens. The
delay has been unavoidable and as
trying to the board as to the citizens. The building to be erected
is a very handsome and commodious structure, and when completed
it should he useful for many pui
pi s, - The primary itse.of course,
is to accommodate as large an exhibition as i .in In* broughl together.
It is understood that the din-don
hope to have grounds and pavilion
n perfect ihape belon  Dominioi
I.e. .unl Unit on that day it will he
opened. Its opening iiill It nn a
prominent feature of thc annual
i ilebialion. It has In en suggested that it might be occupied with
,i midsummer show of early fruits,
vegetables and flowers, and this
course has much to commend it,
and it should prove a complete
Such an exhibition would not
clash with any other in the province, hence the co-operation
could be obtained of many outside
friends. A live stock show at that
season should also prove an important feature, and there is an accommodation lor one at the pavilion.
Whan the pavilion is built, it
sliould be of use for many other
Firry Matters
The annual meeting of the
shareholders ol the North Vancouver Ferry and Power Company,
Ltd.,. was held last week, lhe
Imsiness liansai ted was of a 1. mi
nature, the eh el i emol inun t
lo the pulilic '.iciiiji the election of
the* board of dinclcirs lot the ensiling year as follows: James (j.
Scott, D. C. Irwin, K. A. lias-
well, 1' W. Kvans, J. P. Robeits.
Thomas   Meredith   and   William
I'lom iini'thi ial sources il is in
leislooil lb.it tlie original request
.if the city relative to the option
on the purchase of tbe ft try has
been granted, nainel" ninct) d.us
from March 3rd. The option «i I
therefore expire on June 3rd uex\
but means have been provided foi
lue extension of the same ihotlld
.111 extension In* uipiin d.
Negotiations lor the loan undi 1
the lorry pnrchaae by-law are
ninii rslooal to be making satisfactory progress, with encouraging
piospects that the money will be
forth'oiiiing in due course for the
c iiiMiiilinatiiiii of the purchase.
Colin F. Jackson took a siring
of piize-winning dogs to Victoria
on Tuesday, to exhibit al the kennel show.
The current issue ol the B. C.
iiir.it/i- announces the incorporation ol the Seymour River
Lumber Company, capitalized at
1500,000, in shares of (100 each.
To Runt—Well furnished house
with all modern conveniences.
Apply, Corner First street and
Chesterfield avenue.
Anyone ni.liiiig a HMtj ol Pure
Milk nr (Vani uill In MU to give Ul
a trial
Delivered dailv tnall pari, iif the i-itv
iiral.T-  la-ft  at   thin  iitlin' pfMDpU]
attended to.
Tenders wanted for Clearing and (tailing about 1,760 feet ol
roid in District Lot 552, North Vancouver.
Specification! ant! particulars from
Corner Hastings and Homer Streets, Vancouver
Or District Municipal Office, North Vancouver.
Harbor View Tract
City Lots
Sin 50 x 145
PRICK:   $/7.i.0O   .1 ND   UP
The iimst centrally located nml host lots in Iln* City nf Nnrlh
Viuifiiiivt'r (nr lhe price.
Hi not (nil In innke your neliTlimi  without tlelny  uhilc yon
Cain piireliiise at lirst Hit,   Prices will noon lie rnist'il.
further  particulars, iiiii|in mul price lisis fiiriii-hi'il   free on
application tn
Cor. Lonsdale Avenue and filih Sl, North Vancouver, B.C.
KIM IIKMillll) lllllll  on  im com
TODHI8I liKsni;
Hatbi: (1.50 PIB
S|icri,il I!::    ! 1 Families anil foinhr llnanli rs
Hnlf-hour lerry entiiiivtlon to ami from Vancouver.   Mot ami colli
water in every  room.    Return call  bald in fiery   mom,    IIhtImt
-Imp ill Clilllli'l'tinll.
Sni.M   iiKi.Ki,   ....   NORTH   VANCOUVI'K, lj. C.
Semi   iu   your  onlcM  mm   fnr Pry
0 wan Cat Otaar Rr,
Stove lengths. |*er ennl, ileliuriil   l'i Ml
I'.ariliiaaKl, lengths, alt*lii,*re*l fl.in
M.UII-NTS     AUK     WAIiSKH    Ttl
tiiiilion thiir ilnlilri'ii nl lhe il niter
uml ol daon-age ilniie in petting I" nlden
.mi all kimis of larhaae la Uie (kennel
lirmiiliil lhrail|ll0Bttill cilv fur curry-
ini; miiiv mrfai-e water.
The fi'ulisli mis,Tiiiiiis nre 11011 lieing
la.    il        ■     4*|i|ia/   I   m    i*a     closell  'lllti lll'il 111  ill*  |iulil'i',   llllll   H1IV
NO.   I   CJHINULta "'»'';: i|.to.-...goM*;l.i.iii .'iihirof
lhe Halrr t liiiiinels mil lie |ironiiile<l.
In Hlnt-li.   Iiniiiodialc il • livery. 1.    1
Shingle Mill
Cor.J'IrJ Sl. nml l.aiii-.liile An*.
C^Lcnvc nrilern ut Waldion'l liartl*
Anyone having a gnml farm for nale in
Wi'Mern I'aiiiiilii may liiitl a cash lum r
by writing at once, giving price uin!
description, to
23-c Miiiiieiipnlis, Miiiiii'snla.
SMOKE —   .
with di Fun:
Ql'K'k SAI E
Whole Ccffee
Ground While You Walt
j. Xa & m. McMillan
Corner E»hlan<ide and Lonsdale Avenue


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